Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1861 Page 7
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tub turf HION PLE ."Million r.u,, ?Mob FASHION PLEASURE GKOl'ND A880CIATI0N.? ras Won Courts, Thursday, Oct. 31, U 3 o'clock. A ttatco, tntie beats, bem thiee in tivo, to nmn. Jubu Bra aen names b. g, Honest John. W. Bi n Be? mime* b. in. ?? . Admittance 50 cruu. J. CKOC'irMtO*1, Manager. horses, CARRIACKS, AO. A PAIR or BKKiHT BAY HORSEri, LONQ TAILS ' fifteen and a ball hauds liwli. v.-iy ?ij ll?h, but perfeetly kind ami gemle, with great oo.-uran.v; alii. > a trnlued Chest nut saddle, all eight )??< old, will lie sold very r-. *s the owner (??uvea the cuuutry noil week. Address Mo ? ?aa, Herald office. A TWO HOR-tK FKKD OR K LOU It WAGON FOR sale? Nearly now, Tory strong, shitting tide?, sultiihla for oartlng liav or leed; sold lor n unt of um. Apulj to J AS. h. MOO KB, & Kulton street, Broukljn. Amr PERSON HAVINO A GOOD HORSE, OR PAIR of horses, which they wish to send In the country to bo well kepi on hay and leed, fur $S per inoutlj, can lieur of a food plan- by Inquiring of the freight agent of the stoamcr Paaxilc, at the 1 oot of Barclay street. A PAIR OF ItRMIHT BAY HORSES, I5?? HANDS; weight l.inu lba ; found , km l mid very stynsh, for (.)&>. A trained dapple hrown .Saddle Horn', Ift^J nands, veryhainl ?ome, fur fxii. Sold for waul of use. Address R- P., Herald oOoe. ACCOMMODATIONS CAN BK HAD IN ONE OF THE beat private nt.ihl.-a In the city for two, with or Without Board. aim, ited In Went Eighteenth siroet. Stalls ?botre ground und ivnple room for carriages. Inquire aUor 11 A M. ol J. WAt.ii, 33oi Sllth avenue. A NUMBER Of BUSINESS WAGONS CONSTANTI.Y on bund or mad" to order, such a? Grocers', Bakers', Milk and Express. Er ry article got here warranted to be represented. Al^?> some seeon 1 hand Wagons, in good order and chei.p STEWART'S Wason Factory, fifty-third ?beet, between Broudwnj and Eighth avenue. TTIOR KAI.K? CHEAP FOR CASH, A STYLISH, LONG J tail bay llon>e, 15 hands high, good trotter; warranted aotinri Mid Kind; alto a splendid light Top Wagun, made by D. J. Dusvnlmry; Harm-m, Kobes, Ac.; not to lie sold sepa. rateiy, except perhaps the horse alone. Can be seen at John C. Idell's stable, 11 ?b.>* en, near >apoleon Hotel. About |>riro apply to L. GAltKKLN, 47 Liberty street, up s'.oirs. Foe kalk-one two iioksb coupe, in first rale order. >iade by John R. Lawrence <i Co. C'aube neen at No. fel Crosby at net. 1?0R HALE? A LIGHT TROTTING WAGON; CfTY J} build; weighs 165 pound*. To be W'i'Ji ai X?. West Warreu stiret, between Hicks and Columbia streets, So a th' Brooklyn. FOR 8 ALE? A GREEN COUNTRY HORSE, BRIGHT b*y, i(*\ hun ts high, stylish air! ol* extraordinary bottom. Can trot his mile sure iu 2 36. For particular* apply to FRANK li. SMITH, 68 Broad way. FORfvU.K-A LEATHER TOP, EASY RUNNING. COM for table Wagon, In tine couditiou; also a single Har ness, wade by one of the l>e?i makers, used but a few times: vrioe of \Vrtj.,un and Harness $li5. Address R. S.f box 12# Herald olhee. FOR SALE? A PAIR OK FAST BAY MAKES, FIFTEEN haud* high, long tails and mam-s, young, sound, gentle In single or double harness and wiiuout exemption the hand somest t?-;.m of the Kind in N?-w Y? rk. Apply at the private ?table No, 11 East T\veniy-? v n a street. For sale-ou will exchange for a smaller Horse, who can trot inside > l" three minutes, a handsome dapple blown Horse, t? year* i?ld, li) hands high, l"ti? 'ail ami ? irvatylish on parade"; per'et tiy geittle and reliable. For particular.' inquire of ASA FUAKlE, It-') Fulton street. For ftALB? -TWO SECOND HAND 00A0HB8, IN got;il vanning order. To be se n at Peltoifs stables, eor nor of Twenty-aeventh street and Bioadway. Inouire <?f C. B. POST. FORBALE-A GENTLEMAN'S Tl'RNOrT, COMPLETE Hors", Wa:v?n, Harness, lU.mket and Houd, Robe and Whip. The linn- is a Ion*: tail bay, 1 '}? hands high, tan trot in three minutes to i wa;on; the wa^on }.-* n *w, and weighs 165 pounds; t^e prener; v oi a :',entKonan ^<>ing to the war. Also. several line single llorsex; line, stylish drivers; and it number of light Wauons. F rsale tttettp Afply at wS and 208 Went Trt . nty-.cventh street. Fob sat.e? a coupe and phaeton, both made ?>y Brewster and m a !v new; an ? xtrn li^'ht tr. f n < Wagon, by Dus -nbury .v Van u 13 o liis.; a sfyli di black Horse, six \e.usold, I I ti.tnds hi rh; a handsome sorrel Horse, 15*4 ha/ids, can tro in ihr ? ? minu'es, si*ven years old; nfwo sin. le ani double IUrnc.s, Xr. impiire at'atablo in Thlr;eenth s? rcet, rear of tM Fit t;i avenue. For balk? a splendid hair of Vermont Horses, 15'^ hands liiuh, color ti n ? ? bny, switch tails. tinu style mxl fiction, very closely matched, grand roadsters, ftnd of groat endurance, eight 11 il nine years old? one of them n beautiful saddle bor>e ? h II be sold for the want of use atalow figure, and warrant' <1 sound. Inquire at U. Montague's siiti 1 corner nf Sixth tivenc.o and Twenty-third street, from lo o'clock \. M. until I I'. M. FOR BALE? a NEW expuiiss \va<;i>n and top Buggi ??, new aud second inn J, soil cheat) at 91 West Twenty-ninth ?ir;et, lietween SIMM mi I Seventh avenues. For sa i.e? two hav m a :i:s, ix years o bands high; warranted sn.unl tin I kind in double or single harness ; suitable l'oi e\ cry bu-lness. Can be seeu for two days at 49 Qreeoe sti w t. Fob sa'.e? a three quarter Canadian PORT, six and a half years old; \\ o .1.1 drive single or double; also a strung ('art Horse, suit Me for a coal cart. fan be aeen at Morgan'* Manhattan Rout Beer Manufactory, 101 West Fortieth street, near Bruadwa>. For sale cheap? a sorrel horse, about is bands high, sound, kind, gentle and a phasant driver. Apply at 151 East Twenty-third street. FOR 8AIf, CHEAP ? TWO EXCELLENT FAMILY Horses, sound and kind. AIm, .i fast trolling Horse. Apf*y at 98 Mercer street. STABLE TO LET.? PART OF AN VP GROUND STA. ble, near Union square, with stills tor t .vo hi uses rfud room for two carriages. C ill at 73 East Nineteenth street, from 7 to 9 A. M. or & to lu P. M. The stock of a livery stable selling out Cousistlng of stylish, speedy and work llontes, road find business Wagons, ? cheap Coach, light Harness, Ac,, at Mo. 96 East Thirty-second street. WANTED? A HANDSOME OKAY HORSE, TO MATCH another; must be l.Vf, hands h.uli, and trot in thieo minutes. Apply at Montague's stables, tid and (K West Twen ty-third street. WANTED-A SECOND HAND CLOSED CARRIAGE, In good condition, for l eu |:ciw?ih inside, besides driver's seat; not loo heavily built; to beus-dln the country. Address box l,ll)? Post ollle.-, stating lowest pri WANTED TO BUY? A HOUSE OR MAKE THAT CAN trot in three and m half minim"", sound, kin.! and gen tie In single harness; Ion;: t ill an i t llsh drivir, 15 or 18 J< handahlgh, from six in ? ? 1 m I j I j.mis ol.i, lor which I will pay $125 or $150, cash. Address A If. box lOU Herald ollioe, lor |wo days. 2 PAIR or LARGE, Ifi 11AM>S, LONG TAIL BAY Horses for sale, and one line single Horse, H hands high; just come lu Irom t'en ' te, N Y. Cm be ?ecu a I the Hiponn stable, Tlilrty-nii.ih strec , between (Sixth avenuo and Broadway. COPARTKEKNlilt' \OTlCES. A GENTLEMAN WOULD LI KB 1' > IXVKsT A VEW hundred dollars in some pn y ing Retail Business. Address P. B., box 220 Herald olllec, giving n trliculurs ; none ethers will be noticed. AN AGREEABLE ASSOCIATE WANTED-TO TRAVEL With the advertiser h? cnsiiii r lit a celebrated money making business ? a great "hit en lie times"? wh. eh draws crowded houses. Only $"flOrequir d hiilf interest. Ap ply at 5X1 Broadway, up > t ilrs, o no- I Avi ney. A partner wanted? to join the advertiser, lu a respectable cash busines., s everal years established and paying a handsome income. $5o0 to $sno required. Ap ply tot". ?. HOWES, 43y lit adway, room 12. PARTNER WANTED? WITH $1,000, IN A WELL established profitable business. Applv to or address MERRILL A HASKELL, Solicitors ol Patents, 37 Park row, rootn 10, New York. ?p VRTNER WANTED-IN T1IE CONFECTIONERY AND Pastry Business. The com is dulrr .i good buslm-en, ' object of the advertiser Is t.. en a billies' resmurant. . ?, i nil particulars apply at Wjt' tul street. WANTED? A PARTNER TO TAKE PART INTEREST in an up town oyst r i in nt. recently fitted tip for the purpose of servloj faniili. s in.ii parties, it being a ?ood oppoi tunlty for a iiiul.ll--.ig I .u. n who nill take the Indoor business. Call at 1.J1 Wesi Jtith St., one dour from Broadway. