Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1861 Page 9
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A. ?ALBS AT ArCTIOJT. Mob and Cosily Household Furniture, Elegant roaewood Pianoforte, KOaeWOflA Parlor Kill! In 1 in >i-u i*tl elegant Parlor Furniture was made to order. and in in solid nmrmd. Th* whole will t>? sold to the highest bidder fur ouh, offering extra inducements to purchasers, at the mine flurnitnre of tee house is new, having all boon made within ?U month*. Elegant rosewood ?even nacare Pianoforte, wlU> all modem Improvement*, ever*trun?, buas, Ac., Cost $6U0. rich roeewood Stool, cover* ! In unUii, and embroidered Co ver: three elugant fun sulis of roaewood Parlor Furniture, (? n<4> brocade and eatln; manwood Elogmea, splendid and eo*tly Parian Oruamruts, riuh Vases, Ac ; alao a magnlfloenl collection of rare Painl n^a, roaewood Turkish Ka?y Chalra, tUnere^, rosewood Utmru and Side marble top Tab lea, lily carved. Chamber Hull*, in rosewood and mahogany; Rnrean*. earned Bedsteads, Waalis'.ands, Sofa Bed*. In line halrclo h; tou pun' Hair Mattraskea. from forty to fifty, pound*, made Ht> orderaiiilln excellent condition. . _ . , Dining Room Furniture consists of line oak Extension Table, Silverware, rl. h China, Ivory and silver Cutlery, Forks, Spoons, Ac., with heavy out and engraved GUeeware Of every description. Sale positive, by vlrtne of chattel mortgage. A LBEKT MORTIMER GRIFFIN A CO., AUCTION J\, tar*.? Peremptoi-y aale el Ural claa* Household Furni ture, the proper* of a family declining housekeeping, at the elegant realdeace 48 Weat Sixteenth street, Wwnu Fifth and Sixth avenues. Sale commencing this day, at low o'clock, II rawing Room Furniture, covered wnk French brocatelof the richest deanrlptlon; aolld roaewood framea, two Suit*, via: ? 'fw. Teie-a-Tde Kola*, two Arm HluIrK, two Beeeptlon and eight Oval Book Chalra, made by Weil; Centre Table, statuary marble top; elegant rosewood E lege res, plate ?lass doors; Secretary and Bookcase, lined with satlli wood; Chens Table, inlaid with pearl; roaewood fitde Tables, velvet moquet Tnble Covers, Encojgnutva. Easy Chair*, covered with velvet; lady'a Worn Table and Writing Defk, velvet me dalllon (Wlieta, Mosaic Ruga, antique Lava Vases. MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Full ?even octave, richly carved legs and case , Inlaid with sdUd pearl keys, ha* all tlie modern improvements; roaewood Canterbury Stool, embroidered cover; Halstaud, Oilcloth, velvet Stair t'urjert, silver Rods, roaewood Chamber Furni ture en suite, Bares us, Arntuire-a-Glace. Dressing Table, Bed dead*, Commodes, Couvh and Arm Chairs, covered with retvet; hair Spring Matlrcses, Blankets, Counterpanes. Bolid ook Dining Room Furniture? Buffet, marble top, lined with satlu woial; Extension 'fable, Arm Chair*, elegant acts ef cryatal and ruby Glassware, *olld ailver Tea Service, French China Dinner und Tea Sou, Shellield Table Cutlery, Also all the Easement and Kitchen Furniture. Competent persona will be lit uttendauce to pack, ship or cart the to >da at a reasonable bharge. Albert m. oriffin a co? auctioneers su perior Household Furniture at public auction ? ale ?ommencli.g at J o'clock this afterncajn, No. 71) Weat Twenty-aivih street, near Sixth avenue. A rare opportunity for house keeper* and dealers. Sale preremptory, consisting of Parlor Suit*, Rosewood Pianoforte, Mirrors, Lace Cur tains, Bruascla (iarueta, Rugs, Clocka, E lege res. Bookcase, Vases, Paintings, Engravlnna. Centre Table*, Chancellors, iHatitaiid, Sialr Carpels, Rosewood and Mahogany Bureaua, Bedsteads, Sofas, Rockers, Chairs, Tables, 12 ;atlr tine Wool Blankets, 2t pair Linen Sheets, Counterpaines, 16 excellent Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, McGraw s Sofa Keds, Wa>h ?lands, Ingram Carpets. Sideboard, Extension Table, Arm Chair*. China and Glassware, Ivory Handled Knives and Forks, Silverware, Ta le Lluen. Couches, Easy Chairs, Jkc. Also, Basement and Kit lien Furniture. Sale commencing It I o'clock this afternoon. AssigesE'S sale op handsome household Furniture, In continuation, AT PIJBUO AUCTION. POSITIVE PKKEM PIOKV SALE OF ELEGANT Tit 1ST CI A:.S FURNITURE, Ttala (Tuesday) afternoon, m 2 o'ciocn pre isely. the beautiful Parlor, Dining Boom, Chamber and Library Fur alture In the dwelling house 152 Twcnty-Hrst street, between florentb find Eighth uvennes, all of which U new, having been recently made, and nun; riven every th iiiR adapted to a CashlonaMc and elegantly turn Illicit resilience? the whole tf> to peremptorily sold lor cash, oonsMm,' .it English Velvet uiu i y ' '.irpuia, elegant rosewood I'm lor Furniture, ?i suite, (.-oniprihing three full stilts, rli lily earred, nil or which an- covern I in rii'li silk brocatel, and of the beat de scription; rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Chairs, in blue and gold satin and innullel; Velvet Turkish Lounges, rich M*nl"l and Pier Mirrors, Dumnsk and Line Curtains, ?old and Landscape Shades, two ro eivooil Eleecres, s<\ lo of IjoiiUXIV. ; rich Sevres and Dresden Matiiel Vasep, liistpie figures, Artis'c Rronres, Purler Oi naments, Ac. ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MUSIC CABINET, STi OI AM) COVER, cost $1S0. Marble top liurciu.s. richl) carved Bedsteads, twenty large Hair Mattresses, T?te-a-TBU'?, Chamber Siiltn, in rosewood; oron*e Clocks, marble Washstands, L<nn?cs, French and Spring Scat Chairs, Rockers, Divans, Ottomans, Oval M Ir fors, superb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two ine mahogany Sola Bedstead*, rich French and Bohemian ?Mna, rich Tea Sets, Silverware, Sjvions, Korku, Casters, <ce Pitchers, Una, Tea Service, ruby and i rysial Cut Glass Of every detoripllon, oak marble t en Mullet, oak Chairs, su to"iTb oak Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chandeliers, marble Hall S and, ine of Wilder'* Iron Sate*. Ca'alognes at house. Sale posi tive, rain or ahine. A depot-It will be required of all pur thasera. N. B. ? Parties from a distance are assured (hat every ar Hole In the house will be sold strictly without ri serve, and there will positively be no ptv-tponemrni. Purohasers eau ?ave their goods carted, packed or shipped by reliable per eoos, who will be In attendance for purpose. RIWSELL W. WESTCOTT Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.? E. BOTH. AUCTIONEER, WILL sell, tiita afternoon, at 2 o'elo.k precisely, the property ?f Dr. Philip Simson, at the residence, 12S Waveriey place I fear Sixth avenue, consisting of line Rrussels, Tapestry and ngraln*>ets, one solid ri s ?? no I Parlor Suit, covered In srimaon and maroon French aatln brocatel, comprising one lofa Tete-a Teie, one Armchair, one reoeptlon ami four me dallion back Chairs: wens nwuie to order by Messrs. Shadier ft Siunson; rosewood Etegere, with mirror back and doors; rosewood Centre and Side Tables, two solid black walnnt Drawing Boom ftnits, covered in green velvet re pa ?ud haircloth; Turkish Easy Chair* and Lounges, Jovered in tapestry; Lasting to match ; rosewood *nd black walnnt Corner and Side Stands, Clocks, Vases, Figures, Dairtuslc and L ie Curtains, elegant /oaewood Bedroom Suits, Bedstead, Bureaus, Washstand and Comm. ides to match, rerv line Hair Mattresses. Bolsters, "Pillows, Blankets, Sheet ; at! kinds of man winy, black wal nnt, oak Chamber and Dininit Room Furniture, Sofa Beds, Chain, Rockers, Lounges, Mirrors, Curtains, Extension iOinlng_ Table, Tea Tables, Glass, China and Silverware; Table Cutlery, Stoxcj, Olloiotiis, Stair Carpets, Chandeliers find Qas Fixtures through the house. Tills 1s a great oppor tunity for housekeepers tuid the trade. Sale positive, ruin or Shine. All the goo ds must be removed Hventy-four hours After the sale. Purchasers can have tlieir goods carted, Coked or shipped by reliable persons, who will be In attend ee for that purpose. Auction notice. LARGE AND IMPORTANT SALES, THIS DAY AND TO MORROW, TUESDAY, Oct. 2S, and WEDNESDAY, Oct. 29. Tuesday's sale will contain ? VERY FULL AND COMPLETE ASSORTMENT or SEASONABLE STAPLE AND FANCY DRV GOOD8. ALSO, RIBBONS ? BOO Carton's rich Fall Bonnet Ribbons, Of a most favorite Importation, all ah sorted in the mist de Arable colors, and to be gold at ONE P. M., precisely, Wednesday's sale will contain FINE HEADY MADE CLOTH "N ?. 200 GASES BO(?TS AND SHOES, 100 CASES MEN'S AN1) BOYS' SOFT H ATS, SE8IBABLE ASSORTMENTS OK RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGS, AND Full Assortments of Staple and Fancy Dfy Goods. Catalogues ready on mornings or each day's sale. WM. TOPPING V CO.. Auctioneers, Nos. 9 and 11 Park place and No. 8 Murray street. Auction notice. LOCKWOOD BROS, k UNDERBILL, Auctioneers, No. 29 Murray and N". .'13 Warren streets, Beg to call the attention of buyers to t heir large and attractive sale AT 10 O'CLOCK THIS DAY, comprising full lines of SU.KS, RIBBONS, ORE'S GOODS, WOOLLEN AND COTTON HOSIERY, GLOVES, GAUNTLETS, BS CK GLOVES AND M ITS, WHITE AND MIXED SHIRTS, DRAWERS, JACKETS. