Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1861 Page 2
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A* PBRRONAU A^UOlTION? A FINK, HEALTHY JlAliE ^NKANT four wihV.k old, t>f good A i ? : i ?;> ii parent*, may bo adopted hj any r - p<i ;? it y, nlllu'rtn Uio rtly or oouit try. All uin iiui will bo ri ll.t pii* ? il aii't ail \ h.uiMartory ?r ranKMnt'tii* nnii.e. Aildri Dr. U. WiKrti, atali'iu A, New Tort Fo I .> i ?\ - TO-DAY (WKONEsDAY), OLD PLACE . M OU8. IF THE I.ADY WHO AOl'.tL.-SiiO AINHWORTII about it week ulna", app"Ui : i in tin, ut u rcruin hour. but n > t' will aiihWi' ? R :.u?, hitui^ aUUroM, or b ? at ptaog appoint i 0:1 KrJ ti.y ttlii^ ? '? , at ^ I*. M., abo will oonfarari .it I'iivor "U ili.t i'l'icml. A ? Iwu bai-n out <if town aevni. 1 1 a'. . l'l ii w mi .tt i. i hat tbu ailvi?ril??r m?y know Un- ii !n iii<om?nl b.<? I eon ? b ?? ? <? 1, A nsworlli, Ha rold oilico Information wanted.? oeoikjh aykes, about SO vi-..r* "1 1 .u rn. rl v .1 I . ' -i. . t il i'ei-kakill, New York; (mh iM'i'ii . - nt (nr v ral y u ??? ; uU mother, t> irah Ayrra, lin-. I it. 1. tied, ??v1uk Home pr ). rty. Any lnlorina tlon nl hlii win rea imtH will l>? thanxlully ivoelri-d, WAl. il. Hiiii.'JH, h vi'ut r ut Suriili Ajrmi, dcoaawit. Fiotmaiu.. < < u?i er, l-Al. Katie.-?- jcvks o'clock, thuiuday evening, at the Miiiikt; pwer. LAURA -DO YOU HEMEMB1U Tllld 18 WBDNEN duyt Siiiw plau?* aud old bom. Don't lurget the pro mise. ARTHUR, MISS CLARA MAOKAY, WHO A "TENDED SOIIOOL iitine ,i ar.i*iiio? ii il " nii.'n'l !, w .li-riey. will call or Mad her a I Ir. mi to Mrs. HltVUKS, j ,J Ureeuwlch atrcet, and o rnxciRliiliij to hcrauvuttut^e, MINNIK -IK MINNIE, FORMERLY LIVING WITH Hn li., iii Twunty-lfrth , vi'd iib-uae addiuc lino. |i-vlu* hoi ml 1 1 : - s, io l it i: , lijii Herald mil . *hn will i .11 lor -i laTiii- mi l ill-, ii nd -ne Hint yeturday afi". n .inn ou the c irm rot Hr - itnr i - iu.1 ItriMu ay, jum bofo c alio n ml tier friend ?mm- l a Foul i b n\ i nn rirjf* TBL1.IK A - -YOI'KM W.VS I . I \ : ? TOO I. 1TB TO 1 W.c. !n ? i^.i>; -.. is it. ri.:,. e .i.Mihm t'i.i.ilcy A. ikthM -in i moi'l .Nti ().,!> HOY, CALL \i .XW rE.VHL STREET. J. I w.i i. 1 m - ? ? >?>"? ?). H. HUSVE. nmiBBE 18 A LETTKU FOli Hl>. W. I'ltOH FRED. N W"'1'T!!K YOUSU LAT)Y, IN i. MS.NVU' II niiAOK Mi k I t, who a Unit ? ? uttl i?u?t Ptroot . ^ ih cnriit'r i I" Fu'. -m-o., aiul Hnuitwiiv. f)l??.aar wn.i lo 0. M. II., Ij??> iftjjfi r ?i ; uiul y\\r will greatly obli ,?? tli?v youni; ^ ii ? > *.i> > 1 m ar her ill an oQlctf! WANTED rO tDOPT.? A L.iDT WHO 18 fOKP OF ? hli ir.wi ?w?>heN lo u?i??i?t ?? ictla "fpli u n ?iri, about Ibicc, lour ??r live* vo.ars old, who will 1?? t ? t?*?l with kind !i?*. ? In every respt ct. A*'.cireH? A. H., box i:it llfi ttldoillu*', tttuiin^ where an interview may b? hail. WANTED? Stl.MK PEUROH WHO I* AM GlVli UOOD riMi n'no h and i ti iomf"n ? immi t ?u t-?, t* adopt a chil :i i?ov, <>n<- yeur <?!?<, inlelli^t'tit, urtivi*, i, in* looking and iwrfai ily heitiiny. \'.?i?< fuel but l*r<i tant H. A'l'liv.,* M. VV., box a?7 I1eral<! olUce. ell tit inhiiiiry, Will parcel lull in Atiiiiiht last at V'?. WILL MK. ( >< ; KliVK K, Wll'i I'o'i M l.Y TAKSllT A d in?"iik* on Sut?*n Nlun (oi oi hi* friend*), forward hi* . ddn-HH to Mr. WmojS, \Vu< - i .V VVi:* ori s, Braudway, N Y. WILL TI1B YOUNG LADY WHO, IN COMPANY wmi two other*, h ti h hi m?* on t earner of Warren ntrert and Broadway, it U)9 t\ M. on i . 'i.Hh in*t., and pa**ed down Wari ? n *tr t, allow the ui ntl" l?- wliom nh?? *iiiiJe?] and bowed to heeotne itetn-r a -^ua i .i with her? Il a^ree able, addiv.*. i a line to L>. H., b??\ I J' ll raid oflh e. WILL TICK LADY WHO Ui; \l> TO A OKNTLEMAM one even n,r h?a< we. k, in a ) -i.omi lit, >>n? nl the two letters *h > ie. ei? ? d from a v? r\ dea hr.y friend from I*, (and tlo- /ei?c|. inan t<nik ti?e I ? i? r.N . h .U the n yet), i>l aae ?ay when* they an r? t'irni d by a>l li - ? Keiloaea, box 191 Herald oihe. ? MILM1VERY, oX'. BARGAINS ? VKM EI' lU ?NN KTS.? OU It $7 AND *4 Mult Volvi'i iUmu-'iJi .ire \North 5)0 ami 3'- ? ?" H< >nnt;t?, row -tvii's, a( $?>, worth ji'J; .\l ?nt iiiti , (?? . u?? m .1] H?y VO h $7. L. j;i.v\s 10 I pHOICE FtTR8. 43 UROADWvY. Opoulnvat retail *>r an Piilljvly nff?* <k in :?/??, .Mtnk mid other choice Furs, in the m'>>?i <!e*?ir ?!>!??,.: vie*. mn h !>%? low usual price.*. S. ii'OltK, I'r.n ti'-al Km ri'-r. MILUNEUY roil SALE? AT A t ? It hi AT 8AORIKICR, eitmiftl in the ht-st locality, ?t : s I ;t givHt many years I ng, wuli KurnitiT'1 ami Sa>??k. Tin* furnliuiv alone i* worth 1 1 ? ? ? : in .nm sk- il for ttn- wln?u busmen*. This in the !v?t oppormnlty f?>r anj one wHifng to ?'o I. to business on Broadway wi'.li a small capital. Fur m re pn -ul n> plunge address, "with real name ami pla e in Interview, .Millinery, Herald oOh e. F,tk:k MlLLlSEPS. On TIH'RSDAY, tin- H i ii <i nii, we will have our ANNl'Al. OPENINtl expressly lor ilie trade, and will p ?? t nil ?Ml U.I MiltS wi-lniig our Patterns to mall tlieinioUcsof til It. opportunity, mid give us ii" more trouMe for tin* Ix.l ncc of "lit s''n.ion. SHOW ROOMS. NO. 1 2fl SIXTH AVENUE, Between Ninth and Teuili streets. J. IllGGlNS, Manager. BDNSttJll BOX NETS! BUN SETS I All last week we were eio.vded, and all l>i in week we ex pect to be .crow ded, willi bull Jmni iirmiil in ur, for ocr *2 w? Hon si. is. worth j.v 1'OK I I R *?} M Hi iNN I rs, WORTH S?. FOR 01" R *:> W RON SETS, WORTH $10. for oi'R $. no bonnets, worth $15. < ALL AT NO. 111! SI Mil A YEN IE, Between Nluth and Tenth streets. J. HIOUlNS, Mnnager. ECONOMY IS THE ORDER OK THE DAY. Ladles w ishing to get good STYLES AT HALF THE BROADWAY PRICES, will call at NO. IX SIXTH H E. VI E, Between Ninth and Teutli streets. 100 BOXES or BONNET RIBBON'S In from kuction thin week. Last week's stoek mm ked down 25 per wiit. CLOTIIIMC. At levenstyns, *? seventh avenue? oca r*u teed to pay Uie highest prl > . or Silk and Wojllen Dresses, Coats, PanUatid Carpels, I >y calling on or address ing; a note per post will tie attended to. L idiea attended by Mrs. L. Attention, ladies and gentlemen -wanted, a lot of etui off Clothing, Fiiroitiite, Carpets and Jew* elry. I will pay the best pre c (i v calling on or addrr-siui; M. ABRAHAM.-, ?0 Seventh avenue, between Twcnty-liAb and Twenty-sixth street, Ladii* ai tended to by Mrs. A. AT THE OLD STAND, 13< SEVENTH AVENl'E, F.ZE EIELS guarantee in iuy the lulluwing price, for ladles' and's cast off Wearing Apparel: ? From $8 to $40 forsllk dresses, from $5to$2uior cats, from $1 60 t'> $7 for panta; alaoOarpeta, Furniture, Jewelry, Ae. A note iiy P'Ht jmneln, illy attended to by E., 134 Seventh avenue. La dles attended to by Mrs. E. A TTENTION.? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IP YOU A. wish to secure the fi ll value for your ??st off Clothing. Caniets, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to be humbugged by false price offerer*, the bri-t you can do la to lend a note to B. MINT7.. 137 Sixth avenue, where you will lie sure to re. celve SO p> r ccul more than from any other dealer. Ladles attendeuby Mrs. Ml nl?, 137 Sixth avenue, l>< tween Tenth and Eleventh streeta. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.? if you wiah to ret the full value for your Cast Off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, the heat you can do is to aena a note to F. 11 ARRIS, 1,'jC Seventh avenue; there you nu?y be convinced you will be iWIt with to } our raUsraction. For Silk Dresses, rroin ?S to $.Hl; for Coats, from $4 to $10; for Fanta, from $1 to$d. I' don't forget, 1W Seventh avenue, near Twentv-flrat street. Ladies attended by Mra. Harris. A RARE CHANCE.? $12,000 WORTH Ok' OAST OFF Clothing wanted, to atirply California and Weatern market*: Kuriillure, Carpela, Jewelry, Ac. I do not pretend to offer nominal price*, an Is done l>y some, but 1 guarantee to pay the utmost value for each article by calling on or ml dressing E. H., 79 Sixth avenue, second floor, ubuve Wavcr ley place. Ladlea attended by Mr?. K. II. Abetter chance than ever for ladies and gentlemen to obtain the hlgh< st pre e lor their Cast Off Clothing. I guarantee to | ar the following prices ?For Silk Dree^ea, from $10 to $4i>. from $6 to $2? lor Coals; from $2 to $7 for i'ant.; ; also Carpets. Furultuic and Jewelry. I'lc ise call on or address J, ANHALT, 1.S2 Sevi lull avenue, belwwn Twentieth and Twenty-nrst siroets l^dica attended by Mri. Auhalt. _ T THE CALIFORNIAN AND WESTERN ACiENCY __ atore? The higlie*! price can !>e obtained for cast off YTearing Aiperel. For dressea, from $1 to $3.'>: for routs, from $2 to $ I (J; for nants, from $1 to $0. The highest price paid for ladles' cloalts.'sbuwls, carpets. Jewelry, 4c., by ad dreising H. Harris, 353 Bowery, opposite Oieat Jones street. Ladlca attended by Mrs. Harris A A HIGHER PRICE PAID FOR CAST OFF CLOTIIINO, Carpels, Furniture. Ladles and gentlemen, If yon wish to secure the best price for your eloihe?, the best way you can do I* to call on or send a note to M Ellis, '.i3 Seventh avenue, betirecn Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. Ladles attend cd by Mrs. Ellis. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AND ? gentlemen having any cast oil Clothing. Furniture and Carpeta, will receive the hlghesi prices by calling on or ad dressing C. MLSH, 302 Seventh arenne, between Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladies atu nded by Mrs. Mish. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTII IMG.? LADIES AND gentlemen having any cost off Clothing, Furniture or Carpeta, are guaranteed to receive as follows:? Pants, from *1 to $5: Coals, from $1 to $10; Silk Dresses, fn ni $1 lo $.*). or Barege and Woollen Dresses the highest prices will be paid by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, W8 Third ave nue. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Harris. AT THE NEW STAND, 293 THIRD AVENUB. LADIES and gents can secure ihe full value for theireast off Clothing, by calling on or addressing C. Jacobs, 290 Third avenue, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth streets. Ladies attended by MissF. Jacobs. SPECIAL NOTIOE.-WAN TED, A LARGE LOT OF cast off Clothing for the Cail'ornia market, for which the highest cash price will be jwid. A note will meet with prompt attention. C..11 on or addresi S. N., 27 East Eighteenth RAILROADS, Hudson river railroad ?trains for albany, Troy, the North and West, lem, li.iiiihers street ?t 7 audll A. M , and 3 30, 5 and lo ,IM'. M. N^EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ? Summer arrangement.? E' preas train for Albany, Troy, North and West, leaves Twenty sixth street staiion at 11 A. M For local trains see time t;ible. JOHN Bl'RCHILL, Aas'^lant Superintendent. F1NB ARTS. A' MAGNIFICENT PORTRAIT OF GENERAL McCLEL lan. engraved in good style and printed tn line piier from a photograph taken eiiir. fu for u?. Is given In our Prize I'll k:i>,es. RICKAIiDS A CO., I IB Nassau st. PHOTOGRAPHIC ART GALLERY, No. til Broadway, cornei ?>' I. s;wn?r 1 Ylstlin0 Ca i I'"'': '1 s. per dojen. L? gc P a. lor I'ortrelta, $1 each. BAIjTCN OF RR\Ii ESTATB. A BKAt'TIVI'I. KOIJH STORY BROWN ITOMIVBOMT J \ H<<um\ liaaemeut and hull-cellar, with nil um uuiilrru lui|iror.iiiii*at?, nn Brooklyn Helena, 68 Columbia ulreot, <?(> iio.itr Col' made row, wtlli a line, view of Ni-w York Bay, ? ill In' tol l very elioa|i uikI mi "a?y ti'i uia. Kor furihur particu lars ajijily to or ajdri'aa T. Simpson, M avenue D. Astkictlt fikht oi. ash kahm? at plain fit. i,d, 1M acre*, extra lm'liliii??, 2,001) |>< tree*; nlin r fruit a iiiiilaiiL; fiirnituri1, aUu-k, .Top* gmuuhouM!, ko., tnoliidi <1, 76 aerra, good buil'lin^f, fruit*, At*?, at Morrlalown, IB.00U. \V. II. MB1J0K, W Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL FARM. 33 AOKKS AND HI'IIiDINflS, at Tappan, I ' i miles from >d< pot, )U fr-m Now York; price $7,000; would trade for a house and lot in this oil y, Brooklyn or Jorsey Uity worth \V. II. MKLIOK, 407 Broadway. A CHOICE FAIIM IN WB8TCHEHTKR COUNTY FOR -/V Halo? Of 100 acres, 12 acres wood; good house and out buildings, W) choice fruit trees, Ac. ; price and terms easy. Also m other Farms; prices from &1.UJ0 to $30,UU0. Apply to A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall Mreet. Brooklyn HOUSES FOB SALB OR BXOHAMOB.? Due three story Philadelphia brick House, northeast corner of fit ? Fell* street uti<l Hanson place; tho splendid House and Grounds, 43 \ 200, extending from Oxford street to l'ortisnd avenue, 3%r>4> feci south of Fulton avenue; two Cot tages on Grand avenue. J/M> feet north of Fulton avenue, ami three In the rear on Byerson or Trotter Ktreet; also store No. .'tf/7 F'llton aveuue, near Carlton. Apply to WILLIAM H. NICHOIjS, 41 1'lne street, New York. IjlOB KALE? TWO FIRST CLA8S FOUR STORY DROWN 1 stone Houses, No. 215 Madison avenue, and No. 13 E ast Thfrty-seeomi street; ult in complete order and will he sold to suit the times. Inquire on the premises for particular**. I.10K SALB-A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH HOUSE, 1 near Broadway; sold chesp, under peculiar elrcuin stanees; good buainess. Apply at Mr. MoKEAG'S, No. 7 Chamber* street. No agents need ap| ly. lillVE THREE S'lOItY BASEMENT BRICK HOUSE* 1 containing t u rooms e.ieh, with dry, il^ht cellar, si'u u'ed on EU'hv cnth a reet, Booth Brooklyn, b-tweeu Third nud Fourth avenues. T .o (Joint street, Third and Fittli aveuue, and Unoitiin avenue cars j a -* a blo< k iroin the prctnbe- ?. A'l n |? r.e? t order, hav o ? just been tie r nn-hly repaired, r. ,.aow 'if# pla*t< red, papered, Ac. Tu b h<t at ?"v: n ji n .i 1 ? terms A "ply to It. .1 H'.tOWN, ? ? :ll?*u T . rd av -nue, near S -vein enth street; rcsldoi o < 14 Seven it cnth street, South Br<?ok yu. IilOR SALE IN BUOOKI.YN?A NEW AND WELL 1 bui'.l I') -; in * Hon ?,?(.??)) |],irfeen rooms, tlir . >. .<ry and i a ? oi ni, an i ? I 'it ? ; I) 1 d in m'li biik; h'?te?' rnnw, KriK, Wifer ,.u- h ? I n*hed to luociei o st> Ic in | first class nelgh hortu! . pi ^.t,k'0 '. Anpiy to It. HALL, In the adjoining house, M n-cy ?vnii?,l cast side, nintti house south of MyrtJc AveoU" itailr ad or I'LAHli A HALL, No. 36 John street, New York. IIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A FARM OK SIXTY aer h la the village o. Hemp-Ae id, five iiimutcs from . e pot; ten acres wood, baline-o oleitred; i.ew house, sixteen rooms, w Itli boater; also, a Farm llouho cont i iiiug s . Rooms, new Barn, 0? w IIoiimj, ('nb, Ili nery, &c. ; fruits of all kind, one hundred dwarf pear trees; one of the most tiieasant villages on the island; one hour's rble from ltro ?K iy.'i ; will exchange for a house well located iu Brooklyn. Ad cires.n A. M., Brooklyn l'osioihce. TjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A FARM OF TWENTY l1 acres, all suited for Harden tup parooHes, two miles rod a half from Saratoga Springs, New VorK, the beat marki I in this State; price $.x)0; jj?IW> in cash, the balance in a piano. Household Furniture, Carpets, Ae. Address box 6'.)?1 l'ost otflee, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. li^OR PAI.E (?It EXCHANGE? IN JERSEY CITY, THE P valuable fl e Nto y an i basement bra k Building, No. 7 Exchange pla- e, m ar the. lerry. A laig * poition nta; r* . main on bond and mortgage. Address box .lers< y City l*ost oifice. rilO INSURANCE COMPANIES, BANKERS, IMPORT J er-, A^c.i y Lawv r> ?Ve. ? K?<r sale, a valuable and <de gaiit corner Building, at half its cost. The location is very (I hiraldo; tin- property can be rented to pay a large interest upou the pur'toise; bond and mortgage will be taken for a t'-rm o' yeai ? for the entire amount. For further particulars apply to A. M LYONS, Hi Wall street. \yARI>S ESTATE FOR SALE? CONSISTING OF A fourtO? n roomed IM-I, nine Lots, wi h every requisite for a < ountry ra?.id?Mice. Tin- cars pa>s the Uo r. A'l in j r feet nr <? r ; ud for Mile on easy terms. Apply at WARD'S Hotel, Coney Island road, Flatbusb. llfANTED-TO PURCHASE FOR CASH, A FAB M OF I? from (wenty-tive to ill t> acres, contiguous to the North ri\ ?-r, not above I l*ter or Duteh- ss eotinties, and within three mm oi >te/u? boat or railroad. The houMi, outbuildings and ft; ncr ?> niu i be in g od ord? rand the place must be well Wafer*- i and well fruited Address, witii full particulars, Abb'ii', Herald oiliee. No notice taken of communications in t atating pricc. "IV" ANTED? TEN TO TWENTY ACRB8 OP LAND, If with House, Barn nn I Fruit Tree.s, convenient to rail n ad, within one and a h ill hours' ride <d' New York. Any pc;s,m having sitfli a pla. e for sa'e, and willing to take part ? a-haiid l(Ul ae.res of line land situated in Jasper county, S'a e i : Indiana, near a )? i :n?i 1 and four miiea from the c aiuty -ear, ean al-lressL. M. B.. Heraid olUce, New York, g.vitig I- Moo, ;<r.e ? and general parif uhtrs. W AN TED Til EX'H \NGK ? FOR AN IMPROVED farm. Ho:<l <r u <?. / '| thing or other Merchandise, cal lable and prodm i. e I'r -operty, in the city oi Auburn, al ways tenanted, an I centrally loeatcd. Also, for sab' or ex change, a line Farm of thirty u n s, in Auburn, with good buildings, choice fruit, .fee., well adapted to fruit growing or market gardening. Two-thirds of the purchase money can remain on the farm. 4 Address, with full particulars, box KM) PostofUce, Auburn, N. Y. K(\ 100 AND 200 ACRES OP GOOD FARMING LAND UUj In PcinmyWuiiiii, U0 from Owelty, for $1 an Piirm of 40 ikfsrpM, gou<l Imtiw ami burn, near Mil.ror<l, for $8&0; Western l?an>U? tor U c^ntn an ai-.rr. At?i?lv at 12 Ontre fttrtwt. ZKGLIO it HASTINGS. fto.uuu blc, wood; 30 milox ou Long Inland, unotl water, fruit, &G.;nn<* and a half m??ry hou**, large barn, Ac., all In fair condition, and a jiooU hta ??l tor a ntoro or mechanic. Term* easy. Oth*?r t?rrn.s t s<*ll arc! n It. HLAKB, 11 ('haiubertt utreet. 