Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1861 Page 3
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^ UOI SKI, R09HI. <*C., TO l.B^, A" T NEW limy 111 US, s I'ATEN TKLA.ML A> L'NO llkTi villa IleHitei e I* stable, <UAcl> ntnl fowl louses klkhct>, itini ii g?rdeu. flue JhVu, 4C. ?ituaUutt ?u<J view \?v. in ?? >il It in very w*. V'hadi.BY, WAiifili# A 1'.aY, 40 Union square. A y VSRT DEBIRaBI.E iWQ AND A HALF 8TORY, -tjO| 11'iUfn 10 rem, on we?l Twenty-third ? ,.'t" M.'T.'ii. liuvi ill Kin HUims unJ fiirna e. ?i !.? I11 1: 1. ii out r. Willi'. leased to u a. oil, responsible ffttlpee- Inq.Uie of JAMES It EDWARD*, b; West Twcny tl I' *?;,?? I. _ A SPLENDID IOS. STORY BKICK HOUSE ON JX Houston <1. 'v <if n. 1 n--.. r Broadwav; the house is25si-> iliii iA*l04 1. ? -!, Ii . ..iit .. i.' order, new ly papeied tin I pmuied; has water, ,?.??, 4<v ; the location Ik very Ueslra bl.\ and It will bo Istor I".. ' d on ver\ favorable lemm ti> ? responsible teuaa!.. A; plj to I'll -VS. K. MILLS, St Cedar street. A LARGE AND ELBOAKt STORE TO KENT, ON Klnili avenue, suitable f ir a gr*:i r, eoufeclloner, or for ? good market. I( is e (jlity f-et deep una hsse good basement in 1 vault. J. K. EDWARDS, 277 West Tw enty-third street. A SECOND FLOOR I'O LET? IN A FIRST CLASS house, furnished or unfurnished, consisting ef tivw Rooms, containing Crotou, i;**, water closets, Ac. Board with the fitiuily or private table Ii' demred. Location 77 East Fifteenth street. Terms moderate. A NEATLY FURNISHED FIRST CLASS THItEE story brown stone front House will be let, to a small fa in, |y without children; whole or liart of rent taken in beard; privilege of .1 few hoarders it desired. Reference required. Apply at lb Hammond street. AKUIi if : I'KD HOUSB MAY BE HAD IN TWENTY. M? . id ? ? et, a. nl the rent or a part oi ll taken in leard The?)- 'hi* I lis-atinn are good. Inquire for Milbu.'u, at J*7.'a i' K>illi enue. Call fur two <lay?. AKIHS'l '.ASS house to let-in amity street' i.enrBi 'dw iy, unliable for a private residence or quiet hourdluu hou ->? . . ? Low or Part of a llrst 1 lass house, In See, avem.e I 1 ran 1 c had ai a very low rent. Apply to W. r. SACK RTT, 1.'. A' all street. A FAMILY. DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING, WISH to rent 'I * .* House,, hs'altd ' in Eighteenth atreet, between FlUh a;.d Sixih avenues, with or without aclinic their fiinii'un: or a part of it. Or they would let it. furnish ed, until Way le nt, to a ili .Lie party without children. Address 1' , box 111) Post ollVe. A THREE STORY H10II BASEMENT HOUSE IN FIF k enth ?ti eat, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea, to let ?n'il May tin f*.)u.uoi, li (w i-t'i ti'o . or the Sccoud aud Third Floors and back Baa" met it for $ J2. BHAiU l.Y, WARM It 4 I' \Y, 40 Union square. A GEM'i.i.MA.N', OCCUPTINO A FINE HOUSE ON JL Lexington avenue, lie. 1 Thirty laeventh street, w. It rent lte second Ihair, witi Bo-trtl, lie. h.I die modern linpiove nviiti>; nootlierho.ii era taken; om-xi epilonanle reference ->|llrnl Andreas bog lid Herald otlice. Brick siioi-s to let, tiN twentteioiith atieet, lietw en ^ctentli .mil hl^htli aveiini a; two and a half ar. l three at> riea; t-ttitcd to alu.oat any kind of luauu factiiriUH 1 inp >e?. Will e r> ic . veryl ov. JAMES It. EliW > RDS. 277 Wcit Twenty-thin) street. FCRM:!IIED HOUSE ro LET- HANDSt 1. ME l.Y FUR. nls. ed and w - U situated iu Second avenue, uear Ninth street. For terms apply at 99 John ?tri et. I' tURNISIIED HOl'SK TO LET ON FIFTH AVENUE? For a term of yearc.? A lari;e, Ku|*rl>ly built brown atone (Kent lloitke. on 1' . tl avenue, I e!o* Thirtieth sir, et. It is nagrittlcently tarnished. To lie let .1 a rc?i*vui le piivalu lamily only. Address ?ci*>, Herul l ofllce. Furnished house to let-in twfnty-recond stie I, neai Fourth avenue, to a private l unily enly; three story, high basement, lilluen rooms, with ilie Improve raeuis, in |ier>ct order. 1" isse<aion 1st Nov. Kent 91, SOU. AddrekS liox U( i'ont ?Cice. Furnished house to a four story brown stone fnuit llo ise. with English narlor, *11 mo dern linprovenieuta and sple.eiid niriiiiiiu Also, unfur nished Houmis; rent low. Inquire 01 T. E uERNANDEZ, 122 East Thirteenth street. U0USE IN CLERMONT AVENUE. BROOKLYN, hnndsomely flnish- d, in perfeit order aud newly paint ed, to rent low to a goo.l leuaut. Appt} to JNO. UOIJLD, 44 Stale street, Brooklyn. L AUOE FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET IN BROOK lyn? For a term of years, wi'> mable and garden ut iMheu, on the hoiitbesKt toinrr of t lr..Ujn and Jurale.iiion Mreets. The bouse Is four stories in height, with an exten sion three 'torieH high, and Is elegantly furmshitd; has gas ?nd water; on the lirst floor are three laiv? parlors ana a 41niug rouiu. Ilie. situation ot this property, being in the choice | art of the <lty, is admin <1 by all who know it, and the gar>ien luis tino \nriei.ies oi the dirterent kinds of fruit Ipces. The preniln s will lie let only to a private family. Inquire of JOHN HASLETT, 66 W all stn-ct, N. Y. PART OF A HOl'SK TO LET? OOVrRISSNO TWO large l'arlors, two small Rooms and Kitchen, at 125 Mus deugnl street, corner of Amity street. Ui-ferenoe ri'quired. Rooms to let? furnished or unfurnished, without Board, at Uu Fourth avenue, diiectly opp<, site East Eleventh street and locking into Broadway from the QJTEAM I'OWER IN SPRUCE STREET? SEVERAL O coiivi nieut Rooms, with steam pow.-r, to let. Apply to II. W. tiUKEN, IS Bpruoe street. STORE, LARGE ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET, VERY rheap ? Only #12 per month, ai 273 West Thirty-m u nih street, to n go, m| tenant. TMt'M* imlimlln. Store emptv and In a line large new building; iron front. Apply at 4W Green wl h street. PETER M. SttHENCK. TOLET -rritXISllEn, IN TWENTY FIRST SritEET near Fifth avenue, a Parlor and one or two Bedrooms, with lar^e pantiles mid hath room, 011 seroti 1 flisu ; will In; lei to gentlemen or a small family, with privilege in klu-hen IT required. F< r address apply at the Madison square Post dike. TO LET? AT 4.1 NORFOLK STREET, ONE DOOR limn Grand street, a large store ami tiuished basement, with a large vault under It 25x18 (bef all paved and dry -'it ail times. A first rate stand t t?r general grocery, or leather r.nd tindings, or any other business. 28 families on the pre mise*. Possession given tin nmdiately. Will be let together tr separate. Apply to JOU N *'< >NGER, 43o Grand street. TO LET -THE THREE STORY BRICK HOU8B HO. 12 WestTwenM -l;i fet street, near Fiitli avenue; the bouse was put in complete order, painted end papered, in May last. And Is partly furnished, bavins new Carpets throughout arm a full set of Hhiing and Bedroom Furniture entiuly new. The Carpets ami Furniture will he sold to the tenant or U I wiiii the house.* Possession immediately. Apply to T. GAR DINER A HON. No*. 8 and 10 Esst Nineteenth struct, be Iwecu Fifth and Sixth avenues. T TO LET? SEVERAL DESIRABLE FLOORS AT NOS. 24 and 20 Ann street, having plenty of light, and well adapted for printers and bookbinders, or engravers. In quire in the olllen ot the El Notlcioso, on the premises. TO l.ET? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO HANDSOME ly furnished Parlors and Bedroom tone on tirsf and the ether on second lloor), with Board, in a Hrst class house and neighborhood. Apply at 30 Orovo street, between Bleeckcr ami Bedford street*. LET ON STATES ISLAND? A FEW MIM'THS' walk from the Olifton ferries, a line brick, newly fur nished House, with ten Rooms, commanding a splendid view over the whole buy and city. Rem cheap. Address box 1,672 Post olUce, Now York. To LBT-^KHB three story AND BA8BNBNT brown stone front House, wiih high stoop, court yard in front and every modern Improvement, on the northerly side af Rape lye street, between Hicks and Henry street*, Brook lyn, in a most desirable neighborhood, and only live minutes* walk from Hamilton avenue ferry, tor further particulars Inquire of W. VENYILL, 142 Broadway, New York. mo LHT-.TIIE TTIREE STORY AND BAFEMENT X House, 92 Thlrty-scamd stre? between Lexington and Third avenue*, suitable for a genteel family; lias C rot on, gat-, ?c. ; rent low. Inquire on the premise*, from 10 till 4. ?i of K. Rl sskll, 1-7 West Twenty- fifth street. TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART of browu sUtae House 70 West Forty-sixth street. For particulars inquire on the premises. TO LET? AND RENT TAKEN TN BOARD, A FOFR slory brown stone House, unfurnished or partially fur Mlshed? No. 200 West Thlrt) -second street, between highth and Ninth avenues, Call at ibe house, or address J. L. F., Wox 2,609 Post otllce. Location very desirable. tM I FT -IT A LOW KENT THE NEAT CO9TA0H JL House, with extension, corner of Hunter si*eet ami Gatns avenue, Brooklyn. Inquire of^Mr. GRFBKL, live mo LET? TN A STRH'TLT PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO jl handsomely fvrmstied Rooms, suitable for a gentleman snd wife or two single gentlemen. Inquire at 1U East Eighteenth street, near Irving plaue. f|10 LOT THE '? A B if N<? <6 WOOSTBB STREET, 0$ J. feet square, with an alley 10 feet .wide; has l # en ocrtt filed 10 years f r - md tin roofing. Rent j*r year. Als > the lower pi i L >f t) 1 House No. 4.H Wooster street front and back pat ??!