Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1861 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thursday, Oct. 24 ? 6 P. M. There in rather more ease in money to-day. Borne parties are paying off the loana they made on Tuesday and yesterday at seven per cent, and are refusing to pay over six. The banks and bankers have plenty of money, and in tho absence of active apeoulation it is difficult to employ it. Tho banks 2 aid up the last ten per cent of their $35, 000,000 to la Sub-Treasury to-day, only about $50,000 of the whole amount being in six per cent Treasury notes. Foreign exchange opens firm for the steamer, with a light offering of bills. Hunkers ask 107% for bills on London, and 5.3334 for bills on l'uris. Mercantile bills range from 10 G% to 107%, and from 6.35 to 5.38%. They are scarce. If the sup ply were better the market would fall. Stocks were better to-day, though the amount of business done was small. The operations of the army at Leesburg, however costly or unskilful, were regarded as forward steps, and the news from the Gulf was likewise favorably viewed. Hence we note an advance during the day of one per oent in Central, as much in Erie, as much in Michigan Central, % in Illinois, % in Toledo, % in Galena, % in Michigan Southern, and so on throughout the list. There was not muoh business done in government or State stocks; the new aixea, however, were well maintained. Bank atooka are rather more in demand. The public generally seem to be waiting to see tho result of the movements on the Potomac, and of the naval expedition, before renewing the speculation which was arrested last week. Stocks, however, ?re growing Bcarcer daily, and the bears have the utmost difficulty in effecting their delive ries The market was firm at the close, tho fol lowing being the last quotations:? United States fl's, registered, 1891, 93 % a 94; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 94 a 94%; do. 5's, ooupon, 1874, 83% a 84%; Virginia G's, 47 a 48; Tennessee 6's, 42% a 43; North Carolina 6's, 60; Missouri 6's, 43% a Pacific Mail, 92% a 93; New York Central, V7X a 78; Erie, 32 a 32%; do. preferred, 61% a 83; Hudson River, 36% a 36%; Harlem, 12% a 12%; do. preferred, 32 a 32%; Reading, 35% a 36%; Michigan Central, 4',)% a 49%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 18% a 18%; do. guaranteed, 38% a 39; Panama, 116 a 117; Illinois Central, 65% a 65%; Galeua and Chicago, 70% a 71; Cleveland and Toledo, 36 a 36%; Chicago and Rock Island, 61% a 61%; Chicago, Burlington and Quinoy, 62% a 63; Delaware, Lackawana and West ern, 72; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 17 a 18; IUlnois Central bonds, 7's, 88% a 89; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 86 a 86; Pennsylvania Coal, 76 a 78. Tl^ popnlar subscription to the national loan waa light to-day, and has been light for some day's past. The Treasury Department has made a mis take in endeavoring to confer npon a few indi viduals the exclusive privilege of acting as agents for the loan. Individuals of high standing in Wall ?treet, and at least as well and as favorably known as several of the five agents, have apidicd unsuccess fully to be allowed to receive subscription The effect of their failure npon the popular subscrip tion among their particular circle of friends oan readily be understood. One would have supposed that, as the commission allowed ia merely nomi nal, Mr. Chase would have only been too glad to Appoint as agents aa many responsible parties as applied for the post. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day:? Reostpts $3,873,378 2? ?Tor customs 68,000 00 ?JTreMurx'Uotos 1,863,096 CO raymants, Including redeemed 6 per cent notes 1 ,29V 230 41 Balance 8,4a*,ttT7 U The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $20,774,194 13, and the balances 11,308,717 74. The statements of the banks of the three princi pal cities of the Union far the last week oooiparc with the previous one, and the corresponding time of 1860, as follows:? v TjOan*. Off ???#*. fk weir, ftyrnlatim. N.York, Oct. 19. ?15L828,438 1H.4U.0S3 4<28a,884 fUf&r.73 Bonton, Oct. 21. 8ff.afMiS2 2S.5U.241 7,002,863 ?53,701 PhlUdel. Oct. 2L 29,706,244 H.IUU.OUS ^?7&,T50 2^3 Total $244,092,344 173,074,31(9 B5, 661.497 17,3'JC.TW UatvwL 232,1?U38 ] 1 M.2M.V4S 17JS8,<33 Last year 214,350,316 114,(40,163 31, ifcv, 330 30,117,066 In pursuance of an order of the Supreme Court, the interest on the fourth mortgage bonds of the New Tork and Erie Railroad, due on the 1st inst., will be paid on presentation at the office of N. Marsh, receiver, in Erie placc, on and after Novem ber 1. 15000 US6's, '02 ... 8000 U H 6's, '81.COU 4O00 N Carolina fl's. 6000 C o. . 6000 Kris RR 4 m b. 6000 Hud River 3m l? 2000 MicC'Spclusfcb 86* (*.'? 60 66 77 looo c, B &yHlWpcb U'JV aooo ao - 2000 Mich So r f h.. looo chi ? nw 8 r k 4000 Chi k XW 1 m. 3000 Clove h Totefb. 1200 I. Erie & W2mb 6000 Mich Solrn b. 4000 D tall''aual7pcb 3000 do... .00 10 sbx Am^Rank . 84 76 Pacific Mail SS Co 82 6 do 160 N T Cgliti al KR 100 llo.. 160 do . . lOO do. . do. . do.. do . . do 100 B50 60 606 100 Stock Exchange. THCHfiMY, Oct. 24. 1861. 50 HliH Krie KK. . . nlO .11 U tOO do 60 do sio >? Brie KK prof 14 do 100 Miohriotofl KliliJO 40 do 40 do (.ao 100 do 60 Hadaon Kiv KK. 101 Harlem KK l?ru< 100 Reading RR 164 m JiU'HU Ccu KR. 10# do 64 do bio 26 l'maina KK #00 LlU'en RR scr.bao 425 do 26 do ll4CI?v & Pitts KR. . 6# U?1 it t'hii;a*r> RR 644 < lev JtTol RR.... ?00 do 1)30 hw <m lOlMiRicIs RK.. . bl6 ? blO ? slO too Erie RR . . . 60 do. .. .860 T, ? 8E'X)NE 12000 U 0 6 '?, *81 ,reg 04 500 Virginia i'e. . . 4 0)? 1000 Califorfcia 7's.. 165 sbs Pao M 8S Co. 100 N Y Cent RR.... 100 do b.'to J 60 do b3 20 Erie RR 10 do 26 Krio IiR prof. . . . 11 do 45 Hudson Riv RR. . 60 do 20 Harlem KK TfX 7TVJ 77.H 77 X 77 >4 r>S iso do 77* 100 do 300 do 31 % 60 r do I'lo ai? -v. SEiTDND BOARD. 24 sh* llarleni RR jtf 32 00 Heading RK S5>/ 144 C?c k Kk 1st inv 61 K 100 do fOO 40 Mich CentRK.b30 50 do 31 32 MX MX 18 >? 18 !*' 18<4 1SV, .16 ?1 U MX MX 40 X *X U?hi 45* 04 V, ?$ l')H 70 X 36 80 36 K 51 51 X MX HX 81 ? 93 " 78 78 78 32 MX 61 \ M'i 36 a 12* do. 60 13 Mich SoJttflaKK. MO do .">0 111 Cfliit RR scrip. 100 CWi:na & ( hie RR 50 do 300 Glcvo k Tol KR. . 200 do *10 si; 4f\t 411', Ul't 18 '.4 06 X 71 701,' 36.'i 30 U CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT* TnriunAY. Oct. 24 ? o P. M. BwiAnsTtifTs. ? Flour ? The market was Qrra, with a good demand from the trade. The not icod yesterday was sustained, and some grad? ? wore higher. The t r >t, ? actioiui footed up about 20 .000 bblc. ,cU*ing w it bin the fol lowing range of prices: ? Bu(>erflne State $4 35 a 4 46 Extra State, good to choice. . 5 60 a 5 >?6 riiipcrflne Western 4 35 a 5 45 Common to choice Western extra 6 00 a 0 50 Extra ("anailH 8 00 a 5 75 Mixed to straight Southern 0 15 a 0 30 Straight to good extra do 6 35 i? 7 25 Choice < xtru family pud bairrs brands. V 26 a 8 Oo Kye flour ? 90 a 4 16 Corn ufeal. Jersey and Brandy win*' 2 80 a 3 25 Canadian flour wa.* in good demand, and price* wero Arm. with -a! 'S of 1.700 bblg. wi-hiii the above range- of price* S n'licrn flour was In-'- plenty, and price* were Arm. with var.s^if 1,K00 bb>.. closi'g within the ratige ef the above prl< oi>. R_\c four wa sieady at quotation*, while ?al< b were moderate. C orn meal was in fair d<> mand al our llitur-s. while the halt - ol'.lcr.-ey and Rrandv wine eiiibi.ii i?t 300 bt>W. Wheat, w. s active oi.d in g<K>d demati'l, chiefly for ex|j?rt . wliil" prices were iirm. and el'*ed about lc. per bushel dean-r for some grades. The ?ale* <-m!>race,l about 2t>j.iw.K) b -If . here nml to arrive, tt $1 44 a $1 48 for wliite Kmiin $1 42 a >i 46 lor white Michigan and Indiana. $1 32 a f 1 44 f< r 1 ommuu to prune white Ohio, $1 32 a $1 33 for ret State, $1 26 a ?l 20 for amber Iowa -u?l Wisconsin; wbitc t'atiadtan t?'d at p. t.; $1 22 a tl 26 for Milwaukee eluh, and $1 IS a $121 for Chicago spring, am! a! $1 23 i<;r Kac.n- spnrr Corn waa lesv active and buoyant, and cl>?cd at a de. imp of about lc. per buahe),"witb sale' "of 75.000 l>U"b?l3at t7o. for damaged, 68c. a 68,'^'. for ili? earn ward, and at 58>^c. a 59c. for shipping 1< ts or Weste 11 mixed, and at 00c. a 62^,1-. for yell w. Iter ley v?a? iteady and in g"<>d rcqveit. w ith -alesof 17.600 bin!