Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?' /? " " ' J ' '' ^rTAT)fD <M ,QC1 PRICE TWO CENTS. WHOLE NO. 9172. NEW YORK, MONDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1861.. THE REBELLION. ] A Quiet Sabbath in Washington. Reconnoissance by Union Troogra To ward Fairfax Court House. IMPORTANT ADVICES FROM EUROPE. Activi/y of the Agents of the ? j&ebel Government. Iw/trv ctions to British Consuls in the Blockaded States* The Purchase of Blankets in Eiuiop e for the Troops. The, tOavcriiiuent and the Specnlatoi'ii. rmnm news from tossoorl IMC RECAPTURE OF IEXINGTON. WERSION OF A BAND OF REBELS. >6lpture of Two Hundred Prisoners and a Large Quantity of Goods. the unum hp the potoiw:, Ac., Ac., Ac. OUR SPEim WJISaiNliTOI DESPATCH'S. Wmumkin, Oct. 20, 1861. A qrnnr,- bar&ath in WASifiNiyoM. lb-day hWheemotworred in ihis vicinity more iwiver ?ally H8 a Jw; of re- 1 than any Puudsy since the begin Ding of tin; insurrection. The city has beer MWarkably quiet. Tie advaeooof tbo Union fwrccs to o (treutor di? tance fr?im the-oapilal has much diminished the number of uniforM.i iiiHiii Die streets mid aroucd the hotels. Ceneral Mrl'lellan's Sunday order appears Mo-havo b"< ii ?trictly w*.ryed. There has been a dearth -of news, and hardly uryinovemont. Kven the accuHWood rumbling ?T cotnn?k.*artaa' wagons was unheard, ami Hi a stranger there W.WK) evidence whatever of the presence of a vaut army immediate neighborhood of the rapiul. Fn?ii?H(itreciiors along the Potomac complete quiet la repoittvi to-night. bUCONVO'.sKA SOU TOWARDS FAIRFAX ? COfltT HOUSK. nanerxl .'Meridian and the principal portion cf his xta bave becn-in Virginia all day. This morning, a recotmols aaJio-m f^oe wnH made from General Smith's po-dtion, uudrr the ?immediate suiiervo-ion of Ceucrnl McClclian. The TwumuMBRnnce ? a.? conducted by Major IVlmor,ot' tho Kntrnerr?;arjM?. The reeonnoitoritig force of twenty-Qvo hundred ' men was pushed through Vl< una to ?be lino - irt < (ho hill, about one ra le beyond the town, before any sigus of tho I ebels were Uwirved. At this point some rebel picket* were dlsco vercd by our ?1. irruishrrn, one ofwhom, a private of tho Fifth cavalrs- . was badly wounded. The rabe Is retired upon the apt roach or our forces, after tiring one volley. The recoil nor onng party afterwards proeecded several ?ilcs to i he rifcht of Vienna, to tho l-eesbnrg turnpike, but. no ot her * v idenees of the presence of Mio enemy were dtacovered. (General McCIellan was at General Smith * baadqunrtem# ta late hour this evening, mid a : ten o'clock bad not relumed to the city. WrOKTANT i ? BOM KUKOl'E- MOVEMENTS OF THE REBEL AGENTS. .The giiv?rn??iD? is in receipt of voluminous dospntrhe from our Mini* >>r in Europe, brought by Hie Arabia The aspect of at' lira, bo far as tins country in vjonoerned , la both satisfautory and pacific. The rebel ag-nts, how ??V?r, are active Tht'y are moving heaven an > earth to .JMMXNuplish thei* pnrjmse ? a recognition of the rebel go vernment ? or, ('? they Cail In Ikr t . to bring aboa; a rupture between the l'aK?d State* and someone of.- the great ?Bor/ers in huroj*-. fhe agents of the rebel government . are also bti*y pan-i'^iing arms, and aecretty lilting out venels at varum* porta with tbrte article*, to he shipped te?:>iithcrn porta ,ind to run the blockade. The agents v of our governtueu are watching these operiU*.js, and > have called the ?W ntion of Iho English und I*'we *H'li go VOtrnients to the proceedings. TUB EKt'fDITION AUAJ .'ST MEXICO, la rogaidjtu tltr ?r pedition fittUK *>'it to oeprate,*jHiiigl Hex* o, our Mictat^rB to I-nndoa jnd Paris aaAOr', tkwI. IKeJj that neKiier. of these gr.wnments ha* enisred Into, rny arrangement with 8|*ia to Join in! iged expoi lion. The repl to ti?o comnaiuiication of Socre' ivy SpwmC, which trM?&'Mre.sNed suc o time ago to tl.njc gover* nents res|Mi;t4>t.' th j dtsigm : of those Powers, baa. not yet Iwen recu-'vcd. Our. ,eovcninieii'. bat -ell along boou assured byJioth Ijuglaud aid France t*;U the? had no-cbjoct in th&ir interference in I'ie all'.iirs of Mexico other tit-n to protec-t tboic citizens a?.' obtain reparation for Quuv>;es |>erpet:.aMii ipon them, and wlti'ltarao' fong fita?;ing. ' i3MJ'OKT4i T IVSTRrcrtOXSI ? BRITIPtt CONStl-S IV TJHK BJ.OcK.At)Jfl STATES. t I/>rd Lyv'is has addmssctla brief circi lar to lior Urjcs. | 45 s Conriiiir in the southern ijlttes, euvlo ;iug the follow : .lug. v.* emlv.?died iu tho u)C-jia! note of the gccrctaryof 1, n?m?ti' IS*1 law otk lockade, whscliAU-'S not permit a venel IA ? blpclfKk 1 port to tahe .sr. board * cargo after tW? am i?(i'?''eni.'ta ?>f the blochagc kvlll bo expected to i?> itrk iUy "l??erw<l hy all vessels bKckaded \> tliu navaj forces ur 1 he l a led flutes. lx>t dj.T.yms iut rucls those osmatlte to takot'iis law Cor their j<u?;. inee. IttK iKftfcUU:?F OK BI.ANU458 TN UVBCt'E? THK SI'KV'l} ATOKS OV?KKtyrf.'HKD. The gfc'iomment anticipating Ahat there wir;ld be a icarcif) ?*' v- olh ti giich an ?ouH be ieqi.ired fur th.' ust of ai m; during the ? inter campa.^n, <le. pai -Ik <1 .ujnu.? to Kuiy >o I an early 4?y, .?.? proem r. r. tain kinds of aukIp. ncd < p?ciHlly blanket-. (>ii?..rder (vay for three l?>u*Jied Uk.-i -md pairs of ih. latter ac. - le, j,:'.! S) long a?o v ,y th" oi? r for llii.-1 P"r hub^fui. ?ut U> Kurop", thiit .-m nc (9', th 1 blaiitcta have *1 | cu s arrived >c W'u >? i ??. t?? tbv H'oit r. .o?" : :>r n? "'lilicrs iui . . traction of t.iv ral J!c . < Kdlin:, who has ijcii j r utly exei' ^l ?>: Vit?. fi'U'hil' II. at liiri ? . ivct?. ii\i Would litt r?'.ir?h'd tvr tl... w ..i t of ? ? sr.ticles requir..'. :.;?!? ;!r w. ?.? u >r t .1 -f . It* t'.neiit l!\ Vi'- ' ,-a i' ? lll -t J-1' v. 1 .. 1, 1 r wi ,..'i cmn on b k' arrive J ft *-jii Kiiro|?> me. 1 to- were taken to ??< -rt?/. lie cunditii. 1 .. ih - K#.? Kn;SiuiJ woollen mi'l when tt\fas ?!ate?l ih , ! they were \\ rkUig to tin ir ..'ino.-.t txnV to f:[|''y ^ verniiiiui 1 witii w. i-?. utl>.' coitiil 1 tit rto more. Mo-t of tlf.-u i.ool- were CM'i rt.oU" 1 to Ik* I'jiitii V, for shirts, and cloth, f..r uui forms? ..Vav ii little roc m for the production of bluitK'U Ageiita wore then sent out to purchase all tt.0 biank^i* t? be found in ibo Fnglnod, New York an <t Phlladel'^n marlccti. The number procured *u ocm. raratUoiy few/ It is the belief or those whose duty it la to procure blankets for the government that largo amounts o( theso goods have boon bought up and stored away by Speculators, In the hope that ^ai winter approach's they will bring a high prlco. If this is so, tha supply from England will provo a fortunate thing , au<l will teaoh our American Jews that they should not attempt to aoqttlra rlches by tlie inhuman act of compelling I ho goveiuoaeut | (O submit to then exorbitant teems rather than that our troops should suffer. The indignation of the ! BoMon Hoard of Trade and IV>st<"? banks, manifested | through their proteut on Saturday , agaiust the purchase 1 by the government, of army clothing in Kqgiand, would | come with lieitcr graM if tltey would at the fame t me > prove to tbo government that Uiems goods c an b? hud in ! ?our own market to the ervut and within tba timer* 1 quired. Tfcrt-e hundred thousand of our so'dier* ? ho t re | camping Md bivouaring those October nights upon,- the i two lianks of the Potomac , do not appreciate the ju^tnesa of thii' proie.1t, and they must not be allowed to turner beca? v of this actum of money changer*, whoahtmr that they cara Ices atwir. the immediate necessities of the Amarican soldier, irpon whMe oumfort hi id lioaUh?.'M'ieln tha auicess of out arms and vindications of i)i< g?