Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1861 Page 2
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FOR S Al.K. A M PBKIO? OORNBH FOB .SALE ?'111-;A1-?N??l ill .TV. mst corner of Sixty-lifth street ami Second avenue; ' r,- 'i/S iVv ^!5",1! JA?H?SAnr,vir- Apply on tlie premise*, or of JOHN (). 11 JUtilNH, 028 Hixth avenue. A RESTAURANT AND DINING HA LOON FOR BALK? JY in on* of tli<< best business (orations down town; will be sold hi * me .t bargain. Apply at A. UEDKLL'rf. boat 19 foot ol Spring street. A SCREW TRESS FOR SALE?ONK OF WORK ALL X Co.'s nuke; <ost$2"rfl; will be Mold for less than half price. Also, one of Moti n Patent Kettles, of about otui linn tired gallons rapm iiv. Hotli articles suitable lor ? perk p . k. r. Apply at 7fi.*a Sul.hnn street. A OOOI) PAYING BXl'RESH BETWEEN NEW YORK _/i and HruoUyn lor sale cheap, if applied for noon. Making Hi out $.1 AO per day. Apply at 310 Pearl street. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY to GET INTO A very r *pectable and well established ra-h business. Th" proprietor ot a general tarn > dry ^oois business, w. 11 located on Fulton street, Brookly n, b dim desirous oi retiring Irom business, will sell Ids stork of (?o< d.-and Fixtures vrry low to n rush customer. The stock Is well selected and as sorted, b< uhl for - ash ami on short time. The store in law and handsomely fitted up, with two show windows and very eligibly located ior business. To the right person wish inu the riuht piaeo this is a . hance thai seldom oll'ors. None but cash ia> ii'N (,.mt tin a?ents) nerd apply. Aoull ants will plua-e address C. O.. Brooklyn or New York Post ofllrc mating where ami when an intern iew can be had. A Wff CHANCE Til MARK MONK V?. i It. ICER V i l uml lor ?tle.-$400 will Imy the Stock ?i.,| HMmvs of oik. ol 111.- I>e?t I'm nci store* In ||?. city; the only fr ?' rv on the lour corner*. Ap| 1/ In the store S24 Eighth A m ^ tOHK Hilt SALE?NICELY FITTED UP, k.,.4 1m.M'lVfiSl ' 11 flood retail and prescription bus! u s*, will l>e sold cheap for cnsIi; good reasons will bo f'.V iMVlXiifc'm*- B-Ku ?""? Dml ?>'>'??? ***** BAICEKY FOR SALE-AT UttD ST UK ET AND TENTH avenue, I ariiuinxvlllc. Will 1m mild uhe?>>. To In ami p ("nl'i'V"*" Wl" be *"lj *''i""'uU"11 wanted. Inquire on the BtKERIEfl FOR SALE?LOCATED ON ALL OF THE 1* "lint; iivciin. it iioil III .ill parti, nt Utc city, in ?,?.d btml "* ' ' 'i'1' - H?ki m iiml .tlicrn that want to purrlm-i- or UIT.'uiVV would do well uyplj at MIT' II ELL H Agency. ,7 ? wUr Mr? t, mt Hrou,lWH\' / lol NTRV STOKE BUS1 NESS TOR SALE-SPLENDID \ chati'e foi a ? ash buy r. with a capital of tJUO The h" It, Fl?litr. - ?,,rt lio. I Will or one ut tho nl,|* I ",'l most po iiilur?iiiiioi? ticr?l Suits Runtnm* ?n Lmdk Ulan.l within tit hour a rlilc ol this city. 8?tlitfnt'toiy rfamiimgiven' for m-llltn Ad ln'?h I oiinlry Store, Herald oilii c. JpOR SALE?THE I.EAHE AND FURNITURE OF ONE u! tlm lii-ki |uivllK to if.lliiij hoimeii in the city, itiluuicd jn Hioom Mie.-t, ii"?r II.. it iway. Fiirnlltire, tins liituren Md ??verytlilnK nearly !!.? > and In g.,ol ?tyl.- lor Iiu.Iuchh, ln.|iilr, .? Ii. ),l iiKK, Auctioneer, 1M Movt .-ry F,,K SAI.E-OXE OF THE BEST SALOONS DOWN m. jit'-'Mi"r;,r!':v."v""'M *"iu< w "h? ??XNt'IJ' FOI{ A DHINKINO r "",7". ? " ??? . i.^at'C, r.Flt A I' It 1 > K 1 N11 J ?ud lo iging houite; 30 r loi.'g; now doing a lino liu>lue?i Ho.iwrcnu "i.t nea, the lit,inu..t?r the who" tenl, ?ndT? K,,r y?^.*4j^rA..r^B8T CUUjfi BQUDffiQ HOUSE X ulluiUe.i in the liem pan ol Ulintou str-et, Brooklyn W.I4?,'TI"V't"0"8 '"J 'n '''y '"?"l-'lws. The biittliicHH has "J n ce iled on ?ucce?sfully for the Ukt r.iur y. tir. Leaae Surm'a. 1,1? '>'y<'r? only need apply. 11,a owuvr Kolng lo 3.766 ff, w Y.VkplAhr'" ,U1' 8W""8' A T' ""I 1r?R ^ BUTCHER'S SHOP, IloRSE WAGON iillr , U,,r!oali nI,|P,,,,r established, havinua * u , . ^ ?l,t^ ^?'rnian trade; nothij;*: stin-r in th fitv i<> Bowery. ?f D ?L KKE,'^uctloue,'" T^or hale IN 1VIM.I AMsni'Ril, \ FIRST RATF e^yj'-pur, JAMES H. i^&'^h sixth t i street. Tj,?R SALE?AT A BARtiAIN, AX 01 Ii KsrAlll KniMt 1W &VKUUe' Bruokiyn ^.o 'C'Ott SALE?OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR FUUNITURK I^OR HALE?AT A SACRIFICE, A WELL tMlin ???? TRA\Kit, Auctioneer. PnR SALE?A FANCY STORE AT NO 443 PFAHT -.k asag-,s f; 2n7^?Av"S,E35i.w,tt "r ?"-k- 'apijV poR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST PAYINCI OROCFRV OMBIBSBMI F(>5c KN(i'f>'E. BOILER, SHAFTrNO er ?t,d ku^llr ^ew'-rtiir1^' U "r,0'Jor. ? ?. I J^,0Uy?ry' 8<,UUl SeVeuih -?rtey,?.rv.Ti; F??l"B8('KIBERS,THE FIXTURFS AC fr$li?; also lili^ct.'ieMot^rfui'i.iry1vllf't a'"'^ Fan-y Uoodn ??d a lot oi f..,, at d r nr'. t. . t ! "t"' "V1e,^.5,^r8t,li::;,e0,tt^,VJ St Iho eo'tiw F0?. SALE?THE STOCK AN'D FIXTURES op ? ?SS!^5SySS5KfS: ?poR SALE-A RESTAURANT AND B VR P.OOM WITH &r,:;w,avnryK^ j 5SSi=-SiS5 ?POR RALE?A FIRST CLASS CORNER I IOUOP Bsssass' Apply at 170 Clut.Jtatn x^reet. gl /!^. TRAVKB i poR KALE OR EXCHANUE?THE STOCK OF x ktz, M.r?d ??r fry'?. yen ? man to commcm-i- * . A 5 ? ?: " *..., HroiVkiy,,';" For hale ok exchange?tin shop and japan ning Establishment?-one oi the lai0< st in tiiecit..? with everything complete and in working order. Slion 100x25; low rent. Also m new store, 4.r? Le n .rd street, lent $M?X). TAYLOR k WILSON, i*7Keade street. OBtflT Mill, FOR SALS AND FIVE ACRES OF land. 011 Suu.n Island, near the railroad and i'ichmond Val ley depot; about 15 minutes walk from Totteu's landing. In quire on the premim s for WM. WEIR, the owm r. /GROCERY WANTED?LOW FOR CASH. OR IN EX yX change for 127 acre* of good Fat mi. I and, near New York, free andeiear. 115 acres to trad" for any i!ood bust li9M. Apply at 12 Centre street. ZEitLlO A HASTINGS. MKAT MARKET roil SAKE iIIKAI'-IN a <iOOD ! location and doing a fair business. Apply on the pre mises, 690 Sixth avenue. /"\Y8TER SALOON FOR SALK-228 ORAXD STREET, ! \9 one door west of the Bowery, in the Immediate vicinity- | oi teveral ball rooms; a good location. Inquire after 11 A. Al. I POULTRY YARD FOR SALE.?KARE CHANCE FOR mii investment that is not allet t'd by the times. The ex ten Hive PouPry Yard, located a short dlsiauoe from Balti more city, near a horse railroad, In the most Improve.1 neinh forhood, U offered for tale at the low price of $5,50t). The establishment contains 1?>Va arret of land, w itii h tine poa< h ?rchard of about 1 1>0J trees, three year* old, good frame !wo Story dwelling, large poulty house, acommodatlng S,000 fowlt, stabling, farming Implement*, wagons, furniture, Ac. with a fine crop of corn in the around; ban a fine stream of water, well suited for raiting ducks. The whole Is em inted by a substantial board fence, eleven feet high. Owner's rea tons for selling, wishes to go to South America. Full parti culars given by addiessing (i. M. S., box 236 Post office, Haiti iiora, Md. Photograph uallery for sale at half cost. ?Doing a good business; is linely located on the corner of Broadway and Amity street, with great advantages for displacing specimen*. Cameras/for sale low. C. J. FOX, No. 631 Broadway. ?d-00 W1LL ^RcfUSE TIIK STOCK AM) FIX* ^ T" Vf turns of an excellent and well tilted tip liar Room1 on one ot the best business streets In thecitv, doing a large '?"? '?ar?fc chance. Apply to 't. UArFNEY A CO., 17U Chatham street. SPORTING. T^RANfI8 Bl'TLEIi, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THE r choice Breeds for Stoc* and sale. Bullet-'* Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, AO cents per bottle Butler's "Breeding, Training, Diseases, Ac., of Dor*." ft Dogs Boarded, Trained, Ac. Medicines for all <ii . a?e?. fJlOIK SALE TWO ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS ! I ni.> i J? in the city; male and female. Inquire at sixth av. JjlOR RALE-ONE COLT S REVOLVING RIFLE, ONE ' Col' s Navy Pistol; ?1ko a tine English duck Ouu, ail nearly new. Apply at 4rt.lohn street, up * airs. IJIoR SALE?VERV CHEAP, THREE DOI BLE OUNS, Xo*. 10 and 11, laminated steel barrels, nearl; new. Can seen any evening this week at corner of Court and Nelson s re.'H, Brooklyn. ( I , il WILSON a 1101 OOM'fl W1 BU ? " KEN, \.? N. .1 , on Thursday, 0?-t. 17, between eight of the best Ptajers in the country; four matches in one day; play to conmi nee at one o'clock precisely. If the day Ik stormy,"the next Talr day. WILSON A IIOLCOM.. ?V^Af IIT WANTED.?A SCHOONER YACHT OF TWEN A. ty-tlvi to foriy-tofis. Anyone having such a ya ht for t lie ctioap may addr*Hs box 2,01*9 Post ofllee, with description ti id cash prlc ?. ' -ACHT wantfd?FROM I:u;fIT To TWELVE TONS, either centre board oi kr. I boat, with cabin, and not over i e u sold. .?! uM be w ell joun.! an 1 sold cheap. Addres . . o >x Herald ofli i ?. |i .