Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9183. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REBELLION. News from the Various Divisions of the Army. Condition of Affairs on the Upper Potomac. The Rebel Batteries on the Lower Poto mac Firing on the Union Troops. Arrival of Gen. Fremont at Springfield, Mo. SEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. Interesting Account of an Interview with ?en. Beauregard* Colonel Wilson's Description of the Fight at Santa Rosa Island. Termination of the Trial of tbe Sa vannah Privateersmen. The Jury Unable to Agre6 Vp6Z a Verdict, &c., Ac., Ac. OCR SPECIAL WASHIfflTO* DESPATCHES. Washington, Oct. 31,1861. AFFAIRS ALONG THE UNION LINKS. Accounts by telegraph up to four o'clock this afternoon report all quiet on the entire lino of the f'otomac. General McClollan, accompanied by the l)uc de Char tres, left headquarters at half-past four I big afternoon, and proceeded to Virginia. Tbe Genera) and aid return ed between ten and eleven to-night. Everything is ro ported as quiet in front and on the right and left. Ooloucl Fweitzer, of General McClollan's, returned to-day from an inspection of tbe troops of Major General MeCall's division, and reports them in excellent condition. To-day the pickets of Gen. Wudsworth captured a pri vate of a South Carolina regiment, about three miles be yond Falls Church. AFFAIRS ON TBB LOWER POTOMAC. There liavo been no arrivals to-day from the Lower Potomac. The Coeur de Leon started down to-night with coal for the flotilla. . FIRING FROM THE BEBEL BATTERIES ON THE LOWER 1 * POTOMAC. Despatches from General Hookor's division , on the Lower Potomac, state that on Wednesday afternoon about a dozen shots were flred at intervals from the febel bat teries at ? hipping Point , on the Lower Totomac. M< st of the balls went into the water; Ono cf them struck wi'hin three or four hundred feet of Mr. Posey's house, hack of Build's Ferry. There wero no vessels In sight. Tho rebels appeared to bj getting the range of their gun?. , Soveral small boats wore observed crossing Quant ico creek. After eight o'clock nt night three more guns wero flred, giipprsed to bo for flgnajp. A new buttery has jnsl been discovered in oours" of ercction on the west side of Quantico crock , on the high bluffs about half a mile above Shipping Point. A ('es patch from tho Hkralb's correspondent at B':dd'a Ferry announces that the rebels on tho Lower Petebiso | continue activo. Peroral sho'.s were flred on Wednesday I from the rebel batteries on Shipping Point. Con. Hooker and Gen. Sicklcs each ma le a reconnoit'sance near the shore at Bndl's Ferry, and the lire from tho rebel batteries way ha vo been directed at them. If so the shots went ; wide of their mark. One of the shells, which did not ox plcde, was found to be * r Ixty-four pound conical sh 11. It is certain that the enemy is posted iu fall force on the Virginia side, near tho Totomac, above and bol?w Shlp oint. Sevoral other rebel regiments have arrived within tho last twenty four hours. Tho rebel steamer George Page, and the cuptarod || eehooiiors Fairfax and Mary Virginia, are still shut up in H Quontico creek. I Before daybreak this morning two schoonors, Ba'ti || more oyster vessels, ran tne rebel blockade, and passed It up tbo Potomac to Washington. They were not 11 red II upon from tho robe I batteries. I , Everything is quiet now ia tho vicinity of Shipping I Point. I There seems to bo no doubt that the rebels have a largo I number of fiatboats at Uccoquan creek, manofort ,red at I Fredericksburg, designed for crossing the Potomac. I BECONNOISSANCE ALONG THIS PUOIIK OP THE LOW Kit K POTOMAC. ? A reconnoissnwo was made yesterday by Gen. Sickles I and staff, accompanied by a squad of Indiana cavalry, I along tho shoro of tho, r bout forty miies from I Washington, when tin y were lircd on hy ft rebel battery I on the Virginia shore. One of tho f-hots fell sic rt anil I another passed ovor them. ? THE ARMY. I The following appointments and promotions have just I been niado by tho President : ? ? Justin l!imock,to bo Colonel of the Fit at regiment of I artillery. I C. H. McXally, to bo Captain in tho Third regiment of I cavalry. I Janu s B. ReniMe, to he First Lieutenant in tho Third I regiment of cavalry. ? Horace Brooks, to bo Lieutenant Colonel in the Second I rcg i mcut of cava! ry . I Edward W ilkertnn, to bo First Lieutenant in tho Second I teg i meat of cavalry. I In addit.on to the non-commissionod officers promoted I to second lieutcnantcieB borotcforo announced nre tbo fol I lowing named: ? I Acting Sergeant Major PbUctus, Ouartcrmast* F ;.nt I Frederick H. Brown, and Sergoants Henry B. K. m > I Samuei J. TUck, James P. Galloway, Tbadders s. J I land and Joseph MoOonnell, all of tho above of tho I B( hteenth infantry. Also, Sergeants Robert P. King nn l. ? James J. Semplo, of the Fifteenth ton an try. They remain I in those regiments. I T1m> fallowing order has just b ^eu promulgated by the I War Department: ? ? GtmsRAL ? so. 03. ? War I Ki'ARTMKNT. Awutast (.1 nui.'B 0; nc?:, ) ? Waannraro.N. oet. 31, 1881. i I T. ? Tho bounty of one hundred dollars granted to tho I widow or h< Irs of a deceased volunteer by the sixth SOC I tioti of the aeti .) authorize th-: emplo; mci.t of vo;un I tears, approved Jujy !i3, 1801, and which the . ?< ontl Au I ditor has been directed to place to tho credit of t>: said I decct' ? nt on Iho fltiul settlement of his account, will l e I charged to tlie flftv-flvo million dollars for t'.j pay of tho I second and third volunteers, appropriated by tho act I making additional appropriations for the support of tno I army, approved July 17, 1?61. I IT. ? Such commanding officers of volunteer regiments ? MM iu confermity with direct acceptances trom I War Department) as havo not nlready done so, will at I OCoeprepsro and transmit to the Governors of their : e ? fpccllve States complete muster rolls of their several ? commands as ni present organized. III ? The ntt.^itCWn ct officers Is cn!M to paragraph M7 ?'~*r)f t ha R >vif( i lUgClatiima, in which they nre fori i Men I to give or tukoany reci^t in blank for public money or ? property. | By order. I,. 