Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW Y O WHOLE NO. 9173. ' NEW YOI?K, SUNDAY, interesting Details of Recent Battles. iditional Particulars of tie Ball's Bluff Conflict in. McClcllan's Order Complimenting I; the Union Troops for tlicir Gallantry. :3EL OFFICIAL REPORTS OF THE AFFAIR, te Enemy's Loss Estimated at Three Hundred Killed and Wounded* lion Official Report of the Naval ction in tile Mississippi. ficial ci art of the Battle at Santa Rosa Island. rticulnrs of the Repulse of the Rebels Under Zollicoffer in Kentucky. ctory of the Union Troops at Fredcricktown, Mo. TERESTINQ NEWS FROM THE SOUTH, ' &c., &cM ftc. HU SPECIAL WASHCTGTOM DESPATCHES. Washmotox, Oct. 20, 1861. ?>ORTED CONFKItENCB OF FRENCH AND ENGLISH ?AVAL OFFICERS RELATIVE TO TUB BLOCKADE, ?ho Richmond Examiner of the 23d inst. has a despatch, |sd Augusta, 6a., Oct. 22, stating that it was reported re that tho English and French naval officers were to e a meeting to decide upon and report that tho block is totally inefficient. ^-ATTENDANCE OF FOREIGN MINISTERS AT THE FUNERAL OF COLONEL BASER. (faille Txird Lyons was prevented by an accidental eir Ijistaiice from receiving; tho invitation to attend the I vrul of Colonel Baker in time to avail himself of it> ? French Minister similarly excused himself to the , Vetary of State, and tho Envoy from Prussia says bis ence on that occasion was caused by indisposition, for i|ch he espressos his regret. IKNINO THE BLOCKADE OF TDK LOWER POTOMAC, fjtvo schooners, loaded with government stores, suc |f;ed la running the blot kudu or the I'otomac last night, . arrived hero unharmed. ae steamer Rcliinre canio up from tho flotilla la3t it, bringing up Captain Fox, Assistant Secretary uf jf Navy, and at one o'clock she left the Navy Yard to | in the flotilla. M is rejorted that tho iceboat, which hrs a fine battery iur guns, and another ft earner, ran up past the Matbias it buttery in the night, and that they are now b ?( we mi rebel steamer I'a^e and A<iuia crook, with the Yankee Resolute lying at Stump Neck, opposite Cockpit | it, and the other steamers below E vans port. Tho | e is in rather a critical situation. She was lying near t captured schooner Fairfax yesterday evcuit.g, and was ;wscd to be aground. n board of tho flotilla at Indian Read heavy tiring was fc r 1 yesterday afternoon, in a southeasterly direction. I POttTANT ORDER FROM THE WAR DEPARTMENT. io following order was Issued to-day from the Adju , General's office:? (?United States disbursing officers will supply ?lstpncc to and subsequent to muster for all volun organizations ruined under proper authority, whether I iiiaiiy granted by the Governors of the loyal States llireetly by the War Department. Subsistence prior pester will bo paid from tho appropriation for collect drilling and organizing voiuutoers, and subsequent |-eto from the appropriation for the subsistence of the ,y let|uis:tions for funds for tho former expenditures will Inade upon tho Adjutant General, and for the latter f n the Commissary General of Subsistence. pcc 'uutH for expenditures under the first head will be t lered to the Adjutant General. and under the se ond flic Commissary General ot' Subsistence. -The attention of officers supplying subsistence 'oluutecrsin process of organization into companies regiments, both prior to and subsequent to niustor, !illeit to the exorbitant prices demanded aud paid. ations in kind will hereafter be issued wherever cook facilitics can be furnished to the troops, whether in j ids or larger bodies. the rati' us can tin be contracted for at a reasonable .subsistence will be procured in bulk and issued to volunteers. no case should the cost of the rations oneookod ex I I nineteen cents, and at rwwt of the points in the ?tates it should not exceed fourteen cents. lion cooking facilities cannot be furnished contracts .lie rations cooked may be made at roasonablo rates, the necessity for tho same must be clearly stated in , account*. hen board and lodging arc necessnry the price for i soldier should bi < tated, and the aggregate cost of in . st not exceed forty cents per day. ..'.?No brads for volunteer regiments will in Cut ire linusterod into the service, and vacancies th it may softer occur will not be filled. All members of the is n'?w ia service, not musicians, will be disoharg it l .i the receipt of this order by their respective regi ital commanders. I ORTANT TO MUSTERING AND DI8BCR?INQ OHJl tits. UKKKRAL ORHKH ? NO. 00. War rtcPAKT?iK.NT. Ann taxt Gbsubal's 0:m, > Washinutom, Oct. 14. 