Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9176. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REBELLION. ' The Recent Battle on the Upper Potomac. INTERESTING DETAILS OF THE ENGAGEMENT. Six Hundred Tn!on Troops Killfd, Wounded ami Missing* AFFAIRS 015 TL'E LOWER P0T0XAC. Sic&lcs' Ijiitfafle Fired Upoa by tUe Rebel Steamer Fuse. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Trua Account of tho Reported rig it in the MississippL tore of toe moici* sqwcroj nurnED. Union Report of tlio Fight at Santa Rosa Island. Total Route of the Rebels by the Zouaves and Regulars. Arrival of Messrs. Slidoll and Mason at Cardenas. THE PRIVATEERS AGAIN AT WORK IN THE GULF, &c., &c., &c. VV AfimKOTOw, Oct. 21, 1891. AFFAIRS A LON'O TUB UNION LINES. ^Aooounfr from tho otlior side of tho river represent all Areconna^ in force ? made ?o-diy from Gen, w Smith * division, consisting of two compiln:B, ?fColo ^Fiiedman'scavahy, five c mpaniea ?f lafai,try, and ?wo pieces of artillery. The result was ih0 capture of ?Igbt rebels, fully uniformed, beyond Vienna, und f rthor taction ol,tnm?d of th. position and forces of .he !*" lu lbB neighborhood of Fairfax CUirt IIouso. esterday <lener.?l lender went out to make a recou noisKiite on ih,> Virginia sldo In the vicinity of FMwanV *?rry, and had^a lively skirmish with iho enemy, during Which he recolvod a slight flesh wound in the loir 11, e ?en,y was repulsed, without any loss on oar sldo b .l ?wen of tho enemy wero found dead on the Hold ihoy nad occupied. A*LtI? 0N T!rK lower potomac? thb RRntL MWADK. ?i:0K0K rAOr FUUN? Vr0H TUE SICKLKH ^drk*' ?f the t"fih ,ut Murray. lias arrived from Pm? " " He r"PUrW tl,at 11,0 rebel steamer Geo ge ^ was seen between .hipping Point and Evan^rt yeaterday afternoon. It i8 Suppogoa tllal sho rau Jt of A<i lia creek under tho darkness and Tog, aud during tho revalence of the storm on Tuesday night. Sho crocacd ovor to the Maryland side yesterday afiornoon. aud Cap ld ir.h cu 0011)11 ,00 U,JM 81,0 Wi*< cr<?wd. ed with men. She was observed to make only ono trip le river there is probably a mile and a quarter wide' She Is protected by the rebel batteries on the river Th.,>age whl|,?n hor trip, fl.ed threo sheila over to the Mary land shore in the Erection of the position of ,ho H?n d regiment of tho 8lcklea brigade Sever.! , ma? boat, have been obson-^ at o, near tnr pamc point. A schooner with wood, which ran the blockade yestcr St b^UeH * b<;tWWn the U!and a n? M<1 Math,a3 Potat batteries q uto distinctly on T.iesday night. There were lying at IndlM HeaJ j-^t.-rday the Harriet ?u?e, tho Yankee, the Wyandanlc, tho II?Urt aud the Murray, which la>t ha* come up. The wood schooner abovo mentioned reports that all m^ofsVC'"mtUl tra">''1'0rUl havc K"1:? arouud to An A wood boat and four oyster boats have run t!ie gauntlet ol the batteries and arrived bore. Thcv were llredat by the Shipping Point battery, but received no damago. Th. y observed tho rebels engaged in the ?? oction of a battery at Cockpit Point, aud saw at Mathias 1 oint no batteries, but scvcrul hundred soldiers A scbooaer loaded with wood has been captured by the They have a fishing boat at Cockpit Point, and a! ?cbooner at Aqi.ja cjeek, rach aimed with tw.?gi;ns The fleet of transports thai was detained below by tho Di6cKa<ro has gone to Annapolis 10 unload. It is reported that Lbout two hundiad Maryland reb-lg ?e zed n schooner in the Patuient river and forced ti e owner to to St. Mary's, whence they ejected to make Uoir way acr. es into Virginia. MORE CAVALRV. . Colonel Friedman was to-day authorized by the War Department to raise .mother regim-nt of cavalry and a Gov't n r Af*inant ^rotary of War was scut to Governor Curtin in ;ur ho of lint object 6.NEKAL FREMOKT'tf KxrFNrtTVR^ COMMISSION TO iXAMlNli CLAIMS. _ D' ""Vis, of Illinois, and ilon. Joseph Holt l?,8 Secretary of War, have boen nppointe? ontho c^mi Uon aLdm.dlt the claims against tho g,vern. ment created in General Fremont s d?p?rim at TDK CONFLICT BETft'iiliN TI1K JUDICIAL AND HIT. TAHY AUTHORITIES SETTLED BY THE I'KKSIDKNT Or TurR'tay Ji.dges Morrcll and Dttnlop united lu an or. der to be served ou tho Provost Marshal, General Porter Whr aa altURllnwnt of contempt should not In Issued against him for, as the Circuit court sav oh ?tructing the process and course of jostle',, and tho ad in.nlstration or it in the partiruiar oase set forth in t'.e letter of their associate, Judge M. rrlck, who Z und" ?urvel ance at his own house. Yesterday, however the n< t U?o'?lrUCtld ,h? MarEh*lf0r ,he Strict of C.lum btanot to serve the writ, but to return It tolljeOouit With the explanation that the President has, forthe pre' ?ent, suspended the privilege of the writ of luboa.s cor Lc'^ty!"8 ",nS l? thU m"ltArr' r"T ? Public COLONEL OOCnRANK'fl KEOIMBNT Tl,> first r.giui.-ut Unit,. | M ,f S cius,^, nnder ?ommai.d of Colonel Cochr.ine, Is under iua-ch'n? or"er7 erjxc ;ng hourly t, move to the Upper P-tomae. G Hi (UBu his the I Igh ? t oi Inl m of nut Oeaorai 3?no I, to whose ,'tr,^ I belongs, is ? er:it.ra! a'rmr favorite, and Hrij-adl r (Jon era! Graham stands alio very l3,,,h Gen ral. nu :i have , their nli, r-,n Odone! Oocli me's nt.w! rhVthe highest ctn-'h: u ul that o-mld bo paid to it. Fy h ? d o mature death, f the , all .nt i'ake~, CWon 1 is f>r vented froiu rb-iug t ? th ? ysi'l n of A.-h.g Brlgadl, r Ce::cral. Colonel Pak r was on the point o." b? rig ra. d ^.hor.ukof Ma 'or Getmral, and h In - d me, !H tut , "Mch original y wore under hu oomm d. ehould be r, t? red to It. 11. , w, -M h .ve mad" Co! ? ? OH-hrane his senior C + ,n,d, ?nd th ? d-afh ?f ' w?u!d have put him at the be of a ? | . Th . cl. .U things remain for the present where the wcr. The bi,h ,Wr,e of perfect ion wh? h h ? bo, u reaehe,! by the Cha.>. eurs is In n ^roat mo.u?nn? c-w n t ? th n h . i soldierly character of Lieutenant Colonel ,<?h.lor V ^ THE EXAMINATION OF VOt.PNTfEK OFFICTRS Many of iho newly apiMinted volunteer oin.-en. h? apprehended that they w, el, l not J , . ? 'avfi tlon before the iinnr-ls which w to ?, " ' ,**''y',mlna the ai.nou (V.Tient Of the g .. , C"u"litl!l'^ ?'> '"it of the,. Doartt* a, least"', :iBp!