-and \v'i ? e ? .!?? T1IR TrRF. "171 ASH ION PLEASURE GROUND ASSOCIATION.? P Fashion Course, Wednesday, Oct. 16, I Mil.?Match for $200. J. Croeheron names g. in. Lady Suffolk, to wagon; owner nunes *. in. Lsdy Winihiop, in harness. Tocc me oft' on a good day and good tra< k. J. CROCHERON, Manager. IIOM WONDER.?THIS VALUABLE FOUR YKAH OLD trotting Stallion, belonging to the estate of Stephen Weai t, deceased, will he sold at auetiou at tin- Halo of per sonal propt rt.v of the deceased. to take plae ? Thursday, O 't. 17, 18?>I, at the late residence ol the ileeeased, Jamaica South, Long Island. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?ON THURSDAY, O' t 17, atl o'elo-k; a uiateh for $4 H>, mile heat", best three in live. , nanus black g. Star Gazer, to wagon. H.Woo lrulf names br. g. Toti Thumb, in Iturne s A g od day and track. SHAW 4k WII1TK, Proprietors. HOKKK8, CAKHIAUU8, AC; AHTVU8H 1'AIE OK DAHK I1AY HQItSKS KoR KALE Tlwy lire 1(1 hands hli:h, fijind 7.v?<nr? "I<1, bred in Ver tuoiit, and warranted wmu t in every respect; lowest cash $6ft0. Addr- >s box Post oliice. A GIG (BOSTON CHAISE), IN FIRST RATE ORDER, (or sale cheap; strong and l?? ?vy build, suitable for a doctor or bii-inens man. To be mui at Seaman's carriage tactory, 21*', .Mercer *ureei. or inquire at 182 Christopher st. Board for horses in the conntry?will lia\ e gond . an and fed on the best of hay. Pri'e $0 par month F*>r particulars inquire of S. W. Benedict, No. 6 Wa i street. /1ALIFORNIA SADDLE WANTED?WITH BlUDLE, \y Spurn, A *. Must, be a good one. Address II. 0., bo* 222 I!??j aid o'lltie, tor two day*, giving description and price. L^DK SALE?A SPLENDID BAY HOKSK, JUST PROM F the country, 8 year* old, in very line < ..million, nearly lti hands high, style and action unsurpassed; for a coach or coupe horse hardly equalled. Will be sold Ioh as the owrnr has no use f.>r him. Anply at BRADLEY'S stable, corner of Eighteenth s.reet and Fourth avenue. IlOR SALE.?A BRIGHT BAY M A RE, HANDS high, a-mud ami kinu, stylish driver. Apply at private stable, 11 Wycoll street, Brooklyn. IIOR SALK?AS I'ANO F BRIGHT M AHOG ANY BAY Horses, 8 years old, and hands high. v? r> gentle yet very stylish. They will be sold cheap, aud fully wai rant ed by the gentleman now owning thein. Addivmi it S., box 130 lferald office. F" SALE-A LaTiY'R SADDLE, NEARLY NEW; A very line and handsome artlele. Also a Held officer's Saddle and Horse Equipment*, tut little used. Either will be sold a bargain. Aduress R. S., box 412 Post office. IjlOR SALE?EIGHT FINE YOUNG HORSES FROM " the country, among which are an elegant pair of d.ipple gr??vs. 15*4 hand* high, long tails, well matched and very smith, together with several fine road and saddle Hors* s. Also, two light Wagons, city made, one with close top, the oner open, both but little used. Will be sold at prices to suit the times. Apply at the Excelsior Livery staples, 22 and 24 West Thirteenth street. IjlOR SALE?A SPLENDID PAIR OK BAY HORSES, 7 1 and 8 years old, Id bauds high, very stylish and well matched; gentle in single or double harness. Just arrived from the country, and may be seen at Tattersalls, corner of Sixth avenue and Thirty-uiuth street. IjlOR SALE?A VALUABLE, SIX YEARS OLD DAPPLE 1? brown Family Horse, 10 hands high, and in fine conei tion, warranted sound, and has been driven by a la ly twelve miles p<*r hour ; also a line young Messenger trottlnc btalliou for sale, and a tine farm horse; price $43. Apply at 126 Causl street, corner of Clirvstie. For sale-a white horse, spotted black, handsome, 16 hands high, 5 years old, gentle and kiud, well broke to harness, a free goer and promises to be fast; warranted. Apply at tne Veterinary College Institute, Nos. lift and 117 West Twenty-third street. ISOR BALE-TO PHOTOGRAPHERS?A FINE, LARGE 1 Travellin g .Saloon Wagon, in comphte orde;. i u ullure. Apparatus, Mo It, Ac., Ac., at a baigain. Apply at No. 142 Centre s.reet. in the store. IjlOR BALE-TWO BAY MARES; ONE IS SIX YEARS old, tifteeu and a half hands high; the other live years old, fifteen hands hb.h; warranted sound and kind in double or single harness; will nell together or separately, or will trai'e lor one waiting horse. Can bo seen ii?r two days at P. ?J. Burks, corner Spring and Sullivan streets. IIOR SALE CHEAP?A BEAUTIFUL SORREL MARE, l?S>a hands high, periectly sound an I kiud; also Wagon and Harness; will be sold separate or together. Can be seen at 41 South William street. IjlOR SALE ('HEAP?A STYLISH BAY HORSE, FIF 1 teeu hands high, six years old, sound aud kind In siugle ami double harness, also Business Wagon and Harness. Apply to 8. I). LANTER, 228 Third avenue. For sale ciieap.-a pair of good family Horses, six years old, of a bright hay color, long tails, full 15)? hands high, perfectly kind and gentle In every way, and sound. Have been used by the present owner for the last nine months every day, in siugle or double harness, and are now offered lor sale because he Intg more horses thau he h is use for. Can be teeu at the private stable In East Twen tieth street, one door west of Third avenue, before 10 o'clock In the morning, or at ter 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Horses to keep.?superior accommodations lor the winter can be obtained for four ttrst class horses upon a farm near the city: best of city reference*. Prices to suit the times. Apply to IS. H. REEVES & CO., 186 Water street, N. Y. Horse.?a gentleman wishes one stall in a club stable; in the neighborhood ol Thirtieth suvet pre ferred. Address A. 11., box 164 Herald otiice. Live stock for sale. About 100 Sheep for sale, of superior breeds, the stock having taken the tirst premium. Shropshire Rams, 1 to 2 years old, from $20 to $100 each. Shropshire Ewes, I to 4 years old, from 2) to $30 each. Southdown Rams, 1 year old, $20 to $50eaeh. Southdown Ewes, 1 to 4 years old, $20 to $3U each. Also the Devon Bull EXETER, 7 years old?he having taken several prizes. 1 Bull by him, Ik years old. 4 Spring Heifer Calves by him. Also 3 Durham Cows and 1 yoke of old Oxen. Inquire at 18 Chambers street, New York, or a? the Lorll lard Sheep Farm, one*half mile east of the Fordham Depot, Westchester county, on the New York and Harlem Railroad NEW YORK TATTERS ALLS. SIXTH AVENUE, CO li ner ot Thirty-ninth street., ll rses, Wagons, new and second hand Harness, Saddles, Briules, Blankets, Robes, Ac., Ac.; at suction, on Thursday, October 17, at 11 o do k, twen ty tine y< ung horse.-, just frutu the country, to he sold with out reserve. Catalogues now re id v. I. L. DODGE, Proprietor. PHILLIPS' STABLES KOR SALE OR TO LET.?GOOD aland for carries nsai Central l'ark.flUU Seventh ave nue, Broadway square, between rorty-llfth and Forty-sixth streets, till now. Inquire on the premies. Til OS. PHILLIPS. SADDLE HOKSK WANTED?MUST Bti YOl'NO, handsome ami verv ntyliah, dark color, ami over 15 hand*. Allure** II C., box 222 Herald oiUce, for two day ft. milE IMPORTED HORSE ALONZO, FROM ENGLAND. 1 Alon/o, by Irish Bird etcher, out of Miss Nancy, both thoroughbred, cost ?2.V) sterling, for -ale. Aio.i "> i* it c.hes: mil horse. 7 yeara old, 15)? hands high. Having won wveral races m England, was brought over to this country in February ia*t u> >,o South. The war breaking out and the Krutletnau n iving gone back to England, has I.-it the above horae With the subscriber to be sold without re serve. An\ ycntleninn, officer or aid-de-cftinn wautiug a lleet horse, will ftnd ".Is an opportunity seldom, it ever met with. Alonzo ran -Ixin for the Derby iti IS57 at Kp?om, and h veral other race*, in whieh he t-ok the prizes, For further particulars apply to the subscriber. Til OS B. RHODES, V. S? Agent of the pi prietor, of whom any iniorinauui may be had, Nos. ISO, l?w, 154 aud 156 street, near West street, North river. "I|,rANTEl>?A SPAN OF HORSES OR MARES, ABOUT VT 15 hands hi^h. Tb-v mu**t be stylish, perfectly sound and gentle, kooI travellers, aud able to trot in three minutes. Address box IXJl Post ol'lc? with full particulars. ? ash price, Ac. _ WELL TRAINED SADDLE HORSES?FOR THE It rloltw of ladies -<nd *;eml>men in the Ontral i'?