Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1861 Page 5
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IfiJ: A-BCT'C IXPrDlTION. tsi'-'u lu I A. "count of tl*? Uece?t Voyage of tU? Uultrd States by Dr. Hayes Kxploiuno ? aoomi Uitrra > -tai**, 1 IllKIOUOV tUUKAX, Oct. 1, IStil. I 1 bvo tin pleasure to send you the followlug ?Vjant ?f 'Uo piOi'eetfings of tha expedition to the ArgKc Rous, t ler my eotam tud, subsequent to tUo 1HU of Augu.-tt 1<G0. My loiter from Upper N tv Ik to tht? cei.tribu i rs oi tho expedition, bearing tho above due, will have in* sir i:te?? you of my movements up to that time. W i fcauud froinUp;>er Navlk on the 16th .lugaet, 1860; but ca'.txfs ietain"d us on our way to I'essuissak, aud wo <11' > not i l > Jailor pltu o unlll th'21st. Having there in< ? .wed tU> number of our dogs by tho addition oi the Interpreter's t urn, making a complement of twen Ave animals, anl having further Increased my crewby the udJitiiin of two Danes and one Esquimaux hunter, wo pul o ea api.n on the ?2d, and stood uorthward, with a fair wind. On tho tuorniug of tho 23d wo entered Mel ville bay. On tbo following day, at three o'clock P. M., wo pa: "'"I lb Sabine isiaiids, theuoo we made a direct o-nrsefor Cap I'oi k, which wtis i ached at Ave o'clock P. M. of the 26th. (' ir jum-a^o through M ilvdlo bay was remark ible. No ield ice was soon until wo roach d with.n a few ott'apo Yoik, when we encountered a narrow Ft.-eun, which undor a full proas of si was bored wltho it dlftl Sully. We woruoaly tlfiy-flve hou.s lu efl'ec ting tho pas sage of th'' bay. S anding jI-jo lu under Gipj York, I kept a careful watcii fr-m aloft for Esquin' tux, and so in hid the gratifl o tiouto dtscov i.r u group of thorn movihg down toward t!io beach. Tl> schooner boin, hove to I went ashore, an I wis met by Hats, Pr. Kane's runaway boy, and oilier ua. /es. I Luis quickly reoognlzod Mr. & nutag and im scif, and h ivlng expressed a wish to go with us, 1 took b m together witU his who aud child, his hunting equip ment and two d >gs. on hoard an I s^a n stood no. tliward. At seven - cloclc of tho morning uf tlu 26'.h wo wcru brought up by a houvy ino pank, twenty m.l-s south of Bu.-i h's Strait. There beingahlgh sea setting directly up> :i ilie ieonnd the air being thick with falling snow, wo lost no true <n plying to windward, and hiving ob tained a good o.l lit hove to, to await better weather. Tb.j wind /ocn foil to calm, the clouds broko during the Bight, and on the morning of tho 2'lh wo rounded the leo, In shore, an I, under a light uoi lh-iaU wind, stool on' toward ihe coutro of th strait, wh eh we entered at nln o'clock P M. Here wo met a heavy pack through which no c aetical load could l>o distinguished. Our examina tion its margin, with tho view of finding an op-nlig, ires .1 ?h irt by a honvy gale which broko sudd, nly it|?>u k.K fium the northeast, ihe liergu being very thick ubout os wo could not Leave to, and we ran great risk of losing every efw-ed sad. Tho gale lusted, with very little n* ateiuent in Its vo;ume, during the 28th and 29th. On the morning of (he 30th, having carried away the foro tail we wnro g!a l to roaeh a sin ill cove, twelve miles WMith.t Cupe a! xandor. and th.'io dropped anchor in four fathom? water. fb-ro 1 obtained an excellent view from an elevaiioti of 1,200 loot. The pack apiieared to bo 1m, en trab'a, and vory llttio watorwaato bo ss>}ii along the weit shore. I determined, however, to attempt the oassaffo I had scarcely returned from my Joiim y to tho monn la in when 11k- pulo igain s-'t iu from the same quartor, anu with u v u >it*u jg which 1 b ivo scarcely soon equalled. Oa the m irmoguf tho 31st wo w.i-o driven from our moorings, and in the effort to save our anchors we wcro fcrcud upon a ?r.jiip of jC' borgs which had drilled in with tho current, anil carried away our jibboom. Tho wlatl inodeuted toou afterward, uud we once morn en tered tho strait; but the galo setting in- again, tho fore ft>lf w-is broken In weAriug, and being now obligoil to fcoav* to, wo were a thi.d timi driven Out of the Btrait, t?< ilc anchor behind Cape ?.?ftianiinr. ' Damages having been repaired, wo again entered tho ?trail on tho evening of s. j t.-mbor 1. Discovering no lea I through the ice u tho westward, we bore for Little ton Island, with tho hope of finding near the mora solid ico l.igUor up tho strait a more practicable open tog- Thegalostitl cont inning to blow with jireat force, ai I bug nudor reduced canvass, we made but ituio headway. Littleton Tslnnd was reached September 2. Being un.ib .- to p.->ictrnto the ico to the westward, 1 determined to work tip i be coast to Cap Hatlierton, with the hope or there (iu ling tho ico moro o; on. 'I'iio undertaking was noo s -arily attended with cbngi lurabfc rii-ic to the vessel, on ao. o i."t of iht heavy fieUs of ice lying off Littleton Hand. The schooner frequently came in co'lision with Ico ll.-kls from tlfteon to twenty i'oet in thickmss. 'Hie quarter inch Iron plate en tho cutwater was Urn off, and tho fal*e stern was carried away. S<oon afterward we encouut'-red a Eevoro "nip,'' and bof< the rudder could ke shipped, th ? two lowe-- plntols were broken off. In t' scri' ploJ condition it was impossible to mnko further h ad way, and , aftor extricating ourselves from ;the ice, w ran down into iJartsUn bay and anchored. Du iug the 31 , 4th and 6th of Sentomber the wind blew with great force from the s.rro quarter as before. On ?lj?4ih 1 reached, with much difficulty, Littleton Island In a whale boat, and obt.iiuc 1 u view to' the westward rr-mi an oievation of sorao four iian<tr?J fe- 1. The Ico wax vary heavy to the west an 1 south .vest? a thick, impono tntil- p<ck ? b .it to the northward, along the land, it was loose, and the prosi?ct of working westwaid from C?i<o Ilutli irt'-n was encouraging. On the' 6th the wind fell tn calm. Tho boots were got ?ut, sud wo pulled up to Littleton Island; but two days ha ! completely changed the p .sition of the ice. Between Littleton Island and Cape Hatherton thore was no open water, nor was theiouny visible from tho top ?f thai Isi'nd to the nor (west, west or smthwost. unable to advance, and fearful of b.-ing frozen in, we .a^;aln extri cated tho vessel fi om the ico and ran back into llurtsldn bay. Everything about us now began to wear a wintry ns per.t. Ihe temperature had fallen to eightoen degrees Del >w i reeling. Thkk snow had been faliiugai. Intervals uloco Aueost tJS. Our decks were covered with ice, the sails and rlgg ng were so still' with It that tlicy could bai i ly lie w rked. the schooner's sides were lined with a th < k cr ist, and largo masses of ica had accumulated o:i ih ? cutwater and forward rigging. The navigable season was c. early draw iug to a closc. No, -thin -I cal.-s detained tis during the 7th and 8th, and tho tenqe at nee Ltinuing to fall, I deemed it imprudent again to enter ill ; ice, an.l accordingly wo went into w in ter quarters on the Oili in n blir'it at th head of Hirtstein toy. The schoocet s were moored by four hawsei s, forty yardsfrom shore, in seveu litlliom.-t water. The sails w -i-e unbent, and the topmast s housed, and after giving tho crew a holiday our winter preparations wore com lB -uoo i. 'Ihe stores wero dop sited in a house built for th ? purpose on shoro. The hold was converted into a com f .-table room for tho men, and the upper deck was b > -ed over with boards. Owing to bad weather, throe w vi..i elapsed bofi ro these arrangements were completeu Our winter hi. '>or, which I named lor K> uHr>. in houoi of WUliainl .ul. 3r Foulke, ls?i . or>-n II: dolphia, wi ?--?ril sheltered ? -?nt i the soatWcst. Olisorva ' -? i- by Mr. Sur.ntag. ?t tho obMrvntory, erected ?' ?