^^ ^ J 7': 7 ^ : ty.os iu tlu art 0/ war, although nceomj ishe t tejitVnien" NEWS FRO'tf the UPPFR POTOMAC. BklrMtuk. With the Enemy? The Vnton Troop* Wltlnlruwn front tli? Ylrgiulu Bide v.f the III ver. KnwiRDs' Fiiwy, Oct. 28, 1801. Ab?ut flvo o'clock this afternoon a rebel brigade wcb ?o?ri proceeding in the direction of Conrad's Ferry and dtat|>i>eared behind a wood, where it is stated th re is an earthwork, mru nttng seven gona. The jxrtnt isbetwen the river and Le, -burg, two miles fium tho laticr place, and about three m,le? from Edward's erry. It Is sup posed they are llie fame troop? which atta? lied our pickets yesterday. About the same hour General Abercromble sent word to heailqcnMors tlat the eremy'B fjice v.-r..i advancing towards his position or theVlrgtnia fide front abo\e a; 1 1 below, cud astcuig for r^irf'-rofuaonts. His command was *>on drawn up in line of batt le near the shore and orders were issued to push our * strung forou t o bis ro lief. I'p (o tho present hour (ten P. M.) no attack hns t?eon made. Five perrna wore arrested ot Pool- svillo to lay, on a charge of being rebel spies, They wcro ei.iruiueci and romanOed to safe keeping. Tho skirmish of yi icrday was fojght on our t ide f t chsivciy by the Independent corps uf Andrew's V.v<;a. ch isuit* Sharpshooters and Company K of the Nino t nth Ma ;uhi sells regiment. Tho enemy's forco con sisted of ono re 'Tiv nt ea. h fp>'n I/m-dana, M ei-sippi and Virginia. Tho lattor attempted to f i if our Jill!" force, but the terrible Ore from tli?sh..n shootors, a rebel falling at every shot, and the llrm o .1 of Company K, prevented the execution of their : a... The lot s of the enemy wan , r<\it, whi'o only oro of 0 ir mep w.i? killed. Tho skirmishers were aid. d by sovoral Finns from our batteries on the Virginia shore. I V'fvrip', Oct. 24, Wl. Yesterday, on learning that a Ur. e foic. if the omruy were approaching at two points, nl <>vc and below , and m the immediate vicinity of tl.u ferry, it was judged advis. able to v. th 'r iw the portion of our troops fruu tho Vir ginia shore, both at Edwards' lorry and llarn >n'e Is. land. Tbiswss rendered tho mere noce.'fa. y I'rcm tlio hlfchstatoof the Water ai d tho galo, which made it a matter of Impossibility to throw over a bu(11c.i.;iI forco t? malco our positions thero perfectly ocure against a gene ral attack. Tho forces at Harrison's Island wero removed first in tho faco of, and unmolested by a large body of the enemy, who wlse'y, porliaps, foreboro to make any dem nstru lion. General Stone commanded tha division opp rito Kdwards Ferry, and removed thorn during tho tempest' nous storm iu the night safely und without any accident, be being among tha last to leave the shore. The numbers ? f the enemy are not known to outsiders but it is iui'Ci'red that they had between 16 000 ure( SO, COO. Their positions were in dangerous 1 roximity to the lorry, mid a night attack would have boon disastrous to our email numbers there. This morning none of their encampments <>r troops are visible, except perhaps one occasionally passing aloug tuo road through the open u.ks of the forost. NEWS FROM HATTER AS INLET. ? Fortius* Monkok, Oct. 23, ) Via Baltimore, Oct. 24, 1861. J The S. R. Spaulding returned from Hatteras Inlet iast night. Bho brinjs no news of importance. There have boon no military movements In the vicinity of the Inlet. A few day ; ?jo rix rebel steamer- made tin Ir api*.aranco there, but withdrew without making any demonstration. The recent high tides havo almost entirely overflowed the land in the vicinity of the fort". The natives are s'-fferiug greatly for want of food and clothing. The pastor vC tho church at tho inlet came tip on the Spauldiug, uc4 will go North to raise means to re lieve their pressing necessities. THE SEARCH FOR THE REBEL STEAMER NASHVILLE. BETUHN OF TUB UNITED STATUS GUNBOAT CONNEC TICUT. The United States gunboat Connecticut, Command' r Wocdhul), from Bermuda 21st inst., having left this port on the 17th Inst., for tho purposo of Intercepting tlio steamship Nashville, said to havo left Charleston for England, with M<?srs. Slidell and Uason on board, arrive 1 at this [tort yestovday afternoon. Tlte Nashville had not been heard ( f at Bermuda. Tho Connecticut proceeded to tho Navy Yard. NEWS FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA. TDK EMX'TION ON Tint OltDlNANCR TO FOKM A NEW STATE. MTuuruno, Va., Oct, 24, 1861. The election for a division of the State, as ordered by the ordinance passed at tho last Convention, came off i throughout Wostorn Virginia to day. Tho vote in this city and county was not full, but overwhelmingly for "division." The reports from tho interior, so far as re ceived, show still greater unanimity lor it. Thirty-nine counties are included in the new Slate. Messrs. Ijmb, 1'axton and Eattrlle, aro elected delegates from this county to tho Convention which meets on tbo 20tl? of No vcmber to frame a constit .tioa. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. St. Lot is, Oct. 24, 1881. Col. Morgan, with two hundred and twenty men, of tho Eighteenth Missouri; and t'vo piecos of artill"ry, ha ' c flgbt with some four hundred rebels, la Hi" Jpjrricane Creole , Carroll county, Inst Sa'urday, killing font toon, tak ing eight prisoners and putting tho rest to flight. Col. Morgan had fourteen wounded and two mortally. It hi bel loved at I.a CI do I hit the no! rlcts Jt. rlin Green lial fV=->rted General l'rico, and is (iyii.j to raise another b.'.u J of outlaws ia North Mi.?r-vuri. Tho following is ? special despatch to the Democrat f.omJcfr- sonCityi ColoncI V n,:merer arrived fretr> Tipton to-nk lit-, and re ports it is rumored and believed there (hat Ivuic and Montgomery had intercepted Ben McCullougb, or some one assuming that name, in his attempt to join Genera' Price, and cut Ills whole army to pieces. Tit is report is also believed hero. Wo aro reiiabiy informed that about 500 rebels aro con gregated In and around Fulton, Calloway county, whose d^ign is to seize p mo {lapsing steamer or forr) for tlicin se'.vcs, and burn tho Cfage bridge, on the PaciKc Hail road. A formidable and vigilant guard will bo main tained at tho bridge. General Fremont is said to have discovered 10,000 bushe's of corn burled at Warsaw, and delivered It ovor to tho United States I aymaster. EXCHANGE OF l'RISONERS AT COLUM LUS, KY. Camo, IU., Oct. 24, 1801, Colonel liufford and Captjin Brewer, o^Seneral McCier nand's staff, accompanied by several other gentlemen, went to Columbus yesterday, ou tho propeller .Sampson, for tho purposo of exchanging prisoners. The party worn cordl.lly received by Generals Polk ai d Pillow, an . six teen prisoners wore released. The town is wt!l fortidod. A battery of eight twenty-four pouudara is plocod at tho upper end of tho town. Two forts are being bni't about cne iu.d a half miles from tho town, but no guns aro mouutol. Tiio number ol rebels tr. Co .mbus is not over 10,000. REQUISITION FOR ARTILLERY FROM 1HE WAR Dti'AHTMEN i'. IIa ui vrc, Oct. 21, The TTar Bcpartmcr.t h-.i made a requisition for the flvo ctapanios of heavy 'wiiilery commanded l y (X: r,.l i Aneai.the, of 1 bil. dolphia. * ___ REGLM' :ITAL BANNER PRESENTATION TO ! THE BTOOTH COXNECTK UT REGIMENT. The "Sims ?