<ve u" ?remit, than tl?oy do about the preoso market In which a blanket shall l?e rur chased to keep him warm ?while lie is Ughling ihe.r ?MU)og. in addition to tl?? tt m?e hundred i ihoiiHund blaitbriri already purchased ir the Knropean market tor "irr army, an order has gone far uvo hundred thousand were, ltalwl of grumbling HJiat sm h pur obtuse* are n. ado abroad, when we canant ^ct tlie article at homv, sic ought to bo itiankl'ul, uot only that vse eau purchase them in Great Hntain, but tiMtthe government has had *he foresight to do go in MM'ii io pr?-\ out the troo(KfMiu suffering. ttKMOVAt. Of GENERAL M CI KI1 AV > llFAIXjt'AH 1'FKS. Tlte-advanco of Uu- at my has ie?KK;i' <1 it nee.? wary, for the convenience of the General <><>niuuthding. that his headquarters should be removed to Virginia. Arrange iik<?v. are being made, and it i- expected that in a few day: 'Jeueral Mct'lellan's quarters w ill be in the midst o' tlx - m i ? | on the other side. TUB KOTK 01' I'VKPa KA I ion. There is no doubt thai the coming seven days will de velojie some im|<ortant moveimoiils ai d results in the ii story ot this great roheilioa. From < very column, from ftortroc-s Monroe and Auuope'is. all along tho great line of the American army, to the plains of Mis?ouri, wo hear tho notes of preparation for immediate action. THE POSITION OK UKMiKAl. mYai.I.'B DIVISION* It is very evident that the movement of Gem ralMoCall, at the head of his division, towards I,e'"-biirg is Intended to cut off tlie rebels if tiny have gone in tbo direction of HATper's lorry, ns some supiioge, instead of falling bock on Mantissas. They have most liUoly done the latter, and General McCall will pro. baMy fail to Ikid an enemy in the direction lie is now marching. TI1K NAVIGATION OK THK POTOMAC. Affairs down the Potomac still engross attention in and about Washington. Tho steamer Murray, a trun-;port vessel eairte up this evening from Indian I leail , some dis tance this sido of Uio rebel batteries, with despatohr-s from Commodore Craven to Captain Dahlgren. A nura ber of sailing vest els passed the batteries at Shipping Point to-day . going down. They were tired al from the rebel batteries, but little damage wen sustained. 'the Commander of tlie Murray says there are a large number of vessels, kouio nnty or seventy, bolow the bolter ieu, loaded with all kind?, of stores, but they arc afraid to ai tempt to puts. Captain isahlgren sijs there is no truth hi the report that the rebels have a chain acioes tbe channel of the Potomac. Ho baa ascertained positively tliat nothing o iho kind exists. Since last Tuesday, when the rebel batteries Hist re^u larly opened, about llfty vessels have reached Washing ton and Georgetown. The schooflfcr loaded with hay* cement aad furniture, which yesterday fell into the hands of the rebels, is tho lirBt casualty of tiiat kind, and is aiono o* iii/' to tlie bre iking ot the hawser . by \> lii.-h it was fastened to the Kemlute, and drifting toward the Virginia shore. The otlior veescl in tow arrived here aai'ely with the Kesolute, notwithstanding the attack from tlie batteries npon them. SThe brig Murray enmeupdur l ing last night, with two schooner? in tow. They om h|>c(' unhurt 'though fired upon. The Murray returned the compliment. MiaPliOT FOK THK -GHiVK OF WASHIKOTON. It Is a remai kable fact that, tin s far, the troops of neither army havo occupied the soil of Mount Ye-non, unless tt bus taken place within a few days. A general watchfulness bus been kept niton tho place by our troops to see that the traitors did not pollute the sacred ground by invading it to erect one of their masked batteries on th-'hanks of the river. Should tln v attempt s.a h a tiling the) will be repuhted by Met lcllon without ilelny, and tho pltu e will afterwards be protected by a guard of honor ,?to- ho composed of troops that have dist inguished themselves in tho war for tho support of the government which Washington labored so hard to establish. Tllk ANTICIPATED REMOVAL OF OBKERAL FREMONT ? No doubt is now -entertained of the s|Kedy rein('\al ot General Fremont from the command in Missouri. There is sum* hefsltat inn ob tlic part of a portion of the admlnis (ration in refereuoe to ilna movement jimt it ia attributa ble altogether to a feeling of delicacy, or political consul oration*, all of which must eventually yield to the re quip in 'tils of tho public service, wluut after investiga tion,a?MD imperatively to demand the removal of Iro mot it. THKi It ERE I. KVACTATION OF J KKHBfRO. Tha rcliols appear to have evacuated Lecgburg and the \ icinity lt? somewhat of a hurrj . 'l'hov l"ft behind tie in a large qvautlty ?f forage in the hand? at the fanners in tlw neighborhood that it is known they (intended to appro priate ?eid faiksd'to carry away with tieir, only inr want of means of transportation. THlt KOBTJl-ICAHlONfl ON THK I.AKB8 AH?) 8KABOAKT). It is but proper .to state that ?nu reasou fit ni for I be production nf Soretary Seward's letter ;o ithe Governors of the lah? and seaboard Mates is t lint many of the autho rities of these States had applied to thegenural government to authorise certain expenditures ujion fbrtittcatlong on tho lakes and upon the seaboard. At IjIh time the general g?' eminent Is so absorbed in thu details of the internal h'jrifo now going on as to warrant .the issue of the letter referred to, which simply reqtfwts of the several Suites to relieve the officers o! tho general goverDtae? an impor'ant branch of the public buti ness nnd divide it among tie niselvcg.4he.generii|g ivern id'tiL suUtoquently to.sf.snmc the pecuniary r<\-jponai bility of line works constructed and impnwvemeiMnjsiade. t. BANTING ?F "EKMITS "OK 1 II K lit ANSl'OKTAJION Or tfOODM. j It is represented by s-v t U officers o!' customs thutj >or I mitK have bt.en j.ii en by uu. iihnj i/.er'. pei Mjns m Kotth I 'rn cities, inthtdlitg muniei|lftl officials, for t'>u tranHpor ! istiou of goods UcaUned^ii Realities in or ctiticiioua to 4teh)J Sl States Jin < he pow# f to grant perm tn in sus't : oa^eg iti golely rested in the President and the Si'cretwrjr | or- he Treasury, thuce from ojier sources are er?ni*juetit j lu * orthless. Is .all oases, where permits ar.e.u. ? ary, j appi'cation must W t>iEie t" ill- li>cret*ry of the,'1 ii-jasury, ' w iUi i ( 'ill StatoiiMjut ol . 