Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1861 Page 9
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w^k; ^ flrmVKlff S WA %TBD-FKMALF S. WANTED?SITUATIONS, ISV TWO RESPECTABLE girls, one a* go ?d plain cook and nrst rate washer and ffrcue.r, the other d I'lmmb' ruuiu uud waitress, or a* ehauo I>himaid and U) do Hum wa.'-i-'rn; a:ul Iro'ijog, or as nurse aud ?earns* re**; understand* ?-utilr ,uul tttUngenlldren's clothes; "both have this l-e-jt t?J* cif* i i> r< in-c. Call for two day.?< at 125 West 24th St., near 7ih uv. WAMTBO-B1 TWO sis: : M UTUATIOM0 IN TJJE ?;ui>e family, liovlUK' n> ? r t" t ii i. 'puvalt 1, the elder l? I tiimi eiiYllenl cook and la indr<"?; Un? votinjer .Ntera Complete waltre 8 ?udehamheriu.ild; Ii ivr lived nearly uljjht ?<?ik In thrlr l >?t place Can 1 ? ? ? en at 164 Went Mth at., or two day., any time after y o'clock. TA/'AVTKI)?A situation AS WET NUHMF., BY A ?T lualthy woman with a fc"->d !? '.is', of milk. Inquire at 372 2 : ?v? in ,.i &U ?t., ill ii d atoiy. lrinit room. TIT ANTED?A situation, BY A respectable TT young woman, to iio txi?- ? h imborwnrk and ?-ati n : "f hamuli private family; is u ? ? >nt|? i-nt |ier>ou and ITtill* u? demands her l>ii?ltiMH. Be?l city referanoe. Oall at SIN dtli ?v., In tlie fancy stor# TVr ANTED?B V A RESPECTABLE ENOLIflH GIRI' * ? Y xltuaikm H. chambeninl.t; ' fill !(?? plain *,'wJluK' for two iln> h in Ut A'Uinur ?i., turner of Uenry, Bro klyn; 4M, room i. fTBD?A SIT! ATIOIt B V A BESPECTABI.K EliflUh i'lrl, ?? . *->k; undt r?u?ndii Imhiii* liread, pa*lryand jiilli, ?lli n;to*?< -tin lU- waahiiiic kimiI ivtrr em-e it ri <imred. Cad ai 83 Last 15Ui uU, corner ot ii11 i*v., third Uu r. TV' ANTKD?BV A FIRST I I.ASS OIU'.SSM AKKK, WllO It iiudcratuml* ruttlnu and llttln;{ 1 nlld' druaaea, to c . cut liy tin1 iav ? month; ian d' eml>r id -ry ueatly. Can la u rn iit 14(1 W'?? Mh t., betwe. u 7th :ind8fh av*. ?fxrAKTlilt?SITl ATIONS. 1!V TWO TOOTH) OIBZJt; T? one ;ia c,o.>ic, WjaUor .iu I Iron n-, the other on ctutinhoi - maid "no wultrwM. I'au be ;<u-u for iwo d.iys at 33S), Kan. ]81i fcl. ____ T1rANTEO?BV A KEtil'Bl'TAiH E ?IIUU A sltl'A TT lion lo do the b inaeHoik <: a uir.all family a*liiam l>erinnid and w.liter, or to lake eure of a child. Oitv refer ?n?i'inn he slveu (ixitii her lot.t plat'e. tJull at KM Ailaulte ktrect, Brooklyn. ?*\f.\NT:-.l'-A .-ITI ATION liT A W??MAN, TO DO * t cook'itu, \\,i?.hlnK or ironhu:, or elwnnljorwork. The bcM of n-H ??'o< ?? 4 ail .i? ;>o4 Mad^ou ?t. 11/ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A HKSl'ECTABLK WO Tt inan, anchumtxTiuaiU uiiii i ? do iln? wanhlng; ian nlr?* #hirt iroiii-r. I-..: rniand*i h< i b (j< od vlty re lor eiMU* uiveu. Can in* mh-h lor uvu daya atlW liasi 25ih Ml., wear a 1 uv., il wtory, bat k room. f ANTED?A SITUATION ?Y A KE8VECTABLB woman, as ih a \? ry rook and would b villiiis l?? \si h .b?' WttB.'in;; .*nd ironing aud make li *i - Belt ?<*n<M-ully f'(.. iio???! i ''fi'-nns I'an l>e soen for two days at i2l i?a?>^ b?Ui au, fieki ttoor, lioul ro<?in? W AMTBD-?11 A YOUNO \ BR11 AN OIRL, A snr fr alton to do cLaintwrwor); >nd vvaHio^ or t haniix-rwork and oIaiii H'vvln", or an nursH. <*?u be seen lor two days at 2i0 7th av., belv. ?m*b 2i>tii and 2s>iu t . ANTED?A SITUATION B A RK&PgGTABLE youuR ifirl, *o otw.k, w.i 4i ,iin! iroo; Jmoi ol'^city role W' TV _ . jrcnra can l>r givro. Cull ior two <lay#? U?^?t 20ih st. UriKTBI^ ? SITUATION B1 1 VOUNQ WOIIAIC. KB I ll cUaint>crinai(' aiui or w?mld attend a biil?> and M;w ; no objection io th?* ct?. :oj y; vap a no object, Go??l I riiy r^lorvnce. Call at l?>i Wut 20tb au, between 7th aud ti:!? ava. "ANTED?A situation, BY V COMPETENT Olttli as plain C4> >k, waabcr and ti iiiu'r. 15iiHt city relemn v.. Ca? '><? st-on for I wo ?bi>h at 274 Uold Nt., I>etweeu My rib- av an?? V.'tHoii^hby st., Brooklyn. \\ antbd-by a youxo woy \ siTUAfzoirAH IT i huiubcri'inid and lVv.liI w iiin ss, or to take rare ot Children; no objection io #o Ju i]??country. Four ars* re* fer. Uvr from la>t pmce. t in i> w-u tor twodays at No. 3 6tl. at., in I bo bookstore, near Uio liow ry. \\r VNTKD-A situation, ll\ A RBSPKCTABLK l\ #?irlt as cook, washer and imnor; understanua her t>us;ne^a ycri'ecLly; is an exeeileot. baker. Boat city reference I from last, plan**.' l all at 157 John&ou ?L, between Duflleld ?a .. Brooklyn. \i/"ANTED? A situation. A MIDDLE AURD i o A-.frieai; w.nuan, as hous< k?? ptT. To take charge ol f (irttt:*** Tor ai wliiowcr pr*?ft?rrHd. No objection to children, v i??r two days at LliJ Court at., Brooklyn. "1a; \NTV 1>?SIT cations, BY TWO KRSPMCTABLi; 11 ^irls;onoas laundP*?s, and the other to dognnend CsotiHewoik; is wiluti^ and ouU^dnn <?nl kind to children. A Cood hoi.i" for the winter preierao!.- t > wages. Both would ike to get in on - hotiM^; have neob,|e/*tlr?n to go a short dis tance in the country. Con bo ae?*n f?>r trrn f'aya at 110 lV>ti? at., In the rear, J.rat floor, Uuvvm-n 6th and 7ta arc. SrANTKU?KY A RBSI'KCTABLK YOClfO WOMAN, A >;ttiation as nursi'and Heamatreas; cau do the finest >rr>)d?ry; or a^ < h tcn^enuald aud waitro^??; beat ot c#ty refer* ncc gtveu. Oau be seen lor two days at ISC West 2;>t.\ WANTED?BY V RESPECTABLE YOUNO CUtL, A HI. ti; itjon to *!<? general housework; is a good plain eook, washer and ir >>.cr, good city i en reuce. Can be seen until eng^god at 170 Smi h st., Bnioklyn. WANTED - : v protectant GUtCL, A fflTUATION to do thr? 'iv?kln%, v*a liing and Ironing of a small pi1 ?ate fain ly; no objection to the country, tiin bo seen at 10 Hsinmo.t'.i st., !? ?? two d-iys. TIT ANT L D?K Y A respectable 01KL, A situation ff as t ji.;in?>"Mji..r! or mi He; in wftiiag to d<> [ Liiu a?*w Sng, and w ill .k- nort cr *ta ? in U e country; beat city and country rclV.en ? Apply at IjW fctn st., third Coor, l.ack room. \\T ANTED?A .SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE f r young aft I, to do gi nerai norsework in a a mall prlv.we family. J ias lit ud s.x years In her last place. Call at ltf2 Jay 6t., lirookiyti. WANTED?BY A liEM EC TABLE PERSON, A BITLA Hon us nunv ; nas filled that position for a iwrJod oi five years in a most r?*peotable!y, and is fully compe tent to take the entire charge of ,?u "iniant Irom its l>irtl> and who can bring it up by h..nd ? -quired; also can do good plain sewing. Best of city r/d'eirni*?. Can 1h? seen fbr 1m<. lays at 113 Ea?t 11th st, corner of Ista?. *tlTANTKl>?BY A Hh.-pectable MARRIED WOMAN ? f who i)<is latejy bab?>, a situation as wet nurse; good city reference. Apply for two days at 280 2bth at., cor ner of 10th av. WANT'KD?A situation. BY A respectable f T wom-.n, to riM-r, wasb at; ion or do general houao w.^rk/or a sraf??i family; good y reference. Call at 231 Couitsi , South Br"ki>n. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECT4BLK i'l-on slant girl, as ? aid and to do sewing, or as waitr. ss and chambermaid. ? ?n be seen for two da)* at East. 1 -tth st. TiTANTED?BY AN KXPKRIEXOED GERMAN WO If man, a Bit nation r.s m>t ci .-s ri ?< ?k; undeifttands her business in all ita various iies; best of city ruferem aa. Can be. seen ior tuo days at 4." West 28th at., corner oi <kii avenue. Wanted?::v a respectable girl, a place to do general iiousework ?t to cook, wash and iron. The best of eiiy refereuoe. Call for two dsvs at 00 Went 26th st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A BLK younu girl, aacook. waaner and froner in a wivate. fa mily. tto<id ettv inference. Can be seen for two tiays at 352 Isl av., near IMuh s'. flTANTED?BY A FRENCH dressmaker, FROM f Y Paris, wos k t?\ the day or week ; can out and fit in the most fashlnnaM" style. No object us t ? go in Uie country. ApM.v at 1 28S Broadway, betw? ? n Utah and Slst sis. TirANTED?A SITUATION. T?> COOK, WASH AND fv iron or t?? do general how-work for a small fannly. Ge >d city reference. C'ai) at N<. 1 Joratetnon sf., B'ook yn. ?RTANTED?A SITUATION AS WEEKLY OR monthly WT nnra<?, by a refpectable an t expevlanced lady, who ean give satisfnetor.i teurencc. Cail foi three days at 85 K;ust fatli *t.. in the store. ?flTANTiTD?B A HIGHLY bespectable PROTIiS ff tent young worn i... a situation us ehamt>ermaid and B. amatroH, or :?? '? .a e mam ami ua; is a first cJaBi needlewoman; uiid? ? ties s-om has no onjeotion to the eountr>-; has ood elry ?efer. no*. Apply at lfc>>a .'Id av.. between IHth an* 1 tii . ts. TJCTANTKD?BY AN* A ME UK'AN* WOMAN. A H1TUA IT li ?ij a-< j ? in took, wa.