Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1861 Page 3
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nO^SE^i SPjtntM* ?tv., TO LST.^ J B IVsBV CITY, IB W HOLE OB f t*ie modern Improvement#; will b? let *? minute*1 walk or th* ferry. No. 1C7 w MniDitUiii st? BMr \y|yMi Inquire ne*t door. AW>".W, DESIRIXQ A SECOND FfcQOR. WITH Vl ./y convenience and all tin- comforts ol ?boms, in * llr'1 house, and very desirable 1' cation, near Urate S'i." V-h, f .u b<.tr <4 such a one by addre.idnfc Huffman, box *><BPna>o<M. APARTMENT* TO LET-IN A NKW FIRST CLASH tenant hnuw, No. 12& Biiillgloti street; Milt* or live VOum*, OOM lining g"? ?in il'ruioiuvuli r. Apply toT.URASEB, Agent, on thu premises. t BOtTSTON STRUCT PROPEMT TO LET OR lease.? Il i? uu extra large four story brick House, 26i7A <!'?* 25jtllV>) feet, in complete older, ue?iy papered und Hiited; has water, |as, Ai ; tbe location l-i very desirable, tig ouly onu kilM'k went of Broadway. Term* very lavora blc to a reapouniUM tenant. Apply to I'll AS. E. XI ILLS, 34 Cedar street. A LARUE N I'M HER OK SPI.EXD1D Ft KNISHBD Houses to lot, at w ar prices; many of them on Murray Bill; also, over iiO mil m ulshed. TUe b it in tit l.-t < ny In rent or have rented houses <r -tore property, Is at K. 0. BISHOP'S, 144 Broadway, store ftoor. A WIDOW LADV WOULD LET I1 Kit HOUSB, FOB JL ttisbed, or a part of it, to u small family; rent to lie taken In buyd; it l-i pleasantly situated mid bus all tbe Bin 'li-rn mii| retnents, itud Is oouvenieut to enrt. Apply at 23.1 Auelpli.a hU'vot, between Laiayetle and Ajieene avenues, Brooklyn. AT HARLEM -IO LET, A FRAME BUILDING, NEAB. ly new, on 10"th urcc, between fcecond ami Third avo. Bute; |V rooms, water and gasplpi s. A desirable and In ultliy lautUoi Apply ui J. WOOD, nut i h to. 1, between Scteiid an 1 Tbl il avt nm ?, or 2JU Greenwich street. A pleasant second storv to let, in a first class hmnt, containing all tbe iu Improvement*. Board u Kb tli? family, or private table, il desired. Terms medcratt . A few day bourucrs also could be .e eo.iutiotlaied, Ijo'-aiii n 77 East Fifteenth street, bet'.reetl Ii*vlnj plate and Third avomte. A Ft KMSllED ROOM AND BKDKOoM TO LET? TO t;etlier or Keper.ite, w/ili 1<11V. Uienee for houael auplOMl al-na l uruiehi' I Parlor and Ueiir. oin a tael od. Teriua mod erate. Apply lor thruu tiu^a at No, 1 Stauten atruet, rornwr el Bowery. BAl'TIFUI. FURNISHED AI'ARTBBMTS TO JUET AT T''a, 7I? Broadway. ( STOItK TO LET? SUITABLE FOB A 0RO J eeryorditw lore; also, lour Pilu, %l.\4b feet, at a lew real. Inquire ol ilrn. EABTOJf, I4H TIilIki nsueet. FIWD3QED HOUjHC TO LET.? TO IdiT, A stoop, elegantly fnrnlinPtl lion" , for ??* ?r twelve xiontha. to a private famiiy only, at $I-J per montb, Uieau-d In Foai teemli hln el, near 'EikIiIu avcuue. Imiuire ef Uo BEB ill IRQ A N, Ko. 3 l'l?e :lreet. IjlURNLSUED HOUKE TO LET? A SMALL PRETTY ' Ibwe (fury br'uvri Ktone House in a ftrht sir*"t; a portion of the rent will be taken out in board by tbe !mly ?Wlilllg It. Aj>ply between 9 ami 1^ o'elovk A. M., at 1(M Wt fet Forty ftiurtli ttrei t. Bent until 1st ol May$.V0. Furnished housus to let at yo.nkers-cou tain n; t\u Ivr Room*, fully furnished with . verytiilni; eemplete lor bouaekeepiug except linen and t U-er. Rtnil 9V !?? r month. For particular* apply at 'J.u lir atdwuy, freai ltt to 4 o'clock. B Handsome KJuxianEu house ro let? a hand some t'liruldbe l IIouRe, situated at 42 West Thirty-**, veiitn street, to be let luune.lui'.ely, by the yt ;.r, fi;:ll yearer month. It In a Tory elecant Eocllsb l<aaement, with tow wao 1 Fui nltinr, and nearly new. Appltau ion oan be made daily for furth r particulars un tbe pieniim u, from Ml o'ttuek A. M. to S I' M. Larue furnished house to let in brook lyii? For a term of yearn, with xtable mid kshIcii u' tMhed, on ne ?cu iieaat oornrr of Clinton lunl Juralenum ?ireelH. Tin Ixiom- 1m ltnir siorirs in height, with all sxtiua MOD three Hio.-lex li'.ijii, and u cleitautiy furnislH'd; bssana aad water; en tbe nrtl Hour are tlirne Urge jwiilorn and a dining room. Tbe ft tnation ol thix pn>| erlv, being 111 tha ahotee part vf the rlty, is jelsrlre.l by nil who kntiw It, awl the garden Ikih fine var.etKJi irf the different UiuU of fruit trees. The premifen will be let enly to a p:l?ate fiuully. Inquire of JOHN ilASUETT, Bi Wall htnei, H. Y. TJABT OP A HANDSOME BROWN STONE HOUSE TO i lct^No. 31t> Levtiu^ou avenue, lirst above Fortieth street; Be Hwvond Floor, omibibting of three n oius. with tluiude lers, elowis, drawcts, hot and old water, privilege ef bath room, wash tubs, cellar, yard, Ac. Can be so?n at any Italic. STEAM POWER IN OKEENE STREET? TO LEASE IN How 'r.iV Ilur.tllngs, 42, H, iij, id and CO, blot k from Oan ?! and Broadway; rooms with every enijv.mP n ivin bolst, Ac. one per tent. Apply on the premises. SPLENDID AND COMPLETELY FURNISHED HOUSE to let in Willhimsburg until May I, Ibbi'; near R?ofev< I tiki Urun.l ftreet ferlios; eoliln'n ?? all t;ie leru Iniprov . ?ent*. Apply nt 2b Hamilton pUce, clymer sliiri, a lew deerd from Bedford avume. rno LET.? DWELLINGS? NOS. fi AND 29 ST. MARK'S 1 place and 4!? I'rtnklln stivet; furnished? Nos. 9 Latay. cite plaoe and . 1 University plie e. , Wiiiebonres ? 14 Broad street, 12, (4 ami U New street and 111 lire, nai'li street; ?teres ? No*. :i4W:irren streit, corner of Church, and I HO Waelnngton sireet; 1 .-fffts? M Cot tland slreel, S'J and 10 1 Oreo awTch strm hiuI IV^ui Rtrtot; Upper rJoorn ?>t Br?a?Iwuy, corner of Konrib ?trt;8t, wn.l n xr tm Lafayctl^ tUice, fts4 *h I '47 by 45; Office* in No. G8 and 70 W ill Ptr?*Vt, .5 cw tre? t un<\ 3 HowIiuk Ureon; Van:? uni IjOIh? Nom. ? Miirkeuicld, 32We?(, nun 52, M, 5G anil !?H Wn>hin^toB ?Ireet. Apply to JAMK8 CRU1XBUANK, 55 BroaUway. LET?NO. 13 WASHINGTON PLACE, SECOND bio *k from Broadway. Uuuhr in good rcimir; rent low a privaU'. family. tpo *P0 LET? THE SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING! OF TWO X rooms, lluvo tadroMn, an.l baMjmeut o. home 139 Emt Thirtieth Ktnvi, uma Lexington avenue: mis and Oroum ?M?r throughout; rent to the of M..y $tUI. In |ulre >t( Ebhi Tw I'niy ? mn et, near Lexington UN eiuie. rLET, FOR SALE OB EXUHAN'OE? THE El.tSUANT four tiliiry blown atone Hotii-e 2?i Wet Tliir'y-'.ourih ?treet. Imtiiidiute pimgeaalon Street luo I'rct with1. Apply on Hie premise* urns per bill. TO LET? FOR STORES. SOCIETIES, RESTAURANT* Ac., small (tons ill 48 Tweiliii street, corner buaoincnt ?nd (Ivtuii'H; u!?o s cond lloor corner, and other trout itoonix, ut BIT uml 819 way. Ui'Bl I >w. JOHN S. IvfcLhO, 6a WUllnm street. TO LET? THE TWO AND A HALF 8TOBY BHICK Iloiiw: aw Scherm .morn mieic near Power* ?!?' vet Brookl.n. It contain* eleven rontu*, h ,n iiutcrntij ;:a?, ami In convenient t i three enr routes. Can l>e aeen ut any hour. Ap; ly lo Mr. F1SI1ER, 106 Wall or 11 Powers atree'., Brooklyn. TO LET? A NUMBER OF J.AROE AND MEDIUM House*, in the upper part of the city, principally in the Kiddle and west rlrie. Ainu. * number til .Stores oil buidiiea. arenui'P. Aluo, a III r _'C Store and liuacment at tbu junction ?f Broadway, Seventh aveune anil Forty-second meet, 'J8 feel front li .. nbout Lis leetdce.p, the ?tuiie? over the mora feeing tl i toil up lor a hotel In connection with the adjoining kaildl n?s. A^o. a number'?.' d'fdrable parts of Houses. The Above Houses \\ id be lec very low. J. W. DKN HAM, Eighth avenue, corner of Sixteenth street. Offtcc open from mornim, til} y in the even me,. FJV> LET? FAVORABLY LOCATED, A PRODUCE, OR JL Meat Staud, in tiw, vicinity of Washington Market. In* Hpire of D. l>. STAR1N, at the toot of BaicUy an vet, on the TO LET? FURNISHED, IN TWENTY-FIRST STREET near Fifth avenue, a Parlor and one or two Bedrooms, with large pantries jund bath room, on second floor; will he let $o gentlemen or a small family, with privilege in kitchen T TO LET? A DESIRABLE THREE BTOBY BRICK Dwelling House, No. M West Twelfth street, between FlUh and Sixth uremic*, with all the modern Improvements. Jf?r terms, Ac., inquire at No. BU West Twellth hircet, or at S17 Fulton direct, up stairs. IO LET-TWO FURNISHED BOOMS, ON SECOND _ lloor, tilth Had room attached, in an excellent locution, la a private laiuiiy ; u rm? moderate. Apply at 158 East Tenth at rcc;, near i''oiirih avenue. rro LET? ON UNUSUALLY FAVORABLE TERMS, X the Hoiim-?257 and Itil We?t Tweiity-ililrd street; mIko 148 We st Twem.y-iourth street, in complete r*|> dr. Apply to 1'. HARMONY .S NEl*iIKV\\S <fc <XJ., No. 8i Greenwich street, or A. LKAMAX, 217 W< t Twenty-thl litniu T O LET? TJIE FOUR KTORY BROWN STOWE HOUSE 232 West 1'hlrty-t.econd street ; rent S7i?). Ai*o 'J40 and 250 West Thirt/MM?tn street, ?t A !so several pans of Houses, at low nnjts. Apply to iiOBEUr U8IIER, Jr., 163 West Tl)irty-J'on.rth street. TO L8T? THE TH BBS 8TOKT ROtTSB No. n THIRTY h> -eoini ftr?td, between Lexington and Third uremic, ?nitable for a genteel family ; has all conveniences. Reut low to May 1 ? S2t>J. .Innuire on the premises from 10 tilt 4 ? clock, or of R. KUSbELL, 127 West Twenty-tilth street. T) LET? A FURNISHED COTTAGE AT YONlCERfi, with warden .ami staWe Attainted ? view of the river to Ftaten Island ? uatil l*t of May, or longer if desired. l'o<?ea m'ion I in mediately. Kent low. Address box 25)3 Yonkers Fost oillee. i mo LET? FURJJ1RHED OR UNFURNISHED, WHOLE X or part M a Miutll Uouse. in Bio iklyn, E. D. Has tout stnd water in It: is situnted in an excellent nei^hborht od, within ? f.