Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1861 Page 5
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THE FIQHT AT BALL'S BLUFF. OUR POOLESVILLE COItKKSPONDENCE. I'oouhvillk. MJ., Oct. ??&, 1801, The Slaughter qf the California He/iim- nt ? Another Accoun' yfthe Action ofOcUib*r'i\ ? The C mptUtUj Engaged, and TKitC Absent on Other Duty ? Their Offuert, i tc. , ?fc. The Caii/orula reglmout la cut to piece--. Colonel Ba ker is Killed. Two or three hundred bravo men, more or loss, have been murdered by tho fratricidal hands of treason, or drowns! to a daring attempt to awiw acroas the river. Thirteen office's arc killed, missing or j >r ia oners; those who have returned are nearly all wounded. Among tho severely wounded ia Lieutenant Colonel WU tar, a most brave and daring officer, vho received a bul 'et in the sword arm. Be It known that this was no Bull run affair. The be reaved and unhappy families, whose Bona and brothers have been b laugh lured in the ranks of the California regi ment, need not bluish for their conduct In that hopeless and murderous encounter. Thoy fought with Spartan courage against ten times their number, and fought with doadly effect. The current at the forry Is rapid, and at tho tiino of th's expedition bad b?on swoilou by rains, so that in the mnat shallow placo the water was seven feet deep, in otliurs seventeen. On the Virginia Bide Is a precipitous bank, covered with donso woods, except i natrow opening cut Ahrough as a road. Up this steep bank, after er asing, ?he troops had to make thek way, and nature uevor {provided a more perfect place of ambi scade: The transportation consisted of th- e? scows, which -would carry about fifty men each, and this Is ail thj pre paration that I am aware of for this portion of "General Stouo's advance," aa I havo already scun It termed by tho ?newspapeis in flaming capitals. In ilioae wret-hed boats a portion of the battalion wns transported to a email island, the process occupying several hours, and thence 'they crossed to the mainland , scrambling up tho steep 'bank as best ihoy could. They reached the top and de ?ployod two companies as skirmisher*, when, suddenly) thoy wero attacked in front mid on both flanks by an overpowering concealed foe. I lie swarmed wl'h rebol cavniry and Infantry. Th w< re concealed behind tree? , and seores of markpmm had oven climbed tho trees, and there, hi ld? n by the brm elite, | mured dn>rn a storm of bullets upon the officers, every one of whom theysocmod determined to kill. Thoi sunds of Union troops on tho Maryland shore watched the bloody spectacle* eager to go to the rescue of thoir brave comrades; but transjioriution wusnut to be had, and they could only look on, powerless witnesses or the slaughter. While this doadly work was going on with those who bad succeded in crossing, the rem tinder of tho battalion wore going over as rapidly as tho boats would cat ry them; tout now tho enemy, concealed on the brow of tho l ank, pourod volley after volley into these bouts, which, at -every return, wero loaded with the dead and wounded. He. fore tho last of the battalion could get across the advance portion of it had been oomplot 'ly cut to pieces, and its officers disabled, killed or oapture I. Could Colonel iuker haye hid his entire brigade with him there is no doubt tie would havo driven everything before him. Wa it was tho caso was hopele; s. tiir pkatii of colon m. hakkh. Colouel Bakor wag killed early in tho fight. In fu'| uniiorm, with a "regulation" hat nnd feather. and mount "?Sr ?.a, . 1,0 rM> ho was a conspicuous mark for llio Dlo.KUhi. sty traitor?. Hi- was one of the finest anpenrinif ?non In full uniform and mounted that I nave seen in the ?ervioo. tntirely regardless of jiersonal saletv, hol.d ana cheered i n hi* men. Ho remarke t to those around aim: A rascal up in that tree bun ilred at me five or si* ?tlm-s ? and the rx?cal in the treo was speedily brought -down by a well directed b ill. Shortly alter fhis Colon. I Biker was surrounded by a body of rebel cavalry and taken prisoner ; but the rit ht win., of the battalion char* with tho bayonet, routed the cavalry, kUed numbers ?of them and recaptured their colonel. But a few minutos had olajised, however, before a tall ferocious Virginian, with red hiiir and whiskers, came rushing from behind a tree, with a huge revolver in lna baud and, placing the won ? n almost against th ? Colone! s head, inflicted a mortal wound. Not sat ailed with his deadly work, he fired the second ha I wb 'o si ttultaneiusly thu body was pierced v. ith four bullets rroni the tops of trees, and tho bravo Colouel fell ijf, i^s Trom his horse. OXLLAX I OO.VDn T OF X WHW TORK CAITAIX? TIB AVKXORS TUB tOr.''NK(,'K liKAIH, AMI RKS. '* IW TUB BODY. Captain liOuls He rial, of New York city, commanding ? Company (J, seeing tho as>?ssinuti.)n of Cbloeoi l.ak- r rushod upon the ruffian, seiz d him by tho thro:.t' ?and shot him dead on the spot with his' .J*?, ..f?""er had 1,10 >'ruve Colonel Tallen I ban the l>ody was surronn (id and seized by the traitors, who were dragging it to I ho woods to bo robbo I when Captain Berial stepped out .and ex< 'aimed- "I am going al ter Colonel Baker's body. Who will go with me ? ?Come on, hoys!" Then about twenty men, a portion from his own and a portion rroin ether c.>mpanifea, i.dlow .?* the gallant captain, and a most do-., orate hand-to-hand light resulted in the victory of Hieral. Tbe body of tho Colonel was rescued, and, ag tenderly aw clrcuniitauc s Z.m.n? IfT'i-,*" B?ut JM,ro8S 11,0 ""-earn. The men nil. f?ccd d0lth Without flinching; but when -they behold the bleeding corpse of the.r brave and be loved colonel their eyes wore sullbsi-d, and i heir bronzed -faces wet with tears. It was taken to Pool, sville, the headquarters of General Stone, and 0 i Wcdm-aday was ? aout to \\ ashington under escort. RKl'ORTgD DRATU OK GKNK!!/ ! JOHNSTON. ii .r,?11, Bakor full a singular mcideut occurred, and ? the belief ia prevalent here that the rebel General Johnston waa killed. A man with a red horse came riding from tha woods und exclaimed, "Rally ou mo, b >v s:" Know ing that othor Union regain. nts were to cress another lorry, some of our men wore deceived and followed the Jwi'setnau, but they we.e led as sheep to tho slau ditcr jfor they had proceeiled but a few roils when a deadly volley was poured l.ito thorn, killing many and hastily ?dispersing the rest. In a few minutes the same m ui ap . poared again, to try the same gamo. Col. linker chanced to soe him ami exclaim -d, "Good heaven I there ia Jotm . Bton , what is ho doing there t" Immediately a half dozen muskets were levelled at tho person thus pointed out. and ho Icll from his hoi ae as thoywero discharge. I. Johnston was poraonallv known to Col. Baker, and It is believed hero that the person oroueht down was none other than tho distinguished rebel general. This report requires contl-rcatmn; but If ranch is the case. the incident reflects little credit on the generalship of tho rebel, who, instead of devoting him self to tho movements of hi.-i troops, would thus . needlessly expose his life In playing a small tiick to de ceive a fow mon to their death. tiir unitr. The fight lasted for several hour.-.. It commenced -about two o'clock P. M., and continued until aft r dark Any systematic retreat was rendered impossible as thero was no transportation. 'Ihe Inula w-re fin, d with the dead ami wounded, ilm greiiis of ihe poor sufferers were heartrending to Ihe Rinnl-hearred soldiers r n the Maryland tudo, who were utterly unable to do anything -tn I heir belult. *? Tho ofllcei b being i, early all disabled . killed or captured tho men were lctt to light as b-L thoy could, without oroers lieutenant Colonel Wis tar w a disabled before tho fall of Colonel Baker, and ih- Major to absent. Colonel Coggs well, of thoTammry r.