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTING*), SVTINETS, SHEETINGS, SHIRTINGS, Ac. Catalogues ready early. AS. RH HARDS. AUCTIONEER. ? One thousand c <>s oi Boo and Shoes at auction, hv S1CHARD8 .It WH1T1NO, on We ... divy, 0< t. 30. at 1U? ?o'clock, a' stior" U Curtlttndt stree t. I t u led In this sale is a full assortment of heavy Call, Orafti tml Thl k Bo<>>?; al-o, ?bot't 100 cases of Stock Co ds. ie nd order, wlili Which tlie <Mle will eommen e. Cataio)<ucs on ineir ..Ing of sale. AUCTION" NOTICE ? M. DOfi.llTV, AUCT10VJ5BB, Will sell liiis day, al lt)Ja' ij'u o it sales. oolu, S6 Nas aaustfect, Hot sehold Furniture, to , r v. > iod and mahogany Parlor Suits, covered in in'.,, land haircloth; Brussels and fi'.^ialn Carp t>, in ? Cent;e Tables, Lace Curtains, Li' rary K i "???:? B i-es. Extension Dining Tables, Bullets, Dining C <'!??. eliery, Glamnare, Press n ; liu . nts, VVarlisiat ;s, i '.uls, lluir Matti'LHses, Feather H is, lyiiitiT- s, .Mirrors, t AUCTH V NOTICE.? CHOI E AN . ? L V I : < E STOCK OF al! Kinds ot cr, (or> . CI t'<- : > ti 1 I'tunyO Is, Ac. ; Dipt, V^llow and Ito. ' W a 1 ? .s. 11. liAKI'LETT, auctioneer, on Tuesday, O :o ? r " t"ti '. d!o?'!;,Ht 1WI Pearl street; a free cash sale; < t oitutry f taie.-is; lout to suit and well packed up loi n. < , i UCTJON NOTICE.? AN E a EU 1 NT OPPORTUNITY fi>r these comtnete in ? o ? t., get good Fnrnl ' I0K A' ture.? This day, at 140 Eight! r. >. \ -t"t' j da e, at 103f o'clock, one of Etard's pan tit d n n 7 ?? lave Piano fortes, Iron frame; one Par. or Si i., . ... <',i n silk reps; one do. covercil in medallKin, set . n ;?!. > i" i-aeli; Rockers, sofa Tables, mahojany, rosewtxid an i.n. i c Cm irs, Briirsela and Ingrdu Carpets, Cruckery, i.. ? nate ud tlie Furni ture of eight bedrooms compl-la . .? . .yil. ng lailongiug to a first ' lass live story ho t e Wil; ? n 11 without reserve. Auction notice.-p,U!:nit w fup.niturb ex pressand Packing " s' i . II.', West Eleventh street, between Fifth and si i a aveuo. - Household furni ture box. d and shipped lo a I p.r;, the world. Covered wagons for removing ltirnU ne to act ;roiiithn country. Furniture slored. Auction notice -b. ti. seixas miii. sell at the store of W. S. A II. MATTHEWS.-.' t Pearl street, on Tuesday, October 29. at 10 'clock t . and coitntrv dealers, a lareo assortment of all l?-nds, f M'iiUe Granite, 'Common Rockingham, <tc., Ac.; uls La1 ps Auction notice.? paintin ..-?this dvy, at iox o'clock. at63 Nasnau streei. i bemtifnl .? IctionofOil Faintin :s, Hlstorlca', S i ip ttral, Lm t cape an ' Marine, the balance ot a bankrupt's si' c < IS \ VC l>. AARON*. Auctiom er. Auction sale ok CROCKERY, i HIS V V.l /JS A % I) GLASS WARE HENRY O. EVANS ? lit N"i!, ill 1?? ' f?? i J t\ M III! POUI) ? try tra?l?*, on Tti^'Uy, Of ? ??? 2.V ? M ??'. ?: fy> Mat don lane, White Granlt? ?n?l ro?nin* ti W < . ? i u China and -Glass Wure of All kinds, s , i i i ? a . ' u-j r *.'Wc. Goods carefully for shin; Browne a Kionor.s. xrcinvFi n . wru. skli., th. h dav. October 29, in fy< ?????* is. No. 3ft Nassau a.rovJ, at one ? , s ?? ? ? ?!... I Horse, 7 yearn old, hands hiji , i-.u : ... asnpiror horse for the he id, us h t ? r. ) i ; i . and ns; in of Are n.'Mon ; is Also a I < ? ? . n - .m-t or douhi". Warranted h-un ,'i v . ? , ???> oih ?r wanting aw U : n aniimtl \\i"- ? 1 1 1 1" haU*. a r.s? > A long ta l *d bey Horse, ^ ! s n;nd, kind end centra; an t\ c I i, also, la Siut'lo and double hart c* . ALSO A beautiful ilnrlt btjr H'.r ? 1 .'.tl; ? .nl d sottndf kin* ftn4 jwtiUe in ever, | . ? ? . ilouida and ?Ingle I i n. .- , kii 1 n ill' t ? 1 . LtylUl ttarcliiU', r.tid reliable In ail r-- . AT A grey llorse, 15 litn ? I I I.. 7j ' ? I, kin.l and penile; 11 1: trot Inih." ? :t ? , .nddle hoiie*. goua in all harm a. A7&! > Averyfn. .-ity bulUiw,; ... . i; , ,n , dnlshed; an Loupe, tu t.. . 1 , . .o t.i. Muggy, And three one horso Bockswayr ___ SALE* AT ATTCTIO*. AUCTION SALE ? TH IS DAY. AT ?>H O'CLOCK, AT Hi Eighth street, near it i oadwojr, our c.egunt Piauo, with splendid tone and liiilsh; two rosewood I'm i lor Suits, n>?*. wood ?nd mahogany Bod room Suits, Rocker*, Looking Glaasea, mahogany and maple Chalre, Table*, Brussels una Iu;;raln Carpets, and everything that belongs to a first claw house. Sale positive. piIAS. P. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER? SALESROOMS 87 " ' and S9 Sixth avenue, solicits consignments of U|1 descrip tions of merchandise; outdoor sales attended to; commis sion* to suit the times; prompt return* made, and best of city reference* given. Cash advances made to any amount. David scott. auctioneer.? south bercen, 2 mile* from Jer*- y (!!ty ferry.? To tie fold on Tuesday, OctoW 29, at 2 o'clock I". M , Mx riots of Uround. contain In* eight lota, In the Neighborhood of nchooln, ehurche* and market*; .ojunaudlng n splendid view ol the bay, and In tb? vicinity"* the handsome residences of Usorge Gilford, Bsq., and otliera. Horse car* from Jersey City every ten tnl nutea. DAVID SCOTT, Auctioneer, Exchange l>laee, Jersey City. DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER, Salesroom 79 Na*-au street, between Fulton and John. DANIEL A MATHEWS will acll at acoilon, thia day, (Tueailay), at 10% o'clock, ut hi* *ale*n*im. 79 Naasau stri et, a large assortment of Household Knrullure, Carpets, Ac., (re moved for convenience of lah'), consisting in |>art of ro*e wood Parlor Suits In crimson broeuiel, rosewood, walnut and mahogany Centre and Whist Tables; Etenerrs, French plate 1'lerand Mantel Mlrrora; velvet, Brussels, three ply and In grain Carpets, roaewood and mahogany Secretary and Llbra K Bookcases, oileil walnut and enamelled B droom Suits, '?using Bureaus, French Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Waah Mands, Commodes, Shaving Us, hair Mattreues, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pill >wa, Palliasse*. T ollct Sets, gaa Chande liers, Lounges, Rota Bed, otik and walnut Extension Tables, mahogany Sofa*, Chairs, Rockers, Bullet*, Dining Chairs, gold band Window Shades, Floor Cloth, Mantel Vaaes, oiled walnut Hatracka, Hall Chain, Oil Paintings, China, Glaaa ware, Ac. Catalogues and goods now ready tor examination Daniel a mathews, auctioneer-salesroom 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and John streets. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will bell at auction, this day (Tuesday ), at 12 o'clock, at hi* salesroom, No. 79 Nit**au ?treat, for account of whom it may concern, the following, Twenty shares (125 each), of the Crami Rapids (Michi gan) Plaaler Coni|iany; also one genu' Gold Hunting Caan Watch, one ladies' Gold Watch and two Gold Chains. Terms caah. D Daniel a. mathews, auctioneer, will sell this day (Tuesday) ut 12 o'clock, at hi- salesroom, 7!) .Nas sau street, between h niton and ,1< h i sire, ts. ONE ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, Made by Cuickerltig. Also, ONE MAHOGANY SIX OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. Both In good order, and but little used. UTCI1 BULBOUS ROOTS AT AUCTION.? THIS DAY, At 11 o'clock, at No. 3 Broad street. Including Hyacinths. Tulips. Gladiolus, Ac., Ac. By A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. IilDWARD SCHENCK, AUCTIONEER, 'i IMPORTER'S BALE OF SUPERB FRENCH AND ENGLISH FANCY GOODS. By El WARD SCHENCK, this day and Wednesday, 29th and Will lnsts., ut llt^ o'clock, at hi* salesroom, No*. 155 and 157 Broadway, great sain of the moat *U|?*rb Fancy Goods, comprising a very largo assortment of entirely new patterus and dea gtis, just Imported, consisting of FINE BRONZES, SUPERB PARIAN FIGURES, ELEliANT BRONZE, ORMOLU AND MARBLE CLOCKS, SEVRES AND FRENCH CHINA VASES. DECORATED FRENCH CHINA DINNER SETS. SUPERB CI T AND BOHEMIAN GLASS W A RE, ELEGANT ORMOLU (lOtiDS, SILVER PLATED WARE, And a Ur.'H vurietv of other elegant a icy g<<o is. The good-, will be oil exhibition on Monday, at the sales room. L idles and the public generally are Invited to ex amine thein. Purchasers can have their good* carefully packed and shipped at a *in:i!l coat. IfDWARD SCHENCK. AUCTIONEER. !i Mortgage sale of :in entirely to'w close panel platform spring Coach, by EDWARD SCfl KciCK, on Wednesday, Oct. Sft, at 12 o'clock precisely, at his salesrooms, l"i5 ami 157 Broadway, the above elegant Coach ; Is entirely new ami will be peremptorily Bold. By order of E S. ClIAPIN, Mortgagee. B H. LUDLOW. Al t .?EIGHT VAbUihLB Xll, Lots on the Eighth avenue, opposite the Central Paik. r!n LUDLOW A CO. w II aril at auction, on Thursday, Ocio'ierSl, IStil, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, Eigttth avenue? 