Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1861 Page 2
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TUB TI'HF. FASHION PUEArfURB OBOl'SD ASSOCIATION. ? A. mtloh for f 100 a aide trill come off 011 Krirlnjr, <>m. 25, at 3 o'clock I'. M. Miloheat*. J. Long nam? ?. r. llmum. to3(K? lii. ?. on; J. Kiuucy uatnoe black i; In harnont. (iood tlay ami Inn*. '? CBOOHBRON, Manager. Union course, l. i.-tbottino <>n Wednesday, (VI. 33, Si 3 oVIogt A match lnr $50(1, mile liculs, bent three m li* t" 100 lb. wajion*. II. Woodruff naiiio s. Frank T?'i?| l>\ 1> T.illmun iuuihih hlk. a. Lanoet. A goofl <inv aiul track. Tin* cars will leave the Wllllnmriliui'K mitt Fulton fen i?? m i'r> Hro mlauim, aud tlio South feny every lwur, for Eu?t New York anil from thence to tiaok fiy out iiml uaU r"turn Uin ?ami> ulaht. SHAW ? WHITE, Proprietors. ITNION COURSE, LON(l ISLAND ? TROTTINO ON Thur-'U) Oei iber?4, at S)J o'clock. \ uuttfih f' r $1,000, wile In .if - best S 15 6 In hames*. D.T.'illman namca i>. g. John lirutMMi; Mr. Holuomb lumonoid Man's 31 arc. A good day unit goo4 track. SHAW <k Will i'K, Proprietor*. 110RSK9, CARRIAGES^ AC. ABUOW N HORSE. FINE DRIVER, BPOOY WAGON iiiiu H*rne*a, $135, tourtUer or ?epurate. Horse ii xnltahli' for n exprria Wilson. Also a mront; pony built iloriK!, fiuo drliiT, $13; <mc gray, fiOoii huHlm** florae, SMft. Appl) for three tlaya it 73 Charles utreet. AN ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS OARItlAGESAND light Wagon* i'?r sale by MINER A STEVENS, 72 WaJker street, first door east of Broadway. BOARD IN WESTCHESTER OOITNTY, FOR HOUSES, at mix dollars | ?*r month; will lw? well cared for and fed with good cut hay aud leed. Address box U,573 New York Post Oilier. (1AKHIAOJ3 FOR SALE? A VERY LIGHT AND J stylish r?rria?j?t capable of seating four i>ersona; lor <?00 or two hows; has been imc.l two mouths; will be Bold low. Apply :u Mercer street. IIOR SALE ? A HAY MARE, SEVEN YEARS OLD; a stylish driver, 14 hands high; warranted Bound and Kind. Apply i u the store, 181 Elizabeth street. PGR KALE? A VERY RTYLTSH PARK BROWN Hors?\ 1 5** bunds high, eight year* old, warranted sound and kind; would mak? a flue eoupe ??r family horse; can trot last To i>e Been at Mr, Bellows' *?able, corner ot 1'rince and Crosby streets. lilOR SAL':? A HANDSOME IRON CRAY HOUSE, ir.t? A hands ti ^h. warranted sound and klud double "? niuule. Suitable f??r ;;ro -cr, milkman or an etpr?-KH wu.on. lmiuli-e Hi Vif West Twenty ?ninth street, between Btith and Heventb avenues. IjlOR BALE? CHEA1', A HANDSOME, STVLlSi! 1?AIR ofr< an lWr.<, fourteen hands hUli. Can be seen at A. MoBKlDK\S 2i?2 Bast Fifteenth str< < t. fjlOK BAU2? A STYLISH HLAOK HORSE, Id HANDS 1 hi^li, 0 >? -;?r ?;* old. Bound and kind; a Rorivl Horse. 15' | hands high, 7 yi'.u** oM;r-fin trot In thr?*o minutes; very hand k ?me; ji hr??\s n Man*. han/Jx hiifh, 5 years old; ean tr<?ttn " 4"?. A t'ou'.v. i y Brewster, nilk lined, ne arly new; a Pha? ton, by Bff.vster, with p<d? and shafts; new hist spring; a I'jjht bhiJlin^* Too Waik'Ofi, and a light Trotting Wa^on, weighs IH{? pounds, by Dus'-ubury ?t V;?n Dus- r; al- ? Single and (?- Hid- Hin n< jh, Saddl-H, he. May bo seen at stable in Thir i' t n a f rear oftfS Fifth avenue. ? ' | 80 IBRL II UiB, DOOTOB 0 W kCK^f, \ -leiniu Ha* liPSb, Saddle and Bridle, fan>M U??be, Bulla } ?. li lis, litao ;eta, Sheet and VVhip for Inquire in the ? isenieut o* 41> Houston street, between Mott and Mul berry streets. JfUH SALE? HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS; A l hi'ivvn llet so, Sixteen hands high, eight jvtrs ?dd, ?'?uud an 1 kind, and ;v fust traveller; Wagon, n i d * by Br?*wsu>r, ' ?st$jf50; Harness ? oHt $5.); used ab?mt thre** month t*. Will i> -s.?Ui at a bargain. Inquire at WOOD HUtillES", 102 Fulton street, up IJIOE BALR? A PAIS Of YOUNG COACH B0B8B8: r bay ? long tails, Ui% hands lilgh, warranted sound and kind. Ctwh price, $500. Address b ?x 2,9t4 Post offlee. IjlOR S ALU -ONLY *9<V-A LIGHT WAGON AND 1IAR uiSM. j,) rooiI condition, mid Morse, suitable lor light work. Address Ben, box 11K> H?i aid office. USED POB 8AUS,-*SKVBBAL CHBAP WORK Horsey and two team Wttgonu; also a light top Wason will bo sold eh. a p. Inquire in the Butcher shop277 NJnth avenue, befifro 12 o'clock M. Also one Pony; paces \ery \ ?9! . Inro trowihg waoows and harnbss fob sale ? One with pole and shafts, made by I). J. Dusen bury; al>o a beautiful set of double and a set of single Har ness, v.*: y 1 it t * ?? u^ed. Apply at 'J* West Thirteenth street. TJTANTED? A SECONDHAND Iti GOT WAOON, TVUL V f springs and top, city make ( Hrevvsier'a preferred); nlso 1 S!*condli an.; hiu;;l?' Harness, by Duna-ombe or Gibson. Ad dress !?*. T., box l.GuO Post office. XET AMI. J?- A OHBAF SECOND HAND LIGHT TWO H s Rock.k?vay Wagon or Carr ag*\ for one horse. Suite prii-e Hud wherfr it can be seen. Address C. W. B., Herald offiee. \\T A N TI ' P ? A HANDSOME GRAY. TO M \Tf II ONE. yy loncutii; musfc be hands high, aud trot in about three niiiiutfN. Apply at Montague's stables, tXi and 05 West Twenty-third street. FIVANCIAIj. i LOAN oy$jrnjU WASTED? IMMEDIATELY: EXTRA J\ an t Fa redact ?rv interest will be pild. The i ?* * m f of ??* ? rity will be given. Agents uoeel not answer. Address i'vn tri 'i r, box I Jl IJcrald office. \ PI ROVKD AND CERTIFIED BT1 LS FOB 8tJPPLTE8 J\. and equipment furnished the War and Navy 1?. part ments. ea-hrd by .?ol!X it. MTflUAY, Army and .Navy Bauker. :V.? N.-ikmuu street, opposite the Post ofilei*, N. V. TlEFBBRSD AND DISPUTED CLAIMS ON THE VA* JL" tioui l>eenrtraents at Washingtoa adju b-d ami cached by JOHN it. Ml KKA Y, Armv and Navy Hanker, No. ?W Nassau street, opposite the Post office, New York. Military claims.? pension?, bounty lands aud pay due soldiers, or heir, obtained; agents wanted everywhere; send tive eentu in posia^e stamp** for histrtie tions. Ad ir? >s II, M. Phillips A: Co., No. 4;. Pine street. New* York. OI KH K NEW YORK FLOATING DRY DOi'K COM pauy. October 23, 1861 ? The President and Directors have thU day declared a div ideiid of (4 > four per cent, paya ble. on and after the 1st day of November next. By order." H. V M A t?\\ Se. re , v 0! j H E FOR t A >: OF 7 .MO rNi?..U STATES THEASimV NOTES, In bills ni* $5?\ $100, $."i>) U and with lilt* -rent at two cent# p-r day on every one hundred dollars. No other charge. Certified Cheeks, current Bank Notes and six \*r cent Trea sury N-.t^s received in payment. JOHN B. Ml KUAY, Army and Navy Banker, No. 39 Nassau street, opposite the Post otlice, New York. TNI TED STATES GOVERNMENT AGENCY, FOR J the sale ol* 7 3-10 Treasury note Orrics or Wit. & .foiiK O'BntEif, ) N". Wall street. } Agreeable to in st ruction* from the Secretary of the Trcn suiy, 1 rive notice that I am prepared t* ? furnish 7 3 10 Trea sury ii'-tes inimediateiy on r"c?dpt of current funds, or in e\ chanRi' I -** six per cent iwojrear Tivasniy notes a? pirand accrued interest. JOHN O'BRIEN. Government Ajsent. Parties who desire tr? subscribe to tl e National Loan may remit t ? its, ami we will forward the Treasury notes to any given address free < f charge. WM. A JOHN O'BRIEN, Octohkii 22. 1861. No. fJ9 Wall street. <K1 i\i\ Ann To ,OAV - SUMS to suit appjlx *pj "71 "l/U rants, on lirst lw<nd and mor': aw;e on New York pro.-ertr. Apply to BENJAMIN GALBRAITH, Coun sellor h t Law , 127 Fulton sticct. LOAN OFFICES. A T N'.) U CHAMBERS STREET? MONEY TO LOAN TO .iv. any awount on Diamonds, Wm- iies. Jewelry, ?te., by the well -.own and old e^Uibiisle'd ISAAC, Broker and Corn mis .on M ? ' tanf, No. if Chambers street. N. B.? No busi ness tran>:if*e?l or. Saturday, At in GRAND y-'i BEET, TH n.5. D )OR8 \ Ef T OF Bro.'i i i \v;ty ? Money advanced on Watehes, t?ianioiuls, Jewel r>, Plate, Dry (ioods aud. personal prop* rtv of evcrv description, or bought and sold, by JOSE I'll A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. 4 !). \ v i is MADE ON DIAMONDS, v. %TCHES JEW A eiry, and other merchandise, or bought for ? ash at full value, by ,l. S. COHEN, X . Hr ,i hny, .-.rn "t J)uane street. Putie?, visite<l at their nvideruVs it ? . All busin gs strictly coniidential. No loan oilice siyr. about tlie premises. 11 .'HLubllxMiMl .'til..' iiilvanci'8 the hU'ht* ?'iii ?, or > ? 1 1 > h I or lamli. Men limitllw, I)l.llii'>lKi?, wt <iv inif ? ! ; I'l'.irln, WaiehDH, 1'liii'- Optlcul luijirumcnts, Ao. Biuaii w?y, room 13. >i]> suiirs. AT 77 STRKKT- -MONKY UBKn.M.l.V advanced t<> any mn mui <?ri dtamoudfl, wjitch^a, jewel ry, plaui'R. si'sars. ilry eooil., > . N. B. ? lViwiibr. k' r?' douia bou|H t. H. N EW1 UN. 7" BlMoker strMi ;. ap itairc. At ?? NASSAU STKREt? A. HONfCMV.V. 01 AM OK D Bruier, maki s lib. ral ailvau?"'< ou DiiunnmU,, ?tew , Ir\ , A.-,, or tmyathem a' full nt h.? \.rlvntr . 'ti ? 