Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1861 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, Nov. 4?6 P. M. The bank statement of to-day compares an fol low* w itb that of last Mouday : ? U*'W. 4,1 Lotini, \ l?ri Cif uV?. rirposit*. Oct. 28. . .?147.IW.tM6 <2 21)0.6111 R415,408 121.7lri.W>4 Jiov. 2 144. "Ji, 0-0 41,271, IteO 8,571,94# 1 ?n^r- W'247>?tf - il,78S,42A _ , " ? 188,483 ? ill ; decrease or specie is less than was expect ^ , considering the heavy payments into the Sub Treasury. To-day tl^e harden hold over $12,000,000, inclu ling the remittance' from California received yesterday, and further amounts nre on the way from I'ur ipe. The decrease in the loans reflects the absorption of the popular loan by the public. To-day another mil! ion was jiaid over to the hanks by the Sub-Treasurer on this account. We hear that at most of the large banks the private deposits increase, while the government deposit diminishes in proportion to the public subscriptions to the loan. The reduction in the loans since October 12 ia about SI. '1,000 ,000. The nil :iey market continues unchanged. First class paper sells readily at ; a 7 per cent, second cln-.s at JO a 13 a l,r>, nud nin es less favorably viewed at various rates from 1% per cent a month l. The general rate for call loans is <i per cent, thou h some of tlx- bankers still succeed in using tin 'r money at 7. The foreign exeli tn/;o market opens dull, with a slight deraa id. We hear of sales o." first class Btcrh'ng bills (b inkers) at 107, and of unexetpti^n able commercial bills at 10(;??. At the close the market stiffened, and bills were held higher. Stocks continue generally steady, partly owin" to a prevailing belief that wo -hall shortly receive favorable intelligence from the great expedition. An ef . i t was made to - II tin- market down this mornin . on minors of - ,t(.r to the tleet in the recent storm ; but their baselessness was so obvi ous that i hey produced no impression. The weak point,- in the market to-day were Krio and New York Central. The latter was sold down to between the boards, after opening at 7ftJ ; the forme- < < rne,| at II. and sold down to 8H)/.' Thcv both . allied afterward. The cause of the decline I in I r e * stated to be sales of foreign stock ? M r"' wll? propose to reinvest in the f""' 1 ' ? Central naturally pauses as it ap. proadics SO. A very large number of buyers of Central are supposed to have fixed upon SO aa a point to realize at: the more cautious among them naturally anticipate the others, and sell at 7!) a i The W estern shares were generally tame this morning, and a shado lower between the boards. The strong stocks of the d.iy nre Pacific Mail and Erie pr ferred. Humor, states that the Pacific "av,'! '-liartered their nr>w steamer to the Gov ernment at $3 ,000 a day. This will probably turn Out to be at least nn exaggeration; it seems, how ever, to bo admitted everywhere that the com pan.v is earning more money than it ever did and that its dividends will feel the effect of the' profitabe employment of the Atlantic and Baltic, l.rie preferred sold at 57 this n-niing, nnd cannot seemingly be bought in largo amounts ?t that figure. Comparatively with other stocks it does not aeem high. State Blocks continue steady, and governments Arm. \t ltCthoCf?t! brd t,1C I"',rkl>t wasstea<'yaad closed at he following quotations :_United States 0'? re gistered, 1881, pi' ' a <.ii ?- ,i? , oi i ? ? r. 4 "? (1?- 0 "? coupon, 1881, a ? v- * m4>Sil4 **>*%} Indiana .v., -a60 Virgm.a 6's, 46 a 47; Tennessee C'a, 42 a i2/a, Missouri C s, 43>/g a %; Pacific Mail, my. a 33^? r Cefltral> a 7s%; Erie, 32% a ?* 58 a Hudson ltiver, 33 n% Harlem, 12 ^ a 13; do. preferred, 33?^ a 32%; Read ing, 35 a 35 Michigan Central, 47^ a 4T%; Michi gan Southern and Northern Indiana, l?V?a l?s-/- do guaranteed, 30 a 3!.^; Panama, 110i'a 11* 'm? note Central, 62 a C2K; Galena and Chicago,' et.v LS n : v Twan,d and Tok'do' ?y? a 3?: CWc<W ?ad Rock Island, 51 a 51*; Chicago, Burllngtor and_ Qumcy,03 n 63%; Milwaukeo and^r,,,^ Mr. Chase left town for Washington ear* th,f 'Wa In reply to various inquiries wo W?. ^ the total booked debt of the g^e of l? ^ about $?>-, bin > on? of "'^"mi a ?out j.o.KKt.OOO, represeated in the marvPt the whole Sto4e, secured by the a be re $rst mortgage, stands in the !! v #10 000,000. J? other words, te.^SSLS^ will now purchase the who.; TZ Irrna'tl n,,ICeTOnlof ,hc "uccetis ef the Batt?n.l dms the prospect of Missouri bec?.i?g ? State almost immediately would be ^-ryftiir in Which event, and in view of her mbaZJcd rl ? r0aSOn Whj hcr cr<^? obonw not bo at least as good as that of Ohio er Blinci. i.SsJiu4ro',hos,,b-ire""' ????>?? Total receipts ?For ciist(.ui?. . . W) ? Treasury not<~i. 70.000 00 Taymeuts, jucludtntr' redocnv'.i rt'n,' , 889 '?"* 13 Bftlauce... 6 Pr-ct- notes. l.uoo, oo;j 13 n ^c 0ctob(vr stntement of the iwreet^'eTthe T^^oin! M'nt iU Philack,|Ph* kas appeared The coinage was only about one-third of what it was in July and August. The New York It, v Office has but #750,000 awaiting rocoiaace xcl annex the statement:- rocoiaage. TVe Gold deposits from an sources?' Bilver and purchas<'#{ ???y. ???... .13,431, 341 43 163,673 /i5 Total deposits Copper cents (0. s.V Veceive'd ' in '?i-' W ' ? ? *-'->,6^6,011 OS for cents of new issue . Iu oXellan?o Gou, 3,7-15 00 gouble eaKlca *V'- Tahie. Ha'f .-uglea * *1.240,740 garter cglog 1 ,180 ,4.10 S^r.v.v.v.r.:;r? 18"s 4 413 Total gold coinage, 730, 36$ |3,'i33,0J0 Silver Coisao*. No. of I'iiCtft. Value. Half dollars 301,000 $160,500 Quarter dollars 264.000 63.600 Dimes 138,000 Bait dimes ITO.ooO Throe cent pieces 108.000 12.H00 8,600 6,040 Total sliver coinage 1 ,081 ,(XX> J2 10 ,340 Cents......; 600,000 RscArmuTio.r. Ao of I'iaxl. Talut. Gold coinage 730,882 93,233,029 Silver 1,021,000 240.340 Cents 600,000 6,000 Total..'. 2,361,383 *3,479,969 The business of the Philadelphia Custom IIouso for the month of October was as follows:? 1859. 18W 1801. In warehouse October 1... $931 ,960 891,915 1,063,506 Wareli'a from for'n ports,. SO, 167 66,877 9,909 VTarcliM from othor dist S. 25,994 21,762 4,746 Withdrawn for consumpt'n 26S.936 161,732 81,694 Withdrawn for transports 3,696 9,315 5,900 Withdrawn for exportation 3,646 160 617 In warcbu?so October 31.. 760 ,24? 789,337 >00,209 Entered for consumption.. 370,117 933,497 16s, 152 FHO merchandise entered. 278,?.S2 334.919 26,650 IMia Heel irrti. l^i>8. 1S69. I860. 1861. October $U7,936 125,483 200,705 88,413 Previous 9 ru06. 1,056,882 1 ,911 ,434 2,102,570 1, 125,8^3 Total *1,774,818 2,036,907 2,369/475 Stock Exchange. Mosnir, Knv. 4, ijgi *500 Oregon wl.^y 90'? 100 shs Jj-ie KR 4000 TVnn 6'a, '90... 42 70 ErloliR prcf..., ? 6000 Mlasouri 6 s.... 44 X 200 do 57 XOOOO do 44 )i 60 do b30 67 \ 1000 dO,.,.i.... 44 60 do fc60 60 3000FrleKR3mb,'S3 R7 200 Harlem R? 13 11000 KKR 4mb, ex in 77 loO do Y2y. 1000 llarlem 1st mb 04 100 Mich S & N Ia RR li j $409 111 Cent iU< Lii b J 60 UKh s is Ma g i 3i','4 sooo do 1000 do 10000 C'hit; Si N W lm 8l?00 <lo 1000 I'iii-.V N Wok 2in 2000 ITiiii ft St KK. liiOO I. Krlo&Wl ra 1> 1( 0 I. I rlo ftWZlu l> !ni( () C'lOV .V Till 8 f 1) 1000 Cnl & On 2 in b ao-Klif Am K'x Uank. ft liel&HudCuualOo. 100 Cunib foal prof. . 160 Pacific M SS Co. . . 100 do oik 100 do CO 50 do M 5 75 do 0|'g 400 N Y Central RR. . 3fio do 7K) do. 100 do. 100 do, 150 Eric RR. 100 <10. 100 do 50 do s;:o 30 da b60 f.O do 350 do . . .FJO . ...B5 .tilO 8SV 88 31' V 8f>% lov 30 Tl? 42 70 V Oft 79 V 84 f >'i 06 V 97 96>? ni.'j i ??V 79V 79?, 71) V 71)',' 7?tf 34 34 88 33 33 1 / 33^ 3 3,V 627 Hud River RR. 100 100 60 100 do. da. <io. ice ,s60 8BCOND $26000 TTSO'p. 'Slreg "4 1000 (IS 6'p, '81 coup 04 0000 U8 5'f>. '71 coup SO 1000 Mio&e'B, '78... 82 >4 2000 do 82 10000 Missouri O's . . . 43*o 16 Mis Am Kx Rank. 79 V 100 Cimtcn Co 10 loo Bead log HB N 200 do sio R5 60 N YC' nt 78 V 2<iO do S30 78 V 100 i!i? 1)10 78^ 100 do b30 7Hi| 60 do HlO 7 8.V fu? Eric RR prt-r. .t-60 fit! 100 do I>::0 66V 1(0 do l>30 66 V do. do . do. loo Mich Cen RR 100 do 1)60 200 do ?C0 10 do loo III Con lilt scrip. . 