Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1861 Page 7
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A R.VLE5 AT AUCTION. ? '? v>-- ? y^ vv^ ^ ? ^.-v^rs. ASSIGNEE S SALE OF ME8SUS. J. Sl C. UEURIAN* STOCK or HOr.SK Kl' NivlllNO GOODS. JOHN E. VAN ANTWKttP's SON, Aii<'tlnna#rv will ?e!l ou Monday, Tiie day eu<! W dnesday, November 4, 5 and fi, commenefmr eaeh" <U? a' 10 o'ch?efc, the entire atoek con tained In thcatore N ?. o il ItiMH lw*y, ornbraeii g a very do. arable iivs 'vui.fnt of lla<u<' Pur o on in# A r??. ??*, eletfinfc Silver ami Plate 1 Whit, :? n** Lmdon ground buck T?a Trays and Walter *, supi i.i.r Table Cutlery; Uritanla, Will "W and Wo'ulen Ware and Japanie-d ?:? od*. A an a large variety of Fancy artlch*#, Ae., ,vo., t H wh ?> beim t In* larvM h o -k of the kind in tiifM < fly having been *?Je<t<?d with care lor tho retail lm* lne*a. The xve'l known reputation of the MoHhr#. Bi-rriin i? a auli'u-iont * i tranUe for the quality of tie atfK'k, and .* therefore wrii worth I bo attention of tho > ho peremptorily Hold without any , in I >ank. !?!?? AkuI*. liy order of i i?- t aj-iM1". i ;;i ;:n< > ni'- i? in i ??a / .and n ay 1 0 ut tho h\>. vtj pl.i o and at the More of th , a jrt.oneer, .No. 7J \V ttl-u a ativet. A MOHTIMKK U1UFFIN A CO.. AUCTIONEERS . ? Over $liU>*? v\o -h oio ; .IP and eo -i!y ll<m>oho d 1-V. r wturc, to ho {mm.' .?.!?(. t'ily ?-,(d at p..! I o *?uiet'< n. t'.i* <t; y {Saturday), at 11 o'? 1 ' k, at privet.- ivo^mo, 48 We-L Six teenth Mr. el, bet.xven ; . i :?! .t!, ..v.-iiijo-'? i:*'S0Ww??.| 7*oeUve Pianofot ii?, r ? I Draw 113 R m\ SiiU*, i-oko Wn.'d an 1 inah(-?;.iii> 1J di in F mHntc, oak Dining Ko an i'rrnituro, I'aitit.n-s. Kiatr ? ? , H uy?-?*? ud Kn-?? :e>; Hook ?">? , Mirr- rs I, ? . C (u n^. \ m ? *il Painrnaa, Velvet and Brn.-.a h C in-r E n iii! ', I'.ttffM, SI v?*r Ware, Taidet niery, Ward! -? Hair it! d Spriii- MutnoK^'H, Uod M' ni?, Co-ijino i. s, \V i h "?tan I , <?: ":li, Sta'r t arpoif, Hofaa, Koi ikera, Doddin^, .vo. Alno hnui' a^aorimont ot Daao* tnontaud Km hen Ki u nro. s - < } ???siitve, rain or ahino. \ ICTION NOTK li ? A I? \!iK ori'UR Tl'N ITY TO OU* JV Lain in*., ? rlrtvs i 1 ? i\?i ii ? ? J ?? :n f-iio a' aiiot:?.>n. W. H* 1 ' ? I A l* ,\t N A' CO., \ .t(- on? i*! *i. v. ll ?*oll. this day (Sat; r Mav ), at -?/ ?! ? -k, t.l t'?o t !o ant 11- .si hold F'irnittirr. s ? . n 00 av? I'taunforio, Paf'.'.incH a'ni Works of Art . :?ntaiu?*d in . tho Ur o :i,a: -I n h'.n? ? > <0 W? st Twcnty-nlxth wr ot, j n ar Hi \ i !? nu-m ?, r >k* i uo/?d ??: ! mah? if#inv | Sou Km kora, t'i^ain*. Ta '??!??-, Kt.^vri ?*, Ilo ?k ??????, C"?k: .r:J. A ? ? l * i *?* i : w.,;.-. 1': - ? - i tn 15 W .! d- ! 1 ulioM, Wa^h^tLnd: . t* ouiji.' '? Sit.a :u ; j;ta:oU. llnih-t, l.:i ??? t'urtains, Mlri : iv, S* :t?l . V.r ? -a, Cl^ K'-, China and xv.'' it*, S hvruiuv , ' ,v Ct , Oil I'nfnfii (<afr Mat. u-vb c.*t l'*< ' ? ! i ? r 1; -, ?*. M. U' i v s.-'n i;, U', Shoots. AN i Ba'-oi.i' iit and Kitihi-.i Fuu.'itnic. Salooom in?*i't?lnf? at 'J . look t :. . a ? rtnmn. I'CTtoN' NO'iit'Ii. ? M. iKirtiHT^, AUCTION, I, th - d.y s r ' ? y > . I* l '.^ o*.-!o U. at sal. -v. rn>mro >a?**tt? s;rv ,i . . ?.<< u:(w,oiif of I! ns?h'?id !? ufniluro, O. rj ! >?. O;:- I lis ms wood and nial-o any l\ir lor Snitfi, vl/.. - To ? a-'iV . s, iv.ror ami Ann (!!vtir, Poo'i ruMH, n:a:??'c . lVnt,v Tablo*. Mir. n, I -.fin on Din n,' Tublt-K. Dining C\ a'i?, r-; s in U.iroauH. Wa*h-t rols, V d bioad^, l/a.rMafti? >N , F ? I'n r f *< .to, tho x\h l.- to he \) v i j torilx for oa#h. \ I'OTION SA1.K OF KKADY MADII CLOTHING, JLC.? ./V A. M. (-UI^TAi.AK. 'u- tioi:i rr. - ? l-?nvrry, w il ?oj1 on Monday, Nov# non'v t. ,{ n''^ i." lo- k, a larno and v.vll so stofk <>f h- a ? ?! | i I ? t iiiii ?/, ? onpii- n; Clo?h, C.w wlmoro, Boarrr and I * j lo r Fro U. iinsinohs nil I o* 'T <*oaU; DocHkin. Cl ?[h, <*??< i ,mm*o and Satinot I'aiits, Siik, Sit. n, Volvoi. Clot., ami C ?v N'ohis. A\* ? Cloihs, ( a. mo . oh, tx.lwit!, \ t.n^h, Trimndm;*. Ilnltons, Binding. Ho 'f? aud ShooM, Dr. <i 'odn, Kaucy U??. da, ?t". A rCTION NOT ft i: ? <ATAI,Ot;l KSOK Till I MKSSKS. J\ Mi*: lians' hi i k m II n .??, i .rnUliin?: t?oodiit ?v. .. tu U? Hidd at auct on ,.u Momlay, T.ioi ay and W.'dnos<i iy, Nuvo?n *h?'r4 and ti. a r?- n tvii 'y and max la- h it! at thoir s-.ui ?, No. 601 Hi*oadxvay. an i at ta*o ol1 tho aiiotionoor, N .. 73 Vili/am Hirt vi. JOHN E. VAN ANTWFHr a PON, Amtiono'-r. OF H(H,\>K1K,LD Ft KNlTl'llK, -On amount ot ornn'r imr'h?H"r?, Cli V.MBKKS A rAIKcnm.D will *11, h -? ay (Sat ir.ia v), Novomh: r?f IVd Ut 10 A. M? at N W. i,,, l.u an 1 Kl v .ual nr ?? t, tho iulunoo id' tho St., * rou IvAag of W.?r Hh'-mik, niarlilu top Tahh-w. t'lia rs, itovki'rn, ,v?\, Also Ofli o r urnituro, Iron S ift- Dt sk>, Cliairx, Ac , I?.v ojdor of ? \N M. hi TON, Aaaigtieo. Al/OTJON NOT I 1-EZKA LUDLOW, Jr., ha* removed to 62 Lihrrtv .<.?!?? :, between Broa wa and N. .?* ^?t > treat. Sale tlda day, .n lJoM . k, of K ? ? ..*.?. \ s. huH': iiirf top Koa I Wums, two-son i e a ;ons D. jHit n d Jaagei Wag? np, .vc , n xvandio-i ndliand; a jfuool be.*.t city uiak**; also vnyle . i.d , o t 1" ll^r o ks. AC. TITTLE, AUCTION HKK? NO. ,t BUOAD STUKBT. ? DC'lOll iJl iJiOUS K ?OIS AT PUlVATfi SALK, ISCLUD1NU 1IYA? I M IIS, T LIPS, OLADIOJ.ES, Ac.. Ac. Just received t'rot?? Ho! la id, in iota to mi It. 4 ircrrov NOTICE.? KCKMIAM S FCHNITl RE EX J\ press and narking ost.ibli?;hrnoiit, 113 West K evotith street, boiween Fifth an I Sixth avenues. Ho:taoh<'hi furni ture boxed and ahlppod to all parta of the xvi?rld. Coxtrei wa^onjifor removing to and from the country, l urniiure stored. BP.OWNE a MCIIoLH, AC( TRlNKEKS-Wlf L SFLL this day (Sa'ur h.y >, Nov. 2. at 10* j ? ?*,o. k. ?.t ?h3oi* ?om an 1 guiles i?'N 3 > N ?>-au >ti oet a large and ele jem assort aiont <?f Rente d Ho '.S'o.ol 1 Knr,i tore of ev. ry deseript o ', re moved for "onx'enion c of wile and to pav udvam e.^, eonsls*. lag of very ri *h so!fd earv?*d rosewood S i'H, in mi !n and || brocatel pliuli and r^ps; also plum H iu, tn aanio; elo;*rnt nod vo.'y hixlily liuinlmd t'n.'irnber S.dt^, in rojowood, ma* hogaiiy an l black walnut; e.o^ant bla-k xva'nut Library Suits and Dining K >om Soils elegant r osowood Atnour-a Glacc. rosewood i n i bak xv.imu U<Hikeasoa. Set r.-tai i?*H and Etcm'reH; very rioh curved IJuU'ct^, iu oak, I ltek xvitlnut and mahogany ; L ata :? s, i?i roos, ie. hu* and damask; osrved pillar and plain K' t-na on Tabh-s; oak an I Idaek xval nut Dining, Hail and < ? ill *?? C a:ib; ol?-gant Lilt Frame French Plate Pier and Mantel O asae*; a large lot ot Oas BiackeUand Ormolu a:id II-* mmi CUand. .lets. ALfi), Onaeconnlof whom it may eom-crn, 250 Army B la tike t?, ^ray and blue. Brown a nichols, auctioneers? will this day (Saturday >, Nov*. 2, at 1 o'clock, In front <?f salesroom, 35 Nassau street, a sorrel Mn re. 15 hands high, win* tears old, aojnd. kind and gentle in all harness, ;md a line saddle beast; also two seat no top Wagon and three sets of Harness. TTJY JOSEPH II BGEM AN. ?MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, JO at 10;? o clock A. M , at No. 1(M Wmi Wiii'rcn, between iVnirl aiw Cdiiton ?trwU, Brooklyn, Furniture, in good or der; mahogany Parlor and ()h?mlier Furniture, marble tot ?; Malatatid, Dining Tables, Mattresses. Brcs<el* and Iiij,r?in <!.trpeifl, Oilcloths, Refrig ratorand Kitchen Furniture. BV VIRTUE Of AN EXECUTION, I WILL EXP08B for ?ale on Saturday, at 1(1 o'clock, at No. IK) Maiden Jane, all the right, title and interest ofWm. M. Hayes that be ?liaJ in and to a double cylinder Printing Pre aa on March 22. 1S<51. The above press Is nearly new, and capable ot' printing ',500 copies per hour. HENRY WEST, Constable. Daniel a. mathews, auctioneer-sales room 70 Na?s?u a/reef, to'wcn John and Fulton. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARPETS, PIANOFORTES, Ac., 4c.? DANIEL A. MATHEWS will fell at big salesroom t'lisday (Saturday), at 10)? o'eba k, a large assortment of new and second h ind Furniture, viz; ? Parlor and Chamber Suit*, Centre, Extension and Card Tables, Bullets, Bookcases, Bu reaus, Wardrobes, Sofas, Chair*, Bedstead-. Feather Beds, flair Mattresses, China, Glassware, Velvet, tfruste's. Tnree ply, Ingrain and Stair Carpels. Also, one rosewood Phrno forte, made by Chi ? kerlu^, of Boston; one mahogany do. made by Lewis AjBrowne, x Oo , Boston. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER.? LARGE SALE OF NEW ? and second huud Fumlti.r", Carpet*, Oihl ehs. 10 French plate Mirrors, Biiliard Table, Worsted Good *. a i . ? This day (Saturday), Nov. 2, st 10>* o'clo. k, at ll.'i Fulton street, near Nassau, the entire furniture of n small house, removed to the store for convenience of s le, and embr u ing almost every kind of good Parlor, Din ir; H >om, Bedroom and Basement Furniture; one very anterior -?uii *?f rose wood Pur'.or lunitnre, In rich bio ;.de; 10 %'reneh Plate Mirrors, a!l Glials o! Carpets and Oil lotlss, Bed-* rim! Mai tresses, Extension Tables, Sofas and Sofa Beds, Bo Wardiobes, Centre, Card mid Pier Tables. Dres^in.; Bu reaus, French and Goth! Bedstead?, together with every other descrij t on of second hand furniture. Also one stipe r lor rose wee mI lillliard Table, nearly new. Also a huge n s sortmentof Znphyr Worsted Goods, Ladies' Hoods, Ja? kels, Sontags In large quantities. Sa'c peremptory. Also about JfJO curl maple Chairs, ail p ittcrns. /GEORGE COOK. AUCTIONEER -ASSIGNEE S SALE ' VT of superb Household Furn ture. ? This day, at 11 o'clock, | at 141 Broadway, consisting ?*f Parlor Suits, Chamber Suits of rosewood, mahognnv. Ida k ualnut and oak; Parlor Sec- I relaries. Canterbury Music Cabinets. Etegeres, Buffets, En- ) cotgneurs, Wardrobes, Armmir-a -^Iwft, Bookcao -s, si-Sc i Boards, Extension burnt; Tables. Chairs, Lounge ?, Library i Suits, Vases, Fancy Tat l?s. being a very large stock, mads for private sale, and warranted. Catalogues at sale. HEN ST H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER? HENRY H. LEEDS <& CO, will sell at. auction on Saturday, Nov. 2, at 12 o'clo k, at tin? saleroom, *?t Nassau street, Slierlil's sale of valuable Oil Paintings and Gilt F rames. By order of JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. B RE ILLY, Deputy Sheriff. Henry ii. leeds, auctioneer.? henrv h. ! LEEDS A C<>. will sell at auction on Saturday, Nov. 2, j jit o'clock, at the salesroom No. 23 Nassau gtre t, House bold Furniture, Brusseln an ; Iugraln Carpets, carved rote* ! wood Suit in ?rirna>n brw?tel% rosewood Suit In given flush, oak Extension Dining Ta -l \ carved r<?- wood Ariuolr- | a-Glaec, rosewood Beda'ea.l, mahfjgany Bedsteads, mahogn- i ii) </(>uch, mahogany (' trd Tubte, ros<*wo??d marble top Cen. | ire Tables, Etege. res, c vrved roHewood Bookcases, ctne sent ; < 'hairs, Ro bert*. Aimi one superior seven o tav- rosewood i Pianoforte, made by Bo.irdnian >i Grnj ; Dolce Compana at- I tachment; c st $C00. Also one superior rosewood seven oc- | tave Piano, made by G. vk H. Barmore. A'so a line collection j of miscellaneous stindnrd Books, being the balance of a private library. Also, immediately after the sale ?f furni ture, Fine Oil Pa ntings, Engravings, Drawings. Are., em bracing a larpe col.'o 'ioij cf modern and ancient Oil P.ifn? Ings, a portion of which are the entire gallery of u i,e i lc man heaving fcrEuropi*. Among them will t;e found the works of (i. U. Hall, W. M. Brown, Walco', Siantield, Hope, Mills, Wagner, Tenl? in and others. Also a liii" line of Engravings, richly framed, with a large number of other modern and old Oil raititlngs, to be sold without res- rve to el? se account and invoices. Tliey are now ready for oxauii* nation as above. Henry h leeds, ACTrosEER.? assignee's Sale.? TIENRY 11. LEEDS .V CO. wi.l sell at auction, on Tuesday, 5ih, and Wedm -?day, 6th Sovciiibi'r, at H o'clock, each day. in the warcrnoms of Messrs. S< bailer A Buckow, 52?1 Broadway, between Bprlu ? and Prince streets, up sta'rs, assignee's sale of eb ga u t i.rst class Furniture, to be s <1*1 without reserve, to close the concern? consisting of Stilts of ros-'WfKMl, carved open work vine pattern^, Ac.; p..r lor Suits, with other vaii uies, In mn%jin, Ae? Canopy and <?ther rosewo d Eteg^ tcs; very richly carved (;entj-e Tables brocatel and statuary tops; carved Extension Tables, with Cbalri to match; rletily carve l t' .ns >le Tables and Glasses; Buffets, carved in fruit and tfov ers, hea^s, Ac.,itt f'^-'wo h!, block walnut and; carved n il S::i:nls r.n.l C!. ?ir t ? match; it^cword, blaek walnut and oik rich!) ean etl;< ?k cises; plate glass, satin wood l;ned Secretaries, Library Ta bles, Ac. Also, an elegant and complete as? ortmcdt ?>t B?*d. room Furniture, in rosewofsl, black walnut and lunho^.mj ; rosewood canopy c rved Be pi ?ln carved and others, extra line carvul Dressing Bureaus; In '<t s-ttiii wort and ? edar Fiench pi ite ula;>s A ruoir a (il.'r.*e do., ebony Chairs, Ac ; together with a g? neral imsortm/nt not enumerated and usually found in hu fcvensi," ehtabiisbment. They can lie examined any time previous t > the sal?*. nENftY !l LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. HENRY H LEEDS v CO. u III s"ll at aucti m en S.i turday, N ?v. 2, at IJ o ciocl:, at their salestooni, S3Mhs?uu street. Two valuable Oil Paintings, to be gold positively witbou' i ^erve, to pay advances and ehargen, vis: Death of O" k Mo ?' the Battle of Camden, by i?. M. C r ter; size 4J\fC, li.diiy franied. A'so the Legend oi St. Mi -liael, by D. M. i'srter; size ;y>x6o, richly framed. T'ae ah, \*e two tin" paintings :-re r?f large cabinet size, an 1 are considered by connoisseur-* to be two of the above artist's lwst woi k *. They will be sold positively without reserve, to pay advanceg an i charges. Henry grkf.n, auctioneer? will sell this day, at 1 U * j o'clo- k, at liH William street, 10 bo\e? | Soup, 15 twixcs Vermicelli, Mus'.ml, Pickles, Prunes, 10,00*) begars, iVc. Also at 11 o'clock. Dry Goods, Clothing, Over coats, 100 doz. Spool Cotton, 3d, 000 Percussion Caps, lot of Men's Gaiters, ll<vse, Belts, Shawls, Piece Goods, Ac. JOHN II. HURLEY, AUCTIONEER ? W ILL SELL THIS day, at 2 o'clo k, at 414 Canal street, a large assortment Hof dressing and nth* r Bureaus; Pier, Mantel, Bar and other Glasses, Centre and other Tables, Sot^s, Sola Beds, Dining And other Tables, mahogany R " king and other Chairs, Ward robes, Washstauds; ni.?hogany, black walnut and other Bed au ads, Bookstands; Brussels, three ply. Ingrain and other Carpets, Oilcloths, Rugs, 11 dr and other M.turesaes, Feather Beds, Pillows, Bolsters, Comforters, Blankets, Bedding, Cut duiu, Cutlery, Suits in haircloth, iuuiicn Furuiturv, ?lc. b# ?M YlUstut rm u\%> SALES AT AVCTIOJf. JMPOHTANT SALE UK HOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION OnThURSDAY NEXT. Win. M. lloliitigsliead, Auctioneer. We invite the attention o!' barer* to our (I UK AT AUCTION SALE , , Oil Thursday, Nov. 7, ul I0K o'cloi k, ? ill h will romprii-e ONE l llol -SAND CASKS SEASONABLE BOOTS A.N1) j SHOES, j MEN S ! ' Y s' a' k 1 >' Y oL 'I IIS' BOOTS OF THE IHUHER OltADES, ? , Adapted to the bt *t retail trade. | ALEXIS 1IBA00 A W VRIiliN, 3) Warren street. rl". TltAVER, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE 170 CHATH AM , st Ml ? I I I! |I l.v, M 1 ?0I1 o cl ???It. M 11# Cl d ,r i ? r I, i tin <? i?. lleer I'uinpx, liar Fixtures, Mirror*, Cio. kit, : S liis, Sofa Botum Cltaire, Buivaus, L iniim-f. B> Ulead*, I ilr turn;', Bi'U* els and oiler Car}', l?, Oi i-I itlii, Stoves, j icil"iu'ii Kui nlluri , Cnvki ry mill Gwsswuii , Ac. I I'. TitAVEIi, AUCTI'NOER? OFFICE 170 CHATHAM el. street, wli s II thin day, n to ??', l. ? k, .it iir ? < 'I., rry .?iivn, ? ? rin i- " it lv 1 1', fp. nn<J Coutiier, tu n Beer J*ump?, j the and tin I'.alliui S ml C.t-k,, Faucets, Bui' I l islurei, I r Box, Minor,^irr., Si ? ais, Ac. I u A ?). BOG A lt'l , AUCTION EE US. ? TI 1 1 S DAY, AT 10); f'. u'clo.'k, ut (ii - uiii Uun i < ? ' in h Nu. 1 Nurtli W lllia u I street, Ja:';** fd ?' ul Iloust hold Furtiituic, I'lano, Ac., eon ! s t.i g Iir ex'tr tar, ? Frctn h l'l .lr Mil ra>. Brunei*, Ti r-"* | 1*1 V Mnl Ingrain Carpets; O.ielolh*, M.'tung, mulm-any ' S'iI'.ik, Liuiuik, Wai* u ? - , tiiuliog.ny Eut'iiaiou li.nln; Tallies, n, utile I t'.Mitro Tt I" t 'ui ,1 t.ii \\ ut Tides, Dr. Mil- 1=1,1. u ? ? , Kiiilosril WwliMatt'li., II 'ilsie. h.*, Mut In ?-'???, ifi'il In;,'. malKr??ny ( \at.i e/itid t'uiie 11 ittom Cliuit*, hi t.ii.tun Kti.n i t, Cooking ami i ,u sin ???, Kii'tiieti Fur i I ut it i. n I t .-ii si In. ALsi i,u ; Inn.' i.'iiiti.t. rSiit.vv tine, oiiij l'l- II I Til i'.l.u. C>? .'i taVr l'l. II- ill I SI i mi. Al<u one spirt:.' Ui I5hi C.?uuter, writli Bt'i'i* I' inps, i'rulim apt arnltts, ?. Al o il'ii -t., Light \i' tfon, S ng!i mnl (?t.tibli- II irness. A > ? I nil. u'jlc'a S.lU) l.t Ii ??'? I.I k. A 1->I ??: lla'.,l'.?p alnl I B.i Lit*. MICHAEL i'Ot LY, Cuuclabl -. QIIKHUT S SAI.E? FINE SlllitTS. 0 CHAM BE 118 .v I'AIKi llild), Auctlmi id. Wi'.l h. 'I a tlii'li halair ii.ii, > I t .Sas'.tii mti'i I thii dnv, Nt?. i mli -I i', at lu n'clo.l., lib Uu/.< Ii line Siiirl: , ?i.|i. rior iiutiiiiv niiJ iaiiliUiiiiililu utylcii. JoilN KKLLY, Sin riff. ril CAPFNEY, Al'CTIONEEK? t>'"K!CE 170 CHATHAM 1.. r -t t ? '.Mil Mill ? .ii Kntlay, Nm-.-iniK r I, at lOo i lm k, i In- 1 ittiri. sin k ul ihf *'M i>-' iiilUlti'-l | . i'ii i li:?i'utn iiinl iljiini I' ' I'Htnlillshuit'iit l'ii.;htli HVi'.rn-, h tw r, n TiK'n 1 v-ei ;litli uuil Twitiity-uilllii ytii'it*. . ? no'.u s if WIikIow Mnuli i'npi'i llaiiis.nt's, I^cn mnl Vu in i ni.ius, 4o., &C. [''.miilics HII.1 iiiiit'i'M will to well in ntti'iirt liiis sale. Tlti' i.tnivc mi!i' will Lr ciiiitiiii i',1 tli'? (lay t Saturday), Nar. 2, ?i ilii' name li/nti an I |i!.?v*. W M. ABBOTT, Al'CTION i:KU ? O! FICE, NO. 4 EAST u Brii i.lwny, hcIIh on this day, ut 10}( n*cl'i 'k, ihe LrtiM*. St. n it and Fixture* <n' tin' Liqi or Store I vt 'IWxIfth itii-ri, Ii.'