--;ment took corn, but was soon shut; still the men stood their ground, coutcndiug against the mi at ie irful odds Hiirl mont after rcgitn. nl of iresh rebel troops camo riisbiiur upon 111 ; -m down ihe hill, ye ling lik- II -ads, nnd p ...ring in deadly volleys, while Hie t.eeg still swarmed w th riflemen, who roado the air black with bullets aimed at our devoted little band. At tim h the contendina n irti -s were four ..r live foot of each other, stll' on men au? d steadily , returning their lire or plunging al them with the bayonet. So near were they at one time tiiat our men actually caught A RKlUtL LIKUTEIfAKT PUIS iNKn, by seizing hint frohi tho ranks and dragging him ofr. "They ke; t him, too. and sent him over lb- river nn I that niLiit he was kept nt our camp. lie is a i aihor alendo, b .ill and delicate appealing man ? in tact, almost "a love of a man'' ? about twenty-live years old His lei i turos aro claw; cal, aud he exhibits much intelligence His bands aro so small that no haudcafl's cwiiid ho found which he would not slip immodi.itely. He was very much alarmed, and evidently entertained mi st horrible ideas of the fe ocity of his custodians. Wo have it fr in rebel pickcfs that the belief pre\ ai;s amorg tlieir troops that tho Ca.i.'ornia regiment carry revolvers and hr e bowio knives in additi n to dclr rifies, and the -delicato young prisoner in question probably su,i p.?ed he had faiieu into the hands of man enters WHjor l'ar iah visitod him aud asked him if he was annoyed by tho crowd of soidk-rs that s n rotintled bis tent. Heappenr.r-1 to bo qulto nervous, and ? hini ^ k,,uW wliat they would cio with " Oh,'' repllod the Mnj< r. '? yon need feel no foar? for . your jiersonal safety. The men have no disriositlon to barm yoj, ana would not b j all.nyefl to .'o so If they had They only I'oel the samu curiosity tint your men woti'd probaiily exhibit should 1 ehame t'Hu.l into your hands " The lieutenant seemed to 1 o greatly relieved by this a* -aurance. He was bdoii after son; t . hea/lqimrters lie bad ou a complete federa. uniform, v. hi. h lie Jul ovident ay taken from the of soir.e dead offlcor. Indeed ?our ino:i were stripiied and r bbed a.- last as their dead ^bodies fell iuto tho ban. s o! thorn my. A llORl'.l|i|.K .-( a- K. Just after a-.inset aborrike sc ue occurred in this tra .goily of blood. The only boat now available was lllle | with womuled , wno endeavored to gain tho friendly shore ?of Maryland; but the enemy Ore I volley after volley u|H>n 'those po- r, miserable ne-n, until the boat was perforat ed with bails, and midway In tho rapid current it sunk, with all on b ard, everyone of whom was drowned. I should have mentioned previously that, notwithstanding tho great depth ol water, tho boats wore not furnished with oars, atul had to be pushed with poles, a very dllll -cult process in so swift a current. <} ALI.ANT OONDt'CT OF TUB AOJVTATT OUXKR . I_ Otpt iia Frederick Harvie, Assistant Adjutant General ^f tlie br;gido, was among tho last to cross, and win u hu (lid so tho Muck woods 011 the othor Pido showered a tempest of bullets upon him, but ho arrived nuin jurcd. The hattaiion had laUen over two mountain uowitzors and a 32 pounder, but th ho.-3'g and gnnuers were shot down on the first Are, so that tho plec s we.-e ?or no service. Our men, however, had gallantly defen. e 1 them ; rom the enemy, and stil! h-ld them in iK-ssession. Captain Harvie loaded one of them twice, and fired inlo tho oiK-my, with his own hands. I in dug It Impos-- bio itriSfJi? nr,ul ,>oil'8 a n>-'" "f JT'eat physical fftro ikth ho took tho howitzi rs, ou.. after the other, nn I pitched Ihem down the bank They roiled over and ver Along the -tee;, descent, nnd ptung-d Into the rapid cm-. P ) ? ,h7 w{? 1,0 "f very little service to iln bo ith -. .1 oligarchy. I aup;ios, thej ? the S2 pomi-ier. i'in jjjg i '.i tliw rosihtuiice hn^. ( u"..wiii I ia, vift vallud thu liltlo l aud around him and propos a to Bond a flag of truce and surrender ?? jprlsonors of war. was assented to, when CaptilO Harvle added, *1 cannot swim ; if I eoulil I would ??>? Burr-ender. While the Huk of truco goes out, all who prefer tho clwnwi of iwniirnitig the Potomac to blooming prisoners rati do so " He then fixed a v\ hue haudkerchief on a bayoil*t and sent It up to (h<> i b^:s, ami boeamo a prisoner, wi'Ui a few others. Hut the greater (tart of the brave fellows oocduded to try tho water. They threw their muskets, accostrements, an t, in some c.u-'a, all theii clothing, into tho Tivor,to prevent them falling iutotho hiudS"!' the traitors, mid plunged in. Many succeeded in reaching the chore and went to r-itnp, In some (/uses entirely naked. Others wore shot in tho river, and some wero drowned. Tho night was vory cold and the wrier exceedingly c hilly. THK HK'rj.Mi UtTMUOif. Tho California regiment was divided Into two turttal loiii. Tim Second battalion, under command of Mu lor R. A. Pnrrlsh. wis, about ten days since, detailed to guard a certain position of tho I'otoniac with picket guaids, and was several miles from the scene of (ho engagement of the First battalion. lu order to remove double among your waders as to the safety of frleads in this part of the command, I give a list of tho companion aud oiOcers ol the beootnl battalion, not engaged: ? Company /?? Captain, Charles Goche.iberger; First Lieu tenant, B. ]' Smith; Srcond Lieutenant, C. Schal6>r. C mpany I? Cwptain, William p. Tomllnson; First Lieutenant, Wm, H. Dull; Second Lieutenant, Thomas R. Hush. C mrany ? Cnptaln. K. E. Lewis; First Lioutenant, P. I J. Phillips; Second Lieutenant, T. J. Blnlre'iy. C<m,*>ny M ? Captain, Alfred C Hills; First Lleu I tenant, S. 1). Boekinan; Second Lieutenant, Sam no I J. I Murphy. C'.mpnny X? Co1. lain, J. Noal; First Lioutenant, I Wot. J. 8imp?on; Sec 1 ?.' >utonant.O. C. Whits. Cvmpuny K ? Captain, John Beookln; First Lieutenant, ; Second Lieutenant, Hlnes. Company S ? Captain, Wangh; First Lieutenant, M. Smith .Socond Lioutenant, Chas. K. Tinker. The following is a list of the companies en?."i/od, wiih the fate of the otAcors, ua far as known at tho time of this writing:? Company A ? Captain, .Tohn Markoe, missing, and be lieved to nav< l> ou taken prisoner alter ho was wounded; First Lieutenant, Williams, killed, body recovered; Second I i?u tenant, I'arkor. msslng. Company 0? Captain, Wm. Otter, missing, and sup posed to be a prisoner; First Lieutenant, To Id , staid in camp, and Is s^ife; S cond l.leu'.enunt, Wm Kerns, missing. dm, any P ? Captain Rinnan ordered by tho Colo re! to ronuili, until ho bad seen tho last man cmbaik. lioforo this occurred tho battalion waa cut la pieces, and Captain Bittnsn only reached the Island, llo wa? greolod with a volley of rifles, but returned unharmed. Fi'st Lieutenant Oroth, under orders and not present. Second Liei'tcn.irt Wude, -lightly wounded in the shoulder; ro turue.t safely. Company f.'? <V.ptain Bleral, knock -d down by n horse and slightly ligabiet: returned nifoly. Fiist Lieutenant I ? in.abhont on furlough, Second Lioutenant Touiple Ion. killed. Coxii any /f? Oiptaln fiarr'c.k M .tilery, severely III for s uie weeks, and not sufficiently recovered to accompany Um fxpoditiou. First Lieutenant William C. Harris, misslBf. Ooinjiiny I. ? Capt. F. Woodward, seriously IK for some time, not sufficiently rooov red to go with his company, first Lieutenant Frank J. i'ri, slightly wounded m t'o right luiiid; returned safely. Second Lioutenant Fish, missing. Company A" ? Captain Charles Keller, missing. First Lieutonant Johns '/u. swatu il.o river after dark and esc rp. 1 unbanned. So ooi.d 1.1 untenant Hooper, missing. C m piiny P ? Captain Hltks, wou&dod In the shoulder; if). 'apod. First Lioutenant Kelloy, mission. Second Lieu tenant Smith , mis -Ir.g. It would bo lmp' obl# to give any list of tho killed or missing of tho privates, or even of tho non^v minis Siouod officers. Tho Sergeant Major, Huber Banlau, re ceived a bullet in Ins right arm and escaped. At Inst ad vices less than four hundred bad retnrnod out of the whole olgbt hundred, miking iho |os- ? unless others come In ? over three hundred and llfty. It is |>ro bable, howevor, that othors will make their appearance, and that tho lu.