1861. / | .ted States musteriug and disbursing t,iric> rs will subsistence, both prior and subsequent to muster, volunteer organisations raised under proper a i hty, whether origiually granted by Governors lojal Stnt s or directly by the War Ho tent. Subsistence prior to must< r will be f om the appropriation for c<l!ecting drill and or?anlziUK volunteers, and subsequont to from the appropriation for subsistence i.f the RetloMMons for funds for the former expcndl s will he male upon the Adjutant General, 'ind for latter t.pon the Commissary Geu- ral of Subsistence, onuts f ir expenditures under the first head wiii bo lored to the Adiut^at General, and under tho seoad H Commissary General of Subs; teiice. By o:icr .1. P. GAHK9CI1K, Assistant Adjutant General CONFLICT BETWEKN THE JtDICUL AND M1T.I TARV AUTHORITIES. the Circuit Court th s rooming the Judges aslce.l tho |k n' tho re ltad any return to the writ issued ust General I'orter, the Provost Marshal. i Clerk answered, " There is none. ' patriot Attorney Carringtou in behalf of Deputy Mar Phillips, presented a paper with an affidavit of Mr. |llps, stating that tbe rule had DOt been served, bo ? he had been ordered hy the* President not to ssrve Ind because the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus been suspended for the pre.-ent, by tbe order of the I* i t. iii regard to soldiers In the army of the United |os within the District of Columbia. Cari mgtou otTered to submit an argument io tho I t in behalf of Marshal Phillips; but the Court an iced that it did not propose to take any steps against i tho return presided a grave question, the Court el j - hold it under advisement and an adjournment |niado until Wednesday morning next. RIVAL OF SOLDI Etw' BLANKETS 1ROM EUROPE. Its endergtood that tho blankets ordered from Europe insist by the Quartermaster's Department are arriv Twenty ni l# thousand five hundred have already led Now York. Tl.ey cost the Cultod States forty ? per pound, weighing live pounds. They therefore cost two dollar*. MAP OF NEW ORLEANS AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY. Tlie Mouths of the Mississippi? The Locality of the Naval Eagajreinent, Friday Night, October 11, 1861. / Mir n ? ir \/fK - (v I - A f ? \ PONTCJETARTRA I X A \ f ^/7 - * 6 , -P - -I ??*??? ?*&Zr. : ' '-">0 : ??? >:? ' a ' ? ? '- ''" ' ' J - > r - . &T ?.,r ? : .; ? rf,trian a n e1 :v.^rr% & o js a & & ^;.SS i< HA V^A^V C -r W ? Mt . . ^ J '.. ? . ? -?v ;?" }..? '--r^58*- ^ fr ii-1/ ^ ? ?U5 0^ H l> , ( - / \ vpteilSt r>j,ft?f& o an Breton. ^rJ)OZUr Sound _ _ ?jS5* , ?^,.ma-^. ;:::^N..... f^r^Wh tlipe -JTretonS. ? Buy " a'lotore ?tt>r Ov '* %^\.-^~^fy HLINO BAY CULFofMEXICO. j?Pfe^ RAILROAD ACCIDENT LIEUT. W.' ANDERSON ZOOAVES, (?<3, OP THE As the train ft rem Baltimore to ihii city, dii" nere at half past flvo o'clock on Friday ovoniv.p, was nooritii this city , a perron w as sicn on the track by tho eng.. est, bat not in sufficient timo to enable; him to stop tlio engine befi re tho unfortunate man was struck by tho cow catcher, thiewn from tho track and severely injured. The train was (topped as e*>oo as ) < ???5ble, and tho man wsf picked up in a s.tate of insensibility and pi icc<l in as comfortable a position on th# train as circumstances would allow. Pr. Jones, Ast is-tant Surgeon of the Xavy, hnppuned to ba e n tbo train, and rendered such assiat ance as ooukl be tendered In the case. On the arrival of the train in Washington the Injured man was transferred to the Army Infirmary, near tho City Hall, and at examination showed ho had received a serious fracture ofllihe pelvis and Other injuries, from which he died in the courso of two hours. The papers found upon his por son indicated l'im to bo W. R. Rots, First Lieutenant of the Anderson Zouaves. How he cuuib to bo walking on the track at the time in not known. FOF.TY THOUSAND K1.BELS ON THE CITKIt rOTOMAC. Tho wisdom of General McClellnn in ordering General Bunks' toud General Stone's columns from Virginia bade to their original positions in Maryland, on Tuesday last, will bo recognized and fully appreciated when the fact is known that the rebel President and Cabinet at Richmond were delighted at the idea of bagging our forces on tho Up por I'otomac; and when it was heard that General Banks' division was crossing over to Vi-ginia to support Gene ral Stone, ex-Senator Benjamin, who wa? in i lie War Office in Richmond , snapped his fingers and exclaimed, "We have got the damned Yankeos now." The order was immadiately issued to send up reinforoemiiiUs from Manassas to General Evans, at Loosburg, to tho number of forty thousand men, so that at the present timo there is at least fifty thousand men in tho vicinity of Loesbnrg a position of no sort of consequence to Generui McCleHan, but an excellent placc in ? hich the Mis-nsippi rebels can make th- ir winter tpiart i s it they do not freeze to death before tho expiration