Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1861 Page 4
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AFFAIRS IN KFW GRANADA. Our Hoquiit < nrmt|)nnrirnrr. IkmoTA, August 'JO, 1861. Tht Annwr/ary oj 'he A'n/iVm'* of Prifork-rt?IHi-rifdion nf Mihi/ima .? Piril Aid I. "n tlw (\'ii?Hnlhu*in*m <if the Peopl ?Tlu J'l'Si'i ni of ihr Inlirinr State*? Ex*inMon i>f AguiUir ami J'la iUo Mo ral# , d-c., rfc, 'l'ho crowning circumstance of the war, the eroHt event of (lie deciaratnti of ihde|>cndonce. wns ou tin' -Oh of July; for General M>si|uera wus understood to have promise! ihi* Rutl'Tini: prisoners, anil the scarcely less suffering liberals of lliisciv, Hint (ho said ami iversa y should merit ? i. w conim i-oration Uy tln*ir being got free on that itay. When la* attacked this same city in 188-1 he at the head of elev n thousand tro"|*i, the city being nearly abandoned by its inhabitants, in consoipieHce of the violence employed by the usurper Melo ri*cruits ami funds. Now he li id not :ib >ve hn'f that numlmr, and the streets. though not su :hn'i'.' .1 is usual, showed a considerable |<opnl i tion, ul which the tyr milieu! authorities made iil'ree use to increase their forces up to the la-1 moment. Kor aome days (ion. Mosquora had tlxed bis heudiptartors ut ?1 Araobispo. a small stream which orosgos the northern twburb of the city, and the o ntrnllal army was posted at the extremity of the town, at San lucgo, their posit n being fi rmed by tho convent ol that name, some enclo sures be longing to the same, the huh wall* of wbich i hoy ban loo| holed, a parapet made by the troops up III" slope of iho loot of the mouutatu, tailed Mouterrato, and a similar ono ncrosa tho road leading towards tin* north, that bt to Mowpmra's |nisitlGn the Puento del Comtut, fcc. Tho opinion formed by many was that the said |tosii ion nits much too extensive for the few troops iln* government had left to defend it. Dnr uy the night of the 17th General Mowpiora made ail Iiik arrangements, .uel before daybreak on the 1 sth his furccs we- <? duly at their posts. The General determined to attack the liitrencbments of the enemy, and to lie certain of the triumph there be forn the othur divi-ions should enter the city. At least j the buttle uiged around San Diego from ? arlj morning till pa*t noon, wh n th attekuig forces hid completely gamed the day, and th"?e which ha I b en pnstid to the k lulh , uturvd and took the prinetpul S'pia, e alter the ex change of a I'e'V shots, ,-onie trooj stalloneil in the western suburbs mane an nni*onditional surrender, and the Att.unoy Uenoral, who had taken upm himself to Km ru up li till! expiriugol (iKixna's term, tIn* G"ii0H?i in-Clnef and others sought asylum al .lie i.i itisli l.e^.;tiou, wh 'ie General Mos<) m i le ? call shortly after tu assure the Charge d'Allsires that their lives were iu no danger. In the nie.t it u,*Cioso wlm had taken the public : iptari , clo>c to who h is the eiitrami) to the common ail, I st no tint in sotting fr'-e the iiinm ont victims whom tnoia i en government uimI tvoped up th re. Here, again, it is a 11 ? isiuit ilut_ to rec the moiiur.ition ? i ihe.^.' s ul. r ing ittdividtmlP No sooner did it be. nine evident that the it tucking i'.iroe must tin the day than the nnme roua guard, which u.ui coUKtantly Uupt mixed up with tin* prisoners. at tho oider of the > uomnuitider, delivered their arms to Mr. Itradilla. the legitimate I'residei'.t ol KanUMdur, ax th ? persou most roper to assume authori ty o\ ui the prisoners, uiestly I'rinn his State, i he most Wlluential of ?hi'-e gentleiiii't. caluiud and resintiued niio single tndividna' of tliei number, who, exasperated at th" long s. r e# 11 nsiilts and ill tre,itment he tutdraMlvad ai the haie.s ? !' tiie wretch whom tin- fallen government hn?! iniwlo jailor. lioiwilhMandtnp, or pethajM the rath r, that he was a euiiwted murderer, wished to retaliate. in the public wiuar tli Bring soon aW'l, and iintnc diatelji after the liel.s op dillorunt ohureiies Iveg.iM a mer rv |iail t" wiiio,me" the cIumo of the reign of uinor, uud tile hegitittlm; of a now era of jieac' , liberty and pros p rity. Of course all th? prisoners were set at liberty, and w< rs cordially nee-iked by th so fricnus who h.d dono whit they could to alieviato their .-nll'-ritigs?suHerings aggra\a(ed by unnecossary acts of tyranny, such as cut ttin; to ph*ei*K the Ktnal! rolls of bread, and even iln> pota toos, hi-in tliem at Clutr meals, under pretence of loukiug for letters, liles, &c. The streets were fnll of invade, all wishing one another Joy of their deliverance; and ttien it was that ilie imp" tome of value party became evident, altlieigh tlicro lamij noiiuamong the crowd;but they w *ro nt missed. Unas apparont tiiit a ridiciiloosiy small miuoi ily had Ihm>ii diS|H?ing ct tiie lives nud property ol their fellow cit-tams. Th?' w li-omo givoti to (leneral Mos.jnera by the Inhabi tants of a city which he may be said to have Utkcn by Btnrm was enthusiastic,and this enthusiasm was much iri"re marked than wli-n he rixlu ttiroii.ih the Btrei-ts ihi a Similar ocrasion ui XH64. Ati.l the reasons are obvious. Hie military tyranny then overthrown was less obnoxious than ospina'A. dressed np with a spurious legitimacy, an i Mosijeera, althoqirh general in chi"f then as now, was, a.- ii we;e, thrown into the sliadi by the predeuce of tiiu heuiS of the conservative party, who were looked upon oven then ?Vuli gloomy foreboding. Aad s -voral ih*i hoiis vrho had fought vuilautly for the re vi Mhlishuieat of h gal aad cMisntuttoiiat order observed they could have foreseen tliat the Conservatives wore to have ntade n stepping stone of their ?\crtiojis, .Melo nv^ht have rem iiuiHl luclator to tho end Of the chapter for anything they would have done to hiu der it. In th'.s war. on the contrary, be had been every thing, from tho time whon, an constitutional Governor of the .Statu of the Oftuca, be accused "spina before the Cou gi e s; hu iva. -looked up fo as the hope, and almost the only hope of tho country, lie promised from that time to avenge the constitution and to re-establish the liberties of his country, and he h is k"|H his word Therefore was he received aj the second iibeiuter, as the liopo of tt;9 nation. Sc :ng th# general joy, Mostjuera said:?"I might nay, with Charles Ii. on entering !/>udou, 'it seems our own fault not to have eomebefore.' " lie has consl'lerod it his duty to punish w ith death Aguilar. the Ituoildent, and Placido Moral's?ati.-v,erjlig the persous wlm interc ded for them with tiroofs of crimes which m:td * them shut their mouths. Uno of tho assiissiusof tleneraA nbandobas also been slioi, but vi strong an impression ha* th?I had almost said?disap probation shown at the act made upon Mni piera, that lie has published his proinisotfaat no more siial. die; and, a> i co:i?equciioe. Oapina. who was alre uly s?!nlonc<*d to be shot lor iamji.*rtng with Uosqucra's troojif, will esc<|M*?whieh is highly to Is* regretted. Antioquia, Santan'ler and Panama still relain crmseri a tive governors; hilt Mosqucra will adopt active meatti to reduce them if they refuse tho oilors of peace he make"; them. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Oct. 14?0 l*. M. Tlx; bank statement of to-day compares ub fol lows with tlmt of last Monday:? H'rnd'ff. /.niittji. Spccie. Cirrulntion. f>rri s i':'_. Oe.t. !>.. .$t4H.r?4f>,488 39 .SOU ,901 8,HH4,IK,? 1'<!O.Wi7,64h Ori la . K>fl,3lH,lU4 41.139,WOfl 8,788.000 129,188.4*7 Increase. $7,773,428 1,329,70C ? S,6?0.9.'iS ijecrease ? ? l!