<???> -?;??'? " Its position, latitude 78 17 41 ii nxitudo 72 KO ST vontj miles furtl or South than I'i i\uno ? -? w. nter quart' -is. and distani from it by the .- - I .UL ! ; mil' . In- db-ii-i ? -i) ? I. ;i I doenly regret that we could tu t att;i".i a oilie r laui vit w oh the vossel; particularly ; r> t - ich tt ?v.-:u coast* That ?Oiif t was wholly uRappro' :t iblo with a sailing vessel, iho wemliar ooutium-'i b ,' tv.oua throughoat tho aa tanti tn indeed rinj th? groalsr pan of the winter, in i ?-?!--? - ,u. nr- ol 1 1 : re; y I gales the water offtho ha - I >- - r "- ? 'II: er, ov.i: 111 il March, *0 that sic Igo trnv . i.i ihe n'-rtlnvard wa? impractlcu le during the " iooiOcto ., at which time 1 liiul expected to carry . 1 ? p its for u.- ? in the spring. Mr. Sonntag "i1 ? ' i u fit to reach KensHelaer harlior In Novom b in : iiongh tho <lnrknes< ol tho winter had then act i^ i ?: was baffled by the o,> n wa'.er> . vVliuiitho uy i.^lit lacio I w< were profltal ly employed. A s vi y of thohnrb -> and a Ijacent coasts w-is nia< j by tlr joint labors of Messrs. Son. i tug, McOormlck, I>o<i?'o an. I K^lciiir. in Sejitember Mr. timi t ig put up in the observau r> ths lino jH-uJu'um apparatus, constructed exfiesMy for the expedition by tho Messrs. Bond . or i:. s ton, ainiji full set of sitLsfaciory experiments woreob tamod. Tho ma 'noil ? instrumonts wro sulwaiuoiiily Ida-, e I in the r- ,"t. building, and observations were thoio f .m tiuv,- to time. A me e irol tic ohservat >ry was ereetud orirliortj, and ol'sv'i va'.iot.s wen thore re cor 'e l three 'Imes dsliy, with sovural insftrumPiit". A hi hourly reeoul whs k ,d ncsar the vcsel, with H i;nglo tostrtm nt. 1 u:-iv m n: i .1 thntall of ihe lnatniiiHuits li irtli 011 Weil compared. Asiiri -y of J .lm's gla.-ior v.- s ina''e by Mr. Soumr.g otd my.-eit in ? 1. ? . .'her. IliU giru e ? , which wis discovered ?i.d named by i)r. Kane, ?1 11 ?? h * th SI .1 th ough a deep valley, laid it.- fr. ? is tv-iinllcs from tin- s--i. The angles, m \et rednco'l, o'jl iuod in Or.t-iber. were rep : it .1 by in; self last June, uud il y show a eonsi ler.o.'e u, o. i-i 111 of tho elnci r 'lb Mir ey of this glacier vmis fiirlho' conth.uedbyni! I 'ti! in t?. e. , with u party of il* ;; pu. sons. 1 us. .1 .ed t the trvr deptace.uul travelled eastward fifty iu;l . il r greatest e-ev B'km was 4 .BOO feet, ti e lemperaturo .11 which elevation was IS deg. lower than at tiie level of the on. The winter was passed - h alth and comfort. Wo w?r fori linn to in capturing upward <[ 200 reindeer, wbii h kept bot'l ou selves l'lho dogs con-.tant,'; -ip 1>,I ',1 with frash food, Tim v/i-t r hi'ongo , however, some snrloiw inisfor ti ! -?. A '!'- ??! vvhicli hud been prevailing hi North < . 1 is? u and deruig the last few jiais broke out among ttio doj;. and of the lino puck wbli li I had taken from tho I'ani-o ettlem n Fr nb 1,1 vm Miin.als romalaed niiveon t - 21l.ii ol IXceinbi 1 . Yt u are well a? are that my plans I e . ..tioi.s w . - win My liftKCH tlfitt ll "OS a li .-ah* ? f tri 11 : i t- across .he ire. :uid situat d rts 1 w iu,au : he 1 1 'no rui and - 1 i;^ ty mil> a forth >r south than I In. ? 'piti-d. I b e.-.nv -rfo ily apprelie fur the ti!0' c..*of tlie aiHuoai hiiig i.Tert. M. pa tj being 1.1 . -.inly sn'.all,l C( il l not, send into the iich! mure ibm u'a crew ?! ablo li i-llod men. lud .? I bad a* ways c# slder d a? merely ? 1 - i 1 1 : j to tl .0 dogs, iird without tho decs altogether ittiavminblo for the sci'vie- - tj be por.orr.ii-d. My ii n.-wiety v tully lured by Mr. ^Ktnttg, the sst 11 ei t-i the esja-dltKm, sr..' my aldo sccxul in I C'lnni i d. Ha any volmitepip i to "go south lo en- i <? r. . . to ?|si;t :: in- do. iii with the isqn nn ix of j hiitn' '.Inn l-l.imi, with t'l b J'O of Obtain ng ile-gS. His f .i mi expi 1 once wh.-n with Ih. K<mo hart I'aiailiar i7. I lilv.i w 'h ...i 1 ph ' ?? < f Arctic tl'HV.'-l, .i.el i.-j ? no ;! I hu>. ? I-ee 1 bun :r to1 i t t ; k. It- sid> s 1 ho rsfi'niMol tha uropoacd Journeys It was peculiarly in li .1 -tn-iny ? w'li '. - .1 tlv.' and nterj'l'1 inj; spirit, ilia I'M' wit* ..1 .1 - aud Is left the v ion the 22d f 1 0- oinbor, v 1th a sledge aui! tiino dog., r? co'iiiswied by ' ' ;'di n ox Hi ?, in 1 1 n ting to 01.10 Ui> . urM \ tin I rt II li- the m -iilight poi il u il- 1: 1 iu. )t is my s - ! duty t ? I fr. y Ml that ho d! -. -' i' ?e,.i. ?' -l - ' J 1. in ll.ii rep -. tini t;( imio-i ! rte < ' ' 1 Ko 'ii.'e 1 was COW. " ills, !1| e,j l.M ri - \.n,- * . :h > t.av.:; d thelirtt -Uiy twh.;U;iiuid 1 I< where they "earn pe l In s. snow 1 ut,and were (hero retained tw > ?1?- g Tholr n-xt ?ui?i? w?< atSorfallk. a < er.ed lx station o.i the c > Jit, tlitsou mllos bo 1 1 v < up* Alexander, wli. e thoy built a;, the. Know hut. Tl 4- s l iffnevt d y directly for Northumberland lslaud. ice, altl.ough covered with light mi ov , appeared V> l?) Huaic. ni'v strong. Mr. S .uita? w. ed la m.Iv:'.iu. ao sledge, and when abo it li\ n ?* Ir u the h-d i.8 .? imo up- n thin Ice, iuid broke tl o? h. IT.u a lie- 'd I) i out ofthe water, ant they Immo .mtoly p .1 back nr orfa..k. IJefore that place w is reached Mr. I- nut ,g was ls ns bio, and be died soon atterwa'.i. 1 1 remain;; were sab * nueut!y brought to the ves il, and w io interred n?ar the observatory. Ila .? suoceodel In reaching tlio Ks'inimaox ; but by over driving and Injudicious management, Uvo of tho d"gs were killed, and the remuinln/ four w re perma nently Injured. 1 had now only six animals. Tho Ks|Ul uiat.x cauio to the vessel sotuj weeks tutor, uud from thoin t obtained by purchuso u sufficient number le mako two team* of seven each. It waflfciot on til lato in March tliat the Ice .formed around ('apt- Ohlsen, and the land being too mounlankius for llodge travelling 1 was not , until that time, ab!o to *? t out n<ii thward. At that period 1 made a preliminary Journey t< ? Vog Harbor, and there established a provision di'|K>t. 1 availed myself of tlilsopportuuity to visit liens selacr Hat bor, I)r. Kane's winter quarter*. No ventre "f tho Advance wad dit-covertd. She has probably drifted out to no* with tho lee. During this Journey the coldest te:ni eratuies of tho cruise were recorded. On una day t'io thermometer tank to CO >4 degrees, an I on another to 68 degrees below zero. We camped at night ou this, as w'll as ou all subsequent journey a, In the suiw hut of the Esquimaux. Actlvo j?r? para' Ions hat! bee-i making since Jannnry f >r tho sprint; nnpaign, an 1 wo wfre re.idy for the linal Bt trt <>n tlio 4:h el ipili. Tho chief equipment consisted of a matalic lifj bo it, twenty feet in length, mounted upon runner", prov* .inns I'or'a bo.rt's crew of ms i?r ? 'ill for tlve ninths, provisions for seven persons and fourteen dogs for six w.-oks, t?g<jtbor with a careful al io watc stock of fuel for Hie above named reriod. Wo s tried fium the vessel on thv above m ntioned date, w.tb our cntiro equipment, iho b< at and its cargo being d awn by th whole available ship's company and four to n dogs. Mr. Kadcl.ff, Willi two met), was left in charge of the vessel. Upon reaching Fog Harbor we made nearly a duo north course, tot ndng to rsscb tin west ooa.*t an 1 1 avei th II' e I poll i b land lee. W?s >? BtaCOB lUred btUUD ? ke d Irn oi e ...aoidiuary thlckress, through which it was ofiou neceftary to break a pa.- sage wilh axes uud shovels. It Dually b.K.iine ovident. from the slowness of our pro :;ivs?, that the entire s miner would bo consumed in reaching be west la. d, even if the boat could be tra s [Hi. t nl to it ut all. Being well assured that nothing could b_ accomplished wlih tho boat exjieditlou. 