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, AS PARTNER IN A light Manufacturing B '-lues ?. Mu d have Jji.v) In cash and give unquestionable raft i en e-. Aib.ress I,., ? 177 Horald ollico, or call at HJ Mae'.eu lain-, secoud floor, otllce. d>OAO ?A PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS Jp^Uv/. amount, to iak. the place ol one going lo war. ? man wishing to make h sure llvlm , with pr>.?peci of a for tune, may apply at 151 Sulbvau sir u, in tuc butter, cheese und egg store. <?OCn "A PARTNER WANTED, IN A NEATLY fitted up oihee, eciiu'.eete.l with a light manufac turing business, where an active iumi can make $35 per week and no risk. Apply to or address, enclosing stamp, J. CLIFT A CO., 34? Canal street. q>CAa ?RARE CHANCE.? WANTED, AN ACTIVE *PtSlsVs? man, with $."*|U, lo >awe exi luslve charge of a light manufacturing buslucss up t nvn, on Brnndnay. No risk of lo dng the money and libers! psy s -cored. I'asn sales extensive In this city. Apply nt once tur full particulars, to P. B. BOSS & CO., No. i) .visse; St. ACnn ?PARTNER WANTED, IN TIIE REAL ES tate, patent right an 1 general brokerage busi ness, well established and doing nn extensive trade. Profits large and no risk. Any geuReimin wishing a pertuancnt cash business can apply at 5J2 Buadw sy. General agency up stairs. AO nnn T0 W,000.? THE ADVERTISER DESIRES ?p6l,uUU to form a connection n-ltb n first rste busl nessmsn, who will join biin with fi.uuo to $2.'>00, in an <n. t?r]iriM for which there la now a line opening. The adver tiser haa facilities and experience, but uol sufficient capita!. Address A. B. C., box 308 Herald oftk-e aq nnn -wanted, a man to invest this -sp^i.VV/Ua *um equally with the advertiser in u vary auperlot , first doss <aien businesa? a monopoly, from which *tTna?t $S),OO0 per annum can be rcad/.cd. No agents no tlood. Inquire I* fore 10 A. M.,oi from 1 to 3 P M . at 72 West Thirty-second street. ap nnn to $io,ouo.? a business partner tPU.UUU wanted, to help uiski $2",'*si per annum for the next Qvo years, in a legitimate, straightforward bust tiess in this ciiy. I loan be done Communications strictly confidential. Address Merchant, box 113 Herald olbce. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. TTNE DAME FRANCAI8B, DE BONNE MANIERE ET U tre? hahila en toulce qui ? on< en.e i t lingei-i? | e:ir rat i sleurset dames, ainsi que vcieniei.i- d'enfants, desire trou< rer de I'o 'cupatlon dans tine bonne famUle AtreTlealne. S a dresser par lettre ou en viertuime a C L., IW Dclanccy St., first Ho jr. UNE DEMOISELLE FRANCA1SE NOUVELLE MEN'T arrlvee, parlant parfsltemeni I'Allemaud. tb sire so Slacer daus une bonne I amtlle en v. lie, soli i our insirulre Menfnn's ou comiue fenune dc ehamure. S'ltdreiaer au 337 William st WATCHES AND JEWELRY. i?OR SALE? AT COST, A LARuB Lu'f OP UNRE f deemed Gold and 8ilvsi Good Gold Hunting Lierors, ivurrsnted, from $2.V Mon?:> lent lo a.iv amount on ?0W*nd "liver watches, Ac. A VDOLPlll s, li. en ,ed l'awu ftrokcr, 422 Pearl street, coruci ol t,hauibers street. THE WAR* A TTBNTION ? ALL MKMhKRS FORMERLY OP I ?aV pw A, Cameron Legiou, are requested to report i camp Of ibe Fifty, niuth rogtmeut N, Y. 8. V., at Oamij COM at tho ^ _ JiAip Pmt 8a< ket. E a* New YorkTonor before the Sim of O.uiber, aa the pay roils are made out, and tho niemlHsm of mv company are to be paid on that day. All that do not report aa above will be treated as deserters. By order of A, FLORENTINE, Captain, Oo . K., W, T. H. T. CLINTON RIFLES POR PAY.? ALL MEN OP GAP tain 0. McKay and Captain W. A. Kirk's companies, who wish to be muttered in for pay, mint report at Camp New Dorp, Slate a island. by live ocbwk ft*. M. to-morrow. 1 t: ti AKLBH MoKAY. Captain. W. A. K IKK, Captain Pffty-aeventk New York State Voluutoers. CONTENTS OP BYRNB'S ARMY AND NAVY WHITINO OAJ0K. 1 bottle of Ink, 12 good Steel Peus, 1 Penholder* 18 sheets of line commercial Note Paper, 6 sheet* of IJoion Note Paper. 15 Union Envelopes (assorted), 1 stick of Seating Wax, J 1 Lead Pencil. Together with Blotting Paper and Box for postage stamps, all aocurely fastened in a neat and strong cloth covered ease, 9 inche.a loinc by wide, and I inch thick. Price 75 cents, sent by mail on re<*elpt of $1. Orders addressed to J. P. BYRNE, No. I Maiden Une. Sutler* supplied at liberal rites. CIOT. LOCNGK AND CHAIK -FIRST AN!> ONLY PRE J mium on Cota was awarded Gurley k Brady at the New York State Pair on their Patent Portable Cot, I<ouuge and Chair combined. Their Army Trunks, Oaiup Chests and Camp Sloola can't be beat. GURLEY * BRADY, 412 Broadway, General wool s body quahd.-tuirty house . men wautcd to till up first souadron Mounted Riiles, n ?w acting as General Wool's body guard at Fortress Mon. roe. Ya. Lieutenant S. A. MELLiCK. Recruiting office, 424 Broadway, New York. LIGHT GUARD ARMORY, LAFAYETTE HALL, OCT. 2ft, IStii. ? At a special meeting ol' the Light Guard (Com pany A, Seventy. ar t regiment), held at their armory on Friday evening, 25th tmtt.., Charles A. Stetson, Emanuel B. Kurt, John H. Garlaud and Henry R. Mc. Murray were ap pointed a committee indraft r? Miluti ?ns expressive of the feelings of the corns on the death ot their late commandant, Colonel Edward Yin vent. The committee subsequently presented the following re port, which was unanimously adopted: ? The Light Guard, imvi.u rev ived ilie melancholy intelli gem? of the dea U >t Col. Edward Vincent, regard it as no mere matter of form, but an imperative duty, to express their deeo ;md unfeitfu. 1 h >rrow at the de. e ?se of one who commanded the corj s from its origtn tilt but a very few years pie ?ediiJK his death, ami who wus alwa>* resne-'ted as an of ficer and i/mb'tired ?s ?? companion and 'friend; therefore Unsolved, That in tin* death of Cd. Vincent wu feel a deep ami sincere grief for the loss of one whom many of us had known, respected and obeyed for so long a jioiiod, and whom tho present, as well as the pa^t members, had regarded its tdentihetf with the Interests and name of the Light Guard, which lie had done so much, not only to organize, but to ele vate to Its social and military position. Resolved, That tins many virtues of Col. Vincent had en deared him n?i only to us, but to nil with whom he was brought in contact, uniting as he did military capacity, ener gy and firmness of character, and an amiability and kmdueos which drew ait t?> him. Resolved, That the manliness of our late commandant was so blcad<4l with gentleness, courtesy and charity, that we believe we may trul\ s iy. he died in peace with alt the world and left no enemy behind. Resolved, That s.> long as lives the Light Guard, tho name and memory of Col. Vin?*ent will bo cherished as on* of the best of men, the most vigilant arid e:licient of otllcers, and the kindest of friends. Resolved, That to the afflicted relatives we tender our warm and sincere sympathies in their bereavement. Resolved, Thai v. e will attend the funeral of Col. Vincnt in a body ; that the armory be draped in monrntn ;; for ti?e space of ninety days, and that a copy of these r< a dutiottfi be sent to the family of the deceased, and be published in the daily papers. S. MILFORD BLATOIIFORD, Jr., Secretary. MfLITARf.- HORSB EQUIPMBNT8 FOB 8 ALB; complete set tor :i field ?? Dicer, of a very extra <( taMiy, and but little used. Address B. F. G., box tf.lrtd N. V. Post office. rtBSEKTAI ION OF C0L0R8 f > HI FI I TY EIGHTH regiment, N. Y. S. V., Colonel Kr/yzan >wski, and . rand Vocal and Instrumental Con vrt, at ]rvmg l!a!i, omiosit" the Academy of Music, on Saturday next, November !?, at 8 o'c'o.