>9,06ti ? This statement was foreshadowed in this morn ing's Kkuald; the figures, however, are even better than was anticipated. With regard to specie, the banks really hold about u million more than is shown above, and from present appearances there appears to be ii" reason why their reserve should * do line. The loans and deposits have again reached their maximum lor the present. Hut for the literal Bubscripuons of the people to the national loan, the discount average shown to-day world have reached $11.0,000,000. As it is, it will now~*rapidly decline, anil by the 1st of December will not probably ex cei'il $l.V>,000,000. Included in the loans and de posits is a sum of $75,000,000 which tlie banks have loaned to the government at 7.30 per cent interest, only about $43,000,000 of which have been used by Mr. ('base?leaving $02,000,000 or there* abonts lying idle in tho banks, though drawing in terest ns above. As an erroneous opinion lias gained currency to the effect that the recent loan to gov ernment had incapacitated our banks from afford ing the customary accommodation to their mercan tile ens! omere, we are enabled to etnte positively that all the leading banks are discounting all the good paper which is offered them by their dealers, and that they have thus far, in no instance, been obliged to refuse a discount to any one who was entitled to it, by-reeson of their rocent lounto gov etriiwnt. ftioney is in brisk demand, at5aC per ccnt? without nny trouble or flurry, however. The an ???nt of money seeking employment on call is in exoi iif the wants of the street; but the revival of Btoii. speculation naturally creates a certain in quirj l ir loans. First class paper is very scarce, and is readily passed at the discount houses at (1 a 7 per cent Foreign exchange is quite firm for to-morrow's steamer, without much inquiry. Cankers nrn buying all they can get in the way of good mercan tile btfls at 106% a 107%, and are asking 107% a % for their own bills. Francs range from 5.33% to for bankers', and"5.3t>% and upwards for meicautile bills. The steamer sail*from Ronton and if .1. mail is to be heavy to-morrow will be a busy day. United States sixes sold to-day at 9C per cent, and were h< Id at that price?for tho coupon sto'-!; at th" clo-< of business. Thus the point it i',i hed at which panics in search of a saft t? ' v year -nv>. tucnt will do us well to buy the 7.:<i a'rl c?n- rt fieri in I (it, as to take th>- ii . . States *ix<- w?<-/ns?-he<. The registered st \ rose to :?>%, ami the ths of 1S71 t<? v!,%. It iirporsiido to exusc rate the importance of this a.'v^ c: *u on tfoven riu ?? tCiurlUe^. K ia worth a dozen battle* to the national cause; it af lords substantial evidence that th* people have recovered faith In their yo ernroei I: it is a warn ing to thf> rebels that the wealth n..d the intelli gence of the North re ci.ntldent of the result; it in ii hint to Europe tl ui tin United Slates govern ment is not defunct, anil that the 1 nioii has not collapsed. In nil probability the first victory won by the United States will put these sixe:i up to par, and then al! Europe will bo wanting tlicin. There are only about sevi niei'n millions of thein altogether, a lar^e pro por ion ol which are held in Kurope already, and the bulk of the remainder in large lots by wealthy houses here. The advance in governments consti tuted a mbstantial basis for a rise in all other se curities, and we report accordingly a buoyant mar ket, and quotations universally higher, lhelaigent advance of the day was in Iloek I land, which rose pur cent. Qu ucy, Michigan Uc utral and Pacilic Mail each rose 2 percent; guaranteed, Illinois ( an tral and l'jiie, l'i; Toledo, 1: lialoiia, ]+, Michigan S outhern, old,Hudson, New York Central, and otiter railway shares in proportion. Among the State stocks the only activity wh- in Mis3onri?f ; which rose 1 per cent, with heavy sales. Hank stocks were in demand at better prices, and so were railway bonds, the bettor classes of which are scarce. At the second board the market was not so buoyant as in the morning, but stocks ehised steady, the following being the last quota tions:?United States U's, registered, 1K81, a %X; United States ti'a, coupon, 1881, 96% a ?M?; United States 5's, 1H74, 81 a k4?/4; In diana 5's, 78 a 80; Virginia C's, 17 n 47>?; Tennessee fi's, 42% a 4t\\ North Carolina ??*, 60f^ a 61; Missouri 0's, 44?^ a it^; Pacific Mail, !>4 *4 a !'4%; New York Central, 7n'/t a 7i>; Krie, a 32s{; do. preferred, 4*Yt a 4!?; Hudson Kiver, 371* a 37l/t\ Harlem, Yl% a 13: do. preferred, 3oj; a .il; Heading, 36 "i a Michigan Central, H>l/a a .10; Michigan Southern and Northern In diana, 10 a 11%: do. guaranteed. 40' + a 40}^; Pa nama, lis a I18;'4; Illinois Central. 6S a 08'^; Galena and Chicago, 71 a 71li; Cleveland and Toledo, 38 a 38VS; Chicago and Hock Island, 51% a 51 '4: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 0*i a?>?Vi; Delaware, Laokawana and Western, ?8 ri 72: Mil waukee and Prairie du Clilen, 18% a 19; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, Hit a 80%. This has been a very active day nt the Snb-Trct." sury and among the agents. The amounts received at the Sub-Treasury and At the several agencies in this city from the people for subscriptions to the popular loan exceed u milllou of dollars. Oi this Messrs. W. & J. O'Brien (John.O'Krien, agent) re ceived $115,000; Messrs. l,iverinorc, Clews&Mason paid in $250,000 in six per cent Treasury notes. Besides this the Sub-Treasurer received this morn ing over hulf a million front out of town agents, including 1250,000 from Pittsburg. Pa? At this rate, it will not be necessary for tlio SubJ^^asurcr to call upon the banks for any more instalments for some time to come, though these institutions are likely to insist on getting the third fifty millions on 15th December. Mr. Cisco repaid the banks $353,850 this morning on account of popular sub scriptions. About |S.) ,000 have been subscribed at Newark. All the private agents rcceive six per cent Treasury note* in payment of subscriptions The more of these agents Mr. Chase appoints the larger the subscriptions will be. Every ofler to act as agent, coming from a responsible party espe cially from those who are engaged in the banking business, should bo accepted. The business of the Sub-Treasury was us follows to-day:? Total receipts $2,184,651 87 ?Fur customs .IP,000 00 . lYeiviiry notes 1.37#,000 00 Payments... 1,90S.079 08 balance 11,338,875 8? The following subscriptions to the popular loai are said to have "been made by ,wojne of our mil lionaires:? Colonel Colt,of nartford $160,000 SolomonStunjea, of Chicago l'JtLOOO (imiDioitoro Vanilerbilt,of New York 100,000 W B. Aster, of Now York 60,WK) The exchanges at the Bank Clearing Ilouso this morning were 124,'279,105 32. and the balances ?1,308,115 07. The Central Bailroad Company of New Jersey have declared a quarterly dividend of two aud a half per rent, J?yablo on the 10th Inst. The following sales of stocks were made at auc tion to-day. by Adrian 11. Mtiller, by order of Jes sie K. Dubois, Auditor of the State of Illinois:? !;-> .000 Virginia C's, 1886, and coupons of July, 1861. 47!,' | 18,000 do. 18*7, do. ?? 47? ?2 000 do. 18S8. do. .. 4.,' 1 0 000 do. 1H!?1, do. .. 47?? 1 8,000 do. 18?2 do. .. 47? i 3,000 Tenn. 6 s, 189^ do. .. 42? 2> iks) do. lstig. do. .. 42J* 4 000 X. C. 6S, 1868. do .. 00), 3.000 do. 1877 do. 00H ;i oOO do 1SS6, do. .. 60-1, 1,000 do. I8S7, do. .. 60\ li ooo do. 1Sh?, do. .. 60'a ?> (xm? do. 1885, and coupons of April,1361. fl0?i if COO do. 1*87, do. .. 00?; 8 000 do. 1889, and coupon; of Oct., 1H61. 00' , .1,000 do. 1890, do. .. f. f.00 Oeorgia 6's. 1880. and coupons of Aug.. 1801.. 14,(Hsi Missouri 0'.-'. Hannibal awl St. Joacph issues. 