1 [HO'fAS, Adjutant General. I ' AltRIVAI, OF GUI. SIBLEY Ah~P COL. FRANK CLAIR. I fiflttnl Fihley, President of the* TTeptcrn Union Telo I graph "U and one of tho orig!ri'^lir* the PaclDc I Mhptfb project. Is in town. I Colonel Finnic P. Blair, of Missouri, nrr,v0d ,n Fwh* I tngta to-day. REVIEW OP BBKOAN'H SUARrSHOOTEHP. The lint regiment of Herdan t Sharpshooters was re viewed today , by Col. Hudson . of (Jen. MeClollan'u staff. The regiment went through tho various descriptions of drill, particularly aa akirmlshers, with a degree of pre cision, considering ttio men lmvo been lit service but fix weeks, was quite miraculous, and elicited the ritrong est praise from Col. H. Singlo companies have ou seve. ral occasions been detailed for spocial service acrots the l'ntumac, and have rendered otllrii'tit servlco. Tho regt mailt now consists of eight full companies, nnd us soon aa tha Sharp's rifles, with which they are to bearni'd.are received, ? ill lie ready to take tln> jMisition of leading tho advance of the grand army whenever Geo. Mct 'lellaii is prepared for a movement. Col. Bordao, under tho authority furnished him by tho (,'overnmout, has accepted sixty companies of sliarpslu-ot ers, which aro rapi<Uy tilling up in the various loyal , Slates. The second regimont is expected to be li re with in two weeks, nnd the other* in the course or sixty days. The drill, which is principally conducted by lieutenant Coknel Mears, included several hours march each day uudor lieuvy knapsai Its, for lite purpose for training the men to endure the fatigue of forced marches. All MY OFFR'KKh' i.kitkk*. The following order wua iabuod from the UlUee Department today. Th; Postmaster General orders that all letter* by any actiug lie d or mil cdlcer in the scrvlco of the i.'uited States Bhall lie forwarded In tho mails without pre payment of pi Miikv, i" aecordance wilh tho provisions of tlie eleventh section of tho act U) employ voluuteeis. \c., approved July 22, 1861. T T. TKOTT, Chief Ork. TRKAffRY PKPAKIMHKr BON l>R. The Secretary of tho Treasury lm? commenced Issuing threo years' bouds, in satiafactiou of (ho certificates re ceived at the Department ye-terduy. Horoaf: or there 1 will be no dolay in tlut subscribers receiving pi ompt re turns. Wlion Gov. Chase assumed the duties of Secre tary be found that of eight millions of bonds, negotiated more th in a month previously, only about three millions had been issued, and tins.) in largo certificates. The b nnk certificates for all the denominations of throe years' bonds wero commenced about Hi" 20th of September, since which time nearly sixty millions have be. n pre pared. All buck deposits will be supplied in a very few : days, and la tho meantime the daily roceipts will bo ' issued as they come in. AWARD OK PTATIOKEFT CONTRACT. The stationery contract for the House of Rcpn.swita llves was awarded to-day to Phillips h Solomons, rati- j jn*r Hros. and 11. Tavloj, I NEWS FROM GEN. BANKS' DIVISION. TVrvx^own, Oct. 29?2 P. M. Oil Sunday last the pickets if tlio Pennsylvania Twenty ninth, which regiment wag stationed on Muddy Branch, discovered * soo w Moating down the rotoinae, noar the Virginia shore, Private James McGcc, with others, pro cured a skiff, crossed the river, and intercepted the sew. on its downward passage. It was found nearly full of water, but contained thirty -one guns wit'u Qxed bajonels, twelve haversacks ami three knaueacka. From certain indica tions il is believed that this was the principal boat used in transporting General Baker's crutnai d from 1 la rr ton's Island to the V Irginia short', arid which went down leaded i with the dead and wounded of the hatlto ol' lull's Bluff. j Tho guns wero the some as used by the California r< gi- j mcnt. Tlio imereucu is that tin; bodies of the unfortunate I soldiers, beci-mlng lightened by internal decay, rose to th-- surface, and the boat, thus relieved from n weight, floated down with the ci.rrcnt. A close watch is now kept upon the river to inte r-ept any ! oil ies which may be carried down by the current. I!y the selection of l.icuteuant Colonel Kingsbury, of the Fifili Connecticut, to tho Colonelcy of the Eleventh Connecticut Volunteers, Major Chapman lias been pro moted by tho Covertor to bo Lieutenant Colonel of the Fifth, and Captain B. Stone, of Company A. lias been tendered the commissi) nof Major of tho same regiment OUR ?ARNBSTOWN CORRESPONDENCE. lUlWSiOW*, Hd.,Ort. 2s, 18GI. Th? Xew York Zot?!r<:> the Bctly Guard of ( !,n . Hauls? Hit High Ofrinivu nf tlnttr Sr.lrfirrty Contlod ? Cmvli't c? uj' lh". KeUU in (,'t* Piiimac ? ,Ti-i?rt tf Gen. JUmtin bring li'MBkiet al ihe Bail!' of Ir.tbvr; ? n,.n. Uwu't (,'n'lanlry at Ua, rift n't litand ? /?? r>j liw nf LI in. lianl.s u? I'i'A siiWe llvtpi' ? IftU iiittrvd J'nmUion </ Caj i. Si riUr, if c. , dr. Company I, Crispelf, Ninth Xcw York regiment, which h ...-? sheen acting ns body gvard of Gi'0. Banks, In company wt' It the 'b naves ti'Afrtyue, ' apt. OHjs, has rejoined it* regiment, an I (to guard is now competed of the ga'.iant Zouave* aiunc. Tho company, as before Stated, Jfl to bo ircroase ? by th-.1 addition of a.i engineer corps, to be raised by Capt. Onnts. Tho Zouaves have fic'iucntiy I). on cminua.dod by Cer. banks for j their attention to duty ami other sofd iorjy I characteristics. T!ie Zouuics did .picket Uuty on i tho Potomac last Friday night, and it happened j 8< 1110 cf ti e French "ouaveb i f Ixuisi.tiia were perform - i )?g the same duty on the other side. 1 hey entered into conversation with cac!i other in French, and with a soig or two pas f t> J a few hours very agreeably'. From their talk the i cbcis are n' t ko bail'.y off, after (til. Indeed it if a mis tike to sipposo they arc deprived of many of tho luxuries and nocosserk s oi !':fe. Th<y obtain them by some means or othir. Silt Ihey havo in sufficient quant iti> s ror r.nHcary piloses, audi k am . through conversation with and <?? rters, that arrange ments a e perfected for procuring by the luniul mode of etnpotfitiou from tho salt water of the ocean, as well as frun tlic estensivo s,.l.ue springs of Vir^i:iia, wMch have never been fully work"d. Tho relic's are naakliig superhMnau cxertiot.8 to sustain tWrusi.lvcs, and the resources of tlio country will be hro' gkt out to their fullest extent. 1 learn that the wildest cntliusissm prev .il d in I.oes burg on ihe day a.i J nig! t of tho battle at Conrad's Ferry. Ti-.e whoio aimy appeared c.'axy with j? Tho:c is a report that (-cutral Jelu si < u was present in i<eis&n at the engagtimnt, at 'I that he was w< i nded. Caiitain Be t, Fourth t'nlted '?'tatea ortilkiy, is about form:: a school lor cC'.tc. practice iu ai tillory ; and Cap tain AVert, Cnileil Vtati ; i ngiueers, is aMitt doing the same -.villi rcferxn to 'Jut arm of the . ice. Alter ton dnjs and ni^hti seouling, and after passing w.thia range of cue brhii-nt ti. I. wish (?i liolivar) and one bloody bsi tie (('..nrn l's ferry), your corre: ,n r.'lert Ciu'.r, hltn/:e!f once mot)! Wi hin the Unes oi tho tlivision Under tlio in?tne:.iate c< inuiand oi Major General Binks, with headquarter? atiii at tho f at toeotr.iug village of 1 ..I i! ????ti'vu. T1 1< I' . ati' ii of ih ) army h;i8 resumed its wonted quiet after tho lato flurry uud cxcitenent, with nodcadtoliury and no vi-' t<e ies u? exult over. To 'ien. gtcue, and ti* troops ui. cr hi< coiaiuimi, belong what ever oi hour mi. ul rj Is attached to tho lateterri bice.oniilet in fti>nt of Harrison's ! ?? and. 11 I hoy eiuinot eiaini a victory . it i ? not heca'.i;-o their bravery did not dci rvoeue'. but b i us' thu men and tho bullets of tho (e.i riy w. : too nnny 1 r them. Koine iudiecrci t per? s ua e: ? or rather ei.e tonn'et. d with the piess ? have n -..i > u?kon u Ivantavo oi iliei.' r.rlvil xcs, and talko.l i. t= ? ; 'i: linatiun and d< > ? alia ill. m to the troops under i . n:n;aud of <i''n. Mone. ]?? tii the time an I the place for tho exprct-Mon of these v . lm uts were badly i ? i. d, and to .It 'i in . oo.i ueit he. te> thy Cuiun eause n<-r to viiu party wlib utter u th<ui. u i- not, I owover, from s- < li n mvc a a Ion ? that da: .age i - ? utaikxl M. .II tie' waiseol the Cnion. The lines of our pickets on liii- I'ot.ena-.' ar< l i t sull ciently near tog ther. and some t.iii'.s the e'lieiuy h.s tii.