60 NaaitM'i alruct, u out Ku. J, <ip ?tnir?. contiji.u tlal. Ci v ll PAID rOK DIAMONDS? LIBERAL ADVAN ES ) made >>ii Dl .moiid J< M <>lry lei for ?all", Money to 1 an. OiUnc houra . illy i r in y till IDA M. unt tiil.l 1'. M L'u uiie.tiuuab!.. refer. B. W. PLUMB, diamond broker 812Broftdway. Diamonds Bouaat fob cash by i>. bbuhl, no. fl Maiden lau?". Money to i.k.vd-dn diamonds, wati-hes. Jew. lry. Silver, Dry Good* and persona! property "t ut! detcripilour. lionda may l>. redeemed at any t.uie wl.hin one reai. Private omce.entrnmv hall door. H. BARNARD, Jl Third avenue AOn nnn TO ADVANCE, BY HENRY HYMAN.?0 VAv.vlW imiwfl room No. 3. on Wnt-bes, ina monils and merchandise oi ? v.rv description, I'rum $10and upwards Mei chanta in want oi uiouey will do well to call. BuaineK. strictly confidential. BOTBU. Albion hotel and boarding BOUSE, sx> HUD Hon atmet. corner of C'barlai.? Pleamnt and de^irallle Kooms, In *uiia ur xinijly, which would be let cheap, with or without Board, to iei<[.Mtable wraon* r>r tbe winter; t?y very couveuimu auiu, amiable for fainilte.. T. Lambert, Proprietor. ISLAND'S WESTCHESTER HOUSE, BOWERY AND J Broome atreeta, on vhe European plan, newly fnrnlih ed throughout. Oboloe faintly Kuocn. tor winter from $3 to $7 tier we-k. Single room., $1 50 lo Ji.i |ier week. Lodging., ?it. and OX'. You tau Uvs well u>r (1 per day al Uie We.t eheatar. KAINBOW HOTEL AND DIN ISO ROOMS. 31 AND 33 Meekman ftreet ? Plvo mire l!o. m? to let, cheap for the winter for famllle* or single gentle men Lodging. 2je. II. r night. The best house in U>e ? ity to jet a g?ud Dinner j', ,i the money from 12 M. to 3 P. M. U'llITNEY not'SK, BROADWAY. CORNER OF Twelfth street.? Stilts and si .le Rooms are now ndered in this elegant WUbUshmenl u. greatly reduced ra. i n ?poiidtiiB with the pre.ent time*, r'tll or pnrtlkl B- ?rd . <u alio bo had il ileaired at th^ \ ery lowest rates. H. M. BE.NNETt, Proprietor. DKNtlSTBTH ^ Al AL B<?NE FILLVO FOB DEt LYED J\ I -Ii.?erte<l while soft, giving no pain. Aching b '.. II- can b. tilled and preserved by tbe dis e 1..-0.V M. D. Booms W Broadway, one o ? .nti. ? Hi street. N B ? beivare bl the mihe I ?* ile ? a. it ? i nap operators. * A S I II l Mil) PlVK TKETIf I.XTKACTED WITH Jt o HI. \ IJ.i.fc o- 15 ? (jl.Wl.l stie. I, t V- ? t. ? ii. .in ending bun to th<> ?? vnlTiruii iL FOR 8 A LB. A GOOD (MIANOK KOH A PERSON WITH A HMAI.L ?'*|iiu?l? WtiK-k, Vlxliirpc ?nd Lrune of n fjwjfQoodi and T<?v Store, with dwelling, now doing ? good busiueHii. Kent $800. Will Ih? sold for half what it coat on account of the proprietor having other buminess to attend to. Apply on the pit-uiiscs*, 1,249 Broadway, N. Y. A RAKE OJIANCE?~-91.2NX>VO WILL PURCHASE the Stock, Fix tut eH and Good Will of an old established Dry Good** Store, which lias paid for several years paat, after ]myiut* all expenses, a net profit of nearly $2,0JU a year. The Kt? ?re is forty-two feet deep. has two fine show windows and j is well fitted tip. It is and always has been the leading store in the nlaee. The proprietor is obliged to sell in oonseqoenoe of ill health. Apply to W. Dl('K, at the store No. 186 Wash* iugton street, llobokcn, N. J., or 361) Bowery, N. Y. A DRUG STOKE I'dlt S YLK ? VERY nicely FITTED up, well loea ted, and doing a good retail and nrcscrip* tion business; will be sold cheap for cash. N. 11.? No agents need ;,pp y. fall at or address &J0 Spring street. IjlNGINE FOR HALE CHEAP-* A SMALL ENGINE, J eight, horse power, witfc Patterns, Inquire in lumber yard, 381 and 383 Eighth street. Fern sale? the stock and FIXTURES OF A COR. ner grocery and Liquor Store, in a good locality. Stock and fixtures new. Apply at 456 Tenth avenue, coruor of Thtr- | ty- ninth street. FOR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST class Liquor Store, situated on one of the best corners in the Sixteenth ward tor a good family grocery; will be sold cheap, a? the owner must leave the city immediately. Apply on the premises, 236 Seventh avenue, corner of Twenty-fifth Street. FOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A Li quor Store doing a good business; will be sold cheat), as the ownor is going into other business. Call on the premises, i 383 Seventh avenue. Agents need not apply. FORS\LE-AN OIJ) ESTABLISHED GROCERY AND Liquor Store, at a great bargain; satisfactory reasons I given for selling. Inquire at 284 West Thirty-Unit street. OR HALE.? A MEAT MARKET AND FIXTURES FOR sale. Apply at 102 Essex street, Jersey City ; call In the forenoon. FOR SALE? A BARGE, SUITABLE FOR CARRYING coal or dirt; will carry 25tf tons; is sound in frame nd will be sold cheap to any person who will apply immediately at the otllce of the shipyard, foot of East Forty-fourth street. FIORSALE? A DOWN TOWN DRINKING AND LUNCTT Saloon, doing a good business. Only reason for sclliinz the owner has oilier business to attend to. Call at Wall street. IV>R SALE? A TE\, SI'L'E AND <WFEE ROUTE, with and Wagon complete. Tkit is an excellent chance for an enterprising man, with a small capital; satis ' factory reasons given for a iling. Address J. S. C., Herald office. Pou SALE? ONE 25 HORSE STEAM ENGINE AND Kofler, 10 Steam Engines and Boilers, from 4 l?. M) horse; (i Steam rumps, from No. I tofi; 7 * rev cutting Lathes and 2 Planers. D. C. SIMMONS, 114 Wall street. FOU SALE? THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF a first clur* 1 irtjepry and Liquor Store. Ren' $l?? per month; three years' lease from It rut of last May; must be sold this week us the owner la-* other business to attend t? ?. Sat Mac to r> reasons given for selling. Call at 138 East Thir ty-sixth street. For sale? the stock and fixtures of a country Store, lu New Jer. ey, now doing a good busi ness, in one of the l?est localities of the Suite. Jr. is eonve tiieut to railroad. The re-isous tor selling and all particulars will '? ? given by addressing A , Herald ofltcn. "IjU)I? SALE? BILL! AUD SALOON AND BAR, WELL F located, on Broadway ; four first class marble bed Ta bles, Furniture and Gas Fixtures, all complete; uoing a pro. fltable business; low re .'it. Will be sold at a large sacrifice, on account of th" proprietor going to the war. Apply to W. il GRIKIf i HI, 14? Ful on ?tr? tit, If. v. FOB SA1.K- Kixri kks OF A FIRST CLASS F A M t - lv Orocerv Store, nearly new? cost $2, 700 ? will bo soi l for $360, auction cost ? i great bargain. Apply to D. D. OR HELL, 113 Maiden lane, up stairs. B10U SALE? $&000-A FIRST CLASS WELL LOCATED Hotel, furnished throughout in a superior manner, e? ?u taining gas, Crohn,, bells, and h It other modern improve ments, and now doing a paving business. T/iis Is a r are chance, as the present proprietor lias other business. Will noli for cash at a bargain or exchange for unencumbered near by property. GENERAL AU hNCYT, <li Nassau street. For sale-nine barrels best quality ?en aim* Kentucky Bourbon WhbfUey. No. 53 Broadway, up stair*. FOE 8ALB an ENGLISH CHOP AM) ALB BOU8I; Im -t location in the city: established live years. An ex t t Ileal opportunity for an Enj'! Bhutan, lieing located in a thoroughly Ehj^Umi neighborhood, near a)) the princip tl thea tres, on?* door f rom Broadway. Apply at No. {J East Houston itreet, Bulk Saloon* 1,1 OK HA? E.? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A X; nicely lit ted up Liquor Store, will be sold cheap, as tho owner Is going to the war. Inquire in the store, U% First av. nOR SALE? TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE J* Fruit and Confectionary Store. 404 Canul street, doing jit present a very good business. Most satisfactory reasons given f ? si lling out. Call on the premises. FIOR SALE? THE LEASE ANI) FIXTURES OF LIOUOR Store 251 Bowery, corner ol Houston street. Inquire in the store. jjlOR SALE < IN.U', ACRES OF FIRST BATE I" larm and garden Land, all level loam soil, 30 utiles t r in New Vork, on the Long Island Railroml. Price only $JHJO. Terms very easy. IS. A. BUNCE, No. 2 C>ty Hall place, cor ner of Chambers street. TJ10R8A&1 ?DRY GOODS BOOTS UNO 8HOE8,SBW I? tug Machines or Jewelry will be taken in exchange for a plot of' Ground, containing one-half acre, located in a beau tiful and thriving village in the oil regions ? f Pennsylvania, where large, quantities of oil are constantly found, and where largo refineries are br Ing erected for refining the same. The ow ner's business being in tho West, will dispose of it at a fair valuation. Address E. K. W., Herald oilier. XpOB BALE? IF APPLIED FOB IMMEDIATELY, ONE 1/ of the be.