Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1861 Page 6
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HWAflOlVS v.* A"' N EOIVATKII LADY, OF MIHOLIS A<JK? DKSfKKS <?ni}?loyimiit in or n< ar N*w V rk city, u? companion to in elderly l.uiv or an invalid: or will tuke the aiiu.uion of iiOfiseic?i <*r f? a h tdiuiiy and nujierifitondctitf? and care of younj; pmt?cUH, for a modcraU) ooxuj>en4aU'Jti and ? i? ( . ludlsoa ? i ... o i ? rt ?Men, for one wrrk. AN KNUUf II ClIltL WANTS A' SITUATION AH CHAM berninid or to ;/i; nd ctitldr *n. Al'ply tor two tiuyu at 161 R<ui Slat at., be twron 1st and &1 a vh. ,4 KK81 KOTAJU-E YOUNG- WOMAN WISHES A MTU. JV Alton jis nurac and i .m,?tre? run cut ana !it children's <lr? and do Mowing iu :?liy o?- \uuld do lij/.ht clnmberwork and acwin;; ; would not object to travel; b? ht city roiVi*nr<\ Oall at or 'old re Nurse, 350 (ith av., betwocn VltuaudShkl *tu , tor tvv<? </.?y s. A lady wishes to obtain a situation for a muw mid t" imstiff-s, \vl * has lived vn.'h hvr in the above eajiaritloK; any lu-ly in waut of nech a pen - u can aee her by calling ai Castle. i'otnt, HoUoken, to-day. A young nmn, In a cr-jcery store .if ?!. rk, ?i.<C WO'ild muki ilinvU p. m-rally l ?nil; Wi? ci hmI ivIVn-ni-i- from lantern ployer. O.iU I", two latum 04 llnltlcat., between Smith ami "ley 1 1 ts., Brooklyn. iSNl'HSE OR TO Pi) TUB OUAMBERWORK AND JV wultliifi-?-A i ?.??' table ?lri wUhM a situation, h.< cither ?f the almvi- , U klu.iand airocllonato to children; city rel'e remv. t '.i I it l .11 i. !.;!?? 109 East Sid St., near the 8d uv.,lor two days, t HTtVATtOt WANTKD-BY A UKSI'EOTABLE PRO. J\ i ..f.tan t v mho, ? Ui> thoroughly uttttamlanda In r bu uv.'.s. iu. uniik, uud irouer 111 <1 ios pi . table fatally; ?m>?J ivi'nv.' ' i. ii. Apply lor two davs at 197 7th a ., hi - watt) TV ! ana r?. A PROTESTANT OTRL WANTS A SlTl/AT/O.Y AS cbniiiUtrmald iml (o do ) Km sawing; . an bo ri' -nm ?luuii.-.l from her last place. t.'.ill lor iao days ut 377 10th ?v., coi'iiit ot 3Vh at. AS NVRMi?kX SmclliS'T MONTHLY NURSE, Who can give the best rel'ercn eg, la now disentail' 4 ami Is (Ii slrmis ..1 ma km ; i . me ; Is in the h.tblt of takin;: 'urrol' intuit MiIIiim anil neuili.;.<!ii : u:i oli l:.>n to ink. ciroot un lutaut. OAu b? ?uen ai IU \\ ??t IMh ? iltb (iv. k TOUMO, IIEALTBT WOMAN WHO HAS LOST HER A 1*0^', *ud who li^* a full ?t milK, wants n t^?by In wet at !r ' vn Iioiih-. Inquire for tin1 .? <lay? in M?tnt.,u. I Itnti .mil lltli avi .i., uibl bi ii k ho .3<- fi*iu With uv. ASITtUTiON WANTED BV A RE?1'E :TABI.E YOONO Kirl, I" K - ml liO':..i.*work; would V refer .lertu-y Ouy; iMMtol ... hi' ri'iic- U ' I for two iIiijh ut her lust pW<- Nil. i t'aciilc plact , u?t 29tli St., between lith uu I 7 ih ASITL'A TlON W ANTED It V A KESi'ICC-fAliUi VOKVO w omul i, \t iio In ! ully capable, to cooli, wanu uml Iron: is wIMliu; ami oL U; Iiir and not afraid ol' work; tho best oi city Wemi --an Ix-^lvun. t '.m he kccu for two da., ? ut4':J4t!i ?t., firm ilnor, real-. A SITUATION WANTED BV A RES I "E( TABLE WO* Hutu us !ir*i I eo .ic; tan c-mk ni- 'it an t |ra?iry o! n'. MhJji; a |. boanlliiKhoiiK(. ftrtiftm-d, in city nreoiiniry; ktMt ?fr .Mi-rcnvr. fan hi: m-..-u lor two days at 76 Weat Uili at., np siuirn. k MIDDLE AH ED WOMAN WANTS A SITNATION TO -A. dti plala eookiuft aiMl luini.itt in wiishltig in a hiuhII fam Dy ui tl..' rl.v; wants a g.ioJ BU &dy bonii!. Apply for three ?ays at 317 We?l at. A 8ITuATi()N WANTED ? AS SEAM8TRBSS; IS A good ilri^KumaKvr; dots nir kinds of tiuntly nnwln>t und UjikcH i lilli:n'n ? wothua neaily; wnuhl take care #f ^ 1 iwing ?IitUhi'ii, Halt on u lady and uiuke hci>i:lf oMi^iui; iti a tvv nuuent Kitoation; has the bMl refeixiucea a^ to ivpal lUiy. Aju-'y ?t 71 !U 1 st., between 4th and 6th av#., w.ier.. raipioy ?uiit prt-aout. Abituai ion wanted-by AYOUNO PROTKSTAMT woman, u.i wet ntirso; beat ot r^fcre ? ?. o.iu be s> ?ii ?titer l.iot empViyer1 t:V> Hand at., Braottyn. AHITIATION V," AN TED? BY A YOl.'NU WOMAN, TO aoi.k, wh?I. . n.'l Uon, ordogcii ral boiwework; tUy rcfr amc. Call ut 027 Otii av., third ftoor, room, (sr iw? days. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN OF EXPK . rie nc ? wants H situation as nurse anil Heamtitress; w >u!.l bv< wtllinv usr lifrown wwinj mar -him; ; the beslc.ty rufe Mucn. Apply !*t iivt ISUh st. A COLORED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO it isework la it unwtll private fan.lly; id an ?anelJ nt cook and ,r ) ner: clean, bOD> ?t and obliging; ?an 'take entire < a ir,; ? tor a widower or uu invalid lady. lutpilro th day ai 43 St. Mark's pbvoe. A SITUATION WANTED? B\ A YOl'NG WOMAN, TO do general housework tu a small private family; beat ?ity reference. Call lor two davsatiiS Dean at., eoruer of I Kit *rmn, ii:*R klyn. AN EXPERIENCED COOK WISHES A SITUATION in a private family; untli>riit?ndit toup.s and moat* makes g a I wrtti and light p.** try, gr >< >d bread n/*l ?ckv, no onje tion to at b<i with the washing it required. Govd **> rcfercnc. Cull . or twa d ?ys at HO VV< hi Sl*t tuL A SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT WO J\. roan, 1 1 -t ei ass eo a; understand* French eookiug an4 all kinus wt pastry; ia an e*oclhnt baker. Apply ai 7th av. A SITUATION WANTED? FOR A SMART. INDUSTRI OUS serv.<ut girl, to do plain cooking. wur.liln,' an 1 Jroaing, or k u< rat hotiKework, either In the city or eouutr* In an \ x ? I nl v, h?T and iioner; economising an-t ne i: Kufereiecs unexceptionable. Call at No, 113 AtUn 1?: hi Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? AH FIRST CLASS COOK, by one who tmrt? r.-i; nds Fieneli, English <;;nl A o cun eihNin:;',.'! ? ity i?" rences; haw no object! in* t vriiuii noarjing house. 'Cuu be seen far two day* it (ii \Y si Washington place. AS CHAMBERMAID AND SEAMSTRESS? OR AS children's maid and seamstress; ?..n cut and i.. children '8 frocl?n to lit in the t . ?* tu si mariner; can' ?rover A Raker's Me win;; ui ichlne; Will lie I'voinm /<<!..? d by Counsellor A. Koardman. Andres* for three d?\*s N. bo: J77 lli-rald o/liiv. A YOUNG LADY AND IIBU MOTHER DESIRE SITU atJoni?wjther tturihf'r or h (mrutrly; the moila-r Biimo or #?? imitreKfi, and t li?* datigli? r a? gov? rness or < iianlon to a lady ; the beet ?'i e?ty i . !Vren givon ; a ph -.Man! nome rooro de^rable than warje?. Apjdy at fiC7 2 I a between 4ii>l and 4'i 1 A COMPETENT VOUN'O WOMAN WISHES TO EN H i -", with a fa:nlly, lor the. v. i.iter Tnonthn, as utr? sh or by th?* week; aider -'laud* in h?mak:nj% eulifti ? ??n i fltting lor "diildren, shirt m ikin/ and fin?* ? wing. Can be ?oen at iier pruMeni eut|> -yer's, 41 Ea>?t PJth Ktreot, l>efwik,,n Broadway and Fonrth a ?e., for two d ?y?. ll:m city refe renu<*. AS NURSE? A FIRST CI^SS NURSE, A MIDDLE a>?ed woman, wants a dt nation; la capable l > t*ik?-rare ?fan in!:t: t front t'hi it.':; h a lonir o*p' -rience In tin* care ?nd roana^*n?ent of children; will maKe herself generally tiHriui il required ; ino.s' ri'^pectahle rity rei'ereucc cm be Khro. Apply M 91 Orit( . . -ri ,i< . days. A rooK's siTirvnov w\nte:>-by a ymcko wo man, who U a rit'M'o:>k .ind an excellent washer I and iron r. li t' i'.yre r rare. l e been a- in West J5th kJ., between O t i and 7th avs., i i the rear building. Asm tTION WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIYAT? lamily, ar coak, her and Iro'it r; \* a Rood baker. O <> 1 1 ity lvl'erencea. Apply al OA Wesi 17 1 U nt., between 7*h and 8th ava. A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN WANTS A RITl ITION Jri lo do plain oooktr;^, washing and ironing; no oUjerti .a to do the hotkbfwork of a small iamily ; no objection to ?.o in the country. Good r fercnce. Apply for two uays at 22 Miaetta lano. At,. . KV GIRL, \S 10 ffPKAKS KRBN< il AND Kt glish, wlnie'S to obtain a flifn t'ion n s ehambertnaid, ?r to do getiortal iion?? v. ork. Good city referen x; given. Iu quire at Mott si., rear house, third tloor. ARESPECTABI^E YO0NCI WOMAN WISHB3 A SITU lion as ituive. und chambermiiid; is an cxeflJent ninw; wa :es not so roue-h an obj-'C't as a ?