Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1861 Page 1
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0 ' fast > aatiMsvoM xmihom .(U/simh *h?y '?'i\ THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 9186. NEW YORK, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 18G1. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REBELLION Laiest News from the Great Naval Expedition. Exciting Rumors in Washing ton in Regard to its Safety. ! TBS DEPASTURE OF GEBERA1 SCOTT. Aflccting Parting Scene Between Gene rals Scott and McClcllan. fomentation of a Magnificent Sword to tbc New General-in-Chief. The Address of the Committee and Reply of Gen. McClellan. THE ffENERAL'S OPINION OF THE WAR. It Way be a Desperate but Cannot be a Long One. MrU of Rebel Agents in France to Obtain the Interference of Napoleon 111. Military and Naval Operations on tfcc Lower Potomac. NEWS FROM GEN. BANKS' fOLTMN. Dispositic 11 of the Union Prisoners Taken at Ball's Uiuif, &c.j &c ?ME GREAT NAYftl EXPEDITION. [The FM?' t Passed air Cape Hatttwt, with Plraw j>t WcathcitnGvcitlug Rumor* in WMhlngton, die. Ealtimork, Nov 3, 1861. Hie ?? pc-t sent test night about the Hoot war not quite 'jorrect. -The ftoet was patseed eff Hotter as afen-vt daylight ? ? Wed?c?iay morning, aad not at nigbt, as at first lUtec. e report is made by Copt. Hall, ?f- the British acfcoenef Jas. Hutler, from Turks Island. T-0 captain, ?f <wuwe, ;.ucw nettling about the expodlthw, but rej>ort* .hat abon*. day light, as stated above, he packed a larg^ leatr ? woe-of-war among theu, under cle?c reef. The vttflMPMM very pleasant. --Iks had experienced a blavr be dayi^oforp. "W-iSHINOTOV, S?7. 3, 1861. A rumor has been ppsiAlent here this evening that' the ?oent ti jrm had fallen with great fury iipcn the great tavcl addition, off Ojie Half) run, scattering the vessel* a ervesy direction, and ?swiunpTig or wrecking slghtoen of hem. T'lis rumor it not, hewevcr, credited in olficla) ircloe. The government <b?3 no such intelligence, ?he latct despatches received by the ^"vernment ?oar. the fleet were feeni ofl C.i|>e Ilenry ,ie?i.ribing th.' rogresa and the mode of sailing of tho ve*alB. They rero cloze together, and tixw ng at the rut- of seven ill?; KiUour. Export navigators have calculated Uiat j I Chin r?to the fleet must have passed beyond A^.e known wjge <rti tiie storm before it. oor-iinenced. Ka. later au- 1 ices have bot-n rcoo'.ved here. The reputed eepatchos since then are unquestionably only <n nions or 1 aqpetanes. A despatch was shown to tho "lead of the Jiivy Do artsnenite-day , from a person* who professed 4o know he exact point where tlie gieat.i: ilitarv and naval expq itioc had gine, asking tlie department whether it would to pro per. for liim to state ifcr tlnation. He ,v as at jacc informed that no hutnan<belag knew where .it was Ding, and therefore it was not at .ill probable th. t th" kid individual could commimirate tie important tact. OCft SPIKIAL WASH??Ta\ DESPATCDi.S. THE JDBPAKTUREf OF GENERAL SCOTT IB FlUAL ?K1'AKTURF. OK UFKKKAI. SCOTT HTOM WASHINGTON ? INTRKEETmB INTERVIEW WrTU\aE NKItAI M CI.Et.LAN? WOKilV OF ADVICE FROM S IE VElKitAN iaQIDIKH. WA?trNOi??, Nov. 3, 18'U Yesterday, at the depot in this city, at fa- e 3lock, tke darkof.t hour before day, it the midst i( a jiuy storm, the retiring and t!?f incoming chieftains.* T is United iitatosi Army bade ?uA other un aflbcttowa,-* ?ewell ? one, .In his ago, ivturuiBf his war-wort ?ord to tlwe, scabbard, and the otfaer, in his youth, ul eatliing hi? steel to measure strength, wj:b a desperai* d unprincipled foo. General .Scoilt amlfltafT ronclied the depo'^half an hour fore the traio started. Quite a number ,ctf citizens as nhled to bed him tdion. At a quarter before live Jock, the tiirn for the train to leave, -Gen. McClellen ived, under eucort of ("apt. Barker's cavsJry squad i. Th: new General-m Chief was accuuip*n?;)d by the lowing members of hir. staff:? brigadier General Marcy, Inspector General. irigadier Genera.' Stoneman , chief of cavalry. irig.idlcr (JeneraJ Barry, chief of artillery. irigadler General Van Vh-. t, chief of Quartoriaister's Ipartment. I Irigadler Genorai fteth William", Adjutant Genoril. -leutonaiit Colonr' Colbiirn, Assistant A<iujuint (?.:i.iernl. .tentonant Golouol Hudson, A*sietant lnsp'.nivr Goncial. JeiKeoant Colonei Swoltur, Assistant Itu?p?cUir .loral. ? 'iiptain I>ouis rhllltpe Do Orlowis. Count De I'aris. 'apt. Kobert I e Ortasas, Due do Charues. lie General and his staff all app^tarcd with biack ntt> havolcks over their ea|>s, atd lontf black rubbsr ts, hiding their unifunais eniit?.ly. This drew wu; rn to the pelting storm. L s they entored tl?c , ?ot tlielr %opearanco in tlx dim li^lit retnm<U<d one of : stories of the black knigfct^ of old. The only Uting t br'ke the silence tliat prevailed wt.^ the clank of the riors' hiud?.i swords and lie rattle n* their sjnirs. cnoral McCln Ian, at the heal of his sUalf, proceeded to cner room occupied bv Gontrul Sott, and removing l>at frwn his htad, bowed before the veteran cUiel "| ?m he h*? just Hucceeded. antral t-cutt, slttkig, from inab.lity to ri&?, extendod hand to hit succearcr, and they talked for fcomtemin < bauils chiipod. |In tlu? position, General t. drawing Mc( Icllaa nearer to him, laid: ? jcueral, do not allow yourself to be etnbarrask<Kl by who do not comprehend this great question. Cai ry your own ideas, act upon your own judgment, ami will conquer, and the government win be vindicated bless you." le young chieftain's only reply was:? l,t'vauk yoo, General . and will not forget your oouDsel. you be restored to health and live to sno your pro :y fulfiliod. God he with you. Farewell.'' Shaking hands a^ala, General McOellau conducted General Scott to the car, whore thoy part?