Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1861 Page 7
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States ufi a triumph of democracy over the aria toorajy. With a people exulting in our triumph ?and indignant at the government which delayed wd hindered it, and with a great nation here Gaming to chastise the miscreant who stirred ?P ft feud between brothers. English aristocracy will be in a very bad way, and we should not be at all surprised if John Bright had the re modelling of the British constitution after all The English editors hud bettor be on the look out for this wind, and trim their sails for it. The peoplo's sympathy Bhould be represented by the press; and the safety of either the aristocra cy or of aristocratic journals is in ft complete identification of itself with the people's cause. The people of England cannot long favor the North while the government favors the South, without trouble coming of the disagreement The people cannot change. The government and its organs must. Tub Triumi>hal Maj(ch ok the Aldermanic Bind?Tuk Last Conspiracy.?Whilo our tax payers, merchants and business men are en gaged in their Union and reform parties for the county and judicial nominations, and their at tention is entirely absorbed in that direction, an extensive conspiracy is on foot, and such means being used to carry it into execution as will Bccure its success, unless tho people take hold of the matter and act with energy. It will be remembered that a commission was appointed by tho last Legislature to prepare a new charter for our city?one that would meet the wishes of the taxpayers and property hold ers ol New York?the charter prepared by theui is to bo submitted to the people at the December election, and, if approved by the voters, referred back to the Legislature, to bo acted upon by that body. Tho phi losophers about the City Ilall, who have pn long disgraced the city, and doubled and quadrupled tho taxes, have been at work (luring the entire summer organizing and lay ing their plans to secure a continuance of their rule through this very charter, which was intended more than anything else to cor rect the abuses which they had been guilty of. They have already captured Tammany Ilall and secured what little influence there is left in that organization for their special scheme. They are now moving heaven and earth to secure Mo/.art Ilall, as well as trying to drive bar gainn with the republicans, under tho promise of extending the term of office of Comptroller Haws, at tho same time that they arrange the "balance of their budget. This conspiracy is, at the present moment, or ganized in al most every Assembly and Senatorial district in the city, with a fixed determination 4o either secure the election of some person con nected with, or pledged to the interests of, the Aldermanic Ring, and who will use every .effort in his power, if elected, to secure such change and modification in the charter that the Common Council may have su preme power in all contracts, appointments aod other jobB of the city. Already several persons pledged to this conspiracy have re ceived the nomination, and others are in hot pursuit of it. Money, patronage and every thing that can be brought to bear is being used, not only to secure the nomination, but to buy off others who stand in tho way of their election. They are likewise endeavoring to keep tho attention of the reform parties upon tjio county ticket, with a hope and desire that tho strength and influence of the reformers will be all expended in that direction, leaving them to carry out their projects for the Legislature ?unmolested. Whether they succeed in this scheme re. onains for the people of the city of New York ?to say %t tho November election. But one thing is certuia: if they are defeated it will not be ?done by running half a dozen reform candidates in each district. There will have to be a unity of action between our business and professional .men and property holders, or the new city charter, instead of being an improvement on the present, will only place the city deeper into the filth and mire so long increasing at the City Hall. There never was a more ?opportune moment than the present to place our city government upon a better basis, and the election of members to the next Legislature is one of the most important steps in bringing about this necessary reform. Let our citizens bestir themselves, or they will wake up the morning after the election and find that, instead -of a reform, a delegation has been elected from '.this chy to the Legislature that will fasten upon them the system that they have for a long ?time been struggling to remove. Mi can .Toirnaijpm.?Ono of the papers pub lished in this city, distinguished for the littlc nest; of i(s editors and for its being managed on ?mean principles, is engaged in supplying in formation to the rebels, which, assuming its statements to bo at all correct, could not fail to prove detrimental to the interests of tho govern ment and of the loyal citizens of the Union. It appears that an expedition of some kind is being ?fitted out at this and some othor Northern port; and although tho government has tho strongest reasoiui for wishing to keep tho movement a secret, the mean journal to which we refer pub lishes every little scrap of information, true or ?Talse. that it can scrape together in reference to it. if wo were to publish all or any of ? the facte that wo have ascertained rela tive to our military and naval movements, we would consider ourselves as directly con tributing aid to the onemy. In times like these the sense of responsibility to the country ought to outweigh all mere selfish considerations, and <he conduct of the mean journal in question should not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Condition of tub Woiuuno Classes.?It is a icomuion topic of remark that the approach of ?winter brings fewer evidences of distress and suffering with it than have been witnessed for many years past. This is easily to be account ed for. In the first place all the surplus arti .siui; of the large cities have gone to tho war, leaving to those who remuin full employment. The latter arc consequently better atile to sup port their families than when they had so much /competition to contend against. Again, num bers of mechanics and laborers, who are accua ?tomed to idle away half thoir time in barrooms ; and groggeries, are now, under the influence of tihe army regulations, becoming sober men, and are sending home their pay regularly to their families. The latter are, therefore, far hotter oil than when they were at homo with them. In addition to these facts, the impetus given by the war to the mechanical occupations in which women and children are able to take part will help to account for the absence of distress that is noticed. Altogether, the demands upon the