-, p|j nt 46c. a 08c. for state, liarley malt was nominal at 78c a BOc 'Juta continued in goo?; st . with sa!r at 42c. a 42>?c. for Western , and at 43<'. n 43'^ -. for Stat"1. Comm.? The nArk-t was steady, while sales were limited, and embraced 800 bags Rio at p 1 . and 200 do. skimmings at 16c. Ootto*. ? The market was steady, while the tales em braced about 600 bales at 21 Xr for middling upland1 Fi?fiui* were in steady demnnd, ate' rate* w-r - iiim. To Liverpool 18,000 bushels cern worn engaged *1 12<1. , In bulk; 12.000 do. wlioat at 12){d. , In bags, and 600 boxes chneae at 46s. , ami 600 packages bultur at 40a. To l/'iidon 18,000 bushols wheat woro engaged at 13c. a lS.tfo. , 1 ,700 bb's. Hour at 8s tfd. a 8s. 10){d. , anil 600 boxes checse at 50s. To Havre 18,000 bushels wheat were engaged at 24c. Provisions. ? Pork ? Tim market was heavy , while the salet- embraced 400 a 500 bbln. at $16 26 a (16 76 for mess, 1 1 io lattur figure for full weight, and of prime at %0 76 a J10. Ileef w:is in fair request ami prices unchangod, while the sales embrace I :u>0 bbls. Beef hams were scarce and In demand at $18 f>0 a ?17. Macon wag in fair demand and price* steady, with sales of 25 hhds. at 0J?c. Cut meats were steady, with sales of 40 a 50 packages at unchanged prices. Lard was Arm, with sales reported of 350 bbls. at 8!*c. a 9>^c. for good to prime. Under tho influence of shipments to faigland, elilelly by steamer, the market for butter was Ormer, and sales wore making at 16c. a 17c. for fair to prlmo State, and small lots fresh family dairies, by retail, from Orange county were soiling at 18c. a 20c. Ohio morchanlablo buttor was at 10c. a 12c. Cheese was dull at 6c. a 7c. for State, the latter figure for fine, and Ohio at 5c. a 8c. Sugars. ? The market was comparntlvoly quiet for hhds., sales of which embraced about HO0 Culms at 7 Tic. a 8Jic. , with a urn ill lot of l'orto Hico at the latter llgure, 4,200 bags Chinese at p. t., and 275 boxes at i>. t.. including 25 . 51-'.., S H IPPING NEWS. 5 *"? 8 07 1 ?'?? WAtaa .ore 12 41 Port of New York, October 34, 1801. q. . _ . CLKAKEP. c Ship Orpheus, Oorham, Han Franclaoo? Wm T Coleman A Si Hark A*ln* K^-I^u'7' Brdeani-J w Blwell A Co. W rv.'.^ ' Ayres ? Brett, Son A Co. A Co u,,n,LI" yueen, Hayden, St Thomas? J A N Smith n^.k|^'.IH,*n?' p;;BI>l",gl?n, Havana-.! E Ward. MHnrVeAWwu|1, ''K ir,-W80r' Qu^, A wifidV"*'" <r>"U"ll)' Cren>er. Rotterdam? Flinch, Mefncko Beta Myatery. Wade, Llshon-B F Small. i,1** Aekley Marselllea-Moore A rienry. Small South, Chapman, Rio Grando? B F ? 2rte Junkman, St Johns, NF? O F BuPev Knf wi'm? stli, b*. Key Went? Brett, Son A 06. ISrg Mlddlew-v, < o*, Philadelphia? -Loiier A Kukpalrlck gclirju a, Co*. Fort an Platt-Henninus A (loillua SohrBcllp.", Cook Maianw?T H ChiXi AftT * Sqnr .yarganH A, IjftrKPQ, St Johu. IN'B ? A tfmithera % Cm ?l\r ?n.n N?f?n' W:u?hl0KU?n-M B.'dfll S^hr 2- fy*vard?. w ashlngton? Master. L'jr.v',; ''!",l*Jeli)lita? .Vaster. Sl fc ?. }} "'"Its. Smith, Philadelphia ? T<1 llenton A Sann ' 'J11''"*. Wark, p , lndelphia? H S RaXtt, " . ehrS K Kent, Kent, Ham;or ? It P Ruck A To Schr White Sea, Littlefleld, Portlnnd ? (J L Ha'cb 5^ JV',"."'1*' Pettenslll, Rnaton ? Master. l,Tn? 1 Boston? Metealf A Duncan it JJ". ' VV "", Boston?' W S Brown A Co I'hlnney, lloston-J W McKw. Schr Pauline, Baker, Harwich? Master. Hchr Jane, Robinson, Weymouth?' W 8 Brown A Co I'JjV "ome, Allen, Qulnev ? Master. fcfe V^LV.'S' u """"'J S!l"B"s-Ma?l?r. u'n , ' ln""L< i)5" s ? Master. Ho hr Whistler, Pr"?lir?y. Taunton? Master Aatriaii ' Mi'K,e'> Providence? BFS mall. ri n;",*rd' l"1 II n'. er, Hartford? Master. ?.hrfi S*nl,,V Hartford-Master SSS.WA8S ?r7*"vU,,rtr"r'1? H S Rackett. gloop W A Steclman. Townsemt, Oape Mav? Master Steamer Novelty, Shaw. Philadelphia. iteamer Beverly. Pierce, Ph llapeiphta. ? . ARRIVKD. crn n!e I" Berni i [da'.' " f'olicu '' Commander Woodl.ull, fh>? a (Br. or Kloet?nod), Oover. rjverp<K>| it tJSirsl '"SW-feh ?.n MmNw ship Berblre (Br, ..r Oreenoeak Wvllle London M ,i... ,n to ord. r. Ha l hcaw V weather ' 54 lay"' riflneM h"ary wrath rr. lia" exP? Bark CbatuJcleer, Hatch. Rio Janeiro, Sept S in bsllaai in MM Freeman A ( 'o. 15th Insl, off CapA P,|,? .passed sohr J p?n ? ./""Slletl in company with l.drka Ploix-st* r,? Ae^l Doj/I ' Talisman, for Baltimore; and bug Pedro San MdjS.'ISK West, wa^k-rAe- *Dd "ky!l*"' ,ttr"ed J-vlts^ebuf (.of Maeh las). Johnson. Antigua Bav Js St U K ?fii? n t Barl1'w ""h "'SI, In' the aS it ^1?S sloop Dale, ctising; 18. h, spoke U HoWC.^h^r,l.'^7;rRMeD' "?"f" SSSSSK JKSWNS RJSifcr b' ~ Oltmartfn!*"*' C"derl,al- 12, with fruit, to Thn? Bobr (Toflmopollte, Oilley, Oartlrnas 11 (!av? with an<m ri, rnrr""' aw''?6 lanyards, split an' I h,?t UaTh'eavy ?.n"V5ESS""' 7^2^^ -^toCRmKnnvAroKP"rr0"r' S"" C"'' ?? ?J?y?.wlth B-IU T.iL?' ''"!enian. EiiiabethporCTor Dover Hejir Belle (.reole, I rnictna. Kli/abethnort for Boston nl-t ? c' -npl ,. Mr' t K port for B.wton. ' ir m *i"'kev. hlr/ahothnort for Fall River ttchrt.lia* L MuIhc, Mcltar. Rll7alM<lhpoi-t for Fall liiw ?' ? U"/}1 Webnrr. Perrv. Rltzabethport for Fall Rirmi SI* f Bo^rr. Austin. Rllral?.thjx.rt f?r ProrWU-nefl ^?hr Jane, (lorliani, KM?heth|>ort for New Havea [f|?- Ca,T,dl. \>l/er, Rllrabethport for N^irwlcli 2-LrY rt' t 'Vi.''' I-I,nn ""?'?hetliport for Itrnmiuxirt ketr.l Tinker, ThiirM. n. Calais, f. ,layH. S2.,r n"1-?"'' Il.V,Th.T' ,'"1 U'lid. 5 rlav,. ??tr Caroline. Hall, Vlnalhaven, 4 lars. ?el>r I osmo*. Pruvldence. 2 dava Sriir Sarah Matilda, Whalen, Provided. 2 davs v '*"!, ?' Uy. Bwcu fur Boston. Hoopi arollmv I ? -k, Peck. Iiliiabothporl for Black Rock ftsamer J II Thompson. Chance. BalilmoreT ?leamcr Miuiu-w.ij. (i.iricti, Balthnore Meamer Karilan. Clover. Flilladelphla ' ? Steamer Anthracite. Jonna. Philadelphia. kteamcr Pelican, Joiir'j J'jyv|(ience, Oct 29. Bnrk A?nuidH. Bar* Flying C!ond, from Ptlni* Edward's Island S UI.KD1. and Josephine, Cork; Trajan, Londen<W.V mCT(ii ^7'' Palmer, Bayonne; Senator, Hsvaiia ' Ml? WUid during the day WNW to SW, fr-uh. Herald Marine Correspondence. KKV WHAT, Oct 1ft? The bark Manr, Oibos, arrived 6th iasf with good* for tlii* port. She discharged a portion, and mi Mic 12th sa.led for Tortngaa with the remainder of Hie (?r?a. Trie Admiralty Court, Judge Marvin presiding. has released (die prize bark Pilgrim, and ordered the T? S MarehiJ to re. atere the cargo and vessel. The District Attorney has moved sa appeal hi the case of the refuel. Bonds will be given, and she will sail soon for New York. The brig " Borinedo." Cm|jI Higgins, from Trinidad f?r New York, arrived at this port 8th, with loan of Hails. She will await the action of her owner* before repairing. The sehr Aristideg, three-tilths of whieh were condemned bv the Admiralty Court, wan sold by the U S Marshal on the M\k inst. Miscellaneous, j Tlie new steamship Cosmopolite, of Sanfbrd's Mew York | rmd Philadelphia line, is now at her berth at pier 4 Worth | Hirer, where she will load for Havana, and will I e thorough : iy armed. She in a splendid vessel of 1200 t??ns, and has very fine accommodation* for pa^aengei s j S^e Correspondence above. Hark Lixkiv Bogc.s, nt San Hranetaro from Rotdoaux, had very hrav\ w# at her oil Cape Horn: .Inly 7, while hove to tin* I dcr two staysails, shipped a -en which* stove monkey raila. | started waterways and head, and ranged the ahlp to leak in . her npper works Schr (?ko A Lkwi-h, owned 1 y Geo A Lewi*, was run into and sunk 21 mi inst, about 10 mile# outside of Eastern Point 1/ight, by f'hr Canton, from York for ftot'on. Mr 1,-nvm wm onboard hi# nchr, ana was drowned. Henry Tucker, who ? wan in the cabin, made his es< u; e uy an hint the bobatay of the loaded schr. , Soil R < o M kttk. of O'o ute-cer. baforo re; orted on the bar I at Port llnod, has si d off the bar into the channel and Hunk se.t hat only lo r msstheads are on' of water. Her keel has route out. and it I* thought she h Itl be a t ?l loss About 6>) j bbla mackerel w re saved before she alld o(T. I f I oi*Mf s' Hoi.*:, Oct 23 ? Schr Oletiroy (of flardlner), Wake I field, from lili/abr.hrort foi Boston with pig fron, arrived | hereon tli*2l?i. baking 10U(I strokes per hour; will go on the | marine railway for repairs. Ahip Siena Nevada, of 1900 tons, whs taken on the large He? tional dock on lues-lay, and was caulked aud reeoppered. (It waserrotu* u*iy s?ated in yesterday's p?