160 do 100 *? 100 do brio eoClov.Col !< CluRR 60 Oal Sl Chi l<R.b30 6 do 160 do 160 do 2fiOCIevftTol RR... 100 do 100 do 60 Clii ft Rock lit HU. 360 do 260 do 10 do 200 do b30 16 Chic, Our ft Q XUl BOAHD. lOOshs Frio RR pref. 100 Hud Riv RR 100 do s-GO 60 do 60 do 50 do b30 60 Mich Out RR.... 60 do 60 Mi S ft N1 guar. .. 200 do 160 HI Coiil RK wr sCO 100 <!<i ?10 60 do 860 160 do 60 do bSO 60 fial & (hi 111! *30 300 (love ft Tul RR.. 100 Chi & Rk bt ltR.. 40 40^ 40'f 30 \ 30 V 40 V 30 V 48V 4?V 48 48 (53 V 63 ?2'4 ft! 1)8 WM 70) j 70 v 70 rr>!i 86 V 36.V 61V 61V 61H 61',' 61V 68, V 66 V 89 38. V 88 V 87 V 47 V 47 V 89 V 30 61V 62 61V 62 62V 60 V 86 61 Liitnt, $6,483,306 8,835,021 701.066 '*7 ,747 8,958.221 1,821 ,518 464,6?4 (>0.!)(* 1,968 625 314. 100 1,731,133 2.821 500 IIS. 073 1.02^.618 170,571 913,670 2.450,710 880,069 16.829.688 4,728,976 . 1.488 010 , 3,581,919 . 2,425,961 . 378,340 . 458,331 1,668,450 . 67!>, 752 . 682,941 2,012,324 993,422 . 2.877,020 . 1,870.223 6,161.225 . 027,872 1.907.400 871.583 97.);-':) 344 4.00 140 415 285,780 403.022 89.788 144.437 KfW YorkCity UiiiiKm, Novi'nilirr2, 1801. , t>, Cirm'iolinn. /VfxwiY/. ,240,817 132,047 7, ! 7H ru>7 ,I4S;I31 lKH,rtf!9 7.671. KOI 480,709 4,789,645 440,; til 1,410.740 4,170 :>N7 636.943 , 2,344 ,(!?? 750, !M2 1,975 10,767.171 223.326 268,6.?1 1,101,610 652,765 187 ,(,02 2.038,682 366,710 201,403 1.701,043 52,150 143,586 142.101 54,741 100,731 307,017 100,023 1,746,641 136.873 46X.3I0 62.881 623,743 83, ()(??;". 1,160,141 125,989 778.32S 202,201 2.104.(119 251,061 1.167, 010 2:18 ,307 4,564,226 102,:'68 665,747 177 452 1 ,163,7'. '? 177,644 724,375 86,729 872,014 220.340 3,666.420 158,304 1,029,4(4 1-0.-61 4,1 .'.3 108 1 10f464 1 ,421 ,8' 9 19,321 2,441.981 250.237 6,886,831 140.300 1,588 5('6 117,338 1,730.163 364,884 4,118 413 83,221 298.420 61.364 2*6 ,854 72,711 587,042 90,763 1,530,603 98.095 1,567.627 132 212 632 680 154.589 001.220 240.213 6,509,870 94,(67 698,487 118,408 3,260,002 1' '1,306 3,015,780 174,860 1 ,046,108 252,584 1,800,473 87.574 922,805 109,725 0,133,035 210,259 1,201,209 180.400 2,402,823 Haul Amerlrt Am. Exchange. Atlautio Rroa'lwav Hull v lb-ad... But. & I>rovors' Chemical Clmthaiu City Citil us' < ? mini rce Ci'Uiiiioowi altb. Con! inontal. . . . ( orn Kxcliango. Dry rock Kant River Fulton Greenwich Crorera I lanover IrviDf Imi . \ Tradors 1 Outlier Mail u f. Manhattan .... Moe. ft Merch. M irket Marino Moch.ll'k'gAss'u 1 .04 M0( lianicn' M< h. Traders' Motahant*',... Mer. Exchange. Mercantile Metropolitan. ., Kaosau Nuli'-ral New York N. Y. i x ''iingo N. Y. Univ.. North Riv?r North America. 2,168,244 Ooeon 2,267,44 Or lent . il Pacific.. Park People's I'hnnlx Republic Seventh Ward.. Shoo and I /nit her 651 .651 172,660 1 12.703 107.399 143,367 473,804 S66 .418 1,702,400 159^08 381,316 14 1 ,065 180,909 4,416,080 1,057,328 1.133,749 321,541 6,387,(. .8 1 813.614 2 254 269 370,304 2. si!', ('19 716,748 8,013.633 2,710,607 1,1)63,677 616,676 2,525,092 663,326 6,281 ,069 1,414,104 36 0,538 21.161 320,31ft 109,365 7-8,983 12", 172 347,320 333,1(12 116,707 248,194 [ ?< :<> 182 138,216 s 14 ,996 885,615 485,000 314.938 l'-i6,?49 6.32,841 1 099,715 6.625,862 848,648 i 409,679 4,0^0.939 1.28'.' .3:4 .023,689 St. Nicholas. ... 1,432,661 State 4,104,000 1,229,121 Tradennea'*. . . . 1.998,953 2"8,109 l uiun 2,78il,940 629,414 Total . .. (144, 021, 020 41. 271, 0 ^8, 671 ,9 10117 ,!?3, 529 CITY COMMERCIAL ItfCPORT. Monday, Nov. 4 ? 8 P. M. Asmw.? Tho market was steady, with small Bales of pots and pearls nt $?"> SI >4. Brkabstow.? Flour? fho market was heavy, an,i closed at a decline of about 6c. per barrel, with a good demand from the, trade. Tl?? sales footed up about 20,000 I bblp. , closing within tlio following range of prices:? 1 Superllno Stnto 45 a 5 55 K.\t a State, good to choice J W t uv/.w nemom extra 5 "0 a ti 75 Extra Canada f> 70 a 0 78 Mixed to titraiirht Southern ?! 25 a 6 15 ' Straight to good extrn do 0 50 a 7 25 Choice extra family und bakers' brands 7 25 u 8 00 Ryo llotir 3 00 a 4 25 ' torn meal, Jersey and Brandywine 2 85 a I! 25 ? Canadian flour was in good demand, though prices \rere rather lower. The pales embraced about 1,500 bids, dosing within tho range of the nbOYO figure.-. Southern Hour was la good demand, In part for shipment to tho West Indies, while 1* low were sustained. Sales embraced about 1,700 bbls. Rye flour w;im firm at our quotations, with sales of 100 btikt. Corn meal waslirra at eur Ognres, with galea of 500 a 600 ivfcis. Wheat declined froH Sc. to 3c. (Mr bushol, while Urn market was qulto a> fcve at tke decline, chiefly fi>r exiiort. Tlie transactions footed tip abmil 406,00# buehela, here and to arrive, at $1 29a$l 23 fwr Cmuwluin club, $1 20 a $1 31 l?r red Stat*1, $1 2i n $4 23 for Milwaukee ? tub, J 1 41 il $1 45 for while Wirhk'nn aiel$l 50 for rury chokc tlo.,$l 40u$l 42 f??-White (>ht* and indiirw, $1 35 a ?1 18 for white Ca nada and $1 33 a $1 36 for amber 4o. ,91 20 a $1 .33 for red Westora, $1 23 a $1 24 I'M amb-r Iowa, $1 20 a $1 22 IOr ItM hie snprtiig, $1 lfl a $1 21 for Cbt. eago sprhiK, Corn was in ?ks1 demaad, but easier lat. 9 were accepted: tke sake finied ap alw?t 1 50.000 bushels, at ??2c. i? 62>Jc- tfcr tike Eastward, sad at 02}{c. n08c. , and a* $4c-. a 84H?'J,or Western yellow. Bye was quiet, with sew of Tiver rupartod at 79c. a 80c. Ikvrky and bnrky mak weto nenutak wvte Ann, with sales ef Wt ?te?a aid Stale at 40e. a 41v. CesftB. ? "WW market wan steady , with sa-ks Qf OftO bags Kto.?i private terms, mid 7# do. iJtgnayra at 18c., a.'t. Cottox. ? Tho market wag excited liy ilto news, nd vanred abent :1c. per |K>ond: tlie saloe embraced alsmt 1 MO baks.on the bugi9 et 24c. for iwddlittg uplnnda. Kmanirrs.? Rates were tiraier. 1\i Uverpuol about 50 .000 a 60 .000 bnr-hels wheat were engaged at 12(1 a 12,'id. , in bulk and bags, with sento corn at 12d. , in Ixii:b. Ilenr was at 3s. a :,f 3d. , and choose at 45s. To I/iHdoa 4,000 a 5 000 bbls. tfour wore engaged at 3s. T%<L a 3s. 9d., with some wheat reported at 12 Jv'. a 125td., in bulk and bags. A wmiI was taken up to load for Dublin with j 1,000 hwihclg wheat at I4d. , lit ship's lm?s. To Havre about 3#, 000 bueheln wheat wore engaged at 22c. , and 1 ,500 bbls. Hour nt 85c, Hay. ? Tlie market was steady, with sales for shipment at 06c. a 70c. , mid for city use at 70c. a 75. MoukfgRi was quiet, while prices were firm. Naval Storks. ? Spirits turpentine were quiet ard nominal at $1 56; sales of 1 ,000 bbls. of line No. 1 rogtn were made at $7 50, and 2.500 bbls. common at $2 62 va' , and one lot of 1 .000 bbls. was reported al .M 50. Oils. ? IJngcod was in fair reqtu si and prices were Arm, with sales in lot; at 70e. a 71c. per gallon: whale was steady at 42>\ a 4r>c. , and sperm at $1 22 a $1 25. Provisions. ? Pork ? Tho market was steady and with out change i'f moment in prlics: sabs footed up about 500 a eoo bbls., closing nt $15 a $15 60 for mess, and at $9 62^ n $!) 