Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. VHOLE NO. 9188. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1861.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE GREAT NAVAL AND MILITARY EXPEDITION. Map of Bull's Bay, Bull's Island, Charleston, and Stono Inlet -One of the Points of Occupation by the Union Forces :?TON ?MOUNT PLEASANT pPffNCKNEY m i> \ FORT JOHNSON^ /TgjBATTERV rffi/ FOLLY ISLAND WIRD KE^mM OUR GREAT ARMADA. NEWS OF ITS SAFETY. 4k ^ ? Its Probable Arrival at Bull's Bay, Near Charleston, S. C. The Fleet Seen by the Monlicello and the ' Bark Honduras Last Saturday. THE EFFECT OF THE GALF. The Belvidere and Florida Put Back Disabled. TOPOGRAPHY OF HULL'S BAY. ! j M?p of the feast from Georgetown, 8. ?., to Savannah, Ga. The Fortifications at Charleston. THE PQ8T ROYAL ENTRANCE. Strength of the Military and Naval Forces-. OPESIHG or THE COAST CAMPAIGN,;! Ac., *<?.. Ac. fll WAY OF WIRTllBSS MONROE. The following despatch, wo rccelvnd y?Rt?r<lay morning, allayi alia) prehensions as to tho safety of thj .great i xpedilioo, and probably indicate j tho Iccalily Of iU first descent ?.>n the Southern coa t: ? FORTKBSB Konror, Nov. 4, IStil. The steamer flolvidcre, one of -the expedition, iadon ?iti, liortrs and stores, return <1 to <i.d Point oa Mi inlay Boon, and reported that she wns ee omiod from tbe fit-el. to the Ktorm of Friday, and a portion of \tacr tippor work^ ?leva, in fact, bo roughly handled as t? ?o compiled to ratcrn. Twelve of the horses were killod. Knew nothing i M to tbe balance of the fleet. * ^ At about throe o'clock this afternoon the steamer Mon. tlcello, frem the blockading fleet off Savannah,, arrived and reported that fbe passed tho whole fleei moving along finely on Saturday night within thirty trt.' ea of Bull's Pay. Tbe ftorm had nearly abated, and her ofTV>rs havo no doubt they entered Bull'i Pay rarly on Sunday (^lornlng ant! ir.ndcd within twenty Ova miiea of Charles loa . Th> , the o?nst \vaa . i slightly fortified. Ttk' f'- 1 had begin u> be ??tiieilaincl in the public .wind as to the effect which tli? late violent gal0 might luvo had upon the fl; ? ar ? s happily dispelled. It has ridden fc^faly throug . tli.i : m, anil ha.", boforo th s time, let ns Ik" giv '? the national Hag once more |o tlia fcrocies that bl>V" tho 5k ,th Cerolina cnasf. Map of title Coast from Georgetown, S. C, to Savannah, Georgia, Showing Bull's Bay, Charleston, St. Helena Sound and Port Royal Entrance. MVlli, H George ?k\\U* oWt^J ??? , aVXVi (N4tt\ 481lll>. \\\\l \ .iluC^ ;MI " ^4" ? ^"'nn^' T m.-M- Sq/\!S FEBBT^ -Jilv ?<?' mJIUI -*? | V \\\Ul^ ' HOllfHILL O, **iutu *Hr?m > ? ' Wfc im. a-T-'l*vlli Wsd ^UuTTtJiV* *?Nlltr. * ? m "? Nir ?t%.. , ,% _ r .^Ii.f 'j ?.ilN//.-,ui\i?>}!!'1-yfc, jfr im. fla.1 I.AUII1. I ?: Jv fA" ?A^Wff^wX.xv I / fe^e?au/ ?>iii/ >Si itH/'tUk r<r ,.,wtiri>' LjVl^s unit' 2w ..WVi t.UUr, \W y , :V>\ ,\ 4'y\ ,4'" ... 5fe? .{i, -?V? .!>, ill tUt 4l|jj 3p3|m^^ V lit' ^ ??i't a\1 iUj... rnriLM/aa SJfr wi! jei^^vc- &~^!z!sh ?%*r2Tfvte^! __ mi , iiJ.vJi; <m?42 ?ut 3^ A ' vV , , : X jMuii ft**