500 Ti>R A FARM ?F 70 ACRES; &) TII'I'A I) D I) LOW A. NO KOl'NU. 0(1 LOST ? ON MONl>AY MORNING, OCTOBKK IX. IN _ Sixth avenuw, near Thirty-seventh street, n Scutch Tor vi.-r ; unswiTK tn tha name ot repper. #;> reward will he 11 ?ld, an I tin questions asked, on delivering him at No. 70 West Thirty-fourth s.reet. No further reward will be offered. OG LOST-A BLACK AND TAN TERRfER. SMALL Klz^on Sum! ay, 27tlt Inst., Hear Harrow atme t ami >ixlh avenue. J. M . I Icq via, at 17 South street, will pay $7 50 for hi* mm Call between y ami ID A. .11. and 1 to ?? I*. M. Oil LOST, ON THE 16TlI.-?lf> KEWAIUl, A N D NO _ 1 question* asked, to the Under of a small lllaok and Tan ail ut, answering to the name of Nina. Whoever will return her to 232 Fourth avenue ? and It unlit slut has lieen stolen, kept i>r Hnlil ? SIS reward will be paid fur Information which WB lead to her rtx-i 'vi ry . Found-on rati uday aftervoon, near the Academy of Music, a Wallet, containing a small cum ot money and other articles, which the owner < an have by de scribing the same und paving expenses. I HO.M A S KA KIS, 33 Nassau street. IjlOUND-IN FOURTEENTH STREET, ON THE EVEN ' lug of the 18th Inst., a ladles g.dil Bracelet, which tho nwnit can hare by applying to R. A. DORMAN, 125 Front street. CYt )LD ~ WATC 11 LOST? ON S UN DAY "fit lUNINO,' IN X passing from Sth ave. through lith street and 5th avo. to Tenth street and University pb'Cc, a lady's small Ould Watch. A liberal reward will) e given to the Under on leaving it at 34<5 Broadway, lirst Boor. IOST-$3 REWARD.? A BLOODSTONE SEAL "rTnTT J with the Initial* C. II. M. In Herman. Tho Under will receive the above reward inJ the thanks-ot the owner, by earing It at 271 Broadway, room 17. Tost? while biding last sundat. a bunch I J of small keys. oae having a brans label, with No. 54 upon t By returning the sains to 107 Liberty street the tinder rill be rewarded. IOST? AN EHMINE CAPeI SUPPOSED IN TWENTY J third street. The lindt r will be suitably rewarded on leaving It at 54 East Twenty taint street. IOHT-A BREASTPIN, IN THE FORM OF AN AMEKl j c?u shield, set with a garnet, diamond and tnr ,ii.>i-> \ suitable reward will tn- kiv 'u by returiilng it to 1? Auii'y street, or 133 East Fifty-ninth street. L~"7>8'r-ON HATUKDA Y,T)7'TOI!kT{ 2(1, ON" THE STEAM* boat WeaUleld, or between tho Stateu lij-iml new ferry and the Eplsoopnl ehun hon StuU ti Island, a small black leather Hand 13aj;. containing a silver card case, pair ol kid cloTes and worked collar. A suitable reward will bo pti 1.1 on Its retuin to the ferry master, or to II, Livingston, 7 New street and t'lilton, Staien Island. It 1ST? A MASONIC EM11LKM. WILL BF. SUITABLY J rewai ded and paid for if ii-turned to 73 Atlantic street, Br< oklyn. IOST- ON MON DAY 'Hi' E N I N< T, SSTI I INST., IN UOINO j to Williamsburg, through Nnesau, Fulton and Front sin eu, a lemon colored Diamond, with a llaw In it, set in a row sin Any .<ne lindlug it Will be handsomely rewardud f leaving It ?.t J. Dickinson's, W Nassau stre< t, up stairs. 0? -evenTnu um hie last,- between ? i Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, a brown Terrier I'up. with pink ribbon oollar and lady bug button. $.1 reward will be paid for Its rutnrn to 64 Fifth avenue. It is a pet or a sick child. I" OST.? ON Kl'NDAY, OCT. 27, EITHER IN A8TO J rls. Elitbty^iJ'h strcel. Third avenue, or on the way tlieui" to West Wash iitjlou place, a Link Bracelet with lopas wt-ine, ins< ribed .t!i the initials A. B. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving it either at Mr. Uldden's, Br iBdwuy, Astoria, or at 54 West Washington place, N. Y. DKXTISTRY. Artificial fone filling for decayedteetii? Inserted while soft, and giving uo pain. Aching teeth, or mere shells can be Ullsd auu rriverviHl by the discoverer, J. I'EAKSON, >1. D. Booms, AS# Broadway, one door above Seventeenth street. N. B.? Beware of the worthless imita tions ul cheap uperauirs. ' Artificial teeth -only ts fob bbai tifci. and sutistantial sets, on pars silver; entitle gold and platina, stngln teeth, $1. T>eih ti led and without tne least pain by a new process; sunerinr bone till ing, only jtle. All work warranted. Ofllse 136 Slith avenue; no removal. Dr. LUTHER, Douttst. btiTioial teeth. -on > uFrkin~an*d hou^ SEAU cootlnns to ei'raL'. i tt In two seconds, without the slightest pnln. Teeth iuser>d over stumps. .\u extra chaige tor temporary sets, orex'i... tine where artificial teeth ars inserted. Drs. DCRKIN A ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal St I eet, one door from Lanren*. i~l havb had tiirkb' ~te ETli extracted without any pain Whatever, by I)r. J. JAY V1LLERS, ol ISSOranJ ?treBt, I cheerfully Ins rt this as a recommen dation to those niilortunatrs suffering from aching teeth, J. MURPHY. No. 9 Mulberry street RTIFH'IAL PATENT "OPMOTYPK" TEETH ? NA tlonal Dental Oallerv. Sivh avenue, corner of Twenty second strcel. Largest, most reolcte. First elaaa dentistry. prlw?. Oold sets, from $20; silver, $8; vulcanite, f.'it; rubber, $10. Filling Tcett, Ac. Five premium ?, l,?K(reic rences. Dr. MANSOX, Dentist. S I HAVE HAD FOUR TEETH EXTRACTED. WITH out any pain, by Dr. J. JAY VILLERS, of I55(>rand street, I take great pleasure in rocomuionillnir lilin to those suffering from toothache. W.J. D. CAMPBELL, Eixhty-flflh street, nenr Third avenue. Bb.yTt i7i l crystai! i. nT.m e l for wllin <T ten* dor f. elb without pain; used while soft Immediately liewunes had, adhering firmly to the toAtb, making a ly tight filling, excluding air and moisture, thereby prevent Inn ) nrllier decay and painful sensations froin cold; contains no bone (being wholly mineral,' will not decay and is unob. servalde In front teeth. Every flUIng warranted. Only 5Uc. W Iiinuied Ai tlllcial T 'eth, in ev. ry style, 75c. to $2 50 each. Extrai tlntt without pnln. Dr. Ll'THEB, Senior, dcutlst, re more, I t.i lm Eaat T wen ty- second street. Teeth filled without pain for fifty cents with pure crysii 1 enamel (docs not decay like bone) used wh le sort, a llieres tirmly to tho tooth, excluding air and moisture, pie\cutlng rurib 't'deeay and pain. Dr. LUTHER, Sr., demi-t, (twenty years) removed lo 11)4 East Twenty. Wioud street. FOR SALES. AH.UtK CirAtfOK.?Slooo WILL PIT KG HARK THE Slook, Fim ?iW'h and yood will of an olii established Dry Goods Store wai'-h has paid for several years past a net profit of near J) a year after paying nu t-ipenwH. The Store is I >i iviwo leet deep, lift* two Rue show windows and In w? 11 fitted up. It 1m, anil has always been, the leading Store In the pltt 'c. The proprietor 1* obliged to ^oH in conse quence of ill health. Apply at ilia store, lrt5 Waahlngton atrial, Uobokcu./I. J., or at 300 Bo ivory, N. V. Any party having all the fixtures aiter tiluln ? to a Bar. or a |*oi*(f?in of sitne, as Counter, Ula?s Waiis, Pumps, Pipe, Chairs. Table*, Stove, Ac., for nale, ran tlnd a ctiHtomer Uv addressing Cash On* tonicr, or bv calling In the a tore .*157 Eighth avenue, between Twenty-eights and Twenty. ninth htre? ts. A BARKER S shop for halj splk njdi I >ly fit. toil up; will be sold cheap, an ih?? ovtner ban another business to attend to. Apply on the premises. St. Germain Hotel, 943 Broadway. A PORK STORK FOR S ALB? IN A FIRST CLA8S Lo cation. L?*<ve for two years, and fixtures complete f?>r aUrstclsss butcher. Apply in t ho store b'li SUth aveui ?, near Thirty-first street. A NEATLY FITTED BAR TO DISPOSE OK AT VALU ation. A go mi biiHinoh i, n be done by attention, in quire at 114 Court Mtroet, ltrookij, n. AN OYSTER AND LAGER BIER SALOON FOR SALE cheap; price $76. Also a Liquor Store nicely luted up; will Hell at a bargain. Also a good Gioc<rv and Liquor Stord at a very low pro e as the owner Is going lirthe navy and uiuut H- li (his week. Also Bakeries lor Hale iu all the avenues, at MITClliiLL'S A:;, ney, 77 Cedar at. IjlOB SALE? A BARGE, SUITABLE F?R CARRYING ; coal or dirt; will carry 260 tons; in sound In framo and will be Mold cheap to any person who will apply immediately at the ottioe of the shipyard* fool of Baa* Forty-fourth i treat* Ij^OR SALE? A MILK AND BUTTKR DBPOT IN r Brooklyn, doing a good business; will be nolo low; aatl-* f ictny re.iho.iH lor selling. AddiessJ., box 176 1 icrald othoe. ITIOR SALE? 1 Shi 1 1 Spikes, CO tons. flnlke Iron, fXK) tons. Il.tlliSt Iron, *50 l fix. Kentledge, 'Mm tons. B r iron, ul< Kl. es, fino tons. Old Kails, :OJ tons. \\ mughi Scrap Iron, 2 oo tons. Hor?*iti'?e Iron, 2 4) tons. For s ile In Jots, as warranted, by PETTEE it W ILSON, 2^8 South strt et. MOR SALK A GROCERY STOKE, WJTII K'XiM AND I1 plenty oi storing. Satisfactory reasons gi e i for sell in;;. C iJJ a* the U.;< r bier saloon, l.'ty Nju lug >lie. ?