Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1861 Page 2
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o' I initio. filxtli regiment Connecticut Volunteers, to steamer* Marlon and l'arkersbary. S< s'outb logitmut Connecticut Volunteers to uteamor Illinois. Ninth replmont Malue Voluntoors to steamer Coutza coalcos. TIr1 horses and wagons pertaining to Third brigade aro assigned to the steamer Haliio. I\ . Hamilton's Light llittory to steamer Ericsson. V. Tb" Battalion of Volunteer Engineers, (now at Port ree Monroe, Va ), to the steam r Star of tbo South. VI. lhe regioient of Rhode Island Voluntoors (now at | Fortress Mmroe, Va.), to the steamer (bhawba. \ II. Division Headquarters to tho steumer Atlantic; au<! t h ? horses poriulnrrrg thereto to tho steamer lCrlcsson. VUI Eicli Brigade Commander will select from tbe 1 1 an- 1 ' . assigned to his Hrigaiio, the one ii]m >n which the lloddq urters will WDbark; the names of tbe trans ports tln:s solected to bo reported to tlies?' Headquarters. iX. Ti e horses and equipments of mounted officers will, ns Cur as practicable, be so placed us to bo disembarked at tbo shortest notieo. X. Brigade cotnmimdorg will issue and enforce such orders a< will effectually prevent any poison not belong ing to the militar.y organization from embarking on their transports, and will prevent uuy storus and stippli /b from being shipped but tho ncooasary provisions and supplies, including the authorised allowance of camp and garrison oquippago. XI. No .? 'it :?r but the one appointed by the Secretary of War will be recognized in any manner, or recoived on board tUo transports belonging to thin command. By order, Drlg. Gen. T. W. SHERMAN. Loom fl. Piuwu, Captain 16th Infantry, Acting As sistant Adjutant Gonoral. THIS UNION EXPECTS EVERY MAN TO DO HIS DOTTY. The third order is an api>eal to tho oillcors and mon of the Expeditionary Corps. It roads aa follows: ? GENERAL ORDKKH NO. 16. HEADQUARTER* KxrKIMHOHARY OoRTS, ) Aksapoijs , Md. , Oct. 18 , 1861 . j It is confidently oxpootod that Uenorul Orders No. IS, current s irias from these boadquartors, will bo enforced with vigur and prom|ititude. The ottlcers concerned will lufnse into thoir men a spirit of energy adequate to the occasion ; they will soe that their reapoctivo commands move with life and alacrity ; that all work Is so systema tized that ovory mm and body of men may work to ad vantage. Kach officer and nuyi will apply his overy effort to the tusk set before him, and will exhibit at all times i.ud ujh.u all occasions that spirit of onergy and industry Bo cssontial in every well disciplined command, and with out which successful war cannot be proseiaitod. While the General commanding exp< cts In this way tho supjiort of his command, ho rogiets to say that ho lias recently noticed a lew instances of a lax, loi-o and lazy bearing on the |>art of a few men when on duty. This spirit, if generally diffused , would Ignoro all usefulness and destroy all prosiwcts of successful operations. Comnuuidors should at once briug to their official notioo all cases of this nature, and if shame will not bring tho offenders to a fcese of euty, punishment must bo resorted to. II. All horses and wagons that tbo Chief Quartermaster decides cannot bo taken ou tbe transports will bo traus I erred t.? the Quartermaster of tbe Post, with tho requi site invoices. By order, Brigadier Genoral T. W. SIIERMAN. Loiris H. Pklouzb, Captain Fifteenth Infantry , Acting Assistant Adjutant Gonoral. TOE OllDUR OK BAILING. The transports aro to move hi thrco columns, and in roar of the main body of tho squadron. Tim transjiortB belonging to tho First lirigmlo aro to compose tlut right column; thueo of the Second brigade and Third Rhode Island regiment the con tra, und those of the Third brigade and tho battalion of volunteer Engineers the left colnmn. Each vessel ia to retain its ordor in column, and tho columns will move 'n parallel linea equidistant, regulating from tiio right. The sail vessels and other transports, inadequate to tho task of sailing with the floet, are to bo towert by each steamers as the Chief Quartermasters may deiguitto. Tlio Expeditionary Corps Is intended In make descent on tho enemy's coast, and (ratably under circum stances which will demand tile utmost vigilance, coolness and intrepidity ou the part of every officer and man of his command; and tho Onnerai declares liis belief that in consideration of the justness and holl no s of tho ('juts-', of tho ardent patriotism which has prompted the virtuous and Industrious citieuna tho land to fiy to their country's standard in ttio mutuant of t her |x-ril, ho will bo offectuolly and efficiently supported ?n ins offorts to overthrow a ecalous, notivo and wily foo, whose cause is unholy and principles untenable. On tho approach of the transports to the place of disembarkation, oath brigade commander Is directed to anchor liis trans ports as ueer oach other as practicable, and to super in. tend the disembarkation of his brigade. The surf heats with other moans for disembarkation on board are bHiov" ed to be capable of lauding at once frotn throo to fonr thousand meu. Tho surf boats are uf different sizes; two of tho largost may take tho ufllcera and men of a company of one hundred men; two of the next size u oompany of seventy inon, arid so on in proportion. Tho other means of transiurtation may take the remainder of a brigade with probably one or two sections of flo'.d artillery. Tho disenibailc mont is to be made in three linos; tho flint ltuo will lie the brigade of Gen. Wright, Hanked by two sec tions of Hamilton's battery and accompanied by the squad of regular Bappcrs and miners and two com panies of Serrell'a Volunteer Engineers, with a suffi cient supply of intr nching toote and sand bags. The second line will be tho brigade of General Stevens, and if accessary aucotnpaniod by a station of Hamilton's battery and tvro pieces, to be miuined by a oomjiany of the Third Rhode Island regiment. Tho reserve will be composed of General Vloier*s brigade, the remaining portions of Sor rail's Volunteer Engineers and tho Tliird Rhode Island regiment, and wttl lie disposed of accord" ing to circumstances. The boats