. i' i'ii Kt aVOiiui'. Ki it I'liiutiM, tuo Inn* taillllliTM, Bean die*, tllns, and nil tit ln-r Ll'|iiiii's; Fixture*, 4e. Ac. DRY GOODS. 0OMT1M1 ATI ON OF TUE GREAT < U?SlN(i SALE of ilie Stork of EDWAUD LAMBERT A i'O. No. 417 llltOADWAY. KRLSH REDUCTIONS Arr C'tnUinlly being made iu prico*. to enntire llie ?>?le of tl:c entire Black prior to the l.-t of lieeenilH-r, ESl'Et IAL ATTENTION I* invited to the tmki.f EMBItOIDEItlEH, EIIAWLS AND CLOAKS. SILKS, And ottier DRESS GOOD?. To which will be found some very choice ntyles at exceeding ly !.,?? price* QLOAKS, cloak.-. We oifer al retail ti In rro nn > t Urunlvr Ktrck of CLOTH AND BEAYEK CLOAKS, nt extremrly low prices r.if stork ttiuiiprW* all the latest and molt liishionalilr Kttr'.es, iiiaiitif.ti liiri'il expresaly far tUo liroi.du ay retail trade. E. S. M1LI.S A CO, 41.1 Broadway, near Canal street. WholeMle nloik as tutial a I 341' an I i Binadway. 0 LOSING OUT SALE. RICH PARISIAN FASHIONABLE SHAWLS. GREATEST SACRIFICE EVER KNOWN. POSITIVELY FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. LAST CHANCE, AT c*l BROADWAY. CI It. A J. Jl. EE LTV, I". No. C50 Broad *r ay. New York, Are now offering iiti'.iaiial Inducement.', to jmrchai,, i* of Curtain MnierUI*, Fiirntliii* Ci.verln ?*, Brocalels, Satin De Ijilae. ami Daiitai-k", I.n'.tr, Mn* in and Nottingbtim Ourlain*, I iit.-llni', K"ps Cornlcc* and WINDOW SHADES. They employ the best iipholnti I'" r> , and cxecule with great taste mi l Kklliall oilier* rulriisted to thein. KILUIIBRY, &<?? B INN'S MILLINERY? 7,ARC?EST Atit) CHKAl'KHT IS the world. Black Velvet Hon net*, new styles, this day, at L. BiNN'S Millinery, 5bl Rrodway, up .?taii>. Boh nets of every ? nor; Children's Huts, Trnrellfna BouncU find Mourning Hats for l;:db s /CHILDREN'S HATS, NKW PATTERNS.? KISLT AND \J Beaver Turbans an d I lata, for children of aliases and sexes, comprising i large a id select nssoriinent, ttimmed and untrimrned. Milliners, merchants and dealers Htipplied at mnnui'i.ctei'H' prices, for cash. Your personal Inspect Ion rc* *pect fully invited. WM. BAXTA, 3>7 0<itial street, corner of Woaster. BENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. An importer's stock, eoinnrthing the new^j styles of Paris Aititirlal Flowers and Millincty tiuods, s? fling'otr at low priccs ut 404 Broadway (up stalls). (M)THIXO. ATTHK OLD 8TAND, 131 SEVENTH AVENUE, Y./.W j KIKLS ^uarauiee, to nay ihc following price* f .?? Indies' ! rn.1 gentl^inen'a cast off Weai fng Apparel: ? Krom $S to $D i for sills dre?ses, from $5 to $20 tor c >ats, from $1 50 t?> $7 1 for punts; also Carpets. Furniture, .Jewelry, A". A note by f p< si punc.tuillv intended to by E.t 134 Seventh avenue. La- { diet attended t<> by Mrs. B. k TTENTIOX.? LADIES AND QBXTLEMEN. IK VdU j Jx. wish to secure the t;.il value for your cast oil' Clothing, I t'arp"tM, Fui uituiv and Jewelry, and not to he. humbugged , ly false price oii'rrurs, the b?>t von can do Js to n nd a note ? to B. MINTZ. 137 Six tti, where you w !? be ? u< to ie. eeive 60 p *r ciMit nil <r?' than f rom any other dealer. Ladles j attended by Mrs. Mint/. 137 blxth avenue, between Tenth f and Eleventh streets. Attention, ladies and oextlemex.? ;f you ' wish to get the lull value for your t'a**. Oil' Clothing, | CarMt4, Furniture and Jewelry, the beat you can do is to i send a note to F. HARRIS. l.'?G Seventh s venue; there you 1 ma j be convinced vou will be dealt with to your satisfaction. I For Silk Dresse*, from $8 to $40; for Oat*,' from Si to $10; I lor Tauts, from $1 t? $r?. P]ei*e don't Jorgi I. l"w> Seventh j nvf nue, near Twenty -ftrbt street. Ladies attended by Mrs. ! Harris. 1 BETTER CHANCE THAN EVER FO.v LA DJKS AND | J\. gentlemen to obtain the bit: h est price for their c ??-.* otf j t loTlnng. I guarantee to pay the following ju ices: ? l-'i.r Silk I?reKhes, from $10 to 540; from $5 to $20 for Coat? ; Ir ?in $ to $7 for Pants; al*o Carpet*. Furnlt.itre and .!? .velry. Please <n i on or address J. ANHALT, 1"?- >? venth avenue, between Twentieth and Twetriy-arst streets. Ladies a.tei.dcd by Mrs. An halt. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTH INO.? LADIES AND gentlemen having any ciihtoiV Clothing, Furniture and Carpet*, will receive the highest prices by ealiing on or ad* dreading C. MISII, 302 Seventh aVcuui , h< 'tween Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladies atten led by Mrs. Mish. A RARE CHANCE.? $12, t*)0 WORTH Ol CAST OFF Clothing wanted, to supply California and \V"Mcrn markets; Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, ?tc. \ do not pretend to alter nominal prices, as is. done by some, b*.t f guarantee to pay tne utmost .value for each article by calling on or ad dressing E. 11., 70 Sixili avenue, second floor, shove Waver ley place. Lad e-> attended by Mrs. L. II. A CARD.? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, 11 YOt. Wish to dispose of y< ur cast off Clolhliu, Furniture, Jewelry Ac., v ?u wl'l find it vvntly to jour udvan: ik?* by calling on or a Idresving A. DVCAS, Seventh avenue, as nothing In exchange wLl he ojfer-'d, only cash and current mon-y will l?c pild. Ladies attended to by Mrs. It. Abetter chance still.? ladies and ukn tleman. I have a great demand for east off Clothing for | the Western markef : also Furniture, Carpets and J?"V"Iry, Mr. I guarantee to p vv the highest price by calllnw on or ad I dressing M. ABRAHAMS. 213 Seventh avenue, beiweeu | Twenty-flfih and Twenty-sixth streets. Ladles w.ll be punc I tually attended to by Mrs. A. At the new stand. 293 third avenue. Ladies Hiiilgi'Dlii ran wi'iir.> tlic value for t'r n .1-1 nil 1,'lmlilnB, by Tallinn <>n or nridrCMtng Jacob.. ao:? Tiilr l avenii.', lx>twc?Mi T?i nty-ihlrl and Twenty-fouvih reft". 1 L<idi> d <1 by Sli-.j V. .litcol *. COAL. ~ / <OAI. 80 ? THE r.KSr COAL KOR STOVE \ND v_' mnur list'; burnsfrce, without waste; wftiiM full ' weight. LOYD & '*??.. .121 Eljtlith nvrniic, corner of street. 1 ( "lOAL ? l'EAL'II ORCHARD, LEHIOH AND I.nrl'.-T j Mo inlaln, >varran:cil 10 l?' fconuino articles M the low* ? in.irkt i in r, fr in, M K'nujtor ton I. .?'? ironi bouts Al-o, Ciimb ? land, Er.glisli i'..nn -1 at.. I Liven i I o'Ti'l. ol the choii e.'-i <iu 1 i <. :ii i iirr-'it rate. IIBNKV 1IEEKE. (.' .rnei oi c.i:i l and Centie, and u>rner\Veat and .lane tt>. FIH.MTIKE. i BEDBiiOM si IT 01' ENAMEIXED FL'RXITl'RE I J\ 'or $?-4. In all colors of wiirniuu-'t mimul.i i'iri-; also ' ? '.iil i ne.tiuit d'umber Sutirt. plain and oriiamemal, ut II. I'. KAI'KINUTON'S, 30 Canal street, opposite Woosn-r. E? | t^blixbrd In t 1,L KINDS OK KURXITURE, < ii I CLOTHS. BED, J \ i!iH8. Cii 1 v. M .ii . e-s- -. tVmhei BedK hough', and the lii)jhe?t puce p ilil for the kiwi*, at IH Canal micct Variez. I.'NAMELIED CIIAMi:i;i: Sl lTS Ol" KURNITUREL IX J'J all i 'jIoi " ??lid -tylrs ?t ?? hol<-?.Ucai 'I retail, at tSSan I iipwrfrd*; .:l ?' M"tre.--I -.inil l,alll?>.?-s WARREX WARD, 177 tiauat .treet, four i|ih,i m ea-i i f lSroa<1wa\. , TJHRST CLASS ENAMELI.ED FURNITURB? PLAIX r deeorii i d and grained; ?oli I e. alnut and oak Set>. ir. KM'w. h' Bel, Ac s is f . . <ii fa upwards J. \V. FISHER A f).. Manufa; : tirei-H, tiv* Broadway, between , lllee. Iter and Bond street", maible building. TjIUBNITURE.? TIIR MIiillKSI' PRICKS PAID FOR J? second band Furnit ue ainl Carpet* in any quantity, cinnll |ol? or l.iru". I'oun ry uillt mien le.l to; a goo.l s<oek alwnj-R on bind. Addn "s iijtt I ? ? ;t ? ?n street, near 1'erry. Don't for*" t the number. FURKIT1 RB, CARPETS KSD BOOKS BOUOHT FOR ready money at l.'.'i Sixth avenue, Lctwccn Ninth and Tenth aiieets PLIMPTON 8 IMPROVED PARLOR BEDSTJ AM \ s ;? other lii -t el.iK* Fuiniture, so.ti whoieaal" a:ij r.-t.ill, also by monthly pavmetils, at Itj IgulU bU?CU 1 JliUWb Nft tiewU AeeAeea et yw??. SALES OF R^\fi K STATE. BROOKLYN HOUSES Kim SALKOH h\* 11 ANtJE ? Unci thrw story Philadelphia brick House. iioritsfNuit i corner of St- Foli* street anil liauson place , the tplendid I and IS rounds, 43s 200, extending fiotn Oxford street to Portland avenue, .S5tl feet south of I* niton avenue ; two tages on l J rami aveuue, 150 feet north of Fulton avenue, and three in the rear on Ryersou or Trotter atrcei ; al><< store ! No. 897 Fulton avenue, near I'arlbm. Apply to \Y1 1,1.1 AM ! 11. NICHOLS, 41 Pino ?trect, New York. / COUNTRY PLACE.? WANTED TO PI UOH ASK. FOIU V./ or live acres of Land, w ith plenty of Frull Trees, >.u I nc.ii a raiiivad depot o.? the Htltisun liver, with n vkvv of iho river, within one hour of Xew York city. Address II., I &Si) Broadway. Price not to exceed $.?) per acre. IjK>R BALK? TO PERSONS OUT OF HEALTH FOR 1 delightful cli'uat\ see advertl ?cjiient of V 'm land Farms. VOR SALK? iS JERSEY CITY, SLY ERAL SEW X House, at prices var>ing from $1,U)0 each, on easy term i? l??, atcd a lew minute*' wa?k from tin- Erie Rail road lerr.. Apply at R ial Estate Agency, corner of Pavoaia uv. IMI :? 