of N'"veirjber. General MoCleiUn to day reviewed General Porter's division whieh manifested marked proficiency in driil TUo Commander of the hi nyof tho Potomac will review Gem ra! Oscy's brit;.i oa M< nd.iv, and on Tuesday the divisions of Genera's r rriith ,ind McCali. DKA'i'II.1 IN THE CAMPB AND HOSPITALS. The ftiIowii:g death < < f .? idlers occurred yesterday ? John ,'lewart, 1 t <r.j-ui V. First regiment; Edward Bennct} and William IfcBri !e, Company I>, Fourth regi ment; Corp ?ral John Kay, 'thirty third regiment, and Clinton Hoyt, Company F, Harlan's Cavalry, Penbryl. vanii. James t :<?, per lnJiMn cav>lry. DIVISION AND BRIGADE REVIEWS, THE Alt! IT. ttrlgodtor Oner1' Burns. lnt>C? n; wy at C'.n ur.aii, hut been orden il t < > jii oc ? .1 to (.ennral Siunu'd command to tako charge of ttiu brl; ule lately oraunaudod by Gen. Saker. Joseph Kepcrt l'ast n. o:' ha*? h?i a;> polL'cil a Captain (11 It.' f .fleviith regular iLUntry. Mr. Pitton r-xfutly "i;?iv-rt aV-i iho^n^intmcLt >.t Consul to Uaiiia, r.azil but iu view of tho sreat r honor now ofjir-d liim, he will, it ;? presumoil, decline ihit . IMjUIRY RUSPKCTIKO TUB Kt'[ APR OF TUB 1'BJ.VA TEKK -I'M'i Kii. A tiavHl Court of inquiry i? sitting here on tlto oa-"? of On | tain Poore, who commanded the Brooklyn at the tim, tho rebel privateer Sumter slipped Hie blockade. The cou.'t was ordered at Captain i'oorc's request. k i t.r.KD in a PK!RMT?rr ok Tns nrrcR POTOMAC. Initio hkirmtsh during Hie recotmoissance on thc22d 5ri?t. . on the Virginia side of the Potomac, near Edward*' Forry, Lewis T Mitchell was killed and Thomas fjuel wounded. Both woro privates In Company I, First Min nesota regiment, winch w is four days on tii0 Virginia j side, and was the last regiment withdrawn ' rCRCHASK OK SU1I* riMBFR UV THE ERITI.'D GOV ERNMENT. Our povernment h'ts been inf< rmed ihat the British governmt nt have agents all along the coast buying all tho | ship t.rabor that can be found in th ie localities. The administration have taken the proper steps, through the Collectors ,n those lora'dies, to ascertain the b ,s in the matter, and If it should prove true, to stop it at once. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. FoKTRKSf Monros, Oct. 26, I Via BAi.naoK*. n, i. ?2<il lH'it j Nothing new has occurred in the vicinity of Old Point Tho Cambridge is in from tho bk.i k ide olf i.aufort, and reports that the Albatross lost two men, drownnl, la u I fruitless attempt to land a few men south of iipai.lort. TEE BATTLE OF BALL'S BLUFF. Gen. McClelfan's Order Compliment ing the Troops for their Gal lantry in the Action. Rebel Official Reports of tlie Engagement. I The Rebels Acknowledge a Loss of Three Hundred Killed and Wounded. Eleven Vnion Officers Taken Priso ners by the Enemy, &C., &C., &C. WASHiHOTOif, Oct. 26. 1861. General McClcIlan lias issued an order speaking m tf rras of highest praise of the men composing the de tachments of the Massachusetts Fifteenth and Twen tieth , and the First California, New York and the Tam many regiments, for their gallant conduct at the battle near Letsburg, on Monday last. Ho speaks of the ex - 1 tmordinary obstacles they had to encounter, and assorts that the same bravery and activity under loss trying I difficulties would insuro a brilliant success. He does not attribute the rcverso to any error of Ciaoral Htone, but relievos him und his men of all responsibility for tho result. Tho boast of the rebels in Richmond papers of the 23d Inst. , that they e?ptured six of our rifled guns at Lees burg, is the purest fiction. Wo had only three pieces of artillery In that engagement ? two howitzers and a small rifled gun. The howitzers were thrown into the river to prevent their falling into the hands of the enemy, and were found there yesterday by a detachment of our soldiors. Theso pieces belonged to Rickett's battery, and v. ore commanded by Lieutenant French, of tho Rhode Island baitory, vho has been brought to this city wounded. 1I<1 st. -it "9 ihat h;s men stood their ground firmly and fought desperately. Five of thom worn shot down by his . ide, and when compelled to abandon Uio fl Id they drngged the howUzers to tho river by bund and tVevv them Into the water. The rebels got f.nlv the one fmall rifl?U iron gun. OfTR EDWARDS' PERRY CORRKSPOXPENOE. F iiWARne' Kahky, Oct. 24. IM1. 7h' Tmoj' n! llurristm't Wc?l (rri-rrrl (; IK*. H tin Sh'iir ? Thr ftirdthi/s Th-y Kmiurol ? Vaughn ? 