Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1861 Page 2
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OPERATIONS ON THi! VIRGINIA C3A37. K k,ui.-i Mom.OF. <Vt. 18. \ VI1 P/itim hi:, Oct, 19. 1H#X. j There Is do dowb from tin) South today. General Wool li&p isku<?. an order Rlvinc ivory male contraband employed ,u tii? <!< pertinent eight dollarc i>er month, iu I eviry fem,i!u four dollars p<r mouth, OUR FOKTUKSR MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. Foktrisss Monkof, Va.,Oct. 13, ISM. will Quiet in fit Pf , rim ml?I Skirmish Vftir .V ???>? ?< if em, mid Ti'tln: h\rt. Z< unr?4 C i}iui ?d?7ft- T- MmcpI ?!f the iii'jjimcnt? Of/-MilchfS via WcUinut ?>*? IKAilJ T/tfyarr 1 Yvrth?Tii*' I'" aiturn <>T .V/\ Clui'iorn ? f of TraixjiorlatUm?The Tug ' >.np *iinrii<n, Cur tain Carr and the Jftulyer] {?.<? xhtt?J<\tiir,il-.\r ricalnf Sailjrt?De?/ thr V' . air i-jMVl' ing t"> lfaUnros?Ein'iarliiig Mule* iijvti die it* imer-?? ? v 9 fr onts ut' 1 Incident* - >'?< < ? 1 ? ?J' , <tr "Everything ie quirt m tins <ii " to inalMl USO of & Ktereotyped expression cwnmoi ?? ith Wtrhinglon r. porters, and, at prrgrnt, n > pr p ? i of any '??' tt wo,* or more. There vu a lit::i- ufftilr, however, nnr Newport News yesterday, wl.ii h iliu n?t relied much credit upon tho Kiev ? nth New Vork Vduntecrs, who wore ?nguged in it. It S'-eira that a detachmel of forty men, ??onsitiiuf of a detail <u' four men frota e.irh company, was sen; out vim a wagon, draw-i by four muW , to frither and brlaj in wool for <? miliary purpi .*? *. T!riy v under tlie command of Ln -it. 'i. itut nvoeut. Thqy had proceed 1 np the r'.-ad,<<n tin-batik. 'T the nver, Beren or eight i. in:.-, wh> 'i tli .. were suduouly surprised by tho u)>|>ra' ? of :? ? ? lannn of H.o r> .*?' oaralry,w!ioru."hod ilowu ti.?? Ilki a th-.ii.der js/t' llowlarj-e tho ono.ny'n forco ? i it is hard t. t y.n.'i tho ZouavtR ir.'m to Jisvo Iwo tLn . u Into thv m ir oomternatiou hy the appi'i u!' l! i tnomy,;;. Inn uot time ouoigh to com, tl -Ir number*; I i. thi ?nomy was largo enough w I t t;.e Z v.avo frc::i, ..-nl tl?linouuUneut 1) fled tl:' ?.??>. , ami ni i '.i-no att . j.t resist the rebel apprcach. Tw-U-c : tlif t :; ????. captured by the rebels; the rem . .? came iu hi: iy Tho i~utliir of the rt'gmenl flr- .1 t ? bh')is, nod, i'r una!; fcocounts, those wore :!i? < >:!y ? tvl. "ibt four n; .<u4 ?nd wtm-.r. *?.?!< als > lost. Tin.: l.cs'crvin. m.: h.-ii Ono thing nil-? i' rt-ard t< Klf vortli r^'lnicnt. li bas been I a i^t. inr nearly .-i* <?;-?n"J. -d t,io ;* v n Biont has not paid u priv^if a . i. .o cent. <?. tern may hav re- i\?<. u j irt' j-i of their pay: tut . Is certain that the private.-, have i ? 11 i: . . h r.n fully treati d ly tl gcvcriii i -nt. V ,"<? :t i.i ? v .thojt money. rei a'?:tn, it ? in?>?>:%??? < tiie f" -thni- I ? j luegOfBrMBi-nl to pra<".. up m .vilbiui ?? i ? Boeing their oidltioo hou. roc .1 ?? > ;er t'.ai, th ??are deaioralijied :n.d i,ot auxio'. to. ? i. ? . ,,-oli treated they -a ill yet moke good soldiers. Ilesrnthata court mat;*!! , oeonorder d <? pvt. (iiih t. i ? i:: . tot?(he facto<?f the??* - i: , i ..m -t t. limn Una mi:hiug of iuterfst I . ? :i . -ad in an 1 a!out >ic:wiiort Nev I oliservu. Is a m 'it di aicU V- t'.ai AssuuiaK.i p ? fr<ua Uiis pitint, an aun ??. <?? <ut r . apponrui ? o the Yorkt'iwn and Jamestown n<N?r Xowport News, dunur a dark ar.d stormy i - i , aa-i .!.?ir iu-ipp ar ance whoa tt was discover i' li .1 ? 1=':.;>a we v r n t'ue lookout for tltain. It Is pi?- ibl? ilni' li'ia; 1 Benin: I, but I urn iniaido to ibid i gle porf a who saw them. We ma" rot the owii u i cme >; the moat doubtful charac -ir, ? ,131 t. Wo always ?'vt 41m most authentic ?i..i at t: ? . it i n in regard to matter* about here from Paltiiivro ? "irces. Wear- < regionally honored by tie prosenco 01 a:i astuti and < u tor prising reporter from ;>oino Bvum >ro uevrs osloWwii m -nt. wfio aptHiara lu Hi moruln; at I vanis h in ; ir. evening boat,Vut who sour. : v. 1 ah!.?ti:t" or to ?! tain tno.-e important secrets tv..-n military m. u. .1 desoribo mora iuiportaut aud 1 ones 1 irr < >? ,.r hereabouts, in or day, than Uh entire eorps of New y. :i. reporters (who porierally know .e.-ytl.iug tia ?. > take* place, ami faithfuHv ttewc.'.1 :'iom in muni nation*) . .er hear of Hue. aro too sharp for 1 latitude. Tiii'it. . >0, there i:' thai noiquitous "gei.tlimrio Just fioiu Fort? ss M ::: ??, ' who ci .s \v ?h 1 k du n of ii.: rir-?? ? n cone rnins aflai. - that tieyer ogcurred. If Nevk jork |tapars will t>uy uo MMMn toniRti of ganttoutin frasnrtras Monroe they will? ?!? being s<> badly boaxm1 as thsy havnliM lately. Tbe"gaiitl?nm'' Is a tnruofi ohiiraeir-r, an Lia "intell%?oi;i'" la eutitieu to uo 1 Mr. O. C. CJaiborne, wh - has : !? tin: t of Matter < Transporta'i<n bore store ouf ti -iM i 1.1 ? in, li.?. 1 ordared ta Vi>?biiigt4Ht for <tet? t'...t<l ;artir at linsuioRnof;ion ?\ . v da <a\-e ui'ou Uai taie la'ii.iadgo, Aotin>, Aa:.. <^L..rti-rii,a.-,lor of thlsdi-p nient. Tbo Youai? Atn?r ?? h?> ?? - ?! to::, in: ?. : ratit. By this niovef it wc ... ? timo < u'j ni mt farvm. able v<in ' .. ' i.u- I.; ,,' thatCapt. Graves w lilt", r ?ta, \t v.!,; went up; ^u1 It will no x??ce -ie.v !.??? i.. . ftfl'air and !.h re :u In ,)< i s, meat . temk traiMl'orred v? i.'..- >? "-l^pWiHiaK Badger,C;.|.tain It P. (jirr. 1 vvj|i;aiii ! , ...... . ? ? . v . j. < i iK harlK'r. 0>|ttain Oarr'c duties m . ::\ arduou-. JJ< ? Olmrfre of all the naval Riires :;i ti rv lo;:v ... ia.. *>.? pMls all th?lajil 1:.... ? >?n 1 m i.y ih( .. c<* M in hern His vessel R 1. . " " the\ory! . . ? 1 f.' iu die to nn unelnr.' Itiociew . ittinni-.d >: gafred In break iigout atarif a< I mat k ti. uu?? ! .If a \rell as ration .<u. Tho ?:.iti?.. tim . ?Is tp uv t.< I r 'v- nl vet'se>.;j#Ori ??!.< v ,t.i ll, ? 1 . of rbi. V)ssi4^J0 ami w :?u -lw e< ri : o-rea^t <?.; ?!?? guards slu* 5tia'iod,and j^iai Xfahesli -.:d i'~*; to rvuidUfc to 1 i',;! tn.i. > r flrodsthar If this r-liw!* |*t>vi .. v*. ( .. 1b tht ahape > fa thl."ty-iW<ataMMi? ,il!i. voa ? It will bo s. 11 ami with rapum - 'are nob o< idt tLc - , i .t ia- ia ;a rigid man in tho r lit j. . A few wenw rince, w.i..- !;? e-mversallea tvt'b a eava1 . Beer, th? da . :ars . .. . : . . .In (?xpe^i .1 br. ght up. Tt-. who ... .1 1 bo first man ol hi- prof. i-> rer . ; that 1. ? ? ferna. m:>.clun"s i.rcs.diii ?? v. . 1. <r 1 he. 1 1. ?. would be m easy matter f-c tj.< . t ?. 1 among our shipping, 1 ? ? - i..> . "t tlMOfa fine tid'jway. ? 01' tic b'f appliances which I* to I. . ltd mon t." Scything th'.l i5'ii ixnav v This .'ftern..i? a privn . heK i)1 ? to tt.' re :: waabu ie'd wttl. miluarj' liono-.- " ... ? ? .t. pacta. The proees?d'in w -1 l.M I mv.. rlat ?? i.r- ' : regulars 111 full 1 11/>na, ? ' ? ' v.* r order' xmt an amVj; >uco, ,1 w:. ? va tn. f j the po t. :he corpse V ' 'a. ?: .vi 11;., 1. ? . : j Wagon, a..d nv '".'.id i ? 1 ; ' puny to wh.. li lit. ob:o a 'I - an !. . ard i.r honor;acomi'auj o:'t'.i"M.- ? ' .:u ? "? 'n?* up tho rear. A laiy? n 1 1. ? s went to tUo gr to witness th ul ? metn.' The sailors who camo 1> ??? .-nthe ".r.viif.v ? arc t ? '. onboard of her waiting ? -r1 ". ? nth .1 . atntkmod ou tiio H'P Baps. 1 ? -? r.ii ; : - has been placed on b.>ard oi th- ' hip, 11 d nnother p .t on board of ihoi'mr li 'i latii:. '? 1. ' rem:, u w :!i th-SHil >rg. Of their d s:;t.. t- s 1 n ! wi i: I .. after. lAst evening thi- governm.-t.'. d. ri; wis iVt..-.-;.. t!u>l amount of sjxirt?I ma> my "mnllsh spi>rt ' 1 large number of mtiles were tu ? <'* ou board ? Bpaulding for trauaportin:- pi:rp ?: at Hattera.- A couure staging was put from k the gangway, and at least six huuitrcd u: of a" e.. siud raJti.a, gathered to sua the; u. A 1. 41, u<tnool<.| t>. ntu'.ewasled up totiio^; ?. a.i..* w;ih . . i. woft, m... iiirn on board, hut the tuuh <-? ... :???? i. " l-'or months they have been yarded u, . v.i.i i iv. ...11 n, to do but eat hay and gnaw the b in t: c >? :; ?? . r. it to l av* such .vood quariers (.);? 1 <Irj" .u;d ste: ::o h was to tl?m an tmplea.^.r.'. c a: iit'e. In vain o_ the mule; :flr try to ". ' id hi... ." for. ol course, th. ?ore he backed drwn, .? Iii ?? .intrabands adn ? t. - , cd HMnm blows With Stu - s ? :? ?. At ia-t a :? . ? Tops ?a ? placi '? aria, d the n> ? doc . and li" ..i:.' ft lows poll aua ? stroiig pall tho .... dr.: v 'T gangway ind i-afeiy uuarter . on tho ..Uxi ???<' d-. i Every mule hrji hts ' ?r :-:?-t to ? day, and one :i antics were more ludicrous ?' ??> .?.