-w walk from the ferry and ears. Kent low. Add re tl. J. JJ., lie raid oUice. (7LKT-THK TScONDFLOO R (7ft I IE FINE~TH ilh E story browu clone House, with one room on ihr third If required. Rent vwy low lo a small, geutcel family. 172 Ea^t Forty-i)i?nh curee t. TOLET?FROti H&Vi TILL* 1ST OF MAY, A1 II LOW rent of $300, Uic *\ pie udid modern brown sim. i louse, kiffh stoop. M r ot??, water ai:d gits Jixtures to tin top, 109 Eighth firc L, 8t, liaik's plttoe, noith side. li*qtiire*on the premise *. H!() LET? TflE H-OIiSOMKLY FINISHED HOUSE, S4.1 A Wert Thirty -ftitii ?trer|, with all the modern improv tnentv. Ji will he let very low from n??w to May I, to a ^oimI tenaut. Inquire atS:?7 \ ,Thirty-lifih stre; t. TOLKY-^T 4') KI^hUlPdE flTilKET, TO A . > M A LL, genteel iautily, a Front i'arlor and Hall lledroom. pan try. with wafer and <{?*, on th" seeou I iloor, with or without Sa- k Basement, a maw Ami wife ivcupyui*; the r- st of the Sousu (wonid nKo to ei*ria;i,?;. A,oplyon the prcmi l?es, between ;h?- honrs^r 10 and A o'clock. TO . E BASEMBXt )'Al'. OF ?44. GRAND 8TBBET, hej wee: i Bow ry aj/:l t-hry *Je street, with pn?. range. Water closets, .v ? Uood Aceatioit t or business. Aj?ply on tn? pteniisos hi ,? ? Bow* rj? irwm.5 to 7 lk. U. alO ^IT-NO. Mft OHiBUEl 8UB f, BO K SMALL , fan ? Si ond FiO??r, iir#j rooms, live pantr leg and back t>*?sf rncr,; water, i*rparM t. 'ier. ashho \*ti\ nice yard, Ax. ; J he ot, er part occ upied fcy lour adtfJts. .fiuit low to a jiuitable tenanC flto lit; r?THE SECOND FLOOR ?CU' HOUSE NO. 413 .1 I'o'c.i'.ih^ 'ci, between lh' jic.vrn' aAi Seeowl avenue, Avtih !)' t ?*d ??old water and butiirix ui on Eitrie tloiir. yVpi y on i he fit"iiii?B?. 4f\0 IiBT? AN ?TSTBB KALOOIT, VRI itfifli FIX. J i. s, at 'in u. cenwn .si. fJV) T.VT- not A\n I'ARTS OF HOUSES, SU17.A ? f'li t. 1 i v" . loall fain.; ? i. 1'a: ties ? i-li.i'(t lo n1 rvt * fcire I'v e a id rtwney by ettltttig or writing. Landlord# i iln . rciinb.e t< n:n;>i 'iwi full i ; t nf v can- in" ai I tu, A. C. JUNES A ? "5 Ueeadwitj-. .APARTMENTf*. OR ESTJBE, T1IK I PPER ?Mi?e, 2?'m '".ii.'ji.; near V.;ii>:k, eoii.*4 !iiiC ??i cn-r-e .ai-ff r.triuvo smaU rooms. Toe rent win be low. WW) UMBS BOUSE v OBBKITW1CI1 AVEMUR> A lately kept aa an Engl^h Alfhcn.w and Iki.icH h^ hoiiF*. 11k It use t'H be ill ered toiuita private family Ii i-.<iiulrrd. The lent will be low, rp> l.l'T? \ PART OF A WMI>HIU> IKIUSK IS - ' . r ? :'l ?.,?????? <?. 1 ?? ? owner wh?ae fiiw'y I" Ml. 1 ? ii' r.v ctr ? t. hei >, . it rntli.mne nn,| Matkct llu' .a. k'ui' p?i ticdlai ii In^uuc in uo sture, Mil Pearl. T?,5f. not nooitiH, *<?.. ro mO~LT5T, TO 1.ET, TO TET? AT PANIC RATES. J. m\ ral lii ii m s, luiikot' Ajaurtuteula in i.o?"t net ilibui 'iin.iifc, uih.> m vi r. l anolv located r arm* lor aaU# and e ic hanged for ultv prutterty; Uuueca and L?|? for w?lu anil e m h ?n"e 1 for m'tr* i | "rtjrj ?U of wb< H l? ?9??, ?* n* h: p- in" [\ ? n-3 |\u iM i* <?! th? wur. 1 >?'iu?r? ot 1th DAUjiiHSUOP, Ue-alK ..!? A,;eliU. ;tt? NiuUl avi nue, H'. tween Thirtieth and Tklrif-MI itreeta. TO LET? A RARE CIIAXC'K TOR A FAMILY GOINO tnliouieki i i iiu? a email throe inory brisk House, with nil (be lii' ru !??>.! < > . inoii!?, rn wly ;>?li.t.-<l, . ? Mm a mi I chuii H Hi 'i'd cxi m pi v w ? !?? i uituni. ltio. tuiui t .in, wiiii It >a m-ar* ?? W. Hill ? ? i ill ill u ureal s.u-i1:i. . . u? t ill pr ? .Mil Oeeup intS llie I ' .\ 111:, illf' l y. r?.| at til'' |" mic . iNj Wot FUJIV? >i lull.- IV"! . btlttoi!! K };Uili.iH<l Kilttb a vend e, ir III 11 A.'M. lill 4 P. M. rro LEY?THE FIRST FLOOR OK HOUSE MO. 84 EAST J i\. :.!? nuiili Nlrt-i ti tli ? apartment* aie iu kuuJ re. pan ; r ni mn lcr.i e and i to* .n imtnedi itely. fflo LET-PART OF A WELL K; KNISMED 8X1*0 X Hoime, \. Hii everything r'nubiilo i or Ii'iiin ke. pllitf". tlvo room", till on Mmo l!o i wlih w.iterund u^. fenm* p *r mouth. Apulv -l No. tiS E?*t 'i lurlv.'lrct ; r . I, near IVurtti uv inn-, i>r to 1'Kt.TK A TUOMAH.N^I Iln.adiv i y. rro 1 El. EXCEEDINGLY LOW- A 1-JiW FURNISHED 1 lt'i m? nt n *iii ' floor, w lb a private family, lu air eli gible ? atlou; in -uls srut i . iv m? it' denim ; tooi t- l'or i eqiilretl. Apply at 69 We?tTh!rly-eecond ?tr lit, tiireo d. oi i IV.. m tmttb av . uuo. BENT?THE LOWER FART OF A NICE HOl SE, firnlstae ,, in a ?: li. i.i.ul ultiutlou, lw..r O.'iuiai i'ai'k. App y t.i J ;:M'h M. II. u'Up; , ICsi]., tJ7& Six! . avmitie. (IJJ (1 TO $178. ? TO LEASE l''OR <)NE TO FIVE YEARS; V I " M-or il H ii-i-K, vi iaiijnli front.', and ImUi, en )? Iftyv.i.i d hiif'it, and Tenth .ml El' vrntb aii'n'n": icui $4J to (1.5 |H-rannuu>. Inqniro ol t.'ENEUAL Sl'KYKEK ?r biaatfi in, r'lfij-Uiird atrcet, uc.a Lievuatli aMinuo. SPKCIAr. NOTICES. (1ROTON AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT, OCTOBER ?, 1 IKiil. ? I'u bite notice U hemby ^Iv.-n that a I'urthcr pe nally ol' inn per Of* lit will h* iiildml 10 nil '.llU'^ll WuteV lte.ilH, on lie lbt .lay of November uvxt. K. HANCE. H'-s'lHt^r. IilEENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. ? T1IB ANNUAL } elnetlon of tin- uaw oummitt. o ui tin French lii a- .. .. .. t t-iK'iely, for 1 will UilU! p ar.1 yu Tusaday oventnij, Of W'bur K), al liall'-pant #.*veii. .'it A1 F. C'iret'8, "Ci Hroauway. A 1 the iiieiiitN*raur? Mlieiicit to atteml. F. HttODjABD, S? 'rotary. NEW YORK AMD HARLEM RAILROAD COMPAMY.? Ti'\uii ,r. r'a Oiiii'i-, tmrner ol tHmith aw uue l ?unly ??I .III Ktnvl. Niav York, Oi-Vol"'r28, lSi^l . Inu n ai t'uuponv <>l tin* J lrHl Bonds of I8<" will kr jialil on and altir Morembor I, nt iin Ti .'..Kiiri-r'a otliue. W. 11. EtlERKON, Trejatircr. OFFICE OF THE THIRD AVENUE KAlUtOAD OOM pany, EskI Slxty-ttrtb ftrw-t, near Thlnl avenue.? Tha animal eieirtiott of thirteen DlreeUsra and thrri' Ins|n rturn of Election I'oi the i iiRiitng yci.r will lake iil.n o at Uiu ollleA al' tin* t1 Miipany en Wednemlay, Nov. Kt. I'.ilU oiwri 1 la * P. M. (SAMUEL B. ISAAC'S, B"i n lary. Mow York, Oct. 21, ISfSl UOTELg. Hotel buhlkr. corner <?k bkoadway and OHitm plaaa.? Kooma for KniMii fantliiw aad gentle ai n ; alio lirm cIiimh lu<t>t-vu rani ; uiualH I."! VI'U al ull (i.itirH, I>AlNBOW HOTEL AND DININfl ROOMS. SI ANB 98 1 1 Berkman street. ? Keorna $'J DO per w*ek cr 2&? iiIn i? r nik'ht. H. iiIh lrnm 7 A M, to 1!) V. M. SmlthV Philaoel Jii.tii, Dnnlop'a Albany, Joiioa' of Now York, < lid Kurtm ihmI llirti.' llliter Ales; aim Hrowu Sioul on lap, m n itinad prloen. W. .?. >1 ii WELL. IiI?CEI.?i.WOD8. AT COISNER^S, 377 BOWERY, NEXT TO KltTll sircrl: ? Calf flltrhi'd Boota, pilinr, nt ?3 90 C?M' ?liu:l?:d Bixitx, doulilr *ok:? < *? C..lf Kiiu be.l C<in?;r<'.iu tio W m 2 M Calf Biliohod Mnlmnral", ileuliln wit* 2 7ft Peiuied B Umoralti, tap suli a. prime 1 SO P.jjKi'd ItoiilH, troui ti 2."i te 3 CU Lailtr.s', Mlmw*"', ltoya* and Oli'ldBFU'M wonr ? a wi.nplote asaortiuent. at Vw< than the U'U^ii com of nianufariare. A?RICULTURAU? OUANO.? nuns K HABOE OL'A no, diri'tt trnm the k laiala. ThlxartkUe rlunaeawith Peru Tfcui, as *liow n by aaalyata of (^imiiix ll M'ltiil. Iteoutulna ei-rtr? 1 til ra 1 exprnMlont, to win? Animonla, 8.110; fl.1 k 'ill u (a its anil phosphate ackl, 3 40; bmit pho .pliate limn, 12 75. Por anlein ba;- In (iiirikmIi'k to foil. BAS11F0RO A MOULTOK, 9.1 B.iavrr Btaoet. A MAONTFICEWT FOltTRATT OP fSENKRAI. MoOLEU A Ian, cngravfd lu g<>?t htyln and printed in lino paper from a pnouiKraj h taken ? \y\i .?