1 font tho main party back < n tho 28th of April, ami continued iiur. award wilh three eompa' 1 n< and two sb dges. Tho Ice grow lis we a>lv.mca 1, and we wore four teeu days in re idling the wostco.i>t, a distance in af reet iluo of only fjrly miles. From this fact you can foi ui some esliniato o: the character of tho Ice over which wo travelled. Tho so\crity of the iabor broke d'mn tho dogs, :'nd I wa- com)Kdiod to fed to them a double ratlou, thus consuming rapidly the provisions, aul oro|?ortiou*lly shortening my northward Journey, reacting the we.-i, coist at Capo Iiayes, w? tra-volloa a <ng thu land through Kenuody chunnel until the lSth of May, wh.'U o ir prnvislm s h. ing exliattstod, we were c mpelU'd to turn our lac>? southward. The latitude at tamed u|? n iliat day wrsHl degrees 35 minutes, a de gret- of northing which I believe not to have boon ex C 'odod ( r O'ltAd d by any explorer except Sir Kdward Tar ry. 11m laud was token possesion of in tho name of tho United Stiti#. with the usuul forms, and tho flag which was used upon the oaaslon h ?s covorod tho uint north oi u kuowu lar.o u; on the glol e. Although tbus early in the season the ice in Kennedy choline! was everywhere much decayed and unsafe, and In pome places entirely gone. In one extensive pool a (lock ol water |..wl w'ao discovered. 1 entertain no d >ubt th it the ice of Koniu dy channel wiu-t broken up and dis.-iolved Hi a very narly period of tbe summer. It was in this chmtiel that Dr. K;1 r.e disc tvered an o|M'n sea at a [Hiriod of six weeks later, In the summer of 1854. Before reaching tho vessel I lost all but seven of the re maining oogs, and the ic having broken up around Capo OlUSCDj t'ui th r .'\p oratloo to the northward was im|x.a during tin; present season. Tin; six weeks ,-ul B que:it to my return to Port Foulko were orcuplod in preparing the vessel for sea, In eom pi ling some unfinished surveys, in making magnetic and oilier observations, in collecting specimens of natural history, lu photographing the scenery and i.bjocts ol' Iti turcst iu iIid vicinity. The schooner had been much damaged by the Ice uncoutitcrs of the previous summer, and It was found impossible to restore her origiual strength. Being without ft carpenter, a lar^e share of the labor of repairs fell upon Mr. Mc1 'ormick, the nailing mas tor oi the expedition, of whose ready ingenuity and prac tical skill 1 cannot too warmly express my ncknowledge mon*. Thc,ieo broke up around the vessel on the 10th of July , and wo put to sea on tl.o 14th. After much dilUuulty and two trials wo reichod the west coast, twelve miles south of Cu|>e Isabella, and being unable to pasa the capo we dropped anchor, and on tlie 28th 1 made :i Journey to the north side of the < apo in a whale boat, and from au elevation of six hundred fo t obtained a view to the northward. In that direction, lift n n ml cs above Cape Isabella, the Ice was solid and unbroken as fur ns i lie i'ye could reach. To the eastward tlie pack ice was heavy and Impene trable. To peneiiate the strait under these circum stances, with the view of reaching a practicable point for future sledgo operations with my reduced forco (fori hud now only live dogs) was clearly impracticable, and behoving tliat I was not Justified in incurring the heavy oxpense of another year's absence without n prospect of corresponding results, 1 reluctantly abandoned the Held and t irned si uthward. Taking Whale .Sound on the way, I completed the sur vey ol' remarkable inlet, and obtained there an ex cellent set of waK'K tic determinations and some photo graphs of the natives, the glaciers and other objects of l.i t crest. Alter burirg through the ice of Melville buy for 150 miet we reai oe. 1 th ; southern water, and entered the h irbor of U|iper Nivilt on the 14th of August. There wo ruin ained ten days, engaged during that time in vario s scientific explorati 'in the 1st of September we reached < orliani,or Lictely, mid were there similarly oc C ipi-d. We were ready lor sea again on the (Hit, but a succession of southwesterly gales detained osui til the 17th, when we aga>u put to sea, and, having a fair wind, we were on the 22d 200 miles to the southward of Cape Fare well. From thai t urio until the 9lli of October we en countered constant southerly weather, with frcjuent gales. When oil" Halifax wo sustained serious damage, and were obliged to put Into that port for repairs. We aro now again ready for sea, and expect to leave this port to-morrow. I have to regret that we could not accomplish a greator northing, but situated ns we were, with Smith's strait to cr< s.?, and with a small f to ? at command, I, can but re gard the summer explorations ns fortunate and success The Held of research , although more limited than I had anticipated, was, however, new, and luy observa tions in din' rent departments of physical mid natural science will, I feel assured, meet the approbation of the p it runs of the expedition. 1 am well satisfied that they will be found fully to Justi fy the labor and expense which they hive c<*i. The un fortunate accident which occasioned the untimely death o Mr. Sonntag cause 1 a se ions loss to the ex|>ei!lt;ou. Tii ? system of observations and experiments which we h< I planned in concert had already accomplished impor t oil additions to Arctic science, when d< alii deprived me o." his InvnliMhle assistance: and with tie duties Incident t> Arctic exploration in the Held pressing id ta t y upon in", I w s not always able to exocito tbo p.ana which we liad devised. My otlic rs, however, on all <> iu. sions contributed their best ossis'.aaee, and 1 was by them relieved of many onerous rtuti- s. 1 am especially indebt ed to Mr. K idclifT, assistant astronomer, for his zeal us ns sistance in the work at thcobs. rvatory, and for assistance in taking photographic views; and to Mcsis. Kriorr and Starr 1 owe obligations for valuable aid in collecting specimens of natural history and other sclentillc duty. I will mention, in conclusion, that I am slill of opinion that Smith's strait can bo i avigated with rteain. Under sails alone I nm satisfied thai It cannot. It is my hope to bo able to renew the attempt with a small sloamer. With this view I have left some stores at Fort Ko ilko and at Upper N'avik. With the hope that this will find you lu the enjoyment of health and nappln' ss, I remain, very sincerely , your friend and servant, J. J. HAYK8. The Boolrsellcrs* Trade Sale. Contrary to the exp. cl.'tions of the contributes, tho sale on Tuesday opened well. Kven at tho very com mencement there wa< a lair number of solid buyers, but b> noon all the chairs wore occupied by booksclleis from the West and East, our noarer sister States, a I even from this city and the inner towus of our own ."-'ta' . Five .T.ibBtHailul book oiler* fr; in Canada wore present; but the fninillur faces from the South ? whero wcTo theyf Echo ni -w its. when! Purine tho few weeks previous to the usual lime for issuing the catalogue of ?h-- sale, tho comniittco of the Salesroom:' doubted w hether it were politic_to have a sale at all, Mievlng II. at in conseqnenco of the stagnation arising from the war the words even of " trade sail'1 "would prove a dead le;t?r. tftor a rerious consultation il vs ii.? agreed to defer i he full ra'.? until midway hot on Its usual liuiu end that usually flxed for the- lot sale. 15y this menus Juretiiln books, holiday books, Ate. , were if- utributed end offered to th"1 buyers, and h i inducement wa* heM lot for them to assemble ami purchase in one lot the books of different firms, and thus replenish their slock at prices cheaper than offer.: (1 ut the stores of iho publishers, with th" ml v idugo of credit If over a certain amount, or discount for cash, where,; the publishers them lve? would Insist upon ca.