Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1861 Page 3
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and a veior: n of tho Mexican war. He was also the most popular Methodist preacher Id Brooklyn, and preached a norniuu at (bo tied kh( ioo or a new church In this city tho Sunday previous to tiia dopa. ture. Ho carried a sword Willi him ul tils departure whlcli he had tmed In three previous campaigns. The men are armed with tho Eu Otlil nflo. SECOND BRIGADE. UOMUANDl^U OVFICEU. Brigadier General ISAAC I. 81EVKNS. HTArr. Assistant Adjutant General. . ("apt. Stevens (son of Gen.) AstTtg .artermasterGenorul. Captain Wrn Lilley. Am t Coiiiiuiirttui y General. . . Captain L. A. Wui Held. Surgeon l)r. George 8. Kemble. THE ROUNDHEAD HHUIHRNT OP VKNNH Y L V AN I A . riKU) OHflt gk.1. Culonol Hau l I,ea8ure, Newcastle. Lieutenant Oolonel James A. Kkln, Elizabeth. Miyor ... . J. Armstrong, Washington, STAFF OITIPKRH. Adjutant W. H. Tower, Darlington. lluartermaster A. H. l/oslie, Newcustle. 8urr?on Krcd. H. Gross, Pittsburg. Asvi-Miint Surgeon Horace Ludlnyt >n. Chaplain Rev. R. A. Hrowne, N'costle Sergeant Mnjor David Crltchlow. Hospital Steward 8. K. Norgrave, PitUburg. un omfM. Company A. Captain Temple ton, Wash'gtwi. First Lieutenant ? ? Second Lieutenant Company H. Captain Dawson, Now Wihn'gtn First Lieuteuant 1 Second lieutenant ? ? ? ? Company C. Captain Oi>r nulla* , Portorsville. First lieutenant ? ? Sec >ud Lieutenant ? Cumjxtny D. Captain ? Shurlock, Darlington. First lieutenant ? ~ Second Lieutenant Company K. Captain Bon tley, liar loneburg. First Lieutenant ? ? ? Second Lieutenant ? ? ? Company P. Captain ? Cline, Princeton. First Lieutenant . Second lieutenant ? ? Company O. Oiptiiin ? Brown, Hendersons ille First lieutenant ? ? ? Beet ud Lieutenant ? ? ? Company II. Captain Moore, New Oastte. First Lieutenant ? ? Second lieutenant ? Company I Chptain Squires, New CbeOs. First I.W'utenunt Second Lieutenant ? ? ? Company K. Captain VonGorder, N. Castle. First LHitenunt ? ? Second Lieutenant Company L. Daptata Dtck,9errick}y. First Lieutenant ? Seeond Lieutenant ? ? Company M. Oapatin Lackey, Washington. First IJentetiant ? - . Second Lieutenant ? ?? Tins regiment Is raised and officered from Philadelphia and takes its name at the suggestion of tho Secretary of War, for tho renson that the district of country from | which it comes is settled principally by the descendants of the old Scottish Cameron tans or Covenanters, and Cromwell's Ironsides, tho Roundheads that humbkvl the pride of Foiglunds's cavaliers, and established by their swords tho reformation of the gross national abuses that I had crept into the government of the brave, but weak | and voluptuous Stuarts. Tho discipline of the regiment . Is rigid, but up to the end of September there had Immu ? no charge of its breach, or of drunkoness made against any of Us members; nor had any soldier beon placed in the guardhouse. The otlloors and mon carefully kept up In camp the observance of tho religion maintained by their fathers in their camps In days gono by. On the first Sabbath in camp, the chaplain being nbsont, tho Colonel formed the regiment into a hollow square after the closo of a dress parade, and led the exercises of a religions prayer meeting himself. Those mon fear the God of their fathers ? it therefore remains to bs seen if h the wrath of man shall bavo any terrors for them. FIFTIETH PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTHJKS. vikld ominv. ffColonol BenJ. C. Christ. Lieutenant Colonel ? . JMwr ID "? STAFF OFFICERS. Adjutant . Quartermaster ? . F Surgeon ? . ^Assistant Surgeon ? . Chaplain 7' EIGHTH MICHIGAN VOLUNTEERS, k HELD OFFirXW. Colonel William If. Fenian. ? Lieutenant Colonel Frank Graven. flUOoa Amasa B. Watson. STAFF OFFICERS. "Adjutant I>avld B. HarbMgh. ^Quartermaster. Asa Gregory. Burgeon H. B. Shank. !* Assistant Surgeon S. B. Wooster. Chaplain William Malma. 0 Quartermaster Sergoant J. B. Kenton. Commissary Sergeant Bias G. Williams. J UR OFFICKRS. Company A ? FctUon Guard, of Flint. it Captain Simon C. Guild. . First Lieutenant Georgo H. NeweM. *' Becouit Lieutenant ? ? M Company 3 ? Clinton County. ? Captain Gilbert E. Pratt. *> First Lioutenant W. Kly I?wis. Becond Lieutenant Charles F. SmitJk Company C ? Oratint Rangeri. Captain Ballih Ely. First Lieutenant George S. Gordon. ' be cowl Lieutenant Charles B. Holliday. 1 Company D? Or and River Guard. Captain lienj. B. Church. K First Lieutenant JohnC. Buchanan. i Second Lieutenant Benj. I.. Porter. Company E?Zouava, of Laming. "I Captain Matlicw Elder. First Lieutenant Abraham OottreU. ? Second Lieutenant George F. Chapman. , Company F? Barry County CadtU. Captain ? Walbridge. f First lieutenant Travers Phillips. ? Second Lieutenant Jacob Maua. Company G ? KrceUior Guard , Flint. ?! Captain E. W. Lyon. First Lieutenant H. Belcher. 1 Second Lieutenant 7*.. H. Minor Pratt. Company H? Guard of Montcalm County. Captain A. B. Turner. First lieutenant Richard M. I)oyl?. Second Lieutenant Not appointed. Company I ? Blair Cadrti. Captain J. L. Qnackenlmsli. First Lieutenant Albert Bainbridge. ' Second Lieutenant J. C. Merrill. , Company K ? R angrr*, of Pontiae. Faptain John l'ierson. I Cirst Lieutenant Wslliam A. CI r eon. Becond Lieutenant Sylvan 'l'er Bush. PKVKNTY-NIKTH NEW YORK STATE MI LIT* A. FIELD OFFICERS. Lieutenant Colonel, oom'g. . . Win. Henry Noblafc Major David Morrison. STAFF OFFICERS. Adjutant Lawrence Biallte. Quartermaster . Burgeon James E. McDonall. Assistant Surgeon Henry Heffron. Chaplain Rev. Mr. Rizer. Sergeant Major Robert Armour. LIKE OFFICERS. Company A. Captain W. Mansnn.priaooar ofwns. First Lieutenant, oom'g John Falconer. Second Lieutenant Robert M. Uark. Company H. CMptatn j. Farrisli. prisoner of war. First lieutenant John White, M ?