Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1861 Page 8
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A A tn i-i-rrnvs vr \ XT^.n?r kmxTiF.*. i t\nt .n:\us giul wants a nruA A t , < !c il ???* <"W? ra, weMn.tod ironing und . ,) !. ?; ' I* .1 fiOJit . v\ ? r. t Ui: vcWU lor tWodaj* h ; ? | i " ??! M., corner t'1 Sprin. si. *ITi * lO : WANTED?MY A RFSPECTABLE MTD t: . . i.? im ti\% . ,ai., to do gmu.M' ln>uN'*tttiTit in a . > No onj? ct miii (o 1 be coun.n. r a?ici stands C ii he * ?? n fur two daya, or till en, ?g?d, at 66 T.h t.,t*ii*d floor. WOMAN wishes a situation ah took. rand In ner. In n??t afraid of work The best of ? hoc. Aj) y at lu2 Cuion at., ateoud lit or, front wmn, so tin Brooklyn. v % . IT)ON WANTED?BY A PROTECTANT GIRL, ./Y .h *. tula rin 1! find . i*ainHtres?, or a* nur** and ?euin tiM <? f? a r."o?i o|?ra*or on VV heeler k Wilson'? inachii.oH. #?..i ?* av., - ver the bakery. 4 Sill ATION WANT1.D?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS j*V ?' ??? 'Tn.-jul .it lanndri ???, or chambermaid ami lino * , Ha* lived lour year? in her last place. 4'm11 at 237 V.' ~t I'M' ?'. sir. ATION WANTED?BY A PERSON WHO IS A 'vtnifirtBN, *% o rve and seama* ?*-?*, or ?-?ain UamH rma d Excellentelly refereuoea. Apply kS 2fe6 Weal 'S*d it A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GTRL WISHES A 81TUA t*ons?cnok ?,.rdnT and ironer In a *mall private fa uii y, or laundr? *s. R? st of city iefeien?. from her last t u <v fall .?'? 123 U . hi .3 b at., betw* en t b and bib ava., in th i ear. ? sn ITION ANTED?AS CHAMBKBMAID AND + \ Ui n.l ?; unorti t.iM.a i.c was) ig add II iling. Best 1 it.o e e ' i? *?? I-"'' ink! situation. Call mi IjI lotn at., h ? \ - 'i i . to : io av?., lor two days. B I! E< rABLK-OIBli WISHES A 1; ATION IN A r.v.'te f.iii.iiv, either in ?*n> ?.r coumr> ; th?? beat ?i*ref ? t- , l a . .niicrl't-t hi u?? ??n live \-ar? and loi.r ii?? n I'h; h n food cook, baker and Iutiodreaa. (ht.i r ..j V??! m., between 7th av. mi H .muway. * Yli'NtJ WOMAN WISHES A SI'ltATION Ti> DO 2 V x?*Tirt I 1 < it.s- ?< r k iii. hiiiaii piival** fain ), aid to :i k? h'M M*:f eu rally uaeful: ba? city relVmnco. t all at 151 .V-10?u ai. A A SITUATION WANTKD?MY A UES1E0TABLK PRO. . v.om1'i, .i ana n i . urn i aud i.f i bU< dren Bilc snoa; wonlu \Mti u .;n invalid or tako cliar^*' of f o i i n. Can biiMBii w Wtraifijf pliM| n if Wrccni- .st, for tw ? days. A ..I ? K( TAi LB YOUNO <i RL WISHES A 81TUA* J\. '-Ion aa Wiciiei aliU iiaii.o niuid. i5o?: city relcicUCO f owi ia*-t nployer, where ahe livea lor two 3car?. < all 1 twin daya 1 224 . in av. AtflftUAYION WANTED?AS i'HAWBEKMAID OR AS lavodrea?. IIbi good referenoe fen* either from Mime of the lent tainilks in the city. Can b?; aern tor two d.?ykat W* ?tli av. A Sill'ATION WANTED? 11Y A KESi'L* TA HJ,E J\ voting woman, to do rooming, wanltio* and lioning, or gt-.u i.?.tuev\> t k in a cto.ol jinvatc family. tooU city C* f? 1 11 ?. C4.ll at 74 Weal UiU si. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG PRoTKsTANT J\ won.. , ? d?? io?ikios, waaumg aim l onirtf in a prUate Brat city relVivtM c. t'ao It* ae< 11 for two dayn at ill ft . st 2' 1 i. netw eeu 7ih aud 8th ava. N?> objection? to tli? C4?*iit iy A.-1 ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLB young girl, an good cook; in a tirat r.*t ? wuah?tr and troiicr, or w o.tKi do lioux work in a unnll pi h ate family; baa Uk iv *1 y l.y t?.errnc?. i'.nl for two day? at No. t Colombia at i?*.. t ??itoii terry, down atair?. AS HOI SEEEEPKB.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS h??- Keener or to take charge of a houa**: I ', a ^ood ?Aanu res-and ran oi'trato on a aewlti nia? hlne: woual Ule to i.^vc tier liule l iu w lib her if no objec.lon. t un give tk<' Usatof city reference. Apply ntftl Mm tie ;.v.. Brfaiklyn. ABXTPATION ^ ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Tuuug girl, as chain, to ui.iid ami walu t ?H or to no ilium' ? rwork. and mmv ng, ??r * liambeiwork aud to ar?l?t in the wum'iiu^ i' od iroti'tig and take care of chllnren; i? will lug . earn city rc ??:?. Call "at Wcit l*7tb ? ., ft r two da}?, third llnor, AKK rtCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU 4.1 ? aenoi had to do plain**? wing, or would d? ?Manib* 1 w : k. Beat city reicrem e gl en roin la?i plate. Chill J or n?o ila>K -t 17 i>ean at., Bn*okl> 11. sittation wanted?my a kkspei 'iamlk young girl, to doobeinbt'i woi k and v aitlng, or- home tit 1 j rlvaie l'ini tlv: 1h willing to make 1? rneii A y I Kef- 1. Can l? (erli !u?' two dans at No. 7 Willow ?c,b?i.Ji brnokljn. betw.i.i Ail .nil ? iunl l'a.Ui.?in ARKSl'Ki TA'<L>: fliRL WI-11B8 A SITUATION AS too. on., inul't> a ..t? 1h.11 |i? t< >: |. w illlui to a ?.? tr .1. wftiliiiig una Ir.inUR. ('nil m> UU 2B4 ?t., i-i tw< n A., andaih av.. ,'<o to go a.-uv<rt Ui ih- ouwairy; gixai rlty rff. r iich. AMTIATTOK WANTED-BY A RKSl-KtTAhl.E ydui.g <irl, ui doh.'i i'-wi rk In m mrnli [irivwu. mintiy In hi'.cllj m ui ntrj; joon city refcrencr. r.'lnt 211 \V??t Wih it- ?tween Sib end 9th ava., top tio r, front mom. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS nurMf ana to n^atst w ith the?iiambcrwork; heat of city rer ranee given. ( all at 77 7tii ar. A SITUATION WANTED?MY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS -A afnne; i\illy eoirijx'tenf to take oh; pgn f#| a babe from It* i#ir!h; or a4 tir*t clana waitre?*; good city lefcri nee. I ali at 112 We>i 21fi ?t. A SITUATION^WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO tran. a?cook ; thoronrhl) nndet^Un la Iwr ImikIii^nm; Ih willing to aabirt w.tli washing and trening. If required; beat e\?y ?Mar?nie?*. t all ? i two Uayii ai67 *>ci<tlfltU .hL, neeond 4oor from Gth av., flrwt floor. ASRAMSTRE8S WANTS A SITI. ATION; IS A GOOD drccKinaker; mak?aa children'? clothe? end doe? all kind? ?f taioltv . neal?y. W>>uld make bemelt obliging, wait ot. a laiy, or tak ? c .*-a of a grow ng ir.ld in a p?*rrnanent ditnt ton. Appit hi her prevent employer's, 71 ?kl St., l?e tw#*en .>?li an - nth ava, A SITtATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young "'??nan, hh nuri?*^im1 f-enm* tresn. llus good city referonce. Can be seen for two day? ot Wcat A-tb ft. A SITUATION WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general hou?cw?ek in a ?umll private family; can ?fc>'hHmiMM w<?t k and In w atflnng or imnjng; ran e??n?o w?Il rc :ommeii(icd. Can be aet'ti fur two ditvo at 115 Latt 57th ?t. AHBtiPECTABLE YOUNG GIKL WISH MS A SITU A don us <*o?tk or t<? do ih?* general housewo k of a ?itirMll prifa.e luiiill>. Can be semi nt No. 2 Bond at.,? orne.r of Ful leuav., M'cond ilt?or, Brooklyn. AKEBraOTJbftLS YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN wnihen a situation an goou plain cook, w asher and Iron er, er would do gereial lioucewoiJc In a small family; lm? the Ueat of ell n en ( it 1M Pa st. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUM. WOM \N, TO do general housework In a Hinall private family; ?ity reierem e. Cail for twt? days st '?1 Wei>t 26th ?t., to4> flour, hack room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A JJFSl'i-CTAHLE young glr'. to <lt? fr*rk an-l waitlug In a private fatniiy. llangt od city rcen-nee from her last j la e. wh< io ahc lived live ver.r.n. Call at 95 \\ e*i 33d .bet weeu 6tb and ?th nvf! , fir^t floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN VI ANTfl % si?I ation e? g'^od cook and toaHHi^r with tin* washing and Iron in-. 11ms ?>e beat ot city relcrence. Can be seen fo' two dsvaa^ li2Wei?t l^th ?^. AUIJlIi, SEVENTEEN TKARW OF AGE, W A NTH A siu.a'.lon to ukt' o*re ot children or any -Itier aui'nbie ?dtplnynvi\\: *h? is per:evilv honeat a;id willtuK to work. Qood city reference glveu. ('all at 192 East Thirteenth at., U*4v?. en 1 Mt and 2d ava., fourth floor, front room. A< OMFBTBJIT DRBftSM1KBB w ants a sit; m uin :uig?tno:al family aeamftrefin; Bh?* thoroughly under ijiikIh cutting and fitting l^.o*' and children* dr. ?**??; u? ooj<miou to take ouv ot children or tut-dm with lu;htcitam berwor*. The bent of city reterenee. Can be mm-ii tor two dfc.vaaf 17 Otoriatoplier St., near Ota av., or addro*? M. L. C., box IGo ilerald otli?e, A situation WA NTED?BY a RESPECTABLE GIRL , to do chamberwork aiwt wait tug. or wa>hii g. Ua?* the beat of city j*ference. Cm 11 for two day# at 105 .La*:. 2tiih at, A FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER WANTS EMl'LOY rncnt by the daj Ulfta, t <<.' ai I fit lading1 Appi> at ?16 OtU aire., between 47th and 48th ku~. Aujsalthy young m\kried woman, having ioM (<>nt berown Infant, would like t'? tak<* a babe to Iter o* homo to uuxa". Satisfactory references given. Apply at Ji.'