Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1861 Page 5
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MILITARY MATTERS IN NEW YORK. ARRIVAL OF THE TWENTY-FIFTH REGI MENT OF MASSACHUSETTS. TlIKllt KEC -ITION IN THIS CITY BY TUK HONS OF MAB8ACUU8KTT8? -BWCAKKAST AT THE ASt'Oll HUUHK ? BI'tKClU.8, TOASTS AND 8KNT1MF.NTS, ETC. The Twcuty-flfth reglmont of Massachusetts arrived in this cily from Camp Lluooln. Worcester, yesterday morn ?ng, on beard tho steamer Connecticut, and wore fit once marched to tho l'ark ltarracks, where tho men wore pro vided with refreshments, the o Ulccrs proceeding to the Aster ll? s ?, where a sumptuoui repast awaited them. The re-'ifu-'Ut number ? 1 ,030 men, and compare? tavor *b:y with t!, ir oomrudes of Massachusetts who have preceded ttimu in tho present conflict. The men are attired in tho i ,, ;.ar unuy uniform, and carry LnUeld rifles* Accoinpanyii g tho regiment aro sixty horgea, to gether with several ambulance and baggage wagons. Tho reception bre.ikf it at the Astor Horse was the .occasion cf (juite un inteieating and patriotic time. At half-past twelve o'clock the officers sat down to breakfust. At tho h a I of the table several distinguished milit-ny and civic porf-nage* woio te; etc; 1, amuug whom were 4jener.ll I urtisldo and General Walbridgo. Iho latlwr of C lone! hl^worth waj also pi es -nt as an in\ itn.l guest, and was tho object ot gpu?r?l Interest. . Mr .eia than Jack, on, nieuty two years old, a rasnknt Of .Mit s.-ichuaetts fo: ty years, and < I New \ork nf.y , was ?? ed at one of tin tables. Mr. Jackson served la the 1 1 ti ed States Army ui.d r General AN ashlnglon, and tiu uy a time touched his hat to Alexander Hamilton. II is a venerable white-haired representative of tho old stock of M AH^mVis tho good thii-gs provided wore dl.-|? s <1 of, ?Colonel Than x K. lioww, ugont for Mussach?:?eUH iii ini* ?city, op in il lli ? awaking pari of tho prolamine la an .nit ><iu< nt a !dr? 1 8 . Ho said;?- ? i Colonel I pt< n niiil oiluje.aof tho Twonty-flfth Ma^a ?cbusctts legim nt? In bidding you welcome, in b hall' ot tho Ol iii'ssachtwellf, to th's city and to our hospi talities, my st nations are not wholly untouch d by aur row. rcivgubo you us c??miiu fi\m ih?? nouns m& frien s a d neighbors of the gillaut men who, in recent un< n ai but nobly contend battle, 1 uvo lallen hi the glorious cause of tlioir country, wnich will |<o.-pe tuatc their names forever. 1 have received a in i scribing tho nrst piirado af or that reirft 1 b.Ut.e, wit.i less than half the regimeut to answer to the roll call? several cointmiues as they marched on to the iield num bering I ;s tl ai tweuty in3tt. After tho pa-ade tho Colonel fortm d a hollow s piaro. With words i over to jo forgotten ? v r 's which Coloi o. I ovens lias made iui.ii >r tal? he thus spoke to thorn:? ' "Nildiersoi Mats* m ?husett.- ? Men of Worcester oo:;n>y? with these foarjul gaps in your line;., wiili the reo>ll.'etion of the tcrrlbio sti u -gie . of Monday fro? It upon your to >e,-ius, with the niiowl . ? of tho be: aved en 1 sjuI-sI i> ken ones at limine , w 'epi 'g for those whom thoy will boo no more on ea.ali? with th it li spital btoro your cytM tied ?with wound.'"! ana tnalmod comrades? -I ask you now whether y it aro rea'ly ?>;aiti to meet the traitoro. s i foe who ai ? endeavoring to subvert go, ernmeul , arid who are criu-hlng under the Iron heel of despotism tho . liberties of a part of our country? Would yoi go ue\t week.' Would v'mu go to morrow t Would you go this mu momei.t." And one heaity '? Y?.a" burst tr< m every li4). What a touching tribute to the m nt ry ol the , alien, or a more d eadlul, solemn warning to our traitor toes. These men aro t 'iribly in earnest, f Ulcers i.'f ill ? twen ty iiftli ? Tins will only encourage you, and wbiloy >u strike for honor, strike ateo for rcvi*ngo. jr ? s, .tiid wide und do p may be the breaches in the ranks, but wo know that you aro ready and eager to 1\U tli 'tit. \*lu o wo mnv re^rat noma of tho circumstances or ilil^ drenl ful k eg, lei us not reel or t ilk discouraging!; . You, who were in our army ibree months a;o, if you wo. o to ri 'o twenty or thirty mi iB a daj aloi:g our lines, as 1 lnve donj of lat ?, you wou'.d rocogi.i-e cv*?y whuru t'.io gem' s and Inc- m [tarabe ororgy ol ooneral Alct Ic'lvi. And it Is all his work ll'louk- after details, ami eviiy department w ith his Br jut si Irit. His u a iw.'tlt preia ratkins a e but little known. l^*t us bo p atlttrt , aud mi member Ins canipalgu in Westom Virginia ? ho m 'St b illlaut feal.tro in this wir. I,et ttu hopo and tho conthltUee ?' tills great loyal people bo coturc 1 ill him, and wo wil not bo di*api>omted. (Loud cheers.) And rfow , l ok n -I Upton you must poi mil us to uniim^ our its n|>r>n y>.u, s.r, and to sjrak ot the olit Ni.rh regiment, of whicn you was n long an.l r-> ab.y us Colono'i and under, whoso command it attained tlu est plac^ um rgour Massachiis^t 8 Vo.uutcor M?.itia. popularity aa an o tlicer, and your talent as a busiiio-s man aenits you to our Swte Legislature, wh.:re w>! find you in the ini.wlant position at itiis timo as Cuairtnau id tho Mi!lta;v loinmitteo, from which oma: ated tho ianioi.s Militia l>i t i f Massachusetts. And now, whii ? holdaig an office under the pref .-nt g, vrnment, yo :r friends and the State cad upon you to U'-ul U) battle tho Slvi ich ."Ctts Twenty -liflli reginieiit. And now, s:r, ou b dialf of the Sons of ji as-achusctts, I bi I you welcomo nnJ (Jod sp re l , feeling that yourself and command w ill add fresh laaio.s to tho O.d 1'ay .^tale. t-'ho wliu t'iJ so much towards the crcatlun of, our beloved Union inlands to do a gr? at deal more tows 'da making that Union porjietusl. The speak-- r wiw loudly applauded throughout his ilo ''VJ*ieu tenant Hathaway followed Colonel Howa in a lent thy and Hpiritt'd acUlrif-M, l.'pi<n, of tao Twoniy-tifih, and Liout^iant Colonel Prague, Mlovr^d Mr. Hatha way in appropriate smoothes. Mr. liow? ii . xt t osu to prup. so three cheers for ore whom he was certain Uwy all res;iected and hotioro ! as a ro dler aud a m m. Hj to General Bunni 'c. /Enthu-l :s;lc cho >rs ) In tlio c>ur?o of his rcmirks concerning t e..o al llarnti^e li ? rUiuded to tlielae.t 1 1 that oallatt geuUeman having male a promise to make a speech w hen the wurk whirl) ho h id I was accomp ished. Also that of having rocoJvod bullets in his bat m th > bait'o or Hull run. General M nnsniB, who rose to resjiond, was received with tremendo. s choors. When sll.'ticc was re stored ho proojoled to doliver a short and pithy discourse. .Mr. Howe, in speaking of him (Uio ticuerul) hail alluded to a promise ma^e by him on a p-o vious occasion when leading a regiment to tho seat of war, that ho would make no sjieech until he bad nchieved t.n? work in Wiiieli lie was then engaged. Now that prom. so at tho p-csout moment could not bo properly called into force. The Work was not yet Qaislied, and had h ire y commenced.. The remark with regard to tho bullet holtB wbicti the hat of tlio Uonoral bore willies'! to att r tho baitlc f I ul M? the speaker denominated as .