< Bscond Lieutenant D. Falconer, reer*i4'gta*.T. Brevet Lieut. , oom'g comp'y . John Windsor. Company C. Acting Captain Lt. K. Mathietoo, recruiting First Lieutenant, oom'g Wni. Simpson. [la H. y. Second Lieutenant Robert Gair. Company D. Captain John More. First Lieutenant James Taylo* Second Lieutenant . Company E. Captain . First Lieutenant I. B. Sinclair, woun'd and on Brevet Second Lieut., com'g. Gavin Hamilton, [furlough. Company F. Captain Robt. McNIe. First Lieutenant Wm. Montgomery. Becond Lieutenant ? . Company G. Captain Joseph Laing, wounded and on furlough. First Lieutenant W. R. Ives, prisoner. Brevet Second Lieut, com'g.. K. Gllmore. Company If. Captain J. 0. Coulter, on furlough. First Lieutenant Robt. Campbell, prisoner. Brevet Second Lieut., com'g. Alex. Graham. Company I. Acting Captain Lieutenant Wm. EUloM. Acting First Lieutenant G. W. Pier. Second Lioutcnant . Company JC. Captain . if. A. Ellis, on furlough. First Lieutenant S. R. Flliott, on furlough. Second Lieut., commanding.. W. T. IaisIc. THIRD BRIGADE. COMMANDING OFFICER. Brigadier General HORATIO G. WRIGHT. STAFF. Assistant Adjutant General . . Captain C. W. Foster. AsTt Quartormastor General. Captain H. P. Goodrich Ass't Commisslary General. . Captain Abijah Keith. Brigade Surgeon Major Craven. Aid Lieut. J. Stotier. iit,.,,, Lieut. T. L .Nay ilen. FOUltTn NEW HAWPSIIIRR VOLUNTEERS, mui om<w?. Colonel Thomas J. Whipple. J Jciiiouiuii Colonel Louis Rail. Jeremiah 1>. Drew. staff ornutRS. Adjutant lloury W. Fuller. Quartermaster John L. Kelly. Burgeon Joeiah 0. Eastman. Assistant Surgeon George P. Greeley. Commissary Paniel Q. Cole. Chaplain Mm tin M. Willi*. Sergeant Miijor Charles L. Brown. LINK OFFICMI8. Col MJXMj) A. Captain Charles W. Sawyer. Firpt Lieutenant JaaperG. Wallace., Ensign Henry W. Locke. Cvmjxiriy B. Oi plain Kit hard 0. Grcenlcaf. First lieutenant Goorgo F. Towle. Ensign ( bar leg A. Carlton. Company C. Captain Gilmun K. Slee|ier. Kirst Lieutenant Mai tin V. 11. Richardson. Eualgu Frederick A. Kendall. Comjiany D. Captain William Badger. First Lieutenant Charles O. Jenulaoa. Ensign David 0. Burleigh. <*Ptaln Howard L. Kowell. First Lieutenaut 1'rantt W i'arker. Ensign Andrew J. Eegerley. Company explain Brown. First Lieutenant Isaac W. Hobbs. KiiRijjn Charles H. Drummor. Company ().. Captain Michael O. Flynn. First Lkmtenuut Charles W. Hurd. Ensign William May no - Company H Ciplalii Joseph W. C lough. First Lieutenant Israel I,. Drew. Ensign Honor C. Tuttle. Company H. Captain , Nathaniel H. Brown. First Lieutenant..... TrueSai.born, Jr. Ensign . Company K. Cnptaiu Joualiutn R. Bagley. First lieutenant Kphraim C. Currier. Ensign Charles W. Tiltou. Colonel Thomas J. Whipple is well known as a deserving son of Mars, having bravely distinguished himself to the Mexican war. He Is from the same State as the Volun teers he now commands. On the 9th of April, 1847, be was made a First Lieutenant of tho Ninth Infantry, and In the following month he was placed on the staff of liia regi ment as Adjutant. He was appointed Volunteer AM-de Camp to Brigadier Geuorai Lane, and bravely diatln. guished himself in the battle of Atllxoo, He resigued from the service on tho 23d of February, 1848, and now, when his country rails u{>ou him, he Li again found ready to take the field , this time at the head of a gallant regi ment. SIXTH CONNECTICUT VOLUNTEERS. F1KU> ObTlCEHS. Colonel J. L Chat Held, Wateibury. Lieutenant Colonel Wm. 0. Ely? Putnam. Majo? John Speidel, 'Bridgeport. STAFF OFFICE KM. Adjutant Bodlleld Duryoo, Waterb'ry. Quartermaster. W. V. B. Williams , Norwich. Surgeon Dr. Dibble, Now Haven. Assistaut Surgeon ? ? . Chaplain ? . Sergeant Major ? . line okfhtkn. Company A ? I'ulnam. Captain Thomas K. Hates. First Lieutenant Arnold Leech. Second Lieutenant Horatio Blanchard. V' nm any ' ? Hartford. Captain liuiij.imm F. Prouty. First Lieutenant Horatio D. Eaton. Second Lieutenant Andrew Marshal). Company C ? A'eio Harm. Captain Paniel Klein. FiratLieutenant ltohert Hoppe.. Second Lieutenant Mental 'fall. Company D ? Stamford. Giptuin l/treu/o Meeker. First Lieutenant 0. H. Nichols. Second Lieutenant John Stottlar. Comj any K ? Wattrimr y. Captain Edward F. Hudson. First Lieutenant Wm. H. H. Wooeter. Second Lieutenant ? ? ? . Company F?Nob Haven. Captain Levi C. Allen. First Lieutenant Samuel C. I'eck ,1 ? Second Lieutenant Henry Stoddard. Company O ? New Britain. Captain lohn N. Tracy. First Lieutenant Wm. H. Stowe. Second Lieutenant Wm. 0. Kinloek. Company II ? Bridgepot t. Captain Henry Bethel. First r.ieu tenant George Louis. Second Lieutenant Rudolph Kotst. Company J? Bridgeport. Captain Thomas Boudrea. First Lieutenant Daniel J. West. Second Lieutenant Stephen S. Stevens. Company K ? ?it> Haven. Captain Henry G. Gerrish. First Lieutenant Frederick D. Osborn. Second Lieutenant Frederick Dodd. SEVENTH CONNECTICUT VOLUNTEEB6. ijxld orrvw. Colonel A. A. Teriy, New Tl&vca. ..~>1 c-io-oi J. R. Hawlev . Hartford. Major Geo.T. Gardner .New Haven. KTAkT 0DKXR8. Adjutant Groxvenor Starr, N. Quartermaster Adrian Terry, New Haven. Surgeon Frank Bacon, New Havon. Chaplain H. L. Way land, Worcester. Assistant Surgeon Horace I'. I'orter, N. Haven. Assistant Surgeon ElmoreC. Hine.Now Haven. Sergeant Major Goo.- D. Sanger, Sew Haven. ijxK omi tiis. Company A ? Hartford. Captain. Daniel G. Francis. First Lieutenant Th'inas L. Huydea. Second Lieutenant Vulontiue B. Cltaroboalata. Qmtfxmy B ? Hartford. Captain Daniel C. Rodman. First Lieutenant Leverctt Weight. Second Lieutenant Samuel J. Gt.rey. Company C?MrrvUn. Captain. Olivers. Sandford. First lieutenant Ossian E. Hatch. Second Lieutenant Scagcr S. Atwell. Company D ? Danbury. Captain Benj. F. Skinner. First Lieutenant Joseph S. Dunning. Second Lieutenant Thomas Hoot on. Company H ? Winded and New Havtn. Captain ?. . . . Chas. E. Palmer. First Lieutenant James A. Burns. Second Lieutenant . . . . . Robert Dempsey. Company F?Xtw Havtn. Captain Theodore Bacon. First Lieutenant Wm. Charnley. Second Licutmant Chauncy II. Keeier. Cum) any G ? .Veio Haven. Captain ... Kdwin S. Hitclicook. First IJi-utenant Chas. C. Mitls. Second Liouieifcmt Jeremiah Townsend. Company II? Not mich ? Cnptain tohn H. Dennis. First Lieutenant Theodore Burdick. Scccnd Lieutenant Gorham Dennis. Company I ? Rritigej art. Oiplaiti Sylvester H. Gray. First Lieutenant .. Second Lieutenant . Company K ? DanUttnneilU and Vicinity. Captain ('has. Burton. First Lieutenant Jerome Tourtellotte. Second Lieutenant Wm. E. Phillips. NIMTU MA1XE VOLUNTEERS, nun OFFICERS. Colonel Rich worth Rioh, Portland. Lieutenant Colonel Col man Harding, Gorham. Major Sabine Emery, EaatporU SI AW OKFKT.RP. Adjutant j. C. M. Furbish, Portland. Quartermaster Frank Lowell, HaUowoli. Sergeant Major Joseph Noble. Quartermaster Sergeant .... Henry Gray, Portland. Surgeon Dr. Richardson, Rooklaad. Assistant Surgeon Dr. Tuck , Solon. Chaplain Rev. A. Owen, I#on( Mass. 1.1 NB OFFKSCKS. Company A. Captain Granger. First Lieutenant. . Second Lieutenant . Company B. Captain Robinson. First Licuteuant ? ? Second Lieutenant . Company C. Captain Roed. First Lieutenant ? Second Lieutenant...., . Company D, C^i" Wedgwood. 