11 the u is. ?j Ol iiS -N't OK TUB UitWrfiKAl'l! VO 8BEAT fxi c >.akk CITY. On 'U ? ?i .?iih.c of Uie f.v'grspl-, t > Salt ||y ?? * I'ul.n Hl| d-.'| at ?!.>'?.* re ? .? jvngeil: ? <Ji|f AT y A) T I.AHl till.C t* run !????"??> cm ?>?thk Staj* ? i' ?i, rteelti/eiis utret -'onsly re. - i all imp1 of <uJ!> , congrnt ilat# tt. ? President up u t.l? pli " of 0i enterprise h sinus tho con I in out, 1'njiu i ad c; tun ? ;i ?: 'I cuntv is remcie e\trem>.iti? o1' tim In y politic with the sr"ai g? vo in. i t lie.u t. ilny the nii/l" ry.-'t?jii ..(??<? lily (Air UJ w n!' '(iiiekene . infcia t ions ot ?: lutt hi V. the pai ri< ia. I hand of jMlitiosi trea.i .n be puiv'ivtVmd the entire ?>:? rtwod effltntcs joiu in (? 'in-ill v ? ii l tb" natioilai <ire?i le KBANK FI7J.KR. A' ting 'joveru r of l iah. Tlie ;'olli,v j,- s th? reply ? n? Tho eozjiolot|on/Jl' tho l< :e^rnph to tire,' s.ilt Lnko t'ity a'i?pl'-i?nt of tli? ".t ii.llity tuid m >n <.f t> r'^-ubt . 11; 1 lycrsf-'^llt t? iprocate.- y our out**: .ttuSatioiK ?MIIIAHAIi I.IM>'I,\. T< Fi;.<nx I'tui.i; iVtlng 'loveraor, &e. (,?(K Itr. 'ltNT Hilar MF BOLIVAB HKftJIll A dowel. mew Of Cvmpany < of Oblooel Via Alles's . a? ilry,Aiuder 1- utei uit Cb.iiniVrhtbi. acting a i-cort i ) I'ajruuwU r Walker, worirat ll.irj* r's Perry dnr !?> r> c .;t Mga^ttti nt there, end i?rtiei^?to?l intli. ' 1 1 ... i -ir si rv h i * ate highly eoinmenii. d by Colouei tr .iry ,n his report to UeiK'ral Kinks. rm SPfEITUAfj WBLFAB* til !!tK ^OrfllERS. A mooting rf sioiy wac held yceterdny at ih<: ? i'l >' ? ? . Butlei^ Bishop McHv?lo?, chair man, and resolutloDgwer^Mopted, arid a course of ac tion agreed upon, to promote pioui reading and Christian aid to ibe army and r?avy. rEDLKRs KkcLtrDio rnou tb> camps. Tha abuse of the privileges *fcord?d to pedlers who havo been allowed to visit the csrnps has occasioned a prohibition of th? lioens?B heretofore given them. Pi? exchi 'iou of spirituous liquors is essential to good %rder *Bd discipline in var nus camps, and its introdwotion is attributed chiefly to the pedlars. ABBOT OF ilKBKL. PTtfTATlUZBRS. Yee^rday three fur mem, from Kalrfax bounty, Va. , in in the vicinity of I.cvviusville, named Hugh Adams, A. B WMlians, and Ocorge Gunnel, were arrested and brought to the military priseu bere, on the charge of affording aid ra the rebel*. a KK KKH RN OK TUB 6K( KiTAHT OK WAR. Secretary Camera* is expected to return here to mor row. His personal inspection of the different Western Departments hits beeu of great tor vice, and will enable biui. to iidiniui; tor the affairs of bis department with greater assurance of subserving the public interests. TUB ESTAFK OF FOUR UNITED STATICS SF.Tl GEANT8 FROM TEXAS. TO 1 If IC EH1TOH OP THK HKKALI). Ntw Yohk, Out. 10. 1801 There arrived in this city y ester day , from the \v\st Indies. tour ' scj|?id Lulled Hluies noncomm issloued offiocrs of the regular army. These bravo feilows be longed to the right h (inltcd Mutes infantry, and were in the command ot Colonel liee\es, which wad aur rendered near Hau Antonio, 'leias, on the Pih of May last . through the treachery aud instrumentality of the traitor Twiggs. The name* or the men are sergoards Parker . Cook, Killn wood aud Hospital Steward t arl E. Bourquist, and nil of tliem havo bt en honorably serving the government for several yours past on the frontiers of Texas and Mexico. They slate that ; the rebel officers broke tbo twins of tho paroles granted to the prisoners, by phning them under guard anil con tiuouient. Also, they failed in furnishing them proper I allowances of ololhiug aud rations. I'uder these circum stances the four men mentioned above determined ii|x>n aud suceoetlod in making good their escape on the ICid <>f last August. Tney evaded the vigilance of the guards placed ovr them, and, by the aid of a compass, made tbeir way on foot lo tho Kio Oraude river, and thenco on to Monterey, M'Xloo. During their jouruey tliey suffered severely from waut of food, water aud long marches; but being old soldiers, well used to fatiguo and hardships, they filially surmounted fell difficulties. In order to avoid detection they wore compelled to travel by night end give the beaten roads a wide berth Tho small stock of money they pop teased was necessarily very economically expended. The Mexicans treated them very kindly, and materially assisted in their ? scape. At Monterey tliey found two or three huudred Union families, who have been driven out of Texas by tho rebels, aud they state there is a con siderable amount of destitution among these loyal i>e<iple. Tho soldiers wero disappointed on learning that there was no United states Consul residing in the town; but l.ere they bought cheap )>onics and started for Tatnpico, which was four hundred and Bfty miles distant. After several days' travel they reached tho town of TUto" pico. Thoy state that Mexican sympathy is for the Union, and lhat nine-tenths of the inhabitants of Western Texas would gladly welcome tho return of United Slates authority; but they are kept down by terror and forco of arms. Tho forts along ihv Rio Grande are nearly all deserted by the rebels, us ilieir soldiers will not remain in them without ralioim ami pay; but, to counteract tbia, the rebel officers arc try iug lo gain men by r -criliting on the Mexican side of tin' river. In 'i'. xa - business of all kinds is ruined, and many of the necessaries of life bring fabulous prices. At Tatnpico our soldiers were kindly assisted by several Americans, and through tbeir aal they were enabled to take passage ot? the Kuglish sroatner for Havana Ihe t tiilwl States ( otrsiil of ibis latter city obtained a passage lnr them home on a sailing vessel, and yesterday they hailed tliesightiif the American Sag wit-h feelings of joy and thanks fur their safe deliverance. Ibe pay of neatly one year's se; vice ? sm due the m< n . and no doubt ere this t ethos you they liav provided Uiemsclvos w ah much needed . comforts. In conclusion, it gives ine pleasure to say that four more intelligent and brave men can not b ? found in tho rank-: of the United i?t:itos Army, and It ii tofee hoped ihal tliey may be amply rewarded by a Jasl ? governii'eul. Of Hi* United State soldiers remain ing in (Texas, as prisoners-of war, some two hundred and nweiy arc at > an p Verde, sixly miles from San Antonio, aid but a very f< vv havo, joined the enemy, though every indiieesicnt i held oui to them for so doing. The officers are kept in niu Antonio, and their liamts are: ? Breve' l.iuuteunnl Oilonel Bomford, Sixth United - tales infantry' Capiat** K. ' Hli-S, H. T. Frank , Van Horn and W ?li'ie'S, (ill of the Klgiiib infantry; and, for the ben.'iit of their numerous friends, f will add that the soldiers infoi in me tlivl they aro iu excellent health and are very an Mum; to be exchanged , so that they may take pai l in the pre sent struggle. OUKrf-'O RT I ! KHS M ON KO B ( OKKEHPt )\ I )KN < K. Kokikk^ UOMtOK, Va.,Out. 15, lWiJ. All <?? irt <11 tks Dfpitrtmmt nf Virginia ? Th-- f'-h In St'^gthrniHQ iktir J'otition OHtlw 1'iiUlitula ? h ta< ?' i f TriM- Surf" ildnl ? I'rntnnlinn nj l.inttrnanl I 'm m is S. irrty, United Statu ,\n Of ? 