->n:> her tnlstako, for they h id been made w ith a penkui.o by hii 0 vn hand, instead < f tho d adly missiles nam il o.v tho 1 _- t s;-e Ike. . Tho ratrietl-m 'if Colinectlcut was keeping iiiu-f wiih that of ji.issachus t:s, aul the Touth rn.;imen. of tl.atMato was now um ng us. Wh< n hojoinel tho ? o'l'cers t f tho regiment a few moments ago they rocelvod him with a Ha l a ingev. .husla8m, for which lie n w I) -g Kod to ret ::ii his thanl s. He never had m n a liner b >oy of men than the Mass.u husetts Twenty llnh. Their coun tenanc 8 expressed th- ir doterminatt .u to do their duty, lie never ?aw a rogiin Tt will whah ho wis b.-tter pieaned. it lieers.) They had to uveiigo the ihaih of their omradea of tho gallant rif:' nt Bail's Muff, und h; wa< cert .ln that they wore willing aud aide to do it. With regard to bins 11", the Geae-a hop. d to c nduct himsolf tbrof.gli this campaign with he approval of his cotintrymtn ana tho h >nor ot tin I nion cause.. ( beers.) II ' was sitrj that h - would n. v r have ocoiiBi n to regret the p-esonco of thiTwjetv t fth ? regiment in his division, and hoped that they would havo n*ne in li :loi'.glag to it. (AppUuse.) Mr. Natl.a. ,'aeks n. iiic veteran, whom v.e lnve bof. re allu.ied :o, Mr. larUe Godwin, editor ?? the Jt * n>ny I'os \ hlchard fusi.-ed, I^i-, and ? t.i rs, - follow-''! in 1'ii'e le g hy aid able spe.ches, wli cli want of space precludes is publishing. A poem, dedicated t> the ieglmo..t by a lady, was also read by aut Hathaway. Cenorul Wa brhigo win pre sent, but did nt siicakou tha occasion. During break Mist the fine band of tho re^lm i t. c msi.'ting of twenty cwo pieces, be, tig st iUoiied at tlio en 1 of tho hull, ?!is toursed j al jot ic airs, which a Mod matorially to th * cn fertaluiner t. It was near four o'clock whin the c mpany disiiersed. . ? , Tim regiment left the city last evening by rai!, m rcu ? :or Washington. The fol.o a tug is a list of tho officers ? . Cn/mW? K- win L'pton. ol Ftt< liburg. lieutenant Colonel? A. 1). S. rngue, Worcester Moiir Ma ith w J. V.cC'allerty , Worcester. Adjutm'. ? 1 1 '.ah A. Harknoss, Worcestor. Ou arUrmcLjUzr?W in. t). llrowu, 1 llriiburg. Sura on? It. .(. Mil cas It ice, Worcester. Auilt Jit S rgvn ? Thoron Temple, U.jlchcrtown. Chajl'i'- ? Hov. Horace Jamus, Worcester. . SfroMiit Mijor? Chas. H. 1 avis, Worcester. Qucrljnii<i !er ? Fdward A. Itrown, FicchDurg. OmmimirySi Elbrhlgo (i. \Vatk.;;i, W. reenter. I Tutrix 1 1 S'nv ;rd ? l'r. Sa-niiel Klugg, Worcestor. JBa .d Un ify ? Win. 1'. Gilmore, I awlucket. Cnmpxn >/ .t . of IV' TCCi'ei' ? Captain, iiwllh 1 leVott, 1 First l.icuto lat, iraiicia E. Goodwin; Secou l Lieut inant, Mfflin? Captain, WHlard Clark; first . .X.leuteuaut, William Kmory ; S cond Lieutenant , Will. am ' Comrtiry C, (onsirting cf twenty mer\fr>m IKoircrtrr)? I'^Captal i ? '.itue.ius <{. Atwiwd; First Lieutenant, James Tucker-' Soeond Lieutenant, Me.-rlek V. I'routy. Ccmpanv Wnrrti er- -f*ptain , Albert 1- ester; Kirr.t .Lieutenant , llcorge S. Campbell. Oi?/T)i'/ /?', ?f IForci tier ? nptain , TliomM O'Neill; First Lie .tenant,' William Daly; Second Lieutenant, Henry r, of F.tchLuiC ? Captain , Charles H. Frss: First ue noaunt, Levi lawrencc; Socond Lieutenant, 11. .Blchardsm. . _ . , , Omiyiry 0, of IKorcu er, (Ornnan)-- .apUin, s Wagaby , First Lieutenant, lieury M. Klcbtor; second Lioutena'il, Frederick Wiegand. Gimvavy H, "f H'orreitn -Captain, Orgon Moulton. first 1 j mi tenant, David M. Wood \v ar d j bctoud Licvitouiint, Kath'iniel H. Ffter. Vumynrvj 1, :f 'J mfl t n-raptiin, V?ranc? P. I ark Uturst, l ir.-t iiaateuant, J.B. Kmith; Sdcond Lieutenant, A't Viai'uii /" /v' , of H'orre ler ? Captain, J. Waldo Denny; first Lie .tenant , Samuel Harrington; Second Lient ?naut, | Jamo-iil Drenneu. ARI11VAL AND DEPARTURE OF THE TENTH CONNECTICUT REGIMENT. The lower part of the city was enlivened nt an early -iiour yesterday tnorniug by the arrival cf the Tenth regi ? raent of Connecticut troops. It is unneces-ary to add that they wero on their way to tlio seat of war. They are . accompanlcd by a Una band of music. Tho men com posing the battalion seem to be tho right kind of metllo, ?nd tho officers are gentlemanly and Intelligent. Liko tho reons of this noble State who have preceded tho Tonth on -their way to the war, tbey arc fuily equippel wlthevory tblng necessary for a campaign. Aftor landing the regi ment marc ied up Hroai'.w ay to the l'ark, where tbey par ?tookof refreshments, were presented with a handsome silk regimental ll 'g by the si ns of Counocticm re.~idirg In New York, an I wero rccoi\ed by the Mayor, 'ihe hearer of ti.o nag was "lie of tho tallesl men iu the r. gi niei.t. His bo ght is six feet live Inches. Tho fl igw s MMHd by M . ( h. t m'.eu, who spoke approp, nely O ilhe OCO ial ai, and v. as reeelved by UoL KusSM Ml lit \?alf of hla c 'ttimatid, who Hkowls.- ma.'.e a s^-'-'.-cli hi;> pily RuiWiI Ui (bo circum*tauca> an I occasion. After the rev low the feginxmt man-bod down Hr adwrtjr to tho lam ion and AmtK'r b? mi , nud received much nl'^lnuiw from tho popul&:v, who lined the streets "n tlie route. They left tho city at two o'clock, after having received the encouraging others oC the populoee of ih? great child of the Union. Tlio oillceig of the Tenth regiment of Connecticut wo the following: ? C'l-k.ritl ? Charles A. Russell. Lieutenant li-l net ? Albert W. l>r*k? J/ujnr ? Ira W. JVtllboue. .*<1 tU,n'-~ <!. M Colt. <jiiu rtcima ttr ? U. Fowler. Surge* ? l>r. Pouglas. Ai vt.inl Surgr'ti ? llr. NewtOO. Cimiany A? Captain Pardee. O M/ nny B ? Capiam Judd. Ck ?mfiijiy O ? Captain I/eggitt. Ctoi?;?iny t> ? Cii| lum Mutisen. K ? Captain Ilranch. ('.mjuny />!? Captain Well*. Ointyany <} ? Captain < oodyear. O/mjxtny 1/ ? ( aptain Hoyt. Cim;jny I ? Captain Jioad. Co>ni any K ? Captain Hudson. Thu regim tit lias over ono thousand men In nil, and is in ovory respect worthy of tho patriotism of tho Connoc ticut. THE TENTH LEGION. The Tenth Legion will not leave Newburg on Tuesday, as had tin -n unnotmced, its departure htving boen de layed a few days. Col. Van W'yck and friends have i.d vunoid between (5,000 and $10,000 to b>- distributed among the numbers of the rnglmont, which numbers about 1, 100 men, and constats of Infantry, cavalry, artillery and i ill in, -n. Hie uniform is prcparo! with much caro. Each soldier la? a shield on the left bieist, in w h ch is cut nn X. I ho infantry shield Is blue, rlllumen green, cavalry orange and artiliory red. Much credit is duo Col. Van Wy< k and friends for tliuir indomitable porse voraiic-- in gettii g up this splendid regiment. TlIE SIXTIETH NEW YORK. REGIMENT EN ROUTE. Oa:iKxsunto, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1861. The Sixtieth regiment, Now York Volunteers, and tbe second from St. Ijvw rence cot. nty, Colonel ll.iy wa'd ? m mandiug. left this piaio lit eight A. M. for the seat o( war Tli' y ko via House's l'oint and Mow York city. Tho regi ment numbers '.too men. COL. NUGENT AX1> THE SIXTY-NINTH REUIMfcNT. National CAoitrs. llKADQt'ARrKRH SiXTY-NtNTll IiBUlKKMt, N. V. S. \f. , Nkw Yokk, Oct. 4, 1801. Ucxnui. Kwk.n: ? I'kAK Sm? Having recelvod an np,mintment as Captain in the Thirteenth infantry. I'niled States Army, :in?i g anted a I ave of abt-onco by the Secretary of War to as sist in the organization of tho Iri.