>?, back basement and fiout cellar, and ?ne n tti j loom, i' ui $200 per yeai. Ihquirc at 45 Wooster ?t rect. fro LET -FROM NOW TILL 1ST OF MAY, AT THE LOW I r.? ni ?d $;>.<), tlie splendid modern brown stone House, high stoop, 1-1 room*, wet r and gas lixtures to.ilie top, I K) Eighth street, St. Mark's place, north side. Inquire on the pr? mis es. _ a\0 LET- THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT DwelHng House No. 02 Essex street, Jersey City, live -minutes' walk l? oni the iVny. with ess and w.i* r through .ant, an 1 in a vary pleatuiut iwighborii' o|. F r fun Iter i> < r sttcuiars apply to \V>J. VENY1LJL, 142 Broadway, New York. alO LET? THE WHOLE OR HALF OF IIOl'SE NO. 3* \V >.i Thirteenth Mivet, low. The family more i;ifjec'? .than pi lee. TO I ET- 'i ill. tBT M h v BBK1 Iff $90 PBK HON iii A neatly tutni*hed House, ? > a small i uni.y, suouied be iW'-un Thirl ;? ad Lexington svenues? 14?7 Est 1'wenty ? ven til street. House eati be se*?n from 10 till 2. TO iLET? VEB Y H E A P, THK EE OF Til K P RETTI EST three sto v lloti- s in the ? iu\; all modm iiop.uve ?n^n;s, eh.ui i er- and gas tWtuivs : in pcrte ?nd i; rent sot. I M;> , $lfK) $17annd Wtl* *-ci \ 1-ov. |u ;u re at !7fV, ,i j ?;i an I l.T> Thlrtv third street, ne*r S. ml o v?-oue, Bl o. J. i; SI I AW, Sj N a.- mhi ' I t , ti no IV I to?l Also a iir^t el tss t!ir? ? story House, J 00 r\irt\ < ?? ?li sir evn. Jr e. i?ntl and Ttu rd avenues, to May i, $176. Juq situ <m the yre/nises or a-* alsive. To LET- THE LA ROE FOUR STOBY STONE FRONT Heffse No 115 West Tbln /-fom tb str s', in .o??| lue />r r, f tinLi?i,4d or unfurnished; or will sell at a bargain, i: ure on ti. '? premises. fl'O LKT? Ti' E OOTT-AOE NO. 57 EAST >'l S I fJ! ENTH Jl street. Ki-eesslou giv#?u immediately, ('a t be tx .n Itiini to I o'decfe. Inquire on the prctium fro LET? PHRXT8HBD, AS THB HOC8B IK AT J ,n i* nt, to 1 r . ai l.nuiiy nlv. May be seen from 10 ao -I o't!'..k datl>". and t- ruii iv ; II b- 'nen a' mv r->i d.'u e. K .> it, !!OLLS, U1 West Tiiii'tr?euth ?tri* t. o LET- STORE. BACK ROOM AND CELLAR, 6UITA* * ' pi. r, in* ).i.ser U<*:*r sal on, In the j,eky \ .'urteenth str t, between u- eiries A *'? ; ? j>. \ r ire ? ? . e. Rent very buv to a resj.'ons.o'.' t- n e . A\- ? A; ii(i ? nts Hi die mod un built, tenement lit- i .-s J"1 aiii I ?}.. E i /? ? i ? * v -'i ,?tr ? 't. corner of First ava- ! line, a ?!' i. v o q . W, Uilanu 131 Ea-*t rorty urst. street, near ! 'i . lr i ' ? u. .e. Every ? on . ei -'nee ; Cr. t in, ras, water ! t-' 1 : .v K :rs in miH ? ''sslon if-ue-'. The above j wili r lit ?? who ? dre to i'-ve a respectable, quiet way, a! very !<.w rent-e /. the ; "orm-r o{ Twenty -urth I s' vi?t smi First avenn*-. s^iiaoie ?? ? ,.n oyster or l i^- r beet* i * ?> ? ??? \ s' d ?? . ) i,i\ t i .if at 1 1 V.i| ' ta I. R t veiy j low. r/1 e- ? . can ( e explained ,? uy ti ? . Ap- i J ' " !? >' 407 Ncuoud avsnuc; olliVt; hoars be- | f\[) 11 ' S'.m:, OR EXCII A NOR -THE K> E four^treTTeni ,,MN SW 22 Thi'*ty 1 ' ' I.J e-t Wi:e; l?e gian U.iVC ?ltiil, iic. Apj on tu? prtiM sasoi as i;?r bill nOITSKS, ROOMS, Sir.. TO LIST. TO I.KT Ft il'R SI' ITS OK APARTMENTS; EACH ?f a Kitchen, Dining Room, two Hediootna mid Parlor ou one floor; wash tuUa unit fa?; the prettlettt enlta of room* In the eit?; rent |12, (IS, fill ami $17 per month. Iu<| the four IiuIMIi * n<in<i ?' Foifth atrenue and Fortv-rtint street. Murium llill, ur o. J. JL. SHAW, 62 Nata.ui biuret, lrom 1 to 5 o'uui'k. _________ TO LET? TWO OF THE PRETTIEST FOUR STOUT brown stout* front Hnuaaa in the i-lty ; one fre?eoe4, or tiumi tiled in ttolil; rent $4H0; one $3M), until Vuy. Inquire oil tlie premise-. JtlandiR Fi>rty-ki*th upert, b"tivn<Mi KHiii ai.d t'lvtli ariiiuea, or of J. E. SllAW, SJ NuKtau street, from 11 to 3 flVlovl:, or nt 94 Went Fort} -seventh street, morn lm h ami ewnloga. rpo LET? PART OF THE HOUSE IS CLINTON' PLACE. The house U firm el.i -s. Apply oil (lie premise rLET OR LE\sE? THE F1VR 8TOBV AND HASE meat Building, No. 50 Leonard street. Apply to E. I). LAWRENCE, l,'.'<il Broadway, between Thlrtj litst ami Thirty-second street*. WORKSHOPS TO LET? NOR. 54 AND 66 FR.VNKLTN street, and 77 White ?tr? el, |iret door eatl of Broad way; Hour* 100 and 2tK? I eel e"'p, 011 n , ,itr, (>ml well lighted. A 1 |'l v at 72 Walk 1 h < . ' I11 Brooklyn ; short dULime from the terry, quar ter of a block from t he car*; water 10 the house. Choice of room*. Address K., box 21ft lletald olltce, T1IE WAR. ATTENTION!? D'EPINEUIL SCOUAVES, |FIFTY THIKD reuiuieiit New York State Volunteer", under iiisrelitng eiders for the (eat of war, to leave Mew York city In a tew days. All members ot Company 1 aiif.ent fr >m ramp, with or without leave, will report tl einsolres at headquarter*, ild White street. New York, iortliwub. Obrdteocu to this oider Will ??oid pu 11 i?h tiieut ; it neglected, the olituditr w 111 lecel.e the most rigorous li rat mem of a deserter. Captain OUNDLACK. Lleuteuant* 15AUOV and FERRIB, Company 1, U Epmeml itouaree. C1AVALRY HAHItES FOR SALE? IN STORK AND TO J arrive, by LOUIS WIND.M I'LLER, lfp Pearl street. KALLY AROUND THE "OLD OUA&D." FIRST S4 OTT LIFE GUARD, Fourth retftmeiit New York Volunteer*. Colonel A W Taylor. Byerder of General Di* tine regiment will be i,n "a??d to the United State' government untidaid of 1,040 ku , imme dintelv. A lew moro ahlo buitle.l r-erutt* will be auoepted~> tlioae hn VI Ii(ise< ti >et vice preferied. Tlnsw 0 organized A pi tl Irttil, by the S: ott Lite Uilli rd, a military 01 t,.ini/all<iii< om posed of those who s rved iu the MuiUan war under tlener il Soott. This reflmini he* seen service ut Ne'vport News, Va., and la now at lotted at Havre de Grace. Md. 1> ? nt in? ofUce, 141 Grand ;tieel, : . iwven Bro.iti'.x ,v 11. d Eitii Street. M..J01 WM JAMISON, j Recruiting Lieut. J AM Eh Mtl'ONALD, ) Olieer*. Reeruits uniformed ana 1- nt to the regiment e. eiy day. Recruits wanted for third regiment, ex. eeisl-r Hi ;i ade, C>4oiiel Nelson Taylor 1 omnia rid mi;, now at Waslilngtoii.? A mimberof able in die I men will Ue.e ceived Into this tlm' i''|>imeiit and sent iirtiiie Itetel. on to tbo seufofwur, b> apply hit; to Lieu'. PENNOCK, 000 bratdway. A new company i* fo: minis for the reglmeut, 111 which two Si rjearts and three Cot tu raU are wanted, besides a number of men. Apply a'. No. lo Cham' rs stieet. # SUTLERS, SUTLERS, SUTLERS.? 8U1 L.ER8 CAN BE supplied at New York pi 1 <??, by calling on EM1LE LL.' PRE, 3W Pennsylvania avenue, WimIiiu^iuii, O. C. TO SUTLERS? THE PATRIOTIC STATIONERY Paesci, J .at th'i hiufo. t 01 army. Furm died to Su? lersit nlluural discount Also Union statl inery, vt ry low tor cash. IIAbKINM & CO., 3ti B. ekui.tu street. 3 Pt'TI.EItS AND Bill PPER8.? THE VOLUNTEER K' lt< 1 Ointment ( warranted not excelled) In one d< tea T )?acku??-8, lor every climate: 200 per cent to sutlers. \N' holenaJ t* hi 25 *'?rk |)liie?% M CtjrtUiul l htreel and 1U3 Fullou street, N. Y. Laboratory, W Fulton street, B: t>okly?. TO MIMTAKY CONTKACTOK >, Ac.? CLAIMS AGAIN* T the Ollicei-Nnnd Volunteer lteKimoula coltocted exj?edl tiously an<l ut inodcrntft charges. Apply to H. B. BUNSTGR, No. Hu CwUr stryet, New Y??rk. UNITED STATES ABM 7. Wanted ? for the Twcllth regiment United State* I? fantry, noi lid, aMelto Led men, unm:ir(ied, and not over thirty-live JMTS of lAfl. Men enlisting lor this regiment are not se;uirit?Hl, os weuW be the east^ in enlisting for the general service, and all who enlist Immediately ;;?? to liU up the lirtt battalion, which !?