=s, all told, will not exceed thro! hun dred. Hio colors wore not loft. A sergeant, whoso nnme I l ave not heard, fought w i'h grisit bravery to preserve them, and, final'y toarlnp tho ensign or freedom from tho stalf, he swain the river with tho glorious l!ag lu his mouth. Two othor regiments ? the Second and Thirty-fourth New York ? lam informed , w to sent across at another point near by, and were driven back with great slaughter, but 1 have not heard the particulars. OUR FREDERICK CORRESl'ON DENCE. Frkiikrick City, Oct 21 , J S'CI. The First Crr*nn,j nf thr )M mn< ? Thr A<'wnct lowardt VettlMTji ? Fir.-t Unatvnter with the intern;: ? Gen. in the Van-Tii ?: Shock of Can/not? Tli,; Cnim fhrre Allocked in Front and Flanl ?i A Rif,d Camu n?DaUh. of Oen. Baker anil Capture rf Ciwuxll? Herri- Con tin et of liaker?' Foi! fc. McTUilan ami Our Cuun ? try !" Falling Back on ihe Vol -mac?The KiyU Crmi t'n<; ? Incident?, ??<?.,<??, By examining tin map It would appear, that Import* nt to the success of l ho movements or our army on tho Potomac is tlio occupation by our fore? of tlio town of L-oshurg, and it seems Imp, i- ? line to resist the conviction that tho capturing of fiat place accordingly formed n portion of tlio plans of the Commander-in-Chief. That ran of Major Gcnoro' Ranks' corps d'am ???, of which Gen. Mono's formed a jnrt, wiiB already posted o? I ho left bank of the Potomac, holding Edwards' Ferry, with-n five miles of Locshurg, and was therefore tho proper cori* to tnko possession of that place. For several clays pre vknisly the brigades on tho right bank of tlio Potomac above the Chain Bridge and the falls of tho Potomac' had been pushod up in the direction of Leesburg. These brigades, howover, commanded by General Mc(*ll did not advance further than Draimsvillo , twelve mil. s south, oast of Leesburg, although thuir scouts wot u pushed for ward to Goose crcek, four mi' eg from that place. On fat urday and Sunday Con. IJcCall made two roconnolssanees towards Lceslmrg, and could find no trace of the enemy. Tho country people declared tho rebels had al?n doned that place wmn days before. It had been generally believed for some days previously that I.eesburg had been evacuated by tho rebels > j ai d that thy had retired from that place to A Id ie, ten ! miles southwest, where they were fortifying. Aldio is i a much stronger position than Leesburg. At Aldio the rebels could place Gooso crock butw?en themselves and tho advancing Union troops. Gooso creek Is a stream about tho size of Bell run, but it has high and steep | bunks and it cannot be crossed by artillery, except bv bridges. On the right bank of the crook urn some hivh hills admirably calculated for defence, and these, It was understood, tho robots were fortifying. Thoso facts, or rather, these reports, current in the army and in Washington. Believing th?m to he true, Gon ral8ton0 advanced in tli- direction of Leoaburg. Before he did so, however, he sont M ror Mix, with a company t, f cavalry, to raako a reeoncoi.-sauce of leesburg and ascertain whether it had been nbmdoned. Mai r Mix crossed at Edwards' Ferry and proceeded Th^*oVder^7 .'hK ,U>;l,rt'ttk on Monday morning. The order of the General commanding at th;? eoi it was to cr?*s tho Potomac at two places; with his left wine, 5.000 strong, at Edivar's' F.-rrv. and his General U.ker, at' Harrison's Is .u l,b tw. <n<oi;rnd s Ford and Ivlwards lerrv and only four from T.ce?>.i,r, General faker's hrlrado cons Is, ed of live r<'glm?;nts~rinn!e'y, his own (Ca'itortii-i rpgtni.nt), l,if>0 strong: the N, ... fc,rk Tm'koUv "el' m.?nt, 1,000 mW7, C'loiK1) C/>'Tc.v<>]f; t*;*? FtfYe.-'iff'* Vitm toenth nr.d Twrutieih M irwhnseits regiments. f.<.mmand oi respt-ctivrfv by Colon-', J'- vecn, liincks nukm# iu ml nbont 5, MX) m ?, of wix-m thin V.6'J0 'Were du the, action, a re. oanoij.s?nce bad (>? nrnndo on . unday night, and another at daybreak mi Monday morning, by Colonel Sevens, to Lrv-!,urg who -ennrtod to Gen. Mono that no eium- was in sight h n ordered Gen . I"ak"r P- tvlvanco with' his ^deto I.- ? ? burg, to oi cuj.y at.d hi !d it. nnrt to rejort. for further ?b&e?CnTira T if;' ' 'jT^te'.y V? , , r* ' nt.Hiith Ma^P.uhijg 'tts roviment whj* alr. a .y aeri a- il:e river. 111.) Twentieth v. ?.? cres.-lng G ..dering tlio Tammany rog'mcrt and the Mnctowih M ' ssehusotts to cross immediatelv .General Bak"r iilnro.l himsiill at the head of his own CfahforiiiiO reitiuiei t ? d c;i 4ii r the ri v. r,ttnk con.m-.rd of the advatn .? movo Ili ' column thou : ?.Vod forward i. wards I.- s burp,c tone) l evcns on h > right. Colonel l, e f,.|lowinc ai some die v. nee, and the c?,ii. rnia regiment n xt. The apparent desertion of Tx^oshi.rg wa.- ,.u|y ? nise on tl? I art et the enemy, wl.o h.? i drawn their forces . it or the town or.d were |vv'ed in strength in gneh post ii 1/l' urK "nit th" river, that they eotiid enfiiaoc our a !vsn. inu chimns, and attn k them not only in f^ont anil in the flanks lint in the rear a so. Fkirmish' is wero ttirown o t as the co.ujnn advanc' I b. t no sirns ot an enemv w>re seen until ibe brlgn u ha t advance*! fully hair way to their <o- ' !.: .ien. 1?i - first htii-ation ot 'the prosem e of the ouemy was tie- *.!n.i!t iii.. S dis harge ot about a h?n dj-. I rifle fr' sis a thick t on the top ?f #? cmi;,et?ee rbo (ire wax r veived by th- t ight wing or tli ? Kitteemh M sr ;ich:!.-? tts, who wete 111 tie a Ivanee. \ lieutenant and six or eight men were killed, and eighte-u ?"verelv wri'iiiiled. Three companies, how-ver. iunnodhU y d i-h. . op tho slope in tho direction of the tir .. lu, i ,,n the g; <t. f'nitid th<'tnse| es conProntcd with a ?ri'n,'m Mississippi riflemen, who, r serving th ir I nr hi ,'iav0 ?''f" within thirty yards, i . . , ! " . au,,t!'?r voll y. A cai.tnin, a ? itenant, and twelve or thr toon men wero killed by I tins discbarge. Our men, however, nothing daunted 1 delivered th. ir Ore with good effect, 'an,, then chS I r t ! Ttie enemy did not wait for the latter b and ran towards l.o/-.-h .,-g in disorder -. Coirm. I" \ oi s did not think it pmdent to pursue them as -i hiv\v oi rebel cavalry just thrn made Us ^ in the di r^r^ii^trs^ g- od order but with some loss, the enemy s rillel^ron ho ng alinirnbly served. The whole brlga e bemg b? this time aen ss the river w.-.s r?rm,?| lu^rile. of' nbkat 30 and fidvance-t against the enemy. Tho latter reWrM slowly, (lisp' ii. ? every inch of g'ov.n l. so tl at the path - t our advance was oV r the ho | 8 , f of on,- brave fodows. Not a whit 'iisli ai tei.o I, however lien Baker ? a uorerato edhrt to d :vr. tlio enemy f m their no sition. A battery of Hoi.! ariili -i m;. wo sma 1 bra?s howitz- ij- wort all the e.ue l.e i 1 b..t of tin s < tl n t, est yo sihie so was I. .do. He ordered th. se up mi l wa n at ouo timu t. ? wl.e- .-f o;.0 of tlio guii3 got siuolc in tbij mud, he disniQonted and ?Mlatb.'l In pushing It forward. Tlion, remounting h!? horee, he galloped to the right, wavl up hie li*t and shout ing, ''Forward, ray brave nn*u, forward, for McCleJIan am4 our cmiL'tryl" This cry seem -d to electrify tli" whole brigade. TV man responded with ghauts, and advanced with the determination to ronqucr or die. Ifever did T0 terau troops behave with more Conines* and irteadlnesi. : They charged up tti the solid squares of the rebel bri gades with the biiyon/'t. and a hand to hand eonfiet took place in one jwt of the field that must linve left ?<*?#?? of wounded and many (trad upon the ground. But thceno niy had the choice of position, and hid cboaon ??pot where It was found impossible t<> dl?' odge them. At one time tho Califot uia regiment, after <J?*. i v?