-j? .!ilily _ QB00MSVJLj IVILLE ^7 VUi< uiu i SSs? ? : *S, ^ %v .-?frfiS*" ? g I? * *V/ ^ <^16 _ ''afepSIl c ?sJa/W flM* c?ir dHB dgflfc KiiP \ '* : -r.- . m&z&i. ~\ u; . : M-i ^ P ~T7F ^:<V VaV ? 3^ V ?"i"i"iiii: bi'T \ ^:^y ? r, rfe^Q?:^/L^0U>,.'D^ l^lv -' . ?:?. ;, r^l1^ :'?*?? K-z-: , ^, ? -? -?? ? - ?-. \ "T.^=^.=\ v ? "" ------ "?- 1%A ?t*^z--&VBgn::souKO ?#, :^ V \ >:>u ;;V' ?/ - / ' ? . / r.o _ -\ "v, _ - : - iirtwis^aaii^^ c W -: - >CA I fc 6P_Mil.CS =10' ?-- " CT-.- .X *,'? , .- ; - 40; ? :xL? x - - f.A ?/' A Norfolk v?i er of Monday sayi tho destination of the lloet is known to bo Tort Royal entrance, which is sixty rnllei south of Ball's Bay. Passengers by the flag of tmo? say that ao information hod hot a reeelvcd at Norfolk relative to the fleet, at ten o'clock on Monday morning. NEWS BV TBI WAT OP miLlDEI.POIA. H< sides the steamboat Belvidere, returned disabled to Hampton Roads, Mappears by the above despatch, we And by the following from Philadelphia, Uiat Uie steam gunboat Florida has also returned to (hat, port rnirji<*U'UU,Nor. 6, 1861. The steam gunboat Florida, ono of tho naval expedi tion, has returned to the N'aVy Yard disabled. She left Hie expedition on Friday night, off Cape Fear. 8ho r?))orts that the fleet encountered a heavy gale soon after leaving Hampton, but It died out on Wednes * ^ day, aLd again rovived on Thursday from the southwest. On Thursday night the machinery of tho Florida was dis abled, but not seriously, and can ho repaired In three days, when she will rosume her voyage. She bad no troops on board. NEWS AT THIS PORT. Captain Marshall, of the bark Honduras, from Belize Honduras, arrived at this port yestorday morning, re-' ports that on the 2d lost., at daylight, between Cape Fear, N. C., and Charleston , 3. C., passed a largo fleet of naval vessels. A passenger on board tho same vessel has sor.t us the following communication on the samo subject:? TO TBB KDITOB OP THE NEW YORK HERALD. Bark Honduras, > i Or* Hkihiuhds, Tcksday mor.viwg, Nov. 6, 1861. J Since receiving a pilot I loarn that an expoditlon 'eft Hampton Roads sune days since, destination un known. Will tho following facts throw any light upon the subject?? Lift Friday night we had a severe galo of wind from tho southeast. On Saturday morning, at four A. M., wo wore signalled by a gunboat, which run across our slern. At daylight we found ourselves surrounded with gunboats, steamers and frigates. A new gunboat hailed us, but in return would not give her name. We aaw some flft"en vessels nearly ail hove to. They appeared 'o be about abroast of Savannah or Charleston. A few straggler* we met some hours later. Yours, respectfully , I>. B. PARSON. Had not the arrival of tho Uelvidere off Fortress Mon roe been followed so quickly by that of tho Monticello with Its gratifying tidings and by tho news brought to this port by the Honduras, the anxiety in the publfa mind as to tho safety of tho expedition would have becD intensified to a very painful degree. As it is, however, all such fears are now dirsipated, and the feeling of re lief thus produced will bo to ao extent corresponding with the late depression. We presume that the judgment of Lieutenant Bruno uhd r> s officers as In tho fleet entering Bull's Hay will bo found to be correct. Lieutenant is an offi cer of great merit, and his namo ui already famtlia,. to the public iu com e< lion with a late brilliant achleft mont of his in < hii .imicomlco creek. Wo take It for ? g.antcJ that Hie first Mopping plaoo of th^ expedition ? willi;ain for th.s bay a notoriety which has lilthertc i been denied to it. ? THE NAVAL FORCE. Tiio expedition tailed from Hampton Roads on the morn ing of Tuesday, tho 29th ult., so that It was oxactly a week absent when wc received Ih fact yesterday of Its safety TV.e nival put of t wa? compo td as follows:? n.AO orrtccR is command , SAMTJEL F. DUPONT, of Delaware. ( PIAO CAPTAIR, CHARLES H. DAVtS, of Stassachusetis. uectbiast, S.1. MUKL W. 1'iiBSTuN, of Illinois. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. j HKE2 TJIIIUJ I'AGK,

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