*rk; private le v>n ind rid inc. hwitute itiiin* School (t'. ptain R.dston's), II'j West Tw? nty-thlrd street. Very su perior box st ?!ls and stalls for livery. \lrANTED?A < ART HORSE. ABOUT SIXTEEN HANDS ? I til^h.lviiit In propojiM i?, must b'- ir: -d before, bought. Cull, aiiei 12 M., at Troy Steamboat ottlee, pier 15 North TIf ANTED TO BUV-A BAY OR SORREL MARE, LONG TT tail, sound, k n I at d M'tiile. ami styiish aud good un d?i the saddle, W}2 or 1ft ban-is high; one that can trot in minutes; a fair price In cash will be paid, by addressing <?. W. L>. li., box HX) Herald office, staling where they can be seen. 0*Q{WI ?OKAVHOR8E. TOP WAGON AND HARNESS /' "# lor s i|i*.? I h" Horse is a free and pleasant driver, sound and kind; the Wajjon and Harness Is city made and nearly new. Apply at yd East Twenty-fourth street, near Third avenue. PB R90!f AIj* \ LMIRA.?PLEASE WRITE MiAIN ADDRESS CHAR- , iV ley H., box la* Herald ofllce. ANNIB?YOll DISAPPOt fTED MB YESTERDAY AI" ternooii. Appoint another tine* and plsee. I waited 1' r you half an hour. Name street aud a ituber. Don't dis appoint uya in. Ad ' ess as before. V. W. S CURRIE CAX.L TODAY, SAME TIME AM) place, J and observe the latter part < ( my last lettei W}UJ| Darling bbn dearest brn, m?* rem browr.?? You went from me on Monday, an*i \ think you are out of towfl. When wti you eonts back ** in, Vtfti naughty Oaby BrowtiT A Pow-wo-wo'it and I dtdn't know it. Dr.are.-r ViaiILT" six" iear*"to3av. toPI poor St II" 1? ptfitnc for you. \rrv Ion... miv B.i.loo, good. Coin, or write, or I .halt go rraiy. Ob. rtar.ln*: 1 gxvr yo'i pink white ami blua, uiu n r.-u.irdi-d with ' OREEN VN'f) Bl.41 C" 1 KEEN Ho -Ni.T - WtriXt* I HE Vu. No I, a>\ . A I; T rylug a daciriKintyi*-, who rod. down ln?Ktfih *t. nue nuiiji- y?ierilay aln ruoon, i.boat luiir o'viock, 111., to ni>*t llif K.iiiiciii hi ?!?? got 101 ui-?r Uu?ni> Mro.i nrid wavi'il IiIh l.amlk.n hlt'I f it su, ? ti! ??? 1. T. 0., New York Pout ollt''i?. ISn>RMATION WAMKI>?ok aNn VBELT, krom Loiidond) 1 ry, IrclMiid. ? ho mui. 10 thi. - inin 11 j about SH ye.ifn iiao. Nbo i<nil>?rkeil li' tn Llvi 11 ool on Iwird pai'k#*t r-liip Jai "1> A. Went^rvelt. > k- ^..uld obiii;*' bv Irav lug Iip. address ak tk> Hrrald oQlce, aduifu.'d tn Mr. Fer guaon. IP i). BAKrroFT. Esy., PORMBK1.V ok . k?". will rail or wud 111" Hildn-s* 10 11?? Spring utrict, lie can h< ar of aonii'lblng i? hla ad??ii:axr. jJ$ MAP.11: irousoaffliS yeotekuav-s peasonae altra/'til'l :nv a..ciiliuu, *110 1 ul.i'O Hi llic riiotugrajilnc An ? liiiiery, 4li Broadway, corner of I.i.p.nartl Mtrf.' i, mi 1 dt with your photograph., .fulfil your bl:l .'1111 l.ft j ti tor another dozen Cartr* ?M Vlritc. kkask. lit? 1.1.1 jToMK ON THI H8UAY, \X ? O'CLOCK 1 It *t -I iny, ilw-ii Saturday. Hut i?m<> ii p.iaal j - - . C (i B.-I VVUOTE V01 ON TilEVTU, \VEU.NESD\Y. | C. Inqi lr. iiivmi o th< onic>-. I kav. wriit.n * . a.::nn to-day (1 n.?da> I. Reply .1 on, r AHOI.I'il rpHj; VOI NO M\\ uti M NEW HAMfSlflHK WHO 1 r.H.? I 011 | .1. , '?j .,i ,w? ? .in. |..|. I'woulv-lourth atld't and Mi ond aV"iin?. 1. r.-|Ur.i-| u, ,??!! again. "VIMM. THE UE I.RENf) MR."a J IN rOMCAkV W'lill .. ' "'fO 'ii*" ,r ,111 II. 1 , u h i .iiu iiil"d th? Svvi.s l.i'ii J.iiii;i.|s ion i?rt, hi Hi-,1 t:;ii|,, | la.r i-vi-ning. a(M:*.as l>. O.. nation P * A AIjKA of HEAL EH T\TE. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT House, basement hml sub-cellar, with all the modern im provements, on Brooklyn Heights, m Columbia street, oppo idtcColonadc row, with a line view of New York Buy, will be sold vqTj chcauandon easy lorinn. For further particu lars apply to or address T. Simpson, 84 avenue D. A desirable TWENTY-FIVE ACHE COUNTRY SEAT, well located ai Falrlield, Conn., lor Hale very low, I<?r cash, or would exchange tor U*e suitable fur m Went ern market. BRADLEY, WARNER k DAY, 40 Union square. BUILDING LOTH ON BERGEN HEIGHTS.?DKS1RA. bly located plots, J)^ mil* s from Jersey City or Hobokcn by horse railroad, running every 10 minutes, fare ft cents; neighborhood and view unsurpassed; price $150 to$25i>; terms cany. Apply at 41 Water street. Brooklyn-first class residence for sale, elegantly finished, with grounds extending from Oxford to Portland, 43x200, commencing 350 fe?t south of Fulton avenue. Location unsurpassed. Apply on the premises, or to v. B. NICHOLS (owner), 41 Fine street, N Y. Brooklyn property.?fob sale, very cheap, three Houses, on Clermont avenue, between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, with all the modern improve.uents. Must ho sold. Impure ol PRICHARD CLAFFY, on the premises. pOUNTRY SEAT?WANTED, TO purchase, A \J Country Seat, not less than two acres, within one hour's ride of New York; fruit and shade trees indispensable, for which cash or unincumbered productive real estate will be given. Address IL, Madison square Post olllce, with full particulars. TjlARMEKS. (JARDENERS AND MILKMEN '-IF YOU J? wish to purchase live, ten or thirty acre* of the best Land iu Flatbmh, only threo miles from the City Hall, Brooklyn, at prices to suit the times, call on L. T. BERCEN, 79 Cedar street, New York. Farm for sale?about m miles from the city of New York, one of the finest locations ou the Ha> ken sack river. New Jersey, containing about 100 acres, 14 of which is woodland, the balance under good cultivation; abun* dance of Fruit of all descriptions; large and convenient Build ings, in good order. For particulars inquire of THOMAS WARD, ou the premises, or of GEO. A. 11. BEN NET, No.J2#9 Grand street. Farm for sale?over 100 acres, in new jer aey; good House and outbuildings 1 abundance of fruit, wood, and well supplied with water; situation healthy; only a portion of the money required, the balance on mortgage. One hour from the city by railroad. Address Owner, box 107 Herald office. Farm for sale or exchange?in essex coun ty. New Jers -y; 12tiae'es, good buildings, abundance of fruit, under g<M?d state of cultivation; 12acitf*wood la d; 20 miles from N?*w York; terms easy. Apply to E. H. BROWN, 121 Nassau street, from 1 to 3 P. M. flARM WANTED-ABOUT KM) ACRES, UNDER A HIGH state of cultivation, within 1^ hour of New York; must have good buildings, water and (ruit; water view desirable though not essential. Price must lie low. Address, giving full particulars, box 110 Brooklyn Post olllce. Ageuts need not respond. If ARM WANTED?TO HIRE. WITH PRIVILEGE OF 1 purchasing, from 15 to 50 acres, with house and good outbuildings, within forty miles of New York, near railroad depot or steamboat landing. Address, witli particular*, Hamilton, Brooklyn Post oflice. JiUNE FARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?IN PENN 1 sylvan la, containing 1,260 acres, with Slock, Crops. The > above will he sold low and satisfactory reasons will be given | for selling. There arc ou the estate a good large substantial Dwelling House, with every convenience, with large Cellar to keep milk, butter, dice., an 1 an abundant supply of pure water near the door; one other House, both nearly new; one large Barn, Wagon House, Cow Sheds, Corn Crib, Hog Pens, Fowl House, Wood House, Ac. The Stock counts of one Team of good Horses, three good milch Cows, two Steers, two years old; three good large Calves, two large Hogs and six fine Shoats. The utensils and farming Implements are of the best kind, and a most abundant supply. Price $5,500, part eash and the remainder on bond and mortgage or ex change. For all further particulars apply to Mr. WM. 11 ARD WICKE, fur skin dresser, corner ot Henry street and Hamilton avenue, between Nelson and Luqueer streets, South Brooklyn, who will go with any iv rson seriously in tending to purchase. Distance by the New York and Eric Railroad 110 miles. Fare $2 75. IIOR SALE.?ONLY $15 TO $2:? PER ACRE FOR RICH Farm land?tine clay loam. See ad\ertiscment of Vine land. IjlOR SALE?TO ENGLISH FARMERS AND FRUIT growers.?Soil resembles a good* part of England. See advertisement of Vineland. For sale-in Brooklyn, a three story and basement brown stone House, In Portland avenue, near Washington park, Ave minutes' walk from the Fulton avenue cars: to be had at a bargain. Apply to THOMAS B. JACK SON, ou the premises. IjlOR SALE?TWO NEW, FIRST CLASS, FOUR STORY, 1 brown stone front Houses, with all the modern improve ments, Nos. 45 and 47 East Thirty-seventh street, between Park and Lexiugton aveuues. inquire ou the premises. IjlOR SALE?A CORNER HOUSE AND LOT IN BROOK 1 lyn, lu the neighborhood of Washington avenue, two minutes'walk from the cars. House is 20x40, lot 24x100; contains all the modern Improvements, with gas natures, Ac. Also the Furniture contained iu the above house. Terms fa vorable. Address H. T. S., Brooklyn Post oflice. For sale?to people with smalj, incomes.? For Cottage domes and small FarmS see advertise, meut of Vineland. IjlOR SALE -TO ALL WANTING FARMS OR FIVE : area Cottage Lots. Sec advertIsenient of Vineland. IjlOR SALE?THE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK 1 House, N<>. 