public benevolence promise to be lighter this ?winter, notwithstanding the war. than at any former period within our recollection. MStESTUG from bichmom. MOVEMENTS OF JOHN C. BRECKINRIDGE. The JLate Union Naval Ex peditions. OUR PRISONERS IN RICHMOND. Prospects of Destitution in the South. John B. Floyd in Trouble with the Richmond Enquirer. CANDIDATES FOR THE REBEL CONGRESS, MILITARY MATTERS, &C., &C., &0. From a copy of the Richmond Eaaminer of the Tth inst. we obtain the follow lag extract!:? ARRIVAL or DON. JOHN 0. BKE< KINRIIK1E ANI> OTIIEB DISTINGUISHED ?BROOSUW IN VIRCINIA. Tho caca|)e of Hou. John C. Breckinridge from tho fede rals In Kentucky la no longer a rumor. His arrival in Virginia it fully couflrinod. Tho Jefforsonville (Va.) Times of last Thursday says.? Hon. John C. Breckinridge, late Vice President of the United Slates, candidate of tho Southern democracy at the labt election for the Presidency of tho L'nued Stales, and at present United States Senator from Kentucky, arrived at this place on Sunday last, anil remained a few hours iu the village, tin Monday Hon. William Preston, from tho same Slate, lato Minister to Spain, also arrived here, and, learning that Mr. Breckinridge wx< only a few miles east of this place awaiting him, hurried on to urorlako him. With these gentletnen wero other distinguished Kentnrk ians, among them, us wo ure informed, two nephews of that ''Old liick Johnson who killed Tecumsuh." These distinguished men were leaving home and friends to avoid arrests and imprisonment by tho Lincoln authori ties in Kentucky. They ore not without nulitan Hum, and the day may come?perhaps is not tur distant?when to the authors of their exile they will return "us terrible ns an army with banners." They wore ou their way to Nashville, Tenn. We learned that Mr. Breckinridge resigned his position as United States Senator belore leaving Kentucky. Tho samo paper has the following interesting jiara graph:? WtE VICTORY IN TIU5 WERT. Additional intelligence received at the War Department gives full coullruialion of tho victory gained by General Jackson on the Greenbrier river. The following in the otllcml despatch of General Jackson himself, addressed to the Secretary of War:? Grksxiirikr Riykk. Oct. 3,1861. The enemy attacked us at eight o'clock this morning in considerable force, estimated at llvo thousand, aud with six pieces of artillery, of longer range than any we have. After a hot flro of four and a half hours, and heavy at tempts t? charge our lines, bo whs repulsed, evidently with considerable loss. We l?ad no cavalry to pursue him on his retreat. The loss on our side lias been incon siderable. A fuller report wIM be givon through the regular channols. For sovoral days my correspondence withGenoral Lorlng has been Interrupted. Tbo enemy's forco was much superior to ours, but we had the advan tage of position. II. A. JACK>0N, Brigadier General Commanding. Further private accounts of tho battlo obtained last night state that the light was principally betwuen tho artillery, our artillerymen shooting woll and lighting gallantly. We hail only five or six killed and eight wounded. The loss of picket guard, who wen stationed between our camp and that of the enemy, was net pre cisely known. The loss of tho enemy was estimated at a hundred killed. Hie inert remarkable circumstance ef the action in that of tho part taken by our pickets, about two hundred of whom aro said to have held the enemy in check for an hour and a half. Tho locality of the battlo was on the piko leading from Bovorly to Staunton. On their rctroat tho onemy had fallen back about six or seven miles, to the neighborhood of what was known as Slabin'ft Cabin. It was not known under whose com mand the enemy worn. Among tho killed was Surgeon Graves, of Captain Rico's artillery ci^npany. Captain Rice was badly woundod, having had one of his foot shot off by a cannon ball. Under tho head of telogruphlc news tho samo paper his tho following:? FEDERAL VESSEL, WITII VALUABLE CARGO, CAPTURED OFF -NORTH CAROLINA COAST. \ r- Wilmington, N. C., Oct. 6, IROi. An authentic lctto? f*Q? an officer on board the steamer Raleigh, dated on tho Sdinst., says that the steamers Curlew and Raleigh had captured tho fedoral steamer Fanny on tbo evening before. Sho was loaded with blankets, great coats, shoes and clothing for the federal Sect, and had forty-flve men on board. No one was UHud or wounded on either side. The steamer Fanny and her cargo aro worth nearly $100 000. A FEDERAL VESSEL OFF Mobile, Oct. 5, 1801, On yesterday tho United States war vessel, tho Missn sippl, steamed up to within half a mile of '.be fortifications now in courae of orection on tho Gulf const, she flrod a broadside at the laborers employed on the works, but no body was hurt. THE WAS IN KENTUCKY. Xahhvili.B, Oct. 4,1861. A gentleman, who arrived this evening from Kartern Kentucky, says that the federals. 4.COO strong, advauccd from Camp Pick Robinson to Big mil, sixty miles nearer the Tennesseo lino, with tho view of fortifying themselves so as to prevent ZoUicoflbr's march into Kentucky. Our troops havo not advanced boyond Green river, i Tho federals aro fortifying Klizaiwthtown, where they are encamped, 8,000 strong, with eight cannon,but ne cessaries only suflicicnt to last them but a few days. Tho Kenluckians are redeeming Kentucky and predict that the Southern winter quartors will bo at St. Louis, Louisville, Washington and Baltimore. TUE WAR IN MISSOURI. Memphis, Oct. 4,1801. Col. Hardee is at Columbus with his command. Gen. Jeff. Thompson's forco is now at New Madrid, bound to St. Louis for the purpose of Joining Gen. frico and Gen. McCullocb. Gen. Clarke is moving honce, In tho same direction, with twenty cannon. Gen. Fremont's safoty is endangered, and 8,000 of his troops havo moved 1'aducah-ward from Columbus. ARREST OF ESCAPBD FEDERAL PRISONERS. Mobii.k, Oct. 6,1861. The few prisoners who escaped en route to New Orleans have been arrested and lodged In jail. CONGRESSMAN ELY PRESENTED WITII A WOODEN SWORD BY HIS FELLOW PRISONERS. Hon. Alfred B. Klf, M. C.,of the Rochester (N. Y.) dis trict, in Lincoln's Congress, who was captured on the field of Manasses on the memorable 21st of July, and who has since been imprisoned in one of the Richmond tobacco fcctoriea, was the recipient, a few days since, of a valua ble token of tho rogard and esteem iu which he is held by his follow prisoners. An ingenious artisan among tho number fabricated a wooden sword of considerable di mensions and comoly shajio, together with a ropo sash, which was presented to tho bolllgerent Congressman by a committee, in an address, which was replied to by tho rociplent of the honor in oxcollent stylo, followed by an acceptance of the gift. The prisoners, of which Mr. Fly is one, seem to get along vary well under tbo care of Capt. G. C. Gihbs, who has thrm in charge. Mr. Ely himself certainly has not suffered hi flesh, however ho may havo done in tho spirit. 