Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1861 Page 7
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KIUPPITVG. JTEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND J Liverpool, landing ami embarking passenger* a I Queena pwn, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York aud Philadelphia haamthip (,'.uni*riy mi'Miil despatching tli r full-powered, ulyde-Wltlroa eieainsliips ua follows:? DINBLRu Saturdav. Oct. 12 ITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday, Oet. 19 TNA Saturday, Oct. IS Aud every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. R4TKS Or PiSSlQK. HMt Cabla. $75 Steerage $30 " to Loudon 80 44 to Loudon 33 " to Carta 84 " to Parii 38 " tw Hamburg.... 8ft 11 to Hamburg 3S Paaaengers also forwarded lo navre, Bremen, Rotterdam, JkOtH erp, Ac., at equally low rales. Persona wishing to bring out tlielr frlendi can buy tickets fcere at the following rates, in New York:?Prom Liverpool or Queanstnvn, Ural cabin, 973. $85 and $105. Steerage from Liverpool $40. From Quocnstown $30 Theee steamers have superior accommodations for passen ?era, and carry experienced surgeons. They are built In watertight Irou sections, and have patent tire anulhilatore on board. For further Information apply In IJverpool to WILLIAM INK AN, Agent, 22 Water struct; In Olaagow to WM. 1NMAN, $8t. Enoch square; in On. .-nsiown to t'. A W. D. SEYMOUR 4 CO.; In London to ELVES .t MAI'EY, 61 King William Mreet; In Paris to JULES DECOUE, 8 l'lace de laBourae; la Philadelphia to JOHN Q. I)AI.E. Ill Walnut atreet.orat fee oompauy'i offices. Jull.V O. DALE, Agent, IS Broadway, New York. ITIHE NQRTII GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BRE X MEN, II. W^sels commander, carrying the Uulted ?(?tea mall, win sail from pier SO North river, foot of Cham ber* street, on SATURDAY, October 26, at 12 o'clock M., roH BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passe ngerato LoRboN, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, It the following rates:? for the tlrat oaMn, $100; wind cabin, $60; steerage, $35. or freight or paasage apply to OELRICH8 A CO., 68 Broad atreet. s5ej BIRECT STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK, HAVRE AND ANTWERP. The new and u>leudld steamer, A 1, CONGRESS, Capt. Lunnltig, 2 -00 toua, 800 horao power, Wit aail from New York on WEDNESDAY, Oct. 18, For Havre and Antwerp direct Prtoe of passage for Havre, Antwerp, Southampton or Lon don:? first cabin $100 Mcoiid cabin jt?0 | Steernae 33 Children between one and ten vears or age half price. For freight apply to WM. !?'. SO 11MIHT 76 It, aver rtreet For passage apply to HENRY M. WEED, 187 West street, ?orner of Reads atreet. STEAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND Southampton. The lla'itburg American Pa 'xet Company's Iron steamship BAVARIA, E. Meier commander, carrying tiie United Stales mall, will leave from pier No. 21 North river, foul of Fultou Street, 8ATURDAY, October 19, at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking pastengera for Ilavre, Xondon, Southampton an t Hamburg First, cabin, $100; second cabin, $G0; ateerw, ?35. Thu strainers of this line will leave every alternate Satur day. carrying th?* Un t? I S at? a mail. The steimship TEUTON! A will succeed the Bavaria on Horetnber 2. C. B. KICHAKDS \ BOAS _ 151 Broadway. jpOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, On SATURDAY, November 9. The United States Mail Bfamer AKAOO, D. Lines Commander, Will gall, from pier So. 37 North river, foot of Beach atreat, on Saturday, November 9, at noon. Thla s teams r, unsurpassed for safety and comfort, ha? double engines under deck, enclosed by watertight compart ments, which, brides other results, tend in the event of col lision or stranding, to keep the pumps l'ree to work, and se cure the safety of vessel aud passengers. For Ireight or possa.e apply to SAMUEL M. FOX, ) kmtm ? - - GEO. MACKENZIE, I ASent". No. 7 Broadway. 'The FULTON will sail December 7. S ? TEAM TO IX1NDONDKRRY, OLASOOW, AND LIVER J pool.?The Moht'val St' Kinship Company's llrst rbm nllpowered, Cl>de built s , ainer HOttwEGLAN, Captain iclleatcrs, carrying tht1 Canadian and United Stale* mail*. Will sail front Uuebee ne'cf palOrflaV, Octohor 19. Rates of {"?f from New York:?First class, aciVirtllng to accommo dation, $70 and $8S; steerage, found with good provisions. ?j0. Certiorates issued for bringing out passengers froin all tbe [winelpal t, A\n? in Britain and Ireland at very low Wtoe. For passage anplv at Brr.adway, New York. ? ... KAHEL A isEARLE, General Agents. "T^IRECT LINE OF STEAMERS TO OLASOOW ?TIIE XJ Oi"an Stenmship Compnny will despatch tlielr mafnirlcent new xuamshlp ST. ANDREW, ('apt. Dutt"n, irom Quebec, on Wednesday, October 30. This ateamer has ?uperior aceommodatlous !or passengers, and carries an ej. perleneed aurgeon. R iles of passage to Olaagow, tneltHHng free ticket to Quebec via Lake Chainplaiii and Montreal, or Boston ajul Jtartland, an- as follows:? Saloon cabin, $70; IatemiedlttBi$:15; Steerape, found with coi>l:?d_provlhlonH, ^0. For paaaage apply to SABEL A SEA1UJK, 23 Broad ^^ila line of ateameTS will sail from New York to Glasgow during the winter months. iflOR LIVERPOOL-TAP8COTT'8 LINE.-SAILS ON J? Mondav, Oct. 14, the favorite [isrlet ship CONSTELLA TION, (.'apt.' Mulklner. For paeasge, at reilu.s'd rates, apply <n board, at pier *7 East river, or to TAl'SCOTT A CO., 86 South itreet. IOB LIVERPOOL- DRKAONOVOHT LINE.?THE splendid dipper alilp ESCORT, Capt. Wh.tmnn, will illUvely aall Oct 23. The sht|>s of this linn are noted for Alng rapid paasagea. For paseage (lowest rates) apply on r<l, pier No. S North river, or to P. >1. DEMAREST, No. 40 ith atreet. JtOB LIVERPOOL?BLACK BALL LlNE OF TACK ? eta.?The cllrp?-r ahlp KEPTl'NE ha>ila in the stream smsrrow and sails on Tuesday. For paseage apply on oard, foot of Beekman atreet, East river, or to JACOB riLSON, 108 Seuth atreet. F E1IK8T SHIPS FOR LONDON AND ANTWERP.?THE r ?plendi'l ship RHINE, for London, anils Oetolier 14. Bhlp SIR ROBEKT I'KKL, for Antwerp, sails October IS. For passage, at greatly ieduced rates, apply to THOMAS C, ROCHE, 83 South str. ct. 4 U8TRALIA.?KANGAROO LINE FOR MELBOURNE.? J%. The slilji JACK FKOST ^111 go to sea on Tu. sday, th' Uth Inat. Can accommodate live more second cabin pasren ger* if applied for at once. Shippers will pleaae their joodaby Saturday Ihe 12th Inat. The clipper ship SNOW vQC'ALI. will Htvcoad. MA1LLER, LORD k QUEREAU, IPS Wall atreet. A USTRALIA PIONEER LINE?