Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1861, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1861 Page 13
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snippwa. I>ASBENOBRR FOR EUROPE. By anter of the Secretary of State, all pissem-ers leaving l he l i t? i .? Are >e ,ulred to pro urn pjissports bef ire going on boat d the steam- r. JOHN (J. DALE, A.? n*. JSTKAM WEEKLY BET W KEN NEW YORK AND LIVER FOOL, J an ttn.; and embarking pas??*iiu>'rs ?t Qttecnstown, Ire and. TheJUvmpoi }, i\i w York and Philadelphia Hteaiushlo ( 'om puny Intend d. pawning their full powered CWde built Iron fttgujuships nM\nio\va ? IStAfeuOW Saturday, November 9 <'ITY OF NI.W YORK Haterd. y, November 16 KJHNHUlUi , Satu. ay, November 23 And every Saturday. ' noon, fiom 1 ler H North river. UATKM or PASS A UK First Gfcbin $76 I Steerage $30 u to London.. . . HO 44 to Loud < n 33 14 to Paris M 1 44 to Pari* JW 44 to Hamburg.. . K5 | ?* ta Hamburg . . . 36 Fas*eng< i- . i - ? ?o? ? ?o Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. a? .i ' , y 1 jw re tea. Person* w. - i 1 ' i?i in out their friends can buy tickets here nt the t >ov. . r ,t ?* to New Y<*rk:~From Liverpool or Queen at.,. ,im n m, $73 $H5 and $105; steerage from liivoip M,], $u). from <V n .town, $30. These st e<t til* Iia\< '<<ipc.rtor uc ominolations for passen jk'Tfi, and any exper.'ueei Surguns. They' are l> i-t In water-tight in n s?tti ns, and have patent nre annlhdat rs on boar. . For further information apply In Llver)M?ol to WILLI AM INilAN, t , \\ i r stn t; in (ila gnw to VV U. i.NM \N, No, '> S\ Eu 1 hfctpmiv; in Qu ensiown to C. A W. D. shY MOCHA CO.; in Lon .on t.. KlVhS X MACEY.CI Kin,: Wil liam; in i'n is to JULES DECOl'E, N". 6 Pla. .? de la Hour ho ; in I'Mlalel]-! la to JOHN O. 1>ALE, 111 Walnut (street; or nt t.ii- t\?mpi?nv*s ottlre**. mr , J Oil N 1) V L K .Went, 15 Broadway, Ncw\ork. DltU. H AND NuBTH AMERICAN HOYAL rrnB 1 1 Mall UJJI is EW YOltK TO MVKKPOOh. Chief cabin i ?? nagu ?,3|J 8< <X?n I cabin*ag? **> KUOtf UUfiiTON TO L1VKUPOOL. Chief cibin y> $110 The Ui|M. : . N? u York call Mt Cork harbor. Hps r in Hoft ion all at 1! iliiav and Cork harbor 60 PERSIA, i ?pt. ju dkte Alt A HI A, (' ;t. J. St u \ ASIA. Cjint. i- : L >tr. A I ' BT . : AL / X Capt. CANADA, C ?pf. J Lei tch. AMERICA, Cant. H V< y. NIAGARA, C.ipt Moodle. lli'KOPA. Cipt. Anders n. SCOTIA, i O'V building. The ' arry a clear white light at masthead, green Oil steel "?*: bi n . led <-!i P< rt :?OW. AKitlC S a.:n-. .n. . - N -w York Wed ne* lay. Nov. 6. Et li? ? 1*,\ A ? I .'.s. U haves It Mtoii We'n -Kd.iv, N V 1 l'KKSl V ) i I'M* mm N.'\v York W .?do-sd.i v , Nov. 2d. NIAOARa. 'd ? leave Ronton Wadnesiuiy, N h. id7. AaJ \. Lo.t, l - ivt N't'W York Wednesday, Dee. l. Bcitne ii' ? NMired until paid tor. An expert -i. ????! S'- >n on tw ard. The (u\ it"i > ?; fh? ? sii p- will not bo accountable for pol l, Pilrer, iuiltl. i, or- i -. jewel v. prtciou* stonw ormetaN, unteaa btl.a ? i lailir-v . htm ed here or -na the'; these ?i therein \[ r ,* d. For freight ? r pa h : e o p. ??>' to ]? CUN/\Rl>, No. 4 lioVMUi^ Green. JfOB SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE, On SATi'RDAY, November 9, The Unite d S:ates Mail Steamer A RAOO, I> Lines Couiinamler, Will sail, from pier No. 37 North liver, loot of Ite.