1- irst Lieutenant ? , S:cond Lieutenant ? ' Company E. Captain Baker. First Lieutenant ___ _ Second Lieutenant ' Company F. Captain Bisby. First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant ? ? Company Q. Captain Hinds. First Lieutenant ? ? , Second Lieutenant ? ___ ' Company H. Captain First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . . Company I. Captain Chase. First Lieutenant ? . Second Lieutenant . Company K. Captain ? Wentwortb. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant ? NOT BRIGADED. TW1WTY-FIK3T MASSACHUSETTS RBOIMKNT. n*i p omcitss. Colonel Aug. Morse, Leominster. Lieutenant Odlenel Addison Walker. M^jor Wm. 8. Clark, Amherst. STAFF OFFICII HS. Adjutant...... H. W. Pratt (acting). Quartermaster (J. F. Tliomp.-on, Worcester. Surgeon Calvin Cutter, Warren. Assistant Siirgoon J. Marcus Rico, Worcester. ?ergeant Major Wiu. XI. Val entlne. Quartermaster's Sergeant., . Marcus Royco, New urn. Gwunissary Sergeant II. A. Moore, Nominator. ijnk omens. Company A ? ThnpMon. Captain George P. Hawkes. First Lieutenant Char leu W. Davis. Second Lieutenant John Brooks, Jr. Company B ? SpringfiM. Captain Cha*. F. WalroH, of Boston. First Lieutenant . Willard Wells. Second Lieutenaut James W. Hopkins. Company O?Snncer, Cfcptaln J. M Kk-hardson , Ilubbards town. First Lieutenant Win. r. Harlow , Spencer. Heound Lieutenant Ira J. Kelton, Holden. Company D?FUihtwrg. Captain Theodore S. Foster. First Lieutenant Charles Barker. Second lieutenant Ebon 'I'. Haywood. Company E?Wttl Boylthm. Otpt Ain p. Bradford , West Boy lston. First Lieutenant S. Hovey , Jr. , Boa ton. Seound Lieutenant W. Wliitteroore, Lancaster. Compamy P?Houavrt, of Worcester. Captain B. F Rogers, Worcester. First Lieutenant C. K. Stoddard, Upton. Scoond Lieutenant 8. 0. Laforost, South Boston. Company G?Askburnhain. Captain Addison A. Walker. First lieutenant Alonco P. Davis. Second lieutenant Samuel A. Taylor. Company II ? Bctckerion. Captain J. P. Hire, Ashburnham. First lieutenant J. 1). Fraseer, Holyoke: Second Lieutenant 8.C.SInmiway,Beiehertown. ComjMtny hi. (fcptain H. A. Kicliardxun, Pitts (Wkl. First Lieutenant F. A. Sterns, Amberst. Second Lieutenant J. W. Fletcher, Leominster. Company K ? Harre. Captain T. 8. Wiishbnrn, Worcester. First lieutenant M. M. I'amhurst, liarre. Second Lienumant John B. Williams, Barre. TH1BD KUODK INLAND VOLUNTKEKS. runj> osvumc. Cokmel N. W. Brown. Iieutonent Colonel 8. R. liuckliu. Mt\)or Edwin Motcalf. staff oniaic. Aiijutant Edwin Metcalf. Quartermaster W. P. Martin. Surgoon Fenner H. Peckhain. Assistant Surgeon H. (J. Sllckney. chaplain Rev. Titos. Quiutt' Sergeant Major Thomas Cotton. IJNK ?n nooM. t'<ji?;*iny A Captain Th< s. B. Briggs. First Lieutenant Titos. W. Fry. Second Lieutenant Murtin S. Jaincs. Company B. Captain,. L. C. Tortellote. First Lieutenant A. E. Green. Second Lieutenant CJ. O. Kddy. Company C. Captain l\ W. H. Day. First Lieutenant A. A. Ellis. Second Lieutenant J. Morrow. Company />. Captain R. G. Shaw. First Lieutenant 11. Rogers, Jr. Second Lieutenant A. R. Raw son Omnjiany K. Captain J. K. Bailey. First Lieutenant J. I). Kldridge. Second Lieutenant C. H. Spriuk. Company F. Captain Pardon Mason. First Lieutenant J. Richardson. Second Lieutenant W. C.Barney. Company G. Captain John H . Gould. First Lieutenant C. R. Brayton. Second Lieutenant J. B. 13 landing. Company H. Oflicers not appoiuted. Cbmpany /. Captain C has. (i. Strahan. First lieutenant J. Lanahan. Socond Lieutenant ? ? . Company K. Captain Alex. Aimor. First Lieutenant Carpenter. Second Lieutenant . bkkrill'h enoixekks. FlKLJi omauM Lieut. Col. commanding. . . . Edward W. SerrHI. Major James F. Half: staff raw?. Adjutant Bcrgnr. Quartermaster John lie la Montayne. Surgeon A. J. Dalrymple. UNB OFFKZKH. Omjxiny A. Captain lames B. Grant. F'irst Lieutenant Thomas B. Brooks. Second Lieutenant George Green. Company H. Captain Fielding Neal. First Lieutenant Withers. Second Lieutenant Julius lless. Company C. Captain .Tamils E. Place. First Lieutenant Walter Scott. Second Lieutenant Vincent M. W. Brown. Company D. Captain Frederick E. Graef. First Lieutenant I/wisSuess. Second Lieutenant John Bingham. Comjjanv K. Captain Alfred W. Sears. First Lieutenant R. V. R. Pearine. Second Lieutenant F. Farren. Battery. Captain ? ? smun. SKETCHES OP THE GENERALS. It is appropritte at this time to give biograpbtaol no tices of tho principal officers on whom rests the thlof share in tho conduct of the enterprise. GEN'KKAL THOMAS W. SHERMAN. Acting Mnjor General Thoiuas W. Sherman ? in charge of tho expeditionary corps ? was born in Rhode Island, graduatod at tbe West Point Military Academy In 1936, standing number eighteen in a cl?a of forty -six cadets ? on unusually large proportion? and was appointod.Second lieutenant in the Third thiitod States artillery in July , 1896. In March, 1837, he baoome Assistant Commissary of Sub sistence, and in tl>e same month of thefotlowing year was promoted to a first lieutenaooy. J net at tbe breaking oat of tbo troubles with Mexieo bo was promoted to a oaptaincy , his commission hearing date May *98, 1840 Me served with distinction previously in .the Florida wars, and accompanied General Taylor to Mexitp, render ing himself conspicuous for tbs aotfl and efficiency with which be performed his duty, lie vuw breveted Major for his gallant and mcrltoriots oOmVvt at the battle of Buena Vista, February 23, 18/?. Sineo tbe close of the Mexican war be has boon on (fcity In various parts of tbe country, always rendering oflloiont terviae. In August, 1867, while on duty at tbo Minnesota agency, ID tbe In dian country, he was distinguished for the prudence and firmness with which be acted in averting a war with tbe Mississippi tribes of the ftoux. On tbe formation of tbe Fifth artillery he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of tbe regiment, a portion of which was engaged in tbe Bull run light, under tho name of Sherman's, and, subsequent |y, Ayres' battery. He was made Brigadier General May 17. 