> pre " s?.r ". > ???? inducement w.itt heh: < ul to tfcwi 10 imi: quin'y. ! .? was offered to them in lle-i of oarc:- a ad ait" neav ? w?rk the miili s wer? talfi, ou bi art. and 1' ? .tavV amusement cloned. It is the first timo I have seen n large a party cftloy a pood tm;y *'?. r... ? i ..r beca here. By tins the wm h '. .-j lieen lai t; nud are now ou a sandy shore, withe., t th- proteoti; ..ol u board f- nee on which to gnav.- away tho Mb., frot n to day. FORTSE.SU Mi ' >i.>K, V.i ,, O.'t. 14, IS. 1. Activity at F<niru? M'tnrnc?Arrival <?> Rrl >r. rs from HUhrnanH?A KoTVivrqf F<>v Month* /in m. r.Uion?Rickmnnd J"t7 r-n t'pyr.n m r Captured at Big Brthd? Tvv Irai'nn?.4 Ilehel J\us >irrvt>cl of P"iltrabarvl*~^tPmptd* of Cmitrabvnrir A Aw Butteryal Sewatt't Prtrrt?Hi'' Sir?A iWW stnra.' tr newmoitret and is Viral friri the Hip toir?? | Yarrow I' tnpc?Jrriml r' On*. Mm'Jlekt?Xa AW j fr,Kn IMftras?Target Prv'icr, Uv , <fe. 71 ;s i? y |ia? been n?hored in w:th beauty nrd fc rant arivuiil of activity. In fart. It look* as if wo werot-xm to l.-si ?? i ihinir worthy of record to v nd forward. Tlt>op [I;* trvi"?r.? find ffiinboats have nrriv d and are :ur rivii.u " i >ri' arc en mute. Of course, rumora alMinod Bstoi' i t nation of ship*, although tt would not ltd pol.-ic ?' r your oorr?*pond*nt* to make knnw:t any o! rmnnrf. The rebels are nnxiotm, and I arn of the opmI' >"''0und h?r?, who carry to the enumy u!| . ?>i. ? *f i vie here as well tin elsewhere. Tlits meriting two men arrived within our lltiea, who pUlr tfcut ? '? ey liave h? n discharged from the H- n r,-f, w-tf let'. i n^fcmoM.whefe they have heenran. t?,?i for the i I fo-1. month*. Afk"r th< y had been ?*a ,! i . (. no:?' Wool, I converged with them and nalnod f ? 'V ? ? ?tl^nt.f-of th-ifcaptivity, Itimrrerntion ^ .|i. ' ' *?.???? r r a:.v; families renl HilK m Qi.ur.ji'. 1 ;? *???> -'ilaiid. They wero formerly engaged in ih? i ".i ! t at Vwwtnnrltet Mr. Kimhall, one ?? Hi" i- i.i'in ' iy: "lfct r,n M? day of Juno last, while a>. i..; . ? >"rrtip. i iwrtyof rnnuutidmen surround >! . i.r.d one Captain Worth a.ked him If ho itni-v. . -thh ,?.r a o' aor*3Hi*nfef8 who iivxj in that t! oteltj v' KitrihaJ. -I tlisi tie did not,and that he feajbt -li "l tv (*>'H?t* Imd n"Tjf 4o y?,rkto*n. Alttt' ? li n; tor any ?v l; man named Belvir;, wa? or W)).' uw:eo. <J.di tUougU tUvy wttiture fooic ' ni tl.c time they vero not allow ??<! to pot on tli ? r m. i; :-. Tin-} w< !? ma ? 'i,i-1 far la lk*tbel church that i'i..lit. The next ioSi ning tliov woit w YorktowB, uuder luurd, \ lth thoir hunts ml l.ehlad, wliere they wore In god lu tile guarrth -UFO. On tfMadfrof General Ma gmder thajr wen sent to Kiehtocsid and placed in the Hi iii mo i i,my Ja:i which i ? situated iu the limits of the city. Horo they w ire tuiflnod Is company with civilians ftOtt all parts of the South. Ontho 1st of October the o men woro brought lip flor trial4 and they were discharged, l?it woro not ui' wed to leave Klchroond until tho bth iust., whcnOeii ralV im trvl- their upon an order from l 1ib rebel S cntary cf V ..r. They were by tills discbarpo not nil' wod to leave tho lixi's, but to come to Newmarket to IM thalr families. Th y walked tho entire ilistarwe In-m Kiohmond to out lines, pa- Hi? i! . i?.th New Kent, .lurroii city. Willinm.sburff, Vork i 'wn, Half-way H) ;.io,Bi ihal and Hampton. At Williams l iir . tlioy saw two large batteries, aui at yorktown they . aw three lui w out a Th -j ; i > sovenu > 'ni* oa tboi;' way, but l.i . w>l.;i ;rs. ill Willlai. lgburg tliey saw at I .-t two thousand ir.^n, but iu awr> poor condition, 'lm rations lu the Jafl com i.'t ofci'Pi hi. ;?t, baeon and ; i: alternate days, c.;.; burnt cru.' t coj i.-. itiey itivo ' )!lnwiug mlv.auiUli.u of our tree;* capturedut the iilg 1'i'tliftl ? >'luitb ? M'.taiu i'" Hinl m. N. Y. Fifth New Y<>rk n'i'ituent Voiiiut. i. i.urne 'tonii-'t, and is now ftu plo\ ? .; in tlir Ti t !??;. i imii ^\.. ? (ieorjj" Mix i'i Troy,fc< ? t. "Vw York YoiUntesre, Was gent to New t rl" .. (iinrfje Money. <4 l'i'oy, BecoadNow y?rk Volunteers, a to - m (o Ni .v i (ill.!.?. Jrl.uor 6'.?'!?? ' ..jr. iT Neiv .lorsoy, turned traitor and deset id r m u.- ??? r..i ranlui and Informed the r l'tilsofthe ait ' k to b i . .m.i. t'.ij; lii i ml, whereby the, ;;a;n.?i a . ? it an Uli'. .oi . o'.e? u.-. Ho was .'?ibod bv the .aw.! ar.d uliov.< I tho liberty of Tfich I mi. hi i. -in time {.fio'i ar'H be mad Hij'tchi: of tl; ? t u*tl(lciitlons ar,'. ud ll.u rei-el t niiial.uii . iiluimpteil *?>?-ri but v as i a i^M, m ? now m s-dii'iry txujiiij'.' it1 ut. The follow it i; is ? << >yof ap i'sbe': ngtogto one of tin .-.e men. It si t I --'. i'.solf:? j t'iV. Ill AIMf " .. ?/?.? ?? . ? T?,18ol. i ^ Permit M .? am n tint all to Jj .' nut (lE, amp to Kli ^ i. tielhC .y oou-ity, .. .: i. i r ? ur.i. > ? Hy oreer, ( !. \. 'i. tXWill 1*1, coneuendlog. J i A. M. liowuiNi', 5 ; First Licui.'5. S. A. ft Anj. Poet. ; .?e two nit-ti gooi l Ni w York (his evening,fcar II ? Itstta tan !h iw i o i?i?s 'S . ? a . tUltiiwi.-f. .?.t two o'clO''* th - rni*;Kil' .tii-elsst the Rto Iiiii!:. i isoovurwi u Iw.: I'l'i.ini 1 it from Sewnll'sv" iut, ?????: thoiigM t>y. .my ;. wiu n p "ty reciim" itrlng: but i.'ie boat p iiieii a.i f. i the P-t. j- gttard wi i mim ? "'I. and r pr->;?r i:m .;h?y ?. ? < h-tiitu), v.l nitwus fi Ii'i I li t thi- frail ? I itoM.'iidud f'lovnn ( ? rl .' r niS onilgi <t,it" to t'. on lai'-'.aM taket. n.? ,',em - aj ' iHtinii of ? i! !'!? : in' ? ' 'j'i,. _/? aro all from " .i t vicinity, vvi il . -e, ^iiin ? cno whocomes ? .in I' Car. II The; -.'port f : - ? ? f n-bds lv ve n.'it a battery of fourteen ;:rns in the wmiis fucing tills ?ay. ?<| <? utra . . l?.rn workiajtoi i . > fortitica II" ,s until thb p..-;! .en dayp.w^en .' \\ if no I *? 'fitted to visit 11 ?'. fur; ill' it pi; ? ? Th?-V saythen u about four h-im'r. >i. i ? at U-?Point", but in tho v ? >;.i'y ut' Wi 1"' * h ii.y ihm ?? are i-'.v 'i !n;..i.i, -h of ur and two i cava'i-y. i ut lit: ?c: ?. tie xaiiH-d fir n < n, with thoexix'ptli.nof th" ... i a' tben 'wbat S.MMkinp i f ccntmbftMig, I lean t:.;<t at roll call this hv. nhitf 1.1:0 liUlUil ? ' ??' M My of II I !i(* ?; but i; l'ul r.ilivi<!nl* vero ; m< ? < i!i? iri'.sm:; wm -; t*v>y have Ui'i.- 10 if> a mys. :y not yot B4?J\ t-<l. ! c n ha d|y sot : )V. th(\V got. outf : . U Jlflf , i; ? k *V l li? f.ot ?i>V. ? (J niv i\ 'ii til)'I al out ii iTtro'.t. Tli.v - .??. r.icn ju?J no\> ..if of CO?' id?'T li'iv VllIlH4. %' t)H JHx arrive'1. ? e yi ?rday ivmt.o *r, and hfi3 hteu ei. gaged in viaitiQg tho various hospitals til tbia do n.ffii j;i tie in . })?? wen; f- .\'f\/{#on N? -v* , sod visited the sie;< &oidior* find burvtyed the camp. To-day sds? is at tin fort Moro nunc* t in) to l>o toot :.vT?* * ?on. ? ? atoamer P. Ft.. ?' 1 jirrive! !??*r ? J V.* morning, t?ri; :? OK l;rl?adk<r Oe* o! < ;,an.-rtttM, i;r.,ko lie { y ant' Captain Dyer.ui Nto hir:?. 'Hie it::-- hrii'tfn j i from 1 lattery.;. Al? e ;u et tin-i ? ; ;o:n o the i I:ilu' (lie ?ronticdio f.i. , ? tut* l<jI i>,: j ["'> ahowii ! hir head. 1'ic rouliatfti* Ih st lit 'o*ro, vrlth tho blo?- .ikots on ."'i. hhv-is e? ..Iniff 0}? thii ulV-mtui!. I *i . ? 11. W. Forhe.- .n *4?ii rt thia in'< nlag fr m TTaah j . .. - n. She }s -o a> ng [ ' ?? morn, ??: ?ii' ? ta fi*<hI '?hrov!.*^0 :t tfrtf<U ! | pin ?ul c!'..--r in to the* i- .-oil.7' V - iot' i--'s j we, ?* ? ?.????'!?? -t. The ! ? . t ? * tho at ?... t. <\x of thw s rvoels,ai: ' ivu,vi 'm.-o a t;r." ? a CVun v 7 >c i ? ? r ? I ! to i-eo whw ? ' .? (*. j 1 hi j te.",*n *?'. l ow i \ ^ l&u-iy el< ,tr ? ! :?? . !'; i' Mttl . . ? :n;\\ wr ??*. '*on ti.-* j -,\v \v< J!t th h.?' ' ;?!' o v.:.-: j ::t on, hul I'Cforo 3 v ;.-4i:*]y ;???: wuod a* ? ' :r v; - > :.l .?vftei* Ik r. ll ? ooi> it tv: <! i ? hit her. AiuHh r shel \rv- ii ! i ? ' ~l.v< \\i at t' . 1 ? . t'. i ;y fur v e coetM ^ | * ??:? ncd thei ! a ??vt . ;t(t /?:. w.itrir.1*" ;natu*r8 in f A h.ouii e. .. g?*:.?!? rsi?;>| ..raj off :<?? wall'b j} " a t?.-r: M! , an ; whix wvui a . tor it. ' J i ? '!? i'"tr j :h: k ?e are ; ? u i ? with || . Si. .r?? :jt ? . ." j ? . over inl ad u.i'ag aiij?hiuj<. |! '10 l.' UumI :: ;0 or ? ? r ; " ? < ; to ??;? . ? ,1. r- v ?' Ueir- dnily, to- \ i\ay two HclKKiners ?trivnd, liriuginif ibe luiuber a;?<S -v ? -?! l nl i ui . ' '?let itIi-m f.'.i Htorchmi ? f I !im -will . ubuili: l .tl>' i"ii ? ra >>f tlio.-ij iib*.i i'> j J !|" ,v, Itiirs'lurtlii; till'Cr . , w.?r ) Tho w)ldl ? I' v. :trt V',.tu ioil in irl licr; j , ,xi. art. ii- coiist-:.'