Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1861 Page 8
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A hln SITrVTIOXS WAKTBD-FRMALCK. For WauU see Twelfth l'ng?> . SITUATION RESPEOTSaLH A vouiij: num. in i\ ?ro ???ry ?tort\ ?* rlrrk, ami would maio lin*' T j, 'ui VAily UM.-.UL l\.ic k? oi reference from tail eui loyer. < ill t?r ima day* at <A Uulila at., between Suifiti nud to.w, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YQirNO WOMAN WANTS A .-ITIM li hi aiohamherm > Ut u.a-1 watT"a?, or 10 do tlie <ham kerwork and im.Ut at waaUiw* luid imiilug; i? willing and ol'HiUu- . llaa t Ut bent of e.lty rrtireaoo from ber l*?l plaoa; oaUat No. !U6 7th av. , between S2 1 and !U 1 atreei*. ATOTTNO LADY, WIJO is an extebtenc*d baXJW woman, uanm u hituatlon; Ueriuan. Addreaa /?for two day U? Ilrrald e?oc. A SITUATION WANTEIV-BY A RESPECTABLE y"iiji? woman, at i till.j > i mr* an 1 to do plain newlnjf, or H^btchambrrunrk, if rffulrod; U experienced In co?ee or no objection o go a skiii* dm.auee in the country; wane. leas an object lhaua ooiuf rlaulu home; iir.i ilaaa cJiy referent given. Call tor two daya atiWliaal 16tn at., ba ttreeu Broadway and tiM av. A COOK WANE'S A SjfTr ATION IN A SMALLER!" Jlm. vate law fly ; ha* li > objection to assist lii washing ana lroDlug; ha* beat of eity lefcranos where she lived Uve years. Can be are n ut 229 East lOtii st., for two days. A situation wanted? by a young woman, to do housework or chamberwork. Call for two days at 77 West Mtii ?t., between bth and 7th avs. A NURSE'S situation wantkix? by a woman, jtx who has bad long ex|?eiVnoe in the cure of children ; can take entire charge of u t>al>y and bring it up by bund; it* a *oo.i pJ;ilu newer. B? -stoi ? 1 y reference given. *Cau be seen for two days at 30 Kast l?th 1 , near Broadway. A RKSl'BCTABLB YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITU A. Jt\. tio i to do general housework in a small private family; Is nent.iu l tidy, and not afraid to work. Has pood r?dur?*!ioo. Oan be seen for two days at No. 2 College place, corner of JLove i.wue, BroykJyn. A SITUATION W ANTED? TO 1)0 GENERAL HOUBR \\'"j k, tu u Ninth private family In the country; good <i y ref. rence. ijall ai 103 Vanck St., between Kiwi and Uousion. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A 8ITUA ti n in u private iamiiy us cook; understands meats and so -.pp. of all kinds; is a gt>o.l baker and is willing to assist wKuthe washing if required; b u the best of city references. Can he teeu for two days at <>30 6ih ave., between .loth and 37 th sis. A 8 COOK, AC.? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A RE h\m :uible wunan, as good cook in a private family; im dci-ftt mils sou meats, poultry and gam*-, pastry and bread; It Willing to as-Ut In the waybills and Ironing; Oest of eity reioreii>e. Call for two duys at74 Wr*t 2 1 1 n st. AT 166 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? -AN EXCEL leut gil'i wanu a?it...i U.n aa seamstress or todouny up stairs work. Wages reasonable. Can beaten lor two days at be i' print in employe i 'a. Anew enuimnd lady, aoeu twextyfive, ok macU ?ip>:rt?uiM in irw.n.t of all ktnUa, and tiuiiau kerptiii;, wliin-n an immediate tMiifiigemi'iil ,i? a?i>ialant In a family, uttendauce ou au Invalid, tuc aupi rviHiuu ol u wi.:ow cr'a lixiao ^wiib or wltboul l UlliiruiO, or woulil travel will) ? family to Caliloi ma or Europu. Cit}' reloreuoefc of I'lilu '* aatikta' uuu. AiUlrca [or oue mouth U. K., box 111 Hi raid ?like. A SALESWOMAN WISHES A SITUATION; IS AO (junl.iUJd wiiU the tlowor anil ribbon trade, or f<iuey dry go., da oii.lnu.*; can aive flood jvlercooe. Addruaa haU-awo suau, Hrooalyu I\.at otlioe. AHESI ECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WISHES A 8ITU ailou iu a private laintly; i. a good nookatid exuellimt wiiibor ami liouer; can uiaa<' it^'d plain eake and good broad and hlavult; brat city refcrenui froin her laat pUoe. Call for two daya at U0 tfaluu aL, SouUi Uvookly u, In the reaj, between Smith and Hoy t A SITUATION WAWTFnlii - fe?vc'uw "* ? ^ A RESPECT AJ5LE MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT woman wishes a situation as plain u?k, or would do the hoiuawork of a private family: 1h u goo i \\ usher and trom r. B he in trustworthy i?f ail uiinga under her care. A perromi' lit place preferred. 0*11 at SJ 1'rluee bl A SITUATION WANTED? BT A WOMAN, A8 COOK; perfectly under; lands Uer business lii "11 its bram-he*; feik .ik au.l Fft?lry of all kin la; has lived In iorne <if the lies, families 111 t'.ie city. Bull city rcfereuci". Citu lie >ctn t < -r two days a: 60, corner of 16lh at. aiui 7lh av., owr iho w ?*r> A SITUATION WANTED? B Y A YOUNG WOMAN, AS nrst c<ia>.a rook In a private family J understands all klo J* ?t tamilv cooaing; no objection u> leave the city. Brooklyn pr. f' rr. d Eleven years' refeicnoe. Call at 3033d av., corner of 27th it. A N EDUCATED WIDOW 1 JLDY, A STRANGER IK J\. this clly, w lilies lmniflcl&te uugagnuicnl as au assistant in n g ?iill< ui,.o,? family lu tbe e?ie of instructing young jrr ?om; salary no object; a pleasant heme .ill tliai u required. A note addressed f r two 'iny* t j .Mr-. C. Howard, station D, Bible Ilou e, will meet with Inoiiediate attention. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOCNO WOMAM, TO do general housework lu a small prltate lauilly, or up Main work; city r. lercaeo. Call for Vwo diiya al 3* 'Juckauu ?t., rear, third floor. A SITUATION WANTKD-KY X R* fiPEcTARIK A young (;iri, to do chiuuberwerk and waiting, and Is will ing to assist in wnshini and lt-niilng; h?el of reference from her bull place. Call for two days at til Downing at.. seooud Poor. j A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO J\. do general housework; cHy reference: no objection U) ths country. Call lur two daya at 216 W eat 17th st. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT GIRL wants a situation. In a small print te family, to do g< no pillUUl'eVfork or up tnjlr* work sjkI taking care of children; peal oily rctvnaoe. Apply at loo Van '-am A., tor tiro days. A LADY WISHES TO GET A PLACE FOB A YOUNO American (ill, as chambermaid or waiter and to take ?are of children; beat of riliMsm. Apply tor tbnw days at 106 East 22<1 at., n?ar 3d av. A SITUATION WAKTED-BY A YOUSO AMERICAN widow, of agreeable manners and amiable illsiiositlun, ?a housekeeper for awtdowor; no objections to children; terms moderate, with a good hutne. A<Mn*u Ms*. A. Smart, station A, Hiring st. A SITUATION WANTEIV? A8 OOOK; IS A GOOD A washer and ironer; Is willlugio dogennral hoosew.irk: tuis no objection to the couiury. Can bo seen tur two duya at Ot Mott st. A N EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT NURSE WANTS A Jx stt u.ttlon to lake eharx<" of n baby fr >m blrih or an 'nvu lld lady; uo objection to go to tbe ooiintry; the best of city reference given. Can be seen for two <la>s at 112 Wea*27ln M., between litb and 7th av., la the laney store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE l'RO trstant y.iuug woman, u? chambermaid and waitress or as uurse. Can be seen for two days if not ent^tgud at 200 Baat lvth st., near 1st av., top floor. A Y0UN0 WOLVN WISltBH A SITUATION AS chaoioeruiuid and to do tinu waahhig, or as I tundress; the best ol elly reference from her lost plane. Call tor two days at 218 6lli av., between Ulh and lbtli su. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A HARDWORKING but respectable gii I, to do g.-nenJ housework or itood >lsin cooking; is au exoallent washer aud Ironer, steadj, ?billing aud irustwortby , wages moderate, either for tbst dty or coitutry. Apply al 130 Smith st, Brooklyn. A GIRL, FIFTEEN YEAUS OLD- WANTS A S1TUA tlon as nurae, or to aa?i>4 in tne housework; is su ?rphan. Can be seen at 86 Oraam.l'Jh av., coiner of Bank at. Call fjr two d;?ya. A LADY IS DESIROUS OF PROOUBING A SITt'A Uon for a mo-t eicelieut and trustu oi-tiiy in rson as tiurac for one or tw o children, or as chambermaid and to do tip hoe muslins. Apply at her distent e?u;.lojei'?, Ko. 27 Bast 2t)th si. A GERMAN GIKL? WANTS A BITUATIO* TO DO general housework; can oook, wash nnd iron. Iut;ans at MY Elizabeth St., liatwei'Yi Brooma and Spring, rootu 6. A YOUNO GIRL, 14 TEARS OLD, WISHES A SiTUA tlon to (insist in housework; is capable of taking care of children; uni do chatnberwork and waaJn^; wa^ejt not so much looked !or M a rojiectabla family, lien of ci^r rcio tence. Call at 1(M Mulb-jry at., near new CauiU. A SITUATION WANTEI>-BY A RESl'KCTABLS Wo man, as cook; undeiniunds all kinds ol baking, Is a good washer and lr?n. i , and has no objection to ^o in i!ie cjuniry. i.oodciti selcroaoe. Call al 428 iUi uk., betwaeu both aud 3Ul sis. AS FIRST RATE OOOK. WASHER AND IRONER, AND baker. Has the (mm ut oily rvlereuee. Can be wa n at 1,017 B:-oadway, one dour taoui Sid a., ui ibe loe i roam ?aloou. A SITUATION WaNTED-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do umeral hour^work lu a private ftemtly ; taago'4 ^lain c ok and a lu t rate traaher and lromr: is an uLU. ?iti:? dlipositlon. Ui.s cawuiesii rsforenov. Call at 888 2d ? v., beiae. i. lU'h and 2j<b sts., third Uoor, front room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 chambermaid aj?d waiUtsa. Oood city refereiiae. Una Le seen tor two daya at ICb Waal 19ib at., oaiweou Ulh usxl 7lli avi. ^ A 8 FIRST CLASS COOK. ? A YOUNO WOMAN WAN*IB animation aaiirst oiaas rook inapiiralc family: has liviil In a<jnse of the beat fandilsa iu Uia clly; best of eiiy r. ieitnce can bo given. Ajiply at 81 Wi?t ZbUi si., boiww u fih and 7th avf. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BESI'ECTABLK young wouwtii, in do general hotis< wot *, plain cooking ucd wa..bingand lronln#; good aitjr rclurcooa. Apply at 78 BoU A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO J\ do c poking, V, u.1. 1 1 and iroinon. or to do hous' work, In a small private l;iml!y ; the Last of siiy reference from hi r Lu.1 pluce. Cau be ux4t tut tw o dtus, U not engaged, at M Weti 24th st A RESPECTABLE lililL WISHES A SITUATION AB cock, washer and truner: has good o'.ty rcfenmce. be seen for two <Ufs ai in* Ulh su, bctwevai 1st and 2tl avenue*. A LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN THE POSITION OF DUHl', f or u regiment gjiug to the seat ol war. Kc lerenaea ol the liin respect ilii.iLy us ui ebaracter aud 'lunliil catious. Address Uclou, box i',2 Ueiuld cUlue. ASITPATIOH WANTBD-BT A KEHPKCTAiTlE young woman, to do general home work; is a good ( lain t ook, washer aud ironer; Ik-m city ra.etvuue; can be soon l ., .wo days. Apply al 36 Hid; m., real-. \ RESPECTABLE Y0CNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU Jx. Kllou, as chanibeixnoM and waitress; u? oi<je<tioii to 1st in tha waai'ing ud liouiiv; would be willing i,i n aticrl distance in the country; List class otty rmaieuce fi ... list place; con be aecu for twa days. Inquire at 1U6 Weal a^i st. AS NURSE.? A CAPABLE AND EXPERIENCED i hlid's nurae waiiu a situatinu; Is a finemwer; would ga c abort dlsUiuoe lu the country; or trari 1 with s family ; ?<r do light chamberwork: tho beat of refi retire. Can be seen lor two days ui 144 EaiH ZiM at., lliild ilour, back room. AWILOW LADY, a STRANOER IN T1II8 CITY, wishes to bud some iesj-eia hie oocu|Mtuon; woulil havn no objection to imvtl; ir w ulii act In the e*paulty of h >usv keeper In some French or American family; sp> aka ibe * remit language iiueully; w. g.-, not so much mi object ss a P?>d tome. Best leieietioa. Addrcas Mrs, Wilson, lleraUl cOmx. AS WET Nl'RfaE.-W ANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE married woman, a bahy to wet nurse ul her own huine. lost her own baby. Best of retarenee. None but " ? \ ! o < an | aj for the lie#t of care need apply. Call at 4-vi ti.ii ?v., rooui No. 7j fvr 1 ? v Jajs, RITr \TIO\N W ANTF.n- PKHIAf.ES. T^esi'Eotable girl wishes a situation to J\ do housework fu u small I amily; hns the best of city re ference)' required. J? n good plain oook and a first is:? v a iherunil iiuuer. OaU at 173 Ittiii St., near bli? ave., for two days. A OOOK'S SITUATION W ANTKD ? BY A RESPEOTA lit* wonim, who ti.oronghly mi lerHtands her bustle ?s. i the vitv beil of city refareiiac*. 0*11 be seen lor two * ui 170 East 36th it, two doa r? from til ave. A YOUNO HE VLTHY WOMAN, WUO HAS LOST HER J\. baby, und who lias a Cull breast of nilk, wants a situa tlun us wet nurse. Caa bo urn In Wins (fio-ery store, ooruur of Dean street and Klalbush avenue, llrouklyu. A GERMAN (URL WISHES A 8ITUATION-TO DO general housework; city reference. Call for twoduyi at 3!)uf. B. A SITUATION WANTED? TO QO TO CALIFORNIA, by a touuji French girl, IS year* of nee, with a respert ?Mo faintly, an nurse; id willing to make en^iiL'snienls for el ?. or ten months for part payment of puugc, Apply at 1U0 Blcockcr at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and to assist In washing and Irontni;, or to do general housework In a (mall family. Can be reeom mended from her Just plnoc. Call at, or address L. K., 1H Thames St., room No.8, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO GIRL, A8 nurse and seuinstress; can flt plain dresses; or us nurse and chambermaid, or a* chamber maid and wnltre>.s; hay recommendations fiom where she. lias lived for the last live yuan. Can lie seen for two days at #9 Ctli uv., oppootto 8th st., thtrd floor, back room. A YOUNO GERMAN OIHL, 15 YEAH8 OLD. WISHES s situation in iio li^ht chatuberwork or to take cure o t children. Call at 281 LOt h av. A DRESSMAKER WISHES A SITUATION AS s> mistress or lo do family sewing', la a neat, good sewer, ami willing to maUe born If useful. Can be been uutil soiled at 1HU Wont 13th St., between Btli and Uth avu., In the milk depot. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO 1 V cook or asolst in waahiug und ironing, or to take a iauu il i ??.' place. Call for two (ill \ s at 54 Npilu^ HL A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS n good pi tin oook and un excellent biker and laundress. Haa city rcferi iiO>*. Call at 104 West St., rear house. IB A SITUATION WANTED? 1IY A YOUNO OIRL, TO cihA, wash and iron; good city reference from her last place. 4 'un be seen for two dny* at 13d East 21st at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chainM-rimiM and Waltrose oi rioiuiboi uiuM uiul laun dress. llasgo <1 city reference. Call lor two days at 3C6lkh av., second floor, back mum. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESl'F.CTABLE A washer ana i rotter, or a* chambermaid and waitress. The beat city reference can be given from her last place. Can be soon lor two day s at 123 25th st., between 2d and 3d avu. A rO )TCH PROTECTANT AND A WELSH OIUL J\. want Utufiiion* to do general ho>i?ew< rk. An- both tho. rough cook* and &ood waaners and ironer*, with good refe r*n ????; also, au American woman who in willing to be use ful at low wagrs. To be itocn at ti^ Lur^e institute, corner ol 6th ave. iu?d 11th at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A REBPECEABLE WO man; ia a good cook, tlrnt rate washer and iron?*r, and has two and a hall year#' rvfrr>moe iron t her last aituation. Can Im> a? en for two days, at i'Ji Woat Uonatuu St., mar Va rick, In the Htore. Baby wantkb to wet nurse, at iier own house, by a respectable married woman with a fine breaet of milk; cau ^ive the rery U st reiVren^??. A]>ply at 71 4th Ht., corner oi llaniniond, np two ttight of siairH. nOUSEKEEPEB? . AK AMEMOAM WIDOW LADY desires a situation as h04sekeep*;r; is ciij?able of biking fuil eJ^iKge of a private board in if bouse, nr a tfmal! family. Call im or a hlrc^a for throe day?, Mrs, Wiu tress, 67 Tiliary street, Brooklyn. HOUSEKEEPER'S situation wanted? by a WO mau u ho him l.ixl stvenil } ear*' experience in lirst class U ; ha* no ol> jt-i tion to lake charge of a sum- room, llin a room or laundry; high salary net so much ?" object as a per manent situation. Best ol r i'-ranre fflyen from her last em ployer. Cull lor three (la) s at No. 1 Siutilon st. IADY'S MAID AND KAMI I. Y DRESSMAKER.? A SITUA" J tluii wanted, by a competent i-r-uu; uitiieriUnds buir drcsntne uiul nil kinds ol family *ewliiy; tlA objections to engage in a fanillygolng to Cuba; reliable re fere no.'. Cull at, or address 12o west It>:h st. K0E8B.? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG woman, un uur?e; la fully corripeteut to lake tin- entire coarse ol an Infant from Si-' bij lb . no objection to travel with a lady. Good oltj reference. Call for two days at 8'J Wi ll 11th at., between 3th and tith six., in Lhc rear. \TURSE? WANTED, BY A CAPABLE PERSON, A Xi situation us child's aura* and ?eam?t res*; can take the entire charge of nn Infant; will make herselfi'thci-wise use ful If rrqnlrcd. The besl of city reference given. Call lor two day it ut 123 Went 20th lit., near 7tii av. RESPECTABLE Y#UNO GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION u? good plain cook; is a first rate (taker ot bread, biscuit and plou, and a tint rate washer and ironer; id willing and obliging; the would wish to live with a rmpeotable family, Mane Una no parent* or near friends In thin country. Cull lor two da)atU4W WiMiti&Ui at., between tMi and 10th ava., first tliKj|^ SEAMSTRESS? A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA 1) ti.<n ; !? a neat shlrtniuXer tuul ean do all kinds nf faintly sewing; would assist with rhamberwork or line washing; no objection to leave the city; city releicuae. Cull at 101 Went ?4th at., rear house, second Uoor. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE, NICK German girl, a* lady's tnaid and seam* treat-; she cuu cut and 111 Uriiea' and children's clothes and do nil kludsof neat sewing and embroidery. Call at 83 Orchard at. SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do tip stairs work ; no objection lo assist in the wash ing or to do the houaework of unmall private family, tjix d reference. Call lor two days at 144 West 18lh at. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG SCOTCH Wo man, a* nurse and Heamslrc-H, or to do ll^ht chamber work; <an iVi dressmaking, out and tit cltil.lren'H clothing, and do all kinds of family sowing Best ol city relcrcncoa. Can be seen until ougugeu at SO West 18tli el. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG SCOTCH CTRL* us rlinnilierrualil and Hidtreus, or to assist in washing; t an give t lie beat of city rel'eiunoe. Cull >or two days at 110 West UiUi St., near uv. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE young gtrla; one a* Orel rate cook, i xrelleiit washer and ironer; the other u? .h.ttiibcrtiialil and waiter ur ..s nurse and chambermaid ; can take care ol u baby from its birth. The best of etiy reference* from Ibetr last place*. Call lor two days al 332 Slli av., between 27th and 28: ii sta. SITUATION WAN f En? BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, IN O a hotel or large boarding bouae or lirst class reatai.r.uit; understand* cooking in all Its brandies, both n. au and pan trie*, and Is an e\jwricnc?d biu-er; beat city references. C?ll at 77 Wast 2?ih at. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE LAI), who writes a good hund and can briug the best recom mendations aa to cap ibirtty and honesty, In some respeeiablj business; piintlne ntel'erred. Is saiv-ibul with Moderate wages. Address 11. 1L C., Herald ollioe. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO lestant yotflw woman, as nurst and Ui do tiliUu sewing or light ehauibcrwork; fc, fully competent to take the entire ehargc ol a baby from its birth; ean op. -rale on Wheeler .t Wlb-on's mat 111 ne; has had many je irs' exporience as nur - ; was four yes is In her Utsi pl.uv. lias the very best of city referenoe. Can bo seen lor two days >0. 327 East Wtii si., op. p</(l(? Tompkins purk. SITUATION WANTED? BY A HERMAN (1IRL, IN A j-esjpeotable Anterioan lttinlly" oau wash and Iron. CUi at 200 West 44ih St., aaond Uoor, (rent room. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SMART, TIDY TQDM girl, to do chumberuork and woittu^, or would do iU? ci Herat liouacwwik ol a snikll lau liy ; ha-~ the bent ot elly re ference Irom her laul plaw. Coll ai av., In t? veii 221 aio1 -II sta. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO TOUKG WOMAN; one an tii*HteUsa luuudress, or chvnbcrinttld and laun dress, the other a* Itrai claa* w.ilue*#; iroald like to live to gether: both can giv? the boat of eity retereuoe. Cull at 121 W,-st 2lill] Kt. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, O as cook; la a good Washer atiU Ironer; bus best of ciu ra ti reiiue. Can be seen tor vwo uuys al blv Gib av.. corner 31al st. r|X) PRIVATE FAMILIES.? A GOOD COOK, BREAD A maker, waaher and iio^er wlshec u situation in the c:ty. k-un be liifihiy reeommeudod. On n be seen for two days kt 135 2stli si., botwoeu 7th aiul bib ava., second Uoor, UMnt room. rrvo PERSONS GOING TO EUROPE? WANTED, BY A JL young English w .mmo of ?xp<irleuuB, a siiuatioti ut nuive, KeuioHtria^ or to wall on an Invalid from New York lo Kr.inre ur En^auid. AudroaO lor oue wauk E. M., lion 120 llerul I uilloc. WAKTED-A SITUATION, HT A PROTESTANT GIRL, to cook, wash anu u on. Has good rjty re fere aoe. C.<i be seen lor two da^'s, (it 37 28Ul St., Ill t ho rear, uei.Tao, u.h and 7th ave^t. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A VERY RESPECT able young wolUJUl, sb>' Is a toud plain euok <uiU au exc Ucui w. ulut anJ ironer; would tiuio no objection to do general bouatwoi k in a small private faintly; has the but ot city refBrenoa. Cuubesnen aukil esigagoj al lJM lieaiy si., corner of l'aeillc si., Brooklyn. WANTED? BT A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO nursfl und do plain wwiiig or tine waainiig iu.4 Ironing, or walling; would Use lo iravej with a family; uo objection to a short disluii'ie In Ihe ooiuitry. Best i-lty relei euoe. Call for twa da)s a: 133 Weal kM4 St., botwoeu llu.Ls.ui aud Bli e-k'-r, in tin- rear. WANTED? A SrnTAnON, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do oliAiiiberwoi k. una wuldun', or clniuiberwork und lo assist with the cure of chlluruii; Is willing to make herself geuerkily useful Uas the boat of el ty ralimwg irom her lust pbioe. Cull at or addreaa 12* 20Ui si., beiwucn 2d ai d So u?a. WANTED? A SITUATION IN A RESPECTABLE KAMI ly, by a Piuieatuiit wouiun, ua burse; is cspibie of taking entire charge of an infanl from Ita birth. tpy relVMice. Cull ai 21 t'niruralty place, corner of Oth su No objection lo go a short dl.-uiKe iu iue country. T\ r A NTED ?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO TT tesiaut women, as cook; undeiatunds boning und lard ing, aoupa, meats, light DMtl'7, bread und biMUtt, ,?c. Good elty reference, call at 07 West 26th at., between O'.b and 7th m s , fourth boor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO uo chamberwork and wulling, or Uie housework of a small private family; bus tlie besioi city reference. Can no seen lur two Usys ut id West 30th St., between liroudwuy and 6tb av. TITAN TED? BY A WOMAN, WHOSE TIME WILL BE li di voted lo its care, a baby to wet nurse. Best of refe rence can be given. Call at 100 Bust 31st St., between 1st aud 2 1 ars, ~Uf ANTED?BY A PERFECTLY COMPETENT LAU2T. TT, the w^sliingo; a lew private fatulllea, pj'.ber by the dozen or by tho month. Bi st reier nee uun be gi*en. Call 'il l'J** L'.st 31^1 si , between 1 -I and 2d ars.. top floor. \17ANVED? A SITUATION, Blf A i.EHPECTAULE WO TT uiao; Is a good pislti Co m an I a Lirsi lata washer a. inner; understunda housework in all its branches, llesi of etiy reference trout bei' I iat place, where she has lived Uv? J eat s und si x tnou ths. Call at il l ark st. , uemr Centre, rouui No 6 for two uuj a. Xvii'.D? A SlTUAI'loil KIK A TiKtltOUtTlTlTY i?iuipet?'iit and fuiihfsl girl, to attend shop ur young ladles, or to do chamberwork a id sewing. Sue can ma<u liersel I useful in any wuy about a bouse, und ran give unex ei | tlonuble reli ri ti. . s. Apply between 11 aud (o'clock ui U.f xrwvufsi1 J lo, w t, 9g CWUoit i iaw. ^ SITCATIONS AVAMTFIll-rBMAtES. WANTED? A SITUATION FOR A YoVnO~OIHL, wiili beat of city recommendation*. to do up auir* work, pUlo tewing or liking raie nt ehll.lien. Wage.i $1. Apply .11 U Suhel im rhoru at., Brooklyn, lor two da\ a. WANT8D-BY A VICKY 8B8PECTABI E YUUNO wo man, a altuutlon as cook In a ipmlctnau'a family; ha* good city mfimuoe; would h?vu no objection u> asaui in Wushltig and Ironing. Alao, by a younjj poraen ua chamber, ma il ur waitieaa and good plain aewcr; cuu do up tine i\ aah in ? In atyle. ('.in be a. e n for two dayaat 94 Weal &Jd at., nini are dealroua of li* Ing together In one house. WANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A BES1RCTABLE young girl, ua i<o k, or to do Uouaework in u tuuall fa luttr; h.i? till* ba.t of uity reft- rente from to r Wat place. Can be i eeu for two day a at 120 lulu si., uu aluir-., between l?l and ill ava. WANTED -A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to ilo chamberwi'k aud waiting or pi.iln aowing; would do gi'iieral bouaewoik in a Mall pi h ate family; twin uo objection to gu In the country, Cull at or addreaa i21 bth ?t., between lit av. and av. A. WANTED-BY A 111(1 ULY RESPECTABLE SCOTCH girl, a altuuMon aa i-huiiihennuid aud aeuinatri aa, or to watt on an Invalid lady ; no objection" to travel; liua trav lied betoie; the higlicat rei-omiiicudutlniia aa to i huructer und ca nal ilny. Call at or addrca* tor two duya VIA Broadway, ueur total - WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RK8PE0TABLB PRO i??unt Scotch girl, to <o >k, Waab and iron, in u aiuutj faintly; beatof city reference. Call atSMOtlk av., n?nr 2!1 ?t ?WTANTEO-A SITUATION, BY A VERY RESPECT ?T able young woman, to do general houaework; would have no objection to do up aiulra work; b 'kl of ciiy rciereace given. Am .y In tho bakciy, corner ul' llUka and Dcgruw am,, Brooklyn. W ["ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION" ua cook ; p"fecily nnderatniidi her buameya; baa no ob* Jiciiou to aaMai In waahlug; would goa shoi t diatuuce in iu? country; good relercuoe. Call for two din a at 140 Weal 11Kb at. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COO If, I.Y A PRIVATE lam ly, by a reapeolablo girl, or to do the washing ami Ironing, tjood city nl n in e. Cuu be acuu lor two iluyaut 7th av., between TJd aud 23d (la. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A t-ITUA tton aa houaekei prr in a | 'aid, reapei l. family, or to itaaial in hoiiaekceptug; c in cut and III cbll' reu a rlotlica; wagea no object, but u good home desln-d. S .tial'ac.loi y p r.' ivnoo given. Cull at or uddruaa duiiug tliia week tbii We?l 201 li at. w WASHING WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN; baa the bent of rtvinmciidaiior. ; can do laUi- n' tme r ?ra very neat uu d careful. r'ren - Ji Mutiny and box pleating: no obstacle to prevent all attention; lainiiie* by the lumu preferred; amnio etutieui*n by the dozen. Call at 01 ad (tie *4 L9J, corner 27th ai. and lOtli av., up stairs, ba? k room* ANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITER a: CHAM btTiiuild; city rcIVrfnce. rail at ^4J W e*t 10th st. WANTED? BY A KESFE( T \ HUES QtUL, A SITI A ttoti as k at-iMp^s or i Mto g'-ncial luaiH-rwoi1 k in a amail lamiiy. Ai'piy at U7 MtUua^h at., oo.ii' i ulton, liiuok lyn "1ITANTED? BY A PKOTBrfTANT 01KI,, A SITU AI ION IT aa acaiuativaa; uudoi*. ia ?da ari*>>??i;..,kiUK; iuiii ojK-ra o on VVhi'oiur A NN iIncii'i* machine. OaUior two Uava at U?p preacot employei ?, 121 Ea-t 10 ih st. st of lfi o iduay. AN TED? A SITUATION. BY -V YOUNU WOMAN, AH' .. plain eook, waaher ami Irori' i ; ? make bn>.id and biscuit ; h?w Urn hot- 1 of city ivh r< &? e t'nun licr laatcia l>l??ycr. Cuil at 4'jU 6?i? av., room No. /. \IT" ANTED? A SITUATION, HY A YOUNG GIRL, AS Tr b aniatrcaa; can cut ami lit iadi?V aud ctitliircn'a dn*??cg; no O'ljcctlon to take care of children or do light chamborwork. tiood city re!V.renc<* given. Call tor two day* jatN". 103 aSchermciborn at., bctue u Siaiith and lloyt ata.t Biooklyo. WANTED -A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AH co ?k, washer and iiom r, < r would do g octal ho?ue wc?rk In a amall privatum family. Tim b?>t oi city rcf^rcncc from her last place. Call for i* o daj * at Uaj moud at., opj o site the City Hospital, Bnn>kl> n. WANTED-A SITUATION, liY A KfiSI'ECTA HLE girl, as plain cook, w .i>bcr and irouer; gu ?l ? itv rcfi.* i< -ncOa t-wli lor two day ? at 2*4 iju^t iUlli at., Becond Hour, l ack room. WJ l\f ANTED? BY A BK^KBOTABLE YOt'NG WOMAN, A t V ail ,rio,i a a chitni l^vl'unii 1 ..ud t-? do wuaUiii^ and ironing, ur m Ikiffl'ireaa; uu ier#tiun s m r hurlti. sa w?U; lietl city n reranees call at ill Zlst at,, I etween 2.1 ?nj :m av?? se. olid Moor, ' rout room. YY rAM'KD-A SITUATION- BY A P.KS PECtABLK r yort'ijf woman. as <'.hbinl>cruisl<l and w.-i t ; would take care o. children <?r <!?? flee washing aud ironing; good city r?'leren v; no object iou to the country*. Call at Si West li# li st., between 0:h and 7ti? h v ? . Vt7 ANTED? 13V A LEoPLOTABLE GIRL. A fllT.V ft tion as nurse and ac* at pi ran or as rhamh i tunl-J an ( waitress; uit ierstun ib her buslnesf thor "ghly ; hi b the bvci of city reference. Call f r ivvo days a; 55 \S est ,?/ia st. llf ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS M cliambeamald or nurse; uu hive four years' refe rence from In r Inst place. Call for two days at 241 West 115th st., between 7 tit and Stli avs. \VTANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ff w.>m.?u, to take caiv of childP h and (to p'a n hewing, or ns chauberi: at t and welter, lias i?o objection to go ft sh >rt 'Mstanec in the country, Call for two i Itoyft ??t 124 West &ki at. ^\rANTEP-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, 19 it y< a. ? of age, to do thnmtyuvror^ and take care oi chil dren: is willing to assist with the washing, or can Jake euro of children ~n\ ftew; I* a good hand at etnl.roldery ami b.?s the beat of c ity lvfereiif-e*. Can be seen lor tvvo duyb at 221 Kast 18th hi., first floor, hark room. irAMTD- BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO t f man, a situation as c(*?k and to asusi with the v. ash* lug and ironlnc; understand* fheeare of milk snd hutuij biUl lio obj^UtHd 4" the country. Call It UV VV e.->t I '?? t st, TIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tf Protestant yoang woman, t%* first sate cook; un i? r stand* meat, pours and jellies, l aking and pastry ; also Eng lish an 1 French dishes; L:?s the bent oi city reference. (Jan be h en lor two days at lib 7ih av., between irtth and lstth streets. WJ ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA f f tion a a first elites laundrr ps, she thoroughly understands her hu^fneAS an.l French Hitting, and do*** op ladles' imishns in the beM n?ylc; has the beat oi cby refer -ace. Can be teen for two davs at 65 West 20th st., near Gth av. AV I Vr ANTED ? A SITUATION, B? A RESPECTABLE if joittig woman, as coo it, washer and irotier, or to do K f.OT-a ? housework or ehamberworfc. Inquire at her last pu?e, V4 NVlle w bt., Brooklyn. AKIBMIY A NEAT, TIB* Gl*U., A SITUATION as < hambermali and waitress; m? obje Mioa to a pi i vate boarding house. II js two years a; d a hall reb ivn. ? from lit v last place. Call at 2U) Columbia st., between Joia* I mun and Htale ?ta., ri ^oklyn., for two duyp. W ANTI 1>~BV A VKRY R?81?KCTABL8 YOUICO WO man, a s'tuatifu in a small priv?iU' family, to do seeing; can cut ami tit ladles an I children's dresses and all kinds of plain needlework; would also assist in chamberwork of iiurAng. Good citv rcferenres. Apply at the genth'men'i furnishing stoiv, Htf Fulton arM near Bond st., Brooklyn, lor one week. \y ANTED? A fiiTUATfON, TO ATTEND A CONKRC* T r tionery and lee <Jr? am .Saloon, by a young iatiy having eon.nlderabh exfM.-i'ieM^o in the business, or would not object to atientl a bskety. Address U. M , Htauou (>. \4rANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPKrTAUUi f f youiiti girl, to d" Rene ral housework in a srttaU pi tvalo family ; isa g<><al wa'dier and irouer, anda4;ood pi,ii)i ? iw?k; hab tin' l>est of city rete?TTH'i*. Call at 11 i larkson st., in the rear; can be seen tor two days. AHTED? A8IT1 ITION, BY k\ KSPSt rABLS Glftl^ to do ;,em ial h<'H?<'W<u k in a ptl/ere i. 'u:Jy; is a k^>o3 plain cook, washer and iiom r. C in be S" r, for two days at her last p!u"C, !J5t lluks St., L?et^>*ecn Sackett and L'niou sis., Kouih Brooklyn. ANT ED? A SI rC'ATION, BY A KESPECTAIILE GIRL. a ; chambermaid and wa-tress, or ha ? hambciinaid ami to ats >t in the waslrn^nn i Ming, or as regular 1 ttadr**^: is e.ipacb- oJ ftllin.'i either bitvfn? ms; or as cook, In a snutii resj) ?< labia lamily ; lias no abje<. : : ?ns lo g.?,i short dlstan>4* iu the .country; !u?s the hcai of ci: , rcicreiiee from her l.^ip'.a e. Call at or address l.'ii? East 2Ud at. , between ikl and ud avs., for i wo day a. AY W VV C rro f X ii.< ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A HI 'SIM: ('TABLE PUG ?, testi- nt young girl, to d?i chain eiwoik and w.ii.lng or dismb- rwork and t ne washing and ironing, or to mind a b:iby and do plain sewing. Br-t ut ? tty r?"cr. nee | fiom her last place. Can be seen lor two days ataLiT'h av? ., between ilnt and 42 d sta. \\TANTED? a SITUATION, BY A PUOTKSTA.NT GIRL, ' Vr as nuiee and bcani&n'oa; capable of taking care of a 1 baby fiwm us birth; the best of city reference can be k&v? a i Iroin Lei last place ; v ? ebjecuons to the country. Can bo HUii lYr two days at 4th av\, near ?th bt. ICTAHT-ED?A SITCATIOXt BT A PROTESTANT ff yttuag woman, as ehamU-rniaid or wait rctn in a pri vate family. Can be seen ut the residence ot herpreavnt employer, to whom ahe refers. Culi at ho. 4 Strong plaoe, South Brooklyn. '\ITANTKD ? A SITUATION, BY A REBl'KCTABEE GIRL, if to do g? iu ral nousework or chamberwork and pla!u waving and take cars of children. B?*s t of eifyrc c;cnoo. Call attS3 0th r-v., b^nweteu 2VLh and 30ih sts., for t\No days. \4rANTe:i>~-m A YOUNil AMERICAN WOMAN, WHO ff has jnst lobt her child, a *ituatioii as wet nurse. Un doubted referent cs given. Call at 652 Greenwich st. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, A ff situation as ehaiui?erniald ami to do the iirie waRiilng and Ironing, or. take care of child rt n; is willing and obliging; tan k?vo. the of city reference from her last place. Call at West mi St., between 7th and 8th avs. Jl KK TltADKS. A FIRST CI A." JOURNEYMAN CON FECTJONER Oiui mil st?vi> ? mploy and good wa^ s to y.o out of to a n; : nkirig, ? n y an 1 oriiitrm nting party work, A'1., re quired. 1 al. at M and Gd Duone St., between two ana three o'i ioca ou Wedttesaay. A GOOD GAS FITTER WANTED- AT NO. 7 11 AMI L J.\. ton ave., South li; wokly u. n u rr E rs Wan r : . i ?- -I >: m k dt a 'i ELY. appi ,y at colt uer ilrcmdway and Warr? n :.t. DEvLlN .t t-O. Han i) a w a n t i: d~ i m m e diaikia*, o n bo y s." work. Iligheat pricea given. Apply at < urner Broad ns .i;/ and Grftnd it. DEVLIN A CO. rj^iO MERCHANT TAILORS ? A MERCHANT TAILOR IS desirous of effecting an enj^euiuni as ut i ; ha? a good trade. Fo.* paitivuiais apply to A. v pensc, V, way, or C. 0. T? 1. (lste Tell Jn r levels), 'Si lte?.de m. rpO SHOEMAKERS? WANTED, 2Ui MEN ON ARMY J shoes. A!.-o nt'ers. (jo >d wag- s will b : p#jd f.? ? ,o I Workmeti. None otiw rn u-?cd apply t K A ill >oks, 150 Ful* on st. N. B.? Wanted, Utters o: it boots. IMMEDIATELY, Va I. fpINM AN ? WAN n:D A. 0 > 1) TINM AN, TO GO A J short distance in the country luum- ilutcl; . tio l wa<;cs and su aoy employ. Inquire of I\ Rollhaiaj, Zi.S Water bt. nio PHOTOGRAPH law.? AN ARTIST, OK EXPERL A enee in ; ho lo^repa is coloring, 1 or p vriicula: ?? atldi ..-Hb Ardbt, t'OX m, 117 ANTED? IN A PHOTOGRAPUiO GALLERY^ AN f Y operator, to coat and deveiobe. E BALCH, 12S Bowery. \V AN I ED? A FOREMAN, TO TAKE C17aR?;E~6f~AN tf I rr. To a experience