? Butter at., Mi kirn. ARKS1?EC1ABI*B YOUNG GIRL WISH EH a RITITA. . tion to du ehamoerwoi tc, ihsiaf in wa?hintr and ironing, or < * a*h and ir??n; k'?ort city refere >M-e hi veil from 1 ist place. (.'an be Men r< r two uay? at 144 Eaat ilat .it., between W'l and Hd uvea , first floor. AiAlTHFUL WOMAN* W \NTS A situation AS lajniitt rtM. th< roujrhH untieraiand* l?. r btialnesa; ean do up fir.e mu*>ltna and I retwh tiui.ti^; the bent of ? jty r?i?mk-? fr [i< he" la at juh?i\ Apply for two day? ;>t 56 Hi *r etween 10tn nd lltn ati A SITUATION wanted?AH SEAMSTRESS OR eh.iiuberniaaiid WBiiinHtrehH; raa em and ii: 1 ?die&* and children* ? a ? ? family teu log; would ?? wsivt in tue aire ot chlluien. 14i? * good city reie pwice. Call for two dnye at 1U1 Earn 13th hi.. betwirii lot and 2d ava. * 1OlWO WOMAN WISHES I 811 1 ION TO DO A ebHinwrw rk nod waiting, or z< neral ? ?'i-;?woi k. City reicn-'ic. Call i -r two day.> at ifX W at y#Ui at., bclwe u &ii *nd 9th a vs. V SITUATION WANTED?BY A RI C ^BIBQ B t:>.*11 girl, an chambermaid and waiter; apeukn good Jv.gdiKh t. in tor two days at 127 7th av., between Jkith and 37t:i efts., f.r-Ji. door, room. A, 1 n ION I ITS D- BY A EESIECTABLB - young, to nd:uJ a bnoy nn l dopl u't ?ewing, or to . ij fi;'ht? Jianilv r\v<?rk and waning. Can be aeen !??r two day mi tbC> Ytii a>bc'vr ot) lN.ith ?nd 27th top floor 1 ' *A n B BN< ' -M tOXAV WISHES A il -1 ion ba botiMkeep^r; thoroughly understandi h??w:- ? p-ti/. Good tiiy n-ii i.-nct;. (mII ior thnrc day a at Jll *' ? opb- rat, between HudMonand BJcecker. BD IT A T ? WwMA.v. is a l)im rat \vasn? r and iroie'l uiM r?>"d Cuok; an objtc* to li. ..k'*v. \ n ,t private family: good city refe A A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SCOTCH K*11 "maiu ; w<\ ?io phin sewiui;. luuuife lit the ?n*u ."!? ?t. <X \ ndiim at., ! r t?i> dayn. and ir<>tr.Uf{; iaw/idugto <ii? ??'i.'th1 houatnvirk "in a sma5 p ivitr family; i.*j no objonion u> i?nu-.muntry; tlie i?e*L of ? si> r.-tereue- n .o he I.?m j iu e, shei-.-slie kae live.: live icujs. ("an be ? n iur l- o a>nat 4&? tttii av. TABLE. HONEST OlKl, WIHHKS A 8ITO atfon i-? ljiak" iier^elf generally useful in a private land y WMip-s not so roucb at ??a ^l? .*dy home, .iatulac ory nnernn e ^ivt n. Call u' .\il West 22\i ai., tor two i\h$a. a VIBST OJUASS WAITBE8S WISHES A SITUATION J\. wilia^fat in ebanit>e.rwork? li t < ity rei' it n< r. Cai, l??r two i!i>a at 144 W? ^ .'-> h e> , b tween 7ih and Hh av??. ^ SITCTAtSOB WAMij.-p.v a BBsrBCTABLB J\ ytrr.ig woman, Miniid''; la eonipet<*nt to Uk ? chur^' <u a li. ni it* biith. M'-hi <.;y r-j. ri :;?e iiorn ner iai?. plu<?. ?la I ?r t ?o iiny? at 2<i* Suiiivao at., mar Amity, *>*?? ond lloor, front i om. a i a ?. ? v wanted a rSStectabi e iV y<i #.,1 * , vo ('.n ebamboi work and nli^n > ;. ; P to i, lief-tit: If s'Tim ft tiy tn*eu;i; uaa Jived tbr.-e v? ai* lu her J M p, <i r- i'- rt i- e'^ n. I'^ti Lh- m e ? I?. two u.i ?tt n-; pi. tar.fU- yei'V, i, >4 il.< r ? L6.u ku.4 m I at ww.'. Slvre, SITATI?*S WASTED-FEWACES. A t'KQPl -SIC1> OOOK, WHO PERKK?TI.Y I'M^K A iiMud??ii liwli. ?ufli-i i. m-.m.*, wi*l..-??Blimi>..u; would UHHi ' v.llb the coarse washing. B? t,l of uiy mle i i.a i. i all tor two dsyn atu* West st 4N KXI'EKIKNCEl) COOK WISHES A NUTATION J\ i? H priwito lainJJv; perfectly uUdciBtJindS the cnu 0 management i.fH kit. hen; i> *n einelirnt Uk.roi bread and cake; is willing to do Hi" washing if rcnulrwd; good city refc r.<nw. Call a: 14A WcHSlst st., between 7th and 8th avs. AK COOK?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A COOK; . under*! tnds her business in all its branches; is a good bread, biscuit and pastry maker; do objection to im?1st In washing :iIII! ironing; private family; bet cit? reterence; five years in last place. ('nil I'or two <lays at, 87 West 19th hi. I SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG woman. II J\ eham1 eimaid ami Uundtv?a; understands I'reuch llut in*.*; or cbarnnermabl and waiting; city rein cute. Call for two days at 87 West 19lh St. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PERSON AS COOK, -ZV who thoroughly understands her 1 uMness in alt ita branches; good city references. Call at liti West tfib st., ucar 8th av. A1MFBCTAM PROTESTANT GIRL WISHB0 A situation In a pr ivate family, to take care of children and do Mewing; can do all kinds of embroidering; has the best of reference from her last piuce. Cull lor two da)* at 46 Watts stM fr?m 10 to 4 o'clock. ACTUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, a* rook; thoroughly understands tier buitucus in pastr/ and baking; Is willing togo to a pri\ate family or hrst ? boarUln?house; the beat of city reference can be given from her ? mi plaoe. Call for two days at 86 West 19th st. AS WIT NURSB -WANTED, BY A YoUNG, HEALTHY married woman, a situation as ?vet unis*- in Home tirst clsss lamiiy. None other need apply at 2?Sisi a v., second floor, bat k room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, waah and iron, in a small private fauiH). Bent city reference, Can be seen i'or two dajs at vi Went 19th st., firm floor, back room. VRB8PK TAHLi: l.ADY wishes TO OBTAIN A HI tuutic/n as st wardesa or cabin maid on board of an o< ran steamer; can give me beat of reference. Apply at 96 h.?st Ibth hi, A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO 11 AVE T1IE washing ot fciuilies, or gentlemt n'? washing and Iron J itig; itest?ity referent e, Can be seen for two daysat ill West lvth St., first floor, back room, As LA! HDRRfla - v SITUATION WANTSU> ff k youn^ woman, a*? iaiimSi ruti, or as chaiuboriuaid and to Uo wabQiog and ironing; the beat of ? hy roi'eirm e ran be given, t'au be seen lor two days at No. 4 Heater St., fii'bt floor, room No, z. Asirr v'fION WAVfUMII A RS8PBCTABLB yon jig woman, as cook, woaher ami ironer; unariNtaiula all kinds of bakn.u ao<l in an excellent washer and iruiier. B.m riiy reier?Mi r iroin where sbc llve?l three yours, ('all at 110 Tix av., between liitb and lVth sts. ABBSPMTABXJI CURL WANT? A SITUATION AS good ' ook and baker and first rate waab<T and ironer; utuieraianusall bivnc'lita of family work; In willing to no anywhere to a steady place, ciood r, .eren r i: ie<juiretL Cun be heeu for mo days, if not anited, at ZVJ Mulberry ml, lirst (toor, imnt. A SITUATION WANTID ?Y a RRftVECTABLB PRO tenunt girl, usehamberuiaid and seauistreas oreiiaru betiuaid ana laundress. the jest ol city references, (-alt lor two da}a at 276 West -HJih St., between 9th and iOib A PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS \ SITUATION as chambermaid and inundreM. Can be seeu at fj^West 18th at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE younf;girl, to docnamUtrwora and ansisi in :!e' wash log and Uouin^; or to do plain st wing and lak* , an- of e.bil drcn. Best of refirrence Irom her lasi pla< e. Call at 490 t>t b venue, n< twern 21?th andSuth ats., room >'??. D \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RES J'Et TABLE young t;iri, to do ehaniborwork and w?ti*ng, or to de 2< nerul housiiwork. in n Ntoall private iamily. ti o.i?itv re fcrenee ean be j/lvm. C>an be lor two days hi 4y{)Gth av., between 29ih anddOlh sis. A YOUNG WOMAN WXSHR8 A 0TUATION, TO DO chauibtrrv^ork and waiting, or ten? ral tiuiincwork In a small family; city rejerence. Calllor two daya at 228W?st /A h St., heiween titlt and lUh svh. blTf'ATION WANTED?BY A GERMAN PHOTES m. til n t r.iri, to do general housework, washing and fion ing. Inquire at ihocurnerof 4th and cnm^oHai-. RESPE<*TARLE GERMAN PKOTRSTANT GIRL wi?brrt a Hitua'Jon as a nrnt clans cook in a private taini> ly is wliuu^ to a? i t in washing and iroi.uu;. Best ?.f city reierenc.. Inquire r.t th?* co. ner of 4th and Ci ? .?" s s. A A A A \N EXPERIENCED WAITRESS <iR NURSE AND s??km^?l^e^^ it umred, abo a laundresa <utd cuamier maid, o?isii4 ^iruations, togeth* r or separ.toly. Apply at Irving pU rte, th? ir present ? nrplojei e. IDTUATION WANTED?BY k RESPB TABLE YOUNG Ameriian glcl. as Aeamsire>is, to go by u e cay or wfek. At p'y fur two da\s at 371 7lh av., top tfoor, tront room. .S1TIJ \TION WANTED?BY AN A ME ItICA N WIDOW, s. to take care ol an aged oj invalid lad v. W'a^ea not mi> touch art object an a comfortable home. ltigh"sl ref? reacea gi. en. Apply in the :au -y store 237 4ih av., between lyu. mikI BQi eUk A Situation wantbd-bt a romo woman, to rook, wash and iron in a private family. Ke*>teity refe rence Can l>e seen lor two oaya at L'>9 West 27th su9 bivt floor. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES TO obtain a private family's washing. Call at or address hM Wesi 3Wh si., third floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RES I *E('TABLE PRO testant ypnng woman, aw chamls-rmaitl snd iaundrehN, or as cbambermaia and wail reap; good ? uy ref?-re nee. Ap pl> at .78 Cth av., between iTt h ami 18th sir., in the shoe store. \RRNPBCTABL8 YOUNG WOMAN W INT8 A SITU A tion t?? do general housework; is a f/ood plain ein?k and a gtiod wasbcr and in?ner; g<md city rete'renee; no objec tion to g" in the eouniry. Call at 21 Cornelia st. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, \\ HO ^ V has lost her baby, days old, want* a baby to wet n.'rse at. her ow a residence: ibe best ??! irforenei ?-fin In given Call for two days ??i 24'i West 17lh si.. He. ond floor, back r??om. | N EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS I SITUATION f\ us c? ok, anil lei take ebarg? ,.f the lower pa,t ol th** hons. ; s willing to assist In iu?- wasbii g and Ironing; ;|??od city reference. Call for twn days at her last employer's, W 12tn ?t.. rorn' r ol Univer*lt> pla<e. 4 RESPECTABLE YoUNG WOMAN WANTS A SfTT J\ ation, to do k'mjcral housewo \ in .*? >?i. .11 private la mny; goo<i city reference can be given. Call ai 74 West 20th st./iu tue rear. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITC A lion n? nm?e and eeamstreea, or a< chambermaid and 1 I ta do Kowln r; no wbierrlon to the country. Good city refe ; !>!.'??? Cull Ht or addrena 834 Blec < kei f t. A S UJ2.N ERA L HO US? EM A1D.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL I ii want# a M;u:.lino to d<> general housework, or chant* j berwork and washing ami ironing. Good ?ity refprencr. | Cu'l or two days at No. llo Raymond stM corner of Bolivar, Brooklyn. i SCOTCH OlliL WANTS A SITUATION AS J-'IKKT J\ c!a-h 1 tumlresa, or us laundivsa and eliamb?'rmaid; ; r.ucd city r -1? reme: no o\?jr?''ion t?? the country. rail for Uvo I days at r?H2.1 nv., between \':Z>\ and 33-1 mh., ton -r.d fh?or. \ FIUST CL\SS COOK WANTS A *1 Tl \T?ON-I X 1 J.\ denmntcs French and American conking, treats. ^anm, ' *??upf?, jclle-, pa?lry, and ran pive tie- be?t of ?ity neier'nee ! as to?npabiliiv; can be ?'*en for uvu day*. Apply at No. 1 | Union 4-oui I-* f>etwe4'n 11th and >2th *t. i \* SITUATION WANTED?BV A RESPECTABI^E GlflL. JT\ a ?< ujK, \vHhHnr and iron*T: good city reierenoe. full | at M President etreet, South Brooklyn. ! 4 RE^PKl'TABLS YOI NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA ? J\. tinn i.s ?wok, v a*ln r and ironer; n>'? abjections*UMbrfeg i housework; b->t of cltv reference. t^all for i wo days at llM I West l'Jlh *t.. betw*e< ii (??U artd 7lh a\s. GERMAN COOK AN!) KN'.LTSU CMAHBKRMAJll and waiter.?'T\vo Protestant wciwa v.Ui? to engage in | a private famUy; they both understand t.Y ir bu.MJte%? In ev< ry ? . They bave the best ef rcteiYnee. Can l?e j s??en at tikQ Broadway, i.peraim. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS l\ cook: I? a' 'ustouu-d to hotel w.rk or any part of a j kitchen. Call at 1.4Iti Hioadway, In tween and400i Ht,. j A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS I J\ chambermaid and lo a Mist In the wa&blnq and iroaiuK; i she U willm.. to make herself ^uerally u rial, flas good city icICrem ?. Can be seen foi two d.'ys at .?1 W?*M l'Jth at. 4 VOI m, oral* !? OR J7 rfiAEfl OLD, BS81BBS A i J\ Hflnation. with a rc^jjectable tainlly, todO'*liami>erwork ! .in l Wiiitlnf. w old nmke imrscll' xyiu rally intct'nl; W|! s , not ko much an obje t j?x a borne. Can Imj act n for two day a ! at T.59 6'!i a\*., ? ??< ond floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOIWY WOMAN, TT> i\ tike care of a baby undrew or do cbatnbcrwork .?nd tine wnHhinu and Jronin?"; no objectlona to the e??ontrv. IJ^Ht city r. t' r. !;? ?. Can be ae.tu for two days ut30C Wc.^1 itftb M., mrcoud l.oor. AYOUNCS WOMAN WISHES A SITU \TfON TO DO l?em rxl lioi>?*v -rk < : pKht ? ""kln^. w u-i : autl Irnn Ina f?>r a Rinnll private family. <J?>od city rcicience gi\< n. run b# xm ii f?i t\v.? days, if not engaged, at 47u Atlaulic ?t., Br-' <kiyn, ? lloor, 1'Tont room. I A YOU NO WOMAN WIBHKB A HTUAT10NT0 DO ! x\. cbambnu ? rk and, < r would do general h?iune work In a snu l: family; ix wmIIuk Vi tnnio bcrnclf r;**nerally n-nful. t an be ae^n fur two uaya ut \?Z 24;li m., corner of j 7ih av. A SlTt'ATION WANTED?AH OilAMKERMAID AND wi%i'r< sH, 1 y a re?*pc< tabic voun:; v.i; i? willing ta nuik heivcli j-eurraliy ujafui; best nf city r-frri'nwj given ; from laat pbicc. CaJl at 409 7tb av.t between 33ib aud .'iotb ! asrtMdH. j A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT A BLR i ^V. yotinc ? oman, t4< di? c n? ral l.oim< work; it* a g<>od plain co"k, firat rate waaher and Ironc.r; la a poo l bread baker; willing and obliging, lirst city refennce from lnat place. Can be aecn or two day* at 409 7<h av.t between Jl/ih aud W5ih at*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, aa chambermaid; would a>?aiht in Una waahlugatnl iron in;'. Good city r iTcnuc givcu iromhei laat pl?4,.e. Call at C7 East lCtli at., N. V. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A KKSPEGTABLB younK woman, a^ good cook, waaher and Ironer. G -od city reference given. Can be aceu for two daya if not en ga*;e<4pttf7 ha?i 16th ??., N. V. A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT YOUNG WOMAN wishes a pcnnane;U aituation in a private f amily to uo light chamberwork and takeout! ?if K children; ih a fc'KKl f?eani8tree.??; can cut and fit cblldrcn'a dreHMia and do all kinds of iamily ae-a-iiig ana ? inbnddery. B"?t of city ret ere nee if required. Can be 8M? n far tw?/ duyaat 271 Weat 27th ft., between tftb and 10th av<. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A P.ESPECTABLE GIRL, X\ as chambermaid or waitress, or chambermaid aud lauu Ure.av. 1;. >t cry reference given. Can he aeen ior two d. ? h at her former employer's. 92 WeatU4th ut. K SIT I ATM N W ANTED?BY A COMPBTENT PEKt ^V. m n, ;lrs Minhire ..- Ui a private family; can cut and fl nd d all klnd? family ten in,. ( Jl t??r t\* <> u.r,?t 70 4Ji av., cormr of i Jtb bt., m the n.ncy stor?*. A XNU><'\\r WOMAN WISHES A SITI'ATION AS Jx m i sc ; < n.i t / ?? . u baby Irom ?u b.rrh. grown ?*ii .? . :.ait t t-w ia*atl> or r. ? nnc w <ishti;K at?d i /ii " ?? ? ' ' r> , ...... .! ti y rel. - i.*n ?' 1 ! '* 1 --lit No. J t a St., u:ar tat i4.i Q' i vi U'? i?uv c/j. t?U fcr tw w uai 4. ?ITTTATTO *? ? WATTED-f R :>T A AHITI ATION W'ANTED?BY \N ACTIVE YOUNO wmna ii* ' haril'm uni and waitrca?,o' aawatt*- ? Mone, or would do clmniberwork i ml with the w. kIi. Ing and Irouluff; la w bint* ami obliging; beat of city r i,, .' fliiu be (Mb ?t tH) iStlt at., (j U and 7ll> R\ H A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A MTI ,ni m, in .i am ill private family, i i >ln gcucrui huna' ? work; la u )'Initi iaok and u rood waalieraud Irouer; n;<* tl?'' beat of city reference from her laat plaue. Apply at 31 Wi -i 42*1 at., between ftili anil O h ava. A RESPECTABLE Vol NO WOMAN WANTS A SITI at "fi a*chatulierniald or norac, or to do thagcirial linn.I. wiirk til it 1. lamil.v; good city reference giv.n. Call at loH Elliott p'a*i'. Hrookly u. A COOK S PLACE WANTKII?BY A FIRST CLASS cook; no objeciloita toaaalal in Hit- waahlng and In1: >i* or oook, waali anil Iron. flmid city rderonoe, fall ai No. 4 * Clarkai/U at., between lludaon it nil Greenwich at*. ? RESPEt TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITI A j\. tlon to do gen* rul luirrevurk **r kitchen work, li il oily reference from herlaat pla**e. Can be aeeii at No. SIC Mutt at., near BlueekiT at., aerotid door, ba* k room. A respectable young wiim \n wishes a situ a:ion an rnirae and aMtaalresa. OnlUt No. 44 Wp?i 301 at* AS COOK.-WANTED, A SITUATION, HY A RESPECT a I it** winiuin. ?? cook; ha* no ???? j?*?-tton to aaat t w.t'i tin* waahfng; underathnd** hor bnalura* prrt'f llv: run tu bighlv rcpomiiiemled l*v herlaat employer t'orolw.raclei-and capability. Call at or'addrvia2u27th av., between ZSdaud *441 !t at*., for i wo day*. A SITUATION WANTEH- BY A RESPECTABLE PRO blatant Hi otch girl, an I'Uajnlwriuald and walt.te**; Itaa tlio beat of reference. Impute at 28 4th av. for M;tivatci A SITI'ATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRIM /V tcatint tril l, in* rhamlx'raiilirt and wiMtre**; can dualt kind* ot acwlng; cutt do up iadlea'rtnerlea In the neitieal manner; or would travel with a lady to any |utrt; tlie li* a oily refer* ucc. I all at 44 Wcat 41 at ?t. AS NURSE AN1> SEAMSTRESS.?W.VBTED, BY A com|a*lent young girl, a ailiuttlun an uirae and m am atreaa; lii*? been a* cnaiumed to llie rare *.f youngcliilmcu. Can be aeen lor two d iva at her preaenl Oliipmyer ?, laS W* -l :?d at., n lew doora from till av., where the beat of reference can lie given. AJ.ADY OF EDUCATION AND QUIET, DOMESTIC lialilU, iiudcr thirl> y< aiH ol age, wUhe* to lind a nit.nt tluii an i-'iinpmilon to an Invalid, or any otlier rei-oecttilile (Hiaidonof hi*ua?liold lru?t and rt-aponmhlliiy, for wh,? li. by \arloim Titlaeellaiietniacaitabllitiea ami wnniaiily kn*?wle*lge, Mhi' il* riuB hrrpelf IliWd. Addreaa N. U. I*., Uoi *,674 I'uat olUee. A SITUATION WANTED?TO Do QHAMREKWtiRK and fine warMnp and Irnolng, aluo Ereni-b tUulng. ii ? d * ity relt renee. Call for two dava at Gi Went IMth at., a lew doora frum Alh av. V SITUATION WVNTI'D?AS SKAMSTRKSS; POES all kindH of family aewuur: would do clutmbefu o ,. or take i a*e **f '?ue ur two growing iHitldren io a |??rii i.t hltuatii'H. The licit of rlly refetvn. .