>>m'r and h'ow.v, or to <lo cbam* berwora a-d waiting; is ? i.s<? very hand/ with the needle; >) 1 reference^ Call at 2)0 East 20( . it., near 1st ar. ll'AM'KD-A SITUATION TO COOK, WASH AND fl iron oy woman; tho be.*i, ?>i city referenc. Can be M'ca '<"i' two daju *t ti.<' .?? ore, .'id av. "11 * AN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOITXO GIRL, A it situation; call do plain re.w nsj and light cUaiubci work, An J go rrrHti(i?; has lived in Lie.r iuat place two years, Ca:> be fceu ior two days at 118 W'est .'Hsi ct. V\rANTRD? FY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITU A ii lion to co?>k, waah and ir ?n, ? ?.o housework; beat cry rcierenc'!. Can bo seen for two day* at Croaby at., lloor, in the rear. TirANTED?BYA STEADY, INDU8TBIOU8 WQKAV, V? a situation as cook, or to do wuvvh 1 Iionsework in a eau.ll private 1 umily; good references gtvoii. Apply lor two *!? >> i* 41 ('hfi v Brooklyn. "1% r ANTED?BY A RBSl ECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, v Y a situation as uurse or Beutitatress; understand# ctre---* ni:;scfng perl'eoCy; can wort on Wheeler A: Wilson's sewing in ehine; aaiis; ictory city rcferwnevr. given. AdtlrcNi M, Y.. ail ihis week, ai A. ttc.eo's, 807 Broadway. "f IrANTED?BY A MIDDLE AOED WOMAN, LATELY f f arrived trrnn Londm,a situation in sonic respectable family, to do g neral nousework; Is a ?o??d washer and ir ?o er; can furnihii it c best of retenne troin her lust employ ow. Call ior two days at6?}? C.r.niue st. TV"ANTKD?BY A RESf E*'TAI LE YOUNG GIRL, FIP V? itM.'is years old, aaitualjon n? take earo of child ri ? nnd to mnk- herself generally useful; wi >:?'* no object; reference ran be had it' r-'iuircd. Appiy at Hudson fat. Tl' A VU D?BY A RBHfh< T Vi4L? GIRL, A 6ITUA t ? lion to d? tf?*neral housework, no objection to the oonn try; wa^s no objeet. Call at 71 * Jharlea at. TITAN TED?A SITUATION. BY \ YOUNG GIRL; IS A W good cook, washer, iron"* and bread baker; bas no ob i?icti: ii t ) do general houaewora; i;ood city referenee. Call lor two ii.ivaat fciute St., between Furinan and Columbia ?ts., Brooklyn. \Ir ANTED?BY V YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS ? V ?Jjamftpi i aid, waitress or ami ire*?. Haw thn )**at city r*11 rencc. No nbjo tion io the country. Call at iJ5.'17th :iv. \|TANTED? BN AN EXI'KRIESCKD WOMAN, A SITU ? ? ation to eook, wash and Iron, or would do housework. Ciood city refeivr.w*. Call at 191 we^t 'JLtb st,. Can bo nam for two days if not en^s ged. TtTANTED?UY A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN. A h TL f y atton as ? <ot, washer and irou?r In a mnall reyc bie family. The best city reference. ? a:i >"? ikicn for tv ?,i vs at JDI Kasi2ist >?t., between Ibi and 2d avs., aeoood 'i n.., front loom. TlfANTED?A SITUATION. BY A MOST RBSl'BCTA. IT bl? young worn in, to do a. ho(isc?w<.rk; orcliMn b u work md v."iUm;. is willing :tit 1 ?>?..* ;in^ . bas two vears' r?! i-eut ? from b r list pU#;. i r ? .,v? diva at nth &?.. lYtwoen .< v-. A and H. y.-A-.V.'.. r.v A UK: 1-5 ?' r^B WW* A ffiRi. ' -MC ek ,111(1 i* \U(l;ii. I , .1 L'l ill ;hf 1 Jr. nir . ; is u - - l .k r .-.ud j . . ? ? ? .% r. r. u ?? Ii m it" ! I.-I | :irr. c.?l! :?.r twn ?.ij tS-> Sd av., 0. tvu i'ii .'.,^1 audSZd ?tt., ii ; loir, iroiu r ,n. EU-liV TWO BE.<J'.CTaJ-U? Vof:' ; : 'Hli"l,H, .11. k. ? 1.11,1 :; . . J III J w . ?> -r .rv. (!. ,? '' ' e? i mi i.,... . i nil ... t orw?*i i J . ii 'i t 1 l<: Uum' ;? n. jn ' i> i 8t,, i I SUTUA.TIOH8 WAHTKD-FBVy-K*. WANTED?A HITI'ATION, BY A YOUMi A.MKIIIOAN gill, to <1 o chamber work and waiting or gen<*ai house work ; good i Ity reference. Can l?? seen lor twod?f>sa4 1U1 6 b *t. Ur \NT! D- i'V \ GOKPSTKNI YOI K< OMAN, A Hituuuou iu? C'oL, V. usher and ironar; hub tin* b at rity reference from her fast place. ('ail ut No. i Carroll place, near Court *t., South Brooktyn. "IITANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RBSI'ECTAHIifi TT girl, t?> d<? uoneral housework in a smad priva'r f.uiit ly, Uug.'od washerami iroiorand understand illkiu!s>d' looking <l??od - ity references. Cull sii or adores* 7ill ave.. between SStd ttiul HIM KU,, wound floor, bat k room. AirANTKD-HY A KE<PEtTABLE YOl NO GIltL. A II situation a* chambermaid and waitress or to lake care . i a baby, Heat of r? lerences from her last plact, where she ha* fived live yearH. Call at Itlii East I7tli si,, nc.?r Muy v< saut square. \1TANTKD?A KJTCATION, BY A RKSI'EOTABI E f f vouiitf woman, to do c|mml>erwork and wubinn or chamber work and plant sewing, or an nurfcf unit HAainatr< h.<. Ktve years* reference fro he: last pl.<< e. Call at lttf? We?t H'ifl at., between 6(h am! Tii? aves., top floor, front room. "IITANTEIJ?8ITIATION& BY TWO RESECTABLE If young girl*; one its chambermaid and waitress, the other an rook, washer am^roner in a private family; ean -,ivo tile best city releredfl^ Call for two da}* At h4 West ?tii ut., near Gtu ave* "TITANTED?A SITUATION AS 8EAMSTRFSS; CAN JT rut and tit ladle*' and chiidreu'a dread# . , i ud r?o all kinds of family sewing and embroidery, or assiHt in tak'iig caiv o2" growing children; has three years' reference (on tier Inst place. Call at 142 East 21st St., near 3d ave., second lioor, front room. TITANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITt'A ? ? lion as plain cook or to do general housework; good city refereiuv. Call lor two day* at l&J West 'JOtk at., between 7lb and 8th a vs. W\NTl'i)-r,Y -A 8X8 \i)Y INDUSTRIOUS YOUM0 woman, a It nation as nurst and seamstress tn a private farnilj: \n fully < apaWe of taWngenUrochanie of a b?uy from Its birtn; or would travel with a ladv or do ensmboi work and wsttinc; she thonmghlv niHlerwtands her lHisin?>ss; can get tke l>eat city refei enee from her lasi plare. Apply for three lays at 168 Kasi Hist st., between inland 2d avs. WANTED ?A SITUATION, BY A RESrECTAFI<E youn^ woman, to do general housewortc: waves $0 a month. Apply in VIhhhou a*\, second d<air sontii o( Greene av., Brooklyn. \\T ANTKl)?BY A 8MA&T AND AOTIVB Gl&L, A M Tf (nation to do general Uon rework, or ?vschambermaid and wait*r; is felly compel'-tit for either'capacity. Call at u-r present employer's, 11 West 19tii st., live houses from 6th avenue. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 01RU A SI tuatiou as nurso; wouid s^aist in elounberwork. Cm < e seen fortvvodass at the residence of her patents. && Wen 26th st. \1TANTED ?A SlTl'ATTON BY A RESPECTABLE yl yonng woman; is an exoell^nt mderstaudK ail Muds or pastry, bread ami biscuit; has no objection to .nssis* u; washing and ironing; lias uo objection to city or country; the best of reference can bo Riven. Can b? seen for two ?avs, If not engaged, at 160 East 37th ht., between 2d and Sii V H. nitcatjjwh WAKTBOaKAIiKfl, A s ?oaoiimam-a is amxiois to ^?r0tt8hly 10 everl ro*j*SS. A V:: ! '?'!?!!!, V*IE*~BTJL *<XWO man going MWIbSSUCXZ^JS. ?* A WWIIES A situation as |ot orVItnrnk. MiM 5r"" y' T - tn thr l??ln,;T. would in.ike h omclf generally naofu! in any -eni ??<Mrihi<? ,tT^'d,,?[a',VV\?i' tU m"" i"B ?"*P?oy.r Iron, tl.n ?, t? ive huji em,n- A-??- ??w- *. WAMTBB?BT AN j 4 ritnuu n? rit, with uood reference*. either to write m? ?* set of books, or a* check or roomy laker in a theatre ?r other ye^al R,,1"s?nient. Can tliid satisfactory teeurlty for anv XS 1>:i8S",,i r?"gh hU ha,lJs- AddriLa .s a.f Herahi S'Vh'^'e"* WANTED-11Y a" YOUNG MAN OP KXI'K kJJ it imp, in flie mercantile unci Honor ixiajne*.* kavfn* sonred m>me tiro., at eaeh;cun write a fair hand and under* atjuid'i occx.umsgenerally; can produce s curio V..r (ihhUiIch "**41. Ada,.., PiWdy, box mtUrald q Ulc" <JITl'AHON WANTED?BY A YOliNfi MAN OP tpv ^Ls-'Jir <|\xI,r,rt",,,'Hl J" tl'<1 Hiitl men's <-|/>UiIiik Iiuhi . 5'1"' o'"1 "" either In the wholesale S^Bfey. BSSStSU"" *"**?*?> ondonbu-u. S^SiS-^ AS *AR P<y l-r two?Uys a. MU till. ?V.. la thestore. A,)' A VOOIfO MAN, A SITUATION IN A I JrJLt a " ft fair knowledge ui cn'nn am' a j city rc;ere.noes. Add.e? box 215 Ue.uid OI,uo.>- 1Ukt HBU? W.1.\TED-FH1I.U,es. : SS5SK? I ?OUt>^y- P - <- Mrs. Kloy.-I .ri .-.KeoWme!'1 "" A -VRuii'an, HN<;w.-ir, /;;is r, SCOTCH and coi il <>red senrants, with the very ben city references can sT- i <"!' 'r''" of <'h"W, nf No. T Iltli Ht., n. ai Broadway . i rnrrtl girls are now wanted for excellent situations. A AND SEA V.STRESS, KIT. A KINO i'llKNClI ! a E'S |??5? A IJ, PREK OF OlIAKdE ?SERVANTS WITH EXOKL' /\ }?ntr?'