Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1861 Page 6
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srvr v; r -iv. WA\TED-FP.itIAI-ESt ? Y< l!E 1 THY W< MAN, V. !IO 11AH I.UNT HICK J\ ,i I ill i. iv. I c.l' miik. whii' amni.v no i i i iii !>?? si- ii iii W.n h gto fry i.i n i>. .ii t .'i i imhI I'' i imsli iivi- nttr, Ur ? >k ly n. * srn atihs wa.ntbd? by a y??i n<j mm,, to do J\ .-.Urn .. <! I<i-I|i to taLu cam t'f rhildrcn; Ii. jn I ill "H work in n hiiiiiII prlv i;i' family, ii-' m . i ' . 'I at Jicr last fliljilov i i s, 60 i?.t?t iiji ll ?i"i ?..-?! " K''n uv*. \ KMTATION WANTKO-KV A l!KSPE(TABLR i\ i ri, I'!''- hi) lii't inii I. ami wiitui: in- , vinTal l.iuiv , I. if. I i 11 1 I'll.v n IVri'tii-e nivrii. fan If writ Iwi .i ? r . ? V '? . <"?i J ih st., I. st lluin-, lYni.t it i* m. A Kl : ?!:!' r.U?i,K UlIU. WANT-! A SITUATION AS i . .. ii . . (???.in i inner :n a nil. II a nl; ; * tie b. ht ii ? ti. f i an U' jivvij. Call at J? < 7lb uv., tlilr.l Do t, frnnl room. \ Hh.-.i'Ei r-vi'i,r, WKiiii disco bu oiru,. with JV ' i-i'i.i ill yen it from Imr I ?J? !*-???. ? i" ' * , i . i ? ' 1 1 \ or .'iititiy, to ilnififriil li .unf??rk : In i i.i .1 . t:. I ;iii . ii flliiit <vu?licr uiiU Irniier. A|iuly hi 21.) Wfnt I7'li i-t.. iif. 1 1 li av. Gir.L WANTS A P1TI A'riuN AS SEAM. Mif iii! re; i ' i ik i : i.iii fin nnii t, iitnl do all k n<1. . whii!. I i I lit chanim r.< iK'a ami !<? other i* f>i?; ? .in n . f Hi.' .in .if iHlftftn bas ii'i >'? ti n i thi.- city. <'a I bit fci'tt for two ilays at 211 2011. ?i j\ l\ l MTt ATJcN WM'Kn-BY A YOIINO OIRL, AS J\ ? ii ? v ? 1 1 1 >. rtoaitl and wait vck ?, or chambermaid and **am. fir i j < ? < ? * ' i ' i to gxi t<> the country. I>? at ?>f ritv r* fe. v i. i r. t * West Kith st., between 6th itnd 8th uvu. nut.* pull the middle bell. 4 liKSi'KCTAliLK COLORED <; t i< T- WISHES A s'lTC j\ ; ? t ? m 4 a w.utp In a boarding honae, <>r to do " a >nu #nl '? rU ; wm'k in a private I. unil- . flood wI't ihh f i ? 1 . i w 1 1 i ! r.' iu.r?"t. Can be seen until auitud at AI4nj; tiu-i j?ia? e, :,Z1 \V ?>t Uth fit. k situation wanted?by a yopno oirl, as A < ' .'?? riM.ud ami v..hiiw in a private family; in will u> ;u ? i r i with ihr s }r,ng a ml ir>nliii:, or w..ul<l no a* ! ??! n. ? i aiul hurt* from h*?r avt l> i an l?c jm ? ti lor t\\ ?? ?tays at % Wc?t at., between 0 U and 7 1. av;?., top floor, front room. 4 rVATU IS W A S TED? BY A NEAT, RESECTABLE J\ \ ' 1, a - ci? .im "iiaaid anu wahn*-K io a nrivato fsmilv, f?r av m it -<? fori. and t<< do plain hi?vving or In wa-hiii.: I'itv K'U-'oini'H. Can i?e wti, for mo <lavn at I JO \V' * ;ilM yi., , . c ?nd lloor. i !*ri t ? I ' v and cViam I ^*rm ai I, and h, i? . ?-u t? tin (ountry . h' *t iii.? ivfrri-ncc from lai^t placo. t i ( /. ? 'I t\ i* at 1-7 W't st 24th ?>t., !.? t\vo?'n flth and 7tli uvh. 1 ttHJkS SITt' A HON \V A NTKD? BY A KESPKCT J\ al>l?' i-i . ? ' r. , v\ 1. ? !s hid .ndhait rook and t?a!i?r. alhu a ti: -I r.i'r \\ :dii>randi '??? . has tin* !>? M of city rcforcn. 4'ati ;? "ii Jo; tv%-u ' . p, i. not af 191 East St., t ? * ti 1-t and 2d j.vs , li.ird lloor, front room. a srnjATrov wan n: o- by a respectable f\ }?m,!i4w< m in an ni;r- r %iid n?.Mi\slv* ss, or an chuni f?rr m tuS a- I ^f iuoitn fcfi; hus the ot city rclcrence. Cadai lyj East 20tU ,t. * * _____ RESPEI ! hui jiood to k p'.ifu uud cxft*ilen? washer and iroio-r; if* willing ol/huMij:: no <ibjc<*ta?n to l ? in the country ; g?>.ul rHe i'Uir, fau n? seen lor two duyitat 137 Tdlary St., Br<i<ikl) O. A SITUATION V/ANTEP? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO . do general liouHewotk; flr^t rate j lain r?ioU: Ivat < it.? rr fru'tirc; ? xc? Hunt ?v.-o-Urj andirom r. Apply at 1Q3 EaM 33d Kt, bctvvreu la x:n;M?'i? and 'S i ay*., lirM l.oi r, bacK room. ABITCATION WANTED? BY a KESI'ECTABIiE Wo man, upat i7 vcar,;, a.n wi t nur>c; ba. y iwo ivitki old; wnuWl take ciitiK' (harre of an ti ia.u. A|.j?U at 2Ud Colum bia at., between Hii.t- - . n i Atiaail.- +\n., Brooklyn. Al! ESPEt 'TABLE ENULISH WOMAN WANTS A B.tuat on a& experienced child*' nurse and ^'??imhtre?M would fa* mi li.h:; to use her own sewing ntuchiiie; can ?? :t and fit ' hihlrcns Uii'. scs; belt city r? /ei'euee. < '.iii ut X^,t ii'.th a. -JO \ WANTS A SfTt'ATroN AS f?iii?ire->f ? v us ynmstt'H* nti .J (odolt^fit l.vr-l ;. . y us I ti her last j?l i,v; ci.y ts k K., M.uJaon square P???t ollice, tor A SITUATION WASTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS J\ good plum ro .k, wiu-hei and troner. lift o: city rote re. ire ) hen, t all ,..i tw . day s al IB l!<t., Mar I t ave. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A BESPECTABM . young w oman, an ;nt o ?vca., r?ur biiiK.ii ;t, tirsl (In k, i object to go a short 'tis. i -1 :t In e t in be . iven. C? (i IDlli St., I eiwecn Oili uuil till A 61 1'UATION WANTED? PY A RESPEl TABLE J'RO. U.T it f taut woman, . cool: , has no ol'ji-i'l II tu a* -i- 1 w i ? h the WiuOllilg all I U'ollf" ??, no Iji'lMI ill to (J I a Short lll- HUn In ill-, mil try . T!ia i >t ' of roJi v-iicp given. C.iu l><- n a! 4i'.l "Ui an:., between 31>-l ami S2d its., lor two (lay s, if uol rnei-geil. A SITUATION WANTED? 1!Y A PItOTESTANT YOUNG . woiuau, tucliamlx iniaid and waitli st In a Miiail p. ivatn fKiu.'y, or Would i! -i;. r il hoot ".vol k ; wagea not so mu, li nn ol'jf.t ps n ?>i i.! hnm , <an be well reoo;ntnrii. o.l from 1.. r la?t ji'. ii > n tin ? ? lly. <' ill lor two duysat IjO W< stZ7th at., betwi en 6th nro. (Mi av \ RESPECTABLE YOl'NU WOMAN WANTS A SITU A J\ tii n in ,i tir?t cU'.?s limiily an > * , ?li.- thoroughly mi. aleralandfi Kreiich Mid Amen, an co.kthglti .ill brain hi t; lived four jiir* In litr last jitm >? ; liest . !ty reference given. Call be wen fm two day* at t-'vi III. Ks It,, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? TO GO TO CALIFORNIA, Jl by a young French ;nrl, I" year* of ac", with a n spt . t. aMn l.imily, a- nure, is wii'mq; lo make engagements fm 111 or 'on m .nibs 1-r I art payment ul passage. Apply al 1:SJ Blgft kirat. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COOK IN A PRIVATE .?V family, by a ri, : '.st rvtp.vtnble Protestant woman; n- a Hit' rab maker of bread uu.l biscuit mid mi excellentcc k; would lie willing U> *>8let in the washing and Ironing. II a., p. <nl refercne her last jil.n ??. Can be Keen fur two day* ni Gti Carmine sir. et, second !l .a, bark room. A RL.-l Ei'TAIII.) I' !, WANTS A SITUATION AS jV n:ur sti i" and to take . art* of children and do chainbei w..rk, Wugts not to much "1 un object ax a good home. A, ply at .1.1 ii 6ih av., betwi en -> t!i am: 2lkt s; -. AN AMERICAN PBRS< K WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid ar.d vta'ccj, oi ah c'.iautlx rtnaid atid 1 1 sloe wiiii;, Apply at or address, to-day and to-morrow, ui 2Jt?.'? 6th av., between ? .1 and *^Sd sts., top lloor. A COMPETENT TOCMO WOII AN WISHES A 8ITUA ?'V tlon a? lady 'sjinaid and *i'aiuaer<.|a; can > ut and fit I. ;? ?lka' and i hildn n >? div-s. > ; or woiilo do up Indie*' (in. ?ir tnl.i rl .rpe ol childien; haa unexi-eptlonnMr eltyretcr MOD for Cither capacity. Also, a proli MM cook w no umler M.uiila J.rr IniKiueas ill all ua branehea; uoohjpcllon to trai i-; ; ??. ui* but lirst tUfcS famlllua need apply lor two day?, at 1.7 W' ft 27th ?i. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG \\ i.ti in, a., ntu in i: private family; ui: !? r?tanda the <. ire oi a littbj from ita birth; no objr tl. n In do cliamU'r * rk or I'll ill S Minr. II...- the la at i f city r?l. ii in:e. Can li. v . ,i at 'J.' Wtst Hat t:., bctwccu Vtii and tith uvea , lor An ENiiLisii pkotestast woman wants a ultuattfili o rook, WHtli in d Iron, and do general Inmse ivork anil make heraeU gunarally uteiul. Abo, a vm.iu 1 ii. 14; . carrtO. uge, ti tualrt In light ehun.ber work and tnaKe her jtelf gi'M'ihoy ua? fal; two years n-itr. u c. Cull at No. yl Urol nwicti avenue, tor three daya. A6EAMSTHESS AND DRESSMAKER, WHO IS AC i i slr)i, i- l io go out by the day, wl- Ues In inaki: a f?\v ? mtiir iai i.'.-i bv tin' day or wei k; can e?t and lit children ? *lri ??. ?; ha., a thorougn knowledt: ? of drenniakitij; j. nd all kinil^ of lamily hewlus- Apply at 2Sli 3d avenue. A N EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER WISHES EM J\ j.loym^nt by the day among pi ivaie families. Ap|.ly at 1 2i Atlil'y (it., hi -ttvei u 6c ii av. untl Mucdougal ut. A SITUATION WANTED-TO COOK, WASH AND iron, ?