of not only each oompa' uy. but of etrh regiment and brigade will land abreast as Tar as practicable, and In tho order of battle. Th i utmost effort will be rondo to effect tho lauding >n 'hat ordor. Should It be found hnpracticablo to land immediately from the lighters, there tho surf bik.tB, when em|-tiod, will immediately proceed to tho rapid landing of tho men from tho lighters, and at> soou us the whole line is landed all tho lioats will return, and briug forward in like manner tho troojis of tho second line, and so with i he reserve. Tlie general rtficers and commanders of battalions, fcc., will bo furnished in timo with the plan of descent and the particular or der of battle. Tho General thinks it probable that the first line will have to conquer tho ground on which to establish Itself, and if opposed by greatly superior num bers, to manoeuver, and perhaps to momentarily entrench. H' not serioe.sly opiKised, thot first line, after overcoming immediate difficulties, is to continue to drtve back tho enemy, but will not venture beyond supporting distance from the shoro before tho landing of the general com manding or without Ills special orders. Throe hundrod saiiors aro to bo furnished to assist In launching and manning the sorfboats, and any deficiency of oarstnen in surfboats is to be supplied from the platoons on board of tlieso respectively, so that each boat when ready may he rapidly rowed The soldiers' oarsmen will land and form with their platoons. Tho sick and non-effective men aro to remain on board the several transports until provision can be mudo for tlie-m tu shore. The non-effectives wBl bo oh pec tally charp 'd with the ctire of those tinder directions to be left by thu respective medical officcre. Medical officers, ex cepting one from each brigade, to bo designated by tho respective bflgado commanders, aro to land wt'h tho troops. THE NA^XL SroTIOIM. r(i tti NAMES OF VESSELS COMPoVlNG TTIE EX PfelHTlON. \ . Flag Officer of the Floet SAMUEL F^UPONT. FVifl rhiih ^ 1 ? steam frigate ftahasjpi .. Captain Dins. Ounboait. ? "* Ommandert. 1? August a .... E.G. Pnrrrot. 2? Curle w t Goo. H. Cooper. 3? Florid a t. J. R. Goldsborotlgh. 4 ? Georgi a ? 0 ? Isaac Smith J. W. A. Nicholson. 6? Mohican 8- W. Oodbn. 7 Ottawa Thomas II. Stevens. g ? Pawnee R- H. Wyinau. 9? I'embitia P.Crosby. 10 ? Penguin T. A. Budd. 11 ?Pocahontas P- Drayton. 12? R. ?. Forbes n. S. Newcomb. 13 ? Seminol e J. P. Giliios. 14 ? Senec a ? I>anicl Aniucn. 15? Unadiil a N. Collins. TKANSPOKTS. Sltamert. Cnmmnrulert. . T/iu Draft, ft 1? Ari l Torry f. l,2Ufl 14 2? Atlanti c 2,845 20Jtf 3? Balti c Comstoek 2,723 21 4 ? Ben. Deford 1,080 ? f> ? Cahawba Baker 1,M3 11 0? Ceatzacoaloos. . .. Bocock 1.600 8 7 ? Daniel Webster.. Johnson 1.036 11 r ? F.iepiro City Baxter 1,7M 14 9 ? Encsson Oiwles 1,902 18 $?? Locust Point French 4?2 KJ Jl-Marlcn Philijis 800 13 Maiauzas Leetburg 875 13 ? ' -nhu Queen Seabury 2,802 IB 14 ? Or ^ntjvi Tuzo 1,000 _ '8 ? l>Br'>'rsburg 715 10 1 ? Phila<r[phia Barton 1.23H 11 I'otomat Milliard 448 J-Bmnoke.. Cbuch 1,071 10 ?^'tarof tho Smth. Kearnley 960 ? ^jWnion ? -'?'inderbllt Lnlevre 3,300 20 2*"'infleW Scott... . Litchfield ? ? , . BTF.AMTi'dij. 1-t.r. Petit. 2-M ''iry. Frf:itRV BOATS. i "ifovwore Perry. 3? i- ''picg Stones. * f u Ailon. STEAMBOATS. 1 ? May Flower. 6 ? Philadelphia, 2 ? Balvldere. 6 ? Peering. 3 ? Governor. 7 ? Pilot Boy. 4 ? Baltimore. HAILING VESSELS. 1 ? Ship Groat Republic. 14 ? Schr. E. English. 2 ? ship Ocean Express. 16 ? Schr. J. Framhes. 3 ? Ship Golden I iw;le. 18 ? Schr. G. Kartol. 4 ? Ship Zeuas Collin. 17 ? Schr. Wegtoru Star, fi ? Bark .1. A. Bishop. 18? Sohr. Saratoga. ?? Hrig Belle of the llay. 19 ? Sohr. 8. J. Bright. 7 ? Brig Ellen 1'. Stewart. 20 ? Schr. G. M. Neil. 8? Jiclir. 8. F. Abbott. 21 ? Schr. David Eaust. 9?^Schr. E. D. Allen. 22 ? Schr. R. 8. MHlor. 10 ? Schr. Aid. 28 ? Schr. G. Cbcster. 11? Schr. .1. M. Vanco. 24? Schr. J. Sattei thwalte. Si! -S hr. II. E. Clark. 2ft? Schr. ? Schr. B. Jones. 26 ? Schr. Arden Reid. ltECAPITrLATION OP VESSEL8. Naval voxels 16 StiaratiigK 2 Ferry boats 3 Steam transports 22 Sailing vessels 26 Stoamboata T Total 76 Thia is exclusive of the Sabino, Susquehanna, Vandalla and other Teasels of the blockading squadron, which will Join tho oxpodition as It parses the points off which they are stationed. THE WAR VESSELS. We have prepared, and glvo as an interesting part of the history of the expedition, the following sketches of aotno of the vessels that compose it:? FLAGSHIP WABASH. Theateam frigate Wabash Is tho tlagshlp of Flag Officer Samuel F. I)upont,of tho South Atlantic blockading squad ran. She la a screw frigate of 3,200 tons burthen , mount ing forty guna; she was built at Philadelphia, iu 1856. Provioua to tho blockade of the Southern porta aho waa lytrig in ordinary at tho Brooklyn Navy Yard, but waa then immediately tit ted out, and has been doing active service ovor since. She arrlvod from tho blockade at Charleston about three weeks ago, and after effecting sumo few changes , soiled for Hampton Roads on tho 17th inat. Her present armament is twftity -eight 11-inch Bahlgrenguna; ono 10-inch Dahlgron, one 80-pound rilled Dahlgren, ono 30-pound Parrot, fourteen 8-inch shell guna and three boat howitzors. The crow include about 660 men and marines. The following are the officers oa board the Wabash: ? M.AG OFFICER OF TUB EXPEDITION ART 8QCADBOM. COMMODORE SAMUEL F. DUPONT. STAFF. Flag Captain ? C. H. Davis. fleet Lieuttnant?8. W. Preston. SHIP'S OFFICERS. Lieutenant Qmntmling ? C. P. R. Rodgers. First Lieutenant and Executive Officer ? Thomas G. Cor Wn. Second Lieutenant ? John H. U]ishur. Third Lieutenant ? Stephen B. Luce. Fuurth l.ieutenan ? John Irwin. Fifth LieuUmnl ? E. O. Matthews. Sixth Lieuteiuin' ? Jolui S. Barnes. Surgeon ? Edward Gllchiist. Mayer Cimmantiing Marines? J. T. Doughty. Paymaster ? J ohn S. Gulich. Cki>f Engineer ? J W. King. Dnctnr ? James Mogoe. Chaplain? George W. Dorrance. Artiny Mashrs ? Tnwusond Stiles. John W. Bentiey, Jntin E. Rockwell. Mid<lnpnu n ? James P. Robertson, R. /ohn H. Rowland, H. Laiiisen. Captain's Cleric? J. Honry Bulkley. A mutant Engineer ? R. W. McL'leory. Seamd Assistant Engineers ? F. J. Loverlng, Thomas A. Stevens. Third Assistant Engineers ? Philip R. Voorheea, Harris H. Molouy, W. C. Williamson, Hilbiry Maesimer. Sailmaker ? Wm. N. Maul. Oarjienter? ("has Bordman. Gnime r ? Thou Stewart. Boatssmtim? Jasper Coghlan. AUGUSTA. This steamer is ono of the purchased vessels , and has boon fitted up by the government as ? ship-of-war. She Is a first class steamer , of over 1 ,300 tons burthen, and was built in this city in 1852. She ia in oxceilent con dition. The foi lowing is a list of her officers J? Commander? 