Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. jtraOLE NO. 9177. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. HE REBELLION lditional Particulars of the Battle at Ball's Bluff xmes of the Killed and Wounded in the Action. bsltion of Affairs on the Lower Potomac. rcnty Miles of Rebel Batteries Along the River Bank. IE GREAT NAVAL EXPEDITION. 11 the War Ships and Trans ports at Ilampton Roads. /PORTANT NEWS FROM MISSOURI. le Rebel Army Coder Price Still Retreating! sported Withdrawal of the Texas and Arkansas Troops. he Position of the Pursuing: TJnion Forces. tpture of a Rebel Company at Buffalo Mills, L&c., &c., Ac. SPECIAL WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. WisniNGTOK, Oct. 25, 1861. f A I.TY OP THE PEOPLE OF IIYDE COUNTY, KOKTU AROLINA? THE REBEL GOVERNMENT REl'UDI ATKD ? JIMS WANTED FOR THE UNIONISTS ? GREAT BUF 'EltlNG AMONG THE PEOPLE ? APPEAL FOR AID. cv. T. W. Conway, Chaplain of the Ninth regiment of v York Volunteers, now stationod at Hatteras Inlet? bcon sent by General Wool, with information to the emment in reference to tlio loyal people of Hyde I uty , North Carolina. He brii gs with him a doclara i of independence adopted by tlio leading citizens of t county at Hatterns church, October 12, in which y declare themselves forever free and independent o' Southern confederacy. It is part of Mr. Conway's ?d?>n to solicit arms for those Union men, who only < I lor means and opportunity to strike a death blow to dos|iotism by which they have been oppressed. The sident has promised to use his utmost efforts to pro t them, and provide them with weapons with which y con make n stand against the rebellion. ir. Conway brings the Information that these pie are actually starring for want of food, and Buffer greatly for want of clothing. They havo neither shoes woollen clothes, nor salt for tlio flsh upon which they e to depend for subsistence. They have never acqui ?d in the rebel movement, and groan under the des ism imposed ut>on them, nnd, until the rccent capture Fort Ilatterns by tho Union forces, maintained with i sway by forco and arms. ?en. Wool line authorized Mr. Conway, who has also tho iroval of tho President and Secretary of War, to appeal he people of the loyal Statos lor aid for these sufferers Uie way of salt, shoes, clothing, provisions or money is am mpanied l>y Rev. M. N.Taylor, pastor of Hatterns jrch, who was the first man in North Carolina to take tho fa of allegiance to the government after tho arrrival of our ips. lie represents that tl.o Union sentiment in North |Olina is daily growing stronger, and needs only oppor . ty to wrest the Old North State from tho hau ls of oppressors, aud vindicate the loyally of the majority > ler peoplo. AFFAIRS ALONG THE UNION LINKS. Everything is quiet to-night in tho columns of Generals iks and Stone, ,md along our whole lines. leneral MoClellau liar, not been to Virginia to-day, bu' norrow he will go over, aecompanicd by his tUff, in ding Inspector General Marcy, aud will roview General z John Porter's division. i'estcrday General Ilu ncock made another reconnois co in considerable forco on Flint ITill , which overlooks rfa* Court House. A few of tho enemy's pickets were ounterod ami driven in. This afternoon General Han k reviewed his brigade. Tlio men went through their ions evolutions with remarkable celerity. Colonel ib's Fifth Wisconsin regiment attracted particular at tkm by its proOcieucy in drill. Scouts from (icneral Keyes' brigade wont out yestor (/, passing through tho vilinge of Fairfax Court House, i point about ono inile beyond, and returniug with the elllgcnco that the enemy 's centre is as far back as itrcviile. THE ARMY. irigadier General Stoneraan, chicf of the cavalry forces the Potomac, will probably bo prom '.ted to a Major ;, the n nib.T of troops now undor his com:nan,j piir irj; an o.; ci r of tb*t gra<'o. 'tiptuin Tl oilore R a l is appointed Ass slant AiUutant j f t erui of \ u nti or*, with tin rank of Captain, upon tho ftffcf Qr'.Ra"i> r Cvncral W. T. 11. ttiotks. ? Lieu 1 1 n '.at flu mas Wilson, Fifth infantry, Is appointed ' turn. ary ? 1 "'uhf ist< ncc. with lha tank<f Captain. , , JWATDS IS THE CAUl'S AND HOSPITALS. ;hc li/lli u : deal lis in the camps and hospitals arc rc Ittod a.- bnviug ocMBred y< st> rday ? Walter K. tonkiin, Con panj K, w Jersey cavalry. N. Yelcort, Foity-iUtb re, im nt N. Y. V. |J. K. Cainpbeil, ('? m panjt I,, und 1'atrick Lobay, Com ity RvrliUf* cavalry. ?Will. am B "tt'i man. Company D, First rifles. Wi Ham Pavis, Cutnia; y G. 'lw ;nh regiment: John i iach, Company F, and D. Plummor, O mpany H.Thhty lird rglttcnt, I cnnsylvai. a. lUe'itcUftnt Philip) 'as y, of Company B, Thirtietlt regi Latof .*? u Yerl; Stato volant eis, died Of dysentery in inp, at Upton's Hill, yesterday. His rem a. us will be kun to Troy for interment. ANOTHER MASSACHUSETTS REGIMENT. ' Ma o, p. v% < ? 1 1 , <f ti. ? Nil. ill Massachusetts re iment, t resigned , and r torn- to Boston, where he expects to t i.-o another ;pglni> nt for tl e war. FROM THE PKRTWE. Captain William I". T illy, of tho Thirteenth New York iunte. :s, has be- u court iua; lialcd and dismissed from ,! service. PROMOTIONS FROM T11E RANKS. The Secretary of War to-day dir. . ted t!<* promotion of ?oaty f?rgeant?, no account of meritorious service, to U pusltiens tf . c-.i! 5 Lieut 11.1 ;?. Among them was idiam Orifl'iti, n sergeant, who s<':v.d twenty yens ,ier the lu r o General I.yen, having tliurc i v, th him ? Jan;' re f fverj battle In >!t H-iuri, ?.ml earn 1 tlio . .,v. ; admiration of liisoair. ror |u C'iui a.e at. 1 l otly ?: Ct. Tl' ? Oi.l; invor the lam n,. .. I.yon j"' a? "J ft' m i e govciiBient was Hit promotion of ? I'vo-'.-t i r.n. ? O'-'Vffl l'"7 "Wmnu-Tioy. l'-hr ? 0 -.I , Ji ??> e- otr bntod t n dollars ? nv aU> to the wlfo, and one dollar a month to every child, of each of the men In (he Klrst regiment of District of Oo. lumbia Volunteer* who has a family. A noble example. THE WAR CLAIMS COMMISSION. By direction of tho President a Commission has b?en appointed, consisting of Hon. David Davis, of Illinois; Hon. Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, and Hugh Campbell, of St. Louis, to examino and report upon all unsettled claims against tho Military Department of tho West, which may have originated prior to tho appointment of tho present General, at which time the ordor was issued that all money must bo disbursed by tho regularly appointed agents of the government. The Commission are to meet at St. Louis, and enter upon thoir duties as goon as prac ticable. Samuel T. Glover, Eaq.,of St. Louis, is to act aa counsol for the government. FREIGHT TltAIN BETWEEN WASHINGTON AND BAL" TIMOKR.. James S. Gibbons, of Philadelphia, will, on Monday, havo In operation a train of tlfty wagons for tho carrying of freight betwoeu Washington and Dalllmore. This has been made necessary owing to tho blockade of the Poto mac. and the almost exclusive uso of the railroad for gov ernment purposes. TI1K CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION IN VIRGINIA. At tho Congressional election in Virginia for members of tho federal Congress, held yesterday, in accordance with tho proclamation of Governor Pier pont, Colouel Jo seph Seesur, of Hampton, was elected from that district. COMPLETION 01' THE PACIFIC TEI.EGRAFIT. Tho Pacific telegraph lino is completed and working through. A despatch was received over tho line from San Francisco to day by the President, announcing the completion of this electric messenger from ocean to ocean A PATENT REFUSED TO A CITIZEN OF RICHMOND. The Commissioner of Patents has refused to issue a patent to a citizen of Richmond, Ya. , who makes applica tion while retaining his residence in Richmond. AFFAIRS ON THE UPPER POTOMAC. EnwAitDs' Furry-' Oct. 24 ? P. M. The rebels during this afternoon w? re busily engagod in and around their fort between Leesburg and tho river, fronting Edwards' Ferry. They had previously removed thoir advance, but from their movements it was judged they were engaged in replacing them. Tho fort is located ?n tho crest of tho first range of hills from the river, Several hundred yards to tho left of a piece of woods, with a breastwork conuecttng it with aud extending into or in the rear of the woods. To tho rear of this elevation ?s leesburg. Parties of horsemon have at different times during the day come up to the fortifications and reviewed our batte ries ranged along the hills above the Ferry. Between the fort hill and Letsburg evidently r<sts a large rebel force. Tho smoke from their camp fires has boon diEcnv erable all day. It is believed, however, that their main body lies nearer to and directly opposite tho Forry. They ha\e not exposed themselves In any force, but their pick ets and small recounolttrlng parties have several times boen feen. During tho afternoon a train, consisting of about 100 wagons, appeared on a more distant hill, to tho right of Leesburg, aud encamped there under the lee of a piece of woods. Towards dusk a considerable body of cavalry were seen approaching a farm house near tho river, a mile above the ferry, where, during tho afternoon, several bodies of oniccrs had paid visits. It is thought that this house had boen occupied us tho headquarters of some brigade of division. The various regiments located In this region arc endea voring to make themselves ns comfortablo as the limited facilities of the country will admit. Kdwakhh' Ferry, Oct. 25, 1861. Last night our scouts went over the river and picketed the shore for lia'.f a milo back, north of Goose creek. Not a sign of man or horse was heard, except the splash of tho oars of a boat some distance up the river. This forenoon tho rebel pickets were seen at various points on and near tho river above the ferry. Some nro mnuutcd , while others arc on foot. No largo bodios havo boen percelvod, but ft is known that they are concealed by the wood' d range of hills half a milo back from tho river. They still occupy the fort, but apparently not in nny great force, although a very heavy body lies directly in their rear. About midnight there was continued firing at the month of the Mouoeacy, it resulting from the shelling of a rebel camp by our batteries. The enemy did not reply to our shots with any large guns. At headquarters the affair is not spoken of as of any great significance. Tho result of our Grift has not yet been fully ascer tained, beyond tho fact that tho enemy retreated from their position. Their number is represented to have been small. Privates Tuttle, Clemans, Mother, and Roymond, of the Third Wisconsin Volunteer*, were killed, an I Private Rose, of Company C, Third Wisconsin, Corporal Pratt, of Company A, Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania, were taken prisoners by the rebels. NEWS FROM THE LOWER POTOMAC. Whereabouts of (lie Composing (lit Union Flotilla? The Kivcr Closed? Extent of the Kebel llatteries along its Banks? More Butteries Going Uj>, &t. I.'nitkii States Sikamki: Yankee, ) On Indian IIkad, 1 otomac River, Oct 23. 1861. / Yesterday a fishing vessel camo up here, passing the battery at Matlrias Point and tl.e batteries aliovo without being fired at. On roachitig Maryland Point she hoard fifty four guns fired at Mathins 1 oint. last night tho Rescue run the ganntlct, and escaped being llred at in the dm It. Siio brought a message from Captain llarroil, of t lie Union, to C< mmodoro Craven, re" questing permission to t ike all the vessels beyond the Quantlco creek aud Shipping Point batteries, below Ma thias Point, to lower t'olar creek. They a'ro the I hlladol phia Iceboat, Union, Satellite and Rescue. Tho Freeborn i Islauil Helle, with tho schooners I'aiia, Ilowell Cobb and Ua; ley, were already below. Permission was granted, au I the first named vet. -"els joined the others. Half an hour ago (hall'-past eleven o'clock A. M.) a steamer was seen working up, near the Virginia sho; e> under the guns of the Quantico creek ami Skipping Point. A (lag was Hying astern, supposed to be the rebel bunting, and the st> ainer herself was believed to be the (ieorge Page, so lung blockaded in Aquia Creek. This was a.most immediately confirmed by a lishing schooner, which reports that the steHuier was tho Page, arid ti nt tlv-re are no Union steamers off Aquia Creek, or between Cower Cedar Point anil Leie. The 