-sly fur i;i. V- jfivni in eur IMzc l'a/-knt!.-R. RICkARDS a BU Nnarau ?t. MiiCI.EI.LAN HOOTS? NOW HEADY, FOB THE PRO nt.iiia'1.1 ami Held, tiwd^ <rf (*:r,itii eaK. riinmi'llfil an.l alig itor leather. ? Ult wide aiidbnav} EutKnli ?ole?. Maiia famnred by BI ltT A TERliPtfe, 1!7 Pari. row. Marble mantels? great .reduction in Vrkea. ? Tli...' wiahln/ totiuy Mniti Invery cUoau tbeakl "ill at A. KLABEK'8 Marlil<? Y.ird, 113 liaat Kt|{hte.-nth Hu' L, mar 'l' . .ivtnur, .N "sv York. OriUsra lrom the eonntry executed with (Ipapak'b. Marble mantels at RERl'tn?D PRUNES. An ?"*tPni-iV.' :iBsortn.?nt of ^ianU'in, i.f Vitriouw naltrmi. T'lay be found at the ware room n ol P1SUEU & BIRD 07 tu HIS Eaat Hoiialoi) stroi't. Milling.? custom worn on corn meal or Feed attended t promptly. Bopml'i* Ml ! for wile. Li^'iit ltoom?au>l hu nm iVw.r let, i r: i a piod'mlller want, el, at Mills turner North Fir*l nndl'Hir.l Kirnela. WillianNt burg. full al I'.iy 1'hlrd atreet, before 9 A. M. or aflei 4 p. M Novel, attraction at oa\tret..l s. LADIES. ATTENTION. BOOTS AND KiloJir. AT WAU PRICES. 01' It ElsT OK PRICES. I-adles' Itilmnral Knot*, Mm winter favorite, an- (olil at the low prloe of two ilollai s ami lifty ocutb? a dollar lefts than the nsuul charge. TjuiIIpo1 OontreM f>a Iters, at one dollar s.nd teveaty-flvo c.-iim? mi exeellent a ill mom ser\ i cable article. EadleN' Oalters, th" i lit apent article ever offered, ?re fur nished ut me remarkul ly low pi iii#L of one <!? illnr n n>l h half. Buy*', Mimes' and ''Midi- it's S h ,. ? prnp-jrlmnatciy low. Bxeellenee, durability and cheapness an the charactcrud lia of our rubric*. Visit CAN THE EI /S, 81:1 Broadway, BUween (Eleventh ami 'I welllli stria U. OTIOK TO SKIRT MAN U KACTU KEK8.? H A V INU stt;.erior fa- illtii-H fiT milium an .1 temp' rliig>:cll wire, I would solicit thi' I a'.r* am ?e lit wire worker* and dealers. I'crlect aaLsf.i'tton warranted. l'riocs to suit tlii! ti mea. New Haven Railroad on White street, room 29. 01 It UNION I'UUE I'ACRAtlE CONTAINS EAR Rlngs, Bracelet*, llroo- ln-', Mnir Chu n*, Lockout, Mourning ami Hand l'ms. Sleevu Butuuis and Studs. Agents mu*e ?I6 to $10 a day. H.-no stamp lor circular. RU'KAKI>S A CO., 102 Nassau ?t. WITHOUT IHlXKY, WITHOUT I'RICE.?THR POOR and siiffm'luff cured of all chronic and lnllaninialmy diseases tn ? few -minute*, without pain, by the new t itnh ? system ol' Medlsated Kleetririty, after 12, lit the ?.w York Elertrli-al Institute, ,V!I Broadway. Q1 ?ANY PERSON REM! TTING $1 MY MAIL TO THE yl. undo, -signed will receive i>y mum mail >?e of (lie best Rifeiau for Curling i'.e Hair, rendering It sult-and plia Mr. perfi?ctly free from dandruff, ever known; a recent dis covery. Co bo hail of any respectable di up.lxt. TiIOb A. 11ACKETT, Sterling, III. TO $kTa 1) A YCANI1E WADE BY KEIJ.INO O! R Onion l'rl7o Stationery and Reel pc Paofcm-i s, Every body wants theui. Eaoh package contains 'lb reelpea, aloim worth *1. KlCKAilDS A I'D., 1J2 Nassau at. C'OATj. CI? A E.? NO MISERABLE Tit AKH OR NO .1,6(10 TO l.HUO 1 ilia. , delivered for Si 30 or $4 40, Init full weight of 2,1)00 llrti. ''iiar.inU'ed, under forfeiture * - 1 tlie hole idll, of the be; t Peach Orchard and L'h'ith Coal in the eily. delivered in good order, at Si 7a, from yards lower coruoi ol KiimmiJ Orcciiwlch ftiei -ta, r.nd fio Roosevelt street, corner of New Bowery. MATTHEW CLINTON, wholesale tud retail uft'-nt tor Red Anh and Lebigh Coal. $5 PROPOSALS. Army bupplibs. OrriOK yUAKTEi:?*>;TKR UstTltn 8". .VTKS A rut, >, lnd., Sc|... .JO, l.'Wl. ) Sealed proposals will be receive 1 at t Is oik. <? until twelve o'Hoi k M. on Monday, tbo ZHili day of O' toiler, IMil, fur fur nlshins the following army hitpplica, dellveiublu at the Quar termasters !>e[Kit, at Initlanapulia, lmiiana, !n quuotiliua an required, vijt: ? 26,000 Forage Caps and Covers. 1,600 Uniform tioats, Miwieians, Infantry? dark Hue Ker sey. 1211 Uniform Jackct*, Mutiiians, Cavalry ? dark Hue Ker sey. 30 Uniform Jackets, Musicians. Aru'lery ? dark Mm Kersey. Si. 7 M) Uniform Coats, Privates, Infantry? dark blue Kersey. 2.6S0 Uiiifoim ,!ark"M, Privates, Cavalry? iaris blue Kersey. l,S5it Unliorm Ju kets. Privates. Artillery ? dark blue KcV ?ey. _ . 120 Chevrons K. C. 8. palm of Infantry. 21) do. do. jnirs of Cavalry. 370 do. Fir>t Sergeant.", pairs of Infantry. 40 do. do. pairs of C.uilry. 10 do. do. l airs of Artillery. 1,-t.V) do. Sergeants, pairs oi l. ifan'ry. 13i) do. do. pairs of Cavalry. 00 do. do. pairs ol Artiili/ry. 2,C*li) do. Corporals, (?Ies of Infantry. 2?l do. do. pair* of Cavalry. 1)0 do. do. I all s ol Artkliiiry. 4d Cltevrons, Hospital Stewards, pairs of, 1,910 Trowers, beigeants, Inlantrj? sk|r lii^o Kcr?ey. l.ii) de. do. Cavalry, do. HO do. do. Artillery, .do. 2,9u0 do. Corporals, infantry, do, 260 do. do. Cavalry, do. 110 do. do. Ai Mlerv, do. ],6U0 do. Private*, Infantry, do. S2.200 do. do. Cavalry, do. I, ISO do. do. Artillery, do. 61(1 flashes. lo.tsm Bin- Flannel Sa-lt Coats ? lined. (<o,h,a) Fiannel Hliirtn. nrs.iv. rs. 72,76-1 H-i'itee*. pairs of, sewed. 4,1 'jO Mi 'U, i?ur?of, sewed R-i.;-o'l M .. Mess, pairs of. JO.OMO lireat (toatn, Intanti?, totrw - JrestCnnt Strap , n -ts. 20,000 rmy Bl.mkets, wool, (tray, (with Ikt. Setter*' L'.'-C- In Win k, 4 !iie>ie?- ions- In the center), t<i !?<. 7fe?tlcng, and ft lei i! inches wi-le. t?i wcutli live. li nmiLs eaoli. 6.4W). Staide Fro ks. A.I the niiove mefienod artlcl s mn-l eonfi :m In ovary t- 1 1 '. ' ?"t...- ! "ale.W li.nilard naitsniH in tilts i;!lai . ivlw-re tin y may bo examined and addaiotiiil iiitortuatiun rtai'ivej e-'ui/nii'.jt llieio The man ttai-Mirers' %s'ah!lahmeiit or dealers' clnee of l>um n .is must, tie di'till' tiy fated In the (HoiswmJ. t'^'th'T with tie n. lines aildrcus aui? ri'sponalbllft} of tav ios jrj pii. il as sijretfc". The an 'eties w.:l firuam-itee, liiat a eantract slia'J la) entered Into \rtUca ten dara alter tbt: acceidjiw*; of saUl bid or pr.'pa-ai. Prut. ,<sls will iw reoetwi lor the whole or any partof ta< i? feiul of the ? ti ies,uii* n J? I lor. The privlle: ? J* i- si-I'Vei Jf- and for the United lit ate* of tuipan.v |it o|io*vl? that mav be deemed eiiraraji'int. I' tomtnttiice wiL -o t?' iny days alter the as -| '.in- e it the pmpojii'le, and.o'i- - iMrd oi t ie qitaMity ton nil ? -d fur mut t ho ihikvored ? ithiu one month l? laid dati d a "Jil.riee. aud the l*tn?Jiide.r ivrli! i two uKili-hsof sal-' dab* if . ; mi pr soho?t if pnn tiaible. H dders l\ |, t. ? L"i- s *? it'- in tic-ir yrop, miii the sborie l jsa: I I ! 'e . it :!i the o?ut.V)-le? 'lid fur (Mil be dti.Jvel -4 "iffi! ) y ill r j7i ,11 Lc ?ubjf i'tto iriSL-Ttion 1 y r;vorn Jo^ ft ptpnu- ,.y nltlhm i'y >U' th?* Uf JUni , \u' n: ? .ill i; .'*??? '??o'ii fiti! "try, 4. ;???*. |?l Con il;?v ? ?" ' i -t U, op :\n cmjo? z* *? f ri. 1 (><* nnnle lor nur r? i? 'ciil <y> '?'!*' v-u 'l '.it iiv .ry will f.?j i? (i u'.itli llii? i mi.; vi i ' ? co:nj}J?.v <1, whi ?1 wilt !)ff t-. the I'n1' >\ li? < ;a' ol un ilift j-ut tor i'i 1 t ? , ??< Hi'* foiinrtt' i. tV"i ' -V'K iU',! vU'l Iw f nvnkhrrt npon ? 1 \ )i ie will h?v .l^rml la.u (to , ,rfc' i!< . ' ' P* ? '-'lit- a.-my A MONTGOMERY* auU .vJ muster, U. ti, A* OOAKOIVO AND 5 >DGIK(J, AT a WF !' KOl'BTEKKTn STBBV* 'uETVfBBN i i. lu .ijj' ?-> x th iv\ ?;m ui h , lurge , Ja*4^ i.f? ) . lit'W i ii r < i ?]? i PnrW* and Bedrooms, wit p ,,n iu ? K-omd and third u^'W; 'ilt modern Improves, ?? V, ivrerom o* exchanged. A N.!'KY SI IT OF BOOMS, AT 51 KA?T I'^mtrj^ tlrt'fi, uramer ^ jark, to let- to a MinUi1 ?i i ?OulfcThcn, wilhoi.t b? ar<f; also single Rooms, with Breakfast 1/ required K? Tenures ?<\e.haug ?1. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FUil Ui*hi il- .sin Ic Roof; to i ? nt, v -iii; bou-?? in>,; tonus moderate. Apply ut a V> e.,t ISinili ?U? t, Iicui Filth uvv.nue. A T J, 125 AND 1,12ft B IOADWAY- HANDSOME SUIT Of ul K a u.e. with private tubin or table u'h >>ir; u)m>, Rooms ' ? r - nticm-n, v ,;h iit ui ?1, b?