75 for prime. Reef was steady and in fair demand, with sales of i'OO bbls. at 19 50 a $10 60 for old rcjiaeked mess, and at $12 lor new do. , and $13 for extra. Beef hams were steady and in fair demand, with sales of 150 bbla. at $10. Bacon wan Steady, with fsa'es of 500 boxes middles, some made deliverable in December and January, 011 private terms. Cut meats were in limited demand at steady prices; sales of 25 hhdg. were made at 4??c. for shoulders and at 5'?c. for salted hams, and at 6c. a 6Wc. for pickled. Ijird was Arm and in fair request, with galea reported of 450 bblg. und tierces at 8 }{c. a 9%c. ? the latter figure for choice. Butter was in good request, with sales of State at 15c. a 17c. , for good to prime. Chceso was quiet at Oc. a 7c. for State and 6c. a Oc. for Ohio. Scoars ?The market was ksg active, but quite steady at tho full prlcea of Saturday, with sales of 700 a 800 hhds. Cuba muscovado. Including common to fair refining goodg at 7>?c. a8e.,audgroccry[grades at 8J?c.aSJic., and cholco do. at 8J^c. a 9c. Whiskey.? ' Tlie sales embraced about 400 a 600 bblg. at 20>ic. a 20&c* SHIPPING NEWS. awava? ron ww tore? rata diy. gcN nuEg 0 HI moo if in.. eve 7 S3 m'.n uf 4 66 I biob wiYia eve 10 48 pert of New York, November 4, 1861. n.RARKD. Ship Petoai, Jehisen, Liverpool? W T Frost. Ship K Center, Flltner, Llverixxjl? Tra?k A Dearborn, Ship Mew Werld, Morton, Liverpool? C Urlnnell. Ship N Thompson, Dlckman, Brlgtol? E Gelllbrnnd. Ship Pequot, Davis, Havre? Funch. Melucke M Wendt. Brig Jessie Khynas, Pendleton, Liverpool? Walih, Carter & Chase. Brig Croton, Kddy, Hrlatol? H D Broo'xmnn A Co Brig Union, Furlong, Cork for orden? D Siarr. Brig L Oardaer, Chase, Antigua? Smith, Junes A Co. Brig Alice (Hi ). Atwood, St Kitts? Smith, Jones A Co. Brig Annie Oildert (Br), (?oehran, Ilallfai? D R Dewolf. Kehr Flying Fish (Br), Ciarkson, Barbados ? B LeayeiafL Hchr Greyhound (Br;, Unninge, Bagged Island? U U Do uovau. Scbr Blackbird, Weaver, Wa'hinglrn? Van Brunt A Plaglit, .Sehr.J M Baylls, Thompsen Balnn, ore? Baker A Daytou. Schr E Slade, Steele, Baltimore? Baker A ltayton. Schr Davleon, Jai kson, BsHitnore? M Bedell. Srhr Rebecca, Megee, Balllmore? Baker A Dayton, Schr Bm Mar-In, Mumford, Berlin, Mil? Makter. Silir J A D Cramer, McCalt, Delaware City. Hchr J Ponder Jr, Damon, Phlhid Iphla? Mailer. Schr Flv . Cheeseman. Phllarteli hlii? Muster. Sehr C Nichols, Hatch, Philadelphia. t-'ehrK 11 Crocker, Presbrey, Philadelphia? jailer. Schr N 'rtliei u Ligh.. Hall, Siaien Ulsnd. l-chr Antellue, llil, Bangor? \V S Brown A Co. Sehr Jnl?? ,1 Mary, Parker, Bangor? R V Buck A Co. Sclir () D Kiu(f, McGregor, Calais? J Boj up n A Sun. ?? hrci .e, Foster, Macblas? F Talbm A Co. btlir >V U llursey, linker, Uardiaer? X 11 SauforJ. Schr Bay Put*, Verrlll, Thomaston? W R Brown A Co. Sehr Ida, WnrinH'Motl, Kcnm hunk? I! 1) Brookaiau A Co. KcSr Era, 8 id Hi k, B ? Ion? \V 8 Brown A Co. Sehr Mary A Susan Eaton, Boston. Hchr Go* Burton, Winsniore, Boston? Master. Schr Village Ocm, Baker, Boston?Baker A Dayton. Sehr 1 ? ? I?i , Kelsev, Middletown? II 8 Rackett. Sloop Veteran, Drake, Providence? II 8 Rackett. Steamer Beverly. Plerco, Phllapclphla. Steamer Sarah. Jones, Philadelphia. Cleared 2d? Bark Wave Crest, Harmon. Monte. Ideo and a market? George Savory A Co. ARRIVED. Ship Logan. Marsh. Havre. Oct 2, with nulse and 60 passen ger*, to Win W hillock, Jr. Oct 7, lat 49 10, Ion 16 150, panned ship Prince Arthur, of Liverpool, waterlogged and abandon ed; same time, was In company with shin Macau lay; 18th, lat ion 3*25, signalized bark 8 W Holuronk, from Glasgow for Portland; 22d, lat 42 40, ion 44 50, was in company with ship Cambria, of Bath, from Loudon for 8t John, NB; 29tlit lat 42 .'td, Ion <J3 20, was in company with strip Benj Adams, from Liverpool for New Yoi k ; night of 2d inst, hove to iu a gal'- from KNE otf Shinnoeock. Ship Kentuckian (of Portland), Merrymsn, Havre, Oct 3, with mdse and 40 passenger*, ilad line weather moat of the passage. Ship Stephen Crowel, Burgess, Antwerp, 35 days, in ballast, to Snow A Burgess Ship Jason (Fr), Lcmaitre, Havana, 15 days, in ballast, to Vatable A Kay nal. 2d inst, had a heavy gaie from KSJK ; l??st and split sails. Bark Fairy, Barrett, London, 38 days, In ballast, to RiiK< r Bros. Oct 31, lat 42 01, Ion 66 12, spoke Br brig Heroine, from Boston for Prince Edward's Island ? reported having hud a NE gale on the 29th, during which shifted cargo aud choked the pumps. Bark Ballarat (Br, of Sunderland), Therkall, London, Oct 1, in ballast, to Munzinger A I'iUiplo. Bark Kd ward (Pros), Welting, Rotterdam, 53 days, with mdsi\ to li Koop. Had heavy W winds most of the passage: stove hatehhotise, lost rail and f ore topsail. Bark Iddo Kimball (of Rockland), (Miner, Carthagena. Sept 27, passed Gibraltar Oct 2, in ballast, to Mctealf A Duuean. Oct 31, lat 40 40, Ion 6o 20, spoke three-masted bchr W L Bur roughs, hence for Glasgow. Baik Edward (of New Bedford), Mclntyro, Monrovia, 35 days, in ballast, to B iyaud A Berard. 4th inst, 2 AM, wont asi oie under the Highlands, having no pilot on board; lost rudder and received other damage; is not leaking; the wind i shifting off the land, succeeded in getting off without assist- j wire. Oet 81, lat 31, l? n 67 38, spoke brig Lauraetta, of Free port, from Portland for Cuba. Bark Rapid, MarHiulk, Vera Cruz, Oct 6, with deerskins Ae, fo IfarpfouH A Co. Oct 18, lat 21 40, Ion 87 30, spoke Fr | ship Charles, from I aguna for Havre; '.'2d lat 2i> 40, on 79 j 60, passed schr Typhoon, of Boston; same day, off Cape Ca naveral, both the Typhoon and the Kapid were chase I by a j jot boat rigged schr, but the weather a tliug in squally and the wind freshening up from NW, botli ran av, ay from the supposed privateer. Bark Harriet Hardline, Drink water, Boston, 4 days, in ' ballast, to master. BrigG n Bailey, Noyes, Malta, via Gibraltar ftept 27 in bal last, to Stnallwood, Earle A Co. Had heavy W ?. a ie? the en tire passage- Oct Iff, lat 33 41, Ion 40, spoke ship n Sprague. from We-t Coast of Mexico for Antwerp. Br ig Costa Un a, Peel, A. plnwall, Oct 10, with indue, to J F Joy. flrigS 15 Johnson (Br, of Yarmouth, NS), Shr.w, St Johns, Pit, 15 days, with sugar, to master. Brig George C Boss i Br, of Turks TshindsV RW, Port au Prince. Ill days, with cotton Ae, to Wilson X Cant man n. Br h Mary Emily (Br;, Chapin, Havana, Oct 20, with sn ;ar, to Jos Ei" 's. 3<J inst, off Absecum, had a tew 're gale from EKE ; split nuiinsall. Bri . Brisk (Br, of Si John, NB), Hencbery, Matauzas, 11 da vs. with sugar, to Tho Tallaee Brig Prlti. era de Alg?? >o* <Sp), Dominque, Cardenas, 10 du\ , with sucyr, tuGal\v..y, Casado A Teller. ftifg Amanda Jane (of New port, III), Dorr, Sagos, O I 21, with sugar, to Metealf A -Duncan. Had very rough weather tho*entiie pa-sage. Brig A boy P Fenno (Br, of St John, NB). Lynch, fkiante iiitn.o 18 day . via the Breakwater 24 hours, with sugar, to B . tt. Son A C?*. 3d inst, at 8 AM, pass- d n schr ashore on Hereford Bar, which oppc ared to have gone on the pr vi?ais night ; same da* , saw a le.rge fore and aft t?ehr aalmrr at K ?; lfa; b or, nrlth jib set? supposed she also went on night previous In the heavy gale. Hi ik Satduriee (Sp). L? i '??, (iuantenamo, 21 days, with su gar. t?? (Slmhcrnat A lCseorla/n. Brig Penguin (Br), Ooii\ ers, Bermuda, 8 days, In ballast, lo Middleton A Co. Se! t I'melinc, l>enni^on, Rotterdam, via Sydney, CB, O t 24, with ef al, t?? Terry A L>? la Torre. 2.1 inst, lat 40 3i, Ion 69. sp--ke sh'p City of Brooklyn, h? n? e for Liverpool. Se?ir ifarkawav (Br, of Bermuda), Pemdston, Port Maria, J?, tic' 12, in l?al las?, to MhUih ton A Co. 2d inst, off Gre. t Iv ? i * lla b r. bad a heavy ale from EHE: Pf?l|t foresail. Sirhr < irlental (Br. of Dighy, NS), Dolley, Ponce, 0? i H, witli sircar Ae, to 1> It He wolf. Schr av ( Br, ?>f Halifax), Pensdale, Jncmel, C.-i n, with lo wood, to* II .1 A C A Oewolf. Oet 25, lat 30, Ion 74, inasij' all frtun SSW, carried away mnlntia^t; since then J:ad very heavy gales. < *et 20, in Crooked Island l';? ? o^e, Lhk cliS-'ed bs a hcrm brig, which pursued us for 2 days and ?hen stood oil NK? she rat rb d 4 staysails and t'o a', wa>y- i y ? aklsh, a 11 black, and sailed very fast; 2.">ih, lat f?. Ion 74, siw | pilot boat r;gg^d schr, painted bla< k, eari vlnga iurge Hying Hop. -sail? supplied lie i to be a privateer. Sehr Andromeda, Ashby, Havan <, 2.) days, via Xas?au 15 da -s. with sugar, to master. 1!. id gales I lie wl?olo \ tssa^e. Oe? 31. off lIo|?? in the Wall, spoke sohr Reindeer, ben? e for Fori i'lcki n^; I>lst, at rundown, oil' Ilatteins, saw a l'e? t of 30 s.eamei ? ( no silling vessels), bound S, wind at the time very fr< ^ from SW. ScJtr Lone Star (Be), Calloway, Havana, 14 days, with su gar, to master. Had verv heavy weather from N aud P. the whole passag \ s.*hr tJeo Uur.das (Br). V.-on?r. Charlottctown, PEI, 9 day , with potaloi s. to Tynes A Smith. S' l>r Margaret Ann (Br), Whelpley, St John, NB,8days, with Ac. to A Smilhei s A C??. Sehr I'.mi-hiie. Johnson, Kli/i.l c?!iport for New Haven. Sehr !