<>o1 situation. Call at h#r pr? sent emj?l??y? r s, 17s Dufl^eUl st., RrooUyn, for two days, wl'cre raiiWa ?!' ry r.-ferenco wi!ll?e glver^ * AUTv.'PECTABLE MATirai d woman wants a iRuallon as we! nurse, who ha i lost her own baby; hW. ?r e y rcfvrcuf** u'ven. A\ p y at 2-V EaPi 18th St., 'orntr of Ifti av, ? " 1 N EXPERIENCED YOUNC, WoMAN WANTS A SITT' Jf\. at'.oa; Is capabh of Wklng >? h. r^^ of ; n infant from p. a bit th an i sew, or to take o? re of growing children; eanrur nb-h ih? b: tt <>f city vef -icn ' s. Can seon al Eatt I9t'i nt., third floor, front rooni, for two days. ?,?i* ? -* \ B1 n K ri( H ? ED BY A REST E rABLV WO* man. to take care of ebildren, and kIaq do plait j cooking f " ' ' -'-if cii ; reference. Apply at corner N< . R A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR A VI SVECTA l?l<' >-iri as ehaiaberniaid and to assist In ihe wns'^ir.g ami Ironing; bai no objc Don to make berw it' uenerally usofni; ibe Ik sI (>; city referent given. A] ply al 3Ui s: . i r ^vo days. A COM I ET1 NT : KB ON WANTS A 8lfUATi< - KH A i.urM- uml >Ci! r"r-?; understands nil kinds ol fam^r sewing; can operate on Wh- ebn \ Wil on's nnichine; v. ?> il I bare no objeetion t ? go n short distance in the country . or to Havana. Can give a good city reference, i 'all at 131 7 th a v. AS COOK.? A SITUAT I ON WANTED, 1IY V COMPE tent woman, who thoroughly t loi- rsUin K her bullae ?. as co' k; can give the best city r? '? rencc. Cad ? t or a \ lresi 400 Oth av., between 24th at-d HOth ? s, AKKSITTTAHLE YOCNO (iiRIi WANTS a StTl A ti ?n to cook, wash and iron in a private fan.'.ly; 1. ?* na ?biecti ii' t geneml Uous? w i k. Cao be seau f?-r t vw days at 130 West 2^'h St., between 7th and 8th avs. A8ITUA TiO N W ANTED? BY A RESPBCTABLE yoimjj girl, as e?utnbennaid or aal.'ress; h is three years ? I'v reference fr< \ h- r last place. Caji We sen for two ?<.>??',< ^.i i n between 5th and OiJi avesM in i tie A YOl'NO WOMAN WANTS A tWATl&S AH NL'KM." It'.HUln' ?? Nn. !?? MaJUnn Bt., Uiir.t Ihor. A.:' ' K TAB1 F. dm Till I* A SUDAXXOlb IS A ii . a ii i ... w , > b or kmu Irooei ; wonM <1?? i;' feounew >rk, ii woi 14 talu TtmrnTrmi' pta ej guod dt; refe *m?v ? ,ii i:r , vc: . t'? ! fur two > '' al lt'J JobtiiKin ?t., be tw ?cn I'rl.M" nnrt U* linoMjo. i B ?. ? i?? >!.r. a<;lh mp.i, wants a y.;. au.i Vruajl*. lit*', of ?ity 11 ' ''' L'' ('?1; for ;?? <4fj at I2t i.'teoa Aj;i>i i:<"Ta 'Lis oik:, wikhk* a ;ti at;on in a prtrata family, ta ia ? -??. haaaswnrk. ?rod rrfa ?mm i fro Oi r mal pUae. Ap?*jr at Uaatlitkilu fce twecn 1 uve. and aveaac A. ' A CAPABLE PBKM S WANTS a KTUATIOK AS iv ni l . -I ? ? V!I IV.- >:, v ,, . . .V .. il.'. . ?! vejrr.1. u , ? b.'ft . r . IV r?l,i>iKr c.-u IS.? 2?;li .-i V ?> i . ? i -wei^ 1 BESl'l > Tai.u; vol NO WO)' V .<? ,K a A ?th and Tf ar?., t oo* ro *; litre vnoN wam '* ? v.y AVir'n woman as A , ? '??' > r ? \ . A Rf.. i EC > AliLK Y')' X' J i * Wf ,\ . r rr. 4 * t -i ; ? ' ia, I ' won i . ? _e**i ?!? 0 re. Apply fda > rem? t ? their e SITPATIOS* W.l*TKD-PBir\T,RS. I I SITUATION WANTKD? -BY A YOUNG (11HL, TO DO | J\ cliainl>< r? o k ai.d licit) to luko mr.) ?.f rhlMr.'ii ; nnob J. i Ion to ilo kkiiitbI Itnnai'wnrk In u small lirivaie family. city rut', ri' in 0*U in bur luit eini.ktycr's, 60 East JSik St.. bclfel-VU ltll lllld tiO?LillJ|luU avu. AN AMERICA* (jlRL WISHES A SITUATION AS ( tiambernutd and waitress, or us chambermaid and t > Jli'l *?'wlug. AiJ?i ly at or mill H UM tUia day una Tuesday, S6S 6th u\ , top l!oor. Arespkctab lb woman wants a situation umiixik In u hiii ilHi' ici ur txianlln,: h'HiM' ; b "i city refemmr. Call at 87 Went 19ih *t., In tin- rear. A KKSIEOTABLE HERMAN WOMAN WISHES A JX. nl'iution ua cook in an A rtiun fuuilly; hrlKiitof ifliwiiccfiMin her pjn .'iti Lexington uve., win to fclie can bo warn. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION? AS GOOD l>lain cook and ??xi---il. ni wattuM* ami n-uii?r; would ilo housework In a small prlrute family ; Is willing and obliging; no ?bjoclon to go in lb" oommy, Three yrari' oltv nf ? rt-noi. fail for two days at 83 Slsi at., between e.b an 1 7th an. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESfKOTAHtE ? oniari, is a I cook, flr?i rat'1 vaib r and ironur; li ui two hud ii ti.ilf >ear-i' ri fni i iior I'roni lior last altuatlon. C id 1m; aocu for two ilayt at 19'-< i. 1? at , one duo;- I'i oiu ixtuv. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A NTS A 8IT0A. lion as i -hambcrm ? i?l and w*!l or t o do the chain [ beruotk and assist at washing umt ironing; i i willing mi l ! oMi/inc. Huh the bout of city refcren v ir ?- i her last plac ; I cull ut No. i5G5 7tl? av., bctwi eu 32 1 ami S3 1 streets'. p(M>K'S SITUATION WAKTRD? BY AN ENGLISH WO man, wlio iH.rlQi.ily understands her bit :n.' ^s? -s< uijw, game and < ? I'u; Iimh good city reference. A^ply at 80 W* st 17ih ? t., second floor, In t !??-? rear. i lOOK.? A SITUATION WANTF.I) AS FIRST RATH \J cook 11 n J bakr r; nnders'ands ail kinds of ?b sse r(?; no objection to insist in the. washing if requited. (?m"l city rc ferei ?. Call for two d ? at 00 ith e ' m .v Charles. Dressmaking wanted-by a young woman, who )m rfi . ly understands dri'sfimakin*; and children's divers an 1 ]>' iin Krai,.., and Sineer's k;? i/h; m tchine; VToulil like a iltiitofiun Jin ? t?n in-; < jn a gentleman h t'ani.iy; i i go a ue? i. liif* oonutry ; or wnul't #0 out l>y the wwn, Can hf Nt ?*n uiiiil riiijuKtMl ct 17 h'tnyvesant #?t., b?iv>e?'fi iHh ami i:Mh ij ar H ? ave. DRBBS)UK?a.-A YOUNG WOMAN DE8IBKS A .at nation as ?!r> s>ni.iki i* /i ml t ?ne iiil Kenrunti' S" ; tiUilc.r Rt., ?<!?? aJl kln<}M of family sew Ink; fin o!rje"tloti to a nho* t way In the country; ran be highly re?Onunemlt?(i l?y th? liily s!": iive-1 with Lin'. Can be M-r'n mull taiitcil at lytt Eaut mil ?t. IlfUST (XAttS COOJC ? WANTS A SITUATION IN A 1 jrvatp lanuly; nmlcr. tamls l;cr bn^iur H in all iw bran hoH. B* i <xiy rerereuco. t' ill at 6 > West SOih it. nOUMKKBKPER IK AMBBICAU WIDOW hAM ilesin na sitnalu n km J.o iMi!;e? per; Ulcai>aiiie of l iking full eh fx^e oi a prlvato boai'lin r h??n?e, oraHtnnll f.imily. Call on <ral?'rcHS for three days, Mrs. WintJ'eHis, 57 Tillar/ ?U*%:ttt, Brooklyn. T" AUKBHE^.-A EBB PBOTABME CXILORRD LAUN J <irv;s wi:>lo'H to obtain the washing for a i.vinUy or a l'?'W hiuKb* ^entli'Do-n; cangivt* the b'*st o: elty r? 'i'-cii';''; terms moderate. Call on or adiiivM Mm. S. John! oil, 101 street. VTUKSK.? WANT151), A SITUATION, A YOUNG i.1 woman, nuoo; k fully e-om intent to iak?- the otU-lre. ?har^e nf an Infant from Itsblrtli; no ubjreiioirto havni with a lady. Good city relVtvurr. Call for two clay s at 4J0 West llih 8t., between 5th ami 0: U :iv? , tn Ui<; r x?. NOM.-A PBOTB8TAKT WOXAX, WHO BAB MAO many vear? c\j> tumm i: in the rare and man i^eniMit ??f ?hlVlren, wantH a niuiat'on a- nurse ; is able of taking the enure charge of a b.iUJ from itn birth ; in a good Hoatm>ir?fiS. Call at or address '220 isf. av,, near 14th f-t. SEAM8TBS8&? A TOUBG WOMAN WI8BS8 A srn'A, lion; ia? a nfiul .