8UPPLIES GIVING OUT. In tho rapid exhaustion of ail sorts of supplies in tho South, wo must look for an alternative of relief, either In tho raising of the blockade, or in tho prompt and enter prising aid of Southern capital in the production and manufacture of various articles of prima necessity. Wo have plenty of corn and flour, rice and tobatco, and cotton, but very little of anything else. As winter ap proaches, many of our supplies nre boing fast exhausted. Our markets are nearly bare of candles, cotton,starch, soap, oil, bacon, rollnod sugars,salt, iron, shoes,clothing and other necessary supplies. The demand for bacon, an article of prime necessity, is largely in excess of tho supply, with exceedingly small stocks in tbo bands of dealers. EXAMINATION OF FEDERAL PRISONERS. Before Confederate States Commissioner James Lyons. Jam? ? P. Adams, who was arrested several weeks since in tliu western part of the State, having on his tier son loiters from John S. Curlile and other Virginia trai tors, was before Confederate States Commissioner Lyons for examination on Saturday. Ou tho same day It. M. Shurtleff, tbo artist of the >ffew York flluilruted Xewt, who accompanied Dr. Rawlings and others on a tour of exploration near Hampton, who was shot and taken pri soner, was also examined. It will bo remembered that Dr. Rawlings, another artist, was instantly killed. Tho testimony in Shurtleff's case, who claim* to be a non combatant, as that also In the caBe of Adams, was taken down and transmitted to tho proper authorities. Shurt leff and Adams are now in tho county jail. MILITARY MATTERS. We had the pleasure of taking a brief glance at the " Independent Battery" from Georgia, during its passage down Malu street yesterday afternoon, en route for Fair fax Court House. This fine battery consists of four leu t ounder steel rifled guns and two twelvopounder how itzers. The horses, carriages aud caissons were iu admi rable order, and tho cannone?rs appeared to be of as "good metal" as thoir bright pieces. Wo feel assured that the 1 ? Independent Battery" will yot ?' make a noise in the world." A One battery (Bowyor's, from Botetourt) also pawed down Main street yestordav, on its way to the scat of war. A number of Marylanders in this city have organized for offensive operations, under Captain George W. Alex ander , and taken the name of ?' Zarvona Zouaves." Thoy projtose starting on a cruise at an early day. A well appointed cavalry company was broupht from tho South to this city yesterday, via the Danville Rail road. PICK SOLDIERS. About one hundred and fourteen sick soldiers arrived in this city yesterday, from tho vicinity of Manassas, via Central Kailn ad, and wore conveyed to tho various hos pitals in this city, by William L. Luck, assistant to Gen. Wiuder. The duties of the GeneraPs Aid, though onerous, have beca performed ia a satisUatury msuiiwr. lUo re^. sources at his command hare often been taxed to their almost to supply the wants of the soldiers who have ar ? *1,oha?Prove'i,thus far, equal to thu re quirements of all occasions, however urgent. PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE. i.Ir.V . WlD!; Vf"'?,* (jlbttr"> arrived in Richmond yes ter lay, viz^?MWRunsora, North Carolina CeneralA. ! uLfw' *rk ? Uen. Johnson, Ken tucky, Warren btmio, M. !?., North Carolina I'hilip T. AMm*H VU P*"0'Tein8; J ?'? McDonald, Corpus Christl; Nn? tk M**r"'1lBr- Virgiula; Hons a.G. liico, .?outh Curo R H a, i ^Urn.?7wA^lwld' Va Meiiteuaut Colonel ke? W?lir .t' /?"V v'r?""* r,'lff|""'nl. M W. Clus more (leunessee; kg ion, Frank Arthur, Haiti IjWfnoF Letcher's family, who have been absent for some wooks past in (ho neighborhood Bf Lexington, ar rhod in Richmond on Saturday. j i,,^00' J^n/.Oampbe", of Alabama, formerly Associate pifhi i . 1' States Supreme Court, arrived ui Kicnmonu yeatorday. . AMEN ENEMIES. 'follow ing individuals have obtained |iafsports from tne War Department, and left the confederacy within tho pant two days, as alien cnoiniea, vis.:?Mrs. R. C. Bernard and three children, K. A. Uibbcs und Authony E. Uour land. ' [From tho Richmond Inquirer, Oct. 10.] QUARREL BETWEEN KI<OYD AND TIIE OFFICERS OF THK WISE LKtJtON. It appears that tho officer* of tho Wiso legion have disapproved of Floyd's conduct, and published their opiuions in the Richmond Km/uirer, at which Floyd Is greatly grieved, und sends a letter to tho Enquirer, of which Uio following is an extract: 11*aimi-ahtkks army ormi Kanawha, ) , CANT OH SltWUX, Oct. (I, 1K01. f ?Vl" 1 y(,u lmvo Publihhed certain letters, daU>d In Camp Defiance, portioning to bo written by officers a. the "Wise LegloJ,," under my command riiese persons pretend to narrate my conduct In this cam paign, particularly in the late actions on the liauley and , w. "J"" Ihcir statements are calumnia tory falsehoods, having no shadow of truth for their foundation; but their intention, umUiot line their malig nity, is too obvious to (termit mo to believe that they can ro injurious, either to my own reputation or thai of the army which I then commanded. He then proposes to leavo his reputation to history, anil to liis "living countrymeu who love justice." ]n conclusion lie demands the names of tho officers who in vented und published the libels against "their General that they may ho tried by tho military tribunals and' punished aecordtag to the laws of the army." To this letter tho proprietors and editors or the t'n quirer thus reply:? , ? Enquire* Omn, Oct. 10,1881. John II. Floyd, Esq. **'*?Your letter of October 0 is before us. Not recog nizing any authority In yourself, either individually or as conimuudor of tho army of Kanawha, to demand tho names of our correspondents, wo decline to comply with your request. TYLER, WISE & Al.l'l ilRK. Wo deolinea to furnish tlie names of our corrcgpoudotito to General Floyd, because of his purpeso to sock his vindi cation through a court martial, Inste.ol of Hie usual mode among gentlemen. Whenever General Fl< vd proposes a rjrjpnal vindication, the names of our corresix oidcn ts blial] be furnifihed. We shall dismiss this letter wi'.h tho statement that tho character* <fonr corrrrpnndmHi haw nntr hrrn rhxinai by the tvtjicitm nf a crime, and that the chargo of falsehood against them is much easier made than proved. Tberure gentlemen, the equals of General Floyd, in evory respect, und what they have averred in their communications we believe to be true in lettor and spirit. I'OOR W1SF. WTise appears to have rullou from liis high estate, and to liavo failed in acquiring a high reputation as a military uian. There are many rumors aliout to his diMiarace mont, but tho Jeflbrsonvlllo (Va.) IfrmnrnU valiantly comes to his roscue, thus ?"We will, however, venture the assertion, that hud the government reinforced