Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 18, 1861 Page 2
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Board ot AU?rmw> The Boar! ot Aldermen met ?l 11 vo o'clock last evening. ThePresidout boiog absent, Alderman Cornell took tho chaV. ? A resolution to the ofTcct that the New York T/wMer be and is hereby appoiutod a con>oratlon newspaper to publish tlii1 procep lings of I he Common Couucil aud adver tisements ul dejaii liiieuts was referred to the appropriate committee. The report of the Commit loo upon National Aflairsgavo rue to s< ul ' unimportant discussion. The report of tii- c amiitti 1 to whom the cot'-Ido.'itioii of tlio question w th rn/ard to the soldiers' allotment funds vi as referi. 1 x'.L'mitted the fallowing re?o|iitiot>?>? II \ ed,Tt; it Audi ew V.Stout beni.d isli-r> by :? jn>oiut etl a Com;: -?-?i"iier of tlio Soldier.;- All' tiaent I'm; l:i tho uaiuo and 1 ?< half of tlio Ma) or, Aldermen and Coiiim >n:tky ol tlioiuty ol New i ork, fur tlio regiments and companies w hol -M nit-ted in the cltv, toaotns their agent and trus tee, to riceve Midi sums of money as tho soldiers may allot, aiidtii distribute the same lo tech persons and In mirli iu ii.iiu: hainia) be siioclllod by tho gold tare trans mittiiijt the until'', according t'i the'system adopted by tdo War Ik'partment. U '.solv '?!, That Andrew V. HI > t bo authorized to em ploj siu:U at.*ii-latn-.e ns be may deem neoaxeary to give full force to ihe foregoing resolution, and that tho Comp troller h" uithorlx^d and dlrictodto pay to Andrew V, Stout nli 1 ili? for tho noMWK' v exp< nses Incurred by him in carrying out tho foregoing revolutions, on the proper vouchcib therefor. Tlio r ?olutkm km divide J, and the llrat portion ap jiolntinir Mr. Stout Commissioner of the funds wasadopted. '1 bo latter |Kirt of the roaointlou recommillod. In i'iai(?'ii?' to a reauiutlon a looted at tlio previous meeting of the I'-wrd, calling on th?Comptroller to far nith the R'ard with the twn:es ot iversons rinployed by them, and tae compensation to earh, under the provisions of tUu ot Jin nix lor the relief of tho (.million ol volun teers, \c , the following 1H was turn lain- 1:? .lolui If Grbemn, General Sup >r intendent .fc?0 pjr montb. Shoriduii >h<-ok. Assistant Treasurer 1 "??? " Willutui TrmJow, A.-sb-tuut Tr 'iiurer.... iiO " A. A. P< riuaii, Assistant Treasurer 150 ? .1 W. Hitch, At tft.tnt Treasurer ito) " Thoodore From ut, clerk, at the rat" or $700jvr annum, together with >evo'i eth-.v e.lork-i. at tins into of $;?o per annum earh; tui intciprotii;;; eli vk, at $2 i?.-r day;an at tendant interpreting clerk at ji per day. and an attendant ?t $1 60 |x* day. ' WHIKKT HAW*, Comptrc*ter. Joule oth-r MiiiinporUiBt wan traaaactod and tho B 'ai d ai^oui Ul 1. Coioncm' Iiiiturstn. AtttnKNi at Tim \i.i.Atr.a Wo'ist.?Doonis Canning, a native Of Roland, aged 02 years, died at tho New York Hospital yesterday, from the ciTfcts of Ini.irie* ftd htan taUg roooived, M tlio 71 it itu-t., at the Ad aire \\ orks. Poeeasod, it apj Pirs, was a ui i. lia;lat m the ahovo co tablishment am! while in thp "l<l- Iiol.-.. ? >g itw bomi.'t of a stonni c.liaet the .?lin ;s ,'ai <? way. when the heavy hum fell upon his leg, erne long it so g .-ve i y Hut. ii wis found uecixsary to send him to thehoapiUil The |xi tiont lin ; re I lii ,r?'it n;ony i t.til death (eat an end to hltS'iffd log*. Coroner J/irkmttu held an la^eest t p-in the iKidy l<oi>. Kkcovhuu).?The 1 >oily of Andrew Ji liQRon, who was(i!own?d by the sinking of tho sclioou^r ^cmge !?' Itrowp, in tii - Kast rlv t, fit the foot of Twenty -third on Saturday uigln, ^tiei t, \w reioverod yi .-teiday and taken to the d. ad house a' tii > lelievu ? II" pit"!, for i on?r Jaekinan was ti tlfied of the fu.'t. ami will ho'I an i 114lient . 1 ion iho roinaim to-day. Tim body of James Smith, who was also diowacJ, has not yet bceu re covered. Faiai, Fau, Town Staibs.?Coroner $chiruxoi held an iu qiast yi ,-t 'rday at Ilohevuo Ho. pital u|*iti the b dy of Mary M (Irath, wife of one of th ? 1 i.teonili reg.mant N w York Volnnti . who die t from 'It *i ts o. injui ie< ne cidratally reoelvod by falllin; < o'.vn s tair.'i at her re-ideiiee in titiilngum avonuo, near 1 i."tiy 8 -vetnh ctro ?!, w IiIIp in toxkatei1. Verdtct in aceo. danee with tho iVin facts. Deceased was thirty-jive years o; ago, nil I wa a uative of Ireland. Cki'>"ik:' T'i Pr *th.?As J?:tip-= Tnvy, 1 lal>orPr in one of tiwi up town quarries, was pis;-;n ''nlong 1'iphth avetieo. In the neiehlHith 'od ot nx:t.\? str?"t. on Wednesday morning, n two )>?? e truck, with a Irtg.- r.a-k ii|h>ii it. overtook hiin. lie couti.i ;cd to wa k da by m e with tho vhale for a hleek 01 to, when, by a sudden jolt, the imuien-e bmldi'r w thrown from the tria-ic. mnl falling tirmn de c.oaded < r; d him 10 death. ( o oner Sehirm r h' Id ai^ inquest upon 1I1 !m y, ?lion ti.o j,.i y reuderod a verdict of''An 1 tital i'e ;t!i. ' 1 1 ?. I was a native of Ire land . and wt s flfty-fotir y ai - o' n^e. The tlayva Arctic Kspcilit ion. Tlio II lifax Jbii-nal gi.<.? the. iluwmg | arucuhu.j of tho crniv' and a'Tival "f l.'ie If iy -i Arctic expedite u:? tTp in the timo of their arr.vnl nt tl is jmrt the parly had Ixvn for ovor twelve iih-ik lis without receivlu ; news from hoiua, excepting, U?we <-r, .. solitary Kngiieh in .? paper, ohtuned ?t V'pp.-r Nur. r.alainiug 1'rcsiJilit Lincoln's |?r- < initiation for an extra 'lesion of fVmgres-. it may be r adily imputed ho* eager were oflicoia ami crew U p-.'-si'.-'-i tbe'.osclve.i of lunv.spsper.-) Cvuiainin: news fr out homo. Pine ? their il -pa/tirfc the storm clmiil, then a tne.-e npock ti the political horizon, lits s; r ail tnrtk wb be trens, t pit t i iU ? emmtr) tatio I Im Ucrroieol civil war. Kuini. Ire e lollowed oti" ut ter ihc olbor m i|<i;ck smoii, ami to tlu-80 Arctic voyaged ii must seem a.- if the occurrences of ati ordinary life time had beoncetupru'R"d Into the tew months of their absence. The I'ni'cl St.'.hs s iiled from TVs'on iu July, 1300. Shorcachidl' jkv Navi' ,'fier a shor' psssa; <v mid pro ceeded fr<m t!i ?<??# to s-uiith'a Straits, where >ho remain ed until July 10,1861. On the 14th of April, however, a party left the vessel, consisting of thirteen men nnd sixteen dogs, Willi boats on sledges. Tho leader of this d< g tiom I i now on board the United States, and is a (lit ? pecim u of tlif specius. Tlio parly readied latitude "'J degrees in ih- Midi!" Smith's Straits, aud hero tho parly divided?l'r. Hayes and three men w.ntss far a.-< latitude 81 degrees 3a ml uutes, west tide of Kennedy Channel, and were there obliged to put back, their prov.sW.s hOiHg ex hum ted. I>r. Ilaye* rencH" 1 his vessel on tho '27th of Mly. (in the l.-ithof July, 1?G1, they proceo-lod to Llttletonjsland, where tho vaesel remained until the 27th. Siiliug from thence in a northerly direction, they were tuet by itn nii'tiso packs of Ice, which the \e-sel could not penetrate. She then made for Ca]*5 Isaheiln, oil the w^t side of Smith's Straits, which waa salely reached. Boat parlies were sent out from hero to explore, but the ice was s i solid that no chance was found for proceeding, 'lhe United States next came to an anchor at the Esquimaux settlement of Natiik, Norlhuniberlaud Island, on the coast of Greenland. After ,-nrveylnpc Whale Sound the ve?ael sailel for Upper No vie, ~>n ihe royjg" home, arriving there on the 15th August, Htilaft-r i n??lng through 150 miles of Held ice in Mo.'vill " iliy. She isrt d from tlionet for Discoe Island, and en the 17th or Septembor left for New York. From September -4 to October 7 the United States experienced very heavy gales,and sustained some slight injury lo her sails ar.d gear. Si.e put in hero for re[>uirs, au'J will probably remain until Monday next. August Soatag, iUj aslruuomer. a gentleman of high scientific attainments, who accompaimtd Dr. Kami on his last expedition , and was at one lime connected with the United StatesC.waiSurvey,was frozen to death in his elcdgewhlle out exploring,a' companied by a single Ksqtti max. The body was recovoro<l and inter rod at l'ort Folko, noji- Cape Alexander. Tho carpenter. Oibseu f'aruthers, died during the voyage. Theso aro the only deaths out of tho crew of sixteen pci sons which loft Bo-.