-k P. M. Theo aljon by dames 'i\ Heady, Esq., and ilie concert under the direction of t'arl Anseliut/., Ea?|. The full programme in to-morrow's paper. IJBCBUITING OFFICERS AND 0THBR8 HAYUf ; i; . liilms on the government, for services and expen^.-s t(?r recruiting, since the eommen''#?ment of the war. can ha%e their claims adjusted aud ape- dily collected by applying at C?d White atreect, back room, ground door. SUTLER'S TENT FOR SALE? II BY *?, W ITH PARTT tbm in the centre, with pole- and everything ready for immediate us**. Apply t > K. ilATUANVAY, .vailmaker, No. 33 Fulton street, Brooklyn, , The nth new York volunteers.? tuts regi ment will be mustered for pay, .it Camp Po.-i Sacket, E i f New York, on Thursday, October 31. All persons be. longing to the following organizations, vi/.: ? United States Van Guard, IT Guard, Untied State,* Volunteers, Presi dent's Life Guard, Cameron Legion, Highbinders Kossuth Guard and New York'* Own, who are absent without leave, will immediately report themselves to tin? officer commanding at Post Sa'ket. * Much as comply with the above instructions will receive pay from the date of their muster to the. time of payment, less whatever has been already received. All others will be considered and treated n ? deserters. By 01 der. NELSON PLATS, Acting Adjutant. Oct. 2d, 1861. TO MILITARY CONTRACTORS, AO.? CLAIMS AGAINST the ollieers and volunteer regimuits purchased or col lected expeditiously aiTd at moderate charges. Apply to It. B. BUNSTER, SO Cedar street, N. Y. UNITED STATES ARMY. -MEN WANTED, TO FILL up First Battalion Twelfth United States infantry; headquarters at Fort Hamilton, N. Y. Aiso inietiig nt men for non-comruistloned off leers. Apply at 79 Chatham street, to Captain A. J. DALLAS, United States Army. WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' RELIEF FUND. f ? Sixty-ninth Regiment N. Y, S. M. The widows ? ?t the Sixty ?ninth regiment, and also such of its members as have been disabled during the hue campaign In Virginia, are hereby requested to meet the Relief Commit* tee at the Arsenal, in White Hire r, at 10 o'clock A. M. next Friday, Nov. 1. They are particularly rc<pic*ied to come pro vlded with written testimonial*, signed t?y the command ants of th? if respective companies, or, in their absence, by Some well known and respectable citizen of N? w York. MICHAEL OOK NOLLY. Treasurer, ^I'ANTED?ENGINEFR SOLDIERS, comprising ft meelmnh -a and in* lltgent laborers, for samiers and miners of the regular army; the men must be able bodied, not over 36 years of age, aide to read end write, and under stand the four ground rules of arithmetic; term of enlist ment, three years; pay, from $13 to $:>!, depending on rank attained by merit and soldierly conduct; also rations, fuel, quarters, clothing, medical attendance, and the usual bounty. Apply daily at No. b Bowling Green, third floor, between tl A. Si. and 12 M. g. A. GILMOKE, Captain of Engineers, United Stales Army. UT1I REGIMENT NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS.? MEJt iKjrs of this regime tit not present at headquarters on or before the 1st ot November, will be deserter*. All leaves of abs ? ttce are recalled. Richard Gl" son, Richard Biker, Don can Richmond, James M? rrisch, John S'scey, Patrick Gnnaij-, C. W. An lerson, John Shuy, Edward Walker, Wolf Morris m, Joseph Decker and .lames McGeer were taken prisoners on October 12, 1861. by order of C. M?*K. LOOSER. Colonel Eleventh Regiment N. Y. Volunteers. tA ABLE BODIED MEN WANTED? TO GO IMME fJU diately to Washington, to join the TlilHb RLGIMENT EXCELSIOR BRIGADE, Colonel Nklso.v Taylor. The above number of men are wanted to complete a new company forming by LIEUT. PENNOCK, 600 Broadway. The recruits will be uniformed bef >re leaving the city. Pay and rations commence on signing the roll $100 BOUNTY will be given to ev ry man who Is honorably discharged. Support for families gu tranteed. One Sergeant and two Corporals wanted. Apply Immedi ately. MUSICAL. 4 SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE liOSEWOOD PIANO, J\. made by one ot the best maKers, full} warranted, with overstrung bass, Mi ?! all the latest Improvements; coat $.>30; been used a few months, will be sold less than half its cost. ImpUre at GO Han ootid str-' t. 4 N ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO 1 V. forte, for sale at a sacrifice; richly carved leg* and ease, round corners, full iron plate, lined wt h t?a tin woo<l, over strung; has ?11 the modern improvement*; made to order for the present owner by city makers; fully guaran teed for three years; been in use Imt s'vui monthr*; co*t $500; will be sold for $250. including stool and cov r. A! - > superb Drawing Room Suit, co>t $-150, for $110. Inquire at No. 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. 4 N IMMENSE SACRIFICE FOR CASH. ? PRICE $300, J\ cost ? Magnificent rosewotal eouecrt grand Piano forte, beautifully carved case, manufactured by well known city maker; splendid tone, perfect order and nearly new. Apply at the residence, 28 Third street. A LADY, WITH A SOPRANO VOICE, DESIRES A place as singer In a Catholic church ; she m \y be engaged on reasonable t?rms. Iinpii ???? at 237 Broadway, room No. 3. FIRTH, POND A CO.? M7 BROADWAY, NEW YOHK, have one hundred new Pianofortes ?o let. at low prices, and will allow the r? nt If purchased. Sheet Music, Musical Works. Guitars, Violins, Brass instruuients and all kinds of Eusieal Goods at low prices. For sale-at a very low price, a fine toned Piano, with rosewood case, round corners and seven octaves; one of Fis her's make. To be seen to day at Tay lor's Hotel, Jersey City. Instruction given on the piano, by a lady of experience. Address Mrs W., care of Scharienberg Jt Luis, No. 7ti9 Broadway. I1G1ITE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Bass Patent Insulated Full Frame Grand and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody savs must be true; every : body says they are the best, therefore they must be the best. ? Mrs white, teacher of the piano, will re celvo pupils st her residence, M East Broadway, or at tend them at theirs, terms moderate. Mr j b. magrath, organist of the rev dr. Pise's church, teacher of the Piano and Voral Music, attends pupils in hew York and Brooklyn. Address or apply st 01 West Baltic street, between Henry and Clinton, Brook lyn. PIANOFORTE.? A SEVEN OCTAVR NEW GRAND p<iu,?r* Pianoforte, m rosewood case and with all the latest improvements, to be sold for half vrlce, or the highest offer that may be made for it this we*k Vpply ?' 106 West ThlrlyDfth st., corner of Seventh avenue, ??'c?nd floor WANTED? A COMPETENT ORGANIST, TO TAKE charge of a choir in an Episcopal church; one residing in Brooklyn preferred. Address box 2,3i>7 Post oHlee, stating in what churches party has played, reference* ami salary expected; give real name. 1Q PIANOFORTES, ALL NEW, SEVEN OCTAVE, FOR JLO SlfiO each.? Warranted lortnree years, must be sold this month, also one seeoud band do, for $100; but little used. Call at the manufactory, 75 East Twen.y-."?c ond street, near Lexington avenue. (gl in -FOR SALE. AT ABOUT HALF ITS VALUE, ^)lTV/. a splendid ton?d seven octave rose woo l Piano iorte, Ntinn maker. Apply in the carpet store, oj Bowery, second flocr. 1)A\CUVG ACADEMIES. ADODWORTH'8 DANCING ACAI E> IE! . v No. 204 Filth avenue, cor Twenfy-siith at . New York. No. 137 Montague street. Brooklyn CLASSES? Tucsdsys and Fridays tn'Brooklvn. CLASSES? Wednesdays aud Saturdays in New York. Circulars for terms, 4c., may be had at either academy. "WANTED? A GENTLEMAN TO TEACH v DANCING \V class on co a week for two hours, p-ovMing his own music. Address, staling lowest terms and iclei cuces, J. J.t box 213 Uciaid olUce, A POLITICAL. QRAND M ASS MEBTINO or Til* 0ITJSIM1 or rim PIPT1I UENATOHIAL M8TJ1MT. Will I..- ll.'td at II < K V IN Y DEN. Ekw* "'r.'i't in ?r Bunion ulrtiet, OK THUESIMY KVI; VI XU, OCT. SI, lU 7)2 O'CLOCK, To ratify the nomination of LUKK t. OOZANS, , FOK UiMATOK. y. .. ..?w1oS ??nUouiou wUlMMt?M the mating Hon. K Wood. Hon. IV W. Ki *k. ?I '?? J}. ?