* Kl>en Appl> at 'J3 l 'tli at., second floor, bat'k **nuo?, betwi'-en Otii and 7111 ava. " A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KIRST <U.AS8 COOK*, A hnh lib obieetion to mn-l?t with the waahlng and Ironing. Ilaa tin' l?'i-t ftty refemme aa to r< ?|ieotabilny, Ac. Ap| y lor ' wo day * at US 1'JiU at., ai-coud lloor, back room, bctwei n ?Ui and 7th ava, AaRRXAN OIRL wants A PLACE Al VET NURSE, In a levne. family. ln*|uiie ut 2C1 Weat 51st al? be, tween Ii and lUth ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXCELLENT COOK j\ who thoroughly uuderatanda liecbuainesa: In willing?? a.viiat In the wathing and Ironlna. Good city reference. Call at S7 24iii at., between tith iind7th rvk. A .SITUATION WANTEII?HY A RESPECTABLE OIIII., to do plain ci "king, waahlsg and Ironing, or general III a private lamilj, or klti'.htii work with am.ther inrl (low! cltv reference. Call In Canton ut.. aeroml d ur from Myrtl? av., lielwten Myrtle av. and Wllioughby at., BimiiI.I; ii, for two iuya. A respectable YOtnro WOM AN VMM a siti; ation, IOI chambermaid and wi.lireva or nageneral ho iao work* ri'jrn amall family; tan glvea.iod r?ferenc? from bi r iMfhM. Utll taw two day* at K> wn>IWnt A SITU ATION' WANTED?BY A RESPECTA i: I.K voutirf w <*m in, *k chambermaid; ha? no objection to a-?Wii'in the w.iabing and lroulin;; can cite good ilty refe rence. < an be ace li lor two da*? at ltfjf 7Ui u>'., botwueu lMih 1111*1 I9tli ata.. third floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY a YoUNG WOMAN. AS J\ nur.-.i and u>uo plalu aew Itig; would travel Willi a lady; hat" rlly jeleremi* Call *it 7C No rtcn ^t. AIlESl'ECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tiou to <io general hooaew *>r*; one that la not afraid to woe:, a giaid Imnie preii rred to wutjea. la a cood waalier a'lii ltoner; g'*"il plain cook; baa over one.year'H refereiioo I rum her lact place. Call for two day* al. 113 We?t Sl?tat. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS I\ i hamliei maid ;.nd wnltren*, or to ilo? hamln rwork nn<! plain a*'ivlng; :;u"d city reference. Call at *0 North Mooro at., until engaged. ? COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHER To EN u\ gng*- with ii family by the week or mouth, aa Heauiatreaa; understand* liivamaklnB, cutting i.nd tilting forcbil.iren, ihlrt making and line nening; would attend to u pniwing child, il ih. ulied; g*.o.l ? Uy refcica.e. Call two daya, at 8iO lli'iadw.iy, bfiween lutli and IStli at?., E Phllipoleaux ? atorc. ______________ AYOT'NM LADY, A STKANilER IN THE CITY, would take a Mutation aa hoimckeeper Tor it baehelur ot widower a ti.inlly; being without triemtH would pn ler guing In the country. Call f'r Miaa Brown, at IS Coiniuerco Ht., m>ar Bleecker. i RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A _/V utiuition at- Wf. t tmr e. t^ati ins acen tor two daja at her preaent employer'*, 14 Eaae* at. AR1V-PECTAHLE YOl'NO MARRIED WOMAN, with u freal! bieaat ol milk, wl.?h* na aiuiatlon as wet nu;Te. Cull be j-eeii ,*.ir two day* a? 'JUd av. C, between lath and 13th ata., top floor, front room. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY ? YOU NO WOMAN, TO A do fiici li hnueework: H a good plain cook, waalier and lioner; Ih willing to make herself itacful. City rele r**nc?. Call for two d*>? at 473 Wa-binguut at., corner ?f Canal. A PERKH'T GERMAN COOK (KEMALE), WHO ALSO A uii'lersf;'fid* I "'?? to ruake ennfertionery, wanta a situa tion. Iti-purc at WChryatleat., In the bueeircnt. A SITI' ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO J\ ilochaiiilierw' r xn*l waiting; beat of ft""' lam plac*'. Call at Wcat 20tli at., mar 7U> av., U<p floor, ? Uur-k room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO \ eiidV wash and iron; S veiling and obliging; good biead aud bla -nit i. uker; cPy Can be Men lor l?? <l,i, : a: t:>7 <tli av., how * -n J5:h ai. I 27th ata. t S V S'STA.NT ItHESSM V lv F.-C. TIC) CAN CUT AND f\ m , htlairen a ilreaaea, att.l lias a thorough knowled^' ol till kind* of family aew ing, wl.lica to make a f* w WW*'; mi nm !?\ tbr tlay; pri?v t?? suit the timet*. AtMresn 104 L^st AMh t-t. t <ITI ATIoN WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO A do hon.-work in a amall family; beat city re."rence. Ci tbfil en rot two daya.a 123 West S>'h st? near 7tn av._ ? MTU VTlON W\NTEI)?BY A RI S'l'KCTABl E WO ,'\ II) do cltHiiibfsJ work and w ilting, in wa-blne .Hid ironing; city ivrerence. C;U1 for two dayaat l??t', t H4th at., I e'wern lat mid 2*1 ava. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J\, yomur ijtrl, us "? in' k'p?s and to do ligliU;hauiberwoi It; i .hi flit and lilchiUlren's tlrwstrs; will be found enmpeieut I!ad iihlKI'ic: iim tlie brat city reference from her last place., ('*ri l>? ?otu for two days at BUS lat av? between 22d acd L??i all. t SITUATION WANTED?*Y A RESPECTABLE ; V young woman, to cook, waeh and Iron In a privaln lumilv; liaa four yaara' relcrenco from ha? last plnee. Gall a: 190 6 b av, between isKh and .Tt)ih am., ri?ira No. 'J. AHll ATION WANTHD-BY A YOI'NU AMERICAN girl, to do light housework or plain a?\? leg in a private family; good re! erancei glvep. Apply to Mrs. Bradford, M Nav?>'si., Brooklyn, or uilun a* box IN) HaraJd olllce. A RESPECTABLE UIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS t>iok; Isa good waali -r and Ironer; has good city refe r> uoe fiutn tier Ikm pLice. Cull lor two dnya at 126 Smith at., nexl to the fancy store. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE voting girl, as or> >h . I- an ui' client WUktr and Ironer; housework; has licat of city refercuce from her inh* place. Call at 116 M tuition at. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RKMPECTAIUE young woman, to do the houarwotk of a amall private family ; *ood ciiy reference from h r Uat plaoe. Call at X!5 Weil lilai Ht., between Kill mid Stli ?vk., iu the ri ar. A YOU NO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CIIAM" Ix iuia'd and waitreaa or cnambern aid mid ?i-nmntPS-KJ*; goo 1 city r i "renoe from her last place. Call at 147 West 27ih at., tiilrtl floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIllL wants a suit* ittiou aa lituiulreaa or aa lianuierniaij and line warhcr and ironer; thoroughly understand* her burtnoRs; best city r 1. rente from her last placc; no objection |o the country. Can bo Bern lor two days at 23'JiiDav., belweeu 2tiUi arid H7 tli at*. AREaPKtVTABLK TOUNO WOM AN WANTS A SITU atiun a* laundres* or chambermaid In a private laiully: has lived la her laid p.ace for thieu jeum, and lis? the b. at of cay reference ns to houenty and >a[ ability, Call for two da'.s If not engaged at '23 West 13lh at., between Btn an..Ciii ava. Actuation wanted?by a respectable wo imin, uk good plaiueook, washer anil Ironer; would' do housework iu a aiuail pitiale liuntly. Call lor two days at 86 titb av., flrM floor, front room. A I'ROTESTANT WOMAN IS ANXIOUS TO (JET A situation aa children s nurse and n aiiMtreas; She hua had grem experience with children, and can produce first rtiiss reference. She has always been in the lialdt of getting (lO.t month, but would take low wnges in onaideration of a home. Addrcaa, or cull at John Sutherland's ablrt store, 349 Cth av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, TO eol k, waah anil lion, or to do general housework; if. a good cook and a iirM rate waaher and Ironer; luia good city reference from her laat place, viau be seen for two daya if not engaged, a> 77 Wtat ll'th at., frout Wisenient. A SITUATION WANT ED?BY A CAPABLE YOUNG woman, as good plain cork, washer and ironer, or to do | general housework in a atnall private lanuh; ia^i ?ity rcfe I renoe. Can l>e n lill engaged at U Union tourt, University | plaoc, between lltb and 12th &ts. A SITUATION WANTED-?Y| A YOUNG WOMAN, AS

