Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 17, 1861 Page 2
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FINANCI/L AND COMMERCIAL. Wednrhiuy, Oct. 16?G P. M. The Custom House statements of the trade of the port for the month of September were closed to-day, and we present our usual comparative tables:? Impirrlt. ftrtf., I860. 8rpt., 1 *80. An*., 1861. Bnt'd for COW'impt'D..$12.470,440 11.616,189 3,100.298 Eut'dfor warehouse.. 1!,177.'.??>? 2 8.'!.'. :s4 1,890,768 Free goods 1,810,620 1,662,882 I,r?77 >?> Specif and bullion.... 184.693 266,805 1,2111,012 Total imp.rts $10,843,686 lBfi60.4!W 7,304A?H With i'n i oin w bouse 2,898,441 4.007 272 3,U3^.464 CVh il'i -s 2,003,609 3,01:8,803 1.842,382 it. P.. . 10 produce.... $4,940.81$ 9,232 931 9,s77.imO F<> m dl?e, dutiable. M.m 620,3'? 264,108 For a m'dtM, free .... 188 072 48,020 80.013 Specie and bulliou.... 8,2il7,t>8t 3,768,734 L.,750 Tolal exports $14 037,497 13,658,679 10,187.840 Total, excl. <it' specie fi,769,SIC 9,899,046 10 1 2,090 This is a very remai k.tble statement. It ad'ords fresh confirmation of tlie etatement-- which i8 now familiar to all?that this country hai, for the pre sent, suspended its consumption or foreign good*, while the necessities of the foreign world have en abled us to increase our exportation of our own produce. The importation of goods for consump tion during the month of September was lighter than that of any month since the cri:-is of 1857. On the other hand the exports of September were in excess of those of September, ISliO, when we were not only shipping breadatuil's freely, but cotton and tobacco likewise. At this rate -our aggregate ex ports for the month ding our aggregate im. ports by $V 00,000?it is ea:->y to sec that ex change cannot rise, and that gold must continue to flow inward from Km ope. We may observe, in this connection, that the prices obtained to-day for Messrs. Hennequm's shawls, Ac., at auction, wero not calculated to $t mulaie further importation*. Our dry goods importers should make up their niind^ to remain idle until the war is over. The third quarter of the calendar year 1PC1 closed w ith the mouth of September, and we pie sent our usual tubular statements for the niro months:? rm/joru. 1?6?. 1?60. 1801. Janua./ ?19, 77.C54 21 7 '8,973 26,827,411 February Is S4S.. 70 19.350.389 16 .41.897 MUicb 20,820.4.0 43 680.120 18.-. 04,1161 Aorll 1-..870,724 10.971.368 14,880.883 fclnv 23.5 62 048 16,8113,161 14.W9.2S1 .tune 2-i.o6j.S21 1?,160.789 12,049,733 Julv V7.-.'Ml I-J) 24,881.0119 14861 August 2?,049.'ttl, 26.938,-114 8,?85,'J28 September 10,l'43.s>:5 16.200 450 ?,3o4,40l Total e mos.$197,744,170 184,799,019 133,988,106 Cash I'uius. J.iu ivy j::.4M7,J71 S,899,168 2 050,202 February 8,32s,088 3.378,048 1.6'.'s,7".0 H iretl 3,l?t4,Ull 3,477,045 2,840 926 April 3,2!:;,ih;u 2,444.207 1,018 2.1 May :.,014 ;>U0 2,468 ?03 979,146 June 8.314 429 2,724.198 686 0(12 July 4.861218 4,804,008 S.08H.690 Aug. st 4.2 3 1 11 * 496,243 1.668,824 Be,>Uraber 2,9>.s,r.i;9 8,<138,SU{I 1 ,'42,382 Total? IW*..?.1,624,363 80.428,793 16,222,128 Erpnrls ot It m lir J'unh cr. Juniury..." #3 li72,lt>2 *,399.112 in577,025 February s,fn>2 6,0O?,3*7 10,. Muroli r.,;.77. 40 C,l?>S,fl.s7 10,68?>,W07 April fi.V.V.,- :l 2 64 > Muv b.lU.bM 6,412,190 lit, 5,5,709 Jiiiut 1 ,h8 \ltt5 8,307,;74 lu 270 ,-130 July 4,'.' S,'.i.5 7,526,714 8 '1)2,7 9 August 6,1. 0 J;0 K,'..i0,sl4 b.6.2,501 Beplcmln>r 4,lHO,(il2 9,2tf?.fcwl V,bi ;,W<? Tot-?19m.f? ...$43,470 ,'..68 63,526,320 IW,G00,?8 dKr^asi -? ?ss| kK:::""S?S 2S?S i'V 11.21,03* 6,52t?,01W 12h.WO j ,?' r4'C.'.mi ?.?42.oho *44.2*2 1^. 6i <?!? ?,&??.?? u.?*? Aaguat.......... ?4.?.7K8 7,454 ,M3 3,000 timber 8-^.7H M.'W.j Total 9 Ti>nF...$57,?Cti 466 39.367,284 .J,2iW..'U These tables, as* usual, are very suggestive. Our Bggregnte imports for the past three quarts ?.r 1861 only seem to Ml WOO,000 beh ind those oi the same period ot 1860; l.ut it must be remember ed that fully $3o,0t)tVHM> of foreign sp.-ie are in cluded in the import table for this year. The ivrtu al import of foreign good* and nierchattdi'0 (ex clusive of specie) t?r ibe year, to date, is as nearly U possible a hundred millions of dollars?about ball the importation of the fir*t three quarters of 1869. The export table shows how remarkably Heady the export movement has been since Janu ary. There is not a variation of over a million be tween any two months or the year. As our ex ports of Southern products declined, those of breadstuff's Increased; that the increase will con. tinue, the reports trotn Europe forbid any one to doubt. The aggregate for the three quarters ex ceeds that of the same period of last year by some $27 000.000, and is more than double that of the cor responding period of 1*59. The ?,peco movement out ward is insignificant as compared with last year; the country is growing richer in specie nt the rafe of over ten mi lions a month. The stock market continues rery active, an.l the commission brokers report more orders to bny th*n they have had for years. At the same time the sales which are being made daily by parties who were buyers at lower figures prevent the ad vance in prices from being uniioun. The mark, t opened this morning as it left oil yesterday after, noon, rather weak and tame; but as tie cnil pro. grcssed new orders to buy caused an improved feeling and 1 roduc d an advance on about halt' the list. Erie preferred rose 3 p_t cent-. Erie common, %; Hudson, l/,;; liar Km, %; Harlem preferred, 1; Heading, %; Michigan Central, 1%: Rock Island, 1; Toledo, %; Calena, M>??liijjnii Southern, old, %; guaranteed, %. On the other hand, Pacific Mail fell otf %; New York Central, %; Qfiney, %, and Illinois Central, j / 'fhe most marked rise of the day was in Erie old and proierred, both of which were m demand at the 0.wance. IV foreign d.maed for \merie?n broa Muffs is going to test the advan tages of the Long Dock. Parties connect w .h the proj.crty believe that it* business this winter ?will astonish even those who expected tlie most from its new terminus. It is not generally known that the Erie is now the only road by which gram in bulk can be taken from a lake vessel and trans ferred to a seagoing vessel without transhipment, breaking bulk, O: truvc.nn? upon any competing line. The fluctuations in the Western railway thares are the 6 ' t of speculation. State stocks ?were inactive to day. Misaouris rose %. borne Western buyers oi rMiss<*iris give it as their opin >ou that in a uouple of years Missouri will he a free State, and better able to pay her debt! than Ohio or Illinois. Governments improved this morning; the coup?im sold at % advance. At the close of the first board prices rose a fraction: they fell off afterwards in the street. Al the second board, prices were generally lower. '1 here seemed to be a general desire to realize profits before another upward surge. The closing quotations were as follows:? United States 6's, registered, 1881, 93% a {??!; do* 6 s, coupons, 18H, 05 a 96%; do- 18T4, u K.; Indiana 6's, 78 a 80; Virginia (>'?, 46 a 47%; Tenne.-sce 6's, 43 it 4.'>%; North Carolina 6's, 59 a 60; Missouri 6's, 4,">% a 45 %: Pacific Mail, 93ja 9.1%, Kew York Central, 7s,'4 a ~'v%: Erie, 32 a .1-'+; do. preferred, 61 a 52; Hudson River, 3k a 38%; Harlem. 13 a 13%; do. preferred, 3.1% a 33;14; Reading, 30 a "0}4: Michigan Central, 61* 't a 51^; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, P a do. guaranteed, 3?'