Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1861, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1861 Page 12
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THL1 ELECTIONS YESTERDAY. HEW YOiui SOUKB FOR THE UNION. The National Administration Endorsed by the Voters of the Empire State. The Vote for Serreftry of Stnte. Attorney General and Bunal Commissioners in this City. A BrPI BLI(A.\ SENATE AXD ASSEMBLY, Ac., Ac., &?.. The oloctioi) in this cily yon tor Jay passed off Quietly n,? o w is ui>|u:oni y liut liulo attention paid to it, ox c?vt by ihe professional politicians. ibe returns from icth the city an 1 i^uito come in exceedingly slow. Enough, bowever, has been received to warrant us in saying lUai Hi" ticket headed by Dickinson, with the ex' Ci'l'tioii of lainna go. lias been elected by a large majurily. O r leturns au; very meagre and it is iiuitoesiblo to give tho figure*. A* lar an the returns have lieen re oelrel r<>r Senators and Assemblymen tho republicans feaveadxidod majority in both brunches of the 1> vis 'ature. BTATK OKPiCGItS ELECTRO. Secret try of State lloraiio fa I lard, Union. <Vmpt."i I.imsii s '(obinson, In ion. -Afc hi uey Ueneral Daniel S Dickinson , Union. Tra aeu ur .Willi uu B. I^wis, union. fia. o Kngim. r William It Tuyh r, Union. Ca * 1 C immtesioners { *]? A'b?r?*r-',f ,'m-Uu'nn ( l!eoj. K. Unx? sli'ti m.Rep Ing^ctor i/l' S .lie 1'risons Abraham B. T?ji|*ti .Union. Juilga oi Utu court of A ppeals. William B. Wrijiit, Uuion. SENATORS ELECTED. Di/t. 1 ? Monroe Hon'eson, republican and Union. 1 ? Jom ,~>m tli, Cm ii. 3 ? lieu y C. M irphy , democrat and Union. ?I ? rhrit<tMu I). Woodruff, democrat. I ?? John .1. Ilradley, democrat. v 8 ? H liy, dem i rat, v<i? -Jl z kith r. Jiobeitsou, remitdiam and Union, ft? . v 10 ? Il_\Vm ft* Toby , republican and Union. 12 ? liaiph Kn'iv'irdp, Union and republican. 13? .lue. b .1. vt r er, republican and Union. , 14 ? Joseph U ibtmkAy , Unl m and republican. v %15 ? Hon. John WilUrd Republican, Union and denooc'r^^' K-Oiar^. M',r?K??ry. republican?' _ - ^ ih ? jaiiieTV. i^b. r"l>uhr,; r. ^ r * 19? Aloxaitcr H. flan, , re'^bUcan 8"> Htrden, republican. ._ . VI ? Richard it, Sandi'urd, republn-Ji Union, 2- ? Allen M> ?ii> e, teprbiiouu. ? ? #3? Homy A, ' la k, republican. 84 ? Ionian Irouum, republican. -?*? .. .tuuot, repub it an. ib? 27 ? Charles Cook, republican and Union. 28? ? 29? ? 30? ? 31 ? Henry W. Rogers, democrat and Union. 82 ? Horace Young, republican. ASSEJ.BI.YMKN ELECTED. IHtt. kinub ounty. 1 A. J. Provost, democrat and Ui ion. %? Richard J. Uilor, Union and democrat. ft? Wm. M. Th.'in is. Union anil republican. 4? 'ames liarcy, deim crat. 6?i' 1? H neiict, Union and republican. ?? James I. Steam, Union ami republican. 7? McMullen, Union and republican. NEW \OKK. 1 ? John Callahan, IV mocrat. / 2? Daniel Iz-smoy, Democrat. /' 3 ? George 1/nitrel, Democrat. 4 ? ? 6 ? James V.'. Bush, Republican. ? ? Wm. J. t"?ey, ix.tnocrat. 7 (bury J. Kujmnnil, republican. ft? Wife. J. Olvany, Dcm.'orut. 9 ? AlotauJer McLood, Republican. 10? ? M II? ? " 12? ? 13? ? 14 ? R. C. H tchinRS, Demncrat. 15? Havi l S. oddington, I cm >erat. iia ? tennis, rejM.biic .n. 17? ? V AY I'd A COt' NTT. 1 Tlalnny , R^ltubliean. 2 Anili ny ,-H-puhlican. *' All AHA (X)UNTT. 1? F!eMher,Q>'inoirat. "ni'T' ut n cot NTT. 1 ? John R rtirtiftms, republican. 2 ? Kdrnund iJrt'it , republ can. x llAl'TAI'yl'S I1TNTT. 1 ? Fmery Drvls. in e endent republican. 2 ? Heury C. ?!**?, repi bin an. hkik mk iMt wrr. Geonge Bryjiutt, republican and Union. oklkann coti.vrv. NicholaS'f. I)arr w, Union ami democrat. M NhOB OOI NTT. 1 ? Geof-e IWJiintgal, republican. 3 ? II R. ??"Vila, . op bilcan ami Union. OMOMDAOA COl'HTT. 1 ? F. A 'i'vmans. I'nlon. 2 ? T ioi?> <i. Alverd. 3 ? R. N?.don tiere, republican. 'KKVKR-ow i cr wrr. 2 ? C0t ge II. Ilaz ewu, d in< crat and UnlOB. 3 ? William I < w> y , < enioci at and Uuion. <>?? EuO OOl .fTT. 1 ? E!ias Root, repiiblieHn. 2 ? Willard Johns' n. U ion. HAi>i?IN fOt'NTT. 2 ? Albort 0. Pnrdy, republican. ONKIliA I O' .TTT. 1 ? r. M. Schofleld, republican aud Union. 2 ? Kit A\ery. Uiii >n. 8? Sweet, Union. itiKTUiitn rocvTT. Thom.n Barry, Uuion and d? mocrat. IICIKIMCK COtiKTY. 1? O Fon Moore, republican. MWBAIll cot' NTT. John (i. Kaxc, d?mocr*t. i-'.R vTOliA COL NTT. 1 ? John Ki.lton, Uniun. S ? N. M. Iiojgbti>n. \%ion. wa bimston conrrr. George H. Taylor, Union and democrat. THE VOTE. VOTE FOR SECRETARY OF STATE. Hora:iti H<UI*rd. D. H. F. Jonei. WartU. Union. Dem. 1 643 m 2 220 64 8 302 113 4 ? ? 6 SSI 460 6 UU 1,445 7 I,0fi9 1,190 8 1.634 BUS 9 2.62? 1,093 10 - 1,201 610 11 - j? 1-2 1,207 l/fts 1 3 1.591 748 1 4 ? ? 1 6 1,714 265 its ? ? 1 7 2 097 1,061 VOTE FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL. Jfumtl S. Dickinvtm. it. 11. CkampViin. Ward i. ? Union. Jinn. 1 838 533 2 221 6i? 3 C'M UU 4 ? _ 0 i<98 443 0 1)30 1,292 7 ? ? 8 1.708 703 9 2.6J9 1,051 10 ? ? 11 ? ? lif 1,642 728 VOTE FOB CANAL COMMISSIONER. TO FILL VAl'AK ?>'. Bmj. F. Bnuf, F. A. Tal inntlQe, I Vm W. Wright, Wards. he/K'liicw. Uuin. Democrat. 1 -Mi 1C2 81.'. 2 146 62 Sj 3 G5 128 11' J 1 8 3S0 808 Trt3 ? 1 19 133 1,938 ' <>'? 551 1,582 5 ?? 131 1,959 9 ? _ _ 10 498 399 970 r/.'.'.!'.'.'.'. ? ZL 618 1,142 16 633 819 10. . ? ? 1 7 998 971 .. uws 971 2.497 VOTE FOR FLIERIFF. ' The rote for Sheriff w very c.osa between U Brown, republican, and Amu Lynch, tb? Movurt juu candidate, but it t* re,* riioil that is e!ect.; '. ihc f >llowiiig arc ail thefigu.ej U ?t vvt-rfliccelvctl at tliob* ur ol go. h(t tn pro.*:? J IV. Hmrert, J I.ytcTi , Win. M.Twtti, F t. Viil'*, Jl'aidi. i; i , Uican. M XwnttHtntf. IndvftMl'.. 1 169 l'-5 46 17 2 r.4 124 78 3 258 7?! #99 134 n . in M 1 ; t. . . '-r. 1,( 14 1,< 43 1' p t .. 87-, 941 *51 84T 42 'i PR VOTE FOR SENATOR. lOlKTH bCN.VTOKlll. Ul.VI'kMr. Woodruff. Tillnu. IfVrdfc. Ihm Hty). 2 i?i7 .1 37# 4 * !#1 M ft 1,113 314 6 2.311 24 7 l.Htil 29A H 2,n60 an 14 1 ,599 FIKTU 8KNATOUIAL DISTRICT. C'lant. Corvtll. Li'lU. Wartlt. Mot rt. Tamwny. JUji h. 10 446 8.'.9 640 1 1 _ _ _ 13 1,088 686 660 1 7 3,7:i9 2,334 SIXTH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. lVardl. Hrndh-y. Smi'K. Mmnirrrr. K'-p. In'l. 9 1,604 991 1,168 16 ft >-6 ft 60 911 16 1,486 1,018 1,2-JK 1 8 _ ? _ SEVENTH SRNATOEIAL DISTRICT. IFardj. Chart wk. Cotmoll^. Phflps. Vtm. Rev. Int. \? 