Wiao at tho proper timo, his triumph over the Yankee forces and Union traitors, in Kanawha Valley, would havo boon as complete and brilliant as was his Waterloo victory over Know Notbingism in Virginia In 1886." EXPECTED DUATH OF Wing. We aro extremely sorry to learn that last evening tho health of General Wise had not exhibited any improve hension condition excited very grave appre SEQUESTRATED ESTATES. Since the 30tli of September osiates and nronertv valued at {800,000 have been confiscated. Among thoso ?n^n, tl,e f"""wing:?Auguslo Hel raont, 600 hogsheads of tobacco, valued at $280 000 lirm of Woods, Low? 4 Farant. of Norfolk; C. M. Frv i Co t^^.Z ."hi'; ?.iC,ker'Dg, k So"!'' '"'""'fwtureni; through thoir Richmond agent; an estate of 800 acres fully stocked with negroes, livo stock. Ac., owned by VV, 'y's" Jr'' of HpsIo'i; an estate of 800 acres with a full stock ot negroes, &<:., belotgiug to Francis Rives of New York city; and an estate or 800 acres, stocked with negroes, 4c., tho pi<>i>erty ot Mrs. Sigourney.or orTJseresulos. ^'rntS 'V? beC? apl>0inU;(110 tako l?r" SEQUESTRATION OF THE MONTICBLLO EfiTATR. .. iPe'',i0v ^e' u fl'od for 'he sequestration of "Mon iT.i i u T formor b?me of Jellerson, now owued by trial. P. Levy, iii captain in tho Lincoln uavy, and occu nr<'lh^r' wh0 18 """K"'1 to be directed to wards the Confederate government. The cBtato com prises 360 acres of laud in Albemarle county, assessed at in oJ". acre' ,0Kc,hcr with improvements valued at "2,800; besidos this there is another tract or 960 acres with sheep, niggers, hogB and a lot or household und' kitchen rurniture. RELEASE OF GEORGE W. VANDKRORIFT. .J"1?, mau. was ronneHy superintendent or the Orange and Alexandria Railrwj4, 4ml was strongly inspector or some indirect agency iu tho collision wliich occurred on that road jnst prior to tho battle of Bull run,and which delayed for some hours the junction of Johnston's forces with thoso or Beauregard. He waj arrested and confined In Richmond, but has been released, over which the Enquirer laments, as he was a "good engineer and has had an opportunity of gaining a vast anToum of Information, which he la now able to convey to the Yan keen." H? baa rcoelved his passports ULd will soon bo Here. ^ billy wtlson's zouaves stormed. The Enquirtr has a despatch from Mobile, giving on account ot this affair. It says that 1,000 Confederate*, undor the command of General An4w?oo, crossed th? buy at two o'clock In the morning, stormed thu camp burned everything except the hospital, and destroyed an immense quantity of rations,ammunition, 4c., spiking tho cannon and destroying the cauip. Confederate loss forty killed and wounded. Captain Bradford, or Florida' was killed, and General Anderson wounded in the arm.' Major Vodgtts, of the United States Army, was taken url soner. " v CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES DURING THE W1KTER. Poor's election is urged upon the ground that it "wouM not interfere with his military duties, inasmuch af hostilities will probably entirely ccaae during the win ter months." TOE HAILS. Great are still inado against the inefficiency of the mall arrangements. THB ELECTORAL TICKET. It being necossary to form a ticket or electors, and tho time being too short to call a convention of the people it was suggested that the Richmond editors should prei>aro a ticket, thus relieving the people or tho trouble of nmk s.g solecHons. Tlie thus formed has l>een pre sented. Among the names wo find thoso of Wm L (.og gin, or Bedford, and R. T. Daniel of Richmond- E H Fitzhugh, of Ohio county; Jolin K. Edmunds, or Halirax' and C. W. Newton, or Norfolk city. Every district in the State is embraced in this eHitoriaJ report. SURGEONS TO BE EXAMINED. The bad surgery in the rebel army lias called rorth an order to havo them examined by a competent board before they neceive au apjiointment. Tills has oxcited the indispation ?r tho surgeons, who throatcned tosecode rrom the army. unless this implied suspicion ot thoir ability ia retracted. coRitrrr quartermapters. A correspondent writing rrom Winchester, Tennessee says that ho has sont eightoen packagos or vegetables and other comforts to tho First regiment Tennessoo Volun teers In \ irginia, and they hava not been rocelved. Ho says "the iwpsrs teem with similar complaints, and also or delicacies, wtaes, cordials, brandies, Ac., shiptK.d to sick soldiers, being consumed by dissipated Burgeons assistants, and their hangers-on." Ho thinks the Dew' government is already as corrupt as the old one. THE VALIANT ROGER A. PRTOR Is a candidate for Congreas, and tho inquirer gays that "to recount the services or Colonel Pryor, to the catiso iu which is embarked all that is dear to tho Southern hoart may soom to bo unnecessary. Wheiever spoken, his namo is tho synonym of Southern chivalry, generosity and devotion. On tho accession of Lincoln, his eloquent voice was t vtrvwhero hoard proclaiming resistance to tho death; end to add tho force of examplo to the 0fleet of his burning counsels, ha hastened at the Crgt blast or tho truniret to lead the van from Virginia, in the struggle for Southern independence. Hoforo tho walls or Sumter he deliberately 'put hu neck In the halter ' while his natlye State was yet weighing the cost of resist ance with tho price of submission." Of his milltarv cffc,erVth1? writer does not speak so confidently, but thmxs he has been or great service. No allusion Is mode cVk,.6?1, ub?w'c knives, nor to tho white reather ho exhibited when he "put his neck in the halter" that the chivalric Potter prepared for him. EXTRA BILLY SMITO AND HON. ROBERT E. SCOTT OF FAUQUIER, CANDIDATES FOR THE REBEL CON ORE6S> Mr. Scottha* announced himsoir a candidate for Con press for the Ninth district. Wis is Extra Billy Smith's d.strlct, who i3 now "in the van of tho army of patriots now so gloriously achieving our Becond independence," and tho people ot Princu William say they will not desert Billy, and intend to elect him, so there wW a fl6h?bc % r ,i y- Probab)y ?en. MeClellan will de feat both of tbem. VOTINO IN THE REBEL CAMP. Polls u-eto be opened in all tho Virginia regiments, to enable the aoldiera to vote for President, Vice ITesident and for members or Congress. Tho titato Convention passed an ordinance to that eflfcet. convention SICK HOLDMR8. It appears that each Statu furnishes the means for pro riding for its sick soldiers. A hospital lias just been opened at Warrenton, Va., for the Mississippi sick sol diers. It is undor the control oT Rev. Dr C K Marshall and already contains 200 patient., and provis^ haXm* - ?",voral hundred more. The chivalry can't ***?