1'age Jut't gone up Quantico creek. Tho vessel: here aro the Tlarriet Lane, Yankee, Ilule, Reliance, Wy.mdank, llo.bcrt and Murray. Tho navigation or tho Potomac is practically closed, at the option of the rebels. Tho batteries, with the oxeep ti. n of a gap here and there, now extend f. i m Cockpit Point to M.ithUs I'oint, a d, stance of twenty mi!, s, an I they wiil bo extended ll\o miles upwards, to Free stone Point. Thoro aro now no Union vessels on tho Pototnac bo tween the of Ocantico creek and Mall. las I'oint. Tho three gunb. als the I'uion, Satellite and tho Iceboat, that wore were watching /.quia Creek, have t ? a ordered la low Mali. .as re : i. ar.d the stolen rebel rtcsmer (icargo Pope has flee l.ceiifo to move up all I down portion of the river covere I y the rebel butteries. Iter excursions arc confined to tlicte i imlts by our gnnbouts above and below. Tho report that th rebe'.s have crossed II. o river on the I?ow r l i tomac s true. Tlicy ki.< w too mi ch to got caught in any secli t NEWS II.OM ;?> l:Ti:KSS MONROE. AU. THE WAR Ml.. - AN.i TKANSTORT8 t>P TUB NAVAI. KXPEOlTiUN IN HAM; TON KOAUK. The weatli r leu b i m t ...virahl for completing the e'lornn- . ? , j ru? i '.si" . f;:-eat exp |.<itlon. All the a in" ' vi i. t >n I hay. now irrived. d Iltmpl a I . ?, V el;, it -cms ? JIIV lhey. 11. , ? w?:l I'"t fca ? f>r Battens before DEATH OP ( OUA'Kb >: AlNlTAT.f,, OP TJfF, s:;v".jx*i u it \r\?s wwiMESfT. 15,',?jmoim, oet. as, lSfll. !'? Mi. Me k.i V. ' !*AI m Hit, Oct. 2d. Hide :nt a| u:e ay Colon". ' d , of i j ? h. , 1 | * Bis re,; ' r?ic-j?; . .. w a I I) en pu Mnftea In I : c t > I r t? ? .e k-i j IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. The Rebel Price Still Retreat ing? The Position of the Union Force*? A Rebel Camp at Buffalo Mills Broken ITp, &< ? St. Iah'IS, Mo., Oct. 25, 1861. A gentleman from General Siegel's advanced post reports that General l*rico had left (Velar county, ami wm retreating towards Groeufield, Dado county. General Siegel's advance guard was near Bolivar on Tuesday evening, and his main body at Qulncy. General Lane's forces wero at Oscoola, and General Sturgos' entire command was ono day's march behind General Slegel. Ilu was about as far south as General l, but some twenty Ave miles east, evidently aiming for Springfield, to cut off his retreat south, while General I.'ino was only two days' march north of him. General Fremont and staff wero at I'omme do Torre river, <n route Tor Quincy. Generals Hunter's and McKinstry's divisions wero mov ing towards Warsaw. General l'opo was marching on Lock v llle, via Pedal la, and General /(both was at Warsaw. Tho bridge at Warsaw was completed, and troops were to begin crossing on Wednesday. It Is a tressel work, and not pontoon. The general belief amongst ho officers at Warsaw was that Genoral Price could not get away, but would bo com pelled to fight or surrender. A detachment of United States cavalry brofco up a rebel camp at Buffalo Mills, ten miles from Cole Camp creek, on Tuesday uight, killing seventeen, wounding a largo number, taking ninety prisoners, and a number of horses and twenty-two wagons. THE REBEL AliMY UREA KING UP. RKI-OBTXD WITHDRAWAL OK THE TEXAS AND AR KANSAS TKOOi'8. Rou.a, Mo., Oct. 24,1861. Reports, which are regarded as reliable, gay that all tho band of rebels which have been Infesting the couulry west of here are concentrating ul Springfield; also, that a part of Prico's army had arrived thcro, and tho balance was soou expected. Another report, brought in by a countryman, says that orders have been issued from tho rebels' headquarters requiring all tho Texas troops to march to Houston, Hie Arkansas troops to Little Rock, and tho Miesourians to Camp Walker. INTERESTING TO REBELS AT PILOT KNOB. HtAuqi'ARmts, Pilot Knob, Mo., Oct. 26, 1861. Col. Royd, of the Twenty fourth Missouri regiment, commandant at this poet, announces that tho proclama tion of Gen. Fremont is modified by tho President , and doc 'art s that martial law will bo rigidly enforced In the counties of Jefferson, St. Francois, Washington Anil Iron ton, and that all pert 01. s taken in arms against tho government of tho United States In an irregular war fare, or who may be found to havo participated in any manner in burning or otherwise injuring railroad or other bridges, or cutting telegraj h wire, or injuring any public property, will be summarily shot. Also, that the sympa thizers with the rebellion, who aro constantly visiting the stations on the Iron Mountain Railroad, and giving information to the rebels, will hereafter be arrested and dealt with as spies. INTERESTING FROM KENTUCKY. RETREAT OK TUE KEBEL OKNEUAL Z.O I.LI COFFER. Lkxinotos, Ky., Oct. 26, 1P61. Information from Camp Wildcat says that Zollicoffor has retreated beyond Loudon and iH supposed to be falling back to Cumberland. Forty mounted rebels, armed with United States muskets, revolvers and tiowio knives, confessedly bound for the rebel army, were surrounded and tr.kcn prisoners by twenty four Home Guard (Union) , under Captain Craddock and Major Butkner, aim four other men and forty-two horses. Tho farmer wore aiding cavalrymen to escape. THE BATTLE AT SANTA ROSA ISLAND. Name* of tlic Killed, Wounded and Prl. soncra on Butll Sldci? Forcw Engaged, Ac., Ac. Wo givo Itelow a eorrect list of the killed, wounded and missing in tlio Into engagement at Sunta JPtsa Island, between Colonel Wilson's Zcuaves, supported Ijr a small body of regulars, and a greatly superior force of the rebels. The forces engaged in th > battle appear to have been vory unequal in numbers, the advantage as to men having been largely on the side of the chivalry. The rebels, who were commanded by General Anderson and Colonel Jackson, admit that they numbered some 1,S00; but the probability is that they greatly exceeded that figure. The regulars, under Mujor Vodges, were abouf eighty-five strung, and only portions of six companies ot Wilson's Zoi-aves, about 200 strong, took part in the fight. The following is a correct list of tho Union troops in the ncti"ii: ? UNITED STATES FORCER ? BEOULAR8. Major, 1st artillery Israel Vodges. Major. y Arnold. Ca; tain, 2d artillery. James M. Robertson. Captain. 