-li Itrigude, the l-'i si re gi.-nent of which I have the honor to ba Colonel, nn I win h will so >n bo on its mircU to tlio s at of war, I l.ercby tender my resignation as 1,1 -uienant Co om-l of the Sixty ninth legiui -ut, Now York State Mi itia. In doing so 1 cannot take my leave of your command without ex pressing my hinc'-TO thanks for tho many acts of kindness I have received at your bauds for so many yea- a, while connected with tho First division, vs> c a"y your bri;ad \ 1 feci sorry at the thought of leaving so rainy old friei.tU un l o8*snutes asl have lound in tho brigade and tho old Sixty-ninth ? the uniform of which legimc-Dt I hive al ways felt a prido in wearing ? atlai h d to it, 1 may s.iy, from its org m 7 ition, b lug tho oldest olllo r connic'.od with it, "except its brave and gallant IV. 1 n d (Corcoia i) who ii now a prisouer at Charleston, n-id wh i rel'usod a parole, saying If he w;is back in Nr'-w York be would raiso a reulm -nt, not only thai but a brigade to assist in up holding the glorious Stars and Sti ij*-s of this great ro,> l> lie." 1 will ovor look back upon tha number '-f9" prid", and with p'easure of be:ug one of its members. 1 wo. iid, therefore, respoctfuby request tlwt you grant tno a discharge. I ain, dear sir, verv trniv. yours, ROIMCBT su<;i:xt, Lieutenant Colonel, Sixty-ninth regiment. IIitAD^rAjmntH I-'orwu Hitio.u-K N. V. S. SI. , I New Y> kf, O. t. 30, 1SC1. f To IJout. Col. Uoiikkt Ncoknt, latoof Sixty ninth regiment N. Y. ri. M.:? My |:h ik Cot/ KS!. ? Your lettorof resignation cr I.l iu tcnant Colonel of tho Sixty-ninth regiment has b-ea re cclvod and accepted, and yo 1 are lunorab'y d.s hfg-d. The Bjnliinents ol' regard so kindly oxpr-TSod towards my s< II and brigade and the Sixty-njutli regiment 1 tieo : n--t say are fully and airect innately reciprocated. 0 jr oilici il relations and associatioiiB, and i:i conu>ctioa with Hie gallant Colonel Corcoran an-l thj olPcerR of his command, will ever b' reverted to with the most planting satisfac tion. 1 am m a h dolightod with your giHid fortune in re ceiving distinctions to which your military attainment:", ability und as an ollieer so justly entitlu you. Tbe conferring 01 th .- s.tme is subservient tab b.-st in terns ts of tho country. 1 shall observe yot:r future couise with tho m >*t lively interest, evar wishing you the tu-^t tri umplmit si roc j*. I have delayed onswo: I ig your letter until 1 should rec?lvo your certificate of discharge from tbe Crramandor in-Chi. f, which please tl:id hero enc' 1 am, my dear Colonel, very truly and affection itely, yours, JOHN' EWKN, ltrigadur Uunerui CommaiiLlng. THE FIT, ST REGIMENT, NEW YORK VOLUN TEEil CAVALRY. Thj order for this regiment (a portion of tbo Ira Har- li Cuurd Bri,:a-!c) to march has boen > <Minuirmaudod until Monday next. Inspector Cenc.a'. P. It. Sackott in?|icet>)d twenty-four full companies of tbo brigade yesterday at Camp Scott. M tjnr Hicbardson, United Stiloj ."ay masto , b?en despati-bed from Washington to superintend thj pay roils mid bri.igs funds to ]Kiy tho m.-n. NKW RADGES FOR THE REVENUE OFFICEKS All tho outdoor attach* J of Surveyor Andrews' ofTlce were furnished with new badges yesterday. They aro oval in shaiw, au b '.ar the national arms, together with tbe uumber and rank of the wearer. Th- so worn by the inspectors arc 1 f silver, nod cost two doilir.s nud a half oath. Tli-J four deputy surveyor Me-srs. Isaacs, Brown, Archer and (jrahatn, have mounted gild bulges, eimilar ja shape and style to tlie others, una lor wlilcb tbey had to pay tiftceu doliais each. Obituary. THE I.ATK COLONEL AL3X. B. F.LPER. Wo regret that it U our painful duty to record the dj ralM of anothsr leader of ou* noble army of volunteers for tin defonco of tho Union, in the person or Colonel Alexander B. Klder,of tho Tenth Now York Volintcora, who died i? this city on Thursday. Col no! Elder was born in F/linbufg, and came to this country in 1835, and at one period was Captain of Company C of tii ? Tompkins Dims, Twelfth regiment, Now York State Militia. Soon ufter th: c.iuitn ncom- nt Of the rebjllloi ho ti ole an ac# ttve part in tho organization of tho Tooth r<vim nt of Volunteer*. lie was choson Lieut. Colonel by tho pro p?r ollicers, nnd upon hia arrival at Fortross Monrce, on the resignation </f Co'o.iol Met h 'snoy, ho was nwintmoiifi y oi ctod Colonel of the regiment, for which p Titian ho was eminently quaii:led by eiporioiico and knowledge of ml lila.-y air-lrs. Colonel H lor. however, did nut receive hi' npiiolntmenl , but acted aj Colonel (or throe mouths, u;.t.l tho recant appciument of CJlonel IJoixlfx. During hi? bri.'f sjjourn at tho scat of host! ities b* was often placed in dangerous imd trying positions, but never llinuhod from t!i ? faitlifi.l discharge of his di.tjr , and w*n d'K'fcd Mil I If In finch a manner as to u in tho c.?:e.m of big brethren in arm--. A short timo slneo ho came on to New York to recruit his health, and also while hero to obtain votunteo a for his regiment; but the disease which he contracted at Fortr s* Monroe ? typhis favor ? unfor tunately terminated fatally. The fnneral servico.i will take place at t'ie house of his sister, No. 7.'!1 Third avomio. at ftia o'clock to-day (Sat '.r 'ay), wh u his remains will b s couveycd to Albany for Interment.*ai. Tark. ? If the weather permit", there will be mus.c la tho Central Park tc- Jay, comm nelng au hour carl: r than heretofore ? at half two o'clock I'. M. Tt?U will probably be the last time that the weather will admit of outdoor musical entertainment* this season* Every May Bring< Evidence of Ihr ellleaey of ltRANPRETll'S PILLS, Smallpox, 8car!ot and Yellow Fever, Fever and Ac;,e, K -ys i ,,s. Paralysis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Coblaand Ootiji'is, Si ?;<?, an I (i ravel and Kidney A ll't c lions, Salt Rhenm, ailSstn U ?f.;Mes,\VL,i;n*, F la, us m ell as < ' s Irenes* and iJinrrli i a, y|e:d to ta Ir one. Reference t i cured. II' si !f, nuke haite un l gel Kline HrandieLh's Pil's Sold al 2-i-t Canal street, So. 4 Union I square, a re I by ull respeetab'.c dealers. A Remarkable Kcllpse.? Kelip-os ITaed I to pom n I calamities, leit the present one ?ugur? better j um< .?. KNOX, from his observatory of faslil -r. on t'ie eer- 1 ner of Broadway and Fidom street, has, iu his fall style of I gentlemen's II. us, projected an eclipsa tint extinguishes a'.l llvsl product) 'in l>y lis superior ursee and comfort, it Icing as easy to tha head as nn old glove, and sutltift olf t&e face like a 'ilaiieriut! j ortruit. 1 K in varied assortment ol' Hats and Cap*, military and civilian, Is unequaded for cheapness, ex cellence and beamy. David'* Full Style of <;< ntli mrn'j Ilnf s. 