-h term" only. Those indue men's caused the solid, ash paying booksultars to meet togotkor on Tues day, v.-1 '<o th : "Mjugliterere" or gift enterprise ai.d un fair ti a;. . s who usod to take advantage of having the l> ? k? kr >o\o'l down at a rniuou* price, and then sweep oil the whale ltd without allowing tho reel trade an oppor ti.oity of obtaining n. copy? and then by si lung tho bu ks in tb jlr V' -y neighborhood at a prico lower than tboy could , nreh.'so them at Uo (uMliihera, ruin Uie business of Ih ? fair tra lor ? were ''Si ut. These men, who usually p i cha ed on ere lit, trusting to their rapid sties to meet tic ir, have disappeared at the sentence of "oasli" for snail iuviie s, andraUtlbooksMkr>,th refore. obtain ed the bodes nt a fair reduction from tho usual trade dis" I counts, while the publi her recidvcd a higher price, and i his bo'jks wcr. not langhtered." Tins was the prospe .t for the FaV at Us opening. Th- s !e couuncne-e 1 with Tn?-lish id strata! works, wh'nli Si Id at g?.od prlcos , oveu at a slight U)>->n pW ious yt ars. Tullarton's llhintrated e ' ioiiof C.ivlcr s ' Aui mal Kingdom" was triplicated' .'t-'ocgli a hiuh prlcc 1 b ok. Virtue'* list went well, j ari J at I'uir prlcc*. Mason I'r thers' .nvol<-? sold e-iual to i iw?njprMii?roua timet, uiw.- ? -?k'l s ? 'Slave Stat aorMt and his new book on tho "Cotton States" brought high prices, and wero freely duplicated. I'artou's "Lire of Jackson" and the "Life and Times of Aaron Burr" sold h( the usual prices, and wer j duplicated. Tho various musio and choir books sold well, the "Jubilee," "thanksgiving" and "A.s.iph" each froachlng about four hundred oopl"a at good prices. ''Webster's Dictionary," in all sty U s, reached over a thousand copies* and tho othtr jxirtious of tho invoice turned out fairly. Llttlo J: Brown's book*, found a good market, nearly 200 volumes of Ban" croft's "United States" being sold, allliougli the retail price of the work is $1" 60. Offers to purchase fl:'ty sets ut a linio were mado if the publishers would take from two to five cents below thoir duplicating prlco; but as they continued "Arm," tho prices were not reduced. Do Witt's editions of May no Rold and N. Orr's works on American forest life woro largely duplicated; but only sixty two copies of Helper's "lmi>ondli)K Crisis" fotmd'huy ors, and at a low price, altltough it sold by tho thousand at tho last pale. Doubtless the market is glutted with them. Applrton's Invoice sold well, tho prlccs obtained boing equal to former times. Tho school books wont off in largo quantities at tlw publishers' own prices, and If they bad only "come down" a little tho "numbers" might have been moch larger. Thoir Volunteer Hand Books and Napoleon's "Maxims of War" wero largely called for, and their photograph albums, embracing portraits of tho leading military, naval, diplomatic and othor important personages ? over a thousand in numbor? form quite n spocial feature, as they wero, to use the trado term, nictly gotten up. Tho salo yesterday went off well, Walker, Wise & Co.'s invoice selling readily, and the two now bonks ? Rowland's ''Recent Inquiries in Theology" and "Hymns for Mathers and Children"? boing freely duplicated. Irviug's works, published by Putnam, never fetched better prices , and Cooper's works went off smarUy at tho usual sale prices. To day's sale commences with Doolady '? list of New York books, followed by those of James Miller, Sheldon & Co., kc. In Sheldon's invoice, the most prominent works among thoir long list of school books and mtscolUr neons literature, is tho Riverside edition of "Macaulay s Essays." This is entirely now. Milmun's "llstory Of 1/atin Christianity" has just bcon completed in eight volumes, and Is now off' red with "Olsliansen's Common* tarics." In the way of school books, Sheldon's offers all tho works of that uaturo published by Pratt, Oakley k Co. ? they having bought up all their stock. Spurgeon's "Sermons" are also contributed by this (lrm. Trot Between Ethan Alien and Brown Ulck. Roc<to.n, Oct. 22, 1801. At the raco to-day over the Franklin Trotting l'arkbe tweon Ktlian Allen and Brown Dick tho former won in three straight hi ats. Time 2.34, 2 31 >?,2:28. The at tendance was very largo, and Brown Dick was the favor ite ut the start. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednesday, Oct. 23 ? 8 P. M. The money market is easier to-Uny. Loans at 7 per cent pn call are being paid off; the supply of money at 6 was in excess of the wants of the street at the close of bank hours. Good paper is still wanted at the discount houses at G a 7 per cent. The stock of second rate paper which encumbered the market a few months ago lias pretty well run out. The popular subscriptions to the loan con tinne fair, though it is difficult to ascertain the aggregate amounts subscribed, where there are so many receivers of subscriptions. This morning the banks were reimbursed half a million by Mr. Cisco, and at the tame time, in view of some heavy drafts which are advised, a call was made upon them for the remaining ten per cent due upon the first $35,000,000. The 13,500,000 will be paid in to-morrow. When this is done the banks will Lave paid $35,000,000 into the Sub-Treasury under the arrangement of August 19, and will have supplied gold in large quantities to Washing ton, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Chicago, with out losing $5,000,000 in coin. It is under stood that the public have already relieved them of one-half their advance, though barely a a month has elapsed since the first Treasury notes were ready for distribution. Kaeh day will now naturally increase the absorption of Treasury notes. The first victory won by the United States armies will give an impulse to subscriptions, and will swell European orders, which arc now quite limited in amount, to respectable figures. The banks begin their payments on account of the second $35, 000,000 loan with a Fpecie reserve of something like $45,000,000, and with the foreign exchanges ruling nt points which prevent the export anil insure the import of specie from Europe. They do so, with commerce reviving on ever/ side, on a basis adapted to the new circumstances in which the country is placed, with a vast demand for our products abroad, aiid comparatively no consump tion of foreign goods at home. Under sut li cir* cumstances, they may well be congratulated on the operation which they are making. The market continues unsettled pending tlie general expectation of a decisive battle. This morning rumors were prevalent of some dis aster to General Banks, and the bears put out their options with freedom; this afternoon it was gleaned from the meagre dispatches published in the newspapers that Genera' Banks and his army had safely crosrcd the Potomac, and that the enemy had not ventured to attack him, and the market rallied in consequcnce, closing steady. Governments were firm oil day; at the close an advance of % per cent was estab lished in the registered sixes. All the State stocks were higher at the close; Missouris rose %, Ten ncssees %, North Caroliuas 1 and Virginias %. New York Central likewise advanced %; bin the other railway shares were all % a % lower than last evening ? the business done being quite mode rate. All parties seem to be waiting to sec the re sult of an engagement, or of news from the naval expedition. The following were the last prices of the day:? United States 6's, registered, 1881, 93% a 04; do. G's, coupon, 1881, 94 a %; do. 5's, 1874, 83% a M; Indiana 5's, 78 a 80; Virginia 6's, 46 a 48; Tennessee 6's, 42% a 43; North Carolina G's, 60 a 60; Missouri G's, 43% a %; Pacific Mail Steam ship Co., 92% a %; New York Central, 77% a %; Erie, 31 a %; do. preferred, 51 a %; Hudson River, 35% a 3G; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 31 a %; Heading, 35 a %; Michigan Central, 48% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 17% a IS; do. guaranteed, 37 a %; Panama, 115%allt;%; Illinois Central, 65 a %; Galena and Chicago, 6t)% a 70%; Cleveland and Toledo, 35% a %; Chicago and liock Island, 60% a 51; Chicago, Burlington and Quiney, C2 a %; Delaware, Lackawana and Western, 72; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 17 a %; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, bh% a 89; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 85 a SO; Pennsylvania Coal, 76 a 78. The Board of Brokers, having yesterday directed the appointment of a committee to ascertain what* if any, members were guilty of the crime of doing business cheap, in contravention of the rules of th? Board and the constitution, followed up the move ment to-day by the appointment of another com. rnittce to define tho terms " hroker" and " bank er." These light and agreeable tasks will serve very opportunely to employ the leisure which % per cent con .missions are calculated to secure for most members of the Board. From pre. sent appearances, indeed, it looks as though the bulk of the regular brokers would soon have nothing else to do than to officiate on committees. The public hove so long been accustomed to get their business done for an eighth per cent that they arc not likely to be willing to pay a quarter now without some consideration. A brokerage of % per cent gives the jobber who has a Beat in the Board so marked an advantage over outside ope rators, that it would really seem that, in voting for the new rule, the commission brokers have been discriminating against their own customers. Whether they will find the customers as ready to pay as the brokers have been to vote, remains to be seen. Another resolu tion, also adopted this morning by the Board, directed the doorkeeper to keep the Board open during businers hours. Tho object of this is to de j prive the "outside brokers" of the monopdly they I now enjoy of all business tli^t is 409c between the first and second boards. If the members of tho Bourd will agree to remain all day in the Board room, this resolution will produce a salutary re. suit. To-day, however, there were bjit three or four members in the Board room between one and two, and an operator who wanted to buy or sel'

stock could uot have found a inurket there. These various new rules which liavo bee* lately adopti d by the members of tho Stock Exchange seem to be unpopular as well with speculators as with that largo class of jobbers and broken who buy and Bell on tho kerbstouo, and loud threats of appeals to tho Legislature were uttered in many places to-day. The New York Stock Exchange would be almost as fat a prize for the hungry thieves of the Albany lobby as tho trunk railrouds. It is desirable, however, on every account, that legislative interference with the trade in stocks should be avoided if possible. In the course of a few days, wo take for granted, tho commission houses will discover that they made a mistake in endeavoring to double tho price charged to tho public for purchases or sales of stocks, and tho new regulation will bo reconsidered and rescinded. A good op portunity will then be afforded for tho trial of an experiment which has long been recommended by leading members. We mean an open board, liko that of Paris. It is be lieved thut if the public were admitted to the ses sions of the Board, boing shut oil' from the brokers by a railing, for the more convenient transaction of business, the traffic in stocks would be increas ed, and the public generally would acquiro an in creased confidence in stock brokers. The open bourd lias worked admirably in l'aris. No class of men are more universally respected, and none re alize larger incomes than tho regular ageua de change. The present imbroglio is not unlikely to terminate in a trial of the experiment here. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Rorei[its $J2S,8S3 CO ? For cupti ms 8H.000 00 ? Fur Treasury notes 279, Ui2 69 Payments, including led otned 0 p. ct. notes. l,t 60 071 91 Balance 6,74i,8o0 02 Information has been received that the commis sioners, appointed by Judge Miller, at Milwaukee, have reported in the matter of the second iuort_ gage bondholders agaiust the LaCrosse and Milwau. kee Railroad Company, and that they report that there is due to said bondholders, after deducting tho amount already paid to them, the fiuin of 125,000. This would seem to put a foreclosure of this mortgage entirely out of the question, which will be very gratifying to the holders of the third mortgage bonds and other creditors. The Ocean Steam Mills Corporation of New buryort has declared a semi-annual dividend of three per ccut, payable on demand. Wc understand that the New York Central Rail road Company has raised its rate on Hour from Rochester to New York"20 cents, now making the charge DO ccnts per barrel. Tho Pennsylvania Central is so overwhelmed with busine.-s that it has been forced to adopt an arbitrary rate from Pittsburg eastward, in order to keep freight back. The September earnings of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad show au in crease of 113,000 over those of September, 1SC0, while in the first two weeks of October the in crease is still greater, being 128,000 for the two weeks. The SJiifflrivg and Commercial Lint furnishes the following statement of the exports of brcadstufls from tliis country to Great Britain and Ireland from the 1st of September to the latest dates: ? Mrnl, Whtnt, Corn, bUls. limit. I m; h. ? 1,26-1,788 1,988,651 ? 845,871 60,513 ? 77,65(1 ? ? ? 17,805 ? 1 834,764 2,082,872 2,213 6,275,527 821,642 ? 1.741,250 3,440,873 27,778 ? 87.633 ? 63,187 ? 2fiW.9t)6 227,7X4 i'Uiur, 1 Vina', C'ln, 1C;< , 7b Iht Continent. Uh. lit h. luh. hu h. Few York 240,1." 0 4,0;w,.,7O 218,104 228,318 Other j/orta... 4,702 2,t'C0 ? ? ft-UI, 1861.. 244,6: 2 4,041,570 318.104 223,318 " Id,-.' 7 06.447 6,000 360 " 1818*.' 13,084 44,171 6,733 ? The following is a statement of the subscriptions to the national loan received at the office of Jay, Cooke & Co., Philadelphia, np to present thne: ? For tlifi work ending i;:th September $821,699 .''6 Fur lbs Wei k ending 28tii September 856,185 15 lor tin; week ending 5th October 409.298 01 l'i r the week ending 12th Octntx r 213.981 27 For tho week Hiding lUih October 610 214 73 Total $2,817,378 62 Yesterday wan added 100.000 00 Total $-,917,073 52 The St. Louis Democrat of Mor.dny furnishes the follow ir.g information relative to the present posi tion of ibe bunks ol' that city: ? Two of I ho city banks have been, perhaps, perraa ne. tly discredited, viz: the Union B.ti k and the St. IiOiiis I'.n k. The otter four banks v bleh have been operating on ill ? bankable fund syst< m, and m a Mate of le -nl zed si*?slon, have come to an understanding, wo are told, and hereafter the Mechanics', Merchants', Southern nnd Piute hacks, and their branches, will constitute tho "bankable fund'' lint , and tnke and exchange e tell other's not. H as formerly. The Kxchange 0?tik is doing an inde pondent business on a strictly i pecie basis, it never hav ing suspended. This agrerneint by tho banks will proba bly enhance tho prico of their money, ami probably ex clianjte will bo furnished ere long at a trilling premium. Wo are ulad to knew that it Is the Into nti<>n ef the Ho chnni'-."1 Hank to resume sjiecle payment at tho earliest practicable moment, anil the same is Raid of tho Mer chants' 1'aul. ; but of this we cannot speak so positively. Relative to the Farmers' and Western banks, the St. Louis Republican remarks:? An arrangement Is In progress, wo understand, which will probably result in at once placing these two banks on un equal footing with tho other banks ? a position which they should have all the time occupied. They aro owned and managed by tho must wealthy and respi cta ble gentlemen in tho mopt commercial part of tills State, and are as sound, wo are assured, us any ol our banks. A letter from the cashier of the Farmers' Bank, dated st Lexington, Mo., on the 17th in^t., states that tho bank haa burned, of its circulation in that place, $012,680. This is in addition to what haa been consumed at the branches and at tho office of the Bank Commissioner in St. Louis. Stock Exdinnijf. W-KI XKM'AY, Oct. 23, 1801. $2COO 0 S 6's, '81 ,coii 94* 100 sbs N Y C RR.S60 7fl* 2000 US 6 s, '74,eou 84 100 do b30 77^ 4000 do S3* 10 ErieRR SI <i 5000 IT S 6's, '71 ,reg. 83 12% do b:tO 81 * 4000 Kentucky 6's . . 