Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1861 Page 7
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tTnion soldiers pointed their ghastly Angora, not Southward, but toward* the Tribune office. The game of tbo conspirator* Lad to bo played ?grin. It is playing still. Seo how Mgerly every pretext is adopted to force the administration Into an abolition war. Fremont is sustained against the administration, and the President is defied to remove him, on the ground that it -would kill our cause in the West; as if Fre mont, or any other one man, were the Union, and was not to stand or fall by bis own acts, ir respective of his personal popularity. The TrOrune boldly calls upon all Union officers to ?disobey General Mansfield's order in regard to fugitive slaves. Every Union general, from MeGlellan downward, is assailed. The organs ? of this conspiracy? the Times, for instance ? publish tbs details of kour naval expe ditions In season for the rebels to guard their porte against our arms. The Eng lish government is supported against our own. Defeats of the Union forces are pre ? dieted. Contractors are warned against sup plying our brave army with necessaries. The policy of. the administration is attack <-ed, and that of emancipation urged. The West is declared to be ripe for re volution against the administration. A se cret convention is held here at the ABtor House to take measures to discourage recruit ing. Tbo President is told that he will be hissed in the streets of Cincinnati, because of his disavowal of Fremont's proclamation. We defy any man to give a hypothesis which will account for this course of the abolition organs, -other than that of a conspiracy to neutralize our ?efforts against rebellion, to embroil us in a for eign war, to create a revolution at the North, to -do every possible mischief, until the adminis tration, hampered and clogged by its former supporters, consents to strike down slavery to save the country. We ask any man whether these attacks npon the administration would not cease; whether abolitionists would not, at last, .join our army; whether the Tribune, Tbnea and World would not, at last, support the President' if, tomorrow, he unfurled the black flag of eman cipation from the capital? The people demand that this abolition conspi racy shall be crushed out, as that of the rebels ought to have been, while It Is in the bud. That the government shall mppro?8 these abolition it suppressed the secession organs. That Northern traitors shall share the imprisonment ?of Southern rebels. That abolitionists in petti 'Coats shall be confined in lunatic asylums, or as closely as the rebel "ladles" of Washington. 'The government can look with no greater favor upon Northern than upon Southern traitors, and 4hey should be treated alike. The administra tion is Bworn to support the Union, and it can ?cow stake off both heads of -Is monster of re bellion at one blow. Let that blow fall. Miscalculations North and Sooth. ? Long before the Presidential election, and up to the -actual outbreak of the war, we pointed out, ~we* after week, the dangers that were looming in the distance. We clearly foresaw all that has since come to pass, and we warned the .people of the United States to avert the threat ened disasters by a speedy compromise. But *our warnings were uttered in vain, and those who advocated timely concessions were stigma tized by the abolitionist leaders as Incendiaries. When we told our readers plainly and earnestly that if something was not done to con ciliate the South there would be a revo lution, few at the North believed it, ?nd people laughed at the mere idea. They thought H a freak of madness to talk of the South rising in arms against the North, and they treated the matter as little better than a ,'joke till the bombardment of Fort Snmter turned it into a stern reality. The day for ?compromise had then gone by. The whole North, with an enthusiasm such as' was never "before witnessed in America, rose to vindicate 4he honor of an outraged flag, and with one im pulse organized an army, not only for the protec tion of the national capital, but the punishment -of the rebels and the exliuction of the rebellion. But it has proved a harder task to do so than they had calculated. They now find themselves in ?the midst of a great war, which, if our prophetic earning had been listened to, would never Slave occurred. In the same manner the South also miscalcu lated. The leaders there thought they had only to take possession of Washington and establish a military government in order to intimidate the entire North. But they soon found out their mistake, and, foiled in their schemes, madly re solved on the desperate struggle in which they are now engaged. It was the resistance offered to the South by the North that goaded it to a pitch of ftiry that has not abated with the lapse ?of time. Meanwhile battles have been fought, and won, and lost, and still there has been no decisive result But the North has not yet put forward its full strength to crush out this re bellion. It has only to do so, and the event is ?certain. It is gradually becoming more and snore aroused, more and more determined, and two months hence the North, from Maine to Missouri, will be more excited and united as one man than now. There will be a great rising of the people to put down, with overwhelming force, this gigantic conspiracy against the Union, and with it the abolition incendiaries who have been the cause of it all, who pro claimed against compromise, who were deaf to reason, and who still remain the worst enemies of their country. City Politicians and City Newspapers. ? We notice that the city politicians have a great fancy for those city papers having the smallest ?circulation. The Board of Supervisors is the ?nly board that advertises the public business as they would their own. What is the cause of .All this? Can it be from a fear that exists ?round the City Hall that if tbe contracts and jobs originating in tbe Common Council were to be advertised in a legitimate and business fray the competition would be so great -that their special favorites would not be able to get them, and thus they lose their per oentage! MAILS FOR EUROPE. 