4?. G. l'arrott. Lieutenant? <1. L. Howlson. A ding Masters? S. L. Watson, N. B. Heath and R. T. Wyatt. Assistant Surgeon ? W. H. Holmes. 1'aymastrr ? .Martili Duane. First Assistant Engineer ? G. V. Sloat. Seamd Assistant Engineer ? M. F. Cheevers. ; Third Assistant Engineers ? B. A. James, D. J. Pollock and A. Burnam. Masters' Mates? J. W. Johnston, J. W. Gumming and J. W. Worth. CURLEW. The Cutlew Is a profiler of 380 tons burthen, waB built in this city in 1866. She has boon engaged iu the trade lietween New York and Providence, and is a good, staunch boaft She mounts seven guns. The ItUowUg are her officers:? Lieutenant Commanding ? < leorgo H. Cooper. Acting Masters ? Robert Spencer, Horatio N. Pariah,. C. A. Curtis. Masters' Mates ? Charles Duaoan, James McGraw, Sid ney Hall. Midshipman ? <1. E. Mullan. Acting Paymaster ? W. A. Aiken. First Assistant Engineer ? George H. Crosby. Third Assistant Engineers ? True Swaaey, John Lloyd. FLORIDA. The Florida is also one of the lato additions to the navy. She Is a large side-wheel steamer of 1,281 tool burtfcen. She was built io this city in 1861, and has been always looked upon as a first class vessel. The following are her UlicerR: ? Cummcun&rr ? J. R. Golds borough. Lieutenant? <J. W. Scott. Matters ? J<*iaU Stone, B. B. Mayly, J. W. Bolch, Chas. Bakor, W. B. Wist', Thomas S. Harrison. Surgeons? i. 8. (X>hn, John S. Smith, James A. Star life, George Betinut, G<?irKu Mason , Goorgo G. Smith. Gunner? A. D. Fletcher. ISAAC SUITE. ThvJ?aac Smith was purchased by the government and flttod out us a gunboat. She took her armament on board at the Brooklyn Navy Yark, consisting of four broadside guns and a ritlofi cunnon. She is a propeller of 360 tons burthen, whs bnilt in 1860, at Williamsburg, and tee tho character of boiug a staunch boat. Sho was carefully surveyed last year. Tho following aro her offiocrs:? LinUtnant Cirnmamlivg ? J. A. Nicholson. At ting Lieut* mint and Executive Officer? J. P. K. Mygatt. Midshipman ? J. P. Bradley. Acting MasUrs ? J. W. Dick, E. McKoogl and R. E. Lyt tio. Fieri Assistant Engineer ? J. Tucker. Seamd Avi>ta*\l ? J. Turner. Third Atsidanis ? E. Barry aud C. Howard. Acting Assistant Surgeon? G. J. Sweet. MOHICAN. The Mohican is a second class steam screw t>-of war. She has but lately returned from the Coast of AT rica, whero sho was engaged in suppressing the sbve trade. Hho arrived at Boston, and was there Sited out newly. Sho sailed from Boston on the 12th of October for this city, and loft here shortly after. Sho was built at Kittery, Maine, in 1858, is 994tons burthen, antfea-. rice sis guns. Her officers are ? ? Commander ? S. W. Oodon. Lieutenants ? E. K. Owen, H. W. Miller. Passed Assistant Sxcrgevn? -Charles F. Faliec. Assistant Paymaster ? W. H. Thompson. Acting Masters ? Jefferson Lord, Luther Nickerson, Isaac Seyburn. Masters' Mats* ? John H. Putman, Wallace Ewer, An drew Jackson. Chief Engineer ? E. D. Ruble. ^Second Assimtants ? K. I. Brooks, Oscar Luc key. Third Assistants ? John M. Whittemore , Poter Rearlck, M. Cutlibort. Gi] tain's Clerk ? ,T. N. Whelan. Paymaster's Clerk? C. G. Lownds. Gunner ? Charles Stuart. Carjtenter ? William Hyde. OTTAWA. The Ottawa is similar in almost every respect to the Unadtlla. Sho was also built in this city, and carries th? same armament as the Uuadilla. She was, we believe the second of the gunboats completed. The following is a list of her officers. ? Lieutenant Commanding? ? Thomas H. Stevens. Lieutenant? Goorge B. White. Acting Masters ? Henry 0. Keene, Samuel Heines, Wil liam 1*. Duck ray. Acting Paymaster ? Charles H. Noyes. Assistant Surgeon ? Charles O. Carpenter. Pint Assistant Engineer ? W. W. Dungau. Second Auistant Engineers ? Ed. W. Koehl, E. H. Sey mour, F. C. Prindle. PAWNKB. The Pawnee is also a second class screw steam gloopof. war, and although of much greater tonnago than the Mo hican or the Pocahontas, carries only four guns. Sho was built at Philadelphia ia 1858, is 1,288 tons burthen, and has been engaged in the blockading service. The fol lowing is a list of her officers:? Lieutenant Commanding ? R. H. Wyman. Lieutenants? J. C. Maxwell, E. P. McOea, T. tt *But mon, H. M. Blue. Midshipman ? A. T. Snell, C. R. Daniels. ?Surgeon ? F. M. (iunnell. Paymaster? C. Abbott. Chuf Engineer ? W. H. Rutherford. Third Assistant Engineer.'? D. Hardee, J. Trilley, N. Champion, A. Adamson, H. Sell maii. I'a',ma*ti r's Clerlt ? Wm. Robinson. Cni 'ain't Ckrk?C. Oourtright. PHMBINA. Tho Pembina was built at Brooklyn, and was launched shortly afu r tho others mentioned above. Sbe wns a. med at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as vert all thi i.,urr boats bi. it io Uiit vicinity. is pierced for Uilrtvcn guns, but wo lieliovo sho only carries nlno. Tho following ih u list of her officers: ? Lieutenant Commanding, ? 