who r? n 1 : ? 11 ?? ?;???? 1 ilr ?.?l.try wii: t-e paid. Address, WiUi rcfgitavt % t\ u;di^ 1 1L. uld .^vv, HKLP WANTEO-PKMALES. All families supplied, fuek oe charge, wlili tno l i st Domcsllia iu thi' city? Cuuki, i;U?niber 11 i t ii Ih, Unusett urt.i'r*, it<\, nl wages to nun tliu Hiuih. llouauke. per* would pi omolo III' ir iuii>. e?i# by calling al ilio lir<t i Inn A; ency, IBM ith av., between 24 ih and 25th his. Amebic an, English, iBtsH, sootoh, uerman und colored ? rvams, wltli koo4 rliy reference*, can now l.e '.ad, Irec of charge, hi No. 7 Eleventh street, tiimr Bi nadwa) . Several gills are now wanted tor ci.ceU.jut tloni. ___________ Aaool) MILLINER WANTED.? APPLY TO MADAME Sasy, 1 id fldl av. A FRENCH NUIHE WANTED? A FRENCH WOMAN competent to Ufca abaiiv of two young ? litlann. ... it country place, ono mile froui Wa^hln^ton city; none need apply without the best reference*. A] p'y between l!i? bourn of 9?nd 10 A. M. ?l 214 2.1 av., between I3lb una Mill street*, uulU PrUlay, Nov. 2. Abundance or good servants ready at tub old i .lavished and lurges lutlltiltc, iiM UUi nt^, corner oi (it 1 1 ii v. , ncai, <apuMc, .nil women? i.'ciman, English, Irish mi I Scotch; luoderato wage? lo mil the times. Mis. Floyd In attendance. CORSET MAKER WANTED? A PERSON, MALE OR female, who uudeisautds the cuuliiK, pressing and, iinil is capable to tuke chnrki- ol tliul part ol' the business. Apply heave* n the hours or 9 uud 11 o'clock A. M. and 1 ami 3 P. M., at 33 Bowery, third loft. C1LOAKMAKER8 WANTED. -STEADY WOBK TO OOOD J hands Ai |il y 10 Jumca A. liuani A Son, 773 IS loadway, above 'Jill st. C^OOK WANTED? WHO UNDERSTANDS IT AIN COOK J Inn, ami lo do wukIiid;; anil ironing, Wa0cK per nioulli. A| ply at Oi West 17lli St., between 11 and 2 o'clock. BIKE!) ill'' CH AIU1K. ? FAMILIES SUPPLIED WITH nrsl 1 1 *? eoul.ii, ulmui hernial Is, seamstresses and laun drr'.-i i-, In Mr. Wuiuield (lain oi St. Paul's uilaeion), al No. 1>? C'li'Utoi'lier utr.eL e.,riiir of UnwitwlcU aveuue, near J i.e.?o.i ir ii ei. Orders by post at'e ideil lo. MIIH I.KI EVH AOENCY FOR EMPLOYMENT, ESTA II lislird Fo'ii icent.i ?ir?ei, loi norol fiilrd u> eiiuei An ex|M rlnuci' ol 17 ytii-s in ill >m ? &' > enables Mrs. Open to assure Iter patron* an I lUu p.iulk shu la prepared to till all orders promptly. TAN'TKD? A V EXeEKtENCEDOOOK, WASHER AND I imiie. . tn ii | rUae fainilv; slie uniit un ?rsimid ber bttsincas and in u ^ . I) n| elty re^cri'l! e; Ainer-> mi or Oi'ruinit pre. i ririi. Apply at l_'l West .iitii si., l oiwoeu U and 12 A. Al. TirANTKD-A FEW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TO Ii lea n a very pruHta i!e mid lieiv biisln< 1 1 is >ien,ly winter and suimm r in nil lit ck, and will |iu> $1<) to f 1ft per ue.'k nt leiii*!, .lid i an Ui none al liiann Apply to Or. R. Love .V. Son, 411 Umoiuu st., eniner of Llui, seeoud story. WANTED? A OOOD STOl T GIRL; ONE WHO L'N (I r-i ill. la WMi-hinx and troiilnn ami ^'iiei al lilnuewni k, and ha* reiciviiee. In iuire al liu.l . ii st., near fipiili/, \\rAMEI)? IN A PRIVATE FAMILV, A THOROUGH it laindiif i; a preferred. Appiy on Tii r-d. y a:.. i 1 ii iiy u M, bi twi ' ii l lie .nuns ol II .i. ;.|. mm 2 A!., at tin.' oliico af ssra. Ward, t'a nphull it i.u., 50 l'iue si. \\rANTEI>? AN ACTIVE VOf.N') (JIRL A M'HSM ii and ohsm n. iiw id J ^nod rel* reuees re pilrid. Amis at 3"*J P..euii,' st.. li.i o.ii ., ii -day AV \\rANTKI)-IaV A SMAi.L I'RIVATK FAMILY, A MUST ly i?t- cook; one who uii'Jfjviaii iii b*kin^ *'tnl in u i i rut" w: hi-r ;uh! iion< r. Apply bi-useeu I) and 11 o'clock A. M., at 131 \\ cit si, IlTANTlfiD? A OOOD OPtRATOK Off BINGES 8 si:w. m uiacjiims to vviM'ft ??u ovcico.?th; ali o, tvvo (ailoi a, oa tlie Kiiiuc. A| ply at U9 Fuaon hi., Brooklyn. IITANTED-A YOUNO GliHi, TO LHAKX D CK>S. f V rnukiu.',' an'! aK |nt In i! ?? In. us# work oi ,t Mnali l?in.tly ; an American uint i>r? lt?rr?Ml, and one. who can cuniu wdl r-'comineutieU; none oih<*ra n> e<l aprly. Ca<! at No. 17o Bloeekcr bt. f AKTED GOOD CLOAK MAKERS.? APPLY AT 179 Ka^t llountoii btrcet. Come !? to wt.rk. kNTKD? A FIRhT RATE hKUVANT (ilUL, WITH too I city reference. None other need an l- ? t 27 Ann W W \t"A.vTr:n-A respfcta ple girl, to take c are t ??, (MilUii n ui.,1 itinhc ii?'i ncii ?? ?< i 4 u '1 i.J; M.u-t 1> ' Matured end forni ? f children Aj >, v ilii i.ul to. fWouce, to Ales. !1 *i tnut, Uru^^.iif, O ?uri *i%, opposite ivm, Kroo^ wi. W 7 A FJ D A R] PEt TAB! E GIRL, TO DO Till-: i T ^iiKiai ho use worn ul u Muali In .. j ; uumt be al <e 10 eonk. wash ara! fmn w ll, and hnv?- r. iV; moderate. Apply at 6?i3 Pacliio si., m-ar Caul" lyn. ANT I'D ? A CTRL BETWEEN AND ]ft YEARS OP U? tai.o oufc at' a Uiby an J nmkc h? I m If ?c..riany i .? f ?!. A; p'y .it 218 Bow< i y, b tw< n Iff aud 1 a'cfock. UrA.NTI li-AS U LT NUP.^K, A HEALTH Y WOMAN u h!? a J'.fvh of !,:?!' , \s In has Jo*: (.crown baby. Apply at l.?'J gt., y. TIT A X TK D? A GIRL TO DO l.ENEPAL HOUSEWORK if e? a sinali h mdy; hcob -h or Ut*rinau pie crr<d; most Ih1 vry neat, in Jiiiitriuu.s an- ? I ug to be. told; ; ?'hi of re ferences required. Apply at 2M Dv^raw *t., South Br< o.Jyn. \ITANTED-AX Ol'IRATOH ON SINGBR'8 MACHINE, H om< that CAb Hlv* - a ^on l \\v*rk *? " npm. Apply to JAN. A. iIoA.Ua Abu#, 77a Bi'Uiliiiwiy, -i -v.- 'J.u st. UP AN TE D? A SMART GIRL. TO ASSIST fN THE Hoi -ewoik and to o! or: c d ; m;?-t have i\fori;uuo f ??')) b? r last j) lace. A i?| ly at 1: ?> 11 < .\er st. AKT?D? A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND1ROXER; one who thoroughly i #>d m un^ her bt;-in"s,<; n no ?slier n? ed applv; ()? preferred, C a.l at 2&o West 23d stM from iu W apply; t ?? ra.ui pre A. -M. to 12 M. IIET<P WAtTEMtAliES, A GENTS? EITHER MALE OR FEMALE, WILL BE /V. * ' ' 1 1 \ iir ''d, by wnd u?' a stamp for our circular, that our Prize Package CONTAINS MORE ARTICLES, of *t lKtt? r O'oiliiv, mid m:llu >n>uh kaiuvly than any oth^r fti tin? i.-a' k t. FmJ* your benortt wtf fn'tmp nit'- c?in a arifcJe io the? packa^i -Six nlirt? t? < omiiior* <nl l.oto j "aj hix hlu'ots ladl'V ii??ro Fix l i.l J*-*- * Ml ? t pnj et, on? acrDinmnrfstiHitt p??nhf?u!^r, t'.v?? hmm-1 om* Mi" tmiit-l). our Khort blotiin*,' pttpi*r, oho tine cii^iuvto^ (C.\IO) (J -la Hi! M . Clcllon^l v wh i-? ??rivi 'a.j v, wit! patrl <jiif ! iron in cotorv, j-i\ lr. !????' vh,t? ?inv<-lor o* In b nMtiiu n >?i v )>ufl" ?'nv. Joj .'N, wv< nt) -uvc va ua Ic r?: ?*i i ? a. In addition to tlicw ai tl< leu we give with c.a b pack ago a srpEKr. piece op JEWEtn\rf of a richer qnalii v tlaio arn'tii c:; n t'-e mar ? i and wnhiu u<fri'!.K nu ; rr.h'K paid for the wlu?l;?, ? on-.; d'iti; ??f lUo f?.!. arilde#*:? Mroi !i? r, i'*c v? feUvv?' i-nti. ti . limv*. o> ? ;;?m: ? p n , \c. Tl' *bo t" ilonl.? of onf* '-J' ?njr |>:a l*a vs vwi ? p>rv]ri*' i cI-cwitiv tiny rvntild cunt at l?u ?? i*H. A : t ? "annate from $5 to $(o i dav. ' IUCKAKD8 k CO., 102 Xanadu street. A OKNTS 1VANTEI>? TO Sl'A.L PRIZE SIVMIOXKRV j V and |)?rti,iit p,.<k?' ? ?'v.? 1 ;!! ntli : s, c?'iih\ln '"o f-r i" ft*-* of general, and Union stu one r>, .inri . i: 's of jfv'rv ; we J. ive two or thrf*r* v? rlotf#*?*, n?*wa'od #?al^aOH?; f* n?U .or 2Secnta. AgenLa cajuat i ill ti ma a1 ra? ne. ; M*i.d fur eir cular. KASiwf.VlS .V ?'0.,.'VJ Bf? knian hi; rot. A OKNTS CAN MAKE $"> PER DAY? M ALE ? i FE V. n.nV, Moyd ? ,r?'af ?*t \ Wo R'Uimi y -M tp ?nd (i.i;'?*trev ??f th*? tUtTn S>?ntla*in S ?iiok; i vr f>ci m<;iuiit, \V-.r:h *10: i ? a ronly 5?> ? cniH. I 1. y h I ; late Topngriinh'Mil >?aj) of \ i*v ? Uvr it*! * Tbi.- i* i)tu on:y man n-?d In Omi-ral Sot; wi ? h i-'K prico ?1. i !? yii h otU'f.ii sleaf pi??r Map of ^fu.HOuil; u . nil v'\ pri n 25'^nta. Iiloyd's $r> R;nlto ? Man of Amor ?, eopi-'S of wbii'b hnv?? already been s-?M; pr i*o 2.i o*n'M. / jtuppiiod p' hal tin;- "i1. [ i ??> an*! maw* w.*rr?tnt ed. Map- M*nt by mail anywbere for tworrntn poatige. J. T. LLOVli, Auum l ilii >Jap Pnbli^hof, IU4 iir-??iJaay. 1 DUt QOOm SALESMAN V vNTliD? AT 968 Fniion Ht , Hrooklya; good rcfarenca will be required, Aj ply in the morblng. 4 SMART AND ACTIVE BOY *V ANTED. ABOUT FIF ./ ? t??en 8i\topn yi ar* .if n;4c; mii't r< Id ? wiih hlK pa i and have the be?t city !???/? v.' n<:?* from lv- last employ* err. Applj iii the cvt'hiiij,', after fcl.v o'elo. k, at 717 ilroadwaj*, iu i!i" mure. i^orn oooi> cooks wanted < white mf* pre. 5 f'-rivd); albo lo r good, v.i.'tnp m?