'Vli* New York Herald? Edition tor Europe. TfoeCunard mail steamship Arabia, Captain will leave Boston on Wednesday fi* Liverpool. He mails for Europe will cioao in this city this afternoon, at a quarter-past 01. and at lwlf-pogt flvo O'clock, to go by railrmui. Titr KuMor&ut Knrnojt or tiie IImuld will be published at ten O'clcck in tho morning. Single copiop, :n wrnji jyr-i. six c -lit*. Tli' contents of thr> Kitwoi'ra* Krmosr op mis IIkr> t.n ?wri combii 'tliaii'uvs , Ived by mail and telegraph at ?li ffn't ;..ringl i . i - 'lis week and up to tbe hour of IJIlVn l'i hi. Sm.,, - , i?;v. 11 Co., No. 47 I. ideate Ilill, London , K i. ? ? ? <\>' !??.?;;? luento oud ?'ibGcrlpttona fOi iUu liUUI . THE REBELLION. Grand Review of the Troops Under Gen. Casey. Reoonnoissances to Vienna and Fairfax Court House. Report of the Operations of the Artillery at the Bail's Bluff Fight. INTERESTING FROM MISSOURI. Arrival of Geo, Fremont and Staff at Bolivar. Additional Particulars of the Gallant Affair at Springfield* Programme of the Order of Battle in the Expected Grand Engagement. Movements of the Rebels Under Trice and McCullodL Defeat of Rebel Parties In Kentucky, &c., &C., &0. OCR IFECUL WISfflNTOK DESPATCHES. Washington, Oct. 28, 1S61. 1H* PREMATURE PUBLICATION OK TUB PARTICULARS OK TUB OKKAT EXPEDITION. When the fact became known in thin city that an abo lition daily of Nt.'W York had published a full account of the great naval expedition, Inclusive of Its strength and armament, the greatest surprise aud indignation was manifested. President Lincoln, General Scott, the Secre tary of War, the Secretary of the Nuvy and General McClellan, expressed unusual indignation at this gross violation by the publlbher of an honorable agreement, it having been stipulated that no details should be pub lished until after the sailing of thu expedition; and the President himself declared that the editor of the news' paper in question deserved to be hangod. The Richmond payors publish a full account of tho great naval expedition, taken from the New York 7Vme? and other inters, which violated tho contldenco reposed In them by giving It publicity. The rebels oongratulate themselves upon their ability to protect the exposed points of their coast. They also assert that pre parations have been going on for their protection, aud that they will give the expedition a hearty reception. GENERAL m'CLKLLAN'S MOVF.MKNT8. Gonoral McClellan bus not been into Virginia to day, having been engaged in reviewing troops on this side. To-night he had a long interview with tho Resident, Sec retary Seward aud Secretaries Scott and Fox , of tho War and Navy Departments. REVIEW OF GENERAL CASEY'8 DIVISION OK INKANTRY. The review by (jenoral McClellan of the infantry of Brigadior General Casey's division to d?y was a tlno af fair. There were eleven regiments in line. There were several thousand spectators , who were delighted with the display. Much commendation was bestowed upon the Fourth Rhode lelaud. The Forty-fourth New York was the groat feature of the review. It was tho subject of universal admiration. THE POSITION OF TUB REBEL ARMY. Scouting parties wore this morning sent out beyond Vienna from Genoral Smith's division, but returned with out encounteriug any rebel pickets. A scouting party of Union troops went into Fairfax Court House v: age to-day, and learned that the rebels had not been thore for many days, but that they were as far back as Centrevilie, and not strong oven there. The rebels have been scarce all along our lines to-day* On the Upper l'otomac they have not been soon at all. AFFAIRS ON TIIK UPPER TOTOMAC. Accounts from Darnestown received lo-niKlit say that a sufficient force remains at and near Edwards' Ferry to Insure safety against any attempt of the robots to cross or molest our forces. AFFAIRS ON THE LOWER POTOMAC. There is no news to-day from down tno river. The vessels of the flotilla aro on the watch below Mathius Point and above the mouth of Quamico croek. Our troops on the Maryland side arc opposite Aquia Creek, and along shore are actively engaged in erecting fortiUca hons. INSPECTION OF HEN. M'CALL'S TROOPS. Col. Sweltzer will proceed to-tuo.-row to inspect tl;e troops under (Jen . McCall . II.LSK.-3 OK GENERAL SMITH. Tho grand review of General Smith's division, on tho Virginia sldo, which was to take place to-morrow, is |>ost poned on account of the Illness of General Smith, wno is now in this city under medical treatment. THE DRILL OF THE TROOr.S. The troops under Generals McCall and Smith aro being rapidly perfected in brigade and division drill. DEATHS IN THE CAMPS AND HOSPITALS. The deaths of soldiers reported as having occurred yes terday aro as follows ? W. G. Sawtelle, Company G, and B. B. Ford, Company I, Second New Ilampshiro. lieutenant W. I). Ross, Anderson Zouaves. C. White, Company G, Twenty-second Now York. W. H. Norris, Company II, Thirteenth New York. Allen Eisenbraun, Company G, Forty seventh I'a. Crittonden Stover, Nineteenth Indiana. Corporal C. B. I^skar, Eighth Maine. George Baker, First Michigan Cavalry. Charles Griflln, Company 1, Second Excelsior Brigade. FINDINGS OF THE ARMY RETIRING BOARD. The following special order hss been issued , in accord ance with the Undings of the Army Retiring Board: ? SPKC1AL ORDER ? NO. 89. War Pspabtjikwt, Avjvtaxt (jIkxehal's Om?, 1 Wamungtos, Oct. 28, 1881. / The following officers having beeu found by the Board of Examination to be physically incompetent to discharge the duties of their respective offices, and the President having approved Ibis finding, they will be placed upon the list of retired officers, of that class in which the dis ability results from long and faithful service, or from some injury Incident thereto, the retirement to date from the 26th instuni: ? Colonel John Erylng, First artillery. Captain Minor Knnwlton, First artlilory. Major F.dgar S. Hawkins, Second infantry. Second IJou tenant Edmund Freeman, Fifth Infantry. Captain W. S. Newton, Second cavalry. L. THOMAS, Adjutant General. THE COLONELCY OF THE MASSACHrSBrrS TWENTY SECOND RKOIMKNT. In last night's despatch, published In this morning's Herald, it is stated that Captain Jesse A. Gore has been appointed to command Wilson's Twenty-second Massa chusetts regiment. The name is Gove. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. The Tribune of Saturday published what purports to be an order issued from the War Department, dated October 24, in referenco to the repair of tho Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Tho whole thing is a sheer llction. No such order is iu existence; none such has ever been issued, nor is there any authority whatever for the pub lication. It Is altogether of TrUnin* manufacture, out of whole cloth, und must have been published only for tho purpose of putting the reliels on their guard, und euabhng them to prepare themselves to resist the execution of the p eject therein dotailed, if ever it should bo ait mj. r, the government. VISIT OF Tiu: INSPECTOR GENERAL TO (i!.N. ]>I..' . COMMAND. Gen. Marcy will leave here to-morrow f , ; . i.i., , where lie will Inrpect tho troops in (;<mi.i;<c's on JtJri 'IAL APPOINTMENT. Robert. Cr< /.lor lus been appointed l'i-tr let \t- r( >? Kansas, In tl cs hcc of Mr. Burr, Who Is enyigo nn tlifl military service. UEPOltT or TIIK OFflCBB IN CHAIUiX OF THB ABTIL LKUY AT TUB BATTLE OK BALL'S Bl.UPF. There wore throe pieces of artillery on our Bide at tho battle of Ball's Wulf, on the 21a t instant. Two of thcao, howitzers, belonging to ltickotts' battery, were thrown into tho river to prevent their falling into tho hands of the enemy. The oilier was loft on the Hold, under tho circumstance* detailed in tho following official report to Brigadier General Barry, Chief of Artillery, by Lieuto cant George W. Adams, Company B, First Rhode Island artillery. This report, a simple statement of facts, proves not only that tho abandonment of tho piece wus unavoidable, but that tho men in charge of it behavod like heroes:? WaSHJ.NOTOK, Oct. 38, 1861. Qbn. runur, Chief of Artillery: ? 8? ? Agreeably to yotir Instructions, I give below a oorrect report of the clrcumstacces connected with tho recent battle near ltall'a Bluff, October 21, 1861. The left section of battery B, Rhode Island artillery, wag ordered on the 20th of Ootober to proceed to Conrad's Ferry. Otptaln Vaughn immediately started, ramping at the New York Ninth regiment's camp on Saturday night, and, proceeding to tho Kerry the following morn ing, placed one of his pieces In readiness to cross tho river. General Baker at that time gave Captain Vaughn orders to place the centre section of his battery, wnich was two miles and a half distant, in a position to shell the woods. 1'aptaln Vaughn immediately started, ordering Lieutenant Bramhall to see to the piece In the event of his not getting back in tiina to cross with It. Vory soou after Oapt. Vaughn left the river orders wero given to transport one piece of artillery across tho river. Lieut. Bramhall, being at that timo chief in command , orwaed with tbe one Iwnt sltuatod fbr Immediate and most ex|>e ditioua forwarding, whk-h wns one of Opt. Vaughn's fiieces. The piece was token across the river, with the Imber, seven horses and fourteen men, Including fisrgeant Tucker. After dismounting the piece the men dragged it up a steep hill, and, returning for the carriage, brought it up also, mounted the piece, and commenced firing; con tinued to do so until all the cannonlers, with the excep tion of two, were shot down. Sergeant Tuckor remained by the piece until his right leg was shattered by a muskot ball , and then , unassisted , retired. Lieutenant Bramhall s]>eaks of both the 8ergnant and all the men, with the exception of one, who retired after the third Are, as exhibiting the greatest bravery. Ho was also particular to speak of the bravery shown by M. Carmtchael and W. K. Matteson. Ilia report to Captain Bunting is full of tho praises of the whole de tachment. 'J he loss sustained by the battery is as follows, viz: ? ? One .lamos' rifled cannou, bronze, ono gun carriage, one gun limber, seven horses, with equipments, four men missing, six inen wounded. The following Is a list of those who were In the detach ment which crossed the river:? Sergeant S. G. Tuckor, right leg shattered; Corporal W. K. Tanner, missing, pro bably drowned; Corporal L. C. Olney, missing, probably drownod; privates Charles Conneil, missing, probably drowned; W. F. Matteson, missing, probably drownod; B. W. Matteson, shot through both legs; G. R. Matteson, shot through the side; N. C. Hasklns, shot through the chest; John Aspinwall, shot through the arm, above the olbow; Brolmoy, arm grazed by musket liall ; M. Carmichael, A. J. Mc Alien, C. L. Woodmaucy and M. TilJinghast es caped without injury. The wounded men will probably recover. Pr. Crossby informs me that ho has no fears of any ono wounded, but Intimates that there is a possibility of its being necessary to amputate Sergeant Tucker's leg. I foel it my duty to say that, had Captain Vaughn not been prevented by illness, caused by his arduous labors in carrying tho dead and wounded across tbe river, immediately after the battle a full and authentic report would bav-e beou forwarded to you. Respectfully, GEO. W. ADAMS, Mouti nsnt Battery n, R. I. A. Addenda ? General Stone visited tho wouuUed mon, praised them for thoir bravery, and told thein that no meu could have workod the piece belter. G. W. ADAMS, Lieutenant. TOE FOKOKKY OF QEN. STONE'S OIWEH TO COL. BAKBR. As I predicted In my despatch last night , Goners 1 Stono telegraphs to headquarters that the order published in a Sunday print here, that he ordered Colonel Baker to dash on to Leesburg on Monday last, and expected himself to be In possession of that place that night, is a malicious forgery. This will not surpriso any ono who knows tho facts. BEAl'KEGARD'S BKI'OKT OP THB BATTLE OF BULL BUN. Gen. Beauregard, it appears by intelligence just re ceived, has made his long expected official report to the Secretary of War of the battle of the 21st of July at Bull run. It is said to be very voluminous, covering about a hundred pages of foolscap. Jeff. Davis withholds Its pub lication for the present from prudoutial reasons. EXHIBITION OF THB UNION OUN. An exhibition of tho qualities of an instrument, known as the Union gun, was made at the arsenal this afternoon in the presence of tho President, Gou. McUellan, Assist ant Secretary of War Scott, and a crowd of distinguished scientific and military gentlemen. The gun fired with great precision and power, and has been adopted by tho government. EXPERIMENTS TO TEST THE QUALITIES OF IRON. A sorios of experiments are In progress at the Navy Yard, to test the relative qualities of different kinds of iron. On Saturday a lift j-pounder Pahlgren gun, mado of Pennsylvania iron, wan burst at the two hundred and fourth discharge. Tho next experiment .is .to be made with Lake Superior iron. IMPORTANCE OF KKT WEST. Paymaster G. T. Pierce has been ordered to Key West immediately, to assume the duties of United States Naval .Storekeeper at that port. The business at that port hog become so much increased, in confluence of tho naval movements in tho Gulf, that great enorgy is necessary to its proper execution. LITiTER FltOM THE PATRIOT GARIBALDI. The following letter from Garibaldi has been received by tho United States Consul at Antwerp: ? Cai'kkra, Sept. 10, Ififll. Mr Dkak Sir ? I saw Mr. Sandtoi d, and regret to bo obliged to announco to you that I shall net be able to go to tho United States at present. I do not doubt of tho tri umph of the caus" of the Union, and that shortly. Rut if the war should nnfortunately continue In your beautiful country I shall overcome all obstacles which detain mo and hasten to tho defence of a people who are dear to me. G. GARIBALDI. To Mr. QcHifiLB, Unitod States Consul at Antwerp. THE ARMY OP THE POTOMAC. OCR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wahiimuton, Oct. 26, 1863. Drill and Review nf Oni . Couch' t IlrigatU, <tc. Gen. Couch's brigade, comprising tlm Second Rhode Island , Seventh and Tenth Massachusetts and Thirty sixth New York regiments, in a'l about 3, .100 strong, had a drill at Meridian Hill yesterday . Major General Buell ex pressed himself ptaiBCd with tho proficiency they had at tained in field evolutions. The Thirty-sixth New York hokls tho scoond post of honor in tho brigade, which Is the left. The brigade is in a healthy condition, especially the Second Rhode Island and Thiily-sixth New York, which last named regiment is reported by tho Medical Director us tlio healthiest regiment in the army of tho Potomac. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Arrival of General Fremont anil StafT at Bolivar? The Brilliant Affair at Spring field? Movement* of tlie Rebels, dee. ('AMI- RlOriARIWI.f, I Bouvah, Polk county, Mo., Oct. 28, 1801. j The following is a special despatch to the St. I/mi* D'Mocral: ? General Fremont and staff arrived at Bolivar, Polk county, sixteen miles from Camp Morrisoy, and encamped this evening on tho outskirts of tho town, ltolivar, like uearly aU tho towns in the southwest, is almost entirely deserted, the stores being all closed, and many of the houses abandoned. It is now ascertained that the loss of the Fremont body guard, in tho brilliant charge at Springlleld, was six to eight killed and some fifteen to twenty wounded. A number of most brilliaut Instances of daring wero shown on our side. One sergeant had three horses shot from under him, aad a rebel placed a pistol at a surgeon's head and was in the very act of firing, when tho Mi\)or sever ed his arm from the shoulder and laid him dead at the horse's feet. Colonel Carris' Third Illinois cavalry and Major Hoi man's sharpshooters have left bore for Springfiold, and one regtmont of General Siegei's division will march there at midnight. General Fremont and staff and General Slegel's division dejiart by forced marches for Springfield at daylight to morrow morning, and will probably arrive there In the evening. General McKinstry was two milos north of Warsaw last night. General Pope was this side of tho Osage, and General Hunter In advance of him, all marching to this point. I understand that in tho forthcoming battle Generals Lane and Sturgis will havo tlie ielt wing, General Hunter the right, General Asbotli tho main column, and General McKinstry 's division will form tlio reserve, General Siegol taking tho advance. Nothing further hat been heard from Prico, and n? news from Ben. MoCulloch. Tipton, Mo., Oct. 28, 1891. A ; cial despatch to the St. Louis Democrat says: ? r.ei.c .1 KeiiU' Jy, who has just returned to Se lalii IVi in Price's . nrw , says Pricos' men uro mm h dissatisfied at tli. I . r t ?"! leaving tlio 8t;ae nud that they will fort e iutn lo in;ikc a M. ud Within o ;r b( rders. f'.i the "the. hm i. it is .'i Mined that Gene ral ' ?. , n 1 i letj i, ntnck> to take eommtnd ?.r Pii ? ,' 'n't McCutt 'eh'" forces, nnd t'; ' before fciiv't * th." ? State ho sent eoiiriPi - . Price | wAMvCiHow uirectine thorn to tall back into A. kou^s i and not give Gen. Fremont battle until he could roach them. Gun. Kennedy says Gen. Fremont will And a much largor fore# to contend against tluin ho iuiagiuos. OonsMeruble numbers of Gen. Price'* reikis aro ar riving In this suction dally, and tt Is feared that they will renew their plundering habits ad soou as wr troop? leave. SKRTCn OP CHARLES SICCONI. MAJOU OOMMAND1NO TITK BODY OUAHD OF OKNKB1L VHHMONT. Ctiarles Sloconl, Major commanding Fremont's body guard, who hits Just so brilliantly distinguished himself against the two thousand rebels arrayed In line of battle in front of Hpriiigiield, Mo., la a young man of about thirty, six feot in huight, of very duo proportions, and very handsome. Fie was a captain of artillery In Uia Italian army, which ho left as goon as he hoard of our struggle with the South. He arrived In New York in tho middle of June laat and started for Washington, with the purpose of enlisting In the army of tho Union, then encamped along tho Potomac. He and two or three of his companions, like him officers in the Italian army, tonderod their services to General Cameron. Heanwhllo tho battle of Bull run occurred. Its effect was most favorable to our Italian friends. Hie administration saw that the country was in need of experlnnood officers, and Sloconl and his com panions were sent as subordinate officers to General Fre mont, who was Just then organizing tho army of the Wott. He 1ms since been promoted to the rank of Mj^Jsr, and appointed to tho command of his body guard. Captain Charles Slcconi, though quite young, has al ready seen a great deal of service. He was a Socoud Lieutenant of artillery at the battle of lluffklora bridge, in the late campaign of Italy, and so brilliantly distinguished himself on that occasion that he received a docora tion from tho hand of Victor Emanuel himself, who commanded at that battle. After the (>eace of Vlllafran ca he took service under Colonel Piangiani, one of the prlucipul officers of Garibaldi, and accompanied hint Melav.wi ana at Saprl. Uo was preseut at tho taking of Cajxia, and during two months was engaged in fighting the soldiers of Francis II. along the banks of tho Vultur no. After tho tuking of Gaeta by General Cialdinl and the restoration of peace in Italy ho went to Genoa, and sailed from that city to the United Slates. He arrived hero with bis brovet of captain, signed by the Minister of War at Turin, and with several letters of recommenda tion, testifying to his rapacity as an officer and to his character as a gentleman. Thsr* are few officers on Gen. Fremont's staff more elegant in manner or better edu cated than diaries Siccoul. BEDEL PARTIES ROUTED IN KENTUCKY. Cairo, Oct. 28,1*81. A party of thirty men of tbo Illinois Twenty -eighth, while scouting on Saturday, encountered a party of rebel cavalry ami infantry thirteen miles below this place. A brink engagement ensued. Tlio rebels worn routed with the loss of a captain, lieutenant and several wounded. No loss on our sldo. Bswcah, Ky.p Oct. 38, 1881. Tlireo companies of the Illinois Ninth regiment went to Suratoga, forty -eight miles up tho Cumberland riven on Saturday, and .attacked a romiwny of rebel cavalry, 100 strong, completely routing them. Tho rebel low is thirteen killed and twonty-four prisoners. Fifty-two

