Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1861 Page 5
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THE NAVY. ARREST OP CAPT. SCOTT, OP THE UNITED STA'J'Etf STEAMSHIP KEYSTONE STATE. [From the Mil la ' it Inquirer, Oct. 2V.] The steamship Keysti a ? state armed at this poit on Friday lias liwu already announced, bringing, as ? priM, tho steam, r .Salvor, captured < >tr Key West while attempting to run the bloiki.e. As soon as the ati Douucetiint of the arrival of the Keystone State wus telegraphed to Washingtou an oider was toned by tli? Secretary of tliu Navy iur the a: rest of Captain Scott, of the Keystone State, thocbargi lieii.g of leaving his station. Tho order was telegraphed to Commander Tur ner, at tho .Navy Yard, on aurday, and the arrest was accordingly made. It is understood that UM government ooneidered tliat it wuh tho duty of Captain Scott to have taken hi* prize into Key West, and tu have condemned and sold lier at that place; -ml it is intimated that tho search for the privateer S , inter required the continued presence of the Keyston State in tho cruising grounds to which she had been assigned. On the other hand, it is a leged that Capt. Pcott was ] advised by I niou citizens of Jncj West, and l>y army offi cers stationed there, to take the prise to a Northern port, ] inasmuch as (be arms on board, if sold at Key Vest, i osight, through disloyal citizens, And their wuy into rebel 1 be ultimately used against the government. Acting, it is said, upon tin so suggestion*, ho came to n>Uade!t>l! in ax already narruted. Wheu the cause of the action or Captain Scott is understood, the government (unless It has additional reasons tor prosecuting the mat tar) will probably order his release. At present, how ever, he is under "arrest, and tho command of the Key atone State has bo-n assumed by the First Lieutenant. Captain G. 11. Sc ni is a i ativa of Virginia, from which Stale he was appointed in 18X4. lie roceivod his commis sion in 1H67 as ?omuiauder, and has soon more than se venteen years ?f sea service, 'lhe above statement has boen obtains! fri>m |iarll< s believed to he fully informed, and them Is ve- y little doubt but that ttie matter will tie Anally adjusted without detriment to the reputation of a oaptaln win so success in capturing so valuable a prize en titles hltu to commendation. It is supposed that the steamer McClellan, which arriv ed at New York before tile Keystone State reached this city, brought the complaint ui tlie United States Marshal St Key Weal to the government. The complaint was in substance that Cfcptain Scott iiad refused to deliver the prize vessel to the Marshal, although captured within his jnrisdlctli n. In addition to numerous arms, a number of letters from Havana, enclosing bills of exchange upon portions in (liarlestoti , New Orh-ans, Mobile and Savannah, wore found on board the prize. TIIURLOW WEED ON GEN. FREMONT. [Editorial Correspondence of the Albany Kvening Journal.] Wi llINCnVN, Oct. 20, 1861. Since it cannot be concealed or dou led that General Fremont's conduct in Missouri has been the subject of oflleiai inquiry, and is now the occasion of executive vitu peration and of popular sollritude, 1 have made it my bu ?tnesa to obtain, from various but reliable sources, in formation from which the people, as jurors, way safety render a verdict. Ob coming, as I have, to a conclusion unfavorable to Oeuorai Fremont, jt is scarcely needful to say that I bad. In doing so, to "conquer" many "prejudices." My rela tions with General Fremont hive been intimate and ploasant. 1 beltevod him eminently upright and patriotic. 1 thought him well fitted for the high command with which he was invested ; and ho went forth with my heart felt aspirations that he would reuder good service to our country and Vfin glory to himself. Passing much might be said, impugning the sense sad taste if lione. al From nt, and coutluiug myself to a - cusations uudan.ably true, 1 submit to the readers of tho Journal some facts which will show tliem how lamenta bly a favored General disappoints the popular expecta tion:? When Qcn. Fremont reached Ft. fouls ho took as liis headquarters a house lor which tho government is imy mg 90,000 a year. He surrounded himself with a numerous staff, none of whom wore residents of .Missouri; organizing, simulta neously, a body guard, consisting of nearly throe hundred borsemcn, through w hi' h access to the chief is as ditlicult as the approach to a monarch in the darkest ages of dug pottsm. He hits appointed and commissioned , without the sha dow of authority, more lltan tiff v officers, with llio l ink ' of colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, captain, &c. Col. Andrews, the United States Paviiuutter, wag required to pay these officers, and upon bis refusal to do 30 was threatened with Imprisonment. Ho was also directed to make an illegal transfer of $100,000. The officers belonging 10 Uen. Fremont's Btaff are inte rested lu army contracts. Capt. Uaskull , an aid, is a partner of Col. Degrai in mule, hay and other contrai l*. Captain Turnly, a United States Commissary, was or dered to roceive and pay exorbitant [trices lor inferior mules, from Captain IUsltali, ami upon protesting agaiu.-t this wrong was ordered away from the post by General Fremont. Captain E. M. Davis, of General Fremont's staff, ro celved a contract for bla:ikets, which, on delivery, proved rotten and worthless, and though condemned, wore paid for and sent to the hospitals. The muskets purchased by General Fremont In France are worthless. After (ieuoral IfP'gs limited the price to be paid for ? oats at 30c., corn at'J8c..and hay at $17 50, a contract was made with liatrd & Palmer (rainier, Coolc it Co. , of California notoriety) at 33c. for oats, 30c. for corn, and $10 for hay, amounting in the aggregate to (100,000. General > retuotrt, on bis arrival at St. I/iuia, was met bv the Aid of General Lyon, accompanied by Major Phelps, M. C., asking for reinforcements , which wore nut ?eat. The indebtedness of the Quartermaster's Department for Geaerai Fremont's command is over four millions aud ? a half. lhe disastrous condition of things is attributable to the " malign influences" of falifomians, with whom Gen. Fremont became unfortunately connected in mining De rations, aud who hurried from the Pacific on learn ing that he was Intrusted with a high military command. These ill omened men, some or all of whom left a dark record in Ca;ifomia,?ocm to have obtained either a volun tary or constrained control of the Quartermaster and ' Commissary Departments of General Frctnout's military district. Tbo results and consequences are fatal alike to the interests of the country and the usefulness and repu tation of the commanding general. They Impeach either his head or his heart, and, so far as he is practically con ? oeraed, It is not material which; for whether a wicked or a weak general, he is unfitted for so greats trust. Nor are tlieso