(. CIOR SALE? STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OK A r Fancy Goods and Toy Store, with dwelling; rent^M); would ex< hange for a lot up town. a tory reas uis given for sclllug. Apply un the premises, l.iMy Broadway. IflOR SALE? A grocery AND LIQUOR STORE, 1 with ten years' lease; will be sold for half its value, us the present, owner la n ; tged in other business and canuot a; tend to it. For full p irtlciilars call In the livery s able 3 $6 Ejghth avenue, or at l6o West Twenty. eigh h street. 1,1 OR SALE? A OOOD, LUCRATIVE INDOOR BUSI , ii ? ss, well established and un a ?ood thorough lart- , oiil be sold cheap for cash, or a partner taken. Apply at 170 Chat ham street. ?!. r. TRAVBB. TP OR SALE? OAS FIXTURES. ALMOST NEW; TWO 1 Chandeliers, I' ridaiKH, Brackets, &r. Tiie entire net tor $10. Al.-o ,t Stor?i Heater, very cheap, having no I urtli* i use lor the articles. Call at lly Clinton place, near Sixth avenue. IpOR SALE? A LITKRY SI'ABLE. WITH OR WITHOl T 1 th"St<?tk; ten years' lease, eight years lornn; iviuh out more than the rent of the whole. No stable within twen ty blocks ol it, east of Fourth avenue. Inquire on the pre mises, N ?. 'Jj E .st Thirty-second street. FIOR SA1*R? a grbat ohanob? trb lbasb, stock and liMur.'sol a <1 - wit mwii Groceiy arid Liquor Store, with the Lease of the building, leaving mi inter- st, id' $lo:) a year. Good stock, Ae. All l'or $000. Iu>|uiro of D. BUitKE, Auetioni-er, I J5 Bowery. i TpOR S\LE?THK OLD ESTABLISHED DINING AND I Li-|?ior Saloon 2't?> Fulton street, iiciinliji Sioik, hiv lures, li' l rigeiatoi s. Kan?e, Tables, Chairs, K?t hen Furni ture, ?ke. S dd low, as the proprietor ha* accepted an ap pointmo.i.t in in ? army. Apply on the premises. 1,1 OR SALE? A MEAT AND V?'<ETABLB MARKET, J? doiin; a yood business; will be sold cheap, an ihe owner i? lea v ing the city. Apply at 'M First avenue, near Four teenth street. IjlUK SALE? Tier: STOCK OP A 8TQRI2 ON BKOAD . way; ??ul v 4.60O cash required, balance note c ?f |> ??? chn?er. Thin inone of the I) ht rhanuf* ottered to *><>?. tig until at small mean*. Inquire fit AO Jlcukrtian utivft, up amir* blOE SALE ? NOTICE.? PARTIES IIAVINC BUSINESS i* i<>;ltiiitat'a i*> tliflMwfci of, can IttKl ?*a.-h pure.'iaaer h tor ( h?* same at our ollicc. Thoau div irinn l>usin?'M can liml H.'V. i. H I ?haluTM linen to cngatfe ill liUBiue**. Apply to lineral Agency, 63 N.ixsnu street. Ifon SAI.M? A PATENT, JUST ISSt EU, FOK AN AR tide adapted to the \va ut.s of t* v?* i y I ?? uiy . it will j ? *y 4 '.*> jH-r criit. KeierenccH will l?e made to aeveral ? ?t" the Urgent wholesilf* houses in theejtyns toils utility and value; $4,000 to $:>,UK) will put tin: matter into full operation aud make a permanent and agreeable business. Tula la worthy of atten uuii. Adtlr?gJ. it Herald oflice, JlOB s.\ LB? THE LKA08, STOCK AND PIXTtf EES Of one ot the best corner Liquor Store* in the Fi rat ave nue; will be .sold cheap. Apply to JAMES McCORMICK, Heaver Ct a < t. ]?OK SALE? A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LIQUOR . Store, neatly fitted out with a aou <t stock; ft does a good cash buaitieaa. The reason for senilis; ia that the owner cnu iiot attend to it in consequence of other buaiueaa. Apply at 1J8 Baxter street, In the a tore, during the week. FOR SALS? A 8EUAR STORE. WITH BAR AND BIL lutrri room ; will be sold eheap aa the owner la t'ointf in the army; there nre two Idllbird tables and fixtures complete; rent $260. Apply at the northwest corner of New Bowery aud Chambers street. TIlOR SALE IN BROOKLYN? Til K STOCK AND FIX r tures of a well fitted up Grocery Store; will be hold with or without Horse and Wagon at a aacriilee. an the owner has other business to attend to. Inquire at 54S Myrtle ave nue, coi tu r of Ryerton street* TpLOrn AND FEED STORE FOR SALE.? THE LEASE, X? stock ami lUtu res of the Flour and Feed Store 202 and 2(k'i West street, corner of Vestry. Lease aix years from May 1st. For rent, Ac., inquire as abore. Apply on the premise*. ' C TRAIN DISTILLERY FOR SALE OR TO LET? IN X New Brunswick, N. J., on the Karl tan river, with steam entfinf. machinery, land and nil neeessarr fixtures, In flood order; also a storehouse, a two story dwelling house, stables. aud pena for 1,20* I hogs; also schooner Horace H.Day, well found and In stood order. For particulars apply to RICH ARD HAltTSHORNE, 146 Front street. New York. /GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE.? THE STOCK AND VX Fixtures ?>t a neat grocery and liquor store will be sold cheap; two back room* Rent. $l?a month. Inquire on the premises, 67 West Twentieth street, near Sixth avenue. GROCERY FOR SALE? IN ONE OF THE BEST Lo cations In the city. This is a Rood opportunity for a man with small capital who understands the business, Partlcu* lars will la; given by addressing Grocer, box 200 Herald olllce. /I OOD CHANCE.? $400 CASH WILL BUY A PHOTO VX graph aud Ambrotyi* Gallery, with two years lease, on on- of th?> best corners in New York; will pay for itself ia a short time. Address Geero, Herald olllce. MRS. WRIGHT. OF NO. 9 SULLIVAN STREET wished to sell her Business, Stock, Lease and House In id Furulture. The above Straw Bonnet business haa been i established twelve years. Apply at the above o<ldress. OYSTER SALOON FOR HALE? NOW DOING A GOOD business, in Mercer street. Apply at 91 Division street, in the basement. HOE STORE FOR SALE? WITH LEASE, STOCK and Fixtures; doing a good cash business. The reason < for sellinu ia on account of other business to attend to. In quire in tne store, 47>? James street, Brooklyn. TO MARKET MEN.? FOR SALE, A VEGETABLE AND poultry Stand, in one of the best markets. Will be sold at one-fotirth its value, the owner haviug taken it for debt. Apply at 31)8 Bowery. TO 8ION PAINTERS? ONE OF THE BEST DOWN town Sign Shops In the city for sal ? at a great sacrifice, as th* owner is now manufacturing his two patent* recently issued and cannot attend to it; rent very low. Call from 10 till 'J to-day. ALFRED H. LORTON, 105 Maiden lane, corner Pearl, at. qbl r/"V ?FOR SALE, A CORNER LIQUOR STORE, V-LlJv/? on the Third avenue; the cheapest place yet of fered; cost $430 to lit it tin. Must be sold this week. Also, a variety of Grocery aud Liquor Storea throughout the city. Inquire of D. BURKE, Auctioneer, 135 Bowery. S SPECIAL NOTICES. A FAIR? FOB TltK BENEFIT OP THE ORPHANS' Houte and Asylum of tl??' Protcatant Episcopal Church w ill 1* held at i h?- Institution i Forty-ninth street, corner of Lexington avennel. on Tuesday, Wedneeday aud Thursday, the 19lh, 1Mb and -'1st of November. BOARD OF COUNCILMEN.-fHE COMMITTEE ON Fire Department of the Board of Couucilmuii, will meet on Friday evening, Nov. 1, at 7 P. M., In room NO. ft, City Hall. All imrtles having business with the Committea will be beard at that time. JOHN BRICK. ) Committee ALEX. H. KERCH, 5 on ANTHONY MILLER, ' Fire PniHirtmeut C1IIOTON AQUEDUCT DEPAKTMBNT, OCTOBER 9, J I8C1.? Public notice la hereby given that a further pe nally of len per cent will b? inlilcd to all unpall Water Rent*, on tbe 1st day of November next. R. C HANCE, Register ("lAUTION.? THE MANAGERS OP TnE FOURTEENTH J Ward Industrial Sehool having been Inlurnied thut per sons, ai'puieully Indies, hare been n iinu about the city reire sentlng theuiw lve, as being authorii'M u> receive donations for the school, uike Ibis method of oaiilioiiltiK the public against this fraud, as no aucb authority has t>e?n given. All donations will be received by Jose)>li Young, Sexton of the First Baptist church, at his rexufence, 337 Broome street, nearly oiiposltc the chundi. MASONIC.-THK MEMBERS OP LEBANON LODOE, No. 191 F. and A. M., are hereby summoned to meet at their lodge room. Odd tellowa Hall, at 12 o'clock, noon, Tb>ns<lay, Octub?r 31, for the purix*' of paying tho last tri bm? of i"> speet to the memory or our late worthy brother, John Donahue. The fraternity are respectfully Invited to at tend. By order of the W. M. _ J J. RQCKWELL, Secretary. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY.? TreaHiircr's Office, corner of Fourth avenue aud Twenty, sixth street. New Turk, October 28, 1N6I. Interest Coupons of the First Mortgage Bondsof 18S7 will be paid on wid aft. r November I, at the Treasurer's olllce. W. 11 EMEBSON, Treasurer. XTEW YORK LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY.? A SPE IN clsl lneeiliig ol this society will be lie.d on Friday evening, November 1, ai the Metropolitan rooms, 16U Hester street, at hall-past seven. A general ?tteu lance is important. By order of - P, W. ENUS, President. Joint Roobrs, Be iHIng Secretary. ? OFFICE OF THE TlliltD A VKSUE RAILROAD COM pany, BnsthlJlyfllth Mreet, near Third avenue.? The annual election of thirteen Directors and three Inspectors of Election for the ensuing year will take place nt the office of the Company on Wednesday Nov. 13, rolls open from 3 lo 4 P. M. BAMUEL B. ISAACS, Secretary. New York, Oct. 21, ISfil RESTAURANTS. A thuofiting. Come to <50 William street. Dunlop's Indl and XX Po i orter, 3 cents a glass. lunch. Three courses. Tho proof of tho pudding is In *? ? --aiaAlo OYBTEKS? 139 FULTOK 8TKEKT, NEAR THE HE raid office.? The Shrewsbury Stews aud Fancy a 1 d Saddle Rock rossis ntLlHBV'S, nr," Indlspcnsablo to an epicure. N. B.? 0>?:ei? oneued without cratklug, thereby ?voiding Une pieces o( shell. SALES AT AUCTION. ALBERT MORTIMER GRIlFIN A CO., AUCTION eers. ? Peremp?o<y sale of (list das* Household Furni ture, the proiwrty of a lamily declining, at the elegant residence 48 West Sixteenth street, t>etw? en Fifth ami Sixth avenues, Half commencing this day, ?t o'clock. Drawing Room Furniture, eovercd with French