> Brulford. Hon. Otlbfirt l>imn. Hon. H. Arculurlu*. lion. Iru SlialVr. J.uu," S; Harrington, Em. P. Y. Outlor, E-*|. A. L. Plum y, Em. W Von OiKtlnsbaoh, H*q. 8. Hnnhawi'lji'i', Enq. ji. O'Uonnor. Esq. O?o. W K?j. Anil other*. , ??.? "A(iE, Clmlrmati Cuuimltloo of Armufcoment*. ?IAS. II. Coi.KMiM. I a J. II its it y, { Secreta rlei. ACA.RD.-~ FOR CORONER, UENUY HUGHES, OF TUB SIXTH WARD. _ ^ ? KX-OOU *N: At a meeting ok tjih PEOPLES' democratic AuMH iikUun of the Twenty-iirst ward, held at their lnoetiut; r? h>iuh, No. 517 Se^oud aveauo, on Mouday evening, October 28, the following resolution* were uuautmously Adopted Resolved, That having carefully examined the list of can didates for oflloe now in the field, we select from among the uutnber the following gentlemen lor our endorsement;? For Sheriff, Mr. James Lynch, believing htm to be an honest, industrious man, a good eituen, and worthy of the support of all good democrats, and we pledge ourselves heartily to support him at the coming election. For Supervisor? KLl J All F. PURDT. For Justice of If urine Court? EDMUND L. I1EARN, For Assembly, Fifteenth District? TIIO& D. CONNKRY. for Coroner? THOMAS H. FERRIS. The next meeting will be held on Thursday evening Octo ber 31, at 7% o'clock, to nominate the rental u I ng candidate*. Functus 1 attendance of alt member* is reouested. My order of JAME8 O RKFKN, President. WM. C. li UiiilNS, Vice President. P. Mc.Muu.Kif, Treasurer. J. li. Smith and Dr. Koskht Johnston, Secretaries. AT A MEETING OF TllK WORKWOMEN'S CLUB, helil *t the Washington Iloute, No. Washington street, on Tuesday evening, October 29, the following resolu tion w:ts adonled. ? Resolved, I'hat the workln^uten of the Ninth ward will support only Uoton men and tn<>M) who are in favor oi a vi g<u "Us prosecution of the w ?r. The meeting, alter the r? uular routine of business, ad journed to m -et again ?>u Thursday evening, at o'clock. Members are requested tt? I e penctmd in attendant lly or der of MOSKS j. HAMILTON. Pretddent. DARNED Met OLLUM, Vice President. Jo? M cOamm, Sot ret ry A MEETING OF TllK YOU NO MENS UNION DEMO* cratto Club of the Seventeenth ward will bo held at M. Fiynn's, corner ol First HViiue and Sixth street, on Weduts day evening, October 30. liy order ?'( the < 'hair. W. J. HOfcV, S. ret uy, "OLKCTION TICKETS FOLDED t>N SHORT NOTICE. Hi circulars luitie i Jii.d put in envelope-* ready for direc tion. Some of lhe<'he?p<-Ht Knv clones m New Yi>rk for sab*, i?i V.xi.LMINE S Envelope and i'.i per llag Manufactory, 2H5 Canal street, near Mulberry, N. Y. TjlLEYENTII WARD DEMOCRATIC CLUB. ? A MEET Xli lug of tuis ii9^oef:i<lon?wili he held this cven.'n at 1% oVloek, at the houM* of Mr. CharlcK Rogers, corner of avenue t' r.nd Sixth street. Puie'timl atnndance ih |eipiert?ed as business of imporutu c will be brought forwanl for iheir ?ou sideratton. J1ENUY SHAW, President. John \V. McOgTiiuif, RecreUirv. "KIOB CORONER. F i?K. JOHN OALVATf. It l? with plea* ire we nott<?? the nomination of 11?*? above named ;:entf'aman for the r?* u.h. ? i?- position of Coroner. It i* eminently ljttim? t .it a iv^u.'ur i>h>>i<Un nthould hold that oflioe. Vve knuwr Or. Oili-an to *??? mien a man, having studied ami urulu.Ued tti.<.? t the fcMj?erviHion of Dr. Wiftaiu JVuker of this city. TUU fact, ? mijm.M with his hfgh repu* i.itU n a* a surgeon nn<l i?hy?*u Un, in autlielent toe tnvlnc* us that In*, If eleeied, will l>? ihr nuUt man in the ri^Ht place." Pr. <.alvan has hitherto Oiled the highly honoutble posi tion of t'ommission.T of the Heard of K Ki< atjo?, having been .1 thereto :>y the unuidrnous vote? lnde|*?ndenr "f party organization ? of the prople of h*? diairiet, in wiiirii capacity li<? has ftilly justified the confidence placed in Inn, by his untiring exertion* lor the advancement of our free edu cational system. W ?? tveonim-ml a'l who wi. h to see our public departments flUed by men <?f unstained reputation, to vot?* at the Nov-ui bcr election lor such men as John (J.dvan, M. ?>. MANY CITIZENS. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC? (JENEUAL COMMIT tee. -?A mcet'ng ot this a^soriatlon tako* place this even in * ut Military Hall. 1U3 Bowery. G. N. HEKRMAN, Chairman. ?MifKU M.isskk, Secretary. N J ATI ON AL DEMOCRACY, tiik oxlv HOPE OF TICK UNION. MOZART RALLY. The National Democracy *?f this eiiv will assemble at TIIE ronl'KJi I NSTITIJTK. On Prl(!av evening, November I, Ht 7*4 o'clock. CO.ME ONE! COME A Li <11 The following distfn^uUlu'duip'-ikt'rH will bfi present:? Hon. Fernando Wood, Mr. t'harleK O'tfonor, 4 Hon. James It rook m, Mr lumen Wadavvorth, Hon. Janu s S. Thayer, Mr. Luke P. tVzz^ns, Hon. Samuel G. Courtney, Mr. Conrad Swa 'Khain-r, Hon. Max Ooepiio Mr. R mert H. Bradford, Hon. Stephen r. Kusgell. Mr. John M. Harrington. By order GEO. C. GENET, Chairman. P.^rrTl"rt0K' ! Sasrctarlca. fflAMMANY HAM, 1 DEMOCRATIC BEPrBMr AS .REGULAR NOMINA TION. For Klio riff, WILLIAM M . TWEED. THOM AS W, ADAMS, Ohalrtinn County Convention. ELIJAH F. PURDY, Chslrniau General Committee. * j i BocreUrle. County Convention. H vHtl'r U!"1' \ S*rret*rles General Committee. Tammany hall forever? the first ward dk morratic Ward Committee met last night at No. 3 K Broad way, and unatiluioosly resolved togtvn an earnest and hearty Kiiiinort to the Democratic State ? 11 ? t County ticket nomina ted by the t nly true national party? U>c old iune-honon d de lno. racy ot Tammany Hull. JOHN MOOBE, Chali man pro tem. Robkrt Lkk. i SI1 Michaki. Mkkimk. S c"'rn,lMn,>'1 UNION, PEOPLE'S A Nil TAXPAYERS' NOMINATION. FOB MEMRKU OF ASSEMBLY First Asaemlily District (comprising l irct. Sr ond, an 1 part* ot Ttili d, Fiinrth mid Sixth wards), CORNELIUS FLYNN. UNION AND THE CONSTITUTION ? FIFTH WARD 0* deck. ? Ai a meetltiKof the Skinners, hel I In an under ground attic. In Leonard street, it wai resolved that evi ry candidate fi'trh hi t |*wki"ilKiok with lilm. By order of tbe Prealdent, Vico PTcaldant and Secretary of tno Dead Beat Skinners Society. N. B.? Club meet, every evening. "1ST WARD LYNCH ASSOCIATION ? THE MEMBERS I of tin' above tuwoclatlon ar" reTiJeitled to attend a mei-t iit^ at tlinir headquarters, No. s t Washington street, on Wednesday evening, Oft. 3u, at 8 oVlork. All persnu* favor.v bl'! to the ?tie-.e*# ?r Mr. .Tames Lynch, our eandltlaie for ShorllT, are rest e^tfully InviV'd lo attend. DENNIS KKENAN, Chairman. Jonr P. Doti.k, Secretary. 4 Til WARD? MOZABT HAI.L ?AT A MEETING IN accordance with the cai! ot the Moxart Hall General Cammlltee, the following g- till" ni"ti wi re ?ele< li<d lo ant as a Fluan.'o Coinmitte.; for Mid Ward: ? WlUiatn Cleary, Eu Sullivan, Tliomas White, Itl'-hard Joyce, CeorgS Bi.r, Peter J. ToHy' Richard Hurbet, Timothy Be li'can. rTif WARD.? AT A MEETING OF THE DEMOCRATIC Reuu dlean Ward Committee, of the aiiove ward, held at Lairu'a Hotel. Tvcailay, Oct. 29, it was re?olved, That the Suite ticket, as nominated at Syracuse, re ive the undivided support of tlii? comniltU'C; that the Judiciary an 1 County Ueltet, a? notTiluated by Tammnny Hail, receive thn unanf inout support of evory member of tli.s organlr-atlon, and that in C. H. Woodruff, for Stat,.' Senator, and ? >i T,. Loutr' 1. for Assembly, we have men of onlmpeaelutble cbarae'e;', ?nd to whom w? pledge our eordUl support. JOHN Y. SAVAGE, Jn? Chairman. W. C. Mfarnr. Secretary. 7"ni WABD.? THE MEMBERS OK THE YOUNG MEN'S I Indcjwndetit Democratic t'liib of the Seventh ward will inert at ilieir headquarturs, 31 Eaat Broadway, on Wednes day evening, Ociulier Hi), ut7,', o'ciotk. By order of tin; Pre aldent. J. G. HAUKIS. J a*. Hull. Secretary. 8 Til WARD EXCELSIOR CLUB.? ALL MEMBERS OF th- lin-elalor 'Jl'ib are requested to meet at the M.-rcer House, corner of Br > mm and Mer er streets, on Friday evculiif.', November 1, ut a o'< lock. B.' < inter, B. VAN OKDEN, Prcst lent. Jon* Co*, Secretary. 