1?. Crosby. Lieutenant a>ut Executive Office* ? ( II. Cushman. Acting Musters ? Wni. Rogers, W. A. Mills, W. J. Powers. Act inn Paymatter ? K. Stewart. Acting Assistant Surgeon ? A. W. H. Hawkins. First Assistant Engine' r ? .1. Young. Third Assistants ? J. Van Horeuburg, N. B. Clark, J. 9. Smith. Matter's Mate?C. E. Culver. fENUlTIN. The Penguin is one of tho chartered vessels. She Ih a propollor of 400 tons burthen, was built In 1859 at Mystic, Conn., und her dimensions are as follows:? .Length 163 feet, breadth 31, depth 10. She has been altered into a gunboat, and Is officered as follows:? Lieutenant Commanilinr^-T. A. liudd. Surgeon ? Oscar <i. Smith. Paymaster ? Inane Wood. Matter ? T. A. Harris. Matter's Malts. ? W. E. Anderson, Geo. W. Hood, Amos P. Foster. Engineers? V. W. Warner, William Pattison, Milton P. Randall. POCAHONTAS. The Pocahontas Is or tho sumo class as the Mohican, only she is a smaller vessel, and carries one gun less. She was built in 1855; is 604 tons burthen, and has been used on the blockade. Sho has just been repaired and put in complete ordor at tho Washington Navy Yard. She has boen attached to tho home squadron since her purchase by the government. The following are her principal offl- 1 oers:? Commander ? Lieutenant I 'ray ton. Lieutenants ? S. Magan.H. L. Howison. .Surye//n? J. 8. Kitchen. First Assistant engineer? J. M. Adams. Third Aisistant Engineer? W . F. Fort. B. ?. FORBES. The R. B. Foibee Is a tugboat that formerly belonged to tbe Board of Underwriters of Boston. There is one particular advantage about her, and that is that Bho is of iron. Her draught is light, and she is a powerful boat. She is commanded by Lieut. Nowcomb. SBMIN0L8. Thewmlnolo is a second class Meam screw sloop, carry ing throe guns. She was built at the Ponsacola Navy Yard in 1868, is 601 tons burthen, and is an excellent beat. Previous to tho blockade she was engaged on the coast or Brazil. Tho rollowing aro her principal officers: ? Commander ? J. P. Gillies. Lieutenants? W. P. A. Campbell and G. 8. Norton. Ma ters ? A. R. McNair, W. H. Barton anil E. A. Walkor. Gunner ? B. Roberts Cannnter ? .1. M. Dallas. Fir. 4 Assistant Engineer ? N. B. Llttlg. Third Assistant Engineers ? W. C. Starr, R. L. Harris and M. T. Kelchor. SENECA. Itie Seneca Is another or the gunboats, and was built In this city. Sho carries nine guns, and Is officered as follows: ? Lieutenant Commanding? Daniel Amman. First Lieutenant ? J. G. Sproston. Surgvm ? N. L. Barry. Matters ? W. J. Wright, W. Hamilton, J. It. Rodgcrs. Masters' Mates ? Jaiuea G. Paine, J. L. Cr tutor, E. W. Fisk. Chief Engineer ? B. Kraft. First Assistant Engineer ? T. Allen Second Assistant Engineer ? H. H. Burrltt. Third Assistant Engineer ? T. Lynch. VNADILLA. The UnadUla is ono of tho now gualtoats, and was the first one launchod and completed of the twenty -three. She was built iu this city aud is heavily armed, aarrying one powerful gun amidships and a rifled Parrott gun on tho forcastle, besides six broadside guns. The dimen sions of theae boats wo have already published two or three times. The roilowlng are her officers:? Lieutenant Commanding ? Napoloon Collins. Lieutenant and Executive (Jfficir ? J. G. Greene. tint Assistant Engineer ? Edward Marcland. Assistant Surn^m ? R. L. Weber. Assistant I'ngmcuUr ? Edward May. Acting Masters? P. W. Cruse, W. L. Tattle and Edward Van 8ice. Third Assistant Engineers ? Fred. Bull, Jr., Henry S. Leonard and R. H. Thurston. Masters' Motet ? W. Howard Br ice, G. W. Daisy and David Mason. O. M. PETTIT. The Pettit was formerly a tugboat on the Bast river, but at prosent makes an oxcollent gunboat, mounting two guns. Her tonnage Is small, and consequently hor draught Is light, enabling her to run close in shore. Tho following are her officers : ? Acting Master Commanding ? A. S. Gardner. Master's Mate and Executive Officer ? Edward Daly. Acting Master's Male ? John Blitz. Acting Second Assi tant Engineer ? ? Henry Best. Acting Third Attit ant Engineer ? Augustus Wardell. MBBCCBY. The Meroury Is also a tugboat, of about tho same sice as tke FMUt, hkviig tha oamn advantages. She aljo mounts twoguns. Her officers aro as follows:? Acting Master Commanding ? S. J. Man too. Master's Mate and Executive Officer ? Lewis l.#Cane. Acting Master's Mate ? James Scannill. Second Assistant Engineer ? John Roioman. Third Assistant Mnginea- ? John G. Jlo lander. THE MARINES. Hie steamboat Governor hax on board a baUailoa'af Dnttod States Marines, under the command of tho gallant UivK>r Reynold*. The following are the officers oommahdixu omm. M?jor John Goorgo-ReynoMs. utd omens. (imfxuty A. Ca4*ain James Wiley. l'lrst Lieutenitaf. J. H. Grimes. Soootfcl Ltoutenuiit 0. A. Htlllman. Heconfl Second Lieutenant.. . Fred. H. Covrie. Comjann B. Captain Geo. 13. Graham. Fir?t Lieutenant. Frank Munree. Second Lieutenant K. A. Smalley. Second Second Ljuuteoaht. . . Alfd. Devereux. SKETCHES OP THE COMMANDERS. SKETCH OP COI1MODOKK SAMUEL P. DUPONT. Oommodoro Samuel F. Dupont, the commander of lite naval forces of this great expedition, is a native of the State of Now Jersey, but receivort his appointment into tho navy from the 3t?to of Delaware, of wtrlch ho is a citizen. An original entry into the scrvico of his country was on tho ItHh of December, 1815; be has been, there, fbro, nearly forty-sis years iu the service, and his forty sixth anniversary may bring him more glory and raiao him higher in tho estimation of the people, both at homo and abroad, than all the previous ones. So, if the present expedition is successful, thorn cannot be tOD muotLfiud in praiso of those having command. Up ? the liroseot time Oommodoro Dupont has spenr nearly twenty-two years on sea, olfcht and a half years in active duty on shitfe, and the balimco of Ills time has been unemployed. His present commission boars date September 14, 1868. Ho was last at soa In May , 1869, and staco that time he has been commandant of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, whore his kindness of manner, together with his strict discipline, won for him many rr lends. Among the important positions that Com . modore Dupont has filled since ho hus been iu tho navy are tho following ? In June, 1836v Commodore Dupont? thon Lieutenant ? commanded tho Warren, no\v the storcsliip stationed at ! Panama, N. O. , that was attached to tht squadron of ' Commodore A. J. Dallas, cruising in tho West Indies. In December, 1843, he aommandad the United States brig Porry, while on tho way to Bio de Janeiro, bound to the Wost Indies-. In October, 1846, he also commanded the frigate Con gress. She wns at that time flagship of Com modore Robert P. Stockton, and was carrying out Mr. Ten Kyck, United Statue Commissioner to the Sandwich Islands, and alsckMr. Surretf, United States CCmsul to the Sandwich Island*'. In July, 1846, be was commandeaof the sloop-of-war the time attache* to the squad ron of Commodores W. B. Shubrick, and Thomas A. C. Jones, in the Pacific. Ho held other important posts, but those are the only onse that we can recall to our memory, at the