brocatel of the richest description; solid rosewood frames, two 8ulm, vi/.:? Two Tete-a-Tcie Sofas, two Arm Oh ?lr?, two Recepticn and eight Oval Back Chairs, made i?y Weil; Centre Table, statuary marble top; elegant rosewood Ete^res, plate glass doors; Secretary and Bookcase, lined with satin wood: Ones* Tab le, inlaid with pearl; rone wood Sid Tables, velvet noHptet Tttblo Covers, Jsncoignnre*. Easy Chairs, core red with velvet; Udy's Work Table and Writing Desk, velvet me dalllon Carpets, Mosaic iiug->. antique Lava Vases. M tB MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Full er?v< u octave, richly carved legs aud case, itllnld With solid pearl keys, ban all tne modern Improvements; rosewood Canterbury biool, embroidered cover; llnl??und, Oilcloth, velvet Stair Oar pot, driver Rods, rosewood Chamber Furni ture en suite, Bureaus, Armoirc-a-Glai e. DVesslng Table, Wed steads, Commodes, Couch and Arm Chair*, covered with velvet; hair Spring Mattres e?, Blankets, Counterpanes. Solid oak Dining Room Furniture ? Mullet, marble top, lined with Mat ah wood; Extension Table, Ann Chairs, elegant sets of crvslal and ruby Glassware, solid silver Tea Service, French Chine Dinner and Tea Seta, Shefbeld Table Cutlery. Also ail the Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Competent persona will be. in attendance to pask, ship or cart the ^0 >ds at a reasonable bharge. AHHIQKBB'S SALE OK MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD Furniture AT PUBLIC AUCTION. POSITIVE PEREMPTORY SALE OF ELEGANT FIR STCLAS8 FURNITURE. This (Wednesday) morning, at 11 o'clock precisely. the beautiful Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber ana library Fur niture in the dwelling home l&i Twenty-first street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*, all of which in new, having been rocently made, *nd comj rises everything adapted to a lashionable and elegantly furnished residence?the whole to be peremptorily Hold for cash. constating of English Velvet ano Tape# try Carpets, elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, en suite, comprising three full suits, richly carved, all or which are covered in rich ailk hrocatej, and of the beat de scription; roaewood Centre and Pier Table*, Turkish Chairs, in bine end gold satin and mouuet; Velvet Turkish Lounges, rien Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Damask and Life Curtain*, fold aud Landscape Shade*, two rosewood Etcgeres, stylo of I lionla XIV.; rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vases, Bisque Figures, Artist c Hron/e*, Parh r Ornaments, .fc. ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, M'Sfc OA HI NET, STOOL AND COVER, coat $150. Marble top Bureaus. richly carved Bedsteads, twenty large I I lair Mattresses, Tete-a-Tetes, Chamber Suits, in rose, wood; bronze Clocks, marble Washstauds, Lounges, French and Spring Seat Cha>rs, R?>ekers, Divans, Ottomans, Oval Mir tors, superb Red a and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two line matiotfnny Sola BwJ.ttond*, rich Krench and Rohernian Chli a, rich Tea Set ??. Silverware, Spftona, F<'i k-, Canters, Iec Pitchers, I'rns, Tea Service, ruby and < Out Class of every description, oak marble top* Bullet, "oak Obal' S, St t? perb oak Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chand? liers, murtle Hall S and, one of WilderV Iron Safes. Catalogues at house. S .l ? post live, ruin or slilne. A deposit will be required of all pur N. B. ? Parlies from a distance are assured that every ar tkle in the house will be sold strictly without n s tvo, and there will positively he no postponement. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT Anotloneer. A XSWSRE'H SALE OF MESSRS. J. k C. RERRIAN'S STOCIC IIOrSE FURNISIIINO GOODS. JOHN* E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, Ami nicer, will aell on Monday, Tuesday and Weilnesda., Nov- mber 1, 5 and t?. cotnmencing each dav at. 10 o'clock, the entire atoek eon? talned in the store No, tsH Broadway, embracii g i ver> de sirable assortment of House FuruU>hing Arti- ten, eb gai.t Silver and Plated Ware, fine London ground back Tea Trnys and Waiters, aitperlor Table Cutlery; llr;tania, Willow and Wooden Ware and Japanned uood*. A's > a large variety of Fancy artides, Ac., Ac., the whole being the largest s*oek of the k!nd in ihiseily, having been selected with c u e expressly lor the retail business. The well known reputation of th i Mesar?. Rerrian is a mtllicient guarantee for the. quality of tin* stoek, and is therefore well worth the attention ot the trade and other.*, ami Is tola? peremptorily sold without any reserve whatever, for cash, in bankable funds. Hy order of the assignee. Catalogues w 11 be ready on Thursday, October 31, and may be had at the abovu place and at the store of the auctioneer, No. 7;i William ftimt* A LBEHT V. ORIFFIN Sc CO., ACC-TIONEERS.? Sir iV p n i ?r TI msehold Furniture at public auction, sale commencing at 2 oV!o? k this afternoon, at 70 West. Twenty six'li street, near Ni\th avenue. A rare opporturitty for housekt -ep.-rs and dealers. Sale peremptory, consisting of Parlor Suits, mscsvood Pianoforte, Mirrors," Lace Curtains, P-ru-isels Ca"> ets, Hags, Cioeks, Etegeivgr llookcase, Vrase*, Pair.ting-i, l-.uu ravings, ('entre Tables, Chandeliers. II tt sta-ids, S ajr Cans t , rosewiod and mahogany Koreans, Bedsteads, Sofas, Rockers Chairs, Tables, li vaira ine Woolen Blanket*, 21 pairs Linen Sheets, Counterpanes, 10 excellent Hair Mai tresses, Feather Beds, McCrau '* Sofa Red* , Wash.' ands. Ingrain Carpets, Sidelauirds, Extension Table, Arm ('hairs, China una (ilnsnvare, Ivory hamlled Knives and Forks, Silverware, Table Linen, Conches, Easy Chairs, Ac. Also Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Sale commencing at 2 o'clock this afternoon. \ verms notice. IV LAliOE AND ATTRACTIVE SALE. THIS DAV, WKPNES i\Y. OCTOBER 29. We beg to invKe t he attention <?f all buyer* to our large and attractive sale this day, which wi 1 include Br >chc and Woollen Shawls?lOO lots of one of the most fa vorite rubrics. Ribbons and Trimmings*? 200 lots, including invoices of newly imported and desirable styles. A very large an I attractive assortment of manufactured Furs, including line <*?sily goods. 1,000 garm< n s of reallj line ready made Clothing. 200 eases Boots ami Shoes, a prime assortment. 100 cases meifsand boys' Bolt Hats. Together Willi large assortments of staple and fancy Dry Goods. Catalogue* or which are now really and to which we Invite particular attention. WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers, Nos. 9 and 11 Park place and No. 8 Murray street. AS. RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER. ? One thousand cise* of Boots and Shoes at auction, by RICHARDS A WHITING, on Wednesday, Oct rV), at 10JJ o'clock, at store 41 Oortlandt street. Incltufed In this sale is a full assortment of heavy Call", Grain and Thick Boots; al.- o, about lot) case* of Stock Good*, in good order, with which the sale will commence. Catalogues on morning of nale. 4 UOTtON NOTICE ? .YOU can BUT ALI. KINDS of Furniture, Looking Glass, a, Bedding, Ac., cheaper than at any other {dace, at G. W. SNEi'EN S, 263 Bowrry, l>etween Stanton and Houston streets. Please call; you Will save money. Note the number. Auction koticb ? p iiwnbbokbb*8 salf.-this day, by BELL .* INGRAHAM, 60J lota men's and ladles' Clothing, .^llk Dresses, Coats, P?ints, Blankets, Sheet*?, P/l low CaseH, *e. Bv order ot 11. SC1ILOS1IM, licensed pawn broker, 43d Houston strcef. a ucvrroN notice.? burnham\s fcrnitukr ex j\ pre** and Paeklng Establishment, 1 Ki West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. IlntwhoM Furni ture boxed and shipped to ail parts of the world. Covered wuqnns for removing furniture to and from the country. Furniture stored. Browne* nichols, auctioneers, wtll sell ox Friday, Nov. 1, at 1 o'clock, in front of salesrooms, 85 Nas* sau street, a beautiful sorrel saddle Horse, hands hi>;h, 8 years old. thorough bred, uerfect in all his gaits ? walks fast, paces and canters. Woulri make a splendid charger for an army oilWr, and is suflleientlv gentle f?