-thirfmakor an 1 ran *\o nil fcimtH of family ?e\vin?; would juairtt with chmnlA rwork or iln-.Mvasbiiu'; no ?bjection to leave th#? ?ity ; city reference. Call atUMW?at 2it!i ot., rear houKC. ?ecou<l 1)? air. QlXOAttOn WAN1BO? BY A YOUNG W i X4K, TO l>v > O general Imjiiw work, or iis?ook. Gik>-I r?o? ren<*' 1'i rki her last place. Call at 110 Hoyt t-t., between B iilie and Butler, UronkJyM, f?r two day*. SITUATION WANTKD? BY A R B^rECTABIJ? GIBu hh chambermaid, o:* to do tlie W i? rnl lio?i?euv.*K o? u small family. Be^t re.fer? n 'e from her la- 1 situation. Call at 231Grand 8f., between Oiti and iOfh rl^., Wnitum?burg. QIV0ATXON WANTED BY A BBSP80CABLE Udt O who writes a good hand andean < rln? f1>?? brnt r.'oom mendations as to capability and ho?e -ty, i:i Horn ? resjH* ".all ? business; liriutinu pi*eferred. Is Hautfled wi'h moU'rute wag?^. AodiersJI. 11. C., Herald nlliee. Cjrw ATION WANTED BY A RE8PECTABLE YOUNG IO >onnt?^irl, us ? h'lmbvrmai 1 a'i 1 wanr s or :o .i-i-e / in ti e washing and ironing and go as nurse. Uood city refe rence fioin h 'V last pliMse. Call ut i 15 Vuri k si., near Broome st. SITUATION WANTED ? MY AN EXPERIENCED youn^ wouiau, os chambermaid and vv a Ureas, ?r would d > ehamhcrwork and fine washing; shr U romp tent nnd o n pivr the be?t of ret? reixe as to ?hara;ier and raj ability (JmI for two days at 217 Wo 4 25th Ht.f in tin* store. SITUATION' WANTED? JIY A KKS'K TASLE YOUBD.7 O woman; i* a good <?? <li and ilrst elass lanodivss; brat of ?dty rr tor tun be giveu. Aj*ply for tv.o days at 40 East (JITI'ATION WASTKD-HY A VEKY KEriPEOTABLE w> Kngli?h Protestant woman, ol* *r 'tiled a :e, a* can rut and lit ; would be very vmiliUtt U> a^M.- 1, and r-:ii ni"ke herself uselnl at any thin-;? "reiiuhvd in a s .-null family ; ean make pastry; W strietly trustworthy ; wages i > $?.*. Apply nt or a d dross for two (fays 118 <kh :iv? corner of J i h si., in th ? More, OTTl ATJON WANTED? 7<Y A KHJST CLASS (TOOK, IN V' a hot ? or iai ?jo boat din;; house or iirst eluss n-s'.iurant ; understand* cooking in nil Us b.i.iu hes, \ ofli meata ;?nd pas tr. . and is an ?*xj l need baker. J5i ht city references. Call ut 77 Went 2%h si. fXTANTBD? A SITtJATIOff, BY \ BESPECTA BLB WO- I T? man. as wri n ?rse and to a*sUt with rhiidren, or to Ir.ivr'. i 'a ) J ;:t J3') \V? >f J3th stM < rti< r ? >' (k.t av IXTAKTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE , lY young woman; is a good plain oookunda first rate wrtbho.r end Irom-r. Best city r i? r roe from her lant plaee, n li' i" she lived two years, {'all at 153 3d ave., in the taney etore. IITAXTED? A SITUATION, iiV A KKSPKCTARI.K WO VY man, :is nnr*e and seamstress or us . ".ambermaid nnd waitress; sle nnd o svmds lirr duties thoroughly an. I can ^ivo tho best of references: a iroo I it<nn j more an objeet than high wages. Apply nt 109 West 14: h st. \y \STF.D A SITUATION Afl ' )OK B1 k KBi PECT IT able woman; fully uniteratandu ?ookin?? in i* 11 i:s bran hv-*; lsaue.v "lent maker of bread ; n.l pa in ; wll!ln:; to in the wa.-hjn# if reqnlre<l. -od ?itv r?;er k ? ?. (' in be s< cn f. r two days if not engaged, at 2viG SZ 1 st., be tween 9th and 10th ..vm. WANTED? BT A BB87ECTABLS YOUKQ WOMAN a situation as a tfood, plain co^k, washer and iv?-ner: no objection to do '^rnrra! housework, tor a ? ina'.l f.unily ; next ot' city reference. tJallfortwo days at 131 Henry st., Brooklyn. Want:. D -BY A BESPBCTABLE, STEADY WOMAN, a bin a ion as ?n ' vpt.i d nuiyi-; is compter nt to t tke char^ of an tu/au( f.oui its birth; ran brlti;; it up b ? li .nd; Is willing nnd obllulug; is a i?oort warn stress, and r?i? cut and Ht ; has lon;| satisfactory rlty r?jf?,ren,*e; no t>bjr> tien jo tho country. Can be .seen nntil engaged at (Hi West 40th nt., near Broadway. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT WO m in. a situation as oook; is a good washr.r and tron< w tJan give the l?? st of city relereuee.". Call ut 491 9th av., cor ner of 41st st. *117" ANTED? B Y A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO WOMAN' A TT situation a-* seamstress; Is a good shirt maker: unarr sbinds inak Ui: chiblren's clothing, and ran do all klndsof silk c jnb.-oidery and rreneh necdJ^-u-ork; no objection to take care of children or make hcrmdi generally useful. Call fur three days at 83 Henry <?, third lioor, front room. T|rAKTi:D? A SrniATIOM HY A RESPECTABLE Tf yonnfj wwia^ll, U> c x^k, winh mi I iron, nr to il.j Jnmw>?-ork; 1* an excellont ImtDdrM^i am! tak?r; h.i#/Vur y. he' city rcferun?'. Ho objectl'ma t.> go i.i ilirt country. Call for tvro days ?t 400 tU'i w., cwair ;>K!i n, room Ko. 5. TIT A* TED? A SITUATION AS WKf VURSB, BV A T r yiunsmnrrie'l woman; first, t .iliv; will make hrr.?l( ?'?" bonwwurtt. Call Jit M9&MI 85th M , butw?en M ilka 3a ?n."* *? 1&.r WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II i\ iinun, tn i\,i plain w:?hlng uml Imnin.-, nr b-jUui'Wwil;. in a onuill prhatu r.unliy. 1J <a!y r.-lcn ii' n fr m l int J n o. Call ni 07 7'h av., between 17lli nnd lsth ct-. WANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS. IK A ? V prlvaic family; a .nnd hand Rt I I'ln-s' anil chlldi ' n'n dr .'son and all kinds ut family snwiug; no lion to d<> i | Utile nil mi'ii'iv. m k. UwJ ot i ^ re[cr?nc?. Cu lieioinlui' two r'.RVii a' Sd a\*. \ITAKTEU-A SITUATION. TO DO GENERAL BOOSE ^ >1 wovls in a small> lamily; no obj< Hon to tbc r nit \ ; in n dty refercn ". Ap)il I at t# Welt i ?. I IV tNTEII? A SITUATION, AS IIOUSEKEEi'ER IN K ! 11 i ntl, mAn'B family, by a widow lady, an Am ;i.?n; no ; o' ;? i !i to iMIdrcn. Ad'livm K. 11., HrVald o!tic". 1 \\f ANTED? A SITUATION, A3 l'HOKU.SSF.D COOK ? i M uud'o -.ands her busin * ^; Is willing t > :? ia w... . 1 1 im >;?x?d ? I* y r?lervnue. Cali at % \Y*;hi ii^Ui a }JiiiV |.,.u i 0* u ted 7.h avf. Tt"ANTED-BT A RESPECT A Mil# Y f>rXG GinU A ?f. nation ui do cbamberwork. or waiting, nuivj or S'J'm^tn ii'> objection to assort itteuunv ,u the rountry. Caii lv k. en I or two days at 4-7 3J ov\ Best of eStjr relr* \\rAKlKD? BY A KESPEOTABLE V()TTKG WOMAN, A \\ f.uu itioti a? u'v and lannin j>; Koderftands baking u! a!lkind- , uo tUm to the eoun'.ry; the b< st of eity i eft no. e u'v* u- tv,r lAV? \v t^si 17th ?t., iieuV titli uf. "tlTET Nl'lUB? WANTED, UY A YOUKU HEAI.tltT ?> in u'. i ! * onuin, iriib t> fij!! bmut <1; mi! c, ? . ,,m I a* wet liurw in a it pccMM-i liumlj, I ?*: :k u; i>., u I K:i- !fc< Kiisi **. WAMKD- 1ST A KliSI?ECTA!ll,E WOMAN, A MICA. Tf ?:va ?wk ?ud :sl m(tre?s?; 1 1 n i;.i b ik i , .11. a vh? roufthlgr aud' ihiuiiJh trr biwiiieae. Ouu ?iif ihc bukt ui j;:? rrti r. nci>. Call ? b-r e i>pl' 91 Bawl 17tii at. W/ANTEU? A SITU ATI OX, UT A GERMAN OIIUj, TO TT il'i okiV iu . rroblni ?u'l Ironia,:. (jo ti iWoiimk.'. Ok II a: JJ t 'riwli f nt. WfAN'TED? A 81 TP ATI (JN Ad COOU; 1(3 AX EXCI'.T. Tf leu! Iaum)ri4? miJ bnWor. GuuU rel'vretiiv*. Api?y at No. 4 Amity p!*< *. T|/"AXTE1I>? A SJTCATIi >S, r,Y A HE PEi'TABLE VV y ung women, ?? ??b*:nh.'rm?iil wnttntw, b"nni i 1 and to do m> tin'' m'i Mini. Can :ivij i'i ? !??? ; 01 ,.ity re iivti 't1. bo toe* f' r tn# day*. a' 27 6tli ?t, oonl Boor, in tbr Mr. "WAX i ED? BT A KEAT, TIDT OIltL, WITH EXCEL *? . i iiy refoifnc"!, a sltu.-.v.oi ?< nui r..-i inimii i: ? .? or prime family: u qttfek *ith the ?'"U' ? : , "xgfetulrea'a clethra; w?t;> ?> l .>U .it 181 -l l ?HrTABI.E YOUX'J WOMAN, a k: il eli imbormul I, or tadlf** knowi'^itija nl' k?:' ini.?innw in 1 ? and can p:o luc . tlio 8*t *L ty ANTI-ID- A HiTCATTON, UT A BPSl'EOTABLE WO. . 