1,098 1,026 3.'H 889 2 672 883 2 1 330 1,773 1,367 2 2 _ _ _ ' VOTE FOIl MEMBERS OF ASSEMBLY. EIRRT DISTRICT. John Callahan, IVtnpcrat *67 Michael Quigley, Republican 698 Cornelius Flynn, Inde|K>ndvnl 438 SRCOND DISTRICT. Daniel I?amcytTiumuuiy 1,470 Felix Murphv, Mmcart J 853 Wm. Myers, Union 666 D. P. Sullivan, Republican 189 THIRD DISTRICT. George I/iutro1. D >inocrat 1.270 Charles T. I'olhamus, Republican 759 I'avid D. Kagan , Indo'iondent 477 Bernard Kiernan, Independent 98 SIXTH DISTRICT. Wm. .T. Cnejr, Democrat 1,966 Geo. W. Anderson, Republican 1,341 SEVENTH DISTRICT. Henry .T. Raymond, republican . 1.816 Daniel Young, democrat 1,461 NINTH DISTRICT. Alexander McI/>od, Republican 2,097 Augustus Schell 1 ,300 KI.Kl'ENTH DISTRICT. Voah A. Chtlds, Mozart 2,437 Jotib JJardy, ('.iinmany 1,897 MISCELLANEOUS RETURNS. Broome 0>cifT*? Dickinson's majority, 3,600; Ballard's majority, 2,800:\??lma<<gos tgajorlly over both Bruce and Wright, 1,000. Th<r ciitiril yoU' of the county is about ft ,000. h- \ Monkok Coi-nty.? The republican candidate for Senator - elected. Republican Assemblymen are ,*leetad in the First and Thi ' '1i',tric,8> auJ llje democratic candidate "ZZrZ!"*1 " " Stato, Jor,^, 5W8 lL.^!'~f?mplete' Sccr*Ur> - ? '-nplln; ' 3.682, Attorney General, 3.749: Can*f<('omin>ss>nn'** -?'*** 1,977; WtKino^, ' ~ \_. :y,Wrigbt, 4,969; Bruce, /??; IVjlwadge, 1,810. CAYI'UA COI NTY.? Auburnj ';jaUar(1| W1. J(lueS( 471 ; Dickinson, 923; ChMPptt* ( 4f(3. uruc0) 830 ; Wright, 488; Tallmadge, 75. ^ Elmih*. ? U"''.in Stato ticket 300 majority in Chemung oounty. v,age?, democrat and Union, for Senator, about 80 ro? jorltv in the county. Utica City. ? Complete ? Dickinson, 1,672; Chprnplln, 1,616. Ballard , 1.694; Jones, 1,611; Bruc ?, l/?66;Tall. madge, 623; Wright , 1.506. Stiuctml ? Complete ? Ballard, 2,189; Jones, 1,802' Bruce, 2,082; Wrlglit, 1,481; Tallm:idgev*>i6; Dickinson' 2,174; Champlm , 1 .556. F. l.ymanp, people's candi date for mi mber of the Am< mbly, ts^ elected iu the First district; Alvord, i>o*<pl> '? nul?m, iu the Seaond district; and R. Neifon Gere, republican^ In the Third district. Monroe. republican, i - elected Senator. Alhany. ? Tin , i( \ of Albany glree about 1,600 demo cratic majority, 'iho democrats claim the election of beir Senafer, three out of the lour Assembly meu, the SheriiVaud tlio County Clerk? the latter by 3,000 ma Jority. PotOHKBtrMl!. ? Balltrd bas alMKli 1,100 majority In Duchess; liick'.n - n -md Bruce tlw -sume; JohnB. i>utcher> first distiM, ami 1 m'n 1 Croen, aecoud district Cboth republicans) , are elected to the Anembly. Win. II. Tobey (rep.) is probably ? b< sen to the ScnutS. Wkstcuk tkk Cot sty. ? Five towns give Dickinson Uni<?) 1,224; Cbampluin (don.), 843. For Secretary of State? Ballard (Union), 1,175: Jones (dera.),869. THE ELECTION IN THE CITY. General Apathy of tlie People? !Vo Kxclte tiici't ? !Vo Ileixls Broken The proa! day ha- come and, gone, I he fate of tho army of political aspirant* has bcun <l??- j<l?-l , and the city is once more settled down to its ordinary quiet. With the cscoption, perhaps, of the cl urtor election last December, no election in tho memory of " the oldest inhabitant" was moro peaceful , orderly and devoid of excit. merit than yesterday's. From the inspector's ion at sun" rise ? " Hoar ye. bear ye, hear jro, tho t oll of this election 's oiened" ? to tho tour of closing the polls ? thirty t'aroa mlimtos past four o'clock is the afternoon ? not a singU incident worthy of record transpired. Even tho " bloody Sixth," the excitable Fourth ? 1 tho classic First wards, did not cnce call into reqi'isiti' ntl.ohai i s uf the courtly Metropolitans. Cow Bay was a model precinct, so far as tl.o observance of tbe peace is c ncrncd, nud Mackerel ville could only bonst of one slight Sci immage, occasioned by tbe overturning of a ballot box in tho Interest of ] "Joslah W. Crown, for FhorilT." Tim Thirteenth was a little boisterous; but it was "all smoke, no fire." the Seven. h was as serene u;i its ancient denizens, the Quakers; end the same thing Is tree of the Nineteenth) Twentieth, Twenty lirst and Twenty -econd wards, which aro generally remarkable for anything rather than ex hibitions of brotherly lovo on a day of election. The Fourteenth ward ? hcud'iuancrs of tho Mozart candidate for Sheriff? was tho only district in which something like the good old excitement and interest, choraclerltlic of former campaigns, was ex hibited. Tlie friends of l ynch were at work like beavers in this ward, and a spanking majority for their Wivorilo is confidently predicted. As to the cause of the general a|iathy opinions varied greatly. But the general explanation was found in th? absence of so many of the "unterriflod" voters at the heat of war, engaged in th.- more honorable business of fighting tbo battles of their country. Judging from the paieity of t " ts deposited in the glass boxes up to noun yesterday , the vote must have fallmi far short of the last November election. Some saiil tho totil would not amount to sixty thousand. The i>o!ice arrangements for tho preservation of the peace were excellent, and reflect great credit upon tli? ivnernl Superintendent and his otiice s. In addition to the reserves in each station house, th-re were stage loads of polic?mon in waiting at nil the principal |K>iiits where any trouble was expected. Fortunately, however, there was no nvasion Tor the employment of this extra fcrco, is passed oil in a remarkably manner. '1 hero ?os J ttle or no fighting during tbe day, and < ases ? I irun^enncri and lllega' voting wot e equally scarce. Tie- police magistrate-, who are usi ally crowded with i.tii ii . s o\ election day, saj they never cxperioncod Rueh a quiet day. TAMMANY HALL. Tbe *bu' st total .bscnee of all public interest in the o lection yi tei. ;i\ which characterized the day, was manifested in its most melancholy phase at Tammany Ilali. Toe Old Wigwam was silent, dark and tenantloan Its walls ruiK not. as of old, with tbo wild shout of tru n pb as tbo returns from the various wards were borne in t j mosrengers rvshfng up in breathless anxiety to th p'ailortu, where a Cochrane or a Kyiulers, or u I'urdy or a Kelly ,or some other luminary of tho demo, cratic faith, pare and no. .; .crate I, regaled the sove relgue during the ;.ntues !" tli, announcement of the re turns. All UlM is, at regards Old Tammany, among tbe Ibligsth . fliere wf,s i t even anything done list jiight tonwai.' i the M s. minir-cenres of tbe list. Njuio b'.ys in.-, mil 'it. ? attempt to vet up n bonltre in fr ,i tlie Mail, l/'.i it ?.i? i i1 ? in< i v lad ire fhey c.'ulii i. >1 j t !..? b to i. .s a bia/.o to illuminate th<',r ('Wo ng<ei!orni? : !. r.