> FURNfSniNG POLITICAL CANDIDATES. "Thewholo camp, ploneera and all," located on Mul berry Island, Greensville eamp, urge Lieutenant Colonel D. J. Godw In. or tho Fourteenth Virginia regiment, to be cotno a candidato for the rebel Congress, and, like Rich ard the Third* ho has Anally concluded to accept. THE SUFFERING 8OLDIKRS. In such weather as that now prevailing in Richmond, while the bravo defenders of our etiuntry are shivoring In thoir summer clothing, we hear almost every hour of large accumulations of warm winter clothing, prepared carefuHy by our patriotic women, detained at Wilming : <*iatUn???*'ffcnxvtlle.Petersburg, 4c. Why Is this? Are tho goods or extortionate simulators thus delayed? We are not awaro or it. But wo know that our prices aro asked and obtained for garments similar lo tiwsc whu,h thu wlm amlwEtura ol t/ur joidiorg aro endeavoring to give the army. Let tho proper authori ties, ami tho |?oplo, too, look into this matter In time. I?l thum thiuk of Hie consequences of such a state of things. Till MARYLAND RBII1MKNT RUFFKKINO. Tho Fir^t Maryland regiment in sufliring for want of winter clothing nnd other necoasarloa, and the bookkeeper o: the K'nquirtr will receive uuy donations for tbo sudor lng Maryland hoys. The people of Wilmington, N. C., are makIns ocean salt by boillUK the wuter of tho briny ocean. It Is said that four hands can make from eight to ten bushels per day. Coriiorul F. 0. Hutler, of the Marion l.iglit Infantry, Fourth Alabama regiment, died at Brontsvlllo, Va., from a wound received In the buttle of Manassas Sir James Kurguson, M. 1'., and lion. Kobt. Rourko, of England, are nt Manassas. George S. Saudors i,s at Nashville, Tenn. Robert Quid, Jr., is Judge Advocate m a court martial case, now in progress in Richmond. Robert Gray, an old bookseller at Frcdoricksburg, is dead. It is reportod that Colonel Doniphan has joluod tho rebels. Concerts are bolng given in Richmond in aid of tho sol diers' relief lund. NO MOKK 1'ASSF.S. Cirilians are to receive no more passea to visit tho artny at Manassas. Passports to alien euemios are not to be given to those who propose to leave their families bo biud them. MOKK 1'RISOWKRS. On Tbarsilny last twenty thrro "Yankcob," ten from Ohio,and the remainder Union men from Fairfax county, Vu., arrived in Richmond. CLOTI1INU CONTRIBUTIONS. On Thursday $fi,7()0 were contributed to the clothing fund. The contributor mentions for what rcgunout bis money is designed. RYB AND ACORN COFFRK. The Charleston Courier Ins ascertained that Southern vegetable productions aro much better than these raised In Yankee land, and that rye scorched, or whiteoak acorns, are n good substitute ior coifee, wliou sweetenud with Louisiaua sugar. LIMITED 1IEANS Or TRANSPORTATION. General Ijce, on account of bad roads and the limited amount of truusportatiou. was able to follow General Koarcrans on bis retreat only eight miles. PROMOTIONS. Uilgadicr General lien, linger, stationed at Norfolk, has

been made a Major General. Brigadier General Magrudor, on tho Peninsula, has also been promoted to tho position of Major General. ARRIVAL OK PRISONERS AT NORFOLK. Fifty prisoners captured on board tho steamer Fanny, and twenty-three at Chicamacomico, had arrived in Nor folk, and, under a strong guard, were marched to a placo of safety. They wore quite orderly and submissive. ilKW DIVORCEUKfiPLATION. [From Hie Richmond Despatch, of Oct. 10.] It is rumored that Lincoln Is about to issue a proclama tlon declaring all matrimonial relations existing between his loyal subjects, male or female, and secession enemies, inalo or lemale, to be null, void, and tli"lie iorth dis solved, the parties divorced being at liberty to contract new marriage relations as shall please them to do go, so that their new spouses be good and loyal persona. On this subject the Richmond Enquxrir says that Mr. Lincoln will induce tho next Congress to puss a divorce act, to divorce wives residing within the jurisdiction of Abraham, where husbands have loft them, with the In tention of aiding the fortunes of the South. Personal Intelligence. Tlio I/>uisvlllo Journal of tho 7tli lust says :? It affords us pleasure to nunounco that Dr. Wm. W. St row, of IiOng Island, N. V., assigned a* Surgeon to Brigadier Gcucral Anderson's stall", lias arrived In our city. Ho has high distinct ion us a Burgeon, ami he comes among us ut tho right time. For Ms professional merits and his devotion lo tliu cause of the Union, Kentucky bids him a cordial welcome Ex-Senator Wostcott, of Now Jersey, Is lying dangor ously 111 in that State. Lieutenant liankhend, of tho United Statos Navy, is stopping at the Now York Hotel. Lieutenant l'ritehett, l<r. Tenbrook and Dr. A. R. Smith' of tho United States Navy, aro stopping at tho Metro" politaii Hotel. Governor Morgan and Adjutant General Hlllhousc. of Albany; Colonel Sniythe, of the British Army; Mr. Fox, Assistant Secretary of tho Navy; Major I'ndorwood, ('apt. Hazard and ('apt. McCall.of the United States Army, and Cupt. Hazard, l)r. Gilchrist aud ("apt Walker, of tho Uuitod States Navy, are stopping at the Aster House. N. Washburn and wife, of Boston; S. Sturgeon, of tho United States Army; J. M. Smith, of Camida; Captain Williams, of Rochester; Dr. Tildon.of Washington; (J. A. Lindsay, of Chicago; W. A. Williams, of Baltimore; W. H. B<irchard,of Illinois; L. H. Dixon, of Washington, and H. Karnum, of Chicago, are stopping at tho St. Nicholas Hotel. Court Calendar?Tills Day. I'xitkt) Status Coikt.?Prize cause?. Sn'REM* Coikt?Circuit.?Part 1?No*. 355, 1303, 1340, 611, 801, 3170. 1325, 1309, 1401, 1403, 1400, 1411, 1413, 1410, 1417, 1410, 14*21. Part 2 ?Nos. 1132, tUO, 1008,980, lOBM^. 1140, 1148, 1160. 1152, 1154,1100, 1150, 1158, 1I?0, 1102, 1104, 1106, 1108, 1170,1172. Special Torm?!>ctiiurrors.?Nos. 100, 110, 125. Is3in h of Law.?Noh. 305, 307, 308, 404, 32H. 372, 375,410,417, 418 , 419 , 420. 424 , 425 , 426 , 427, 428. Comjios Plm?.?Part 1.?Nos. 470, 1417, 1419, 1400, ?'14 , 961, 801, 1355, 1403, 1404, 1202, 1319, 1405, 1167. Part 2.?Nos. 1129, 1050, 3397, 1308, 1370, 1428, 1437. 1438, 1448 , 363, 1223 , 2U90, 1233, 1408, 1460 MAILS FOR EUROPE. The Hew York Herald?HdltVon for Europe. Tho Cooard null steamship Niagara, Captain Moodio, will leave Boston on Wednesday for Uvrpool. The mails for Europe will oKw in this city this afternoon, at a quarter-past one and at half past flvo o'clock, to'go by rallrond. Tuh Ettiofium Edition or tub Hkrald will bo published at ten o'clock In tho morning. Single copies, ui wrap pers, rIk cents. The contents of the European Ertmoa or tub IIkk m i> will combine the news received by mall and telegraph at the ofQco during the previous wook and up to the hour of publication. Sampson I/iw, Son ft Co., No. 47 Ludgato Hill, London, England, will receive advertisements aud subscriptions for tho Hkkald. Official Drawings or Murray, Eddy dc Co.'s Kentucky and Missouri State Lotteries. Kswtocst, Extra Class 539?October 14, 1861. 6, is. 6, 41, 1, 07, 17, 10, *2i>, 2, 82 , 25. * Kk*tcckt. Class 540?October 14, 1861. 3, 58, 40, 18, la, 12, 5. 