- i-UVotitery to scud ever a s;y < n i.i the face of one bati.i'ioii?. Acagoo this kind oc cu. red ? few days ago. /, man i :iv d secured a I i- -.<? ? ucTi'SS the l otomac, in a small boat, Just at the tho cvcnit.g,at a p<'iut between Comae-- and 1 I u arils' i >rry, and. alrttoufli pursued, dinnagod to mako h ' - c " by leatnng a to, leaving a h i. en that had beun lie stori' K.'-.v i<ro\'ided ?"??r It's use. That he was in 1. tuiio ? tii |?ri: >a on tins s '?< tin-re i s.ud to be reason* a- ?; ' v id- i ce. There are mat y sound Cnion men in this neighborhood, nnd mauj wh . are not quito so sound, to sa\ uoJilijgof the veomeo. i ieit Gen. ! '? jij'scoui nand this morning. Every th it- g w is quiet , and the etprit da corpt of our troops was "excel lent, U'Uwitbsianilliig ihe late disaster, 'tlio wounded are dng well, and their friends are arriving in large n .hie" ?. t.fie r:?l bai.V s. a< cmimnled by Captain Scribcr, one of hie n i . and Captain CoJlls, cf l is Zouave body guard, visited th ? wended In the hospit at I'oolcsvilie. The General was greeted with many gratifying tokens of re ^.i,d bv th p or suir-iers. Captain briber, who baa been rec nt-y appointed to 1 i i ; - ut position, war forme ?t'Hihccltot - ?ras a-. !.?.-? .t? Thirteenth. He ? - i . ? i ? I !i d him'oli' n t lei ,'0'l : j Liu .ei'air ut Bolivar, on the lrttlshsi., midi.-r Col. Geary, and , fruas itip gallant bt-ari: g ni" Ihe roll! -rly kuoivio ge he then displayed, has bee. i pre-reUe l lo 1: is OJnSdential aud re pronsibie po-itieii Tle_- in i..1 i n.inaD (iug rarely flails to r- wat d the meriio i ?;*? soidl I . We a e to ('ay - Uh<> I . r's r< n I ug tha move BUMS Hi- ej:e y But that !- e;o v. - a a treeaend ais commolien amcng ihfW u u I! < r or I n cf the late montlrali'.n at nils' Y'.'rf l]jf 1 Is a', udaut OPERATIONS ON THE LOWER POTOMAC. OUR BUDD S FKRKY CORRESPONDENCE. Brno's Kkkrv, Oct. 30, ml. The Blockade of the Potomac ft y th' Rebel) at Shining Pvint? Survey and Reconnoifianec l<j C.i/xatu 1Y ilium Son tint! Colonel Taylor's Higitnenl ? CbmtnuniKUioiu tci'h the Enemy Actum the J'otom oc by -tf-'ins of Signal Lights ? Arrest <>f Mr. J'urey and hit ? /.oat'i'sw of Some of the li bel BatlaiM ? Aclic* OixraJion-i of lh< Enemy ? Parli, j in Pursuit of Spiu ? fhigt of TiUf aiul Suulhtru Chivalry, <lc. Budd's Terry is boeuming an important point of opera tlons on tho l ower Potomac. It is situated about forty miles, by the river, below Washington, near tho mouth of t'hickumoxon creak. Part of fltttfil Hooker's Ui% Irion is stationed hero, the remainder being in tho rear, wbilo almost ^roctly opposite, at I Shipping Point, on the Virginia sale, are a number of | rebel batteries, tupported by eoverul regiments of troops. Whenever ?uy craft whfeb do<* ut tloat the flag of tho insurgent States attempts lo pa?s within their range they open fire upon her. Tho mum channel runs close by the rebel guns at shipping Point. New batteries hnvo been recently discovered, and thus it ha* been said that I hs rebel guns opisstle this ) t. have ctfectuaily closo.1 the navigation of tho Potomac. The existence of these letter lad hur er. s;d considerable inconvcnienco to our government by prevent ,ng the free transportation of commissary stores. Hvive it was that a short time since Captain Williamson, of the Top > t{raphi cal Fug incurs, supported by the Third New York regi ment, t'otonel Taylor, attached to the Excelsior lb i^ade, was detailed lo tn ike a rcvounoiesaiice down th'! river and a survey of the cojfis, mesuting iho distance from shore to sliori at parti. uUr points. It Is presumed that the object of this r> uuuoisMince and survey was to obtain information which would go vern our operations towards silencing those batteries which have thus far interfered wiih tho uninterrupted navigation of tho river. Shipping Point, I said, was al most directly oppesito Budd's Ferry, wblle Ev;m*iiort 1b Jets than half a mile below. Tho shore on this side, oppo site these points ,ts low, and the river Just u mile and a half wide. Jhiif a mile or so from the w*t"r, on the Ma ry'and *We, behind Budd's Ferry, there is a commanding eminence, some sixty or seventy foot lugh, on which Mr. Po^ev's residence is IccatciT This is an excellent [losition for observation, and tho batteries or artillery stationed here by (,'uDcrnl Hooker command some of those o a tho other side. A few words or explanation are noo> ssary concerning tho owner of the house. It seems that a sy. lent or sig nals was established by which communications wore made by Mr. H. B. Posey to tho rebels across the Poto mac", and answers received from them by him. Ught* were used as signals. By means of these ho kept tho rebels fully informed of our moveuieuts ou tliis Bide. After the signals were discovered efforts were luado by our officers to iiuo.prct them. If successful lp this tho object was to then arrest Mr. Posey, operate with the sig nals ourselves, tb"s deceive tho ( n my, aud perhaps lead him into a moxenient which would prove disastrous to him and .-licoe-'sfitl to our arms. We Tallinn in intcrprct ln- ihe signals, Mr. Pusey was arrested, together with his wife and daughter, who, with one of the children, are in custody in Washington, penning a full ? investigation of the case, 'which is now prog! e?sllig. The servants still remain In ih" house, which is used ns the liiM'iip al ters of ono of the regiments stationed at this | >oi u t . Hero arc detained as prisoners, Mr. H. Harrison Posey h!r c dost ?' u, with two young r boys and mi elderly gentleman, their cousin, who resided in th lr family. The yocug man has a farm of his own ab 'iit a dozen miVv distant, and was there at lit.) time of his father's apprehension. Hearing that t'nlon troops were in tliis vicinity, he rooe over to 1. am what was transpiring here, lie was then apprise. I of his father's arrest , and also of his ? wn. Ho protests that ho voted iLo I n n ticket i-i tho iast I election, vote I against ti-cflHtc-r M -ryl ri I taking any. decisive Ht<>; -? towards recession, and say a he has had n-> c ?mnmuieat wn with \ iisluia .' iuo > that .-tste procipilated herself on ..f the I'ui !!. Jb? 'nvestigalioii will csouerato tI\ose wh > are blamo'e.-s. In the jroantime itarlnn an ! Juli ' , aa l 'the oilier servant.', wuit upi'n the table of our oflavrs w Ith us much c'ledlinui^s airi give as they could po*si b:v have Oisiuaved t wa d tlieir owners. But ; boat the but lories and tin operationsof the enemy on the other side : i'.iere is oub liuavy sie^e gun mounte t I near tb" hore, on tho west side of QuatUico ?:i "k,i?oiut t iii" dim tiy uci't ss to Mr. I csey's house, and commanding ! the river at tins i*unt,a? well as tlie mouth of t'liicaa j mi >x*n creek. I'lreetly opi?wito Btidd's ferry thero is a batter..