9 West Twenty-eighth street, with all the modern improvements, being 25 feet 6 inches l'runt, l'eet deep, lot 98 feet 9 inches. Also, the four story brown stone Store No. 48 Dey street, 20 feet front ami 78 feet deep, cover ing the lot, with the exception of the side lights. Also, a Country Seat at Opining, a mile and a half from Sing Sing depot, 27 acres of laud?ell tillable, with orchards of assorted fruits. House m w, with about 16 room*, containing every convenience; fine garden, barn, carriage house, Ac, The above property, if not previously sold at private .sale, will be sold at public auction on the 30th day of October next, at 12 o'clock M. at the Merchants' Exchange, by JOHN LLOYD A: SONS, 15 Nassau street, New York. IjlOR sale?THE foub STORY hiou stoop BROWN stone House, No. 9 West Twunty-eltftath street, with all the mo lcni improvements, beiiiK 'JJi feet 6 ineheg front, fS feet ?!<???}?; lot ??m le- i f) inehes. Also, the four story brown stone store, No. -to l)ey street; 20 rfront ond 7ft feet deep, covering the lot, with the exception of the shle also, h t'ounuy S"at, at Opining, a mile and a half from Hing Sing depot, 27 acres of liml, ail tillable, with orchard* of ..aorteii fruita. House new, with about 10 rooms, containing ev? ry convenience; line garden, barn, carriage houge* Ac., Ac. The above property, it not previously sohl at private sale, will be sold at public auction, on the jyith day or October next. at. 12 o'clo k m . at the Merchanls' Exchange, by JOHN LLOYD x SONS, 15 Nas>uu stri ct, New York. Emn SALE?a GOOD HOUSE AND 1^ acrgs op land, a good well ot water, apple orchard, pear, peach and plum trees, grapevine* an t shruble ry in abuhdance, in a pleasant location in the village of Hempstead, L. I. in miire of .JAMES ft. pl'LLIS, 150 South Sixth street, Wil liamsburg. For sale?or exchange for productive city property, a very pretty new and well >"illt House, w ith about thi< c acres of land attached; it is within an hour's rl<ie of the rlt v and in a very desirable Iocsttoil. Apply to JOHN W. SHKJ&DKN, Bowery, corner of fourth street. IilOR SALE?01? EXCHANGE FOR A COUNTRY REST dence on the Huumoii river ?>r near New York, valuablo hi "klyn 11 <'uses. Apply to JAMES crommis, 111 Broad war, room lot). roll SALE?to FRUIT (iROWERS.?SEE advertisb r ment of Vlneland. tjlojt SALE?to PERSONS OUT OF HEALTH.?FOR i delightful climate see advuvtieeineut of Vlneland Farms. Bior sai% AT A s AC ft if t ce?$25.000 FIRST BONDS and mortgages on la:i i in Western Virginia, to ex-!i .n; for a ^o ?d ti.r u. a hou-v in Brooklyn, or merchand s", West em land, Ac. Address X. V., ll rald oHIce. IIOR SALE IN hkooklyn?a hands' )\ii: DWELL nig, elegantly located iu Second place; cost $0,000; prl *e $0 0 '0, of which tlirc e-lourths may remain. al-o 11??? Furni ture . ri'-ar y new, an i Library, which w ill he sold it less than h ilt their c st. Inquire ..f J. ,f. BONNET a CO., 84 Liberty stre"t. tms is an excellent opportunity for a family to ob tain a delightful home, cheap uud on easy terms. El OR SAL7> (>': exchange ror V HOUSE- TWO desirable Building lots, 100 feet on D ? Kalb avenue hnd 50 feet on no*trand avenue, Brooklyn. No incumbrance. vpj ly at 16 Nassau street, New York, rooui S. Office hours to 11. f F^or hale at war TRICES ((l^oo DOWN)?a DE ?lrable sionc front, high Bloop House, No. 12S Eaiit Forty-eighth slreei. nelghlmrhnod, larn' rooms, all 'mprovementa. The, style and finish Is good, and Is similar 10 the best house* on Klltb avenue. Bill up. Apply as above. [ilob SALE OR ex( IIAN(ik?a FARM OK 8f ACRES, near Freehold, Monmouth county, J, \vi 11 exchange lor real estate or personat properly. " Inqnire of JOHN ii. WELSH, 271 Greenwich street. Bior SALE OR exchange?FOR IMPROVED CITY property, a very desirable residence ou litaten Island, .< abort diKiaacefriiin Vaudrrbllt'a landing. Inquire of James Van Buren, 52 William street. Ijior sale OR EXCHANGE?FOR CITY OR COUNTRY property, two valuable patent rights, and a lar*. number oi nianui'uotured grain, paint and quartz rock mills, ol dlf Cerent ?1?? s, in good demand. 79 Naaeau street Ifor HALF. OR exchanoe-TWO VALUABLE FOUR stery Stores on Ninth avenue: can be rented for 91,800 tier jejr: pnout half mortgaged, will tiade for a firm, or Mfiflirjr place, or lot. neur the olty, or for a paying business. Address c B . Herald office, for three day*. OR SALE OR TO LET-ONE OF THE FINEST OLD tiwhl'ined Houses in the ?ity; tu perfect order; 2u rooms, 3i> Pnutrles. Prico $15,0lw. Rent tlioo- <"7 Fourth Htreet. JOHN W(jol)ward._ For SALE OR TO LET VERY LOW.?TWO FIRST class brown none front Housea^Jfos. 23 and jta Forty sutb street, near Fifth avenue, with all modern linprove iiieius. lnqiilie on the premises, or at 31 West Twenty-sixth street. SALE OR TO RENT?eleoantlt furnished, ?i full sl/rd, slsborntely Hnlshed House, below Thirty fourth slrcet. near Filth avenue, containing all Improve ments. Apply to e. II ll'DLOW k CO., No. 3 Tine street. ASSAIT HTREET PROPERTY FOR SALE OR EX change for up town lots or dwellings; house and lot now lets for (2,000 per year; price $26,000. Inquire of JAMES Ai 'kekman, 101 Nassau street. Real estate?two central park lots, be twecr Fourth ?r?d Fifth avenues, not above Eightieth sti-eet. wanted, cheap for cash. Address, stating low cut pries and full particulars, E. box S.odft Post office. Real esttate.?wanted to bi y cheap for cash, a browu stone Iront Honse, with all >hc incdcrn 1 in prove men ts. 1/oeatlon In the vlclnliy of Folly.eighth siiert, between Fifth and Sixth avenm s. A'Mr "><, staling 11 *? ?.! price and full particulars, E. S., box S.0g6 Post office \7 IN ELAND FARMS. V FOR SALE, The best of LAND, at the newanl thriving .^itlement of Vlneland, only ilnriy miles from PMladejph'a, hy railroad, direct to New n ork. Soil is a hue clay loam; rich and i?ro d'i i ve for wheat, grass and fruity Divided lute Farm., of twenty acres and upwards, at the ion price or from (19 to $?'ii per acre On" ourth cash, balance In ourycars; al?o lots of two and s hsll to live ai re-, hi iroin to s.'(V) rscil. FINE CROPS can he skkn orowino. To persons ol small capital or out of business t'lis f.s good opportunity lo estitblish a countff home, and lie eer ii. ? -i 1! ' 1 tm i ... leu.ciiv lo i r limes. slu'.'. li*|l,i m* ?. , . ? a 4 w.?. ?mm?e N wy w> MALEXOF III" A I. K^TATE. ANTKO?A OOOD KAKM, ON THE HUDSON RIVRR, In a healthy locality, between Y' likera anil Peekaklll, of I will) oris ImiiUi-fil aerea, vvitli gnu 1 ImiliilnijH thereon. Aililn-h- Karm?r, Ktattnn U (Bible limine), N. ?., furtive daya, muling pariii-nlam. HMM'KII HV APRIL I, |so2. WITHIN KIKTV MILES Vt in N >v York, h IImini* wall ?i* or elulit mum* >t? ? <I one Hi re ii! 1,111 <I. Kinnl water, frulu, neluhinirlmoil, Ac. K< nl not loi'Mi'i"l I IWi per annum. AitJiea, with nil particular*, (!. 1'., 180 Nukhhii alrent. ANIT.K-TO 111 Y A KIHST CLASS llOl'SK, NOT heavily inortKagad and In h nood locality. Will,;lve part a olty law Ural nmrtfage, Brooklyn property, Ae. Ke. lily with particulars, few days, locality, alie, iucutnbrauce, teruiH, Ac., limine, box 1011 Herald ollieo. $1 1)11 ONLY FOR 4C0 A0EB8 OF OOOD KARMINt) '1UO land: level, ainootli anil clear of awamp; well watered; adjoining good Improve ntn; In pood neighbor lionil; inw'tii city twl e a day. fare only 92 10, by railroad to I'ort Jervia; mint acll tliia week. Call at the office of the I'lke County llouae, Milforil l'a. (UfAO OM'Y NVIl.L III Y A FARM OK FORTY !J)?)00 an- ?. or one of entity acre*. good linproveinentH, biillillnga, 4c. ; eloae to vltlaite; acceaa tliree limea a day to New York. Tliia la a derided bargain, and must be auld within ten days. Call anil ace the larin* aud the owner, at iheofllceot Hie I'ike County Houae, Mil lord, l'a. DEKTIHTHV. ? KTIK11 ? IA L BONK KILLI.Mi FOR UECAYKD iV Teeth, inserted while suit and giving no pain. Aching teeth ur mere shells can lie tilled by the discoverer, J. PEARSON, M.I>., rooms 8/>9 Broadway, one door above Seventeenth street. N. B.?B ware of tin trashy liniuUnns Of cheap operators. RT11? 101A L "<ICMt)TY PE~TEETH.?BE AI'TI FI'L prices extraordinary; guaranteed brst class denilatiy; .... premium* awarded. Mlver sets Irom $S; rubber $10; gulil patent vulcanite 92D; single teeth $1; extracting teeth without pain. National Dental Usllerv, Sixth avenue, corner of Tweuty-seowid street. Dr. M ANSON, Dentist. Artificialtkktil?nits, ihkkin a nonoUfMBAU

