Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 22, 1861 Page 1
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?THE NEW YORK HERAL WHOLE NO. 9173. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1861. -TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. fair, for particulars apply to Mrs. Smith, 101 West 23th it., between 6th and 7th avs., In the rmr, third f SITUATIONS WAIfTKD? KKMAL.KS. A"~ YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN DESIRES TO OB taln a situation hi children's nurso and seamstress In a nrivate family, cither in the city or vicinity, or to travel; ha* a a* wine machine. Call at 214 W ouster >t. A COMPETENT GIRL, WITH GOOD CITY REFER enre, wants a situation ss cook and laundress. Apply for her or any other good servant, at thi free (to employ ers) office, 16 East lltb at., between 3d and Mi ares. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FAMILY SEAMSTRESS JX. by a very competent person, who understands all kinds mt family se wing; can out and tit children a clothing, em broider, Ac; diy or country. lias the best of city reference. Call for two dayn at 413 6th sv., between 26th and SKUi sts. AS WET NURSE. ? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO man wiahea a baby to nurse at her own house; has no es re except h uu band and baby two mon ths old ; terms mode .. ...... joiwcstSStb at., I Hour, front room. AJAITHFUL WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS laundress; sho thoroughly understands her business; ?an do op tine muslins and iinidenUmis Kreiich tluting: has the best of city reference from her late employer. Call for two days at 16691b Hi.. nesroomerSd av. A SITUATION WANTED-TO DO CIIAMBERWORK and aaalst la the washing and lroulnx. or chaaibe.-work and waiting. Has good city reference fivin last pi n e. Call to-day at 8ft Ea?t 22a at., betwren Lexington and 3d ave. SITUATION* "WANTED? FOR A YOUNG ' WOMAN, as nurse and seamstress. In consequeuoo of a change In the family her services are no longer required. Call or address, at her preseni employer's 63 West 33d at., where the best of recommendations wilt be given. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU attoa to do eliambarwork and wailing, and to assist with waehinaand lioniug; the beet of illy reierenee given. Call at IB West 19li> St., rear building, second floor. " A SITUATION WANTED? BK A YOUNG WOMAN, TO Ji L cook ; good bread and pisuy cook ; would assist In the washing and ironing; uo objections to the couutry; good re fereuyV- Call hi 16 East 31st St., between Madison and 6th avs, for two days. _____ A4- RESPECTABLE WOMAN, OF A KIND AND OBLIG Ing disposition and of correct hnblts. wants a situation a* seamstress, or seamstress and chambermaid, or would take care of a baby. Can he seen for'.wo days at berpreaent employer's, where she will be recommended, 163 West 18th at., between Broadway and 8ib ave. A SITUATION WAKTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND nurse, or nurse ana seamstress; two years and a half reference from last place. Call at 149 J oh naon at., Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTED? AS GOOD COOK AND FIRST rate washer and ironer. Good city reference given. Apply at 406 7th are., southeast corner of SStb st. 5 COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. IN couutry or city, to do cbamberwork or fine washing; no ebj Action to do the cooking of a small family; Is a good baker; best of relerenoe from her last employer. Address M. E., 227 Sullivan St., two doors from Amity st, in the rear, eare of Mrs. lluragaus. YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN _ cook and good washer and ironer; has uo objection to go the country; n f-rence from last place. Call lor two days No. 6 Mlnetta lane, near Ctb ay. Goolclty reference.' Can be seen at 2fSl 6th ar., corner of Mtli St. A FIRST CLASS FRENCH DRES8MAKER DESIRES Ji. to ge out by the day or woek to private families, or to Save work at her house. Inquire any day, between 9 and 6 ?'dock, In the millinery store, 906 Broadway, between 2Uth and list sta A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO 4o general housework in a small family; would cook, wash and Iron. Best city reference. Can be seen for two 4ajs at 26 State street, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED -BY A MIDDLE AGED WO man. to oook, wash and iron; has no objection to go In tee country ; a good home In preference to high wages. In quire at 2&0 East 14th St., between aves. A and B. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 81 A tuatlon as cbambermslJ and waiter, or assist In wash ing. Has the best of cliy reierenee for nearly eight year* foam her last employer's. Can be seen for two days at 226 West ltitii at., in tne uasoment A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch girl, as seamstress and chambermaid, or as good plain eook, Washer and Ironer. Can be seen for two days at at her present employer's 106 17th at, between 2d and 9d avs., at the basement uoor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO oook, wash aud Iron ; also u situation for a young girl to 4o cbamberwork and wailing; no objection to city or coun try; beet of reference. Can be seen for two days at 1(17 6th ?, near lstar. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS waitress and chambermaid; no objections to go In the eeuntry: the best of city reference can be given iroin her last place. Call for two days at 197 7th a*., between 23d and 34th etreets. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, wash and Iron; can do general housework; beet eity reference. Call at 8096th av.. between ?M and Md sta, A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, WANTS A situation to do housework; has lived long In her last place. Call at 163 East 26th. St. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL AS chambermaid and waitress; has goca city reference. Call at 9U-22d St., near dd ave. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework, or up stairs work. Best reiercnces. Call at 86 East Warren st., Brooklyn. A NURSE OF GREAT EXPERIENCE DESIRES A situation to tako care of children ku<! do aea'ing; she will take low WW's In consideration ol a ^iwmI heme ; oho feela confident of Giving perfect satisiaction to any lady wlio may engage her. Cull at tho hoop akin store, 3GJ litli av., be tween 22d and 23d his. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN, WITH -A. a fresh breast of mill!, wishes to gel a baby to wet nurse, iii uer own house. Call for two days at WUTillary at., Brook frp- , 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN; IS J\. a good cook, washer and Irene r; mm make bread and biscuit; is willing to do the bouse* oi-li of a stnail family; best city retorenca iroin her last place. Call for two days at 129 Tth av., third floor front room. A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A S1TUA Uon as ehambcnnald, waitress and seamstress; would also do general housework In it small private laiully ; alio is a good washer and ironer and good plain cook. Inquire at No. 1434th St., second Ih.or, front room. ASITUATIOM WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chsmbernutid and wiiltrej-s, or to take euro of ehlltken and do plain sewing. Good city, reference. Call M 77 West 1'JtU si., between 6th and 7th aves.. lor two days. A 9 COOK-A SITUATION IS WANTED BY A STEADY competent, trustworthy woman; Is a very good plain ?ook, Is neat and orderly in her kitchen. Will assist In wash ing if required. No objection to go a short distance In the country. Unquestionable city references given. Can be seen nntll suited at S12 West 19th St., second hour, rear. A LADY WISHES TO GET A PLACE FOR A NURSE, " who has lived with her for live years; is capable of taking care of an lufant from its blrtli, aud is willing to do chamuerwork and make her. -.A generally useful The girl can be aeon at 148 East 29lli su, for tw o days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABIJi Wo man, to cook, wiub and Iron in a small private family; la a good baker, and understands her business perfectly , no abjection to go a short distance In the country ; has the best of eUj reference. Call at No. 9 6th St., near the Bowery, lor twa days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS cbambernialdand waitresses an excellent servant, and la neat, tidy and obhging; baa excellent city reference. Call ?t 222 7th av., near 26th >4., trout room, top iloor. A PROFESSED WOMAN COOK WANTS A SITUA tiou ; can cook all kinds of meats, game, pastry, coups, desserts, excellent bread, biscuit and uuke baker; three years* reference. Call at 132 West 16th St., between Ota and 7ih avs., lor two days. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD plain cook, washer and ironer, or would do general housework in a unali, private family. Is willing land obliging, Aud can furnish the best of city references. Call at 272 27th St. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO lestantglrl, to do general housework for a small family Good reference from her last place. Call at 200 1st av., be twecn 12th and 13th sts. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do housework, In either city or country. City reference. Call for two days at l'Jti East 1Mb St. A A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS seamstress and to do ciminberwork. Citv reference. Call for two days nt 219 West 23d st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION JN a small private family to cook, wash and Iron; haa uo objection to go a short distance In the country; mod refe rence can be given. Call for two days at UJ W est Jlith st first floor. ' A YOUNG LADY, ACQUAINTED WITH THE EM broidery and worsted trade, also hosiery, trimmings, Ac., desires a situation as saleswoman. References given. Ad dress tor three days Saleswoman, Herald othce. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and laundress, or chainbermui.t and wait teas; has lived over eljibt years in her Iilsi pl.icv, is willing and obliging. Call at 131 32d St., between 7th and Nth avs. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SITU auon as nurse and seamstress. Good city reference. Apply at 29 3d av. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO GET A FEW gentlemen*' w ashing, or a lady and gentleman's it her own residence, 2S8 West JtlUi St., near 9th av. Best city ro furence. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlon to cook, wash and iron, or to do general liouse -worit; good reference; no objection to the country. Can be men for two diys at 112 Laurens St., in the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUMG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation as uooK, wasner and, or as chambermaid ?Aud waitress. Call at 8/ Weatjftui st. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO geueral housework in a fimlly ol two or three, or U do ch -tuoerwork mid waiting; has no objection fogoashori distance la tbc country, ixist of efty relercnce. Can beaten tor two days If not engaged at 127 Court St., near Wyckofl, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tiou as gcod plain emik, w.isuer ami lroner; no Ob J ec tion to uo t,enerat housework In * tinstll launly. Cowl city reteyence iroin last place. Call at IC.i West 20tn st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITL'A jl\. turn aa chambermaid and pain scWtr or to fake eh.irje Of children ; the beat ol city re.erencn as U> capability aud rbaructer. Call at or address A3 West lCU) **.,Dmr0ili av? ; SITUATIONS WAKTKD-PISMALES. WJ A TANTED-A YOUNG GIRL, FROM m to is years of iter, to kike care of a baby and do light work. Ap ply ?t 137 8th st. * * A SITUATION WANTED? BA A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or to do chsniberwork and sewing or chamherwork and assist with the washing and Ironing or take vara of children; la willing and obliging; haa two years' city reference. (Jail for two day* at 193 Eaat 20th at., first floor, front room. RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA lion as nurse and chambermaid; is willing to assist ut general housework ; baa good city reference. Call at 77 Eaat Sid at, between lat and 2d aves. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, A8 L obambermtud and to assist in the washing and ironing; ????? cifcr reference. Call at 60 Eaat 23th at, between i M Lexington avu. A^m RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUA tlon aa housekeeper In some widower'a family. Compen sation not so much of an object aa a good home. None but respectable parlies need notice thla. Addreaa lloine, Hta tion 0, for two days. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WANTS A 8ITUA tlon as general family seamstress; underst inda cutting and fitting ladles' and children's dresses and all kinds or lamily sewing; wonl.l assist with cbambcrwork or take care of children; uo objection to the country. Unexceptionable cli.y reference. Call at 854 Broadway, in the store, or ad dresa W. L. C., box lriti llerald olllce. A GOOD PLAIN COOK AND GOOD WASHER AND ironer wants a situation; no objection to do up ataira work. Good city ujfcrence. Call at lt9 Johnson at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework; live years sat Isfactory reference from her last place. Can be seen for two ilays at 1108th St., near Norih lsu, Williamsburg. AM YOUh'6 WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS nurse and seamstress, or would do cbaiuberwork; un derstands all klnda of plain sewing, aud ladlca' and chil dren's dresses. Call at 45 West 1 3th ?t, A SITU ATIO N W ANTED? BY ~A RES PECTAB LE young woman, to do general housework ; is a good plain caok, wanner and ironer. Hils the best of eiiy reference from her last place; is strong aud willing. Cau bo seen lor two flays at 4V 7tb av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as chambermaid and waiter, or to do the work of a small family, Best six years' city reference. 230 West 25lli St., near 9th av. A RESPECTABLE AND COMTETENT WOMAN wants a situation to cook, wash and iron, or to do gene ral housework in a private family. Can be seen Tuesday aud Wednesday ?t her present employer's, 436 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Best ivcomnie nidations. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, who is a good cook and a very good washer and ironer; wishes for a good home mure than high wages at preseut' Call at 83 Eaat 13th St., In the bus- metit, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waitress, or to do lino washing and chuinberwork. The best city reference from her last piaco, where she has lived three years. Call at 130 St. Mark's place, one Might of ataira tip, back room. A SITUATION IS WANTED-TO DO CHAMBERWORK and waiting: no objection to assist in washing and iron ing. Call at 213 Madison st, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tlou; la a good cook, washer and irouur; or would do housework In a small private family; good city reference. Can be aeen at 91 West 19th at, between dih and 7th a vs., seooud floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY PERSON, AS good cook and excellent washer and ironer; uo objec tion to go a (hort distance in the country; haa good city re Te rence from her last place. Can be seen for two days at 103 W?at 28th at, near 7th av., room No. <L ARBSPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general housework In a small private