nuro Hud seamstress, or chainfoernuiiu and aearnfltresa, or to watt on a lady; city reference. Call u r two days at Went i6th at., n?'ar 7 th a v., second floor, front room. AsitiwtioN v? a Nil i?? i v a TOCKO W( M\N, as plHin couk, waaker and Ironer; good l?rrad and bui^ utt HitiKcrj ia v* jihiig to aaaitil in any work; < ity rcifii nre. t all lit -45 East 14ili at., belweeu ava. A anu C, third fl<air, fn>ut, ri>on? No. 1. \ RESPECTABLE YOl KG WIDOW LADY, OK GEN* te? l apptMiautr, wiah? a a aituatlon lion??rk<ei>?*r; widower^ t iiiuly ]>>?*!"? rr?d; aulary ijo object to the privi lege of i avtiiK h r only child ^iiUh?*r. Adtu-e?aMrs. Hcocrx, alalion ii, Eighth fl:. A Si n Alton WAKTBI BY j US8P ? aiKL, to do j#enMnl hot'M'^or;; or /..i henwoi N, ji m \s u t I .i-ri n? ?v t ill at It-.) Eaat ai., li t* en nnd id *\a., third door, trout room. j:i;HrKrTA?Li: vo\M. woman wj'sukssiir nd tlo :j ?tly or w ' i): ' c'l J:,!* l!., . ,t. A" lOi tliU U/?. Si H'ATIOSS YV V\'I !'.!>?PEMAI.1?H. A K- WET NTItSK?A YOUNO MaUKIRD LAD/ iW.mis 1??.44 .? i ,1..* in(!i wiili ivv!mim h>, liasin* in. ly lout bet uhii would im-pl .? * l it' > 0 in the .?'<ve I'.u.iy. Any tii'Nt hisafam ?y reiuirtn*; Mi Krn res o a i i |..?u i.t ami i;ood du |><in:il<?> p ra.?u will llud llio .u'vm' I.m I m ex<-piuiu to . e < i*h*. iliiul re ciriut!*. Cull Le i wei, n "i ?i? <1 4 o elm k at 1 14 East Broa way. 4 RESl'f OTABLE WOMAN WISI1KH TO HAVE THE J\ .% i-hii y: and inning ?.f aentlei. ? n, at A> r? n?s a it. en, or will gu out i4i du> a work. Call at 7^iod av., lorneroi juui *1., set .olid floor. A HERMAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO Kcneral nouMwnrk in a small piitaif family. Oood re ? ri'?) ?*m K?lvm. In ju re ai Too Un-nwich st,cornsr of West UHb wt. N i: N'ULISH WOMAN WISHES TO KIM) A I10M ti nil orphan a/ed 13, to slay until she in 1J Call ? k at 02 Market mi. IEN lf-'KL S OTOM OIRL WANT8 A 81TUA HON ii. rii a.d, waiter, ot to take < mc t ' ? hiMren t hi a n s|-e? table family, in <>r id tlio ei.v Call Hi limine tn I'nion St.. east ol lloyt ?t., Brooklyn, ANr^ A'I A A ftiTl ATION NYaNTKD?HY A t^l 4E'i, MILD YOl'NO J\ w Oman, in uiiv capa ity. A p?a ?* in a r? ajuctabJe prl vut?' funiiy . ia more an <?? <??? ? with the advertiat-r than w c> Call for two days at <0 A I. otic hi., 11 rook 1> n, over ti r I m? er shop. 4 sin ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO i\ ? ..!?< are <-f a voi.u i.?M am hm..-1 ?< bam tar work. Wifl loako hermit generally uw! ul. .??? <*n ye trs* reference from u?r la-i plait*. Call nt ftsst Mu> ' pi ho A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOI NO WOMAN, TO ;V do any kuul of Auk, or g? neral noi-m- . ork. Can be M-ci. for iwo da-,.- at 4.1 Urur^ hi., Inak rot.m, lir?l of fail.". City r*Tt*t ??ii?ti?. i HfTUATlOX WANTED?BY A i<K. I'KtTAHLK WO x\ nuu, kHiu' k, thi' "t*,bly uiid-t>i ? l.ri- bualr.eHh; la an ?w ?.'I'eir. baker; will a.^i*t" with the w*ak>4 in? .ind IidiiIul:, or ?*o? i., \?ahh hi id iron in a HUiail prvat* .'aniily. iiral city im'U'm f. (.will ki.'St Sili av., b? tw* en .1'ill* am; lOlli j?Ih. 4 KESPBCTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WIrfllKS A ltu<tli( ii tu <)? ?-neral Iioiik* work : Iah t?oud wi^he. and id an <?>? ?Hunt ?? ? i a willing and ol.lijjiny ^lrl. n?*at and 'idyf at d no> afr. Ui of work; lia* oljo.a'on ?o do < mi'M work or wailing. Ii. a <;It> r? (??? r?n<* t'i'rti lulu hi place. Can be He.en lor lw o days' ai 117 W.iKhingtua hi. AHITUATIO.N WANTKD-BT A Yl.ONG ti. do pin ill cooMnt. .a a good w?hIu r and iron**r; would tU> ih?* utoneral housework oi asti all lainily; liss no ohjec lion '.o !?? tl?t' OMiutrn llu b? hi ..t nty r?*ft iciaf can be K?vi n Call l'or two uuja al 2i3 \\ I'atb St., belvsei n olb and lllli avM., i)ri?t f nor, na< k room. 8ITIIATI0N WANTED?BY A VOI NO OIRL. TO DO i''- rw rkand wutlm^or pla n ^wiui; or lM> "C?r* clitl.r? n; in wlilin(tto make lu rsclt A?*ni?ralfy uso.uil. n -Kl oily i efi-r? n ?? 'an T-e slven. Call lor two days at Weht ".!??!?i??i., bftw*-?u Htli and ^itli avs., tir^i lloor, ba?*k rooiu. A NEAT, 'i fBY C?IKL W18IIES TO OBTAIN A 8ITITA la D in .i an.all private laiiiiIn to do |?enrr*il Inn nrwork; us h good rook, wa-her and irotiti; ia wi. ing and <ibll^ing, aid nut al raid <i v. oik; ?<mm! ivieren?e. Can La-s<*? n at U? r present employer's, 111 I.a.-i?t., tins Ua\ . 4 good 00< k WAJNT8 A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE /V lio<iivt'U|r <?an do cooklu^ ui all lis b; aa-1). , anu la a go. ?! *a Mr; can glvf th*' best of ?ity r?!en-i. C*u he M?oii for two d?yn ul '&& Sullivan at., '.??iwt v'n Bl< crker and guilty. A BIT! I9ION WASTED?BY A OKBVAK OIRL, AB eia.k, w.iMiier and nom r iu a suiail lauiuy. Apyl> at Wyr-kolt st., Urookl^n. AYOl'NU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK or to Uofcftnrral hotiacwork iu a small piivste taimly; o a eltjrxtltKMii|Ivml i.aii for <t-?>b at IMlIadaso ^t.. et. AfilTUATIOli WAMTED?BY A YOU NO woman. TO do cuttfil bouMimt in ? small prtvali family; is a good plain cook, w ssLer and lr? n?i : Iu ki o* city retercriee j;iv? n. Cdu iM*s< ? n for two r1a>s ..t i:^?ytb av., Ia*iween37th uiiM Ssth hta., tl lrd ilot i , fionl room. A Vol NO WOMAN WIBJBEH A lUTUATIOK AS GMD plsln ?ooll?tnd excellent aaaher arid irois r; would do hoasework in a small prlTale*fairilv ; 1h willingand obliging; no oi Je. iiun to go in tne eouutrv, II r??eyears' city rel'erence. Oau be se?*n for ta o dnys at *12 >lulborr> hi. A COOK W80 CAN BE XBOOHMBNDBD BY HBR pr. n?ainp^)era iKia^viuit oi ?i situation-, 1albel* o; Janudr?sses. Apply for two d< y h at 3e$ 2d a?., between SI n and 25th sta. A 8 ITU ATI OH W ANTE D?BY A RKBFECTABLE J\, young girl, "with aoodTdlerHiice; <?n do g. neral haua?>. w?irk ior hmuhII laiinl), unstaira1 work, or plain work, or my kuidol s? winr.. Can be seeu for lwodayt? all 7 Eases al., in tlu* real t>u i id in if. A SITUATION WANTED- BY A RKSI'Et'TABLE joiiiiK wuiiiRn, t.iao plain cowking, waKiuug ami iron lay or/rem* re 1 bMiseaork <n a am ill iirjvr.teiamily; tM-ateitv mcreneM. Call for iwo days at 42 WesfSUih St., b? twei n tih a\. and HroacfWny. A PBOFBSflED COOK WJ8HES A situation, WHO J\ p.'rfe?aly xinderafan^s l?er husiuessln all 1U brunches, hi a private ismily, hotel or boarding lionai*; hastlie ht-at ??t eity refen nco from Urat class foiuilu s. Can be se#?n for two Ony*1 a i 7f> W? at., in the candy store. ABB8FBUTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WI8HX8A8ITUA lion toi'ook, wubli and <ron,?ir w<?u1d d . general Jiouse work In a Hmall p ivat- tamily; ijeat of eity iwVrem r <ai. l>e given. Call lor two days at 314 Weal 19tn 6L, betwet n9th and 10th avea. a BITI AIION WANTED?BY A YOCNO WOMAN, TO J\_ rook, wash and iron or do houwwork, no objection to the eountry; wag- a $5: ay- ar's r* tcr??nce lrom last piace. C?a!l lor two days at li?4 KhsI 2T?t|. ??t. \S1T? A'llON WANTEl? Y A YOHNU WOMAN AS . n thorough cook, washer and ironer, in a pnva e tami ly i *ity rofen nce. ( an be seen for two days atWu Atlantic at., iticaiklyn. A YOUNG AND RESPECTABLE AMERICAN OIRL wishes a aitUalloii aa eh ira&ei rr?Mid and waitress, or to 00 plain honnavtork in a smal> family; ia willing hihIooli^lrg, atid not a*raid t?. work; wsjk? a no object, but a good home preferred; will nirnlsa good city re 1 ere nee. Call at 115 lSlii hi., ov er the store. AS COOK AND Oil A M BER MAID. ?TWO PROTEST A VT women, who are boih i^tod wanherN and Irunen*. are USHtroua lo obbJu situati'OiN in ia?* min? lauiliy. Wiliuill, <?r-msy be seen at Air. Whiuicld s, No. l>n Christopher St., ourner of Greenwich sv. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPKf TABLE OIRL, to do f.en'-ral hoiinework, cook, wash a at iion9orti> take care ol cnilon n; no objeciion to the o unUv. \ home pieferable to wages. Can 0'- asen for t vo Oaya a . MM M.idtaon si., secoi d u?mt, In the rear. AS'Tl'ATK N wanti;d-hy a yocno married w ?nian. aa wet nurse, wi.h a fiv^h breast ot n.ilk. Can b<? seeu lor two days at No. 3 K*ira place, n or of No. 10 1st at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO oo housework, chamber work or waning Cily refe 1 nee. Can be seen for two days at lu7 W? at Kid ?t. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES a .situation us nurse and Maam*irc*a; can ?ut aa?t til chibliN-ns' dresses in the nenteni manner; no ebje<'tiou to chnmbtrwork and t'ne washing. Call at W7 EaailSthst., st Air. Nichols*. A /1LOAK ANI) DRESSMAKER.?A COMPETENT DRESS \J maker, who thoroughW un^raUmris cuulx?g rloaits, g'?o<l dresses, baeooea, du, weula like to niako engagements with a few fuBilheH, nrefcrring th*?ir tvi.rk <U?ae at their houses, l?y the day. Firat clkAs references ghen. Address J. U? 47i 6th are. C100K?