1 Erie street. l^i I: SALE? A FOl' K STORY BROWS STONE FRONT I I louse, coutninmg all ii?e idm.Ii rn improvements; also a ?":n r Lot, (Nir tly improved, no t to it. Prl? e low ; terms .. - niao 'a ,o Appl* on the premises, M Prvhilcui M.wt, Brooklyn. flOB MA LB? TO PERSONS OVf OF II KALTII ? FOE b a ititul climate, nee advertisement of Yineiand Farm*. I:iOK 8 ALB? TO ENULISH FARM F.RS AND FRF IT grower*. ? s il r?*?' "nibles a good part of England. See advertisement of Yfnelaud, 1,1 OR SALB? A THREE STORY AND HASLMEKT RRICK r House i? ltd two L 's, on 117th street, m ir Third avenue; hour? 25x45 ; materials and workmanship of the very b'Kl; lots eeeli 25x100 f. ot 10 Inches Pi ee very low and term* easy. Apply to S. CARDW ELL, ilHi Third avenue. T^OR SALK? TO FRl"IT i; ROWERS.? 8KB ADYER r tasementof Viuotumi. TpOR SALE? TO PEOPLE WITH SM ALL INCOMES.? .1 For cottage homes and a mull farms, seeud\ei Iseincnt of Yinelaiul. J^OR 8 ALB LOW ON EASY TKRMS-SEYER \L FIRST cU*s ihmt story, In It stoop brown stone Hon* s on \\ est Fit tleth street. A'so House and Lot .'if* West l-'orty fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Apply a: 1 SVi M Fiftieth fit . of. IjlOR SALE? TO PEOPLE WITH s.M ALL lNt'OMRH.? ; l'"o! eattavjo UoincH a?ut small in* uis, see advei lUemi nt ?u \ I iclauil. TjlUR SALE? SKY^UAL SMALL IIROW N STOMi FRONT I llouH.- -. built in the lav i mantnT and in ?? \> ellcn* i,?- .?ja !>? r'aood; will l e sold at vry low price* end <-n terms that w III suit a is one really d a ring to pn??n.isi r .-i (?? ??; also several e\eel!ent Lots on Talrty fuortb strre.!, near ? t'.ie North rivtr, ?? i able lorn i;ood fii^torv. I?YF. t * I HT I S. flOK Sixth live uue. Ij*OR SALE OR EXt'M ANOE? FOR (JuOD TENEMENT - in New Yn k < r lirookl\ u. liy; itly m t :uui>> \ lino oi I I'.il ? Fran I.V, in born! Ofrc full p ir.i- utaiN, m. i pr c ? and lo aiion. Adue^s, lor three dnvs, 11 taUl olllee. TilOH RALE OR TO LKi' ? A VERY DESIRAIILE FARM 1 of about 81 aon " > u > ; ? ? ? 1 tnd, well adapted for m .ikei -ai leulii^ ?.r tiMekin i p:.rpo h *s; fiiMhi huiltiln?;* on lit ? pi'em s s and a inly e eomun' a li i y m t i the iiy For fur her i ?? ti ? am apph to C. W. PA wTIJilT, 'ii Ann street, fourth n??. ? , ! i ??m t ? 2 o'clock. VrALl'AULE PROPERTY FOR SALE OF HXi'HAViK lor city | ropertv ? At Tt?'?tensvi'de, Smt? ?i 1 'and, i ? the vicinity of iiiddlo's t?:r.;v <\ ne,?r iwo su am);o?i iaodin^'- a ul Ave minute*' wvlk from ... railro; d; lar^e house, iinn?hed tn lim'Hiyl". I r?;e barn, r n i l ige h?'UHv aad s:ab'. ; three acres o( lan i, buiiiv cultivai* <1; i ruit id all kind* to abun ianee, plenty of .spade tre *s. A '- For pankulars impiir. in the gr?> c ry store, 135 (J rem vich v?r < t, <?? rucr of Ye- i ?. "iriNEMND FARMS.-FOR SALE. Tlifl REST OF V Lend, at tliH new- and llirivic^ setiiennrut oj V ine'and, only iJO mlh'N from Phi'ieb lphl:? by rallmol, direef iu New Y'orU. So? i* a line ehiy !o nn, i ic i arid produ< Le tor w he it, limns an.! fruits. Divided into farms of 2 ? a n s a*. d up wards, at the low j ru-e v't from il.-. U. tJ<? per lo re. One fourth en-di, balanee i.i f iiir > ear? ; also L?? s of two and a half to live a. res, at from >, J" e.?rh. Fine e <?p> can b ? seen growing. To p i>.?ns <?t small 'Mpiuil or out of busi lies ! lliis is a aood ?>j ?j o.-tuuity to establish a funnily b-uae and f) ? cerl.iln of a i?ve:iho<nl.' This is the right remedy for bard times. I'apei s and icpoi can be had bv Npp*>liig ti? .loliN M. MOOKE, i!?l Pearl mi c ct, S w Yon*. L-tle.a answ ered. Also, report of So on Uobinsou, of the New Y rk Triln no, can be obta tied. UfANTED TO EXi'llANOE ? FOR AN IMPROVED Faim. Iio-el or Store, I'l uliiug orother Mi'irhandb-e, valuable and productive Projx rty, in the rity of Auburn, i?l? ways tenanted, and centrally loea ted. Also", t<u *?<lcore\ change, n line Farm of thirty aeres, In Auburn, with good limidlngH, choice fruit, Ac., w e!! ad-ip ed U? fruh ?jro.vlu^ or market gardening. Two-thirds of 1 1??* purehti*<?* unmey can remain on the farm. Addre-s, vviih full p^riiculai bos 8.'W l*<?Ht ofllee, Auburn, N. V. "11 r AN ffcl> TO Pl'RCHASE FOB C.VsH.? \ OKXTLE fi loan, deniro is ul' leaving Ihe eity, wi*h'*.s to jniii'lias \ for (rush, a yood Mil deHirable Residence, with ?oo?e extra (iround, S'a: .e, .V' .. within viihge Itmlts, and not over an hours' ri 'e rotnlNew York, prien from to $.r?,fH)U. Address M. J. A.. Newtown. L. L, firing i??rficulai>. U l W EST FORTY-SEI ONJ) STREET FOR SALE-MID #7.1 way !)etween Sixth avenue and B:< ad way, north side, now in splendid order; new mantels, black walnut, bath room. Ac.; bouse lot '.Jdxilio.o. Apply to W. H. NICHOLS, 41 Plnn street. New York. <Et! ft ftftft WORTH OF YERY DF.SfRADLF. REAL ?PA.V7.V/ " "\7 Estate in the cttjr ot Bull iioori*. frtrc from in'-umbranee, to ekchaugf lor r. o *kery, IV trdvvare. Ma ehinery, Clothing, or other Properly. K??r f?ar!leuhu s ,ot dress for one week (J. W. Fainnan, Merchants' Hotel, Cortlautit mree*, N. Y. VQB KALI. \ LIQUOR STORE FOR 8ALK? AT A UREAT llAR 1 jfV again ; docs a good husine#.; will be sold cheap. AlfO for a?le, several very flue Bake rhv, located on tlio leading ave nues and <01 oilier good business street*. AppJy at MITCH ELL'S Agency, 77 iWar street. WOU SALE? THREE HOISTINO ENGINES AND BOTL J? er.% two Portable E iglnes and M dlers, seven Steam En gines and Boilers, from lour to tifiy horse; live Strain Pumps, live Liihu, throe Planers, one Scroll Saw ?, one Car Win el Press and lot Copper Pipe. I). <5. SIMMONS, 114 Wall st. ? T/ OK SALK A NEW HYDKACLIC PRKS WILL HE F h-H low lor n h. A ppJy at HENRY >hIllLllC ^ HRO.'S, hS Pulton street. 1310R HALE? A PROPELLER TIU8BOAT. IN HOOD I ' order, with tank for m-ih whim*; draw* six leei. For > futlicularu apply lo II. P. KAURI N?!'ION. 41 Jay s'rect. j IjlOIt SALE? THE STOCK AND FJ X J IT RES OF AN I ? old established Segrtr and Lienor Store on Broad vVay \ near Walla' K'h new Ihe.Htv, A< adeiny of Mumi; and Palace Oar* den. Oo ?d lease and low rent. Mont b ? *ol '. a-* I to: owner ' hah other business to attend 10. Apply at 8lfi Bronlway, in the segar s'ore. "LI OH SALE -PARTIES DESIKIXO LEGITIMATE BUST JC uess will^o well to call on us, ?<s we have several good openltt :s. wis'.* n.* capital from $-100 to $15, (?10. TIiom wish ing to di-l" s : ot t#? H'uehs treated with cori3deul.ialt\ . UENKRAL AUENCY. tU Nassau street. L^OR SALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND HOOD J1 will f a Plumber's Shop, in a good io.-nlii y ; loog a : ?h. I luhed, w .ill a steady run of good untoiners. S<?id nr? ae? onm [ of the d(*nth of the proprietor. Inquire on the pnvui-cK : 217 IJowery. of Mr-, Ol BSON. I.10R SALK? Hfi: STOCK AND FIXTURES of A S 1 old established Fancy Dry ?o>"?U humo, now doit.g ? i good business, in on#- of tli ? hi -i l?>?a . ? ?u m in ?fi ? ? i'v. \ I note addressed to S. V.. Herald oJU -e, will meet with pr.uiiot | attention. No agent s need apply. li^oH SALK OK TO LET? THE MACHINE SHOP AND Jc Koun.'ryoi >be late W -i:i. ?n ?Lrk??? < k. .Jersey C? v. n ? eluding all the Tool* and Fixture-*, Inquire of E. F. HALT*, 34 Wa4 1 street. f'KCD STORE KOK SAI.K? ON A I. K ATM Nil AVKN'IM', in the Seveno ? ntl? warn: lias a fm.i a ?>. nuy icc?, I ur.d Hull* for tw?|r?? lmrM**; do *s a yo at pa.xiiu bimine^: ' rent ft J 2. Inquire u? t o- piemlse-*, 1*0 and 141 hvenne A (1 HA JN DISTILLKRy FOR SALE OR TO LET?IN T N>w Brunswick, N. .I., on the Kati'an river, with sfeam engine. mio Uinery, land ni l all iteeenmiry lixinre.?, in ?ood order; also a storftionae, a two story d'veldni; ionise, wtableK. and pens lor I?o^n; also Hehooner ii. Day, well fonii't and In t;< < d cttler. l'or particulars apply to KICJL A Kl> HARTallORNE. 1 40 Front str-et. New \Vik. MACHINERY.? FOR SALK. 8TKA.M ENOINES AND Hmlcra. Hationary and porlAMf*, from four to ti 1 1 y I hoiae power; EnaineM'and a iar?e <piantily oV Tank-. Shilling Pnlley* and UaltiiiK, CopjK.r Still* and Vaeu i uni Pan. Steam Oan^?, Woodwo.-ih A Norcrost' Piaining ; Ma -hln^ ?, &*\ Apply to P. CASSFDY. Nos. 4 and 0 Bridge : Nt reef, Hi(ai4cH'ii. ?teah r in all klii'l* > f machinery. m inn CASH.? PHOTOCKAPH AND AMBTIOTYPE ?P"l l/U Call vy lor Wo'h two ycai>' leas ?, one of t e heft lecttlon* m New Y"ik; will pay for line If in a short time. |i?*ast.n for -ell us made known to buyers. Aduies.s \N eltol), ll< raid oilier. <2 1(lOWtU' U' V JIALF THE INTEREST OF A first eia??s Confectionery *>n I Pastry luiMit'^s, The object ol ihf* ad"ertU rln >ell)ny half, i# to open a j la'iies reatanrant. For full particulars, apply .A 3S9 Cansl ?t. MEDICAL. i A Fl LICTEl) RESTORKD? 10 NOR AN< -E EXPOSED A Fallacies unm.'