>! a? laundress, by a reapcrtahle woman. Best ol ? try reference If roqnlrud. Call lor one week at 111 West 17m ut. a GIRL WANTS A SITUATION To Do GENERAL J\ It usew. i k ; ts a Rood w ashi r and Iroiiei and (;o: d plum c.. .k. Good city reference it required. Inquire .u 11 fiuui lult st . Br loklyli A LArtV. WHO is TIKIROUGHLY COMPETENT, I)E _ V Kil e* a gluifttlon as honsekoepei In a family, hotel or * l.. "l; ' odeip and it .1 mils of family wuln: : will go in theconntiy Can give the best, of icl'crencu for charuct r i ii!! ab;lfl?. Cull .it It'.' East Nth St. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUN'l WOMAN, TO travel aa ttttrvu to a lad jears' City ? GERMAN t.llSL. WISHES A SITUATION IN AN _rt. lar.illy, to d > cliamberwork , no objection to ImUM'work 'ii .. -.nil:'', family; city refcretnc . Cull at 74 av ii., tear i ioin, No. 10. \ SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, To J\ di . hauubei work .nd fine waahhl;;; t. j obj.'. li nt to ^e . ..1 city releri'ticc. Call for two duy? at Union square. * A 1 It N W %NTBD? BY A TO UNO WOMAN, as Bia' i lo W nud Ironer i.ud good plain i?><; no oil. j... i" i" nt'i al honac work ; beat City i. ereuce lioiu lant j>lac e. No. 5 King St. ABKSI'ECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION n* ilrgt 1 .ass , k; haa no obji tlon to do plain w a.lin.- . ln-Nt city n ieictn-en mr Im glren. Cull until engaged ai '.4S We?i liith , betwt en 7th and 8th ?v?. A RESPECTABLE GIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS Ji first CM*! tanadrew; understands itmiug In all na Lulu lies, or would do chainb i work sr I fine washing and ir.'ti'.n ; good city r -I I'l'i tn-. s can be giren. <'an be. seen i Mil . i .:ar ed ut -4,i W cut lC'h st , between 7th and 8th av*. \ YOUNG WOMAN W VNTS A SITUATION AS COOK, _. V xv hei :i,nd ironer; is a good baker, nutlet stands ? i ok ?; ? i. ' ? - ; : v ; |t"Od cily reference. Call for tw o days at 167 J\ AT It I PROTESTANT YOUNG OIKL WANTS A m. I seatiistress; Is Capable oi y 1 1 m it? lilrlb; It ? evculienl iefer< i . e. -Ill' r. <? 'aiuntrv. I'ati i? b'ten for two ilaj a at lil near East 12th st. MAN WAKTS K CHILD 1 I M u I in ii kh OWN .. ; -? of i . - .. t r ? . i. .. * ?I- |vi.nai.di?'it. < .1 t., lust SITUATION WANTED-KY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS nreni' . Cat! ?t 113 V\ . rk in a A S MltSIS ?WANTED, A P1TI VT:oN BY A III A . '(.tl :- i II ? - HI . t" ' I . at ? W. -aloft, , nib. rwMj'. i n t a- set ti at Ik. ,r.- o! Id hiiin'i' rw.Ji 1.1". a-. ' in the fine ii.^ and'ii t? se. I, atb i j.t. ??ut empl yer s, wj *< an- , 1 1 tweeh \ l'RO'l KSTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J V excellent < -.ok; t ?? li ratands lire.vl nnrt tiieut*. :ellle?, Mailt uemge .'it d v I" .-t ot eitv : 'ercnce. Cau U- a, eii Sot m o . ?ys ?t 120 E .?t Jdth rt . near .'^t nv. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A YOUNG WOMAN, A8 a\ SeamStltM, wbookueul and lit chi! lien's mid ladles' ) . ie>sra. and ' hj noob.'e tlon to take cart* ol a gr. w f i child; has from Ot.o year to live yaars clljr relt rvnce. 1'.. akc i , I > ul ti WeM 2dth t . iu He ntore , call bu ?cco OBtlUulted. ASITUA'lION IS WANTED-BV A YOI NO WOMAN, i.? ' 'o re ?..?? th r "-g iy atalerftmds .titling an ! 1. 1 : i n. ~ la :|.- .' ? : .- kc> und ah :.ind>- o' lumtlv sewing, or a . IimiiIii rn: j c : I! ? "t ol r> . e ret <??? tan he giv u. pli as <?11 . 1 4b Eau Mil: - ' ktr las; employer's. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO doj;en<oi'l Lou.-. . ?:n ;; family: last eity refe. ax-nu n, C#U at No. !l .'..iaii,. -t 11' .uu.uill liv n ilf vyklytl. I SITUATIONS Vi AVTKD- PK]?IAIii:?. 4 HR^I'K'T VHI.K 1'RO'IT.STANT YOI'NO WO'HS j\ wish- ?? t Kittiati' n .?"? < o -I nil washer ami i miter, n a. Hui. ill i amdy, or would do (jen-iil bou* work hi a -m I ] i v .t ? ' uiiily ; good ret'erc in-* front i ?r la*', f law. t. '! I I' two days at S'j2 !Sd av., between 29th his,, h cond Hour, i'.ifk room. \ COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU \ /A tion a nurse and scnmstrt-iis; i-iti cut md fit hildrei.N > lolhes in tho i? lest manner: unde h anils .ire-*- inaki ; Hi d a. I kind* of family s -win*;; nest of city ref< fence. Ap ply tor tw?? days ai Ifcit W? st I4ih St., near sth av. AOKKMAN WOM AN wants A SITUATION AS COoK in a i rivat laintly. She perfectly understands her I nsi i'< sfc n all lis br inehos; best < it y reiereiiee; no washing un d? < taken. I ias no objection to un to the country. Call for 1 y ? " ? t av., between 38th sad 39th ?ts A' Bfi PECTABLB YOUNQ woman WISHES \ 1 1 1 tttK'ti us i>uk; is w till it to HKsj- 1 in washing and iron* in*:, or *>h lunndrohs and chambermaid; h*>*t <?f a y ?? !>? i tMcfs, Call tnr two days at l47Webi2Cth hi , bctwi ? u 7?h and Mh av h., in tho rear* A YOUNO, ItESI'ECTAl'LE (Mil., WISHES A SITl'A* , tion, us nur: e .tid si-iimMii ss or chmnbei maid m ud wait re*#: I a-> no objection to travel with a laiv. can lake > !iari;n ?>l a ) sby iruin its bit tii: eitv ?'?? ? renc< from her la-t pUce. Call lor two days at 1<1 East 2Mb St., second Hour, I rout AMI bDLK AilED PKOTESTANT Wo>MN WANTS A slii ati 'ii to dt : elft Iionsew.?rk in a small privato iami I ?; is willing and obliging; has good references, v. all at ?t> i West Mst si. A YOUNO WOMAN W ANTS A SITUATION AS HOOD UA. cook; he -it ot city lelerence. Call atyl We*i24lh ?t. loi f w o d i;, ?. 4 SITUATION W A NT E l>- B Y A YOU N O W O M A N ,/l O J\ do r.cueral lioiu. wm u or klteUcn work; good en j wi>; if?nr<\ C II at 312 M U St., w\u Btee- k r, Joi two days, if u? on. iv*d. A YOU NO WOMAN \VAN1> V SITUATION AS r.lAM J\ brrma.d aun sf.intstrc .<??-, or chambermaid and waiti? .-s understands lier work perlVetly !u,- the )>? si ? I <nyi'ln retire. Call tor two days at 111 West 31st St., top iloor, back room. 4 SITUATION WANTED? HY A NEAT, TIDY COLOR jfv ed girl, as cook, or to do general housi work; mule. stand a'i kimls ol" ?? and hrea?i : w asln-r .?nd inmer; is n h " d servant. Call at Mo. ti J* sir fit., betweeu Carli and 4i>t Brooklyn* A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO . ilo ^'noral U ork, <r -h amO . work .<n?! a^sosf in the can* of children ; eity i? lenuce. Call a? l!li West iUJih bt., betwet nStli and 9tlt ii\H. \ SITUATION WANTED? -BY A YOUNCJ WOMAN, iV as nureo and seamstress, or K' iu., stress mid ihntifr maid; ? v- n years' experli iu e ami four years' c ty releicncf. <'? ! at 01 W' st oJ l fit., i,i ardth av. 4 SITUATION WAN i ED? BY A RESUI't T A !? 1 . 1 01 HI?. JrV as eUan.'-'orumid and waitresH uiid >s st Jn wa-lii:-^ .nd ironini;. Can b< s n ior two day? at 12J \V ? ?t Zoiti st. \ YOUNO WOMAN wishes a situation to do chauiberwork and sewing, or chamberwerk and wait 1 1 ' ? G ?"d city leJerenee. Cau be seen tor two <iu\ s at 1 57 | WiVfrtoy plure. A R K8 1'ECTA R r.E YOUNO woman wishes a J\ s. a ! a 'ii s i. .mla rruanl and in wasiiin.: and I ironini;. The t?? t *1" c.t^ re I c rente. Iuquiie at he: late its hulen. o. 51 \V? h: 12 h 8t. 4 SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO W OMAN, AS JV v d plain cuok, \v!,-iu r and ir??i;. j in a pnvat . No<;ij< tions .oa boai iinghoiibo. Call lor two days at >4 Culnmhia St., 1 1 out do. i, N . Y. 4 KfSf'XTAnu-; (UKL WANTS A SITUATION AS iV ? Ihiinl-i in, a il v 1 1 ?1 wuitr* ; willing to a*M.>t with 1 1 . u-..?ihiiig fitui iroiiin^'; lt.<M guo<l city reicreiic**. Can l> s?- .1 J. op two ilijyM at it t?,la t'tb m., between 3d and 4ib avs., in the roar. do KrUPfh 1 h.r.teewoik ' p;laU: 1 unh ; lias no jbji'ct on to tb?? country, C\?n b ? *?? ? u lor two vh a' s> Mu(U? riy n., iiist lloor. 4 SITl* ATION \NA.X rED? BY AN KNCU'-If I' ROTES iV taut woman, ? : ur ?>? ; fully con j>' .? >1 i?? 1 ? ? 1 ???>? ? u tir < h,.; ??? ot an li.iu ; t or nurs< Yy ; c:in the lii^'nest t< t Mioiji ) S as t"<:ha h ut a::<l capability from an \ ment nn I'loyi r, w!i?r" h u la live: a number ul Can bo s?:f n a! 4S ? Tiilril :.v., n ,r 36tl\ 4 8J1 1 ni N n Tl D- BV A To! SQ WOM \N. TO iV. il-p-unal ho M-woiU; h? m iity t< f ?rcurr. c.alt U>v tw ? uayM at JD fat ' Otl? h'.( firm Uoor, ba-'k 10 no, 4 YoI'NO WOMAN WANTS A ROTATION? TO DO il j;m?r<il hon.-< w? rk, nut:., ??*rw?u k or uitji- tin- .???si ?u ? it v retVn ncc ^ivt?n. Can In- Men till engage at BCo Itimbta s;., i *?: ? ? n ('oik-k and Warren Ms., lM-u.Liyn. 4 SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE iV young pirl. a? clmmb'irmaid and waitress; j^oou city re; ere net*. Can he Keen for two tlaygat W Lust 'Jnh s?.; WO VAN WANTS A 8ITDAWON? TO COOK, w b and iron, or asJaumirctH, tho boa: of cit.v J ??!?? \ KESrEt TABLE YOl NO WOMAN WANTS A SITl* A J[\. tl ui a* ch-.u-hermaid Mot \valtit or to do the ehftiu 1 wa?vl; and as.-i?t In washing ami ironiiur, lawMnug and o'.U^lnn; l?cht city r.