?">'?! MHWjwtxy ii. ihlt- "j ' r .i . tin ryicc. ftc i-;w a . flnM ImtteriM UOH i | ' nw rurprlf'4 .Utrt ,v ? kmwtnr it J comparison to tliv wunto uC a pbwo like ihrs. J JVk N't. 17,1 Wl. 'I ?'> Jiaftrrirs i,-n Uir t' 7, -7/, v in'r-thf. Puit J ?She Sofia Cm 1 !- r-cxttfi?.Vc tr* Killttl # ; WotlTlii,i- Gn:r:a] ' n.-h- ? -r ? ?. ';?.??.< t-f lrtr t- . * a 1,4 " ? /? a' '<m.i< /Jit niUi t.? tin at fnt J ;y>rl yrw*?X'.tKinj .V* ? c/id .'1W in </.c I)rpt.Ti 1 It is ?'? w qmit'-) cvifti nt 'h'rf. tho PotonMP rlr'-r cu.u 1< ')-'ctuaily c!" t< orr ?? ?! - wti'wv.-r ? '?tixiyi! 10 cX'TOlH" thoy pi'irrrs la my JrS?;i * ?>f jit"rday firfom>1 M tlM' injnrirarftwrou bythcfl .'< n ? :e, CAvtnii'. oi'J:,' on the ? i| :t btH :!iid v.rtt < l tliirty t u:ii:tc.? , frun o O'tw .? ..?:>! rf j liut'-ry 11k T:v!ir..?;iort, j a!< .;?? . lift mo'; T?-<tny I* *>??.???, v. ,??! ? ???? ?!'? 11 ? ??> . i >)i.:r1s dint ' i" "i.,s tii 'fr'iM 'ii >r 1,he v ?? - t, MttfutkinR of t'.i- 1 ,-Si>1 who - m t' ' \ ? 'i r iv.a : bin U' . luck an tli?J? rail Uk* Tavmnr<\nod (.'OS' ii'n-BtW Hi mptftd 1 ? ? ? k -I' ? " la !?? ? ?? ?"? ?... 1 ' cr>f?tii|j vithln riir j?, thi' reba' NitUTl?8 a' that peiul1 .,11 ? . it oa h - n . a 11I1M si.iil) .".d vi - pr:ijr<'tl!i.'> .rfki , Iit up a h t 1! ? Hi' 1 m i! ?.* :?.? ihii of r: p.. * . twou'.y fiv* ir.! . ? nit ? ?. ?rd;- five c*six *??ot. ?::?! ( tlw sl'.lp,,! ? ciste'.y, <li4 4 ,1 .-.r-3n. ??. (K! .1! - ; - very c' t. tur. >d ;:ti? . U??lf fnry ir it c ."I'l-, Mill I Ill'" W?0 to t . i.- ? -..*4 r hii li iii air .111 - '-h*n siriki*.; ta tVboltamtvltlw>utf>vft?.er !anu.;o. Th. Punw u>. - .nu a!', t . <* > >? ! ami ?i iii.-i*> y?vd<-- ? ru. tb H'-roaft- 'v.. ?>ay i'K;*jt ti bear I Mrr ryn t Unit j !?.;.? .< 11 >? --r j, . i> ? . vrrrt -nvii.T ?iUu . - ' irorn thi f Miiw. , v?" arooert .1 ^ i|i> .-i n-t 1 iru( wit! .ue itavj .pia.- \V -ten tac Otticri* .. roii.r Jitr mn^th-tuady it will i"; ci> ca / ji iittnr tof pea* Ui '? ? Ceir.r.iOfjrtstici.i iIror<;; 11-? ii ?.p.- >r :uwtakw 1 . . ? ..i'it-i-bm Casp 1 -aii I uu I -rslaigl ti-it .? wiil im-nniiat' v .?r:?-"?-i ... 1 tm tho .-c^tw at# tbarn cucaxuftcii it:io a mil by 1 , ugli i.rill&ia'-' ? 'icl. 1 .jBUIUi wl'.n so ft- K< no li 1'iu?nl laovo: .-nts. t?s i. '? ??? >r?oWk-n? j ? hit bin*, well Jp in r-i. 3 ..-ii ti 1 riil,: in a Mrt J . ho'.-na luii < jt. fiim-??.brii-tiae 11 ... r > i.- ?. th.> mr . I sliai! ?< ' u> titao -ii til ' IK titlit ? ii. *licj 1 tli-y r.i r attain. Afairn 1*0 no-.* very <- iiot atCuh > I; up. ?..n at'. Vnmp 1 r.i !-r (Newport News), rt'itb uu jirobj.\ it 0; mjaeiii at.' rli.ipr;i a-.. 1: o TvthiMr goof <? like oktjrirork. Miiii-r the 4hlf in: -v .' -iitmit -tof c;<-ncrul Vholpn, ?- i. ? 1 .;? .ii:i. a- by ..taut Ailjutaut tiuuorci : i'l -veB? . r-ntV n i :i?\? arrive-: Vrtulawnn- ' ?tl dutii--oi'i ift iov.aion. Bu will be recollected ae Uio j ?.in' i ' the i i Ver; ' regiment, wlii> served their j ? 'i ,<>nta'? ;.im(top&rtm ;.t withh^nortoUteittfel*'-* itj u> the Slate i itscm them. ,A<'.v;taiit Stcwnns ?m n ; ointfil o*>e of vi no--,- ii : tantif: ..antgeeeraUt just v'cl'of*; bin time vw out, ?. ln'i, ?t? hi* piihit -i a wtdi! ex; r u( ..n-i iwkilgcol' millturix matter*, ?i v-c.t!) * w'.Li ?l b sin ens la.-lit nr.'' ?! p?rilr ? good na ture-0:it in'ikr< Mind* of all who make hi* ?. ; lair.Vuine. is rumorod, with I do not know hov uchlruttL t! m y... <?r G< a. Magroder (whoha* hut re .<..tlv received ivomotion) lnt! nia to eome down ''.vs a w " on the ' 1 ?nrt make short w rH with tlie i:it!<>cunlsi.ucam|<ed witJ-il' the rodoubt. There i.. litilo doubt that to* rebel* l::i on s?tr<>er\ rnt 'clcg Matjrnd ?: s, division wtth < Iri the pfi*t ten nnv*. Thare bo 25,000 men on the poniueula, within thirty five mileaof our guns. and, If uk:v<i<: together, they would certainly occns ?ith? New injr^Kew* boysa dealof work to bent them back. Pnr bniiB we may have lively times in these quarter* before io:iK. Kvcrjthing i* ?i" " 1 hi this department. We have the ;)-(nth-oof r<vinforcqmont* here, but we don't see them as y. .. However, before spring coin' - wo may oxiiect to Vivo a lltdle lively music and something of inti'rent in this quarter. There is uotorra now raging from the southea<i<, with u cold rain. It 1* not liVeijr to continue long. OUR NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE. Os Uoajui Unrrw> TaiNKixurt Wmu.Pi*. t Pon-iuc Kivku, (let. 14, 186J. > : \<u*I Movements m the PxUmac?Erpntem* <<j <i Via- ?< I ilan?R ifulati'mi Not Gmen\lly K'iwnm~Ajp < . f'Uet?A rrnnfrmmto /?r Ike PrttmUm^vf- . ? i: VnxU?Thi OlItaMI on ^ quia C, ???/.? (, ru h'ont, rf;c., tfc , i(c thu amouiit of Bitn^h* bis*:R^r?i.i rw ! ; ,? government to Wachlnptm . vttr; >?. n... , , . i rapidly Inrroaung i!( .,,,1^ ? ,;W?. 1, i( i, truiipiont tim*iHirte. tin- , v i;..? < ,v. koops conataatly employed .. in. ? < . .?? ?.e|g. Those ria. bclvmen N'uw Y . , 1 i;. or IVogteru wUarvea, WashiiiBtun. Onv ? v! ? u . vof-.rlB v\ ae I*"-* iic>t long since, un<l two other?* h'.\* ju*t beta taken ofl for repa'ra. They w iaider the ehaigo uf Messrs. Import Kirktatrlek, in N'ew York, Mid Harbor master Morgan,at Washington. The follow uig shows the dally average iinioimt of tri.nsportuttoii by this lino during tin- month* of July, August and;?;i50 barro'ii of pork and beef, 1!17 barrel* of [KM*, 13 h If burrols of tho limit, 711 cask:-* of eoflee, 12 na-sis ?T rice, 00 barrnls of sugar, 1U0 halt barrels of vinegar, 9 pac k ages i f tea, J.1 lierces of ham* nud bacon, 100 boxes of soup, "C hi.ves of enrol lop, 'id boxen of preserved a e,n ta ble.-i, 100 barrels of potitooa, loo box as of shells, and 1 rilled i ienon (iroir the West Point f",ndry). l-nr these articles thi- ,.ovomiit"iil w paying fair prices, and tlu-y nr. of . whI quality us is- ccucraily used m private con sumption. Among those on this vese.'l poinc tc Washington in n widely known gout Ionian who lately >u.s lorced to leuu- Aecomac county, V*., to evadii boon, hung for entertaining Union imeitts llo reports that a jtortio'i of tho Hfote^'aid county (known ;ta C ? a ? OOtCHj'UO Inland)?tho same being ttoiutraU'd front t in Diuiii land by n bay five tr.il1? in width?in thoroughly loytil, ami that ' tin' inhfib.'ni Is i.r?> dmly I threatem I with the d :>trm tiou <>!' their is'.aiul in h iv it j, it I,'.itic-' by a -r.-gpion fotce of Irom 2,500 t" 3,000 men, having twt it" r ,i ti d cani'.eu. 1'"' tho relief of 11. ? -? Unionist? i\ o icu ]? t :,iv a brip'ide of live thou:-ami moti i" now pre rii ?in drilling, >"??at C.irmirl ge, Md t > ret ender Clone; :il Tioc.kwood, foritioi'lv it toa -tier in t ? Arm I Nr.vnl Aoa lemy. tu r<V'dati; 1' ? .".tirr ?t; Hi-* extern shore of Mi. r viand, mid 111 enuntien of Acc end \|.ton, Vn. In coiio?ciniti with tli ~ s force i-t preparing to ai t by water in the follow Itie manner ? iiro protection, in nii?irj fnr the lupprcffloi and detection ol 'i n", din.: aw .oiHK on lar, fly ill /? ;.-.oii:ai. iin tNortlrir.i|.' .tic> untiii A n . a. a. I' r till proiuc.ionand defence of loyal e ti*ens ou Chincotea;: Is ''3d ?(Jue gunboat, mounting one riilud caun<>n, o.'or two small gum-. u pivot gun, a?' I carrying mh:? i >*? One fix oar^d boat, ear.h rtin iti tl '' tioat. to b ? nrnteu with an luiie i itte and a ?,?t w revolver, ;? w boat to be inviinfuiii'd by a en, k.l two-oart-d rout, In tended to bo used In shoal wi t' r. fir I - Due or t-.v ' hiridrod rifl^e, with ntuiUlons, lo I, : a ? rai u ofea'd idan I for tlnir d< fen-o and safot' ogaiiist t.'in threats of (ikvh iotii.^.s. on the maw li.i d ?' ?' Act o;nai and Not ilu.tnptM) counties'. r.rr'J,?An Ar:. ?ta:d r or Marshal, toheso jmint t lor the purpose .*rtopping ail mu fgling uad ar nvi ' . 1 i04 ? u?tH? At u.-f Ms! twelv o'd'-'l: yeaterdav afternooB wo ?um la night of Folotliok Out aod Mat Lodi tB,rolDt No''out,: :-i Vo'.it Asm ?:id by <?- - o'cl'N it cnteit'd the mouth "I tie l'jtu^iat. \ ury lew sa.l vebs*;i.s met u-. at this point. A . Sort time: iuce a youm; repremntod li! , saha . s d over from tl>? Virginia sidtappoailff, and i was activil loaned with pi' -ents for seciUfcionatH. ilo bolon ! toY rivi' hchoor.i and of , o',rao kept tiioarti des oonOilec K h cam Sow few mliee (Mil we p:. ri tlx ? . :v iaU- Fori:*-' a""1 Valley City, goinv iic j ? ard .no' a f jtl pri'So of c-iivasa and at mm to join the ik'?t' ?titoi.te. Ju-i b"'.i.w (?lar Point wo owne up rvith the place v, v..... .OS tr. " ' "t l'nti"t v.Hcs'i.ik ly c"tr. ictw)AthssteamerDtl?rs. licrewifound UkeUnited .: .i Mnaport Qukmabn .?h and two har .-f ?ii>,?'