-lou. T]je party wad tiuusu allv free Irotn sickre- ?. Six me a hcionping to the wro-Ued whale ship St. An drew, of Aberdeen, joined tbo fulled States al Discoe, tnftkiui' tho crew twenty in number. JUn-, ati Esquimaux, ou vili'.m Dr. Kane placed great dependence, who is freipa ntly mentioned in l)r. Kaue'.i hook, And who desertetl that expwlition while in Iho ice In the far North, was found at Capo York by the crew of tbo l'ui;ct Stales, and returned in tlie vessel to I'jiper Nuvic, fri in whence he bud started with Dr. Katie. Tlio expedition went as far north as 81 deg. 3a min.? a latitude which Is said to have been before reached "nly by Perry in 1827-'28. On the coldest day experienced tbo thermometer was down tD 68 degrees below zero. The vessel wns provisioned for fwo years, and her re turning now, without having had any serious disasters, Inclines us to the belief that the party lias made some Important discoveries which they are not desirous of communicating here. If so it will bo laid before tbo pub lic ere long. The following le a correct list of the officers and crew of the United Ptatos:?Commander. 1.1. Hayes, M. P.: Cap tain, S. .T. McCormack; First Mate, H. W. Dodge; Second Mate, John McDonou^h; Commander's Sacrctarv, G. F. Knoor: Assistant Astronomer, H. P. Radc.liffe; Master's Mate. C>lin C. SUrr; a cook, steward, cabin boy, and ten tn-sn before Ihc mast. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tiii b?day, Oct. 17?C P. M. Tlierc id nothing new to report in the money mar ket. The mipply seeking employment on call con tinues large; it will probably be increased by the recent decline in stocks. The business in Treasury notes a|rpears to absorb the attention of tlic bro kers for the present. Foreign exchange opens steadily but without cuueh lemajid. Bankers ask 107% for sterling and D.33% for Ckucs, but we hear of Orat class bills at 6.35 for frutics, and 107% for sterling. There are but few nmcuutije bills in market. The ?tock market, which closed weak last even In jf, whs convulsed to-day by an absurd panic cre ated by Mr. Bo ward's letter to Governor Morgan. Government stocks fell 2 a 2*4 jy;r cent, and every thing shared in the decline. At the first board New York Central fell 1 per cent, Erie 1%, Iludson 1 Y%, Reading 1/, Michigan Central 3, Toledo V/?, guaranteed 2, Rock Island 1 Vt, Qnincy V/%, Pacifio Mail 1%, Galena 1%, MUlOOrts\7/t, Tennessee* y%. After the board still lower prices ruled, the bears being eager to put out their options at the decline, and using Mr. ffyirard's circular with eflect against the market;- It irM noticed, how ever, that even pending the stampede stocks were so scarce that the shorts had the utmost diffi culty in making their deliveries. At the second board *ome new orders cams in for government which Improved y% per cent, and tho mar ki t gemiuHy dosed a fraction better. It was <|i ot i a.'y at lha close, the following being the ji^t Stattfs rcgiattiviJ, 1881, 92 a 93; United States 6's, coupon, 1881, f)S a ?>4; United States 5's, 1874,83 a 84; Virginia 6's, 45% a 47; Tennessee C's, 42% a 43; North Caro lina 6's, 68 a CO; Missouri 6's, 43% * 44; Pacific Mail, 01% a 92; New York Central, 77% a 77%; Erie, 30% a 31; 'Hudson ltivcr, 30% a 37; Ilurlem, 12 a 12%; do. preferred, 30% a 30%; Heading,36% a 35%; Michigan Central, 49% a 49?# Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 17% a 17%; do. guaranteed, 36% a 37; Panama, 115 a 117; Illinois Central, CG a 66%; Catena and Chicago, 70 a 70%; Cleveland and Toledo, 35% a 35%; Chicitgo and Rock Island, 49% a 49%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 62% a 03; Milwaukee and Prairio duChien, 18 a 19; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 89 a H9%; Dela ware and Hudson Caual, 85 a 80; Pennsylvania Coal, 76 a 79. While Wall street was quaking over visions of foreign wars the presidents of our city bauks met at the American Exchange Bank this morning to consider the subject of the government loan. The sense of the meeting was in favor of taking the third $50,000,000 loan at once, and of negotiating with Mr. Chase for the $100,000,000 of seven per cent stock which he is authorized to Issue at par. Alter some oonversatlon, however, it was resolved to refer the matter to a committee, which will re port at an early day. The following were the reso lutions adopted:? On motion of Mr. GalUtiu, it w:m unanimously resolved that a committee,consisting of Avo pewon*, be appointed t* consider the expediency# taking tho thir.l tifty mil Ik ns of the United riuten 7.30 pi?r cent Treasury notes belore the time lmmod in the origiual uyrooment, ami to confer with the committer from Itoston and i'b!l;idelptii<* :uid with ilit* ye' r.-ttiry of the Treasury ou tin* subject. The follow .ug gentleman were tlicin ;?j>,o>l uaUlcom ? mittnp:?Jumiti tin! la tin i (leorgt S. Co>, Muse* Tnylor,R. W. Howes, O. P. I.Mverich. On mot.if'U of Mr. (ifillattn, Mr. Stevens w*k added (o the commillio, to act a< cliauiimti. Mr. (i;il;*tin al^o oit.ired Uiefollowing resolatiun, whioh w cis uuuuiwnib^y adapted.? Ri-solved, That the committee of Ave appointed tinder the mtegoing resolution l>o requested to con lor with the I! >8t0u and i'hilulolplua hanks and tlio Sj> p Ijiiy uf the Troastiiy lit regard to nil tho stocks still unsold author izod hi t'ie act to authorize a riiti'mat loan, approved July 17,1801. As Mr. Seward's letter to (lovernor Morgan has given rise to unfounded alarm in certain "jnartors, It may be as well to observe that we are shipping and shall continue to ship until the end of Auifnst next, to Oreat Britain arid Franco, nearly three millions c bushels of grain weekly. This lurgo supply from this country is the only guarantee which the people of England arid I'uiuce have against n famine unexampled during the present generation; if it were stopped for a mngic month, hundreds of thousands of people would perish of hunger. Nothing, in fact, slmds between Eu rope and starvation but its existing peaceful intercourse with the United States. Prance is starving already. Forty-live years have elapsed since the French farmers saw so sranfc a harvest as that of this year. Nothing but enormous iin ports from this country and the intinitely skilful management of the Fronch markets by the impe rial government have prevented broad riots already. A month's stoppage of the aciiHtonied supply flora this country would lead to a revolu tion in France compared with which the mur murs of the unemployed workmen at Lyons would seem preposterously trivial. Nor is England in any condition to disturb the commercial relations' now existing between herself and this country. It is true that she is Buffering severely? less from the want of cotton tliau from the want ol Iter usual market for cotrtou goods. Hut her suffering would not be diminished, but vastly increased, and rendered intolerable, if, in nidition to a reduced demand for labor, she had to contend with a diminished supply of food, such as would follow any interruption of her relat ions with the United States. Wheat is already as high as is convenient in England, considering the wages paid at Manchester; a very small advance would be se verely felt. Open trouble with this country would cause an advance of 100 per cent in a few weeks. Those considerations show how futile and ridiculous it is to apprehend the adoption of an aggressive policy oirainst us by the maritime Powers ol Kurope. Mr. Cisco reimbursed tho bank." It,487,000 tliii morning 011 account of popular subscriptions to the 7.30 notes, and, to fill the vacuum left by this and his other recent payments, callcd upon them for six per ceut of the first $.15,000,000 loan, which will be paid to-morrow morning. When this hits been paid the government will have ('?iwn from the banks 82 per cent of the first $50,000,000-loan, leaving 18 per cent still undrawn. The popnlar subscription continues fair, though the amount of six per cent notes paid in is out of all due propor tion. The number of agents appointed for New i'ork city is too small?thorc should be fifty at least. There is no reason why every one who can procure subscriptions should not be an agent, pro vided the proper precautions are taken to prevent losses. The following was the business of the Bub Treasury to-day:? Receipts $2,018,110 27 ?Kor custom* 4H 000 CO ?Treasury notes 620 ,t,js uo Payments 3,6Z4<J65 29 Balauce 9,307,247 47 Lees redeemed 9 per ceut uotes 2,182,000 00 The statements of the banks of the three principal cities of the Union for the last week compare with the previous one and I...' corresponding time of 1300 as follows Coin*. Dimnr,r'ta. fhirlr. Cifml'ilton. N. York,Oct. 12.$166,818,914 129,IH8,W7 41,130.608 8,731000 Boatou, Oct. 14.. to.rwum 26,460,0U8 7,1 fl.749,6! I l'liila., Oct. 12... 30,281,157 20.92U.031 5,943,503 2,219,731 Total.... $282,108,555 175.678,011 S4,2W.,945 17,7?.2,3M Lost wr-fk 242,728,845 104,110,559 JW,009,034 17 *:!?. I'li Lust yi'.