>rlr?r * tremendous volley nt a ft mont appoiMl to thnm, charged on them at donblo quick (linn. Tho rob Is broke au flod in disorder, leaving their Hag in our hands. I'ut no sooner I a I they got away than two fresh regimen's of rebels advanced to take tin ir places, flrod at tho brave ? Callfornian* uml forced then In turn to retreat. It w:>s ' in this mnl. e llrnt Onca) Baker rocelved Ms death wound. It In true that he was plercd with six b ills, but he wis not the only one so honored. A ser/oant, Mist behind him , had two b irs in hi* head. A private, within six feet of him, had a ball in his right arm u<i "no In the brcaiit. Several soldiers In his vicinity had two balls. A dozen of hla hruve soldiers foil dead around him. Ho was on horsehnck at the time and hi# horso was wounded. As soon as Colonel Coggswel) kn?w tb*it General l'uker was killed ho assumed tho command and conducted liltnse'f with gvont coolness and gall niry. He was coirvinred that by this time the day w^ia l"st . Mo ordered tb? bri/ado. thorefore, to retire to F.dwards' Ferry, and tli is movement commenced. He sent an aid tofieneral Stone, wliownsonthe Maryland side of the rlv"r, desiring him to tend General Cor man to bis assist ance and toe ver his retreat with omo fresh troops. H" lieu exerted himself in repelling the enemy, who were by this time pressing bard upon our retreating co tnns. Tho men behaved with great steadiness, firing wherever possible, and nothing like a rout took place. Odonel Oogt'SwoH, repardV se of his pers< nai safety, re fined to leave the post i f dinger, anil was surrounded , cut off and tnken prisoner, with live i f his men, who did tN ir host to save him. The men became somewhat dis pirited a'"tor tli's occurrence, but maintained good order and continued their retreat to the river. They reached lb* river about sundown. Here commenced a really terrific Mono. Whatever scenes ofdlsotder here took place among the men . they can !. >t bo greatly b!am< d for tlu m. Th' y had fought brave ly all dav against au overwhelming force of the enemy, mi ?! 'utd only r< treated when their (ieneml nnd many of tbriroiDeei* had h on slairi and when thrtr ammunition had ben. mo exhan.- t -d. Th > entny, flushed with succt ss, wore ' 1 ?e upon Diem, pnurlng TOlleye fnto them evet v few minute*. Tho boats were crowded to excess In a moment . arid all of thorn were twunped and rendered nse]e>s. The men, then seeing no other modo of escaiie, plunged Int/) the stream ana attempted to cross. Moat of th m threw their iiv sl:ois into the river, but some re. tained them aad brought them over safely. Many of tho men could not swim, and these, of course, were drowned. The r cries for ln:li> were dreadful: but as it w as after nightfall but little if any aid could b> rendered them. Many who were afraid to vouture In the watev were taken prisoner* by the rebels. A few escaped th's fnto by running Into iho wooi's. Thus ended the tight at Leesburg, so disastrous to the death of the gallant Baker and so many ol his heroic command, but at the same tint" so honorable to tho bravo defenders of the t'niou engaged lUoreln. Fkkdrrick, Mil., Oct. 9f>,1861. The Vnauthnritrd ly (T'-nrml .V, Cl--V?n ? Our Tiocpt, Th.-ir Rravrv and Their SuJJ'rrinaf, dr. <(V. Sinco General McClellan's return to Washington It turns out tluit tho whole movement on tho part or Cenoral Stone wis entirely unauthorized by In in , an <4 tlmt he la ly displeased with fienontl Ftone for making such an lmi>ort;iiit movement without his ex press ordes. It will he remembered that Goners) Stol e attempted to t?ko Leeslmrg by a force of men to bo thrown across the I'otoroao In a canal b >al ami two old tJ'OWS, oach ono of which requind an hour tomnfceopo trip, and could only carry fifty men. When Genera! Me del Ian m ready to teke Leesbnrg 1 e will ha?o such Mean* of transportation reai'y that the whole of General {tanks' division ran be thrown across, an! no movement will lie made until sultiblo reconnotsaaiiceH hawebeon effected. The result of this blunder on the part of Gone ral stnno is that all attempts on T/'esburp hive lie -n Abandoned, and those troop* that had h vn transported nor' ks to the Virginia side on Wednesday had to bo brought ba< k to ll.o Maryland sid > on Th is lay. On Tuesday the enemy showed no ilis|>ositlon to renew the bittie. 1 hev were sunn all ilay sn-ouilng tin- woods in search of th f .gitlves who had sought that mean* of erc'ipe on the previous evening. Jinny woro found, nearly perished from oold and hunger, aud wero taken prison. ts without resistance. The bodies of those who wero drowned continued to drift ashore on both sides of the river al! day. Those that reachod the Maryland Kid" wero earefntly removed and properly disposed of. They will undoubtedly he recognlzod , and a li it mado of Ihetn. I have boon promised a c >py of the lint as so >u as it is made < i:t, but 1 doubt wheth r 1 will ever got it. Up to this time over a hi ndred bodies have been takin up. Tie so 'I at arc washed ashore on the Maryland side hare prob .My been interred During the whole of Wednesday there was soma sklr. m'shlng b-two n our forces on the Virginia sldo an l Hie rebels, but without Important results. Our men hohsved heroically, but w?ro not numerically siren# enough to make any f. w -rd movement, and acted Strictly i n the defensive. They he'd their ground till evei Inir. when tho lira of tho rebels ceased, and our trfiops wero withdrawn to the Maryland side of tho river. The statement was circulated In Washington on Thurs dny Hint General Mcflellan, on consulting with l'anks, on Wednesday , had expressed himself n? perfectly satis flerl with the result, and had said also that there was enough of Punks' division then across, on the Virginia side, to rep?"l any force that the en my could |x>s,.ihly briug against ns. This statement lias found lis way into s'-moof th ? pa-ers; but It Is Incorrect from beginning to end. What General McClel'an did ssy on his return to Washington wis that he was more than s'ltufleil wiih 0'ir soldiers, atid with all the officers tliat were et-giged In th" action Cand ho empha sized the words "engaged" and "action"'); that they had all behaved nobly, had fought like vetvan soldiers, and the eWcrs had fImvii themselves to be what ho thought lh> y wero, and iust such officers as l.e wanted to serve ruder him. Tlut he <!M not say tlmt h ? was (satisfied with the result. On tho other hand. I kn< w thai lie i? 'eeply grieved at tho result, and that ho con siders Ihe lives of the officers an 1 men who fell as need lessly thrown away. Ue has not expressed, so f, i r as I know, anv opinion about General S'ove's conduct. Tint the accountability of the disaster must rest somewhere; and if 1 am n t much m staken It will rest upon him. .Mid so far from saying that we had enough men on the right bank, at I dwards' Kerry, to hold tho position, be gav- orders to have tin 3" who were there brought back .o this Fide. If this hud not been done they would have b en cut to i leers. THE NAVY. Tho United States aloop-of war Cyauo was safe when last heard fr> in, by tho mull stcnmor Unc'o Sam, at Pana ma, alter her arrival nt tliat p'aco on llic 15th inut. The Cyane was cmMi'i: off tho lower or son I horn coast of fallfornia, uud was supplied with potatoes. ACCIDENT TO THE UNITED STATES GUN. EOAT SHAW, SHEEN. Rju(Xf.