continue to extract teeth In two seconds, without the slightest pain. Teeth Inserted over stumps. No extra charge tor U'liiiMJiary sets, or extracting where artilicial teeth (are inserted. Drs. DURKIN k ROUSSEAU, S7S Canal atreot, one door from Laurens. SI Have had fTvk tk.kth extracted, with lit feeling any pain whatever, by Dr. J. Jay Vlllert A1 A INMliand stn et, I take great pleasure in recoinmen iinis him to nil unfortunates hiifrom aching t#*?*th. M RS. I)KKW f MS, 3tf Thirtieth street. rpEETH.?WHO WILL MAKE MK tOOOD UPPBB SET J. of Teeth and wait for hi* i>ajr, or half of it, until 1 trjr thein fairly ? W. C. HOKNE, 313 Sixth avenue, will do thai PROPOSALS. \ KMY SUPPLIES. ix Orrics Quahtkicmahtick Unitkd Status Akmt, i iMIUANAfOl.l.H, (lid., Hrpl. IK), 1801- ( Sealed proposal* will be received at thin oillce until twelve o'clock M. on Monday, the 28th day of October, lritil, for fur nishlng the* f??llifwlnic army supplies. deliverable at the tjuar teruiaster* Depot, at Indianapolis, Indiana, In quantities an required, viz:? 36,000 Forage Caps and Covers. 1,000 Uniform t'oats, Musicians, Infantry?dark blue Ker ne y. 120 Uniform Jackots, Musicians, Cavalry?dark blue Ker sey 20 Uniform Jackets, Musician*. Artillery?dark blue ?4,7.M? Uniform ('oat*, Private*, Infantry?dark blue Kersey. 2,580 Uniform Jackets, Private*, Cavalry?dark blue Kersey. 1,330 Uniform Jacket*. Private*. Artillery?dark blue Ker sey. 120 Chevron* N.'C. 8. pair* of Infantry. 20 do. do. pair* of Cavalry. 370 do. First Rergeant*, |*iir* of Iufantry. , 40 do. do. pair* of Cavalry. 10 do. do. |Mtii'ft of Artillery. 1,4.10 do. flergeants, pairs of Infantry. 1J0 do. do. pair* of Cavalrv. (V) do. do. pairs of Artillery. 2,900 ?!o. Corporals, paii'h of lni aotry. ffW do. do. |?air*of Ca\alry. 110 do. do. pair* of Artillery. 4) Chevrons, Hospital Steward*, pairs of. 1,910 Trowers, Sergeants, Infantry?sky blue Kersoy. lio do. do. Cavalry, do. HO do. do. An tilery, do. 2,900 do. Corporals, Iufantry, do. 200 do. do. Cavalry, do. 110 do. do. Artillery, do. 1 600 do. Privates, luiantry, do. 32,2fl0 do. do. Cavalry, do. I,l.t0 d?f. do. ArtUlery, do. 010 Hashes. * - ?* 10,('00 ftlue Klann**l Hack Coats?lined. 80,8.*iO Ftannel Shirt*. S0,r<50 Drawers. 72,7.h) Hootee*, ljslr* of, sewed. 4,0.M> Bouts, pair* of, sewed St?*ckiiKs, pair* of. 10,oD (ireat ('oata, Infantry. 10,000 i Ireat Coat Strap*, set*. 16,000 Army HUnkets, wool, gray, (with the letters V. fl. in hla< k, 4 inches long, iu tin* ( ??nier), to he 7 feet lou^, and 5 foci 6 Inches wide, to weigh tive pound* each. f?,40U Stable Kroeks. All tbe alwive mentioned articles unu*t conform In every rcspeet to the sealed standard pattern* iu this olllce, where they may be exnmiued and additional Information received concerning thetn Tli- manufacturers* establishment or dealers' plac?? or busi n??s* must be dl-itinctly staled in the proposal, together with Um names, addrssi ami rvapsoBlbllitjfof two peiwms pro posed a* sureties. The sureties will guarantee that a contract ^hall he entered into within leu ua^a after the acceutauce of said bill or pron?iMal. Proposal* will -Ite received for the whole or any part of each kind of the articles advertised for. The privilege is reserved by and for the United States of rejecting any proposals that may be deemed extravagant. Deliveries to commence within twenty days after the ac ceptance of the proposals, and one-third of the ouantity con tracted for must be dtdivered within one month from said date of acceptance, and the remainder within two mouth* of sal 1 date of acceptance, or sooner If practicable. Bidders will, nevertheless, state in their proposal* the *hortest pos sible time in whicn the uuantllies bid for can be delivered by them. All articles will be subject to iu spec t ion by sworn iu*iiect ors, appointed t>y authority of the United States. Payment shall be made on each delivery, provided Con gress shall have made an appropriation to meet it, or ss soon thereafter as an appropriation shull is; made for that pur pose. Ten per cent of the amount of each delivery will he retained until the contract shall be completed, which will be forfeited to the UuiK'd State* iu case of failure ou the part of the contractor In fulfilling the coutract. Form* of proposal* and guaranthe will be furnished upon application to thisoDlce, aud none will be considered that do not conform thereto. Proposals will be endorsed "Proposal* for furnishing army supplies." a. Montgomery, Major aud Quartermaster, U. S. A. rili i KE AL liSTATIi OWN K U.-v i V I -1; I > PROPOSALS X will be received at this ofllce until Thursday, October 17, for the purchase of real estate by the corporation, for the use of ihe I* Ire Department, located as follow*:? One Lot, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, and Forty first and Forty-fourth street*, for Hose Company No. 12. One Lot, bet ween Third ano Sixth avenue*, an I Fourteenth and Twenty-second *treet*, for Hose Company No. 20. One Lot, between Broadway an l Seventh avenue, and Twenty seventh and Thirtieth streets for Hose Company No. V. One Lot, between Second and Lexington avenues, and Twenty-sixth and Twenty-ninth streets, lor lio*e Company No. 39. One Lot, between Hudson. Oreenwlch, Canal and Spring streets, for Ilose Company No. 41. One Lot, between Eightieth ami Ninetieth streets, within : 150 feet east or west of Third avenue, for Ilook and Ladder Company No 10. Proposals will contain a diagram of the property offered, with dimensions, loc.ilPy and <' ameer of imp'- ?\Vments. if any. Preference will l?e given to vacant lots. Payment will In* made on wiving a clear end satlsi.u lory title. The right is reserved to reje t ? v or all proposals. KoIlLliT T. HAWs. Comptroller. City or Kkw York, Department of Finance, Comptroller'sof flce, Oct 10, 1361. ^ BALE* AT AVCTION. 4 UCTloN NOTICE-^loUSKfloLD FURNITURE AT j\. auction, this tt.iy (Wednesday >, Oct. 10, Kale commereiug at 2 o'clock, at the private >? -!<!??.i' e ?,(' Dr. Lemuel Radelif, 70 West Tvneniy-aixth Mreet, near Sixth avenue,cons sting of rosewood Parlor Suits, eovered in broeatel; seven ortave rosewood Pianoforte, Brio* < Is in I Ingrain Carpets, Mirrors, Turkish Easy Chairs covered in tape-try, rmuit t?? match; Eteg.n a, Centre Table*, Lace Corutins, Sna.l? s, Mantel Or naments, Book'-a-e, Whatnots, Clocks, !l ??t?tand, Hupmiik, Bedsteads, Wa.?hstaiids, Hair aud Spring Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bl mkcts, Counterpanes, hia k walnut Sofas, Rooking Chairs, Table*, Corner Stands, EnKravingM, Paintings, Si ItoanK, Chandeliers, Extension T-'He, China, Glass ami Sil vneir- ; KniveR and Forks, Union Tablecloths, Armchairs, Card Tables, Htalr Carpets, Oilcloth. Also a large assortin* nt ot Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Hale peremptory, com mencing precisely at two oYi.- k tlii-i afternoon. MoRTiMKR GRIFFIN A CO., Auctioneer?. Auction notice?burniiam's furniture ex pr?-** and 1' ?? kin* E?ta dishinent, 113 We*t Eleventh struct, betlfoen Fifth and Sixth i\v<?nuf(i. Household furni ture boxed and shipped to all parts of the world. Covered wagons lor removing furniture to and from the country. Furniture stored. Auction notice.?an excellent opportunity lor those commencing hotis *ke< ping to get gtaal Furni ture.?This day, at 140 Eighth street,near Astor place, at 10, o'clock, oue of Erard's patent <rand action octave Piano fortes, iron frame; one Psrlor suit, covered in silk reps; one do. covsred in medalion, seven pieces each: Hi kers, Sofa Tables, mahogany, rosewood and cane sent Chairs; Brussels and ln^raln Larpets, Crockery, Glassware, and the Furniture of eight Bedrooms complete, and everything bfl<?nuing lo a tirst class lire story house. Will We sold without rest rve. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR sale AT PUBLIC AUC tion, on the premises, Saturday, Oct. 26, between the hours of 13 and ft o'clock, the Farm of the late Andrew A. Hopper, deceased, situated about 37 ml lot from this city la New J. rsey, Newfoundland, Morris county. Jeflorson town ship, 169 acres of g< od land, all joining, divided into pUmgh, meadow aud woodland; about 30 or 40 acres being woodland, well watered, with good house, barn and other outbuildings; ?lore, cnuich aud school near; 12 miles from the Dover Kail road station, two miles from post office. For further particu lars Inquire of A. A- HOPPER, 7S (Mermont avenue, Brook lyn, or ot W. S. davison. office 22y Broadway, room 26; or addiess J. P. Brown, Newfoundland Post office, being one of the Commissioners of tne aoove farm for sale. Cars leave Jersey City daily for Dover; stages leave the Patterson Rail road depot on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10 o'clock, for the above named place. A?