< nearly nady lor tin- lie Id. The same fay, Clothing, Bounty and Terin of Service (three years) as in the Volunteers. Mechanics and Tradesmen who enlist are, by the re?iifci- j tior.s, entltK d u> extra nay wh*?n employed upon their tra-U-g. ALLHECoNO LTRl'TKNANOIEA IN TIIK KEtJIMEUT auk filled pkom tmb ranks, . Intelligent, educated young nu n are wanted for non-com* missioned otll ees. Suen are sure to receive promotion very Boon, if not appointed at onoe. Bounty at expiration .?f Ven ice, $1C0. Eoeruttc sent at ?nee to headquarter: at Fort Hamilton. Apply at rendezvous, 79 CfeathitM*?t.. A. .1 DALLAS. Captain Twelfth Infantiy and Bnanntlac Oflltfe WANTED? EN<J1 NEK H SOLDI BR8, CwMI'KISINt. meehanit'S an ! Intelligent lahoror*, for sunpers and miners of the regular army; the men must he able bodied, not over 8ft years of a^e, able to read and write, and under stand the four ground rules of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, three years; pay, from $13 Uj $31, depenuingon rank attai'tcd liy merit and soldierlv conoust; also rai.ons, fuel, quarters, clothing, medical attcndiinccj and the usual bounty. Apply daily at No. 5 Bow ling Green, third r, b<?tween M. and 12 M. Q. A. ( ' LMOItE, Captain of Engineers, united .Slates Army TITAKSBD? FOUR HUNDRED ABLE-BODIED MEN, f? to lie mustei*ed into the United States service, in an aeeepted icgiment, for which, or ny pnrt ot whleh, $4 i?? r man will be paid hs soon as musteu-d. rransportation of the men t?) this t ily will he paid in addition. Parties having re cruits, or bring able to procure tliem, ar?; invited toaddres < or call on the Colonel, at 27 Bond street, for ten days, from A u Ct o'clock 1'. M. This is a genuine oll'er, and ail parlW.s uiii be honestly dealt with. 12 Til lilWlMENT, N. Y. H. M. ? COM AW 0 , CAVf Fowler. R fruiting station, 646 Petr 1 mkc(, ftQTII KEGIMENT, K. V. S. M ? TIIK NEW AND >M> Ut/ members of Company 0 art! requested to meet ut I; s? x Market Armory, on Monday, Oct. 21, At 8 o'clock M Ky order Lieut. JOHN BONA X. Lieut *M. O'KEEF 7 .HI KI .'MEN'T. ?CAMERON HIGHLAND IUF rS 4 O will * ii. ? 'vim their camis Silver Lake, Into qu . lers aJ an I .. :1m, tplet.h, Htaten ItlAnd. This ' uai;? I: ?s a Cleat) and warm building, presenting the bent quartet* to tke Slate, . v ? i in veil mliitan arcomim iKtioti. Sti il lent bolil in ir authority to re ruit for thi* regiment wnl re port to the Major, A (J. Castle, hcadqua No :'IC Fourth street, or the r appointment* will be cancelled. Kei rnlth ami two <? ompMiies, wishing to obtain a good position, will apply as above -By order. 1). GRIFFIN, Coir eel, Stapolton, 8. I. P. Tract, Adjutant. JHUIPOS Y!,S. Army boppueb. OnriCK QUARTKRMAOT H 1*N1TKT> STATES AUMY, * IvniANAro. <, Ind., Sept. '*), l.HJI. S Sealed proposals will be received at t' is oili. e unta twelve o'clock M. o? Monday, the 28th day of O-tober, 1 >?'.)! . for fur nishing the following army supplies, deliverable at. tiie (^uar termaster'H Depot, at Indianapoli-, Indiana, in quantities i? v required, vlr.;? 36,000 Forage Cans and Covers. 1,660 Uniform ( oats, Musicians, Itifai: ry? da k blue sey, 120 rntforai Jackets, Musician*, Cava Vy? dark l ? H -i ney.' 2 0 Uniform Jackets, Musicians* Artil!' ?*y? dn U ? Kersey, 34.760 Uniform Coats, Privates, Infantry? dark lice K>*-?n 2.5*0 Uniform Jackets, Privates, Cavalry? dark l?lt iv<j../y. 1,$K) uniform Jackets, Privates. Artille.y ? .lark ?. .;?*,? i sey. 120 Chevrons K. C. ?. pair* of Infantry. 20 do. <!<>. pairs of Cavalry. * 370 do. First Sergeants, pair* ot Infantry. 40 do. do. pairs of Cavalry. 10 do. do. pairs of Artillery. 1,450 do. Sergeants, pairs ot Infantry, l.K) do. do. pairs of Cavalry. 60 do. do. pairs of Artillery. 2,000 do. Corporals, pairs of In art i y. 2tit) do. do. pairs of I Cavalry. 110 do. do. j.nics of Artillery. 4 ) Chevron*, lldsptral fit wants, pans of" 1,910 Trowers, Scigeamr, Infantry? -sky nine K ernes 1P0 do. do. Cavalry, do. 80 do. do. Artillery, do. 2,900 do. Corporal*, In autry, do, 260 do. do. Cav dry, do. 110 do. do. A I II- ry, do. 1,Ik'i0 do. Private*, Infantry, do. 82,260 do. do. Cavalry, do. I, ISO do. Q*). Artllh ry, do. 610 Sashe*. Id, (MM) Blue Flannel Rack Ouatt? lined. fiO.STiO Fiannel Shirts. fcO^flO l>raw? / >. 72,7fW Bootee* i airs of, sewed* 4,030 Boots, i kir*i of, scaled fti.rfr) Stocking*, pairs of. ltUinO ? Jr?*?t ('oat*. In a* try, HM'ihi (treat ('oat ft t rapt, v.?ta. 20^00 Army lil ankeu, wool, way, < v. ith the letters 17.8. it bla> K, 4 fnehes Urn.;, iu tlw* curiicr), to be 7 feet ion and 5 fee i 6in:hts v.ido. t<- weigh live potin ' each. 5,4fkJ Stable Frock*. All th" atiove mentioned articl s must confoi ! i every . espwt to the scaled standard patterns iit Uftl* ottic*, where ilicy sr. t> he evamiued anU additional in'.or . ati? a n -' ivcd cor.ceruinrf them The m.inuUeuirera eataWI??Um< nt or Jealer^' pla * of bust* n.'MH iti, ht l?i di> inct!., ?'tat"1 the proposal, hnj**., > r wrh the names, ji.i ire s ami r< f?pensii ,liiy of two p> ivin pr- ? posed at in rotten* The Muretlet will guarantee that a contract hiiall he mtcre'l lnt<? within ten o.u? after the ucce^un' e oi said bid cr pronosal. , Propostls wRI he rtt eived i<ir the whfle or any part of cadi kind. ?1' ihe nrtich a<!v?itj?ed for. T'o- pi iv !? -e it reserved >y nu-.! lor the L'vucl > a tea >l thu m?y be d.*emed ?> :ra\i.5.? ?t >o vvith'.i twenty liny* alt ! til'- n< ceptan- e ol 'hi! pi oposais, ati?l - :isrd ' . Hie qae .loy a 1 1 acted for re Ht bo delivered wi ui on?* n?o< ?i a?t I date ?t i.V' '{j i i re. iiii i the rctuaiiider w ithtu l\\ ? ? * 1 * *?i tali date of ac?*eptanc* or sooner if pmetteablit* It ddsrs ?will, slat* in their j ?: als tl?e .f in .- ? 4.ih|e time in a. 'licit the uuantltics bid f r can be <lt! ^l by th.un. Ml art les w4?l he suhie'd to lucji^M jn nv ; vor in?j.e ??, 0*--, sippamUfd >if,r authoiliy ol ihe V '.i'? d States. Faviacnt - iail jc in de on c.i-'h delivery, pr?\li??*1 ( #n? gie? M shrtlt have il ide au aj>pr??p; atjon to .nee*. l?, ? 51 :? thercaLer as an approprLu. m sh.-.ll K road'- <?r that j * : ? - pose. Ten- ?*?r eca* o; tin; am ? i: n * i>i - i".k dtdivery . v. ? . 1 i* reiaiaed tititil the ot utrnci shall he compu ted, wbi"ii will be fe? t"eit*d to ihe l:nt: *d Hiate* in case ol 'aiiuie on the j a. * of the contractor in iulQlling the c uaurt P ?nm. of proposaia untl fp.iaranibt will furnttbed Mi^n fippla atwn lo tins olkit, , and none will L*? co?if4dert 1 ci . no? e,?nfrr ?n thereto. l'roi?asa!t will be . nursed "Proposals f?>i fnr;i -idn .* arfpy ngppI.eA" A. MON TOO M K ii Y, K.'jorand QuarterMiatt'-.r, I'. S. A / UOTHINiS FOR THE v'AV Y. Navr A ansfa Ofpick, 35 .V . vu S: :r.r.T, Vrcr JToitt? i () t.?her I * I8ot. ) 8e.>l??1 jir-.p '?.V*. endorse^ MPro;u,*;tl for CJ ?Mhim:,"' >.? ill l,e rccdvoJ .it .this oUk'. uual *"i i lay n ? x t , *.he 'J' ? ? ? ? . 1 1 ? . I2">! ?cw. for f ten shuuan^ d> h vering ut the v.-* t, ut Brooklyn N* ^ Vtrk, vl'hin i >*ty day* from --o; 'M a' .-n Ol accepii'.i)'** o*. d l, ?'irf e|hot!u? n"i blue clota round Jaei? c*s, And ?h tiiHiiy mni ? as n ?y he i j '.red joevi-. .<? t < t1. Js !*' ! ihe ; t *{? St 'e??.;snniti .pel! t\ .d ni ??'it, I aticrn .????! w >rkn.^i. -y to th ^ USr. u, t He Nav^ ?. sam ple of wl. 'h r iB b* s< j i -ai sppli' a' o, t ? tin* In*} . " ,m i !ii? r . ? atiln <avvVaidaf<,re?.rti(] and nmn |a**tht u il Inspection of t e Yard. Payment to M made a*, this .^tatj^?* The hid inu?t i?e ?ecoi>ipflt .ed by ihe u??al guarantee that is awarded th u??a t u il* ' J. Nary A nL WlUTMtr finiR'i EKNTH HI5f'' I NT N. W Y(H?K ST A IK MILf 1 t.n. ? A me 'tin ? 1 ?r I of Oilers ot this flb im- t nil : .? h i , te - ( M i) v, U, t cr.'l.t (/; e- k, mr CM-, la '! a*. ??!?!?. r. r*s* ? n'tend the lVan val r-f our w< ; ? . i, I . different r li f i t. . M I: itNE, Jr., Prcald-.; . ^ BO^itPlWO AND JLODCZWG. AHANWOME SUIT, AND ALSO TWO SINGLE ROOMS ?rt uutv v t^uM in the flm class bouse .No. ill Secoud aveot?e, corner of#evenih street. IT NOS. 1111 AND 1125 BROADWAY? HANDSOME JY su.t> s of Ro< ins, with private table or at tabTo d'hote. SlngU> Rooms for gentlemen, with or without Board. He* twi eu Twcnt\ -fmn una Twenty -sixth streets, near the Fiflh Avenue l!<de\. Attiik large first class double house no. 13/ Bleeeu? r s icet, west of mm it .? r Broadway, it 4 really tasteless lainllv B<>artUU4 House, with Rooms uosnr* pa-M-d in *i/e and comfort, in suitsor slu;h; the cheapest place in tin* city for the style and quality of what is offend. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE (JEN. th-men in ty obtain pleasant Koomh, lib good Board, in a small private family, w heie the com forte ot a home ?mo boenjo>e?f: house ha* modern Improvements. Dluueratti. ?\ | *|?ly ui ?18 Went Tweuiy-second street. A FRENCH FAMILY will LET BOMS NEWLY FUR nlshed Rooms, with lii.-i ( lass U ar t. Apply at N-?. 10 Weal Thirteenth street, near FuUi avenue. I' rice moderate. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS, ALSO SINGLE ONES m,\. handsomely furnished, to rout, with full or paitu B< ard House first class. re rms moderate. Apply at 44 West Ninth street. near Fifth avenue. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OR TWO SINGLE GEN _/v ileinen, can obtain Hoard in a small private family in South Brooklyn, wear South lerrv; he room* a. e in -it and Pack paiior. second tloor. and alai?e fr??nt on third floor, furnished. Address John, bo* 1-7 Herald otlloe. AT M NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, aeeittU man and wife or two single gentle men can obtain pie s..n Room#, w ith Board, lu a modern hnii H* with all ih?* iiupr<?