1891. SKETCH OF BRIOADIER GENERAL VIE US. Egbert L. Viele, wbo is in cbasge of tbe First brigade of tbo expeditionary oorpB, is the youngest son of tbe late Hon. John L. Viele, who was for a. nifmbor of ye.-ws Judge of tho Court of Last Resort, under the former State constitution. He was born in Saratoga apunty , Now York, June 17, 1825, and is consequently now thlrty six years of age. IMs early education at tbo Albany Aoodemywas under tbe supervision of tbo vonOrabie

T. Rotneyn Beck. At tbo age of sixtaen be was ap pointed to a cadotship by the Hon. D. Barnard, afterwards American Minister ul Berlin. Graduating at West I'oint In 1847, in the soma class with Major General MtCleHan, bo joined his regiment in Mextao Immediately on re ceiving his commission, and served under General SooM until tbo oloso of tbe war. On tbe termination of hostili ties General Taylor was ordered, with two divisions of the army to garrison the nowly acquired frontier. Captain 1 Viele's regiment was posted on the lower Rio Grande. Tho duties of the army along this extended frontier, then con stantly exposed to tbe incursions of numerous tribes of hostile Indians, wore as arduous us the activo service in | Mexico. The troops, divided k^to several parties, wero always in tho field. Captain Viele was assigned by Gene, ral Worth to the command of a mounted battalion sta tioned at the okl Mexican town of Laredo, and his reports, accompanying the President's Message of 1849, exhibit the deplorable condition of tbo frontier at that time Having resigned bis oommlssion in 1863, Captain Vielo was appointed State Engineer of New Jersey, and clmrgad with a geometrical survey of that State. In 1858 he was appointed Engineer-ln-Cbief of tbe Central Park, his plans for that Important public work having been unani mously adopted by a board or eminent men, of whom Washington Irving was President. As 'a member of the Council of the American Geographical Socioty, Captain Viole bccame warmly Interested in the new Arctic expe dition of Dr. Hayes, and , as Chairman of the*Arctlc Com mittee, submitted several reports to that body, urging tho importance of the expedition, both in a scientific and national point of view. In the fore part of tho prosont year ho was appointed Engineer-in-Chlcf of tho Central Park in Brooklyn. His well known Handbook needs no comment here. It is in tho liand of every volunteer. At tbe time tho capital was in peril Captain Viele or ganized a body of two hundred men, who were armed and equipped in three days, and sailed in a steamor chartered by private subscription, for tbo relief of the Seventh re giment. On reaching Fortress Monroe ho learned that tho Sevonth had already moved on to Washington, when ho opened the dangerous passage of the Potomac. Among military men General Viol- has also .iceu well known as the author of several mcritorio s w< rk? on military science. RKKTCH 01' UUIt; AIHEH GENERAL 8TKVKNF. Isaac Ingalls Stoveus, in chargo of the third brigade of tho '?xpodlilonary coi pa, in now about forty-five years or ago. Ho was bom in Andover, in tho Stato of M isxachu sotts? his tUllM , a plaiu farmer, boing of tho true Purl tan stock. R eeivlng hts oarly education at ono of the best academies iu Now England, his precocious ability led to his appointment, while a mero boy , to a ca U trthip at Wost Point. Ho graduated at that institution as the first scholar of his class, standing so high above all others that It Is said there were flttcon degrees between himself and the cadet next in rank, llis high rank was attained without remarkable labor, fnr ho learned almost by in tuition ? a sluglo reading of the most abstruse proposition in mathematics being sufficient to enable htm to master It. U|Hm leaving West Point young Stevens was appoint ed to the Engineer corps, and was for several years em ployed iu suiiorinteudiiig tho construction of seacoast for. tificaMBis , one of which was tho important fort near Buoksport, upon the Ponob.?cot rlvor. Upon the breaking out of tho war with Mexico, Lieut. Stevens served on tho personal staff of Gen. Scott, and was in all the battles on the plains of Mexico. His bold rooonnoissatir ?, forsonal gallantry and .profound know ledge of tho principles of war attracted tho attention of his general, who xpoke of him as "tho most promising officer of his aj{o." He w:is twice brovotod for gallantry in action, apd in ono of the last battles received a aovero gunshot wonnd In tho foot, from which ho still suffers. Upon his return to tho United States "Major" Stovers was selected by tho distinguished Professor Baeho to per" form the duties of Chief of tho Coast Survey Office at Washington, and while occupying that position performed a valuable public service by successfully combating the prejudices which prevailed in Cougress against that most important work. During this period Major Stevens also published a history, or rathor criticism, of tho Mexican war. This work , eminently philosophical, and displaying a profound comprehension of strategic principles, having been published in pamphlet form, is unfortunately out of print. Upon the accession of General Pierce to the Presidency, and the organization of the Territory of Washington, Professor Hachc and General Totten urged upon the Pro. sident tlve appointment of Stevctm to take charge of tho contemplated railroad survey from tho head waters of the Mississippi to Pnget Sound; and General Pierco, who had personally witnessed bis hijjh qunlitl s in Mexlcoi not only placed him in charge of the survey, hut