-n, to a.aVo ?. n? fr.ven ra to tally nspful. Apniv to Mr. \S'u!ker, at I f ? >vard lion ik', K;.?t N. sv York. Take Broadway Xiailroad by Kaore* vt It street ferry. riMIlKlV AGEXTB WANTED IMMEDIATELY? ON A I new p. ??Heal work Just pt b \ by RFdO A (' ARLU TON, 101 I ulton lljo )!:l\n. \NTED? BY A COMMISSION IfOPSE, A SMART j t intelU^eiit boy; liiuwt Im* quick and comet at Ug' res j . wi ibii.4 to man-* him* df ^cn.' uarfiil; none others j ?ppiy, t-aiary mm yi-nr $hn?. A *l dress, stating age aud ! ro.i rein a"-, ( , biix S< S l' . !ll v, N Y. "IT" ANTE D? AN EX PERi KNCEI) PACKER OF GLASS VT andcuina. Address l>ox L,4'j6 Post oilioe, wiUi reicr- 1 enctP, I ANTED? AS SERVANT TO AN OFFICER IN THE j ormy, either a i ? 'oi'-d or white man, who thoroughly I unde: -'aaaa ihe wne of horses nnd in a p od i ider. One who 1m hom.>t and sober, and ivu\ br.ntf ^ood reteionoes, may ap ply a; 37 Vcsey St., l n m i'j to li o'clock. WANTED? A BOY, IN A RETAIL GROCERY STORE; ! T one arouaintCil with tin; business hi.?' ? "Hie well re couimendt d from his last plare can auply at the corner of lit i si. i. nd av. A. irisb prcferreU. Call aiu r9 o'clock A. M. TIT ANTE D? A FIRST RATE STEWARD; 1IE MUST BE VV aoeusu>mt*d to s? a voya^s and hav* go?nl relerenoes. Apply hi the 11 ? raid oibte, between if and U) o'clock A. M. \Vr AN T K D? A MAN. WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER v T Hlu' ids l^-ok i' "fuuf; and n ill Work tor a moderate sam ry. Address box i.',vUi 1'i^ti.fli e. \1T ANTED? A STEADY, BOBKR YOUNG MAN, TO AT it t? nd a lunch counter; uiufi undcis and op-nim* oya ters r.nd tuaao UimscU generally use t ul. Apply at 101 Nas* W \V t? nu a lu ' h counter; innsi undcis and opmim? o^a I ' aau at. T\TANT TV-AN ACTIVE MAN, TO ASSIST IN AN IN T r Iko business; he must have &VV> to ueeositv, hit his ??mpt ,yi r; '?? I securlt y and good wages, wiin nt^ady em P ,(?. :n\ n? gi r^-L. Ap]>Jv at &J2 h roadway, up sutlra, Ocneral Agc.ney. IITANTJSD? A SMART GERMAN BOY FROM FOlR \ ? t"? a to s iteen yrui.-i eld, in a grocery and li^u? r more; n 4 who fully ntnu retain a the buaiuess. Apply alter nine o clock, at 4'i Thompson *t. \\r ANTED? A SALESMAN, IN A RETAIL CLOTHING > V ? -. a' li hun*a . one who can bring uuquesUoualdo city si:f?:renoi:a for iutegnty and aid ity may apply to W. Waue, 4-J il mlw ^ st, jorner of Leroy. WfANTK l>? A YOUNG MAN, IN A FIRST CLASS W givci'jy store ? one w? U aeqnainted with the butter and cticrae basinets preferred. Audrtsa J. i>., Herald olUcO, Him tiiirf Wii'TC It* employed, Ae. A \ r ANTK'?? COLORED SERVANT, WHO UNDER. YV s: ui us . i /roughly attondiiirf boi's<*s, by an at vinery olHcer of t ie Potomac army. Uuod reference required. Adc'ress b??\ 227 lleraUl olllce. AMKD-IN A SHOE STORE, A GOOD SALESMAN. "i ? avo troi'lile, noue nc -d 1 1-| i\ unless one ui.u under* i'.i a 1m 'ne-s. In willing to ..ork, and can ^lv? ^rs>d ? .is t. c'liiae'rr Mid ability. Inquire at S3U Bowery, u.ii 7 to y A. K. or ti to 8 P. M. W W imiii a CI.KHK for a coal office, two ; '>ii k ni-n, two boy* for tix.K"*, i ,(lr glYu 'i i ?? ?*' i" ' >i.'i " . i aii ; Kuroj ?, ?u men ; ornkwinei uiree fot bun**1*. ' ?nU vno Uirttep.rr. A|.ply at No. 't i.ij i.iiuai Kqii.irf. englihu TEArircn kok an inktt AV lirar,P WANTKD-n/Vl-ES. "\\>? a hm \ur, iionixt vol th, i.v A Kg TT ImiI lios|crvw.i ;?ns. ?$??.. >v?ok. A| |,ly b< twt-'ti 7 ant 10 A M. ?o Mr. t'oi reil, iU Iful . u Ht? Bi-xouyn. Mum hare good ftt.tjr eftCC'tf. CHfW\&ER MONTH -AUKN 18 1'OHITIVELY MAKE ?J>J.UU ii w.lmtf J ii ? I'm nt IIi-iii l''ii!'l< r ami Tnc< Gu.ige, adapted lor machine or hand sewing, anil other aptL chsof re . ! y ?-u i^. Call on or iuHin as Joseph Dodui, 2J D iane St., near Chatham st., New York. (fcl A A -W AN TKD, A SMART YO UNO MAN", TO OPEN ipiUl/. an olUco in (Chicago, and take the exelublvo whole sale agem;* for all ?< Lloyd's ,re.ut Military Maps, which sell like Hit* wind. $IUU in sulixie/u <aj4Ul. To a young tnati who will follow Instructions $liM) jwr week may b ? m.nlo. A!?). ^ n " to oto Portland, M ifn ? ; Albany, N. Y. ; Mil waukee, Wisconsin; Oonnvrtlout. Pittsburg, Detroit., In dianapolis and ltoohester, N. Y. Call at LLOYD'S, No. 161 Broadway. <**AA ?WANTED, AN ENTERPRISING MAN, TO ?lpti\Mf# ;-o io r.iliJ'orna aoti j?k?; the exclusive agency* for all of Lloyd's KWat Military Maps. A tort u no ea n b<x made on maps nt California. Ov?r .VKKMKK) copies of one of my maps have been bold In the Stat' s already. Also, a man to go to Havana. J. T. LLoVD, lt>4 Broadway. SlTVAi;iOV8 VVANTKI)? WALKS. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTOD? FOR A MAN who can be highly recommended. Apply to M. How land, 51 S? ? st. A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN 19 AND 20, WISHES TO get a hit nation in t'iiina a* shipping clerk, assistant bookkeeper or clerk in some wholesale; is a fair peiu man; <-.ui give the best ol recommendations a* to honesty, capability, 4c. Address lor one week M. A. M., box 'An 11 it . Ul oihce. CIOACII MAN-WANTED, A SITUATION AS CO AO FT ) b a respectable young man. who isa thorough groom aa well as dt Iver, eau give the very t>? at city relereuvcH. Ad* dress N. t'., ?u hUwhw m. for two da) s. Home wam kd.- a young swiss gentleman is ?le*.rous oj obtaining a home m n respectable American f.wuily, wh re lie can Instruct lu the l^n in-u and German lan* p,t?ar es as a compensation lor hi* t o mi; best ot relercnovS given. Adilrt >?* Home, box'J&i New York Post oflioe. 1>UYSICIAN, EDITOR AND LAW YEtt .?WANTED, o, n| ntioii j h coi?\ 1st by u widow a y, of education; Unuiel in h< r means; a stranger In thM ? ttv, >\afit* pay ment b .in' <b it< ly ; heltl the Minte p. i n tu \V.<>, fi'; toii. AdiivMH lor two dtffrfi Mrs. C. lJoward, staiiou l>, il.!?l? If, -me. ' TPKA AND fiUOOMKY BUSINESS.? A SITUATION 1 wanted in a uele lei or grocery hon-e, wholesale or retail, by a you 04 married man. who tliorougblv under* hUittds e.< ly braiieli ul' either business, and is nVioagood a coniUatit; indiiatrious and attentive: would go to any city in the Union; lias undoubted references; terms very mo* d- rate. A'b.r?>s X. Y., Herald ollk*e, for three days. rro i'ii ysioians, editors and law y e hs.-wa n r. J ed o vupi.iiuu ax a cop>i<?t, by a lady, \\ ell eduented and evpei 1 i*U' eU in ? v 1 y style ?.f writing, either in an ollice or at bci.'wn house ; (rait aeher in a s lokil or laiuity, in whi> U she L< v ry ?u< . bt* ,'ul, s well as oein? an aecn.a e and ele* gant v 1 r. Address s> ribe,, box Ul 11 raid ollice, N. Y. TI/rANTj;!>? A SITI'ATION IS A WHOLESALE ORO* 1 f ct ry o ad '< .1 u nder, by u v mu ; man, 24 years ?-f a e; c. 11 re..d H i write; best ree-imiuendatioi s as to hon* o y ami s ;> r eiv. Oai? deposit or more with his employ* pi 11 u i- e my; i? able and wllbiij; to work ami make himv t|' inuiuv. ily mielut Address for two days T. Y., box lr.2 It. r 1 1 oflk- ' ' WrANXIU>? A SITUATION AS (XJAOIIMAN BY A SO b?'i. stea ly vouinj man; has had several years' ex j?e* re nee and ? i?t tli city and country reference. "Address K. \\\, box 2^, H r.?ld ultice. IITANTKI* ? FOR A YOUNG MAN, 18 YEARS OLD, W HO if has air. u?i> worked two years 011 a larm, a?'l well a< ,uajiit. d \s ith all i.irm work, a s Luaiton on a good farm, where he can perfect himself. The best reference as to h mi -ly, Ae., lv 11 by addressing J. S.. box 18 Post ollice. WANIKD? FOU A WELL EDUCATED YOUNG MAN m ?/. 21, a silual i> *u in a wholesale house; will produe.o first t- -union ills as to character and eemp tency; ex pi'ctaL. n^ moderate. Address O. T. W., box 131 ileraid CHKU i' ADVEKTISEMKIvrS. ( \s i r;\:\ <DE? POrit lk suiiveii.i axce ij-un \ f C'!h a irt e 'iij*.. i>i , nu Krutirui.t i|-"i *.lelie purler as s I A . pour eusuigncr Io iHcii-.ue lu et le gyro nut i , . S ti.i ? sser box 4 200 Pus* oKfcv, N. Y. "I | Ni: FR.VNC.USE. I'ARLANT COIUIECTEMENT SA U I. ii". t.i,' rimlnim!.' ill- prendre soin dt-s enl'tint*-, (li-hi! aj i lat!(?r Out-H tUu la.u.ll" ; rile jMnt fotirtilr 1?| null, l u run dubious. S adiehieriliiv M ac. AUxc U.iubct, t>y; )ti >. ,v.i . UKiilUlOUS NOTICES. A VOICE rKUM JKlUm.VLKM ? THE REV. J. P. NEW tUu:i, . . 1 v return d n yi it vl .t to Jerusalem, will .! '.vrrii J i t'tiv on "P and lis Sa Ted Flaces" lu the Al: nsoii M E. ciiwh, Nor.ollt street, between (ir .nl Ami Bfouie ? s. imi T'ie, Ir.y evening, October 29, at 7'i o'.