.!?? v ilh im :?w?. he... in attempting to raise tho ... v,'l-. ey lv.d just linuiaed moving it half a n di under i he H'i rviKleo of CaotJ'jin i'ari- t-r. As we .. ,-or. ! of the i rows of the.w va^cl* criod i-,t, "Iah k nut f ;r'.<reat;ere Ul.ead. U-.? was firmg up the river LO-t'ny.'' , . , At !'.?tfct.-n? r.dnt smld .'. nnuso; I v "V vi.-tole nitc.opt a sr.i?; . r as: -.line t >??< ? too yard* from Uw flwre Near thi fi'd.i.ot ? r *as am lorad the i; meo .t inland Im He, a? a iirot.. er. thiriug the day the rhu.ner Invl linen ill' . b; hi) I' H' a t he , "Mt. They ncec ooded At ii* oot had ]; st A<-.'?a o'cii" I w ? '.O'tehed thTWelief, (r Phiiivlelnniu ic i 'no > beat, a: d uttofeed ou to- it, re malt.h .(thu." till d:.y'ii|?iit . .. The ii>ilow . v .. 'twined from 'he ofiicor ; <w> this Hin'. r.t::t-fcr? werer?s??ved free; 'tw?*vgt<- o M.-p twl .? o';"iii< either up if<l"vn ti'Tivere'ioi > wk. A : mail '''' d f"i:t o'i- e. ury n'ill wutch the roo. i fo.oanie page, :?bi! e? ? tHa'J :d?e doe.' i? t- eseupo. if th r .i'o t.honii' V dur?nj< tl a night, a. r?"5i..>.et 1 ? 'he MU, * .1wodl'l comin an' I'' -'to M?e K"""00 TiBi>io'i:.ii II1." II" I'Jire ? u it." 'h ior??y gtmooi.: ou ipj river t-xoe-nt his ovn. and Um. Ii ? can d uuag.' ?? r ('.i.l hey weu't let hiltii with an els 'it , ;if,j:*ilei, w? i t: lias ou hoard, otic out .if fVery <??>*/ 1'" Pel < e,'fjis up atijcni IhiI' *iigbtan1 ?!.-iy. m> i.'iai i? e can civ<> ch f'' ti. any time .o her a - -.'i> ry. ((jil'i .ou; i, i,t. I'.Alvr iti -ii wore d'jputch d Wi:! ' ,\.? !mi:?; k. to a t-cii ?? :i ? who a waf ee-a to cater.. ct eek Ju.-:t anov Aqaia eri e";. The men landed, . ;'!;d"a -r? oolte 'is.' d i.. tn-eurlf ,?ir pvi""rhnt .'."re | 1 uc-t n ' >' '. n it. in nip ing to. r nt iK'v weri Bred j i poo a rohtti fn-oe drawn up In MM on i-i? _rb?re. .No i v dm-<> t" an. one r. j our st :? The w I tin I ?f the loeljoat thinks there 1?? forec vrf f>,? ? <o rebels . i } ?t? h ? ht fd' bin . and that t ero like f ?v of 1 !?:?"> ? i i." to ? here, between .t ;u;a crs c am: ?. . ? ; ri -t .j. Cutis an- oce.i?iont?ilv i" in lir.-d from tl ? I Auuia oreoK Muriw, but without uoing twdw ??? .. oo|.-r'l ra'ty, ? '-.'.atii';'f tV. - men no O-o * *???*?. j rcuc.ii :d tie it n tl.-/ or t?-o since,.-nd thcm-< l as im fugitive^ fr dn Ste !?? ?l.?. Th' y Mta t'v.v had ii ^jj.ds -mall Vmt three mile* taro-i b liie .."-?N Petit- of ojicn. rii I i iterw.-f.i rowial f : r ? a a:t thias i*" nt. They v?re taken en board thc^enbt. :i, anil ml e?r t ally x-'iit to Wuehinp^-to. As TO -OO alottg: a very 1,.,1,.'mn: tor o: ! . - c.i'a' row \o*'i'? 1 tlV* W'tilbi a. t" .'tio h'-'. . i-.o -. er i vi-rott f^rinti, Vit- Vic ill ;r ief r\,a*-'i d At I. >. ,bt toalav we n,;ui!i *ot umtier weigh, parte* j tine. ;'it evi *'/ vcltiel 'A.. St ; j a . ui'.d hy tiort v ' ( hud 1 arse a <'-t. At imniitKi. v< ml .<mall Ws e " , oil t?. the eirsl ? ttn. Tiicy Wtet' ell m:''tlt*i I, ,^i:i kud j n< en mii:-'.'i2 on tin* river il'irm . ? t night t | Aon..-, i". oi., w'til butt * to bo a. i when <?,. | ...-i TV. ? 1' ' a .on ol' tin . r 'tis re e! inn :m . ;ni nt ? ct".'.' he In" d by u?? ????? ?' ? of ? ?. oiiitit; ftrok ' I! I? a".''1 h) til' .0 oa ta gi:t.l?net_ .ai'-' ?;<?' . j-.t". sa'df tr t*;tt Oe.^trit ot: e. 1 dny ilviili l on toe ? highhills-oppeei .and that oiBcoracan beseei . j :.<r . a house, *u^'>wsed to he hcadijuarU.M,slt'.iatod olnw to I '"ii o> !. night* S'li .ll I-a ,. v - h mtit 'etl -*r?.rr.-.? | our gt.a.i, at.s apprtaa li , ? '?!' to the I: ...ic.ech , sidi. .. ? j ?.? ptnhtsU V.tlon and two : <' .,r?d between Ave S ? 1 rent A ,0 i t - ... _ Bnll urn) notlnn? 'lion 'ehil !?!.'?. ' eon I , a- eOB. Tla '? ?t.<. of bntti'ry ."t F. v - t Itit?not: ".It-OT t high M.I.I. At ? 'n-af. P Hit t,urrt'o lis ?fid {wc ur:J! Ii; : | atge ontrtbi r of | TfiE COUK? M .!??! V.. (.07 TI1I3 I" >T(?MAC. tn our ;>????? the 11'i . :. ?' we- ibli isd u (p ?i> order ol ?U n. Mr< .a ? ? ?? ' f t a . . r U c -?t ar'ial U> CWV.'I .1 O . p \ .".itt'aH, ? i ' ' r i. v ni. n.9tOf <?. of -.-? : r'v : ?>' re^gmtXcw | ?i.t'. tnfc tli?* ' cr . ? tffw. ."t .i? .lui'. v '?!?:<!, I T'-.rtv-. - :.'i ?n? i'oi t \ .Sew >??rk ????.!. \ r * mam ion* t imMnuie regiments The Plat ^ aFMutho him j [ \ !???-?!* -Mis 3 l.'ie iif'l aiili couf ?,*r *' urjfc j ? Uim M: ii:? f ? 11 v. MltSiGAH VBK8US SCI'TIT 7AX01 OTA. j 7RTAT. OH OT tw?w H' AN I.'iTS 1.113 I"JRJT VOW? H ?> i".l C.- ;.>!,!??? KOWl'.MtK- JUvj 'A HI,' i'K .rjra. A \\ '.hi con ??? '>'?"!? "f tbo Pell * ii'r.'.'-nne ro i ?fcs toe f >.' .wing i'.i .. -ni. - A n'-ni* *t ? ?? i't n'i'.N ? >i b<r .but v?.-.iih luu> not y<t ):?' if! - !t?r P : Hi too *.w to he In-I , 1 jtu. ii iti for . inl the ? H'li' nl! m it i? r', o 'lic r ? 6u?W ..??? ???'., mile. !>?'?>?:' I.. I. t.u . tiv -.' Tiic'-rt, d-:'V f<? . u.1;'. . . lit ?- ill .. ll . Iioltna r'.'ii'f! ? n j..'.IW ?v.f, v. a tin. '.?ilov.-i ? dialogue and I ? pUCo Mir.i ,i(?" aiio, f >? 'h Carol, .a. i w arc y? a to d:-.yi" S..! T; Oatiiv * a?!,l*ii>t iv we'.!, thai '? 7 -si; In w .'ire i 1m- Vj.r ??cs'' ' V V.'' .! 'P the Ii v;; oyer ill Pixie?"' S.-- ' >?>" ' I -rii u'.ft. . .n. ' we got Wtfi Ti2<? ?re.* . .i-t ? ,1 ot.t f ; -ot your >. nk ?? .--nif ail hoiiow." M ?' " ' b ii:' in. y.?n n*her* bru.; too much. r.-u t to your pap >u tits' trlgc?r. ' -.?1 v: you ttixt I j *3t ta?.'? ?*few prlvato ...maw a. Sc.; ?* Hcttlo Il-tit l:t tl. . ti: i?t u?i>. Wlut c."y v.ill V M ? ?,,Agrf -<l. Forty ro<3? :ind tlirif : hot.; oacl-v' "itf ?! cs11? n til l: a- o :if to Utr prrlii: ir.n. ics, kg., th"ri? h"ili;'iw partioa prii-fut vm 'tn wciuils. Tliene. uoAftver, wnre srmn aettlftl by f-'n'itb I'un.liu* |.'iving MW 'il.v'iui a pol'l dollar for the ti -; t.lir. n hIh.w. Tile pw ti'1* ?li n i"i<*: theirpoaltionx nd ith Car .iina blamed iw-jj lilR tbi'j ?liot9 at M'. whn ato^j crcct and printed O'lt to SwifTi <":r"kna the direct tor . ach of his abot* had tuk'-n. a htvi .tx d ;n..mrt, nnrt aow t *ni" liiM turu to re. South ( aroliua. to l ie rr? dlt oc It > i d. Kteori erect siid received Michigan's list pilot n.the thi;:h, ieh lir 'light him down Hat on tl.e ernnn.l "Vtnllo, old fi'H'w.nor.cof that," said Mieblgr.n. "r.o dfKiglnr l.hf q'.??t.i< n. Staod up like a man, >ill yon? Von '.mi* tih't wo nif?ro d?d gtjotl KhctH, and yon ir. t pay theiri, mind that, or no more bragf.irn: about chivalry." But South Carolina, having one I.-g broken by ih Mich j pan's unerring Mlnlemucket, could r.ot stand on Uah pegs of hit chivalry, and therefore aqualtod. and thus eJiawcd onr Mlchigandor out of "two d?d geod shut- * id ended thu fai.ny im]>romptu rtneL AVFATRS IN MASSACBUSETTft. Hojtton, 0<-t. 16, 1861.' .Tohn K. Tl aver k To. hsve cubacrlbnd a hundred tlKii,. band dollars to the n?tl"nal loan Colonel Sargent. ?< Governor AndrewV flat; lv r( higned his position to take tho Lieutonant Coloii'-ii v . cavalry regiment. The gunboat Marblchcad was laun< hed at New1 . t to-<'sy. Messrs. ricklnRnn and Abbott have written l?'t I tli' iirr their nomination by the Union Republic.:,, i, E { ve'tiioa, tho former for l.loutenant Covernor, and i ? ! ;or Attorney Utneral. Both, however, k u., j v. i viirirg ru| i"irt to the national govornraenL .?veinor Andrew, in accejitir.g the nomination tor re ioii, concludes his letter as follows-? i ho have drawn the sword ?g <ni-t the ljati.'fjui >oo ihe national honor t..'"i w.intonly perilled ? ? i ? 'intlecs tin i <!nii< el li.eir brethren, to it; ai.d ? omestin happiiM** ?ii.;. ,?iisie.i the hji'liage which supported, and ? whi-h .-???:> ? ' . i,on, in the mad and i.Oiu'nc: rui:.:ng w r? tl- v could not rule, and -piuion ia the go .. y,fl',d|r.g ; riotn- eu?ious discontent ?? ! '.i u'.i-.-.'MV .In. -. mi.1 loesof all faithful, ? "1st tl.etn and their machina ? ? n;vc. .rid, ai.d brain, and sincere i.rl.u..' . ut -jod nitdyuu: iwnoao (T'VEfiAL Jl'f LANE ON Tin: WAR. lt.'.i SI KKUII JN 1*K11V JiNWoKTIl. KilNfiK. /.t u Union ntietii.j hu]J In l oavunwortli, Kwians, on tli Mb i ' -*i United Stall* Senator Jamil II. trine, who now common !s tlis Kan an bpigele, mods the billowing ?pt ecli:? I have e n". here not to 11 *ke a upoech to yi>ti? but i lin.ii' u plain luik uiioul Ktinssr mailer-, and mat I' :> r?!i iii^ I" ill'' heal inturo'stts of tlie muntrj This in a perioo ii our hblory wLi-u every ,? call<d upon to III'*,, and to act C'-ll.liOUSiy, 11 )b not exp,'ct ed Unit "Vcfy man will.i"in the aripy, tboi-o who rouniu at hum* arc liot to I dial I)?"> n'ay lie ( ii]K.ri to nut for ino(i>'In tli'-tii'lit. I iisk ?v, r\ H uman man who ia here tojuvnli: protection uitbeKairn' wldier. I um ultor ii.g IK' ww!.' I or myself?It is Ivr tfui soldier wl.o flglii* > 'ii" bat 'H. '1 *o i icnlhs ago the Kansas brigade "vis iTfai.i i-'l. I w ifi put at the head of It with tin' rm-'P'-ithe conlt.