<;at, Oct. 2!, 1861. ?Jl.e United Pint's gonboat Shawslieeii , Lieut. Calhoun commanding, wlion off this placo yesterday, hocroio dis abled in ( lie of her wheels, and net a digital for a pilot. Captains Israel J. Merritt, Isaae Herbert and John A ltrown. with n :irfboiit and crow belonging to th" wreck ing schooner J tbn Haven, boarded her, although thore wit* a bad s irf . There was not a sull'.ci' n! depth of water on the bur nt that time, it being low water and nearly dark, so they brought her into tho old south channel as frr as the bulkhead. At high water they brought her over, and at ten 1\ M. anchored her in the harbor. She wss to ret air damage and sail tho next day. Incoming over the bar tho eurfbeat was stove and completely lost. NAVAL APPOINTMENTS. The following is u list of gentlemen who have been ap pointed to positions In thennvy on the endorsement of the Examining Hoard that was held in this city. Some have been appointed Lieutenants and others Acting Masters in the Voir ntecr Navy. Many are well known in the mor cliant service, and arc highly rejected. Richard Olmsted, Washington Godfrey, Robert K. Little, Francis P. Allen, (ieorge H. Brown, .Tames If. Buxton, John <?. Dorry, John Caleb, Thomas Marronl, Iionry F. Coffin, Allen Baxter, Lomt;el (.'age, John C. Vhittelsey, John l>. Ingraham, K:tra Lee Robins, Benjamin I>. Han ton, Charles T. H. Belim, John West , Henry E. Williams, James II Rogers , Isaac D. Seyburn, George Arthur Trundy, John Johnston, Wm. E. Welch, I'avid P. Heath, Kerd. Crocker, Henry Pennlson, Joshua Couiliurd, Charles C. Sisson, diaries O. Huker, Silas P. Martin, John N. Olof*. Tliadeus Brown, TIIB WORKMEN AT THE BROOKLYN NAVY YARD. A LETTER EXPLAINING TUB LATE TBOflU.E ? A FIXED PAY DAY WANTED BY THE VEN. TO Tim EDITOR or T1IK HKKAI.D. Brooklyn, Oct. 26, 1861. In reading tho matter contained in your journal of this da/ wo arc pained to bcc a misstatement of the feeling existing among tlic employes in tho United States Navy Yard at this city, us well as tho statement that tho move ment made by them met with the approval of but few of the men employed. We feel assured that you would not wiliiugly misrepresent the facts, and therefore are contl deDt that you will glvo due attention to these facts. At a meeting of the workmen, to the of one thousand and more, heid on the 23d in^t. . I etween twelvoM. and one P. M., they authorized a committee of three to proceed to Washington and endeavor, by and through tho Influence of th" Il 'iiorablo Secretary of tho Navy, to have some day established by him is a reg t'ar poy day. At that meeting, nor at any meeting previous, wa ? no desire or thrt ats to i eass fi om labor, nor has one Individ u*l said or caused to be sei I n oty time that ho or they I wo M Stop work, kMIIVHi as we all do, the

I fault of uon p.tyinont ilee not m ttio government. Ai.J wo wish fhrthor correct ypor puMlElisJ i-t'itement by ?i> ing (h?t there lift* been n'<. ts k ol * Htuke ik.i u ,y tJireaUnilug as to any st< ike made by any loan empU 1 ill any of the departments m this jr snl : on the . ??.itrm v, we aro desirous and detorsnne l , hi any way ot man. r ID which our services can In of utility or udvantn ? to the privet. t administration In if a en leavers to rc-uno our country, to glvo it. \V? are ? -tiKlled that you will not know iti; lv {pisiepiesent so large a body of the producers of wealth; and we feel assured , in justice to us, n? men, and lo our eause, i%t you will give rfcis an insortion.^ C0BKKCT10N. 1 Our Hit of the pftlccm of the steamer Onnccticot, pub lished yesterday, was not altogether cornet; anil, for ? thosaki?of tho friends of the officers, wo u^mn publish the list, as handed us by one of the oflkeis. It la an failows: ? C mi "i,i !, Itr- ? ^h\ ft ell Wondhnll. f it* nun/ ?n>' ExecHtir* <>JR'rr-~- J. 0. Walker. A'liti'i M iyftvs ? C. P. iU ahniau , Thomas J. Lrrnekln, Geor^V,. 11111. Ac , i(i As*it!a*l Paymtrrrffr ? TVIliara W. Amea. ? At?want Surgrtrn^**. 0. f'-aiig. B ijjiiVrr* ? Kir gt Assistant, I'. I,. Mnra; Third As.t!3t ants,, I. tti Amen, W. W. ShipMan, 8. Crolius, fc. Hire'in. Artinf) Caiywntrr?J . Carter. Ac'ing Mwtrr't AfaSes?J. 1*. >?ncs, J. Paly, A. Tl.*i worthy, J. Roberts. THE RETKNUE SSRRVTCE. The cutter James rampbell, Mniteroult Kellam eom" mandlng, Is <tfi>resent stationed at ?hrogg*a Neck, where she is employed doing active service for tlh gov. rumonti the Hoarding Oflloers, M enure. Kentish and Mitchell, hav iutf in one day seardeU as ninny as two handled and twenty outward hound vessels. This KUitiwi Is a vory Important one for a revenue cutter, from the tact that au average of a hundred and lift J vessels are y passing, whose papers are thoroughly examined, and, if nei; cor rect, are immo lla'ly sent !>ack to New York . No vessel whatever is allowed to pass at night without, a |>ei init from the Surveyor of the Port. Tho following unicorn are attached to tho Jumo t'amp boll : ? ("aptnln ITiintcr, on iho'o, President of tho Examining P 'ard : Lieutenant Kellnni, In command; itenum I laid , Kxecutlvc oillcer; I Jeu tenant King, Moutoii.iut slio- mnker, Chaa. A. Kentish and John Mil liell, Ltoaidu g UlUeurs. ARREST OP A SOUTHERNER' AT JERSEY CITY. Yesterday affernoon Dete.itlV" Povoo arrested at ?In'Sfy City a young man named' Mbore, a resident of Mobile, who In company with three ladles wore about taking Wloir dH?artnro In tho Ave o'clock train by tho Frio lUllroad, en rout? for Mobile. It appears that the air ve or, Ye; hud suspicion that Moore was lu some way oouiieciod with the Southern traitors, and from his m ovement w hile here in the city concluded |? k pa close watch on tuiii. I* s 'ems he has made no less ihan three t-ipa Soittn during t o past two months, and Intendi d to t i e on with him th ee ladies, among theiu a Mrs. llalleit, el' Mobile; The ( arty Had will) th m some eight or l. ii laigo trunks, which were llll il with goo b i by tho omiit act ion >1 the otlicer wei i'pri ni|>lly stoppt <1 laxo, . tin train left. The ladies woroc - >iii]m<)1. >1 to return lo tie1. ? ny and M ore wis eonve; * 1 to th ? jvilice he.e'ipjnrtei ri, where he was -etirelied together with his 1 ae age, but ?<? nothing was fiend the' Indicated that lio w ;is noting any wny as a ?py.orwas ?ng-igeii In aiding the robe's, lie vvn^ dis lii uged l>y the I n te 1 States M ir- lull, Mr. M ji tav. Thie minks m'Stly beloniceil to the laities, and will he o?s?h?td?ii, by tho United States M ir- Iik1 ii \a i in ? i ilg. THE POLITICAL CAMPATGIt. Tike I? ucl <>!-?< in < I of lii-utvit Ity i Itc l{? - jitiblieiMi Commit tec? Its Ktrcrt U))OH tlio l'vlltlcal Gluten? K: ill ??i RntiflrU' Hon .Meeting at tint C??|)er Iiiifituto? Corntll Still in <lu- Fi?M,.&c.1 . Tli'i KepuM can Convention on Saturday evening re ceived Mr Siownrt'a r.wlgnallou, and endorsed niah V. Brown, the nomine* of tlio Marshall orgainzition, lor fhortlf. In this novo the friends of Stew a i lead off, showing plainly that thoy nor their candidate did not do siro to sfcan'l in the way of the people In th-lr desire to accord mi emphatic rebuke to nil parties and organiz v i ns that luul the imuidence to put forth. a man that had >Us serted his country in ? trying liour. This nctlon leaves only fo';r candidate* In thi field far Sheriff, and by < lee.. ti"ii day wo shall probably havo but t ' ir <??? . Tlio real and previse efll-ct of this cha ire of candidate* It Is iuipos sible to toll, and wo slid: have to wait until the party lin * are drawn and the privates full into rank beforo wo cm predict the precis" result ol thn HheiiltHlty natt u. Alum . gh t*k ill and discipline to. I in rti roiling the for? in the g')vor*l political armhv, yet numbeig in vhi lably. toll, and that lea .< r ;!ut be..- < :i ? i nn ti ? moat In his army'wlns tho day, unless there is cheating Tlw argumei U and understAudli ,, 1 >.? i?- ?