Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9182. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 18G1.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. BVt.ES AT ATJCTIOlf. Auction KOTicE.-D. n cAUMciNs. auctioneer! Kl.EOA NT HOUSEHOLD FUitNlTliltiS-SUl'ERB CAItVKD ROSEWOOD i'lANOFOKTK, STOOL AND COVER. Hv v! rt m* nf a chattel murtcngi". THURSDAY. October M, at (.'clock precise**-, nil the superb and costly Furniture. Paintings, Status* y and Work* of Art. ro?ew<*Hl Drawing Loom Suits, seven octave Pianoforte, Mirrors, Velvet Carpets, 4*-., ?obtained in the residence N?>. 21S West fourteenth rdreet, between Eighth au<! Ninth avenue*. The auctioneer calls t He fpfcclal attention the public to tk's sale, a* bring Ae lurfeit Woi richest tysurtment of Household Fnrmtnre offered ai 4 action thin season. The luroittsre was all mad*' lor the pre ?ent owner, and ts In complete order. The whole will be pe remptorily and absolutely hold without r esreve. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE 4 consists of carved rosewood Kmgerea, marble top* ana French plate doors and hack; ludy's Work Table, Inlaid with mother of p. ml; rosewood Centre TaVrte, statuary marble lop; full wilts of Drawing Boom Furniture? elegant Teiv-a tite Sofas, two Arm, two Receptio? and eight oval back Chairs, ?*arvt*d rosewood frames, and covered In three co lored satin brocade of the most expec*ive description; two Cousol Tables, inUid buhl and tortoise shell; Brocade an?l Lace Curtains French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors with rich gilt frame*; a uperb Sevres and Dresden Chinanra?es rich Ijr d??co rated; Parian marble Statuettes of the Seasons, artistic Bronte*, representing Night uikI Morning, Pandora, Painting, Poetry, Music, Crusaders, Ac. ; undone lava Vanes, from Heroulaneum and Pompeii; ebony Cant Table, Velvet i Carpets, Bugs. Turkish Easy Chairs, bronze Clock, runt one nemtb; Oil Paintings, by Rousseau. Ionian, Huntington, | Oole, Legrsnd. and other eminent artists. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, carved legs and case, four round corners, finished i all ro; n I, imaia with p??arl and s lid pearl keys; I coat Music Ra? k, rosewood Stool, covered in I brocade; embroidered Cloth Cover. Hooks and Music, hall ' rosewood Hatstand, Oilcloth, Stair Carpet, Ac. Chambers, second story ? Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis 3UY.; Bur' ausand Commodes to ma tea; Wardrobes, Dress tng and Toilet Tables, Shaving Stan da, Bookstand, Couch, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices. Hair Mattresses, Bed* and Bedding, decorated C ilna Toilet Sets, Mirrors, Oiiilnc R"om Furniture of every kind, Tea Sats, Silverware, tvoi v Table Cutlery, Dining Ta le, Ac. SPECIAL NOTICE. -?Purchasers of the above elegant fur* mi tnj? ure hereby notified that ti-e sal? is ma le by virtue ??f a chattel mortgage, amounting to $H,000, duly executed to me, and now on tile at the Hull of Re ords in ih >s city. D. J. BARNEY, 21)6 Chambers street. ATTRACTIVE SALE OP MAGNIFICBNT HOUSEHOLD Furniture AT PUBLIC AUCTION'. POSITIVE PEKEMPIORY SALE OF ELEGANT FIRST CLASS Fl KN1TURE, TMs (Tliurslav) afieruooi, at 2 o'clock precisely, thi beautiful Parlor, Dining Room, Chumber and Library Fur niture in the dwelling house IMS TwentvMlrst street, between 1 Seventh and Eighth avenues, all of which is new, having ; been recently made, and c-m rises everything adapted to a fashionable and elegantly luruithed rr-suien* c ? the whole to b*t peremptorily Hold for cash, consisting oi English Velvet ?u<t Tapestry Carpets, elegant rosewood Parlor Furniture, cn suite, comprising three full shi m, richly carved, all of wbtch are covered in rich silk broeateL and of the b?rsi de scription; rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Chairs, in blue and gold sarin and niouuet; Velvet Turkish Lounge ricn Mantel and Pier Mirrors, Damask and Lace Curtains, Cld and Landscape Shades, two rosewood Etegerea, st-. le of >ula XIV. ; rich Sevres and Dresden Mantel Vase a, bisque Figures, Artistic, Parb r Ornament s, <tc. ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MUSIC CABINET, KToOL AM' CO VI it, coat $430. Marble top Bureaus, richly carved Bedsteads, twenty large Hair Mattresses, Tcte-a-Tetes, Chamber Suits, in rosewood; bronze Clocks, marble Washstands, Lounges, French and Spring Seat Ch .ja, Rockers, Divans, OtlomMna, Ov/tl Mlr rors, superb Beds and Bedding, oak Extension Table, two line mahogany Sofa Bedsteads, rich French and Bohemian China, rich Tea Sets, Silverware, Spoons, Forks, Costers, Ice Pitchers, Urns, Tea Sen' ice, ruby ami crystal Cut Glass of every description, oak marble t??p Bullet, oak Clm rs, su pcrb oak Desk, Oilcloth, rich Chanaelicrs, marble Hall Stand, one of Wilder's Iron Safes. Catalogues at house. Sal" posi tive, rain or thine. A deposit will be required of all pur chasers. N. B. ? Pari lea from a distance are assured that every ar ticle in the house will be sold strictly without reserve, and there will positively be no postponement. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT Auctioneer. Assignee s sale OF MESSRS. J. A C. BERRIAN 8 STOCK or HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP'S SON, Auctioneer, will sell en Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 4, 5 and 6, commencing each day at 10 o'clock, the entire utock con tained in the store No. Cdl Broadway, embracit g a very de sirable assortment of House Furnishing Articles, elegant Silver and Plated Ware, fine London ground back Tea Trays and Waiters, superior Table Cutlery; Brltania, Willow and Wooden W ire and Japanned goods. A'so a large variety of Fancy articles, .tc., Ac., the whole being the, largest slock of the kind in this city, having been selected with care expressly for the retail business. The well known reputation of the Messrs. Bsrrian is a suiJirlent guarantee for the quality of the stock, and is therefore well worth the attention ol the trade and ojjiers, and is to be peremptorily sold without any reserve whatever, for cash, in bankable funds. By order of the assignee. Catalogues will be ready on Thursday, October 31, and may be had it the above place and at the store of the auctioneer, No. 73 William street. Auction notice.? m. doughty, auctioneer, will K<*li, this (Thursday) Oct. 31, at 10>, o'clock, at sales loom #V.\as an street, a general assortment of Household Furniture, Br n via and Ingrain Carpets, Bookcases, Centre Tables, rosewood and mah >:any Parlor Suits, covered in broeatei and haircloth, viz: Tete-a-Tetes, Parlor and Arm Chairs, black walnut and oak Extension Dining Tables, B if f? Is, Dinner and Tea Seta, Glassware, Dressing Bureaus, Washstands, Bead steads, Hair Mattreasea, Paillasses, Ward* robes, Lounges, Ac, ALBERT If. NtCOLAY, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL this ds>, Thursday, Oct. 31, at 12% oVlock, at the stock salesroom, 5s William street, a good variety of City lusu asnce and Bank Stocks, Bonds and other securities, suitable lor investments. For full particulars see World, Commer cial Advertiser, and Evening Post. Catalogues can be ob tained at the sal-sroom. Next regular sale on Monday, No vember 4. earthen wake an b glassware! ROBERT llAYDOt'K ivlll ?ell this day, at M o clock, at his UKtla room, 101 Liberty street, (.n C month credit, 48 crates Common Earthenware. 43 crsteiC. c. Chambers. 60 packages new s ty I > ? Bohemian Glass. SO packages French l-'llnt Glass. 800 packagi s American Mint Glass. 60 packages Kerosene chimntes, ,tc. Auction sale.? this day, at io o'clock, by ISAAC AARON, ut C3 Nassau street, a bankrupts ?lock of fine GoHl Watchcsand Jewelry, COtlery, Meerschaum and Brier wood Pipes, S"gars, Fancy Goods, Ac. ; without re serve, for cash. BROWNE .i NICHI ILS, AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL ON Friday, NaT. I. at 1 o'clock, in froi?tol'sal">r >ome,35 Nas. sou street, a beautiful sorrel paddle Horse, 1&X hands high, 8 years old, thorough bred, perfect In xll his g.uts? walks fast, paces and canters. Would make a splendid charger for an army officer, and l? sufficiently gentle for a lady. W ill tie in Iron t of our store on Thursday, from 11 to 1 o'clock. The ewner is going to Europe, and seUs only on that a "count. Browne a nichols. auctioneers? will sell this day (Tbm>day), Oc!. 31, at 11 o'clock, at Gosling's restaurant, 116 Broadway, the entire stock of Liquors, Wines, Brandy, 4c. remaining on hnnd from the larpe pur chases made by Gosling A Co. from the creat Clark A. Brown sale. Also Bar Fixtures, Ulats vure, Signs, Beer Pumps, it :, Browne a nicuols, auctioneers? will sell on Friday, Nov. 1, atone o'clock, nt .15 Nassau street, n large nunfber of Wagons, Rockaways, Conpt- 1, Phaetons, ?urriages, Top and QO top Bnggles, Pep .t Wagons, Trotting do., Central park Phaeton, k1-. i H'so a laiQ'c number of Blankets. Particulars to-morrow. . 