>d without a word being excbangod, General Mcnollau bowing grace fully and (leneral Scott returning it. The members of General Ucdollan's staff then shook hands with General Scott, tii neral McClollnn and staff retired , and , In the midst of a drenching raiu, mounted their boraes and re turned to quarters. Tho train loft tlie de|iot at precisely Ave o'clock. Gene ral s<-ott was accompanied by hm own staff, the Secretary of War, tho Secretory of the Treasury, Miyor General But ler, Ailjutant General Thouiua , General Van Vliet and others. THE NEW GENERAL-IN-CHIEF. TRB 1H1I.APKLPM1A HWOU1) TO UKKKKAL m'CL?L LAN? THK PKKSKNTATION 8PK*i HK8? WHAT UKN. M'CLBLLAN TIIINK8 OK THK DURATION OF THK "WAR Tin' ceremony of tho presentation to General McClel lan of the sword ordered by tfw? Common Oouncil of Phi ladelphia, in July last, took place last evening at the pri vate quarters of the General, corner of Sixteenth and H streets. The pword is a very beautiful and coetly one. Tbo scabbard in of solid silver, heavily coated with gold, aud mounted with tho arras of the city of Philadelphia and of tAo Statu of I'ounnylvania, heavily workod in gold. Tho following is the inscription; ? i MAJOR GENERAL GEORGE B. MoCX.KLI.AN. i ?v authority or a awoLtrnoN w thr cwhoub, ap i raovw> jilt SI, 1861. Th" htlt i8 8oIi,i silver, but 1m* in the gold electrotype kath for sixteen days, andjhas t9?e appearanco rtf solid ??W- It is surnouiitod with a solid gold eagle, forming the head. The grip of the htlt is adorned with thirty Tour pearla, interwoven with thirteen diamond#, the ttrst representing the number of HUtoe in the whole Union, the latter the old original thirteen State*. Out hI<1? tho guard arc tin, letters G. It. Met'., thclniti.Uofthoyen.ial. Among tbnse present at tho ceremony wnrc the Secre tary of tlie Navy , Genoral Andrew Porter, ?U the mem bers or General McClellan's Btaff, Dr. McCMlan, brother of the Gearral, and many ?c,ther persons ?f distinction in civil and military life. Henry J. Fongoray , SecRean t -at- A rmK -ef the Council of l'hUaAelflhia, was beurer'of the sword. ? The following gentlcturn were present, as the commit tee of tt'e Philadelphia Council: Stephen A. Burton, S.V. Cat tell. chairman, K Mamlltrn, r" *Jc'"Ul"e) Geo. V. Gordon, KTVoibert, W, Sick Icy, ,?tCcIrr' J. ri. McLean, i "? V*0' A.- J. Catherwnod, * D k '1 M. / Dougherty, * R,,he? A. T. Hicks on. TUT PRESENTATION. AC seven o'clock the committee onterod tk? tmc will' out ceremony, ar.d through their chairman ?Mreesfd tli(^Cav.'LeraI ae follows ? (K:\kkal? 1 he Councils of Wt'ladolphia, tbe oil-/ of >"in birih, liuvo sin?t uh here u|wii tho pleasant dun of pre ieiilii'g you with this ,word*t tp TKn r n'r' 1 HD< ,V0Ur ?'^4?l ^rtT IK) r. present alUn. tho regarH or jour near fri?a<taat> r ? UWl 8?noral ft elln? "f untom. with your ejf'risof a great rsmmuuity. >t>uiit upon tih? hott-snot wlerollborty and froo insirtMaons reoei\*d itheJr tirst l'im and rttefrj I. 'iln.s token w toaderei fur il wl'X'h you fc?./o already* one, to ahowtMtitt'ouirh all your tolls and daugurs, and- ?f those so julluanr and ?o,e.sfully l.d>; you, that* v of your h^pScfb^ +>)kcd on with aptJausoand l?sart('elt inters-.. Wu luve ?he good fortune r to bo the first to >otl.t??? ??*h?adtf 4.1iu grandest *rm<- ever as.set.Uled on thfc QcMliiuit to ^ r(>o?>wed arilo* Vaiinsylvauiusuttiids^y your to .e To-day we reoogube-iUie spirit ?Tithe ec? In the plac ing of the war weapa* n the hanfe ?f y<*ith and "ri .'?l"i prnl?)*lv?ri? ! yourSte* loekern you '? L u her ???! to .the fcu' coin in her collars/ see is jwara. Be Mi apuaUed by nia*"it,,t!e of puhla expectation / or i he fearful of the reeult P ?t our trwr bo In God, ferourai use is Uw cause of eom;titutioaal- iberty a *1 human* for oil time. You rue " regret fie occasion iftr draw nc the sword; we ieel.t is in j*,ur nature eo .rvjoice" lf?n it can honor ah l>v 0 put up;?ut whim It .wtrawnyMid our mifgukled ?euotrymeu ktfld to their refrtJUor j U e Uvea the 'honor aud the tortumw of th<Hi?*a*)(i<* >f the * late of which yon crewnc son are ready to be d??otod,see h and ail, to the pres?jt causo; *? id tliey arc proud that vouaro to have s<> proirinont a f? ?( lntUeo*u*tet, sh^llud^ you are to.Wv wttJ, the l.rlt'ht ? si venty thoiiauid lJeuqrylvani? sold P<*i around this sacred capitrd We bonur you as a ne|>n> mntatfcr 1 man ae reprusentiaf1 loyal }-m isyirania, wher? werf famlTv senda to tlKi oiiiiexi n fjt h,f ?r a su?.; ?i <>ppos?4 t<j a re helliou agauK:l her parua id lot in tin iiMhenu^re from our sirej, and? oecordacee with a .?(intfcnnr.t nualtorablv dcolared UiutrFiie will permit no an?ed?! c;tiukmiet homa or abroad wtjrh has for te object uhu dSUni, TI single b. ikI o t ho I nine or the lcaWt (War ? or itn* r. ngth. (.eneiai, aii ariivo mind led you to Irawe flurlnfcui vo tha art j ou lear^c' so Ih-r^bly. War hae.rostoreJ you to it?ith high res) ont-lb*iile.-. Ymi <U?i e lieettY 'vored largely wiMUk auccosa * Uicb has >e?jed <ho good> opinion 01 your e.viiec promi*. From the #rue?loJ arto has men with you a mighty army, which uf in i* honed heioKi^ dt rlen-r bin w has beoto^trnrk, ?<Hi ?km ?eluu a((:iiu-ti.v thi' muts puacetul puoati's; Onim. soldinr 01 any time or country h?n eJrUM.-o'h.s X u< Z loft to his posterity' ? prouder rteeedeetion ,y rlaks and sacriHcet thau.wiU those of tfa!>,^,*i Hin?-([ir for. ' 4{'"n,f'mttl.'?t 1 "e?ce. Amop^r the last to Jouvoit'-o iioKi will be y<m:?elf. once mire restored tryymjr fB?,<)v and" friends, jieiiriij ' will; y<'u :1m- applauwe of your uf intrv-, LK. with (*lK:r Sophie# siuke , .'"I ^ ""'he* of 'vir house, to vermin ror. t er tho? Jypo aud nyriihoLol a n- uily eouragoaiod a loyal he trt. OKreSAluF'ci,l![,lAK'l lUB'LY. i General McCklian rB?|KPuiiod w/oIKmks: I a?k you, air, to gjvo my warine?Land doepest a' anks , Ire the honorah e body you represent <?t -Lis entirely un- i OEyitod cotnidltaen'.. X could thanlcyou Iwtier it 1 th'.ueht tlmt I dew rved it;, but I do not u-t-( Uin- 1 do. VuiI.uju that 1 have yet accoiriplishod. would warrant' this high compliment. V. is ror the rut, ire tc decide wh, <Uer I t ad realize bhe esoeotatjons and ho,i..H f/mt hav^lieen retired Id me I trust and feel that ltj? day xix* 7ir Oji.iiit when label) re'urn lo the placo dearest a all Uj me, l^icre to spend tho balai* e of my divt v " T J 'mve rur ^ ,ed thi/ K Z J".1' ^ "'**'>1 l"ng; u n>ay h>- dwi cinL. I ask In tho futare Pnrrhi'arance. patience rnd conlidei -e ?Sr,Wa J'"' ?'eWIi?,? a".?n<l while 1 know that in great di'usaB.wiiith may have our. 'leans' blond that J ennsylvaau wilV imt play the loaxt ,'I trust that. ;u the ler hiui l , she wil puiy the hlfpb(f and nobk it part. I agniu thank you, and auk yon w c-?inoy to t' e Coum Is my m.>M .w?th thanks for the nword Sor -o hem hat it will be my,asabitloh to dostrvt it hereaiter I kjl'V, I do Hot LOU-. ^ After tho presentaWon Ocn. McClellan tovsi od the cotr mitlee...ud other ?wfcte.U>. i>artake of a spli* Jid collation aftor u'4 :eh. at an <xr!y |ier.!od, tho General parted witt, his 1'ruu.ils and rcsuttied this duties. THE BAlTLJfc' AT BALL'S BLL'FF THE EW.VANATORY JUttOJtT Of ?BN. Jf'0 fcLLAN TO OEN. t'SO-NI; S ItKl'dKT. The roUi.wing is Uen. McClellan 'h explanation in sub mi. ting i is rejrfirt of Geo Stone to th Socretarv or War. at will be i??, as previously Sta'te,"l to this correspondence, that ?on. McClellan never OTdi ed Gen. Ktone to cross O?e?ivor, and only direct-#! liim to himseir ou it, Virginia side, and toi'dd his posits, n^t all hazards, wh?,-, to his /?urprise, he , .'earned that nearly all of General t'tou.. s .force had eroded the river whett not fifteen lwu were ?M'/cr tiiere: jw uwire IlKAIHlt'ARTSm -SHIfY OF TUF 1'rr? |*K' ] ? , WAsjiuiaai.v, Nov. l , i.nai ' Hon. Stx iw, auv of W*p. c t^T,Ii'.aVl! lil' ll"m,r l" rw?i;rl herewith Bretadier General Stone a sejMirt of (he cqfiueinent near Le's /urir onVio 21st nil. I also transwi, ^^;,y ?f "e M-ik- by mo to voueral Sumt ou jjie -JOth ult fc/ni r,a,"? nioBtoeaert in tl^ bww of his'roilrt h\*^u ' 'V'r Y ,US, I inclose a . aTv( his do patch in nsply, of fBtne ^ Mr dosnLtw; dt no c<>ntvmplate Utoirnaking un attack upon the imeiuy ir ? ? " ? ,h'" n"' or ?' ri,r< e by iu;v por ion ..f iVr' rai ^'so scommtfic!. and not anfa ii?;it ... meet Ii4 ad upon iht S.'ihUirocUM VUhI tVt Morn.1 u,.