<$iaNEE'8 SALE OF LUMBER, HORSEH, TRUCKS, Ac.?Will be sold at nubile auction on the premises foot of Twenty-ninth street. North river, on Monday, Oct. 21, at 10>* A M"., all the Lumber, Timber, Horses, Truck#, Harness, Ac., pertaining to a lumber yard; also at 10 A. M.. at 2West Thirty-seventh street, a lot el Furniture, Mirrors, Carpets, Jkc. AARON CLOSE, Assignee. Auction notice. FKEM'II AND AMERICAN FLINT glassware. ROBERT IUYDOCK will sell on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 10 o'clock, at his store, No. 101 Liberty street, 2S0 packages best quality French Flint Glsss. importation of Messrs. Perler, Rolker k Cateaux; 500 packages American Flint Glass. A UCTION.?BROWNE k nichols WILL SELL THIS J\. day (Wednesday), Oct. 16, at 1 o'clock, in front of sales* rooms .15 Nassau street, a beautiful Bay Horn**, lftkj hands, 8 yeais old; a very stylish lior-e; splendid saddle horse, and equally good In single and double harness; is sold for want ol use ouly; warranu d sound, kind and gentio, and a prompt driver. Auction notice.?m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell this day, nt 10& o'clock, at salesroom 85 Nassau strict, a large assot tment ol new and * ond h ind rosewood and mahogany Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furni ture, Carpets, Sotas, (hairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Ac, Auction- notice.?you can buy ali. kinds of Ftiriilitiri, Lo.,kiim (Hhum-.--, i.f<i.iln?, a..,, ,.r t>,nn I utany othn-place. m li. W. SNEDEN'.s, Bowery, bp. ! tnpen Stanton aim lloiiktuii ft:rci?. Plea r i .n You will 1 in '!iry. Not# 'lie numbi r. AUCTION NOTICE.?AM. THE B1.EUANT 1IOUSB i V h'lM Kiirnltin*, of K lir?t el* IH'.ii illng h>>lin?, 132 W?. I verlcy pUci', irncr of Sulli ,ive, .>?. will i... Ht puMIx aui lion, 11:1.4 (Wetlni-Hilnyi ulifi', ill l;_. o'( In iu tint blgln'st bidJ' T. without n m rv. ,.-,,iiK t * nut Parim-, I K.MlrrH'in ntol IHnln:: !?'" it tiff.tllifs, t'liinn Htt l Sll | vi rWmv ( I T. . il.t . s I i , l^>/> ?u .u VI. W**'J >vui A.lti kli# 9>Mw'i i SAT.KH AT AT?CTIOX. Am. b. chapman * Co., auctionkkkh. MAUMKK li.NT IIOl SEIIOLO kleniture AT ri' AUCTION, The property of a family I living for Europe. On thisday (Wedue*uay), on. 1ft at 10)4 o'clock, Sixteenth street batwien Filth and Sixtli avenues. The catal >gur embracing the largest and riciust assortment of Household Furniture ottered at auction this season, vte:?? Superb 7>? octave Pianoforte, Elegant Drawing room H ults. Hare and Costly Works of Art, (HI Paintings hy eminent art'sta, Bronze and Ormolu Chandelier*, _ Velvet Medallion Carpets, Dresden and Sevres China Vases, M _ French plate Tier and Mantel Mirrors, Broeade and Lace Curtains, n Oak Buffet and Extension Table, Ruby aud CryMtal Ola** Ware, Solid Silver Ware, Sheffield Table Cutlery, liosewood Chamber Furniture, style Louis XIV. The Furniture all made to ol der by Braunsdorll, Weil A Roth. Catalogues at the house on the morning of sale. Drawing Kooin*?Two full Suit* *ofid rosewood, frames covered with French brocatel; Etfgeres, Bo??kca*e, Centre Tables, octave Pianoforte, Sioul, Cover and Canter* bury; Encolgnures, Card Tables, Cabinets, embroidered Lace Curtain*. ladle*' Wortt Table, Antique and Gothic Reception Chairs, King's patent Keclining Chair*, the Assumption of the Virgin, pain ted by Lecard; two mat<h Painting*, by Cole; Fruit Piece, Winter Scene, bronze Statuettes of Hamlet, Joan of Are, Diana, Crusaders, two elegant Vase*, Sevres, china, richly decorated; Ormolu Clock, Bronte and Ormolu Chandelers, by Marcutt; narian marble Skituctte, French line Engravings, Hatred. Chair* to match; Velvet Stair Car pets, roaewood, tnahogauv snd black walnut Drewlng Bu reaux, Bedsteads, Table cfe Nuit, Amonr-a-GIa^, T<?ilet Sets, Feather Beds, 12 pair Blanket*, 24 imirof linen Sheet*, Conn ter| sines, 10 Hair Mattresses, Spring Bed*, Oval Mirrors, Corner Stand*, McGraw's Sofa Bodatca Is, ('hair*, Rocker*, Table*. Dining Room?Oak buffet, richly curved sliver Dinuer and Tea Service, French china Dinner Sat, 170 piece*; ivory handled Table Cutlery, Arm Chairs, crystal and engraved Olaasware. holid Silverware, Table Lnieu, Ac. Also Ba*e miUind lllntf Furuit'lie. AD. CAl LKINS, AUCTIONEER. MORTGAGE SAI E, Rich aud costly Household Furniture, Elegant roaewood Pianoforte, Rosewood Parlor Suits in brocatel. Valuable Painting*, Arti*tic Bion/es, Marble Groups, Ac. Wodnssday (tlii* day), Oct. 10, at the elegant private resi dence 220 West Fourteenth at roc t, near Eighth avenue, C immencing at 1()>? o'clock. The sale eompri*es the entire content* of the house. The elegant Parlor Furuiiure was made te order, and is in solid ronewood. The whole will bo .sold to the highent bidder for ca*h, offering extra inducement* to purcnaMnrs, as the entire Furniture ol the house is nearly new, and inu*t be *old to close the mortgage. Elegant ro*ew<M>d seven octave Pianoforte, with all modern improvements, overstrung bain, Ac.. Coat $500; rich rosewood Stool, covered in *atln, and embroidered Cover; three elegant Mill Suits of rosewood Parlor Furniture, lu rich brocade and satin; rosewood Etegeres, splendid ami ooatlv Parian Oruatnents, rich Vase*, Ac.; also a magnificent col lection of rare Painting*, rosewood Turkish Easv Chairs, in tine reps; roaewood Centre and Side marble top Tables, rich ly carved. Chamber Suits, in roaewood and mahogamy ; Bureaus, carved Bedsteads, Wa*h*tamls, Sofa Bed*,In line haircloth; ten pur* Hatr Mattresses, from forty to fifty pounds, made to order and iu excellent condition. Dining Room Furniture consist* of fine oak Extension Table*, Silverware, rich China, Ivory and Silver Cutlery, Forks. Spoon*, Ac., with 1 eavy cut and engraved Glassware of ev? ry description. Sale positive. By virtue of chattel mortgage. AS. RICHARDS, AUCTK >NEER.?PEREM PTORY ? salo of about 1,000 canes of H00U, Shoes and Brogans,at auction, by RICHARDS & WIIITING. on Weduesday, Oct. 16, at 10H o'clock, at more 44 Cortlandt street, comprising a full assortment of prime goods well adapted both to city and country trade. Catalogues on morning of sale. AM. MERWIN, AUCTIONEER?BY BANGS, MER ? WIN A CO., Irving Buildings, 504 aud 396 Broadway.? Wednesday evening. Oct. 10, at 7 o'clock, valuable Library of choice English and American Books, in American and gene ral History, Biography, Voyages and Trsvels, Fine Arts Science* and Miscellaneous Literature, including finely Illue, trated Work*, Ac. AUCTION NOTICE. ATTRACTIVE AND DESIRABLE SALE. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY, October 16. We beg to Invite the attention of buyer* to 6ur sale of this nay, which will Include RIBBONS?200 earto us Fall RibVpni, Including assort menu of all widths, in g<?od colors aud style*. SHAWLS?Invoices of Br che, Chenille and Woollen. EM BKOIDEKIES?Several iuvoices new goods just landed. ** MEM'S AND BOYS' HATS. m % ~ 200 cases Men'* and Boy's Soft Hats, in every variety of quality, colon, htyle and size. B?>OTS AND 8HOE8. 200 cases Boots and Shoes, including an excellent assort ment of seasonable goods for men. women, youth an I boys, all received direct from iffatiufactfiWrlT - JTURS?A cousigumeut of manufactured Furs. - W - ALSO, Involves in assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. Cataloguea and good* now ready. WBC TOPPING k CO., Auctioneers, Noa. 9 and 11 Park place and No. 8 Murray street. Auction notice ?mortgage sale of house hold Furniture, Brti*aels and Ingrain Carpets, Piano forte, Parlor Suits, Ac.?M. DOUGHTY. Auctioneer, sales room 85 Nassau Mtreet.?M. DOUGHTY will sell, 011 Thurs day, Oct. 17, at 10)? o'clock, at 26J East Teuth street, near Tompkins square, the entire nou*ehold Furniture contained iu the above residence, viz:?Rosewood Parlor Suits, co vered in brocatel; French plato gilt frame Pier and Mantel Glasses, Brussels and Ingram Carpets, rosewood Etegere, mirror front and back; Oil Paintings, rosewood Pianoforte, Stodart maker; marble top Centre Tables, China Vases. Lnre Window Curtains, Exten*ion Dining Tables, Sideboard, Dining Chairs, Bohetnlan Glassware, Tea Sets, Dinner Set* Cutlery, Oilcloths, Stair Carpets and Rods, mahogany and rosewood Dressing Bureaus, Washstands, Bedsteads, Hair Mattre**es, Feather Beds, black walnut and oak Chamber Suit* complete, Ingrain Carpets, Wardrobe*. Ac.; together with a general assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furni ture. By order of E. JENNINGS, Jr., Attorney for Mortgagee. A UCTION NOTICE.