^ked.? Dr. LARM?)NT'S Paris, London I and New York Medical Ad vl*er and .Marriage tiuide iti loru.s the debilitated and dlseaaed, including those who are j iunoraut of the cau^" ot their ill health, and win) have been ! disappointed in their phveiclans, of the most certain and I < .|.v. I lent miHle .,f cure. Mailed I'm $1 by RICHARDSON, No I V? sey "-'t reef ; DEXTElC x C(i.. i i.'5 >as?au street; and ! D.'0\> I l"l. 13 I rank fort street; or the author, t?47 Broadway, | Up Mall'?. 4 PERFEC-T CCRE G V A R A NTEED ?A RADICAL ej,re alw .* - e Je. *.'<i b JUL WARD, 12 Lai^ht stre< t. Cur 1 eiii :??? in half the usual tin , and at half the charge*. /"1ERTAIN DISEASES ARE SPEEDILY AND RADI \j cai.y eureii by DR. WARD, VI Laight street . The Dr. is | lu e liMant attendau'e. n!J WARD IS TRKATI.VO ALL DISEASES OF FE males with uup ital'.eled su^^sx. Sfimething for every I o|y- :tMirr? at hvuvTnxU. ?. oihcj- I'J L >f,/ < t. DI! I! COBBI'.'IT, MEMRER OK THE NEW V'ORK 1'nlvcraiiy (M-dieal College.) and Colic ue o! Sur-'on-'. London,, an be* consulted w! b the most not. oral '- toniidence m sin e . { din n- 4, at li . o". . 2'f C fitn- s; , n nr Cinitn her*. Mrei-t. N H. -See Dr. tVs diploma- in his oil! e. Private eiiM'aiiee ill No. C Otty Hall pho ? DIC COOPER. NO. 14 DCANE STREET. MAY BE CON suit* don aii diseases of a certain nature, T we uty -eight '.earn e\? tisively devoted to the. e ' otnplalim cimbl.'j htm to ' War -rai.i a ? ? r<* in all ?? The vi -rima i,i ' uil-|il.t -f <1 con:i ! d ii fin m.'dical pre'enders can call, with a ?rtainty of j I) ?ingradteiilly cured or no pay. I 1 \U. RALPH, OFFICES 1 V.? CROSBY STREET, COR J/ n? r of Housi'-n. Hour ??, II t?- 2 and U till? p. M. DR. IltNTKR MAS )-i>R THIRTY YEARS COM IXED hm attention to dl*e*a*s 0| a eeit?in class, In which h* j has treated no l >a ihnn f?,i,nnu ca?e^, without an in?uair".* of lallnre. Ilia great remedy, Dr. Hunter s R--d Drop, eurea | certain ?ii.keave-? when i -go . r treatment cud all other rcme ! die# fall; cur< ? uithoot dlef. n^ rr re; ri tlon 111 tin- huMts of t o ^a'leut; cures wltloiut tie disputing ?n I si? killing e;' i lert* of all o'her remedies; cure* In new eases in 1< ;h iban | fix hours. It roots <uii tloMHUMiuo'is ta.nt the l>!<?od I** sure I to absorb tinie-s the terned> is uned. It is $1 a vial, and ? .1 11 I ma lie nbfa tied genuine au> w here 1 luin at the old otli r, No. M Di\ I ion sire. t. Book lor not, 1114; C u treats <d t ?. ? '.V ? ts 1 ol e.irlv ab'ise. J T>ROFKSS0R RFSTELL, 162 CHAM RERR STREET. CAN J b.- -uiisuie ii, as usual, or bv Icllti tu box 2.^. Uv^iou 1 11. U?l[ikuU V9HUC, MUSIC tl*? AN ELEGANT SEVEN Ot TAVl' JIOSEWOOD PIANO forte for *ali' ?t a sacrifice; rieiil/wirv. d If an 1 i'nw, round corner*. lull Iron plate, lined w.'*b aatlnwood. over strung ban*; has all the modern I made tJ ordt t f?>r the preacnt owner by city maker*,* fully Kuaran fed for i lire? yean; lieeti in u*" but aeven month*; coat u ill be so!d for ineltul.n ? stool and C?vi i Also superb Drawing R ?om Suit, cost t or $IP?. loqcilro at No. 70 W est Twenty -sixth street, near Sixth avenue. A YOUNG LADY FROM KIT HOPE. II VV/KO studied uuder the ilr*t masters while there, would like ? lew more lini, him? punils for tin- piano to teaeh at their own in .New >orkor Brooklyn Turin* $5 per month. F ? Music, Herald ofllee, jllKTll, POND A CO. ? 517 R ROADWAY, NEW YORK. have one hundred new Piano; ortes to let, at low nin es, I will alio v tlm r. fit it imrehne.l. Shoot Mmd . M -i- Hl Work*. Guitar*, Violin s Brass instmniHUU and all kinds of K ibI' al Goods a t I iw prlres. I^OREKiN MISIC.?PANIC.? OUR WHOLE STOCK OK ; elassjeal and modern musi< , the largest in Amerl a, over

a million of work*, retail, In low cost, at two cent* a page; iw 'Uty-Jiro rent* won li foreUht <ents. fciouj'. -, piano, or<uu, violin, Ac., uniBi .', all two contu a pa^e. A'.ur occasion never will o-eurauuln. 1\ A. Wl'XDEUMANN, C!8 n roadway. I Ml ST RAISE $163 WITHIN FIVE DAYS, AND WII.I. 1 part with my I'lano lor that amount. It Is a seven lull octtve rose woo I oom. curved lyre, fret work desk, lull iron frame, over sh un* bass, nuirte by fu>t clasa makers, almost new: ? ost $375; #166 wJll buy it it applied for within live da\ s. Positively the frea'eit bargain ever - oliured in thi*clt). fall en 1> At 48 1 1 *tre< t. Bro >klyn. T A PRIMA DONNA ELIZA VALENTIN! PARAVALLI, I j well known pmfesMor ot Ma Juk ami the piano. teaeh -a t?y private lessons ami also in el me*, combined to unit every purse, at her private resideuee, ?s/ ilroadway, near Amity i.iieet, third story, over the store of Mr. ll..thavvay, waero she can be v eu' every day from It till 4 oMuek. I IGI1TE Jk BlUDItrnV'S NEW SCA1.E OYERSTIM'NO 1 J Jiass Insulated Full Frame titan ! ami Square Pianoforte*, 481 Broome str? e*. \Y hat everybody nays must lw true; everybody tay* they are the best, therefore they must be the best. T Al'KA KKKM-rS TffEATRE.? THOMAS JUICER'S li new waltz "The Laura Keem Wait/,'' as performed by the orchestra every ? ' ?? ??!?)*?, will shortly be published for the Hum. ?>v IIOK.M I-: WATliltS, 4St Hro.itlwuy. Mil J. It. MACiUATII, UROAMST OK TIIK RKV. DK. l'm.-'M <-li ii ??< !i. ii'.i.ilti-i il Ih ? fiun .i ;u>. I V.. a! Muxir, Mil. .! u pap.'l.w in tsi>\\ York an?| ilr.?olclyn. Ad'tre>^ or apply at t?l Went Itullie strev i, beUvi n Heurv and Clinton, llrooli ly? . \f rsir lessons and i se or piano. -a lady, jtI severul years a tea- li r of ' u.u *ie In t'.iis i :ty, w sKes a turnlsh1 I'd Honm in a private Inmilv, v here Insiruetions ti? tw o pujtiiH will be eon ->dered m.fjjeienr f or the rent ami part board. Addn : s Musje, Antorplaee Post olliee. SD' -TNSTlirt'TlON ON THE PIANO AT $2 PKR month, with prlv'ic^e of praeti.-e, by al;.d> wtl.quall . ? ??. Pup U attended at tli i,* reoldenr s, $10 to $12 per quar te,*. Ap|?lvat I ?"6 Twt jjty->ixl!i htivet, b 'tween Seventh and Kitihth avenues. I >? A NOS, MKLODKdNS. 1IAUMONU MS. FI ItST OLANS I for safe, to let, or bv?l 1 '-n instalments, tm r< -avuiabl ? terms. Pi'lonbet Hat nnuiiuimt, one, two or thiee banks of k-ys, io roiiaue Piano.., fully warranted, ('lj an.l 7 oetave $tfi0lo$2*iU. J. M. PKI.TON, H|1 nn I s4t Broadway, New York. riMIK HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MEI.ODEONH, I an I Atfxandre Organs, are lite finest ins ruiocr.ta for parlors atul ehun h. s now in us . A lar^e as.-, ?t tnient e ill be seen at the new wareroomx, 4^J Hj-oada ay, l etween Orand ami Hi ootn * streets, which will be sold at extremely low pri< ct*. I'iiui' k and Me'ol- .n-* from nondry makers, new nn i seeomi hand, to let, and rent allowed it purchased as per a^r eme r.t. Monti^v | ,ivna nts received f??r the game. Sheet Mm , Music ilooks an/1 all kind* of Wu?lc laetvhaudtrte al war price*. A piauiM, in attendant e, will try new music. /"ANTED? IN A PR|\ ATM FAMILY, A YOUNG LADY (age I rmn IS to 21), who thoroughly understand-* the no; mumI plav at si ;ht Itadaii rausi ?, for which bo trd w 11 given an au equivalent. Apply immediately at It Willow k<\ Rrooklyn. M \\ IK8TKI C llOS. A CARD? ' THIS Kl'UrirJiniJ.'Il WILL RECEIVE NEW pupils da:ly, unt'l Monday, Nov. I, tor instruction in Pcnmr n snip, Bookkeeping ami Arithmetic, at a reduction of oiu lial i ('?< m Ins r.'ijuhirVli.irg". OLIVER l?. (lOhl^MI HI, No. f, Fourth avenue. A (IRADCATE OF A NEW ENOLAND COLLECE iV wisln 8 to ?t?* a l< w lnnjrs of each week to teaching, either in a 8,-hool or private f.cotiy, or at his Mudy. Ref* rctieer ~ tUo Faculty t?:* t nion TU'-'lo^i vl Seminary. Address J. If , I nloft Theologi- a! Seminary, N V. BEST SUSTAINED HOARDING SEMINARY IS THE State. $110 per year. Bi lek l-nilrt in*?.-* for and gentlemen, Ablesi teacher* 111 all deps* ! rucnts. Winter lerm, line. V Address Rev. Joseph 1'.. Klnv, Fort Ed ward lnatUute, S. Y., Oti the Saratoga and Whitehall it.ii.'roud. 13 LOCUTION.? MR. WALCoT BEOH TO AN NOCNCE J that In* i? prepmud to take tuo more pupils only, t? in struct* in Kf,adiu'x an i Speaking forth? stage, the pulpit or the bar. For terms inquire a! l.MJ Wavoiley place. I^KVCIN*; ? M \DOLPll At'HRY RESPKCTFI I.LY IN .F forms f }??> puUli'' thai In- (HiiiiliuiCM ihe Fencing School of M. Muller at the Gymnasium of Mr. Brady, ik)S( Mark's place. lit* guarantees l ? imp art to military gentlemen and others a tl> trough knowledge of t e sabre 10 iitieen lesson*. He also instructs iu the cane, miihII sword and bayonet-" -the latter as translated Ironi the French of Gomar, by General M Cldlan. and bv him n . Terms moderate, part.ic.u larly to cUsses. lie huts iMTtuission to refer to the hist ama teurs 01 New York. PjiRESCll AND GERMAN LAKOUAOB8 BY AN P.XPE 1 rh*nc.ed Parisian teacher, either at hi* owu residence or that of pupils, fit) cents an hour. Address J. Harrier, *J3t> Fourth street, Waa-hlutftou aqua ;e. NUGENT# COMMERCIAL COLLE&E- ABOVE ME ehanies' Bank and opposite CUy llall, Brooklyn, Is turning out with many accomplished penmen, a<*. ountauU and bookkeepers, a number of the best hands at nie< hamcal drawing we ?