( ?u T return with his dlrk-ou, no t!,,^ M irom irMiaville (<? th^amp from which lie had .vivanc- ' od , priiiri(fpil the rc^vin^'iissMi co ciilrwio^ iu him oh), n ? have !?yt then cctoj^uI. I^tig adikM , \h?V I r<ni tJen?cal Stonf. re<?vved dunnr iho ?L?. ? ""cro^or the rtveT. th? lad of o!^ ncl B-iki r , ti'.o check sustwuned l?y our tr<'u^ .1 , . marly all h? (Stone's) To:*, had crowed th^l.e ' i ^ K Z Jrry" lJ'? at half Intrench youweir on the Virginia side, and iwait re inui-ceineiitr, f accessary. 1 imincdiaU'ly telegraphed General H*,j.a to nrn cce< with the three brigtdca of liis division to U.enop^rt of General Stone; w.d advising u'ie latter that he vvmild he tlhjs supported, J directed hrni lo' hold Ins ponton it all haiards. Ou ue^d I went j*r?oually tp theecene of ope, atiotis , and alter ascertaining that the cnemv were strengthening themaeltes at Lecabnrg, and that our means err crossing ami rerrossing were very insudjciant I withdrew our forces from the Virginia side. lam sir' very respectfully, your obedient servant, ' ' ? , ^ , Gh'OKGE U. McCLKLLAN, Blajor General Comntatitling United MatcR Army nnsiurnt *o. 1, mik hvi?> octi^bkr 20, 1881. I To Brigadier General Stone, Poolsvillo;? General McClellan desires me to inform you that Gen Mctail occupied Draiimville yesterday , and instill there! will S"nd out heavy roeonnoissances to day In all dlrec Ikhib from that point. Tho general desires that you keen h?f?i J?'". 0.utJT,n 1/"f,b"rF <"> ?e If this movement hKOie effect to drive Ihewawiiy. Perhaps a alight do mourtration on your part would nave the effect to raovo Wew- A, V. COLBUKN , Ast. Adjt.Gen , '} IltllXjI'ARTKWi ?? IU* AKMY OP TIIR PoNMAC, ) Oct. i!0, ISfil. ) To MnlofrT f\.^RB,*0T0* rRO* WW ????*? Ill lliiVn'u .i'.T rUi LKI LA.N ? Maile a faint of crosflDR . aft?rw>ou, an<l at the sain" time started l'ar'y Awards Leiaburg from Harrtoa's Ronnrt rJ . e,U!nf.v 8 pickets retired to intreuohiuenta. ,>e feconnoltrlng parly nut yet received. I have i , cross i iff <ino hundred and twi'uty live men oneo iu U'n minutes at eucb of two points. Rlvwr farting slowly. C. P. STONE, Brigadier tioneral. INTERVIEW OF FOREIGN MINISTERS WITH THK SECRE TARY OF STATE. Tho English and French Ministers bad protracted inter views with tho Secretary of State to-day, No answer has yet been received by the Government to the commu nication of Secretary Seward to tho English. French and Spanish governments respecting their designs in (tending an expedition to Mexico. Until tho government receives a roply it cannot act. Whon it does it will uct promptly. The government is determined, notwithstanding it has a alber formidable rebellion to put down at home, not to permit any interference with the affairs of our neigh boring republics. The Monroe doctrine will be rigidly ad hered to. THE ARMY RETIRING BOAR . ^ Tho Army Retiring Itoard has nearly completed its nbors, having diHitoeod of all the cases which have como before it. The last two were acted upon to-day. Capt John C. Simms, Ordnance corps, and CapU Joseph L. Tid ball, Teutb infantry, wore retired to-day, to take effect November 1, 1M1. RESIGNATION. The resignation of Brevet Lieut. Ool. Steptoe , Ninth infantry, hasten accepted, to take effect Nov. 1 , 1861 ALL QIIBT ALONG THK CNION LINES. All has keen ijuiet to-day and to-night alolg our whole lines. It Is nrtt true that Gen. McOatl's pickets were driven in on Saturday. RHCOVBRY OF TIIB BODIES OF 80LDIKH, Five bodies or poldiers were token from the Potomac rlvor tliis morning, us they were floating pust tho Chain Bridge, and woro brought to tho city. They areevi den* ly some of, those drowsed at Bill's Bluff on the 21st of October. They were much mutilated and havo not yet b*?i identified. Hie frt.-bet occasioned t>y tho recent wins wilt probably throw to the surftioe, or upon tho bsnks, the bodies of ull who were drowned on tbat occa sion. TUB DESCENDANTS 'OP LAFAYKTTB AMB ROCHAMBEAU TENDER THEIR hUR VICES TO THE PRESIDENT. The Count deSoyrt lineal descendant of Count Kocham beau, of American Revolution famo, has tendered hie military service to' liio President, and has been assured that they will be accepted. The sum* answer lias been tfV-en to thoBorar. de Schonen , dwccendcut or Central LalUJetto. It is expedtcd they will ooon rsach tho Cnitcd stares. ARRIVAL ' OF A 1'KlSO.NKJt 1I10M RICHMOND. Lieutenant A) 'rod Kantz,of the' steamer Flag, whe has beou a prisoner >n tho hand* at the rebels since tbo -JSth or June, Arrived hore on Friday. Ho was capturod oil Hatteras InU*. -Ahilo in charge oT a prizo schooner, and is absisvl on'ilU purojo Tor tho farpose of cUeeMuv an ex change of prisoners. lie *075 tko I'nion prisoners ut Ki' hnwnd avc suffering frovn K#: weather and inatifflcicucy of chaining. In case an arroapement for uu exciiange ot prisoners <>m not be effected is to return to his con Utttmunt M -Richmond Jail 1t*?fty days. ??B REMAINS ?M COLONEL BAABR. Tk t'bodj- <tf Colonel Rake- will bo removed iienre on Thursdays, rning, airtrinp n Philadelphia early in tho afUoneou, where It will >l?t roceived by tJiemilitary an thooitie?r. id escorted to U vpendence Hall, ail will tie in stai<- the next day. Suu.lar it will b? expose* to view in the Cily Wall, New York, and on Monday placed in the stminfepfor California, in- .-jarge or (Imrlea Drew, of Oe?goni iff. E. Flannignn po." San Francisco ; E.M. Barnum' of>4>reffw ,and W. H. Wal'nce, or Wustriugtoa Territory, who w4U company the remains as rar as Knm York. worn- op u:m moiws to obtain vukch intbr FERKNC* JN .AMERICAN AFFAItt .. UAUtrs received here 'ty tho last anail/fMm Europe, from bi*u and rebaMe-Mvroes in Par*, memion the faot tfcatf^r nuoas offorte are being made, thro??h the Cbam-i of Commerce (ur.d otfc-.r organizations ,<?;? rebel agentc ??tl?