>r a lady. Will be in front of our store on Thursday, from 11 to 1 o'clock. Tho owner is going to Europe, and seus only on that account. (1H VS. E. LOEW, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, OX S Thursday, October 31, at U o'clock A. M., at No. 60 Mer cer street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, all the Barroom Fxturc", and Household Furniture In tho above premises, consisting of mahogany marble top Bureaus and W't?h stands, mahogany Bedsteads and Chairs; also large and small h>7* d Minors, Extension and oth??r Oi lingTables, Beds, Bedding, Srr. AIho a large lot of Decanters, Tumblers, Wine Glasses and Crockery Ware. Also elegant French Paint ings, Engravings, ?fce., Ao. C. W. BAIN, Attorney for Morttraqee. Chattel mortgage sale.? on Thursday, octo. her 31, at No. 7 Bond street, the contents of the lirst class K itlng Saloon situated at above place. Sale to commence at 3 o'clock P. M. C. V. LYONS. Att'y for Mortgagee. BKNJ. MEKRITT, Auctioneer. ' /CONSTABLE'S BALE OF CLOTniNO, AC. ? THIS DAY, \J hi 2 oVlo? k. at 4M Canal street,, Overcoats. Pants, Vests, Ac. Also Cloaks, Mantillas, Shawls, Ac. Also two boxes Soap, Liquors, aud a small lot of Furniture, Ac. ? THOMAS CASS1DY, Constable. D. DAVIS, AUCTIONEER? SALESROOMS 87 V f and 8D Sixth avenue, solicits consignments of all descrip tions of merchandise; outdoor sales attended to; c m mis sions to suit the time*; prompt returns made, and b^st of city references given. Cash advances made to any amount. 1 .ID WARD SCBENCK, auottoxrer. 'i FINE OIL X'AIXTJXUR By EDWARD SCIIKNCK, on Thursdnv, 31st Inst., at 11 o'clock, at hi* salesroom, N?w. 155 and Broadway, a col leetton ?>f very choice Oil Paintings, Including many gnaran teed originals, bearing the certiiicates of the artists. Among tbem will be found: ? AN INTERIOR AND HIOtJRES, by CARPENTERO. THE LOVE UK THE AN'CiELS, by MAZZANTI, THE SLEEPING IHTNTER, by A. I>E BHACl^ELEIR, WINTER SCENE, by SMKTS, LANDSCAPE AND SMEE1', !>jr VAN SEYERDONCK, MARINE, by SCltAEP. and many other line Painting,. The above are now on exhl bttlon, with catalogues. The attention of those In want of really lino picture* Is requested to this (ale, as they will bu peremptorily sold without rwcrve. I EDWARD 8CHENCK, AUCTIONEER. 1J IMPORTER'S KALIi OK superb frbnch and English fancy goods. By EDWARD HCHENCK, this .lay (Wednesday). 30th ltisi., at o'clock. ?t hiH salesroom, No,. lii and 137 Broadway, Hrrnt sale of tlifl mi?t superb Fancy Goods, comprising a very large assortment of entirely net, patterns and designs, imt Imported, consisting of FINE BRONZES, SUPERB PARIAN FIGCRE8, ELEOA.NT BRONZE, ORMOLU AND MARBLE CLOCKS, HBVRES AND FRENCH CHINA VASES, DECORATED FRENCH CHINA DINNER SETS, SUPERB OUT AND BOHEMIAN GLASSWARE, ELEGANT ORMOLU GOODS, SILVER PLATED WARE, And a larirc variety of other elegant fancy goods. The goods will be on exhibition on Monday, at the sales room. Ladle, and tbo p'iblle. generally are Invited to ex amine thpui. Purchasers ran hare tlieir goods carefully packed and shipped at a ?nin!l com. 1JDWARD SCHBNCK, AUCTIONEER. U Mortgage sal* of an ctiilicly new eloM panel platform spring Co.-vh. hy EDWARD SCflENCK, on Wednesday, Oct 30, at 11 o'clock precisely, at hi, salesrooms, 155 and 147 Broadway, the above elegant Coach; la entirely new and will be peremjitorllv sold. By order of E. 8. CUAPIN, Mortgagee. Edward schenck. auctioneer SECOND HAND FURNITURE. MORTGAGE sale, By BDWARD SCHENCK. on Friday, Nov. 1, a large as sortment. Particulars fo-morrnw. F~^7lTOV~ "a UCTlChVEKR ?VERY LARUE SALE ? of genteel Hoiinehold Furniture, Mirrors, L'?ce Cur tains, every kind of Carpet* and Oilcloth,, < hlna nn 1 Ctlasa wnre. Kilrlien Furniture, V. Th(x duy (Wodneoday), Oct. 8<1, at lfljj o'clock, at 1;I0 Ea?,t Tent't street, near Broadway, the entire Furniture of the Urg1 four utory house, eoniprl* lnj; erery kind and devrii>tlon of mahngtnv, nsewnod and oak Furniture, rich (!a>i>e'B and Ollc'.oih., eleennt French plate Minors, I^tce Curtain, aud Cornices, several suit, of enamelled Bedroom Furniture, ?nli marble top*; marble top Dreasin,; Bureaus, French, Gothic and "thor Bed,t?ad.; Wardrobes, Hook en*e?, Feather Beds, Hair Mattresses Solas and Sofa Red,tva,is, Lounge,, China and Olasswii-e, Kitchen Furniture, together wlib all the Furniture of about thirty room,. Sale will be p"rcmntory, and afford, a desirable op. portunity to all In want. Catalogues ready early this morn ing, and deposit* required from all slranK'-rs. t1 KOKtiK HOI.HHOOK. Al'criiiNKEH. WILL SliLL T on Thursday, Oct. 3i, it 1UX oVliK k,< oiuet of Jane and Greenwich streets, the entire genteel Pallor, l hatnber and Dining Room Furniture In tlm aisive lioure? Parlor Suits, l"l?r and Mantel Mirrors, marble top Tables, B.ire.uis, Wash stands, Etenrres, Tapestry, Three-uly and other Carpet,, mahogany lied, tends, llair and other, Feather Beds and" Bedding, enamelled Ciinnibe.i Suits, Dining Room j ?nd Kitchen Furniture. ! ?"?EORCiK 1101,11 ROOK, AL'CTIONEER? Wl LI. SELL i VT this day, at 1(>X o'clock, at the corner of Thirtieth "ireet and Third avenue, the enllre Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Cur pet,, Ac., in the above house; Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Pier tllusses, tine Carpets, Oilcloths, marble topDiv -win r; Bureaus, Parlor Suits, Piano, (la. Fixtures, Stove,, Dining Room and 1 Kit' hen Furultutc, Ac., making It good fur lamihcs aud I others. gALBH AT ATJCTIOJT. G~^T~ MJ0TION SALE " OF HOOTS AND SHOES. OnThurMlnv neit, ALEXIS BItAflU A WAKUEN, No. 30 Warren atreet, W I IX HKLIj, ON THURSDAY, Out, SI, At l?K o'clook, ONE THOUSAND CASES BOOTS AND 8H0BS, Coiniirfxing ft Lufi1' imwjrtinoul of neaaonftWlt gooda, among W>|"eN'S> llOY'H, YOUTH'S AND CHILDREN'S HOOTS, o! till! lilu' i'-i in III' r?l inftiiliili ii. Auction sale ul liiiotH and ShofcB I'vcry Tburndiy, AUCUOBMU ul,^M M U0LLIN1J8IIKAJ), Auettonaar. HKNKY B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER. EXECUTORS BALE OF MAGNIFICENT TIOI SKI! OLD FJ'RVTTUttR, RlOIt FUKNCI1 PLATE FIJ4R AND MAN TKL MIKROR8, SUPKKIU.Y CARS ED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, STLRLINU SILVER PLATE, Ae.f Ac., PurcllttSc.l Hi A CO?V of over $25,1 MX). On Till' WD IY, Oct. 31, ut luk o'clock. At 49 Weal Thirty-fourth street, betweeu Fifth and Sixth w t. iiy order of EDMoN BLANKMAN, E*'i., Executor of Jaue A. iLankmun, <1 ceased. Parlor* contaiu richly carved and gilt soli>4 rosewood Par lor Suits, a crimson satin, embroidered in pure bulliou ??>!<!, with Window Curtains to match; superbly carved rosewood Pianoforte, cost $l,fiu0; carved rosewood' Arm, Sewing a id Reception Ohalra. In rich goblin tapestry; magnificent iuar oueierlo and bois de rote Cabinets, Podestals and work marble Statuary. Ornaments, A r ich vcWet idle A\mlm?ter, imported to order; lace window Curtains, Ac. DINING liOOM CONTAIN A Medallion Axminst* r Carpet, solid rosuw< o 1 and richly carv ed llook cam-*, Secretaries, Bullet and Diuiug Tftble; super <>? ly carved Dining Suite, in solid walnut, Louis oartoUeviyle, iu crimson leather; real bronxe sliding Chandelier, bronxe ami marble ncudule Candeladra, Urn.tuu nt*, Ac.; rich Dreg, denohlna Dinner and Tea Services; richly cm <lla??ware, sterling Silver Plate, ma fe to order by Ball, Black v. Co., comprising Tea S ua, Urns, Kettles, Pitchers, Co lets, Trays, Fie, Fish and Snltd Knives and Korku; Crumb Scrapers, Tea, Dessert ami Table Spoon * and Fork*; Saltcellars, Ac.; alao Cutlery of the finest quality. CHAMBERS CONTAIN Medallion, Axminst'. r, Velvet, Turkey and Brussels Carpets; ina^nhicem corn color, blue aud crimson brocaded Ha tin and Lace Window Curtains; rich French plate Pier, M mtel and oval Mirror*; solid rosewood Bedsteads, jtureaus, Washstunds, Commodes, Amoiresa-Glace, Centre, Hide and Work Tables; carved rosewood Chairs, Couches, Arm, Easy and Turkish ('hairs, In various colors, satin brocatel, alt imported or made to order by Roux A Meeks; 11. ur, Spring and other Mattresses; Beds, Pillows, liuUiers, Bidding, Ac., to^ciber Willi ihe u>nal assortment ot Kitc)ien h'urniiure and utensllsj with which the sale will com mence. Catalogue* will be ready, and may be had, together wilh cards of admU*ion to view the l urniture, two days before the .sale, ou application at the cilice of the auctioneer, No. byi Pine stnvt Noiiee.? Tne magnificent brown stone. House ;ii?nbove will be sold at pi Ivatc sale, at a ureal bargain. Two-thlrds ol' the, iiun ba.-M- in>>n?*.v can remain on band and mortgage. For imth?r parti- uiars inquire of II. B. HERTS, J r, Auutionecr, at Ms < UiCe, No. (.y^ Piiic street. HBNR1 II LB1 D ; AUCTION BBR. HE.M'V II. i EKilS .t CO. will sell at auction, on Thursday. O t .31, at 12 o'clock, in fruit *>r storr 21 Xassini street, almy 11 tmi, about 10 years ? 1', U)}? bun ls hitth ; is ; en' ?? and J'lnu; ><<t* tra\ e.)ed his mile iu little over three mln ii :c?. (/ost $250. A 1: Jit ojm n \\ a :on, together with a set of single Harness. Tiie ? mire ? .