- ot six guua, two of them heavy s>g? guns, and t ! .e other tour supposed to be thirty -two pounders. A I t tl0 to i he left, likewise near the shore, at hvsusport , is ii'uotiier battery. This is a largo one, not yet completed, but e\ i ieutly i.iteuded for eight i in-. These can he pblnlv -i" n from tho Maryland shore, I lie reM/lstr fly! l'liiinea h of thtni. A s'.ort dislaeee f'jrtln-r to Iho Eoeth aln? ? t entirely coueeali d In u cove, tho e i' r bat. twy inou.uilig at least three gu.S. one Of uaieh seems to b" a thirty two jcimdcr : the ot!; r I two atwetr to be rilled cannon of hesvjr callbro. II. th up on a commanding pi silion, neatly cut out in the dense woods, is a place whe;c a heavy mortar is lvii vi d to Ixs Ftubeddi d in tho wisids, in a so ;thoast?rly direc tion from the ma n buttery on Mtippifg Point, nr.d on a t hill riEtng ubuut a hand eu feet above the surface 'H tho 1 water two more butters s hitherto unknown hue, were 1 discovered yesterday. Their positions wcro revealed in 1 the afternoon, when tliey opened tire on tho steamer Thomm Ktvotv?ru, knd the 1'liitnUel) -li lotl)?at, ol t)?e | llriiiK o.i which you have bc-n informed by teiegrnph. I seveial otlic. batteries aro believed to be.o.eeted, bidden ] by th" 'woods*, further down, towa'"'s Aquia em-ic. ?>l>< I rations of the enemy can be both poi n and hoard. Ihey atui ar to be indui trio^sly enBie;ed ut this time. Tue sound of axes and other note.- n preparation ur- heard, not d ;rine the dav alone, b .t also in the night. lje:t cvciong the wiud blowing in this direction, we could hear ihc drums b ittting (aLOO, in 1 the bngiis calling iho I cavalry to their quattets. I urlnp yesterday and Inst ' night rebel iciiiiorcejoeiils were heard arriving. Indued, I th" r'e-im.i g Of tli haj i i.ets of fresh tru.|:, were seen acH the river viSterdny aiternoi r. <>t, tho shore, near the Shipping Point heavy eattcrj in course or coniplotirfu. rebels w-ieobv ?: ved pra /l ising the skirm.sii drill, 'llti* jnornlt g it i ; evident from their c .nipiire^llutni. re troops a e now c mcontrufed opposite tins |-oi:,t than tlvro have li rrloi'ore bo -n. i ?m iufnimed tliut they have ! nine than a hundred b a's .-crctcd.Uy which it i.> I c | li 'vod they will attempt a crossing at some point. It i. i'1'l 1 V4."' tl-f.t 'lie rchc' u:c making r.rrang- meut? I f(,r?. ,o offer si vo u naMtr/iti'-n fiom the vicinity i Aqiiia cr. ek for or. s, :? g Into Mar ?ylatuf. 'ihev lr.v?- rati , , . i.j ,. inlcaliit; h nv. cn Kidim-nd aud Aip.n.i ct-< <, where !'. ???' eo;iid pt-WIy cone, ntrate la g nu:n'?. i oi tn op.-. ;u- they I...W 'appear to be d-ing. (hir operafo: s on this side, however, anticipate anything they i n o..; arid rlieoM theynltempt a crossing at any point , tiry will lit.d tli-it we sre i. I'oct y Mo meet (h lu, V.i.i.e at tli vMi', tbej may SMtl I-arn that tli"i,' i ha' ' 'i i' s v>* ill liotbc.-blo to o 1 ' ? e tli..' 1 o.i'iu..o . - uiu h as 'they imagine. T'l'-y ore very mixl-i' to dlviu- our moveiiicfts. Indeed . no less than ?iln",.f tlioir l umber, all oi whom b l ot," wero d s.n ised, e or.o ncr -? l-e rieu- tLo 'le r. day iind?aro row boii ve<i to ho. ..??unn ii./nmotig our i amps as s; ie?. Parties aro i:: p-i.'su'i of lb in tn-e of tlKHi, i.i. re bald than any oi tho t v-!t!l - el in n similar unit' -rm to that worn by on;' :u : lllcrv oil! ?i'i'S. Ills n."i: i ? 1- f. initel liat.u ;ti,aiul it i i . i. er'ained Irom me rf tie ? v, i !i v. houi ! ?? ?is i'i c ell in cut ion ou this sale that lie is^tn olli< r belonging to one , f ?!.? rel<el butter), s r n th-; < th-r .? ido. a ;uii - ilpt Ion of him ir in poss - - ?>" I tapt. a- .-.i.i. i r t' e Tl -d New YotU regitiifi.t, wli j is in pu.i-utet him. He wa-i Hist s ?. f nt f in, hi t'.i ' r :i n. 1 ?--? n giil t 'apt. Aus tin c.nncso e!r upon him as to g t 1. s i,: els and some other personal olkx is, ? .1 to do ti< y the bir t in W'eeh L-' cX| ctou lor. tut li to the \ ir;'in,.i -h One of the others. u Mr. fliilds, is son of n mlnislcr re siling he, o In Jiarykn.1. , . , Anot:., r illustration of the dlsliororahlc mo n.- rc ? .1 to 1 1 v the re'.irls in pr-t -entu.g this relieioou war; thai Willie.,, c-d ftcmt this place, y??'.-rd?y alter uocui. A I -at was -eii c. n. iig from tli<> Viigmlii rido c ?? i r to f!u. d .t r.'ny -v t'l a il.i g of trit and t'.'p'.t.n Ai'.atns, of lh> I- ' st Ma ? a. bus. tts i egimcut . went down to the shore to receive it. Tan lx it npproae'.cd within ahol.t a thoii ,;nn I yards of the Marylnid sh u e.and rrchoro'l a burr. 1 like u buov. Then, ha iling down lh- l' ig of tna tb" robois | oiled the beet with all their m.gnl and nan while, after re..,'liing i e Virginia si-.o hi; .li in safety, file ?'f them mounted i-ii carthw. ,!; ?t Sh-;.p:ufc' Point and waved tho wme v. .uti Il^g over his head ?.e (lu.t'y and triumphioitly. V?hat dbject lliey had iti pb' Ing the buoy there li s not h'-.n u cortalned. F.i'ga :( truce s Uould be used only in c.iseofal . l .tc nec. r i-y , ? i , .(I iu the most honorablo mnmier. Fliq.. of irbconhouid lie cor -idered sacr I. lienor is one of tho cardinal ipiult ti< ?; of chivali v. hn.uliern ra n claim to be p"ou.,.i.rly chivalrous. We are t aid by their own uuthn ilie ibut very many men of wealth ut. 1 rocial l.tig !?.??? (heir ?rmv. Y"t facts prove thui they i-.avc n.:n;. s invariably t.eatcl and employed tiags ol trine In a. ;s honorable maimer. What a counUrtcit is that upon genu ine chivalry. AIT.IVAL OP TUB FORT LAFAYETTE PUf S0Ni:iUS AT BOSTON. , Rostov . Oct. 31, 1WI. The steamer State of Maine ariived and lauded UieSUtrs prisoners at fort Warren aboi. five o'clo.l;. 'Iwo com. p .nies of tho MB .-aehusett- Twenty-fourth regiment aro doing g':aid duty at lh- fort. Wreck of the Stlioomr John Silver. !1 ,ntu"ai , Oct. ul . 1891. The steamer John P"!l, from Glasgow , arrived at Que. h ; :a.- t even rg. S-'he on board three or tho crsw f the M-howtor J i n Silver, who were pick' d up u the Emits ..f I'olleisle, at ml'Ui.tht oa tlio 26'h rist T' e e. i ooiier h * d strta-k a to.. 81. 1 llia.d. '1VJ m .? v, j I i ? (,:? :!>.? wr. cU. The captain and cu: r- I j oufl a h a', n a Ij ill. NEWS FROM SEN. WOOL'S DIVISION. TIIE GREAT NAVAL EXPEDITION, ETC. Kortrbm MoNR'ii:, Oct. 30,1 Via JUltuiorb, Oct. 31, 1S81. f Tli? destination of !lio great /loot is known fit Old Point, hihI can bo safely revealed by Saturday next. Ono of the tugs returned this morning, tlio captain re porting that his vessel could not stand tin' heavy weathor outside tlic capes. Forty contrabands came In yesterday from Gloucester, opposite York town, and report great suffering in that vicinity from want aud sickness. OUR FORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. Forthksb Monroe, Oct. 2!>, 1801. final Dfpailurf of the Grand Kxpedilion?'Grtat h'lttlut (iVum of the Peo pie amf the Troop* ? Conjettmre* a.< to It* JJoiiiiati.m ? Stirring Scdi' in the Harbor ? Erteiuion of our Picket Line ? JBmVte Onlcred ly General tVool? Dftju/ch't Jur Cicneral 13utl-r, tfic. , rfV. Tlio long expected movement for the snllUg of the monstrous fleet on an expedition to tlio Southern coast ha* at last arrived, and daybreak this morning dawned on lis departure. At four belts t ho signal gun was tired flrom the flagship, and a few moments after tho entire lleot of nearly eighty vessels was under way, steering ocean ward. Tho United States sloop-of-war Vandalli, Cspt. Haggerty, late of tho blockading squadron at Omrles tou, took the schooners laden with store* for tho float in convoy, and left the Roads on Monday, and will moot the fleet in a day or two. The moving off of the noble frigate