*uuoo, aye, tlio Inyo of every man lu tlml conn 'id. livery day ninoc H entered the h Jd II l"i been a. lively on/aged lor the protection of and the i u ?. i. t ot. it lias not boon v hipped, it hue not f'nrivndun I V.'liy if it that line 1 ertmtnreiilit til 'lort Kii'ir .tit" They ii'niiio the Kuuna* In. jdt because tt bus hoi ?'.r marcd to iho ouotny, Shyy roaor at the ! .?: i ?> brn "? eli a0 v ? li. vo nev ? ongigoit the enemy Willi it wluj pi:;/ i! >-ri like 111'' dm.1]. (lotoNo vailii, where tltty-six o llu I :n t bi Igude met and do >'"alrd two l'ri t rel't'li.; 1 it' Kit I s Jil l, where linn hundred and thirty l.v ? ? uliipi^'n t! reo hundred uid lil:\ iri- : in; to Dry Wood, when four b a i'!red imn , n il r Mull..' hi: ?!.V for IW" lioii, :- ton .lit fi yen t luuaaud ?.tiho enemy -n i drove them i n 1 from your s I: to to I'ain mvill.', where tv.-o hundred of our won < ntpiernd ? i, in.ta red rebels, kllla l five of (h-ireap'V, -aid drov l ent b k iheir i'tn; (o to \I<?rristc >v??,tlio lie 1 1 ? f o ?; gal'ai.t John oti, ulure four iiui. >uo "f tl?. I ? i. i.? g tdi' Irov t is ln;ii'!i' 'I irutlurafrwii w.'-a iu. i' lit."lit.- gt? to <Vc." la, uif .1' the mroti" t : > i, - '.i I-. S'lutln rti '>iirt, where, a:lure. Jfy I if, mi' , IiioukI t:'u eii'ioy'n routi'.ry, we BB"t a Kraii:lli sap ir foiro. tinat it, and to, and ucstn: "d

in -r* i' 11 a i it K"'i dolly's' worth cf |>r <pt;.*ty. <;< to ti ? el"s .urn tell nit w!iv tlio K.'.sna brUv. ? i-i ( . i m. our sin is that v uftvt veyor been wblnj ed. IT-.? i ii'.u'.o i: i cubpii'ca a?;;' 'IT lu.- ? Ntbliaili waa i .t < by 'i <:? i>, iiai y at tb ? i I. b 'woen K >bin . !':i i") '-nli Iroy tb Kaf.u bnvrule. Obarl >? it i ..i.-ir. ui'.d Captain i't?? ? eou.-; n-. to reatroy h. 'f! v wre ? ty of t a r -j r timn t .at I i". ? (Gn at lit-rU-j'.) t It ivo 1 ? ? lion; to l, ' ; .i nly l" you. ; I of - t>-at'? . i>;li ?'I I tn liu\? il.") v.'i.a i.-, the elm ? t iey littike as.v 'St, li e (Can hm bi'^ftdeV \\ e :if,';i,y!.:,-.. ??r.: I'-U iu V .duiU't'tint ll\" li'iiit ? i'l t .?? v ry ; uid not Fur .I'.o tin' rr> ir?;!i of the foil' ? Hi anr - tin.' tl * voitl'! 1>? ;.n turny 1' *.i.e i' !-ir ituirrl up into tJu U<\ SUiU'S ;uiu an arit*v(fa . the."color inaa ? "UK ' i.t. 1 . el f ir tlur,t at. ri.n '- .'???!! nust follow tn-a ?>/? ' >r fo .ow^ the ii;-'iltilio!'s i -h. ConU? *ted prcj^ri* gif t . ; tie ?ii n ' l.;a- ti " 'ul?ba? l.v < (>te;! ??/,nrijr bri^.i'i.. If wo i- . >) i..v; t:< w? ar"Ja;-lia*??iuf fur tin) ({Kvot riTinnt. Now if- >'!i, tli. dir vpupp'. if 'liat ?re; ture, l'tvnn ,' r l II dirtier er tut. , : ...i. ? '.u tliul i ti i ? f ain u 01 a v in! ,ti.?i of tin rule in t . ' <?' m mud tlio Ktlilt/'I it.1 shall U n .'ig iMtl'iej ?;,y 'V. '. i! i-!*ve. Cn n t; e I l'M'l .tj!. l.lunt, 0.'M-nlii'i ?? l j'? rerm '"it, lias Just, re turned fn in the lato; .-if ?''' * I. sen, i, .ii >i tu y toil n liiri ??? it. ? k v i.'li mor.i u; u Wi.iUMIirtl. i"C>* U,' Ml, ui.d I I. ! i>i ? ? . i.-t? get no i lav *s frotn tl ? K insas brltad-'.'. "*.%'!? ;? ? Un mi m.'in com<w U> my e*iup ?? riwvci rimTti. I ?.?.II bin.'to look upon lb" < amp r.s lia: ed ^i und. "It sor t tln;;?.' " ire.igur that >'u wuild i;' ' wer.' ootlvr if lie faib to ro 'i ?; bi.-. ;.ives wi ?iv? bint accrtiUrat in a ?Twincher te t' c- govcrumont?hut. nueh a ' iua lost Btieb a ilavv by th- "..ri'ii' f ti.e I .a in liiijaue. Slavury ?'o .-iTMmrs bofor. m> bi iptUe. (A;ipla ..-'.) 1 gu that k true. (1. ? -.i I A;>; kn?se.) lint it di-'a>>) r.rsin the ,?r neijiie i hav ? .aid down. I vmtnro to n' thnt if r ivtt oil! Monlf ? neiy or TUuiit er fti W VV11 1U.-1IM r :?'W!'. S. "> ?: Hh... "t take tin-it' >lave.<,'' f-.> rt> iv,.t,*'t, |.,v- "-1: vr.ri i f-' ..aid y u ni.'tr'l n;.: ?? ?ii> i.iKger atrher for t. tors." (lireut cuceriiiK.) I.?t!v e a i:'..*?*? here wht> tvo 'i I . <1 i.* . lit.u c. lie; lor i'rict^ L wond"r f that dirty d-ijFrin '-would doit! ThU teitio fin . tli:> in vlie tliOrje iijaiiitt- ua. W- march to crtwh ' til' iiuiviti .Mid let ulavery take rare efitarif. Iftbi v den t war.-. *ui verj to pt.ri-h lot thciii lay dowi; tiu-li arw?or do tin ?t c-thui:;?Ke?p brigade out i( Vk-M'iiri. (Itaptun ?} a; ,1; ' * .'/ in mr opinion tis's war will ii' /er i? ?* -dully ? ? rrbxt out m> long a; an army a.oa ihi-".ibrt?.a- Stun s a# a fc.- i got.-thr ui; t a bdck of 'uei-s. 'ibeylly i, -a if- upnru-'t ntet > .U> down iwincn M it '-is* i? I. Vbe boi i if ? de ;;i.o .T*e tii? >.iien.<. When i >ii i arch tlirorgii a State y ? no i arch tt...i i ii;, r. will l?i tli*horror# of v#ar Take tli.* I ii' n '? ?> 1 ? lheiiit:<, but lay waste the i., - ptirtv oft tit ? r. \\ i ? ;? itch syi, patby shown for trult'TS ar.H none im- o I' -trnii-rd.-. ai.d le.n tliucaof U ^>.n ii 'ti br ve : tnveil the Kan: as lirignn t?? e it t' e on,i?.| t'a.i '?? I1!'1 y>u ever hear ttils prippv l'r* "?- : ' a % iir-i . .init M :jor Dean, \ !?'?, who * w;?? rt'bbf?: e l i fr-'in Lu borne -y traitor;-' N^t a *. yia^atiiy i\r ?u. i. t;. n. I tut let a !? a.. h'>-(lt r <-?? a and t'io % air rc-h'"iidv wit'1 " > for !ho return of the f :gi t-ve. (J-l.a.-te. - i ? w I'll (III you wha 1 v/ntit of j.iu. We'!! do y tir l . lit.'v'. W' il try and tot i-rerlj; . Ve a>> He t ? i . " K:.t.t ? .? to i''i.n-i b--l'i in and th 'rowiinir. '.? a ? iv ho^and ifre'ir r-ur. V hjr, hcic'h ?- lit ?. -it ?. il .t ii ;dtii'.i i (. aic from Knn : i!? itie,'.'"'" ? ? -. il - in' ' ; l" it Ih tb tl il shon'd he u.Kii.iutr. i. _f.u - el*'? n; -i ihc/, my A"! Ha ;t ( .1. Pan.!!!) ?? I'lv Ht> ?>' ? tie il: -'IS iv< ti.. ill,' fore ;bat can .-rutoi t Kaii Iv ii. i.i- io say .uw'.f Mi-ffc i:>it !u?rh>i? ho ei-n ? ?it cvoi > ?? ii i xi i Mtaaouci in sign it. leal.not tieiievo i-'.bi.". ii" i.'t ? 1 I'.'y him. {f.viglitor.) Ui.t. I .' n"t helinr, it.. 11. -M iO evwlenne i-against. i:. -.,r .nr> r '.now . lis l.i",' ?? rmrf !o piibiifcii one t-uUi. I'? t the iiri e'. . - <e ilbn.lved because it Ivtlit .rta mid n i-lx-.l (n ? a'Humbolilt, Iteroy, Ileosho ' "it rdii iWitlm et 1 all river,Turkey orei!<? i .e-. Torta 11 your t r, where the people inst'iau if i"j?iig i-; imp. ? ' d iimi ' i'1 f ??tti the SLite, can tally 'or your Hoi Inn b ? i'."' Valbewn iitadcil Humboldt? ;'iit - di:> h b 'ore 11 '? aid i ordorail a fort ti be i 'lilt tbero, li,;l !'? ? J-'oia r t.n>n it ?> ae Dei done. Hut win fol I ,."il M ithr Aa<i:id klllci Hinf My order book will :<how that I t r end L.ltut iant<' il'aiel BlnnlUipursueMalhaws II, Mid III' I it! purpio hint till he slew lum. ii.ui.t. nurciiiMl dr.." a.'.'> i!u? Ciier -n v rount y?h? fol l him M ith n?n to -ilen. i-.iul kill >d him. Wbat le-tiin ri-.i " t-i't ? iim.I Kal'if did not inarch into Kansas* Did I Hiii p. J.ri'ji ?fJl" tl.n I *ftl do it > i>trl ;io'iil,wb< went pinniit of a herd of cal tie, iud ran t t l'lk .? IVai.? id 1<! ml drliri- away the lli.GOOV Did JnU i !r:!ill del!. '.i;t ''lay say Priconnd KaiiiH 'joil no ;i "it-on >if mi K i >'S?that tliey had maiid.anar i a ,t in-t t not t tiv'te" i-ianran. With whom did our ant! unlit* n . ;.' tl ' arrangenienl t Not wi*'a Cam hie lor ho i a ' iiea vian. It ?nust have been v. it I* O. ib. J :'..?*? o;i. .i'l '. tan na> is, tliut in; who ??'.illli! ll'.lu .1;' I'.MO Willi Jaek-- n is bimsclt u j-fii' : an.' tin ? rv. a fo;.". ('? llaag illnt," "hacg him.1') Pi. e u: . 12.00'* nu n f 'rtn Sprin ,'ield t/.' vt, In < > . 11 i i -ivitt. H.- iotem.,id to l ike it. 'l' r , ;f'it iaft, .mi a t ivii isulwaj;i :n ? r wi> m ' " i r? run away. were mere vain lie . "e . t? and Lincoln at that time th. Iher ? ? ei. j.-iiiifctot Ual vre get tttscruOilfor drlrltft b 'hi tb" it . *??! , I' cause we lost sixty mute*. !f 1 am . le t ? i ,m lb s they ought at leas', to i.vejin ' I hnve ra[itttreii front the o:iem". ft - t.M ! i;;ii , lift j ;.i ? lie hai.i a' IJ-u ri:-,-'W a, ... it ? ..-a'; niu a day lor liii.l.'sti ", Wo am twarlt I in o'i t i ,i? trooj.' leva .so they hvo wanted iu etv 1 i -ii! 1 !-:.' 'a kf w what New Muxieo is *o;th v.i K;.'i i !..>?. That ew ii.aclciiii proioct was tot i / to i revt't the :t;i '.aiion of tie- Kau.%;* !. ?fade 'lver:i :i;''. 1 Imvo ti" iloubl, .*;. OifcralFre but . teiiiie.nnlly >y Ilobiime. Whit has ?lio.-i ti?v'"' *nra< iii donofor the protect* m of Khm : f He, was .- !?-ii 'iaii'ti' raved? I called the p.-o ?. > i. ? ?- T:,ny ciinie. 1 font..! arms N : m- tnjf to ti i ".oSf I tiK the rt tioasihll ly of (Vtcnittg tje b .tcs tital .'