1HAS. E. LOKW, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL, OK ?. Thursday, October 81. at 11 o'clyvk A. M.. at No. ?iy M?r street, by Virtue of ? eu&Ue! lmirt^age, i" its "irriami inures ana Household Furniture in the above premises, eon sis' log of mahogany marble top Bureaus and With stands, muho^sny Bedsteads and Chairs; also Itvge iinl SUilill S'Zed Mirrors, Extension andoth"r Dining TaWes, Beds, 1'cddlug, Ac. Also a b'rgc itit of Decanters, Tumblers, Wine Glasses and Cryekeiy Ware. Also elegant French Paint tygs, Engravings, Ac , Ac. O- w. 5ja.IN, Attorney for _ C CHATTEL MORTGAGE SALE.? ON THURSDAY, OCTO J her 31, at No. 7 Broad street, the content" of the first class E vtlni* Saloon situated at sbovo place. Hale to commence at 3 o'doctp. M. C. V. LYONS, Att'y for Mortgagee. BKN.J. MKKfilTT, Auctioneer. DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER? SALESROOM No. 79 Nassau street, between Fulton and Joint ft recta. DANIEL A. MATHEWS will sell, to-morrow (Friday), at lou o'clock, at his 'nlesro >;it, n Inr.'c assortment of SECOND HAN.J FURNITCKE. l'lANOS, MIRRORS, VELVET, BRUSSELS AND ISGKAtN CARPETS. Catalogues and f,u> ds ready lor examination early on morning of sale. Edward sc h k nc k~a ij ct i < > n ee r. FINE OIL PAINTINGS. By EDWARD 8CHENCK. this day, 31st inst., at II o'clock, at his salesr >orn< N >s. 1 J* and 137 Brosdway, a col lection of very choice Oil Paintings, inclu ling many guar&n teed oifcina*aJ bearing the certificate the artists. Among them will be round: ? AN INTERIOR AND FIGURES, by CARPENTESO, THE LOVE OKTHE ANGELS, by MAZZANTI, THE SLEEPING HUNTER, by A. DE BltACKELEIR, WINTER SCENE. t>v SMKTS, LANDSCAPE AND SHEEP, by VAN SEVERDONCK, MARINE, by SCIIAEP, and many other fine Paintings. The above are now on exhi bition, with catalogues. The atteuti.-.n of those in want of really tine pictures is requested to this sale, as they will be peremptorfty s >ld without rt serve. Edward schenck, auctioneer. SECOND HAND FUKNITURH. MORTGAGE SAl E. By EDWARD SCHENCK, n Friday, Nov. 1, at his sales rooms, 156 and 157 Broadway, at 10>j o'clock At M., a large assortment of Household Furniture, carpets. Ac., (removed f.,r convenience of mle), consisting In part or rosewood Par lor Suits, rosewood, walnut and mahogany Centre Tables; E:egere?, French i.late Pier and Mantel Mirrors, velvet, Hiui sels, three ply una ingram Carpets, rosewood and mahogany Secretary and Library Bookcases, oiled waloutand enamelled Bedroom Suits. Dressing Bureaus, French Bt dsteads. Ward robes, Wasbstands, Commodes, Shaving Stands, lisir Mat tresses, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Pillows, palliasses. Toilet pets, gas Chandeliers, Lounges, S ifa Bed, oak and wul.iut Extension Tables, mthognny Sofas, Chairs, Rockers, Iiuilets, Dining Chairs, gold baud Window Shades. FloorCloth, Man tcl Vases, walnut Hntracks, Hall Chairs, China, GlAlsWAre, Ac. Most of the aW e lias been in use only since May last, a d is almost now. To be positively sol I 1 1 satisfy a mort gnge. A. T. GARDINER, Mortgngee. George cook, auctioneer. ? a&JMNEE'S sale of elegant Household Furniture, thin day, ut 11 o'rluik, at stoic ltl Broadway, be leg the stock ot cno of the largest and best cabinet makers in the city (for i rlva'e sile ex lu sively). It consists in part of sup -rt' rose wood PnrtOrSuits, Heecetartes, Canterburies. Music Cabinets, Ete^eres, elegant rosewood, black walnut and mabgany Bedsteads; Bureaus, Wanhstauds. Commo les, WardroSes, Secretary ond Llbcair Bookcases, Armoire^-Ubtoe, Extension Dining Tables ana Chairs, Halls lands, Tables, so. Catalogues at sale. ' REAT AUCTION SAlft G1 OF BOOTS AND SHOES. On Thursday nc\t, ALEXIS r.RAGO * WARREN. No. 30 Warren street, WILL SELL. ON THI'KSDAY, Oct. *1, At 10?^ o'clock, ONE THOLS.YND CASES MOOTS AND SHOES, Comprising a iaige assortment kif seasonable goods, among * NEN*S, BOY'S, YOUTH S AKILTHILDREN '." BOOTS, oftbe t icbei gindes. In liticral ijuiNtitl-s. Auction sale of It- ? ts sf. I Sin ? m Tv Thursday. W34. M. HULUNUSllLAD, A.ictlouecr. 8ALEI AT AUCTION. Henry h lbmh. auctionkkh. HhlNKY II. J.KE:?S A CO. will sell at auction, t>n Thursday, Ot 31, at I* o'clock, Infr.ntof *t?>rc J l N'a?*uu street, a V?ny II ?!>?*, *i>out 10 years iH, 15^ hands high ? is gentle and Kind: has travelled his mile in a little over three mmntes. Coat A linhtopen together with a set of tingle Harness. The entire establishment will bo sold without reserve, an the owner la going to Bnr<?pe. Henry h. leeps, auctioneer? henry h. 1,KED8 A CO., will sell at aii'-tlon, on Friday, Nov, I, at 12 o'clock, at Hie ntablo of A. Heluiout, K*f|?, Eighteenth f< iv.i t, rear of bis re*i ence, corner of Fifth avenue aid Eighteenth street, valuably iioifeea, the owner having no r - ?tit use for tbem. Two tine Carriage IIoiscs, long tail, blood bay, 16)^ hands h1?;h, 7 and 8 year* ? *I\S ; two very fine phaeton Hors??s, ift hands hitj'a; on? thorough bred saddle M?.re, well broken, very sty lisht suitable for lady or Re m Io nian, an-! would make a good military horns for Ught weight. To be Bold without reserve. HBMRT H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.- HENBY H. JLKKD8 <fc CO will sell at auction on Friday, Nov. I, al 12 o'clock, in front of the store S.'JNa'eau street, a fine coupe en io> ?l Carriage, for four or eiv seats; shifting front; In perfect order; baa only been run live months; made to order. HENKY (JKEEV, auctioneer?will bkll this day, at IdJj o'clock, at the unction at-. re KM Wi'llam tt., a hu e quantity ol new and second hand Clothing, Shawls. Hose, Buys ?'ai>a. Cassin?er< a, Satin ts, D.t ss Goods, Fancy Ooods, Ac. Also a small lot of Groceries, Li quot a and Segars. H80ANLAN, AUCTIONEER STOKE NO. 4*)CAN\L ? street, will stdi Una day (Thur? .av>, at 10^ o'clock, at 104 Molt street, near Heater, the 8t>ck and Fixtures of a wholesale and retail liquor store, euti*i?tlnj; of a good stock ot Liquora, VTlnei*, and everything else usually In such a stoic. Hale positive. J01I.V F. PA VIS, AUCTION EF.R.? >#80 CASES BOOTS, Rlio '8 aud Hr > ?ti: atav.c; ion, on Thursday, Octobr r 31, 1 at 10 o'clock, at the store of J, ?S. L-ivrctt <fc <*o.. i(i <!oun- ' Uudt street, comprising a larce a* -> c.i. cot of fresh city made and Eastern goods, for city and count ry trade. J KB i USUI KG Ai CTIONEER OFFK E 499 N NTH avenue, wilt >*? II on Thursday, October 31, at 10'^ o'clock, A. M., at 27lJ West Forty-aecund street, t!ie {Stock and Fix tures of a 11 pu?r store, Pure )! randies, Win<>\ Olus, t'luin tci>. Heel* Pumps, Gas Fixtures, iua? Me top and other Tables, Lounu'- t Bureaus, Bedsteads, Stoves, Carpenters1 Tools, Iron Hailing, Ac., Ac. TV DUNCAN, 1UCTIONEER BEADY MADS ? Clothing. This morning at ! ? >}? o'elo. -k. at ill N ;i viu street, in lots to Be, it buyers, men s, youths' and bovs' sea sonable i-lolhing, of warranted matt- mis and workmanship, embra ing t'lotTi, Jicavi-r, Ca?sim? re, Pilot an I 1>" k;u Frock, Hack, Dre^and Husiuc, Coats; Overcoats and Pan* lal?v?ns, .S.Ik and C acre V< sis, S.?i's for I o. s from four lo fourteen years of age, Jackets, ,fce. Abso 101) pairs ladies' Seamless Felt Moots. Sale peremptot y. JOSEPH HEOEMAV, FRIDAY, NOV. 1, AT 10>f o'clo k, A. M., at the Central Salesroom, Willoughby, c -raer Pearl s'n*ct, Brooklyn. A11 oxcelh nt assortment of Fumitur* Parlor Suitea in velvet and haircloth, eta* pt' res, rosewood and mahogany marble top Tables, maho^a ny an l walnut Itedst ends, Dressing Bureaus, oak extension Tables, Chairs, Mattresses, Drum, Muskets, ila^s, Ac., Car pets. Stoves, ike. M08TQA0E 8ALE ? J01IN H. BUELBY, AUCTTOy eer, will sell, this da , at 3 o'c . a 1 1 1 1 Canal treet, lnahogauy and other Clrui-s. Sofa-?, Sain Hrtds, made by Plimpton; two lur?e 1* ? r Cla Se-, two Itarroom and o!ie Mantel Ulas es, Enamelled S uts, two do in hair cloth; four Wardrobes, Centre and other Tables, Dre-Min-j; and other Bu reaus, mahogany, black walnut and other Bureaus; Wash stands, Tete-u-tctes, Etegeres, Bru*scL*, Thr. e-ply, In , rain and other Carpets; Oilcloths, second hand, about 400 .vat ds; Hair and other Mi?tiress<'st Feather B ds. Bedding, Comlort era, Biaukets, together with everj'thiug for housekeeping. By order o- James Whiting, Attorney. m B. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. ?JERSEY CITY A ? Lots and li ?us< at an tion? Will seli, on Thursday, <?ct. 31, at 2 o'clock P. M., 011 the premises, Stet?b<?n street, near Warren, Jersey City, two extra si/e Lots, notth side of Steu ben street; four Lots on Morgan street, opposite Provost street: five Lota on J'rospect street, corner of Hr- a I way, or South Ei>?ht street; three Lots on Broadway, -.djoining, and House and Lot <?n Railroad avenue, near Warren s.reet. Terms libt ral: sale p -sitive. For maj?s apply at 49 Ann sheet, and to JOHN COWAN, 61 Montgomery street, Jersey City. C.AFFNEY, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 170 CHATHAM .? street ? will sell on Friday, November I, si 10 o'clock, the entire St<?ck of the old established ]>a;>er hanging and upholst-'ry es ahlishmcnt :^57 Eighth avenue, b two n Tsse n ty-cic;hlh and Twenty-ninth streets, consisting of Window Shades, Paper Hangings, Lace and Muslin Curtains, Ac., Ac. Families and others will do well to attend this sale. WEST A WATTS WILL SELL, AT 2?kJ ELIZABETH street, at 10>a o'clock, the contents ot a Grocery and Liquor Store. E WOULI) CALL ATTENTION TO THE SALE OF valuable property on Eighth avenue. Ninety-seventh, ty-eigh h and Macdou^al streets, to be sold at auction by E. fl. 'LUDLOW ?v CO., this day (Thursday), at 12 o'chak, at the Mer- hauls Exchange, New York. Maps, Ac., at the auc tioneer's ollice. No. 3 Pine street. W SPECIAL NOTICES. A FAIR-FOB THE BENEFIT or THE ORPHANS' H<?n<" Hint AMVlmn ot ili<- I'mlosunil Ejilscopiil Chutvh will li?' bel4 ?t lh.- liistllullon (Fmiy-iiuitli street, cornrr of LfixlngUiti uvenueK on Tucsduy, Weilnes luy ami Tlimsiiav, the ISItli, !Wth 2!sl of November. Board of committee on Fiir l>i'|tfirtinent ot 1 1?? Ho nl ot Counoiinn ii, will meet on Frlil;iy evctiinu, Nov. 1, al 7 I". M,. In room No. 5, City Hal!. All partii s IimvUij; luisiijrs.s witli tlie Coininittee will be buaul at thai lime. JOHN imiCE, 1 Cumtnlttco ALEX. II. KKECJf, } oil ANTHONY HUiLEBilflii DqartMA Masonic.? the mkmrkks of i/eh.wok 10D81 No. Ittl F. and A. .M.. are brivbv (it iiriciii d to meet at tlii ir loilge room, <J.J I Frllo?.< Hall, at 12 o'eloi k, noon, Thursday, Oitobi-r 31, for the purpose of paying the last tri bute of respect to the lueinoiy ot our III" worthy brother, John Donahue. Tin' fraternity are respect; ully invited 10 at u-a 1. by orJcr of the W. M. J J. NOCEWBUi, s -Tetuy. New yokk and haki.em kaii.road compaNT.? Tr??snr. r's Oilier, corner of fourth avenue and l'weuiy j-istli street, N?'W Vork, Octoticr Zii, liMil. 1 uteri st Coupons ol the HrM Mortgage Uonils of 1M7 trill be paid <m and after November I, at Uie Ti easorer'g oUice. W. 11. EMEKSUN, Treasurer. ?VfEW YOllK LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY. ? A KPE i\ cial uiuetln/{ ol this goelety will be held on Frli'ay evening, Noveuilu r 1, at the Mi ti o|H>lUan rooms, 101) Hester street, at half-past seveu. A general atti udan' e is Important. By order of I*. VV. EN'Gti, 1'ivsldi 11;. Jons Kook.r*, RseordlngSeerctary. \TE\V YOKK CITT AND COt'NTY LIQrolt DF.AI.KItS X\ i'n t" live Mo n ty.? A special ineetliiR of the aboru so ciety will his held ai their rooms, cornei of Hleeeker and Greene streets, on this (TI'. 'Jrstlay ) evening, October 31, at 1)6 o'clock. All tn -mbert are m|i;esied to itii nd. Bv mder ol WALTEli ROCHE, President. l'tcTtit MrQc^OJ', Keeordlntt 8eeret;iry. \T0T1CE.? PHILIP FltEDMAN H.VS CHANCED II1S J_\ Stall l'rom No. 21 lo 2J Es?e* Market. OFFICE OF THE THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COM paHV, East hlxiy-fl th htreet, near Third avenue.?' The annual election of thirteen Dire -mk. and three Inspectors of Elect ;on lor the eti-uin? year will take place at the oiliee of ti,. Cotut'tttty on Wednesday. Nov. 13. rolls open from 'I to fl'.M. ' * V- SAMUEL B. ISAACS, Secretary. New York, t>< t. 21, IMl' OFFICE OK THE PACIFIC HAIL STEAMSHIP COM imuy.? New York. October 8?, Hdl. ? Notice !s h?r''iy given thai 1 1) <? Antral Election fur Mi.e Director* of the P? ciiir. Mall Steamship Company lor the ensuing year will bo held ?!? the office ???:' tlie cyni)>aiiy, M Wall strict, on Wcdnes <!iiy, Noverubor U, between tuts hours of 12 M. and 2 H.-M. The transfer book will Ijo closed on Saturday, November 2, ut 2 r. M.j und vlll !>e reopened on, November H, at 10 A M. H. L. MERCHANT, Seer tary. Treasury department, caracas. September 20, 18fl. ? In view of the rn'iuest made by the Consul of Venezuela at Now York, for authority to issue to snch North American vessels as may desire to take the tlau of this rc public, the nee, soar; documents to show ihi ir change of na tionally until tliey ' rati take out tU Ir registers in a Vene zuelunuort; anil m view of the advantage of mi< h a measure to thP interests of our CbnimCrcc, and ft being at tli? mine time practiced by other nations, his Excellency the Supreme CUiel DECREKS. Firnt? Whenever in any fori inn |iort ft North Americas vcsm-1 becomes the property of persons entitled to hold Vene zuelan bottoms, ana the condition* required by the law tor the nationalisation of vessels are compiled uith, the Vene zuelan Consul at Dint poit may, at the ivfi'-i of the i aptnin. grant a provisional < erilll'ate, setting foi th 'he el ???, bml I ana name of the vessel, the d no and blue ol the p ir (iaf. names of the vendor and vandea, ana of tU ? captain and the tonnage of the vessel. Second? The said consul, on issuing such n (Irate, shall send a copy thereof, by tlie first opp r m.ll.f offi ring, to the executive power, through the^roperchaunel, and to the Cus tom Ilouso of the port In Venezuela to which the vessel 1* bound. Third? The certificate, extended in the form aforesaid, shall have the same force as a oertllicatcof registration, until the first arrival of said vessel at a port of entry of Venezuela, or un'il tl <? expiration or sir months from the date of in ts. sue, if within that tini" application has not been made at a custom bouse for a register, with ail the requisites lixed by the oi May 10, Wii. respect. ng tlie u al inallty un l ton nage of Vessels. Fourth? If, on the expiration of tlx months from the date of Issue of the certificate, the vrsse! hat not been offered for registration to the proper official, the certificate shall become null and void. Fifth? Tho Venozuclcan Consul will charge for tlie Issue of said certificates ten dollars for vessels not oicecdlug ISO tons measurement, aud for those of greater capacity twenty dollars. Communicate the foregoing to the Minister of Fcrel^n Af fairs for transmission to the Consuls in the United States and circulate It In the proper offices of the Treasury. , . By H. E. KOJAS. A correct translation. New Yoaa, Octo'uer SO, 1351. SIMON CAM AC no, Oftnsul, The members of the coram, >*; i^riATiuv an- requeued tonttenn a meetln ? ?n V-ri(| ' n N' veraber L utli o'clock, at M Hew lr> of jiitil-on * ff' c JVfN CONNELLY, Chairman. CyHNKLlUS DniSCOLt, ^oer^Uiry. WIDOW xR'd onrtfANs' relief fund? sixty ' ' Bittf. reaiment New York Butt# Militia. The widows of tho f uty-nlnth regln ,^nt, and ?!?? h of its members asr havt> been disabled uutlng the late campaign in Vliplnlu. are fcereby requ sted ta meet t'.e Relief Committee, ?t the Arsenal. In \Y Mte afreet, at 10 o'clock A. M., next Friday, Nov. 1. They are particularly requested to come with writ ten testimonials, Sigurd l y tho comraandan ts o: their re spective companies, or, in their absence, by some \v< 11 known and respectable resident of the city. M!t 11AKL, CONNOLLY, Treasurer. RAILROADS, Hudson river kailro ad. ?trains for albany, Tioy, the North nrui West, leave Ohambtls street at 7 MM 11 A. M., and .1 .'W, Sau l M:U 1'. M. TEW YORK, IIAULEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD.? M S'tmic.c a: r i'I ,c,ii' ft.? Ei|>t'i uatu tor At .,:ij,Troy, North and We i. |cav * Twenty sixth street station at 11 A. M. For local trains see liu<> tabic. JOHN BUBCHILL, Assistant Superintendent. N BIVSICMa. AN IMMENSE SACRIFICE FORllA>HL^PRlCK $it?, <*o?t $t.0GJ. ? Magnificent roan wood concert grand Piano? forte, beautifully carved cane, manufactured by well known city maker; splendid tone, perfect order ana neailynew. Apply at the residence, 2M Third street. AYiir.M) lady from europe. having studied nnd^r the