-ver knew. ? Bro ?klyn Eagle. Nirur.jfT's f-OMMRRrui, Coj.i.kuk, Rkooki.yn.? We are glad to leant that many of the young men of New Yoik and Brooklyn appreciate ihe advantages held out to (he .0 at Nu genl's Comuiert iul College and Premium Wi lling Rooms, lo <-a ted over the Mechanics' Hank, opposite the t'lty llall, Brooklyn. At thiH (?olleg'? our youn# men msy bvonicn - romplished ao oon'an's, sp'i ? Jid |a??i nen, and th'?rou ;hly 1 Mfqualnted with the ? n?*iat eiistoiiiNAinl usaues of men h.mfM in a < omparathely <hort pei h>d of titnn. Mr. Nugent, I be Fiin' ip.ii, is o<ie of the Hbl'**t tm-1 most n\jM'rieii<.ed aci'oiin'.* I ants of the diy, hiving I e?*n employed for mix yearsasac. eountant under} ho H. ?.:sb i>o.'t rn merit, and subxrrpo.iHlv a?*t ? d ' o?- 1 wo years n* l'10'tw.r of A -counts in the O hoiih'm i.h College, tUeveland, (H1I0, b.*sides havif-i; l.e mi ? 'oi^nitin^ \*: eountiiiit to th" t'h'v.'UoiI, < 'odtmbtts no I (*im inniill It ibio.ol Company. II'* has b s*:i a val .; -.1 K 'verul premlumiiM and di plomas for the b? sf sp?*' imciu of Fenmaiihhip a:u! flravviuK e\!il >tted at publi" fairs in Kn^land and the I * nit (*?! Statea, and is universally admlUeil t? ? b*? the mo-t siie<"*s^fnl tc;i# b# r of INMiioaushlp now li\:ng. In reference to thi?Mibic<t w iind the following remarks in tin* H o.kl)n Sia ". ? **\Ve w Ti' show 11 o'i Sal tints) Hp**<'imcna of Improve* iiter.t hi hvenu le-"??nw b> s \rral of the pitj il of Mr. Nil *?eni, who?ie eoile^'r over ihe Mechanic*' |l.*i<k. 'Viw lm* provenieni ??* bevond anything we have ev r vsincs cd iu th ?' lit' c. ?nd proves where ih'Me is ?>r liuary >? ip n i'v in the ' punil an cl? k(a at It lU lvvritiiiK may la* accompli u -d ill tvven- 1 ty lessons oiuy.' Mcaliles the <puiSSticaiion < as a teacher, alrc.oh l.i H< n'e I. h" is one of the best mathcimtti' inii<< in the I nit* d Stales. Mr. Nugent is the author of a pamphlet which alt ratted, in 1 much attention int'.i-nf iV-jiajn a .U Ireland. One. of the mo^t emiu -nt critical review e,^ in Kugmnd tiaving slated in reiat 0.1 lo this punolihn: ?"Mr. \ i^enf hii? a .'r#c'cal infud and reason - Weil ; Indeed, he is ? ii.* of the iiohlcsf thinker . that we know of." lie is now an I h:is been for many yearn a eontt !bntor of mathcttia' i<-a!, pliilosophi< al and statistical pa? jm'I'S to wuiie of the moat distm^ul bed m i?'a/ines ami perl ? |s . 1 1 the dav. !fc fas c nitrtl utco to the Civil Engineer nnd AP'hlteci Jo t, I .ondon ; The itniplcr, Lotidon ; The Time* London: TaeAm rb'nn It uhcul Journal. N'eu York; The A-itei haii it ii. vay lt"\lc.? ; i'he New York Herald; The Woill; The Scleail:.c American; limit . Metc!nin!s' Ma^u /Ine, Af H?* u hUo a loambcr of some of the most, learned societies 1n Knrope ami Amerhut, including the Soe ejv o ' Arts, .Mantifaetm < * h:kI Ojtiimenr ? of which hi* iciynl lliahn ? s Prince Albert is permatieni Prealden* ? Ijomlon; and ill" American (itogmpliica', and Slaiisti-rai So iely, New York; Suggestions ma !?? by him from time to time, to the ilr'.tlsh atKl < atmdianpov ?rnmentshave l een carried Into e fTeef by the.m. The l ist fc.iauestinn ? Ihe establishment of the Postal Money Order Syst 'rn between Canada and ? ireat Ktitain and Ireland? liaa b*cn carri/'d in'o operation, and gives so much satisfaction th 1 1 /t la about being ' xtenned to a'l the colonies of the Britl. h empire tnnai'houi t'te world. From these fac.a it will i.pjMVif that Niigfiii's t'ommeivial t/ollef;e stands unrlvalb d In this country. 'J he course of in>tru-,jjon taught at the Col lege e>iup.!M'- Jk ok keeping, a-< app led t<? every depart 'iient ot trad* and tomrneree; Writing, Arithmetic, l?cctitreson Cotnmeivi ?1 and I'ollticul Keon ui.y, the Customs and rvnjc* o! Mercban'.s, Comm* rcial Corr?s|M?iulei:c , Ac. Many of the ytrutQ Kieii who studied under Mr. Sups'ttt are now filling iespotts.ble and lucrative pocitlons. ? New Yorker. T?ik \vi rican liFCtoN o? IloNOB. ? One of our most bril liant New England writers, seeltia that a large number of the a lualcs of Nujieuts Commercial < 'ullage, over the Mechan* i- s llmk, Brooklyn, lial la-en as?tUned high positions in our army and navy, verv wittily styled them "The American Le gion of Honor. ' Nom-ut's College iseditcatiri ' thousands of of our young men tip to the highest standard. ? Eagle. DAHCIHTO ACADBB11ES. AOODWORTirs DANCING ACADEMIES^ ? No. Fifth av ?mi", cor. Twenty-sixth fit.. New York. N . I i7 Montague street, Brooklyn. CL \SH1W? Tuesdayaand Fridays in'Brooklyn. CLASSK?t? WednriKlaysand Saturdays in New York. Ulreulai i lot terms, &c., may be had at either aca lemy. |7IKBKERO> DANC1KQ ACADEMY, 69 WE8T FOUR j I1 1 etch sfree .?Chs^cH (or \fjfses' and Masters' Wednes' I daj> avid Saturdays, and Monday's and Thursdays. Evcn'ng claas lor ;.eij:l? men Mondays and Thursdays at 7)g P. M. ; Circnlai s tor ie4 ma, Ac., may be had at the A ad- my. i OVA HI \ BRIHIP \OTICKS. ! 1 GENTLEMAN BNOAQED IN A BU8INB8S OF THB j A inust pi-o'.itable des4 riptlou, has an establlshmen' which, by alterations and irnprovemerifs, can he made to pay ban laomely, wlnhes n pi rtner with fl,?iODcash. To any , ou? d?>'trou!r of eni^uginji in an honorabh-, ie^i;imate anil i pro!!table o ? uoatiou, ami who would be saU^tied with an income 0! $ 1 ojO t?i $1,80), this is an opj? 'rtuniiy that seldom ??f?'ers. Address C. C. Jfei.tfd office, for three days, | stating whe t- an in'e: view can bo had. D 18801 ' I ION 1 HE COP MITNER8HIP OF W . MAN A Co. ?m r- hant tailors, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. Appb'tonP. L-^u -is authorized to sign the ! firm's name iu li quidailou, and will continue the businesa 530 Br adwav. JOHN O. W Y MAN, j Nt w York, Nor. 1, 1361. A. J\ LKSl'HE. \V\lNTEn-A PARTNEU, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, T? in a n hole 2/d'* n -w method imita' Ion liquor and wine bin ne*s, re!?;rulnu $I.OUO 10 $i,0(X) real profit. Apply to T. UIGL, 4'JS anion street, near Forsyth, aee-ond floor, front. ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKE Fl LL Smvvi " ; ? inrtner of the oldes tblfshedTea 1 mp:in\v I "? .t I Butter Store in B1 -ceker street." Lease , ?>i ti;o win i on ?? $itJOa year. A man of f.imfly may live ! in the up] p;.i ? ? Mie luaisc rent fr?te. As I w aut help will ? iak ? p : t ims.i. A|*|4y 11 ?H Bleecker alrccf, near ? 'armine. Q~(\f\ I' vV/i 1-K WANTED IN T!!E REAL ESTATE, )V'U pa'.? nt r'ghiand general brokerage b'taiufss, weii established Jiii-i doing an extensive trade; profit -, luge and no risk. Ati> gi ntlemau wla iinga pei inanent cash btisi ness may a] ; ) at .">.?2 linaiway, up stairs, General Agen- y. 00 r,A|l V? V.NTED, A PARTNER WITH $2,fi'X) f'ASH, " ' ** 1 ?' lecMUnate tnatiufactitl iitg Bn ;'n - th 1 ay- neMii> .u 1 1 1 <. n**i proiu, w 1 . h a vet % Urn ? lemai. 1. A '?ii w-ih r ?' name, J. E,*D , tox 177 ii* a..i .?Ub c. C?0 \(U\ To WANTED, A PARTY WITH THK i *??ve am iul, to invest in ? h'i'tne*.-, ihat w il ! 1 h o.a #10 ' <X) ft y *a' . un '? ioc. mo, o;?.iJy a4C .,etl . to. '?? . v;uj'.i? U<ii, Aviuruaaii. j. U.t i Uu'aiUULW. A!tivsu;>fj?.vrs. T AUBA KEENE'S THEATRE. J-* TO-NiOIIT, i A Nil i ZVEBY MIGHT NEXT WEEK, THK GREAT UMON HUUl.KSQUE, cEvE? S?k'^ T"K S1>VEN SONS, 2Ev?'X 2' HKVKN HONS, ^ i B NH' j KEVE.V tHMH, Already preatnitad FIFTY-TWO NtOIITS, ?luring which tiro* it ius Ixun reci?ivml nU-hUr wilU W.AL8 OK LAlUllTER AND ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE, having bwffl i; ill voth.i ! 1 y ai'kiuiwli ilj -.1 i? i?. ||?? FINEST SFECl' ACULAU EXTltAV All ANSA ever |u\iUiu fit, alMiundlnt: in itUii.MA.NT SCENERY. exquisite music. DRILLS, MARCHES, ' EVOLUTIONS, UNION SENTIMENTS, SONUS, DANCES. COMIC INCIDENTS, NOVEL EFFECTS, BEAUTIFUL TABLEAUX, STitlK 1 N < J SITUATIONS. STAUTLiiNO SURPRISES, a nil iini following RTAR COMPANY: MISS LAURA KKK.NK. MRS, ,1. II. ALLEN. MISS >ARA STEVENS. NBS. LOTTIE IIO Oil. MRS. OllANFBAU. MISS loNE iiUKKK. MRS. MABLOWE. MRS. 1)11, I.O.N MISS KBANCKS. MISS ItOIIKR I SON. Mil. J. O. HUllNKTT. Ml: LBVICK MB. II. K. DALY. MR v. I'ET?RS Mlt. MARLOWE. Mil DILI.iiN. MB. J. 11. SroL>DAUT. MB. C HI ItNETT. TDK NEW LAURA KEENS WALTZ. By ThiimaM liitkur. Doors njvn oommmuv at 7K Drf?i circle hcuis i.i.ty 04 in :uroa ln*ri tlay a 1 1 . aJvAitr.?>, yy INTER OAUDEN. WIN I Kit HARDEN TO-NIOIIT, Mil. .1. S. CLARKE MR. J. S. CI.ARKE MR. .1. S. CLARKE Mlt. J. S. CLARKE MR. ,t. S CI.ARKE Mil. J, S. CLARKE AS SALEM SiVUDER AS SALEM SHUDDER AS SALEM SCUDDEB AS SAI MM SCI'IMIKR AS S A L K *1 SCirDDRK AS I ALEM SCl'DDIiR IN HOUKOICAULTH OCTOROON; IN JiOUKCIHAI'I T S OCTOROON; IN IMURClrAl'LT'S OCTOROON; IN BOUBCICAi-LT'S OCTOROON; IN BOt'KC/rAULT'H 0<TOKOON ; III BOURCll lULT'S OCTOROON; Ok. LIFE IN LOU1SIAN Ok. LIFK IN LOUISIANA. iMi. LIKE IN LOUISIANA. Ok, LII'U IN l.o I'isi INA OH, LIFK IN LOUISIANA Oil, LIFK IN LOUISIANA. wiiicliKitiikoniiiiKry proUu. :*???, universally arknowtedsml t1l?