^li street, on Ratur 'ay. Nove nber 9, at noon. This ste.ijie j', ? . '1*11 :? -passed tor safety and comfort, has double nog! !.?*.> tmdi r det k, enclosed by watertight coiuj>art iiietits, wol h, 1m-.- i {es other results, tend in the event or eol lision < r tr. t. !i!i . t ke< pthe pumps free to work, aud *>e cure the suieiv of vessel and piskeugors. For freight or pa?s. e apply to SAM l KL M. Fu.X, ( t;Ku. M ACKENZIE, * A*en,,> No- 7 Brosiway. The at camci FITLTON will sail December 7. QTJiAM TO HAMBURG, HAVRE, LONDON AND O Southampton. The IJatubui American Paeket t'omj any's iron steams! ip TJOICUSSlA. K. Traiittuan. commander, carrylug the I niter * ates inuil. will leave from pu r No. 21 North river, foot o Fulton Ktte t. SATURDAY, November in, at noon, for Hamburg, via r outhainptou, taking |iaasengrr.i for Ha vre, Loudon, thampion an I Hamburg. First Ci.bln, $1M; second cabin, $fn): steerage, $3;>. The steamer- of t!iis line will leave every alternate Satur day, carrying the United States mm I. The steam-r &AXONIA will snr, h ?d the BORUSSIA, on November 30. C. )i. RICHARDS v BOAS, I'd ilr. ed.vey THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD S STEAMSHIP NTW YoilK. ? . Wei** commander, carrying the United States mall, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham bers street, on SATURDAY, Novem' er 23, at 12 o'clock M.( roit BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, c- n^ers t o >ON, flAVllE, SOUTU AMI'TON AND BREMEN, at tbe following ratea. ? For the tlrsi cabin, $100 ; second cabin, $00; steerage, $33. For freight or passu ?^u|>^ljr CHS A CO., 68 Broad street. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER pool. ? Tit" n* real Steamship Company'#! flr^t <1<iw full powered, Ciy<U: imilt meamer AN'OLO SAXON, Captain Burg**.*, cariying the Canadian and Untied State* nuti's^ will aail from Oii?;I)pc next Saturday, November 9. Rate* oi paaiage from Rev York ? First eta**, according to accommo dation, $70 an 1 $55; *?eeinffe, found with gocd, $*?. Certificates iesiie I for bringing out rsisscnjp r* from nil the principal tov ns li> Great Krtinln and Ireland, nt viiry low rates. For pm^aco applv at 2) Broadway, New York. SABLE A SEVRES. General Agents. Royal mail steamship africa. PASSIM ir is.? All persons leaving the United States ?will re'iuire to have passports from the authorities of their respective countries, countersigned It the Secretary of State at Washington. For Liverpool. The AFRICA, Nell Shannon, commander will Hail from the stream on Wednesday next, fith Inst. A rtMrnbral will pty between the Company's wharf, at ?Tern'.y City, and the Africa, from 9 to 10 A.M., to convey passenuius ami I ngf-age on board. None but passengers can b? taken on board. The Persia w 11 sail 2ntb Novemlier. E. CUNARP, No. 4 Bowling Green. For livbrimol.? thb past sailing clipper ship INVlN .' I HLE, Captain Hepburn, will FallThii'a ilay, Nov. 7 F >r passage apply on board, or at the olllea nn pier No. 6 North il>er. E. COLLIN. For LIVERPOOL.? TUB clipper ship invtwoi BLE, November K; SARDINIA, 12th ; WEBSTER, 18th. passage from or to Liverpool, or Draft* on the Royal Bank of Ireland, apply at the office of THOMPSON' S Hlack titar line, 275 Pearl street. i.