Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1861 Page 2
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INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Our London, Paris and Berlin Cor respondence* The Grleanist Commissions in the Union Army. &o., Ac.. Ao. Our London Correspondence. London, Oct. 12, 1881. Speeial Report of the State of British Feeling on the XVa? Subject ? the Millions with the Uni m ? The Disunion Men and Their Uujien ? I low tit* London Journal! Stand an*' fiank, <?c. I have been several days in this great city of London , and seen many porsons of position and influence; and as some of llii'in have food opportunities of knowing the o; imons and (mentions of tho govon.mont, and othors of knowing what are the toolings of the influential portion of the masses in regard to <iur American aflalrs, 1 will briefly stale to you some things on which you may de pend, whatever Uio Times, HeraU I, Standard, Saturday Review and other papers of that clasa may say to the contrary. First of all, then, let mo tell your reodors that thoy need not fur a moment bo disquieted by the reports made from tinio to time, in oorlaiu quarters and for purposes suffleltutiy obvious, that the Iirdish government or the British people sympathize with tho robol government. 1 know full well that the diplomatic agents of Jeff. Davis' government are striving by all uofislble means to Influ ence the press, and through tho press to infliienco tho government and people of ifjigland, in behalf of tho con foderacy which they represent. Thoy will fail. England will respect the blockade of the Southern i>orts, provided it provo to be one worthy of the name ? which I trust i' will bocnrne, it tt is not already. I.ei there be energy in th>' Navy i?pa tmeut as well as in the War, and il Mr. 'il I on Well, s bo not the right man for tho Secretaryship, in the i m ? i h nest puti lotlsm lot lilin resign and let a tORipetuui uian lalco his pluce. The times demand strong ?nea. Nor is thore ntiy danger that either England or France will "li'C 'guise" iho ''Confederate States" as an inle (?eirdent Fnwor nn:il they liavo demonstrated that they imve totally established their indejiondoiice and proved thai they uunn?t be subdued. That thoy will not be able to il ' very soon. as to tiie intelligent and substantial portion of tho nvi.-s s, especial.y lie religions people, I have no doubt wh. tever iluit they do mi st heartily wit-h that the N" ? Hi may be successful. M .ny honestly have thoir i'eurs t!iat the government will not be able to bring buck tti i so eiied States. Nevertheless, they wish that they may. The e .i e lew well iolormed and conscientious men in Kiig and ;lia; eau or do approve of the rebellion in th ? Ko tlh,\vi ulior the causes or the ends and objects of it be C'.ii idered. No man who knows the facts of the case can say the South bus had sull'.cictil cause for making this rebellion; and no Christian ntau in England cau aivrovo of the purpi se to found a Stato in tho south whose ohlet c mi r stone shall bos ivory. Ihavodw ltih s much ou this point because I am sure thatilhere is a mista ke lu the minds of many of our peo ple. That certain politicians and editors iu this country, and CuriespiBKteul# ot certain papers, are desirous of see ing ourc lunuy divided into two or m >re States, is clear enough; nor is thore uny dtllieuliy whatever in di vining tli" reas 'iis which Inlluence them. Our great repuM n, en* with 31, <100, 000 Inhabitants, looks imposing. U'hut will il bo wli-u it has t wice or thrice that populati m? Envy Influences some, Jealousy others; nor is fear entirely absent, especially iu tho minds of those statei-iuen who think much about Cuoiulu. fha Juilk of people, however, in England luid Europe entire nave s i to ich resi ect for our govert mont, and conQdenco it its goud faith, that thoy do not believe Kuropu or any Kuioi<an nation bus any ground for apprehension. iho eou:s which the Loudon Times pursu s is simply infamous. Tho h awtard is no better, its New York cor resioudentl s but one great qualification for his post tha: is unmitigated hatred of .America and Americans. I am of opinion, however, that wo attach too much Im portant to the British Journals just alluded to. riio Dai! <i .\ w* is not a whit interior In ability to tho Times, an ! iiitiii it -ly m'Toh. n -st. It has fairly won its way to n legitimate p. sition in the li rs t rank of Engli-li papers. Hie Star and Dial is fully eqal io the Herald or tbo Stun' la <1. Those two papers (the Daily New* and Star and Dial )Jdo justice to the United Suites and stand up well for tiie North. Among tlio religious [?| ?.>rs j may mention the I '<, the HrM.<h Standard aud the If 'ai a man us being w II di-|iose.l towards its. The editorials of sc me of them American tilfurs display much moro k: wledgeof mtr rountry and Its institutions, and far more impartiality, titan do those of the Times or Herald. 1 do not say this without having examined into the mat tor; and yet these papors are but little known among us. Our Paris Correspondence. IVaius, Oct. IX, 1861. Prinee A'ljwkwn'i Yacht Voi/arie f nnn Xew/i/un<l[>ind t0 Brest? Quick Time Jot Imperialism ? The. Orleans Com miisi'Ms and the Ibtyal Prinax ? The Oivisum n-ilh Eng land ami i'j> Influencing Cannes, <tc. , if: c. 1 must announce to you the arrival of Prince Napoleon and suite lu Paris. His ntghuess' yacht inado the iwssago from Newfoundland to Brent in six days and a half? ave raging fourteen uiiloa an hour. A report la circulating hero that he forwarded a proposition to the Kinporor, apropos of tho North, which Is most Important. What It may be, or what It* tendency is, 1 c.uinut aa yot say. U is asserted hero that the rocognition or the Northern cause hy the Orleana prlnc* will militate againBt the Lincoln government here. I do not boliove tliia. On the contrary, the Emperor Napoleon will moro than likely h st n to show a decided friendship for a government that Illicit oljte lend a helping hand at sotne day not dis tant to tho dothronod Orleans family. The princes will. 1 dare assort, prove valuable acquisi tions to General McClellan's stair. I had the pleasure of seeing the l>uke do Chartres in Italy during the last cam paign, and observed how much ho wis esteemed by his fellow < 'Ulcers in the Sar llnlau army, owing to his aflkble an 1 kind manner. Ho bohaved w;th great bravery when engaged, and will surely meet whllo among Amorican soldiers and officers with tho respect and kindness duo to his rank and gentlemanly good nature. You will perceive that England is more and more pulling *w y from France. I/>rd, or rathor Karl, Russell has an nounced that England would not interfero In Moxioo. Now, not three weeks ago It was earnestly desired by tho St. James Cabinet that Franco and England should unite in an intervention in Mexico. Docidedly tho entente corMale is weakening. France will at once send nix more frig ites to the Gulf of Mexico. Their names are given and the officers appointed to tho chief command. The I'a'rie of this evening announces a queer fact. It says: ? "Once moro wo have to signalize a turning around of tho London Timet upon the satno subject. But a short time since tho Time.' gavo all the strength of Its pen to tho Northern States of America; now it has espouaod tho cause of tho South." What can such a palpable, down right untruth moan ? I cannot solvo it. Timo will show, perhaps. Tho readers of the Patrie, who will remem ber tiio quotations it has so frooly made from the articles ol' i