tauiily; no ob jection to do chamberwork and take care ol children. Has the best of city reference. Can be seen lor two days at 483 6th ay. AM SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS cook; understands baking; is willing to assist with the washing and Ironing Inaprvatu family. Has the beat of city reierence. Call for two days at lt4 West 28th st. A STRONG, HEALTHY GIRL WISHE8 A SITUATION with a small family to do general bousowurk or cham berwork und> walling. Has good city reference. Can be teen for two da js st 142 Charles st, front basement AM PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse and seamstress, or aa chuntberinalu and scain siress; can operate on Grover X Bakrr's sowing machine. Has good city rcicrcncca. Call at 112 West 3bth at, tor tw? days. A SITUATION WAKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE English girl, aa chambermaid and waitress, or nurse and seamstress; no objection to the country. Call lor two days at 162 7th av. AM SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa Brat class hrandress; fully understands Iter business; ?toting and mangling. Best'of city ruterence. Can be seen for two days at 123 Greenwich av. A OJJMU'ETKNT FRENCH DRESSMAKER WOULD JBl Mkr t*?go mil by the day or week, or month ; she can lit ladies and children's dresses also do fine and pla.i. sewing. Can be seen at 192 Varies St., between lung and Uouaton, first Moor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, us chambermaid mid waitress, in a private lamily; hss the best of cky and country relcrentea. Can be seen at Madame Bequlllard s, 138 3u ave. Ahjtuation wantbd-by a respectable young woman, to do general housework; is uttexci lleut washer sna lroucr ami g.od coo*; best uf city reference. Call ut "(7 Water St., corner or Main, la the clothing store, Brooklyn, for two day s, A SITUATION WANTED ? B T A RESPECTABLE young ?.li'l> to cook, wash and Iron In a private lanmy. Can make good brand and pastry; him the best of city rele rence. Can be seen for iwo duys at to iuh st., between t;th and 7th avs. Al'EOTESTANT AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS A situation as cook, uood city reference. C.m be seen for two days at Hi) Smith nt. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, wash ami Iron, or to do general housework in a small private iamiy; beat city reference. Can be seen for two days utb9 East Sid st., third lloor, front room. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN cook, and good washer and lroucr; would do homework for a small family; is a good chlldrcus' nurse; the country or Brooklyn preferred; la willing and obliging; good city refe renda from her la-t place. Can be seen tor two days at 221 21st it. A YOUNG WOMAN WI8HES A SITUATION TO DO housework; is a good washer ami lroner; is willing aud ooilyitig; has gi'oii city reference; moderate wages and a good home wanted for the winter. Call for two d.iys at ail West 20th at,, near 8th av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waitrnns. or to take careo. children; gooi city reference. Call at No. 3 9tli av. A YOUNG Gir.L WIBHRS A SITUATION AS LA UN drees and to <Io chatni.crwork, or to do generil house work In a ttuall family; hasb-stof city reference from her lint place. Cull at IU8 West lath St., betwi en 6th and 7tli avs. A YOUNG GIKL, 19 YEARS OF AGE, WISHES A SITU atlon to take care of children; is a good plaiu sewer, aud can do any klud of needle work; IfeWllmig to assist In cnum berwork if required. Can be seen tor two days at 232 Molt it A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, WHO is one year in thth country, to do general housework, and wilt make herself generally useful. Has no relation In tills country. Is a good washer and lroucr. No objection to the country. Call at 237 26th St., near 9th av. A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS child's nnr-o orsanrt- icss, or would do light chamber work In a gentleman's family. Can come well recommend ed. call at !B Broadway, opposite Trinity church, top lloor. Cun lie seen lor two t'avs. AGEKMAN GIKL WISHES A SITUATION, AS chambermaid and waitress or nurse and seamstress. Apply at. 318 5th si., near av. B. \ SITUATION WANTED-AS CUSTOM CUTTER, BY J\ a man of experience. Refers to present place ol empioy mem; also can iniluence a large trade. Addrebs Custom t une., be* 1M Herald olllce, for three nays. A YOUNG EDUCATED AMERICAN WOMAN, FROM the country, with the uest of tclcronces, wishes a -Una ti n ts chambermaid and nursery governess, se.wiug or tlm llKht work ol a small private lamily; will go In the country any distance or South. Apply for oue week at 139 West 43d ?t., second lloor, front room. Ar.E6PECT.VBLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION; Is a first rate rook, washer nnil lroner; itin ni.tke good bread and pies, und Is willing to make herself usetul about the house: lias no objection to go a short distance In the country; three years' reference from her lost place. Call at 37 West itilli st. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOK and to assist m waabing and ironing; good reference I mm hor last place. Call nt WU3d av., entm lice In 29lh st. A GIRL, LATELY LANDED, WISHES A SITUATION to do general housework in a small private tainily: is a good washer, lroner and plaiu cook; has good city reference troin her last place. Can be scon for two uays, ii not en gaged, at 210 West 15th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT, TIDY colored girl, as cook, washer and lroner, or to dn gene ral housework; can make all kinds of cake and bread; lsits'rong and active uerviiLL Call from 9 to 0 o'clock at No. 1 Hsn alley, corner of High and Naaaun sis., just out of Bridge sf., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO do plain cooking and assist lu washing and ironing; good city reference; a home more au object Uiau wages. Call at 2N Sd ave., lu the swr.e. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tion us good cook, washer and ironer. The best ol city te lerenee cau be given, and satisfaction to tie employer. Can l>e seen for two days at lib West 32d st., between 7lh and Mill aves. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GJBL WISHES A A sJ.iiatlofi as cbamherinald and waitrrju, or would do itenerai housework. Has good city reterenue from her last place. Call at 107 We?i37th sf , between 7ib and 8th uvea. APESPECTABLF. WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN a private lamily ; i* a good cook and lauurfress, and is obliging; best city reference. At ply at 124 White st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chamberwurk und waiting; no objection u> assist lu washing and ironing. Five years' relerennn from her last place. Iu<iuir? ai 138 3d av., between loth and 17th sis , in lie ? ajiey store. AN AMERICAN 01 RL WISHES A SITUATION AS unrtc stnl j ? ti*tre?s. or to do light eh.,m ? i ivui i ; ?/'-ill take eare o< a child ir m its birth. ilus Uvoyiais' reforeikse trom her las pill e. (.an be hteu fur two .lays at 10 3Uv st,, I ctH ten ith and Maolaon svs. SITUATIONS WANTED- FEMALGN. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young pirl, ua chambermaid and waiter, or to a?aist in washing ana Ironing:; would have no objection tu take care ?? ? h?1|jr and make herself generally uaerul. Han the beat ol city refereno?; haa been four yeara In ber laat place. Can be seen until suited at 192 Jay at, Brooklyn. T17ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA " lion as first claaa cuok; ahe understands her btiaincsa In all lta branches, anil la cupabie and willing to do anything that may be required In it gentleman'a family. Beat city re ference. Call lor thrue dava at US Weat 16th at. "\XTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestant Scotch girl, aa chambermaid und waitress, or chlld'a nurae; beat of city reference. Call at 283 6tb ave., near 18tb at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, ACTIVE YOU NO womnn, a altuatlon ua chambermaid and wilin g; Is a good plain a<'wer. Brat of reference can be given from her laat place, fall ut 182 7th are., near 22d kt. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, A8 If drat claaa waltreaa and would have no objection to do ehamberwork In a aninll family; no objection to th? ismitii v. Good reference can be given from her laat place. Cull a i IM East 22d at., between 2d and .'id avex. "MTANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, TV seventeen yeara old, a situation to do ehamberwork ?n(l waiting or aa nurae and plain sower; beat city reference. Call at 208 East l|)th st. W ANTED? A SITUATION. AS COOK IN A PRIVATE J . t,u'"Jri by ? woman who perfectly understanding nil kind ol cooking, bread and pastry: haa good reference. Call lor two days at 251 1st av., near 16th at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE 8TRONO GIRL, A situation as cook; la a Ural rate waabcr aud ironer; good city referenee can be given from her Inst place. Cull lor i wo day a at 1003d av., between 13tli and 14 th ate. WANTI5D BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ENGLISH Woman a sltuutiou aa Mat cluaa laundress, who tho roughly underatauda her buslneira in all lta branches. Apply for (wo dnys at 172 Eaat 31th at., between lat aud 2d uvea., i roni basement. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS sciiniatreas and dreeamaker; would n*sl>t In taklug utre of children, oruaalat wlrh ehamberwork. The beat ol eily references. Call at lift Weal 31m at., brat floor, fur two day*. WANTED? BY A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN, A Munition lo do plain sewing and light eh imberwork; no objection to take care of a child. Apply at 623 3d av. No objection u> go in the couulry. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chamucrmuld and waltreaa; umlcralaiiila me earo of childreu and all kluda of embroidery: no objections to travel, llna good city reference. Cull at 241 Weal Mkh at WANTED-MY A RESPECTABLE YOUNtf WOMAN, A ailinttiou aacook; no objection loassiaiin the Hushing or general housework; la capable of taking hold oi anything; the beat of city reicrence can bo given trouj her last place where ahe lived two yeara. Can be seen for two daya if not engaged, at 223 Eaat 20th at., between lat av. and av. A. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIKL, A SITUA tion aa chambermaid, or to do general housework Hi a small family. Inquire at 76 Oharltou at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE lanilly, by a rmprctable Scotch wemau, who la luily competent to Ull thoaltuation; noobjeclion to a?aixt in the wuahlng and ironing; Is agood baker oi bread and biaouit. Good city relerence. Can be seen at 238 Oth av., between 16th and 16th ats. SSyP anYe^? "f^CTABLE w??a? ^ '^.T,'2?tw^iCSi IXT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VI girl, an laundress Can be seen at ber prc?eui situation, 102 Madison av. Beat of"lV^"?iu" objection L WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL. A SITUATION A8 chambermaid and to do plalu sewing; good reference jtivenju present place. Address lor tbrce uaya luti East WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIltL, H years of a?(R, a situation to take rare ol a baby or aiuall children. In un Amertuan family. Call at 216 Wcat &>m at., between bib aud Oth av*. W BT NURSE.? A YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN WISHES a baby lo nurae at her own houie; bits loot ber nri.t child; milk three weeks old; reieseuoe gneu. Call at 3W 9tn at., between ava. C aud D. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I girl, ua seamstress; can cut and ill children'* vlotuca: would like to travel w ith a family to Cuba or elsewhere; \v ill go out by tho mouth or aa long aa her acrvices arc ruqulrtat ; can give the bestol city reference. Call for two dayu at 137 East 21) ih at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug girl, aa waltreaa or chamncrmato ; 1ih? ihe beai of reference. Can be aueuatl Ot South Second street, ?let s' y City, until suited. WANTED-A SITUATION, BYARESPECTABLElJIRL; la an excellent chambermaid and excellent Walter, una Is willing touaalat wiui the wa?hihj and irouiu^. Gi.oi city reference lrom ber last plain. call at kU 4oth at., near 3d av. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A siiiiut.oii to conk, wash mill Iron, or to do general huuaewor.v in a small private family ; in a good of bread and biscuit, and bun no objection to go a ?Uoi l distance iu Hie country; has tue oest 01 city and country inferences. Cull be M l?f iwo cays hi 130 Wr?i liuli M. ?\1TANTED ? K* A VERY RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A TV situation a* cook, uml M willing to assist lu washing uml Ironing; has tlio turn of city roiercuoe iroui tier iu?t |<Uu . Can be seen lor two days at Ui East 21st iu WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BESPKCTABLE U1RL, to rutin, wuhii ami Iron, or do general lujus.-work. ooua city rolerence. Apply for two day* at 1111 Alji ue a\ ., lirook 1 in. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE P1SO, lesuiutgirl, as chnmbcrmaid and line washer umi irnucr or ''liainbei'inaiil and seamstress. H>-M of rclcreiiee. Can be BtitiB lor two nays at 1UU Charles si reel. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPEOTAIiLK jeuug girl, to do housework or ehambern ork, and line washing iinu ironing; is willing and obliging; luiafour yvur*' rt I cl'c lice Worn her last place. Call lor two duj s at 12 1 East luili St., hrsl lloor, front rnom. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN, A sitiiuuoii to take eare ol children: is a good piuln setter; would uuke heiseit generally useful; has good city ren ? re me. Call for two oiiys-ut MM Nassau at., top hoor, back room, Brooklyn, from i? to 4 o'clock, WANTED-BY A YOU.VO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS cook, washer and ironer, or us cook and lo astisi with tne wasuiug and ironing, 'ihe best or elty reler. nee umiu her lasi place, where she lived two years. Cull at l<i> hurl lyi h si. \KJ ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BESPEC1ABLE TT woman, as good plain cook, aim is u incsi . \ lent washer and Ironer; nest of city reieieufe from In i lust puice. Call at N.i. 2% Otli at., between 2d and 3u utcr., lor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIKL, A.-, cbaiuuerumtu nnu waiter; Is a aupericr gin. uu oe ? ru this uay, at her present employer's, 70 East 31?i st. WET NURSE ? A YOUNQ MARRIED WOMAN, WITH a i ull breast of milk, iwu moiiiha old, wishes a allti.i tioii as wet nurse in a Ural class lauuiy. Beat ot ctiy relcr euces. Address Nurse, Chatham square Pom olltce. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, washing anu ironing ; can wash and Iron in ihe ueal csi manner, and do quilting, timing and crimping; go for ib ni aud deliver uieta. City relereuue. Call UMn esi 24tli St., belw<* n 6th and 7th aves., second floor, over aiore, uack room. H A. E;>-A SITUATION TO COOK, WASH AND TV n n, or to do the housework of a small family. Bcsi of city relcrcnei s. Can tie seen lor two days, at 2iti tasi Tenth St., between 1st live, and avenue A. WANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITRESS, BY A VE vj couipcieui woman, or would ussiat with the coambeiwi.a li required The very oesi of city relerunce can be given ! loin her laat place. Can be seen lor two days, ai 144 W W 2 t.i St., I? t\ve u 7th Rud t>i ii aves. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as good piatu cook, good washer anu ironer. t?oou city relercnce u required. Call al 143 \> esi doth si. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND nurse; would have no objection lo do general house work lu a small laiuily; two years reference Iniaat Situation. Call lor iwo days at 14!f Eusi ZMh st., top lloor, back room. "11/ ANTED? MY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, Y V washing by the dozen, or t.uniiy w ashing, or to go out to day work. Has good relcrcncc. 13i Win 'liux si., be* tweeu 7lu unu Sib av?., fourth lloor, oiick loom. Wanted? by a respectable uikl, a situa llon as cbumberinani or waitress, or to do gen ml housework; is a good washer and Ironer; has good euy re fereiioe. Call lor two da)s at L2J IsiaV., corner ol si. W anted? a situation, by a kirst class e.nq lisli cook; understands soups, pastry, ami ? .minii ' in all lis kranoiies. Also a situation wanted by a young girl" as chambermaid sad waitress. Both b.ive good city reter, nee Call at ?21 tith av., top lloor. WANTED-A SITUATION, MY A KIRST CLAa.S CU<)K, lu a prlvato laiuily; undcrsiauds soui-o, p.,?iry has.' ing and cooking in all Its bruuuhea. Uood city r"ferou :c. t: all at 11S Amity st., in the rear. Wanted? by a middle aged enuhsii woman, a |? rinuneut situaiion in a ^untli niaii-s laiiu.v. i, uu ?keelleut aeaujstreas, nus lhorou,o knoi. icug ? .d He ? ana management ol grown cliUdtru; or would mki . tiro churgu ol au iulauu Call at hei pi'i^ent enip<oy> . I ' ~ Easi -W st., between Ai anu 3d avs. No obji ? i ii t?.g' In the country. _ VITANTED? BY TWO SISTERS, SITUATIONS, ONE V? ns cook aud lauudress, ami ihe other as cluUDber mauljiiid waitress, or tarn douny kind o: 1 ..vj work. Beat 0 cit? rel'eren e can be given. Can lie :*? u for two Jays a.

I Jib W' si 1 /111 st.. sU O'Kirs wesi of r>: Jj ... : "11/ AiTLD? A Xl I t; AT, O.N AS CHAilith 'tM AID AX D f If .. iiti ., by iu<axp ri?n<e , irl .v. ., vli'l'.ipait. In i ? at j 'J Luniartiii" plu i -IV/ ANTED? BY A BEHPhf TABU-: liIRL, A Mi l A 1 T? tiuu jfs gooil eouk, rt aiher arid ironer; l'ir ! r -icftreDCO Tl^illl ner lu.?t jMttCe; le. objeotlo 1 lo I'l . lie Oli I try. Can ue seen li.r twojiiy .at 111 W ' t lu .. s . in Uin 1 . r. PurWaiitt ?r?- KfyhtU a'xKt'. DRY GOODS. J^T 378 BROADWA Y. THE NEW YORK CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORE Have now on hand And Are daily rec?ii?lng A splendid assortment of ? ? PARIS CLOAKS, In i Ytlftli Cloth, Beaver, Uros do lndos and all other leading fabric*. which will be ottered at prices to stilt the limes. AT MRS. QAYNOR'8.? CORSBT8 AND SKIRTS Ex clusively. Ladles are Invited to examine tbo*o cele brated lino n ooutllle Corsets, mauul'aetured in Paris, express lv Mrs. (Jayiioi 's order; a few eases just received; also, th? Princess Clotilda Skirl, a very stylish shape, (new pattern Balmoral .skirt). l?asi ueasous goods selling at panic prices. mS Broadway, near Union square. AT tbb CRYSTAL PALACE EMPORIUM OK FASHIONS Will be found Ike largeat, Newest and cheapest AMORTM I NT OP CLOAKS lu the clly. Our prices an1 fifty and lu iome cases eighty per cent I* low Brinutwuy prices. No I -fly hiKiuld purchase a Cloak without calling aud examining our stick. ? ? ? w. R. ROBERTS, 263 Bowery. N. B? Be sure ami don't nilatake the store. QOMFORTABLK FURNISHING GOODS FOR LADIES' HOODS, SO NT AGS, UNIT GAITERS, BALMORAL QOSB, WOOL SLBEVE8, KMT SKIRTS, SHETLAND FALLS, MERINO AND SILK UNDERVEST8 AND DRAWERS, UNION DRESSES, OLOVKS, GAUNT1.KTS AND MITTENS, b'ILK, MERINO AND WOOL STOCKINGS. A large and beautiful variety of the above good!, many styles entirely now, will be louna at UNION ADAMS, *37 Broadway. QLOAKH, CLOAKS. Wo offer at retail our Immense "lock of CLOTH ANI> BKAVER CLOAKS, at otrrmely li,tv pi li es Tliu stock comprises all the latest und most tajhkmahle style*, manufactured expressly for thu Broudtvay retr.llirade. K. 8. MILLS A CO, 413 Broadway, near Canal street. Wholesale stock as usual at 342 nnd 344 Broadway. DRESSM A KING-M AT) AME BODINE, 14G EIGHTH street. Ureses made In the latest styles. 1'arUcular attention paid to mourning, neddiug and evening dresses, and elegantly llnlnlieit. XCELLEmF FUR NISI 1 1 n7) gTioDS FOR OIULOREN. kni'Fhoods, CLOAKS, CAP*, GLOVES, CLOTH AND FANCY~ KNIT GARTERS, RALMoitAL HOSE, UNDERSHIRTS, VESTS AND DRAWERS, KNIT MITTENS. A lew and eseellent variety of the above Goeds, many stylos el which ure entirely new and not to bit found clue where, will be found al UNION ADAMS', C37 Broadway. J^A&IIIO.NAIILE FURNISHING GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN. CRAVATS, SCARFS, STOCKS, TIES, Ac. FINE DRESS SlIRITS AND COLLARS, CARDIGAN .JACKETS, SCARLET CASHMERE UNDER SHIRTS and DRAWERS, ARMY AN1> NAVY 8IIIKTS, HEAVY WOOL AND SILK UNDERWEAR, GYMNASTIC OOOD8. A large and fashionable variety of the. above Goods In styles aud writes without competition, n il) lie found at UNION ADAMS', 637 Broadway. Foil CHEAP HOSIERY, CHEAP UNDERSHIRTS, cheay Drawers,, Velvets. Trtmtw ng-., buiuli Wa rs, A eall at RONALDSON & MEAIIES', eorner of Nin 'lei ttih s r. el and Sixth avenue. Goo In from auction at hall piii4 . llest Kid Glow s stt)3c. E L OKD A TAYLOR, ~ No K. 461 to <67 BROADWAY, Will exhibit, on UO.NJHV. October 21, NOVELTIES IN CLOAKS, Including all the LATEST PARIS AND~I.ONDoN SHAPES, IN EVERY VARIETY OP MATERIAL AND Tltl AIMING. Also at SUin ? No*. 335 l<i Ml Grand atreet, And Nun. 47 ana 49 Catharine atreet. LORD A TAYLOR, Noil. 401 to 467 R ROADWAY. Invite attention to their LARGE ASSORTMENT RICH LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, roR FALL AN1) WINTER, Including all the latent dtxlgni, MUCH BELOW REGULAR PRICES. J^ORD A TAYLOR, Nn*. 461 to 467 BROADWAY, WILL OFFER ON MONDAY, OCT. 21, DRESS GOODS" AT RETAIL. 300 CASES CHOICE STYLES, Including tnany LECIDED BARGAINS FROM AUCTION. Also at Stores No?. 2.V, to 261 Grnnd atreet. And Noa. 47 and 49 Catharine street M OURNING GOODS. The apecial attention of famlttea rerpilrlns M.uanlng Good! i( reapectfully called to our large and dexlrable (lock or Mourning Dress Good", Cloaka, Bonnets, Ac., Ae. Onr Htm k embraces every article dealrable for dreaa and aeoond mourning. Priren to milt the times. Call and examine. Observe W. .IACK8DN. Importer of Mourn mg Good*, ftfll Broadway, between Spring and 1'rince atreeta. N. B. Dressmaking executed in the beat Hyle with prompt new. Rich Parisian fashionable shawls. LARGE VARIETY JUST LANDED. MUST BE SOLD. Greatest bargain* ever offered, at 629 Broadway. SOLOMON A HART, 369 BROADWAY, Are offering to wbolHsale anil retail bnyera, for cash anil short tun^ :tt extremely low price* iheir s'oak of Ci'RTAIN GOODS, FURNITURE COVERINGS, Ui'HOLSTEKY MATERIALS of every descrlpll.iu, COI.D AND PAINTKD WINDOW SIIADKS. AND KKCNCII AND AMERICAN PAI'ER HANGINGS, DECORATIVE AND PLAIN. Their slock of the a:?.ve gooda in the largest In this market, and contains a great many line? bonjhtat auction and Irom lianki ii|<t stoi l;n. at prices lower than coat of importation, which lliey are able to ofl'er ?' great bargain*. MILLINERY. ? POSITIVE REDUCTION IN THE PRICK OF THE A. entire utock of MlUinery an. I Mtllluery Goods, consist ing of Velvet Bonueuin endless variety ; uls i Beaver Hat* for i.iini" *. 1 oya and Infanta; Flower*, Feathers, Bilks, Vel vets. Ribbons and Lneca, Jn*i rei'eivod and retailed at whole, mle prK'*, at Mrs. WE. hIMMONS', K\7 Broadway. rpi IWI Fl'RSI FURS! AT PANIC PRICKS -P. H. r PhiltilH, Patent Fur Muff Emporium, Z79Gr.ini street, will open on Tuesday, 2J.I in?t., (?