first masters while there, would Uke u few mora finishing pupils for the piano lo teach at their own real fence, tn New \<?rk or Brooklyn. Terms $5 per month, address Music, Herald office. plIIOKEHIKO PIANOFORTE, WHICH COST $450 BUT \J nine mouths ago, lor $225: magnlncent rosewood ease, of the richest style, four round corners, beautifully orna mented fuck same as front; Iron frame, overstrung hm*, ele. Kant sliding desk; Cover, Stool, <kc. Apply at 127 Twenty first street, near Third avenue. Firth, pond a co.? mt Broadway, new york, have one hundred new Plauolortes to let. at low prices, and will atlow t: e rent i! purchased. Sheet Music, Musical Works. Ut.iara, Violins Hras* instruments and ail kinds of Eusical (Soods at low prices. ] Ml ST R USE f!f>5 WITHIN FiVK DAYS, AND WILL 1 part with my Piano ior that amount. It is a seven full octave rosewood ca-e. curved 1> re, fret work desk, full Intri frame, over strum; basn, maue by flrst class makers, almost new;<oM $',,*5; $Htftwillt>ny it 'f applied for within live davs. Positively the greatest l-.uu* a ev? r ottered in ihis city. Call early at 48 High sun t, Brooklyn. IIOHTE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Bass Patent insulated Full Frame (Jraud ami Square Piano* ?rn >. Ui Brootnc str? e'. What everybody says must be true; every body says they aro the best, therefore they must be the best. IAl RA KETONE'S THEATRE.? THOMAS BAKER'S J new vva ?/ To laiur.i K? i ??.<? \V..U/tM a* performed t y the im -In- Hat vet y fvenln/, wll* ?do'rtly be published for tho Piano by HORACE WATERS, 4,-tt Broadway. MR J. B. MAQKATH, OtttiANIST OF THE REV DR. Pile's church, toa< Iter of th ? p atioand Vo a\ Music, attends pupil* in New Vo k Hint Brooklyn. Address or apnlv at 01 West Baltic Ueet, bciwcu Henry and Clinton, Brook lyn,. ' PIANOS, MELODROX.-. HARMONIC MS, FIRST CLASS I I for sale, to J.-t, or s dd ??n instalments, on rea*>nabl:j i iM'n.s. Peon Iwt Harmonium*, one, two or three banks of k? ys, $135 to $100. Cottage Pianos, full v warranted, tiKan.l 7 octaves, $t&> to $250. .KM PELTON, 8^*1 and 843 Broadway, New fork. fjMlE HORACE WATE1U* PIANOS AND MELODEONS, 1 an?t Atc^an no Oi ..... ms, are tne finest ins rumenta for parlors and church -s now In um\ A large assortment can bo M' n at the u -w warerooms, 1SI Broadway, bel-.vt en Grand and Broorm sfnets. win h will In Mold at iwtrtmiely low price#. Pun - s and Melodious from sundry makers", new and sccond h >nd, to let, and rent a) 'ow ed it purchased as per af?reem? vt. Monthly payim nts reeehed for (he same. Sh "t Mus<e, Music Bonks, and all kinds of Music merchandise at. war prices. A pianist, In attcndauce, will try n? w music. INSTRUCTION. A LADY wn<? Sl'EAKS VRENCII AM) GERMAN fluently, and t* an exj?erit'n<crt tea? her, Urjdre* to find eui(>liyuuMit lor a lew ui'ie hour? a? voting instruct: e>, ? r In am othrr rapacity; t< ? ns joiub'rate; mir*<?*pl n ibta rttrenoe*. Addreae, by toiler, 4A lie <ver ?t.. Kuea< r brothers. AV-f'Si; ISEIIM AN I.WiV, R K? 'KN TI,Y Ml! from Hamburg, d< ??drca a situation at- ? ?vern< ??>.<* in a private family, to in>tnnt in the 0 rami, Kren-h and hug* llfli I nnjgua ? *, wfth wh'ch (the la perferily conversant: also Mr*.e and Drawing. Beat ol" i'i ;feren<??# given. inquire at 170 IVwi Twel h m: between 2 arid 4 o'cl ? jk p. M. AT PAIN K 8 ? BOOKKEEPING, P?NMANM1I1* Arithmetic, A<\, wUIi.iut which younv mcu arc in'< tiip - tent to enter into bUHiursH for th**ms? hr* or others <uv, t Might at hor rs R'llt uy: Ft.ulenta. La^ie.-.' writing 1 -<in* $' ? 20 lesHon*. PAIVE'S Mercantile College*, C'l I', w ry, New York, anil 233 Fulton street, Brooklyn, enjoy a lar^o German patronage, BKST Sl'STAl N KD BOA K OING SEMINARY IN TilK .State. $110 prr year. Brick building* for la/) tea and gentlemen. AbUat te.iehcrs in all depart iff ?ni*. Winter term, Dec. f?. Ad-irepa K. v. Joseph JJ. Kin/, Fort Edward Institute, N. Y, on the Samti'gaaml Whitehall Kaiiroad. C1AYAT.EY INSTRUCT! ON.? FIELD AND COMPANY J Oftircra who Wish to be thoro _hly instrurud in C i v. I y Tac !>?? and prepared for their e crninaUon, may te cure th service* of an oflieer (a eratluutr > ol several \ earn' e.\p riencv. Address immediately i*. 0., box ALU Herald Oil;1' . Elocution.? mr. wawot bugs to announce that he 1 prepared to take two more pupiK only, (o in struct in Reading an Np*'?ikinf? for ;ho M.?p , the pulpit or the ur. For terms inquire at 156 Waveiley place. Misfi VAN BBROH, m BROADWAY, WOUXJ5 TAKE a few pup U to leach making Wax Fl >wera, at her own or pnpila' residence*. Boqneta made to order. Terms $:> per course; cents per lesson. 1>A\CI.\0 ACADEMIES. Apodwortii'.s dancing academies, ? No. 204 Filth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth ?.t., New York. N'?. W7 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASHES? rui i d i.vs ami Fridays in Brooklyn. GLASSES ? Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Circulars for terms, Ac., may bo hud at either araiemy. THE WAft. A SERGEANT WANTS PROMOTION AND HOPES 11 JS friend* will aid him obtaining it. He e n lo found every day at CO William street, where A1 Ale at tkrec cents and the free lunc ? can't be beat. A BOOK EVERY s >LDIKR SHOULD HATE? A COM plete guide to trie camp, f? r Artilb rv and Infantry, showing you the dutit * roquiivi oi ever> so Id tor in u, crisoti andeamp. Price 20 cents at CIIA8, A.* M1LLK1:'S, 25 Ann street, N. Y. CtOT, LOUKOB AND CHAIR ? FIRST AND ONLY PRE J miuni "U t ots was aw/trded Guriey .1 Brady at the New Yo k St Hi* Fair ott their Patent Portable Got* Lounge and Chair combined. Their Army Trunks, Camp Che.- s and Gamp Stools can't be boat. GURY^EY k BRADY, ill Broadway. DERROM S PATENT PORTABLE COTTAGES AND Mi litary Iliita, nea?, convenient and cheap; ran b?> k<-: up in a lew minute**; sizes and sly ies to wult any fancy made to o drr. Sta r, county and individual jwtent. lights lor sale. Reiers to 11. V. Butl< r k Co., Nrvs York; Ci?n r, II nitt .t MILITARY.? HORSE EQUIPMENTS FOR SALE: A r inph'ie set lor a lield ofUe t, of a very extra 'pm'rv, and but little used. Address B. F. G., b??x N. V. Po t MILITAilY.? VV ANTED? A COMMISSION IN A FIRST rli.s- Infantry rt'id-uent (rradv for service), by av?ntng man who 1 properly qoallhed, and isa-* some tunnrv t??r rr. cruiting li necessary. Aduress Lieutenant, box 12.-S Herald office. REGIMENTAL STANDS OF COLORS, FINISHED AND in pi of finish, on exhibition tree, at IJOJISR k UKA1IAM S Sttidio, 97 Duane street. ]) Ei J! MENTAL STANDS OP COLORS, SILK FLAGS and Banners; Standards. Guidons, C impColor^. Kn^gr;.*, Signals and fanry Flar;n; Engtiata buntin? Flag/% all at/e^on hand for halo. B ra*n and h lv rr Mount inga, Gold and Si'U Triinmin jw, Stall' s. Eagles ami Ornaments, a* pec recu'.atiou. OKNAMENTAL I'AlNTINti AND LEXTEHING On Silk. Ciinvasfl, Ac. IIOJER k GRAHAM. Artists and Manufacturers, 97 Duane street. UTLER STENT FOR SALE? 14 BY 20, WITH PARTI Hon in the centre, with jiolc<* and /-verything ready lor immediate use, Apply to ii. HATHAWAY, salliuaker, S >. Fulton street, b?" flflyn, TO ARMY CONTRACTORS.-.^) rrtl.S. <>r.f? lU)ff? bon Whiskey, from 45 cents a g ? Won tin, direct from the manufacturers In Bourbon eounty, Kentucky, lor sale in lois to fl'iit, an 1 warranted purr. # I). L>. ORRELL, 113 Maiden lane, up aUlra. UNITED STATES ARMY.? MEN WANTED, TO FILL up First Battalion Twelfth United Stairs Uifa/ttry; headquartcia at Fort llauiiltt)uf N. Y. Also jnteidg nt nu n for non-c ?mmlsslonr?i oilh cr-. Apply ni 79 C? ..'ham atrect, to Captain A. J. DALLAS, L*n!t".l States Army. S TIT ANTED? ENGINEER SOLDI ERS, C( )M PR1SIS ! if mechanics and Intelligent laborers, for sappers and miners of the regular army; the mm must b?? abl?? bodied, not overly ears of age, able to read and write, and under stand the four ground rules oi arithmetic; term of win la ment, three vears; pay, from $1.H to f :.i, depending on rank attained by merit atid soldierly conduct; nlwo rat-ons, fuel, quarters, clothing, medical attendance, and the usual bounty. Apply daily at No. 5 Bowling Gfeen, third Coor, between V A. M. ?ud 12 M. y. A. till, MOKE. C?pt?ln of Engineer*, t. ulied t-LttUf Army. \\r ANTED? TWENTY-FIVE MEN FOR A REQIMENT now ij'-arly full. Anj (cr-on havinit men or enjjugi il In reel tilling may li".ir of a liberal propo?Won by addr"?sin3 J. E. B., Herald office. nTU REGIMENT NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS'.? AIX inembei. reporting lliemwlvM at th" Emi'X II m. Iter of K-ri' N and Grand els., will >* lor. ar ed at om c to tbe i I'simi nt. A. Me. C. STETSON. Mnjor, Eleventh regiment Knw York Volunteers. rrv atu.k bodied men wanted? to ao imme OU diai? ly t";:i2t?n. to join the 'illlltlj RBOIilENT EXCELSIOR BRIGADE, ColMlCl ??K I.SO!? TaTM)B. The aborp number of uieu are wanted 10 complete a new couii>any lorinlnt l>y LIEUT. PENJTOCK, GUI Broad n ay. The reertllta will b?. ujii : < rnied lirf.rre leaving the city. Puy ami rallonsconiineucc on eiS' irisr the roll. $KMJ liuu STY wll! be given to every man win; u honorably discharged. Support for famii""! rnra?inle?d. Oin- Sert?:iui uud twu Corporals wanted. Ajiply linmedi r- 1 ly. 1 rn ABLE BODIED MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY? 1?)U to pro.'eed to Waahlngtoi), to join !h<* 'I'lilrtv-sixth realment, N. Y. 8. V? Col. C. H. Innes. JAMES GRANT, ljonteoant comniaodliig, rccrnlUog station, 101 Canal sin e;. ; C'Onn WII.L BE GIVEN FOB SIXTY MEN? TO ?Jp^iUO muater In at onoe, and leave for WaxMugton Id a few days. Address Captain, box ISO Herald uUke, MATllI MOMAL. ~ ~ MATIU.MONlAi-.