* 111, ml I . ? ; 1 1 1 ? i 1 1 . i pli'tll 10 Iif AMERICAN CH \R ICTEK, AMERICAN SCENES, AMERICAN HOMES, mr preamilaa on tbi' ?tag*, will l>? civrn tlili tivenlBg unci ovary evening, with iu UNIFORMITY OF BXCELLENC E. CROWDED IIOUHES. CROWDED HOUSES. CROWDKO HOUSES. CROWDED HOUSES. ACT I. the plantation. aci ii. THE MURDER. ACT III. THE SLAVE SALE. ACT I* TUB LYNCH LAW TRIAL. AN INDIAN S ^REVENUE. |)OWERY Til BATKE. ? J S. P. Slit kiu v f?e?i*?e and Manager. iSTlCKNKY'S NATIONAL OIRCl'H Will give two hpli'iutld entertainment* TIMS (SATURDAY) AFTERNOON, Couirm u dug at 2 o dock, a ml EV'ENIMJ at 7)?. Moun. I)K LAVE, The succcM.^ful competitor ol Blouuin, will &ive a display of hi* TERRIFIC PRATS ON' THE TIHTIT HOPE, A'Coiuparii' d i?> Mim<. UK i AVE, A!*o a full an I lirilliant programme of HOItSKM ANSIIIP, ACROBATICS and novel (iYUSAStlCS oy I Im GREATEST E^l'ESI III AN TltoUI'tt That fcvcr apt?caivd together hi i!uk country. EATON STONE, Tite "Wild I'ralrie Horseman of the Wefct," Wlilapp aroit Moil htjr; A'm ? DEN. FToNE. the cettdusud Sunken Clown. Child renV* tiffed* for the aftornnon'it ptuformanccs.oiiiy 15 rants, t ?? Ik ?nch. HOOLEY Mr.\STKELH(LATEOF Nl KLO'S SALOON), 640 Broadway, oppjsi'e 11 md street. Continued ho -I Ulipaialleh'd * I of ihe STARS OF TIIK PROFESSION! FOX, GRIFFIN, REED ANI' GUILDS, Itl llU'lr UOfpiaiOMt H| fi'i'llt t' rt. The Weary Traveller, IHmIi Warbler*, Tiit% Long Lohi Brother, 'I lie Contraband*. Thr Wall Street Hrnkcrs, Pike'* P? ak Emigrant*, k^. Doom ojienat 6*^, to c?.iimcucc nt 1%. Tickets 25 cent*. / 1ARD? WELL KNOWN MANAGERS HAVING LEAHBI) \/ (U * old Chatham Theatre, wtii reopen the name lit a MlOl t llllll' I) 3 the NATIONAL MUSK? II ALL, With one of the largest and bent companies ever put upon any Mage; and la ciMMfcMpietioe ol' ttiedooresa-d alat?* of UuhI uo^a and the Kr?*i*l aiuonut of Mp*c.?? in said tunlOiiu, tU?* price will 1m? put down to such *a Ugnro usIoaMtntfch tho jxiblk*. Tin* interior will undergo a thoioatfh overhauling, making the pit Into a first cI;?hh panpict, giving u splanld promenade round the drw?a circle, ivIitlitiK the whole e? t -? iii**it t witii in w kuh li Mures, latnpa, Ac. Particulars iu future announcements. C1ANTERKCRY MCSK II ALL, 6 .* BROADWAY. ) GRAND MATIN Ml GRAND MAT! NEB. CHAM) MATIN Eri, GRAND MATINEE, TIhh day (Saturday), Nov. 2, at 2'? o'clock. mwo living whales at .kinks' woods, east X ilrerand siit> -Wfth atieef. A<hn, union 2i cents. Call dien under ten, rnilKATUK AL WAUI)IU>BK,? V ORKAT VARIETY, I w ill la* Mold eheao if applk**<i for at ton e; a Ih?? S\v<?r?:a, Oap^, LcggtogM, a< . Apply at .IS fl.'driJge itn et, third atory. lirANTEIi? LADY DANCERS. BALLET (HRLH, SK ? T grc? | crform t* aud other talent, for Hltehcock'fi Na t!omil Cornvrt Hull, 172 nrw t'ami nirctt. A???,Jy bt iween 10 and 1. TIIK WAIL Aohikk ruu lI:r, tk.n buolkrs and TKN DRUM tuers wanted? For tUr Pifty-Meventh Reyiucnt, under ordrrs l>> mareh Novmher H. A frith in fH'r*i/n ?/? in lutwr to ALEX. P. PISKK, Adjutant, corui-r Elm and Wlilto aue. tH. A FEW RESPECTABLE YOUNG MEN WILL BB A< ?? e.epU'd t'? Warn tin* ?im? ot the n^w w.*apoti. E cly up p |. -ailott should be mndo at the luwdquai tei- G?'n. Ban*} 'a Kuck' t liaUulion, 456 IU* ioiuu 4 SECOND LTKUTP.NANT WANTED? A QUA LI TIED wtV tH*r*ion, in city or country, wito ?*.tn l>rliij{ t.- ?m JI* to good in -n at one*, eau secure th?* above poaitlon In an ae i f*i it <*tj f j ili ? rf*ijifm*nt now nnd? r inari *)!i)'; or "ri '. Ad. ire s Im?\ 217 lit raid oil ice. i SUTLER WANTED? FOR A CAVALRY KIUJI MEN" J\ nt-io to coin'ii -.tad Apply lojohu C. For-j* , N..> lit a I SI a }<h, 10 llljh sited, Droo<J/ti. ZIOMPANY I'".. TWELFTH RE^TMENT, X. Y. S M.? Vj New York. Nov. I, lrttil. ? Thiiicuuipauy will asaetnll<* at the armorv, Mere* r llo u <ef on Sitnrdav, i*\ mat., ht ti n o'. I ?<-u A. M., iii the t'yhatnr.*tir uniform, ?.o* do escort dutv to tl.- P-nialnsol Lieutenant t: ?1 ? ? I A.ll.Elder, un old 'and highly esteemed laembcr of C mipauy C, Tompkins B!u? h M?*mb 'is of the re^lmtnl are Invi'ed to altfud. By onlt r oi C-ipUJu II. W. RYDER. L. C. Wtt.^ovV, Fl??t Serjeant. CK) | . LOUHaE AND CHAIR ?FIRST AND ONLY PRE. / minim on (;o%s was awurd -d Ottrloy A Brady it t the New York Stntf Fair on their Patent PorMble Cot, Lounge and Chair combined. Their Ar.ny Trtmks, Camp Cheats and Camp St'X/l* can't be b?*at. OURLEY A BRADY, 412 Broadway. /1AMI' QUI DE, CAMP OUIDB.? EVERY SOLDIER \.y should have one, showing ih ? duty required of every *ddt' r u it ilt* to garri?-ou and r ump, for artillery und infantry, I'rice 2S?' -en s. at C1IAS. A. MILLEu'S, 2> Ann street, New York. t[K>R ARMY USE. ? CAMP KNIVES, FORKS AM) ' Spoons, i <ateut Camp CandlestickH and a variety of other articlea used in camp. Table Knives, Folks and Pocket Knives can !*? bought elicap for cash. a. kwiak, 83 Itoade street. ^OR SALE? A REGULATION SWORD; AMES MANl' l'at turer. Apply to W. R, (JWYN, 63 SmTolk Htrert. Recruiting officers and others having j i claims on the government, for services and expenses for i rccruiiincj, since the commencement of the war, can have ! their e)s!ms*iilfnsted and sp?cdiiv collected by applying at CO White streeet, hack room, ground floor. 1)CG1MKNTAL STANDS OK COLORS. FINIH1IED AND t in prtMcsi of iinlsit, on exhibition tree, nt UOJKR \ ClKAIIAM'S Studio, 97 Duane street. rpo MILITARY CONTRACTORS, AC.? CLAIMS AGAINST I the ofti era and volunteer regiments purchased or col lected c\p?.,fi(io isly, and at moderate c harges. Apply to il. B. BUN8TER, bO Cedar street, New York. I'MTED STATES ARMY.? MEN WANTED, TO FILL J up First Battalion Twelfth United States infantry; hend^uartem at Port Hamilton, N. Y. Also mtclligoit men for noncommissioned ofhoer^. Apnly at 79 Chatham street, to Captain A. J. DALLAS, United Mat s Army. YVr ANTED? TWENTY FIN E MEN FOR A REGIMENT u now nearly lull. Any |M?rsoii having men or engaged in recruiting may hear of a hb< tal prot>o?ition l?y addrcssiutf ?l. E. B., Herald ofllce. F wanted-a saddle horse Kir an officer " ?i' r.iv/ury, a^oiit IS hxnds IjixIj, w-i 1 mvl e, >v, II iiiii?'1i (1, w> 11 trainnl mi l ?ounJ In ?ll lop 'cti.; tiiiim nt.uid j lh<' tliuroiigli rxiuuiimitim of u r'miii"t.nt jmliji ; ItUck culor I pi-elVrriid. Atldiru War, Ihix lltf liemld olBcc. rk lTl! UEilIMEN T -THE OFFICSBS OF THE REOI & meiil if or. H'lizin z tor tlto w?r% uu<t iLc o!'1 a o | inviicil l<> in*"*' f mi ,VH Ur?.ii<Hv>i J-, ill 12. M., In iniinrui, t'l fttUnd llic I uf Licltli n mi Culim*-! \ H. r. I V A. WEEKS, Colonel. I "I OTH RBGIMKNT NEW VOiiK STA'i'E MII.ITIA. ! J PIU of till. rt'glm?ni ur1 re?|ic*."rn!!y Inrltrd 1 toHit<'iid, In uniform, tin' funeral uf Lleuti'iiKnt Colonel A. H. EMcr, of 111'. Teni a n-^lnu nt Ol N w Voi le Slut. V'olon I l> ori. i o:u h>K l.ilr r '?iil n ?, No. nt Third avetiii ', on Satur day, Nor. 'J. at 1 o'i'liK'k i'. M. 11. A. lit 'Si WICK, Major Commanding. VBl.t: BODIED MEN' W.VMKD-TU (JO 1MME dU'*'Iy to Wnnhlii'^t '. , to Jo n tli*. Till III) kEOIMEM EXCELSIOR liKIOADE, Colonel Nklwm Tati.or. The abov? nuniN-r ol men art- wanted to complete a neiv eomi any lorintiw by XJEt'T. PF.NNOCK, 0CU Hi oid.' nr. Tlie reernltii will lie nnuormed l.efore leaving tUe city. ISty and rations comineiiee on slKtiini: tli_- roll. JI'W BOUNTY li ill if glvi-i in rrcrv in*" win ii hoiiorably dlachMgml. S ipport lor fa ml lien sjnii run teed. | CA AH) B BODIED MB* WABTKD IMMRDTATB Y? J?)VI '111 1 1.. Wialiir,.' 1 II join i>..- T i : i ? ? \ "ixlh |."tiint'nl, N. V. S. v.. C.?t. 1 . H. fniv .. JAMES UF-.VNT, i.i?uuuaul wmuiaudui* rucruuiuj nV*Uou, Ml tjiun! atictk 50 AMUSK.UB.vrs. "MTAE LACK'S, V,'r??rofBr^wW?dTMrt,#?th.t^ third week OK ti'j; XK J drama CROWDED IIOUSCS **** okowdkh mouses ATTEST THE OK AND SUCCESS or tin VARIED AND sriUKI.Mi TABLEAUX YA1UED AND STUlKl.Nti TABLEAUX* MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN SCENJ ? V ' MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN Si ENEUY* cilARMINO mush;, l.'H A KMI.Vll MUSIC. COSTUMES, COSTUMES, (Krom draw Ii>k>> '>} Carl II mid, I AuJ ADMIRABLE ACTIViJ ADMIRABLE At '11 NO art 'ti -r ri KING piTnTt 'S.SS'S, Ol 1IIK tZ^TZTZ 3^33 mount \ ins. /'i3 f-V -3 MR. LESTER WALLACK, *???<??*? yy ? *. Mi;, hi, \kK. -'?i Mil. CHARLES FISIIE*. Or tub si22 Ml!. YOlT.NO. ?' '? A mi: iu:YM>i,iis. Mil PLOYD. via .40 MllS IIOEY. lilts \ EUNDN o?oo l"SS hkn.i".(H,K?. V, 'A K I X O or tii k UXXUt MOt NTAINS. i. l irn kino (w tue Fountains. ' ' KINO OV THE MOUNTAINS. I'RICK*.? Ili.v" mill P*r.|M, i, Ml 1'miile Boxen, 11; On bmUru tlalU, $1; Kami!) Clrrh*, iOtr.nui. New bo we ivy theatre, Solu Proprietor* . ..Mi H<r?. o. I,, u..* \ ,i. \V Linrard HATUBDAY, NOV. 2, ISM. ^ (IH.VMi lUIOl'ENINiS Of Ika Aboro iMUHilnr Hi' at- i??r ttfwlei .oUmk KXTKNSn E A LI KRAI IONS An cuUro new Ontniii, b. h . I - o iyl<>r, E?o? entitle# MATTER VS I X LET; OR, OCU NAVAL Vlt T HUBS. Xnw mid g.irgfOUn Scout ry, _. . Ami hrllllHiit met-', antral effW-ta. Thopli'te prodmcil muter ,1,. s,,i . ,i Uon of Mr. IS I. h'.ix. Tin1 MimU1 il Burl, tin hi JENNY LINt) JeiMT Ijcitlli rltt i?