Wabash, having on board tlie ablo Commodore Samuel F. Hupont and General Sherman and statf, as tlio advanco fcuard, elicited consideiabio enthusiasm among tlio people at this point; Hie rampart-- of ihe lert were lined w ith tho soldiers of the gallant Tenth, and may ''(.oil speed'' were uttered by Uieso noble follows, as tho vessels grace fully inovod oil' on their ..aerod mission. Notwithstand ing tho hour was comparatively early , nearly every living son! at this place ?as on the qui trire to witness the de partura of tl.c fleet. The grand topic of conversation at tho table, on the streets, in the departments, and even among tho troops, is of course the destination of tho fleet, and if one-half of the guessing as to Its flnal destiny is halfway correct, the entire Soutliorn coast will certainly be invaded. Maps and count surveys are in great do maud, and whoever hap ouly a partial knowledge of const - wise navigation is certain of having lilt upon the right place. The scene presented by tho sailing of tho grand flotilla was a gay and animated one. The sun shone as brilliant as on u festive occasion, and tho national flag, tho Star Spangled Banner, floated proudly to tho breeze. The traus|K>rts having troops on board ware vary soon brought into their assigned positions, and the breeze wafted tlio soul stirring strains of the numerous brass bands to tho shore. TUo guulioatb wore of themselves a feature, tin, long rukisg spats towering above the black hulls of the larger craft ? and for about two hours Ihc bay was almost darkened with the floating magazine* moving towards tho sea. Although the * piadron did not tail at the apjioiutod dale, owiug to several unexplained reasons, still tho ob. (set in \ lew will be effected, and the gigantic enterprise, tho like of which htw never before been attempted, will bocarrlrd out '??iciv--uful1y, and tho names Of those en gaged therein w 111 be hnnd"d down to jiostcrKy in the his tory of heroes. God -peed the lie I, is the fervent prayer ; of all tniou loving peo;> e, lieroab nits an 1 elsewhere. The wonted ipik-: of the lert !?? undisturbed, uot oven an nlann fiom ihi pickets oirurrlng. Major Genet al Wool and st:iR'. e curie I by 1 1 i= body guard of cavalry, in ?u mmand of I.i- itlen.mts Ht,derdo',k and Seaman, also a dotaibnwnt el the T.ventl-th regiment, CoNnel Max Weber, proceede i to th>: ?et?r pieketB, and extended o. r lilies about me and a bull' mile further Into Secescla. To irtomw a k'rftUtl "jvlew of all the forces hero and at. l ump Hamilton will take j>' c, pursuant to a general order issu.vt bv the Major General. For tho past two days dof i-itche- fo. < .??ncrsl B. F. llutler lint e boea seat to nis pi n e by lb" War department. Are tliey not aware of General iutler' where abouts, or is it possible that the General i omn g back to lortress Monroe? There must tie it screw l'ose somewhere, as tho official despatches were *. nt by post and per Adams' Kxpr ss. Ih'- documents were returned, marked " Not here.'' MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. TITE TEXTII CONNECTICUT REGIMENT W ii I resell Xeiv York t>.ts nnrnitif , by heat from Ilart fwit, HMttog at pier No. 1 North river. At light o'clock the rogimcut, with Podwurtb's band, will march to tho l ark Harracks, whi-ro hpsakfart will ho Served to b>lh officers mid men. and at nine O'clock A burner will b ; presorted thorn by the wan <>t Oiieci'ticut. 8. 11. Chit tcndeu, t>i-, will make tlift presentation Tho roRlni nt will tU a bo (iricorled to pier No. 1 North rivor, whore they will embark tor Annapolis, via tho Cam !en aud Artibuy rout ?. TMB SIOHTH ( ONNTCTr riTT ItECIJtEKT, Now etatioiistl at Jamaica; \vl I nis i embark for the sarno destination on Saturday morning. THE 1UI81J MHIOADE. Tii to will be a full dre parade of this splendid body of men on Sunday i - < t h! Fort Bchuyler. l)odw<? th Band w ill bo in attendance. 'ihe First regiment of the brlpade, commanded by Colonel Ribert Nugent, late I. 1 cu t cauQJt Coloucl of the Slaty -ninth, will leave within ten days fur the peat of war. 1i v. ill l"> accomjiani id by l'a| t mi V.cMuIk n c VaiUry cf the l'ilth regimeht oftlie brigade. 'llio colore f> .r the several regimen. s of the bri;. i.lo, w hich are preparing l.y Tlfl'any tt"t'o., will ho Bitpi ih auiiirs. They will he the pift of homo htindr d of tho mo.-" accomplished and Influential ladle: of this city, aiiil will ho pres. ntcd to them ai l!i resltfCOco of Arcb k -di-.p Ungues on the occasion of tin doj ...turo or tho i list regiment of tho b. i. ale. A flco company frera ('hieijic. known a* tin Mnlilj 11 Ban;, "re, under tii" com ? rnai'.d of Captnlu .-h nicy, arrivi 1 terday. will he iucoipoialed In Coir nel Nugent 's command. THE EIGHTEENTH BEG1MENT NEW YORK STATE MILITIA. The Governor ha ? organized a in w company of infantry to he attached to tho Eighteenth regiment Now Yo: k State tilltia. The foKowiug have been commissioned aa the olllccru: ?, Leouidar Y. Kiiich; Flrf-'t Mcutenant, James II. Carpenter; Second 1 miutici.t. rr.\ id \V. Mi an. NEW YOliK JN THE FIELD, 'li e npiniont which lu.s for pi rue time past lvica (jnrir t red at Ehnira, tinder Col. 0. 1). Bulky, left for Wash ington yesterday. The Ogdensbun g regiment (Sixtieth New York Slu'.c Volunteers), Col. Vm. I?. Ilaj ward cinnuuuM'lng, lias re c. U'od orders to leave Qgdensbargon Friday, and will through Albnnroa tl<c|r way to New York. They will stop there to receive th> r cartridge boxes. Several i ,\ banters ho1. 1 commi?> im . undei <M. Haywnrrf. | it was <>iift Hilly roported y> .U' n;ay thai tho number of ' oiilccrs and man quartered in Albany and la tbo branch i <1 , ' ti(: or t en. Kithbone's supervision, was as lol lou - ? Col. 1 reden '.ill' ? r?Kimcnt, Albany STo Columbia county reglmont, Albany 222 ArUilorj regim nt. Albany ISO i aplaln Una igan'H <- jmpany, Albany 06 C'ajilain Cuh in .4 company, Albany OH llavo oi <i ilatterj , Albany 1,2 !!c:n,. Ji, : 1. s !/.itt?llo/i, Saratoga TM Ceaetiue re^lrutDt 241 Os .vefco i'. (imeat Tloonvllla regiment 416 Mwri. on'.- W 1 Cavalry, Troy 7(16 i AM Its' C.ivaity, Bw be; tor 020 Haywatd's r< giiaout, Ogdcssborg 946 V oi ilioj I 1 1 1 ' :ni.-ct 7'5'1 Atiburu ri'Miunint 810 Co. "i .null i I'fcimoni 556 Ihdblo regiment. 321 Artillovy < jar ,y ai Rocbetter 120 Potsdam regHnaut 461 l'lnttsbarj; regiment 89 Syracuse regimcat ?C6 Total ?. 0 Oil Deel'les th' >o tl ro arc live rcpini -ntf mustered tcto rervi'-a in N?w Yoik, undur Cols. < <-:e , (Kit't.v . <venth,) '1 tha:l, (Fil'iy ninth,) Patoior, (Second artiii'.ry.) Wyck'?. (Fifty >.ih.) air' l.izmy, (Fill) fourtL,) to Kcth r with 6,OOOn>U' euro. n il, sworn in and not yot ntf rhe I t" any rcgir.tfnt. Aocorrii: g to mwcful tljrnring at the Adjutant Coaeral o.'ilee, it I, been ascertained that :;cw York h <3 ccventy . ix r>r in the lield, numb Co (igo Hum, ar.d ill i by / c, ember 1. 30,<KiO more will nave I. a t^ut forward, inakaig a t>tai 1 for the Empire te of ae.(.! ?> i?r a, Tl i following is i list of tho refciiuent.; that have I -ft ,^'iiro the call for 25,000 :.U'. ioiuilja.,n i.!< made 1-y tuo federal government : ? 