Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1861, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1861 Page 11
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8ALK8 OF REAL ESTATE. _ A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT House, basement and sub-cellar, wltli nil the modern Improvements, on Brooklyn Heights, 58 Columbia street, op. ponite Coloatde row, with a tlue view of New York Bay, will ?e sold very cheap and ou easy term*. For further particu lar* apply to or aadre** T. Simpson, 54 avenue O. A CHOICE DWELLING HOUSE. NEAR BROADWAY, Is ollered In Slcbange for good Tenement Houses, or a country seat. Also a uood House, lightly mortgaged, for merchandise, or a good Farm, for Hardware. Add res* or apply to STEPHEN A. 1'IKRCE A CO., No. 6 Pine street. Farms? of varioub sizes, qualities and price*, from IS to acres, convenient to the city by railroad, Ac., for sale, or exchange for olty or Brooklyn pro perty or merchandise. Term* liberal. SOUTHWlOK A WOOD, 83 Nassau street. rrnai sale? in jehsey city, several new i Bowies, at pi ,ors \ ar.v in? from 91,000 to #MHX) each, on located a few minutes' walk from the Erie Rail Apply at Real Estate Agency, corner of 1'avonla svend?H?d Erie street. For sale? a four story brown stone front House, comuimiig all the modern improvements, also ? corner Lot, partJy improved, not to It. Frio* low; lerms accommodating. Apply on the premises, M President street, Brooklyn. For sale-at prices to suit tub times-twen ty brick and irame Houses, all well finished, in the beat Improved parts oi Yorkville, on Seventy-eighth, EU'hty acond ami Eighty-third streets, ut prices from $i,M) to $5,<J0il, and but a malt amount oi'cash required down. Apply to JOHN TURNER. ,t the paint store, corner Eighty-sixth Street and Third avenue. For sale-a country place nbar beroen Point, N. J , consisting of three acres of ground, a sub stantial new stoue. house, two story and attic, with two story extension, In all oontalinnu shout eleven rooms; large barn, carriage house, Ac. The place has a front of over 250 feet on New York hay, splendid views of the city and harbor; W accessible by himk' " or steamer almost ovorv hour, ana Is less than one boiir'-i drive Irum the city by plank road. If desired, the furnl'niv, carriages, Ac., will he sold with the 81a e. Price to salt the tin's, and terms easy. Apply io 41 ARLES K. M i LLS, .11 Cedar street. For sale in brooklyn-a new and well built frame Hull , , <?? ntaining thirteen rooms, three story Hiid basement, ami *n m-i liar; lill d in wlih brick; heater, rattle, witter af i bath; nil llnished In modem style and first class neighbored: priite $3,800. Apply to R. 11ALL, In the adjoiultig lion-. , Mn cy avenue, cast side, ninth huuse ?outh of Myrtle Avenue Railroad or CLARK A II ALU No. SSJohu street New Y'Wi. F0!ln?r!merly'i^^STIEHJf .^DS FOR BROOK fen, .Jersey Juy lir o illl.'uisb'lrTf e , ,W Yor r f,,r "rook llouse in Brooklyn, rea" tKfiiSv ihiTny;.?.r.1 w,u a Herald oilic*. 'erry, cheap. Address box 161 FOR 8A1.E OR EXCHANGE? AN IMPROVED FARM, 1,000 acres, stock, crop, line furniture and utensils, and S.693 acres unimpr vc I, In East Tennessee, and l.O&n acres in Texs*. in whole i.i irt. Price for all, $10,000 Will en cfcange for property In this city or vicinity. Apply toorad dres* Berrian, 316 1 Forty-third street. Agents need not For sale or to let? at a moderate rent to a good t, n i .' a large lli ensod Lnpi>r Store, doing a gwsl business, lu < n .foncnce of the proprietor ^olng to tl.o seat of war in the course of a few day*. Apply to-day only to thil prt^irieWr, corner Front anil Pearl streets, Brooklyn. Capt. jas. McCaffrey. TER8JBY CITY LOTS AND HOUSE AT AUCTION. ? T. <1 B. BLEEKEK will sell on Thursday, October 31, at 'J o'clock, on the premise*, S-.euben street, near Warren street, Jersey City, two lot m Steuben street, four lots on Morgan street, Ave loUt on Prospc t street, corner of Broadway; three lots on Broadway a.l.uiulng, and three story hint*". filled in with brick, now rented; with lot ou Railroad avenue, uear Warren street. For maps apply at No. 49 Ann street, or to JOHN COWAN. 61 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Terms ^beral; *ule positive TO INSTANCE COMPANIES, BANKERS, IMPORT er?, Agency Lawyi rs. Ac. ? For sale, a valuable and ele gantcorticr K'tudlrg, at half it* cost. The 1 station is very desirable; the property can be rented to pay a large Interest upon the pttreh is. oonrl and mortgage will be taken for a term of years for the entire amount ror further particular* apply to A. M. LYuNS, St Wail street. TARRYTOrt N.? TO EXCHANGE A* ELEGANT FARM andoonnlr} sent, near Tarry town and Irvingtoa, ot 7l) ?ores or less, for Brooklyn properly, on or ni?r Clinton or Washing. mi aveuu, s. Apply at 18 Wall street, morn 13. WOOD FOR 8A 1 .E? -GROWING ON ISO ACRES AT Eaton's Neck, Huntington, Long Island, viz ?Oak, Chesnut, Hickory, Leu ubi, Bod Cedar.Mapli' and Beach, all large timber, suitable for cord wood, fence rmU, heavy nosu, railroad tlew, 4c. Apply t<> ELKANAH SOPER, Northpori, or to JOHN CA881DY, on the farm. WANTED? TO I'UIK HASE FOR CASH, A KAIIM OK from ttvcntx-iive to fitly acres, contiguous to the North river, novabove CNmr or Dutchess counties, and wlihln three mile* of steainbAnt or railroad. Tho house, outbuildings and fences must !> ? n g >od order and the place, muat be well watered an. I well frtut?d. Address, with fuf particulars, Abbott, Herald office. No notice taken of cntuminicailnus aut stating prion. TXTANTED ? TO VUUCHASE, FOR CASH, A FARM OF 11 20 to 50 acres, Ui Westchester or Duchesscounty. Fnll amount will 1? paid In cash. Call up Malm, In house 709 Eighth avenue. WANTED-A COTTAGE, IN WILLIAMSBURG OB Brooklyn, with three or four lots, near railroad, in sachatigefor a foir. wiry English basement hons? In Thirty Hull street, bctwi-n E'gnth and Ninth avetiuca, New York. Houses, 1'iia mi't fw.'.i! for sale or oxcharae at 2,ri Nassau Hreel, New York. FERGUSON h SNEDBCOR. WASTED TO BUT OR HIRB-IN TTTE CITY, suburbs or fuiia in Hew from New York, a small llouso ?r t.'oiinic , wvll huili; .leiilthy locution, respectable neighbor hood ansverlng more the requirements ot a comfortable lome than style, ?i ih some ground adjoining. Any person Mvlng a plsce lirger than they require, auil doslroos of { citing a good neighbor, might find thta an opportunity of i sim if lug for cash of some of their ground, and the buyer prill build. The ?oji aei ilier wishes to buy oheup; prtre" to Kilt the times, pi save time and dian|>|s,imineiit. parte s trill plouse ?latt trice, location and full partluulara; such will ?ioet with prompt attention. Address 1'uiiutuaL, box 1 M Herald ofllcts FOR SAXB. A SPLENDID THANlIB FOR"jTDO<rrOBrANDDROO, LA. gist.? For sale, an old established Drugstore, sloe ki si with a good selection of drugs: a corner stand, In a flourish ttg village, clos* by New York; will be s?.ld at a aaoriflea .f mid Immediately. Vpply to or address Dr. R. IUBBARD, '.02 Fulton street, New \ ork. A RARE CHANCE. ? $1,000 WILL PURCHASE TUB tx. Stock. Fiji n- .?nd good will of an old established Dry Boods Store, whe n lias paid for several years pa M a net sroflt of uearly $2,iX?i a yenr after paying all eKprnaea. The ?Store Is forty-two l eu deep, has two line show wtndowsaiid is well titled tip. It is, and has always been, the leading Stom In the place. Tho proprietor is obliged to sail In ooune quence of III health. Apply at the store, Lrtft Washington street, Hoboken, N. ,f., or at 3d B< N V. For sale? as oyster saloon and rbstau runt, with Bar, now ilolug a llrst rate ] skying business; situated on a, with two entrances. SatlstiwHory reasons glvi-n for oiling out. Apply on the premises, comer of Thirty-third str>" :md Third avenue. For sale-a first class grocery store on one of the best avenues, and a very ilealrablo location ; ?torn large, at a reasonable rent for a unn of years: satls factory reaatina lor selling. Address Grocer, station 0, pre paid. FOR SALE? AN" ENGLISH CHOP AND ALB HOUSB; best location In Ihe city; establlsheiUlive vears. Au m alien t opportunity for an Englishman, being kwMed in a thoroughly Encllso neighborhood, to arull tho principal thea tres, one door from Broudway. Apply at No. 9 East Houston street, Bank Saloon. IIOR SALE? A HAKfiE, SUITABLE FOR CARRYING 1 coal or dirt; mlN'arry 250 tons; Is sound hi frame and ?will lie sold cheap to .itiy person who will apply Immediately St the otllce of the shipyard, foot of East Forty-fourth street. For sale-a select school, at present nitm boring ubout twenty pupils, with si'ats and accommo dations fm 30 to 3.'i. situated In an cxi eilent and thickly set tled neighborhood, at Wi st Harlem, l'JKt.h street, lirst house sast of Sixth aveni.e. Pri. e >100. Reason