1/tlt/rni* Intel IMunrtUtl toUh lMret* Mvnroe by Allan:.' 1') i ? > ? BalUiiwf J jtrrfi? The i'liut fr 7 hey 1 'ur-.W-, (fie. }<f ' AdUlts Inue v>-i y qttietbore, w ith little or noaj.paar luotu; an oarly move towards the enemy, who arr n w in *ir<.ui[ fotvc < Hi I In- peninsula betw een Yorktowu and James. ? Kty. Till) rebels ? crui to fear a movement on our nide,a. <1 are busily engaged in erect tig new batteries ami ntrongthenlog Hie old ?earthwork*. Their focue is div mo.t into three or four (iiwuious, throe of which m encami??t on tbe JarooH rivet, and it fourth, jmrlutpN, m locals -it Hig llethel, which may be remembered a-- Bio grave of fcwo distinguished military leader*' reputations, where tlf j aw ait iittH.'k. The ar<- on tin1 al. rt day ami night, Mid < onst.e t Iv and vigilantly patrol the peninsula from tliu .lames -to the Vort. river. They amy astatine thn avgr< ssive, and then tin if is likely to'Ui mi event or two aootx r than we may imaglae. The flqg.df truce bunine** seona to have uime to an end. Wehave not i?een a single atramer from Norfolk in nearly a?*C<f, and we hUve r.ot,aor will not In a lirg time, again, trouble tin m to aid m;aln running a govern ment patitargci: and baggage line fcatween the loyal and rebellious It had bcomc&bore and a nuisance, and has Iwon very properrly abated i by the iiowere that be. Th r ? tK no".- quite a largo nur iier of |mthuD-: here awaiting a flag to t liter Seceraia , anu.'Vg whom are the ta mily of Hon Ate Dimltry . late Minister to Nicaragua. No flag will In- f 'ut for thirty .lays a<. Wast. The ntitn -> <Ws friends of Lieutenant 'Krant mS. Bagger tv . of the I ikmI -tfctPH Navy, will fee! gratified at trie intelligence o Ins promotion to the ;Mik of fk>mmtnd<r in the eervfre. U4n?oommis8lon i? tfed October 11, and real li<"i h in to dnf. ITo bad already been ordered to tlte Vandalit to assume command, awl n 111 now join i her by the fltst conveyance. He !-? well ItM.wn a* an ac j .? i. tnplisli. il M b tar. g?iit Ionian and one ot the. m.-t ge'. and ulHciem.oitli <t .,n the navy. He in promoted to Uh' vacancy cauaed hy | . n- death of Commauler Jlay . of Bt'liimore. May faa mut i ith the great ? lie ji^tly | I 1 omltte.1 to tnevrin Inrty inmmimicatioe- from I tat 1 !???.? Iti!< t that Ada >om fi le, have egtai'lHli'" an .flke ! 1 1? . ? ai.d for-.v .it .f txvres.- aiatter to our posts Kiefe by ! every -i?' i'n r, m ??nr* .nf a laii.hfitl inessei ger. M-. Ji.lm I). Nin'.'Ovn, the ntot i.iie,j?a8 made the most tureful nrrnugflnicti 1 1 to send Uro'ig^. <?ree|? rarely. Pactage. .iMrid In directed t- ric Into . via l"'ortref?: Monro fli-'go'. i tiiti" 1 1 atent^m lias been calle.l to thi &<|. i nm*. ? pap* s. w iii< h <?nllwt io i iblish information con t .ty flai s here connected will a propo^odexpe lltion, . j,. ni.yilltl i.? tlte wtbli..1 good, TbeyhavealotM'feilowi i.t'C,,. I'.Ktimat o d". k o;i theari ivnl of the old Point boat who I... re K'io p? engers for new*, an-1 what l.ttle tliey I pi.-k up is >!\J* ta'cg' rated and . prend before the public I ? i. miinte detail? \ l he greater part of ttieir Informal ton is i ' e. but t hey occal>. '|nall> get hoi.) of something that is I true, In J which siUonl*.' n?*t be publwiiad if tliey h tv? the 'it ve m tlio In inn ^ t heart. All ct'ifUitiiiiicatioji be- . tw en tins and Baltimot e should lie cnt .,;r for ten or , twelve day.?, to choke oiftv1^ fellowg. It ia time to out '?it that av-i ie < *t news via Llktl t iniOTfl to rcbeldi m. 'ITjc s.ionci it i8 done tb. betterA, . Tlie l.ate Coiuiitia?ary L-4111 Olbaou. nr. u:?*' Oj' Mi ibfli A salute of thirteen minute gun* *'"* tlreu ut tho Araenal ?t nfion to day, in respect U' tli>^B6B)0ry tff Commisiary ccncral (Jibpon. \ ^ FROM GEN. BANK'SJIVISION. . RUMORS IN THE CAMP. lUjurerrowK, Md., Oct. IT, 1801. IVe ?mpe hare been filled to dsy with rumors of a rcti*?t by our forces before a superior bodj of the rebel l at and above Harper's Ferry, some sajr aa far as Wil? liamsport; of the recrossmg of our men to the Maryland aide, and a consequent engagement at Harper's Ferry across the river; but there being no publio mean* of communication with that polut, your correspondent baa been unable to obtain anythiug in relation thereto of a reliable nature. Two electlona have taken placo this vrcek )u the Ninth New York Militia regiment. In Company E Edward Stanley waa elected First Lieutenant, and in Compsuy Q Matthew Gregory war elected to the same por it ion. Pri vate Dudley Murray, of Company 0, left for Washington to-day to accept a commission iu tho regular army. There la uo intelligence of any change iu the situation of allium along the frontier of this division OPERATIONS IN WESTERN VIRGINIA, omul. DIMB WO. I. HiAi'yt'AUi*"" Dupabwsni ov Wuthbn Vibginia, 1 Camp at Mot stain Covs,Va., Oct. 11, 1 461. J I. In accordance with g'ncral orders No. 80, f roui ilie Wnr Department, this deportment will lieroafter b? railed ' the Department oi Western \ m mum, and will comprise so ' much of the Slate of Virginia h.s lies w 1 st ol' iuo Blue Ridge mountains. II Majors. W. Crawford (of Fort Suiuler), Thirteenth infantry , hiving reported tor duty, in aecordanco with special orders from the War Department, is appointed Acting liisiK." lor General, nod will proceed to inspect tho troops on tlie Kanawha river. III. Major A. i. Slemnier (of Fort" l'ickens), Acting liiHiwctoi- General, will proceed to in.-poi 1 the troops in the d i strict of Graft on aud at Buckhnnoon ami Beverly. By command ol Brigadier (ieneral ROHKCi! ANb. tiski. L. lliBTHUrr, Asa't Ailj'l General. (From the Cincinnati Commercial, (Kit. 14.) Mr. Frauk Pierce arrived hero last night, on tlie steamer l.eouora, direct from Geueral Kosooratis' headquarters. When he imi Gauley , at twelve o'clock, noon, Saturday last, (iciioial Kosccruns waa encamped six nnii s distant front that point, having fallen back from the summit of Sewall mountain. It ap|>ears that neulirr urmy had transportation to get tiio necessary auppliea, Hint both i liuil fallen bac k during t tie same night for comfort and better protection. The enemy weroeucampedtufiity nix mil*H from R? socrans. Lee is reported m command of tbeenemy. Our miormant did not learn their strength. When Mr. Pierce came down lie met ci^ht hundred wa gous on the road between liauley and Charleston, with supplies, (lur siek were being sent to Charleston, Va. , anil Gslllpolis, Ohio. aw speedily as |HiMsible. Tho Leonora left twenty Invalid soldiers at theao points. The Twelfth Ohio and First Kentucky regiments are at Gauley. l'latt's Zouaves on Saturday moved Irom Camp Piatt to Charleston. Two companies Of the Seventh