43d,Col"nel Viul' a, 4;th. ( ??? m-l Moore, 44th, Colon iStryker, 4sih,Coloin 1 1'orry, 4Cth, Van An bci'jjs, 4'Jth. ue. vliilivoll, 40th, Colonel R -e, icth, Coliu,ol St'iart, 5 llh, ( . ilon 1 Ki.zlav, Tv i ntioth mi it.i? O . .i vl i'ralU Fl, t artlJiery? Coto i i J 1. -that'll ah vy I iiU"i-y? Lie t. Col. Brlekell. (??it. ! St 1 : Clu ?? i.0i. I ocbri . e. I ' : , * 1.1 la! .. lit? ?J!..' . r wiU I. i.. , Serr II. yward, (>i .le urg, -a Kritlai ! ' ?'i to , y cr to irvirrow. . 1 1 a ',: , ti/. .v or to mo.-r w. p;...j ' Van Wjcit. NEWS FROM GEN. FREMONT'S DIVISION ARRIVAL OP GENERAL FREMONT AT SPRINGFIELD?THE LOSSES IN THE RE CENT FIGHT. (iKNXR.tL Fremont's IIeatx^vaktvr''. ) C'aiih I.row, Si'KiNoriBtn, Mo., Got. 23,1861. J A S|)?olat despatch to tho St. Ixmis RepuMifcm nays: ? General Fremont and staff arrived hero yesterday, and tho BcuUin Cadoie, Colonel Carr's cavalry, Mnjor Hotmail's HliarfMhootors, and General Flgel's command , at dlllbwut l>eriods during tho sumo day, finding no professed rebels in the place. Our troops wero reccivod with delight, thn Star* and Htilpes bolng displayed at numerous liousi k, and men, women and children waving handkerchiefs from almost evory doorway. Major White, of iho Prairie Pcouti, whoso command started iih Mnjor Zaconyl for Springfield, had been quite 111, and was captured by Iho rebels while riding in a buggy, and after the light was taken several miles out of town by a guard of twenty robels, but was rescued by ? party of Greene county Homo Guard, and is now here. The loss of General Fremont's body guard In their desperate charge of Friday last was fifteen killed, twenty-three wounded and twenty-six mioslng. Tlir.-e of tho wounded have since died. Doubtless ninny of the minting will soon report themsolves. The rel 0! Ions is staled at from fifty to sixty killed ami forty to fifty wounded. The rebels wero commanded by Colonels Johnson, Frailer, Price and Turr.ey, tho latter two of whom are said to have been killed. General Fremont will probably remain hero until the othur division of tho army arrives. General Price is still rt]x>rted to bo in tho vicinity Of Carthage, but nothing definite is kuown of his where, about*. MOVEMENTS OP GEN, PRENTISS' UNION FORCES. JmsiKoN Cm, Oct. 31, 1801. A special despatc h to the St. Louis Dcwu.rra' says:? The compromise entered into between Sen. Hender son and the rebels of Callow uy county, did not ineliii o Die hand of robbers that plundered James H. llai lius' premises a few days since. Tliat band will be sum marily dealt with. Other measures besides the compromise havo been taken by Gen. Prentiss to preserve quiet in the turbulent counties. A detachment of Colonel roomer's regiment, under Captain* Koojie, the day before yesterday broke up a "mall camp of rebels at Coat s Frairios, capturing a lot of arms and their camp equipage. Intelligence has reached hero tlmt General ttegel has attacked and defeated Price's rear guard at Bolivar, and took General Itains a prlsonor. J t a light hns taken place at or near Hollvar, it must have been wlih some of (he force belonging to General Asboth's division. General Prentiss has gone out from hereon cuictbor secret expedition. Ol'R MISSOURI CORRESPONDENCE. Caw Coli'mhu, \v<k-A*, Mo., Oct. sa, is9i. Th* Rrt? I General Price Hrcakt Camp at S'.o kti n? 1H$ Knjiid lietreat to Avoid l\ryn nt's Ativan * lit ix^Ud Juncture with MeCvUoch at Farcxie, with P.f on Finhtiny Mm ami Two l'ltotttard Cam , F,J. loners?Gen. lane Xcar the 71 ten of HulWr? Gtn. S ur t,U Almit to Join Gen. FrrnmVi Dixui-n at Otceoto? I'artuviart of the Marrarre in Mi rouri rf Vnit n Hen, '"*?> at CeicCantff ? Kdu: uml A>uf gentled lie. p.rti tj (he tWoiity ami Inhumanity q f Vic. Unit it T. t opt?Stc.rcity <J Proritiont in the Smth?Oen. St-u I Ci nrt) ucti a HriJge Over the (Mage Hirer, <?c. , <<V\ iMo lits 1 evading reporis arrived here that Prlcc hid broken his camp at Stockton, and was on the mnrch to the oath, moving as rapidly iu p. isibie, iu order to k? -p 0::t of Hit; ruuch of Gen. Frcmout'ri advance. The scout bringing the intcliigeixe said thut l'rice was at I?amn , in Bnrton county, and was designing to ruo\e still further towards i'iile. About midnight ancthor sc. ut camo in, slating tlutt Price's rebel mmy wus ntSaro.xre in Jap per cov.nty, and had there beon Joited by MoCulji ih' with ft.ic ti thousand lighting men and two thouss:, I c?nit> followers, and that they had commenced fortifying Sarcoxie, with the intention of making a dual stuiidi ii th.s Iks true an action is not far distant, sg our army will move lorward ns sneedt.'y as possible. General lane's advanced guard was at Csecola i u Men dnjr evening, thn 21st. La no has fallen in with a portion of the r< bei at my . which was fleeing to esc ij e from i re nionfs advance, anl after a short fklrtti sh near the town of Butler, Bates (oimty, captured a captain and aliju tci.ant or the robe! army, together Willi nv n, arms, big gstje wiigons, with clotMrg and comnj:.?t:ary stores. At K. is'j II 111, ir. Johnston cout.iy, Lane foui.d the sick of the rebel army, who had bscn loft behind in Ibo h .xlr < t their flight. GeneralBtiirgis is also uf Oscetht, and wi i Join General Fremont's division as toc.u as practicable. The bridge over the Csago is completed , anil the army U now cKfcilng. All parts or the bridge, with the eve p fan or the flooring, are made of grc n ( imbur , fti sh Ir-m the f.iri t. The flooring u principally form 1 of logs and hoavj plank, and is amply suilloieut rer thy army p .r. poses. Vnless tho river should rise (? ti or more feit above its p e*"iit staf;e or water there is no a .i'er of i he (Structure being carried away. Material for the floor!, g wiuiprjcurei by tearing down logliouses throj^hont ti.e town, and at>lng tho timber from tin sides and en Though not nti cV,;ant fctiucture, it is a stroi y ,.ad weil b'.l t bridge, and reflects g:. .it credit ii|-m O.i.ta.u l'ik ? under wln se ruperintend. i co it I, is been const rud.-d 'i lie army is on it-- hi ve soulhward. <?n Sunday Inst, karniig thai a b.iari r of i'es,.u-he< nceoinpanied by tin escort, win to loavo Syiac-iso lor Uar.-niv, I made arrnngrinents to Ih cine no o( the n:ir ty. iho distance I etween thu (wo points i? loity s 'vci nn es. and us the co sntry wok I'm; ol rdieU jiu-t ret irnei f -om Price's army, it was not con?ideiod safo lor n t. <? tndniduali to j s through. after l. aviag <?<?'?' ">? road enter- a b It of timber, tome illl- n's in v, em;, iu-y, ;-d thir timbered land i ? ;; tiieicL of ier tlle, oiiiif,' prnlriu -f nbotit t!ie same extent Cr. , n, v In, :i the timber Is again reached, i his dici n:i' ,? n J I Ml l< .-del I country < xtrndi- th.-ia g!i th. western | j-oro :? of >l, - : ne | m a south vestorly du e. ;lion, i..i so ) liilot;. It i ; tr, n-illoti an?l t rmltw.. s n't ih, l, drr.ii'on ' t ; i> j ? boi d<* -. 1 1 is wi ll Wii tered t hi'otii ho tl. tin. I at tho present season of tile j ear is a line cuuti \ f, r ;ui army f. nwreh throi ch. Were II north ef the line , do l ctwu-:i the r ave a\d th- free it would do ibf.ft's bo densely jiop fluted uluUuste., t t!io fu lest t \t> nt o! jir agricultural reaoirucs ,t st [ no-.v it Is tho battling ground between ir-i : on an I leyaily. from Syi.iCuse to Warsaw the ji.iiJT.oy , wl'.eh was ar 'inj IlsLe l in eight Ut> .iv wa- d, void of s.x inter, st. At o:i ? time a luxiv of ' '?? I" fl- ir if?