-?t lilted up and paying Saloons down town, near Fulton ferry. For particulars inouire of HENRY KJRUY, ship chandler, 164 South street. No agents need apply. jH>B SALE? A NEATLY FITTED UP LI QUO* STORE. ' in lloboken. on a valuable corner tor business; will be sold low for cauli, and satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply at \2 Oflaira street 2EGL10 k HASTINGS. fJK>B 8 fcLE.? THE COUNTERS. GLASS OASE& LARGE I? Awning, three dozen Glass Jars, with all the articles imedin a Candy Store, will bo sold cheap If applied fortius day. Inquire at Ij'J Court street, between Warren and Bal tic streets, Brooklyn. FOR SALE. AT A BARGAIN? AN OLD ESTABLISHED Butter, Cheese and Egg Store, in one of the best loca tions in the city, now doing a good cash busin ?3. Apply at Oil Eighth avenue. worIalb cheap? an oyster saloon NOW DO" J/ Jog a good business, at 'J97 Ninth avenue. . Foe sals cheap? a newspaper, candy and Variety Store and Back Room, opposite the largest pub lic school in the city, now doing a good business; rent $5 50 a month. A line chance for a lady to go into the business, 'r at 118 East Twenty-seventh street, between Second liird as enues. Call for two days. F M. IXTURKS OF A GROCERY AND TEA STORE FOR sale, and Store to let; rent $20. Apply on the premises, F f?N) Sixth avenue. tiROCERY FOR SALE.? ONE OF THE BEST LOCA r tions in tin ? aiy. A man who understands t he business, with a small eapital, will find this a goo, I opening. Address Grocer, box 176 Herald oilice, and lull particulars vsiil be given. ^iTtM'K AM) riXTI'KKS OF A CANDY AND ToY O store l'wr sale. ( heap, at 17- West Fortieth stieet. second house from Eighth avenue, It is a good stami for busimvs. AND FIXTURES OF A FRUIT, VEQE 195 West Tvu nty-fonrth street, one ('oo. trom Eighth avenue, for sale cheap; iliis is a good chance for a new begiuncr, as the owner is going to leave the otty. rilO PHYSICIANS -A GOOD PHYSICIAN IS WANTED, 1 in a v; ry niea-ant country village m ar New York. To one coming well rer. mnieruied this w ill be a desirable loca tion. Fot $200 a lull equivalent wlU be given in ofllee fix tures, me lie, ues, surgical apparatus, &e. Address M. D., Newark, N. J. rilo BUTCHERS.? FOR SALE, A MEAT, FISH AND L Oyster Market. Inquire at 'Si Ridge street, between Grand and Brootne. <?(inn <vir,r. B1 v THB*ENTIBE GOODWILL and "V/ Fixtures of it light and profitable Business, now p .y;n:- well. Reason i or selling, the owner leaving the city. Apply at 820 Broadway. 4 |||/|,^sf! WILL PURCHASE AN EXCELLENT ?jr tUv and well established Oyster and Drinking Saloon, t :: the greate%t thoroughfare down to\s n. aud is on the lirst lloor, wtth aparttneuts to live in; doing an excellent busi ness; rent low. Apply to T. GAFl'SEV A CO. 170 Chatham square. CI U(U\ ~A STOCK OF GROCERIES FOR SALE, ?pA.UVIU# and one of the most desirabhr Stores in Orange lor rent. The sales have been $30,000 a year. A rate chsnce for a good bnsin?*s with a small capital. Ap ply to H. B. BLACKWELL. 59 William street, New York, fr?>m 0 to 11 A. M. firmtcbe, suit of enamelled fi rnitl re tor $-4, m all colors, of warranted manufacture, uKo ^r'lv LV;M;&n,b: L s,,iu,t nnd ornamental, at H. b. h AKKiN(. MTN'S, 468 Canal street, opi osite Wuoster. E^. tabiished in l^W. A LL KINDS OF Ft RNTTl RE, LOOKING GLASSES, Bedding, A ., below auction pri^ei. warranted and Ae live red free. I'leos** call at G. \f. SWEDEN'S, 263 Bowery, between Stanton and Houston strceis. Von will save niotiev. Note the number. Enamelled chamber suits of furniture, in all colors and styles, at wholesale und retail, at $25 and upwards; alt?o. Mattresses and Palliasses. WARREN WARD, fi7 Canal street, four doors east of Broadway. IjMRST CLASS ENAMELLED FT RNITUU? PLAIN ' decorated and grained; solid walnut and oak Sets, Mat tj esses, Spring Bed. Ac. Suits, from $25 upwards. J. W. FISHER A CO., Manufacturers, 650 Broadway, between Bleecker and Bond streets, marble building. FURNITURE BOUGHT? ALL KINDS OF HOUSE held Furniture bought for cash, and a rood price given, at 479 Third avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. Please call or address Furniturevas above. N. B.? A good asaortiucut of second baud Furniture lor sale. IjU'RNITURE.? THE HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR ' second nand Furniture and Carpet* in any quantity, small lota or large. Country calls attended to ; a good stock always on hand. Address 550 Hudson street, near Perry. Don't forget the number. TOURS' ITU RE WANTED.? A YOUNG MARRIED Jr couple wish to purchase from $100 to $700 worth of F? r nitnre . a general assortment required. Parties having tins same t i,e ip for < a?h mnj address C. S. Mathews, station A PostofQee, Spring street. l^OR SALE? HOI' SEIIOL D*F V R N I TU R B, CONS I STINU of kitchen. bcdr?M?m and parlor Furniture. Must be sold bef or#? Friday next. Inquire at 135 avenna A, between Ninth and Tenth streets, third floor. F^OR SALE.? FIRST CLASS OFFICE Kl'RSlTrRE, comprising oak and mahogany Desks, Chairs, Tables and Counter, all in azceUent condition. Also, a SaniVad Mam moth Heat- r, with pipe, lavk. HUe, nearly new. Address rurniture. Heraid oflie,?', |>LIV!'T?"N S IMIMlONKIJ r\KI,OR KEDSTEAO AND > ?'?' V ' " 1 "? v .1. v., .(I, Ml,| " V'i!*''"? '' ??lccl> WfUK'liy .N?uwim1 SALES OF HEAL ESTATE. BUILDING LOTS ON BERGEN HEIGHTS-DESIRA bly located plots, 1^ miles from Jersey City or Hoboken bv horse railroad every ten minute*, fare Uve cents; near churches and schools; neighborhood unsurpassed; price $150 to $260; easy term*. Inquire at 41 Water at reel. Brooklyn propbrty.-fob sale, vehy cheap, three Houses, on Clermont avenue, between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues, with all the modern Improvement'. Must be bold. Inquire of PRICHARD CLAFFY, ou the premises. Brooklyn (Clinton avenue) property for Kale. ? Six LotK, with first class House, -10x40. with ping/a, furnace, range, gas, bath and closets; stable In mar, with water; garden baa peaches, cherries, pears and grapes, which cannot be surpassed. Apply on promises, third house south werti from Myrtle avenue, or at 31 Spruce street, N. Y. / lOI'NTRY STOKE, H01SK AND THRKK TENEMENT \J I louses all for 92,500; lens than half its cost; good busi newt stand; house in good order; ton rooms; fruit*, spring, Ac. Price, $1.000 cash, balance on time; fourteeu mllea out on llarlum Railroad, near depot; title perfect; size of lot, 16(1 by 125 feet. This property will bear inspection. Apply on tiie premises. Take the 8 o'clock A. M. train for West Mount Vernon, from Tweitfy-sixth street and Fourth avenue. J. 8. Y Oft KB. CHATHAM. N. J.? A TASTY COTTAGE, TWO STORIES, 35 feot square, with two acres ? ?!' Ground, three minutes' from depot, on Morris and Essex Railroad; fruit, shade and ornamental trees; tine scenery. Address box 2,575 Post of fice, New York;. Farm for bale.? 2? acres, 20 acres wood, 10 acres orchard, 2 dwellings, 4 barns, and other outbuild ings, well watered, convenient to divide in two farms, situ ated in Columbia county, New York State, elevated, healthy renion, natural scenery, seldom surpassed, IK miles from railroad station, stock, implements, pt ain, Ac., ti wanted, at fair rates, convenient to villages, offered at great bargains, on easy terms. For further particulars apply to B. SHACK ELTON, corner Wall an I William street;;, Exchange Build ing, No. 3, basement ofllce. Farm for sale-containing over three uun dred acres of good Land, Buildings. water front, Ac, Accessible in business hours to the, city. Will sell a portion or exchange It for good city property or a siusUe/ farm. For particulars apply this day and to-morrow at the Girard House, room 143, trom 10 to 2 o'clock. For sale? or exchange for dry goods, Hardware, Crockery, Clothing, Liquor, Sugars, or other merchandise ? a modern full size stone front House, on Brooklyn Height*, at o,great sacrifice. Address, with name and d< ription of goods, Ofl'ord, box 4,'Sl.r> Post ofllce. f|H>B s a L \ POUR 8TORY BBOWM stonk FBONT House, containing all the modern improvements; also a corner Lot, partly improved, next to if. Price low; terms accommodating. Apply on the premises, 34 President street, Brooklyn. FOR SALIv-niEAP FOR CASH, OR WILL HE Ex changed lorcitv property or lauds near this eltv? One of the best Water Powers in Wisconsin, with a complete lumbering establishment; mills capable of cutfing J,0u0 feet per hour, together with houses, shops, barns, Ac, with from 100 to 700 acres best pine land, securing the euliie water pow er. Apply at iil.'t Wot Twenty-fourth street. "T10R S\LE? IN BROOKLYN, THE HANDSOME FOUR I1 story House, elegantly located at No. 108 Second place; cost $9,0f>0, will be sold for $6,000, of which $(,300 may re main; is in perfect order, and has every modern i ?u proyp nmnl. Also the Furniture ami Library, nearly new, which cost over $3,00d; will he sold for $1,000. inquire on the pre mis**, or of Q. J. BONNET & CO., 31 Lib -rt y street. The Court street cars at Fulton ferry pass w ithin a lew step* of the h us*. IjlOR SALE? AT PRICES TO SLTIT THE TIMES. TWEN ' ty -five Houses, frame and brick, on Seventy-eighth. Kighty-seeand and Eighty-third streets, 4n the best improved parts of Yorkvillc ?.n reasonable terms of payment. Ap ply to JOHN TWINER, at the puiut store, Eighty-sixth street and Third avenue. FIOR VLE? MURRAY HILL PROPERTY, AT SECES gum prices? The two first class brown sione, high stoop four story Houses 304 and 808 Lexington avenue, west side, between Thirl$**ninth and Fortieth streets. Cull ou the pre mises, from St oil A M. and A to 5)a 1*. M. IJIOR SALE AT WAR PRICES ($1,800 DOWN)? A DE : sifahle stone i.??nt, high stoop House, No. Iti Kai.t Forty-eighth street. Good neighborhood, largo rooms, all Improvements. The style and finish ace good, and aro similar to the best houses on Fifth avenue. Uili up. Apply as above. IK)R SALE CHEAP? HOUSE AND LOT NO. 315 DEAN street, Brooklyn. IIoiihu is frame, two story, basement and attic, filled in with hri.k, and w ?