27, 33, 8, 17, 7, 54. Clreulals wut free ol charge i>v addrennlnx either to MURK AY, IiDDY A CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Prises fa?hnl, Prizes Cashed, Prizes c*?h.-i| In *11 h-if* i??d b>iterle?, and information given, by JUSEI'lf 11A1KS, I ruki r, 17 and 19 Wall street, up stairs. Ruyal I>avuna Lottery? Prizes Cashed sad Itilifinat a fui untied by TAYLOR A CO., bankers, 16 Wil.l All t*< I. An ImmrsM Row Between Two Ind I viduals urred the past week with reference to the ones lion ol uylt- and brsuty In tho manufacturing of bats. After a long antunn nt, In which high words ensued, it was finally settled by n concession that KNOX, of No. 213 Broad way, tho celebrated batter, products the best llat for s'.yle anil beauty in the city. Photograph Albums.?A Full Assort men' female by FREEMAN, RYLli A CO., Importers, No. S Maiden lane. Charlotte Q. Smith has Opened her Fall and Winter Cloaks, In Velvet, Silk and Cloth, at 1,142 Broadway, corner ol Twenty-sixth street. Boy's Fall and Winter Clothing.?New styles, U'jw goods: beautiful stock at great ii.irgilns. OAK HALL, 84, 86, 88 and 142 Fulton street. Visit Oak Hall.?Fall and Winter Clothing for men and boys. New styles, new goods. Now is the lime for bargains, at 84, 86, 88 and 142 Fulton street. Undergarments for the Million?Cheaper than ever, at MeLaughlln's old stand, 269 Ureenwleh street, corner of Murray. T. McLAUGULIN, Agent. Gymnastics?Classes are Now Forming for the senson at JOHN WOOD'S Gymnasium, Nos. 4 and 0 East Twenty-eighth street, near Fifth avenue. Pure Liquors.?Buy Your Liquors for wholesale or family trade at Fifteenth street Distillery, es tablished in 1832, at 265 West Fifteenth street. A Pare Tobacco?Yellow Bank Tobac co ?(Goodwill's Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all im purities, for sale by all totascco and s>'ifsr dealers, and at wholesale by E. GOODWIN ft BROTHER, 207 Water street. Gray Hair?Its Diseases, Change of Co lor an'l Embellishment; new Treatment for Baldness by GitANDJBAN, Astor place. Hill, Inimitable Cutter of Hair and Whiskers, No. 1 Barclay street. Uair Dyo SO oents, black or brown. Best In use. Batcheloc's Hair Dye?The Best In the world?Harmless, reliable and Instantaneous. Sold and applied at BATCHELOR'S wig factory, 16 Bond street. Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Tou pees, the best in the world, wholesale and retail, and the dye privately applied. No. 6 Astor House. Barry's Tricopherous is the Best and cheapest article for Dressing, Beautifying, Curling, Cleaning Preserving and restoring the Hair. Ladles, try it. bold by 11 drugists. Barry's Tricopherous is the Best and cheapest article for dressing, beautifying, curling, cleaning, preserving and restoring thu It air. Ladies, try it. Sold by all druggists. Beautiful Complexion?Lairds's Liquid Pearl has achieved a celebrity as hawing no equal for pre serving and beautifying the complexion and skin. Sold ut 490 Broadway, aud at ail druggists. | Try the Shilling Hair Tonic, If you hav3 not already done so. One thousand drug stores in New York and Brooklyn keep It lor sale, beautifully perl umed. Trusses?Marsh it Co.'s Radical Cure Trusses, also Military Shoulder lirace and Abdominal Sup porter combined?a superior article. No. 2 Vcsey st., Astor liouse, opposite the church. Diarrhoea and Dysentery arc the scourges of our army. Holloway's PUls we not guly u vtt vcbUYu but % powerful tvulc. jJ^-ICE TO ADVERTISERS. A .. - even with the aid of va;t It takes several hoo??. , , , - * , , ... 'col department to mprovcmcntH in our . ' print our large and increasing dally *?. TTe are therefore compelled to call on,?? niiirt} opon advertisers to havo their business notices Scul lo the office before nine o'clock in the evening. Where Elcgance und Snjirrior Quality are the attraction, uinre will thn puMIr oiintom flow. H?nco li l? that, hk rrxurili U.nllfmrn'ii I>n ?? Hutu, nit well hh Soft Kelt IlalH, It riillii, au uuubblng lide, w> li.SI'EN.SCllKl LI'S, 118 Naaaau street. Full Style Younj; Otnl*' lluts. Alto, tlm Oiforil Suit lUt. Now riaily, ut WlllTli'H, tliu Halter, 210 broail way. Married. Fkarik?On'won.?On Moniluy, October 141 l>y tbo Itov. James llrownlee, Mr. Koiikkt A. Frarie, to Mins Mac.ik A. Coihnon, nil 01 Siateu Island. Kino?Go-line.?At l*urt Richmond, S I., on Thursday, October 3, by the Rev. Jailing Brownloe, Rums Scott, oldest hod of John F. II. King, to SoruiA M., ouly daughter of John Uoeline. Kknward?Dkvos.?On Thursday, October 10, at tho Washington avenue liuptlst church, Brooklyn, by tliu Rev. C. W. Anahlo, Mr. Stsi'iish Kk.iwauu, Jr., to Miss Mauuie Dkvok, both of lirooklyn. Skinnkr?I'krrine.?In Brooklyn, on .Saturday, June 22, by the Kev. J. Clement Hrench, P. Manninu Skinnbk, of New Jerboy, to Mary M. Perrink, of lirooklyn, L. I. DM. Aw-nwj.-On Sunday, October 13, after a severe and painrul illneas, Kuza8. Archer, wife or Benjamin Archer aged 61 years and 4 months. ' The friends and relatives arc respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, from her late residence at nluu o'clock, this (Tutwday) morning, No. 37 Canal street, cor uer Ludlow. Newark, (N. J.,) pajiers p lease copy. Barclay.?On Saturday evening, October 12, after a long and severe jllnoss, Kuzai'Ktii, tho bolove I wll'o of John Barclay, aged 55 years, 3 months and 10 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invltud to at tend tho funeral, from her lute residence, *124 West Nine teenth street, thin (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. 1 lie members of Blooming Grove lAhlge, I. O. of O. F., are requested to attend, also tho members of Honrv Clav Lodge, A. P. A. Brady .?un Monday, Octobor 14, Andrew Brady, aired 6 > years. ' 6 His friends and acquaintances are luvltod to attend tho funeral, on Wednesday morn ng, at ten o'clock, from his late resilience, No. 247 Eust Hroadwav. The remains will I lie taken to St. Mary's church, where a requiem mats will bo offered up for tho repose uf li soul, and thence to Calvary Cemetery. Brisk ?Ou Sunday morning, after a short anil painful Illness, David Sanford, eldest son of I avnl S. and Anua J Bruen, aged 2 yearn, 11 months and 19 days. All! to-day sad tones coine pealing From that mournful funeral bell; Vol around our spirit sti aiug, Angels whisper ull is w II. The relatives and friends of the faiinh are requested to nttond the funeral, from tho residence of his parents 102 Broadway, Williamsburg, this (Ttiosdsvl morning' at ton o'clock. Carey ?On Sunday, Octobor 13, Mary CARKY,a native of tho parish of Castletown, (ieoghegen county West meath, Jreland, aged 44 ) ears. Tho friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, 113 West Twen tlctli street, this (Tuesday) nlternVun, nt half past o;io o'clock. Her romalns will bo takon to Culvary Cometorv for intormont. Cameron,?On Monday, October 14, at four P. M., of croup, Ivan, sun