8 Lot* on the Eighth avenue, comprising the entire front between Ninety-seventh and Ninety. eighth *' reels, 201x100 feet, desirably located, about on ll.e grade, and command* a Una view of the Park, Long Isiaud and the E at river. Maps, Ac., at No. 3 Pine flrvet. T,1 COLTON, AUCTIONEER? EXTRA LARGE SALE, P . of the entire Furnltiiie of a larg" four story bous ? In Tenth street, near Broadway. On Wednesday. October 30, at lo)? o'clock, at No. 130 Tenth .street, near Broad ivay, the en tire Furniture of said house; Itwili comprise in | art rose wood and mahogany Furniture, 1st ge French plate Mirrors, Hi- s* N, Tlireo-ply and Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloths, Evti n sior. Tables, enauu Hod Fnrniture, Beila, Mattresses, imirble top Furniture, Tete-a-tete, China and assware, 8 IV'-r Plat ed ware, Refrigerators. Kitchen Furniture, Ac. N. B. ? Tile sale Is large, and will offer inducement* lo d -'ljrr* as well as all others iu want. Catalogues early on Wednesday morning at the bouse, and thia afternoon at the (tore US Fulton street. /GEORGE COOK, AUCTIONEER? ASSIGNEE S RALE VX of Elegant Household Furniture. ? Tills day, nt 11 o'clock, at HI Broadway, a lar^e stock of aupcrb Furniture, of tho best city make, consisting of l'urlor. Chamber, Ll in ry anil Dining Room Furniture, en suite and In separate pieces viz. : rosewood Parlor Secretaries, Eu g ie-, Canterburies, Music Cablnels, Centre and Fancy Tal l-*, Wardrobes, Bullets, Amoire-a-Clace, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wushslnn I*. Cornices, Extension Bluing Tables, Hat Bland*, Tables and Chairs, China Vuse<4 and Mantel Ornaments, and a general assort ment of lirst das* goo Is. The notice oi buyer* is rea.iectfully called to this sale, aa It is absolute. Catalogues at sale. GREAT AUCTION RALE OF BOOTS AND SHOES. On Thursday next, ALEXIS BRAGG A WARREN, No. 30 Warren street, WILL SELL, ON THURSDAY, On. 31, At 10>i o'clock. ONE THOUSAND CASES BOOTS AND SHOES, Comprising a largo assort incut of seasonable goods, among which are MEN'S, BOY'S, YOUTH'S AND CHIIjDREN'8 BOOTS, of the higher grades, ill liberal i]uantllies. Auction sale of Boots and Shoe* every Thursday. WM M. HOLLINGSllEAD, Auctioneer. Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer. EXECLTOB'S S.kU OF MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD Fl RNITURE, RICH FRENCH PLATK l'lKR AND MANTEL MIRRORS, SUPERBLY CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, STERLING SILVER l'LATK, te., Ac., Purchase ' at a cost of over $2'>,<W0. On THURSDAY, Od. 31, at 10k tVcU-k, At 49 West Thirty-fourth street, between Firth And Sixth avs. By order of EDMoN BLANKMaN, Esq., Executor of Jane A. Blai\rnan. d> ceased. Parlors contain richly carved and gilt solid ro#ew?>od Par lor Suits, in crimson satin, emlir ddered in pur?t bullion gold, with Window Curtains to mateh ; superbly carved rosewood Pianoforte, cost $1,500; carved rosewood A?m, Sewing and Reception Chairs, in rich gobelin tapestry; maguiiiceiit mar. quoterio and buis de rose Cabinets, Pedestals an i work Tables; elegant solid carved rosewood and pla ? glass Etc. glares, papier macho Quartette Tables, rich French pi ' te i'ier atiil Mantel Mirrors, superb French ormolu and crystal Chandeliers, Candelabra and Pendulos, real bionze and marble Statuary, Ornaments, Ac. r rich velvet pile A.vinlnster Carpet, imported to order: lace window Curt tins. Ac. DIN' J NO ROOM CONTAINS Medallion Axminster Carpet, solid rosew? o I and richly carv ed Bookcases, Secretaries, Bullet and Diuing Ta' le; snpcriv ly carved Dining Suite, in solid walnut, Louis ?.{ it srtoisc style, in crimson leather; real bronze sliding Chandelier, bronze and marble peudule Gandeladra, Ornaments, ??<?.; rich D.ts den chins Dinner and Ten Services; richly cm olassware, sterling Silver Plate, male to order by Ball, Black <fc Co., comprising Tea S''t?, Urns, Kettles, Pitchers, Go' lets, Trays, Pie, Fish ami Salad Knives and Forks; Crumb Scrapers, Tea, Dessert and Table Spoons and Forks; Saltcellars, Ac. ; also Cutlery of the finest quality. CHAMBERS CONTAIN Medallion, Axmlnst'r, Velvet, Turkey an 1 Brussels Carpets; magnificent eom color, blue and crimson brocaded Satin and Lace Window Curtains; rich French plate Pier, M intel and Oval Mirrors; solid rosi woo.! Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Commodes, Amotres-a-Giaeo, Centre, Side and Work Tables; enrvd ro- ? wood Chairs, Conches, Arm, Easy and Turkish Chairs, in various colors, satin brncat<*I, ail imported or made to opbr by Ronx Jk Meeks; Hair, Spring and other Mattresses; Beds, Pillow.-*, Bolsters, Bedding, -we., together with the mual cssortmeut of Kitchen Furniture and utensils, with wlii- h the. sale will com mence. Catalogues will be ready, and may be had, together with cards of admission fo view the furniture, two days before the sale, on application at the office of tne auctioneer. No. 6k| Pine sir ei. * N?'i; ? Tae mtgnillcent brown stone I louse .<* above will be sold at private sale, at a ;rc <t b.upaiu Two-th rds ol the purchase money eau cm . in on ta.ud an.l m<-r;ga v, For further p ir'l euf.i: s In'iuiie of II. II. HMRiS Jr. Auctioneer, at his nibce, No. M,* Mhei. TTENRY D MINER, Al VTIONKKR.? SALKSROOM 37 II Nassau s'ieet, opposite the J'osi ? illce. iJii.\KY J>. MINRR will sell, ut am lion, on To . lay, u- toOr 2U, at 10|? o'elo k, at the tot 2 *1 Sixth avenue, the lar?e and well se lected .Slock oi House Form di .!? ? i<>"dH. H.iivfwu;**, Ac., era brneiug every variety of arii. 1- s ? ? -Hsnry !'??? housekeepers' use. The stock consists of line Silver i'taled Ware, Table and Poeket Cutlery, jappam-d W tiler*. Toiiet bets; Cake, Spice and Call la?xis; Tin, Wood and lrui Ware; Bit Cages, Brittariki-Waie, T'a is, Brush* k, Feather Dusters, Water Coolers, enamelled Kettles, Coal I' ? 's, ve. T'c* a't'Mi i >n o* private buyers, as well as the tra ie, i - e.ilh o the sale, as every artbl ? is nrst ?p:nluy, and will be sola w t tout reserve, to close ih business. TO UN LLOYD. A LCTIO . V. . OFMCK 15 NASSAU btreef, ? JOHN LLOYD .^ONS Will sell on Wednes day, October 30, at 12 o'clock, a by order of George Little, exet Twenty-eighth street, 25.6 leet ? < 4, tog* h r with tin four story high s, > j? brown s*o . ? lloem* ihe>c ?. 25.6x00 fee' ; also the Lot id Dej street. 20s. with four story br ?wn ; stone Building th?reon, covering the entire 1< with ti e, 1 exception of t) c su;e Jiufcts: also the t'nuti.'ry Scat at Os simlng. \)z miles .'"om Sing Sing, containing 27 acres of land, ; all tillable, with oj-ehar Is of a-sort?d froit. Irame Hons . new. with about Id rooms, containing e ery convenience; fine garden, earn igo !<?> > e. Full partieulurs ai the ofllce of Scribner -t Dcnsiow , Wall street, and at the office of the auctioneers. JOHN K. OAKLEY k CO. WILL .ELL A'l A POTION, on Wednesday, October 80. at 12 o'clock M., at the Mei* chant's Ev- hauge. New York, without r? ^erve: ? Navy street, Nos. 2 i0 and 2SS. two 3 storj and 1 i.Hennent dwellings, Ji)x60 i'? e.; lota 2i)\lt)0 feet. Livingston street. No. IS I, three story and l?a*eo.? nt brick dwelling, 25x9ft; lot 25x100. Cheever piece, No. 4*?. t ;ree k'ory and basen en- luiek and marble dwelling 2')\10. tot-!>x80. Mill street, lion. 1, 3 and 4, three story bn k dwellings, 20 v4 ); lot 10x100. Well erected and in good repair. Sixty per cent can remain on bond and mot 1 For particular--, see maps at the offices of th? Auctioneers, 1G Court street, Brooklyn. TOllX K. OAKLKY A CO. WILL SI J 1. AT AI TTroV. ?l Tuesday, O ' er 2.>, a' H))? o\ loek A. M . at No. 5 Vine street, between M "Kenny anu Co'um' ia street.* Brooklyn, maple, cherry and iron" Bedsteads; Husk anil Hair Mat tresses, btovea, Jjounges, Chairs, Table Crockery, nil eloiha, Ac. TOIIN H. Bt RLRY, AITP10MEEB? WUJ. -M.i THIS el dny, at 2 nV.Jwk, at 1t4 streef, a i .h g?- ,j .? -ntity of liousehald Furniture, marble t<?p and other Bureaus, Wa-h stan is, I'.er, Mantl ? ami other Glttsses. So Sofa i maiiogany R? "king and other Chairs, Rxtenst m, Ontre and other 1' aba: ; Cottage Suns, Ward rob* >, liatr.o t\v o Su::s in haircloth ; Hair and other Mattr? s ? s. i'? aib.-r I> ? Bed ding, lir Ss. Is, Three-ply, In; rain nnrl otb i ?' i p ts;(> | cioth'4, fc oves, Blati.hcs, ( tn:or<ers, ICiict.i n* lien ware and Cutlery, to r with everything for h u,-. k -ping. M DOUGHTY, AL ' ?NEER.? THE EXEt t TOR'S . s ilo o. II* r f s?, i uv\ . .t?\, m h? held ?tt anu 15 7 Sullivan street, is postponed i -til I'urth ? ? ??;! ?. By order of ? Gi:0. HARRISON. Kxc'itor. ML. 1 IHLivIPS, AUCTIONEER, WILL .SELL, ON ? VVednes .ay, October 30, at i'j oii.