<*.?;? t about the endorsement of Blown intho R<: mbiicsn C?n .ontiou lias broken up several well matured plans, extending iway Into tlio Moyoraiity , and not only dinar,' ?m o-s tin plans of Opdyko ami the Custom House, ot Itanio! ]*<rdV private l?A< lor arrangement ,but it has, on tl>-> other hand, upset tho harjjiii'ns of tho Ring party, and will make it i tremely d<nil?tful about Oakey Hall's carrying out his sidoofih t bargain, nn well tas render certain extension of oflice si ll in h by the next legislature somowliM doubtful. It has, in fact , upset the apple carts of several political apple women, and It will tako several days for tliem to pii k up tho ruins. O|tdylo's friends originally went for the nomiuutlon of Stewart lor snerilT in ihe Republican Convention for the pm i? m of placing stewai t wliero there would he no pos sibility of h'S turning up for Mayor, and would liavo tin coast ol ar i'< r iiim (Opdykc) ; but this new ileal lit* tcriie.l thn lalilis. and if Brown's frU-ndff keep good faith with thefr understanding with Stew uit's friends. Opdyke cam.ot prewut the nomination of Stow-irt fir Mayor, both by the republicans and tlio Marshall organization. Opitoke has therefore In re ality boon a tool in the hands of the friends of Brown, supposing thai ho wm extending his own cornhlnations, but in reality bringing sh-<-it th ? very result that ho started out to prevent. In t iher word?, ho has overdone l is strategy, and has h< < n hapi; ii try his contestants. He may work himself out 1 h. resent diletuuia, but the chances are against him There is to be a ratlllcatlon meeting '< ' the footer Insti tute to-night, to ratify tint ' .. kef put forward by the Mar shall organization. < r , us. the) i all themselves ,tiui l'eopl ? s Union party, of wliieh Jn-oah W. Urown is tha n-miinue for SliprlfT. TI.e ticket Is now ill -nmo a-i the repuldican, with the evceptii'ii of JHstrlei An rney atnl Jn-Vd of Ma rioeCourt. Several Important speakers have agreed to be present; among them w s< the name of Nathaniel Wolfe, of Kent' ct y. Th" jm 1 ering will, no doubt, be a largo and enthusiastic on Tlio Go: minis are i:ov. b.:sy Inquiring Into the recird of th" condidaten for Senate1 o:i the lager bier gnonllon, and wi I, during tho present we k select fri m their candi stes in the fluid I lie men that Ihey will tOpport. Sln"e . .<n- n"tleo yesterday w have recolvod a lottwr from Char'.e8 G. Cormdl,in tli" following won s- ? '?lla . ii g reen in your coleian to day that I was about to w itlnlraw as a candidate fn,- rtonator of the l ifth Sona torlal district, and" a l atididale lor Alderman, may I beg of yo i to r. et this statement, as the amu is not tin", and that I siia'.i not be a candidate) for /Mer man at the Deceinh t election under any cireumstanccs." ijrrutKstnto Discovkrv in Acoi swh. ? A vory Interest ing exhibition of an improvement in tha acoustic proper ties of ( ho p anoforto took plncu hefore a large number of muBiea1. gentSemon, professional and amateur, on Thurs day evening, at the rc-ro 35U Fourth street. It was the application of a now string clamp invented by Spencer B. Driggs, the Inventor of tho Wallace "violin piano," tho object being to avoid the obliquo position of the strings on the bridge, and tin s not only to prevent the instrument from jarring, but to increase its tone immensely and p o" Bervc its tene for a gn it length of time. By this t=implo invention tho strings nro kept in perfect line, and all struin ujK.ti the bridgo, ecrew ana sounding hoard ob. viated. Thn experiment worked to perfection, and re ceived the warmest approbation of tho professional gen tlemen present. Market*. tlswgoo, Oct. 20, 1S81. Flour firm. Wheat in wxlorat" milling demand, but the inquiry for shipment is restricted owing to advance in freights: sales last night B.0C0 bushels rod at $110, and '2 300 bushels Canada club at $1 10, afloat; to-day, 7,000 bushels prime No. 2 Chicago spring at$l Ori; 3,000 bushels Canada club at $1 10, and ft, 000 bushels whito Canada at II 22K- Corn searee and no rules. Itirley qulot. Rye in demand: sales last night 19.000 bushels Canadian at 62c., to arrive. Peas firm at 62c. a 0&c., ac cording to quality. Canal freights excited and advance I; 3c. on flour and 4c. on grain; flour, &oc.; wheat, 18c.; corn, 17c. to New York. Imports ? 784 bbis. flour; 170.1)00 bushels wheat; 7t!,t)00 bushels com; 12,(00 bush els barley , 13,700 bushels peas. Canal Kxports? 2,060 bbis. flour; 44,600 bushels wheat; 13,000 bushels Coin; 11,200 busliola barley; 6,100 bushels rye; 6,S00 b.ishcU peas. Auiahy , Oct. 26,1881. Flour very dim. Wheat? The 'e woro further sales yesterday afternoon of 0,000 bnsh' ls rod Htate a:lo;it, at $1 25Ji; to-day , 1 .600 bushels State spring, and a like lot of red winter Stuto together at $1 17 a f 1 21. Rye at 73c., delivered. Oats ? --'ales in car lots at40c.,attho Central depot, and 39 J^c. o 40c. for 16,000 bushels State, afloat. After the closo of our re|>ort yesterday 2.500 bushels two-rowed barley sold at COc. ; 2,500 bushels giato f< ur rowed at 67c., and 2,100 bushels do. at 60c. To -day, 00c. a 64c. are paid for car lots of four-rowed, and <J2Kc. for 5,floO bushels do., afloat. A lot of 4,000 bushels Canada West barley, slightly stained were sold at flt>c. , and 0,000 bushels very choice Ten onto, to arrive, on privalo terms. Tho quantity illoat ift light. Corn dull: sales 18.S00 bushels Western mixed, afloat, at 67c.. and 6.0U0 bushels In store ut 58c. Whiskey? sales 28? bbis. at 20>^c. and 200 bbis. at a) Kc. Received by Central Railroad for New York 7,86<i bbis. flour, 4,346 boxes i hoese, 643 bags and 60 bbis. whe it, 112 bags seed, 504 bbis. beef, 73 bales hops, 261 bbis. high wines. For Boston and tho hast 3,919 bbis. Hour, 2b0 bales wool, 117 bWIs. high wines. Shipped by tows to New York. October 26,68,200 bushels corn, 26,000 nushels rye, 114 ,600 bushels wheat, 119,000 bushels oats, 95.000 bushels barley. Monthkai.. Oct, 20, 1861. Flcur In active demand with nn upward tendency: No. 1 Superllne, |.r) 50 a $5 60. Wheat ? U per Cai ada spring, fl 17,i, a $1 20; (Chicago nnd Miiw uike. ,$i 20 a $1 25. Peas, ?0c. lor 60 lbs. Ashes, pots, $0 a ?8 06; pearls $0 10 a }0 20. Toronto, Oct. 20, 1801. Fall wheat ? Farmers' d livei i"s, 2,000 bushes at $1 a $1 08, average $1 08, spring, 90c. a 9fic.? I'eas quiet at 53?'. 1-ariey better deniaud: wtlcs 2,000 bushol-i at 42c. a 45c. MILITARY AFFAIRS IN NEW YORK. THE EIGHTIETH REGIMENT. The annual parade for ii;?|>eo(iou and review of the Eighteenth regiment New Yorfc Ptat o Militia, imtlor tho command of Col. James Uydcr, took placo on tho 2Sch tnst. at Ping Sing. About one hiffuEWd mid fl"fy wore present, aud tho retinas will probably aliow tlwt some two or tlireo hundred are absent In lit norvlco of the I United St a tog. Tlie regiment tookod rewikably woil, and the evolution* were performed with military ffkill. Th? salute to tho Tlrigaiter Oonoral and thw firing <????? cises of tho troop woie exceedingly well executed. Tfct music was furnished l>y tlio I". uks-kill band. In ilio af ternoon the cadet* from the military institutes of Mow*. Chun hill and Phelps united with ih;i troops, ,-wid tho wholo were reviewed by Hon. Stephen C. Parmenlw and ftiir, In tlio presence of a large concourse of people. THE SEVENTEENTH REGIMENT. Ute inspect i< n of tho Seventeenth regiment Now Y?Alt Stale Militia, nnder tho command of Col. Edward l'y<?, was to havo taken place on tho 24th hint, at Haverstrnw. The returns from three companies were receded ou that day. Qcn. Parmcnter dirixtcrt tho residue of tho regl men t to fie Inspected by companies at thoir respective , quarters, it havii g keeii ascertained that theaotices of i parade had not boon fully ?er7od. THE TENTH LEOTON, FIFTY-SIXTH REOT MENT. Hi# Tenth Legion, Fifty -sixth regiment of New York Srito Volunteer*, will not fto nble to leave for the \?*t of war on Tuesday next, as contemp!atodr In consequence of delay In receiving pro]ier equipments, rend the necessity of prsvldlng clothing for another oompuny which has Just reported itfcolf. Colonel Brown has issued the follow lug orders*? HKAOHt'AHTKWS NlXSTMtJfTn RitniVKNT, V Vlfiiriu, Oct. '25, ?861. J KKOHntVTAIf OKI1FI! ? NO. '.'7. Tlio Tenth Legion, Kitty sixth regiment, New York State Volunteers, In consequence of delay in receiving equipment*. Ac.', will not/ leave for tho seat of war on the '."itli inst. The orders for tho Nintoenth regiment Now V k State Militia to assemble on that >'ay are th?"efore countermanded. Hy or'ernf WIIX1AM K. IMtOWN, Colonel commanding Nlnottieuth regiment, N. Y. S. M. Caimw I!. I'nowy, Adjutant. Lieutenant Colonel A. V. H. Kills, of tho r egion, former ly Captain of Company I, of tbo Seventy-first regiment. New York State Militia, Iris resinned his commission and accepted a command at Washington. IRISH RRH3ADE? FIRST REGIMENT. Tlie First regl men t>of the gallimt Irish Brigade (Sixty ninth Volunteers) it Is expected will bo mustered into Service tho early part of thin week, tho companies coin, posing it having already been mustered In Individually. The field and statT officers of tho regiment are: ? Kohert Nugent, Colonel ; James Kelly, Lieutenant Colonel ; J Kavanagh, Major; ? Smith, Adjutant;!, l'ashal Sinith( Surgeon ; lieais K. Sullivan, Quartermaster. Colon. Ig Ne.gentand Kelly, it will bo remembered, reculvod com mission* as Captains in tho* regular army, in reward for their prompt and lierolc servloes aa Lieutenant Colore^ ami senior Captain in the Sixty, ninth ; but yielding t,, their earnestly expressed dost c to a^ain lead their old companions into the field, tho government has detailed tliern to their present p sts. M ijor Kavanugh was also Captain In the Sixty-ninth, and Is tinsllored onoeftho best discipllna: 1ms in tho service. 