-ir 213,864,829 112,421,423 20.132.197 19.014,IW9 'flic statement of the Boston bank9 for the last week compares with the previous week and for ihe corresponding week of 18C0 as follows :? a t. 7, 1S61. Oct. 14. 1881. Oct. 21,1880. I/?nn.<i $88,884,238 6fv.8B.4tM 84,488,078 Specie 8,415,856 7,i.".:t s,i? 6,277,370 Deposits 23.171,010 36,480,093 20,608,403 Circulation ... 0,707,701 ?,749,511 7j781,043 The statement of the present week, as compared with the preceding, shows aniuorease of $1,884,226 in the items of loans and discounts ; $2,289,053 in deposits; $41,RIO in circulation, and $737,980 in specie. The Boston Traveller says:? Money continues easy of access at from 6X to 7^ per centum for four months' maturities of first class endorsed nates and acceptances and for strong collateral loans: but. thorc is very littlo doini: in anything else outside of the bank parlors. Thesporie gain reported tiiis morning was $134,500, which made the total holding $7,070,000 as a substantial ba.-is for the currency. The stook nUtrket is very buoyant at a handsome advance in prices for almost everything usually bought aud sold at the Brokers* Board. Jliu js 2 natural confequsBco ftf the etsy&ml. tion of the finance*, Hid tud only wonder is mat there are so many willing to soli at the quotations. The Chicago Journal of Tuesday says:? Exchange la stlffor to day, and some-of the banks are charging X per cent premium, bit the majority sell at >4 |ier cunt. On the street sales are made at par ii V per ceut premium. Currency continues plenty. (jold steady at X a X per cent premium. All kinds of Treasury notes are scarce and in active demand at par. Illinois war war rents are quiet at 90c. The Milwaukee tkntinel of the same day re marks:? Should business continue as active as yesterday, a pretty stringent market before tlie close of the week Is not unlikely. As for exchange it is plenty, and remains at one per cent premium. That probably will be the cur rent selling rate for the balance of the season. The fact that the solvent banks have agreed to rodeem thoir notes hero after this dato in New York: exchange at one per cent discount, or, in other words, to furnish exchange for their oorrency at one per r?nt premium, will prevent it from going highor than that rate, and until the suspension act expire* It cannot be expected to go any lower. Under the new law which foes into operation December 1. ox change can never be higher than of one por cent pre mium. tiold continues selling at premium is large sums, and 2 per cent In small sums. The notes of the Union Bank of Missouri being thrown out by the other banks of St. Louis, the St. Louis Republican glres the following report of its condition on the 31st of July:? Discounts?mother b?nk and branches $517,018 44 J-xchanRe discounted do. 780,957 36 Due from bauka do. 293,254 30 Banknotes d?, 182 24.1 77 do. R 58,511 69 do. 1,000,000 00 Deposits lit), ... , 178 004 97 Unpaid dividends do 3*020 00 Interest and ex' bangs do! 80'160 AO Duo other batiiui tlo. 1.J2 20J 02 CirguUik'u vK) Stock B*ch*?g?. Tromimy,Qet It, 1M1. 990000 U8 O n, '81,ro? 02 360 aba Hud Htv RK., 37 1000 rSO's, '81.COU 92,V 1# d? 3"'? 13000 do 92>* 100 do UIO 37 iMXIO W ft'8,'66 98 18? do MO 8T 2000 H 8 6'h,'74,cou 8460 do bUO S7'.( GOOTrca dp o 2 y.. 0?V 200Harlem HK U!j 6000 NcvvY(irkS'*lT4 91260 do 12K 1000 Michigan 6'h. .. 8;i>< 160 Mioh Central RR. 49 10000 Tann O'b.. .b30 42?* 660 do 48,'i 1)000 do 42>? 60 do 48%' 1000 NCarolina O n.. 60 100 Harlem Kit prut. ."2>{ Kiooo Mtesourl 8'h. .. 44 200 do 32 2(xio0 do b30 44 100 MieliSo&NoliitlKK 17V 40000 do 43\ 860 do 17,'* (>000California 7'b.. 81H M do "30 IT},' 2000 llrooklyuo w lu 00 60 Michi-'oiiNolndgii 37,'4 4000 do 07 260 do a7 1000 Hud Hiv 3 111 b* 83 200 do 36\' 1000 MICon8p4-bs ,old OOK 300 III Central UK ?op <Vi 6000 C,BfcQRK8pc bs 200 do m. 00 *4 2000 l'acRK7'fig SMO 40 200 Clov fc IMHk UK . 11', 4000 Clu h Tol h f b< 70 '4' 900 (iftl 4 Chicago KK tl?', 2000 III Con RR Ms. 88\ 60 do ti:>U 8000 do 80 3000 (111 &NWgfl? 81 200 160 do. do. 00 s ?'?K 2000 Clii & NW 2dm laV 200 Clov It Toledo KK. 34 6(00 LKrlPfc\V2mlw 41 100 do 34,'i CO kIin Am Kx Bank. 86 1060 69 Pacific MS8C0.. 02 7oO 176 do 91K 1-60 1400NY Cou KK .... 77 100 60 do 66 77 100 do.... 286 703 100 60 do 36 do blO 36' ilo 36 A do 1)30 38'i do bio ;i6 'i 77 U" 826 Ctlirag' > k K I RK. 40 77'? 160 <lii 49' ' do..:.., 1)80 77*4 060 do 4' do 1)60 77 tklO do 41'. 200 Frio KR lusa't scp 30 >i 360 do 40 100 do S0*J 60 do bl6 40fi 2t:o do :,0)i 900hl,BoratQub?Ktt 62 2'*) do i'MJi 60 do &i 200 do 31 210 do 62 }? 8KC0ND JL'ICOOO tr R R'k 1881.1 g 02 1000 trsa'H 1881, ojm !??< 1000 U S 6 M 1874,epil 8-1 fioooTcnn8'b, yo ?2.i? 40000 Mixx'uri O'rf.... 4.'!1 S0..0 do 43 yt fi(KX) Michifcan (i n.... 83 3000 Virginia fl'n 40>? 6000 N YCcnbdslSOC lOOjJ ;io?h.-i HaolfloMKU'o 91 V, 700 N v Central KR.. 76k 060 do 76',i 100 do I'60 77 60 Eric KR boO 80 100 d<> 30k 100 do 30 V,( I0i? do fciO 30 76 1 lark in lilt in SOO do 12 ooakp. 100 slisHar RR pr?r. 100 do 100 do 60 Keating Kit 100 Mich O n UK 260MichP li N Ind Rlt 60MUf>fc N'Utdhtk. 160 do. b30 160 do loo 1(1 Con RR scrip.. 100 Clovo k Tol RR.. 400 do b.'.O 1(100 do 200 do *.10 lOOCliici RMM.blO 360 do 60 do b.'S0 60 Cb, Hur A'Jiiiii JiU 31 80X 301J 36>j| 48'f 17 Yi 37 37 ro?4 6? 34*4 36 36 34 "4 49 4(1 49 ?( Oi (? CITY C03JMKHCIAI. ftKPOIW. TkuhdaTi Oct. 17?OP. M. A.siif< Tho martv-l vrM unchanged, and small sales of bulli soils wore made at. $f> 2I>. H(n:*r*mTW?Klour?Tlio martcet wur. Arm, Willi a good demand rrom tho trade, aud prices wero 5c. a 10c. 1>, r bhl. higher, chiefly for shipping grades of Stale and We-torn extra brands. Other descriptions w?rc lest affected. The transactions footed uP about 22,000 bbls., clcsine withiu tho f dlowlng ranr# of prices ? ? $8 30 s 5 40 iSUpCl {)))( i. illrt. i 7 ? fv k,(t Extra Slant, good to choico J 67 a 0 b0 ?t|4-rlUK- Wiwtetu ? ? f'n Common to choice Wostorn extra 5 50 ? b CO Extra Canada ... Mixed I# straight Son thorn ? ? Miuial.t to g'vid exit a do S J ,J! i liou e i xtt .i family and balers' brtuids 7 2.. a ? 00 live flour ????? \r . Coin meal, Jersey and llrandywine _C mad inn Hour was in fair domand, aud prices were sus tamed, with wiles of 1.600 bids. Southern flour was (Inner, wltli a good demand. in part for export, while tho sales embraced about 2,100 bins., citato* witbm tl.c above range of prices. Kye Uou.r was in stoady roquet at our quotations, with wiles off>00a6o0 bUto. Ooi u m< il ta." unchanged w, 1 sales light. Whcut-The maikw war ae.ttve an?l Arm .and closed at an advanco or from le. to :te. i>er bushel, chiefly for g< od shipping lots. The gabs footel up about 250,000 bnsl?ol*# a good part to arrive, at $1 43 ft ?1 4? for good to white Ken tnkv.Sl 40 a Si 47 for whit" Ohio, Indiana mul Mit i.R??n, Si 35 a $1 re for auiber Michigan,$1 24 a SI 26 for < iuia dacliib.Sl ;S2'< all 38 for red Western (mostly to ar rive), $1 28 a $1 32 for red State,$1 25 a$t 2? for amber Iowa a'ui Wisconsin, $1 26 a $1 20 for M.iwaiikee club (inrl to arrive), ft 19 a$l 22 for Chicago spring, $ il ? *1 ?5 fur ltaeinc ? prirg. Kyo was iu good demand and lien tor, with sale < I K.500 bushels, part I" an 70c. ?i 77c lor (anadian, and 78c. a 79c. fcr North nvor ana Slate! Corn w.vturner and tn good request, with hales of 120,000 bushels, at &!*<?? a 00c. lor 'po oast war J, and at ttoe. a Ole., closing _ ?<?*?> latter llg'ire for Rood shipping lots of ri est cumixee. Oats were lirmer, wiili sales of Canadian at Uic. a 39c., and State at 39c. a oUJ^c. ISnrley wa*i active, with ralos of 1,G00 bushels Canadian at 0 .<? a tlw latter figure for cUok*. J Ooi ? kk?Tho market war firm. A f i e 01 tho i.o.ialo ears' was made hilo yesterday altornoon, comprising a r.oo haw. on private term:?r.uppo.ted t ? Uave been at 15','r.: 90 bags do. sold to day at 10c. u 17e. . . rorron.?Tim market was steady, with sales of 300 a4 HI bale* at U ,'4e. a 21 S?o. tor midd>.n? chiefly at the inalde ft>;tiro. t-nnll ra.eb > '?"??? ? . were again m vle to spinners, chiefly to cxi?erimeiit v. Ii, alKiJtn:nw.?'Rates to Rngltoh P"rts wore ralher ca-Ui. To Uv oiiHHil, s >uio 50,000 to 00,000 bushelsoi wheat wile euga^ed, hi lm!k and bags, at 11a i'1-, ?' '',s"m 12 <100 a 18,000 do. corn, in bulk nod bap. .at 10 ,d. i ji > d was at 4Ds. by sailing vrs ol, and by sloamor, 80s. Tol/mdou, 0.0O0 busbefs wlv at were en i.>ll'vi1 in bulk at 13d. t'lour w?s at 1?.. ami m To Havre, about 50,000 a 00 COO bushelst ?liws. were taken at 25c., and some lots flour " A v, was taken up for (iUsgow, to load with 2.000 hi.... lKjtroioum, at 8j. i?r bbl. . Hav was steady, with moderate sale a'. ..o, . a 60' ot shipping, aud at 56c a for city ese. MoLASMts was quiet, but li III. Navai. Stork-.?The market was firm. S|>.' ?