48?J These stocks were sold on account of the follow ing Illinois banks, now in liquidation:? Hank of Carnit. Carml; Canal Bank. Thebes; Continen tal l!ank. fjr&wlvllle; Jersey County Hauk, Jemy villo' Heed's Bank, Galesbnrg. The Boston Traveller of the 12th inst. says:? The subscription tor the natiouul loan at the Sub-Trea. surcr's oillco in this city, for the present week, up to the close of business luslerday, was over $800,(100, which is >. much ierg'-r n mount tlma in any precc.Loi: week. The supply of bu: dl notes, $5tl and $100. has Wn exhausted. Tlio Kire Insmnnce Company, of Hartford, has in vested $.180,000 in tho gnverninent inan, and Colonel <i>lt $160 (<00. Merriinac I/wiKo No. -JS, order of Odd Fellow*, have'voted to inve-: ?.H>0, and the Old liay State 1M\ .sion of tl.c rrons of Temperance J.rioo in thoiamo loan. The Philadelphia Bulletin says of the snbs'ci ip* tions at the principal agency in that city:? Tlio subscriptions to the national loan at the office of Jay Cooke amount thia work to abom $200,UOO. Including about$3o.000 received this morning. The whole amount ol gubscrlpttonr at tiiat office, tints tar, it about f.'.260,000. The Chicago Tribune of Friday say*?:? T'lnuncialmattora have become so Htcady that thcro lms been scarcely a shaila of variation in the money mar ket for sevcrul day?, perhaps weeks, paat. The price of New York exchange remains at iormj>? qwitalious?viz: do and Board of Trade ratoe par a yt: the bai.k3 clrtrue U premium. Gold H premium for ronnU lots; retail parcels ^ al l*r cenU There is very little doing in oaper outside tho banks. Rntos may be quoted as nominal at 1 a 2 per cent per month. The St. Lotus Democrat of the some day re marks: Tho money mar!:et is jet unsettled, and wliai is to bo the r.^uttoi' tie pru^'-nt struggle for lite for bankable fun !# depends up<m Uie lirmtiea-t of th? pe<iple, who are now at open war with it. There are no estabuAcd rates for eschauge or ^oW.but th; tmiiks draw in rery limited amounts to customers nt lo p< r rem premium. This llsos the present value of bankable funds; to-morrow tl may bo something else. The Cincinnati Gazette of Saturday sayw? Financial ntlairs progress smoothly and comfortably. Currency is in lair supply, but sufficient pood paper is of fered to keep It fully employed, and, while bankers are u,,t cri.mped for means, they are not burdened with idle capital. Kates of interest are Arm at 10 a 12 percent. There is >uiv a moderate leisine&s doing in exchange; but, tlie g ipply and demand being about equal, ths market maintauifl a firm tone, rates remaining at par buying aad & jrorotum selling. Cold ia in fair request. Coleman's S?n Francisco Circular, perChampion. says:? Our latest Kan tern advices are somewhat conflicting, though generally favorable. Private letters do not fully contlnn the flattering statemmti so common in tho news papers. Trade there ties Improved very much, no doubt, ns compared with the toiat prostration ol months past; and should tho jf.vernmout K>an isauce rcali?i the expec tation so coitfdently expressed, a <;nod degree or activity n?v ije expected. The decline both or nnportsana manu fa< f'urea baa left tin- market very scantily supplied with curtain descript ions of go. Is, which are consequently ap nreeiaung In valuo; but beyend this and the largo de inund for armv supplies, we ??e, at the present moment, no unusual lrxtinatsiBs of i*oS|>erit.??certainly nothing to i mi|fy tho fervid 0X['r> si-hn;s ? often m.< with in the P' prints. We hope they may bo r a. nod. but for tho bcinu to.? * t receive them wllb hesitancy Money con tinned i iwaco ,-sildc at fow rates (or prime so. urities, but tlx market wn. eci.sibly hardcoing", nor shall we be sur prised, il iac*, im iit.ocs are drawu'for fuvesUnent in go i vornti.eTit ate-'W, to Fee, pooner or later. iu? inareascd MiiaMcy. l'hp tfr-kt ma is* still spokao of as highly luip liar sod VI '. it to what extent o-.ts de sub ? ; i, ii made *voare in doubt, and think it Hi .op .,t.iO that i' 'i ?.:ii advices on this Mib> ct may Iav> fa I >. ?: tl 'fai'liu , f< r thus far thaamowds reported .... exceed ha] ? million of dollars* lha 'oau will i I. ,w to riM.' unte i ? i?! :v.'< 'in.'t'at. u of otbar i locks, J uuu iu e.i cuIm^icU.. u lar pebhe favor will ilndftt?n H'antly Increasing aMagoulpm in that qinrter. It will push ilit* '? Innt'ii*" hard; indeed h ammig visible; and ??!. uUi Mnther uuporiani g-iwrai cngu^ 'in ml oci'nr ?????, a:.J (?rinii.uto wu'CMi firiMtnimr nrm*. wemay look Per a rn, lil ?bsor),ti> n <>f Hi ;Tirsl (I <\ iiiillimiH of tin! Willi ufc tlioro in nn chiugoin in no} mailers wui tliy any very special n:il ' An inureasr'i activity in m'-rfiai dise has purhaiw ail .'.I ii IIIll" in the demand in some quarter*, i) l in t KOii"i*lljr. 0m rilo are nnrli inned fur sliort leans, and the snu'- rumtv? we Ii '-vn b tfure uiAluwl iu regard i>> In vestments of lon/i i duration HliI! prevails to gome extent. Tim banker;1 rtiyo Is 1?? u 2 per n ot |>isr mouth. The Cincinnati (lazette mentions an intimation of a further advance of 5c. a 10c. from lake porta, to take efl'uet |??obubiy the prcaent week. Tin.' amount of flour ami grain iu store at Chica go at til - commencement of oach of tin- (our pant wicks was us follows;? &?}*'. 16. ?S<j4, 23. situ' '. Ort.1. Klo'ir, Ubla.... 7,421 6,47.1 r.n, w.sihj VTheat, bushels S5I),138 662 116 "18,428 7011,in <>)rn 2,218.118 1,760,882 1,66.(811 1,761.003 luu- 134,388 203,774 197,033 20ti.cea The receipt# of grain at Chicago, Toledo. Mil waukee and Detroit from Juituury 1 to October 1, lHOl, wore: - Four. Wfotit Otrv. Chicago 1,017,277 11,793,670 21,5M,179 Tilled'. KOS,1.14 8,(180,098 8,888,617 Milwaukee 332.641 8,Cl2,/84 84.087 Detroit 712.1(13 1,405,242 673,901 TotH 2 ,'no ,802 25,683,288 26,081,2'.'4 Oats. Ohn-aifO 1,129,464 To.edo :ii ,0811 Milwaukee 77,537 IH'troit 243,641 ?IHnt 1,413,601 330,K6? 413,040 Reducing tlio Hour to wheat, the aggregate re ceipts at the four port? for the time named were: Chicago, IiuhIiiiIs 40,38'i,852 Tole.U. 11,700,350 Mllwuukeo 10,621,010 Hou-oft 6,903.806 Total.. 08,605,974 The sales of lands by the Illinois Central Ruil rc.ail for September were$95,719 H7. Acres (mid since Jan. 1, 1861 78,220.86 for $1,102,55:1 95 Sold previously (net salea).. 1,200,2.^.46 tor 16,147,083 01 TV?tal ....1.338,503 32 $17,340,537 88 The traffic department for September wan:? Receipts from passengers $55,075 76 IKi freight 172,602 00 Ihi. inui.s 6,358 33 Iki. rent of road 5,236 70 Do. other sources 3,823 86 Total receipts in rooutli of,Sept., 1861 $243,006 70 Total receipts in m >nlb of sopt., 1860. 269,648 04 Total receipts Alni hill. 1,1881 2,088,404 14 Tntal receipts in corresponding period of '60... 1,875,420 49 The following in a statement, of tho earnings of I lie Pittsburg, Kurt. Wayne und Chicago Railroad Company during the month of September, com pared with the fume period last year, viz:? ) -fril I860. Innrecw. Dtx. Freight ?1?W( III 7 05 142.012 56 11,006 39 ? I'asa ligers... 94,741 47 8ft 807 0 5 8,874 42 ? Kxpress J^txi 00 2,500 00 ? ? Malls 7,82' 00 7,82ft 00 ? ? Kout of road.. 7 083 .18 7,083 33 ? ? MiscellaJii jus. 250 00 6fiO 00 ? 400 00 Tntiil *?>'0.417 76 245,937 94 10,479 81 400 00 , Earnings front .lau. I to 070,761 931,026,119 02 444,642 91 ? $15000 US6'rf '81, r?c 1)4 4000 i: .S <1 ,'H1 cuu 96 aOOOH8 5V,'66.... 88 60(1) US6'8, 74,COU 83 % 1 do 1(NM)0 do 83V 2000 Tro* 13 n c no's 100V ih .y Trent! pc 2 y?'r w;i 600(1 Ohio 6 *. eo. 90 2000 III cou bide, '02 sj '4Mil> III owl lute, '7ft. WOOMloh0'n, '78... 2000 Mich 7'f, v, In.. lOOOoTeunfl'* '90... 400(1 (??'>!Kin C's.... 1000 N Carolina (i n.. 10* Hi do (.coo MiFHouri (in... 8SM0 do 38000 tl? 36000 do MM do <10 5000 do MO ?JillIIIM i'i'm i t?>lIAu-'.IK 9000 do 2000 Unijsi uiiiO'K.. 5000 Culilnmla ti'a. 400<? N' V CelH (i h.. 2000 KHeKK4lhtnlM 1000 do 1000 KricKIUitli m b. 1000Hud l*tin 1 On.. 104 S000 V. irh S sfil bdit. SO 2000 PaKR7'?K Sit Mo 2000111 Con KR bd?. lOOOOIiic.V NWs f b. ?jOOOCHioANW 1st m 1000CI?r&Tol*l lt?. 00 Fhi) Union liunk.. Stpc.u BxchnBgr. Monday, Oct. 14,1861. 100 slut N V C KK.?I0 T9 60 do blO 1011 KrioRK 100 260 360 60 200 60 200 *30 *3 8.) 88 42 * 00 Ml; 00'4 44 M 44 >. 44^ 4-1 Tr 44*4 46 48 48 * 57 82>* 92 74 73 08 aw 89* 81 40 76 88 do.. do.. do.. do.. do.., do >1', do Ico 2()0 Brio RK jir?r.... 200 Hudson lilver KR 20 do loo do slO 10 l.ittlo Aliama ILK. 6O0 Harlem KK 10 do 100 do T.'i .'Urloui Kit pref. 560 do 73 S 82 y% 32', aa \ S2'< .?12^ 33 33 33 48 \ Ulii ?'1714 :i- <i 74>? 