> * '-'ci cr,:.:il .? i eftj'ly exp nde<l in lighting ?? ' 1 ; ... '. ' otci : doorway. I ' the reckl" r. >> T.t fu t' the >'.? -h .' I1 It i'| Were i.-.t thrown cpo Ifti ? 1 I' -en tl very few 01 the Ui.i .1 luxl iO I I W l il fa " ' ! llftO I cir V"i ? 1 ? ? ! .-in) lud lilt en " ?? ' ? ' 1 ' ? ? eh 1 ' ?' ? >' i i.;. ti Ihe i c.fidid! - but !' ii r . ? i. th. i led any Inle i rt was tint ' he: . . m>. ? ? ? ?? ? ere tbe soimiers ?t 1b- it r d ? . ll< tllecoutest bet ,vi'.'ii l.yn< eiid B? *n. Ju the b.'irro i ol the h' w re a fcT of the old fan ir faces of Tammany atiicr?ii in *x| etui ion thai son l< iting mi^l t, be done. mt tbr Hail mi ht be tbr i ojkhi ? :.*mer >? tion t hts mid tlm the ?> ? ; i . ??.. i. of democracy mejiit be s ndod I'm ' Am uk ili who thus lit<i,er';'i, mo'imlng rei the de cjU.B:ce into wh.^h T.iraweivy ha< fpiion . the pleoaoat, . ? . ? <? i.'-n- al V> !?>. a* mi? I* I n be.! ling ? >?y ut . < '..r.isiii n ' htttiior tin ? 'h edttet *ise >t a;el my * Br i.o I'* a ' Is sixct c, the 1' iH i) ,n.: i ' emed to raiii^h from tli? minda of ? o' e. st ? ?, tii? ex - "?e.?it? K ad'iri' r di?; ? ?? I ? "I'lsnima i ^ ? t n eclo. .-ii and its ?Adii?a?, a 1 on-imeut (. -he i. ? at . nue: taiuty of all lliiii||g sv bbiuary. MOZART HK* OQlTARTEnS. -f '? ' *?''<? 1 . !< tiifv'tj'bout thoeven ' t < i'.'CV ' 1.VU U ! Ujbl'.l.;'': of or<Jv. WPS dvon t<> tho proceedings liy tho appointment of I). II. Tay lor as chairman, till olovon, when tin; Chairman an:l Seerolary proceeded to Dolmonieo'a to report progress During tlis evening Mr. John Hennessey n?i<t Paddy nnrim ma'lo stirring B|ieoeheB to Uie Mozai'lo. a tli. n and tin* e assembled and MMmbling. Ther# were no f< a'mw beyond the characteristic oratory of ihsso favorite want up* akcrs a? d tho occasional imperfect reports of the IkiIIs, in wlilcli Lynch figured high alnive all compel iters, and wh cli drew forth frequent cheois In stamp the pro ceo 'jugs with any peculiarity worthy of notiee. Every thing (MUihed oil' very quietly. SCENES AT TI1E REPUBLICAN HEADQUAR TERS. In the utter confusion of political parties at the election yesterday it became a matter of some doubt and query an to where the republican headquarters would he. Would thoy be established at Mozart Hall or at Mayor Wood'* ofTlce? or would the corner of Twenty-third Btroet and Broadway still rem 'in tho republican gathering place? 'lite republicans themselves didn't seem able to answer the question, and scattered themselves about town gene rally and had no headquarters in particular. At tho Twenty-third Htreet corner quito a crowd gathered in the early part of the evening, but very low of the number wero republicans at all, and none soemed very enthusiastic, oratorical or conversational. What little ardor the crowd had at first was dampened by tho rain storn, and as the loom 'tilled up moist overcoats and dripping umbrellas, and a closeness and wetness generally made tho scene anything but exhllarat ing, and ibe company resembled tho old Quaker meetings, rain included. Tliero was very little said about the election or the candidates. Discussions about Generul Mc Clellan occuped more atteution titan remarks about Lynch, and tho prospects of tho naval cx|>edi. tlon seemed more interesting than those of tho candi dates. Every once In a while a person would essay a speech, which was lis dull as the wuatber and about as welcome as the ruin. The audience listened in res ort'ul silence and enlivened the entertainment with occasional visits to a neighboring drugstore, celebrated for its line old brandy. So the most of the evening passed away. TTio election returns came in but slowly, and were received a* a mutter of course. When it b? carae evident that the Union tickets liad carried (lie city, there was a faint, but unsuccessful, attempt to raise a cheer. Some gentlemen proposed to bring Came ron up to make a speech, and others suggest d <Jre -ley and Scott, the retired commanders- in clii- f of the army. Whether any of these distinguished gentlemen didemo or not is very doubtful. Our reporter did not stiiy to see, but cama away with the follow irg words of wit and wi-iUmi, uttered by an elil hard shell republican, who, like bis i'arly, hid cvldont'.v seen lietter days: ? "I te'l you one thing about this war, gentlemen. If It doesn't kill secession, it has at ,'e:ist killed llie republican party in this little city, liayniond Is running for the l egislature, fireeley is working for Mayor Wood, and pitching into the administration. You and I h ive been voting for democrats all day. The minority of us belong to Mozart Hall from this date. I'y and by, ? hen the war is over, the soldiers will come home, and then the party onhich h<nl the m>?t fighting men will be fl si best. I ?U|S3 XV ^publicans sUmlas'im chance on that. We M't we will bo no party at all. Half of us are no ptvr# iw-ii now, and we might u* well own up beat and bt- iiowU tc." /?nd WJ ti?i rt)|)ul)JJfi>B headquarters nmouuted to very ? * '"?! weulufl, _ w RV7i't?T^!B rjfm* ! [IEADQUARTERS OF ii.- * 4/tT NOMINATING COMMllThh. Our reporter waited at the headquarters of tbiscnm^ until ten o'clock last evening, expecting moment that a grand display of oratory wou^ and he was not altogether >ii>s,',k(',1,i ,,ut, instead '4 en vying a discourse upon tUtt Cl'^.ion of any candidate, or anything like tho li'.ual (Icmoiistralions which occur usually at the xy^gwains of every well organized political party , he was considerably boi ed by a discussion between the nun* culottes and, as it is supposed, the Treasurer. It sunns that the aforesaid Treasurer was not altogether too well pleased with tho mmltm ojtmndi of the boys cm ployed for the distribution of tickets at tho different polling disti i'-ts, and would not pay them: against wl leh the boys protested in tho strongest terms, saying that if they wore not paid they would publish the whole affair in the Hkkai.i". Some throo or four were paid, and the ri-st left very much disgusted, and seemingly Willi a full determination of having the whole matter laid before the public. HEADQUARTERS OF THE PEOPLE'S UNION COMMITTEE. This was the first organization that proposed Josiali W. Brown, and the crowd assembled in the rooms wore therefore very anxious about his election. It was amusing to see how their footings fluctuated between de light, and despondency as the different returns came in. They also had one or two other n ?niinatiotv-' distinct from the regular Union party, to wit: for Tistrict Attorney, A. R. Lawrence Instead of A. O. H ill", for State