*t? tcium- liorn her lasu p'are, Call at ^66 Tt'. ?v., bctwe* n 32d and 'SM sis. VN ENGLISH PROTESTANT GIRL A GOOD COOK, washer and iron* t, \vauw? a situati n In a small private family; I ? e ^ t city reionmcn Apply at ; h * saddle r ami bar m- >?. maker's shop, < 01 m r ot Kent ami t i .rdipnt; uvs., Brook lyn. neral housework, in a rum!! private lam..,, , . ciiy r?-t?Tcti< ?'. Call till ? hi iJruu St., corner cf ItoVrmn, third t:oor, fr< nt ro ?m, ltrooklyu. 4 701 NO LADYt WHO IB A FIRST RATE 8EW1 R, A warned. Apjdynt Acrtt'H Xru.-s U:licct 120 Fuiton hi., ( piKisltc Saml ^t., Hrookh n. BIT! ATION WANTED? BV A REBP1 CTABI i-: rl, aacooli, waHhtumic] ironer, or wo?.l<i do iiousuwork all family; good city refurence. Cull atlStiitb ?t., A A HF.Sl'BCTAIir.E YOfXO GIRL WISHES A SITl'A . \ 1,. n incliKmtn rmatd nnd wsitrvmi, nnd I >ilo plain wiv ing; p ill I'll) ri fen no>. ItiMUir.- at Oil Hunk st. in the re ir. A ri A r FIRST CI.ASS COOK WANTS A M rt'ATtON IN br aichcK ':ily iv.'rri i.oe. C*U ul 74 Wi-stSiUi nt. licit 0 or to 6th bv., fin- two daii. iuiir mniin, a* ihlliiv n irp? anil to ii , ,....n , ir i. lit rh?iiil? rwi>rk i." r< '|iiir?<!; ?? v ; ? : ift . ? I i:i u-' . ?>! *i. , i> i objection to ii hlic.rl ili.tuuov in the iv/unirv; fl.M cImkcI y K'fcteuci' ^ivr-tt. C.ill lor two days ?t 161 I'.ast 31st at., Iwtwccu 1st .tin! 2(1 nvs. A srn-ATltiN WANTED liY A RESPECTABLB A I'roHstunt woman, wli i tliorniBhlv ondcmtaiidH ti-rr b'ii?ln''sn, iin < ' nk. i\ ii?ti"i and lr>.ner in a i"?*t t taM?* iniv.i'.p fiiinily, good city relerence given. A| jily fur two iluys ?t!i39 Htli u v . , tl, HI' 2-d ?t. A SITE ATION WANTED-BY A YolNO WOMAN. TO do gi'iicriil housoivofV ; in a gm.d plain rook, .* H^hcr arid 1 roni^r ; no ohjocllon In R" in n lnrg.i lund'.y, ui|< if . rt nm and nn c.iri> of i-liildn ii: no ohji tt< 1 ? 1 itie ro u try. l!i' t city ri'len ti'"'. Cull (or in ?' d.iy? nt 'U\ West MAN WANTS A RITEaTION AS or h* ebil J'n n'lve^ rati do hoc washing ana ironing; g iod reU fence. Call iur two days at 1W) Went A SITUATION WANTED- BY A UESPEC1ABLE 1\ I'mii'Mattl woman, as an ? xccllrnt ? ook and ??; U u good liaKKr. Kefi-rt'iiw gum. Apply at 126 oth ?l , Cl.u ton ; 'n l-oom No. S, for (?? . . lays. A SITUATION' WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMA.V, an Wi t nur.1-, at h-i iwtt bouM. Call for Wo d .y, a'. JuiM.itui , luom No. 7, 1 roil t build lug A kkspectable married woman WISHES A A 'hi. ul (V \ SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPE? TABLE PRO ^'t Is i.uu joiiiii. wniiian, a- walll ?? In i | iiv:iie f..:nily; uu .n-l " Iin- husiiirfj llio.u^hly. in oojo. I., n to the rontilry. lla-' tin* l ."-t riiy ii-rtrince. Call ..t J98 EnatJlkt si , in lliB K' eery sion-. 4 YOENO OI11L WANTS A SITUATION.TO DO GENE 2\ ral h insrwor k; i n ft'i'i ncr from her last (dace. Call at 21 Hi 16th ?l., between 7th an i '??h uth. 4 SITl ATION WANTED? I'.V A RESPECTABLE WO* man, as chaiiiln iiiiaid and In ai^i^l iviih iva^hini? atol ir. nliiK; if a gnod plain aowei i >i ? ' !? ? linn to ;<? In thi; ??ii ntrv; good i lly lefi iciii c. Apply ul 3s)6 Ctb av., between 24ih ui.ii 25:li kl?. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A KESIECTABLE J\ fiMBi woman an cook; om who thoroughly nadar ? i. mix hi i h.nim ; i? an en i-ilctit . ukcr; wl! lion to a>s!- 1 in m a^iiln ^ and inn i ; g.iod city n Ii iMite. Call nt 179 7th av. between 22d and 2:td id*. A SITUATION WAMI;i)-l!Y A Yiii.Ni; W IX A ? TO A d l.on-ii'B' rk It, a s-n.a',1 Umiiy, orehiitii'..)>rvvurk a:..l wolUtu; good eKjr rcferaocn from Ian plM Oklifoi two day* a 121 Bneriim st , liciwceti Dean and Ilcigen ?ls., Broo'.vlyu. A SITUATION W anted -BY A RERPBCTABIiB youni! woman, * i hainliermald and walln ?*?, ? r a ? iliamoi riiiatd ati.l to mind <ili'ren; lia* n o , 1 . >n (o d.i renernl loni".? ?o. k In a ? rti i . 1 j.' family; has go d city Kleri-nia1. Cap.! li'<We*t la.h *t , beiween bin and 7th ai'*., in the 1 1 ar P'litdmg. far I wra d i> *. A SITUATION WANTED? TO DO OEMBBAL II > : JX ?? ik. Pi ivillin.rai.d I l.go.g: g relet ei ? C,i,, at 1,1 1'* av. lot ner ol 26il. ?t A SITUATION' WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO J\ xi.i ii, as i.i ? ' la- ? r- ? I > i?> wi the ,-hi itid makr UerHe.f ('.Mi'-t.rlv tt- litl; h-tof t.-leronic. ? all at IIS V\? -t 17 h ;t , v. n; I'la ai.,1 71' til 4 SITUATION WAN'TEI) ?ilY A MIDDLE AGED WO j\ ?. .an :i? |I. 'i . wash.'i and ir i ? , . hi- i :,ri .? UM(|, 7 y. ar* old: woutdao for tntt,] wagi*: DC objootioo to lha eoouny. Call at I A Amity -t. \ SITUATION WANTED? BY A VoUNG WftMAN; IS agn .d piaiti ecok, an oxMUcnt waaber and Ironer; no o ecliott to <lo the hoi.M'V.ork ? ? a ????? .; i as t!i? 1? ";t or e ft i' IV. i " fri in hi r pine.-, c tl Hi tt i n lath El., Hat hi ildn g, ' ? I ween 6t\ ant ,Mi av*. t SIT" '.TH N WANTED-BY A YOUNO ORPHAN a\ t' i !, 'ii yeara old, to do light bouaowork or to tak. ears el rhiPiren i"o ebjreilo.t !? i h< ?< -nniry wa,;ea uo object, a go .d i. -me prefii i ed. Call at 1 Hi I . - 1 ^'li YOUNG OIRl. WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE -I'ECTA BEE ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES TO J\ take, < a n n no-ty or a housekeeper. Apply at W I Ith at , bat wt -i n 'ih and Oih ar. i 4 RES BCTABL1 riOTMtiM WOIU* WANT! t I alto. rii U a- < oa, an excellent COok and baker; wi I lt.It to I . 1 ait ?>.*!,. II Ii' ire I ; I. est of elty relereL, . ) Apply at to (i:li av., lietweun 22d and 23d sta. 4 lti:M'Et'T\i'M: 1(1! \.| , Mil. WANTS A >:Tl A I Jy ti n to a., general bonaawo k ; is * gool wa?hcr and Inner; (? * ii i nA< lo.lmt and kind to children ; good ciiy J rel -rei.. e. tla l at 112 Harrow *t, i A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ' 1 V yoi'.tig go ! t d ? net , . . k lii a fina'l prlf.ile I family : .s an excellent wa.-h'T and ir ner and ia t. i ood plain I rock ; ha a lite e?t .,f e:iy fro:n h?r la?l |.laee. (an lie *i e 1 1 i tv o I'.avit f.l 2JH Wen iii:t at., Pelwevii ?th and 'Jih an<.. wot 1 lloor, ftent room. KIT!' VT'ON'1 W'.WTF n ? FIOIATi*^, 4 IM-or I'VKV W MA : WH1IKS TO OBTAIN A J\ h ? ,i . , ? ' li> moll: us iiiiikp *11. ? "i 'I > u * { ? < a;-. oi . . n , ' ? entire < i i . o oi if rut ro ? ? ? it - "i >?? . lid W'llri :j to make h'T-elf t I ,,h ,. It II til tdlrflami It Wir O'llili. . 0???bUMM a in the n - (1 n< c of her last emp.o>er, 11 Uimncrey park, hast Twemiei. street, for two <!&>#. 4 CJ f.H WAN PROTESTANT, WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH. w sin* a sbmuton u? uhambe.rmatd uud waitress. Cull J", i* two iJ.i.vm > t IM IU aw, I ft the fancy htorc. 4 Yoi'xa girl wish kh a situation? as cuam /\ I'cnn ltd and wnHrens ; hub no objection to fto a short ?i,. ! iit'i- in the i ojutry, h. * thehe^tof reference fiom lu r las? : ?? ?. t an be such for two days at 69 3d >?t., between iht Minimi mvs. 4 1M SI'ECTABLE YO UNO WOMAN WANTS A SfTU J\ >t ? ion mm chambermaid ami to lake rare of child;en; can ml v?- ;;oo.l city relreme; Inn livelier tin* I ? ht < i\ \ a - will tmv. f tmdv. Can In v eil lor tv ? davs at 163 E isi 3iu*t.,c?.rm roi 2duv. 4 RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS J \ chambermaid an. I whuivi-k; can make hera it1 generally n-'i'nl; li:? - no obieetiou to i jiy or country. C in he : from it till \ oVioek, at 1 1 i(i, comec itth si. and HU av., ihird Door. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A KEPVEOTABLE your;.' woman, as ehamivrmtfld and to a saint with the w i -lomr ami trmun,", or to do the bona* work of a small pri? v i'<; fMintlv. Hum good city ret ermine from h?*r last nlaee. Call at Lil at., in the rear, between 8th and 'Jth a vs. MY* K ?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A KJBST CLASS * rsicd (lorman n ok, n ly in a It r> privut hense; td-e und< rotunds the hmdnc'sa perfectly, American a well . EudMi or French rooking, when aj pi h d for, ut 86 La' 1 1 ns&t., near Spring. UorsKKKKPK:; s ?m \tton \v anted -by a wo. m.m who In ? had Scvc n| \ e?r >' exj ( : l'Mi'-? In ilraf f 1. :h h ltd*: 1 1 :* - no oN i -'a inn to tak?: . hari;.- of u store room, luicn tvorn or lanmlr.v ; nnlary not so much an object, as a per inaacnt fcifo ni iij. i:? >/ofr 'J< r?*ii?-r r.iven irom Utr taat em plover, ('nil t "i tilii e dn>? at No. 1 Stanton ?t. nOl'Sf K ? ??;/'[? R.? S IT' ' ATf < ? N WANTTD, BY A WI d<?vs hulv, every wav ipiallacd loi* the bo:<fm s-?. Ar y I )?< i , 1 1 <l".sii*'?UH of rel'oviim themM lvcHof all household du ( ? ? ! ?? ? w f? t r in? chani'o. Call at or address llougo k cejjer, 2.r> IC is 1 29th st. VTURSL-: \V\Nr:.l>. A situation, BY a YOIJNO JM woman, r.^ ntii'Ke; la fntly competimt to take tho ontirr < h.irtro oi it in:. Tit fn to tthMrth; no objection to travel with ?. lady, t i ood cit\ refi-rere-e. Call for two <lnyn at S'J Wrst llih nt., lu'twct n 5' li and tHh avs., In the t ear. \Tl n.