\. mcms. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET PLEASANT ROOMS, wtih good Board and comforts. d a home, on very r< usou r ' It terms; h use <otttalnsall modern improvements, and i? pleas ntly situate I at 1 70 Thirty .wtli strert. between?* venth and Eighth avenues. I'scof uiauo. References exchanged. 4 PRIVATE GERM AM FAMILY WILL LET, WITH .4 V good Mtrtl and comforts of a home, pieaaai t Suoni; moderate terms; house contains all improvements. A pro fessor ot music can b" a? eou.niodi.ted ; ie?s ?iu tak n Jn part paMo. nt. 170 West Thirty-sixth street. References ex changed. A LARGE, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM. wiii? urate and git*. to let, to one or two persons; rent $2 j ei week. Also a smaller one, rcut $1 25 per week. Iuquiro at IviU Prince st. A PARLOR AND BBDR6oM TO LET? SUITABLE for two or three gentlemen; house occupied by a | ri vtUe fauillv ; fmi iul oi full lizard if desired. terms moderate. Address of < ;; || at 82 EaU Seven '.eenth Mr**ei. A LADY WISHES TO LET A FRONT ROOM AND BED ro- wi, on the second ll?M>r. plainly furnished, with con v ? lienrcs roi ho se keeping Apply at 224 Third avenue, uear Tv nt:e street. A WIDOW LA L) V AND D A UGIITER 11 A V E DESIRA It LE A an > well i urn it. a ? . l.o in suit ot finely, w nub they can let lower titan any other >n the st: eet. House Lust class ami male attendance. No. 17 Bond .'?t?eel. AT 5s WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET-NEATLY FUR nixhed Kooms to let, with Board, in suit or single, to UiuiUes or Single geQtlemt n, .it prices to suit the inn# s, and every .I'tention paid to the comfort of the boarders. Re lo.ieiKca exchanged. An elegantly FUUNISHED FRONT room on second fiOor, also lai^e Hal H->om adjoining. t?? let, with Board, house itrst eia^s, 'JA W? it Tweiu>?::rst street, near Filth avenue, to p.e.^ani resimnsibio parties; ti'rms favorable. R< fe fence ^iven ?? . J required. AT 40 UNION SQUARE, EAST SIDE? FURNISHED OR Unlui tiishi d Rot i ma, in a. it ?. s*nj{ly, with or witl jut foil or partial Board, upon t- rms to insire com tort, economy and permauoncy, in a llrst ?1;.ks loeuluy. A CARD. -AT 283 ELIZABETH bTHEET, FOUR dts>rg from 1J1 ecker. will hf let large mid small Hooms, with Board, to single ^'cuU.-mMii < r g< utiemen ami their wives. L >cation ';?>uvetilent toesr- #?'id stages; gas, bath, Ac. Apartments may bu obtained in a private f'.mil;' In a llrst ?-la*s ho ise, witn every e??nv nience. Pitvale taila if required. Fatuiliea wishing to live quiet, an?t desiring a permanent home for the w Inter, may call at iift West fweiuy-necotel ativet. A i* w Rooms J or guuiieiuen. The best of references given and required. A LADY AM) (iKNT *'AN !1AVK A ! ' M OR BACK Parlor anu Closet, with or witnoiu 1>> aid, m here tit > m are no boarders, in a quiet an i central loea.i n. House n? ? and ail modern improvements. Apply at *13 Greene street, between Amity anu Fonith streets. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, Ott A FEW SINGLE gentlemen, e;vn obtain h ard and very pleasant Rooms, ai 76 MacdwU? ai;?tr? et (.SU i'leiiteut's place), near Bleecker t . r<V't. Di'uu r u.1 six o* 4o?rk. R'uereuo R e\ehar.g 'd. Board? desi it \ble rooms, ruitvble for a gentle .nail and w.feor two single gentlemen, can 'm: ob tain- d at 1 1 om $7 V- i er w'eek. Mngle Kooins for gentle men at $!i All. Ijocatton pJea-ant and couveutenf. Apply at 434 Uuusoti slreet, porner of Morton. Board.?1 to let, a pleasant front room, with ll ar l, to n rentlemft.i and wife, or two single gentle men ; references excliau/ed. Apply ..t 70 East Twenty-sixth street. Board? a handsomely t urnisued front Room ami Bedroom to let io a g'-ntl'-mnn an ! his wife tor housekeeping; a'so h whole Floo to let to a family for hous'*k??ei io -, with every < o:iverden e, in a private house, with all the modern improvement a; also aiu^l>- Roimts. Ap ply at 'JO Priuee street, a lew doors west of Broadway. Board.? to let, a suit of rooms, having all the modern improvement*. Ap] ly at 62 West F? fleet street, between Fiith and Sixth avenues. References quired. Board.? a oextleman and wife, or two sin gle tf', ran be aeooiuinodateii %v it.l two larc rt'Oins, on tl<? m?'? on?* door, ftirniKhe 1 ? r unfui at 1,8 West Fonrtfenth *tiv< t; I'tihh r nod ?: rate, Kthrene fcivtii md required. Dinner. it stx o'clock. Board, a, having mose room than required, wontd ??!' aceominouamniK to a r 1 1 *21 1 ? | 1 i ? i Hy, on avou 1 ff for the ??iifc'.ifng w in t-r. Lo atUm desirable. A?-f ?MSle by iar? and *Uu;en. Ajq !y a 172 WfM I w?*ut> -Ui>?t su?aet. BOARD? AND CHOICE OF NEATLY FI'RMSIIED U h> 1 1 1 .? lor the wlut'T, wbh a *oci*l private tnmily, l??r fing.f tivi'n < r f,- iilfiii* H and their w iveg. TciiuHtii accordance with the linn'*. Addresa X.N, box 1,155 l'< ht oflW'C. 1>OAU').? THE SECOND Fl'.OUR, CONSISTING OF A J laiytj iwr oru' I lot: r he ir a. Of a Mr**. ?' ??.?.-< private h >r. c in Fi'ih avenn", .11 tie* .m oedlul* neigh born '?'d of M.'ul'b.m par*, '?;??. In* ! n in or ? nti re, villi iioard. Ad.liesa jo'tn CoiltriH, Ma ii?>u jjnnri! I'oki office. "T>OARD. ? A FINE HIJ/T OF ROOMS ON SECOND AND J > thin* floor*, lurnmiod or uni urnndi *4, llo-mi* with Ho ai .1 : i ? 1 1 J <? infoiu; -.?n t-n t baihi u q?d t in I \ Kant home f'?r llu winter. Kt-kven ??;? evhangt:?l. Appiy at lis Wufct Tv.i njy -third nti et, bft ween Sixth ..nd Seventh avenue*. Board in madison btrrkt.? two on three ? ntieuirn fi i l. :*?? -oinnMitLiti'd with a lartf'**furui.-he I P.ooni, w:th Hoard; mI* a neatly I'm nkriied Hall Bedroom lor ? ?jertleman, .t 191 Madron Ktreet, bctwci-n 1'ike and Itutp-iK. Ideation verv desirn? I \ "7>OARD IN CLINT< S I'FACK. ? ROOM < IN Sl'IT AND JJ In^to, fcr ;entl<*m<n and their wm ?* or .?% i 1 1 14 i * - p-Mle . i?n; uIko, the l'? iHeuient, for uji ottl'*>, at V7 ? 'Jf n V o pla<'<\ 85 EAST TWELFTH STREET.? LA DIE:* ?si itqulrlikK Hoard l? r the u intern 1 I lind ample r<?otn? and r<?oumo<iatlon# by caHin;; at the above nam**'1. hou^c, v. -!; j> j wtmiy lo<a?<d Iwtv.eMi Ui"ud u:iy an i l.'nl\e , ? . Gou ? i ? ? ? < ? s r> <jnir? d. BOARD1NO." V . :<:IC1'LV PHI V ATE I AMfLV !?LEA wntl? liiea ? ? N- IhJ Wpm Twii'.y lilih i-reet, ?d!er two defcii i ' le !?.? - ?\ th iioai .l, ? i arJ ' - a Jio w ^ld make an ? ? ?' . v i' ?n to the family. KeIV r? n"(M re quired. BOAKDiN \i aUEEXWICH STREET.? A FEW 4? n'.enji fi ? ?! lie a<" ni.jmodat J with g .?.! Boat* I at >1 1 ?. Taylor's. T? i rnf?, par w? ex. Boarding.? las west mr ottkentii ktjseet. ? i*er ik >??? vvi.' k< cdinmmUtten? for the vvinii r will I nd flii'! Riuiinr, h.mHsmiii l/ f irnl.hpil, ami. with every coinforv and < nnvenlcuco. Tlir an<l l.>Ciilliy !lr?i I'liih.^ Ill every refppft. WANTED- Iff A PRIVATE FAMILY, ABOVE Ti mil hti'i'rt, i> tbe.(Vt:n dido, fur Kuiitleinaii, ivil'eaiid cliilil (Vi yt'Hi*), .i! ! .n viint a Willi furnlHlii'd 1'nilnr nnd BiMrnum I'lj'ilnlni;, ri 'iuiri'il. Twnit. not Ui fx ??il|Jiliirr w-k. Ho..iJjii(( li'nisi.B ni pj nut n iswcr. Addrc/m S. A.M., II. raid oflhe. Board waxtkd-for ?;!k or khhit \di'lts, for i'.ib wmler, i'ii" l??. -;i !1 Roonm, linTading Htm and Wre hi law ?. ? ?oni a.nd t>M in thn other two. n !<???? ni"U.iK I prk-i . Address ?d .itii'e. fOAKD WANTED? BV H'Wu Vi . .MJ I.AD11.S AND 'inly, In a urivati" family, wlieis n . i- n i oumr mjjiIwi; 1,. .ninn w> si nf Bf(Md . .:!???? .N'i'llt >!r-- t. At- .. M A. B., I'.ilMwO. JJO.VIU) VV.' .S rKD-ltY V rot'Ktaf MAN*. IN A PRI J i-.iu- ninily, nmir Tivi'nlteUi atrflfl and Third avriiui*, iw ' nu..-h?'d H" m. Addror, with full iiartl'-ularn, X. ?. l.i.J 1 71 ITer^Ui olP.w f ) HO< ?lvl .' N ?TV ( > MM.LK j;KN i 1.1 '.U.N' ( AN Hi: i> ?< d wl'li i :n r li.r.M ii.-Jrwuii, u .''!i i,hr ui.' ' ? hI". -ti r'< ?! ? ii it. n.iiui> ! .. ? and partial H:.ard, In a TlvJlM IN CKOflKt.VN -ONE K'.K ?AXT rRfiST I> Jt II I >:rni?l'?- 1 ,ir nnfuri i^hed; al?> nv Bonin*. ? lb' || ' s i f , : i 1 1. , i mil | ti.i' lii !???. Ai'ii'jr i 77 1 Ui in:. ?l.. " do.'t' fr ni l.ivinjjst 'i. T.ti.ii tiiudi i . BOAP.D IN m: i'KI.YN.? A (IFNTi.EII AN 'Ml WIFE > M?o 4-i.ll. men can l>o acis,mmUilatP,l *.vj*h a I'!".1? .IW ' '*in i -in;* i ' r. . t inuly. wliPir .. . ii. - i I'-rn n.ol?'r Ajij'!;' fit 153 l'i Oi"?t i U. *?? B ?.>.?!? I" BROOKtY.V.? J5I ('I.I.N ION MTRKET. BI ih ; U iw a:id ll.ilt "in.- A nlwiv 1 1 r-n-iio'. Ci 15'. . ?lH.ii'id, < otOtwd ui 'III ia i l tale tern: Ir . .,i-t . i:'iin* uieiiL i> ferri'-ii. U. i i-iiit; . . . - I. s ii|*.i ?" T.-rs''. '.'erj 1 rran-iialile. A| Mr- lit, . rn-ro '.'a;'. IJOAi'I) IN P-t.')'")KI.V A .7 Id i UNrON ' TKE.'-.T, V l> 1'? ? ? 11*1 B *dlv>m n..m i' I. ? *f : .iivly : -!' .! ? ..I!, ill..:., wH! Is* i-nt? I. I.u n- ,<-.1 r .u. f,ir;il<li.' 1 n' a rciluo;.' price Id pat:n,ini:OI 1. )ar lo.-?. Din- .r f JHOOKI.VN II I.Ii.-M J'rf ? \ jl.VI.I. BKOi; i"M < j> i r i > i-!. > 'ilt . . !? a!*'i uii upp.'r Ku mi . r D' ' l?"n ii <>-... -v! ?- ti j'f gclHl.'t 'I >i>** I '? '? ? . f si i.ii.'l '? . .s ti. f- . .? ?, \v llli i rh, Ac. A N v K ? laud r .;!?. y. i ? !?? n *,-. n Wt '.<w street. IV BROOE MTU -DB8fRA3LS ROOMS ON j ) ml f ir, 1 ? u lii ? cl . i l.n'Mi*, ' r n ?? it t > '. i i M All< i -i I'm ?????. filial' l-ir i"ni;?S . n"l ??>???? ? r m*-'S.i i.i.'.i .lion. Dinner.. 5 ou'.ilt. Au'.y .tt U7 A:a .y OfMBDl* BROOKf.VN ? Vli:ViV / M ) %\ I ?'l-2 >.: i*ii" k '' iii.-'. i. l h-'.'.h!, i.i ??Ii'-1 1*1.1 ?' 'V- !? :