|ie."r:uiCf from a thiclvet and d'rew ?ip.isd' .iitendiui; to dispute the way. (><;r < . u at 0 c t tiior ca; oines to tho "re? ,'y." ate ti n, ve I M h n?rlaii? in r'e uo at temjit tr? in ; rforo with us. ,-t <??.!. < HI l; , th'1 seeao of tho ni'iHsaore in June last, v e made a lull of twohoirs, and during that timo 1 made iii |nlrieM concerning that b: o:lj nlidir \ party of lour hundred rcb ds from Warsaw mad.- an atta. k upon a body of I' men while tho latter were sleep!:. ? ma burn, where they h:ni fom.vd temui.rary cnmi>. i he attack wns a complot'-' s irpris. , tn.u res' It.' I ; in the d ' lth of s ome thirty ol the I'nioli men an I a o-.? ! or nuiour ten '.r the rcb- to. Cole ( amp i ttk-.i ultu. st j entirely by lioniuuis, many or w hom have cnli-te i :t ..! r the I i Ion {lag Tor the war. 'the low Americans, r -a le r Mis-sou: iatis, rc-Fi Hr.g time, an- of rebel sympathi ^ aiul | manifest n deep and mad^mmt hatred of ti: ir fe to' ie ti i -'llboi s. Arrived at Wn snw, I font d a village of a~attero<l f t nw houses, eminently Koi.tbern in apj*'nitw.c,:ind coi.t lining j a] ipulation or from fifteen hundred to two thousand in , habitanls. It. is tho county sent <>r llent n co: ntj , and is ; siuuUed on tho left hank of the Osage river. Tl.o t-- it ? | road iroiu BoonevtUe to Kpnnglleld, which isalw iho loute ; lately followed by the Hutte Held overltmd mail, p ?? cm | thr .ugh Warsaw and crosses the 0?a?e :,t tins iiolnt. | Tho telegraph from Syracus * to port SmUh,\vll h was i designed to continue to Hon I- ranclsco by way of H ) a-o I ?ud i* s Angoles, passed through here nnd was In work ing order iu May last, but since then Ins bi'-;i t'.rn I down by thu rebels, and every f ot of the wire carried | av. ay or couc nled. Warsaw pusse.-ses the strong,, t | Sec .-.-inn majority of any town in Missouri, there being seare -ly a dozen L'nion ra -n living within its liml's, a I ; IiMio ol them showing ar.y energy ir rvtivity. Fremont, on his arrival, gave order* tor the star/and I I: I I ( Ulcers to bo quartered throughout the town. Tho I i. '.habitants evidently l ad tho greatest tears of tho r? (<? ri! army, us the . st exugg-rated accounts of the fero city of t> . l'nion tiooifl had bocti s; r.-ad am ? >?s<i :hcm by (Ii ? relief j. adcrr. Many of the tunt bitter sect s-ioriists had .'eft with their faimli. -r, and at lun-t iuid tiiu inula poi'ttlntiou v.-ae away from h me, In t he reeks ?i* if-' rcbol tfinr. Fiotn two to ten od'eors were q ar'ered hi t, i ch hausc, and their forbearance fr? m ;,t oceo -^iterlrg the occupants ho ? be ti a matter '?( aul-prlso (?: '.he latter, ril it Is be pel ii 1 I', ? I'ia'i.taie'O wilh ottl-eis in f ? '-ral ninf.ein ? U' .'a eflict. A filet p. ht'et on wan n ade . .0 t .' -an i ill,; <"| any kill:! wi a .-f, and &. v vio'A fi :i f the or'dcr has been speedily puntohed. Asaalu J ;? ?: t.' ' of t .o t.'i " r file: ' n ; nn ..ti 0 j e ,. .1 ? <; a i. ..-ol 1.' I. , ??? !| of a , ! '."I I.. I : ? ' .; . e li: >1 ; e 't . \Vl I he suited to his purpose, he stc l.i.:u d u.-re tho key ! was kept, and c. ed ,n ' c slod.att t| o.i staling th' ?>???* t of h s mission thn <>i?i |.liy clave, at otico broke aim lov' ^ .r , y n f? M lo Vli) aim?- H?r only r?>|>)y w% . 1 * 1 ho abolitionist.*; are to hn\ 0 our >* h? < 1 h,j;H. n"lfr know wliat ZHnidoilthU." lilio sILS0^* Iwoiuo pacified, and thinks tho alio .* i lei Ihr J ?h ? "r?r 1 flml ,hal I-' ?* ? il fmfJmJ Wuo"n< w'"> referocce to tl e iede. nntlroly of al>o|itiOi> j?t^ in T I J?.w;ur Vx>,rcM'|y to ?' ??' all (be jj-?. e* 1)1.! 1 w i' y tl,oro wn" a 8(i,",r?l belief immtK ollieered li?rs ' l,i'no",u'8 tt, n|y v?l?, In niftiiy aif i SbllLK' "1onbi?* stained from Hie *'?-*^&?agz?T4 ""?? tlreh dr 1Z1' nr'r. ,",,,S' "f 8PrlnK??M- The market is rn fe* rl.r !2??k f. "" "wo-whs of lire, as no morcluuit the t..Mvn f > tw"? i>rinK n,iy kln(1 "f T>or? Unn.l ,so te t'rditvai ih * ?! 'J" Net"Bd- 1 breakfksted >??? the edro of thn' i'ii * woll-UMto fanny , residing n*a? ^ttsjsriw: Uilin h ?? '.ryw ?r th?' their milv roliaoee w.n MM- r ^vh ,. n,Wl1' 1,0 '??Korly for a news i ? ? ^ cxcviio for hi# narn'-Bhii thirtha ? o?^SE2E7 the "t7k, "r tl,e nnd ,lml lh,,lr on'v deneudenco Fine, that t mo had bcu upon tlio genorotitv ?'f travel !7* t^ne^ hart hPt>1 B l? h*v<;a*Par'> P"1T. All kinds ? i i ? n ePtil'oly Pirated, and those who wore 'I p. ndent upon their daily labor w ore mifl. ring for n , , ninaon >t noeesaai les of lite. Air ady there 1ms ( Inconvoiilenco felt among the bettor portion (if tiii' |v pnlatl" n, ai d this will be mm h In' reused as winter rn.mnon. Th o rn which hou Intcly been harve ted Is n ti e '.eyonred by the Immci so cahaUni'a >,( hors. a ,vid inn x he'. ?m-iiiKto tlio aimy.and the stock owned hy llio ! n T nlUKt ''opciMl uihju other aoi rem for aiistenaiuo in i the frasg imiwK again, ilitwouri, litw twin, (^yii nn overwhelming ina orlty for tho l nion, *o ins to Im atiflbrl' K more than her M.Hle h in lit la teaa' liable war. fluid those t. wna In wbirh (be traitor . I hum t is iih universal a* in Warsaw be tho orly sufTerora It would arem fur more |uat. W ranw IxnihIs of several I'ot.di*, a co rt houae, a bank and a pr ntinti olllcc. 'Ihe hot la, the court house and J Tii' rhti-cheg a o occupied aa h<>B:dt >Ib au l al oreUoimea ; Hie i hank hna been aelred by Oen. Fr inont in I tie namo o! the tfinermn lit. and ia now aurrounded by aentitieia. hoprl. Iltigolli. e is th.< one from whl. h tho knuthux t l> 7 >'? ia\ u ruhld secession sheet, nuido tta li >bd' inadal api earance. lis editor, a Mr. |?e? h, waa killed in trio ntt;u k upon Cole Camp, and a nee his death tl" P'i|*'r btw beeu iaaued. Two y.ara ainee Mr. I.e eh whs a member of ihe Legislature from Hen ten inmty, at.d waa | articiilarlv to effect the expulsion of are|>orterof the ? mnrrat. l'iio r- lit enuui who ih' ti lu-ted aa r<'|Kirter for that (taper now lio ds a position in t be army , and haa tak-Mi p'^aosaion wf the oil, eo of the Into Mr. l<each. and la Imaiiy su|ier tut M dlt'K a squad of printers etig.i^ed hi strikimt off army or<r?, requisitions, and whatt vor other jobs arecall od (er. The inside of the last Kane of the HmiAtr+t /Vscvral Isstl I in type, nnd col tains a furious u d rgent ?ppp il to the peonle of Ifc-ut. n ? ounty to riso in li?-i ?? might and aid n ex* e dug i ho abolition fanatics of Lincoln's army frem the soil u M Stouri. Tho O a-e river is crotHixl at UiIh polut by ineuns of a roi o ferry, capable of taking bit two w igo.s at a time. Iliinr diately on arriving her.' (iei eralVi. p . wb" reael/oj Vara 'w iu lulvanoa of Goiieral Fremont, ga\ e ord^- s for the construction ef a bridge , as a long t. me would lie ro quii.rt for crtwIi-R by the feriy. Alter a day s do lay Cetinrsl Megel, having 'ound a point whu'" tho wator was but four Teet ?'oej?, forded the gtuam with lei in (si.t y and cavuliy of hi? division, and took ihu aitil'ery aii.ila gigo over by Ihe ferry. Th brl !ge, a strong t'eft . v.o:k,will ho completed Undghl, arid will afford I. t;ii i s lor croi-aii.i'- the whole army witlio 't delay, liie ci Kii < ( i f uun mm h diiliculty in the pre imniarv work oi < . natmoHrn. owit?R in the strong current of Hie (>?3:0. 