*ll built; gas, water, range, Ac. ran remain on bond and moi'gage. For full particular** inquire on the premises, or of 1'. DOUGLAS, a( fl) Maiden lane, New York. IjlOU SALE OH EXCHANGE? FOR A HMALL FARM, ' the Stock and Fixtures of a Hosiery, fllove and Fancy Goods Store in tin* Bowery; an old established business; one of the beat locations in tue city. S itistnctory reason given for selling. Address K. L. M., Herald oJDoe. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, 1 ( irocery or Liquors, a Farm of 75 acres, first class land, with the stock, crops ami farming utensils; a mile pleasure ground, graded level, from 50 to HO feet wide, with proper turns; a delightful drive, fur pleasure or lor exercising nOrses. Apply at 93 Marks! strut t? XpOR SALE OR TO LET-WEST FORTY-SIXTH STREET, 1? three (our story brown stone Houses, haudnomelv tinish imI, with all nimiern ImnroreiuentJi, Now. .1, 5 and 7. This is a first class street. Inquiiu ut 7o West Forty -second street. OIJSEN AND LOTS WANTED? IN EXCHANGE FOR Farms and for Western founds. All kinds of property ' * ribers, at tbwofiM, H bought, sold or exchanged by the rubocri! No. 25 Nassau street. New York. opporie the Poatoffi FKRGCSON A SNEDECOR. IMPROVED LEASEHOLD PROPERTY IS THE FIRST I ward.? For sale or to let, a thirteen year#' Lease of the House 24 Albany street. Will be sold very low, aa the pre sent owner is going to the war. The rent is low. If not sold it \a ill be let. Apply to F. DUFFY. 10ft Greenwich street.. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A BEAUTIFUL BROWN stone House, 109 Forty-fourth street, between Broad;. <iy and Sixth avenue; four story, high stoop and basement; 22.0 by fift feet deep ; ail iruprovem* uU; splendid stairs; pan lied and marble hall. Hous<* open all day. PETER SCHBEVKK, owner, 213 West Forty -eighth street. N. II. ? Will be soldi at a bargain. WOOD FOR SALE-GROWING ON ISO ACRES AT Eaton's Neck, Huntington. Long Island, vi/ ? Oak Chesnut, Hickory, Locust, Red Cedar, Ms pie and Beach, all large limber, suitable for cord wood, fence i.itfc, Uenvy jiosts, railroad ties, Ac. Apply to KLKANAli SUPER, Nortliport, or to .JOHN CASSIDY, on the farm. ? _ I .... t ? . WANTED-TO PURCHASE FOR CASH, A FARM OF from twenty-live to ilfty acres, sontlgtions to the North river, not above Ulster or Dutehcs* counties* and within thice miles of steamboat or railroad. Tin* house, outbuildings and fences must be In good order and the place must be welt watered and well fruited. Address, with full particulars, Abbott, Herald office. No notice taken of communications not stating price. SQ 7Afk IN CASH FOR A FOUR STORY HIGH t). I UU stoop no d o n House, 21x50, lot 100 iect, fifteen rooms; mortgage $.r),l>X>. Call and see the property at. No. 167 West Tweuty-ttftU street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. PERSONAL. A WIDOW LADY, WIIO HAS LATELY LOST HER husband, wishes to have her child adopted from its birth, by some respectable person. The best of reference given and required. Address Mrs. Mary Kean, Brooklyn Post office, stating where an interview can be had; address' within ten days. ANNA-WILL SEE E. N.N. E. AT ANY PLACE DI reoted. Address A. A P., Union square Post office. BELJ LER HAS RETtrRNKD TO THF. PITY, AND ould lie h ippy I" Louise snil Dr. P +****r ?t 13.}. (1HABUB, PET, Bf. LI I've NOTHING Yor SEE OR J li until ue meet. Write nr come whnu possililo. UJpB s !?[;<)<: i. v.-i. 1ARRIE STANLEY? THERE l-< A LETTER FOR YOU In the Broadway Pod office. I'leusc call for It, c Dido.? what is the matter? i was tiierb at liaH-i'axt rI*. So tul me some money to dny. Cull fur a letter. Come to Ne w ai t m soon u. poaiiblu. Yours, , DlDO. Inmr avenue stack to thirtieth street, Monday m<lit.? Will tlie acquaintance of either or both ol'-the gentlemen bo Mm-afol ? to the you ui lady who sat In tho corner? M. V. DUO., M.idtson square l'usl ofHre. HOUSEKEIvPHR-A LADY WIIO ANSWERED THE rnrdol K. L. M. .-fveral day;; asjo, will now fiud a re sponse add rested us desire I. IF THE YOl'NO LADY WHO GOT IN A FIFTH AVE l?e HUige, with n pieee of music lti her hand, on Tuesday moralnz, will send her address to 1*., Herald ofllce, or my wh'je sue can bo met she will hear of the gentleman who hat In the opposite corner. IF THIS SHOULD MEET TI1E EYE OF THE YOUNG lady who rode up in :i Hrondway mid Fortv-seeond street staee on Monday evenlnc, about hall'. pant tr'n, in company | with a t^nllcmiin, and I out at Forty. second street, and she would like to form the awpiaintaaee of the gentleman who ?at opposite, she will confer a favor by addressing liari-v 11 . Herald wtllce. F THE YOUNG LADY WHO RECOGNIZED THE GEN tleman on Monday morning, siftini; st, a window, as she pasted through Broome street to Broadway, In company with n'nulier youti^ lady, will favor him with an interview, she will please address Caution, Station A, Spring street. I AURA ? THIS EVENING (WEDNESDAY) AT 8108? I o'clock. If weather la unpleasant to-morrow at, the saine hour. ARTHUR. MIfcS II. ISAACS, WHO LIVED SOME TIME A (JOIN Snlllyan .street, will hear of tsomcikina ui horadvan tage, by addressing a note to .James, box 176 Herald oiilce, stating where an interview can be bad. l?.rLEwTs H ARTMAN WILL rUUStT CALL ON 3. .f. UrliTen A Co., 19 John street, to hear soaiithnij; to liis advantage. r M EET ME WEDNESDAY, AT 2>? O'CLOCK, P. M. PROVIDENCE. O W. ?FIFTH AVENUE AND FOURTEENTH STREET, S^o'cl o< k. Will find a letter in I'uion square Post frooi A. J. K. rnHE GENTLEMAN WHO WAS BALl'TED BY ONE OF L two vounii ladles, on Sunday evening, about 7 o'clock, in th* neighborliood of Fourth avenue and TwnUftb utreet, with a remark about hit appearance, and a subsequent w.i ving oi a hnndkerchi?f, would be pleaded to re -dre a note from hor, and if agreeable make Iter acquaintance. Address C. L. W., Herald otllce. Those 1 ( ; KNtLEMEN WHO SO PROMINENTLY nhtbited their ill breeding to a lady at the Winter (>;?r d#?n on Monday cveninc, and nvho afterwardit insulted her i?y foll^win^ her home, had brtter a\oid the mortification ??'. m\ exposure by apologizing forthwith. It i* needless to add that tb?? two " gentlemen*' who were most cnspKi. > m the in ault are known VI r A NTE O? I S FORM ATK>n7~H E N N 1 N O I'll I V, IU ! KN ? ? ninpi 'U, from the Ductile* Sfld' sweitj H ?M? in, who arrived in New Orleans about twenlv-Iive ye/trn.-i^o, if i?* requested to communicate his aJdrrss to" hl:t?r>n. H - n> u ^ VvU'v H. nuihU.M-n, Beaufort Colony, Victoria. Awntralia. Anv information will bo thankfully n?ceivcd byth#* >ann', or by T. .1. Wright. M. !>., No. ? Oeorge s'ref, (' i-lnndt, OhW?. \iriJ,l, TJIK bADV THAT WAS DKEKSKI) I.n BLACK n ; ilk, drab b ?nnet trimmed with a blue fatkot- wtmsw' the front, carrymg n small package and a rosewood box, that rod#' uptown t it a 'i'wmty-tntrd htreet t?? ti??' corner ol' the Eight avenue, au I there took thoeiirs up the avenue, on Monday afternoon, between four and live o'clock, permit gentleman that sat next to her In the stage and who after* wards >h\v h> r in the mrs, to make her a?*qu tiuu*n<-et The ?,ioj4t honorable ? onfidenoe will be objured. Address S. BeMen, Sjuiug street. Station .V Post oti'u .v UriLL THE YOtfXO LADY, WITH PURPLE DRESS, plaid .shawl and whit'* veil, who at?'^aei",l thv attiuuieo of the genti'-mau reading the morulng pnp? whib , n..; tht'-i'lgh the |t'?we y. Pearl, Hf'K'i' iii and I f >?> et to Bio ojway, addr ??* Walt- lletaM ofll.e, ? he i*?d ; ?.?; m^kin^ Uc; SAI.BB ATJMTCTI OW. ASSIGNEE'S SALE or HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD Furniture AT PUBLIC AUCTION. POSITIVE PEREMPTORY SALE OP KLBOANT ? IitST CLAS8 KUKNITUKK, The property of a gentleman leaving the city. This (Wednesday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, the beautiful Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber ana Library Kur allure In the dwelling house 102 Twenty-first street, l? iweon Seventh and Rtnlith avenues, nil of whi. h is new, having been recently made, and comprises everything adapted to a