>ap- r, Ferris. Kli/iibe'liport tor West port. Seiir Tvroiie, Hail, Mace las, 5 days. ; ? l:- Nile, Perkins. Kennobunk, 1 days. S< i !' I .e ?cadia. Small, Salem, 3 days. Sel i Montezuma, Ilaw es, O'.om ester, 2 davs. Sehr Cyrus Chamberlain, llalleti, Boston for Albany. Schr Mary A Susan, Hunt, Uondont for Boston. Sloop Come, provost. I ili/abethport for Stamford. | Steamer Mors, Nlc> o'.? . Philadelphia. \ Steaircr Novelty, Shaw, Philadelphia. Steamer We"' best' r, Jones, Providence. BELOW. Bark Elizabeth. Brig Thomas M Msvhew, of and from Bermuda.'? Both by |?il-a Toat Mary Taylor, No ft. Ship Crown Point, Kniglit, from Liverpool. Ship Revenue, l.oec, from Liverpool. Ship David Head Icy, Barnabv. from Liverpool. Ship Ben i Adams. Chase. CvOTfjiviTpool. ii,. ' v Hunpson, Hepburn, from Antwerp. Ship Wellfh et, from Ulo Janeiro. Ship C imhria, ol Bath. B irk CIism Kean. Swan, from Bremen and Portsmouth. Bark.Cahot. ki ln Vola>ca di Fiuinl (FrK SAILED. 3il-Il BM steamer Kaeer; sh'p Isaac Webb, Liverpool; ltarks Edwin, Glasgow; George Carl fPrus). Lisbon; N'**?v Light, Genoa; LA Vf Armstrong, St John*, Pit; brigs Soots man (Br), (Jla gow ; E41eu (Br), Dublin; Maria White, Bar bwdos; Br sehr Si George, Bermuda. 3<l ? Shin- Centurion, Liverpool; <h*o/iml>o, Havre; J W Fannin, Rotterdam: barks Helicon, Glasgow; Cu nfuego A-niuwall ; Hue do Normandie, Granville; brigs J G Ander son, or and fep Bremen; Sitka, Gibraltar; l ornia, As|.ln whII: K?u?ka, Clenfuegos; Br schrs Mentor, Faltaouth; GJ Mill* r, Nassau, Wind at sunset W. Mlneelluiirous. Capl Varselialk, of the Wi rk Rapid, from V era Onu, arrived yesterday morning, recommends ?I1 shipmasters bound down flic (kilf of Mexico to go weH armed, a? hi? made tbe passago t? Tera Cruz and back without seeing a United State* vrsse.j at wnr. Swiv Vai?ta!?*. Williams, of Providence, from Ltveritool Amt Brnttiio, with ii'MWQl' rwU, wool and (Nitron, striKk U nHilntcB', 'Jfl ln?4. on E?:u Rocks, limir Hostca lirfift, the sen laiikhu! a ele?m kv-wli o?er ben. At 3 A. M.t rail away ti?o Bi.ilD and inb/eu nuwtii mid slave one bn?t. Launched tfce ?ther ImmiL, but ?l>e ?t?v? alongside, Five of Ike crew thi n succeeded Im tfiuim ?n the rncfrn. At 8 A. M . 3d, tke sM? wi-nf tn piece*. iHid (Wi'n of llie passenger* and erew reached the r>?-k < on a pb^e of the poop. The fnihiwlng peruana were drHWiied" ? Cajjtnlii WiTHnms, Mr. Parties, laate; Jafca We flHnnis, Jakn Kill", Heary Oremi, W av. Jm-kaon, Wliilkld West, PnvM Melons*. Augwxtns ChtveiV, seamen ; Kdward Barrett, cooks Mr* Pratt and tw? daughters. Jfr. Cinrkmid w ife, Mary I'Tan ignii, Maria Brvnn, l.m y Pniii, Elizabeth Bnnn, Kltrn B" ler.D. Hunter, f'nirli k Ken.rwa. lmsseogcrs; a Hwedlsh pa*?enffer and three unknou n. Al neon, 3d InsC, the wenlher cleared up, and (he 12 seamen were discovered clinging It) Eirg Rook*. The lite boat ws? tunnelled awl lin y we,c laken of!'. Not a Vi iflge of the ship remained. Several the bodtca, luelndlBg tlutt of Cuptaln Williams, have heen

reoavered uud bcaught to Boston. The Maritnna wan anAl ship of flfll tons, built iu Qnlncjr, Mais In 1S.TT, and wns owned iti Providence by Ve^irs Siti hei Maurnn A Co. Was probably Insured. For fmther iwrtlculars see general news Ship lino, from Antwerp of and fur New York, which put into Falmouth ? ith rumps clinked, Ac, was discharging on the 19th ult, and In ri ballasting would receive limestone in place of mil II. rk N vrnANiKi. Cogswfi.l (of P,o.t?n). Ilnmlin, from Malaga for Hi -'on. went ashore on the beach at the south end of the Third Cliff, at Sdtuate, at 1 o'rlis k on Sunday nirrnlmr. In the l?-t pale. Iter fore and mainmast* were cut uw iv, and al last account* she war liki-Iv in prove a total loss. She had bilged, and was so badly broken up that all of her cargo forward of her miiten chains hud washed out of her. and was picked up by wreckers on the lieueh. The re. malnderof the < irro was being discharged In fair condition. The N Cogswell Ins n cargo nf Malaga fruit consigned to Ho mer A Spmcue, A Hardy, Baker A Morrill, and Junes A Far ley. Also GO) boxes lemons to Draper A P vlln, of New York. The N ?' was an Al 1 j bark of "'US tons built in C'hi.ilestoii in 18A5, and halls from Bontou. Br Bark AcNt's Garland, previously repo. ted ashore al Quogue after the NK i.'ale, lies head to Is over on her starboard side, her tail even with the land. She Is high and dry at any (vminon tide, bill is now full of water, but Ills thnui(ht ?he Is not bilged, her liatehi ? are nil', and sue is a lit tie crooked en deck amidships; her rudder 1? gone, HjinK Hkniit ll*i i.ktt, Little, before reported abandoned, was I ound from I'lnladi Iphia for lila-jrow. She was built at Chester, Del, in 1866, '149 tons register, and hailed from Phila delphia. IIriiI Tnos Timston, frsni Sagna for Now Yai k, put lnt? Nas.-au 2,'ith ult In distress. No particular^. Hum Tn\ McI.kod (of Fall River), Davis, wlilch sailed from Havre Sept 2, In ballast, bound to Plcton, put into Car diff Oct 17, In distress, with loss of fore cap. damage to sails, rigging, Ac, bavlm; encountered very heavy weather after leaving port. Capt l)nv Is would return hotue In the steam* r, leaving the vessel in command of the lirst ofllcc*. Sctiit i'avto* (of Newlniryport), Martin, from Bangor for Lynn, with iftCOn feet lumber, <5 cords wood, bark and edg ing, came to anchor ? If Lynn on Saturday at 3 I'M. At 2 o'clock Sundav morning sho began to drift, and at last ac. counts lay off the Atlantic House, Chelsea. The erew are all safe, and well taken rare of at the Atlantic House. The vea sel is f nil of wator, and kcr deck loud, nwtsls aad Jibboom are gone. Rctir ClOOK? During the gale of Saturday night, the ichr Union, fmm Maehlas, with a rargo of lumber, ilraged ashore on Biker's Island, where she now rcaiains. She will have to be launched to be got off. Coi.i.i?tow? The sehi-s Sarah N Smith anil Lucy A Orcnlt, at Bnclior In the Inner harbor at Newport, came In collision 2<1 Inst^tbe former had foresail split and two main shroud* carried away; and the latter bud jibboom and cathcad broken. Boston, Nov S.? The sehr Canton, from Bangor, for Lynn' with a cargo of lumber, went ashore on Chelsea Beach dur" lng the Rale lost nlaht, Lllgcd and full of water, crcw saved (By TeO Bit.Tt*ORP, Nov. 8? The schr Elliott, Peeling, from New York Oct. 27, for Demamra, was abandoned at sea next day, full of w ater. Crew have arrived here. Ei.stsoitK, Oct 13? The ship An dohan, of New Bedford, from Caddwlck (Sweden), for Antwerp, arrived In our ro?ds jeslerdav morning. The captain (I'hlnney) died In (iaddwick, and the vessels as taken lu chargo by his son, who was first mate. Unforlunatelv, In coming out of tho Norilra Querkln she got nshore, aO'1 in order to get her off the deck load and part of cargo between decks had to be thrown overDoard. (By letter to Elwood Waller, Esq., Secretory Board of Underwriters.) Hong Koko. Ana 27? The ship Bald Eaglo arrived on tho 2.rilh Inst from Sun I'ranelsoo, having ? alloil on tho Sill Juue. Keports light winds and calms the entire pataage, LivKHrooi., Oct. 13? The ship CUy of Mobile, of New York, has put Lack lesky. Newport, Nov, S--A report Is current and believed, that a propeller foundered this morning otr Sachuset. It is untrue, as she w orked off shoreand went East. In the United S ates District Court, at Baltimore, Judge Giles delivered Irs decision Thursday condemning llie schooner Beverly and her cargo as a lawful prize of war, for attempting t<> vi-late tt ? bloi kride estabb died by the Unite I Stales on tlip const of South Carolina. The Beverly, It will be recollected, sailed from Halifax, N. S., where she is owned, on IheOtliol September. ?lth a valuable cargo of llsli, dry goods, Ac., valued at fl.iM), anil was capturcd by the United S'utcs bar IQemsbnlc on fhe 3d of October, while attempt I i'r( to run Into Charleston. 