Senators, Manierre instead of Washington Smith and others; for Marine Court, H. Ketchum instead of R. a Adams. Tliero was vey great depression wh. n, ubout ten o'clock, returns in favor of Lynch came up. THE ELECTION IN KINGS COUNTY. The Ptoplc'n Ticket Triumphant. Tho election in Kings county yesterday wan one of th? most quiet tluit 1i:ih taken place witlnn the memory of the oldest inhabitant. For years past llie pugilistic partisans of tlic different cliques and pnrtb s huvc gradual y beheld their power waning, and a largo portion of tli in, in des pair of Uniting u proper si here for the exercise of tlief powers at home, havo teti.ken themselves to tho more honorable vocation of fighting in defence of their oountry s flag, so that If there wore n chance left for a row there are but a few remaining who woul I li ive the disposition to improve it. But in the present instance the peculiar State of affairs in the country has so absorbed all men's minds in tlx; great question of tin1 restoration of our gov ernment to its supremacy over the rebellions States of the Smth. that all the petty an<l trifling <!,. (tactions which formerly created party organizations and kci>t alive political bullies have been washed away like the writing on the sand l.cfore the approaching wave, and men of all parties, forgetting party ties and | arty friends unite with their former enemies in nominating a ticket based upon tho right of the government to assert itssu premacy over the treason which has attempted to alien ate a portion t.f our people from ns, and pledged to do al| in their power to assist tho government in doing so. This was the origin of the I'eop'e's ticket , and it wa supposed that nil would have been satisfied with the nominations there made, especially us tho men selected were the pick ed men of r. II the parties represented in the Ct nvention: but It is if t in the nature of things that even sui h a pro per nrriMi '' ' cnt wool i have created no dissatisfaction, and accordingly sonn .-liter tho nominations made l>y tho People's party had been mule known, the small politicians of the democratic nnd republican mr. i i?f , who folt themse'vos aggrieved becm e they had not received some covetted nominate n at the h inds of tho People's Convention, got up bogus ci m en tions, on strict party principles, at which separate party tickets were nominated. The slot m of public indignatP>n which this movement gavo rise to, caused some of tbr candidates to resign precipitately, but most of thorn Held on, only to be shamefully crush <1, as reptiles standing in the path of the wheel of progress. As soon as the | lis were closed large crowds of the f fiends of the party organizations as-embied at th lr several headquarters to hear the returns and re.o ice over the slection of their candidates, but as the votes ol tho different districts were re id, all giving heavy majorities for the People's ticket, gloom and disappointment to. k the plac ? of hopeful mirth, and the crowds silent y snutt' r? ', hav iuir learned that it is not wise to opp se the will of the |?'ople in a ur. ,it crisis 1 ik<- the present. The S*tate People's ticket, headed by the i iune of Ta ni< I S. Dickinson, carries with it from Kings county a tna.ority of over live thousand. The coi-nty officers elected are us follows: ? Ri gister ? Hugh J'eLsufchiin, Prion. County Clerk ? !. N". Stearns, Union. Coroner ? T. P. Norris, I n ot . Senator ? Secern! <i is : i i< t ? I. Smith, t'nion. Thiid district ? H. C. Murphy, I nu n. Assembly ? First di riot ? A i'r..\ i. ! er-ond disti 11. J. ).??>?.? . Union. Third d incl ? TVn.. M. Thorn s I'nion. Fourth district ? J. H. Stewart, I'ninn. i ill ' i district ? C. I~ Hetiedii t, 1 ni, ?. siv:!idi trie ' ? J. M. Stearns, t'nion. !? \ di'triet ? Ki'i ".r M >! :ll< ?i , Union. Superintend. ri i !' the t'oor ? 1> .leweil. Justice* of : esm.i.j. ? William P. Hot t. N. Stilhvell. THE ELECTION IN MASSACHUSETTS. ? A Mght Vote PolUd?Oiivfinor Andrtw Kc-elc?-tc?l? Ciileb Cuviiin^ l.lectcd to

the LigUlatiire, &e. BoSTCx, N*ov. t, ism. | The vote at the M.t"sach:> !'?> election to-day was i remarkably .?mall? not much over one hair of th;.t of last year. Hit tHi of r -ion for Governor Is as follows: ? ! i'ir?w(u, ), ?,01T i'ar.i- (tltiu.), 6,281. Worcester ? | ,\n irew 1,4 fl; Dnyi?, 0. Lor, oil? ..odttw, 2,1GU, r 'Vis , 1 ,0t3 'ili- vote i t fifty two cities and tawai faole ?p as M lows ? Andrew, 18,381- liana, 9,211. id ill Ion ' (owls s.ii iw a tnnlr ritj for ia Irew af about two to car. O .!? em.icrat pi. l?#l)ly eiecfe.l te the Penato from 1 os >n. Til" Legislature Is strorqly rc, ublicaa. The < bief interest w..? in CurlingOHu's old ?kt -tri?t , where f >m. Hooker (rep.), teclecltil o\or ? U. Uvtea (d?ias.) by 900 innj.Tity. Charles O. Lorinj, ?f Pcstoa, and e* floversor CWerd of New Iiedford, are vlvoted to the ""nato on the reptkll can ticket. K' .ryr-Tt gavo -.i. a- Davis 534, nod <sl>.?cU*i ' ?'? b Cashing to IV ? l.'i, . t are. THE MARYLAND ELECTION. FnnnruH-K, Mil., Nov. fl.lRUl. Everything is quiot in Frederick. Tim election to mor row creates no unnsrftl excitement. The Union p.enti maut id predominant in Frederick county. Bradford (Union) will have ono thousand majority ; Washington county will give him twenty five hundred majority. The secession ofM-rutkina in this vicinity hnvo been thwarted by the energetic movements of the Unionists, and wMhiu a few bourn, it la not Improbable, the dis union ticket wl'l be withdrawn, so far iib this district is concerned. Tlio Southern rights candidate for fitaio Scnute, Oqjer bridge Horsey, of Petersvllle, has been arrested on tbe charge of secession proclivities. Twenty others have ?too been arrested, and, with Mr. Horsey, sent to IJerlln. Among the number are I tent. I'hilpot, Captain Jno. Shorts, Hani. H. Biser, Pr. G. W. West, I-ovin West, Q. Named Ililleary , Michael W. Font, William Graham, Vanson Mar low, Colonel Henry Ilunlop, Augustus Johnson, James ftuld'ngs. The arrests were made by Captain A. Pardoe, Company N, Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania regiment. Tho pr bo? ers will be permitted to vote, and aftorwards will be detained until further orders. Lie" tenant Colonel Geori'O R. Tleunis, First Maryland regiment of the Potomac brigaile, has issued a proclama tion directing tho closing of all places on election day where intoxicating liquors are sold. Municipal Election In Detroit. I'BTKOIT, Nov. 6, 1861. At tho municipal election today, Wm. C. Duncan, a Union democrut, was elected Mayor. The Election In Krw Jrrwy, Newakk, Nov. 6, 1M1. Tho Assemblymen in Fsscx county are about divided. Tho entiro denucratic county is elected, and tho Orst democratic ?herltrfor thirty years. Our Havana Curi^spondcnrp* Havana, Oct. 25, 1861. of the Unit-il SlaUt Cituul for ThmjAco ? De morahsaUiti nf I hi- Mexican G< remnant ? Dirajtctv n o the. Ctmmamhr of the Tmo)*?PrrbaMt fktihng if the Spani-k FjtprdUian ? General rrim. th- n,r< > if Afiua, to CnwmawJ <ie MiliOirp?