^K'S P.ITKATIUN WANTEH? BY A PROTESTANT 1\ rirl,orari and!:e vs in competent to take t: ?? -tit'!.- .'hauji' ???' an in .int from lU h|rt!? and hrlnx it up by band If required; i? fond of chtldn n and a neat sewer; has the be?l ? It v re ier< me Call tV.rtwo days nt.'iS/Cth av., neai 20th nt., aecond floor, front room. "VTURHK. ? A PROTECTANT WOMAN, WHO !IAS HAD many yi aiH i'\pt'i in the e/iro and management of chder-o, want- a Mloation .is nitr-o. Is fpl)y < oi|e?Mit to fa. i- Mo entire ci' k' : r oi it baby from its birth ; is a i no \ s -a:j ih.jc ?> ; or <<; 1 1 wait on an invalid, fall at ol' addretH to. two days, H71 1-ast Dili ht , upstairs. RI 1 YOUKO WID4 K GOOD DRE - Ik? maker, who und? i>b?ndtj all kinds of f.. ailv ^ewlmr, \W . < ?? a ito 4. : ? ? i'i ; woubl like to n* bl with ehfMi'eti or do 1. ch imbe! s\ n k. fall ut or addreM 106 West Vjth ut., bt - tw ci'ti 6 1 a ami 7 1 i? avs. QITt ITIOK WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG H woman to cook, wash, ami Iron or to do general h<?uy??> w rk In i small private funily; be?i oi * It y reference. To 1^ seen at 2b J 2>>th st., between 6th uudyth avw., lirst f.oor? ft ot.t room. CITOATION WANT! D -BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O r.irl, as tir,??i (:hi>s l^undr<'.' ?; underHtamfs I' reneh llutlnt;; would go ua chambermaid and wait: e ;>; i.s thoi'oughlv eom potent in her Imsine^; h t? th?k \? rv best of i-it;. n?fe!rcnco. I'm !><? .-"' en for two da\ a ui l,2Tl iiro<ulwav. tirst floor. QITT'ATION WANTED? BV A UESl'KrTABLE YOU NO O girl, as cook, washer ami Irom r; no objectit n to do e ini 't rworK oiul waifinu; best i ?t, xelerem-e. Gall for two da} * at 111 Yoi-k st., Brooklyn. situation wanted-bv a respectable vol no i woman, a- < k ; is a <*o at w ,v(i r and irt)ii?*r ; no obji c 1 1- hi to do r ,1 housework ju * small pri. . ,, . las' pia at 3fhi Viii nve., oetweeu 44th and 30 ih k QITUATION WANT! D-BY A RESPECTABLE AME C? i i\-;i ii y? .11 ni? -u l, 1 < attend fancy s.nre ; host of i\ fe? i not. < tUat ora Idre a 81 W?* 25 h it. UlYl ATloN WANTEP?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, todo ,< n- ral hoi.-?>work or us chambermaid and child's iiiti .c. A ply a 1 220 East JHKli n. SITUATION WANTED? FOIi A MIDDLE IOEDWIDOW . k ? w. una , ai ehnniberwork or tin: care of children; is eaj a- j (!? -of taking oar- of an iMaiit from its birlb; is alH-.? ; t *? x - iM'Uont nee ili'Worr-aif. Can ho hC-'ii at her prct-a nt employ, cr's, No. a E i- Warren st., Brooklyn. j QITUATIGN WANTED? BY A MIDDLE AGED SCOTCH woman a# on.ju- on f ?r anhiv.ind person, or flo light ehumberwork and take care oi cblhhen; J est of reference can b?* Kiv??n, Address or call at 185 il.'jth St., near 8th ave., in. ihr- e jiy| QITI A.TION WANTED? BY" A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O rii l, tod?? f hainb' iwork and wadi"?, or to do housework in a small p ;vute t .> niif y ; can give good city reference. Call at 9a Pro-pert street, frii two days. vji n iTJ W Khl ED BY A YOl NO WON Uf9 A8 O nur-c ami b <*an do all kinds <>f family si w ? ' from Iter > >t ??in{ Icjyer, whore she has lived om AT ION WANTED.? A YOUNG, REtiPEC TABLE O Ot i lop.u i,i i" 1 wants a situation t , il ? general housework o*.' chamberwork. Inquire at 167 Allen st, QITUATION WANTED BY A BEfil ROTABLE A 11 RI lO < ,tn t-irl , ns ehild^ nur*c; no objection to assist in chu?ii berwoik. Apply at 123 Henry st. mWO GERMAN GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS? ONE TO ! te.'ir h children as. d u s lady's maid; ihe other t> teaeh eli ldren and do housework; good reference. Apply at 47 Allen m . , neai Cntnd, third floor. "II f ANTKD? BY A STRONG, HEALTHY WO VAN, A ft 1 ki v '<> wet nurae at her own residence. Call ft t two days it Monroe f-l. \V"Et NURSE.?' WANTED, A SITUATION AS WET ?t iuu'K", l.'V a \ ouiil; marr. -d woman, who has lost lor ' 1 Call' bet w? en 10 A. It. a'. ! S f\ M., at 211 We t e rear. UTA N TED? A SIT; ATI ON, 15 Y A liESPECTABlE tiirl. to do general housework, or ? nj? fctait> work and take an? of ehildit- u, goutl eity reference. < ull for two days at i?17 I*, st lVth si. \l' ANTKD-A S1TI ATI ON AS COOK. BY A YO\*NG woman of expv ri'-nco ; or woo-d lake a tlr>t < lass laundi' Hs phtee, m od refer?!nc?; mo objection to iheeoun* try. C .tih f.een t rtwodaya at 13 Union court, University place, between lUh and 12th mm. "1VT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOI NC, GIRL (AM E* >? rl ao). a ste.atiuu ah i o? s? k< cp. in a private fainily o. 1 <? :r<t iTi^P.oii -c . or a?> i ham >? rmaid or wain . *h in a pri \ ,i t? lamily. boarding h?>use. er hotel; unext ejitionablo re Ju re nee. Call at or address M. C , 2SU Broome st. \V' ANTED? A SITUATION AR CHAMBERMAID, OR TO \\ do general housework in a private family; l?ehtof city rcfere.m ? Apply at Sullivan st., for two da} a. "\V' ANTED? BY V VERY J' ECTAKLE YOI' KG WO? \} man, a siuation as < hamb. rtnaid and waitress, or as n arse and ' ? do the Pne washii:^ and ironii g; very fond of enildia t?f and < n j?rot!nee the ni'tt ttnqu- i-fona'ble refe r. nees a* to chara. U i an I capacity. Call at 200 Wett ltkh 8f., n ,r7thav. TXT ANTED? A SIT I ATION, AB CHAMBERMAID and \ t vnuI'v-ks, or would do plain hewing and mind children; understands einhrold"ry; the ' est of reference. CaltutHS }?! m st., near Grand, for two days'. TXTANTED? A SITUATION, BY v RESPECTABLE ? T younu:, as asslMani bookkeeper in a tirst class met - cant lie house, elt?rk In a store, or hi any other commcrelsl cap irity wlici e he wo'iUl be useful; wtm s a rapid h .ml; uu derstands c.oubleeiitrv be .kkivpinc v. ell. Address U. C. Ih>\ (id S. li. Crook's (tote!, 74 Chatham m. UfANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, WAl tt r .s <?r laundress; the best of city reference. Apply at & i West 28ih sL, first Itoor. "fir ANTED? A SITl ATION, BT \ YOUNG WOMAN, IS \\ feaiu^tt'ess atol fhnmbnruiald; has no e'vj,-. ; .. n as s'st wit a Uie c.?re ot\ liildre.n; uuu?isUvn?!s all kinds of fatni ly? -wn : ; is a llrst r.r<' union's*. Ca.l .'or two days at 221 \V . ?t St., between 8th and Dili avs. 11TANTED-B1 I YOUNG WOMA A SITUATION A8 \? <??ok, v a.-hrr and r; no objection to 5 he 'ountry. Underrate m the i re of milk and butter. Jie*t rd el t\ refe renc *. Apply at HI I Mott st., mar Blee; ker, for two days. \\r A NTED? BY A KK SPEC TABLE (.IRL, A SiTUA fV u as seunstrcss and nurse, or w add do chr.nx berwork; c;,u cut and lit 'aidles' and chlldret-.'s dresses. Cull at I'.'tO 7th av., near 25th st. W'ANTlin? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE \} y iir : v\ "inan, us chambermaid and waitress; she is wi'Un r . md o!*:tt;iiig ; best . ( re eience from her last place. Ca'l '.or two dayr at 13U East 22dst. fir ANTED? BY I RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A t t situation to do churn ; et*w?-rk an i waitimr, or house work, in a wmwil private lamily; ilie very b?^r of city refe rs t ? ? 4ii be kiv n. Call for two i.aya at 71 Henry si., in the rear. U* ANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter; the best of city reference fo? two years. Call a Mln. ? ' f' i two d?vs. VITA NTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WoMAV, A SITUA T tteti an ?-? ok in a r> ^pectable private lamily; is a first ra e c k an i understands inaklm; tread and pastry. Good rf'ereiae. No obje "j.-n to the co iniry. Can be seen for tw o days at CI W ^Mli St., near toll a v. Iff A NTED BY A RESFECTABLE PERSON, A SITUA \i t .n III cii.'K, Wa ;h ai,;i iron; the aavt t i:; eap Mid v. i j< ii .? Ha* th- bestofeiv) ;eler?'.i.e an to honesty , ; cii;iai flit> Cm be seen lor two days at 3U Ilicaa at., Itr t yn, second tltO!-, frtjnt r -oni. \\ \nted-bv a n; at oekmav ohm., \ situa h lion '.?> do eeneral le-usework. i' dl at ?'M iirystie ??t. ( " vi tiMii to .' -sjst in washing and Irouirnr, ?o..d rity jefer i n Can be t,e.*n for two days at 1<A) West 17th at., in the fa einent. \Vr ANTED? A SITUATION. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, } r viy a t'i spcv t tbte Kirl, as ehainbernia*i hi; : I.omdre^- ?>r general servant; )? t ?>t refereiitey. Ca he .e n at her present employ .-Cs, 71 V sv 14th st. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED ? ? f>e^n??tre<F, ? ii i i.t and lit child rt ti'. loihr ?*, and . II kin 1 of Jatioiy sewing: and euibro der) ; ei?n oiv rti'.e on Si '.gi r'san l Wheeler A Wilson's tnaehim-s; wo'd ldocham b*riv;irk or a<<si*t with children. Can ^fve the nes' of ' it/ r- crejiee. i'.iu l e teen for Uvo dayti at 10 East 3Jd at., ne.a M ( IliOtt av. UrANTED \ SITl 4TION, TO DO ENEI L HOI E work in a private family; best ?| ? - n?nm ..u be^tveo. Apply at 110 3d a**., between 1 3th and 14th ra. \\/ ANTED? BY A NEAT sE VMSTRE> WHO HAS \V been drehfcmaktna', a situation m se.rn?irr?* hythfi nionth; is neat and q? ie % wUhi!.e r e. He; makes children's clothes and understand* r!tki'nriH of family aewing; waijes S^ tiweek; no objection to the country, c' il at o? address 154 Ea at 21m st. WANTED- BY A VERY RESPECTABLE SCOTCH \V 1'ji e int p- r-o7J, a aiti.atfon ns ? han,?iei*n:aid ; docs ladles1 muslin* and hu < - . understands French tinting; ort st ii! tii = nur ? ry ,uf l do plain s> v> tu; e i\n r / j reterr. '; "of i ' -re * fioui lint vlais famitic>. Call lei tw > d??y?. til 7'J 2d av SI'S I'VriQM 1% \Ttl KO-VKMAIiEf QIRL ,al il - ?ly.VNT: i. -liV A llESPKt TABLE UJSlL, A SITCA. i. iy. Apply ut U7 ii..i it ii ?i., ttu.iti uUun, iiii.o* jyn. ' WfANTEH ? A NUTATION AH KURRE AN!) TO TAKE VV ( Hi ol'iliiMion; b*.i gondeliv mrrruci' from lnrUst