3d infantry John M. L. Hihlt. Lieut., Co. A, 1st artillery.. F. ii. Taylor. Lieut., Co. ? . 4th artillery. 1'. W. Seetcy. BIXTII NEW YGHK VOLUNTEERS. Colonel W i Ilium Wilson. Lieut. Colonel John Croighton. Major VViiitnm Newby. Adjutant James J. Neary. Quartermaster M. E. Bradloy. Chaplain Father Michael Nash. Sorgeon P. C. Pease. Assistant Surgeon Edward Lynch. Colonel's Aid James T. Huberts. Captaim. Company C K. H. Hazletine. I >0. I) Patrick Dully. Do. F A. Norman. Ho. G! ? Dobie. Ho. H Charles E. Heubcrer. IX). K Henry L. Hoi-ltzo. Lieutenants. CompanyC First Lieut. Gill. .Do. F First J. lout. Barker. 1K>. I Second Lieut. Wildinan. 1*>. ? ..., Lieut. D'Orville. We have prepared the subjoined table of the names of the killed, wounded and missing on both sides, so far as beard from up to the present date. UNITED STATES TUOOl'H. Kit I.KU. Corporal Pars' nag , Co. II, ALh regiment N. Y. S. V. Privato lk'tinis (1miiI> , Co. F, 6:h regim< nt N. V. S. V. Private I at rii k MeGratl, Co. F.Olli regiment N. Y. S. V. Private U. I>. Croft, Co. K, 0:h regiment N. Y. S. V. Private I. Iturkhardt , Co. 11, ffth regiment N. Y. S. V. Piivato II. I'a. S' ns. <'o. H, AHi regiment N. Y. S. V. Private I ennis Stank y, Co. K, O'h regimont N. Y. H. V. Private John Moltnibv . Co. C. flth r< giirieiit N. Y. g. V. Privute I'atrit k O'Neil, Ce. C. tith rog.montN. Y. 8. V. Private Scott, , (itli regiment N. Y. S. V. Servant of Major Newby, 6th regimont N. Y. S. V. WOUXDBD. CoriK.rai Gaddes, Co. C, Oth regiment N. Y. 3. V. Fl.l-ONMlfl Major V( d;' s, First Aiti'l.-ry, (regulars.) grrgOMt < lurries Coll. oth. ; .'cant Joseph H unUton. Private Patrick (iilleu. Private H. ( avoly. :rvi?t t of Major Mewby. Napoli i n, Colonel Wi son's cook. ltKtJKf.S Kll.I.EP. ( a; tain Bradford, M Fiorina. Lit utelinnt i. ins. . 1 rivato Ji hn l$urgt??, of . KEMF.l.R WOUNDED. General Vjldorson -badly, it, both arms. I,i 'iif i .ant .stv s. Li i-i..tta Vo s. ? batily, in leg. Private Walt r Zi >.gli s. hi ?ki. pittsoireuf>. Lieutenant Jnync. to merly U. 8. Marines, wounded, And thirty tour other. KKCAPITI r.ATION. I ;> i ( , Statu H >r< m. A iitft. IVuvndeA. PrUonert. Jtogulars 4 21 N YoluuMcitt II 20 io Total 15 41 18 Hi It i For f. ? . Kil'i 1 and wounded ."ilfl i'rtwoers OA T? til i . i : ? d, wm nt.etl and J> is i -r . I". S. fori- s 74 J Total lulled, woi nded ai.d pi isuiieis, iclwi forccs 3'/U W!I.S(.#H ZOf AVF.S, C<w II o: U:.o if unpin was commando I In the Into . '?! at 1 ? it -I 1! ?- 1 Is! r.d by <\?p?a!n Charles K. Heu' It !. t'. 'Pr.-tt irii ?>?}? f tb ? ven'h regiment f \ '? ? ? If) h i' , ru re ! [ . , ? ' ? ? .epa t . r . i t'. i;oi . : 1: i ru ' ? Yoi'k. 'II.-; KANAWHA STATU ELECTION. V ? : ., K a . .? ill, t let. u;., ISC, I. Fli- r ns I' . . ... ?: ten Ut ? si: \y t::?t M| i i.-s * ? ? i m> . t nai in <;>!} . 'ili : vote who! i;. , ,;x It. ih- pre- . ! jl.r -. ? THE BATTLE AT BALI'S BLUFF. INTERESTING DETAILS OF THE AFFAIR. THE KILLED, TON'DED AND HISSING, Ac., 4c., Ac. Wasihnuton, Oct. 25,1861. Privato accounts from the Upper Potomac tliia morning represent that our soldiers reported missing aro coming in from time to tune , while others carried down by tho current of tlic river are kuowu to bo now unlor shelter In tenements on its banks. Arrangements have been mado for the reception of tho woundod from Conrad's Ferry. A largo portion of the government Hospital for tho Insano, which is not re quired for tho use of tho pationta of that character, will bo appropriated to tho wounded, and tho convalescent in other hospitals will bo removed to Annapolis, some of them perhaps to Philadelphia, to muko ample room for woundod men. The regiments engaged in the affair of Monday have not yot completed their reports of the losses austainod. Tliey will bo made ns perfect as possible, and returned to morrow. A despatch to General McClollan, from General Stone, announces tliut the number of killed, wounded and mis sing of the alTair at Itali a UluU has been reduced to six hundred and eighty. THE LOSSES IN THE BATTLE. KILLED. Aldon. ? , Captain Company H, Tammany regiment, linker K. 1'.. Acting General, Col. 1st California. Ifaitm AM". Hirst I.ieut. Co. C, 20th Mass. drowned. ltttiloy Thomas, Ct inpuny A,T.imminy regiment. Cab ill John, Company K, Tammany regiment. Cutler George W.,Co. C, 15th Massachusetts. Panvcr Jam. s, Company K, Tammany regiment. pwyor John, Co II. 20th Massachusetts. Gavetty, , Capt. Tammauy regiment. Grant K. M., Second Lieutenant Company ? . 16th Mass. Graham Daniel, Company K, Tammany regiment. Graliam l'aniel, Com) any K, Tammany regiment. Hicks , Captain Company P, 1st California. Hooper ? , 1st California. Kochersjierger C. , Captain Company F, 1st Cal. ; supposed, liawrenoo Millard . Company ? , 15th Massachusetts. Mcl'liail Duncan , Company C, Tummany regiment. Merchant John, Company A, 20th Massachusetts. Otter William, (fcptain Company C, 1st California. Porter Calvin, Cbm pony D, 20th Massachusetts. l'utnam W. L. , Second Lieutenant Company E, 20th Mass. Kollins Valentine P. .Company A,20th Massachusetts. Sullivan J'Xl., Company K , Tarrrmany regiment. Sullivan John , Company K, Tatniiiany n ginient. Vasnnll It. It, Second Lieutenant Company K, 15th Mass. Wright Charles, Company A, 20th Massachusetts. Welch Wm., Company A, 20th Massachusetts. Williams Joseph D, Lieutenant Company D, 1st California. Wessellioeft ltelnbold, 2d I.t. Co C, 20th Ma^s. , drowned. The above list contains the names of all known to havo Ik en killed in tho Tammauy regiment, but doubtless somo who aro In the names of the missing have been killed. TIIE WOUNDED. Tho following list of wounded in tlio engagement of Tuesday at F.dwards' Ferry , was received at headquar ters, Washington, yesterday fioin PoolcvvIIJc, by tele graph:? FIRBT CALIFORNIA REGIMENT. OHIfKRS.