8th ward union. -tiif, following gentlemen have '? ** ' n appointed a Ward Commlite, vtr. ? .Albert G. 7.abrl?kle, George Darroclie, Dr. Fran la Fleet, <;. Cohen, Wm, Tucker, Kdwin Wainright, 1*. Fisher Cramer, it. W. Bonsall, John WUdey, John Dunham, W.n, Hudson, Wm. M meyp.tntiv, James White, Charlc* Fleet, Rdw .rd Plmno, John ./. M- .ck?, James Wintir iottom, J. R. Lyd?eker, Henry David, Chrlatopher Johnvm, Wm. F. Bigen. Win. Molr, Henry Theellng, McDougail, Jolin Mather, Joseph Murphy, E. Finn, Wm. Walnrigiit, i;has. H. Gwyre, and are re<|ueated to meet on Wednesday evenlnj}, October M, at 7 o'ui ,ck, at i7:l Spring sticet. By order o: G. Cohen, Wm. Tucker, Thus. .McDouicall TH WARD. -A MEETING OF THE GERMAN I NION Club of the Eleventh ward, will be held this (W< 11 i!a> ) evening, 0> t. at 7J< o'clpek, at t nloti Hall, corner of Fourth street an I avenue tf, for 'be purpose of ratli"; hi,j the nominations made by the German linlon League. Mr. Frederick L. Vulte, the nominee lorSherilT, and oilier*, will address the meeting. By order. Z. OPPENIIEIMEB, Chairman. O. W Etskl. 8<-ere'ary. 1CTH WARD.? VT A MEETING OF THE I.YNt H Association of this Ward, the follon inf; named gentle men were appointed as Finance Committee: ? John Curry, joUti S. Conner, Jidin Ward, John Merrlttt. WM. STEPHENSON, Chairman. Johw P. Gaw, Secretary. QATII WARD? A MEETING OF THE PEOPLE'S D?m<>crn*lc Union Club will be held this (Wednesday) evening, Oct. 80, at 51'J Elulith avenue. Democrats atuuid. By ord-r. WM. MURKY. C.iairman. SPORTING. T7IBAN&S BUTLK&, >io. 3 PECK >I.IP, HAS ALL THE P choice Bleeds for stock and wiie. Butler's Inful.ibie Mange tHire and Flea Evtermlnalt r, ft) cents per i.c ?. Builer'a "Breeding, Training. Disease., Jt'\. of h us," $1. J>oi'S boarded, trained, Ac. Medicine* for ail diseiiscs. Prion SALE? A SPLENDID DOUBLE BARRELLED 1 bird 'fun . 11 fa e. Will be sold cheap. Inquire at No. ?0 Cortlattdt str\'ft, tip staiis. OA CANARY IHIlDti I OR SA LE-KHKM II AM) BF.U * ' gl in, long breed. Price 946, t?r choice of ufutca t ;,v?. Address 11 ' ? s, ilerald olUcc. G KKIilGlOIS NOT1GKS. EKKIT SMITH Will speak In The Church of the Puritans WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 30, ti I'O.V "The Suao and Needs of the Country." Admillanee free. "INSTALLATION OF REV. DR. WIN SLOW.? ' Till -I E .1 nltig, October SO, at the North west rres* Vterlati ho on Fiftieth toreet, near Eighth avenue, at 7>a ?'cloc?.. . IMju by Uuv, ffr. ftiw. 8HIFFII8. fpHE 11KITISH ANO NOBTIl AMERICAN ROYAL X Mull MCUUlMtlipN. _4 _ VKO? NKW TORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin pass* go $130 oecoud cabin passage 74 _ , KHOM BO WTO X TO LIVKWOOL. ghn f cabin passage $110 gwjond <*bfn parage GO J? , 'rwm *olk (,Al1 rtt *'ork harbor. I I'll*, frum Boston call at Halifax ami Oork harbor. CAN \DA, Capt, J Lelteh. AM KICK' A, Caul, Hockley, NIA .'AUA. Capt. Moodie. fA.Oaul, SCOTIA, now building. hite light at masthead, green Pf KS1 A, ('apt. Judktm>. AH A Hi A, Capt. J. Slum), AS I A, Cant. K. <}. Lull, AV STRALA8J AN, Oapt Co k, AFRICA, Capt. Shannon. ^These vessels carry a clear \v ou ? larboard bow, red on port bow. NIAGARA, Moodie, leave* Boston Wednesday, Oat. 16.] ASIA. Loll, b'av?'H New York Wednesday, Oct. 2.1. ARABIA, Stone, leaven Boston Wednesday* Oct. 30. AFRICA, Shannon, leaved New York Wednesday, Nov. 6, KUROPA, Anderson, leaves Boston Wednesday, Nov. 13. PERSIA, Judkins. leaves New York Wednesday, Nov. 20. Be;ths not secured until paid for. An expert need surgeon on board. The owners of these ships will not be accountable for gnld?

sliver, bullion, specie, jewclrv, precious atoned or metals, unless bills of lading are signed ? here or nn l li e value theie of therein expressed. For f night ? r i>a s i e apply to lv. CUNAKD, >o. 4 how img Green. j STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, landing and emb?rkinx Passenger* at <]U* enstowo, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York anil Phi ladelphia Steurnship Company intend despatching their full powered Clvdebuilt iron steamships as follows:? ; CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday. November S GLASGOW , Saturday, November 0 < CITY OF NEW YtJHK Saturday, November i6 and every Saturday, at noon, from pter 44 North river. IUTUS or I'AMSAiiK First Cabin $7ft | Hteerage *30 u to London 80 I 41 to Loudon 33 u to Paris 85 J 14 to Paris M u to Hamburg.. . . 8ft | M to Hamburg... 35 Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, ,te., ut equally low rat*"*. Persons wishing to bring out their friends can buy tickets here at the following rates, to New York:? Prom Liverpool or Queenstown, fir* t cabin, $75, $H5 and $105; steerage from Liverpool, $10; from Quoenstown, $.*50. These sto aiuers have superior accommodations for paasem gciH, and carry oxperfeneud Bttrg- -ons. They are built u* water-tight iron sections, and have patent lire annihilates on board. For further information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMA N, agent, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to WM. INM AK, No. [>ti i. Knoch square; in Qu> enstown to C. A W. r>. SEY MOUR A CO.; in London to KIVF8 a M ACEY, 61 King Wil liam street; in Paris to JULES DECOUE, No. ft Pineodala Bourse; in I'hila lelpbia to Joll^J O. DALE, 1 J 1 Walnut street; or at the u mipany'a ofllce*. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, lft Broadway, New York. JjlOR SOUTHAMPTON ANO HAYRE, On SATURDAY, November D, The United States Mail Steamer A UAGO, P. Lines Commander, Will sail, from pier So. J7 North river, foot of Beach street, on Saturday, November 9, at noon. This stesmer, unsurpassed for safety and comfort, has double ( under deck, enclosed by watertight compart ments, which, besides other results, tend in the event ol col lit. on or stranding, to keep the pnmpsfreo to work, and so cure the safety of vessel and pi sat nger*. For freight or nassa e n:>p'y t ? UKO. MAOiKN/flK, i ***?? N' ' 7 The ste.'ttuer FlfiiTON will sail December 7. QTEAM TO llAMUlUa. IIAVUK, LONDON AND M Southampton. Tb" llainburi: Ameri -in Packet ComfMiny's Iron steamship TEUTuNJA, Jl Taube, commander, ?airy u* the Cuiied H ates null, will h ave from pier No. 2i North river, loot of Fulton street, SATi'Itn \v. November 2. >\t noon, for Hamburg via s l'bamj ton, taking passengers for Ha vre, Loudon. Soeth ,"pt. n an>i llmnbuiy. First cabin, Si1' *>: v ? n 1 e^bbi. $r>0; steerage, $35. The steamers f t Li ? line will !? avu every alternate Katur d a-, t.ij'jyin.; the United Sta ?e? mail. The tiU'-ttfter Saxon!.! wi.l soeceed the Tenlonia on Novem h<* lti t*. II. KlCtlAltbS v lltiAS, IN H rondw iy. rniiE north okkman lloyds hteamship m w 1 V '. iv . v.- - commander, carrying the United States mail, will front pier 30 North river, foot of Cham n1 er 23, at 12 o'clock M., roit HUEMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pnswngers to LONIuiN, 11 A Villi, SOUTHAMPTON AND BUEMEN, at the following rates: ? For the it ?? ,t cabin, $It>;>; second cabin, steerage, $35. For ircight or passage ipj ly to OELHicria k CO., ? Broad street. QTEAM TO LONDONDERRY, (JLASOOW AND LIVJCU j?ool. ? The Montreal Steamship Company'^ tirst class full (Miwered, t'dyde built steamer NO IMII BlUTON, t?ai?t. Borland, carrying the Canadian ami United States mails, will sail from 't/ee'-ec next Saturday, November 2. It ?t -a of p.ij-s jge Irom New York >? First class, ae -ording to aeeommo dation, $70 and C^^'. s;.- ra ;<?. found with good provisions, $.'SU. Certificates issui d for bringing out nasaengers from all tlte principal towns in Ureal Britain and I r land at very low rates. For passage apply ?? 23 Broidway, New York, 8ABKL x BKABn, Genera! Agentcu VJIOR LIVER OOL- DREADNOUGHT LINK,? THE " splendid clipper s'alp F.St JOltT, t 'apt iin Whitman, now in the stream, p sitively salU this day at 11 o'clock, at which hour a steamboat w ill 1-ave pier 4 North river to take pan sengers on bosr?'V liooni for a few more; lowest rates. Ap plytoP v] DEMARH^T, 40 South street, rpu LlVERI'OOr*? OLD BLACK STAR LINE.? THE X packet ship dOHN BUKlllT, lying at ]der27, liast river, liauU into the stream thi* afternoon, and go? a to sea to. mor row mornin;. The F. A. PALMER flails the idi of 'Novum ber. For pa? g ? apply to W ILL! A.MS A GUION, 40 Fullon street, New York. TaIOR LXYEBPOOIr-OLD BLAOK STAR LINK- TOT J1 packet, ship JOHN BRItJIIT, Iving at anchor in the stream, sails this day, at noon. The FRANCIS A. PALMER sails 4th November. The COM PROMTSE, Ot.h November. For passage apply to WILLI VMS A ULlON, 40 Fulton street. XLlNE FOR LONDON,? THE PACKET SHIP WM. TAPSCoTr. Captain H?U, now in the river, will aui to morrow. Boom for it few m >r? second cabin pa.s?enger?