ap pointed him also Governor of Washington Territory and ex Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Tho history of the survey appears In a superb quarto volume, forming the twelfth of the Pacific Railroad Ro ports. It la a remarkable fact that the whole of this ad mirable work was tlrst written out by short hand report ters,from Governor Steveus' dictation, ho being so en grossed with Congressional labors as to have no time U) prepare the work otherwise. But this was not allowed to interfere with a most thorough and searching subso" quant revision. One whole year of Governor Stevens' term of office as Governor of Washington Territory wus occupied by his negotiation with the Indian tribes botween the Missouri and Puget Sound. He made treaties with the formidable Blackfeot, tho Gros Ventres, the Pend Orellles, and nearly twenty other tribes, and established friendly relations with twenty thousand Indians? a work which is regarded at the Indian Bureau as ono of tho most important that has ever been effected in our Iudian relations. Upon returning from tho Blackfoot Council, Governor Stevens loarned that during his ahsenoe the Indians on the coast hail declared war upon tho whites. With tho utmost difficulty, but by feats of tho most daring Intrepidity, ho brought his small |>arty safely through the hostile tribes, and instantly set himself to work to prosecuto the war. Tho whole conduct of affairs dovolved upon him, and although questions liavo arisen about the policy of the war, thero have been none as to tho de cision, promptna-s and vigor displa) ed by Governor Ste vens. The Indians were quelled, and it is the settled opinion that the very existence of the Territories of Ore gon and Washington is due to the military genius and ex ecutive power of the Governor. President Pierco and Secretary Davis disapproving tho war, Rovornor Stevens was removed from the executive chair; but the people of Washington Territory, better informed, showod their ap preciation of his services by immediately electing htm delegate to Congress. Although selected as Chairman of the Breckinridge Ex ecutive Committee in the Presidential campaign of 1800, and thus intimately associated with the Southern leaders, he was never taken into their treasonable councils, and at the first declaration of secession he openly denounced them. Ills intimacy and influence with President Bu chanan now enabled him quietly to perform what was perhaps the most Important service of his life. ' He urgod upon the President the prompt dismissal of Floyd and Thompson from tho Cabi net , and pressed him to trust to the counsels of General Scott. He was, during the winter, in dally consultation wKh officers of the army In relation to the defences of the city of Washington, and*exerclsed a controlling Influ ence over them. For these acts ho deserves tho groti tudc of the country, no less than those other noble demo crats, Holt and Stanton. He was fortunately stimulated in life loyalty by his admirable wife and her sister, the daughters of one of the most eminent lawyers of Rhodo Island. At the elose of the session of Congress Governor Ste vens proceeded to Washington Territory, and while in tho remotest part of tho Territory lieard of the attack on Sumter. He instantly offerod his services to the govern ment, and left for the city of Washington, determined to fight for the Union, even in the ranks. He got command of the Seventy Dinth New York regiment ? Uio Highland ers ? and at once gained their confidoDce , respect and ad miration, soon restoring them from tho state of demorali sation nod revolt in which he found them, into one of tho inert roliabio regiments in tho service. He is now in oommand of the Third Brigade, of which the Seventy niBtti forms a part. We may expect him and the brigade to distinguish themselves. (US ETCH OF GENERAL WRIGHT. Brigadier General Horatio Gates Wright is a native of Q in ton, Connecticut, and graduated at West Point in 1841, standing number two in his cIofb. lie became Second Lieutenant of tho First United States Engineers in tho same year, and in January, 1842, was appointed aoting assist ant l'rofeseor of Engineering at the Military Academy, a position he bcld until August, 1843, when hebccamofull Assistant Professor. In February, 1848, he was promoted to a First Lioutenantoy, and in February, 1865, toa Cap taincy in the Engineers. Ho was for four years assistant to General Totton, in the Engineer Offloe at Washington, and rendered valuable service in that capacity. He was subsequently stationed at the Tortugas Island, engaged in the construction of Fort Jefferson, a duty that may be considered au an honorable exile. Our readers will re. member bow tho mereurial Floyd sent Captain M. C. Meigs to this post to bo effectually rid of him. By the increase of the engineer oorps be was promoted Major, his commission dating August 6, of tho present year. He is among Uiosc recently created Brigadier Gencruls by the President, his appointment dating from last mouth. Such are the men on whom tlie hopes of tho country dow rest, as having the conduct of an expedition of such vast magnitude, and fraught with such inestimable re sults to tho whole republic. We trust they will all provo fully up to the trust reposed in them , and that tho work which they havo on hand will redound to their own glory, and to the great and lasting Interests of the whole land. THE COA^URVIEYOfFICER. COLONEL CHAM.ES 0. BOUTELLE, or THE UNITED STATES COAST SDK VET SERVICE. A most prominent officer of tho expedition is Colonel Charles 0. Bontelle, of tho United States Coast Purvey, who has been long known as an efficient officer in that servico. How important his position is In the present expedition will be observed by tho perusal of tho follow ing facts in connection with his history as a United Statos Coast Survey officer:? In 1852 ho made tho survey of that portion of th? Southern coast extending from Capo Fear to St. Marys river, cml'racing the coast of South Carolina and Georgia, Rnd In 1853 was engaged on the New England coast. In tlieso latter operations ho was assisted by Benjamin Hugor, Jr., son of the rebel Major General Hugcr. During this same year ho resumed his work on the South Caro lina const, in the extension of tho primary triangulatlon between Edlsto and Cluirleston. In 1864 a reconnoigsance of tho coast of South Carolina was mado from tho Ashley river to the Santeo, Colonel Boutollo accompanying the expedition in tho capacity of officer or astro nomical and magnetic observations. Having com pleted theso observations he mado the sur vey up Wando river to PanieU's Island and north easterly along tho coast, including Long Island, north of the entrance to Charleston harbor. In 1854 he was en gaged in the survey of the Stono river and inlet, thi.s comp'eting tho survey of the coast from St. Helena Sound to Long Island; and in 1855 participated in tho survey of Savannah, Ga. , and Georgetown, S. C. Is 1857 hi oontlnuod hi* operati.nB lu South Carolina. Boutclle Ii.