^CARRYING THE -p United Sutra Mails. The AI British clipper ship SI AM, Craves, master, la now rapidly loading for Sydney, N. S. W., direct, at pier 13 East river, and will be despap'hed positively 17th October. For freight or passage apply to R. W. CAML RON. 90 Beaver atreet. TJIOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. J< A lirat class sn amer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th End 21st of each month, except when these dates fall on Sun pay. when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol lowing. ' For frieght or rasange apply at the only office. No. 6 Bow ling Green. D. B. ALLEN, A^cnt. FOH MO JANEIRO, LOTA (NEAR VALPARAISO) and San Franeiaco.?The Pacihc Mail Steamship Com pany will d'spriti) Iheir now steamship CONSTITUTION, L900 tons bnnhcnj fron. New York for the above ports, un or about 1st to 15th November n?xt. Cabin passage to Bio $l!>n Cabin passage to Lota :i D Cabin passage to San Franolsco .. 410 Freight will als.> bo taken for San Francisco if fiufT.cii'Dt In dpcemrnts aru offered. Apply at the ollloe of the company, p8 Wall street. tOR HAVANA.?TTT8 UNITED 8TATK8 M AIL t TEAM sbip COLUMBIA. K'chnrd Admis, I' ited SMtes Navy, gomnnoiding, v. i.l I iive pier No, 4, Norih River, on Tuesday, Octn'iiT 15, at 12 o'< lock, noon, precis ly. All letters mtist pass throtiKi. ii.? Post ofliee. l'nsst ng?r- ace requested to pri cure pass|<irts beTo-'o s?enrii:g pas :ure. F >r >rei"!it or nti??ngo |I>ply to 81'OFl'ORD, TILF.STON A CO., 2) Br i.d.vny JjlOR HAVANA VI V NASS \U. N. P.?T!1E BIltTlSH : and North American Royal Mail r1 ?. n- 'tip KAUNAK, nptair. Le Messuflcr, will sail lor the above pork, from the Company's wharf at Jersey City, On M indty, 14th > i |.-iber. On T"Cf ' ? . 10lh December. ton Mnii lay, litn Noi re 'r. On Tin td.ijr, Tilt Jan., IS6Z. Fai- a^e money to N:i ml t* " " !!.?> ?t>h U) For freight or pa i-aye ai 'tly to E < I'NARD No. i Bowling Green. PI UNIfVBB. A BEDROOM Si'IT OF ENAMELLED FCRNITCI.B for $2t, in nil ni' itai .mil flwll It i 1 i C t.iil r Sail ?, pi,.i:i a r ? . i ; II. F. FARRINlJTO.N'S, 3(W Canal sue t, oi>pi:,uc' Wujster, Es tablished in IMS. A SECOND HAND < ITI.T WANTED?BY A PARTY . a house. A } rivate uwtiy 1 ?i-,? >"i t, tJRNrri'RK WASTED-EN'-U?8 TO PU!;N1 '1 to $W i worth, p1'. '1 :\ ?<-n.a.; oi six 11 i,.ii . a tAVttfnL to be i : . n , box 135 t let alt Fuk.ntiTRE WAr'Kn. -a newly < ?p>, dosirt'Mf- ? f i would ch.ifio l; i t t ??? * i' i <i . n?l filly to f.vo h ; wortb I ' i-' r : a r.tI ft;*- rtr Partie? \ . r ? i for cash may i turo, Min;i it A, Spri ?' W~ A : ?\KUtr,:-,v ren rg ?> eu and requite a. A UiieM i. . .>1 . UOIiOGl. LOOT ST.? i n I1NAMELLE:? <r..: r.i:u suits OF f. i':.i; ."i;E, IN J all colors and Htyles, at wholesale and retail, ui $25 and Slpwni ?: aiso,M ?' ? and iJn!h- i. W'AliULN . .iU), 177, l"eet,f nr.! 'I -I I V Jir " ;. fUfiST CLASS ENAMELLED FURNITURE?PLAIN ilecornltd and graim .1; solid walnut nmi oa'? Sou. .Jut trosn , Spring F.'d. A . Suns, fi' ^-j i?, \ ..cs. ,t. VISHLB .t t!0., M.imtf: 'Im.-rs, 650 Bni.d iy, t'l'i.wuen Ble ker and Bi.iid ?ti'ei i ,i urbl" build ng, FUBNITl'EE, i'A i'i'K Id BOOKS, AC., BOl GUT FOU t : ; raotej, at i-J >SKth avi',.u., b 'Wct-n M>. .1 !.i i^i'n!-,'. .f ?nd 'r' li a tru <!i e. Tin-. i? im- - i ,? n i i astro! ([.s'ofthc ,e. ' . 1"V ? rail; yon will ? r "tit. So. 1 ? .lensti'"'. near m nn ti, over t... . ? .? ,y. ?uli : eii and w k ri. npstaiiB, 'i ? w :? oi i i,r?;. Uoti t'h ir;?, for la ilrs an-1 gentlemen, SOcems. CiAIRVOYANi i:. ?* "?f. KI"\ :t?UR'8 I'EDi. AL j i .nisitrpi I ? No. li I W? ' Fifte nM. i.wt, ' Corn, r of Sixth rivtsutic, entrance on Fliteetitii street. Con Ml'.- ti. is on ?'?.. >i .tir.o-s. a'jSdW frit. 4c., and *U > .. tion ganr i "it ? r no Jisv. rrin; G '.LA rRST wu: nRR IN THE v okld TS THE JL in in 1 a. compli'h i M "cie r Vlit?>. irrim Paris, who' ?. i < or.' '.t . It tii? ? "e t i : ietiae mi all 4tr.ii- if life, embraei!.g lore, courtship. buMnesi and s|-k ti*' ? . i!i 1 i,i . :i . i m.f ? fill ul lm 1 >:t ? *r; hr " a - - ci'M ins ke rmi tieliT'e 1 ' T yov.r heart'H idee:, an' >r>t>K? :> "Li - ???!??> ? l? I IlAILItOAOS. truoJ&x RtvEB'irAii BhAtt-IS: .is-: !? >:? m.bany! Jll T ?y. H" K- ' ? ? I West, at 1 and II A. M., an I 3 5 ami 10:15 f. M X'KW VOItK, IIAiU.UM AND ALBANY KAJlROlD.? 1> ' ? rttrr r ? ? _K ? r - tn :i < r . ny, Ti. y, Borih and West. i'?v*s Twenly-?ixth street Station at 11 A. v'yLlii .k^.'L.iui Sti^cr.a'.vuUvJiVt A POLITICAL* MRETINO OP TTTK UNION ASSOCIATION WILL be held at Mr. O. Clark's, H2 Division street, for the pur pone of endorsing W. ('. Kenney, the candidate P<r Auom* bit in the Fourth Assembly district, on Monday, October 14, when all true friends ul the Union ure requested lo tturnd, By order uf MILliS KANE, Chairman. John Hwe?*t, Secretary. At a meeting ok the thirteenth assembly District Convention, held ut the comer of Forty-aecond street and Ninth ?venue. In pursuance of the cull of ilia General Committee at Tammany Hull, on Friday evening, lith instant, Claudius L. Monell, Em., waa railed to the clmlr, and Vlorenoe McCarthy appointed Secretary. Mr. Alexander Ward wan nominated by acclamation. CLAUDIUS L. MONELL, Chairman. Florinc* MuCahtht, Secretary. A MEETING OF TI1E TWENTY-FIRST WARD DEMO cratl ? Union Cluh. will he held at the Empire Houae, corner of Tblrty-aeventn street and Sixth avenue, ou Tues day, the 1Mb lust., at 7)j o'clock I'. M. By order D. C. MINTON, Chairman pro tem. Pktkr Carhkt, Secretary. First ward.-to the workwomen of the first Ward ?All peraoua residing m lliu Flrat Ward, who are opposed to the Aidcrmnnlc Rim;, the Hi 'kley Street Cleaning Contract, and the fraudulent Street Openinga, are requested to meet at No..W Greenwich street, 011 Monday evening, the 14th 111 Hunt, at o'clock, for the purpose of organization for the coiuloi: 1 K uion. Committee or Arrangements:?ED WARD Bri'.iCB, PATRICK FITZ8IMMONS, P.T. CARNEY. PEOl'J.KS JUDICIAL CONVENTION.?THE PBOPLE'S Judicial Convention for the .Second Judicial district will meet at the City llaU, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, the l&th of Oc tol>er, at 11 o'clock In the fun-mam. Each Assembly district will be entitled to representation by two delegates. JOHN 11. 