1 1 . (io 11 13 wanliiiig; tin.lrr. " 1 . lU' "* i'C1, W 'il. liuu I CilV /<?;>! "I'CIV fiTTlT.vriONS WAJITED-FEMATiE1*. T*T ANTED? A SITUATION, RY A RESl'Et TABLE . ? ? v? 10 <l0 K^ncrol housework op chain berwork and waiting in a small private family; It /t good washer and lioner. tlood reference gtveu If required. CaU for tw? duy? ?' n ?t. TyANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH CURL, A ? F sanation im \vuitrcss or to do cliamberw> rk and wa t Ing. llfHi ?.f ?.iiy reference. Call for two day* at W Otl) uvM corner of 2;Jd #t. HBrS W A V * I>-PE M A IiE S . ABUNDANCE Of good servants heady at the ulil established ami largeel limtiiuic, 13d llth tit., oor.c T of 6th av.: neat, Capable, civil women ? (liruiun, I'ngll"1', Jrluli ami Scotch; moderate v.MK< H (o auRtho tluien, lor city or country. Good place. ready. Mm. Floyd In attendance ANL'WUEK OF FIRST CLASS SERVANTS WANTED? Cllv vcferen- en, co ?ka, vvuhltei-e und lroncr<>, waitrc:-.. es, Ac., In firr-t claxa i'ainilcH, city and .iiuiury. Inquire ul the Lkir;j>: Institute, corner 01 tiih ave. mid 1 Itli hi. MltS, F1.QYD. A Lli FREE OF CIIAltOE. ? SERVANTS, WITH EX Jx. oeUtntclty referencea, uml at all price*, can be prowr. fil, free ?I cb?rt!?, at 1(1 Eaet lltli ?t., Iidwoen 3d u:i't 4 h i\vch. Your patronage U r*'K|>e>:lt"?iIly noltnlU'd. AdOOD WET Nl'KSE IS WANT KO.-INgi. lttK AT Til'; Doctor's 'iillcp, i oi nerof Warreu ami Cllntuu tU. , llroek* lyn, between 3 aud fi o'clock I'. M. American, English. inisu, scotch, 6BBMAN Hint colored m rvaniH. with good city inference*, 'an now bo had, free of charge, a( No. 7 Eleventh atraet, near Broadway. Several glrlt arc now wauled lor exotdlcuikiiua Hon*. AlilRI. WANTED? FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK; wafcH $1 per month; a German pruterrud. Apply at Ml)f 3d a*? BMrttth at. (IIjOAS MA KERB n.VNTKD. APl'LY TO A. M. A It. J Davica, SUM llroadway, tip atalre. riOOK WANTED.? A PROTESTANT WOMAN, WHO IS I ' a good c o'.; and willing t > moist In waablng, Ac. It well re ommenlud, ma. And a situation at 186 3U ave. Call from eight till twelve o clia K A. 11. F jlREE OF CHARGE.-- FAMILIES gaPPUKD WITH first cI-ish <ook*. chambermaid* and fleamstrcsftcs by Mr. WHITFIELD (l.Vo of St. Paul'* M talon), N?. IV? Christopher street, corner of Greenwich avenue, near Jeller Hoti Market. Orders by \ o?t attended to. NfUSi: WANTKD.-V.'ANYI'.D, A < ;Oi >D TH< >J{OIT<;iI, well recommended child'* nur???;' -lo of taking tbo entire ch?w of ?n infant irom itM birth. To u jiroia r. t imjx'tent person, a iH'vman?nthon?? and ?<vid wngeH wUl b ? olfevetl; non? but tfaoso with the wry beat of i-eit-renn a iHM-tl apjily. A]?ply tbU day at 7U Johnson af., Brooklyn. OKR^APTTS IN BBOORLTK, WANTING fUTCATIOHB, k> ?ho?U apply immediately to M ANNI NO .% Of) , K.,. lo'Jil Vtry . . i;r<M.klyu, wli?*r? they may be auiUnl wltliantany ?A# hiy. >1 <ny exiM'lIf nt place* on baud every day, in tir^t cUtfe* families, at ttood wacc.H. TTTAKTBIV-TrrrT FIBSf CUM OU)AI IfAl CKOfl. VV Nourt k#t hem need apply lo (entiane*' iteade Ht. tfc*r) A T. Stewart. nrAMTEIM PROTEST AKT UIKL, TO DO OIKB&iL \V housework in a private fainify; immt In* u gtnul w? dv er and iron'-r, atal ? ? 1 1 rooomn>fuded; ft German preferred, lo pitrr, at VMj S^utb 4th at., WillUmsburg, from 9 A. M. 3 P. M V'.' AN IKD-A I'UOTKSTANT 01 UL, TO COOK. WASH Y f and Iron In a .".mall family. Kbe rnune be eai^bte n#Mt ami brim; n foivnecH. Apply at 20-1 fttb ave., in (he 41-115 TIT ANTED.? A CMIAMUBHMAID AND WAITKK<C. VO * T one neod tin}*** jj<m ieetty oo;up< tent and abk4 lo furnish f.ood ? ?ty i* Irienc'vH from b??t plaee. Apply at IB# Uon*n sH?< , Somb llrotrielyu, from 9 k> 12 A M. \\TANTliD? AN OPERATOR ON SINOEH'S MACHINE. 7 V one that enn bind ? a good worfcm 111. Apply to J AMKtt A. IJEAKN A St)N, 77ft Hroadway, above 9th ?u *11 ^A N TED? A COMPETENT PERriOK, TO PTICH ? 7 cloukp on one of Whe?'ler ."fe WU on1* sewing ?n;u*bine?. Any oue having on'* ?<t' *aid miiehtnes ca.ri have employment tor It. Ap\ ij .-t 286 Grand M. ?\ITA.VTrO? A OOOI) GERMAN OI RL. TO COOK, WA5TII ? V andiron for a t<m I! fajni.'y. Apply to 1>. Clarke, (SH Broadu ay, corner lilec< ker Kt. TtTANTBD? FOR A LARGE COMMaNB OF Ml LIT Alt Y" ? T pictures, two bulie* lo 1< ?rw the coloring of photograph# in oil and \rnt> r colors. To g<Kjd h'ind* jpr<?.;'able enij.i oj inoiu bv th?>. wmk or pirco Apply at Mrn. I # Traok'* gal lery, 2l0 Elm street, from 2 to 4 o'clock P. kl. only. "1 IT A N TED? AN EXPKU IENt 1 ED 001 ) K, WASHER AND \r irouer, In a private fatuity ; she must uudrrKtand her bunlnrMsand bt1n*4f.o ?d city reference; A marb an ?r#*??rrnati pre:? rred. App?y at I'Jl West nt., between 10 and 12 A. II. TITANTED? AG1RLTO DO GB2TEBAL BOtTSBWi : \ \ muKt be a pood cook, ?:n i first rate waaher an I in .-ier; our that can brin^city reference may apply at 31 West luth Ht., n< ar Greenwich a v. "II/BT NUB* R WANTED -OKU WHO HAS LOST &SB Vt child, u itli a fr^sh breast of milK; none need apply \ (| u.t p{?\ ii ia'i'H < criili< r.e a?.d ta- rtlU'-.'. !e ol ?-harat t^j. ? 11 110$ U r.r treet, Brookl TITAN TED? A FIRST RATE OPERATOR ON SINGER'S Vl or ;Vhecler \t Wilron1# Hewing inachin *; oneba/inga rn uhlue of 1\ r own, v?y app'yinir at Mrs. G??riimn'*, H.'icl *?., be we ?n 31 and 4 th avs , wt.i find .1 comfortitblc home; uon^ but resp? ctv.b'.e partie* n e l apply. TITAN TED? A PROTESTANT OHUU F O />?? THE VV work of a ?mnll American family. Apply at 205 t'anal st., near Mulberry ht. UWLP WAST&P-M AOKNTS CAN M A K E $H PER DtY, VALE OK FE innl ? Lleyd'H great ste.-l plate Military Map and (iu/i'tti'iT ui the ! t ?*"? n South vn St it ??>??; live ie??t. square. Worth $10 j rvi e on!y 50 cents. Lloyd's Htoel plate Topoj/ta pineal Map ot Virginia, live fort square. This is the only map t: <<?(! hi (Sen. Scott. north $.'0; p. in $|. Lloyd' g oi'i; -a 1 steel plate Man of M ssourl; worth $:i: pri- r, Zt < cut LI >yii'3 J? > Map of America, Ii,0'J0, 000 copies of which hiiV -ti'r adv )>een a dd ; price 1*5 rcnt*. A gents supplied at lm'f ih ? rcmil p-ie?M, and map.? warranted. Maps sent by nia:l anywhere lor two cents p?sta?e. ,1. T. LLOYD, Amcrl an Map Publisher, 101 Broadway. AGENTS WANTED ?TO SELL PRIZE STATIONERY J\ i ii ? I p? packets; excel all others, contain ten per tr .i'H oi nenerals, and Union stationery, and pifLs of jewelry; we h;?ve two or three varieties, new ami saleable; retail for 25cents. Agents canm't fuU to make money ; send for cir t nla . 1 1 AS v I N s it < it;-. l< man sti cot. AGENTS ('AN C'.)NV IN' E THEMSELVES BY LIVING i .ft a call thai our Prion Package contains uore articles than nnv other in tuo n?:?r <t Agent* wanted. Sen J stamp for ? I ??cnla r. RICKAPDS A CO, lu2 Nassau st. /'1DVCHMAN AND WANTED? ONE WHO \J undoisiaiida the c .ire of horses, ami is a good careful driver, ami of noma experience in gardening; mutt come \\f .i re ommended. Apply immediately f t 92 First place, Brooklyn. TjlNTKUl KlSINO MEN W ANTED ? TO SttL L THE VJ I'oion Sta ionery and Recipe Package, an India] ensnble r.M'.uiBite in every town, city and v 1. ->,vj in this country. Agents wanted. Send alamo for cir ular. RICH v RD8 I CO., KB N mitt at. T AD WASTE!)- ACTIVE AND ABLE; ACCUSTOMED I J to |M'?Mlin-' trood f to hell in the city. Apply to W. F. White ACo., 127 O ran 1st. TITANTED \ COACHMAN, A PROTESTANT, COM \ ? potent, obliging and willing to do what may he required of Mm on a eenlieman'.s pin-* ? In the country. Inquire at lf? Albany st., from 10 to 11 and from H to 1 o'clock, "IITANTBD -TWENTY YOUNG MSN, OF GOOD 10 ? ? dress, to solicit orders in Brooklvn for an entirely new am! original poctleHl work, just published. To men of energy C io I in lu? ernents will be bU'erod. Apply at 101 Fulton Brooklyn. \1T ANTED? AN ABLE AND ENEKOETIO MAN, AO Tf <j;:ali)*eJ with the ri-tail 0roe? ry trade, to stdi a wry popular irifcV on fommission. Apply to Writ. F, Whlrc k i5o., 127 Grand nt. "tif AN'i'fib? KOB A WHALINO VOYACIB. A CABt'EN ? ? ter, a blacksmith, a cook and two stout landsmen. Apply at 57 West ?t., eornar of Rcetor St. WT 1 1 Y STAND YE IDLE? WHEN YOU CAN MAKE u $."