he Tunes unfavorable to tho United States govern ment, will, I dare say, bo as much puzzlod as 1 am at an assertion that is almost too absurd to have boon miulo without soma hidden cause. I have just rvoil in tho London Post an attack upon tha Orleans princes for having espoused tho cause of tho No th. The organ of Lord ralmerston being also, to tho ex tent it can, the organ of M. <ie Porsigny, no one here will bo astonished to And It serving tho causo of tho Fronch Minister of the Interior's hatrod against the Orleans fa mi y. Englishmen will, I dare gay, feel but little respect for such an attack upon tho bravo princes, who, obeying th impulse of their chivalrous nature, and rollowingout tho purest txmsanpne put mentxr, are now serving the cause of independence against tho rebellion. The Duke de Chart. eo haa already fought Tor Italian independence; that h si) ml 1 i.'iw wish to do so for American independence Out proves that ho is lmpollcd by noblo aud well sus tained principle*. In Franco tho eflbet of the recognition by the Or lean" princes of the cause of tho Unl>n has had tho Immediate cT-ct of turning tho sympathies of a largo portion of tho people in favor of tho North; and thus it may be said that their course of action was a most |in]K>rtaiit and far roach" lug one. tliat will greatly niToct tho movomonts of the government as regards its action towards tho United States. Pars, Oct. 11, 18G1. Prinze If op oleon and the Princess Clothille Arriie in Paris and Hasten to Compiejne? Kffccl <f the Orlcmist Supjerrt <>J the t'nirm, <tc. Prince Napoleon and tho Princess Clothilde arrived last night In Paris, and Immediately proceeded to Compiegno to see tho Emperor. Their voyage to ltrest was a most successful one, tho sjiecd averaging tliirtoen miles an hour, and the weather was throughout charming, so much to that not even tho Princess was sea sick. Every one is interested here in tho news that th > Count de Paris and the imc de Ch irtres had placed their swords at tho dis|*?al of tho Union. Of course tho motive lor doing so is sharply canvassed. 1 should say that tho 1r ferenconow generally drawn is that an nekmnvi. Igment of tho South on tho pan of Napoleon is imminont. The Count do I'ar.s, with his l> ither, seeing this, has, while drawing his sword in th ? legitimate i v -e of law and order, at the ? , t m ? It lire t antagonism to tli ? farn,l> v.!; < i- , ? . ?|^-1 t '? I ? ,oVi s himself t" in'ierit . ? 'lis- hudal u yei-y prevalent that Prince Na, u on * rep . t t ff, to the Fmperor will be most unfavorable to the cai re of tho Norib. Ohl for r great victory to put to shame Hi: selllsb spirits, U> maintain a causo which, left to Itself, cannot but he triumphant, livery scrap of American news U devoured with impatlcnce, and every mail that arrives is eagerly wilcouied as the hoped for mess' nger Of gOOll titling!). There was a time when tho visit of a monarch of a drst Claris Power would have prodiicod n flutter throughout tho capital; hut tho gigantic Hrlfo that la v,ag i UK on your side of the Atlantic, in really so absorbing thul mere European cvants are comparatively disregarded. Our Berlin Cairetr en?e< ?. 0,1801. The United Staid MiniUir on1 Jitial Soiree, tfc. The American Minister, Mr. .a, gave his first soiroe on Saturday evening, at his residence, in tho Victoria Strasse, one of the now and elegant streets in the Tliicr carton, which promises to ho the Bolgravla of Borliu* Mr. Jiidd hoa started an equipage emblazoned with tho anna of tho republic, which excites a good doul of curi osity among tho fashionables of tho Prussian capital. Th?> French Prince* in the Fetlerul Army, [Translated from the American 0>rr?*uond<nce ol the l'arls Journal des Debats fi r the Nkw Yokk Hkiuld.] Our Now Vork correspondent writes us thus on the 24th of September: ? It is quite true, an you must have already heard by previous advices, that the Count do Purls and the Duke dofliartrea have boon'ed into the ranks of the federal army aa ollleers ou tlie stall' t f theOomuiandur in Chief. Tho two young princes loft England nt tliecommence montof last .September, in oompany with their uncle, tho Prince do Jolnvlllo. It was the desire of the Prince t?? brim? his son, the young I'uke of Pentblovre, and place him in tho United States Naval Academy. Mr two nephews visited America simply on a voyage >>f Instrun t ion and pleasure. Having boon received in Now York with the most flattering distinction, they went to Washing' a to thank the head of the federal government for the kind reoeptloB which had been extended io thorn, it was tho intention or tho two princes to proceed thence to tho far West , which was one of the (list resolves or their voy. ago. But once at Washington, the position In which th? y found themselves , and tho brilliant spectacle of a nuino r<*us army of volunteers iu o m inner under tto> ti. o of the enemy, induced them to beet 1110 a. tors in the treat events which wore iu preparation. How manylmpt riant reasons attach thom to tlio cause they wish to s*rvel This cause, no one doubts, is a good 0110. No one now openly protends that the ''abolition of slavery" is at tho hot* ui of tho quarrel which has called forth the armed volunteers of tho North. It is a war In which humanity Itself Is concerns I. Tlio government of this git at American Union Is also in question ? a government which the blood of Kr nee aided to found nearly oue hundred years ago. Tho names of tho sons of tho Ittiko of Orleans, the grandsons ol the King Louis Phllippo, may figure with honor on the glorious list whoro already , hints those of Rocnambcau, Mnthi'-u lhrnias. Segno and Uifayotte. Tho Count tie Paris and tho Duko deChartres will, there ftiro, henceforth he reckoiu d among the members of the I njon army as aids-do camp of tho Commander iu Chief, Mi ' 'I >llan. The uncle of the yum g princes ? the Prince de .lojnvi1!'' ? has approved of their determination. The eldest or the two brolhat s has frankly confessed that ''lie could not resist taking a lvantn? of this opportunity, tho only one, pciiiaj s, of acquiring a a soldier -om ? pi act ical experience, which he desired above all thiugs.'' French Opinion ?>f Major General Mc Clelin n. The Paris Pays of October 10 calls particular attention to a correspondence which It copios from tho Moniteur. in which tho namo of Gene ral Meridian is mentloued in a fluttering man ner. in Intro hieing the article ihe Pays isava: ? Our readers will find in iliis corresiiondenc" proofs ol' tho activity which General McCloUfln has exhibited in the or ganization, not oniy of th.i uriuy which ho commands, and which I* opposed to I ieau regard, but also of every thing which concerns tho rapid despatch of military affairs about Washington. The requisition J> assistance In military materiel, m do by General Fremont 1111011 tho War Department ? thanks to tho active supervision oft he young General ? was compile! with In Ica.i tlian sixty hours. Such punc tuality is rare, even ami ng ourselves. Tho corresjKiudeuco alluded to us dated at New York on tho 21st of September. It merely s ipplles a review of tho week's news. It e nvoys Hie generally credited opinion that the conferutcs would take ihe initiative in an aggressive movement. Arguing en this basis, the correspondent briefly discourses on the policy of McClolltin ah follow s: ? If such h<> tho intention of the confederates tho Imml nonce of a battle is positioned, fur General McClellan is not th" man to commit the fault of advancing without bolng assured of every chance of succeaa. Each tiny that pin, es is considered by the young General as so much gained for th ? execution of his plan of campaign, and however well prepared the troops may be to encounter any number of tho on' :uy that may pre sent themselves, he thinks that tlireo or four weeks at least are necessary for the completion of his proba tions. 