?r',ticei<, and at all prices, can l>c nro<'ured y?rlh1' f Eust nth 81., between 3d and 4tb uvc-i >')iir iwduimgc t? icspecttully solicited. l^AMIIJES IN IVANT OK GOOD SBBTAHTC CAN BS ^MetropoU'*n in?Hut?, 6th av. Bc.i GnitnerANTED"F0U FL(JWEIW. AT~a~0 REENE MKKCHANTS'DBALBBS?A0ENT8 WANTED TO HE f.I , our Patent Match Safe for vest pocket. p!ii**i]t Indelli i . ' -?trtoifc 1 hermocrwter, Transparent Cones Cor oil ' Un,|?. Send stamp. RICE A C6 , ?3 LsZ' Jnl, I WANTED-A COOK AND CHAMBERMAID, WfioCAK 1 i T i!; 'h<> ?'?shlr>S md Ironing tor a family of three- real. bSwSHpwKL l*P?**L Apply at 18 j W A^'7.^""A rVOK: M?'ST UNDEItSTAND lUKINt! J.. i.ini 7i i l>rcferreil. AUo a soam*tr< H#, to a^lat in r?f i.v'V ,c ,im 1 jrvvuAUo a first rl.isH l&uudr?b?. (Jali ';w Aj'*xi!igton av., Iietwcim 10 and 12 tUi? day. 11^ANTED?-A GOOD PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DOTI'E MuJZ'Zr? f"mUjr- A">"> " W 8?tl^hT^ TV'-VNTED?V TIDY YOUNO tilRL TO ATTEND A T* 'Jo Pla'? eewing: n Protestant proierred An. plj. v 1th e.ty IVI. . snce, at 122 ffe.,iw ,, , near 7tl. ave. \\rANTED AT 347 CANAL 8TBBET, A YOUNt; LADY VI acuiidtoiued to hiifilniw, to attend In un etnbrolderv ?h,l "pTK ^Tfron?Mtor?laT,^ cUy ?>** \\ ANTED?A (JIBL FOR OENERAfj IIOITSEVVOBK TO u ' " short niBtaii.n iu the country; (-he limit under ? .uid tier biislne?j. and com> woil recommended. Call ut ,H2 B.eecker st., b'iwenn the hour* of 10 and 2. * WAN";D-A NEAT, COMPETENT OIRE TO DOTHK TT cooking, waalnng and lroulng for a l'amlly. Ooodr?fi renra areqiilr?d. call .'it uk 1'aeiiic ?t? Brooklyn. ?II'ANTKO-.V PROTESTANT Old,, AS WAITRESS TT .ind ?hamhermalil in a nmnll family, a ahnrl dlatatioe " VV v; "" ""iroiighly understand her hu?|ne?? ovi, / i''; r'ri'n'!n<'U(J,ulon8- Apply between 12 and 4 j o k at ?>1 isi.itinlHtr.i Kt., up *U/ir*k WA.VTED-A SMART, TIDY GIRL; ONE WILI.INGTO nork; muiit be a good washer and agood plain newer BtcrB.'111 Apply at 20 Bridge at., Brooklyn, in u,a W-V.NTKD-A KIliST RATI: KKENOH COOK, TO rPB " V "" '"n''h '"""in With dally supplies of iMitp, t? ho made on his own pretnui.?, of the best uualltv ?"d l'-" lh" r'lllon, as delivered. ' A0dre?i Aianifnle, Ilorald olllce, stating qualifications, Ac. THE TH1DES. A DUMBER WANTJSD?none except such as j '"'^erataiid the horning need applv. Reference want ed. Adcresa Jacoby A Deseau, m Do?,e ?u A DENTIST-WANTED, AN ASSISTANT DENTIST. ful'Y "mipetent lo do filling and plate work. Am>11 cntitsliy mail wtU state thslr age, bow long tliev have L-o d? n Ihia, in what branch they cxeul and wages wanted \t 'vtde'it? iM Boww>'t New York. Also a denial T\YER WANTED-ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS^PIK. E Print \?Ckk"lmr Cal1 18u West 30th at., Empire HAn',?i3 ,WA>"rEI?T,^, m^ke infantby FROCK*; 2J>'t ovcj'cohib at !01 Broadway. Ml N 11 \\ ANTED?ONK WHO UNDERSTANDS WORK, ing eopiN'i' mines and assorting ores may apply at the : ?o.' x k hi.ue, or address ri. Andrews, 11 Walker at. SJ1I1KT CI TTKB.-A Vol No van TO ASSIST INCUT, i ' ting custom shirts; one act ual, in. d to cuttiun with thn knife ].referred. OailatCM Broadway" K " ? riX) I'LATK i.LaSS POL1KHERK-A GOOD HAND I.' y/!l MLU II, Apply after 8 o'ciu-k A. M? to 1. M? Dermotl A Son, 142 Centre WA^T^U IM M E I) I ATE I.Y?A POLISHER AND HAN ?T dler lor scoops, shovels and spades. Appl* wersonallv or by iei:.?r at jhejw-tory m *-ker, cornlr of ^ank si. ' VI'ANTED?A O'JOD OABDBBBB. OB A KAIIMTH thorourtlv wHl'I'nrt 2*'^"l,ll;8i ,,IW wllu knows the hmdness ^ AddrU"' W,lh \VAi!T!'I'ri.HKVE^'^L K|KST CLASS DRILLERS AND mi A'.dri'Ss L. H. Olmated. KoriMnan Siarr ^nnM-tHiipany, Blnghamion. N. T. ' 4 r W A|ni h^" '<V NAILKR; ALSO A WOMAN TO U,,,. % lac>'Uru of J. G. Mayer A Son, 23 Maiden fKKiVtH AUVEH'I'INKJIEN'rS. DB'PBE. ^ in 1 I !o I ? ??n lunch room du bnn de U >jM,,ncll;},'nlJ'?l,n?,|!i'T d? moui?. qiril pr. rA r a i it l it. <U- la trieiIleum qualitr, dont on lui nakra it* p.ix par gallon a La iivraiKon. Adm ire/ \ la lleraid wtlko. cn tourniBaant toua J ensclgnements, fcr. TTNh CUISINIL.RE PRANCaISK, 1IIKN C \P\II' K U dmsaai --;! ?nt I ? .1, K r ? >,?.i i... , i. ?; ? f'.mdli (! H N?\> Yo-k epulsqii(.lqtie'i) ann -i s .'t m'.n'ie ii ? ?? i i da.-i I ?"1' *' ? ?! ' 1 ' ' BtEN ELEVJI ET PAR , . ' ' i' ' l rctK.i?. suit. <i? onfanl^; t lln nVtucud ' . i*'? a lacot.tilii'. S ?dres.-? ;n? 7y Uutnu-., a 4J.. ' si; riiAM'AfSK 01? V SKUVT Ci)\) uli at.. ? ? bo5xe ?? ?1o rv a nir lo< im . HELP WA*TED-M\l,F,s. * OKNTK-KITHKR M ALK OR f KM ALE, wtu. I'R 71 oil. iu cii, i.j wniimit mutmp for unrein-. mr, tn?t uur I'rutj Package CONTAINS .VfOltR ARTICLES, ? 'I H Metier qn.ill! \ , ami f'MiLS MORE UA t*! I>I.Y than any other in tat* mantel. For yom- benefit we enume rate e*. h allude iu til. package:?Six *h* t.? ionun r ?1 note a .er, si\ .heels lutfe*' ?.?????, ?i\ sheets i , s il . i p?IH>r, one aceotnm ?datl n (wnbolder, two hh rceel pens, ore ?i' .? I. oio* shet i ? lotting i><?fx r, t)M> /in# ongraving (?ixJ0? o (j ri'ihI M' t'lollan, s'l> wii tc eu\e!.i|>cs, with puhl otic l> uiou ucdi.n* lu <*<ior*, hit ia J n]iii? (-nvt I in b?autilu., six bull enveloi<ea, sevtuly-nve\au\'le ? cipes. lu addition to these arth les we gir ? wt'h e. u "<ck SlTERB I'MTR OK JEWELRY, of a richer quality than ati\thing in t o mar et, and VVi>KTH DolJiLE i llI. i'i:I<'K nddfor tin' whole, counting of the foil arthfes:? RlOO lo S. I'H'krJM, sleeV < M'lltlHIK HUgS ''IdVM'S, gClltS |"HV, ac. 1 t.he 'outents of one of our packages wero piirch.?>*'d el>?ewi?ere ihry uould cost at least $1. Agents can ma.\e Irwin $3 lo $10a day. RK'KARDS X CO., 102 Nassau street. A GENTS CAN MAKE $5 PER DAY?MALE OB P! - J\ in a s? I'i ; i, t.y.i s .'rent so e1 plan Milimr> M tp and G i ettcei ?f h?- iift. ?*i? Southern States; ve ."?t - uare. W i lli $:o pri* c only M centa. IJoyo s fiiio,#*) ste? I pi in To,- 'graphical M in of \ lr^Uila, l)x e feet is .he only nuo UK- d l.j General S ou; worth $2n, pricr $1. Uoyd b ( 11 t. ' | i.i e Map Mlaeouri , h | . ? H ? 2Acr*nta. 1. o.v. V Railinad Map of Aimvea, copies ol Wtiii h have already l**en sold, priee 25 ecn-u. Agents supplied at hah the re;ail pri.<e*. un?i ma waiTan'* eil. Mh|>*< sent I'V mall auywhere for iwoeenta i- ?.i %^r. J. T. LI nVD, AiiH J'l uii Map I'uhlisbef, k6i llr ?? 'way. A (>RNTH WAOTKO?TO &KLL TIIK ? J'A P/tioTJO l\ SUitlonery I'aekei. ' a nuw article, roirMinin I m n ? a thfiierr and the portrait# oi lAnctrtn and all the ex i'rest ?< nt-. nlmo, tliti Pr?*o 1'aeket, whioii coiitalni* tin:<?n j and ten ]>ot er.iitu of i^euerale, |M'Kid<*? a m t ot jru lr s Htump for cireular; or miioI uk S!ft ? ??nta (tk?- r? ail pr icei, and w <4 wii] tit til n park.oje. k . y??u ? un judge oi ilm ai tit le l.eiore engaging In the salt* ??f thein IIAmK ISH A OO , .% H-'ekman str?*et. 4 8TKVUY, (fiDCMTSlOUH MAN WANTED?<)N?. /V with home ex|M?r.ein c In driving and a^iua ntaliee with th?? e.ily prol^rred. Addp'^M Noxoti, Herald ? 111. e, in own wi lting, giving fuj^ parlit uLas, n*l? rein os, Ac. AN OVHTKHMAN WANTED?ON K WHO DNDPE l\ standn the ln^iite?>M of an ? y^ersaU?-m Appl) a ih" <Mtv Uouii, coruei' of tiranU anu s;jY?-i-<, jer > v fity. \ N ACTIVE AMKKIOAN YOUTH, ABOUT 17 YEARS /V of a/k'f, Im w.ifned n* attendant ??{<i ? a lady ifnt g atN* maii about travelltnv; l ?* must be polu? and oi n nned man itrrn. Addrr*H H. Winter, Iwx lUtt Herald ulAve, tor two < a| t. A SALESMAN WANTEt> -IN THE HOSIERS 1ND faney d Mmitment o dr. eoo <a ator*-. Apply at 'jy FuUon st.. eorner of Prospect, Brooklyn. ASTttONd. ACTIVE Y Jl NG MAN WANTED?IN A ?ton , ut i ll 7'li av., t urner ot 'JO i at. Boy wanted.?a boy, auoi t is yeaks old. who v riH-rt v. ? 11 and f , and who l>\e.? will, Uia | parent#, n a> U?ar?d a good -itu it -ui, in an .iinuranco ollh e, i. adiirehaii!^, in I.Uovvn writing, Pn*^idem, b- x 217 II raid oQ BOY W A NTT'D?TO CLEAN KNIVES \N'I> PORKS and mak^rn" ? ) K?'' 'ally usetnl in th?' k tehen of a dining wiloon. A,-*?.y at lUi) l'earl h ., b**low Maid lane. DRl G CLl.tiH WANTED?TO OO A SHOUT J)IS t-.iiice ill tJ?e country ; a >"un? tnan 1^ i lit) % rs ? njee, wl'O i? wlMlnff lo tntii.e ldras?''f generally uaiTul, ami not a' r id of \x r . one oiti.?ra need app'.y at BiiMh, <iai?* and Kibnm/ii'a, ISA Green with Mt. Drug clerk.?wanted, a clt;ue in a retail driiu K'a'te in Brooklyn. Addles?* Apothfiirv, Brock lyn Poat offlre. TjlMPriOYMBNT.?WANTED, A COMPETENT AND RK 1J dable ni..n, aa eanvaancr, dalivi rer or uouniry a^r -nt. A Mood man wili be libi-rally tf.-ated with. A|?