/i a 39; I'anama, 117% a j IS; Illinois Central, 67^4 a 67%". C.alena and C hi cago, 71 a 71%; Cleveland and Toledo, 37 > rrt%; Chicago and liock Island, 61% a 61%: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 64 a Delaware, Lackawana and Western, 71 a 72: Milwaukee siul Prairie du Chien, 18 a l.?; Illinois Central bonds, 7'g, 88 a 89; Delaware and Hudson Canal, hi a h'J. We understand that letters hare been rocelved from Washington stating that no more appoint ments of agents lor tho government loan will be made for New York city. There must be .sorno mistake about this. It is the interest of goveiu to dispose of ita Treasury noted, and it is oh vions that every fresh agent will contrive to effect sonic sales liicli would not have been made by tho others. No harm can be dona by appointing fifty additional agent6, provided none but respon sible men ure appointed. Wo trunt that Mr. Chase will reconsldor this matter, und will commission every applicant whose standing and responsibilty justify the belief that he would Hell notes and re turn the proceeds faithfully to government. The popular subscription continues to progress favorably. Three-quarters of a million were re ceived at tho Hub-Treasury to-day, mostly in 6 per ctnt notes. The agents are doing un active business in these note*. Mr. Cisco reimbursed tho banks to-day $778,000. The business of ,tlio 8ub Treasury was as follows:? Rccaipts $1,407,662 09 ?for customs 10 ?T.ensury notes 780,l!Ui oo PaynittillH ... l,Sl4,: 10 74 Balance 10.V8B 7&J 4U The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this | morning were $30,181,208 41, and tho balances $?41,0C0 32. By the North American, at Quebec, we have telegraphic advices to the 4th itist. Consols had rallied again to 02J? a 03 for money. Tlie bullion in the Bank of England had decreased ?117,(.00 ! during the week. Another advance was antici pated in the rate of discount of the Dank of Franee. Cotton and breadstuff's both firm. The Fulton Bank. of this city, lias declared a dividend ot five per cent out of the earnings of the last six months, payable November 1. . The Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton I'ailroad has declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per vent. The Boylston Insurance Company, of Boston, a dividend of fifteen | er cent, payable on demand. The earnings of the Rutland and Burlington Railroad for the year ending August 31, lSOl, were $."11,1K3. As compared with the previous financial year, the deficit in gross earnings is $23,18-4 38, of which amount $22,350 84 arose within the last four mouths. The net earnings fall short of last year's $lt>,2-C 5.0, and the expenses of this year have been $272,892 315, against $27l,,8i)0 14 for the last year, showing u reduction of $0,897 78. Tin available asset* on hand September 1 were 341,867 12. KtoiL Eii liungc. Wm?m ?. AV.Oot. IB. 1861. jp.000 V R ft'u. '81, reg 94400 sii- Murium Hlipi ."4 ^ 20o0 U 86'a, '8;,oou 96% 110 do !u% aWiO do 96% 200 Uo !15 1000 US 5 8, 71,cou K'i !;??<? do 1.30 3i? lOi.O U S 6 8,1802... 97 200 Head lug IUt 86',, 9000 1 rea 12 pr el n. 101 led <1<? 1)10 88% 1000 Mich t?1878. Ha1 J 14ft Michigan CtniKtt 62 1000 Toilu 6'8, 9o.. 4;'?'? 47 do 61,? 2000 N Uiruiii'ifl a. 6') is (hi, Bur & (J lilt, 00 69?itOMis-oiiii6?... 4.r'% 200 do c*K? 6ft 10000 do 40 a0 100 cl? 6.'<% icooo <l? uru) 4->% 2oo d<> 6ft lioOOMoB'aitoHtetJR 48% 60 do i;,'4 1200O N V Cnnt. a. 6'8. ?- 4 .0 Mich ? A: N la KH l'J . 2t)00 N J' i i n e ti 70 10n>4 2'o do lw% C?\ oo Ter 11 <v A 1st m 06 100 JiichH.vN Igd 8ik I!.!,1, ft 0 I I. l.a w 2 m DO 41 60 do blO 89% 1000 CI ii Tui 8 i bits 70 S' IM MO 89% lmhi i)o It1% UK) 111 Ccutiul KK Co. <ji ;ui vtui Merchant)) lik 92 li>0 do c.) Sri union Hank 89% 200 do 87% 10 do 90 8oO do..., 07'4 36 rank of America. 99 60 do 67 a A Hidiovw Bank... 71 60 biO 67't 16 MotiopolliaU l'k.. 92 100 (9e fcl'iU8 Kit... 11 '.| 60 Cuuiti Cojl, pret'.. f.% dO Hal ?V hie KK... 71'., 300 uo C.Hi' M 71 if 5 rucific, MS-S Co.. 94 160 do 71% XftO iio 93% 60 do MO 71'. 50 N YCentral KK.. 78% 100 do I>60 72%' ??j0 do 78% 60 do b30 72 876 do 78Jtf 2?0Clwe K T< IKK.. 37', SO do liJiO 78% 60 do si.O 37 li It,it do Kio 78% .100 37% CO do btiO 78?, 4i-0 do 1)10 37% 60 d 7h 1, loo t30 87% 60 do MO 78% MX) do b.'io ,".8 150 M? KK 32% 660 do 87 If 170 do 32:', 9U0 do MO 87%" 200 do 82% WO do 37% 50 do Mft 32% 276 Chi A. Ilk skit... 63 I'lKJ do......... 32% 1 26 do,... 52% 176 do jfiyf loo do 1)30 63 4s lirtoRlt prclerreti r>0 660 do 62% 44 do 61 60 do 130 62 V 308 do 62 loo do MO 326 Huilbou Kiver KK 3X 200 d> blO t>-\ 70 mi 3.8'4 ItHt do 1.30 62% f,0 38 HO do 6^>u 1(41 llarlom KK 18%' 100 do bflO 63 426 do 13 % 60 do 810 62,, 1)00 do 13% Co do 62', ICO Harlem KK jin f.. :a 32 TJttlo kiaml RB. 76 SECOND BOAISP. $16000 If S6'p,'74.flou ?4>i ?i0 i.a Ha lemBKpT. 33>j JOOO S ?V?n>iiliaO b.. 66 lOOKimil K IvK..I>?1 ,'id 1000 1/MiiKianu 0 s.. 67 loO do I tA) ,'IU 6o00'i?nn?5,lJ".<0. 43 6 MiuhC uiUt.... 61% 8000 MiiiHorrl 6'a... 46'a 60 ?1? 61 % 1(N?K) iio 4f''? 60 <lo . 61 % tfnKiu do !>4i0 46% 60 do !i3 61'j IViOOMicli8 ?rck lis. 83% 460 Mich S & N 1 KK. 1S(4 260ithsitcltleM ? <o 9".% 60Mich Uil|? h0O :.>% W) do 100 > Mama KK.. .f"0 117 M) do 1)30 93?? 100 HI ( onl UK H.l (kl R7% 100 lludS'ii H1U!.... 3? 100 deves.To.lia.bl6 87', ?J60 do 38% 60 do 37 1001* Y(Val KK.lfO 7?% 400 do 37 20,' do 78 ? 600 do 37% j 30 do 78 St 3' o do w'.O 37 ((.<) do MO 7h'4 100 (lilt'&I.k 1 UK.b30 61% | .rt) Krie liii 32% 26 do 6' % IijO do Mft m2% 200 do blO 6!% ?U> <io oJ'4 600 do 61 60 Hnr'cm Kit 13 2.'4) do h3 61% CITY COMMJHSnClAI* REPORT. Wkiim: '>*v, *irt. 18?or. M. AmiKs v orc ijuli'l and sal^s conUied to tmail IjW, at $6 2ft for l>'(h jiots and pc-arU. Kkkadmiiiw.?M<mr? tlir tnfloriicp of llioforelg!' ijph.m tlio market ?i.n lirmi-r. with a ;/iod di'maiut,clojtin .it an advan< of (x\ jit l?l?l., Tu- Stito n:u> Ypm rn :-hli'phi(! brands. The t.iK-s footed uji ulim.i 26,000 bbH, closing within the r:ui(,o of tho follnwiu^ quo tat ions:? So|?>rliiif Stale.... $6 2a 6 3c lAtri'. Mao . i;'??l tocboiw 6 40 a 6 76 St | WfilM W<mM IV & 26 a 6 M i "innion to choice Wosl'fu rxir:i ft 40 a <i ,'iv (?Ali't < nnnia 6 15 a 0 ft(> .Mix"<l;. hi tioi tiiorn (l CO a 6 ^ : traight u. go <i extra do o .30 a 7 2 . ( boleo . \tr.i fiUniiy and l?d;i-n'bi?m.8.. .. 7 26 a 8 (X. h'jie floor 2 75 H 4 10 ( oin meal, Jeiny ;ir.d liiHiiMyw Iue 2 76 a 3 2> ?Cui.adian Hoor wits in steady rc4ue.1t,with saKs 01 1.400 l,h.s>. at. tlio nbovo riu geof ligtircs. Koutiu in 0<jtu" uiw ilrtuur. v, ilh sale.- 0. 1,600 at the alxn e <{unta tii'ijt. live llour was'du-auy ami 111 fa4r rt*ji.eslnviur llminn Willi talos of 200 bb;?. O rn nu al wa* more ac tire, with morv 1:. 111::? >: . Tim paioe umbriuw ab?ut 6ou a 0 0 W>>. at our quouttiods. 'Vli; al.i.rnlor tlio iii .uhj e tit the was nv>re artiTi- .mn lirtinT, tho market elOM'.i at an alvatico of foil |c. per b,.ttliel. The Baf >, liernond to irrite, chii'liy iliu i itt?r. wrrn liuj,e aiid emb seed about 5500,000bu?hoiso( ollkttuM, si$l :;7% ? $i -<6 for white <? ntocky, ^1 43 a f. 1 4.'< 'it white, yii 1 S>1 3D n $1 4-1 for whito i.'luo anil 1. diitita, fl 32 a $1 33 for amber Mich1$au, part to 'inivo: I 28 a f I ;.2 o roil Western. $1 ^7 a j.1 ?J iw red Stuf^, jil 22 a $1 26 for am 11 r low.i ami*> Ha> , 51 18 a $! 2; 101 .M;lwail'. 1 club, $1 18 a $1 20 lor (.tw ine;;, .k.d fi 10 a $1 . . j lor Lhiaiwo R)iriug. Com \.a- in ;i*nl nemand ami tlrmer, espuclaliy for go .d shil'PioK lo;x. lli - m'.. i? for fntuie de+iv. ry werv I irjf*;, wltli 1 wceb in |?'.-t, < mlirai t .y abnit 325,'JW) bush l?.at 60c. a ftfie. 1 or dfaltUII it tuts, .'8c. u 6.4%f. tor h' tMtwin , aid IKIC. I01 ,11.1< li'tf of WosioiT. iniM'd, vrtln \V. -roi'.: yebow at 02c. K.vo wa? ateiiiy, with i^kli*. of 2.mH) Im.-lie! N01 hrivr a! 7Cc. I'.'.r.ny wm id-her ? n r. while thoH^ies embrac-eiial^ i.t7,OOfl liuKhola .f Ma >at t.'n. a IUriv y ma t waaqt, "t, at 77c a 80e_ l>au w. re itnl lino, wKh mi - .i 86e. a ;-.7c. ior t.a.a ,a:i.'i7i . a 38''. ior -lorn. uiiii 38c :: 3'Ji . 10 :-tale. 1 o?wi. 1 lif rr. ivkr: t active, fr'air"of 1.100 bug* ll:o wlm 11 mi ot 15c. a 18';c. taiTos.? 1 ho m irk ' wa? slf .dj. while the sal ** etn brace about 800 baliS? :i ?: ?> i 1 art to bjn:unT9. and a part on specuiati'Mi?ciosmg at 21,'.c.a 21% e I r mi ? riling npiaailn. elm lly at l.'n ln*n.e lig re. a small i f hiiMt hi .ia Sur't cotti n [ 20 baiem wan Bold at Itir., una wuh taken by a uprni.c.'ior thi p.i.|H>soi f exi?i uiieni .g with it. It 11 b ' luvea thjit it cannot be -iice.-tyi Iy tiuuiulucliireri In this country, even in o mtiinat.on witu Am- r iti cotton, without bouie material alteration m niaciiine-y. Kkmiuii'i^.?R ?' 8 to Fntflish porti were f-teady, but not aenvi. To U) fi i> .ol l0.(x>0 liuahelK of eorti w. jeeti ?.'i n in h !k at 11' j I . and 11.1 00 bnrhtb* in nine's 1 : gB, at 12%d . nn . 'I'O blil?. lioui at 3a. To i//ii u o lloui w u, at 4s.. < h?*e at 60s., at which 400 boxcx were grain wiw 13%d. in bulk ami 14d 111 slop's To Havre about tit),000 b il.els wh at were i Uk 'i ?m a. 26r ., ami 8,000 a lD.iKio hois, iloor at 96e.. a hi ill h l a.k wa e:.gated to load it irt et lor Cork with 22,000 buah laco.u at 12%u. par .