.lie .1 . aiTa.n to the net ire. Now yot. go i > ll.'j ftir ? v t.'ll y ii La io is atii:of. ;:?.' *>.?-. ssB iiiW 1. >ve h.-en inv. dod and not tbos two ? ?i eiib'eikiirniHil wilii *bt.s guns, lama a i.'t'a".. -i ility of lit tor. -, it oriaiu "1 ta^U; .. arnib i>. I' tig.n lof'.t f ivi rnui'-fit ..nil ..Viug 'item tc Kan ? rnon. ' " - .t .? , Linool ?VV-il elalhi \V?-r nro; i no 1 .a j v. h' i ' If h. I fa ;i.l J Iit-'.ieve ( have'lorn a 'bin? tbjt' id Aba vill fault wltb. 'I" i Fresidrnl will say, . v gt>"<1 and faithful" Hit ( to.ii; .a),ti..tia .'>.'ii3s.,n, Hi'oii.e. Montgomery atrl :o mi: one ovenb"*' her it win rnuiii;*?o'i. ri iniw it*.ia raining. Tho men Iks. no u;i <, ". tl" lie.;-'. i igi inj.' is hiu'd maigii 0VU . ire woil run ;i for. .'.ad I 'o|.J tl..?- colour-is, ;.-i iii!vi. it tlieri ' will rar.iie yo'.r rcen do I.i: ? it," ami th / dii take .t. I tii.ln'l a*k loots they w?ie; i .'?might th y belonged to nil tiicy tii'L \nd here t bansa^ pup t -lis lif ;t tliivf liiK-aeMe took clot .,ng thai would ottie. Ii e have ? fallen ;:'?? the bands of the er.eit i. We ;n'. you to s'.irnl belw e j usitn l t ie v.lo tiaif f fitainlerers i the r. ar. Pic-ition don t ?..-.,i;so treiii k. . higb the ?=it??n tlie greater th- tre-jion. (C!!???.) r;< t ''k pco >io Charles Rol :n<ion he t riit'-r to bn cu.r.'.rv. '.;,inrfu<" lit.lun' oa anil Prime i" -? conspir ? . to il ?..tro" the Kaa iil.r .*..rto? secknl; o do thai v/h ."h trail.-v" i.nnot do. The officers at tlis fort iav.i t! *arUMl me ut every top. (begged th'tn (,iroao plm e of artillery Icotild not get it. If w.i ??'t had one t velvc j. u;.': bo%vlt?< r w< could liavo w lliped Trice n",i It-tinr at Hrywinxi, and thus have ai ft.eii tl' i disasiroiM def.sit ii !, ? ,hamii, mil pri rented th( ibedd'.rg of rlvi -. f hi'sai. but we t ould t;ol gi*J it di-w would you lik? U> see lVin'-e a maior genoralf V. tut liaa ho ever <;? ne to i!c?':rve ;t? On aa inele r-.J* night ho refuse tu io< twenty-six sick Ohio skiers into the fort. And y-1 Governor Koblnm u i. t) -cward Prince by making him a Major tlen^rali ("Never," "never.") Prince told the Ohm .Sergeant that the soldiers ought to lx- sent to the guard l.ou*. ( 'llang him," ??llaiiL' him ") I am up, akmg j irotlthe rerord?from all.davit ?and as.Tim lAne lives, thfri adiday its shall go before liio government an.! drive t r*. inhuman ecoundrei fn m lna iiomltU'ii. ( iiix>d," | '-'nt! ") 1 have t iaiimaivded ;?ven armies. and I liavo ,i,( that ofllcers succeed w hon tl,?y treat, soldiers as do that, and they wlli Uplit for yon. Why, my sol [would follow me rigbt iuui the uildille of hml And tell vou : hat if 1 wanted to nmk? u sure Job of rap t h" Old Fellow, I'd take the Kansas brigade and ,t, though he hatl ll'ibiDsnti aad Prince to help him. .ic cl;. ' K uisas in tliejow 1 of the West. It l.-1.,tlji i is between the Missouri and the Kocky Muun. U'l' -J It i? the.iowel in the t ap of freedom, inadc ;?tr "jent wi'.h ua headuuurlers ui 9t. I/mis, Kansas is - oi it -i cure aa she sliould lie. Ho duhcult is it tc convey ?t.liL ne across ML-souri that it is not safe for ur J rw.' ive our orders from St. Itouls. Tbo tru -rnter'-ta of Kansas demand that she slinuid be ;aa si'I a"*te department with i-'ort l/oavenworth aa its oil-". (- liec: f j It is a military necessity. Theaji poinfmeiit. f Jtri" .dicr General waa oll'ered to me,and! inUidcd t' ??".'. ; i it " he the brigade was organized; but joould not lie tlrlv.iij t?i take il. Altlioogh not a JJruidier. 1 t.avi ? rt. - lying -t all over and pretty big, betting high on-nutr - -r'l ((Hieors and laughter.) Ynt all n>y labor b r. '.'Inp nnd inf ? ??" I have not rec ived one dime. Now it i you Ihmk Holiiiii>ou and I'ritiee ootiidhare -tiTor ie'. to let u.e -1ie iny country lor n<? tbing? Iflhogevnr ? ? .. lit w.-. make a sfp..ale depart; nentfrre,! will ri-si.-a iv y Senatorship and accept It* This dopartin-iit me lit to lie .<iu m.iado.1 by a Ka'tM man. ihtu wo eiin .-a,? Kmi-vu;, re 'oro the Cliorokno c-inliy and i gom! bouIIi ?,f It. Ask tho go .'eminent ti five this arr/r-' a sutilclent supply ol artillery. They ' lately or.irred ?.600 guni>. Uui t ve Li'.-ft k-: of lb":':* T*i"e " | r.*,W f,r wrvlcr, aatl 1tell you '|T 1" j il). iiiai li .oureire .li tile ?lgUt of iH. , ' J I wo, id ilk< l( liftV" .<>11 :'?'t < '*18 flfparluieft. j . | c t'j <1.- t>'<i,l Uiul hiliw rtUtt fort) ?(i yuinV. ' turn out tin* 1 ?artli>s ? ? uidrWK who have mv , ? t?r year. i<til*:' j H>r t'ie tb.-t time I t* ' _ alarmed ft..- Kana**. A!wn -<J nht bt*-ain?v the ol* - arc upon he. li in bit: > - ? <.-<? are in a department t?? ' cannot remivi ? oinuii.'iu '? <?>: from ft. I/'Uin,albican.>4'^' bo wifely omiri.'nded by a- ouoinui. N "Uoiiasagrea. " ei admiration Tot (> iera )? u. >fil than 1 iiave, but hin own Mtti r. show that the de, urtmeiit is oeyotitl the eon trol cl'our general. It is for y. 'i to a<-t if you will ant I will follow Il uj>. Of OIK) thmn you < ;-n be aspired, aud Hint i.- that I vrlll cilal>o-|'or vour wrfd'i! and fur tlio defence anil j/roteotion ol Kansas. the army. t\'c aro i!enirod to state that tin* a<lvartl?emer,< - hull ?inx^r# in nur columns, calling altonl oil to tin 1 ????ifth rifjimeul ITnitSd States lufa. try, where il refer.- t ilia ai>jx>mt!.!<?nl of sc. ,n,l li^ut.-n..- ts. nicai..-. uly n..u in ? I who desire such apixiiutiuentj liavoacli: icv {<> oMa.n then by enlisting ? th? ra'.ki -i,? privates, aft r whir l, their merit alone will entitle th'fTn t? promotion. Offers I i ' money or men us iwiuimiiM for iironiotn u are entirely I iii'nlm, -Kil I". Merit i? tho <>ul> -e-t, i,ml tlw rajiks tie on! v <r?teway. With non e numl 'imed officer* tin-ca^e is u'fleieiit ad n>en ihmv .^Iii): tin needful qu#llfleai16bs 1 ten leoif for itnnaedinto amioiiitmor: FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. {SATI'UDAY, t? t. l'J?6 P. M. The raoney ri 'rket is uuchuug d; foreign to clinnj;,! closed iiu'!. Ft: c|ts were nutier lower at the morning board, nndrullln tV street afterwards. '"here tva? no Mieimtl boa< i nid many Mie'-ators left the street ear'y in tie itfterno'./i. At the boai< in tiie nioru iiiS governiuc.!t stowere In reciue'-t at an ad vance. Tin-re a-ere - les of registered :< . at !M, an advance of cie \ t r nmt.audcf cm | joaat ITnlaaa oni firm* aro tli tiueil to meet *.;*itlt sb.ri ?:rin and o uitiniK .1 rt\ . ?fies, stuck arc the i hi apes^t i>urch;u" ou th<j n?.jrke:. An h .vance of | f> a G per cent in tlm coarse of sixty days is: .."{ttrdi'd c.-icn iin, if'osir nies a Wove theirohjeet. },5 .? t iirU nlvuneeilt't-i'ay, ,.ith fewer sale*-, h tnfor tli> y.i't ti.ty or tw<>. Tiailwuy sliar. n %/er genrral!y lower. M'enr York Central declint J ){y, Eric 'iurlern, 3^, (^uincy A'iehifran <'.rt.*al *;;u::r.'.Vu d GoJ i?a %, ToledoBock .'i land .. In the street afte-rwurds prices dee', ??d afreti tl.s beav? jinttlr;* out their <>; tions a. th fresh sa,: id nlMM.t .talf-wa>-' three :n Hie ..t tvinoi !<t':e. '.lowi.u'qno Hons-vere;?flab'.slieu: ? l'aeido Mail, 93; Xew YoikCentral, ? J-,',: Krie, 31: li :k i<l.tii'!, .'jO; Toledo, 35^: Michi gan isiuthtrn, Mi 'ligan Central, At a l?tsr hour a sale of lllk" ,00C register .d <>'s was mat's at 91, and tin whole n.Tlu.t rallied; ::?*'% was bid i'or Toledo, unci a eorresi-'ouding advance for utlu-r stocks. The bu.iiness of the Sub-Tre .^nry was ns follows to-day:? *"????? $(*1,200 80 ?For customs 21,000 00 ?Tr ft-;ur.\ notes (incluiliug rei't-ouied (j por C(*nt nolo: ) aa Paymuuts 6,877 *780 40 Balance 4,7-;i|oso 74 The c-xcl.unges at the Bank Clearing House this morning wro $10,693,204 l>7, and the iiaianoes 06. 'J'lit: excLuigeB for ?he weekending to-'.lay wore 3122,803,544 17, bciiKf a daily average of $-0.407.'-.<7 3?, against $18,W6,8?2 18 for the wcuk ending >n Saturday I:-at. Annexed : the stutemcntiof flip business of Ihe Clearing Hov.-o from its commencement in 1853 to the 1st ol'tU-j prest at im;at>j - A'jffregat* Aggrefictf. Huhincri. I'l hcnc, $2?'7,4U.4it:i tii) 8,TE0,?S,!iSt'(i(; ^.^"2 '4 tM2,n'2.Wi r.-i ' 334,714,4*0 38 4; '??'Tl :? :s.3K(.W)l (K? 4?i ,238.1110 m 4,7r,?.yoi.aSfi 09 ' >.3 ?.4!s.oo5,?ofl oj "" -l 0 308,633,43 s 37 7,231,14a.0:,a ?? - iOU-i... 363,^13,044 4t 6,015,742,768 05 r_ Tots! *'t t-'.-l'.'A ...97 7ii 60,704,305,288 81 ???'" iransun ions JOr 8 your-- *53,331,7W9,:>S0 00 Tlit 1 :int i'ank of England statement shows the folli v.-iiig variations as compared with the previous week:? _ . /tcrrtsf. Dft r-rur. ri- !:e dei^-',ts _ ?000 -n# Oi u-r deec,its ?15S,Ht4 Notes in circulation. 