Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1861 Page 5
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I ? ? ' ' .1 ! I ? IffETROPOLITAN POLITICS. " m? Confusion Among the Politicians? How nominations ' Are Secured?1The Union Movements?Conference IHeet~ ing?Fifth Avenue and Twenty-third Street Parties?Republican and Tam many?The Alderniunlc Ring In Hot Pursuit for the Legislature?The Con test In the Seventh Senatorial Ui?> trie*?The German Organisation?'The Candidates Before the People, &c. A liubol liko confusion still exists in i>olitical mailers -throughout the city. Anxiety, distrust aiul revenge still iiolil universal sway among tho politicians on all si'tes, sad a pergonal warfare is kept up that betokens anything else but a beil of roses for tho political managers and oandlduto.s. In fact, disorder is the rule, and harmony the exception, in political mutters, from one end of M?n hattan island to the other. Host of tho old political ma chines appear to be sadly out of repair, and are creaking nnd wabbling about as though their managers toad purposely allowed them to go to rack and ruin. The few hangers on to tbo rope* have been engaged during he past week In cheating, swearing, drinking had whiskey and making themselves generally offensive to all (Overs of order and common ileceney. The adherents of -the old political parties have been bargaining with each other ; delegates have gono to candidates and asked for ?five hundred solid arguments for their votes; unab'.o to get that, they were willing to take two hundred and fifty. Failing to strike a bargain, that immediately posted to the other contestant, struck a bargain, and oast their votes accordingly. This is tho way the Tam many machine has been run. If any one doubts it he can have the names of the giver and tho recipients, neither of which Rooms to be any secret, for both parties are d;iily '*o be seen about the City Hall nnd Crook & Duff's, boast tag of their shame. Like harlots hardened in tbelrorlme, they parade themselves in public places, seemingly labor ing under the delusion that they only need to exhibit themselves to have mankind generally bow down and kiss the very ground on which they tread. The several Union movements st ill keep up their notee and tumuli, some of which are daily putting forth nomi nations, while every now and then a now organization springs into existence, comes up 3ik.- a mushroom in one 'night, nnd appears beforo the public full grown, claiming U much imnortanco as tho longest ?r6n?i7rn jinny rln 6ur nTulst. vfa linvo no ft seven of these Union saving, support of tho government and vigorous progecution of tho war organizations in tho Held, four of which have already made their county and judieia nominations, and are now looking after tho Legislature. Tho other threo will doubtless uomiuate during the present week. These organizations all cliiim to haveth' aame object in view; hut unless they show more concen tration than they have thus far, ami unite on a common 4ickot, they will prove to be in the end tho very power that brings about the precise result that they protend to <>? laboring to prevent. If these organizations run four or flvo tickets, wo would like to see the 'figures and mathematical calculation that would elect one of them. No, gentlemen of Fifth avenue ' University place, St. Nicholas, Cooper Institute, and all tthor reform parties, it may be fun for you to pass reso lutions, as the Flt'lh avenuo party lius done, decluring that you will support no candidate without a pledge that, tf elocted, he will use his utmost endeavors in favor of 'etrenchment and reform in our municipal affiiirs, and the reduction of fees attached to certain offices; but if it la your real desire to correct tho abuses now exi.-stirg i:t our city, it is time that you douo something besides pa.?s resolutions. A little common sense is very much needed '?t <Shis moment. There never beforo was a time *vp?n tho public wero so universally ready to throw "off all party affiliation and vote for their couu *h, as at present. In fact, this is tho oppor tune moment for all who desire a more honest and Economical government, and the hour for the taxpayers to striko for their rights; but it must be confessed that thus far their Union organizations seem to havu labored to fritter away the very power in their hands. What is fronted is a union on one conservative ticket, containing cnon of ability and integrity, and then a long pull, a ?strong pull, nnd a pull altogether for its election. There is to bo a conference meeting of the representa tives of five of theso organizations at tho Everett House on Monday evening, for tho purpose of endeavoring to 'harmonize and work together; but,Judging from the results -Of tho conference meetings already held by the same parties, this will all end in talk, nnd leave matters in pre oisely tho samo condition after the conference as it is at 'the present time. The members of the several commit tees assort that there will be uo trouble in agreeing upon a common tickot, although each one insists that it will not do to take any candidato except his own preference; and since no three think nlike on that point we Imagine that thero is anything but harmony in store for tho Kvo r?tt House gathering. The regular liolitical organizations have all aominat"d their county unit judicial tickets, with tho exception or {fozart Hall, and that party is to conclude ltd labors in that line on Monday night. All tho minor "Organisations, with tho exception of the Fifth avenue, German and the National Uni'U allies, have a:.<# gono ?0ugh with th'it task; the Fifth avenue party arc only Ittihg tho result of the Conference Committee, and in 'tend to meet again on Tuesday evening. Their meeting ?6h Thursday night was spc-nt In talking over the claims, rftreqgth, &e., of the various candidates passing resolu tions and touts for candidates, and adjourned until Tuesday evening, when they intend, it Is said, to maice their nomi" uatiojas, not only for county ami judiciary, but for the legislature. The Twenty.third street party meet again on Toes lay ?oVening to net upon the report ot their Conference Com mittee, which thoy oxpect to receive that night; also to nominate Senators and Assembly lnr-n. Their slato i.? un derstood to bo made out in mos t ot the districts for all of theso office:". We understand that the names of Wm. U Asior, Royal l'helps and Henrj .1. Raymond aro oa th,'. slato for Asfeombly nominations. 1 mm the present appcir ?ace, however, tho entire slatev. ill not go through with e.1 oonaiderablo troublo. There appears to 1)0 an otttsnlo ?ro#sure on the members of th ? Nominating Committee tkat will doubtless secure a change before Tuesday nigl.t in many ii stances. We have already six county an I judicial ti< kctt in th ? ^o|d?tho republican, Tnmmai.y, Twenty-third .street Onion, Cooper Institute, Taxpayers' and St. Nicholas Ho tel?the latter being nothing more nor lc; titan the Cnion Defence Conu.iittep under a now name. There are two names that have been placed on all of theso ticket.' ?Thomas W. Olerke for i the Supremo Court and Jolui I>. Drady for Common I'leon; ' the balaie e of the ticket.