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Wanted to Contract for One Thousand tons of Castings, for i : He 1 1 ordnance slieii, stating low e-t price and sbortest time, delivered lit the Navy Yard, Bmoklin. Shell varying front 12 to ISO pounds. Address M fine street. J. W. COCHRANE. Hatrhclor'a Ilalr Dye? The Best In the writ; harnilesa. r-IUhl' and Inttspt tneous. Sell an ,ai>. t I m ttt BATCiUSLOa j Wl# Kiwt.rj , l) Uoad sir-., u THE HEW YOUR WEEKLY BEIilLD* The Latest News from the Variant Dtvi" slons of the Cnlon Army? Sailing of the Vnlon Ktvsl Expedition? Pr?((rin? of the War In Missouri and Kentucky? Important Intelligence from the hoath ?The Lalctt News? Market*, &r. The Wkkkly Hkkaui for Ilia prosout week will bo ready this morning at leu o'clock. Among othor things, its columns will contain: ? 'I ho latest liespatches Horn Washington City, Hiving an account of a!l Iho War Move ments on thu Potomac during tho w<vk, au 1 the pressnt Condition ani Position of tho I'ulou Forces; Tho .St.ito of AIThlrs on tho Potonito lllvor; An Account of tho Brilliant Charge of Goneral Krctiiout's Body Guard at Springih ld, Mo. , resulting In tho dlsporsion of tho Rebels, and other interesting news in regard to tho progress of tho War in Missouri; The Latest Intelligence in regard to the Sltut lion of Affairs In Kentucky ; An Aocount of tho Defeat of tho Rebels at Uomnoy, Western Virginia, by Gen. Kelly; An Account of tho iJejmrturo of the Union Naval Kxpodl- | t ion for gomo point on tho Southern Coast; lm;x>rianl Extracts from the Southern Journals In relation to tho condition of :i flairs in that region, air I a resum ? of ul in torestiug events relative to thu War that have transpired during the week. Th ? W'kkki.y HkkaU) will also contain the |?V"<I Foreign and I lorn jstlc Sows received byMtilor Toi"gra1.a; Mt oriii Hon th i Pr iiniiii'nt Topics of th" Tint 's, Reports of the Condition of tho Ornmorciil, M >tiey ail Ca'tlo Mar kets; Marriages and Deaths for tho \v >lc, and all nu'.t rs or interest to tho reading com nuiilty. Sin ;lo copies, In wrappers,can bo hil at tho olllce, c >rner of Kuluu and Nassau streets. Price six cents. Official Drawing* of Murray, Edtly dl Co.'* jllasouti Stale Lntt?rli>s. K UNTUCK Y. KXTItA <'i *ss, 5'1-N onilerl, 1861 17, S, *15. 4S, 70, OS, 3i, 20. U, .07, 07, 41, 17. KkStccxv, Class Nm tinl r 1, MkSl. 74, H, 15. 10. 0, 41, 71, !10, 64, 26, 7ti, 7^. Circuiais sent free of charge by addressing either in MtT.It W, EDDY f CO , Covington, Ky., ur St. Louis, tfn, Official Drawing* of tin- Delairure State Lotteries. Evti:a Class 9? Jf member I. 1161. 00, 0">, 4.f. 43, 41, 7'i, (if, I ?, 01. 74. 35, 15. Class 10? November I, 1841. C'J, 19, 4, 2l>. 4'1. 5, H, 36, 01, 03, 54, 5(5, 6, 43, C7. John DALK, > JOIIN W. W.iIKEIt. > C imml ...sloners. ALFitiil) li. WyOTTKtt, 1 K?ponscljol?l\s provrrliliil success In lilt in; llie public taste has never trt't'ii no tihitiipliftntly de mo lbtrated us in the populirli) 1 1 1 tits *plendiU Fall not VVlutei itat for wulleiiit-n. It Is fol'y ' ? |*y $1 for a liut tn Broa I way, when a rt:ot>' beautiful an-i a (. lo r one ran be ha 1 at 118 Nassau sir et tor (3 AO. * Crlstadoro's Iluir Dye, \Vi^? it ml Toil |mi, (lie best In the world, w li ilesale and ! i tall, bit 1 the dye privately applied. No 0 Astor House. .lill'a llulr Dye? 50 Cents, Hindi or blown. Bcstlnu'e. DcpotNo.1 Bar. lay utree. :u.d told by ull druggists. Cray Ilnlr? Its Disease*. Change of <'o 1 r Mi l Kmlii'lllflttto nt; new TrsuUuent for Ualdnes., hy C-KAHDJEaN, Att r place. ThouiitniU have Tested Laird's t'loom of Youth or LI pild p. 'U! I, mi l pronounce it invaluable to lot' toilet. Ai. droggt-u au<l 4ii'.t Itrwutivuy. Hurry's Trieophvroits Is tin* Best and e), >?*,?'<! .? rrl |.| I'm tin ii li.' iuilfylnu, curling, denning, preserving aud tfc' hair. Lsdres, try iu Ko'.d t >y ull druggtsia. HnyC* lllanolha Hair Restorative is waitaiite.l lo rei-t ire g .iy hale to It* criminal color tn *r? n days itnte. 11. II. li /.ViiA\, Sole Agilit lor fti'.v Yolk. Olfiie ,3i Hro.olw.i -.. Trnsses.? Marsh t'o.'s Itudlcnt Citve Trusst's, ali o Military S'u uhb-i llruee and A)>donilital Sup porter wiibined ? j>;i|?rloi .in !c. fvo. ? Vcsey st , Aiiior llouse, opposite tho cnttKii Trusses, Klustlc SI it klngi. S'MiiiMer P ra 'i1'-, Abdominal Supporters, .' r-. D *s. li!,OVKll A TUOENE, So. i \.n str> I, u;o! -t itii's M,i,?:.ii. Practical Abolition Ism.? TI? c Tumult and t iil of day :n rspi'lly belus abolisited by ilie use of PYLEM t>. K. Soap. 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The brokers nro paying o'.r their seven per ccnt loans, as money can be had everywhere at 0, .m 1 in ninny eases :it 5 per cent. First class paper ranjes from <i to 7. The exchange market gave w;y a^ain to-day. The asking rates at the backers were 107% a 107J it but wc hear of very little business ovrr 107. Fir t class merchants' bills were oiTered at 10t>% n l:;C3,. At these rates there is a haui'.some prollt on the importation of gold from Europe, and it mist lo expected that it w 11 come freely. Tlio features of the at x-k market to-d :j v.' continued strength, with a slight increase of real business. Prices were very buoyant at or.c time , ami we should doubtless have had to report a consi derable advance Arougkout the list had it net been lor a collapse in Illinois Central, caused by the prevailing under. standing that un assess i. or. t of five per ccnt, payable in February next, will bo shortly levied on the stock. The price fell at tl.e morning board to C2%, then rallied to G3 then fell back ttjjain to G2%. This v. as the | weak Fpot in tl.e market. The most j oj u- | lar stocks of the day were Hudfon River, which { sold at one time this afternoon ut 41*+1 an advai.e e j of 3% per ccnt, and afterwards closed at 41; and j Erie preferred, which sold at 5C%, with very largo | pales ? an advance of 2 per cent. It is easy to un derstand the latter advance, as the preferred stock of the Erie can hardly fail to be worth much more i than it is selling for next year: the advance in 1 Hudson is believed to be merely speculative. The \ old and wealthy operators who are identified ! with the property arc not understood to have I anything to do with the movement. The I other railway shares were generally steady. ! Toledo was % per cent higher, and liur- i lkigton and Quiney % per cent. Pacific Mai1 j rose % per ccnt, and was in demand at the j ndvancc. Thi i stock has risen eight per cent within a few days, and is still ten per cent below the point at which it stood when the present ar- j rangement with Commodore Vanderbilt was con ? summated. A dividend of at least live per cent will shortly be declared, making twenty per cent for the year. State storks were steady to day; governments Arm. At the close the market was firm, tl?e following being the last quota- > tiona; ? United States 6's, registered, 18f*l , a %: j do. 6's, coupon, 1881,04% a 94%; do. 5'h, 1874,84% a ?5; Indiana 5's, ? a HO; Virginia C's, 47% a : Tennessee C's, 42% a %; North Carolina C's, 59 a CO: Missouri 6'a, 44% a%; Pacific Mail, 4 a %; | New York Central, 7!