for selling, the Eroprietorls prepuiing to le.iv for Europe. Apply at the :hool as above, or by leticr to .Miss M, W 129th street, Har lem, N.JT FOR SALE? AN OYSTER s\loon and hhstaurant, on one of the best corner* In Broiulway; small capital required. Inquire at f-3 Ann street, up stairs. For sale-a milk and bwttbr depot in Brooklyn, doing a good luslncss; will be sold low; sntls fiict ry reiiMins lor selling. Address J., box 173 Herald oflloe. For sale? an interest in a light profitable ' ii'-h manufacturing business, well < stablUhed; having ? government contra. I on hand. Price $490. Also an Oysti r mid Dining saloon, on Broadway; price $800. Apply a'tihe General Agency, 03 Nassau street. f/0 It SALE? AN INTEREST IN A t'JLSn BUSINESS, r well established anil doing a goojJ buslnass. Prhw f 1,000. Also a corner liquor store; prior 9600. Everything tllered at this place Is legitimate. Apply at the Oinerml Agency, 63 Nassau street. ElOR SALE? A BARGAIN.? AN OYSTER SALOON f and Restaurant on one of the gn-atest thoroughfares in file city. The prov-i.t owner has other business. Inquiro at the tlottage, 20 Eau Broadway. Irioit SALE? ' slii)i Spikes, f,0 tons. Spike Iron, COO tons. Ballnst Iron, 4S0 tons. Kentledge, 200 Wins. B:ir lion, alt sl/.es, WW tons. Olil Ralls, 300 u ma. Wrought Scrap In i , 20O ton*. Horseshoe Iron. 250 tons. For s.ile In lot.-, at, warranted, by PETTEE A WILSON, 228 South street FOR SALE? THE STOCK and fixtures of a corner Ltquoi Store? ono of the heat corners in the Seventeenth ward. Will be sold cheap, as the owner has other business to attend to. Apply on the premises, 200 avenue 1!, corner of Twelfth street. For sale? the stock and fixtures of a first class Liquor Store, sltuoted on one of the mist corners In the Sixteenth iv..rd tor a good family grocery; will be sold cheap, as the owner must leave the eity Immediately. Apply on the premises, 22d Seventh avenue, corner of Twetuy-ufth street. For sale? the well known porterhouse, sk* Wall street. S iti-iactory reasons given for staling, by applying on the premises. For sale? the stock and fixtures of a nice ly lilted up Liquor Store, doing a good business; will be Sold rheap, n* the proprietor Is going to the war. Inquire at 206 First avenue. Ij^OR SALE CHEAP, FOR WANT OF USE-GAS FIX Hires, two Ciisn ittle rs. Bracket', sc. Also one Hatter's Heater very cheap. 1,'u.l at 119 Clinton place, near Sixth avenue. FOR SALE VERY low-a large CORNER LIQUOR smre, drtng a lan ;e bn r trade and jobbing business; well located; a ion in si*; ivm low; reasou for selling will be given at 170 Chatham street. J. p. TRAVEB. (1ROCERY FOR SALE? ON A PROMINENT CORNER X and principal thoroughfare, neatly fitted up; horse, wamn and llxturescompli to, , avorable lease and doing ? good first class cash business. SOUTH W 1C K ,L \S OoD, tU isas sau street. (1 ROCERY Kt'H SALE-ONE OF HIE BEST U1CA vX nous In the city. To a man of sfimll means, who un iei sistuls the l.uslt" % this I* u toodoptsji t unity to :.o InUi husl ne-s. Address Gr er, lsix 306 Herald ollicc, and particulars will be given. Liquor store for sale-the entire stock. Lease and Fixtures of the Store No, 18 Leonard street, Jorsile. Inq dre In tlio store. MTt.r WRlGlTr7 of no. 9 SI I.L I VAN ST ffh'-.T. wishes to si ;l her Busln -.'s, ^io k. L'-.ise anil II m-t i .i Furniture The ahovs S'.r i\T Bonn' i hu ;i:e- li? , i esui dished twtUs years. Apply at the abute add K*' musuw wein'J!dL. C*?A8S Family grocery ktore, Vttiue abom tij? w v*lue about $1 ihm- aiH., ^ a ? ??"'? Ueinii ti V- w" J??ve cash nor, 140uei*l Ageucy, 63 Nassau street? tor CQOH WILL BUY THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR ?IPOUV/ more on Eighth avenue; Lease, Stock, natures and License and *11, as the owner la going Went; It mum be *4(1: It In lining a nlc? cash trade, and the finest corner on the Eighth avenue; anyone wanting a Rood liquor corner will liud It httrr. Apply to PAYTEN, #5 Division street. IIOI'SEH, ROOMSU ?c? JTO LBT. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? TO LET A THREE story and attic hmh stoop House, one block from the Opera lt'oiiKe and Union stiuare; completely furnished throughout, Including linen and silver. A most desirable lo cation. Apply to LOUDON i. CO., '-"70 Fourth avenue. Apartments or a whole house to let-i*9 Tenth avenue, in desirable locality; has modem im provements; suitable for one, two or three families. Apply to L. H. Chase, No. 5 New street, from 12 to 2 o'clock, and at 429 Fifth avenue from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. A SPLENDID STOKE TO LET-NO. 604 SECOND AVE nue; good biulm ss location and rent very low. Also a very line Basement; rout $8 per month. Floors, with live and "i\ rooms; water ami tins and ga* fixtures complete; rents $12. Apply to JOHN FETTKETCH, 415 Third avenue. A HOUSTON STREET PROPERTY TO LET OR I. .is .?It is an extra large four story brlc'.. House, 25v75 (lot 25x105) feet, in complete order, newly pais'red and painted; hits water, gas, Ac. ; the location Is very' desirable, lielng only one block west of Broadway. Terms verv lavora t?le to a responsible tenant. Apply to CHAS. E. MILLS, St Cedar street. CIOUNEK STORE TO LET? SUITABLE FOR A OBO ) eery or drug store; also four lofts, 29x45 feet, at a low rent. Inquire ol Mrs. EASTON, 6*8 nudsou street. IjirUNIsntD HOUSE TO LET? TO LET, A lflOll stoop, elegantly furnished House, for six or twelve monihs, to a prlt ale family only, at tl'M per month, located In Fourteenth street, near Eighth avenue. Inquire of HO MER MORGAN, No. 3 Pluc street. Furnished house to i^t? <i east twenty el ;hih si reel, to a private family uiily ; oi nuiuis twelve rooms, with the Improvements, iu perfect order. To we the house apply at 58 East Twenty -second street, from I to S 1' M. Furnished house to let-to a small family ol a lulls, anil a portion of the rent will he taken In board If agreeable; the house is brown stoae, three story and base ment. Apply at 78 VV. st Thlrty-ilrst stroet. Rout moderate Handsome furnished house 'to let-a hand some furnished Huuse, situated at 12 West Thirty-se venth street, to be let Immediately, by the year, half year or mouth. It is a very elegant English basameut, with rose wood Furniture, and nearly new. Application can be made daily for forth r particular* on the premises, from 10 o'clock A. M. to sr. M. Houses to rent? at okeat reduction in rents.? Thre? story high stoop Houses; one In Thirtieth street, one in Thirty-ilur I sireet, oue In Thirty-ninth suvet, one in Forty-tlrst stfeet, near Madison avenue; two in Fifty third street, four In Second avenue, and several others. Ap ply to JOHN FETTRETCH, 415 Third avenue, aud see the list of chcsp lii uses. STEAM POWER IN GREENE STREET? TO LEASE IN Howard's Bull. lings, 42, 44 , 4ti, 48 an. I SO, oue bhs:k from Canal and Broadway ; room* with every couvenii nee, steam hoist, Ac. Insurance one per cent. Apply on the premise*. TO LET? DWELLINGS? NOS. 6 AND 2D ST. MAKE S place and 49 Franklin street; famished? Nos. 9 La lay - eite place and 74 University place; Warehouses? 14 Broad struct, 12, 14 and IB New street and 111 Uremnlch street: Stores? Nos. 34 Warren street, corner of Church, and Is!* Washington street; Lofts? 24 Cortland street, 39 uud 164 Greenwich street and 228 l'earl (treat; Upper Floors of ?'.?? Broadway, corner ol Fourth street, snd rear on Lafayette place, each l.V by 45; Oflloesln No. 68 and 70 WaH street, 5 New street uml 3 Bowling Green; Yards and Lots? Nos. ? Markctflehl, 3a West, and 52. 54, 5t> and 58 Washington strict. Apply to JAMES CRUIKSHANK, 65 Broadway. rpo I.ET-NO. 15 WASHINGTON PLACE, SECOND X block from Broadway. House lu good repair; rout low to a private family. fTK) LET? THE TWO AND A HALF 8TOBY BRICK X House 292 Schermeruorn street, near Powers struct, Brooklyn. It contains eleven rooms, lias water and gas, and is convenient to three ear routes. Can be seen at any hour. Apply to Mr. FISHER, 106 Wall or 11 Powers sireet, Brooklyn. TO LET? FURNISHED, IN TWENTY-FIUST STREET near Fifth avenue, a Tat'lor and one or two Bedrooms, with large pantries ami bath room, on second floor; will bo let to gentlemen or* small family, with privilege in kitchen if required. For address apply at the Madison square Post office. rLET-A. RARE CHANCE FOR A FAMILY GOING to housckccplu i ? a small three-story brick House, with all tiie modern Improvements, newly painted, gas fixtures and cban.ii Uerscomplato; rent 9340 per amitltn. The furni ture, which is nearly new. will be sold at a great sacrifice, as the present tsx-upams are leaving the city. Call at the pre mises 135 Wont Forty-eighth s'roet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, from 11 A. M. till 4 P. M. TO LET? TH B THREE STORY AND BASEMENT* Dwelling Holts*' <>2 Essex street, Jersey City, live minutes' walk from the ferry, with gas and water through out, ami in a very pleasant neighborhood. For further par ticulars apply to W M. VENVILL, 144 Broadway, New York TO LET-THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT browu stone front House, with high stoop, court yard in front and every modern Improvement, on the northerly sale of Rnpi lye street, between llicks and Henry stre.ois, Km ,k lyu, In a most dcMrufole nelgltuortiood, ami only live minutes' walk from Ilamilt ti avenue ferry. For further particulars Inquire of W. VENVILL, 143 Broadway, New York. TO LET-IN 12.7TI1 STREET, HARLEM, A COTTAGE Howe, containing nine rooms, water ami i 'us; will l>e let low until the 1st of May. Inquire of J, M. CLBBERLY, 117 Centre row. West Washington market. TO LET? A THREE STORY BASEMENT BRICK House, In Forty-ninth street, between Eighth avenue and Broadway painted throughout Inquire at 1U6 West Twenty -sixth street. ?OTHIC COTTAGE AND STA ST^'Uyii. Rem $100 untf. mIu,V uv, ,?U4J and Murion strnt r) LET-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. 