Ohio also moved from Camp Gauley to t Tiarteston tho same day. Tho guerrilla parties recently info-ting tho Kanawha at Red )(oiii>e Minn's, who died into the steamer Isetta on Friday last , had been dispersed by all armed force sent after the rebel hounds by Colonel (iutlirio,of the First Ken tucky regiment. The l<eouora loft the steamers S. it. Baker and Victor No. 2 at tiauley landing. Passo t Ohio No. 2 above Charleston. Met MM Fit/.hugh and I/eftri, lashed together, ascending the Kanawha, below Ked ?mm ? the i to i 1 1 1 where Iks latter was recently attacked. Mr. Piercosms all is quiet, along the Kanawha. The river was lulling, with Ion foot In the channel. THE KANAWHA V ALLEY CAMPAIGN. llOW TIIK KF.IIKI. TKOOFS PAY KOlt TltKIR 8UPPIJK8. [Extract from a Letter from Western Virginia. I Mountain Co\k, Sept. II), 1861 Dkar Motiikr ? I think it. is four months sluce I heard froiu you. Oh, what scenes nnd trials I have passed through sinie. llod ouiy knows what sufferings. Little , did 1 think w hen war waa declared that 1 should s< o an army pa-s through this wilderness world; hut so it Ins been, and if (hey had done nothing but pass by, I should not have been much troubled. General Wise s nrmv passed through to Cliarlcston, fifty lullos from here; stayed there lour or live weeks. Tho Yankees nearly surrounded thrin; (hey had to reti eat . They went hack to l/)ui?burg, one hundred mil"* from Charleston. Oue regiment camped on our premises onu night. My house was filled with oflieors, whom t lodged anil fed. (>01101111 Wise intended to liave stayed here that night, hut nude a mistake iu giving ordeis. Uo got out of ins carriage to come in, but after rav lug nod cursing a while wont on, to my groat satisfaction :>Hd relief. Wo fed about two hundred of the soldiers and some of their horses, in going down and retreating, for which a' a received three dol lars. Shortly, up cuno the Northern urmy; sums of them cani(?eii nt our house. Tliey Itemed no one, and were so kind. Ihe Southern n my got re crifor<jed by l loytl's legion; so they came rush ing bat k. The Northern army retreated to Gnu ley Bridge. The Southern arrny were hore three or four weeks. ;utd , like llio locusts of the Last, devoured nil be fore tlioa). They had a good deal of cavalry, and di itond ed on the inhabitants wlu re they stopped to Used ihern. (mo compiuiy of >aivulry, numbering alsmt s 'veaty, cumped arouud my home and barn two weeks Tlie army took all our eats, nearly all the hay and corn, look 11 t;ood hare of tho potatoes, itu.1 levelled our Hold of corn with tho Krouud. They tisik thrci of oui cattle. Never a rout did we got for any of It. Tho man that touft our ??attic |ii e tended to puy inc- guve me a rerelpl hiiiJ ortler on Southern ixiui'odcracy , and tisik a duplicate. morning I found it to n to pfcces in the yard, iltut Hbowcd how honest he u.ts. f rooked fArasiiuad of twenty two wo.^kf. Tliey paid me very lite rally iu Southern cj 111 fed e racy sciip, which i- worth m thing here now . a:; the Northern a: my have pc-yssiou of iho. pkn-o. I hois' they may > ver ke. p ii while I stay; at least I never want t > ?o the southern army com- back. At one lime 1 expected to bo. tut UCd o 't of h ei?o ami home. God only snows what 1 s idle red ? the thought of being driven from mj homo, a beggar in the street,, with my little children! They took my husband pi isotier; Isuppos' lie is ui Richmond or South Carolina. 1 do not know w here he is, or when I shall see iiini a^atrt? perhaps never. CAMPAIGN ENDED IN WK- TERN VIRGINIA, ll'mm the Wheeling Intelligencer, Oct. 16,] Ihe "reliable gcnlletnati" lu?s ho?n spending some i imi) in Western Y u g.itta, and ha-, just rot m tied from t lie Kaimw tiii Valley I! e says lh? entire uotiuftry 01' the Kit nawha Valley is de\u*latitd, and thai farmers hit leaving as rapidly uh transportation can be found to bring them North. lorago IP out of the qiicpllni, and jirovcjQBS cannot be procuri d. Thu condition i?f the roml .itid country ;* such that an army ? >1' two thousand nu n < <nil'l not winter there, the impossibility of lr?ii?pori.ntiun toeing o great, ami tho risk of /caching the army with s'lpnlie*, &c., so hazardous. The cani|Mign in Western V ,ngi;nu ip virtually ended, ami preparation are ou foot. t? withdraw a portion of our force* thero, a'ld fiend flttm irtto Kentucky, leaving only ii p illleient I ore" to prevent the rebels approaching north oft.'atiioy river or west of < l<?ut Mountain. The probabi lilies ?re, however, 1 lie eeoe.ibot* have DO desire to come through a ootmtry t.lwy already hail laid w.iste and tcfl barren. T II R N AV V. TUB UNM'K1> STATEH STEAMER SAHAN AC. In r?dat ion to this m - el, which wis reported loat off New Orleans in a gale tie' .-'an KrancHloo JUa California of the J4th ."eptcmlicr wtyg: ? We lmvo noticed the arrival art thin |m>i t oi dm I'nited siatr- ?t< :i in frigate Karonac, commamled by Captain Robert Kilchie. The loyalaud energetic conduct of thin ^ ' olfieer atUirds a gratifying proot' that our li lvy possesses I j no Influential an/I patriotic. representative on the l'neiflc. ' | coast who will ]M'rforin li i? duty without car or favor. I i I luring the atom "of treasonable d'Tecllon i lint pwept ! through the Ujvy atld seduced from their allegiance a ! ouiiib) r of whii ei s who basely dc-ert1 d tfie I Hag and duty in the umool their count ry:p need, and tnrbeii their ' arm* againal a government that had educated, clot hod, I fed ami pampered th in, ' aptaia I'obert, Hu liie nm only remained true to the llagarid L'tifcm, bat, by li sinfluem onrt energetic loyal act inn, did good -t viof in the came of the constitution find I nicm. Our navy ennnot boast o' a more loyal or< ?? Hum that with which the Hnranae ip now , manned. imtheocea-iontlml theoath of all 'glanci wins i i ministered on board, Captain Ititchie oddres.-od the crow in patriotic t-rms, appealing to tlielr Old love lor o r flag, and during those who entertained any reservation in flard to the obligation, to step forward and declare t!i Ir i object ion; but of the entire cr- w not ainan refused the i ?itth, but gave proof "f their devotion in soul-stirring 1 i.hci'ip for tho Amei loan ling. I he Sai^aMe wdl be de tail d for -ome weeku at Mare Inttudfor repairing, and : >> ? understand Uiat she w ill then probiihly return to I'.u inn It Is to be regretted tllpt no eflici'iit a v 1 1 ! ' Id not be rctit ued to cri!i.?e in the vicinity ol' this port. ! !'li ? -hi . lia>- c, mI?| '.<v inopt cM -. t vdy employed in cruis. 1 .ny oil tb<- |iort of S/n i-'ruiu i. o, and in guardiugotir vast ? oiBBietcnl iiit"reftii! in this vicinity. Ileiug a -;do v ht el steamer, o:cT oompr ati vely unsuited fur aiiiug, the HaiwUM' ' > t'i he w? II employed on thin Immediate <, vlii re co;?| if ah indan' and clioap; aud our i ??vaJ aailiag hipucOttM then ti- roiieved ami transferred to otlc r to ciihii**. and iu .'ii enu c ncy largo numbeia of troopa could be readily and ecoi ?mlcally traii',;>orted K at a i: i*1 1 iiin. "Xi>f?i8 ? to ihe ga\ iinm* nt . thereby obviuting the i cluirtnr private Hteaimi ? at mormooH i^ti--. THE BLLSfTORIH REGIMENT TO START FOR ; THK ^EAT OF WAR. AJ4UST, Oct. 20, lfifl. ' The Eiltworth regiment, 1,0^3 men. accompani'd by flchrclbner's band, leave li'.vo fot New York by eteamw to-morrow aftoraoon, and rea*w thai city about ten o'clock on Tueculay morning, ^r^loud to their departure a friend Id stand of colors will W to thum by Mrs. Eraattta Coming. . SiyintrcD to be llt'jfr;.? Jame? Howell, a convict at Clinton Slate Prison, N. Y., who was .