-iu . n T?v enu-tifu: an 1 T a i Ui) - sixth strut is, near Kii'ih Avenue lion I, A SMALL PKIVA1E FAMILY WOULD LET A HAND i'V " 'inely luruuLed Boom on the second floor, with Beard, to ii n il- gentleman ( r a gentle, nun and ioswifc. The worn contains hot ami cold water ami ^aa, bath room adjoin ing. Atxo uu entry room an tbo third floor. App.'y at JWl Lexington avenue. R dt r io cs ivquiiixt. A ka.mkrican family would let? with hoard, jl\ olio or two Ro^ns, handsomely luruishcd, on second tl?'or, to i? de*i?able \ avfv at a moderate rate; location d? aira b: . AjpJi at -16 \\ u?i iliirti -tlrat street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue. Attention is called to those living in ho tela uo<t boarding housea.? -There is an estubiiabmorit ?pened at HO Muut.oiiyal street, the rooms being laid out in Knit and furnished with everything mvest-uiy tor house keeping., in order that a family may have a complete home ami L i\c ut an incotiueivabiy low rate. There in a restaurant attached. A HERMAN FAMILY. OF THE HIGHEST RESPECT A bhitv, wilt let a lew ph a*. nt U, nana, with excellent Hoard hiiu the c. mfortN .?f a home, to {.;entlem? n t r grntie U)- u and their wiwk; tho hou^o has nil modern improve inenui; lotnoon in Ninth attx*et, between Fifth and rfixth avtmn.'a. Airily at No. i Barclay fctnet, in the baM^n- ut. AT m M.Nill hTKKET, A i-EW DOOItfl WEST OK Hroadnuy. ? A Suit ?>f i<ot>uii), with Hoard, eonalatiitjj of l*ari. r, two Bedroonia ana batiiroom. Al?o aiuglft K<Kj;ua. Tli bibioi reieri n- en given auu ro^uirvu. AFU1VATK FAMILY WILL LET TO A PEW SINGLE j enUemen, or gentlemen and wivra, Rfxnna w ith boant; tUoae who jni/a- home com tort h will do well to pplv ai #> East Kb v truth street, b? tsveeu Second and Thiid uvenueai relaieneeh r<K|Mired. AFKKNU! FAMILY WILL L'KT S i.Mi: NKWi.Y l l'U nishe?l U'HJCis wiihfirat el Board. Anply ut N#. 10 Welt Thirteenth fetr?ict, near Filth avenue. 1'rlre mod' ia^e. A SMALL PARTY OF UKN'iLKMRN, WILLING TO j ay UtuMatlv, run ba??? fmjr or tne Hooiaf, furnihhed ?r lmhxrnUbed, in an ele< inL large houie, ?'i? itimy HtU? accuj ied by a tfirictly private tamdy, ho will fnrniaha s. p rate a<4e, ami th?> atu n ianve uf lirat hv.cvuihh ' ane #. the parlors '-an 1>? d uaa private ?ird room. Addveaa, wili) real name, KingKford, Herald eltice. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAYING THE FIRST CLAM houae 'SI W?^t Thirty -eighth ntreet, will k? t, to u gentle - iiiuu and wile, and two or throe geutleinen, line iai^e Ho nna A >? ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, A i.SO A LAKCE ROOM J\. on thiid lioor, all tleguntly lurnia)i?<i. lo let, with liour-J, k> iamilta> or /-ingle gentlemen. Reiereuacu given and nyjuhfcJ. Apply at M Went Twelt'th wtreet. AT NO. llti WEST FOUKTEENTil STREET.? TO LET, with Hoard, the entire Second Floor, three r?uDiH aicu niuoijaitng, < n hinu* ?r single. Abo Rooms mr single gen. (Wreien. lteterrmeH ixcbuuged. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN COOD STYLE in A modern atone front house, will let u Parlor uixi he#. hmui, with Boanl (ilre, gas, eioael-, *te.), U? it single geuik> ?nan ties. ring a eomtortable home. Terms moderate. Ad drass Tweuty-aoaond Street, box 1U IK-rakt otllae. A GENTLEM AN AND WIFE OR ONE OK TWO SIK gle genrl-men may be nea^mimodated with pleasant Hooms, withor without h iard, at 42 West- Fit teenth aircet, ^eHveen Fifth and Sixth avenoe*. Itrfereucca roanired. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN HAVE A OlfOWHS A of moms, witn or without k'?ar<i ; alao a nenn lor a grnUesuan; no bourders. All modern iuiprot* um nts: tarn mi moderate; bnaUnn quiet and aeiitml. A]?ply at yitvtiroi m\ between Amity and Fourth streets. A NICELY FURNISHED SMALL ROOM TO LET TO a gentleman. Kcnk$fc 25 p? r week. Inquire ut No. WkJ Pritxu; an eel. Apartments, with or without board, fur. uiahed or unlurnlslwi, MiDtablo for a family, Mtigle gentlemen or bidk's; a<?uvetiient to<?rs and ntuites; hi ><ktii house. Apply at AO W oat Wufebington >ilacc, a iew iloora west of Sixtli avenue. A CHOICE OF NEATLY FCRNISHED ROOMS TO let, with Board, au*u?hle for gentlemen ami fheir wives ar slngl' gentlemen , modern improvements; reler<>nc< s ax changed, t'all for two ?<ays at No. t Secood stri ct, n?iar Bowery. AYOifN(5 WIDOW LADY OF REFINEMENT, HAVING tb<>r?muani* of an elegant housf*, whties ?*? umai with wh or tw?> gentlemen in referenoe to c? in).lej,B the. fnrnlahioi* of a bouse. Address for three days A. i*?araa!l stadouO., New York. GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK TWO SINGLE GEN, ? ?. tie.tiM*n, may obtain a pleuwini second story with large pantries ;?nd bath attachnd, on moderate v tins at fvi lisst Twentieth street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROuM TO LET-W 1TH Board, at 2(i Vestry street, corner ot Hudson, to a f imi ly, or three or four quiet gentlemen; bom;: comforts to La h id. GO per week. A lady would b?? accommodated that Wjould ie;u.n a little girl the piano in part pay ; rofereneo given mi I r*'qutred. A A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE AMERICAN FAMILY will let, with fia&rd, to pleasant parties, gentlemen ur gentlenutn and wife, a:? elegant extension room, fully or partially furnished, very detlrnble; homo tt?>t elass; 21 Went Twenty -iiratsireet, mar Fifth avenue. References ex changed. \H1(<ULY REFPECTABLB PRIVATE GERMAN KAMI. ly, without ? hild:eii, < ecupying a tlr^t t hi*s bouse, will let a choice of handsomely furnished Kooms, with l ull or partial Board. Apply at 4* liiibt Bieecker street, near Broadway. ALAR'.E, WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO let, with gas and grate, bat h, Ac. : t< rme, $3 |*;r w?ek. Al->, ft small Room, with water in, $175 per week. 1,275 Broacway, soutbwi:ht corner oi Thiriy-tourth street. A WIDOW LADY has a LA MB, EAJfDBOHBLY furnished trout Room, on sreond floor, to let, with Board, to a lady or gentleman and lady. Thlrty-lirst street, between Eighth and Ninth avenue#*. Modern improvements. No other boarder*! taken. T.'iw moderate. Address for two days Mr.-. Nicholas, station K. A FURNISHED SECOND STORY FRONT AND HACK Room to let, together or t parately, with Board, at 121 Ea^t Thirty- fourth st tret- Ko other boarders taken. Ko ja tion pleasant. Terms moderate. Oood references given and requi; ed. A61MTOF ROOMtf ON THE THIRD FLOOR, WITH Board, <mn be, h:cd by applying at 21) Washington place, near Broadway. A WIDOW LADY, VAVIN tl A PLEASANT HOUSE IN a qinetgeni>M 1 neighborhood, would like to let a Room ' to a lady and gen 4>>ma?, with Hoard for both if wished. A line addressed to O. 'C. C., Madison square Poet Slllce, m<*et with attention. A LADY OF BSSPBCTABtZiTfT AND REFINEMENT. having more room than she requires, would like to k*t two barters or a Ruftof Rooms, on second tloor, handsomely furnished, u? a gentleman and lady; Board tor the kuiy ; hot and cold w >t? r in r.oms; no other boarders. Apply at No. 58 East Twnty*fifUi street* A CARD.? AT 283 ELIZABETH STREET, FOUR DOORS Jroui Hloeeker, l.n ge and hall Re.'ins, with Board, for stogie geutie;nen or 'gentlemen and their wives; those ?eck trig plainness and ooiniort in preference to style, ure request ed to < all. A HANDSOMELY FHRNTTI1ED ROOM TO LET? IN api- >o. e house, eentrally located. on the second Goor, with gas, b?tb, A-r. ; /?; n be had with or without Board. Ap ply at Buoome street, n tar Broadway. Board.? a orntlbma* and wifb, or single gentlemen own obtain nicely furnished Rooms, with Board, at No. 6 Webt Washington p a< c. The location m very pleasant, opposite the squt?r ?. References required. BOARD.? TWO OR THREE HANDSOMELY FURNIBH ed Rooms to rent, wifh full or pirtUi) Board, in a I: re t ciHbH house, suitable tor gentlemen ami their wives or single genuemen; also, a bai l; Parlor, with pantries; early dinner; refereoei ? exchanged. Apply at 52 St. Mark's piaco. Board.- ro fiET. WITH Hoard, 1?/ CMINTLBKCBN or gentlemen and wives, a Prfrlor and ^>>.tei^i<.n on lir)-t lioor, furnished, at $12 fMirweek; also two Room.s on see?-nd llo^r, unfurnished, at $8 per week. Inquire at 402 Fourth street, near Bowery. Board m o linton place.? rooms kn sditk and single, for gentlemen ; nd their wive* .and for pinele ntlemen, also the Basement, for an ofllee, at 97 Clinton pi*r<V Board in maoison street.? two or three geut!