-THE LARGE AND SPLENDID JTI. wareroom, 438 ('anal street, is now ready for the recep tion of Paintings, Statuary, Looking Glasses aud Furniture of every description, 011 commission. A rare chance for tho*e wishing to dispose of auy ot the above articles. Furni ture stored. A h< u?e and lot in a good location for sale low. Two fur nished Rooms to let, w ith or without Board. DAVID D. EG AN. Auction sale of BOOTS AND SHOES. ALEXIS, BRAGG A WARREN. 30 Warren street, Will sell on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 10K o'clock, 1.000 cases of Boots and Shoes, embracing a very lurge assortment of seasonable Goods. i Regular weekly auclioti sales of Boots and Shoes on Thursdays. WM. M. HOLLINOSHEAD, Auctioneer. A UCTION SALE OF ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FUR. J\. nituve this afternoon, at two o'clock precisely, at the large dwelling house, 128 Waverley ph-ce, east of Sixth ave nue, consisting 01 Brussels, Taj e-try and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth, Chandeliers, Glass, China and Silverware, Table Cutlery, black walnut and Extension Table*, Dining Chairs; two solid black walnut Parlor Suits, covered in silk reps un& haircloth; rosewood Etegere*, with mirror backs and doors; line Lace Curtains, Oil Paintings, Clocks, marble top Centre and Side Tables, Book and Corner Stands, Turkisn Lounges and ('hairs to match, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stand-, Chairs, Sofa Beds, Ro< kers, twelve Hair Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Mirrors, Vases, Stair Carpets, Stoves, Ac. Sale positive. E. ROTH, Auctioneer. Browne a nichols, auctioneers?will sell, this day Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 1 o'clock, iu front of sales rooms 35 Nassau street, a very extra pair of heavy team Horses, soi il l, \(\t hands high, 7 years old, sound, kind and gentle in every particular. ALSO, A lir.,'C platform spring double Truck Wagon, with Harness. built to order. Any on ? wanting such an establishment will do well to attend iHe sale, as such an opportunity seldom oo? curs; all lu llrst rate order. Per order 01 mc rtgagcc. ALSO, A very pretty pair of black Mares, 15 hands high, 9 years old, sound, *in?l an.I gentle; any lady or child can drive them; re liable every way; quite fast; one a superior saddle horse. ALSO, The beautiful black Mare Patti, 15 hands, 6 years old; Black llawlc and Marsh pony stock; wai ranted in every respect; has been used by a well know u lady of this city as Iter saddle horse; is a splendid driver and quite fast; to be sold without reserve; a rare chance for any gentleman in want of such an animal. ALSO, Avery flue black Horse, 15)* hands high, 8 years old; war- | ranted sound, kind and senile; a first rate family hone; any lady or child < an drive hlui. AT SO, A good lirown Horn*, 9year*<il<1, 18 hnmls high; warranted komill, kind ami (it'llill1;' a mini riur family Ihiiw. A I.S<>, | A Tiul ty of top and noU>l> Wuguna, Rocknwn.v*, two-icatcd Wavotis, Il.irnt'ns, Ac. Brooki.yx property at auction and private aale, or to let.?Every Saturday, at 2o'. lock, P. M., at auction, will aril on the premises, until 1,000 lots, are sold, commencing oo the property laving between Broadway and Itvtug avenue, Covert hiiJ Mof?ii urn t-, anil Cooper ave nue, in the Eight. entli ward, WILLIAM CONSKLYEA, Auctioneer. Also, itt private tale, ttVHW, one-half rash, a brown atone three story bi^h basement house, 138 Dean street, or to tat cheap until Mavl; a!eo, atwostoiy high baseuMut lion**, ten lota 2rfilt)0 each, at the head of Central ave nue. bounded by Van Yoorhlea and Bhitfer streets, for 4,000, with good garden, plenty ot fruit and shrubbery; also. 10 lots oppu>-lte for $1,300. Other houses and vacant lota for sale very .-heap, on liberal terms, by the owner. Inquire on the southeast corner of Myrtle and Lewis avenue, Bl'OoUU n. X. B ?Th" Bmsdway and Btiat New York cars nass the auction sale every Kve minutes. W1I. T. MILLS. DAMEI. A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER. Salesroom 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John. NEW AND SECOND HAND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS, tc. DANIEL A MATHEWS wUI sell at auetlon tLls day (Wed nesday), at 10,4 o'clock, at his salesroom, 70 Nsssau street, a general assortment of Household Furniture, removed for convenience of sale, constat i tig in pott of losiwood Parlor Suits, in brocstel und plush; Centre Tables, Etegeres,Card Tables, Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; rosewood and mahogany Bookcases, Work Tallies, rosewood, walnut and mahogany French Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus. Waslistanrts, enamelled Chamber Suits, cano d, oak and walnut piilsr Ex tension Tables, Buffets, Dining Chairs, Lounges, Easy Chairs, mahogany Sofas, Arm Chairs, Rockers Chairs, Crfhg, Hair Mattresses, Paillasses, Wardrobes, Whatnots. Sofa Beds, Man tel Clocks, Vases, Bionzes, Toilet Sets, Oil Paintings, China, Glassware, Ac. Catalogues and goods now ready tor culmi nation. D Bl'RKE, AUCTIONEER, 18ft BOWERY, WILL SELL ? nn \\ ednesdav, 16th Inst., at 10,o'clock, the Bus k and Fixtures of the best little Liquor Store in the Filth ward. Sold on the premises, 28 Thomas street, and sold iu lots if uot mWM - IPDWARD SCIIBNCK, AUCTIONEER <J ASBII1N EE'S SALE OP SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. By EDWARD SCT1ENCK Thursday, 17th Inst., at II o'clo* k, at his salesrooms, ISA ami 157 Broadway, the stock of one of the nne^t cabinet makers In the city, constating in iwi t of elegant solid carved tin I ni.tln rosewood suits, In siiltn and brocutel, plushsnd reps; elegant rosewood Amotre-a-Olaoe, maglitliecut rosewood round cornered Bedsteads ami Bu reaus: do. in Muck walnut, finished In oil; rosewood and wal nut SocreUiry Library Bookcase, elegant rosewood and wal nut E.egeres, caned walnut and oak Ruffe.s, dak ami wal nut Library and Dining Room Chairs, and other decant Fur niture. The above Is all of the very best iininuf tcture, sud will be positively sold by order of assignee. The ) articular attention of those In want of elegant furniture is respectfully requested unhlssale. J. B. FREEMAN. Assignee. El H. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?AUCTION SALE OF Hi* Unclaimed Goods.?E. II. LI DLOW A CO. will sell at auction on Thursday, October 17, lsfll, at U o'clo.-k, at No. U8 i (Ireeuwlch street, by order of J. W. Omves, the following , goods, * ime having remained tn store unclaimed for a period i ot 12 months, or upward*, viz: ?I Box. contents unknown, > C..I "1 R. R. Until I. Ill r.:ni. Ha : . u 1. t M. . it ? ... oi c .nl < > : in irki 111 W. Ad ins. i a* Arrnow. t i r-fii ton' AUCTIONEER.?IMMENSB LARUK HALE F. of liMU^h^lV 'rUuf o every kmd andd;acrtption, being tit ire contents of ?1?W ,,'i i,!".' ' ' , Jj? (Wednesday), October in. ul 10), <>Vlock,?<?US * ." * r nriti Nassau. Among this a^.rtuieiU m?y be fo.u^ m ^ r w Carpet. of various kinds, of Ve L ?re< -jdy and Ingrain; rotewood and mahogany rurm. n , ... 1 Extension Tables. I'lanoforte, ? * V rert plale Mli n?. I). easing Bureaus, Sofas and S'da Beds. i< "" .,j Suit* In brocade, Armoire, W.itfrobes, Book.*.<?. Dl?iJW and Extension Table., Odl. u Furniture, together with WW quantity ?r second hand Kurnlture. AIm>, at the same sab. I y order of assignee, a large variety n! new mahmtauy fur niture Alan about SOU Hil led maple Chairs. N. IJ.? ? ?{? sale >, Ill afford to all In waul the beat opportunity ".''"'"'J1" "bat l?aa occurred year. Catal .goes will lie ready early this morning, and ?alo peremptory. GF.ORG E COOK, AUl'TIONKKB. ?:,V?SM^JTW68SS$ ?. Halferxr-Jsaawte'ftiK @EaS^s|^^s?ast ^ 1?kS!?Ai 2 o'clock,' a 's'uper b Portrait of W a.hlugton and hia Lady. TTkiTaT ASSIGNEE'S SALE OK vX ol u wholesale dealer v ill be Hold ? . ? , ^ tir ?rtiock In iront of store 24 Nassau street, a beautiful l'">f >" bayHorse a, Phaeton, *e.. tbe properly of a ^.U . mnn leav ing for Eur. oe Long talleil buy bows, loJ< hands high, about 8 old, perfectly gentlo and kind In all harness and undersuUlc'I.Jo a SyVbule Fhaeton made to order by Wood Brothers; also double Harness made bv same psrtle^ the whole liavlug been bul little used and in flue order, alee Blankets, Ac. . & - _ Henry h. leed.->. auctioneer.?henry h. 1 I-> DS A CO. Mill sell at auction on Thursday, Oct. at liocl..Vla front of Mote *1 street llorafc Wagon and Harness?Pony 7 years old, IS hand* high, souM Zfoin I In lia. tu'ss, a ?,ood ?;''W ^m^; basb?i?n used by J i.,,. flit- th?? !wo vears; hUo liiiuuwiu? top ?