>6 lbs. to tlio biohi l. Kifii.?iho market lor iii. eko-e1 v.nn liitn. with a g.4id deniaud. Mftieg of No. 1 weie f! 37% a.f7 60, No. 2, $6 37H a $6 60; No. 3 were li.m aa laM ip otod. l-r? ???i oi good i|U.iliiy we.e linn: Congo's :inik wepe Mxin e and lirm, with u? f2 76. an I f.i in Jr enaii (lube, leg at S3. >n.okt d i.nrnu.: wi re lirm WilhKtlenuf nr.nio.: at 'Jli- n 27i'., anil L'.c. a 16c. lor No 1. Kwrt Tha detnand ft* tau-uia was mooo, ami prices liriiL liiahili H 14 r?Mi# and cm wmta this week Ittve huxi ?9: ".an. fdh',ioi<l 2.7tlO boxes lay) ? S a I $2 si )t\i.Z So. iuiiI 3.niuo a I 000 tumi ii rahuiiH at 60a (J 02,%; alsi"t .1,000 bbia. enrnima at alto, and loO uo. at U)<{a . .anl *im1I b te I?'iiiip.i^ti)oi?lmond?at 13%o. IIat waa in coott d. inaod, partly on governuiriit rn> ?ount with sut? lur tiu(<rin# at 66c. a W8?., ;u,d a* t;6<., aatfi, fM- tat v 11.4'. lirm 10.?Thadetnatid conthined good and prices lirm, with an upward tonileocy in pilciw, with sales of Maoii t at 56c. a 75e , do line at $1 06 a $1 10, Madrid at $1 06, and tiiuail tola Ciuatamaia at |166, <;aeb. I .IMF.?The market w?b dull, with sales of common at 80" , nnd *< o I lump at $1. Naval. Sn>iih>.?Spirits were more active, with sales of 700 a Mil) titilfi. a! $1 45 a tl 47 it $1 60, aud 600 do. com mon r<wiu wort- sold at $4 75. Oil*.?I .in*- e.l was decidedly higher, with sales of Wr-tin ii iu barrels al ft!c. a 64c., and of city , In lot*. at 68o. n C6o., m cask* mid barrels. Olive was also Armor, with sale* at fl 10 per pailoti. The folb -w:uk review "f the No* IV Jloril mak t, for ti,o week en'lnn the 14th lustant, tj from the IFAoI-man't Shift itig Li J:? Sperm?TUu 11 arket ha* beau quit*active both for Of pint alid home consumption, but ti e transaction* lia- e licet. principally cnnttiieil in sides of small |iar<? If1 e. ently laiidArt from ih Asior and Mary Ai n, anil price* have Mimowhat declined. The sales since our 1 -<st embrace 1 ,wh8 barrel*.?,' f.O barra's for export at $1 20 pet palleti, HNS barrels lor miinniacturimt at $1 20 it $1 22 per >-u! "i> and 20(1 barrels nt a price n< t trims Iri d. Tlio uiaikit olo*?'H with fi.rtber inquiry. Whale h?g be. n in modeiato rotnattd, but we h ar of some further inquiry on foreign account.. Tho transac. lions for thu week include sales < f 1,US0 barrels, in pa" cels?100 bnrruls for ox|iort at 41}ic. "?r Rallou, BOO bar rc,s, also for ox;*irt,on private terms, and to the ir.tue MlO barrels p oil at ? price Dot transpired, aud ISO barrels bluck on l>ru Me to'irs. Wha'i'hnn*?N'o trimn'e'i is Hrovis: ink.?Polk?The matket was steady mid llici's mand fair, while the sales loot. d up abu i 1 6>.0 "l-- , p/trl supposed to lie to if' veri'tn lit r.-. at f 14 76 n $15 for mi R", ami $15 20 a $16 60 for lull vv. ijjlit and tiu il.giiccted, ma.. ai T.i a$lo .or prim. . It'Oi wt- t ? V and the dem md moderate. Saw of 2T6 bills. wit in ?'*' at $0 ii $10 75 for repacked mew, and al $12 a *13 f0 I t extra if Poof hams wore tlrm and mm re , wit!. ; . ' I sa es ut tl'. ?0 a $17. Bacon wa ilrm. willi m -i of 1ft lilids. \V I'Sterii at 7c. Cut m ats were in tair deman .. witfi ??-.!?-? of 200 hltds, at 4*fu. a 5c. for sh tild'ts. < <J in tlfjc a 7c. f r bauis. Ijaril w..s iu k'?mI rt?|iie*t, wiih fa ok of about 2M> hbls. at 81 ,e. ? It. tier tuid chi- e were steady mid pries iinchnnprd. Kick was llrm, with small sn o.s at 7,'4C. a 71ic. SHr.i *s?laom aii s in in a .a u poiKl rc ip'est, witli stiles this w? *k oi some 4.1 00 bit ?-, In It' sion, at $2,and 4 rood". It. mbay, here, nt the sa'ne limitation. Si iiai>.?Tin. mark I <i I t an I uni'lu p* I The k.mI f embrace''200 lihils. Culia hI Sc. ? ts7^c., 40 lilid' Vew i r e.u ? sol.I a! 0 '^e., and 100 .'o. I'oito Itiro son: at ?Jc. aO'jC.,prime to clu ic* goo'V. 'i'lie s i'cg also com prised 36 boxe. and 6s6 lilt nmla lo m p. t. ill."' i: .?'I lie tn tricot wax iirmor, whi o 'ti" sates i ra " 'I 1,210 bbls. at 20}?o. it 21u., clo.-ing at thu Uuur figure.' SA IjKs OV tSJUi KiiTATR. Altr.Al'TIFl I. KOUIt STOI'.Y BROWN STONK FRONT lloi,wkb>tH, imi'D' and auh-' Pilm, with nil tin- im provi'iiieuiK, on Brooklyn llt*inhu. OHtyiipnn i ? .^tr-''l. i>p;m ;?! i tt'domide row, ?illi a line view t?f New V'.. h Bty, ? 1! be s.i'd V?Ti cli"H p ninl on ?anv leifiiH, For fin flier pai' iiubut'l'ly lo or addP'S'. T. SimpMju, avonne [). BlUHIKl.VN ? I I '.IST Cl.A.SS IIKH1UK t!K KOIl HAt.R, el' Miutl> till>ilieil, Willi :roiiU"K e? < a .l.i? Iroui O I'm . ui l*i rtlauil, 4.".\200, coaimeiirinn IM 1 eul mill of Km on ivei'iie. I.i ii ii 'inn MiiMirpawl. Aj ply <wi ilie |i rum ike*, u: 'ii W. It. Nirllul.S 1'i.viier), tl Plni> airoet. N Y. I BROOKLYN PUOl'KKTY.?FOR SAL!'", VERY OHFAP, J ttil'i' Hoiikck, en (.'.uriiiuiit .. e nie, i?.-1? v I 1 ilikilh Kl'it l.iilinel e avenue* w'llt ail llie iini.terii Im nive'ii. nty, u?t tin until. Incline of rKIi'UAKl) CI.AI KV, on tliu i el il*OH. 1.t AKM KOIl SA1.K OK KXCIIAM.K?IN BBS MX 001 N ly NewJer? y; lihi ac;??, giwd b ll limn, n mii'u re uf II .It. lie e Mil I'll' r Itiv lloi.; 12 . il'n ui> ii a '1, -0 milet from N w York; lerni- ea*y. Apply to 11. II. UUtiWN, 1*1 N.ik aa (.trrei. from 1 t.ilir >1. L'AIIM WANTHt)?IN KXCIIANOK Kolt CITY I I.O I |M'rlv. f. oin 201" 40 iicres, ii.-. r u drp.... in VV i'. h ? er em nt y; will pny some on?h; within 8< nii!e?; tvortli fnni alii hi Jit.0.0; iiiiipt liiiv^ p.i. .' I."II i Hamuli. Adoivo* 1'. S. Brown, 2i Tliird avenue, K w York. nOB BALB?IN BROOKLYN, A TBBSB BTOKY AND I" li.iM-meni "rim ii mill"'ll" i-e, in t' i a id u. "line, n Hi' iVashin ton purl., Ilvo ininute*' vvnlkfroui Ki lo." h\'. " ? ?; to be li:i<i ut a hai^aln. A|P;y t" 7 tlii.HA II. J.'iCit M)S, on the preu i e?. 1^1)11 8ALr-A COItNKli IIOIJSR ANll LOT IN BIIOHK r lyn, in lh neiulilio, bo d **i W.iSlim. o n u\i"iu . t .\.? 'ainutea w,,lk Hum the c?i> i? 2'I\PI, ii.. 21. Jin. niniutiiflall til*- miMii i n 1 i.pniv mei.ia. wiih .ay lix..tirvs, Ai -o llie Furniture < onuilio >1 in lb. alxo o Ii.mim . T. i hi* i iMralile. Andivx.' II. T. 8.. Brooklyn l'.ist i>uicc. TTtOR SAliK?THE KOl'K STCIKY II10I1 t;T< ,.'T BI:I0K P 11. Ill N.i. II Hi SI IV.' :.i; - "... Ill SI-. "I. "It. ll. ill" luodern Imiir??. nients, bein 'Ja .e ?!. (i im li.-v fi ill, in l. - l i i- -p, lot l"i ii -I V iiichi't. A*< , tin* foui .v -i-. Hurt n Store No. 4S O-'V Mi-ft, 2n ie?t iron I ami V8 i t -In p. i-ov - ?li^ l!ie 1.1, with he eM' -piiini ol tli - bi i- li -ln Al*>. > t-iiuulry Sent uLOpt: tug, it tiii!-.?- ami a hull t-. n Sin.::-i depi l. - I a. re* o: i. nil?nil ml ..liie. willi. r 'ln.ii';. "I n b.i: i -i Irnlta. iiouhit n w, wiih u.ioiii 16ro .ins, r ..'ii.diii .K or ... enlivenletiiv: line ;-nnletit barn, mrrla^i hoe - . Tii". uimve pn:|ieri.v, If ent pre-, lot,*,* s ilii i pn ..!? mil HI mi 111 pin 111' ullt-'l >11 .111 i 1:0 .Hll.i day III I'll |' .i m xi ni I.' ill" W ,i| n tin M"i- I hi ii i n Kv.liuni'e, by JUilN Li.Ok'D ,i '-ONs*, Id Na^nau atrret. New Ytn k. L1OK K VLK?A OOOt> HOUSE AND 1 %i ACKKK OK r land, a pi."il iv. 1; oi Water, .. pit' m ' u . s>f?r. prat-U am! plum tri t .i, trap vliien an.. ?n'rt.:> rj P. . ii m... , In -t pleastint in. ?tl. ti in .i.? vTlIn;;.. ?. 11 i'ip. t mi, 1.. I. It o;ir ? ii! .1 AMEn H. Hl'l.Hs, iM S m ii a,?ta ?ti. i' , Wd Taniaiinir. IpOR SALB?OR EXClIANliE FOR I UODUOTIVI'.OtTY proper ,v i? pieny new ni j lit Itu t. , ?-t.. a .unt ill i e a. .es ut l.niu mucl e-i: li 1' *.-ii*.i? i ,tn li.iur ? ti ? ut lite em mm in ;i very demmi I p. ..,nrii i t.i Jul! s \Y .SHEf*llKN, -tcitt Bowery, eorn -r .. imi-i!i s re*-1. hlt.USAi.K?^ KOUR STI1P.Y r.lUiWN sTfiNIl FRONT liiiil-.e, full lllnil |[ nil ct.e ll." lv .tit; . i. ,. h, iu.-.i .eornnr Eoi, p.iftly iniprnved, n l ii. ; . -. l .?, .. i-i , ? ie.eir.m r ii ;ii". Apply ua llie ictiiUi-s I' truet, Broot lyn. Lttm M,l.! -U!4 ACUK-1 OK L.VM) ON I'l;l.HAM r Nrel., \Vi'<ie|n si. r. mil ly,, n i. -.1. ?f,'.m N ? Y 'i , | I-n on III*? S unit; i,i.'Od itsli:im, baltiii.,iil ntv o; new :riiH | ii ei'h, now i.iaiiM' aud tiara. Apply at lit Wont street. {SAL?i i I?K \1*?A.N .Mi i.UVi.l) KAIIM ok 40 P 7 niiltnai Lonj? t*t> ? ?<!. >?l 1 ..mi h I. A ., |>ii f Al o, opo o nor ?cP'?, i.oo<i n<> *?', ? will, ?; prt? ?? $ *C.j. ft. a. iiLNt'K, *No. 2 tlail pUuo, ?a o i ? i\ !???"!?% uLeot. |<*or salp, on EXrnanue?a choice faum of I.' 70 a? ies in Iowa. \\ ill * i. low i'?.r fa n or fSfOntor piorn. A :-r.i-N.N Iowa, bov 4.U&S / out ofitcr, ? ri.\I K or SXC7HAKGB?TWO VALUAIH i j | R 13 mo.1) .Hon * on .Nwitu nv utif ; ? m :.a; rentod f r ' T v'* r; ;r. hull no. ? rc^fu. VV<12 l:.nlf I' r ?.\r ? ?r ?untry | * U)?h, or Wemern tandfc, or a pacing bnsio?'r-.i?. A V.r? ? h i \ J'., oJJitv, ior laiff <in vh. Lit H \J.K OK KX('HAN11E?VALI* AII I. K LI\A.-*M, r Fnrnolire and N'oi.i, o; uwf.lri.lko]; nctl llotf , i% - -r?.jri plrt..; m wly oti^d up; ftooiH u? .til n.o. vn Imp;ovfir.fiiis ; Hi?ty ri)u?i?, rlf^'i'ilv nrnU'i-d; !o u wint, of P.roidWay; fonvrnnm' to t il?? an I ja.i'.iet iriMi;S. A'mo an e\o lt?nt paying vrnt\ roo. . w 11 i ?irnr<h< <i: pro'.?a< !? t>.ir; one of il.e be.m eornrr UkmIIoi.b east oi ilroaclway. KRVMOim .t: WlIiTOS, i.B tfroadwuy. h^oIC S\LK OH TO KXCHANur. 