> a day bv scilini! our VJnien Prize l*a< ka^e? Th y go off like hut cakes. A-renis wanted. Send stao;p far vlr tu'.: r. RICKAKD3 A COM ?< 2 Nassau m. VVAl MONTH. -A'M'.NrS POSITIVELY MAKE ?PL*"" it M'lluivt Dodin's Patent Ilem Folder and Tuck (ioa^e, adapU'd tor machine < r hand s: Wintf, and oflteraril e!? n ready sale. Call ??n or addrcsa Joscj h Dodiu, 2 1 Dunne st., n*?ar (Chatham *l.% New York. AA -WANTED. A S>!Ai:TY(?l N . M\N TO OPEN a.i -o in I'lncago, and lake the ex lusive whole H tle a , -ncy l or all of Lloyd':; j, real Military Map.% which sell I like the wind. $M ) is .* ulfu ient capital. To a young man > who will follow Instni -tlonrt $I0 > per week may lv made. | Ab eg* nts to no to Portland, Maine; A loan v. N. Y.; Mil waukee, \V ( e. us'ui: C-*!.n<-etit!iit. PittsUui Detroit, lu dianap. lis and vltc r, N'. Y. Call at LLOYD'S, ?i j. lu't ii- ' ' ? ? aj . Q9'a0 -WANTKD-A SMART MAN, IN AN OFFICE (Otme, :e with 1.1'v- tnannfi'Atnrine > n ines?, where he can make $23 a week, a-ut no ri -k. Call <n i,r ad dress, en .?Inning ?t:>mp, J. CLIKT .V; CO., 3iU Cana! st, WANTED, AN ENTEKPRI8TK0 M'AN, TO go to Caiiiornia r r.d take the exclusive awn v f r all or Lloyd's ere, a Military Map-. \ fortuno <au i.'e lo.ule on maps in t'nUlorrin. Over .'5,0<H?.0iR) cop es of one of tny maps have i?een h Id in the Stales air* adv. Also, , a man to go to Havana. J. T. LLOYD, lt>l Broadway. TBS TKADKS. A GOOD HOUSE C'ARl'ENi'EK WANTED. AI'I'I.V TO A. A . ? RNEB, 15 Meroi r l.'TTERS WANTED ON MILITARY CLOTHINO. \J N. a'- but Mod mcoaftniM ni'cj upply. Also hanil* wanted ou liovs' I'iilMn/. .? . i 'l. -\ RK. :?W. 409 *n.! 4 a Bnwrrr. riw FHOBMAKERS.? WANTED, 200 MEN ON ARMY I hhi>??. AIko 1 U*r?. tioml will bi: paid to :;.>o 1 w ^Knu'u. Nunn otliurg need apply l<i E. A. lirw!*, 150 1'ul n*. ?i. N B.? Wnntml, Utter* on line boot*. 1 rpo TAtt,OKf .-TWO COAT MAKERS AND A BT >H. I J. ;man wnolfd, to tvolkin thmttniv. A|>f>l.\* #t 4S86th nr. rno CLOTHIERS, TAILORS, ?c.? an experienced I iio ra.r * M'.iialion as cuttcr; cooil rolc'leim'*, Jk& Adli. ?vr It ,S7 lilrkM Xt., Brooklyn. rpo Cil'vnn,.:, I'OI li'SHEIM AM) FITTERS.? J W,. in ,1, i..?ir.viti vi'vkincn. Apply til pernon to Woudt

A S -y ii ... m ;pil'ui;tur. :?? ol cull cry, KlUubatll, N. J. VjTAS r::o-A m suo'in-. one to dkite '? ? ??<! "Ti'j ih? shop. NouO but n good, ?uady tunii ii". I apply, at No. '? Mindou^kl : I. Ur*N!i:i'-A U.fM.lER, AT 72 HI.FKI K'l'R ST., > ? cornnr ?l Broi wny. Apply between 8 ami il A. M. WmyCll A l)VERTISBME!fTI. UNK J E I'VE All: 'i A N ' E, VI 1 I'AVLB Til EH IHEN Fran. " 1 1 An n.l ?, ct pa. . ?<? ,:::n!'l err, desire I rou v.T ii:. (! Inru ll p i if (i.1t?1h( i .rule; nliitfl. un-; autre hi .? mmnw h ? 1 I ? > Inmbre, on p Mir h.. ur r il** rnfonls; 111. In- in . |.' " r.'.'nainl.itloni. h mlr- & '?<? L. M. BUAl'K, Ma MM <|>>H Port Wfct. TINE DHMOISKEl.B FRANCAISB ( I'ABISIBNNE J ynuv > ;. ?.<? ? l'An.;li:s, I'^.U'ii and, 1c 'l< iw-ill t' !n I v i.jl > ? ii- " ? i'l ? I., ir. ? if .p ; f ; <t Co > 11' ? ' " '? ? ..'!?? S'.1 :.L- - ; a I M. h. ^ J/.. WI I, IUS'.Ul! , uv. . :< v y. SITUATIONS WANTED-MitSS. 4 COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? FOB A MJ.4N l\. who can bo highly rociminundcd, Apply 10 .'J. Uow land, M South nt. A COLORF.D MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH J V. man. Best city reference. Cun be scon lor at private liable, rear of .'!! Union ? i ua r 6 . A WAITER'S SITUATION WANTED? BT A RK /V spectable single autn, in a private family; understands his business perfectly. Respectable city reference from his la-it plaeo, Address for two day* N. I/., 811 Broadway. mO RETAIL D8Uaai8TS.-A aE.VTI.EKAN OF UIOH J. standing In the profession wlulm* to engage with u first class druggist. Advertiser Ih Tory well known in tbe city, and rs i onmznainl an eitciiilve business. Address l'hnr mmy, I!- rulil olllce. WANTED ? A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN, BY A careful and uompeieut man ; refers to hi* pivsrut em ployer, with whom lie fi?? been for tlio last Heven years. In tlir country. Address M. F., Herald ollb p. ANTED? B* A YOUNG MAN, OF GOOD MO'!AI.H un I steady habits, with llrst class rcnommcniiiitloiip, a ?l uttjo i (in ai'iireutlce to the jeweller's 1 in ill' ; compensation out' d small. Address E. Vim Hoeseu, 27ti Washington si., S'ew York, or 82 Second place, Brooklyn. w TIT" ANTIC D? A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING AOENT TT in a respi'cuiblo buslnese, by a man who has an exten sive (u'piiiliihui'o in Northern Ohio, unit mu give tbe lx nt *f refer 'tn'e as to character and competency. Address 8., box 21(1 II niM oSloe, Tuesday and Wednesday, 23th and 30th Inst. ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN OF EX III' rle lire, H k I1, lit' bm. iii or groom. who bm excellent w r"!' it in i h n>m bin last plane; no objection to the country; wnulil litko a situation nu a furin. haviug luul the chiu,;e ut one entiicly, and u itili-i xUmd.i tlio work well; wagi s imi'!* rati;, Addr ess Clarke, 2Jt West 34. h st. l\rvKTKD-A YOUNG MAN, THoltlH Oil I.Y AC Tt qua nted with tlio retail tea und coffee business. Ap ply (it 4U Vescy St. VST ANTED? A SITUATION, AS WAITElt, IN A PRI If vain family, by a t o' wr, steady, respcuUtnk) man, wlie tin roughly imdi'i stands his business aa l cun give the high (feti'lty reference to t h.uuvlcr and capability. Address (1. F., St>4(li (iv., in tlio trunk store, tor two ilays. WANTED? A YOUNO MAN, AS VALET, TO OO TO TT Cuba, (no ooiulin tors, two brukemen, three iKirt"r,i, two bo;, s I o, trades, two clnks for gioccry stores, two ex press drlV' iv, one strwut.b s, clerk for a shipping ollke. Apply at No. 7 Chatham mpuire. PKaSONAL. (1 A1>Y. ? ON W EDNESDAY, IF IT DOES NOT ItAINi J er M Wfty. ft 1'. B O. ^TTtlBB FLY." IN COMFUANOB WITH A KK" J? hiilution pasted at the list meeting, yuu will Inform K. 8., u* early us po.alble, that It Ih the t,i?n to retain him, net lor a brlct period, but for '? all the time." RD. 8 Ji C. to N., llJ<T.,Tb. *8. /"lOODEY.? COURAGE, MEEKNESS AND PRUDENCE, "jl or all wili be lost. Many und bitter are your enemies, and your tew trienUs, lirin anil true, oannoi help ycu. Ysa stand U|<>ii lb ' brink of a prutipli i>. Oh, lor flmi'o Kike, draw buck! 1 am (ulng to stay near you. (Jod bl?n< yen. MAitY. IF 'I'll K TWO f.ADfEl WHO CROSSED SIXTH ATENDE nt Sixle >uth i't re' !, went down RlnteenUi n?r?? t a St la way, an I skuttg' il tiw.r uniids, rouiraijig U ftlxtli avt nua atM dovv.i thut to Flito'^ith fctroct, wlllail ,w tiie two K*>utt? rse'ii wku foltow 1 tlteiii to a,i I iile for any sueuiiii^ r?de n?#i, lh>-y will ^1. me aib'r??i J. R., station E. fAtIE^ MeKBMNA, FORME RLT OF OOMI'ANY O, Ninth vuiiimtitil Unlled Statw itibintry, will pWune l?ave hs*> iiaili'PM 11.1 Mw itrlropolilan Hotel, Ui.v No. VI. M.f-s HVSANKA FmSIKMOML i>ADOim:it or Kitther FU/stsimuiiK, fwnnerljr *f Bokton, will hear sotai'Uit.ij! ?? ber nuviitiau;e t\. * nd tag In r it*4 ??><?