1'nrt of thn cargo, oiulslltiif at perishable anieles, lias ftlieftciy ' wen i- il.i in niiilelpail'Ui of the conilcmutttlnii of tho vessel, v blcli v\ ill also bo solil at auction In a abort s]m - of time. Hurk O E Tilt'jn, M3 ton baa lieeu aoltl at bbangbae, re' ported for *23, OK). r.ADNcuiii ? At Hungor, 31at ult, from tho yard of T Crosby .1 Hon*, hark Ainuii la, ftkl ton*, to hn ronimandod by Cup i (Jhsrlcs l'euJhton, l.ituol bark (V.ruh Park. Notice to Marlaerii NAVVAINK I.IGHTS,; THE Al'I'ROACIIES TO TIIH DARBOB or mc* roitit. TKHistfltr DKrAiUMKNT, UrriUH Liohthowik Hoard, ( WASIIINUTON, Oi't 1!?, lSfil. ( Two new llifht house towers aro bultii! erected ?i Navesink, N. J.,a few lectin th?ri'arof the two light house towors, from which tin' existing lights are now eUiiolitcl. Oil or about tho 1st day of Mnjr, 1S(K, of which due notice will !>?? given In sdTsnce, Two first order tlxeil lights will lie exhibited from the uew lowers, and theoXl towers w ill he removed. The illuminating apparatus will be caladloptrlc of the (list order, Recording to the system of frennul. The towers are built of reddish grey piaiilte; are each 53 feet li Inches in hHgh* from the Imae to tin laateru (leek, having a focal plane above the niean level of the s<ni of 2ftS feet. Both lighis will havo ennetijr the m ie elevation. The now towers stand >29 feet apart/torn louue to centre oT lanterns, and preserve tho hearings of the old ones from each other. The intelligent seaman will not fall to pertelve that, In ap- ' proachlng the entrance to tho bay of Now York from the h mthwHrd, after pawing the capes of tho Delaware, ho may see (If within their range) the lirnt order lined light at Absc ? win, or lUo lirot order revolving or flashing li^lit. (visible once In every ten seconds,) at Harnegnt, I'll tho New Jersey coast, and then the two first order fixed lights utNaeestnk; or It approaching from the eastward, after pissing Moutauk first order light, (fixed, varied by flashes once In every two inmn'fH,) he may >ee : ,i urst order Used light at Ureal West (Smnnccock) Buy, nr the llist order rev iving light (ouco every minute) at Fire Island, from which bstlii;ht he can sha;>o bis course to mako the two fixed light* fU Navesi.'ik* Tre Navesfnk lights nauUciil mil"s to thn north ward of t'uo Harne 'at Unlit, and Mnawttoal miles to tho west ward ol 1'ire Island i.ight. The Hirncfml and Navesink liulita will be arm .it the same time in elear we.n her In lit latlmui . Water, and at tliti ?? n iiautii al miles dlktanoo from the New ?! rsey beach. 'I'll. I'iro Island nn<l Nareaink lights will be sien at the Fame lime In clear weather in 161'allionu water, and atsoveutci n nautical miles do tauce from the Long Island beach. The existing lights at Navesink have a moan range of? Kevulving Htht, twcuty-iwo uilles. Fixed llglils, twenty naiitlcnl mile*. Thn two first order fixed iightsto lie exluoit' <1 from llie new to wen*, on oi'sJiout the 1st < t May, IS02, w 11 have a range (Under ordinary .states of tho atmosphere, from tlio decls fit a vessel fifteen le?t?bove the wilier,) of 'i-V-j n uiticjil miles, uml both will be nmde at the siinotim". and both will Do seen at tho isuc I in? wh'n within their ran o. A new notice w IM ho Issued diir u ; tho ell*", ng v . inter, set tug forth thepje no night mi whim the old lights will be di- uuttiiii. >1 aji'i th r."iv tlxed llghlsci'. Ilnted. Uy oi .ler of the iillb'heiiso Hoard. THORNTON A JKN1UNS, Secretary. Whalemen. Arraf New Be Iforil 3 1 fnst, i ik* Hlack l'.i .'le, Allen, Cum berland Inlet, w tl!i J.UG lihls wh 1^,1100 U?e lame: .lolin Haw son, i' rnell, Fayal, (.23 spt>n board? sent h"nu 323 sp. <?hl 2d, bark Sen t'ov, .-f Westport. Pttlfia t)eeahi Bid fi ooi \V a iron 1 1, las !' Drotuo, Ituie, Indian and Pacific Oceaus (ai^d ancnofi ?' .;l the niottth of the harbor). g;iokrn, J>c, Kl ip CineinnaluN. le-..i o lor Havre, wus passed Oct 2!>, 1st M . ?;'? , loti 70. Sclir A r' Linn ell, fnun M?lni;? for NYork, Oct 7, lat 34 49, Ion 30 45. Foreign Porta. Hkhmuda. Oef 16? Art- (Trigs Pei rie.s, Doe, NYork ffo ro turn26tli); '1' M Mnyhcw. I''ntli. ai:-d s aedard, VVU te, do, M ili iwoiin, Lawreii e, do foruranada, li .sire. ?. ? 'A i . o, Oi t 11? Arr fltispee, Andres, K in i'rnie i ro. Oali uita, Sejd 9? In p rt ships Jmoh 11 n'to >, Me; rill, oil 1 En i ui'.i, Herd, for London; Anna De' auir, A Men, f- >r do (another aeeoimt sayii Llvorpoolf; iili/a h. inmerlinj.'. for M.i'ii'illtts ; \V .. rl. ', iienry, for (ialle mi ! Colom'"i; Ciias lilt:. Hatch,>tis Rival, Hatch, t ? Rangoon; s,m lee. Parker. Kvbll, Freeman; Msgenu, Jimv-nii; Pofair St > , pe ,i>. n ; (lei iViide, Youeg; Se blue, Cnm.w ??!; K ij Jl'Nitar, M Near; Cowprr. I'b vens: llareda Hrotlwrs, Pet-rsnii ; .Nu I oleo:i, ('us: mi;. ; M t -'.r, Melville; Albert Currier, Ka.vmw; li rxshl:e, Williams; Allien Edward, M'Kinney; llirry I In -t 'lifts, Coleiean; Connuest, S mi S; Railili uv, liill; (h-y-tal i' ilace, Jeliiisou; a ue 1 1 Cooper, Howard, and Emily Far l inn, islini , unc; barks fiaxonvlllle, (iardner, and Cheshire, Kcoii, d" (!apk II ivtikn, Oct. 'J't ? In port bark Fenelon, llnlkin ;, for Liveri ool HI 'lavs '-c!,r Joseph, Nickerson, for IJosiou 2 days. I'ayai. Oct 17? Ni> Ameri an vessel in port. Ualwav.Oi t 17? Cld bark Thcotla, t urvcr, New York. CmBAt.TAii, O-t 12? In port baik Union, Trtpp, for Bo.-t in, j'trmKi.. Oct 13 ? In port Br ichr Rising Sun, Carmlchael, for NYotk 1 dg. Livkunoi, Ool 2S~\rr steamshipa Ldinbiirg, UoPkdl, New York; H' h iniiiil, (Jueb. e. Msusr li i ;;s, Oct ! , ? In port hark Powhatan, Will hesfer, and Lii Ci<uona, Adie, for Hostou, 1 Mima, Atw 20 ? In port fstiip Norilicru Crown, Merrill, for 1 iverpO' 1. M noi'iiM', Inly 82? Arr ship Aspasia, Lamb, l.oiutoiw Cl'l2.ii i bark Patmos, Buck, Madias; Aug 16, ship beargu, llnwes, P.aki r's I -lend. Mosuov ia, Oct I? In port bark Justice Story, of Salem, MavaIil'EZ. about Oct 15? Sid schr Alice Mowe, Goodwin, T*u ? Islands a i id Baltimore. Port Maui i, Ja. Oct 12? No Am vessel in port. Port Ac Piiikck, Oct 18? lu J?ort brig Bird of the Wave, Simpson, from and f"r HostoB J days; schrSftrah Burton, A dnmt i roin and for do do. Po.sik.Oc IK? In portbeik Tlvola, Brown, lor xfew York about 20th; s lir Roxo, for Haiti more. SiMnroia:, Kept 6? In port ships Huntress, Owi n, for char ier. flrrell, Owen, fordo; bark Bertha, Tiiplcy, for Hong s'iiani.tiak, Am 17? Tn port ship* laevaater. Brown, for Ch .ue; K F Willett I (lute Williams, who died Aug 11), unc; Imrk Rival, Rouse, do; brig lsitanderia, Ludcrs, for Takee andChefi>o; schrsGrenudn, Slouuni, uti"; and others as bet. re. Sid 10th, bark Fruiter, Webster (Into Stone, who died Aug 11), Ksniigawa. SuniSAM, Oct 10? lu port brig Nercus, Iloinans, fer Boston, '"'kt Johns, N F. Oct 16? Arrsebr* Moonlight, Tuthlll, New Y irk (and ivl 22d f??r do) ; ls<h, Runnymcde, Prowse, New York ;23<l. Frances Burrltt, Chaitei, do Yokaiiama, Japan, July 2-t ? In porl shies 101 .ui-c, Miller, for Londmi; Cai rli gton. Mather, for II in : Kong; b, irks Cm lor Sail Fi. incise". vT.t?IWf?'* rtfoHWiU KAiuu;.i\va.) 1 1*1 '.ItSTK VH.-IIIir .TrrA.OPF PaTIIKR Poi.TT? ' TKf.VGRAPniC. 1 (The Lull ?t via IjoihIoiuUm rv.) ArvlVom Work, Ai*ago, at HtN'koPr; w:n II Whnrton, at KlmliSag: ni Mill r, and II 8u?v??ns at Mar f il"?; J I f t<>. p?rf, at Havre; I.ady Fraiiklln, and Patrick Ucnr/, at Ocal; Chau<a?*ll(ir, at UirorptKiL At from Baltimore, Oustavp, and Queen of the Exe, at Livorpool. American Porta* BOSTON, Nov S ? Air -hij ?."V Potter, Tjlv??rpool; l>ai n? Young Turk, IlaKtlri^, Mal tha; MaijrC Kox, Hubbard, Oai'ilooj;4*; I ?riiTM L? '-n Istimond. 5?ii :t?', Ntvwrport, E, fia Qijcontst-iwn; Sam .Small, lla.-ki?!l, PhilMd^Vf>!i1a; (len lloy<it (iilf .itri Jr, Kondout; A-'hi'rt .i a Cm tin, Phiimi*v, Fay<ii; Su ? an, lingers, CJupi* Haytlon; E G Sa\vy?*r, Dobbin, Llnyan tor NVinkjKmUy Ko\rl?'r, Willanl, and Maria Itoxanna, Palm* if, PhiliuW'ljmia; C \T ('tumer, I rami, Kliz.ibctliport; SIC Hart.r ** "- ? Vfells; Port FvnnsOtis, Thompson; M R CarllHl'', llyun, ,.n.f Superior, KobliUM?ti, NYork. Bolo\r, ship Conur^Hs. \, from Hordeaux ami n-celved ord'-rn to proceed to NYork. In at anchor In Naniaskrt R ?ad.i. Cld brtg Marnhail, Ntficm H4?n, (iorccand a market; schrs Julia Maine, Preston, t?