-ih since been actively at work on various parts of the Wilted States coast, much Iho greater por tion of his services, however, being continent to tho South cm coast., of whoso topographical details too possesses a full and thorough knowledge. THE SUPPLIES AND GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS. Groat foresight has boon used In tho tilting out of tho expedition , bo as to guard iigalmst tallure from slight causes. Tlio disembarkation of tho troops Is ono of iho most necessary and Important matters to bo attended to, and for that all possible precautions seem to havo been taken. Tho ferry boats are chlolly to bo relied upon for bringing tho trooi* closo to shore, being much belter adapted for landing troops lllau lb# ordltulry *ul1' ?teamers; and hi addition to those several hundred surfboats havo been provided, command..! by expe rienced surfmcn and wreckers from tho Now Jersey coast. Gen. Sherman estimates, in one or lus orders, that tho means at his disix.sal are cabbie of landing from three to four thousand men at once. Tho best | pilots to bo found lu this city and In New Kngland, whose j seamen are familiar with every league of the Southern coast, are engaged in the service of tho government, and will prove to be Indispensable to their assistance. An Immense number of army wagons and horses, for transportation purposes, In adduiou to those be longing to .-aeh regiment, aro also on board the (loot, and wo understand that the wagoners havo been recruit ed to tho extent or two hundred from tho stage drivers of this olty, who are proverbial for their skill In managing the reins. Tho transport ship Groat Republic alone has six hundred and fifty horses on board? tho wbolo number of horses being llfteen hundred. Tho steamship l>antel Webster Carrie* a supply of water for tho expedition. Other transport* are laden with hay, forage, brick, provi si. ms of all k nls, shovels, pickaxes, barrow a and Imple ments of every inscription required Tor fortification pur poses. Wo understand that a corps of carpenters, masons, and other artUiers, with one thousand laborers, was organized in this city, and accompanies tho expedition, and it wus expected that, in addition to those, several hundred contraband negroes at Fortress Mouroo would ho sent. Wo believe, however, that that order has boon countermanded, and tluit no negroes wore taken on hoard there. H has been determined, however , that all person?, of whatever color, who may seek the shelter <>r our flag, will be employed in throwing up fortifications erecting temiH?rary barracks Tor our troop* wlwrcvor and landed. Extra camp equipage, or every description, is provided on the most liberal scale, and largo supplies or clothing and equipments, not only tor those who now fonu part of our rorccn, but Tor those who may rally to the support of the government in the regions where our troops go to restore tho country's flag. In this connec tion, as showing the viows or tho government in regard to persons of color who may offer their set vices, we give the roltowlng letter Trom the Secretory ot War to the General in command: ? iaa1 W*Rl>ni,AnT>tR*T,Oct. 14, 1881. Km? In conducting military operations within States doc lard by tho proclamation ortne President to be in a state or insurrection, you will govern yours" '.?^rjs nersoos hold to service under the la*s of st?t h States hp concerned by the principles or tho lettors addressed by me to Major General Hutler on the 80th of May and tho nil or Angus' , copies <>r which are herewith furnished to you. As special directions, adapted to s|S'cuil clrcum, ? ice' cannot l>e given, much must bo referred to your own discretion, as Commanding General of tUe expedition. You will however, In general avail yourseir <>t any per sous whether fugitives from lubor or uot, who may offer | themselves to the national government; you will , enip J ] km. h nei>sns In such Bervlc.-s us they may bo tltl.d f r, either as ordinary employes, or, ir special ?nem to rouuiro it, in any other capacity, with sucn or g animation, in squads, companies m?v deem most bet*?lk*ial to tho service. This, now?vor, not to mean a general arming of th?^f"rt^t'conK?WB vice You will assure all loyal musters that congress will pr.,vldejuBloomi^usatlon U)^m for the loss ^ t Sahts 15m loyal masters, and the Ismotits to the Unl ed States of the services or all disposed U, support lo t'merriiTH'iit while it avoids all interference with the focial systems of local Institutions or every SUW, beyond that which insarrection makes unavoidable, and which a peaceful relations to tho ?