farhlnnahlo and elaksntly furnished residenot ? tin1 whole to be iiecemptorily sold for cash, consisting of English Velvet ami raiiestry < arpets, elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, en suite, oosnprWUg three full suits, richly carved, all of which arecovere I In rich silk lirocauM, und of the best de ?< i Iptiun ; rueewood Centre and Pier Ti'ilos.Tiirklsh Chairs, In blue anil gold -~n< in und mound; Velvet Turkish I<ounges, ricu Mantel and i'ier Mirrors, Dnmask and Lace CurtaiuSj cold and Landscape Shades iwo rosewood Etegeres, style of Louis XI V. ; rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vases, Bisque Fl lurcf, Ariin! c Brumes, Parlor Ornaments. ,tc. KljKli ANT 7 OCTAVE PIANOPDItTO, MUSI' CABINET, STOOL AND COVER, cost $J!SO. Marble t"P Bureaus, richly carved Bedsteads, twenty large flair Mattresses, Tete-a-Tetes, Chamber Suits, in rosewood; bron/n Cl<* I; <, marble Washstsnds, Lounges, French and i-pi-iagS. it CbairB, Rockers, Divans, Ottomans, Oval Mir rors, superb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two tine mahogany Sofa Bedsteads, rich French mid Bohemian China, rn 4 Tea Scla, Silverware, Spurns, Forks, ('Mm, 1,;,- pitchers, Urns, Tea Serv ice, rub" and "Tystal Out Class of every description, oak marble tnji 11 ulfet, n;ik Chairs, su perb >>nk Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, marhle Hall Stand, one ni W il'lei ' Iron .Sale*. Catalog ucn at house. Sale posi Uve, islu in shme. N. H.? Parties from ft distance are assured that every ar tide in the house will be sold strictly without reserve, and Cm ie? ill positively be no postponement, Purchaser* can have their goods carted, packed or shipped by reliably per sous w lio will bo in attendance for that purpose. KU8SKLL W. WKSTtJOTT Auctioneer. AM. B. CHAPMAN A 00.. AUOTIONKEIW. LAitliE SALE OF HUPEKIOE HOUSEHOLD FURNlTUItK. On Wednesday, Octolier 'is, at the private residence of Dr. John T. Ilntigcrford, No. 80 Weat Sixteenth street, be tween Kifili md Sixth avenues, sale commencing at eleven o'clock precisely Medallion Velvet Carpeta, two superb soils, carved in solid rosewood, covered with green and gold brocatel; Secretary Bookcase, Etegorea, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, embroidered I, ace Curtain*, Statuary, Bronzes, Vases, Centre and Card Tables, lli riming Chairs, Chandeliers, Candelabra*, superb arlislh Bronxo Figures, Ormolu and Bronte Clock, runs one month Oil Paintings by eminent artiste, Sevrea ami Dres den China Ornaments, Parian marble Statuettes, magnificent u. ven octave PiauoloMe, Canterbury Stool and Coyer; lU'siand, oal, Mi llet, Extension Table, china Dinner Set, crystal and ruby Classw are. Table Cutlery, solid Silverware, rosewood and maluptny Dressing llureans, Bedateads, Ward robes, Commodes, Dressing Table, Hair and Spring Mat trrsaeef Co uitcrpaiies, Sheets, Towels, Blankets, Sofas, Chair,-, Rockers, MoUraw'S patent Sofa Bedsteads, Book stands, Toilet Tiibie-, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth and ur Ca.'pota; also a large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture, ilousesto let or for sale. Por further particulars seo auctioneers. AM. I!. CHAPMAN A CO., / ( TIONEKR8.? SUPE ? rlor Household Furniture at no >lle a'e lion.? Sale com mencing this nl'teruoon, at 2 o'clock, at 70 We ,i Tweniy -sixth Strom, near Sixth avenue. A rare opportunity for house keepers and dealers. Hale lieremptory, consisting of Parlor Stilt, rosew'ood Pianoforte, Mirrors, Lace Curtains, Brussels Carpets, Rugs, Clocks, Etegeres, Bookcase, Vases, Paintings, Engravings, Centre Tubles, Chandeliers, Halst&nd , Siair Carpets, rosewood and mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads, Sofas, Rockers, Chairs, Tables, 12 pair line Wool Blankets, 24 pair Linen Sheets, Conutei panos, 16 excellent Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, MoOrsw's Sola Bedsteads, Whatnots, Ingrain Carpels, Sideboard. Extension Table, Arm t^balrs, China and Uliss Ware, Ivory handle Knives and Forks, Silverware, Tnble Linen, (.'ouches. Easy Chairs, Ac. ; also. Basement smt Kitchen Furniture. Sale commencing at 4 o'clock this after noon. AS. RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER.? BOOTS, SHOES ? and Urticans at auction, Rlt'llAlU>S <k WHITl.VU will sell on Wednesday, Oct. at l(i>^ o'clock, at store No. a Cortlandt street, about 1,001) < ases~of Boots and Shoes, comprising all styles of seasonable ?;oods direct from tbn niunin.icuirer*. Also a large lot of stoi k goods. Catalogues on morning of sale. C. TUTTLK. At'CTIONEKR.? DUTCH BULBOUS ROOTS.? A. 0. TirtTLE will sell, on Thursday, at lOtj o'clock, at No. 3 Broad street, a large assortment of fresh imported Bulbous Roots, jusi received from Hnarlem, in Holland, consisting of Hyacinths, Tulips, Narcissus, Jon quils, Iris, Crocus, liladlolus, Ac., in lots to suit. " AUCTION NOTICE. SPECIAL AND ATTRACTIVE SALE THIS DAY, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23. Wo bi g to call the attention of buyers UMiur Catalogue of this day's sale, whivh will incltA full assortments of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, RIBIIONS, TRIMMINGS, EMBROIDERIES. 2,500 Oarmenls, ready made clothing, without reserve. 200 eases Boots and Shoes. KM ruses Men's and Boys' Hats. 500 potinds fiue Woollen Yarns. INVOICES OP MANUFACTURED FURS, Ac., Ac, Ac. Catalogues now ready. WM. TOPPING A CO . Auctioneers, Nos. 9 and II Park place nuJ No. rt Murray street. A. \ uction notice ? all tiih eleoant house /V HioM Furniture of the laUi Copt. W. Van Eeden will he , sold a' public auction, tliis morning, at IO)j o'clock, at his residence, 180 Wavcrley placu, tiaur Sixth avenue, consist lug 'if Brussels Tsiiestry Carpets, rich Chandelier*, two Par lor Suit's, covered In haircloth and satin brocatel; Elegere, Corner Stand, Centre and Her Table*. Vautelles, Lounge*, llodsteaiis, Bureau*, WusbsUinds, Commode*, singlo and double Hair Mattresses, Bolster t, Pillow*, Sofa Heels, Kin k er*. 01 cks, Mirror*, Curtains, Vases, Paintings, Ola^s, china nnd Silverware, Table Cutlery, Parlor and Kitchen Sloven, Oilcloth, Blair Carpets, Ac. Sale positive. Terms cash, in bankable money. T. ALBIIKTIJS, Auctioneer. Auction notice extraoudinary.? cims. r>. DAVIS will .-ell at public auction, on Wednesday, Oct. 23* at 10} a o'clock, at salorsoom 87 and 89 Sixth avenue, nearly opposite eighth street, the entire large and splendid assortment of first class Furniture and Cabinet Work, con sisting of roacwrtod, black walnut and mahogany Furniture of every ilescripllon : also Looking Glasses, Hair a#1 Straw Maltrcsse*. This Bile Is well worthy the especial attention of housekeeper* and tli? public In general. Those that are in ?nni of a general assortment of household furniture will find this a eh nice tHat seldom oeeiirs. * CH.VS. D. DAVIS, Auctioneer. k * OCTION NOTICE.- K. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER,' J\. will sell to-morrow, at 10>i o'clock, at salesroom 05 Nassau street, the balance of Furniture, removed from Stolen Island, consisting of rosewood aud mahogany Parlor Suits, covered in rej's, brocatel and hair cloth, viz: 'IVte-a Tete, arm, parlor Chairs, -gilt frame Mirrors, Brussels and Ingrain Cjtriieta, Bookcases, Extension, Dining Tables, Buffets, Glassware, Tea Sew, Cutlery, Dressing Bureaus, Washataiids, Lace (Curtains, Bedsteads', Hair Mattresses, Lounges, Feather Beds, Ac. Auction notice.? yoi; can biy all kinds op Furniture, Looking Glasses, Bedding, Ac., cheaper than at rfnv other place at tl. W. SNEDKN'S, 2o3 Bowery, between Stanton aud Houston streets. Please call. You will save money. Note the nmnber. t Auction koticb.? burnham's fiirniturb ex prcss'and Packing Establishment, 113 West Eleventh street, between Fifth nnd Sixth avenues.? Household Furni ture boxed and shipped to all parts of the world. Covered wagons for removing furniture to aud from the country. Furniture stored. Auction sale < if BOOTS AND SnOES, On Thursday next. ALEXIS, BRAGG A WARREN, No. 31' Warren streel, Will sell ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, At lt'K o'clock, ONE THOUSAND CASES BOOTS AND SHOES, comprising a very attractive assortment of desirable goods, to which the attention ol buyers is particularly Invited. Auction sale of BOOTS AND SHOES EVERY THURSDAY. WM. M. HOXiMNGMEAD, 'Auctioneer. AUCTION SALE? THIS DAY, BY J. L. SMITH, AUC V. tlonecr, at 1-17 Eighth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue, one elegant Piano, with splendid tone and finish, eo it $3l)u Ihm May, is warranted for three years; one roKWood Parlor Suit, covered inTurittsh velvet mnquet: one do. covered in i p; R>k kcrs, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Brussels ami Ingrain Carpets, the Furniture of eight bedrooms, com. plete, aud everything belonging u> a ilrst < lass house; will be sold without reierve. The sale will commence