^or live Stool.- old black star k^-the J. pocket tuii^i F. A. PALM KR, lying at pier 49 Kast river, sails early to-morrow. The Compromise sails Nov. !>. For Stssaire or drafis on Inland, Ac., apply to WILLIAMS Jt I ION, 40 Fulton street. Black ball line op packets for liver pool.? The < Upper ship MANHATTAN sails No H. The FIDELI A sails the ltth, For passage apply on board, fojt of Reek man strpct, or to JACOB WILSON, 1(H ftoub *\ I fOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. ~~ A first clam steamer will leave New York on the Int. Hth and -1*1 of eaeh month, except when these dates tall on Sun day, when the da/ of departure will he on the Monday fol lowing. Forfrieghtor penalise apply at the only office. No. 5 Hot ling Gret B. D. B. ALLEN. A.ent. A tJSTRA LI A ? KA NG.A ROO LIN P.. ? The extreme out and 1\. out clipper ship SNoWSijUALL, J. S. Dillingham, Jr., late of United States Navy, commander; the nli.riio.-t, faat e?i an 1 positively first snip or Melbourne dliect. For Height or naldn pissage ' u'y, apply on board, pier 10 East river, or to MAILLER. LOUD .* QUKREAIJ, li? Wall su Lord A Co., consignees nt Melbourne. A U3TRALIA PIONEER LIXE? CARRYING THE J\. United Statea mails. ? The A1 extreme ellpiK r ship HAIUtY BLUFF, Redinailt, oommander, 2.i>j0 tons capacity, 1* now rapidly loading at pier 13 East elver, for Melbourne, mid h is line accommodations for tlrst end second cabin pas sengers, all oil deck. The accommodation* for second class passengnrs are unsurpassed for comfort, light and ventila tion. For freight o;* passage apply to R. W. CAMERON', 90 Belli er Street. T?OR HAVANA VI V NASSAU. N. P.? THE BRITISH J1 and North American Royal Mall steamship KARN'AK, Captain lie M< ssurler, will sell for the above ports from tho ? company's wharf at Jersey City, On Monday, Hth October. On Tuesday, 10' h December. On Monday, lltli November. On Tuesday, 7th Jan., lSo'2. Passage money to Nassau $45 " " Havana 00 For freight or passage apply to E CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. IXSTRICTION. AT $2 10, WRITING (TWENTY) LESSONS? BOOK krcfliu' (lessi, ns unlimited; $10; Arithmetic and Pen manship. Sit) p r quarter? seventy-night lessons en h. N- s. 61 Bowery nmi 2SI1 Fulton street, Brooklyn. E' Governor S. W. Kln^ writes: ? "Colonel 1'. line's plan of Instruction is sys tciiiatl; and expeditious." Best sustained boardino seminary in the Stntc. $110 per year. Brick buildings for ladies snd gentlemen. Aidesi teachers in all departments. Winter term, Dee. J. Address Rev. Joseph E. King, I'ortEdward Institute, N. Y., on the Saratoga met Wtitiehall Rallioud. Fencing.? m. adolpii aubry respectfully in forms the public that lie continues ihe Fencing School of M. M'lller nt he Gymnasium of Mr. Brady, jo St. Mark's place. II" guarantees to luip irt to mili'arT gentlemen and others n thorough knowledge of t'lO sabre In fifteen lessons, lie slao Instructs In the cai:o, small sword an l bayonet? the letter as translated from the Frsnch of Goniar, by General McCb-llan. an 1 by him adopted. Terms moderate, particu lar!) to classes, fie li .s permission to refer to the tlrst nina teurs of New York. noMR wanted.? a young swiss gentleman, beini; nt [ rea -at Without a situation, is desirous of ob taining ? home in a respectable American faintly, where he can li.slrust In the French nnd German Ijngusg sin a cotn ie o-'a on or part pnyn ?.it for his board; bes' yf references ( if n. Address Hwf??, I ox S'25 Po.t o!!!c", TEACIIER.