|>ers that she was on the great Balance do k.) Whalemen. Ship Congress Castillo, id NB. be: ore reported at Mauri M<*s had hern m dry <'.ock and stopped the leak Sept 6. Spoken, ?fc c. Ship Addison Oil' ert, fi -in Calcutta f<?r London, Aug 1, lat M 04 S, Ion 24 K. ship Edward, Hale, fiom Liverpool for Calcutta, Oct 4, 20 miles S of Old Head of Kinsale. I Ship Agnes, Jones, from London, Oct 23 I AM, 26 miles K from Boston Lifhrt, and was ordered to NYork. Ship City of New York, hence for Havto, Oct 12. lat II 26, ' Ion 6't lfi Ship Rambler, Lothrop, from Liverpool for Boston, Oct 2. I lat 51, I n 9. An Ain ship showing a red flag with blue or black cross in centre, was seen Sept 23, no lal ac. The " Marv < Hitler," from Loudon, of aud for New York, Sept 10. lat 4* 42. Ion 43 30 Bark Heros (Pr? s), for NYork, Oct 17, lat 36 10, Ion 74 40. Forsl|m Ports* Astwf.rp, Oct 8? Arr at Flushing, Trumbull, Collum, New York; Augusta. Dowctl, do. Sid 5tn, Vletorlne, Jones, Oeioa. | At. TON s, Oot ,V-Ai r Kainbler, Bales, 8l Doinlugo. r. ? -? i \rr Palmetto m v. ve*. BacMi'K'KTKN, On (?Sid Orpheus (?). NYork. Oi*nirr, Oct ?? Cln apeake, Kvana, Rochester. Bid Man hattan, Davis. (idi-ssa. Oadiz, TVpt SO? Arr Delphoa, Wilson, Carthnuena. Oaicutta, Aug 2f>? I'eerless, Ring, Liverpool; 77th, Con quest, Scan. do. CM U.'itta, Palltiuru* ( Br), Irvln, Charleston. Dkai., O' l 6? Arr Vl'lage Belle, Blalsdell, Oronstadt for Bristel (find proceeded) : 9ths Young Mechanic. Mcls-an, and London. Hurl but, both from Loudon for NYork (and pro ceeded). 9'h, Garnet, Rrndford, from C*1 1*0 for Antwerp. Air In the Downs, Georges, Slater, from Antwerp via Ramsgate, for NYork (and anchored). IUrimnkli.ks, Sepl 23? Ai r John Henry, Carver, Odessa for England. Gi ounrsTita, Oct 5? Arr Ocean Pearl, Keaner, Oelle ; Pa inciia Flood, Amler-^on, Wyburg; (5th, J E Nicholas, Nicholas, <lo; Oi'borah Penned, Fennell, Bactouoke; 7th, Ouward*, Coombs, Klolilburto. Oai way, Oct 7? Palermo, Ingraham, Sullna. OorritwaiTKi:, Oct 2? Juliet, Sinclair, Bordeau*. IIavkk. Oct 8 ? Arr Mary L Sutton, Spier. NYork. Old 6th, William Ch.mberlaln, Jennings, do. Bid 7th, Eutcrpise, Ftinck, do. 11 klvokt, Oct 4? Sid Fairfield, Hull, Cardiff. Havana. Oc> l'?? In port bark Oregon. Maxwell, wtg; brigs Mary Emiiy (Br), Chapln, for NYork 6 day*; K II Buaae (Br), ViiU, for do do. I.tvmtrooi , Oct 7? Arr Oregon, Welsh, Qtieb?e; 8th, Anglo Saxon (s), do; Sam Dunning, Skolfleld, and Ontarlro, Ho? incr, NYork; Drcadnaught, Samuels, do; Oeo W Bourne, Lord, Bangor. 7th? Sid Mallla Wrlrailf, Snowman, Alexandria; 8th, Great Western, Furtnir, NYork. In the river 8tb outward bound, AmerleaniUnlon, Hubbard, NYoik; Old Dominion, Kulton (cid 7th), Qoleonda, Purlnton, Hong Kong (eld 7tk). Rth? Old flitv of Mobl'e, Marshall; Merrlngton, and Ameri can Union. Hubbard, NYork; Rddystona. Dyer, Akyab. Ent for ids 8th, Success, Ryan, aud Thalahar, Keller, New York. London, Sept R ? Arr Plvmouth Rock, Hammond, NYork. ntli? Old Luren, Troll, Harlepool to load for Barcelona; At", Excelsior, Curd, St John, Nb; J O Richardson, Lewis, Mel boerne. ? Ent outwards 7th, Preacllla, Baxter, Pernambueco; 9'h, American Congress. Woodward, NYork. At Oravi send !Hli. Lsmmergler, (late Adams, who was killed,) from London for Oallao. Murom, Oct 7 ? Tut In, Sam Sheppard, Jewett, from Cork for Newiiort. Mabskillks, Oct ft? Sid Ciarina, Fogerty, and Nameaug, Rogers, Alexandria. Madras. Rapt 1 ? Sid Matatlan. Nichols, Manlmaln. NKWi'OBr, Oct 7? An- Mvra W Holt, Dodge, Plymouth. S1H Mb, Brazil, Blair, NYork; 8th, Moutmorencl, Brown, St Thomas. Nhwcastlk. Oct 7? Ent out, Antelope, Relmera, for Messl na; 8 (Jllderaleeve, for San Francisco; Saxony, Sonne, for Alexandria. Nfwhy, Oet S? Sid J A II Crowlev, Drlseoe, Newport Nassau, NP, Out 7? No Am vessel In port. I'akaiha, no date? Linda, Turner, Rio Janeiro. Oukknstown, Oet 7? Arr Konigen Elizabeth, and Despeehe. N York ; Gulf Stream, Sprague, from Oardllf for New York leaky. ItKDWiox, Ann IS? Martha Wensell, Sears, Osllao., Oct 6 ? Sid llnrry Hammond, MoCllntock, San Francisco; 7th, Ocean Eagle, Clilsam. China. SttNBritt. (NP, Oct ft? Shi Windward, Hamlin, Kong Rons; Cotno, Cobbn, Singapore. St Johns. PR, Oct 18 ? In port brig Frances Jane, Kirch, for Baltimore 17th ; Hr tclir Orris, Anderson, from and for New York do. Sl l IfUh, schr Fred Howell, Miller, Arroyo to loud sugar for Baltimore. St DoviNr.ii Citt. Oct 8? No Am vessel In port. Toshay, Oct 4? Off, Criterion, Coombs, from Cadiz for Newcastle. Taiiiiauona, Sept 77? Arr Omeia, Morse, Ballis. American Porta. BOSTON, Oct 2.'? Signal f.r a aliip and a brig; hark Growl er remains at anchor In the Roads. Old Br brig Fleet Wl'ig, Foster, London via Portland; schrs Hanover, l<awson. Miia goane; Plymouth Rock. Bearse; I'hebe Elizabeth, Smith; Anpusta, Faton, and Adeline, I?ng, NYork. Sid ship Mav tlower; barks Modet a R Goddard, Oeo Thomas; brigs R W Packer, M Farrow. Bloomer, Beatrice. Cayenne, Oronstadt: ami from the Ro.uls haiks Henry Darllnfc, Carlb; brig- ? Kubt Wing, Mo Id. BALTIMORE, Oct 22? Arrrehrs Moonlight, Slutes, NYork; Broeie, lliilse. NYork. Cld brig Oliasapeakn (Br), Uwvtin, Deniarira; Rihra Jennie Morton, Orcen, Aspl'iwall; Tlioa lluL'ley (llr), MoComiall, Barbados. 81d Si o'la, Mlskelly, Rot terdam. KDGARTOWN, Oct 23 ? Arr schrs Fred Eugene, Perrv, New York foi Bangor; West Wind, Oilman, Turku Islands for do ; M S Parlrlitre, IIIv, NYork for Augusta; Com Kearny, Brews ter, do for Portsmouth; WtnColyer. Raynor, do for Boston (and all remained 23d). GLOUCESTER, Oct 10? Arrschr J P Johnson, Chase, Ma ehlas for NYork; 22d, Gertrude Horton, l'eudlcton, NYork for Rocklan I. HARTFORD, Oct 22? An si'hrs 8 Brainard. Buell. Ellra hetliport; June M Brnitiard, Boardman, do; Funule Hu/.ard, Vlbbeit i. do. Rid Yankee Boy, KLsley, NYork; Almon Bacon, do; Mitvla U>iilan. Miner, do KEY WEST. Oct If ? See Oorri'spnbdcnoe above. NANTTOKET, Oct 21 ? Vrr sloop Tawtemeo. Ray. NYork. PHILADELPHIA, Oct 21? Arr steamer Delaware, Collins, NYork; ship Sarauak, Row land, Liverpool; brigs Cecllo (Br), Boggs, Berumudu; Saml Small, Haskell, NYork; schrs Mar garet Dill, (Br), Dill, 'Londonderry, NS; Sarah Bern Ice. Clark. .Manillas; George L Greon, Cobb. Boston; Caroline Hall, 1 awson, Brn'ptree. Cld brigs Danl Maloney, Stoclman, Fortius Monroe, Saml Small, Haskell, Boston; schrs W L Springs, Holt'uiiin, Cardenas; Louisa, Hallnlt, Boston; Island Belle, Biittler, New Bedlcrd; Diamond, Noit u. Boston; G o Washlnginn, Steelman, Pawtuckci; W F Garrison, Corson, Boston; J Rof rs, Buckalew, Bridgeport; H W Benedict, Ellis, Providence; T Benedict, Goldsmith, do; Elizabeth, Brown, New llaven; S B Ashmead, Young, Norwich, StnHh, Tottle, Mayo. Provlncetown; VenliHi, Cloasen, 9t John, N'B; Geo Fale<. Nlckerson, Providence; Rediugton, Olaik, Boston ; Marv Fletcher, Crosby, Eastport. PORTLAND, Oct 22? Arr ship Potomac, Weeks, Bath; schr Montrose, Patten, Cardenas via Holmea' Hole. Old biljs laniriiettd, Biown, Curdenas; Forest City, Bain, do; schrs Aid, Gooding. Ilavnnn. ROCKLAND. ? -i 10? Arrachie Corinthian: Small, NYork forCamden; 17th, Cameo, Penilleton, NYork fordo; lSih, O Oowl. Snillh, and Vendovl. Bray. Vlnaihaven, for NYork; 21st, Florence, Jan e< n, NYork. Sid 17th, schrs Melbourne. Hunt, Vlnalhnvi n to load for M York; Otis, Thompson, and Angcllne, llix, NYoik: Bay State. Verrlll; Moses Warlnt Niwh, K Arcnlarius, Haskell; I C Hertr, Spofford ; Vendovl Bray; O Cowl, Smith, and Caroline, , NYork. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 37? Sid ship Richard II(,Oieen ?ugh, CaUse SPOUTING. IjlUK S\I,K-A FIM* POINTER DOQ, -LIVBR COLOR 1 and white, nvn years old, well bred anil thoroughly broken. Price $10. Address box J| Flushing, L. I. For salk? two pupb, English coach dogs, full breed. spotted black and white. Dc?irabln a* pets fir children, hi lug of good dl*iaj<itiou. Can be Suva at tit wmI H:ii street, nmf Hh ar. JOHN SOREOK, S? BOWERY? OFFERS FOR BALK tlio licst taUing M'no Blr<l, all kind* of fancy and Slng lag Birds, varb ty of Pigeons: choicest breed and small sl/o Dogs; mange cured without rail; medicines for all dUraeca (?refully prepared. Advice grail*. POINTER I >00 FOR SAMS? THRKE YEARS OLD; prt'-e $.V) Also a fine iccnud band Double Gnn, No. . 14 lM>re, coat ?10. In easel complete. Apply at gun store, 43 Otialhain street. TO Sl'ORTS MEM. -A VERT HANDSOME IMPORTBD Pointer Hitch, tw o years old. aud also nvu I'upples of tlie sertie stack, ten weeks old, irlll hie sold at a moderate prloe. Address J. II. C., box 143 Herald oflice. MILITARY. Notice- IBS young men RATI a change to (jet thoroughly drilled by one of ihe best military mi a In the State, without anrexpene for Instruction, mom, or anything else; n it for war purposes, but he otters his ser vient free. Address L. B., box 140 Herald otllec. COAL. COAL.? PEACH ORCHARD, LEHIOH AND LOCUST Mountain, warrutited to be genuine articles, at lowest market price from yards; 60 cents per ton less from boats; also English house Cannel and Liverpool Orrel, of bent 'quail \les at current rates. HENRy RF.ETH, Curlier of Caoal aud Centre, and corner of Jane aud Wcatstg. ASTROLOGY. ASTONISHING.-- MADAME MOKKOW, SEVENTH daughter, has a gift of foresight; tells how soon and (<tcn you will marry, aud all you with to know, even your very tnougUts, or no pa) ; lucky charms free; Iter equal is not to 1>0 round; her magic image is now in full operation. 184 Ludlow itreei, below Houston. Price 25 cents. Gentle men not admitted. BONA FIDK IDE A.