faults, grave as thoy are, the only on^s to which he is obnoxious. The war is being prosecuted by the army uuder his command in a way whivh recaiis and deepens the horrors of vandalism. Without conquer ing traitors, he is converting Union men into enemies. His lino of march is marked ond memorized by spolia tions and ravages which disgrace an age of civilization. We have a letter dated "Tipton, Mo., October 17," from an intelligent, observant, truthful friend, from which we tako the foilowiag extract: ? "From Tipton to Warsaw the march was one continu ous devastation, without the least regard for principles or antecedents. One Union roan, who had kept five sons from joining the secession forces, had his plaoo literally .gutted, the inou of Asboth's and siegel's divisions killing, on his farm alone, forty sheep, threo cows, two steers, and stealing eight horses. The onvalry galloped over Srairles lassoing mules and shooting oxen, sheep and ogs, then chucked them into their already overloaded wagons. Theere Is scarcely a feathered bipod Jeft within live miles on either side of their march: not a whole looking glass or an unrifled bureau or blanket that h is not been seized. For all this there Is no excuse, the army having an abundance of provisions aud stores. "The army has now reached Warsaw and can advance ?io further, mid never was intended to advance further. Prloe and his army aro to-day more than seventy miles ahead of ours. Fremont doee not expect, and never did aspect to overtake him. "Let the least disaster happen to us in front, and not a man will ever return to tell the story ? for we shall have left b' hind us a maddened, bewared, famishing, frenzied population, in which th< s : who wcro Union men ten days ago, are to day our most bitter enemies." Such license adds horrors to tlic legitimate and una voidable evils of war. An army that leaves -such re membrances along its line of inarch will be forever execrated. It is sad to record these things of a youthful general, from whose ctreei the country looked for heroism tem pered with humanity. But high as our liojicR wei e of General Fremont, we cannot ailord, when ? n l>f t'i.-r from fault or misfortune ? so much depends on llio wisdom and integrity of generals, to be deceived. 1 am, by the force of evidence which cannot he resisted, constrained to ad mit that ho has signally failed 10 discharge, with useful ness to the couutry, or credit to himself, the duties of his atutloD. I would gladly turn from this painful theme, wcri it permitted, to a more cheerful one. Hut we are oppressed by a freidi calamity. The battle of Hull's Bluff, like tluit, at Bull nui, was a defeat and it blunder. Tho defeat, where ttv i thousand troops, with nii tho conditions and surroundings agninrtthem, cngtged four thousand, was unavoidable. Of the blunder 1 will not speak, because I do not yet know who is ri spon.- ibis lor it. To those who were In tho battle, whethor the > survive or "sleep their last sleep," nothing but honor and gratitude i* due. I wan Willi tho Pri s dent eve ing when tin brother, soa and nebhew of the late tjenwd Baker, who were with liim, called to show his orders. These orders wvro on his person, and were crimsoned end consecrated by liis blood. Though tho blood partially ellaees the order, enough Is legibletovi. li s memory, it :? sufficient to say that tho orders wore clear and explicit, and that they wore gallantly, goqpTOusly aud literally obey od. (. nerai Baker, with inadequate m-> jss of transportation, went to the rescue of si* hundred Spartans, who wore engaged with an enemy four thousand strong. From N w Orleans and Santa Bns.i we have intelligence more cheering character. Tito b. .-mgart Holling, whoso only exploit was In burning defenceless (froytown, pub lished a tying do.?; auh. Ills pretended victory over our blockadlug pquadrou was a poor. cheap falsehood. 80, too, in regard to the attack upon tolonol Wilson's Zouaves, r.ear Fort I icketio'. This pretended victory was a posi tive defeat. Of the nival expedition I am nut at liberty to speak. We have an immense, rea-on.ib'y well equipped, and highly disciplined army f t. etching along tho line of tbo Potomac river. It cannot rt main long inactive. Ijet us hope that future succosse? may retriuvo past disasters. THE SEVENTY -NIXTI1 HIGHLANDERS. TO THE KOITOK OK TltS HERALP. "AP.rv-UK m'rnjto Stattox,"! SaVMTT-RtjrrB H?Ktl .?M?R-, N. Y. 3. 'f. , V New Von;:, Oct. 2'->, 1801. J .... . 9 ? In thin morning's issue of your paper I notice tho nimo ?of Captain H. A. Ell la, T>nt!i company, Soventy-nlnth regiment, as "on furlough." So. U an error oould only have originated f om extreme c ; cloesueES on the pait of the perston wh* made out tlr-t 1 am tho ? (ilcer alluded to, an.: ,m in commsn ' of th i recruit lug reatt i-sof ti..- j> tmsire imcnt m this ?ity andMnto, "and neither m; ? ? brother offic "u received any n?ttco to t i ? 1 Intent Captain David Moriseon . .. ng the ? -. . . . who Llsutonant Colonel No'- , - ?r how be onme to be placod over the remnant ? 1 lit 1 mil r. 1 ? , : m :j than I can undorstatHi. Ve ? . y< H. A. DJJ8, Capt# in t ? Kj' . ;?? h rifghla- O'-rs, Cvmm?vUiilji(,' RscruUlng ^titiout. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IK NEW YORK. THE SHEPARD RIFLES. The Shepard Rilles (or Finy-Aral regiment, Now York Stato Militia) are to proceed from Palace Gardeu , at teu o'clock this (Wednesday) morning , for Amiajiolls. This regiment, numbering nine hundred men, are attached to the division of General Burnside. They will start punc tually , marching through Fourteenth street and down Broadway to tho Philadelphia Lout. Tlio luiluvv Ui& u a list of the oOlceru:? Clonel ? Edward Forrero. LituUnan! Colonel . M u jor? Robert H. Potter. Adjutant ? August) s J. l>ayton. Quaritrmatfer ? Daniel W. ilorton. Suryetn ? hi. W. I luck. Auittant Surytoi < ? Charles W. Torrcy. Chaplain ? N. O. Benton. Military Secretary ? Philip R. R berts, Jr. Sergeant Major ? George W. Whitman. Drum Major ? Joseph Kaudolph. Hnwi Leadrr Kellogg. Cimmistary Sir/nan' ? Ui< hard W. Fowler. Quartermaster St rgeant ? Win. Caldwell. //o*pital Steward ? Hurrett Burge. Company A ? Captain, John O. Wright ; Ktmt Lieutenant, J.J. Johnson; Second Lieutenant, (J. H. McKlhbcn. Company li ? Captain, 8. W. Chaso; First Lion tenant, David F. Wright; Second Lieutenant. F. W. Tryou. Company C ? QtpUin.W. D. Campbell; First Lieutenant, James M. Miller: Se . < nd Lieutenant, Ab'u W. McKee. Company It ? Captain, Morris Hazard, First Lieutenant, ? Francis; Second Lieutenant, Marsh. Company K ? Captain, <1. W. Merrilt; Fir at Lieutenant, Geo, A. 1'orlur , Second Lieutenant, J. T. Kapelje. Company V? Captain, FranctB E. Mcllvane; First Lieu tenant, John Stuai t ; Second Lieutenant, A. I.. Fowler. Company G ? Captaiu, Samuel H. Siinius; First Lieu tenant, Wm. Cuff, Second Liuutenaut, Wia. li. Barker. Comi>an?