Lieutenant Colonel Wistar, in the right elbow Joint. Captain Lewis Bicral, Company G, contused wound of the back. Lieutenant Robert Templeton, Company K, In the right shoulder. Lieutenant Frank Wade, Company T), right shoulder. Lieutenant J. Templeton, Company K, lol't shoulder. Sergeant Major Herbert Hast tin, C6uij any K, riglit side and elbow. Color Sergeant Randall C. Wood, both legs. Porgestnt Kldredge l?unn,C< mpany A, right leg; Sergeant John Thatcher, Company A, in the breast. Corporal J< hn Paul, Company 11, in the right leg. Coriioial Frank U. liimb rt, Company H, m the right arin. Corporal Stephen W. Makey, Company G, right wrist. Corporal Wm. 11 rkli y, Company It, left wrist. Corporal Frederick Piper,- Company P, right hand. nuv/TKS. Andrew F. Hooper, Company A, through the right side; sum de >d. 0. N. II >oper, Company A, through the shoulder blade. fVwidl Rindull, ( 'inpany It, through the left sido and leg since dead Christian Schaflbr , Coin [any G, loft Khouldor. Frank Kills, Company A, richt slmu d or. Wm. Ilrunel, (imipony (J, nose and I ft eye. Job' na St'Oinbei k. < omp'it.y O, 1 1 ;ht leg. Win Holland, ( onipiiny right leg. Fill Mih.m, Company G. 1 -f t knee. C. K . I'a t 'li, C. mi iny P, Injured internally. Charles W. Kelly, Company II, left kg. Jas. Patterson, Company if, hip. Wm. Coles, Company (i, foot. Godfrey ( heuble, Company G.foot. Samuel (I. Murphy, Company G, leg. Henry Cole,C anpany F, in the knee. Homy Rich, Company It, li g. Ed. P. Taylor, Company A, right arm. John Harvey, Company A, stomach. Jar. b I. Ir.e, Company A, riilit thigh and cut in the neck. Thomas I!. McKcrner, Company L, loft thigh and foet. Henry 11. Allen, Company A, left l"g. Rieluird P. Nichols, Company C, anklo and heel. Wm. Smith, (> -mpany (J , in the hip. I/swis Hand, Company ? , in the thigh. Charles Tilling, Company A, in the hip. Jarnrs H. Sloan, < onipany C, in tho back. L. G. Trnnn, Company C, arm. Pairi'k L. Burke, Company G, fractured. 11. John Lipsity, Com; any A, arm. Charles R. Smith, Company 1., in tho leg. Godfrey Shupeo, Company G, hip. I'hilip ^mitli, Oimpany G, superflelally. J. Wlsnsr, C< ni"any A, b"th shoulders. ltail y Watson, Compauy 11, riglit thigh. John Stanley , Com; any G, shoulder. Win. Fisher, G m:>any A, finger. John l.ipptiett, Company A, arm. K. J. .lesion, C>m| any H, both buttocks. Richard Hartley, Company A, fool. Stih* Ponson , Company I), arm. Jam s Tallen. c< mpany G. leg. 1'lulip Smith, Company G, leg. Andrew Murk , Company L. f.*>t. Jam * Oilligsn, O mpany M, linger. nm.KNTII MASSACnt PKTTH RKGIMKHT. OrniKHH. IjniI i.ant Colore! George H. Ward, left leg. i> S - S oan, Company F, left foot. C?pt.? ? i A Walter, Company (J, right toot. (? ift -erroantJI. I'. Gihi.t'-sou, Company A, right arm. Ki r? t .-? r.-'t Diamond Drane.Co, F, right side of the head. Sergt. t. o. K. Tillany, Company G, right arm and ab domen. C"r|?>ral .las. 11. Adam". Company F, side of the head. Kro.l. H. Bobbins. Company G, throat. Ilelda S. Holbrook, Company G, riyht shoulder. Geo. K. Ilonlcls, Company li. right wrist and shoulder. He: ry Collar, Coni, ai y II, b ullet wound in the groin. I'R VATTS. I-ewis Hale Company Ji , left -boulder. Krai.k Marble, Coinpary G . li .th ph"ul iere. Jos it. Api;.ood, Company A ill the hip. Ktaiu s Geilen, Co-opiny .1, log. It. I.. I ar. i Con-naiiy 11. fool. Henry II. Rung. C. mi- my C, shoulder. Heb ii II irrif . Com any l?, into- nal injury. lh ' I In !i>' y , Con.p my If, -r in. Joha H.iilM'd, i mnpany C. hl|i. ( has. II. >i me, C m tuy II, ; ig'.it log and anklo. Ralph I' -v,< ? npa'.y 1>, both ti.ighs. Harris I ay Company it. I. It f< ol. Geo. P. ci:omoii ,<oirt any it, right thigh. Wm.L. I' le-.toiiipnny G, i ight l-g. R. P. I itlfi ' oini ail} 11. 'e! I' : h. K. R. I'ioowo, I ? tiipuey II. tie.i i, Aug':- t..s !'? : 1' k.t o n; >i.y !. left chest. A. v.". I Mai Rt ' : pu y A. m ck and left thigh. Kiwi; (I ,( -niiii y .? , S: t ankle. 'Ill ma* A. S'":llm > k Co i II 'eft thigh. Satin ei I". lilng.C- m, any K, r.?r!.t thigh. i-ala1.''! C. f .nth . < r., an j C. i ,yh| it i|i. w. ham ' ??in. .ai > 11, rlj lit shoulder. Jai.i s !;??>?. C? : any i r,,hnrin. (Nirinali i ?' ?? '? C n. a: y -I, lell e(_. Kd.i. it', n 1 1'< .' rnp. ny H, r.1. l.t arm. A on/." II. It- k . u.ii.iy G, i.: I'. I. ? ?:.??.< i i F.l? i < hei Ain.e H I!" ,' ??in. >n,. t).i-hot in Hi - abdomen. Fdw II i ? t"i ,' ? ? i m.j li, wrist. P.. I . ->??., ? * , | ii y I), ??fin. ? . , ? aij,f. ? ? II. till:':. Ch'iosK.I ? .' ii.. ^ y ;, l:i tin head. Mat. II ??mm , Coin,1 -liy r i -utn. i n. 1Wi.Mti.TII MA.- ACUCPKrt: KKOIMBtrr. ? i m lit.". ? 1 :"? i' i . ' i Tt !ii|', i !/bt t ! i !? ? | t a| ;. I sv ?-. i ? iti> 1 I- ;'oi ? n<i ii th" l"a t. ( apt. tun Ml.,!' !? ; r : III ated. I i :t . 1. ,(' 'o >. v I i ii. J hip.'.t. I ? 1 ? ' ' i ?????? > A.'".!, t w "rl in ???'??' ?ivn. ,-t g.-a'M.. '! V- . ii. ?|,? K, KUUfllot WOU<ld. Se: io Mo.' . -ky , ' m, a. y < , |. ... ,..t ? !t ? '.:?? ' oi . ny l.i 'i. 111. (V; .xiral i'wyer i ?:: . any A. ti.igli. C. I Wm John . t: ?in V Win. Hiitliawuy , Comi my II, right ilde. A. Eminens, Company I, linger. Jon. I tort, Company I , through the thigh. R R. Graves, Company II, left ahouider. (ieo. C. Pratt, Company I, from tho right trochanter to tho kroe. Patrick Crowley, Company C, elbow. Chas. fongilio, Company II, right slilo, iltgiitiy Albert Sherman, Company D, right fool and heart. Albert Htackpolo, Company I, abovo tho rlgnt wo chunter. .. , . . ... Wm. Kdson, Company A, through from the right to we lei I sido. . . Ji clah Proctor, Company B, raking wound in tl?e tiaoic. Julius Strelck, Onmiwny I, right elbow. NKW YOB* TAMMANY 11KGIMENT. OIK1C1CKB. . Pergeaut Patrick Swords, Company K, left Blue Oi IM head. . Corporal Thomas Staplcton, Company A, contusion or the leg. Peter McGever, Company K, li ft thigh. PRIVATES. Kd Gallagher, Company K, right arm amputated. Ed. Held, Ctompany K , left breast. John Stayer, Company I, contusion. Michael Gillingham. Company A. wounded. Daniel Flnnoy, Compaby A, back. THIRD ItllOVF. ISLAND BATTERY. omriu. Sergeant IT. A. Tucker, right leg. PRIVATUM. James W. Maldgon , leg. N. C. Masking, shoulder blado broken. John Aspinwall, shoulder. Geo. R. Muidson, left side. 1'. W. Mathewson, both legs. KIRST t'NITKD STATICS ABTILLERY. PRIVATES Archibald Allen. Company I, left shouldor. John Nixon, Company 1, right arm. CAVALRY. Private Caleb Sears, contusion. THE MISSINO. Aiken A., Co. B, 20th Massachusetts.. Armstrong , Sergeant Co. II, 20th Massachusetts. Atley Nut. Q.,Co. II , ?