of John und Susan Cameron, corner South Eleventh street and First, Williamsburg. Cooper.?At bis residenco, Plorropont House, Brooklyn on Monday, October M, alter u lingering Illness. E. Ru dolph Oxji'MB, late Cashier of tho Market Hank. Notico of tho funeral will bo glveu iu to-morrow's issuo. Cummins.?On Sunday, Octobor 13, Catherink Cummins in tho 60th yoar of her ago. * ' Hor friends, aud those of Uer brother-in-law, Terrcnco McDonald, ure requested to attend tbo funoral, this (Tues day) aitornoon, at half post ouo o'clock, from her lato residence, No. 164 Ninth street, near Third avenue. CurroRD,?On Monday moruing, October 18, IIohert H Infant son of Kobert H. and Fanuy A. Clifford. Deiloan.?At hit mother's residence, No. 9 Prince at root Brooklyn, Michael J. Dkeuan, oldost son of the lalo John M. Peegau, aged 20 yoars and 22 days. Duo notico of the funoral in tomorrow's papers. Donohue.?On Monday evoning,Octobor 14,of consump tion, Miiti.iki. Donouie, lateoi the county Gulwuy, Ire land , aged 55 years. Tho lrlmids and acquaintance of tlic family arc respect fully invltoil to atteud the funeral,from his fate residence, 63 Mulberry stroet, ou Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. Elliott.?At Throg's Neck, Westchester, on Sundav morning,October 13, William Eluo.t, iu tho 34th year of his age. The funeral will take piano, from tho residenco of his father, at Throg's Neck, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The friends of the lainily ure invited to attend and tho tueuibors of Marion, Lily. Hiawatha and Huguo not lodges of F. and'A. M., aro.respecUully lequestud to join with Wyoming lodge, No. 492, of w hich he was a member, In paying tho loci sad tribute to his remains. Elliott?In Groetipulnt, on Monday, October 14, Ciiaki.uiB. , son of tliarios B. and Elizabeth K. Klliott, agwl 6 years, 0 months and 10 duys. And haply whon again we'll moot, 'Twill bo where angels dwell; And |>arliug cover more, loved son, We'll never sav farewell. Tbo friend* of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residoncu of his parents, corner of Franklin ami Clinton streets, Brooklyn, K. I). Fowler.?In New Brighton, S. I., on .Saturday, October 12, Ti worn hub O. Fowlkr, Iu tho 71st yoar of tils age. Tho friends of tho family are luvitod to attend his fu neral , from St. Thomas church, comer of Broadway anil Houston stroet, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half past three o'clock. Franks ?on Saturday, October 12, at hi* residence, after a short Illness, Edward Franks, in tho 41st year of bis age. Tho relatives ar.d friends of tho family are respoctfully invited to attend tho funeral,this (Tuesday) afternoon at two o'clock, from his lato residence, No. 9 West Twenty ninth street. French.?On Saturday morning, October 12, after an illness of three hours, Emma, daughter of Colonel Itich ard and Matilda French, aged 19 years, 6 months and IS days. The friends of the family aro invited to attend the fu neral, from the residence of hor father, No. 2 Oramercy park, this (Tuesday) afternoon,at one o'clock. Albany papers please copy. Francis.?on Monday morning, |October 14, after a briof Illness, Hiram Stowei.i. Francis, aged 37 years. His funeral will take place, without further notice, from hiR lato residence, 110 East Fiftieth street,this (Tuesday) afternoon,attwo o'clock. Auburn papers pleaso copy. Goodwin.?-On Monday, Octobor 14, of consumption, John F. Goodwin, aged 30years. The relatives and friends aro respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral, from his late residence, No. 217 Mulber ry street, on Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock. Oormi.y?On Monday,October 14, after a long and se vere Illness, Makuarct (Johmlt, tho beloved wile of John Gormly, aged 45 years. Tho relatives and friends of the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hor late residenco, 286 Mott stroet, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notico. Hsidkndruikr.?In Brooklyn, on Monday, October 14, Mart Jane, only daughter of Fernando and Mary Hoidon druter, agod 18 months and 21 days. Tho frlsuds of the family are Invited to attend tho fu neral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at thrco o'clock,from the residence of hor jaronts. No. 96 Atlantic street. Hollet?In Cincinnati, on Friday, October 4, the Rev Nathaniel Holley, A. M., in the 91st year of his age. Moss.?On Sunday, October 13, Maikik K., daughter of Margaret and Edward A. Moss, aged 20 months. The relatives and friends of tho family aro invitod to attend the funeral, from tho residenco of her parents, No. 305 West Twenty-fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Philadelphia Ledger please copy. Puck.?At his residence, No. 52 Bedford avetiuo, Brooklyn, E. I)., Mr. Smith Place, In tho 57th year of hi?' age. His frionds- and thoso or the family,also tho members of Polar Star Ix>dge No. 245 of F. A. M., and tho Masonic, fraternity in general, aro invited to attend the Tuneral on Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock, from his lato' residence.! The members of Polar StarLodgo No. 245 F. A. M. aro reqiieslod to meet at their rooms, 118 Avenue, on Wed nesday, October 16, at 12 o'clock M., to pay tho last tribute of respect to our decaaod brother, Smith Place By order of tho W. M. O. HAGGEKTY, W. M ' J. Yocnoh, Socretary. Kdukrth.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, Octobor 13, M. RonKRTH, at tho residenco or her brothor-in-law Dr. Cooper, Washington avenue. The remains will be taken this (Tuesday) morning to Ta.rytown for interment. Rorurm.? on Sunday, October 13, after a short and Severn illness, Mary Roulette, aged 39 years and 6 months. The friends and rolatives or tho family aro respectfully requested to attend tho funeral, from hor late residence No. 194 West Twenty nixth street, this (Tuesday) after noon, at two o'clock. Sands ?At Harrison, Westchester county, Now York, on Sunday, October 13, after a short and severe Illness, Ftovn Hands, only son or Caleb Sands, in tho thirty-third year of his age. The relatives and friends of tho ramily are respeetfolly Invited to attend his funeral, from tho residenco or his fathor, this (Tuesday) morning, at ten o clock. Trains leave nt seven o'clock A. M.,from Twenty sevontl^treot depot, for Rye, where carriages will be in attendance. Smkii.?In Jersey City, on Sunday evening, Octobor 13, I after a lone and severe Illness, Martin Smith, of Frael, parish or Donn,county of Cavun, Ireland, aged 40 years. Tho funeral will take place from bis lato residence, 353 South Fifth street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at throe I o'clock. v ' ' SximtN.?At Harlem, on Monday, October 14, Mart Pniwen, mother or Samuel F. tfnlffen, deceased, aged 70 yoars, 8 months and 2 days. The rolativ.i-s and ri lends, also those or her son-in-law Isaac Winn, and grnnds.