19? Spring street, com auug of six Rooms in the second story ttptl one in the attle; water, waste pipe, gaa Ac. ; very conve nient apartments. Apply as above. rjlO LET-SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 2U1 WEST FIF A teciith street, containing tour rooms, with Croton water and gaa on the lloor, and ifcdroom in th?' attic and Ap.t rt minis in tae cellar. rLET? A HOUSE, WITH ALL THE MODERN IM pmnillllilili i cated in a pfa?? t p.irt of Henry street. House will lie let in part or whole, to sultpirtics: also I'ur n I (lied or unfurnished. Addresa Howell, Herald office. . ^ TO LET-A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE lurnishedor utB urnlshed, all or in part. Apply ..t No M Ludlow placi^ We?t Houat' n strei t, near Ma1 dou^.tl sir et TO LET-UNUSUAL ADVANTAGES OFFERED TO HE* SjMttAlilu pn rules? tbe ilmw.) Nos. 21i> and Wes f 1 wenty- third street; also Nos. 148 and 170 West Twenty , I'tsuth street. Appiy to P. HARMONY'S NEPHEWS * CO., k 31 Greenwich stre, i, or Ui A. LbAMAN, 217 West Twenty third street. TO LET-A SMALL THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, No. US Perry street, containing six rooms, with gaa and water, and in good order. Hem i-IM. Inquire at fi/2 Hud son street. TO LET.? A PART OF A NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE to let, furnished or unfurnished; or would give Board to a very small family. The house 1* in periapt order; the occu pants arc a widow lady and her two nephews. There is gas in all tho rooms. 1 nqtihrc at S4 Mwket street, n< a# Henry street. Neighborhood good. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, TWO PARLORS, TWO BASE menta, three Rooms on second lioor, and three on the third Boor: hivs gas fixtures, raartdu mantels; will be lur Dlabud with Beard, or divided rent: rent from $11 to $13 SO per month. Situated at 377 Adelphi street, near Pultun ave nue. TO LET? A THRBB STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, conuiinlngail the modern Improvements, gas, efumda hers, fixtures, .tie., suit tM rurnlture, ,tc. Apply to II. V. McE WING, 132 Chambers street, upstairs. rpo LET-IN BROOKLNY, AT ABOUT HALF THE X usual rent, one three story brick House on Clinton avenue; also one In the suburb* of the elty Mi lei, hall or Uin whole. Apply to O. A. SMITH, 160 Fulton street, corner of Broadway. .Sew York. r) LET? THE LARGE FOUR STORY STONE FRONT House, No. 115 West Thlrty-lonrtli street, 1 uniisiicd or unltirnlshed, all In order, or will sell at a bargain. Inquire on the premises. rLET? A FURNISHED BACK PARLOR AND second Floor, vHth or witOout i*>*rd, Iri a itnaU prlrr.M family of adults. Oentlrtm it preterred, or iamtllus without small children. Ai<pty at 3d W?rt TWettty-third sweet, mmt Fifth avenue. r) LET IN BROOKLY2?? THE SUPERIOR BROWN stone dwelling House, 223 Onrltoti avenue, isnnufuny located, overlooking Washington 1'ark, oompieUi with every improvement and rent low. Apply to E. T. BAUKUOUSB, 1IW tJarlton avonuo, or No. 1 Nassau street, N. Y. rLED OR UiASB-TUE TWO STOBY AMD AJTIC Hi use, lti7 Pilnoe street; midefii ftiijirnveruents, Ui gixj.i order, lino iocatlou for a Saksxi, or wx>uid be altered for business purjsjsos; rent low. Also several suits of As sua, sult-ib.e tor small respectable fttiullles. ApJ Jy to J. MA THEtV'SON, 647 Hudson street, before !1 A. M. or fnan 9 to A K M. friO LET OB LEASE? TUE HOUSE NO. 334 FOtraTU X street, 110 ifcet west of Broadway. Apply at *)U Fourth ?treat, opposite Waslilngton square. rpO LEASE? FOR A TERM 'OT YEARS, THE FIVE J. story ImldttiUH on tlm front and n-ir of ioi^l70bnal?treet, adjoining iiarle's new and elegant hotel. This property ts iu the neighborhood of many of the best ltnprovcmuuw In tho city. To a responsible part# liberal terms will be offered. Apply Ui W SOurr JAKVlrt, 221 Canal street. dl ft PER MONTH FOR A llOUSB AND STOltB IN <J)Xv/ BriKjklyn. It has a baker's <nr?n, In bnck house a>4 huiith street, one door irom Degraw street. Inquire on the premises or In the corner grocery- J. SIMPSON. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C., WANTED. liU'RNlSllt-D HOUSE (IF EIGHT Ktlo.MS, WANTED A" to liira, with three or five aires of Land, within twenty miles of New York, and easy of access; rent to suit thettmoa. For furtleT particulars Inquire In person or by letter of D. 1'. HAitKlt, 177 Brisulway, upstairs. House wanted-or parf of one, by a gen teel family, in a good location. Oanoot |?,y over t>12 to $13 per montli, until May. It will be taken oare of, and bel ter tints i?>iiiited than closed. Address R. O. W., box 143 Herald olllce. Room wantbd-^small and cnfukmsheo, but with convenience for tire. M i*t be In some pica1-*!! Uii -alltv, within half a mile of Plymouth elm < It, Bi'ooMvn. Address H. Moore, 74 Plerreimnt strt*t, Brooklyn. "IITA.VTF.D? TILL THE 1ST OF JUNE NEXT. A Fl H VV ni"hed House, between Foune. nth and riiutl. th streets. Address A. L. M . Ilerald olllce, stiftu.- pirtlcuUnt. "IITANTED? BV V FAMILY OF VDl I.TB, TILL MAY 1, TT a tilcely furnished Ilou^e with taoil-rn itnprni cineuts, located between Twelfth and Thlrty-tirst streits. Address Leo:#rd, latx lo5 Herald siliee, stst'ii . psrtlcUiflrs. WANTED? PART < >K A H'UNISilED HOUSE, HAY \Y first l.'. or, and prirlle, 'ii k n; must be ell. ,r i slied snd near Bro eltvay b ? ? ? *i .. an l T \ ttieeis, f-ir three , dttlts. 11 m i on ; lo 1 flflOp u:i,. \d i in A. w. b>i Il.ralJ oBlc, tcr twe lay.. BOAIUM Bl ? AlfD LOMIN O. AT 22 WFSST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN Fifth and Sixth avenues, large, handsomely furnished Parlors ami Bedrooms, with Board, on the aacoiul unci third Uoore; all modem improvements; references exchanged. A PLEASANT 8UIT OF ROOMS. HANDSOMELY FUR tushed, also sin ale Rooms, to reul, with Hoard; house firs? class; terms moderate. Apply at 44 Wu?t Ninth street, near Fil th avenue. AT 1,123 AND I , I 25 B R< ) A D\V V V - HANI >S< >M K SI IT ( > F Rooms, with private table or table d'hote; also, Room* fortte title men, with Board, between Tweuty-Ufth and Twenty sixth streets, near Fifth Avenue Hotel, A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A HAND souiely furnished Room on the second floor, with Board, t<> a simile gentleman <?r a gentleman and hiawife. The room contain* hot and cold water and gas, bath rootn adjoin In#. Also an entry room on the third lloor. Apply at *81 Lexington avenue. References required. AN AMERICAN FAMILY WOULD LET- WITH HOARD. one or two Rooms, handsomely furnished, oaeeeond floor, to a desirable. j ai -t v at a moderate rule; location desira ble. Apply at 246 Went Thirty-Unit atreet, between Eighth and Ninth ? t v ? nue. j AT 126 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway. ? A Suit of Rooms, with Hoard, eonwistingof Parlor, two Bedrooms aua baturoom. Also single Booms. The bent or relerenceg given and required. A HIGHLY EE HP ROTABLE PRIVATE OKRMAN FAMI ly, without children. occupying a first claw* house, will let a choice of handsomely t urn tidied Rooms, with lull or partl*l Board. Apply at 46 East Bleecker street, near Broadway, A CARD.? AT ELIZABETH STREET, FOUR DOORS from Bleecker, large and hall K sima. with Buftii ft* single gentlemen or gcutlemen and their wivem those set k tng plainness and comfort in preference to style, are request ed to call. AT IS NINTH 8TREET, A FEW DOORS WERT OF Broadway, a gentleman aud wile or two single gentle* men can obtain pleasant Rooms, with Board, In a modern house with all the Ituprovi m 'fits. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT 123 LEXINGTON avenue, southeast corner of Twanty-ninth street, will let a Sun of Rooms, handsomely furnished. with Board, to a family without small children, or a party of gentlemen. Rc IVrenoe required. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE SECOND FLOOR, WITH Board, can be had by applying at 1?> W? >t FourtecntU street. A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT OR haek Rooms to lot, with the beat of Board, in the very deslral I ? house 100 West Eleventh street, near Stwh avenue. No liner location In the city; no better rooms. Family pri vate. References required and given. APBIVATS FRENCH FAMILY. MfltfQ AT NO 1)8 lifth avenue, would accommodate with line Booms and good 1?< ard a few persons of respectability, who cau furnish good reierenee. There is a line rta?cment in the house suit able for a physician. Dinner at 6 o'cloek. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOM MCATED, with hoard lor the lad) only, wishing for a quiet retired home will do well to call ?it No. 6 Amity place. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN DESIRES, FOB THE WIN ter, a com tollable Room, with Board, lire, Ac., between Broadway and Sixth avenue, and Eighth and Twentieth streets; private family preferred. Re:en iiees exchanged. Address, with terms and lull particulars, S. II. F., Herald otlice. A SMALL FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE TWO GEN tletneu and their wives and one or two t ingle gent! * tm.n with pleasant, furnished l&ooms, on scornl or third floor, and lull or partial Board; batu and ? is, local U a plea sant. No. 43 East Twentieth street, near Broadway A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE OR TWO single gentlemen can obtain a very pleasant Room, on the se. ond lloor ot the house lo< at nl at 150 East Etghteetlth street, between Second and Third avenues. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A lew married or single gentlemen desiring the comforts oi a quiet and reiuied noine tor ttie winter; rctoreuees re quired. Apply at 18 Hammond si., corner of i\ avsrtef place. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A FEW SINGLE GEN .Ijl tieinen can be ae, uunnooaied with full or partial Bourd, with a small lanni) w here the comforts ol a home can oe en jojed. House nas all the modern irnprovi tmnts. Apply at ?3 Maedou^iti street, between Houston and Bleecker. A SUIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? J\. Togeibcr or separate, with or without pat tial Buaru, to gjntlemen, in a small; the situation nieasani and du al raoto. Reiereneos excaan0ed. Apply at VI West Eleventh street, between Filth aud avenues. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY Ft BNfHHED ROOMS TO let, with Boaiu, at jo Union square, Fourth avenue, aUo Rooms ? or gentlemen; rufeiences given anu required. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A FIRST elass hoUNt , desii ? to k.1 to a iao) and geilil* Ulan or two gcnUcmen, a Suit oi Intuusomely tuvuisl^d fai.ors and Bednsims, with ev?*ry eon venienc**, near Ft.tu Av. nue Hotel; partial Board it nqu.ied, tern s moderate, ltele ieuee? exeuanged. Apply at 47 East T w , nt> -third street, Madison square. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 79 hACDOUGAL STREET (St Clement's puiev, near BleeeK' r otreet;, villi let a g>*od sized U"Oin, on n? cond lloor, to cue or two geuUemon, witn partia. Board. Al*o, a lwoom on i turn liool ; ga?, uatu, ike. ltele 1 1 na:s exchanged. AT the large first CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE NO. 127 Bleecker street, west oi and u. *i iiroMbway, is a really tirst class family Boaiulng House, witli Hooma unsur pass?id in size aud nomtoi't, iu suits or Single; the ? h st piaee in i be city lor me styte amt quaili> oi in od< n-d. ^ A FRONT ROOM, THIRD STORY (SOUTH SIDE), wiui or without Bedroom, to h i, to a gtut?. iii?.u a vvtie, or aiuglc gentlemen, witn Board, only a lew boarui taken. Dinner at oue o'clock. Apply at 01 St. Marlt'M piace, Eighth street. A LARGE FRONT ROOM TO LET? WITH BOARD, TO a gtntlemau and hu wile, or two single g* utleineii. Terms $6 per week, ltele rence given and required. Apply aw 11& West Twenty-fourth street, between Seventh aud eighth avenues. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN OR ONE OR TWO quiet lone ludu .scan be a eomniudated with liaudnqjiie ij furnished itooius, with Board lor ladies only, with a widow lady, where all home privileges will be acootded: house replete with morucru improvements. Apply at 03 West FUieeuih street. ACCOMMODATION FOR ONE OR TWO SINGLE GEN ticiuen in a pilvate German lamily, wncre tm re are no otner boarders, ^tppiy at 2H& E^st Broadway, A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A HANDSOME SUIT of Rooms, luiniaiied or not, to gentlemen, with partial ttotWil if desired. a jingle tbhwi. K<x?-reuces ex ?ihanged. ^piy ai 36 Ninth streei, near Fit th av?ntii'. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR, ON Skcoikl lioor, together with one or two Bedroom* adjoin* in^, to rent, witu Board, tor the wiuiu. The house is nrst class, and the location very desirable. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Appiy at 30 West Twelfth street, near Finn aveuue. A PARTMENTS.? AN ELEGANT SUIT OF ROOMS TO J\. let, witu private table only, at 04 Finn avenue; also one or two Rooms tor single gentlemen, with breaSJ^st if de sired. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING^ TWO XX. spare Rooma, would let them to a gentleman and his wile or two stUKlegctUlemun. Inquire at 114 East Eighteenth street, near Irving place. A PRIVATE FAMILY, ARK DESIROUS OF LETTING hanhwunely luriilsued Kooius, comuiuniuating, to a family or Hin^le gentlemen, with or without Board; house 1'irnt class: uneKoeptionable relerenoes hivbii u'tU required. Apply at 12V Ninth street, between University pl?ee ami Broadway. AFRL'lHW OENTLEMAN, TEACHER OP CLASSICAL and modern Languages, engaged In several schools, gan dispose of two hours a day for j/r irate leaaonii, aith'-i' at his own residence or thai ol pupil*. Apply at W4 Clinton street, flliue. Nm|.o1<-<ki'm Institute, Brooklyn. AT 130 MADISON AVENUE. -A GENTLEMAN AND wil e, seeking a borne in a first diut* j rivn.?; house, . an find a Stilt Of Room*, on second Hour, with Board, an above. AUw ft R*mi for a single gentleman. Ik-Ht ofVeterflnee giveu and required. ASOIT OF HANDSOME ROOMS, ON S ECOND FLOOR; also Room* on third ainl fourth boors suitolilo for gen tlemen, to let, with Board, at 40 East Twenty. ItHirth street; bouse lintt class, i utilalnlng all mudurn iiuj itivtwciiiH. lip. foreiioot uxohaiojed. A Handsomely furnished room on second floor. buth room adjoining; also newly furufaluai sialic Room* to lot, without Kuril, to i(anMciia n. 61 Fourth ave nue, near Nturtl sM<eot, oce bkaik imm Broadway. 4 SMALL FAMILY, RBSIDINO AT NO. 37 WEST Ix, Klijnieuth street, have a Suit 'if Room* Uj lot, with 11' ai d ; also, Mliall Rooms tor omglewatlatnenf house ntal neighborhood 11 rw clii*i, and terms rnrrxiem/'. k SMALL AMBltlOAN FAMILY, WHO F.N.loY ALL 2\ the cosn lofts i J a very niflpeul ible home, wvuld lot % ueat lyfurnlshod Room, wlfch aonwnilHUK for lira, w* U?er with Board, at a prior to suit the Utoea: Briaulwuy aU# ? aod Sixth a venire wars fatso tiw dutir. Ap^Jy fhr a fi u' dajw a* -W BUth avenue. Board.? a nicely furniwted room, or room turn Bedroom ui lei t<> a )a<!y and #sotlMpen, w lib ffc?rd t?r lady, in a small family. To quiet partly who wonkl he neruianeat for the ?iut?r. UtmuB toy In*. Address A a B., Madison squaxe Pom Cim?i F>ABD-W A NTE D-FOii A YOU SO LADY. Ill A lileitsank family, wham instruction hi eloruiiim and td?^ l:i? wnkl be uunstdurad an nqiilrahn* ? r f otihj he reonlvad In part puyuiwltt. Trnme wishing to Inuirt*^ tlmlr vokie ai>d beoome jood readers will Hud this a rare o^ipurtunU^. KJt dree a for tvsl* days E. R. , KU?U<J11 (>, Bnoadvaay. Uti^uuttiua abtr reft' recce given. Board and booms. -lakoe rooms in sbcond story of a first ulnss Itonae. FaMty small aial a ' LMnuer at aix o'clock. inquire at 1231 Madfeow armiue. Board? a parlor on the first vuxm ajd a suit of ft omn on the thblrd : atao. Downs to null (Inula gentlemen. Hi 14 Twouty-rlgbtli street. Dinner aisti. Rel eretioes alven and required. Board.-a raw YOUNO MBN can find oood Hoard, with comfortable Rooms, fn a amsll family, where no oilier boarders are kept. Referentr required. ' lull at 190 EaM TMrwx-nth street. Board.-a gentleman and wibh or two or three Rentkimen, usn have B.mrl, with ptooHant Borima, <m moderate terms, at No. 4S B<vst Slxteeiiih street, next to IrviiiK The house Is finely lOMttod, bus ga?, liaiii, hot and cold water, Ac. Board. -several pleasant and well fur* niahed Rooms, with Board, at 83 Cilnf n pinee, rxar Fifth avenue. Dinner at So'oloek. Hoard? forT oemtl ? v 1 x a ra wire, or a rsw single gentlemen, at very moderate terms, in Titnuv third sir. ? t, near Ninth avmue. Apply in the store, 136>HuUi av nue, between Nineteenth ?nd Twentieth streets. BOARDA'HD FURNISHED UCKJM'oR ROOMS WAMT> eh? tor man, wife and child, wltb lire nud ?ns; location Bear Broadwsy? not larlher np than Fortieth street; tern.H not to exceed ?I0 [ter week. Address D, Herald oilier, description. tIAM), AT *7 WBST ELEVENTH STRRBT, Kimrm** Fli li avrtnie t.ini University ptoee.? To let, a ur v m, heute , and with hot and cold Water attached, suitable loi two mmtlemen OTs family. Also, a small Room. Boarding.? two children can br accommo iliiu h wiih Bimrd, where they enn have the comforts uf u . .in. and tli- care of ? mother, by a widow lady, on se.m.m ahle (? rm?. Apply to Mrs. Pelsang, 1U2 Ktvltuion street. New I' ri. K. IOKI.VN _ ro'i.KT? TlIK I irkk" >t.Try brown '* I!< ' ? > ' .'.70 Henry itree , iiear 1 nlt'ii c^tttsl . 4 ti i i >t?r. - .. . Rent ? bwitilie ui H. M. bil. B B B boarding a\d MPtiwa. Boakd may hi: oHTAINEO ox BROOKLYN Heights, by applvtng at 3d Willow street, for a gentle man and wife, or single gentlemen; rooms pleasant; house