present time. His late oommand at the Philadel phia Navy Yard is of course known to all, and his presont one, the ontlro charge of the immense fleet that lias left Hampton Roads, he has held but a short time, having been appointed to the Wabash within a very ftw weeks. Tho choice made by the department appears to give uni versal satisfaction, and some of the oldest and most ex perienced officers In the navy speak of the selection in the highest terms, and expressing the sentiment that we have "the right man in the rigbt place." Commodore Dupont is a man a little past what is usually termed tho prime of life, although possessed of all thB vigor, bodily strength and ambition that usually charac terize younger men, and those qualities, Joined to hfa experience, pronounco himto be the man we need. In his personal appearance the Commodore Is a person that would 'at once attract attention, having all the easy graco of a finished gentleman together with a commanding look that betokens perseverance and a determination to suc cessfully carry out any undertaking that ho may be engaged in. Ho is just the man to command respect and to deserve it. There is no doubt but that ho will guide the expedition with wifely to its destination, and return crowned with succcsx COMMANDER DAVIS. Commander Charles H. i>a\is, who occupies tlie reapon K>lile | ll ft Captain, h nnativoof Ma :s..chi 'ts. HsolIoi-. i is so, ? ici in 1K2" , tuu ???"'t eighteen year* t"T- ad BOWRtauJs utariy at t!.v iwad u( th'; 1 Commanders in the revised navy ii?t. Ho wati Utel) Superintendent of the "Nautical Altnanuc, an wa*e gaged ut Wu-shiugion ou other special duty. THE TRANSPORTS.

Somo or the host Atlantic and 1'acino propeller steamer -> have b ou purchased or cliartor? d by the gonernmentatu orm part of the transport fleet, having boon strengthened aud heavily armed. Among them aro tlio following ? STEAMSHIP VANUEHBIliT. This vessel Is well known to our citlzous nsouo of tho finest vessel. ihat ever left the port of New York. She has boon ougaged in commerce between this city aud Southampton. Her great size and strength will make her a valuublo acquisition to tho lleot of transport.. She carries about two thousand men, aud a cargo composed of live thousand bushels of oats, iinraouso stores or ord nance and heavy guns, thirty army wagons aud carts, two thousand barrels ot commissary stores, tou thousand feet or lumber , hay and straw. ten surf boats and launches , and rations for troops. She tows the Great Rupubllc. fahe is a slde-whoel stoauwr, rates Al, aud is 3,3#0 tous ur then. She was built in this city in 1866 Hor size Is u follows: ? Length, 311 feet; breadth, 47 feet; depth, foot 9 inchos. The following aro hor officers. Cavtain ? P. E, lofovro. First Officer Uushraan. Seu'Kl officer Cay. Chief Ennnt-r Germain. Second Jiitginter- Jlojden. Third Engineer Williams. Surgeun ? Dr. Sandford. Slfwird, ? ? Mc Henry. Supercargo IWovos. ATLANTIC. The Atlantic Is a side wheel steamer , of 2 ,845 tons. She was built to this city in 1849. She was owned by he North Atlantic Steamship Company, aud hot -^measlcM are as follows: ? Length 286 feet, breadth 58 fo il, depth 32 root. Tho Atlantic is now tho headquarters of the vision, and carries about 1,200 troops, fahe is loaded down with army stores and ordnance, her hold crammed with rough berths for tho troops, and her docks pilod with lumber, hay and bricks. She is commanded by Captain Oliver Eldrldge, of the Baltic-is in command temporarily. bai.tio. Hie rtaltic is a large side-wheel Rteamcr of 2,723 tons burthen, i-ho was formerly used as a packet betwoon this port and Liverpool, on tho Collins line, but has been lying idle almost all tho time since. She carries nearly two thousand men, and immense quantities of army stores and Torage. Sho also earrios swivel 84 i?tunder guns, six large surf boats, wheelbarrows, picks aud spades, lumber and frame for a large house, all retdy to be P^?all'er; and sixty horses, which aro housed on dock. She is a first class vessel, rating Al. Her dimensions aro as follows Length, 280 feet; breadth, 46; depth, 32. Sh? is com manded by Captain Comstock. ilijhois. Tlio Illinois is a side-wllel steamer, formerly on the California lint. Sho Is 2,123 tons burthen, and hsr dimou sions are as follows:-I/>ngth, 267 feet; breadth, 40; dontli 29?. She was built in this city in 1851. Captain Rathb'un commands her. She has two decks of berth., about one thousand six hundred in all. Her lading con slsts of ordnance, hay and straw , several large gun., com missary store, aud fifty thousand reel of lumber. OCEAN QUEEN. This vessel is a slde-whoel steamer of 2,802 ton.. J5ho was built in New York in 1857, and has been ocean navigation. Her dimension. are^-UnKth. 327 foot; breadth, 42 feet ; depth, 22 feet. Captain Sea y commands her. She it rated AlX.and ?a ^ strong vessel. She has four water tight bulkheads, her third dock she has four hundred and the second, ono hundred and fifty-nine and altoge^r. between . no thousand five hundred and one Anusand soven huudrod. Sho carries army wagons, surf boat., rations, ordnanco and lumber. ESiPIRB CITT. The Empire City, Captain Baxter, Is a sideyheol steamer of 1,751 tons burthen. She was built In thls city in 1848 and wa. on the California line of steamships. Hor size is as followa-.-Lsngth 240 foot, breadth 40 foet, depth 23 feet. She carries 1,000 troops, ".OWf*** lumber, army wagon. , tent, and store, brick, whelb* row., vtcks, shovels, &c. STAR OP THE SOUTH a steamer of 960 tons burthen. She wss used as a packet between this city and Southern jorts, and was 'also used as a transport ship in the Crtofrn She h?s about one th.msand troops on board, with a cargo consisting of heavy guns', ordnance, provisions and^brick Sho was built m the city of Philadelphia In 18M. Hor dl monsions aro as follows :-t*ngth, 208 feet ; breadth, 31 faet; depth, 21 feet. Hor commander Is Captain KeaiwUy MARION. The chartered steamer Marlon is a sldo-wtieol vessel of 800 ton. burthen. She was built in this city in 1851 , and was i?ed as a passsngor vessel between this cHy and Charleston. She was aurveyod this year, and Is to escu lent condition. Sho carries four hundred and twenty (Ivo mon, ton thousand bnck.wHh provisions, stores, sort boats , fee. She is commanded by :? Caj^iin? T D. Phillip f\rtt Officer? A- J- Clifton. Second Officer?