121, 12 V 12* 30 200 Reading kr aoji aoTi ?w-. 48 .S 40 40', 40 40 mi 10', 19* 10 Hank of Com 84 74 Am Kx l!ank 6 Hanover Rank... 27 Continental Bk.. 60 ((Jiob <Joal J>rot.. .SO Pacific M SS Co... do. do do r.. do slO do 1>30 do b30 do sflO do 1073 N't" font RR... 5 do 100 do 60 50 170 25 60 50 60 100 60 84 >i' 71 S* 93 93% 93,V ik 94'4' 94 H r>4*, 04 ?4X 70 78?f 70 \ do 100 do...! 25 Mi ll Central KK. 236 do 60 do 100 do h30 50 do i-OO 300 M icb 3 Ai N la UK. 250 do 000 d? 30# MlchS.V Slap *tU 4o 160 do 40 <? 30 do 40 S 10 Panama Kit 118 200{llt>n KRxurip. 07 300 do 67 X 100 do *i<l OTS 100 do 07 100 do hlO 07 S lOCle, Col h Ciii KR 99 100 (.'.It A: 111 1 ill I . 71 lrt do 71 1670 Cle k To! UK 38 850 do 38 600 do 38 U 600 do 10 38>? 350 Chi fr Rk Is l'.R . 40% 80 do 00 200 do GOtf 60 do slO 50 M 50 do 50,V 100 Cljl, Bur k Qu 11K 05 271 do.. 210 do 60 Mill ft 1' du C lilt 100 do 63 K 0f>^ 18); 1H34 BECONP BOAim. $14000US6'8,,81,Cou 95^ 20k'is Il'rlmRR pfd 30'' J6000 do 95'^ 10000 U SB's, '81,re# 95 3000 Virginia 6'*... 47% idOOO Misii.uri 6's... 44^ 7iXX> do 6000 do 41?,' 2000 M6's i to HA&IK 48^ lOOslis M'rclus' liank 90 6 1'urk n.'t 19 Pacific VailS8( o 94,ii 300 Gl'ie RR ;t2!^ 100 do s30 8-)i 50 do f60 ;'2\. SO Hudson It RK 371 100 37>i 15ol(ai'lcm RR 12>^ 3o0 do 12?; lt'O ilo i)30 1?^ 100 d<> b30 13 30il do 31 22.'. Ill Cent RRm:rip. on 60 do 1)30 6SJi .''0 G il k Chu aK" RR 71 300 Mich IVnt RK... 49}; 360 do 60 100 do p.'iO 4'i?( 100 Mich S'it N 1 KR 10>3' 400 do bCO 194, 25 do 10'{ 200M80& NIutil stk 40k' 100 Cluvo To! RR.. 3S ? 300 do " 300 do 600Chi k Kit laid KR. 60 do siio 200 do liftChijRur&QncyRR t)G 3s>; 38 61U 51'., 51.' j New lork City Bunks, Octohrr 114, ISfil. linnl.-a. l.rxins. Specif. CircuUU'n. Deiwits Ami rica 7.074,W? 3,683,092 140.085 8,123,422 Am. lAchaugo.. 9,672,867 3.424,348 JS8,2?1 Atlantic 82J.194 119,813 98,'>06 Broadway 8,459,928 808,224 860.737 Hull'* Head 439,633 Butchi rt * Hr's 2,115.004 Chatham l,030,16i (liomical. Citiztius'.. 73,021 I.fd/MO 32;;.790 29.1,NT 1 123,071 90.380 . 1,870,149 3,140,74.) 41.'i,823 4,4011670 938,616 1 92.976 141,218 83?l,l 8,752,400 671,109 3,377,971 400,4i>: 1,672.625 "32.24d City 2,790.275 607,125 _ 2,381'20.' Cointni>rce 17 917.338 3,946.859 1 075 11686 204 Oonimonwculth. 1 50o,Co? 251.706 202,786 1 202'2'1 OODtiDiCtal .... 4,017,890 Cbm Kxi h mgc.. 2 005,071 Dry l)?'cic 893^06 EastRivcr 4i2.13tf Kill ton 1.707, >26 Groonw ich MiO ,084 firoccrft' 709,433 Hauovor 2,219.312 Imp. J* l'naders' 3.106,707 Irving 1,075.660 l.f.-athcr Manuf's 2.033.277 43i!,048 203 2J3 38(1,814 201.364 61,863 141,566 50.918 <1:1,8H 7 740.717 198.J<20 30;I,007 141.039 148,112 51.016 210,353 88.066 42i!,iK? 202,977 106.238 127.(i?ft 448,090 286,078 2,379,752 1.889,376 180,432 348.64" 1,860,7 32 401,898 688.669 ljta?.862 2.248,092 869 519 1,381 ,X-fi 292,883 147,641 214 ,s82 P5?i4 w.5:n 1,362.^93 8.976.037 1 J16.127 1 007,318 2,884.907 1 ^W1 yitrit* M atrial tan 6,530,170 1,707,322 m.MS 4,981.506 Marin" 960,946 211,040 t(VJ,729 827,780 llarket 2A'!3.1?) 367.221 179.677 Mechanic# 4,835,101 1,030,024 237.t4? Mechanic s' & Ira 1,246.638 ilocb --HktfAss'B 1.152*23 Mcroantilo 2.991,290 71 ,225 ^,uqi,?ui M?ri hanta' 6,024.163 1,976.748 205,374 4,934.792 Murch.iManur'a 1,020,028 179,214 114,s? 757,500 Mor. Kxcbange.. 2,437,302 f?i,2:? 113 409 1,730.017 Motropdlitan.... 8,721,'244 2,27f..?47 240,0TO 7,i:8.W<8 Niu??u 2,185^294 662.0T6 146.487 1.761J101 National 2,706,911 805,751 121MH 2.188,600 NewYbrk $5,592,477 1.774,867 357,709 4,742.210 N. Y. County... 828 ^32 101,471 Ofl.xdO 2W2.2U5 N. Y. Exchange. 300,412 North America.. 2^92^t? North Rivo.r.... 788,147 Occan 2,^/9.696 Or.cntal 670,32* I'aciflc 12206,670 23.006 300,647 110.9S6 403,'*12 109,902

83.573 94,018 68 905 S7,tld8 9s am 288,274 157.916 248.002 1.618,443 648,214 1 90?,9Wi 678,831 1.020,176 liirJc. i ~ ? iv?;;::;::::<?S2!S'S ?w ?,KK ,?TOWta.Ifj'Jm laSjf S?v?-nlh Ward.. 1.374.S20 81w 41/wth?r.. 3^>6.787 Btato 4,603,748 St. Nicholas .. r. 1,668,336 Tradesmen s.... 2,201,332 Uuioti 3,046,031 3 894,771 ;:,368 105 1,065,586 2.081.888 418.314 184,513 363.666 259,172 974.1,19 2I9.H46 *..3!?.7?l 180,273 8(1,780 1,060,186 2?? 191 20.1.042 1,466,400 689.428 178,172 2,723,864 Total f 166,518,91441,131),600 8.733.090129,188,487 CITY tOMJIEKCIAlj REPORT. MovniT, Oct. 14?6 P M Ann.?The market *as quiet, aad s:?los lim.iod at |5 20 for both Si>rt8. B .y.AiifjTt M-s.?Flour?Ttn market opened vfitb Crbi nc> , and rather b"ttor lor some ^riulc , 1 ut towards Tin oloao the pricei" were leb? buoyant.and c'.o. ol at about thee current on Saturday. The deni aid wiik tolerably active, with F 'loa of aboul 22,OiiO libla., c'.o.'11 . within the ru.ii,'- of the foli. wing quota: U'us So'ieifinjSUt^ !?' IdO ?, C CO Rxtra Htale, good to cli ice 6 46 a 5 75 SujieiOue Wnstoni 6 20 a 6 30 Common to choice (VuUtu extia.... 6 46 a tl fti? ?'Mr# ("Allium o ihi a 6 60 Mixed tostraightSouthern (J 00 a (1 25 Straight to p.K?ci extra do 0 30 a 7 25 Hi ce extra family ami bak"i?' brands 7 25 a 8 05 live Hour 2 M) a 4 00 Corn luoul, Jersey ami Hiandywifie 2 80 a .1 25 ?Canada tlour w*r in .some bolter demand,ami prim were linn, with sales of 1,200 bhls.jcloning within the above range of prices. Poutlicrn (lour was steady, while i.h ? supply ?a? moderate, the sales footed un about I,500 u 1,~"0 bbls., w <lhiu tlio range of our (Igores. Rye II. ir was ll m and in fair demand at our flgurea, with ga,'"S <?? 360 btils. Com meal w<is steady at quotations, w .tli s.ilrr, ol Jervoy una llrnndy wine ut the above.pri <??. Wheel was steady, and mow I descriptions of g sid ship ping qualities wife Arm ut Saturday's qnotuti in. The chl< f Inquiry whs for exjs>it to Kivii04. Tint sal<* h-re II" I to ai riv< ??mhrai od about 226.IH10 bushels. at $1 '10 a #1 !6H<r priuio v'Jiito Michigan, $1 :iHa$l 43 for white Ohio and Indiana, fl <10 a ?! for prime to choir') white Kentucky, $1 31 a $1 37 for unn> umt do., fl -U a $1 32 for red \V<lt?m, $1 25 a $1 20 tor red State, $1 21 a $1 21 y, for ambur Ohio ami l.icen nay, chlnlly to arrive; $1 18 ft $1 21 for Mllwa Iff" rlnti, |1 1 <) ft $ I 20 fa" Rnelnn spring, #1 15a $1 16 for Chicago spring. Cow wb luHlveuad about lc. per bushel higher, with a good Eastern and e.\porl d<mm. I. Tlio sa'es footed up 'j.ri0,000 bushels, a good pa t lo arrlvo, at 67c. for heated, nod at 38c. aS0c. for shipping lots of ?ood Wostern mixed 60c. for yellow do., ami flic. lor white .lo. Uarlcy was in fair demand at steady p ioes, with salop of 5,000 bushel* good State at BSi a OIHj. , find 7,000 <tO. Canada Vest at 74c. Ryewa tirin, with sale* ot 1,800 bushed*fctate at 76c. Ootswero in better rei.iifltt and prices Ann at 32c. for Canadian, and 35,'j'c. a 3<i'\ lor Stale. ftx'srs?The dale* embraeod about 3,000 bugs Rio at T5'<c..Mid 81 ilo at 15^C. Corro*.?The market waaqnjot, and sale* con (in -d to some 200 haled, in stnall lota, within tbn rargo of 21){o. a 21 'j'c. for tnidriling uplands, Chiefly at the latter figure. Kkkkutv.?To Liverpool rates were Inn, while the en gagement.-! comprised about 40.000 bushahi of corn en gaged at 11^(1. all\d., in ban- suit1 b Ik, and 6,700 bushels wheat at IS^d., tn *hi|^ ha*-). Four was nominal nt 3s. a 3a. 31. To London 18,000 bu?hols wh at atl3l?d.; tlonr was liken Ht 44. anil cUoesu at ItiM.; choeiiu, by steamer to Liverpool, was at 50s To Ant werp 500 bbls. ||.mr wore engaged at 4e To Havre two* ships wore taken op to load with about J<i0,00ti bushels wheat ai 25c., and 4,000 bld.i. flour at 96c. A Ijriush burlt was taken up for Clocuntor, to load with wheat, in hulk, at 13>?d Hay was steady, with sates for shipping at 45c. a 55c., and for city use at 55c. a 06c Moi.a:m:s wii* (Irmly held, with limited sriles. Navai.Stokks.?Sales embraced 1,000 bbls common roaiu at $-1 6S}f, 300 do. tine losinat $fi 60, and 100 i 0. , tine do. al $S. A Kale of 50 bbls. of spirits wio. made at $1 44, w hile $1 45 was asked. I'KOViWixs.?I'ork?The market was firm and more ac tive. 