<onen can be aecommodaied with a Jaiye furnished K >om, wiit: Hoard. Also a neatly furnished Hail Bedroom for a geiitloctan, without board, if requited. Location very desirable. .191 Madison street; between Pike rui 1 Hut.;"rs. Board way he obtained on Brooklyn llel?kt|, by applying at :it? WiiU.w sliest, for a gen lbs* t and s>iie,m* single gentlemen; rooma plen#u?nJ; house has bath, Ac. I/je.ivion very d">iirable; eonvea^ent t ? either Wall or Fulton ferry. Dinner at six o'clock. Heleixnceb cx Chang d. Board wanted? for, wifb, child do Jr years - aud nn?s 'girl, it? i pood fo?a'a*u. 'lernvs, ineluJing iX e and $r-J0 p< r aunum, payable moetl-lv. No objection to Jersey iMy, R'-ten-ij. -u cxeHaw^ed. Ad dress tor twodayp, Mii'on. Herald oilice. "HOARD WANTED? BY A YOUNG i.ADY, UN THE .1 west si te of the cUy, beiow went) 'th t?trei>l . a sqiterx* Room, with jviuty. in a'l.ouse with njofb ro btipvox o-nts, and i/ood d. 1 e; '??* not to < xceed |5 per week. Ad .rens, Willi p .-irtkMilsny, A. D ? t?ox 175 N. Y. 1 >st tll- o, yi m j ale. Boarding,. -iiKM'U Mi.N and their wvks or alnx:** renU' men f%un le* aecoinmodated with ;:ood.B< vrd, o;i ne o r. I*- lerm/t. atN<?. MO Ninth ? n ot, neaJ' lir^udway. Dinner t dx k. a 1?? ,;e Parlor on Lrnl V. cor to let. Refevem?awvMjhai<-;e4]. pO UH>lN<; ~dX? LfciT ? A Fi RNISHEH PARLOR AN V .iJ li -ti t ? iy.ti. he ./ I ? ! yf front, to ;? ivn'lef . y.:t i wife, or te o Mtiglo genUe/oen. I> nti'Tflt stx P. M Re terejuvs 1 exrlu?ng *d App y .t 109 V.'c t Tit?rt??enth street. Board wantod-by a obntleman ani> his wir.- in a : t v private, family, the ?.;:??;< Ifer I- u ' a genteel lo ality, good narbT bedrotun. ut ei#v ftiri^sh' ? , j gjkK, . air, ck U'- o# t.?. ' ' ifdisp n;?tbie. Puvs !:i!do ferr? t, lor u <h be will pay $60permon?lf Advlress !>,, btix .1,101* Post oUb B*ARD WANTED? HY A LADY, IN A PRIVATE FA MI- , v urb -a din;,' lv>ua, ; uu lies iw p?a:i i by on mpi - ved ! lo -tbfH', a3 t)i!-b; i?- }?ui-"pe <c.- It M e-'-.-n; t!w, | Jfistruetioo . iv < ii part 4-ny, ur $3 50 f-'r Ii ).?r v. juj \

tire. K. 1)., 11 /aid oilae. for V,ree days. 7>OARD WANTED? BY A KAN /l;0 WIFE IN A j \fi e.,l?>r ate fa* ? iy, wi!u rt wi 'ew pi*' e ':???!. Address | 0...' ? ,..Jt i-tt.'ilU avej.n. , giving *nd Cv ! p:i; .'i.-u^r ?. j BJlOOKi y*.? PIIiST CiiAKS 10C0 H MQUATION FOB j iv., i ;piiU?roGti,ofiiai>nttotj::iu "nd wli iu ;. ti> rn I koufo, lievuij! h?'. nni cold w?t?r In .ill t'i.; b ,th ri'tuij, .?c. iii mwni fix i*'oimt,>u?l Csrma ni xlu uu-. Ap ply ?l IMOfewi street. | IIP )OJ\I.TW. ? TO LRT-rilB rilR'.B --T >RY ltu r.VX I ii' I. r-v 3.'0 !! toy ?!r n', lie-" Union, oomaujlng bki'i, ig'ua, iixi .rM.ii'. Heat low; insulin cl U. M, 3ijL- I UuiU, vu*. Ii \ , ICS, Air, Ul Viii tiiAii, iM iiiVJ*S*.y. B f iUDJ NO v\l> IiODOlN 3"> K ' OKI.N N'. ? -TWO tint Ir> P.OO.MS TO I I '10 ) n 11, >i c, .vU.iuut luirunl H 1 wit IB ? Jil" I'l.t i. ? i'i'i .t t,. lit) I i i n ait I W .ill NlliVt I r ri^H. Anjil) ?i i Clinton mri'.'t. ttr>? klyii. BROttKI.VN u? lAItb ? VI.K t SA NT' Y FIMiNIHHKO itoui'! ? tun! >11 i U ?:tn.< to let, ?Hh II . r>';? omnia bl-Wuv I'ufitni, .1 riMf, nri I w.Hilli thi ?' minutes' v ilk i-l -<1.1 .?? Willi (iiw.-t f? rv. Awl* at ?>'?> Oardtta ilr.-cl, Km klju. ROOKLYN C.F.N ri.KM AN AM) VIFB ami a li n' i,v uu nii'it < an 1 ..4 tlu- Miutifrtx a Imam imiJi mi Am in t'.iu.i, , , 1> ,i.,. ,t ; ti r.n- . i' e, i.'i'a linn iti' li ? ; . in. n i.: i .. i, . . .. ?. A hi hi ?>-..!? ut. BOAl.Ii IN IKtOOKIAN? OSK l'I,HASANT FRONT K.h ui, luraiklitj.i in iiului'iiikliKil ; ii u.i Mu hull Itou.iin, <n '!>?? <- "I It II .1 I I ii m Uy ; (>;v 'i In tin- iiouw. A| y.y lit 77 )'Uuii>ii i>t., ouii ilnur ir .ui lavimjhtun. I' run hum.. ?i<i. Board in bi:,>okl*,n ? a fkw t;fc.vri.Ev. i:s can l"' II'.-I'IHHII. I.. . .( V, ll Ki.U'4 Hi i ll I I! It all' iti)f)II.? III! ivakuaaah t >rn.s, ill 11 Nii-"i?ui 1.1m l, l.i-a ill) lis.' 1 ID 111 Wantl iuiitou ? ii i t. It. u ri ;..'i'?reniiliv4. Board in Brooklyn. -a oisntlkman and lady, Of t?u sir, u li' n Iill. uirii, i ii l>" arc'ifi i tml it .1 .1 H "out ii'i'il 111 a |'i I'n'.o l..lMily, utllilu u vi- mum i" '..ulkni' ruiVii lrriy. Imiiiit at Unit |HHt si*. Api'ly Hi N >. it Llt^b ?lr.?'t. B OA 1(1) IN b RoOKLYN.? A tiKNTLKMAS AM> WITS 1 and one or two si'Kfio Rem (emeu e?u llnd pVnsant iiOoniN ami fc'o<-d |l..ard in a private lamily, within niteen f.ftjiiu walk c.f tfomh fairy, and .onvenhut to all the tcirien by Atlantic street ?ari Apply at 23'i iicr -fn auvet. Dinner ;;l #\\ K. BOAKD IS BROOKLYN.? HANDSOMELY KUKMKUKD Roomw, on M'HiDii ami Ihlrd Moor*, with tioiand c>d , huh, it] a tlr^t elites h >iiho, WilhlU thrcr minute,*' walk of the S ferry. Su't'iblo lor ; jji'iulriin'ii, ^fitk'iiu n aitti tU<-.i wlv? *?. UD'A^piioiiablti, Dlmu-r i?t hult'-paKt h\\. Ap|>'y ?u iH r<iu^r<\sn bt: ? ? t. BUAUDIN BBOOKLYK? m OUNTON JTHKBT, BB iw?-cn IH'gruv. ami 11 inisou *u? ct? ?A uowly fura^fc kii it(M>iu> with iiuant, arr o'loriui upon to<ki?Ma:? hotiMt* tirat clans, ami convenUoit Vo ielTiu^. Kci^ rfU' K ? x< huinji'tl. 11'AlilHN ilKit h ! .N U v ST i I ? RUt A CI'.M'I.K J J ru Mi, liis .vlfo :uul ? hiUI, u\ 0 N oars ami hiicmi; iiKatinu mufttlv i;vm 1 iinl i iiniJ) ;niu tinm ict iy. KetV. ivn; ? Ht'lvt u nn I rt-ijuiif l. Adores 8 J. K. bo\ 4,^00 1*? -U Yost ulJi4 ?\ N. Y. BO AMD IN BROOKLYN.? A OBN I'l.KMAN AM? ins nvuo or two ; . M can ho ucvomuioi tatted w)ti? pit*a^ai>t Jl" <uiK and Uaarit, in a gi-uuvT prlvaU* fau-ily, ]'? f*i<iin^at Jit', lli ury I, t? ivm- n Ai antic and SUU'j ccumioK ul! the riH'dorn m?;>rovvraeiUfc. BOAKl> IV BUOOKIA.V -A FRONT HOOM TO LI T, wtvii Hoard, t ? a u;?* utlr r? >a n and vvilo, or .nv?? jont dio- n who would roniit ii^i thcr. ilotiro* raoutins itw in ?'<m n iu> provt Jiit'JiiH aud is ctoivcoieui lo Fulton ierry. Uotereinit a KkiUln d. A|'i !) at 4U Com ord itiret. in BROOKLYN -A OBNTLKMAN 1XD WIFE or tw<? hl<o;io K 'l.tU'iiK'M < au be at ?ommod?i??d Nvltb ? ph'asiiit home \u a amall piivaie family, \vher?' no ?tlo-r tKi*rdrr? a iv Mkr.n. Terms mod? i?t- . Apply at 1^6 fc'ort <;rvtn | la?v. < ? A i ; L) IN BaOOKLYB, VT07 HlOU 8TBS|t- A 6*E _ ? mnn 'ind wfir or t wo ?iiigl^ g- utK'mcn, or t\\? young i?Ui< ?. Teriau rn ^-rau*. OARD ON BROOKLYN HBIQHT8.? A DEBHtAUS ifh ( ;ind ?!?<? on lidrd floor, wiili or without afiittali room, Nvitii Hoard, may b? Imd at 1H-! ll^oiy Miv t. lirookiyn; lor tt m pl<?;i*?nt, noar KqH?o and Wall blreot ten i* K'dVr** ?????? ex?!iau^d. BMOKIiTH i:i:i?iHTS - \ kuy PfJEUJH UK Jto'?MN ?u h ?:td luuid.lrd Uoorw h? to ^cnilcnM^n aiKi tlwir wlvi'H or f?MitW*!m*n, ut No. 5 Poplar btivct, within mlnotfh1 walk ot Pulton ferry, or tight mluttU-B ol Wail (Mret't. PM.KCANTT Y FTON18HKD #B VffFORinSHED J K*o.i.~ - StyiiN'.t J-'p uch and Kin;?iKh table j iimt h ?ob< h:.u nighboihrn d; io<atk n vmraland oh^ant; Fro ii and KurltMh i*poK:-n*, rvlvrenneH wquin d andglvoo. CaHai Jso. 1 jJvm*;alon place, tituyvesant park. l^OH OKNTLKMra ONLY.? VKKYMEATTA KUHNI8R. ??d Hoomy, the ?oLifoita_ot> a hom<?, uuwy B B FUKNISJIKD ROOMS FROM $! TO $t I'RH \\VA-.K.~ ' Brutd ftn of r?xiio ih-uO $H |iorw<M k, ui tA) nils a ui;\, KIsmi ?da>? It? ih- ; ^'oo.l fcibif. Hooac ha^ all fth* i modern imprt>v? :m*nt>. Aah!ao<i IIomhc, Fturth avauiui, above Twmty-lhird street. I^UHNMSIIKD KOOMS, WITH BOA HI), FOK (iKSTLK- i 1 men and Ihelr wiNtu, or three or lour Hiu^lv (j'iiiUeinci, I who would nKiiu iii^ether; win ro the tomfortgot u Iioiim and good I .ible * an l?e. nad; bouH?? contains all modcru k?o- | provt incnts. Impdre atiS7 iWiJilcvt uih ?tn TjUJRNIKHKD KO<?MS TO LEI? IN A RTR1TTLY 1'RI J? vat' Frill h family, wUh ?" vvilhoot Ho ml. ?)?chang<'d. Apply at bl K?u<t Twrlftii street, iwar Hr?mdway. Ijll BNISUICI) ROOMS TO IJiT? WiTUO(FT BOAKl),fK> ; men only. Hoi?fc?? contain* all the uux'' in fcn provcmeutK. Apply ai 387 Fourth atrcel, between iJowery aud Bro idvN ay * - /"^ENTLKMKN DESIKrNOi A OOMFORTAHLK HOMK \T W'tha p:lv:ito family, n:in obtain piea mt, well 1'w d fCooioM on ronton; bh' U-r?n?<, by applying at 83 Went _-?econd #tr<et. IMvate table if preferred, Itete "excU.uigtd. P A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A ~ OKNTl.i; mau would like to onuMire a t;ood home, wi;h pleasvnt and Boar i, in Went Fo uleenlh ^tre? t, they wn?M to their interest >o ad.ln'PHing llome, box tlO Foal Twenty re frees e K'uitni tin t iC TONICS IIOI'SE, 734 BROADWAY. rf ?u!t> of Fat-lora. vt i b Bedroom* att.i' hed, H } t, lo ]>ai ties ol & riUetimu who wi*h lo dub toge her, at very low r.