11 le other officers aro alldlstiin 'ishcil for their s> r\ Ices in connection with the h ave Irish regiment, whoso name tho Kl st regiment of tho new brigade will bear. Tho lino officers, most of whi m hive alreadr s- en aervlco, liave been roi oted by Ci lonel Nig ?nt with great care and impartiality , and un d>T his klmt and oiilightencd supervision will form a b ly of officer* e<|<:al, if not superior, to any that has yet taken tho Hold. The unity of \iurp< so and unqnailliod obedience which should exist between superior and in !? i lor i tlleers, and wlllcli gives so much efficiency to a military body and obviates much disagreeable duties on th" part of a commander, Is fully recognized in this regi ment, and from all appearances Is likely to oontmuo to the ond. THE TWENTY-FIFTH REGIMENT. Wo are written to by an < lflloer of tho Now Vork TwcrT ty-flfth regiment In correction of a statement published in one of tlio city duilcs to tlio oflbrt that a murder had boon committed In tlio c,irn:> of tho regiment on If in 4i h of August lust. )lo gives the following as (hn truii tacts of tlio i m ? ? On tho day mentioned a private of Company V ciitno into camp after an absence ot n ino days. Ho was laboring under delirium tremens, and wan placed in tho guardhouse, where lie committed suicide by cutting hm tnroat . TWELFTH REGIMENT NEW YORK STATE MILITIA. A meeting of this regiment will bo lield this evening on business ol Importance. Mi?< ty-tlilnl Anniversary of th? John Street DlelhndUt Ki>ls<-opal Cliurch. TUi; oldest Methodist church in the city, nud, it may bo added, in the country, is situated in John street, and yesterday tho ninety third anniversary of its orgauiza ti>n was celebrated In Uio odiQco with appropriate exercises. S?rvicen commenced nt eight o'clock in the morning with a lovo fe;uit, Rev. I>r. Durbin presiding. At half-post ten o'clock service* woro aluo hold, Kev Dr. 1 Mirbln preaching a lengthy and highly interesting discourse. Tlio church was crowded with a select au dience. After prayor and tho singing of hymns Dr. D proceeded with his sormon. He confined his roniart?g principally to a discussion of tlio usages and doctrines of the Methodist Episcopal nhurch, asserting that it was from tho John street edifice that those doctrines and usages emanated. He dilated with much logleal force on the first, great doctrine of the denomination, viz: that of unlvi isal atonsmont for the sins of the world, that d'etrino being lirst promulgated from John street. '1 he learned I toe tor then wont on to speak at length i t tlio \ u*t benefits which would accruo from tho perpetuation of theeburch in which he s|s/ke, and con cluded by stating tliat a collection would then bo takon uj> for tiint p rj'Of*>. Iter. Wm. II. Mllburn followed in a few appropriate re marks, exhorting the congregation to be liberal in their contributions, a* there was a strong necessity fur it. At tlfci ceocl.Mon of these services, refreshments were served up in the bnsoroeet of the church to all who do sired to partake of them. At two o'clock P. M. a reunion of all tho former pastors of the church was held, at whieh Rev. J. B. Wakuly pre sited. At six o'clock a general prayer meeting was hold, pre sided over by Kev. h. E. GriwwM. itev. Wm. 11. Miiburn preached an eloquent sermon In the evening at half-past sevou o'clock, the church being crowded to overflowing. MAILS FOR EUROPE. The New York Herald? Edit Ion for Europe. TlicCunard mail steamship Arabia, Captain will leavo Boston on Wednesday for Liverpool. The mails Xor Europe will closo in this city to morrow afternoon, at a quarter-past one and at half-past flvo O'clock, to go by railroad. Tiik European Ejirnos ov ran Herald will be published at ton o'clock In .the morning. Single copies, in wrap pers, six cents. Tin contents of the European Fimtion of the Hkhajj) will combine tho news received by mall arid telegraph at the office during the previous week and up to tlic hour of publication. Sampson I/>w, Son A Co. , No. 4T Ludgato Hill, London, England, will recclve advertisements and subscriptions! for the Hkkami. Ofllrlal Drawing* of Murray, Eddy & Co.'s Kentucky and Missouri .Slate letter Icfc Kkktuckt, Extra Class, 501 ? October 38, IRfil. 44, 34, 68, 69, li*2, 31, 70, 10. 1h, 4.5, 40, CI. Kentucky, Ci.ass .V>2? < Ictolier af>, 1861. 68, 61, 24, 71, 70, H2, 41. :;o, 4i?, 71, 13, 67, 75. Circulars sent free of charge by nddressinif either to MURBAY. EDDY A CO., Covingtou, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Devlin & Co. We are this week In receipt of large Importations of choice WINTER OVERCOATINGS, FRENCH CARSIMEllES, NEW 8TYI.ES VESTINOS, WINTER UNDERWEAR. And have also added largely to our superior stock of ready made WINTER CLOTHING, All of which we are selling at exceedingly !n>v prices. DEVLIN A t;<>? Corner of Broadway, and Warren and Orand streets. For Sheriff, FREDERICK L. Vt'LTE. Pure Liquors.? liny Your Liquors for wholesale or family trad? at Fifteenth street Distillery, es tablished in 1832, at 2? West Fifteenth street. A Pure Toharcn?Ycllow Dunk Tobac co. ? Ooodwln's Purr Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all Im purities, for sale by all tobacco and wgar dealers, and at wholesale by E. UOODWIN A BROTHER, Jn> Water strict. Balchrlm's Ilnlr Wye? The llest In the world? Harmless, reliable and instantaneous. Sold and applied at BATtllEIA)K'S wig factory, 18 Hood street. Crlstadoro'e Hair Dye, Wlp and Ton pecM the best In the world, n holesale and retail, and the dye privately applied. No. 6 Astor lb, use. Trusses.? Harsh i!ii Co.'s Radical Cur* Trusses, nlso Military Shoulder Brace and Abdominal W porter combined? a suo'ilur article, J??, a Vescv st V."1 lit'use, opposite the church. -i , Aator TraMes, Klust'c Slorkfyig>i. Abe! fttipr w-s Bu*io?kot;/ Bant!. ? s I);.-. ** TUyi*KE. No. 4 Auu v i,vs t; iinmuin'h | Msrrlfil, Cuaiiannbs ? Ci.ark. ? On Wednesday nsorn Ing. Or Ichor 2R. by the Rev. Dr. Cummlng*. rector of St. Stephen's church , p. .ft'i.KH Chahaknw, of Franco, to Titninu A., daughter of Ralph Clark, t'ii I, Fiin.n? Van Brooklyn,*. D;.mi TbnrMir evening, October 24, bjr the Rev. Bufua I'utney Tj?o*a* W. Fikld to Ksima Van Sioaw. Mt'srar ? ."AMt'Kt ? At the resldonce of Oeoig. Fulton, Esq., Btoomindgaio, tn the city of N?'w York, on Men ?y, Aug i*t 2fj, 1H60, HknktC. Mrttmv, Jr. toMlnJeiuV. Samc kt,, both <>f tie city of Brooklyn. W?otrrr~ Ri-kh. ? On &itnrduy, October 19, at the ml denconf the bride'* fathor, by Ih'K v. William Hay, J.imku K. Wmcvrt, of Brooklyn, to Mary Khavim Kicbh, of Nownrk. nuii. ntt\m?On ."^wiilav, <>;ti.ber 37, of consumption, Bkikukt, dai'xhter ?f J'h?un.i'- Rrrtdy, a-f l 2(1 ye* Tho friroii* and relative* i f tht> laroilv me pint rn. sf^ctfully Invited to attend tho iiiiornl, froni her late re.-Wence , N?. Ml IWeevelt 4treef, UkU (Monday) after noon, at two ?'clock. I Unas. ? In Brouk'y>, on FrVay, Oct>b"r 35, Mrs. Mama Bayli>>, daughter of the J*n t olonol Unnmrdus Swart\?out, offsnrytown aged 7) vara. Tho funeral wlDtakx pi ? ?? this (*5 mlay) atlmnoon, at on?' o'cli dc,from fte old i.'u* h . U'lrcf', 'IVirrytown. Canhbn.? On Sunday , Oct t?r 27. of muh million, Joint Camiks, a native ot Kiliuitrr*. parish of Themastown, eouuty KUk <nny , Itetnd . agon 38 y 'iri?. Notion of the funcra Ui t> morrow ? p pcrg, ?