^t: ?rs, to induce. th^ Em|>oror Naipoioor to interfore ? Asne-ican affairs lo a alleged, atao, th?.t Prince Na IM.'eoa is using his influence in thie dirartwon, and tbc ic. bit interviews wiUtKre Emporor,?iacei Lis -return ?? Kr*ace he (hvusn .tho rebel cause. The writer wi?o ia on ifloiuM-; tor ma atiUi (Ai*3 Emiwror., aexoatc positive^ the*, there is .cot tho fdightosi danger of an Intorferoooe in any manner whatever t>} the Kiriieror with aKMrr on thW c.a?tmeat His gymj* tfc'ed, he ?ys, are^H or the side of tho federal govern IHK OOURT MABA'VAIi N THE dA?C'OF COL. MILITS -Ih" ;o?rt martial in the case of Col. Mil s, which has . t*eB ic session far-several weeks, ?;i!l rep?>rt their Olid ing to the Commanding General In a few iipys. It is un <lerat<'?d they \w>, ac.uitted the ColoBe!. It is to toe tk imd -.hat this gallaut ollicer will naon bo restored lottis catimtrul In the army, where hig aerviet.i, experiesre aoxlAtility arejua* nev much needud. ?r>'ICKR8 OKWHE TKAO* OF iHKBBL AGBNT8. ?Gov i nment offwrs^: e again on tho tm k of severe dhtfcgbighcd indiwidual. in New York, Piiiadelpbia and HttiUni. re, who are.Juior n to be seutatiy Jkid'ng and abat tUt; 111 ? rebels in cicro v ays than omc. ' OfVS^?TION8 ON BHK:5/)WER I'OTKMfjl C? THE FIRING . ON THE RHBKL PTEAMER Quotum *K;E. 3b?if>rbort, teafler totlie l'otnm?- llutilla, came up to theftavy Yard thleimora np. There m ?oU".ig to repor* ?of raer news. Att wt^irilet in the ?.?igUh< :hood of the jxisit:oc >f the vesnefc m>T tho Beet aliov-oytbi blockade Oj r^tnL j.'its pass Uie blorkade in eiiiier -Xiiriiction with 1 imininif: Ihe roUuk* uatoot afford to wauti u mmunitio_ * upocithem. ( 0?'T1k rsday afU*co?t somo ton poundrF irrot gun, from 3I^i r rioubleda_v-'s lirr tery were plantodat the shore naar IBucj'" 's Ferry , and opened for tlw first tit te 011 the rebel stou ner ?ew?? Pagp lying optK*K,.rU?to<i mouth or <juanbi?? crock. The r? be! battery on Shipping Point re. turuod itJie lire. Tbf catconade contaaued.ife;>out two bourt..Uur.nK which Ome. frirty or liftj?hota,w-re flred from <?urj(:'ns. Several oiwjrjr shells bunu d.r^ tly over the reh?jl a earner , it ? beiiuv-fd that ber?>uirigKi"K at tho Iww osrried away. Tia.^hells from fiiie .rvbcJ battery burst a.eui-.t ie encaui[cneat of the First "-r? --h'lr -ti regiment., i 1 it did no dawinge. Genera* HouW-t whs present du-i .g the enija^eu^at. On Thurrd'v night niae sm?31 crart ran tfihe fttomac t blockade. 111.' [tas-i-d down.Uic river wlthatrt our?>eting ?any attention from tlM nobs! rfcatterfe?. A< ab.?yt hilf i'at;t ten *> c4^ck on FrinlaytcniTning r*?ur fjrv.11!! , ^-st'-r luwits were j coining dtwin u m Potomac. Wh?o A bey r. within raitj of tliA battatiw.on Shipping Koint, tho xitltral ImtU'rj .\t K\ aw-pott optiied/m them. Tbc.iiiiit? patted un injur, qJ Our KUUt ?t .lull's Ferry <Jyl mtt ,to tuK: the Arc. It the arteriMMm.our battery <,a Uie ghtro apwod again on tjo rebel gl<*meri'?**.rge Puge. Tun slaits whth flred at liar fonio or ib 1 un went ovor l*r"j j ^ ns ba. hull is obaen-ed their effect ier?')t known. Hardly lia-l ai.e Uring reacml when two fiCuaoners appealed ic sight. aiming down oka river. The -b^/eries on Shippiug Point ft(?d at them, jud coutinuud bring till they had ' pasted. One shell *apbdod beMManihe masts of the larger tobumer, the pjocea falling ou .??? ? side, injuring nobody m. board. Aesund shot wciii r^'lit across bar bows. Nv-ther \ossel ivas struck. J? tho aitort.noa while the f-lng was progresalng, tlw Hw. Massachutotta : regim nt w.<xit through a sklrmi.-'h'JIrJl .011 tbo boacn. The rebels did not Jirect th.-ir tire ujwn ,tlio ifeglmeut. r>t.rlng the da? OOneral Sickle*: 1* ule a reoon li'jiaaanco aiottf the biiikx of the Potomac in tlie vicinity o:' ]tCian Head, with a view or flelccting (losiiiona tor tho ri^iBK'nts in ban brigade, incase it should 'be brought into action near Uiut point. DEATH OF A NAfAI. nERO. Ernoat Walton, thg seatnan heiiuging to the Resolute, who was w.,unded is endeavoring to capture a rebel l*iat, when lite ollicer in charge and two other men were killed, died Ibis morning at the Naval Hospital, jlle was thought to bo out of danger, although toe bullet jionetraied his brain, until he d^od suddenly. To this man-belongs a great deal of thn crodit of saving tho boat of tho Resolutei severely wmmded as he was. He was an Englishman by birth, uuil w <s attached to Lord Lyons' fleet in the Cri mea, and was detailed to man tho batteries before Sebas topol. Escaping the terrible Ore of #the Russians, it was hi? fato to fall beforo the deadly bullets of the rebel" in defence of the flag he had adopted aa his own. H? will bo buried with military honors by two gun crews of the howitzer battery at tbo Navy Yard. RISE IN THB POTOMAC RIVER. Tho rain gtornj last night occasioned a tremendoi a riso in tlio Potomac. Tho rise at the Navy Y nd wns about seven teat. Tho battery wan hnlf subttterg<*d , nnd the wator overflowed tho yard for forty feet from the wliarf' APF01NT1UJ.T OF A SKAMAN.AU ACTING MASTER IN . TUK NAVY. Tho appointment of Charles A. Austin, a seaman, as Act .uf; Master in tho Navy, is the Urst instance ou record of the appointment of a seaman in our Navy as Acting Matter. It was ma<!e ?s an acknowledgment of mortt. Ho wa? xhip)>ed at Boston and drafted as a gunuery student at Washington, where hits intelligence, perseve ance and mer itorious conduct obtained for him this honorable Ute Unetkon. NEWS FUOM MISSOURI. RKPOKTKD ATTACK Of UKNRKAL 1.ANK ON TBI RB BKL ARMT. Si'RiNQriKU), Oct. SO, 1801. The following is a Rpcclal to the St. I-ooi? Dtmocrai>? A negro who says he left a port of General Price'* array in Sarcoxie, in Jasper county, on Monday night last, report* that General Laue had juat made an attack on the rebels, but be knows nothing of the result. He says that when ten miles d is taut from Sarcoxie bo still heard cannonading, Skin story seems altogether improbable, as General l*ne only left nermansville, in Hickory couuty, eighty miles north of Sarcoxie, on Sunday morning, and it is hardly poasiblo that ho conid have reached (hat place In ho short a time; but a scout who arrived here last night reports that when six miles from Sarcoxie, on the Mount Vernon rt ad, he heard artillery tiring from three o'clock till dark on Monday , and that the tiring was rapid. He also heard firing on Tuesday morning. This scout learned nothing of tho result, nor between what parties the engagement took place. The following is a special despatch to tho St. Louis Dc mocrafc? ? J?mtR.'-oN Crrr, Nov. 3, 1861. A <wnt arrived here yesterdfy . and reports at Head quarters that ho left General Price, on Sunday last, at Neosho, with thirteen thousand of his own mci > and live thousand Indians under Den McCulloch. Tl?y had no intention of making a stand >n Missouri. MoCuIlock himself had gono to change the direction of reinforcements to Camp Walker, Arkansas, instead of Missouri, where Genera1 Price will Join htm. General Ia?o is south of General Price, and has sent to Gctieral Fremont for rciuforccmcuts, and a large mounted lorce has gone to liis aid. General 1am* had a skirmish with General Price's rear guard, but With what result is not known. NEWS FROM GENERAL RANKS' COLUMN. IUkxksiown, Mii.jJiov. 1, 1801. At Edwards' and Conrad's terries yesterday all re mained >quiet. A day or two ago n larpo encampment of rebels wan pitched near U? villa or tho Hon. Thomas Swann . formerly Mayor of Baltimore, l>ul on (ho following morning it had disappeared. Mr. Swann 's residence is near fcoesburg, aud in full view of Kdwntdb' furry, and from /Its tower can bo neon overy strategic point for many