( Connecticut," with a goodly mimn. r of j ?, v. at on an w.rsiou to ,p ! b cMnj.Ii.mi, I. tig Is und, ye- icrday. forth* pur>-.?o of I w tw-ilug l' '? ro.ontr.oa oi p.. i-nting a rogim n:ai ' Pa. ;er t ? tho ith Coni'oeiicut t './it, - ?t. shoit'v, tor ! arru. faith" ? am;>, .'"In li. at. , th ? .vt.t of tho I ".-Vus ?i < ? ? client,'' introduce: to -r.eral I'. M WVi ! more to ho regim-nt, wh i j r seated thului onb itah I of tho "lit' hi a vo' y ?l.?iueiit an- pnlrwiio ,nldie-,a, c:<" ? k '?< i'h the rontri k he bipod '-tliey i;ev w ] relum wi hout banner," to which the rogitn n* !??? spocded in ^uoh i'.i i..inei! t th ro w?-> no mistaking ll'-ii arxiety to havo a bi-usb wi'l> the en my. The gallant Colonel Harlan received the banner in a \ cry neat and appn sweoh. HM? r<pim -r' uimb'rg 1,030 men, rank and (lie, ani' !ho orderly m ,r with wnnh Mi'.y rotirtr,. -Oi th. :?.-:?!* >:y to,'.. all- w the strict ul- 'iphno oxorsii-e I l>y the ofll< orn 'J'li-- . . ? ;> ! , s- j tpeaks all .'ir oi i 1ohiii.ii' s ?n l coniloit. n t <? ?,-? met. 'iiii"" 'tin: ti.i . . fii-ut. " n I i-Miloth- city it li ? t pa?! thieo in the sflcivMn , all well jdoaii.d w ith the ex ournon, THE FIGHT AT NEWPORT NEWS. Dftalli ?f the Lute Kn^ngrinrnW Captura or R.bfi i'iu|)iiitii, &c. orit camp coKiir.sroNJir.NCE. r> nr Jii tlkr, Niwrour Nnnrs, Va. , Oct. 22, 1881. Tetter Jay we tiio< >:ht that the chances wore bettor than ever beforo oi' having a good, horn -st brush with the enemy, but ?n were ugnin <!o o?ed to dli appc intmont. It J crested, however, for the ttmo being, some incitement, a <1 wr gratefully aceoptcd that aa a a i^Ut relief from our monotor.o * camp life. Itio faolsf Of the effatr are about as follows: ? Tarty la th;' looming a flut u Uiii' ?f theTlvlt it ?.!;???? ; --'h. :.':0Ua bnt ta'ii-n, numbering about If 0 men, under command of C*lv ! tain J. H. Fan ? >, went out svilh twtaty wagoua to pro cure w.wd for the post halt* ry. Towards ten o'clock i when the delai-hnunt was nboirt olgbt ?l' s from ram i, uud before thry b id C( mwcnrcil 1 nc* tig t! ?? wng< n*. thoy were fired u| on by a l.u< o rebel lorco l.? irg It) unit tab 10 the wa^idi froctlug the road. Captain Barnes itnn e-iint' !y had the wagons and mi. Kb turned about, and orlefed Ca; taiaChamberhln, of Company I, to rlnlter himself and Iiib nit u behind a fcn.o,audto return c molino nta With tin- c.j my; tli?; tllO lu li ol I olUfKliy I did i>.lll tl?o K -.atvs. st", ho thu L t;.? reb< I soliliois, who hud coiu m< ' cod how in.- iht m - lv f- in c ? r idorabla lumber: , -t once wto 1 ?r > i d aid U<*t with nil pocible spoed. Wiii.o t cy li- aw.iy tli- ) Oiled tho W" a *1 li the nu -it awf lUool: . -i ml yeliiL}; ,alju)-Kt uiowuiug Uw volt ?* of I he .- ofllc w,wli w ire li< aid to ? au nut,, v, rally," bt t ihoi o was no rallying tbattime. and mwh tin ? 000 nvre i . .iiiiflfnlly t he.-iU > out oi ulu.l ubanco to fdiaw Of. i hand. V.'li rx'the ei.efny ili-st It ! Captain Bult, wl 0 WSS of < ureolg L . : I.e.- fit. -,.tli .- . 1,^S. !..?*, had i in ugh to do to guard th>- twenty ?.?voi s and mules ti.iru-t--! to his oare, sent in a tnouuteil uie.s riigor to In form (i ner .1 I h 1 'f ' T the state of ailaira. The General at ? b - .-! - !or?g roll beaten, ami bofre ...vtty tuin .tee 1.0 liad d; paulied live companies or tho Hist n Now Yoik Volunteers. under c nminod of bailing, and Uvo t mpitmcs, oi tho Sovonth i ? giiuunt .'?? w York Vuhuit-ere, u:oi coiunvind of M.,r r Von S 1. itf, together witli a battery of light ait - iory, under toui matidof Fitm l autunant lodor, oi tUo Kourth artlll?*y, IjuiterCauiei Army, to tho pi ene of aotlou. Wlieu tlie fo.i co arrived thi re they found #?ei y thing quiet, ai d Captain 1 'a mil, (if tho Mtutsm uiaeits battalion, on tho I- i i of triiimi'l antlj- , t ,n n g.wlthlntlweiity wagons londed with wooi!. Tim General litra-otf, anil bis ai-l-di' cnnip, fo 1. wed up the for. o, pOHt^iii tb: tie ooms ami d of tlio m i- tul New York Vtd .ntceiH, under cuninuvl if Major Oily, at Varim-g ;ioating*ot tho road, whore thcie mi^jlit bo .l.-.iitrcr tif the enri ,y tin n flank movent nt. Ah the f Tee whs retnrnii g from the kc< neof action It wus joined bj- Maj ? 1 i rsou, of the Kii st, who, on reinnoiter lnM Id the n Jiglib irhootl , lotind two n-licl ore ret it?. I>r. Howe, Ai-'bistint S.rgevii i f llioi'irt-t, l' a haver sack containing noiue provisions, oui of which he made on apology for a dinuei . INTERESTING PROM THE FOUTH. 1 iiilai>ki i-iiia, Oct. 24, 1861. Tho Richmond Examiner of tho 17tU Inst, says that late news from Mannsas ii full of iutorcst. 1'k -eugcrs from there ycst-rdoy, ly tho Central train, re;>ort Fairfax Court H'-nre w as abandt >ned on Tuesday night and the sheds in tho neighborhood occupied for quartering the soldiers burned to prevent tho enemy from using t hem. Tim troops, It Is said, retired In the direction of Centre villo all Yttesday r.ight. Trains from Manassas to Fairfax are busily employod transporting troops and carrying supplies to Msrassaa. The ltlehmond Fsamto-r of tho 17th instant, contains the following tel- fcraphic news:? Mac<t?, Oa. , Oct. 16, 1861. Tho Convention this mornitig passed resolutions re commending Congress to suspend the ooUectton of import duties and throw oprn our |*>rts for free trade to all iia. tioi s who maintain Willi us. A set i"s of resolutions worn adopi ed relative to the Sequestration act, recmmeftdlng that tho paymer.t of debts pr luoetnred be not required during the war; that claims for Indemnity and indebtedness dup at the South be