in the base ment, at o'clock. The piauo will be so Id at 12 o'clock. Auction "balk' Of china, i Olasb and BABTHBN Ware.? HENRY 0. EVANS will sell, in lots to suit denim-*, ?n Tu?aday, Oct. 22, at 10 o'clock, at 35 Maiden lane, all kmda of White Granite ami Common Ware, Fancy China, Ac. Sale positive and w ithout reserve. cction sale-in <j o nt i n"i7a t roN . op the balance of Cloaks, Mantillas, Capes, Visiles and all other kinds of ladles' wear. Also a large stock of Trim mings, Office Desks, Slotes, Carpets, large Mirror. House to let or lease. Inquire in the auction room. Sale w ill lake pin* e this day, at 2 o'clock, at Wt I'aual strew. A" ' ssionek's "sale op a laiuIe'stw'k ofTFbnF turc, Haircloth, Iron Saree, Ac.? CHAMBERS A l'AIR ClIILD will sell on Thursday, October 24, at 10 A. M . at the huge Furniture warerooms Nos. 177, 179atul 181 Canal street, the stuck in trade of a wholesale and retail establishment, consisting of ft splendid assortment of rosewood Parlor Sulla, rosewood Bedroom Furniture, black walnut do. ; rose wood, black walnut and mahogany marble top Tables: do. Bureaus, Washstandf, mahogany Chairs; rosewood, black walnut nnd tiiaji<%any French Bedsteads; mahogany aud black walnut Extension Tables, wik Dining Chairs, oak Side beards, black walnut and mahogany Wardrobes, Ac. Also, a lavgc assortment of enamelled Bedroom Furni ture, Ac. Aleo, a large quantity of Haircloth, Brocatel, Ittmnsk, Moss, Ciulcd Hair, Ac., Ac. Alio, Office Furniture, Desks, Iron Safes, Ac , Ac. Also, a Urre assortment of rosewood, block walnut and mahogany Tete-a-tete, Sofa atid Chair Frames, nearly finished, Ac. * Catalogues on morning of sale. By order of W. ELTON. Assignee. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF 50 CHURCH OR OTHER Cushions, in worsted damask; alto BOO yards Oilcloth, also 60 pairs Blankets; also 11 roll* Velvet, Taiiestrv, Ingrain anil other Carpets; also Embroidery Stamps and Sample Books; also Odd Fellows' Plate for striking off cert ideates, Ac.; also % large assortment ol pledged goods, 100 Cloaks, Ac., at 454 Watial street. BROWNE A NICHOLS, AUCTIONEERS? WILL SELL, on Friday and Saturday, October 25 and 2ft, at 10>i o'clock, at their spacious salesr ooms 35 Nassau street, a large nnd elegant assortment of genteel Household Furniture of every description, removed for convenience of sale and to pay advances, consisting of very rich solid carved rosewood Suits, In safln and brocatel plush and reps; also plain Suits, In same; elegant .,nd very highly finished Chamber Suits, in rosewood, mahogany and black walnut; eleg int black wal nut Library Suits and Dining Room Snrts; slegant r<*ewnod Atnour-a Olace. rosewood and black walnut Bookcascs, Sec retaries end Etegeres: very rich carved Buffets, in oak, I lack walnut an I mahogany ; Lounges, in rep*, leather and damask; carwd pillar and plain Extension Tablea; oak and black walnut Dining. Hall and Oflice Chairs; elegant Gilt Frame French Plat# Pier and Manlel G hisses; a large lot of Gas Brackets and Ormolu and Bronze chandeliers; together with an ss?sortmi nt of Oflice anil Library D-sks and Tables, in hla< k walnut, oak and mahogany; a splendid Auuissou Carpet f. THOMAS, AUCTJ0NBB8.? . A88IONBB'8 SAU.? . CLOTllINO.? This morning, at lilj^ o'clock, nt No 111 Nasssii street, a large and excellent asaurtment, first class, lor men'*, youth's and bay's wear, embracing Coats, Over i oats, Business C.iats, Pants, Vests, Buy's Suits, .racket-*, Ac,, ol the best material and workmaushlp. The attention of ' the trade and (fliers is invited. BY .1ULIC8 BROWN. AUCTIONEER ? OFFICE 271 Clinton street, Brooklyn. To-morrow (Thursday) morning, at 10)* o'clock, positive sale ol Parlor. ClmnilMsr, Dining Room am! Kitchen Furniture ; LiiceCtiri, ins, Fe ?tlier Beds and Bedding, Brussels and other C .rpeis Ol lath . Parlor am', large Coo'.iing Stoves, t'hlna Ware, ,tc., A -., at No. 57 L'i'i'i - f i-'it. i. In:'. wee n Cllntoa olid Court streets, 9AI.EI AT AtCTIOW. Browns * NirnoLs, auotionbkm, wiLtMLL, Thursday, October 24, at one o'clock, iu front or salesrooms No. Sft Nassau street. a \\t*1 rate Gray Mart*, pony built, 15 bauds, 7 years old; sound, kind and gen tin; as a roadster and drivercannot be surpassed; ex cellent under the aad die; fre? from tricks. Also a superior brown Mare, 15^ hands, 6 yearn old next spring; wurruoted sound, kind auageatle; an excellent tr?veller; very prompt; suitable for family use. Also a Doctor's Wagon, city built; together with single Harness; all tn good order; a moat de sirable establishment for a doctor or family ; to bo sold with out reserve, as the owner has no further use for them. Also dark bay, long tall Horse, 8 years old, hands; very stylish; prompt driver; excellent naddle horse; perfectly sound, kiud and gentle ; well broke to single and double har ness. Daniel a. mathews, auctiokeeu, wim bill this day, at 10^ o'clock, at hiH salesroom 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John streets, a general assort* ment of New and Second hand Household Furniture, viz ? Kosewood Parlor Suits, Centre Tables, Secretary and Library Bookcases, Extension Tables, Buffets, mahogany Hoi as, Lounge*, Hookers, Arm Chairs, Hofa Beds, Dressing Bureaus, Bedstead?*, Hair Mattresses, Washstand*, Ward robes, Carpets. Etegcres, enamelled, black walnut and ma hogany Chamber Hulls; Hall Chairs, Office Desks, Tables, Oil Paintings, Ac. Catalogues now ready. IjlDWABD HCHENCK, AUCTIONEER. Li ASSIGNEE'# HALE OK SUPERB HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. By EDWAKli KCIIRNCK, thU day, 23*1 Inst., at 11 o'clock, at bis salesrooms, 155 and if>7 Broadway, the slock of one of the tlneat cabinet maker** In the city, consisting in part of elegant solid carved and plain rosew>>od suits, in satin and brocau l, plush and reps; elegant rosewood Aiuuire a-lilace, magnificent rosewood round cornered Rcdseads and Bu reaus; do. in black walnut, finished in oil; rosewood and wal nut. Secretary Library Bookcase, elegant rosewood and wal nut Eteifercs, carved walnut and oak Buffets, oak and wal nut Library und Dining Room Chairs, and other elegant Fur niture. The above is all of the very best manufacture, aud will be positively sold by order of assignee. The particular attention of those in want of elegant furniture is respectfully requested to this sale. J. B. FREEMAN, Assignee. I| BOTH* A0OTIONSBR.->XiAMB 8ALB 09 HE* y, pant.}foiJM'lK?ld Furniture, the property of a private family leaving the city, will be sold, at public auclioii, to the highest bidder, Hvithout reserve, at the large dwelling house l<t2 Waverley place, east corner of Sixth avenue, this after noon, at 2 o'clock pre is?ly, consisting of Pianoforte, rose wood Parlor Suits, in green velvet reps and brocatel: rose wood Etcgere. with mirror back and doors; fine Lace Cur tains, Vases, Paintings, Pier and Centre Tables, rosewood, mahogany nnd bla-k walnut. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stands, Sofa . Chairs-, Hoc-kers, Tables, Bookcase, Work stand. Extension and Tea Tables*, Glass and Chinaware, Ta ble Cutlery, a of Kitchen Fuvuiture, spnug a.-d Hair M il tresses, Beds and Beddings, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Oil< lotli, Ac. Sale positive. All the goods must be removed twe nty four hours after the ale. VDWARD PETTI Nil KB. AUCTIONEER. FJ Suleof SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, On Thursday, <>,??. 24 it \oyt o'clock, at the private rcstdeuee 18'! Second avenue. rnriWiitori to-morrow. (1 REKN' HOUSE PLANTS AT AUCTION? ON TIH1R8 X day, ?M til iit.'-t., at ' I'cl'wk , at No. 9 John street. The Nile- consists of AreU'.iv, I htlK' -f primrose*-', Viirie juted Yin ? can, Ixoru/, Ac,, from M. Louis Mi-nand, Albany, N. Y CI BEAT ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF STOVES -THE X block of a whole >..!(' dealer, will hi sold Itv I I''. DUN CAN A CO., auctioneers, 111 Nn-*nu ptreet, October 24, at o'clock. A Rood opportunity for all persons in want of Sioves of any kind. Sale poslth e, and terms cash. By or. dor. f. li. ORAUAV, A-.