^k, af t!ie Ne?v York Bazaar, 27 New Bowery, a number ofjjeod Work Hots s; one do., Cnri. ; n J Harness; one Pony, wag n*# Roukaways, Express di?M Harness, Ac., without reserve. I>a'\vnbr*)Ki rk n. ikwi.^ VvViXs^ll this day, at lUo Bowery, up t talis, an as-oit neuiof Oold and .silver 'Watches, Jeweltv, tiuus, Pisto.s, Oil PainUn^'s, <fec. To commence at 10K o'clock A. M. By order of W 4 B. SIMPSON. BALKS AT AFCTIOW. jawnhkokeks 8ai.b w. c. hiouins will sell X uD '1 uosd ij , Oi'lutir i' at 10 o'clock, ut 6$ ) Ninth tivu ii 'if, m\ii ForiT-t&o oml h nrgu MMurtltivui <>f t 'lo thlll* Ooail, Pun in, V.-v ?, sill; Draw-*, 8h?wU, Quilt*. h'.ukrtiKeuiher Bodn, Pillow*, I'ucn (jo,iiln. Ky onier or U IIlUUINd. PAWNHKOKKK'S SALIC? A M. CRISTAI.AR, AUC twiner, it Bowery, will ,ell, this duv, i#th Intl.. ?t lt??f Clock, a Urg? *s?o tiniiitol Bi'nS. ? n-f mimi'n'H Wi-ariiig Apparel, consisting c?i s;ik aud merino And cither I *r? ??? s, bio. he. crap? aud woollen Shawls; Km*, Silk and Delaines; Coats, Pants, Vests, Ac. By order of A. J. Jmiion, No. U) n alker street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE? THIS DAY AT 10* O'CLOCK. J<?HN MORTIMER will sell, at ia East Broadway, one or J{Jrt laraest sales of the niion. consisting of Remnants of Silk; Milk, merino and oilier Dresses; broche and woollen Shawls, Under Garments, Blaukets, Guilts, Pillows, and a great variety of other good* unliable for the season, worthy the attention of <ica]eis aud Uouaekeeisurs. By ordor of it. BARNARD. 21 Third avenue, SI J. BOG ART. AUCTIONEERS.? WEDNESDAY, 00 ? tober 30, at 10){ o'clock, at the Auction Room*, No. 1 North William street, Household Furniture, consisting of ? >fas, Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Oilcloths, Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding, Kitchen Furniture, Ac.. Ac. I SA J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEERS*? WEDNESDAY. , ? October 30, at 11 o'clock , at the corner of MorreM and I School streets, Brooklyn (eaHtern district), Mortgage Sale, the effect* of a distiUerv, 124 large Casks. Fermenting Tu(?s, Standing Tubs, Coppe r rumps, Coolers, Kegs, Bar Counter, Tabic*, Chairs, one single ami one double Wagon, two - Horses, one set double Harness, one ael light Harness, Ac. J JOHN W. BOMKBINDYKE, Attorney for Mortgagee. | Sheriffs sale? groceries, liquors. ac.? CHAMBERS A FAIRCIIILD, Auctioneers, wifl a^ll this day, October *i9, at 11 o'clock., at 2l)7 Hester street, the Stock , and Fixtures of a Retail Grocery, consisting of the usual va- , ii?ty^ JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. ' SHERIFF'S SALE OF HORSES AND WAGONS ? ON ! Wednesday, at II o'clock. by REED A COLE, JMS Fulton ; street, Brooklyn, one pair ot bay l', one bay Mare, 7 j years old. sonud and kind; live work Homes, two open Wag- I ons, on ? business Wagon, one Rockaway, Harueas, Ac.; also, ; a B.lllard Table, Iron 8a. e and Desk. OTOVES AT AUCTION.? J. F. VVHCAX A CO.. NO. Ill O Nassau street, Auriiun -era, will a? I! oil Tuesday aud Wednesdays lar^e and select assortment of cooklnff, parlor and olii e Stoves, Heaters and Furnace*. Terms cash. Also, on Thursday, a manufacturer's stock of superior Cloth' ng. m GAFFNEY A CO.. AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE 170 X ? Chatham strict, villi sell ibis day, at 1 Q}{ o'clock, the Lease, Stock and Fixtures of the Grocery ami Liquor Store 137 West Tweuty-aevinth street; Counters, Kegs, Beer Pumps, Glass Case, Soap, Starch, fine T?*as, Ac. T GAFFNEY, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE 170 CHATHAM ? street ? will sell <?u Friday, November 1, at 10 o'clock, the entire Stock ot the old established paper hanging and uplm st? ry cstaMthhuient .'167 Eighth avenue, between Twen ty -eighth and Twenty-uintii streets, consisting of Window Shades, Paper Hangings, Lace and Muslin Curtains, Ac., Ac. Families aud others will do well to aliend this sale. Thomas yeitch. auctioneer, office 271 broad way. ? Public Admlnlstrator'a sale of Furniture, Clot n ing, Trunks, Ac., Ac., on Tuesday, Oct. 2i>, at 10 o'clock A. M., at 5 16 Pearl street, belonging to various estates. H. P. K 'SSEL, Public Administrator. WM. IlOLL! NOSH KAD. AUCTION E K R. ? P P 1 1 B M 1 * ? tory Kale of 1,000 ease* Bonis, Shoes, Bro^ansand Rub hers, at auctl -n, on TdeaJuv, Ocioner at 105s o, clock, at store of J. T. Whitchouse, No. 25 Corilaudt sire t. couipr?s!ng a choice line of tail goods, direct from tuanui'actu rei>, to whi< h we would invitee the attention of city and country buyeis. Catalogues on morning of sale. \1TILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON f f Wednesday, at lu}? o'clock, at No. 486 Greenwich t ired, thn o doors above Canal, the conientsof a largo Drug Sum , coinjr.smg a splendid tresh stock of Drugs, Ac. ; also line Store Fixtures. By order of James Quinn. "WILLIAM ARHOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 ff East Broad \\ a , will ?ell on tttis .lav, at 11 o'clock, the c >atents of the ll-juor aiore No. Third* avenue, near Forty ninth am 'ft, cou^iaiiug o/ sptendid Counter, Beer Pumps Paintings. Arm Chairs, Gas Fixtures, Glasses, Demijohns aud all other fixtures, Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER.? EXECUTION sale, OB this day, at 10 o.clock, at the auction rooms No. 4 Eaal Broadway, one buy llorse, black lees, inane and tall; also, two black Horses. LLOYD BRYANT, Ccustable. WILLIAMSBURG. ?AUCTION.? \S . S. TOWN SEND, U auctioneer, will sell, ibis lay, at 10)? o'clock, al lb" well known Byron Shades, Third street, near South Sev< nth. the L 'ase, (*oo?i Will and Stot:k of the bar aud reading looms; also all the Household Furniture, Ac. FINANCIAL. OFFICE NEW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK COM patiy, October 2S, 1S01 ? ' The Prcst lcnt and Direnors have this day declared a dividend of (4) four per cent, paya ble on and alter the 1st day ol November next. By order. 11. V. MASON, Secretary. Terrible defeat? counterfeiters routed ? Attempt to Hood the city with counterfeit "Fives'* of the Bank of Syracuse, New York. Parties having Hodges' Bank Note Safeguard escaped. Others suffered. The enemy was checked by the Safeguard. Below is a far simile plate ot the genuine, taken from llodges' American Bank Note Safe guard. Price $2 : ? V Three females, V ? CnU e one seated in large 5. BANK OF nY R AC USE, SruAcusK, N. Y. Canal locks. 5 Medallion head. FIVE. The counterfeit has an agricultural scene between the si? r.aiures; the genuine, Canal locks. Cut this out for refe rence. D. M. HODGES, Publisher Bank Note Safeguard and Reporter, 111 Fulton street, New York. ft Oft A WANTED IMMEDIATELY, BY A COM MIS ?JPiljUvF sinned oMeer, for which he will secure by mort gaging his first p iy, and giving security and pay for the use of the same for two or three months $60. Must be had im mediately, as the reglmeut leaves in a lew days. Address Olllc ir, box 180 Herald office. &in Ann T0 LOAN? ON IMPROVED REAL ES ?PlUil/UU tate, in this city or Brooklyn, in sums of from $?\0U) to $f>,0?i0. Apply to W. fl. WOOD, 65 Wall street. &/1 K Ann TO LOAN, ON BOND AND MORTGAGE,, ?'XtJ#UV/U on productive Ucal Estate in this city, ll sums lrom $1,000 to $l^,0t)0. Apply to JOHN F. CON RK Y? in the olllcd of the People's Fire Insurance Company, No. 00 Wall street. IiOAN OFFICES. AT NO. 9 CHAMBBKU STREET? MONEY TO LOAN TO any amount on Diamond*. Walchea, Jewelry, Ac., by tin? well known and old established ISAAC, Broker and Com mission Merchant, No. 9 Chamber* hired. N. 11. ? No busi ness tr*n*a? ted on Saturday. ATM NASSAU STREET. ? A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND Broker, make* liberal advanced on Diamonds, Watohet, Jewelry, Ac., or buy* them at full value, at hi* private ofllee, 00 Nassau street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business conliden Ual. 4 T 77 BLEECKER STREET- MONEY LIBERALLY Jm. advanced to any amount on diainonda, watchcs, jewel ry, p!an?-?, he^ars, dry uo.?ds, Ac. N. H.? Pawnbrokers' tickets bought.. II. NEWTON, 1 7 Uleocker street, up stairs. MONEY TO LEND ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. Jewelry, Silver, Dry Goods and P.TMinnl Proj-erty or all descriptions. Goods may be redeemed at any'time within one year. Private o:hce entrant, ball door. II. BAKNAKD, 21 Third . mie. UOXEY LOANED ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEW iVl e!j v and "ihcr valuables, or bought for ?'*Nh, at full value, bv .!. S COHEN. 305 Broadway, corner of Dunne street, Parties vfsited ?t their residences Jf desired. All busi ness strictly cmtldential. A O CEDAR STREET.? OLD E^T VBLISIIED OFFICE. ."I O Mo i i advanced, in s ans to suit, < n watches, dia mo' ??eiiy and oih.