* are e aontlally different) j ?1 though there aro hut two or three names on atiyof j them hut what have been placed on at least two tickets. ? This makes tho movement hear tho appearancc that, at lco*t a pot 11 n of tho Union organization were run for the j express purpose of electing one particular candidate, and and the otti r names put on to keep up appearances. The republicans have been somewhat modest in their pretension;; during the past week. Thoir county tick- t being in tho field, they now appear to be waiting, iiko Micawber, for something to turn up. Host of the hubbub during tho week has com ? ftvrn Tammany, whero thero has lie 'n no small amount of tall swearing' loud talking, and othor performances well known t>y all who understand the pe mliar charaeteristie? of the warriors of Tammany. Tho Ring now having full possession of tho Tammany party, they are elated at this triumph and are now laboring to control Mozart, and oiaim that the pins aro all set lor the nomination of Genet in Mozart. But this is not the only tiling thnt this triumph has brought about. The legislative nominations are re ceiving thoir special attention; nnd on this point is one of ?hose jobs thut the public had better boon tho lookout for, or all their efforts at reform will be of no avail in >roaltty. The squabble for legislative nominations just now eclipses everything else; thero If in reality more secret work, midnight and barroom combinations being made for theso positions than all tho other" put together. This vrork, however, is carried on by tho City Hall philoso phers, who seem to bo over anxious to socuro ropre enta tlves of their own In the legislature, iu order to secure those points which they lost by the legislation at Albany The special point which command* their atten tioti is the new charter. The law appointing the commission to draft a charter requires that the charter should be submitted to the people at tho lie. oetnber election, and th' n referred back to the legislature Cor ratification. The particular Scheme on foot is to have tho charter, as agreed upon by the Commissioners, satis factory to the people, ondorsed by thorn, aud in the meantime such a delegation secured to both branches o' the Legislature from this city a? will then direct their entire efforts to remodelling it to suit the philosophers tbo have been foremost in nil such jobs as the Hack ley contract lu other words, there is an extraordln try tflbrt on foot to secure a delegation to the legislature to fepresent the Ring, for the sole purpose of remodelling the charter in a way that will tnabic them to rotain their power and control matter* their own way for a Ion? time to coma. If they succeed in their object ul the efforts that have been made for a reform?the appointment of a Charter Commission and all? will In reality be lost, and matters, if anything, bo worse than they were before. The most Important l>olut for the people to look to tn the Novcmbor election Is that of the legislature; and unless they more In the mut ter and act in unlsou the Ring will carry their point. Having already secured Tammany Hall to this conspiracy, they are now turning their attention to other organiza tions, and are in reality trying to make their bar gain both with Mozart and the republicans. This is the secret of so many Aldermen and ex-Aldermen making such despornte efforts to secure the nominations for SeuatorB and Assemblymen. Tho politicians in tho upper end of the Island are just now in a wonderful state of excitement over the Senate question. The Tammuny Senatorial Convention met on Thursday night, and took one hundred and forty biillota for Senator without auy choice. The vote, from the first to the last, stoodConnolly, 11); Charlick, 11; McCarty, 6?Connolly receiving tho support of the Twonly-flrst anil Twentieth wards, Char lick tho Twenty-second and Twelfth, and McCarty tho Nineteenth ward. The contest in a nice little affair, to say the lonst. How It will terminate yet remains a mys tery to all outsiders; those managing, however, may have devised the ways and means whereby it will be ended. Ihey are to have another pull at it on Monday night. Until thon we leave them to their pipelayiug, advising them, however, not to brenk tho Sabbath by auy opera tions in the merchantable commodity of the upjier districts. The German organization aro making considerable noise, but the movement appears to bo repudiated by many of the leading democratic Germans, who call it a republican dodge. The commit toe ol' the organization have agreed upon a ticket, which thoy will report to the C onvention on Thursday ni^ht for their approval, which boars upon the faco of it a republican look. Thj) follow ing are the names said to bo agreed upon by the com mittee Fbr Sheriff? F. I.. Vtilte, democrat. Mr County Citric?I<eniuel Bangs, republican. For Svjvrritnr?Orison Plimt, republican. J?br Distiit l Athnnij?James M. Smith, democrat. Forjudge ?f Supreme Court?Thomas W. Clerke, demo crat. For Judge* of the Superior Court?J? B. Woodruff, repub lican ; m?. .iv|iuimiiwu . ?? h'r Judge of Otmmoti I'Iras?John R. Brady, democrat. For Judge of Marine Court?Robert A. Adams, rep. This, however, looks to us like a trick, for there aro no Germans on tho ticket, nor German interests represented in it The following are the names of those gontlemen already placed in nomination for Iho county and legislative offices;? snKRirr. Trrrntt/-fh\l j/. Union. Tuxpuyn * [rit ion. Ctyyprr Tn*'t? tTnirm. Josiah W.Brown, D.Fred'k L. Vulte, D. .Josiah W.Brown, D. COUKTV CLKR*. Lemuel Bangs, R... ? Henry W. Genet, O. surxiiTisoa. E. J. Brown, A Orison Blunt, R B. J. Brown, A. district *rroits?r. Rleh'dO'Gorman.D.A. Oukev Hall, It . A. Oakey Hall, R. surm ** cookt. Thos. W. Clerke, D.Tho*. W. Clerke, D.Tho* W. Clerke, D. sorcRioa COURT. L. B. Woodruff, B..L. B. Woodruff, B. I.. B. Woodruff, R. Murray Hoffman,R.J. M. llurbour, 1>.. .Murray Huffman, R. COMMON PI.KAN. John R. Brady, D...John R. Brudy, D...John R. Brady, D. ? MARIME COI'RT. II. Ketchum,Sr., R.H. Ketchum, Sr., R. A. K. Ma} uard, D. CORON K.WS, Louis Nauman, R. .Dr.Martyn l'?yne,B.Dr. E. McFarlan. Kred'kOlmttead, R.Juntos Kennetly, H Pred'k Olmsteail, R. Geo. W. Matsell, D.Dr.ttyrnaRamKsy.D.Thoa. 1C. Ferris. Capt. J. Wildey, D. .Dr. H. M. Cohen, D.Dr. E. M. Duy, suKKirr. RepiMiean. To n 1 mo 111/. fit. KichoIn# (rnion. Wiiliam R. Stewart. Win. M. Twt-e I V. L. Vulte, JJ COCKTY CLKRIt. Joseph Iloxle Heury VV. Genet... .Edgar Ketchum, R. SUPKItvlsoR. Orison Blunt Elijah K. I* 11 rdy....Orison Blunt, R. DISTRICT ATTORNKY. A. Oakey Hall N. J. Wulerimry... .John T. Doyle, D scrHicua COURT, Thos. W. Clerke, D.Tlu*. W. Clerke, D.Thos. W. Clerke, D. scpxHioH comrr. Lewis B. Wood ruff. Charles J, Mom-U.. ,L. B. Woodruff, R. Murray Hoffman, R.John M. Barbour. ..Murray Hoffman, K. COMMON fl.KAI. John R. Brady, D...J0I111 R. Brady, 1>.. R. Brady, D. MAHl.NK CO!.-ST. Rol>ertA. Adams...E. L. Hearti Win, H. Authon, R. COROtfl.RH. Dr. Louis Nauman. .And'w R. Jnckman.Dr. T. It. ltHistead. l)r. Edward Collins.Edw'd S.MeC'mnell.Dr. Joseph Smith. Dr. .Ibx.W. Ramsay.Chas. J. Dougherty.Dr.Wm.M.Vermllye. Dr. H'y B. Millard..Anthony Elehoff Dr. Hv. B. Millard. MOZAKT 11A 1.1.. Sheriff. Count!/ Clrrk. Janus Lynch. George ituetcr. SENATORIAL NOMINATIONS. HtpuMimn. Tttmn any. FOURTH DISTRICT. ? C. B. Woodruff. fifth district. Thomas Little. Clms. Q. Cornell. sixth DISTRICT. Washington Smith. Johu J. Bradley. nn'knTH tu.iTRinr. Wm. Curtis Noyes. ? Mozart. C. B. Woodruff. Luke F. Cozans. COOPER INBTTTI TK UNION. Hfiirth DiMrltt?i. liristian Ji. Wi o I ruff, D. Fifth Dittriii?Oiar!e?l!. Cornell, l>. Sixth ?B.nj. 1". M.tnierrc, K. Seventh Itinh irt?Dr. II. B. Bradford, D. Momrt. 