{ taken at ) w rates. For pa^sago ?pply to TAl'SCoTT A CO., Wi Sou tli s'.rect. IjlOK LIVERPOOL. ? BLACK BALL LINE OP PACK ets. ? The dipper ship ISAAC W KBB a,id. to morrow. For pMisji' apply on board, pic r ?1 k?si river. nr to JACOB WILSON, IDS s iinb street. The MANHATTAN nulla cm Moti d?y, November 3. IjlOR LIVERPOOL.? TAPSCOTT'S UNI'. -SAILS To morrow, the favorite intHtet itlilp BKIDGEWATEB. at pier ID, Eastrlver; and the packet ship UNDERWRITER, For pinnace, ai low rate#, apply on board, or wSouth street. JfURST SHIPS FOB LIVERPOOL AND LOUDON.? THE ' . piemti t ship NEW WORLD, for Lin rj,.. d, mils Octo her .11: It.'* Ill pi r In, Eitat river The cliujB'r ship FLO RENCE NIGHTINGALE, for Loudm, sal ' a Novomls-r ?!; Il^a at pier 2u East river. For passage, at reduc?d ratea, ai - ply to THUS. C. ROCHE, -xi South Html. N'OT.CE. Tne Me imihlp riTV OF BALTIMORE will commence (tin harging uuder general order ou Wednesday inorning, at 7 o'clock. Consignees will please attend to receipt ?>f good*. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. Fob California via Panama. A Arm class st-amw will leave New York on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each in., nth, except when these dales fall on Sun day. when the day ol departure will bo on tho Monday fol lowing. Fur frleghl or pass age apply at the only ofll< e, No. 5 Bow ling Oreun. ____ P. B. ALLEN. Agent* I poll BIO JANEIRO, LOTA (NEAR VALPARAISO) and Rut Francisco,? The Pacific Mall Steamship Com pany will despatch their new steamship CONSTITUTION, 3.901' tons tmi then, from New York l'or the abovo ports, on or shunt in to 15th November next. Cabin passage to Hln 8150 Cnhln passage to Lota :$<) Cabin passago to Sari Francisco fit) Freight will also he. taken for San Francisco ii' sufUcIenlln Apply at tho otliec of tlic company, N'OTICE. In consequence of a alight Informality In the clearance of tho U. 8. MAIL STEAMSHIP COSMOPOLITAN, FOB HAVANA, she baa unavoidably lioen detained ttntlt to-day, WEDNESDAY. the :?th lint., v. l en she will positively sail at 12 o'clock noon. An extra mall will be keot open until < le.ven o'clock A. M. JAMES T. 8ANFOBD, US Weal street. Ip O R~H A VAN All lit EC T Tho United Stale* mall steamship COLUMBIA, Richard Adams, United Stales Navy. Go nntinder, Will leave pier No. J, North River, on iuesda., Nov. S, at 12 o'oiock noon precisely. All IsttTH roust pas* through tho PostOfllc*. I'.isscnneri sre requested to procur ? pasaporta before st*onring pis.sage. For for freight or pasaase applv to HPOFFOBD, TILESTON A CO., 29 Broadway. TpOR l,AVA^~PAOKET OF "no'vKMIIEK T? THE J1 line packet bark OulLLA, Ashhy, Master, has excellent accommodations for passengers, !lr?t and ?< "Uid e!as- and steerage. For freight or pu.<*aye apply to J. B. OAOEIt, 1(H INmVCTIOR. A CARD ? THE Sl'BSOBIUER WILL REOEIVF. NEW pnfil? dally until Monday, Not. 4. for luatru/ tlon in I'enmnnabtp, B'aikkeeplns and Aritbmeiic at a rcducll' n of one half from hlaregul ir charge. OLIVER It. I.Oi/D.SMlTII, N't, ? Fourth avynie. iTuiy WHO* m'BAKS FRB.Vt:il AND OEBMAN lluHiitly, and la u exia'tlenced teiwhcr, de*lrea to lind employment for a few more, hours n* visiting instructress, or I in miT other capacity; ternia nvnlerale ; unc.xcrp'lnnable i referettccf. Address, by letter, 45 Beaver at., Bueger jii < ther*. a * to i -no" o e r max la dvT ~RKOE N T L Y ARRIVED ! J\. from Hamburg, s a attnnticm govfim-tH In ? j rrivHii* f. nilly, to tnf>trnci in the German, Kr.^nch nn<! Etm livli l^n^ua:'**, wKb which ?ho Jj< per!e<*fly conrerKan*; alno Mniio au?! Drawing. Beat of rcfrrenc*n gtven. Innuire at 170 VVe?t Twelfth iitreet, '? (itmr 2 and 4 o'clock f*. M. AYol-NO LADY, WHO HAS HAD SEVERAL* YEARS ! etperi. n e in teaching In thl? city, would like a slttiatV n in u wfiiad or family, where Instruction In Musle Fren< h, Kr living, I'aintioH and the Entllah brinnhe* wonlil bp con st !ere.i ? an equivalent for Ixmrd. Address A. W. P., No. 4 L i^t Baltic an eel, Brooklyn. AFBE.VCH GENTLEMAN, TEACHER "ok FussK Al", and m>Hlern Lan^uai(es. engaged In 'ever a! suhools, can Oisiioaenf two hours a day for private lessons. el:Ucr at his own reslden e or that of pupils. Apply at IS! Clinton Micei, Mui '. Napoleon s Institute, Brooklyn. T*KST SI'STAINED BOARDING SEMINARY IN flit J> state. 31 It/ per year. Brlclt buildings for Indies and gentlemen. A el tea< her* in ail depurtin 'ills. Wmt'r ;eim, l)ee. 5. A.l.ii. Rev. Joaenli E. King, Fort E'V.varJ Insiitut", N. Y on 1 ? Saratoga and Wlilteh airit illroad. 1,'i.tu.i "Hon.? mi:. WA'i>cor b:ci;s to an.n< nrxcE .1 i hav he U prepare 1 ID t ike f.vo more pupils otilv, to In - rue; In Re.idln ; "n i Speaking forth, si:il;-, the 'pulpit or t,,e ? tr. For terms in'pilre at l.'ifl Waverley plae(?. 1.1KENCI1 AND GERMAN LANtil VGEs"bY AN B\P?. I' 1 n ed Parisian tea. her, cither ai h.s own 1- Idei <.e or ih 1 p'iplls. 50 cents an hour. AJdies .J, Br.raier, TA Fourth -t eet, Washington S'jua;e. INSTBfCTION IN' FKE.NCli 'wIO/ BE'oIvEN~5y A 1 r ? ri an vo\ n ?? lady In exchange for board ami washing; will l?. willing t<i |ve a lesson each day ol an hour in 1 a 1 '1 She has 1 dt unajrom the If itel de Ville, and hiis 1 in s|. . -aOle e\pei 1 nee In teaching. Tne lieat ol' r.ily rele ,.)i- suiv iisti l required. Address Miss Lin lantu Lbert, lluifa, N. y. TNSrill C| E S W 'NTf II v Yot Ntll V1?Y \N nflJ, I iwoho ir* .. 1 ly, to ten h a ch id ol twelve yssra. Apply in the Insitrsno? uiilcc, 7tH Broadway, frutu 10 W U u'vlock, lac W(# i^y*. AMUSKiUKNTS. AOADEMV OF Ml SIC. NEW YORK, THURSDAY', Oct. SI, 1861. M. KELLER S GRAND UNION CONCERT. SACRED, PATRIOTIC AND MISCELLANEOUS. Solo Bupi anuit. MME. JOHANNSEN, n . _ MME. T. BERKEL. Solo Tenor*. Y1ES8RS. QUINT AND SINSIIEIM. Solo Bamuia, ., ? MESSRS. MUELLER AND WEINLICH, kindly aanlati'd liy ajowerful Chorua from llm NEW YOKK HARMONIC SOOIETT, togetbor with * FULL ORCHESTRA OK 81 XT? PERFORMERS, combining the first talent of ihe city. Among the programme are Ai?ve;al National llymn* and tfi(ir?AM ly wrtlt*- n and compoted with regard to the prewut utate ot our Iwlovcd oountrs, aurh a* 'Hons of our Union, Conquer or ?(>,?. K?tlon'? L<m lit ? PWreri and exaltation in liouor of Iter atitta who (?<! In War Sou#? Hull to our Nation"? Union Uvmn, j]i? taut hymn wm received with unthukdaaUc anplamo when performed at the Central Mark. Ticket# are now for aala at Tiffany A Co.'a, Sibnll'a, and at to principal mualoatorea; alao, ut tbo Auadomy, on llio <lay of the Goiioert. * LAUllA KBBNB'S THEATRE. ~~ TONIGHT, AHU EVERY NIGHT TUI8 WEBB, Wlii be proaemed the ENTIRELY NEW THREE ACT UNION BURLESQUE, TKI SEVEN RONS. SKVKN HONS. SEVEN HONS. SEVEN HONS. ?<?> mMi .. SEVEN SONS. With ail Ita BRILLIANT SCENERY, EXQUISITE MUSIC, DRILLS, MARCnPS. EVOLUTIONS, songs, dance^1? 8KNT,MKNTH OOMIO INCIDENTS, BEAUTIFUL TABLEAUX, W*L ErFECTS' STRIKING SITUATIONS, STARTLING SURPRISES. BEAD TUB OPINIONS OK TUB PRKS&C'' TIIK HEX ALD *ay?, _ _ IK roiKt or WITTY DIALOGUE, SPLENDID COSTUMES, FINE SCENIC EFFECTS, it >? SUPERIOR TO ANY PIECE y<*f nrodnerd under Ml** Km>o?'i taatnful tiiuuatrcmCtit. 