-r pcrs'-nal property, or bought fo r ens ? and t h? ? i 'gliest prle?? p. -id. Business strictly c ntlden U il. I.#, JACOBS, Branch ofll 407 Broadway. c* k >| i | Win TO M>VANCE, BY henry HYMA.V, 4HI) V ? "?*'***/ Broadway, room No. 3, on Watch D a mn- ..Oil aini chi'j-. Use ol every d? ?? u lptPm. from &10 and upward*. Mer Imrr ' ri want oi money will do well to call. Busincs? irictly confidential. REWARDS. RB I I RD. -LOST? A SMALL 13L.U K *ND TAN TER* ner Doi/, natn 1 ?l ears; .i'i- wers to the n -tne of Rip, V liberal reward will b?- j-uid for his r. turn to No. H Front street or 1,128 Broadway. CilAS S. PERRY. QO REWAKD.-T.OHP, A MILK ACCOUNT BOOK. V from Tor*. K M Donell'/wiep ?f, {Ji Henry street. The au- ve reward will b? pawl on its recovery. or. REWARD.? LOST, ON THE 7TH INST., A HAIR ? J Ne-klace, tipped wl'h gold: is highly valued by tue I on ?er ae? a feift ol' a d?' ? a "dmenu. The above rc.vard will be I pivon by leaving it at. !:;4 Weal Nineteenth treet, second floor. ?1 (\ REWARD.? L'SST, ON THE 20TII INST., IN THE V 1. \J vicinity of Sixteenth street and Soven'b avpnijc, ti i ick and tan Dog l'up, ..i out lour months otd; answer- to name of Ned. ha -'I the dry mange, which was <? r i > ' >,i) the top of hia head; claws bbwk; very little i. . n. <?'. and breast; n?? white hair. \S Imever will retus i. m W. A. Hitchcock, Wood Lawn, 221 Sixth avenue, ? .. i - < ? . ? e the above r 'ward, and no questions asked them. Q | t\ UK WARD? TO ANY ONE FINDING A DIAMOND V 1 ' ' Ring, lost Sunday evening, in either Br"adw <y or 'I ii ; r I avenue, by leaving the same at Dr. Hannen's office, 1H East Nineteenth street. vj?0 A J?E WARD.? LOST, IN THE VigiNITY OV EAST Brooklyn, a large bla?k Newfoundland Dog, white on b:<ast and bar' * pot on one shoulder. Whoever will re turn the same to Ohas. Warners, Bedford avenue, near Myr tle avenue, K at Br<<ok?yn, or to 81 and 83 Franklin street, New York v. ill receive $20 reward. "tn REGARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE ARREST 9^9 )\J nod conviction of (he thief who stole l'roin the iinefe of Prtfiiic K itjiuc Company No. 2H a Pri/e Bllver <^d>h?t, U?. s r i! i a a ' -w* 4 Presented to Pacific En; iue Co. No. 28. b t ? A' ? rican Institute for the bevf engine of the thfrq cl LEWIS H. CLU.SSMAN. diftnn RKWard. !f)?)UU BANK ROBBERY. The Wank of Lowvllle was entered by burglars on Satur day or Sunday night, and about $6,0$) in cash taken, as foU lows: ? A* out $2,400 in gold: $800 in silver, American quarter* I an I halves, about $00 or which was old coin. $l,2U(i in nr ed New York Butte money, ?(><) New England. | $(i()United States demand Treasury notes, $20 In ?Vs. 3'? ana l a on i he Bank of the People, Lowvllle, probably nearly all now out on tu a bank. | S 1,500 in bilU on the Bank of Lowvllle, about $600 of which wa considerably torn or mutilated, and of which the fol lowing an: >nnts were put tip in scaled packages, and di ' j-r' Tfj a j follows: ? $tf\ K<?b? rt Hrt!*\0T, Boonvlllr. I $- 0. Owen .T. Owens, Turin. $ i? Owen I.Owens, lio mviUe. /.!? > eve b -nds of A1 000eac,h, i -*ned bv the Srtckets H ?r ' bo r ? .;??? Saratoga Kaiir.-a I C. moanv. with ooupontt from ! I v>7. munl? ri .1 1S2. l"V l'J7, 5ul und i<;5. ! All )?? pous are forbid from tvn ?tia titic tlte a'^ovo bonds, i Two locks were p;?kcd? one Day A . cwcll'a beg ? aula . Bftfp cut op >n, A r? watd of ? -"'O wf'l be th-? t> fir the arrest of the bur glors rc< overy of the p. , ny. .T. L. LEO.NAPD, Pi tai*- '.ft f the Bank of Lowvllle. j i T.0WVIU.K, N. Y., Oct. 14. 1301. LMUAI. NOTICES. Vr(lTICE.? I'tTRSTANT TO \ N ORDER OK TOE Supreme t at, the In ? rest on the fourth mort i .e J b<<nd* ot the New Yo? k and Erie U'uiroaa Co'm any, w ia. h I be ? a?.'<i ilucon t'ae IstofOvt er last., will be |> ? i.l <?u | r ?? ?C ' \ti. n of the co: pom at ?!;e of?l? ? < f tie- ? s ri a, in i Elm place, on and after the fust d \ ot November in t. Oct. 22, l&U. NATHANIEL MARMi, Receiver. 8AI.ES OF REAL KST.ITR. VARUM. I'AKMS.? $1 ONLY FOB A KINK FARM J <>I il*>a< i??, tu fcevr , two hour* by raliroad;

of K ill an I h?.ilCiy enniitry; three ?lll*j[r* aim. .-it In "Ight. AU?, tJ.HO will buy ?cuud Kuril i niiar tlin I>eU?-ar? river. If you want a farm aililr?*? Jerwur, box 132 Herald otUw. wlmre an inturwinr can i>n liail, Hi d you fchatl have one, if I giro it In j-uu. Tarma cany an>! title lnUi*put?l>l?. IillVR TllltEK S'lOitY BA8KM K.VT BRICK HOUSES' ??on' li'itiiR u-n i Hjma tvai'.li, with dry. Uuht oell?r, *i.u ?tei| on Kiijh iiuu'ni'i, South llrot/kfjrii. I) tirreii Third and K'lUita avenue*, 'i'.ir Court turret, Third MdVifth avenue, an?1 lianiilion avenue ejir? |>a*ii a block t rom the preiiil* 'h. Ail la peri eat order, huving ju?t been thoroughly reiwueil, r?'-; it nted, planter...), papoted, Ac. To b-' let at very lea- mi l" term*. Apply to K. J. BROWN, oillre f ril areuu ", iiexr S-veiit.-entU street; reeiUeuoa U Hevou t< enth hliiM't, nFti;th Brooklyn. IjlOK HALE ? A TKl'CK FARM OV THIRTY SIX Ai'RKS with dwelling holme, <te., near New Bruuxwi k, N. J tiood orehardu and water. Price $1, Hut). Also on1' farm of 24. one of #0, one of I DO, and one nj I7A acre*; all fre? of In eomjira ,e?. lupine of MTAUUKN HARDENUUUUH, 50 Wall ?lrwL Ipou SAM: ? A KARM OF FORTY, AND ONE OF lifly win; :tM mile* on Long Island. <lo,iil house, barn, A".; k<mmI vruii, anting, 4c.; fruit, good *ull, ult nie.idow, Ac. S near Urn beach, *teainl?>at, whoo). poat oOlce, ehurch, .to. B. BLAKE, 14 Chamber* *ini't. TO BXOHANiiE? FOR HAIU.RM, YORKVITI.R AND Brooklyn loin, or a amail houno lit either uiaoe, not to I'Xii'eo $?,ih o, a hainlKoiui' four atofv house and lot In Thiriy weond street, Third avenue, with all the modern lin prorcinouU. Address box 178 llerald ofllre. OfcOAA WILL BUY MO AtlRICH OF FINE TIMBKR Land, easily cultivated. MUU will buy i60 ."ivn Hood tarming IVinil: and $1,IHM will liny ?10 U' re*, new n ame huu.e and nam, and Ultern acre* now In with ((rain ; ? raro ciiauoo. Addrew Jersey, box 132 Herald ollLce, lor two duy*. 0*1 AAA WANTED ?TO GET IT. I WILL SELL ANY ' number ol' acre* up to 3, IW acres, Iiom SUccnt a U.$i per acre, and show the land, and give a perteet title free and clear. Add rest* Jersey, box 132 Herald otllce, for twoda>s, flitting where, an interview can bf? had, and you shall l** satisfied that I advertise facts, and not humbug. All near Now York. ???AA FOR A OOUN THY SEAT Or EIGHT ACRES, ?UUU at Wcsiueld, N. J., one mile from depot, twenty from New York, fan) about 10 cents, several traiua daily; one and a hail' stoj y house ; barn, fruit, Ac. Good ?oil, pleasant Uxalion. R. Hi .A UK, 14 Chambers street FOR HA1?U, A LIQUOR stork FOB SALB CHEAP? LOCATED In ? good b indue** plooe. This is a rare chane*. Any one th?t wants to porch. <*e a liuuor store, or to st?ll one, won Id do to ai?|?lv at M ITCHKUL'ts linsiness Ageucy, 77 O d .r sir"?-i, n? ?r Broadway. A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STOKE FOR SALE? now doin^ a rood business. Location in a good btu?t ne.sH puu'e. Low rent. Only r> ason lor Hi lling, the owner is tyOlnn in the army. Any one ihnt wants t?? get a p aw cheap would do well to apply at MHVIlKLb'S linsine^ Agent y, \1 Ced.iT '-treet, near Droadway. ANY PARTY HATXKQ ALL TBX FIXTUHEA APrER talnuii,' io a tirstci ss Bar, or a | origin ??? same, such a?? Counter, Olass Warn, l'umps, Pipe, Cnalrs. Tables, Stove, etc., for sale, can find a ctihtomer by addressing Cash Cus tomer, or by < ailing in the stole ;i67 Kluhth avenue, between Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth streets. 4 liAHBER S SHOP FOR SAIsK? SPLENDIDLY KIT iV ted tip; will be sold cheap, as the owner has another businesK to attend to. Apply ou the prentises, St. Germain Hotel, IH3 Hroailwsy. DRI Q STORE FOR SALE? FOR $300; HALF MAY J<E main. 1 1 iib a good run of custom, and will pay any on?* who will attend to It. Go? d reason given for selling. Ad d res* tie aian, II. raid oflice, for three days. jftOft SALE? A OB OCBBY ST OBB, WIT 8 BOOK AND J; plenty ol storing. Satisfactory reasons give i tor sell ing. Cull at the lag<*r bier saloon, i&J Si>ring street. IjlOR SALB A MEAT AND YEUETABLK MARKET, X doing a good business; will be sold clioap. S itisiaetory reasons lor belling out. Apply at 238 1st av., between Utn and 15t)i ht."!. LpOR SALE-STOCK, KIXTUHK.S AND LEASE OF A X Fancy Goods and Toy Store, with dwelling; rent$V 0; would e\. huu^e 1 ?ji u lot up town. Halisia lory rrnH>m* given for selling. Apply on the pre mi". 1 241) II road way. IjlOR SALE? A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, with ten years* base; will be wild for halt its value, us ihe pr. s ni ow net is ugiiged in other busmc** and cannot att? ml io it. For full p trti.