- Admiral RutuU <u a Commawlt Of' Flce'?fvtaMtm if Stain? ?Str.nythof the Sjianuk A'aii; ? Loral Neutjt, mr, A . . dr. , rf>. I sh/ill endeavor to g*dect ft. 'in the mass of mater a) gathered upon my table \tho nwt important Items, and such as may not have ro. " bed by other routes, or thit may be-ir confirmation. Tho only arrival wo have had f-om Mexico since my last, was the (Vitlsh mall steam r T ent. Mr. Chate, Consul of thd Unicwi States at Turn. Pico, catno as pussenger, on hW way to Washington; bit the news he met hero of tho Intended Spanish Invasion causes him to* return ? to his post, to bo ready to protect the Interest.* and citing of Irs country. The official history or Mr. i h.r-o an I V'>o heroic conduct of his lady at Tampico a ?familiar U) the reader, of the TTkiuld; none are more respected for in the fore^(| of | he V .jjlMviug the gradual decline ... , . istrati* of President Juafez, who had In en invited to re sifrt^y tllty-one memliers of tbe National Congress, which 1v Vul declined ; and some of the States had manifested a disposition to sustain him in tho resolution assumed. Ccncrai Gonzalez Orteaga had resigned his po it ion as Commander in Chiof of the armies of Mexico, because he was Iti't without resources ? tho treasury a vacuum > abhorred by empty pockets and starvo<l soldiery, and nothing left worth squeezing from the good people. General fi blado, appointed to succeed him, who says ho "will tight with or without money," bis "troops few or many, to sustain tho corstltutli na government." Tho Treasurer ? Don Juan A. 7ambrana ? csigned los | Iks cause there wi>b no tri as ere to take rare of, and no paper to mature worth waiting for. General Orteaga ret used to turn over the troops of his State ? 7aratccas ? to tho command of Poblado, claiming tbe right to command them as being Immediately associated with liim, aid their fortunes er !ate Identical with bis own. Tbe repob lie had never been called up- ti to support them in the Hold, and they were peculiarly State troops; but pofessod willto gi.ess to servo with them, under the c mmand of Poblado, when State exigencies or ti e public safety mk'ht require it. He retired w itli them . h< \y vcr, to bis district, certainly at a time wh"n their were imperatively necessary for the m ty of the government of Juarez; and, while many of the rcactiona. ryjehiefs wore in th' field with sufficient force to put the authorities at detiniico, an inlluito i.i.uiber of small affair* had taken place ? villages and districts pillaged wlih im" punity ? which, In detail, would till tho Hksaiii. without o nveyii g a new i lea as to tho condition of the coi ntry There had been a prononc'ami'iilo at Tampico, which wa being adjusted, and Comonfort, I' wus presumed, w uld so n be in tho field on his own hook or in partnership with Marquez. A proposition is in the mil d of the gov eminent to dismantle the fort of San .luan and the plaza defences of Vera Cruz, and to transfer tin- heavy ordnance to l'.ieblaor the city of Mexico, as ihe beet way oldofeatu g tho intentions or 1 r gland. France and Spain. Mexhn.ji st nt time, is in more danger fri m Spain tl u:i 'he <el or Powers, as she does not wait for joint action, but, l.avii g well ascertained their purposes, she upon the game Id make sure of her own interests Orst . by t os. s ssion of property insecurity tor f- lure g od b.'liavlor and the money. The sq iadr< n is to leave In re al out tlie 27th to 31st, if the rorreo she- fd arrive frrmSpaln, ami the other vess Is intended for tbe exp" ition ? wiiii b will be rather more fo, miiliible than wh-cb went d< wn lo St. I onungo, and perhaps with as i iv. Table resti'ts. G.-noral 8 rrat-o, on the part of !ils government, wit have charge of the diplomatic relations with the re: ub lic, in preparing the demand for i lie r. rre-s of l.iie grievanc s, compliance with the Miraniou treaty stipu a tiers, and such new cm -acts a may bi> nee >sa \ to preserve pcac i and trieudly re asi- ns for the future, if thev can arrange a ba>H tor discission, ir war i? to etisi'.o. (lenerai I'ri: e is to be the icader oi S|>ar.i h chival ry upon tho plains or her nneicnt g.< ry, ar ' Admiral Ruhalcava is to command tho royal arnia . a w liich is to Invest the coosts of Mexico ana ooi'.ui y her pwt.. ? to be comporo I of the lo.l' wii g vessels, aid si (ii others as may bo necessary, already in tbe waters ot the Gulf of Mexico: ? Meam frigate Piinceia de Asturias, 61 guns;, 41: I.eaitud , 41: Hianco,37; I) renguela, 37, and I'etrotiilii, 37: s|o< ps Isabel a t atiitica, 16; Friincisco de Asis, 16; Heenan fort s, 6; CiascodoRaray, 0: I'iz-.rro, 6. and Velasc .6 ? total, auo guns: 12st am serewpropid sam ships, which can bn doubled If needful in a very short time, and suchsto e and hospital ships as may b required for a protrnc'od coutest or occupation. The shade of Monroe can't save. From two to four Uiotisond veteran troops will accom pany this expedition. Spain docs not pr pose to do any | thing more than to coerce j from the impoverished I State, and if It is made ample and promptly, she will ;m mediately withdraw her forei s ; but if she is compelled to take security ti et armi- , sho expects to be sustained by France and Eng'and, nn ler her compromise to .ssimie the payment of theii c aims. Fr in the Madrid corns pondeut of the niario | Marina issue of the 16th, 1 extract the lollcwing data as to the present naval force of Sp un, which is or con be | immediate ty put in seagoii gconditicn: ? Sailing vesse's ? J ships of the line ? Ken a Dona Isabel ||., eighty six guns; l?ey Dou I'.ancUco de Asis, eighiyiour guns, l'rigiitis ? !'