<% n Erie, 34% a 5.; do. [ preferred, 5G% a %; Hudson River, 40f4 a il i Harlem, 13J< a %; do. preferred, 33% a 34; Heading, 35 a %; Michigan Central, 4^% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 19% a %; do. guaranteed, 39% a 10; Panama, 117 a 119; Illi nois Central, G.;j '4 a %; Galena and Chicago, 7(iJ4 a 71; Cleveland and Toledo, 37 a %; Chi cago and Rock Island, 51% a %; Chicago, l!ur lington and Quiney, 63% a %: Delaware, Lacka wana and Western, G9 a 70; Milwaukee and I'rairie du Chien, 19% a 20; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 88 a %; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 83% a 84%. Pennsylvania Coal, 7G a 77. Our importations of dry goods continue very light? only $<121, G42 for the week, against $1,379, 2G9 for fame week last year. For the year to date we have taken only $39,125,544, against $00,419,823 to same date last year, and $98,170,750 to same date of 1859. Europe has thus lo&i through the war a lyarket for over $51,000,00u of ! dry goods in the past ten months. [ TUo time liuil'.ud for depositing the L* Crosse and Milwaukee bonds with N. A. Cowdry (No. 29 William street), Secretary of Purchasing Com mittee, expires to-day. Those bondholders not availing themselves ol the opportunity of obtaining new bonds and stock for those deposited will only receive a nominal dividend frotn tha proceeds of the sale of tho road. The business of the Sub-TroMury was light to-day. The banks were reimbursed $t>4!),(>00, and a call for teu per cent was made upon theiu for to morrow. About a quarter of a million was re ceived for Treasury notes. The following Is the statement for to-duy: Reeeipts $2,0? .?# 38 ? Kor customs 67,U0t> 00 ? for T oasury notes 250, 71S 09 Payments, including redeemed 8 pr. ct. notes. 8,213,920 no IJalAUce 6,a58,473 20 Tho Tank of the State of New York has declared a semi-annual dividend of tluee per cent, payable on the lOlli inst. The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House thi? morning were #17,021,135 59, and the balances 15. The Philadelphia Bulletin of last evening says: ? TUo subscriptions to the i atiunal loan at Jay C-oke'* otlico m Uiis city, on 'I'm sd.iy, wnm J'.iO.OOO; air! ?>! tlns amount #60,000 were in ono subpcrlpticu, which is-mo* dually entered as " Cusli." Tho Albany Journul of yesterday publishes the quarterly fetateuicnt of the bunks of this State, showing their couditloii on the 21st of September last, as compared with the statement of the pre* vioas quarter, as follows: ? KKSOtntCRS. Ju?f 22. f_oin* and dl-oounta (168,477,371 Overdrafts . Due from lxin k.-, Duo lrooi diro tors.* Die from broke, a" H 'ill est '.to p 'oio Ca. li items i loc? an I pr. misfiory not* : Hoods and in iriffageti ? ils of solvent b.mks Hills of suspended bank: .. I, en and oxpentie account . Add lor oont 373 ,279 lu). J ,o7 1 ?,372.?s8 960.249 8,948,812 4 1 ,070 13,630,804 34 292,765 7,2 i4, 741 1,860,027 216,410 1,221 482 968 S, ) l. 21. 106,066, 848 SH3.023 14,1^0,270 7,707,308 1 ,?t4 ,0(W 9,107,861 3s 0 ill . 727 14,200,400 40,2141,019 7,201,203 1,816,612 1.4."7 ?> 80O..S1 1 840 Total resaurcos $291 ,390,271 LuntniKS. Capital $10.t ,912,200 in, ration 26,017,161 l'rottts 14,597,241 1)ub bn ks 30,013,723 Huo Individual and corpora Hi u; ? other than I'm k~ and depositors Duo Treasurer of the Male of Now Vorlc Diln di-jH silors on demand.. Amount due not included in either >f tli > above heads. 1,717,753 Add for ' on is 616 1,046,406 2,171,120 ioo,8Ui,(wa 302,063,Ub0 100 ,0H2 ,324 2tl,01f,,;48 1MRMI 28,211,772 2 704,116 111,896,016 6,661,053 602 T if?l II ili!ll!l P $291,200,271 0O2,C6j,WO * iliose items tnarkod with an astoi i.,k aro not lutluded in total. Collating tlio present with the last report (22d of .Tun ), we find an lnor.n*o In "loans ami discounts" Of $T^|78, 477 , "i .i>!i I ten s," of f; OJ ,036 ; "stocks and promissory ii< .t' s,'' "i $'>,910,264, an.i a decr isu o. $;t, 724, 362 Ovo. and a'lovo what may lave h - n sn ori.lii'iy mcrcamtor di cense in citli "r of tin s ?? item;1, it is found tluit tiie Now York city I ink.) and si>mo oi the country banks ro|Kitl i.n '.or tho first, (tine item* tho mnotnts of <lcm :tid, an I tho 7 10 )i t cunt I'tiltn i Sliitoi. Treasury n ten li -Id by in that ro.s|io< t, aud Uio <!e tr. aso ia "s;<ec,e" U than e r ,iy accounted for. <> i t!i < oth<i- hand, tli ;;o in n i incro s la I bo "amount duo cot i i idetl, 'Ac.,n $4, 87'.*, 303, n? made up print i, ally by tin; nmo'a.t duo the Treasury of tho fulled S;a'e . uud r the arruigomt nt n a li' >\ ith tho fodcr.,1 p > vc mncnl , i. above refer re 1 1'>, and an lucrea. e ol ci. eu litlouof $i iUS, 597, demanded bj the exigencies or the liil, tra to a d the timce. On tho whole, wo c.n side, this re,i rt as presenting a rcty favorable aspect. Taking the report of llto New York city banks for the same quirt^r, which we publisl cl on Wed nesday, we liud that the items ore divided between the city a.ul out of tit? eit) hanks as follows:? rv.ita! Ni t pi'i.llts. Clrcuktiiua. 1 u banks. l'.opusits ... I 'ue oilinrs.

A . i'. Ci! y. $31 0X1,005 7.603 679 s ,(?:?! ,8! 6 2-!.T.'r> 112 83,S62 'l'*j 6,413,341 Out of Oily. T a'. 40 3;'l ,719 I'M ,:;'J4 4.(03.637 12 207,116 19,380,863 28,016.748 (>,4Sfl,tjfti) 28,211,77.' 24 ,042 6f<0 111,896.01b 4,407 ,S52 19,941,193 T'.UJ .$10}, 34!), 09 i 102,003,171 SOI ,251, in 9 Cscoitr Is $113,110,643 02.245 30, > 178,056,8414 : tusks 83,!<?S,r>7f 17,004.4-12 40,'2t3,019 Hoods an 1 m>rtjs. 017,677 a ,.1S1 &?Q 7,203, Ola Roal estate 0 601,524 2,0)8,327 U,lo7 86 1 Doe by banks 4.2W.OK3 9.8')7,1S3 14 IO? 2,"0 ("ash iu KU) 13,742 440 2,272.7S2 10,015,222 Pjioclo 80,118,215 1,971,612 38.0H?,7J7 O/erdralt* 01,029 321, <04 3r.3,C23 Tots' 51IH348.WS 102,y03,17I 301,253,190 The diffcrcnco between t!:? totals in this and t.lio preceding table is caused by subtracting the lot-s and expense account from the proHts, ho us to show tbc ucluiil net profits on hutul. $;coo Ton i 6 s. 'Do 2 8 oil Mi * u! i 1000 lju .1 I wa (i 118 'I !'i iJ >. .? .t 7 < 4000 S < a-o!>' n O'S 4X.0 KKRiuib, f,coo d> 2<H 0 El'U ,n\v 1CK (I < M'.?: Ut.'i'i I i- U.vA.2-ln Ji 0 !. ;i ' ? Mi ! u It It!' o " '1*:'A 1-t nib Is' ;o /0 i t-i . 'in i. . fO )i t li ii I! Ilk. 4? liauk ? ' Am i io > ICO ('anion ( m i. y 6ti i <> k i I ,<l ' . .i ' 10 Paci ilo li ii: r 50 do. . . n:5 tv. ... 11 o R' ad n-: HH 100 ill V IO Html 1 tl'i.... 100 . loo ?:?> ... r.o Er io r.u. ... no do.... fctock Extliancr. I'Hiii.iv, Nov. 1, 1801. ill 00 ,:hi; ! I Itlv Klt .i oO 4.10 <lo do. ? io. do. 200 10 ? 1(8) ?03 ..13.) ..BlU ..Iil5 3 o Ilirlom UK KH) do (O il.trl ni l It ]<M. . 2 0 d . ICO WW do. 00 11 ill SI il< 1.1!!!. 60 Mkh C'.ii It;.. Io 01 MO ICO It ) 2' 81 . 0 1 2 ) i :.o 2'H) Kit) 79 ?; 7t; ? i .b 0 li -'. .. N ilul Kit do do b30 do d i 10 o k N Ind g s ?1.) 1 (l II mi i C< n I ii so f f, ''lev fi I'ltts f'.'r. . 20 lev / ol At ('In Itil 70 ( rtii-ii i .V Chi,- Kit 00 do ?.00 (In. ? >-30 ? ICO 34 <; .'!?! ?J 84 'i 34 H !t> ?i fifO 2<0 tlx.. 200 do. 100 do. ICO do., 7.<7 Erie RK prof 50 60 do IiL'O l&'i 50 do '-SO I--', 60 do 110 UH ICO Hudson RiV JIH. . 3)?? 100 do slO 33 X BFCOND $crro IT s 6'? , '74 ,cou 8 1 % COCO (J 8 6 h,-'71 ,rog S4 T t.n 8V, '90. . -IJJi (iGOO Mu-'soui I O s., . . 44 Ipu oowl li y'ly- oi ICOO 1, V & W lmbl. 7t>3? 10 -1 ; Am K* ISanlc. 