1'HK QUESTION OF THE REBELLION AND ITS CAUSES, ami the CONDUCT OF ENGLAND TOWARDS T1IIS COUNTRY Ad- freely dlaeiiinted. Tim Al'l'LAUSB WHICH FOLLOWED EVERY TELLING niT announced ih:il Miai Keene ha I not '.nljr : ted POPULAR SUBJECTS FOR II lilt DIALOGUE, but had Ml m a u eetv the CURRENT PUBLIC Ol'INloN UPON T11E SUBJECTS, and the public pronounced Ihla t- ? ba il.. BEST SPECTACLE YET PRODUCED ON THE NEW YultK STAGE. Tlie World rail* H, wet-err CAVERNS WHERE NAIADS AND NEREIDS Miftht drum: niialcncciit ilrcatnaof the i iniiiHtic alituluff STAL ACI'l 1'E III Nil VESTIBULES or OLD OCEAN S INNER COURT. IDYLLIC DELI S AND FOUNTAINS V\ HE. IE LILIES LIE IN SLEEP: VIVID PERSPECTIVES OF FOLlAtiR STARRED WITH TROPIC EMItltOIDERY OK BLOOM; BELLE FLOWER*. WITH I II; K IN THEIR PETALS: THEIR I EA FY VOLUTES THREADED Willi STREAKS OF PEARL STAND UP AND TAKE THE SUNLIGHT. Tho Dally l'ii ni"> vi - ? THERE ABE THREE TABLEAUX WHICH IIATK NEVER BEEN SURPASSED IN AMERICA. The eve i', in dwell w ith pleasure on auch pictures aa the CORAL CAVE, WITH ITU CURIOUS BP1RAL STAIRCASE, TIIK ASCENT OF THE SPIRITS OF THE LAKE, *10 TIIK CltKAT WATTEAir Si ENK OF A Ri VPtAN NYMPII3 RECLINING AMONG I'HEIR FLOCKS. Then ll> n SERMON AND CAPER IN EVERY' SCENE, Every man, woman and child Who baa a duMMi llaea to aimak in i\ WALKING LEADING ARTICLE. Til? DUpitch 11YN. 11 IS A BRILLIANT PRODUCTION. full of SHARP HITS, HUMOR AND WISDOM. The SONGS, MUSIC, DANCING, DRILLS, MARCHES, EVOLUTIONS, are exceedingly attractive, Tli" Extravaganza will lir preaontcd with it combination of art, nit' talent, coinprlxlm; tin1 following STAR COMPANY, vU: ? MISS LAUKA KBENB, MRS. J. H. ALI EN. MISS SARA STEVENS, MRS. LOTTIE BOIVIH, M Its. CIIANFRAU, MISS IONE BURKE, MRS. MARLOWE. MRS. DILI, ON, MISS FRANCES. MLLE. AUGUSTS MLLE. MARIE, MISS ROBERTSON, MR. J. G. BURNETT, MR. LEVICK, MR. II. P. DAL Y MB. C. PETERS, MR. MARLOWE, MR. DILLON, MR. J. H. STODDART, MR. C. BURNETT. THE OVERTURE AND INCIDENTAL MU810 By THOMAS BAKER. AND a new W.iltz CrRl time) i>nttil"d THE LAUBA KEENE WALTZ, wfih Solo and Cidciizna lor Cornet, perlormedby Qerr Dicti. AI?o tiio tiuw Coiui't Si'luiitlxi-hi'. THE EXQUISITE SCENERY or THK EXTRAVAGANZA ?y Meanra. J. M. ROBERTS an 1 MINARD LEWIS. Door? opi-n nt half |/iu! ?l?; njiiimence at half pant ?e?e?i. Dri'os Circle Sent* may be acquired ten day? in advance. w INTER GARDEN. 8. CLARKE MR. J. S. CLARKE Mil. J. S. CLARKE MR. J. 8. CLARKE MR. J. 8. CLARKE AS SALEM SCUDDER AS HALEM 8CUI>1>ER MR. J. S. CLARKE AS HALKM SCUDDER Ad t>A LLM SCUDDER IN BOURCICAULT'S OCTOROON; IN BOURCICAITLT'8 OCTOROON; IN B0URC1C U'LI'S OCTOROON; IN BOURCICAlTLT'S OCTOROON; IN BOIiROICAULT'S OCTOROON; lo BOURCICAULT'S OCTOROON; Ob, LIFE IV LOUISIANA. oh, LIFE IN LOUISIANA. OB, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. On, LIKE IN LOl 18 1 AN A. OB, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. On. LIFE IN LOU1SI \NA. which wxiranrdlnArv pi .idueilon, universally acknowledged the ni'wi beautiful picture of AMERICAN OHARACi Kit, AMERICAN SCENES, AMERICAN HOMES, ever presented <>n the since, will be given thin evening an J evi'ry evening, ??vif.i i ? U NI FOlitf ITY OF feXCELLE NCE. CRf)WI>ED llot SES. CROWDED HOUSES. CROWOEO HOUSES. CROWDED HOUSES. ACT I. THE PLANTATION. ? ACT II. THE MURDER. ACT III. THE SLAVE SALE. ACT IT. THE LYNCH LAW TRIAL. ACT T. ' AN INDIAN'S REVENGE. To-morrow, Thursday, II'4 ueii t of Mr. J. S. Clarke. C1ANTERRURY MUSIC II ALL, 585 BROADWAY.? J ?UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS OF THE NEW FANTOMTME. FOURTH WEEK OF THE MAOIC LAUREL. MAGIC IjAUREL. MAOIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAl'REL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAl'REL. MAOIC LAI REL. MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL MAGIC LAUREL MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREL. MAOIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. M \OIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL, MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL. MAGIC LAUREL, wlili one of the most powerful casta In the country. THIRTY THOUSAND FERSON8 THIRTY THOUSAND PERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND FERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND FERSONS THIRTY THOUSAND l'ERSONS HAVE SEEN IT. HAVE SEEN IT, Along with the finest and most versatile entertainment ever t iven Iii New York. TO-NIGHT FIRST TIME OF TIIR NEW SONG TO-NIGHT FIRST TIME OF THE NEW SONU DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA, DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA, BY HONOR ABECCO. The Management have great pleasure la announcing an en gagement will: MLLE. DORA DA WROX, MLLE. DORA DAWROK, the celebrated d mhl? * 'led singer, who will make her first appearance on Monday n* ?t. Academy of music.? grand patriotic con cerllnaid o[ the families of Ihe Volunteer*, Friday, Nov. 1. Mian CARI.OTTA FATTI, Mme. 8TRAKOSCH, Signer MACAFEKKI. Slgnor BARILI. ADAM TOUHAY. Pianist. THEODORE THOMAS, Conductor. The grand orchestra of the Italian Opera will he iu attend once. Ticket* BUcenia; reserved seals 74 ceuts. L' NCE A SING W ON 1 ) E RS. At the Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anatomy, 563 limadm.y, next door to Ball. Black M Co., New York." Just rdil . ("tins larg<*, ? ,p'-rl) and world famed collection, a perfect irruX of nature, ? monster child with two heads, four le^s mid three arms. ll conjunction with this Interesting sight there are wonder* of an unsurpassable and thrilling nature. At one ulanc" is secu 1,700 p.. i t- of the ln;n an body. T' " institution hm been pronoun; ed by the many thousands whoerowd t ? li .lallv to have a truly moral tendency. Lectures t,ailyon interesting, sci -ntitie and pathological au'iject*. i >p ti for gentlemen ouljr from 10 A. M. till ll} F. M. Afi mi* sion 28 oetita. 1?0R SALE? \ PAIR or MAGIC I. A .VI KENS, KtiR . it; views; w I!' be sold cheap. Inquire at No. 4J6 Broadway, ti the More. elONCEKT ROOM AGENCY, 1% BROADWAY, ROOM / No. 7.? w anted, a full c tupany Tor a llrst class concert Hve on In l'hlla.l' Ip o;>! also 25 ballet ^ri, ,u!1] M Waltpr ti:!-. SjHily frein 10 to2 o'cW k as above, to J. CONNER ami JOHN >?'. 1'OULE, Agenti; ali-o a com ? any tor Wll mlngtoii, Delaware. ri'WO LIVING whalesaF" JONES' ~.V<?oi)S,"" EAST J. il/< ;? and Sixty-iifiii struct. AatuiMioti 2j touU. Qui 4iDttuua?itca,UwiuU, AMI/SKSIKVT9. WAL LACK'S, Corner of Broadwgy sml Thirteenth ?treet. CHANGE riK TIME. Dnors open at half-p i/-t .?<" ?* ri ; to begin at el?ht Tllll ID WEEK OF THK NEW DRAMA. THIRD WEEK OF TIIK NE'.V DKAMA. CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES ATTEST TIIE ORAND SUCCESS or tiik VARIED AND STRIKING TABLEAUX, VARIED AND STRIKING TABLE A UX, M.UBSTIO MOUNTAIN 80K.MRUY, MAJ ESTIU MOUNTAIN 8CBNRRX, CHARMING MU8I0, C11ARXI1NU MUSIC, COSTUMES, COSTUMES. <Fr uu drawing* by Cart Hang,) Alt In the ADMIRABLE ACTING ADMIRABLE AOTINO KINO ? MOUNTAIN# KIVG g MOUNTAIN* KINO ? MOUNTAINS KINO o MOI'NTAIMH EVER? EVEN I Nil. MR. LESTER WALL AUK as. . fhe Ami'Hoin Oapl?li? Mil. HI.AKE ...a* The Londoner M II. UI1AHI.ES FiSlllill as Tb# Mountain Ch ef MR. YOUNQ n? ..fiophoeloa MK. REYNOLDS a* The German lleauisl Mil. FLOYD as The Greek Cupula MRU. HOEY i" Phoitnl M US. VERNON ??> Mi>h Porcupine MISS HKNRTUl'EZ a? Mary MdlN Mr. Brown, Mr. I'arkeii, Mr. 0. Par-doe, Ml** Gilnher auJ Other artists also In the ea?t. MUSIC hy BO BERT 8TORPBU SCENERY I.y II. I8HE I*. W ( IO D. Pkium.-? Boxes and l'arnimit, 80 oents; 1'rltrale Horn-*, ?f; 0 reheat ra matin, $1, Family Circle, JAo. nt*. Bowery theatre. 8. 