>,000 wortU ol i leh Ladles' Fur*. reduoed considerably lr.nn tie lr mLI oil e >st. P.'H. PHILLIPS, 279 Grauii .wroet. HOTELS. ALBION HOTEL AND BOARDING HOUSE, 6S9 HUD mm striret. corner of Chat-let.. ? Pleasant ami desirable Koonts, infultaor singly, which would be let cheap, with or without Board, to ruble persons lur the winter; two .my eouvtmieut suits, suitable fnr families. T. LAMBERT, Proprietor. COAL. lOAL $4 30. ? THE BEST COAL FOR STOVE AND 1/ r.u: iff ; btirna free, without wast"; warranted full t?igiii LOVD A CO., 322 Eighth avenue, corner of Twent) -seventh street. ' tOAl. ? N<> MISERABLE TRASH OR NO l.fcKl Ti >1,800 l.,1 lbs., d livori'ii fill' $t 30 or $1 40, out f uM weight or 2,000 iw: siiamnte-'I, under iorlelture ol the whole bill, of the ). ' l . ? ii or. liMT't attJ U lo^ii Cm. l in Uie city, delivered in ? ' 'r, ut $4 <?. trom yard* lower <ornt:r of Klnjj and i. h *ir ???.*, an tl HO l vo< >sti v"lt uttvet, corner ol New ?? - r> MATTUbW CLINTON, wliokseaki and re tail a^ent, or As i bii'l Ij4'hi|>i Coal. '10AU? rRACH OHUflARD, (.KUIfill AND LO<HrST J M tc.fuin. ?vu; rar.t^J to b?- p-n at l? w n niar. f* j i 1 j ' Cjo.u yard, .illy ? ? u k jx r ion irom MNU*. Ua*' En. ;??%) -.1*0 nu -* n.d I \ Urr?l of K . ni' ih': * ra*t il-KMHV Kl'.K . K orner vf Canal an>i >ot*r %4. u orii'f <?? -n J <tre? ta. sales of real estate. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT Hour*, basement and *ub-c?Usr, with ail the modern im provements, on Brooklyn Heights, M Columbia street, oppo site Colonade row, with a tine view of New York Bay, will be sold very cheap and on easy terms. For further particu lars apply to or address T. Simpson, di avenue D. Amur TWO STORY BRIOK HOU8B FOR SALX |M Broadwav, between Fulton and Atlantic avenue*; ears, good neighborhood; will Mil cheap for cash, or would take pari cash, balance trade. Apply at 314 Fulton avenue. BROOXLYK (CLINTON AVKNUE) PROPERTY POR sale. ? ?Six Lots, with tlrst class House, 40x44). with plar./.a, furnace, range, gas, bath and closets; stable in rear, with water; garden hss praehcs, cherries, pear* and gram**, which cannot bo .-ur, ... . d. Apply on premises, third Iiouhq south west from Myrtle venue, or at . M Spruce street. N. V. First 0U88 farm and COUNTRY skat or ior> acres, in u high state of cultivation, on th? Sound, L. 1. targe house and outbuildings complete, land very rich, una scenery mav.nitio nt; four hours from New York: price $lft,Oi)0. No a^ent will be treated with. Address F. 1)., box 132 Herald ofllce. For bale.? a snuq two story attic and base ment Cotts je House, nearly new. and full l??t, on * >uth side of 123d street, one hundred and eighty leet cast of Third avenue; contains gas, Croton water, Ac. Termr reasonable and easy. Apply ut No. 00 Delaucey street, from 12 till 2. For 8ALB? or would exciianoe for good billiard tab en or billisrd room with tables and fixtures, ltfO acres of choice deeded Land in Wisconsin. Address A. 11., Herald oiice. FOR HALE?TWO FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN stono Houses, No. 21ft Madison avenue, and No. 13 East Thirty-second street; all in complete order and will be hold to suit the times. Inquire on the premises for particulars. J jlOR BALE-NEAR NOKWALK LANDING AND DEPOT, Conn., a Farm of 100 aorta, Mwood, inlinwi tin ble; water in the house: goinl fruit; two story house, 14 rooms; good barn, corn cril), Ac. ; near churches, schools, Ac. R. BLAKE, 14 Cham hers street. For sale-a valuable farm, near new; Brunswick, containing sixty acres, with abundance of t ruit and good buildings. AImi one of 200, one of 176, one of 140, one of 127, wne or 80 and one of 70 acres. Inquire oi WARREN HARDEN BEROH, as Wall street. fjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR IMPROVED CITY property, a very desirable refldenoe on Bit lea Island, [u shsrt distance from Yanderbllt'a landing. Inquire of James Van Kuren, 62 Willism street. JjlOR RALB OR KXCII AN'OE-AT CORNWALL, ON the Hudson, a House .12x26, containing ten tlnlshed rooms, with kiuhen 12x12, ami two acres of Land, with a choice assortment of cherries, pears, plumbs, apples, peaches, aiul small fruit of all kinds in abundance; scenery unsur passed, i Inquire of JOHN BELL, 330 West street, or of NOAH T. CLARK, Cornwall. Harlem low wanted? in exchange for a goo<l brown stone front House situated on Fiftieth street; three story unci basement, high stoop, ami with nil tin1 Improvement*, by days work, by the owner. An Illy to H. OELSTON, shop No. Ill Bunt Twenty-sevunln street. Houses and lots wanted-in exchange for Farm* and for Western Lands. All kinds of pro|ierty bought, told or exi hanged by the. subscribers, at tlielr ofllce, No, 2ft Nnssa.i stieet, New York, opposite the Post office. FERGUSON a HNEUEOOtt. WANTKD TO EXCHANGE ? PRODUCTIVE CITY PRO perty ; an up town House and Lot In first rate order, l.r forty or llfty acres of unimproved Farming land In West chester county, within one hour of the city and near a rail road. AiVlrtss hoi i*'w York PwteSw. O1) 7 no IN CASH FOR A FOUR STORY BIOS <PO. I OU stoop modern House, 2I*MJ, lot IOtt lent, fifteen rooms; mortgage $5,000. Call and nee the property at No. 1?7 West Twenty-tilth street, between Seventh and Eighth ave nittjs. FOR 8ALB. . GOOD CHANCE FOR A PERSON WITH A SMALL A capital? Slock, Fixtures and Lease of a Fancy Goods and Tnv Store, with dwelling, now doing a good business. Ken i $500- WIU bo sold for half what It cost on account ?f t'H! proprietor having other busstnes* to attend to. Apply sn the pu-iniscss, 1,219 Broadway, N. Y. riHBAP FOR CABH-KTOCK AND FIXTURES OF A Srst class Grocery Store, Kith Horse and Waion. In. quire at IK! Ltvlngstou street, corner of Elm place, Brooklyn. Drug store for sale cheap.? handsomely titled and furnished complete, with a good stuck; doing a good business, with a cheap 2J$ years' lease of house. .1. MARTIN E, 76 Nassau street, or 203 West Twenty-eighth street. __ _ _ 1 ENGINE FOR SALE CHEAP- A SMALL ENlilNE, "j eight horse powsr, with Patterns. Inquire In lumber j a I'd, 381-and 383 Eighth street. flOR SALE? A PLATFORM 8PRINO FEED WAOON, In complete running order, made by one of the best city makers, or would cubango for a lig'.it Kxpress Wagon. Apply at McDonald's s ables, 23 anil 25 East Twelfth Street. El OR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A COR. I" ner grocery and Liquor Stow, In a good locality. Sto k and Allures new. Apply at 4S6 Tenth avenue, corner ol Thlr t\ ninth street. FOR KALE? A NICK BUSINESS STAND. IN THE o'littHl purl of Clinton inai k"i. Apply 10 J. GRAVES, m Cooper*! Hotel, Ml Spitec i Ueet, FiR BALE? THAT WEIJ, KNOWN PORTER HOUSE, known hh th? Junction Hoiim , corner of Thirty-fourth mrect ami Broadway, with and Fixture* awit nil ''<>ni p;etn, now doing a 'air bualneSM. The proprietor liavlou an uypoiiitinrnt n. miller In the uriny must dltpoai* of the iiIkivm this week. It will l>e Hold ubuigaln, and la a tip top ttanU tor oyntera aud eatable*. TOOR SALE? A NEATLY FITTED UP LIQUOR STORE. I" in Ihiboken, ou a valuable cornor for buiinetiii; w ill be told low lor en*h, and aatmfactory re.imuiH given for wiling. A: ; ly at 12 Centre itrcet. /.KOI.lO A IIASTINOS. Full SAI-E-*T ONE HALF ITS VALUE, A NEW iron Propeller Whorl, thai h*? never been In u?e, and one of the best anil latent improvements. Apply imiueillatc ljr to 8. w. SHtPMAN, SS Pine ktreel For sale ? a meat market and fixtures for Kale. Apply at MB EtiW-i. (troet, Jeritey City; call in Use forenoon. FOR SALE? A BVRCE, RCITABLE FOR CARRYING co*lordtrt; will carfy 880 ion is sound ia fniM and will be sold cheap to any person who will apply immediately i at the office of th?i shipyard, toot of East Forty-fourth street, j noKSAI.E-A DOWN TOWN DRINKING UfP LUNCH JT Saloon, doing a good business. Only reavon for Rolling ! th'- owner ban other business to attend to. Call at 'J8 Wall street. / irockry MB sale-handkomlly fitted UP, VJ choice Stock, superior location, 011 a prominent corner and" principal thorouciifawj; favorable lease and doing a large lirat class cath business. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, H2 Nassau street. Hotel fob sale -the lease, furniture and Fixtures of a Hotel, in one of the best locations in this city : an old established place, and doing a good busin'-fis; sii tisfnetory reason s given tor s?iling. Apply to 1*. C. HNK, VS'k Fulton street. IIOUOR STORE FOR SALE, WITH THREE RACK J Rooms attached? rent $12 a month? cheap lor cash, m tins owner has other business to attend to. For further par ticulars. Inquire in the store, 224 East Nineteenth street, be tween First av enue and avenue A. QINGER'S NO 2 SEWING MACHINE FOR HALE. O Price $50. Inquire at 621 Second avenue, or at 33 Moore street, hear South, of Mrs. REILLEY. rilO DENTISTS? $500? AN UP TOWN DENTIST ABOUT X to retire from practice, will sell his Business, Instru ments, Chair. Rolling Mill, Leather, Carpets on the Uoor, Ac. An excellent location and a rare opportunity. Addrciis Dentist, Madison (square Post odlco. ilCA WILL BUT 'Villi BUSTHES8 AND ! U:\f tore of one of the bent located Ileal Estate and Commission Offices in this city. This is no humbuj:, but a bartrain toanv one wndiina a good oilioe business. Apply to BRIGKiS A VOSSELLER, 247 Broadway. STEAM BOATS* STEAMBOAT FOR 8 ALE -THE STEAMBOAT EMILY, now running as a pa^enjer bi at oa the llarlem river. Apply at the office, Harlem. M KDICAL. Am. MAtTRH'i:.\r, professor of diseases of ? Women, and Author ol the Married Woman's Private Medical Companion, can b?* consnltc I athisofliee, 129 Liberty ?treet, or address bo* 1,224 New York Post ollice. Afflicted restored? Hi nor wen exposed Fallacles unmasked. ? Dr. LARMv)NT'S Paris, London and New York Medical Adviser and Marriage Guide In forms the debilitated and diseased, In -lading those who are ipnorant of the cause of their ill health, and who have been disappointed in their physicians, ol the most certain and convenient mode of cure. Moiled for $1 by RICHARDSON. No. 1 Vckcv street; DEXTElt & CO., 113 Nassau street; and DEWll'T, IS Frankfort street; or the author, 047 Broadway, up stalrw. Dr. r. coBBErr, member of the new york University, (Medical College) and College of Surgeons, London, can be consulted with the most honorable conlidence on private diseases, at bis ollice, 20 Centre street, uear Cham bers street. N. B ? See Dr. C.'s diplomas in his ollice. Pri vate entrance at No. 6 City Hall place. R. COOPER, NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON suited on all dlsenssa of a certain nature. Twenty-eight years exclusively devoted to complaints enable nim to warrant a cure in all coses. The victims of misplaced confi dence in medical pretenders can call, with a certainty of be ing radically cured or no pay. D R. RALPH, OFFICES 139 CROSBY STREET, COR oer of Houston. Hours, 11 to 2 aud 6 till 9 P. M. D DU. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED his attention to diseases of a certain class, in which ho ha* treated no less than 30,000 cases , without an Instance of failure. His great remedy. Dr. Hunter s Red Dr??p, cures certain diseases when regular treatment and all other reme dies fail; cure* without dieting or restriction 111 the habits of the patient; cure.* without the disgusting and sickening ef fects of all other remedies; cures in new cases In less than six hours. It roots out the poisonous taint the blood is sure to ab ^orb unless the remedy is used. It is $1 a vial, and can not bo obtained genuine anywhere than at the old office. No. 3 Division street. Book for nothing that treats of the effects of early abuse. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES.? DISEASES OF FEMALES scie ut) t. rally treated by Dr. THIERS, No. 62 Suth ave nue, New York. Send a red sump lor ladles' circular, aud escape quackery. T>ROFESSOR REST ELL, 162 CHAMBERS STREET, CAN X be consulted, as usual, or by letter to box 2,3d!J. Boston ollice, No. 8 Harrison avenue. TTSUAL CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL ATTENDANCE U by Dr. BARK0W 194 Bleet ?cer stre< t. four doors fiom .M icdout ai street, New Yots, ironi 11 till 2 and from 4 till 8; Sundays tHl 2. Dr. B.'s popular medical work, "Human Fiaiitv,' seal everywhere frco ou reedpt of twenty-live ctoU lu post age stamps. MUSICAL. Ayouno lady from ft hope, having studied tinder the first masters while there, would like % few more finishing mini Is f or the piano t.o tea eh at their own residence, in New York or Brooklyn. Terms $5 tier month. Address Music, Herald oftloe. AN IMMENSE SACRIFICE FOR CASH? PRICE $."*25, cost $l,oon. without exaggeration; mngnltieent full grand Concert Pianoforte, rosewood, curved ease, nearly new, in perfect order, l>cst city manufacture. Forlect title given. Apply at the residence, 28 Third street. A SOPRANO AMD BARITONE ARE DlS?IROOT OF engaging in a choir, In Brooklyn or N*iw York, together or separately: Episcopal church or til erred; Uiey have sung together for turee years. Address box Now York Post oflke. LIGHTK A BRADBURY'S VEW STALE OVER8TR17NO Hhm Insulated Full Frame Oram! and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody says must be true; everybody say* they are the boat, iliorefore they must l>e tilt* hunt. VtR. J H. THOMAS REUS TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE ?u* resumed his instruction In binning, in New 2?? . Brooklyn. For terms apply at hla residence, Mo. 12.1 Amity street, or io Messrs. Firih, Fund A Co., No. 547 Broad way. M^AjUHTAVUS GEARY'S TERMS FOR TEACHING* MMiiNti and the PIANOFORTE mav be Itnowu at his res'denee, 5ft Kant Twelfth street. Y-KMI NARTK8 ClM'E^ENTri GEARY U uow ?|MJU 10 ***" MUSIOAL INSTRUCTION ? A LADY EXPERIENCED in teaching, deaires a lew more pupils lor the piano and guitar; ten ua moderate. Apply in the morning from 11 Oil 1 o clock, at l'J8 East Tenth Mic.t, near Sect. mi avcuue. MUSIC.? A LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING, wiahe* Board In a plain private iamlly, where instruc tion on the piano would bo considered an equivalent. Ad dreaa Mush-, Herald oflke, for two daya. MUSIC.- INSTRUCTION Off THE PIANO AT $2 PER tnonih, with privilege of practice, by a tody well qualified. Pupils at 'ended at th< Ir residences $10 to 912 per quarter. Apply at 172 Twenty- fifth sheet, between .Seventh and Eighth avenue*. PAN K M UB1C? O HEAT KXC (TKMENT.?OUR WHOLE stock of ols:ittaai and modern music, tliU large t in Ame rica, over a million of works, retail, below com, ut 2 cents a page (2& cents worth for H cents). Souks, piano, organ, vio lin, Ac., Muaic, all 2 cent a a pace. A similar occasion never o< tura again P. A. WirNDERMANN. 618 Broadway. PIANOS, MEL0DKON8. HARMONIUMS, FIRHT CJUUNI for sale, to let, or sold on instalments, on re*aonMMH terms. Peloubet Harmoniurna, one, two or three banks of keys, $11A6 to ?400. < - ottage Pianos, fully warranted, 6% and 7 octaves, $160 to 92m). J. M PELTOK, 841 and 843 Broadway, Now York. QOPRANO.-AN EXPERIENCED SOPRANO, WITH A O vojtf of the Aral <|Ualtty, wlnhea a altuailon Inachnreh cbutr. Brooklyn prett rrrd Pleaae addriWH or call on B. C. llunrc, , Witnr K' iilvtnir, Croion Aquedurt otUce. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODBONB, and Alexandre OrptnK, tiro tlm linnet luAimuuMilu for parlora and ohntrbfn n?w in uni\ A 1 u tk*' misortiuent can be Bern ut the new wnrurooinh, 481 Broadway, between Uruud and Broome ?tr.