*?*?*? ???? S&U W thU .utui.ri sold on account of the own.r going to Euroj e. , HPNI Y lT I.EED8, AUCTIONEBR.-HENRY B. iKPns i CO will sell, at auction, on Thursday, Oct. ? ,,at Hi* ?cl.*k, at I'M East Nlu?t?euth atreet, between ^ECntUoS?trE,,co^ l.m Bureaus, elegant rflt tra.ue Oil Painting., black ww??? Pining Chair*, covered In green m?, black ? ami? s hiaiHoisen, ui i ???g ? * . u v?>arH oM, wnrrntiU'tl .on,Id in uU1g!:?y-, and an excellent Brewster, but little uwd, In Une order, and a very siyllnh ve hlA&oa nearly new top Buggy, built to order, of the lateai "^r^wto^JtWen-Uted Harness built to order and near I lyAlao'a gent's Rpanlah Saddle and a lady'* Side Saddle, BH | dies, *?., nearly new. BNrTb. HERW.JRfcAU8CTUJNEER. H Unfe and valuable'atmk^A'Blil'^.SEpinff" A* 10 u'CLOCKi . . . at the .tore 1,039 Broadway, corner 0f,^^"2"nCa&?' law .*1 ltie elegant Sio.e Fixture., Cani.te^* a?M?ig? Kii f l*rm>!' Halo. D^?ks Countow, Show Last ?, uiocory w>iL<fiii Sloiuhft, Hors??s, Harness, ?*c., &>? ESS SF&Sr k^i.ins Varuitcelll. Macearonl, Bar lev, uinteij, ..houio, ?: old V, lite. ?W! Lia^ors. t hottle, comprUlng from teii to tweiiy (W f*^? Ronton, O olden East India and South ?ide ?%tOUTa 'h'A' and Brown Sbenlts, old^e^.^^t ^oiafcOUra, neaey aud oth r Brandies; Holland Oln, ?J4J0al?? itijin, lrl?b and Scotch Whiskey. dhartct*u?e Anui^M* J?d other French Cordials, H. idrtek, Mumm'. Ulquot, Perle, Rubla ami other Champagne., Ac.. Mc. The paruanltf attention of grocery hotel keeper, and private families ff called to thia sale, being the line.t and most valuable stock of gooit. lu the line ever offered at auction. Catalogues *111 be ready on Tuesday, and may b? had #t the ""i"'"8 abo"' or ? t tbe office of the auctioneer, No, ?Xi lne atreet. FNRY D MINER, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM ST Nassau .treet, opposite the Post ofllce.?HENRY D. MINER will aell at auction, on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 10K * 'loek on the premise, 3?0 Bleecker .ireet, near Eh:l tfi avenue, the enti're Stock, Good Will ajuFUtore. ofa Pant rooitirisina a Buneral aas*>rtmcut or raiits^ uiia, illn.h.s, window Ulus*. Window Shade., fine fl^W* Alcohol, Cords and TasseN, Curtain Pini,. La(blers, 86 * naai s, Pa|>er Rack., Counters Drawer*, Slgu., *?. U ? Hold without reserve. Hwkhv r.RFFN AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIft d? at W? o'clock a tbe .tore 194 William .treet, <)roeerfei', Wl'.e^ Llquon, Hegar*. Ac.; nlw ?t I1H o'clock, a large quantity of Clothing, Botns aud Shoes, Dry and Fancy Goods, Jowolry, **'? TOllN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER.-HENRY PALMER .1 will hell at the New York Tattersnll *, cornet ot Sixth avenue and Thirty-ninth .Ireet, on Thursday, October IT, at U o'clock, Hone., Wagon, aud IlarncM. Bale positive, U close a c?>ncern. _ __ ? TOIIN F. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER?1,000 CASES.? .1 1 true Renil-annual aaie of Boots, Shoes iuid ructl^TuTh.^, October 17, nt 10>J o'clork, atstoreof i y I evcrett 4 Co., 1# Cortlandt street, comprising a large aasorimeut ot ftcsh Uly made and Eastern Gooda. To be sold without reserve. - MJ. BENDALL, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS . day, ut 86 Bank stieet, near Hudson, at 1U),, o cloch,+ general assortment of handsome HousehoM Furnlture, etn^ bracing Brus elsaud Ingrain Carpets, Oil< loth, Stair Carpet* and Klichen Furniture, with which the .ale will commence. Mortgage sale.?on monday, thb sist inht., all tlmt certain pare. 1 ol Land situated In the count) of state > f New York, with the building, thereon, knowit'a" the Duubarton t>laa?work?, with all the improv. ment' thereon, tog*"h"r with 'li';>^lr?If(:^LttNndVm0S 10 depot ai 5 P >i- on Saturitay. tor lairtlcular. apply to TOCH A BRO.. 85 Powery. lows, Feather Beds, Piece Gooda, Ac. By orJ^r1,'tJOINS. w iicvunotiFR*s SALTS ? B. LEVY, AUCTIONEER, I 22 Catharine street, will sell this day, *tl0H silk and other Dresses, yullls. Blankets. Skirts, Cloak#, Shirts. Chemise., Sheets, Ac.; '"t,','?r.1TT *" " Jewelry, Ae. By order of II. BAltNETT. IJAWNBUGKER'S SAI.K.?W. N. I.EW1S W ILI. S??IL.I< J. this da-, ai 181 Bowery, up suirs, liy order ol W . slmp OI1.4 Co., a I:.rge lot of winter goo.Is, consisting ol b.ankots Quilts, Ac.;al>o, Gowns, Shawls, Remnants, Ae. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock. FAWNRII KKR'S HALE.?A. M. 0K1.STALAB ILIj ? I iiursdav, Oct. 17, a large W. of Men's C ot tin.-. . of Heavr," Pilot and other Over t. imI-s, !? roek ' ""'-N fail s, Cloth, ,vc., Ac. By order ol J. l-J n h, 78 t.rand .tn-' t ?.w, ui-.iTii'S SVLE-W. N. LEWIS, WILL SELL I at28 ('l0itham street, on Thursday. October 17, a large ,ssorU.",i o. Men s and June's Wearing Aomrel Rem nuulB, Bl.iukets, Quilts, Ac. By order ul J. B. A.I. SIM I bUN. Tl T II VZKLL. AUCTIONEER. R. TO HOOP SKI UT MANUFACTURERS. WHITTEMORE a 1LyCT' 171 KUC""R "" At 11 o'clock, at 13 Frankfort'street (by order of Mortgagees), ""Sr^BivHlnK Machines, In running orilcr, with Shafting, Pu ll sand Benches. a00 Keels. Q 4.1. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS DAT, AT 10lf Oi o'clock, at tIk- auction rooms No. 1 North William street. Household Furniture : mahogany Solas, Lounges, Rtireaua, Wafhslanls, mahogany Escritoire, Dining) Table, Leal Ta blea, Brussels Carpet, Oilcloth, Meat Sale, Refi igorator, S'fceni, mahogany an<1 Iron Bedsteads, Hair MaTrestea. maliogati) anil cane sea' chair*, Rockers, Cr<s-k*ry and OlaM Ware, Cooking Stove*, Kitchen Furniture. Also'one supe rior mahogany l>ak, one Fireproof Safe, one Bagatelle Ta ble, Ac. . Sit J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS DAT, AT II . o'clock, at the miction room* No. 1 North William street. Sheriff's Sale: Lot of men's and boy'? doth Caps, ml sees* ?ad cktldren'a Rata and Cape JOHN KELLY, sheriff. Stoves at auction.?fifty ok sixty stovbsi K ing,"*, ripe*. Ac., Will be eold tills day ( ), a' 2 o'clock, at 4.M Canal Hall. Will be sofd without reserve* Alao 1 Healer. Also a second hand Piano. SPECIAL NOTICE-WANTED, A LARGE LOT OF Second Hand Clothing, for the California market, for which the highest cash price will be paid, A note addressed 8. N., No. 27 East Eighteenth street, n lll meet with prompt attention. Thomas veitch. auctioneer?office no. m Broadway.?By order of Hon. Edward C. West,'Surrogate, 1 will ? II, on Wednesday, Oct. 16. at 23 Sixth ive., at 10 A. II., a large lot nl Rosew0"d, Mahogany, Walnut and Oak Suits, Iu liro'airland hail doth; Bedsteads, h ighl.v ranrad: Centre Tables, Cottage, Reception and Cane ChaTra and Stools, Bi: n an*, Empires Sideitoar'la, Sofa, Lounge and chair Frames, Piano, Horse, Cart, Hemes*, Wagon*, Tito's, Ac. Also leasa ol premises, being tlie *toek of Aloert Str-lnhaus. deceased. S. P. Kl'SSEL, Public Administrator. "IVTM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL THIS VV day iWednesdsy), by virtue of a ebaiiel mortgage, a large quantity ot Furniture, Parlor Burs, in plush and hair cloth: Pier and Mantel Mirror*, marble top Centre. Dining and Tea Tables; Curtains, rich velvet Tapestry, Three-ply, Ingrain and oilier Carets; hall and dilrng room Oiloloths; roan wood wild mahogany eased Pianos; carved mahogany, walnut and French Bedsteads; chestnut Chamber Suit*. Ha.r Mattress*)*, Feather Beds, Sheets, Spreads, Blankets, table ami Bed Linen: marble top Dressing and plain Bureaus, Washstands, Toilet ( Ulna, t.las-and Silverware, Lounges, Sofas, Sola Bedstead*, can<3 ll< ickers, mahogany Rocker*, Stoves, Gaa Fixtures. Ac. Bv ordertit THOMAS CL'SIIINU, attorney for mortgagee. Salo at 2 o'clock litis day at No. Oi Canal street. _ WM. S. IMOILVAIN. AUCTIONEER.?CAMELIA JA ponlcai, from Philadelphia. at auction on Friday, 18th Inst., at 10O'clock, III No. John Street. The sal obihls or over LOQOCamsllas, lOOOape .Ti s?atnlne*and Dwarf Oranges. Ac . from the nursery ol Mr John Ph k. Tha plants are all In itie order and well set with tower bud*, suitable lor ? In tel blooming In the pallor or gri-enbotine. Catalogues now ready 1 WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER.?MORTOAOE it sale this day, Wednesday, at 11X o'clock, the Leaac, S'o -k and Flxtur ?* of the first cl iss groterv store on tna cor n -r ol s.mi li Slit* and Fifth sir is, WHlhimabnrg; the ?t ? I lav >1 L'ir.l T're i,d It 'hv.St ?iuM> Colter, llor.-e"v i-il.t ali.l llant -s Ac. WI.'.Ll.tM AttBOiT, "VV t V- ? ? tjvr' &

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