> ? held at $1 50,and common rosin at $1 ti e e.ui< u? View*of holders, combined wi:h a redv.eed Slo. k, teneed to checlLoperations of importance. , : rsovMaiNS.?l'ork?The market was Oruur, and ci-m ? at bettor prices, while the detnaud n I 111! government coutrreis: the ???'** f"' . | l',Kitod up ahout 1.100 bbls. al Jll . i % ? ' " i with some barrels full weight to.wrlcd a! .'tin' and p. une (not wanted by govoramimO ? Rerf was With sales w 200 bl>- it fJa^io (ot re|M?cked mess, and ?12 a $13 50 for extra. ( .? ?W . ^ were firm. with -a'e.-. of about 180 packager a .? o , ; 0-r shoulders and 6Jic. a OJJe. for hams, new ci ? " ;? w ere at 7c a 7',e. 1 Ai d was Arm mid In *? 1,1 ; with sales of 600 a 600 bids, at H' jc. a '.V,c ; the ja ' ei fluure for prime quslity. Uutler and cliei \vi rv. and In fair demand, while price- were uncming.' . Rk k w.'m llrm, whi'e small sales were repo ted iuh,n ^SuoAK-i ?The^narkc^was steady, with a nuliei beUer inquiry from the trade. The sales embraee.1 a 900 hhds. Cubas, part within ilia tsngo ot 8c.a8.t?., ( noil 1 200 boxes on privato loans. Wiuskky ?Tlie market w-ns llrm and in giX'd ?mnnd, with sales of 700 a H00 bb,s. at 2 me., aud a .mi l lot drudge at 21 PKHStlMb. k NN1U?VOU DWAPPOISTKD MK AUAIN ^ A diy; write me ?< tn-fbre.aaylng I . an ad .-? ? v.., iTy ictter, andreBeve an anxious mind. v. w. jb. i'ninn -voi-its Rr.cF.iv'rn ruitsu wnnn A m," und send addrens. tor further correspondence. io Char ley U. I >x lfti Herald oflloe. _ ljrowN-wiiv Hon r vt>"* c.ti.t. am> .ski. mi-.' J) u-ave for Calcutta early next week._ DU>t .v.n. / VlI UU.IK WOl LI> 1.1 KK TOSKK EMMA Stt.MK KVEN C m?'il U?eek; was at lUe pUce mentioned on Hlda> eveniiiK. Wilte a line to real nanie.and address. 77kvkn~\M? BI. VCK -W'M. YOl" ADDRESS A NOTE lo Koth! ?l"he lterald and then I wdl write to you immciiatelyT B.-AllE YOf IS THE CITV? IiU,as. H.c twiWAYioN ^vrnTi^-ov I?.\S1KI. S UOl.'.., J formerly of 15 ctlnton Jiiaee. Ad'irei* Inquirer, /i0 IN es Thlrty-seeoad street. T 8UAU. HE IS THE ClTV ON SATl'RDAT-MEET L)'?eai ilie old place at lo^noe^IvM^ PMARC H/ TF THIS SHOLLD MIST THE EVE or ?. W. MK?N. L son, lie I* re^ueitM to |0 at onee, il W trfal, OaniKla, t'' theaddreM oC h. N??. 130 Craig *trett, Montreal. --?? i ?iv THE ^OUSO LADT. WEARING A BLACK A?H I ,?te btmw bonnet, trtmmed with blue, llghi platd cluua, aixl diamond and emerald cmhlasw. w.ei gol in a Vad b 'u J??' ,7,S,i Kotirtwn'h ton Tluiviflay. about noon. in compsny wtlh an elderly lady, and rode >i?!ar , 'J?' wreet would liku to make Hie awtualuisn - of t'.ie gcull"man who got n a he same time and sat, slie can do , aoby addresting 11. L.. box 3,011 l'o^oin e.^ %-RNnTe ?VoURTll STREET METIJODI-'T EPISCOPAL 1 .1 rhiirrh Wedoesdav evening. W adding?Olp of paber^ | . .,n,M like an edd a.??i*tniau'V Ultsof r)e#se adSreM m^{t'nlonwiare^ oik.:*??er? unJwb?uwe ; can meet ?g*in, or ho* I may addiefi .??f^Fp WATER3_ | iiVms JENNJB I?-REt EIVED YOCR NOTE TOO I M latefo.Vedn.aC. will M M;iI Monday. ble write agsiir " Alw'r-B " rial ?NO LETTER TO-DAV. BK WITH YOU SORE S oil Saturday night at 7. Expect son* tone a? for dlMppolntmenl. Hope yon got letter and packag^W. mtiv T.*DV WITH PLAID CLOAK, WHO MADE A T fall wlib a gentleman win Was sick en Tnesdav tri.0 ?,. _,l|lr-.;rd, went to the saloon corner of xwettty Sixth a?U.. All at the saleon, or .ebd her address to WilUam B., Uulou square I'ust eUce, as It wlU be toheradvanl.-g*. . . i - TO T M R ?THE IDOL OF MV APEECTIOf HA? FOR; i ?iken w? entirely. Th? BTMiij fo call on me on Thea, dnv ?a? nol fulfilloU My Ihoofcms <re evsr of thw. Wll you e.ime to your dear Jim, darling Jlu>, be?t Jltn In the world! Tell no one who ihU 1?. WILL THE LADY THAT RODE TO WALL iVTBBET ferry on Tbursdaf, at 12 o'clock. P) meet her bftlfc.r. oblige the gentleman slieleft tn lUe stagewjlh an ttuwarto hi* <|uMiiouf Have the goodueii to ?ddrc*? V. Z., HefaM ofllce. '? -j TITILL THE LADY, DRESSED IN A BLACK MANTl? \V la and Itahl gr-cu bonnet, who rode duivh lp a Ttilrd nventie car, on Thursday IV M., aud who got out tl Ttfetfih slreot about half-past four, comer a favor ou the gentleman wlui sat next to her by add. es. mt a line slating when and where she can i>0 S'.-'.'tif A Mn?s h l'-0. bt?" )u U Tost I POR BAI.H. ARARH CHANCERS MARK MONET^OROGERY and Liquor Store for sale.?$400 will buy the Stock and 1 lxtures of one of the best corner stores In tlie city, the only grocery on the four comm a. Apply in Ihc store SMUtgbtb avenue. A N OLD AMD E8TABLIK1IHD CONFECTION. -t\ fry end saloon business, complete every wuy, Willi lease of house, In nrooidji, for sale cheap. Addreaa A. A . Urook. lyn, Herald oWcii. AlUKE CUANOB.-POR HALE CHEAP, KOR CASII. one of the l>est Oyster Haloona in the uity, neatly titled up Md doing a good business, situated on the llrat lloor; uhfuj' rent, it having boon reduced ono third. ThU U a rare opportunity. <?al 1 at 119 tfowury, *fu?r 1U o'clock A. M. AHAUR (7[;VN(?K.-.A fruit and confectionery Store, 92 Jha*t Vwltih htivet, nwur Broadway, lor naif; atiieiulid Sii*cU aud Fitturae. Public school for young ladies nearby. A lady or gentleman witha llllle money will find tbin oliunoea great Iaraein. Apply ou ibe pitiuiscs, iu the afternoon oi evening, all this week. OAKERY FOR BALK?ON LEASED PROPERTY, I> with two Buildings on U, with or wiiliout the outdoor !>.. in ' it is a good pluw fur a largo limine** for bread, pies and cake*; two ovens ou the premises; or the business Without till buildings io a responsible man. Apply al 46G Hudson Mrent. BUSINESS CHANCE.?TIIR STAND NO. ?? WEST Washington Market for s le. BUTCHER'S SHOP FOE rALE?WITH THREE YEARS' lease, patent ice house ?i ' llxturaa, Apply at 760 Third ai I nue. Ancnts in ed not apply. OKIIG STORK KOR KAi.ii IN UltOOKLYN-WELL

located, and doing afall' bmfnewi; will be sold cheap. \pply to.fOIIN PAYNE A HON, Cork Hlore, No. 51 Fulton ?licet, New York. D1WO STORE won BALE?A PI EST OLA Bit, LQ. cslod in one of the most popular thoroughfares of Brooklyn,low iurcash, or upou e.iav terms, wliti sal's-a*. toi y security". For paUirulani apply to RANDOLPH 11UN TINOTON, ?1 Maiden lane, New York. riNGIMK FOR SALE CHEAP?A SMALL ENGINE, I j eight borne power, with Falicrns. liiuuiie in lumber yard. 381 and 3R1 Eighth street. lilOtt SALE?IN WILLI AMSRURQ, A Kilt ST BATE I' corner Store, three stories, built of I rick, justflnWied; will in ' oa ;oid stand t'c r a grocery ami llnuor store; terms niiay. Inbuilt' o! JAMES 11. POLLIS, i&OS'ulh Slstli client. PK>n SAI'R?AT A BARGAIN, AN OLD ESTABLISHED L retail Butler, Cheese andEgg Store, in one^O! the beat locations hi th" city, doing a g<'oo ra li btmincaa. Apply a L lill i;an lay street or till Eighth avenue. FlOlt SALE?A WMNO SALOON; ONR OF THE BEST to nitons in the cu.v, umriho lino Railroad depol; will hi hoi.l elu ap, ua the oh ucr liui, olliri' bualueas. liioulic at IWJ W eM Hlr. et. E10U SALE.?BTEAM ENOINEP AMD P.OITJ'RS, FROM lour io forty horse power, lor ?:ili?, or will exchange liioni lot brick. I), li. 6IMMONS, 111 Wall street. IiVHt SALE?THE STOCK OF A FANCY STORK. AT 25 A1 per cent bchnv tokl;a r.iru cii.tti? for pei;oio in Hie triiiln. Call and see. 411 Feat'l htreet, accond bloci; from Chatham. FOR SALE?LEASE, STOCK AND FfKTKItKS OF A boarding hounc nnd grocery; one ot Hie bent manUa in the First w,. id. Sol 11 tin in eonfiivpu nee of the death ofiils wife. Apply ai II W.ishiiifiion street, in the store. TilOU SALE?THE GOOD WILL, STOCK ANO FfX I Hires of s Urat elans Wine, Tea aud Frltlt store, now do lug a good ciinh an I thirty <luy trade; locaUon and ueighbor fcood equal to anv plate iu the city. To <i person U 1 v iu;j the meanKIoe.irry onaflne trade inlslsa rare opening. Ad dreaa W. 11. bi., box .i New York I'ostolliotf. ITIOIt SALE?PANCy GOODS AND TOY STORE STOCK anil bxturesi .Hi Uwcllnij;, nut sallslactoi-y reason given for selling. Address 41. M. A., Mutropolllau Hotel, or apply ou the premises, 1,219 Broadway. flOR S A L'5?T11E JUNCTION HOIS',, fcTJCK AND Flatiiras. T ie proprietor having .ui ajipoinluieut as tullcr iu the arajy, will dispose of the same cheap. N. 11.? A Up lop stand for oysters and eatable. TjIOU SALE?ONE COOK1NO ISANOK.ONK OF ROOKU.S' I' Moulding Maihiuex, ou.i Haw, one Ttunblliig l'mrr I, one 01 Fali'bsnkn* Scales, Weighs J.flOO; ahaftlcg ,md lutruoJ I'llI leyscsu bo bouglit cheap forcasii at 3(81 and 391 First ave nue. They mux be removed. li'Oli SA1.E-A NEATLY FITTED trp SALOON AM) J Dwelling, suitable for a gentleman or lady, situated on a side Mi eel, three doors from Broadway. Apply at Thayer's Saloon, 453 Itroadway, for three days. IjlOU SALE.?