'Iho sales embraced abo it 1,600 bbU. at $14 a $16 for uii^s, and $0 76 a $10 for prima,and $13 60 for thin mebj. iteof was steady, but comparatively quiet. Kales of 180 I'hlH wore rejjorted at ft a $'J 75, repicked mess, and at $12 ft $13 60 for extra do. Cut meats were | steady and in fair demand, with stiles of 360 htida. and tlercoh at 5c. a fi '4e. for shoulders, an I at 6)^i:. ii 7e. for hams, 'the market for new city lard was firm, with salosof ^75 bbls. at 8<<c. a 9>{c., and e.holce nt 9%'c. ltacon was scarce and nominal. Bettor was steady and in fair demand at 13c. a 14c. for State, 15c. for ehoico 1 fresh do.,and 10c. a 12c. for good to prlmnohto. State c.hocge was in steady re^ui it at 6c. a 7c., and Ohio was at it uj>c. The extreme rates demanded for freights tended Cfo cheek operations. Kkk.?A wite of 30 casks was made it 71 fc. a 7 t<c. Scoaks wore Arm," sales embraced ;'?(X) a titMl bhds. t^utia muscovado at 7J^c.|a8^o. for both rellninnand grocery grades, and 19,000 bags Manila wore sold on private terms. WmsMnr.?The murkot was hotter and moro active. Pales of 700 a 800 bbls. wero made at 20\Jo. a 20)^c. l^OST AND FOIIIJIIJ. Dm; LOST.?STRAYED FROM TI1K OWNER, ON Sunday morning, 13th (k;toi>er, In Oansl n'r^ct, near West Broadway, a medium siicdblack a?.d uu Dog. with long rare. Whoever \vill rei.irn tlx* sainn to Mr. iltidd, No. 6 | Fifth Avenue Motel, will lie handsomely rewarded. I OST.?STRAYED FROM THK STAPLE OF THE 8UB j icrlbMs, a large and well built itud Cow, with brass but tons on her horn*; haslarge udderand teats. Whoever will return or give information whei e sho may he tound, will Ixi liberally rewarded. C. II. CAJCP, corner Pineapple and (.'oluuoWastrr -Is, Brooklyn. IOST-fS REWARD?OK FRIDAY, IN A BROADWAY J and Twenty.third street omnibus, or iu TwtWty-lbir.1 street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, a lady's Hair Breastpin, set in gold. The ftndar will ruoelre the above re ward by leaving it at U6 West Twenty-third street. IOST-ON SATURDAY, THE .VTII INST., A W1IITK J Poodle Dog. with small brown spot on the back. Any one returning the same to 29 Went Seventeenth street will be ilher.'tlly rewarded. I OST?ON FRIDAY, THE 11TH INST., NEAR THE J Corn Exchange Bank, a Deed for a Tract of I,and In Washington eounty, Nebraska The Under by returning it to No. 13 Wiltlam street will bo hiiltably rewarded. IOST-ON SUNDAY. OBH INST.. BETWEEN WEST J and ltarclay streets, $15, belonging to a p <or person. Any honest js'rsnn Hnding it wiii reostve the thanks of the own, r un<( do liberally rewarded by leturuiiig the same to No. 6 West street. ^ 1 OST-IN MKKt'ER STREET, BETWEEN WAYERLEY I j piaee and Amity street, on Monday niornlnr, between 11 and 13o'elock, a Collector's Wallet, containing an envelope addressed to 2o2West Twenty-third Mr. et. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving It at the cashier's desk, 44S Broadway. 1081'?ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER IS. BETWKF.N WEST J Nineteenth street and Fulton terry, either In an Eighth nven teearor iu walking frotu Yese.v street to Fulton ferry, a Gold illssp, with a irreen cornelian centre and a blauk vel vet band attached. Toe tinde r will rencive a liberal reward by returning it to'230 West Nineteenth at. LOST?ON MONDAY MOKNIXO. ON THU HUDSON Hirer Railroad (half past nine train leaving Fort Wash ington), a Portemomiale, containing about $01), the earnings of a hard working womss. The under will be liberally re warded by leaving It at 172 Varick street, corner of Charlton, with Mrs. Wallace, or with Mr. Lamont, Fort Washington. Lost?a distillers rbobipt book, in ooixo through Christopher street, Sixth avenno to Tenth street. Tenth street to Broadway, The finder ?ill lie suitably re warded by sending it to h. JL Waisun'a distillery, 182 i lirinto strect. pher sti LOST-TWO PROMISSORY NOTES, DRAWN BY It. R Parker, payable to the order of Wm. Barker A Co. on demand, dated April 24, IftAI, and May 24, 1861, lor three, and five hundred dollars resiiectlvely. All persons arr forbid ne gotiating said notes, as Payment ot tiiem has been stopped. WM. MARKER & CO., Stand No. 112 Fulton Market. Lost?on Thursday last, a small white poo dle Do*, slightly uu.rked with yellow, named .lack. Any person returning him to 3JT Brootno street, will rteelve 93 reward. /PO EM'ltESS AND HAOKMBN.?LOST. ON SUNDAY X evening, <m the arrival of the steamer Champion from California, u Trunk, marked "Honors, No. 11." was taken from pier No. 3 North river, either Intentionally or by mis take. It belongs to a returned Californian, who can ill afford to lose it, as it contains many things which are of much valne to him. A suitable rewsrd will be paid for itf return to the atllce of French's Hotel. HOT'SES, rooms, &c., \v\nted. Furnished house wanted.?a responsible party of three wish si nicely furnished House, In a desi rable location, where the rent would be taken in hoard; or any person about leaving the city, and willing to place their house in tho Are of such a party in preference, to servants, can make a satisfactory arrangement by addressing M. F., statlou D, Bible House. References unexceptionable. IlUBNISllED HOUSE IN BROOKLYN WANTED? From Not. 1, for six months or a year, for a small laml ly; must be neatly fornix tied and convenient, and easily ac. i esslbie from fei rv or railroad. Address J. R. PomMvy, bur 1,209 N. Y. Post utllca, suiting terms Hud location. TV House wanted?between west ninth and Thirtieth streets, not below Sixth avenue, l'otir Ktorlee, high stoop, nnxlent Improvement.-; if possible partially fur nished; neighborhood must lie unexceptionable; rent must, bi loir to H ;;ood party. Address for two days A., box 1,652 Post oilllle. "1ITANTED?A SMALL well furnished house, or T? part of a House, on the west side of tho city. Ad dreK", - i-itliv terms and particulars, Tooker, 4U "Olluton place, Eighth street. f ANTE l>?IM MEDIATELY, BY A FAMILY OF ' adults, it first clusj well Ijroisle 1 boiuc (\. I,ere the whole or part of the rent wl'.l be. taken In board preferred), betwei n Fourth and Slxih avennea, Ninth and Thirtieth streets. Satisiactury references given, and tho l est care taken of the premises. Terms low. Address E. M. C., sta tion <4. WANTED-AN UNFURNISHED ROOM?EXCEPT CAR pet mid Shades, with b< ant, by a ludy; either in a pri vate family ot g> uteel boarding house. Terms uot to exceed $7u er week, Including tire and Kan; unci -eptlonablc refcren C( s given aud requirsil. Address W. J., Herald oilier. WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH MAX AND WIFE, WITH one child, ft house to mind or offlcea Good city refer eose. C..II on or aildiuss J. H., Nu. ltM 39th st, between Sl'a am) atb area., 3d lloor. WAVTBD?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOom, with modem improrements, Ai xma'l faint ly; uorhlldpcn; rent or (part to be taken Inboard by the u* ner, with privilege of a lew select, boarders. location near Brondway and Fifth avenue, from Eiglnh t*> Twenty, thirt! streets. I nexccptlotiaWe references dven. Addrea lv. O,, box 112 lleralu OSOt, v > WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH I'nuil $7UOTO $fl00. in a good paying business, Wmg ami weu eatatiUsked ThisisuKOOdoPftioruiiiity for a man to make a sale luveat' mcnt. Apply at 170 Chatham street. J. P. TRAVER. WAN TED?PERM AM ENTLT, BY A ORNTI.EMAN AND bis wtfli (wuhout chiilirn), an eotUo floor of a! least l'\mr Hoo?p nrd Kitchen or Basement; wste> , k"U* and bath In tb? hoiu*'-. Location not above Twenty-third sireet. Rent not to escced >14 per nioiith. Address Ueorxr, llcrald ollire. TirANTED?THE LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, W ITH W all the roo tern imprnvcmenls, for a tamliy of three adults^na the east side < i the ctly, below Fiftieth street. Ad iln?w W. T. P., Herald ofltce. WANTED-A Fl.BNI.SHBD OR UNFURNISHED nouns, near Broadway oi Fifth avenue, for a small family; no children, rent lo be taken, or part, in ts.?rd by I owner, with privilege of ft few s?Iert boanters; ins it have ' modern improvements: uneir, fHonabls reiercnos gl.eti. J Adilrt^ss B. V., box 120 ijcrald tgli-e. 1 TITANTED?A STORE SUITABLE FOR THE BINE fT itn-1 fplrit tiAilr, vrjiu :: nx?m attached. Fitinirn utrnftll* wll t)? pmxbaAPa on llkft-mltorms. Adtlies? ? A?M>nnt.iDt T. V. V., Ilt'Pt'ii orfh-c. WANTED TO HIRE 08 PURCIIAsE-A COMFORT | ?r ah'hoitiM*, with frrni mu i j tr-n H'Tf* nf iarni, xviihm ! |ljr? *? hourn of Yu'ii: u\' vi'-x aj >. l!u<!son rlvtr irc I t*ernv,. AddrctfM. Ij., 3JI Fullun "rtr N* w York. I \VANThO TO H^NT?KV N PIllVATK Pa.MIU*. A *1 !'