allow. -4 as a i-'t-off: that the courts bo employed in certain caw? to modify the rctroa<jtlve effect of the biili and the property of Northern residents laboring under disabilities of coverture of infar.rj be exempted. A committee, consisting Of delegates from Charleston* Savannah ami Mobile, was appointed to examine into a plan for a marmn -team batter Inf.' rain. Mkmi'iiis, Oct. IS, 1861. A duel wi>s fought to day in Arkansas, opposite Mem. phis, between Mc. ars. LnuKo and Chambers, both of Mis sissippi , and ri\ al candidates for Congress, liiuke was mortally wounded. CHARI.E-TON, Oft. 16, 1861. Tho Courier states that the federal lteet off this jiort consists of seven vessels. AraiTKTA, <Ja. , Oct. 16,1861. Hie Mississippi ek>ctJon returns arc meagre, liut Indi" catc tho re election of Governor I'ettus. Dates from Petimcola to the 13tli have been received. A flog of truce v. hp i.t from Fort Pickous to General Bragg yesterday, stating that tho prisoners captured on Santa Bona would be seat to New York on Sunday. (!en. Bragg sent a pay to tsi< r over to pay off tho men in full for th ? remainder of their terms. The corres;>o!iuotit of tho Atlanta (Ca.) TnMligcnccr, In giving an account ? f the fight at Funta Rosa, says; ? I scarcely know whether we achieved a victory or de rat. A slej-'c is momentarily exp^cte 1 to commence and eve y preparation has been made. Perhaps it will happen as soon as the dead an 1 wounded have becu cared for and the soldiers rented from fatl^uo. The Pensscola Observer lias the following semi-ofTclal statement of the robel logs at Santa Rosa !' land Kiile 1 , 21 ; wouudd, 03 ; prisoners, 22, Including Lieutenant Sayre. The rebels have eighteen Union prisoners. The Norfofk Day Pock announces the arrival of the steamer Roanoke f.-a-n Roruioke Islmd, which Fft that place on Monday aftcrcion, and reports tho rebel s: am e. s Cm-lew, Fanuv, Raleigh, Witudow and Edwards a* having left on Sunday lift' rnnon for Hntteras Inlet. Very havy firing was heard rn the Monday following in tho direction of HaMeras, which began at daylight and con tinued until eh;iit o'clock. Also reports two federal steamers crnteii.g In Pamlico S und previous to the departure of tli? expedition, but they were chesod out by the rebel steamers. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of tlic Ovcrluml Fxjjrcss. Cbk at Halt Laics City, Oct. 24, 1*01. The pony tsprcss, with tho following Intelligence for tho press , passed here at Fix P. M. to-day en route oast : ? San ViLANCMw, Oct. 19 ? 1'. M. The Officers of the general government commissioned to purchase a site for a fort at Linta Point, near the entrance of the harbor 'f Pan Francisco, have mot Willi a check through a dtcision of the Supreme Court. A jury recently appraise, th" property at (126,000. which the owcjrf- refused to accept because the government, through its ipNitP, once offered u larger um. The court decide I that tho cas- must bedicidod by ascertaining if a much l.iguer price was oilered or not, j so as to bind the government. Th.' government side nf the ! case is mio.tiged by attorneys a pointed undor tho i! chanso administration. The oil rial returns of the State ehcHon aro i Jurt announced. The whole \oto cast is a fi action ' under 12tJy800. Sanford, tho republican candidate for Governor, re ceived 86,i.>(1: Mi Conr. J1 (Dnciconrldge), 32,751; Con vorsce (TJnion democrat), 3.1)30. Captam P .1 -Heefles, commanding tho steamer Pa^i lie, was .shot at Pt rtland, Oregon on t'.e 10th In^t., while siding to rrest a gambler. Ho died a few da-s sub.?- 1 t, ile:; ul P ; . ? ? wnj leave on Monday, tho 21st, by c . inter Aii Wa-hlngioii. ih?re are under l is command | i :tii:c <m >.f i v-'nrs, * ? - ? i New York One II or: at.' ? m s of mii s go i rw.-.- ? by the sjime s'esnior. i Gil nel V; r;*h' 1 s Genet al :? im er in command I o( the pacific u in until Genera; fiuier a.iiit?, M'iNKT HATTERS. Tin mot)-,v ;o.uij t c oiix. (jii.ti < ,.-y. RJgbt ? .\Uirnre ? on New Vcrk'4 a SJvj per ont. 'jIo. ?; sti/i of dat <*r | to trcascje t: r oinits from plr te:-. u agsm sj'it.'iod, , *hm i-'WH-'-tp advocte peti ? nu-g tbegovira n nt to ? a i> w r vetTcit#.' >>inwail, at least o i' a m. . i. ;h, to r#v Iv.i and co;;voy CiUn'otnla tj-?a; ire U> New Yoik , OOXUEIti '/ T.. T. i Ba: ';ft f >r " c, ? -i it . uind Iso In quite exalting. < A f< v art 1 j tor v,u -.Utlve d iruiul have been dis l<"f=ed of. ! Candles continue with qnlto b^ivy sales here end to arrive at 22c a '<? ?? .? d r- a ?' f 7t* cat- of J II Co. Iji.d . i l'ic le. " ' 1 ?> gallons spirits tnrp inline J.1 30 j lsthn : l hr'l r : c -. Alcoh' 1, in barrels, 62 J-jC. I Layer raisiiis i i ?*. > 1 w o 1:- gs uails at $3 SO. siurnxu iktku ioencb. Arrive ' < n th i-jtii Inst., f in Oracle. Liverpool; l-a.k Midas, Ni v. . tl.;. Failed 26tii, ship Panama, Co. pal to: lsih, eKi) 'In ta'ct, Ilcng Koi.g, SwoidOsh, lt>...? Kong bark Glimpio, hjidney. Attciuplcd '\Vl>?>l<'?n!e Forgi-ry, PiilLAtiM.ciiiA, Oct. 21, 18P1. A man ne^etf Henry Oons'd, With mail nlla?'' s.la3 ' e< n (.) re tod h ro on the el. ?rg<* of alt imptlsg to defraud I 'ltt .V C0.|"6f New Yor'. . and other flrmj of Haiti ; o , 1 i a..;eSj 1 and I'oiila-ul, with forged b.jlsof ex cl inge for largo auiouu?s. THE BATTLE AT BALL'S BLUFF. Additional Fori if ulnrs of lite Ktisn^pment with tlic Eeliels near Lecsburg. carmiL stoves ad ? asce i\o an: upsilt. The Guns Not Taken by the Enemy, bnt Spiked and Thrown into the Biver. Tw o Hundred ar.d Twenty of the Union Troops Killed ami Wounded* About Four Hundred Union Troops Missing. Where ?*eii?*rul k?aW?*i' was Mor tntly Womulecl. X.ira<'S of Sr.iue of iFia WfinJcd, Wlieic lliev are From, an.! the Mature ?f ' (Li-lr Wotusdfo WITTI LIST OF TlIC KILLED WD-M1SSWG. NAMES OF THE OFFICERS ENGAGED IN THE FIGHT. ADVANCE or MAJOR GENERAL 3ATL9, &c., Ac., Ac. TIIE ADVANCE OF GENERAL STONE INTO VIRGINIA. rOOURVILLC, Mil., Oct. 21, 1801. Oenernl Ptnne.wlth eight thousand men,cro?