>|ierai.7a and t'ort. s, forty-two and twenty six guns. Sit t ps or corvettes? Villa de Rllboa m il Ferrol ina, tlwrly guns each; MazarrcV* and Co'on, rixleui guns each, brigs Habiin ro, ciglite 'H guns. Gali alio, Ale - 'o, I'olay ?, Val'iis an t G a'. ina, sixteen gun? each; S i, ion, twelve g ns; Co;.:-; itucion, six g ns; scheoneiB ? ruz and < arl<\:enn. sc\en g' ns each; Juamla at:d ' 'ristina, oi.e e.uh eticr sniaii pilot s iieoiors ? eiuht in nmnls-r ? with e'evji g n? in all; launches and h. nis for hut bo. rvi. ?. .nl li : nsjKiris.'nine'eer, with tw. nly nitic g' ns, ail tol l? making u tal of sail propul sioti lorty-eighf vi -m is o: all t lat. ? s, carr)"ipg five hun dred ami two g' ns. (1 havo c- trectid tlio lettoi writer only in il l itiotis.) Of steam screw propellers (fiigat'S), Irincora de At rins. Oft y gms: Lciltad, loriyme g t.s. ( . necpti n, l erei giicia, Uuinca an I, thlrtj i-i ven gui i eaili; c rvctt- Narva z, three g o *; : beta -s Con: . do and Vi'-g n de, four guns each: orti'-r :-mall war steam rs? twelve in number? with twenty-finr guns in all, and ninetians ports ? making thirty seven . team vevcls, with two lmndrrd and sevi -ntv -f> nr g i s. Of side whec. pa Idle war steamers. Isabel 11., sixteen; Francisco do Ails and Is In I la ( .ttidlca, sixtoen guns each l ion and Aris and l'sb'd la f'atolha, ixlecn gut each. Channel Vaseo Nunez, six guns eat h; Vul nn, Giant o do de tlarny, f'olon, roil Gorge Juan, l'izarro and Heinati C>rtes, six giit.s; other small wir sle.ini ers ? sixteen In n' ti.ber ? carrying thiriy nlne g ns. of th." clxss twenty -seven v ssels carrying 135 guns, and aggregate total of notable naval force 10f> vs- Is , c iery ? iiig Oil guns, with tho i:-ccs-nry crews. marn.cs, *;<?., ready for actual sni vieo. Ii.eair; e oi , . n t r . i i n and many soon ready to lair '-h-? is gunboa.s (ser. ws) oi ono or two gnns each one ship of tbe line, Pnnciiio de Alfon so, 41 guns; 'let nn, ir n bulwa ks. l.ti t ri s of 100 gimp, nmottitl ? nns; Vi.ii de Madrid, It guns. Im Patiacinio, Carman and Tri rapo, 41 ? ns eieli; sloojis Vencedota, Santa Lucie. Africa and Vod lti?..'l g- ns each; 29 screw pr pell. rs?arrying 413 -uns. that the Spani.-h navy will. In the year lPii'J, luve at least 134 vn srls of all di sc -i uiotis, with 1 .324 guns, and they have matriculated seamen Trom their various nurseries ruf'l clent to man them for efficient servlc . and no comment Is necessary in relation to the rapid advance of the n i ion, an d har ability to sustain bet self in l?r American colu nia 1 Arrivals nnd Dcpnrtures. AHIttVALS. Assinwat,!., Ac ? Stenn:?liip N rthern Light? (V ' (] M T t ten, lien llalleck, wife ami family : Mrs M?i? i II and dan -li. tfr. Mrs. I it Weller, \V A Wells, .1 B Moor ? t K O f! <>:?! 1! II A A Sat III, wife and family; l)i U Wl ic? n ,-ie.t n> J W Rimmnnt<fb, Mrs S P Hepburn. II >1 ,N. ??>,?, WCil S di.Dr Thou F.l'ii, wife ami taniilv: T I M., .en P. <; Johnson, M ? >1 Kleostb n, M> ? H II .no s . P s >t rtrll, .! Sails lay. .1 F llarlnian, .b s libs : el :, <:*|e J H I! jii- TI> Ju 'ah nnd wife, II .?? Ci.nn, J ?' Mlliett, >1 < ; i i.i. i m, ji Ofogolet, M Trifort, Mcri Endi'iott, Smith,' ?!??"i,Tli Car.i:e, F Lintoiti, Caj t -d .?!>. Movements of Ccntui! fifntl. .A largo lumber of peis.wb callo.l on General 5'oott at the Tlrcvoort House yesterday. But few of thaw were, h' wovcr, admitted to (its prtscnae. the preca~lnua sut? of tils heullh rendering It Imperatively necei- a~y Ihet all unnecessary fatigue or excitement should lie avoid?l ,??nd for that reason tho majority of thoso who cull on lilm arc requested * to leave their cards, but are denied the pleasure of a |K>mirml Interview with 0110 who h is 80 endeared himself to all classes of his countrymen by the mnny benefits he his conferred on tho country during the long life ho hag spent in Its sor vloo. The following gentlemen were nmorg those wbo railed on the veteran General yesterday: ? Arclihisbop Huehrs, lb n. Willi:. m H. Seward, Thurlow Weed, Police Comrals sioner Bowen, Ch'irlcs Kortrlght. f'sq., l?er Britannic Majesty's Consul at Philadelphia; Hon. John Cotton Smith Col. Hofrman, Col. Pmalloy, Major Porter, Cajit. if B. Smith , James Monroe ai d John C. White. Secretary Seward visited General Scott about noon , and gavohlmtho first Intelligence of tha news wHch h:id bo n received from Fortress Monroe ? which bad b?? n brought thero by the steamer Montlcelle ? In regnsd to the grent urval expedition. The General was much ple'iscd to hear that the fleet had apparently suffered but little damage from tho recent severe storm , and greeted th? announcement that they were near their destination with ejaculations of "Good, pood." Mrs. Colonel Scott was with the General dur'nsr the who'e day, arranging with him tho details of his ensuing jonrnoy to Kuronc. The General will leave on Saturday In the steamship Arspo. nnd wilt proceed direct to Paris He will bo accompanied by li s daughter, Mrs. Colonel Scott. !t Is in con U mi lotion to f?>rm a grand military escort to accompany General Pcott w hen ho leaves his hotel to proceed on board the vessel which is to cor v y him awny from our shores. Nothing definite Is as y t. however, decided on. as nil will defend rn the wi.-he? which may be expressed by General Scott himself in ro gard to any demonstration of the kind being made. The British Strain Frigate Imniorf allte at t lm l?t Port. The British war steam frigate immortallte, flfty guns, Commander 0. Hancock . arrived at this port yesterday noon, and anchored off Staten Island, Quarantine. She is a full rt red man-of-war propeller, ami Is a noble looking T' ssel. Hor dimensions are as follows: ? T'noage 8.0S0 Hnrte power .' tloo f eu th (ov r all), feet jsti Width, feet M Average speed sbcteen knots per hour, which may be increased to eighteen knots. The Immortnllte has been, for the last two months, stationed at Halifax, Nova Fo>tla, and hf>r appearance In our waters has cans (1 ro s> rp'ign, eg s! o j* ordered for n short tim? here only? same as the Rinal do, Steady, Serdiata and Racer, whicfl '?t?lj paid n* a visit. S he belongs to the North America and Wi U)'M > station. On her lower deck she mounts tUirty-f. ur guns, .and on h?r upper deck sixteen. These gnns average from s#*'fln to eipht Inches, with the exception oi three Arm stropg, which measure from - ? , ?./.-? to ten In tlie ovrf ? Hflt upper flU It'wer decks^ate Well fitted up, and the com partments are such ns to TeavrfSO room for complaiut, being spacious, well furnished and ventilated. Tn entering the Narrows, the ImwortaMte gavo th? usual salute to tlio forts which grardjhem but un to six ? 