tttiluc. It id not unlikely that it has long boon used by the .rebels an an observatory. (fci Friday General Stone gent a flag of truce to tieueral at > Leet>burg,*c know what deposition had t>oen ma le of tbe Union f risuncrs taken at Ball's Blulf, and tfcose left dead ou the field. The luUor replied that tliu p? souers were quartered in a totoaoos -warehouse at ltlch sr>nd,and the d?ad '\?oro projterly irterred, and Moat bo wauld immediate)1/ communicate with the Con fulcrum fiYKriiiiiont in relatiou 10 an exchange of prieoiiorr. Oiir messengers represent that the rebels who met 41iem were in a v*rv seedy and ?tottered condition, and ' expiessed a lenvrit hop# that -the wur might soon be ended. Lieutenant CW?tK>.l Harrison, of illie Twonty.scwenth In. dtana been comj?siled by domestic afflic tion to tender #?l <! resignation, tfhich has beee acc. plod. He was highly esicemed, both *f- a gentleman and a sol dier, by his brother officers whole roptment. The leave taking yesterday w as very affecting. Oiptaln Mor rison, of Cotn|?|p}' A, has beeivs-iokeu of a&ikely to suc ceed Lieu tenant 'Jolonel UarriM'i, If all perxoar. -oorrespondiBfi with General Ranks' di vision woutdadJress their letters "via Washington," It would ensu*e.a-mffcr carriage, <uid facilitate greatly the heavy nuUJ ?pexatloue in UiittencOco. Governor Bla*-, of Michigan returned >43 Washingtor yesterday, atwr having visited- the troojej-frotu his in (lelierai Slime ? division. Lieutenant Colonel Wistarufc. fast reorv ering from hie wounds. Captain MaHorr, of the Calif rnia remanent, lies m -a very proctuo?K. condition at v farm botrie near Pooic ville. Alexander JI McClery , for a numhar of years ?wn nected with.Uie.l'hilatlelphia^ess, wmt ikon prisoner About one, tetmdred wouadcl still . rertaln at Puetet. villi. Ali dolBT Hell. NEftVti I.UOM FOEIHESS 10 NROE. KORT?d*toMtOK, ) VMfcBAi.TiJi'? Nov. 2, 18K..J No lnte-lligw; of the great j,x|K)oit?uu liat- yet Arru.uA Ills suppusMdjtbai It yesterday reached!* < desMiiatior. A terrUJc. gaf has prev?iii i siuce li st evening, il)ut there are no ap(w''heusi<m? lo? .he snfe+j of the Heel. A Hug <4 truixfci, ill go to Jih*folk to-oMi -row. and aemo news con^rata? the t*pedltt>ta will, ( robabiy, be re. ceived. The Goeewe tfemtady arrivaltfrom Ne?5 fofk this mom I ng,lojoiu the. expedition, ladoti with j. stores anil fceef cattle. Her ultimate destinatia i was Up West unci the Tortugas. Hhe.vuiit ashore -or ilnniptui bur, but ? ill, | . probably, he jot of to-night. . Arrival of .Ceacral ftcott? I1U Keceptlan At the lirevow t Ilea* ?. It appears liliat General Seolit. toot a la o train from i.'lizabeth on Kuiur Jay, acooii? allied b> Colom-l* ii. ?. an Keiissela"r,(J.t VV. Collum,. Schuyler Hamilton iir.d JFIward H. Weight ,j?rnd npon itrriving in this city pn ?oecdcd to the Ursvof t House, in i (Ui avo?<e, whore a wbgcraents l?.d h?uM eo quietly fiade for him tliut )lh ?arrival and pruseaoe. .'here were iLst know even to kif im'i family. ii'. appears Iha S lpt'inlendent *1 uodruir^cf the N.sw Jairtiy Itailroaii. icarttiig iliat General hrott st'liijM'ii at Klizabeth, -torn a spw:ial ..?tjgi,io at a late !*>?? to ndmt .Jto-i to tliir; City. HU stop pat' , at Klizalx.Ui ,w iu' unexpected, ibut uatwilhsUuitl ??ufPr"e, nwi ,1he rain ialtKiK in tcrrontf, a s?natl cannon wa8x??-ur<. I atid a saliu" fire.). He was cordi*lly greeted v* iUl j'des. and ii|kil .taking cars for New York n mtc a .Uiort speech. n the as??mWago ? gathcacd at the depot. JJ-.irrived at thcrt ev.^f. IJ?WC about m.*" o'clock uu KafyacJay evening, xompleuly es caping Cli? vigilance aJ- tliwr watching fr hi? airivaJ. lie apjietned in very j?vuJ health, uMumh flotno" ' what all?.lo<l by the iall#u? of his jonru'V and the storm ra?|W during the day. Owing to ti* >^ct of his | arrival nut being known to .my buMho pjalerneu that I accoiiifja/uni) him and Hi* members of bis .Citni'y. Out l few visiters called on th? vr.ter&n General ^?.sbTdav. j He remajucd iinlt^rs durlrg Jne wliolo duj-.^agotl 'in j conversation ?.itb the mcisbOM^ j,j, ?airandUie few lisitere who ciUJed on hirn, among whom was Gonura^ ^andford. towl Scott will r(;Dlain at U.e Urevuo rt HeiJBu ror a Ibartfime, until ho ?JUaJI havo decided od a tiuutiile place f?c Us fttinro re^jdencp. N?w< from the P*cllic. ?v'tN kKAJictauo, Oct. 31, 1801. flmi'PlNt;. Awived 3C'th, hhip 5S 11. l a Bier, lfcng Kong. CWJISIKKCIAL. The ffiarkul rules fct.v, y. .-ales of butter at 16c. Can dles w?B dull. 1 1 iislii-d sugar? SoIob of l ,<niu bl>ls at Spirits, wiles Mid tobacco have roceived con BldernWo attm tk*. Wjtliin (he last wii days the ma jority of imports have tv? ?-ji neglected. - nia ( companies of California volunteers hare sailed for Tnr. house plasterers of Kan Krancisco ma.!e a united demand of five dollars |?er day, and the wag. ? were cmi S/y FBA.ttiHoo Nov. 1, 1861 SiniftNO. Arrive ! ship Boston Light, New York. Purine a heavy storm It wu necessary to throw overboard one hundred tot s oi her cargo off (Jape Horn Sailed sveamor ftolden (Jute, for Panama with nn wards of tl.OW IKMI in treasure, fourteen army ofTkers 600 soldiers and '.Oil other passengers. "mcers, The treasure shipments are small on aeoonntof tho lar^e remittance of Troitsury note drat'.*. The ship Neptune s ( ur has been libelled 0d the alien lion of James Wright, of Alabama, being part owner Dates from Hong Kong to September U have been re ceived. 1 The Emperor of China died on tho 22d of August. CITY AKD STATE POLITICS. Tho Klcction To-morrow? Party Lines Obliterated? Number of Voters Absent from this City ami In the Army? An Ef fort to Vote Men In the Names of the Absentees? Prospects of a Quiet Klcction and a Small Vote? The Htate Tickets? The County and Judicial Candidates? Th? Senatorial and Assembly Nomi nees, ?