76 50 do bl5 81* 3000 do s30 75 161 do 81* 5000 Georgia O'r.. .. 61* 60 Erio RR prefd. . .. 61 * 10000 Missouri 6'S.. . 43* 11 do 51 5000 do 43* 100 do 61* 15000 do 43* 60 Hud Rlv RR. . sOO 35 yt 600 Louisiana 6's. . 56 100 Harlem Kit l'j* 2< 0O California 7's.. 81* 250 Harlem RR iirerd. 81 * 7000 do 81 30 Stonlngton ltR. . . 65 1000 FrleRR3nib,'S3 85 100 Reading RR 85* 2000 Hud Riv t f b'ts 86 100 do s20 35 1000 M C'8 pclmsfc b 96 8 Mich On RR. r. . . 4'J 4000 C,BftQRR 8pcbs 92* 60 do 48* 1000MlchS2dma*td 60 100 Mich Sft N Ind RR 18 7000 t hltXWlstmtg 38* 100 13 2000 ClevftTol s f bds 76 340 111 Cert RR *ci lp. 0' * 100 Mis RutchftllroBk 163 50 do gl5 65* IBnmtBak... 70 100 do soo n.r> 10 Market Rank ... . 83 50 do 65 '( 20 Canton Co 9* 200 Clcv ft Pittbjj RR 10* 160 l'aclQcMSSCo..b30 02* 50 Gal ft Chi RR.sCO 6: * 21 do 92* 60 69* 100 do 92* 400 ClevWol RR..b30 36* 60 do s30 92); 100 do 05* 10 do 92 X 750 do 86* 6KT Central RR. . 77* 60 Chi & Rk tsP.R. .. 50* 800 do 77 * 60Chi,BwrftQu RR 62* 250 do s80 77 60 do 62* sbcond noArn. $3000 Virginia O's... 46 lOOshsNYronRR.blO 77* 6600 Missouri 6's. . . 43* 10O do V60 7?7g 8000 NCaroltnatTs. . 69* 60 do s?0 70* 1000 do 69* 60 do 77!,' 6000 do 60 *50 Erie RR pref.kCO 60* 1000 Louisiana 6's.. 66 75 do 61 1000 Michigan 6's.. 83 >00 Eri? i:R 31 2009 IU coup bds,'70 ?* 60 Hint Rlv RH..sl5 3 :>*i 5000 Erie RR 4tn bs. 77 100 MlcbS * N la I!R. 17*' 10000 TorreHAAlt 2?? 26 100 Mich H ft NIa g s. 1000 III Cen RR bds. 50 111 Con RR scrip.. (51* 3000 Chic ft NW 1m. 38* 100 do 65 20 sbs Park Rank ... !?t 60 Oal K Chic RR..S4 fl'.i* 60 Pac M SS Co. .530 92 2i0 flov ft Tol RR. . . 3.'. ' , 60 do b30 92 X 60 Cbic ft R1 RR..S30 60 WNY^enlUt 77* 250 do 60* CITY COMMERCIAL IIKFOR.T. ViliilEDiT) Oct. 23 ? II P. M. Ashes. ? The stock wsa roduccd itnd the market was Armor, with sales of 40 a 50 bbls. at $6 25 a $5 31>? Tor pots and pearls. HiucAn.-wrra.? Flour?' Tlio market was firmer and more active. The private advices by the Etna wore more fa vorable, and led to on advadce of 6c. a 10c. per t?bl. The sales footed lip about 26,000 bbls., closing within (ho rango of tiro following quolallous:? Superfine Stuto (ft "0 u ft 40 Extra State , good to choice 6 35 a ft HO Superiiue Western ft 80 u 6 40 Common to choico Western extra ft ftft a 6 > 0 Fit ra Canada ft 66 a tl 75 MI\o?l to straight Southern 6 1ft a 6 I'O Straight to good oxtra do tl 8 ft a 7 25 Choice extra family and'bakers' brands 7 25 a 8 00 Rve Hour 2 90 a 4 10 Coin meal, Jersoy and lirandywiuo 2 80 ail 24 ?Canadian (lour was in good request, and prices II: met-; tlio sales embraced about 1,2U0 bbls. , withiu the above prices. Southern flour was In moderate supply, aud the market waB 11 lit , with some demand lor government * ip* piles: tho transactions embraced about 1,600 bbls., closii g within the above rango of prices. Kye flour was firm and in fair demand at our quotations, with sales of 4oo bbls. Corn meal was tolerably active ut the above figures, with sales of 700 a 800 bbls., thlofly Joi sey and I'raiidy wiuu. Wheat was in good demand, and sal s ac tive, which embraced about 200,000 buf'liolf, to arrive, at $1 42 a (1 48 for Kentucky wlilte, $1 37 a $1 43 for w bite Ohio and Indiana, $1 20 a $1 33 for rod W . . tern, $1 33 a $1 35 for prime amber do., $120 a $1 22 for Racine spring, $1 22 a $1 2ft for mn'e, Iowa, $1 17 a $1 20 for Chicago spring, aud $1 2j a $1 24 for Milwaukee clob. Com opened with flrmaess and latber li glier, but closed with li ss buoyancy. 'I ho dermoid was chiefly for the eastward and for export. Tlio sales em braced about 260,000 bushels, here aud toarrlv at 60c. for tho Fas (ward, and at 6v.t?c. a flOiJc. for Western mixed for shipment, and yeli. w Western at Qlc. a 62 '. Rye was ll m, while sales we. o light. Harle) and barley null were lirm, with limited sales. Oat were lb m at yesterday's prices. Cokmcx. ? The market was (lrni but (pilot. A suit of 200 bags Rio was made at l/i'^O. a 16c. Tie- public cal?j nude yesterday comprised Santo.-, awl not Kio. Messrs. Win. Scott is Son, In ti> fir w? k.j circular, gives the folio .v lug aaoouiil of the storks and movements in uket loi the past we k : ? Siock ol Kio and Santos on tbolftlh October, 1861. 82 344 tugs. It 'Ceived since to date. 1,200 bat si. 'fetal 83,544 bags. Sales and shipments for tho week estimated at 10,660. Clock ^f Rio and Santos on tha 22d day of Oetobc. , 1861, 72,994. Java, mats, 9,276 ; ?lava, government, bags, 2,620 ; Ceylon, mats, 10,746 ; Ceylon, bags, 259; Marucalbo, 12.vr>-< ; Laguayra, 1,472 ; St. I'omingo, 8,042, 1(< mb.iy, 276. Totul mats and bags, 106,637. Cotton. ? The market was tb trier and more active. The sales embraced about 1 ,ftoo bales, ou the bnsis of 21 \r. a 22c. lot middling uplam.s. About 800 bales were incourso of shipment to Liverpool, with i wight at 3 lu 1. Kkk.c.uts ? Kates were tinner and engagements m m active. To Liverpool, about 115,000 bushels of grain were shipped, at 12d. a 12>id. for wh> at, it hags ami bulk, with corn at I2d., in bags; for Hour 3s. 3d. (3.-<. 6.d), was asked, and 8i 0 b ii cotton were taken at 3 I6d. To Loudon, 80 ,000 a 40,100 bi sliels wheat were engaged, in bulk and bags, at 13 1, a 13 ^d.; 4,oo0 libls. Hot r at 3s. Ad., and 1,600 bo ms cheese at 60s. To llavie, about 24,000 busceis w ltviil wero engaged at 24e. a 26' .; " 000 bbls. 11< r at 90c. . and 96o. iu neutral ships. The ship John Fay was taken up to lead for Cork and a market, with corn, at p. t. 1- in ? l ry cud was quite Arm and in good de mand, wltbsalcs of ceo'ges' Bank at $3 37 >? a $3 60. No cargoes were left afloat. Ma. U' rol wet o active aud higher. Sales tins Week ha', e ( mbraced mm 3 200 bids. ?i $7 60 a $8 lor No 1 ; ut $6 60 ufo for JV>. 2. Herring whs quiet imd prices unchanged. I k ir. ? 1 ho market ooLtinued firm, though less active. Another cargo ol now raisins has arrived, but were sold p ? vioiisly to coming to hand. Sales were making of new lajei - at $.'! 76 a so, and $1 8ft for half boxt s; and of tho old crop at $2 86uf2 87?lll, and bunch at (2 00 a (2 6ft. Small sales of currants w re making ut 11c. li i lues wore last iwlrt al 14 '4c. cash. lit nn'y Cioiu was witii an upward tendency In prices. Within a day or two 200 bales have been sold at 10 '^c. '"iu^-Tlio market wan steady, and at etc. a 70c. tor HkmV? Manila wan Ibmly hel l ot 540.; 7.1 tons cloan b"wEg J,d for export. ^ have I ecu wail. Uiib week at 18c. a 2Jc.,\>UU pome *UO with Mile or none inf. *t bauds Pome, tales or Manila wore mono at COc. St , and * W1 sales good Scotch PifXw?'Z!a^?cUvi6 Th^es tbta week have embraced ouo t> lis Spanish '",<1 tier man , fa. 1 to arrive, at IllMniMthtfi week of 1 ,300 bb>. common wore rc * -.?