h?H bath, Ac. Location verv desirable; convenient to either Wall or Fulton ferry. Dinner at six o'clock, Ret en-urea ex changed. 1>OAKl> WANTED-BY Til It EH GROWN PERSONS J.J and three children In a private family, where there are no other boarders. Location and accommodations must be good, Parties having a second lloor to dispose oi . an make desirable arrangt m< uti by ad lresa ug B , box fft Post office. BOARDING.? WANTED, HY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE and child, Board in a private family or where there ate but few boarders; room and bedroom good size, second lloor, with modern conveniences, for about $10 the calendar month. B"?t reference. Martini Hoard for gentleman. Address for thrc. dav h, 11 P . I.u\ 1M i 1. i ,11 olHc ?. Brooklyn.? two good rooms to let, to single gentlemen. with or without partial Hoard, in a private house, convenient to the Fulton and Wall street fer ries. Apply at 18 Clinton street, Brooklyn. Brooklyn. -A LADT FRoM M:w York, HAVING taken a flrat class house, will mvoiuiuodat)' single gentlemon on reasonable terms; loc ation b? tween Fulton ami Wall street ferry. Apply at 1ft Monroe place, be ween Pierre pout and Clark streets. Brooklyn?first clash accommodation for two gentlamen, or a gentleman and wife, in a modern house, having hot and oold water in all the bedrooms, bath loom, Ac. Dinner at six o'clock, and terms moderate. Ap ply at 198 Clinton street. BROOKLYN? 86 CLINTON STREET.? DESIRABLE ltomjis on the second lloor front, suitable lor a gcntle man and wife or tingle gentlemen. Huum> contains the modem Improvements. Dinner at nix. BROOKLYN BoaRD -PLKA.nANTLV FURNISHED ?louixle and single Ro< i?k to let. with Board; acotnforta* ble home: location desirable, aud within three minutes' walk of Routb or Wall street ferry. Apply at 3d Garden *rMl? IrooUjrA, BOARD IN BROOKLYN.? ONE PLEASANT FRONT Rim m, furnished or un furnished; two hall Rootle in the houae of a small family; balh in the house. Appiy at 77 Clinton su. oue door from Livingston. Tenon moderate. OA11D IN BROOKLYN -A OKNTLEM AN AND WIFE 1 and ftue or two single gentlemen ran find pleasant Rooms and good Board in a private family, within fit ti?#n minutes' walk ot South ferry, and ooiivtnfiitnit toalLthe ferries by Atlantic street rum, Apply at 'J23 He/Kan strsat. Dinner at six o'clock. UOAK1) l.N H00K&YH. HANDS* MI.IA FURNISH! D Rooms, on seeond and third Honrs, with hot and oo.d water, bath, Ac., in a first class house, wlthiu three minutes' walk of the South ferry. Suitable for single ^'uLknnen, or g<Mitlemeu and their wivea. Table unexceptionable. LNuie t at naif-past six. Apply at ill Cou^i ? ss streft. 1IOARD IN BROOKLYN. ? A GENTLEMAN AND IMS J) wife or two single goiulcmeu can be accommoiaud with pleasant Room s and Board, in a geir.ael private family, re siding at 207 Henry street, between Atlantic aud State; house contains all the modern improvements. DOOD iN llKOt)Kl(\N ~A?,l'iM'LKV.VS AND WIFE, 1# or two single j|>ent:Hmen, can be accommodate. J with fur nished Rooms a lid Board, seven to ten minutes' walk to Wall and .South ferries. References exchanged. Appi> at iOOClifeton t T>OARD IN BROOKLYN. 16 CLINTON STREET. -TWO J> front Parlors, with Bedrooms attai bed, will i?e rented at reduced price to perm an ent boarders; Rooms will be rented furnished or unfurnished; also, a Room for a single gentle man. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Board in Brooklyn? a private family have a largo Front Room. on second floor, with Bedroom ??d j Inim^, which they will let,, furnished or uu' urtiished, with good Board, to a Gentleman and wife or two single gentle men, room together or seperate; location desirable, being only three squares from Wall or South ferry. Apply at No. 4a Joialemon street. Board in Brooklyn.? desirable rooms on the second story. House contains all the modern Im provemenis, within live minutes' walk of South ferry. 2.J8 llonry street, fourth door from Amity. Terms moderate. DOARD on BROOKLYN heights.- pleasant J) Kdomson second lloor, at 34 Willow street, side entrance on Crania*! ry street ; one bhask t rom Columbia, tbive m.nutes' walk from Fulton or Wall street ferry. Modern improve ments hi the house. BOARD on BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? A SUIT OF Rooms on first lloor, suitable lor a family, may be ob tained, with Hoard, by applying at 102 Henry street. A pri vate table if desired. ] BROOKLYN HEIOIITH -VERY PLEASANT ROOMS' ) on se- oad and ttiird floors to let, to gentlemen ami their w Ives or single gentlemen, at No. ft I' -plar ?tr< t, within three minutes' wulk <>t F? lto<i lerry, or eight minutes of Wall street. T.1LEOANTLY FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED i J K< o as.? Styllaii Fr? nch and Em iish table; tost class house? a .a nighborhts d; liK'ath n en rat and elegant; Freu. h ami English spoken; referents ruqitlr d and given. Call at No. 1 Livingston plfue, Stuyvesaut j>ark. TjlURNlSHED ROOMS FROM $1 TO PER WEEK.? r Boar l (in<b'p* inieut of room rem ) $.1 i??r w ? k, or 50 rents a day. Hraiobos l.otts ; good table, liouse has all the modern improvement*. Ashlaml lio ise, 3ui) Fourth avenue, above Twenty-third street. lilURNl&HKI) ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR GENTLE I1 men ai d tticlr vviv s, or three or four single getiileineii, who would room to ' ther; where the ciinCniift of u home and good table i an be bad; house contains all modern Im provements. Inquire at 37 East Elev enth street. TjH'RNlSHKD ROOM.? A FURNISHED ROOM, ON SE I" cond floor, to lot, uj one or two gentlemen, wltli Hall, btntrrtont adjoining if de-dred. Terms nn?d?4rate. Appiy at 18 Amity place, between Bleecker and Amity strata. (GENTLEMAN'S BOARDING HOUSE. -MERCHANTS J and others accofiimo.lated with lirst ( laas Board and Rooms, at 49 Oiilf street, la-twecn Beekman and Fulton. A convenient business location, ami in the vicinity of th t! Unit ed States Hotel. ] Y A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR A SINGLE GENTLE I man would like to nrocure a good lmme, w ith pleasant Rooms and Board, in West Fourteenth street, they would And It to their interest to i.ddressing Home, box 4110 Post office. JERSEY CITY BOARD.-HOl'SE F) KS I1 CLASS, WITH all the modern Improvements; a sjucndld view of the bay; short walk frotu the ferry; for gentlomsn aud wife; $4 i or single gentlem -n ; dinner at 6; best of reference given and required. IflK Grand street. Family private, MAISON MEUHLEE, 70 AND Tl WEST THIRTY eighth street.? Il<">ras, elegantly furnished, or whole iloors, with kitchen, cellar and yard. Houses new, first ciiiss, four story, brown stone. Meals furnished. Whole parlor floor stid basement for physician's oflloe. VTO. 13 BAST TWENTT-EIOHTH STREET.? TO LET, it with Board, Rooms suitable for centiemeu and their wives and single gantiomeu. Hou-e first class, contains all the modern improvement*. Dinner at 6. R -Terence ex changed. Terms mo lerai.e. NO 20 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET,? HANDSOME Room to let, with Boar.!, In a four Mory brown stone house; table iirrt class; also a Room for a single genlle* m.?n, with Board. Dinner at 6 o'clock. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO dated with well furnished Rooms, with g??, bath, Ac., with or without Board, on second floor; no boarders or chil dren in the house; is a strieily private family; be?*of n- Ter ence given and required. Apply on the premise, 107 Forty sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. PLEASANT ROOMS? EITHER FURNISHED OR UN furnixlii'd, wllb Board, ut i'i WaveHey place. IJLKASANT rooms to let-osi the second uoor, in a privutu fauilK ; Iwusi' has all Lhc modern lui prevent*; also back I'arlor; i< csilen desirable, convenient to earn and slugea. Address box l'oat ollice. or apply at 1W WMtTMrtJ ?MMd?tT?et, btw?n Bfeblb Mtd Nin'li av*. PRIVATE HOARD IN huooklv.v.