?irrilH' <1 Uu1 s'\ " i a r. np?i-tul ?" neiKhb r ><!, not ! Mfeb'-r {.??'' T'.Vfnty-iiijfhth Ure*t. i?>'A\r, a 6 coiid ; n?! | h h'h . i .iu? . Ron' not toi caea >UK)a month. Add.-a, i A H-i fuw i W Unfa, At ft 4 1'W U vlliwft. POLITICAL, 1)LACHM WI/EKB BOARDS OK ftJSdIHTKY MBRT. 1 if Oommon Oouseit. Thrt following arn designated as th? pl?o?N o *o L KJorfcfon dl*4rlct in th" several w<*rdK o! thifl ciif, hI w'm?h flnctinu* ahull in* ht*ld, until ?lh?Nrwl*n rc'.rtrdd. The boards vi Inspectors of (legisTy wilt meet ..t, tko a a me rite waud. First disirl l, H2 Ownwiaii atrff-i. ond dif i i< t, 62 (Jrcnn^l U street* Third (UmiicI, llo qwicU ^Ub l. Fourth district. 1?ystt r ntr? tL ?11 Ih dutrui, 101 Jirojai slreM SKCOMi WARD. First dUtrl* t, (il Aon ntr?*> l UocoQd (li?*irici# ButLo . TlilBD WAUB. PIii*t distrlot, 1 Hudson ?>,u no N*Hi"hd iiMtrlci, uU Thud di*ti i, t, 2/V) iirfeiwvii'h street, Fourth dibtriu, J iiudA< u Mireei. rt oi.wi ? ut(. First district, II J not. *ti ? l 8m ond uihtiia, tit# U'illiuui street. 1 Third diMii i, jbM< w Bowery. Fourth iiJ-itricf, M l'Io-i ?y Hueet. l''li Hi di.-trn t, 4i? J.iiiu h Mll'Ui t. hixth di-'rift, jH iJlit ny hirer t. buvuuth c!istrh t, id Cutlmiliir street* Hi lit \V A II It. Fiiwt dlHirict, 124 Chur* li struct. ?< vioud district, 2t? White mi ret*'. Tlilru distrn't, lvil l i uikllii h et. . Fourth dJHtrl. i, l?7 V\ cm i|ru-?lv y. FJlth district, lc'?r? Dtttino liliv. ! ( ; n.*ru*HU? bixih df?irii t, 'in^nwlch stiuet's|. Srviith utsiiKt, 51 h?m? i. Ntm-i. K^Stli dihuh 174 kIi-m t. StJK'IU WAliD. First district, 1 Tryon row. Seu.nd uihiiIcc, i<mii Ward iii.ii"!, toiuui'W Centre tad I Mr>cl*. 'I'lllid district 26 City Bill plain, l''oi.nli diairivtL&i liuu'iiiru u.ictii, Filili, Aj'Vniri- stirrt. bixlh ill-llliI, 1 .Uuilcriy street Seventh 'llslll.K, ll.V, M.-tt "l.-eet. Eighth district, Hi kui'-tf i I. j N 1111,1 district, uy Hi.i iijr Ht 1 i-s;. : vk:< ih WAitfk, Firm district. 68 Kiutt H mlv u)\ 8"'umd "imirliii, J ti^ Ciitictj hV>coi,. 'J'hini JUtrioC, IM M im-on mvi t. Fourth (if.trli t, u-ui Oh?rry Kireit. Kiilh uihtr-. I, fW 1'iki- M'frt S.xili n.Kirn 1, 17.> droi t S Vi'n'.h dlHti. t, I ?l. ni?rilluTN kind Ki J1II1 dtxirici, 'it Mu:.t. iiiiery uri'. u Niiili illmriiU, tit- II my ttM'rt. 'fcuili ilUtrlut, C'Z 1.?' term 111 ittrii t. KIbvi nth distiii'i, 37V Wiiiirm* ?trci t. 1111,11111 tt'AKU. I'll t district, M Womi. : sirn t. Sl lUl.ll dlntlll:l, 70 i'l'HMIM?lill btri I'.t. Third liintrlci, :u)lari street. Fimrtli district. 5i! li. 1111 wi k slnrt. I' ll ill 11 intl kt, 411* tin ? IIM 1 It btrrc I. HimIi ilUirint, i 1U \Vih?>i 1 hi. el. Suvrutli 1 I II li t, yii Went lliiimUiii MtreeU Eixliih difiirlcl, :T,'I ->| i tit - hhvli. N.nlh ulairii t, 154 t uiuk rtlrcei. Ti-IHli ilikiri, t. 2iM V.n lrli ntn-i-t. i-.l, vi-nili dtnlrlct, 'Mt> Sjirin^ utrect. Ttvelliu diiu.i-t, ilo 1.1. rituii i-.ivi-U NINTH WAKll. Pi ml diKtri't, f72 liiei-ntt ii h til t-ei. - ma/ diMi'ict, iCJ ilndMiii mrret. Ti- rd dinlr.i t, llluei Iter Uuil/Uini-, turner of Bieockcr aod Mi'i u.u ?ir i-is. I-*iiirtli Jlnirit-t. Chr!fll<?[ihi'r *;re? Kiitb uUlrU 1, l.'i .-.t-vci.ili nvi iii.e 8ntn ..'.nit kt, -18 HiiiiiiihKKI ?irri t. K'-vi lilt) iii.^11 m, t-u irthstioot. Eighth tlUti Ut, IMWi IIttiihiiii At'vcU Niitili dl?tri< t. IH l-'nuri'ti ?*i. Tiuith dlktr.ol, 4 Ui-ltiiiiiiiBti. i t. Ki, 1 nth il 1.-vi'lct, rrStir- enwi It sir'-el. Twi-lith iU.-lriot, MuutUwcwtocaeroi Wuablocton ondWesl IV-lith HllTt-U. TKNTR VXP.P. Fli?l district, Tenth Ward Hot, I, cu> asr ol Urouuie anJ Funy Ih struts. tMivond illslrict, 7.1 Alien Mtroet. Third dimrict, cS% Ori hard sUi-ot. Ftinrtii ?llHirlui, ii' Krkei Btrnet. Fil th district, W ?l?lrtdge Mtreet. 8Uth dlstru l, llowerj. KLkVKHTU IV! IID, First district, >41 Atou-ni-y Hlri rt. Ki '-nnit illvtrli-t, 'J.V1,ii street. Xltud district, Z*3 8tiuiuin-kurut. Fourth dt?>trii-t, W) Ll'WLs sillM-t yn'iti district, IV Uutictoii s.n-et. 1?U'(1 district, is Hvt-mie C. Seventh district, 7 at, nue C. lilfcti-H.l, 2iy Tlilr.i i treet. N.inh district, union Hall, corner of avenue C and Fourtu ?tre,-i. l'oiitli district, 1H& Is-wls street. Eleteiitli dlftrli t, is9hv. nue I). Twcirth (liKtrlct, Hi Suth itn vt. Tbti tct-itlh dlsiilct, Ikit, hull lit street Fourteenth district, llil iivi-ntu- U. Flllei'tith district, 4ltiTi nth street. .Sixteenth disirli t, .195 Eust Tuiab street. ^aventri nili distrlrt. <44 Eleventh MretU Euliieciitli dlsti'ict, 217 avi-nitu 0. TW-KLITU wsnn. Kit st district, at the l,ou**e ol Fatricit McOnnn, comer of Broudw ay anu lulsi street. Sen ml dlsirtci, on the southeast oornar of fClghly-aevtntii stri i-t and Third svenue. Tlmd di. rot, at Ciurles Halm's, corner of 116th street suit Third avenue. frou-tii district, at James Hope's, corner of U!&th street and Thinl avenue. Fifth 11 istnet, ltroadway, between Manhattan and Law. rent e streets, house ol E. ltoach. SKtli oistriot, at the house ol John ftcallon, corner of Teuth avenue and lS9th street. TiiiKTKi:irrii ward. Firpl dtstrlet, lSD'J llrnome Hreet. H-coiiti distitot, .Hi Atlo,m y street. Thira dUtrirt, .H7 Will?lt street. F'oiirtli uistrli L HI Krooim. struck Filth district, 7 (Joerek street. Hl?lh district,ol M.innln street. S,.tcn'li "lUtnrt, 14s Hoi:, street. Ei(,htn district, 17 C .nnon street. rooBTKKurn tv.i?o. First district, 277 Molt strti t. Sci on t district, Hi I'rinre street. Ttilrd dlstrii't, 214 Mctt street. Fourtli illstiict, 174 ih struct. Fifth district, 421 iiroome sttcel. Sixth 1 intrict, 174 (iranil street. Seventh dlstrm, 2HI) Molt street. Ei(jhlh dis rlet, 201' Hester street. Mnth district, 1.11 Miikoerry streut 1'ctitU disirtct, 215 Il-sU r street. rrrTi.R'.TH wilt*. First district, 121 Amily street. Seeouil dlslriet, northeast corinr ef Sulllva# and Blccckcr atreets. Third district. 101 Mercer street. Fourth district, 129 Waverley place. Fifth district, 115 I-.'leventh si 1 ret. Sixth district, 7 West Eleventh street. Seventh district, northeast corner of Washington place. In the University. Eiuhth district, dl2 B 0\ istsy. Ninth dlslriet, I4X East Tenth street. Tenth district, 68 West. Thirteenth s.rect. si.trKK.vrn w\uo. First distrlet, 73 Seventh avenue. Second dlslriet, 102 Seventh iivnnttc. Third district, 15'J Seventh avenue. Fourth district, 223 Seventh avenue. Filth district, Jk?> Ki?hth avenue. Sixth dlKiriet. 260 West Seventeenth Street. Seventh district. Ill Ninth avenue. Ktijhth dlslriet, !W Tenih avenue, Niuth district. Its', Ninth avenue. Tenth district, 434 West Tiveiity-lifth street. sKvrNTKKNTU WAttP. First district. 233 Bowery. Sscond district. 3t>2 Hnukion street. Third dlitrict, 164 Siiftnlk street. Fourth dlslriet, 32 Second avenue. Fifth district, 107 Fifth street. Sixth dlslriet. 129 Fust avenue. Seventh district, 105 East Twelfth street. Eiilhth district, 200 Host Thirteenth street. Niutli district, 20H First avenue. Tenth district, 113 l'.ud Eleventh street. Eleventh district, 117 avenue A, corner of Eighth street. Twelfth district, 83 nventte A, corner ol' Fourth street. Thirteenth district, N'o. 5 avsnuo A, corner of Klrht street. Fourt'?uth district. 