-A YOUNG MAN WISHES TO OPEN a eorre?i>oud<'nee with it jrofng lady. H'io tnn t be voung and plod lo-ikiug. Adili e.<?, for one week. Rover, box i;s iiv 'iS.' C. ?^JATRIMONY MADE EASY; HOW TO Wlft A LOVER; With Instructions lor courting, In order to win (lie alToctiona ot ihe opposite sex. This U the most wonderful book ever publlshml, containing 103 pages, with illttstraliont. Sent to all u,n .?> u: the cuttntry, uo-tuatd, oil receipt of 25 . C. r. if istMOXD A CO , no Nassau street. N. B ? 1'rints, Cards, Books, 8tereo?eople Vleiva, Ar., Ae.,

wholesale and lclall. Cautloguva hisiii. on receipt of three cenf ma mt). 'ANTKD-A SITUAriON AS SON-IN-LAW, IN SOME ii respee^ablr fain fv, x > ohjixluma to goln^ a : i ? . : t niH aii ? mw the country. Ior reference and parlluulnn addrtw Frank Stuart, I'ost olBce, Willlamalxirg, 2v, Y. POLITICAL. Aukanu MASS MB8TTNO _ or Til* OlnZKN* or TH? PIFTU KKN VTOKIAI, DISTRICT, Will held at TIARMONY GARDEN, -..y Essex street, near Hinnton street, ON THURSDAY HVBNIVO, OCT HI, ..t 7$ O'CLOCK, To ratify the nomiu ation of LUKitl K. UOZiVNB, roil mukaioh. r? ? .l"w'I,R leatlemcn will add 'ess I he mating Tlon. V. w.?.,a. 11,.. IV \V. Unfix. Hradtord, lion. Gilbert Dean. Hon. II. Arcu'arlus. lion. Ira Hluifar. JOitii M. Harrington, Esq. I'. V. Cutler, Em|. A. L. l'lnney, K*o. \V. Von Guelm.baeh, Esq. S. Buchsweil r, K..([. ij. O'Oi nnoi, Eso. Goo. W. s?vlc<, E<o. An<l others. W NI GAGE, Chairman Committee of Arrangements. Ja.?. II. Colkma.n, j J. II KiSUV, { Secretaries. \T A LARGE AND ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING OP the citizens of tlu' enth ward, Irrenpi c'ive of p ir ty, held on \\\ in. *,(?>? evening, < > ?. l.srtl, ?> t Clntou G ir u< n, 12(5 anl 12H Clinton street, tin* following Preamble and R"?olutions were unaninum -ly adopt- d and ordered to le printed in the NewY n k Meruhl, asevpr? s.siug the sentiments of ill" Union p u > of tli"Thii:< (itliwu 4 ? \V ? reus, in common with n'l to'* r inin led, reflecting clti len*. w 1- ?'] k ? .ily ari<I d. e; ly s. u tble i f the ocj i'*t>;?t now threaten ami futrround our ;' vcrum*nt and ft# inMkuti' us, and wc feel thoroughly immv-* ? i with I lie momfn otis lui raoerof the ordeal through v hic!i we as a nation aie c il'ed upon to pass, an-', m piled tvi : a true ?pit it of loyalty and patriotism, we nave manifest ?t our uneven infidelity t ? flit's Union, the constitttti n and ?h-? lawn by .vuveniug together, and as llo* Hanie r Thirteenth Wui i l'u on organization, v.c have rulU'Kl tli* ?ruo 1 n ? n n\ m of the < oomm-Uy to it ?\ j>r - -u?a uroi * ppor * f I s?d! oo-iiu ;*j.d ?<* m- .pic - < wt lluKu an. I'm i \>n* It Kcm lv. d, wo v, ill u:?? o 't tin man fv roflk? who doow not r 'Hwt i ur.ii' Ulim i r. thu r?-ro himicv ami pot. n y of our ihtut'.li ??* 1 i u-. i. <\ mu op- r? .? p I ??>? th it hMr hon ii i 'i <? ma !<? un ?iiMt .rnonu *y and vslioarc notin Hi).ro 1 V? i'). .1 .1- J.- - . ? f p tn \ o l? o anil j n .oi?:U ti tlt.'ii wul n ?{ UMt ui. til I'wry | rA \ iu\ ii.u <1 now rub d against the fa r li-utp'c of our )?l;er I*h, Ih? par a tyre I or dr. atroyod, and %'i>\ :y irai'tT i\ a< m?t " taught U? reHpooi and ob*v th C'.>as(itutiou and ih?? ?uwk. KdHolvt-d, tliiMl;?;. : iu< * ina" now finding utter ance in, and a o o .-rt end .*?? un-nt l'? - m the vital portion of a lately irJun phi nf ?i:yunu:iii<.n and } - , h-*, ' (Jivo nsiunanci. pation or Kcpanui nn? a no t?vio; oliy \v? h us, ana was hi ii' i 'I- u as the iitternncf i f f thois at heart, an I wo ho. Ob ierntdy pro e ' a;ain?i li; aiol now and for nil time, to the utnioi-t of our p >w ?? ? and lullneru c% piud^u our c n ma* d, d tot in itrd ;i;nt und.-'Cfcdn;: npp-wit n. !<? -oiv? d, Tiiiit ill" fair {' tuple of itlvrty, rvmcoivr 1 by our nohlo rairiot la li-as, under th a-.Miio-.* ol' a b -ni^n and ovurruliotj 1 ivi t ti- o, roui-'tito I by ihr rblnal ari l thu.* hand* ! down to us an hcirloum of j u ln-v! worth, (h not only our ba thriyUt, but the berli.^.c o f iivaccii ev?:r> . !nu? ;i baoia-d irtist, t.? b" tii<jiHmltU'<! f iithfuliv, not only to our t hl:dr. n, but to the atrujf. ling intni?am ibrougU?>ut tlii- wrl lt and that we tb under forth f ao?gu d? p?u>a8 wa llas ?lo int>tir iot-4 that w >? are ami ?hall > ? < n people, one country, with one ? ?( s it ition, ami one de.alny, ii' ftolv.'d, 'I w 1 ur?- j? f aindlv imprcssfcd with the hp'rit "t p i thai nurit <* tin* ot tbe derno cratic nominees f ?r nthuisol lu^hodaaal tt ast an t re^o n Bib.ll y in our State p> ?crmn<*nt when tnev s..y t! i?' In totn l.i ui v\ ,?H - .o ral.yin., mas . . of tbe'bta'?'. "Wimi'mi ?r of \ ?' "tf!;, stt^ alnln ;; our ^owniment la lH pr? s' :.t ?liaj/?gie Ui uiaiutaiu the. faiiKtttutl ?!?, t'u lavs a. ;i|i i the I nlon at i<ii It ./.a' !?, and a I any c .h' ot i?loo I and treasure: an 1 wo h< -re by live them our ua<ptalilied t'lnior.-" as. out, and pledya theni <urfe>uppor. t a th .? lul'f.'U extont of oura'> Litv. B ? n t iu! m mlnatl o b ? Bon Vi 111 t M Tweed to the dgh and r< sportMbie ) oa'ion ot S'uert f of the ("-unity, wc r? -. .m/.. a w is dtM ia Ion and i xueo tin^ hinuH.s that- . liaih f / - a ad h li reC' Ive o in a ne?t mippott lived, T hat in the nomination oj Ji n. Il/ait ? W. Geru t aw (Jounty Cleric we tool a young, abio .<t<d valuaCiie ntr/.eu, the tinv. >nd uneornpromi^in^ jo#* t> all who would for, e their tea li,. to then ? ouiiiry in this her hour ? f trial, ami one whobo whole |ajbhr couz'?e but reflect* hU devotion to the I'M. amliipbea iutere^ta of ihls^teat metropalus, and wo bere- y pie < i ? rn our hourly aupp ?rt. K< ? iv That In tlx* Hon. Kll ; h 1'. Purdy fi;r Supcrvi ?? r we aclvuow'eUj ? the friendly and well known m b ti of an "uhl v. ar Uui h? w ho 1 . blnl able or the lield, ami w ho lias f !?? nt the Via t years of a loin; and valued li ' ?* in -ervimr tus country Id b remtucils, and the pi or mm from 1.1 pockets, and t'iiat wo ritall g 1 1 ? the polis on the day ot the < lection fb terj.ilne t t<? do oar bcsH to inerea"* ? bis majority. iies'avf'd, That i a the Hon. i'luwlcsl). t'orneli," nominated for tvuiator, wa llnd a "i?am nmon,vst im n, " oae w ho l a - fiilihtuiiy Ker\ ed his country in Jot councils in time ol p and springing i'oarie. : J.? in the saddle when iii<% perila whl b sarro amb-o our no ual <ani:al p ? Hsed ti?, haiab t.t and lo >KeU most th readmit#, left home and friends at the call of his c >untry, and on the neid ol battle, tn command of hi* r? ^i ment, hei-avc suotvgCst mooi ot h.H bravery, pairiot'sm and truth, ..tin a felloA eitf/.ea.s we le. I proud </l this o, por tunlt.v to tcst'ly our nj preeiation o:' his loyalty and Worth, and we h-rebv *j le.ieeo r faMhftdaud ttndividi s tppott. ll"B .l'. edt That the u min.atiou of the Ihui. iidw at \ t*. M ("unnc 1, a well kno'v at nntl r v peeled eiti /.en ?t ourown ward, to tin o. tic ot i oiouer, woconauksra trtauve well .1i?mn vd, n< t only i . his eNceeding UtnevB lor the oJbce, but ioc tiio hi^h, tn itily ami patriotic position which he has taken on the t;: - at national Issues that now agitate us as a p ople. U' solved, That In the you m?, ? ncrg#*tl t and tried soldier and citizen, the 1 ar!# -s Vr.