Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1861, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1861 Page 10
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XBTBO POLIT AU POLITICS. j ThoVnion CanfiNitcc? Gur|uln Betmcu i tli? Ottmam nnd th? !M;truliull Or^aui" ul Ion? Failure oi I He Gfrmaiu to Scvnro THilr Sltle of tlic Ilurcniu?Tlic Kiiow Nothings Again in the Flcld?Tttmutuuy XIull G^nevul Committee Aliont to Assem ble? -rile lirjiulilieuu County Coutcii tion? -THc ltlng autl t lie Corporation tronigo-A Ititillc Among the M?)?raHy &uUtant?, &?., ?fccM tSkC. Hie Union organizations ami committees Iwve been having a ajiicy ami interesting time thus fur this week On Monday night the Conference Commit toe from the Fifth Avenue Taxpayers' Union, St. Nicholas, Marshall * nd Ger tnan Union League organizations, assembled ut iko ICveret* House and hud ft decidedly interesting tiaW; but iustead jut being tn foci a union throughout, tho fcouthrn dodge of in'coenon nnd rebellion was for uc time the order of the evening. The Marsliall organization, fully imitating the Southern secessionists, bolted nnd commenced blow tog about tlirir power and honesty; while the Germans, on tho other hand, were content to adopt the old dodgo of Tammnny, iiud withdrew to consult. But under un un derstanding (b it if tln-y would come back no nomination ahoii lit be mu do without four out of tho live committee# favsent should vole unanimous for the candidates, both of the bolting committee* returned to tho conference. Th*t ogre mint, tho sequel shows, was tho very thing de aired abi vo all others by the Marshall committee. Jt appears tluit the members of tlio original Conforetic0 j CnmtuUle : of the Marshall organization did not present thrm -elvc3 at the conferencc, at least only two of them Tlio i -ianeo of the committco was O'.lud up by bangers on ntvwjt tho Tax Commissioner's Oiltee. This fact aroused tho suspicion of such men us A. T. Stewart' tivhv on, 1'lcrrepont and others, and u disposition vrni manifested i.ot to sit with them,. the I rover Ay tlrst arising upon what authority those go-iilcmrn hadpra aenlod themselves. Out of this arose the difficulty that On il'y Induced the Marshall Ccmm it tee to withdraw. Tho Germans, previous to tho assembling of tho conference, had mad > an agreement, or rather a regular bargain uud salo, with tho packe t committco from tho Marshall con cern, in which tho Hermann hud bound themselves to g? for W. Hi own for Sheriff, dropping their own < audidala' Vulio, a' '1 the Mai 'tail Committee wus to rn'omjieuro hern for this by going for James Af. Pmiih, the German candidate for l ittrict Attorney ? a regular and com pie to bargain and sale between them. Py virtue of this i agreement the moment that the Marshall Committco se ceded tho Germans found It accessary to withdraw to consult to sec what then should bo done. Th>y, however, returned with tho former, and when it came to tho voting it was found that this bargain was adhered to to tho letter. Tho (huirman of each com mittee cast \ho vote of his delegation. The ballot for Sheriff flood three to two ? the Fifth Avenue, 1?t. N'iciiotns and Taxpayers' Union voting for Vulte; the Marshall and German delegations voting for Brown. Had tho Ger mans stood by their own man Vulte would have been nominated. Tim rosult wus, no nomination was tnado for Sheriff, and the question dropped. On tho question of nistrict Attorney, tho Marshall and German committees voti d overy time for Jaines M. finitli , the other thrto committees for A. K. Lawrence, tho M.irshall Committee thus \ r ti. g directly against their own convention, which had ouco, by a largo vote, rejected Fnnth and endorsed Lawrence. Under this arrangement, as a matter of nomination could bo made for those offices, and the Conference dropped the Rubjcct and took up other candidates. * movements ofU^r'cfli'r ' c(nl<,<!-,no?r review of tho (anlatkms wero r?' *0a0 ,'n''eSU t'Di0U,,r U.o claims orjrt"i/Z!ZJermT 0hJ""P->n ""?? boon moro than verified bv ihl d B,fttcment ' ^ -ek. TboM^VorlL^ IZETT ? ?* prots purpcg-> of electing nri ??? T> "'C ex' from Williamaon 0, ; ' ho mating spirits, ^"y, to Ben out ?uy ; 1 ; 0T 1 ;rar; w; to fc* that object ? hence the r l ' ca,llUtUtes to secure fnaor the JenJ .I? C~ 10 ??'? in tho passage of the' n t"y Wi0lCr ?>ey were laboring to eecure tt r? way Railronrt, ,b0 WMalnro in , -ver-i'V '""i""1""1 "C mp" f'T would ho found sound r,,r u districts whu ll'?" -V rneu. in thL ^oT^LT T' covered by the opponer.ts of the ra r ' l wore forced to a. op cf ... ... , 8cha;uc?. they Senators and endorse the ? ? ?"?! ??.td caii.ii<iat.>s f,lr mltte, p. Thev were tl er _.r "T" Cf U" ,''"ufcr,5n,-0 corn. - far ? ?ff on tiiat ? . ?'?" If! a Jam s M. . ' , (' ,ma? organlza. tll,. owaiaa Htjnor'dealera111 f ? ' * roadytomalk-tv anythiJ , ,,lal we Of getting fmiili, and were ready ^TV'"' ,'">S''-k" accomplish that ohlopt hot ' Brown to ^toKany,h,ni?^;rb::^ni-^;^.-eofno, oomruitt.ia of the Twente i > m? lc with the l?*t the jacked oo, , / j Tyl or^an'zati?n, at loaders in this barrain > I R""' <>ne < <" U>c in the nominating committee of the M,? w *ton ?n Tuwi "* ?"*? on ,h. ri,?rfot1uorn v IT ??w at w<" k trying to bring about the rat.f , 7 ? v : ??? r-I-r, ?r ? ,h" " WO from the republican, one fr(,m .. ? ? ' :'n"n"R ?f , committee agree upon s,,,ith n8 t ?Ifr ?! ' g 10 have Uli8 put it through the Marshall ?< .. r''^ort,and then and spur. Pa" zatlon with tho whip /-c ordicgly, on Tno.d, y ariernron,"!'',,^^^11^3' Wtow. ? I- II M ?r |1? - ' T; ',?M " "? t-ernmn Cuinmltfoo. Rr . f"r',,tnp and the Ur'.w,.?^K;:lstN,f ! J',1 had, and ?ball Mxt German . ri iu. '*, ? am"?aof lhe Map ,f V * TuWlran rnmttlt'fi.' u'nt t?vnfb"rn7mher' v-.'' owineaea with tho Tax 8Pma The <?>: ^^,-c ? ** with them. ? -? 'JSS^T^ STTltai ??'U, aud aro co-v q,d , ,,,e b3r ?nation at Cooper Jr , consum' 1 :n bth,P, . , ,M ?W't. Of the r . J.;, : ??"? v?? Of some city Th--, isno( , . '4u,ictl1 f'?" In tho (hoteec ? ?. i nthernlm .'"-l li'at a hr*?n"tf?ltyof J y at wortc to [,,-ii a' ' ? parlil"g are hon<*t Mdplrn o all I' rat., lies "of .CSV? Ci'y IK"'ftics' hop.dg of i . s , Mi,. ...r,,. ,? ' - "'Omninnt in tho rominat 1 that \,-A\ tlaT.? {hl. * m?y U V/.Iorti iutoiy t enough of ii,e oM V i"'6 ,)UWte J'o!U r; , frtm ,h0 r rtT t P' 'jn^rf' ?<J O.'uuril dowa to ih-, w 0) "J M Co,"mun tur4?, liavo {< ? i \ w . ^vcnl aOvoo. writs to V ok the wheels uij prev'JT^ ^ CnB n>ont or the , 110 ac?ompiish kborltig to hXga^ut*: ?f lU'm ^ *cm, f, ?T thm cm ne tr' ^ , . , ,n , 'V [ tot,f"0"cc in-, n , ' ' ' about Win. U. Row ,rf . ? '"i n.p SSK S?TS Another Tnton party ha.? o Irto erl^f ^ last rev ie v.- < , , st nco F,acc our and uH ears to be o!^ . t 8 l? U:0 mliWal ivc;(V"r,c,ofti!? ,ast'cd cr '-to Know Nothing jarty 1^ ,, h'a''C" of Ule old eonecrn. Th. y ha i'r. ,i? . <C, I:14na^lfl? spirits a t tho eompl f! ng .Vcthinc bi t \l m ! ,Lm",tl'ous s^Pion, ac Ti.-r, Iconl . ' v.-. rjvv,n Kji. .V y. i. Imr , int. of tho although there a Pr,'': L"C1<'" of County Clerk, he dtC r?:t eandi !ates for ,'f ?vor title of "Hull Kun Jimmy ' wa r " : w1' the llo?ttt nomi ioo for that p. .". " 1 ' ' ' to tuO had for Count? (":i rk, Htr.ry y r > ?er? Othors, but no nomli.ati'on, the In V ' U'''i:[X ili' tho 2.' . Ih Iden ,1 7 5. j!a, ^ , , ?' 't*' "SGeuat, that the ?JTM|*Uhlc? of tho gn w Sol ' Genet, although some of tlie dc:<v " ' K ,vltU not want Hohlen beoauf ho h?d"I?'UliftUll9>' T gen, lemon must be ndmlro.l f<n ? t r fr^, ?""Cy" they have no other good <jtwijf V . 