l.ri : 1 -rv ?ii,'. "? i , and At: .. i'. .in I r m !k nfe;ilifr^' Mil . I V 11'! street f. iv*. Addre-s Mrt. i ? :. bn klyn P I?t ? a e. (? \ N ill'Ot Kr.VN- - ?* UHiiE FRONT BO?iW. f'N ' J . I :. *?: I... J, u II . 1 II.. .1 .... I I iy, ? in . , i; "t II Kiyn, "i''i iciii i ? ? .u . ' ir , W.i ??. ? t iruy. i'trii.* UK":.*r?te. Ad Ui ..-a 0, l; , tui i U ilomii! tC'JC. gOAHDIKQ AMI) LODRIVC. Board on Brooklyn iikiohw, ea iii'KS Dtifct?. Room*. fun ,Kh?Mi or unfurnished, suitable fur gentlemen and tie. ir wlvva, or single geutlemeu; location ?tt; sirable; three minute* walk from ruitou or Wall street terry ; terms 10 mii it the times. "OOAKD ON BROOKLYN IIBIOIIT*. WITH PLEASANT j Jl Ro >m?i In i 1 li . l?s it I n. Fail tlj II *nd lei ns moderate. References exc hunted, Apply at 30 Willow street. TIROOKLYK B BIGHT&? TO LET. WITH BOARD, J # room i n i til m ? ? !? ? i !' .. s. t . i? ? i. ? i. n mui ? r w ives or single gentlemen, at No. 5 INiplar street. within ttiree minutes' walk of Fulton terry and eight of Wan **t. COUNTRY BOARD FOR THB WINTER.? J KBW boarders can t>rt accommodated on moderate H'imi*, with pleasant aad convenient Itooms, in h new bonne hating a be.u'tifnl prospect. Addre&sT. S. Turner, Cornwall, Grunge comity, N. Y. DESIRABLE FUttMHlKO ROOM TO LET? IN A Mioali I 'uvate rami , fo a gentleman. House in a cen tral Ux a t n, with all the inoduu improvement*. Apply at 74 Ami t> hi r et. VLEHANTLY FURNISHED OR UNFI'RNISH ED X/j Uooma to let; stylish French table, flr*t class house and neighborhood; location central and elegant; French and English spoken. References required and given, Call at No. i Liviu. ston place, Kiuyvcaant IjlOR OENTLEMEN ONLY.? YERY NEATLY FURNI8H ' ed Rooms, oosM'hf hi, >?1t t' cumloiin oi a home, may be had in the private house Vh) Prince street. west of Broad way. TpURRNISllED ROOMS TO LET.? A BUITE OF LARUE I/ ami well ventilated Rooms to let, without Hoard, to gentlemen only; aUo an otlke, suitable for a physician or dentist. Apply at 30 Bond sire* t. I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD. TO , gentlemen only. House contains all tiie modem lin? proveincnts. Apply al JW7 Fourth afreet, between Bowery and Broadway. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT-fN SUITS OR SEPA rntely, to gentlemen, Mt 371 Fourths!., near Lafayette place. TjIRONT AND BACK RO< TS FOR GENTLEMAN 1 and wife, or single ge .lemen, with or without H< ard; location -quiet and genteel, hou*e has every con venience. Dinner nt 0 o'clock. Terms moderate Apply at 111 West Font tee nth strt t. C1ENTLEMEN DESIRING A C >MFORTABLB HOMB JT will) a p irate family, can obtain | l .??uu well lur nibbed Rooms. on reasonable tern by appivtng a* S3 West Twenty-second street. Pi ivate tnnle if preferred. Refe rences exchanged. IN A PRIVATE HOUSE. CENTRALLY LOCATED? A lartje, handsome y furnished Room n the second Hour to let to a respectable party, Irving gas, bath, Ac ; can be had w ith or without Board. Api-I v at 393 Broome street, near Broadway. MAISON M BUB LEE, 7? AND 72 WEST THIRTY eighth st' '-el.? It"ums, ele^Miil) furnlahed, or whole lloora, with kitehen, cellar and > \rd. Ilouaea new, fli>t cla-a, four storv, brown stone. MeaU furnlahed. Whole parlor flom and basement for phy.sician a v ..lice. M'KB M B Sf'MNER . 2i WEST TWENTY NINTH Street, has ne l ir^e K ? mu yet lo ma| osc ? f for the win ter, suitable for uii?* - r two j/entlemen. Also one very nice single Room and Im mo.b rate priced s nail U<> ins. The l.< M-e baa been cnlu' d and impioved and is elegantly fur nished thronghoni. M\i< BLACK, NO Si WEST TWENTY- FIFTH STREET, not rl) opp< iti : ' i ni ? iap I tn Aoeotnmodate faifil Ilea and single gentlemen, w ill. j.i? a ant Rooma and Board, fnr the w inter, or ?* ) ? ivate table if 1 -aired. Dinner hour J o'eliH-k. Refei . n? en exchanged. Read? a handsome srrr of large rooms, furniah *d. ci ? Meeting, v/lth large pantrieH, hot and c??ld water, t?? !? >. with full Board, t'? a fan lly, for $22 per week, incl'uling evi rytlilng. 162 \Veat Twenty -sixth street, near Eighth avenue. mWO OR THREE OENTLEMEN t'AN BE ATOOMMO X dated with It Kmia at 19 Henry street. mo LBT? ONE OB TWO COMFORTABLY FURNISHED X Rooms ? :i the uecond floor of hou^e 107 Forty-sixth street, bet*. ?? n Sixth and Seventh avenuea; will be let fCj-a rately or t? - ther. Heat of referem es given and required. Inquire on the premises, between 2 and 5 o'clock P. TO LET-VERY CHEAP, A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS. on se?i ml iloor, with a private family, man excellent lo* ctitiou Apply at 59 West Tnirty- teeond street, three doors from Sixth uvenue. Good relVreueea lvquiiMd. rno LET? WITH BOARD, TO A OENTLEMAN AND J v ife, or two ladies or two gerrb-meu. a auit >f furniab ed Room a, with everv convenfteiuv*, on timdcrr terms. Ap ly at 57 East Twenty seventh str? et. TO f^BT? FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH GOOD CLEAN beds. Apply at tf!? Alien street, second door l'rom oian tou stre? t, V*RY HANDSOMELY FURNISHED KOOMB, IN HI' ITS r?eo.irat? , hi i i, with B-iard. un r?,asonable terms. In a deairabie lou.ii ion, betw. -u 1'nUeraity place and Broad way. Apply a' 'U ? 'Union place. "\1TAR PRlt KS. \f SMITHSONIAN HOUSE. Broadway, corner of Hous ton stree'. eun 'ncted on ihe E'wopej n plan Light Kooms, $2 to >6 60a week; i. table, well veuu -ted do., $0 to $'J a nnmtli. Family U"nm?, to $15 a week. Moti I'mb I throun.iout by *?< am, and lu first rats order. MeaU to or Ut at reduci ?1 i?iea. Jointa, lOniid 16 cents. Steal. a ami chops, 15 an I 20 ?v?nts. Vegetal lf?a, pastry, Ae., 5 eusits. Soups. * ? 5 to 15 ? out*. Aim other things in proportioo. IMiuiei from li to 6. >teals to ord? r at all hours. Entrance through the oilice of the hotel, ' S. <i. MEAD, Proprietor. \V AN I'FI)? V.Y A ' ? KNTLFMAN, A NIC E iiOOM. WITH it br-MkliiM, In a pr.vato family ; location -i*two?'n Fourih street ad 1 7 it t< ?i i hij Kou rt'h n nci Fifth avenue*. Ad *1 1 ???-?. vkl. p.. i i? ti).u h, A., box 4, 20 J Post ofttat*. A Til AVE M l-;, NEAR MADISON SO U A R&? DB?I R A - T lil?' U - mi*, wllli Foard. mav 'jo ohttinod, In h private fimily, at 417 Fonrt'i avium. Al*o a*r?? m ??plain room, with Muali oom kHi <dn?i?M, nnltiibl ; for h 1'amiJy or physician. Dion, r tn ili?' middle of 'h? day. nu iisT TWKN : v SIXTH STREET.? a COUPLE OR tliri'f nowl\ furniahod Rooms to lot. to ^fMitlcfm-n <?r Mtnall f riiillf , without children, with or without Hoard ; de li^htl'ull ?, a low doom from Madi. xii Park and con viiicn' to btagr* routes. WEST SIXTEENTH STRFFT, NBA It FfKTH AVE o iw?Koonu, t?j i, t, witli li for family's or stogie 2:* I J WKST TWELFTH STREET? BOA RD.? A VERY 'r4! pl< a*nnt front R?o.r? on t it ? third siory, with < ??iin< ? i 'ii;', to lot, with Boiird, hi 14 \V >-t To filth street, be tw'-T-i Kin h and Sixth avaiies. Kefeumori cM-haitgcd. A Q < LINTON PLACE.? TO LET, WITH BOARD, \LO l-tr;.;.:, well ftn allied, with pantrlw", on tl.e f.o.-o?id M-. ? A I mo, Room* Pa* single gentlemen, on the third Door, wliii hath and >a?. n I TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH ul avenn'?.? Elepmtly furnished Rooms, in suHh or Hiiijlo, cnn la- obtained by a gentleman and wil'o or two MO ;!i lem^n, Willi Bo-tnt. At-o, a amnio Room, "? tillable lor a mo; :.;n gi'n.leaiati. J): n li<* t at l> o'rlotrk. 7(1 SPRING STREET, THREE DOOR:* FROM BROAD l ?/ w .?y.? Wi.r To let, several handsomely fur ?. Ished H<< ros losing* ?e>ntl<'nien. Location is w'hv Mi th* I i st i-,h*s I .dels ii r i ? 1 pla' i w of amusement. R?*adiog room nor. Jn ;Mlicoi ANSON HOUSE. no CHIEF. KE STREET, ABOVE BPKING? ALSTON f'* J House ? t .?uitly turnMh' . h> it- of R ? ma, witli^as, ( * !'? on w?i ? i ' i' ? '? ii*"o] : . r ?. ?'rdiiG5 iHitni':?v;: <!. i4 tr.y i U l'*?r sm all, v , ? e ?iile lainill?jH. 1<>2 104 Jr Mflw I'EKN HI '.'CREK'f \ y-XllT OF ?. on I'ji* v ? 'i I rl* Iiai I , t?'Iy fi iiiiwhed vnl w)iU ? " ii? a :< r ?? m viiL; prt> .?fe U - rv> ' i d ? ? ? :t\mt inj ? Uooma for gtbUcttien. l'n'.^i? ^t;onabiu rel'?n:nc??fc ^iven and r^qti :. d S itKI'T. Oi P/o-n HIE nr. >!?; !<? :?? h i. Board, to faiuili'-s ?-r * i??, in .-ii;. ?? . i s ' , > , ioiiiisln d or pari !.'? : . i ? l.? I: o'i?- iy< - i: pl?