< to W. H n*wt'r(r*nm 8M), Id W?U slieet, New York, stutum vkin sltv sun be tomvl. MJBS F., WHO 1IAS NOT BEEN HEARD FHOM sineo the lviuoTuI Irion l^'Xlli/'Uiii avenue, will pinnae n ml herasidress to Eighteen tn street, for KOBEKT. M? I THINK WE IIAlt BKTTEIt DECIDE OIHt MFRT . KIR Kir Satui-dny, the SOth *1 November , bentiiM; If I aiios suellic you on tin- Z't! I now know Mat I eout.l uot have a cU'itax. to meet yo i on the 3lt)t. If it nttna 1 will to* in that Hmise eu Bro iiwaj. Tell nie In Tuesday's ?r Wtal ??sday's Ue mid II yuu eoiaur with nwi. U. riUII'. I.ADY DltKSSED IN BLUE (SILK AND LIGHT .1 i !;?k, who waited up Bmmivwty Mt FrWIftv itfk raunii, abont two o'iIocK, and s? p|?eil nt tlie 8t. I^wwnse Hot*), wiil hear from an old friend by iidtlrerstng Edward, UUkiu sijuare 1W. oiiee. rc~. . ?: '? rrr.r: "rr -? ^ u? i ? - ? i - - ?? HOUSES, ROOMS, ACm VVANTKO. F^UUNISIIED HOUSE OF EIOTIT ROO.VMi. WANTED i" hii'i', with three 1 i *." ? neres of land, witlilaimiitj niibn oT Neiv Ymk. and ca ?,? i> i' nret-rs: rent to ?ult the ttmen. F?ir f'irtber piirtieulitrs ln<itilr,! In peri-on or by htterof D. I\ HAKf'll, 177 firo'iilwuv, upstairs. TjlURNIHlIED AFARTHENT8 WANTED? BY A LADY l" - ; iirm <? hm mo lent talents; furnished apaftmi n'? ?iillnbli' lor eiton eni" .I honsekceplng fcr n imull family, at a 'oitt OS per mont'.i :n I lessnnn in mnrl ', ?lui(lng ?r FreWh, as an npiivalent. Atdrefs AI. R., II -ralil olllen. House wantimv? a gf.nti.eman wishes to pur iiasc for It. own ns ?, a ti rwt class small House, hluh sio-iji preferro I, ? iy IS to 2:! feel w Me; niunt !?? lu'livi-eri Ftiurtli and Sixth ave nl" anil i'entlt arid FuriieUi streots. All essh will le> pal I. AtldreM, with p.trtleiiiarn anil luweht price, House, box 1,791 Fo?t ol m House wanted? or par? of one. by a <ien tael family, in ? go. d iocMioiL Obrntoi p?> i nt #12 n> $l.'j per mt <n tit, uniil May. II will be t ikon rare of, and bet le ? Hitii occupied than closed. Artdres, It O. W., l>ox 143 Herald olllce. no; 8 ?: WANTED? WANTED TO HIKE OR BUY, A middling or small sL.ed House, between Fourth and Torrtiefh streets, west of Fifth avenue, I ri a good neighhor rood. address J. L., box 1,105) Post ollice, witn lull particulars. Immediate possession desirable. HOUSE WANTED? BY A PRIVATE FAltlXiT: GOOD si/ed Hint modern built: rent must bo low; in a desirable I ?cut'u?. on Ui?' w? tl suit! d the city. At'divss Ten ant, sta ti on K, Eighth Hvenue, slating nil particulars. UOOM W A NTE D ? S M ALL AND UNFURNISHED, RIJT \vi:it convenience fop tire. Must bt? In snm< pleasant louilitv, within half a mile of Ply mouth church, Brooklyn. Addrt II. Mourn, 74 Pirrrepont street, Brooklyn. \\TANTED? A FURNISHED HOUSE, TS BROOKLYN, ?f , uaH private family. Address 15., box 221 Ileraid olUee, stating location and price. \\T ANTED? A PARLOR ON FIRST FLOOR, OK FRONT JJ llasem<*nt, for an oiU?e, in too vicinity of Mudis >u or Lexington ?vi' nuea, Thirtieth and Fortieth streets. Address M. D.. Brooklyn Post o:i!ci\ W ANTED? A LARGE II A Mi, OR TWO SPACIOUS \V l'urlois, fur tlii- purport of establishing an Academy ot mv.tiic. Siua'.imi between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets, Fourth and Si*ih avenues. Address Autotrio Bariii, 161 Went Twenty-!- flit street. FdtMTlUE. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE tor $-4, in all colors, of warranted manufacture; also solid chcKiuut Chamber Stills, p.utn and ornumontnl, at 11. F. FAH KINGTON a, 368 Canal street, opposite Wooster, Es tablished in IMo. All kinds of furniture, looking glasses, Hod ling, A*c... below Mictinn pi Ices, warranted and de livered free. Call ??t G W. SNEDKN'S, 26.J Bowery, be tween Sainton and Houston sireet.v. Note the number. Re pal. iug done. J FURNITURE, CARPETS, BOOKS, AC , BOUGHT FOR ready money at 12.1 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. TjH;kniture bought. -all kinds of house. 1 hold Furiiii urr bou: hi for cash, and a good price given, k? 47i> Third avenue, near Tairtv-fourth street. Please mil or a ? Id ress Furnltur-\ as above. N. B.? A goo* assortment of second band Furniture for ? ale. 1 FURNITURE.? THE HIGHEST PUK ES PAID FOR ; second hand Furniture and Carpets in any quantity, small lots or large. Country calls attended to ; a good stock always on hand. Address 360 llmi-iati street, near Perry. Don't forget the number. T^OR SALE? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.? A FAMILY, J. giving tip housekeeping, would o'!e.' some ilc-irabla ure at a bargain. Apply at 56 West Twenty- ? eoud Street. PLIMPTOtf'8 IMPltoVKD PARLOR BEDSTEADS AND ether first cias<i Furniture, sold wholesale and retail, alf-o by monthly payments, at 115 Tenth slivct, formerly Na tional Academy of Dcslgu. A8TROMGY. A BONA FIDE ASTROMH5 1ST. ?MADAME WILSON . tells the object of your visit, g:vcs magic charms and good lin k foi 11 lo free of charge; telis all the events of life, aresent aui future. Consubuiion n on business, marriagesand courtships, i?-av? lliug, Ac. This l? tho most wonderful as tro!o?ist of the age. Give hern call, yon will not regret It. No. Allen street, near Stanton, over the bakery, Please pull the bell and walk right up stairs. Charge, for ladies and fen* 1cm ? n, CO cents. A STOK1SIIING.? MADAME MOR ROW, SEVENTH il daughter, has a gift of foresight: tells how noon and often von will marry, and all you w ish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay ; lucky charms freer her e^ual It not to be found; her magic image is now i?i roll operation. 1:44 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 25 cents. Gentle men not admitted. A CLAIRVOYANT WHO HAS NO EQUAL.? LADIES n lio an; sick, in trouble or unfortunate, can consult tier r 1th the strictest confidence. Mi" warrants to curt* the most a^rnvated cases of rheumatism in a few days. If you wish ? o obtain l i it'Ti infiu matioxi on all events, and s ?e Mrs. MILTON. No. IS! Waverlev plane, corncr West Tenth street, from o'ch?ck A. M. until ft P. II. C CLAIRVOYANCE? MRS. SEYMOUR'S MEDICAL J r ot \ ro* aie removed to No. 101 West Fifteenth street^ eopner of Sixth avenue, entrance on Fifteenth street. Con-, suluulons on sickness, busiucss, absent friends, Ac., and saUx faction guarantee d or no pay C10HA A, 8EMAN, INDEPENDEKT. CLAIRVOYANT.? J Medical sud business consu Utions, day an 1 evening; the k. ion unfolds s > ? h actori'v to all it Is untieei ? ary to give lilun-trstjous of th'j a.-.touudin-.; results. She continuss at 'Jbti ou street. fADAME HAY, 260 SEVENTH AYEVUE, NEAR TWEN Itl ty aeventh street, surprises all who vi<?it her. The s k, troubled sud unlucky should test her powers. She lei s your very thoughts, lucky nnmhcis, losses Ladies, 'J6 cviif.;; ^entlenea, i*jc?nts. MR. COLCHESTER, BUSINESS. MEDICAL AND TEST Medium, can be consulted at his rooms, R71 Fourth street. Hours from 9 A. M. till 6 P. M. llEAD?fHlf.- A PHRENOLOOIST AMD ASTROL< K}1 'l JV that beats the world, snd ?\U00 r?>/srd for any one who can equal Mi: s WELLINGTON, who is acknowledged to bo the only lady in this city w ho truthfully gives information concerning lo*?e*, IiwruHs. journeys, absent frt< nds, love, courtship, msri t.i_?-, healin, w?:aUn, nn l who will p < . uni dnmUr n and unfaiMiful hushandn. Mfre W* l? the only i>nr son in tui? cliv who has the genuine Roman and Arabia# ? t-tUsmani i'or I vc, good luck and all V-UHln-v a ailnlrs, and ? sre t;u;:iantees : or die. Delay not te coi:wuli tld.s n ifuially ; Riited and beautiful young lady. 1a ky numVr-. given. I Tlf^Myresp ???nTderPy rtt -rcn e? can bo s en at ie r resi d< m 101 ?'.) M? r ..... fTIHE OEEAT1 WOX DEH IN <f.? . ? ILD IS THE 1 >1 ?.? mpltsUcd Madaino liY RON, from Paris. j who can i e i on '.it u with the strictest confidence on all alfnirs t?f life. c.. i; *^ing . ve, . tship. hv.>\n s and ?ftk reh'ores druaUen e -d ui ifnithM 1 lvi- 1r; has a se J er?