'A* government nt.w exhibit! the greatest ectiiily for the prosecution of the war. It hat wcomjliikid prmtigiet within a month in the organization of its aivty,an'l every branch if the service hat undergone a complete Iran/for motion. Tile Agriculturist* of England on the IV nr. SPEECHES OF TI1E MEMBERS FOR WEST MIDDLESEX COUNTY. (From tho I/.ndon Times, Octt 10.] Hi" Southwest Middlesex Agricultural Society bold its tweniy-ilfth annual show yesterday at Uouuslow. It waa n<>t a very soccussful oneaa regards tho number of cattle exhibited. ??"* Alter dinner tbo "Health of tho County Members" was given jib a toast. Mr. Hanbtrt, M. P., in the course of his reply, said: ? Willi regard to that serious rupture in America ? a calamity which it is ItniiosKibkt for us to view without foelii gs of tho deepest paiu? (hear, hear) ? it is not for us to niilo with ono party or the other. All we have got to d<> is to wish thi?n well out of their troubles, an I to hopo that their constitution tuay corae out of this ordeal purl* li-d ami strengthened. 1 am not now going to offer any opinion as to tho causes of tho present disunion; but I bo .lievo that If they abolished that odlrxsu system of slavery, ?hey won 1<4 soon tales their proper place anion? the nit lious of tho earth. (Hear.) However, with rogard to tho abolition of slavery generally, I am not. <.no of thobe who think that this country will succeed In doing away with it by imr present expensive system. Wo may spend millions on tho sea, but slavery wUI go on until we show those who who mako capital by it that they could niake more money by other pursuits. We ought to go to tho land from which the Blares come. We (Might to fol low 1 >r . IJvlngstone aud other men of his class, and show the natives of Africa who trndo la slaves that they could make moro money by tlx; cultivation of tho sugar cane and oott'.n than by dealing in negroes. I.ord K* sua n, M. P. , observed :? Wo arc all aware of the unhappy disunion among tin; American Slates. It was proposed to bring tho quarrel under discussion in the House of Commons; and not merely once, but twico or thrco timi's, that House expressed a unanimous opinion that that delicate and [lainful subject sliould not be de bated during th" last session. (Hear, hear.) I think that speaks well for tlie collective wisdom of Parliament ? (cheers) ? and it speaks woll for the good taste and dis cretion of Individual members. (Cheers.) Whatever may be our feelings with regard to the institutions of America, which on many occasl' ns have been ostenta tiously paraded liefore us, and which we were so often told we should do well to adopt instead of our own older and more tried institutions ? (cheers) ? whatever may bo our opinion as to thtf government ol that great republic, we cannot but regret that a peoplo springing from tho same flesh anil blood ? sprung from tho same parents? as oursolves, should be sullering the calamity of a civil war; aud we cannot but givo expression to tho ho)>o that the existing state of thing# in that country may bo speedily put an end to. (Cheers.) However, be this as it may, it is matter of congratulation for us that tho House of Commons preserved a discroet silence in respect of the cauB"s of the quarrel, and it Is equally satisfactory tl?t in respect of the dispute Itself there has been no manifestation of party fooling in Par liament. (Hear, hear.) I concur with my honorablo friend In thinking that tho forclpi policy of England docs not depend so much on the feelings or tho doctrines of any particular set of men a? on that feeling which is growing stronger and strongor In this country every day? t hat tho policy which tho government has pursued is tho tots. bio ono. At the Wost Surrey agricultural dinner Mr. George Cu bltt, M. I'. , who presided, in prefacing a toast to the army said: ? And, gentlemen, when we set' what, is going on in Europe, and when we witness tho convulsion tint has bo disorganized tho United States, wo may be proud of our w.'.r forces, and wo aro woll entitled to F?y that our soldiers, our sailors and our volunteers aro kept, not for dellancc, but for defence. Mr. Hkxlky* M. P. , spoejetag at tho annual banquet of the Mayor of Oxford, said: ? In tbo coming winter, unless America can reconcile her difficulties aud give us cotton, we must have failure In tho supply, and the cessation of supply mud Urvl to ttie mutt tUiMrvus cnntnpimca. Ihero Is no picture so lamentable and touching as that of liouest Industry anxious and willing to work, but unable to gain that employment which is the only ni'*uis by which the laborer can obtain for himself and ins family food, raiment and thoee-domcutio comforts which consti tute his enjoyment of life. (Hear, hear.) 1 slnceiely trust that my fears may be groundless and my apprehen sions falsified ; but at the same time it Is impossible for any man who looks ahead to abut his eyes to tho [net that the great blessings which wo have now enioyodforsu many years may probably meet with a most disastrous check. (Hear, hear.) Vice Chancellor Wooi>, at tho same festival. saM: I am sorry to say that in another quarter of the globe (trom Italy) we havj a picture < f a very different nature, and which must givo | ..m to all reilecting Kjiglj>hmen, and which cannot be treated with flippancy or lightly passed over. A country emgaged in a sad internecine war Is no pleasing object of contemplation. (Hear, hear.) Youhavoontho other side of tho Atlantic a struggle of the most fearful character between brethren to whom we aro bound by every tie of language, sentiment mid feel ing. (Hear.) We are also bound together by the In terests of trade and commerce ? America being the nation with which we have the greatest intercourse on the face of the globe; n country in whose welfare we aro so deeply Interested is now engaged in civil war. It is not for mo to say which is riiiht or wrong, though, no doubt, we have vur tympathies. and mine are most un duuHedly in favor rf Ihe Xurlh. (Hear.) It must be a i rent principle, be it right or wrong, which can actu ate so 1nr.,o n b -dy in the South in arming In this strug gle; the mu-t feel tlyu they have grievances which re quire red-' s. and there must be scmo i In ug rea>< n to Induce or 200,000 men to band them -elves to teiher ..nil tn:iko sacrifices not only of life and property, but of tin. future material Interests and prosperity of th"lr coiintiy. (JI< ar.) 1 cannot but regret the course v ' t ' i sj oi th . country has taken in reference to '.i i : i. T'.-re is, new a days, too much ten .enry on i;: i'art"!'.. li.:- pi to introduce what I rnny t( r,n II I' v llicli speculative theorn". a:'H i: ? ? o t. .I.;;- . i ; n was 'Aid I liit ili'.al I'rliti ... i - 1 on i trial. Not: org of the kind. I . ' - " ' y ' " I' l it i .To ' - >m ' m i "ii. in at ru tun <ie (/?/? ly one ^ on rnrnt, and I cannot conceive how liberal indttulinu can lc -aid to t*tm thrir trial in anyo'her rcijtrct. (Cheers.) 