0l,kl'c'iS. if The above factb w.ll he oiufiiel^nf ni ?, r !?' ties for tho pre.:eUt fc(, ' , ' * r the ^nlon r^lar-^ad c^liy lUo nm'^m vZ TiZ ? r1'" "? T ! Tali -o, ,.,d n ' f* JU? liavc r. it < a fill- ... ?i v, ;j i ti.! i > Atittcc, wbi-'ii v iv a" ' iaI,:m,illy l!"UGeneMlc..?n * b a jcaiblo oa rruy particular ax# they have to grin 1 wo uro unable to niyi I unless it In that of declaring the nomination of Oliver "Inrllck rcg lar, aliout which there Is no Utile contro versy hi that district. Other matters or Importance will ulco bo brought up. The real political Ring, iu all its com ponent par in, has bcon nomewhat agitated during the past three or four days. Tho exjote of their combination In our columns was llko a thunderbolt. They are not nblo even at the prwut tmo to understand It* in ulnp,und tho Ci(y Hall portion liavo actually given it up, and nro talking over tho Corporation advertising, imagining thiij the Hkhai.d, llko tho Tribune, Timet and Ww W, can bo controlled In political matters by that Job. Wo are In fu .'mod that they will soon opon the nuostiuu afea;u ami ^0 through with tho motion of protending to give it to some bodjr. In tho meantime tho King in at work extending its combinations In every posslblo direction. Tli:K far they havo but ono candidate but that has two or throo candidates against him, thus dividing tho opjiosl tlon, wtiilo they nro united and pushing ahead tn a solid column. Henry W. Genet is tho only person lwminatod by tho Ring combination that has but one caudldato againrt htm. The contest on County Clerk has already narrowed down between (ionot andlloxio,but on all oil. or ofllces on the county ticket thero arc several candidate* in the Hold against tho Mug nominees, leaving a clear lie Id for them. In a recent notlco of a mooting In tho Bowery we callcd ittlio Rosenberg German Committee. Wo havosinco ascer tallied that it Is not exclusively a German committee, but an Independent democratic couimittoo, composed of Gur mans, Irish and Americans. The German organization known as tho Kuster Central Club held Its meeting n few evenings since, and lias tho roughly <>r, ani/e 1 for tho campaign. There was no little commotion yesterday among the I '?spirants for the Mayoralty, numbering about twenty all told. Tlicy said their friends were running about iu every direction. What was osjiooially in tho wind wo are unable lis y; but apparently thero is a desperate effort goirg on by about twenty dilferent persons to secure the nomination of some convention for the oflleo of Mayor, at the same time laboring under tho impref <iou th .t it only tho mention of their names to the public to carry the entiru vote of New York. MO/AKT ASSEMBLY NOMINATION. Peter Meehan lias been nominated by tho Mozart Hall done e, y of the Sixteenth Assembly district for mem ber of Assembly. EX- riCAKKlt MTTI.KJOHN NOT A CANDIDATE. Hon. I'e WlttC. I.iltlejohn has declined the republican ^nomination for Assembly m Oswego county, of el Ellas Root has been nominated in his place. taxpayers' abskmiily nomination. The Taxpayers nominated John Callahan for member o^ Assembly iu the First district. People1! Kyrpftmi' roitvi-ntlon. The Convention met nt half past Seven o'clock lflsv evening at the Cooper Institute. The President being ab sent, the Convention was called to order by Mr. Louis. Pome wrangling horo ensued about Mr. Louis' prerog.v tlve to occupy the chair. The whole matter was finally settled by the opportune arrival of Dr. Austin, the Pro sident. Tho roll of delegates was then called by tho Secretary. The minutes of the last meeting were read, when a mo tion was made to reconsider the action of the lost meet ing, when it was declared by tho Chair out of order. Mr. Holden moved that tiio Kxocutive Committeo of fifteen bo discharged, and new enes appointed in thoir stead. The reason for this motion, the gentleman a t rt oil. \vn" the necessity of equalizing the committee. lie would like to see n committeo of twenty-two appointed, and the Chairman bo added to (hut committee, in order to have each war I represented. Several members sprtko against tho roappolntnvnt of the committee. They had discharged their duties falth fnlly, and the Convention had no power to discharge them. Ibe rpiPsfton on tho disc'iarso of Ihn committeo jv-is then about being put by the Chair, when hi* right to'put the motion was appealed from. A rls'ng vote being taken, the Chair was sustainod, which lie (the Chairman) Fai l ho regrctb-d. Thoquostiou UiK.n discharging the committee was then put and lost. Mr. Holden moved that seven more be added to tho Ex ecutive Committee, which was lost. A report from the Kxocutivo .Committeo was made, stating that it could now only bo made in part. The sub committee appointed by the Kxectitivo were received and the ro^ort adopted. A f<> no of eotties! n anil uproar here ens-'ed, in which ser era', members ri seslmultaneously and made several mo this. on.> ;"ntletuau accused the Clialr of partiality .11 rend. Tint; di-eisions. Mr. lloi.iKN mule a motion to add six to the Exeeutivo i' mr.i:'oo, i-i order to eipviiizo it bo fwven the democrats, republicans and Union men, their being seven Unionli-'.s, live democrats and throe republi cans on that committee. Carried. Several repolutiM s were ottered and lest. 7 a ' led : ' ? uimtmi'.lco were ti.ea rend ;.s up [h iuted by tho Chair. I ]'. MeKarland d a lined (lie nomination for Coroner, Which was accepted. Mr. Roberts di cliuod acting us Trouper r of th" associa tion.and Mr. Travis was appointed in his steal. Th ? Convention then adji nrne ! to Wcdnuseuy evening noxt, alter quite u boisterous session. Oar Roi'liculcr ComiiHindtiirr, Rochestm Oct. 22, 18fil. lht Approaching Eh liin ? Sla'c h' ? The J'rotpccls etf the Two Parties, tfc While tho electors of this city ami many other localities uro intensely abs rbed in the question of county candi dates, very little attention seems to be paid to the State nominations. Undoubtedly nil tho nominees on the gene ral tickets are gentlem n of elevated standing and emi nently qualified for the several positions for which thoy have been selected. Until within a few days it was generally conceded that tlio People's ticket would succeed py a tremendous majority. But recently several of tlio leading republican papers, both lu this city mid other sections of the State, havo ad\ised the ''scratching'' of tho people's nominee for Canal Commissioner. This b.-.a created an excitement, and retail ilion is threatened, ir>t only with reference to that candidate, but a'so against the entire ticket; and If fume reconciliation is not effect ed ? a withdrawal of either Bruoe or Tullinadge ? it scums now almost certain that Wriglu, the democratic candidate will succeed bv a plurality. Tlia republicans very sagaciously ami wisely refused to placc either of their present State officers in nomination for another term. This was lu cousoquencoof the uuiver. sal disapprobation of not only tho party, but tho entire people, with the transactions of the State Military Board, of which they woro members. Whether any of tho thousand accusations so freely made a;;nin?t them had foundation in truth remains for of h story to disc! sc. The only fltat? officers renominated ior re-election are the S cret try of State and Uio I ngineer and Surveyor. They arc on the democratic ticket. Tho latter, Mr. Rich mond , ha.< served the State four years, having t wi.v been elected, and given satistactory evidence, wo believe, of his entire Qtncsa and qualification for the genorol super intendence of the great works of public improve ments belonging to the State. During tho ttvo years that Mr. Jones has ndministerod the import ant and intriiate duties of Secretary wo have n .t h ard the whisper of oensuro or complaint against him. Wo believe his political en-nates comedo tiiat his counsels in the Canal iioaid, in the Ito.u d of Corn mi' fi'incr:- ol tho I -ninl 01i,iv , and u> every other |?osl:inn in which J.0 hr.s bjen caile-1 U> confer ? itii tho other PUto I'lUcors, l.ave been U? s? of great di.