| ly lo Juhfiaon, Fry .V Co., 27 B< ekman mi. SEMPLOYMENT.?RESPECTABLE MEN AND WOMEN J are reeofurnummd to appli to *lr ^'HfTFfELD, late ? lerk to St. Paul's Mlaaiou, mi N??. 1^ t'liriaiopiier st., t ??rn< r ot (ireenwit h av., m ar .hAi iboii Maik* t. Charge for regis tering name 2ft centa. ^ TTELP WANTED*?A CAPABLE DBUQ CLEBK; UiBO 11 a yotin, man an |n>rter and lo take care of horse and ?'actable of driving in the city. Lermans apeakoig cood En^> lisli preferred. Apply at atoie 3?l av,, comer or 2iatai., Broouls n. WANTED?A BRIGHT, TIDY BOY. KMiLiSIi I'liE fev-red. a; waiter in a private family. Aduresa *?V. ta?x 2 419 Poot ollice. WANTED?0ANYAJB8BBS FOIMOt OASMv At211 Broadway, roomti. Apply iie'ore Li A. M. T\T ANTED. ? TRAVELLERS FOft COMMERCIAL V r tious< s, who eau devote a porlaa i of their ilm?- to an outside bualticM, will do well to addre** box 4,14.rj i'ott office. Xkr ANTErv A WBITER I*f AN EXCHANGE OFFICE. ? ? Mast liavn a knowledge of co^iLluatloti loac. n-s. Au dr? hh Ex' h im e, IJ raid <?nice. \\fANTED?A GERMAN APOTHECARY. ONE WHO ? T can apeak Engllah. Apply to E. C. Ver >J?-uien, 1. i Witfrliiiiijioii at., lloboken. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH THE oyaier buainesa: rauat come *??)! r-eoriunetii.e ; a t?ei. man |?referred. At Deaor'a Hotel, \M Fu.uui st.. I'ronk'vi. \ Ir ANT11?S? 'v SMART Bt >YS, TO SELL =' i^.G S ft of Stationery on eoinmisaion, <?r < the-wiar. aj ,.ly thin morning, Ly?ore 11 o'clock, at 93 TiUary Mt., Brooklyn, in the ba-i'Muttut. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN (AMERICAN), IN A RE tail hardware atore one who is actual a ted wtth the buMineMs, to keep books aud make out bills. Must have jc???.d reierenccK. Wages smalt. Addreaa A. B. T., ll? ral I oQloe. WAITERS WANTED?TWO YOUNO MEN, WHO have been aurustoined to the ua?? of i hecks an I other wise thorough ly undeiatand tho laiMiin-ss. may find |*erm* nent situatmna and good wagea by anrlylng this day, be tween the houra of 7 and W A. M., at 71 Murray at. WANTED-TWO OR THREE YOUNG MEN OP GOOD addrgprnd business habita, to do a ]!/?^ht out d<?orbu*>< n -ss: Mm^jirm n * an mak > from $a to $10 a day. Apply to Brin-.oi?AAati, t>t> Nassau ?t., rooui li, from S to 10 and 2 to ?. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN FOR CLOAKS and shnwJv; ulna a German, who thoroughly und. r a'ande the rcull dry g??oda trade. Apply to W. K. Peyu.n, 274 Bowery. IIrANTED? AT .370 B?tOADWAV, TWO Yol'NG MEN Yt who have had cxperieDCo In the olty retail men's tor nishlng goods trade. Wages low, Apply before 9% A. M. only. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN OR BOY TO ATTEND A liquor atore; one that has a knowledge of the b?iatneas preferred, with good city reference., in handwriting ot applicant, 118 Greenwich av., for two days. \VrANTED?6 MEN FOR STEAMERS, CLERK FOR A V f coal otttre, 3 porters, 4 gira u> travel, 2 boys for trades, 2 entry clerks, 2 eonductors, 2 brakemen, % ste wardess, clerk for a hotel. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. WANTED?A SMART LAD, WHO WHITES A QOOD hand. Woo.I references required. Impiire at 21 Wil liam at., oflic* No. .1. WANTED?A EOT OF flBYXNTEEJf Oft EIGHTEEN years of a'*e, for otllee employment, going of errandst* Ac. Must write a good hand. Andreas, with s()eciineu of handwriting, referencea, Ac., box 1,498 Poat ofllee. TI7ANTED?A BOY, WHO UNDERSTANDS OPENING ff ami cooking oyatera and ta wililnrz to make Uitna*'lf generally useful. To'such a one a steady situation ia-feifeivd. Apply at 212 Elm sU WANTED-A SOBER MAN, W1TO CAN COME WELL recommended, to take sole charge of a lirenscd liquor store, doing a good business, lie wili be required to advan e $J(K) as security for his honesty. There will be $.V)0 worth of stock leit on the preui.sea. A liberal salary will oe ^Ivcn to a good man. Apply for two days to the proprietor. Captain <!amca MeCaflTrey, corner of Front, and Pear! Hta., Brooklyn WANTED?A LAD, ABOUT SIXTEEN OR SEVENTEEN yeais ot age, to take care of a horse, go errandM and make liim. elf useful. Apply from 10 to J at 360, corner oi 24th 8t. and 2d a v. OA AGENTS OF 1'ffK FIRST ABILITY >\ ANTED?TO OV/ canvass the States of New York, New Jersey, Penn sylvania, Iowa, Mh'hfitan and Wisconsin, to sell rights or :;et ordeM for a valuable improvement. A pply to R. Q. PIERCE 19 W4Hl street. (ft! A A PER MONTH.-AGENTS POSITIVELY MAKE qpi-V/\/ It sailing Dodin'a paten Hern Poldei ana Took Gauge, adapted for machine or hand sewing, and other arti cles of ready ssle. Call on or ad -ess (*? ncloaiag stamp) Jo seph Dodin, 22 Duane street, near Chatham, N. Y. <5>1 A A ?WANTED, A SMART YOUNG MAN, TO OPEN wlvv/t an oflieo in Philadelphia and Uke the oxclualvo wholesale agency for all of Lloyd's gre?t Military Maps, which aell like th.; wind, (me hundrei^^loLlaiM h tsifQ. i-i?t caphal. To a young man who will follow instnictlons $im ijer week may be made. Aiso agents t^ go to Cincinnati ari l fit. Louis, Mo., and Montreal, Co. Call at LLOYD'S, 164 Broadwsy. ^ MILLISKHY. GREAT VICTORY WAS OBTAINED yesterday AT 126 8IXTII AVENUE, in TMR MILLINERY BUSINESS. rwo thousand visiters bought and carriad off 5,000 BONNETS, AT HALF THE BROADWAY PRICES. It if now a fixed fact that Bonnets, Caps and fl addresses can br hart tlf'y per cent cheaper at th<? above cstnliUnhmcnt, ano ? -juaHy s? good In style, il not letter, thnri iuiy nuiit m Broau.vay can ail'ord to soil, owing to the largo routs. Flowers in profusion at the uunc rate. A rail will oli'-la* the manager. ,1. ITIGOINS. Madame martellt notman, i.iw broadway. opens her MUlmi-ry Show Rwiin this day with an e.le gant assortment of Paris Miliraery, at very low prices. I* di.? pleaau call and examine. MA DAM K CAMILLH LACY, ia? .-nt!i I?venti", betiveeu Ninth and Tenth streets, wishes to Inform her customers ?nd ladles in general that she has opened her fnll styles or Millinery of tin- latest Imported Kstterim; also. a large assorted Mock of misses' Hats, Straw onn''tHaud Millinery vioods. N. B.?Latllja' ov u materials mode up. siYippisoi flOR LIVERPOOL ?THR 1'asse.VGERd O? TI!K dipper ship marianne NOTi'EBOliM, now In ttm sireatn, arc request' I to tv on hoard at li o'elojlt. It-: m ,or.. ! 'W more. Apply to joseph MURPHY, til Smlli (?tioet. I.IOlt LIVEKPOOL-BLACK BAI-L LINE OP PACK I" et*.?T .e riii p rstnp neptune halt 1 tn n ? i-t ? ?? m and * lis Itnirri.w. K r p ?,..i_"' ,i?itd,' J AO'IV . II. IN. 1'S > Jisiiu-t. Th? I A\.' wEnu ?v;? ?? tb' RALRS AT AI'CTIOiV. * M. B. Oil A I'M AN i , Al i 1J ? 'SJSBKb. il. MAUMKlCKM' IIOl)SKU<)I.I) I'l KNITl'KK AT JMUlLIi' U 1'TION, The property of a lam ly i 'living lor Europe. On 4hi* da> riu. j..)), oci m ' at U>% oVIo. k, at 48 Weft S"\te.cmh stiv? i .?%?iv\eo luta and Si.\th aveuu s. i cm;.? <1ague embracing the larger ami richest assortment 0 Household Furniture nfered atauuuon this season, viz:? StUp ||i f}? OCtAVC J'htUOiiTlf, . _ Elegant Drawing room Suits. Karo and utmtly Work* of Art, . _ OP 1'alntinua by eminent artists, Jlronze and Ormolu Chandelrrs, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Prosdeu ami Sevres China Vanes, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Ur<?'u<l?' unci Iwue Curtains, Oak Rulfet and Extension Table, Kubjr and Crystal Oiiis* Ware, Soild Silver Ware, Shellleld Table Cutlery, scwood Chaml?*r ? urnituTe, wtyb- Lout* XIV Tli-- Furniture all made to oi dor by Braunsdorif, Woil AUoth, tHi: ue* at the on the morning of sale. Drawing Uootm?Two full Suii*> solid rosewood, frame# coven-it with French hroeatel; F. lege res, Bookcase, Centre Tn< h's, ??c?avo l'i; nofurie, K tool, Cover aud Can! or* bury; Ku *o tenures, Card Tables, Cabinets, embriabred Lace Cu; .a. ics' VV? rk TahJe, Antique aim I < oth K l!e?epli"ii cbati>, king s patent UeoboingChnu'S, the As* nnptlount the ^ ti ^lu. )> tini'Ml by Lf'Mfd; two man li Pain'fngs, hv Cole; l'i ui Piece, Winter Scene, bronze Htalueites of Hamlet,