-a few SIN(iLE geutlemeft orfamilloa can Im accommodated with plea aai?l 1i11fut nislu.1t Rooms on second door, with lioapl, at Xil Statu atreet. Every convenience of gas, bath, Ac. Ptaacunt lOTAtlOIL T'TIIIH IllOdcraie. Rooms to ?ent? with or without board, in a private h on , ht>, willi all thn improvements; referenoe requlrad. Iuh"?'<* 73 Went Twenty -second street. TWO OK TURKU GENTLE MUM CAN BK ACOOMMO ilaW-d wltfi niHgti- Rooms, at 4t> Ninth street. Dinner at ft References cuJmiikiwI. TWO YOUNG OHNTLEMEN CAN BE ACCfMHMO i1hU"I with Hoard in a prlvwe family, trhera they can have the rimtfurlM ol a homo. Oorner of Nineteenth strati an. I St^th ttvaouuf ontfatjce on .Viuctoeruh ttrcet, N". SO. rno LET-TO GENTLEMEN, VERY comfortable L furnlphod RtioToa; breakfast In Fruoch or English ityle narv?1 In thc_ Wikjmjw root moderate; refimi>??rniiilr?l. Imnjlra oi ?33 Ponrth tilreet, \vrM >*dc, and one bh** from Brifcdwaf. _____ rLBT, BXCEEtHNULY U?W-A FEW FimNIflHEJ) Rr?.ius An -*(> II ; Ho r, w?kh a private faintly, In an oil gihl?i lo wBon: so-al* sdtit In room* If duelm*'; ^iki4 refer anno* required. A*<pl> at HO Weat Thlrty-acowidiitieei, throe doora froqi ail Hi a.wi>.uc. WANTED? A KOBMIktHKD ROOM. WITH OR WffH oot Br?a):f??t, for twocm Wht>, lo New York. Ad dreas, stating uwnifv, L. U.. boa Wrt Vow olftca^ New Vork. "flT ANTED? A PVRNlMTEp ?Ql>M, WITH BOARD, BY rr a vouug mun. whore he run have the own fort* at a honwt private ftunUy pw>fvrred. "ferine must Mb utorioraiu. Addre-ei for three days, stating particular*, S. T. II., t*>* 1JH Herald otftcv "VOUWi MHK AKD P AMI UBS WANTIJIG OUBAP X Board <?n be aoxmrauxlated u 'J7 9*. Marka place, from S3 to $4 per Week. 3 MOOTS, WITH BOARD, I!? A PRIVATE FAMILV; mi" aiKl lire. I'nut lou- fur pemot pay. Apply at 70 L >ix>? atn?i, neur Orecnwloh. 4TH AVENUE, NKAR MADISON SQOARE.-D88IRA I4e Roouw, with Braird, mar !*? obtained In a private family, at 417 Fourth are nor. Arao a kw?e Rnaptkm Room, wlib Mniili Rood ndjoinit>K, auitnMe for a family or phy sician. Dinner In the mM<lfo Of Ihr day. "I r WEST TWBNTY BBVE5TH STREET. ?A OENTI.E I(J man and wil^ or two single g?'iitlem?n, can obtain pkaaint R<snu?, vriib Board, and the nomforta of a quiet, ?K lalltonie; ga * ami bath. Tertna from $3 to $4. Pulton and Wall street Hague pass tba dour. Befp.renuea eanhanged. 17 WRUT TWBNTYHKTH 9TREHT. ? A SMALL X I family, ootopyiug a ttrat ckum hfOirn atone hnnw, wimld >et a few urwly fnrntabeil Room#, with or without board: central location, a few (Ivors from Madtaon park and Fil th Arenue Hotel, and conreoient to four stage nmtea. t)0 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. NBAR FIFTH AVB ?rO nne ? Rooms to let, with Boiinl, tor faiiillH-s or aliicte gentlenten. * OC AXIt 37 WBliT THIRTIETH STREET.? ONE OR Of J two rcI'hS famlHee and iwo or three i:entlomen ran now be accommodated wtth Suits or ?ln(tli; Rooms in one of lh>' most delliihtful Wx'atlona. Tha houaes are new and new Jy furnlabed, sltuaioil betwean Broadway and Fifth avenue. Table llrntolaas. Refereucs exchanged. II TENTH STREET, UETWLT.N + I1TH AND SIXTH Ti avonuea, ? Vi ry desirable Rooms, In suits or single, wl-li Board, <?n be obiatncd for gentleo en and ihelr wires or -innle gi-ntlemen. The house contains all tlic modern im provements. Dinner at sli o'clock. 40 WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEBM ItTTH O ami SI** !i A prlvato family oreupyliw a llrst cta^*! house, containing all modern Improrements* will let a few handsomely furnish -d Rooms in suits, or single, u. gen tlemcn, with boakfast If reijulred. 1 o OLIKTON PLACE, EIOI1TH STBBBT, ' WM OT ' i O iiro way.? To lei . with B mrd, ttvi In ?" e-Mt)fi i .ii.t VI -It inn l?!ied Ro 'ii wii; ; ar,?n le , nd.i - BOARDING A \I> >1 /{WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH 1 " ) and Sivth avenue*.? A Freui h iamlly have a handsome ly furnished entire Fl<*>r to let, toolbar or separately, to a small family, or to gentlemen, with or without Hoard; house first ciasa; terms moderate; references exchauged. Gonve uient to curs and stages. KO WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH 'J+J ami Sixth av. nues, ? To let, t?> a gentleman, a Room, with Hoard, having *;as, Croton, Ac, Hath on the same floor. /TO WEST SI XI K I '.NTH STREET.? A VEHY DEST rable suit of Ki onm, on the second lloor, to lot, with Hoard, to a gontlemau and wife. Also Room tor single geu tleman. Dinner at 6. Reference required. 70 TBNTH STREET, NEAR KII-TIf AVENUE.? II AND somely furui-hed A| ailment*, en mi! to and single, with full Hoard, or private Uibie if preferred, to iet to re spectable part lea. Qit SECOND AVENUE, NEAR FIFTH STREET.? TWO Ov/Iarge and handsomely furnished Rooms to let to gen- I tlemen and their wives or alngle gentlemen: also, Kindle I Rooms. Situation pleasant ami deslrablu. Only a Limited ' number taken. , no OBXBNS STREET. ABOVB SPRING? ALSTON t/O House.? Elegantly furnished suits of Rooms, with gas, Groton waiter ami ev^ry convenience for housekeeping coo noml .-ally ; particularly suited tor small, respectable tamilles. Rent low. "lft 'I EA8T TWENTY- FIRST STREET, GRAMERCY X* "x part., two blocks from Broadway. ? Good ltoard, with pleasant Rooms, suitable forsitjgfe gentlemen or fatni lies, dlaaor at six. . Reierenoes exchanged. llii MAODOUOAL 8TRBBT? RICHMOND HOUSS IS 11" now opened as a private fauiilv Hotel, for the recep tion of single gentlemen, or small families tired of boarding. 1'artiew da* Irons of houHckeeping can lind every convenience at the above establishment. m NINTH KTRKET-A FEW DOORS EAST OF Broadway. To let. without Board, a Suit ot Rooms, ei ,untly furnished, suitable for a gentleman and wile or - en tlemen wishing to room together; also, single front Rooms. Private table If d? sired. 1/t^L BIGHTH STREET, HEAD OF IiAFAYETTE Itu place.? Furnisjied ? r unfurnished Rooms to rent, with or without Hoard; terms moderate. Refer*' noes ex changed \R& FBXNCB 8TRBBT? 8T. OLAIR HOU8B.? BLB lul) gantiy furnished Rooms, with Hetlrooms attached, wuh all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, in cluding gas and Crotoii water, to let to respectable families or siugltt gentlemen. mk) Hid! Kt'U Eli ; 1:1:1 T FCRNIS1IED ROOMS TO Li let to respectable parties, with or without Hoard, from $1 to $0; house has all modern improve m?*itsj meals to suit bualm ss people. Also a 1 rout Basement to let. 0/\fi WEST TWENTY -THIRD SffcEET? A SI IT OF ?*fl) Furnished R ?oms to i?t, w?R Hoard, for a gentle loan and family. Als" Rooms to let, with Hoard, for single gentlemen. Dinner at t> o'clot k. References exchanged. niA BU 8TRKBT? JACKBON HOI SB - the most I \J eom'.oriale.y Hiid emivi nt? ntly , irulaiied Ajsirtments in the eity. to meet tin* wants of small families, with every requisite furniture, clean Uueu, cooking range aud utensils. j;us and Oroton water. 7f{Q BROADWAY, BETWEEN BIOKTH AND NINTH I ")0 streets. ?A large Room 1 11 the ilr*t iloor an.) Rooms on the second tloor to let to g< nticmen; furnished house; has all the modem Improvement ami i-? in a pleasant location; terms moderat. ?. THE, TIIRP. TjlABlUON FLEA SI RE 0 ROUND ASSOCIATION.? I Fashion Course. Tin* day. October 29, a match for Ifc'JUO. owner uaines s m. Lady Nip Cat; o* nor names b. in. Lady T ui Broeck. Mile heats, u stH in ft to weu lis. JOSEl'll CROOHERON, Manager. A HORSES, CilllilAGKN, ?&C. An assortment of first CLASH CARRIAGES AND lUjhl Wa?on? 'mi- muIi- I ?\ MINER A HTEVEN8, 72 Walker atreet, first door of Broadway. a two non.SK fekd or flour wagon for A aale ? Nearly new, very atroog, Miiftliig sitlea, aultahle for rjirtin^ has ttr food; aoJd ttir wnnlol use. App ly to J AS. L. MOOkB, Ms Fulton itntt, Bit o) lyn. NY PBR80N HAVING A GOOD 1I0R8K, OR PAIR <>f hotaea, which they \visU to wend in tin untry to Imj It kepi on buy and feed, for $8 per month, c;u? hear of a food phu'e by lu<|iiiriiu'. of f ho freight agent of the ateauier 'aaaalc, at the loot of itarday Mtn et, Board for iiorseb in this country? will nave good care ami t od on the boat of h i v. I'rtco i?er mouth. For purtlculaia inqntie,of 8. W. BENEDICT, No. 5 Wall street. UHJR HALE?A DARK. BAY SADDLE HORSE, ABOUT I 16 ham) a hlflh and H yean* old, of f*u pen or style and ac tion. particularly suited for military use, to which lie 1a Mime a<viiPto)ij'*d ; will )><? sold n m> mailt. Call at the eeinont de pot, foot of Uai.k atreet, N. Y. IpOR SALE? ('HEAP FOR CASH, A STYLISH, LONG tail hu> florae, U5 luu M Mk'ti, good trotter; warranted aound ami kind ; also a aplm did light Top Waron, made by D.J. Diiaenbury ; ffarm-aa, Rotwa, Sl<\\ not t?? be Hold hepa ratoly, ? x?'ept berhapa the horse alone. (? m be Keen at .John ('. Idell'a stable, (f? b.?