<nk ("lark, as our eam'ldate for Assembly iu the Eighth duttrl -t, whose merlu, abilities and p-?triuth:m have ie n test -a on tb - lield ot battle; and in the huiK^i ..mi frank. VV'm. J. (J a y, E^-p, our candidate for Aji S'ariMy iti tb ? Sixth disaaet, and our young, wed known at id M'-ilve ftiend Ml !ta?d Shandley, Es^j., onr candidate for A,: HiMiib y ni the Fourth district,* w?? ro<*o^ni8e fell \v citi/? nb of intlexible integrity, well known worth, eminently quallltcd for the vat 1 ni& p?aail<'ii8 to which we believe tb drtri nds will elect them, and %so hereby pledge them our iaitbfiil sup port. bi Lineal by the otlleers. ALEX. rHOUl'iroOT, rre.vldent. .loilN L. 8EYM0UA, Vty> Frcbident. P. McAwKAK. ><ocreUHC8 K.iahk hhrnkii, ) Acakd -for < oi:om;k, UiiN 11V 1 1 L"(. HER, UK Tllli SIXTH WAKD, KX COl \Cir>MAN. A>! KKTINO OF Till*.' BIOHTKBNTM WARD I'NION Dein ?cratic Oiuo will be held on Thursday evening, October 31, 18(11, at VJ4 Tw? n'y-tblrd street. 1' unci tut) atten dance of all members iQjiteated. DAM EL KELLY, Chairman. Bkr^ard Fox, Serreiaiy. \ T A MKKTIKO OF THE KEVENTKKXTff WAKO J\ You'.- Men'* Union ]>emoeratie Club, held at is'o. 1?J Kirs' av? nuet on M ?nd if evening, Octobers, the foliowliii; cat. ildates were MnanLmou*lyettUor*?Hl:? for Senator-? Luke K. ( oz iuk; for Assembly, Tenth district ? J>. M. O llil n; for Hupervtsor ? (ieoruc Kuster; for I'oroners ? Thomas II. FVr ri>, John (JulViin, llenry ilu?<h< s, Wright; for Jtid#e of Marine (*ourt? A. K. Maynar?l. 'THOMAS McGlBNEY, Prealdeut. P. J. Cavinaoh, S Tr-'t try. I10U CORONER. DP. JOHN OALVAX. It Is with Treasure w*i notice the nomination of the nb ,v?? named gentleman for the responsible position of Coroner. It Is enunently littine that a regular pnysl lsn should hold thatolliec. \lvo know Di. Galvati to t>#?*8ueh a man, having studied and tjraduated under the supervlshin of Dr. Wi'dat d Parker of this city. This fact, coupled with his high repu tation a- a s 'irgeoji an I physician, is sufficient toennvin e ti.-i that he, if elected, wtll be **ih right man in the rb:hf place. " lfr. (ialvan has hitherto filled the highly honorable posi tion of < ommissioii'T of the Hoard of fc'l neat Ion. havirnr b? en elocted thereto bv the unanimous volo?lndepcndent of parly organization ? of the people of his district, in whi' h capacitv ne has fully justified the con fide oce plawd luhim,by bis untiring exertions for the advancement of our free edu cational system. We recommend all who wish to see our public departments filled by men of unstained reputation, to vote at the Novciu bcr election for such men as John Oalvau, M. D. MANY CITIZENS. VTATIONAX DEMOCRACY, XM THR OVI.Y HOPE OF THE UNION". MOZAHT RALLY. The National Democracy of this city will assemble at THE COOPER INSTITUTE. On Friday evening, November 1, at 7'i o'clock. COME ONE! COME AM'd! The following distinguished six-ak^ rs will be present:? Hon. Fernando W >od, Mr. Charles 0 'Conor, a* Hon. James Brooks, Mr. James Wadsworth, 1 1 oi . Ja.nefiS. Thayer, Mr. Luke F. Cozzans, Hon. fiiimuei n. Courtney, Mr. Conrad Swa-khamer, lion. Max Ooepj*; ' Mr. K nert II. Bradlord, Hon. Stephen r. Russell. Mr. John M. II rrlngtou. Bs crier OEO. C. GENET, Chairman. v!Z1uDy?'"P*0V' \ Secretaries. ?por.rrrcAL ?elastic rtnos for fastening p \i.. L 1 " k together, can be bad of C. A. BI NNLR (sole maau facturer, under tin4 Goodyear pafenta)* at No. J I ?)ohn street, near Broadway, and of C. \Vr. IIKOWEK fat any hour), cor ner of Nineteenth street and Fourth avenue. rr AM MA NY HAM, 1 democratic rbpcrt tcan rewlar nomina tion. For siici i<r. MTCI.I I \ M M. TWEED. THOMAR W. 1 1 VMS. Chairman I 'ouoly Convention. ' EI.I.M 1 1 F P. Jt!)l . Chairman General Coir nuttee. | t * ??' i" County Convention. J n'iui)v'""SS' I General Committee. j TO TIIF. VOTERS OF THE CITY OF NEW FORK. -A ; rf-j' ' j-t haVflig teen Circulated tliat I ! id withdrawn I from the Held as a onndidate lor the office of Rhertfl ?t tin- ; uppr <m hlng election, It is due tumy fi ."nd? and r h ??*<? i-'i- ( tlcmen v.- h<> have pUcud mfl In nomination, t< ?Ut? | that I shall enntinu" n eji-u'ldate, and nil mntcnn v? i > tlieooMrary are mere fabrications, only tn'wdfc :n( : and copi use the public mind. EKEUK. I. V; t-Ii j ? Yokx, Oct. 31, j o i . ' TTXiON PEOPLE'S ANP :AX PAYERS' U NOMINATION, FOR MEMBER <>K ASSEMBLY1. First As ' mbly 1? i s i ri< ' (comprlsinK Fitnt. H' nnd,?'\4parU oi 'thir l. Fourth and Kix.h W?nl CORNELIUS FLYNN. ?] 8 Til WARD EXCELSIOR CLCB.-ALL MEMBEIW OF the E*> Mor Club art roqucitod to meet at the M> i cr Ilu-tse, earner of Br)ume and Merw ?t? ? on Friday evening, November I. at 8 o'clock. B . ord -r. E. VAN OitUEN. PresHeut. John Cox, Secretary. nril WARD? CLINTON CNION DEMOCRATIC CLUB. Tin' members aro requested to attend a meeting io be held at 36 Clinton su-oct on Saturday, November 2, ni elglit o'clock P. M? for toe purposo of enflor-lng o-i r candidates. By order of WM. CLIifcJJAN, Chairman. Anhrkw Duiikfn, Reci-eian-. I 7 III WAR A MEETING OF THE BEVENTIU-.N ni 1 I War I Donee i.t'c I'uloti Club ?a^ held ?t Mr. Jame> M r Aught n V, 157 Flr?t nv.-n p o i Tui-? 'uy < vcalt Oct. Z). at 7)4 o cloc and the fol owl rcaot ittone were uuaiiimu' ? ly i )I eA:? Rt-'oivud, Thil In Chu -le* O. Cornell, our e?ndti!., " f .r Benkloffbr the Fifth Senatorial dlsiUlci, wo - n rln - , ling democrat ? a man Who l.a* filled Imp r:aiu publi | i j uon to tlio eutin> satisfaction of hi* f*m.itfhi?nt*. and -;ic wlo TTasi-t.-r ready and wgulngaaa p*trl"t to nacrifl ???. y priv.iic Interest toenllat In dcfence of hla country; That I ? lit,* ad nurd cveiy piiriiimt he has held, and aau r v. aid I r his past conduct It is the duty of every man who aduu i> pstnotlum In defcitr e nf his country and a faitliful dlSi-harpe i : public dutli-sto give him their cu.iiv uu l undivided mip roi t. l<?"?c.i\ed That 1n Daniel M, O'IMea si.d An <rew St dh, our candldat'-s for Aafnmbly in ih" -Tenth nurt T welrth d1* ti ii-u, ? '? tiHil true ?r, J ?t<-i iing d>!tn<|> and * . 1 1 o y inmli d,n. ? . or sucii i-usili /;ik, a id .n e pie l?? Uu m uul l.c i iv miu port. EUSIIA KINUSLAND, ' n JamkS Fox. Si>. leiary. Jam" Raafr, Treasurer. POWTW nTII WAHD.-A MEETING OF THE ELEVENTH Ward Democratic Association will tie held at Martin Maker's, 220 Tl?ird street, on Thursday evening, October HI, at 7% o'clock, The mom' ers are iwirtlculuily requested to attend. By order of JOUN N. COKNKLL, freildeut. John Dojiahu*, Secretary. nnn ward? the members of thk demo. cratic and Eaule Union Absolutions are requested to meet at John Sword's, Hll> We*t Fourty-fourth *t., at 1% o\ o -k, on ibis (Thursday) afternoon. Punctual alum dunce Is requested. By order of CH AH. MAI. OWE, President. \\ M. CARNEY, President 1). W. Association. P. II. McGinn, Secretary D W. Association. Thos. Gai.i.aoiikii, Eagle Club. MIIPPINO. QTEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NKVV YORK AND O LIVERPOOL, lauduu uud embarking lunsengers at Qu? 1'iifctuwii, It eland, The Liverpool, New York and Phi ladelphia Struaixitiii Company inord de*p*jtel;in their fall pi v red Clvd?- built iron steamships ss follows;? CITY <'K HAU'lMORli Saturday, November 2 OLASOOW Saturday, November Ci'iY OF NEW V v > H Iv ... .Saturday, November ltf aud every Saturday, at noon, from pn 1 41 North river. kati n or r.\H-.\ui Fir it Cabin $;:? | Suvta^ 10 1 l*ou Ion 80 ?? to London." to p< u to Hamburg... . J4& | 11 to Hamburg ... & Passenger* a I .-? ? i forwarded to Havre, Br. men, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ae , i t equally low ran Person* wishing to brim; out their friends can buy tickets here at the following rales, to New Yo* : ? From Liverpool 01 Queen." !? -.v n, nr?t cabin, $7& $83 and $105; steerage from Li vi pool, $10; from Q, f-iifiown, $'>u. Kt< ..aieiN have Mipen-r a ? omusodations for passcm prt'N, uud carry experienced Surg -my. '1 hey are built >11 wa < r -light iron section*, and have patent lire annihilators Ferfurthoi information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INM VN, nt, 22 W.i !er 1 ;re t ; in Glasgow 10 \VM. 1XM \ N\ K ?? S . i:w> .. -fptarv*; in Qu' to*'. ?V W. D. S'\Y Mort: A Co.; in Lon ion to F,l VKS \ MACFY, IU Kint; Wil li. .in': . ; III I'm-;* to Jl'M'.ri DECOl E, N ?. b Pw< ? de la Bourse; in Phi'a telphia to .JOHN DALE, HI Walnut bU\;et; m lUf c unpen >'n o.'hce \ JOHN ?. DA !.!?:, A.-eu\ la Hi uud ?v ay, New York. ,10tt SOUTHAMPTON AN D HAVRE, On SATURDAY, November*, The United Stale.- M.ul So nnier All AGO, I>. Id > (' to . 