pj (VI it 47S6lh uvi'., hctivi en liKtli and .'Jtli i?m. ? AVIT.n-UY A COMPETENT Y?'ONO WOMAN. A VV ? tua ?ii a* Dramatics#, iiy tUr w. ( k or month; uiidi-r i:i? f family nowiii . I'. ill al oruiiilresaSO Citli ttV? oppos. ''' HiUst. _ "llfANTKO? A sniAriOV, BY A RESPECTABLE it rr.-l'-.-i lit no" . ii, an milk'' and ?? in- : i la cap !" of Uitin . ai';. I- in ii i trilunt from Ita birth; b, si ot e ty I II .? i ?'??ill her iu?t mi ? atlon. fall at u? uildn : a lor lu in.'a . s ICO Uih I , >i| i n.itt' 'hi- tilliie IIoim. Ur A NT CD? BY A ItKHPECTABl.K OUIL, A KITUA mi nul l i Mirril honsfivo k ,s K I'tmil plain mok, v. , ; i i an ! iinnT. Apply lor two doja at 144 'Jiii.t. , be iwi i"i and M >v* "llfANTBD-A PITfATfOH, BY A KEKPECTABLE >1 * ii, . / rl, it* InmLeruiaid and waltrei a; 1# wi ling to <lt< ireui'i.i ? )?? k lii'imru tut twooayaat kcrpment en pl'.vei >?, in Wint i.sih st 1- 'A.VIEI' I; V a I. AM', A PLACE FOR A HFtU'ECT \S anil: Uonnan X .I, elgli en yi nr.- old, who * 'ii well ii ii rai i ' ? !,a liambt'i m;, lit m;il toasnUt In homo wnri Can I" tin fbr tl.ien i' iy? ut lilEu 13ih?t., bti'ii 2.1 andgd avN. "\\rANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RBBPF.OTABIvE VV ii woman, h? \vikinv< iicd toaiodiH til tha WO#Uing ..nil i ?'! ?; won ;.! ilmhiiinli "rw ik nn?l wuli'na: t- ? 1 y.',,iVrt i r n' l In ? I ml plara. Call n! nil Jil ttV., b#? l\vi i'ii .i7Ui i' nil 3cHh st#., tlili'u ;'i ,ir, bat k i ot in. TtrA.N ' i:r?- !>??:;-?? maktno, by a yoiwm curl, to VV n ut by the I y tv. ek, In iiriv.1l? .'aUilJli'ii. i ill ul N". Gi'l *' ii'. i'.i b?L\i t!"lt 301 h an<fS7tb Pt.s. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PKOTKHTANt WO 1? i .an, a.-, mil's.', is I ii. I'UIll -".'lit I i lllki lit" I'l.t fi illul "I" all llllailt. lirl'iTs 111 III' i pi siMllOlliplOyisli ill w??t ad .it. 1 \rA.NTKD- A 8 IT I ! \TION' AS LADY'S MAID AND VV ?t-:iiitM,rrh? :|iM<terat:> t? - tialr ?! t- 'a' at'l itii ?.JiiiaV.ui!"; l? ;ty r-i'i n n >i from bi r l..?t n.ii|.il"> i r h. t.'ul. a', ji- ail di i : L. -\l , 415,'Mav., belivt i'is .'Will ami Sift H., for !? > day*. ? Tl/" ANTED? A ,- { I ' A i l"N. BY A YOfJNO WOMAN, AS VV -..I |H.iiM ,? hiU j u i ?;? ? ; i . ii h? i ???.! i. .< r; I* u i; 1 t a k ' r tl< t of , 1 > mli n ttce I'l otn t - r l"it vlnr.', w li"ri> hii.' Ir.i'tl i t ally tliiti! y t'ai'i. CuU ul -'11 it., wiibi of Ulh ill'. ?\VANTBD K SITUATION, BV A ItKSPECTABLE Mil VV .11" i ml I'mti'M mt <i man woman, Its nomsi'kucri'r, or W.llllalri ill.vlto-i. Ivl.t' .rtfT.I .'rlVOl k. m|'Il.r pan t?* i Vt* ii 1 1' r<-'| ' 1 i i tl. Apply a' 6'.' .Slnnipn ?t., I I'lrii lioor. AlfAN"! ED? BY A RESPEi TABLE Y0L:N<1 PRO" VV li s. !Dl RliI, a sllimtiofi if ii * 1 1 si. ? anil plait s vnr or to il'i . iiii'iibci ,'ork and bi..rilii'siltiy Call ul 1;>7 Vi osl IVlb Ut. , III llll 1 i'. t Vr A N T li l>? S IT I.' A T f O N S', BY TWO COMPETENT i VV Birls? dm i>? !?<? K. nash' i' ana ironer tl oibira i l, mil .'mi i n <1 m ai'i > s-, or would be willing t>. aul.-l wli ! f nashltii.-. tvoiiMhc mini: to ,!?? lions .vol"; In . prlv.'l fit in I ly ; i'ii:: bnin: til v i ul >r*rr sir an Uielr laat pi . os. fa In. fin- two .lay# at lWliili st. TITANTKI)? BY A I'.KSPEf TAI'LK YOOKC, WOMAN, A VV (Mutation a* rook ; in '? : mil b.tker; iitnlrritiuKlfi Hash ing ami Ii '.In : ; 1,..# u. ?' ? ji am I ilo gcnt'ral liouM'i'. orW. fill at I'J'J lliitfoun st., Uobokt n niRL, a sn i a o objection to tlie eouu try. Call #t 41' ttih ..v, "I1TANTI.D? BY A BESpECTABI E YOl'NU fltRt, A \V si. .alluii h# cliulnl 'tniHllil ..nil v>'iillrfss; the last of i tv nai l fiice can Ik gitttn. Cull at 103 Wnsi 11 si st., for two llll.l -. \\ ANTKD? I'.Y A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SiTUA VV n.aiil, to lai. e can! of >:li ? 1' i ren, nr to do t;iiioial Jioumiwoi k Inn small family; la a gooii wuahrr nml ii nor and rapahlaol takliia rn i?- ?r an infant fnmi Us ?rill, ii Olij'-ctlons lo III tin' .(nil try Can 1,0 #i:cu for tw , day* at her p:i -i-nt ( mpli ys-i ' . , :??-! ti ??????? b-U si. l\7 ANTED? A Sl'l CATION BY A BESPECTABI E VV > ,ii:ii KH I, lis il, unbi rtna d tnd wattn ?, or t. do (renfiral Iiohs- m m k In u vmitll pi ?? .lo . mily la-it of city rt i' re i Cull lor two day# ut 20J WesloUth at., I \T ANTED? A SITUATION BY A VV (;iil. I ?> do gBncral hunneivm k in a ily; lit of city ttdVren.v from b*rlaat pi st tionr, w ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young cir!, to do general lmu ettrork in a amall prlntt i i 'itv rt'leritlOO 'rail bt M ini from bOf last plain. . *\ ? .* i Sin ?t . avo., I p tlotir, front i o.iui. la s.ien until sulttal. w "\VrAMnn? A aiTUATlDN BV A YOUNd WOMAN. AS > V c:ii;u:.l'cri; .ltd M 1 2 ? i uauu'Sh, w would d?> ti. - w ?>t k a f-'tuill family ; 1?;<* th- best uf city rtim tuo. C &U MVS Wckt 19th st., lor two itity h. fANTBD-BT A HIGHLY KKSPE( r TABLE YOITKO f ju'isotv. u rrote?ini)i, ;? ?i!nati?>? us w uomI ml lady'H maid; wo i d dochu'itb. rword; isiuu x<vU??ut rut* ternnd littfror lad ch1 nnd chtldi'Mi Htio'h i?n; ;i i?? a* ahirt* jn'iker; kind Niid o th? Im-hI id t *? mvojital^ uiv??h an to clmii'.ctor, Ac. C:iH tor two i!n\ h hi 2<iJ 3d nvM licar -1st \\T.\ N T K D? H V A PKSl'Kc'TAiUd-;, CONi-CtKNTKH'S ? f jruting woman, n >kUMtion encottk, wash and irou; ttio b<'si cuy i ?*l t* r? nee can be divert from her ljo?k ?itnaiion. < an b?- nvrnlortw o uay b, if not untied before, ai 316 Kicks st., Bi'itoklyu. \l^ANTKD-A SITlUTIOVr BY A HKSPECTABLE ? V young clrl, a? 1 tain cuoK and excellent wat.lterHhd lfner. Is w illln r and onl.Rinu; would do geiura! ho?i*rw.,rk itv :? hr.iHli family ; can fcive ? e.-t nty roferem e fruin Iter iivst e Call for two days at DO Haitio st., between .Smitb and Hoyi Bts., bonth Brooklyn, in the renr. "^yAKTKD? BY A VERY (;OOD DRESSMAKER, home itv a ^'Mitlenoin's family; wug-s tio object; io?ob. eiioti to the country i can be highly rccouuncnded. AddresH i 1 Kust 23d Ht. I AV \V ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH OIRL, A 1} hit nation aa waiter, or 10 do chambers ork and wait* ii*H ^ail for two days at 1- West 26th fct , between ftth un 1 6th avs. AtfANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PER. t? son, as lirsf . cIbks laundress, or wonUi do cook inp and assist \\ itH the V. anlilti;:. II a* the best of it y rele rence. Can b< -t'l'ii li t* two days at 7* We-t 20th st , 1h tween tith and 7th a vs. Ila?? no objection to m> t ? the country. WANTED -BY V RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITHA." ti? w a* ft ?. >k and laundress; h is im obj< cthm to do general h nisework m a private family. The bestofrete rem e ran bo i \ ??!?. lun l-i seen lor l\\ <i i'nvn, if not engaged, I at 17b Kan 24th *1., between 1st and 2-1 avs.f second lioor, front room. ?\\TANTED? A SITUATION, AS COOK, WA^IFR AND * T honor, or to do peneral housework in a mall private fatnily, by a rospcotahlt* young woman. Han the best and nn'?! VoHpeetabie references. Any c unnmnitH sent to ill West 1."?th St., near 6th av., will bo punctually attended to. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO* man, os f rst ebjs.s ? 