1IASMNS, Westchester oouuty, \ E. M MADDEN, Orange county, E. McMlILLEN, Kings county, rCouattltte#. G. W. 0VHT18, Kiciuuoud county, J Bbooklt;., Oct. 5, 1M61. PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION OF THE X Twenty-flrnt ward.?A meeting i f this organization will be held on Monday evening, (let. 14, at 7^ o'clock, at 517 Second avenue, to elect oiliocr* for the ensuing year. A lull attendance uf voters La requested. By ol der of JAMEB O'BRIEN, Chairman pro tem. P. McMm.i.KN, Secretary. Political banners of every DESCRIPTION, Silk and iiiintiiig Kings, all stzea, on hand, lor sale; Let tering and Ornamental fainting on fauras, Milk, Ac.; Transparencies, St:ifln, Poles, Elides and ornament*. IIO JEK.t UKAilAM, Manufacturer* and Painters, 97 Duaue street. Regular tammany iiall nominations?at a regular meeting ul the Nominating Convention, held at 44o (iraud street, corner of Ridge, Francis Clarke waa una nimously chosen by the Convention us candlduto tor the Eighth Assembly district. MICHAEL HALEY, Chairman. Gannett W. Tay 1.011, Secretary. 5TII ASSEMBLY DISTRICT ?AT AN ADJOURNED meeting of the Assembly Convention, held puihiiant 10 call of the Mozart Hall General Committee, Charles HUllvelt was unanimously nominated; whereupon a committee waa appointed to lulorm him of hla nomination, and he appeared helore the Convention and declined tlie nomination, upon the ground that it was neccssury lo combine the clrength of the party to Insure suucoaa; whereupon Mr. James Sandl'ord was declared by acclamation to bu the united democratic can didate for member of Assembly. D. B. WOOD, Chairman. J. Cpnninoham. Secretary. I OTH WARD?SEVENTEENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. J Aj ?At 11 meeting oi the above Aaaemldy District Ci'UVeil tlon, held at the corner of 123d atreat ami Third avenue, pur suant to the call of the Democratic Republican General Com mittee, Edmund Jones, Esq., van by iv.ilaiuallon unaub tnously nominated as candidate lor Assembly. Ds-nxis, Sec. E. J. QUIRK, Ch'n. "I TTH WARD.?ALL CITIZENS OF THIS WARD, FA AO vorable to the election of James Lynch for HUeritr. are requested to meet In conjunction with the Fifteenth Ward Youn# Men's Di mocrutic Club, to take part in a grand torch light 'prOci>?nlon, to iukA |'Uve lrom Convention Hall, 011 Tuesday evening, October IS, at 7)4 o'clock. By omer of tlie Committee oi Arrangements. WM. STEPHENSON, Chairman. Joitu P. Gaw, Secretary. 1QTII WARD?WORKINUMEN S MEETING.?AT AN It/ adjourm d meeting, held at the democratic headquarters, c rner of Fiftieth street and Third arenue, In Daly k, it was moved and carried that we meet on Monday evciilug, at 8 o'clock. By order of tho Chairman. A 8MBCriAXi NOTICES. T A MEETING OF THE NEW YORK CITY AN IJ Cou 11 ty Liquor Dealurs Protective Society, held at their rooms, Bieeeker House, on Monday, October 7, Thomas H. Kei r, Esq., in the chair, the following resolutions were una nimously adopted:? Whereas, a crisis has arisen m the political history of this Siate, when fanatics threaten to destroy constitutional liber ty and ruin tho trade and calling of an industrious, honest and patriotic class of business men. who, in tho pursuit of their trade, contribute largely to the support and preserva tion of the general government; therefore, Be it resolved, That tho members of this society fully en dorse, and will use all the ineai:s In their power to carry out, the resolutions adopted at the State Liquor Dealers Conven tion, held at Syracuse on the 1st inst. Resolved, Tuat these resolutions be published In the He rald and all the Sunday papers oi tills city. PLtTEK McQUADK, Recording Seeretacy. AO. H.f NO. 5.?THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OK ? the above number, are requested to meet at Millsman's Hall, Twenty-sixth street and Seventh avenue, on Sunday, the 13th, at 1 o'clock, to stt.ud the funeral of a brother mem ber, James Do vie. Br orders Michael Dougherty, President. Joan Ntlekd, Secretary. AO. H.?THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE ? above order are requested to meet at MilUman's Hall, Twenty-sixth street ami Seventh avenue, on Sunday, the 13th, ai 1 o'clock, to aiteud the funeral of a brother member, Janr.'H Doyle, of No. 6. By order of JOHN MAGU1RE, O. P. Jo TIN A. Kkhkit, G. S. A P. MEMBERS OF NO. 32, DO NOT FAIL TO ? attend the meeung ou next Friday evoning. By order oi the Lodge. C1BOTON AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT, OCTOBER 9, ) 1861.?Public notice in hereby given that a 1'urilier pe nalty of ten percent will he added to till unpad Water Rents, ou the 1st day oi November next. R. C. HANGE, Register. ITALIAN UNION BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.?THE annual meeting of the Italian Benevolent Society, lor the election of ofll t rs for t :e ensuing year, trill be held oa Monday, 14th instant, ?*.? hall-past P'-ven P. M., at No. 21 Cooper Institute. The m.-mbcrs of the society, ani the Italians in amoral, are invited t<? attend. For the President. PETER MASS A, Secretary. NEW YORK CITY AND COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS Protective Society.?A spe< ml of the above So cifty will be held at their rooms, corner of Bleccker and Greene streets, on Monday, Oetobcr 14, a: o'clock P. M. ]';? order of WALTER ROCUE, President. 1'icTKit McQuadk, Reoordlng Secietary. KOMAN CATHOLIC ORPHAN ASYLUMS.?THE SIS ter Servant of the Girls' A-.jhim begs leave to aeknow. ledge tiie receipt of a donation ot i- n dollars from \!r>. Vul tee., and the Sister S -. vant oi the Boys' Awylirn a donation of one thousand loaves of army r :/?? .alt ?u bread, by Mr. James Thompson, No. ]?3 E.-ist T\r ? ft'i street, through th ? Very Rev. Dr. ('ummings, pastor oi S\ St-t-h n * Ch '.ieli iu Twenty-eighth s reet. M. J. O DON SELL, Secretary. HATCHES A.\D .lEWELRY. IIOE SALE?A SPLENDID SET OF CLUSTER DIA inonds, Earrings and Pin,? <-i $4?X); will lie sold foressh, at hall Its original rost. Apy\ -nvnediately at 12 Leioy place, Bleccker street, v.estoi iin.a's way. j I rsCELL.l K j?OCJS. \ H' HALF PRICE. ia Tea Sets, 41 pie, J\ While Fr \\ hiU; i-Yi-neb ??: -e; Dr. i?;i 1 l.? While Fremh cmiia iireas. ?st Pia?ed, tin White French clnoa Ye ? i'la , the .? ? ,, '.Vh.te I'.eneh * liiaa Dinner S> 17a \ i- . White French china high Fruit 11 e <*old band Fr?-re ii cci' Tea s , 4t pie r Fancy Frouch china T. .? " > 4*1 FANCY TKNi II Silver plated Te? S; ? ? Oliver p aied Ta d Sp Silver r ated Ta' . ? 1' hilv< r jdaied C?.l.e ii:. Si??er pla'ed Cii*;'.ers. Silver plated 1 e;? sn.,i;u i i?. Lnr. $0. " Be HI N I < LI! N AN D I Cot Gin* (In *, th ne, ii i street. CKOKCK R. CO NICK!.', *l<7 B 1 ? ? r n ? t A. H1 ! ? I 'j J. 11 ? i N V, i - "<, 6} J V> est I S'reet, r, - r Br ir awr <;a ri r 1 r ovrZvSh'v J J U. Z. i:o NSK'.! Ce*h on demands. JS ?. I i Wall Hi re, i, ' MA r>? ?p ? L. i'l L?, h LYNCH, corn h uesj .\teu. f.?NEWTOWN I i N \ Ulster ennn'y, N. V r ?' N" ?