$.100 WILL BOY A DINING SALOON; one of l he best local Ions In the elty, opposite Washing ton market. Inquire at 90 Vesey street. fit'II SALE?A FIl'.ST CLASS GROCERY STORE UP toe ii, ou one of lite best avenues and lirr,t rate location; store IHxSO feet, at a rceson.iWe rent lor? term ol years. Ad dress, prepaid, slatiou I'', whore an interview can li.' bad. IpoH SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTI/RE8 OF ' the Liipior Store No. 33 Wesl street; or t'ie Lease nnd Fixture:!, without Stock. Will lie sold cheap on aeommt Of the owner having another place to attend to. Call until sold. I710R SALE CHEAP?A SMALL STOCK AND FIX lures of a tailoring establishment. consisting of counleia, show caws, Imprivrd Bnsbelman,s lionnl aih! gnu /Islur h. Also small lot of fancy pigeons. Canary breeding cage" and lot of wire v, ork. Apply at 7lWiSixlli awnoe, lielweeli Forty til ih and Forty-sixth streata. fpOR SALE CIIEAP-A NEWSPAPER, CANDY AND variety store, and back Room to let; rent $.rt M; opposite x lai ;e school; i doin; a good busiuivK Call lor iwo days at llx East Twenty seventh St tee t, between Second and Thiid nveuues. I poll SAI.E (tit HXCIIANUE?'TIN SHOl" AND JAPAN ' nin? K?t:ililisUm> ni--oiio ol sl in thi-i.t)'?with ev'c rylbliu ' oinplct- iml In working order. a lion 1U0\25: |nv.r mil, A':?>>' a n .lor , 4f> T.eoiru 1 sir -el, 1ikk2S; rent $3>K). TAYLOR A WILSON, UTR'Odr aircet. /'MUST Mil.I. KOR SALE AND FIVE ACRES Of LA.KD, IJT 0:1 Si. ton Inland, near 111" railroad Mid Richmond Val I -y depot; a!'out ISmiuuti'H w.vIK from Tottan'a landing. In quire > d the premises (V WM. WEIR, ilm owm r. f^BOCRRY AND Llyl'OK STORK FOR SAM.-IN A VI Rood uelghb. irhood, upper purl of Third avenue. For particulars inquire cornor of Twenty-eighth aireetaad Se cond UY^oe, In tiro cry store. pROOKRY WANTED?f'lIftAl', FOR CASH, OR IN IT i'Ki I.AuifA tor real csta.'e. A'xti, pnrtnet' wanted in * nrif 01v, $450. Shoo Store lor sale in Sivth avenue, K ucliug Wood Yard, \\ pst .side, for #ale or exchange ???rciiv property. Applv at VI Ootltrc s'foet. ZECUaO 1 HASTINGS. /IKOOKR'S STOCK. FIXTURES. AC-, FOR SALE AT A \X baig *tu?! c viug, t'oint< r.*, S hK k, Awning, Wagon, Harness, Ac., Are., iwdudtuR a ?mal? stock of Oroeerh s; l":ise oi . ;(????? r??r tinre or sive> yc?r? at a low rent; 01 Iv.tlVwhun ? ? red ('oil.-? ? re?jnl:.?t. Applv tod. W. CMl.tdl 8, W, i3r?and tfitV W tshiri^'.on kIivH. J >lll)T hiUAl* 1IM' GALLERY-$MK> WILL HI V, IX I '" doni faro.' ire, the mosa. convenient and 1?' at?*d ? ; !iei.v i:i thi?y ; ?:p 1>?: 1 <>ne 01 stair.N, and, although '? ?: ,u <! opened, is more than pay nig expenses. lm^i:at '?'>>"! ? 11 1! ?? .???!. I:>*?r doors from Broadway. IJWRM I'Oi; S.UI\?OF A \ hllY NE<- ESS \RY, USE J :: ! in\rM?U?'i, of Inrije dcoard, ? he.*?pl? . ?t up and v idi'-uhi:; profit m, or vill exchange lor real or personal pro* P-i ;v, l?> Slate* or ruthe. SOI Til WICK A WOOD, 8? Na a.iu street. VJA1.00N r'OK .'AT.:: ON RRO\DWAY -RLEftANTLY O fm n -.iic I and iitt' d up, and one d' the foe-a i?rn.-r and tuUH iur Imis'iuv-s-m th ? ? i>; lo?uhn>e: r >it; a great itai^ain. Apj Is m HOI.WICOOK A lf(>IiM?8. 599 Broadway. -ONF. OK PATRICK'S, NKVKl.Y NEW. b'QU cheap. Apply at N >. $ l*d!"V: (dare, >>1> Mdifs, mSA STORK KOR SAI.K ? TRINi Tl'Al. STREET, AND X loeaiUm c-)0d; Rr?)ok.iyn, K.Ji.: receipt^$:UM) j or wrok; ven' for fei?re, parlur. eelisv, per month: only reason for ^pliiux propr-efor hii.s avother l)u>ie *sr< eornini{ in; at a valuation; stork optional. ltn?airooi' U.WI-LSII, wiioi ^alv' jirrvM-r, 10* Murray street, New York. S* >fw\ TO $fitVI.?TflB STOCK VND I'fXTf r!l;S OP 0\M I a Grocery Store > ;-.ule. at a gr? at h tin. and where a f^r^t rate On ijir e- an '<?' done; rare r^an- ( all at rooan No. 7 (iiUey Build o1 from 10 A. M. to i I*. M. AfAA WILL BUY THE fyi YEARS Lfi ASK. WITII ?j5*XvM/ Kixturef?. llotv. < art. Ac., ot'one of the t>oftt puyfinr Hit: h<*r Shops u the ei:v; t t of sfore and ?lweUin?r $1.? p *r ii ontb. tunw of ???lltna, ih? owner going 10 fi'Mx-pe. ftnpilre ot'II, RURKfi, Auction-- 17 133 Bowery. HEW AUI)S keward.?L13FT% IN ONK OF TUB broadway . ia. . m, O''ob' ? 17, a pair of Worked Slipper. , not i uio ?;i?. ijf ihe per.;on thnt. took them will Ickvo them at W.' >v jt Globs, 618 Hroidw ??. he will receive tho above r -- war^J and t^ie lhj^iK^ of th?- owner. ^ ^muT-L'^t, on; riJT. MfTi <TP rtrronEr. WtJ in the 9 o'clock A. M. train from Willlsmibridge to New V"i k, a fii.M B: a ei.u. Th - tin Irr will, l?a\e the sanie with'H MrBean, North William t'; eol, or Jolia Mor rison, Willisrnshridge depsf. and receive reward. dfcr REWARD.?LOST, A UO ENGLISH WIRE rER* tPly rler Shit; answers to tho name of ,4KAny per son returning tne naid Slut to lft7 Monroe street, in tlic sta bles, will receive the above reward. 41 n JREWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY EVENING, A ?PXvl hlaek and tan Terrier Dog; weight about lft pouuds. Return the same to No. 8 Barclay street, second floor* (M A REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY. 15TH INST.' ?P.LU ibout two o'clock in the sl ternoon. fivm 110 First st. m Black Newfoundland Dos, with small w hite spot on tho breast. The ftnflsr will receive the above reward ou return* log Uim to the abufc ad lresa. SA $2 A REWARD-STRAYED, 16TII 1SST , FROM COR <PJ U tier Tvwntletb utrcct imd Fourth .venue, a smMl l)!fteK*ndwn Ten lor, long earn, ansiveiinjr to tbp Dame of M&a. Thn fouler wiii pleiue returu it to K5> Fdurtb avenue. <J>1 !\ REWARD -LOST, ON WEPNBSDAY, IN A MADI iPL'J mm ?V(?tiuO singe, ? rookctbo?k, fontaiulBg?$.%bIll ?i:<l tliref c"lil ?]#e*n llitk\m?rted "P." TUn finder will re < ?ivg the ai-ore reward By fca.lngLhn une at th? Gcbharil Fir* Ins'irance L'ompanj a offlee, 19 Nassau gtreet. (fOA REWARD.?TIH PERSON WHO TOOK A (1 OLD ?p?U w.tsbi fro* a hon?? In the uppor part of Womtir mreet, on Tutiiday errulug, lSth insu.can recclve UieatHivo reivard uud uo qncitSu* a.kgd bj returning the ?aae Uume> d lately. ? ?' -? ?? 1 ? A n -PTOLBN, ON THE XIOHT OF THE TTIt INST.' WTv. from the aub?crlber, aawiwh tall CeoadMa Pouy> bav, about 14 hand* high, both knee* chafed, ncratoh on in. fin? of laft thigh, fnre ouarfrrt low, about five year* old; alao a Grocers' Top Wagon, marked John Soheel, corner of 9tuyve>ant and Tulton arennef, Brooklyn. Anyone re turohw the same to the abort tddrtit wUt receive tne abort reward. PmiCATIOM. For sale-the ^atl'ral'histort of15ew tore Ht?{k, in flMpondltlon and low. Any ptraon vl?hing to pup D'.se m?yaddr*?? a lino, .Uiting where an interview W bad, ro Walter X. Mataou, aiuUua C, Fourth avenue, EXCVnsiO!)8. OHEAP EXrDRHION TO CAMPS ON STATE V ISLAND \/ Fare ,lx <ent? by 8 tat en I,land f rry, f . ,f Wlr'.-li.iU ulreel, beh' . en !!>?? Hallery urid s?m|i fi-rry. It .. is l-ave cv( iy liii ir Iri.i i 0 A M t.. 7 1". V.?(iu i-'s-.n t , ??.???rv lialf L jiji to 7 1' M. IALB9 AT AUCTION. Ad. oaulkinV auctioneer. ? MOBT<3A<jE 8ALK. MAQNIPICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT Pl/HLIC AUCTION, At the elegant residence 218 WU Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue, on FRIDAY, OUT. 1ft, at !0>? o'clock. The catalogue comprising the Largest and richest assortment of Household Furniture and Works of Art Offered ni auction this season. Commencing at lOKoVloek precisely?the entire elegant Fur niture and be* nHiul Works of Art contained in the above large dwelling, all of which will be sold without reserve, and must be removed immediately, consisting of everything to be found in a flrat elaas residence?Parlor, Library, Dining It' om and Chamber Furniture. Cntai?Rucsrc*dy by 8 o'clock this mottling, when the vrhme can bo examine!, Parlors contain superior velvet Carpets, three magnificent sokd aosewood Suits, oovered in maroon, blue and gold, and crimson and gold .atin, of the most expensive description; Uoibic and Turkish Easy Chairs, In moquet and satin bro* cade; ladles' solid rosewood lUucptlon and Ann Chairs, co vered in and maroon satin ;ctsoli I rosewood Centre Tableau it h rich statuary marble tops; expensively carred Pier, Sola and Side TaMes, with marble <oi s; three costly rosewood Elevens, with marble tops, plat*4 glass uoor Ac., imported expressly for the owner; ladies' rosewood Work Tables, 21 day bronze and ormolu Cloeka, elegant ebiuu ^ ascs, with t!?e most chaste and expensive landscape-, paint od to order in France) magnificent French piste Pier Glass, With rich and heavy gold frame; Mantel Mirror to match, of six feet square; heavy