77o Re/bcl Position ? Th(ir A dcattcc ? (Jtneral Sit ni'l Tr< Re'iit Their Adtyttir d Petition , (Cc . Tho remainder of ov;r troops who Itad bet n ecqagcd ,n the battle Hi Ha!! s I'luir, be'.wien t'onra I s and l!?l wards' ferries, and s< hi safety on Harrisons', island, were ail brought over yesterday morning to tho Mary land fh ire. The t.ranrfer was madn right in front or lb? enemy. The rebels witnessed their removal with appa rent iiiteref t, but did not attempt to interfere with their transportation. After their arrival on tho Maryland side, most of them were marched over to Poo) ~>vi)le, about f< iir mil".<i distant, where many of tie wounded bad been already conveyed. The men endured the greatest hardships si.rt ?i tlTi'r-'l much from exposure on the island, Some cf tl.em.who had ^wutn tn'roes to tho inland from the Virginia bonks, and had thrown away their arms and cloibirg W laciMtaie the.r Right . were almost naked w h'.'U \h .>? fbocli ed tho Maryland side. Mm could be s w . tb only their pantaloons on , ethers with ovor<: >at?, while -o mo had scarcely a ,-titch of clothing to cover them. Notwith standing their prhatiocs and suffering*. however, the noble fellows bore up mider them with tbe most heroic fortitude. They were received by their comrades here with characteristic tenderness , and were as kindly eared for as circumstances would permit. Some of the dead and wounded wore left on the battle Jlelo, It beintf impos.-ible to carry them across on the day of the light. Capta u Vaughn, of tbn Kirst Rhode Island battery , who was set* over on Tuesday evening with a flag of truce to oblaiu peruiisp.on to bring over the dead, and to render eom? a--. tq our wouudod ui possis sion of the enemy , ha." not yet returned Tho enemy is p. sled <i so r \-oei!?at post licc in tho rear of Edwards' Ferry. They oc c: \>y the hills and woods for many miles around A fornudablo earthwork haa been con' truoted by the rebels ou a hill about three miles from Leesbnrf . This fortification is a long one, and cad be distinctly seen from tho Maryland thore. In addition to this earthwork it is believed that they have a number of masked batteries throughout that jkji lion < f the country. Y. uerday afternoon, about half past three o'clock, the reb. If appeared in consideiabie force opjiosite this point, not f iV Tri m tho Virginia shore. Tbey were quite bold in presenting tbt mselves, ami their movements could be ob sorvt l irom the blufls on the Maryland side. They drew up in line ? f battle about four mill* from Lecsbut g. Our troops, utuler command of General Stone, wore Immt ditto ly posted in pogitiun to rccelve them should they advanco and attack us. General Banks had reinforcements preparing to crc?s the river when tho eupai ement should have comnien-^ed. Tor two boers the operations ot tho enemy, whoccn Btantly kept *fc if ting portior.sof but lorce from one point to another, with eorrespi nriir.g movements on the part of our troops. go as to be prepared for a. i attack, Indicated that there was going to be a general engagement. One raig McOlcllan anil Banks stood upon a high bill opposite the ferry, closely Keratinizing the movemontH of tho op posing forces on the othar Fide. Oriloiswere given by General McCleilan for the reinforcements to bo in readl ness to cross at a moment's notice. Accordingly several regiments of infantry and a number of batteries of artil lery were sent down to tho ferry, the men chcerlng as they went. Canal boats were wafting to convey them over an soon as the command should be given to send the troops across. With breathless anxiety everybody awaited the anticipated attack. It was thought thet the rebels, after commenc

log the engagement, would, under th? guise of an appa rent retreat, fall Iwck to th- ir chosen positions, expecting our forces to follow them. When they were observed ad vancing towards tho Union lines our sharpshooter* picked off a numlier of tbem, and drove their advancing columns buck. The sharpshooters <1 id excellent sorvicc. At long range every shot brought down a man. It was now growing dark , and no battle bad yet been be gun. The lateness of the hour rendered it'highly im probable then that any engagement would be cornmcncod tliutnight. Both parties retired from their positions in line of battle, and soon after tho camp fires on the Vir ginia and Maryland sides of tho 1'oiomac were seen gear tered over the country for several miles. It was believed, however, that the enemy was only I bringing up his forces preparatory to an attack this 1 morning. We had but a comparatively small force tn tho Virginia side. It was pretty woll ascertained that in tho morning tho enemy haol several brigades in front (f our | coramund . and that large rebel reinforcements were con stantly arriving. The rebels nl'ist b?ve had at least five men to our one. The wind was blowing a heavy gale all ' the afternt on from the northwest . and the djltl'-ulty of sending sufficient reinforcements sen ?