< T' i *e j ?? ! \VA NT K D (O N E flc) It AMFSKMKNTS. MELODfON-fift) BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPUING ami Prince htreels. PIONEER CONCERT IIALL OF AMERICA TREMENDOUS RECEPTION OF THE BEAUTIFUL, u . . ? FASCINATING, ?ad accomplished vocalist, FANNY FORREST, FANNY FORliEST. Received with uproarious demon*: rations of applause, on her grst re-appearance In New Yolk, on Saturday evening. She will appear evury night this week, In a selection of her mosipopulai songs. Everybody talks about 81 (j NO KIN A AM.Tr A OALLETTI, MON8. VELARDE. Their extraordinary foals in dancing are without a parallel lu tho world. Everybody should see J. H. OODEN, J. II. OGDEN, The greatest living Irish median In America. MR. JAMES Dl'NN, Mit James DUNN, The popular tenor slngei and New Yorker*' farorlte. CARD.?The proprietor ? i?h?'s to call the attention of the public to the very superior combination of talented perform ers attached to the MELODEON. They are nut only supe rior lo any company attached to any Itrst class theatre or oonoert room, but some oi them are acknowledged by every professional person to be ihe BEST ARTISTS IN THE WORLD. The above ts no COCK AND BULL STORY, But can be substantiated by Heading over the names. AN N ETTA OALLETTI, Acknowledged by all lo he the best Dancer In the World, J. H. OODEN, The Emperor of Irish Comedians, In his budget of Comicalities. MR. JAMES Dl'NN, The popular Vocalist and New York Favorite. MONS. VELARDE, The greatest Male Dancer in the world. THE ORE AT RON % AN I BALLET TROUPE, Known tlio world over as the bust Ballet Cotupauy lu exist ence. MISS FANNY FORREST, Miss Ernestine De Father, Miss Kale Pcnnoyer, Miss Allele Cnlla, Miss Josephine Bernard, MUs Fauny Clifford, Miss Adelslde Miller, Professor Nichols and Son, Mr. It. Roberts, Professor Ben Yates ami his BALLET TROUPE OF TWENTY FIVE BEAUTIFUL YOUNO LADIES. Together with the mammoth comp.tnv, utiml>erlng ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. Admission IS cents. NIXON'S ROYAL CIRCUS AND MENAUEIUE, PALACE GARDEN, Corner of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. On MONDAY NIG11T, Oct. 14. ltWl. MAGNIFICENT CHANUE OF PROGRAMME, t'omhining the most BRILLIANT DISPLAY OF ABENIO WONDERS BRILLIANT DISPLAY OF ABENIO WONDElttf offered this season. Mine. TOURNAIRE IN NEW SCENES. Mme. EMILY, CON HAD BROTHERS, 1 EATON STONE, CARROLE PAMILT, and all this splendid Circus troupe. In new acts. THE TRAINED BUFFALOES AND ELKS. And DEN STONE aud JOHN FOSTER lu new joke* and bon mots. Adu.uu.lon 25 cents; children 15 cents. BOWERY THEATRE. QRAM> COMBINATION. TWO DISTINCT TROUl'ES On the same evening. Engagement of MADIGAN'8 BIG SHOW, Wlil-h will appear In conjunction with Lb* GREAT ORION CIRCUS. The daring bare back rider, JAMES MADIGAN. T.he gr> at scene rider, OHAi'LES MADIGAN. The ne<ivies' favorite clown, BOB JFILLIAMS, and the entire corps or atbletfs.', gymnasts and cquosMMM, uuder the direction of Hit. veteran manager, II. MADIGa.v Tho unequalled and f actuating equestrienne, ELLA ZoYAKA. T1TE GREAT SEBASTIAN, LITTLE GEto-M*, GENERAL SCOTT, IIOGLE ANDKH.EFE, LEE POWELL, ARMSTRONG, and all the favorites. On Monday, at 10 o'clock A. M., the chariot, drawn by te2 borses, and (lie band of Mudigau s big show, will make a triumphal entry Into the city. LENT'S OREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS, IN BROOKLYN, IN BROOKLYN, IN BROOKLYN, THREE DAYS LONGER, THREE DAYS LONGER, THREE DAYS LONGER, MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY OtiTOBKR 14, 13 AS1> 16. Grand Mnlinee on Wednesday after uoo. Admission 25cents. Children 15cents. Doors open at 2 and 7 P. M. rpwo LIVING WHALES AT JONES' WOODS, EAST J. river and Slzty-fiftli street. Admission 25 cent* Chil dren under ten, 15 cents. STUYVESANT INSTITUTE, 563 BROADWAY. OPPO silo Bond street. THE GREAT FAMILY RESORT. MONDAY EVENING, Oct. 14, and every evening, FOX Ji SHARPLEY'S MINSTRELS, The most talented troupe ever organized. Pronounced by the press and public INIMITABLE AND UNAPPROACHABLE. Great programme for thin week, embracing all the newest features of negro mlus;relsv. Diors open at 6)?, to commence at 7J?. Tickets23cents. A A A ?AMERICAN CONCERT IIALL. XXX 444 414 BROADWAT. CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, the great Originator of M i rlment, EVERY NIGHT. PUOPOSALS. A KMY SUPPLIES. -/L OrriCK Quautkumastkr United States Armt, ) Indtanapows, Ind.. Sept. 80,1M1. ( Sealed proposals will b ? received at this office until twe're o'clo k M. on Monday, the JWth day of October, 1861, for fur nishing the following army supplies, deliverable at the Quar termaster's Depot, at Iudianapoiis, Indiana, in quantities as required, viz:? 16 MH) forage Caps and Covers. 1.GtiO Uniform Coats, Musicians, Infantry?dark blue Ker sey. 120 Uniform Jacket*, Musicians, Cavalry?dark blue Ker 20 Uniform Jackets, Musicians, Artillery?dark bl#e Kersey. S4,7f>0 Uniform Coats, Privates, Infantry?dark blue Kersey. 2,ftS0 Uniform Jackets, Privates, Cavalry?dark blue Kem?y. 1,300 Uniform Jackets, Privates, Artillery?dark blue Ker xey. 12?> Chevrons N. C. S. pairs of Infantry. 20 do. do. pairs of Cavalra. 370 do. First Sergeants, pairs of Infantry. 40 do. do. pairs *>f Cavalry. 10 do. do. pairs of Artillery. 1,-i.V) do. Sergeants, pilrs of Infantry. J 30 do. do. pairs of Cavalrv. CO do. do. pairs of Artillery, 2,000 do. Corporals, pairs of Iniu .try. 2J0 do. do. j>airs of Cava.ry. 110 <!o. do. pairs of Artillery. 4 ? Chevrons, Hospital Stewards, pairs of. 1,910 Trow era, Sergeants, Iuiantry?sky blue Kersey. is?) ?!?. dtj. Cavalry, do. NO do. do. Artlll. rv, do. 2,0 0 uo. Corporals, Inentry, do. 200 do. do. Cav ilry, do. 110 do. do. Artillery, do. l.W-O do. Privates, Infantry, do. 22.'00 do. do. Civ.i:y, do. l.i^i do. do. ArJilery, do. 4J1"' fUftlieS. 10..?X) FlannelSack Coats?lined. S0,*.-0 l* .ruiel Shirts. .-m>, 50 in w< r;j. 7~,7.r?: Ho )tees. i airs of, sewed. ?1,0.1" 1{ 11-ts 1'firs of. i- wed 8 ?. 5 ! Mod 111.", pairs of. I tiiciJ* ('??.Us, Imantry, JO 111' til at ?' at. > ? J ?. a* ?S. 25,000 a* y I>1 kc s w>f >!. .my, fwltli the letters TT. S. fn ? ?!; ?v, 4 t.ictn-s 111 tuc ce n 1 < ??), to ia 7 leet Ion;;, hi lb t> e ti 111 h? a ?viue, to weuh Jive pounds each. 5,400 .Staole A' it.m a' jvc : ? i i.-n 1 articles must conform in t-v^rv r> - i to the .'"tl iwOplaiI a: ems in ihl olli; e, w a ere tl.t y ?! y ' e uu i and additional information recuved T.?-* roairt ?? ? ? ui ??it' 1 stni?'{ " m<-nt or dealers'plact of lr:st II V i must i.