~>tablis!unent will be sold without reserve, as the owner 1* going to Europe, Henry i>. mineii, auctionker.? salesroom 57 N 1 -sau s? , opposite the Post ? in e. The auction sale of House Furnishing Goods, Hardware, Ac., will oe contlnnc l this day, <)esol>er 3ti, at the si ire No. "01 Sixth av< nue. The auetioii ira?le and others are. requested to attend, as every lot iluisl. be sold without > e?erv<' HENKY (.'KEEN, AUCTIONEER, WfLL SELL THIS day, at o'clock, at the auction store, 194 Wil'i wn Htr?'- 1, a ? mall assortment of Groceries, ten boxes No I Soaps, Prunes, Ji.ieon, i<k(tiors, f^'gars, Ac. Also, at II o'clock, a iiuantiiy of t'lothiri: , ovcre?*ats, Shawls, Uaib'rs, ifose, Sjuml ''ottoo, Knives au<l Forks, Boys' Cloth Cups, Beits, and other miscellaneous (iootis. TOIIN LLOYD. A fCTlONEER, OFFICE 15 NASSAU ?I street. ? JOHN LLOYD A SONS will sell on We Ims day, October 3 ), at 12 oYl ?ck, nt the Merchants' Exchange, by order of (ief?r-:e Little, executor, the Lot No. 9 West Twenty-eighth mii'mu, 25 0 leei by PS. 4, together with the four story high stoop brown s'one House thereon, 2A.0x6 6 teei; al-o the Lot 4S Dey st; cel. with foor story brou n stone Buililin^ themrn', covering the entire lot, with the exception of the side le/h?*; also (he Country Seat at Os siininis', H j miles from Sing Sing, containing 27 acres of land, all tiil 'bfe, with orchards of assorted fruit, tram? House, m w, with about iti nwni.-, coot ?iniiu< every convenience; line garden, cariia.'e house. A'\ Full particular-1 at the olllce of Sei ibner A Deuslow, 29 Wall street, and at the olllce of the auctioneers. JF. DUNCAN, AUCTIONEER.? MANUFACTURER'S ? stock of superior Clothing. To-morrow, Thursday, at 10}? o'clock, in lots tf) suit buyers, in the salesroom, 111 Nas jmiu street, i laiye and liin' assortment of Men's, Youths' and Boys' *ea otia'de Clothing ? Cloth. Beaver, Oassiuicro, Pi'ot an i Doeskin Frock atul Sack, Dress and Business Coats, Over Coats and Pantaloons; Silk and Casslmere Vests; Suits for Boys from 4 to 14 years; Boys' Jackets, Ac. ; also 100 pairs Ladies' seamless Felt Booui. Everv article in the g-iie Is warranted perf.'et, and heads of families, the trade and others will tind the ile worthy of attention. Joseph iiegBman, auctioneer.? Thursday, Oct. 31. at 10>? o'clock A.M., Hi 37 WyckolT street, bi tween Smith anil Court, Brooklyn, Household Furniture? Mahogany Tables, Chairs, Dressing Bureaus, li< dsteaca, Mat trese, Bedding, Extension Table, Hat Stand, Carpets, Oil cloths, Ac. , JOHN F. DAVTS, AUCTIONEER. ? 850 CASES BOOTS, Shoes and Hro^ain nt auction, on Thursday, October 31, ul 10 o'clock, at the of J. S. Lcvereu A Co., 16 Court landt street. comprising a l.uve assortment of fresh city < made and Ea iter u goods, lor city and country trade. TAS CI SHIM; Al'CTIONEEU, OFFICE -IM NINTH avenue, will cell on Thursday, October XI, nt 10W o'clock, A. M? a' i?'J Went Forty-second street, the Slock and Fix tures of ali enor store. Pure Brandies, Wines, Gins, Coun ters, Beer Pumps, 'la* Fixtures, marble top an I other Tables, Lounge*. Bureaus, licd?teu<J?, Stoves, Corpeuters' Tool*, Iron nulling, Ac., Ac. MDOU0HTY, AUCTIONEER.? THE EXECUTOR'S ? sale of Horses, Cows, Ac., to lie htld at 155 an 1 157 Sullivan street, la postpoued until further notice. By order of GEO. HARRISON, Executor. ME PHILLIPS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL THIS ? day, a i i- o'clock, at the New York Bazaar, 37 New Bowery, a number of good work Horses, C trta and Harness, single an ,1 double; light Wagons, it' ckaways, Express Wa gons, without reserve to the highest bidder. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? B. LEVY, AUCTIONEER. 22 Catharine street, will sell this day, ai I0)? o'clock, Silk and oilier f>rexs?'s, (guilts, Skirts, Shawls, Sheets, Chemises, Blanket*, Cloaks, Men's and Hoys' Cluthiii<i Wattin g, Jewel ry, Ac. By order of II. BOMETT. PAWNBROKER'S SALE ? THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31. JOHN MORTIMER, will sell at No. 15 East Broadway, a lirge assortment of Men's and Women's Wearing Ai pirel, consisting of Over and Frock Coats, Pants, Ve?is, Dresses, Shawls, (jollta. Blankets, Watches, Jewelry and a great vari ety of oilier goods worthy the alien 1 n of dealers and house keeper*. By order of II. BARNARD. 21 Third avenue. ?pAU'NBROKEB'S SALE.? W. 5. LEWIS WILL SELL _L this day. nt 181 Bowery, up stairs, by orderof W. Simpson A Co., a very desirable lot of Winter Goods, consisting of Quilts, Blanket*, Beds, Pillows, C.iristts, Gowns Shawls, Ac., Ac. Sale to commence at 10) j o'clock. PAWNBROKER'S SALE. ? THIS DAY, AT 10* o'clock, JOHN MORTIMBB will sell, at No. 15 East Broadway, a large aisirtment of Silk, Delaine and other Dresses, Under Garments, Broche and Woollen Shawls, Blankets, Quilts, and a great variety of oilier goods. By or der of A. Goodman, 31 Centre striet, a large lot of Overcoats, Punts aud Vests. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL at 25 Chatham street, on Thursday, October 31, a large assortment of Watchos, Jewelry, Guns. Pistols, Instruments, Ac., Ac., by order of J. B. A W. SIMPSON. SHERIPF'8 SALE OP HORSES AND WAGONS? ON We Itiesd.iy, at II o'clock, by REED .* COLE, 343 Fulton street, Brooklyn, ouo pair or bay, one bay Mare, 7 years old, found and kind; live work Horses, two open Wag ons, on,- btltlll, ss Wii-ion. one Rockaway, Harness, Ac.; also, a Billiard Table, Iron Safe and Desk. SA J. BCGAHT, AUCTIONEERS ? TniS DAY, AT 10* . oV i k, nt tha auction roe-ms No. I North William street, !!? uaehold Furniture, Ac., consisting of Sofas, Bu reaus. T .b: 'X, Chairs, Brussels Carpets, Bedsteads, Cooking and Parlor Stoves. Also, a lot of Wines and Liquors, Demi john Kteiiil, ("asks, Store Fixtures, on large Pali-bank's Scales. Also, a ioiof Fancy Articles. Also, a large lot of Segars, QBERIFF 8 SALE.? FELT HATS. ? CHAMBERS A FAIR O CHILD. Auctioneers, salesroom 113 Nassau street, will soli, this day, October 30, at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom, 17 cases Fell Hats, of assorted sizes, coloiaand qualities. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. STOVES AT AUCTION. ? J. F. DUNCAN A CO., NO. HI Na.-*au street, Auctioneers, will sell on Wednes day a large and select assortment of cooking, parlor and office Stoves, Healers and Furnaces. Terms cash. Also, on Thursday, a manufacturer's stock of superior Clothing. TB. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER? JERSEY CITY , Lots and House at auction ? Will sell, on Thursday, Oct. 31, at 2 o'clock P. M? on the premises, Steuben street, near Warren, Jersey City, two extra size Lota, north side of Steu ben street; lour Lots on Morgan street, opposite Provost street; tire Lots on Prospeoe strcet.oorner or Bread way, or South Bight street; three Lota on Broadway, adjoining, and House and Lot on Rallroud avenue, nrnr Warren street. Terms; .tile positive. For maps apply at 49 Ann street, and to JOHN COWAN, 61 Montgomery street, Jersey City. TGAFFNEY, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 170 CHATHAM ? Street ? will sell on Friday, November 1, at 10 o'clock. Hi" entire Stock of the old eslarllsbcd paper hanging and upholstery establishment 367 Eighth avenue, between Tweu ty -eighth and Twenty-ninth tiro is, consisting of Window Slisiles, Paper Hanging?, Lace and Muslin Curtains, Ac., Ac. Families an 1 others will do well to attend this sale. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 East Broadway.? Mortgagee's sale on Thursday, at 10 o'clock, all the Furniture, Bedsteads, Bedding, Oilcloth, Car pets, Ac., lu the hotel. No. 93 Lispensrd street, near Broad, way. Also the Bnrroom Furniture and Fixtures, Chande liers, Glass Ware and Crockery. 8. B. LOGAN, Attorney for Mortgagee. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL TniS day, at 2 o'clock, at 444 Canal street, the entire Furni ture, Ac., of a large house? Parlor Suits, Centre aud other Tables, Pier Glasses, Piano, rich Velvet Tapestry, Three-ply and oilier Carpels : Oilcloths, mahogany and other Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, Table and Bed Linen, Bu reaus, Washstands, Toilet. China, Glass, Silver and other Wares. Stoves, Ac. A fine chance lor families and others. HTM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL THIS VY day, at lo; , o'clock, at 157 Grand street, the Furniture, Ae? lu the above house, comprising Parlor, Chamber, Dining Boom and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. ; also, Eleotnr Machiues, being the effects of a doctor's establishment. TiriLLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON \V Thursday, at I0V? o'clock, at No. 4S5 Greenwich street, three doors above CauaT, the contents of a large Drug Store, comprising a splendid fresh stock of Drugs. Ac.; also line Store Fixtures. Ry order of James Qulnn. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL U this day, at loji o'clock, the Lease, Stock and Fixtures of the Grocery and Liquor Store 111 Mulberry street, con sisting of One Fixtures aud a good stock oi Groceries, Li quors, Ac. LEGAL NOTIC K ? . ^ XTOTICB -pr KSU ANT TO AN ORDEll OF THE Xx Supieme Court, the inter?!?t on the lourth mortua^e bon and Erie Railroad Company, which Vcjinie due or the 1st of O 'tolrt-r Inst., will Vc paid on pre seutati' n of llto coupons at the olle e of I lie s'.ibs fiber, In t'.m plat o, on and after ttifc drst dnv of No vein Mr jext. uoi. a, 1861. ISatuanibl mahsu, BeceiTor. tlli.-, IU IX kf|2 itta, aoct DKYOOOP8. AT CUSHMAN * BROOKS'^ tfSSUlh avanua. Curlier Twenty. lljjUth slreot. AUCTION LOT HOOP SKIRTS, 38 c-nfc. AUCTION LOT HOOP SKI KTd, 80 ceu ts. 1,000 CAMRBIO COLLARS, 2ft cents; old price Si 1,000 CAMBRIC COLLARS, 81 cents; do. Jl M. l.OOOCAMBRlO COLLARS, 50 cents; do. *1. Ladles, these 1,000 BL ACK LACK VEI LB, JO cent*. ji re the 1,000 BLACK LACE VEI <h. inest 1,000 BLACK I?ACE VE" VEILS 1,(100 BLACK LACE VE! . ^ )roa ever saw. '.',(10) BLACK LACK VKILB, SI 1ft (o 87 JOB LOT CAMBRIC BANDH, 60c., worth $1 JOB LOT CAMBRIC EDGING*. JOB LOT MOURNING COLLARS and SBTS. Jl t LOT LINEN 8F.T8. I8ceuu, Joji LOT UNKN COLLARS, Scent* JOB LOT KINK YOKE*. Irtoents. JOB LOT LINEN ToWEr.8,$l perdosea. JOB LOT LINEN NAPKIN.-, $1 per doten. PAPER CAMBRICS, 8 cent* a yard, eitra line. COLORED CAMBRICS, ? cents * yard, well worthSceoU, SLATE DRILLINGS, 8< tints a yard;old pri<e la. 1,000 pieces BLEACH ED MU8LIN8,8c. andllo. a yard.chsa#., LADlE.V UNOKK CLOTHING all kind*, very cheap. . SKIRTS, KK1BTS, SKIRTS, SKIRTS. 3,(*? BALMORAL SKIRTS, cheapest lot in this oltT. JOB LOT LADIES' HOSIERY AND GLOVES. JOB LOT LINEN BOSOMS, lie. to 25c. JOB LOT GENTS' SOCKS, rvrr cho.ip. CHIDDREN'8 ROUND COMBS. 4 cents, worth H cent* CHILDREN'S TEETH BRUSHES, 4 0 uk worth It cents. 11 A 1 11 BRUSHES, 12 and (Scent*, worth 31a LVIUKS' TEETH LKUSI1ES, 8 cents, worth 15 coots. NEEDLES (the very best) 3 cents a paper. PINS, solid head* (full paper*), only Scents. VELVET BUTTONS (sllki, ftwuts 10 lOcenta par 4* tea. ALL KINDS o' Yankee Notions, very i-heapu RUBBER DRESSING COMBS, 4. b .nd li ocnU, worth lid WINTER GLOVES, for ladi. s and geutlumen. WINTER GLOVES, for girls and hoys. WINTER HOODS, very cneap. WOOLLEN G I ITERS, very cheap. Lad lei visiting ottr Mora van itnd a well aborted stock at Book, S.vfss and Cambric Muslin*. Fluid Cambrics, Ptaid Nninsooka, 4c., which we are Hilling ut very rvasouAite prtoes. KIBBONS AND FLOWERS, fr >tn auotioo, in rich designs. They .ic cheap. I. /Idles, please examine (up above list, a: (er which give US a call. You wl)l ilnd desirable ?mil< at low pri e*. at the NEW STOKE, CUSI1MAN * 1IROOKS, 4ti3 Sixth avenue, corner of Tw enty eighth street. CUSHMAN A BROOKS. y^T 375 BROADWAY. * "the NEW YORK CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORM Now oll'er great Inducements. ?H) Cloth Cloaks at $2 75 worth #8. ELEGANT BLACK CLOTH SACyUBS AND CIRCULARS At $S worth $12 00 At $ltl worth It 00 At $12 50 worth 1(1 CO At *15 worth 20 00 Lyons Velvet. Si al Skin, Silk I'lmh and all other leading styles equally cheap. \ BOLD STROKE, AT 37 >J BROADWAY, CORNER Of J J\ Willi -street.? All Importer's Stoek. ol men's Furnishing j Goods, selllii- off at retail, or any way t" get Into cash, at] prices never before hoard of In tnls line "f trade. Fine 1 l.lnen collar* at 10 cents; (he new style of Scarf, called * g tro" or "iliit 'vine," a' Oil cent s; Immense lines of Ties .') to 50 cents; IP i<rv, slnrt?. Under ChHhlug, Gloves, Hat kerchiefs, Ac., Ac., all at half price. No 0110 gopa out of h ciyln,' "Humbug." The goods uro tojbcsold at what will bring. A' T VERY GREAT BARGAINS, AND WELL WOE atteiitlon. GOODS BOUGHT AT THE LATE BANKRUPT SAl English Carpeting, Oilcloth, & I. French P.ipcrhanglnft Window Shades, Ac. Fine Velvet Carpets, Jl 12 p.-r yard; line Brussels Carpet* 83 cents: I ne thri e-ply Cai |iels at 75 cents |?t yard; hue all iv<?d Carpets, 50cent< ji. r yard: g -id Carpata, 25 cents per yard. Alio, ?i,000 1 ards very thick line English OUeloihatST iM'iilH tier yard. Also, French gold and velvet Paper, SOcenta per r>.)|; line French salin Pats r. 12 ei-nts per roll; 5,0(/0palra line gold Window Shades, $1 par pair; Unc gold velvet Shades, S2 5<) 1 er P'tir. Also, gilt Cornices, Kuril. Mala, Ac., at COA'fEs', 314 Hiidsun street, above Sprliig street. AT MRS. OAYNOR'8? CORSETS AND SKIRTS KX clusivi-ly. Ladle are Invliod to examine these cele brated linen coulllle Corsets, manufactured in Paris express l.v to Mrs. G ivrior's order; a t'cw cases just received. Also the Princess (1 itlldn Skirt, a very stylish shape (new pattern Balmoral skirt). Last s- iwoi's goods sclllug al panic prices. 843 Broadway, near Union square. C1URTAIN MATERIALS. / Selling oil' to close the concern. RROCATELH. SATIN DELAINES, DAMASKS, LACE CURTAINS, Ac. CIIAS. LUM A CO., 351 Broadway, late Ferguson Bros. D RESS GOODS. IRISH POPLINS, PARIS REPS, MERINOS, DE LAINES, WOOL PLAIDS, OTTOMAN VELOURS. Ac., Including several large lots JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION. LORD A TAYLOR, 401 tn 467 BROADWAY, 255 to 261 GRAND STREET. 47 and 49 CATHARINE STREET. pSHIONABLE CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. FULL ASSORTMENT OF PARIS DESIGNS NOW BEADY. LORD A TAYLOR. 4?l to 4fi7 BROADWAY, 255 lo 281 GRAND STREET, 47 and 49 CATHARINE STREET. Gold window shades, BUFF HOLLAND WINDOW SHADES, WHITE HOLLAND WINDOW SHADES, | Best quality, at reduced prices. Selling off to close the concern. CHAS. LUM Sl CO., 351 Broadway, lato Ferguson Bros. J^ACE CURTAINS AND DRAPERIES, COUNTERPANES, BLANKETS, AND Housekeeping Goods of every description AT REDUCED PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, 441 to 467 Broadway. 2T>5 to 261 Grand street. 47 anil 49 Catharine street. J^ADIBS' AND CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT. UNDER GARMENTS READY MADB, OR MADE TO ORDER. PRICES MODERATE. LORD A TAYLOR. 461 to 467 BROADWAY. jy?OURNINO GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Much below usual prices. LORD A TAYLOB, 461 to 5C7 Broadway, 255 to 261 Grand street, 47 and 49 Catharine street. J^tCII PARIS SILKS. A LARGE VARIETY OF CIIOICE FALL STYLES NOW READY. ALSO, LOW PRICED SILK 8, From auction, including many deslrablo styles (a plate nil fancy. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway. 25,1 *r> 261 Grand girpet. 47 and 49 Catharine street. w INTER HOSIERY AND UNDER GARMENTS. Largest stock In the city, cheap. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway, 255 to 261 Grand street, 47 and 49 Catharine street. FINANCIAL. OFFICE NEW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK CO* I pany, October 22, 1H81 ? The President and Director* I havo ihis (lay declared a dividend of (4) four per cent, payarf ble on and al ter the 1st day of November next. By order. I H. V. MASON, Secretary. 1 TTNITBD 6TATBS 7 S-10 PBB CENT TREASUBTl (J Note* for Hale. In sums to suit, by JAMR8 M. DRAKKl A CO., 42 William street, Merchants' Exchange. S>9(in WANTED IMMEDIATELY, BY A COMMIftJ ip^uv atoned oillccr, for which hr will secure by moi t-| guging his first pay, and giving security and nay for the ium of the nam* for two or t Bree mouths $00. Must be had im-l mediately, as the regiment leaves in a few day*. AddroMl Officer, box 180 Herald olDce. ? <fel W ANTED.? GOOD BECCBITY AND AN I1C-| JPI.VVV terest in the business given. The business lal manufacturing. The .article will have a very extensive sale,! as It supplies a positive popular want; monopoly s. oora'.r Address, with real name and otldrers (no oiher noticed), En terprise, Herald office. (SO AA/l OB ?s-800 WANTED-ON BOND A YD I S&O.UUU mortgage on unincumbered. Improved reill estate In the rlty or New York. Address H. C. H.,<t| otlke. <? Tz Ann TO LOAN, ON BOND AND MORTOAOH,, ?fe*+0,UUU on productive Real Estate in this city, 1 sums from $l.ix? to $15,01*). Apply to JOHN F. CONREY?j in tho ollloe of the People's Fire Insurance Company, No. Wall street. _ HOTELS. Hotel buhler, corner of Broadway anoI Clinton u'aec.? Rooms feu- small families sod gent)?-B nn n; also Hrst class Restaurant; meals served at all Uoucii^VI titab prices. 7 1 W SMITHSONIAN HOl'SE, Broadway, corner at |M *f ton street, conducted, 'on the European piu.i. LlitUs T?nglq Rooms, $2 to $5 50 i?. week; inside, well vent dated wx? $ti lq $9 a month. / Family Rooms, io $15 ft week. / lintel boated throughout by steuin, and Id firs'. rs.le order. Meals at red', ieed rates. Joints, 10'rtnd 15 cent*. Steaks a*,d chops, 15 and 20 rents. Vegetables, pastry, Ac 3 cents. Bourlj, Ac., 5 to lScents. . Af (other thlncs in proportion. dinner from lato 6. t Meals to order at all tUMira. i Entrance to the restaurant for ijcnllenien through the omo? I of the hotel. S. G. MEAD, Proprietor. ?

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