-io. k. 1 nXsts I we ity-ilvo C! nth, to be bad at tlic door tho ?vetting "1 tit* l.vuir ?. GKRRIT 8M1T1I Will SJHielc lit The Church of mc Puritans, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 30, urov "Tli Slate and Nccus of the Country." Admittance five. HOISES, ROOMS, vie.. TO IiKT. C.?:Y AN:> BKA" Tll'IXL 1IOUSK, NO. m WEST Ko arteetitn (tu t I English basement,) suitable fur a sum' I private UmU* only, perfect iu ull Itu appointments, m! om I ' .ly hi. J newly furnished, to be let until May L Kent SI in |ier month. Apart of a house to let-consisting of throe or four tinfurn shed rooms on the nrst lloor, with I I hen; vi . y convenient for a small family. Apply oil the p emlm*, lis Macdoitgal street, corner of Amity. Bcfe IVllL'Ufc eX il l- : I ,ed. flURNIMlBD HOUSE TO I.ET? ON THIRTEENTH > 1 1 ? " ? t, it ar Kil .li avenue ? three itiry, liigli niojp; Hpien <1 1 ly fu i n lolled; rent low; also one on Twenty-ll ; m sirrot: to a private family only. Apply to t'EKT A THOMAS, 821 Brt a .way, N. Y. IjlUHNMllED ROOM AND BEDUOOM, WITH CONVE ni. m for housekeeping; rent low. No. 90 Green street, J rsey City. ' f H1)I SU 2*1 BOORM.YN PLACE. WEST THIRTY' THIRD su ? to rr-ui or Tor sale. App j to J. L. BUAYNaKU, c,i 1V ,U street. ni;rsK to let cheap, whole on part, and Furniture lurN.ii', ur would lake a family to Boarti, Willi al! ill in iinpivivi'mi nta; a three htor>- Umus wi' ?i ( ? ..ur ,i ii : I., i nie la Kil'ty-iUth Mreel, near Third availna. Ui-nt at the rale oi 5>J0J per your. Apply for tbree daya at 7-1 1 "ilid aveiui Rent to a good tenant, for a small three t.ory . i a U Ilou-e; 1u,h .i il modern ImproYcnuMtts; mi yaw. Aid i ? Smre, Mutable tor a drug More; rent not ao tii.:.:b a ( ouatueiation an a (jiiod tenant. Apply to N, II. Mll.l.HU. S3 \Vi*t T.iiriyMxtli tit feet; or at No. 1 Barclay at. ft i, e iriior Broadway, bit* 'ment. QlORi: TO LET.? NICE STORE, TWO ROOMS, AT 103 it Uivit.inn ktitsat. oivupted by a lady as tv tiituiiiii)? aio.i'. A , u, r K mas to let in now house 93 inviaiou street Ap pi> at !*"t Dillnaifl street. rno LET? A H*.Al TirTIi SUW FOUR STORY, HIGH I ?:o.ip i : ii nii'iit in <. mi Stone Ilutifle, 22 feet fl Irciios front by 66 fei't deep, 109 Kurty-i ourlh street, beiwiou Sinai v.u ..hi Mxtli avenue; rent in Hay 1, $li'0. ASna new iiii ory and Lijjb kloop bajieinrnt brown atone lioUM', 21.1 Went Forty-i* ifcillh street; rent to Slav I, J-'JiM. qiO LF'f? TO A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, THE THIRD L I'lu roi house 1.19 East Twenty-third street, front nml ita.-k pa.!- r. and tbrae b drooms and kibchen on the floor, lnq ure us autre. rj'.O LiM'? SOME PARTS OK HOUSES 1<M AND 121 EA.VT 1 Tweiry<'ijhili si e.-'t. Have each six 10 ins, with ( it Uxtute- ? ti iv. h i , a \ a.'Ste entrane" and ya' d. It.' nt low. A i v ' i.oo.iih ti)t)i r lioor at 106 $'!) 80. Also at 101 Euat Twelfth siivet, thiee to ms;oth rt.$lto$3, J. R. WILOoX, 3W Fourth avenue. M O I.ET? THE l.'OUSE 423 FOURTH STREET (ALBION I l'l.i - 1, o. ? itvo Wo "k* Irani Broadway. Contains *11 Itupiii' ? in. nta. t mc ? liar aud yard; private stairw.iy, tms. It ill very low. B-* n fi\im eleven to oue daily. Also otliiT places. JOHN R. WILCOX, 54") Fourth avenne. rilO LET ? IN NEW RO01IELLE, UP TO Al'Rft. I, IS?)2. 1 A', ivii'iy i*e.iit'ous of rcntliiRa beautiful stone House, ? itli lai /e ? :.r '? n and eo.ii'lihniiHe, admirably sltiiu.ed on tho Sound for a low real, pi use addresa box 79S J'oat otflee. A i niii'.'.t'iiii nta can lie m ule for u longer time. rpO LET? TO GENTEEL PARTIES, FART OF THE I flret l.i*' Enclisli haaeiuent four story House, 328 W-at Tiveniy-.-e -oud ? t. . Hue Parlor Floor, aiso iirst an.l Third Floors, will be lei separate If desired. Inquire ou the pre mises. ri'.o I.ET? \ FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT J. II" me, h9 Wen: Twenty-sixth street, betwocn Sixth and .Se.eiii i avi-uiM liar, all the mod urn lmproveuients. lmjulra ot IIENHV 11. ^lOUANGE, 167 Broadway. TO LET-BACK AND FRONT ROOMS, OM SBOOND floor, s ii'irale or together, to g-ntlenirn, without boanL The iitiu^e all the modern iiuptovenients and Is near Hrnftitwuj . Call for one week at UiA Prince street. rilo LET? A NEAT TWO STORY HOUSE, CONTAINING J. CiM-.on wuier, go*, kc., lu Eigtliy-third street, fourth house east of Third avenue. Rent $it>l per annum. Foasea k ou iiniiii ihateli. Apply on Uie premises. rro LEI? TUB SECOND FLOOR Of HOUSE NO. 140 1 Fifty-fourth street, west of Broa.:wuy, o.iiaisuug of four room*, Ac., to a small genteel laiully. 11 nt low. mo LET-TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR THREE 1 persons, Apartments, consisting of three or lout Ko uns, with X"' ?'"* water ou the second lloor, suitable for houre keep.i.g; Imiation nwpeu table; near Botvery and Griuid strnet. R ut low. Address Home, Herald olBee. rno IJir-A PARLOR FLOOR OF A TWO STORY AND J. ba? ineut bonne, four rootn*, store naim, closeti* and pant i l?a, and eoal liouse, to a small family; rent $13 it month. Can be seen al 34 West street, uoxt bouse io the church, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. OH) LET? NO. 13 GRAND STREET, A STORK AND JL nppi-r apartment; i heap rent, together or se. arate. suita l .e t?f s shueniaaer, bai bsr or taiUr. luquu e at Nu. 17 Gian.l street, in tbe store. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE OTPER PART ui the hoiisti No. tiu Ore uwich street, near Curlstoplier; bus gas .1 nd wat r : neighborhood Is pie. saut; ruut reasona ble. Ai piy at 331 Canal sireel, or on the prt mim s. rpO LET-A DESIRABLE APARTMENT. OF THREE 1 roouw, In house 36 King street, to s small fantllv, w lilt gat- and water. Aiso, other neat Apartments to let. Inquire at 33 Kin,; street. rro RENT-IN BROOKLYN, IN A FIRST CLASS HOC8B, A ti.e Sciond and Tmrd Floors, with baek Basement; gr.ites mid Mts throughout; ten minutes' walk of Hamilton aveuuv ferry. Kent very moderate. Ai.ply at corner Court a.. Si iaon streets, BftMklya. rro M A ii kT-TOAWDKN lilW? TO LET, 4>4 MILES FROM A liiii'.em Bridge, on n tuaesdsmiied road, JO io 40 seres ot g i d, Wi ll (i n en Isind, wtih live years' lease trom April 1, Iv. 2. Apply ai Bil lgewater Paint depot, 74 Maiden isiie, Mu.i 1 H? cT7iTAUfC~ HOUSES, T ROOMS, ELI, OO cull lieajtlnly Minalcd, fronting city rnilrosd, Su.itli Kri okl,. n, ten m nates' walK trotn Hamilu u lerry suliaba ior one or two families. Apply at 29 Columbia street, B ooklyn. 8T1I AVENUE UOUSB AND BTORB TO LET? NO. 65S. ? In sua o IS beaiitiinUy lilted up for the clothing, but ; u ni t answer tho tiiillluery or fancy business. Apply at fiiij hiKhih aveuue, corner or Fortieth street, between 2 and 4 u'uvck, _ TOO LATg^FOn CLASSIFICATION. An elegant seven octave rosewood pian K forte lor Mile at a murllicu, rl?'hl> oarvcd leg* andcaa% ruiiiulriH uiii, lull iron plate, lined wl h aatlowoud, ovelC (tiling b.i?n; baa all ihe modern Improvement*; made 9t> order for the preacnt owner bjrrl y makers; fully ?i?ara^ teed fur three years; la-en In ??" bui ?.-v"u mouths; co?t $500; will be sold for t'JSO. Including stool aad cover. AlN superb Drawing B Kim Suit, coal >3V), fur $140. Inquire M No. "0 Writ 'i'weniy-stuh street, uear Sixth avenue. A PARTNER WANTED-IN a CAUH BUSINESS, bb. laidi-tnd and pioiitable. To an ;-iy wishing a lerine ncut bus uena the year round thin offers nn eviiellenl oppo^ tuuity. Cipllul rctpured, $M1 AyplJ ai 129 Broadway. V. U HOWES A CO. A 8 I TTU'R HAD TUBES TBBTH EXTR VOTED without any |>?id whatever, by lir .1 JAY YiLLERS, i>f 155 Grand street, I < heeri'ully Insert Hits an a re.ummcta. d alien lo thoae uuturtiinales aulferiig irum aching leetl. J. M URPflx, S". S Mulberry street 171 LOCUTION.? MB. WAIjCOT BKCS TO ANNOl/NGB that ha l.i prepared tuUi .otwo mure |Upil?imly,t* In struct lu Reading and Speaking lirthe ?' g the pulpit or the bar. For terms Inquire at 1M Warerley place. FOB LIVERPOOL.? BLACK BALL LIN* OF V\C? eta.? The clipper ?hl|i ISAAC 1VEUU suite Ui-murrow for passage apply on board, pier 23 ! a t rivi r, or to JACOB WILSON, 108 Aiulh street. The MAN llATTAN sulla on Monday, Noyeinbrr 3. FOB LIVERPOOL.? tiie KAVORITH PICKET snip ROBERT CENTEB ? U1 po?lilr. l.v **il3lsiol i* (obex. Second cahlti, ou deck. at reduced si* r . ?? i iiVh. An !v ou board el pier 27 East river, or ofC. A. TEN El't'K, til South street. FOK LIVE It POOL. ? T IIE MAGNIFICENT CLIPPER alilp CALHOUN will posliiv. lv haul in the stream IhW day, at 1 o'clock P. . M., and will p. ma-el u> nut o .-morrow, rur pannage, at the loWi *t ponnl le r ue.-?, **pnl>- on board, or to E. COI.l.iNS, at the olUce, ou pier N >. 0 North river. Fob Liverpool ? dreadnought link. the splendid cllpis-r ulilp KHi OBI', Cau aiu Wliltuiau, will jwsHively nail, this day, at twelvo oYluek, when nil paaaen gera must he on botrd. i: > >ini r t lew more; lowest sale#. Apply on board, pier# Nor h rlv ie. o ? m 1'. 11. l'Kil ti.K.'T, 40 aotitb siaeet First ships *or i.iveupgol and londoa? Shin LI VKKI'I Ml! , 'or l u i i, ? ulla tl< in d iv. Clipper nhip KLOBEKCK MGIlTiNtvAl.K, at pior '31 E .at River, lor Iji.nloii, K..1! Nov. 1. fo , nd I. aidp NEW WORLD, fur Liver|Hiul, anlla O -t. 31. i' n'ii ? at rud need iilva ap ply to THOMAS t). ROv. UU, 3 Soi t . tr. et. LH .T.N1SHED HOUSE WAV1ED IN BROOKLYN? r Small and rieat'y fnvnl -hed; mu?t !>? in a <i- a-rabto ni'ltjliljoi lioud and rent low. A.divsa, .* tUl fail pai .igukti>', box 2, AM New York Pu- t otllve. 1 FURNITURE? A PMVIJ. FAMILY DP<!TROI7S ?P 1 lioilMi'kueping would I : ki* lo ptiienaae froia f.'?) to worth of Kurnilure, < unipi i-uu' cv.uytlilim r uul Ue for th? name, patlor, chamber ami kltein-n. P.:rlW having Ibu^cfu'ap for ea?u will pluaae uddrciai Murton, Broadway Po.