'IhlS rivir, whih In formed by He junction of the )fa .na d(H Cygn m mnl Or . ml rivers, l?..a a current a. at id ?a that > (' tho Ulss.'iirl, and .a frfu l om Ice for most of the wlMer. Pur. g an or-lii ary suige of the water ti.e Osage Is navigable to T.ii.n er?c ., and aume t'liest.. this p iut,ai d ev.-n to ['a pi hvIIi ?. Th > color oi tl . water I" Hi h river is of a .!ee.>blu- ?a lnurko 1 ai:d a. ? c I.'O c nli. s;t (o the i!ii ty ye low o tin Missouri. Consi-Ierab o imitei la I nJ in> rchand sc desisted for tho ruhel a. my has b -eu scirofl ,u and ar. uiulW t saw. The see .mi ay afto. the arrive I of Uteai ray wveiity-six mulo wi?. n i"ai',s if shoes, sa:t,cl< thing, whtk y, kc. , wero distmver. rt li' semcc ves in the reeks alv t a mil from f wn, and wero at wire t ik. n in cli . \i- by :he federal oflii crs. Every ii.iy m>t?i< thi. g is unc.. (h i an 1 turn, d eve lo i he federal aitliio, lU'S, m.d it wi.s only tioa ?le-rnii-" >lwt a large quantity (frebi-lcl ti. -viu ?i u fun. lee. sc mar tliti vlilape. Tn r r. t: n of tiio w hfu'ciXiC'tg ^f ih> ho leiul d | wii* is s tWy derived f in ' contri,l)iii;.'sI" wl:i';..' niie'-v s . r ; awav with Hie leb'i army, or are ac'i .lj lit itir. a i ii.g iid ai.d ci miort to tho t a>. rt. ?' arcli iv "-I a i.' l y hcu g mu'ie loi; r. l e sup) I > ,au l it Is <t> lt<? Ilk Iv li t iinieli i.i re wLi ho ohtaiuvJ, 1 r.i^. uit pari i ?? r.r h m> .< ee. ii p fre.t fo tl, . Ijo..- ra m f th.i :i'mj...iul hoowne s of ill" sMzi .Ipropi'rt v .r< p "Op'rlv rem'ut ? . ,\t 'Vo '.it * intcUlt;. iicc (I'riday 1../I) ,ro.n the rebel n'n y, Wit w a at -I' c'ft .i., In ('? a c.e nty, with I* y P erth iisar.d a.'i.vd and f.e r t en r i d ura :u c m il. Uw a. r.iy , Uionv i not diitttuti , wa' h idly off for >..o\is ng an . chilh. ng, . in I wu e:.| uri.nun.g coasi i e ah i' i. iti olty i'i pr ? li c n,p;dii s r r l? ... | iii scoulc. a.-o n..t . e.-ia aa t> wh !h h > m . ten to t.ia'?e a st.n.d at that )?>.iUt or p. i ll o b it from Lis tm ryl: g sove.'iil days It is Ih |.h h. >v il u-nulu t > I ??(.. Iter i he ( tii r> army. Mc'-i;l!?. h v. a.- n In wav j iiort wtidfi m C?n.p Wa k. r, .'vleeiitly with t!'e design ? T oifili.i.' Price. i!i siren; ih of ns i\ -*io:i is not i knouii, b t is 61 ; , I..-1 .( toll ah'ji.t L? e .Uouia'id. WI Kill ! tho a rny wdl ir'.ve ".e rli f. < m his , I i i.j i.. t te. wa, le t it v, ill'ty . before many d .es JKFF. THOMPSON' S I iST l'i<0. ..A.MAl'XON. fKi'cm th ? U .. ft I II' a , ' . i .C J We sha I i.ov. i lie It - t u ?< n J f! Tl nrv ?, l?riga''.i??r tea' ai ? the tall, imik, e .flav. ru a-v<s if"', r'lS t' ?? rrl r of tl.o ir u.bu sr. .,u the whole, wo j atlrs ? ivitli h m In J : .if to ac.. u i,..; i i.ty a a inilila.y ((iiinunn v-r. I'e ee w hnve fniihf ii.y chr uie . d cvory too; .'inent < i his of which hy i <r-'c o - hy en k.Wi'i. ? 1 . me infr-ruMKl. He i a- >d tel ft e,ri 1 r, , !ir>, i: ; 1' sorts. f am ium.'. TUe.i,.joa ina.. liahoha !<:?<?<? ; In- . >e( ,. t, i r. i d.n .ry manner, and lie lat. si a no It. i i \ tier It; In ghah'.e pr l uc.'s.vas. Jhuc it .a: ? lit: D ji an Kral'itt r Marunc I t-Ti' r, M, . G., ) Cninp, I'.-aiir is emintr, Pet 1-4 l-< I. } l atri' ts ol V .;;iiiiigtiai, Jell. ?. n, Me. r en- v Ft. l'ranco s an . Iron couulio ? I li \ o thr. wn mjscif Into your midst t.. t.fl;- you an o^,.?rtii:.itj to east r.ll tho y.>;i have unwiMi. /dy w. rn so ! loi.jf. Come lo mo and J will assi. t y. ii, ni <1 .'rive tile :nv;i ;? is l.'iui >'o r f.iil or dl H 1 11 y o i .'fiuoa/, j y r i 'i i ,ve liiils. .? d ei. Ii'.iiti I"vva, Xeb ask.i ;:n<i Ih I * . ? * . : . Iiotii' I We wan y u let her", ai d h'i l' i . t in -I I r your i lood. We iavti not lava el ye. or f we l ave ni l irfd.t.t 'd j ., . h ur?li sioii.ts .here o o h a u?, iif I .fter wi li v ? '.iti ' " t t h" II and U lies w bo your frier du i:ei- lilsus il we c ir.'iot l e Y > ,r j brotho-g. * M. JKKK. TfKl.'H . OX, iiri>: viler '.'?imin .'irg. Above wo have wnii' : in. f ti n. rail h n, . ..'s m..?to <if prouce Ha from ; , ? to p'a ? . He th' V hini ; e If. L.i;e our (.io.iua.i iri ids..: the Til: live -eiii ^ocU oty , lio in ti Ig.ia lu a iob.i ic feata and it a aci/ iiia ishod v (if*em'. Ves pp..: b. u out fiuui Be lac.nt .-.n in JliS-. sippl CO lit; OI . >'r '?!; (iw: by a n i * r . 'do sorii.j ssuiis and I ... k hun fpring . ? ust i ow. hnwevor. he Is tlilowitli I'.illl- oil :ll tile il.i- c: o olA.ka . a We take it tha' t!:c "it..ri ts ..f V. . shu,;,:. . . .. .r a, StO. tienevieve ft. Kr !e ?'.( and Iro i c-u iitie ?" li t "erne" to .K.'l. to east in tn vok. t! ey had'1' v.iln Iv worn so Jeng." If (lay old, to* "val.. : . . chidimu la ed to mak - #, d li.a |.i m.?.-, t r , hist a o. dying w ihtb.m am nn t li-ir native ti lls h? .o>i ? t ou' toward Iho swatn; f=, clorely puin ed l.yih '? lies ana and tor..-* ' who wo o tho e.i .sc of h.< Jc.-. oruta do to. initrat. n. A .o?, i orJciii! AXOTHLit Bl'EKCH OF GKN. JIM LANK. A l Tr. i '.li, -W ouri, alter i -? rg ,he cotitent of tw > re* bel > tores !o r li vo s- in In , i .aula . wLoni il. , re , b: is laid roi.i od li r. .: m eaV.-l tt..- citi/-e. i I' ? n; 1 lliil togett'Cr, beiKutlj the gl". Iocs t'nloa a;.; u ' cut . I lined lleanwih a).,. . uu ;?? ch. I' . ?; to the r: sign J. ? i r. >' '.i esa,. t ? ti'..m.? '? (lug m been yoer jirotec' i rr-d j bah b ? srti!. . ? Ion iiio ma.i - hero ye-i uro rui , bit if it Is. 1 1\< ? , ly llio lterr..l,lw return i in bur,, your town. ' Ih- Iro re tin .1. with all I., iijeji. Die ailiiir c .'ired . ,v ? i.. k* an I, ali'io -I- I'." ? 7 ' ? ol I'l'-aaii.t II, il a.e id lobe uboul all rebels, tJ/t flag is stdl w.-vlr. ? ove tlio low 11. THE EXPECTED AHF1 VAL OF C'OJ.O.Ni.L 13A KEIi'S J 101)1*. The body of C i"i !)!.' ?; w ? . . pectid to a.iivo ia this city s> rii tl ?<!.. ? csierday, as It was to havo 1 -ft WasMrst' n 'a tl. - u. ming of th aiitlr, lor Caii.y. niu via New V' k, hut dp to a lat; lire r hut m^lt we l.,vl ? 0 colvcd no e f""io"' ion it- having roach,"', ties city, i vrr\ "arc I ..'I I" ?H i V III V- a<-Mugt?n t. i r " vo tho l.ody .a in. . !'? ? .' . and to raor> .-11 ci a y ?? it ? tt object it WLI ' Mb i mod in ilia' city, in th ? lirst ill ftnr.ce a t.-mp?i .ry i Suit: coilin was . so t, wlii b luis boon sixosodod bj abaottsomo imrtaHtcMao, Ontkh tin inil. tali ai of CMOwuod an 1 tastefully mounted w ith si'ver. j A 1" ::i- ( f covers tho lenlur s ol Ih coased, 1 tin ''a Whl I. I ? < |- i ??. v. ere mailed lu .ako t iin I < I w b -fore tin.' . '.e;p vv.i ? - do l up for transp' rtttion. The pl.t ', wiiicli i of, bears the following in ,-criptlon: ? i COLON KI. l? 1). BAKKK. ^ { KILLtn m BAIT- R M'. 'lt 8al.t.'a PLCFr, > 1 i virtiiKiA, o iT.,:.i:a 21, 1861. $ ! If i probable hat tin remains will arrive lu NVw lor* a' an early hour this m rning. : THE MASSACHUSETTS TWKXTf-FIFiII RE GIMENT EN ROUTE. WoRmsiin, Mass., Oct. 81, 1S01. j Tfco MwsschuJJlts Twenty-fifth rcg nient left for Nsw York at a q ,artcr ;ast tour lids afternoon.

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