<kc., Ac< This is the lost day that the politicians have to arrange their forces for the battle to-morrow. Wo doubt if there has been a general ftato election for the last ten years where there has been so litllo noise attending tho preparations. Honflrcs, procession! and target excursions havo been almost unknown, and public meetings few and far between. Tho fact of the matter is, ail parties and every candidate now before the people arc upon the platform of sustaining the odint nistration in the vigorous pr< secutlon of the war. Pub lic opinion up< 11 that subject Is so strong th/it no party duro raise any other benner, and no candidate is to bo found willing to stiin th" tide by announcing himself op posed to the administration. lliis s|>eaks well lor the sentiment of this city In this trying hour of our niitioiiul While this feeling in t u versal, the n*>st cast al 1. 1 server cannot fail to see that all jiaity lit rs arc btoken up, an<l the very course of the )m. ty le . er? in their move ments to cross the nominations, and mingle men of all parties together ou oue ticket, removes a'l claims upon the rank and CI* of the several parties to viand by their own party noMSiatious. The leaders have set the ex ample, and now is the time tor the masses to cut and scratch their tickets, and soe that the best men are elected. Thorn is a preat deal of speculation among the jiollti cians in regard to the number of votes tiiat tin- enlist ments tor the war luive taken out of the oily. For the Information of all concerned wo will stato that there are now on tlie b<N ks of the Relief Committee the families or about fifteen thousand knowu to be voteiH. Resides thin, there are unquestionably a targe number who have gone that are slnple men, anil w euld be voters if they were here. Wo tiro informed that in ouo want, on the east Mile of thu city, there are Ave hundred name* registered that are nuf in the army; in another want, there are twelve hundred, and another three hundred. we mi>!hl thus go on through till the ward*. Tin so nrRii'H have been registered as voters, and it luay he llio intention of schemers to utteuipt to run men in and vote them on these liuines, th'i leal parlies being absent. A vigilant eye .should he kept uwm the political manager*, and all mich efforts to defraud the Luneiit votem <1. feated. The lint of men who are in tlie ariuy from each el'diou district should lie kept at the poll*, ami all parlies attempting to vote lor absent persons dealt with to the fullest extent of Nie law. of the names thai mo 011 the books of thu Itu'.iaf Committee, ut least twelve thousand are known to he democrat ic voters, and about three thousand republican (iermans. <if the demo cratic vote, some ot the war s ? for iusihiico, the Kleventh and Fourteenth ? the Muzartet s will Fuller the most; in s ine other wards l'ammariy will be the loser. Another quite siguil.oitll lact is that in the fourteenth,, Sixth, and several of wards, the parties who have annually been the busy and noisy |ioi tnn.i/os at the po'.ls, tipplug over ticket boxes and making themselves gene, ally buty, are now oil to tlie war, the result is that we are going to have one .f the quietest elections ever known in this city. The vole w ill hardly exceed, if it conn r up to sixty, thousand. I'lvidni and split up us it ia, there is hut little use ol prodiclii who will be elcoted and who deleatod. Of tiio cuud idutt'H for itrosunguine of suen gj. but there is no mistaking tin* Inet tlaat Uiowuhusb rapidly losing ground uf Into and Vultc looming up. Wo notice that Au<lrrw UaUht wmc, a candidate i Seventh AtBemltly district, bus declim (t. Kaymoa / Yni. ok havo now the raou uli l>y themselves. In the Fii'toenth dlatru t wo arc luionned tbat. ai t inTl^ peadvnt denvrratie. club ha* nominated l>r. Robe fci-ibho non ? a man of pnnl st--m?t m(c in ike district. Bartlstt Sm*h, the Kifik avenue noiuinoe ot tfc , trontii district, has declined. With this notice w? leave the coutcat in it ; /'i.w.riy o( the voters , the eaudidali** U> their niorcy,trut a.. Wl, toavo said heretofore, that no poison who hat 'heretofore disced the oity in any offloUl jweition, 4thrr tri the ?army or in a legislative capacity, will be at jj, : terror of ve w-ondopsoaicni at tfce |*>lls. OTATK TIOKTCI". it war. w thk cotmt ?? xrrr.i- ? f'rnjtUH Unit/*. Unnorrut, I William C. W right. tQeo. F, OumritK'k. Wl JiMUvB. Wri-tht. "SKf RKTAKY OF STATE. Horatio "Ballard. ?. B. Floyd .tosnea. II'>Rdllard. OOirriiuMI. LticliittRobitison. Oeorge O.-gcott. I ,o?il?s>R'iblnson. ATTf tt.vav UiMllUl. .Dan'IS. Dlckln?on. M. K. (Jiiuta plain. tfantlB^BlckinKon. HTiTfr. TH1 AM Khlt. William B. Lewis. WlllUm Vlljlamx. WilllaTuB. Ixwia. nvjtra wtimmm *nn *r' jtkviiu. William B.Taykr-. Van K.?.M.niMid. Wtllta-n B. Tudor. CAUL'*** HHHSIOS fa*. Frank. A. Albrrfr;r Jan m-lt* i t Ki?u- A. AH?>rr*r (li ii* u-mij, (iriig titrm <Mig term). F. A. T?lmnil::?' Wm. W \\rlk.lit Ban>..F. -Bnieo (abort tenr). ?*-"r. trrn j). " (Jioiit?rm). .tNMFWrtOU'* > 5f>?T>: (WOWS A.* 3. Taj W?*. C Hlurlr a. 'V ?app*f). Tho fuHowwr "?A nomptelo'llst fc,r tiic-wJiCldatcs iJiickIJ tin ninnina&iasnn this a*y ? ?* uKRtrr., Motnri. f?i ""?)'//. RtrfjJ) imn. , J uii?a Lynfch. W*? M. Twe M. Jw>i- 'i W. Brow*. oamiTv in .rw*. ?Hlenry W.*G*aet. li*' ' s V\ . < i-nw. itm> >h llnxie. ?U1'KRVI IOK. H-oo. Kitster. ;Raj.h F.I' nrly. Ohm n Blunt. nirtxi'T r<ii \r. v. ?<i. OakeylMi. K.-r Wm rt.r-^-. A.' Oikey Hall. . *1 ]'U>.MF w. OtoTcc. tlwiK. W.< icrkA, D.'Thei W. Clorke, D. lit i'KKIOI i i"?H .~i'. P*"T,. B. Woodra T. ?Clasdtua.L Lr-r,s B. Wondr iff. Murray Ho*?iao. Jofn. M. Jdrlw'jr. Mui ay IIotluiM:, U. ? i*t ?*??,<* f fLKUt. rlolin B. Bntiy. I* m It. innjy. l>. Job: R. Rindy.iJ). .KtARtX I 4VJMVT. |?i. B. MayaarJ. ?. L. 1 1?* ?roe. Uok -rt A. Adasm. POB OK MM. T. II. Ferris. Aial'w I. .la ' nian.?r> j?ll? MiLumaii. L. H. Ml Huh.' . K iwil I- .Mof ?. . : LLl>; ?. il'.iat uColit.n*. til'ltin. rioav'liii'iv.Hr. . Bani:cy. ?Vltlanry Hafbta. Ai.t'ton>?BI?h?I. l'y B. Millard, ?cuirr. ?tily-tjiinl i. Vniuii/- "iuj " / l'y km. SI. \lrluilpt E."ociali <r,Ik..wnJt>,Jf K L, Viytr, j>. FiwVk L. Vnlw, i). con* r> cti til WToaeph Hoafc.B. 4>ap|>li ill<ni< Jt. .Jua-ph Ifosie, B sc McIivMhhc fi'rlHon Blunl, B. O. i. v (Blunt, H. Oi* on Blunt. It. . e IMUKJT AtTUUMCV. ,?i it. Jaiwma-T. D. A < tallej Hall, Jt ? A.JS. LawtwaoQ,U>. mriMi ritivT. Ihi s. W.CJrolcc, Li. It * ? W. Ci' iki-. U.Th?<. W. Clerise, V. nVr I'KKIOK t~<* i'? r. I B. WiM-cluvir. K I. ? Wwirtndl', it. 1, i'. Wooilmir, V. Marray Hofl'cuin,K >l ji lay llottmaiLii. Murray Hoilnmn, tt c omko;, ri.tx: ... Jain K Brwly. D. J< f i K. Brady, ft. J?Li; R. Erudy, D naki.M' rV)( nr. !l.if{etciiiin?,M- ?. H.lKvuhuiti, 8r., Z. H. 1. ?