<t< h, with or witlmu- B iaivi. MRS. K. BLACK, M WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, nearly opposite frinlly ehape), ran a '-com mo date a fa mily of adult.* with Board (private tibia if ?* ) and a pleasant km i i ??f R<> ms for tho winter. Dinner at tbreo o'tloi k Re ( fivn 18 hanged. MA1H0N MKUBLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY eighth street ? Rooms, cleguntly furnished, ?>?? whole floors, with kitchen, cellar and yard. Houses new, flretelass, lour story, Mown stone Meal* turn ished. Whole pukir iloor and I a*em cut for pbysktari'* ofllee. M ANSloN HOUSE, HICKS STREET, BROOKLYN ry <4r*?i r.?.#?i?* Rooms, with Board, iorfamihVr VflOELY Fl'RSfMtKO ROOMS TO LET? To A LADY J> ami goalie man, with Hoard for Die lady only. Apply fit 132 Spring street. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN I'AK BE ACIOMMO. dat?M wi'.b welt furnished Rooms with gas, bath, .to.., with or 'a Itbout Board, on s?" <n<i floor: no boarders or ?? 1 1 II dren in the hoofi ?; is a strictly private family : beat of ivter cu?-e given un?t required. Apply on tin; piemlae*, 107 Forty fiixtu street, between Sixth an l Seventh avenues. ? EAD ? $19 PER WEEK FOR A HANDSOME KPITOF \ fnrnialo d Rooms, lo let with full Hoard to a family ; the front room Ik (he wtdih of the h' use; i?hnty of lar^e ?'.osets; licit and *>ld water: the back room )s large, with pan tries, Families wottb! do well to call before engaging elvo where. The foom* will be let sepa rat* ii desired; house first eias*; family crnill. Call at 1<>2 West Twenty-sixth Hrsct, ik*#< r Kit: L f Ii avenue. MNGLE GENTLBM EN WISHING ROOMS, TOGETHER II 8 ras and every aerorniuodation, ?t moderate terms, at M4 Voirth street, opposite Washington square. Br?akfu.~it at jrjy hours for gentlemen whose business require it. fTO BOARDING UQVS E KEEPERS, AC. ? MR. WHIT I field v late ot St. Paol'a Mi^iumO hasopened an oMre at If a Christopher street, corner of Greenwnh avenue, near JeilVrhon mark* t. where parti# in wsiitof hoarders, or hav ing r< 1 m.- to let, < *n i?-n i.<ter their names, & ??., on the pay ment of 25 .. r, hb h will stand good for one month, and etioiild Mr. WKilhoki sueveeu t!a*Ji an rxlm 25.\ Will be ebnTgrd. l)om -file wrvant rnpplied free of charge. TWO KIHTS Ol' LAKOE ELE? ANTLY FirRNJ.SHIil> K?hiiui>, fronting on liroaowav, containing ?<1 tin* tnoderM e ?nvrn!^nte>, to Wl, with or without lull or purtial Hoard. Abo liuoinN lot' -fflttftrle ^ nth'tnen, on uncotumonly mod*- rata trrnic. Apply ?t fiO BroaJway, rilO LET-TO GENTLEMEN*, VERY COMFORTABLE 1 *'nrnlNhed Rooms; breakfast in French or Kn^iiieh styVo w.'j i e.i in t he ICooinn; rent'modurute; reftn hitu r-'onirad. Inquire at S23 Fourth street, we?t aide, and one biota Broadway. tO LET? TO A SINGLE OENTLEMAN, A HAN l>?SOME ly f'nrnished I'arlor nnd K"dn;om, with hatb, on md ttuor of tl/e iiint tia?< dwelling, No. 5 Great Jones * f., near Lafayette place. R?*fi'rcnceH e\chan-,?d. T 1 MONROE RTKEET, CORNER OF CATT1ASUKE street.? Fumiahed Reoinn to let, to small qn>et famj'ioH, with fa< i itl?-8 for onomicai housekm ping, iricludlog 4,'.ia, Ci oton w ater, ?v?*. : aUo Rooms for single c utlcincn, with or without Hoard. Terms verv rnodcrato. (J.-J TO $1 SO EAOH PER WEEK FOR TWO OENTStiB ?PX men, large i'urn.slo-d Rooms, ^as in< stone from; pleasant loeation; private family. liupiine i? t 17 S?. LuKe's piae?*, L* roy iHreet, between Hudson an.i H> > - ford streets, Dentist. 8 NEURON VIJkVE? BETWEEN WAVERLEY PLACE ami ht.hth c-r r? ? t, one block west, of Uroa lway, a ;ur i ishc-i K- ? 'in to U i to a jreit-tleman sn-1 wife; full l)<?tir<J lor lady, and partial Jbo u*d for geni.jein?n. Al.-o, lurniti.rd Rooms, wltnost board, for e?ntletnt?n. 17 \vr;.-T TWE -TV SIXTH STREET. - A L 1 I family, occiip?jj,^ a iirvt elafs brown stone feottfte. woi;M I t a iVw nAt ly he?l Rooms, with or with<nui board; central locution, ' a few doors from Madison park astl Filth Aveu c H? t -l,aiul convenient to four ? tage route#. *J1 WASHINGTON JPLACB.? FIVE OR SIX YOUM O i ge?.'le n n can sihtjii'n pleasant Hoorus and good liojrd | n? \ul.i veiy desirabk u<c?iu< nee, at mo N rate rates. Apply ah or and ?.7 WK-ri' THIRTIETH STREET.? OSTB OR ! t >? ) twos e-et and two ortureo i'?*ntU oien <at j i ow l:e BMmmiO'Ju ? <i ^ ivi. Stiiu or single Uooms in one of I th*1 m f t <! h.;iitfal lo.-a4.- 'Uv. 'flu* hom- sare new and n-'w . iu: nish' d, .itu ite i i-eiv.% n Hi. i lway and Fifth avenue. , J ,.bie fiiM da* ; R' ifl?rei? ? < evhn nred. 4: o Wt:s:r TWli'.VTt! iVHEET MKT'VKKN l'li-TH I ami Klxlii av nurt.? A priniW family o.- 'ipj ing a lir?t , ?. -?> p->:iL'. 'i,ir all n-.o4mi ImprOwaflxnu. wtu fat a f.-w lia? II. 'tH ly I i'.u? his ii^wUh^ or biu:.!' , to feu tleuii I . mi?i ? akuutlt jr?' i a \ Mnirr TwiiLi ni . tusj;t-bo\i:d.? a very t ' jit front Rioiii on the thir l lli ur, room ' ii u> let wit!'. Ho ii , ?l 41 >V<- Tw.fili ?tM<t,l>? j iv n KlliV nn?l HlKth ttvi-nu#.. r 'ii(v .'xrhs u 1 i /. w : MftTr:; \ni stkkkt rf.twken Kimi 'TO mil SV .111 .IM nu . A !?' 'ri Mill UMily L.ivi: a Iiaii I ,iih' ,y lip 1. 1-. n.-d ml Imi Floor o: J< I. icjc'ttn r ur - ?< r- ?. to h i?';iil fuiOl) or to fi'l.'fiteii. with ?r woImiu il 'aril i'<m. K i . r. t. KelVrpii''"1* vxclianji*. t. Con< "uJ' tii to c i . ? Mid ?i? i p n.iXTis puoe, Ettiiini sTH-r.i/r. west or *1)4 1 'I ? ! -i, *.v ' ii J. .ur ., (w > J: .? rninfot ! (1 ,'?Mlr .-.'/V t. ! U' t r ll.o V A!: fbu i i.'j-ic, n ItU b . (lO ; U .uNE S rv "CKT, ABOVE BPfJJJfC? AT^'fON iffj Ik 1 ill''; i .1 It* i' a^t (V : r. .?'<??:? ;us ! cv ???? . n; fur h >i ?? ? iio . . I .il'.y; . irtitu!: t\jf svjic<1 I i>r enwU, p#?, elubl, 1 1 I E.< I' : "NTil } .R' T, OPPOSITB VIE J" i A' J' (;i ..if. ; ? 1! " . l.l Set, ? Kil I. > i " ! , lo i." . , - n/, in fcuJM or k ? . furtiHlicd rr liai'tlaliy I Li ul?, ?ito lurgifi mwJ v - i-y pWoifc?n( tfM 1 8m rrupci i?.cr?ucvi given aua ^ BCARDn'O AVI) LOl)'. <\U. *l.j r. i'i'T. 7 si'iVr.V, tHUd ? ' ?vkh ? Jti \u.% -j ?r uni rui . ? ? , Wi'b <i uitiutiii Moatu, tcrtu. ... ? -i ? ? ?,t i ? ?? ?4 ir><; I'll I N< K KTHKKT? *T IM UK IIOOB ili Jill ilm louviiia'uo*. for l,.?iiii. >.**?, ug ? ?. i dtluii g.i* iintl I 'iiion wtv.i.r. 10 li i m ?<? imUIh on I V. C-T M ;ti I ! 1 I.\] -"I I'niiill'i!*, i r l\\ or l! : i ?? . .. ||J?'I4 lilt l(>- lli?. M 0, liir..if*M i,i 7 '"?HI llllll I., . Al ' , I ?< ,, . lillilmi at li u , | , i, ')(. ,, ? ?' r *. ..44 h" * ?i" ? ' ? ;T; *?????? J H? anil Oivitao vtati-r! *" 718 BRO Al>? AV lla.xN imply furi,i l?-<l l? "? m* ftlti.'tl, (? li ! With II- tt i. KIN IN CI UU OFKIUB HBW Vol Ik H.OtllN.i UN IK>?"K Co* !*??)?, O. I'il>", X!. I-'I I'-' |?i. ?i.l?*??i mi>I I ? ' ?? 1 bnvit ililii tiny <ti?'Un?ct a itivi<4.*n<t ?( (41 1 ? tr pri <?ti ? , bl ' oil mil u liar U?c Ui i1j> ui .Si .i ni ??? u. \i l:> ???? ? It. V. M \ 'ON *?.. ? v t TV" AN IT. D TO ri'KGUAJt! -A I'll! ; J' U'M.AU* ?? i itli. r 111 >'? w York 15. kl*n ... Wi .., "..If IkiU It j lillitN UK VIC i-.s. 'Jilt OH ?)k. I n , pmiiou. m '?urt>, thy gamin. 4t*\ N tt tfckeu bmif. lit. H. NKW ioN, 7/ ' *. A*f J. II. HAKliJNOKll'S, 213 iiHOAOH AV, K<m? .A I,**.? 'ih:? <?!<! U<- i ?tin ?>* a?.v at. * Mm , u iHki &MTHH, it'll Ml S H (<>r " Ilbll. lIcifllH ttl?i VVu0 l'< ili*, VVh *ht H, (Mate, Optical umt *1- li ?<*< *v?iy, room 18, up Mtniiw. AT NO 0 ('It MfiSKK.*' bTRKICr? MONKY TO K0 4N TO lit))' <4111011 til Oil Ol.U.HUll ?<? Wni'ln * J * l? , Ar , If ll. \v? .1 known au-i ?)<t >r he<l l?v" AAl\ lir-oKc ..ha I'tm Jit i-'lmii,, iv\ lJ Ciminb" rn fc II -No *?'*?? tr.vovu u ii on Huturduy. A T 00 NASSAU STftKKT.? A. lION'roM VS, (If AIION I) j i hrttki-v, make lil> -mi tvlv tocc* <? ? ?ii k \V;?i ?>? ? w? li*y, til* bu> nt lull !j?m j rt\ ?? ? ili , Ui Nuosiiu hlntt, is it in j S??. 2% iu< ttUlr*. Hi. <ct* *? tuil. (^\*\{ PAID 1'OR DIAMONDS.? 1,115 J' HAL ADVAK<4E?I \ ' *mth?on DiiiiiMini) J> w?4lry k-n Mo i? y u? l *ii. OlUiv hourjftuiiljr inuuUtlll lu A. II. 2 tilifl II \ u <l?icMi'?naM- r? Uhmvmw. ki. \N. I'LUfcUi, 4Uin0iid brokt-r, 512 Br<?* MOKEV TO l.#KNP ON li!AM(?NOS, WATl'illB Jcwvlry, H.iv? i, Llry li<KKin uit<\ 1' l'i*>|4*riy ?f u!i d'^'i in'.l ni* 6o-i in i.Miy In- r? iiM-mPfl at Htiy tiw n ihil wo*- year. IMvhU' ?Jw ?J?l i m hull ?l k >r. H. UAKKAK!). 21 Thin! ?Kt AU dl'UKET.? OliD KtiT\UU81!KL> On 'fTK Mntxn* m!vam? cl, In H.-imn ?i #? tit, m w?'t?? ?m, Aim imIh, J0w??ry ami 0tl?