- -?of front Hoom. Projf t >"h if iv '? i v. ii hi. i roquir^n. T in v'x< I'OIKJAI. MRi.hT I'jOHMilND HOUSE LS .11'' i. h? f ?miiy llxtol, for the rcce|?* t.ion of * ? i * t '"iio n, f h?.inU farnilioH ti " 'I of b??ardiri^. Parti"?, ''.mint s <?' t? ? .j,-j ? ,-iji imd I'v^ry oonvcnit'iico III thont .o. fstal?:i>hm rit. family; aino R >< uim for niuglc K> titl'MU< n; irfei .n ? n cxrliaiiMcd ; f imiiy umail. "{ \ \ EIOHTFI SIUIEET, HEAD O^ LAFAYETTE l i t ) | la* ?'? one o: tin* m^st desirable i aton* in M,o r ty. i; to r*Mit, with or withon*. Board, to r'*nll? mi'ri :nid vvU? ?< or a party of g 'iitl',.nHUi. Rofei orwr r?'nulr??d. mr.AST FOURTEENTH KXKEET A FJNK SPIT ? i R'M'tns wn ?<??.. nd li'Kir, wlih ??r without B ?ard, <>r Parlor. Also rVo' L<*w i*r Fl'>??r of an Fh^IimIi i? i?om 'Ut h< .i i;liv.- a-.'au'h 'Hi' "; lio s?* 2i i *t lo aiJ ni tin JiOrfKM-' -1. Ul t I'Tt'i . - rx'-l HIH<?!'I. 1 ~i* PRTNTE STREET ? ST. CJ.ATR HOUSE.? Fl E l#ili u antiy fur niMlt^il Room*, u ;ti. Brtdt'o?uiii aKaelu'd, w ? : ? a". :!??-?. ? n . .'?!!? m?v for hoi.' ???-keeping ?'ooipl< t??. in* rtudior jkh-h ari l t'toUm wati-r, to let to i?>vp*.-?:<a'oi?j fauiillen nrc.n^ gentleiiu-n. 1 7/' i:i KLv KER STREET. SIX HL'K'KS WEST Ol I I 1) Bi?r?dwny. ? A n< w inrifcc, v illi all tl ? tnodm 11 inv I ? f. J tea'aiif. Rooiiik, w.tb *? - I U 1 . * I'.o u n ^'"$1 !?TWO!k. Breakfaht li 1111 6,^ t ? rt; d'nnor at ii2>i 4>(Ut V;,'SJ X-VKVTV l illRH STRL'LT.? K1 KNfSIiED " " > It- it n? t .<? , \. n Bosiil, ' ir a nll>o?i?oi aiol la mi ;iUo* f ir?d|?al?i ; 'ti.i :ni. a. X>. ;n : at 0 o\ ! r'K. Kt f. i . ..;h .n ?'d. OI|| 1 l.M i;?j;iWrK nN HOUSE I HE MOST 4. I '/ * lit'or.alj.y ? 1 n ? 1 n.ver.i' fitly fuxni* . ?? lun'ntu P. tl-.- ' . ty. to 1 ? t.i wan'M ?l xnuill fainMi. ^, will*. ? \.*iy re !*i flt? ?" .rniiurc, ? an lito n, cooking run.," tad Mea-ii*. 7 V 1 ilPO\I? OPPOSITE THE NEW VOi'Jv ( ?) f II- to! I ?!/?' Par' t f. with r ? ..* d , 1. ' ! . ' i '.!,?? winu ? ? i. Atiai .."I '? 1 h.- h Iftft v< / ; ?!' r,.. ; t j? T ; ? * r; 1 -fcr ! in i aty, Willi prtre i . i'. I i iiro. ? k.\ 1-y a'tiMi'ton paid tothc C4.<mf' rt >>t ; . s i it ml* . ?i , ; . ^irlii^l.ment. ?: X ? I R?l6ii?. ( MO \P LXrt'it^l iO?'\MPO)V ? I'ATEN Ir T AMI " r .< . id- ? ? If . ? m rry, lo.a <?! W... *11 ? * c'wt'en 1 . i-.av.--jy i?,iid Soaih ? s ' * ; !J.?aU . ??. ?' y ? i 1 1 m li \ t 7 P. M. On J:ti *S -.inlay* eve y l ..:i 1: .1 to 7 p. M. pr.ll !UM> flilANU J 1 xr: 11 >n fo W A ;i:.Nt;T).V f-IALi . sp If i. \Sl* PORTRKS^ MONROE. i-;' ;i? i" i? a s fob -iA!:ii.\; ^ V. J.DNF.SOAV. fHl.'t: -DaV. F'lIUAV - \ 1 1 vu \ V, y. I J A V . WKl'.VFSDAV : 1 f!r. ii.*: O t . J? . -b, .rf, 3*J a . i :ii, at,' I ? m. ? ?. . .V 1. ? ir. L i?Vmv V fk bythr C ro' .* Pva!;rr<1o' .W-v 1 rw% I ?MI ? ? . " r 111^ \ M 1 1 r- V , J ad* Prm.^J.atna. LoUa:j. a r and .\?j(hei?i fm-.i'd ! 1 It 10 1 \ Wa^l n B; r ch I<h ;??).. d to V- - ;i i ? ?. . h %. ?; ? i ' ? K >t ' ' N#\ V r'. (/> B iltimo ' ? and return, $7 .? Fr A1 ??? auvi Troy lo Hjtp.u-oie 'Ui J ' 1 ,, n >,ih.-i, -n l Ti . v.- d? h will t ? ?.( ? 1 1 tie I .1- ;iom l? 1 . ? ae ??. Wa . o, rl , .1, wu \'4 ...... .. ' . r. ? (?t ? , 'i II.* ti in ?ro to p. . ; ? ** M IIIIM' ntM illv k. V ' to 1! $?; T Mil IV Nu 1 V K I ? " ? ? . I' . ? Ni ?; 1 : a, A >'l and at tii - >dli<??id' Hip s ion 1 1. a n ' ? ?' ' 1 ' *1 1 ? ? t ;<T. i, and ,t t' . ? , .... tv V' ? r 1 \U Ur^i oi ;\v UlC),lll :: 1 ' Lt Curtlau it il. tcu FOR SILK. A JURE CHANCE.- 51 ' ? Tu $/.?*) WILL PlTRCif ASK the Stock, Fi\t hps Go. ?t \V i i 1 of nit old ' !t*h.'.| Di > Go ai* s;orc, v\ hich ha 1* i \ <m u! ? .u h j .t ; ? r Paying all expense h, a in" p lit oi n*MirIy $?MKK?ayonr. 'Mm at i*' is forty- two tVet dorp, ha* U\o fljm *hoiV wim'o wh a tut is well '.tied iti?, 1' i ?- and .vay . i ho lendinj; iu iu (ho i?la ???. The p. pr ? b i is *.*.'? < <! <> Wlm on < i.i' ace of nl iM'iillh. A p| 1 - i W JH '.v,. -.shirr N ?. Id') H.ish iog oil sireet, lloboKen, N. j., or.'ViO Ho very, N. V A GOOD CHANCE ? THE VDVFIiYlSFR II AS AN FX J\ pM'-v ? i . . ti vw Very. n ml Hro ? k'y??, paying $-50 ENGINE FOR SALE itF VP? A SMALL ENGINE, ?Myht l?o? v lK.wn , v\ i.i Pattern*. I mi uii' m lumber > ard, iibi at >1 3fto Ll,h . Ii t.i i ? i t. rpOM SA LB? A DINING SALOON; ONE OP Tti B1 ?T L locations iu the city, near the Kim Kailn id dep be Hi ill I cheap, an the owner lias other busuura*. liipiu o at IW Wet l street. WOE 8 ALB -TUB CHBAPEST STEAM .BNQU BS iND I? Rollers in New York, new and second han 1, ??f three, four, slv, eight, i wolvo, twenty and ninety home power, at *15 Gansevort street. Nniili avenue car* pass the door gobo* down. *i. WV LIE 1JIOB SALE- A FIRST CLASS BOARDING HOU8B situated in the bent part or Clinton mi reel, Brooklyn; has accommodations for twelve boarders. The business has b< en cat ricd on successfully for the last four year?, I^cum cheap. Cash buygrs only need apply. The owner going to 'Euro lie being l h?r only r. asou lor idling. Address A. \ . box if.TCGNi w Yoik PostofUce. IJIOB 8AliB -A LARQK Lie EN BP LIQUOR STORE, . doing a good A ? . ? ? . at? s. tun y? ar..' Iea*?? . Must 'ie disposed of to-day, ah II ?? | inietor is ;;oitig to ihe seat ot \%ai? or will b t u aw it stuml o a good tenant, with out a pur* ha sir. Apply at the . u n? r of F !it nnd lVurl streets, Hro< kt\n to t-apt. J AM US M< CAFFREY. 1J10R SALS? OMB Of Till-: oi ESTABLISH BD I Paint Shops in the city, at a great bargain. 8aiisi'a tory iimmuh fctvi-u lor K'.-Uiug. Addr. Kg.' ' bo* 140 llrrali otlkv. |POR SALE-A PLATFORM HFFINa FEED WAOON, I in cotiiplete rui*ui iijc order, nu?!o by on?* of ih?- heat city luakvj M, . ?r would exenan^' for a light lupn M Win > n. Apply at McDonalds tlabfecH, and Ji> Kant Twelfth utt ot. Tj^OR 8.W.K? THE STOCK AND FIXTUUK8, WITH A I Li* e for four yraiv , ot a f'lHt. la** lii|.ior Mtoro, nituat?' 1 in Third vi'inie, on . ne of tin- bf*t ? rn.-r^ up town. i* son fot ftelhug? the owner ia h avin ' tU ? eil\ f< i thi tHii- lit of hialicubii. Inquire in tlia?toie, Ui Em.hi mxicent'i ..treat, near l n>t avciua, 110B SALB-SflUONLT FOR $l.flOO-A HAT 8TORB dolti.. ,i ro. l bUMiip.srf, and Will clear from twelve to Ult en hun ln-'l <Ji 1'uih a y*'flr, w ill bo m? ' I lor the abi to Hutu, rent $10 j or mouth. AddieHM II. 8. II -raid olUre. T?OR SALE ?ON B Of TUB PRBTTIB8T PUBLIC J. IIoiim s to thin city ; location cent r I and un- urprtnw I; l?ood house, i, m i Ua*e good landlord and r'n-iip rent; '-ar room 4ft by IS i ei't, furnished In He mu style, ?? II new. Tha pieuilMi h are In tine ?,r?!er, cntisl*tiug oi eh ven room 9, i?|'js r part unfurnished; g?a throughout; bath, hot ane eoi.l wa ter; large yard; laruc vaults iront and tear; now d"in^ a bu?ini?s?t $!'(? i er I'.ay at the ?..,r only ; mum ??t ue'iingaa tistuetorily explained *,vwilt lie sold eheap or?asb. F?rlui tlier partieula. s atidrt'Ns Lival, llioailway Font ofllee, tat i tig vs here an iuter view can be bad. No m cond jobber* need up* ply. The houde ia m a largo thoroughfare, ??i.iy one door from Broudway. Ij^OR SALE? A DINING HA LOON; ONE OF THE UK ST 7 locations in the city, opi? site \Vaaiiingion Market. Only reason for Belling tl ?? owner has other buiiucBS to attend to. Inquire at 90 Vesey street. 1710R SALE? AN INTEREST TN A NEW ARTICLE V jusia iapti'd to the time*, in this city and *V lahiimtea. i'o an man thin is a rare i hanee. Full ehaip* af the business given. Inquire of BROWN A CO., 74 Bleeckar Nlivel, up slau a. flOR SALE? A TEMPERANCE GROCERY 8TORK, (;N a good avnue. I'arti ulu M obtained i-y nddratsfnr ? note I" T. O , station O, I'oMt olllce, siaiinu wlu io an iut i view may be had. No a^ent need apply. 110 R SALE ? jM.'MK) - A FIRST CI, ASS, WELL LOCATED Hotel, wll ? MUiblifthed, mid well I urnistied throughout . doing a t.oi ?! pnyiug buslniv^s; offered at a bargain, Jor cash, or would take near by unincumbered propi-t lv. Good rua soriH lor selling, Ac. This is wi rth examining into by thos<> who are iu i .t ruest and wisli a nltee hotel. General Agem.'y, 03 Nassau street. F10R SALE.? THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF one of the be d paying tlrocj >: and Liquor Store* in the Fifth ward: over t -u year* established, mu has theeoatom of over KM families in the shine building. Inquire of i>. Hi'KKE, Am lioneer, 135 Bowery. IilOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? TIN SHOP AND JAPAN ^ u iuj' K^tablishim nt ? one ot the largest In the city? with everything co. iplrte and in working order. Shop UHb&V, Viw lent. Also a new store, 4.r> Leonard > ir. ?*t, laox'j'j; rent spS 0. TAYLOR A WILSON, 117Reade street. VTATIONAL GUARD CNIFORM FOR S ALE? CONSIST ing of dress coat, over?