.loan of AT'-, Diana, Crusaders, !??<? elegant Vases, Sevres, ? ia ?. ri' lil> ?!??? -.r.?t?M|; ormolu Cio< ttrune and Ormolu Cbiindeicrs, by Marcel]; narian marble Statuette, French lino :i.. in s, ll.itsi. tut, Chair* to match; Velvet Si air Car pi t*, r-?K. wood, mahogany and black walnut Disusing Hu 1 . i-, li d-b*u<?s, Tablede Null, Vmour-ndllare, Toiiei Sets, i". 'her Jt-ds. IJ pair Wanko.'s, J 4 piiroflimn Sheet*, Conn terpanes, Id Hair .M ltireh.-es, spring Bod*. Oval Mirrtn's, C. ruer S ands, >le(jriaw's S ?fa lit d stead*, Chairs, Rookcrs, T . ie .. Ko??m?Oak buil'ei rich)y carved *11ver Dinner ami T i S \ |ee, Fr tielt ehinn Hinner S- t, 170 plero*; ivory li i i ? ' Table Cu'-l- ry, Arm Cliairn. eryhlal and engmived i." ->u ? ?"'iid hnverw.ire,'faiile Luien, Ac. Ala?? Ma*e iiieni und Kiu beii Furu'.ture. Auextrrt??rdii..?ry oppoiMiulty for houm k? epv?> and tUe trade.' Over fl'J.'iOn worth of rich and ooatly Household Furniture. Tniis (Tnc*da> ) aiierno'-n. a 'i . 'clock pjeci>?ely. C? mpilHin . the beautiful and -tmily furmtur<- contained in the lar^t' d.v>*ilLng h ?us< i.?- W<m rweiuy-iir^t #tre*?i, whv i'e\eutn .tveuue, Th whol. o: bs.ilute and perempiury sale, r:iin or shine, < ?m iKtirii: of K^g||j>: W ef -jui! T. peltry an-: Ingrain i.'-upetn, elegant ???Mjwood Parlo Fnr iture en suita, Ci?inprisiii'.; three lull ,suit>i, imjJ. carwd, ell ?<i which are ioveredin ri.-h i?i < ;iel ai.nd" thr be?t deM ri|4lun; row wood i l clitre and !Mcr rabies, Turki.'li Chairs in bine aud i m?'1h and m-n'M't; and liter C..rtnins, Velvet and Turkish 1->? n : 1. fi.wc '?*<??! Kte^rres, rich tje\*riH and 1 Drehden Manuel V,i??e.s, artlfitii! lir-n/en, Hwipie Figures, Par l?r Ornament, yc. 1SLKOAM SF.VF.N OCTAVK IMANOt'OKTL, Mil. i< Cabinet) Sn> .! and ('over. Klegaut Bureaus, lied; ead.-*, 15 Hair M; tti.-sm??;. I'hamber SuiiM, in r.>K**uood; ?|jring heat ('iiairn. Miirors, Beds and Itedd i Ug, I r> n / ? i ' M'iv - , o i a Kx ill Mil Table, tvsoSofa P'd - '.ni.'.s r. f* ' 'ut .. i \. iy ? riptMn. mar'de t -p Huilet, Olh loth, rli h t'hatnieliers, ?Vc. Sah- poailive, rain or?iiune. It VV. WKSTCO IT, Auction, r. ACCTTON* VOTrCK.?trnrSEllOLD I'TUMTl'KK \T anc'liou thii? day (Tuoeila) 14>? . ir> s?le? ?.tnm? nam u ! ? ... t r? ldei i. uuel iv.. j lif,70\Veat Tweniy-si th h near Sixti. av niu , cousirttlng oi roats wi?od Parloi Sum, eoverrd in iu'oe^itei; ecven octitve ronewmd P;anolpr c, Himsm Is and Ingr un Carni t , Mirr ra, TurkiMli Ka%v Citiiir.^, covered in tapestry, tu^ieh mat.?-h, tele.en *, i'i ntro Tabiea, Laee Cu; tains, Sli des, Mantel 0**n ?menta, it- .vrase, Wliatnoth, tHoeky, ll.<t>tandt Horcaup. H.-dsn-ad*, \\. fhstandn Hair ??nd Spring NattreM.-ea, F#Mth#?r Bedf>, il.auketf , i'ounti rpau< biark walnut Sofas, llociters, Ch.urs. i'ablet., C, rner Sianda, Kr. ra'.'l/' 4,?, Paitain*:". > 'Je Loardr, Chandelier*, Kxtvntcon 'IVi le, ('l.ina, UI. .-.s and Sli vWare; kiuve* ami Forks, I'nion T.od? Cloths, Ann Chairs, Card Tabb'.-, Stair t'arpets, uiicio Lh; also a large as sorrmeni <>l' H'seinmt s n Klu-"*n Furuitnre. Sain peremp tory, commencing pt rei^ely a o'cloek tlaaafternoon. MOKTIMEH {flilhi'tS Jk CO., Auefioaeers. \ ..HA LB OF cnhtki.- \.n j.\ extraordliuin ? j ponun.ty 1 ?r iMusek<cpurs and ti?? trade.?-Over Jf.VO id v\orih ol iu;li and e.usily llou-ebold Fur nitui t ds aitf rnoon, at 2 o'ciork pr? ei ,ely eompr^mg the beautiful ami costly furniture contained in tne lug dwelling Inaise i;*> Waverley place, cyst of Stxth avenue. Thn wht?h* lorubKolute and peremptory <*sle. r.dn or shine, consisting of Kngllsh Tapeait > and Jugrain I'aJp-'.s, i wo elegant, solid rose woou Parlor ^ult?, covered in i i .uuon aud maroon, gr?* n and g *ld satin broeatel; rosewood Centre and Pier Tai-los, Tuikisb Chairs and L' ting?-s to match, large 0\al French Mirrors, fine Oil Palntiivs, rhii China Vases, Damask and l?aca Curtains, rosewood Etegen*, with f;nrror back ami doors, elegant rosewiMfd and mahogany l(wre;msf Jied?teausf twelve. Hair Mavtresses, CbamniM- Suits in ro-?-wood and bl irk walnut, bronze Clocks, aprlng wat C.'.a^.s Mlrr//isf Hedaand Bedding. bl,uk walnn? K?t< twion Tabic, iw ?du ISMsteads, OlliioiJj, Chandeliers, OJasa, 4/hina and -ilvrr Warn, Table Cutiery, Sta:r Caipota, Shade*, Tea Tables, Fe.iihei Beds, P?!) a??sc.4, Ae. 1?. ROTH, Auctioneer Auction notice. LAUilE, ATT It ACTIVE AND IM!'ORTAJfT SAIiK i h sday aud (n.morrow, TUKSDAY. O Lobes i.r),, and \\ EJiNi'.sJDAY, O 'tober I We !?? g to call the attention of all buyers to the above ???le?. Tuesday's sale will contain LA1COF AND ATTItAt TXVii LINKS OF Silks, Cl?>ths, i a.?siuteres, Vehet H Vesting*, i?re?s (ioods, Mcrirtoiv, !losi'*r>, S ? i t? and t>rawers, dacuets, Clntliing, Flunncis, Sat ctiu^a, Shil lings, Print* and other domestic gisals, ate. V\ e .ncteday's wile will cnntait>, r*;oi)oris, 250 carton* new FallOnodft, two Variety Fliawlv, invoices of Brochc, Cheuille r.nd Woollen Shawls, iCmbrolderies?Assort uieut ?i New Vrood*. Men's and Jtoy's Soft Hats?llH) Caees <?f all kinds. li ?ots ami Shi es?iil-U t'as<jh, an excellent aasorHucat. Furs?An auractive line oi Mautiiae.tured Furs. Also, Assortment-* or staph and fancy Dry Oooda. Catalogues ready on tho morning of each uay s sale. VV;.C TOPPINO A <iO., Auctioneers. No*. 9 and 11 Park plae and No, S Murray street. A 8. RICIIAin>8, J\.m sain of about },''?!/?> .o.viion, by KlCHAUJL>.s tt WillliNU, on Wednc;dsv, o. t. l!>. af o'elock, af fiioro 44 Corthindt sfre^f, c.,inprlsing a mil ans'Trtment of prime goods well adapted both to city and country trade. Catalogues oa morning i>1 sale. AUmOK #ALE OF BOOT AND SHOES. ALEXIS, BRA OH A WARREN. .'JO Warreu street, Will bullou Thursday, Oet. 17, at I0J? o'clock, 1,000 or Boots and Shoe.*, embracing a very laij<e assortment of t?ca.v< nobk Goodn. Regular weekly auction sal?K of Boots and Shoes on Thursdays. WM. M. BOLLINGST1EAD, Auctioneer. Ahabb ouaxce. -for hale at pi bug Auc tion, on the premises, Saturday, (jet. 26, between the hours ot 112 and 5 o'clock, (.ho fc'arm'of the late Andrew A. Hopper, deceased, situated about*&7 fn.m thin city In N>w .K'Pwy, Newfoundland, Morris eounty, Jeii'ersoo Urn n ship, 163 acres of good laud, ail joining, divided into plottKh, t::> adowaud v.o???Ha.,d: a'>out HO or ij aeres being w-??odl.'iod, well watered, with gotvt bouse, bnvn un*l other MUoutidiii/!*; bt"i ', ehurh and >: lool .i m ; J2 mile* iron the !>?%? r It ro: d station, two mi'eK sroin jx?st. ofll v. Fop further particu lars Inquireof A. A. HOPPKK, 78 Clermont avenue, Bro??k lyn, or ol' W. S. DAVISON, olhro 254'J Broadway, room 26; of add'ess J. V. Brown, Newfoundland Po*t ofll? ?, hi lug one of the Commissioners of the above Carin for sale. Car* leave Jersey City daily for Dover ; ?rmen It ave the Patterson Rail road depot ?>n Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday*, ni ID otclock, for the above tiunud plaep. A UCTIOn NOTICE.?THE PEOPEETY OF THE LATE J\. Cap:ain W. Crosby, at 74 Klxth avenue, vill be M?ld at pntilie au :lon this day afternoon, af. :J o'cloe.ii, to the highest nidder. w ithout reserve, consisting of two black walnut'Pat*' lor Suits, covered in satin, brocatei and reps; Centre ami .-'Mi Tables, Corner and Side Kteg? res Mirr-i p, P?ilntim;> Curtains, Clocks, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads. Bu reaus, \Y.i*h?tands, Table*, Ciiairs, Kockers. Glass and China Ware, Hair Matt ies, Bolsters, Pillows, Oilrl ?th, fine Brus sels Curp'ds, Bookcase, Bookstand, Shades, Chandelier.?, a sruAll quantity of tine Wines and Liquors, Stores; alio a lot of Kitchen Purnituie. Sale positive. Auction notice. THT8 i?AT, AT 10 O'CLOCK, BY LOCK WOOD 3 ROM. A > NDEKU7LL, at 29 Murre v street sud Si Warren street, lakde and attk.votivk sale ok STAPLE AVI.' I ANI V UKY GOODS, Consisting of Cloths, Casino, res, Sstlnets, Vesting*, Shirts and Drawers, Hosiery, Furnishing Goods, Embroideries, Laces, Silks, Shawls, kc. Also an attractive line of Pocketbeoks. PortmonnaicK, Traveiling Bags, Ac. the entiro balance of an Importer's Stock. A VCTION NOTK'K. ?A FAMILY lifVINi; 1,'IMIOl SK J\. keeping will dispose of their Furniture at private sale at ? great sacrifice for ca.h: a solid rosewood Parlor Suit, rove red In crimson and maroon broeatel, cost $225, vviil be sold for $125; oned<?. for $ k?; ulna all kiriaAot rosewood and maboemy Parlor and Bedroom Furniture. Apply at No. 123 Wave rley place. / Auction notice.?burnhams furnitcre Ex press and Parking Knabllsbmcnt, 1 Hi West Kleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Household Furni ture boxed and shipped to all parts of (he world. Covered wagons for removing Furniture to and from country. Fur niture stored. Auction of crockery and fancy china.? HENRY O. EVANS will sell, in lots to suit the trade, on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 10 o'clock, ai 85 Maiden J?ne, ail kinds of White Cranite and Common v. are. Glassware and China, Sale positive and goods well parked lor shipping. AVC1 OK NOTICE.?THE LARGE AMD 8PLENDn> warerooin, 43.S Canal st: eet, is now ready for the recep tion of Paintings, Statuary, Looking (Jlajises and Furniture of every description, on commission. A rar-- chance for those wishiug to dispose of any oi the above articles, Furni ture stored. A In a v and lot In a pood location for bale low. Two fur nUhed Rooms to let, with or without Board. DAVID D. EQAN. A UCTION NOTICE.?B H. SEIXAfl WILL SELL AT il the store of W. H. A H. Matthews, 273 Pearl strev, Oct. 1^, to suit city and country di alers, a larco lot of White tiranJte, common, iiockln^hatn and Glassa arc. Also, a lot oi* Pegs and La Tops. U0T10K 50TICE.?PAINTTKOfl -THIS DAY, AT VM oVUw k, at N(?. <ki Nassau street, i>eatuifui cotleciion oi Oil Pa'n'in^s, balance of a bankrupt dealer's 8t<? k. By order of asidsnees. ISAAC D. AARON, Auctioneer. A Auction notice.?new and second hand ve IiMu, till* .lay, ut 12 o'clwk, I if t'/.ll A LUDLOW, , r., ui his wJi'eruMiuii, H>j. 8-"> Llbmty htreet, oue Uour west of Broadway. BKW'VXE a NKTIOr.K, AUi'TrnNKTii;.1--. SET.L, im Wi?