00k; be?tof city reference ^Ivi n. rail for two dnyiTat IM WestJittd st. \y\ANTED? BY A COMPETENT YfH*NO WOMAN, A ? t situation as ohambenuaid and to do t he* flue washing a .1 ironing, or take earr of children and do *? winp; is willing and obliging; < n rive the iM'st of city inference trom her last place, Call at 1'1'i Ea*t 13th t , i r? the store. \IT ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITlfA H tion to do i .'';;, w "-bin.; and ironing or general housework in a ? mall private family ; is a good b iker; no oh- ? j? tion t<> go in tho < untiy. Caiflur two day* at 41 Shenif I st . Kvond tloor, trnnt room. TCTANtED? A SITC/ATtON, BY A RESPECTABLE y >unj> woman, as U?:mlre-j: no nbje< tiou toehamb. r Wi rk.' washtug and ironing; the host of reJerenee. Call ut 1-0 East 12th st. "11 "ANTED? \ sir: ' TM.v, as COOK, WASHER AND ! \l noner, ' r to do louscwor;. . tae 1 st of refer ence fr? m hor lata place, Apply ut 1 39 West ii'.Mh St., in the ' lavement, for two days. i TITASTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUXO Woman, A ! \} hit nation as cook. w.. -her and ironer; bent of citv re: ere ma*. Call at No. 2i5 East 30th st., between 2d ' and 3d a vs. | \lrANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE : > young woman, to do canent! honst w rkin ?? noail ta- | mily or to do t hambcrwork an 1 take t ?re ? f ohi!<jren. Two ; v. ars reforonce from Insi id'i' o. Apply at 12# Eftbi l?i).h M.. ; between 3d and Lexington n\p.% first tloor. TITASHINQ.? W AN TE D, RY A RESPECTABLE WO. ; \V man, a family's, era fow ).? lies or pojjtlemon's n.. h ii,^; h.'.s washed for bono of the h"st inn l'iosin tho city ] r a Mora many years; can do up all kinds of line IPtion and K. on? h Dating in the nearest style; can ptodtice the be.- 1 of c:v'"!oroi (-; as regards tharatt' 1 and tMj'abiJnv. Apply at , 120 East 19th tt. ______ "IV" ANTED? A SITI'ATIOX, BY A ItESi'ECTABLE yy girl, as child's nnrse, ?>r to do < b ainborivoi k .\nd nait itv; t an take cire of a baby from its birth; has good city re f* rence. C?n b?: <,ien at UK IIkk? at., between Pacific and Amity at a., South Brooklyn. TXT ANTED? A RESPECTABLE ENQLT8H SERVANT, t V t" ';o u * eo? f. and w asher in a "*n?all family 1 t? w miles in the conntrv. Cad npon Mr Armstronff. No. 9 Ban l.-.y st., \n iiore the lady can be see n front 10 till 2>, o'clock. | "tVANTKD? HY A RESPECT ABI.E, NICE GERMAN f 1 mi l, a situation as rook; has boon nt sorvleo in Of r many, and understandn her bnsinovs perfectly; can niauenll sorts of 1 .afltryy Call at I IG Hlvin^ton st , room No. t>. LOAN OFFICES^ \ T NO 9 CHAMBERS STREET?MONEY TO LOAN TO _i\ m,y noanton Diamonds, W.-toh' a .!? wolry} \?.t by the well known and oid established ISAAC, Broker and <*om mis>; n SU 1 bant, No. 9 Cnamben street. N. B.? No busi lU'Sit transacted on S u-irdny 4 r j. it. ba BK 1 :v? . i;r i-i ? - ahw w, k??om J\ I;}.? This old o-o,r ]M - I ? ndvart os t)-o hlchest st:mK <?r btiy1 tcr c\rh, M i-aai dl -o, bia-noio's, st 1 nn-M, Prat Wall bos, Plato, Optical Instruments, Ac. 21 J Broad way, room l.'t. upstairs. i T 6T? NASSAU STltEET, ROOM NO. 2? A II ON 10 J V MAN c>nttn\ios to pay the highest mice for Diamonds, Watches, ?)ew< rlry, Ac . and make* cash advanc -a on tho ?iime, ou liberal terms. All bualueas conlhb ulial. 4 T 77 BLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY jt\. ftdvan *od to any arr nut on diamonds, watches, jewel ry. | *an "egar*. d?y / ?ds. A . N. B.? Pawnbroker l' tickets bought, I!. M.VYfON, 77 Bleecker street, ni. .stai>a Money to lend on diamonds, watches. Jewelry, Silver, Dry Goods and P- r.'onal ! roj-erty 01 all doscriptleii*. Goods maybe redeemed "tt any time withlu one year. Private olllce entrain ? . hall I tor. 11. BARNARD, M Third a nue. M 4:^ ONEV LOANED ON WATCHES, DIAMOMDS, JFW ivi) mm! other rnl'Ubl.'t, or I >ug)it lor oili, f ie, Vv J. S COHEN. 303 Broadway, rornf r ?>! l.,. . ct r?rtles Ti?l'.cdM?hclr rt^deiiceni' a !.? ?i i ,irtc!iy nti l? Btul. CEDAR STREET.? OLD BSTABUSIIBD OfPICE V r.ey ?dv*nn,<l, In l.itm lu > it, 1 n vaichf* ,1 J?, jB i ^liyjinii other |-rr?"D.<l t r-w-erty. or !h? clit Or c ,s:i ?ml the hlgho.ll ,.r! ' I B .M- .trlctly e lull I n II ,|. 1 . .1ACHIJS, Braticli uBl v. OJ Hr idwny. mill TO ADVANCE, BY HENRY HYMAN, ?pZUtVU" Mroi room No <>n \V".?tch I>:n n nuls ml n roll ( v 'iy d?? 1 , i n. from jlo und ? 1 1 \/ur 'v Mnt'-I .i'i's in wnnt u; mOBBf v.iU uo Well to cul! |3ui(Q"! ? slri' Hy ntint. Hrrvx'iiowt wavti :miale8. A N IHCO.ST, SOBER MAN, SPEAKING FRENCH, EXff /V )i > i an -on. p n *. i, want. ?' | >lf>ym nt ??? l oimul " M litliro, lunnn (?-. ft.! art* i,V Vai't Hi o-'u, or t<? travel t>) | any jhwl o? w ?ft. Apply ut if ani hamp'a, ft'JO Broad Way, ill the ell fi-ry hi ore. I ATUOUOLGII MERCHANT, ABOUT MAKINO A TOCJR ! ??r lite. whole . i n. *, w iiilti sell M.-ael ' ?* a, In ! any lino, ?oda on cotmnlrt-ion. Adiire a Loyal, II raid oflHe. i A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKD-HOK A MAN | wh>? ?:.?(! b ' highly rcootmuendud. Apply l > M How land, 51 doiiih st. A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN 19 AND SO WISHES TO - get ?' Rltna'.i'in in China m sliti lit ? cbik, s j m 1 1 ? bookkeeper or clerk In some wholesale h ? a-; Is a lair pen ma 11 i c i m yi vi) ibe ix'st of recommendations a* to honesty, (-RpaMltty, Ve. Address for onr* week M. At M., Los 2o<j ller.dd oUic<\ AS GROOM- A SINGLE 7QVHQ NAN, WITH fW R year* lit class r. t'rreuce from his lant em| Joycr Jvvatita 11 y ;i .jv !? n ?? r ? m, either in the city or country. Call lor three do* at 4(li a v., in the barn-** store. pOAtUIMAN.-WANTED, A SITU ATloN, BY A PRO \ J tohi.nii man. i* Best of reference \ ?iv? n. A pph M 126 Warren at., or ai private, utublo 5jWe>-t llth Nov. 1. SITUATION WANTED ?A YOU NO MAN, A BOS * O toniiiii, wfcm hanliad ten years' e\p rl< nee in mercantile busin ' , \v ?n M I k. ?. obtain a situation of a re^pouwib e or eon' deii'u I ii.tluro, hi New York city; ample roleieuceaaa 'o c] uv.ieti r .tint .i\ a- 'lay. Address \V. K. IS , rate Huruin* tile Library A*:- >? iatloii, Boston, Mas*. SITUATION WAN I KO? BY A NESPEOTABLE LAD, O whowr.toHii rood hand unci en ring the be*t recom mend :ionsas locap, id by and hot. t My, in noinn re.s*>c talda business; p. in! in-; preferred, la satisfied with mo derate 8. Add 1 i M. C., lleraM ollkc, ANTED? A BITl/AT?uy A * HLVIfMAN AND Krootn, by a >.ln j. , l'rntfHtan' ??! <; is a good 11 ?: an and ? n Til driver; <'?>? 1 ? f a ; cJi . t . <t <, a .-nr<ll ;:ar ?l ? 1 uril wMllnt. to in. 1 ell v. - t ? i i : li.w w.i '-h will b? WAJ i ll ulnj i\71 I.H't 1 i y hi. Mr. isiinth'a ANTMV-Sm'ATrONU. JIY AN EN'SI IPIIWAN AN'I ij>- h (lr?t t'l.i?^KK>k <1 ' wnlr.'s"; Uj.' m ill \> i'l Uy I S' ! ?! m In ?. A.l-'r. ?s A. V'.t nn vrii.Ai..-' ime/idttiiuiiK, u I'A'Uii-i |i Ml 1 1| wa*; rnaki l k* n, N \V.LNTE1)-BY A YCUNt; .VAX CP cn V> una a sidy b ?U;-, uIjJiIm - . < i.r.n tdtmittoii ; s app. en:i'-i 1 tji* ,* t; ' r ? ,im U #?vp# rted n '.i< li. Addn s?<l?J V.. 11 U-'cecn, 278 \ ... . ? New Yoik, ?'i oi end p ace, Brooklyn, \\7 ANTf'O? A SITUATION AS BARTENDER, OR AS tV >i-(ant por;?-r. by a voting nnn of #t ati> and Indu^trL otn* in'.bitx; l e-a <.f <vl ? rnirc; ? > > t and botn ?? . r -an write and nad?'r*!and> nbl, f cii' , ran dejn sit $;/) lor lilsi boneaty, Ad.livtjtT. Y. Imix 127 Herald o|]U.c., for iw idayM. \\TANTKD? V 8TT NATION, AS COACIIMAN. HY A 11 y- nr... in ;n who nn-ln standn tin- sroontin.; or bor es; {s a ?o<;d l;;> 'Mtc: ; no i/.ici'i'iiii to t!i '??inntr,\ ; beat of refer eni-ea. Call for two Uayti at ?6 Franklin aticet. \ 4 ,r A N TK O? B Y A RESPECT ABLE YOUNO MAN. IN >> : ? r> siorr, a himation as el?*rk. and would make ':hn*?df . <? r illy use: ? . 1. II . - eo.< 1 r?*f? t ? n? e from last rm pl -yrr. ^' ill I'or two day s at tVl Baltic st., b iwoen Smi.b and K. >1, li. ? o\ yn. HEFjP WANTKO-MAtES. Agents can m\ke $a vkh day-male or ke # mult*, s?dlinp LU?yd's iirei.t .-!? el 1 a'- Military Map and <ia/ette?'r "f tbe fitu-i'ti Sonthrm Sia cs; i vt* tr'et fjunre. Worth $1U. 1'i i'T .nly r> i runts. Lloyd ^ fttW,<JOO >^tc< I plate Topograph uaal .^lap of Virginia, five ieats'inare. 'i bis i.s 1 be only map our 1 b> (Imifi -al S ott; worth $20, price $1. 1.1. yl s Oi!'< -al 1 l,oe Map "t Missoini; wi.r'h *>:'*, pri? e *.r> e. 1 oyd'- Railroad .Map of Amer.ea, 3,000,000 ropies of wliidi have already 1 e- n a<?bl: price 25 cents. Affents supplied at .all lfo? rr'ail jul< tn, and map** warrant ed. Maj.? y-'ti 1 by mail anywhere lor two re. lit a postage. . J . T. LLOYD, \n.eii an Muj? i'nbl^bef, IM. Broadway. 4 GENTS' CAN* CONVINCE TH EMSKLYES, BY GIVING J\ n." 1 fall. Jb a ' >'?r 1 t . i ?n Pad; contains more artieb s t!>an any oilier in the market. A/nila wj-ufd. Si nt! stamp f? i a elrcnb i'. P.lCiC AK!)?: .V Co., 102 Nassau st. \ N ICTn E B1 LL BOY OK 1 WO Vi \ . TED -AT THE J\ i'ala ? Park 1; ?.-??, eornet <<f iOtii al. and t)th ave. ; ttmse capable also of waiting tin tabb s. A GENTS WANTKD? TO SELL i rCTCKES, BOTH IN Hum itv and lie eonnttv. A reduction n pri -.s has ci'-afed a correspond! n^ily la'rce. sale, and untiMiial intliv c m^nis are n- w o:.'e ?! to auents. Call betwe-m U and 12 I'M > i. : t ll'J N s.-.iil bt., reem J.O. i. / lOMMKItCfAL TRAVELLER \V.\NTEO? ABLE AND \.J e.