\en, near Napoleon Hotel. About prlee ?ipply to L. G.VRREL8, 17 Ltbervy street, up aUiira. T^OK SALE? A SPLENDID BLACK HORSE, 15 HANDS, I high, al x y ;ii ^ ol , lony tail, trota a mile in*dd?|of threw minute*, and >t< <l*h driver: an excellent saddlo horse; wPl bo h?de will. ' 1 rm*aaan 1 Wagon, almost new, at To bo seen . t l>u keia' Hiding Academy, in Thirte< nth stroiL IjtOR BALE? OB WILL EXCHANGE FOE ? LARGER Atut fuator paeingor irot'.tfiir Horse, a sorrel Hora<>, 14 handa high, wat-ran, r<l aonrd ami to p u e a mile iuaide of three mlntitf* in hariwaa; t< ?. uid>*mlid saddle Uorae for a lady, and a perfect j?et. Am ty ??t Io7 Forty -ninth street, near Sixth avenue. IjlOR SALE? ONE TWO HORSE COUPE. IN FIRST 1 rate order. Made by John B. Lawrence ?* Co. Can be aeen at No. til Croaby street. IjlOR SALE CHEAP-TWO horses AND TWO SETS of light Double II irtieis, < ne nearly new; two aeta of Sitmle IlarneaM, < ne Clo?e Coach, one Top Wa$on, little uaed; one Bret, fit for Central l'ark r?r private family uae; alao. one Barouche, made, bv Wood Bro., never run but three or four i time# ? oos t $760. They mu?; ;?li be Bold for what they will , bring for cash. Apply at Park Huihq ata bin, between Fifty - eighth an 1 Fifty ninth street a, In Broadway, opposite the main entrance to Central Park, for three days. If not sold u til be aout away to Ix; aold at auction. FOR SALE CHEAP? A TK IM OF YOUNG MARKS. TO cotheror separate. Apply at once to L'NDKRHILL A FLEET, Lafa.vettr place. OR SALE CHEAP ? A SUPERIOR LIGHT WAGON. Apply at 73 University place. Horse wanted.? wanted, a young sound and kind Ui hand How, with a long tail, that can no in good style in 4 to 5 minutes. Address ?Mr. llascy, Herald. oUlee. F Houses, carriages. sleighs, harness, hells, Ac. ? A La,/ ->'o.'k of lairiiiy Oarriu g? f , BuggliM, rttrH' and 1>umI|)(>mh WagiMix, wiRiinit hanU Whkomh, Sli'luhs I SO ll'/r-cH, iu}.. Milling "If cheap, at lONerlns street mid lit*. KiilUdi aven?c, Bniuklvn. Horses to keep.? foi/b horses will be taken for the winter, nt a farm huft?.- nnar tht* city. T^rrns rioin $<> to $10tt month. Apply ti> E. 11. BEEVES A CO., 1S5 Wttfr street. STA IU,E WANTED.? WANTED, A PRIVATE STABLE or pin t of one, for a unirof Iiui kch and thre*" vehicles, IxttwtMin Twonty-lifth und Thirtieth slri'i ts and Mu llson and Seventh avenues. Prmnsslon In a fmv days. Address K., I)ux 2,701) 1'ost oiUce. WANTED-A UASDK()MB UBAY HORSE, TO MATCH another; most!"' 1'.^' handa and irot In ihree minutes. Apply al Montague's Stables, M and 8H West Twcn ty-tliird street. TIT ANTED? OONVMN IKSIT Tl > TUB 01TV, BOARD FOB vV a hor^e for tho winter; a Isrm where other boraea are (Metiued prof c /Ted . AJiin AM E. 0., Herald office. WAOON WANTED? A SECOND HAND JAfKlEU Wagon, on naif i-vriu^. ^Vildress, iwalliu- when and wliere to tics?en, prlw. /m ., Henry Williamson, HemldoUlce. 21'AIR OK U&BOB, lfl 1LU<DK, LONG TAIL BAV Hnrsoa for soft, and one ' Iforsi', Id liamls high; Jnst come In from Usntro, N. Y. Oan be Hf.eij at the Uipoua Htabie, Thlrty-iiliKh asreet, bniweuo jSlxih avenue aad Ilrua<lwa>. W1.VE.S VJV O HUVOlit*. IriINE OLD 1UIANDY. I7? ONE OALI.d.N DEMTJOflNS, at $3 per gfillun, au<l iu live a*JU<o denilj'rfiiis :tt #1 /*) per uillon, tb-uiljvbim ln<Hudeii, a* Um fniu h brnml/ vault**, No. 71 I'r! le-e uiren., Uax.MjU rpilE ATTENTION OF THE TRADR IS HESKECT TOU-V X soWetted to the atip<'rl<>r qa.nlry of Ilanttner's frwft brewed Cli?ini?gne Alo. This al* Is browed fresh iu all s?o sonsoftiie yelr, and it'akMepttH; quality, espeulally of ttlia fcivwed during the iikum waoesH trr hot weather, hi ttuaruiiteral for any km^th (< time. <?tiarye per hhd. and ()6 per bfil., delivered to any part ?f the eity of New Uork. Payment, assh un delivery . Onlers wsnt to Uaniraer'a Tl >ewery, m iter em, ?rtli boattnulad to trHb <tee(Mon. IIEDICAIe AFKLICTTKD ~Ki!>TON15I>? lONOHANL'E EXFOsfe PallfWies upmaskeiL? Df. LARMONT'H l'arla, London an<l New Turk NtuUenl Advisor aud Marrtnus ihude In forms the debilitated aiwl diaeaseil, trieludlug tjiose who am Ignorant of t(w aauw of their IU health, and who have been dlsapintiitcd in their physicians, of ihe moat certain aud convenfetit mn4e. uf cure. Mailed for $1 by RfCHARDHON. No. 1 Vesev stre<* , DEXTBK it CO., 113 Naseuu street; and DEWITt, 13 Psankftirt slrtst; or the author, 6t7 Broadway, up stal iv. A PERFECT CURB GUARANTEED.? A RADICAL cure always effected by Dr. WARD. 12 lAlght stsi et. Curws, besides. In half the usual lime and at half the charges. Affections cached by mercury and certain dlse.iwe mo* suci-essfiilly cured by Dr. WARD, No. 12 La l?bt sweet. Tbs doctor hi constant atti ndaixe. DR. 11. \ BARROW, 194 BLEECKER STREET, FOUR door* fratn Maedongal street, New York, author ol that popular meillooJ wort, Human Fralltv, may be ronfldrnllatly ?onsultcd aa umal, from 11 till 2 aud Trom 4 till 8. Sundays till I. D R. RALFH, OFFICES 130 CBOSBY STBEBT, COR ' ?er 1 1 llouaton. Hours, 11 to 2 and 8 till 9 1'. M. DB. WARD TREATS ALL DISEASES OF FBUALES with unparalleled succeas. Something for every lady? bis Great Benefactor. Ollieejia Lalght taeet. DR. COOPBB, NO 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON soiled on ail diseases of a certain nature. Twenty-eight years exclusively devoted to these comptainta enable him V> warrant a cure In all cam s. The victims of misplaced con# d?-n'.:e in medical pre t#>n dors fan call, unh a certainty of being radically cured or no pay. 1) B. HUNTER HAS FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFINED 1/ hla attention to dtsoiwes of ac rtJiin <? lass, in whtah he has treated no less than ascs, without an Instance of failure His Srcat remedy. Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, cures certain diseases when regular treatment und all other reme dies fall; enres without dieting cr restriction m the habits of the ptUent; cures without tbe disgusting and slektnltig ef fee' s of all other remedies; cores in new cases in lea* than nix hours. It roots out the poisonous tanit the blood 1* sure to absorb unless<he remedy I* tiseii. tt ts (1 a vial, and can hi i iw obia tied genuine mywhere than at the old ofBce, No, 3 Ulvi'iou t. U'K'lt lor nothing that treats of the effect* of early abuse. I); l ESSOR RK8TELL, 14i?HA>tl K ' S STREET, PAN I ? d, i , of |-y leWw W ti r. 2 3611. llostou ,i ic- 1 lUrr- .i wcuue. . POLITICAL. AO ABO.? FOR Oikonkk HEN KY HUOIIEa, UK THIS SIXTH WARD, EX-COUWCILMAIf. FlOE CORONER. I'R. JOHN GAltTAN. I I la with tilra.uri) nollui) th? nomloiittoa of th ikrfl named gentleman for the ruMpoimluiti poaltton of Oorot It l.eralnentW llttlng t'nttu regular phyalnlau ahould hold that oOoe. We know Dr. Ualvau to be aurh ? uu ?tiii!ii'd and gra'inntrii miliar the atiiwrvlnion < ?f !>i Parker of this ulty. Tlila fact, oottphxl with his louti rept? tntion *a a mirgeou i? ?i ? I physician, la wulllclunt to otirlnoe na that ho. If dei'ted, wlU lie '"tho rinht man In I hi* ri?ht place." Dr. Oulvan lun iillhi'iio tilled the highly hotiotahle parti tion ot Coinmiaaloni'i' of the Hoard of rMnniUnn, hnvinit [mm* M elcc li',1 thrivto try lint uimnlm ma vote ? loh nt of party organization? of Iho |ieople of In* ili?uli t. in whirlt lion 01 i;oiuimaamner 01 tun uoaru ot ivmcation, having Iwi'ii elected thereto by Iho unuiilm ma vott ? htdrpi mlent "i party organisation? of the people of bla iliauh t, in which capacity lot ha* hilly jimmied the confidence placed in him, l>y his untiring Mm rlioUM fur tho advancement of our free Hi callomil ayatem. , W? recommend all who wish to aee our public department* til I ml hy torn of uio*talned n ton, to vote at the Novem ber election for anch men aa John Ualvau, M. D. MANY CITIZENS Nation a i. democracy, Title ONI.V HOPE OF T11K UNION. MOZART RALLY. The National Democracy of this city will naieflablo al THE OOOPKR INSTITUTE On Frlda\ evenlti ?, November 1, al 7K o'clock. COME ONE I COMB ALl.r The following dlailnguUlied sneaker* will be proaent:? Hoti. Fernando Wood, Mr. Chattlea < ('Conor, < Hon. Jumca Hroolu, Mr. Jatue* Wadaworth, Hon. Jauiea K. Thayer, Mr. Luke F. tua, Hon. S.imto'lU. Courtney, Mr. Conrad Swa tkhamer. Hon. Mux Uoeppe Mr. R inert 11. Mradl'ord, llott. Stephen 1 . lluaacll. Mr. John M. Harrington. By order QEt). C. OENET, Chairman. F-oplkh mass meeting.? the people of the Eighth Senatorial district, com pi i Hint; tli? counties of Rockland, Westchester and Putnam, who are in favor of ? vlgoronn proMecutlnn of the war, sustaining tho Union, and Huh i lint thn action of the law* Senatorial Convention* to pros train tho Senatorial Camber by putting In nomination mis Unlit anil unworthy