258 East Thirteenth direct. Fifteenth district, 163 Eleventh street. Sixteenth district, 95 iwnue A. Seventeenth dlslriet, 137'i Third street Eighteenth district, I3li Second street. FKillTFKNTH WAKD. First district, 68 Union plnre. Seeoud district, 28 Eusi Nineteenth street. Third distilrl, 71)^ West Twenty-fourth street, southeast corner of Slxih avenue. Fourth district northwest corner of Filteenth street and Third avenue. Fifth district, northeast comer of Seventeenth street and Third avenue. Sixth district, southeast corner of Twenty .second street and Third avenue. Seventh district, 107 East Twenty-fourth street Eighth district, southwest corner of lint uvi nue and Six teenth street. Ninth district, 228 Esst Eighteenth street. 3'emh district, southwest corner ol Tweiily-second street and Second avenue. Eleventh district, northwest corner of Twenty-third street nnd First avenue. Twelfth district, 131 East Sixteenth street. Thirteenth district, southeast corner of Twentieth street and First avenue. Fourteenth district, southesst corner of Twenty-thud street and avail ue A. KINETKFITTH WAKD. First district, Onrvey's, corncr of Fourth avenue aud Forty-second struct Second district, Second uvenne, between Fnrty-thlril and Fortv fourth slrceut, house of S. Cain. Third district, sou'.awcat corner of Fiftieth street and Fourth avenue. Fourth district, northeast corner of Third avenue and Fifty third strcot. Fifth district, west side of Third arcnue, corner of Flftr siath street. Sixth district, west side of Sixty-first slreet, between First and Second avenues, house of Edward I'lirceUii. Seventh district, southwest coiner of Eight).second street and Third avenue. Eighth district, suuVhcast corncr of Eighty-flflh street and Thud avenue. Twrwrmrn wiRt). First district, 288 West Twenty-seventh street Second district-2S3 Tenth avenue. Third district, 357 Ninth avenue. Fnurth district, 116 West Thirty-sixth street. Htflh district, 430 Tenth avenue. l^th district, 196 West Twenty-seventh street. Seventh district 402 Ninth avenue. Eighth district, 525 Eighth avenue. Ninth district, 255 Seventh avenue. Tenth district, 312 Seventh avenue. Eleventh dlaiilct, 343 Seventh avenue. Twelfth dinrlct 179 West Thirtv-ihlrd street Thirteenth dL'trlct, 899 Seventh'avenue. Fourteenth district, 435 St veiuh avenue. ' TWXMTT-riKST WAND. Fh-st district, 4C3 First avenue, between Twcnly-ieT*uth and Twenty-eighth streets. Second district lid T%eaty-nlnth street, near Third avenue. Third distrirt, northeast corner of Thlrty-flm! street and 8ueaind avanue. Fourth district, southeast corner of Thirty-fourth street and SKCoDd HVCL 'lft. FUlh district, 180 Thirty-sixth street, between First and Sersnd aveiiura Sixth district, 896 itocond avenue, corner of Tblrty-slxth sueet. Seventh district, 751 Second avenue, near Thlrty-niuth sir tet. Etstith distrirt, 6C4 Third avenue, between Thlrty clffhth aiot rhlrty-ulntb Mn^u. ? s'lnth disiB. t <70 Third avenue, next tn corner of Toirly fuuith sir' " * Truth district, 445 Fourth avenue, next to corner of Thirty first st mat. Eleventh district, Fourth avenue, between Twenty eighth .??"! Tu-enty-nlnth street*. Twelfth dlttricl, 1,201 linisdwar, near Twentr-nlnth street. Thirv-enih district, 56 West Thirty-second street, corncr Bro ,dwny. Fourteenth district 6C>4 Thirty-seventh slreet. TWKWTT-SKCOND WAllO. First district, 252 Eighth iiM-nue, hrtween Fortieth and Foriy-ilr't aircels, e 1st side 0! Eighth itrenue. Si 1 d.strict, 206 West I on- s. i-.m l street, t etwe, n Ei'Ath an l Ni'iih nvenncs, south side of Fortv-senond st:vc. Thud d,..iilet, 1<S \\ st Furl)-v '"11.1 street, oeiw ' El ;hth au I ninth ave.-ie. north side ol Fori) si tni sheet. Ko.uih d!? let, 226 Hist f.,rlv io'iclh sirect, n twi 111 Uil< 1 ntl Mm!, a.i nin s. N..t" n. 1 H..U Fl I'.- nil . 2I9 Weal Forty-fourth atrv't, bft ?'een 1. 1111,1 Nililli a.i-nues. j Mxtn ?' sitlu, t riitr of Nmt'i atpen :<? an I " 1'; 1 auulistfcvt POLITICAL. Seventh district. 101 West Poriy-slnh street, nvmi Broadway mi l k4>{lilli avenue. Eighth district, northeast corner of Eighth avenue aad Forty-seventh street, betweeu forty-seventh and Fort# Clklltll Htl'eeJa. Ninth district, east side of Eleventh avei'ue, between Forty rtvlith mi l Forty-ninth strei in, about i.fiy iuet north at Fortyi^lilh Hireel, mi lilmeiiili avenue. T< inli distr" t, tH# nlwli avenue, Iweuiy-Bve feet north of i'm h' th stieet, "ii weei ill' of Ninth avi nue. ki'-.< mh district, f JO Ninth svetute, l?(ween Fifty-second nnn Klfiy-tliirit -iieets, twenty feet south ot Klfty-ihirdstreet >?-fi sole ot Ntntb avenue. tw Jib d'atiict 'on went side of Seventh avenue, twenty liv teet south of Fil'l>-.-uveulb street, between hn>-euui Jul ilty-s V' nlh meets. Thirteenth ? lurid, on the west aide of Broadway, betweea SI ? i) t'on ill unit S.ity-tlith nrrau, ?t the house of Jobs t'HHivini Ir. rnth dl-urlci, southeast corner of Tenth avenue and Seventy-ninth ?^re l. ata MEf'tlvlj OF TUT. fourth A^sevhly dlfl J\ urn, i. d 'lua (M i d'.y) ?? g, oc.nber 14, at the Seventh Wai.; Ilou-l, 1711 .Madiam ? i ???(, whereby M.cluteJ s,.ancle .Ir . a iuii iiiiioiimv nominated for meaiocr of ,H "f Itaid lla II l i.v.kimm .S uelny. JOHN V. dalton, Chairman. 'l'(io S.A < i. i till ti.ASSIl' lcat10s.^ ^ i' ?i?a imoauway. fhk nl'.W YORK UMIAK an'i) M antilla btorb llavi n >w "ii hsn ) And are dallv i ini A <|'l' udid a-surltuenl of PARIS ol<(akft, In Velvet, clo'h, B'a i.ilrotdel 1 a "1 all olh-r leadlnf ? ir f., v :? liwilb o'w dni) c ? to suit the timet. Amaotiinukirr hbven octavb kosc.wooo fuuii'f >ri? tor aiil>?Kir-hly carved legs imn rau, round xiroer*, lull iron |j? e and ,lneu wit!. satin <vo<ai, ovci>truag buss iiiliUu with and pearl kevs, made 10 "rder lor th" pro i en; owner by ''il'. makei n; ! u'ly BuuriDtoeii for three years; le't n i'i us* hut live irioirli*; I .id ffttfl; will he nold pir j2.'#, including Stool anil (lover. an" mi ??Iceaui fm-awmg it'vun eiuit. rorti j.aiu, for $I3A. Inquire at V'u West TwutUy-statfc ? irt, near UHtli avenue. CAUD.?in ANSWER TO SEVERAL inquirif.b * ? mi. -ml/ned 11.1a t e h our lo 'til'"' that b-- n will m; ;n Hfeejit a few more pupil* on th? pitno und *iii<l''* ?? ilrooUvn. fleaao apinyut lSThlr l mrret, ni r.r Second ne iiue, S'. y. TtiEDUOUK iilHVXLU. cadsey ol'' pbnmans'iip an!> booukekpino? 1 Hr...i'i?m> .''oiimiiu'd by 'A'. C. HOOli i.AND, rot dims V Nir.s with oliver ii ilu:d-.ifth. New f>u|>lls are rewlvea myrirnl ev tnif; tor th irmgh ]ir w-tlcal in*.ruction. bucoan I^tarautei'd io.iii Tertne lii'Merate. \ KltKM'IIMAN OK (iOOLI EDUCATION akd im -V alruotion u-i ii-a wgivc aoine ichminaln Krenoli in uti ite liou-ce Oo"d rcli r> due ?;il be ^iven mid term* nio<l? ite. A 1 'fi s Mr. J. .littler St ko irlh ivemie. \ CAi1 /v ::i?i \ (Utr.AT QUANTITY OK (5amt OKK oi.oti11no /V Kuriiitiire, t'aijM-ia und Jewelry wanted, toaupfiljr me wcrtutu iu.il1;. t.?i pay ith follow*?for wlilc (ln >:.i H IV''1.1 e, Cai|?'ia und Jewelry a anted, lonuj t. t.?i puy iik folt'in? ?for eiik dn $rj t(> $;iil; L.'tti fruiu s i to llrt. p?utH hum >1 5d lo 16. i.'a.l "ii iir eddreta A. lluc'iit. iii# .HoveriUi uvciiiie, ,i. tween T'reutv-fourth und Twenty liltb ?lreeui. lad'na atleoued bjr Mr? 11. A (MOD OPI'OttTUNITY IS OFFERED TO OENTI.e /V men liavlng any tnuv or lel't of tilot-liin* t?? di?po? of. tliny can m lam the nighesi nrl e bv iviliiun at the aiure or ? denwamsj('HN MOKPflY, s01 tVarl street. All ordera A FACT. ? tektii BXTRAl'TKD WITHOUT PAIN BY u new pr 'C"a~, priutliBrd by n < uic ebic, wltlimit ctilor#. :jutn, cltio or otln r tin rtaln and lti>uri"ii? methods lilUier li it. i>h. li'thril, Sr. D"uiui ('ny 'nior), f.umer !y many years Id h oadway, removed t ? I(H knot Twcnty ?ee ind'str. et. ArtiUrial tenth on gold, pl.vlua. sliver or niluH'r, wurranted equal to any ai any prte". At