10 ler, nil Mill, fr.nn plei No :i7 North l iver, foot of Beach street, u S.itur'iiy, Nov"mher It, at noon. Thin steamer, unttur -passed tor safiiy and eomfort, hi?s oiiS'ie ottziif.' - omlerde. k, eiK'lu^eil by watertight compart ient>, w'.i h, I'e ides other result*, t? nd in t!.e event oi eol ion . r s-t ..nd n :, to Ue ptbe piJini N trco tovvork,and sc 1 re the - hi \ <sel ..)) J p n ;? rs. For irei tbt or pa- 1 e srp'y to J | Aftentn, No. 7 Broadway. Jb HMO. MVKKN/II BUmtmr Kl l/iu.S w I nail Oei-ember 7. ij'i i:.v D .thampton. "if. ift?n b ? . VniPilean Paeket Company** iron stenniBhl;) TEI'TdNI A, H Tantw, enininander, earryin? the l'nbe'1 a 1 will Icav. from pier No. '.'1 North river, loot of r nli n Hiree* , SA'i ritUAY, November 2. at noon, fnr ?latn' ur#;, via s uthamj-tou, taking passengers for Ila vie. I joiidon So uth iinpton and H mil err. Kirhtca an. $? ?'; ??. >nd eabin. 4?ott; ?'eera;;e. $$f\ The steam, rn <1 t hU line will h ave every alternate Satrir dav, earryin^t the 1 lilted Htu'es mail. The k! earner Saxouia will Hucoeed t?ie T 'utouia on Novem ber 10. C. IJ. KICUAVtDrf a lit )A >, l.'d hrtt id vay. fpiIE NOHTH (IEKMAX LLOYDS STKAUSfffP V W Ji V u;iv, , w cm eomm.tnder. carrying the United States nail, wit] sail from pier North river, toot of Cham bers street, on SATURDAY N ?v?-m' er at 12 o'clock M., rou BUEMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Inkinor piisnengers to LONDON, 11 AVKK, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the; following rate*: ? For the cabin, $I0J; second cabin, $00; steerage, $35. For freight or passage apply to OKI. KICHS A CO., 68 Broad street. O TEA M TO LON DONDPKUY, GLASGOW AND LIVEP. 0 pool. ? Th Montreal Steamship Com pan V' (ust class full |*>wcr?d, iny.W- built sUamer NORTH BftlTON, Cap I. Bor'i and, carrvjorf the Cm tdian and United Slab's mails, will sa l from 'Quebec next Saturday, Novenrbcr 2. B ?tes of j? i s-ure fr.?m N<*w York; ? First class, ac ording to accommo ibitlon, $70 itn t f S."j; sU ern^e, found with ?o.,d provl?|ons, RJ0. ('ertili' jil -s is?ue<l lor hrin^ln^' ont passengers from ail the. princi|?al towns in (Ireat Britain and Ireland at very low rates. For passage apply at 2$ Broadway, New York. SAPiEL i*c ShAKL, (ieneral Agents. X' LINE FOR LONDON.? THE PACKET SHIP WM. TAPSC? ?TT, Captain Bell, now in the river, will sail to morrow, Room lor a tew m ?re second cabin pasncntfers; taken Mt l"\s rates. For passage apply to TAPSCoTT A CO., -65 South sireet. "L^Oll LIVERPOOL. ? TAPSCOTT'S LINK. ? HAILS TO 1 morrow, the favorite paeket ship BRIDOKW aTKH. at pi ?r in, Enstriver; and tne paeket ship UNDEBVv' Ul Tii!t, Novfiiibr (>. For pamai;*, at low rates, apply ou 1 oard, or o TAPSCOIT A CO., tiC South street. ?AU USK-TUK [ ,r.?. , C??i- { .. <''??> |T?iniw Mtfi* K..Vrt? ?'I AMR .1 (iujofi, 40 K(,lloi, utticl ' U1,"-v n7; TilOR LIVERPOOL.? DHL \DNOUGHT LINK. ? CLIPPER F shij) ESCORT, now In the Pfreir 1, positively sails this day. at 11 o'clock, at whlf'h h mra s'eamboat will leave pier 4 North river to take pa^sen^ers on board. Room for a ft ir in >:<>. Lowest rates. Apply to P. M. DEM ARE ST, 40 South strict. IJfOB LVnmPOOL ^-BLACK BALL LtKR OF PACK L etM.? The elioper ship I S A A ( ' WEBB, now at anchor in the sir. arri, saib to-moriow. For turn,,#" npply to JACOB WILSON. Wi South street. The MANHATTAN sails No vember 3. T7HRST SHIPS FOB LIVERPOOL AND LONDON.? THE F sjdcndul ship NEW WORLD, pf? r lit I? 1st river, for Liv ol, Kills November 2; the clipper . hip FLORENCE IJTJNOAJ.K, at pier 20 East river, i or London, sails November 4. For passar.e at reduced rates apply to THUS. C. R0CHE, fi'i South street. T^OR CALIFORNIA VJA PANAMA. I A ilrni class ?t nwt r will leave New York on the 1st, 11th and 21??t of each month, except, when these dates fall ou Sun day, when the Usy of departure will lie on the Monday fol low mg. For frlcght or passage apply at the only ofll'-o, No. 5 Bow ling Green. I). B.ALLEN. A^ent. IIOH lilu JANRIRO, I.OTA (NKAR V Al.l'AllAlSf)) I ' und San Frane'sco. ? The l'aelllc Mail Steamship t'om- \ I any will despatch their new ste:\msbij> CONSTITUTION, ! ii,3"0 tons btii'theiK Irom New York lor tlie above ports, on or j about 1st to 15th November next. Cabin pass:;r:e to Rio SITK) Cabin pass ? to Lota.. . ??? 10 1 Cabin pas- i to San Franeiftco tX) j Freight will also !?c taken for San Francisco if snfllcient in dnci n.i-nts arc oU'cred. Apply at the ofllce of the company, i 88 Wall street. TPOR HAVANA DIRECT J? The United mall s'eatnsliin 4'OLUMUl/ Pl 'hsrrl Al.imn, Knlted . <? umvinrtT, Will leave piar No. 4, North Hiv . (in,, Nov. 5, at 12 u clo k iioi.n precisely. All letter* must pus through ? I P ' He. I'amiengSMi mi' rauucsted U) procure pannporix I ? -c iritis p*?aage. For for freight or paxstt e opplv to SPOl'FORD,'1 1 N A CO , 2'J Broad way. TjlOK HAVANA? PACKKT O!'' NOVKMHER l.-THE .i? I i i ? < ? | .cm i bark O 'IbljA, Avl hy, MfiKtcr, iiaa ejiccJIor.t n'|."mmoilii!l.>n* fur pawnR'Tn. liisi mill sc.- md class mi I ?'? For freight or pa -?a?e apply to J . U. OAtiLK, 101 Wall b: 1 1 et. FOR HAVANA VTA NASHAf, .V. f'.~THE BRmSH iiml North Auwrlmin Royal Mail ?'?amsblp KAi'.NAK, Ciij !? ! j . J," M' -Mmrier, will aa-ll for the above ports I'rmu the onH'iir.) - wl i.'irf ni Jersey City, On M in'duy, Uili O'tnb r. On Tnot biv, 10ih Deceml-er. On Monday. lltfi November. Oh Tuesday , "Hi Jan., lS'iH. l'afa.'.e money to Niumu < $4.'> Havana 6U For freight or piwa^e upply to E. CI'NAKD, N". 4 Howling Green. KIVAXCIAli. t Pl'HOVJSD HILLS FOR SUI'l'LIES FURNISHED 1\. tlit War and Navy D parlim n1 ' min i b. JOliN 15 MI7RRAV, No. 3'i N r>*aii si r. et, opposite Uie 1'oat ottirv. UNITED STATES 7 8- ID l'F.H CENT TREA8I RY ' .Ni'Li'.l fiir Hale, In mini* to ft'til. by J \MEK II. DRAKE A CO., 42 William street, Merchants' Exchange. LOAN OFFICBl. 4 T NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET? MOSEY TO LOAN TO a'L any amo. tut on IHamcmd*, Watelu B. Jewelry, Ac., by (! we I known and old "siaWl-bed ISAAC, Hrnkeran I < nu mb* "ii Mevhant, N". 1) I'liaryibera fclrect. N. 11. ? No bitM in s,i. teil on Saturday. IT K NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. 2? A. HONIQ. 2\. MAN contnviet to pay the litflicM p: e r for J)i><W' n <?, W.i'.i lie*, J?Wi r.r. , Ac., and make* ' .(I'll adv. .una on thu a in"-, '.n liberal term?. Al! burincM conlid'. nilal. AT 77 BIAXCKEH STHKET-MOXL* I.lRKi: ? ! i V ROTan t'll t'> ni.y anviini on Hljtin.yd* watches, j. . ry, p.d i h, Hetarn, dry coot!*, Ac. .V. [>. ? !'awnbr :.<? V t1 kcia bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Blenti* r ?".r"?t, up * '.all s jnaMC.. - . ? Money to i.ejsd on nrXynvn?. watche*. Jewelry, Sliver, Dry Good* ami IVyrthntl I'iojh 'ty M nil deaerip'J iii4. flood* may h? redeemed ?' m\ tluie within one year. Private o3to? h?!l if ?r. 11. BAUNAHD, 21 Thil l aveutie. ON EY LOANED i? WATCIlKrf. DI AMONDH .IF.IV eln ami <ither r?ln?bief, or lxnnjht for t . i, pi, (nil e, by Ml va1u?, T>y ?l, ? UlIKN, 'W> liroiulwwy, conifi f i) HircM't. rni lie* vi?U?ul al their n* aide tier* it ?lcftli\nt. Ait .strl' t'v coa0Ucriti?i 4B CEDAR S'l'REET.? Otif> ESTABLISHED OFFXCE. I" M I.<1 Vanned, In ? ,' Id nuit, n w i^:.i ? .|i? monil?, jeweby ami niher pt* pmperlv o bno.iit fur o??h unit the h'pbent price miM. Bnst-i<-? 'rtrietly c nil I'n ti'il. L. JACOBS Urauch ? . tli IJ7 iiria>d>vay. AQH fUU) TO A0TAKCK, BY HBN'Rl HYMAN, ?0 V1"-*' /?"' ' Uroxlway rvom No. 8, on WateheK, Dia in ii'Ih and men handle of1 every dewrij .i n. from $10 ami upwanU, .Nle> i lian'a in want oi mom y? III do well to call, llinlnea.' atrktly conQdeollal. c COAIji "tOAL $t 60 ? THE 11B8T COAL FOR hTOVE AND vl r?n;e bun ifrce, without \vwh!?: Warranted tali weight. l.flYD A CO,, ?M Eijjlitb avenue, corner of T. verity-seventh atreet. tlOA!-.? PE\CH ORCHARD, LEHtOH AND T.OCPST > Mouiiialn, war. anted to be eenuln? article*, at lmv??t ui.irk- 1 | lie :rom jrrd; .'*) ornu pert n c iroui beuii; . ? Eti^llah l- iii.-i ?, ( '.iniicl und Lim rpi 1 O.Tel, f bc?l quiUttlM, atenrreot rntea. llL.NRY UEi. . E.S, corner o J Cktial and Centre, and comc,- of Jane and VVeal ?ts DtlY HOODS. QONTINUATION OF THE GREAT CLOSING 8 ALB of th? Stork of EDWARD LAMBERT A CO.. So. w broadway. FRESH RIUMCTIONS Are conatantly being made In prh .-a, to enaure the aale of the entire atock jirlor to the lit of December. ES I'ECJ aTTaTTKNTIOW In Invited to the tork of EMBROIDERIES, SHAWLS AM) CLOAKS. KU.KS, And ntner 1> K I -S GOODS, In which will he foun I i >me \ cry choice kivIc* nt exceeding ly low iirleen. 1 l.OAKS, CLOAK.-'. Gv We ofl'er&l reta 1 a ! ?r *e u 11 ? 