/ H ? Captain, R. Charlton Mitchell; First lieu tenant, H. H. Holhtook, Second Lieutenant, L. 0. Good ridgo. Company I ? Captain, David R. Johnson; First Lieu tenant, Goo. H. A>len; Second Lieutenant, Wm. II. Leonard. Company K ? Captain, Augustus Phillips; First Lieu, tenant, W. W. Chapman; Second Lieutenant,?- ? SUFFOLK COUNTY VOLUNTEERS. Tbo first comtiAtiy for the war from Suffolk county has Just been formed at Hridttobampton, a village lying on its easterly partition. It Is a cavalry company. Over fifty names arc already enrolled, and the few remaining pi. won will probably he filled the present week. The Captain, Samuel C. Leek, is determined to have the first company to represent his native county one worthy oT her in every respect. Suffolk county will watch this company with Interest, fe. liug that it will distinguish itselt and do honor to her. PRESENTATION TO THE HIRAM BARNEY RIFLES. The long promised presentation of a splendM stand of colors, the gilt of collector Barney, to the regiment earned in honor of that gentleman, and commanded by Colonel Eugene Koilay, took place yesterday before a large as semblage of ladiis and gentlemen, and was a most agree able affair. The Colleotor made the presentation himself, and the colors were received by Colonel Ko/.lay , who de livered a very neat and appropriate speech. Addresses were likewise m ide by Professor Eames, of Boston, Wil liam Allou B it |. r nml Mr. Hamilton Ilruce, Dep ity Col lector, the latter gentleman producing a magnificent re volver and presenting it to Colonel Kozlay. The Hiram Han ey 1MI s broke camp yesterday after noon, at Hudson City, and proceeded by the wveao'e.iock train from Jersey C ity to Washington. The regiment musters 900 line lis king nten ? all Germans. Imu> ?! lately before starting, each man was supp ied with two days' full rations. The following is a list of tho officers.? Colonel ? Eugene Kozlay. Lieutenant < oUmel Hoch. Major Von l.l'trow. Cur>-:>any A ? Captain, Konig; First Lieutonnnt, Durian; Secwid Lieutenant. l.impe. CompG-y H ? Caplnin, Molis Fust Lieutenant, ; Second Lie .tenant, Erust Uausiiiatiii. Cumjjtuy C ? Captain, C. Becker; First Lieutenant, Henry Delker ; S -coed Lieutenant . . Company 1) ? Captain, Kohiberger; First Lieu tenant, A. Dietrich; Second Lieutenant, A. Gfrorner. Compatiy K ? Captain, ? ? Frledoufeldt; First Lieu tenant, W. Steru; Second Lieutenant, Aug. Scheurer. Company >' ? Captain. ? ? Beiold; First Lieutenant, ;Soconrt Li"utenant, Kallmann. Company G ? Captain, Francis Rchraul; First Lieu tenant, Molir; Second Lioutcnant, Albrecht. Company II ? Captain, Chart. Wahle; First Lieutenant, ? ; Second Lieutenant, John G. Schmidt. Company I ? Captain, Dorlng: First Lieutenant, ? ? Vogel; Second Lieutenant, J. A. Herxer. Com) any K ? Captain, Ashhy ; First Lieutenant, F Schirach; Second Lioutcna-t, 0- Stoiuhardt. PRESENTATION OF A GOLD MEDAL TO MAJOR MINTON. On Monday last Major D. C. Minton, of tho Thirty seventh regiment, New York Volunteers, was presented with an elaborately wrought gold medal, the gift of a few private citizens, friends of tho recipient. Mayor Wood, in presenting the modal, passed a h!>;h eulogium on Major Minton for lib military service in the Held, and said that Ireland, oil whose green soil no cowards wero ever fcorn, had reason to be proud of him. Major Minton rcceivoA the medal from the hands ol the Mayor, and made a fitting response, after which refreshments were partakon of and the party separated. PRESENTATION. The friends of Captain Thomas Coylc, of Company D, First regiment, Ira Harris cavalry, presented him with an elegant sword, belt and sash, last evening, at the houso of Mr. George Cox, 427 Canal street, corner of Varick. Captain Coy le served in the Mexican war, in the Third dragoons, and his friends arc confident he will use the sword with honor to himself and the donors. News from the Indian Region. Great Salt Laxb City, Oct. 28, 1881. Washkeo, chief of the Snako Indians, arrived here to-day with a band of Indians, an i returned to Mr. Brom ley, agent of the Overland Mail Company, a number of horses and mules which wore stolen from the Bear Hirer station by the Bannock Indians, ho having captured them from that tribe. This Is the old chief's llist visit to this place. He received suitable presents for his exploit, and is being well entertained during his stay. He is the best friend the whites have in this vicinity, and weio it not lor him great depredations upon tlwn would constantly be committed. MaiiachuMtti Congressional Nomina tion. Cost on. Oct. 29, 1861. The democrats of the Fifth district have nominated Hon. George B. Upton tor CongresB. Mr. Upton is a strong Union man, ami accepts, with a disclaimer of all partisanship. Boston Weekly Bank Statement. iso.-nux, Oct. 23, 1861. rapltal stoc* $;t8.2yi,700 l/?ins aud discount* d4,37/>,800 Specie 7,211,000 Duefrom otlier banks 8.1SU.600 Due to other batiks 7,843.700 Deposits 28,0*2,600 Circiilatlou 0,:i-12,000 A Loud Call on tlie Vasty Deep. The following telegraph ie despatch was received In this city the sarr.o duy it was sent from San Fr inclsco: ? San FlUSOOOO, Oct. 20, 1861. Cyrus W. Finn, Nsw York: ? The I'aclllc Telegraph calls the Atlantic cubic. A. W. B. Received at ten 1'. M. The Aruliia Outwuril Koisml. Boer ?, Oct. 29,1861. The mails per tho steamship Arabia will close at six o'clock to-nforrow (Wednesday) morning. She will sail about eight. Markets. A STOtK BOARD. PtllLADK 1H1A, Oct. 29, 1861. Pennsylvania Stnte 6's, 76',: Reading Railroad, 17*f; Morris I anal, 38; I/Ottg Miami it* ilroud, I'Jf; Pennsyl vania Kaihoad. 37}$. fight drafts on Now York ut j ar a 1 10 po." cent discount. PHILABKX.! KM, Oc t. 21, 1S61. Flonr firm: sales 2,000 bbis.,at $6 37>i?$6 CO for super line. Wheat hooyant: sales 2u,000 bushels at $1 2) a$l 33. Corn dull ut 03c. IV U skey steady and un changed. Al?anv, Oct . 29 ? P. M. Flour in good demand. Wh ;.i lis n-aillly for milling here ? m.ted State, ?! 15; r<-<! winter State, $1 28}i si 2.ri, vrhito Michigan, $1 42 a $1 46. Rye ? .soO bushels, in store, at 7ii.'.c. Oats ? 3Cc. a :j7c. for new, and 40c. a 4-e. I'n oid; ?ai. s, ullout, 38, W 0 bushels State at 38o. Rates lower this aft< rnoon. Parley drags In spite of tho light supply and favorable weather; sates 4,000 bu?h?Is titnadn liist at 04c. , and U.'JUh do. Canada West at 6l/o. a 70''.; this afternoon 8,000 b; sh Is S"ld at 74c., delivered in New York. Com :n supply, and a Slight concession on t!.e part of receiver ??, i wing to the difficulty of getting Iriiu'it brought in: sales 41,200 bwhels Western mi*< d at Z7 . utloat, and &se. for car lots at Fast A batiy, an I 600 bushels yellow round at 5Sc. Whiskey ? Sacs of 156 bbis. et 20}jc. Freights to New York scarce. !t( muo. Oct. 29, 1S61. Flour quiet and unc'ianged. Wheat d .11, and nothing doing. Cora 'i.ii't; tales 6.<>00 bushels at 41c, Oais steady; sales 1,200 bush -Is at 2Se. Canal freights steady. Imports ? 7,IXjO bids. Hour; 61.000 bushels wheat, <.' Kx ports ? 4,000 bbl.