1. .Tolin, 2. Kv Uk Murphy, 4 W.J.C.Kinney. n. Wm, .1. Coey. 7. Daniel You dr. m. Wm. J. Olvnuy. 9. ? ]f>. ? 11. ? 12. Patrick Daly. 13. ? 14. ? 15. T. B. Courier}'. IB. ? 17. ? COOmt IN8T1TCTK UNION. 2. Daniel Lenmy. 14 lioheri C. Hutching*. 3. Henry Myers. 16. J1' nnls .Mi Calx-. 8. Francis Clark. 17. llt'iiry A. Havre. 18. Michael Miller. __ Tammany Asstmbly Conventions. Sr. ond Distkict.?Mr. Daniel Loamy was nominated for moraber of Assembly f: om the Second district, on Friday u ^iit, by the Tammany C< mention. K'tiUTH 1'i^KifT.?Mr. Francis Clarke received tbo no. in nation for tbo I ighth Assembly district, from the Dun many Convention, on last Friday evening. Klomrl Atntiubly Convention. E:cc."nlh Diitrht??The above C()i|Vom ion met Inst even ing, and after some debate adjourned over to Wcdn. sday evening next, without making a nomination. f'nlon \t scmljly Nomination. Eighth Itteric'.?Ibis Ouuvontiou mot last evening, and Mr. EpcsK. Ellcry received the unanimous nomination. New York State Politics. Athavt. N V , t'ct. 1861. The People's and Republican County Conventions have !>Kie d on Jacob A. Wo.n. r, i-optiljli.-nn. for Si ite Senator, nod H.'iiry Sloan, democrat, for Sheriff. The Conven tions split on the candidate for County Clerk. Ih.'i: ? publican Convention ruminated Jame Weldon, republi can, for that oil ", and the People's Convention, Judgo i:obinson, democrat. PYRACtV!*, Oct. 12 1P61. Tho People's Convention met this afternoon und Bomi n it. d Hon. Thorn,?!- Aivbrd for Assembly ; y a vote of fifty to twenty. He h i I previously heen nominated by tho I 'i'.uhllciuif. Til- democrats I'ividtd, but many (if the leading men of that party aiu s. pportinp him. BixfitujfTOSjN. Y., Dot. 12.1801. The Union County Convention yeaterday nominal?d George Bartiett, democrat, for member < f the Asseir.b.y and a full ticket. The Republican Convention subse quently endorsed the ticket. S.*i:.\TOf;A Ppwsfts, Oct 12.1001. Hon. John Wiilard, of Saratoga, wag lominatedas the Union candidate ior S. no tor to- lay ai d < ieii r. i by tho republicans. in the district composed oi Saratoga Fulton a id Montgomery. Coroners1 Inquest*. Tni T.jur fnoonxc, Amur a7 J?asoiu.v's Park?lb > in vestigation in the case of Frank Karten, a m mher < ibe Forty-fifth regiment Now York Volunteers, who died at tho New York Hospital from the effects of a j i-iof shot wound at the hands of Sergeant Witten, of tlie fame regi ment, was commenced yesterday by Coroner Schirmer. A number of v. itnesses who were present when the afft uy occurred jrere examined by the Coroner. Charles Hauser being duly sworn deposed as follows:? I am First Corporal of Company K, Forty-fifth ruximou, New York Volunteers; the regiment went to Washington on Wednesday last, and I remained behind, by order of the Colonel, to give my testimony in this ctt-'e; I am a fi tend of the prisoner's, deceased, the prisoner and 1 wero all friends, and were together in the Fifth regiment of three months volunteers; on Tuesday last were tn tho barracks at Landman '<? Park about oue or two o'cIoeK; Witten was sitting on a mattress, when Karten came to ' wards htm,and spitting in ins hand said, "Shake hands with me, brother,"' Witten pulled out bh revolver from j itR cover, which w as not fastened, and tiiaxlo a blow at deceased with the \\ Hiijion; in doing so the revolver, x i plodod and was a five-barrelled pistol ;wl>e,n ; Karten Ml Witten .lumicdofl 'he mattress and said, "I j did not hit you! 1 did not hit yon!" deceased was picked up and sent to the company hospital; some two or three minutes pievions to the shooting a , sergeant of our company, nam dWoasebe, t< khd iU prisoner about tbc head with a straw; tho prisoner was asleep, and upoa wakening toid Wessehe to stop, at the b nn" time pulling out bis revolver and makiiiK a blow i at W"ssobe; 1 did not see the pistol e. eked; I did not seu | anymore tickling; I think the shooting was entirely ae : cioental, nnd th result, f skylarking; I ho pri: <uer ai I deceased never ha.l a quarrel, an I woro alwa) s on u d t?i m<. Henry May, who sttended deeexsed in the hospital, testifled thut h" hoard deceased say the allair was purely accidental, au.i thuiit w;'? iho result of'playlng." A number of other witnesses were thou placed rpon ho stand, but the toitin.ony was merely corroboratt'>o A3s>:m bltmkn. TuvmKtny. John I'Hllftban. Danit ) IvCamy. Uforge JA?utiel. Wm. J. Coejr. 3>aJ)irl Yoiititf. Francis CI irk. John Haidy. Aridn'U Hrhitli. Alex. Wan I. K. ( Kfutrhingii. <?. J. < 'ortdiujuon. Peter Meghan. Etlnimul Jones. RepuWran. Chat*. T. I'olhamuft. Fruiicit< h. 1mmbert. James XV. Bubh. Edward K. Phelps. John U Hitiiard. John Lnmbrecht. Wm. W. North up. E. c. r??uiiitgtoi\. Dennis M*Cube. of tho above. Tho inquest was adjourned over for a owf ilaya In order to obtain tho attendance of some wit ne.s.-os from Washington. Melancholy rti iciuK on Shiidoard.?Coroner Jackman was called upon yesterday to hold an inquest, at pier 16 Kant river, upon tho body of I'orry B. Cower*, cap tain of the California packet ship Iflackhawk, who committed suicide by (hooting hltiiKeif through tho h>-ail witli a pistol. Krom the evidence olicited before tho Coroner, it appeared that deceaaod was minor nig from dysiiepsia, ami was vory low spirited In consequence. Yosturday morning ho cume on board the vessel about seven o'clotk and retired to the cabin. Soou afterwards the mate, William H. Russell, beard the report of a >istol and saw smoke issuing from the companion way. r|>on examination lie found that the smoke emanated from tlio captain's stateroom, and on entering bo found deceased lying dead on tho floor and a pistol alongside of him. No other reason, pave that of ill health, could be assigned for the commission of tho rash act. I>r. O'lhmlnij made an examination of tho body, and found that the ball had entered the skull through the right ear, and passed out ou tho opposite side. Alter pasning through and through 111,- hkull, the ball took an upward courso, shattered a looking glass which hung In the caMn, and then paasod Into tho joiner work of the vessel. The pistol used in the commission of tho deed belonged to ihe ship, and was only accessible to deceased, 'lho jury In this caso rendered a verdict of "suicide while laboring untlor temporary aberation of mind." Captain Uowors was about 3ft years of age, and was a native of this ooun try. F.wal RfiLT or a Fall.?William Thompson, a natlvo of Irolund, aged forty-five years, died at the New York Hospital on Friday night, from tho effects of a fall receiv ed at the corner or South and Itopeyster streets, ou Wed nesday last, under the following circumstances. Poeea? od, it appeared, was walking along the struct in apparent good health, when ho was suddenly observed to reel and tall to tho sidewalk, as if in a fit. V|*>n being picked up by the police and conveyed to the hospital, it was ascer tained that his skull was fracturod, and that the Injury was one of a fatal character. Coroner Hclurwoi held au inquest on the body, when tho jury rendered a verdict of accidental death. MILITARY MATTERS IN NEW YORK. THE CONSOLIDATION OP RE0TMENT8. SPKC1A1. ORDEU8 NO. 4*21. GlXKKAL HkAIXJCARTKKS, STATU OV NlW TORK, 1 AmcmtSboul'iOhm, Almjtv, Oct. 