^mdcr the ? KS'SiSm!; Brigadier General T. W. Shehman, commanding expedi tion to the Southern cast. Among othor large items In the suppty list we may note two thousand bushels of Cumberland coal? to VwuBcd, not ror steam purposes, but ror beating shot, fcc?elght tbou sand bags or oats for norees (In ono vessel) , with corres ponding quantities of corn and hay distributed among vessels, three and a half months' supples of rood ror tho army, dumping carts, handcarts, barrowt. camp stoves, brick, cement, grindstones, lumber, pre .wired rrames or the houses aud barracks, cross-cut saws sandbags for breastworks, several hundred foot balls ror tho exorcisc and amusement of the troops ta garrison, kc. As to military stores proper, there is what would Bp pear to be an Inexhaustible qnantity. Ammunition , shot and shell, with ten thousand stand or supernumerary mus kets and small arms, to lie used in arming loyal citizens in the vicinity where landings may he effected, aro mostly piaced on boanl tlie steamships Atlantic and Baltic, which also carry a number of huge columbiads; of course other transports arc used for a like purpose. Of light casslonsTgrapo, cannlster and forges, that go to moke fflSSSaa: and that the most unstinted exi>ondiUiro could procure, has been most liberally provided. THE ATLANTIC BLOCKADING SQUADRON. | In addition to tho vessels given in our account, wo give the name# of a number of vessels at present engaged In the blockading service that may at any moment bo detachod to Join the expedition. There are also some few vessels thot left this city nt the same time the others did , lint which are not mentioned as being in (he expedition; probably these v ''pacta may Join it at some given point; in this clans are the BraxiUero, and the steamers Alabama and James A4ger. The follow Ing is a list of sotno of tho vessels that arc blockading Southern ports:? Vatidalia Off Iteale's Bay,S. C. Susquehanna On' Wilmington, M C. Flag OH" Charleston. Savannah Ofl'Savannah. Albatross Off Beaufort, N. C. Dale Off Fernandina. St. Ijiwrenco Ofl'St. Simons. Roanoke Off Charleston. Monticello Oil' Charleston. SUSQUEHANNA. The Susquehanna ? which is now engaged on the South era Atlantic blockading squadron ? la to Join tho fleet She is a sHo-wheel steam sloop-of-war of the first ela?s She was built in Philadelphia in 1S50, Is 2,400 Kins burthen, and carries fifteen guns. Shu was ordered Into commission for service in the Mediterranean sijoudron last year, but remained some time iu the Gulf before leaving for tho Ewt. She returned on the 4th of June last, was quickly renovated, and sailed a short time ago. The Susquehanna was in tho first cable exposition, in tho Japan expedition, and served not king since in the Uecli' torranean. Her ofllcors are:? Cmnmander ? J. L. Lardner. Lieutenant)? Jonathan Young, William Gwin, Aaron W. Weaver. Acting Lieutenant ? J. S. Weslon. Acting Masters? Vvorgt W. Livingston, George H. BraA bury. Surgeon Joseph Beale. Asnrimd Surgeon ? H. C. Nelson. }'aymast>r ? Washington Irving. Lieutenant of Marine*? Philip K. Kendall, Jr. ChuJ Engineer ? Georgo Sewell. Sec nd A ssistant Engineer* ? J. M. Hobby, F. E. Drown. Third Assistant Engineers ? James Renshnw, Edward R. Arnold, Albert S. Greene, James ButterworUi, Win. H. fuller, l>. M. Greene. Ca}<tain's Clerk? Charles W. Chaunccy. Paymaster' * Clerk ? F. O. Beaie Acting Midshipmen? U. L. Johnson, E. C. Haaehine, James Wall ice. Acting Boatnuain ? Charles Miller. Acting Qunner ? William H. Summers. Acting Car/H-nUr?ti. Morris Doughty. Acting Sailmaker ? John C. Herbert. Masters' Male*? K. Frank Cook, William U. Grower, Wil liam L. Churchill, James O. Barnes. ROANOKE. Tho Roanoke Is a steam screw frigate of 8,400 tons burthen, and carries forty guns. She was built at the Gosport Navy Yard, in 1855. Sho has boon lying at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, previous to the blooluulo, but 1ms liko the others been in active service ever slnoe. Her officers arc:? Ciptain ? John Marston. Lieutenants ? Daniel Ammen, W. N. Jeffers, S. 8. F UN brown , K. W. Scott, A. I). I/Hld. Suregom ? J. 0. Spear,, J. H. Linkham. Paymaster ? B. J. Cahoone. Chaplain ? Robert Given. Bui'Drain ? T. Bennct. Ounner ? T P. Venuhlc. Carpen'c.r ? M. W. I'aul. Sailmuixi' ? W. S. Bray ton. .S>c?mi Lieu'enant of Marines ? J. Forney. Chief Engineer ? A. C. St liners. Fir. l Engineer ? II. B. None*. .S Wend AKislaut Epqineers?R. A. Co|icland , T- J. Griffin. Third Assistant Eii^iiiecrt ? (i . J. Burnap, W. II. G. West, A. Jutkcon, A. Uendr.cks. ST. LAWHKNCE. Tho St. Ivtwrnnce In u Bulling frigate of fifty gum, waa built in 1847 at tho Guspyrt Navy Yard, and la seventeen hundred and twenty-nix tons burthen. Sho was lying tn ordinary at the Philadelphia yard before tin' rebellion, and sineo has bot'U engaged in tho blockading nor v loo. lior officers uro? Commander ? II. Y. Purviance. Lieutenant > ? W. C. West, John Downes, J. B. til ilea. Surgeon ? Robert Wi odworth. A mutant Surgeon J. I'. Qninn. VaymatLer ? j. P. Ohvant. Ji'iiUsuxiin ? lolui A. Uriscoo. Sailmaker ? Ijewis Rodgera. first Lieutenant of Marin** ? James Lewis. SAVANNAH. TheS.ivannoh is a aloop-of-war,of 1,72(5 toils, and carries twenty four guna. She waa once a frigate, hut was cut down to her present size. 8bo was built In the Brooklyn Navy Yard In 1842, where she was lying previous to the pre s nt troubles of tho country. She haa been alnce en gaged in blockading. Tho following la the la teat list of her officers G miman-hr. ? John S. Misroom. Lieutenants ? John C. Feblgor, Wm. V. Buckner, An drew W. Johnson, t\ w. lienry. Suiyrnn. ? Usury O. Mayo. Anistant Surgeon. ? J. C'orbln. ray m ash r. ? A. W. Russell. Boatswiin. ? Win. Wine Innier. Gunner. ? Nicholas ll. Willet. Oitrf en'er. ? Aim* Chick. Sailmaker. ? R. L. Tutem. Second Lieutenant of Marina. ? P. C. Kennedy. DA LB. Tho I>alo la a sloop-of war of Mfl tons , carry lug 16 guns. She was built In 1830 at Philadelphia. Boforo the bl .ok adosho was lying In ordinary at l'ortamouth, N. H ; since then sho lias been in active duty. Her lost station waa oil Portland iua, Fla. Her olUcerH aro : ? Commander ? Edward II. Yard. Lieutenant- ? W. T. Tructon. Midtkijmuin ? Silas W. Terry. Boatswain? John II. Hownea. Gunner ? (). H. (iiliinorc. Oirftenter ? O. H. Gurry. ? Saibnaker ? T. Mellin. ALABAMA. Tho Alabama ia a vessel almost similar to tho Augusta, and In is undergone tho same transformation from a mer chant vessel Into a wur stcauier. Tho Alabama has the advantage of being some years youngor, having been built iu 18A0. 8lie is about 1,300 tons burthen, and has tho churucter of being a fast sailor. Tho following are her officers: ? Commander ? K. I/inler. Lieutenant ? E. W. Henry. Acting Masters ? W.J. Powers, C. C. Hillard and J. S. Oeniiis. Assistant Surgeon ? O. A. Gibson. Actilig 1'aynuister ? W. S. Harford. f\rrt Assistant Engineer ? H. C. Mason. Sex- mat Assistant Engineer ? K. C. Berryman. 