-ulars cab in the livery s-aidc 3 M Ligluh avenue, or at 156 West Tweiuy?e<ghi h sir? ct. IpOR SALK? A GOOD DINING AND LODGING Ho! 8K an 1 .saloon, on Eighth avenue, uow ?jv ry day a good business; thirteen f urnished rooms; caali re? i itHs ir<?m to W) per < ay. This is a r?re ehanrv. Apply to POK 'I'liit A INGUKSoLl, room 17, Urmtdway. IjlUK SALE? A LARGE PIliR GLASS, S)X90; ALSO . throe six light Chaudeiler^, new, lor l? than hair t!ie original cost. Apply at MAXWELL'S clothing store, 111) Chatham street, < orner of Pearl. ? POIL SALE? TlIE BUSINESS AND FURNITURE OF one of the i?c?t lo sited K al Estate und Comtnfasion Unices in this < Ify. This is uo humbug hot a l> ir^aln to unv I one desiring a go^d oiU;e business. Apply to BIGGS A ROS- i SbTlEli, 7'< Nassau street. L^OR SALK-TIIE OLD ESTABLISHED DINT-NO AND ' J? Liquor Saloon -05 Fulton Mreet* including Stock, t kx- \ tiirts, Kefrigerators. Hange, Tables, Clinirs, Kitchen Furnl t ire, Ae. S Id low, as the proprietor has accepted an ao poinimrnt in the, army. Appl> on the premises. For SALE?A good, lucrative indoou busi n ms, well established and ou a good thoroughfare; will be sold cheap for cash, or a partner taken. Apply at 170 Chat ham street. J. P. TKAVElt. B^OR SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GOOD pay lag Gro x-ry and Liquor Buue, now doing a business; must be sold in two days, as the owucr has other business to take charge of this week. Apply at 215 First avenue. IpOR HALE? A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LIQUOR Mule, ne.atiy lilted out With H good Sloek, it a good ?ash bus.ness. fhe reason for selling is that the owner can not .itteiid to it In consefpience of other business. Apply at lirt Baxter street, In the store, during tho week. Ij^LOl R AND FEED STORE FOR SALK.? THE LEASE, . sto< k and fixtures of the Flour and Feed Store Z62 ana 'M West str??et, corner of Vestry. Lease six years from May 1st. For rent, Ac., inquire as above. Apply- on the premise. I rno BE SOLD CHEAP? A CORXKA LIQUOR STORE IN X the Plftii Ward, near West street. Apply to C. W. JEW ELL, Green win Mtreet. AIT ANTED? TO BUY OUT A NEWSPAPER ROUTE, IN FT th * city. A idres% with parUcu.ara, u?r ouo week, J. if. Keid, cur.' < ?i' J. Van ftiper, 178 Vuottcr st. rno MARKET MEN.? FOR SALE, A VEGETABLE AND X poultry Stand, In one of the best markets. Will be* sold n t one-fourth its value, the owner having taken it fur <lcl>t. Apply at SV8 Bowery. rno PHYSICIANS AND APOTHECARIES.? THE STOCK X and Fixtures of an old established Ding Store in Wtl lnunsburg Is otfered for sale on reasonable tonus. The a ore Is well stocked end handsomely littel up. Apply to BRl^gS A VASSELLEK, 217 Broadway. (jr.An To $2,000.? FOR SALE, A GROCERY AND Li" tptiUvJ quor Store. I want u goo-l grocery and liquor store, or dry goods or hardware store, In exchange for one or two nice lots up town on Third avenue, or four lota on Palisade avenue, Wc?o Hoboken, or a nine brick house find j it In Brooklyn; f will give a good trade lor a business for a young man, aau some cash. Apply or address Payteu, 9& DivUion st. QUkH WILL BUY a FARM OF FORTY ACRES, ii * * 1 r the village of Millord, l*a., near til v J ?? l.t * are river, all Improved, with a lions* and barn; also a KJl) acres unimproved, to exchange for a good gro ery or lend uess. Ai iay at 1- Centre street. ZEGLlO A IIAsi'INGS. TUB WAJBU BUY ONE AND SEND TO YOl R FRIEND IN THE army? p,yrnc s Army and Navy \V litiii,' i ?>?-. n con t lins cveyy?uin?x the soldier neeus iVr hi* ?. irr-spondencc. Price 76?*.' i t<. S ni by mail on receipt oi $1. Audree-s J. P. Byrne, N >. 1 M?lden lane, N. Y. J/ VERY SOI D1KR WANTS IT? BYRNE'S ARMY AND J Navy Writing CaM?, cominmug the qualities oi lIm* port, tono a i writing desk, containing Paper, Envelopes, Ink, I'? ns P nhoMer, P io ii ami H" 1 i i i . ; w ax. Price ,a cents. A i iress or ?all on J. P. Byrne, No. 1 Maiden lane, N. Y. rpo ARMY CONTRA ''TORS AND I WENTORS.? PAR X tit n hr> 'Jngany w v: inv' nitons for (he use of the army, or d?*>?i .us oi irnrkin * eo itra< i* with the ^overumem at Wan!. ?? ..on lor siuppiit ? or munitions of war, can ha v? the snme*r nj, tlir . iiy to the notice oi the Leads of depart incuts tliiMUyh a nndinm lo sc -tire prompt ami favorable con^bici.i' ou, without ctieumlocuiiou or reu tape, by a note, stating appro j- iate particulars, addressed to box 302 Pom oflice, >< w York. rno CLOTHIERS.? WANTED TO EXCHANGE X ON L CA l'T \ t N S U S II KD S I* Vf LS L? N I FORM. FOR CITY BUILT ROAD WAGON. Apply t > W. A. * AR l'h t urtlau !t street. WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' RELIEF FUND, if Sixty-ninth Roglnient N. Y. s. M. The widows ol the Sixty-ninth regiment, and also such of Its memb rsas h.-ve been disabled during the late campaign in Virginia, are hereby requested to meet tne iiellet Commu te* : at the Arsenal, in Willie sce-l, at 10 o'clock A. Ai. n \t Frinay, Nov. 1. They are particularly requested to come pro vlded'with written testimonial*. signeu by the command* ants of their r? --pectlve companies, or, in tin ir abs 'tiue, by some well known and ivspeetable citizen of New Yerk. MICHAEL CONNOLLY, l a in v. lVrAN'jLD-A SECOND LIEUTENANT, WITH .MEN OR if iu<au*. Al.soo &?rgeanta and & corporals, lor < O ?m pany now idling up, to join a regiment at the scat ot war, Appiy ?t No. 10 Cnambers rlreet, reci'uliing \y ANTED ? A FIRST OR SECOND LI EUTENANTCY, ? V in an accepted regiment, lor whit h $1>>J wlil bo gl?en, by a young man perfect !y eoinp t ?? t ' >r ihe position. Address George W. Rnymond, box 411 PostoiUcc. WANTED? A DRILL ROOM, SUITABLE FOR A u llrst class militia organi/Atiun; along icaso d?;slri d. Ad dress, stating terms and particulars, Captain, Herald olllc**. 7 QTH REOrMENT.? A FEW MORE RECRUITS WANT l O ed to flll up this gallant regiment, now in the advance pi^st of honor. Those wishing to active tcrvfe*? will 4 well to apply at the headquarters, Grapes IT tel, 17 Crosoy aireet. Lieutenant KENNETH MaTHIESON. HOUSES, CARRIAGES tVif. i HANDSOME DAPPLE BROWN TRAINED SADDLE j!\. Horse, eight y? ar:> old, lo>i hands high, loiig tali and very stylish on parade, bu* pcrlectly gentle ami relial !e. iii be soli low. as i1!** owne/' b. s no farther use .'or h.m. Ad dress Palmer, Herald olllce. 4 SPLENDID, HEAVY, PONY BUILT ilORbE, EIGHT J.Y yci rs old, tine driv, r, and H tin- ?nU,tb;e r .? - it ? or i.}-?cer .s use. f j .ether or separate. A l<p wn Iforse. hi hands, line, suit i>le for business or the road. < t ;.j S:? a- I or v.ii*ons or cait.'. Apply for two di?a ut 12 <;h irl?*> ,*t tiOR SALE? A LIGHT TROTTING WAGON; OITV I arid; wei ,!is 165 rounds, 'lo n?? h ''*n st No. ,'t^ \Vt ^-t i W .rren ?uvct, octueen 1 licks and Columbia sire .south' ! I fli i")kl}n. 1 'OU SAV? A I ; KEEN i tJl ViMV lion. ti. hlihiHT I av, IS 4 nan ? ? . , sty'isr n f e- { a r nary a, C io* Lh inil? s i - in 'Z 36. For part ? u. i*a apply to ! i'RANK K. SMll'U, fiS Broadway. ' i i lOH HAL ?AT HALF l'RTCR, OR WILL KXi HAVGK \ j f? r a od pair oi work lu raes or mares, a tip wp road | ? Lots , w til si.ow three minutes to wagon. Audr^:>s for ; | two days Jersey, box l?l Herald olllce. I w AMVSKHKSTS. Cmucr of Broad wav and Thirteenth atrcet. CHANGE OK TIMB. Doors open at wveaj to begin at eight _ _ It. Owing H (hi1 vart erowda wbloU nlyhlly till the theatre, It niu bean found requisite to add ONE II (INDEED AND FIFTY additional aeala to the Parquet. THIRD WEEK OK THE NEW DRAMA. __ CROWDED HOUR KB ATTEST TIIE GRAND SUCCESS ACHIEVED KIT THIS BRILLIANT COMBINATION OF VARIED AN1> STRIKING TABLEAUX. MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN SCENERY. , CHARMING MUSIC, ANl> AHMIHAHI.K ACTING. THE KIN(i OK THE MOUNTAINS. ? _ . _ ? EVERY EVENING. Jfr- Wallu k n? Tho American Captain 5r* r.l? i ' ' " LV V " ? " ?? ? ? ? ll" Tl>* Londoner Mr. Charlea Klahrr. .?<&. . aa The Mountain Chief Mr. Young a. Sophocles Mr. lteyuolds.... a* The German Botanist Mr. rioya..... as Tlw cjroek. Captain 5? lu1y\. M rhotml Mi*. Vernon a* Mini Porcupine Mi** Henrique* as Marv Melton Mr. Bnmu, Mr. i'arkas, Mr. O. PanOoe. Miss GtibJr and otiter aruata a Lao la the oaat. THE COSTUMES In this play are taken from pictures drawn from life, by the celebrated artlat Carl llaag. M uaio by . . ,R..bert Htnepel ?uaiiery by 11. l*he rwiMtd Distribution of characters and other detail* In the bilia of tho ulttht. Pkickb. ? Boxea and Parquet, SO rent*; Private Bo tea, $7; Orchestra *tall?, $1; Kamily Circle, ItoSoMt. LAURA KEENE'S THEATRE. TO-NIGHT, AN1> ?r... u- EVERY NIGHT TIII3 WEEK. WU1 be pre** n ' ?d t he ENTIRELY NEW Til SEE ACT UNION BURLESQUE, TIIK SEVEN SONS, SEVEN SONS, SEVEN SON?t, SEVEN HONS. .. .. SEVEN SONS. With ntl its BRILLIANT SCENERY, EXQUISITE MUSIC. DR1 LLS, MARCHES, EVOLUTIONS, _ UNION SENTIMENTS, SONGS, DANCES. COMIO INCIDENTS, NOVEL EFFECTS. BEAUTIFUL TABLEAUX, ' STRIKING SITUATIONS, STARTLING SURPRISES. Ac, At'., AO. READ TlIE OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. TIIK IJEHALD *HV t, _ IW POINT or WITTY DIALOGUE, SPLENDID COSTUMES, FINK SCENIC EFFECTS, IT IS SUPERIOR TO ANY PIECE vet produced muter Mlaa ICeene'a tasteful tuuuacemcnt. THE QUESTION WK THE REBELLION ANO ITS CAUSES, and the CONDUCT OK ENGLAND TOWARDS THIS COUNTRY Ari' freely dlacutKcd. The APPLAUSE WHICH FOLLOWED EVERY TILLING HIT announced that Mia* Keene hal not only acsected POPULAR SUBJECTS VOR 1IUR DIALOGUE, but had hit to a ntc* ly the CURRENT PUBLIC OPINION UPON THE SUBJECTS, and tho public pronounced thla to lie the BEST SPECTACLE YET PRODUCED ON THE NEW YORK STAGE. The World call* It- xrenery CAVERNS WHERE NAIADS AND NEREIDS Might d renin .