->creUin, wis dom, iiiirithtiiC88 and imiiar^aiity. Tho oction taken by the N'cretaiy, !ta a i^.Pml,c'r ^ tl,e Mtlitaiy Hoard. was li at ftonon.icnl. pnti i dle BB'? judicious, and ftinn: 1. , i'jq t. ,i .sictioi s ? f that body cv?T l>'T HI" rev?M?1 11 wi'l bo flu.wti that b <U tho ^va-cury and hngitieor endcftvoi c !, bv uis moons lti their |>0\\< r, to facilitate the organization of tho regiments, while the members a< msc! of sIm l !y i.-m \v re c lehit.lly throwing impedimenta in the way of their t'Cii g lerr .1 to the gi ner.i! overnne nt. Tho chances which the groat ni i.-s (?f the l eiiph- pos sess. In securing I a it hi 1 and honest public officer* are extremely r ue, end it is gen rally purely acci d-ntal when en."" >.r f.ih description is discovered. Nil e toi l l.s of ih ?jo whom tiio i*oplo en:r ut with tho a.-id c ' ?ly oj public aifairs be iome so i<;nf>rm!y corrupt, or piove so decidedly lne<l, clout mid iiio'tnt* tout, tnat they are never trutlid With u Bit'imd t?-rm of oli.oe. tiii'tho contraiy, .whenapuld; ? Bk-r l.i f< :nd who pot. -,i ? talent, a min isters his dutic9 ,...lh iMtiffty and integrity, leceivl- g tho plaudits of tho community for Ins well d or and faithfulness, t here seems to l>e a propria and f-v< n a ne cessity for icU.u;i : s eh a sei vast in (he pel II. . . y metit. It lJ a dec/: ' iidvantnj :>? to retain a m..u of ji well kriown characteristic* rsiher than to venture ui en the expedient of an untried man. New Jtriry i'nllllrs, rpvoenAUC Ccr.vr* Xvmisatiox ? Tho above Conven tion of Hudson county met on Tuesday evening at Iiudsou City, and nominated tho following ticket.? J'?r /State Senator? Th-odor F. Handoli h. J'r riff? John M. IT.uru. I r Cor nm ? Th-mim t;.!i.<y <f Ibnlsrn City, P. W. 1; .is'.ead, of Iloboken, and Ji nns II. Uonne y.w Jersey City. ?. r nventlon to nominate mcmi cr.i of ^; i.-fiinbly from | lb ? ecu wi'l ho held this (Thursday) evotirg. F rk in the Vow Kit v. ? Shortly after eight o'clock last night a flro hroi > out in tho clothing sti re of Sitrr i Fox, No. 6C Powery. Its prompt discovery by tho p< . e no doubt prevere 1 tin iVstructioa of tho tnfire stock ?J he lli inoa wero qi.i K'.y at the premises, and cxtin Cilshed tho flro I T r ? it > pr ad acrf '-sth' ?' re. The e to ih < . . k witt ai.i' *' to ab t j i-A). Insured for $j,o u in ' 'ri late i.i ii ui 1 New Vo: k i-ip. Itablo In .. u: ? c < :i T.. ' i) ..l !ing .s dm ge.| ab>> l 'ii red. The. .'.nor th- firo is tit ku vn at p. i :.e Kt r ? Jjirl i yl -,.n < [oged (? Hit t !? iltltiUtCS When the tire ? is i lAoyeicd. il is uie. r invest ;MU> n by the I ii e Ai,u n ..4', MOVEMENTS OF NEW YORK TRCCPS. DEPABTUItE OP THE PEOPLE'S ELLSWORTH REGIMENT. OllKAT CROWDS IN BKOAUWAY TO SKK 1 HU "AVENOKK8" OFF? SKETCUBB OF TUB OFWCKItS OK TI1K KEQIMF.NT, KTC. Tlic Forty fourth raglmnt,Kew York St%t? Voluntoc-sJ otherwiso called tho "Pontic's Ellsworth r< ican:., which arrived in our city from Alb, my on Tuesday morn lng, took thoir departure for Washington by Um Camden and Amboy lmo yesterday evening. A liist< ry or tin facts connected with tho organisation of this regiment hot: .ilrt ady boon published hi our i-. vie of jju?tet<'. j ' that It is unnecessary to go into any farther detail". The regime/it was detained over night in Now York , m consequence of their arms being changed, and attoct thro o'clock yesterday they arrived, when they wero at oneo distributed among tho men. These arms we tho Spring | Held riiles, and are .considered tho best for military u*o. During their stay in Now York t hu men of the Kilt w< ril. regiment havo uwiuta'nod that character which preceded them, o!' respectable and temperate men. Not a man in tho l'ark barracks, where they wero quartered, wa.H found to he unue.' tho ltiUuouoo of hquor, and no disturbance or wrangling cf any description wus pi ova lent ami I'g them. 1 he City Hall l'ark was crowded <tar ing the day by an Inqtiliitlvo crowd, who descanted (1st ter Ingiy i'U ijio Due, soldierly iip|ieinmco of the men. LU'Ii s were ou t In) ground iu abundance, tho nnn s oming to lie great favorite* with the fair sex In general. Colonel Utr> ker was In. the I ark dating the enliro day, busily en gaged in jicrsoiwll) superintending all the necessary movements inol lentul to tl ? corofori of h>s Dion. At five o'clock the men were ready to ntrueb, being formed in tho Park. Hroadwny andCortla 1 It stro t. the route tli. .? i.h v. it . h they 1 a.->cd, wore tin > ngod withsj>ec tators, who cheered euthusnu-'ilcally as 1)10 soldiers II led pnst. Their marching was aim imeiillarly rem: rke I, and as the steady , iletei mined tramp of the men down ihon I way was d .staidly heard, with thuir tino muscular belies towering above, shouts of applause vent tho air. Arriving at the loot of Cortlandt Street, the mon took loavc of the city of New York, en route to tho seut of war. The fol I vi ing are SKKTCUEfi OF THE I-EARING OFFICERS OF TUK ItEOI MV'NT. Colonel Stryker, who commands the regiment, is in every way lilted to lead so efficient and hardy a body of men. Heine a yo. . g man, only 26 yean- of jij e, no g' s out nerve 1 with all the onthusiosin and \ igor of youth, as well as a large and practical e;perl'<nco of military a Hairs ,11 gen"rnl. II 'had personal acquaintance w>ih Col. KJIsworih, having ucted with hitn utmost since ).o lirst intend cijion tho duties of a military ciroor. Colonel Str.\ki rfii!-tdr?w breath in Harllngton, Somerset county, N. .'.,and resided ir his native locality up (0 tho yen r lSf-4, when ho r 'uoveil to OhN ago, and shortly after joi* . 1 tho National Guard liattallon. This orgatii. /all u was * ihse piently trnnsformod Info tho Chi. cago Zouaves, which attained such notoriety, and, together with Ellsworth, Mrykir btcftmo a mem ber " f tho corps. Tho acquaintance of tho- two voting men soon alter ripened Into a warm personal at tachment, which lasted until the death of Ellsworth. tor a brief period Colonel Sli ua' was Captain of thoZouaves, an! when the >Iortn<m w ir threatened us lie was the first to offer his services to tho (i vernor of Illinois to put down the rebellion. When civil war then broke out and the New lire aou?',"C8 Wuro cou't'? of organ iza lien, uBilor command of Klls^orw., !'1P Colonel was ap pointed Lieutenant and went < lit with tt>? J' nen',,[ Out capacity. At the time of Ellsworth's dcatfi h? u*. the jx>.iC of Acting Adjutant, and came on with the remains of his d ceased Colonel to Nj\* York. He stayed with tho until transferred to their last resting plaoo. Tho'iop ? ed organization of tlu- Ellsworth rcglmcD? \yag the signal for hint to iteigu his c<f"?!tnd ill ilie Fire ZoraveR to i"in the men who were pledged to avengo tho death or Ins forme friend and commander. He w:is unanimously teloc'i 1! I y t:.e committee ns the man to command this reciiuent. , w hich he promptly accepted. Lieatcnai.t Colonel Rli > is thirty y 01 rs of ago, and a hrellii r-i:i-law of W. A. Kicj, Fcq., connected with tho llrm of Mcf'luro i: Co. , of Albany. He was a captain .11 the Cartbaldl Guard, now at tic seat of war in Virginia. Hi i. g tendered hi.