- ??: -eh ?, acquainted w t i t!?e ii itine-ry, l'j sell u"od> in the cmuitry. Apply to Wm. K Whif.r Co., 127 Grand St. T\UUG (?LERR.? WANTKD, AS JUNIOR ASSISTANT, A _l / yonn>j-ii>H n who has bail about tbr?*e y* -urn' cxpericnco in the iinalues^. Apply \>eraunaUy at 6Jte alb a\c., corner of JSUi - t. DIUO CLE RK.? WANTED. A YOUNG MAN, THO n>u?:lily eomi?etcnt: to aneh a gonrl si mat Ion i? offered. Address Drue*. Herald office, s'atinn age ami reference. y NT! una- in-; vi;n wanted? to m:ll the J a I nion Stationary ana Recipe I'aekace, an indlspeusable requisite in every town, eily and village in this country. Agents wanted. Send stamp for areolar. RICKAItDS x CO., 1(B Nassau al reef. EMPLOYMENT WANTED? D >NUS OF $2,000 AND l?P Pj wards to be paid.? A gentleman who has bad much oil ial experience de$ires employment. A bonna propor tioned to the value of the position conferred will be paid. Address, touiideiufally, Cl? aries David, box .*!,<#(> Poet ollie.f. Help wanted.? a good, reliable man, with $3fi0 cash to loan enipb?\t?r, undoubted security given for money, may have steady employment; salary $30 per month and Vx ard, the year round, m produce busines/i. Ap- 1 ply at 335 Broadway, room 43, lor two day *. pIDINO MASTER WANTEI>? OF GOOD ADDRESS I and well <(u:ilibed for t)>e b-actiin^ of n riding school; ( also, an assistant trainer ??f liors* ?. Addreas box 2.5H Post j office, with name, relerence and addreas. j 01! R UNION PRIZE PACKAOE CONTAINS EAR. rings, Bnicolets, Brotvhe*. llalr Chains. Lockets, Mourning and If and Sleevo Button* r?nU Studs. Auents waited; ran make $5 to $>U)u day. Send stamp for circular. IUCKaUIJS ?V CO., 102 Nassau st. I> UTCHER ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AT HOLDER'S # Nav.v Market.* Mii-wt aotivo yoiiug man. N. K, ? A Kir. K Euult?bw ?i? pte.imvu; no tit-- ot 'ior need apply. Holder, No. II Yot a. *t., Brooklyn. WANTJ'D-I'.y A COMMISSION HOUSE, A SMART \r intelligent boy : must be T'kk and correct at fl^'ires and wiilln : to mako it'm^if penera'ly o*fol; nrme others need apply; sal try first yar f 100. Address. htuting age and re fen ?!?????*, C., box iH-s Post ojjl -o, N. Y. \\r A N TF D ? A S SERVANT TOAK' OWTCBB TN THE H army, either a < olon d or white man, xt ho thoroughly nnderstanus the e.tie of horsus and ien good rider. One \xho \< lioni^i ?nd an i ? hii bring re! ere tux'S, may ap ply at 37 Vesey ,st., uvm 12 to 3 o'cloik. "\ \f A N TP. I ?? A SMART, HONEST YOUTH, TN A UP. \\ tali hosiery store; wages m week. Applv between 7* nn.i 10 A. M. to Mr. Co t.ieil, 272 Kul:< u st., Brooklyn. Must have g??od references. "1 If ANTED? V STEADY YOCNO WAN. WITH A * ? thorough knoxvb d*;e of tlr- bouae furnishing business. N ? no other need apply to Edward i\ Bus . lord, Coopu In stitute. W W ANTED IMMEDIATELY? FOR THE WARDROOM nl the United S' Hi-- Kteamrr Sauti&go d? Cuba, itn rleqed steward uud oook ?/r.l fimrsi i vuun. Auuiy ut iavj Turd. r II V STAND VE IDLE? WHEN YOU CAN MAKE $!S ii day by srl'lix, nr l.'uhm i'llr.f Pitekafre? They co off hot lakes. i.- wanted. Send stamp lor rircuinr. IUClvAUDS ,t CO., 102 Nit.xs.iU8t. RANTED? A Vdl'M) MAN Willi CAN KKKPBOOKHs nui.t have ?ijoJ ttty iclorence, Imiu.n oi Henry Eis 51 1st a v. 'AN I'ED? AM ENERGETIC OKI. MAN, WITH A In" ~ - ; ? . v ho liuf :i lit'-i:? iieipia niflnrn among the i! gr ii <-t y tr u!?* m iy u| i I? In v-r- n ?? 2 '2 East Wit at. LAWRENCE A TEKUUNE. 'ANTKD?IN A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, AS oreia ior, toci.iit .i id dtvukWJfl. E BALCH, 12.'$ Bowery. TJSTA NT1-J >-T "MAN AS WAITER ii E MUST I ' X DER M m h 'ipct. im '\v?ti'i'? ;.n I liiakn himsplfceneritll/ u?c f i,I. Apiily f ruvo'tasHU) 1 * ra tioiA ii. Martin. \Veatouelitci' 1 foi i sc. Uaiient, betweeu UJU? and 13Uth su., Huriom l*rldffi. TIT ANTED? S(H) AGENTS TO SELL MPPMANN'S CELf }f lusted Muncatc I'mviler*. t"r lie di'Stmctlpik of v t'!* irln, tlic l est ihlits evi r Invenlrd. From ?.1 in J5 utudc ft ilivy. For | nrti< iiltr.j i ill :n 4;!t> Hriwdway. \\"amki>~ \ clerk for a t'o.M. omri:-2 COnI VV durturs, 2 Ur ikpsmtn, 2 boys for tntden, 4 girls to tn* vi ! to Europe i. ltd C kltfot nta, Talei t" to to Cnbn, 3 porters, 6 riiou f,tr aii'dinerf. A, ply at No. 7 Ch?tham square. r ANTED? AN ACTIVE, ENERGETIC MAN OP MID n> s ilc-iuHti ami bookkeeper. Ad t.M'ASA. M. B., U'-ifli'l TSTANTED? A YOUNG MAN. WITH ?r-M> TO tt.flOO 11 . ..~Ik to tnkc cliai ?ii i f a hualnes." on Rrnn lway. A f? r s;, la r v kvi,! and tlni la-si. '?! nwuriiy lor the tuotiey. In^ttlr-' a* at Bccktiutn St.. op sl.iivx. \ I ' A NTI2 O -Aii t. NTS FOR THE SALE OF VINEGAR; \> g< oJ , '.intnis- o iv ill bo paid Apply at No. 1 Siiir.'lk ?|,:vet, corner Dtv r?ii-n. TjanSLS WANTED.? 'APPLY Tl'I.i DAY AT 71 Mi R AV \V 1\'AMI1D-A YOl NO MAN TO DRIVE AHORSE AND VV t?ri, and !e!iiert{ "d* in the city and Brooklyn. One w 11 *<*qni.|mi J Willi thr care . | horse* may at ut 73 Catharine at., mvrol BMrtHw. <21 HO ?WANTED. A SMART YOUNC MAN, TO OPEN iJlUu. a; i oi' ? in Chicago, and tak'.- the esoluslve whole* ? ile ac lev i ir :k 11 ot Lloyi'.'s it-rut Military Maps, which s- 11 IlKeth Wl'ikil. fl' hi Kutl1rl**nt ?*n|.liaK To a young man ?\ howil f.'i.ow in?!ri!' iioi)s $l"f) work may b" m.ido. A - ?, ;r ? ir * to go u? Port'rtii'l, Mmi"; Albany, N. Y.; M,.- ' w uikre, Wi^' i n^in: Conne< tir it, PI'Ubur:'. ' Octroll, In di/t-iai ? It* an 1 H'j. l.. *tt t, >. V. Cull at LLOVD S, No. lo-l Broadway. orenn ?A Ct&nK WANTED who can advance ??f )\ / v' ? this atijouni ?r?'l v ho x\ ill take emiro ''largo of a shoo store r>n theS xili avenue. Ad<!res.?i I*. A., UeraM ofllce, "i eall atlH)^ Pine ntic^'t, room No. 5, bctxve-u 1 i and H oVIock. ?WANTED, AX ENTERPRISING MAN, TO <;o i-> California aiul ta!- * the oxclufive agency f"t all fit' Lloyd's great Military Maps. A fortune tan bo :nnde on man j'? CtliforniA. Ov -r O.H) eopiea of one of my maps have teen sold in the States siready. Also, a m: n U go to Havana .f. T. LLOVD, lo4 Broadway. COAL. / lOAt- NO MISERABLE TR 1811 OR No L0UO TO IJOO I \J P'S , t? livei?* 1 Kir $4 ,y ) 'tr f i 40, but f nil weight of 2,0?? , lbs. cTtr-iuteod, under f Mfetture or the whole I. ill, of the : Ix ui peaeh Orchard , n . Lehtgh Coal in the cHjr, delivered in I . 1 oi ; r, at $1 7.*?, from yards lower corner of Kin# and i ? ' enwi-.-li s?(r*'i?t>?, ai.d 60 Hoofievelt street, eornerofNexv ?? .v?jy MATTHEW CI.INToN, wholesale and reUUa^eut lor Ue.l Afli and Lehigh Coal pOAti :: ORCHARD LBHIOff AND L0008T \J Mounl 'in. vnrr. ntod to be genuine nrtfele?. at lowest, markft pn n <m yard; 60 cents per ton less from boats. , Al* >. En,-.iUii 11-.||?' Caunel and Liverpool OrreL of best | qualities." ??t current rates. HLNKV REEVE, I Corner ( anal and Centre, and a mer Jane and West s.s. pOAL $4 V> ?THE BEST COAL FOR STOVE AND V.' rati#- o.-e; bu; ns free, without xvas'< , xv.irranted full weight. LOVD \ CO., Eighth Avcuue,eoruer of Twenty-seventh .street. HELP \V A N TK H? FTC MA t,KS. American, KNdiJim. i rihj r, scotch, ukiiman und t-oloi-ed *? rvairs, with 1 > i vtvu. ?.ia itdw l.e had, fret* of charge, at No. 7 ?*'*?vcnth strec, mear H? o&dway. Several girls are now v. uuio t for excellent aim a* tWiUS. A FRENCH NURSE WANTED?A FREK< H WOMAN JY 1 1 ni( >*' cut to take eNar,;e ??t uvi yuiin; ?r. u. .u a i -oiintry place, one utile from \V-?s# n.,t :i city; noue need apply without the best refercm-*. Aj p-.v 'eiweeu the h our* of if .iiui 10 A. M. ut 214 24 av., between ftth and Uth fchcctH, umii Friday, Nov, 2. i BUXDAXCE OF GOOD SERVANTS READY AT THE J\. old e. ian:|sh?d and lust; s' losi.'jue, 13-i Uth >t . corner .il 6th ;*v. ; neat, capable, < ivti w ?-iueii-(ici m ?n, English* Irish ".nl Scotch; moderate w age* to suit the tiun a. Mrs. Floyd in attendance. A OOOD COOK WANTED? ONE WHO I A WILLING J V to a xiNtin the lions, work; ou wash in : r ironing i*? <i r< t. A i pi > iu> reduUely at 4& Ea . lu.h st.# between ilroudwfty nil 4th ave. 4 NY VOI NU MARRIED LADY, WHO HAS LEISURE A to a*s si a lf? -il k< niemun \ ??? !?> ? T. dorm# the w inter, in.* v increase her pin mm. v anl confer a iuvor by addict ill# UnbM'li, box 2lU )' i a an ? . ACI1VL WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, IN MOR r:?a .l.i, to do general homework, wa h n*; and Inming;.. good reference wuuted from !.<.? j-'io e. Apply at (L7|<6tU u\\, n ir ilat stM in the piano store, front 'J A. M. to J 1\ Iff. thin d iy. | IX FAMILIES SUPPLIED FREE OF CHARGE 2\. with the h- -t do ii. th- ? >\y\ ? 'ouks. cbniflber iitaida , houaeworkers, Jfee., at wu/.cs to suo th times, House, keepers would fwomot" their im? ro*t by c: Mu.p at the first claws Aueuey, '120 4th av,t ' < ' w? e ? 2>i - :j n :.,r> h .