>paie c-nt dre una of the ?uhm irinc Hlilnlnir STALACTITE HUNG VESTIBULES i) r OLD OCEAN'S INNER COURT. IDYLLIC DELIA AM) FOUNTAINS WHERE LILIES LIE IN SLEEP: vivid PERst'Kcm r>; ok koli mir STARRED WITH TROPIC EMBROIDERY OK BLOOM; BELLEKLOWEKS. WITH KIHB IN THEIR PETALS: THEIR LEAKY VOLUTES THREADED WITH STREAKS OK PEARL STAND UP AND TAKE Til IJ SI .SLIGHT. Tho Dill I y Tlniea sunk ? THERE ABE THREE TABLEAUX wiiich iiavk NEV'R BEEN SURPASSED IN AMERICA. The eye can d? ell with pleasure on audi picture* ua the CORAL CAVE, wtrn its CURIOUS SPIRAL STAIRCASE, TIIK ASCENT OF THE SPIRITS OF THE LAKE, AMD TIIK UUKAT WATTEA1' SPUNK OK ARCADIAN NYMPHS RECLINING AMONG THEIR KLOCKS. There I* a SERMON AND t^APER IN EVERY SCENE, Every man, wumnu anil child who luia a dozen lines to * ' "a WALKING LEADING ARTICLE. The Dispatch *n\* IT IS A BRILLIANT PRODUCTION, full of SHARP HITS, HUMOR AND WISDOM. The SONGS, MUSIC, DANCING, DRILLS, MARCHES, EVOLUTIONS, are exceedingly attractive. The Extruvaganra will lie presented with a combination of arllittc talent, comprising the rollowlng STAR COMPANY, vl/.;? MISS LAURA KEENE, MRS. J. n. ALLEN, MISS SARA STEVENS, MRS. LOTTIE HOUGH, M lis. CHANFRAU, MISS IONE BURKE, MRS. MARLOWE, .MRS. DILLON, MISS FRANCES, MLLE. AUGUSTA, MLLE. MARIE, MISS ROBERTSON, MR. J. G. BURNETT, MR. LEVICK, MB. H. F. DAL Y MR. C. PETERS, MR. MARLOWE, MR. DILLON, MR. J. n. STODDART, MR. C. BURNETT. THE OVERTURE AND INCIDENTAL MUSIC By THOM AS BAKER. performance on Saturday. Soon open fi>?; vFRi * " AMT> a new Walti (fi rst time) ontHlfd TH K LAURA KERNE WALTZ, with Solo and Cadeniiislor Cornet, performed by Horr Dietz. Also the uuw Comet Sc!iolli'sch?. THE EXyl ISITE SCENERY Of TlIK extra vaoanza nr Messrs. J. sr. ROBERTS and MINARD LEWIS. Door- open .it halt' past tH X ; commence at half pu*t wveo. Press Circle Scat* ma y be secured ten day* In advance. Bowery theatre. 8. P. Siinktipv Lessee and Manager. TlliS EVENING, TUESDAY. OCT. 2U. Second appearance of STICKNBY'S NATIONAL CIRCU& Rendition of the patriotic and beautiful GRAND M I LITABVENTRE E, Performed on twelve horses, mn&tited ny tho first riders. Reappear, nee of the fo louring hrllllant RIDERS AND At KOBATS: ELI- A ZOYAIIA, SR. 8KB ASTI AN. M'LLE IIELOlsE, ROBERT ST1CKNEY, Luke Rivers, llogle and Keefe, Little Gemma, Lo i'etit ? Borneo, * Performance begins at ; HOOLEY8 MINSTRELS, LATE OK MBLOS SALOON. B. M Uooley i'v (i.VV. II. Grilllii.. Proprietors and Mauagors Stiiyvenint Institute, nw Broadway, opposite Bond street. Monday evenlri '. O i. 2% and every evening, the great NEW YORK FAVORITES wiilnpp- nrln an ohequatle I programme of novelties, Including the following new art-*:? THE WEARY TR A VELLER8, THE VV vl. I, STREET BROKERS, SALLY COME CP, SALLY COMFlKtWN', THE IRISH WARBLERS, THE PIKE'S PEAK E.WKJlf ANTS. Well Red Mo*e .O.W.ll. Griffin | Hungry Jake. , .Charley Fox Griffin, Melville, Gray ? ml Murlove, the great Vocal Quar tett'i; K'j\, K'-eil an I ChiltL., the Kt'cui Comedian*, lu new Acis, Sotijjs, Djnec ., But .? "iocs, *??. Doors open ct fl'J : to nmenco oi 7Jf. TIkets 25 oeftta. ?|TNCBASIN ' WONDri'S. U At the Parisian Cabii 1 of Wonder* nnd Anatomy, B63 Broadway, mudoor to ball, B! 'irk & Co., New York. Just added to this large, superb and world fam"ii collection, a jerfe tlr. ak of nature, a Dionuler ehild with two heads,four b is and three arm*. In c junction with thl ; interesting sight there are wonder* of an unsurpassable and thrilling nature. At 0110 glance |i e?n 1.70" pirt" of 'lie human The institution inn ' 11 pronounced liythe many thoUMMds V ho crowd to it daily to i'av'e ?? truly annul tendency. Leeinrr-n daily on Interesting, sciuutliio and pathological subjects. t<l n for gentlemen onljr from 10 A. M. till 10 P. M. Admission 'Jfi ce jl t. rpWO MV1NO WHALES AT JON Eh' WOODS, EAST J. river und Sixty-bltti street. Admission 'lb cunts. Ouil dren under ten, 15 cento. FINS ARTS. L'.NCHE J."*.? MEET ME TO DAY. AT 12 O'CLOCK. with your sisters, nt th ? Photographic Art Oallery, 411 Broadway, two doors below Canal streot. I have much to say to you. WILLIE. B 8PKCIAI1 NOTICES. A FAIR? FOB THE BENEFIT OF THE ORPHANS' Home and Af;lum of the Pr.lcMniit Ei Ucopai Church ? ill !>e held t the 1 1 ; -tl> uthm ( F /'y ninth street, comer of LetluK*"" arenuel. on Tnewlay, Wed nt flay and Thursday, the lath, liilih and IHst of Nor< 01 ' A MOROCCO SURGICAL CAf-E WAS LEFT AT 31 ^\_ Chambers Htreet souie time ugo by a xtranger. Tho owner can have tha sauio b> MkUIng and p.iying charges of advertising. A GENTLEMAN ABOUT LEAVINO FOR EUROPE w>niies to Hurt a triivi lltna oomp i.ilon. None but a i<or Son of thorough refinement and aixximrplmhed education need ai>]4y. All expense* palil, as well as a liberal allowance. Tim party rrius; bo rice and 1 1> ? ! pendeut. Ad lre?? Mr. Delaware, station D Post otll<-e, '?: u lull particulars, and where an In terview can be oblali.c . OARD of CO U N t, I LMEN.? THE COMMITTEE ON Kir" Dejuirtmcnt 01 the Board Of Oounctlmen. will meet on Fridsy evening, Nov. 1, st 7 P. M., in room No. 5, t liy Hall. All parties having business with tbe Committer wiil be heard at that time. JOHN BRIOE, ) Committee ALEX II. KEECH, > 011 ANTHONY MILLER, ) Fire Department. nim ( >* AQOEDUCT DEPARTMENT, OCTOBBB 9, V lty'.L ? Pu'ulo notice l? h? . Ivy given that a I un her |x-. jitolfv i>t U'U prr ? nt u ill bfl u LO all uupn'l W&wr litiutt, un the 1st day of November next. DA NOB, Re i'/lUNCU BENEVOl.BNT 80CIETY.--THE ANNUAL I ' eiel U 01 of t!i ? I.e ?. ? <1 r.lli "? the h Buuevoleut Kociety, for 1101-C2, will lak ? place on iuesd'y evening, O ?? tob.-r at lutlt-l ' s. ven, ra M F. Curet .?, itti Broadway. A 1 tho inemboi ? arc -oil ed t"1)'''1'1- . _ F. BltoSSARu, Se'retsry. V-kwToBK AND"haRLEM RAILROAD COM PAN Y. jlN 1 .no 1 ? r's < 1 ' rner 01 Fotn th avenue and Twen'y ,j.{' ( ' ? e *r io 1; Oct"' 1 ?c:, 1 1 . ; . * re e t 1 .1 of the First llortgaid Bonds of ISuT will I,, nai on and aiur NovemlHT l.?t the Tressurer'soHiia. W. U. EMERSON, Trctsurcr. O" TkICE ? I'll- THIRD AVENUE K AILIIOAD COM tinny, E> 1 .-'< = > b ui sti et, near Third avenue.? The auni lei n of th 1 . *n Directors And three Insfieclors of !??? t on to:- ,lie ei 01. ; ye*r wlU take til tee it the office I!. Com; my on Wedne* .jjr, Nov. 13. Polls open from 2 to 4 1'. M. SAMUEL B. ISAACS, Secretary. Mew York. Oct. 21, 18SI AMMBMBjTTl BROOKLYN ACAUKMY OK MJ810. THIS KVENlN.t- LAST NIOIIT OK THR OPERA. PKICBS OK A I'M 18 -ION. Admission to paripiet and hohtonles, $1; Family circl". 10 ?Hi ' Amphitheatre, 28oenu. Reserved seats AO can i* extra, luo sain < >r K'ttH commences thl? nun ulna. T1IIB a'UR DAY) EVE.VINd. OCT. 29. ^ ok niK oi-eua until januaUt. 8E( IIND AND I.AST BENEFIT OK B. ULLMAB. .