1 aoh i arty is willing to bo governed by a central poner. Instead of one government ye n have uow two one la tho' ? and whether or not two ouRht to be continual bpor^ tg ho ti p real rrn vftiioo. (Cheers.) You Icnyw v??y well that 1 rover ww a republican, ami uev?f Ml,| anything that w<-?M In dr. on yoa to l)vll*Ve that I admired tlie republican in tl tutlonsof ,1Ynerea:l>ul nobody will lell you that Amoi iea could ^ave had difl'oront Institutions. Ouro sepei ated ir?in up, where wore thoy to have got tholr severer.' i nr th?tr ltuu.-o or Lordat At the name time th y i" : that true Anglo-Sjixon ctiaraclor that will always in 1 them to carry oat ths principles of self-government. A' tUli moment iheyare governing themselves iuuI taxing themselves to an onormous extent. A!1 subscribe to I he expenses of the government, and are willing to submit to privations to obtain a re cognition of principles lor which tiny ate II -lit it ?- In point of tact the States of North America now form two gr at republics, and the only fear I should have of disastrous ei.n o luenei <?? and tb? same remark will apply to England or any other country In tho world ? would arise t'roni those entrusted with th' covorn meat not proving true to their mission. (Hear, hear.) A great responsibility attaches to tit -i: taking on themselves ofiloo aud the performance of pubtic duties. As I have slid over and over again lit this ro. ni, I have always de sired to see municipalities taking on themselves tlio i*r formance of public duties, or the responsibility ?r self government. Indeed, it would he a miserable day for tho people of this country if England were to bo jiersuaded by drawlug room newspaper artlelus, or by any rose water |>ohtlcal jiolloy, into supposing that they would bo nioro happy or c<>mfortabl? if they aurrendert <1 tho power of self-government for that form of government which wo now see on the Continent. (Cheers.) The British Flfft for Worth America and the AVest Indies. [From the Loudon Times, Oct. 10.] It Is reported at Plymouth that tho Centurion and Alxiklr ? ninety guns ca b, of tho channel licet ? are to he BCi't to tlio West Indies. The Hypocrisy of Kxeter Ilall on War dud Abolition. [Kroni the I/nidon News. tict. 10.] Thro was. however, one part or the nation from wlileh tlio North mi.,ht fairly l.avo expected a strong and deel sive oxpr. ssion of sympathy and encouragement. Wo refer to th<sewho claim lortpinrnt th* cui-tience nf ike rnti'tt ? the rtliginv* j mrnalt of thiMcountn;. Unhappily they have for the m.>st part' prove 1 in this great struggle of principles. Their or v. n advice to tin resolute ;iu l agonized North has been worse thnn any that wo potsherds of the earth have given: ? ? Let tho Southern States go In peace. Leave tli m to thoir fnto and have dene with them." Tlio t'outh h:;<l ani.e I to i ? tnhiish i powerful and aggressive s.avo confederacy, and those nlio b id tho | >owcr and tho will to avert tlio con summation ot this gigantic iniquity wore hidden to stay their hand. Sich shortsighted, sottish advice cnnih n s the imbecility oi iiogherry, who Huyt>. ''If he resist tl oo, let him go; lie Is not the man 1 took hi'n for," with the hypocrisy of Pontius l'ilate, who cer? luonlously wiished his hutid.s and said "I am innocent.-' The Murder of Cuptnin Adams, of the Ship iiuniitr^ier. SCENE AT THH INVKSTtti ATIO.N IV LONDON. [Front the London Post, Oct. 10.] Yesterday Mr. C. I'. I<ewis,tlic Coroner for sumod the inquiry at tho Bell and Anchor tavern, Victo ria X'< ' Us roads, I'laistow, Essex, into the circumstances attending the deutli of William limy Adums, a^ 'd thir ty-four years, late captain of tho American ship the La warrior, who was murdered on board his vessel on Sun day week, by tho steward, who is a man of color, and named William Henry Hawkins. The case was of such an atrocious nature that tlio greatest excitement was caused in the neighborhood, and the court and its approaches wero crowded by persons, cluetly connected with tho American shipping interest, as tho greaipoint so he de cided was whether the accused, under the oxtraditj. n treaty, should he sent over to America to he dealt with, ? or that h" should be ti led hore for tlio offence which w as committed on tho sens. The learned Coroner said it was with satisfaction that he had to inf. rm tho Jury that ho should not have to de tain them, as tho murder was committed on board an American ship, mid, therefore, canio under the terms of tlio extradition treaty. Ho had applied to the Homo oflice, and had received tho following communica tion: ? , ??-! have laid lm~ lottrr of tli i?* c'ttf o in wJiirli vn.l ? ,0 %<m> J?"ir a.juoat on tho body of tho c iptuin n? thn 'l* ta an IHssilis '"; ""''0 tli? subject of Investigation by ?n iVX- l'"'''"1 Whoso Tordlqt as to tho cause of ?kwh w ,.1 i J'li y' null.ty. ThoA/norlcan irovemm , , b? a mere the tenth urllcle of the treaty of \VnJl ,cla,m?d> u?a?r sraus. ?ar? 3 discharged without giving .1 verdict ^oreiore bo wSSd.hffi?M rw,'? Placed requested b, he to m*X??L7Umitt,Xl>' wus inspector Cox (of th" ^,m^KZ.\ VnWe*P?tl Coroner, said the txxly would 1 . answer to the in America; and" s.n^e to '? ? no .Cht t? tbo ^"u 's board the name vessel which rilvl j i would K? coMin had been soidor^ down^Tb^ev!?,? UCCU*cd- T1'? ho,., cm. W ?f ite ^ 1(Ielltjflcd when^ "? mffi.'7 WCr? lh?n dtac,?"??* ? *? proceeding* tor One Hundred Years Aro To-dair 10 tub editor ok the uerald. , , . nR00KLVjr,0Ct. 26, 1861 I send you the enclose.) document as a rare relic of tlus frtmltive days of Connecticut, then in her wilderness conditio. The mere eight of such a document Ismtg. gwtivo of many serious and solemn thoughts, of the mus ing away of those periods of human life that 7SSSL rery sotj.G of men to the utmost of all mental and phy sical endurance. Three generations have gone, with Uu> geent events and changes of a happy nation now shrouded with the palls of mourning and of sorrow:!. Qovemor to^Uef1' ?P ??*>?> ? ^uge!4.a"?n7 ?f c?^cticut' * wlskje _. _ , A Proclamation. mighty God, liSfto' tCuhUsh^at^L0/ f (amidst a long, dangerous and evpensivo w il'T1" in tho course of tho current , v hftve> demand*, our .uost gnUe^ackuow o W^'' Wilb' arJsrxtdniS r?F7r Colony, on the viGih dor ufX.v.JZ "^""Bbout the both ministers solemnity, to give glory aiad praKf E? becoming kings reign aud nations arc |>rcrorrod that lie i /,.^ "" pleufied, in so happy a mitlmor to i?. ,hu u bt'e" gracious eoverolgu, King George tho ThiSi ?Ur ""u 1 throne of his luSstr lousancMWrs ? ?,i %"* ' "F00 "* life and the lives of tbTMT^milr ^i Ttln"? magnify und adore tho namo of the Lord fo^Sil" T* of iim Providence on tho kC , cmn,^ signal successes granted to the S ' B"J 1,10 ga and land, tn%arf^ parts of the wo^' J" His so favorable protection of ihn "J? world. tor the British AUlo^Md these Ca,'">' tumults and threatening aspects of w'.r i continuation of tho valuable riuhia nnTi - , ? 11,0 U.I3 colony, civH and reiig,o?s Tor <* health wo h*To boon ia?or"d ?uh ? f*,li"ral Supply of the former ban est ard for th* Plentiful of tiie languishing VlZlFtCL h pie may onjoy the comforts as well as ' thiB^iS ll.o greatly beyond their fears after a lot* Jiddta^iS ?f Uhrtae goodness and mercy 'to the nalfon'^^K to A^y Go^UPt1*X^rbl? ^PP^^ns hor Koval filghnoM the PrSSLfT^ .t'X< elk'1" ^ty, all the royal ftimlly. That tho blesiii'ima'i'i'u W"lew <WM< z?zx a EpSSLtS ? tons war, by tho favorable c"lHuli Almighty would bo ple^l more II ,'i " '?d; ,lluit Uod prosper this colony in all its Imiiortaut mter?t . "t* an<1 c- rns, aud cause that tho liirht of tilt.. c"?" glorious Gospel may bo more 1 1 ?r 1uiovtW"1^ ?r "'o amongst all nations, and i^irticu!a lv t?r.?i Wt ,known Uiis laud; that ail. people Ly r.'wce i , tl hcatl"'n in salvation of God, to 'the K^d h^or^' h?