embroidered Uco Window Curtains and Cornices, large and intensive variety of Oil Falntinga, by native artists, sueh as Landscapes, winter scenes, marine views, s rlptural pieces, Ac., the whole forming a very pi "Ma in# collection; superior rosewood Pi inojforMN full seven np? tave, '-Ui^aut caao, finished all round, inlanl plate, and rhhly aei with pearl, coat $6'X), being a valuable instrument; rose wood Piano Stool, covered in satin, with ;iu ch-gaut audcost* ly embroidered cover. Dining Room?Rich velvet tapefttrv carpet, 1n good order; solid oak. Extension Table, all polished in the isst manner; ir> irule top Fancy Table3. Mirrors, Sofa Beits, Chairs in hair eloih, tog-the r with all the ruby and crystal cut U lass war*', Wluea, Cbamnatfu"*, Tumblers, Goblets and Dee-antera to mat' h; rich china Tea and Dinner Seta, cosily Sift er Ware, Te i and Dinner Service, 24 inch Salvers, Cake' Basket*, Cas te:*, Colloe auU Tea Urns, Sj oins, Forks, Liquor Stands, su perior Table Cutlery, marble Pitchers, &c. Chambers?Costly solid rosewood und mahogany Bedsteads, statuaiy marble tup Bureaus, Withstands and Commodes to match; over twenty pure flair Mattresses, from 4J) U? 60 lbs., made to order and in excellent con4itifto: iur%*iit Gurnets, bedroom Mirrors, Clocks, Toilet Tables, TOWd ParIts, Toilet 8* ts o! Cloth \ Stale Carpets ami Koda mahogany cushioned Chairs, Mockers. Sot as, Lounges, Couch Bods, Hall Si mds, Tea and Dining Tables, together with a larrje and desirable a*>nrtta?nt oi Basement Utensils, Ac., with which the sale wdl commence. ? UCTION NOTICE?HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FUH #li ore at public auction. POSITIVE FKKKMFTOHY SALE OF ELEGANT Klips'i CI ASS FUKNITUliK, The pro, erty of .% family removing to the e uiutry. Th's (Friday) afternoon, commencing at 2 o'clock, the b? autiiul Parlor, Dinin J lioom, Chamber and Library Fur niture in the dw (ling house IMS Twenty-first street, between Sevcirth and Eighth avenues, all oi which is new, having been recently made, and com,-rises everything adapted to a fashionable and elegantly furnished residence?the whole to be peremptorily sold lor cash, constating id English Velvet and Tapestry Carpets, elegant rosewood Parlor Fnruiture, Cn suite, comprbLng thrc* full suits, rlrbly carved, allot whicli arec-tvere t in rich silk hmcatcl, a?ud of the best de scription ; rosewo ?d Centre and I'icr Tables, Turkish ('hairs, in blue and gold satin and moquot; Velvet Turkish JUoun>'e?, rien Mantel and l'ler Mirrors, Damask and Lace Curtains, goid and Landscape Shades, iwo rf?sewood Bte.'eres, st>ie or I.ools XIV.; ri".h Sevres and Dre^Un Mantel Vases, Ui-siinu Figures. Artist ic Bron/es, rarlor OrnamenU, Ac. BLKtlAHT 7 Ot^TAVK PIANOFORTE, MUBJC. CAMXMT, .STOOL AND COVJilt, ?oai $!"?(). Marble top Burn ins. richly carved Bedsteads, twenty large ITiifr M'jttraawa, T?Me-n-'l>iw, Chamber ituitx, m nw ivood; bron/.c Clocks, marldvi Wash-'ands, Lovii '.es, French and Spring Seat Cha r^, Kookfeis, Divans, Ottomaira, Oval Mir tore* superb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two line m^nogan) ,S ?:a bedstead.-, rich French and Bohemian China, lien Tea Sctp, Silverware, Spoons, Forks, Canters, Ice Pitchers, Urn#s Tea Kerviee, ruby and crystal CutUlann of every description, oak marble ton BulVel, oak Chfits, su> pr rb oak Desk, Oitcfoth, i ieh Ohanaeliers, mari>lc Unit 8.and, one of Wilder'* Iron Sales. Catalogue- al houbc. Sale posi tive, rain or shine. UUSSKLL W. WESTCOTT, Aiictloncer. i LB MKT MOUTIM Kit GUIFFIN A CO., AtTCTION ./V. eel*.?Elegssii llnnaobokl Furniture at public anetion, the property of a family leaving the city. On tl i.? day (Friday), Oct. 18, at tbe residence of Dr. Fhllii* Ransom is West Sixteenth street, between Fifth und Sixth avenues. Sale commencing at IDM o'clock. Consisting of seven ociave ro<evv(?od Pianoforte, stool a'ul Cover; rosewood P/iilor Bait,covered with brocatcl; Ktegeras, VJ<u?tre Table, Book raw, Statiiiuy, Oil Paintings, Bnin-te^, Va ? s, CJ andeJIers, Velvet, and Brussels CarfH'ls, Rega, I a" Curtains, 1 ?<*r and Mantel Mirrors, Clocks, Couches, Turkish Kasy Ch *i?>, J fat Stand, Stair Carpet, Oilcloth, roaewtKnl and lu.ibo^suy Bu reaus, floffls, Bedsteads, Chair#*, Washsfand*, Hoekers, 12 pair line Wool Blankets, Z\ na?r Linen Sheets and CountCr Ji Unit MaUreses, FoitUier Beds, MeCr?ws Sofa Bods, Coetnr Stands, Toilet Sets, o:tk Bide board, Kxteusion Table, (<h?na Dinner Sol-, solid Silver Dinner and Tea Ser vice, Ivory handled Knives Mid Forks, crystal cut Glassware, Table Linen. Abo, ail the Furniture of the Servants' Apart menU. AIsj, Bu emcutaud Kitchen Furniture. S ile leni tive, mln or shine. Am. merwin, auctionekPv. , . UY BANOK,SlKRWlN fs <1(1., IRVING BUUjDINQB, SH miti r>'j!i BROAD WAV, FRIDAY KVKNINd, <^-r 1?, tl 7 o'clock, PBIVATK I.IKllAltV ..f TIIKOLOUK'AI. Mul MIAOF.Ii I.ANUOl'S UCOKt:?OoiiipiisliU! ^ Inrij.- tul'.iH-tlou ami in cluilii.g many viiluaWo mi l warcc work , Ac F.h pwrtMnitara k.-c thi, unit bo >kK ul Itic fe.iW-..sruti!iii. A' Auction notice lakok, AT r it\CTTVF AND IMPORT ANT sale, ti!is? DAY AND TO-morrow, k: Iday, Octolvr is, ?n<1 BtUiinUy, Octolier 19 We bcj tn call attention to Llic above large and a'(raetiv? eal S. FRIDAY'S sai.E is now on exhibition, and is uuusually large .ind desirable. SATURDAY'S SAI.r will contain? Embroideries?achoice lino of new piodn. Full assortment* ol rttanle nnd k.mcy Dry (lood*. hoots rind SHOES.?120 !mrs Roots and Shocx, ah excel lent assortment, mid Incli.dlnn n very desirable lino of nicvi'j Heavy and Kino Hootx, Jimt airivrd from the Ea<l. Catalogue# ready oti mornlrus of e tie. WM. TOI'l INO A CO., Auctioneer*, No*. Sand ii i'ark place and H Murray street. Auction?hark chance for hoimekkepebh . nii.l dealers.?ARTHUR H. CIIAI'MAN * CO., Auc tioneers, will offer nt public auction, thin day, Friday, nil (lie Furniture contained In private residence 70 Wem Twenty sixth street, near khlli a.enuc, Kale commencing at 2 o'clock. Rosewood i'm lor Hull, covered in broeatel; seven octave rose wood l'lamforte, Bno.??jls anil Ingrain Carpet*, Mirror*, Turkish t isy Ohiiirs, covered in tapestry; Conches to match, Etegcres, Centre Tables, lac.* Curtain*, Shxdes, Mantel or n.imewte, Bookcase, VVlmtnot.j, Clocks, iJatMlnnds, Bureau*, Be l*t'ids. Wa?hs'.an Is, Hair ?n i Spring Mattresses, Feather I",?:!?, Blankets, Counterpanes, black walnut Sofa.' Rocking ('haiia, Tallies, Corner stands, ftngraving*, l'.itnting-i, st le bonrd. Chandeliers, Extension Table, China, fila w. Silver ware, Knives, Fork", Mirror, Table Cloths, Armchairs, C:ird Table*, st lirCarf.e .Oilcloth; also, lirge assortment B:i*e m-nl ai. l Kitchen Furniture. Sale peremptory, coimmmcmg at 2 o'clock precisely. j Auction nottce.-m. noirnrrrY, auctioneer. 1 will sell, this day, at 10# o'elo k, at his salesroom, h6 nassau street near Fulton, a lar^e and - cncral assortment of j uouhebofi Furniture, vii.-.?Rosewood l':*rlor Suits, in hri>- i catol au l hatr clot V, black walnut Chamber Suits, in oil; | nmrhle top Centre, i'ler and card Tables; rosewood, walnut i and miihogiiny Wardrobes and Bookcases; curie A hair Mai- ' tres rn, Feather uels and bed'Un#, Blanket* &e,; BraxsoU antl Ingram Carpets, rn?s, China. Crockery and 11 lass ware, cui'ery, sf'aa and sola be Iste.arts, lot n^es, extension dining Tables, dining Chits, (las Chandeliers, Ac. The wboic for Absolute sale, catalogues ready* AUCTION" NOTICE.?an excellent opporttnity (or those commencing hnns^keupiog to get good Funii* tmc?Thifcday, at 140 Khhth *tn?<.t.?i?*ar a-f- r p! < <% ;f oV lock, one ol Erard's ;? itent f>rana action octave 1'ihho forms, in n frame; one 1'arlor Suit, covored m silk rep?s; one do. covered iu me.ila'uon, seven pieces each: Rockers. Sola 'fables, mahogany, roscwoti-j aiidcmc seat Chairs; Brussels am' liw ain cmpe's, Croe,kery, <1lassware, and the Furniture <>r Bedrooms complete, and everything belonging to a first class live story house. \v ill be soUl Without reserve. A rOTlON' notict?. A lot'kw< odbr08. k underiillii, ao'uou. "i\4, 20 Murray an 1 33 Warren street, Invite especial attention to their sale j.t'.en o'elock thU day, comprising full hue*of Ribbons, silk*, Embroideries, linen*, Mersuos, !k* lain ??, Plaid and Strtpcd dress coo^ls, Vienna Brochc Shawls, Paris m'adc nc ktifs, (Jloves, Gauntlets, ?ie., ,\ ?. also a spi -adid lite ot rich black oi*??h dcHiiinennd Kan y t)rc h Silks. Also Woollens, Hosiery, Knit Goods, A?*., in great variety. A rt'TIOV noticr.?oro( KI3RV, OLAS8, CHINA, JY lvcr- sene l^amps aroi Fancy Goods. This day, Friday, of . IS. it 10 o'clo rk, at 8$ Warren street, positive cash sal" of <? i lots of ?ll kinds of be?t Goods, iu lots to suit dealers. meat be sold (o close the concei n; also Shelving, Office km, ni'.