>-' with expo- | dlt ion became apparent to all. In view of the in, possi bility of throwing oi.o'igh troops over toincet th ? ipe- . r lor numbers of the enemy, our ftcneruls thought that ! i prudence would require a withdrawal of our troops to tl.e Maryland side. Orders were then gi\ en for their removal. I Tho cr< sswg was effected In the most adroit and "kilfui j I manner. under cover of th" darkness. It was r , splendid military movement. The boats on this >i<'e of i j the l iver, which were in readiness to take the reinforce ? montH across, were now cmp.i yed t > bring th ? trmps | from the Virginia shore. The boats were tow?d abo it. i half a mite up the cannl. and then guided *cr<'S<' Their ! return from tho Viig,nia Fide was n ade in '.lie game min ner. Hie crossing ef the troops wm a beautiful and yet ' j a painful si?ht. TherVhtwa* cold and darlc. and the t ' men m;(I' rod much. Some who had remain Ihoqrnfter ! hour Us ?wn up in line (it battie were so exh .inste win n ! j they g i across that they were hardly able to march to i their camps. It was four o'c!?- k this morning when it I i wast i ppoged that allhad been brought over. After day 1 hrcik, however, a few of our men wero seen oil the 1 other side, and a beat was sent over to bring I them across. They proved to bo f < m" of the *?i. k^t^ who i had been out all night m duty, and were . t called in when the rest of ttia fore was leaving. JVime o' those 1 wii ? v re counted among the mw,og .it the battle at Ball's llluffH keep'omirig in ft is now leliev how ever, that all our troops winch wore arregg the river at this point are new on the Maryland sk!c. This morning the rebels can be se nt a their fortifica tion"! te wards f/esinirp. They appear to be quit" aeMv, and occasionally horsemen can be seen riding up and down !l e roads leading to the earthwi rk on eitbe;- side. Our butteries of artillery are posted on the b He j short distance from the river ob the Maryland side, ready for any acti o wbe b lb-y may be called Ob to perform. ' i REBEL ACCOUNTS OF THE BATTLE. EXTRAVAGANT OFFICIAL and unofficial REPOKTS OF THE FIGHT. Wamiwotoji, Oct. 29, 1 V01 Richmond papers of l);r 23d and IMth instant, rcr. ivoJ here t" driy, an gk> with tlie accounts of the battle near Leosburg mi Monday last. The I'zaminer c ut-ams an official despatch from General ,T 1;. Johnston, dated, " Hfadiiiurters, Centrevtllo, Octo ber 22. IS61," and addressed "to Grieral Cooper, lllch mend," stating as follows: ? " Colonel Kvans reporls that hi' was engaged m'>Jt i f | the day yesterday with twelve regiments and ftvebatte riesof the enemy near the Potomac. T.i-y had crossed undnr cover of artillery lirr Ho drove thorn bark with a heavy loss in killed, two hundred prisoners, and six Held pieces ! ul. . n f ul lour i (ii.met.ts and tlvo Die Ktam-ntr annoi.nces tho of lione: ul v. and ttxo capture of Colonel Coiswelt and ton other ofl 'Oi s, not naming ihcm. It further sUtt^n that Colon .1 Evans' command wre from MicfdialppI an I Virginia, the three Mississippi regiments being commanded by Cuiou< is Father* tone, Uurt and Rarkadale, Am. ttier di ' ??itch, reported by the Xxaminvr to )i:ivo l" n received it the War Department at Richmond, ?"< !i(>' .is ten o'clock nnTu "day night, -tates Hi ? lofs of tl.e 'odtrals to liavo boon tn killml ami wounded about ono thouaund, with six hundred prisoner* taken, and live! re hundred xtand of nrms. Still another despatch to tho, dated sar, October 22, said to have been writ ten by Adjutant Genera: Jordan, states that General Evanf, w it fi twenty five hundred confederates, engaged General Stone, \v h ten tlw .fund federals, at IiCesburg, on M nday; tli.u the battlo lasted all daf, and the confederates worn vlct< rioue; that the federal tosa waa four hundre 1 killed aul wounded, five hundred and twenty taken prisoners, and throe hundred federals were drowned whilo trying to re. cross the Potomac. It Is stated in tho sarao de. i u '.i that the confederates had three huudred killed and woundod. The Richmond /K/furtch of the 23d inst. cot tains all tha above, und the following in addition: ? OFFICIAL. J HKAtigiARTERS A KMT POTOMAC, 1 CitvrB K v i t.i K , Oct. 22?10.30 P. II. j In aiMMon concerning tho victory of General Kvxuy, I have to report tho capturo of nearly six hundred prison ers and twelve hundred stood of arms. Thoir killed and wounded and prisoners amount to between one thousand and twelve hundred. Tho rout was total. Tho light was an infantry engagement exclusively. The fore of ?ri{-:t?cd were the Kjglith Virginia and Seventeenth and Eighteenth Mississippi regiments, tho Thirteenth Mississippi boiug held in reserve. No artillery was flrod by us. TH08. JORDAN', Asfietant Adjutant Gene al. A telegraphic despatch to the Richmond Ditpatcl . from Manassas, dated the arternoon of tho 22d, says: ? '"Tho fight near Lccsburg was more serious than rtrst reported, l'ivo hundred and tweniy federals woro brought to Kud !' y Church this evening. Between four and five h uidrcd of tho enemy were killed, and threo hundred drov. n .1 in tli ? Pi tomac. Tho prisoners will bo hero to morrow morning. Our loss Is also heavy, say three hundred killed and wounded." The Richmond Wk igot the 24tli inst. glorifies Colonel I'vacs, "who, on the day of the battle, was made a General,*' for having "achieved a victory with twenty live hundred mi n ngninst le'i r u^sand federate.'1 This ic the style of lying the rebels adopt to inspire thoir people. The article ? oneludo? as follow! : ? "We are yet without Hi" names >1 any o;' the brave men who havo fallen on our aide.'' Tho above extracts from rcbe; a mts of the f.ght near Loesburg give .bo lie direct t<> the leilows who hurried to ibis city on Tuesday last and ntf ttvnt. j the au'air was no I tltlo at all,' t a t ier? of 1 our men, who showed light. an< that r.<ue <>f th> re. j bcla wore killed. SiutoBi'-ntB of t?.\* k.v.l have riach?d the public through some of th p; < It sho ild havo been stated before, that the account of tbe battle contained in this correspondence, in Fri day'* HkcaU), was an authoritative o:.e, furnished t > your correspondent at General McCiellan's headquarters after blr return from an investigation of the wiioli* af fair !n perfon. Ttii; gentleman who brought the Richmond papers re . ferre I to above, suites that there were reports in ft Mi- I m< nd on Vednet-'day, when ho lo ff , that several Officers ? of distinction l.ud fallen in the battle of last Monday, and | that the total loss was mu b greater than the Rkhmend j paicr.i uiilo iiice. INSPECTION OP Tin; FORTIFICATIONS AT SANDY HOOK. The Collector ar.d Purveyor of the p<>rt, the Nnvn' of;, er and a l.trg.' pat ty of invited gu !sts, inclndit g th i flying artillery <>f the Surveyor's office, proceeded down the bay yesterday morning in the United States steam revenue c tter Tig r, Car tain J. '*. Lowbcr. They visited th? dif fen'iit 'utters on tho roaie, and then pnetw ded to to.i;>eot the Sandy lloow forti#cations. Dcimonlco's wagon made several visits to the Tiger bo f< re starling. THE UNION PBNTWKNT IN BALTIMORE. The Onion men of Belt imore are determine? to rewtto | their tat* from the least taint of disloyalty, an4 to roll up .i tremendous majority for tbeir uckot ?*t the coming ? i n n. Tho fol'xwiag call, neatly print- ? .thin a ? iri coli 'i od American (MM, man po- 1 -d th < ????t i( ? .-ityon I'riday night? "Uu?>n mon, r,-,? n,.? ! b if" tpril Obey ihe on the Oih ?! X o. 1 bo:" THE y&\'M NE lit NEW ORLEANS. VTiMmxcnom, Oct. 20, 1861. Tl' "? "fflr ?l report of iho alfmr at Now Oil (ins ha? been received here but the oAlefal despatch hwr ' ?' 1 1 1 1 tho f.u s. r im oth 'r hit 'i genre rc < -'\vi h "o iho ail'i r appear! to bo most did etc j' ,o r > tho or > r in cinuu md. A panto ap pears to h vc *i- 1 th sb ,n authority, and tho of r *mro '.s.di g o:.e oi tl ? <ii and. ne.l hap, aid ordered a.- ojr ;u,i' ch to be applied t. the ma -a/.ine. The ship ? it a veil from destruction oal> 0>y a Junior tflnr n ti Vt to carry out tho order, an taking tho reap rsi billly. Th# Kii'ltmood nud Vlncennes worn only n*ved by llio timely arrival of the M I'cll n. which lowed them off th# bar on which they grounded. The sinking of on e of tho i utters .>avu ri ...? to tl. rt licnlous report of Uollins that tlio Problo was sank, mid tlio subsequent report that tbe Vir.r 'nnes was tho lost hip. On ? of tho officer* ha. limn ordered "hortje to tak ?> his ' trial by court martial. There la no cxcum tor a failure to capture tho whole of tli s rcoel fleet. Tho Becrolary of the Navy and A*-, i.-t-.nt Secretary Fox hi i .t taken tho matter up warmly , aud will order a court of itiiptiry into the whole affair. OAPTAIM port 's OFFIOfAl ACVOVKT, I.NlTBOSliTrS Swmi ' Kelt VP,) 8. W. pjkss M i- n im Bivki:, Oct. I.;, 1 ? >1 / Strt ? I have tho honor to make the follim-ltti; report:? At a quarter to lour A. tf., October 19, IStil , while the watch on dock we;'" employed In taking coal < n lx>or<l from tlio schoo or Joseph H. Toone. a ra* i was <1. vvered In clow proximity to this alilj). By tho tltno th > alarm rould bo glv< i. she ha I struck thn ship .ibn i t of tho port ?? * .? .? lie's, tearing the schooner ft in h r f. s'-w "S, ill c:.'u a hole tti rough the ship's si. lo. I'unslng aft, ili- in i ..leavor I lo piled a brenrh In t!n- storn, but iai! i Vhiiu) pianke in tho chip's sid>- wore stove In u ? i iwo i'( m liclci.T iho wntAr line, makt:<g ' bole about . v .!' -hi ?? h olrouml . cneo. At tho lii .H alarm the crow promptly Mid coolly lepaire' to tb.Mi >t>inrioi ^ and n* 1)m> v.. iu paused riluoutt of tbi ship tho e.