-od iho rivor hi Kdwards' Feri y to-day on a pontoon bridge. Tho passu,. -a was conducted without serines ucchlent. Tlio f uemy did not make his appearance. Hui troops were nil in snirilB. Major General i;anks will probably cross to morrow, Willi (tie main portiou of his wiugoi tlio grand army. ltellablc accounts state Ihnt tlie enemy are conccntrat lni: a large force at CliarlcMown, with the vliw of Cross ing into Maryland at Hurjx r's Ferry. Tbero is also a formidable body of rebels nt Winchester, recontly augmented by f refill levieR of homo Iroi i>a. A largo boat load of valuable poods, belonging to fugitive* fleeing from Virginia iu tlio vleiuity of Harper's Ferry, was lost on Saturday night, while attempting to cioss. Kour men wero iu the boat and nirrowly escaped drowning. Tlio accident was canned by the rapidity of tho current. A. Ilnrlon 1st $730 in gold, Wm. McCoy lost $7,070 In gold nnd valuable pr.pors. Others lost furnltturo, fcr. l>av is and other icbcl KuJere, It in reported, are dls' pleased beca .so Colonel Faulkner nnd Colonel Asliby did not press forward into Maryland on Thursday and Friday Inst, after tin cr.gag'ment with Colonel Coary, the rebels having boeu in the meantime lai goly reinforced, but it li stated or. the same authority thai IVaurcgard approved the action, relying ui>on the masked batteries he It, a planted ou tho I otomac, and tho existing bio. kade, to go keep iho federal government employed hi to retard their advance into Virginia. The crossing of our troois at Kdwards' Ferry, however, has disairangtd bin calcula tion!, TIIE BATTT.E AT CONRAD'S FERRY, MON* DAY, OCTOBER 21, ltd. I'oolrhvimk, Md., Oct. 22, 1861. Yest'ri'ay was a bloody day nt Conrad's Ferry, about six miles above this place. I will furnish yon with the particulars as briefly a* possible, for llioie is much sad ness, pain and groaning w ithin a loot of the tent iu which I write. Colonol I'evcns, of tho Fifteenth Massachusetts regl iu nt, having recoivcd orders to advance with a detach ment of his regiment to llie Virginia shore, reisforcs. Intnl.-' ha\ ing 1 ecu pr< inlscd him in cam- ho t>liould be at. taiAc in force, made preparations accoi ding'y, uud on M nrlay morning last, at one o'cl< (V, ho xrossed with flvo companies, vis:? Company A, Captain Hock wood : Company C, (apt . Bowman; Company C, Walter, I'oiehanl; Company 11, captain Chase Phil I rick, nnd Com[iany I, ( uptaiu George C. Jorlin ? in ail about three hundred an 1

fifty in n? to an inland In tlio l'oloniac, callcd llimlsou's Island. The pasfiago to this place war clfeeted In i'at boats. Arrived at' tl o island, where Company U had been eo picket duty for a week previously, C'sionol Iw veils was Informed bv Captain I'hiibrlck, who had been making a rec< iinoissrmco a .short time before of tho Virginia chore, that the or.cmy was not insight. IIo tli. n ordered his men to uro-s to the shore, which iu t limy accomplished by m- ans of one flatboat and one metallic boat ? a process both slow and tedious. Colonel I 'evens landed ou the shore w ithout molestati in and proceeded lo within about a miloof Lecsburg wi'.hout meeting the enemy, lie then threw out Coinpau) 11, Capt. l'hilbiick, as tkirmi.-hrrs, who noon encountered a company of lcbcls, belonging to one of tho Mississippi reginiiuts. Capt. 1*. fired upon them a volley, which the <n. my returned, and (hen retreated, when Col. Devoua fell bark to his first position on landing, and kept up a sort of skirmishing and buth fighting against 1,1500 to 1,600 robi Is for tune hours. About cno o'clock 1'. M reinforcements ianie up, under command of Brigadier General baker, with two howitzers and one brnsx twelve pounder. The rolnforcements consisted of a port of the Twentieth Massachusetts, C?l. Lea; tho New York Tammany regiment, and a part of tho Cali" tornia regiment ? iu all about 1,700 men. In Iho ineuBtiino the enemy had been immensely reinforced from !.??( hbuig, to tho number of between 6,000 and 8,000 men. 'I he lighting was kept up until dark, having com menced about seven in th? morning, with great l>?s on both sides. The Union forces were compelled to retreat, ai d to avoid leaving their guns and eqniiments in tho luindR of the enemy, they threw them into the river by order c( their commanders. A large number of tho I n ion men plunged Into the rivor, and were shot whio nttvmplitig lo swim acioss. The e: emy s cavalry mods but one .barge, and with that exception thi whole buttlo v>i8n bush flgut, both sides exhibiting groat bravery, ihe enemy's loss is largo? supposed to bo about J,oO. 'Ill y were thoroughly sheltered by tho woods. All about our artillery were shot down. Our guns were spiked uud thr wii in'o the river. Co on ll*v(ns was struck by a ot ball, and his life savod by the bah r diking s |uare upon ouc ui Uio muullio buttors on h.a coat. KTm>m> t.?eH ? Kiii.rri, wotsnco a?u miphixo. Firtei.nth liassachusctts, Colonel Iicvtiis 3f) J jrst California lot) V'.uin any i 'giumut 1??0 Tweul.eth Massachusetts 4'J 1. t ;.h .do Island artiilery - etficlitnciit C'J Tntil 670 Oi Ibis oftimr.ted total numbers arc ooii'i.i-.alh arriv ii ;? auo tlu a anal ioss may laii consi erubij sfcori < i iho cuiatK n. 1 ? li l o he t illed of either reglmonts ha" b. c;t pro cured His follow Inir list of wounded is g ? ! rom ii '.?ig the various hospitals of the Flit nth Ma-naclui- t ? .sr. i nvnt, in 1'uolesvlllkf where, it will bo olice v. d, a i' er "1 Iho p< or fell ws hoi iijioir t> > (he "t.b"r reiMncr.ts have found accomnioilatioes. Th ? I orn lr>: ? is lurge. but rendered doubly more psm ? I by tho dr ub of the bravo and beloved Genera) 1 taker. ,.e-al B. had been in action but about one licir h.-f ir > ho wis shot d?id, riidlcd witii ha!.*, Ova of th.ra c ktinly in iiicting miH t?l wonndB. He eihlbiteit the utmost cool ness m the fight, and by b Is gullaatry insp'ved oooMeno* in all the men. 1 caw his remains t ?< 'a; nth hiuso of Mrs. l'oole, tn this {dace, whllhcr tin y had bo": c aveyed I by Mr. C. A. Orirketl, of O.-ceral L'akot s hi g i.'.o. unt> t ol the bn lists penetrated the head Ji .