*'U, which will he aold at . xtremely low prli-< ?. Piano* and Mrlodeona from aundry ninkera, new and Jcooud bitiul, to lei, and rent allowinl If pun-huKed an per iiifmiinent. Mmnbly payment* received for llie name. Sheet Miisir, Muaic Books, itud all khida at Muak uierchandlae at war priuva. A pianlat, fu atU'iidam i), will try new muaic. IH8TRCCTIOH. ALO^ZO PLACE, A. M? PRINCIPAL OK HITDSON lilver Institute, at Claveraek, N. Y., reeefres students November 1, for a term of iwcntv-one weak*. Terms? Board and tuition in common English, Including MUlLary Drill un der an c*i?erlenced oflloer, llfll) a year. Ron erkir adranUMt#?s for young ladies In Viano Music, Fren< hand English. Writ* lor a catalogue. A?OOD HANDWRITING (3UARANTEED TO ALL IN ten lessons of one hour each. Terms voducod lo the no minal aum of $2 60. Double entry b<mkkeepmg, $15. time unlimited, red used from $30. Apply this week. <iOLDSMlTil, No. 6 Fourth avenue. A CADEMY OF PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPIIfO, A. Broadway. ? New punila are reuefvod, dsy and even ing, for thorough practical instruction, an I aeparately and eai*efully tan^tit at hours to suit their own convenience. T^rms moderate. w. C. llootJLAND. A SPANISH LADY, SPEAKING THE KNOUSH AND . Freneh fluently, would like to give instruction in theie laiHtuagea; would also lot aouie Rooms, with or without Board, to sAine pariiei; a good chaneo la thtie ollered to Icim the above. Addrcaa Mrs. J. L. ?., Madison atpmre F. O. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE, EDUtlATED AND ICE inn ?: yoti^g lady deairea a sUoatkin an gOTerassaitf* respectable family; can teao'i tl:e piano, slngiiw. cultivator of til. voice, I'ren. h and daio illg; or wt>uld take charge of a house or children. Address Instructress, l'asi otfioe. A IX.? BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, ARITHMETIC. Ac., aie taught, day and evening, ut 02 Bowery and 285 Pulton street. Brooklyn. Th?re are thousands of voting men in this great metro|?olls dragging out miserable, nisi on tented lite* lor want oi a knitter knowledge of these essen tial branches. Mr. PAIN E\S modest terms make these stu dies accessible to all. Best sustained hoarding rkminary in tub 8tate. $110 per Year. Brick buildings for ladles and gentlemen. Ablest teachers In all rtspallluMila. Wither is rsn, !>?*. 5. Address Hcv. Joseph 15. Kitiu, Fort Edward institute, N? T., on the Saratoga and WbitehairRallroud. tMlBNOH AND GERMAN 1,am; -PB0VSS80E 1 K. TELLE RING, hi i# Broadway, corner of Twelfth ttrrM (established IfiC), will receive spnilcaimn* tor private In strucllun ka either language, Latin and Greek, and make translations. EiiNeJgn* l'AnglaiK nux e'trangers. IIKENCII LANGCAGK.-A FRENCH GENTLEMAN. 1 front Paris, wishes to obtain full Board In a private family In exchange lor French or German lessons. Refe rence sexchanged. Address A. R., box 163 Herald office. French and <;i-:kman LAIfOUAflKS, BY an Ex perienced teacher from Paris : 50 cent* .in hour. Ad dicts J. Barrier, 4-<J Fourth street, Washington square. C' lOVERNESS.- A YOUNG LADY TS DESIROUS OF 3T obtaining a situation as resident gor.-rne?? in a private family. Will teaeli the English bran* lies, together with the rudiments of French anu Music. No objections to go to the country. The be*t of references given. Address P. O. A., box 2,'MM 1'ostofllre. \Tf cK.,TS C ICttSI KdAL OOLLVA E, 4BOVI ME JJi chanlcs' Bank, and opposite City llall, Brooklyn, i? turning out, with many accomplished penmen, accountnnta an*1 bookkeepers, a number of tbe best bunds at uecliaulcal drawing we ever knew.? Brooklyn &iglc. VISITING OR RESIDENT GOVERNESS ?AN ENG Ush lady, ol' many years' experience iri teaching, de sire* an engagement In a gen t'enmn's faculty, to raittMi In English, French (n^-quireo in Paris), Music (both vocal and instrumental), and Flower Painting. No objection to goto the West Indie*. Address B. li. , Herald oiltee. ANTED? A FEW PRIVATE PUPILS IN SPANISH. Latin or MatAenatlca. towiwai given it the home* of tK*' pupilH if dtsucd. Also Cubaus desiring to learn Engllnh may call on or address Mr. Lee, 89 West Warren street, Brooklyn, between 6 and 7 o'elock P. M. this week. W DANCING ACADEMIES. ADOUWOttTll'S DANCING ACADEMIES, . No. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth St., Sew York. No. I.')7 Montague sliwl, Brooklyn. CLASSES ? Tueviays hihI Kridjij * In Brooklyn. CLASSES? Wednesdays and Saturday* In New York. Circular* for terras, .tic., may lie had ait either academy. , BKOOKK S WMTM, ACADEMY. .Til BROOMS 8T A NEW CLAMS FOR TUESDAY. All the fa*hlonaldc dances In one course uf lessons. Li'dli'K meet Tuesday* and Friday*, from $ to 0 P. M. (Jeiiil.aien meet Tuesdays and Friday*, 1% to I0X P. M. Children meet Wednesdays and Saturdays, S to 0 i\ M. Ladle,' primary classes Instructed hv Mr*. BrnAkas. SOlKEE EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. ALLET MASTER DUMAR'S DA NCI NO ACADEMY 2f.7 Bo^very. Lesson* $1 |>er month, Mondays, Thura I Saturdaya, at 4 o'clock, for children B day*, Wednesdays and Saiiir<layg, at 4 o'clock, for children and ladles. Tueadaya and Friday*. $2. l'rivale lessons llfty cents. 1 EPSON fl FOR BTAOE DANCES? EVERY MORNING. J 1 frona II to I o'clock. For singlu Fancy Dances and exTciee* fur Statfc Dances, per month. Ballet Master, DIM All. 207 Bowery. MR. CITARRUAUD'8 DANCING CLASS, AT MRS. Steers' Boarding School, No. !xi Went Eleventh street, rear Flfih aveuue, will commence Octolx.r 20. Days ? Tues day and Friday, at J o'clock In thu al ternnui. Cnculars for terms, 4c., may bo had a* above, or ai 148 East Seventeenth street. iraciAi. iwmcBi. C1ROTON AOUEDUOT DBPABTMEMT, OOTOBM a, / lijCl.? Public notice la hereby givt n that a further pe nally of ten per cent will be added to all uui<all Water Rents, on the lit day of November next. R. C. HANCE, Register. nOWAItl) ASSOCIATION, PHILADELPHIA ? FOR TUB relief of the hick and distresMtd, aililcted with Virulent ami Chronic Disease*. Medical adThexlven '.-rails by tlm actinr: surgeon. Valuable i court* on certain diseases, and oil the new remedies employed in tlie ?li*|?ensary, sent in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J. Sklllin Houghton, If iw ird Association, No. 'J South Ninth street, Philadelphia. Pa. NOTIC'E.-AN ELECTION OF DIRECTORS OP THE American and Mcxf ?n Silver Mining Company, of 8e tentrlon, Mexico, will be held at my olilce, 19 Nnaaaii streot, room I", on We ineiulav, October SO, 1st) I Hour* of election from II to 2. SAMUEL C. REED, Secretary of Company. Niw York, Oet 19, IMI. EW V*KK LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY.-A SPE , eial meeting of this society will lie lield on . .enlng. the22d Inst., at the Metropolitan Rooms, No. Kit) Hester street, at 7K o'clock. A general at'endanee Is Im portant. By order of P. W. EN US, President Joint Ro jr.its, Recording .Secreuiry. OFFICE OF TIIE THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COM pauy, East Sixty-flith etreet, near Tbii a avenue.? Tha annual election of thirteen Directors and three Inspectors of Election lor the ensuing will take place at the <>.llco of the Cnmuany on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Polls open from 2 to 4 P. M. SAMUEL B. ISAACS, Secretary. New Yerk, Oct. 21. 18?1 ^ * Special notice.-a party, about going west oh business, would lie glad to attend to any matters en trusted to his charge. Reference* and security if required. Aduresa at once, stating where to call, St. Louis, Herald oflkce. N man or Treasurer. JOHN O'MAHQ.N KY, Chairman. j.xcl ,lsll?!V8. i /heap EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON STATEN ISLAND. V ) Fare ?ix cenU bv State# Island l> rry, foot of Whitehall street i ctweeti tie Hat'.t ry and South lerrv Boatsleare , av.'iy bo tr fr. m ti A M. to 7 P. M. Ou one Sundays every ' balf nour to 7 P. M.

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