*ignee Henry u. leeds, auctioneer? henry ii. leeds A Co. will K fll at auction on Tit irsday, Oct. 21, at 12 o'clock. In front of More, No. 23 N n - ? m street, VALUABLE HOUSES. (KM" PES AMU VICTORIA CARRIAGES, HARNESS, At ..VIZ. A very beautiful i;t lies' dapple 'jay Saddle Horse; long tall, 7 yc r< old, I5.S hands lihtli; in perfectly gentle, wtwd and Kind, and send in ull harness. Also, a very flue hay Horse, 14, '? hands high, 9years old, perfectly sound anil kind, and gentle Itt all harness and uu der the saddle, a'til >s a beautiful horse for a military ofllcer. Also, an elegant Coupe, nude, hy Lawrence, very little used and in perfect Mier. Also, it Victoria I 't?iHL'f, made bv Wood Brothers, in per fect order and one of the fl'icst in the city. Also, a linn double plated Harney, mad" to order. The above belong to a private establishment, and present a rare opportunity lo persons wishing to supply themselres They can lie seen previous to the sale, if desired, on application at our stores. Also, a pair of Horses, bay and black, aged 7 and 12 years HENKV B. 1IKRTS, Jit., AUCTIONEER. PRKEMl'TOKY sale of HOUSEHOLD furni ture ON HTATKN ISLAND, | ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, AT II O'CLOCK, AT TIIE RESIDENCE KNOW N AS SWINTO.VS HOUSE, ON TOMPKINS AVENUE. Opposite the yuarantine wall, Hrst landii>?, .Staleit Island. Comprising Brussels auil Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Beds, Melding, Chamber furniture, rosewood Parlor Suits in broiiileT, roiowood l'iuno, Bookcase; Centre, Side and Card Table*, Oil Paintings, Pier Mirrors, Chin*. Glassware, Ac. Also, a small Library uf valuable Hooks, Iron Safe, Kitchen Furniture, A' . Catalogues will be ready on Wednesday at the office of the j auctioneer, 5>a' Pine street, New York. Henry <;reen, auctioneer, will sell this day, at lll>? o'clock, at. tlio stoic 194 William struct, an assortment of Groceries, \Vlnf? and Liquors; several chests of Tea; <ivn boxes and two bugs of Collet- ; ten botes No. I Koup; cask of Axle Urease, Ac. Also at Il*? o'clock. Cloth ing, Dry Goods, Ac. ? JOHN LLOYD. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 15 NASSAU atreel . ? JOHN LLOYD A SONS will sell en Wednes day, October SO, at 12 o'clock, at th<* Merchant*' Exchange, byorder i>r George Little, executor, the Lot No. 9 West T?T?ty-rli{litli street, 2.'>.0 feet by 98.4, together with the four story hish stoop brown stone Home- thereon. 25,(itS6 feet; also t!u> Loi 13 Hey street. 20x78, with four story brown ?tone Building thereon, ooverlng t bo entire Int. with the exception of ti e side lights: *ls? the Country Seat at Os siiuliitr, l'i mllos front Sing sing, tont.-tlnln 27 acres of land, till tumble, Willi orchard* of assorted fruit, frame Hoiisg, new, with about 16 rooms, containing every convenience; flue garden, carriage house, Ac. Full p irtieularsat the office ot Scrilnier ,t Denslow, yj Wall street, and at the cilice of the auctioned*. TP TK AVER, Alt TIONEER-OFFtOE 170 CHATHAM . street, will sell this du.v, at 10>f o'clock, at No. 107 Hester street, c inter of Eldrldge street, two tine Counters, threo Hcer Pumps, Casks, Kegs, Bar Fixtures, Screeim, lee Box, large (linns Case, Scales, Oas Fixtures, large tin Awn ing, Teas, Sugar, Soap, Starch, Candle*. Spices, Liquors, Se gars, Ac. JOHN X OAKLET A 00., AUCTIONEERS? WILL sell at auction, on Wednesday, October 23, at 10 o'clock A M.< at southeast corner of Myrtle avenue and Pearl streets, Brooklyn, all the contents uf larpe Gnswy 8|ore, together with full set of Fairbanks1 Scales, Stoves, Store Fixture*. Horse, Wagon nud Harurs?, S. c. Catalogues on tnorniug of sale. JF'BAVIS, AUCTIONEER.? $1,000 CASES BOOTS. . Shoes Hp Brogiiin, a! auction, nn Thursday, 01 to b<-r24, at lltf-i o'clock, ar the store of ,f. S. Leverett A Co., 15 Cortlandt street; 1'reib, seasonable goods, adapted to cltv and conn tiy trade. JOHN MooRE, Al'< 'TIONEEK ? CORNER OF NEW Bowery end Oliver street? will sell this day, at 10}? 'lock, i ontenta of three story house No. 170 Eldridge street, consisting of agond assortment of Furnii $17 Stove, Piano, Beds, Bedding, Ac. MR. CHAM. D. DAVIS, AUCTIi 'XEER? SALESROOM 87 and 89 Sixth avenue? solicit* consignment* of all descriptions of Merchandise. Outd<w sales attended. Libc al commissions, in suit the times. Prompt returns made ami beat city references given. Liberal cash advance* on merchandise. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS ? day, at 103 Crosby street, ut 12 o'clock. the Lease, Stock and Fixtures of this premises known us the Metropolitan Shades, ltar and Fixtures. Tables, Chair--, Liquors, Ac. Tho lease has lour years to run at ft very low rent, and will te peremptorily sold. Crockery and other Ftliaiwrf 3AS. JJ/.BRINER. Attorney. PI 1 1 LADELPII I A VESSELS AT MARSHAL'S SALE? By virtue of a writ of sale, by the lion. John Cadwala dfer. Judge of the District Court of the V nlted Stales, Inand for the E.wicni District of Pennsylvania, in Admiralty, to me dlreeted. will lie sold at public "ale [o the highest ami best bidder, lor cash, al the Philadelphia Exchange, on Thurs day, October 24, 1861, at 12 o'clock E, wte one sixth part of the SCHOONER ALLIANCE, her tackle, apparel and furniture, being the interest of Charles IVtiigtvw, a resideut and fnhabiiaut of ihetHateof North Carolina, in the said schooner. Also at the same thne and place, the t\< . -sixteenths of the SCHOONER ,L II BURNETT, her taclctp, apparel and furniture, bring the interest of (lideou More and Freclv More, resldrnts and inhabitants of the state ot North Carolina, in said schooner. W.V. MILLWARD, United Sutca Marshal, E. D. of Pa. P8?umu mm. Oct. 12, itet PUBLIC SALeT^WILL' beToLD ATAUCITON, AT the hotel of 1 1 M.ini WoodritlT, on Wednesday, October 2J, 1861 , at 10 o'clock A. M., a Sorrel Mure, about six years old; she is ti good traveller, sound and kind. Sale' positive. HIRAM WOODRUFF. 1 PAWNBROKER'S SALE OF SECOND HAND CLOTH ii??. A. M. CRISTALAR, Anetioneer, 'it Bowery, will sell on Thursday, the Ulth Inst., al lUJj o'clock, a large' k>t of Mens ' Clothing, comprising Coats, Finns, Vests, Women*' Clothing, Ac., being the stock of a dealer retiring Irosn busi ness. PAWNBROKER S SALE THIS DAY -BELL A INORA HAM, auctioneers, will sell, in their auction room 26 New Bowery, 400 lots valuable Clothing. Quilts, Sheets, Blan kets, Bedding, Ac., by ordei of Fredetiberg, imwnbroker, '299 East Broadway . PAWNBROKER'S HALE. ? J. MORTIMER WILL SELL this day, at 10 o'clock, at 16 East Broadway, a general assortment of unredeemed pledges, consisting o| men's and women's winter Clothing, Blankets, yiults, Boots, Shoe*. Ac., by order of D. Meeban, 18 Grand street. PAWNBROKER'S NOTK B.-BEL1, A INORAHA M will sell on Monday, NovembenM, el 26 New Bowery, a stock of unredeemed Pledges, by order of H. Pomanskf, No. 2 Oliver street, late of 484 Hudson atre?it. All pledges can be renewed at No. 2 Oliver sirt ?i. PAWNBROKER'S 8AL1.-B. LEVY, AUCTIONEER. 22 C.atharine street, will sell this day ut 10)i o'clock, Silk nnd other Dresses, Quilts, Shirts, Skirts, Shawls, Blanket*, Cloak*. Sheets, Beds, Pillows, Chemises, Men's and Boys' Ckjlhiug, Watcbca aud Jetvclry, Ac. By order o' 8 PAKKER. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL this d.iv. at 181 Bowery, up stairs, by order of W Simp son A Co., a large quantity of Men's Wearing Apparel. Sale to sommcncent 10>? o'clock. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL at 36 Chatham street, on Thursday, Oct. 21. Inrgeassort ment of Men's and Women's Clotlu ip, Remnants, vuilts, KUn*ets, Ac., Ac. By order of J. B. A .1. SIKPSON. SA .t. P.OOART, AUCTIONEERS. -THIS P.\ Y, AT 10% . o'clock, at the auction rooms No. I North William street, Household Furniture? Tables, Chairs Also one large I'lut fNrtn Scales, larue Kitchen Range and Stoves. Al<? small lot Hardware, Clothing. Dry Good*. Ac. Also, one Blown lli -rse. OllERlFF'S SALE.? MILLINER V OOi?DS O CHAMBERS Jl FAlRi llILD, Aurtionetri. SalearooOLlIS Na-nau street. Wid sell at their salesroom on Tnmmtav. October 34, at I0V? o cluck, til" stock of a Millinery Jobbiug'lioujf, u utii.i islng? Rlelt Velvets, Satins, Silkt and Ciajies, Bonnet Ribbons In every style; f Fliie Kren ,'i nnd'Atneiii m'Klower*, Ve vet Rlbb ns, iismiried anmbers; -to *, Bo net t>a- ?>, Ac.. all strictly tir. : i- - _ .. . . - , , . . Ir p* ka?< s, and In ot ic older for th- trade. JOHN KELLY Sheriff. CllKRI F'S SAI.r I 'SEUOLD FURNITURE. O CIl AM.'I. i' S ,t FA ; Hi'lllLD, Auctioneers, IN uiil^l;'.". b.i'Jttll. r" _ ?Al?? AT AWfatr t J BOUART " AOntlOWEKKB.? HTORtl H0~7 O. North William ?tro?t.? Aursday, Oct. M. at lOltf o'clock, at 273 Mad i?oe street, Kctiloel Huutmhold Furniture, oonsUtlng ot' ronewood Parlor Suit, Brus*ila and Thru.' Ply Carpet*. Oilcloth, mahogany Bureau, Tallica, Chairs, Bed aic-add, Mattreaacs, He da and Bedding, Kitchen Furniture. rpHOMAH VBITCH, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE NO. 371 A Broadway.? pu bile administrator's sale of Kurnltmau Clothing, 4o., on Wednesday, October W, 1K8I, at 10 A. M., at 640 IVarl street, consisting of Furniture, ClutlUug or all de scription, Truuka, Ac. a. P. RUSSEL, ^uhlfc Administrator^ W'M. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THI8 day, at 1M Canal atreet, by virtue ol a mortgage, ail tin- Furniture, <tc., of a large house? Two Parlor Suits, rich \el?et, Tupestry, Three-ply and other Carpet*. Otlootha, Centre, Dining mid Tea Taliloa, We and Damask Curtains, "'.r '"'V1 ?F&VB Pt?nn. made by Harrison, fine tone and llnisti; mantel Vases, Clock*, Chandeliers, Stair Carpel., Rod", mahogany French and cottage Bedsteads, mire Uair and Oilier Mattresses, large Feather Beds, Blanket", Sheets, T.tblc and Be<l Linen, marble top Dressing Bureaus, WaJi atands, Chairs, Glass, Silver and ether wares. Dining Reoin mill Kitchen Furniture, 4c. Bjr order of Thomas Cushlug, uttoruey for inortgngee. DRY GOODIE AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE EMPORIUM OF FASHIONS Will be found the largest, Newest and cheapest ASSORTMENT OF CLOAKS In the city. Our prices arc fifty and in suuie cases eighty per cent below Broadway prices. Ni> luily should purchase a Cloak without culling un4 examining our stock. W. R. ROBERTS, 233 Bowery. N. B.? Be sure and don't mistake the store. At kmbersoN's, corner of .twenty second street mid Sixth arenue-^Ctccelred from auction the hue si uualll* of Parla Kid Gloves, of llio celebrated housea of Jouvin, M illliird and Rnuillon, of Purls, with i tubroidaraa bin ks, rote 'I leu and huttnus, In alt colors, at 75c, and nli\ i>ei? pair. A Hue asaortnient of real Lao? Sets, Veils and Ljoes, rich Bonnet and Sash Ribbons. c CLOAKS, CLOAKS We offer at retail our immense atock of CLOTH AND HKAVKR CLOAKS at extremely low price#. The mock comprise* all the latent and most laslnonable styles, manufactured cxpmudv for lh? Bit. adv. ay retail trade, IS. S. MILLS A CO, 413 B mad way, near Canal street. Wholesale stock an usual at 342 and M* Broadway. /lAKVliTS ? WANTKD, SKCOND HAND ENGLISH TA "y {h ? .-if ry or Wive*. Cat |)"t.i>a, lnqodoid?M, suitable lop tv. - parlors; about tony yan! ; ca<li. fuo must below lor c tsii. A l lresh, with particulars ami piiiv, C. i it , 'Xi! West Fifteenth hired. L OBD A TAYLOR, ~ Nos. 4CI to 487 UROADWAY, Will exhibit on MONDAY. October II, NOVELTIES IN CLOAKS, Iucludlug all the LATEST PARIS AND LONDON SHAPES, IN EVERY VARIETY OF MATERIAL AND TRIMMING. Also It Stores N i >?. 3tt to 2f.l Oraml atreet. And No*. 47 mi l 411 * .uli urine street. L DUD Jt tayloh, Nob. 4B1 to 167 BROADWAY, I write attention to tlieir LARGE ASSORTMENT ? or RICH LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, roil FALL AND WINTER, including all the latmit d 'sigm, MUCH BELOW REGULAR PRICES. Also at Stni'. ^ "4 N "S. 2riS to 2f>l Grand Street. And him. 47 and 4 1 Catharine Street." T ORD A TAYLOR, J Nos. 461 to 407 BROADWAY, WILL OFFER ON MONDAY, OCT 21, DRESS GOODS AT RETAIL. 300 OASES CHOICE STYLES, Including m:my DECIDED BARGAINS FROM AUCTION. Also at Stores Km. 2Vi to 261 Grand street, And N'os. 47 and 41><: ithurine street (JELLING OUT TO CLOSE T1IE BUSINESS. EDWARD LAMBERT ,t CO., No, +17 Broad way, Have now reopened tlieir store for the CHEAT CLOSING SALE, IN LIQUIDATION, OK THEIR ESTATE. IMMENSE REDUCTIONS Have been made in the pri. i s of the entire stock, which niH-t be disposed of this season. GREAT BARGAINS Will be offered in SILKS, SHAWLS, CLOARS. WINTER DRESS GOODS. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, LACES AND EWiJKOIDERIES, GLOVES AND GA< NT LEI'S, MOURNING GOODS. 40. All to be sold by the 1st of December next, and presenting perhaps the greatest opportunity to buy cheap goods ever offered in this city. JWUIKERY. ABoime^'^e^8V^gTal^|NNK.T8. BLACK Vfr7vii+ B Mlle. r. barnett m WILL Ol'EN WINTER FASH WILL Ol'EN WINTER FASHIONS OF I'ARIS MILLINERY, On THURSDAY, Obtober 24, at 23 Wavetley place. CliOTHING. BETTER CHANCE STILL.-$12,t?>U WORTH OFCAST off < Mottling wanted for the Western and Callforuia mar ked,? Ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to secure the full . .. s, fit " ' " ^ A value lor your clothing, carpets, t umUiire, jewellT. Ac., the best yo ii can do is to call on or send a note to B. Minu, No. 137 Skit avenue, where you may l>e sure to receive fifty . Kir cenWnore than from nny olher dealer. Ladle* attended r Mrs. Mint*. No. 137 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. ?yj? Attention, ladies and gentlemen? if you wish to gut the full value for your cast off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture nod Jewelry, the best you ran do ife u? send n note to F. HARRIS, 13# Seventh avenue; there you m?y be couvln Led you will be dealt with t? j our satisfaction. For nllk dresses, from (8 to $S0; for Coats, from $1 to $10; fur Pftnts, from $1 to $6. Please don't forget, 156 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-Hint street. Ladles stunted hy Mrs. VUi'C Testis ?A* L^O^Qi/aVT'VT^ J\ cast off Clothing w anted to lilt up orders from the West: First rate prices will be given and cash paid in current money. Apply to J. MORON Y, 181 Pearl affect, next Uo::k A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING, -LADIES AND XV gentlemen having nny Cast Off Clothing. Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price liy culling ou or addressing A. II ARRIS, S88 Third avenue. Ladies at tended by Mrs. Harris. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING. ? LADIES AND gontlemen bavin;); any cast off Clothing, Furniture and Carpets, will receive the highest prices by culling on or ad dressing 0. Mish, 302 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladles att niled by Mr-,. ?ish." A POSITIVE PLACE.? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I want a large loi of cast off Clothing for the Western market; Carpets and Furniture. I in oinlsc to pay the lii^it- st, price for them by calling < n or aa.tivssiug M.Ellis, No. .*1 Seventh avenue, between Sixteenth and Seven. eenth aim is. Ladies attended by Mrs. Ellis. A BETTER CHANCE STILL, LADIES AND GEN ri.E A man? A great demand for the Western market.? Wanted, a large quantity of cast off Clothing, Furniture. Carpets, Jewelry, A:c. I guarantee to pay the best price* in the city. A note addressed u> M. Abrahams, 233 .Seventh avenue, between Twenty-lifth and Twenty-sixtu streets, ? ill be punctually attended to. Ladles attended by Mrs. A. AT THE OLD STAND, 131 SEVENTH AVENUE. EZE KIEI.S guarantee to pny the following pri s f. r ?*' and gentle m en's cast off Wearing Apparel ?From $s to $WJ for silk dresses, from $G m $20 lor coats, from $1 M to $7 for pants; also Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac. A note hy pest punctually attended to by K., l;H Seventh avenue. In dies attended to by Mrs. E. A GREAT QUANTITY OF OAST OFF CLOTHING Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry wanted, w supply the Western market ?I pay as follows:? for silk dresses i rum $lo lo $30; coats from $ti to $18; pants from $1 r?J $!>. Call on or address A. Ducas. 218 Seventh aveu'ie, between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth streets. Ladies attended hy Mrs. D. ATTHE NEW STAND, 293 THIRD AVENI'K. LADIK4 and gents call secure their full value t..r their east oif Clothing, by calling on or addressing C. JACOBS, J'.Cl I'iilnl avenue, between Twenty-third and Twcrtty-fourtli^treets Litdies attended by Miss V. Jacobs. A RARE CHANCR-412^90 worth OT cast-off ^.V clothing wanted, to supply falifoniia and W-wtern markets ? Furniture, carpets, jewelry, Ac. 1 do not pretend to offer nomisal prices, as I - done by some, but I guarantee to pay the tnniosi value fore. o h artlce by e.tlliug on rr addressing S. H., 79 Slxlh sveniie, second d' >r abov, Wa verlity pUi> e. Ladies attended to l>y Mrs. E. II T THE WESTERN AGENCY STORE LADIES AND l gentlemen can obtain an extra price lor their <?st.o(T w aring apparel, as we have a great (b-ieatid for then to nil up the orders for the above mentioned Stat"-1. Also carpcta jewelry, Ac., bought by colling on ur nddrrasiti ; li. I1ARKI>, 363 Bowery, opposite Great Jones atreei. \ou may be sure to dispose of your articles to your satisfaction. La He.- at tended >iy Mrs. Harris. ABETTER CHANCE THAN EVER FOR LADIEH and gentlemen to obtain tlie highest price for their < r.s off clothing. I guarnniee to pay the following pn ? F r silk dresses, from $7 tn $30. from 91 to $1? tori-oat* from #2 to $6 for pants. Also carpets, furniture and jewelry. Call on or address J. ANHALT, 15$ Seventh avenue notwis-ii Twentieth aud T? euty-lirst streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. Anhalt. NEW PUBLICATIONS. American civil, war'? the impoktan r r,\ i.nts, ?ucli as Battles, Skirinlshc*, Ur. miyit' .i'i < p ??? traits of the l'r miiient Leaders, Ac , ,t .in the liegin ig tip to the present t me, illustni'e.i bv n ? tic-. n !v colored 1'ictiire.s on Glass, for the Ma Lantern, Di-- > ti{ Views, or similor exhibitions, thre ,.i. ? m I .tn , and set In wo-.d complete. Published end soM 1->y ? ? . . Ciiii Stereoscopic Cottij aiiy. \V. I. tNUI-. N lili ! \i tg ti 'J Chestnut street,, Phil. idelp'.ti i. A' ? or >8% hy t e proi tpal iii.ti ans tlw i'lghoillthe Hilton. \ eral.-u ? o. .? - 1 - - I.. ? Pic .,1 A, ro ,Uiitiliig nls? a t >1 ? ? > ? - II, I or - C 1 led I'll II . !? -I Ill ? fie . ? of Sn 'd atstei ? ? : An AT

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