^ great namo. uouor of his own And all servile labor is forbidden on ?nid ,iav B^nTye^ThjK Utr^" ' in ,ho the Third, by tho gr;u o of God KmT' ' Ix)r<' Vrance anil Ireland, defender of thi f, I'h' V' "r,U"" Zly Amvw/u,' Drrmini KOI. 'Cu^ Fm H? GtiD savk /its Kim., ""AM A3 F1TCU. Tlie history of this relic la n - faithful monitor to tho present md filter"0' " " ' " M " J- virtue its moral ' 'ZlZl^Z ? rnited 8ta,^f habits of the a . . to ih .i /. "'rough lif > tho ho invariably ai rnred lnitb in .!,"i u .'i< , eccn' death iini.|ue continental dr.^ss 1 o vder.d l'" i1'1"1 k*1?.' ,n !,lfl sih er kin-0 buitkles. white i,? <\,ZJ ''a"ts' Ho was selected for tho In h h !r 'r ' " l0 l".!' N.ittonal i'eace Ihll it \i- . ? ' "l*u)iig 111" ri > tt I.. ??..-M n,iB Vr mt filtbSnnT't ,W|l" MrK ' native State he ? em- ir d In i 1,8 us " ?? or IMrrl-rdf ' " rr M'" j. / ? ?; rceideot ot tbo oily uf Jin^lya. baU? ihel^a g!-eai grandson of the Govornor. Governor Filch was one of UiB KliuUe ud Iron mini's of the nee. The relator of those rumarks was laiori-.ed by tho Hon. Itoger M. Sher man und tho 1J. n. DavM I'ugRet, that Governor Fitch wax the pole author of the present warrantee deed of C> iinectlcut. When be B'ii mitti '1 ihu manuscript to I tie Colonial Legislature, both burses adopted tt without the ft' te-'atlon of one lotter. It occupies about a dozen lines, and for its-brevity it cm mot be excelled; it bas *toi?i the t*-st of one hundred years, and when compared with the mammoth deed of our own Mae, it is like tho tree of chronology surveying it.s tiny r> kjI^. Governor Fitch was Lieutenant General lour years, and Governor sixteen conwoutlvo years. Theenc! sed document is not only a worthy but a patent instrument of loyalty to hb< govern ment until another loyalty ilroii his soul for uu American Independence. Police Intelligence.

Prohabi.y Fatal mtahwng ai fkay. ? Two emigrant run. ners, named ( buries Ilernlcln and Henry Fisher, became involved in a quarrel at the corner of West anil Carlisle streets yesterday morning, when the forme- drew a dli It knife ami stubbed los adversary In the siilo ami abdo men. 'I ho wounded man was "taken to the New York Hospital by the Twenty -sevepth precinct police, ami at last accounts he was dangerously ill. flee kin was ar rt t"il by policeman Thomas Smith, and committed to ! lie Tombs to await tho result of the wounded man's in juries. Cai out at Last. ? For Fomo timo past a young man has boon golny the rounds swindling parties out of various sums, by giving tin m In exchange falso drafts and notes. AtnOOg others wlio Itecume victims to this in m's opera tions wan Mr. William Bean ton, No. 38 (anal street. I e t 'l tlvos Slowey and Dusenbitry hearing of the fact took the matter in hand, and, alter considerable trouble, ar rested tho guilty party at No. 21 Howejry. He gave his name as Edward Nichols, and on los person was found eight or ten of tho bogus notes, lie wus committed to all! wor. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Saturday, Oct. 2ft ? G P. M. The money market is without change; very little is doing. Foreign exchange closed firm for to-day's mail. Some brokers look for an advance in rates; but thisi is not readily reconciled with the increasing volume of our exports and the steady diminution of our imports. The business in stocks is very light indeed' partly in consequence of the general suspense in width the public mind is kept by the military and naval news, and partly in consequence of tho reccnt advance in the rates of brokers' commissions. Many heavy speculators have withdrawn from the market for the present, und t he bulk of the outside public are waiting to hear from tho naval expedition before they buy stocks. The only changes noticed at this morning's board were an ad vance of in Missouris, of yt in Paciflo Mail, and of % in guaranteed, nnd a fall of % in Central, % in Erie,' and % in Michigan Central. Governments and tho bulk of the Western shares were steady at yesterday's prices. At the close of the first board the market was inactive, and the weather, among other causes, operated to check business. In the afternoon, however, there was quite a rally in priccs; 77% was bid for Central, and a correspond ing price for other stocks. There was no sccond board. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to-day: ? Total receipts $1 ,005 ,5110 02 ? For customs 74.000 00 ? For Treasury notes 342,107 28 Payments (including redeemed 6 p. ct. notes) 2,043,818 "9 Balance 7 ,.'130,703 24 The following table will show tho exports of the seven principal staple articles for the week: ? \Ynk ending Orf. 25,1801. Amount. Value Flour, bbls 91,213 .$023,979 Cotton, bales ? ? Corn meal, bbls 494 1,205 Wheat, bushels 928, 87X ,2'2:i,772 Com 307,544 20:t,S70 Hod', bbls. and tierces 480 0,3H2 l'ork 2,420 32,5S5 Total |1, 900,373 The following is a comparative statement of the vnltie of exports from the commencement of the year to October 25; ? 1860. 1861. Incrrate. Decrtast. Cotton $8,550,502 0.408 406 857.994 ? ptoftr 8,800,234 IS, 105 ,021 S,2."t,?87 ? Corn nical. . 221.769 263, ?01 41,842 ? Wheat Il.fxi4.ti31 28,023,076 11,401,744 ? Corn 1,360.536 6,703.042 4,383,407 ? BmC 1,401,026 866,998 ? 832,827 Pork 1,301,071 1,356.240 55,160 _ Total.... $38, 310,067 62 ,732 ,il 73 20,096,843 832.927 Increase an compared with I860 (19,403,916 The earnings of the Chicago and Bock Inland Railroad the third week of October were: ? Third week, ISfll $30,853 Third week, I860 37,238 Incroaso $2,716 Tlie receipts of the Panama Railroad have been: ? August $148,729 91 September 129,746 09 TotalYor two months $171,476 00 The London Economist of the 12th instant thus notices the course of the money market for the week ending the previous evening: ? The demand for discount this week has generally boon on a moderate scale, but tho rates ore approximating to Him bank terms. Only exceptional transactions Imvu taken placc at 3'$ per cent, and this afternoon the gene ral bit 3 1 nets wus at 'AJi |>er cent. Tint loan to tho jtlank of Franco appears to hivo chiefly Influenced the market, but there has also been a good demand on the Stock Kxi haage. I .cans on government securit ic* until tlia payment of tho dividends have been in request this afternoon, and the charge va ried from 3 to as much as 4 per cent. Tho continued pressure In Paris is due portly to the purchases of grain, but also In a great degree to tho heavy investments intbo new Italian loan, or which tho instalments will have to bo l?id In specie. There bus likewise boon much over specu la! Ion In building. T!>o returns of tho Hani; of France, published to-ilay, giro the following very unfavorable results: ? Decrease in tlie bullion, ?3,240,000, in theTrca pnry balance of ?2,490,000, and in tho advances of ?80, 000. tin the other hand an increaso has taken place in tlk* bills discounted of ?2,036,000, In the issue or notes of ?370,000, and in tho current aceounts of ?58,000. Notice lias been glvon hi tlie ilonileurth&t tho Minister of Fhiauco has fixed tin' rate of Interest on French Treasury Imtuis at 3>j )ier cent for those running three to tlve months, 4 per cent for six to eleven months, and 4)? per cent for bonds for a year. The following are the rates of discount In the principal cities of the Continent:? Bank rate. Ojtrn market. Perccnt. tar cent. Parts .? 