i&ventato $Joa>:h. Superior boueiilllnj without pain only fill cram. t ciialrvotant WHO HAS NO icqital ?i.ADIES wuii <ire tick, In Ironlde or tin nrfnaie, run nontul' her ivlili Hie wile lent conluleii e She ivanatu* ti? cure ill* nilet .it> ra. ..tell nwiea of t bcum.iUstn In u fi <v daya. if you wiah i i a umn oorri t incfu'umuua on til evaata, call und"mm Mr*. mfl.TON, No. 3.1 llruouio atrei i, from 9 o'clock A. m uutu H P. m. Boarding pupils wastrd?a first olass sb inlnery In Hrooklyn iuu a tew 1 iirm l?a at very lev r .leu, payment m.iy be made In or any muifeeut ble urn it; a native i'renoli te lolie,- Uvea in the fainliy. ad Jreaa Prmcinul, box i - '? Herald olUce. /"1alifoknia AOEM'Y, 3hs N1NTI1 ATENOE?l'As V.' the hlgl.ent price for .ill kind* of WcirtitR Amxtrel, ktu iiluire. (Jarpela, ,kc.. to iimKe up a aliipiucut by the lira! tteanwr. Mrs J. ooldstein. Uctitleineu uticuued by mr. Onl'ltteln. IMPORTANT TO LADIES.?a LADY, A SUPERIOR rhlro^r-r^ilit, wllleklve private le^mt to ujie* d<?Jrooa r>f ,,npi nvuig their Iianlwritmiu Turma reasonable. Audreaa W. T., H':rui.l ollen. i tufll. CHOI.LET informs PlANIgTS THAT HIS TUJf *t Ingt, done forflticenta, ,'ire iik gouil at th'iie* done (or til i*. ??Idea, having the hrntiBl ol music dealer*. i'.y .ililnw-lug uluialUl kui Ninth street. 1'ru.e fol Hrooklyn, MlreuM. VTBW YORK bhllrruk HOSPITAL mkdio'al 9ttm i.1 lege, i (hit of Tweiity-h.jth mreet, E itl River. Memhersof tlie Medi al Pro'ea^lotl, S:tnleuta of Mecttclna, and old pui'lle generally, are retpeotlally invited to be pre Sent lit tbe uuui 'ip atlon of the NEW YORK bellevue HOSPITAL MEDICAL colleob, On WedneKday, Oeloher 10,1861 Preceding the Eiemlaea at the College, an Evenralon wlB be made to Randull'a Island, to the new Hospital, arid other Charities on Blaektvell't Island, In addition to vlewlngilje ententive Wards in Bellevud Hospital, in order that those la terested in the lusllliuion may fully apore.' late the practical advantages offered for the study ?f Medicine. The atnamer Ilellevne will be in readiness at the Collega at is o'clock, M., lo convey the guest* to th" islands. The following ki 'rri*es will tie held at the College, on the return of the summer, at S P. M. ? i N'TltoDUCTORY i-ecthre, by Prof. Benl. w MoC.rv.ADY, M. D. ahdressbf BY Prof. ISAAC E. TAYLOR, M. i) , President of the Faculty; Hon. SIMEON DRAPER, President of the Ileurd of Comndssi mers of Charities and Corrections, and President of tins Board of Trustees of the College; K,M(SciU?'t\';SS?8 Rev. Dr. c1ia PIN, f Hon. JAMES T. BRADY, J Trustees. SIMEON DRAPER, Pres't Commissioner* (<f Charities, Ac., Prea't of the Trustees of the College. ISAAC e TAYI.OR. Pres't "1 ti.o Kscully. PIANOS, MELODEONS, HARMONIUMS. FIRST OLASS for sale, to let, or sold on instalments, on reasonable terms. Peloubet Harmoniums, one, two or three banks of kevs, 9135 to 94011. Cottage Pianos, fully ivsmntrd. f\ and 7 octaves, $ISU to $230. J. M. PELTON. 841 and 843 Broadway, New \ork. Read this.-a phrenologist and astrolooist that beat* the w arid, am' jri.uoo tyward f"r any "lie wii" can equal Miss WELLINGTON, wholt m kuowl' ii> rt to be the only lady In this city who truthfully gives information cone rntnglosses, lawsuits, journeys, ulisent filruds, love, oourtshlp, marrlago. health, wealth, snd who will reclaim drunken and nulaitiilul Imslmniis. Mis* W. is tlie only per son In tblscity who hsstbe genuine Konmn and Arabian talismans for love, gond luck and ail business affairs, and are guarantees for life. Delay uot to consult tins naturally gifted and beautiful yonng lady. Lucky numbers given lflg-'ilir respectable city n ferentcs can be seen at her residence, 401 Blxth avenue. STATE OP NEW YORK. SOCIETY OF THE cincik natl.?Ceneral order, New York, Oet. 14, The Pre sldent of tbe society has the painful duty of announcing th<i destli of a mined member and an efficient olun r of :h" so ciety. Theod.islusOliver Fowler, late Assl-tan' Tr vitur-r of the society, departed this tile on Sundsy, i'.itli Inst., . t Nei - Brighton,'s. I. In testimony of restwet for the memory of our late associate, ihe inemtHTs of the sot lety are request; tf to wear the usual bodge of mourning for ihirty days, end to attend the ftm 'ral of their deceased fr,?nd, this (Tuesday) alternoon, at o'clock, at si. Thomas' chui'fb, (Miner Broadway anil llousiou street. Bv order of wli. s. Pophah,See. HAMILTON FISH, Presllont. ox SEVF.N OCTAVE PIANOS FOR 8alp-AT LKilS oo than cost of mautifneturlng. Every ingtrumcn- war ranted for ihree years. Must be sold this month. Plan s to rent or sold ou liistalmenu. Call at the manufactory, t6 Enst Twenty-second street, near li'Xlng'on avenue. aif'lla WANTED ON BOND AND M ORTli At ie?on fourlotsin Brooklyn, SSxIOO. near terolutit of Myrtle Avenue Railroad. per it Interest will !?? ps"1. seml-anuually. Title pcrfect. Address ii. J. A., iieniln oflice. PERSONAL.. Any i.vdv that will wiute a short piece <>r prone or poetry, FentimeiiUil, patriotic 1 ?r humor olid, for my album, 1 will neiid ooc iu return for hers. Ad dress Charley, lit'raid office. flATHEKINE K ATI N'tt WILL FIND A LETTER PROM \J California at Mrs. Colgate's, 28 Ea*t Thirty-sixth street. C11IAT5LES?I DO WISH YOU TO CALL TO-DAY, IP I convenient, or some time itii* week iiire. I iii i.v. see yoa naac more. I am going hnm? to live. I don't want the ona 1,000 i asked >oa for the last tlmo I ?nw you. Frank?meet me to-morrow, uM or ftHXXB nt the Pnotographle Art tlail ry, 411 Broadway. My bill* run -t be paid. They are only one bait what you paid M '? for your cartes de visile alone. MA RIK. INFORMATION WANTED.?tF MISS JANE atMPSOX, or Sim-"in, ot Ballymena, I related, ?ill mind her adOti ?? to Ixi t 147 ID raid ofllce, she ?111 much obltre u relative who desires to see her. Her friends and acquaintance* will o i ler a favor by calling hw attention to thli udvertiaame'it. IF WT1.I.1VM EDWARDS, JKWKLLEK. LATE OF 77 Rumuur Lmic, Birmingham. England, who l-lt h!? home JanuaurySl. 1 -t60, will communicate with hiadistressed j? ri'nti, he wtll hear of something to his advantage. Any per son wh>> can give (inch Information hm wtll lead io hi? it. sen* tm ic?ted to Impart the same to Mr. fl. RobWn? tJ Clin street, New York. When lust heard ot. In September, INK), lie u ai in Providence, K. I. IF THE YOUJTG LADY IN BLACK, WHO BSOOOIMBMP it k< ' tiemhn at Wallauk'a Theatre on Saturday 1 ? iw-hes to reuaW the acquaintance, she will plea-e .I'.drcsa Walter Clinton, (Jnlun square Poat office. TIM W MEET ME AT NO. 73 ON WEDNESD4E ?J night. Dm-. andUim. will lie tlitre. HIa tinu^? nit tt>? avenue. Cr.ffee and c-ikes t'i'ir. J Al.N. AItY ?CORNER OF NINETEENTH STREET AVD Irving ttlMCo* There la a letter farv.ui in I ntou aqiutnt Post office Address an before, inre of Herald ? iUce, ?hrra an inter* tew can bo had on Wednesday evening. ROsTnaBRBCHLE. OF LC'DWIUSHURO, Wl'RTKM tiers (wUtow WoUbold), is requested by her biotner Outllleb to call without delay at Rau'a ilo'i !, 'Si City Hall jilace. T" h V ?TF YOU REE THIS WRITE HOME. II TOP . are in the service, or auy honest bnmiiess, you will no. bo dlattirbed. _ TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.-A FOREIGN OT'XT'JS man desire* to make the a qualniAm-e or a young I i?'y to plve him English lessous In the evealnga. Plea.* .. iili ss A. 2 b.ix ffervd o'ilce, stating whan and where n-r inter view call I* had. ________ The expressman that i gave acheci;to,no. 54, for one tr'i nit, marked It. G., New Yi I'm >><?, 3 Nor:!. river, will bo ao kind at toaeud it to l:l ? ? t ,Se n teen 111 Street. | ROBERT ? HA Y. ? 'ILL vitS FRA7.EE,LATE OP FIKTEEVT i -TltKl T. ear Ei|iii'h ; sm i, 'i . iu l . ?> . . W., n;ii . nnmo iitteiyf tt ? II.I l . ? octt \v .? . . ? f iMIl V VTTENn i'H > V M ?<* Bed III 11!' IS Ouncert l..-iilght, at Uvyt Vfajt Uii.'-. Ub luctt. i uttug aar.'U > Jit,

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