** ictoolas Morris. abiel. Tho Ariel, Captain Terry, Is one of Commodore ^^r" bilt's steamers , and is a side wheel steamer , of 1 296 too. burthen. Sho was built In this city In 1854. S^eroU* A2, and her size is as follows:? I-oogth 262 feet, breadth 32 reet 6 Inches, depth 16 foot. DANIEL WEBSTER. The Danlol Wobator In sido-wheol stoamor of 1,085 tons burthen; sho is also ono of Vandorbllt'8 vessels; wos built in 1861, la this city, tind is well known to ocean travellers. Her dimensions are:? US feet long, 30 foet wide and IB feet deep. Hor commander Is Capt. John son. Sho carrioA heavy guns, ordnance, brick, lumber, barrows, picks, spades, 4c., together winsome 000 men. ? ROANOKE. The Roanoke is a side-wheel steamer of 1,071 tons She was built in this city in 1861, is owned by the New York and Virginia Steamship Company, ami is <x>m" mandod by Captain Couch, llor size in length is 220 foet, breadth, 82 feet; depth, 15 rest. Sho carries about 800 troops, with provisions and a quantity of shovels. GOATZACOALCOS. This steamer is aot an entirely new transport, having been in the United States service befbro in tUe Paraguay expedition. She is a side- wheel steamer, of 1,063 tons burthen. She was built in 1864 in Niagara oitv. Her di mensions arc 290 feet long, 35 feet wide and 23 foot doep She carries stores, provisions, Ac. , and about 1,600 men' BEN DE FORD. The Ren Do Ford is a side-wheel steamer of 1,080 tons, and 1i:if, the great advantage of being constructed wholly of Iron. Sho ia comparatively new, having been built in 1800, at Wilmington, Del. Sho is ownod in Baltimore by the Merchants' and Miners' Transportation Company. Wo ^ ore unacquainted with the name of her commander. TOILADELPIIIA. The Philadelphia, Captain Rarton, is also a aide-whee. steamer, of 1,338 tons burthen. Sift was bollt lb Rilla. . delphia In 1849. nor dimensions aro 202 feet long, S3 ^feet wide and 24 feet deep. PABKERSBCHO. The Parkersburg Is a propolfcr at 715 tons burthen, built in Saybrook, Conn., In 1H63, and was attached to the New York and Baltimore line of steamers. She is commanded by Capt. Hoffman. Sho carries 700 troops, > with stores, and about 10,000 brick. W INFIELD SCOTT. The Winfield Soon is a government side-wheel iteamor> and has boen in tho service for some time. Wo aro not I aware of the captain's name nor of her tonnage. ORIENTAL. Tho Oriental is an iron steam propeller of about 000 tons burthen; she was built in this city in 1860, and is owned by a Spanish bouse In this city. Her commander is Captain Tuzo. She carries 160 troops, with a cargo of provisions, ordnance, rifled cannon, Ac'. CAHAWBA. The Cahawba Is a side-wheel stoamor of 1,643 tona bur. then; she was built in New York in 1864. She is com manded by Captain Baker, and her dlmenslone are as fol lows Length, 380 feet; breadth, 38 foet; depth, 10 feet Sho carr les 1 ,000 men , a cargo of provision! , some thousand feet of lumber, and the frame of a house. POTOMAC. The Potomac it a propeller or 448 tone. She was built In Philadelphia in 1863, but Is owned In this city. Her commandor is Captain Willard. KRICS80N. The steamer Ericsson is well known as the one on which the caloric experiment was tried. She Is a side wheel Rtearoer, of 1,902 tons, was built in tliiscity in 1852, and Is commanded by Captain Cowloe. She ha3 bocn lying idlo for a long time. MATANZAS. The Matan.zas is almost a fac simile of tho Oriental, and Is nwiii by the same firm. She Is also of irou, vine built in this city in l:>5S,aud Is commanded hy Captain I.e. ."itvU. . .i inicfc 100 poldicrs. a uumbcr of heav ? [ Hioge tt'ins. Wrick, provisions, ordnance ? lores and hay mi l straw. II was also designed that she sliould take on board at Fortress Monroe 600 nogroos, but that design was not carried out. L0CU8T POINT js a propeller of 462 ton.', was built In 18.13 at Philadel phia, but she is owned In this <-ity. Wo uro unacquainted with hor dlmeusions. Her commander is Capt. French. GKEAT HK1M BMC. Tlic Great Republic is a nailing vaasoll, of 3,360 tons, and I* oils of tbe largest nailing vessels In the world. She was much larger, but, In consequence of having been burned at a large flro, somo lew years ago, bIio had to ho reduced somewhat in her h I zc , although yet lie ranks next to the Great K is turn in eteo. She was built iu lloston in 1853, but is owned In this city by A. A. I.ow k IJrog. Iter dimensions are: ? Length 30'J feet, broadth 48 feet, depth 20 feet. Captain Llmeburner commands her. She carries an immense cargo, consisting partly of 5,000 tons of coal, 50,000 brick, and an immense quantity of lumben hay, straw and oats, iStio is fitted up between docks with stalls for about 700 horses. She is In tow of tbe Vanderbllt. OCEAN EXPRESS. The Ocean Express Is a line sailing vessel of 1,697 tons burthen. She was built at Medford iu 1354, is owued In IV'Ston, and has but just been ("bartered . Her dlmen" Bious aro as follows ? length 215 feet, breath 41 feet, depth 24 feet. Commandor, Captain Willis. OOLUKN EAU LB. Tliis ship is 1,128 tuns, was built in Medford in 1852, and is owned in New Bedford. Sho is 154 feet long, 33 wide, and 20 doep. Captain Fabon Is her commander. ZEN AS COFFIN. Tbe ship Zcnna Cofllu is rather an old one, though she may bo staunch enough. She was built at Hanover, Mass., in 1828, is 333 tuns burthen, and is commanded by Captain Riddell. NEW CODE OP NAVAL SIGNALS ADOPTED. Tiiere Is a painful rumor in circulation among tho officers on this station that a clerk of one of tbe men-of war has been missing fur threo days, and is also suspcctod of having taken the signal book of tbe vessel with him' It is supposed that he took a boat and put off to Sowatl's Point, and there joined iko rebo's. If ho has not alroady rouebod his destination his capturo will be cortalti , as tho efficient Provost Marshal ? Major Wm.l'. Jones, of Fortress Monroe ? immediately set his detectives on the track or the fugitive. Flog officer Dupout has already arranged a new code of s'gnals, so Hint the abstraction of this book will not embarrass us in the louat. Ho