-.TROLOGIST -MADAME WILSOS Jjeef^f your vlsil, gives magic charms aud 'e free of char."*' tells nil the event; ?f llfa, >.y rr.f.c.T'.TK.'y Trr iAd A. 'tells the obje coofl 1 licit Sit Due free of ehar-o- t.-lls nil the ever", -f I if,,, Irf'Pent au.f fuTuri. CTvUiiTaTlonXmuSifcifc courtships travelling, Ac. This is the most wonderful trolodst of the igc. Give her a call, you will not regret 11 No. 1S,J Alien sired, near Stanton, over the bakery. Please pull the bell and ri^ht up stairs. Charge, for ladles aud gentlemen. W cents, Astrology -madame iiyer, late OF2.ic eighth avenie, hns returned from Ihe country and taken up her residence at No. 1*49 Seventh avenue, second lloor. She continues lo tell past, present and future events. Madame M;er converses In English, French and German, and gives warrantee for her ai t. A CLAIRVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL ?LADIES who ure sick. In trouble or unfortunate, can consult her with the sirieteu confidence. She warrants lo cure the most aggravated 1 ases of rheumatism in a few days. If you wish lo eli'.ain correct information on all events, call and see Mrs. MILTON. Ni I >4 Wavei b?y place, corner West Tenth street, from 9 e'eloek A. M. until 8 P. .M. pORA A. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT.? Medical and business confutations day and evening. The science she uufoMs so satisfactory, to all it Is tinneeee sarn toglve Illustration of the astounding results, but con tinues at Kid Division street (ILAIRYoYOVE. ? MRS. SEYMOUR S MEDICAL J rooms are i-eniOVed to No 101 West Fifteenth street, corner ol Sixth avenue, entnun-e on Fifteenth street. Con sultation*' oa aiekne>.s, business, absent mends, Ac., and satisfaction guaranteed or no pay Madame k ayt no. 2?o seventh avenite, near Twi iity.scvi nth street, kui pr ia.-h ail who visit her. The sick, troubla aud unlucky should test her (lowers. She tells your very thoughts, lucky uuuibcis, l iases. Indies 23 cents, gentlemen U) cents. Mrs. sboor. the great fokksekr of futuke Even s. can b- ?een at 2IS Spring street, basement, near Maodotu "I. She t< lis of |o-?e?; give* lucky numbers; causes speedy marriages. If >ou wish ilie iruih give her a call. MRS. II. ROKItgR. WHO IS ACKNOWLEDGED TO be ihe o > i v l i. > In Hits olty who truthfully gives infor mation eotiK-r lug lawsuits, Journeys, absent friends, love, courtship, utii health, wealth, uml is the only person who has the genu .? Roman and Arabl tall mans for love, good lor . .1 nil all bitslne-s atlair*, and are guarantees for III?. Remember b- r residence? No 4ft Sullivan street, near Broome. Nit. ? W HO M \S NOT HEARD OF DIE CELEBRATED . Mine. PKEW sTER, who has lieen consulted by thou sands iu this anil other titles with entire satisfaction? She teelsconlSrtent ?he has no eqtisl She tolls the name of fu ture wife or husband, ami that of her Visiter. II you wish truth give her a call, 1! 251 Third avenue, above Twenty-llrst street. Ladies, SO cents; gentlemen, $1 Read tiiis.-k phrenologist and astrologist that beats ihe vi r?rld, ami %'> 1 *X) rewtual for any one who can '"ji;al Mi - WELLINGTON, who fr acknowledged to be the only :?ly In tMs city who truthfully grrcs Information roneerning lo ???-, lawsuits, Journeys, sbsent friends, love, coiirtsbip tniii tug , ti altu, wesltu, anil who will reclaim drunken nd iinfi'fntnl husbands Mls?W is the only per son in iiiiK i.ity wno lias ihe genuine Roman and Arabian laliMiiti: for lo' . g.od luck and ali bnsiue-s aifalrs, nnd are guarantees for life. Pe'ay not to eousult tills naturally flfted and 'beautiful voting laly. Ltukv numbers given, lighly respectable cty relciences can be seen at her resi dence, 101 S i ll avenue. The greatest wonder in the world is the young Mid accomplished Madame BYRON, from Paris, who can be consulted with the strictest confidence on all stfalrs .1 life, embracing love, courtship, business and sick ness; r> stores drunken and unfaithful husbands, has a se cret to make you beloved by your heart's Ideal, and brings together those !< n separated. Ladies 26 cents, gentlemen 90 cents Residence No. 9d Third avenue, above Twelfth street "I z;r BOWERY, NEAR BROOM R STREET. -MADAME J Ot) WIDGEK. Clslrvoysnt and girted Spanish lady; un veils th >;? ste les of futurity, love, marriage, absent friends, Slekiie-s Iifesci ilies medii loes foi all diseases; tell* lucky

o'lUi.c. l4 i-c ij bs; oritotjn, Oks 8AUBB AT APOTIOir/ AUCTION NOTICE.-D. I). CAULIflNfl^UOTIONKEa ?1.EG ANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ? HU I'EKU FRENCH CHINA DINNER SERVICE, lfiO PIECES. The property of s family breaking up housekeeping. Kiel DAY, October 26, at 10X o'clock precisely, all the superb aud oostly Furniture, Paintings, Statuary and Works of Art, rosewood Drawing Room Suit*, elegant seven octave Pianoforte, Mirrors, Velvet Carpel*, 1c., contained In the residence No. 21.1 West Fourteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. The auctloneercall* the spednl attention of the public to thl* sale, aa being the Ingest and richest assortment of Household Furniture offered at auction thl* season. The furniture wa* all made for the pre Hent owner, and la In complete order. The whole will be pe remptorily anil abaolutely ?old without reserve. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE consists of carvcd rosewood Etegerea, marble topi and French plate doors and back; lady's Work Table, Inlaid with mother of pearl; rosewood Centre Table, statuary marble top; full Hull* of Drawing Room Knrulture? elegant Tete-a tete Sofas, two Arm, two Reception and eight oval baok Chairs, carved roxewood frames, and covered In throe (to lured natlu brocade of the most expensive description; two Console Tables, Inlaid buhl and tortoise shell; Brocade and Lace Curtains Frunch plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, with rich ({lit frames; sii|>ero Sevres and Dresden China Vases, richly decorated; Parian marble Htatuottes of the Heason*, artistic Bronzes, representing Night and Morning, Pandora, Painting, Poetry, Music, Crusader*, Ac. ; antique lava Vases, from Herculaneum and Pompeii; ebony Card Table, Velvet Carpets, Rugs, Turkish Easy Chairs, bronze Ctbcl^ runs one month; OK Paintings, by Rousseau. Inman, Huntington, Cole, I/egrand, and other eminent artlsta. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, carved legs and case, four round corners, finished all round, Inlaid with pearl; Music ltack, rosewood Steol, covered In brocade; embroidered Cloth Cover, Books and Music, hall rosewood Hatstand, Oilcloth, 8tair Carpet, Ac. Chambers, second story ? Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis XIV.; Bureaus and Commodes to match; Wardrobes, Dress ing and Toilet Tables, Shaving Stands, Bookstand, Couch, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices. Hair Mattreascs, lied* anil Bedding, decoratad China Toilet Rets. Mirrors, Dining Room Furniture of every kind, Tea and Dinner Bets, Silverware, Ivory Table Cutlery, Dining Table, Ay. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OP HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD Furniture AT PUBLIC ADCTIOE. POSITIVE PEREMPTORY SALE OT ELEGANT FIAST CLASS FURNITURE, This (Friday) morning, at 1UX o'clock precisely, the beautiful Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber and Library Fur niture In (be dwelling house lag Twenty-first (treet, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, all of which is new, having been recently made, and comprises everything adapted to a fashionable and elegantly furnished residence? the whole to be peremptorily sold for caah, couststltu of English Velvet and Tapestry Carpets, elegant roaewoOH Parlor Furniture, eu suite, comprising three full suit*, richly carved, all of which are covered in rich silk brocatel, and of the l>e?t de scription; rosewood Centre and l'ler Tables, Turkish Chairs, in blue and gold satin snd mooiiet; Velvet Turkish Lounges, ricn Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Damask and Lace Curtains, fold and landscape Shades, two rosewood Etegeres, style of jouls XI V.: rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel vases, Bisque Figures, Artistic Bronzes, Parlor Ornamonts, Ac. ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MUSIC CABINET, STOOL, AND COVER, cost $150. Marble lop Bureaus, rlohly carved Bedsteads, twenty lsrge Hair Mailt esses, Tete-a-Tetes, Chamber Sult^ in rosewood; bronze Clocks, marble Washstands, Lounges, French and Spring Seal Chairs, Rockers, Divans, Ottomans, Oval Mir rors, superb Beds aud Bedding, oak Extension Table, two nne Iiialiogan Sofa Bedsteads, rloh French and Bohemian China, rich Tea Sets. Silverware, Spoons, Forks, Casters, Ire Pitcher*, Uruf Tea Service, rjlby and crystal Cut Glass of every description, osk marble top Buffet, oak Chairs, so porb oak Desk, Oilcloth, rloh Chandeliers, marble IlallSlund, one. of Wilder'* Iron Safes. Catalogues at house. Sale posi tive. rslu or shine. A deposit will be required of >11 pur chafers. V u ? Parties from a distance are assured that every ar tide In the house will lie gold strictly without reserve, and there will positively be no postponement Purchasers oan have their goods carted, packed or shipped by reliable per sons, who will be In attendance for that purpose. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT Auctioneer. Am. b. chapman a co., auctioneers. LARUE SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. This day, Friday, October 25, at the private rest donee of Lemuel Clark, Esq., 50 West Sixteenth street, be tween Firth and Sixth avenues, sale commencing at eleven o'clock precisely:? Medallion Velvet Carpels, two superb suits, carved In solid rosewood, covered with green and gold brocatel; Secretary Bookcase, Etegeres, Pier snd Mantel Mirrors, embroidered Lace Curtains, Statuary, Bronzes, Vases, Centre and Card Tables, Reclining Chairs, Chandeliers, Canaelabras, superb artistic Bronze Figures, Ormolu and Bronze Clock, runs ono month; OU Painting* By eminent artists, Sevres and Dres den China Ornaments, Parian marble Statuettes, magnificent seven octave Pianoforte, Canterbury Stool and Cover; llatsiand, oak Buffet, Extension Table, china Dinner Set, crystal and ruby Glassware, Table Cutlery, solid Silverware, rosewood and mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads.Ward robes, Commodes, Dressing Table, Ilalr and Spring Mat tresses, Counterpane*. Sheets, Towels, Blankets, Sofas, Chairs, Rockcrs, MoGraw's patent Sofa Bedsteads, Book stands. Toilet Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth mid Stair Carpels; also a large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Ilouscsto let or for sale. For further particulars see auctioneers. Am. b. chapman a co., auctioneers ? ? Superior Household Furniture at publln auction; sale commencing this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at 70 West Twenty - sixth street, near Sixth avenue. A ram opportunity for housekeepers and dealer*. Sale peremptory. Consisting of Parlor Suits, rosewood Pianoforte, Mirrors, Lace Curtains. Brussels Carpet", Rugs, Clocks, Etegeres, Bookcase, Vases, Paintings, Engravings, Centre Tables, Chandeliers, Hat stand, Stair Cai'i*'ts, rosewood and mahogany Bureaus. Bed steads. Solas, Rockers, Chair* and Tables; 13 pairs of line wool Blankets, 21 pair of linen Sheets, Counterpanes. 16 ex cellent Hair Mattresses*, Feather Beds, MeOraw'sSofa Beds, Whatnots, Ingrain Carpets, Sideboards, Extension Table, Ann Chairs, Cnina and Glass Ware, Ivory handle. Knives and Folk*, Silver Ware, Table Linen, Couches, Easy Chairs, Ac.: also Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock this afternon. AO. TUTTLB, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS . (lay ( Friday), Out. 2ti, at 10)$ o'clock, at No. 213 East Tenth street, near First avenue, Household Furniture, consisting of Pier and Mantel Glasses, roanwooJ Parlor Suit, covered In Brocatel; marble top Centro Tables, Brussels ajul Ingrain Carpets, rosewood Pianoforte, Stodart, maker; Bookcases. Paintings, Mantel Vases, rosewood Etegere, exten sion Dining Table, Tea and Dinner Sots, Cutlery, t lla^.sware, Japmed Ware, oak anil blank walnut t'liaraber Furniture, en suite ; mahogany do., viz: Bureaus, Washstands, lied steads, Chairs. &c. Hair Mattresses, Krai her Beds, Blankets, Sofa*, Engravings, I<?re Curtains, Toilet Sets, Ac., the whole u> lie peremptorily so4d. AC. TUTTLE. AUCTIONEER? DUTCH BULBOUS . BOOTS.? A. C. TUTTLE wiU mil. on ftwurday, at 10); o'clock, at No. S Broad street, a lar(? assortment <rf fresh Imported Bulbous Knots, just received from Haarlem, la Holland, consisting of HyacinUia, Tulips, Narcissus, Jou yulls, Iris, Crocus, Gladiolus, Ac., in lota 10 suit. AUCTION NOTICE. LARUE A NO IMPORTANT SALE, THIS DAY AND TO MORROW. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25. AND SATURDAY. OCTOBER 28. We !??? to oil the attention of buyers to Ihe above Kales. Catalogues for Friday's sale are now ready for distribution. SATURDAY'S SALE WILL CONTAIN EMBROIDERIES? 2S0!ots of Embroideries, Including am entire Invoice of new goods, j Mbt landed and never before ex hibited in this market. i INVOICE OF RIBBONS AND FANCY TRIMMINGS. INVOICE OF MANUFACTURED FURS. HOOTS AND SHOES. tOO cases of Boo's and Shoes, the bent line yet offered, and including IdO c?kc? Double Sole and Tap Sole" Boois, ju-a rc neived liom Eastern ALSO, KSLL ASSORTMENT OF STAPLE AND FANCY DRY (JOODS. Sercmte Catalogues issued for each day's sale. WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, Noa. 9 and 11 Park place, and ti .Murray strci4. A Oi'TION NOTICE. J\ This day, at 10 o'clock, Large and attractive sale, BY liOOKWO(ll) Bros. A UNDERI1ILL, 29 Murray and SS Warren si i e t STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS lit great variety. OloUu, Cassimercs, Vesting*. Hosiery. Knit Goods, Flannels, Domestics, Linens, F.nbLuklt". ies, Dress Silks, Rlbbona, Mowers, Neck Ties, Qiofes, Gauntlets, ic. Pari Icular attention is Invited A CCTIQ2J SALE.-CliA.sTE F&ft RS J. L A fid de?lers. Tnis day. at 10)' o'clock preols dy. all the lloiiv-'llvl.l Far nil re of the lar^e ri ivatoaeslilen -e of a lam X? giving lit nouJekWplnif ftt lib Waverly plane, near Siuli aienue, will be soli at public au -lion, to the lushest bidder without reserve, consisting of Hirer, elegant I'ador Suits, ooveresl In brocatel, reps nnd hair cloth; une elegant rote wood Htegere, rosewood and mahogany Be'lslea Is. 12 tine Hair Mattresses, Br.reaus, Beds, Bidding, Blankets Clocks, ( liirtnlns, Tables, Glass. I'hlna an I Silver Ware; Dlnii.g Table, Brussels, Taiieslry aud Ingrain Carpels. Sale positive. _ _T. ALBUBTU3, Auctlonoer. Auction notice.? m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell this day, at 1U)? o'clock, at salesroom. K6 Nas sau street, a general assuHment of second hand Hatisehoid Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloths, Sofas, Chairs, Parlor Suits, Tobies, Bureaus, Washstands. B-d steads, Hair Mil tirsser, Psllios-cs, Lounges. Kcatlei Beds( HI mkcis, Wardrobes, Ac. The whole embracing the entire I urulturc of a family de alining housekeeping. Auction notice.? Isaac d. aaron, auctioneer. will anil this day, at It'),' o'clock, at, HI Nassau street, a collection of <>:l Paintings. hMiui'ienl, uiat iue, land *ca|>c ami fruit pieces, by order of auiguee. Auction notk e.-bi kmiam s furniture ex. press and Packing Establishment, 11.1 W'*t Eleventh street, between Fifth and Slstii avenues ? Household Furni ture lioxed and shimied to all pai .? of the world. Covered wagons lor removing Furniture to aud irora the coniUiy. Furniture stored. UCTION SALE? THIM DAY, AT t O'CLOCK, A r M2 Eigiith street, uear Broad* ay, one e.egant Piano, with splendid tone and finish ; two rosewood Parlor Suits, rose wood and mahogany Bedroom Suits, Rocker*, Locking Glasses, mahogany and maple Chairs, Tables, Krossrlsnud Ingrain Carpets, and everything that belongs .to a llrst class house. Sale positive. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.? N. LOCOB.-HY JOHN I FT KEK NAN, will sell at auction, at 441 l't nrl street, this dsy, at l()tg o'> lock, the stoek of Fancy Diy Goods con!. tilled in said store. As this sa'e Is without' the slightest reserve small dealers will tind ft to tli"ir interest to attend N. B. ? l'ue above stock was purchased lnsido the last tliri e months. BROWNE V NICHOLS," AUCTIONEERS? WILL SELU on Saturday. October 26, at 10)? o clock, at their spacious salesrooms .15 Nassau a large and eleg.uit assort incut oi genteel llousehi Id Furniture of every description, removed lor convenlruec of sale and to p.. y ai'.vnn is, consisting of very 1 1 h solid cirvrd rosewood Suit", in satin and brointel plush and reps; also plain Stills, ] in same; elegant and vety highly itnUheu t'hamlier Suits, in ] rosewood, malu-ganyund blacl; walnc.t ; elejj.nt Ida. k wal nut Library Suits and Dlniili: Koom S t ts; i legant i i mwl Ainour-s-Glai e. rosewiHnl snd,bu< k walnut Bookcases, Sec retaries and E egercs; very rich carved Buffets, in oak, black waluut and maliogaiij ; Lounge ?, in reps, leather and iiati'.ask ; cat ved pillar and plan Extension Tables; oak and Idaek walnut l'luing, Ilall and Ollice Cha rs; elegant Gilt Pram French Plate Pier and Glssses: n Urge lot of Gas Hra? kctsaud Ormolu and Hron?? Ch ttide|i?rs; together with an itssortuient of OQlce and Library Desks and Tables, in black walnut, oak ami tu ihogauy, a splendid Auiussou Carpi l. CONTINUATION OF I ) ASSIGNEE s SALE O!'' A LARGE STOCK OF l'l'R nlturc, llain lolh. Imn Sales. Ac.? ( II AM 111. 