'clock yesterday evening they Tiad not reriprocSlcl the honor. Should it he done within twenty four hours, this costi mary usage will have been duly ccmplied With, ac cording to the lews which regulate the navy of every nation. Mr. Beaumont, fr< m the British Consul's ofl'ce In this < ity, paid her a visit after arrlral, and tho non-saluto of the forts was the theme of conversation. Her crew, apart from the offcers, oonsists of five hun dred and seventy marine s and sailors. The ofl'.cers appear to be Uotpitab'e. courteous nn I friendly: willing to slmw every comi artnient of the ship to these who may pay her n visit, and anxious to let everything be seen worthy of seeing. Subjoined Is a list of her officers: ? C mm"ndrr ? Captain George Hancock. R. N. / iru aian ? Fl st. richaro Wells: Second, Thomas K. Hudson: Third, Richard Sweepsbai ki; Fourth, A. E. Du pi s Fifth. Horatio Austin. it after ? Cliarlef 0. Johnston. C'\ 'uin Marin .>? ? IT. N. C. filu'Ckley. jlf.i l. r't Sf i ntl limit nanl ? Charles R. Prand. Chnilniv Xtiml hirlitu'iov ? l ev. G. W. Indedon. Si' iT' on ? Wnt. T . Cordon, ftf. P. Avit'art v' irp-ir ? Wm. Cai micbiel. A- ir .4 ' y'st -n! S'in f n ? Ceorgc Mot tcHh. Chi f Kniiiti ? r antlsG. Parr. Ful J.i'Wmav' ? T. P. P.cnshaw. Pw r.uifif? i . W. An'otson. An'iflavt I 'a m<t l-r? Ruben K. Heaven. The tint ? al ill d for the Immoi tallte tn remain in our waters is n?t yet known, but it li*op|iosed by these well Informed on heard tliat her stay wl'l l>e of slio -t d-ra t km, as she ma. v be only taking a cruise aYng tho eons', so that she m y not bo confined tc o lung on any me sta tion. Presentation of a Swnid, Sa?h and Helt to Col. ftryxanouskl of the Fifty-eighth New 1 oi k Volunteers. A ve-y Interesting ce env ny to< k place last evonirg at vo. no First avenue, in tho presentation of a mn<rnlfl cent sword, sash an>1 bolt, to Col. Kryzanoi ski, by Mr. S. Ptenife'd , v. ho accompanied tho girt with a very manly and patriot'c S|ieoch. lie s|xjk? of the g tllant Colonel's ennobling q a'itlop a? i citizen, a pntrli t and a military c mntaiuler. Ho sai'l t? ? bad not failed to remember tin! wh ii tile t cslt! of our country s d mger was sound o .ate1 i ho very s ?:?? 'if our federal povorrim nt hreat i'tie I w't'i pllinge and desecration . tho Colenei . with mar ? ;a i porpy, nailed a:on dhlm a spartan liatid and threw hio S"l leto the b -each boneath tho eye of our 1 'resident. ITo wa? vv- 1! ..ware that l o committotl th" sword into bvs ba won d ? ever sutfor its Made to be sullied, or be?ho b d nrt I! nn honorable peace had been compored. . h scabbard wag of pure g' Id, and on the hilt was en s' "vad th*ee wi r ? on one si te: ? //////#/// 'A// // // ////// ////r///// ///^////////^ j From yeuis, T 5 S. STKINFI I.T). { with th ? Master Mason's third degree on the "thor. A prin<-ely rep: s' w.ns 'aid out, of whl h tlte nnmorons guests partonk with (treat and evident gusto, and which ? s heightened by the lively strain* or a fine band, that played nn the strop some splendM selections from popu lar melodies, and th ? whole arrangen.ent parsed off with marked success. The Sixtieth Regiment Nc^v York Ntutc Volunteers En Route. Phiijipkithu , Nov. 6. 1 SOI. Tli" Siitleth reg-ment New York Stat" Vol on tee s nr ri\ ed here Kist nl^ht.aod were h< spitably enleriaiti"d at the Cooper Shop refreshment saloon. They started for Baltimore at six o'clock this merninj'. The llla<t?n<'hn?etf >t Twentieth Regiment. S. F. Puitrn". Freeman Hatch, Frank Hogan and James Ames, servants of Held and staff officers of the Twentieth Massachusetts regiment, taken prisoners at the. battle of Pall's Bit IT, arrived in t!iis city yoste.-day on their return home. 1 hey had the effects of the captured officers, and wee sent to Massachusetts by Colonel Frank E. Howoi Slate ayent. A N*w Ph'Ma Posva. ? M "tame Porcliard, a soprano, of whom report speaks highly, and who wag engaged for ti c New Orleans troupe, Is at present detained in this city by the die c .lty < f vetti; g South, and will probably make her app. At Mu'd here ;o opera , nndor tho o1 Mr. lTl man. '?' -v ? - ? ? Our IloiKlui'at Corm.poiideiie?. Bkiizb. Oct. 20. 18M. Serious ftainr ? Datrurlun of the Croj ? ? liusincss Sm jtended. There is nothing new or strange to communion to from thts place. Since my last we have had I'er.vj rain?, anl ai this moment the whole country is ii.rm'atod. N'-erly all of the growing crops of enna. yams, cot oa. ynnipersi rice and corn are destroyed. The weather has stopped all mahogany and l"gw. <1 catting opt. atlons, ami |? t an end t<i everything iu the shapo of bwintss, for the time being. Iliiriiitig of si Rai n nt Poi'tehesfcr. I'OKTIO.-T'R N'V.S.lSei. bam an ! shed wore destroyed by : ,e here tJ:is er u . g. resul'ing in a lofr < r i:'.ioi:t 'COOjv. ! .i ll was the work ol au ince'.dUrj". MnbJiln:; AfTrii y in Halifax llsti-lior. * RttiriX,N?r.l,]M< Tli're was a stubbing affray on b'.ard tli-> She . Irig Star in tin h irh r to day. t)no j oljnetnini is reported kill' d and others wounded. An invest ii ai.on ia the osso is now going oil. The Hoston Weekly Bank 5tate?ient. I ?: o.v, Nov t>, t;it'.l. The folli w ng is the weekly baufc statement:? Capital stoik $ -.031.700 Ijuar.saiid discounts Ci> 628.700 PjK. r 7.053 'H O 1 ie from other bauks 8 2:il,ooo l*ue to other biUiUs t,6H,109 l)cm>sits 24.7' ) f 0 Circulation !:.... 8,214,u0<t Fatal Railroad Acrltlrnt. Cotr Si' ^ "T. 6, 1*^1 A man named Porset wa's r-,ii ovr ,n i k '? n '?? ' ? bv the down c\ ? s,a n . ? .'.bov# 1. r thi. evenin.'. ?s .i ' :irpct>! ', : i l"j'"d fu the \X<" ' 1'oiiit fo..n ry IMPORTANT NEWS FROM MISSOURI. ? REMOVAL OF GENERAL FREMONT. Excitement and Insubordination Among the Troops Fremont's Farewell Address to the Army, kr., lie* SpRimima.n, Mo., Nov. 8, ISfll. Yesterday F-mnll bodies of tho enemy came witlilr-< two! vp miles of us, and news wasrocoivod of the approach of their advance, 2,8C0 strong. Prepa atlons were made 'o go out and attack 1 1 cm, wl.en Gerernl Fremont re ceived an unconditional order from Washington, roliev" lrg liim at once from his c> muiund. Simultaneously came the newspapers announcing the fact. Tbc intelligence spread like w'ldflre through tho camps'* ana creut' d indescribable indication end excitement. Great numbers of officers signified their intention to r sign at once, and many companies laid down their arm.", declaring that tliey would flght uuder no oue but General Fremont. (lei oral Fremont ujient much of the time ox|>ostulating with tho officers and mm.u'ging tlvm by their patriot ism and thoir personal regard for him tvt to abandon their |x?tf. He also Issued the following farewell order to the troops >? HKAM)rART>M Wkstkrv OtPAimcvrr, T fPKIKi K-KTK, Mo.. NOV. 2, 1861. J Souvkn. or Tt;? VlfSiKifPt Akmv ? ? Agreeably to orders rewived this day I tako loave of yon. Although our army lias been of sodden growth, we have gri wn up together, ami I have bj"-<>mo f.imf: Mar with tho brave and penem? spirits wh!c!