<lnc?flnjr, Oct. 16, at 1 o'cluck, ii> lioniof rixra? S?> N.i>.<iii *trc(, a v ry "lira pull of biNtvy tram Hors. ?. soriil, I6ji hnni* I lg!i, 7 yeaniuW, aound, kind and Kt nilo in orery |>wttruUr. A.I.SO. A Iirjr ?prln^ iViublc Tru<k W-gnn. witli tlnrn-sa. bum iii ordrr. Ain n wmi'lnj n:i(-h ai. i'?l?hllKlimciit will iln veil t'l liquid t'nf miIp, as oii' Ii nn i iipurttmlly wldom oc cur? , all lu ilrst late t,r?:? r. Pc ori!tru:' morUav. , ALSO, A very pretty pair of b'.u k Mar 15 h->ii'? hlch. 9 yarn olJ, Miinif. Kind iiU'l Kumlf any !nily or cliiM win drive litem; r>. liable every way; quite faat; on. i m.jioriureadUle lion?i. ALSO. The beautiful black M.ire l'atll, 15 bands, 6y?r?old; Hla k Hawk Hii l M i-?li pony s;oi k; wnrrm't-d In wit i?? -j-.-c-; has 1 i-ku n.,' .i liy ? wcl k.iow n l..i|y "I tiilac-'v ^^^:.'?l' Mle how: U a njiletidUl driver ami quliir last; to l?- sold without r-.erve; a r.ire cliancK loi .tii) g. utlcinuu in wai l of sucli a.i animal. AT,SO. A v.'tv M?"k H >r.<e. l''.j ?i ;n 'n h'tb, ,ea s . 1; n ? AT AWTfOW. l?Hl)W.NK .? NtCHOI.K, Al CTiON I' ?. ? s?s A LK?K< )OM lS ?1| ?. ! Will vll thi* It, Ml lu t ./1 h*!*, at 4uit unviiif nu-uleinv, 133 W ??*? J'?r,> fcl' '? 1K!I\vi'< n Brfmilwuv mii?i KUhth avcnui', an '<n?*1 b'K*nl / ul, uili.rf ttuii atn*<t in *ai<l hoiiM*, cuu?l*tlnn ?>! tU-U \? Net ?aul rain. u, Uro.-.'t. l Wni'low i'u '?ln?. Marital ami i',? r Mirrora, ho'.M romnvooil 1'arlwr in KHM'ti vi'lvft anil Uiot\u<l, hu'jjn ? h. Loiih^'h *ml Otto man**, mnrlilo t.?p ('autre Tables, bmiw Oloek .itnl si??to*r k?, mahogany unit b ink walnut ('uamber Furniture. Bureau*., U uHiinianilH ami ('muni nlw?, Feather rn'iU. eur.fu MattteHUmers, IMH.hvh, i/uilt*, Onuntrrpam^ tUn-cta. I'Utow i'u.'v x . onk .vint liu'k w . n?;i lining Room Kuruiiure. heavy Iviglwh 1", n-.l Ware, Kremh China, <*o! (iln s ware, Table Lin. n and Outiary, anpurb I'ftas'wou Piauolorte, by Hallett A DavU, KuMon; ro*ew?wu t'aiiu*r bury am! Stool, ? le :;>iu rhauUelWMM. j?tiulault an 1 pan llraekeiH, hI<o Kitehen Kurnituie ami l'iiterator*. Cain* b?;ueri at aalearooui. BROOKLYN I'KOPRUTY AT AVCTION AND PIUVATK aale, or to l''t ? Kvory Saturday, atSuViook, I'. M.. at auction will aellmi th* prami-en, uutli l,ux> 1??ia are ? -14. comme/ieing oh lh? property laving Hroadwa) ami I. . hill avi'UUi. Cov ft ami il<? tall Hir.'t'lH, ami ?!i?*?t>?-?? a\?? i.uV. 'ln theVtlirht. ?nlh ward. WILLIAM CONKMK V. A.iclluni i r Alan, at private ?<ib', <*?. on. hull c.1.11, n IllnlVIt ?i. .Irtll ,VC *1 <r>'hii ll !>i.M-lll"'llt llOU*. , ljMU.nilsl.eet, or in let cheap until Mbv I; a*". hieh twaeinciit I.huip him-.', vi. !?.(? 2ftvU?e?'h, ?t u>c VL'"c III'.., .1 i.v Villi Voorhleti and Kh.v.ler streets In +.'?? '. ulib uoud IM ll. u, i i.Miiy 111 frul! hiiJ ?lirnbh. ry; al?i. |.||| ..-lit- li.r 41..VHI. Oilier Uu i?';? ?nd v.u ?ul *?;* v' i v ??-!?<??[>. mi i:i.i'r lI rin", ' y 'bp "Wkpi'. Iiiquirp mi lh? HouJuMiMt rorn^ro! Myrllrattd lanvm;ivvn?u\ Htot>xt>tt. N. H. TIip Kr,.? !wu> mill Ka?l f"'"' '^"J'tiTj} an< tio i Hale Pvi'vy liv<% ntliitiiva. WM. r. wua? . / HlOCKrilY, (II.AHS, I'llINA. KEROHHNK I.AMI'S I all I K ic'vComlk. by 1. S II. MAHTI.KTT, Am lloiiP' r, on la\ O :outI6 at HI.? b.. k, ?i Wl ?*< .trl atri'i t, ft(?l lot? of l iioico MHKts U?r n tailiTH. Oill ami net* < a?U I' it^'UitH. rv'.MUl, A. MATIIEWH, AlltTKlNKKU?SAI.KfROHM 1 ' N... 7t/ Nil -.shii Htivi't. ll t a .on Kultiin mill Jului OASIKI. A M VTIIKWS u111 m-l'. *i miptUin In-morr.? i W. iIiiphiU*), ill l"!i iK'hirk. at bla anlparnmi,T'.l N.?hmii alr .'t a fi'iiiml a ."'it'iiiipiil of iww ?nrt wn'OUil bauil II''ii-?' hubl Kwrniiure, vi*:?Ko.MWv.wcl I'arlor Suit* In l'n>. . .?! anil i.|iikh, Ci'iitr.' T.iMi <? Lmingmt, BMy tj*!;*. in?ijw?i'.i?? Uo< ki'r?, Ch ilm. Kvicn?l .ii T*''lr*. ButfbU Dtiilna I .iaun. Hint malic v .nv I'u-iii h linlictPiiiU, I* p* l"? Wm.|i*und^, M .>ii-??m, l'iillln??-a,'U-. I.ra'k. i??. lliinl ThIiIi s, llrtiKHPla ?u<l ingrain < .u|*!:v 1 ??.'iipi'ltar?? Sliinlim Sl:uiil8, fi .b?, OH I'iiin'.ttiKii, I liii i i. Catal' kup? iiinl li.H.ils n inly H.r?v?miiiHiloii curl. ..n 'ii''i;n I nil of ?ul" I.', a lot of walnut urn! uaU Di-?k?. OOlce OhairK, Ao. _ T IV 11.1,8, AlK'TTOXEEK.?Al'f'TION NOTK-ti.? K. \-l pr .'. a Kui Hi,'iiwaip. Mpii. Ii t^lili.A, hltri r Pliit?.1 ,i.i,l I'ait. n VV.crf, I'.ii.'T *i-.-?VftliiPiciay, Owr 10, al 11 at the an?Mion J* ?otn, 15 Murray wttiu't, iteai llr ay. rataW?.'Ui?? now ira ly. L' CVJl.TON.?IMMENSE ? A Mi OK inifMEIIOLD KUW r . i'.i 1- Minus l" O' , i Ills r..Ri'W"."l u .l"iiw' '.niii.y Kiir.nliirc, Ac.,*?\ I'. l-UljT'?N will aril bv 7- l'i',*,.. .i. v%. rt:. ?. I, i v, ?it 16. at lt>,li I'"'1'-." 1 ? (.'nit |i ,.. i MPiir N .asaii 'hp I <rpi'HI ?> k 'f Hu'ii.phi>l'l Kui iiitnrp, t an pI - ami, K.t lich Jil.UP Mirror*, I'uii ? III ir. 1>'| i'lB -?"ii. li. iroiim .in'. Hhm-im"in rm Urnr that In.# b.'. ll ollr mI in any 1 .rnitur. t-ule thlnwuncio. Til nwctrini. 't' n 111 till-I'Uiiiltiir. of i birJ- ilouHb I, i mi i udlher with ten bviilii rvniovril frmn n ilp ib r a. nn. ? ll b.< aobl li Pi'"I lb''. ? The wlii." .?umlilneil 11 givi'to nil un oiijiortuiilty si 1 til't w i It ? K.itimi ll' la mcivp kpii ral anil i-iinplPtc. Iliaii ivpr eli'ir. QianlH ran III- i Kinilii.-il llti> .lay iinit t(nnor-"W mornliiif uji t,l .??. li.'-K, V lu ll Hip MllP Hill Pi'lillilPlli ". GEoRUK. COOK. AUI'TIONEEK. A . Ii'it." - > iIp "I pIpi;*u' ll.niaPboM I'urnltcir*. Ki-iiim."! -. iivi-ill.'ii> ? c.l sub' ?- 111 Hrjimlwiiy, ti.-iuor ... l I' ?> . v l/.-Ini* til.* PllUri* flba'k of nil.- of tltr tiPHt Cabirtri Hi. .?.mhl.iHi;- "f I'ltrlnr, l.bainber, I I v .11.1 1), n Kia.mSnlf: Wiirclrobca, MnpiTi-a, Hut Ills KMi'tiaiiiii 11. MIC Tabl.ia, bounsM. Clair-, hiorel?rle?, IllioXPlKa, ii . I' I lilirtllMllMIH s .?Cltt.lIOgUP?. HKNKV It. i.EKDK, At'CTIONKKH-EtKlUNT iloiiK'll,. ' I'nrtiliun . V.ili "n?a, Knunivlnc i. Ilorapa. . .,r.Hu. ?. M' ? , Af HKSCV II. 1 rKIW ft IM. will M.| ata.ipilnli ,i, V, i.,lii.'?iiay, Ortober ll' at lO,^ ? rl.K'k, at i in- a ib'Hi in. as S-wmii Htrppi, cil.'Kaut 11 ? >>i- 'liml I' lirlil t , r,. l',i mil,.'- I r ivuims lloi>pi,i:iirrbigpi<. Ilarneaa, ftp., plni: tin-1' .,,1 ? i ? UbllmniiPiit oi a Rout ein iii b in mg r .r F;.iicV.??? ' ?' <>????? -??l lor.'oiiv?iib;nc.' of *ii"I "Ic-r by l''P ta'at oily maltam?cuiaiallnR . I i |,? 'iti nr 'i 1 I" rtar I'lirnltiire, rii aullo > vi-roil In ibrpc ~1 |. rvpii Centre and Sidn falli'S t,i lualoh; .1 C iv. TMib-.i Kautpull, <:a.i'ra. El?. I*.* ii3.:? -i l?b 1 K 1 IK n* .r*?, t. iho<h, inr ami Muti^l llirn w. r'H V -w '. wltU i??????: l'.ir?lo???ii. <? >. , i?M. : sfven octavi* ! i.ino, rlt'lt caxi , u vir>.i|. > ,/ri'v, With !h" n,.l'-p Cimpana i.ilarltni.'lit, m .- '"I by a lirofeaaor for the prvadnt ..... , n,i .?iV?) ?>is?'?>.; li?>om hiirttllinf of ?? wd <?ak. l^tonnlon an.l ?'ha?t-j oi? ninte; .UiK.i N ...ill It. II .?-I .tor, Out Oltt-aand C/Oatal ^?1.'. Din I, r i,nil T- .' W I*. I pat * (?? ^'ib'r. 1*1 h'T.n ? -It ai k Wiilmil KiirilllHri', Itei.llMK Tnbl.i, rhnlr? anj y,;. Cabinet' IVa-'iaUin'., nil ?u?i?? I" "r l, r. aluo l*?iiUIiill> i.. ..ia!i I C.>iia." Slit;., ?.-;|<, iittne lii-ucla and I.ipI, rk.ilf pIIi Imi'i o'liBinp; r,r\t i|i.MIly vrilto.s NVIv-l .,,,1? tin rp. i.,i.'id " ?: ??>:'?-, in hue order: Muttipawa, l III"*" .nil ll.iiiciluil I f Ih. t.i.p.., ill ' I r.|itioii, nil iu?du to order and i?a ii. -ii ..?> iipw. ? * uuutlier ?f line Hroii/>'?, I looka, 0?,?le:..! .-lie ?til'. M <>r? ""ditk H" variety. Alao a c.m iilpi... (MlOPr Kali .??'