11, lnai / In accordance with General Orders No. 78 from this de partmeut, the organl7ations known as the ShepardRifles, the Soott Rifles and tho I'nioo Rifles, aro hereby consoh dated into a regiment, to bo known and designated as tho Fifty-flr?t regiment New York Voluntocrs. Tho Shepard Rifles will bo consolidated into ?ix (<$ companies ; tho Scott Rifles Into two (2) comixinies, and tho I'Binn miif; imu t?? (2) companies. Tlio officers rendered sup<>rnume7a'ry by this arrange ment will be honorably discharged. The following portions are appointed field officers of the regiment thus organized, and together with the Rtalf and company officers hereinafter designated, will be couimis sloncd whenever tho field, staff and company muster rolls, certified to by tho mustering officer, shall have been filed in the office of tho Adjutant General of tho State ? Colonel, Edward Ferrero. nontenant Colonel, Anton Martin I.ichtenkobh, Major, Robert B. Potter. Surgeon, Epliralm W. Buck. Assistant Surgeon, Charles W. Torrey. Chaplain, Owen N. Ronton. Adjutant, Augustus J. Pay ton. Quartermaster, 1'aniul W. llurton. Captain, Morris Hazard. Captain, Samuel H. Sims. Captain,George W. Morritt. Captain, John 0. Wright. Captain, Stephen W. Chase. Captain, Win. I>. Campbell. Captain, R. (J. Mitchell. Captain, Frank E. Mcllvalne. Captain, Thomas Phillips. Captain, I>avid H. Johnson. Fint Litul'-ntinU. Second Lieutenant/. James M. Miller, Alfred Ouft, Onvld W. Wright, .Tamos H. Hals toad, George A. I'orter, Thomas 1). Marsh, William Cuff, John T. Rupelljo, Honry Francis, A. W. MoKeo, Frank W. Tryon, James A. Johnston, Henry H. Holbrook, L. O. Goodrldge, John Stuart, Andrew K. Fowler, Charles Graff, ?Allen, Frederick Gracf. Adulphe Blugert. Colonoi Ferrero will report with his command to Rrlga ilier General Burnside, at Hempstead, I,. 1. Rrnrmlier G- tieral Yates Is charged with the execution of this o; dor. Bv order of the Commander-in-Chief. THOS. HlLLHOtSE. Adjutant Genoral. 8WKHAL ORUKR* SO. UU7. State ok Nhw York, Oeiit or Voi.I'.ntkkiu, 1 Nkw York Criv, Oct.12.1861. / In compliance with special orders No. 4'il from general headquarters, Colonel Ferrero, commanding the FlflT first regiment, Now York Volunteers, will make requisi tion for transportation to Hempstead, I/ing Island, on Colonel 1). I>. Tompklmr The several commands consoli dated ns stated in said order will ro)>ort to Col. Ferroro, nnd will mak^ requisition for transportation from tb?-lr several places of encampment to l'olace Garden, upon Brigadier General Arthur. Colonel Ferrero will report tho company officers, as consolidated. By order of CHAS. YATES, Brigadier Geuoral, commanding depot. Tnos. At.l.rotK, A. I). C. DEPARTURE OF COLONEL SERRELL'S REGI MENT OF ENGINEERS. Colonel SerreU's regiment of Engineers and Artisans, otherwise the engineer officers'and soldiers' regiment, took its dajiarturc from Its camp on Stutcn Inland for Washington yeatcrday. GENERAL WOOL'S BODY GUARD. TIio recruiting fur this popular organization is pro* greasing rapidly, under the supervision of Lieutenant Melllck. Ona company of pickod men was sent to Fortrcgg Monroe last week, to (111 up the squadron which Is sta tioned there, and the cnorgeiic I.ieutm ml who was sent on to this city by General Woo], fur tin* special purpose of raising an additional hundred men. seems to he in a fair way to accomplish his object. A rave opportunity is now offered to those desirous of serving their country under this veteran commander. The recruiting office is at No. 421 Broadway. THE TWELFTH REGIMENT, N. Y. P. M. A i an evidence of the wide spread influence of drill and discipline among those really fit to become soldiers, we Ifliru that daily applications are pouring in from varlon: sections of the country for opportunity to (> in this corps, now reorganizing for tile war. Bat although the natal ore much thinned by promotions to other commands, most of th" old vHlcers will go wiih it, and while ibis retards i - immodlato progreee, it (Htm aeeerence that when in the Held it will prove creditable to Hie militia ? f the State. NINTH REGIMENT NEW VORK STATE MI* 1,111 A. One hundred and fifteen men will leave fer the can.pai Darneslown. Md., on Tuesday next. They were enlisted f hy Lieutenant J. P. Wikham, who goes on with them. All are fully equipped. I/??tiers on'v will b > received at the armor? until twelve If on Tuesday. Those men are t.i mi U[> 'lie companies. The nvin, Mil n< .v numbers some twelve hundred men, with a tine buttery of ci/bt .latnes' rifled twelve pounders. Colonel Slips is le w ActlUK Brigadier Ccneral, ant) I.leute aut Colonel If ll. ic jS in command of the regiment. ? THE HIRAM BARNEY RTFI.ES, Wehaveon several occasions mentioned the Barney Hides, a regiment composed exclusively of Germans, who have adopted s? fh<dr motto the "skull ard crorsMnos.'' iti.lleaiiv ? or n uher giving nor ice Mving quarter. To commnnd this fin" c r|ij the ofticcrs have selected f olunoj Fugemi A. Ko:.lay,a Hungarian nobleman, who l).T re reived a thorough military education in the Austrian army. Tho regiment has been organize,! n little over six w * ks, an 1 numbers upwards of soo men. lis first organization w as modelled after the lilac!; KIJJ. s (Sell varzt J.i. ::'-r I < f the Hungarian army, which bis done such ser vice in the revolutionary war. but tho Hon. Hiram Har ney having interested himself in the welfare of the regi ment, it was resolved by those composing the nr>omi 'i Hon to honor Mr. Harney 1 y adopting his name. Not only the Collector <t the port ha- assisted tho regiment, b it also Mr R. A. Wifthaus, nn I tho Herman committee, of which Ueesrs. Weaendonk and Kapp are members. The consequence Is. that the Barney Pi lies are as good a regi nient us iiny <tr ear (lertnan troope that bare yet Wt the city. The ifreattsf aetlvify prevails In the camp, at Hudson City, iii getting in readiness for an early Mart, which will probably lake place on Tuesday next, and may he sooner. Colonel Kozlsyhas received everything apper taining to the equipment of a soldier, with the exception of the arms; and the latter (which are to ha the Infield rifle) are promised him on leaving fir the seat of war. Recruiting for the regiment is si ill going on. and it is very likely that tho Barney J';!lns will much one thousand slroiitr, to |oln the division of General Iilinker. We un derstand that Colonel Kozlay is to receive a testimonial from the members of the legal profession with which he was connected prior to leaving for the sceue of war. MEDICAL SUPPLIES FOR THE ARMY. TO THE EiUTOR OF TIIK IlEItAI.D. Hk.iix)!'?rttiis I'mtkd Stjtks Rinns. \ 239 Broadway, Oct 9,1811. / It Is a notorious fact that the supply of hospital stores, surgical Instruments, baadages, lint mid all such articles, which contribute to the comfort of the sick and disabled, and mitigate the horrors of war, that are furnished by the government, are totally Insufficient. You would, therefore, secure (he warnn t thanks of the sii k and dis eased, wh ?enumbeis have 1 creased urealIv nil n 1 queuec of ihe sudden change of the weather, by permit ting a small snare in your Journal for an appeal to the w ?)! known i Biri ti.-m and to the f ti ler hearts of iho ! in. lie of N'w York to coutrlbuln .ucli hospital stores, bandages, i.i.slit shirts, lint and . uch other nccc^; ai in; a< their charily and benevolence w old piompt them to bestow. The wife who h is attended iliesiik bed of a beloved husband, the kind sister who has relieved th' pains i f a foud brother, and the anxious nv the. who baa kept w.'.cli over perhaps oi.lj child.air -ni-'r ? ? 1 I all thoir comforts, will uot be a^ipoalod to iu vain '' i ' tMhulions or money which wrfl lie appii">l tu lie piiic'n-e I cf sacii ortii les, w ill be (hii/ikfully i.y'ive.f by fv;. !-? y j yanownkl, at the heailqus/iers, or by i ee Sn.i;."'ii ? the | reg.m nl. Or. F. U. Stxi'jbli, at h =i residence, ,vi. 4 IIj ! ton street Krllginua Intrlllpcnce# CIIUBCHE8 TO-DAY. In tho Church of the Puritans, Rot. Dr. Cbeever will preach ibis evening uu the "Claim and C< mmand of Oo 1 for National Emancipation, *i Required and Confirmed by Divine Providence in tho Constitution." In the Memorial church, Hammond street, corner of Waverley place, the Rov. (joorge K. Thrall, rector of the Church of the Messiah, will preach this evening. ^>r vices at half-pnst ten, half-past three and half-pact seven o'clock.