't'hird Assistant Engineers ? it. Hamilton, 0. McDonald and B. Taylor. Gunner ? A. Ever son. Masters' Motet ? G. P. I^eo and N. C. Smith. JAMBS APOKR. The James Adger Is ono of the purchased vessel* that tho government is at p/esent using In the navy. She Is a side wheel steamer of 1,162 tons burthen, and wan built in this city in 1861. The following is a JUt of her officers: ? C.mmnmder ? J. B. Marohand. Lifutenant ? J. K. Foster. Acting Marhrs ? (i. B. tTpham, P. Huso, J. B. Carr. Acting l'ajpwutee ? W. W. F. Gurnway. Acting Assistant Surgeon ? It. N. Atwwd. fHrtt Assistant Engineer ? W. J. Peterson. Third Assistant Engineer* ? C. P. Koersted, J. Fox, J. Carson. <1 miner ? E. G. Bencher. Masters' Motet ? T. W. Case. W. W. Reed, G. Couch. GKM OK THE SKA. The bark Clem of the Sea was purchasod by the govern" ment , and has been titling out at tho Brooklyn Navy Yard, where sho received her armament, consisting of four guns. She is rated AIM, and is 371 tons burthen. Sho waa built at Boston in 18S7, and is officered as fol lows:? Commanding ? J. B. Baxter. Master ?? H. A. Clarke, S. A. Bennis and Neteon Pro vost. Surfpetm ? John Matthews. Ma ters' Mate* ? W . C. Molloy, (ieorgo H. White and Peter F. Collin. CAMBRIDGE. Tho Cambridge is one of the purchasod vessels that, the government has converted into a gunboat. She waa built at Medford In 1860, In 858 tons burthen , ia a pro peller and is owned in the city of Boston. Sho haa been blockading Beaufort, but on last accounts she was at Hampton Roads. Tho following are her officers: ? Commander ? William A. Parker. Lieutenant and Executive Oficer ? William (Twin. Acting Masters ? Messrs. Eld ridge, Very and Strong. Assistant 1'csj/mater ? '. C. Canti ng. Assittamt Surgeon ? II. A. Richardson. first Assistant Eiwinrer?Fruuk A. Bremen. Second. Assistant Engineer ? Charles Pennington. Vnird Assistant Eat, inters ? John Steiger and James Powers. Acting Gunner ? Ferguson. Acting Carpenter ? Wilson. Master's Malm ? Meetir*. Othowell, Willis, Odiorne and Mates. Paymaster s Steward ? Toft. Surgeon's Steward ? fJruves. VANDAUA. Tlio Van (JHlla is a sloop-of-war nf 783 tout , and carries twenty guns. 8b* win built at the Philadelphia Navy yard in 1828, since which time she has wen much service. ,Shc lias returned from the East Indies, where shewiissta tkmeri. Since her return sho has ho'ii In a-tive service on tbe blockade. Her la^t station was o.Tthc South Caro lina coast. The r??IK>wrlmj is a list of her officers ? Commander ? ? S. I', lluit^erty. Lieutenants ? Wiu. 1>. Whiting; R. Cliaudler, Henry Wil son. C. K. Fleming. Surrmm ? C. Kversfleld. A**i*iant Surgeon ? H. K. McSlierry. lioatrwilin ? I'. .1. Miller. Caerpciihr ? It. Thomas. Sa\l)M.ker ? Wm. Kcdkam. First Lieutauint of Marine* ? J. Schortncrhorn. OlMHKUt.AND. The Cumberland is asloop of- war of 1,720 t<ms burthen, carries twenty-four runs, and was built in 1H-12 at the Charlestown Navy Yard. She was lately atta-hed t > iho Home squadron, and has done most cflfootlva nor vice in helping to preserve the blockade. Tlio following is a list of the officers C/mmcuuler ? J. W. Livingston. Lieutenants ? H. K. Davenport, T. 0. Selfringp. i Surgeon ? S. Jatk: u. AnittaiU Surgeon ? W. W. LoavitU 1'ayniasler ? 0. Hurt. Cha/ikrin ? J. L. Lonliart. IH'rtt Lieutenant of Manna ? C. llaywooi. Hoilswain ? E. II. lie'l. Gunner ? E. Muck. Carpenter ? W. M. Idighton. Sailmakr ? D. Bruuo. JAMESTOWN. TlxJ Jamestown Is a sloop-of-war of 985 tons burthen; wu built in 1844 at the Gosport Navy Yard, and curries 22 guns. She has been lying In ordinary at the Philadel phia Xavy Yard, but has boon in so r vie: since the com mencement of our troubles. Her officers are:? ' Commemder ? Charles Green. First Lvutnunt ? N. H. Harrison. S><<md Lieutenant ? C. W. Klosser. Third Lieutenant ? It. I- Pythian. Surgeon ? John lbtdcnstciu, M. I). Assidant Surgei/n ? J. Cleborno, M. D. I'ayvMUter ? .lames N. Wlule. Acting Mast- i ? W. Ellery,C. N. Dade*. Senmd Lieuteji/mt of Marina ? C. P. Houston. Hua'twaiu? William 1/ing. Ounner ? L. K. Mils. Carpenter ? I. It. Hoover. Saitmaker- It. 11. Hunter. BABIint, The Sabine? also one of tbe blockading squadron? is to Join tlio expedition. Hho Is a sailing frigate of fifty guns. She was finished in 1K56, ari-r being for many years on the stocks at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Her tonnage Is 1,724. Previous to the blockadc she wai attached to tho Home squadron. She lias boon engaged in the blockade skice that time. The following aro her officers:? C.ijAmw ? 0?<l\?aH*;l?r Ringgold, Maryland. Part Luukmant and Eactcutire OJJktr ? (.??o. B. Batch, Missouri. Second Limstsnant?Uomrr C. Ulnke, Ohio. Third Lieutenant ? William P. McCann, Kentucky. I'a yvvist-r ? Jr George Harris, Tennessee. Surgeon ? John J. Abernethy , Connecticut. Captain </ Marines? William Blokes Boyd, Pennsyl vania. Master ? i. Crittenden Watson , Kentucky. Assistant Surpam? Aarou 8. liberty , Connecticut. Acting Masters ? John Ewer, Mas ichusctts, William R. Hathawa?\ , Massachusetts; Lucius H. lJcutly , Massachu setts. Midshijxnen ? E. C. Haseltloe, New Hampshire; M. L. Johnson. Massachusetts; Jamee Wallace, Iowa. Captain's Clerk? V.. Brown, Jr., New York. Payinajter't Clerk ? M O. Hall, Massachusetts. Acting Master's Ma'es ? B. W. McKeever, 1'ennsylva. nia: Henry No?, New York; Leveritt H. White, Con nocticnt. Acting Boatswain ? Charles H. Hatfield, Illinois. Acting (Junncr ? William W.ule, Washington, 1>. C. Acting Carrmxter ? t.oorge E. B.irchard. Massachusetts. Acting Sailimka ? Jolm 0. Chevalior, New York. MONTWELLO. The Montiedto is another of tbe puri chased vessels, and lias proved herself to bo an excellent vessel. Her able commander has also won for himself the praise of the country for his coolness and bravery. Tbe alfeir at Ctiicamucomico gained both for himself and vessel the applause ol the public. Tho oilier officers arc of course deserving ol much praise for their courage and ambition.