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN J wWiea a rook; is an eicAla-m uimw, trrml ami p?-U'V cook; uuderaiatuls it a klMJi- -af jMup, cooking game awl nmfclfci J film* en? d?a*et<s; uA# exarllout t?-f.iaiic,u4uVi us U: c^t>ai li- una ckara< ttt. Cull at 4R West ISti ?i-, t-etwern fnli huiI till *v*. JMRST CLASS COOK.?WANfBD BV A RE.>PEfTA bin girl, a aitualkin u* coog, and lias no on.i-cUoii to wa*l>ing and lionlug, if let/idnd. Call at 137 "In ave., ae cond floor, bark roam, uear 2Sd at. 15*4 of ciiy inference. HOUSEKEEPER?AN AMEPJOAK WIDOW LALY di-slrra a dltuuilatt m !?? ?? k?. ??*, i8 ~pril " of uMck lull ohnrgn of u prlrau- boarding house, ornrui^all fandy. C.UI on oi addreaa iortliroe daya ilri>. Wmticiw, 6,'j lUary at., B ooklyn. HOUSEKEEPER'S situation WANTED?BT AN elderly willow lady, In a widaa ur'a or hneheior'a family, in or out ?>< lite city. Couipruaatmo tint aa much au object ua a i*> mlwtuble home. Address Slfi Warn ild at. HOOSEKEEPEK.-AN american WIDOW LADY wishes to aeeupy (.be jioJllou oi bouaar. <-np?r tor a widow or bachelor. Raff irnrcs of the firm reapectabUlty. Address P., box lfl) Herald oflloe. HOUSEKEEPER?WANTED, 9Y A P.K6PE? TABI,E lady, a ?iuiati in aa boiiaekreiwr or to take nu-? ol chll drcu; wages not s? much an aajerta* a good hnina. aw Id oww'i family prefrirei!; good refereuoaa givan. Address II. M.. Brooklyn Pont oflicr, n,r throe days. Housekeeper'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN Auttioan lady, IS a I'apectable family: baa had eiia riLllcf. and can give the neat of relerancca. AdUi<wa for tit ire day a, E. J., Madieou square Poat office. XTUKSE.-A SITUATION WANTED, IN T1IE ABOVE i> oap.wlty, by a reapectabln wwtiutn a<Tj*u?ned u> th<* ej?re of iJiildreu; ut ludy competent to" until* <>hai/? of a nuraery or a babe fnam Its blrtli; would ?lechamlter itort. plain lewlng or washing. Cull at hrr preaetr i m|auy er'a, 9U Writ 4rtib at., Wliere alio can bf hi ..lily recunimendcd. NUP.SK.-A SITUATION WANTED, AS CMII.D'8 nurse, by a faithful and exjierienrefl ProW?taut g rl. Can take the entire charge of VBUiig children or an infant and do plalit aewlng or ll^kl rhuinMrwork. liaa l,vad overlive year* lu her last plate. The beat city reiertnie given. cull for two daya at j04 Went Mill at. Situations wanted-by tiikeb vert coups lent kirla, with good ally reference, na cook and lauu crens, chambermaid, waltri'aa and to do general bouaewark. Appiy at the Irec (to eaiployera) olliue, lti Eaat llih at., be tween 3d and fill uva. Situation WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS IM* \NT l.urae and to do plain aewing: no objection Uj liir eanu try: cuy reterence. Apply at 4t> Went Uil, at., betwi-eu 6th and tith ava. Situation WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO girl, an < ia k, wafher mid Imaer, or chmnhi pna: I and laiindreaa; beat t liy relVrenrc. Call at 217 7tb av. OITf ATION WANTED-BY AN intklliobnt WIDOW kJ 1ft y, Irom Mnaaacljuaeita, aa houa< ko-p-4 in a gonth man'a lamlly, wl.eie there bit ehlldrcu preferred; lau-nt petent to do all faintly aew ing; beat refer-'nee ctvmi lih) re quired. Adoieas tor two duya Mra. M. Wtlauu, Uruoklyn I'un ofllen. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MAT, SMAUT, RE ?pectable girl Irotn the country; an eii- llent i,ood cook ami u iirst rate oak-r; oLIn^ngund willing to ?mk; noob jeetlon to ai -lut w ith the wi aliing und rottl'g; bi ?t city re lerence. Apply at oui *d av., beiweea Slat and Bid att-., for two ilaya. Situation WANTED?BY A YOUNO AMERICAN gill, to take care < i tiiildrt n and do p .iln aewing; an American family prelerred. Inquire at 4,2 iti,>eiiw n h ?i. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPBCTABLB T01 *< 0 woman, aa diambt rmmd und wallet, and to do line w .t.b ing; or can oo ijeiieial housework. IIa.s no obJertlOD tocltv 01 i oiiulry. Meat of < I'y r etem e ^ivt u. Can bo avcu a't f.ih av., between !!;?:? .ma ?'Jtl'. it?. (Jlli A .It N WANTED?BT A RESPBCTABLB OIRL, I., i.o ,'. ? li ? -fl-1 holts, win k. Al'l'l} al Uil- ban lie Bl to. i u:, V i n n ? ., J. i t y City. w . ;i ?rioN wanted? i-:* a i:..-tT.; t.Vui.k (;n:r? 0 - :? ... :t 1 < .i ?? .. I - o.i, ? 1 i . i irn.-vfi. lull i.vU?txn l<) aul ii w Uwk at ?U \1 iftlu au KITrATIONS WAXTFD-FRllflLKg, UTTUATION WANTRIMAfi CHIAMBERMAID AND^TO m do Hun waKhirtf or u* lanndrrait; umh'ttit'ind" all kfm.A ol Frem It U ns, ?i ?a in < .nhidt?red nil em ? lli nt Irouei . 15 m re'ercm? jtivfti. Non?% but t)? ??* who have nice ; uc**d apply at (-6 27tl* nt., nrar nth av. OITITATION WA.NTKU?NY A REBI'ECTABLE Gilt!/ 0 ua cook, wu. tit lUiMrwlM-r, 111 a pi'lvai'i family; 1?k >,f 1 :l\ it ('??ri-iHT. I.nil He pern two d;?VB If not engac d nt ? ?4 \\ >t Warren tI , between 111 kb ?ind C olumbia &outh iiropkly 11. QITUAT10N8 WANTED?BY TWO PROTB8TAKT O yonui; u meii; one u* nntae&nd acamfiren* and to do light t liaiikbfi w i k; the oilier a* chambermaid and wum-r; no onjoctfon u? a*kii*t in ihe we- . iuj, < r lo go out ot the eiiy. Hi mi ? iiy reference. Cull at01 Wi'?t 12 th nt., between 5th and titii ii VS. SITUATION WANTKD?BY A R^srF,('TA]U.K MIDDLE O *?n? n woman, aa/ioo?l plain eot?k; i* an excellent wunh*-. ami m>ner; no onjeci ion to go a abort diiianoe in the ? r. try: thoroughly competent ?n her bu?dnehn; Uioierhtai d i in ilk and butter; very t?e*t of rvl'erenee*. t an no ??? n for iwodnyH at 211! Laic at., betwiru lht ami -d a\be eond floor, rear room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A Yot'MU AMERICAN t ;ir., in ii privaic lumih, (o take care of chii? ren and do t InmfM rwurk. Apply f or two day* only at iJUJ liud&on ht., between the hour* of 11 and 4. SITUATION WANTED?BY A JIK8PKCTABLE YOUNG woman, lo do chaiuberwork and waiting in a nrivuUs luimly; la w ilhnc to a*HM in waaliii.g and ir?>Liug. Call lor two ua>a at 3it,SJ OivIaIou ?t. QITUATION WAKTliD-BY A RESI*?0TAB1?B YOVKO O womn, aa i ?>ek, washer and ironer in a small private family ; hall no objection to^ener**! bouai work; ha.* Uie I.* i ;ty reference. Call lor iwo dayaat 173&d at., between btu and a vs. SITUATION W \ vrKD?KY A YOOM Woman, AS piatn ? ??ok, w;ir*hci uud lr-?n^r, or to do g* m-ral bon?c wm k for a small family. W'.lnm; and obliging, and Wonkl make heraeir genei allyumcIuI. uood reference given. Call at No. 10 Verandah place, South HmoMyn. DtTOAIION WAKYE? BY A vol m; FBOtWTAKT lO girl, to do eiinmherworU, waifiux'or to uU? nd on chil dren; auuld ww oo m< rooiiired; ^;ood nty rele rem e given. Call ui 113 Ka*L 22il ?t., eetweeii 2vl and lid ova. Q1TCAT10M WANTKD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN? TO O cook, wnah :?nd iron, or t<? do general liona?*work; baa reference irom h?? last place. Can be aeen tor two da> a at &)i Elizabeth ht. I cm ATION WaNTKD-BV A RESl'KCTAUI E N(DDI.F, O a^ d woman; is a good cook, waaiter aud irouei, aiui4n I exeelli nt bakej-; also a younu i;irl, as ebarnoarmaid aud wai'ns*; Hhh good tef. rein?s. Call at 110 i?ual ltalticbl., one dooi rum Hoy! at., South Brooklyn. QXTUATION WANTBD?BY A HIGHLY R8BPB0T 4kJ aoie }ouug woman, u> d?> general housework; i? a ! plain rooa ?nd an excellent wasbei and iixmcr; is tborougb ly eoni( titent. The v.*ry of city references. Can be I seen or uvo <!v.y.- at 1U9 Eaat loth at.. aeeon?l floor. ' QITUATION WANTED? ii Y A BBtTKEOTABLE TOTTKO ! O woman, a? cook, waaher and utiuei* in u Miiatl lannly. i Good reference given. Call for two daya at 167 3&1 at., he i\vern 7tn and 8th ava. 1 OITI ATION VVANIEI*? MY A VERY KKSHBOTABI.E O \<<iinan, j* ui>i luircwik; lu? iu>* ??'iy brn uitUjr. ic. .rum .rom ii> r 'in.; jjlmi:; hua nu ?.bjci tmn 10 tlo Ihtouiinr wuablBtf. ('nil i?i or BdilifW l- Y tw? na)> 1^2 Aniu; sL C'T< VI'UIN WAimD-n A MUFMOXABLB lilin,, in O a |>itv*ui, i > >1 > > imiuu rwuik au<i i"" ihn Ii. at ol i\ ij iciii tb; iltiUrr?U!.flH waiUiig tLuioiiulily ?;?I1 lie *i-en lor two uajKHibJ 7lli ?l., beiwrt-u ist imu 2ms SITI'AITU^ WANTED?BY A 8S8PSCTABLB M ruHl v.ouioU, ?? wet nurw. Unlin ??uioi- t?u?t .}(( at .'Xi'J Ail HV., brl WBUl ;?ll Ii MR. f|V> J.AVWEKS OK OTBKBfl.?A UDJ <A ?CrSRIOB X aim ia.; ti ? ilcMrt * to law orutlK'rcupyjan ai luir r??l .ruue. UiK iri'ptuni iblo tolrii nc< ? aav>aupMbi. liy. Ai dnV* A. H.. BentktUllu.#. M1V.O <.1IU.S WANT hIT.UATlONR-ONE AS KEAM X htrrns auJ *tiil?iotiii*ri'r. the oLbrrun |iui1n<(<u>K, Huntu'T iiml lri HIT. 1,'auliHSfl. t; lor two .lav s. at 1^1 J^ist JM'i m. \\r ANTEU?SITU ATI0N8, MY TWO KIBTKIt;; OSE AS> > V ronk, wahltcr null In.iiur, ?r uh rr?