to till the position of Senator ??f the Ent? uire Siale, will assemble in iiiubs meeting at tl?e Franklin House. in the village of Tarrytown, on Thuibday, October 31, wt 11 o clock A. M., for the purpose of placing a eandldatc before the people for Senator that the farmer, mechanic, merchant ami taxpayer may be proud to rant their votes foi on the coming election. Let there be au u priding of the /wopje, ami I# ti ll the wirpuJbr* a lesson. Several speaker! will uddi ess tlte meeting: ? Francis Larkin, Eso , Thomas Nelson, Esq., <l?iucs T. .Brady, Kmij., and other*. By or.u-rot the people ot llockland, WegU'heaier and I'utuam counliefl. October 28, 1861. OCRATOH Til KM. At the lat< ..e-sioii of tho Legislature of this State theft were but hIk ut^'at-ive votes on the war bill. Four of the number that gave these votes are candidates for rc -election. Their names are COZANS, IfAliDY. KENNY, YOUNG. For proof see all the Now York papers of tho date ol April IB. AM MANY HALL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR NOMINA TION. For Sheriff, WILLIAM M. TWEED. THOMAS W. ADAMS. Chairman County Convention. ELIJAH F. PURDY, Chairman General Committee. ? J* \ Ivh m.KTON i ???retarles County Convention. J^*Uahi>y*LIN8* { Seeretarieg General CouinUttee. The working mkn's independent democratic Club of Etditeenth Election district of the Eleventh ward will hold their weekly meeting thin (Tuesduy) evening, at 1% o'clock, at Patrick Duttey's, ^KiarenuoC. All tneiu bei-H are required to atteud, an htiNincHH of importance is to be transacted. Hy oruer oi' Patrick K- arney, I'rc^Ment; Patrick Ronan, Vice President; Michael Fahey, Secretary; Patrick Dulfey, Treasurer. T UNION PEOPLE S AND TAXPAYKR'S NOMINATION. Klrat A-aotiilily Dlatt let. otiuititlalug the Pirat und Se cond ami put ta of tin' Third, ronrtn and Slvth wardi. VOH MEMitEK OK ASSEMBLY, COR.NEL1UH KLYNN. HCNKY 1I1UK, Jr., Chairman. { S-crcuries. Taos. J. Manninu, 7TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT.? THE UNION DELE gates of the Senatorial Convention will meet at Parker's Hotel, KUth avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth streets, at IX o'clock P. M., 29 tU inst. lly order, O. S. IlOLDEN, t'Ualrman. TIIK W.YK. it TTKNTION, OFFICERS AND MEN. KANK AND 2\. lili!.? March to Luanda' Westchester House, il.iwery and Broome street. Soldier* on their way to linht for tue Union and constitution w ill be furnished with Hoard and Lodging while in this city at half price bv us. Koo ins 40c., Mr. and $1 per iiaj . Cm live W"ll at the Westchester House for$l per day. W. W. LELAND .t CO., Proprietors. /I UN TON RIFLES FOR PAY.? ALL MEN OF CAP \J tain 0. M. King ?nd Captain W. A. Kirk's companies, w ho wish to be mustered lu for nay, must report ui (lump Now Dorp, Stateu Island, liy Ave o'clock P, M. to-morrow. CILVRLES M. KINO, Captain. W. K. IvlUK, Captain Fifty-seventh. New York State Volunteer*. G1ENERAL WOOL'S BODY O0AHD.? thirty HORSE I men wanted to nil nn llrst squadron Mounted Rules How outing ?a General wool's body guard at Fortress Moo! rue. Vh Lieutenant 8. A. MELLICK. Recruiting o(Uce, 424 Broadway, New York. IANE'N CAMP CHEST PATENT FOR SALE.-I WILL J Hell at a bargain, lor cash, a divided of undivided half interest, in the best Patent Camp Ohestever invented. Ad dress, with slump, Oeo. C. Lane, Patentee, Butlalo, N. Y. RUBBER BLANKETS, COATS. LEOOINQ8, AND Ponchos; a: no thii blue Flock Talma, Oamp Cots, Cork and Air Bed*, at O. H. O RAY'S, dealer lu nil kinds of Rubbef Ootids, IM7 if roadway, New York. CJWORDS WITH SOLINOEN BLADES. H Kcgulatb n, Stall and Line Ofll'ers' Swonln, wit'i war. ranted iron pro if BoUngen b!ad"?, tor ale at re.oon.iblo prices by the Import r, LOUIS WINDMULLER, IBS Poari street, near Wall street, up sialrs. UNITED STATES ARMY.-MEN WANTED, TO KILL up First Battalion l'wellth United Stated Infantry; headquarters M Fort Hamilton, N. Y. Alio mtelng'iit men for non-commliud ined olli-er*. Apply at 79 Chatham street, to Captain A. J. DALLAS, United State* Army. ANTED? ENO INKER SOLDIERS, COMPRISING . . rueoh antes and intelligent laborers, for sapper;* and miners of tlio regular army; i lie nun lie abb- bodied, not over 85 yearn of age, able to read and write, and under stand the four ground rulen of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, three yeai'a; pay, from $13 to $31, depending on rank attained by merit and soldierly conduct; also rations, fm-J, quarters, clothing, medical attendance, and the usual bounty. Apply dally at No. 5 Bowling Oreen, third floor, between ? A! M and 12 M. U. A. GILMORE. Captain of Engineer*, United States Army. w r|l ABLE BOIUKD MEN WANTED? TO OO IMME t)y) diately to W.'sfiituton, to lo'n the THIRD REU1MENT EXCELSIOR BRIGADE, Colonel N' Tavi.ok. The above number of men are wanted to complete a new company forming by LIEUT. I'ENNOCK, (Mi Broadway. The recruits will be uniformed liefurc leaving the city. Pay and rations commence nn signing the roll. $100 BOUNTY will be (liven to every man wlio Is honorably discharged. Support for fumllle* gu iranteeil. Oue Sergeant and two Obrporals wanted. Apply Immedi ately. 100 STAFF OFFICER'S SWORDS. IIW LINE OFFICER'S SWORDS, Ion NAVY OFFICER'S SWORDS, Of superior quality; nls FINE HOIA) NAVY EPAULETS, FOR ALL RANKS, Just received by TIFFANY A CO., M0aadM2 Broadway. All descriptions of Military aud Naval goods at whotusala arid retail, COPiVllTS RHHII J I* NOTICES. SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY? BY EXTENDING A business already established and of universal appllea catlon, without any competition. About oue thousand dot li.r* may he requiicd, but the iiHurns are sure and constant. AiMreea D. W , Herald ofllo. A A GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE TO INVEST A FEW hundred dollar* in Home paying lletnil BiJilm sa Aildn s# P. 1! , box 2)1 Herald office, giving uurtlculars; none u Ul en Will be noticed. Rare chance for a business man.? wanted, an enwrprleiiig single man, to take an interest In a Mill ing Bnsluess. a slvirt dlstmioe from the city. Inquire ot HART A BROTHER. Ill) Barclay street. TITANTBD? A PARTNER. WITH A SMALL CAPITAL TV hi a wholenU* new method linliation liquor and nine btwloew, r<i'orning $1,01)0 to $2,000 profit ApiiytoJ. DIAL, 40 (UiuiUin at rent, neur Forsyth, aeeoud flour, front. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE MAN, WITH A SMAI.L capital, ox Faruieir In a goxWtinviug inah billdnesi wi ll eblabllaht d; the beat chance ever olTcr*o for u n?ui f mall nieuns. Apply fhr three days to J. P. TRAVEll, 170 Chat ham street. w ANTED? A PARTNER TO TAKE PART INTEREST lu an up town oyater establishment, rerently fitted up firr the ptirpow of serving faowll in an d parties, Itbojngfi tpno.1 0|>porUinl4gi for a middle aged man who will taie mo indoor bu.-.ncsa. Cftil at 131 Went 44th St., one door 1 rum Broadway. (ft-| r./l ? I'ARTNER WANTED. TO ACT AS TRKASU ?JliJOi rer In a located plaee of ainoaement. Any jierson having the above amount, can u?<oelaie himself wltl, Agentii - man of rTsiMs iablHty, anil seeun- a lucrative business. Apply to 0. E. DOBHON, W Christopher street, from 10 A. M. t<> 4J>. M. _ ? WANTED.? A GOOD BUSINEtW MAN, ?PA,UUU wiih this amount, can secure an equal lnier< st In a newly titled up shoe *uw, on Uie Sixth avwrae. Addi-eas P. C. A., flerald olUre, or cull at 34j( Fine street, rootn No. S, between 11 aixl 3. (JO nnn -WANTED, a MAN TO INVEST THIS sum equally whh the advertiser in a u? y snix'rior, tlrst elaas caah huslneea? a monopoly, from n bleb at least $*>,000 per annum ct?n be realized. No ,<i;. nt? r?. ? lieed. Inquire before M) A. M., or from 1 to 3 P M.. at ~i West Thirty-second street. (UU\ CASH WILL PURCHASE ONE HALF IX 'IpOiUvU terest In a Manufacturing Busui"^-. . , , , . Ublisbed, with actual property to represent the full : n >< M ment, and facilities to net $Mi prr mraih. So u i ?y, box KB Herald o flics. (UWt 10 imOK-I'VKTNKli ? IN - !?> ? M ed, a partner. wN. ss^it * i ?rlih i.'.e ,ir> gocxlsjubhlng trade, with a raitv*.. o <?n ih.m-sn.l dollars to engage fn a sa* undy e. ..????>?? mu vW run: busl nessanil act as agent for the aav , W iw?.i wa -u ivml iu New York. AtMre*. Maim... K1.'. si. <5 ^ HlWk ?uviui ?, r<. >;mss paktnkr 'TO.UUU wanl?sl, t hrly rviVr MVXv1 i?r *rrni:n for the next ttve ye?rs vr s e?it?* ??i-?ightl?nvsrd busi nass In this city. It can N> .vr* v'.-iuruunK-Hiioiis strictly confidential Address Meroksnt, tv* US Herald uflice. Oil' ni^n ? A M WANTED, WITH A CAPITAL OF <>> IU Jt?i.i?*) le to Invest us a uartni r in a well rstabllshc.l .md well known bu.'ineys wlii !> wil yield lariie re'm us riiml* reliable. State wii'-re 4n ,i?r v lew may bo Uod, and aUdi . js J. M., box IIW Uenld oU.ce.

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