-t iieiow tli left e ir, I auo- i r cute, o : the rii lit side of the Ihront, a : hlrd had ! aprwrently pa?sed lus rt a. in nnd |i?ti<-fra>.ed his lieart, a fourth |>cnetrated the abdomen, and the lower extr rr r. were ball riven all ov. r. His ap|>wape,. ji, '.ath Is to ? a> as c.i m and placid as fc ? the writer had soeu h m when tin- fallen be. iving and was In h;?p|eisant est mis d.?. All whom ' havo seen today, even th wounded and thivtli) iiig iu th h -sprat . t-joik volumes ol prills a iu honor ?? th i bo1 veil coinmMt rr, (h'nerai I'skor. n?s w-undod Cailfo t ' nsaro r ,ver> sad, m. d<?l. lie sight ? I haw seon iu tlv hospt i!s ui c.iy | l a v 1 I "HI enough to m ive tli-i stoutest heart ? and 'ho i it' t o mangled aad the tu - mod a - uot ill i.i yet ? : *ii J man > never wlH bo. lorn, any Bof Now Jfork was u t ia tlio un^agi-incnt. TIIK WOI NTED. WKHQ OV Till HITKKNTII ''(-M 1|e<HTT" WtOWrST. Lieutenant Ci loii t>l Gcorgo H. Wat 1; loft log below kneo shot away. Captain S. Sloan, nrooktlcld; wound in left foot. Sc">:?.nt George E. Hd.oiy, Comp ny G, Wayno county, New : shut In right arm ah mon. Corporal Frtiierli l( B. liobb.i s, Cmupauy li,(?.aiton, Masaactn.tietls gut shot worn I la (Ur< ut. Or ? al Wilder & II 'llwoV, Compv y 0, Sutton, Mas sachusetts bul'et wound In li''t ?honlder Prl?afv Chariot II. Ho!hri ok. Company H. Upton, Mm Bach use Ha Rttlisl < l in right ataouldor and auk'u. Private C'iuii aH. to o, (Vmp nyH, Upton, Massa chusetts; gun hot ?o 0(1 In Iglit Jeranlanklo Halph T. Fltini'v, Company D Worcester; guonbot wo nil tu bull. going through : Horace I ay. Coim any < ! . (jruftou ; b illot wound In lHt font tieo. B. Flmonds, Comma* B, l.ooniii.i r, cIi.ikc ii? built l wo ml in , i. lit'ihu'b. Win. I. Filler, fViinjwj.iy u ' lit* try. Massathu ?tt?; bull iv') ad In right 1*p,'almv> nuke K H. litis, Company U, No. tlibri Vo, bullot wound iu It'll thigh. it. nrown, Company n, Korthhri 'ge: buth't wound In neck, A igust'iB Komii k.i omnany I, W c b-?er, "igtflnlv bn! ft wo nd in left cheat. O-derly Fo'genrt it I*. Jor?ensen, Company A, Luo mln-tor. Ma'Sielinsei i? ; h <Uot ivoi t> ' In right arm. Privates A. W. Cow drey, ('cur any A, i.e -nil ;"cr; bal lot w<> ;uu iu neck an 1 hit thl h. Kilwa lor.I.t m a > A, H o tMi.b.i y,Jl i n luisi'lts; b ? ]( i wound la left mil Tliotinn . rv i h v I * , C mpany H, Kaei Doughs; bul lot \v. mill hi 1- It thl. !i. ' :i:i . I B. "Vnirany K, ArWngvllh), R. I.; g n fh * woim I in r 'if i'ii |j. ^Kamnol t. hr in, Ci'MpiiryO, Went Boylston, M i i h s tin ; fill Kin I in I 'I I h |>. Witurd K vvycr . Con :.j, f|, Whltlnsvlllo, Maui- ohu ? ???is Run? ot w ' n t i:i riKlil "IhviM.!/. i ? rp nu! t :.'"???? ? r. ii.mi s.Cora any '1, FltcUburi bul let w . nd in riuht wrist and right fUnnidei . C ri or, i Honey Oollnr, '' tn; ny Ii, Mmwiibarg, Coimao I out ; bullet wound In ei i I in. I'rivnto Jan cs Kollj , (Vinpany (? ''iiindn'Bville, Mn a cbt'a it ir !. i \\i iiikI In 1 1, lit unit, D i'iiiuuC .iiidi, Ounpuuy II, I ptou, Uwachi.Keti-i, gnualMt In I' ft Ifg. I'diDttnil Ariiuiri, Omiimry II, Uxbrklgt, Maf*ai bu ietts;^ rnhot wonnh in i i' '-t u Bi. All nx ? P. hi I1. II ip, l'. ni ii' J I , WilklnionTlIlff, M I I'hiss ti k ; wound in right oli. i *? ?'<? ly > rgitant 1 1 in m I oaile, Company K, Eut IlrO' kUoid. UiiMaobuxotui; gunnhot in tli.i i gliiUdi id hi- h. nd. P. nut" r. I,. Adnms, ' i mpatiy F, Worcester, Mii^faohu son- g i allot in h it . b i k \iiii r If. lticn, ('i)tn my 0, Oiafton, Uaaaa> h jctU; g hot ?? (1 in ??? ; ?? n. l ilwnril ll iri Ington. l ornpanyll, Uilbury , Mais.ichu g lt?;bulli"t wonii.l 111 wt 1st . Oo'p'ral Coogii I 'avis a, Company II, Whilutaville, Ma-s-ai hi.hi'll!.. bulh t woi nil Iu log. 1 II Dhkiiteon, Coni|tany F, Amhcrat, M*W achimetts ; both ii tim hIm t oil u! i'VO tin' k' o. I>. H S-aver, tympany I), Worccater; fl-'sb wound in tlio arm. Unn n Sullivan, IVjniruny II, MIH'ord, llMSaclinti tta; gi i shut wound throiu'h lolt tl igli. w iiX'kp or thk mi i i .'miiiiima cwaynvr ? imkirV. Corporal John I "a :1, Con. puny II, riil'aili- phiu; giuiihot In rfght log. I rivaion Kilward P. Taylt r, If&Hi kh, Winn "*ota, gun shut wound in tliu lof'i a. in , bucki-hot iu i Ight arm. Ji lin Hanry, Hlp-imont, llampHhiro coiuuy, Virginia gunphoi woim I direct y t liro?:|L' ?i t! osmniacb. Elbridgo I'unu, Coaipany N, l'lilUt-. Ipl ii; gouliot wound in riKht log. .inoob l.utllConi| any A. 1 hlladelpbla; gunebot in rl^lit tbigbandac t In tlio m rk. T ,omn? R Mo.K' nny , Company L, Phil .dolj hi i; gun hot in 1 >11 ill gh and fiKil . Hinry li. Alien, Cuinj auy A, rbi:adolplii.i;b ilicl w aind in left log. Color Sergeant BiridnllC. W irnl, Company I, A'deh uo, Butke count) , Hrnu. ylv. iila; built t wound in c io,h log. Private Kioliard Ni liuls, U-mpany C, I'hiLuleii bia; bullet wnOtM in uncle and berl. WOI NbkD OF TUB T4IUMT (HlKiV SEOOM)) W.W YORK Murr. Borgwuit' Patrick Bwnr<iB,0"m;>nn> K.Brooklyn, New York; g uinhot wound la lel't sidr of hea 1. I I ivato i ilward Rood, Company < , Ne>v Vork City; bul lot Wfi nd !n lelt brenst. WOI JIIIRII "K THK riR"r rXirm bTA Ul UOIIT HmUBT. Arch I ha d Allen, Cumiany 1, K:i hull; bullet wo. nd ni left (hoi hh'r. The above ar" all 111 the Iv spita s ot the Fif e nth Mar Mk hufetts nglnieut, under, the treatment of Chief Sur I geou I r. Jo*i;ph V. l ain, of Wore o^ter, and A?. iis'ant ^urgoou IT. S. F. Haven,. Ir. of Wori*wter. O. courni the list dooanot embrace the n unen of all the wounded iu the d liferent n gimcntn or paged. THK WOCKUkU IN OTHF.ll HOSPITALS, Pr. Crraby, Brigade Surgion, u every exertion to have ilm wounded cared lor as fast as they arrive In the ambulance#. IhmoBeen him aaw 'If the riglitatm of a brave fellow. Of the other wnnndoil, thirio 'ii are in one h< cpliai. Out of (ompany 0(Callfl9ri laltegic eat, Captain I/>ni" Illerd , not ten men t* without weuUib* or death. Cuptuin lliera. was woi uded U> acurr.aj- run ning over him. 'ibe Callfornlnue behaved nobly. O; i!:;f regiment, William i#ant, of the ctor company, of N w Vork, received a bad bayonet wound. Het$ am .hiulria J loin berk, of New York, receive.! a flosh wound. P i vaig W iilian^ .1 HollaM, <a Phil xlelphia, w. s w"unuo<1 in tho groin; William rmith, c mi a y (> , ball thrinigh tiM D> any part of ilio thigh; Henry Coler, eamo oompa ny , also wounded. tenant Oiler nl If rue J. WiHtnr, who commanded tho California hogiineci , had hia aim broken by a bull. kjm.ri). 1 mucimi M.OWAI m tnrs RKoii-Kcr. Vull list not lopoited. George W. Cutler, lonipeny < , Fifteenth Maosachuaettg. Millard Lawrence, Fifteeuih M-snath , si tie. Vi?RJXO. Captain Koikwood, Comp.tiiy A. Captain Simouda, Company 13. Captain Bowman, Company C. Ca;>ta n Studley , Company I). C.iiita.n Uatcheil, Company K, undoubtedly killed in tho action. - ? l.ieuti naut Oroct, Company I>. Lieuletifinl Holden, Company U (Pine returned, elightly wounded). Lieutenant Hooper, Compiny 1C (eon of Henry M. I In >|H r.of r."