*n, J ; ilivm^ AIt?xander, Siilcs; Nojitune, Ma?ee;.T II VV.^n wv 'ijsht, I-Mii im; Win F tJarnr^m, I'.mon, and Clara Mt r rlrk# Moui^unery, PhilHuelp4iia'; J UiirWor, Smith, do; Spring kill (the Arctic; i^.'hr UntUad StaNm), llaye^ N\ork; Mar^ land. Cntlu Hri, Hejulno's Point (Sfaton Inland); S II Vfhew lur, M'i^augltliu, Ikiltlmme; Henry Cole, II i/.<>Uon, do; J U Pattemon, IlanU, PkiL-wielphia; Diamond, NorU)n, and Mar\* Kminu, iUkt'o*, NYorks Ntn.'Vi? Arrl^nrk Daniel WoVnter, Uyder, Mala^a;selirs Uf?? uue. Pel lngtll, Eli/ab<*thnort ; FUmdy, Wlnu; Kobert S Beli, M li .*>, and J M Freeman, York, NYork, Now! tift went Ut -it Satnrdav or Snnday, wirid SE U) E, a i!??Wr Saturday ? Lbt an?l Sunday itornio^. Wia4^ii to K Siioday PM. Shin and bii^, 4 P lltoh t\'wvain at aryhor In Hdmos. BANC! OR, Nut 1? Cld bark E OhurehUl. Gray, Tortiw^i ?; m hrs Frank Maria, Barber, and Emma Mayo, M it t n, XTnrk; A ffarrlman, Oairnm.a; Sea Breeze, Coomlin, NYork. BELFAST, 0< t 35? Sid briga Isaac Carver, Shut#-, ilakl mare; .'liUb, May Flower, Henderson, do. It ATT I. N?>v 1? Cld wlir Warren, NYork. RIU-STOTj, Nov*/ ? Sid whrs Afiwrit a. Koynolds; Em^lina B I'nrter, Beebe, and Katrina Tan Courtlanut, l.eiit, NYork. BAST PORT, OeCJH? Arr bark Stutim, B-?uriM% SI Sveuhen (and nld for Glasgow). C,U1 2.V1, ships KB Sumner, West* eot?., Liverpool; 23th, Alabama, Cochran, (from St John), Pe nartb Roads. FALL RIVER. Nov 1? Arr aehr Sea Ranger, Hlmakley, Biilthnore, (and nld 2d fordo)- Sid ?? hrs Cornelia Muckcy, E!i/al>ethpor?; ThonuiH Potter, E Id r Wire, KYork; 2*1, Urbaiva, Wih ox. and Irani Smith, MeGirera, NYork. ?;Lo('CESTT4K, Oet ,'V) ? Arr schra Louisa Dyer, J ainraotu Hondotit; 31hI, Benj F Reeves, Cawm in, Philadelphia. 81d Nov 1, Kark Mary C Porter, Adams Surinam. KFN.NEBl NltPORT. Nov 1?Sid ship Star of tho Sea (new. "f NYork, 1 tl-f'.Vh t'lis), Stowe, NYork. NKW BEDFORD, No? 1? Arr aehr Connecticut, Clark, New Brunswick, NJ. Sid schr S Waterman, Bowman, ElixabtMlipor t. N ANTI C KET, Oct 26? Sid schra Trjrall, Adams, NYork; 30* h , Eiich*. Cire?:ory, Philadelphia. N EW BURY PORT, Nov J? Arr schr Louisa Dyer, Jameson, Rondout. Sid ? . hr (.land Island, Lunt, NYork. NEWPt*>TT!', Nov L* ? Arr aehs Astoria, Wooater, Sullivan, f"i S'trafy li. >k; .v<ami?i l (iilrnnn, Crowcll, and Eli/.iib, t!i Allen, NYork ft r Boston, sld s? jir M- vi ??. B ir Hick, rt E wen ; Thomas P< Iter, Eldridge, (fmm Fall River) NYi-rk: and ; 11 others bound westward. Also arrived 2 I, ^ brs Youth, ( Br). Wyman, Bri'lqenort, CB, for NYork; Sarah N Hrnl h, Fiske, B' ston lor Baltimore; Hciirw RLanlai, Snow, do for NYork; llannali D Nickerson, NYork lor Bus ton: Lu?-y A Oirutt. Anionbury. do for Weymouth. NEW LONDON, Nov 2? Arr brig JI? leu Mar ( Br), Brown, Windsor, NS, for NYork; schra New DcliKht, Scovill. Somer set r?'r do; Catharine Bcals, Flowers, NYork I'or Belfast. PHIIiADELl'Ill A, Nov 2 a 8 ? Arr steamer Kingston, Ba ker, Boston; brig* James Crosby, Veurde, StThoma ; Avon (Br), Trelry, Yarmouth, NS; schr Elizab* th Ann (Br), Bunk er, Co rnwal Is, NS. Cld, achra Trojan, Shrouds, Bubados; S Godfrey, Rnsse.ll, Norwich; Alma (Br), Lohut a, Halifax. PORTSMOUTH, Nov 1? Arr Ada Amos, Ann's, Wilming ton, Del. PROVIDENCE, Nor 2? Arr steamers Westchester, Jones, and Pelican, Jones, NYork; sehrs Isabella Thompson. Corson, Philadelphia: Delphine, Ross, Erk Harbor; sloop Marv Dal las. Racket t, ElizaUuhport. hid schrs H W Oodirey. Weeks; T Benedict, Uoldsmith, and II W Benedict, Ellis, Philadel phia; W B Jenkins, Clock. Washington, NJ ; Emma A Walsh, Pryor, Egg Harl>or; James House, Hpragg; J P Ross, Smith, and AlmiraT, Brings, NYork. Nov 3? Arr steamer Ospray, Kenney, NYork. Sld schr C S Watson. Hallock, NYork. PAWTUCKET, Nav 2? Arr schr Zee, Patter, Elizabethport. Sld aehrC S Watson, Hallock. NYork. SEARSPORT, Oct 27? Shi bark , Nichols, NYork; brig B Carver, Perry, Cardenas; 28th, bark John Griflln, Park, Rio Janeiro. SALEM, Nov 1? Arr solir St Lunar, flail, Rondout, (and Sld). Old schrs Young America, Leman, Cayenne; S V W Simmjm?j8od^ miatieijmia; t w Conner, i rami, ttiuaneuiport; S li , K'*nt: Majeallc, Wentworth; Henrietta, Shaw; Bo<sU?nf s ; New York P.u ket, liandaJl, K<lward, Srnlui; Moro, nird, and Ko.-Mith, Pray, Klisal>ethport ; ti issabcaa. DENTISTRY. ARWimr BONK FILLING FOR liiOAYED Teeth? Inset ted sort and giving no p?ln. Aching teeth or mere atolls can bo lilled and preserved by the discoverer, J. PEA RSON, M. D. Rooms SS9 Broadway, one dnrn* above Seventeenth street. N. B.? Beware of the worthless imita tions of cheap operator*. Artificial teeth.? only 93 foh beautiful and substantial sets on pure silver; i.n flne p Id an I platina, $M. Single Teeth, $1. Teeth filled and extracted without the least pain. 8n lienor Bone Filing only WV. Ail work warranted. Offlco 138 Sixth avenue; (no removal.) Dr. LUTHER, Dentist. Artificial teeth ? drs. dukkin and rous SEAU continue to extract teeth in two seconds, without the slightest pain. Teeth Inserted over stump*. No extra charge for temporary s-ts. nrexlracting where artificial teeth are inserted. Ors. DURKIN & ROUSSEAU, 373 Ciiiwil street, one door from Laurens. Artificial teeth <eveky stvlei. rs cents to 93k; Crystal Enamel Filling, without pain, BO con's; Teeth safely Extracted without pain. Olllec 1(M Twenty second street. DR. LUTHER, Sr., Dentist (twenty years). AS I HAVE HAD THREE TEETH EXTRACTED WITH urn feehug any pain Whatever, by Dr. .1. JAY VI LLER8. ot 160 Grand street, I cheerfully insert this as a n cowmondu tlon to all suffering from toothache. J. MURPHY, No. 9 Mulberry street. VTATIO N AL DENTA L OALLF. RY-Sf f?H AVEN (' E, oorner Twenty-second street? Urgert, most replete. Five premiums. Guaranteed ilrst . lass lemlstrv. War prices. Silver sets of teeih, $K. rubber $10 ; patent vul conite, gold, $20; single teeth, tl ; tilling teeth, gold, $t. DR. HANSON, Dentist, _ POLITICAL. DBMOO RATIO It: Hlfm.irAN RKtHTLAR NOMINA tl?u for Jiwtleeof tin- Marluo Court, Arbu IC. M.iyuard. TOLBOIOM OK lilNns OOUNTY.? KNOW THAT HUGH Pi'wliiin, roiiixioiily ralliii "Ohlpiiy" the 41 Feoplo'a Union " candidate for UrgUirr, ih Hie ?ery n*mo "Clilll-y" wlln. who li lam ? canclidiite for Sheriff was htfiei'ly denotiured t>y many peraoua and public JourniiU, imw hi* moat active and enthusiastic ad in I r>' la, an wholly uuworthy of your lutfrnae and aupport. l)ld the* dt'oelveyoii then or do tliey aluonpl tu dw?lve you uowl George 1 lull or"Ch!p|>y" McLaUgnHu, for which will you vote? Fourth senatorial district.? at a mkrtino of IheOeuiTulOonimilioeof tho liorimtn Union league, tlio follow I use resolution vvivh un iiiloiuuajv |wiaod;?. To en don* the nominal! >11 ? f f in. U. Woodruff for Senator of the above district. ih order. (lEORflH MANCIIOT, Secretary. F~ OR SENATOR? HI' V E NTH DISTRICT, JOILV J. 1' HELPS. jjnrai avenue hotel COMMITTEE. S~NOMINATI0N. FOR STATE SENATOR, SIXTH SENATORIAL DlhTRICT, Ninth, Fifteenth, PlTtebisth, and Eighteenth >Vardg, WASHINGTON SMITH. Fob senator seventh rarfTiuoT (Tvyklkth, Nineteenth, I wo. ti O, Twenty-Ural and Tiveiitv-Hiuoiid warda), Oliver Cbanir N, initialed by Taiuuinny, M <zart, Utthtu, Tux[w}oi?i.u 1 tYopl'-'a. Oppohi J to bli QoiTopUon. ERMAN UNION t.EA'll'E. NOMINATION FOiFTtATE SENATOR, SIXTH SENATORIAL DI3TKI0T, Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Eighteenth Warda, WABHTNOTQN SMITH. NDEl'ENDliN'T DEMOCRATIC GENERAL COM MITTEE. Hoadquarti-ra, Military Hull, 193 Bowery. G BEOtTLA H NOMINATIONS. For ttloTltr, FREDEl'LCK i. VULTE. F r IMstrirt A' oroov, NELSON J W VI'EUIilUiY. For Onn,.t> < :! -U, HENRY w. GENET. Fill' Su| * rvlaor, GEOROE ' ITER. ANTHONY EICICOI'F, ' EDWARD C. McCONNELL, AND HEW R. JACKMAN, THOMAS It. FERRIS. Far .luce f Supreme Co rl, THOMAS W. CLKUKE. For .Totl^'-i of i !'?- S i , Court, JOHN M. liAMUH It, CfjAUOt t I . MONELL, Forjudge of the < tout <*i Com non Pleas, JOHN K. UitAUY. For .Indite oi ^:.t Marine Court, AK1IA K MAYNAItO. For (tcnatory. Fourth dUtrlct? CHRIST! AN B. WOODRUFF. Flfh dlalriet? CI1 AIH.E.