80 IT:' N Y ( '"ii HK W, 160 do 79 'i 60 Erie TR 34?; ?mi 40 40.'| 4o'j 40 ' ; 40 U 4'> ' 13 \;i j r;i i i 3! 1.K 4S?, 4s;i lit li)',; 18,U ID',; I ''i ' , 3'J \ fill,' II ' i 1)9 70', 7o i; "o v CM) Clov k Tol I'll... lf&O do 200 CO d.' 1.10 400 do. I>fi0 ( oo riiio Kk Isl BR. 100 do.... 100 do f;60 300 do 2.1 do 1,0 riiic.BuriyiiinHIt (3:, 227 MiliPrdutliln KR J .) 51 61 BOAI1D. JC.0 ?!.? Har RR prof. 1(;0 do ICO do b30 ?i(t Mich 8o fc N f Kit ICO Hudson Riv Kit.. 160 CO do. do. 135 400 6') 2r.i) CO 2:0 . ,s7 2o Erie R't prcf 65 y, M 50 or, >4 60 ?i 13 ? 22J do. 100 do 200 do K8i do blO Sao Ilarlom RR do.. . . do... do. . . . do... do.. . do s 30 do bGO do (3 fO Mich 8 Ai N I k ; t Khi do blO 1,0 CiiuVRk I gR.blO til CUt, Hur & <1 Kit. 33X VMi 10?? 40!; 40% 41 41'*' 41'.{ -11 <j 41 'i mi 41 40 61 H 03 CITY COMMEKCIAI. REPORT. Friday, Nov. 1? fll\ M. A iie -. ? Sales wore light but price* wore steady at 1 6 31 tor both sorts. BRSADbTUftx. ? Flour? In U10 aimer. re of U.o Arab>n't mai's with private advices ihr market w is rotate les^ ac tive, whilo prices wore without chan?o <( moment. Tlso transactions footed up about 18,000 a 20,(810 bbls., closing within (lie following range of pr<ocs> SupOrfno State $6 60 ft $6 86 l.Mru Mate, lo'od to choice i>7ja 600 Sup Ida* Western 6 60ft 6 66 Common to uhoico Weslorn extra 6 66 a 6 75 KxtraCaiiftda 6 SO a 6 75 Mix- '1 t'< straight S >ub )rn 6 25 a 6 45 r'trulglit togood extrad 6 60 a 7 25 ( I11 ice extra family and bakers' brands 7 26 a 8 (8) Rye flour 3 00 a 4 2.1 Com mea!? Jersey and llrandvwta# 2 *>6 a 324 Canadian tloui was In good supply, while the demand wa: ft'-ady, with sales of about 1 .oOO bbls. at tlio above rnngo of Utfiircs. South ~rn Dour wits in steady demand> while S'.!ppllo8 wero limited) tbo sales embraced about h00n 900 bbls., closing within tlio range of tbo above iji;< t u ions. Rye fiour was firm at our figures, with sales of 200 bbls. Corn meal was stoadjr, with sales of 200 bbls. at quotations. Wheat was iu good demand and sa'c* active, though closiug without ehanpe of impor tame in pricis; tbe p iIoj ombrarod about 215,000 b i-b els, cl. sing at $1 48 ? $1 60 lor white Kenltii ky, if I 40 a $1 46 for good white Michigan, 36 a $144 lor wlme Ohio and ludiaua, $1 33 a $134 for rod Halo, .>1 uo a *137 for amber Mb Uigan, f 1 30 a $138 for red West, cm, $1 27 a ?1 28 lor amber Iowa and (Jrcen liuy Jl 24 a ti '.6 for Ractno spring, part V> arrive, }1 '24 a {1 28 Tor Milwaukee club, and SI 19 a (1 23^ for C'nic iK'i spring. Corn was in c-i-d request, with a lirtnor 111.1 Wet. Iho s lias cuib a fd about 118,000 hufhels at i C3'-. a 8CVac. fut toe Ki'Hwi.o, (54c. a &4>fc. f'>r shipping t lLj oi Vi tcr .. luixvd mtiUi su.mU iuIh in svoro roj?orit-u qv ' Mc. 1 !*!?!?? nil steady with salt* of 1,000 busheli i Stat# at aac "? Wo. Ry? ?u firm, with sale* of 3,oo? bushel* North r,*'or at 81c. OiU wor* steady, with salon of Western anil SiW? at 39c. a 41c. Owr**. ? Market v a? quiet and .-alo* con ft nod to 400 a 600 bags R|o yUliln ?bo range of 15>?r. a 16o. Cotton.?' lho mark-'"' was Ann, while thn sale* em braced about l,4i? Dalos. part to spinner*, on tho basis of 22 v4c. a 28>?o. for middling nplandg. FKKioirm. ? Kates were heavy. To I.lver[<?ol 26,000 bi;shols wheat, in bulk and sfitjw' bags, wore taken at 11V1- a lad.; 25,000 do. corn at lid. a 11 S.U. , ami 1,000 bbl*. Hour at 3a. a 3m. 3d., with some abet-so at 45*. To i/'iid.n 0,0c0 bushels wheat wem token at J3d. , In bag*, with somo cheese at 50s. : nlao 1 ,000 bills. flour at 3s. IM. , with *ome che.*e reported at 60?. To Havre ong?K<> mrnts wore moderate and at unchanged rates, especi.illy on Amorlcan vowel*. 11a ? Hales for shipping wore making at 05a. a 70b , and for city use at 70c. a 76c. Mot ah a-. The market wna Arm, with limited *aln.< Stork of molasses November 1: ? 3,002 hhd*. muscovado, 13 hhd*. clayed, 2,370, Porto Rioo; muscovado in bids., 1,400; Now Orleans In bbla., 705. Total, 6,137 hhda. Naval ,s?otK Sale* ? mbrscod 60 libls. spirit* at $1 65 a$l67'?; 500bbis. common rosin at $4 60a$4 02^, and 300 do. tluo sold at $5 U *4 a ft 1'kovi ions l-o. k ? The market was hoavy, whilo sales embraced about 700 bbls. a' $16 u $16 60 for moss, and a lot of unts ported sold at $15 62>i , wliilo prlmo sold at $9 62 1; a$t) 75. lV'ef wad linn and tolerably active, with sale* of 7000 a 800 bbla. at $9 50 a $10 50 for ro (nicked mess, and $11 60 a $12 for new do. , and $12 50 a $13 lor ext'a. 1! el' levins were steady, with sales (if IflO twees ai $10. Ra.on v. aa in fair request and prices st -ady, wlih sales of 1H6 blul-., Hides at fl'.?c. a 7c. Ijtrd was steady . with sales of 700 bbl*. at H.Sjc. B9',e., the latter an extreme juice. Matter was in g .oil demand at 14r a 19c. for good to prune state. Cliooso un changed. ?'I 0> k OI< 1'oKK AND I'KltT W TACK1NU Y AHl'S, KKW YORK ANII MUiOKLYN, NOV. 1, 1S61. Otu I'ork. fine I'nrk. Ibtal Old I Jit Thi* Patt IfttaHHet. T"tal. JUal. and JYew- Mi- nth. Last Y'r. Cleat ? 8(14 8?4 1.473 3 Moss 4 12,035 12,0.'H< 11/ ,357 0.7S6 Thin maa* ? 672 672 728 10 Piimomoss ? 23 23 111 ? I'lanl: ? 15 15 15 ? |>i imo 407 6,892 6,383 8,778 7,942 liututx) 2 836 837 1,204 7 Uol'u>e mess.. . ? ? - 2,0,0 2,070 1,000 38 Reluqp prime.. . 16 611 627 644 30 Other refute. .. . 25 1,897 1.B22 1,873 4.'lfi tn Inspected.... 4'J 6,115 0.104 4,614 2.284 Total* 603 31,420 32,022 40,866 20,412 Old II-, J. Amu Hcf. Rep'knd mess. ? 1 ,236 505 1.741 4,631 2.423 Klip. Cine do . 918 28 040 5,728 3,064 Kail road beef. . 1U0 ? 120 33 148 I of rati men. . . 214 2t6 4P.0 291 230 lCiiute prlmo. . ? ? ? ? 2 t'ther refuse.. 735 165 9o0 895 1,43". Tea. pi', me**. . 10 ? 10 ? 1,303 Countty in '**. 4^-0 176 0.r>6 1,007 l.Oi'i Countty prime. 610 ? 010 820 1^293 Unlnsp'd tea. . ? ? ? ? i$0o Luinsji'd bbla. 43 3,615 3,56H 760 2,072 Tola's 4,406 4,605 9,001 14,089 12,046 St'OAitH. ? oa ii'g to reduced atoek a s| eculative de sprntig uji, ai d the sales for the .lay embraced about 2,000 hhils , idiieily Cuba.-*, at 7J?c. a 8c. for re lining, and be. a 8?a 'or grocery grades. aioea or fcUUAiitt Nov. 1. 1360. IJkdi. Cuba 64.^' ? for to ltieo 2,723 1 ng ihli Islands 421 Now Orleans 15 Total 63.01' 32,822 |;,Ws 120,340 Mel. i MOO Tor*. c?.? Kentucky is In go. d re.jueet and price* Arm: h of 472 Kentucky and Maysvdlo at 8 !,'e. a Me., and 102 . a?e:< seed leal' at 7c, a 10c. Tho follow ing is tho month y statement of sttx.ks lu tho New , V oik tobacco inap -ctlon wateiiouae:? Ktid <ky. Va.diA'.C. Ohm. 71.. al \ Hhrir. IlhiU. lUdr. Ilhdt. j On band, Oct. 31, '61.22.277 C'Jl 11 22,979 lleceivod since 2,311 21 ? 2 ,132 Total 4M.5S8 712 11 25,311 1 olive. <d *:Uco 3,623 62 6 3/.90 OulisndNov. 1, '61.21 ,t65 060 0 21,721 llw loll wing is the monthly statement of atocks iu J. Mr. I. liens. 1 & Co.'s tobacco inspection wareho.iso:? Stork on bind tent. 30, 1861,2,875 lilida. Keniueky; d livered in (l. t. b r, v.!3 .:o.;H ck on hand Oct. 31, 1801,2,342 do. Mr. ll.der, i.i his monthly circjlur, remark* oa folio**:? Mnco o r last report some dctn.m l for Sp.uilsh ic if has bir LC ?p anJsaie* of a.