-*. f.our, 130, W00 imsh <s wheat, 101,000 do. coru. ? Oswego, Oct. 29? P. M. Flour steady. Wheat In moderate demand. Sales 7Xt'0 bushels No. 2 Chicago spring fl 04, and 6 600 buthels white Ohio ou pi ivate terms. Corr f -ee and no sales. Barley, rye and p a quiet. Canal l"relf.hta higher on Hour and one cent lower en grain. Flour 54c. I wheat 17c.; corn lfV. to New York. Lar; un ? rts ?!. im j |?ir!ant. Canal exports? 3,726 bhls ll< . bushels wheat, 2,800 boehols corn, 11, (On b he: It ? ie. 0.1 23? P. M. Flour steady an;'. In rr.oder.i ? d ... Wheat In mo. 1 derate dwnun laud n. ? ke ?? ? ie g jj,.oo I bushels red winter at $1 07 ? $1 OH' l,;;eci b.i-lHs chl i cn^o sprln? nt P. < : n, at i 28,000 bi'M '. ? ? ? ? 'Uv < . . rl vale terms 1 ti. :? iW,<*" 1 ' u.-h ? ' Oils in go* d deu..i< I si ' ? . ' biMiols ai 2-V. 1 ?' i ? ' I''- ?'I ' in. ? o : Il at to New V' . I.ak" il.ij o.'l - - ? !-."?? I ? 1 ' . 000 bushels wV . 1 1 ? : ; ;.i- 1 I ?> .t. Cua'o-.p. -2,< '''i. l!o ?. , a . . .' -.o ' wheat, 121,000 b' &iwls ? ?. MrsTERiorc. ? Tho following, written In a fair, clerkly liaiid, was found juried mi a tree near fohoos Falls, by Home gentlemen on Sunday lust. Whethor fact or hum bug our leudon can judge for themselves: ? Conors , Sept. 30> ISflt Should ttil* m?'l the eye of any poteon, it is to certify that I have committed suicide by jumping off tho proel pica near by. T'iey will confer it favor on one who >? no woro, l>y lotting my wife and fi milv know of the ?a l ca taatrophe. Ill NKY HKS-IJN, I am salesman In tho store of llugh helley, dry goo*l?, In tho Iiowury, between Droou.u and (iriunl street, N.Y. Adioul fray for me. Adliul Adieul Arrival* anil Depurturos. AltltlVAI.H.*ni>ooi.? Si*-*nuihl|i City of H iHImore-Pr S B llalglit ?mi lady, ttV lJrnn nnd lninlly. Mi-- l!?ok, W Hoffman, II li Jaokwiii, Mr Knu li, i'npt Kreeiand, UN: Mi'txi * SiKMlbam, fireman, Kuv*n*Kh, J Htnon, J A H.ikor, J Irish, Dudawortb, Mr and Mr? BmlthMv. Mia* Kil l ing, Iter J WIdle, llenry SiiihU, Mr Edward*, li H Din), Mr Honpard, H Parrltt, J L Madlgan, Mr Patten, .1 H Au?tiu, U J.t wls, T Willtauii, J Hiskui* ? and 117 in ih,' ilrera^r. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tukhday, Oct. 29?6 P. M. The following in a comparative statement of the exports, exclusive of specie, from the port of New York to foreign porta for the week euding Oct. 2!) and since January 1: ? I860. ISfiO. 1861. For the week $1,306 .MO 2,118,781 8,W)3.(M6 Previously reported. .6a ,762, owl 77,600,341 106,161,686 Since January 1 . . .$,'>6,068 ,088 7t>,ti76,l'JB 107 tU66,631 Included in tho above are about $700,000 worth of wheat and corn, sent to England, and about $815,000 worth of wheat and flour, sent to Franco We are sending some wheat to Portugal also. Our shipments of provisions to Great Britain continue heavy. We notice a shipment of two hundred bales of cotton to Liverpool. If the great naval expedition should succeed in opening a cotton port tho condition of the planters, as depicted in thoir appeal to Mr. Mcmminger, justifies the belief that many of them would avail themselves of it to Bend their cotton to market. The money market is easy; all the money that is wanted can bo borrowed at 6 per cent, though some borrowers continue to pay seven on loans effected a week ago. We havo to report another break down in tho foreign exchango market. Most excellent bills were offered to-day lit 107%, and some leading city bankers sold at 107%. Francs were firmer. A leading drawer nsked 5.2*%, and business was done at 5.31% a 33%. It is expected that gold will ar rive this week, which may impart more firmness to the market. Otherwise, bills will uui'oubtcdly fall below 107 agnin. The conflicting rumors regarding the sailing of the great expedition kept the street in a ferment to-day and checked business. Comparing the prices current at the close of business hours to day with those of last evening, we noto an advance of % in United States registered C's, of 1 in Pacific Mail, of % in Panama, of % in Michigan Southern, and of % in guaranteed; a decline of % in Central, % in Krie, % in Galena, % >n Rock Island, % in Illinois Central, and ] in Tennessee*; nnd no change in Toledo, Burlington and Quincy, Missouris, United States coupon C's, Erie pre ferred, Ac., Ac. The market is eminently one of expectancy, and it is not safo to look for any marked change until we receive military or naval intelligence of a decided character. We under stand that a leading member of tho Board will to morrow move tho appointment of a oommittee of eleven to revise the rules lately adopted with re gard to commissions, and wo take for granted that tlio upshot of the move will be a return to uniform % per cent commissions, with some precautions to prevent dishonest members doing business for less. The market at tlic close was dull, the following being tho last quota tions United States 6's, registered, 1881, 01 a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 94% a %; do. 5's, 1874, 63 a %; Indiana 5'e, 80; Virginia 6's, 40 a 47%; Tennessee 6's, 42 a % ; North Carolina (i's, 5'J a 60; Missouri C's, 44 a %; Pacific Mail, 94 % a %; New York Central, 78 a %; Erie, 32% a %; do. pre ferred, 51% a %; Hudson Kiver, 36% a %; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 31% a 32%; Beading, 35 a %; Michigan Central, 46% a 49; Michigan South em and Northern Indiana, 18% a %; do. guaran teed, 38% a 39; Panama, 116% a 117; Illinois Cen tral, 65% a %; Galena .and Chicago, 70% a %. Cleveland and Toledo, 36% a %; Chicago and Hock Island, 51 a%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 63 a %; Delaware, Lackawana and Western, 69 a 70; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 18 a %; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 88 a %; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 83 a 84; Pennsylvania Coal, 76 a 78. Alter the second board thers was a rally in prices in the street, and about % advance on the above quotations was bid for Pacific Mail, Toledo, Erie, Michigan Southern, old, Ac., the market being quite firm. The receiver of the Erie Railroad Company ad vertises that he will pay the October interest on the fourth mortgage bonds on the 1st proximo, and we are led to believe that the interest on the fifth mortgage will be paid in December. It is un. dcrstood that the aflairs of the old New York and Erie Railroad Company will bo settled np, and on 1st Jannary, 1862, the new Erie Railroad Company will start fairly on its career. In order that the public may appreciate its condition, and the value of its securities, we may mention that its total debt will be $19,092,500, distributed as follows: ? 