-t' u),iiot wouuded line .u the day. 1.' ss in k'.He'i, by woun !:? and ilruw nlug, Bappoae I cot to bo ovei gevn ty. Captain Forehand, Com; nny O, and Capmln Plonn, (V mpauy F, were b th wounded lu tiie ioi:t. 'iho lebe.a iiicd low. It is rumored to-night that Co'.onel W. Raymond Ix>o , ol the Ma.-HacltiiMita Twentieth, is among iho j risi aura Lak n by tho i ebeie. 'Iho ,? rat tors I as not caused the demorEliyatioa or di.sorgaiiiiiation cif either of th rog ionnts < ? g-i/ed. To-night C. louel l evcu. gavo order* to have everything In readme, s to luarcb, i:. cu e ordi ra should b ? rei ? i\ ed to that effect, ihe uiembers of the Fll'loonth dec, are I their wihlngnets to fi l^iw their Colonel any w hero. He is Ik Hi brave and cool in buttl?.' Ae I have bo; ire intimated, the bravery of General Paker seemed to inspire the m>-n with courage to the last moment. A company of sliari sh<ot'ia, of tho Twentieth MMunin^ietls, were s at out U. d. ph.y aa akirmteheis on t!?e left of the ll:.e. Colonel Bilker, wascliitig t-1'6 fire of the men lor aometlme, at hu-t re marked In a very quiet manner, "Hoys, lire a littie lower, and you w id do more execution you are doing ro markably weil uow, iiut lire a litt le low er." Another little incident of niter i?toccurrod. An Iri-hman, a p. ivateefoue of tbe compantea, after liavbig eBcaped f oui the rebels, by Bwimnum to llarr icon's l.-iand, found thai ho had left aevont' eu uoiiain iu bis pantaloon*; he at o started for tho Vnginia bhore, recovered h.s seven i* a dolairg and swum back safe and Hound. General baker's body will bj inimedlatoly forwarded to Wuthiligioii. His biothor was hoie to day. Friend* are beginning V> jour in to seek idler lost rvii tivee. Ihe town will ho crowded aa soon astliuHil tidings ut tho event b)mU ben. mo known. Mis n.iuiiuS' tta has lost heavily In dead and woundtMl; bul it w,ll be scmo Rutlsfnetloti to hor citizens to know that a>i her soldiers behaved bravely ou the Held, and only succumbed to overpowering od^s. The ? rivor, no doubt, daitali s nuuiy dead bodies. General McCollau arilvod at Uonoral Stone's Load quarter's to-nlfht. It should be stated that tho safety of the remains of Cell' rai l aker whs owing to the timely aud 8C'!' sacrifiiing ixorti?i?of Uiu ijnartermnFter or hib brigade, Captain Young. Captain Young was near Goneral Baker when he fell. He Beir>"d hits body, and w.ih c?r.-y ii g it on. wh n lie wiw encountered by a party of five r Tush, who att empted to taka th# remains from him. He used hie two navy rev lvem, an 1 fo, r of taa rebels bit th'.' dust, it te a melani Un'y tact that the fl^t brat that returned from tho Yirginjt ahm e, after one P. M., ai d tho </ tSflneroi I Mum s Ma ival, wag tiie one th-.t ciTMaiued his deed body. Ambn Hne..* tv i tli tbf wownd-'il vre-e bolng broueht In u!| night , and | lat ed under the c.u a of the s*rgooa? in the va i-a.s Lospita'a* in tiiis | ace. Upwards .'I oae hund -ed cor|??*s have boon hauled m to Ilkrrison'sl iaad from the river, some bearl: 5 marks of gunshot and others jpiwouuded, the men up- | pa ently having Buttered d a'.h by drowning, u it of tho tool 's wcro but iocl en the Island. Tho villains 1 oilmen ia hereU^oro stationed b-itweeo beio and oilier jH,nitn are in ivleg witn rapi Ity. TLI 13 UNION TROOPS ENGAOED IN THE BATTLE. W , givo the full Wer of iho principal office, t { oach rtj; men t, a' though, from Ihe receive I account*, it ap pears th at only pnr.s of them wero enga;ed. In fact the advance was but a 1 eoonnoissjuco iu fijrou, reaullmg in an action. TIwj following is th? list ofofllcors:? COMMANDinO (iENHRAL. Brigadier Genet al 1 hiv lea P. Stone. STAFF. Adjutant General ','aptaln Stewart. Assistant Adjutant funeral. ...Captain John Murray. Alt Jmiio !.IucUie. OBMCKAL BAKKH's STAFF. Assistant Adjut 1 t ' eiu ral . . . .Opt. F. Harvey, prfaener. Brig.' e Quarft." maater I nn. si; b,. 1 on ..I. A . Shii'll. Aid I- 0. iUiker, Jr. ' Aim LI. Ml V. Reetlrn or liattory, Com any iv, Ninth S'jw V k Volun teers, under tho c< nniiHn<t of Lieutenant W. M Frnmh-itl. Section of tho Hoc nd It hod o If land battery, undo. lb? charge of Lieutenant Fren<-h. GKNIIKAL BlKElt's nudAnu. This brlffnde comprises Pmr regiments of Infantry and a (hrw of artillery and civa rv , mostly niiUdoli.MtM, and consists of the following ? First California regiment T.fnt. Cnlnne! Wlstar. I Ullndeii Ina I- re Zonal. a,. li.nel I'axti'r. ri.ll.idclphla Irish reiiiniout. . .< "l"t >?! Owdii. Clival v Ci'l it;el ? - ? Infantry Colonel T. 'J. M'irehead. Artllleri .Major I ntortunatcly the whole of t'ii t.rlj' looon'd not errs n th" river In time to I. a of servloe, and tlioref. re only a l-ort <m of Hi. i Klrdt California regiment. w . r; ivtutilly ? n gawd. The full list of Held ..iiloors ntnl captains of that r> g.tiient u a? follow* ? * < '< i ? t.i I, a- l..ig I I.'c t . t olonel, com Jliyir CALIFORNIA Adjutl lit Bi i noon jle* latent htrgp i,a uru'i ai?Ni?i' c. m finny A, New Y >rk . . In, atlV It t\. W I Ol l!? C,:|, y. , ?!,. C. I tl.Phtl ,t -|. ? . ( in u nv , 1 Hilar! ii m. ( oin. any F , I hi la ol, i i . O mr anv <l,Ph i.utolpb ,i. 0>tu:?uj II, I liiiudolpUi i. Company T, Philadelphia. 0 i v K ,rbiiad-l| 1 si. < o:. tin I.. I .ii' lolj.ii 1 oi n ? M, I hi la ''I I . !p'. x r, killed, lUBdli 1 .1. Vi'\ i..i , wc.tnded. R"1 m t A, I'i riili. .Ir., all s' nt .m pt .'itet duty with Iiii Imttal u. AEw re port. <| ,i i?) ? ? N tow lilt , a .i ii ted. A If r? .i i'. Hak . I>.stin I wltmpllo. ' . t. V??iii. ?' Mark- o.prt- n?, i. lA>>nk in. W. Oil r, 'Ml. C. !.. I 'Pi lit, t'. K Wiilion. t K<#. l..-t *i erf wouade l ati p. eft i i h kill .1. I., i' r: . i, 11 ? I tty Y > Ir. d. report?' i W. i', I- . K. I. e ' i . iV I M.ti.t ) , r.niilii'soa. ,0 V. if. '. 11. 1 if'IfO. MRuk ? ?? r. to. ?: ?pm , ... h ,-)? . r. . i killed. nr.fKTK! OR TA >Cf \N If Col I !H> P, i'l il l.'"! I KOt. i Y-mOOMD NEW YD i:?eiu> ST. I.ioiit.Coloii.d I'o.nmiui.' ,'ij, . ,M. t oj W'lll.iUo, ii.l. tl.S.A. > 1 ' ? ? ' ' II 1: 'III, l, l.Wut.L'.b.A. All " : . n t C M. Bow rd. a hi. or V.' .in i'. I l? tea. H . , :i Amir-'a ;t l in ii A" -taiji (Ju irierwaater. C 0 mpnny A totiiiiany IJ.. 1 ? nip. > C I'. -nip ify l> I bili|iiuiy K i .. ..J' .uy 1 < ? 'tipuny <i ??<:?!??.