10tt A vS.MALL . ;i in? T'??' hlor.k it ? t ? i ti ?. itn ,s.,i a IIii ry, (JlOi ?? .id i'.il f\ t.'tM Ml- tf O't , W? : I 1)0 I,111' I'. Wf|}\ JUM f.lp.l :i? oi tl?'ilng !I laij c 'no <s. S-i l'a?t--rv r^-wni ivI o lor .-film" AiUiit -? f<o u:?? \vim?U iv./. M., j!????;? ui ? IU? FlOU SALK OR TO T.KT, I < IIU*1. H?* *A"TWO h.torv ;?u?J luiM'mt m Hd . -i*, JHUu} in wit ? in t:.t* lnv.t" iiiiujnf \ or o* ; ivhi tMH". A r . .i t? ; ^ At . I, a n#>..r >i} i v anr < . . Ai j.ty at its VHivi -rbili avrnu.*, Lci'i^ro 10 A. M. ??raitvi V i*. M. I^OIC SALE OK TO I.IiASM?A l'lNKLV located i c? uniry , on a arrial arm i s .in i-vi'r- >? I ?i!, I . 1., I^ ?ti hot,st* ana out b rkUuu.s; 0 , t ? n .honal* <' I'! 'tiK t'O'i.i; wonid exchange (oi'^.N tt' iu ?.?? ? ??*?!\ \\\. ?Iv t<? ks. il.YULT, -'2 Ot tiar ^.roet. 5 V ?i. s \ ?: l.K 1KB, 'MI ro LET-A BMaLIj WO " t r. k h ii ' , s ?? trii K". 2 0 \\ n, ilii t ,* i. ia life., wl.;; -v ??.r imiui i,.? M-ill;.nit- ior h . in..?? ^or ?. t> ?. T: rti.rp " v ??? n bo ha ??m very m<iU< r tt?. i.-nos. m ?n o I JOl SKS I O.V SALi:.?SKVKKAL SM'G MOPKWN I'f S ! pitvfil n i. li oi rinti.ioraii' pri.?. >? a: ?i ? a*?. u-no.s; in lino t?nlfr. u*< J' rvntmj, troort n- j^*h m/ilo-t.-u, o\.ot*r to 1 . \vn. Alfl?*. anii ? 'iVii-uifiit o> ..a, App y hi i'.?5 Blpi'fK.T ?l i ot, l:r;.r r <ar;?,or' 'i'. Ci'Vllliil'H. I OTS W'AXTfcD I.N UROOKI.ViV I'On ('ASIi.?i ilUHK x J ??r four ?.?} ' h> r, In a j;ot?'i !??? At.Oii, tirifii .;nt| Ai.'iintir av i.ii' su,t.{ west o ii av<; th *;. or.jst lw r ry low .n<i no:. ,u f ? i. pi ? . A-. iio/s,i Hnfal. r, box V'ii'U < r. ' : wt h location, iivoMiFionh n ! pi iff. "VTAKSAU rvTiiliET rilOrCftTY 1^>R S.\Ll OU ll\ fi.;ti!t:ft for op luwn ) i?H t?i t.iVfUlo,;s; lioom a ?d)"ti;?:W ? ? >r \f r, print* $2."?,Uth), Inquiro of A' K1 HMAK. IWiMMM vl.i vt. rj ??? lil'?Ji.I.iKi::. ? A 1'AKTV IIAVI.Ni> TWO lots O.V t?* ?m1(1 oooti u? boiifi ;v small a. u .<? u' u,c Mil ? < i Will oti*? ioi tho bala?v t? in cjuiii. Atl.lri^s M. II. UtUf'Tltlu, fX- Mrff?? *>fW YorJ-. 11' ANTF.I ?A GOOD farm, O.N THfc riLfDS<?N KIVI R, ff in . hf.'itt ;sy ItM al-ry, b.'twf ? Y, n:<f r- ttn*i l*-??Jvhkii!, of &w# ?i'y "fit tmiuin <1 ?cr?H, with ^o ..i nuilciiU' ihf ? on. A '.tiifw' i'aniu'i, hiuiMin D (Bili t*. IIouhc), >?". Y., for uv*e <layn, stiuin?; piu ticoiar-. lifWU I *>li ?>A UKOWlNli O.N I."H> ACkl.S AT ? f Katon'8 Nc k, Huntington, Lon? l?.!an?l. vi/.. n fMio*. Hkk'.ry, Lt^, i:e.i Ohir, .Maj. ? a .U l>f ?ch. .-il 0m; suifab C for fV?r<l wooit r ills, ,."avv ptt.s M, mihrnol i?f \pply to KLKA> All tiOl'IfiH, Nortliptin, or i JOIIN 0ASr'Ii?Y, on the iarn?. WAvricn-To rrr.'UiAisB, a^?, contain/no ?? "u. t?i ???affi . ? t ? i . ? : ? rm o? ^ 'it lim.M' .iii ? ooibnil'iin- s. .'ft t > '*) m:.'(V.on ;iif < uy. wh iftlo i " i^ uif ant! iiij'ain^; i.c i ro.- oi mr "... biinor. (iiv ? ;i.)J > r pUo? oi prop* riv nn I low????? .? pvi'-o. Ai 'ii- * J. U. I>., I'rft'laml I i'5iollrji;, Wt'.-1 Hoiiokcn, K j. Q. \ l\(\ ^"ILL lirv 4.0 AC!tK< GOOD TILLAHLS v? 1 \ m' t'arjoini; iour lof ii: riik? lr?*m Yoik io I'fMio*. !vanl.?. i i " V'-rift i, irt-r Mm i-l?*ar. >N ni iak ? J it. I ?.l> , < i" Uif!*< ! ill M-y ? i.o:.rt, jfVVfi y, liquors 1 Ii??r t* . ami wav^-S ^ A,'ply a. f'2 t ? n'r#1 s p "t* /.KiiUo al Hastings. lilit^IAKDS. i; ri.r.lAKU TA15LL-.-KOU SALI3, TWO splendid T ioi'' *, kIm*' O'.uitv, titf lau nl li.tjaovfti i ohUioiih, bails, . ut'H, toarkt-r.* t'i I t v. rytU in; *? > mi>1'*u;; wjll Ik* soli ? no ;u, hi '.iio;:? o ;?ir hall I'liriiiinrf hall ca?li. Apply uliSo. 246 IS* f tn r ot. .it tao .Monti 1 >llJ.lAiv!?a?Foil SALK. A fink STO 'K OF MAY I > .*on sf?. nu ban . T ? ??e% .?0 jht . nt f,if.?fwr than can oo litai^hi oiM'WioTf. T ibif.s to tft ami or tt rs i y mail aituiiti"\l ii> ? v W. II. (JJtiFKJTJL Hiliiur.i 'iaoie lauiiUL^tcircr, i4d jb'ulvon str.'ft. B UI?I WM L MKKT Vol* TO-MCHT AT THE oten* ?Mt; of fo 4>.' ro* Uiliiafti iio itii," (ornor oi Tw nty n;utb rtir? ?t aotl HiohOwu>, nit I tin tf rsuniil Mo hat 1 Ph Un ttiiu othorOfir.tirit???% i^ili ioangura ?? tin op. nin^ oy playing a Ui\f maU'loM*. lie eiu ly, tor uiure \fill oe a i n?ft. JOilMNY H. I>IfKLA>TS PATENT improved BILLIARD TABLii AND COMBINATION CUSHIONS. Pri^tircihf'? > un iho tun< ? PULLA14 .V COLhi.N.jK^^rnmbyHin^ KHI KN0KK, HAYINO SOLD OUT HIS PI.AOE AT ? n??. 2 t'ortlaioii ain' t, intfiuts devoting bitt whoift eto-tgy u>hi#n??w MIliar?l ^hxm, I.Tj Knltoti H?r?-^t, wlwrt' he will Mi happy to intcallbisoiu friomiH. IIi? htork of al winoM. UfpiorHAVMl *? ga irannotbt* Mirpw^Mfd !>y anyottmr oftia! 'IMimfnt in ib??Aiiy. The beet Pbibulelphia ale, Hronw perp*?M#. Hot trvirluucb iron u to I. oall and ??e lite plage. Ik bffiNGfitt. FOR BALK. ~7T hupiTkiou corner kor sale A east corner of St-UT-ttflh ?ireet ?nd Kiore, with ainull In the reur Apply on tue prew.?e?, 01 of JOIIN O. H10UIN8, OBBi*lb ?venu*. A rare CJ!\nce Tl> MAKE MONEY.?C.ROOEW A HtiJ Liquor Store tor sale.?$400 ? 11boy Hi" ( fixture* of oi-e o: iw '"'"t corner ?l'1l> ? ' , . t KP-e-ry on the four corner*. Apply in the ??"? k*'b u venue. Til"SI ness oiiance.?the stand no. m WE.iT ) Washington Market for nule. / country STOKE BUSINESS KOR HALE ?8PLRNDID I / chaitio foranaah buyer, wiih a ciyiital of I i j- nek. KUlurMand Uond Will of on? 'if the oldeet i""' ?" *? popular aland, for Oeiieral Store Bu?In ?? "" L?im 1 ' 1 iiInn an hour'ii rlrte tlil? city. Si.ti-fm-torv I,.Ki'lilnif. A.t.lresa Country Store, 11.-nil.1 oitiee. Tmihak kor hash?the stock and fixtures ok I i muoiHTV store, wUb Home an?l V\atf?>??. luqulw !o l'i? More IKl LmoitMoii nueut, comer b*uu pluoe, brooaijn, from'2 to 6 1' M. tlila week. /lOAL YARD KOR SALE IN FROOKLYN-flf INO IJ ii hirce i-akh 1' K*- w tit be mi. c.e.p. Apply at the t.? tier of Bono ami AtUi.tle mm* Bu- VmUERALD. TvIlUO store KOR SALE IN brooklyn?WELL nii-el, New York. _ T-nffi IIlit If '"" "? THE BEST SALOONS DOWN F?umn,eb-..|' f? .ulueot?iwrtM?'?J ?''>'* ni.-nt. Imp.ire at I'm.rt mw l Fl ? jS* iSrSrt ,11 lateti oliii'Mtlte I"" 111 v ui lri7 W.iHt ?tr?et, corner I'Ulltt. ! .'Oil SAI.K-A I-'IKST CLA -S HI> A V.DlNO HOU*E !"* >? "I'l'-y- 1?"A'^rA*t"goo1 llunipe being the only r. ukoii tor aclling. Audits A. Vtiox ;V,(ki N?*\y Y??i k IV?hi iHlivij . - ?? UO? s a 1.1'. - ? a BUTCHER'S BHOP, HORBB. WAtioN 1< ?"?!'{?. *l';ru:'v.Tm\hec"yw .mil Kri'iiili uini ti in.Mil uiiile: iih.-.iih, " i*r iu in t >) taibarklu. lmiuii-e ol L>. liLltbL, ?, ofllt-c 135 Bowery. ? * e^!?^o' JA MEBH.' I I 'OK SaI E? VI' \ BAKOAIN, AN OLD ESTABLISHKU F ? .-.fl itu;er ?mJ W 1" ?"? *" ^.u'lt hMMtwnsii, in- >l!y, .mini . v v.. *?n uu?.u-??.> at 1 iui iUrciuy airpot ov til'l bi^bih uvtuiiw^ I not; 8 vLE?TUB CUNTRAL oyster house AND F^0"laur .ul."Su Ltfi U ??nue. ???? trai \v m> nionihe'rent |iild ill ai.Vaiii>,.i h 1k?i, on tJi'-t Hm r, int. il "ii i" <? ver> n...t *t>t , ? ul ? (Upper r oiiiaalta-lie , WitU or wtlbuut A| 11) (U 777 E i'ii h AT. line ?al "J. POR 8AM--A W-is.; SA'.OON; ONE OK THE BW? E*z k; iu?a'? -i IM Wi-nt ?tn-et. - Oil SALE?A OOOD ClOOKRY STOP1' 1

town, ?u-i *o rt' H <> V ? \ " It i. init; v. 1 v I'- n - i o'<a* ? o: V u?ee Not or Wak-uti.. W .-I iMl . :.e. p.' 'i'ii n?f itvi-k o.u ot tin- cny. Apply a; tue ?ko.*, 67 V. .-ir> atrcri. - lj^Oll SALE.?STEAM ENtH.Ni:> AKD boilers, KKOM iiiiii* to loriy Uorws i>?w?r. '??r fcii". or wilt "t-.iX U Q. t?l H? WullM**. L'ok SME-v DBOOBTOBB (?1 'W m i till Ol rttiout ^J.OJtl. A iure>n A. A., II 1' i.M.R8AIJS 11 ? -i ll ('KIBERS THB JIXI? r o. a monthly journal, m ?'?'? "? L u. ' I r$i-'i; i'l.-'i lit.tnai |.a< k-f.<?!- ?" I'urniii.eiy. V?nk e fiii.tnuH, i-Vti \ O'ootu an u lot!??.* ??"?> ??r rp - ; al-o * iitii' I'at. ut ax?at)4 rit'Sii: Uuh u t.,???ity, ??. vri? eniiitJ "Voxfhi u^lurallouHeuuiL . or Ooiu,-. un mwrnl.^ eil. Apply to M. L. UYit.N. lii- ? f '''N"- M I.M?!l SALE?A ni.NINO SALOoV; ONE OTtBJIt BEST L< i .-.lU-i'ix iu ibe i-ilt ,<>p|Hk-ilH Wasl'ii- inn p.ullttt, t?ui ?oiil tuei.0, at till- I'vCnei- nan uliior Oii?.uom( to fctieuU to. Liipiii-oul '.*) \cney :-vr. , t. SitOK SALE OIIEaI'-.HE LEASE STOCK; AKp \\ wiy>, ,,r il I . a. ?r &??;?. lioi.iif u umiu l?u- ihchm, bit it - , toryre-iaonn^iT' ii'ii"-i l niiout Apply at No l'W t'ir.i ivenu *, rorn^r ot bath*i. _ _ T,i()R SAI.K OlfKAr?A SMALL STOl K AM> H* tuivb ui a taiioriuu ??*-? rMiMhiiiu o* cimihU'is, irnvroved A .... I uatt'? " ".I ?.?} ??<itir. ?. A^OHu aUlolilt fat. y !-l;i ??? - "?"?? *r\*% . tofwiut WM-K. Aj?t l> ; i i'ydfiiMh avenue. Letv\i-tu hoit>. iiith and Fofiy-*i*th xix-qul rr*0B SALS. VEHY CU1KAP?A FINK hotel, DOING H .?M,.i nA'in-. Wi U cUe*I? I'O, IUI* Mist-."., liir-ti b'hVt; r- ?> ???? ?>?????? -rt ivER.' Aj-plj at lJOt'iiailiam "iifi't. ZlJ-'. \OB SALE OU EXC11ANOE TIN SHOP AND JAPAN ri'si" K -i'ii?'l?'' 'n ii<? ?u? >? tue .nrv^m .n iht* i:?u?