*?at. I itigue jacket, pauta, fatigue eap, regulation cap, epaulettes, two sel* of belts, knapsack, Ac., un good a* new. Apply at 133 Orchard street. (Jir/t WILL BOY THE BUSINESS AND FUKNI i|plt)v ture of one of tne best located Real Estate and Commission Olfloe* in this city. This is no humbug, but a hi.rgn.n to any one wishing agood olllr? busiuess. Apply to 1HUUS .1 ROKl KTER, 247 Kroailway. | i\ WILL HI Y A WELL FITTED LIOUGR STORE V^' " ' down town iu the Fouit- enth u ard. Gotal stis k nf bi pmrfl. low rent and doing a largo fiunllv cash trade. All i> at 12 (i litre street. ZlalLlOA HASTINGS. FIWARICI %I-. Approved and certified hills for slppi.ies and equipment tnruisheai the War ami N ?vy I)e|?.?rt men'f < asiie.l l-y JOHN B. ^UJRUAY, Aunyaud Navy Bank er, a'J Nas^ail street, opposite the P?.st ? ?tti* ??. A LOAN Oi $2 :i?K) WANTED? I M M Elil ATELY : EXTRA iuj.! satinfai t.oiy interest will be panl. The best < >1 m> u i i ' will I e ? i . en. Ai/'-nts need m<lans^er. Address Con tra, tor, box 121 Herabl ollbe. Deferred and disim ted claims on the va riou . i lepai l men ( s at Washington ailju^ *?l and cashed by JOHN H. Mi RIJA V, Army and Navv Hanker, No. 3U Nassau street, ??p? nd'.e the Post, ofllce, New York. Money to lend -ov diamonds, watches, jew elry, S \er. Dry Goo is and pei"?? n,il property ot ail de flcrtpiion.*. Giants may I ? re.|? . ! a: any tlijio within one \ ear. Private ??flice, entrinu e ball <1 ??r. II. BARN \ltl?, 21 Third avenue. rpiiE national loan. X The umb i>if.*ned cx< e?it? s ord< r- 1 r tin* 7 H-Iti I s'UKD K1VTKS TK K ASC UY NOTES, lit WiliN oi $>:v, $100, $./m and $1,000, wiiJi i-.;. n st at two rent* j)cr day <111 every <??;?? It indred dollar*. No other charge. Certified <*h? ks, curient Bank Nut*1 * and six |?*i* cut Tit a Miry Note* reeeived m payment. JOHN H. MI.'RRAY, Ann) and Navy Ranker, No. 39 Nassau str?? t, opposite the J*oat ?#!!!? ??, New Yark. UNITED STATES TRIv\ I KY NOTES. 7 H 10 PER t'ENT, Ready for delivery for PAR FUNDS, Ai cither of 0'ir office*. TAYLOR BROTHERS, 24 V UROAUtt \Y, .rncr.f Murray street, 76 W \LL STUFET, corner of IN*rL U NITED STATES GOVERNMENT AGENCY. FOR THE SALE OF 7 3 10 TliEASI.'KY NOTES, OFFICE OF READ, OIIEXEL A Co., 40 WALL STREET Treasury Noi"s of the various den* ?minalioti*, be. i in ? Interest at' the rate of 'two eenta per day on every one hnn djvd dollar*, may he h;id upon application nt'the above nfreney. Certified 'he? k**, < urrent bank notes and six per <ent'l\vo Y>*ar Trei^'ury notes Uik'-n in payment. W.\j G. REA D, Government Agent. (}? | Ail (U\(\ T0 l?OAN? IN SI MS TO HI' IT \ ri'LI ?p I U' ? an Ik. on fi r#?t bond a tid'Uiortptjze on New \oik property. Apply to BENJAMIN GALBRAJTH, Coun sellor at Law, 1*7 Fui'mi direct. LOAN OFFICES. AT 43 ('Kf)AH STR EET? M ON E Y TO ADVANCE IN ; J 1 turns to * uit . *n Watehes, Diamonds and oiher Personal t i l'ro|M'rtyt ur ooii'^ai lor <aH li arid tin- hlj;he?t prlee paid. Bus.- ' lie** strut ly eonbdentutl. L. JJk< OBS* Branch Office, 4 J t Broadway. AT60NASSAC STREET.? A. HONIGMAN, DIAMOND Broker, makes llheril advaon-p on Diamonds, WalelieH, j Jewelry, A,<\, or buy/? lb to at full * alu< . in his j , irate oilier, I Co Nttft.Kji m street, i ioiii N-\ 2, op t?':ir*. lliiNln??Ks ??onhdeu- | ?ml. i A T NO. t) CHAMBERS STREET? MONEY TO LOANTO I A any amount on Diamond*, Watchc*. .Jewelry, Ac., :>y j Hie well ! now n and old established I ' * '* inl*Mun Merchant, MRS W EST OF Broadwa} ?Money advaneed on W.u Diamonds, ,J?ovrlrv, 1*1 Dr < ^ - 1 m ' >t and persona p ?p riy ol ev* rv d* seripnon, or b.a .hi and iold, JOSE il \.JM K.SO S, noetionei-r and br o.rr. 4T 77 BLEE'KJER STREET -MONEY LIBERALLY a. V adv a:i':ed to any amount <>,i d: nionds, watches. jewel iv, pjanoa, se^arK, dry ;o ?!?, A?*. .*?*. B. -I'iiwnbp'kers' t . * i eis bought. II. N 1/ ? TON, 77 Ble.e. a. ? f ?tr.:i:i, up .?%!?? S i s. 4 r j. ii hai:riN'(<i.K'F, "U itionnw \y, kuom ^ V 13. -Tin- o,<l es'.il'ii^le-'S .||j? o vlvni'i s me bi, h"st i in-', or ? l?ti\K t ?r 'M^i? . Mereb, ioH*e l)i. ss<?i ? ; ?<.???! or iiiim:1 ; .:i K Wa":io ??, I'l.u**, < ^uleai 1 nst . ' iik A 2Uiiioad wny, room 1.'?. op -'lilr*. 4 DVANCES MADE f?N DIaMoNO^ V A lVliKS, JEW elry. and 'her mer? hand <?, t>r bo for < ; .h1i at full . line, by ? S.I '(llii:\,N.. y.'.Hm. .-..riier of Du if: ? Mre**!. ral lies vi*io d at the;r ii'siden il d? :sir< d. Ail l'.i*iu' "H^trn ?'y '.ontidentlal. No loan oil!. '? >i :n--. aiaiut the Oltb ho.'iv only tio.e.' *ll 10 A M ami 2 iii t P.M. I i. - tiue.s l Mia ? )e ref.o ? o - ii U !?!.? '"t dKni' i:id b . V r. M2 Broadway. $20,000 i, 1 p ? i- .r, :'[*?? i t-vi'n !? ??*r:| i ? n, (r 'in *?!" >it ' ol" u.oucy ?ill <i<> w<:l< 'ft '? >n,s ri, ?, ftrl. .ly . ia;?;\t. sotu rh. IK'iwi isr id a , i.niii-.ii of n;:. iik.ii < <?i ia J ..I fiinti'Ty, m*"" >!? ttftuiti ?l ?Tr'?!?jriUrtl?lttl? ilji . ( 'i' i . j i In ? ii tr. . i ' , *tki' ?. . Ml J. i I. . , ? . .,1 , .. ?.?.! II n I lill'fr. II I.I Jlivi .,f l ?? I im ,i ? i u . iill'l I. Ii. 'Il ' ?'!' ?? I '? ?!" ' rl. ?' * ' 11 ? .in li.i' h. i' i-n ? ?' .1 m it i '!. ? ? \ . i* ? n> ?? . . 1 ?? i * in vi i. i.:. \ . >-.?> 1 '? ? jrr.i* in "i ,.!, r. itf i'iili ii ii . In- ? I i. . v. r . ' i' - ? ' i -i t ? i-'ii < .V kmc '?ilr-i.ii' i r ' I'-i' ' ???. ?..<? ? ??? .r. Ii ' .. i , ii. ? *t! t '? ?? i*V"' i .1. t:i II.. i;i,ilv ol I'M... ' i 1 ' ' r. ' ' 'I '">"i . i,,, ,, . v . .. r ? I- i' ' ? "< ?* ??'' ii ?? tbf Mi: m iv ..I .1 i-??, l > ' i : I '?H'liMO i ? In :!i" f . ' . 'Ii -???ir ? r- Hit". I'.- "Unn.^iri ni l -I ,-l i t: ' ?? ??!?-> ' U..IK.M7 'in. . V . ? ? ? '. >? ? ' ,:l , I ? ?'? I ? ' -.111 .i: .1 . >i :i'.iiy , t'i ? lli I I 1 1., y ,| . i . I. ? " ?? ' -.i i i , Hi.' i I i. -Ii ?'?. .' . ' I. I I. I' I I C I . 2 ? .S , , ? , ,.t , i ?' <y. Li'iii;..:i, Plaliii1'. ?i (Iro. V> '.If ?, I'll. I I :. sKC. VH-4 AND TOBA( <M>. c ?" 11 ? KRY oitCAe ? Tilt: V . || I , AT M 17 > 1 Hi ??'. ; . . ? ' ? .1 in - . . .ii ,i -i ol i, In, km: Kil l ?????? nil.. 1,11*41. \,i ii- I ,.i.< ? }?>} a. j . .. _ j i Vl lO'.i.S to w ?-?K, A NVIICAIh y \i:v;i ri i s r si.\ kn octavk koskwooh '!' s-' hiy carved and case, round \ i I 1 I i ! ' 1 ! i sailnwood, oVei nlrutid b?.H. I al.l Wit! u ml (.. a,l k< oiMtn . ... |, . ,,lh, |lrt| miitou 11 ... i. nnl it" ; fully guimu i .1 1. i u, . T,r, . Iwn la OKI' . i live liionitli; rami f-U); ..iuIic ..' 'V? lii 'lmlu.i.' K ">il and C'Hi-r. AU.Mi7.el i i.ut Ij! IWm.k I ,j Bull, font $?*?, lor flSS. Inqnli-c M7U West Twtuiy-giiih ftroet, uom si mIi iivi iuie. J AYOI'Nl} IjADY FROM Kl.'ROI'B, HA. VINCI ?In i.. .1 liiiil r ll ?? lirti in ilti s w'u" tin r<\ would like* f?w more imi !il i? imp li lor Ilia i>l u . n? ton. n m ili?lr own i<".i.icii. <?. i.i Nc . v.. i .or ltiimkl ? i.. I'u'iiui $0 per iniiuth. A ldi< . IIiiMo, lliirald om<*. A TENOR ftl NGFR, TIIOROl'OHI.Y ACQUAINTED wii ii ill. Epli- -.ipni wrvl.'i", buvlui! bad sftvi'riti yrmV tipcrieme In ? qiurlotto tilioir. wislirs un rngHifi iiirnt m niimcliiii h: quui'lMtlc rliolr, hpi.uop?l, ptvl'crruil. Addict A , buX i.HIM \ W Y i I It I'iiMI I'lllW. AN IMMENSE SACRIFICE FOR 0 AKH?PRUIE *??. . com ,(*>*>. with* ut oxnyge nit Ion ; m.iguHb ont lull grand Concert Pianoforte, ruiowood, carved out* i ilx jew, la perfect order, best ?dly maiiutacium. Piilet ti.ln given. Apply at the residence, Third street. MR. OU8TAVU8 OEAKVM TERMS FOR TEACHING SINGING and the IMANOFOH'ilK iua\ li?' known ut ti.s res. deuce flft Last TtveiHh btreel. SEMINARIES ?t*4Midr<\. Mil. GI?ARY is now opt'ti to UONCKltT EN GAGEMENTS. (VI IT A It AND ? i SKi fS' NAPOLEON W. GOULD, X HuloU iU i ? i, ir .'i.? ;lc , i ineinal concert*, Italian Op'(n* Dlld Ml CllAMl |,i;. Iff puplitt IU a few icSaoilS to accompany ? in ? j t. lively. Aridrt *n Fourth liVTiiuc, near T? /. ii ??? i \ Just ai ranged, "lb<i Southern Hi v rea t," and "Dlige." HENRY MAYER, PROFESSOR OF Till; PIANO AND Hinging, 14'.) Ninth m h ????, near Broadway, given Lesson* at his own and tli^ pupil n retddences. ITGHTE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCAT E OVERSTRUNGI J Hoks Pairnf IitMulated Full Frajno (inind and Squar<i l'ianoforti'M, 421 Broonnvstr? ot. What l?i?dy nay* muni be true; every body ??)* thoy are the best, tUeridore lUey m\ut be th? beat. MR. J. R. THOMAS KEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT 1IB Iiuh itiMuinod Ium Inatrticil'Ui in M ;;ing, in Now Yin k and Brooklyn. Far tcvma apuiy ut his .-m ??, No. 123 A illy Rtreet, or to Mi-sor*. Firth, Fond A <???., No. M Hi <mm! way. TTl'RIGHT PIANOS. ? MARTIN A OUVRIKR'ft MANU U I uNoiy of upright and Hquare Flamu ??; i- h, So St 1. ant iloufttnn iktreet, near Broadway, Fust (Libh upright ami ? p. an- i'lanoM for i?ale aud to let. INSTRITCTIO!V. A T *2 W) FOR TWENTY WRITING i.KSSONB; BOOK keeping, ?!'