1!S A FAIR. CHILD will sell on Friday. Oi tobcr 2ft. at It) A. M.. at the large Furniture warerooms No~. 177, lTOand 181 Canal street, the stock In tr&6e of a wholesale and retail establishment, consisting of ivsplcndld assortment > f rosewood Parlor Suits, rosewood lledrooin Furniture, black walnut do ; rose wood, I'lack walnut and mahogany marble lop Tables, do. Bureaus; Washstmids, mahogany Chairs; rosewood, black walnut and nuiho?auy French B"daUads; mahogany and blsck walnut Extension Tables, oak Dining Chairs, oak Side boards, black walnut and mahogany Wardrobes. Ac Also, a large assortment of enamelled Uedroom Furni ture, Ac. Al-o, a large quantity of Haircloth, Brocalcl, Damask, Moss, Curled Hsil, Ac.. Ac. Also, Odlce Furaltnre, Desks, Iron Safes. Ac., Ac. Also, a large assortment of rosewood, blaok walnut and mahogany Tete-a-tete, Sofa and Chair Flames, nearly finished, Ac. Catalogue* on morning of sale. By order of W ELTON, A<siM??e, SALgj AT^ AlTCflOir. CllAs! D ,P \VI8, AycmONBB?-W|ii BELLj ON KrlX'*' Ootober a, at 10^ o olock, at hla ulesr >oms, 8T and 89 8inh oppose Kightfc a tree L a large a ad varied aanorlu **} *>f rtr,*k?1 eoaaiadag of Hro ratal, lasting hair clo h Parlor Suits, In rosewood ami black walnut; r* wwood Ete-sere*, Music Stand. Bureau*. Bookcases and Wh?'<1">,"'>. bliick walnut Bureau*, Table* an. I Parlor Choirs, maW'"? Bunkcuea Hol ts Hair Cbslr*, inarblo top Table*, I'r. "co of Wale* l hair*, English Beuap. tton and Easy Booking chair*, mahogany, black walnut and ro*cwood French IbdsteaX Chamber Suit* af all color*, Hue Mmlallinn, Brussels mid Ingrain Carpets, llorse Hair and other Mattrcsacs, Looking lAssaes, and a full assortment of useful mid ornamental Furniture. too nuineroiM to men tion. This sale U well worthy the attention ol bujferM^ CONTINUATION OF GREAT STOVE HALE, AT 111 Nasaau street, J. F. DUNCAN A CO., Auctioneers, con listing of every description of Stoves. We luvllu you* atten tion to-day, as we must close out the stock. Daniel a. mathews. auctio.nekr.-salesho??i 79 NASSAU STRKET, BETWEEN FULTON AW JOHN STREETS. MORTOAOE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND1 TWO KOBBWOOD'PI ANOFOR'1'ES, MALE BY CH1CKER1NG. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will sell at auction, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, this day, October M, 10W o'clock, at hla salesroom, 79 Nassau street, the lollnwlugLvu:? Two rosewood Parlor Suits, In satin brocutel; Centre Tables, Ete gerca, rosewood and mahogany Secretary Bookcases, mahog any Bofuallnd Chairs, Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; lady's Bscrllolre, Pier Mlrrora, walnut and mahogany French Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washatanila, ena melled Chamber Suita, llalr Mattresses, oak and walnut pil lar and plain Kil uihu Tables, Bullets, Dining Chairs, Card Tables Vases, China, Glassware, Ac. Also two superior rosewood, round curuer, seven octave Pianofortes, made by Ohlokerlug. Catalogues early on innmliiuor sale. Bv order UALPII^UCKLBY, m Attorneyror Mortgugee. D m ' -*UCTI0IfKKR? OFFICE ISS BOWBRY . will sell on Saturday, 26tli Inst., si U o'clock, the Stock snu FUturea of the Grocery Store A* Second arenue, In cluding a large stock of fine Teas, Sugars, Soap, Candlea, #nd a gcuecal assortment of good groceries, lotted or sold together, to salt purchasers. HOWARD SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER. _ riNE u11' l'AINTl N(JS. By EDWARD SCHENCK, this -? .v. 2ftth Inst., at eleven o'clock, at his salesrooms, 186 nud 5 Broadway, a collection ?U?,7v,0Jl.?'c? 011 *"???>??. including manv guaranteed ORIGINALS, bearing the ccrtllloates ol the artists. Among them will be found an INTERIOR? By Adrlenuo de Senneoourt. MARINE? By 8CHAUMBERO. VANDKVELDE ANU FIUUHES-By BUYSDALB and CATTLE-By VAN SEVERDONCK. INTERIOR? By FRANClC. And many other line Puinliucs. The above are new on ei hlblilon, with catalogues. The atteullon of those In want or really line pictures is requested to this sale, as they will be 9 rcinptirily Bold without reserve. ^otninst., at 12 o'clock, at his salesroom, lift ami 167 Broad' way, soven kegs (120 lbs. each) Imported Panting luk, Im ported for Illustrated papers. To be iiosllivuly aold without reserve, to close the invoice. Edward schbnck, auctioneer. Mortgage sale of an entirely new close panel platform sunns Coach, by EDWARD SCHENCK. on Wednesday, Oct. :'.0, at 12 o'clock precisely, at his salesrooms, 1 Y> and 167 Broadway, I bo above elegaii t Coach ; Is entirely uuw and will be peremptorily sold. By order of E. S. CIIAPIN, Mortgagee. EROTH, AUCTION BUR. ? LA RGB SALB OF ? elegant llouschould Furniture. Bargains for house keepers and the trade. This afternoon, at 2 o'clock pre cisely, at tho Urge dwelling house 102 east ? oruer of Sixth avenue and Waverley place; consisting of Hue Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, rich Chandeliers, Oilcloth, Glass, China and Silverware, rosewood and black walnut Parlor Suit, covered 111 lirocatel and haircloth; rosewood Centre Tables, Ete geres, Lace Curtains, Vase*, Shades, Paintings, rosewood snd mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wasbstauds, Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Sofas, Rockers, Corner Stand, Clocks, Chairs, Tete-a-tetca, two Sofa Beds, Lounitcs, Curtains, Mirrors, Blanket*. mahogany B mkcase, solid Mick walnut Extension Table, Dlniug Chairs, Stove*, Stair Carpets, Ac. The whole to be peremptorily ?old. Edward pettingeb. auctioneer-will sell thi* day (Friday), at 10)? o'clock, at ltd Spring street, corner of Wooater, the contents of the Liquor aud Oyster Saloon, conalsting ol' Tables, Chairs, Bar, Future*, a quan tity of Liquors, Ac. Saie positive. FFITZSIMMONS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS . day, at 11 o'clock, In Third avenue, near Forty-ninth street, tli s Liuse, Stock and Fixtures of a nicely litted up Porter House, conalsting of a choice assortment or Liquors, Counter*, Beer Pum|M, Casks, Pictures, Tables, Stoves, Clock, Ac., to close the business. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? henry ii. LEEDS A CO. will sell, at auction, 011 Saturday, O l. 2d, at 12 o'clock. In front of store No. 23 Niutaau street, a bay Horse, 15 hands i> inches high, long tail; has trotted In four minutes; perfectly kind In single or double harness; can bo driven by a lsdy or child; will stand wlthoia tying; sold only for want of use. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer.? henby h . LEEDS A CO. will sell, at auction, on Saturday, Oct. 20, at 11 O'clock, at the salesroom. No. 23 Nassau street, Lacquered Ware, a large invoice just arrived from Japan, consisting of Inlaid Trays, Boxes, Baskets, Cribboge Boards. Cabinets, Stands, Tables, Desks, Wrltlug. Inlaid Work and Centre Tables, Wicker Cabinet*. I u laid Trays, Fancy Bowl* *nd Stands, Giove aud Handketvhlef Boxes, embracing many otbnv beautiful and valuable goods, all of which will be sold wit ho. it reserve. Henry ii. lbeds, auctioneeb.-hbnry n. LEEDS A CO. will sell, at auction, on Saturday, Oct. 23, at lofj o'clock, at the salesroom, No. 23 Nassau street, a general ussortfheul of Household Furniture, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Carpet*, rosewood and black walnut Dressing Bureaus, oak and black walnut Extension Dining Table*, carved rosewood Suit, covered In crimson broatel; rosewood marble top Dressing Table*, Card Table*, rosewood, mahogany and black walnut Bedsteads; Hair Mattresses, Palliasses, China, Crockery and Glassware, wsewood Book ease, Ac. Also a large lot of Books, all beautifully bound in ealf, morocco, Ac. Henry l>. miner, auctioneer? salesroom 37 Nnsfau STJCt. opp.wlle the Post odlee. HENRY I). MINER will ho 11 at aULtlun, un Friday, Oototx-r 2ft, at lu>^ (/"flock, lit the private residence. 27 Second place, Brooklyn, genteel Household Furniture, made to order hv J. W. HoiitU ?-k; rosewood 7 octave Piano, by Wm. Uall A S hi. New York, of superior toue and flnlsh, cost >150, Aix, v i/. . Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpels; mahogany Parlor Suits In hair <*lolh, (lilt Kraut - oval Mirrors and Engraving*, Fronzn Clucks, Centre and SI de Tables, black wsIumI Secretary Bookcase, mahogany Bedsteads. Bureaus and WashaHnda; best Hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows; m.thogaiiy Extension Table, oak Arm Chairs, Oilcloths, and a general assortment of Kltahen Furniture. HENKY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM 37 N?w?i| street, opisnrito the l'oat office.? HENRY D. MINER will sell at auction, ottisturday, October 2d, at IU>j o'clock, at Ui? .salesroom, 37 Nassan street, n general assotv titcniof Household and OtBce Purnllure, i-nnsisting ot ma hogany Bedsteads, Bureaus and Washntanrts, mahogany Tete-aletes mid Chairs, Centre and Side Tables, uak and bla'-k walnni Hal Stands and Hall Chairs. Hair Mai tresses, mahogany Wardrobe*, elegant carved mahogany marble top Buffet, Cribii, o ik and bin k w.ilnut Office Desks. Chain, Ac. ; also several line l'tench plate Mantel and Pier Minors, china Vases, Ac. HESRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. SALESROOM 37 Nassau street.? HENRY D MINER will sell at .inc. tlmi, on Saturday, October *i, at his salesroom, 37 Nassau street, the balance of a relall Druggists' Stock, removed for convenience or Bale, consisting of Ualr and Clothe* Brushes, Fortcmonnnlrs, Stereoscopes and View.", patent India rubber Syringes, Medietas Chests, Travelling Com panions. Bay Bum, pearl Card Cases. Dressing Cases, Combs of every variety, 4 , Ac. Also Immediately after sale of above a collect iob of Paintings, of the Roman, French anil American schools, embracing the works of Mitrillo, Snyder*, Holb in. Albans Joseph Vcruet, U. Dow, J. C. Thorn and ulhers; to be sold without reserve. Henry b herts, ,tr.. auciionberw EXECUTOR'S SALE OF - MAUNIFICKN T HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. RICH FREJiCH PLATE 1'IER AND MANTEL MIltHORS, SLTEI SL^ CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, STERLINO SILVER I'LATB, Ae? Ac., l'liiehased at a coil, of over $29,01)0. On THURSDAY, Oct. 81," at Wj; o'clock. At 49 W c 1 Till r I v-foti i ta street, between Fifth and Sixth avs. By order of EDMOND HI,.\NKMAN. Esq Executor. Catalogues will be ready sua may bo liaii, together with fMil-t of admission to view the furnlttire, two ilays before tlie sale on application at the olnee of the Auctioned', No. Flife street. Full particulars will appeer in Sunday's Herald. y. TOHN LLOYD, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE 15 NASSAU ?J street.? JOHN LLOYD A SONS will sell on Wednes day, October 30, nt 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, hy'order of George Li tile, executor, the Lot No. 9 West Twcuty-clghlh street, 20.6 lent by 98.4, together with the four story high sloop brown stone Ilouse thereon. 25.6i.VI feet; also the Lot ? Dey street, 20v2tf, with four story brown stone Building- thereon, covering the entire lot, with the exception of tl e side lights: also the Country Seat at Os slmlng, Hi miles from Sing sing, containing 27 acres of laud, nil tillable, with orchards of assorted fruit, frame Hons-', new, with about 16 rooms, containing every convenience; tine garden, carriage house. Ac. Full particulars ai the office of 9crlbner A Denslow, 29 Wall street, and at the office of the auctioneers. MR. CHAS. D. DAVIS, AUCTIOMBSB? RAL88BOOX 87 and 89 Sixth avenue? solicits consignments of all descriptions of Merchandise. Outdooi sales attended. Libe al commissions, to stilt tf.e time" Prompt returns made and best city reference* given. Liberal cash advances on merchandise. MOIITUAOE SALE.-.IOHN II. HURLEY, AUCTIONEER, will fe?l! this day, at two o'clock, ar 444 Canal street, large assortment of Furniture, consisting of marble top and other Bnrenus, Fofas and Sofa Beds, Vier, Mantel and other CJla^nrs, Wardrolw SiiMh in htitvloth, Kxiennlon, Centre and oth*rr Tabled. Hat Hack#, 0?*?k l:?v: ;?nd Ortlie Htovei, ma Ijogany RocKirrg and other Chair*, W ;islistand?, Three. ply and other ('arpetsi; Oileluth, line Hair and other Mattresses, Tent her B'mIh, Comforters, Blanket*:, Cw'lery, (liana and Earthenware, Cottage Suits, and fine Ciitna for l;0UM*keep9rs and others. By order of Franklin Brown, at tor. toy. ORTGAOK SALE.? ONE BILLIARD TABLE, TWBI jV li hairs, onw Counter, BarTutnMera mid HotUei, and lures, will bn sold on the 26th dny of October, 1^61, at in the basement ot 110 OreenwU U street. WM. HKULKKHT, Mortgage#. M?S PUBLIC SALE IN PHI bADELPHI A .1" Splendid Mansion an I fiioiind". Will lie :oldonT>ies ?tay, October 29, at 12 o'ebs-k, noon, at ibe Plillsde phla K\. change, the suis'tior ntitl elegant Mansion, with Green houses, Siaby, Coach House, and large lot of ground, on the southwest corner of Broad snd Poplar streets. The lot is 240 feet front oil Broad k reel, Jsld out and planted with the tiuest rruit and ornamental lre< s, grape v.i, s ai;<! i'u nb'iery. It is one of the lihest residences ?nd hi{:hlj liuprove.1 grounds In the city or Phlladelnhls. A f ill di -s :ri|ition of It may be seen In handbills at the auction rooms of Messrs. Bangs Merwill A Co., and Henry II. Leeds A t o New Vo.'lt. M. THOMAS A SONS, Auctioneers. PHiLiDrt.rnis, Octol-er, 1MCI. ' TJAWNBROKKR'S SAl.K ? .lulls MoliTIMoUK," AlC i J. tloneei . 1ft Kust Bn adway, will sell this day. a large as ; sorlment of Silk and Memo Dresses, Remu mts of Delaine, Calico, Shawls, Beds and Pillows, Quilts, Blankets A. ., all ' w-dl worthy the attention of tke trsde and others. Bv order o! r. .1. LEVY. *'M) Broome ?m, ;. ? tiAWNBROKH'.'S SALK -Tiui D '.V, AT IIMk 0:CL0CK^ I X liy HKLL A INtiRAllA.M. 41*1 lot-, vuluableCiolblug. suit al'le for women and children; Sheets, Quilts, Blankets, ! Piece Woods, Shawls. Cloak*, Slo e., tlaiters, Ac. By order ? of KRIDENBKCO, Pawnbroker. 21.H? Eist Broadway. Mon I day. Pawnbroker's sale, order Mrs. Wood, <96 Orand sircst. 1 til "a" J. HOG ART, Al tlrI ON L KRS?SATU RDAY O. October 26, at in o'cln. k, at No. 5 Woostcr street, I no t tgage sale ol lloii>ebobl K'irnliiire, consisting of Parlor, ! Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE.? STOVES, SHEET IRON, AC. C1IA.M HERS A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, Salesroom in Nassau street. Will sell at their salesroom on Saturday, Oct. S6, at 10 o'clock, a large assortment of Office Stoves, Parlor do., Ulobe Heat ers, Regulators, Parlor Furnaces, Brick do.. Portable do., Ramies. Llttledeld a Coal Burners. Registers, Stove Cast ings, Ualvani/ ? I S'leel liv" Plain do.. Large PlsUurm s.aij, ..i, KmLJ.y, so^'iii, Salesroom 113 Nassau street, r salesroom on Thursday, 0 io' ?r24, at MK [ of a Millinery jobbing n use, i ? slag nit Hutin"' ?Uks and Crape*; 1 ^ 1AMB> AT AUCTION. St i. BOGART, AUCTIONKER8.--8ATURDAY, . Oceober 2d, at 1(>>: o'cl^ok, at 118 Delancey atreet, by virtu* of a bill ot lair, the Stock and Fixture* of a Grocery Store, (Onnlatln^ of Sugar, Tea, Oog'ee, Soup, Candle a, Store Fixture*, Ac. * J. BOOAKT, AUCTIONEERS -SATURDAY, O. Octotwr SB, at 10>$ o'clock, at th" miction store, No I North William struct, Household PunMure, consisting of Sofa*, TabUiH, t'halra, Beds, Bedding, tfsttressea, Carpet*, Kitchen Fui ulturc, Ac. SHBBIFF*8 SALB -MILLINERY OOOD*. CHAMBERS A HAlr.CHILD, Auctlo?.*r*t Saioaro^ui 113 Nasaau stieet, Will sell ?t their sales? "" * ~ o'clock, Ute atook of a I Blch Velveta, ? Basinet Ribbon* tn every style ; Five French and American Flowers, ? etset Ribbons, assorted number*; . FeaOhers, Ruche*, Konnet Frame*, Ac., all (trlctly first elsss good*. In regular packages. and In' den led order for tbe trade. Al*o,. Counters. Iron Safe, Copying Press, Weak, Ao..Ae JOHlt KELLY, hhef&f, * The above aaln will be continued thla day. Friday. Oc tabes 15, at I he name h'.wr aup place. JOHN fCBLI.Y. 8h.'rir. WM. WITTBRa AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TBI# day, at 2 o'clock, a large and valuable assortment *f Household Furniture, Ac.? I'arlor Sitka, Centre and othe* Tables, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, rich Velvet and other Oar pets, hull and buscineet Olloloiha, Curtatas, Sofas, Sofa Bt* ateads, Rocklag and xher Chairs, mahoptoy French aad Cotlago Bedsteads, llalr and otln r Maitreaaea, Feather Bed* aid Bedding Dining RlMmi and Kitchen Furniture, Store*, Ac. All mull be sold fop caah. Alao balance of ateck, Aa TVM. IjlASHION PI.E AS URB O ROUND ASSOCIATION.-^ 1 match for $luU a aide will come off on Friday, Oot. 2& at 3 o'clock P. M. Ml<e heata. J.Long name* a. g. lluttoa. to 800 lb. Wagon: J. Kiuncy namea black g , In harmixa. Goo* day and track. J. CROCHKIjU?M, Manager. VTATIONAL nORKB FAIR-OONTINUEJ* IN AT TUK HARTFORD TROTTING PARK, HART FORD, CONN., ON TUB8DAY AND WBDNHSOAY, OCT, 29 and SO, 1M1, Under the management of THE HARTFORD HOUSE ASSOCIATION. (Ireat attractions I Two days' trotting! Among the entries are the celebrated horses BROWN DICK, ROCKINGHAM, JOHN M LANCET ANb CEORUK M PATCHEN. For particulars see New Yirk Herald of Octol>er 24, 26 and 28, and the Uartford daily pa[>ers o! Oct. 25 and 26. UNION COURSE, L. I.