(ularteuiidrri>!i; tlm otlu-r unuliamilOriuahl uu l vmlu r, Or wnulU U- willlii)(-tn <Ui tbi> wot t of .i in r,.an 1'amily. Can be ?.-i'n"f<ir two^?y?htiO W I'M I7ih bi'tw tii 6th uuil tttli avu., lutho baacniclil. W'ANTED-?* A UEBPECTABLK ttOH MKIMAN. A VI Mliiaiiouaai'iHiV, Kiibbi raiid lroMr. li*ni?r<l(y rrfa miic inxn nrr Un i'. i^ill at lUtt Eust Uthatt., uwriM av., fur ooe day. WANTKD-BY A liESl'ECTABIiE YOPNO WOMAN. A >iitnN?ion n? good pliiln cook, wo.her-aTi'i ti'Onrr. rati b sren to-i'uy akthi* house of hervrcsontomi .<>?< r, 164 W-?t 41>d ai VITAKTBD?A SITUATION, BY A VERY UWZ61A TT ble l*rotir?ia?t?wotiiuD,u?co?k, waahahdlruB, a*?idb Ibe homework of ? cuiallfamily: beer of n'Te:i ik**. t an bi! Horn till suited nt 89 Khm 32<1 *:.,Jtrsi !'.<vir, Ua-k room. Aloo ?a*lnng wanted, by the dozen. Brat of roJV rente ua u> honmiy anu ??iml>lllfy. \\T ANTED-KY a first class cook <A St.OTVU Vf worimnl. n sHiifttlou in a hotel, reaunniDt nr boarding house; undcrsunda all klniln of l:i?aui, roit;ia, piiat-y ?k<l game; all orde r rookljut, and all kinds of iellWs andcrraaia; or?t of reference givulr. Apply for two day not lUEajilXd ?iriTt. IT ASHING.?SKGLE OBMTLEKBM ASO AlSO PA I? nilly vva.lilng done lu the N sl aiyleaud on moderato t? ruis; tbe beat rrlereum can be had. It repaired. Inquire at in*> Eaat 26ih ?V, between 2d aud 3di*T?. waniiimt an ambricam rsomtAxr mm VV woman, aattuulion as niirso and saamairr^aor lo da lliilit ? liamborwork; in kind and obliging. Can bu saau tor two daya ?i No. 2 Walker ?t. \V ANTED BY A RESPBOTABLK SCOTCH OIRL, A Vt situation to travrl with a family to Europe: har, junt ri'tiiiuol from Europe with a family; hiia tot goad irferi u cea in this city. Addrcaa L.J., at AfT. Uoid1* auire, 007 Broad waj, all this week. \VANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESl'KOTABT.K FM TT t .Uii.l AmorlfJin girl, to do gt:ne;al hoiiiework; refit rvn' <? from laat employer. Call for two daya at 2IS Wr* ;*th St., m st Door. ?YVrANTEP~BY A BESPEOTAILB VOUVCi WOMAN, A VI situation aa, and to isnistwrtb thr ?a*biun and IronlnK; has no objeitioua jo gon ehort Ulstai. ?? iu tb" muii wj ; has tli? bost city and country reference; ao ohjertlon to do iieuoml housewoik in a uruail family. Can hr soitn for two days at loS West D3ii Ht., l>elweendth And 7ih l??. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, DY A RESPECTABLE OKR. TT man *lji, iwchambermaid and waitress, ortanamat m wimhlD.1 and Ironing. > 'au be ecuu for two day.- at ,<J J,ualo\t at., in tin: milk store. \\f ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT Oi'l KA TT tor, on one of Whaeler A Wjlseti ? aewing miutn'aea; unuersiandK drossaiaking and Jill kindnof taiatiy aewiag: is wililnr to go to tho country: cin give good raioreaee. call at 3tit> 6th hv. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY TWO RESETS'TABLE young girla; one lo rook, vrash and ft-un;Ttu' orter to do (hamberwork and waltlns, or elauniberwoitl uo a???ua gtrera and anaiat w ith theearr of obildran; bent of ally wter ence. Call l or two daya at 270 liaal 10'ti r\. TITAN TED-BY A I'ROTESTANT GERMAN OIRU A TT cltiuitton to do chamberwork or general hfime^ork In a small lamllv. Inquire :it the rc&IUtno of l?er piewut ttc ployer, 7* Et\at 2hln at. \\TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KESl'ECTABIJJ TT American glri, a? unra?, chambermaid or wriRrtia. Cood ilty refereuco from h?i hist plaw. Ouii at 11) 26'k i corner of 7th av . entrance in A>ib St., third Aoor, keek n?ta! TyANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL TT a aituatkin an aenmacqai; aan cut auil nt; Bwllllug n> assist in tttklug caie of children or in dh*.!Ql?rir<>ifcs )u*> an objection to go a sk'irt dlalancp In the oonntry^ af,fla6auory raferenoe i;i?rn. Call lor two days itt U& lii'ariiwit h at., cor uer of Let oy TtTANTEn ?A SITUATION'. 11/ A RBHt'ECTABLE TT young wemM, as chambermaid and piaflajMWiv-; lb a good plain cook sud willing lo make h-ji*(Ll g<nt^Uj **unl; the heat ciiy reiorcnoe. Call for two (iavr, a 191 k??t.31.v. at., aecund rioor. T\T"AN'TF.D ? A SITUATION, BY A RESTBCTA1?.E il young gil l, to do general housework on baiirfcorworfc and assist in wmhini und Ironing, lu a small family: u->od referent'* 'rum last place; no *b>aclinn t?< go*sh*rtclistani? ' iu the country. Call far two days hi No. fl AtaTiy piaoe,.r>iar. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSJ'rCTABLB I Ft!.. TT to do cooking, washing and Ironing, or im abd toatalst with Ui? washing and fronlryj. II?.< the beat of 01 ty reference from her laat piaco. Cuil lor two days M 'AM tljrltc iff., Brooklyn, In tlio store. TXTANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN <SIHL' TT a situation at houKewmk iu ? dtrvH lurwtiy. i>r cbauit" u work and "w aiting. References from her latikux. Call at Hi Union at. \XTANTED?BY A fUSKPSCTABLE GIRL, A SITHA 11 tluii at chambernuud an<t wauor, or to insist wfth the washingand Ironing; Bestofcity faferenoe. TV* llv?d four years in her laxt place. Call for two d?>* at W EMlilt at. XJITANTED?BY A STEADY, INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN, A rf situation a* d plain couk. and to H.**ist iu ike leash ing aud Ironing; aWageod l.n iai, or would like to do chum berwork Sire wai.Wlng. lias the btfct of dty reforest)* from ber 1' piae*. Call for threi days at lto Kut 31*t ?t , between 1st and 2d avis. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN, A SITU atkin us i Uainbern aid and waitress or aa char 'ho n.aid and aeamstrc?. No objection to Iho country. >!ost undoubted city reference. Can lie seen lor trv ?? days at 13 Union court, University pince, between lltli and 12:!i ?;s. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT pian as cook; is a a^od w.isbcr and lroner, und aver; goo I baker; ha a tlie htjjncsl :l!y reference. Call for two d.tys at 11.1 K ;st 11th St., near 1st av., first 8oor, I rnutVoom "X*rANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN A tt situation as t;eani8ti?js or chambermaid ami seim stie-s: cau do up ladies' Hne washing. Can be seen at her Ust eruj '.oyer's, 19 t linton place, for two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION BY AN ENGLISH LADY AS IT genoisltoek; understands her bus.u' wi wei! in .ill its brunch. *, such n? meat, game. or any kind ol ixtstry; lias the best ol relere.nce, and Is willing ami obliging to ber employ era. Api y at ISO Eaat otld at,, near 2d nr.. for- two ilavV. to P. U. TXrANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE IN A RE8PEC ?? tabto family; good rcferenoe given. Call at 33East Suth at., between lOaiid 12o'clock A. M. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman wbu wishes to trarel witb u lady i i either Kuiiland, Scotland or Irelsnd. Call at ,t!7 WestWih at. XVT AN TED?BY^"RESPECTABLE TOUNU WOMAN, V TT Fili ation as uhsiulsTinald, or as < bamlri ni.i.d and Waitress; best illy reirrenoe Iron her last p'.a^e, where sh< has lived live years. Call at 156 3d av., between 16th and 17th st*.. in the Iraicy atore W ANTED-I SITUATION," BY A TKl STtVOKTHY TT girl, who understand! general Uous< work perfectly, up stairs woiic utid sewing, or kflchtm work; Is a verj nice washer and lroner. lirst of city rvlcruuca can bo gtvtn. Call at 13o>i Went 18tll St. I U'ANTl'.O-A 81TUATION, BVAHESi"S^TABLE PBO TT Wstantw iman.MregularlauudrnM orehamtwrmald: also a regiilc.i eook. Tho hot ot iity rei'erence from her luat | pla? r. ( all at M JM st., corner 3d av., mr two days. : 11rANTED?BY A KESPECTABLB YOUNO WOMAN, A i Tt i-i, i.? ?,ii us chstniwrinald and wain e*? and Ui aasii^t with the v.uSMng ind li oniug. Has sixteen yeara' roferenoo from Iter last pUw e. Ajiplj at 136 liuat 26th at. ' \1'AV1EI. KV A YOUNO ViCttAN, A SITUATION Tt) I TT oo gfin il hoii?ewoik; is a goodfw*, WMherand I tr. : '-r; is i-nod baker, kind lo children, and also wtlUi, to I i. ike If mc il in the lamiiy. lias lived four yours and ! a La., mi line. Tn. b'st of il;> relerence. Cailu.rtwo 1 il?j^ -i iw Frontkt., D(At djuf t? Uit toginc hwtutc, Brujkl>u. CTTTATIOWB AV\NTF.I)-PFM)IT,ES. WA^r?r^ ,S,Tl' vr" N "Y A RESPECTABLE TR(V ?? US tan t girl; )M m >t: ?tiu 4)!. AQfi htKer; W0ulU iU^iht life tk Ktubing .ud ironiUi'. Apply at MM Weet aiih at. for tw? AV'7 "URKE.?ANY ONE WT8BINO A MOSTEXCEI* ,, '?;nt and tajiutiil A.,n a' ta wet mux) may see liener Brooklyn" ^ Pr' " 1 '">> X"H? n d""uu" ?t.. South VyANIEXI?A HI'IT ATiON, BY A KEBPErTAHl.? y"?n* gtrL on .?kmkni aid an* waUr-*?i or to do gr. aLi ?i IL 1 '"'HI suited nt 17S West ... latiwe,, , 1?1 II . - KVh., lop Oour, fruntroom. W w"K? * P?S., BY A V rf;,r?