* a"- 01 "iU,r kiiiaSi K'Mody^-A^ lot, comprising 20 bbls. New Or '^ir^ToHrK-n.e sales graced 200 Mils, spirit* turpeoilue at $160, and 1,000 bbto. common ram at I Inseod was llrm . wltli sales reported In jobbing , . 7.-. , ?7 , ' ual on. Th foil winn rev 11 * 01 tie New 1.' of' lit iVa Kct i.-> fioni the Wltnhm'n't Sl-,p , L, U of ill. 2! t irtBl . U I" g"W? demand, and t h ? I'lfs'ioi the wo. k .unit-nt to 2,050 bbls. In parie.s 1 *60bb.s. for export uud tho balanoi to tlio ii ?() . !? vallou forged t?$l 16 I"' inferior. Jlicic ban 1. , fmo.e m' iry l' . what. . and Urn imitHct.oi.s for ,0 w?M'k incStiiii nhiu'f f >?' njoinilacturlnrf? 1,100 kl i +aO bbis. at 46c. P . gallon, 300 bbi at a price u..t tra f' i ?!>?" ??'?> 1,1,1 ? llark a'"' "*" "l * ?> u r Jnl..o. We out!' :rtml tint th? fieorgiina near " J lh0<> 1,1,1k., recently arrive I in Ne* I- n l-.n, sold i<> parlies in lloslon at 40c. |*r gallon. W halebnuo? nothing dUi "/.'vimoicb Vork? Tito market wes Ft ?ady and price# gasiaint -I, while sal. * emb?-ed about 7?.0 ?h.H. , ?!_ $? ? ? lft 7ft for ' 11 ! *yh74a u $1<> tor |?rn -ie. U?f whh in c?iod B'.pjily, while salt h embraced 360 bbls., at fli a *11 ;;0 tor new , , atl 1 at f 'j 60 a #10 50 for old <!'>. repacked ten , ai. I Hi ii'2 60 a $ ! 60 for extra. Beef hams were firmly held at ?10 60 a $17 for Western. Uacon wa.s In steady uo m.utl, with mi1> s of 76 hlt'lf. !'V " ( ?t meats were .bill and sales confined tjniwt* at 6c. for shoulders, aud o.'.,c. \ I>4 .. ' wan and in Luixl dcmiitnl, with sales or 360 now. r. Nv ??V f " pool t? P.i">?- K'",d tlic&i w n?i?ale,U good to prime state at 14c. i >hio wi'n at lt)c. a 12c. Male eh erte wan at 0c. a 7c. and Ub.oal 6c. aOc. ? ve r and timotliy wore quiet; Orm , mo 10,000 UagH and pocketa wero goltl this week ^iSre w ib rather mm doing, wliilo price were urn banded. Tho transacllonB looted up about 1 ,0<i0 blid*MPart for retain*, at 7^o. a 8c. and r ?ry grade. ?.1^W ?;-?[ ? ?-???? clonlDg at 20JiC. a il _ NEW YOMk < ATT * M ,?MUK IT. Wri.-ii.- mv,u. t I t~f'l ? RUCKII'Tst. Tho receipts of nil au ek at tho liirerem u ! ' tbowetk,a8 ct mpamd? lb tl "t v ?? ba as follows:? ... r ... r,,?" Yrtfl. S ' A,!U?% weelf ? tt ? $ ?:^7 iA>. lHSl , * . , Browning 'a, Oct. 23... _ jto. lust week lit 1 Chamberlln'g.Oct. 23. b>> ? 1 140 Do. Uut week 112 ; 5 -M 4 .. M _ O'llrlen'HjOct. 23 30 >?? f , - 1?. last week 31 22 07 J,0W _ Bergen, Oct. 23 Uo. lattwoek 4iH ? rtticKH. Tlie prk-w current ot tho diffinrent to day for all kinds of Block were about ae follows ? IlKHK IAIiI K rrime quality per lOOlb.i ....... ?'? ? 9 oo 1 irst do. oo 7 00 a 7 7'i Ordinary f good do, ???????? ? ? ? a ? 0() ,n,l""u ,, 6f.o a 6 00 Interior M'T/'I! CDW9. rrime quality per Vf' tt f' 1 irst do. <lo ^ ? J" Ordinary to Good '* *' O mmon a 30 Inferior Jo 2 ' u M VKAT< C1I.VRH. l'rime quality per lb." ^ lirKt do. (if?* ~ * Ordinary to good do 4>ac. 11 Common %? M;*c* Iiilerior it" - ' ' FTIF.KP AM) LAW'S. l'riir.e quality per First quality d' Ordinary to bood do ^ '3 00 a 3 60 Common rto ?????? 2 w B M Inferior PWINK. _ , , . Oirn fed p' r lb J' c a 3-;c! btillfed do 8 -e. BKGV C-* I TLU. Several ca'.ros combing tUo market f-r beef cattle tliia wo-.k th. t - tl t flw dealers have rt- , perienced for some tlum past. t 1U.1t tli re 1 ..- > " any extraordinary advance pri r but there ? .1 general improvement throughout a.l the mm. ? t ... ?f J! trade. In the first p^. .Hero was no perce,t,bl > diminution in tho receipts, eu<pt ot Inarlor ? which always have a ten ;ency t - d m n pilo^ b it there w a much Iwger prot^rl. n of g-.d to , 11,11 stock, wl.icl. met with r-a-'y ?' ?i? at all the yards, b, 011 Turf a 1 a"tl yesterday , at t'-.o outsit prices q.-teJ 1 . .- . ort v ' ?? ? Quite number of !??? ta^hardly a "*?' qtiotatlon, and ma f be < ?? ' an v tine i-i-'e. Tho jem-ral selling pri, ? "trt v,? . ? , ?? a , and a Urg i r .. t , .1 -f TV. ??? 1 8c' Tin ro w>re iWimin' "> ?? kv . ' on sal , but tliey were f. .1 rally ! 11. in r.. iiir iiii'abtv, hftViui. sec >1 ti .m their n::t iv ? !* ?' a a r dher e.iriv aud u ,.>M?cled nt?t, in oi.ter ???*.. , ? t.f bedn* ?? d by tb. army win. 1 ? pi nrvmul'n- that w.-y b. - areh ?><?.<* r, ;? -;r L nil fro ii I t f. n S ?J. 4 n- t Roll ? > 1 ii# \jkl wcok hj oonai-iem ?o, tl*o uuiubvr ou talcum# Birch We quote ftljc. M t!?<^ In-* -? prlv?. Inkvn m? whole ih? mnrtc t a t > ? n , r SOIUo MtUc , til I' 1 bull it lit ti' , 1 , 1 i'l ! V t1 1 ; word a JV b.U, with tliu result. MllCI! COWS. Th# market rmwlt<s ? i .it , nt ??tin -j- 1 , , demand fnr??Kt >toi k m - 1 1, mi jjlk-.i. find ready sale ill our n ?> VKAI . VT.3. The market remain.*" and w 'Ha at ad> , fhlr drHUd the ii-'lng* Itavu hern ?SI*?* fed of ami* freely hi our <i . lii*. i Imve i n n .?*??? di'riiif lb** week ai Ui h- r i? le - d r % / few at the I- ??<?* rat< t lh *. 'X h - , li -.*? hive been at prlcon \ i r % In*, i ? $:.i 2 to ? 1 Jk*r In ad. ?'H IT li.V..I^4 Th ? demur .1 wmt or nmro active this wok, and prleen wui e .toout tweiity-Uvo cents per head higher, iui u gi'ituiuj thing. though w tiuike very little alteration it? our quotations. The enurae of the mirket maybe neon by the following i-tlns, In lots, ?t C'bamherliu'ft: ? 102 sheep and liinihft at $4 .'*((: "6 do., $4 25; 08 do., $4, 232 do., f.'i 76, 153 do. , $302 >; ; ICO do., $3 rtt;.'Mftdn. #3 50; 158 ilo., $3 41. 1IM do.,#.') 26; 422 d- , 13 12,',': 312 do., $1, 338 do., $2 87 Jj; 211 do., $2 75; ISO do. , *2 50; 250 do., $2 26. BWINK worn rather dull, but prlcoa were nnrhnnged. KKOArrrt i.ation. Tho total i ocelpta of all Htock at nil :ho yards. Including Bergon, lor tho week nud Infl work, wore uh follows : ? Iitrivs. Owl. roils. L. Sit inc. Allerton'n 4.2Hi> - 64 885 708 9,823 Browning's 115 7 66 4 .2 ? ? Chamberibi'* 58 31 140 .'I ? U llrieu'B :io 3il 73 2, 02 ? Bergen 654 ? ? ? ? Total 5,117 131 ToUli.iMtnt.ek 5,107 UI 607 UVCEIfM UV NEW YOttK AND F.KTI. BAH r.ittle 2,016 Hornet, llogM. .2. 14.i Calve* Sheep 2,800 POLITICAL. A t CAKD.? FOB OORONKK, 1. 1I12NKY Hl'iiHE*. Of Til ii Mi vTft WAKO, KX-UOl ILMAN. 1 T A DEMtKIBATIO PEOPLE'S A ? I'NIO* MEKT V oik. held at (IS liivli-lon ?tr -et, on Tin liiy.-unii , Oft. :, I it, l'r. Herman t'ump tv, ? una i(nnn--:ly i. >tuln?u.'d fur ironei' of ihtt t lty and e luuty ot New York. T A MKETINO OF THE WOl'.KINUMEN'S A.iStX'IA Hon of the Tblril v nr , held m the Noit'n n Hotel, .-or nerof BareUy and Won ? eiULalurgit mi helm; piv. k. lit, the following oil o i - ?mo elected;? WiUlitn Wilkin, President; Coriue>nii o. Union, K^reary; Enoch Smith; Treasurer, A MEETINO Or THE FIFTH WARD JAMES I.YN II j\. Club will be lield ul Kollitn.r ? Hotel. 1:1 J .Uiriiuartl street. this (Thursday) evei In?, Ot lohei .i it 7 u'ele V. IIAKItY HESS, i resident. ALKBED SHAW, \ ke INvnid iUt. AT A BEOULAH Ml KTIN'U OF THE liKKM.'.Jf J V Union Leiiguc ol tin: KlUceuili At? mbly Ul'iinct tMneleenlh Wunl), In Id at \\ inkt u?' brewt ry. mj -r of Fltty-elgUih ntrret uml Third nvtiuue. ? n Vifilnt: '?y evrn liiK, OetotM'r 23, 1801, Mr. l)?nnlK M. 0 ? n-c lv. -t th.i inuml ninim liomlinitlon h h i tiudldKtt for A s* ml Iv. FBEDEB1CK illlEUI H A N, Cbnirinan. ('. H. Exgubkiit, Ke. l etury DEMOCRATir RE1M. HLI0AN QE N ER AL C > M .M ITT! ? r. Ti ninuinj II nil. ? Tie member* are iviiu.-bl ..i in att? n I n m.ietingof ill * iniiiiiill *'i'. In be held on Thursday eve .en,.', Oct. 24, ui 7 }i o'olock. 