0 6>? Vienna 8 6 Berlin 4 3 Franklort 3 2}? Amsterdam 3 3 Turin 8X 6 y% Brussels 4 3% Hamburg - 2 }( St. Petersburg 7 ? Tho closing |>rice of French three por cents Mile even ing in the Paris Bourse was 6Sf. 3fic. , showing a frac tional Improvement compared with last Friday. In the interim, however, thoro had been a decline of about half per cent , owing to the nnsatihfactory position of financial alUiirs in Paris. The arrangement by the Bank of Franco caused abetter feeling, but this lias boon checked by large sales or rentes en account of tlie Bank. Annexed is the report of II. J. Jewett, reoeivcr of the Central Ohio Railroad, for August: ? Kfccijits. . TVi balance as per last report $38,413 27 From passengers $18,751 .10 From freight 30,524 04 From express 1,060 38 From mall 1,422 87 From mileage 1,801 71 From other sources 1.694 67 64,655 67 Total $33,069 84 Earnings fur Augiut. From passengers $26,714 22 From express 1 ,587 82 From mail 2,378 70 >>0111 freight 21,ii38 77 ToUl $52,318 71 Eipensti. Transportation department $8,891 39 Machinery " 9.967 63 Fuel " 4.. '25 83 Road " 10,t)fi6 49 General expenses 1,888 84 Construction 1.941 19 37.178 37 Balance $14,942 34 Tlie following is a comparison of the receipts, expenses and net earnings of the Central Railroad of New Jersey for the nine months ending Scptem. hot 30, 18C1, with tlie same months of lt<C0: ? I860. 1861. Inc. Dr. 46 871 >68 61 ? 19,800 84 ; ; ? I uses, do. .360,021 19 377,469 50 27.438 31 ? Net earnings.. $641 ,848 26 494,40911 ? $<7,3381$ : ? ''"llowil g il SpositlOB has been inado of tho notearnin, 494,40711 liit ? ret-t ft r nine months $104,262 22 yu:irti i ly dividends, 7 per c< nt, lor nine m? titlis 272,260 00 376,512 22 rplt: of net car :? $117,89481 re:? oi'ir ? tunc! It than I v... ant: ip;?u (!, and tuu {ailing oil' in coal and merchandise 1ms been partly balanced by an in crease in passengers. The increase in expenses is mainly in repairs of track. Both the road and equipment are in thorough repair. The surplus of net tamings over interest and dividends ' is $117,. 604 89, against $1 12,872 67 for the Bame period last year, the interest account having been much larger last year than the present. The annual meeting of the Ilartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad Company was. held at Provi dence on Wednesday. The business of the road for the year ending Sept. 30, 1801, was reported as follows;? Gross Eaininpi. From passage $163,067 From freights 123,868 3 From man* 8,0'.'J 9T From express. rents, ic 4,140 -1 $300,412 60 Expenses. For road repairs $51,890 61 For onglne and car repairs 20,216 47 For salaries unci labor 82 ,.558 1)5 For bridge, fence and station repairs 14,608 35 For wood , coal and oil 37,002 17 For printing and stationery 2,100 43 For rent of stations 4,778 99 For incidental expenses 141 63 For damage to goods, &c 673 72 For insurunco and taxes 3,482 07 202,413 20 Net earnings from operating the road $97,999 21 The surplus as roported the 30th of September, I860 47,118 00 The receipts for the past year 800,412 60 847,628 60 Tlig expenses for the past year. . . . 202.413 29 Interest on l>"Ud paid Jan. 1, 1861. 71,452 50 Interest on bend paid July 1, 1861. 71,452 50 245,318 29 Surplus $2,210 21 The following is a statement of the Bank of the State of Indiana, September 30, 1801, compared with the statement of the preceding quarter and the same date last year : ? Sept. 20, 1 800. June 30 , 1861 . Sept. 30 , 1 861 . I /win 4,963,242 619,262 Specie 1,908,347 2.657,413 2,947,296 Circulation..;.... 6,819,257 4,931,670 6,617,974 Deposits 1 ,102,896 1.042,683 1,034,412 Eastern exchange. 781,699 1,669,133 1,6J2,325 Mock Exchange. ,?n Hii.iY, Oct. 26, 1861. f COOO IT f 5's 1S74 cou 83 225 shs N Y Cent UK. 77Jtf 6MJ0 USA's '81 reg. 93 V 100 do slO 77'4 .'00 Trea 6 [ire 2 yr Oil', 60 do ttlO 77 1000 111 eou bds 1877 82 60 Erie RR 31 X 2000 VlrginiiO's.... 47n? 150 do 31 2000 do 47, ij 200 Mich Cen KR 48^ 1500 N Caroliua O's. 60 loo MichSo&Nl gstck 38 6000 Missouri 6's.. . 4:!'4 50 do 37Jf 8000 do 43*^ 100 do 37?, 10000 do MX) 4'!,4 00 111 Cen URscrblO 05*,' 1 000 California 7's.. 81 200 do 65>J 1000 llud KK sf bds. 06 10Clov,Col&Clu PR 98 7000 M C 8 pc bds o. 92 loOUal & I fti RR. .1)30 70 1000 111 ( en Kit bds. 88 00 do 70 1000TH& AI2m.. 3U>i 1"0 do 69ft 1000 Mich S s 1 bds. 80 7<X) Clov & Tol RR. . . . 30 K 2000 do 80,'.,' 900 do slO 30','. 1000 HH&l'duC lstra 81 00 do 36 ^ J 30 shs llank of Com. 82ft 200 do bio 85.^ 25 Am Exchange Bk 82 loo do bio 30 H Marine Bk 80 300 Chicago & 11 1 RR. 00 8 i'ark P.k i'4 200 do 60 \ 10 l'uc Mail iSS Co... 92 100 do Ooft 50 do 91 \ 50 do slO 60 4,' 50 do 81ft 10 Chi, Bur &Q UR. . 62 20 X Y Cent UK.... 77 ft 7 MilJt 1'raiduChRR 17ft CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Sat can AT, Oct 26 ? 6 P. M. Flock ? The foreign news inspired moro activity and firmness to breadstulls. Flour improved about 5c. and in some capes 10c. per bbl. , with sales of 20,000bbls., at $5 60 u $5 80 for extra State, and suporflnc Slate and Western at $5 45 a $5 60. WnKAT advauced from lc. to 2c. per bushel, with sales here and to arrive of 250,000 bushels, including red win ter Western at $1 29 a $1 34, and good amber Michigan at $1 36. . Corn.? The market was full lc. to lftc. bettor, with sales of about 180, COO bushols, including Western mixed for shipping, at 69c, a 60c., with small sales prime report ed at 61c. Pork was Inactive, And sales limited, at $15 25 a $15 75. The latter figure nominal for full weight, and prime at $9 76 a $10. WniSKKY was firm , with sales of 300 bbls. at 20 ft a 21c. , closing at tho latter figure. DENTISTRY. Artificial bonk filling for decayedteetii? . iMwnad while and, and string no Mia. Anhlng fil>, or mere shells ran be tilled and prc^i rvL'a by the discoverer, J. I'EARSON, M. D. Rooms, 859 B roadway, one door above Seventeenth street. N. B.? Beware of tho worthless imita tions of cheap operators. % Artificial teetii.? only $? for beautiful ami KiitxiUuitlitl Kelt, on pure silver; on line gold and plHlina, $26; single teeth, $1. Teeth tilled nnd extracted without tlio leant pikln by a now process; superior bono till In*, only 50a All work warranted. Ollloe 13$ Slith avenue; no removal. Dr. LL'THKK, Dentist. ARTIFICIAL TEETH? DRS. DCRKIN AND ROUS SIOAU continue to extract toeth In two seconds, without the slightest pain. Teuih Inserted over stumps. No extra ohar?e lor temporary seta, orextraotlna where :irtiilrjU teeth ?r? tnsiTted. Drs. Dl'RKIN A ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal atreet, one daor front Laurens. Beautiful crystal bnamel for fillino ten der Teeth without pain; axed while eoft Immediately becomes bad, adhering firmly to the tooth, making a perfect ly tltfht Ullini;, excluding air and moisture, thereby prevent ing further di-cay and painful sensntion* from cold; contains ?o botHi (being wholly mineral) will not decay anil la unob aervable in front teeth. Every tilling warruuu'd. Only SOu. Warranted Artltlulal Teeth, lu every style, 7&'- to $ 2 80 ooch. Extracting without pain. Dr. LUTHER, Senior, dentist, re moved to 104 East Twenty-second atreet. SPECIAL NOTICES. BRADY'S SEVENTH REGIMENT GYMNASIUM, No. 20 SI. Mark's plane (Eighth atreet), open to the public. Genllemeua' and Lwls' Classes now practising. J,adics' Classes forming. Gentlemen are Invited to call. Brunch ottice It Wall street. Gymnastics and Calesthenlcs taught in schools and collages, by ABNER S. BRADY-, Proprietor. CROTON AQIEDUCT DEPARTMENT, OCTOBER 9, Ifclil. ? riihllc notice is hereby given thnt, a further pe ualty of ten per cent will be added to all unpail Water items, on the 1st day of