"A Missing Disciple"?"Plain Speaking." Rov. Isaac 8. Kalloch will preach on these subjects in l.alght street church (St. John's Park) this morning and evening. " David, the Hero of Rebellious," will he the subject of the flftli discourse of the series on the ?? Military Horoes of tho Bible," at tho Brooklyn Tabernacle, thi? evening. Tlio Rev. William Alvin liartloit will preach at hall pait ten o'clock A. M. and half-past seven o'clock J*. M. In the Bleecker street Uulversallst church, corner of Downing struct, communion services at half-past ton A. M. and half past seven o'clock P. M. Rov. Moses Ballon will consider the question: "If tho Biblo is of God why is it so obscure?" Mrs. CoraL. V. Hatch will spoak at Dodworth Hall, HOO Broadway, at half-past ten A. M. and half-past seven P. M. Subject?" Highor Law, or the Voice of Conscience.'' All Men are UnlvorsallttR.?Rev, E. 0. Brooks will proaeh on this topic, iu tho ehurch iu Twentieth street, between 8i*th and Seventh avenues, this afternoon,at three o'olock. Sabbath school sermon, with exercises by the school, at half-past ton o'clock. In St. Ann's church, Rev. Thomas Callaudet, rcctor, sorvlces as usual; with tho voice at half-past ten A. M and half-past seven P.M., and in the sign language at three P. M. The rector will preach lu tho morning. In *he evening the Rov. F. C. Ewer will, by request, repeat the sermon on " Angela," delivered on tho morning of September 29. In tho Second Universal 1st church. Historical Society Building, corner of Eleventh street and Second avenue, Rev. (!. T. Flanders will preach this morning and even ' the usual hours. The third discourse on '? Im moitality" will bo dellverod In tho evening. Rev. P. A. Corey will preach in tho Murray Hill Baptist church, Thlrty llfth street, betwoon Fifth and Sixth avenues, at half post ton o'clock A. M., and at half-post cAt-on o'lilnclt U. It ????? i. > > ' ' Rev. Hubbard Wlnslow, P. IV, will preach in thfl N'orlWost Prosbvterlan church, Fiftieth street, near Eighth avenue, at half past ten A. M. and half-past seven P. M St. Thomas' church.?This being communion Sunday, the service? will bo at half past ten A. M. and half-past seven P. M The Rev. Henry Blanchard will preach ou the subject "What are we doing with life?" in the Church oi the Re storation (Klrst Unlversallst), coiner of Monroe place and Clark street. Brooklyn, this evening. The publl-' are cor dlally invited to attend. Obituary. Commander Wiluam May, of the United StatesNavy, iliod on Thursday last, at his residence on tho Eastern shore of Maryland. Commander May wau the fifth son of the late Dr. F. May, of Washington city, and is a brother or tho late Captain Julian May, of the United States Army, ami of Colonel Charles May, distinguished for hw Intrepid conduct in the Mexican war, under Gen. Taylor. Colonel May has hern for two years post a rcsi dent of this city, having a few months ago resigned his commission in the army. Tho lh?n. Henry May, M. C. from Baltimore, now detained at Fort Wayette,on sus picion of hostility to the federal government, is alio a brother of tho deceased. Commander Ma> entered the navy in 1881, and was promoted to a lieuteuantcy lu 184V!. He bohaved gallantly in tho war with Mexico, and was severely wonttd<?<! by a musket hall shattering his rtght Attn, in, wo believe, tho attack on Tuspiiu. CEN. LKANDKO I>KL VAI.I.K, OF MKXICO. (Jen. I/iaudro del Valle, of tho Mexican army, who has Just met his death so cruelly and unjustly at the hands of the relentless Marquee, "the butcher of Tuoubaya," was a young man of much promise, accomplished, talented' and of the most undoubted courage. His father, Ikm Ro" tuulo del Valle, who is still living, Is said to bare been a Iiercon of some note and distinction in former days. Th subject of otir sketch was born in the city of Mexico lu the year 1882. At an early age he entered the military college, where he soon became distinguished for proflcieU ev in his studio*. A poetical address delivered by Lim in the National thtultre at tho capital, hi tho | year when ho wart still a student, Mid . only nlneleon veais old, bears tho impress of a mind that ooiild think forcibly and oxpresa liseir with strength and elegance. In ,-ty'e an I Conception It is more than creditable to so youthful uu author. On gra.lii atiflgIn} received a lieutenant's commission, but his ?a 1 uts ae'd steadiness gained liirn raj'i I promotion, and iu a very few years he rose to the rank of lieutenant Oolotwl of hKRlce'rs. .-hortly after this last promotion ho wont to Europe, to improve himself by study and ob.-ervuiinn, ami resided three or four years m Paris. The coup il'-lat of December, 1867,determined him to return home are! at cvli bims UI to tho cause of the liberal party, th-o faintly struggling foroxistenceued'1- tho leader hipoi Juarez,who , had been ib i?e<l to take refuge in Vera Cruz from before the triumphant arms of/uloaga. In the lamentable civil war which followed ti" distinguished himself, particularly at the but11' ? or Salamanca, < nronilla and u host of minor < onfllcl#;the siege of Cutt.lnlaja a, the assault on U Car men. where he plunted a selling ladder in the most daring manner, and remained on It alone for a considerable time, exposed to th" enemy's lire, en l iH Santa Anna, where he m l ie himsoll very conspicuous by . lauding - n tho root of au iun, giving; his orders and directing his men with the coolness of a veteran. Towards the closo of the war ho hail attached ) hjmsolf, for some private reasons, to lb'- Xallsco di, islon of tho army?his friendship for general Ogazoti, (Jovernor of Jiaiisco, and others of that divWioh, b dug no doubt his cli let motive. Ho . r\ed with that division a: the -iege of (iuadala ira ir. the capacity of Qnartcrm istor i cennral and showed th' mns' surprising uctlviiv and i ti-'s Strange to say, be was twit woundM. When aiXer writing acoupla ot :?hort letters, he was led | I out to be executed* he tmMr leaned against tha i I tree from wliich h- w.13 soon to be Igiiominiou.dy su ? | 1 tended, aud while quietly surveying the p: 1 partitions | for his death, naked his executlon-irn h >\v it | l,api**ned that h? wns routed, Thoy told him that while lie thought he was ongoing the forces of i Calve/ alone, Mnrqm-z had enme up and sttrpr,.