?ill' bill lull" Iliad. Alao, 1.1* > ,1 ro lil'.rnry will in- a-i t. in.-diMHy after the furniture, in out kut ' lies, c.iialiitiu oi out ?*?> volmm a (?laaa.,-iil i. nl ! Uel.a -S'..?'!,n1 W ? - richly buunil and ear, !ully w'prl'd Alao, a IIiip I'.' '.rni- of I'alikl Wet ter, l ie but imiiiltna ot ti n! .rleliral by the renowneil artlat l'i. tiler llar.tuiK. Ala' i:i ..i i .lenpv ii Uottiirih a .VorK*, iMiitltlei ? a o .\'"'u!k-i Jiiu.H ii|a-' .' onipletii; t o. loii'l t'bur*lie". Kin ? -ry, I'yramlA.ot Ola.-h, and ullor vnb.:i'U? \V??Wh. \ irti.a ??. il??rM-8, llaviu**?. A at \ ??.vio. k, !?? ftifii? o?.' h' ? i ? , * 'tihUtlng i*. verv i?tu* |tair ii? b-i\ t'iil i iio'4' Hor^?'? if*1 . n l.H hltfh, styllRh i\nv?|ri?, an<t V .r'". diiruii'. 1-rte.t; - " :t vei* di^iiabluaimn; n?M- a't ? la'tt Vht l ? ??!?< .1- ''V v. ,.Oil l!r.ilhera,oor.ler, M'.kllitP'1 tli 't ?botil. w.f ' a >: *se and lemhera etielosln^ . t ,r nliH 'Hi open ,. 1 ' iirrbige, m aily nsw, i i- t ?i .../?> a|mu lioul't" iiinl Sin/,." 1! i nm?, uittcl" to order, all H . Iie'eoi.i.l'b.u, but little nw d. Alao a Kli^lfl aiibalaiilial T ;\va .11. It, line oi .li-r. We . xpi uivtte ll n'.ion O. 1,11'' n-'tida noI till! public to lln- above sale, ..a It i? ot ili? ii- ?t nn'iilUv in '1' ?" ..rdpr, ll"a? of exia-inie, is in Hpleii did rondltlon, and ?iu*t jioaltlvel..' bo aold a? alyove wltuuut HXNIIY 11. I.KKOS, Ai:c'TiONBKI(.-lll'NKY II. I.KKIIS ,f CO.. Will - ., a: mil lion, en W. In. >.! ,y, O' t. lb. .>t U o'rlo 'K in I tout of i*lon> 2.1 NaHnan altri.'i, a bt;atHuii. p.^rot b?y HoV.'wk, i'lia'-foti, A'*.? tli<% pro^rfy of a ^nti. inai. l \v tn^ loi liuropn. I/mik tailnl bay uorars, l.>^ lutn'is bit,li. iJ?ii!i H 1. ; r* obi, p"rfe,,'!v cenlli' in (I kind in ail bat in aa and imdpr lia.l'il": aim ll hyliiLiitti rhaeton niade 10 onb'r i.y Wooil Krotli-'t-a; al^o double llarnean nia'li. b> same partlea, the whole having l?-eu but little uae.l and in line order; also Klankeia, 4". TTENBT 15. HERTH, JR . AtCTlOKEEB I) fi .SSll.N KK S SA I.I. C)l A Unre and vnlii ol" aim k ot .-11. .,'(- Ka^n,11\ ^roe.'riej1. TKA.1 I1'>"1'> eiS, ril'lvLhS, SAUI.ES. fOKBII.N kki ii> Vine oi.ii U 1 nk.s. i.iqi oks, '?<ihuiaLh, ac., ON WEDNESUAV. OCT. 10, AT 10 O l!LOCK, at the itore 1,039 Broninray, .i.ruer or Twenty -liuh Hurt Aim all mo i-Ipgae.i Hmre Klxtuiea, Catilatm. t.aaka, birffe Kiro 1'roo! S ilp Deska, Counn ra, Htiovv (/??? *, Oiooery \Vn""ll, HlPlnlta Horsi'*, IlarneH, An., Ac. The gtoe' v. i I Ii , all. ' the M'ry mieM qilalH.v, r<?i.I>rl?ee In ,.*r: ebniea Voiin:' ..nd ol.l ilyU>u, Iniia-rial, t.iiitja wder, Oobitii;, Soili'.hi'li Kni'lNIl Krp?kft*l r"a.s; III,.,', Sin I'- i". .lea, Sit tieea, Krenell l*r -wrvea, fl utile*, l'.iullah Mn'.tar,I, 'vS "r, 'sierMure San Ale. PortiT, I'riineic, Kiiitec, vnni.lielll. Ma-enti, .1, Kari.'y. l.lnte i. Ch.? ola e, Altn.'mk Sat:'. Url.'dai.d I'le^ rt. . Crulu, Hemp Kiel < ti ll v S, ,l, March, family Huap. Wax and Hp im c it, hj'ilIiic'H, An'-hoviea, l>?iteh Men.n-s, Butter, "><*""? Kuala Ac. Al.-i, a lar^e at.aik of nnn old V, liie.H "and" Liquor*, f'lite u( which have be.'U In,in i :u lo twenty ye t' , m ^"ttle, comprising Et-I 1'iiKa and Sotilb aide M !"lta, Dull c.ordon, l.old<-ti ami Krowt, Hh.-rrl, v obi Kci-rac. Lecer l> ren?, Otard. I en lies, v mid other Krainlle-.; lloil nd Oin, .lainalni "uin. Irlali and Scoicii Whiskey. t;lii.rlercuae, Annlwtte and other l ret.1 ll Cop:I.I: . Ui'lu l k, Mtiiuiu'a CUtiuol, Or. en Seal, lai I'erb', Kublt and other Cliain|mi!ti>:?, Ae .-fto. Thnn^bailar xrwi s, liotel k. i pi r* and private famlliea la .aileil lo tills aalc . m.( the bin stand moat ral,uible ?l'?'k of Itocu.-i In lite hue over otli:red at auetioti. I.alalogimawill tie V, ady cm Tuevlay. and may be Ua.l a. tbe alore aa above, or a' the oflle,e of the auctioneer. No. .'>>? I Ine ain ' t l OlIN K. OAKLEY A CO. TOI. ^ELL AT AUC^TION al thin iliiv, Tui'vliiy, Oi l. 1.'. ISftl. at 1- o clo. k M.. at the Merchant* En haii?e, New York, without "w"l v'Jv.. u very deslrab:.'I'ureci .itory .inil lilgii l.inu'inc fit frame l,,? n s :.y 44 :..?t, lilted in wtlu bin ? to t ie peak,! ro'iV, bulli bv ib'y'awor!:, llniali' d repkio with all I 'drri. linprov.'ineuu., hot and cold wat. r, cnruniodp, bath, mart U. wa*h bnaln* In all room., above the parlors; rmipklii' cole Itr Improved 1,.niter 111 front I *?? niellt, and 111* V. bihiim ralti'ij In kil ben. ihe two beating >. '.ho slonert heitiK*rr> it Hiivlug of labor mid cc.ndttdve to h.altb , cold ?lra3iidt:.-d thioi.dioilt thn home; a- I cellar and double V oilu In front tinder atdewnlli; cotir: yard, Iron an i i>Ij7t.h lu front; ?ch('iee K?pe v "e* In yanJ, tot *.1 f<;l fr. it 246-12 rear, 1039-12 feet ib'i i-:.y 1034-U le"t. No. Java1 Hrwklrn: mn ci sawi-ml an I alt connectb'tl* made. Klin iiiiiiuT,ivalk frotu a'd the ferries, two bloot* from Ltty Hall, new Court it'iuw Aquarl,, l'"?t v'-Vjlr."1L?f MuaJe lainl.., ft.-., halt It. ?;k from I" ton feny, Myrtb ami Kui ton Avenue Iti.Hroad i-ars; the K'llioiiand tailierlno fer ry andOoncv Uland R-iilroad c. - (-i?h the door. It will be a I iianee wli'lnm Hi"t with to pui' lt**e a .-onvenb ut dwelling 111 *o favorabl.' a lia atlon, and l onuilnln^ '"ji rour,- T?i in*?60 per cerii can reimuri on bond ai.d inort S?W three year'. Tttlo ,*lfc,t, ..nd liail Imni'-iH 'I'iy. Kor map*. Ac., apply to th? auction, t. 16Court atreet, llrooklyn. tan be aecn ut pleasure tbrouf i the day and ?vBtunK. T 11 HURLEY. Al'CTToNKKK, WILL KB1.L, THIS ?I . day at - ??el.Vk, a' 444 Canal atre.-t, a 1 arp i.*K.>rtini>.it of Household KiirnUitm, c.HiiUiInu of Sola*. r.o!.i Hmls. nia <<T Ko' kiiii; and other Chuim, marble top and cvtbor M>{ reait". 1'bir. M iit' l and other lllttaws; inabo|??"T, bUck whI nnt,.nd ,,:hf? Iled?tead8; Oaa l Utnrea, Ctiaiidcllnre, Centre tin i other Tables, Wardrohu*, Etianv lled Sulti", WesliKtanda, Hut rack", BookstaedK. Hair and other Mattreme*. Keatiicr Beds. Olilce and CookiuK Stove*, Comforters, BlaakcU, Kib;h? n Fornitur^? BruacAi Vhr?'<?-ply, Ingrain au<l otln-i Oaructa. AIho. novcntucu socootl haud Larptta, nearly new. T.; in? ?oW without reaerva. TOHN K. OAKLEY A CO. WILL fELL, WITHOUT ,1 reserve, thiK nay (Tuesday), October 10, at 12 o clock, at the Morcliatila* rxci,?n?e, N.-,? York, tli?t defliable Dwelllitu Hoiiho 2b4 Jn> ?troc;i, Brooklyn, replete with all tbe modern Irmtr ivt-mfnt*, ^ncl can be liomeiUauily ivv?u{ t];d. For foil ,lp?.*:ptlon tiud I' lrtlruHr* aee bills, at the. ? tilce, 16Court strc-t, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and Now York l.eiald of jca terday. Large and attractive sale ok hardware, CUTLERY. Ao. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP S HON, auctioneer, Will kuD on Tlnirwluy, Oct. 17, 1S61, At 10 o'eloelL At t!"> salnsreom, 78 William street, Being u siierlai miU-n! it jobber, comprising ? rery deiiraVn lot of Good#, nil in finfl order, and well *orl!iy the iitcr.tion of the trade tuid uilicrh. Catalogues rat iy early ?u th" moralazof sale. T?nns, tour month* credit. PAWNBROKERS RALE.?THIS* DAT, AT toji nVlo< k, At )!J.rX A INORAfIAM'9 auction rooms, lii New Be w ry, wtU be *old X'4J lot* b->t description men's, wo mt'ti'a itvi children's Clothing, uresses, Shaw t?, alt kind* of llrOdltil, Watchf h, Jewulry, Uy order of U. SALOMON, Pawnbiokef, it' Madison ?tr.-, t |>. V W > BRt )K KITS 8A LE.-A. M? OR fSTAtAR, AI 'C 1. iion*-t:r, 23 Kowery, w w! s?'li tins day, October 18, at 10H 0 clock, :< lane Mortiiientof men'* and women's Wearing Apparel, Ac. By outer of JOHN LYNCH, Grand street. I PAWNBROKER'S SALE?KM. C~ HIOOIMS WVU. sell thin (Uiy (Tueaday), at 10,'? o'clock.*! UA> Second amine, near Thirty-ao biid street. Goats, rush, Dreeie.s, Hhawls, Q'td , Blankets, K'\iftl,er l-eoa I'l'lmtii, ice. Wor thy the Httcntlon of defers. By order of W. C. XI., licensed 1 uVti broker. ijaw \m oiuil b~ha??-a }? crlvTalar, alV X titaawr, 33 Bowery, will sell on Wednesday, lflth, at !()!,, T)AW NHKOKEK'rt SALE.?V.'. N. LEWIS WILL SELL i tli,>, (lav, at l.'> K "very, tali'*, a la rye imaortniest of ?V..t?.-i, ?\\; ?:i..ttilts, ini'iinimn l-'ur <v?pe?, MtiiTc, Jtn T tl'l1; V VI. r.y '!???? '.t V. t B. KIMr.-SnS M l J. KtxiAUT, \ I XIONES-:US -III:;, day, 4\ l }?>!< i*>. it l!WE??ri*t!:l,'eet, UiaiUr>fje ?ilo . el , < i :ij, V. .. Is'.'atJilUNllY ,U .. ? str.rcs at AWTiojr. |? T IfAZEl.L, AD'TIUNKKIt 1 III, USD A V, OCT. I/, At it o v.k-k, at |3 Frank Cor t nirmjt Vtofolluirliiff:- <b> Morr^eon), * " U r"""i,,fi 0rdm' ??l(eil.. 1,01.1' II.,11, Hi, J Winding Muphinr*. I H|hmi1i)|-and Jk-m, 1, t. I> T. HAJEELL, WCTIONI'EIt ft). * ,U/*KU; ???!"