1st mortgage $3,000,000 21 do 4,0(10.000 31 do 6,000,000 41 h do 4,900,000 6th do 1,792,600 Total debt $19,002,100 The interest on this sum Is $1,378,485. Year be fore last (ending September SO, 16C0) the road earned net II, 82V, 40(i, being $111,921 in excess of the charge for interest; and it may be remarked that, contrary to the practice of many of our rail roads, the whole cost of construction and repairs for the year was charged to working expenses, which amounted to no lews than $3,352,910, out of ,i gross receipt of i6, ISO, 310. Last year (ending September 30, lvoi) the gross receipts amounted to $5,G12,60<5 ? an increase of*t42,290 ovir 1859-00. If the working expenses ? which have not yet been ascertained ? are in the same ratio as they were in 1859-60, the uct profit for the year will amount to $1 ,980,602, which, after paying the interest on the debt, will leave $003,377 to be divided among the holders of the preferred stock. Of tin's stork there is in existeuce less than $8,000,000, seven per cent upon which would amount to $560,000. The completion of the long dock will probably operate very favorably upon the earnings of the Erie during the current working year and hereafter; so that it seems not unreasonable to expect that after New Year not only will the holders of the preferred stock get seven per cent regularly, but there will be some thin g left to divide aw >ng the holders of the com mon shares. The following table shows the gross earnings of the road for the past two years:? lS.">9-flO. IHfiO-fll. October $473,774 Ortobf-r $687,242 November 499,426 November ?61.448 1j? amber 409,131 December 412,722 January 330.390 January....^.,, 407,!>49 IVbruary 803.279 February... W. ... 391. '00 March 426.470 Mar. h 454, 237 Aiiril 402.M5 April 644, "11 May 41!) '1 May 607,480 J 401,560 J one 429,757 ,)u;y 37 1 ,266 July 377,907 August 4T7.V? A :.-t 418,0*4 .'.ember.... .. 6'>8,341 September 619. ,.79 Total $6,180,316 Total ?."> 612.0 18 Increase $422,290 ('.r at complaint is made of the to nlinc.-.-i of the Treasury I>epartinent in settling tho tills due to the crc litotes ofgovernm. nt. ? - ure mentioned in whi ' a creditors for -ut)p'...-; sold for cash I <d their bills ius; I and pro.'tot iced correct a montliago, yel cannot &ct any money. Two fail ures nrc reported to have taken place in J -otton ' from tills cause ; and parties hero who ai. cling goods t.< fovernment are advancing their ]>? iocs so I u. . to cov> r the suavo thoy are oompelkd to pay iu. ord t to borrow from bankers tits money due them by the United Status. There in no reason why those delays should ooenrr. Mr. Chase h:t* nil the motley he needs, und it is not creditable that government creditors should be kept waiting week alter week after their accounts have passed in spection. This and other circumstances lend to the belief that there must be in the Treasury De" partment some obstructives ? relics, probably, of the Cobb regime ? whose retention in ollko is gravely detrimental to the public service. The banks paid into the Sub-Treasury to-day $.1,500/100 on account of the second $35,000,000 loan. The business of the Bub-Treasury was as follows: ? Tot ?1 receipts $6,138,576 Oft ? Kor customs 37.000 00 ? Kor Treasury notes 3,97?,.r>?9 79 Payment* (including redeemed 8 p. et. notes) 1,817,573 IS Balance 9,037,764 65 The following sales were made at auction this morning by Adriun H. Muiler, by order of Jesse K. Dubois, Auditor of the State of Illinois: ? $0,000 Missouri 8'h, 1876 unit coupon, July, 1801.. 44 a,0M do 1MB do do .. 437; IS, 000 do 1886 do do ,.44a44S' 28,000 do 1815 Hannibal andSt. Jos. UR. *SV4' The above on account of the Hank of Italeigh and the Corn Exchange Hank of Fairfield, of Illi nois, now in liquidation. The Chicago Journal of Saturday evening thus notices money and exchange matters: ? Business in inouey matters continues very quint. Ex change is .ilnnulRBi at par a \ |wr cent premium. Currency in plenty, Willi but a 1 t>rlit demand, the high freights In ft measure preventing the shipment of grain to the sea board. Gold is ia good supply at )* a j>er cent pre mium. The Milwaukee Sentinel of the same day ?ays:? There was no change to speak of tn tho condition of monetary matters yesterday. The offerings of produce bills coiitliino I115IH, most oc th? wh at milting up tho shipment)* of the l.wt two or three days having been drawn against in advance, and as a consequence evhimge Is d>tn|>aratlvely Arm. Sight drafts on New York rowdily command \ per cent premium, but the banks ne\erth? less are free sellers at 1 percent. Gold continues lu good demand , selling at 1,', premium, and Treasury notes at. ?4 per cont. At a meeting of the Chicago Board of Trade, held on Friday, resolutions were adopted condemnatory of tho new banking law, to be submitted to the people of Illinois for their adoption or rejection at the approaching election in November. The imports of Canada for tho nine months end ing September 30 were as follows: ? The dutiable ponds amounted In value to $20,307,053 Tho following tablo will compare the imports for the nine months of three years past: ? Thol're" goods to

Tho goods at tho free porta to. 12, 568,274 ??ills ,703 Total Th? duty amounted to f 282,120 . 3,91.1,738 1R.M> lurtO, 1801. hm lit. $28,2!>6,513 Pilif. 8,555,804 ?^6,2ti'l H: 8,7>u,o; 88,202,120 3,951,736 The exports for tho nine months were: Product of tho rrrne " " fisheries, " " forest.... Animals ami their produce, Agi le. lit. n Hi products Manufactures Miscellaneous articles I860. $2:i?,21T 493,351 8,893.980 8, 101), 811 8,17o,h:jo S'iO.lUd 173,746 11,580,161 1R61. 221 ,281 332,802 7,206.655 2 2SS.7I3 l: f?,o?.s 346,. '09 Total $20,905,014 22,154,114 Increase in 1861, nine months $1,169,100 88 Stock Uichungc. Tiiksuay, Oct. 29, 1801. J0shsNYCsilKR.sl5 7*', do *10 7S>i do nflO 78 60 do Ii7 7;>>i 60 Eric Kit 82% do :ux do ii30 :t 2 'a 60 Mich Cent KH.... 4^', 1.0 do 40' ? 134 Eric RK pre!' 5) 152 do 61 ?< 60 <lo IjL,0 62 f.noon r s '68.. 6000 U S 6's, 'HI ,enu 94 <i 260 2000 111 coil bds, 77. 82 100 aooo Tf-nn 6's, 'uo. . 42 29000 Missouri U's. .. 4iX 6000 OUiloiuia 7'fl. . 8J\ OSS .5000 Brooklyn c w I. 'J 7 100 looo Harlem 1 m b. 6000 Mil Cti|Klmsfcb 96 7000 C, B k t^KKSpcb 93 .'>00 III Central RR b 8R aooociii & nw i in. r,ii 1000 do :v.V'i 600 Erie RR ass't Sep fld (KKK) I. Erle&Wlmli. 70 2oo Hud Kiv RR. .slO 37 100 Rootling lUl..blO 3 r><4 100 do 37 200 do 86 X 100 do s30 37 1000 fialkf'hi let m.. 9H>i 12 Rk-of Commrce . . 82 10 Continental Bank 76 100 I'ucliie MailSSC'O. 93 K 860 60 do 1 :,0 37 850 Mich So at N I RR. 18 JW do blO 18,\( do. 10 2V SO ."06 200 20 18 J* do 03 260 MichSo&M guar a 3!) do 94 200 do 30" do 94,^ SO do 88'i' do 94>i 15 Panama RR 116 V do 1)30 9J^ 1 1 50 Cleve A Tol RR . . :M<4 do. 94 1 100 70 N Y Central RR. . 78 % 300 8 do 7?l4 900 1025 do 160 do blO 78! ?to i>uO sex do b30 30 yt do 3fl 60 Chi k Ro<k I RR. . 51 100 78 >i 200 do. do bSO 78?f 25Chi,Bur&yRK. SECOND $10000 US6's,'81,rog. 94 1000 Twin O'H, '90.. 11000 Missouri O'S. . lOWOrn W 1, 300 1, lis Er:e RK 50 do SO 100 * do 1>30 32 2ot*Paciflc M Sd Co. . 94 \ 20fr do s30 94'i 60 N Y Cett RR 78 U 26 do Vi30 42 44 a 92 32 X 78? BOAim. lnostidSTCenRB.slO 170 .to 20(1 Harlem RK. . . ... 10 linden Kiv RK. . 