^ y iii li ing to tho defi nee i X vonr conntr^ ni d which mak-R me anticipate lor you a bril liant career. Continue at you have begun, and give r f my successor tho same cordial and enthusiastic sin port w ill which you have enooir nged me. Fmulate the splendid example which you Imvo already before you, and let mn rem tin as I am, pro d of tlio noblo army which I have thus far lali .red t<> bring together. Foldiers, 1 regret to leave yon. Most sincerely I thank you for the regard and coml eroi you liavo in* variably shown me. I deeply regret that I shall not have the honor to lead you to the victor which you are just about t < win; but t ehill claim ?h* rl'b'ht to chare wltti yoti in tbej,.y ef t^ry (riuuph, and trust *dw?ys to bo personally rcmcmlered by my com panion! in arms, ^ATUf Q, FR'MOVT, Major General. Tho feeling ran intensely high dufing the whole of lass ovetiiug, and there was a meeting almost everywhere. the various bands serenaded the General, and when. *? \ ever he appeared he was greeted with rh< ors. * ' Although, after notifying Getiei ui Hunter. as his order directed, ho had no ii nger ccnnnar 1 over the troops, bo Sfent several hours iu making a pi rsonal examination ol the grounds about the city to be prepared for a battle, and in accordance with a written :e?tuest from all the Brigadier Generals liure, lie remain* 1 through tho night to lead the army in case at attack. All the troops i-Iept on their arm>. M?ny officers re mniuod up all night, and an attack w s hourly ixi>ected; but n^ thing more occurred Mian the tiring on o r pickets on two different ro.ids. The enemy aro now encau-.pcd on the old WYi,on creek battle ground. Gen. Fremont is prepared to leave for St. Louis, and wi'.l go ns so< u as G 'n. Pope arrives, who has been sont forward , and will take command till Gen. Hunter gets Lure. Universal gloom prevails throughout the camps. A battle will undoubtedly occur erelong. Our troops will mei't tho enemy Ornily, but they arc disheartened and have lost their enthusiasm. The body guard, who could not have been induced to remain, and whw will now disband ? lis the terms of their enlistment permit ? accompany General Fremont, and also his entire stafl', Including General Ashboth, Comman. der of the First (fivition. General Fremont will permit no demonstration from/ the troops on his departure. NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. Loctavujjt. Nov. 6. ISfll. Southern papers received here say the lo?s of tins rebe L ot Li . r-bnrg wis 300 kilV I unit wounded. 100 I'nion ,?r! gonors from Leesbur^ reached Richmond on the 24th ultimo. Riihmond pajiorR say tliat General Fvars for.ght at Leesburg contrary lo orders la to bo court martial*' ami that the federal Ioks at that engagement wot 2,000 killed and wounded. T'.i' Ki.oxville Krgiflrr says the rebel Io?b at Camp 'Will! Cat wa.i only *lve killed and twenty-throo wounded. Colonel Flchlio asks for reinforcement* from Richmond" and fears the Union troops Will cut off I'restonburg (Ky.^ 'rem communication with the South. General Beauregard 'b official report of the battle at Mfc nassas says P39 rebete wtro H'led and 1,200 woundod? ami Hint tho federal lose was 4 600 in killed, wounded and prisoners. lie pays his entiro force there was 28,000, of which one-fourth only wore engaged. IMPORTANT ARREST. PAKKKR H. FitENCII, OK FII.IBCHTER NOTORIETY, AR RESTED BV A GOVERNMENT UETKt'TIVE. Biwhin, Nov. 5, 1861. The Superintendent of th" government detective polico arrive*! here thi.i evening, with the notorious 1'nrker H. Frcncli in ebai go. French was captured at Bradford r Conn., with many itn|? imiiers in Itis possess! m, amorif t.hom the by-laws and constitution of the Knights of the Golden Circle. This is said to bo tho most important arrest yet made> by the government. Tlic Reccwt Storm In J\ew Jcrar jr. l'OTFKH Cn;yK,lN. J., Nov. 4,1861. A very severe ga!e. with heavy rain attending- it, set in here yesterday and continued lust niglit, making a tide which hus not been wen here for a space of twenty wars. Ttiere was a lairg ? schooner soeu ou Pri'luy *11' the luir at Uarnegat 1 nl;t , MM'Jh gftemed to fnvo anchored, but the tale "?&' So bad she slipped her chains r.nd came iu. riltlnpf ou the in'ido, without causing, howcv 7, W1y i,vs of life. She will be got o(T, probably, without much damage. Market a. rillLADLU liU STOCK BO A HP., Nov. S. 1881. Pt odes firm. Pennsylvania Slate 6>. 7'5; Rending Rail: road. l"i 116; M'irr.- Canal, Sfl ; Long Island Railroad, 10; i'ei rsyivaniu Railroad, 8";,. Sitht exchange on New York at f r. Ftrajmnniu, Nov. 5, 1861. FT t;r quirt. Wheat dull: Kale* tj.noo bt.aliel* red at i #1 .>()? white, fj . * i Si (i. C'lru i(i:iet: sales I 2,0CO I n ' els el G2e. a68o. Whiskey dull at 21 !?c. IU fkato. Nov. 5 ? 1 P. >f. r lour nn< honied. Wheat dull and tending dbwuward: 1 f ; ?!) i rsheis red winter Western at J l 06. Corn aMady: sa!w 14,000 bu>heh- at 40c. Canal freight* fit to. l;<.4','i",.;. ? 10.000 Olds, fioi l , 2V),000 boshtfls wlne<,40.noo i b >uel . m, 10,< 00 bifbel" burlar. Can til exports ? 7,000 V 'uT.'iW) bu.*hrt? wheat, 00,0(10 bushels corn, 4 ,< ' i if hi I.-, cuts. B: ir.uo, N" iv. 5, 1861. Fmw inlet and urn banged. Wheat dull and a ?h di. eo>,r : ales ? ' 6.009 it ? winter at $1 06, 6.0C0 ordinary do. at (I 01, <?? r ti ;>.;*.ietiot - we*o for nn,ivi; lots At pri. cs forming no criteri w of the market. Cr>m in mo i> rate demand and ir:nket atsady; sale-- of 30,000 b'!3li>'s a t 40c. Canal fv?ighis linn: corn 23-., wheat ?fie. . t ? New Yoilf. I.ake imports ? 8,000 bids, floor, 210.0 -0 '?? - 'iris wh'-at Catml es; oris? 16, bb'e flour 216,000 b'k.Lcle wheat 02,000 busliels corn. SHIPPING NEWS AUP.ivirn. 'livoul i (Br, of hi thy), RAmsfedS, D!?pp-', -todays, inhKltast. nia- *r. ITnrt W r. inda most of the msji-e t. f li . nt 41. 1 n 7i, lia 1 a f-iitnus gale from K8FJ )? . ("?'???< I Hr, of I'lOtoUt. ?<. <lrei(or. Pie'- -u, 1 1 d?T?, with com, to 1 Call rtt Frith. ll.,<i h< ?vy We.ithdr. 3d mit o" Moatai k, kad a Ti-ry bi-u?y ^nle from tdtj. BEI/JW. Two Saipa a?d a Co, ei^n bark. American Port*. BOSTON, N.?v 6-*tr i y u- it ?mar Baltimore, Baltt in ; *phi|* 1 I. ' M '? I ri'us Tli'is \Thltuev, London; I l'.ii i ' K H- ;) \ ; brl.: H.rd of tlio Wave, Port Pat* , I t hi' J, a ra Hvkcr^on, Cap- Hayih-n. | W KEE FIFTH TAGE.

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