-v Oi ? inctly stated : 11 the proposal, tog 'tio-r ,v:*n ,, a.Mr. - and 1 s;< ill;;, of two p> ivons ; r ? p ? - ia: sin; c . T. c va ii ? '-'"i'I ^11 a ran tie 1 'ait a ? on: ia.:t shall bo entered into within ten days after the Acceptance of i*i ? jii I receive i fo the whole or any partoi* each kind of th- uti- ? k a-'ve. :i< ? i.,r. ; . j?,i.i.ev 1s ; ? ive.. b\ . . t. r the United States of r ; 1 , '-'U t ??? ? 1-eated t xiravs Hint. c 1 a.. 1 I la on , - I'. ..ui uo. -Laird Oi in cieantitv con nil ? i! l' ?i Can be delivered *t to k;-r < a l y sworn inspect Oi vile cU.U'U i-it liei. on ea-U Oeiiv ry, provided Con ?1 r j r. ? t>? i ? 1 it, or as soon ,, ' ' made :?r taa. ,hp a!aotmt Oi e ?.? >. Ui live 1 y will be Eiba.ll i'C eoiupi -?ed, which will i.e in^as^o. .are <-u the I'.ut ; .a?nir..- Will be ftt. Jilsiicd u|K?ti a none will i,0 o/a-id re 1 uiai do 1 'Tn \ ^ b - a nay or ; nd a . h a , t'. S. A. iHVIBMEKTS. TITALLACK'B, "" ? ? Corner of Brosdwav unil Thirteenth *trcet*. Proprietor aud Manager Mr. Wellaek Stage ....Mr. Leater Wallack D.wr* open m To commeucc at & OPENING OK THE NEW THEATRE, Pronounced by the PRESS AND PUBLIC THE MOST C0MMOD1OU8, ELEGANT AND BEST VENTILATED EDIFICE IN THE COUNTRY. Especial attention is dlre< ted lo the announcement thai the performance* w ill In future terminate before U o clock. Notice.?It Is rcspectiully Intliuuied there w 111 be uo free list or complimentary admissions, excepting only tUe usual privileges of tlir it. k.<. Monday positively tub LAST NI OUT

o? Till NEW PRESIDENT. CHARACTERS. ritk.NCU. Tc la Ramne, a theatrical manager Mr. Letter Wsl'.ack Honour, a leading actor Mr. Floyd Oriboularcl, low eom-dlan Mr. Browne La Jucunde, leadingactrcaa Mm. lloey Colonii>e, her daughter Vim. Madeline Henrlquel Milt*. Ronconlle Mm. Rtvci Mile. Glronelte Mi*s Crocker OIHMAN*. The Grand Duke of Rlelnstadt Waldstela Mr. 0. Fisher fount Wetterhalm (Prime Minuter) Mr. Norlun Tlic Landgrave of Bruuuaback Mr. Reynold* The Heron Von Dampfuoodel Mr. Blake General Fratinback Mr. Paraloe Krcbs, chief valet lo the Duke Mr. Young Colonel Kreba Mr. Parke* Ilerduk Mr. Charlee Tlii' Prince** Wllhclmlna (tho Landgrave's sister) Ml** M*rr Miller Mile. Vi 11 Grifl'cuhclin (her lady In waiting)... Mr*. Vernon The Baroness Von Dsmpinoodel Miss Mary Gannou Fraiileln Von Plelfl'er.. Ml** Canned Musical Director unci Composer, Robert StuejH'l. Scenery by H. Isherwood, assisted by Mr. Eugles. Faintly Circle 29 cent* Boxes and Parquet ISOccnta Private Uoie* $71 Orchestra Stall* ....$1 TUESDAY, FIRST nioiit OF A NEW ROMANTIC DRAMA. OF PECULIAR CONSTRUCTION And extraordinary BPECTACULAR EFFECTS, Bringing Into action ilie ORE \T AND NOVEL STAGE RESOURCES OF THIS THEATRE, WITH NEW SCENERY, COSTI'MES, MUSIC, AC., B'lliiled THE KING or hi* MOUNTAINS. Bex office open one week In advance. 11/INTER GARDEN. >V on Monday evening, oct. m, will be presented, lor the lir?t time, a drama in three act*, entitled NAPOLEON THE GREAT, presenting the pli mres ,if NAPOLEON ON THE ROCK OF ST. HELENA, ATTEMPTED ESCAPE OF NAPOLEON. DEATH OF NAPOLEON. To be preceded by the charming comedy of LAVATER, In which Mr. CHARLES WALCOTwlll sustain hi* greet character of Levatcr. CI AIETIES CONCERT ROOM, ?I? BROADWAY. ONE f dour below Laura Keeue'H theatre. IT HAS THE BEST COMPANY IN NEW YORK, IT HAS THE BEST CwMl'ANB IN NEW york. IT HAS THE BEST COMPANY IN NEW YORK. IT HAS THE BEST COMPANY IN NEW YOKK. IT HAS TI1K BEST COMPANY IN NEV\ YoltK, IT HAS THE BEST COMPANY IN NEW YORK. It i* Hie most quiet place ol Amusement In the city. It is the most quiet place of Amusement iu the city. It Is the ir.est quiet place of Amuset.if nl In the city. It Ih the most quiet place of Aniuwnient In Uie city. It Is the most quiet place nf Amusement lu the city. It Is the most quiet place of A'MUhomeit in Hie clt^ PFF.TTIFSl' "wVlTER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAIIER GIRLS, riiETTIKsT WAITER GIRLS, l'RETTlEST WAllER GIRLS, prettiest waiter girls, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER ?!ilivJ.S. PRE'ITIEST WAITER OIKLBi, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, PRETII EST WAITER GIRLS PRETTIEST WAITER Ol RI.S, PRETI I EST WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, prettiest waiter girls, PRETTIEST WAITER (illlLS, PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS, And I* the most envy aud comfortable TEMPLE OF MIRTH. MU8TC, YOUTH AND BEAUTY IN THE WORLD. Admission 13c.; Orchestra Chairs 20c. Opens at 7i com penoee at 8. Broadway music hall, 4S3uuUS5 BROADWAY, 483an.l43? One door below Broome street. The proprietor of this most elegiinl and CLASSIC TEMPLE desires to call attention to the unpic. edented ARRAY OF NOVELTY presented lo lis patrons this week. In addition lo the UNEQUALLED GALAXY OF BRILLIANT FEATURES h"retoioro pres< nted, lie has the honor to auummce the pre sentation. on Monday ereninr. of 'lie TRULY WONDERFUL PANTOMIMIC SPECTACLE or TtIK RED GNOME; OR. Tit* rAIUY ANP THI! BFMOlf, aDrsme'l- Pan i. m?, which, for surprising transforma tions ami Rsloitndinu i-cts, has no equal In l.he pantomimic role. This magnittmnt piic-i will be presented, wMi Its original cast, by 'he truly GREAT CARLO FAMILY, it having l>ecn originally written for bI'!NoR FELIX CARLO, the Illustrious fatli " of this justly celebrated CORPS OF ARTISTS. Tills great troupe w ill also appear In a variety of oilier feats, evlu-inr iheir artistic isiwer*. and, In cuunectlon with the following distinguished disciples ol' TERPSICHORE. MELPOMENE, MoML'3 And EtTTERP^ wlfl present a serf ah of TABLEAU MOTORE ET VIVA NT, nn?l OBLATION'S ARTISTIQUK ET P8GH YCOLOQIQUE. PM'h as must deli lit the patrons who nightly cheer us witn tii* ir imllea. Among tlio legion of artiat* referred to we enumerate THE CHEAT CARLO TROUPE, THE (JRKAT C \ KL< > TKOUI'K, Til K mnSAT t AKM) TROIPE, The great,<? ? t g\ mn ?-*h ami \ .mtominiirits of the age. THE BROMJWAY MINSTRttt.S. TUB BROADWAY M1NSTRKLR. TIU; BROADWAY VINSTRRT.3. 'flit; BUOADvS AY M I NHTRFTjH. RTT.T.Y R1RCIT. BT-V COTTON. BILLY B1RU1. BEX COTTON. J. A HERMAN. J. A. III.KM AS. AINFI.EY PCOTT, TIM NORTON, J. PIERCE. AINKLEY K'OTT, TIM NORTON, ,!. 1'IERCli. TONY I'astoi:, T<'NY RAPTOR, TONY PASTOR, TONY I'ASTOR, the b?'Ht iron tic singer iu America. MISS LIZZIE KOllERTM. MISS LIZZTE ROBERTS, tlif* plea hi n;: vr all^t. THE SlUl'LTZL SISTERS. MLLE. KATARINA. MISS KATE FRANCIS, MISS IDA ROSS, and n i .?>.*! b?r:? *it;?ttl and cfTectlv? CORPS 1?E MALLET, 4 .