-NMta ?rythTiu I-Jiinplete .."d ui w-riin on - r. S'i0pltK)\ja;l''W rei;L A M X. n'w , t.. Le- i. -I ? r I, li?.siV, iAJO. rank a. titfLUR 4 WiLdtiN, Wtbixle wmi I ? KlSf Ili.i. KOR BALE ANIJ IIV E ACKE--' or LAVI), (t oi s, ,t n i% ii *??? tti.i'na a m i- tn n 1 , d.pot; a 4iiilljii?iiiiit-? ?*"'? ""'"~ Iji'irn 'In ttm pren.lvf I -.. ?? Bl... ?'? r. iBOOERY l - t: 8ALR?ON A FlUNOIPAL THO T ,.IU-I..arr, lioon.1 ! I . n ?' < i.V ? -t - t-to. k. ba.i..; Itelv titi.-l up, nr-1 i-i-i: '-.litem MI-..I It isbtHttitood, a .id w'.k lar^r* irinif A ' <? " SOUTHWI. i? A:\VoUl>, N???-auutreet. F G roceuy AND LlUlJUK stoke KOL SALE?IN A (x .'.orho...i, up|a.r P .1-1 .i! Tl. r.. Ko. . ,rtle. Ian. .1.1.111" wi'ii"i TA.uHj-jl .Hlh a.n-?laua . e ,-on.l ..vuuiie, In :ro erj nuire. TIOTEL KOR SALE.?TI1E LEASE, KllKNITI'KB AND 11 l-ixtuce- ? f ? tt te', tu Hi.-oe.i I'"-" i-minu ,-,u -. ji;i nit ??-.a uuii^. piii'i, n-i-i ?"i* -1 ?<""? |."Vine' ? t <( i-' jr - *"??<? .-jteeu lot- ? uui^. Apply to 1 L. IMA.., :?>? Ki,W>t) > :'? ?t. -lll '.T MARKET FOR SALE OUBAI'? IN A oood 31 'uVonu",..'?i.i(i?iai. Apply on the pre mlmyB kttUi aTedne. l>:it>ToO?Al'Illii OALl.'ElSV.?SIM) WILL BUY, IN I ? -nil: fi.-i-ctiire, li.e m-.i' v ;l ? ! H' , , II,-iy in Hit-' i?>': t'!> but .??? i?h ol ->i?ii'?. an- , -il-'i" if.'i ,.i? ju-i'opei,. <1. i? in r > tliitii p*j ilk-kpi-ni,.-B. Impure at 3 'l t.-.i"alurn i, t- ur ui?>r- tr Broadway. Af.AA W1U. 1*1*KC-H \.-E THE I.r.ASE, STOCK. SC.. j?)i )|Ml n I i-'i ?' R.?>: n II - n I' ? "'n ? i' et, .i i u;iv f. an.l n?? i . "I oi.i'.ei: - In-, 1 ? " II KI: KIv??:, A . -i- KVi K i-.v-rv. N-veru. Or KOtle. und L.<pi"t tiloten lot" Nt.rt ii JO.-tl i'-ealloiiH. fi vAseru. \ TLA NTH? SAVJNCA HANK, OlATII,Ul riQUAItfi. i Oi'KN t)A?LY. * rpo it f.o ii 2A ? t..? $.%'*/.. l'?v 'ived. Si\ I'l'iuvn. I.iv?? i*? s? iiHi?\vcti )>< posit* made b-dore Ootoo.-r ?0 ? 1: .t*x interest a? from 1st. M. 0. Van i'ELJ\ I'n *n.eut. ,/oskhii V. t'ooi't-.u, Secretary. rniiK i>m:lw\t,kki:railuo vd1',irst .1 m?? _a.?h u!*ru "Hhl.nm ? I.-, un* ivni,--i-iJ to < ui! or *? nd to ifte ? ? tli? . timer-1. N. A. (JOWDlii^l. 2.HVllI>?ui Mrtwt. P.MO.S IM.dE .-AV'lAii^ HANK. U NO UJ 4.WNAL SfKEKi. i;OK.\Kfct OF vaiuce. Ojnot oaJiv J rom J i m J, ami fr-'iri j ,<t 7 f\ M. S'X IV r 4>Ul lliU't ? l (l Oil His it. MIX I?r $??;*> RlVf r.ii i r,and J' vo I'?'rO?t?>n Ur^er amount:*. (it rosTs -hue BfcfllUK UC-rci' M UO Wll.l. ttKAH I.NTI Kt ST FKOM TJ1, IsT I NST. i'h.S HAN A tl AS ftrfi'LiVEO on dmi'omt m uis<: the i'ast months K. v. tl.iUUHWOUT, i'reaideat. O^rdxek 5?. Tff.iprv, S.*rretary. TTNITKD STATUS Ti EA>i*itY vutes, U 7 .M"l I'rilC 4V.NT Keady I'oi mdtvry !?.-r i'Vli FUNDS, A'. ei; Iter of our ? TAYLOR fJKOTHi K>. 2^7 HKOAiiWAY mmi"- of Murray sfr^rt, 7H W; LL si ItliJST, c?:nerof IVurL UN l'l ED h i'ATKS 4?' > \ E ; N >1E NT At ik S OY. F?>K i' I ?: S *..!?; OF 7 3-10 :t.i. \M KY NOTES. OFFICE OK KB A O, DKKXKL ?.* CO., 4o WALL HTiCR^T Treasury Note# of the various dt uornimoiouH, las, n? inttni'Kt >it tli?* ]*))ti* i>! tu n o?\?os p: r mr, on nvt?ty Olle luat* ?iiiv.i dolla:-. may !??? hud upon applr-atlon ui the aliovo n ''iii'v, 4Vj!.)}i?il elmokx, ?? iM*fu I' itiK nines and six per 0-o 'I wo Year ;y note* LHk< i; in tout. WM. (J. KEAD, (iove: nmeiu A^ent. Q1 wanted?Ft >R Mf\ OK EfUUT MONTH s, ON ??!?."/ jjnoti ?????irity, t??r \v hi .i ifi.i a lair hi n is u ??i In- p-.?(?i. A^ tii.'-4 h?. ^ oliict. (\ai\ TO $.\W) WANTED-AS A LOAN FOR O" * ?-" our } >? .i\ :or ujh.'I. it n |:?rri?;n v;. vviil t- }>?u :?> un> ?? vuor of r?: -.i c ?>?. ?, who uot-a uofc w.ali to 1-avviiivo hus pn?pi rtv U> obU. ti t.i > amount, oWu*rvvjM#? I?? v.o.iti* s.'U; witi ivt* hotui wt h two hiiiiiiHotoii; also ? -i ii. i.uii-il .-?*( urli< <louhlf* tl i*p .il rt -WKii; io;w:.)i,i's ibr am-ft'it of' >i) '?> is.o l(\, print ijial.H ouiy vvvd liUsWnr. /kdUrverf So .Ji-iiy, i o\ IJ! H ialiJ ollitf. (I?i) k)A() ?WANTED. $:V20i^ FoTToNE WTKK. TN O?? wvU. P'ltlii P. lorwol'i a.? ont that ttiti.yu-Ul j. ?? * t .: i ilt'al'iV oisft t-.i |>.*i i fit ? iijon.'Ji No ttv-m ? h?mm1 uppiy. Ailurt'on Eutcrprisa, caro of Dr. Pcar fliiii, SVJ Broatlwu.v. LOAN Ol 'ICES. I 77 BLE4COKJBR STK ET?MONEY LIBBRALLt A a.Avani-i-t to i?ny ar ? ? n a dlaoioix's, wan-ltos. j?wr?i I';i p'atf M, tl? - UOotls, \r. S. H. ? l*?WIlor?>k T*' ?.<? ? ojih'. H. N KV> l ON, 77 H' h- r .*?<!. rt, up .st.iirg. <l T 13 <)E??AU HTEEF.T?1.? :N;.Y TO AUVANCK IN Jl ntiniH u> K.ui, on \Y ' 's D...ui?.uda .n.i uthi'r PorHonal l'rt?l?"i, or ?mmi ;'a? ;or< .? ii ami <U .??? I orjri- p*r I. H ?? - L. ?lAt'OBo' Braiich Oilii'C, 4u7 Dwadway. \ " ?? J OH u1bbr9 ]B! h - Mi NB . ro LOAM TO J\,.nv on Dia?tfiidi*. \V.? > h'**., .!? u -Iry, .V: i>y tio*i\ i'll ki)o\* h and old f?NtaMi.sit<?il t.^A At*. lit'o.a*r and ntt>> >m Merchant, No. i> t'lmuibi stn ct. N. B.?Nobu?i w?--i rrau>a-tf(i on Saturday. i in GRAND 8TREKT. rilHEE doors VEifT Of *t\. 'Kfoii iu.i\ M tirv ii hiii' .m uu Wivlcii.',-., l>i:uuu r\. Flat.'', i'ry j.ii.i jj.-j M.ujt; i? <?p -rty of v.-rv tl 0 l|'ii"n, >>r and ?uUl, by JOSIli'it A.JACKS>02i, ? 1 r Ud 1 rofcl i-. TSJiLMlT TO lend AT SfODERATR Ra:R-??Off 1>1 WiiU'h'x, Ji-w ? 11 y. NiHfr, I?ry limits uinl I'.-r-.uml I i^.Jr'y oi' Mlt Ucvripil i.>. U.hmI* inuy lw i".1com. it.Vuny rtu.c lrni.jn niw Tt-.u. l'r v tl.' ulHrr, K.ll door. II. RARNARP, '^1 Third arrniir. 0>OA noil ro advance, hv UE.VRY HVMAX. 4<<0 {'ij'f iVv v Hrottdvvj\ruom No. 3, on Wtit*i ? Dta mon'li?iid m.Ti'haiifllw ct ??verr (IfKcripUon. Inim $10and niiwiirte Mi'rrhanu in want ol monny v? iM do w-i-ii 10 oall. ?(n :ily confidential . .i : -r? . a HAIL.HOAUS. TTOnioS RITER RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR ALBAMT, Xl i'/t'V, Wi? Sortli hu.I Jhhvo i iinnibeiH slrt-t'L al 7 a? l II A M.. and S.30. A and 10:10 F. A. \TEWVORK, harlem AND ALBANY RAILROAD.? Sniamrr ?rnin<<'in?-nt.?'s* train lor A1 anj/rri*. Niarib nn|l WtMi, lravi?> Twi?tuy.?luU atrevl suiton at 11 A. H. for focal Iralnnw time table. JUHJi BUKUUILL, AMltlaot SuporiateaduiU SALM AT ACCTIO*. At.RKRT MORTIMER UKU'FIS 4 AO., AOCTION eers.?Elegant Household Furniture at public Auction, tin* property ol a family leaving tb.- city. On this <lay (Th* rsd ?y), Oct. 17, nt the residence of Dr. Philip Hansom, 4.S West Sixteenth ilKfll bet wean Fi;'th and KUth avenue*. H* ** commencing nt 10^ o'clock. Consisting of seren netave rosewood Pianoforte, btool and Cover: rosewood Parlor fcJu0, covered with bro a* I; K'? 'yeres, Centre Table, Book case, Hiatnaiy. Oil t'uftntingii, Bronze*, Vases, Cbandeders, Velvet and Brnssi Is Carpets, Rugs, f ace Curtains, Pier una Mantel Mirror**, Clocks. Couche*, Turk tab Easy Chairs, Hat Si.tiid, Stair Carpet, Oildolh, rosewood and maboewtyflu. raus, Sofas, Bedsteads, Chairs. Wssbstatuls, Rockers, 1*2 pair tine Wool Blankets, 24 pair Linen Sheets and Counter panes, 14 Hair MaUtense*, Feather Bods, McGraw's Sola He In, Corner Stands, Toilet S-;ts, oak Bide... ard, Extension ', China Pinner Set, solid Silver Pinner and Tea Her Vice, ivory handled Knives and Forks, crystal cut?'.lass ware, T.iOle Lini'i). Also. /iJ 1 )i? Furniture of the Si *Apart menta, Also, B*u \> u*. i^nd Kitrhun Furniture. Sale posi tire, rain or shin*. ALBERT H. MOoLaY, AUCTIONEER-WILL SKf L this day (Tliur* \ty), 0*-t. 17, at oVlock, tit the hiujck Salesroom, 52 illiarn street, a good sartety??f efiv In* N ii'.ittce Stocks, Bank Stocks. Bonds and other securities, suiut'We i or investments. For full particulars see World, C.imm wcin) Advet iser and Evening Post. Catalogues can be ohtaiued at the salesroom. Next regular bale Monday, O t. 21. AH. RICHARD8, AUCTIONEER. SHELVING. ? Drawers, Benches, Lasts, A \, at aatlon. BK'HAKDa A WHITING will sell on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 11 o'clock, at s on 147 Greenwich street, the entire Fixtures contained lu the Bhoe Htore. Hale positive. A I.. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, WILL FELL THIS OAV, ? at 2 o'clock, the emir* Furniture of a family giving up housekeeping, in the private rosi?eace U7Efhtlt street, uear Broadway. Everything must l?e removed tui* day. Assignee's half; of em-uant furniture. An extraordinary oppon unity for hou*eke.ei>er:. and the trade. Over $12 .000 worth of rich an i costly Household Kurulturo. Thin (Thursday) afterr o m, at '2 o'clock precisely. Comprising the beautiful and costly furniture contained In the law owetliui; house 1^2 W? si Twenty-iirst street, near Seventh avenue, i'he whole for .absoluteami peremptory sale, rain or shine, consisting ol English Ve?vet und Tapestry ami Ingrain Carets, elegant rosewood Pario: Furniture, en mtiie, comprising three, full suits, rt? hly carved, all ot which are covered in rieb hrocubelanuof the best description; rosewood Centre and Pier 'fabler, Turkish Chairs in blue and gold. K iln and m??M? et; Damask and L ee Curtains, Velvet and Turkish Lo ii lino row?Wood Ku?j.'eiesf rich Be?rea and Dresde n Mai .ei Vases, artistic Bi'niizej?, Bisque Figures, Par lor Ornaioente, .vc. ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Muslr Cabinet, 8ti*.| and Cover. Elegant Bureaus, lieu semis, 1& li.ur \i.?t?re^es, Chamber Suits, In rosewood; HfirttiL' se.a Chair#, Mirrors, Beds aud Bedding, bronze ('looks, oak Extension Table, two Bofa Bei sleads. rieliaUiU Glass o* every e'e^crijKioti, marbp* top Bullet, Oilcloth, rt:h Chandeliers, Ac, Hal* positive, ram or shine. K. W . WfiSTOO'lT, Auctioneer. Auction-rare chance for housekeepers and dealt*s. LBNItV F. !,FHPS A CO., A\w?loneeia, wi I oiler at j ubllcaaciion on thi*d Thursday, all the Fur niture contained lu th; privute e.?aidenco 69 \\ Cbt Sixteenth s M e', near H '? 'h aveni.e, nt. ? < ouuneneiu^ at 2 o'clock. Rosewood Parlor Salts, covered in P#r?satel. seven octave rem wood Ptanoiorte, Bruss. li and ingra<n Carpets, Minors, Turkish H isy Cheu*h mvsn d in Ti. j esUy, Coueh to match, Eteuercs, Centre Tables, La e Ct.r aius, Miaden, Mantel Or n aneiits, Boo ensrt, What* o?s, Chs Us, 1 tj;! Htan !?, Bnie; us, li.'Usteadh, Wiui'SutnUs, Hail- ami Hju iiu Matt**esses, Feat iter H" Blsnkets, t'ounl'Tjitiio s, bla< k wsliiUt Hofas, Boeking t iif.l.R, Tables, Corner m uds. En-rav it ^s, Pa^ntln^s. Slde bt?ird, Cbanile)b*rs, E?-tens?on Tab'e, Chiua. Glass, Silver v are, Knives, F<?r ;a. Union Table Cloths, Arm Chans, Card '1 sides, Stair t arisfts, Oth-loih. Also large assortment of Btsemeiit and Kitchen Furniture. Hai?* peieinptory, com nn'nclr g pn clsely at 2 o'clock ti is alt . ruoon. AUCTION NOTICE? MOltTGAOK HaLE oF HOtlsK Jx. hoid F iiuiture, iii uss? Is and lui ra.u Carpets, Piano torte, P; iior Suim, portHITY, Aueii<>u?H*r, sale#. pa>m Isnssau street.?M. POUiUI'i'Y W 11 sell, on Thurs day, O-m. 17, at I0>i oVIo k, at *5* iSaM T iitn street, near Totnpi.ins h juare, ?he eutire HonMebnid Fwruit ere contained in the above residence, vii.?ii- s- w )tyd Parlor Suits, eo vered lu t ro a?el; Fiencb pl ae I t ironic i lerarid Mantel (I .'ssi's. ltrusseis and Ii crtio t-uri-ets, ro? v is ?l Kteg?vre, ml. i or Vont Hud back; (til P?iint?nvs, rosewood Piauot'orte, :- odan mak< r; tnartde toptVuu*> Tables, China V .sen, l.acs Win-.ow Curtains, Extension I) n na 'lAblec, oiiueb<sird, Pining ?.*halrs, Boheiioan UlMsswarc, 1' t s is. Piuuer Hets. Cut e<-y, Oilc.'oths, Siair t-'arjx ?s n<? Rodr. r'aho^sny and r .St wood Pr?-Nslng, VV.?shsuvnds, Bs?1eteaos. Ila'r 31 m tr+iiu'h, Fest;t?r Beds, b /u k w.thuu and oak Chamber Hulis complete, Ini/raln Carts ts, V/nrdro'. ???*. Ae.; t??tf*ther with a ?eiieral assortment of B.iseoicut and Furoi* n ie. By order f E. JENNINGS, Jr., Attorney fo- Mortgagee. Auction notice?extra LARtJi: sale of ele . Mtu Household l-uinl uiv, the pn?otu1ye! J?i.iM?n L. Van V.dsennui(4, E-*i.. coiit*%ined in the pr*v ?te resiiein-e No 1IJ?) Wi v rlev j?Iue ?, ncur csixtii avenue, ?hiy ?h:y, at bt% o'clock p ?? eis?.|y, eo?-sisinuc ol 8-'ven o-\av? Plivi-'-forte, two Parlor Suits, covered in green velvet rips and haircloth: eaih suit coutd-ia o one sofa.onsarm,ene rep um an i lour mcual lion i-a Chairs, ra-ewood C. ntjeand i it rTaMes, rosewood Et- k r , v iih mirror ?>ack and doors; T-r Wish A. u? Cluir." sue L unges, covered ill topr*sn'y repa; tw*o niateh P<er and Mantei Mirrors, eornei and Bookstands, P.nnask aud Lace Curtains, rich (/iilua Va^ s, Oil Paintings, Clocks, rosewood an-. ui'ih ,;ni,y iledst a Is, Bur huh, Wadistands. Commodes, 12 IT.. Jr .. an res***, Bl.fiikets, MwMlnr, Slt.oles, Hofs B *us, Ch.-iis, Ito :ker-, Ta l-*s, -oil i blai k walnut E a?*nsii n Table. 12 Pining Chairs, Mahogany Bookcase, (ilu , China an 1 Silverwatv, Tsoht Cutlers, line Brtr?sel?, Ta|at?lry and liurain Carpets, OiKloths, Ciisndul^rs, <? Sale positive. E ROTH, Au? tloueer. \ UCTION NOTICT5. A Fit E.N CH AND AMERICAN Fid nT CI.ASSWaKK. ROBERT HAYPot K will sell on T r day, Oct. 17, at 10 O'^loek, at bin store. No. 1JI Idborty sir et, TA psc'.aues best quality French* Flint Glass, Importation of Mi * is. Pcrler, Uoikcr X Caieaux; jOU pa. kagca American Flint Glass. 4 UCTION NOTICE?BimNIIAMVS FURNITURE EX J.Y pies?? and Parkin-? KsUibushuient, ll.'f W *st Eleventh si reel, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Household Furni ture boxed and shlpf/ed to all parts ??< tlie world. Covered w .r/ ris for removing furniture to or l rom the country. Fur niture stored. AUCTION NOTICE.?THIS PAV, AT !<A? O'CLOCK, XV. at tin .>as?au street, assignee s -ale ol flu Gold aud S.l ser kVat?'hes, Jewelry stni Faiu-y i.ikI*, w >.Ii ?ui res? r?e, for ensh. ISAAC p. AARON, Auction*er. Auction half of BOOTS AND RIIOES. ALEXIS, BRAGG k WARREN. 30 Warren street, Will au^ll Oil Thursday, Oet. 17, at li>*^ o'clock. l.(XH) esse:* i>:' Boo;* and Shorn, embracing a very Urge as.-- >rimcut of seasonable Goods. Regular weekly auction bales of Boots and Shoes on Thu<*aays. WM. M. HOI XING SUE AD, Auctioneer. A^ HGNEE'S 8A1 !'. OF LUMBEB, HORSES, TRUCKS, sc.?Will be s-dd ui jnihiic. naction on the premise* loot o; twenty-ninth stre? t, N nil mvr, ??n Monday, Oct. 21, at li A M., all the Lumlw i, Tim cr. II. rs->, Trmkt>, II rn> 8m, A- " )n .; tin: n*,* to a lumb?y>?r?t; also a: 10 A. **L, HiftJS West T;urt\-seventh *?iroct, a lot ot Furniture, Mirror*, Carpets, Ae. A MUtS CLOSE, Assignee. k SSIGKBES SALE OT HORSE I -EZR A LUDLOW, j\ Jr., w.ii ell, this da\, ut li oVUick, in iront of -ai' S r?? m\ >.-? j.-, ? ri ?*?, one ;.o.>r v. e*c o' Broadway, the fol* 1 ?v*i*i?. per on: r of assignee:?one bay Horse, sis t . v-i old, lot, mimis Iii{.;li, one bay Pony, six years ? id, lt)? no, higit, rjkf?'il,*!?t for n boiy's uaddlc horse; one ? M\V". fo r years oM. 16 hards; one bav Marts eight y .r* eld, 10 h.: ^s and a v tv fust traveller; has trotted in - ,k>. Ait sound, kind and gentle, and to be bold without 1) Rt.DIvLYN PROPERTY AT AUCTION AND PRIVATE I) sale, or to let.?Ever> fcaiurdas at ? o'eb en, P. M., ut auct'.ou, will sell on the premises, uiril 1.000 lot* are s Id, c-nr .i?' ncing on ?he prop r;y;; between Broadwa) and li 'init av?miuo, Cov-rt. und'Moiint*- strei 1m, and Cooper ace nue, in th ? latitat enth ward, WILLIAM OOiNdbLVtiA, A -. *? net r. Also, ut prlva> sal-, K o > : .If rush, a '?>iown stone tiiroe. story iii H basement house, i?>. '0 m street, or mi b t he ip until X.iy 1; n.s->, a ttvo?toiy h?g t basement frame hou.-e, ti n iots25xlA)eue.i, at il.e head of C.i' avo ni? ?*. bounded by V, n Voorbles and Shaft'er streets, for 4,0^, \ 1 h good gat den. plenty of fruit and slirubb* ry; ab:o, it) io n ofrp -iie for Other house* and vacant lots for ?a.e v- ry cheap, on liber>l terms, yiho owner. Inquire <m me i?oi ?: i?e;i.s? runifioi .M\jUoh?kJ Lew ?? ?ven 10, i?rt?oklyn, N. B.?The Hroad>vgy and East Now Vorx ears n tss the ?u no i aale every tive minute*. WAI. T. MfLI^. 1>KO\\NK k NICHOLS, A CTiOXEXIlS?WILL SELL J ? at 4i.cin:i,, on Friday, O*!. IS, ?'1 oMo k, in front ot sale-r amis, iJii Koftsau ntreet, a bay Ilcnr.e, just tram the cot.ntry, about 8>e: rs old, peri'retly sound, gentle and kind in ..a liarnehs, and a line saddle, horde. Any woman or child can drive him; um?d to ]txoniotiros and ?li imi-ef. 1>K()?V.SE X NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL ,*J on Knday, 0-*tol?er IS, aL mio ti'elook, in front of sales room, s-as??? uirrrt? /irst rate nony bulli enestnut Ilorse, 8 years oi i, li>9 hands iiixn, sound, kintl and Kijntle; war r*wctI. He i: freo frnm .ill vlee, prompt dr'ver, a t :?st; a lady or child can drivrt him. He is aiv> a M'M'tio s.u\<ih horiro. Also a ?hlf :ii^ top Wa^on, to geiher Harness, R!ankois, Whip, "Bri-'lo. kv,, Ace., all In goo i omcr; to i#o sold v?naout reserv e only on acc??;nit ot' who ou uer having no further use lor him. *A1ko n snj erior oi.ick Horhe, H y ars old, IjI? xiunds, round, kind and ^outle; quit; la-t; a lady or Ctuld ? an drive him; a superior family horse. "|1 V .JOSEPH 11EOKM A N.?FKIPAY, OCTOBI'R 18, AT Jl) 10/3 it >1 ?ck, A. M., at the Central salesrooms, Wilioii^h i?, viit.i, orneV ot Pearl, Brooklyn, a general assortmeni of good Kuinicuie?Maho^iny ;;nd walnut 13eoste.ois, do. Dress ing Burea.-s, Sofas, IVto-a Teles, Ladles* Sew.n^ ('lours, t'ai.oi do*. Ho.