- <?. CORNELL. Sixth lUatrict? JOHN .1 15 RAD Eli Y. Seventh dtstnet.? . O. N. UEBRMAN, Chiirmau. Mr KB Mastkk, Seernt.iry. MOZART HALL FOR THE UNION. DEMOCRATIC REl'U ItLlCAN REGULAR NOMI NATIONS. For ahei iir, JAMES LYNCH. For Oomoy < Merit, HENRY W. (ll.NET. for Siipei vi-ov, GEORGE iv USTEK# For Conoo TH, Dr. JOHN' CAM AN. Dr. LUCIEN I!. WRIGHT. Ill (KM 11. I'EKRIS. 1IEMIY H'CGHES. M 055 A KT HALT. m? cratir RepuMit r.n jo-'ulnr nomination fc'or .Jnsto'e . t" tin* Muf n>% Court, ABU A K. VI AY.naUD. N'KW YORK, KOVKMHFU ?, 1861.? TO THE EDITOR of the Nnw V?'i'k llt-taM: ? Aiy oppon nt? in the Third Assembly Di>til' t having < i i ? 1 1 ; ? ? <1 a" it-port to the effret that my object was to pell out, j take this method of inform ing my friend* that tin- report is 1 ii*e, and Unit 1 am the regularly nominated c wididutcnfthe Workingmcti's, IV i Io'm and Union party In tho above tfi und \u!' remain so until sundown on Tuesday xiex:. IJKKNAJiD KiEHKAN. \TEW YORK, NOV. i I af)l. ?\ TO THK VoTKRS OF NEW YORK. As every elTort has bf-ji nnd *s h- lug mad" to induce my friends to" believe tliai I have withdrawn my name ns a can didate for the olliee of tflicriif, I hereby reUer.iiu my former Bt.-nement that Thawi.ot withdrawn, ji ? ?r do T intend to u iilidriw, bui. on the ' onirnry, I shall remain a candirtato for the oiUec of Sheriff of this enmity until 3unset on Tuos day, November 5, and respectfully fiolieit your suffrage 0 FRliUK. L. VUi.TK. UR COUNTRY AND Nil PARTY. -WORKINOMKN, rally l'or the People's Union candidate for the Eighth Assembly district, Ldwurd F.ilcom r, for Assembly. I' any pollti'-iiiUK, clear tin- track, yonr days arc numbered. JJEOI'LK'S UNION AMI REPUBLICAN NOMINATION, SIXTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT, Nlntli, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, oiul Eighteenth Wards, WASHINGTON SMITH. . .. ,*w Senatorial district (Ninth, Ft; loo nth, Sixteenth and Eighteenth wuios->. Kor State Senator. JOHN J BRADLEY. READ THIS BEFORE YOU VOTE. To the friend* of our country ? Ciltzena, whether by accident i >r choice. Thai there may be notraitorslu the ne it Legislature, scratch erery man's name of whom patriotism you hare the leant doubt. Stand by your parly when you ran do so without M< rilicln^ your duly lo your country in her tiey of tribula tion. An army of hall a million of men In making war against her, h<wlei?liig the uaJlmuil capital nnd threatening ?ho existence of the government. The next Legislature will he ca! nd mx>n to furnish money for our soldiers and their Aifl'erlit {families. There will M no time for delay. Pinch lax cold and hunger Will liave overtaken thousands of |?>or women and childre n, whose natural protectors have gone to the wars, and the uoiiun of Uie Legislature must ho prompt and liberal Will It be either tf composed of such ?ten hs? W. J. C. K.KNNEY, DANIEL YOU NO, JOrrN IIARDT, LI KE F. C0J5ANS, nil of whom were members of the late Leglaiatitil* And long after the bomhstrdmeat of Fort Sumter, and while the national flag waft biting train pint In the dust In nearly half tho Slates of the Union, and our patrtotio cRiznita snbjerted to bus ami Indignity af every kind; In a tlmollke this, when the Legislature was called upon to put forth every energy to meet the emergency, titer* were si* false men in that Isidy who voted against Uie appropriation of a dollar of money wit-ti which io pay tlnsioKitxlwa of our country fbr their p?' trtnllo service* Feu r of these were KUNNEY, YOUNG, HARDY, COZANS, who, not only by their rates, hut by every parli.-tmentnry ox pedtent, nnd speech maklnia tried tn pnrvedt the passatre of a bill to authorize the raising and )?ylng of au army. Hud ?benseasnre been lost the fn e:M cause lYOitld have tfeea 1om4 a!no, fi r sinh an exanin;e, camlag fn>?n the ereat Empire *?ote, would have (Msconi; ? d snd j)i?valv/.cd the nivt>*a. Sii-nasion would hare prevarled In our ctty, and Uies<' very men, who have be?-n :*? fillet us biralis miiec, would have boldly continued In (he course they ked ctkoeen. Ther dure not da so now in an open nanannr, as they did then; piiidio o pin von U too Urmly sei ta the right direetton, and we nave, all of us, too many friends nnd relations cncnjrnd In the struggle to render it side to utter tsrcestilon sentiments now, nnd !*> they expect, hy saying n ithltig, that their recreancy will he overlooked, and their scais qoietty eivHiiisl. >t is for you to say w hether they shall succeed. They do not pretend to deny the charge of having lalxwed nnd voted to defeat the war bill. They dare not do It. The proofs against them are too many. Their votes are nnb [li he I In the public documents ami are to be found In nil the pajvrs of the date of April 16, Rtll. TOru to any paper of that (Utte? Herald, Tribune", flnn s, World, l>slly News, or Even ing Post? and ihei-e vou will flml the report of th *lr siweches and their votes, nnd, after doing <y\ determine for your selves whether your feelings and xeiithnenta < au be properly represented by such men. A FRIEND OF THE UNION Then and now above all party attachments. REPUBLICAN UNION NOM I M \TIONS. STATK TRUKT. Albsrney (h'nersT, DANIEL s. DICKINSON. Be( ntarv of State, HORATIO BALLARD. Comptroller, LUCIUS ROBINSON. Treasurer. WILLIAM It. LEWIS. Slate Engineer, WILLIAM It. TAYLOR. Prison Inspector, ABRAHAM B. TAPPER, Canal Commissioners, Long Term FRANKLIN \. ALBERCER Short Term, BENJAMIN F. 1IRUCE. Court of Appeals, WILLIAM B. WKIOHT. COUNTY TtCKKT. Supreme Court, THOMAS W. CLEiiKE. SupeHor Court, L II. WOODRUFr. HURRAY HOFFMAN. Common Pleas, JOHN R. BltAUY. Murine Court, ROBEKT A. AI>aM3. District Attorney, A. OAKEY HALL. Sheriff, JOSIAH W. BROWN. County Clerk, JOSEPH HOX1E. Supervisor, ORISON BLUNT. Coroners, LOUIS NAUMANN. J. W. RANNEY. EDWARD COLLIN, JOHN WILDEY. FREDERICK A. CONKtW, Chairman Republican County Convention. j?. Shaw, | Secs' E'PnNlcan County Convention. SINCLAIR TOUCEY, Chairman Republican Judiciary Convention. W?r. L. Oppvk*, j Sttretailcs Republican Judiciary Kraml W. Suurnrjir, J Convemion. TnE l'.VION, THE CONSTITUTION AND THE EN forcement of the laws. NATIONAL UNION COUNTY TICKET. For Sheriff JOSIAII W. BROWN. For County Clerk HENRY W. OE NET. For District Attorney A. OAKEY HALL. For Jm lice Supreme Court T!I(iM \S W CLERKBt For Justices Superior Court. . . j ^ raY IIOFFM "Sf For J lMlce Common Pleas IOIIN It. BRADY. For Justice Marine Cotut HTRAM KETCHAM, 3* For Supervisor ELIJAH F. PI 11DY. (J. W. RANNKY. For Coroners 1 ANTHONY EICKIIOFF. (THOMAS II. FERRIS. fO THE ELECTORS OF THE THIRD ASSEMBLY I Dint ri t -He aring that reports arc rinnlated through tae rhlrd Assembly District, by?ome malieioun pereonf, that my nom. nation wa? got up for the purpose of Helltn^out, therefore I denounce nil ?uch reports an mallclouci fahrlea tions, and onji-ulattid to inj'.re me; and I think it due to my frit ml ?> and const ituentfl to slate to them that I am tin* Work in^ou'iiV. People';' and Union Candidate, and will so remain until sundown on Tuesday next, when I expect to eon?ratu laie them qu iny election, BUKNA1U) JLLEK^AJS', PUUTlCAIi. rpAMMANV HALL. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REOULAR NOMINA TIONS. Fur tJlivrifT. WILLIAM M. TWEED. Kit District Attorney, NELSON J. WATHRIWHY. icr County i'!' rk, 1IKNIIY W. GENET. Ki >p Coronet". EDWARD C. Mui'ONNELL, ANHKF.W K. .1 At'K M AN, an i iion y eickoff, CIIARLIW t. DOUtlHERTY. Fi r Suporvi tr, ELIJAH F. Pt'RD*. For Sr.i.i inn'' ? ? i ? 1 1, THOMAS W. tLNRKli. Fit#' KlIlM'I'Vll' <? ?? : > t, CLAUDIUS L MONiSLL, JOHN M. BARBOU-ll. For Common Piimh, JOHN 11 llltADY. For M.irlno floiirt, EDMUND L. HEAR.VE. TAMM\NY HAU, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN REGULAR NOMINA TION. F.>r Sheriff, WILLIAM M. TWEED. F'i'lVI u8nV'..r HA5J8;-. ' :|!u,r",JR County Convention. ELIJAH I'. 