-t ofllue, for ono Week. INSTItn TION IN Klt'MMI WILL BB AI^HV BY A Purlhian youug lady lu rxc^ati,.v for Uiani and washing; will be willing lo tlve a le??on i nch day of nn hour .inrla hall'. Shehaaa diploma I ro in tin' Uotold i Vllle, aud haa conatderable expert nci> In leaehlm;. 'i'lm bn*t ol i iiyrofa r- nci-h given aud reouiivd. Addiv aa IImm LiuiiunUi kbert.. Harlem. N. Y. * MltS. SECOB, THE GREAT TORESEER OF Fl'TUKB Kvenia, i an b i wen at 218 Spring >tt> i (, Uwetneiit, near Macilou 'ill. She u-llaid? lu?.-?*; ^hiv- lu' ty in;iulh i?i cauata< npeedy tnarrlageH. If >ou wish ihe trvith glttflier a call. "1>AIITNER WANTED? IN THE roNKEtTIONERY AND I. 1'iu.ify bualneta; the coruer la coiug a good biu.lm.aa. The object of tho adrertlfer'a to op-u a ladiua' fesumraut. For full pirliculara apply ut iSiJ Canal a'.i . ?*. Read tuis.-a phrenologist and aktrologist tliut beats the ? orid, and $.'\0U() rcwanl for any one who ? can equal Miva Wellington, who fa aeKiiowludgwl'tu be the only lady In tlila city who tiiuhi'uily givea information con cerning * lo aes, btwaiilia, Jourui-va, aiwent frlenda, Iot?, courtalilp, marriage, ho .lib, wealth, I. Jill wh.? will reclalaa drunken and unfaithful hnab in ii. \T. la the only per son in thl? city who haa tie1 gen due Roiinu aiul Arabian tallnuana for love, good he k and all binme** all'aira, and an? guuianteea for life. Delay not tuc.iuanll mis naturally g.ltad an. I ii'Miillfiil young lady. Lin ky ntlmb ra given. 'Highly respectable city roU rein en oun be aceu at her rokiJenoe, Ml M viii avenue. The advertiser, c. i.f.hmann. well known uk a corn|H'ient artiat, la pr pa u J lo give ie laoiia in Draw ing or l'alutuig lu water or oil to lorn. Ad ircaa 122 loiayth aireet. WANTED? IN A RESPECTABLE NEIGHBORHOOD, beiw en Kifleeuili and f ortieth elreca, a modern built lloiiae; rent about $40 a month imlillitof IMay it^rl, or tor a longer period. Addr. *a to F. S. M., box <00 1 oat oin< e. WANTKD.? AN AMERICAN (iENTLEM.VN, WIPE AND child want part of a house lor lioufO o epln.', Uetwean Fourth and Twenth 1 1 mreetn, crial of Bowerjr, Willi anolh?r auiall family. Addreta John, Herald ollUe. WANTED-AN ACTIVE PARTNER, IN A FIRST class Restaurant, an elegant Bar. Oyster aland and private Supper Room*, looaled oil one ol the beat r-ornrn on Broadway, and convciileiil lo the pi in ipal hmeb, and la now doing a lirat clans buslnosn. A rara opportunity Is now offered to a man who can Invent a no. all anioaat of capitaL Addrejoi Re^iaurant, Union acpiare Poatolllee. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, WITH AND CHILD, ou Int November, two large Kooiu^ ou ike hint, lleorof a hoiiae, in u good neighborhood, aliuatud below Fo trleantb mret-l. Addreaa it. J. B., box lal Herald oflioa, ataiiug loaa llon, rent, A e. 1 Q pianofortes, all new. seven octave, fob lu SI50 eaih. ? Warranted lor three yeara; munt be aald thin luouili ; also one aecond hand do. for $I0U; but little used. Call al tbe manufactory, 75 Eaat Twanty aocoud atreet, Bear Lexington avenue. ?f>AA TO ?1, ODD-WANTED, A PARTNEB, IN A BUS? *Jp "J U 1/ nenathat pays from $J0 to $.'? pnr week above rxpriutcK. To any one who is willing to wiu k and devote hia utU'Jitlon lo the buslueMi, lids lx a good opiKirtutiity. Books ready for evaiuinalion. Addrwaa B. A. C., M Aek^ place. <3tl nnn CASH and active partnbb wanted? ipl.UUu In a legitima?' Brokerage busitn*n. (ully aa t d linhed, and making from to flO.iXM par year even in theae times; anaocinlion and hnjiUou tua vary beat. Ad dreaa Union, boi 103 Herald ofllee. PERSOKAL, A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO^ ^TdO??TyOUH? A lu allby female child, iwo montka old; ate would Nhe nome ivapi-cuible lady Ui tako her; her htiibuitfl kangooeto the war. Call at ltW (Ihrr y at. ADOFTION.? A FINE, IILALTnt MAIJJ INFANT four wieka old, of goo 1 Aiuerlejtn p<,ranw, may bo adopted by any resperlaMe amiry. altherin the eiiy or coun try. All daunH will U. n limjulaltcd aud auy aatiesactory ar rangements made. Address Dr. M. W Hlett, slakiuB A, New York P04 1 oilier. AM. A. WOULD MUCH OHLtOB A FRIEND BY IN ? lorming how a not : woi Id I" duly reuei^ad. Adtkraa an before, City P. O., 1,2.10 Broadway. Brooklyn.? wili. the ladt dbi-^bd in black straw hat, ntrlped drab t loth Ciraular aud Hack lloun ce', who weji in company with a lady dr?*??d In green dreaa Hil l black llounces, aud wl.o waited down F11I10.1 avanuo lo Orauce ntreet ou Monday evening; at eight o'clock, and n.upt>cd lu front of several nilllin. ri nUu ? n, addr .-? a lino to the gentleman who walked h.'si,f? ihutii and stood some minuten 111 front of Bigclow'H hat nioru, where a li lier would r ivli her address, to D'L.itrange, Bruoklyu 1'uat oUlceT JjlTTlE? I WOULD INFORM YOU, AND ALL THOSE J requiring liu-rary aid, t.iat I. being well known as a writer, will wriie UtH?, potuis uui ar^uul composi tions, Ac,, A i'. Tli" utmost secresy n.a nuihaod. AtkireM Harry Uoyd, Ikix 3,336 I'ost ollisfl, Now Turk. (GEORGE.? MEET *1K AT THH OLD PLACE. T(7E% T day, %nh; if not then, uiy when through "l'l-raonatp' business of importance demands an luturv lew. ETTA. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN AND THOMAS A Smith, brother*, who loft Arncrotv it, ixtriak of Carnbce, Fifcabire, Scotland, for America about 9 or 11 years ago. Ir they are alive they may hwtr of something ve tholr aiivan ia ?' tiy applying u> A. Mackende, H.uik of Uic Republic, New York. 'rii"mni Smith triuUi i known tut a wrigbt In Now York, ui*l it' In" ami his brother shoaUi be dead, any poison giving Information "of tlie lirue and place of their death will be rewarded. INFORMATION WANTEO-OF ELLEN AND ANNA llaria Do ran, who lei t tho Catholic Orphan Asylum In Utba iltr'd yearn 114,0, ?n.i aiip)?wd to h? in Nmv York. Any Information of tliein w III l o thankfullr re plied by thtu* uncle, Michael Byrne, 133 Chores ?'?res'. New York. INFORMATION WANTED.? GEORGE AT*E8, ABOUT fiOja-is of age, lorinerly a resident of l'eekukll, New York; has been abs<nt for several >>ars; hi* mother, Borah Ayres, luut lately died, laavliu; ?oiue property. Any Informa tion of his whereabouts will be than* rally roceiv.-d, WM. II. BRIGGS, E\ecu?or af Sataii Ayrsa, deceased. Pkkxmkili., October, 1861. IPS. C.CAMPBELL WILL 6EHD HIS ADDRESS *0 Union square Poet office, to Eldur No. t, he will hear ef an old frtano of hla. IF MIL A., OF W. C., WILL CALL AGAIN IN CON oor.l ?UTBet, Brooklyn, this week, or attor the 1st of No vember at ?1 S.iml? slie<t. tic utn hare a plratani rnom. witji tlic comfort* of a hom?, reasonable. M. T. IF ALEXANDER BROWN LIE, BROTHeS OP JOHN Blown lie, Into of the tlrni u? Gaafrey, Pattls in A Co., will aeud hie aildrcaa to box 1,336 Post olllcc, Ira will hear wr something great y to his jge. MR. WM. D. MILLER, LATB 0F OMiSauO, WILL, please call al 192 Water at rant. MISS P., WHO HAS NOT BEEN nEARD PROM stnoe the removal I rum Lexington avenue, will please ? ?l bar address to Eighteenth timet, for ROBERT. ?J^TEW YORK.? TO DAY, 3 P. M., WITHOUT FAIL. ST D.-WEDNE8DAY NIOHT, AT 8 O'CLOOH' ? corner ol Secoud avenueanu Eiahl street. If not cud vcuicnt, he tb're on Saturday night, aaine haur. JOHN Topping? old boy, call at 838 pearl street. I want toaoe you. II OWE. TUP, YOUNG LADY WHO WORE A BLACK AND' white plaid dress, with hair twiSLe.l ami laid behind ber eurs and who laughed at the gonllcman whose umbrella caught I u the door of a Broadway stage on Saturday aricr noon, would confer a favor if she would send a line, stating when and where a conil<1entfal Interview muy be had, to Sane ho I'aoxa, Broadway l'^to'lice. T US LADY WHO KODE TP WALL STREET ON MON da* alter noon, In a slaie, and bowed to some gentlemen,. Is requested lo let them know where and wben an interview ran take place. Address Charles Barke, Union square Post oOlca. The smaller of the two ladies in green slia*la, who walked through W nil, H.uiorer, Rearer and William streets on Monday morning and then look ?u omni bus is reuuested to send her uddiena to Mr. Webber, Union square Post oUlea, stating wbea and where an interview ean take place. WILI, the young udt, in green, with black ?Ilk mantilla, who took a Broadway aad Forty-second street stage, on the corner of Fulton street and Broadway, pksise write to C. M. It., box IMJilemld ofllce, and she will greatly oblige the young mau whu stood uear lier lu an oUtoel WANTED TO AD0PT.-A LADY WHO IS FOND OP children wishes lo adopt a li t e girl, about throe, four or lire vears old, who will lie treat, d with klitdneca In every respect. Address A. B., box 131 Herald otlice, stating where an Interview may be had. WILL THE GENTLEMAN FROM THE 1 HIRTY-SIXTH ri'glinent, who bring* Wont from m;- brut her, please call ai 13S Greene street, as 1 w ish lo bear from him. M. CLAYTON.

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