- present positl ?n, he willingly act apt d it, and loft tl o rif;im nt with which bo was connected in order to j. in this. He han had exten sive oxperi n<c in military matters, and no douU will reflect credit upon hlmyclf and his position. Tho selection i? a judicious one. Major M Kown is also a native of Albany , and STved with distinction in tho Mexican war. He N a p?l tao t:c|iin, and c 'nipelent in every way for tho position ho holiis. Adjutant Knox was horn Iri Fnstport, Maine, was a memtierof ti e Chicago Cadets, and ii twenty-live years of aj,-c. Ha wus out with tho First I'iro Zouaves a- l i^l Liuutenant of Company A, and smelled powder at the hut tic of Bull run. NYlii'e coiiiiecte I with the Chicago Cadets he was known by tho gobrl [iiet of tiM "Little Corpi ral." Quartermn-ter Miiuday halls fcom Seneca Falls, and was a private in Uie regiment, when bis pccullur iitness for the pu: i t ion of Quarlorma^ter induced his superiors to tlve him place. Drs. FTotlilngbam and Hissell belong to Erio county, and are modii ul men of proficiency. Rev. II. l'eose, who f.o s out as chaplain, is a irrai'.uato of Williams College, nud comes from Saratoga, lie is an extensive traveller, having beeii through all parts of Kiiopo and the Holy, and is stated to baa muu of oloqeent u !dr< ss and 1 order of intellei t. Oiptilns I arrabee, Conner and Revere wero connected v i h thi Clilcago Cadets, and wet e all in the battl- of Bull run. FLAG FOR THE FORTY-THIRD REGIMENT, N. Y. S. V. Limit. John C. Morcereau, Company II, Forty-lhird re ;imcnt, New Yuk fctato Volunteers, commanded by Colonel Francis T.. Vinton, left la.-t evening for Washing ton, having been in this city for tho last Ave days on leave of absence. Tl.e F. rty third regiment forms a por. lien of (Jen. Smith's division, ported Iu an important i*> siti 11 on tho Potomac. Th rogimont hns dono f,ood sur. vice since its arrival at tho seat of war, and being with out a flap, Lieut. Merceroau availed him- < If of tho op. l>ortunity atlbrded by ha: presence in the city to apply to tho Union Defence Committeo lor the nooessary standard. On learning of the want of the regiment, Mr. Simeon Dra per immediately w rote an order to Tiffany .V Co. for tho manufacture of a lla , v. hich wus comp'etoly litiished iu a few days. Tho Hag. though gotten up In a hurry, is a Icautiful pieco of workmanship, and rellects cnilit on tl'.o leakers. Tho following Inscription appears on tho side of the stall : ? '-?> I l'K?bMiTltD TO Till. loUTY-TMl.D llk<;..VK>T, K. V. 8. V.. 5 COL. FRANCE L. VINTON, > \ nv I > 81.\n-'ON DRAPER. ? ?/?/??//? THE SARSFIELD RIFLES. Tho above name has been sulected and given by Arch bishop Hughos to a regiment now In course of organ i/.a Hon In New York, which was formerly known ns tho t'nmoron Legion. Notwithstanding two companies have been consolidated lu another regiment, it still niimlicrB some 450 men, and Colonel Ihmham, Lieutenant Colonel Bishop, Willi Qnnrternmeter Altiertson, ami the priwi|?il elllcern of the line, are resolved to continue tholr efforts until tlio regiment is fail and r?ady to receive marching orders. Their h idqurtm arc at 44 Groenwksh street. Officers of companies and parts of companion deairotw of attaching themselves to a good reg.mect nro rewpe<t fully Invited to call bef' re they dispose of themselves elsewhere. Kxperi. need and comjietent officers, to ro. oruit eomnauics or s'juads, are especially invited to cull. Annexed is tin- motto proposed by the Archbishop, lo l>o inscribed on the bahner: ? "If you cone with us to tight forth - Union, well and welcome, Mi/heer/ If you go to fight against the Union, then Faugh u-Batlaugh 1" FIRST NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS. Lieutenant Colonel Pyckman has been appointed by tbO Governor Colonel of the First regiment, New York Vo lunteer?. The regiment is now at Newport News.Ya. . and Captain W. I.. Coles hns boon detailed on the recruit ing servko in this city and Stat'1. The headquarters are at Central )lu!l, 17-4 Grand street. The regiment now mus ters about TOO nun.atid it i ?? di signed to 111! up the ranks to 1,048. Captain CcW name is racntionod for Lieatouaut Colonel, in place of Colonel Dyckman, promoted. TIIU FLAG PRESENTATION AX CAMP BUCK INGHAM. It may he conv6n!cnl lo tli 6 going to tlio flag pro pentitlon to the Eighth Con.icc.ticut "regiment, at .laioalca. L. I., to-day, to learn that cars start hourly for the en campment frctn tlio South furry, foot of Atlantic streof Brooklyn. Tlir, CLINTON GUARD. We aro Informed that four of the Wren Brothers (lato of Laura Ktenc u theatre) , have enlisted for the war In the C linton Gua'd, foV nel Spencer W. Cone, now cntamp ed at Fort Tompkins, Statcn Island. Mrs. Wren also gscs with the regiment as hospital matron. She carne tiy solicits donations of llr.t, jellies and condensed hospital stores for the regiment, as the stray rcp ilatlons do not allow everything that is noeded In the treatment of the f All pare, is left or directed to tLo care cf her fifth ron, IV. V.\ C. VTren, Surgeon l ontlit, No. 31 Fourth strevtjflio ik'yn,E. P., will bo thankfully received, and properly appreciated. THE NINETEENTH REGIMENT. Thir r' :,.ii' nt was one of the first to volunteer its ser vies T t the war. It. if- commanded by Col. William It. rtn "i. nn occmptished and experienced officer. It h id its ir ] ii' n ai.d review on the 22>t. nnd had flm .i t- ?> !>' i 'red en i arsde. it was rev-xed by (i n. I'm iivMer im n*j>ect<d by Major rf. Kmmet Get' v , tl>o l-ri. ado .n pew r >,f tlio ^evi-Mh brigade. Iho :> t a . i ? ? .i. .,t l -'- ii iv funic ti. ? loo 'red of i;.- m In the wi?r. The h wither ion o>y, that n-nrtorcd ft vah able service in th" Pevei ? ? < efitreiiv M the battle ' f Bull run. m.der tho < of lapt. A. V. II. X.i-.S, belonged lo this . . ;;inU'Ut. THE TFVTII I.EOIOM, FIFTY-SIXTH REOI MI'.NT, SEW YORK Yol.U.Yi i'.El. >. The l.-r.: I I g ??? will lu-ve Newh.rc ...i ti.e sent of v it, \ !tXnv V>' { city, on Tuesday noi*, the 2:; h Ingt. The I.cp ii v.r.ll.o ' totted in m the i ream] ment in New Win'': rtitl. * li.trf by Br; > ' <?? ait-'o.'ien C.I'a'm't/ r r.r . >?! <U, mmI uy II. e N'n- ti-< i th t<y as -t.t New YW. v ; '? 'ti ' ?' th? ro:o?. o .f t. v.l ? iatfi R. w?owhi X- C ^ Ci'ivj tyfvclcU i that thoTcn,h> I,"?;lon h? hereeftor designated the Fifty" s . i h regiment Now York state Volunteers. THE BARNEY RIFLES. A presentation of a stand or regimental colore to the Hiram L'urney Kitles will lake place at noon to day at j their camp, Hudson City (New Jersey) Arsenal. THE COLORS TOR THE TWENTY-SECOND REGIMENT. TO THE EDITUH OF TUB UEHAI.U. IlKAlHiiiuiiiiJj Twenty lacaxu Jtsor., N. V. S. II. 1 Nkw You, Oct. 22, lbCl. > I am Instructed bV Lieut. Col. Aspinwall, to correct an j error In your account ut the presentation of colors to tins ! Mgimc tit. You state that the colors of tho State of New ' York sod the guidons were both presented on behalf of j Mr. William II. Asplnwali, which is correct op far as re | :?rar<!s tho State flag. Tlio guidons were presented by i Messrs. Tiffany 4: Co., to whom tho regiment arc indebted for many other expressions of their kifld feeliugs. J. HENDEltSON GRANT, Adjutant. THE TWO YEARS ENLISTMENT ACT BOUNTY TO DISABLED SOLDIERS. Trsascrt Dipaktmknt, ) Sscoxd A mrroK'u limes, Sept. 21 , 1801 . J [ Sir? Ttio act ef July 20, 1861, requires a service or ? 'two years," or "during the war," if sooner ended, to entitle the soldier to thu hundred dollars allowed by Baiil act. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, E. It. FKENC11, Auditor. To Tuoe. L. Braynarh, Esq., Now York city. Ns.w YonK,Oct. 9,1861. Fir ? I would most respectfully appeal to you from the above decision of thu Second Auditor relative to the claim of J ho t'umi, late private of Company (i. Ftftb New York Volunteers, for tho hundn d dolla.s bounty provided ly act of July, 1801, tor tl. ?> vvhu enlist tor "two yours" or "during tlio war," It being of groat importance that tlu 'o interested should at once huve the 'f.icstl' ti settled by thu liigl < >t authority, 1 tako tho liberty to call your attention to said t'.ecisi. n. Hie claimant for tho $100 bounty , I .v. in, lo t hi. ii<htaim at tie bat Us of "l.ig Methel," became ilis bled from further sorvice, and was honorably dlscliarged by reason < f such disability, ui.