November next. R. C. HANCE, Register. EYE, EAR AND LUNG INFIRMARY. ? THE MOST hopeless canes of deafness, bliiuliiess, consumption, bronchitis, catarrh and oil runic diseases speedily cured by Dr. GRAVES, sitecialist. Consultation free. GU0 Broadway. French benevolent society.? the annual election of the new committee of the French Benevolent Society, for ISOi? fill, will take place on Tuesday evening, Oc tulior 29, at hull-paal seven, at M. F. Caret's, 764 Broadway. All the members are solicited to attend. F. BROSSARD, Secretary. VTEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY.? 1^1 Treasurer's Ollice, corner of Fourili avenue and Twenty sixth street, New York, October 2d, l.Sfil. Interest Coupons of the First Mortgage Bonds of 18G7 will be paid on and alter Novomber 1, at the Treasurer's ollice. W. H. EMERSON, Treasurer. FFICE OF ^HE TniRD AVENUE RAILROAD COM 0 pany, East Sixty-fifth street, near Third avenue.? -The uil elect! animal election of thirteen Directors and three Inspectors of Election tor the ensuing year will lake place at the office of the Company on Wednesday, Nov. 13. rolls oi?e n from 2 to 4 p. M. SAMUEL B. IS A AO, Secretary. New York, Oct. 21, 1861 COAIi. mo COAL DEALERS.? A FINE GOLD ENGLISH X hunting lever Watoh, full jewelled, will be given, at 25 per rent leas than cost, lor the omouut in Goal. Audresa box 223 Herald ollice. ~ RESTAURANTS. IjINGLISH HAM, CHAM PAG KB SAUCE, FOR DINNER !i to-morrow. For saie. English Mutllns, Sally Lunn Tea Cakes, Milk l4>avr?, Scotch Fin no n H addles, Salmon, Yar mouth Bloaters, Oatmeal, English Bacon, Ham, Cheese. Ac. T. RICHARDSON, Ag nt, 06 Maiden lane, corner of William ?U'lHIk OYSTERS ? 139 FULTON STREET, NEAR THE HE raid ollice.?' The Shrewsbury Stews and Fancy and Saddle Rock roasts atLIBBY'S, are indispensable io an epicure. N. B. ? Oysters opened without cracking, thereby avoiding line pieces of shell. MEDICAL* AFFLICTED RESTORED? IGNORANCE EXPOSED? Fallacies unmasked. ? Dr. LARMONT'S Paris, London and New York Medical Adviser and Marriage Guide in forms the debilitated and diseased, including those who are ignorant of the cause of their ill health, and who have been cllsapjxdnted in their physicians, iff the most certain and convenient mode of cure. Mailed for $4 by RICHARDSON, No. 1 Vesey Atreet: DEXTER <k CO., 113 Nassau street; and DE WITT, 13 Frankfort street; or the author, 647 Broadway, up stairs. DR. R. A. BARROW, 194 BLEECKER STREET, FOl'R doors from Macdougal street, New York, author of that popular medical work, Human Frailty, may be conlid^ntiaily consulted as usual, lrom 11 till 2 and from 4 till 8. Sundays till 2. DR. EARL'S ILLUSTRATED MARRIAGE GUIDE, m pages, mailed in sealed envelope ; price 26 cents. No. M White street, New York. Dr. lines can BE CONSULTED on ALL DISEASES of females with unparalleled success, at 99 East Seven teenth street, near Third avenue. DR." R. COB B KIT, M E MB K R OF T 1 1 E~N E W YOR K University, (Medical College) and College of Surgeons, London, can be consulted with the most honorable confidence on private diseases, at his ollice, 20 Centre street, near Cham bers .street. N. B. ? Sec Dr. C. 's diplomas in bis ollice. 1 ri vateentrance at No. 6 City Hall place. TVR. COOPER, NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAT BEOOK* J / stilled on ail diseases of a certain nature. 1 wonty-eight years exclusively devoted to these complaints enable bun to warrant a cure fn all case*. The victims of misplaced conQ dence in medical pretenders caiAall, with a certainty of be ing radically cured or no pay. ? INFANTS TAKEN FOR ADOPTION AND LADIES i cared lor throuvh confinement; infants adopted out, at Mad tme PA RSK LE'S, No. ?'? Hammond street. ?I ) UOFEhSOR R EP'l K 1 .1 .. 162 < ' H A M I.KRS STREET CAN I i?. .?if.Mif-d, a - i.sitat. or bj leuar to box2,JW, Bos.wu oiuce, No. d Uarrlwiu avenue. ______ P.KRSONAIi. ANNIE? DISAPPOINTED A (JAIN LAST MONDAY. Address ine an before, and say where I can eull on yen or write you. Give ma some addrek* ?? I muy write you. _ V. w. s. 1 NFOliM VTION WANTED? 0# JOHN McNALLY, FOR 1 merly of Duugannon, cnui^tT Tyrone, Ireland, by bil brother Frank McNally, S2I Peart street. INFORMATION WANTED ? OP MISSES BRIDGET AND Murj Svze, ol' the county of Donegal, pur: h ot Ltilafiha liigUgh, town of Danlnpy, Ireland. Any Information of tao a1 ove will be thankfully received by *"i?lng a note 10 Hugh Gallagher, Clarke's Hotel, !H Chatham street, New York. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN RYAN, STONE cutter, or his wife, Ann Dodd. li usuppis (I to bi 1 1 \ - log In Williamsburg, L. 1. Hy addris lug Thomas Doyle, Brooklyn Poet ollii e, or 120 Churcit street, New York, in the rear of die City lio?pllal, they will hour oi aomulhitig to tlieul advantage. * MltS. WOODS, LATE OF Fl'LTON AVENl'E, BROOK lyn, will iiud a letter addressed to her at the Union square Post ollice. MISS K. M******Z ? "WILL" DID NOT LEAVE AH AN tlolpatcd. Sunday, Monday, Tnc?4ay or Wednesday evening* at 7 o'clock. llouBtou aud Wookter. Another lat ter at statlou A. W. W. S. MISS P., WHO HAS NOT BEEN HEARD FROM since the rem'. ivM from Lexington avenue, will plenwj si nd her address to Eighteenth slrMt, lor KOBawR THE LADY DRESSED IN BLUE 'SILK AND LIGHT cloak, who walked up Broadway last Friday allernoon, about two o'eloek, and stopi*?d at the St. Lawrenoe Hotf\ will hear from an old trieud by addresslug Edward, UnloB square Poat oOlce. WANTED? INFORMATION. -DENNING PETER HEN nin^sen, from the Duchies S bl sweig-Holstein, who arrived in New Orleans about twoniy-tive yearsago, if alive, Ik requested to commnnl -ale his address to' his son, Helming Peter Hennlngsen, Beaufort Colony, Victoria, Australia. Any inlYirination will be thankfully received by ihe same, or by T. J. Wright, M. D., No. h George street, Cincinnati, Ohio. WII. JONES WILT. NUT SRE FRIEND IN NEW .York; 1 am ill Philadelphia ; will be home nine; say ia Saturday or Monday's Herald at what time yon will be bauk; 1 am not at hotel. Yours, J UMFER ti l' RE ST. ISSTIIUCTIO.Y. AT PAINB'H MERCANTILE COLLEGER. o2 BOWERY, New York, and IBS Fulton street, Rrnnklvn ? Stndenta from the eiiy or country pursue ?II' h studies as the* |>r. far. and progress as rapidly as their ability and enterprise will permit. Voting men < r boys, whose diilldence has presented molr progress iu large iwlnjols, recuivo here strictly prhat* iuatructlou In privute rooms, at hours suiting, day or even lug. Colonel I'uiue, the well known laaebor of Writiuir, la one of the best insti uetors in tho telate. ? Newport Mercury. AYODNO GERMAN LADY, RECENTLY ARRIVED from Hamburg, desire? to nud a situation as gov* n ?w, in a private family, to instruct In her native language, *bo French and English language .with which be is per,, j conversant; uiso Mus'e rim! Dewing Best ot retertnee* given, Inquire at 170 Wc t 12th st., between 2 aud 1 o'doek P. M. A CARD ? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW / v 1 up. Is dally until Monday, Nov. 4. for Instruction ia 1' nmttushtp, Bookkeeping and Arithmetic, at a reduction ot one half from Ir* regular ehatve. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, No. fi Fourth avenue. Family boarding school for boys between the ages cf II and 14 years. Location pb a ant ami healthful, one bur's ride fr>ui t!wi city l?> *alli-"a . Super vision strict and inatruction thorough. F rib r information and circulars can be obtained ol S. S. UlLl'E.N, Esq., CI Merman is' Exchange. French or oerman language? by an expe rienced teacher from, l'aris, at bis own reslifc.iee or that of pupils. Fifty cents an hour. Address J, Burner, 2SI Fourth stioet, Washington square. C1ENTLEMEN WISHING TO IMPROVE IN SPEAKING r the Fr?