1 171.'rt'8 Kt"*1 13.517 _. Ou the otlier a'de of the account? Gimirni'ient securities 1' S" tit'tor securities 27Si3f> C",n and bullion 11 117 At* Nolis iiuotniiloycd __ 23l!oft0 The London Economist of the 5th ii - 'anl thus notices t ue.course of the money and stock market for the week ending the^pjreceding evening:? T.iei'C lllia lute* ah uic.t"u?oU Oeoutu'l o.. thiiv wwlc.c,wii'rf to tin- :j?i;atloi* lor iii?4lliur tliu month .As usual .it the termination or :'i? quarter the propo commercial biili. to ?x> met is Uireur than on .'mi nary urciKioiiK, bi.t notwithstanding this clrcemst u iv t'ure oa;, l^-en an entire absence oi pressure. 'jn 'tlio open mir ;rt the ritfe for the I est n J's lies )> vn only 0 per net:-., and in etc pt;. u:'.l ,??? I n=:noss has been done b-'low tiioav tonus, m the Uuii. there have be. u fewor applications for ^.un; tl.oi in avei-aa, u'ars V"* impression, however, api?ar* to g:i'n cr nx,! thai for some time, at iea-t, nsmey wili not a.l below its p-.eti dt , hi?. on th? Stock . Vi"KC "rt* 14 s?"" supply or nii'tiev anM tl.e c ur' n? rate !-r :? au> oi. g n-rnunent scer.ritli"<'is to .1 |ht cent. Tii ! U.nlc or Kranc ? onT-i- .!ny n.;:< ;d tl. -ir rate o. ,l,seom.l to ft j, w.^ *K,_ r.-ll. isi'Nui that th .. uiov?.ej?iii. was certaiu, aud it if colder." tl at a furlvV.- r:.-e v.!!l be ? . urv The dram miua tie. resource.- or t|?. i.atioirtl .??iuihi&iime-i? apj. a.^ it< have be-a larger ilu.u lui I hoou. risinaii" '' ? ??? of Um rat J tuathii 2 it is rouse.,Iieiil .'- ioolce : tor Wi.l- iri--< i; m!,.n v..iile thi BaiiiC Iihvo been tttrnjfthenhur t.'vir iv..:1 .,n by borrow:ag about a millir.u sterlp..' on aovi'i'L-imit st Tk, * jierf/rtly no-., .,, ,-a? ,a ,, ;.ari. w||? u CA8;0Q6(i cf>I: pOLI VSjotj Jif, , ?, p tin! Bourse. Tfce foilowir,,. are ih< Oi'^urm V'fV "r < s-isonot uthy i?i J. a*it, but iii ir.,-in ;-?? - ' Rati. C mv. Marled Pur r*:iU. Par's "''??una. |j l a-iliii ^ Kr.-inkfjrl . Anisb rdam Turin r y '?r ^ ??????? <* I .it 'J'lr-r ^. St. Tetersbarg 7 "rr cm:. 0 6 3 " 2 k" 3>. Stock Eii'lmngv, SKRSsa-s?--''2^ 1 2?xV)U .? h- , 'M.rep ?a Mo fiarU-tn Kit. 13 -"JJJ'1 ,s''/? ^ r?:' * l'W SU.'icn 1\K prefJ 3-, 1009 ti'uo 6s, 'hti... i?o ?,.?? i. j> ?!,, M0KCarolina|*?, ,) - ,j? " ' . - ??rio ?;?/.???? s'? 200'endine RR;:::: i J.?u ' J.ISS.'.tin ft 4.iH( u> khi^KMjttliMiy BH ?Vt \ M 0 b3C 4..)i fit, Jo 1W0 louisiaua fl's.. 66^ 2d MAPdeChad pref ftV" v 'TTn l6T *? J? Mich Central'Ml. go -OK' iln It 8 \;K I .1. s?t 5J t'j< ?.ia ,-1. 2010 Mh ht.'hjK.t ,old 60 t' 2sr?IW'i--,? nx '?-> S:::::.wo r 1' ! 1 ' ^ I'SI do V>'< 2J J?f M US A N1 gitur atlc 38 ft siKK I, Krl s 71 lou do.. . . "st 1C0 :i .fl H'lt .Mirov Hk 103 r.0 J., _ >,?() fa " 60 Eltitf tl.oBepnblio !'0 loo dr> t>]0 je,'i/ ailfaclfl Mail SP Co w ( in do .'.'.'.'.'.'bio j-m,' ' ?.. -.J" 0ill4 5 Panama <1H U7 ' 100N\ Cent KR.slB 7;>V 100<'l.n?o:i'iu?bRfm ]p' 4W do 7s'4 iOOGIUeria&tltmmi 71 v #0 do 07 7s', 100 <lo... ,sK) 7iv 5l? do bCO 78!h f,0 ,lo sl5 71 w 1-tO do bio 7m4 loo do. 7| fiO do Iio 78', loo do >^)o 7u-' 200 do <4 78 >i 4<H?Cleve ,<c Tol I'K.. 88 300 do (.10 7sii' lotnl 1I0 bio Hint l^O do i:80 78 100 do b30 30V 3iK) do......... 7s1 (io 3ft 1.; 75 Eric RH 32 too do " - 4 liO do 2>i( DM) do SO do blO 32 ^ f.0 Cll It I?ek 1 i{K'. 160 do s30 32 COO do . 1."'0 do 31J{ r,o do.....'."" 300 do ,-30 31'i 450 do 125 Fr4? IlK prefd... 62 60 do. 300 Hud Uiv KR..s:to 'JS?' 50 loo do. 30 do. ?b60 61>i CITY CU.MlUnlt.lAI. REPORT. Ratcriuv, Oct. 19 2 P. M. Fw.ra.?The market was firm for most grades, while prices for State and Western were unchanged. Southern flour was scarce, in good request and firmer sales mn braced about 16,000 bbls. at f5 40 a $5 60 for suporflnJ State and Western. Wmur was less buoyant, and closed at a falling off or le. a 2o. por bualiol. The sales embraced about J25 000 bushels, inclndirt|( Hilwankesclab at Si 20 a$l 26 'and w iut^:r red Western at fl 32 s fi r.g. i"x)k:< wat firm mdpr unohan^wl. Sales of about , 90,00,'. busbnia hot m.ide, rt te arrive, at 1 2c. for good , Di ? -.1 WuRteru tor shtf ? :o vsus firm, whih . .. won: fair at $l."> a$lt 6C for 1 ""tie' " " laUcf ?k"* r",J w? iri i, and j nm- at$i 76 Wi.'iKRt.'i v.Mi fltrr,. n 1U sult t off'SI bills at ",11 22c S K I PPING WE W S . UuvcBunt* of Oetun Steamer*. J'lU'M BUnol'I. A'-J ?v?. Jomj Date. fur T,,; ..> ,ithuinptonl.,....iQslp l> New Yort Uumimuui fcouUmwptou Ouio St...flew Yort !?>'? minor*. Kew York Octo M...LIwnw?r N*w York ().? to 20 llremel Now York Ucuj .'0... Liverpool VOR C AI.IKOltNl A. fil, wprnoti New York.. .. o,.|o J1. ..AnplnwU Nor L. lur.. NewYori: Nov 1...An'iinwitl '' *hl ^ ".Y York Nov 11... Axpiiiwil KINiffl W. Ji.t HAVANA, IIATANTAB AND NASHAl', N. P. (JutA?i..v Kj-w Vorlt ('i. ICin.totoii, J?, on the 20lb day oT ouch month. flio 1 V?tor Icmvoh for New York on ihi Ci'i of i .41 |i n.v>'l- uiul Wt(i b?J (lit" Ui'in ubout t!'f litli. I'oU xi'M * *{> A .'.iiiov- \ r Jt?'i fl iTltyn Sro vW 1 \ed fill f>te ilpt'iti" urf. oi tho OiilmiiMm and Mm ion for Havana, bul n it ahui '1 <"'? ' o teu clay., touching ut Key Veil out vnrtiam! lit ;nov\iii "*1 AMi/NAC ?"0* w* TO*,?TV1? OA*. urir r.i-i*s ? w St ivh ?i - Jj 1 "tun Watkh eve 8 k l?ol t of New VorkV t*'tuber 10, 18(11. n . St. ArniihiT Chmivtai, Crowell, Portland?n B Croat w i A Co. ib.ip Oecau Ti linrhj b, I- UK Si.r* r.nn"taco?Hilton A Cai S'! P Slum i ,r. . 'li . S-W K W ''awiorou. Si ip Onto* Hii'f-!i? in? , H m?ARsllA '? ?i;k. hUipCbus W* d. :?'*)!. ":*vro?P-nnc-1?, M?- itffts A Wpfldt, Shl/> Obas l>a\ 'i i -it,! ? 1! , If. vr? C Duncan & Oo. Kurt i$alo| mii, :v.C' ?>?4 ?' Nto ? ? Ra> k bine ^Tip), Ifont, m>: ?'Tbo.s Krltf ?' Pabnrr, T> rimer,mi.- J \\r "L ? 1! A Co ? i . . ? 'i"? . - l v r -v, Jr. Ma-ti*. ( Br., hull r > !i. <inu vft<?.1 i ,V<'Uf. rsrl? ;^nlr??ab ? H: >, t to**. St .1'? m( f V "rt,t. *?. 8ol?i' La :r?i (l*.r), B ? rh, u. : ? .?.ir?, -H; it, Sou \ Co. firhr S.? k l. RrU) ^ ?I ii i>0'iov?n Sobrilet. u!^. r 4>' ,Wy. f t .fu* n( XfwM i :*??p . <!)r liii / Ann, &krii?nc\), J? I , 2^11?IT T AC A wolf. S hr I> K Fitcin,, V .-I 7- ? ?. on- H B?nr."r. J- !?. (#c*o i. Jloyt, ? i i Wnshir4g:n ?B V I.-r u. ^'-br Vumk ? '>?' \Viioi .iJ', W ithin'ton?MaKtcr. n. hr <"? ?'? in I, i'ratt, VVaW iuKtoii?W MrK -i !sr Iluleu, J>'m^ >n, V? * .. :o~ !? <'it 4 i v, V.ctt A I. ^??br.T W ?Ta! W'?*l ln:;'on?Ma or. gf hr Roihiii, I W *? ,v' :? V1ni?\ !:.?j *!s. ? III/ii<?:e?T B \\ A* S h v A V \ck??nt A a, HaUterorr?M< I ?<? do"! a Ci. t-.'-r. - A Mii, Jr. Si: i ??! ?. h'chr J If !?' ' ? :vr-. Pi ;; l*\pi ?J \\ Srhr K .w i?? aii, VhiU in-? >: .fae . r. hr JaioIiiX', Kov, l'h?! <'-Ij i? ~y .M -I At JirowuiDg, Kinky, fcii-rbor?T G U nt o A Sors p'.-hr V7m U (!olc?, M.-.'.rlil:. !? >iiit?0''ia L f..-VrT I"!-.!'' < f "-K .* - i. X ?>;. K. ? ? i' V ' ?' :? i* *? T- ' ? H")ir A i'K >wlan<1, i: . !: m I, IV-rl' r..i?Fa-.vr A D*j UXk 111 , >?: 111 (' rv. oi y, ! . i..'-' iro.-u &, (Jj. t?';hr fc < Latii MU, Cottd! "? ' ? S-l.rOenTi;r'. Jo ? i firhr Sutir.v ^mall. D.i o<-r* 'in i?T. i". i K II ;rnhSf. sr...1 ? .. n?Master S-hrM / ' or?l!, Kliohnll. N" nv; w.r. Bcl?rS PUiM dwiii, l: It. Slv.inf- ? ?M. ti-r. Sf*hr Kivat. Uoob.*, ti??I! stnf ? ? F? !.r K S S ? nor. ('lie* m 1 , iTurln '? Va t r. Schr J> K>\s . I, Bil l r. IJant.i Jl F I a-U. SrJir T ?or-r*. ll.ir4for^?!! H li:wk( . l.ittii* Myra. t flu .<;!:?..*? ?U^ei. Sloop F H?- ivvu. Ci>n\ Bristol? i'.loop Fusl.'ttn, Morto.i, Ocanport?'Mnc'rr j>t 'ou!i?ci fi-'i r,- Mo; i, w asliiugton. PU'aiiV'l v HohiO^no, ? ; fia li'lji'i'a. Bteanier Kariian, 8l?trr, Pbilari* Ipbuu AKKJVMli. Ship Shfrlrtiu*. L!v?rpojI, -12 day v.'h <?oaJ, V* H'lwlarid \ PifitfilhgliHth. iw-iiip iso h'-ii T ; ???, Liverpool, 30 tlajm, \f'.W cr?al, t? Finish, M?*iac!\?* x Wnndt. fclhtp Rob - t CiMiitur, Flipnrr, Lh r-fvO, ^7 W vllh 0(?.>! Tra,.r ' ? boro. S-pt H, la' 49 4S. Jon '2' jO, *;,ok ? I -:g ^ontbrr, i! i' Livoi'fMiol for Boston. 17 'Ihv j out; O t 10. .w.t 4'J -ti). Ion ?;> 10. spos - whalliiff T?rl>? 1*1 liotT, of i nu for L ^on from CuinijHr.. nd Sf 'nid?ba i !?><*!. Uirti iot.n <a :+ cr - .v with Hcifrvy, arid IumI tlir* M?tli<m dovv.i v/t:li \im v. ? <? not ?'\r?v%ti?d t?? livr; 5iin? ;!vm with provi-?iofiR. hnip E I' Scrantoii. Nia-u.^, Liverpool, MOiiuvn, witii, to I i,rpfnw, GU?n A Oo. SbipJa!n*'*N H KwU'i\ I>ela?o. Londors 80 dnyi?, \ *,h :r'A*^ an? p.MHStri^Ts, *o Crocker, W r-od Oo. f|? ^parifling Wav?, Binary, Jiavi .