-iciit t'r* >irw this city gntno two years ainco for highway robbery.' .recently headed a mutiny in the prison, which resulted in kill ing of one of tho keepers named Wright. HewefV waa tried iaiil w*Bck,ii)iivii;teil, and icuttiifU W L'O Jiuug. aw'er hfuig ceUUifd t?e year. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP THE SIXTH VERMONT REGIMENT. The Sixth volunteer regiment from Vermont arrived at Jersey City from that Sute at one o'clock yesterday, ami, after a delay of somo bourn, proceeded direct to Wash ington. Tho regiment lias been encamped ut Mabtpeller, Vermont , for tho last three we"V8, and now goes out to tho war 1,050 strong, fully equipped and uniformed. The men are armed with Knfleld rlfl< ??, and attired in the re gular army reg lation unifoim. Tho fixtU left I heir on nnmpment at Montpoliar at ten o'clock on Saturday morn ing, and arrived at Jersey City ou board of the steamer Elm City. After disembarking from tho boat , tin y wero at once traiibf erred to the railroad earn. Not being pro vided with iiifflclent rations for their trip, a fierce on slaught wait made upon tho apple and cake dealers wlio happened to be iu the \ lulnity of the earn at tho time. Tho Imposition piactised upon the poor fellows by those parties, though small in itself, in certainly worthy of ro probation, the most exorbitant prices being charged for those necessaries of foul which I lie volun U'ers have not the mouis nor the opportunity to provido other wise. This regiment m undoubtedly one of tho llntttt , both m point of muscle and military proficiency, that has yet joined the I' it Ion forn ? nt the Beat of war. They are all well developed, tall and hardy looking, poa ?ermig the appearance oi men who, while willing to bear the hardsiiijiH ot a campaign. are also physically able to bear ii. The following i* a list of ibe oliicors oftlmregi mcut: ? Virhl u lot S'n (T OfK rrt ? Colonel, Xathanlel l/'rd, .1 r . ; Lieutenant tOionil. A. 1'. Blunt; Major, Osear A. Titltle; Adjutant, It It. trundle; Surgeon. |{. C. M. Wood ward; Assistant Murgeon, C. M. Chandler; Chaplain, Kdward 1*. Stone , Quartermaster, John W. Clarke, ser geant Major, li. It. Trillam; Viiarlcrmtister Sergeant, 1 iedci i< k swift: <i?o<-ge II. Hatch, Commissary Serjeant, an l .1. F. Sliies. I trine Major. ('??mpuity A ? Captain, tieorge I'arker; First l.ieu'enant , Riley A. Keid; Second l.ieulonunt, Frank H. Butttrllcld. (Mmpany II ? Captain, Alvln It. Hutchinson: First lieu tooaiit, l a Maripils Tubbk. Second Lieutenant, Hainan! ii. Tayban. (* nL)>u.nti f? Captain, O. C. Spalding; First Lieutenant, Oeo C liiindsll: Se, mid I i iilcntuii , I fu.Mi A. Klinball. Ciapany It ? Captain, Oscar A. Halo; First I.ieutenant, H l'helps S< ootid I.:einenai;t . Cbarii g \V. Iiiiiitnell. Cnmpnny E ? Captain, N'. ll?rkor; Hist Lieutenant, Thomas Clark; Seoul I Lieuteuani, F. I!. Bradbury. Company Captain, Kdward F. Reynolds; First Lieu tenant, I'lijah Whitney ; Seeond Lieutenant, 1'. A. Rajt ford. Omi/Mny G? Cuptain, W. H. Hail; First Lieutenant, A. M. N'? v ins; Seeond I.ieutenant, K. C l.ewig. Ci nifauy H ? Captain, It H Davenport; First laeiile nant. It. T 'Uipleton; Second Lieutenant, 1.. Ainsworlli. Cumixiiiu / ? Captaili, Wesley Hiisloton; Fiist Lleilte liant, w. II. Ileynoldf ; Socond Lieutenant, Kdwiu K. Kin nay. Company K ? Captain, Fliiha .T. Hurnoy; First Men tenant, Lucius C.nen, Second Lieutenant, Alfred 11. Keith. Tho Colonel and several other officers have been out with threo months regiments beforo. I HE IRISH BRIGADE. SOUK UK UOl.. ML'Ll.ltJ AN's MKN VOLUNTKEB1N0 ? Col. Meagher has just returned from a trip to Albany > Troy, Watertmvn and other parts of the State, where he has been addressing tlio i>e<>ple in behalf of the Irish Brigade. The most encouraging prospects meet the en terprise everywhere. Off,"-* of coinpanii s from diftarent quarters eoine in tIaily-Htuiong them a company from the gallant Ool. Mulligan's brigade, in Illinois, commanded by some of his officers who a>o not under parole Colonel Meartn r will doubtless gladly accept Ilium. He intend* to issue an order calling (lito ' atup ut Fort Schuyler, on Haturduy next . nil the men who nre on leave, and that rigid garrison duty will then be enforced. A i.utntier of men limits, bauk'-jB, lawyers and other well known citi zens of Irish birth are to meet At the Astor House lo ii gbl, for tho purpose of aiding tho progress of the brigade. IRA IIAIUITS GUARD (CAVALRY). On Wednesday alter noon the friends of ('apian J. P I'oe it presented lom. at Alliens, tlrci tie county, with an elegant cavalry sabre, bolt and .-ash. Captain Foster has recruited for the above nolde regiment a full coiiiiMiny from the young men of Alliens and Calskill in tlu eo weeks. He w e formerly in the start' of < olonel George, W. Pratt, of tin Twentieth regiment, N Y. S. M., and has hosts of friend* iu Uremic and Columbia countii s. THE NEW YORK CAVALRY REOIMKNT. TO I IIE KD1TOK Of uit: II?U(A1.I>. There is in the Hkhai.ii of yi aterday morning a special order from the Adjutant (icneral's Olllco, at Albany, dated October 10, deaigiiating tho orguui/iition known as f the ira Harris JCaxairy, us tho First regiment NflW1 York volunteer cavalry." Now, eiiiier Mr. Adju tant (o'nerni Hililioo: ? has committed one of tho i errors e mm a, lo hi-' d' immnoM, or d-s r' - to brntow ufvn bis i friendan nisgniticem piee.i of fuvoritism. The< oin j Cavalry, as Mr. Adi itiint Oeiieral Hillhouse ought to I know, is: the only full r( . ne ni i f cavalry raised in New , Vi s. and w.i II, s coininl oiir?d and lir.M in the lleld. ' 1 1 was tor s' m it. I months d . ignnied as the Firsi New j York Volulit-er <*avairy, Hii'i only added tho ''fancy'* n unc ol ' l.iii'.oln ( n ,i i v " be. it j couimaudcr whs advised n do <i by a member of tlio t'lbinet. I nlc.-s I sin very mie k misiakon, tli" l.iiwolri Cuvaby was or g.iuiMMl and in i be lield belore lb" Ira Harris Cnard w? thought of. I leave It to ihe public, then, lo decide which of ilu-se oigniu/atioii;- Hf mil led to the position of First New York \oi mtc r ' avidly. It is true the 1 in j coin Cavalry was l aiaod all* put iu tho lleld without tin) ! Blightcst assistance or even recognition fioni his Kxeei I leney Maytr (jeueral tiov orlior Morgan, and the o(Tli erg ol tin- regiment were lor a long time in doubt as io whe ther be ever knew of its existence. I would hint lo ins F\ go Money Ma, or ilemual lioverier Morgan tliat the re i nieut is much in want of u stand of eolori and sotuo India rubber blankets for the men. If lie will send us thorn. and ce tue to make appointments that are not tie cci>t?blo to the regiment, he will be doings service Willi Rome -virtue m it. Yours*, very respectfully, F. < <)I.Ul KM ADAM!