<t his term ' f seivico expired by tho law regulating th 1m lung-.' f those tli iblcd wlulu ">u the line o; their duly.'' 1 nin )< d to Infer, by the decision of the Second ,-\i .. tor, that thi claimant, and all others disabled while in the line of thoir duty , and discharged from ser vice for such disability pre vious to tha expiration of the "two years" or "during the war," are not entitled at all under wai ! act, they not having served th'e term required by tho aw. I cauuot believe that it was thulntenticn of Congress to deprive the gallant soldier of his $100 bounty shou' ? I ho become dkablod inaction while In a courageous discharge of hit duties. The bounty whs no doubt given by Congress as an incentive to volunteer for the defet ce of thocoantry an I to gallantly discharge tho duties oppertalnii g to the soldier In tho camp aud on the 1 attic Held, and if the decision of the Second Auditor Is to be therulo of the government, I fear that the " bounty '' offer ed , instead of being an Incentive to action and a stimulant f'r brilliant servii e. will bo looked upon by the soldier us a bonus for taking tlio best possihlo care of his life and limbs, and keep him safe, without wound or blemish, until tho "two years," or "tho war," for which he eu li.-itcd, wilt expire, bin li certainly was not thu intention of C-oiiRress, that the loldior disabled by his gallant action in rt"'a "r,rt maimed for life, should be deorived of the ''' uul7 which ho has CetUInly oaruoJ far belter than ho who serves through tho entiru "two years," or "tha war," and returns home without a scar to speak his brave ry. I would therefore most respectfully usk your at tention to tho claim in quostion. I am, ui st * respect* fully, your obedient servant, THOS, I.. BKAYNAItP. 'To tli- Hou. Simon Camkkon, See. clary of War, Wash ington, 1). C. ? TIIE NAVY. l^yrjamm, 22, steam sloop-of war, Commander A. K. Il ff. Tho following Olllrers of this vessel returned from tho station in tho California mail steamer North Stan which arrived at this port yesterday. Captain Rudd, tho lat ? commander, has been replaced by Capt. A. K. HofT: ? Captain ? John ltudd.

Li i nauls ? Henry Folando, Wm. G. Tetnplo, Dawson I'1k'hI\ and Bancroft Gheraudi. t'lcil Surgerm? Solomon Sharp. Axtitif nl t't" t Surgeon ? Jonathan Bortolctto. Cnjuain f Marine* ? John C. Grayson. Lin.h rwiit nf Marine* ? J. Howard Hatlibono. ? flea1, wain ? James Walker. Guntier ? George Sir Ian. Ci'i/imter ? John O. Untlcr. Matter's ,lf<i/ti ? 1. A. H. Wiltnuth and Y. nollaod. Captain's CU rk ? Eugene Watson. And 272 men from the United States ship I/incister. SttAWSiRN, gunboat, commander Calhoun, has been placed in commission, nnd w ill join the other vessels at once. The following is a list cf hor officers:? Acting Lieutenant in Commnrul ? E. Calhoun. Acting ?1, ij< mid /Cwcuti re Officer ? T. G. Woodward. See, tid A.*i*lunt &nhineei ? H. Sunford. Third AuUtantr ? It. Anderson and M. Smith. Haiti 's Mate. ? V.. 11. Henderson aud C. W. Barrett. rWtTED STATES STEAMERS BKPOlfTET). Tho schooner Knchantrers reports soeing on tho 7th, in Crei lied Iciaud Passage, a steamer, supposed to '.Mi t'-e Ki y "ore State. Pi: t w? company with onotb r steami-r. The brig Susan Iluncan rejiorts seeing (-n tho 18th in.'-t., In latitude 38:20, longitude 72 45, a United States sidewheol steamer, having yellow padd^p boxes. She also spoke tho Albatross cn the 16th inst. , oil' Cape Hattoi'us. APPOINTMENT?. Guy If. Avery, Master's Mate, hiw been appointed to the position of Muster in tho United States Nuvy. V.'i.vnu.n Soott, side wheel steamer, went to sea yester day, to join the blockading sq iadron nn?l supply them with some of the accessaries of their position. OUR NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE. I'idtn STATUS Stkamer ROANOKE, 1 Off Ciuiilrjto.n, S. C., Oct. 17, 1S61. J ''Sail Hot" ? Capture </ the Altrl bythe Steamer Flag ? The Treatment of the i'riscnert? Another Sail in Sight ? The Ship Th' r.ias Wo'tcun and Iter Cargc ? The M<,U Valua bit Portion of Ihr Car, ;o and the Ship Humeri ? The Cargo to lc Sent to fotirets Monroe, dk. , <Cc. On Sunday, October G, something occurred to relieve 'he (lull monotony of a blockading crulso, and, singular to say, everything which linn happened to this ship has occurred on Sunday. Light had scarcely broken through the thick embankment of clouds in tho cast when tho 'ookout from tho masthead sung out "Sail hoi" Wo mado signals for tho steamer Flag to get under way* Though we arc tot the flagship now we have tho senior captain on board, and ho retains com mand until tho flag officer comos on tho station. She flred tip and got under way, and steered to the southward and westward. In about three hours she came back with a schooner in tow, which she caught trying to get iuto Stono Inlet, scvcu miles from Charleston (re Downed to history as tho soeno of a bloody battle during iho Revolution). She proved to bo tho Alert, of Charleston, Captain Car! in, formerly of tho Unite 1 States Coast Survey, and well known in New York, but a native of Charier ton. Tho Alert was from Nassau, Now Provi dence, laden with fruit, salt and molasi-es. She had nu boord, when caught, a rebel and Palmetto flag, though ti e captain says he did not know of their being on board. The cook aays ho flew them all the time wliilo at N.v j-e.u. Cur :n says b" run the blockade about two nu mlm asio, and did net intend to run tho block Bde this time, but was bound to St. Johr.: . Ha was an awful long way out of his course. Wn have treated these prisoners much better than those of tlicH. Middleton. We have given them tho freedom of the ship, and tlie raptain mesfcs with* tho engineers, son.c (.1 whom he has sailed with while in surveying ser vice. He tells many "yarns" about Charleston , among w hich is ono about their having a pcrcossion cap and rifle cannon factory, the former of which tunas out thirty thousand <\*>ps a day; and as toa^t, they have plenty of mines, but thoy are not yet discovered. Tho A I rt was sent home the samo day in c'targo of Midshipman V i-Ju an of the Flag, ami Master's Mate WojrhJjoff Of this ship. _ v'Ti the morning of the 15th tho Flag mado slgm'.s that a sail was in sight bearing southwest. Wo ordered hor and tho Menticollo, Captain g t under way and chase. Tho lookout at the masthead was called dow u and severely punifhed for not keeping a brighter-lookout. In about un hour the Monti cello came back and reported tho sl.ip Thi mas Watson onSloti > Reefs, and abandcu d by captain and crew, who left their br< akfust on tho table. We then t: ' urn', r way and went down. We got out our bouts? tirst and second launches, fust ai'.d second cutters? and pulled for the week. W ' l' m+her laden with an assorted cargo, con sisting of salt , blankets, flann-ls, clothes, print ,* pr iutiiig ink, priming paper (much of which w?* brought on board luio ?hi,., Title gtaih btonos, lithograph instru ments, pfiii.ts. turpentine, oil. brush. s, soldiers' uniforms, vitriol, medicin s, and, In short, most everything that can be mentioned. She was a sli ?> of *80 t ins, and when we got to her we found that she had sis feet of water in the hold, and it wus Impossible to get her olf, and iftur searehit g down to her kelsoitfor arms and supping her of her sails, we set tire to her In three | lac. s. She lay one mile and a half fr?ni the sli<*re,and we oouM plainly s.- tlie tMCS* ? ionists on the shoie watering our :tiov. m nts. They ha 1 a battery about ore milo to the i eithward of the wreck, bni which was out of range, lia 1 ihey openwl tire on us 1 thiok we could have so need tie in . as v, com six or < if.iit b ats armed with rilled twelve p aindors, and alio- i (r h r bIm ut three hundred men. stronp, er.Uve, and ' ? ??:.* e: for the fray." I opine? end my opinli r. in cm- . frnied by older and maie experienced men? that 1 the ship and cargo was worth at least one h" mired Hi... f-atid dollars. There are men on board ih s ship who have lervedla tin Thomas WattaM. and they say she l-"i- 1 . t to I hll. de ' j.hta. II r nam w,.s aitc. c.i f. out Thotit.s tVatt. rn t ? Them.ia Y.',< >n, but her * ; ? aiding trumpet w ,. ni "'1"! Ih"nrnAVi.t" n, as wll ; ^ many other time. ?' uboar J. 