much for tho naval part of tho expedition. Now for tho military branch of It, under the command of Actiug Major General THOMAS W. SHERMAN? not the officer of tho same namo who commanded a brigade at the battle of Bull run, and who is now in command in Kentucky, but tho officer who has distinguished himself iu tho command of the famous battery bearing his namo THE MILITARY SECTION. The divUios consists of thrso brigades, as follows FIRST BRIGADE, Under command of Eobkkt L. Viki.k, composed of New Hampshire Third Col. E. W. Fellow*. Maine Eighth Col. I/?o Strickland. Now York Forty sixth Col. Rudolph Rosa. Now York Fursjr-soventh.. . Col. Honry Moore. Now York Forty -eighth Col. James II. l'orrjr. SECOND BRIGADE, Under command of Isaac Ingalls .Stevens, composed of Pennsylvania Fiftieth Col. UenJ. C. Christ. Pa. Roundhead Toluutoers.. Col. David Leasure. Michigan Elghthi Col. Wm M. Fenton. Now York Seventy -ninth... . Lieut. Col. Wm. II. Nobles. THIRD BRIOADK, Commanded bj? Horatio Gatps Wricht, oomposod of New Hutnshire Fourth Colonel Thomas J. Whipple. Connecticut Sixth Colonel James L. Chaltleld. Connecticut Seventh Colonel A. A. Terry. .Maine Ninth Colonel Richworth ltich. Thore are various othor rogiinents ? as for instance tho Third Rhode Island, Colonel Brown; the Massachusetts Twonty-flrst, Colonel Morse; tho Engineer Volunteer bat. talion.Odonel W. Merrill, which joined the expedition at Fortress Monroo, and which wo cannot locate in any par. tioular brigade; and there may bo still others embarkod at that and othor points, of which we have as yet no definite Information. Tho entire military arm of tho ex pedition may safely be estimated, liowjver, at certainly not less than 20,000 men ? for tho most part picked troops detailed from General McCleUan's command for this particular service. Tho following is thoir opmpeei. tloain detail: ? CHIEF OF THE KXPKJUITION. Acting Major General . Brig. General T. W. SHERMAN. staff. - .. Asst. Adj. General... Capt. I /hi is Pelouze^nfteeMh In fantry. Chief Quartermaster. Capt. liufus Saxton, Asst. Quarter - m.isU.-r l'nitod States Army. Asst. Quartermaster. Oapt. H. A. Unseal 1, Asst. Quarter. master United States Army. Asst. Quartermaster. Capt. Clias. E. Fuller, Asst. Quarter muster L'nitod S tutes Army. Chief Commissary, . . Capt. Michael Morgan, ^Assist. Com. Sub. , United States Army. Chief Engineer Copt. Qulncoy A. Gilmvre, United States Engineers. First Asst. Engineer. First Liout. John A. Tardy, Jr., United States Engineers. Second Asst. Engineer Second Lieut. Patrick O'Rnrke, United States Engineers. Topographical Eng'r. . Second Lieut. James H. Wilson, United Stab's Engineers. Chief of Ordnance Capt. John McNutt, Ordnance De partment United States Army. Asst. Chf. of Ordnanco First Lieut. Francis J. Shank, Ord nance Dep't United States Army. Medical Director Surgeon Geo. E. Cboper, United States Army Medical Itop't. Signal Officer First Lieut. Theodore L. Dumont, United States Volunteors. Aid do -O imp Lieut. Goo. Merrill, United States Volunteers. Ald-dc-Cnmp Liout. Jos. Magner, Twenty -eighth Massachusetts Volunteers. Additional Paymaster. Myor Z. K. Vaughborn. Additional Paymaster. Mivjor J. L. Hewitt. 810NAL CORPS. ' Chief Officer in charge, at tached to tho Staff of General Sherman ?Liout Theodora L. Dumoct. Attached to tho Stair of 1 Lieutenant E. J. Keenan. Rrigadier General Viele. . i Lieutenant 0. H. Howard. Attached to tho Staff of f Lieutenant W. L. Tafft. Urigadior General Stevens j Lieutenant W. 8. Coggswell, . Attached to the Staff oi l Lieutenant H. Clay Snydor." Brigadier General Wright. } Liout. Franklin K. Town. Lieut. Tlieodore L. Dumont, the Chief Signal Officer, wag formerly connected with company B of Doryeo's Zouaves and was wounded at the battle of Big Bethel. He was after that dotachc<f from his rogiment and detailod to the signal corps of Major Myor, under General Butler. Ho is a brave officer, and will no doubt be an important aux* lllary in tho mooster expedition. ARTILLERY. Battery of six pioces Captain John Hamilton. Thin battery consists meetly of Parrott rilled cannon, and forms part o? tho noted Sherman battery, which the ? rebels have oo often boasted of having captured. FIRST BRIGADE. COMMANDING OFFICER. Brigadier General EGBERT L. VIELE, U. 3. A. STAFF. Assistant Adjutant General. . Captain Pierre C. Bane. Brigade Quartermaster Captain 0. Ladue. Assist. Commissary General. CkpUin Gideon Seal). Brlgtdt milMfl Major J. C. D. Ualton, Jr. Aid de-Cftm? Captain C. H. Pamir. Aid-de Cams'. Lieutenant J. D. Gould. Aid-do-CRmp Lieutenant ? ? Davis. THIRD MEW HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT, mi.n officers. 1 Colonel E.Q. Fellows, of Sandwich. ' Lieutenant Oofonel J. H. Jackson, Portsmouth. Maf*. John Bedell, Bath. STAFF OmCKRS. Adjutant Alfred J. Bill, Portsmouth. Quartermaster A. S. Neemith, Franklin. Comnilfwy J. H. Thompson, Holderrass. , Surgeon Dr. A. A. Moulton, Oonoord. ; Assistant Surgeon Dr. B. F. Eaten, Hanover. ' Chaplain H. H. Hills, Manohestor. ! Sergeant Major T. M. Jackson, Porismoath. LIS* OFFICERS. Company A, Captain Ruins F. Clark. | First Lieutenant Alvin H. Mhboy. Second Lieutenant John R vnee. Cbmpany H. Captain John vVllbur. First Lieutenant Henry H. Ayer. Sbcont Lieutenant-: Andrew J. Fogg. Gmpany C. Captain Mlcbasl T. Donohue. First Lieutenant Robert H. Allen. Seoond-Lieutenant Walter Cody. Company D. Captain. Charles F. Dunbar. First Lieutenant William H. Cornelius. Second Lieutenant Orrin M. Doarborn. Company E. Captain Josiah J. Plymytoi. First Lieutenant Richard N. Ela. Second Lieutenant George W . Jackson. Company F. Captain James F. Randlott. First Lieutenant Charles E Burnhani. Second Lloutenant Henry A. Marsh. Company O. Captain Pierce L. Wiggln. First Lieutenant George W. Emmons. Second Lieutenant Henry C. Henderson. Company " Captain * Robert C.Dow. First Lieutenant William H. MaxwfU, geoond Licutonant JoUuF. Langlcy Company I. Captain Itatph Carlton. Firm Lieutenant jolm h. Thompson. Second Lwitouant Samuel M. Smith. Comjany K. Captain Israel B. Liltlofleld. First Lioutenuiit Webber J. ButturOoM. Second Lieuteu*it William H. Miles. Col. Fellows is* graduate of West Point, ami 18 repute a good olllcur. EIGHTH MAINS VOLINTEKK8. FUCUi 0? faints. Colonel Loo Strickland. Uoutinant Colonel. Jolai 1). Kual. Major Jan. h. Kiev. 8TAKK omcm. Adjutant Janieji Dingley, Jr. Quartermaster H. Strickland. Surgeon pal. F la tier. Ants taut Surgeon J. S. Houghton. Sergeant Major E. A. Perry. 