-tre. Ac. no i>c8tponcnient; goods to he taken away bv Ibe'ifrh. \ uction notick.?PAINTINGS.?THIS DAY, AT 10*i a o'clock, a rich anil splendid collection of Oil Paintijiiis, Historical. Maune nnd landscape, the balance of a bank rnpi s stock. ISAAC d. AARON. Auctioncortg3 Na -sau s% i UCTION NOTI< E.?r( RNHAM'S furnitt rb EX /v nuers and Packing ks'abllshni(*ut. 113 Went Eleventh ^ft;bew?nr',.'.l -'i even hou?hold fnrnij tttin 1hi."<I nnd ahippeJ to .ill |1;rt? ur tn? '* >v?gon? for removing t'muttur# to ami from tba C92i"j" fttrnltnr# tkorti. \ r< ri0N sai"k-?'P horsrs asd wauo.v?, ok /V s*tunl?y. it ii < i'H'k, by pheo .% COLE, nt jisknt ton street. Brooklyn:. ti u?>'- 4 w .?ous, Stiigle and Double llarn- f*. 1 Itor'.: n i uuelc M re, 6 yean old, fait, found nnd kind; lot i'i.uneta, /e. Assistt: s balk?of bhass ooona and domes t<c Hsrdwftre.?Will it8morb * hazeui, Auction h?;1i on Monday, tl.e vut day or October, at 10 o'clvkA M t?l 10 i'l.itt .'reet, the entir? stock of lh" above, mentiniicii toceihcr with an Irtjn Safe. D??k?, c?nn t-r< \r? i oi.iee l'urnlture contained in said utore. Terms ? cash. Uy ord'-r of J. Cutter fuller, Assignee. Assignee's SALE OP LUMBER, iiorses, TRUCKS, 4 .?Will be acid at public auction on the premise* foot of Twenty-ninth atreet. North river, on Mnndav, Oct. 21, m A M., all the Lumbar, Timber, llcracs, Tru?k?, Ilnrne s, 4 ., pcrtHlllln? to? lumber yard; *llo at 10/ M., at a?8 Went Thlrty-?eveath alrctt, *101 of riiniltarc. Mirror*. Cmiieti, ac. AABO.V close, astigm-c. Br?0wne a .vr<7h0l8. armonkerr. WILL SELL thl* day (Friday), Oct. ltt, at oue o'clock, itt iront of ?aleeroom, SSNat-uu street, a nrst ratu p?uy built chestnut itorse, 8 years old, unhands high, bnuac, kind and senile; warraatad. Be u ftoe lrom allrle?, promyt driver,aad last; a lady or child can drive bini. lie it wu* a superior saddle hois*. AUo a shilling top wagen. together with Harness, i blanket*, Whip, llrli.le, Ac., Ac., all la rood order, to be sold Ttunoin reserve only on aecvnnt of tlie owner having no further u?e for him. Also a superior blsek Horse. 8 years old. 1&>{ hands, sound, kind and svatle; qaite fasti a lady or diild can drive blui; a superior family horse. Browne a nichols, auctioneers-will sell at auction, on Friday, Out. 18, at 1 o'clock, In front of aalasrooms, 36 Nassau street, a hay Horse, just rrom the country, about 8 year* old, perfectly eeund, gentle and kind In all harness, and a fine saddle horse. Any woman or child can drive him; tiled to locomotives and all noise*. Browne a nichols. auctioneers-will sell this day (Friday), Oct. 18, at one o'clock, In front of laicgroom, 55 Nassau street Four seated Park Wagon. Two turnover scat Rockawave Two Coupe Rockawsys, polo and shift*. Two very llj;ht Trotting Wagons. One Doctm-'s Wagon. One light Trotting Waflfn, with top. Thirty ?cts llariicnn double and single. Second band English Phieton. /"tonhtabi.E's SALE-BV VIRTUE of SEVERAL loll*i will expose for public aile ml fimit), tb.x a, |: , ,-i , ? i;,e :r.i ol a "t neb it?.<la rai:t .ml iu.", i3 street. w W. lam),v .uUble. ^ 8Ar.ES AT AUCTION. TJROWNF * NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS-WIIX flBLt i> on Saturday, Oct. 19, at IOX o'clock, at salesroom, tt Nassau street, a large asaortnieut of Household Furniture, eousUting of i'arlor Suits, Brussels Carpets, Chamber Knrni ION. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands, Feather Beds, Mat tresses, l'lllows. Bolsters, Ac.; Kuloiisiou Dining Table, with Chairs ami Bnltfet to jnalob; Cnskerjr, Oiilna and tilasswatt!, Klt'heu Furniture, Ac Also a Uiim colic. Hon of Oil Poiiit in,vs. some very clluic*: artlelf? of Virttt, Ac ; cltjr made ?e vi ii iii iivf rosewood Pianoforte. DANtnr, A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER.?RAI.Krt ROOMS 79 NASSAU STBBKT, BETWEEN If U I.TON AND JOHN'. PANIJ l, A. MATHEWS will Hell, at W Naasau street, to f?i"vnw (S..turdsy), at lOJj o'clock, a large nssnrtineut of new u*d unitnd hand Household Furniture, comprising several risctvowi I'arlur Suits, tu biocatel all'I plush: wild black wal nut and enamelled Chamber Suits, Centre, Card and Etilen s.nn tallica Wardrobes, Dressing Bureau*, Ws-hst,<nds blaok wuIiint and mahogany ModaUactt, lUtr Mattresses, Bullet, of ".nt and b! iek walnut, marble tops; Teie-a-Teles. Sol i*. I'lirloichairs. Arm and Rocking Chairs, Secretary and lit. hrsry Bookcases, BoakalaniU. Corner Racks. llaUtajids, Sofa llcila, Bed Isiutigns, V?l?et, Bntfsels, Throe ply and other Carpets; Curtains, OH Painting*, oak Din lag Boom Chairs, I'iuno St.?olB, several Office Desks and Chairs, China end tll'invarc, Ac. Also, by order of it Constable, one (JolJ Anchor Watr'i one Silver Duplex Watch, and Gold Veal I'hain. Catalogues ieudy uud goods on view early on mom. iug "I sale. DBCRKE, AUCTIONEER, 135 BOWEWr, WILT, RE LI, ? tin.'4 ilny, at 3 o'clock, i he Stock anil Fixture* of a good puvin? Liquor Store iti the Fifth ward. Bold on th? pre nmes, iN Thomas street, Keasou for aelliug, the proprietor W goiug to the war, 1/DWARD HCIIBNCK, AUCTIONEER. Jtj OONTINl/ATION OK ASSIUNEE'R SAI.B OP Uill'KltlOU HOUSEUOLD FUBNITUUK. ' By BDWABO 8CHENOK, this day, Itttb Instant, at II o'clock, al lita aalearooma, 1&5 and 15T Broadway, the slock of one of (he lineal cabinet maker J in the city, consisting in part ol elegant solid eirved and plum rosewood nulla, In satin and Ijroralei, plush and rep., elegant rosewood Aniolre-a-(ilaoe, inaguilicenl ro-ewsod round cornered Bedsteads and Bu reaus; do. in black walnut, finished In oil; rosewood and wal mil Kcc.iclary Bookcase, elegant rosewood and wal nnt Kie^crea, carved walnut and oak Buffet*, oak^ml wal ?ml (library and Dining Boom Olisirs, and other elegant P?r liltore. The above Ik all of the very besi manufacture, and will Ik-positively sold by order of asslgnoo. The jiarU.'.iilar attention of ihiMc In want of elegant furniture Is respectfully it<, nested lo this "ale. J. B. FREEMAN, Assignee. IM)WAItO SCUKN'IK, AUCTIONEER. J FINK OIL 1'AINTINUa. By EOWAHD HCIIBNCK, on Halurday. 19th Inst., at U o'i luck, at his ank aroiins, IM and lf>7 Broadway, a collection of very choice Oil I". lining*, including ninny guaranteed OIU'ilNAl?it, bearing lUv oirllttcatcs of the aitlsU. Among liiciii will l>e/oiiiid an INTJ.IllOll?By A.Inenne de Scuuecourt. MAKfNl.- By Si iiAI MHIiKd. l.ANnsCAi'F, and FIQURE8?By RUY8DALE tad CATTliK?By VAN HVVRBDONOg. lNTi:?10K?Bv FKANOK. Aril many oilier fue FainUngs. The above are noMrnnax liiiiltion, with c iialogue*. Tliu allentlou of iho^e in want of it illy line picl'irt H is raqueMed lo Ibis sale, as thoy will be IKn innlorily sold without reserve. litllNST HOT If, AUCTIONEER.?MOUTOAQE SALE OF l l llonse'ioM Kurulturc, this (Fnlav) afternoon, at t o'i hsk at the lari.e dwelling house I Jo Wavcrley place, l?o twecn Wiuihington aiuare and BikIIi avenue, cousl.itisg of Brnaselti, Tapestry end Ingrain Carpets, ro ewood seven oet ivc I'lanoforU', one elegant I'arlor Hull, constating of on* Sola, one Ann, one Uce< p ion and four Modalion Back Chsirs, Cnvcred in French satin brocatol; one do., covered in haircloth; ono elegant rosewoisi Etoscre, with mirror back and doors; one rosewood Centre ana Side TaWe; Damask an I iiscc Curtains; Bron/.c Clocks, rich C'biua Vases and ftmk and ComerHunds, Turkish Easy Chair and Lounges, covered lapestry reps to match; eleguill rosewood Budioom ?Soil, e.onpiisini Bedstead, Horenii, IVn*!.stand, Oommodea; II) Mali Mattresses, made to order expressly; line Feather Beds, Bolsters snd 1'illows, HI uikets, inahoganjr Bedstead, Biin-aus, W.'ishslauds, Tables, Sofa Beds, Loungis, Kwkers, Chairs, Faliia.isea, ('locks, Mirror*, solid black walnut Wash stand, with Chairs to match, mahogany Bookcase, black H tliiol liming and Tea Tables, Dining Chairs, Glass, Chiua anil Biu'cr Ware; Table Cuilci), three I'arlor and two Kitchen gtovc*; Oilcloth, Chandeliers, tyj barrel line Flour, two bones tine Soap, two do/en lioitles Cham; ague, a small quan tity of fine I.iquors, Wines, Ac. Terms cash, in bankable in iney. Male positive. By order of W. Brady, Attorney foe Mocn'.agee. HENRY H. LBEDS, AUCTIONEER?ELEGANT Household Furniture, Paintings, Engravings, Horsos, Carriage*, Harness, Ac.?IIEN BY II. LEEDS A CO. will t< It m uncli-io on Friday, Ocii4>i>r 18, at 10)? o'clock, at tho sales? >iii, 21 Nassau Hirer I, elegant Household Fuinl t.n o, Paintings, Engravim*, Hoi-ikv, (Jarrlane*, Harness, Ac., being tlie couplet" establishment of a