^ between Hank unit Tr?iy av., ' Anbd!,T",AI'"N' ? A PRIVATE FAMILY. hminmh hs. irn. the ? ' Via'. i, .' JT. ' '? ' "lilted lit 3li ? l i5'h at., be.twcen Mb i.nii 9th urn., grut lioor, front room YVr ANTED?A SlTl/A'i Ui.N BY A TOONS GIRL, AS > T mirre lego to Cuba or California; mm island* 7am w Uo d "vt,U y V,olk" Adorer s M- H-. Herald oltl.e, far Wanted?a situation am cnamiikrmaid an? IJtuf '.S*Tjjll'l and umlerateeda hei business Weill , ,'r u ,T!JhV 7" r-? lfirtable bom. uti'-'iiiih . i 1^1 t-'all far n?o davalor At. wT . full St.. berwcea! ,|,M1 .-J,) a?*.. third t. .or back VV'ANTEIV-BY'A RKTSPE'TAHWB CJIK1., A SITUATION , P faiutiv, .ih l/:u.i*reaa? w li> do I'bin ibei work nrd walling, *nder..UmW l,yr I iuiur?* m-rle. iW- m ,b tion to go a aliou dlMaix* li, (!,,. . ui i.trT- b, H ot I dv r^rl' Siav.0411 ,ortwoa-;? *"?m VV'A^TED-A ,y" ATIOh' BY A MWPF.CTABLE W& f ? man, ??co?frJlnd ion ,.i-. i? lfc. w?-?|.,, Hrid iroulujr lia*ft*ey?mr?'rrl? r. n< (. lY.,ni lMr laM Xv c'au te a2St for Iwo dayn al#4 Vfoi 17?h ?(. ^ ' ,u M "?*a H'aKTKI)-hY a WOMAN. A SITUATION AS (HW9 ? ?*<?*?? lived in a fuml^ tin- .a^i llMeen vmti Inquire at VT 7tli a*., betn ? n K.I ani IH4 ?t". ?\V''A'NXKD?BY A <"<'ii I'KTJWT PBH?(^X, SITUAj T """ "" ?'?? -fainur ??. n??i riiy reference! C an be eeeBfor two <lay? at 27 ftlii at. TlfANTKD-A ?IT1 ATION. BY A YOl NO SCOTtW TT Kin. a? < Jiani'ifrrLnd and to lake ,?i. of .'hIMtstM J^??jlty relcrrnoe. Can Ijo wen for two da) ? .a 119 Wm "11,'ANTED?A SlTl ATioN AS CO?* AND BAlfBK IM TT >t; niiill family, lit wiUinc '* ??J?< Jn th- wa.liing ?b4 irmil'ig. t iu? prndiiw tl< li. at of trterttM*. < uU lor tw? ou> s lit -s31 6ih av. VVrANTED?A SITl' A'iniiN A.S PLAJN COOK, WAHXIEft * aiwi lroner fti a an.all pr.^kie f Atli. b* a yoiinii wX '':u?i T^"" a "'1 liy rrferonw. Call for two JaJ0 .?ii \21 EaM iOUi?U, t..p ftoor. bar*k raam. TAr AN TEW?A B1TUATKIN, BY A REKPECTABUS. . *'r'. airhambernia. I aud ivailaean, or as i li.utUwruiIS nnd aeiuriHtreaa: can do lii.i- w?-d,tnf ??d Ironiui:: Ik wfllink andobOring. Beat ?ity reltrence. Ua be ? eu at Uer otJ* jmXwjhywVy 1MWiwriMih k., f?r7il?*ye "lyANTED?A Sni'ATiON, BY A BF.SPEtrrABIJI i ' ?? u,ir*J',i'u<l aeiinwtreiis; uniewtHiolH line wast*. Inland Ironing. Tlie ln-o m eliy iwSr?'nii-. Cu;ifor tw# daj? ai ilW E<i?t 19ili ht.t tliiid Boor. l?iw<*i; Int and 2d aviv, WANTED?A BITFATION AH VTAI1KK l.N A rr,T7B - ^""i-.oi'iicad wan.r m a koWrt; Iuih j,v..,| |n the ffr?k jninihiHjn J.iiglaml; h?& iuum miui Eu^lanil. Fl-iU the aT* K y^4001 mt?d"Ii"na; utediA. Addfem J. A., 41 Perry TCUITTO-BY A TmsPE<TABIJ WOMAN, A BITtJA * wi> aa lirst fi? - co ?K; ej.n fiiok O.H.It>, Mouoa and o I'll IiiiIh; u *n inei'Tleid bak?T: nn ol?i rtlon to c? . e Mjumry. B"et ol rel< r*aue. 0?1i fcir two ilaya at 77 1 -' *)'? ?d., between Ml. and 7?h n??, iipatalrK. TyANTB?-A SrrCATKlK, BT A YOt'NO PROTE8*. T*. nnt?1rl,?.e)>ru,.ly nnaH aal w>Ju r. or a, .uair.ber iMiKI and jo take aai ?* ot rldidien. (h>i^ tvU cs. Can !>? ?"?" *>r tw? Ainwl 117 W?flL Ja>b at. WA>TI?P-A KrnUTMN A8 OOOK, BY ONE WHO TT thnrongbly uuiieri-Mii la her buKlass.i it. nil branebe*. aiieh rts mei?!? ?oiips. Itravien. lamlnv mm! lardins, or an*. lhrt!Kin*/?H-?d tn aj-ivai.' faaiUy. <^ti (jewin fur two day*!' Ii l?ot engaged, ?llgWeatXJtli ?. m ?t olace, and - aiui wo . lafu acwlos. voil tvt Ni?. 47> html 2filh at., botneen I^xlngton "CHANTED?BT A KERPKOTABI,E, ACTIVE YOf'N# "T w*'lnaRt u^ltuation aBa'oniTYheriiiatd am! waitresn TaA r?K PVSl5Cw?r R'*': " ' from her l.i-i plaee. C?* at No. IAZ i(h at... a nt ?t., ?L-nud fl?nr, fr< nt mom. TyAKTEB-:BY A IJERPBCTABIiE PKOTEBTAHS tt youngjeonian.nali.,:.r?f)nMnurac. Oan uk>-ihecCara? nt a kaby Jriii h? birth; t-m i.rat ..ewer. No o'lji-etion to the MM %C"U "l Nw' ^ W ANTED?A ftlTl'ATION, BY A RESPECT A BfJl FK TT rua'n am ejajnanen., lo iew out by the l>. or by th? W'^ak, ?-lira t? J>? bouno, i *er. BphI of . iiy rt>iVrenc? gl'en. Avpl/At^o. t2Stli _t. hr:*uen 1st ai.d 2d nej., t.iira floor, ba<ik room. ' UrANTKI??A SITUATION HT A COMPETENT SEAM alre*a; i;aa>?iir i.nd ut lnxlica' un.l clnliii cn> .Ireaaea would nav* no vbja ii ui >u wait on alitdy or ..'b.naher. d^htSrw?^ i::;; v ,r ???- -? \\^ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOTN.; WOMAN*A BlKi?''an to do general aonreirutk; is a piod oo-iL. Wii-oer IroDftrihaa>'"od oity rcfereftci-. (???, be >een for two <l*yaut 1H. Sriiih el , fioor, fmm I'.Kfi'i, Brooklyn 1 "YY'ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OKKM V \ PROTEST TT ontitlrl, a Kituatlo i ?s a llr?t ? kuw oa.k, lu a private family; ahe i.<1*tillnK to anjlsf in vra-dilng and .ronmif In qoirc at 10B CUktIm at., corner ut lib M. * * la_ T\"AN TED?A (SITi:ATION, iiY A RK-l'ECTAB;J! r i. I y,"i'^5do.vri TBl houwwi.iii; "lie will h? fouria a good plain <?<* k, wan her and lr^ocr; <*||y i effc. SfS; X!'" :U m E*st 14J> *l VIT ANTED?A SITUATION, JJY A RF.>UKfTABLH TT young woman, its chamberniald and wall ? <s, tu do rliamberwork ai.<i pluln eewhtf; haabeatoi nt roi. rencea n''5 ?" w* tu"" ! * W ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RERPECTABli TT wema*; taan .?xcrllent ci ok hi all its branches, and H - ?L0fJ5'*;id- ',Wu!l' *' ? > iH willing todo th?i<o?,ae part of 51} e?y refer.n e. Iii.|ulre for two i!ayaat20? West ki'li i.l-t liaiw.'rn ai^Sth avs. "TyANTEIK-A emiATION, BY A RESI'ECTABji Tl y. uagjjfl, to do ekaiLbaj werk or ?akeryi-,-ofidiildreu Iii'jUir ? Igr two day* al HI VYu^iu^iaunL, third floor,BrooS j>n, irorn Id to 4. Yy-ANTE?-A MTt '-.TON, B.T a RESPECTABUB TT wmaan, of sternly mid induatrioua habits, as laundrcria In n pii-.aie family; Vaai >f .|nr roren !'? m bor iaat I*' CaUalMSE tub.?., tnt n,?r, tr.Zm, XXfAVTED?BY A RESI'ECTABLB YOI NO CIUL~I ? i&iUMiioti us fiT!*t ci-WK waii** ;iK chttiiihorutAld tiikdt pl.Ja auamnj-eaa. flo?d ,tu raieremw j-rrtm i ? r la-: place, i ???_? ??> u fv.'Utirt.vui ."?i\Y,.,t.e| M? . *"? \Aj AXTJ^?? BA KESPEt'TABLE .1'HOTESTANT j y*"l1 won ii, w an pkun cook, wrsiior and lro<?r, or to d.> ^:?ral I. , w.rt In . .mail , . .. u" tEnuT BN^dth'at^^ tn*e. <j4k" ,or lw9 d".'8 at est 2ytli t-U, WANTED?RY A TDJIXQ WOMAN, EMIiJUMENT. iege out Hf Wat;-,?<!by tttcdXy; tinderso.ijds dre** nwalag. Apply ut DO iniiij; place. TV-ANTKD-BY A KESPKCTABLK (JTRTi, A SITITA* Tf lion lo do housework for a small private is ft good plain (took, washer ar I Iroucr. Haw i city refer* uuce. Can be Wft-ii for i vv o days ai 181 1st a v. WANTED- BY A KRS1 liOTABLH YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambcrmald ami aoainstrcs or chamber* maid find laundress In a privato family. Has the best city reference from h?i last employ rs. Call for two day?at lkfi East 2i&t at., between 1st and 2.. a vs. Want;-;;) - \ s A RES ECTASIA young girl, astro <d nno!;, washer and iron. no objefc* tion to do geueral uousework; has good ctiy re;'? n nee from her last place, (/'all tor two days at 21U 26th St., between 82k nudiRk olyh., third floor, Iwick room. WANTED?a housekeeper's situation, i$r ?? <jiv "i- count ? \. a thuiau ;hli c a pi ? el ? a? pable to take charge i.f children, cooking n.-a in and drtas in*lung; firat. alas* reference* given and r? *4<*ir-??(. Call oil or addreaa for two day* Floti*ekwper, No. 401 tarltonav., Brooklyn. WANTED? HV A P.K8PE< TABLE G1P.L, A SITl'V. VV tion to do tfCDeral housework; If willing a i obliging; can furnish the beat m" reference. Apply at litf iiiv ^iton St., Brooklyn. WAHtBlMnr A BB8PECTABLB WOMAN, A BABY! U> wet nurhc at her own raaldi uce. Beat reference. Apply ?t 10t> Hamilton South Brooklyn. ~\ 1/"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KKtfPEOTABLR V? young womau, a* chambermaid or to au? nd <hllilinn, or to do the houaewotk ?.f on .:! family. W. ?*rs no* *? much an object a* a . >?. Call at or addrt 1*9 ISa^t, <i24 Ht., fourth iloor, from room, for two days. WuniMnr am ? nvi ronra woman, am< tuation as chainb . ? I waitress, or would t'lko the situatlou of waitress .tone; is willing and obliging; tno best oil city refer*-ao1 given from her last place. Caju be aeeis for two days at 169 Eaat !2h sr. Wanted?A SITUATION. llY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, as cook; 1, ltd 1baking; n ? objection to as* sistinpart of the washis i, ??nu ironing; ia h Protvsiant; cacs ! be well recommended ??*;> ' ml countiy reference. Call at; 124 4th ar., between 12tb r ! h sts., for two ? y?. iv NTED?A CTABU UHKHli FT) BNO* jy lisii l?'?y, 14 > ct.1 t wait upon an invalid fccu tl innr h?* rnuat !>??' r. . -!. ? r an' writer; I'SiuhalaUl ! a |ktu Micnt sin li 01 snu . . .?.i hfiue. App > m the baati* | tacnt ui lift Ijuvuimue b;m i>i*oval^ a, tor two ua>0.

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