'lie- Moiitlccll . lias been here ubout 1 a week, tin Ii commanded by I.iem?nant Brltn, v ho is I one 1 11." i. t earl. g . iTi - f ln'l.e navy. He ,s r- } \ ved th ? p' ?'?, and knows "very i ? h <-f the < ? Ills j Vi-gsel is light e.ia' ? ' ; , and lo' I.-- e:; bl'd t i go . ?-> in, I whtel be doo< ovsry moiiil . t ; ? e. ihesleam- | I cr tvl.l- ll feme : 1} ' e i ' ??* . W ...iig Iho bar ! ! MP! i i. <> it : the " . its, which ? ? used t-' 'Til* '<o ?? 1" I h.-' .-'M ' I toe ? i w. I II e Vi e'o .a ? , t.oa w 111 t he WtUson's cargo, whet; i. ' til fit . oi , w< o I ai.,1 v.i:, r and pro- > , ve il' I.:t. ?? ol. . h , ?I .11 li e, wheio sit: hus ^ 1 cuiiet w cii-vicut t[c* vice, ^ Police Intelligence. PnATtNti Til* 1'i'uniVK 3lavx ? Mr. Cbni lea A. liana, of (ho Tii'.i 114, i?i>i t ,n cvl I cToiC Justice Connolly, ut the 1, -wor Police (.'"in t, yr: terday, and preferred a complaint agaJnit u negro, named Peter Dcmby, for attempt at extortion. The defendant, it is alleged , called upon the complainant, am), representing ho was u fugitive ?lave from Maryland, wked for sjllleient m<>noy to tako 111 m toCmmla. Ity way f convincing tho editor of the truth or his statorr.ont 1 rinby presented it loiter of recom mendatlt n from Mr, Geo. Walker, of Trenton, Now Jersey, whicn gulnoiiucntly proved to b^Qctitious. Tin; acoxied it appears tins been practising the fraudulent a mo pretty ejti iisively beforo bo ventured ii.iuthu nonetum of Mr. Papa. At the residence of Walter Underbill, No. 10 IUst Twonly-flfth street h ? <?< Hecte-1 $'!, and from a number of other charitably deponed iudlviluala be extorted sunm varying from to $10. Th ; prisoner Ktuted licforo the magistrate that bo was thirty six years old, and was a native cf New Jersey. H? pleaded hw entire lnnocenco of tbo charge preferred against him: but the Justice re garded liiin in the light oi an arrant impostor, mid sent him 1 1 (he workliouuu at 1 'lack well 'a lalaiid for the term of six month*. s H 1 PU N G N E w s ? Movements of Orean .Steamer*. FROM EU KO I K. fi'ni/ut. Zc<ivf Dal*. Tor Tentoni'a Southampton Oeio 9. ..New York Africa MverittXil Octo 12.. .New York Arago Southampton o.-io 10.. .New Yoik Kan .i|i>o Liverpool Octo 10.. .New York Ki:rn|'a Liverpool Octo U Boston I).i:; inonl? So i: traptun (ict<> ?)... New York i'rrjiiu Liverpool Octo 2'l. . .New York Great Liverjwoi Ott> 3D.. .New York FOR BtTKOPK. Bremen New York Octo 2fl Bremen (ilasuow New York Ocl i 2d. . . Liverpool Nu: :li American. . . .Q'm i ee u> 20. ,. Liven ool Arabia lie.: n o, to W. .. Liverpool Etna Sew York .V v 2... I.lterpoot Teutoniu N. ?? Yorit..., Nov "... a unburn North Briton yuebee Nov 2. .. Liver] ool Africa Nr. w York Nov 8. .. Liverpool Kangaroo New York NVv P.? Llvi v; ool Arago New York Hov Havre E<iri'|>a Bom on Nov IS... Liverpool Ha.uniouia. New York l!ov 13. . .Hamburg FOR CALIFORNIA. North Star New York Nov 1 . .. Aspinwa'l Northern Light New York No v ll...AKpinwall Cba.npion New Yorx Nov 21 . ..Asplnwall KINGSTON, JA., HAVANA , MATAVAfi AND NAPS t!T, N. P. Cl?AToh? From New York for Kingston, .Im, on the 2(l'ii day of each moiiih. Ti.'J Clrator li .Ives 1 r New York on the 6th of each month, and will I e il lehcn abont'thc 1Mb. Columbia and M Anton? No ?ri id days n s ?? ; 1 1. fixed for the departure of thu Columbia ami Mar; n for Havana, but they will fall about every ten da\ h, touching at Key West out. ward and homeward. Kaunas? From New York for Havana via Na??au, NP, on the arrival of every altiii'iiate Cuniird .' learner at New York. Matanzas ? From New York for Maiaii/.ulou th<- rt^li day of each month. From Matanzas on the 22J. due at New York on the 28th. SPKCIAL NOT1CK. Alt trtt?r? nrnl paekagti (ntfhJed for tht New YORK ltBRMD houldbtmiUd. ALMAMO rOK KKW VOP.K? TPIS PAT. SV J? Ri**g 6 20 I moon i 'Sr.*.. pve 0 12 aox ana 0 OS I bi.'-h itatkm eve U SO Port of Netv York, October 23, 1S61. CLE A* r P. flhlp Vargunrd, Tlallctt, XJverpool? H owland & Frothlng 6 Ship Northern T.k-bt, I.ovell. Hjivre-Hallet ACsrtran. Siiip Prim e of WkIcb, Morse, Havre?Bovil A H nckin. Ship Cer"n, Jom k Havre? 1- unch, Sir ;t I.adegii, Kvaiiis, Havre? J O Bukfr A Co, Bark Monieiurra, Hammond, Barbadoa ? TT Dwight. Bark S E Let so n, McKee, I'ort an Prli e '?It Munay. Jr. Bark A A Drebert, Hewitt, I'hlla l"l| liia ? Miller & Hough ton. Brig K'e-trn (Br), London, London? Holioboe k Co. Bri/- li Yoniii; (ill), Conk. Boyd A llincken. Brig James Duncan (l)r), iiillott, Qnecnatown? Jackaon A Neill Brig. Cala'ina (Sp), Alvarez, Cadiz? Oal way, Caiado A Teller. Brig J W Harris, Rathbnn, Oibraltar? T1 K Dewo'f. Brii! Kelnde r, Fierce, Mui?n/a> ? ,1 E Wird A Co. Scbr W r>nr .oiier, Wa> eott, Lagnayrs ? M Keheverria AC '. Sehr y 1 1 Davis, S'. all. Tobaseo ? it F Small. Sehr If abei Alberto, Aldrieh. Point Petre? Merrill A AbbotL S l.r J A Stewerv, I'eimus, St Johni, NF? Ma<t> r. FcL'i Clifton (llr), Belvee, St John, N B? 1* I N'evius A Son. Schr Cornelia A, Crook, Washington ? Master. Si hr H It Hall, Holmea. Washington ? Master. 8ehr Wonder, Hajloek, Wnsblnnlon ? L Kenny. S hr ri Orierson, Harding, Georgetown? L Kenny. SchrM Roger*. Karren, Nur.ilw k."? Mast' r S' lir Klate, Kai^'mire. Haltlmore ? J \V Mi Kee. S<'lir EUrabeth Ann. D >'.v bray, .Sa >w Hill? A C Ifavcns. ?' 1 ? Secor, I vnel1, Newc.vstlc ? Master Schr E Rickey, Tiee. l'hilodi 1; !.i? ? .J W McKee. K( iir Naiad Queen, lluUe, I'hiiaihdphht? L K>-nny. Sclir Ceri o (Tordo, Ironi', Phlladclpliin ? T'i Benton A Rons. Schr 1. Taylor. Taylor, Philadelphia? T <J Hi nt n A Sons. Schr Ciira, JicKewen, Littie Ecg Harbor ? Jr.ister. Schr I> H Baldwin, Stivlmnn, H Uigur ? (i [.Hatch, 8dir Boxer, Kankln, Bath? it I* Buck A Co. Schr (I I.o lf", Cary. K?ck| ort? Master. Si hr American Ciiief, Smith, s'.ilem? It W Ropes A Co. Schr War Bleed, Smith, RoKti.ti ? Master. Schr Ts ibella, Fanlklln, Bnstnn? Dayton A Co. SchrCi rln'ie M, .lories, Dux' nry ? Master. 8chr (ihlef, Elilr ilgc . Lynn ? Master. Sihr Ari(.'lcr, Besse, Wareham? Matter. S''h- Rhode island, 1" .mi gtcn. Providence? L Kenny, Schr M Siittiler, Strickland, Brid.enon ? li S itackett. Pchr Caroline, K' gers, Mvstic? H S I'ackett. Schr Sterling, I till. New Havrn ? Mnsur. Schr Ann Ani"Ms, Hammond, New Haven ? II S Bockett. Sloop Comet. Provost. Stamford? Master. Sloop Mary Atwa'i r, P. n. 'ti, Statu! >r<l ? It Safiford. Steamer Oseeola. MorriP. Fortress Monroe. Bte.imerRai all. Jones. PBlladelrbia. Stcjn i r Vulcan. Storriton. Pbllrnh li hla. Steamer Fanny, Hpenee, Phllo lelpbla. ARRIVFD. 8 ten nu hip North filar. Jones, Asninwall, Oct 15. with T">* aencers and treasure. to I) 11 Allen. 13th Inst, lat 16 01, Ion 7till3, HiKtiallzed liaik Elleil M irison, fcnun I S: same day, jut 17 24, Ion 7AM, spoke steamsh p Northern Lii-lit, Ik n o for Asp'nwall, all well; 21 si. lat 82 27, Ion 73 26, algnalizcd bark Pride of the Hea, bound N. Ship Webster, Lowhvr. Liverpool, Sep! 21, with mdse and SC pH?seh<"ers, lo SpolToid, TV-ton k Co, Ship North American,, Liverpool, 41 day*, with coal and 39 ? nsscnfers, to Wll'.luics.t (luion. From Sept IS to 2lJih had heavy W Kales. in which wrenched o(T the. load of be.wspr.t. Sept 20, lat 47, Ion 20 14, slcnallred Brem bark Co der. steering F. ; 25lh. lat 43 S8, Ion 27 IS, Br hark Prospers, slot ting E; 9th inn, lat 12 />). Ion -Ifi 40. tpoke Br bark Co llude*, rrom Sunderland foi Now York. Ship Sunderland (Br, of ^.'Indaor, X8), Bryant, Liverpool, 39 da; a. * II h coal, to master. Ship Sardinia, Pendlevn, Liverpool. 