60 Mich <???11 RII.... 100 III ("en Rll scrip. lOOflalAtClii RR.,. MK'leve A; Tol SB.. 2# Oil ft Rock I RR. 60 Mill & I' du C RR. 61 63 78 7h>; U'i 87 4!) 65 'i 70'; 30 1 61 18* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Tuesday, Oct. 20 ? 6 I'. M. Ami**. ? The market was stoady , with small sales cf both sorts at $5 31 Brsaiwfpk Hour ? The market was firm, with a good demand both for lioma use and for export, ami in some cases rather higher. The Kales footed up about 20.000 bbls., closing within the range of tho following prices: ? Superfine State $5 50 a 6 60 Extra State, Rood to choice 6 70 a 6 96 Stipertino Western 6 60 a 5 tio Common to choice Western extra 5 7'i ? is 50 Extra Canada 5 75 a 7 75 illxed to strslpht Southern 0 25 a 0 t.'> Straight to good extra do 6 46 a 7 25 Choice extra family and bakers' brands 7 25 a S 00 Bye Hour 3 M a 4 2(1 Corn nu al, Jersoy and Brandy wine 2 80 a 8 25 ? Canadian flour was in fair request, with Piles of 1 ,500 bbls. within tho abovo rnngo of prices. Southern flour was in good demand ami prices firmer for somo grades. Tlio sales embraced about 4,000 bbls. within the abovo rang.' of quotations. Rye flour mi steady at our figures, with sales of 300 bbls. Corn meal was Ai mer, and in good request at our tigures, with sales of 160 a 200 bbls. Wheat was less buoyant, and the market dosed at u falling off of 1c. a 2c. per boshol; n.iI b were active at the concern ion, chietly for exp t?. The sales comprised about 175.000 bushels 111 fl 45 a $1 50 lor ^ .?d t< choice white Kentucky, $1 43 a $1 4 3 for good io prim" white Michigan, $1 88 a $1 45 for win to Indiana and Illinois, J1 "0 a fl ."4 for rod wi'iter Western, .?1 25 for ambor Iowa and Wisconsin, 22 a s-1 23 for Miohi an club, $123 for Northwestern do.,|l 21 a $1 21 for Racine sprinjr, and at $1 I8n$l 2J for Chicago >*|ir,ng. Corn was in good demand for tho I;, 't and for export, and c ed cent higher for good shipping lots. The sales embrac< d abo ut 150, 000 bushels, at wfe. for heated, We. a 81c. for tbs Eastward, and at 01 'ae. for export . w itli Finall choice lots t e:iorte I at 62'". Rye v i.i firm, but quiet. Barley and bar! y nnit woro unchaiif;od. Oats were heavy, and Eale.s 'modnato for Western and State at 40c. a 41c. C *i ikk. ? The maiketftir Rio was steady, with linited sa'e.^, chiefly atlS^c. ; 1,200 ba^s and 1,500 mats Java vver' fold < n privaie lermn. CoiroN. ? The market was steady, with ?'ales of about 800 a MO bales, in separate lots, clii' ily t:i spinnor ,on tb basis ofaboot 21J4<-. for nudd eig uplands. l'HKi'.nr- were liim, wttli fair engagoiuonts. To Liver pool, 13,000 beShcls -.v 1 1 ? t were . ngayed at 13'jd. in b.vs, and 18,000 do. in bulk at 13d., with hmn? ,?aies of flour 111 3s. 3". a 3k 4d f 'li >ese v.'. s at 45-. and butter at 4<V. Corn was at 12d. in bulk and at)14il. in ."hips' 1,. i s. Flo ,r was at 4s. a 4". 3d. risked. 1,000 I. ixes cheese were taken at 60s., and 100 bale.-; hops at. 5 16 ). To Antwerp, l.COO bble. tl iur were taken at 3s. 9d. To Itreinon, 260 cases of tobacco were taken at 25s. and 60hhtls. do. at 42s. 6d. To Havre, some 1b, 000 bushels wheat were en Kagod at 23c. a 24c. . part at the former flirures t> 'ill up, and some lots of Hour were rep rti d a' 90c. Hay. ? The market was steady at 05c. a 70c. for ship peg, and at 70c. a 75c. for city use. Hoi's. ? The mar!;et was steady, and stock of new re duced. Mr. Tumor, in his weekly circular, remarks as follows* ? The niaiket has been without qnota'ile change. The receipts of tho new crop thus far hare '.1 en unusually light, and small sales are being made at 12 . a 17c., according to quality. Yearlings range at fi ?. a 12c.; 1859. 4c. a 6c. , and older growths at 2c. t. 4'-. Consider able shipments of the latter are now being mode. Tho exports for tho week have been i.s follows: ? IW't. Tot/indon -71 To Liverpool 149 Toliavre 0 Total for woek f,20 rrev tensiy repor tc J 14,;o5 Total si-, re Janue. y 1 ? at 24e. Jroi!!. .? ? I 1 I . pain ro?.ll We| I't. . $4 r-aiO all .? !U0 I : ?If. Io ?. .It 'i alio. .-..11 . luiu . I , ,li H. I fall " ? ? ? ? ? ? suing of 1,000 flfl 50, Tteoon wu in good dem.mi, with >bl? iu I '?? boxes Hliort ribbed iiililul'-n, deltvtr. with sal"? #mbfr,?l frlwui'riiw. I,?rd wa* he:;vy, i.-nts am ill 360 bbln. ?mi tlernw at 8>io. n ;?\c. Out l tinned ill tinned ' t iidy |i|'|r(? nncli 'I'Rt J. I'utti r eon n [()<? , K'lOd ruqinnt fur export, with nl"n < f Slate ?t 1 . lewDo itii'l at 16c. a lBo. ]*>i* ^khI to rlioid dairies f?>; d'H. V. u use, ObiowMat 10c. a 12r. State cheese was ?t v "or 7c., and Oliin 6u. a no., with a fair demand for prime i export, i-tilelly by Hloitiii?iN,at hi*. , ami by sailing vea so's at 45?. a 50^., for Liverpool and Loudon. , Hvuahm. ? The market ? m quint, and tales limited to | (some 300 Uhdg. Cuban, oliwu >? tatuel) wiUnn tlmrnuguof | (JiC. Htl*. Toiuooo Kont'Tky rwlve* continued attention, and prices rule very firm. 413 Ulvla. Kentucky at 0)40. a 13^c. ,l>4 cases seed leuf at 8,',c. a 10?., and 184 balea Vara at p. t. Whi hby. ? The market wk? quiet, with salon of ?00 a 300 bbia. at :J0>#'(\ a 21c., p;irt at 20J^c. 8ul<? or R<'ut Katatr. Hy J ime? M. Miller. One lot of land, with tlie improvement*, east ?ido Washington St. , 50 ft. 11 in. S. of I>cy st. , lot bo iUi 25 ll. a in. by 88 ft. 4 in. deep $11, 500 TDE FAMILY HEUiLD. The Great Exp?dltlun?The JIattle at Ball's It luff? Operations In Mimiurl and Kentucky? Union Account* of the Klght* In the Mls?l??f j?j?l ami at Santa Rosa Island? Affair* In the South? The Arctic Kx peil it lou? The Lnteit Ntwi? Markets, die., &r. Tho Family Hnuu>, Tor Dip present week, will bo ready tills (Wednesday) morning. Among St? content* will bo found: ? A Full and Graphic Account <>f the Hailing of tho (.'rent Union Armada for som? point on tho Southern Coast, with a description of tlio Ijmd atid Naval Forced under fionoral Sherman and Commodore Dupont, and of tho War Vessels, Gunboats, Transports , kc. , engaged in it; Tho Latest Despatches from Washington, showing tho present condition of affairs in tho neighborhood of the Capita), Full Details of tho liat'lont Ball's llluflf, with a List of tho Killed, Wounded and Missiug; Reports of tho Movements, Fights and Skirmishes in Mitwourl and Ken tucky ; True Account of the Fight in tho Mississippi; Union Report of tho Fight at ?anta Komi Inland ? Total Rout of tho Rebels by tlio Zouaves and Regulars; interesting News from the Southern Stated; l>r. Hayes' Offlola] Ac count of tho Recent Arctic Expedition, and much other interesting reading. Tho Family I1kualt> will also contain tho latest Foreign anil Domestic Nows received by Mail and Tele graph; Elitorlah on Trailing Evonts; Reports of tlio Money , Commercial and Cattle Markets; A Record of Mar riages and Deaths for tho Week, aud a variety of othor reading of general Interest Terms ? Two dollars per yo*r; four cents a sluglfl copy. To be obtained at tho olllce, corner of Fulton an l Nassau streets, and of tho news agents. Advert isomonts Inserted at the usual Hkkami rates. Official l)rnwlnf;? of Murray, Kddy ik Co.'