>lh Massachusetts Albright Henry, Co. II, 20th Massachusetts. Alley Jacob 11 . Co. II, 20th MossachuBottg. Brown Alex., Co. A, 20th Maasachusetts. llaxter John, Co. I?, 20th Massaehusetts. Brewer Andrew W,Co. II, 20th Massachugetti. Batt Wm., Co. B, 1st California. Brett Kmmert.Co. 1>, Klrst California. Curtis Charles. Corporal Co. I>, 20th Massachusetts. Co/aim J. M. , Sergeant Co. I>, aoth Massachusetts. Clarke James, Co. H,20th Massachusetts. Corbitt John, Co. II, 20th Massachusetts. Castor John, Co. I?, 1st California. Chipman I lav id, Co. B, 1st California. Colbaugli Wm. , Co. I>, 1-t California. Bretser G. W., Co. A, 20th Massachusetts. Berry Horace, Sergeant Co. B,20th Massachusetts. Davis George A., Co. B, 20th Massachusetts. Bag John, Co. I). 20th Massachusetts. Dullin Richard, Co. l),20tli Massachusetts. Ilutllo Win. , Co. 11 , 20 ih Massachusetts. Dunn Edward P., Co. 11. 2 H h Massachusetts. Donovan Thomas C.,Co. H , 201 li Massachusetts. Kumes Warren F.,Co. B, 20th Massachusetts. Flynn John, Co. H, 20th Massachusetts. Foster Charles A., Co. n,20th Massachusetts. Fairbanks II. II., Co. II. 20th Massachusetts. Folsom James, Co. H, 201 h Mnssachusi ttH. Forehand Walter, Capt. Co. G, 18th Mass., and wounded. Fisher John, Co. B, First California. Geisler Francis. Company I), 20th Massachusetts. Graluim Wm.,C mpany 1', 20th Massachusetts. Grah.glu.m J as., Company B, 20th Massachusetts. Gardiner Ricliard a , Company II, 20th Massachusetts. Gatchll Moses W., Capt. Co. K, 1Mb Masuocliuaolte; en doubtodly killed. ..... u Grout John W. , nontenant Co. B. 16th MuBsachusetts. Grew James. Company 1), 1st California. i Grccnhal^li John (X)iti|'iiny 1), 1st Callfornli. llal y N. , Company A,20tli Massachusetts. Heath lly. A. .Company A.20lb Maasschusetts. Harlford Thomas, Uim|ianv A,20tb Massachusetts. Hawkins Richard, Cor|*iral Co. B,20lh Massachusetts. Hern ii Hugh, Cbmpany B,20th Massachi s -tlx. Hart Timothy, Cotniiany II. 20th Massachusetts. Hooper J. Harris, Second I.ieutentant Co. K, 16th Mass. liooper , Company ? , 1st California. Heap John, Coin; any I', 1st Cakfornia. Hugsn John, Comtriuiy B, 1st Calif rnia. Hoolev Niniuel, Company B, 1s t California. Hart ?;? urge, Company B, 1st California. Irving William, Company l',20tli Massachusetts. ]rrK, forporal Com|iaiiy 11,20th Massachusetts. Johnson .!ohn,C mpany B, 1st California. Kelly <ieo. F.,Co. A, 20tb Massachusetts; wounded. Kelley Tics., Co. A, 20th Massachusetts. Keel'or , CapUiai Co. N. 1st California. Kerns Win. , I. lent. Co. C, 1st California. ],ucaa John, Co. l),20tli Massachusetts. Uinestcr Wm. 11., Co. B,20th Massachusetts. 1/ slier Robert, Co. 1?, lyt California. McCullacli Patrick, Co. P,20lli Massa< liUFOtts. McOucstioii Clinton, Co. B, 2otli Massachusetts. MclVnough Michael, Co. 11,20th Massachusetts. M ill -rv t.a-rick, f a.-t iln C>. H, l a California. Mack tin s. F., Co. 11,20th Massachusetts. Murphy ,Cc. A, 20th Massachusetts. Murphy John, Co. B, 40th M * achusslls. M .chliu George, Co. B, 1 I California. O'Brien I uinel.Co. B.,20th Massachusetts. D C i : i i e 1 1 John J.. Co. II., 20th Massachusetts. Perrr Geo. I!., I list I.ieut. Co. I?. 20th Massachusetts. Palcott .S-rgi nil Co. B,20th Massachusetts. place Honry.C'. I). 20th Mas achusetts. Parri.lgo A 11., Co. B, 20th Ma sachnsetts l'owslati.1 , Sorgeaut Co. II. 20ih Massachusetts. Powers JainesK l(,20tli Massachusetts. palmer Ih. mas. Co. B. 1st California. Hiin-ell James. Co. A, 20th Massachusetts. Reeves I. l'.,C< rpornl Co. I), 201 h M issachusette. Reid Willism O. , Co. I?, 20th Ma s.u husetts. Ramble John, Co. B. 20th Mas a-lu, setts. Hci.l se /omit Co. 11, 20t!i M u-sa husetts. Hi mmy j' V .<'<>? H, 20th Mas- acli metis. K'ckwoodti. W., Capt. Co. A, 15th Mass.; Bupposod klHcd. Siiiith W. II. , Co. A 2 lib Massachusetts. Smith James, Co. B, 20th Massachusetts. Smith Hubert, Co. I), 1st California. Shaw Herman II., Co. A, 20th Massachusetts. Sumps ii , Cirporal Co. B,2'Kh Massai husetts. Snell Joseph, Co. II, 20th Massachusetts. SlmondsC S.,Cipt.<Vi. B. 16th Mass. ; siip|Kised kiU?d. stud lev .lolm M., Capt. Co. Ii, 15th Mass.- supposed killed. Ht and iii' liid .1 I, Co. I>, 1st California. Pnvi'.er Oliver, Co. I?, 1st California. Stott John, C I'. 1 t California. Stokes .!olm, Co. I>, 1st California. To s v Timothy T.. Co. A, 20th MasBachusetts. Wis ton Robt. ll.,<*?mrany A,20tli Massti. 'lusottt. Wale s Geo. W.,'ny A, 20th MosbhcIi sells. Warren James 11. , Company l>, 20th Mass.n husetts. Wise Joseph, C inpmy B ,20th Mas.<achuB?ltB. Jtepp Hem v, Company B, 1st (jili'ornla. Zopp Thomas, Company 1', 1st California. THE I'lUSONERS. Bowman Henry .Ciptaiti Company c, lath Massachusetts. Co 'swell M..Co;-o:ieU2d New York Vol's (re;>orted). Kenney IJeut. Company ? , 1st California. I/>e Wm. Raymond. Col 20th Massachusetts. Markoe .toliii. Captain Company A, 1st Califoru a. Newall Cha.-. <> . 1 onipauy II, 20th Mass ; also wounded. I Perrytloo B., First I.i-ut. < ompany B, 20th Moms. Revere Paul J.. Major 20th Massachusetts. THE CALIFORNIA REGIMENT. TO THK EDITOR OK T1IK UP.RAI4>. In your list of tho companies of tho Hrft California regiment, engagod in the Into unfortunate batUe at Lees burg, y >u state t'iftt Company G hails from Philadelphia. TIi s? Ib a into lake, as tho abovo company was recruited In thin city, for, and at tiio expense of tho la te Km pi re City ret itix'ti t , Colonel Sheehnn. Tho members composing it mostly hail frotn tho Twenty socond ward, and wore mostly enlisted l>v J.ii- .tenant t hen .as ll.i jan and Ensign I ei' i- Pagan, both of whim am expert -need inthtarv officers, having served with distinction in the Mex ran war, and a so in Nlcara; .a, under tho late General Wil liam Walker. STAFF. THE LOSSES IX COLOXEL BAKER'S REGI MENT. OCR PltILAtiEI.rHIA COHRKSrOVDENCE. I'liir Aiiri.i in a , Oct. 26, 1801. The exeit rn 't t and anxiety cntinue relative to tho lorsee in Baker's California regiment. From parties at" tacbed to < '<,mp ivy P, I am . n iblod to fornir'h the folluw ingfrll and correct list of c -sualt ies in tiiat company : 'jli" Wille !, w.i'in led and missing of Company I), Giptaln Hitman,* ul.for: li res I ttfnt. are ? Second l.i 'itenant V.'