-tehmn, Br., 21. 00>OKKB?. I> i| K Nuuinan, 1C. L?ia I^ihIb Nnuinan. bill Nauman. R. E?I?ar(WVillir? It. JJi-.lWm. Sdiii'iurr. Win Bclurtnitr, I). W Rtutn?T, f. J.? -.J I W. Ran ni*y. J. W Kunnrv, K. Capi J. "WiBw-y, J). 0?c . W. MutneU. <ieu.fW. .Mat II. Bur.Rirr. . Cmmx r Jnn'ir Urn.- it. KilVi Arena* Union. Gt,;/~ian Ltiwite. .K.i vuie. y..u viiii-, ii p. ii.vuiw. ' WJVS7Y CI.KHK. Ilcirry W,4jenet,2f..<j'oae'!.|i llouli', R. ,Tus e$t IIomIc, R. ><li t in ISOL'. lEIijaliU'. Purdy. Orbon Bltint, K. Ortv*.lllunL n.*nnT ATTOKXET. A. (*ik?V' Hail. B. A. K. I^awrenoe, I). A. R. L.?wrcncr, D. atmacaa I'Ol'KT. T <109. W. cierke, tl Th. *.,-AV. Clrik", l>. Thun. W ClerkO. a'lPWttOHCOVRT. L B. WmdnfT, R. !L. B..?''^driin', R. U B. W-xlniff. M.irriiv.Ii? in?ma,lt. Hiimv Hol1'tuan,B. Mtinay L' off in an., Joliii R. JiuidyiD. Aiuoiit. .'Iraity. U. John R. Krady. MAt-lMi (lilt IIT. 1 A. K. Maynird,?D. Hcrain Ji?U'biun,R. Minim Kiaihum. ! CWIlilll!. E McCi.imell. Dr.lxHil>y?an:an.It.r>r. T,inil? Hmnm. .luiiii Wlid> Dr. J. V. ?Runriry. Dr. Win. Si'lu' iner. Tl?4,?. !i. Fnmi*. Dr.Win.Krhlrme^D.lii'. J. W. Raiuipv. J. W. Ki nney. Uea W . MatariL Uiu W. Malj.itl. siwinrrr Iwi. fs lutcraC XaHmtul Union. Wartomrm m'< rjrion F. L. ViiUc. V. I,. \ nUr. L. Vlltfl. Cor.NTtr I't.niut. Ilimy W. Oooet. Henry W. I tenet Joaepb Hoxie. HI' I KKVIXOK. (!eo. Ruatu". Eli jah !? I' odv. Orlsnn Blunt. maraicT Ai*yi(pii.r. Neteoli J.Wa" 1'huiy . A. <>nke> tliitT A. Oakey Hall. KPrtvt mi- Liiua*. Tlion. W. OUrrfce. Tlioa. W . Clcrke. Tbos. W. fltrke. Kiir*!in?* nintit. C. L. M ini'll, L. B. Woodruff, C. I? MnnelL J. V. Barliour. Jturray lluiluwo. Murray Hi U man. MARI.NT. l.'OOtT. A. K. Maynard. flBlwm K'-iriiura. E. L. Ilownon. oonoNfi:^ tntluiiiy KI' lioT, JUwdur B? Wrl.'ht, Lpaia Nnnman. . C. MeConneU, Jaim a W. Kanney, iJeu. w. Mai-i ll, Tnfia. II, Ferris, Xbot II. Ferria, Martin Payne, A. U. Jackman. Cyr.u* Rautaey. Henry li Millard. SKNATOB.'AI. BOMINATIOHB. FrtVBTti District ? P ?r?t , JSch.ikI, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Siitli, Seventh, Eighth Jiixi Fourloetith wardn. Christian li. Wuudriill, iaiumuiy , Mozart and Cooper Institute'. Krancl# R. T'llou, republican, Fifth avenue, Taxpayers' and Twenty-third street Union. Fifth Dintrkt ? Tenth, Eleventh, Thirteenth and Seven teenth wardc. Luke F. Cooing, Mozart, Taxpayers', German and Uquor Pouiers. ChirleM 0. (Virnell, Tammany, Twenty-third street Union and Cooper Instant". 'lie mns LIUIc, republican. Sixth I i^wct ? Ninth, Hfteontli, Sixteenth and FJghtoeMh wards. John J. Bradley, Tammany and Mozart. Washington Smith, ropubneau. Benjamin F. Mauierre, Twenty-third street and Con ference Union. Sivk.sth District ? Twolfth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twen ty first ana Twenty -second wards. Oliver Oiarllck, Tammany and Mozart. Blehard B Connolly, Tamtuany, tepubiican and Cooper Institute Union. John J. Fbclps, Union and independent republican. AKSKUBLY nominations. Fwt Doth hit? Firm, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth ?loctii u districts of thi) Firm ward ; Ujo First and Second districts of t lie <S0<1011<I ward; the First, Sicond and. Tiiirl district* of ttio Tliird ward; tho First district of tin' Fourth, ward, and the First district of the Sixth ward. Jiilin Callahan, Tammany and M"z*rt. Michael Quiglcy, republican aO'i Union. CuruoHuM Flyuu, ntump and independent democrat. 8l> o*n Hiktkut? Second, Third, Fourth, l^flh, Sixth and Seventh eloctk u districts of tho Fnnrih wsrd, and the Second1, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth aud Seventh dis tricts of the Sixfrhward. Felix Mtiri hy, Mozurt. ]%ini?l I eaincy , Tammany and Cooper Institute. I). P. Sulltvuu, republican and Twenty-third street Union. Constantino Donatio, republican, nat^ual and working men's Union. W 'Ihird Hwthict ? Fourth election district of the Third ward; the First, Second , Third . Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Kluhth districts of the Filth ward, and the Firm, Second, Third, Font th and Flitil distrioia of the Ki|(lith ward. (?oorKO I xiutrol, Tammany and Mozart. t'harles T. l'olhamus, republican. llavid I). Kngan , Twenty -tlilrd street Union. William Myers, Cooper Institute. Bernard Klernan. independent. Foihth Disnuirr ? Eighth and Ninth election districts ol the Sixth ward; thu First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth districts of the Seventh ward ; tho Fourth , Fifth ami Sixth districts of tho Tenth word; the Seventh di. t'irt n( tho Thirte .-nth ward, and the Kij_ lull, Ninth und Tenth districts of tbe Fourteenth ward. Win. J. C. Kenny, Mozurt. Michael t-bandluy, Tammany. Francis 9. Lambert, republ can. Finn 1'if-TuiiT ? Sixth, Seventh, F.itcbth, Ninth. ?jfcatb, Kleventh and Tweil'lh election districts of tl ^ Kigbtb ?ard; the First, S'oond and Third distr ^ Ninth ward, and the First, Second and lb' fa district? of tbe Fifteenth ward. James Sandlord, Tammany, Mo/art and (^K,per insti tute. James W. Duxl), republican and Tv ^ly. third street Union. William Tucker, Fifth avcmie and pulon. I Sixth IHs-ihict? Flret. Second nix' y dortlou ?lfs trutM ol the Tenth war J; tbt> dtslnct of Hie Thirteenth ward ; ihe First, Tbied, Fourth, Flflh, Sixth and tVventh din ?(?' tbo Fourteenth ward, and the Hr?t, Secou TliJrd dh'ricU ft Uui Seventeen I h ward. Wtlltam J. Coey, Tnmnv ^.?y Krd Mowrt. Ueorne W. AuilersniVs * ?r,M{blV .ui and l#t ion. S*vwiTii Uu>TRicr? Four^ A,1|?|Hti. Sixth. Seventh, Klfrtttb , Ninth, Tenth, Kiev ajU? urn' Twelfth election dirtntfj of thit Ninth war 4, ,.4nd vi,0 KourCi, Fifth, Kii/,h, Seventh and Tenlli .dl/ trict; of the Fifteenth ward. Daniel Youn^, M j/a/ t ii/x" lamnvatt' Henry J. Hayi i .j^mblioiu md Twenty- third street Union. Kai.imi liurnuc , Kl^hti Ninth. Tei^h and Klevelilh dit jMMu ol' Jhe S-\ eiv*!! ward' tf* KlrHt, Second, Thi fc, i^urth dt^rlcts of the Meventh ward: lite .Jhird, Fourth, Filth, ^Jlxth and IjKlith dif ? Thirty P' .1 ward. Wm. J. () *utjy ,'VKirrrt. Fram u| /?k 1 k , ftMW.mny. Kpex I. I ?' He pv , rrpubhijin rul Twenty Lhird street I nlon ai >'(;,.nn?u f nlon. J 'Heii rt v , C>ope r "hor 0 shMrik*- , liidup'tidHit. Ninth ifisTuuT-? J'iihl, S**<wnd , Third. ' ourth, Fiftll, #.<Sfv<>Hth,'.<;u'hihl NH-.U una t'e* h cioctiou dia l' fr of the ytTLtee.nth wri 1. ^ ?1 -.Bum ^'he.1'. jTamiuuaiv ?'.lid Mozart. ( A- i under M?0 trftd . rdpuW an, Cnioir' nd Taxpayers . ph ill C. Rare , tluujw tin* ilutu. 1 ?>'* 1 -FiRhlh >?