*neh Ian juage may hear o"' a good opportunity by taking Board and Rooms In astilulj private French family. Addicts Mcdicus, tuioli sipiare Post uibce. MILITARY. Light guard armory, Lafayette hall, octo ber 20, 1S01. ? The members o. the Light (Com pany A, S. venty-iirst regiment) are requested to assemble at the armory to-morrow (Sunday), the 27th inst,, at 12 o'clock M., in daik clothes, black liat and while gloves, for the pur pose ot attending the funerr.l of our lute commandant. Colo nel Edward Vincent. DAVID D. llART, Commandant. Crapu will be furnished ai the armory, Military.? for sale, sixteen muskets, per cufcsion cap, with Bayonets, in rule order; lot of bla. k patent leather Cartridge Boxes, Belts, Ac., and bloa cloth Jackets, trimmed with State buttons, for sale cheap. Apply at 11 West Broadway, corner ol Reudo street. Military claims.? pensions, bounty lands and Pay, procured lor soldiers or their heirs. Auents wanted everywhere. Send five oents in postage stamps lor instructions. Adores* H. W. Phillips A Co., No. Pine street, New Yors. Military instruction.? a first rate drill Master oilers bis servi > military companies wishing to Im! thoroughly drilled in ti?at infantry taeticaand MeClel lan's bayonet exercise. Small eum{icueatlon required. Ad dress D. M., Herald ofllce. National guard uni form for sale? consist lng of dress coat, overcoat, littigue Jacket, pants, fatigue cap, regulation cap, epaulettes, two sets of belts, knapsack, Ac., us gooil as new. Apply at 133 Orchard street. FURMITURK. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE lor $21, in all colors, of warranted manufacture; also solid cbestuut Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, at H. F. FARKINGTON'S, SOSCaual street, opposite Wooster. Es tablished in 1641. Enamelled chamber suits of furniture, ik nil colors and styles, hi wholesale and retail, nt SUj anil upwards; also, Mattresses and Palliasses. WARKEN \V ARD, 277 Canal street, four door* east of Broadway. First class enamelled ki rniture- plain decorated and grained; solid walnut and oak Sets, Mat tresses, Spring Bed, Ac. Sails, from $25 upward*. J. W. FISHER A CO., Manufacturers, 050 Broadway, betwoea Bloecker and Bond street*, marble building. Furniture, carpets, books, ac.. bought for ri'ady money at 123 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. I1URNITURE BOUGHT.? ALL KINDS OF HOUSE hold Furniture lsvight for <-ash, nml a good price given, at 479 Thin! avenue, near Thirty-fourth street. Please call or address Furniture, as above. N. B.? A good assortment at second hand Furniture for kale. Furniture.? the highest prices paid for second hand Furniture and Carpets in any ipiantliy, small lots or large. Conntry calls uttendod to; a good stock always on hand. Address 550 Hudson street, near Perry. Don't forget tho number. Plimpton s improved parlor bedsteads and other llrstclass Furniture, sold wholesale and r i U. aiso by monthly payments, at Ha Tenth street, lormerly Na tion^ Academy of Design. _ FIKAXCIAr.. OFFICE NEW YORK FLoATINO DRY DOCK COM pany, October 22, 1X61 ? The President an. I Director* have this day declared a dividend of <4> four per cut, |u?ya blu on and alter the 1st day of November next. By order. II. V. MASON, Secretary. Oiin n<\n TO LOAN? IN one or more sums? ^JLU.Uv/U on first class Brooklyn property only. Ap ply to O. A. LOCKE, 20 l'ine street, third floor, from II to 2 o'clock. ?,|P AAA TO IX) AN, ON BOND AND MORTGAGE,) ?J>Trc/?v/'/U on productive Upal Estnie in this citv, I sums lrom $1.1X10 u> $15.0110. Apply to JOHN F. CON'REY* in the office of the People's Fire Insurance Company, No. 06 Wall sneet. LOAN OFCICKS. A T 77 BLEECKER STREET? MONEY LIBERALLY J\. advanced to any ammiu. on diamonds, watches, jewel ry, plain s, segars, dry goods, Ac. N. B. ? Pawnbroker*' tickets bought. II. NEWTON, 1 7 Bleccker street, up (Mr*. CUM PAJUDFOR DIAMONDS.? LIBERAL ADVAM ES J made on Diamond Jewelry loft for fab- Mom y to 1 uin. Office hours only from 9 till liiA. M. and 2 till HP. M. Un questionable references. M. W. PLUMB, diamond broker, 512 Broadway. Diamonds bought for cash? by d. brciil, no. ? Maiden lane. A ?_) CEDAR STREET. ? OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE. xO Money adranced, In sums to suit, on watches, dia monds, Jewelry and other personal property, or bought for cash anu the highesl price paid. Business strictly c miid. n tial. L. JACOBS, Branch oQl c, 1U7 ASTROLOGY ? A BONA FIDE ASTROLOGIST.? MADAME WILSON tells the object of % our visit, elves iiur;ic charms and good luck for llle free or charge; tells all the events of life, aresentand future. Consul'utioii.s on business, marriages and courtships, travelling, Ac. This is ilie most wonderlul a? trologlst of the nge. Give her a call, you will not regret IL No. 189 Allen street, near Stanton, over the baker*-. Please pull the bell and walk right up sulra. Charge, for ladies and gentlemen. SO cents. Clairvoyance. ? mrs. neymofr's medioai. rooms are remored Ui No. lUl Wi st Fifteenth str-'et, corner of Sixth avenue, entrance on Fifteenth street. Con sultations on slcttness, business, absent friends, Ac., and satisfaction guaranteed or no pay Dreams interpreted. -carl blas, the wo.v iiert ui Interpreter of the sleeping mind, bn* MTlted at 13 Broadway, where he will for a short time deline the thoughts of slumlicr and exhibit Ms astonishing natural power of .1*. tnrprotlr.g dreams. Terms? Verbal, Stic. ; wiiltcn, $1. Madame hakvey " can inform iier :7any friend* and the public of all the event* ot llle. II you wish tho truth give her a call at 202 Kivlngton street, n:?ar Columbia. Ladles 28c. ; gentlemen 50c. Hour* from y A. Jl. till 8 P. M. milE GREATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD IS 1 HE X young and accomplished Madame R N.l.n.', , who can be consulted with the *trictc*t oonfldoiice on i?t. affairs Of life, embracing love, courtship, buslne and , lev ncss; restores drunken and unlWthlul husbands; ha* a i? ?ct to make you beloved by your hearts ii ai, and ring* S^itherthisiong separatist Ladles 25 cents . nil men SO rents Residence N<x ?> Third avenue. above Twelfth street A ? SULLIVAN STREET, NEAR BROOME. ? MRS. H. 4-0 ROEDER, who Is acknowledged to be the only lady in fhiscltv who truthfully gives information comeming laws. i.Vlts journeys, absent friends, love, enurtah p. mar: i ge, health wealth, and Is the only person who had the genuine Roman nnd Arable taliamaM for love, good luck, and all bu siness affairs, and are guarantees for life. Remember her residence ? 15 Sullivan street, near Broome. PASSPORTS. LL PERSONS WISHING TO PROCURE PASSPORTS um. mustapply In person, at the office of tin- l'? ledMa'e* passport Ag nt, ::4S I'me s n-i-t. Passport* *re 'ivi n l ive of cha'-tte on producing the necessary pa, ??:?* for tbe .?atu. . OS CAR IRVING, Vailed State* Passport Agent inthui.iy of New York, appointed by the government. A RAILROADS. TTt'DSON RIVER RAILROAD ?TRAILS FOR ALBANY, f~l Trov, the North and West, leave i t. ambers stru t At 7 and 11 A. M , and 3 5aud 10.15 P. M.. VfEW YORK, HARLEM AND '.LBANY RAILROAD.? JLN ? . ; . 'ue it ? Kxirrc i .mi t \l anv.'i'roy. North hi . W a, a.'-s J'WI tly- aSlh M s'.i lou at 11 A. 11. Fori i. . d triu. i- ? ii.-. . UN BURCKlUt, At*. . ''.ii Sup-'rintcndi lit.

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