?. loflitoiiH uiiliniki d, p. uu. ?lilp and arUb ruetir, $10 p< r ipiarter, 7? I cacb, at I* K\ Nr! S Mciran tllfi ('ollc^eii, Oi Bowery, Sew York, aud Fulton Rtreet, Bro.'khn. From Covrruor S. >\ . Kin#:? Mv ho mi and tlau^hl'TH alti'iidi'd Cnkmei J'ainH h A'*n. i inyio u*y eutlro saii-da ilon. llli plan of lnstruei m in *?? tinnaiic and i'Xi)e? tilfloua, and liin ge nil m mtv d porum ni owardu IiIm puplU. ij. i. i*t ! and ih'imm craiii ?? iu ( a -hlng ihe ?om*ct p.ln< ipl? ? of A CARD. -N. P. B. GURTIH, HAVING RETURNED fi 'Hi the Booth, whi-ri* he haa '..inl tbe full dire< t*on of tin* in, .Hie il department, for the iw?? yearw, iu a popular fVmale c? -liege, Im iio-v pivparnd to i,lv?* t.H on PUuu, llarp, Gmiar aud Uultuaiion ?*f , h * Vole*. Bent of refe r ni* giv-n, at hli roouiM, 646 Broadwa , room N ?. I. AL/IN/.O flack, a. m., feincipal of humou River ItiMtitate, atChtverai 1 , N. Y , re?i lvea nhioenta Nove 1 Ut 1. for a term ut twt'iitii oe w? -kn. Tarm#> iaianl and tnitU n in roinimm Kn^li; !?, including Mlliiary Dull lin ger an I'ikpei W'lieed ollker, J INI a . ?*?r. .Haporior advantai e* forv mik l?dlr'? in l'lanoMuile, Crouch aud Engliwb. Will# , toe k utiulogue. A CARD -OLIVER ! ). GOLDSMITH WILL RECRIVB J\ new pupils daily, at a retfnntion of ? in- Half, viz likiubU* Entry HooJikeup lii^r, time uiditiiiU'.d, red need from $V>; tel. Writing len $2 M, reduced frotn $rn JLadicH at 11 A. M. and , I rout Monday, Oct. 21 to M?.ndav, Nov. ?w Half, viz : ? Double Eniry I took keep lift, redneei! from ten Writing le? from JLndieH eiaa-H at 11 A. M. ami t I'. M. Heoarate parbo ? for itrivatc liiKtrueliou. Academy, N_. i Fourth avenue, In low El Utlj street. ACADEMY OF PENMAN8HIP AND BOOKKEEPING, A .'V-2 Broailwuy. ? New ) u.iila are rtv?eived, day and even ing, for tborouah pi '-tical ln^tru< tion, an 1 separately* and varttftilly uiu^ht at hotus t i suit tie lr own eonveun?nce. Terms moderate. W. C. HOUGLAND. Aim?oINTS, AO. ?MR. POLBEAR, fiOO BROADWAY, ki'?'pa the lart*e?t eotumer' lal iuiititutn in New York, and preimieM pupil ?, vouugund <dd. nrai llaaily fm- bn^lneSH. RimIii<m*u u-rma. BunineKM writing, $5, aritUmWi--, J3; book ke?| lug, $14), ?oinmuti-.tlon for all. $15. Gisr^ymen t ree. A I*ADY WISHES TO TAKE PRIVATE LESSONS IN A Calisthenics. Addrei-s K. 1',, mat Ion F. Best scstained boarding seminary in the Sufc. $110 per year. Briek buildings for lad ien and gentlemen. , Abl"?t leti/'bei'H .n all depurtineuts. Win'er term, Dee. 5. Addn *>n it** v. Jom p!i E. Klnv. F 'i t Edward Iiifsiilnte, N. Y.t on liie HaraUtga and \Vhiti-hall JtnUroad. J FENCING -M. ADOLPH ACBRY RE8PFC PFULLY IN forms the public that hecuiilnues tbe i eneingSi hoO o' M. Mullerat the, Gyuinshluni ol Mr. Hra y, 20 St. Mark'4 p!? e. I!** guarau:?< k to impart to military gentleim.u and other* a thorough knowledge of the RtiUre m HI teen leartoua II ? also instruct* l?. lite cane, nrnall vw<-rd and bayonet ? tin ?;i t $*??? hh franslst.'d fr ?in t ! > *? French of Gornar, by General M< Clellan, and b\ hwn adopted. Tertn^ moderate, parli n larly to ela.??t ???. lie Iihu permtw?ioti to refer to ine lirat una tei rnof New York. "LpRENCH LANOCAtiE AND LITERATURE. ? PRC >FES? I For 1>. LAGROI X, Enht Tw? ntieth Kireet, near Uroud w ay. l ontlnne.H t.) impart thorough jn jn inati uction, in Fic'ueh, to ladiea and geutl' incn, either at his room* or at tin* pupil's n sitb nee. Terms v?iy fuv >rnb|<? Be??t refe* r< ncea and tent imonisla. Apphy IrtnOtolO o'cloek A. M.# or i rom 7 to 8 1*. M ?PIANOFORTE FOR $l*V-COST $100 BUT NINR I months ago; Is one ot Nouns' m-iko, s -.eii oetivc, p'scwcel eflne, iron fia.ue, Ae Ac ; Cover an I Stool in ebi l ?.!; must be reinotn I Immeuiatcly. Apply at HI Twenty It i ? t s'reet, near Tiiir'l avc:rn?. |>anii'- MUSIC -GREAT EXCITEMENT.? Ol R WHOLE 1 . Mo'k ol elassu ,il and m ?dern not si , the largest in Ame. riea, over a million ? I w. s k.i, retail, below eost, at 2 cents a nage (25 cents worth I < heent*' Sep.- i, piano, orgin, vio* fin, Ae., Music, all 2 ccn's i .Mtn- A *?ilsr occasion nevei o'MiiHMfinin. P. N. W i ^ >1 KMa: \, 618 Broadway. rpi TOK.-A 'IhKOL "I.H Ai i ?f r DESIRE# TO P *;l\e Irn ruH on, !)? ? '!? o m- I .0 hours each day t: r e\ in e\? ii.ii i;.? i It ' auiall salary. besf of retereneeti given. A 1 ? -- M V , bo* 4,U?.-i Post office. \\r VNTKD ? BY % LADY WHO UNDERSTAND** VV Kicn- Ii and Sp mlsh, tmd can in- ir.a i l s 1" music, a situation t<? t?aoh in a family, <>r would talc* eh?m,*e of a house and teach. Address, l or one week, M. B. station D, New York. DA\( I1VG A( A DE MMC 8. 4 DODWORTH'S I>AN< ' I N ? I ACADKMIKS, J\ ? So. 'jm KiHh avenue, vor. Twenty -suih fc ., New York. No. 137 Monfaicun street, Brooklyn. I XA.k;SKS? -Tuesdays and Fridays In Bro -kls'n. Cl.ASSf'N? Wcdu? *!aysand Saturday* m New York. Circulars lor terms, Ae,, may be had at either academy, A T THKNOH'S I > A N I ' I N t i AC AD KM IBS, <>> NVilS'P J\ Thirty. !'?Mirili *?r?ct, New York, and '.?> South Ki. ah Brooklyn, K 1 ? . , cla* art' forming at all times. Prl v.t and fK'hoolH in the city and country attended to A at '"?? S-MiUi hi/bth street un Monday evening, 21et Inst, lor ct rental k A NK.V gi \Di:il.l.K, BY T HTM.CJUOVK, TEACHER J\. of' inK A-atdeiny WW Eighth avenue, near Twen i) f lit ?tr<?t. i'lahMcs m 'Mondays and Thursday* tor iadi?H a' 3 !'. M.; nils*e?nrid masters 4 to G IV M. A! mo an evening for i a ? I : < ?? and w ntlrmeii. All th? fashionable and approved dana * taught. Aj?j?ly as above. BROOKES DANciNO ACADEMY, :v*l BROOMS ST \ NEW CLASS FOR I ? ESI) AY. Ail tin* fashionable fl.mees in one c? nrsc lessons. Ladle- meet Tuesday ? and Prfdav*, from Ht>(? t\ M. CJentieman meet Tu?* < lays and ('inlays, \)<% to 1 P. M, Children meet VVe?ln?'Mlay? and Sat irdnys ton t'. M. Ladies' prima r, ?'la. ?n instructed h . Mr- Blokes. SOIHKF. 'EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENfVO. BALLET MASTER M MAK'S DANCINO ACADEMY 2o". Howery. LeHKona*.! p?*r montli, M^nilnyw, Tfitira day -. WiMine*ilaya and Saturdays, at 4 ?''clo.-k, ' - r children and ' ' ?. Tuesdays and Fridays. %2. Private lessons lift/ I KSSCN.S FOR STASIS i > ANf.'KS? E VK K Y MO KNI NO. Jlj fio.n J I to 1 o'elo k. Fwr single Fancy Dances and exn '.-I*. ? for HtafC'! Dances, $3 per month, Ballot Maitcr, DI M Wi. 207 Bow# yy. fil'KCIAij NOTICES. /1ROTON AQI KDICT DEPARTMENT, OCTOBHR 9, \ ?' Puolie m.-rien ix hereby glv? n that a further rm!:y of ?? ?i |?.'r' ?mt will he added i ? Ml imparl Water Itonls, ?? i ,1.1? i-t Hay ot ><iveuiber next. H. C. I! ANCF Register . ? , . ...i*ntof Coluniiiia t?ollei;e, ra?5r of Fourth avi-nui* and Twenty'h.rd street. The I tltro<1u< tory A' f.?r f hr s? s U'ui of I s*'.l - 02 of ih ? at .v? hist i ii [i n wiil He. d<* ii ? i i b\ Proft's^-ii Tl: n.i.'s \|. M irkoe, on M >n v,OcL ;' t 21. hi V4 lin k I'. M? in lb" ? d'e^e bui.diu^. Ti.? profe hi"'i 'itui the pul'li- iti i "s| " t nl!v III v lied to attend. SAM ft ST. JOHN, M. D., Secretary of tin- Faculty. 1 o. o. 1\? TlfK R. \V. ORAMD L^DUE, OF !? S mi hern New York, will hold a special session In its io I . : Odd !'? ;l'OV ? lla?l. Ml Monday e >'t)llig, -I t illHtai.r, ? t .. <?!?*' k j i . ; -..?!> ?o i.,k ? mj , ,i a lion ?-i may he d" m?'i| ie*|ui i?e on .. o in 1|:(. ,t, a? tn,. m. w Past < ; rand S.'reT in.. VT 'dey, the f<>;,: 'id?*r of our Order In the tT?iit '?! Mates. By order. JOHN J. DAVJKS, Un n I Sec y. ]? AW St'f!(K>L OF COLOMBIA C? li.?DR, L1K J ! ?e f w 1 1 1 ? * i;iie n<\' his < -uiM'on '<? l,mi ?ud r?<:u;''S of Wae. ? n th'hr . i Lit, ,it 7', i'. M., *U >7 i.a'a^ Ue |?ia< e, I ? i ? i I ? r?i / Ti k* u may l oiualne ! ? r th Law f M - . V, .r^iei maun C>> , hooKa <K. S So. Ml Hroadu: -Tin; OfFirEP.S avd ?i:vbrrh o? ,t ? ? . 1 1 1 1. 1' 'ii I, o , N ,.'l If. ,ih i a. M., wi .imnonci' , I'Unrli ? I. fian* i ii IJl B?JU v* i;w V',i:l I.H/I UR Di U ntfi .SO' IETV - ' SI'R. ' i I f till* ' M'ly W'll bp l,r 1 n Tn4i> Uv h ? i' lii ZtU . .1 Hi 0 M ilt til I .. i. I<?> II ?? ? -: ? ? i. ni ;-4 !? A itmiitml ni l it ..nwtiim ] t ? ?? i II . ' l r . i 1'. \\. Ud, | . I. nt. Xiut K kii K?. ii'< -iHiifSi'i rH.i' -. Ol - Mil IKJ.NTH ANXmjitfUlir or CHAR . iirr OaI( lUianlif, No. 23. Ord<t ol' I n .< -1 Aijjei kaiif. 1 1*. I 1 :*i I Ik* Mi-thO'll?' Kt>??qal clMrcb. mi v niilny fvi'iiln {/? i. 21, in;, hi . -ii i y the Rev. Juhti Ii ; I-!'- with >?li?r I' 1 i i? Mmwu. 'i i .mm n ul , , We ii.r.llai!jr I vi-. m! until! ton ! I. Ailmli wjii, u. I'OiVMr^Uii ciiilrv^ii, J l . I'ovnut, S.1. i -litry. NivifllsTfY ii, NKW ?i"'* MRDII VI. PIHVuYt II it it I . i HC In ii . i \ iilli'l ?? ' >l v?|.iv ? irniiiir, ii ? . "..".'I .ii 7 , in c ii- ii.i i i j; L j a.. I T; OMMITI KK ' ' N I INANl'E ftf TDK HOAAd OK ?in ??? .? nt ? "ii ' ? ? . i? i .hi .nii. a ? -ii v n iii, . Hi.- Ul - ? ' ? ? , ii- 1 i.ii'k I*. M , ; r tic !)ilri'i.? > i.-U ? ? -,.i-l r. .V. II UISHY iC-im: !?!, e ? Mir;; v i ' i ;itc-s, ' ,.a \- \ 1 1 <1 LK.VP, ) Flv i ?? . i ' \v i.. 'r unt - 150 ton* r

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