1'y nrtler. EUilAlI F. I'l U1>Y, I'lmlrmau. A. B. Boi.limm, t R Jou.f IUanr, joemwiee. t GIHANI) M ASS MEKT1NO AT FOBT OBI'K.N E, IN Kl'P r |iort ot tin 4 'lien linuii noiuinaienta, on Tliiirmtiy, Oet. ft, at 8 o'clock 1*. M. linn. Daniel S. in ? ill ?HMltlvely addrtxi ill" u>>- -elliii;, to etbi-r ?Hli T o,. Frnin la Meafher. Eeq.; Hon. llenry Murphy, SmltU, i ; lloii. Jutu> h J li Hi Mil if v, i I a>i i M. M'? Oii'il, Hum. bunitm If. Clmndler, Hull wm. Onrlli Koji'n Will uin M. L&j.. and utii'T <IUlin^uiM*eU m in, A Uutnl of in n (ilo will Ih? lu alicnMan^i*. My uru -r ol the Kxccutivo Comii)l(t?e. J. W. Te ttiRAV AllAN, Clialrmo. fJliJK INDEPENDENT UNION CLUB OF THE FOURTil mnl Hixth Kapd? will hold a ivhuUi- an on thl? ( Vhurnduy) pet. 24, At V)j o t lo?k, i.t li? .r r? ??ujh, vM r. Walisti'i), 41 4>ntio ?UMrt. urn purUruiuity rt qur?te<i In uft* ii'l, us bimint k.- of impoitiiDcQ wi i I bri?ui<ht behixc the inctMlr^. 'Ih? loUowm,; ? tuiimltu-H will Ik In *> nvIoii every vvfiitug thin \vek, to vvuii on ? ?in<!ldati*st lM tv,M'a the hours of 7 mil u o\ at tin* ubovn r>#om* ? (ioxal-i Tyirell. Moitinn r Sullivan, J??*.u I'. W..l-ht Manin J)o>)r, Win, V? ulbh, Jaixwrf rti/.g i*al t, H<mry IJaio iiiah. By?.r?ler..f HKXKV ATE MAN. Praniclerii. 3D WARD PBOPliK 0 UNION AfMOCI 1TIOV. - \ KB* gUiMI mMtlllKiif tlUN A*60<'1itlioll v\iil lm h* I ut .\o. J&t CiivcawMi itn et th:a ev?*i.inn, nl right u'U ?< k. Punctual aiu iiilantc i* r?'<tuesUi(J. By ??r?ier. LOUIS 1*. AliDItlCfl, Oh air man. Gkomob r. Dkwi.anp, Her rotary. ni 'i WAiiu. >) Alum utlng of tli? Flint Dintrlet Union d ab, h id at Mil i 'h, fil Leonard atreet, the luliffwing li kit was unanl InniiKly adoped: ? Sherill ? laud over. County Clei k ? II. W. lie'iet; Hnparvtimr ? Eliti.h V. l'urtly; Coioner* ? Henry llm-hea, Kilwurit C. M. t niint'll. An h ,ny Klcholf, Andrew J. nan; Sen ilor, !?' > M"tli iilnlrli-1 ? <*. H. Wood mil; A-wiii 1>1> ? Laid over. Jtmlclary. ? Juallceol the Supnm" Court? Tlioii.n . SV. Clei-ki ; J 11 -tiro ill the tvip.'rinr Court ? I. M. Woodmlf; Jnsliie nl the Common VI. ? iohn H. Brady i ?lilnlke of tlie .il.inn ? Court? Arba It >1 y ! . iM. 11. II. tiAM'KK, Chairman. W. Rjnnrrr, Secretary. QTH WARD BXOBUttOR ci I'll.- am. MEMBER* Of O tUo i-.\i.ihl.)i club >i requaat d i" .n-^ t ui i ?? Uniri it ri m on Krulny o\ uiil'ig, O lohi" ifl, i.i precincly. 11. . . .. i ol' E. VAN tiUDEN. I n ? i. Jons Kii, FRANK KNAHf, Vi 1'iea't. Via. Muntqumkuy, Ti an. KJTIC WARD. -THE MO/ A If T II VI I, WA'lD COX. X'J mitten ".II ni' ct ,.i Win. Clare'* hum ? . ? ninj ?l 7% o'clock, t'mi ma! attendance le.iti- toil. John Harkk. Secretary. li. (!. IMKU'^ ri airman. JilM.IMOKI. Butu uns.? veiatt bonnets, r. i . m k velvet IJonn.ii.-, m \? ait le* at reduced i i i' ? S21I Velvet Hon li M ut ill) riieh . ?.l Si R moat", r v.'ortli M. .truing B niii l .i. 1/. Bl.N.SS' Millinery, Mil Biuadivaj. J. i . K''i>t and In lln' world. Tl/ILLE B. BAK.VETT iVi WILL Ol WINTER FA.-llION-i OP I'ARIK MH.IINERV On THURBD W, Obtuber Ji. .? 2.1 \V. \ -i pUe. tlAlLIlUAUij. HI DSON RIVE It KAll.koUJ.? TRAI..S FOR ALBANY. '1 roy, tin- N'or ii and Wi'Hl, J?.tvi' Cb iml? ftiwt at 7 Hint II A. M., auil :t :?l. 6ano lo.iS I'. M. VJ EW YORK, IIABLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD.? li Rummer arrangement ?E\pi'",* train forAI '*ny, Troy, North mid We?t, leave* Tiventy -Ixth atrcet station .all A. id For locu1. linltt -1 * e timetable ?lulls 111 ld'Hll.L, A rnmto ri . Superintendent. blLLIARUM. DHELA.S'd PATENT IMI'ttOYKU BILLIARD TABLE .1 . AMI COMBINATION CUSHIONS Price* reduced iii ?. ill I lio i nii"i. rillC LAN Ool.LEN DER, 87 ? 'rnaby ?treet, rpHE MATCH WHICH WAS i/> HAVE COME o?p J In s! *? vi nliiK .it i?"w IV. 1 . id S.I ...11, l.'J l> .lllon *ti*i'ott was tin ivoldio !y |?'i?ii'o:i.'.l In ?niw'tiifiii'i ol" tin- lil - n.KHof nni' ni Mm |ii.iy?r?, lint will ; o.ltl I'ly UikejiU... i. - fl y. Hot Ki-Wl Llinoh tri.m 11 In 1. Ale, 3 Cent*. Bllttuidf, Kmim WANTEIi TO 1'1'ltCII ASK ? A VCLL HIZEI) UlLLIAItU Table nf Plioiim A ?; illi'n <? ' in nn o ? m p r!' ? t order, with .ill lixiiu -.s cotniili ;.-. Ad ircw, io\'( ?. .'1!-;, liplce I'llX 1,'i'il l'o*t III 11 I'. MUSIC: All. 4 ,M AON I FIcr'NT SEVEN Of '1 AVE UoMEWOOD JY I'IMI.,1 'i ll' for K?lr ? Illi lily curved li .mil cn*e, round coin. th. full iron plnii: ?nd llueawltti ?iulmvivi.l, .ivwrnrang buK?, in..- 1 1 wlili wii'l |?!*il krvt, made lo Itr.l fur tin: |>rc rfeni o'.\ i. r In city iicikcrs; fiillv giinrnnti-ed tor tlirce vcurt>; I In n w but live month*; ??' t $??; wjll im ?? n! for $300, lli' ludlln,' S'.ool and Cover. Abo nn el-ffnirt DrtuMnK Itoom Suit, cont (.luO, lor $139. Inqtiiro at 7U Wen I'wciiLy-tlxth utrei t, BearHlxth av< nue. i I!AR(;AIN.-$<*) USE TONED SEOo iD HAND J\. l'ianoforio, lin.titiful cuf; ha* all tlio ni.ntviii l<np>*.i*?> I." ..ii. Aito nl' " iplendlil rarrril iom'WOxI 1'kilin .1 <, lc.i ;.nn cost, to clone a naelver?l lp. Ar.|i y a jw Vn vi rv, lo ur Koi. th xlrcet. JOHN MCiMiN i V IW AN IMV.KNmE SAI HIUCK KOR C.l#>lf.--PRI ' *&?. cost tl.OUt, h int ByPiution. Mnglii i it 'u'l ri! 'illli'i i . I'laiiil. i tc. ro ? ni,; "iii \ oil '? i ti uriy n ???? ill !??! let 1.1'Icr, *ii;< i|?l?d tniK , I cnntiiofUTil hy wen kU" n city m. i kor". Aivly ai Z8 Tltirtl *tr?et, near Si . m l avenue. 1" NEW 1'IANOS JEVKN OC AVE. FOB SIM EACH.? f) W.i: runted lor Ihrce vi.ii-; iiiiikI li.* - -Id month. AI urn" lii.A "In-: I' .nni, liMli; ne-'.l, f r $1 1.1. the iiiatiu I ? ?.otjr. So. 7j Knit Twentyn-cond mrtct, u< ?r Loxi-igion JIHilTARY. j ?\f ILiTABY.? l-oit SAI.)'. SIXTEEN MI'S RETS, I'ER ail "ti .1,1 "t|v?ith Bayonet*, in liint I tuc order; loiof bhuk pit 'lil I !ther Cartridge BnUcs, IliM Ac., .ih.I iiiue 1 1- . kft?, trtmm?d with State tnittonx, lot mile cheap. Aft'iy at linen lit nd??; , cai-ncr df Rim ? rr. ? - - . =. it CSTACIlAJtrS. 3mTwTrD.-?" 'o 1 rm'ARM, mrrRRFORK till' THOU tj Jv.inat :>i etme, oil niee. me l eniiinow, at Het - L'lun; k. tJO U'lilkUl tla-' i. K.i ? ?r I e*ii:r? w.lhitruf. Voilt*, AfiE Tllltl' ti CESlS A lit. ASH. OYSfEItS? U? ' t'l.TOV MltEET. NEAR THE II K l't nflUi ?The S'i'. '.vk' ity 8tew? and t'nney and S . I. Hi lei- i. r.> I'm - '.IBBV'S, itr> tndiAp.nH.ibi.! to nn ? l i I-. S. B.? ?teff i:i".ni.ii witheat vraekiug, tbereiiy av lid. t. ; line |'i0 ? ? ?je .1. liFBAI. HUT1CEM. -vroTicE? pr",v;;.\.W to a< oku&r ok tub ai Mil i me t.i'.iin. the In 'el on th" tout '< ntorti/uge I' i. *id* of i!.o4s'i Vi rk . i. Jtile. l'.-l roml Oot.ipiaiy, ?u< b li?i?Te .liie on the i?tnf Oi.o -rl t? will le ,?;?! nn i- ; on of the i ii j i is ni ti a in. ? .n tin- mitucribci', la Km lice o'i ml after tti?tir* if No ? ? . i. ? ? i ? i ? ?. t. O' t. 2-J, Ml. NATHANIEL MARSIT, He .-elver. ~pURt>UAKT TO AN ORDER 'it TI.K TtlOH COURT .1. Of OillMKy, BKi flnoti'.- I I ' i* nx. r.-t i'hil Mpn and otii iw," U'.e. h'l -.reli ;li njr > 1 1 . ti Atk t . 't?to '?( Mm HIM I. ill liie I,' ' .ic- u: < I"' ? t : ti'f i'i? ?.-! Krt? Iff ..I'-) e. Jai" V !> ' i' flioi . ?? t. ii n. fnrmer.i of Aii i it'',, In ill" . -utility n| tiioii -eiu-i'. ( ? uin.-rl;. June Atkl'ii, .in l tee el' i'h if i a'. ' if ( lit*1 lea Afkitin, m lio in or aiMtit tin- y . - t^ti ||-U' .'it. ! ) - Ai I ,*!? a, I.I.I .; twenty-ave J"at* ainec wo* In tot ?f a ?,ile--. e. In A.n'-n, a. a? wero tiv ira ti 'hi ??' \ t ,'t 'i, IH Ivh -h ? Jo \tl-.oia and Jain 1'iiie* -.t' rotn ii.iai-i au-i " 1 t'narleaAt k,n: w.'.-.the 'laU-hiMih-r <d Harriet I'M ?'??-, tl.p wile ?r Uicli.. ill". ;.:if< -t Mens. In !)i. p I-ylMli .in, ? , ; . nt nt \ o'' i)\, ... . i , - 1 le: ler, thi tojuito; n tills nt t* ?, are, by I ill ?" -nil. " 1 ' '' " d.. j* o ,1, lef l-ti!, ? c ie I' I-I rttf-f Ilk4r claims ;o *!mto ,, I I ?(.. . . ? ' -fclte, l.t It', i lalll'l. t> 'f t ? Ml fi "I t'l ? li. ' " '? " " J,-d, ' hen "rv I ne, V !.| v; or. ! . ? ' ' , t'. -V .till en . I. Ml. a,. , n "i ' t i t ?' ' ' 1 >i it ' v. ta ? ll !l ? 1. 1. i. Flit I 1' .V. .. Ui Wniri so, i i i t u ii.

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