*?: Ninth el# tlon district* Or ? FifteoutV w*ird: Hw^wrtli. Kim . Sixth, Seventh, I X Uhlh.Nl* h/Ventli, W venth ivw 'ah aud Thirteenth "?triKtrlCtA iff thi?SeY?Mil?c*nth ward. / ?"ihiKc; Brteu.Tnir.iaiO', M? /* t aud Twenty-third n^M-et UUKU' , M Joint H. J-.lllard, lean. x!i Jnnathiw II. Kanf oin' tV)?'|>er Instf ntr. Win. M ' ilmifl kt, 1'i't' aven if urn.' St. Mcnwoa union. I ICucvaMi" Iiik^ciit ? Kw-,1. Second . Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth. tiuwnth, Kichth, Nmu . Tenth, bloveiti. Twsirtf i.Tbirt?(-ailh .ml Fourte>? tli election districts of tin "Ni onfetMh VMM Nmi>? jt. (Juhfet, M%: art, rep'tMean and Twenty third ?Imk ?ftttx Hardy, Tjhw limy anil V fth avenue Taxpayers' fit DimnciMr "Ifth, Sixt'i Seventh, lik'lith, Nbvth, Tt# lli, Eleventh I'welftli,/!'* irlwitt'i, b'out twiitli, FIT- . 1* ilh, SixtoenU Seventeenth ium i.nlnvoulli oU.'ctton trie.ts of ttoc Motenth v-a'd'and the Twelfth, Thlr ' t?'?UU?, F?wWfl*"tli, Fiftaemh. Stxteecth. Seventeenth ? * i(l,'l''.i(rhlceai.l' d islr lets ofJ lie Seventeenth ward. ' it atjn k najy,lipuu t and T Ulo|L '?.ntlrew Kthttt. Isnirfuuiy. -Xioim T. HjuhMh^, republic*.!! nuit Kil'lh nvmiuc. "W jn. K. Hrlu#1 TVmm.iv UmtiI .i.tjunt, IXioper :#*lf ate and OiW'.uiiT'nioiL ? *5Tiii ktkxkiW fir: but ? Kirw Peer nd, ?Mr t . FoftrYh, F < ilxtii, Jjr?.'t;tth, KiglMf.i. Ninth,. If-niti. Kl??\ ' twelfth, T>t teuith an*. Fourtcowlii ulectiou dit suth, "?if fhoTxMit 'y second % trd tact' Alexander'./ard. Slogan and Tammany. .MtciiaW Midler; fvpaM* an mid I n Ion <Wl<* K Hirdsall, independent jepuhUcitn. ?' F (M RTKKMTM 1)?TKI<T ? tlrst, ?. ( "illj , Wlitll , Fuilrt' Six+h, H**<iitli, Kigltih,' Xirtlf:. Tenth, 1 i, Fifll ? Twelfth, ? it' teentli a id Kiiitftceilft. elettitin *v?:itlj of the KfhleiT.tli wart . "htrinu Kbbevt'C Htiiclifngfjl amnvniy, Mozart, l"1ftu ' <in<l r Institute. ' '* *?cruic ?R val Widjn, rejKft 'lean nfi.l Tv. t : !'<? tli /Vttf?ia. * ''?street Fitriwpr llisrni<*r? Hi si, *<vi,m? . Til"! . I n Sl.Tt'i, tf'eve'itli, ligbtli.' Nirtli' T-'ntli "??al-'lflh, Twelflls ThuHeenUr aiid' Font teentli' i lei.'t '*-* tenth of l.lieVfr, enty rtist H'aid. icte Itovid f5 < mi'll! ,'!? . Tamilian v ?, Mean , ? ? " |innd < ooprrfnstftnie. ??? tvenne Hfemn* n. Jn?in?.n, remtViiritn itrtd r ftilliKll. rwttfty third ? fallen;. lohn.mii , t iteju inleiit tS'ti " ? ivrev.wv 1 nucr? Fir?t,se nn.: Tliiiii, Pixtlv, ^evet-rji ?>d Kt(fl;th oi.rhim a .V? . ? *-flh ^imetwatTi wurtt / ?f tno lVslnr'W"!'!!!!!!, Ttiumtny aie M'lWtrt. ?'f,n "V-t ilie.' ??4 ni.)lie.i,i aril t'< ijwt ) Oei-.-' V.'!iitt;el.| T * .-nt y rt t ?, t ' ' pjfcMfjfriirwn fits ? t? First, mi imti, Hi ' ' eledt* \ ilinti 1, t Iif t;,i? iV j .|i,i ' ' ' ,ftl' . Svdnr 1>. lug* ill mi, Jr., Moztirt. klJjvtoi, ' ' - i< l*rl'.i?ii:i unit B JK<hi'ni?l ,ioiipfr''.'? .umany and ivn;-,'* . . | Jalui.H Jl<il?b:? 1 Ufilti'-tliii'd >li' l*u i. .j* ' B <4 .r on ATE for rfit;( NK F M" Ah >rire W a; Ittsel! . Ill the , ' %* is th-l.T iieri'lilelM! I'.i i. I , " "'""W K?r votiu; th rt. cn w w f wiis lirst ipp 2e i!', ' " 0Moyx-ri/r. If'M'.i i?J liclil that |ku>t ? A -""A* Itnvf ? '?w w..-n ritmi t .t tiOti. l'i i< r tn )i s . "l "' (?o.'ien > iMi-C<>l Ciii4 J'oiien he UUH "I Vj,1'1 it") . IniHsar u? anil Itanee with o\.e '. 'rate. .turn ' will make ) /a^^? CORKWriOM Jp "tr tv.litil il j|.it! t J Iw.'iirv.viay r* nrd <u Junepli H 'xs / / ? re/ rJ( t| ,t? tf]0 ?u wi-rp in an rnr in rr; n? t? thu tpntlit, Ixm-i-i'iiUj- ,rtve rofe jol. niw'jr.ft ?-?rd, I 1 e.orr< rt any la'.-1 i iiajurosjiiiiu Diay ' jLwe aatm ii ^ .tu our stawnvnv IV Till: 1 H'lTOK ni 'T 4K m i'llll. In U." lit* ' tn'l yi iteriiay Q.- iini:?F) yi^i say; in -?]a ti'*i if> the * ndid.iles Nr < ou ; ty ' rk, umi *<hi<<wral tnerabw.i ofi Mm lurme r whip i* nHyMi '<? s; ii<?<w?ieflBst, liu9>ior W Henry t lay r?'i? ? t1." .Now, ii I 'i ivwo a . jienti , i" "oil record in l tin woi'U . u is lint. I Tal t ill 1117' devotion t > th.i: rem nig, ande?jo^*i; < ool'.rt'iiiusi i the last ti Kimeni. of his 'il't . 1 nUxxfcV, 'fcu e. fin; U-'l, nd tbi* lust words! h* stit.ili , u hli my ^ | m li ?, w?r?!-i '<iod hle.'s ; nm, Hfxie.'' Nov. il.iMJl. JO- tl'lf HOXIK. 11B ? b'SAMCUi CLAHK, OV TUB E!< ? XI I U AfcsKjmLy I; IhTDHT. TO TIIK KUI1 OK Of nil; l|fcn?r.l>. Nkw Vokk. ii'(W. 3 1887, So *inr a -tnieniont in tl lis morning'* pap.>? that -nome pen-> Ml h*.i called iipcn . '?>u ro?>> ntiuir ilimnelT m a .mem buret J.ivo Oak Kiipi * ?'om|,aiiy Vn. 4\ and statior Chat i Vaiiei* I'iark was oxp ?H?d from thi?s iK tbnatij anlt ii; noi u nwmher at iliepic; *tit iim-, which is Juciirrcot, Br. ? I. irki v?h not. expelled, *t,ii is at preient an himorarr nsimbi ?" of this company. .1 01 L\ MlV.lJUCri, >'?; eojan %. K.W? ?i whs, Secretary. NIfl.V'IiA.W IX RELATIt W TO PERSONS HOT HE'SISTI. 'i!ED. Ti<? foll'Wiof art was passed by the X?w York I^?iala. tuFion *li?* 17th of April last:? At U|V aiB-oal Statr or city elertion, Iwroafter brtd la this Mnt ?. any of i)r Insjxnilor^ o'jiih Ii alectlon in.ty talfa the nUldn \ it n?>\v reijilirad by law to he lnrai(?li?,l Iw ih; sotis offea vote* Whose Ii|mini fue not <m th? riy liter of elector. s\ and xncb InB|S'iUOrn( or r.n.' or th?m. nhall u|un reqnfv*. *>* certify Much altidavlt, with<i?tf?* or rowini other Wl'ecrH, authorized by law to tak# aflldaviti, rfl?U, at alliinics, u|kw re.joest, tako and aertl f> any aflldia*'* "" royuired to bo lurni?huda? af.ireiulj without any ?ci?rye therejor. ? An Klection iCcform. IMFOKTANT TO 1>'1)EI'KV1>KNT CAN DIDATE3 AND VOl-EUS. On another pago of this issuo will bo found, in tli? (DuiniKuifl of a lew lines, a plain and striking illust ra tv ? of tlio wirvagsiug mocluutlcal efficiency and i?r gma of tUo Hkkaij>. At the ordinary cost of ? g<iu?re in our adfcrtislng columns, tho voters of the *atf are presented with printed ballots for a candtf afc' for tho office of Supervisor, ready to be cut out, folded W"'"1 dropped into tbo ballot box at the convenient^ of the *emler to morrow, this behitf asei?rato hall.'t t4j be voletfjn a separate b<>.\. 'i'lie extent of our circulation will thus ftuaJJe the candidate to cancel luul evade, with out eflort and almost without cost, all the demoralizing and exfhTrtfre processes ordinarily requited for conduct in it a county canvass, v/ith Us wuate of tiokcts and tickct Nixes, dlstril^if rs, i??-tei?. liaoncs, ko., togetl?!r with that groat prat *>f a politval nominatiou, the looTitabla striker. If th? prtv u.h,k i.v a:nl harassing expe- - dimtfi woro abiuiCom d, an I each voter expected to cui ? out li s ticket from his morning paper, a vast amount ol fraud could be prevented ami a purer result could b? reached, as well as a b( tier class ol men md.iced to a?< cept acminaiious.

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