# Kentucky ami Missouri State Loltri icft. Kt.VTtlc>r, I.atka Chu, fiC.'> ? October H1'. ' '1. 72, 01, 17, 47, 4(1. lli. 10, (is. I t, 2'., 2S, 59. KlfWTI'CKr, CLASS ;>."?! ? Oet'ilirr 29. lHiil . 07, 40, 12, II, 42. til, 51, IS, 00. 5, 10, 75, 14. Cireuim i. sent free ol' charge lie addressing either to MCitllAV. KHI'V .1 CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Mo. Officlul Uran In'JE* of tliv Delaware State Lottery. Kxtha Class 't ? Octotier 29. 1361. 15, 42, 3;i, 28, 21, 7, HO, 22, .'M, 01), 52, 36. Class 4? O. Mier 29, Ixt'.l. 32, 36, 38, 57. 56, 07, 1. 70, 40, 11, -11, 50, 52,68. JOHN T?A I K. i JOHN W. WALKRR. , Comini*?>oners. ALKltKD It. WOOTTRN, ) Roynl Havana I.ottrry.-Prlw? Cashed an'! tiilnr'niilioM t'tirnifhed l?y TAYLOR 4 CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street, New Yoik. EapenscUeUl'a Fall Style* of Gentlemen's lln>?? i , i- liiK'iicKH or maii-rial", eletain'0 of ("iiIf.Ii nud dura ?>:U>y they eannvt bo lurpasjed. Try them, at 118 N.-i , au street. Mi aion of Vuru.?'Vo the Pnftllp.?Prrnilt me to Infotm you (hat I have now opened, with a complete aud e*lnn?lve xlock of ladles' and children's Fnrs, In nil I lie varletle* of l'athlonnble Furs ? In Capes, Half C. pea. Vlcto rine?, Talmas, Mull., and Cull's, Kur Hoods, Kor Collar.', Oamith'la and Olovrf. Yottr personal Inspection Is res pert, fuily United, in ray prices are imicb below regular pre eg of last anil prcvioun years. WM. 11ANTA, Corner of Canal and Weoeter streets. Buffalo Eobci for Hie Army.? Klint, having mi ejtennlro Slock of Buffalo Robes, ha*, to cousldi ration of the scarcity of blankets, de'einr.m.-d t>o;ler them a suVtltutes therefor, and will supply nil appl canto. The Army ol ih.' 1'olomac" !x now safierfns I r >m li.ii use cold, ami these .ir idea arc Inm the* tUoy rponlre to secure health and comfort. Send to KNOX'S, >o. 21- i)ioa<i?uy, and secure a Buffalo Robe. for Shti'lff, FREDERICK L. Vl'LTR. Pliotngriiph Albums.? A. Fall Assort ment, In sheep, morroeco tin! Vth et, f, .r sale by FREEMAN1, li l'KJ: A CO., Importers of Fat'-y iloodt, IS Mai ion Ian--. Almighty Dollar <>oo?l for 31 Photo graphs at HOLMES' l'nrk Gallery, 2fil Broadway. Card Vial ten, Ac. VniltrgnrramU for the Million? At Mt? Ijtughllu's old gland, darner of Qreenwlib nn l Murray street*. T. Mcl.ACOlILlN, Agent. Empire Kcwln)! Mutlilnm. Prices reduoed. Terms accommodating. CD Broadway. Ladlrf, Don't Forget flint Pylc's O. K." Soap la the beat In use. All the grocers keep it for r>ale. Pare Liquor*.? Buy Your Liqnora tor wholesale or family trade at Fifteenth street Distillery, es tablished In IS!-', utliij West Fifteenth atrei t. A Pure Tobttfco.? Tftllow Rank Tobac co. ? OoodwlQ'a Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, 1 1 ? ?* from ail Im purities. for tale by all tobacco and ?e,:ir dealer*, anil at wholesale by L'. OOODWIN * BROTHER, 209 Water street. Bntrhrlor'? Ilalr Dye? The Beat In the world ? KarmlifX, reliable and InstiuitaneotE. Sold and applied at BATCHEI*0K'8 wig factory, 18 lloud atreot. Crlstiuloro's Hair Dye, Wlgn and Ton pees, tiie best In the world, whob -ale and retail, and the dye privately applied. No 6 Astor Home. TrtUKCi? Mar?h it Co. 'a Itudlral Care TriiHai-H, also Military Shoulder llraca and Abdominal Knp potter combined ? a superior article. fc'o. UVeaey at., Astor House, opposite the church. Try Dr. Tobias* I.liiiment lor Illirumu ttsm. It In a certain euro. Married. Atkinson ? Win-low. ? in Bristol, R. T. , on Monday, October 2-<, by the Rev. Thomus SUepard, I). P., Mr. Jn TUiG Atkinson, of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Miss Mary, young est daughter of the Into John K. Wlnslow, Esq., of Warren. Huston and Philadelphia papers pirate copy. B*li< K.v ? WlUJT*. ? In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, April 24, at the resldonco ol' Mr. Amos Willots, by tho llov . A. H. Mead, Mr. Leonard M. Pt:i:i;?sv, of Hempstead, L. I., to Mlsa Hannah ('. Wu.ijcrs, of llro*-kiyn. Bknbh i ? Wooir. ? On Monil 'V, (Kiiobor 28. by iho llov. M. littac.i, Mr. Jo; Ki n IIbn niwo lo Ham.vah Wooi.f, alloi this rlty. hriADHiAw ? Mtri.t, ? At I'l. ':idel|.hla, on Thurslay, October 17, by the liev. Abel V. Thomas, Mr. Joh? Hhai> hiaw to Miss Amuxa C. foruiorly of IJroo!<lyn, foicATK? Tai kk. ? At Petroil, Mieh.,on Tuesday, Octo ber 21), by the Bcv. M; . ruddo. ?<, Jo- .'Alt S. Oh.<.a1K, of lb h city, to ,Si;;Y I.., tluiiglilc.- of J- b Tiber, K- of f< troit. h' i TliwrliJii ? Hannah. ? On Tuewhiy , October 29. at the rt -i leneo ol \Vm. I'. Soitlhwortb. isoutli llr'Kiklyn, by tiio Hev; Hugh r1. C'ari>eutffr, KowAiti) I'. i-oCMwoi rn, of tho United States Navy , to Auklikk H. , (l.iaghtor of tho late John II inuali, of New York < ity. Poughkeoi aio pap i s p'.cimc coj>y. Died. Dakrv. ? On Tuesday , Oetobi r 2''. of confiunj tion, ,'o '* IIakkv, son of I'liomaH and Klien Parry , d?. < a.-ed, m t!io 24:h yi-ar of lils a^e, a native ot' Kiileagh, Cork, Ir la d. Tie- 1 r enlfl and rein lives are respectfully re .nested to alien ', tlio funeral, from his lato residence , No. 180 avu nnt'P.ou Hiursday aflerti'am, nt two o'eba 1;. 'I ho r mains will be taken to Calvary Cometcrr foi tnti o -n* Hiuin.H? On Monday, October 2S. at bur residence, No. 30 K.i>t Nineteenth street, Uakja, widow of Thoui.ia Hint Barbor. '1 'a- friends of the f mily.aiidof her brother, John P. C. Tlionip- >t), and of her brolherrf-in law, Janie- l'?irl>er ati'l II- nrl Mairet, arc respectfully Invited Ut aitend the, from Pr Adams' church. Madison square, I hi.-; (Wednesday) afterno m, at two o'clock. Hormann. ? In Je.sey (Sty, < u l'u d ty, October 29, of consumption, Kkki ihick Hokmanm, a^' d 40 years. The relatives and friends of the family arc resi octfully invite l i attend the funeral, from his late resid' nco, No 200 South Kighlb street, corner of Co os, on Thursday aftornoon, at two o'clock. Iliuiwi/.w. ? On Monday, October 28. at 18-1 Cliorry street, of consumption , Otpt. Jamks li. Browkuiw, teach er of navigation, age i 115 years. His friends and Jtio frieti Is of his mother ;n I nv, Mrs lubella I-'. Thorns, aro respectfully iuvite ] to att-nd the fun -ral, from the >l.irh"'r's church, corner o; MailUon ?nd Catharine streets, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o't ! ick. 1!R IWKI/'W ? On Monday, October 28. or consumption, Captain JameH. Buow.wiw, t i-lerof nv Ration, aged Hb \ o.irs. I lis I rion 's are respectfully Invited to nit.nd thefune ra this (W due .day) al'ie in oil. at tv. - o i ck, from tho ! Mi iner sclnrcli.c". ierof Malison tidl.'aih : -.tri-'ls. I ? ; j .- ? i t. ? i ci Ti.e*. i ay. October 29. Ki 1ZA mm UiJlXlli, ' w.fe of James Uruce, in tbi e'Jd yea;- ot he: age. i I'- ? f -n . ' >re le-. ;t <? lo KU ??' the fu:;-i*ftl, ft ,nt ber . It . ? 1,5 We., t F.ighte 'nib street, on iuurs' av I &?*> l." h, - o! e o'clock. I.i * ? It dee 'Vc'dl ;? 