-A young lady without A HOME. and til row n upon her own resources, wishes to ?ive lu ctruction to two c .ddren In the early brunches of an English cilucation; wl. 1 1: k- the whole charge ot them If desired^ A social, hnj'P.' h ^ ?''0 '8l>* after; (alary a mdary consiuera ion. Call on or address Miss A. B., !12 East Twen ty-nlath street, for one week. TEACHEU WANTED.? WANTED, NEAR MADISON Square, for two hours a day, a German lady or gende. man, qualliled to teach two Ijovs under nine the En-nsh ru diments. Address A. H., box 124 N. Y. Post ofllcc, stating terms, Ac. DANCING ACADKM1ES. A DOD'.VORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, ? Ko. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Tweuty-iixlh st., Now York. Sc. 137 Montague street, BrockUu. CLASHES ? Tuesdays and Fridays io Brooklyn. CLASSES? Wednesdays and Saturdays In N"w York. Oireitlars ;'or terms, Ac., may be h?d at either academy. Ballet m\ster dumars dancing academy 387 Bowery. Lessons jl per nionih, Mondays, Thurc i'a s, Wednesdays and Saturdays, si 4 o'clock, for children ?nd ladies. Tuesdays and Fridaj?, $2. Private lessons llfty cents. LUlRREno S DANCING ACADEMY, .'0 WEST FOT'P JT teen h street ?Classes for mi .s . and masters H ednct* "*; s ind Saturday* and Mondays sitd Thursdays. All the Dsn:.'* now in > bgne are ia*u,hL, and particular attention .s paid to the easy and graceful deportment ni the pupils. MATRlltlONIAl.. Ayoi n?; r.KXTijEMAN, it YSARS OF AOB, AM) poHS 'Hc^d of a moderate Income, who h!*? resided but a short ti n- in tills city, w ishes to correspond with some young 1 1 ly. of an miiable disposition, wi h a visw to matrimony. One blsiiiglit up In the country and liavlnz soine knowledge i,i housekeeping preferred. Address G. B. H., Herald ollice, Matrimonial.? any genteel looking young la Iv inolveor ronlgn), Intelligent, atllucnt and of refine l if* ct'..i'>n?. n s-aichot ? enngeaial c.mpinlon In x*i it i>"k, 1 f uinjeesttonable eharneter and standing, will Ii'enso address. ?<il? m earnest, for my Intentions .ire slm-era "nu a i.-t.; hen i' I-, vl New York city, boi Uuiaiu olUca. BALKS AT AUCTION. A D. CAl'l.KtNS. AUCTIONEER. _ ASSIGNEE'S SALE OF _ __ MAovrncEVT iiorsKnoi n Fi'Hvrri'RE, RI< II FHrWII I I V'IK I'JEIl AND MANTEL, MIRRORS, Sl'Pl-.RlSLY OARVKD IKWKWOOD I'lANOFROTE, SILVER PLATE. AC., AC., _ Pun')i?Kwt at h n<i?( . >f owr (IMUO, On W><ln.-?(t ,v, N'uvrnilxir ?, M)ko'.-look iwUcly, All the superb unci costlv Furnitore, Fain'ings, Statuary una Worka ci Art, r -sewood Drawing Room Suits, elegant st'veu ooJuve PU i ofoi t?. 51 fro I'M, Velvet Cup ts, Ac., contained In the resident o No. 218 West Fourteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth *vo. ues. The ?uel longer call* the sneeial attention of the public to this sale, an lading the largest and richest assortment of Household Furniture ofTVred at auc tion this season. The furniture wn? all made for the pic out own'T, and In in good order. The whole will be peremp torily aud absolute! > sold without reserve. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE consists of carved rosewood Etegercs, marble tops and F r ??ncb plate and hack: lady's Work Table, Inlaid with p other of pearl ; rosewood Centre Table, Ntatuarv marble top; foil suits cjf Drawing Hooin Furniture? olegant Tetea ? eie Sofas, two Arnj, two Re option and efclii oral buck Chairs, c ?rved roaewo wl frames and covered in three co h?r ' ^at'U brocade of tin* most expensive description; two On*- Tabb J, lnlild w. h buhl and tortoise ?*fi? *11; Bro*n?fe end f ..nee On r'ain*, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirror*, with rinli rllt names; superb Sevres and Dresden China Vagca, ric hly d*? orated; Parian marble Siatueuesof the Sea h. n-, artisti-- br n7es, representing Night and Morning, Pan dora, Painting, Poetry, Music, Crusaders, Ac.; antUjoc lava Vases, *>om llerculaneum ana Pftttifell; ebony Card Table, Velvet Car|*o? Rugs, Turkish Easy Chairs, bronze Clock, tins one month ; Oil Paintings, by Rous*. 'an. Ionian, Hun tlngtot , Cole. Lecii! nd. and other eminent artists. M v? iMKICHNT 8KVEN OCTAVE I'l \ No FORTE at ved h ^sand ease, four round corner*, fin i shed all round, inlaid with !" arl and so'.ld p'-ail keys, cost $*>??); Mimic Rack, to ewood Stool, covered in brocade; embroidered Cloth Covr, llook s and Music, ball roaeweod Hatstaud, Oilcloth, Stair Carpot, Ac. Chamber*, second storv? Rlehly carved rosewood B 'dstend?. style Louis XIV.; Bureaus and Co?. modes to mat b ; Wardrobes, Dressing and Toilet Tables, Shaving Stand." , T* '<?!;Hand, Couch, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shade-, Cornice 4, Hair Mattresses, Beds and Bedding, deco ? ated C'.ina To'let Sets, Mirrors, Dining Room Furniture of every kind, Tea Seta, Silverware, ivory Table (Cutlery, Dining Table, Ac. 4 UCTION NOTICE.? MORTGAGE SALE OF ELEGANT J\ HOUSEHOLD Ft' HN ITU BE, A rare opportunity for housek< < p ' * and the trade. F. ROTH, auctioneer, will sell this afternoon, nt 2 o'clock l?reeffelv, all th" sj.lendi i Household Furniture of the larr?? dwelling h< u. ?* #*??? Ess? T we uty -seventh str- et, u*'ar Fourth avenue, couaNtlni; of English'Velret and I t'osny CartK-ts, elegant ros? -wood Parlor Furniture, en suite, comprising r full sol's, richly ?a -ved . n<l covered in the richest bru aM. searlet reps and haircloth, and a'l of the best dewrip ? n; rosewood Centre and Pier Tables, Turkish Chair* anil i Lou or' s, rov red In green floored rej s and crimson damask to match; IVimask and Laee Curtain*, two elegant rosewood i IC'egcies, style of I.ouls XVI,; gold and landscape Shades, i "'eh Sevres" nod Dresden Mantel Vases, Blsqtie Fuiures, Ur?>n7?sstid Parlor O-nn'oents, TWO El KM A NT SEVEN OiTTAVE PIANOFORTES, CANTKHIU KY, STOOL AND Cuv'i.K: ?marble top Hut' ans, rich, to iiid corner- Hetlst< a Is, Wash j stands, Comnu d s, single and double li I Mattresses, Bob i eit-rs. pillows, Blankets, Solas, Chairs, Rock era, Loiinren, j ''loeka. Mirrors, S?-la Beds, Vases, Corner and Book S at d*, | s lid b|ft ; waluut Kvtenslon Table, Dining CUairs, m iho anv Pook< ase, Olass, China and Silver Ware, Ta!)le Cutlery, >ta(r Carpets, Oilcloth, I'arlor and Klteh -n Stoves, ^c. Stile [ osftlre. By order of L. BKADY, Attorney for Mortgage^. 