gentleman leaving for Euiojir, and removed from bl* country seal lor convenience of sale?all made to order by the bell city maker*?constating of elegant > arvnd Parlor Kiirnltsic, en suite. eovcrcfl In ibre* C dovd silk brocade; nrved Ocnire and Side Table* to ?milt I); do. Curd Table*, Funiculi, Chairs. uie.ant curved Blc. S re, nun bl- op; Kiieuigncur-, Consoles, Pier and Mantel ? irii rs, richly named, with bases; Cur nins and Cornices; ? very superi r seven octavo Piano, rich ease, by llimlin.i. A tlrity, ni:h the Dolce Cnmpium attachment, selected by a profo??or for the present owner. :>nd r.?l Mill Ilium* Kooin Furniture of cu vcd <>ak, I'.ollrL, Extension Taitle and Chairs. en suite; Dliiinr. It'nm Retrigemtor, Cut Glass and Crystal Ware, Din n r ;:u<l Ten H^ta, tbe best of Cutlery, all in tine order. LI lmr>?Black walnut furniture, Heading Table*, Chairs and Library I'ookeascs. IledrDotn Furniture of lolld carved rose wood tmi iii.itiimany; Armoire-a lila e, Bedsteads, Bureau*, Cabinet.. WmditUiuia, all made to order; aMo beautifully lie orated Collage Hulls, serpentine head* anil feet.nehly gill and ornamented: Hi nt quality Wilton, Velvet and Brus sels Carpelsap t Oilcloths, in (Ine order: Mattresses,, Pillow* and It siding of tbe fmen' description, all made to order And M fresh as now. Also, a tiumlior of line Bronzes, Clock*, Candelabra* and ManUI Ornaments in variety. Also, a com pleie f ?p|ier lUUrie de Cuisine, but little used. Alan, hi* entire Library will be aol I Immediately alter the furniture, 1.1 our galleries, consist! n { of about Mm volumes elaaaical and miscellaneous Standard Works, richly bound and carefully aclrcU'd. Also, a lino Portrait ol Daniel Wobbler, tbe laat painting of that celebrated statesman by the renowned artist Cheater Harding, Also, an original copy of Hogarth's Worka, complete; a copy ot Audtioou'stjuadrupeds, complete; Col lon'a Churchcs, Klndeiv1* Gallery, I'yraniidanf Giacli, and other valuable worki. We expressly inviie tb? attention O* our friend* ann the publle to tbe above Bile, hh it is of the Ural quality, made lo order regarding* of expense, la in splen did condition, and mast positively be sold aa above without reacrve. Henry n. t.fkiw, auctioneer?henry n. I.HI.OH A CI). willaaH ut auction, on Saturday, Oelo tx-r If. at 12 o'clock, at the salcsinam, N'>. 23 Nassau stroet, the entire Apparatus of tho celebrated magician Madam McAllister, roniprismg sixteen case a, containing Mechanical Tables, the celebrated Teaeonk and Harlequin, and many other artlrlea apjiertainlng to tin-, biikineaa. A list of Che arliclea can be examined at our sloi e at any time previou* to the s:ile. HRNKT II. LEBDri, AUCTft>NKBIt.? HRNRY H l.EKD.: A <*0. will aell it auction, on Saturd.iy, Octo tier 19, at 12 o'clock. In front of atore. No. 21 Nassau ltrcet, a pair of medium idzed black Hnraea, seven yema old, per feellv Miuntt and gentle, excellent travellers and Biip-rlor saddle horsea; square trottera; one of them a very superior lndy'xsad lie horse. A full aet of Double Harness, In flno order. A two seat Carriage, with shifting lop, Christy's host make and iu tine order, with pole and abulia. A one scat Carriage, by same maker, in fiooJ, with pole and shaft* Two gents' Saddles, one eifllrely new, of tbe Ileal Paris make. Two ladies' Side"S .ddles, In line order. Can be seen asabov* on tbe morning ol sule. J P. TBIVER, AUCTIONERR?OFFICE 170CHATHAM . street?will sell till i day, at Ink o'clock, at ,'1U (ireon wirh street, a lari.e stock of ituporb'rt Brandies, In quarters, eighths, dcniljohus and bottles; other Ijiquors, flxtures ol store, Ac. A line chance Tor liquor dealers. PAWNBROKER'S SALK.-TIIIS DAY, AT BEM. * (NtjBAKAM'H auction rooms, 2C New Bowery, at 10}^ o'clock, women and children's Wearin j Apparel, Sheets, Quit s, Blankets, Ac. By order FKbUENBERU, licensed pawnbroker, 2W East Broadway. Sm A .I. BOfl ART, auctioneers.?SATURDAY, OCT. . ID, at 2o eloi k P. M , at VI Reado si., Assignee's Sulc of Store and Office Furniture, Ac , constating of one lsn;? Fire pr u'f Safe. Ilcnev's paient; Ofllce Desks; Letter l'reas, ('hairs. Tables, fancy front Counter, Tables, Ua? Kn lurcs, Cuttiug Knife, Shelvliigs, tr. WM. 11. P KMITIISOW, AssU'iice. OHERIKFS ?ALE .-JEWELRY. PLATED WARE' to lllas-, Ac . Ac. chambers A FAIRCIirU?, Auctioneers, Will sell tbls dnv, October 1H, at II o'clock, at their salesroom. No. 113 Nassau street, a general assortment of line Jewelry, Plated Ware, Glassware, Kerosene I-armm. Ltntei iis, Ac. Al. o, u;i account of a former purchaser, lUtl dozen Chair Bottoms. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. WHM. WITTEU: AUCTIONEER?WILL SKI.L THIS day, at 'I o'cioeK, at 4M Canal struct, one Horse,.light Wagon and Harness, Blankets, Whips, Ac.; also, lia'aiiee of in rtgogee'a sale; also, tilty riloves, Pi[?-.s, Zincs, C.Miking Articles, Ac.; also, one large Stove ot Heater, cost }75; also, twenty scc.uid band Carpctj. HTM. WITTERS, Al'CTIONIJgB^WILL REIA TtII3 il day, at 2 ooloik, 51 J5l Can.iT slreet, all tie coK-el I nriiltiirc, Ac., of a lirge iiouse. Pa: lor Suits, in plush and lunrrloth; Centre Tables, Etc ;eres, lire Oral and other Mir. loi S, Lace and other Curtains, Velvet, Tii|iestry, Three-ply and oilier Carpets; Oilcloths, French and Cottage Itedstcuiis, iiair and oilier Miitu esses, Feather Beds, Blankets, Spread*, ,S';c.'ls, Tali1' and Be I Linen, lunrbis top Dressing Bur.'aus, WasliHtands, Toilet China, Class, Silver and otbei W. re, ?Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Extension Tables, Dining Room ami Kitchen Furniture, Ac., the whole comprising a line lot fot family use. v?r>r. wiri Ekr ~ai'c i ioni:er~?wi7,l sell, at w II Canal street, to-morrow (SatitriUy), at 2 o'clock, by order or Die assignee, a large stock of cloth, satin, silk, tweed aiid other Cloaks, Mantillas, I'aietots, Capes, Trimmings, Ao., offering a flue opportunity for dealers and others. XJ/M S. McILVAlN, auctioneer.?CAMELIA JA , , aj, from PhlUdeluiiia, at nttcUou on Friday, 18iU lost at 10 oVIo. < *' Vo- 9Mb ?tr?;ct. Th? file e?r/ o? over 1,000Camelias, lOOPape ,. "*>?uiiilfind Dwarf Oranges. Ac., from the nttrserv of Mr. John Dies . 1'-'1*" In line order and well set with llower buds, sii**?? SjaL trr blooming In tho parlor or giecuhousc, CataiogiicS Uof ready. WhS M. K. LEWIS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEi7f.()N FRI. (lav, October 18, at 11 o'clock A. M., at Morri aula llall, Railroad avenue, near Fifth stijvt. the enure frk of a Livery Stable, consisting of Horses, Carriages, light Walton*, I'ockaways, Depot Wagons, ladies' and gentlemen's saddles, Bridles and Hani ss; also one pair of black lloi s s, 16 hundi bl^'h, kind In all harness, the properly ?f a geni!e;iwn who lias no nae for them. They may be seen at Phillips' livery ?table and bought al prlrate sale any day before the auction WBHBILLIAM ABBOTT^ At'C'TI ONEEK ? W ILL SE U this day tho entire balancet)f the sto' k of Stoves In lb* factory 372 Pearl street, consisting of all kinds and sizes nf Cooking Slovcs, Parlor. Store sua Office Stoves, Rin.;es, Ac. Sale to commence at 10>a' o'clock. DANCING ACADEMIES.. ADODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, ? No. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth st., New York. N?. 137 Montague street. BrooUyn. cij\SSES?Tuesdays and Fridays In Brooklyn. t;LASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays in New Y >rk. Circular* fur terms, Ac., may be hAd at either academy. htrivbrs' new academy", Na 33 schermer , horn street, corner of Court street, Brooklyn. Atl the fashionable dsnee*are tausht In one course ot lessons. Class es are now forming. Sena for a circular. L" ESSONS FOR STAGE DANCES?EVERY MORNINOy from 11 to 1 o'clook. For single Fancy Dance." anl exercise* for Stage Dances, $3 per month. Ballet Master, DUMAR, 2?7 Bowery, MR. CHARRUAUD'8 DANCING CLASS, AT MRsT Steer*'Boarding School, No. M West Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue, will commence October 29. Pays?Tues day and Friday, st 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Circulars lor terms, Ao. maybe had as above, or at HS Eml ttcveu'.eeutlx street. SOIREE EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT. AT EIC.HT O'CLOCK InDUMAR'8Darning Academy, 267 B ?. rv. t;c-utl? meo 25 cents. Ladles free. rFINES "ARTS. Blanciie.-your noVe was received. $2 r.s closed. I calif 1 at the Photograph!'. Arl i; r. rv. III J! ".)*?! way, nehr Canal street and ii.e !i i one do ? lil ? portrait visiting car ls, gilt ed?e.l?lh? l>"s' 1 era siw. fit AN K.

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