-, d him. vivil ? f.i'l he, with a mile, ??there is no retli 'dy." I XI ey told h m he whs to be shot as a traitor, lie objected tii nt term --trait ir,'' urging th it b ? bad been trae to his principles and hi' partv. The strange discussion became I v.ri i" and Valle, finding that it wo* degenerating into 1 vu'rtr wrangle and abuse, stopped it, and with a bitter I smile guv the word "l ire!" The next moment tha 1 i.rave'tellow was no more and his remains w.-re hung on ' tli ? tree at tlie loot of w'hieh h died. What ascetic lor a painter! . Prompt in action, elouuent 111 speech, gay and Joyous I ps a child, a skilled soldier and au tic omplishe l gunile 1 man. Mexico I as few loft like the ;al!ant del Valle. H ! was tenderly attach 'I 10 his family, and which add to I 1 he melanei. iy . i- attending Itw d.-atb, w.? | to have te .11 married in a v. ry short time. Til ? fOBOW ing i< tin-1 tier to liis lami'.j written imm liateiy beforo ' ' A '' ojf tub Moc.vt ofCisossa?, ?Tttne 23, 1861. Dear Fatukk am. MitllKR asii HuoTie.R-:?1 ?tn goiie: 1 to die. since such is the fortune of war, and they are doing no more to me than 1 would do In a similar ease, ! n t through hatred, but through a Just rotalhlioti. 1 have ale v.s do 1 '? my duty; my little oroth us, do yours, thai your tiatue may he honored, as is Chat, which 1 have , ki o,*nhow to preserve till now. I th.,r and mother A , that letter?to me an etor !. d rem'inbratice. I also remember thee, Ago s. Thou, t ?, hast l/een ? mother to me. * * I'o my bro thersand friends farewell. I.KANI1HO. ?il- e,h man mur.l rers refused to give up th ? r.-mnins t .1 five hundred dollars had been paid them. There was n. on to comply, and the body was then con v.-ve I to the capital en the 28th of June, where, after ?1 photograph was taken, il waa interred in lln pantheon of Sim 1' A deputy of tho national Congress, lion Vicente P.. Palaclo, prououncod a touching funeral oration, and the grave closed forever over the youthful mart\ r of progros and rotorm. TTIK GRETNA (iBKKS HI,ACKSMITIT. The death of John Murray, of ^ark liar Hotel, Gretna tirecn. ai the age of sixty-three years, is announced Mr. Murrny f.-ays a local journal) was the seo-swor'f tho o, glnal blaoksmith who riveted so many matrimonial cln^" iu the old davs of runaway match-0. I pon tho I d. ath of that soti of Vulcan his mantle fell upon Mi..). Murray, and lie m his turn for many years drove a b; 1 k I trade In making happy or miserable, ;is th" case might I be, many hundreds of couples who sought his kind offices. gkhiuik nisiior, k. R. p. This zealous dovot ?>? of astronomiwil sen wo expir< .t on Friday evening, June U, at his residence, S .nth \ ilia, Wegeut's l'ark, I.ondon, having nearly comflute.l his seventy-seventn \ ear. Mr. lllshoji succ'ssively .ill- d the otUees 'of Secretary and Treasurer of tin- Royal Astro nominal Society, and wss elected PrcsUlent of that body iu isft". His observatory, which he maintained in activity for nesrly a quarter of a century, has con tributed, in addlti ti to incidental work, ai extensive catalogue or double mars, eleven new planets, two conn and upwards of twenty five vai cibie stars to our list, besides a remarkable sdr which suddenly became visible in 1M8, the onl' one of its ti .t ie which has been n atooe Uto year 1070. He alwaya evinced a deep in t* rest iu the dissemination ol ast "jtoma-al know.e l and Invariably welcome 1 any vi-iu r v> his observatory j who might be desirous ef a practical aciiiaiuUinco with his favorite Bcience. ^ ____ _ City Inlclllgcnct' ! Bcnsisn or a Stkam Saw Mill.?lletween two and j thrte o'clock Saturdny mwnhig a fire broke out lu the ' rtenrn stiw- mill fH-enpied bi I)- -? j: -rm.-yer A; Knvtiir, N. i 11 and 1^ Cannon . I reel. ill. damage done to the 1 illding is istlmmed at fl,00(t, said to bo insured. '11.' I kM on hdnber ami other s!o>-k eetlmated al (faml 1 jo111 in- eiu si'. Ti e lumber 1.1 nged to parties i aim h.i I s?nt It thero 10 be sswod. The cause of the fire ! Is at prt s -lit -.ijiktn wu, I Tiik Farti'm Barky l'..r" Tho plonlo for the bsm flt I of l ather Itirty's , hn:-< h, ot KtclvuouJ, Htnten 1; . -id, I which in p--t|s:i.-i 11 -1 Tt ?.n a.-'-ount of thi I weather. Will lake p ?'? <-u Tuesday next, at t^ii't'jU 1'ai'K.j, 1 Island Vyt <:-.?rU'.U'* -udius Additional Fiiropran Newt by tho Olni gow, off C?P? Ullft. CUii N. f , Oct. 12,1??1. The following m the baiauco oi tho Olaggow'a news-? Tho 01a*gow loft Queeustowu on tho evening of the 3d. She has a setioral cargo and 111 ty-Ovo cabin ami 149 st -or age ltassongera, all wall. She expeilenoed freah westerly breozos during tii? vny.ign. On the 4th signalized the steamship City of Manclieatar, from Now York, bound to Liverpool. Oil tho sanio night exchanged signals with a lar^'o steamer, supposed 16 ba the Africa from Now York for Liverpool. ITALY* Tho isauo of a pamphlet at Florence condemning tho temporal power of tho Pope produced a great sensatioD. PORTUGAL. Report says the King of I'ortugal is to marry a priu cesh of Savoy. AC8TKIA. All tbo functionaries ia the Council of Peath have ten dered their resignations. Tho Assembly Chamber at Peath was ocoupled by mili tary , and the members forcibly prevented from enter ing. Count Jaroby had returned, unoponod, tlio order of tho government requesting him to romaiu in olRcc. TUUKKY. It waa staled that the Bosnians and Servian* had de clared in favor of the Montenegrins. POLAND. A solemn meeting of the Poles is called for the 10th of October near Lublin. BRAZIL. The Uracil malls had reached England. Itto dates are to September 8. ColTeo active at a decline; good firsts, ajilOO a 91{900; stock, 30,000 bags. BUKN08 AYHR*. Negotiations for peace at lluenoa Ay res had boeu broken off and a buttlo was imminent. The country was under marital law. Oillolal Drawing* of Murray, fQndy & Co.'s Knniuekv anil Missouri State Lotteries. Kknti i'kt. Extra* M7?October 12, 1861. 62, 62. II. 27, 1, IN. 7, 22, titi, 32. 54. KknU'OKT, Cuss 5:w?October 12, 1S01. CO, 66. li). lj, 14, 7.5, 28, 56, 20, 4, 5H, 2. 3, 30, 43, Circulars sent lixje of ohar" mtiisrt" < ji i ??. " " w Refill a". ?5!>y M," -? ' /t. , Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Prixoa Cashedl Prises Cashed! Prlws cashed In all legalised lotteries and information given, by JOSliPll BATES, Broker, N<>?. 17 and 19 Wall street, up stairs, Netf York. Iinyal Havana l.otltrj?('iinductod by the Spanish government. Prizes cashed and information f li in lulled by TAYLOR A CO., Brokers, 16 Wall street, N. Y. Fall Style Young titnln' Huts. Alio, the Oxford Soft Hat. Notvread), at WIUTli'S, the Hatter, 21G Broadwfty. Clin riot (<? ti. .Smith ha* Opened lirr Pall and Winter Cloaks, lu Velvet, Silk and Cloth, at 1,142 Broad\\ ay, corner of Twenty-sixth streol. To ttrntlemcn.?Hlilrta to Order will be tnadolii any s?yl.. required, ?i>.| warranted In u.? lerlal, manufacture aadflttluVb* 101 m I NION ADAMS', Qgf Broadway, Pnrc Liquor*?Buy Your Xilnnora for niiu i1?i*i S?iriV-'" ilt '?'"dentil Distillery e? tabUslicd In lix,.., at Ural Fifteenth street. 1 A i'livc Tabami?Villcu, Buuk Toliar ro?Uimini.j's V(>l|nu Bank Tobae",,,.7,? IU?n purllle* foi Mile i<y nil tolxn-. .< and negar dealers and at whoh .-ale by L. UOODWIN A UKnTIIKI? W Water' Criilnilorn'allati Dyr, Wlg? mul Tou 1'*' ' ? 