*f t i \r : ii ! "y ? or heat lit ? t, and brtn?q ; t . n - ? < < . . , J.v ntlenieuflU I c ilea v.vtue J J i uii'u a\ .iiut, ubvw x wcif.h strcut DRY CKH)D?. BLEQANT ASSORTMENT ( OF NCV^OOODa UOODH, HONTAGS, SILK and UEHIBO UNDERSHIRTS and DRAWERS, " GLOVES AND MITTENS, BAT STATE RIBBK1J WoOLLE.V HOSIBBT, UNION DRESSES, CLOTU AND KNITTED GAITERS, GAUN i'LETS, COMFORTERS AN1) MUFFLERS, FOLISll QAITER9, KNITTED SKIRTS, HI I ETLAND FALL8, INFANTS' BOOTS, BALUORAL DOSE FOR SKATING. A lnrn?, thnlee and entirely new variety ef the above good*, at popular prices, will be found at UNION ADAM S'. <37 Broadway. J^T 379 BROADWAY. T11E NEW YORK OLOaITIvND MANTILLA STORE Now oflr r gr.'nt tiuln'r meuts. BUI) Cloth Cloaks tit S2 7!>. worth fcfi El. CHANT BlAt'K CLOTH SACgUES AND CIRCULARS At $i wort, i (12 00 At SKI worth 14 00 AtSIJ yj worth Ml tO At $1S worth 20 00 L\ in? Velvet, Seal Skin, Silk Plush and all ether leading styles equally cheap. A RKOLD, CONSTABLE ,!t CO.. ALE NOW OFFERING A large and beautiful assortment of FALL AND WINTER SHAWLS, Abie, REAL INDIA CAMEL'S ITAIR SHAWLS AND SCAR! 8. CANAL STKEF.T, eoinrref Mereer A HOLD STROKE, AT 37!) BROADWAY, CORNER or White l-trcet. ? An importer's slock or men's Furnlshini Ooede, selHtii: off at retail, ur any v :?y to n?-t Int" cash, at Driven never before hcr.ftl of in tills liri" of ! r. id,', Flue 4 ply Linen eelhtrs stlOsenm; the new style of Scarf, e,.lle,l "I l riru" or "BuIwIiik," at Gil tenia: itnmc iso lines el' Tim at te 80 sents; Hosiery, Shirts. Under iTotbi nf, Olevev, Hand kerchiefs, Ac., Ac., all at half prw e. Nr one no'1* out ef here tiylnn "Hunibiqj." The gooiti are to he so ki at what they will bring. At mme. boulltkti ahoieks, 321 fourth street, one bloek west o* Broadway, JiinI revived from Purls a select assortment ?i F.mhroidereil and Val<-n. leuiicg, Fnn BTMn and Capes, Skirl*. Ac., all Hie most elegant styles; also a line assortment ef real Liars, Si t?, ('ape*, Coiffure* and Flotmecs; bcx-be, strip and S!l!;?, new and ?holce palterns; oelebrsled ni?ke of Plirt- Corsets always on kur.d. Dresses made up as usual in (ho Is- ?l maimer, lu the well known sty le ef lbl? hoaee, at very reasonable priv s. At embekson'h, corner of twenty-second elreet an I Slit i avenue, iwlved from unction the finest quality of i'ltris Kid Glove*, ef the eeiubrated houses ?f J.,uvtu, Mattlar.1 and Monition, ef Pariis*wlth embroidered ikieks, rosette* and buttons, In nil wiior*. til 73 c. and US.-. A flue assortment of thiu Ism* S*!*, Veils en I Lacea: rl ii Bon net and H.wh Ribbons. Also aloeing out a iet of BUk liair Mum, ut 13 ocute, worth 81 #rnUi. CI.OAK AND' SHAWL RTORE. TlIE CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. Square rtml kiriir Bsuobu 8ii.i-.vls, twenty- Ave per oent fcelew the c?.Ht of Importation. fSTKLLA AND SAXONY l'LATD SHAWLS, dally received from ataiUin. MEW STY LEfi OF Ol.OTII AND BEAVER OLOAKS, TUB BEBX for the prlee ill the market. At tUd and 110 Sixth avenue. ' C. C. BOOK. c LOAKB, CLOAKS. We offer at retail a larce nn 1 httreetlvn ftn-k ef CLOTH AND BEAVER CLOAKS, ut extremely low prices The hvo- k eoi;i| rt? N nil the luteal and most faxlikinable ?tyle.-, uuiiifactuu-d e^prea^lv ftir tbe liroadM ay retail trade. E. S. lli l.t.S .t IX), 413 Bromlwny, n.uvr Canal IMel Who'.emilc steck as neuai at 342 and 344 Broadway. (M. OAKS, CIXIAKS. ? NEWEST PARIS STYLES IN VEIj Vy vein, TruxiU, lleaverx mid Cloths, expreiuiiy nuinuraetur ed let- the city trade, at tbe Broadway Cloak Store, 5H3 liroad *">y- m OLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! We have now open for Inspection A StJl'BHH STOCK OF FINE FRENCH ?LOTH AND BEAVER fTOAKK, PALETOTS, 8AVQV1B AND FRENCH BASQUES. All entirely new styles. Wo have alio on band an Immense sto-V of BLACK CLOTH KAOUI K AND CIRCULARS, At SC.. $0 SO, 57 .V' and each. WATER PROOF CLOAKS, ;51uuho. deep, for $S and upwtrd. CHU.DRKN'S CLOAKS, allsl/oa. We Rnarantee our prices fully thirty per cent less lhaa Broadway and Canal stieet stores. W. K. PEYTON, No. 274 Boivery, near Houston Ptreet. C CENTRAL PARK KIDtNC CORDS. ) FOR TKOWNERfl, Will be made to order In our usual well knowa style ef excellence. At vei V niiHle ate Driers. F. DKBBY & COMPANT, Tailors, 57 Walker slrMt. jytESS GOODS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT. LATEST PARIS AM) I/)NDON ETYLgS, Rccoivctl per stearaer< Arabia anil Etna, Will l>fi o.Teri',1 nt retail On MONDAY, Oct. 2S. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO., Canal Htrect, corner of Merrer. JQRBSS GOODS. IRISH POPLINS, I'ARIS REPS, MERINOS, DK LAINE8, WOOL 1'l.Al DS, OTTOMAN VELOURS. Ac., Including several Urge lota JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION. L?M!D_A TAYLOR, 4fil to <67 BROADWAY, 3TA to i!f.l GRAND STREET, 47ivml 49 CATHARINE KTRBET. ipSllIONABLE CLOAKS AND SlIAW LS. FULL ASSORTMENT OF I'ARIS DESIGNS MOW READT. LORD ~A~TAYLOR. 461 to 4(57 BROADWAY. ZV> ta 301 OIt\N'D STH1CET, 47 aiul 49 CATHARINE STREET. QREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF RICH SILKS. Silks at (2 SO reduced to (2. Silks at $3 reduced to $2 69. Bilks at $t reduced to $.1. Silks at $ 5 and $(> reduced to $4. Reduction real. ARNOLD, CONSTAHLB Jt C<?? Cmrtl, corner of Mercer. J J II N TT NOW A I S TOO A TIN* OS . u WAiSTOOATIl'G?. BlCUltUj" lnv?Jo nt<d r^'sr L ACE CURTAINS -2, (DO PAIRS OF LACE CURTAINS, In new and elegant dcsiuim, varying In price from f 2 80 t? $60 per pair. Also, DRAPE RY M C SI J NS AMD VESTIBULE- LACES, Of eterv dru'riptlon, nt AHiNOIJ), CONSTABLB k CO-, Canal, corner of Mcrcor. JJ^ACE CURTAINS AND DRAPERIES, COUNTERPANES, BLANKETS, AND Housekeeping Good* of every description AT REDUCED PRICES. LORD TAYLOll, 4fil to 4?7 BrOfui way. 2.'>S to 8fil Grand n'.reet. 47 and 4'j Catharine street. ?J^ADIES' AND CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT. J UNDER GARMENTS READY MADE, OR MADE TO ORDER PRICKS MODERATE. LORD A TAYI.OR, 461 to 467 CROADWAY. T^OURNLNG GOODS ?F EVERY "DESCRIPTION, Much below usual prices. LORD A TAYLOR, 4 ft I to 5C7 Broadway, 786 to 201 Grand street, 47 ami IV Cutborluc street. "^?OURNWG GOODS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A OO. iluve now on exhibition Their fall lmjmrUition of New and choice Rtyiei; of KOL'RNINQ AND IIALF MOURNING DRESS C00E5. Canal airtev, ociuvr it ikrecr. ^ DRY GOODS. ?NTEW .VTYI KS IN OVKKCOAT1NUB, IX STBEBT COATINGS mid TnOWSBBIIW Ex-**4iuer Etna, will be opnr.l on TUESDAY. F. DERBT * COMPANY, Tidlui-n, 37 Wullcerrtm t J>LAID 8ILS AT 80 CENTS-WORTH 78 CENTS. Brocade Silica at 75 cents? ivortb 91. ARNOLD, OONSTABLB k CO., can a r., oomur oMSmer. TJtCU PARISIAN ,I?onl, ? FASHIONABLE SHAWLS. LARGE VARIETY JUHT LANDED. _ . . . . Ml'KT HE SOLD. Greatest bturgn Inn ever oflnred, at C-'a Broadway. J^ICH PAKIB BILKS. A LARGE VARIETY OF C1IOICB FALL STYLES MOW BE \DY. ALSO, LOW PRICED SILKS, From (taction, Including many desirable atyles In plat* aa fanry. LORD A TAYLOR, 4fil to 4i"7 0 ro.iffcuay . 1'55 to :;<!! < Irand (linnet. 47 and i'J t' uliartoe street. H. M.\rY V> ILL OPEN, MONDAY, OCT. 28, FROM THE < A II AUCTIONS,. anOBoit-sNEW FALL HAT RIBBONS, i . a yai4? uoo* bcii< r Id lite city at fe. 200 Box. a KALI, HAT RIBBONS, Is. C I., 2a , 3a. M., Si. *. yard; much tea* iImiii reatnf Importatii u. FROMCASH AUCTIONS; Large Invoice oi FRENCH EMBROIDERED OOLLAR8, I*., 2s., 8a.,4?., 6m.. Km., fe; Hhu *1. Alao. Invoice FINE JACONET BAND.'1 Ulrica at fc.?. aplendld <(1? for tlic money. FULL LINE BALMORALS, . all the i'p in,' 1/ . ol.>rs. FIM : l.tXR 1.'