-tf*. A NCMRER OF WEI L ?'l a IFIED AND KECOIf J\ in "h ; d KirJa want d, to t il h . . f? . s m iit-i fass fa milies; cooks, ? hatnhcrin tids ami hotisnvtork**'*. None need apply hut worthy, tir*t iws dororati ?> a. the Ageu > ;i-U4ib between 24 ?ud 2.5th nit*. DORSET MAKER WAM'KIM 1Lf)AK HANDS WWII;1 Til E NEW YORK J Mourning Store, No, 1,7 J. . . ___ ? I. -v A. MYEU8 k CO. IDOIC WANTED? WHO IS fit ' il?,:fLY COMPE J tent in all hrr.nfhe^ ami * .m ? \* ?' n e uneutied. pu'.y V>etween Oit'id 11 A. Ni., ni 4 f WcNt.TJSd Kl. Those who ilied last week, need not call TjlRr E TO EMPLOYERS ?HOTELS. BOARDING F houses and priv; le !a ill fan pioi*ure e\pi*rleneed, l,?on'st and rellaho* help m Ii * n .i Kuif lovm'*'.t Institute, S2l) iiioa iwiiv, with um *?? pto?n.' 1 eiiy referen ?*5?. Orders by mail will n ceive prompt u^tenti* n. ^JOOD COAT MAKERS WANTED? AT ?8 I ( LION ST. QERVANTS IN BROOKLYN, WA\TIN(i SITUATIONS, O slto'ild tfiplv iinmcdia ?* iy t<. M \ .N.MN<# \ CO., 10 nilary St., Rrooklvu, when* all ihe first cI-inm 'nmflles In tliateitj get ihmr help. Oh Is are not re?\aired to sit in thU oilier, UMMEIMN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A THOROUGH Tf latindress; a PrntcafAnt pref^i red. At<j>).v < :i Tltursday and Fihlay re t, l.etw? ? n the lo uis oi 11 A. M. ami 2 P. M., at the otliee <.f Messrs, Ward, Campbell \ Co.. S i Pine ut. ANTED-A NICE TJDY o EMM AN (URL, TO DO in'i'.il housework, at 11 Coim tiast.; must come Will reeomni'Mided; wages $5 per month. WANTED? A (iOOD NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, TO T ? go to Chicago. Non" n? d nppty without city refe ror.ces. Call at 76 East 27th m., between 9 and 12 o'clock, for * two dnvu. WANTED? A COMPETENT PERSON, TO ACT AS tV sal -swentan, in a fur e>t or <? on lln a?tway; must have a koowi- d e of 'he bit lne?>n. A .i in ss, wifli real name and references, Rrn.idwny For Stor?k, Herald olhee. TITANTED? AN ENGLISH WOMAN. AS FI HST CLA88 ?V c<??>k. wisher and iroiver; h?vt recorunicn^atlon re uuir ed, an I Uj st ol wages given. Nono other jieed apply at 390 4th av. ITTANTED? A MIDDLE AO ED PR' > TESTA NT WOMAN, :t ri norst ; -nl-o a mmuisi i-cms, w h ? nndf stands liair ' with referent cs, at 7.'3 Rioadway, between WAE ANTED -A YOIINO GIRL, TO SEW A.\r> WAKK If gnnr rally Useful. Apply ut Wrsi 23d it., \\T ANTKD-ONK 1IUN1)RT;1I FJRST RATR CI.OAK ?T ni.iki-rs. Nimp but m m rinr workers need u|>plyto Qi in. Carey, .'UH mi l .'Oo Canut Ki*eU WASTED? A GOOD GIRL, AS COOK. WASHER ANI? Uww r, and to make : . arnerally umiul. Must cow * Wi'll rwommemloO D-rmi her !n?i |i|aro. Call immtt (llaiely nt 40 West ltilli H., iwif filh nr. ?\VAKTKII-TIIREE DRESSMAKERS, CAVABIiB 0* ) V .initio th<* 1m*?i ivork, i.n l a.. < |ir-i'.itor on W li.*icr A Wil son's machine; one who nndei (-lauds drec-m iiiioi; pi-et'erred. A ii ply in Mme. Sever, No. ?!|lnlnn pl*cc, Stli at. SEWING MACHINES. WITH OPERATORS, wauled ut 413 Bra*4tvuy, thud lluor. ChII during 40 THE TitADES. ' A FIRST CI, ASS JOURNEYMAN CONFECTIONEB iV can iind steady employ and good wages to ?o out ef town; baking, candy nnd ornamenting party work, Ac., re quired. tal :> t Wand (W si., between two and three o'clock on Wednesday. /"^UTTERS WANTED? I MMEDIATELY. A PI'LY AT COB V' ner Broadway and Warren *t. DEVLIN A CO. HANDS WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, OX BOYS work. Highest pric:e? given. Apply at corner Brood w uy nuil (liaud ?t. DEVLIN * CO. Machinists wanted?one or two used to fine work and aide to makn 'lies and punches, may up ply on Thursday afternoon between i and 6 o'clock, at the 1 adlock store, 11 Walker street. TO PRINTERS.? WANTED A SPANISH COMPOSITOR. One who thoroughly understands the language may ap ply at 70 John (it. ______ mo SHOEMAKERS.? WANTED, 200 MEN ON A RUT 1 shoes. Also litters. Good Wages will be paid to good workmen. No?? others need apply to E. A. Brooks, 150 Pul on ?t. N. B.? Wanted, titters on line boots TO WATCHMAKERS.? WANTED, A YOUNG) MAN Or some experience io i watches. Apply at 717 Broad w .iv. : ram 9 to 10 A. M. or ti '"7 r. M. TITANTED ? TO GO WTO TAB COUNTRY. A GOOD VY tinsmith, w ho can do genital ioii mid repairing and assortment wot It. Apply to D. Euirell, 179 Pearl ..u'cet, from ? A. M. toti I'. M. fANTED-A PRACTICAL FINISHER OP WOOLENS, n* superintendent. Apph .it 40 Barclay St. \TCHMAKER WANTED? A SINGLE MAN, OK sternly habits, and a linn rate workman, to go a short TV W ?ance into the country ; most be well recommended. Ap i.l v this day nt the office of Churchill, St ill cy A Co., No. 17 Maiden Ipne, upstairs. "IlfANTED IMMEDIATKLY? A BOY TO LEAKN THE VY carriage hlacksmithiti.;: ? no m lio has been a vear or hi at the trade would lie preferred. Inquire at liil Bowery, eaniage hardware store. lirANTED? AN AWNING MAKER. APPLY TO JOHN i > Surin, 19 Duauc at., corner of Chatham, oral 2&3 Wil liam st. ,-nn MILITARY OVERCOAT HANDS WANTED.? ?)' IU The highest rii -i s paid; work received and paid for every (lay. J A 8. WILDE, .lit., A CO.. 3*1 B roadway. I Ann TAILORS WANTED ON MILITARY COATS. 1,'i'JU Highest prices paid Apply ai 37 Chambers ?t., up Malm. 1 /inn TAILORS WANTED-TO MAKE MILITARY I.UVIU overcoats; the beat of prices paid. Apply at Bernheimor Bros., 199 and 201 Broadway, HOUSES, ROOMS, AC, WANTED. A furnished OR UNFURNISHED house.? want" . I'll, by .i family of two pei sons, a modern House contain ing ni'wlTii Improvements, ivhc.e the owner would receive il l' rent in Board and permit a few s< lee ooardcrs. Loea ci-n between Third and Seventh avenues and Twelfth and I'wi'nty eighth streets. Address G. D. S.mU, 130 EaslTnir lerntli street. A WELL FURNISHEO FOUR STORY HOUSE WANT e l immediately, between fourth and Twenty-fourth ??I ? rets, two or three blocks from Drmdu.i}', m-l or west, wii-T" parties ow nlng will remain and bo ird mil a portion or i he rent, P' rmltting, also, two or tin e other boarders. Rent in us't l.c niniterate. Ai. dress A. H., box -d7 Herald office. ALA DIES' BOARDING HOUSE WANTED? ONE FUR mshed and doing a good business, either with or with out | ernmn 'in boarders. Any person wishing to dispose of si rli a house can tind a i ?> I sod responsible tenant by ad die ^.-inc .Mrs. A. F. Gibson, Station E, lor two days. A YOUNG DOCTOR, WITHOUT PRACTICE, WANTS an tinfnmlshed Room, without Board, where he can t;et practice. $3 or %i per month i willing to pay more asprac i ice accroesV, above Thirtv-tlt ill street. Address Bachelor Pin Tom,, siatlon F, immediately. T/H'RNISHF.D HOUSE WANTED? IN BROOKLYN, BY P a small family Address, slating location, lerins, Ac., bov No. 9 Brooklyn Post nillce, TjlURMSlIED HOUSE WANTED IN BROOKLYN? r Sn.? I and neatly furnished and in a desirable neighbor h i",!. Kent low. Address, with t oll particulars, box 2,u64 Now York Poet office. \\r ANTED TO LEASE? V STORE ON THE WEST " si !o nf (he Bo'.verv. between Spi ins' and Bond streei*. Address C. H., box Herald offl ' ANTEI)-A SMALL KTOUE. SUITABLE FOR LA dies and gentlemen's furnishing go 'ds, iv. b Rooiufl bn"knndo;i second slorjr sulta'de tor ,i umall funnly. Ad ?a:ion B dre-sM P., Hertid ofliee, 'giving lo ll^ANTED TO RENT IN BROOKLYN? A NICK HOUSE, ?\ Willi stable attached, easy ot ?<? ess, good location, mo lern Improvements, Ac. Address tor two days H. R. L t Herald office, stating lowest price and location. AUANTED TO HIRE? 1'A KT OF A FURNISHED > ? II ime, by a very siiihM family; w ith every convemenco for housekeeping except bedillng and sliver. Terms must bo moderate. Address II. 11., Herald office, stating particulars. xir ANTED? UNTIL FIRST OF MAY, UPPER PART OF VV a House, partly furn -s i.ul, s-ilt iole for housekeeping for three persons, iu a re p -cinMrt location, convenient to the ferries in Brooklyn, or west i I 11. <. idway in New York, Ad dress House, box 127 Herald office, stating terms, which must be moderate. t "IJtTANTED? HOUSES AND PARTS OF HOUSES, IN Vr .and near the diy, fiiriilshe.' ni l imfurnl-lii J, turlaren and small families. Landlords wanting reliable tenants will ple#je scud location nnd terms of property to let to A. C. JONES A CO., 3JA Broadway. MATRIMONIAL. A YOUNG MAN, 2S YEARS OF ACE, DESIRES to form the acquaintance of a yount lady ale ut 23, with a View to matrimony ; must posses* futi share of gawd lin ks and accomplishments; in* -n y i ot an ubjeet. Address S M. I . h.n I .'7 It? ,,i l . A GENTLEMAN OF WMALTII. is) YJIAI'.S (>(?' AiilE, of good personal appears no and ? i : m, i ires to form the aeipiainiance of a young lady of frn:,i l.s to U"i. She mils' ^e nooil looking, relined and in';elli^..nt, and atteotion nie in disposition, pleasing aid 'If-iKi. l in her man ner'. Address for three d.iy.r Clarcuce Beverly, Herald office.

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