<mol,8UO bales Havana fillers \veio rtl'ecird at frmn 34c. a 40c., and three invoices of Vara < f ever 1 ,200 bales of much approved quality, ? p.- dllv placed al from Wi.S' ? a 87>ic. It i* to bo b>>i>ed ibis imp.oxement will bo a permanent one. Of oth<r sorts ot Cuba we aro entirely without ?u;?pl ea, and Hie absenro ..f Jlgtianl, St. Jags and Cib.ira U sei.aibly u il a.idw uld i siire remunerative pricegior those grades Tli '' ni.isomfiul in l.ontu. ky leaf ba* Loeti very h 'a\ y durir.i; ibu last in. nth. Ovor 7,000, U*ve changed bm. H .1 wbeli iil.eut It, 60lt hit is. to jobbets, manufar facturora and n siiecu'.aiion, tht remainder for export, cbielly for p rts in tho Meilitorrntieun, These heavy tr in- action* have had a decided efl. ct on jiricoi, ii.;w stand ? for inlorior lugs, 8-. ; fair to go d lugs, 8>ao. ?i fjt.e low anil madiuin leaf, 9),c. a 10>?c.; lor low auu urn heavy loaf, 10c. a lie.; g<sid to Ano leaf, ll>ic. u 13>ic. , soiee lions, 14c. a 16c. Wins x, - T o ma l.ot wa.4 a'.eaJy, with tales of 000 bbls. ut 20?;c. a 21c. W'noi ?Tiini c continues to bo a good demand Tor tins article, and tho market is tolerably Arm. An auction lae ' I kast India wool cimo off on tho SOihult. of about bOo b vies , ranging from 24c. to 46>ac. Thero wax a large a ton. ni ce, and the 'ale wont oil' with spirit at ad van od rale* I' r tbi i wnnl. ^inco then some l.irge trans action* b ive be n made, to arrive, on private terms. 460 bales i ajilori w have beeu sold at 32c., on tinio. Married. rURB ? Hi ijikrt. ? Oil 'ill ,iH(luy, OctoberSl, by ll"v. I.r. l-ikor, of Williimir bii/g, JamkiW. (Iabi to Gmuldims, tla .(.lit-;, of tho late K. ltmidolph ti uliert. Mno ? ? SMvrn. ? On Thiiis-'ay, October 31, at tho rosi (1 nee of (ho brido'H la I her, In llronklyn, l>y the Kov. Mi'. ?.flt< he:', t>?r| ?./al Milton it. Siojii-, of Compai.y G, 1) ; piUOIlil Zou.iV<8, I" I VIKIMU A , daughter Ot Coloiu-I a nytll, Into <>f NlS 'IU,N. I*. I a.lim r.' papers |ile use a>| y. Died. Au.kx. ? On Friday, November 1, of Inflammation of i! ? luu^x, Iiukus 11. Alum, agod SO, a native ot Spring h ? d , MoS*. 'j'!.! funeral will tai.o placo at Military Hall, No. 63 l- 'v '' y . ' " ?--.?* 1m>* lii'Wrnvon, at two o'clock, without furthei ii ti'o. Hp ingtioid pa pom please ropy. Hke? ? On Friday , November X , Wit liam Brknxax, ay.l In ye ars,? native oi' t'astlo I'lunkot, county llos c numm, lieluj <1. Him f n. rut will lako jdaso on Sunday afternoon , at i noo'ckik, from his luio residence, No. y; B<o ivolt Ft.t'vt. Hi. r. mains will ho taUcti to Flalbi>h lor iut :t ii,, nL. Tho I', londs of the family aro respectfully invito 1 to aUCIlll M ill 1 llOt.CO. li stott | ?(? c p|. use i'opy, J i n- w. ? On Kri'.ay, Jvovomber 1, Joseiii E. B*nn?tt, aged !in y.nrs and 7 nn-nths, lato of tho Engineer Corps tU.coud regiment Now York .-'.at ? Militia. Tho relatives and frieu :s of ilio lamily aro ro3pectruily roqi o ted >0 an oud tho funeia , from tho Uctlisemane liii 1 1 1 ehtirih, Third uv6uue,uear Thirty-ninth rtfcot, OH aitvMii/oti, at ouj o'clock, witlioul I'urlhor Ho lier. Iuiyant ? in Wondstot'lc, town of VontOirDiS, N. Y., on Th .18 lay , Ot tv b.:r 31, of bronchitis, Mahuakkt Iikmuji, w ifo ul l''. W. IJryuui, in tho JH'li year of her ugo. The friends of t!>o family aro ro.ipcctfully Invited to uttend the funeral services, ai ho.- lato residence, Unii n avenue, near Wall street, <m Sunday aftornoon , at ono o'clock, ller i cinains will bo taken to Greenwood (.'omo tory. ( kawkord. ? OnFri 'ay, November 1, at "^ht o'clock, J. J. Crawford, age : 11 months and 17 da}.'. Tho fiiouds ol iho family aro invited to attoLd the f ine. al, from his lato re>( leneo, c >rner of Franklin and I'ollyor Blroots, Groenpclnt, on Sunday aftornoon, at two o'cit < k. Darracb. ? On Friday, Novomb.r 1, ('hawks Darkacu. ugi'd 51 v e irs. Tho relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invito 1 to attend tho Iiuicral, from his lato residence, No. 86 Wast Twenty -eighth street, ou Sunday altoiuooii, ut ore o', lock. DoBuilk. ? On Wednesday, Octobcr ?0, of in flu ni mat ion of tho brain, Car stun lii>a< iikk, a>,o I 44 years, S mouths and 20 days. H.o trionds and relatives of tho family , and the mom hern <?; Hermann Lodge No. 368, F. and A. M., and the fi aternlty In general, are Invited to attend tho funeral, on Sunday u.nun ou,at oiioo oltck, fioai li s lato residence, N . lo6 Sixth avenue, c >rn r of Uroonwicli avoDuc. Foni.t-. ? On 1'ii '.ay, November 1, William H. Fi ruks, ag. (I S3 yeais and V months. Hi" imatives and friends of the family are requested to attend tli ' funeral, from St. Thomas chapel, corner of 1'iiiico and lhompson streets, on Sunday aftornoou, at two o'clock, with nit further Invitation. Fi lm ? At O.-i ci. point, Brooklyn, L. I., on Thursday, October 31 , William 1'. Ft ad, Infant son of Thomas I', and Ann l ord , aged 3 yeai s, 9 months >.nd 10 days. Johnson. -~Ou Thursday evening, October 31, William rUvi? Johnson, a?.d 36 years and 7 monthi>. 'iho friends and reUtn osof tho family aro n-spectfully invitv d t'> attend tho f ,neral, from bis Into residence, No. ifil Klin street, this (Saturday) nftean on. at two o'clock. Mar ? On Wednesday evening, October 30, of inflam mation of tbe lunge, Wm. M. Maktin, ago l 45 years and 10 months. Ills i lends and rehtlves are invited to attend tho fune ral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his lato residence, No. VM Eighth avenue, near Fifty-third street. Mi rk.vy. ? On Thursday, October 31, Mary, rclict of Mr. FrautiB Murray, a el 76 years, formerly of Clanva rsghuH, c it.uty Ihjwu, Ireland. ilor remains will ho interred in tho C'emetry of tlio Holy Cross, F.atb ish,on Sunday afternoon , at two o'clock, from the house i*f hor son-in-law, Mr. It. O Hani, No. L'OT Jay sti C'.'t, Bro<)klyn. The frleudsof tho family aro re spectfully invited to attend. ' llollast, Ireland, i^au Irancisco and Paveu; ort, Iowa, pai o. ? i lease copy . At h.s city residenco, Ix>wer Ormand Qiny, Dub lin, Ireland, Johx AM oxxkll, l jq , proprietor of tho Swift Brook paper mills, Saggard. Deceased was a man ol sterling qualities and of much wealth, but never d' voted himtolf to the pleasures of this world. His acts were ever of tho ' ? k<m>u Samaritan'' kind, ixtul, always unci asing in hiB works of charity to tho jioor aud trieud kss, never did ho let a cts of distro-s pass him without a token of his charitableness aud C'hrisUatuty When dbdresgand privation whs at its zenith in Irelaud, nobly did he meet tho guilders around him, In bis unostenta tious manner; and wthor parts of Ireland folt the iuUu enee t.r Uis go.inn-aitv as well. May ho now meet tho uist reward <ual awaits him. Mi'FscMWfc-It li 'ji-iij U, oq XUuvday, Ocwhvr 51, M M. MifntriH?, gon of Anu-iw and Rarrbt 1'. MiV'eoler*, aged 4 month* and 13 dayi. The rulatlv. ? and friend* or the family arc re?rpectfully Invited t? att'TId the funorat, llil* (?aturilay) rftoroooti . at two o'clock, from the rcHidcnco of bis parent* <5,iioa avenue, between Hunter and lkiwniug tttreet-i. Na*ii ? In Mtidmm, N. Y. , mi Tuesday, October 99. P*. ?am, vrlfo of William Nash, aged 72 years, 2 moutlia ur-4 0 days. ItiLKY. ? On