*. New Voas, Oct. IK, 1801. RECRU1T1NO l'Olt THE ARMY. T < re wan no 1m- in' done at any ol tho regular re. mi nting ? i in thin c;iiy during the pact we' I;, with tho | ex epi ion of I be < 'edar at reet and Chatham clreet rernlot ! vouk, at wbkh eighteen or twenty music boys, who had b ?n on Uoveruor'a Island twoor throe weeks on trial, w i*r# enlisted. The nine new regiments of infantry, when complete , will rrqiiire four hundred and thirty-two Held nuiKieianK ? drummer: and lifer-' ? unit smart, intelligent boja arc, therefore, in demaud ji st tiow. The company i t drun iners and tifara on Governor , l.j.ind is being in creased from fu\ cut) -live to one Luudred mid fifty, licr geant Moore, in charge ol'iha drummers, is oneot the old est soldier.; in the United States Army, having served continuously for nearlj filty years. A branch office for iho mutinied service has been open ed m Cliambers treet, in lion of the one recently closod near the Howling Green; but neither the branch oltico nor the priucipai rendezvous in Hiidam) street can get any men. THE PKIZE CASES. I 'Ml TED STA'I'l.s DISTRICT COl'KT. Before Hon. Judge Belts. (Jet, 1!). ? Tit". United Slat-:* and other.*, eaflort, vt. the Kfaiona Lynchburg, >argv, rfc.? This V'l -el was, as al ready reported. raptured on the 13th of May by the Quaker City, ? fl Cajie Henry, with the apparent intention of riuming the blockade. It was ailmittod tiio ves el and fart ot the cargo were owned in Virginia, but it aw demed that there wit' any intention of running the blockade. riieca go consisted of coHl?e and 1 ,000 bags were . ;ai ?? 1 by Wernham & Co , and :i.04.> bags by IiroWn Brother* A Co.,1'1 thl' city, on account of advam-oa made by tli ?n? to 1'.. ulilptiers m Brazil, conditionally, 'ihe Co- 1 1 id that nil the an-wer called for in prize uf'.i'.n i a tn'i'ji r.-' rt Ion that the property seized i-< not iiah'e to condCCi i nation mid forfeiture. That there being no controversy but that tit" vessel a a* 1 owned in Virgttiit, as also the 1.008 bags of coffee, on the rule* adopted m previous cases they are subject to forfeiture *s prize. Wortham k Oo. also claiming an interi-at in 604 bag* of coffee, and tho District \ttoruey hn\ iep < msented i. the restoration or 1,541 ha . to Brown Brothers A: Co. as belonging to them, and being neutral property. and no proof of an v other claim lhan that"! Wort hum *00. being before t lie court for anv residue of theeirgo seized, It was ordered thai the v? sel and all th< ?art;o not l estoi od, as above stated I be con iemm d, with co-is. <>n ihe settle nient of the llmii decre" It was Insisted, on the part or Brown Brolhersfc i'o.. that the decroa or*lcre4 wan llefee 1 1 ve , in omit ting to I dit'.t e;,ftr i-l j tie i-'itide mnation of tb " 504 bags of cof fee, compt i-ing part <(' tin ir elaimof 2,bl"> Imim, or its ; r< ? ;i to them. ffce Anirl re-exi-ii I the proof* an I p - .-! !i. r in the CH-ae, v. dli a \ ,?w to rectify the rer. if onchadi e.ur "d, t d'oie ?\ iigthe turtle of the deciec and ?ntering iif'(.iu< M thereon. tud held that 1 the deet e ? a* ri |.d? . (1 it technically corr. t. Thi United States rif. Hi- I' rift Hark Piunetr.? Tho i eono i I for ilia |<at t ten moved for a decree In j order 1 1. u' 1 1 io fumi- !.'?? < 1 i ik (t/.f ; , r b\ theCourt, i intermediate to the hearing on ap|>ca!; but |e . i> y ha. ! ing ali-o In view the 4%ect Of bringing bef.'i-e th" ujipel laioCo.irt tiio propriety of the msiritmt 11 in.tde here of the cargo condemned , .-ibouid tin' euiiii u m be si *? l. lined bytheC'i itsnbove. Thj prize mi pr.>vide for a eoiiiiniVinu of ap. -alseinent tou^certa m the valtMoT p i i-hable t?r?i?rty raptured a* a pri/.; (,i iiIm 84), and ' th"r - Wituld se nt to be rea?>nabl<' cause illotvmg it hi the pr. . nt case, n i e tiie-- may iv doubt umler the act of Coogn * t.| Jaiih .'!. l>wf . k- K, whether Iho Heart cau exorcise any ?:ith' rli v ovf the tatlds jiro i by a Me.r.-hal t tie, anu it tbey mn.-t not b'tdejio* hi tail ab.-- . lately in tho 1;:i itc d ,-i at if i're: r> , . ? ? I j i),j obtained therefrom byifime mc le of i>r .,c ding indi 4>ond?nt "I the On- ? i i>m and jir ? t, o ( ; tho ?'? T. Tho ' prayer of the pruotoiH, ipported by their mutual con a. nt, was therefore ntcd to ? that tho i ...ids m ? m -?0 rescued from a jN>rishab!a condition, an I be < > placed as be made available, under orders of tlw (.'our! to r, ? parties mtcrct tod, without injurious procrastination n i eipeMft, IMPORTANT FRO:>1 MISSOURI. THE RECAPTURE OF LEXIKGTON. Dispersion of a Band of Rebels at Lynn Creek. TWO HUNDRED PRI80NERS CAPTURED, &o., &c., &c. Jkwkji iix City, Oof. 20, lhfll . Tko following s n special despatch to Ibo SI. Ijius Democrat: ? Major llilne, of ihn First Missouri scout*, arrived hero *0-day on tin) steamer Sioux City, Mid report# that on lint 16th one hundred und fitly of his regiment, undor Major White, surpri.- ed tlie rebel garrison at l<oxiugtou and re captured the place and all the vick and wounded, together with a quantity of guns, pistols, aud other artlelos which tho rebels throw away in their flight. Two ptoccti of can non, which were iu the fort, wore also i .i; lured. The Bionx ( Ity brought down about one hundred of our sick ami wounded, among them Colonel# White anil Crovcr, who are slowly recovering. The rebel garrison numbered three hundred, l'be o< n dltion of r^xiugton is reported us deplorable. Portlona of the town have been Mi ippod of everything, and many of tho inhabitant.- aro actually suffering for the noccssa ries of life. Tho pickets at Osage Bridge wore tired on last night. Matters were somewhat unsettled la Colloway county. A rebel company is beins recruited in St. Aubert. Snunsfc. Mo.jOi-.i. i!0, l*jOI. It is reported that Actiug Hrigndier General Wymao, who left Rollar vo il days since, with ab < it 2,f>(KJ men, has arrived at l.yim croek^uhetc li" dispersed a body of rebels, killing a considerable number, taking over '.'to prisoners, and capturing eighteen loads of goods belong 'ng to Mcl'lurg h Co., whom the robe's had robbed. Advices f om Gen. Fremont ar ? to s von o'clock Ki nlny night. He i- still at Warsaw. The jioiituon aeross tho Osage was to bo (Imshe I Saturday, General Slogel's division bvl crossed tliu i iver. ?H was reported that General I'rico had been largely re inforced by lieu. McCulloch. They oomblued their forces at Oscoolu uud fortified tho town, where dry intend to givoG moral Fremont battle. Rolla, Mo., Oct. 20, ifMll. Hie capture of I yun Treek N eonllrtned. The place was surroundod on the 14th by Mujor Wright's cavalry, the same that routed the rebels near Lebanon, .ied a com pany o.' rebels undor Capt. Robbing otid a number ><f other prisoners, including the Sheriff of tho county. A rebi 1 captain aud lioutcuunt wore killed In tho alityr near Le banon. aud Lieutenant Colonel Somen taken prisoner. All the prisoners taken at both place?, seveuty