\tl"e port battery ?'u i . ? d ut in -, w lih wht'.t o!".i c. .s imp'iwdblo ? ui.-H:over, owing to the dttrkw s \ red i hi was ??I-'.'* '.s a f filial of danger. at d the aquadrf u wa? en, lor way in a very few mituU-s, having slipped th -i < h oe. 1 ordered we Preble tm-i Vlnecnu'# ti> i rr-.o ! oown tneH< thw.M i'ofs, wlillo 1 covered il" r rot it, which tliey did at about 450 A. M. At i i. tla,o three iargo 11,0 rafts, rtrflcliliiR tt.o rlv.r, wero : tpldly no iritij; ' i, wli e soveial !u s r . '???nn,rs i'ii I a burk rlvgfil propolior wore > ? n astern of th' m. ihesquif'K . ptm ? odwl down I. ? r i \ r In tho foil, wing on!"-: ? Fl vt, tlio Prebl*; second, the Vln Ccniios; third, the Hicbtuoud; fourth, th '.V-.U-r Witch, with the p: i/e schooner Frolic in tow. W on abrewtof the pilot si'Ukmom iho pilot informed ma that ho did no l consider il wxfo to venture tot .i ? tl>i>i fhip in tho i iv< r , iu t i luit ho bflicvod ho rould ow th- > b u\ I accordingly atxtinpted to piu-? over tlie bar with tho squadron, but in tin paecago tho Vinoomcs m.d Blrh ni' ..nd grounded, whllo the Preble wont over clonr. Thitt occurrod about eight o'clock, and tho etiri.'.y, who \\e o now down the river with tlio lire Bteemers, cotnmencMl firing rt us, while we retiurnod the tiro frotu our p' rt battery and r iflod gun on the jwp ? our shot, however, fal'ilug x'oirt of tin' f'licn.y. while ihi ir ahell L irpt on all sidn of ttii , tiutl several passed directly cvei- the ship. At lia!t'.pastnUi?< utnnuuidor Handy, of tho \ mcmnm, nii.-tukirig my signal to tho ships *,u i<io th? bar to get tint! r way lor a signal for him to abandon hi: "Inn, catno on board the Rlahmocd with all Iuh odlccr: and a largo muniioref tho crew, the remainder Itavi: jg^neon boa d the Water Witch. ( . otuin Handy before leavi. g bin whip ha 1 plaocd a light" ! slow match atthaovipiMhie. Having waited a reasonable time for as explosion, I directed Ocm mandei- XIacdy to r< tarn tohto sl ip witii hn crow, to Start hLB water, and if nocessary, ai |j is own rojun t, (o throw overboard I , nmall gunp for tho pttrpo.?of light en!u(t llU ship, a. nl lo carry out hi: k<?h;o with a eabio to bcavo off by. At ten A. II*. the enemy uvFod llring and withdrew up the river, l uring tho engagement u shell entei od our quarter port, and ouo of the bouts was stove by another shell. 1 liavo this morning fucceoded In goitlng this ship over the bur. Tho licUclLan and South Caiolir.a arn iising all e*.. rtionfl to got the Vineeiinos off. The Nightingale is hard and fast ofhore to tii" end of tho bar. 1 have aucooedpd in reducing tho leak of thlit nliip so that our small engines k>* p the hinp free. This is only temporary, and tlie ship will havo to go to tome pitw-n and hive threo planks pot in. 1 have re ceivod riflo guns and placed tho thirty-two pounder on the forecastle, anu tlio twelve-pounder on tho poop. Could i have posBlbly managed this pliiji in any other way than teeni ig her heart up and down the rtver, I would have stopjtea at k not town to give Imiue ' but this v/aafouud too ii .. ard< ? . owing U> her extreme length. Tho alt: ,-iij t was m. r, but a broadside could not be brought to b :ar witliout running liio ship ashore. I then concluded, as adviued, toslart for tho bar, and trust to thoeLuacoof |in ling wat' " < mugh to cri ss iu ttarrallng thn atlhlr of the rlvcrl omitted tostito th il th" ram sunk oneof onr largo cutters, and a shot froi.i 1. 1 ,. ? uemy stov? tl"' g.g. 1 am plea d to o.iy that tho VlBcennt - it nil .at, anil at anctcr outsldeon my in irberr ! pui-. t--. >?? ?: nt Sar g". ill Kobluson, from tlie Vine nmw, is or' red to Vvnpo rnrv duty on Ixiard this ship. A; -i.'ti.rr . ? ig u iiuwell, ciudemtietf by survey, will r ?uri i- i ' . n; it. 'Iho nei'ilc.- of tho Night ii w,' d liver; ' y to: < of caal to i ? t I'ti. Thii', top. Ii - with whf.t I will take oot, Mil. f trust , lightoa h.r i?o vliut ue can haul h ir oil Vory iii-poctP|IIy , J0u.\ l'Oi'K, Captain. t < ki n officer Wm. a. ANOTUEIt AOOOrKT or TUT'. UEHF.I, ATTACK on tub nf.w om-Ktvs hwci;ai<iso n < kt, |0)rrrRponde>uco ot tbo Huston Mopcb-n.' l'.xrhnngo.] The following is an extract from .1 loiter wr itton on boa d tho l*i?i?oii states nci.mabjp lUciiuji'iid, Jatod off Southwest. Paw , Oc,tob"r 11; ? (in Wednesday , Octobcr 0, wo were byi"r at the hoa l of tho Parous (up theriver), when tlio Ivv c.;in:o down ana I ran U: lug at t.s with 11 now 1 ifi. <1 gun eh bad ob tained stace hnr la?t viFlt to us. At lii-i w ? at her, but Unally the laurh Chang'"' when the Fin i s begun to Uv nil about us, while our rilled gin (wo. hive only one)' would not reach her. MciUiv.liil\ tbo I'robio, Captain French, and the Vincenncs, '.'attain Handy, blazed away at her, but all fell short , and as alio wus mi much faster than either of us it would bo no bet t r for us to chase her; eo all we could do was to stand and take it. Tim rascal amused himself In tu '.manner for an hour, when ho hauled off and stei.tnud op tho river. Our captain, Pope, at once saw the iun*. ? > 'f ob taining guns tiiat would enable bitn to cojh: \ ? 