>i:i'.s 1 r, !r.i,! KT, CORPH ]>j-: BALLET, under the si;|if, vision of MONS P\i:L liRlLLANT, The evenini'\4:? nt< r; ni i: 1 ro .riude wKh the start ling, novel and lnier< .Hny )>irit"mimc of 1IIK REDt.No.MK: Or. Tjii Kaikv a;.o thl IajW'IC, Karl .niho, tiiC Red tinomc Mr. W. Carlo I T \v'lr, c Warrior Si^'nor Kelir < atio I JV ? ? i a Vfnrt m Noble Hot, ( 'niton I '1 i- iw<; O-iK'aniiH JJIfli and J'iorcf) I All'" -irtiht Tony i'unlor ki I- .on H ind... Tim Norton j 1> . Drop, a celestial sprite MIm Fanny Archer I ;.eii;ria, o< tr?: e<i :< AiiYrd Af.le. katariua of tin- ? 1"> ds by the corps de ballet. For full < i ron aninu;3. j: i:r.r vv. i.r'i i.Role lessee. Is 1' J N ??. I,A I 11 ?'>!., S! Man <j.'er. in i>. VON OI !? lvI:, Le.oier ol' OrcheMra. / n * TT "l'I * I: V M " : 1 <' PAL!,, f> " M !? f> \ DWA Y. * 1 ?#!, oi r* ? c As- e>.-?'h ;??<?,i- v i i* have taken place a i 11 ] v -I < t \: tin , k. the one in the shape ii . v.- ;??? ? r. Nl? . > i. . ? , vvIi.i in?ui'' li".r iirst bow on Mm ay mer.t, i'a:i iy t.*! !?;:?<< ?.<? by Morm. 'i he !.: i a?" !.< i' ?? Iy . ? Tjj j - : i I: n' t?.\iiV, 'i n celebrat- d ! i . , in < til * -til .i. : ; I , mm 4 o\oi - V. t ... Tut: nut??> r? l.'t?'d to A. M. ii in...i.' ?? ?i?o i i'ani'tralme oi'the . 1 All; hi., which may he eharact? ri/. u triumph. V, ? i\*n! ' Mioond week oi the r . ' l\" : MAOTC LAfTnF.L, ?. I. ?: k,;l, M .\t?J?' I Al ;::.L, > ' LAt'RKL, MAO10 J *11' Ti, I .N i : I. AII: I! L, WA4ilt: J.Al I LLf . (? I,At I'l.L, MAGIC LAL14LL, i, ;1 ?? i:\\ St i ERY, Vwill - v .-r'-F'.V, wuii a\> ? . i r\"rnv. i a ii :> > ? S4 K >"::nv. W till ft Li V i bCENERY, ! IfEW DR7-S^T-S. NLv. lMiKSFr.S, NLV. J? "*-<!?' ' NLVV LO SSES, j N L, I> i". ' '? NLW DUEEFES, i NEW MUSIC, m:w mi;.- ic, NEW MT>'TC. NEW TRTi KS, i ^N.-'KORMATTc y I M.u 'I i'.Ii'SS, IVAN ' IV "ATJO.-.S, : ^ L >t THICKS, 'J,.A.. -.HON T ' R!,i; M'S, TABi j AITS, TAIJT.EAU9. i .ACS, TABLEAl'H, Taiu.:,ai 16. , ,i ili! unil'r tb*> ii i. u !? -.ii v oil .u::. r, A. M lh.r<NAS;'K/:. . wiiij? well known r.:nu - will jl.w a i ? iof tb? . . tAVHr !? C "."Ti A. NT Hf'tTinrni''* BRO VD'.VAY. J? PI V.MONS, ^SIMMONS, ^ ' ! ? AMERICAN CONCERT HAI.t, ' . i I <11 IM BROAD WAT. Oil ' HI I.V ?: Ctl \Kl.KY^f) VRDNKR, i . i -asjerican co:;. rv ? v;.r., V L ail I ROADWAY, Mlm E^Ti.Y j; 1 \tr, M . IAIIj.i' LL .! A i1 i, til aCC.-SNV'. M ..KC. AMimENESTI. LAl'KA KEliNE'S THEATRE. MONDAY NIGHT AMD EVERY NIOUr THIS WEEK NEXT BATUMUY AETKRNOON ?innT? o,.?? Will bo pre* ted tlio UIOHLV SU0CB86KUI. THREE ACT UNION BURLESQUE, Till SEVEN SONS, 8EVKN S<) N S, SEVEN SONS. SEVEN SONS, SEVEN So.NS, WITH IT* BRILLIANT SCENERY, NOVEL EFFECTR. . i | ., EXQUISITE MUSIC, and a cast combining the WHOLE STUENOTH OF THE COMPANY. t Froin Wilkes' Spirit oi tin; Timet*. } I especially congratulate Mi*s Keene upon the improve ment she has made in "The Seven Suns." With that just condescension t?? public opinion which Is due from all \vhi> ca ter fur the fickle monster, she has given her play a thorough revision, rut out the lines and sentiments which savored of disloyally, softened down the harhher feature* of the hypo crite abolitionist, put better lines in ninny weak places, and made It alt.igether a new affair. The acting, too, is much 1m- i proved. The finale of the piece is changed much for the bet U r. Bui the gorgeous scenery?do cFisngo could improve that* From that magnificent df 11 In the Catskllls The nwitnnunx vapor slopes athwart the glen, Fuu forth an arm an t creeps from pine to piuq, And loiters slowly drawn. On either hand The lawns and meadow ledges, midway down, Hang rich in flowers, and tar l>W?>w them roar? The long brook, failing through the deep ravine! In cataract at ter caUract to the sea. The dazzling beauty of the Coral Cave, at the close erf the first act?a wild coufuslon of opal and amothyst, blent with sapphire and emerald?the red veins of coral running lik? tlame along the myriad columns of stalactite and spar?amid "cloud-capped towers and gorgeous palaces" makes the eyo drunk with splendor. 41l)eep in the wave Is a corsl gnwe, Where the purple mullet and gold fish rove; | Where the sea flower spreads its leaves of bluo, | That never are wet with the falling dew, | But in bright and changeful beauty shino | Far down in the green and glassy brine. 1 The floor Is of Mini, like the mountain drift, And the pearl-shells spangle the flinty snow; From coral rocks the sca-plauts lift Their bows from where tides and billows flow; The water Is calm aud Still below, For the wind and waves are absent there, J And the sands are bright as the stars that glow In the motionless fields of upper air. There, with its waving blade of green, The sea-flag streams through the silent water, And the crimson leaf of the dulce is seen To blush like a banner bathed in slaughter. There, with a light and easy motion, The fan-coral sweeps through the deep, clear SOSf And the yellow ami scarlet tufts of ocean Are bending, like corn, on the upland lea; And life, in rare and beautiful forms. Is sporting amid those bower* ot atone, And is safv when the wrathful Spirit of Storms lias made the top of the wave his own." And th^n, the dreamy loveliness of the Lake of Lilies, with Ite rank tropical vegetation, It* gorgeous p thus and lilies, its stalactites like s|;ter aud gold h-idea?it makes oue renum ber liie homo of the Lotus eaters:? "In the afternoon they came unto a laud In which It seemed always aiieruoon: All round the coast the languid air did swoon, Breathing like one liatn a weary dream; And like a down war. smoke tho slcudt r stream Along tho el iff* to fall and pause and fall did s?eni.w From this delicious scene ot repose, and f rom the dejpthsof the glassy Jake, ris the ncreidsand fairies, aud "At their t? et the crocu* brake like lire, Violet, amaraeus and asphodel, I Lotus and ILies. And a wlud arose, And, overhead, the wandering Ivy and vine. This way and that in many a wild festoon Iian riot, garlanding the gnarled boughs." Ijast scene of all Is that gorgeous memory of tho Arabian Nights, It l? nii'guiilcrnt beyond description, and Is alone v:&ri\? an evening s sitting, though oue mi^ht leel not the slightest interest In the play itselt "Above, through many a bordered turn, A walk, with varied colored shells, Wandered enr,rained. On el'her bide, All round the fragrant murine, From fluted vase aud brazen urn, In order, eastern ilowers large, Some drooping low. their crimson belli II ill closed, and other* studded wide With disks and ti n ", fed the time VY|fh odor ot the golden prime Of (pwd lis roan A Iras hid, Still onward, and the clear oaual Is rounded to as clear a lake; From vhe green my age many a fall Of diamond rlUets, musical. Through little crVs^l ar-hes low Down from tlic contwl fountalu'c flow. Fallen silver, chiniiug, ftc^uied to shako The spai kltug flint beneath tbe prow. A goodly pirn e, a g? odly tlin^J* Ah it was in tlio golden prime Of good ilaroun AlraSehld." THE OVERTURE AND INCIDENTAL MUSIC, by THOMAS KAKER. Also, a New Quadrille, THE IIMART Of MIDLOTHIAN, arranged from iavorito Scotch airs, with imitation of Bag pipes, and a new sehottis'i, THE COMET. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL SCENERY, bJ MESSRS. ROBERTS AND LEWIS. win* tAKACTETlRB:? Diavoline Mis* LAURA KKENE Columbia Mrs. J. 11. ALLEN. Satanelia Miss SARA STEVENS Tartarus....Mrs. LOTTIE HOUGH. Asmodeus .*....Mm. CIIANFRAU Diavolus MIsh BURKE. Molasses Miss FRANCES flulphuress Mrs. MARLOWR.. Rhadnmanthtis. Mrs. DILLON M -phbtophlle*. MIsh ROBERTSON. Cufleo Mr. J. O. BURNETT Dr. Fussall Mr. LEVICK. Jake Butt Mr. n. F. DALY Jlato Mr. O. BURNETT. Fred Flutter Mr. MARLOWE Mickey McUinnisa Mr. DILLON. Mochlavclll Mr. J. li. STODDART Mrs. Fluto ...Mr. C. PKTBKH. Doors open at half-past six: commence at half-past seven. Be its st cured ten days in a<' ? u itliout extra cLar^x NOTICE. In order to accommodate LADIES AND CHILDREN, who wish to avoid the rush attendant upon au evening per formance, there will be A GRAND MATINEE O Til K SEVEN SONS OH SATURDAY, OCT. 19. Doors open st one; commence at two o'clock. Children 2ft cents. 4 CADEMY OF M WHIC.?THE OPERA. JY NEW YORK A\i> KKOOKLYN. COM PLI Si ENTAKY BENE KITH OK IS. I'M,MAN. New York, Th?r*i*y, October 17, and Morulas, October21. Brooklyn, Saturday, October 19, nnd Tuesday, October 29. fi. H ?Th. ?e -a ill be THE ONLY TWO OPfcl! V N(OUTS that will be t iv?-n Iti th*?*e two elite* until Urn cammonoQ u.??nt m January of the regular whiter aeiuioii. PRICES o.' AlJMiHSlON. Both the A'-r !?nj?y <?' XI *1 ot Ne.v Yoik, as wtll aB that of J* rook 1 vri. will br throv u "pen to the public at THE IMKOKM C1IALGK OK ONE DOLL All TO ALL PART* Reserve-1 scnta In any p.:rt of the hon*e 60e. extra. Private bovi< at the umi.i, ;.rice. Till; HA I E OK KLSKUVED SEATS for the fW nitfht in New *?>rk will commence on T leMay, October l"?. at th" Acad".'iiy >f.j ,e <'''uwiteemh street;: Sibell'B, V, nil sfn-ef. ;?nd ;?t P,n-n?di;/C Rf'SERVED SKATS f OR BROOKLYN nri'iy 1 ' had. <? ninen' ii- on Thursday, October 12, at the ilio??V ly? .?< emy <<l Alnaie and at m'.? :l h. NOTICE?Tiio#'* ol th?: ht<n-1i)t"ldei>-. p"f ?onaI friends and patrons <?1 ti?e Op ? i, u i?o, I re.i a .*i? w i i ^Ivln^ th? ? ir aid to the j>rvs< f f ? nt' ? i: v ? |-<in b:, or nil i <:y, $1 u:s to uirnit to eiih-r ot the t \vo New York.or Ji r????i*. 1> n jHM*-or?n aneex, ean bay oheei-.H f<r res. rve<; heat i (00 a ntaeach) at the above mention* ii ti'ket nW.r*. TO T11K r. TJLTC. Si.iee I have undi riaK'i , , . i:. nt of the Opera for the f'AH"., ,ic>w about to - n t.> , war i"h I r !.en out, wii'?" hrne.if h! in.-rej.Hed I.. ? ri-.?. of ::.a'. :.t ad tlmemllf. flenlt ent'Tf ? ^ ud, ill '5 e "pit >n of ii:h ,y. pr? dud' a ? '? n i. epo ^.i t'? *. ;>!i attempt: y? ?; I :? o .-,??? rinr.e ? t?? jnaicn t"ii - att. inij , : n am i ou ? of ma - 1 io I ulii my ou!i? f; ti'tjis, ptWiuul BUIiio eacoUraK'oeau iu be ii> td out to tne. I jr.,i r. -/n?: . ly e:i ;? ie l in in.? t ?? ??? n dvo jrej ?i li s t?? I ? -n ? a ? :e' ,r-s. enoii in January, w ? it : -: . ad * .11 rui 1 a t'- * v.-i" *i i1. e f'i a j;er? j . aii?' .r?" ? ?h" i!- it ?n ra ? ? ,:y i -w j. rl . ii'ii ^n wr.a Ma\ Ma rrUek. Hy ilii<t ti..i* 1 ?: decisive .tllufl must l a. -h> eiii ? ' ? i I i? i tnon u lo enjoy rational an?u??tut ntmlmn during the next oxeitiiig monUii. the i. ? t i n.< tno <atl ?? ?r an cutirtj fi aton would yr pe:;i ormances m most of nb Mor ii ?? ?TfilJKR 17, ? Ko;c.-ao f ^CliKRA, (If -r ? an -ein ? . e ? AsnrJa.) Mi -r! \\ ' M : r u. i::t, fsU.AOU HRn.N'iLI, BKiNOft ?iA srisL mi. l) ;l, i.: s l 'ii, r mUu> r - ?(...<oi4 MLZ10, .1, Which will! THE La. T JlEJtl \ N" ? ONCLRT HALL, M BROADWAY. AMU9HMBXT9. Academy ok musi^-herrmannmparbwbu* positively THE last four .NIOHTS OP POSITIVELY THE last four NIGHTS OV positively THE I.AST FOl'R NIGHTS oP POSITIVELY THE last KOI ft NIGHTS OP HERRMANN, THE PRESTIDIGITATEUR, Previous 10 bis de|>arturs fur an extended lour through lb* country. REAPPEARANCE OF MADAME HERRMANN, REAPPEARANCE OP madamh HERRMANN. reappearanob op Madame Herrmann, In her wonderful and admired scene of I,A DOC RLE Vl'K OR MEHMERETIQ CLATRVOYANC*. J.A DOl'HLB VI E OK MKSMERl'-TIC clairvoyance LA DOUBLE Vl'E OR MESMEKETIQ CLAIRVOYANCE. THE GRAND combination PROGRAMME, Including all the admired now tricks NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Thn above announced four ulglits will lm positively Herrmann's farewell nights, ami will take place ON MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAT. Brooklyn Academy of Music?Herrmann on Tuesdip an*' Thursday. New York, Thursday?Ulluian's benefit. II 6dl> M Maactiera. ^ Brooklyn, Saturday?Ullman's benefit. II Ball* la Mas. In ra. Admission 50 cents. Amphitheatre 2S cents. Revived seats 2A centa extra. Orchestra stalls $1. Box office Academy of Mimic, Sibell't and C. Ki ?'iising'a. Brooklyn academy of MUSIC.?HERRMANN. first appearance of madams hekkmank Tuesday hi,.I Thursday, October l.'>and 17. . , , . PRICES OF ADMISSION. Admission 50 < -cuts. Amphitheatre 25 cellli. Reserved seats 25 cents o*tra. Orchestra stalls $1. The Hale of acuta will commence on Monday morning, at elcht o'clock, at the Academy Box Office, aud at HilwU'a,ta Will street. The manner respectfully announce, that to accommodate the VRHt number of persons who could m.t gain admission Mi Mr. Herrmann's first performance lu 11 i..ukl>n, arrunaft. uionts ha\ n heru made lor TWO MORE NIGHTS IN BROOKLYN. TWO MORE NIGHTS IN BROOKLYN, Tuesday and Thursday, Tuesday and Thursday# Tuesday and Thur day, Tuesday ami Thursday WUen, In addition lo A MOST SPLENDID PROGRAMME, Containing many of hi* moat remarkable tricks, MADAME HERRMANN MADAME 11F.RRMAN* MADAME HERRMANN MADAME HhRKMANH Vf ill make her tlrxt appearance In Brooklyn, In LA DOUBLE VI E, OR MESMERIC CLAIRVOYANCE. LA DOUBLE VI E, OR MESMERIC CLAIRVOYANCS On Saturday, II Ballo in Man<piera. I'lliiian s benefit. ACADEMY OF MUSIC.?HKRRMANN'S FAREWELL. positively T11K LAST' FAREWELL NIGHTS Previous to Herrmann's departure tor an extended tour.) Take notice of the days; iliev are MONDAY, WEDNESDAY. PRIDAY and SATURDAT. Reappearance of Madame HERRMANN. Herrmann in Brooklyn on Tonday and Thursday* B ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. I Re-engagement of the living nrrpopoTAMua. It war v\ fcli great reluctance two w?t'k* ago thai the Mm ger announced the c!o?flug exhibition of thin wonderf ul ai mal, but 1 lit tor inability to wrt?w an engagement with I owmra compelled him to doao. lie in, however, now highly gratiiled in lielngahln to announce ANOTHER ENGAGEMENT FOR TWO WEEKS, Though It im ui an enormoua expenae, aa the proprietor! kaY# had to forego a lucrative engagement In Philadelphia. Wlln WILL KAIL TO SEE HIM NOW T No one douhU that he in the greatest wonder in the what# Animal kingdom; that, In the lanuuarre of Job. eh. xl. : ? " Ul'ON THE EARTH THERE IS NOT 11 IS LIKE." 111m gigantic pioportiona and herculean atrength are for^? bly dearrtbed by theaame aaered writer, when he aaya, whH bone* >tre a* pieces of brass and like bars of iron.1' Ho 1% beyond ail doubt. __ THE GREAT BEHEMOTH OP THE scriptures, and being thn first and oni.y one ever in Americ a, is an ob? Joct ot Interest alike to the mere curious, or the scientific ad mirer.