> II ( unpaiiy I Coiiii u'.y Ii I.r, ij nnoy Oslio: u. In-. ?. H. fl ? : rd. J. b\ Uroeu*. .'otitMl A. M , ro. ! .' jxiwo. J ainca .ua. II K. Call. i o'lliH.a. Waiter i'obia. J. I; i fj.'l'in. II. II. i>1 >n, lata of 7th regt. I ii\ Hi 1! gg. ' I M'lia ?! (iKvrctty. t tJTKK C.i'inri ) in. t. Colonel ?li. 'r Aitjutiint (,'uui let maattv ? t H M< lAcni CTTS VOLt NT. Kl.fl. i'i ? hp, Jr., ellftllify wonBdod. (. ? (nil. W.iriJ, MTioun.i wouiuivJ. .Join, W. ivi!. J. lih k?. t'bi.icU B'>wo. Pr. Jo ii N. B itoa, ^t H'it Siim on. Pr. 3. J'' IhvMiKjf, Wm. 0. tic uiim. f'i J. elm. . W. It'ii kwood, klHod. Oimi'.iny 11 t). S. BlrnomJ*. ki.le.1. Company C lienry li winan,? iij.|K)Ded to bo killed. thtt; 0. mp.iny A (ompMy i>. Coinj?ny E C"i Cciupui.y I'.. Ct in, ii, y ii . . C.i i'.t.y II.. ' l.ii'.n y I. .. C'i ? n'.v K.. lilt /.I. Slmlley, killed. irk n 11. Wiii. nn. . u.t '. -I.uiu, Kin Inly wonnilcd. Wiiitor Tor li'ly woun !nd. i ioi ii 1 ,, oi i k , slightly ?. nnded. unOige i ' joii vn. Mox . W. uatfli dl, killed. lb* iibovo formed tin' tirij< do v.liii'li hnro th" brttnt of tl ? aot on. 'Hi loUawuig wore ot^.iged at n later per.' d ol tbi! uy: ? KINKTKKKTn HASSACHCBETIS VOI.t'NTEERS. Cojpmd Rt'.wanl W. II l.-,l.ynn. I,, itii mt Colonel F. 1 .x, ~ilum. M jof Henry J Hiw, 11 wmbltl. S.n, I. Kraiikhn liyor, Roukport. A.-, ik; .lit WUiard, lan-iuii. A: ta''.t John C. Clmdwi.-k, fatiim. t| .'.'i rmu .er l?v) Shaw. R ?Kpurt. LlmpLdu I. C. titWlMik, Worcester. Oi} laint. Coiri'.any A Mi? s I'. Manwro.1, West Newbury. I'oiuyany li K'.isUu I', iii'^ert, Weat Newbury. Company C I. &oltTodd. any I> lam' a !>. Unwell, Boston. ( napaiiy K Ait row il nbonoy , liiis ton. C 'inpi.ny K Rdtruind Kirs, Cambridge. C'linpany 0 Hn rin.nG 0. Wcytn jiitb, Lowvll. Co ..pany II W'tn. TI. W i . . n, iSixotiry. Coin wny I /imuili m K. Mympton, ltoston. Company K Atuo '.I 1). Wass. Usstou. TWENTIETH MASdACIlfSETTi VOtl'NTEEKS. Oilonel >Vr. it. I of R. xhury. pris'r. I.I' .tenant Colonel F. W". I atfiey,oi bo.- ton. Major l anl J. U vri . Aljiitaat (Ins. I.. Pleiyon, of 'alom. </.inrtwiiuuiter c. v. Fol.sum,ti< < ainbriitge. t>urgei :i N"., ol I". -xbnry. Asslstaut Surge, n I'. H. 11. Rover*, of 1! .sum. Cot aim. Company A (Vmi'iiny It C mtnuiyC ( nnniaiiy ' Company ' t oinjiaiiy F I ! J Ii ' C I'ntnam, Fi" ston. i oiiiliany I . . i V K I Uar . U-t t XV intlirop. Company K Ail-n Sliepird, Itattou. II. M. rrrmlett.Pf .' fin. John H *rclirii"??'ior, !'?? ton. I t* fiinund r. V- ston. CWiw ? r- wm * ?I.W'lilyBoi ton. . A. SchitiMt,C-ii!ntH'idgc. A. W.iiU'BUm, IknloQ. ADVANCE OF ('.ICS. BANKS. PootKSv tix, Md., Ort. 22, 1S<T1. A targe portion of the force of Nlyor General liauks en eamp-d last av, tit b u' a raiic from th . th r si-ic or Kd. wards' Ft'iry, after the adrauce guard bad hod a bri 'n sk ii mkh with ;'ii advaiicin ; .'??re: of tbo rebels. Th.; l it tiT r> toward I, i ? tmiy. Banks' colm . i la still pressing f irward. R?g1m< nl aflor regitp' tit is marching hard to Join la the groat cuntiict winch appears inev iiab e to-day, un lew the rawiy reihe. Lershurg can he fcholled from fho fedoral posili u on this dido of i?r feri y, i ad it w.ll be destruyi d in case of dig it*. or to oiir ioi cee. Vim weather in terribly b ausp.cioiw for u v move ments. It baa r .'?avd continually lor twod.i ? * tnd t'i? ma IB are In t ie worst inia^iri ible condition. t ?vo* n fl ed uro suft'erin , in: i h from Hip lndtiiwillVeMli r, tomo * of thi-ra being ed to have tlkiir wounds dressed Id tbo mid t of a soak nig . it: i or under th ? Incouvcilences of aoomirioa tent. A priv.ite iri lli ? <jiuie uu rocioiuot, severely woi tided, was plain <1 Ir aii ombu!:Ui<.? to lw> sent h i e. On arrival, tbo driver HPed th; curiam u( tbo vv hlclu an 1 found the subject a corji e. Th re watt uu f-.r tlior ncis-lty b>r human aid. I saw thJ poi pfeon tliu arrival of tho am balance. It bore a and plai-td fupo.t. J'atno unknown. ADDITIONAL PABT ICULAI13 OF TUR BATTLE WAS?;i\OTtW, Oct. 24, 1V>1. On Sunday a reconnoitring party ot eighteen men , Mit out t?y General Stmie. on the Virginia side, towa'ds (,i burg, repoi ted thry ha t proceeded to with :i one a t a hall' ini'.is of Ivcsbur;;, where thi y catno upon a camp of rebeln comprising only about thirty tent". On S m !-iy night Colonel Pevens, wltli (lye companies of the Fif teenth Massachusetts regiment, was scut over, w..h in. struct 'otis to reach th3 r ported camp oy dayil^M, a id lake the party found 'here, an 1 rolurn across lb ? river. Subheipioiitiy Colonel Let, with fmr or five com;unlo of tb i Twentieth M . aoliosetts rob'i.ioril, was sent In tho Bumo direction, to support Oblonol Devens in case of a y difficulty. On Mo-x'ay morning a report was received fr< >mC< onnl Devcbs that ho had advanced U> wliblu a milo and a ii . f of Loeeburg without fiadi'.g any traco of rebels. Tb ? was ; '>in followed by a report that Colonel 1 ever bad b.?u attacked w tb a superntr fo cn, and fr.ii > back In g order, a! :i ' ! iff t-vwirds lite rlv ,. linowing Irom ;<rei io-:s info -r 4 ten tbn! there tdmul ? j in thai . )? idly f?-? m flvo to s i* th'-u.aud rub'. whi ot'.'. "t'i d tn" pesitton since Ji.iy lat> , General Lt >."* 4e -i ed tt i' c . j t?..* ad forward a E ifflcleiii fo:cu to o-> i. wt cja Hi' in i! tl y f hou'.d still be tl re. ' i' ?' bad i c utly keen attached to Ccae al til .? divWon. He had!' en mid??r liift cn.mnn l or'y x tli."e days, but be waaeagtr to head the c:.?"rpri." font. Hia req>i'*t wa? granted. General gave I i 7, BOO of hie ehoh c.*t troops, mid gave, a so, strict in* tioiu< that after tsecuii g and pr tr oting hs croesing. i?i> should be i artlc'dar in a u iiug out scouting p-. riles ln!..? front, and lock car mull y to tlio prctectien of hlefluinc , and ''hot Id engage th eacuiy unless ecre that ho c^ui tn ni'.iasn the i' fit.on. ' Th fording of such arlver a* the Polae e u always a dllTc ill ? iHiratlen for an army, in Its p- ent swr ' a condition it la doubly ha/Ardous. A sutDoi /? t f" co for tl! opur ttlone should have bet n crossou boi'ore b gi'iuing uu engag meat. During the day General Stone rocclvcd messages from Colon' 1 ll.iker that all wis progre#?inK finely, that h ? had no dtUicillty In c; s-lng, and the impulsion w. : made h i hi il ' lof.tsl his whole oomraan,!,aait w .?= abio to drive 'he ,i i bet ' " bl . U' i!ie news cam. :il ON "(jii'tll PA'jP.]

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