-J '"*/??, COMBINATION AND OAT, A NIGHT TWO NEW OPERAS AND A G HAN D CONCUR*. ITALIAN AND FRENCH OPBRA. First sua ouly time of tlx I 'brsted Opera uf BBTLY. Music by Donizetti, ' which will be given In Italian. MISS ISABELLA HINKLBY, BBIONOU, huSINT. First and only night of the new Opera Oomlque, la OM *Lt' " LES NOCES DE JEANNETTE, (Jeannette's Marriage,) now the ram In 1 'arid, and which will Im> given In French. MIHH Cl.AKA LOUISE KELLOGG, Who ban uoblt'Vcd such an unqualified suasis* as [rtma dutinanf the genuine Italian Opera, will appear for the Ural time as a French prima dounnln the rule of Jeannette. Tb? o(h<ir roles by DUBREUIL, Mile. ELKN A and MA4ZIN1. MISS CARLOTTA PATTI'S URANJ) CONCERT, Assisted by M*tlara? STKAKOSCU, Siguor MANCU8I w4 THKODORB THOMAS. N. U.? Owing to the length of the numerous entertain menu the performanc* will commence at precisely eight o'uiock, anil tho public are respectfully requested to be I* their places by that time. w INTER OARDEN. tilt. J. 8. CLARKE Mil .1. S. CLAKKE Mil. J. S. CLAKKE Jilt. J. H. C LAB KB MR J. 8 CLARKE MR. J. 8. CLAKKE MB. J. H. CLARKE MB. J. 8. CLARKE MK. J. 8. CLAKKE Mlt. J. 8. CLARKB A8 RALE* SCtmDEB A8 8ALBM 8CUDDKR AS SALKM SCUDDER AS SALEM 8CUDDKB AS SALKM SCUDDKR AS SALKM SOUDDER A8 SALKM 80UDDRK AM SALKM SCUDDKR AS SALEM SCUDDER IN BCHTRCTfiAULT'S OCTOROON; IN HOU KOICAU LI 8 OCTOROON i IN HtXJ RC 1 C A I' L P S OCTOROON; IN BOUKCICAULT'S OCTOROON; JN liOU RCICAU LT'8 OCTOitOOKi IN HOU RCICAU LT'8 OCTOROON* in boukcicault's otrToRooHJ IN KOUBCiCAULT'8 OCTOBUOK; OR. MFE IN LOUISIANA OR, LIKE IN LOUISIANA or, like in Louisiana Or, LIKE IN LOUISIANA Or, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. Ok, LI FH IN LOUISIANA. Ob, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. On, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. OR, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. Oh, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. SENSATION OK TI1E SEA SOB. SENSATION OK THE SEASON. BEN. -A/ION OK THE SEASON. SENSATION OF THE SEASON. SENSATION OK THE SEASON. SENSATION OK THE SEASON. SKNSATloN OK THE SEASON. AMEBIOAN CHARACTERS, AMERICAN SCENES. AMERICAN HOMES. T11I8 EVENING, AND EVERY EVENING. THE OCTOROON, with the following cam: Salem Scudui r .Mr. J. 8. Clark* Uncle Pete Mr. J. Walcot, Je. George Peyton (urigiiiiil character) A. 11. Davenport Zoe, the Ooiorouu Mi.-s Ada cilitoa McClosky C. Barton Mill Mr*. IV) ion (original < harncli r Mrs. W. B. BUke Wall uo-tec (Lcp.iu Indian cUtel', his original character Mr. Pearson Dora Sunuytidn Mis Kanny Brown* Mr. 8i?nny?ide, a painter Mr. Davidca Paul, a yellow bo> Mr. (J. Stoddort Judge I, .loin he Mr. liind* Jules Thlbodmix Mi?h Ads Monk Colonel Potndeiter Mr. Cline N EW BOWERY THEATRE. FOX A LIN'iAltD Role Proprietor*. NOTICE TO THE Pt/BLrC. Tho above populiir place ofa musement wll be closed tilt SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2. 1M#1, For the purpose of making EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS. At llic desire of thousand* uf (.he patrons of this Theatre, the lilt will to converted Into a BEAUTIFUL PARQUETTE, And 111 order to accommodate all turtles the upper tier Witt he converted into a COMMODIOUS AMPHITHEATRE, Capable of seating tit teen hundred persons. The price* of admission will he on the most moderate scale. Parqurtte and Balcony 25 cent*. Amphitheatre 13 eenut Or hcHtra 60 cunt*. The new season will ? O'nm nee with a OBAND NATIONAL SPECTACLE. Produced at a cost of THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. B AllNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. The pnsl week has been one of the mint BRILLIANT SUCCESS AT THIS IIOITSB. The now drama, which ha-, been produced at great expOBMk TUB ANOKL OK MIDNICHT, TUB ANOEL OF MIDNIGHT; T1IK ANC.KL OF MIDNIOIIT, han proved awrfecl xnseeii*. has been received with RAPTURES OK APPLAUSE, and la universally allowed to he the BEST EVER PRODUCED AT THE MUSEUM, and the tno?i interesting mid attractive yet uttered to the Nsw York public. Every character Is most admirably represented. The ostumes are all new, and Tery elegant; the music m> chanting, anil the scenery unsurpasidtigly beautiful. Indeed, SEE THE ANOEL OF MID.VIOHT fx to ntisx the heat dramatic entertainment to ho tound in the cltv of New York. It ? ill be produced EVERY AKTKRNOON and EVENING THIS WEEK, at 3 Slid 7H o'clock; and an sjn'Cinl pains are taken by th* management to make Ihe Museum a perfectly safe and pte*e sunt reset t lor all ci.issea, nartlculurly for LADIES, CHILDREN, aud FAMILIES; and as all Improper perilous arc carefully excluded, and any Improper Conduct Is attended with Immediate expulsion from the cMiihllnhnient, old or youug. ladies or children, will al> ways tiud the Muneum not only >>ne of tUu most amusing ant interesting, hut also one of the pleasantcst places of resort ia this or any other city. Come, then, one and all, wltue** tkl* splendid Drama, ami ?ce Tin: LIVING HIPPO POTA MTffl, T1IE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS. Or, RIVER HORSE, from the RIVER NILE, IN EGYPT. THE GREAT BEHEMOTH OK THE SCRIPTURES, which Is b'i graphically d b ribed in the hook of Job, ch. sL, whose gigantic size and Herculean strength Istbusdesciibedt "He cMeeincth Iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood.1* "ills bones arc as strong pieces of brass, and like bora of Iron." "UPON THE EARTH THERE 18 NOT III8 LIKBI" Everybody pronounces him the greaiest wonder in Lk* world, iind to uilss >eeiiig him is to miss tho greatest curiosity ever In Ameilea. He Is in be seen at all hours, as Is also hi* native Arab keeper; the LIVING ELEPHANT TURTLE, over 1,00(1 years old, anil weighing over 800 pounds; th* WHAT IS IT? ALBINO FAMILY, SEA LION, MAMMOTH BEAR SAMSON, and near a million other curiosities. AdmlMsion to all, 25 cents; children under ten, 15 oent*. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. Mechanics' U ill, 472 Brnjirhvuy, aVive Ornnd street. MONDAY. October 'Jqih. mid every night during the weak. IMMENSE SUCCESS. CROWDED MOUSES. THE HAW RECRUITS. TIN PAN ONION, LORD LOVEt, HAIRMANIIKS T RE rRESTODI'iATATERIST, The great Negro man *ir, t"r the I<ih lime, in new trick*. S. 0. CAMPBELL. The popular vocalist, In li Is pleasing ballad*. EI'H HORN, NEIL Mill DAN BUY ANT. THE STRANGER. Mrs. Halter E|)!i Horn I The Stranger Dull Bryant, NOTICE CHANGE OF TIME. Doors upon at 6}i; curtain risen at 7}>. Tickets 25 cenUl CtANTERKIRY MCSIO HALL, 683 BROADWAY.? / UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS OF THE NEW PANTOMIME. FOURTH WEEK. OK THE MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL MAOIO LAURBU MAGIO LAI'KEL. MAOIO LAUREL, MAOIC LAURKL. MAGIC LAUREU MAOIO LAUREL. MAO10 LAURBU MAOIO LAUREL. MAOIO LAl'REL. MAOIO LAUREU MAOIO LAUREL. MAOIC r.AI REL. MAOIO I.AURKL. MAOIO LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREU MAOIC LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREL. MAOIO LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREU MAOIO LAURKL. MAGIC LAUREU MAOIO LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREL. MAOIC LAURKL. MAOIC LAUREU MAUIO LAURKL. MAOIO LAUREU MAOIC LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREU MAOIO LAUREL MAOIC LAUREU with one of the mutt powerful east* In the country THIRTY THOUSAND PERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND PERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND PERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND PERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND PERSONS HAVE SEEN IT, HAVE SEEN IT, Along with th" finest aud moat versatile entertainment over In New York. The Management havf great pleasure In announcing an oo> gagement with MI, I.E. DORA DAWRON, MLLR. DORA DAWRON, the celebrated flout le voiced ainger, who wilt make her firtt apjx'arance on Monday neit. The cheapest and most comfortable plac? ot amuMsment In the city lis ti c Oriental Fiee Concert Saloon, ttfii Broadway, next duur to Laura K'-cne's Theatre. Tb" fallowing array of talent appear nightly:? MU* MAGGIE WAYLAND, the accomplished vocalist. Mix* LI/./.E FOSTER, the beautiful singer. Mi?a Ll/.ZELLE KINO, the accomplished danaeuae. Mile. ,J E.NN Y, the muiutiful daLsoune. HANK, the MASON, the champion Jig dancer, will gtrf Imitations of ull the renowned jig dancers In the United Stilt, s. ANDY P.OOME, baujoist. I- RANK BCHELE, comic singer. DAVE JACKSON, the eccentric jig dancer. Master MuRRlSEX, jig dancer, bU iirst appearance OB the "'tIio prottlent and moat accomplished young Lady Walters attend nightly. Don t forget. btt. BURNS. TI1E EMINENT TRAGEDIANS, E. L. DAVENPORT and J. W. WALLACE, Jr., with the dlstlnyulkhed tragic ujtresa, Mrs. J. W. WALLACE, Jr., will all nr-pcar In a popular play In Baltimore, November 4; Waahlngtor, November#; Ph.Udelphla, November 6, and Pittsburg, November 7. LIVINO WHALE AT JONES' WOODS AND SIXTT lilth street. VYISS BEI T. RINGERS. hope chapel, upper hall, 720 broadway. THE Al.LEOH AVIANS, VOCALISTS AND SWISS BELL RINGERS, EVERY EVEMNO. AUmltsioti i'tnent.". Children 13 cents. Commwi? at 7Jt A MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 2 O'CLOCK. CHILDREN TO MATINEE 10 CENTS. s riAPTAIN WI I.I.I \ MM, AT HOPE CHAPEL. 720 BROADWAY Wondi rfut, Thrilling, Euliing, Instructive and Mirth Pro. voklng Scenes In the Lite of the American W n.ile * i?her m',n? aoenea that aurpaaa the wild, at Imagination of tk? landsman. Nc thing iiku It ever seen belore, eJtccptlng oa ih" great deep. Ever* evening it 1% o'clock. Sit ,rtlav afternoon ut 3 o'clock. AiltiiiaMf.n, 2ft cants; children, lscents. MADAME CLARA M. BRINKBRHOFf, HAVING RB tu- in d from El, rope, w ill bo readj for Concert Kngage n . nt* ml Pupils in Singing, from the lat of November. Ad dress Mtb Prince atreet, oorner oi Maodougat.

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