- ;? ;s. Palmed Suits, ualuut anu o?k Ei t. n ' i? :*i T.diios, ( hairs, li t lauds, F? tner, llait Mat* i s;. ?? SheivU)^; white I remh ehina J>inner?nd Tea:-, is, YY heeler x Wilnoii'sSewing Machine, 60 wooden Siooi-, Car pctS Oliclotha, A)>.o, at iL' o'clock, oil't Loiy's Si.a* Sa'.l die, o,.o gent.eman's cio,% in ^ood order; two uron/c aud gilt (?. -j l.l?ai*ueiier>, four 1 piits. /"1ROCKER7v GLASS CHINA, KEROSENE LAMPS \J and Fnn'\v Goods.?This d-.?y (Tuurs.'.ay), o t. 17, at ten ?? l<? -k, a NS anvil Mrocl, a ?hU' of tUj L?ts irh??;e? ^i.tids, worthy the n ? of r? wanting easU Uargaios, Th*-side is absolute, to close the concern. W. \v. SHIRLEY, Auctioneer. CONSTABLE'S SAUS.?BY VIRTUB Of SEVERAL execution* l will exp ?>e for public sale ou Fri.inv, 16th i:?,.t. i?e Fivtnres of ik French Re%tiinrant and I5:i:r'>oin, l.f Hioad ?.trest. W. W. L.vl>0, Countable. 7 \ IN tEL A. MATlfEWfl. Ar'cTU ? .i'.Tl, WTI.L SELL J i tt.H day (Thnradeyi, at 1? >9 t?'cl " 1 . at his s.?'-?i7i* IS as. sue-t, a i/oneut; aso-.m tu?i iiousehmd Furuituie, vl/;?U? h 1 wtaal I'arlt?r Sul's, Centre Tables, Kouk tvs, Kv? t nMonTabie.s, Loun^t s, m.:iiogao\ Hi!';e,i'ha rs. Arisen i"s, Ko? keis, Ur s.^iiii: itiueac.H, Ke.lhieat; >. \V,j-.::. b \\ K h S. nd, enamelled Chamber Mitts, B .s>. ? nd !n,;i a.iiv ? r pe v, nallChitir-, liuit? ts, bii.ln-M ,njr.4 Jyoun^.? , t 'aia In b.cs, China Vases, Shaoop, Xr. i a a!< gnes iiovv reativ. I EDWARD SO IRN4 K, i\ CT 0! EI R j ASSIGNEE'S SALE HV SUPERIOR HOl-Sr.HOiJ.1 Fi, 'tNlTUUE. I*,y EDWARD SCHENCK. ilifs day, 17th in.- ?nt, at 11 O'eiock. at hiHSalesmomF. l.'oand 157 Hr ? ?.:tvay, the stork of one i tin? i<ne-. cabinet niai:crs in ?iie ei.y, e,.n*>? lug in part of elegant solid carved and plain itwn . d suiiy, in satin and brevet* 1. piu-maud r.*f.s; eiecant r-v v .< d Ainoire* cilace, m.ieni.; out rosew eon roui.a cornoiTd iied^< atis and Bu reaus; do, in black walnut, linfshed in od; rosewood and wal nut Seciet;vry Libt i . v iiook'.asc, elegant rosewood and wal nut Ei- .eres, ?ai\ed walaut and 0.4 ; i>uire!^,oak and wal nut Library and D'rin:' I: -n\ Ch dr and other elegant Fur niture. Tie" above is all of the verv U-st uianufaeture, and wi'l be ;?osltively ?.old oy md r of lirsignee. The partleular attention ??( tbo-c in want of olegart fniniture is respect fully request'd to this sale. J. B. F11EEMAN, Assignee. /^BOKOK HOI BROOK, AUCTIONEER?WJ LL SELL VT tin day, at2o cUjek, at 476Canal sire, l, beiaccu Hudson nki? I Creftiiwieh strtHfs, the entire stoek of a fMHS>nd hand Furniture dealer, comprising mahogany Solas, Chairs, Rook cases. Wardrobes, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Beds, Redoing, Stoves, Tables, Mirrors, ow ros- \rood I'Uno, C ar pets, OHeloths. China, Glass, twenty dozen cane, wood and oiner Cnairs. Also, some goods left on storage, so -h us Vel vet Tapestry. Threc-jdy Carpets, fivo Ur^e Pier Glasses, Ciiandeliem, Kitchen Furnitoret ^c., by order ol Asfiguec. No reserve. Store to lot. " ' * ?" 1 ? '? SAIjES AT ACCTIOJf. I^EOKOE COOK, AUCTIONEER VX AhsIruhb'* mile of eletiHut lloiiacbold Furniture, Hemoved for convenience of b.ili- to 141 Broadway, tbil <Ihv, nt 11 o'clock, being the entire ?tock of one of thebeil Cabinet lUk'T'a In the city, connlatiiiK of raiiur, Chamber, Library ami Dlnluc Boom Hull*; Wararol>en, Klt-Kcrri, Bul let*. mtenilon Pining Table*, LnutiKtv, t'lialrn, Secretaries Bookeaaea, *>?. Kr>r pajrilcttlori Msucatii'oguea. N. 11.?At 2 o'clock, a auperb Portrait of Washington and lila l*dy. GHKAT ABHUJNBK'B 8AT.K t<K STOVES.?THE STOCK of a wholesale dealer will ba sold bv J. F, DI'Nt'AN A CO., AttcUiiui-' rx, ou Thurkday. October 17, ut 1"^ o'clock, al 111 Naaaau street, a largo aaaortmeat of ct> k and f??rloa fciovea, Uoatein aud K-iutcn; al?u a Ui(!? lot ol Copier Bo* torn*. A good opportunity for dealer a and other*: sale post live. By order or W . 11. <i KAU AM, Assignee. HENKY H. LEEDS, ACCTIONEEB.?HENRY It LEEDS CO. will xeU, ut imctini, in Tin twl ty, Out 17. 'it mUt o'clock, at 131 l.atit Nineteenth street, betweea f>ecoud mid Third avemu h, the property of a yeutlcmaa leaf lui! for Eitropa. Elcffint Household Furniture, ron?lailiK<if velvet, Uruxanla and nr/raln Oarpeta, carved ro?cwo.>d Suit covered In -ircen figured brocatol, eU-Mnt tlU I'rurne Hter Mhxors with umtl>l4 tin'? i :? mi brackets, and ooiuloea in natch; curved ruxt uood luurole topCentre Tables; elegant armulre-a-glaee carved ri.M. wnod and muboi.-iuiy Bi'daiead; rowtwood marblo top l>rca? lim Bureaus, elegant tiiil imine Oil ralniituM, Mm k walnut Pining Chairs, covered ill tfreen reus; b'.ui < oaiimt c\tcti loa Pining Table*, black walnut Bullet, with brocat&l lop; a law, Kitc.ien Furaltup. ivlth which the stile will commotio.. Alio, at I o'clock 1'. M., In front of the rt nidenoe, IiIh Homes, Carriage*, lUrnc.s, Ac., without reserve, viz:? Ono Kr.iv lloim, W/i h*nd? hltfb, 8 years old, warranted tound in etery r< -pei-t, kii d la All buitiosa, and uu cxcelleut kaddle horse, and very stylish. Also a bla i Canadian i*o.>y. It hnnd* high, 8 years ol^ perlectly gentle lu harnet <, ami \ food saddle liorKefoi a indjv Alaoaliuc city mad?' Coupe Kuckaway, built t 'onlerby lirewslar, but liuta uxtd, In uno elder, and a very stylish ve hicle. Al oa nearly new .op Bug?, built to order, of the Liteal Btyle, pateot aklca, Ac. Also a aet ot silver plated Harness, built to ordor and neaiv ly new. Al>"> a gent's SjianUb Saddle aud a lady's Kide Saddle, Bri dle.-, At-., nearly new. Henry ii. leeps, auctioneer?eleoani Household Furniture, Paint hm?, EiiL-ravluci-, Hur-'A t'lTiinges, Hani.-.?, Ac? 11ENHY II. i.KEPS V OO. wil w l, ut auction on Friday, October 18, at U>i{ o lock, at the x I'e.Hio iiu, 2 t Nassau stieut, elegant Ili iu-e iold Furni ture, I'jiiniinirf. Kngruvinsis Her^en-CarriHges, ll.irtiAK*, io., being the oomplete MtanUshinentor o gem eman 1 -uvitei fut Euiopt, mid removed from hieoountry -M-ut lorconvcnlenea of sale?a!l in ' e m order by i e bfgt city makers?c-iUK'stiog of elegHnt curved Perior Fm'nl lite, en kiilm. covere hi .iiree C 'lotvd pllk luo e rvo<l Centre and Hiile Titles la mstab; d<. Car I Table*. Kuuteuil, Chu n, ele .autiuii'ved Ete c r.-, a li!" op; hQtK lgi:e r?, Consnh'*, l'irr ami M .n el S.rnrs, rloMy .am d, with liases; Cor'ainsand Cnnn es; a vny suyeri .r stveu octave i*iano, rich rasa, hv 1". elm... .t lir-v, wi Ii (he Dolce Ctiminna aiii.clinient, selected by a professor for the present owi.i r, end c.'.st #ii.VI Diu 'ut ttoom Furniture ol r.rved Kilt, Buffet, Extension T Vc and Ch ilis en sulte^ Dluir.. 1!' oin Ue.rigerauir Cut ('.la?aan<l Crystal Waie. D a nr.indT tS'ts, the l>e?t oi Cutlery, all in line order. IJ 1> ir>? Bluet wnlnut Fntnlutre, Keadlog Tn' lea. Chairs anl Uliri.ry I ookrases. Bi d oom Fu uitureo: solid carved rose> wood and ma >. any; Armoir. -a ula e, Uedeteade, Bureau^ CaMm'tH, Wasb t<nds, all mud.' t > order; a'so neaulli ully d--. orutrri Co ti?K? Suif:-*, ?erp?ntine IiojiUb and n.-bljr K !? ami urnaiiu-ntod: firm qiiuluy Willon, Voh'Ul and Brut ntdHCnrpi-tBund OilclolhB, iu ftnflorder; Mattii wHivs, i'it:ow? and Hp?!din?? f ih" finest all ni?de to order m4 as Ir-nh us A!?*>, a tmmber of ttnv Hron/e?. Otock% (^audPlalir.iitMid M.intid Ornmnenu in variety. AIha n piete cupiM r Hait? rie do but little used. A^o, bij eatiro Lthrnry will btifit'M iitinit^iiately arter tiio fm niturtij in t?tir pill u-iistut n: u. about volumes dawn-?;*! and Htan?lai<t U or ks, ? jc >ly lound and r^nntlly m*!fct?*d. Al?<satine P w irait of buuicl Wi bNtcr, the la?l (lairiMuff nt't iat c^li-l?rut?*d statPAmRii by the renowned Hrtiat ObesU r Hari ng. ^l?>o, an original copy of Hogarth's Worfcs, ConipJetf; ucojiyof Audubon s Quant U)*ed8. complete; Ool lon'a C'hurchep Finden'* tuUery, rvraniins of (Jih.n, aud other valuat-Ir SVorkR. Carriages, Hnrsen, Harney. A<\, al 12 a clock, in trotit of our store, contesting of a very tine )tali Oi' bav ? %urriaKe Ilorse^, lf>>j haa It* hlch, Ktylish drivers, and very endnriuu. pertectly si#nnd and a vttry det?lra?ile *p*uf an elegant oi?en riuclon, made by Wood Brother* to or1*% silk lino t throughout, with extra Klahoaiul leathern etn loslni Kid?^, forming an open or clout? imrria^e, nearly new, corti $I.OUtl. Also,'Do i.le and Single Harney, made to order, ai in ,'n.H condition, but lit tic* used. Ala?