<? I??jr (Ti,e? <N^,^asara8SSK?'. AUoTaUennd iwiVil'itew M h""1' Kh',lf r" "U I'li. ik. i Kuhi *, a' it'Utlery, p?ti. urt., .s.uupia Curat at K|| i-, It . .AMEKICAN KDC-K TOOLH He S:I5:h,.h;,s * ? I KhNi li i I N*\ Kl> AND I.NaM KLLI' h warp An ? ^ MA'K1K fAIMNA COLOiw;. lie*, .iHKorUia. Cologne Ihisvh and wiclur bot S. * tJir, ?';;,4KT'. WTTI<>.\JfKKN.-WKD?ISMI?A*, William Htrr.'i n room* Nn. ! N..i A T?l.|c?, Clialm! Kur, n>"*Minwf S-.f-.*, dmh, it.Mr.,?u, ?? i ki.,,VTtfZnZ*" Iw""41** ,m S"ttM "ILVKi; IXATKD OUOOS, Fine <? n ( Ware, of ul, 'liti.da a, ?. , , ? ALSO, Mpl?n<1fd miwi up Lamp*, t.'uniphcnc dn., Ac. JOHN KKlilY, SKiwO CI(KlllH''a SALE.?(1LASSWAKK, PLATED WAttV p A.- ' HAM IIKK -i .1 KA1K.UII L >, Am,, Neil 'II UChllrt.V,, ul,1 KHl." tn N??u ;irr?l a ipn.ntity ..f ?upnrlor t 'nt 01 iww.n SII?? 1 Ute.i War.., KeruMUQ Lamp*, 4c. JOHN KELLY, OlIERIKK S SALE ?A. M. URJSTALAR AUCTIONKKJl Tn. i ' "frr1^w,:i ,ia>i ul a d'lt., i. uni ,, I . iir"ri!fr?rJohn khi ly si,.,'iir orl"rk, a l.f ?(.- iux irtiii.'iit oi .Mcii'-i and M ?uueu'it M mirina ^wp?8ri8a?,2sitaBU I i i m k a r< s,x"' ?? ??a: m.; r v'1- " ' '.i 'I'"""'1'' s.uit. Table!! I'nii ? i't 'U"a:l! 1'W'I.V ? ?.-*??.!; Cil.vJ J vJ '? ami (..hip Chuirs ,in Ht<?< Jw Itn* 1 I.II'II, II..I .LI., II. rm. ., n IH...IIK T....U, Ac. \j .1 I, nH.. o |.iviui?p?, b. ill.- ,H.? k >r VI,.,.It SirlnliaiiM, <|, r , h 1'. lil'xSKI.. I'.it,!,,. A M.I.I, - -.M i'M Kl'.VjKL, I'iiMic A ito/. \Y Jf- UOM.INdMIKAK, AUCTIONKKII.-!,(?*)CJUiBfi ?1 ? ami UiiIiii. r-4 ai ao. t.ui, ?n >Vlil1'.'hu?B? -"l I" 'V'*."i4t norc or J T , A la"^inmprisinnao un?,. iuii-ul I ? ,lly ami o.initiy 11. ,i, i., ? i, Wf Invlt. Ill,, ntlcjillnii Of hiiy?m. AU.., the h.- .n. ^l , it! laiier ?Stw k. tiuta: ^ui'mui the innniln^ nl b:,lr. VtTlIijblAW AIIIIOTT, AUl'TlONEKK, OJTlrK l?.?l Imm.lway, will ??u i!j m ,l?y, at II ? t "h? H n..?r K'|, , ry Mul '"l"or M; Twenty ci'lub ! C '' V ?14,11 OlMlllinra, IWU lt,.?>i r iniat, IWU|sllUM( I I K, Or,?'l TlcH, Hint allollll l t'l*iui>*. m"W' Ai irnoNEKK.-?ioimiA(w 11 V-Vi?!'!?" ,4t " ??"?" u,"?. hi i I ixuti ., Ov t* il! Mt 1'iMKh uro. erv Kf(?ri* mi tli^ ?1lv"i H",' Ws|;; a.iHlHiia; the n, . i i \y' " " 'T1.,'' r,""t "l"' H.iller, rt.niHKiir Oiiiutr On. H,imn \\n^i.ii ami Mariics*, ,%c. WILLIAM AIIHOTT at.,.ru..y I,.r.n..tK,,? Ka?t itr,.*,lv??y. TUK WAR. ' ~ / lUMPAKV U. HIXTY XLN II itlii.IMK\P's Y~~tTaT ' > ?** Vi.ik.Or,. is. No.lS.b-lThc' wlTh ',f,M0| ,l!! l,,,"P''"/' MU 1 1,10 wh.. Mrvod i i? li. Mic Vii^ula t:a:nijiv.kii, will niti nd n mwitlngiiii W...(nc?,|,iy ,.vr-nt:i fill- iota In ,1 at B o'llo. precUtiiy, at No. 42 I'riu.w tlrral ?Jy ora.'r ul ' u.' i. ? ? 'I'lIOMAB LYNCH, ("iplniu w. H. ltmiKiw, R*r,(..,int, H?.r,.i,i1y. 1 K,i?k ^I'R-^ni. kkvoi.vinu uiki.ij, of* J. toll ? hi?vy I Mtoi; aim. a an, Ktiu.l^h d.iok Uuii J[ marly new. Apply ?t 44 John mp.'t, up .suit-*. ' Wl)ol' s ???pv odako?mm (looc 1.1K iTi:.: A nV :f."C tfiuliTflT&crmtog <^ T IKUTKWNlfV w\NTHI)?BY A YOlJNtl MAN WHO J J has |>.ia-,.,| ii.o If .r,iiu Lviiminutlui., w ,,il,| Iki?I1,I,,? Vl l,'"r "Apiil v between i mill li y'c|,? k A M., or ailiiirj<? il. ?. li., 15 IKi.very. YfKN WANTED?TO REOKUIT KuR A COMPANY HE . , , V11^l',e hin:fct re^iiu. ut in ,iic eitv niul tn w,.u.u ?ehlKli.-.t i-ri.-.-M; will l>, pa,J ?,r ?,,.tlf ^A J 1 tl?e^K?^ 1^0 lif'onard ?t., iioar Kirn. 1>AKT!KS If AVINfl A STOOIC OP ENPIKLl) ItJIflJhiS OH i "riuMn.,, wutiln ,1aIWill t,i?l u t|iaLf HdvaiUagp to a.liiri-Mii i ul. H ,,l, l w ami I4U Liberty utroct! UALLY AROUND THE "OLD Ul.'AHD " KlKST SOOTT LIKE (JUARD Fmiriii regiment S>'W York Volunteer*. t'lUiml A. W. Taylnr. ihe^ T n"1! vfl> 1 ""i re?m,u?n will lie IncreawJ to OlZll* ! I7'r,v';lrr,!,',!""l""l"1 '?0,s "">? >mm? Ul li. A I. II tU'-r.- .1 ,|e |,o<li?.l r. . uitK will be jcueixe. ? ^7j;'^1"?""?J,?r/-vV'M>r?lerre,l. Thl*wiworKanl/,..{Ai..? ZI "wlV ''/? '"'."'wy ?rii?nla.U?u ow tJS,a T wlioii lu tlnpien,war under tJen uiJ V . , J't his seeii HI rv?eai Newport .NewT b.?' "iSd U,T.W "l "avri* 'l? (Jracc, M,i. Kc nm init "flue, Ul o.anil Hti-Het, between UniaJWi-y .u,.! J^iia JLijnr VV'M. JAMIfloN. | |fccrSiu,? i"* ,'AMKs McIHiNALD, I or.,can. ? "iiiuii.-) iiiui; KerriutB urilfornied nml to tin? 'ijinu nl every any. 1MB. U;i??re t* UTLER'8.?SI LK IIANI)K1',K(;HIEKS?SPECIAL wM it'A i l.V:'v "ua ,w" rno those anxious to oo ro the seat Off WAk. HUitloned L' 11 ???""???. "o? A few men will m-.-ived for the THIItli REUIMENT KXOKIiSIOU (SICKLES) HUIOADE. IV. ?<?perfor*an!"iV?0,KaIlon*,jf'nd i, u r 1 ly '1 ih''ha? g.vl r:?cb niau will l... pr,,v led wMh t" J unit ,,r;n. Uiu llr-a lway. Ltovt. JPBNJiOCK. fPO St'TTI.ERS AM) DEALERS -T!1K \ t)Li;\TPPtta> 1 Ointment, th?* w^ cheii|M?t in u??, inVti d. anTl.n Eulmn Sukl WUol<J"ulfl Rl 26 Kl*o, T'' ParK^h- rh l7ohTKl OTlC " ?T*WONBRT J TNITED STATES ARMY. fanti^ w!Ii'nd~?,',V.1 e""1 regiment United SUitn. In thirty^iive yc.,Vfc of it?e M""' ???' "?t o?e, SS?VS5SSJ?a?'iJIir "" battailon, which u T)ie*aHioP?y, (;io|hlr1(r, Bounly alld Term of Serrl.* (three vear*)?mn the Vrfunteert. ??rnoe .Heehawleu ?nd Tr* mu ll who eoli?t are, by the reirulfc. ARK KILLED KllOlITllERA.NKs " mlulnn '""'i K|v' " (l <?r non-com. Boii'iiyat expuati"" or wirvloe, $I0(?. Re, rult? ?,,t al once to li. Hilqiiartem at Port H.imUton. Apply at rcudczvons, 79 Chatham street ? . A. J. DAI,LAS, Captain Twelfth Infantry anil Rc rtiiung Officer. TITANTE LW-EN01N'KI',R SOLDIEKS, COMPKININQ vt mecliaiiteii Mill Intetll????nt latM.rers, fur hh[^htm mid miners of the regular army; tlitm Must bo hum* >k.<I not over 35 year* of age, able to read and write, and uuorr stand the four gT"'inil rule* ol arithmetic; term of count ment, three ypars; pity, from S13 to $34, depending i>n rank a'talned 1-y merit and solrtierly conduct; al*o ration*, fu* I, quarl'Tn. clothing, lical attendance, ami the nmnil bounty. Apply daily at No It Jttuwilog Green, third lloor, l? ' i A.M.andUM. Q. A. GILNOKK, Ca|>!?tln of Engineers, United Suite# Army. WANTED?TEN DBCMMEES ANt) SIX niBUfO go with a regiment air-iidy formed. Apply at Br-Mtks' Hotel,corner of ilbtst. andSthttV., at six o'clock P. M , or two days. K.BBOOu. WASTED?AN" ASSISTANT HURUBON FOR A REM tn<*tu about leaving for the war. He roust bo a gentle* and tvell qualified and e*pTlenced In hl.i profession. Address, nulla-; references and quolitiuitions, M. b., box IfiO llerala office. WASTED?A FIRST AND HECOND LIEUTENANT, who euii bring from twenty to twenty-tlve men each, in a regiment about leaving for thwwar; al*o, ua Orderly 8'>want. Address A. (J. B., Herald olllce. 1HT LI8UTBNANTCY.?WANTED, A PAltTY'Ag Flit ST Lieutenant to Cavalry Company, full and aworn In, who would advance #5" on account oi expense* Incurred, and loan the Captain 9300, with an order on paymAntur an col lateral. Address Captain O., Herald ofiice, SPORTISli. IHraNCIS BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL TUP. ' choice Breeds for stock and sale. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 50 cents pet bonus. Butler's "Breeding, Training, Diseases, Ac., of Dog*." $L Dojs Boarded, Trained, Ma. Medicines for all diseases. IflOR SALE-TWO ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS; KINEfcl ' In the city; mate aud female. Inquire at iM sixth nr. QCOITING?AT WILSON A HOLCOM'H, WKEH \WKEN, N. J,, on Thursilay, Oct. 17, between elgbi of the uest PL.yr* In III" country; four uiatchos In on,- ilai pla> n commence a? one o'clock precisely. If th<-day Is si'urn ne uexliulrduy. WILSON ll'Jl.t ON THE LAST PIGEON SHOOTiNQ PREVIOUS TO I.IK <ju.ili season taken pi ire at W.ird's Hotel, Cum y X?i '"I road, thiii dity. at i The Flatbtwh ears irein Ful ton terry take you tr ' "t. Ward's Aie cau be had ? iu Hie lield. N. L.?P > d? YACHT W NT' .)? N.iil YACHT Of TWE.V ty-ltve "t'.j . iiarlng such a ja it! r ?aic ? neap ui i> ad i. . .. r ??t ilicc, with u. ,- ipuojj Mud cat.!i pi ice. "VTACllT FOB SALE.?THE CELEBRATlfci) WCflJ L Commodore, 28 feet long, one year old, in the ? ? "l order, c< si pletp. with cat rig and melna; ?nlw ;-f mi -t-' N 4c. Will be sold el.eap. Aptly to bMLDLiiY M Club House, foot Com t street. Brook ya. INI) TOBACCO. '? THE \SSiflNEt' A.T SO. 17 ; . Jj?i , a, i>It! iU I tf '? ? "ill kU' U UH" ;? < !> : <? i/A" Ul.-i -. ?? - 1 ?? s.\ Sor SKOA V CG VWi TKk'i

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