.u'o, I a lly wonn led. < orporal VVi ii?m II irt -y, ami his brother, private Ri chard Hutley, wwnndi'd. - w. .1 !!atn' ill, mortally wounded; Henry Rile, Jam. s l'atic;-iii .r.ft NIC! las < u'ly, all wounded. The fo w UK arc n : i; t> 'lag > ithcr taken prisoners cr di owt "il . ? Hi i 1 1 ''.ilin r. ( ,.,1 V. I'li.on I att, I'mm t Ttrelti .1 din ,1 Iitib 1 .1 ''in I . 1 1 ' r , J' i iii Cast . , l a\ <1 Cin; mini J.i'm if *, W, . in* eli. John Oreenhalgb, J- hn II ' . : i : 1 1 i 1 gan , ani'iel II >l 'y, George lie,;; t, Robert I ? sli -r, It ? bar-: star ing, !!? b" t Smith, Oliver Snyder, J. l.n tort, .hi.. Stokes, 11 nry /.> pp, and brother, Thornns /xv; and Ge rge A < k : in. (I'llKR tOMIMXIBS. Char' s Kerg-.ion, kii 'i reached the eity on Friday afternoou. Hi body w?i4 . le t 4>1 Willi six bull tn. Uto d r. " ii liol ;>M t1 Com lay P. ('.mi ral .1 1 . II fly. of tho City Cotnptro'icr, of'. '. i.'v < ', ? ">i t 'ma i'T.t, I* 'lead. ei,. . .lull t ' . II' k h v. ?. wi ti: ded In tlie showier. J 11- i ? ii w ut, M '. Ka.'idly rc-overlug. ! ', . i i pT ill s ildier ? i i it wtidhi I Ii i v i d ii !: -o lite it. 1 1 defeat to a d ilciencr In lie; tn miii of tn.n r.a, tiii^n. Two miserable vin v re . r. ?*?.' ' ' t- p rfH.e w1 le body of m-.-ri f.4 ri tl. ? Maril.' 1 ??, i , 1 1 ? i I. '?rid , an 1 one in tra . Tr i 4 "I to Tl ginla. l! Ill to'ik i"r- -m balf-iast three o'cii > k A. M. to noon? ap.ri.d of nine h'WiS? to get tho troops to Virginia. Th" enemy i .? ?. in tl..: e . ... .: ly i ropar I ti. r.. c umi sojn-e-n ?>? ' 1th ail if . e iu 4 e"?. Do.!'. s i >i ad <oi? i fl lo H. iiV In ADDITIONAL l'AKTlCULAUH OK I UK HA . TI.K [Washington letter, Oct. 24, in Philadelphia liiipilror.1 General McClcllan's headquarter* worn at Ktwards' Ferry on Thursday morning. Since closing my do>)>ati'b yesterday, Generals McCleUan and Hanks returne d from the Virginia aide of tlio Potomac, and at about ten o'clock rode with a strong cavalry escort up to Conrad's Kerry. Our troo|is havt been all brought from the Is and over to the Maryland sb re, and the Virginia sir >re was thickly covered with rebels. They made no attempt to flro ii|ion our trixi|*, but wore very bold in showing themselves. No shots were (lred by our men, and, after consultation, all of our troops, except a picket guard, were marched to 1 oolesvlllo. The appearance of H' mo of them wad tho moat distressing night we ever witnessed. Many of tliem were nearly nuked; some had on nothing but ovoiooat*; ?onto i nly a pair of pants, ami but few with shoes; most of them were without arma and ammunition. M st of tho wounded had been sent to idolesvir.o and to tho ncurcst camps. < opium Vaughn, who was sent over with a Hag of truce to get permission to bring off the dead and render the wounded what assistance was in our power, has not returned up to the hour which wo wrlto (eleven A. M.), and is no doubt sent to the enemy's rear as a prisoner. About four 1'. M. yesterday tho rebels showed them selves in force upon the hill about two miles and a half towards l?eshurg, where they have thrown up a dirt fort. It was soon found that they had two reglmenta there, and at the sumo tlino a large force was repoi teil ad vancing on our left, on the left of Goose creek, from tho direction of Fairfax t'ourt House. Our force was arain prepared to receive them. Generals \lo< lollan and Batiks, who hail just arrived, took up a |>OHition<n tho high bluff on this side, from there we could see the wholo country before us, for two or three mllos back and a me eight up and down the country. Our batteries were ranged along the hill, ami Genoral Mode I Ian on foot, with a large mariuo glass, watched the whole Hold, fcvery moment he was issuing orders to one battorv to watch tliut road and that lielij, iukI f> be ready to lire its soon as the word w as given. A large force of infantry woro called up and inarched to tho rivor, some of tliom upou the double quick. Several butt rl? s were tAken down, and a fleet of canal boats were run out from th ? canal Into the river, to nros* the men in. Every tlfteen inluules tn. ssenger* would come over and report from our pickets, and it soon bo came evident that we were not to tie attacked beforo morning, and the enoiny were only drawing up thoir re inforcements In order to surround our little force, and either take all prisoners or else euact the Conrad's Ferry disaster over again. AIhi tslx P. M orders were Iss led to have the troops all brought hark , ami those who nad embarked to go over were unloaded and returned to their camps 'lhcn com tnonci d the woi k of bringiiig them backsal'e'y. It was done hy canal boats. They would be loa hd ami th u poled across, lamling half a mile below the point from where they started. All reached here at four A. M.,and the appearaneo of s< me of Uiem was painful indeed. They had sU'Od in lino of battle from twelve to fourteen hours without moving, and w&bo t water or f. od. Ihoy had no sleep for two days and nights, end w to marly exhausted. Some dragged their muskets aloi g by tho end ami seemed to sleep as they walked along. The Minnesota First was the near s' exhausted of any, but wo heard no one grumbling. Allaoomeii thankful to have got over safe , no t a man wms mjui ed In tho roorosslng, nor any baggage lost ? everything came over safe. Gene rals Gorman and Stone personally superintended tho crofsing, ami were tlio last to leave. General Gorman has been in the saddle for two days and nights. About daylight a squad of four or live im nrume run ning down to the s' oro, and with our glissrswere seen to be our men, who found themselves left anil wi rc sfralcl they were lost. A boat wa- sent over after thoin. The reltels had not found out that we had retired, or, at least, bad not made thoir appeal ance then. About nine o'clock tlielr cavuli y scouts w ere si en rang ing along the opposite biils, but did not api roach nearer than a mile, and none were seen on the fort. A wood Ui our right, distant about two miles, is report ed to contain the Mississippi Hrlgade, who were in the buttle at Hull's