1 1 1 : ,,.j lei low at bis gamo of Ions bowls, and despatched our stoum ? tender Water Witch down Uitho Niagara for rilled guns. Tbo next morning tlio WatdMVitch returned with word the N'iagara had gone to Fort Pickens for guns, and that we must defend ourselves an best we could. Thursday and Friday passed qtdct enough; we were busy on tiio battery which we purposed erecting on a point ofland noar where we were laying. On Saturday at half-past three A. M. thoro was a tremendous shock and cnfuMon on deck. I immediately snranj on d"ck, an<l found a kind of steam battering ram alougsiuo of i.s, oor rnrr. hurrying to quarters. The ram was a tnakisb, iron covered boat, closed com pletely over with a oonlcal roof, from a small holo in which streams of dense black smoke were belching fort h. ily (J I vision were at their quarters in three minutes from tlio first alarm, and as t he rim (nifsod alieud of 113 I gave the order ready, and we let her h ive it, with what, effect tlio smoke and ilarkness prey, lit mo from say in;; , but 1 know we did not seo her a;;aiti. liurlnf this tune oar cable was s'iueod. and we were under v: igh. l!y thin a line o> "fin shlt s'' wos seen sketching ae,osB tl'o river in a blazo of itamo, while astern of them Ave largo artri'- l steamers came steaming down the river. J ost th< n rli ? enr^enfer catno ami inform 1 mo that tho iota ba t tii.t'o a holo in our side, through which the H ater was pouring in a stream 11* largo a" a man's leg. This was st' ji,* d. and our captain dccidcd to S 'lid the fniiadron ''.own tho river, wo follow!: .3 and cov ring them. Tho Vincon.ieg. t a|itoin Handy, entered tho Southwest IV'FS, folio .??<! by the Preble, Capt. French. The flrcships drift. d ashore clear of us, and v, o ?;*? 1 p. d conflagration. Dayl'ght broke a* we cleared the basta, and by tight o'clock A. M. wo were close to tho bar. The JVeb!" pa; <1. r and went clear; hut tho Vraren::e.< and our Ship (,'W r ! I. .tad tli .ro wo were. Now the battle b'ym. Ti:? r- '??! ?? rr nmlly to ,k tip > ell posltlo: H III' y corst'lt '? I li.' Jt ? CSir.ibin, and < J* or I 011 u* With tbiir rifled gens. Ivy. ii. t H'Cf"! inrl tho Win. H. Webb wore tbo most prominent in the cor.t' st. Wo responded, and our er?"v behaved admirably ; in. I. 11 ? 'with ;aedin,' shot's vi re flyirf. raimi u.-i in all .;.i otions, tboy worked at their g as though the w!i : mati-r was a Juke. The Uncharges from our nine In ! broadside g ins were ter r.tic, but the boats kept. ois lootlv out of ran <*'? At about Dine o'clock tin* Van ium was abandoned ly her c.vw and officers, and n ' x irritcb connected wilb tho magazine and lighted. Hut lortunatoly it failed to burn 01 1. > no Captain Pop- at o;.e? ordered f'aptam ?landy 1 1 1 et irii i > li s Yoa . ? fancy our auiazeincnt at this c ndei t >f tho e mmand-r of the Vineenne*. Well, by ton o'ccck Uio en my with drew, and we had the first mouthful since the liiwfit previous, one of the r 'b'd eh dls. s twenty-f<'ur pounder, cirne through tho alter jKirt Into our smoking room, but fortunately did not ex piode. Another theli stnitsh"d cno of our "quarter b iaU over my divi-ion. Ou Saturday we were ;;!a' t > see the MuCiellan com ing in from sea with two rilled Parn.'t guna for us. She made fast, to 11s, and heforo midnight we ha I the steamer South Carolina at an. bar near us. On Su.idny tho two steaaii a succeeded in towing our ship and the Yinoonnes off the bar, and here we are allaSoat,aud rc idy for any emergency. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OF THE BATTLE OF FREDERICKTOWN. I'iiot Knob, Mo., Oct. M, 1881. Colonel Plumtner has returned with his command to OpcGlrardeau. Colonel Carltn now occupies Frederick' tow-.i with a r?giraent of infantry, a squadron of cavalry and two pieces of artillery. Thompson and his rebel Km ! were pur ' ic'd twenty-two miles bey on.l Frederick town on tlie (,'reetivillc road, when tho chine was aban doned. Tho rebels arc probably now at Greenville; but i>i eo. .nij'l'-t ?)'.' demoralised, and will doubtless con i', ? t her , n 'St.' Toed tiehment sont out to bury the !?? h?'"(!lci 'p ' t d nearly 2U0 of tbo rebels killed in' .it 0:1 the tl"l I. Our loss was six killed a&d about I forty wiutiac ' i.ucmo. tally.