>1 Nature. He Isto l>e seen St all hours, and ever* hall hour is exhibited both lu and out of the water. and scribed by a competent lecturer. Ho Is accompanied fc> I natlvo ARAB Keeper, who Is also an Interesting human ou rhwlty. Also on exhibition. at all hours. What Is Itf or Man Monkny, Albino Famllv from Madaga*. ear the ureal Inlns black Sea Llun, mammoth Hear Samson, Grand A. |ttu Gardens, filled with living fish from erw* rlrcr and sea, ami to which urf constantly being added many new varieties: thirty Uvlug monster Snakes, a in?ii?U*r Lljr pbnnt Turtle, from the OaTllpanos Islands; IUu;fJ Famllftf aud intra mil lion Curiosities from every vu\ ot the world. EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. At 3 and IK o'ulock, the new diama, DICKENS1 OREAT expectations, WI.uv ?* -salved last week with tttrtnlslakeahle domonalra. lions or d, light by oioT'j"'1 ?"dlcUccf, ;?;?? be lu odueed ISi gn at popularity of Dlekens as an aitthoi*, afii 1 admiration of this, his last and erownlngstory, places THIS DRAMA FIRST IN THE LIST with all lovers of the histrionic art. It Is produced here by oa? of the best companion In New York, and with new sconarf. properties, costumes, Ar., Ac. Admission to all, 25 cents; Children under lfl, 18 nU. jRYANTff' MTN'STitnl.S Mechanics' Ilall, 472 HntAawn/i above Grand street. ...... ..uu.A m.j j".u.|..i . UI nil.,, ,11 II?T ... UdS. EPH. HORN, NEIL and DAN BRYANT, the favarite Ellilopinu C une.'ians, in the Rurlesoiie of tha MANA(J!:i{ IN DISTRESS. Junius Brutus Forrest iliHdb Dnn Brvaat Slii. Brl<noli Sa'vl La Bl ichc Eph Hon Doors open at (!?<; curiam rises at 7??. Tlckels 26 cents. . Metropolitan CONCERT HALL, 600 BROADWAY. Next door to the Metropolitan Hotel. This la the cheapest and prettiest Concert Hall In the dill gives lbs best performance and tho admission la ONLY TEN CENTS. ONLY TEN CENTS. ONLY TEN CENTS. ONLY TEN CENTS, ONLY TEN CENTS. ONLY TEN CENTS. Fourth week of THE OREAT STAR COMPANY. CAttn?The management, feellni? thankful for the nn liberal patronage bestowed upon him, will slrtve to mun|( continunnoe of the same by constantly placing before tu* public, ut tlds I'sialillshiuent, NEW FACES AND NEW FEATURES. The following distinguished artists cum be s.'en nightly ?! ihis beautiful temple or uiirth:? MLLE LEONA, .MISS MATILDA BISIIOP, Tuc charming Danaeuse. Th' Ann rleai, SnncstraML MISS P. JONES, MISS ANNIE CARLTON* The Comic \ .i-all?L The pleasing MISS L. ROBERTS, MASTER W II LEWIS, Dan?rtt*e au.l \ m-allst. The great Female 1 li i> .,ator. S. SAKRISEE. HILLY DREW, W SMITH. SUJ. \. DE BEYER, Hie great Ba u i.e MR ,J. CONNOR, PBt>r BBNZAMI. MR. I). VALENTINE, PROP. ALEXANDER ^ "O^ 1IOH HART and his youthful protea-, MASTI.K TO' iT, will appear In connection with the aboo tuleoicd uittMJ, luriuing a prograimi OP RARE EXOELIiENOB. HOB IIAKT . s lYor. ITER K M A V DEI '/?'/. I E BACK YON DLE8MITH. 1'llE OREAT PRESTIDI'lll PATAfEB. ROAJ) Tt> WASIIiN'oton, NEW-BILLY SMITH, Wi'h fifty acls, by s< me of the best performers in the basft. neaa. Oj en at 7, cl-^e at 12. TitVINO IIALL, jl Fifteenth street, opposite the Academy of MuhIc. MISS LIZZIE I'AltKER would rt Mpp-tfully antiw ince limt, at tlin earnest aol 'n'lon ? : 11* i" . 4-i? ii h m Vi?w York and Brooklyn, she wili in ?? tli# henor oi appearing in a FAREWELL concert, ; Previous to h?*r <if\ ''me {'or Europe, wh?re sho will makft her hrst appearance in op. ru.) at Irvinir Hall, on TUESDAY, OCT. tL The programme will cod nisi of choice operatic gems. She will b a.- -isfed l.y SIGN Oil lifU'JNOTJ, T.-nor, feili?S'OK Sl'STNI Hiff o, NKiNOH ardav*1?\\V. T?r"* .no, M It. MI III , I'lanut For ;.j?rlt?-ii1ai b w ? *?f 'ire? nnnov-'.c iu?*Dt?. Pr< .iwuv.oca at thr muHlC fc'< r ?? on W'-i'r ?_'iny. fJMiE WONDERS OF THE WOULD. r ? rT I W CUUNT T OK WONDERS AND anatomy, 6o3 ]>r<?. I, t <'xi do* r to Kail, Bh'ca a < ?., New York. 'J'1 n.ler <n ii' vvuri'i and imm:i icy of n.i'ur hj aerto iii Men tr.'.v n?v< aii;d. showing that the handicraft oi man f?* iVV ?. n tilO hfclS of 11: *. IJV. V.'om l'T' brain and pons varolii, where the a 'Utot ti <? u.lnd or ??ul UmippoH'-d to he. \\'< . ,.-rs of th? livvi sen v.,a?seeing, hearing, smelling, Uat# r.nd tniv'i. i vtr ?t'i'Uv?ry fr-afc" of natmr*?tofr.>ther with wonder* l it ' ? ik. riwrenoe, >! ???"?!< and England. v,*ond?r.s of life, h< \ : v Hit ? vir n hidden life within life. ] it in,". '''' : ;onui'payable wonder#a, i? uHosi t ? in tin- rotunda. W !-? - o'- t wonders In her in v. .Vh litre. wond'-; i - ' i /, w ii ? i.-i of embryology, wor.d.-r* or ? WOm'? ' " PARTS OF THE HUMAN ROOT at one vi i s ?.i ^raster vroudere in s<:[ <o are or pathol.^' I . i . t<"- 'o r i t s *r}>ri?livj, Interns \<x and 'y, torn i ) tu the niorn iLrfim V o* : I in. A In <mh 'A') ennt*. t )(|\! V" ' A'i :H>: U OKPi!.' V . 1 i ' MM. t V I . a I i f Mi?n?gi r? o! I i' r i.*H' Ik- OrphM A ?' , lii ? m .l|{lli^ I! , ii j <i: ? . .1 tL? !..? . i - h on t' :i f f ? ?? ..I * ??* ;i! i.? ? > \ '>rvv i Mil [? ? >hd in it <| ? lit! ir tni'Or ti"'l- 'i-op "? of K'? II.) . :i .1-n^ ? li.O w I 'I '''?-I' 4 E <'?? ?iff ?' hi or mi. .I.irobHgatlin t >i|M.- I- , V* Mil [1 IT*. ip..t '1 |U IfllULitJf Ul# - inunt on of? chtiratl-r *' " 1 ; I'.'urt.iy o tlnlr fa io; lull V Liii.i.1, .. :; ry i . -i iv 1 !i . .. r I - i ? ;iu* . the iH | i ?il<jl ihoBiBiii'.. mori 'e'X i'it! i \av and >11^8 /; M'-sara. Fox * I.!ri;'i?r?L fo Mr. F. S. (M tfiti; in;1 a t<> ynaicf4 ?"'??? 'V .3- ? ! ivl .'lad I i ii" . >1 I S< hrv'iit. r !i:ul f. dHrifi. ,'i W t.' w i4 r ; i ?> .V ? I ,m 1 I'M ' I n no% i?'*a . cat ruca-ure DoNNEXiL, Sec r urjr.

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