-TROTTINO, OR FRIDAY, OOT. 26, at 2% o'clock. ? A match for $300, mile heata, boat three in Ave, to 100 pound wagon*. H. Woodruff nam** s. g, Frank Temple; D. Tallman names bluok g. Lanoet; to come off on a good day and track. Th* car* will leave th* Williamsburg and Fulton ferries evenr live minutes, and ta>m the South ferry every hour, to East New York, and thence by cars and stages to t he track, and return thesamt route. 8HAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. UNION COURSE. I. I. ? TROTTING.? ON MONDAY, October 28, at o'clock, a match lor 9200, mile heaU^ best three lu live In harness. Mr. (loldrftck names g. g. Jobs C. Heenau: D. Pilfer namns b. s. Zouave. A good day and track. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. IIORSF.S, CARRIAGES, AC. ~ Accommodations can be nAD in one of Titt best private atablea in the cltv for two burses, with *4 without Board, situated In West Eighteenth street. Stall* above ground and ample room for carriages. Inquire aft*r 11A.M. of J. WALL, 338 Sixth avenue. MORGAN, AN ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLAS8 CARRIAGES AN? light Wagons for sale by MINER A STEVENS, 72 Walker street, first door east of Broadway. A GENTLEMAN HAVING A PAIB OF STYLISH Horses, Is desirous of exchanging one of them for * good Coupe, either new, or hnvlng been In U':o but a short time. The hi r?o Is sound and kind, 7 Year* old, about 11 hands high. Address R. T. C., Herald office. A FINE PONY BUILT HORSE, GOOD DRIVER, ANB good heavy Harness for sale; price sogiarate ot together. Also a brown Horse, 16 hands high, splendid dwver, single or double; price t75. Also a good btulnelk Howe and Harness: uric* fSO. Apply fur two day* at 71 Charles street. Buggy for sale.? a second hand bhogy, im excellent rcjialr, suitable fur a busineas wagon or a dM tor. Call at Pelton's stable, corner of Twcnty^evcnth straw and Broadway. Board for horses in the country? wils have good care and fed on the best of hay. Price $6 pel mnntli. For particulars lnqulie>f 8. W. BENEDICT. No. i Wall street. CARRIAGES FOR SALE CHEAP.? ONE GOOD SB cond hand Ourutln Coaob, lightly built, only *tx month* lu use by a private family ; one good second hand Rockawat with Polo and Shafts, only used this summer In the oouutlf by a private family; one Buggy Wagon, with shifting top, only used five times. Ally city nullt to order. To be Hold tot whatever they will bring. Apply to BRADLEY, stable M Weat Sixteenth street. COUVE FOR SALE. ? FULL HIZB, EXTRA FINISH built by Wood Bros. ; cost #909; Is In perfect order; hal been run but little; pfice $180. Alao double Hame**. Au ply at King'* atahle, corner of Forty-first street and Madlsol avenue. _ FOR SALE-CHEAP, A SORRBL HORSE, SflUNd Cart and Harness, separate or together. InilaTn al JOHN McKONE, Union square, or at 87 West Eignte*n5 ?treet. a For sale? crfBAP, a handsome, stylish paii of ruan Ponies, fourteen Rands high. Can be Meatl A. MoBRI ItE'S 2112 Rast Fifteenth street. IilOR SAI.E-AT A SACRIFICE, A TWO 8BATBD ' l'haeton, with a shifting top. In excellent order, a gaod Harness, and a cream colored Horse, about S yeara old, aound, gentle In harness or under the saddlo, and a g*od traveller; suitable for a family or dootor; will be sold at* bargain, the owner having no further use for them. Apply at 215 Sixth avenue, near Fonrteenth atreet. For sale-a valuable full bloodkd mbb, Mcnger Stallion, 6 years old, 16>? hands high, stout bull^ free and stylish driver and warranted to every respect. Also a fine farm Horse for $43. Apply at 125.Caaal street. I,10R SALE? A LIVERY STABLE, WITH STOCK 01 ; hoi-HCf), wagons, harness, Ac., on leased property eln) years to run; rents out mure thun the rent of the whole. In quire on the premises, #5 East Thirty-sccond atreet. IriOR SALE-TWO WELL M ATOHED SORREL HORSia good iravellcrs, gentl* and sound; out of thorn a Ipteik did saddle h*se; warranted aa i*pre*ente<i. Also th? H4* ness anil Roekawuy, both new. LLOYD'S, 164 Broadway. -TIOR SALE? A COUPE, VICTORIA AND HORSE. Till ? Carriages are both of Wong's build, light and clestrahk insivle, and in good order. Alio, a s&ddli tl'ony, 14 hanltt Apply to UNDERBILL * FLEET, 86I*fayette pf*ce. 1,10R SALE-A NEW MILt'H COW. OK THE BE8I J? quality; warranted to milk twenty-live quarts per dag Ulan lift een pounds of bulU'r |>er week, with vail' by bet sldi Apply at lOo East TuentyGllh street. II^OR SALE-A LIGHT SHIFTING TOP BUGGY WA 1 gon, made by Duronbery A Van Diner Cau be see* a lit Clinton place, Eighth street. Price $60 ^ FOR SALE? ONE SECOND HAND COACH, ONE NEW tarn Kent Jugger Wagon, one do. Light Wagon, one s? cond hand do., one now top do., one splendid secoud liand Rockawsy, one Track Sulky, two sets Una Harness. App|| at 27 Wooster street. FOP. KALE-A HANDSOME GRAY HORSE, 8 YEARl old, long tall ; Is stylish and perfectly sound; has U-ej used for saddle nud wagon, also a top buggy Wagon am Harness, elty made. To be seeu at Underbill A Fleet's stable 75 Eyt Eleventh street. Inquire for Mr. Hunter's Horsd IjlOR SALE-HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS. -A BAl . Ilw se, 1S>. hands high, 7 years old, sound and kind; I good traveller; Wagon made by Stevens A Smith, all in gooj order; will be Hold cheap. Inquire ai the stable, 130 ChrysU street, neat Broome. tnOR SALE-A GOOD, SOUND HORSE AND LIGH1 1 two seat Rockawav Carriage and IlaVneKs. Tire Can riage and Harness nearly new. The whole will be sold verl reasonably, us tin* owner has not mitlialnnt use for therf| Can be seen at J. I'elton's stable, corner of Ttventv-srVentl street and Broadway. For terms apply to Dr. CHILTON, St l'rlnce street, (truer of Mercer. IilOR SALE.? A HORSE, NINE YEARS OLD, WAR ' ranted sound and kind In all harness. Also, a light Piumll cr** Wagon. They will he sold tog ?therorscparately. Apply until sold, at 243 Ninth avenue. ^ IflOR SALE-A DAPPLE GRAY NEW YORK. TROTTINd Horse, sixteen hands high, seven years old; has goo* action and slyie, and is an animal-of great endurance; h* trotted tu 2:37; will bo sold mueh below his value. Also, t Wood bay, 1A>| hands high, six years old; Is a mpe rlor road 'horse and an elegant saddle horse. Apply at E* celslor Livery Stables, 22 and 21 West Thirteenth street. BIOR SALE CHEAP-A BLACK HORSE, ABOUT 1M irtndH high, very fast ; also a sorrel Mare and a beautifu black blooded Stallion, very stylish, souud and kind; a Is* | top I' iggy Wagon, nearly new, city made. Call at 98 Mercel street. CTALLION WANTED ? A HOUSE NOT OVER 811 k? years old, at least 16 hands high; must be bay. brown rt black, sound and kind; he must trot In 2:90, and be a stylish line horse ; a fair price will be paid. No person need answei this unless their horse will comply fully with the above d? ?cription. Address A B., box 2,038 New York Post office. QADDLE HORSE WANTED? A STYLISH, EASY TROI O ter; must lie very jjentle and warranled ]>erfectly sound Aildreas box 3, (Mil) New York Post ollice. "1 1 r A XTR D ? T N THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF 84 EAW Tt Twenty-second stii-et, room in a private stable for tw? horse.-, and two carriages. Inquire at HI East Twenly-aeeoM street, between the hour* of 8 and 10 A. M. and sanie heun P. M . "I V AN TED-ONE TWO-SKATED SLEIGH, ONE BUF * I islo Robe, one white Holie, two Blankets. Any i*r son desiring to -ell li e above cau And a cash casioiner b; stressing P. \V , llerald ollice. WANTED? A HANDSOME GRAY MARE. TO MATCE TT another; luu?t be IftJ? hands high, and not in thr? minutes. Andy a Montague's stables, 66 and 6d West Tweu ty-thlrd street. , "\\T ANTKD TO EXCHANGE? A MARE AND ONE \\ seated R'wv toi a good shifting seat Buggy sud Man or Horse lorwbl' h a iair cash difference wlUoe paid. Ag ply ai Gillespie's stables. 127 Ka?t Broadway. it P\1R OF LARGE, 16 HANDS, LONG TAIL BAl JL iiorsea l'?r sale, and one line slngl" Horse, 16 luimt high* iustcotnein from t>ntre, N. Y. Can be seen at th< llipona atalile, Tiilriy-nlnth street, between JSixih aveaut and Broadway. UTEAMBOAT8. STEAMBOAT FOR SALE? TI1E STEAMBOAT EMILY now running as a passenger boat on the Harlem riven Apply at the ofllce. Harlem. STEAMER LONG ISLAND LEAVES JAMES SLIP every day, Sundays excepted, at 2:46 P. M., for North, port, making the intermediate landlugs. Returning, leavei North pot t at 530 A. M. Fare from Ulen Cove. 3D cents; Iron Great Neck and Banda Point, 10 cents. Freight from G lei Cove, Ssnds Point and Great Neck at half the usual rates. , WATCHES AJiU JEWELKVs ' I M>* SALE-AT COST, A LARGE LOT t)K UNBBl 1 deemed Gold and Silver Watches. Good Gold Hunting le vers, warranted, from S2& Money lent to attv amount on gold and sliver watches, Ac. A. ADOLPHlfS, licensed Pawn broker, 429 Pearl si reel, oornor of ChamUer^'mreeL HTASTKD TO PURCHASE? A PAjIt OF HlNGLf VI simie diamond Earrings. or a pa w ticket for |li? ssm? A'.'.Ci; X 'V . '.I: i'?! >U t> ~

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