1*1 KDY, OiiaJrinan General Committee. ? j'.'ll'uMBLKTONi I ^OfelATlM County Convention. j iiecrctarl. * General Committee. "T UE UNION MUST AND SHALL HE PRESERVBD.' PEOPLE'S UNION TICirET. STATE NOMINATIONS. Attorney General DANIELS. DI<'KTN80W, Seorelary of State HORATIO ' ; tLLARD. Comptroller LUfit S llOtHNSOM. Tr usurer WILLIAM 1'. LEWIS. State Engineer WILt.IAM II TlYI.nK. rmmi Inspector ABRUJa.1 B. TAPPEN Carnal OeinmUsioners i Fi.ANKiJ.N' A. ALBKi'.' 1F.R, J Lou i.Tta. Do. short term M'ltED K A. TALLMADUB. Court of Appeals WlLUAM Ji WRIGHT. COUNl'Y NOMINATIONS. Supremo Court THOMAS W. t'LKUKB. S ,n. rl r Court ? ?' "? WOODRUFF. Bup. rl< r Court | m i kraY llol rMAN. Common pleas JOHN K. HltADY. M i.i i".' Mirt Ill 1? AM KKTTIIAM. Dlnrirt Attornoy A. R LAW RENCK. Hlienff. IOSIAU W. HltOWM. Count. Clerk lOSEl'II IIOXIK. S up er visor. 0 1 1 1 < I N R LU NT. f LOUIS NAUM ANN. J J. W. K\NNEY, Coroner* < F.DWAKD i oi.LINO. (JOHN WILIiEY. A VOTE FOR ANY OTT !. PROFESSED UNION TICKET IS THROWN AWAY! mills PEOPLE S (SYRACUSE) UNION NOMINATION 1 For Justice of tlm Marine Court, AURA K. MAYNARD. rpo tut: people of new york ? i ueo to say T9 1 mv frien Ik thnt all sUii'Ich of my withdrawal a candi dale lor tli? olllce uf sheriff are falwlwodetftrcfilutod l>y In* tor stril parties. I will be In the Hold .'M? can J I1, late fer the miflVagi'gof mv fellow clli/.< nn till sundown oil tl-.ndarM election. ft will 1?! for you to ilr -Ids, t uough the ballot box, \\ ho shall bo the next SheriU' of the eonntv. JOSlAH w. lkown. T 11IRD ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. DAVID I>. EGAN Has not declined. u N10N ASSOCIATIONS OF THE SIXTH SEN ATO RIAL DISTRICT. NOMINATION FOR STATE SENATOR, WASHINGTON SMITH. UNION?TAMMANY AND MOZART NOMINATION fen- milliliter of Atteu.nJv, Seveiuh Assembly district, DANIEL YtfliNG. u NION REPUBLICAN AND INDEPENDENT NOMI liatlou for J ustice <>t the Marine Court, ROBERT A. ADAMS. J-OTE FOR AURA K. MAYNARD FOR JUSTIU8 0? tlio Marine Court. OTE FOR ABBA K. MAYNARD FOR JUSTICE OF the Marina Court. 5 V1 VOTE FOR the Marino "TTOTERS, VOTERS, VOTERS, V Cast your votes I t>r LUCIEN B. WItlOTIT For Coroner, the i!i mooratic and Union candidate. AltBA K. MAYNARD FOR JUHTIOE ATM WARD. ? AT A MEETING OP TIM*: F01RT TC Ward Independent Democratic Club, held on Moodi evening, Nov. 4, at the Eagle, 10 New Bowery, the noruin tion ot C vptain John Wildey lor Coroner was unanlmoui endorsed l?y this club, M. FINN, President. John Mitohkix, Secretary. UTi! WAUD I N DEPENDENT UNION DEMOCRAT . Association.? At a ma>:i meeting attend?-d by at lei 80U voters ot this ward, held at "Union Kail, corner of Fo?? street and avenue C, on Sunday evening, November 8, < following gentlemen were unanimously adopted a* car date* S<?! afor?Luke F. Coz.ins. Assembly? Andf Smith. County Officers ? Sheriff*- Frederick L. Vulte. Co* ty Clerk? Henry W. Genet. District Attorney ? Abraham* Jiiiwniiirfl. SuHcrvisor? Elijah F. Purdy. Judge of> pr-'ine Court ? A. \V. Clerke. Judges of Superior Off* Marray Hoffman, Lewis H. Woi.druir. JurtgH of MA* Court ? Arba K. Maynard. Judge at Common Pleas? 3? S. Brad v. Okmmhi* m ? A. li. Jackman,Dr. William Schl*? . Vf Mainell, Edw. Collins. 13 13 Tir ASSEMIU.Y DISTRICT f22D WARD.l The People's (.Syracuse) Union Nomination. For Member (if Assembly, MICHAEL MILLER. Til ASSEMBLY DISTRICT (?!D WARD.) The National Union Nomination. For Member of As-embiy, MTCHAEL MILl.Elt. 13 OTO ASSF.VEr.Y DISTRICT (22B WARD.) T he Regular Republican '>N?nilnaiion. For Member of Assembly, MICHAEL MILLER. 1 ??TH ASSBMBI.Y DISTRICT (NINETEENTH WAR _ lO OBOUOE WHITEFIEM) is tlu> regular Union <4|. eate for Assembly In this district, and will not be withdiv^ JOII.V A. SHARP, Preside, PERSOSAL. AFrNE nEALTHY MAI>K INFANT, THREE WEE> old, "f fair complexion, blue eye* and good pm-nUt will tw> Ijlren 1'or adoption t? any reswtabio finally, w? wilt earn for It ai their own. Aar.ingementt w ill bo made# o41'ord u perfect guarantee. Addrc?* IX. F. Morris, 11. r4 offlce> AM.-^RING LOST.)? I WOULD LIKE TO SEE Y<J , on the nuiu day a* last week, tuunc pUcu and hour, P. P. OH. F.-T SHOULD BE DEMOT1TED TO SEE TO! ? oace mora. and lu?p? your health and busiiyns wtl ? mi enable yon t? make m? a visit.* I am pleased to he* from yotu Teurs of Hie 23d mrne good, hame as ever. I Eugene ? i fiath seen your communication. ] Meet me at ISehaont's, at precisely, or else |>ut i no?o for me In the IWald bo*. Yon cannot Imagine how mnuh I ghonld like to sec yon. Ever your friend, JACK. F RANK R? S ? SPRINGE ? I MUST DROP YOUR AO. quolnmoco and all correspondence, Ac., for all of he <iul SAM L. "G Mbe H. EORHIA."? YOURS NOT RECEIVED UNTIL YE8 terday; down stairs, right side, Wall slip. Address TNFOllMATION wanted-ofthe wherabouts o* .1 Job n Dull', from the Isle of Man, coppersmith and tin and iron worker by trade. Any tidings will be gratefully re ceived by his mother, Elizabeth Dull', Sacramento City, CaL Information wanted of joiin ,t. j.vksow, missing since September 1 ; supposed to have joined tb? army. lie Is requested to communicate with his mother. Any* information wilL be thankfully received by his brother, D. Jackson, Custom House, New \ ork. INFORMATION WANTED? OP WILLIE D. BAIRD, who left his borne on the 21th of October and ha* not re turned; he is ten years old, not largo of his age, dark hair and dark eyes, and intelligent looking; ho wore a light brown open front c.rolincro jacket, dark d rab cassimeiV pants, blue cloth cap, made military form; whim vest, small lilac spotted; shoes and cotton socles: ho sometime! ree tea . one commencing with "The earth, the firmament on h'tuh," Ac., and the oibergivlng the Presidents in rhvm* Any Information respecting liim will bo thankfully rei etvod l>y nig anxiotts parents at life West Twenty-tifth street, and those taking any trouble iu tho ease will be liberally re warded. a ? IF MISS C. W., WHO RESIDED AT THE A. H., Ur ene street, and went ia the "cjuntry," will let tba undesigned know where he can sei- her, he will return her that , and will not again trouble her with his company. OEORUB. I F THE GBNTLBMAN WnO PICKED UP THE WATCH X iti front of 05 Vcsey street yesterday (Monday) afternoon, will plense return it to the above number he will be sui.ably rewanled. JR. ? YOURS RECEIVED. I AM REALLY IN EAR . nest, and trust you will respond. Address as br ore, Hamilton. D. E. F. MIK8 IDA , I WAS AT THE PLACE APPOINTED, both last evening and Pnday. There most be a mle understanding as to the place. I 'am much disappointed. Please mako an appointment lor this (Tuesday) Or to-morrow (Wednesday) evening. Would not your lirst appointed place be beat? Adilresa Alnsworth, Herald office. ARY OR VY-TF RETURNED FROM BOSTON PLEASE drop a line, same as before, for Wednesday evening. M VrOTICE.? IF FRANCIS IRWINE, OTHERWISE MfT iN AnnallT, and John MeAnnally, or either of them, will write to their father, Francis MeAnnally, otherwise MeNallr. of IJungannon, In the county of Tyrone, Ireland, baker, they will hear from him to their advan^r-, he frnrlng now a com l'(5rfM>le home for them, and lias acquired a g?od deal ol property dlnee they cmK'raied. Anyone seeing this adver tisement and knowing their address would confer a favor by letting them know, or any Infoimstion concerning thero would be lhankftilly received by addressing Fmncl-t MeAn nally, Dunpannon, eonnty Tyrone, Ireland. OLLY-I HATE THE RING YET. MY ADDRESS IS lit the Directory. WrRe me one lino, BILL L. ATURDAY. 6 P. M -IT RATNED. SAY ON TUESDAY at same place and hour. Be punctual WM. N., Havana. LI P ? YOURS IS l'ECF.I VED. RE OF GOOD CHEEB Everything will be attended to that is possible. JILL THE TWO LADIES WHO MADE ANENGAOK YT ment for Saturday a; ernoon with the g< utleman w!> joined tlier.i near Soutli ferry, Brooklyn, on Friday list pleaso send their address to II. S. Sherman, Broadway Pos oilice T liriLL r.E ADOPTED? IN A RESPECTAP.LE AMER 1 T tan family only, city or country, a supei toi male chll four yenrs old. Apply at 675 Broadway, ti p fl >or. Oft 7 -MEET ME AT UPPER TAYLOR S Tf Oui i yui motrow ai 3 o'clock. 30,734* s w

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