* Mi-* Ptinny (luring B Her tirKi app iirainv In thin theatre in twelve month*. \RNUM S AMERICAN M US V. I'M. SATURDAY. Nov. 2 18411. C2HA.Nl) FAMILY IIOL1 DA V. TWO fiUf'KKH DICAAI ATI'* UEKFO/JMA NCfN In thoalternnim at H ? ?'??!<: k, KVKMN(f of. 7'*, at eaoli of which that new . 1 1 1 cl iMiwrful Sp ? irirar Dram.# Til K A NO MI* OF MIU.SHJIIT, Till! ANOF.L OK MIDNfHIII', r ut: AMii-iL or MfDMonr, will bo produced. Tl in U ???!?> ol tho liti' M. an < I most attrac tive pleoe-* introilu. <*ti to tho isYw York in a- lm& ?oencry, imo m rib a, costumes, inu?.ic, At-., and thin arrange ment on tidoa ladies, children, families and schools t? wiiDes* It, h c all tl.c won l ii'tii nnvnHIt** ? r tin' Ma ??'?!??? auil r?aum homo *># l ?># <? dark. I<u<ln m mnl ohildrcit whom* hn-hamls and f.ithem .or unul?'o to ac? oiopttny iImmu tkeniwtilhui ENJOY Til KIR AMUSKMKNTS alonr. ah llio ii! mohi vL;ilanc?? if* ? \?Mci r?l by th<? iuaiiai;4*< mi-Hi ii? prfH??<'l h whll<? in tf??- Musi-iiiii, and aii i iipr.?tt?tr p' i ooMi.i both m'xuh art* cal'elully I'.xi'luilect. Cmm% Uirat i?nc and a'l, and s??(* THIS MACiNiriCKNT DRAMA, and at thft same tinn* wo thu I I VINO llll'I'OPOTAMirS; Or. RIV'KR IfOltSK IV ?m tho Ittvr Nili* in Iv4V|>t, llift 1JUI.AT ?:KHKMt Til OF Til K M ltll'Ti ItKS Tlo* ni4?Ht wondcrt nl animal ktom n, iho ? iuht ami om.v ??iio cvor in v\m? rira. Ilo itt to l>?* m on at all liotira, with id^na< tlv?' \ kco|.or. Also, tho LIVINii i:t,h I'll A NT Tl KI'I.K, ovor l.(H)i) yn.ira ?4<L and WtlghinK ovor 50(1 jmmiikIm: ih?? WIIAT IS Irr ALBINO J' A Ml I - V , SKA LlO.N, MAMMOTH UKAIt S AM SON, and no ?r ;i million oth -v ouilo ,iII?-m. Atlml-Kloii to all, 25<'"nt*; rhildron tiuior ton, 15 cent*. |> ItV VMS' MIXSTUKLS. J J MoohAfiifN' II ill, 4iJ iit'ifttdwHV, who vo <Jrftii I ?tro<*i. MONOAY, OotolNsr 2-Sth, and rvorv ni^htdnrloa tho work. I MMENSi: SU(H:KSS. rilbWOKD HOUSES. THE It AW HK?'ltUITS, TIN I* AN ONION. I.OJiJ) LOVEU II AIKMANIIKS TKK PRKSTODIOATATICItlST, S*'at\> iu/iu sir, for fh?? Ihh( time, in now tricks. S. ( A.MI'BKLL. Tho p??j?!.lar vxMlint, in Ihm nio.t<diu ?? illad*. KI'll MORN, NKIL and l>AN BUY ANT. TIIK STRANdKK. Mr.x. Ifallrr. Rph Horn | Tin Slrunger. . . l>.in BryauU Noru:K i;HANUK OF TlMK. JJoora 0|M'D at ciuUiin rl. o? al 7)a. Tiokotg 2ft vviiU. ITALIAN 0FXRA. 1 !? A Ul> TO TIIK PUBLIC. Tho public aro r? *pro fully Informed that the snhw rlbcr has HU'^-oodfd in r t.titiim; m iho cotintry, for tin* prownt M?uM?a (ho that liuli in t>p<;ia mav 1?h uivi h), 1 1??? < ol?*l>rated MISS ISAHKLLX JIINKIJ'V, tilUXOHl HUIHSO LI, MANtU'SI nisi >INf II ?? hai oilo lod ul?o nn onra^: iii* nl with MISBOLARA LOUISA KELLOO'J, whose i woni hi-iimh ori lu-r roap|?eninrm* thin m anim hu been hi^hljr <1 j^ti Hhod. Tho ii mpanywill b? nnder tin* unifd'Hldi i cl (iii of tho eminent coodui'tor <MKL ASsnHVTX, and wilt v wit tho principal northern oitloH and iniitignrAtn dm Ne w Opora H oiko, at B'Ulalo, on the dtii ol Ilerumb -r Willi Ita ian opera. M umm*rK, liiroclniH niid Hociette* dcHlrin^ to ??etire the ervleei of my rompHny, oither for Italian Opera ?>r e-nuyri? and or iiortos, will plcane add re. as J. Urati, U Went KlghtoentU atroot. BttOADWAY MUSIC HAM., 44land Ida HltOA DW AY. 4(4.1 .mil 48 I GRAND MATINKK (IRAM) MATINKK (.RAND MATINKK GKXND MATINKK GRAND MATINBR GRAND MATINKK GRAND MVITMliK (IRAKI) MATINKK GRANI> MATINKK THIS AFTERNOON. AT 2>i OOI-OCK, FOR I. \ 111 ES AND ( llil.DRKN. LADIBS ANI? CHILDREN. On which occa?tin the GREAT CARLO TROUPE will appear iu their extraordinary teita. (il(ANl> ASOEN.-ilO.V ON A WHEEL, TIIK (IKK AT IMPALEMENT IEAT, ACROBATIC EVOLUTIONS, Tumbling, Leaping, Posturing. S meraa Ming, Ac., Ac., BY TIIK CARLO KAMII.Y. THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, TIIK BROADWAY MINSTRELS, BILLY BIRCH, BEN COTTON, J. A. HERMAN, AINSLEY SCOTT. TIM. NORTON, J. PIERCE, In new Snug*. Glees, Chiirtli'ses. Ac. MISS LIZZIE ROBERTS Tlio Plcanug VouitH* TONY I'ASTOR, TONY PASTOR, tlio liCut Comic Sinner lu America. I'm nl Hi illniu'a ti' w Ballet of TIIK SPIRITS OF THE MOUNTAIN. THE SPIRITS (>K TIIK MOI NTAIN The beaiititnl ami a u .mpl'sli"it lunrim am] Vmallst, MISS ERNESTINE I'K KAIBKP, la eigaged nil I will apirumn Monday (uniting, Sow. 4. In relirurtai and will shortly lie produced. Carlo's ce el.rated Kant J in I l.i n Pantomime, TIIK APR OK B >RNEO| TIIE A I'K OK BORNEO; OR, I. IKK BENEATH HIE WAVES, with new Scenery, Diihwi, an<l wun li ri nl Mei haiiicalEITi eta. ROUT. W BUTLER, Sole Lessee. . VO.NS. M TRO.NE, Sin;!'- Watiagoc. IRVING HALL. h.XTI UDAY EVENING, NOV. 2, ISC! l'f- Ki'T l;itiull nf Colors to th" Ki l> ? i ;hth regiment N. Y. S. Y. An Or.itlon by Jame* T. Rial)', Grind X'o-al ml 111* C'-mert, iind r the direction at Carl Auh.Ii it/.. Horn s open at 7| l" commence at H. T.-kets and circnuro 1 1 he had it all tin- i>ri r.clji >1 miul ? store*. C1AJi fERBURY Mt'SfC HALL, 535 BROADWAT. I 1'KKPKCTION IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. THE KIN EST ENTE l!TA 1 NEK NT ami Til* MOST REFINED A I'll! KNCE IN THE CITY. VARIETY TIIE GREAT IDEA. To-night, T.tvetilyflfth time of the Grand l'niii"ruiiu? MAtilO LACltK'. MACIC LAUREL MAGIC LA U UK I MACK! LAUREL. the mo?t ittressful pl"i.e ever produced In this country. THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS, TIIK CANTERBURY MINSTRELS, TIIK CANTKHRURY M IN'STRKLS TIIK CANThRBLRY MINSTRELS, with new Souk* and Jokes. AS II TON AND ROGERS, ASIITON AND ROIIERS, ASIITO.N .AND ROGER-, ASI!T )N AND ROGER*. C K LE B K A TE D O Y M N A STS. DUETS FROM THE BEST OPERAS. DAN .'US. BY FIRST CLASS ARTi^TS. BALLETS, BURLESQUES AND PANTOMIMES EVERY NIC [IT. Gieat aiiecCMi (if the new Son* DAUGHTERS OK AMERICA. Hy Sun or ABECCO. 1 TNCKAS1NU WONDERS. \J At the Parisian Cabinet of Wonders and Anatomy, .103 Broadway, uext door to Ball, Black A Co., New York. Juat added to tnls large, superb and world famed collcrlloii, n perfect freak of nature, n nKiimter child w Itli two !te:ida, four jcvsaiid thnc nrm*. In conjunction with thin Interesting sight there am wonders of an unsurpassable and thrilling nature. At one glance is seen 1,790 part* of the htintun Tin; Inatiiution Uaa been prunoitiu i d by the ui iny thoiiijiuda whoe.rovrd tn It J:ill> to have u truly moral lendeocy. Li'Cturi'a daily o;i lntereatln;,', auieotiUo ami pathological aiilijrcta. ( j j mu for gentlemen oti'.y from 10 A. M. till 10 P. M. A Imlitalon 25 cenla. HIllE CHEAPEST AND MDSTCOMI'O IT ABLE PLACE J. ot' uiutui-uioiii In the city ia the Oriental Free Concern. Sitl'ion, Broiutivay, ne*t dnorio Ijtura Kncne'a Theattp. Tiic fallowing aria) "l i ilent app a. a nMlitl) Mi- MA<l(ilK WAYLAND, th- acromiillaheil vo aliit. Mi'Ji 1.1//K FOHTElt, tu- beautiful ?lng' r. Mini LIZ/.KLLE KINO, ih" a. i "ini Hale I danscuae. Mile. JENNY, the beautiful daua ? ? HANK, the MASON, tlio chamj lou ji ? daneer, will givn Imitations of all the i.huwul I jig naii '-mu tlio I'uTieil Siatea. ANDY ROOMK. Imnjobt. FRANK St.' II ELK, comic alnper. DAVE JACKSON, theeo.'entric )ig 'ui.i r Master MOBRISEY, jig dancer, f ii l.i ?(> iieaiance on ibi* dtiiff*, Tm prettiedt and moat accomplished young 1 attend nightly, u m't rorpei ,iEW, tUid, 620 A tew more la '> waller* wauted. ; I a i ? Wail ? ir KIJENTZ t BI.RN8. QWISS BELL RINOERS, AT II- Pi: I IIAPEL, 7^> O nroadway.? The Vlle,liin::ui-, VinMli-t* 'UkIs.m- is,- i Itlnr.iin. *Vy evening. Ailuiii^.nu 2-j ci'ia. t'liildieu i:t icnu. Cumin. 'tire- nt 7','. V.r n<" ? S ?. uHa, aftcrn.Hni at two o'clock. Children to mnllni e It! ? ' UK. ERRMANN RIVALED? BROOKLYN VTHP.NAI I M ? - - Piof-aa II BRESI.Ai:, I " M" at Pie 'M ".item , , i r.. iltv and Saturday * . ell i> , Ni-v I and 2. Adiiili-vinn, 24 Children IScci.'.i. C1APTAIN WILLIAMS. / SOUTH SEX WHALING VOYAGE. lii>I?' Cb iprl, "20 Broadw. v. Thla aflemoon at 3 'i clock; thin evening in 8 o'i .? "k. ' ?1 mlxalun Zi cents. Children laltern ".in HI n nta C1ANTERBURY MI SIC 11 ALL, 635 BROADWAY. ) (IRANI) MATINKK. UKaMI MXTIMOE C.RAND MATINEE, GRAND .YXIINKI. This uny ( ?, N,.v. 2, nt o'eloi- . TNION PRICE AND EASY, W SPPINd STCK! r -.j Monday and Saturday evi nlirs". r I m uhs, nt nt NffMabli eom|?n/, tinext L!q ors and themost a ? t ve wallets. The gri at artlata A. Itiah uu :ui I fl. Il'i ii prea-.duiB. BIDET .; DONNELLY. \\;UAT A TREAT.- A PRKE \M? KA-Y XVI I.I I'K if held thla (S.itiiiilil)) evejilii-r, ;it th'1 Hi" -klvn S it < ?, Vi Carrol i-tre -t, S .nth Btookl .n Jit'iip)' XI i n*|., < bnted tenor, chairman, t't.irk Oi"'r.i l'i o.i jn.' will In* in at teuda lice. Chair taken at It o'clo- k. MICHAELS. I n ) r,?'or. Ballet oiel waktrd? to dance ; r uiria, for waitlni'. . iv' a ym:ng tnan, tor ii.iiif'i ' ?? tultrn-. ai tl 7 Wmi-ut ?t, if. MPEEr. u

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