41 dava, with coal ,tc, to Sam I Thompson's Nephew. Had heavy W gales up to the Bank". Ship Wm F Schmidt, Peara, London, 30 day*, In ballast, to Chas Oarow. Ship Fanny Fern (Br, of Yarmouth, N8), Cann, Ardroa nan, 84 davs. In ballast, to Edmlaton Bro*. Ship Thercie, Wagner, Glasgow, 36 days, with coal, toThoa Dunham. Ship Anomia <Br. of OImrow), McAllla'.er, Greenock, 31) dnys, in Imllaat, to Edtnlattm Bros. ftMp (! F Patten (of Bath), Mitchell, HonlVnr via Qtiod ly Head. Me. RS days, In ballast. t .1 () Baker k Co. Ship China (Olden). Schwa' i, l'.r?mcu. N? day* in baltwt, to Kuier Bros. 17th Insl, lat 42 50, Ion 03 30, spoke bci k 0 phan, hence for Dunkirk. ShlpGeorg <Brcm), Hohorst, Bremen. 11 davs, In halhist, toOJBeehtel. .'d in. l, lat 36 OS, Ion 413 33, :-piko filili Xc.v York, bound B. Ship HL-hl.nd I.ii:ht (of lloston). Tripp, Leghorn, BS days, Gibraltar "fi days, v Ith marble Ac t- aster. Shir s rr.icrion Smith, Gates, St John, Nil, 13daye, In U.J. Inst. In Mi. .v M Burgess. Bar!; Antic Hero (Br), Hcpjnve'l, Fiyn.o ith, 4ii!ays, !n I bal ast, to order. Ba kEIi m oi (Br, of Switdetto I , . . e, P rMutt ill i, 42 day s, in ballast, to TbosBicho; . ; . a J 1 id very Umvy wea ther (he entire )>aasace. i r ' > M l'ettit, Clark, Linf-an, CB, 0 dflia, with eo;.l. t > B V SmnJi. j ScV. : 'l.ambler (Br), Betta, ITaHftis, 9 dayrt, v l h lirh, to U J ! A 0 A TJewolf. Sell" r.irvcst Queen (T?r>, GHmes, Windsor. NS, 7 days, 1 ] 'n-ler, to P I Nevlu AS' t-.. St In- America <Br). ?*nt, Coruw.'.V' . W day", to D 11 Dewolf. s '. i Saxon (of Easlport),Ca*sidy,St ivV. viva, NB, 7 days, wi'h Iniha, to mister. Schr Florida. Kelly, Ellralv-lhp' fnrB ton. Sehr Snoer;, i Moore, El(7.nbetli|?irt ' " B. 'on. Schr 1? M l>iee, Kelly, Eli*abet.hpo:-t. for . ? ? ^arldeeporf, S' in rhos II S'lyniour, Kelly, Eli/ahe. i, . for Cambrldjtc port. 1 ? r .T H Wnt"V, fn-'ker, Elizahctliporl for Call River, S' hrH Ror-leti. ArnoM.'Ellznhetlitiort I . i Fall Iliver. - ehr IVtrfiit, 'I Hits, V. I: aliethiKirt loi BlM 'eport. Si. op Bristol H'ake, E'.izal e'hport for ranttioa. f:r!,t II 1) Grmdle, Tu er, Ba'u' r, S I yi. ? ehr Julia & Marv, i i ? ':er, Bat g?.r. ? ay?. Schr Z \ rain", Jones , East|iorl. 7 d vs. : el.r . I l'Johri! n, (" . e. MnebMS, 7 Jays. . , ' i ('rn".e, F, si." i'. Mni-hias. i ir Mn 'meisin-. Moor", Ellsworth, fi days St !>r y irll.i, G 1. '!. . ' ; .'ito. 6 J-r ?. Hclir I' S lteU. wiv. :? r.1-' 4 d.-ty-'. Si hrt: Heal, Fl'.w. r. Hoi, as:, 7 days. Schr Dratoti. Sa.^er. i'.'js, 4 days. Schv E Aicul.'.i i ', i. a' . II, lloeklaud, ." days. St lir Sarah Loulro, Vc::' n, Rockland, 4 tlnvs. Schr Bay Stale, Vej'j'i! , ? ?<? k rU, 4 ? SehrLucvjirnf.s Atoee, H'vldano, 4 days. Schr Abieilne, 111*, Ro.Ma? 1. Sehr Melbourne, Hunt, VI" . ivcn. 4 'ava. S !.r Vendovl, Fra^, Vinalhaven. 4 day. Si hrOrrin Cowl, Sm th. viuall avun, t nays. St hr Ida. Wormwood, 'VI .aiss.'t. SelrrE Davidson, Kelley. Sulcm, 3 .lays. Schr Kossuth,, Ncvburyport, 3 days. Schr Boston, Wall, Providence, 2 days. Sehr II B Me (calf. Burton, Providence. Schr Sarah Jane, Gardner, Newport, Slcip Manhattan, Hamilton, I'.lizaliethporl fur Whitestone. Sloop Prc'hlenl. Morrell, Eli /.al'et a port fur JMrlen. Sl. op 1' K Vah . an, Ceales. EU/abethport for Solder's. Sloop Blai kslone, Allen, Providence. Sleiuner Sehriver, Christopher. Beltlmere. Sieamer Woodward, Oundllt, Baltimore. St'anier Bi'tton. Crooker, PI l'adelj Itia, Steamer r.l",rV, Diamond. Allen. Plnladclphta. Steamer Novelty. Shaw, Philadelphia. Steamer Trenton. Wil*on. Trent, n. Btramir Westchester, Jones, Providence. BELOW. BitgLocb Lomond (Br, of Shields). Alto, one ship, unknown. The ship Mortimi r Livingston, from Havre, reported by a pilot boat on Saturday last, has not yet arrived. BriR Cosmopolite, from' r/enfnegos. Brlu Mary Lowell, from Jamaica. SAILED. Steamship Asia (Br), Qu< nstown and Liverpool (passed the Ba'fery at 11 AM). 22<i? Sldps K . >:ii;e, F^lmon-h: Chns Pnvenport. Haw, bus An ta, Hoi. .? nix; |l;- brig Flii'i.t. P..rtau I'Hnee; fchrs Calista, Aux t'ajef j Laura (Vr), Sc Jago; Elizabeth Jane, Cuba. Wind at sot. set W N W. Atncrlrnn Shi^^^^a^f<?rs, A??ocfrttlonf M akp 90 Merchants' Kxcdangb. Tho following ftj?'>ii)VoiI ollicora Iihvq rrcelvcd (?rliflcatcB from tbi?? a.??o<urttiou: ? Win II rMiH, 1 t > df i^liin Knio TTmifpr; Rl^hmvl TT.irlow, lark H> ?.? (.rslc; \S :,j ; : y, a'uip lit.vr Jy; 1) ilv.l W Wol <i? r., ?!? > Oomnvr* Ktlwnra E Vail<% Cromu 'i ftcntnors; James A llotlM-r-, wchooinM' N E Clark: Win II Mort'v, f?Iii'? llt'ar/ f.? f : \> : Tio i-.i - 1 iv^n, shlj' YVrl>'*hh*e; Nri'lui'i r' I.'irnibiM1, ultin ir Koh. rt 1'rel; rial** Kr?l(?ht, rjih> N'r.w W i..; t'i.rrtr ]?; ; ,) avrf, bnrk Panama; ChiuKS Mil's, 1 r .: .> ; ? 1 1 ,1 ? , .r ? . Chun*** W t', bark Alrimna; 1 ?? t ii '". *? > (i Handy, i p Ma^^a'h' Tium.ii* K A i.) !'.-: Joshua 11 1>jU, ?' i rk r-i njf 'II, ? . ,1 in m, oilp Vh.somH; Ivirr K Mulp Da \M i ?? ; (lrur :v A liailev, hark Tim jun , W '-.-I ? >iim- i ; ilk ?*y, ??u??'l) II ililne; JMwarl O Wocvlwanf, I'l-griHrt; OiJvuu i Liiicry, hli>y Ju v* Front j Juliu U i)iokcD*uu# schooner Em i>Ih-; a U Chamberlain, N'mv World; Runnel Loin ' n il, ?M)i If ?*s < > : Marih"ll M M U", b:.rk Lull, iwltit: W VuU'*, ii'hou ier .Jami-a A . Uiwart; Kuocb Woo t!',> lio.l-, ,.'.,.[1 N-! u- .Mm 1' Sun !? . Ur* E* pross: OultO 0 Campbell, bark Ai:tun; btei.ticn Whitman, ahlp En- .a".. Jl]l?cel)iiiicau?. Bar* D O Wilmm, IViumrk. from I'hilnrti luhla for Rio J4? ni'lro, put into Hi Tiiutaaa it" lust, itiauni ill--'.. Tlio ship Sierra Nevada, llHMtoim r? sliier, in now on th? Rival Ba!?ni-e I'urk, where nlio will bo iirlj^ied, reeaaULad an 1 now >y coppered. Stuanii'i'i' ,ii' c t, uf the New York ami Norwich lintf, In- a been pun-huted by .Vr Cheat. r W S; i lutffitld, Mima, r r $42,fKX>( to jily between th ii city and llttilnon. i "."'J sh,l l' "K l-l*l "a; a ?We notice anl ? 't A3 hark Unrjr land, as totia, built ai Bultitnore in 1 - < U, lit J !3,0J0. to loutL for i htn i In the n,. pnt-b Line; ai d A!?'hrJ-? A Stuwsrt, W i?n?, balli nt iMt-.'l it, Md. |;i its ? ?i.-Jii, ramh. By auction, Ai bark Hi ary itiil at $2l,uuu, cash. PMp Omrca, or Fiiirharpn, 305 tons, whl h arrived from ft. whaling voyage In July Ian?, ha? been eel 1 to It W Cameron, or thiHctty, oi? | nwate t? ran. She will be volutin d, fitted for sea, and Mil ill 'om Fab-haven for Austioliu with a cargo of shooks, ca?K? and furniture. LauNCHKD? At Hertford, 19th inat* from the yard of J T Poster, a nne M?tj> of It) :5 tour*. government measure. Bhe I* 180 feet mug, 37 l*?et 9 inches wide and 21 f<?et d ? p. Tho now Lrig ('lava l'i? k? ns, of ProvhU non. waa miceeas fnllv latin -In d fr. 10 the yard of Hiram U Chacc, at Warren, on Saturday morning lust. \oHcc to Utarfneri. Notice is hereby given that Una r< ) ..lira l aving boon com pleted upon the Handkerchief Lights * >???!, she was replaced upon her station on tlio 21?<t inst, *nd the It >f L'ght vessel: removed to her moorings In Groat Wood's Hole Harbor. By order <f tho Lighthouse Hoard, K A IJ )NO. Clerk to Lightb ai&q Inspector 2d dist.. Bobton, Oct 2.\ 1H61. MEDtTKR ANKA!f SKI? HO*OICOBOl?S. Trf.arout JJli'akxh j nt, Ornci I< in'' no.UD,h Washixotou, oa in, t^Gl. J Tno Turkish govornme&t li*o?t.ivfu 1. . 1 e, ?.n the ltfth day of Aogiut. 1861. t)?o fo]|ow^fig lights n cm < n hibited from liglilhoiou'8 recoi.tly eit>ot?d in the Ko-i ii.^- s ? Fixed liro 'n Lights? I'Uon <U h- titan Se:atl. Two tlxr ,l i-riM ii 1j 'li';;, pl iivd \ ??rt ' ! i v, \ nv.? b?*en rnfAb lishrd bt twoen tin* viliug-s of I>wftor?1?r *n t Kniiroti Tcheah* jneh, I'M t ? ? ?,> i r H .rujw, In fr*ft?t of ? *' *in%aVa!aoe. ll:y liirhis jiiv ah?uit co \nr?i^ fr*un tl.e ?; i. at an elevation ot 3'J feet tlio u. ai ?l v.sibV ut 4 uu't>. I'i vr.! (jght of Kind ? i' i t. Also, !W.? 1 i.? 1 UvfitH, pU<?d V V i ,i)\ . mi KanUi Point, on lh.k eoaKt of Asi.*.. Tito 1 iiits are ? 