>x. ? On Satin day ?. !ilmr,Orf< her 2H; ' *??. W hhjnu *i"r Cox, son of tho late .Jameson Cot, !i??l tfO'yo&ia. The relative* and frion la .if th>? fami'y ai o roup ? tfulljr invited in attend the funeral , this (Monday) r *t in, 'it ono o'clock, fro.M tho ? o-i.lenco i f hi* brullWi -In law. Will In si H. t'oatley, No. tH w oat Thirty-second street, without further Invitation. Dambi ?At ilreen^mit, on Ssnday morning, October 2T, after a lingering illness, Juii:< Dxvta, 29 year# and 10 duy s. Tho friend* and rotutiv eg of tli? family ,-mid (lioonpoint H vision, No. U9,S, off T. ,are r."*|ieni fully Invito Mo Ht t'liil the luncral, from' lii late i .iidonee, Nf).14 Noble street, Grionpotut, on Tucg.lay afternoon, at half \>aetr ono o'clock. Dari Via. ? At ner(j('i|,M. 3., on Sntilrdiijf, CWih r 2?1, Win. 'a* 8. l)ARLiNo,an olit rtwl'h it of tti i>a city, in tho 79th year of hlyago Tho relatives and friends r tho family , and tln.H^ f hie sons, William A. aw) Samurt K. , ? ml of hln tf<>a-|it-Uw, Oeorgo Jj. Wood, uro inviti >' u< -i n-ha tls fonci .i , tbir (Monday) afternoon, at o'c ?? ???it, fcotii U.o rusidi'.ioc of William A. rarllng,.No. VI t ? ' n ?yi it ?<?. N'. Y. Kaikuk. ? On8aturit"y, Oeto.tor ~t>, p t his rosldeooe, MintAit Kaihlik. a>?d 61 yean. His sons In law, l'.1 ury ai,d f bristlan Mchwnrlicrg, and all other frlonds of 1 4? f .n.lly n-\- rt speetfully Ifivito I to attend tho funeral, tMs (V> n In/) .ii'timoon, at I' o'clock, fnun his late rceldonr* , 2(>1 Wi at Thirty aeveliut street, without further notice. . t.etiNRY. ? On Sunday, Octobcr 27, Okobcs>n of Stephen l?. and Sarali Y. tj< dnoy . aged 3 years; 3 tn nthe and 3 day*. Tho frii'tids or the funrtly i :o Invited to attend the fnne rnl on Tuesday nlomll g, at lou u o'., fi-mi it UodfiH'd' ?tieet. Kit-on. ? In Brooklyn, en Sunday. October 2T,Oeoaav IlrNKY.only ton of joun O. iuid Annie Klthon,ugud two years, 1 mouth and 1H days. Tho relatives and friends of tlio faintly, an l tho mem bers of Empire Bnglne ( nmvany No. I^i or II, >iklyn, W. P., aio ro< poet; tilly invited to att?u' the fi n" al, on Tuesday afternoon , at half past two v olock,Xrom tho residence of Uir oaronts, No. til WycUotf strtot. Oalifornla papers-i copy. rVoMiuiui. ? Oil S- ii. day morn lea, October 27, after a lit goring illness, Mil iiai.i. K. I.hmh un. i; > d II yeti Tho relatives and frieudgof tliofamilv ire I'Mfe 'tfolIy Invited to attend the, from his late resid nee, ?T Mulberry street, on this (Mon lay) aftoi'uooti, ut two o'oliiek. MttHsorrn. ? At Waddln^on, St, rmivronoeooitnty, Vow York, on Tuesday, (Mi ll ? 22, ' krtkick flOffunNEi:*, ?eoond ohild of Morris JforoditM, aged 5 y ars and 4 months. O'Doh.vru On Sunday, Oetobor 27, Kli k* w ife of I-M mond O'llonnel, a native of l.jonoro, coaiUy Watorlord, Ireland, in tho 'ir?th year ofher ago. Tlie friends an I relatives of tH- f"mlly ire roa:ioctfully requested to attend the funeral, frem- h >r bite rest lento,. No. 161 Meadow gtroot, Jlohokcn, Now Jersey, on Toes lay afternoon, at throe o'clock. Fakkkr. ? In tbis i lly, on Saturday , October 29, of diph theria, Wimiam JhtowN, s?n of ls.iao B.rarker,of rtur llnKtnu, Now Jersey, aged 43 years. Ills frlenls and thoao of his father-In law, tho late Ileury W. Hills, aud of his brother <Mu law. F. I. Jolinso? and John 11. Mai le, aro tnvitod to atton l the futioral at the Church of the Ascension, on TllOK.iay morning, Octo ber 23. at ten o'clock. Pktbrs. ? On Friday, October 26, of oonsemi'tlen, \mki.ia, wife of Paul It. Peter*, and daughter of the Ui to John Harrison, aged 19 yeare. Tim remains will he interred in tiroetiwood Cemetery. I'hlladi'lphia and Baltimore i apers pleatecopy. 1 iKin k. ? A l Kingston, N. Y., on Friday, Dctolur 29, after a painful illness, Jamk- J. PlBi'V, soil of Abr tn and Harriet Pierce, in the 43d year of his ago. Ills friends, the members and ex-memb. r* of Clin tot Engine Company No. 41', and tho Fire Department gene rally, aro Invited to attend tho funeral, frmn tWe fiouee of lleo. C. Flshnr, 110 Fssox street, N. Y., on Tuesday, at 12 o'clock M. Hum. ? On Sunday , October 27, F.i.i.a Amki.'A, daeghtor of John and Aune Kimh, Jr., aged 4 years, 10 months and 4 days. Tho relatives nnd Mends of the family aro Invited to attend tho funeral sorvlce, al tho residence of her parooM 19 Jane itroot, this (Monday) evening, at seven o'clock. The remains will bo takon to Peck skill for IntormeiH oa Tuesday morning. Stainti'H. ? At Ynrkvllle, on Saturday, Oi-tober 26. after a short but severe Illness, OkoriibF. St.ii.tton, in the 3ttl> year of hi* ago. Tlio friends are respectfully Invited to* attend th# fn* neral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock . from liia late residence, Third avenue, near F.lght.v-sixth street. The remains will bo interred in Trinity Cemetery. Itoxtnn and Stamford, Lincolnshire, England; papers please copy. Swiv-r. ? On Sunday, Ootobcr 27, Marinlla. youngest daughter of William and Marcolla Swift, aged 1' year and 2 months. The friends and acquaintance* of tho family are re spectfully invited to attend tho funeral, this (Monday) af ternoon, at two o'clock, frum tho residence of her pareuts, 112 West lifteenth street. Tiiomiwin. ? On Sunday, Ootohor 2T, after a short ill nc8?, first ls CtrHSRS, youngest daughter of Aaron N. and Kehecua Thom|isiiu. The funeral will take plane this (Monday) afternoon, st on?o'?loek, from No. fl.10 (Jreenwlcli street. WruiAHS. ? On Satin day, October 26, John A. Wiixums, i:i the 21st vear of his age. His friends and acquaintances, and those of Oscar Coles, aro respectfully Invitod to attend the funeral, from Mia Church of the Messiah (Broadway,, opposite Waverloy place), this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'oloek. MISCEILAM KOU*. j^TTRACTIVE GOODS AT LOW PRICES. We desire to reduce out present slock to the lowest poMt ble limit, before the 1st of January, to prepare for mi entire new assortment next Spring, and in- order to.elVcet this ?? shall offer s| eeial Inil ? cments to our cutuiniii from now until that date. We ask buyers to examine the quality nod r. vin d prices of our CHINA DINNER AND TEA SF.TS, GLASSWARE, SIL VER AND PLATED WARE, AND OT1IEK IIOl SEKKEPINU GOODS, and especially our magnificent assortment of CHANDELIERS AND <i.VS FIJUTUBE&, Wo promise pailsinrtloB in ali cane*. E. V HALUllWOin' * fa Nns. 488. 490 and -492 Broadway, corner of liriMime street. T $4 M).? DOUBLE SOLE WATER PROOF BOOTS, AT JONES', lOund 12 Ann itreet. A A LL AKTICJM58 FOR SOT.DIKRS AT WASHINGTON J\ and all other placeH hIiouM l?< sunt bv HARNDK.V.S EX PRESS, 74 Broa'hvay, at hnlf rat- < Th<*v M?n?l toeampH by government conaent. Sutler* i har^eil low raua. AT EVEUDELI/S? wedding CARDS.? THESE CRh K brntecl engraved Cards sold only at 302 Broadway, cor ner of Duane Htreet. Attention, ladies, attention! Buv all your HOUSE Fl RNlsHlNG GOODS at AliEX'R DELMAR'8, 70(5 BROADWAY, NRAIt FOURTH STREET. Kitchen Utensils, Table Cutlery, Tea Trays, Wooden Ware, Coal Scuttles, Fire ?<?: Fenders^ Flute Warmer*, Ac., i to. " A TRUSS A3 IS A TRUSS." iV White's Patent Lever Truss radically cure* rupture* It Is the latest invented, on a n?w principle: action in and up; lightest, cleanest and cheapest. Pamphlets gratis. T. W. PITTMAN, General Agent, 4A2 Broadway, N. Y. CORN'S, BUNIONS, INVEUTED NAILS, ENLARGED Joint*, and all disease* of the Feet cured without pain or inconvenience to the patient, f<y Dr- ZA< 'II A UIE, Surgeou Chiropodist, 760 Broadway. Refer* to physician* and sur* geons of tills city. Fire and burglar proof saves. A lar?e assortment of W lid's Patent Safe* for sale cheap, to close the concern, at 211 Water street, just above Fulton. 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