1.LNK oirru KkS. Company A. Captain K. W. Wivnlma Kirut Lieutenant A. S. Hump. Second Lleuteuaut J. M. Adain^. Comjx my U. Captaiu J- M. Twitchel. First Lieutenant C.C. Perry. Second Lieutenant L. B Kogers Company C. Captaiu...,. J. E. Bryant. First Lieutenant J. H. McDonald. Second Liculeuaut Wui. Ii Tiinberiifca. Company D. Captain Henry Boynton. First Lieutenant F. E. Gray. Second Lieutenant Jului K. Sprague. Company E. Captain Thomas Hutching!. F'irst Lieutenant T. 8. Hutchingg. Second Lloutenunt J. A. Phillip. Company F. Captain John Hetntningwar. First Lieutenant A. E. Kimkull. Second Lieutenant John H. Roberta. Comjxiny O. Captain A. A. HoU. First Lieutenant Wm. T. Lane. Second Lieutenant .......... Edw in B. Halts. Company II. Captain John F. Mllllken. First Lieutenant & A. True. Second Lieutenant C. H. Howard. Company I. Captain Wm. M. Mc Arthur. First Lieutenant ... Charles H. Rohinaon. Second Lieutenant John E. McUrda. C< mpany K. Captain John First Lieutenant Henry Brown. Seceud Lioutenant Htllman Smith. FORTY-SIXTH NEW YOKK VOU'NTKEKS. kiki 1 1 onniiBA Colonel Rudolph K' >f a. Lieutenant Colonel Germain Metternlch. Major Joseph Gerhard. KTAPV OfTTKKS. Adjutant Adolph C. C. Famseo. Quartermaster P. M. Peterson. Paymaster Henry Scliroeder. Commissary Fried. Wilh. Obernicr. Surgeon Henry Hovet, M. D. Assistant Surgeon Otto Schenck, M. 1). Sergeant Major <.*arl Marcloch. Color Sergeant Louis Koolilor. Hospital Steward Wolfgang Mosse. I .INK OFTICKW. Company A. Captain George W. Tr.ivae First Unutenant ?. . . Theodore Hohle. Second Lieutenant Carl Meyer. Com] ?any H. Captain Julius Parcus. First Lieutenant Carl Seldencch. Second Lieutenant Helnrleft Krause. C< .mpany C. Captain Francis Muhlbaner. First Lieutenant Henry Schroedur. Second Lieutenant . Company D. Captain Richard Ricgel. First Lieutenant Anton Kinkel Second Lieutenant Goorgo llreuuinn. Company E. Captain. Philip Scliwichard. F'irst Lieutenant Fried. Wilh. Otierntor. Second Lieutenant Wilh. Grotewskf. Company F. Captain John Henlcel. First Lieutenant Anton Gauggel. Second Lieutenant Alplions Suviero. ComjKiny G. Captain..... Carl Paulsachei. First Lieutenant John Beiling. Second Lieutenant Fried. O. Koofaer. Company II. Captain...... . First Lieutonant Carl Schlehor. Second Lieutenant Georgo Hoestureiob. Comfta ny I. Captain Peter Warmkoeael. First Lioutenant Second lieutenant . This regiment was originally known as the Pramoqf Rifl?s, and is composed almost entirely of Germans. Tht Colonel is reputed as a skilful marksman with the rtd* and labored hard to perfect his regiment. FORTY -SEVENTH NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS. KIKLD OFFK.KR8. Colonel Henry Moore. Llouteiiiiot Colonel James L. Frasflr. Major..... Daniel Lloyd. STAFF OmiW. Adjutant E. B. Cox. Quartermaster o. C. Bingham. Paymaster Fred. A. Sawyer. Commissary. O. B. Van Brunt. Surgoon W. V. White. Assistant Surgeon W. H. Tanner, Chaplain Rev. Joshua Ruth. Sergeant Major O. Greenville) Quartermaster Sergeant J. Andorson. Commissary S> igeant E. H. Brown. Color Sergeants P. Simpson & Q P. f Hospital Steward E. l'ondleton. Lure omncR?. Company A. Captain A. R. Nicholson. First Lieutenant Edward Kridy. Second Lieutenant Edward Law tar. Company H. Captain 8. G. Johnson. First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Thomas Draper. Company C. Captain J. Noblo Warren. First Lieutenant John Ross. Second Lieutenant O. C. Newman. Company D. Captain J. L. Smith. First Lieutenant C. K. Macdonaid. Second Lieutenant O. B. Klrby. Company K. Captain George Tucker. First Lioutonant A. S. H. Smith. Second Lieutenant B. F. Martin. Company F. Captain R. vioorge NewoU. First Lioutonant Vacant. Second Lioutenant Vacant. Company O. Captain Charles A. Moore. First Lioutenant G. M. Huested. Second Lioutenant. . , Charles M. Brock way. Company H. Captain Vacant. First Lieutenant i . J. ,j. O'Malley. Second Lioutenant Andrew OTooto. Company I. Captain David Allen. First Lieutenant J. W. Smith. Second Lioutenant R.C, Stoarns. Company K. Captain.... I. H. Reynold. First Lieutenant John Matt. Second Lieutenant G. G. Brothorton. This regiment was formorly known ne the WAetiingtool Grey Volunteers, and when tho Eighth Vow York Statel Militia arrived in this city, after the battle of Bull run J they placed a banner outside their headquarters with I following words written thereon: ? "Wo will avenge your loss." Now will be tho time for thom to carry out theii| promise. FORTY BIO 11TB NEW YOKE VOLUSTEEItS, F1SLI) OtTICKRS. CVilonol lames H. Ptrry. Lioutenant Colonel William B. Barton. Major Oliver T. Beard. STAFF OFFltlW. MI'itant Anthony W. Goodell. (jDortarraaster Irving M. Avery. Surgeon A. l'orry^M. D. Assistant Surgoon J. Mulford, M. D. Chaplain W. P. Strickland, D. D. Sorgeant Sfejor '. . . . Samuel H. Mosor. us* OFFICKKS. tympany A. Captain L. H. Lout. First Lieutenant B. R. Cerwin. Second Lieutenant H. W. Robinson. Company B. Captain E. K. Travis. Pirst Lieutenant N. A. Elfwln?. Second Lieutenant T. Vldall. Cbmpany C. Captain Farretl. First Lioutenant ? McCurtle. Second Lieutenant HatOold. Company D. Captain D C. Knowles. - First Lieutenant J. Paxton. Second Lieutenant J. T. Edwards. CompamyB. Captain W. B. Ooan. First Lioutenant F. Hurst. Second Lioutenant.. J. Boil inc. Company P. Captain J. M. Green. First Lieutenant 8. K. Wallace. Second Lieutenant A. H. Ferguson. Company G. Captain A. Elmendorf. First Lieutenant W.H.Dunbar. Socond Lieutenant J. P. Nichols. Company II. Captain I). W. Strickland. First Lieutenant W. L. I<ockwood. Socond Lieutonant C. M. l'attorsou. Company I. Captain J. G. Word. First Lieutenant S. M. Swartout. Second Lteutouant J. H. l'erry, Jr. Company K. Captain S. J. Foster. First Lieutenant 8. Gale. Second Lieutenant A. F Miller. Tills rejilmont has boon previously known as the ( nontal Guard. Colonel Perry Is a graduate of Weal Puj

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