*, 36 tiay>, in ballast, tf Er^'i', iSon .t Oo. bhip Jil.i ik Sea, RlcUmerfv Kottprdani, W <layr, In 1>h1N*v to r ui^' h, Meincko k Wcndt. Had Hgbt windk mo&t of i5-? par-ia^ Bark Conciliator (Br, of Sh;dd^>, Rithmond, dnys, in ballast. t'? Ix? "repont k A-'clos'u. Ex;nrl' t.ord. h?*.;vy westli^r, stovo bulwarks, Mli b st, In-JI 4:?, U v 57, 3)>okc Br barU iiockaway, of Kr wry, hcnco for Cjuecr * town. Bark Clara Ro ?; Sixt.11, Sfjr.mlolla, Maracnibo, Sept 5"I, cofl'oc, bblcs, Ac, toft l\*:v?n?st?dt Jk Co. I'.ark Wm Van Name (new, of Now York), C ick, VP.?? bri Uy\ Mr. 70 hours, bi ballast, to O ft Padp;erA C". Waf delaii:?'d 24 a.? -8 outside, in r.nrsivoietice fo^. Jirii* Janies B O^oruo. (of ISaUir.ictre), Snow," Rio ^;,nr I:!, in ballast, totnutito'*. Sjiiltvi ai rornjiany wins t?irs v S Monni., for Ol bra liar; I rip* I'larenox' and 8*rapMne, Ur K- w Vonk. lirlR V)lllam AkinB tBr), Wadnwn, Lin^an, CI?, 25 Wl'h c ?ti. to Rinhard lrvli.. lirlji Bi!iov?- (Hr;, kl L nttaii, CB, 11 clays, With to i> K I ?<*\volf. Brl| I'nion (Ur\ Fui b.njf, Dleby, N.S,8 day*, with w- ?^, to msft'er. J'o ig Sabso, Baker, Elizabeth port, for Boston. Sohr Brontes, l'ow?*rs, Malaga Sept lu, passed G! ISih. fruit, t* 1 JES (aaj;er. (i?.t?*, lat 3?5 H', lo?. hp,>ke bni: llumnilm: Bfrd, for .Mnr>- Hies S<*br (ieorui uia (lii J, \\ aveott, Manhanllia, 25 dnyp, ai^i nifjl'o^uiiv, to Bii'i.f S ?r. A* <-o. >( ;jr John Rh-tw, Wallace, I>lngan, CB, 13 days, fviiii coil, lo T''Onipson A Hunter. frvb?-? rion (Br;, Saund rs, Tdngan, CB, 40 dayR, with e ? toRIrrln. Mac$on*bcr, Cow Bay, OB, 20 dftjt, with wsl. toibibt BeHoni A Co. NehrTlrrts (Hr), fltmw, Wlndsir, NS, 8 days, with to l> It i ewolf. HtdieCbaruer, Mahan, EHz'inethport for Fa!] H'rer. Bi ltr AmeUa, Lane, Kllxabetliporl for Bridgeport. HchrVb tpry. Murphy, Eli/abethport for Bo.-tr n. Sehr Judi:? Fiopkihs, Miut< W, FTi/nbeihport for New BencJ M?'riitt.. fluchson, Hli/abrtihj>i>ri Ir.r S*tvr S-brJ FPk-*. Ilat< h, Bliza'oetbp rt for B<j . 8rhr Julia Morre.l, 1 o?ar.. KHxabetltport f ?r fassalr. Sciir New Delb'bt. ticoviUe Kll.:a'?ethp?>rt for SonoiWt. Srhr A'; nlral. T/i-f 'thet!. Elk-abrvboort for Oovn, XH? i-ri)r N Tyler, Opdc- .. EHrnbethport for f'artford. fc-'chr C 1/Lover:I,;,'. Jones, Kii/abe.Lhno: t for luliLkOOu HcbrTl - J Bu\'ton, Tit" mit?. . ? ie . i df?y.;. He tar Trident. Snow Tle'ioa?.! ?n duy*. Fctir ltenrt' i a, M "*, Bausor. 6iiav^. Se?ir fiiiev v,*!?[(e M? ?viand 4 days. .?M'/hr Kiime. J'blnnev, Bof m, ddeys. Selir Nlantic, Barber, Taunton. He u J Mr Oinslrey, K M>, ? arrnoutb, Mr.5a P'-I?r r S A>eju,~?, New ila? eo. Bebrft If Ab"?ott, Smi'n, V-r.:o).l'.iven .y*hr H??rry Clay. J/'lnm*, k? .uiout fo* W.irw.^.k Sb-op (Jen Werre/i.Hi:iOa, Klr/al- Llipi.. i for ^aiboi". ^senmer et!i% ;'ow' s, Bi^b.-ore. Bt^amcr Mlnne*? ta. Om* v4.t. Uii'.t-o re i 'tean-er Ot a. orrl, Kori ui. p!.: n?I? \o}\ a. J-lt a ner T -"n \'au?ler\ ?" ?*, I'^lphif.. fciteami r Wesicbesier, jone.*. I'rovnie.ieo. 'fhe i?ebr Katn M i :hr \, arrived last evening from Lo&d(Mt hnd 4'! days p is-ape ;.n if? In ballast. Tho following vna?r k arrived on t'ie 7^^*? Ship John Tuekor, A.athews, lJveipooi, 43 days, in ballasL tc master. fchlp John IT.m .. (of Portland), Har-.ion, da^ s, in bjillaat to m. ,.ter. "^.'ill bmd f<ir liurope. Bai iv Ob:ra ?' Bell, iaa^k* ?iJ-ieaton, Oet, 12, inballarrt. ta lieKsi'ir iiH-ori \ t ., G<-i IS. flffMrn'Bi? "Ariil^' N'.V id mil o; saw h whip ; wiiid^ ard. rupposeO ti.c Ifindontar^ fro:n Boaton for S! Tbo*'i.ii. aimi T.ondon: at i; PM, tin wind chitted i.. sadder pa a \ from oHW to 7t\V, p.: id scan a,er aaw the ship rum:;i ^ atfore the imi with m.uiiinaat y saw a brlc run dov.-n and heave to near her, but fl\.v so*>a Wied away and ai.. ?d Lo southward and tho sir.p kept bef jm the wind. Fne A4pfphi, Jabnsoa, Uri?an, CB, 6 days, with coal, ta Jaoies Bls'iop X \.'o4 W3X)W. Ship Tfr*r.nrlr ? (? ri'olmes, fr an Cardiff" 2. Ship Vo- un- ? Idrlni?ionfcSanieain, from KavreSopt9t bhip Mary (j" jver, of Boston, s i-om ?. SAIIFTV. SlrntrahBavaria (7lam), Sonlbarapton and Hamburg (and pas.-;?|l? Baiterv at t:lf? VAI); Ofty of Washin^toix (Br), 9uei<4 >*?; and JJn^h^ooI far* passed the Ba?l? si 12 ,'V) I'M *; S fiunb-iut Pembina. 1ft!'I?S i. ? ;Slr Tioiarrt Peel. Am,, rp; Rhine, ft I! Ta.. lor, and Jneob . Stamler, Lor. ?n; Ann 3C Huoier, Ila\re; va?a ptittiiion (K ?>, Uverj oal; barks Albert Maxoa, Guatemala. Tu sk- (K:\Tn), !!avre; brig T'ot. Xowe, Lfmaiata; sciir Sunny S(. ;uii. If a vena. Wind i-l a unset SE, with rain. American Shipmaster"* A *K'K*tatJon* V08. 80 Atf!> 90 jlKHCD ANT'R KXCHAKGE. The lowing approved ofllscrs have receives! certificates of till:* r.sfloftfaiion :~ Cr ain William Jones, in ship Finland: Laurt 75". De<? i, ' it.- in bark Junintta; Js.i>oz Prstt, whip William bot >; ?iio / Trunciy. to;** <? Miip Willed K-cor, WJt lia. i \ilen, late of ship ilinnokota, ic; John 'Jaieb, iato of ship F/mouth; Jamer II " ?g<r*. :?t? or J .ark Vcnlr.-, J .Mi-ii C Vonnt:, Bhip Jae >l> A Stainler; Job a E WUJtsi-'f* late of ship li'liza Mall'-ry, ?ie; Hi.".hard Olmatbd, Kirp ( mrcr; Orlando ll\, iato of brijr 3 TT; nston, Ac; Wil ? ?.ttti .'I Poat. luti* of Park Alice Taintrr: .loan C Wbitte'tfey; late of bark Excelsior, ?&3; e'ranci* ' Alien, late of ahip t ?o ni.'Hation, Ac; Fred .1 U v-r, Into, of Slaim-H.' bark St P'?t?U .inhtj E \. ell*, ship , Jnhn M lioyson, *h!p Consilium:; t; Mor ut^ r Conner, late of ahip Praakltn- James M (liocr.% late of shin Nilnrod; ? ohn i' ?' rr? Jipr , ship John )? light? Richard II Kills, alnp il ii Milam: U<*i;ry F Oulln, Uf?* .if .shy> Indiana; Jlowli \.\ V 0 >fTii?. iat^of shipScroitoi; .loahi,h. P R??iitelle, ship Km . tld; fVor^ ^, ahip Awartic; Gi'loon C S tin won, i&Ut of I'1 Chnrl' a Hammond; Allerv VToijster Lavender of s'-ip ) ?> iy Suffolk; EfHvnrl 1" .lohnaon, slop kat ? Uooppr; ?Jr.?hri I ? In.:r:>!. -n. into of Sam?if I luKMrt.vM, tv. n iv!V?v, let * o!" stesim?i Oav light, Ai; Samiip. Co!?b, of sh>> S 11., ubleton, &:r: 0..v:d Jackson, late of whip Raj,. , &<?; John J Rogers, bark Oicu ftn'gos; Riehar ifari.w. ..'i? ?f hr.ik ii?? > Le :1b ; i J*.,irgfc >Iooru, ship K/.me; Date! U Cola, iu!?? o, bark nenfm aoA A?*; .tonn H liurlbtm, Hhii> Loroion; John II Av ?>, itnt Addy Swift; John Towari, ship \:i. tralia: Fr r?-i; I*.u' .v ^a. hue of bark urom of the u?; Darnaboa .sh? no??n, ate of tiark Aeroraui. ?fcr; Srui? WeV?b .MatJ'- r, j.ue ? 1 ship Nii;'- ;in Vi\>- \v, William Uanaon, lat?? of n? ?r> AdrJaid* Mt 'calfs V\ llliam 'jr Jon or, .;*^e of bar), J amps W PaK<*; Byron d VottlnftilL late of ahfp Canton; KuratioDay, hark V .^ialena: Charles Hutchinson. t>hlp Isaac VV? bb. r.o/STWiyK ami) Witest India. Captain Wra C Siaplc-s, lata or' *>?*!; NTnry Staples; Lewis W Pennington, arboonorFannJ^ Jiarnjs: Herman Lowen?tein, mjip fii?n-ty ?'.Jri;?HeiL Ac, Jo in H Snoppy, lat#? ot isriu *; lli nry W Wa-hourn, late of bri? experiment; Ohar'f,s Woortwuert, bark c:?.nvoy. t <ke and *rr ('? uTirn a?]--?(Nptni . Thomas Edwar^tf late of schooner Wm Wright, Ac; <-has IT Baldwin, late of a hooiu r Latona. Jka. First Matkr?-Donald 8 Mackay. Martjn B Ilarria, Jeaae "Ward, Leopold Bcyenrinrfl", Daniel D Parmma. M Isrelluneoni. The ateamship City of Washington, Capt Brooks, sailed at noon yesterday for Qu tens town and Liverpool. The Hamburg afeamahip Bavaria, Oapt Meier, for South ampton and Hamburg, sailed yesterday. Falmouth, E, Oct 4?-The brig Jonephu? (of Boston), Pit man, from Sunderland for Genoa, with railroad iron and coal put into thi* port on the 28th uK, leaking badly. A aur? vev ha* been held, and ah? will be ;:lseham d for further? ?. aminatloD. Her .stern is badly start ed, and tbe ve>*el badlf *arM,,"i" irotltt to Martncra. RKW I.ICHTVICSSI1- NKAR Tnn OITTKK MHOAI. Tbimitt Housk, L'liirtnn, Out i l.-W.l. Sotli* I# hrmbyflf"". 'hat piirHUnnt !<> the Intetitl'iu lull, mated in the artrertiiwnirnt tMiiiMt from thla houw, .IhimI atili K' t<ru?ry lasi, *inl repeated ?t intonral,HlDie IuhI it l.i?blv'*i?1 hn?W"fn "l:ir?d nn the wont Kl.le of ilie Outer DiwMnK Hhtuii, in tat M JH 16 N, Ion 1 02 4" B. ?j'h" l.t.h' Iiw? Id 9 I'nlbums low natrr cpring lidra wili !?? t'.flmrtnn ti"nrln? mil <1l,'nncM:? Spurt, lllyh imiM) NW i>\ W ja.i, m Im, lltiilfenn T. I.-'. 1. .svv W, ? Mo iliiiTlv 1SI milea Crtnt"!> I.lnl ihoithM, S 'V .!? in He*. N?>- th^rr' ' X< r>? 11 ? f ' mi, N X W 0,?J mU.m. Smu* ' -Sl< ? st?h > I mlin. All "tslii ''??>(xv "t- 'o Bum, lu-wked <>ui?r Ii ,w?ln? if la. . , "I ;i lulli 1,4. Hi1, tbc \ r?tl ri*'r |v> ? . ? r.';;'* ?''???"i.n Dn.n ry 5M> and In.rna. a t-1?'- h.iii a*turc iua leTciwi we .--na. will lk- aa

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