1- Jt ? ?b? v M (Uc lust lir. r '"'V !' ln iHrjirr.Mi' : Ui'? qusy, a' :? v f on of 112 f??et above tii.' h 'i?, H'.i'l vUiii> at a di/tunor ? t i milea. Kl\i- -d (ire n Lights Mt Roumi i IIS- * ?r. A 'an, ftv. y .1 ;?|.M?n liyl * placed v.-ri! -.n tho point < f IJ" mil. 1 ifi- ar, o?i ih? toast of JSur. 1 c. T'o* lights are cxhH itc I iinii. r the wall o' the fo-t!< > at the dnuuueof ilOyunl- from tb?i ^unvilhcose; at tli" i. tit "f 4 ? foot above' tho. level of the wh, and ? 1. b!o at ? <! a'at-.-o ? f i miles. Fixed Kcd LI^):tMat Klwinl. io?i Point. AIao, two ?? \e 1 red li"'> placed v.- r ul'v, on Khanlijoh Poii.t. on tho i" l of A--? a. Th-* II ' iU a ?.? ? xhiblted 110 yar-.U from th ? : oiv a'??/\t' the first row ??!* houaea which 1 o. der tVc ntan elevation of 92 fret ab >vo the sea, and visible a* i ini!i 3. Fixed flpMn T i !?,t-< at Vrn'-Konl. A'so. throe lived me n lights in the foun of a triangle* shown I io;:i a 1 1,. tit v e>srl tno- red on t1. t ? i:;e ?! the ? %;n: off' tin; * ill.t.c of Vetii-Keiti, 0.1 ,he coast o. Kilt 1 j? ?. 'J he li^liUH are elevated 4 i feet above '\v nen, and vi>i i * ?>( 4 m ltg. Fi \e<! Qre? n l ights at T' eia;> a. Ab o, two fixed tf '? en luhts. placed vert e dly, ? J ^ to tbo battery Kefah K* I, at about one 1 dlc.NW 1 v c?f Thert pia, on tho < astof Kurope. The lights are 4'> feet above tho M-a, and vtaible at 4 miles. Fixed Hod Lights on UmnrBar k*. Also, three fixed red hgh.s in the form < f a ttian^'e, esbib ited from a Mr* tvovs?l moored on the wcf v i n edge of the U*ni' r ban'- o?> ?hi? < ? a?? Cr^shi 71.5 are elevated 46 feet above the fi ?n<1 v'ullde at 4 miieC ?? . ? Five<l Ued Lights at Jeron l'??lnt, A'?o, two ftxed ro Mights, pl .c? d vevti ally, are exhibited from Jeron Po nt, (he out-'roost point of \u" low fort of Ka vaex, 011 the cn<ut tii Asia, at the height of io feet above th? soa, and \ Ls.ble at a dis ance of i Liiks. By order of the UehthouKe Board. T MO UN TON A jBKKINS, SecreUry. Whalemen. Arr at New London 22d inst, bark Pioneer, Ntite, Cumber land Inlet, No report. Cid at New? Hedio d 22d, sohr Eliza Jane (of KB, late of Nant), on a hO'tliii.: and linh lug voyage. Arr at i'aita 1 run H??pt 2 to Oct 2, ship Mary A Susan, 870 ?i'i !iurt? Ai;uv?. ii? .... utl nii l 011 do, bu lvs M Sears, ^5.')sp; Ocean, 1150 do; Ang eonda, dm last report? shirpod Cneainen; He Ma, shipped Mr Brown, 3d ir.u: ?; John A Parker, no re\ ort. Bark Zt.e, Lawum, from Bltering's Stra'ts Augl, arrai Honolulu Hept 4, from a trading voyage North, having been absent 158 days, w ill 7 o bids wli oU, 3,(<00 lbs la n * and 6,000 d'? ivory, r< p i t much ieo in the Arctic? ?cas? ? very back v?ard. A no ruber of t o Uetahad left for the 0 Uotxk t<t try their luck. T .e following reports arc up to July 21, viae:? June 8, ship* F.r.iiwun, Tomer, NB, 1 bo'vhead; 15th Ho be it. Edwards, Wood, do, 1 do; Oh '.mpbut. Worth, Ed gii'f< wn, ?t'au; Vineyard, C'.iswell, do d?; 25th, Fanny*. Mlsen, Nil, 2 bowheada and 1 ?1'*vil lia.i; Jt;ly 6, bark. Oa :i\ S F, dean: Thomas l>ic-;< ? ?n, l.*war(, N B. 2 txiwlieai . ami 2 d? vil fish; Julian, W M'-.t, d ?, 2 do, JL t! ?; 12 ii, Meu'n. l. Soule, do, 1 do, 4 i'o. l ab, Adeline. l!a?-!>? r, do, 2 devil lbdi; Fabiun, Kmitb, do, 2 luiwheads, '2 devil lihh; C ral, Sis-on, do, 3 bowUead.^; I . '-elia, Tucker, do, 1 I devil Hah; Kepublic, Soyer, Bremen, 2 do 2 do; Florida, Fob, NB, 4 bowhe-achi; 17th, Ol- i ne, Simmons, do, tide: Vieioiia, Pi>h, IfotKdulu, clean; li'ero. Von Ilolt, do do; M igiioiia. Fierce, Mt, 1 bowhead; - !lh, Reindeer. Hayn. r. d'\ ?!.> 1 d vil l^h; Jolm Iluwlr.n !, V. . -'don, do, i bow h?" ads; (jo >d Ketucrt, Hs!i, do, 2 <!o; BarnM vide. Brown son, do, 1 do; Arab, Aiken, FH, 2 do; Homy Ku-eland, Kel? ley, do,2dt>; K diala, Corse n, Honolulu, t V 1, 21>t. t^atha line. IJeinps'cad, NL, 5 do; 21th, Ocean. Clark, no report. Scbr.s C01 in-lit^ Terry, and Sea Witch v, 1. at 1 lover Bay July 20. the latter snpnosod to have sld for IlonoUilu. T ie Polynesian of Sept 7 a'atea that the li/.i;r n/.a was re ported 1? at, an a numb r of Khipa had bo .11 together in tlift lee, ami the H had not been seen. A letter from un board ship Jlreh Pe ry. Shern an, NB, ro-^ po r ts lo r off Baker's Island June 0, wound in in a few days, ail well; oil ns bet ore reported. ^ ('apt C'asiino. of Rbip CongmB, KB, iejv r.s h? rat Anjkin Juh l-<, with 4f.O *p 850 wh all told; PH> sp last crul c. Heard from in June, no lat Ac, bark Lictltia, StowelL oi NB, with cO tp. Spoken, iVc. SMp " BrnttJeb >ro,M from Aew Yorl; for Havre, Oct 19. o? South Shoal. ShipWohto?) M' n it* (not as before), from Poitamoutb. K. for St John, NB, O t IT, lat 42 55, loo 50 50. Bark Am a, hence fur Naples, Oct 6, lat39 49, loz* 4? 41. Br*g All ert Adams, fn m Boston for A^pmwali, Oct 6. lat 2.'!Cj, Ion 72 IS. Foreign Port#. Aspixwaix, Oct 8? M I bi 1< Costa Rica, Peel, NYork; 14;b, ?cbr Charlotte Minerva, Se nt, do. Aeciu, WCA, Aug 2-i? No Am vos el In port. Bcntvi'it, Oct 9? Art hark ((rat llle, Crockett, Newport. E. CM Wth, Br brig ('? cite, Bo g<. l'iillr. Catlao, Sept 2S? In )>ort ships HoeKllgtit. H i llgy, from. Australia, ri |,<. chtd to load at C J Indus fur Cork for orderly Harry of the west, Cotton, from Valparaiso, ulsg, to load for Cork fororders; Hamlin, Davit, from Itio Janeiro, to load for Cork for orders; De.Soto, Patten, dli-i;. 81d 18th, ship St Mark, Collcy, 0 irk for mlerf. At Cblneiiu Islands Kepi , llti, ships Waller Beott, GratTami Flora, Grace Sargen:, Mite hell, and Othello, Ida for Cork for ord' r*. Citimi.l.iii. Kept 30 ? In part ship N' holns Bhldle, Ere*, d t s .* : Br m l;r MallMa, West, f rom N Yo: k, d . S:d 2tib, h hr Lovt tt Peacock, Apple;;ate, N Y<?rk ; 27> It, bark Cambridge* Harding, Antwerp; brig 'ion Batlcy, Novo*, NYork in bal last. Wlurt 27ih, 1i: 2?;lt, W; 30th, E. Passed by tlo ?Stb, brig Humming Bird, Pultx, from NYork for Mar*' ill' t>. Hamimx. Oct !'?? Arr bark Gullelma, Merriam, London; lolg Commonv ivltt , Davidson, NYork; schr Poamlug Bll lo.v, i;iit!eilf, -. Old 16 h, M'.iis.Mitn', Day, Baltimore; Alum, JLohttcp. Philadelphia; 17tb, brig India, Alien, New York. Loan no, Aug 2} ? In port r'alp Garlhaldl, Emery, from PM lad Iphtn, for Culonfa about bcptSS; barks Lucy Johnson, Johnon. lot ['.iwr Gabua few days; Wnirca white, Nel son, for Aut'it l? 1 e do. St I'noxAS, <)? 2? Arr brlpr Delmont Twk ', Mitchell, Bar bac!o*;3il. 1 1 a- u i Terceirs, Jlfliner, NYork \Lt Bermuda for Rio .Ian -on: Princess, Lovelt, NY. rk: 6th, bark D (J Wilson, l'.ei ? -ik, Philadelphia lor Iti.. J.ti.elr.i, dismasted; 6th, l>: 1 ;? A 1! Cook, IVrklfd, Perth Ambo) ; Corrls Ann, Du vnll. N'e.wi oi t, l'.r;L': 7th, Executive, Grunt, Bio Janeiro; Stli, bark llvn, Durle, ?'or Mar.cnilNi; lebr Virginia Price, 1 .1- ? ri> ?, 'V rk; i>th, lirig Baltic, Hooper, Rio Janeiro (ana all reuiult - 1 in |.o.:. Ilttt>. Si Join , N It Oct 13 ? I'M O'hrMeoca, Edc ft, Haiti more. V . iv K bept IS? At r previous, solii T.l'/.ttbelh Rose," NYi.l ? iMy the Rcso, Honnins, from NYork for i " ): s lift/. ??II ' tit-' :-otiili, Week*, It intevi d< . f l (no ate) ahip An >nVun. McNn r.Ci tjft lo lnatl g .for ],iv.'t'pool: hark Maht'xi W iiliamKon, .1 ?l.allVnortb^ A ft, C:. lie, to load guooo cx h.ii 'i'tiroliuta for Now York, ?it fit). Atncrfean I'orto. BOSTON, Oel ? At ?hip? A:n' 1; Keller, Liverpool; Klti .f i !? .'!?,( s!. man, H . it Plan otbiiri.'sO Godfrey, Hall, A> '.V*entr is: of Airteti; M..ry I! K., :i, Kteii, Londoni h. . .s Alnuv; . , Conuer, Jlan/uo.l..i; ! i . . F'.. mile, itoss, < ' it i.'i.os; B'.ifan Dtf.i. a.i, \'.'iili?m S.tni.t <'i it, Cuba, via Ila' i ; Ad.) I'ltws l?r). And i> . t . r K ; ; Beatrice, Cofiiin, Uaeliina for New York; put In for a jturbor; nchrt c hatilu -t. I) : ?*, Bt. Jug* > i ft. t lhruaiid Harbor; .1 l! 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