. OIKS' UNDER LINEN, varr low. JOB IiOT HNli EMBROIDERED In) , mu?l,' lv* thaa cost ol Importation. JOB l.OT. FIOCBED SWISS MISJJNS, LACK CURTAINS, Aa, &|M-r<vnt lew than (?<>??: of lrnioru InnT COMPLETE STOCK Ob' 1IOCREKBEI 1N^ IOOD8 AN? WHITE UOODS. Co !(?'" Stack of ll?'?li*ry and Glove*. Oomuleta Buiok of laiUus'" ami UeuW !!? i no Underwear. FINEST f I' >>'!C OF FRENCH FLoWKES, mjTa DRESSES, RUCHES, tl.c city. BE~T K 5 1 > GLOVBri la Um elly , ? aenta a pair. I liavc . fM t| c Ktuiie mate for tunc , in. giving pnrfeat m?!l-r.., i|. ii. It. IT. MACY, Mo. *)i ..ii. 1 2<6 Sixth av., iwe ioom beta* yomieepth at. "JJNIOit ADAMS, NO. 637 BROADWAY, OIT ira to gentlemen ? Uirifa rurlety of FASHIONABLE FURNISHING GOODS, IN STYLES AND PRIOEH~WfTHOUT COMPETinOlf. SILK AND WOOL UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. J, CALF, BUCK AND CLOTH ?LOVES AMD OAUUTLKT8. FIM? DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS MADS 90 ORDER. CARDIGAN JACKETS, SCAELET CASHMERE SHIRTS, DRAWERS AMD SOSKS, UNION RIDINO BELTS, SCARFS, TIES, BOBES DB OHAMBRE, UMBRELLAS, ARMY AND NATY SHIRTS, SDSPKMDEBS, AC., MO. ?yBLYBTS, VELVETS, VELVETS, FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENOLIBQk AB nlora, widths aiUl qualities, haporiad exjreaaly far the requirementa of MILUNERS, DRESSMAKERS, FLOWER MANUFACTURERS, JEWELRY BOX MAHEBS, fe.? AaJ will be aold In any <|?untUy at the lowest caah price a, to Hana aciurcra. ARNOLD. OOKSTABLR A OO., daiiivl and Hcrwr streela. ?^IUTEa HOSIERY AND UNDER fiARMENTS. Lergeat ?tatk in tho city, cbcup. LORD & TAYLO?, 481 to 4ff7 Rr mdway, 265 to Otil (? fuiui mrwl, 47 and 4W CttUutiiae street. 804 ? IMP0BTANT TO 3UADIEH.? 806. WINTER CLOAKS. For Popular Trade, GEO. CAREY Will open an Monday, 28th instant, u large eoDecttoh ? BLACK BEAN13K CLOAKS. from 88 00 upwards Wbtcb are wortay the pniticular a-tontlmi of tit* E(>ON<)MICAL PURCHASER. United Slates Clonk and M:tntflW Store, 3?M and 300 Canal street. W. B. MACKENZIE, Supt. Furs, fdks, furs, below cost. One hundred and fifty thousand dollar*' worth of LADIES, RICH Hi Its must tx( aobl, regard lees of oo?t, Comprising real Hudson's Bay Sables, Mink Marten, Stone Marten.Hilch. Ermine, Siberian Squirrel, Ac., Ac., lu Circular Cloak*, TalinBF, Carriage CapeiL Vlctorines, Muffs, CuiT*. Ac. The whole of the entfl-e stock mu*t be liy the 1st of January, in order to effect a clearance. No reasonable o!Ter refused, the proprietor retiring from basinets. This oppr*. t unity will not again appear before tbo public, therefore ui early' call is respectfully requested at the old established PATENT Ht'R MUFF EMPORIUM. P. It. PHILLIPS, ZTV Gran i street, N. Y. N. B? We are wiling our Mleees' Furs ut $1 per set. A CLOTHmO. At levenstyn's, *b seventh atenue? gua. runt - e-l to pa> the highest prices for and Woolic* Dresses, Corns, 1'uiilH and Carpets, by calling on or address ing; a no*- 1 er i-o?t wiU be attended to. Liulies attended by Mrs. L. A GREAT QUANTITY OF CAST Ol'F CLOT HI NO Furniture, Carpet* and Jewelry wanted, to supply the WfMiTii market.? I pay a* follows: ? for silk dresses from $1(1 to (30; coats from $6 In $18: pant* from $1 (SO to $0. Call on or addr--** A. Ducae, 218 Seventh avenue, between Twenly-foertk and Twenty -fifth streets. Ladie.1 attended by Mm. D. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ? WANTED, a lot 01 rast all' Cloihtng, Furniture, Carpet* and Jew elry. 1 will jmy the beat price bv calling on -<r ailtiresHing M. AHtCAIlAM.s, 2.(3 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-tlftb ao4 Twenty -?>uih street. l*idk<* attended to by Mr*. A. T THE or.n STAND, 134 SEVENTH AVENUE, EZE KiELS guarantee to pay the following prieca for ladies' in 1 gentlemen's east off Wearing Apparel :? Prom $3 to for s.ik: <ln *?iea, from $9 to $301 ar ooaU, from (1 SO to $? for punt'i; also Oarjiei*. Furniture, Jewelrv, Ac. A note by p< st punctually attended to by E., U4 geveuth avenue. La. diesatK -tided to by Mr*. E. ATIENTMN.-LADIKS AND GBNTLEMEN, IF YOV . wish to secure the l ull value for your euat off Clothing* Carp Is Furniture and Jewelry, and not to be humbugged ly fal-* prl-e offerer*, the be*t you can do is to send a note to B. HINTZ, IS7 Sixth avenue, where you will be sure to re aelve ty) p-renit more than from any other dealer. Ladiee attended by Mrs. MI11U. 137 MlUa areKue, bettveeii Tenth and E'en nth atresia. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ? IF YOU ^ iKli to get the full value for your Cast Off Clothing, Carpets Furniture and Jewelry, the best you can do in t? send a note to E. BARKIS, 14# Seventh avenue; there yo? may be convinced you will tx' dealt wl'b to your satisraction. For Silk Dresses, from f t V< $ for C oat<. from $1 to Jib; for Pants, front $1 to $(>. Please don't Toig t. IM Seventh avenue, near Tweuty.ftrat street. Ladles attended by Mrs. llaril*. , A RAKE CHANCE.? $12,090 WORTH OF CAST OFr Clothing wanted, Vi aupp'j California and Wester* markets ; Furniture, Carpet*, .rovelry, Ac. I do not pretend to oiler nominal price*, n* Is done by *u;i*. 'jut I (jil/irantee to |iay the ntmost value for each artii lc by calliug on or ad dressing E. H., 79 Si it li avenue, second tl,)Or, abuve Waver ley plane. Ladies attended by Mrs. K. II. Abetter chance than ever for ladies anb gentle men to obtain the highest prl-e for their Cast Off Clothln;;. I guarantae to pay the following pri -es:? For Slllc Dresaes, from $10 to $40; from $5 to $20 for Coats; from $3 to $7 i"t i'ants; aba I'.nrpcW, Furniture and Jewelry. Pica** < a 1 on or addrexa J. ANHAi.T, 152 Seventh avenue, between 'i'vNeuLlelb and Twenty-Urst street*. Ladles attended by Mih. An! alt. A~ T THE CAL1FORNIAS AND WESTERN AGENCY stor. ? Tae hbihest priiw aan bo ( btdiued for cast off Wearing Aup.11 el. For ilresses, from $1 to $34; for eoat*, from to $l(t; for pant*, from $1 to $0. The highest price p lid I'or Iviir-.' cl '.ik*. shawl*, carpet*. Jewelry, AC., by a?l dreestng li. U. in is, S5S llow ery, opposite Gi eat Jones street. La.ll s attended hy Mr*. Harris. IIIIiilEU PRICE PAID FOR CAST OFF CI.OTIIINO, Caii'et". FurtiHnro. Ladles *nd gentlomcn, if jou wish to secure ihe beat prie.i for your clothes, the b* *t way you caa do Ik to eali 011 or ?' nd a note to M. Ellis, tf.l Seventh avenue,, betw een SlxleeutU and ttavijilccnUi strei :a. Ladles attend ed by Mr*. EMI*. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AN? pentlenieu b .viag any east off Cb'thinc, Fi.rniture and Carp is wi'i re. l ire the highest prices bv calling on or ?d dVcsklna C MISH, 802 Seventh avenue, b?tween Twenty nln'h and Thirtieth streets. Lidiea att' n led by Mrs Mlsh. XTOTiC.:-! 'DIKS' AN D GENTLE VKX'S CAST OFF j\ ciolliing. I urimure, Carjiela and Jewelry bought nnd the highest i .i epiildl'or them, at 8. HELLEMAN'8 uewes. inbllshment, Ninth avenue, third dour below Twenty ninth nrect. Indies attended by Mrs. Fe'lenian. CJPKCIAL NuriOE.? WANTED, A LARGE LOT OF east off Clothing forth" ("nil o rola market, for which tiiC liigin st c.iah price will 1- paid. An-.te will inert with prompt attention. OalloeoraiJroa.- 8. N., S'Ea.-tEithtcctitli wtroet. RAIliROADB. UDSON R1TER RAILROAD.? TRAIN3 FOR ALBANY, Troy, the North and W 1, leave Chamber* street at T and 11 A. M., and 3 30, Saud 10:13 P. M. XTEW YORK, UARLEM AND ALBANY UAILP.OAD.? J.M Sm or ler arrangement,? Ejpress train for At- any, Troy, Jtorth ni. W< t, 1 -uve* Twenty. sixth street s'.o ion ut 11 A. SI. For local tin ns see time Ublu. JUU.. BURCHILL, A**; -taut Superintendent p.r B1LL.IA.HUS. LAN';'- PATENT IMPROVED 1! ILT T ,VRD TABLB AND COMBINATION CUSHIONS. ' l liikLAN & tiv?by ?m?t.

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