<*r !?????' nut ppuj.wrty, 0." f^r CiA0}i uivu the lartioal |?r i? ?* Ui ht *? K>!ikt^y ? i? ? ?#0 till, K JAtHHiS. IJj U>?)| tttM, 4U7 C?OA t\(\(\ TO ADVAKCT-:, BY 11HHRY HYM AN, t? iiioudway, nwm wu \Vhi? )??*?, l>m ?? .0?Ih uml lni'VibsunliMr. ?1 ?'v^ry fwru $10 m mi Mpwan)}*. In uiuimi tnoM<ry will iio wtl 10 ?ulL IJuhiiM ss ?;rk tly 00tttlil(.u(lut. 4:^ POLITIC A?. ACAKB -KOK f'OllOXKR, HKkUY IIUOHKK, OK THE SIXTH WARD, BX-OPFMOIMtAM. Ata RKiii'Mii iubthiu ?k rem y<iii.vo KEri Il,'im? rui't A*y 1'iLion tin- till, i> wm4, h? )-! ?>lh> huiixe of 11 r. .lohu N <. (Ul U/v nwk'h mn-rt, HiUurtlity rvcniiiti, Oi!l?ln r UA, *t i niblioti. Mi'. ,l?lin l^-Ttla wnti luuiiiliu'-wlv rk ,uii O.Miiruittn, Ami Hr. Ai:v?4 IV?m S 'cr. tnr>' Mr Pi:irk k C irn-U pn-witk il ilio fallnwlBf.- r?a? li.Uuuh, iv bun, ou feeing m ini, w, -re, *o aiuiluu, nutiummif u,l >I>t,~0 :? ? K rulwtl, Tlmt wo Mil- mcmbim ?f thl? ?iw?liiLi?n, to ill, ?>!({,? o n ??-lv?<.?i> iulvui*kl.' mi-1 Biiiijuirt llm ukaUon ?!' Mr. Jim,.-* J.viw h to tli>> ?n'WM- ?f Bli?rlil nf ttif .it) an I cuiivr ? i N w Yi.rk, kiul ?Him lilm Li 111 I III,' 4- titocj'.wy ?: tlui biiklia v in il u I' I mil bo Iml, I ii ? I In rulbiij; ?|i u bwjorily (?r lilti la li.t- lui IIh i n, in r ?niiiiiil|in. ll.MiU.d, Til 1 1 In Mr. -Ihiiii-h I.ynJi wi- r,?o?-!iUi? Iho Iraa ?oi-lwr mid w io r, :s aji.n.'ii; tin- tin t t<i uO'vr bb> mi In liw luaotr^'n toiusc, bi-sulnii un In, arm kimI bunt wo -klne iiiM' timlc unit Itn- jMtor nuia's frt nd? one wli? hua l^ rn tr i ll unit not fouu-l whuiIh^. H' ?olM"l, Tb:it v/i- ii Ijonrii to ment hiTi-cn u<-!rt IV wliw*. iuv i vuiiiiK. Octoiirr "Jr.i. uu<l tl . ;ii tin ? jirna- ?'<tui;s at tbla bi'i'Muv lie imtln . ? 'U l,i Hio Wi w Yi r'; Ili-rntil. JOHN DJiVIJN, Oh.'.lrama. A i.T'Krn J. Tuiik, 5 -rn-lory. ATAMAP>? MEI.TIKG OK TlfB 1'F.oriJJ'S DK1IO J\. i-r.iitc An, o^lalli a ol ihr Tw- nn-lii>l w nil, bold ?l il^'l* ri?>in?. 5)7 Sworn! ??kihh', ?n Wwrn-mtey ?v,-iilin(, <) talw-r ill. I: ivu* ri dolt oil In meet oti Hominy rv, ulnn, O, tol*:i' '^8, nt 7Jj o'?l<nik, in urruiign n full ticket for tli" autulug alaa ttoD. By ariler of .1\MKH O'BBIRN, I'l^lclrnL W 1 1,1 I AM C. UKKUKH, Tit# PrtoMatt. I'. H'Miit.t.K?, 'fr miirur. I,. 15. .- aim, ' (I,1, ioIitIi-ii Bit. Hon r JiomiTOK, 1 B,'t rt? lrleB TvEMOCUATIO REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMIT. 1/ I" <? ? A *i?" i?l un-ctiiiL' of the above isimmHlee will be held at Mozau Ht;l en Monday evening, 3m.Ii mat., at 7}i ti'ciutk. Hi order. JOHN COCHRANE Chilrmnn. tlEORUE C. UENiiX, Vlco Ubali man. P"d m*""0*' I THIRST WARD DEMOCRATIC UNION ASSOCI ATION.? L A meeting of tlir above association will (nkn pi.! ?r at ?Id flreeiitt ? Ii Kin i t. nit Mini lay evening, October ??< ut l.alf |ihm*. seven o'clock. Th? m mbers of tlie abort?*i*ftlon arc requested to be punctual ill atlenden'e, k? af Importance Is to be transa tted. llv s.'di'i' of PATKICK FITXHIMMOVR, P?e?idc?t. I'. J. MuitRAY, Ri'?,i'!ury. IiijRST assembly district.? mozart, tavmany, 1 Union mid TirMiayi-ri.' candidate. For Member of As sembly, JOHN CALLAHAN. T7WFTEKNTH WARD WOKKINOMEN'S DEMOCRATIC r Club will hold a meeting nn Monday evening, October 1*8, at Harrington s, 3'JI Matt Kind. VAM'S McNulty, Chairman. UONESTV AND CAPABILITY. ~ " Sevcnl< ti'.ii A?ai mbly District. At an adjourned meeting of the Mozart Hull imrmlilf Convention, lu ll on Friday evening, Zitli lust., Sidney Ingruliam, Jr., Us')., Was duly nominated, and we checrliilly mi Inn It III III to the niillni?!- of t'ie honest and llltcilillriil votcra ?Utlili district. IIEP.NAKD McCABE, Chairman. Dr. Turns. FiTBiiMUij), kvcrrUiry. CJTXTH KKNVrfMllAL COS VF.NTION.~TH F. DELE io ga'es In t lie Sixlk Senatorial District Convention of Mo. ! isart H.ill are n'MMcatcd lo attend a special meeting lit Mount Hail, on Monday, October 2*, at *lx e'tlockP. M., without further a iHvo. liy order. KOBliUT BARKLEY, Chairman. SEVENTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT CONTENTION (Cooper Dnliti), In Id ?n fatunbiv evening, 0< !? tier 8B, on tins iiftli ballot Mr. Andrew Mafhewson reeelvluj ttia fci ,*o< st number w. vuuti, wan made till' unniiimoii* choioc *f this convi'ntle.i. LEVI HPRINUSTEEN, Chairman. flMlE UNION Ml'ST AND SlUMi BE PRESERVED. 1 -OKAND RATIFICATION MEETING ok Tim PEOPLE S UNION O0UNTY TICKET Ami the People * Sum- Kowli?atn>ufi, made at Syraeuas, bcpleraber 41, I8bl. ut COOPER IN>TlTl)'l E, MONDAY Jv\ENJ*Hi, O' fiber 1H6I. The pi'uplr ?. the tonnly <it New York, without diHtinctfoa ?f party, are iiiTltfd to aasianble IN HAS? MEETINO At the Cooper Inx'itnti , ?ni Monday I'venlng. Oatolx-r 28, at |.al!-patt wv ii i 'i-lnek, :n ratify the noitibiutlone aiadv l?y Hit People'* Union tJ'in vi*atlon ol tlir follow nig tandldaWH:? 41 Dlt.IARY. Knpreini- Oonrt? Tli? utif W. Clerke. BujM-rior Cniirt ? !>??* in If. \Vo ulrnil, Murray IIulTDia*. Common Pleaa ? John It. Brady. Marine Court ? llirmn Ketehum, Sr. Di trli't Atturney? Anrahem R. Lawrence, Jr. Supervisor ? Otla n Mlunt. Bherlfl"' ? Joxlali W. Brow n. County Clerk ? Jo* (.li lloxle. C ironern? Dr. EouIh Nmunann, Dr. J. W. Banrey, ,Hha Wiiny, Ed wan I CoIIuir. The following *| i hait* will a Idrcss the inentinK' ? Hon. Nathaniel Wolle,of Ky.. Horace Grealey, II' n. Daolid S. I?i' kluKuii, Thomaii Fnuu ?? Mengber, Hon. s T. Brady, Henry J. Raymond, Hon. Ita Hnrrla, Henry V. Mniphy, 1) vid Dudley Kb Id, William Curtm Ni yos. .Ja r.- ? K. Whitlow, The Union enunty men of Nctw York, without dlntlnetlna oi party, who deslr? to gimtain the giAvriiinent in the rlgo rouB lirosecutlos of THE WAR FOR OUR UNION, arc expected lo convene In their atrci g'.h, tirepamtury W ? united vovi at tli.i p'llU in November next. Tim heart of the pi'iipW' of New York brats only for the Union, and ita muni in . iaim lliat fact to (In v.o l I. WM. TUCKER, Cbalrmai. Rom i.t ItK.ATrr, ' OcorataHe* WK. C. < QVNQB, 5 rpAMMANY HALfi 1 DiSMOORATkC REPUBLICAN REGULAR NOMINA TION. For Slierl IT, WILLIAM M. TWEED. TII'iMAS W. ADAMS, Chnlrm n llounly ConreaMei. ELIJAH F. PUHDV, Cbalruiaa General CoeimittC*. ? ,L ( 'um ti^tTox' ' Secrclarloa County Convention. .1^ Il'ou'v ' , V"' } K*l l< tarlos 0' neral Committee. mini ELEVENTH WARD PEOPLE'S UNION ASSOCIA .1 t!on will hold lt? ri'anlar wt 'kly mei'hng in Kramer s llall, i?30 Third atrei.'t, thin Mondav cvetitt^;. O loivrSH, at 8 o'clock. R. L. LAWRES'CE, l'ivi-1 lntt. Entri* Stkv>irt. S-wrcbtry. mENTH A-tSEMBLY Dt.STKICT.-THE VOTERS IX J. thidili i let uill plcitae notlei* that the republican eandl eliC ?. Jo'tu if Hi Her, lives out of the district. N. B.? ).u<jk at i.he dire- lory for It4L FAIR P LA Y. fl'LUS IKUEPHNDENT UNION DEMOCRATIC CLUB OF I fie I! till' "it; Elirtion dlitit t, of th? Elcv nth iv?id, *. ? ? *? .^lr. Browc'sIUi i-ia^t Tiilrtonoth street. *a Moa dav, U' i 'cr28, 1861. II' order of FRANCIS KECRNAN, Prcddut. J onx Bc ,."r, fle rctury. TTlflON PEOPLE'S AND TAXPAYER'S tfbMlXATIOX !_/ Fir-t sea, lily Hn-iili"^ oompi1?ln,T the ftr?t aad >?? eoud and paiiso tbc Thlr.l, Fourili and Slv'li ward*. FOR MEMIlElt Ol' A -sEMBLY, CORNELIUS MASS. HE. SHY 111 UK, Jr., ckairaaa. Ron M W JoeiWO.v, ? j ~ ? Tima M.'.MMitid, j ' ' QUI WARD EXC it.SIOK CLf I'.? A r L MEMBERS OF O t!i.' B>.. ?irfor Club Are reque- I to meet ut the ?l?,..r Ilivisn, . rn i' of Lr -'i'me an , street*, a* k W4ay uvoin.:, U- lo! I' -j. .:i"' H> ?r ' K VAN OllDI'N, Pr-iJ.loiii, t RANK LNAl'F, V. o l resident. ?fnns C i t, 8 'rtetnrj. Vi m. Mi ari.oaJCHr, Treas'iw r. OTli W D MANHATifiN 'CLVR.~TIIE CLUB W1IA O M I this (Monday) ut Mini, 38th in< t? at 71{ o'clock, at 2I3S. Memb '1' uc reqiii?ti"i ? I mvtn I us the i indMites lo h ? ? >o -ted by the Cluoat Hie ? ... . e.tfv.i n rtill ..c.vvn'd. I'.v oi cr. ,, MICUAEL 15. COX, Problem, Meat. ?. WiuevJ Beertbtry. 1 fttiirriwu. ?? n mm i?i tic am awfAlt A- u4 ? T?*> ?,.# ? M M * I * i>; dp ?g Ia?i *1 in.i . .,k. . ? ? . * ? ? k. ? . n a w ? J? l\ , * ? m M* # 1 1, w< s m * iwrrv ? ? * 1 w i ? i?ak.a-T^ t>. U? ? , -?? # ?' vJIwin ittav ] aiw* f ? tm 4 r*w?# ? A ? a k' r? M t|a. ? U.**> ? ? I. ? I W?t ' ? ?' . ? ?. I, | ' ? *111.1*11 IkUAk. ..?? ?. . .* i ?? I* * ? V k 1 ? t... ?, IU? ?????' HOI'H 41" j t? ??.?> *? > i II a p a.* 111 a <* ii lUj ? r .11 M ? ft <?? ?* Ik-ura I I i k < i k k ' J H.? >. *#*? I ul Vftii<<4 ?tn*?{ fti ? ? .. i ? It.lllTll i?4l I., * ri. I* ?..*.! ... *?