homes and all their camp equipage wore also taken. Tho Union troops had two wounded. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Tho Great Naval Expedition? A Largo Rebel Force Concentrating at York town, 4cc. Fortrbb Monrok, Oct. 27, \ Via Hat.twohs, Oct. 28, 1X81. J The great expedition has been delayed by tho prova lent gale. Two prisoners belonging to a Georgia roglmont wero yesterday brought in from Dig Bethel. Some refugees from Yorktown state that tho rebels are in considerable force in the vicinity , and thnt there Is an apprehension of an early attack by the Union troops. There is a large fleet of transport* at Old Point destined for Washington, uuablo to ascend the Potomac river. Commodious barracks are being erected for the contra bands, none of whom are to go with tho expedition. Gene, ral Meigs has directed Quartormaster Tallmndge to pro vide for them in the way or shelter and clothing, as well tut has been customary with good masters In Virginia. Academy of Music. I Mr. Cllman's second benefit drew together last night ono of the largest and most brilliant andleiicos that has boon assembled for several seasons past at this house. "I>es Nooes de Jcannette," with which the performances commenced, is one of those 0|?ratic trifles which tho French call "unltver de rrdrxiu." It is from the pen of Victor Masse, and was first produced at tho Theatre I.yrique in Paris. Thn music is dclicious, but light and airy, such, in short, as furnishes inexhaustible themes for waltzos, polkas, kc. Thero are, however, some morcouus of remarkable merit in it, especially "I'air du rogsig. nol," which WM sung charmingly by Miss Kellogg, Hie resources of her voice being fully brought out by its jxjculiarities. A concert f (llowed, In which Hiss farlotta Pattl, Madnmo Strakosch, Signer Mancusi, Bignor Muzio and Mr. Theodore Thomas took part. In thoPoioccA from tho "Pnrltani" Miss Pattl was deservedly applauded for the neatness and brilliancy of her execution. Tho duo on the violin and pianoforte by Mr. Theodore Thomas and Signor Muzio was also very finely performed. Tho opora, or rather operetta, of "Betty," which was produood hero on this occasion for tho first time, was composed by Donizetti, for the Theatre del Fonilo at Naples, an far ba<k as the year 1838. It is rich In charming and graceful melo dies, which, however, owing to tho work having been composed in afow days, occasionally offer reminiscences of some of the airs in his other operas. The overture is very brilliant. Tho Tyrolean "In questo semplice" is light and full of fresh and original melody. Jt was de lightfully given by Miss Hinckley. Tho cavatina from "Anna Boleua," introduced by Krigiioli in place of the "E fla ver?" is melodious and tlio allegro is striking in move ment. Tbo aria sung ny Susinf bus a martial character and afforded him an opportunity of displaying all the re sources of his fine organ. Altogether the opera was most satisfactorily rendered; tho only regret that it left was its being so short. T.i night tho same performances will be given nt the Brooklyn Academy , for the second benefit in that city i f Mr. L'llman. Ibis will close tbo present season of opera, to be resumed, wo hope, hliortly. For F.rRorx. ? Tho steamship Ktnu, which sailed from this port on Saturday last, will call at Cape Race for lain desiHitches for F.urope that may bo transmitted to that point. Mr. George Stoker, commercial ageut, No. IS Broadway, will receive despatches for tho Etna up to five o'clock this (Tuesday) afternoon. Tlio Etna takes out the announcement of the completion of tbo Pacific Tele, graph line to San Francisco, with tho despatrhes to the President and tho press announcing this Interesting event. City Intelligence* Fir* n? Jons Struct. ? Shortly after six o'clock last night a fire was discovered in the paper warehouse of C. W. lionedict, No. 64 John street. The premises had not been closed moro than ten minutes previously. The In surance Patrol , who occupy the adjoining building, assist ed by tho firemen, soon extinguished the flro. Tbo damage to the slock by tiro and water will be about $300; insured. The basemont is occupied by Charles Becker as' a grocery. His slock is damaged almnt $25; insun d for $400 in tho 1'lienix Insurance Company. Tho building is owned by J. W. Hammersly. It Is damaged about $26; insured. Tbo origin of the llro is unknown at preeeut. ' Fins m Aittjrmky Street. ? Shortly after eight o'clock lapt night a broko out on the third floor of building 160 Attorney street, occupied by Abraham Rapp as a lager bier saloon and boardiug house. The fire originated in a bedroom , caused by a fluid lamp used by Mrs. Rapp while making the bod. The firemen wore quickly at the premises and extinguished tho fire before it extended beyond the room. Tlio damage to tho furniture by fire ami water will be about $60; insured for $1 ,600 in tho Pacific Insurance Company. The second floor was occu pied as a lodge room by a German society; their furni- ] ture and fixtures were damaged by water about $100; said to be insured. The building is owned by Mr. Fowler; it is dainugcd about $26; said to be ir.surod. Finn I!* Par* Bow ? Between thrco and four o'clock yesterday morning a fire broke out in tho optician's store, No. 2i'a k row, owned by Charles Alt. Before tho flames were extinguished ihe entire stock and fixtures wore destroyed. Loss about $2,800. Insured for $3,000 In the Kmpli i i and Uvarix "I and lxuidon insurance coni)>aiiies. Hi uogrti u g otl < <? o| Win. I>. Smith, No. I Ann street, was damaged by m ku and wator to the ex- I tent < f about $2?I0: insured tor ? "50 in th ? Park |t> r. ranee Company. Tlio resiairstit or .tamos Bradley, in ' the basement, was damped by water to the i t' about $f.0; no insurance. 'flip prlrut<? eh ?> r < . I on the second iloor,occuin dbyFredci! Hiackio I damaged by sn iok and water to tho ex , < Insuied for $2.0' 0, on fuciiit ? n anil fir; ?. ;? . man Insurance , ompsnv. Tt.e h ildine ? ... t,, i . . extent of $2r >: said to ),<. Insure.', T'-, origin o. tho .lr? ia uudcr mvoetigatiou by the Fii o mk Fbn, t Presentation of Colors to the Fifty tccond H<K tin ??'