4) HV'^rs ple.TSe c ipy. Cr ? ii i ? - y, (Jctaber 2U, of oy..., mption, 1 j'> ye > ? and 7 mo . j?. frio'-Sa? r. p-t :,iy (inr- to Rl'eiil Ihe'fu il.i <rii her n! ii ? , 415 Huveiith sU4cet,(Mt i il.n.jdn* Hftemo i , at f :ie o'clock. < | ii'- o; st ad i-a;. .- ; c ?,> . (YvviffdHAM ? ' ^urtilonly, on M mdiay ?Tonln;*, OctnV t 28, 'ohn I'lixsixuiiAU, of Taiton, county of Wutrluru, JrWand. Tho fimoral will lake plare thin (Wfldn??<t?y) after noon, at two o'clock, from ID I'oarl slroot. TIjo fricnda and acquaintance* of tlio family ure tmp^et fully Uivit' d toatuml. iim rumuiu* ? 111 bo takuu to Klatuuah for informant. ( iicNut ? At lllawathn, KanfUM, on Paturdiy, October 12, (>k?ki;k II. Ciik-mi t, lain of the city of lirooklyo, L. I., in l ho :tJth yi>?r of his n((0. Itaeton paporn please copy. ('orcok.iii. ? On Tmaduy, October Cf>, John Coitooiuir. beloved run of I'otor a:.d Rosmnuti Corcoran, ngrj I "? 4 months and 48 davs. ' n i ? funeral wl!l take plico this (Wednesday) aftornoon, hi ti ,lf ^ o'clock, from UlO residence of hut pa rnniu No 19 AtIs?tlsstroet, Brooklyn. CukVuki ? "'i Tuesday , October 2D, at South Bergen, New Jorseir IIKimi ?Mow of William Creemnr, lato ot' Woodhrtdgs, K '? J?- r?^*y , in the POIh year of her 0*0. Notice or tho . h? given to morvow. Newark Rahwt ^ a"1' ^ )>?ptTS ple.ise copy. Dnwima. ? Oil A. tou,b?r j!9, suddenly ,'u? TV>wt wo, a native of ^ocl, Vw Kilkomiy, lrcluiu), a^c<S Unfriends nml relates arc vmpoctfully invited to at tend tho funeral, on Thiir.^r a.Vernooti, ?t two o'clock, from St. Vincent Hospita.', Kiev*?* street, eoruer of 8ev enth avenue, without fuHi wr "< x ~?; Donaih k? (in Tuesday, OcWfcer '?!>, of conwrnpttoa, John Honaiiuk, |>riut<tr, Uit >'<;arB. 'Die friends of tho family , the mra W'i* "f I/it??0oit Lodge No. 191, F. and A.M., and the ?r&temity kvm. rally, are lnvltml to attend tho funeral, /ocm Ills iMm residence, Park avenue, one door oast o * /.'tretier'anst Street, Brooklyn, oil Thursday afternoon. attW i>'i:loe|r. Dctnmp. ? On Tuesday, October 29, at his reshSMBc, Ho. 31 Commorco street, Hami kl IHjnlai', tn llio 48tb ' ft*t of hi* age. The friend* and relatives of tho family are rcrtpo*NiMjr Invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday tnornU^, <A ele\en o'clock, from the Memorial church, Uiimrremt street, corner of Wavorley place. Gambii On Tueeday morning, October 29, KnwaaW Gami'i *, H(?ed n month* mid 16 days. The friend* of the family aro respectfully Invited to at tend tho funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at otMt o'clock, from tho residence of his pureute, No. 296 Kighth avenue. Hiscr. ? At Yonkers, on Thursday, October 24, at th* residence of C. W. Mulford, Mami ki, 8. Ham r, of t hicago, in tho 28tli year of his age. Albany and Chicago papers p!engo copy. Hi rkl. ? Ou Monday, October 28, suddenly , Phosphib It. Ill RKt.. The relatives and friends and also those of his father-In law , Napoleon Bunel , are respectfully Invited to attend Die funeral, this ( Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from his lato residence, 21 Gut Houston street, without further notice. The remains will bo conveyed to the Ch"rch of St, Vincent de Paul. Kki.i.v. ? In Brooklyn, on Monday night , October 28, st ten o'clock, Patsuck, a native of rerlano, Kings county, Ireland. Tho friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from his late residence, 20 State hi root, tills (Wednesday) afternoon, at half two o'clock. Kkknt. ? On Tuesday, October 29, Mr*. I>. H. Kiwmr, the holoved wife of William Kenny , In the 43 I yoar of her ago. Tho friends an 1 ac<iuaintane> s aro respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, from her lato residence, 31 Bridge street, on Thursday afternoon, ai two o'clock, without further notice. Maktin ? On Monday, October 28, Awn Marti*, the be loved wife of John Martin, a native of tho county Of Meath, Ireland. The friends of tho family are respectfully Invited tei attend the funeral, from hor lato residence, No. 127 Kast Twenty ninth street, between Second and Third avenues, tlii* (Wednesday) afternoon, at half | a-t one o'clock. M i'U kr, ? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, October 29, artcr * onti and sevoro sickness, Mrs. Fhirixwiki ka Mums, wife of Martin Muller, sgod "rt years and ft men t I.e. The rel it Ives and fri wis of the family are rospcctfuHT Invited toattond tho funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 177 Jornlomon Street. lM'iimiT. ? On Monday ovenlnsr, October 28, EUSAMRS I,. Infant daughter of John and Sarah McCrcery. Tlie friends of llio family are respeclfully Invited to at tend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half. j wist one o'clock, from tlioir residence, 66 I Huh rtreet, Brooklyn I'ot.MAMtrs. ? On Monday evenltv , October 28. Nsiaow PoutAHtm, from the Island of Cuba, ased 68 years. The relatives and friends of tho family are invited to attend thofuneral, fri m his brother's residence, No. 181 Vast Thirteenth street, thir. (Wednesday) afternoon, st two o'clock. Han Mi- iinit. ? On Tuesday, October 29, Wii.uam 0. , soa of Peter (I. and I>iul?i?Bcliiimaclier, aged 23 days. Tho relatives end friends of the family are rospoi tfulljr Invited to attend the funeral, from tho residence of his parents, No. 490 Flghth avenue, corner of Thirty slxtlk street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half-pset on* o'clock. Spssck. ? On Monday, October 28, 'Wim.ia* O. Piiuirii, son of Joseph S pence, aged 3 years and 15 months, at the residence of his parents, No. 100 Twenty fourth street. Vau,. ? At Sac Harbor, I,. I., on Sunday evening, (V.tober 27, Mahia I/h'iha , wife of Captain Itavid P. Vail, and daughter of Captain Nathan Fordhatn , tn the 36tli year of her as;o. Win?. ? At Bnshwlck, T,. I. , on Sunday, Octobor 3T, Thomas Wumt, ? native of England, aged 77 years. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited toat tond the funorul this day (Wednesday) , at twelve o'clock. Watkil'. ? In Brooklyn. on Monday morning, Octobor 28, of scarlet fover, Bouxu ('At.vitr, S'>n of Itic.hiu d H. L. ana Cornelia Waters, aged 9 months and 18 days. MIKCKIilj.W KOUS. 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In ot Mr. O y. on Tues-lay i-veuii g, Octo'.? t -?>. I ll, .if er the us* nil ' r.u.s..oii"ii ot b>i m-'s-., H w .? s ir? ed t . rue* t^at the sam place, on Tbuisdav evening, 31st instaut, at o'clock, to proceed In a body io attend th? raVhoatfon meei in;: "I 1 1 on. I. He F. t tonal. s i >r S n;.l"r. Ail Ihusc laiorabl? I I the . a ? arc r* atiectfullv m- ?? Itoatti nd Thomas h. hill., t airman. ir?w.t" Fgawa't-L, { tl sc\NI AN. \UCTl<iN ??!.!:- VNAO 1 wi:i SfU *. i -in ? i ??' w <T a' <> ?. iocIc, .? ?r, t!?f auick uml #f % Vt\ co u* "?* ? Hg ul ;V ? in(; uiio usually in sit h ? 1 V ?tt nour II** 111 : IO I I; i 1 U i;NT. A GENTKl f ' | * ? j i ' ? '? ' - mi'! wit.fp uu ; ' - h nveituo. I ? 1 ' , ? . iiiouia, ?*'.? - , i titty, M above.

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