1 In' beat in the world; wholesale and retail and the iljo paivately applied. No. I) Aalor lloase. ' Batchelor'a Hair Dye?The Beat in the world?Harmless, reliable and instantaneous. Sold and applied at BATCHELOR'S wig factory, 18 Bond strcot. Onmtni Huaalun N ten in Bath, BJJ Kaat Turnnty-VTMiiih street, near Fourth avenue. |M;u ,jnd Board for patient*. THKO. OHBSO. Noldicrs, Protect Your llcnlth.-IIollo rr,"cdy ">r W'towlla. Tra??fs.?Harsh & Co.'a Hadit ai Cure nVr?!T.V,' i'\ i Hl'y al>Vnl{1?' 1,ri""' '""I Abdominal Slip, i. n t-1 . otnblnaii|?'rinr article. No. J Veauv at Aster House, opposite the rtiurcn. ' TrnMii?Mt Alidoitilual ?1111 porter*. Sna itl'ii'vlsh",,l,1' r Hrai-ea, .*!?. Dm. OI.OYE* A ^tlOMAM, No. t Ann street, under Hariinm'a Mushiiiii. Married. Ambi t jiG?Spem *i:?In New l/indnn, on Tuesday, Or l"i?er8, at St. James' church. by Key. lir Hallam ?;stod b, tt,eKov. Mr. Harris, iLnv a'JuuTJ o i'nC \ ork, to < KituA Loup Spk.-ji mi, of tin- formor place Western and Philadelphia pa|>rra please copy , "ri-oinyu. ou Thursday, October 10, ly till 1.BV. \U.-i, Mr. Albert G.,k to Mary h , only daughter of K. B. Webb. *vok\a.n?Nobix.?On Wednesday, .11111^ 12, at the Chnrch of tbo ll..!y Apostles, by the Jiey. a. J. (;ear, VoioiiYAs to M*rv, daughter of lit0 lato W'ru. Noble, Bti|., of Bollevale, Oratipi . ounty , V y (;< KKXKKT?Kkynoux"?On Wodue.:dayj October 9 at th* residence of thn bnde's father, by the I lev. Thomas f" ????. IT- I'UNAi r r ?r*???Kv, m New York city to J.ylija A., eldest daughter of Joseph Reynolds, Ks.i" ' 01 Auu%dib. w ' 1 '* DI?d. l(i?uaAy*jj._At his realdonco, at three ..clock on Frl < ay morning, Oct.,b,.r I,, alt, r a a .v?ro il.'nj* Uev. AM 1 '1 "M41,L'"'1 pastor 01 dm Geimon Itoman t'athotic .1. Nicholas ohuivli. in Second street, New \uik riiy Hih ili'mihti , a nevern blow to the m mbersoi (ho above I'lnirru, by wle m he w.h greatly bolovod and esteemed and who now lament his lo,,'. fie wns connected as' j i I'v 1, witu sai'l church loi* tin; t ?sfv rt?;? o y< uj'8. llio lunerul will uke place from the cbuich, on Monday tnonung. at nine o'clock. nis wja he ukeu & the cathedral, in Molt street, for biirlnl. 1 Uaiwhs.?Oa Wednosday, October's, Mrs. Sophia I liMtVK.-, ir.n beloved wife of Wm. Barinfi ,11 th -ilTtJj ! J' 0! her age. 1 Portland (Mf.) PH'tnocrat plea e copy. liowKK.-.?on Nitorday, OcUd.. r it.'suddenly, Captain Pkrrv R. Mowkkh, 01 dup Pluck ll iwk avd years 'I ho 11 mains were taken to ( oiineci cut lor interment ?myiiAvox.-At his si,, .N? 75 j.-?|ron ?,ro,.i., Breotl) n, en Friday, October 11, after .1 l-ng md ,-ev re [} eldot sou of K.< holas and Mary Chrisliaitson, and uephow to K. T. (Jiiristi.iusoij, aged 24 years mid 5 ilavs The fiinei als rvi.;e vvill takoplgro ?! his sister's house No 75 Fulton street, Prooklyn, this (Sunday) aitornoon ai a quarter past two o'clock. OortNMV?At five o'clock on Saiurtl'iy, Oi;tobor 1' Acvhn, infant dnuyhior 01 John and Rebecea Downev' V' l 10 months and l."> days. Ihe Iriends and relallvesof tie' family are r. =pe tfully invited to attend the funeral, fmni the recletno of her pun ills, No. 210 West Thirty fourth street ihi /Sindav) afteruoon, at two o'clock. la.yjfK.?On Friday, October II, Marcarkt Ihmmi: late of 'orr Ar lington, Kings coumy, Ir iaiid.age 1 Cl years. Her remains w ill be taken for Interment to Calvary OemetWT, tate (Sunday? afternoon, at half i iut one o el'M-k. from No. 84Tlilrd avenue. Kka.vks?At his re .idunce, in this city, on Saturdav <).Kb r 12. I'tmvwii Franks, in th 4M }-?r of his age.' I- ur I!?*r n' t it;< of tin- futioral will b<? en, 1kh.mii? On Saturday morning, Ociob r 12. after an illness '! three hour l- v^u, dnnijltter of Colonel Hjclrn 1 ami Matilda I'reti. h. I'.I years, r, iiio.nhs and Hdays, The frien '.H 01 the family are luvitod to attend the funeral, from the residence of ho/ uthur, No. 2 Uraworcy park. m 1 tii sday afternoon, at one o'clock. l'owijcn.?,u. New ifrlghton, s. I., TiiHOnositrs O Fow mi. In the 71st y. ar of hio ag1. Nof ice of thoiuuoial v. ih bo given on Monday. Jknninus.?On Friday, October U, WjuumSmith Jw nimis, only son ot William S. uud Caroline Jcnnin -s rmed H months and 12 days. ' I ho relatives and friends are requited to attend tho funeral, from th-- resideni e of his parents, corner of Bi way and Fifty-fourth street, on Monday morninit a' 1 en o clock ? Ku.iMitB?At Rochester, N. Y., on Tuesday, September 24. i i.i/ASKHi A. KtUA:.B,a,;eda?ywit.s, dm^litor of the In l.iwaid Colgan, of this city, and Eliza Ogden of J. I ' . y City, and wife of James I,. Kdilar-:. < u'd'ornia papers pieaso copy. Kri.i.v.?Ou Saturday, October 12. after .1 long and painful illness, Mary Kai.i.v, wile of William Kelly The friends oi the family, also the members of the lie nnvolentSociety of Il x.kbinders of New York, and the oillcers and members of O.m. any a, Sixtv ninth regi mi nt V Y. S. M , are respectfully Invited to attend Ibe funeral.this (Sunday) afternoon,at two o'clock from nor late residence, 11!) Fast l'weutleth street, without fur ther invitation. Kkxwv.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, October 12 after a lingering illness, ltOHBKT Kknjiy, aged 37 years. ' Hie relatives and friends of the family are n-*poctru!ly 11 vited to ait- nd the funeral,from his late re,-.vlonce, No. Hfidge street, Brooklyn,on Monday afteruoon,at, half past. no o clock. I.o< swoon.?on Tuesday, October 8, ?t Ellwwortb. Conn., Miai Ann, wife ? F. A. l/xkwood age I 4S years. Lkiioi x.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, October 11, after a sdu.rt illness, Marv. tli beloved wife o'" John It. la-dous and daughter ot Henry Whitiaker, agi.a 2o year* and six day s. lb.' funeral will tafe place fror*,the residence of her Firs' and, So. 'J14 Hergeli street, tlr.i (Snuday) allorno 11, at half past three o'clock. M \"U.n.?tin Friday morning, ?*,et' 'ier 11. Jank, tho be lo .-I wlfo (f .Vi. 1m, a*ed 2!i yeara. 7 uiontUs | auii ai days. 1 llie relatives and fi ionds of th" family, and tbo?e of ) tar fat'uer, Kobert Wile) Ve r.^ia-r-tlollj in. ,te l ai. I tend the funeral, on Muuia.v altrrnoon. at two ?. I vk | from t?:e resi lenotj of her fttt.-ijrrrid, N >.4; 1 ^sonsln-'i' i w.ihotrt furH'ar invltatlrm. I tie funeral will , 11!;.' I lac j 'It ?t. hn's el.apel, Vatic!; aire ... | ?tin Saturday morning. t,c. J2, Sa :mi I Aiuiv, 1 win dauglii' r of t'i .will nr.,1 Fr.'.ncis \ Martin ' aged i,-, years, 1 mouth aud 20 day*. Veii TuU-rvices to beh.dd al tic re; r , . or W pa i re. f- No. 24".'iVei-t Twenty foarth stre t, this (Sundi O I r\ ,ie 01 , at lo. r o el 1 k. '1 he reiativca and lriet : I the family wo respe tfi.lly luviled to a.U-ud will, ut further notion. H?r nun ens will I " taken Co Kahwoy N J., for interment, on Monday morning McKuiimny.?On Friday evening, Uclobor 11, Patho M Kuunvv, aged iU yearn. The friends of the family, nlao thoM of b'8 s?n Micliuil arid li in brother Dan lot, are respectfully invited to attend tit" funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, n't one o'clock, from hit lulu resilience, 306 Weal Twenty ninth street MiKk.wa?On Saturday, October l'J, Sahaii M<Kskna, wii'ii of .Ndiii McKunna, agoii J4 years The friends and acquaintances of the family are repoct. fully Invited to attend tho funorai, <>n Monday aftoru.wn, at half past otio o'clock, from N'o. 100 Tenth uvenue McI.ank. ?jamkp McLam, aged 38 years. Tho friend* and acquaintance* are reapectfully invited to attend tho fuueriil,from b < laie residence, No. 251 Centre street. lhis (Sunday) aft?i in on, at two o'olock. I'ki.sajmi.? On Thursday,October 10, Maktin A. Hjijuko, aged 34 years and ;i months. The friends of the family, alao those of his brothers in law , l'eiur Peck, Peter Harlow and Nloholan Hollo, are respectfully invited to attend hi<< funeral, tbi* (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from hi* late residence, 249 Kivuigton Ktroot, v.ilUout further invitation. Povnw.?On wodnemlay, October i), iu Norwich, Cha> nan^o county, after a lingering illness, Mrs, Oi iv* Porraa, wife off. W. Potter,of this city. lUit.ura.?At 111* residence, on Saturday morning, Oct? her 10,1%. (I. PaiuJfS, carpaulcr, in hi* 40th year The friends and acquaintances are ronpectluily invltod to attend the funeral, thin (Sunday) afternoon, at two O'olock, from No. 20fi Third avenue. Salaii?On Thursday, October 10, at Staton Inland, A** Sai.aii, the laslnved wife of John Salad. The friend* md acquaintances, and the Km her Malhew Temperance Benevolent Society, aic r untied led tyuiuma the funorai, from the residence of Mrs, I/igin, State* Island, this day (Holiday). The romains will ho at Soutk ferry at twelve o'clock. Tnunm.?On Saturday morning, Octobor 12, aftor a long and severe illness, Marar .Uvk, tho Uolovoil wile ol John 11. Tinner, aged Ml years, 2 months and 28 'lave. Tho relatives and friends of the family are r-spoctrulty invited to attend tho funeral,from hoi lato rcriUoneo No. 86 Hestor street, mi Monday altornoon, at oneo'cldok Bangor pan era please copy ???????mmmmrnrng MlMCBLUNBOVt. AD. 1801. . UNTIL AFTBIl TUB HOLIDAYS We will retail OUR LABQK WHOLESALE 8TOOK of FINK CLOTH I Nil, Wliloli comprises a full assoi tmeut oi Fashionable Uarmenta manufactured this season expressly fur the city and near-by trade. The goods will be ollerod at EXTREMELY I.OW PRICES. The object being in close the slock by January 1. Owing to Insufficiency 01 room, on accouut of uiHnufaotu* In* army work, we have, for the convenience of purohaaers temporarily taken The prominent and commodious store, NOR 3*0 AN1) 382 broadway, ?s?.? Corner of While street. The attention ft t. ill > wholesale bFykiis Is also Invited, as the stock la very l oll and c nnplcte, and Wt are enabled to offer the MUST LI1SERAL INDUCEMENTS. J AM Ii8 IVILDE .la., & CO. A ROMATIC schiedam SCHNAPPS. Drivers, druggist* and private families who wish to suppll themselves at tne presont low price, loot better make can| application. UDOLPlio WOLFE, z: lleaver street. AT $3-DOirBI.R SOLE SHOES, AT Jt>NE8', 10 AN! 12 Ann street , alao, at $3 SO, quilted VIongieiia Qaltera a new at)le. A1 u. S. PASSPORTS lSSUl'.O BV ElJVV\KD BI? SELL, agent, 271 Broadway, corner of Chambers at. All WEnniNtis should be announced uvthM new style of t'urds and Envelopea furnl-hed by A. DEM UtlJST, engiaver, 183Broadway. Maorpleaby mail. BRIDOEWATEB PAINT-TESTED ELEVEN YEARS waternnd lireuroof, slllcs aud Iron?indestructible. IM pot, No. 71 Maiden lane. W W. UK'fTS, Oeueral Agent. /"lIIINiWI IIOL'SE I'lRNIsllINC UOODSIII iy (competition DKKIE1). \\ hlte Ohln.i DiiiIiik Plales $0 per dioten Gold Band Tea Acts, 41 pier's 5 80 p?> sel. Stone ('hina Tea Seis, 41 preeca. 2 00 per set. Silver Plated Tea Spoons. t 00 per >lr>ie? Decorated Dining Sets, IWi pin es 40 OOperaet. A large assortment of Dinner, Tea and Toilet v> ure, Tebt Cutlery, Sllv<T Plated, .laiianeed and Britannia Ware, ACL R. M. BRUNDUlE, 232 Efiescker street. New Yo*fc. fi .VBINF.T FURNITURE KOR t ASH a ' The luge of Furniture manufactured l>y J. M. Da & Co., Is offered liy the s'ltiscriber, a! reduced prices. Net style.a of rosewood, walnut and innlrwjany Parlor Suits, uf holstereil to suit the taste of the purchaser. Drawlil Rooms, Chambara and Dining Rooms furnished neatly, at | comparatively low coal. All work waimnled to be well mtl carefully made, from the nest materials. .1. hoy OH, * 0d and US East Houston street. Dk rahinkai; rs engaged in general ofkici pr.wl-vN and no' fri any speciality (><"practice, as ha b?w?n stipposad by some. lis graduated in all (lit* branches a rticdldiMi and surgery, nu<l treats scientifically all the til which human flcwh i? to. Only aftilctlofr with gout r0jj| fines Ms prat'tire to Mm office. Consulting room a, No. 7 Oil roll place, Bleeckei street. jLlOR THE NAVY?NEGLIGEE 8I1IRTB . Ott hand and made to order as required, by l NION ADAMS, G?7 P-Qartwajr, J^OUTUE ARMY-NEOLK1EE SHIRTS. A lui'ije variety, at low prices. will be found at UNION ADA MS. 037 Broadway. 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For the favorable reputation and large hale*, gamed i y this establishment in the manufacture and sale of PERFECTLY PC RK AND NICE CANDIES, the subscriber return* thank* to ji dls i iminatlng public, and hereby gives not lee that at the large and spleudls store, No m BROADWAY, A few doors below Bleecker street, Now the ORE AT CANDY STORE of this ftlty, the public may select from an ss^ortment, oon hlstin^ of more than 20') kinds of I JtENCff AND \MERICAN CONFECTIONERY, more than fltty sort*, separate or mixed, for 25 cents ft pound. EXTRA FLAVOR CHOCOLATES, CARAMBLS, AND FRENCH BURNT ALMONDS, tor JO c.-nts ft pound, Ac., At* In a word, every variety of Pure Candit s usually found, together with many new sort* constantly being Introduced by this establishment AT FAIR PRICES. THE VEGETABLE * ANDY COUGH DROPS are rapidly snpor&edin# all other articles in use ft r the curs of COCOAS, COLDS, and relief of all dls-a^ea ol the THROAT AND LUNGS. PRICE, TEN CLNS A PACKAGE. 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M?oufa.t<wed <lnring the #utrjtio^r at ;i ja'ly REOU(%D COST And will be sold ? JO twr c?nt !<??? tljui iitc u*ual prlcee, foap ca?h, it v, soLEHALE AND KETAn.. DE (iRAAP A IvOrtOR. So. 87 Bower*, No. Ill Bownry, aj4 Wo. 163 TltWham.Mreei. " LECTI RKS. "" ^ tloTTON. COTTt>.N, COTTON, ; Roni^uii^i, KBN.WLVS OSBAV COTTON LECTURE, at '.*? Coop'r limtitAVu. On TtifiBday avenlni;., Vctolx*, IS T?*0 LATK FOR CLARIFICATION. OjVUPWARD?ELEVENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.-* At ii uniting ?'i tin De'Docratii; AtisnmUy Nominating v;oi\^miou, held ui Biegfttt' Av U7 Weit Thrty yoooiui street* on Vrnlav evening, Oi'tnbei U, ?n mull m% J.ttW'H Am*?U ?v*? elected Obairmau, and DaoJul Stmui and H<r?ry tl.? hei w?*m S4'rrrtnrThe roll of delegates to the ronvenUoi^ Vintf lulled the follow ine answered t<? th<Mr name? ?Oenni* i \\, liwt klt-y, Anthony Ki< ifmii, I>atii. l Strain, LK>mmteic ! byneh. IMw aVI DfrgiMti, i''?tiHiaott??' Grime*. H K. Mur 1 j y, Miehiyl Dougherty, John Kennet, Pntif k I'>olot Mlo.fld H .tVhe, l> ?hlcn, Jum? * S<?iners, Lwun OhteA i .liincs !'.? < -itni,.? a*oh M irk, Mli'lwl <.???". Hugh UftL i 1 ?j;I, Katrick Kiui^fri k .1 . vs ,v pelt, John Bn?ntgan# .loht. Me<i?*-v, John t"anvil, J.une* r.o^v, Alex, ' ; m i m .Vi'.nirH I?ufY\, Eno ? M< V' Jen, John O < >n? 1 Jmiu-* k--11, Tur (' 'iivcnli"" ' cn pimwdril to iiomU iMti- .i c nnili'! If hy IV..'I vote, wh<-renvm JOHJt <1AIU>V wi'H unmilnously " ?ulnn 1< <1 *? lh<? cauiiirtMe fop , the oWce u( tunmUr of A-*o:uWji;u ttfo ElevtolU dtslricW I 'i! i" mi "T int'il 1' ' ' BucVlsv, J?;-ob v irk, ' i liafsl ,!. (,)?',"[ I;i, . Mi vl t.n'l Alex MeUvtll- ifc c .uitnllU'f to ml'?Tin Mr. Hurdj c' his nomination ?*/\M}?".s asi'I'.i.u Odimfc 1 Dmim Bta?i?, 1Ikm?* Ov.ii kk, S " i 1 irl.'.i

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