Friday morning, November 1, Mr*. Asi* SUIT, widow of Fdward Riley ,n imtiv of count f DOMfal. Ireland, ug -d 49 yeara, after a abort but an vera llluusu, whteli die bore with christian fortitude. Tfm flrtomta of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral on Sunday afternoon, at half ihhi oua o'clrx fc. from her lair ra-ililonce, No. H.'i {taster *lre?t. SimrtinAN. ? On Frxlay morning, Novombor 1, I iiiup J. Siikimiiak, a uatlvo of cunty Cavan , Ireland, aged 'M yoars. Notion rf funeral In floaday'a lla**t.i>. Pnoitrir.r.. ? On Thursday, October SI, at the rmldonc* of Mrs. M O'Connor, Clifton, fitaten hland, Ma?y An* HHORTiu..m'?ee of Edward Sliortill, divaaaed, lu Uta 2-it your of h<>r i?ge. Tlie relative* and frlenda of the family are rospoatfully Invited to attend the funeral, at St. Pulrkk'a Cutliediul, I'rinee street, tins (Saturday) morning, at eleven o'chiot Sarru. ? At his residence, Iftidson llty, Fire aimers, N. J., on Friday, November 1, Jon Smith, a^ed 04 yearn. Tlie funeral will lake place on Sunday al'teraooa, at three o'clock, from the Grove churoh, New Donlnin. Ki iotn'H of tlie family are Invited to attend without furtln r Invitation. Kr*(?i. ? At Pntt/>ninn, N ,T., <n Friday, November 1, of couaumption, Isaac J. Siai u, iu tbo 74th year of his ngn. The frlonils of the family are Invited to attend hla funeral, frm the reatdence of hu eon- In law, K. Oh horn, corner of Church iuvl Kllison Mtn etn, Pnilerwm, oa Sunday nioraing, at nlno o'clock. nUSCUL.I<ANBUi;S. j^TTltACTIVK UOODS AT LOW PRICES. We deal re to reduce our present stock to tlie lowest po**t Me limit, before the tut of Jnminry. to prepare f.n nil full re ? to w iiN^irtiiieut ne\t S| riug, ami In order to ett'ecl llvla w a shall o'fcr special Inducement* lo our cuatomers troin now until that dale W e ask buyers to examine ilia i|iia!lty and r< vis d prices of our CHINA DINNER ANI>TKA SRTS, OI.A8SW IRE, SIL VER AMI l'LATEl) WARE, AM) OTHER HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, and enpoclallv our ma?nil|eent assortment or CHANDELIERS ANI> OAS FIXTURES. We promise H*ilaiiicti"n In all cases. E V HAUGII WOl'T A CO. 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TRONG'S PATENT AltMV TRUNK AND POBTABLB Bedstead combined, corner of Warreu at. ami Broad tva/. M S TIIK IRISH AMEIUCAN.-IN ANTICIPATION OF theelcefmn <iii Tiu-niny, lh?* ? ity edition of t'ae Iruh Ami'i cm will lift outiitn<H>n on Momlay. Advertisement# will be Inkorted up to Sunday evening. W IIITE HERMITAGE? IN SUPERIOR ORDER. JOHN D( NCAN \ SUNS, Union Square and Fourteenth street. ?PORTING. CAIUIOAT WANTED? SLOOP BIQOED, CENTRE O oo..rd, 2j to % foci lung; must !?? in good order and very low for ensli. Addreas Messrs. A'>ruin liulght ,V Sons, Coctitics slip, Corner W.iter atreet. TOO l.ATK FOR CLASSIFICATION. ~ DEMOCRATIC PERSEVERAX. i: ASSOCIATION, Twenty MMi n | ward.? A meeting of this association la requested, at Mr. Jnmea Brcn/ian'i, ;il!l West Forty- .ightJl street, on Monday evening next. Nov. 4, at 7>? o'clock. I'ujjo tual att?*ni'ft jcu la ret^ie.sto?l as candidates lor approval ar# to be cUojten. JfASIEL Oil \DDY, Chairman, ROBT. COaSijRoVIi, Vice Chairman, Patrick MrnPHT, Secretary. T? I'GKKJ" ?ALL HHillT. WELCOME. I EXPECTED TO \'j hear from you aooner and so did * * but n'-ver mind. Meet me at Belmont's 6>a P. M.; or, if that is impossible* *i>eak through the "Persona in" again. JAi K. IjllRST ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.? -THE DEMOCRATUJ ; Union voter* of the First Assembly dlstrl* t are resjject* fully invited to atte id a masN meeting ttiia (Saturday) even* ing, November 2. at 7>? o'eloek, at toy Greenwich street, it ratify the nomination of Cornelius FJynn for Assembly. Several him akers will address the meeting. ComnUlU c Henry Lmdenstruth, Patrick Mi Dniald, Nieolas Mnller, Patrick O'Connor, Jacob Ouo, Patrick Fitz*iniinons. Kerdi nand Obcihof, Andrew Baldwin, John lto^ncr, Waiibjvr S Uttery. HENRY BICK, Jit., Chairman. liOHT. W. JOHNfTOK, ) TIIO.1. J. Manmhc, | So,:r"*rl" 11AM.MA.Vy HALL FOREVER.? AT A MEETING OF ihe Pirbt Ward Democratic Ward C^mmiU^e, h?*ld oo Thursday evening, October lil, at No. Broadway, the De mocrat.c .State tiek?-t headed David U. Floyd Jones tor S'M-re tary < ?f Stat<*, and the Democratic County ticket hentled W in. M. Tweed lor Slunll, w? re unanimously endi>r?ed, every im tnber pledging to give the tie.kets an earnest and heart/ sdppoit. On rioition, tfie foiiowtng named gentlemen wera appointed a Finance Committee:? Tlioma? Byrnes, Jaiue* liamscy and John Mo >re. R ?l?ert Walker, Treasurer. WM. JENNETi', Chairman Ward CommiLtee. Bobicbt Lkk, / ? , Miciiarl Mkkiiab, ) 'r 8 Til WARD GERMAN DEMOCRATIC CLUB? AT TII8 rcgiiiiir mn uriK of ilie u'wv'e Clu i, lield at the house of George Raueh, It.') Mpilng aire t, on Friday evening, .V'VeJU Ik t 1, Hie c.ui lidau a were unanliiioualy a iopled oy i he Club:? For Dl~ir.t t Attorney, A. Onk?y Hall; lor hueitu, Jr.nies Lyneh; lorCounty CierK, Henry W. U"iiei;> pei'M.H' r, Uaorge Kutier; r. r Coronera, Dr. NV. S iiirmer, Uiptain John VSIidey. Dr. Luehsn H. Wright, llenry lln^liea; lor Senator In Fourth dlairlei, CiirlBHitn It. \t u nl ; u J , ;or Aaaemblym .n In Third dtstrl t, Ui'orKO Loutrel. oEiiRUE RAUCH, President. IIenkt Wi!>??K, SecreUtrj. nril WARD.? AT A MEETING OF THE WORK1NO luen'a Ilidi p< nd' ut Democratic C':ub, at Xo 20ft avenue on Tuesday ovnlng, O t. ??, the loll' wing eac dniatea were endorsed:? Jainea Lyntii lor Slierllf, Luke V. Co/.nn-, for S nan r, Filth district, Patrick ij. ii.. y ? i?r member ol A<"iubly, Twelfth diatr.el. l'ATRIt-K KEARNEY .Chairman. Patriek Ronuan, Vlre Chairman; Michael Kahey, Hocr*. tary, Patri< k pulley, Treasurer. |> >TH WARD rxii.N CI.l'B.? AT A MEETING OF THK JLO above club, held at J. Callahan's house, un f rlaay ei en m?. Nov. I, a motion was made and carried thai Mr. Rlely'a resLnutloii be hereby adapted. On motion, the following reselutu/ii was unanimously adopted:? IA hereas, on laat Wednesday evening, Oct. 30. ccvtalu par ties eauie to our meeting aoou after we bad adjourned and endorsv l Thomas U. Ferris for Coroner, w hom the ragular meeting rejected? Resolved, Th it In that so-called endorsement of Mr. Fer ris, we do hereby unanimously reject the gentleman. THEODORE LUYbfEK, Preaident. Jonit Hiiitmoi, Secretary. Jamks Callaiian, TBUBIW. (>f\TH WARD WORKING MEN'S UNION DEMO cratle Club.? There will be a meetiug of the rnein la rg of thla club on Sunday evenlntL Nov. 3, at half past four o'clock, at Patrick Fleming'*, <'.( Seventh avenne, between Thirty-ninth and Fortieth stre'.-ts. By order. TERENCE SMITH, Chairman. Jonw McCarrRir, Secretary. c. I ll TO~ ?lU-TO LEASE. VOB ONE TO TEN YEARS, a vera I Houaea, ?tv{, cuortyarda and verandal\ ironta; also. Lots on Fin>M>#t, FUty con I > ?D,J '' tylhir4 streets and Tenth ?nd El^ntb avenues; 130 lotaafv* already built on, leased l'< r live .o ten years; relit to pry *i\* nam. Imiulre of UenA STRIKER or h * agent, Hity thlr4 street, near i:\ ve-#lb a v- on ue. -ud MuUi Cui a ' Vs?y 4t:C -4.

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