??? To morrow afternoon, at thro# o'clock, * magnlfloeut stand of colors, consisting of a largo rugimeulal flag, u union jaok and two guidons, will be presented to tho Fitly-second regiment Now York State Volunteers, "Sh^el Rltlea," Colonel I'aul Frank , at tho old Quarantmo ground on Stalon Isluud. Tho largo fl:ig Is on whlto silk, with a border of gold loco, and oon. tains In the centre, in tho most elaborate embroidery, the tlguro of "Liberty" mounted oil a flying eagle, holding tho constitution in enroll hi the right hand, and waving aloft tho American flag In tiio left. Tho clawa of the oaglo are armed with thundor and lightning, emblem* of destruction, while it tondoie with lie l>iil tho olive branch of j?esce, Tho cor nois aro worked in oak leaven. The reverae is a rich scarlet, containing iu chaplels of oak and laurel the words: ? > nrrr-asooNu kkcimknt n. r. a. v., i \ 1881. > j i OOL. KADI. FRANK. ; The guidon* are rrs|ioclivuly green ami blue, and aro also handsomely embroidered. All aro mounted on lanco wood, with gill spear heads, available for defence. The*e beauliful colors are moot elaborate iu design and flnlsh . and are presented to the regiment Ivy patriotic ladles of Rrooklyn, under the leadership of Mr*. Otto Schloeuier. Tho presentation will he made on behalf of the ladies by the Hon. (S.G. Reynolds, Ji.dgo of the Brooklyn City Court, whose speech will be ros|>onded to on tho occasion by Colonel Frank. Colonel Frank was formerly of the Saxony artillery , aud served with distinction ax aid-do ? camp to Prince Ueorge in the Revolution of 1S4H. Ilia an cestor* havo distinguished lh<>ni4elve? at various times in tho military service of their sovereign. The Frank obelisk, In Tunis, was erected to commemorate thesor vices of his uncle, a colonel of engineer*. Colonel Frank distinguished himself, as Adjutant of th? Fifth regiment New York State Militia, in tbu well rememlwred gabant charge of Lieutenant T"inpkm* u|?>n i h - rebel* at Fairfax Court Hoti>?. The regiment i* un.lef otd.-rs U> leave for Washington on Thuraday morning The Boston Havy \ aril. The steiim sloop of wir M.t--i.cli -' iu ts at present in the dry dock, hut will be ready to reoeive her engine* ami machinery in tho oouise of a fortnight. Tlieslde whoel steamer Maratanxo Is nearly plnnked, and the men have already ooinmeuoed to prepare tho launching ways. Tho sloop-of war Hon* atonic Is also nearly ready for launching. Tho numbur of men employed iu tho yard is 2,470. I 'ay master John A Hate*, of Charle*town , who return ed homo in the Portsmouth a short lime since, has been ordered to the receiving ship Ohio. Paymaster Bradford, Inspector of Provisions, ha* boen ordered to Washington a* a witness In the Uosport and Norfolk Navy Yard investigation. There are now alioul three hundrod sailors on board of the Ohio, and a number of tlrsl class seamen still enlist in the naval service. Lieutenant William F. Splcer ha* bean detached from tho steamer Niagara lo duty at tho yard, with tho rank of FIi'hI Lieutenant. Markets. PHll.ADKI l'llI A STOCK BOARD. I'hh.apki.I'IIIa. Oi-.t. 2S, 1861. Stocks buoyant: Pennsylvania Stale 6 k, 7? ' , ; Read ing Railroad, 17H; Morris Canal, iift; Long Island Kall rood, K'f ; I'eiiiiKylvaiiia l!nilroad,:t7>a. Sight Exchange on Nuw Vork at par. P111t.APEi.m1iA, Oct. 28, 1801. Flour Arm: Hales 3.000 Mils, nt BO. Wheat I vancodlc.: sales 6,000 in shots ut $1 .u a $1 iio. Corn buoyant: sales 3.000 bushels ut Wc. Mess $15 26. Ijird, ?>g'e. a Whiskey steady. Albany, Oct. 28 ? P.M. Flour active: sales 3,000 bbls. , at full prlciw. Wheat ? Sales of car IoIh free at our quotations ? $1 15 for mixed Slate; 1 1 22 a $125 for roil do.; $130 I'or winter rod Western, and $1 42 a $143 for wlilto Michigan. Kyo 7fle. a 77c. OiUB opened dull. Tin- Kilos in tin luoriilUK were confined to oar loU, and in tho afternoon Mies of 6.000 bushels Stale at 3t?c. Corn Is 111 largo supply at present and prospective, hut tho market is very Arm: sales 21, H00 bushels at 67){c. a 58c., principally at tho outside flgure for prime. Parley linn and but little doing; sales 2,000 bushels Toronto, to clear, at about 0'Jc. , 18,000 bushels Canada East at 63c. a ?15c. Whiskey ? Sslrs of 215 bbls. at 20 i^c. Received by Central Railroad for New York ? 66 bbls. pork, 4,!)1!> bbls. flour, 206 bbls. lilgh wines, 32 bales wool, 326 bbls. wheat. 622 tubs but ter, 1,833 boxes cheese. For H< ston and the East ? 2.87H bbls. flour, 212 bale* wool, shipped by tows to New York Oct. 26 ? 72,000 bushels corn, 8 ,(,00 do. rye, 121,800 do. wheat, 74,000 do. o at! , 3 ,!?<0 do. feud, 3,300 do. barley. BrrrAW, Oct. 28? P. M. Flour unchanged. Wheal In fair demand and steady: sales 30,000 bushels Chicago spring, at U5c.;6,600do. Keno sha club, 96c. ; 60,000 do. Milwaukee club, $1 ; 30,000 do. red winter, $1 07 a $1 OH; 7,000 do. white Toledo, cleaned, 12 X- Corn closed tirmer: salos 34,000 bushels, at 40c. a 41c. Hats better : sales 15,000 bushels, at 28c. Canal freights ? Corn 23c.. wheat 2.r>o.. to New York. lake im ports? 26,000 bbls. flour, 270,000 bushels wlioat , 47 ,000, 1,000 do. barley. Canal exports ? 3, 000 bbls. flour, 287 ,000 bushels wheat, 124,000 do. corn. Oswwio, Oct. 28 ? P. M. Flour unchanged. Wheat is quiet, owing to the ad ranee in freights: sales 3,300 bushels Canada club, on I private terms. Corn quiet. Hurley Is without material change: sales of 4,600 bushels prim" Toronto, at 68c. and I 5,500 bushels Pay t)o! lite at 51 c. Nye dull: files of 1,600 btshels Canada at flOe. Pens in limited demand: sales 1,400 busho'g Canadian at t(o<-. Canal freights unchanged; boats scarce? Hour 50c. , wheat 18c. to New York. Ijiko imports ? 711 bb s flour, 102,000 bushels wheat, 11.300 bushels corn, 01,000 bushels barley, 28,500 le shels rye, 8,900 bushols peas. Canal exisirtc ? 3,164 bl?tJ. flour, 68,300 bushels wheat, 7,000 bushels corn, 22,000 bushels barley. Official Drawing! of Murray, Eddy At Co.'s Kentucky and Missouri State Lotteiies. Kkstuckt, Extiia Class, M8? October 18, 1861. 23, 30, 1,1, 47, 35, 2!), 7, 16, 5fi, 59, 14. K K.NTL'OKT, Class .Wt? October 21, mfil, 57, C, 72, <13, 74 , 5 , 24 . 70, 51, 55 , 41, 11, 15. Circulars sent free of charge by addressing either to MURRAY, EDDY A CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Official Drawings of the Delaware State Lottery. Extiia Class 1? October 28, 1861. 15, 11, 6, 62, 53, 51, 73, 20, 54, 4, 40, 66, 38, 55. Class *- October 28, 1861. 