Hltiff. Generals Hanks iud McCkdlan'l quarter* are moved tn the ri ar of the ltlmr this morning, lunl ore flnofv sheltered by a piece of wood. None of General kicCleltun's body guard havo yet eeuio up. Captain Col ls' company of Zouaves are acting as guard over the oil i iul quarter* where we are now writing, and Captain l lt 'Slmim lis s company of cavalry are to iho left. All around us aro thoiTBonda of camn flres,and the lields are dotted with t ills for miles. Tho military telegi a; di has been ruu here, and a little negro hut In our front c ntalns tho odlce, where tho telegraph instrument is Hashing orders and reports steadily night ai d day. Nothing hut military b isim ss is done, and we must run a horse express to W ashington in order to have our re - p rl telegraphed. It Is over forty miles d:f tarn, and con sequently we nuisi be several hours behind time, Great c: edit is due to General Baker for his heroic uttompi to stem tho current of retreat, and hold ti e gro mil until aid could come, or night cause a c ssut ii n of hosti.illog l'roin a'l th s with whom we have conversed, wo Turn that the terrllic lighting done with m sketry was all that kept the rilie's from cither taking all our t'orco prisoners or killing them. lie knew they could not g' t across if th y went down to the river, and thoy would otily be huililled In a small spue ? mar the liver's ei!g\ mid cculd not escape the murderous lire that won 1 1 havo been open ?: on tin m by the rebels from the. hill an 1 woods, a fuw hundred yards distant. The elllcial report of the wounded and ni'-?'ru? wo havo mwlo arrangements to Iran, mit as arly i.s | r.iclicable. From the sc ittored positions our wounded are ;.ow in it is dilllcult to obuiin statistic-. We are watching momentarily for -omo important move. It now looks as though we would have th ? grand engagement of the campa ign p ar here. The rebels had a large force last night less than threa miles off. [From a Washington Despatch of Oc'olier fi. | One of General Mi < lellan's ulds leleg u iu l to tlio sur geon iu charge Atl'oolesville l ist night, 'inqul. ing about tho wounded in the engagement of Monday Tlio following reply was returned , ? The wounded aro not coming to Washington; they oro well takeu care of hero, ami are doing leiiia-k'thlywell. A letter from I /I wards' Ferry from mi agent of tho Sanitary ConuitP' ion, received here this in< r. ing, suys:? There are 176 wounded in our h inds. Korty-siven dend were hurled yesterday by permlssi i ? I' the rebels. I'rohalily fifty were drowned in attempting to cross tho river. Probably lour hundred or llvo hundred aro priso ners. NEWS FROM TENNESSEE. Lociav ii.LS, Oct. 29. 1801 . The Ctturier ut Ilowlinj; Green publishes Breckinridge' g caril, avowing bis intenti n to resign tUo United HtaU ? Senatorsbip. A pwenger from Nashville reitortf great suffering an rt sickness among the rebel troops at Bowling Green, Ho p kinsville anil other contiguous points. They claim to have thirty thousand troops In these local it eg. A let ler from Hopkinsville say* that seven out of fifteen hand rod rebel tioops there are sick, and from live to leu aro dy Jug daily. CONVICTION OP A PRIVATEERS.M AN IN PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia, Oct. 2fi,lfcJSl. Ti e Inal of William Smith for piraey u a: conclud t:l to day. Tlio case was given to the Jury m. ti ming uudor ib charges of Judges Grier.and Can walla r. Tim jury, after an absence of half an hour, rci.derodia verdict of guilty. ACCIDENTS TO THE STEAM GUNBOATS' WHITEHALL AND ELLEN'. > Philai'KM'ii;*, Oct. 26, 1861. Tlie steam gunboats Whitehall and Kile::, formerly New York ferry baits, have ar: ived at the Navy Yard, wllb t'lelr machinery disabled. Thoy will have to uudergc re| airs. They .vere bound to Fortress Monro?. 'Hi ir arrival lere led to the silly report that. theSumtei was coming up tlio river, having been captured by the Keystone State. TIIE STEAMER KEYSTONE STATE AND TUB 1'IUZE SALVOR. rHILAliKLI'll A, OCt. 2ft, 1861. Tlie steamer n stot arrive I tit is afterr.oon , and reports that sli" passed tli- steamer K-y.-Une St tte ? iih the pr z? .Salvor in tow, below (lite morning. Hhc has not yet ar med at the Navy Yard THE ULSTER GUARO EN ROUTE. Ki.Mi tin. f). t. 26, 1801. The Ulster Guard, Twentieth regiment, Colonel o. W Pratt, 676 men. left here th.V afternoon, at d wll! arrive a| th C- 1 of F<>wrtc?ii(b st ??, New York city, at seven o'tli," i; Saturday mommy?, i tnhei: way to Wa hington, IM PROVIDED NAVAL EXPEDITION. A lettei to tli" V'"" n:e- (Mtt-'S.) y, ? ' Ue ! Octrber 7, gives an ar. -???*!? of an uits. ;acessfiil a . . ,.t, on the I art of th- i -wot the ('ambridgv aud Aibati ? . to cut < or ,i privai r at anchor in the 1 -? 1 near Ifeaufort ?Y. i ,ii- t" troy a battery. Tie- e - <1 :t l< -ri wns e'-'inpiwd <1 ih, ?< lioais from the (Vtmbrlflt'e, wl h their , arm i 1 -vitii sli.r p'i ril'.esaad cut :,i. s.with re Volvo p. a- del r spec.tlvlyby I4ei:t. Gwinu and Ar II > ? n and Eldrl two l.oats from the a-1- w It armed c.ews, ut tier tin n-inmand of Llout i a..t W' t-d? tlio wliolo be ing under tlie cm m i- o' 1."" nant G vinn, ?t' th- Cambridge. Tie : ?. >?-'*? i k v.dtlf ? rf run h uh. 1 ach boat .i Inn ? ? a. id compass, but owl- ? t> the dark ti. f" and the rvc ? t ilnty ot tfco ?xa< t bearings of m in d It! .n* wiMi i e!i?t|,iu to the c!w: I through the 1-t li y <t their ty.nii ; . et int i >he break is and.-ttrr. lifted the-b-ais were '? .'ifhe-1, and one bo. I'll ? , - to lit i ,\!l>atr ' -A J store, . t d t ,, i it her crf.W ??i : ' ? r i-o*tl ? I <-r tl .-ted. TI.e fl'tiern ? n <-n the Vacb, wl. -ut! y i . etl to be "t;o<id felon met," k-ho litem C-ili, a- > n d them t' p-t their l- .is off. Vho ? ;t!l ! '.i I V' - I ????!)' MI' p.,- .! I'll It fa I <110 and exposure In theii endeavors to extiir.ito them .?? iv. ti u peril" ?* -;i it ? . ? I " er P'OSO < t . I. ? OS - W;'- i :'! d !ha V, ? ?? Ml'" rill. '-'lit , ' '! I O ' of tluj ! : i I," ! t a ' ' ? WlMt tHS. WM Kit 't tal. I . '.li . : 1 ><X"n 1 ? t"'l hi? !? SI? \ wed "IT o.u?-b .Umic d. an ', two mrii li>i?tBg, w lit ?. p uit (y u! . a

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