1 attrnetlve stoek of cloth vno ur %vi:r cloaks, at cxtremt ty low ; . t .. k >i if* I s .? I! tl.e latest and moiit fashion,.. v styles miinufaetnt * ? \'i?res>*lv for th<l Hi \>adwuy rot ail trade. V. t>. MILLS V CO, ?11.'' Hrotulwiy, in ai street. Wholes, tie stock as usual .it ;y:' and &44. ilrondwn^. LOSING OUT SALE. RICH PARISIAN FASHIONABLE SHAWLS. GREATEST SACRIFICE EVER KNOWN. POSITIVELY FORGONE WEEK ONLY. LAST CUKS^TTw BROADWAY. L. <t J. B. KELTY, IT. No. $50 Broadway, New York, Air now oft'erin# unusnU indue* menu to purchasers of Curtain Materials, KurrtMuiv C iVi'.'f itj'K, Broeahla, b'atln De I.ati"" and D.ima'ks, I.:uv, M - in ami N >'i incfwm C\ rtains, ? "ifUn'', K- f>?, C ?i nices and WINDOW MIAUL . They employ lh" best upiedst- r r<, and execute with great taste an 1 Kiiillali orders sited t?i them. CJOLOMON A IIAUT, H W BROADWAY, Are t>fl\ riuj; t . whoh*>ale u id r<*iaU bnyer*, tor cash ??n I sh 1 1 Um>> nt rx.1 r?on' ly l.iw j s ih? tr stock of t ' ; ' U I A I N (i t X.) i ' s it UNI I CUE CO\ K KINGS, It ItOLSTEKl M VfLKtALS.if ev.-r. .1- m a ( . ?j. UOI.IJ A N I > l* A I Vl'Ktl WINDOW SlLvlMCH, AND !? Hi. S( II AND \MKRICAN I'A I Kit !l ANO1NG0. DhCORATlVh AND l'LAIN Their stock <>t the ;v mve ;,?>od* r in>* hug- t in this market, nml contains a, j^r ? -atmaiiy linen bought at au-ii nt and front hankrvii t st >? k , ut pri ' lower than tost ??; inr orutuiou, which they are able to o:l'? r at great bargains. M1LL1NI H \ ~ ?&C. 7>AROAIN8? VEL\ KT HON N ETS. ?OUR f, $7 AND L> bluek Velvet li ts are worth $10 and $>l Silk lr iificl . new styi at $e. w??rtii M n? : n ./?? H'-nncta h t $1 and worth ?7. L. HLNNS' Mitli.jery, .'*sl Jiroa iway. f OroI( E VVVS. H ROADWAY. 0}?en;n,'at ? J ?!! ofen entirely new* s(o. k i Satde, Mink and other choice Knrs, in the most desirable styles, enieh l>e lu\v oMia! prices. UOOK, rraciiral Furrier. OTICE N* TO MILl.l \KI!S. On THURSDAY, th'* I t In^.' mt, we ? til bavo our ANN'l'AI. OI'KSINU i" prrsHly l<ir the tr:idc, n".t will <? 11 *< l ull MU.UKKUS ? I hint; our I'alteriia to u . .ul i LM-uj>che? nt thl* optjortnnity, aud t'Vl' u" nunc trouble f>" tin b l .n e of the. cimou. SHOW ROOMS, NO. l-'.i SIXTH AVENI'K. ilcavecu Niiuh mid 'Iciiili *trci it. J. IllOtilNS, Mannser. BONNETS 1 BONNETS I BONNETS! Ail liict week we were <? o > i'<- , and all (hln wctk we ex pect to be crowd" I, with l ull , !' om lur and near, FOR oi'lt KOXM-:.S, VUlRI II -ix J'lilt (il R .VI liu.NNi :i.v, WOltl'lt &i. FOR OCR <?> hONM'.r-, WORTH $1U. FOR OUR f7 1)0 BON SETS, WORTH ?13. I ALL AT NO. 120 SIXTH AVENl'E, Between Niolli and Tenth streetn. J. IlIGUINS, Manager. ECONOMY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY. Ladles wiehmgto net noon AT HALF Til L. BROADWAY PRICES, will lull ut NO. 120 SIXTH AVENl'E, Beuve, u Ninth and Tenth a ruets. 101) BOXES or BONNET RIBBONS in from anotlon thl* week. I>n?i week's ?to k marked down 'Ut | er cent. riiOTHIWO. At the OLD STAND, 131 SEVENTH avenue, eze KIKI.8 gn trainee to pay the following pi-'cs fi r ladlea* nd j^ejjtlem en's cast . II Wealing Apparel ? I'rom $S to $K) for silk ureases. from $5 to $20 lor c <ats, from ?1 5U to $7 lor punts; also Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, A<\ A* note by p ?? punctually attended to by 1?.# 134 Seventh avenue. La dle - attended to by Mrs. K. A rTENTlON.? LADIES AND GENTLE* RNt If YO0 w.*h to seen re the I '.U value for your east nlT Clothing. 1 t.?, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to be humbugged \ y laNe price nth rers, the hot you ??no do is to send a note to H MINTZ, 137 Sixth avenue, where you will be sure tn re. cei\ o fjO p r cent more man i rom any other dealer. Ladies attende f by Mi s Miniz. 137 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. 'HKe0t Coats, f'ant^iind Carpets, by caJlno'mi or address* li.y; a note per po*>t will be atumded to. 1* idles attended by Ai I s. L. A TTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.? IF YOU Jx wish to tin* f ull value f< r jour CaM Ofl' C!< t!iJng, c.? [iHrt, lurnitur? and Jewelry, the bent you ean do la to send a note to F. HARRIS, 156 Seventh avenue; there You nu?y Ik- < onvino* d you will b?- dealt with to your satisfaction. Pm Silk Dre^e*, from $H to $JU; for Costs," from $1 t > $IU; for Tauts, from $1 I "lease don't forg. t, 150 Seventh ;iv? nuo, mar Tweuty-Urst stri < t. Ladies attended by Mrx, A BETTER CHANCE THAN EVER YO R LA DIES AND ,/v t" ntlenon to obtain the highest price for their Ca*t Off Clothing. I guarantee to ray the following pries:? For Silk Dr? fc-M from $ld to $4?>; from S* to Ml I'm- Gmts; from $2 to $7 for JVint*; alo Caroets. Furniture and Jewelry. lM*ase ? a 1 on "i addr< *>* AMI ALT, 152 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-tirst siiceta. Ladies attended by Mik. Anhalt. All 10 HER FBI 08 PAID FOR CAST OFF CLOTHING, . Car|>eU, I'urnlturif. Ladi< * ami gentlemen, If you wl?n to fi g ure t}?<! best|?rice for your clothe*, thi* b-^t wny you can (h, is to call on or n- nd a note to M. Ellis, \)'i Seventh avenue, tK?tw?<efi Sixteenth and ftcv? nteentb at reels. Lad lev attend ed by Mrs. EllitJ, A GREAT DEMAND FOR OLOTKING.? LADIES AND gentlemen having any <-a?t off Olothtntj, Furniture and i '?!/>? t-, uiJl tin* highest pricea by call inx on or ad drc luf,' l\ MLSI1, 302 Hevcuth avenue, bviw.-.?n Twenty nlnfh and ThfrUcth birccts. Ladles atu n led by Mrs. Mish. A GREAT DEMAND I OK CL' >TI f I X* .. ? LADIES AND Mmtl'*inen itaving any c jfct off Clothing, Fornlture or CarjM-ts, are ^unninteed to receive an J oIIowh ? Parity, from $1 t-? $;?; ('oat.-. fr?m $1 to ^10; sirk I)re??eM, from $t to $.*). i- .?r Hare^e r.nd Woollen Dr the highest firkea will bo I ulil \\\ calling on or addivsiug A. HARRIS, WS Third avc liue. laftdiea attended to by Mrs. Han i;-. A T THE NEW STAND, m THIRD A VENICE, LADIES J\ andK*'itta ran aeeure the full value for their east off CloiMng, i>y calling on or addre^ na 0. Jacobs. 29*4 Third Mvrnm , between T.. * nty-third and Tvventy-fouitU streets. la?<Ui.aatu nded by Ulaa F, Jacobs. 4 RARE CIIANGB.? $12,<JOO WORTH O.-' CAST OFF j\. Clothing wanted, to supply California and Western I' urnlture, (Jarj etg, Jewelry, Ac. I do not pretend i" offer nominal prlei h, uh is done by soni". but i ^uaranteo to j ay tie utmost value for each aetMe by calling on or ad dressing E. I!.. 7*) Sixth luenne. second floor, above Wav<?r ley place. Lad'.es attended by Mrs. EMI. AT ra? CA LI FOR N i '? H A ND WESTER 3 i ? S NCX st v ? The highes* price can be obtained for cast <ttl Wearioi? Amirel. For dresses, from i^l to $.%'?; fori oat?, from to jjjjfi; for p ints, from $1 to fG. The highest price paid lor ludb*K? cloaks, shawls, c<*rpets, Jewelry, <vc , by ad dressing II. Harris, 308 ilovvery, opposite Great J ones street. Ladi s attended by Mru. Harris, A GREAT Ql'ANTITY OF OAST OFF CLOT!IIN(> Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry wanted, to supply the Wesi rn market. ? I pay n 1 lolfows: ? for silk dre Troin $10 to $30; ''oats from $0 to #1M: par's from $1 fx) to $5. Call on -,r address A. Ducas, 218 Seventh av enue, between Tuentv-fourfh and Twenty-fifth streets. Ladles attended by Mrs. D. ^ ___ 4 CARD.? LADIES AND GENTLEME IF TOU JY v. - to dl?p - e of your cant off Clot bine. Furniture, J'-welry, Ac., yon will find It grently to your ad vantage 5 by rilling "on or addressing A. DUCAo, 218 Seventh avenue, u? n-'ib u in exchange v^i l b ? ..Mer? d, only cosh and current rn > j 1 e v will be paid. Ladles attended to by Mrs. D, HOTELS. A\ \saiu I1soNIAN HOI 8E, Broadway, comer of Hous ton stf et conducted on the European plan. Light single p. - m?. to $"> 50 a week; inside, well ventilaied do., $t> to $'jamomb* ' -t, . i in.y Ro ?m.-. $5 to $15 a week. K oiVfttrd throughout by steam, and in first rate order. >i lid need rates. Joints, 10 and 15 cents. Steaks and ch<?p*, 15 and 20 cents. \ -i.etablcs,pMtry, Jlc., 6 cents. fin nns, Ice , 5 to 15 cents. Ana other things in prop^>rtion. D.nner from 12 to C. M'-s Is to order stall hoars. Entrance to the restaurant for gentlemen through the onlee of the hotel. S. U MEAD, Proprietor. COUNTRY BOARD. C\QV NTRY ^ROAUD. ?ON E OR TWO FAMILFKS CAN yj be ac/H>mmo(iate4 with Hoard for t). ^ w- r ut ??rnj wall. Ghurchesand ?oho< m the n<'Udi.Mo;l.o ^ Apiuy ?? 04 East Sovsnteenth stn?et, or address H. ?>nilth, toi nwau. Orange county, N. Y. legaT notices. Ua-oUlS! Sow York nnJ EHc JUUnW li.mM,*** I'-r,1 :l - M-o!. fnn? ! the eon |? h .1 ? Llm j. a \on and after Hie ..rsr ia> m ijuwot ci Oc "2 I-CI NATIIAM&ii \4LrU, Kcvxiver.