28, 46, 16, 63, 14, 59, 2 ?, 1H, 1, 54, 52, 11, 31. JOHN A. MORRIS A CO.. Managers, Wilmington, Del. Iloyal Havana Lottery.? Prizes Cashed and Information furnished by TAYLOR A CO., Bunkers, 16 Wall street, New York. Prize* Cualicd In all Legalized Lotteries and Information given by JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 19 Wall street, up stairs, N. Y. Hen so ii of Furs.? To the Public? Permit me to inform you lliut I have, now opened, with a complete and extensive stock of ladies' and children'* Kura, tn nil the varieties of fashionable Knrs? In Capes, Half Capes, Vlcto. riues, Talinsn, Mutfh and trulls, Fur lloods, Fur Collars, Oauntlets and Oloves. Your personallnspectlon Is respect fully Invited, as my prices are lunch below regular prices of last and previous years. WM. BANTa, Corner of CanaJ and Woustcr streets. Devlin & Co. We ore this week In receipt of large importations of choice WINTER OVERCOATINGS, FRENCH C'ASSIMERES, NEW STYLES VESTINC8, WINTER UNDERWEAR. And have also added largely to our superior stuck of ready WINTER CLOTHING, All of which we are selling ut exceedingly low prices. DEVLIN A CO., Corner of Broadway, and Warren and Grand streets. Winter (ilorci, I'mlrr Shirts, &c>, Wholesale or retail, at PKREOO'S, CI Nassau street, or 175 Broadway. For Sheriff, FREDERICK L. VI.'LTE. Photograph Albums? A. Full Assort ment, In sheep, morrocco and velvet, for sale by FREEMAN, RYEK A CO., Importers of Fancy Goods, 13 Maiden lane. Almighty Dollar, or Free Labor and Slave'-.? Subjects photographod at HOLMES' Park Gallery, 264 Broadway. Pure Liquors? Bay Your Llqnors for wholesale or family trade at Fifteenth street Distillery, es tablished in 1832, at 266 West Fifteenth street. A Pure Tobacco? Yellovr Bank Tobac co. ? Goodwin's Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all Im purities, for sale by all lobaoeo ami setutr dealers, and at wholesale by E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, 20 9 Water street. Batchelor's Italr Dye? The Best In the world ? Harmless, reliable and instautaneous. Sold and applied at IiATt lihliJR'S wig factory, 16 Bond street. Crlstadoro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Ton pees, the best In the world, wholesale and retail, and the dye privately applied. No. 6 Astor House. HHPs Hair Dye, 50 cents, black or brown, best in use. Depot No. 1 Barclay street, and sold by all druggist*. Gray Hair? Its Diseases, Change of Co lor and Embellishment; new Treatment for Baldness by GRANDJEAN, Astor place. Beautiful Complexion? Lalrds's Liquid Pearl has achieved s celebrity as having no eoual for pre serving and beautifying Hie complexion and skin. Sold at 43<J Broadway, ami at ail .Irugglsis. Barry's Trlcopherou* 1* the Best and chea,fCHt iirtiele fordresslng, beauttfvlng, curling, cleaning, preserving and restorlnf the hair. Ladles, try it. So.d by all druggiKls. Gymnastics? Clashes are No%v Forming for the season ?i JOHN WOOD -I tii t in , ium, Mas. land 6 Last Twciii} -eights Strei i, m nr Fifth avenue. Bull Uun ? Many Holtlli tn Died for Lack of medical treatment. Uoii< way's Pills and Ointment would have prevented tLU. Cse Br. Tobias* .'unctusu Llnlincu' tor Croup. It rannot b<* b? . t. ,?r'iwjj?-^larih Co.'s Badtcnl t ' < ? re T ?SfSj^|tl)H?rr Sliou', er li - <nd Vlw'ornttial Sup. ; I lor il? ii ? i l^ i ji ' .Ah i0f li OppOSlUj Uts ciltllxli. Tut nfTrc?rhrry.? Tthnrltl'i Spt#*hii4 tha quality (if detecting and unrelllng treachery, and U is ? singular coincidence that the lints manufactured by KNOX, on the oorner of Hrnadway muU Fulton street, when worn by Hn honest Anerican? always ti Cninnlst ? set him off to tha best advantage, giving him the haii'lsoine, manly ?n<i preno*. wiMliig appearance i.f one of nature's noblemen; but whea one of these inimitable chancaux m donned hy a secession!*!, they !?*? ! i ay inn quality tu (Mainly u* If "Traitor" were brand ed ou bla I on-head. WIOEIiLAraOVI. ATTENTION, LADIES, AITENTIUNI Buy all your IIOUBE FURNISHING GOODS at ALEX'R DELMAR'S, 708 BROADWAY. NEAK KOUBTH STREET. Kitchen U ten idle, Table Cutlery, Ti n Traya, Wooden Wtn^ Coal Scuttle*, Fire Halt, Fen doin, 1'lato Warmer*, Ac., Ac. AT $4 ?l ? DOl'BLE SOLE WATER PROOF BOOTS, AT JONES', 10 and U Ann atreet. All articles for solimers at wasuinotoh and all other places ahonld Iw aent bv H ARNDEN'K EX PRESS, 74 Broadway, at half ratea. They wind to camp* by government couaent. Sutlers charged low rate*. T EVERDELLH-WEDDINQ CARDS.? THESE OKLE brated engraved Card* aold only at 3U1 Broadway , oo*? of Duane atreet. A-1 n?r? 1-OOUNT.S AND DEMANDS ?K<?URED, GUAUANTEHD and collected. Caah ud\an ? ?l. U. Z. Hi) IJHK% attorney, 16 Wall at. A! J^ALLOITS Kl'KFFFKKFFFFF YYYY YYYY R8S88 FFFFFFFFFFFFF YYYY YYYY 888 888 t'E rF TY YT 888 MB EE ? rF YY YY 888 FF F YY YY BSM FKFF YYY 883 rrvr yy sag FF F YY 888 FF YY gM Y* YY 888 SM FFKF YYY YYY 8S8 888 KKKF YYYYYY 88888 BAliIX)lT'S~ FaTBNT IMPROVED FRENCH YOKR SHIRT8, Patented November 1, 1M0. A NEW STYLE OF SI1IKT, WARRANTED TO FIT. Made to measure. at (IS, tig, f24. Ac., to., per dozen. No order taken for less thnn half a flosen shlrta. Wholesale trade supplied on the usual terms. BALLOU BROTHERS. No. 409 Broadway, New Yoi*. BRIDOEWATER TAINT-TESTKD ELEVEN YEARS water and lire proof, aillca and Iron. Indestructible. De, pot, No. 74 Maiden lane. W. W. REITS, Ucneral Agent. CIORNS, BPNJONB, INVERTED NAILS, ENLARORD ) Joints, and nil Diseases of the Feet, cured without pata or incotnenien<n to tho pattatit, l>v Dr. ZAt'HARIE, Surgeo* Ohiro|t(wilMt, 7tk) Broadway. Hetera to pliyaiclana and aur geotia of thfa city. D RAFNES8 CURED BY Til K JSTHERIAL EAR INnALATOR. READ. No. 1HR M kkccr Sth k kt. New Yornt, July 20, 1NW. DKAIt DoUtoii? t have b afflicted with total deafness, and this morning I waft Induced to paf you a visit. No one can Imagine my delight when, after one operation at yon r hands, my hearing waa suddenly, and without pain, restored Ionic, for which I fee! very grateful. After being totally deal, almost shut out from the pleaaure of using so neces sary a sense, to have It returned, and to hear so distinctly, reflects great credit on yon for the Immense amount of skill you lxnaeaa. I beg to thank you for what I can ao truly ap preciate. I ant, ?Tr, your obedient servant, EIIWARD TEMPLE HARRISON. Dr VON MOHCH7IHK EltS oOl'e for curing I he deaf and the blind, Ik at 107 Clmtuii place, between Fifth and HlxtM avenues. | M l'ORTANT TO ALL.? INFORMATION NOT HERETO* | lore published in almanacs, of great importance to astro. Homers, inarinen, churchmen, lawyers, physicians, mer chants, farmers, mechanics and others, will be found in Dr. Radway'a Constitutional Alinanao for 1H92, which will b* given free of charge to all who call at 23 John street. I'eraona livli g at a dlxtahcf by enclosing a stamp to pay postage, will receive a copy, with the Constitution of the United States, return of mail, without further charge, ^bws dealers, trna tcesof schools, Hiiperlntendenla of factorlea, work ahopn, Ac., and town clerka, by addreaaing Dr. Radway A Co., will lie. rurntabed with from one humlrcd to flvn hundred eopta* for free dlatrlbutloo. Every paLilot should procure a copy. It is free to all RADWAY A CO., a John atreef. I A DIES, LADIES, LADIES, J Flreirona. Coal Scuttles, l'latn Warmer*, Door Mat*. Kcnders, Silver Plated Ware, Cutlery, COOKINO L'TKNsELS, and every article In housekeeping at much leas prices thaa anv olher house. "EDWARD BA8SFORD, THE COOI'ER INSTITUTE, Astorplaso, one block fnmi Broadway. The most extensive assortment of first class goods In the cliy, IADIE8' CHATELAINE CHAINS-TWO AND THRBH J dollara each, at (1. V. ALLEN'S, 416 Broadway, on* door below Canal atreet. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S IMPORTED BOOTS AND Slippera, all color*, made iu Pari*. S71 and 919 Broad way. OLASSES FOR SALE. ? 800 BARRELS CHOICES* Nuw Orleans Molaaaes; my own Importation. THOMAS R. AUNEW, 300 Ureeuwtoh and 89 Murray atreet. Notice? the members of the new york Harmonic Society am politely requested to attend at the general rehearsal for M. Keller's Grand Uniou Concert, next Wcdneaday, Oct. 30, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the Academy of Music. M. KELLER. M PORT WINES? BOTTLED IN OPORTO. JOHN DUN" X CAN A SONS, Union square aud Fourteenth street*. STRONd S PATENT ARMY TRUNK AND PORTABLH Bedstead combined, corner of Warren At. and Broadway. mo CONSUMPTIVES? THE ADVERTISER, llAVINd A. In-rn restored lo health In a few weak* by a very nlwpia remedy, arii'r havln< suffered several yearn with a never* lung affection and that dread disease, consumption, la ATI* toil* to make known to bla fellow miflercr* the meana or cure. To all who doaire It he will send* copy of the preaerip tlon tiled (free of charge) with direction* for preparing and ikIiik I be "tune which they will lindaaure euro forConaiiutp tlon, Aathma, Bronchitis, Ac, The only oftject of the adver tiser In sending the prescription In to benefit the alHictedfe and he hnpea every ?titl'erer may tiy hli re mod/, aa it will coat them nothing, and may prove a blessing. Tartlet wish inn the prescription will plcaae address Rev. Edward A* Wilson, Williamsburg, Kings county, New York. The confessions and experience of an nr valld? l'tibiiahed for the hem-lit and aa a warning to young men who anlfer from Nervous Debility, Prematura Dc'ay, Ac., supplying ibe meana of S?lf-Cure. By one who cured himself after being put to great expeiiie through me. diuil wipoililoii anil oitsckery. Single copies may be had of the author, NATHANIEL MAYFAIR, Esq , Bedford, King* county, N. I., by encloalug a poat pud addressed en velope. LOST AN!) KODND.^ (TOLD WATCH LOKS? ON SUNDAY MORNING, IM X passing from Hlh ave. through 1.1th street and 6th ave. to Tenth atreet and University place, a lady's small Gold W.iloh. A liberal reward will lie given to tho tinder on leaving it at 346 Broadway, llrat floor. IOST-ON THURSDAY LAST-OFF ROCKAWAV J Kearh, a Staten Inland built jib and mainaall Sail Boat, about twenty -ail feet long. Any person having found tho Hame will be liberally rewarded by addressing 0. B. Jonen, 2J0 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, L. I. IOST-ON THE mil INSTANT, WHILE GOING FRO* J Harrow atreet to the Sixth avenue, a small black and fan Terrier. Any peraon returning ihc same to No. 24 Ninth atreet, will lie handsomely rewarded for their trouble. IOST? IN BROOKLYN, IN GOING ROUND THE COR. J nor from 43 Plerepont afreet to lllcks, a black Lace Veil. The finder will bcllueiallyrewarded by ieuvingit at the abord place. Lost? in noBOKEN, A black and tan thrbiea Slut; answers to the mime of Beecy, or Rebecca. Any one bringing her to the Herald office will be aultably re warded. Lost? a bunch of keys, on Saturday be. tween the Herald office and the United State* Circuit Court. The finder will oblige the owner by leaving them fur J. K at the editorial rooms of the Herald, or with the officer of the United States Circuit Court. IOST? A BLACK SILK CIRCULAR, COMINO FRO* J the Amboy boat on Monday morning; the lady got Into a Twenty-third atreet stage, oppoalle Beaverstreet. The finder will receive a soluble reward by leaving It at No. 154 West Twenty, ifth ?treef. O0T? ON FOU RTI I AVENUE, BETWEEN-] E IG H. J teentb and Twentieth afreets, oil Monday afternoon, a brown Envelope containing a child's miniature. A suitable reward will be- given to the finder by returning it to No. 70 Union place. OST? A BLACK AND TAN DOC; STRAYED FROM 328 We?t Twenty-third street on Tuesday evening. Oct. 22; aiiswcin to the name of .laek . Five dollars or a satisfactory rewnrd will be paid for hU return. IOST ? BY A WORKMAN. A LADY'S MANTLE, STAMP* J ml for braiding, In going from Bleecker street through Oreene to Spring afreet. Any party bringing it to No. fM)? Bleecker atreet will bo suitably rewarded. IOST OR STOLEN? OCT. 23, lHil, A POCKETBOOK J containing about $25 and throe Promissory Notes.-paya ble to Elkanah D. Rlgbyor bearer? one dated September. lKfltt, signed by O. A. A W. W. Clark, for $130; one for $131 odd cent*, signed by Harper Howland, and one for Sto signed by E. Rlgby, beddA* otlicr paper* of Uttlo valtio. Th? public are cautioned against negotiating the same. Whoever w.ll roturn the paper* may keep the money for their trouble. ELKANAH D. RIG BY, SB Commerce atreet, N. T. SPORTISU. IPRANCIS BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THK " choice Breed* for *tock and sale. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure anil Flea Exterminator, 90 cent* per bottle. Butler's "Breeding, Training, Diseases, Ac., of Dog"," 9L bogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medicines for all disease*. FOE SALE-SMALL AND HANDSOME BLACK AND tan Terriers; two dog Pups, two month* old, tine breed; also one Slut, seven pounds, eighteen months old, together with Slut Pup* three months old, from same. Inquire at 1?8 lloy t street, Brooklyn. For sale-a very large and well broken S?Uer Dog. Will be sold cheap for cash at 70S Third av. For sale? a well trained setter slut, prick $15. and two of her pups, three months old, both doga, and both black and tan like the father. For breed or beauty they cannot be beat. Price $4 each. Apply to THOMSON, corner of Twenty-ninth street and First avenue, in the ma chine shop, between 12 and 1, or by letter. QA CANARY BIRDS FOR SALE ? PHENCH AND BEL O'l sin ii, long breed. Price $40, or choice of iifteeu at $30. Address Birds, Ilerald office. | _ RAILROADS. Hudson river railroad.? trains for albany" Troy, the North and West, leave Chambers atreet at 7 ; and 11 A. M., and 3 30, 5 and 10.15 P. M. New york, Harlem and aliiany railroad ? Summer arran anient.? Express iraln for Albany, Tr? | North and West, leave* Twenty-clxth struct station at 11 A. . it. For local trains K JOHN 111 Rl (ILL, Assistant Superintendent. COAT,. fvxm PEACH ORCHARD, LK1IIGH -\N?> LOCU8T \J Mountain, warranted to be genuine ;trtl"ics, at lowest market j ! ? from nn: 50 cents p. -r f- n 1 <s from boats, s . E ll .sh house Cannel and Liverpool Orrel, of liost o * - t**r?. HKNuY REL.VB. I C u-cr UtuMl Cvulre and corusr ?livu? aud West ita.

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