four iu num ber, have arrived here. St. fjni'S,Oct. 20,t8CI Work on the fortifications has not been suspended , uml no order to that effect wan ever i-mi>d. OUR CAIRO CORBEt-H'ONDENCE. Camp CAIRO, 111., Oct. 14, IH61. Arrival of a flag of Truce from Culumbut ? Ureal in ni'ttl in Cairo ? General foil; J'lopot n? an Exchange of J'ritoiun Reply of General ( Irani ? Cap/ure of Grain Jiutn the Hrb-lr, <fc, This lias been tho most exciting day I have known in several week*; indeed, 1 do not remember' one in which so much fear ami vulor have been combined and exhibit ed during llio campaign. The immediate cause of all this hubbub whs the arrival of a small stern, wheel steamer, the Grampus, with a lis g ot truce from tho Right Rev. Mejor General lllshop Leouldas Polk, Kaq., commanding the rebel Slated army at Columbus. Whan the s Iran go craft llrst showed herself below Fort Holt, with her white flag at the peak, the wildest ecenes ol oxcitem ut were enacted. The whole populace of the town gathered upon the levee. Speculations were rif' as to her errand, iuid all sort' of conjectures were nmde, in d when she came to anchor within mn-ket shot if half a dozen Union steamers, right under the guns of Forts Prentiss uud Holt, and tho steamer Alock Scott, with General Grant and Commodore Gu.bnm on board, went out to I arn the object of her mis ' sion, thpre was ona universal din o:' clamor to | know her business. rreg.ntly the Scott made fast to lier; General Grant Wd Oimmodwre Gr.ilmjn stopped on board, Mid, side by tide, the two su on -rs turned llioir I prows down tho stream uud wore .? o I tonight m thu | buni of the river below Rlrd's Point, I'lien a small boat | was seen approaching the shore, and all Il.H-knd to tlie : landing, hoping to learn of lb- irunge pro I rehire, llut nothing cortld be learned, ai;d thu exert e I ment been me intense. Just then some Ii'a.ilt- < wretch I started n report that Iho U nor i f her bu -iiif.-s wan to no ' tlfy General Grant that be must' vncintc tTi ? place forth I with, or the rebel troops would contpol him to, aud Hint I until six o'clock to-morrow morning would bo all wed | him to divest tho town ol he women andoblldren. Then, sure i noufh, tliero were Hurrying* loand fro. And gathering loirs ni'l tr? mblin .-s of distress, Am! eiieeks all pal" which but nil hour ago i were sweating prof 00' ly ove r their Monday's washing. Trnnks were lack oil, ami wet clothes w<re bundled for a ll.-.- in "double quick." General McCiernand's brgad. was paraded to the tuno of "Dixie: " Njuiro J laiin.-ti "H Home Guard*, that arc sworn "never lo leave town except to case of invasion, " wero ordered to pi. k their Hints are I hold themselves In readiness to run at. a moment's notice. Soon the Scott was hi eu i'i U i uing, and tin- whole town swarmed to the leveo to g't the news. A bevy of reporters wen i on board ns soon as the steamer arrived within jumpitlgdistam e of the u iisrl boat , and tklitnnil and Commodore were assailed with a thousand questions; i but it wa-^ no use; their llpB were sealed , an I we repaired to our sappers the more wondei inf. General Grant, however, has favored me w ith a copy of the correspondence, which Is as follows You w>ll see a peculiar ftplciness In his answer to General Polk, espe cially in the manner in which lii? directs it ? " To Major General Polk, Colnmbus, Ky. ': ? OEW. POLK'S I.KTTKR. HiaDQUAHrKRs, First Division Wmhtkkx liKi'>nr?K*r. > [No date or locality. ? K?cr. ] J To tiie Com maximno Offiitc* at Caiiu> isn Hum's Point: ? I have in my camp a number of prisoners ol' tho federal army , and am informed there arc prisoners belonging to the Missouri State Guard in yours. 1 prn|ioseau exchange of these prisoners, and for that purpopo send Captain Polk, of the artillery, and Lieuti nniit Smith, of the infant ry,bothof the Confederate States army, with a Hag of truce, to deliver to yon this communication and to know your pleasure in rofjard to my |?ro|H.tal. The principles recognized in the exchange of prisoners effected on tho :'<! of September, between Brigadier General Pillow, of tho Confederate array, and Colonel Wallace, of tho United Stales Army, aro those I proposo as tlie basis of that now contemplated. Respectfully, your olwdient servant, f,. POIX, Mnior General Commanding. 0KNR1UL ()RANT*S AVWKR. IlKAtXiUAKTI KS, 111 STRUT SOTTKKtST MtSSOt'RI, ) CAiro, Oct. 14,1861. ) Gknkral ? Yours of this ditto is Just received. In re gard to U'o exchange of prisoners protmseil, I can, of my own accord, mako none. I recognise no Southern ton federacy myself, but will communicate with higher authorities f<w their views. Should I not be sustained, I will find moans of communicating with yo >. Rosis-ci. fully, your obedient servant. it. s. chant. Brigadier Genera! Commanding. To Major Ckvkral Polk, Columbus. Ky. By this comtnnn (cation wo learn sovorul thing". V hr*r , General Polk is rtlll in command is Major Ceneral, and ! litis not gone to P.ii h.'riond to lilt the offlr.j of Confedi rato Secretary of War ; second, Guueral Gidc n Pillow Is not a Major Cone ml, but only a Brigadier third, Gen. ral ' a . 8. Johnston 4s not in active tomaisml of Um Wwtora Department of iho rebel artny. Captain Polk mid l.'euteiinnt ?mlih ire both gradu at * r of Wot P'int. The- former is a nephew of ex preni lunt J mes K. iok, and bears tho ?anw relation to b:.< Revernr.ce the belligerent Leoxidac. Hot li aro represented as thorough soi.'Ws. In addition to General Grant's written answer, h<- verbally informed the two worthies tli*' the ( mfedetatt s must never again h ive the Urncrity to run one of their steamers within range of (Mir g'iiis under nny rr> text what ver; that It WHS only common courtesy, anJ not b -cause lie recog niz. d them ?: buligcrcnu, that h: allowed thorn to go ha. kt'? t>,,i:riihus and warned them against repeating tlielr visit one thing is wo tliy ol t ote th connection, an-l that i i !.i j ? ? T'i ? | .i;?rr.!i whi.h I'islinp General Polk's lett r i i wittTO Is e sh'Ot of the line t Congress letter prr-?. with a flaming great eagle end thirtv thrco star* ?ml. -e.| '.[siu the back, s;., I a "dutiful picture of tho Capitol at Wa hingtonst nre-tui -n tin upper left h.uid ct: e r. \ i'ii ty of '.^ve^lly-fi?,-, of Cap' .i n N*. ind's cavalry fi . in Birl' Point to i!:iy < : ? ounterod ? t ? ? hundred rebel i avatry at He.-w Irk u Kiirm. u. ar Chai les(en. A fifiht eu s.u l,;i' 1 Xoland s triu. wore nhli e,| to retreat. Our I' ? wa ' "lit i'i ?n killi il. ? , ? w led tr I : 1 1 r< ? ? misting. Adot: hnvnt of Colon" | Noble 'g i i\ulry ur.d Colonel U sirdcn iiif.ihtry ri ?i ed from i :o .. g Ibray last M'g'iS, with i* Inn;- mi ,i of ..n gt.iin and stock, valued at l.ii thousand dollars, th ? pro|ierty of uu? hv!hy XbtmpMB, a cape it In the ret I ?> my, Diatli of Ez*Gov?lii:>r lVoodbrldgf, lii.raorr, Oct. so, 1841 K.\ Governor Woo.. bridge dioi at hU rcsidcnoo in tl>m . ity tOjday, at,. ! eighty four ivars.

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