>a Hlugle subniantial Top VVa^on, in line order. We expressl> invite tho al enttoa or our friend* and the public to the above sale, as it is of the first quality, made to order regardless of expense, is iu ?ple?. d.d condition, and must positively be sold as a' ovc wiu out reserve. Hekrv rr. leeds, auctioneer.?iienrv a LKKDS Jk CO. will sell ut a net I >n ??n TnntMiay, Ont 17, at 12 o'clo k, in front of Ktoro 23 Nn isau street, Horso. W.ti^on and llarnesa? Pony 7 years >ld, 13 hands hign, sound and kittd in barney-, a ^ooti twiddle horse; haa beet: Uhed by a boy for the last two vears; also handsome top Wagon and Harite^Miew thia summer; sold on account of t!to ownei g-iing to Europe. HENKV I>. MINKR, AUCmONEKB?SALESROOM ST Nassau s.reet, ??pposiie the Post olhce.?Ili-.NKY D. MINKrt will soil at auction, on Thursday. Oct. 17, al W)f o'clock, on the premises .Vt9 Hleeekrr streot, near Ei;;i?ifi avenue, the entr ? St(?ck, 0??od Wi!) and Fixtures of a 1'siat Store, comnri^ing a fien- r^l ag-oument of Painu, Oii^ llrusiien, Winooiv ('llass, Window Shades, fiue Wall Pap; r% Alconol, Cotds and T***ets, Cur ain Pins, Ladders, Bnow* eusea, Paper Kacka, Couulcra, Jbruuers, ?Signs, ire. To )m sold without re&crvo. Henry green, auctioneer-will selu this day. at 10fu u'doek, at the auctioM store No 194 William *?reet, inOkeps Daich Herring, 100 boxes Starr's Prepared <iiue, Tea, OoU'v*\ 8??ap, Mtuvar uii. Vermicelli, MuedaHL Prunes. 50 demijoar.a Liquor., (vsrtous), Seicars ?uc. A'-so, tl 11*^ o'clock, 75 pairs Men's Oaitera. lot of Clothing, Fancy Goods, Ac. Hardware auction notice.?eighth fall trade sale of hardware.?JOHN K. VAX ANT'A'EUl i SON. auctioneer, will sell, on Thursday, Ot. 17, Mil, at Ml o'clock, a'. IiIh salesroom, 73 William ?Iitp!, Rlt? loin assorted English. Herman anil American Hardware, Cutlery, .te comprising In part Angura and Augur Bltts, Car Bells ani 8le gh Bell*, embracing Nec't, Body and Belly Strap*. Dou glas aud Dik.'n?on'? Draw Knives. Trunk Lock*. Hasps aad Saplej. bri'ft Lump Hooks, hard frame Slates, Chissel Haa ul-s, liraw Hack H*w?, blue lark do., bra * abd white nMl Hand II"!!*, En dish Padlocks, Curry Combs, Corkscrew*, Tweeter*. steel Key Kings. steel Watch Oh* us, Till L"<k% Clout Malta, Tai ks, (looks and Maple*, (liver pi* ted Cas'ev^ In invalid Rules, Chlasel*, Gouge*, Dog Collars, Pocket Knives, Ac. Term* four mnuiba credit. JOHN H. Rl'Rf.EY, AUCTIONEER?WILL SET.L THIS duv. at 2 I'M Il k., at lit Canal n-ruei, a lino aamii tmini af Furniture; mart mi- top and other Bureaua, 80 a?, 80 a B?'j, root e and other Tables; mahogany, rocking anil other Chnlra; Watdtobea, mahognnv. blai'k walnut and other Jlodsteudst two :argo I'l r, on* Mailt e ?nd othr G1 .?*?*-; Hatracks, tw? hiaek valuut lee Boxes, nsewoid, maleg.ny aud o.h?r Wash* lands; H.ut Chandelier*, BrusBels, three-ply ingrala and otherCarpets; Oil Clollin, Hair and other M.illmix*, F< aiher Bed*. Coin fori era. Blanket*, Bedding, Conking ana Omce Stoves, Cr ickery. Suits in hair cloth, Cutlery, KiU liun. K riiieu and UUu Ware. JOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER.?IIENRY PALM KB will sell, at the New York Tattersall'*. corner ol Sixth avenue and Thirty ninth atreet, on Thuriaay, October 17, at il o'clock, IIor*es, Wagon* and Harness Sale positive, ia dose a concern. ?JOHN F. DAVIg, AUCTIONEER.?1,01)0 CASES.? rj Large *"ml-ai.nual Male of Knot.-,, Shoes and Rrngaiiual auction, on Thursday, October 17. at 10}j o'clock, at stop of ,T. S. 1 .(? vcrelt A Co., lii Conlandt street, comprMng a large au'wmi'nt m' fresh city made and Eastern Goods. T? oe wild without reserve. Jr. TItAVEK, \CCTtONEI5R?OFFICE 170 CHATHAM ? stri et?will Heil on Friday, at 1<13 o c oek, at 314 1 ireon wieh street. n lar.e stork of linporleu H,;itiuis, lu qiiiir.e,r*_ eighths, demijohns and bottles; other Liquors, fixtures of store, Ac. A line chance for liquor dealers. JOHN J-iTv AN ANTWERP S 8ON, AUCTIONEER?WILL include in Ilia eighth :all trade fail ol Hardware. tb.l u iv, (let 17, at 11 o'clock at hi* silesmom, 73 Wll am st u Invoice of Sieigh Bells, einbracjng Nock, Bodyand Belly Straps; also Cow and Hoii&e Belt*. Terms, lour mouths' credit. TAittiE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. THIS J afternoon, at two O cl ?'k, at lie Ur,!e dwelling ou?e IA tV .? 1-y place, ?. slcormr ol Sixth avenue, mlisi-tliig ol Tapestry and Ingrain Carj eta. two I.lack walnut Pai In-8uH% o'vei -ii 111 hair elotu uno i'luati; Bookstand*, Centre Taolo^ Et"?erea, tiuriam.-. Chairs, Bei'.itends, Bureau*, >.iit;ie*a?% iiolster., I'lllO'VS, CilHi.s and China Ware. Kilverwaic, Vh*. a, CnH'ks, Oilcloths, Stair Carpets, Ac, Sale poMtlie. Tel him cash, in bankable money. Ail tue Koods must be removed twi try-four hours alter the sale. MORTOAGB HALE.?ON~V ONDAY, THE 218T INST all that certain pari of Land situated In t ie county m Oueida, and Slat* of New York, with the bulU.lims thereon, known as the tiuiinarion Glassworks, with all the iiupnivo> nnnls 1 hereon, together Willi tho Ittaeres of Lu ml, more or less, will i.e sold on the above dalo at itome, N Y., at 10 o'i loek, 10 I he blghiuit bidder. Cars leave Chambers street der'.'l at 5 1*. M. on Saturday. For partieulars apply M TOCH 4 ni!0., 35 Bowery. Mortgage sale of itousehold kt'rniti're? At 74 Sixth avenue, near Jell-r?.?n mai'ke.t, ihln atier. noon, at ? o'clock, consisting of two 1'arlor Suit*, Centre Ta bles, rosewuod Eie^ re, Curtain*, Vases, (Haas, t h 'in au4 Silverware, Table Ciitlei-v, line BrusselsCaiii 'ts, Hi d '.'-ajl*, Bttrcai's, Waaiistands, M'lire-ses, Bolster, IMllows, Oilcloth, Soi.ia, Chairs, Rockers, Clocks, Oor> er Siauds, Ac. B, ,.rdor of L BHEIDB, Auornay for Mortgagaa. PAWNBBORBR'S SALE.?W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL this day. at ?.> Oha .liam street, a laiv anil valuable a? s 'rtini nt ot" men's and women's Clothing, Remnantik guilts, Blankets, lli> ts. S.ioes. a ?. Sale to culiiuien e at 1# o'clock. By oidei "i .1. it. A J. Btinpaon. fi'AWNBltOKKI; S SAl.i -A. M. "cttiS'i'A ^Alt vV iLL I sell tills da>, at 11 o'eiuck, a Itrge asaortm lit of Men'* Clothing, 1 oiisisilug of Beaver and I'ilot Ovm. us, Fro>k Coats, 1*11 ins. Vest*, remnants Cloth, Ac. By order ot I. Lyn. h, 7S Grand hin-ot. C A J. li' iiAKT, AC(.' IIOXELKS.?SAi'URaJ\ 1', OiT. l~ . W, at 10>i o' UMik, at tnc Auctiiin Rooms, No. I North William sireei, !Inii ;i hold Furniiure, consisting 01 maho.-a nv Solas, 'i'ainm, C'inirs, t arj et*, Lnokln; Ilia**, Bii'. aua, W i.shta.mds, il. ist. a s, Bens ind Bedding; Kitchen Furni ture, A-e. Also, u iv'iia'eile 'i'al'le. YV'.M. S MuILVaIN, Al t I lo.NKKH -CAM. idA Ja it puiiicn-i, from I'hil.Kielpai.i, at auetlon on Friday, i.Sta lust., ill iUo'aliK'k, at No. 'J .lean street. The gale consists of over l,00tM'amcllas, iOOCipe J s amlti"sand llwari Orange*. Ac,, t'nim the nlirs"i v o!' Mr. .I11I111 lin k. The iilauts are all in Cue order anil wi : set Willi liov. r buds, suitable for win ter blooming lu the parlor or greenhouse. Catalogues now re*'ly Ytr\f. \. LEWIS. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON KRI T V dav, O *to ier IS, at II o clock A. M., at Mo ri inns Hail, Itailroin! aveuni', near Fllla s.rev t, the ent re s o .. ot a Livery SI ibl".eoii?? Ing of Hors s, Carrin?es, light Wa. 01,% i:ockatviiv>, I); pot Wagons. 1.dies' and gemleini 11's.- 11 s, Brh li s an*! Ilu- n sh; also one pair ot hl.e k Hois s. It; hand* .iliili, kind in all harnes*, tiic prop -rty of a p 1. Ionian .vho has 110 i;.-e lor them. They may he teen at Phillips* livery siaole mid bou. lit at priva'.e saie any day betore the au 'tloD. 1V1LL1AM ABBOTT, AUCTIUNKEU-WILI, SELL ON VV Friday the entire balance of the s im k 01 Sioves mi Ui* fitetury Sii Pearl slreet, 1 omostiiig ol all kinds and sl/cs of Cooking Moves, Parlor, Stor? and OUice Suives, Ranges, Ac. Sale to comnr'nee at 10'? o'clock. HATHIMOSI All. A GENTLEMAN, AGED TUIUIY I IVK, WISHER TO marry n lady, tsissesslnu social pontlon, weeltn and loveable qualities. Address lies alas, si.uloll A Pom .rli. e. Corn spondeniT will demotistiiile the advertiser'* ainceruy, hiith Social position and wortliiu ss. AFASCiNATINU YOUNG LVOV.'AUEI> N1 S KI'IMX". nearly tierril or all she eVnr loved, Ioiirs to , ml .1 , . art worthy o, r eontidenee. Ii tliero be one such in ill s wi le wore! deslioi.sof no eiiug a s m|iathiiing spirit?aud, ^er? haps, a wife who would ml come duwcrles??tie 11.ay audnsa A. S. D., box 138 He mid oflice. Matrimonial.?a' young ladt, 17 years or age, tleSH'es to eorrespond with a genUeiuan of fortune alid respectalillltv, with a view to matrimony. He tnnst not lie ai.ove i'l years of ag'\ A clerrfj mm pi. ferred. Ad dn ss Mis* LueyStouc, tare of Wm. Bcnnet, 2U Pine street, room No. f>. MATKIMONUl.-AV AMERICAN WIDOW LADT about tony year* of a<;e. highly respectable, desire* to make the aoitialiiunii e of uu elderly gentleman of m-an? and respectaliillty, with a view to uiatriiiiou>. He tiiual b? 1 over fifty years of age. Living In the country prelerred. AJdresa ;tr*. Aod?rton, Brooklyn ro|V offica.

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