>n, T. F. Sniflen, are invited to attond the funeral, from the Methodist church, White Plains, on Wednesday, at twelve o'clock M., without fur ther notico. Stampkr ?On Sunday, October 13, of discaso or the lunus, Patrick Stam.-kr, a native of the citv or Dublin Ireland, aged 23 years and 6 mouths. The friends ami acquaintances of the family aro respect fully invitod to atteud tho funoral,from his lato residence 27 Bridge street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at tw > o'clock.' The Sun newspaper will please copy. Van Waui,?Vutrulmdsy,Octobor U, Ella J,, daughter or William and Anna Van Wart, 0 year*, 6 montlm and Hdayi. n. w w p s < ThiTtelaUvpa and friend* of the f.iuiily, a?ao Iho mom Dor* or K'Vstono 1/xlgo, No. 235 F. A. M., aro respncU'ully Invitod to attend the funeral, rrom tho residence of her parents, No. 76 Norfolk alrout, tlii* (Tuesday) if tori icon, at two o'clock. MIMCELt.ANKOUfJ. A KT;"1CIAI. LKUS AM) HANDS, J\ SELPHOH PATENT, ftli bIiOADWAY. Aix wF.m.'ryos wmoi'ld dk announced by tub new style oi I arils and Kii\>i? h furnished by A. DE M A R EST\ ?'?Rfnv T, IMS Broadway. Sample* by mail. A I U. 8. 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Philadelphia, who have thn largest stock In tho country, awl will supply tlieui cheaper than any other house lu the world. Send for one of our iataloguei. Enclose Qve, tfii, twenty or fifty dollar* lo im in a letter, and write what kind* of book* you wlah, and they will bo parked and sent to you at ono*, with circulars, showbills, M,| grails. Andrew all order* for any bonk* you may want at all U Uie publishers, T. B. PETERSON A BROTHERS, itiKl Chestnut street, l'liilaili'lphia, And tbey will receive immediate attention. C1AKTK8 DE VIH1TE PBOTOQRAFH8 OT THE SKAT t of War tn Virginia, being 12 picture* of the encampments and furtillcntlnns of our anny In Virginia. Price lia eenta I'ui'h, or $:i for the do/eu view*. Sent free by maH on receipt of price. 1). Al'PLETON A CO., Publishers, 443 and 445 Broadway. (lORNS, BUNION'S, INVERTED NAILS, ENLARGE? J Joints, anil all Diseases of the Feet, cured without pain or incouveuleiiro to the patient, by Dr. Z AC IIARIK, Surgeon Chiropodist, 760 Broadway. Refers to phyiulana and sur geons of till* city. Frederic a. brady, m ann street, new yohk, lit the Now York agent for the ?ale at wholesale and re tail, of all Book* published by Messrs. T. B. Peteraon k Brother*, Philadelphia. BOOKS SOI.D AT PUBLISHERS' PRICES. Remember the number, 21 Ann struct, second floor. Biall II HI Mil wig III of GOING TO THK expensive nut. h In Broadway, visit the large i'stabllsh lnentor HIRAM ANDERSON, 'J9 Bowery. Elegant Medal loll, Velvet, Brussels, Three illy and ln^raln Carpets, Drug gets, Matting, Ollelotha, Ac., at low prices. CI OLD AND WATCHES or ALL KINDS FOR I sale, very low, at G. C. ALLEN'S, 415 Broadway, una door below Canal street, formerly II Wall struct. Lady MAUD; OR, eaul cower. The greatest work of lliU age, will be for aale on Satur day iiait by F. A. 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The only object of the adver tiser in sending the prescription is to benefit the afflicted; and he hopes every sufferer may try hi* remedy, ai it will cost them nothing, and may prove a blessing. Parties wish ing the prescription will please address Rev. Edward A. Wilson, Williamsburg, Kings county, New York. THK BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD FOR THK cure of Dysentery, Colic and Croup, internally, and Rheu matism, Cuts, Bruises, Old Sores, and Paiun In the limbs, back ami chest, externally, is Dr. Tobias' Venetian Liniment. The money returned if it ever falls. No one should be without it. Only 25 cunts. Sold by all the druggists. Depot 00 Cort landt street. B OWERY THEATRE. GREAT SUCCESS or THK COMBINED TROUPES. MADIUAN'S lllti SHOW AND THK OREAT ORION CIRCUS. ELLA ZOYARA, LITTLE GEMMA, C. MADIGAN, SH!. SEBASTIAN. J. MADIGAN, GEN'L SCOTT, AND ALL THE STARS, thl* evening, in new feats. SEVENTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT.?AT AN AD journed meeting of the Democratic Senatorial Conven tion, elected In pursuance to the call of the Democratic Re Eubllcan General Committee of Tammnny Hall, hel the ouse of Cornelius Farley, corner of Forty-second street anil Eighth avenue, on Monday evening, October 14, 1061, OLIVER CHAR LICK, of the Twentieth ward, was unanimously nominated as tha democratic candidate for tienatof in the Seventh district. ANSON HERRICK, Chairman. Hauti.ett Smith, j K?rr,...ri(., Patrick yci**, \ 8ecrtlftnL8' SEVENTH senatorial DISTRICT-AT A MEETING of the Convention elected pursuant to the directions of the Di mocratle Republican General Committee nt Tammany Hall, to nominate a candidate lor the Senate in tin Seventh Senatorial District, held at milliard and Cornell's, c rncr of Thirty-second street and Fourth avenue, on the Will day of October, at ri P. M., Theodore Froment was elected eh Air man, and Richard C. B-amlsh and Thomas C.ilnen s'. re tarles. Thereupon the Hon. RICHARD B. CONNOLLY ?aa nominated by acclamation as the Democratic Republican can didate for tie Senate In tho Seventh Senatorial district; whereii|Min a Committee was then appointed to notify Mr. Connolly of his nomination. Mr. Connuliy thereupon ap peared before the Convention, and in a suitable speech ac cepted the nomination, pledging himself to enter upon lh? canvas* with the determination to accomplish success. THEODORE FROMENT, Chauajin. Ricitard C. Beamish, i c?,.r?iJ.Pir. Thomas Cai?kk, ( secr THK KIHKMK*. Association of exempt firemen-the t^i'.vR terW meeting will 1m held at Firemen's Hall, on Tues day evening. Oct. 15. at 8 o'clock. The Executive C tinniittett will meet at 7o'clock. Punctual attendance is re.m. sted. G. W. WHEELER, Recording Secretary. nmM; Lafayette hotel.?to let, two laiuie and handsomely furnished Room*, suitable for a doctor; rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Sabine. Also several other furnished Rooms at 12 Lafayette place, corner of Fourth st. WINKS AND I.m,i;OHS. The attention or the trai?e is respectfullt solicited to the superior quality Ot Hammer* tresu ed Champagne Ate. This al" is brew? u Iresb at all sea sons of the veil , and it** keeping quality, e?|>eeially O. that he most excessive hot weather, is f time delivered to any port i brewed during tne most excessive noi ?<-aun, for any lenxth of time. Charge }i j js-r iih.t and $r> p-r bbl, delivered to any port of tho city ol >?\v V irk. Payment, eash on lelivery. Orilerssent ti> lla.-inn^r's Iteuwory, ui llar? lcm, will be ittendcd to with despatch. OCULISTS AM) Al'KlSTS. UYK, ear AND LUNC IVFIKM vry.?TI1E \OST "i hopeless ras's ol o i.uc--, I >1 ?.<:o:i&aui| t'nil, li? on: I 1 , ? II el'! ' CHMpslftlll) mrcd cy iiiiiV.i .uibt, Ct/usuiutUou tree, wjui'wuiwm.

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