1'. Silekney Lessee and Manager STICKNEY'S GREAT NATIONAL CIRCUS. Triumphant opening of the aeason. BRILLIANT RECEPTION OK Til E TROUPE. OVERFLOWING HOUSES IMMENSE BNTIIirsi \SM OF THE A UDIENCIi. The perlor 'insure* of the mar rldere, BLLA ZoYARA, SEBASTIAN, HELOISB, R. STICKNEV, and the womlvriul iivmnaxts, HOGLE and KEEFE, ?re received with S'l'OUMS OF APPLAUSE. SllOWRRS OF BO(jt'T'.T8. Tins Kvkxim;, WaDNMb ir, Out. ,ul, th " same splendid perform. inoe* will be related. Including NM GRAND NATIONAL CAVALCADE. Wanted? ti.'veral young ladle*, tu appear In a ivw fuM dress entree. Such as aro well praMI-i I in eqnratvtsn an will please apply to s. P. STlCKNEY, Manager. Afternoon performance# on Saturday next. B AKNUM S AMERICAN MUSEUM. WEDXE80 \Y, Oct. ?i, IRCI. GUAM) FAMILY HOLIDAY. TWO SUPERB DRAMATIC PERFORMANCES. In the afternoon at3 o'elock, EVENING at 7}4, at each oi which thai new ami powerful S|> < toen'ar Grama, THK ANGEL OF MIDNIGHT, THE ANGEL OF MIDNIGHT, TUB ANGEL OF MIDNIGHT, will be produced. Thin Is one Of the lint Mt and most atlrae tivu piw'pi Introduced to tho New York public, ill acting, scenery, nio|>crtli a. costumes, music, Ac., uud thl* arrange* Incnt enables LADIES, CHILDREN, FAMILIES AND SCHOOLS to witness It, and see all tlie wonderful novelties of the Mu st-urn an I return home before dark. Ladies and children whoso husbands and faiheis are unable to aot ompany tbeiu here can tlin ? ENJOY TIIEIR AMUSEMENTS alone, as the nlim>*i vigilance 1h exeicised by the niana^e ment to [irote.'l au li while in the Museum, and all tmproinr persons of both sexea are carefully excluded. Come, then, i >lie ami all, an I see THIS MAGNIFICENT DRAMA, and (it tins s?me time aee Hie LIVING lUFVOWrtMITS: Or BIVER llOilSK fnmthn lliver Nile In E-'yi't, tho GltK A I' HKIIE MCT1I OK TIIK SlJIUI'TUKES. The most w.uidul fill animal known, Uie ? ih.>t ami iwfi.v one ever In Ainerie.i. He !?< to be seen at ail hours with iil^ua tlvu Arab keeiHir. Also, the LIVING BLEt'llANTTl llfl.E( o\er 1,0 >0 years old, and weighing over .>00 pounds; iho WHAT 18 ITY ALIIINO 1AM1lY. SK A LION, MAMMOTH BKAIt S \MSON, .in. I near a million nth. r eurloslllea. Adii I?ion to all, iiicrnn; children under i en, MconU. j^RVA.VTS' MINSTKBLS. M '-ehanles' H .11, 47- H. midway, almve Gran t sireet. MONDAY, Oet.ih-i jntli. an I every liiiliuliliun; tho week. IMMENSE SUCCESS. CROWDED HOUSES. THE RAW KEi III ITS. UN PAN ONION. I.OHD l.OVEU HAIRMANIIES ri!ii I'RESToDIGATATKlllST, The great .Nt ^ni man sir, lor the last time, :u new treks. S. C. CAMPBELL. The popular vimmIikI, in his tiieasiui; liallads. El' II HORN. NEIL and DAN BRYANT. THE STRANGER. Mrs. II all I" r Kpli Horn | The .stranuer Dan BryanL notice change of time. D.nii'H open at !'?\ . eurlain rlnes at 7)a. Ti< keis 25 cent*. HOOLEY'8 MINSTRELS (LATE OK NIBLO'S 8A loou), Stuyvcaant InKttute, Rroadway, opposite Bond alroet. OPEN KVKUY Nltilir. Crowded nightly with the elite urt<i las! I m to witnesa tit a .aitchl* ss ii"i ;?nu in'' "i of the ureal New V irk lavorltea, i '(I.N, REED. OKI FF1N, OKAY, MELVIbLE. I'll 1 1.1)8, McN ALLY, IIOOLEY, A 111' I IE, MARLOWE, At;., lit their gr t ?in-' Inlitl" ? tli? TRAVELLERS. IRISH WARBLERS, WALL STREET BROKERS, SALLY COME HI', AC. Doors cp ?? .a 6)i< u> nMM if 7',. BeteH 23 cen la. pvISBBOW'S J/ ? 8KATIN0 OYMNA81UM, FIFTH AVENUE. CORNER Til I Kl'Y NINTH STREET, OPEN DAY AND EVENINO, For Instruction ami, NR. .1. HAINES will exhibit tiU uarWaUed performance on skates every eve ning. ? Admittance iO cents. Broadway MUSK- HALL, 4K3 nn 1 488, MUSIC iiAl.L, 4 S3 and 484, Oae dour below Broome street. Lnst two night* of tin Ornnd Pantomime of THE RED GNOME; TIIK RED tl.NuME; On, Tiik Kaiiiv aso tiik Dkho*. Prodorod in nil Its original splendor, with new scenery, new dresses, stage effects, properties, Ac., under tin- Imme diate supervision oT 810. FKLIX CARLO. ASTONISHING FEAT OF DAGGER THROWING ASTONISHING HEAT OF DAGGER TMUOWINO MY W. CARLO. BY W. CARLO. Thl? thrilling feat la tin; moat astonishing ever performed. It is known in the. Impalement, actually pliiutiigalirlugbody to the wall with huge daggers. TICK BROADWAY MINSTRELS, TIIK BKOADW AY MI NSTRI'.LS, TIIK BR' > \DW AY .MINSTRELS, Composed of the elite of the Ethiopian profession. HILLY HI Ki ll nn'l HEX. COTTON, BILLY BIRCH *11 1 BE.V. COTTON, J. A. HERRMANN, J. A. HERRMANN, TIM NORTON, AYNSLEY SCOTT, J. PIERCE, In new Sung", Acta, Danros, Burlesque*. TUNY PASTOR, tuny pastor, the best Comic 8ins*r tn the country. tiii: i ikk at ballet TKOirrE, TIIK ORE AT BALLET TROUPE, under the direction oi PAUL BRILLIANT. ROBERT W. llUTLEK, sole Less e ami Proprietor. MONS. LA TIIOKN, Sta^e Manager. In reheraal, and will sh"ttly (in produce I, THE AI'E OF BORNEO, under the supervision of Signor Fell* Carlo, with uv Ken fry. Dresses, Ae. NOTICE? OK AND MATINEE on Saturday afternoon, a' 'i.yx o'clock, for the aocomm'xlatioa of ladles and children. s WISS BELL RINGERS, AT HOPE CHAPEL, 7? Bioidway.? The AUeghaulana, Vts-allsia, uud Swiss Belt Ringers, ? very evening. Admission 23 Children IS cents. Commence, at 7%. Matinee Saturday afternoon at two o'clock. Children to matinee 10 cent*. Murdoch dramatic association, Meets every Saturday evening, at 3*7 BOWERY. [RVING H A LI* ? QRAND CoN< ERT ? EUPHEMIA, A m-w and original Cantata, for Hie beuelit of the BETHANY MISSION SABBATH SCHOOL, Thursday evening, Oct. 31. Admission 26 cents. GARIBALDI CONCERT SALOON, C79 BROADWAY.? Wanted, aonie lady danoera and aome lady singers. Catt from 12 to I o'clock thia day. Captain williams* SOUTH SKA wnALINO VOYAOE. I Io|Mi Chapel, 720 Broadway. Every evening, at quarter to8 o'clock; Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Admiasion 23 centa. Children 13 ceifta. Herrmann rivaled? Brooklyn athenaeum ? i'rofesaor B11K8LAN, the great Preatidigliateur, Fri dav and Saturday evening*, Nov. 1 ami 2. Admlsalon, Jicen's; Children 13 cent*. THRAT UCAL.? THE BAB H AND UNIQUE COLLEO tlon or luarkedprtxnpt l>o"k? and manuacrlpt parts, lis longing to the late \V m. E. Burton, is for sale. Address to t. M. D. hox 1M4 Herald ofltce. MEDICAL. N IMPORTANT WOKK~? A OUIDE FOR THE MAR _ i. rled, or those contemplailng it. The alHicte.l, denllltated or dUeascl should not marry or adopt any treatment till they have inf inued themselves of the truth, only found In Dr. LAKMONT 8 Paris, London and New York Medical Adviser ami Marriage OuMe (40th edition). Mailed for&l liy RICH ARDSON, No. 1 Vesey street, and ROS8 A TOLSEY, 121 Nassau street. The Doctor cures all such affcctlotia, recent or of 1'itm' standing, eipedltiously and privately, aa for firnrm paat, at (!47 Bn?<lwsy, up stairs, from 9 A. M. U 1 6 P. M. A PERFECT CURE GUARANTEED?? A ~ BAUICAU curealw aya effected by Dr. WARD, 12 Laight street. Cures, besides, in half the usual .time and at half Ui? charges. Affections caused by "mercury and cer. i?in diseases moat sueceasrully cur?d by Dr. WARD, IS Lalght street. The doctor in constant atiodanee. Dr. hunter has for tuTbty years confined his attention to Uiseusca of a certain class, in which ho has treated no leas than SO, 000 cases, without an Instance nt failure. Hla great remedy, Dr. Hunter's Red Drop, enraa certain diseases when regultir treatment and A 11 other reme dies fail; cures withnut dieting or restriction in 'he hatdu of Iheiatient; cures without the disgusting and sickening ef fects ot all remedies; cures in new cases in le?a than alt hours. It roots out ihe poiaonoua taint the blood Is sura to absorb on eas the remedy is used. It is $1 a vial, and can not he obia ned genuine anywhere than at the old otUce, No. 3 l>i>i d?n street. Bock for nothing that treats of the effect* of early abuse. R. RALPH, OFFICES 139 CROSflY~ STREET, COR r of Hoaaton. lL.urs, II t" 2 and ? till# P. M. DB. WARD TREATS ALL DISEASES OF FEMAlIeS w ith uuparalieled sucs'?s. Something for ever)' lady, hia Great Benetaelor. Oiliee 12 Latghl street. DR. II. A. BARROWTlM BLEECKEll STREET, FOUR doorsfmrn Maoiougal street, New York, author of that popular meuUtal work. Human Frailty, may lie eonliil' iiilaily consulted aa usual, from 11 till 2 and lioiii 4 till S. Sundaya HI12. DR. COOPER NO. 14 DP AXE STREET. MAY BE CON ault'-.i on 1 II di.e ises of 11 certain nature. Twenty-eight years exclusively devoted to these complaints enable him t? warrant a err" in ail cases. The victims ot misplaced couli tlence in medical prsitenders enn coil, with a certainly ot' b dug radically cured or no pay. lJROFKSSOR RKSTE1.L, 10-' < il iMi'l i-S STREET, CAN J i>e consulted, as usual, or by letter to box -,.539. Boston oilice. No. a Harrison avenue. 1 WITHOUT MONEY? WITHOUT PRICE! THE POOR V? and - ll'erlng, unable to pay, will be cuied of ail known dU"a 1 s free ot ch: r..-. In a I .vciluutos, Without pun, by ! the ne.\ s> -eui ?.f '? ? ?t- <1 Electricity, at the New York 1)

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