> ?%, po* ? rmmmm *n? Iatw O" f *TI M> 1 1 \* ? Ml r ? Ti ? I a> .-4 " Mail Mfti IHaiKV V Uv. ?' .... W I ?all. fi??i f> .. F ?i Ra-..r mf, Kt>?. ai> ftknv - w ? <t I < " ?? k?4 ?? *aA A'ufclaa t ~ i i, r ?? ? i . ' ? rt. ?milt, *I.H ?"|.|M'.1I1 ?. lw. k ?? l-nal f "4 Mat< n < i ?' ? ! i.l u. Ifti la- i II v "i ? ? ?? i? j?b4 ?>.p? ibr ?*, ? Far fr?..kiai |'ii? ia> Ml*1! ?" B A HI Kl. fcl n't. I 1 ? f !.???> **< M k'U' t *?* ' I tMlMf. n* <??**.. i 1 1 l.lllk Vi.i ?ai tMaamU i T. QTF.H! TO ll\M?tlUJ HIII I l> M?- ? AH? 0 (.??. Th- II i ?nn?iw P,?.>li'..n \ ? t, Mrama l|> TI T * H T.ukr. ?wa?f>.an.k I m> Ihn I'mal B auanui will k?*? f? n | ? r k >? h r?i li?<t?f PiUM iut i R ; ' k Y H .<?> A ?( MM, far ilwiik?t? R kki g ? "? * * ' Hft ?i?, 1.oihI?i *?. ? an II rtrrtoal lit. !>??. ?? ikI *aM? ? ap'MP ?* Tka ?f tkl? Itiar will fc ia a** .. .? Ha?>>? Ait, tairr* .ki Mr I 4 ?'*!?? awl1 TV.- Vft. ma. lUianl. * HI ?????>?' ' a TVn<?r a ?< N kr?. r It M< UAhlM t i <h. WR >i? THE NOUTH ?KRM4N M/IVH" m!*?*llir MW i. *?.?' ana u. ? . rr . , ?' ?? "4 ftUktoa Mall, a IU aall ft?a> i it - .TU t>. rik " r '.? < <'k?a> bcm?:nwi, irn Bill m?AV ?.*???: n a' U ?'rl? H. ma IIKP.KrM VIA Mtl'TllAKI'Tim, hkiu nwtjtuiii uTsikj*. n a vkk. wi'Tii a t< ri^ift AkU ?i;R?r^ 1 iha Paitawiac Tvlaa .? ?Tor Ua< Aral atlAi. (MP aaand.laali n ffla. *a> ru, Far fraklil ai i'.ia?iMf? ?ri b ' nr.ljd' UN A i <> , ? h. ?.i ? ?? i STRAW TO l!l-*?W>W AVO I t I ' piol.? Tl?? Hkv>i- ? l^affti*'! a fall pnw*r?<l, Clyrta bum ?i?-?i ? ? I. Til ?KIT ? ? ai K. rtMi ',, ruiTjlnit th* I'MMua mm! I ?ftur1 ktaio >? will na.i froaa v rli?r itrxi S?i .r . k .?? i?i 2 I ? r ?ni?gn fi ill Tii ? Tin! I*"ifti a? ? aatintk, J Hi ua.l wniftt fiiiiKil a >? g- 4 pi f . *W. CaurriSaklna Iaanr4 far l<rli>( i>m an ? ? #?i? Ir- a I lli<> Itl iuaitatl I' wiiaia l*r?il H' ikio ?n4 li? a a< ? r> l?* ntMr. Far |M??.-.ja ai i 2 k F ??l. .? h. JkRI, liraafal A*'fl" I.HI11 UVEKHOOI.? JlKKAIMilXilll UkK-i'HH P pvl?m4lrt allpjier iklb ?Al a >. W. . man ? it thia day (I'oimI 1,1 ? ' *' Wli'n klfv>H???T(ars Innai br HI Ih,,,)iI: ,,,? ?< f< ? Ii ? wftM kl lonaa raw m Ap| ') an I an |l- ri Kuttii rtvrr, k* }? M. DKMAUKST, 40 ^ouli alia t TnOR LIVKHVOnn-TAl'si . rr s ]l<nt~?AltA i>* P TuaN ' y. III!' A?|I| llial , I In* w a I I >? ' k't ?l |ft MBlDOKWATI'll, r?o( Baratow I' r j i . ??? ..i r In .1 riiW* an;il)f oil koiati, rl*r 10 ha Klv?r, ai i> l .vl 'OTTIl <711. , A> S' i villi aiiHi'l. "Lion uverpool-oi.d black h : a n link tub 1" oaekat .hiy .IOLN RltlOitT, Mug at j.i-i i. I *-t ri.i r saileskk of Crtobor. TimVIAXi I h A KiUXII uii< iik Novembi r. V >r pa-wag.- or dtafi* on In !. u i.i i> r ?? W I L L1 AM8 J; UUIOM, 40 t'u Uo.i Mn el. J^OK LIVERPOOL.? THE M AON1FI 1 1ST CLIPPER 1 ship CALUoUN, Captain Ti im I rely Sa?la tm the sireMi thn. day at tw< lie nV;?< k. M , > k i|iiulb 4 gtnt mom :ic nmmo Intione f<<r all < I ? ?? ( ? F>r pa?H?gc nt tbe ?ei y io |i ??/! le r .)!??-, ? < if tn. <> id <.r to V. COILINS, si I J>?* i>.t,. , mi 1 1. r t. , v i in r / 1HEAP PASSAGE TO I I VK It POOL HV THE MlAi'K \J B<ll Llw ol I'Kkcli. ? Tu?! ? II) i?- ?l?ip J , ? ? ? <? In tin- tbi* d.iy, a?i<l Mil ?; . w. Foi |<i'*ag? spiiy on bo:i:d. f<*loi ii i-ckuun >trc. i, E. U? ? r in J...o? WUS00, 1118 South mr el. ?JJMRPT BHTI'S FOE LIVERPOOL AND L >NDON this P f. hi.) I.I VKKPOOL, f"r I/>nduii, sat. . ' I ? r "AH ?hip HEW WOULD, for Liverpool, >ull? ?xio' ? "I Tb<- altlp* lay at ulr.r 19 East river. r'n; i>NN>ag*, at low t <t a, a(>ply to THOMAS C. ROCHE, 83 South ?ie<-?t XLINE FOR LONDON ?TIIK FAVORITE PAVKET ship WILLIAM TA PHI OTT, r:,vm,l, II ... I.. Ingot 1 1, r IB, Ea- 1 river, will Mil on Tueadiiv, <M . *1 Itooin for k l>?r di< ru piuua risers In s> <>nd cabin. taken t ?< m rate*. For pneaoge upjily on board ar to TAPSCi > IT A CO. , No N? .-xmiU ?Ireet. JitOR HAVRE. ?PACKET SHIP AMMtrA, IIAMNO ' been imnvoblabiy detuln. <1, will jm? iti . .-ly Mil lO-IDIf roT.', at 1J o'clock. Si .on 1 v.i'dn J us-mi ? Jl.s. a. <1 f ?und wilta prevlmona. Apply to P. M. I>EM A KENT. W ii'iili atreet. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA l'ANAM.V A f*mt rliuis nU'Uinrr will P iiru Ni'tv Vnrk an thn l*t, lltl* siifl Ulht ol' i'?oh month, ext-rpl wlici ( hr?r (I l c* fivll i>n N III cur, when the <luy uf Ucpurlure trill 1? uu Um Monday fol lowiag. Fur 1 Hi'tUt or piicngs apply at lb*1 only nftW. Xo. S liugUrviD. D. U.ALLEN. A.fui. FOR RIO JANEIRO, LOTA (NEAR VALPAItAlrlO) arul San PniiifiAoo. ? Tht* Pn'Jflr Mail Hl|'nir.alilu Coin* laiijr will ili-n) atiji Uirtr n?w aU-amnlilp f iKM ITuTlON, SJUU toni burtUtu, from Nnw York for ib? aliovo porta, on or about tut b> 1Mb k'uvemter nut. Cal'Mi p'tsa/i^#' to Ri? $1M Cabin |utMaaK? tu Ixitn 'V<l Oublti pansagi1 to .San Fr?Ddw?i ?'O Frrixbi will al?" Lxi taki.'ii for 8uu Fimnclano if ?./lli' ii nt in> dx i'tMi'iilg uri' olicrod. Apply at tlx- < of tlu> company. Wall atraet. J^WK HAVANA DIRECT. THE NEW UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COSMOPOLITAN, A. C. Criwker, will It iiTe Plrr 14 Noil!, il' i r ON Tt'ESPAY, Oclclx' J9, al 2 oVIock I*. M prw-Ue'r. All 1/MrM inuat piuin tbroti|{b lli? Pool offlw. PnawnKfr?. arc ri'aiii*it< d to procure pawi) ort* belorc securing paa^agt. Ear freight ar pacrugp njiplv u JAMES T. SANKOHO, W ffi'it f trr't, Or CAKHIAtJ I'O.V A CO., 76 li roadway. FOR HAVANA DIRECT. Tbe L' niU'd Sioir-n mall f>t?am?tilp COLUMBIA, Ri' b ird Ailami, Unitcil S'jiU:.. Navy. Commander, Will lt*iv? |i(?r No. 4, North Kivcr, on Tiicuov, N< v. 5 m 12 a ala k ii'H<n prrelt-vly. AU la ti ij* must p,.*H tliroiiuh the Post Otto'. PiuiaengrrA arc rc(io?t?<l to procur i pHHip,.rta before ?i curing p.iaaug?. Par lar fralght or pawut: ? aprlv to Kl'OFKORD, TlLESToM A CO., 1 ?JfJ i'.r .ndway. STEAItt BOATS. CHANGE OF HOUR.? STEAMER OTvORQE LAW b-avi s Barclay street pier every <lay. Siiiiuayn exrepted, at 'I :*) 1*. M . , for Perth Amboy, tuiiklUK tin- ititer'p 'iut? luiidiiiga. lletiirnliii!, leaveH Perth Aniboy at 7 t.r) A. M. pcpRi roniT" _ ^ ^ _ 'I / 1IIEAP EXCURSION TO CAMPS ON STATE* IHI AND. \J F.ire ?dx centi ly Statcn Inland fi'rrj', foot of Wlilti'balt Mroet, between the Eattery and Kouih ferry, lloatalrara every hour from 6 A. M. to 7 P.M. On line Sunday* orery ball Hour to 7 I". M. |>ERUAM'S CIRAND EXCLUSION WASHINGTON, BALTIMORE, AND F0RTRE8S MONROE FOUR DAYS MORI-: FOR KTARTINU.vl* : this Monday, Oct. aS, 29. iittmid 11, returning on or b< f r- N -vertib.- r la. Leave New York by the Central Rullr. ail ul New Jfrwy, on the (I A. M. and 8 P. M. through trulna, or ou tho 12 U. w?v- in. in. r*.i re from N'-w York to Balil nore, and return to V..,!.. #7 1W. Tl-kei* for enle In New York at the Piflh Arenuo Hotel, Ri. N.'-bobo-, !4 ??.rupollian. and Livejov's H< tel, anil at ibi i/flloe of the burtiin^toii Line, foot or Cortlaiv'.t a'.reet, aoil aJ I at the O.'lt-e of lb'! Central Rallr >ad of N w Jcr.tey, at galoot ol' Co! tlandt ?< reel. , ^ MATRUKOHXAZt* A OENTLEMAM, A'.."0 Til ! ,;rv n ?, k, WISHES TO A marry -t lnJy poas ijsin.t a social lmtun, wealth umt lor.-ab " utirtiiil ?> CorrcKpoiidenie iritfi K i- .i s, suit n A. Poat otU -e, will dcraonairato his alnc-.rity, Lig.t ???-ial tlon aid re .l worthiness. YOt'N'G MAN, 28 YEARS OP AGE, DESIRES to 'oitn tlie . cpialntarice of a young lady aiiom aJ, .t:i .i vi- w to matrimony , must po?* a sli ire of good t?k:. .111(1 litkments; money iul an ub^ ?t. Ad'tres? M. I , log 1 .47 ll-ral I ollice. A K GENTLEMAN FARMER OF MEANS, FORTY YEARS ^t*. ol S4{e, >rlshes u open it coricsixm b i ?? * yoniiil ' tv b. 1? r of n't <>} ' i' thirty years of ay; an orphan pie i- rred; iu Address Oliver Ome,,a, Herald o.'lice GSNTLSMAN OF WEALTH, St) YEARS OF AOS, . of gend i ' r?n?l ?i.p irinre u i n iilr ', d' sires to m the a ..rt of ?? v.-uu, : ! . of fr* at 18 to Mw Shu st I e ?? nine, reilne'd and in: ?:!? . nt. and alTro'lon< In, oieMliii; i.od ???!?? ?? ' I in hernian A iblt -sa for thrso ? <y? Claret, v Jeverly, Herald HI ' TUIMt IN 1 AI? ? A YOUNG GIJNTLLM POSSESS, J'.l .'mi. ?<' IiNtrt, lie- thi" 'tie hi:" .1- 'jjenr, i? of I'o mlng tbe n s|c ilntanc! of a to -ig isdy n ?t ovi Wyi . i ..I t' niuiit b,' good looking and ? I 2 1 111 I ciiecl k | . ..-. . j.iil.ioiii In aisuri'd. A I Iress W. il. U., Lima l'ailt Post suite, Usrkiiusr aouuty, N, If,

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