4 UCTION KOTICE.? M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER. V will p"i| on Thursday, Nov. 7, commencing at 10V? o'. l.K-k, at 2b\ Rast Tenth street, handsome Houst'iiold Fur jilture, consisting in part of solid rosewood and walnut Suits, covered in br catel and hair cloth; Gilt frame French : 'ate Mantel and PierOlasse*, Oil Paintings, Mantel Ortn i.euts, Centn Tablcn, Brusselis an 1 Ingrain Carpeta. Oil < loth*, rosewood Pianoforte, Extension Dining Table, Cutle ry, Glassware. Dinner and Tea Sets, Sideboard, Dining Chairs, Dtvss-ng Bureaus, Washstands, Bedsteads, I f *.ir MattrcsHes. Pabia: ses, BLmkets, Feather Beds, black walnut Chamber Furniture, en suite; Lace Window Curtains, ""hud* s. Tables, Mirrors, In r tin Carpets, T' .l- t Sets. Eve ry article positively to be soil to the highest bidder, rain or aiiine. 1 S. RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER.? BOOTS AND A. Shoe* at auction.? K1CIIARDS A WHITING will sell on Wednesday, Nov. t>. at o'clock, at store 44Corllaudt street, a large and well sele?aed sto?'k of fresh goods, direct from the manufacturers; also the entire Stink ?.f a country dealer, all in good order. Catalogues on moruiiig of sale. A M. MP: It WIN, AUCTIONEER. A? BY BANGS, MERWIN 4k CO.. Irving Buildings, 504 ami 6lJt> Broadway. Frfd.ty evening, November 8, at 7}? o'cloek. tine modern Oil Paintings, iromi rising a choho Collection, enieliy bv Ame rican artists of celebrity. The picture* me all richly framed ami are now 011 exhibition at the salesrooms. Auction sale of furniture, stoves, ac., on Wednesday, at 10)? o'clock, at 34$ Fill on street, Brook lyn. ? PEED A COLE, auctioneers. ? Sofas, Chairs. Biiieaus, Mirrors, Lounges, Easy Chairs, Tables, Parlor Stoves, Porta ble Range and large McGregor Stoves, Desks. Also th^ Stock and Fixtures of a Drug Store. /"I AMELIA JAPONICA8, AO., AT AUCTION ? ON Wednesday, November 6, at h)}? o'clock, at the green house o! Mr. Charles More, corner of Third avenue and Nlnety-elghvii strict. The sale Includes some of the largest Cainelias ever offered for sale in this city, together with a choice collection ~f other grccu house plants. Catalogues ready at No. 9 John street. Dutch bulbs.? io,ouo hyacinths, 10.000 tulips' 6,000 Karclssti*, 2rt,tX10(-rocus<,s, Lili es, Crown Imperials Johnqnill*. Ac., double and single, and a private selection of choice Bulbs, just received and for sale, in lots, by P. MUR KAY, 189 Ft arl atroet. near Cedar. I J H. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.? CASK SALE OF j . unclaimed goods .and goods held for charges at auction, by urde/ of Ely A Co. E. H. LUDLOW A public auction, on Monday, Nov. IS, 1861, at II o'clock A. M , at 18 New street, a large quantity of Brandy, Wine, Itum. Gin and Caampaglie. Alan, aqttnntltyof Anacahutte Wood. All the above goods arc in United Stat'-s bonded warehouses. Also, , ii quantity of Bourbon u lid Scotch Whiskey, Catawba Rruu dy, Flour, Hops, Madder, Orchllli, Sal Soda, Reed Polea Lead Pipe, Welgh?r?' Frame*, Beams, Bottoms and other weighing apparatus, Ac., Ac. Catalogues will be ready for distribution on the 13th Inst., and may !.? had at theoQIce of ELY A CO., !A Nnw street; a's i at the uSice of the auction eer, No. S Fine street. Notice.? We hereby notify parties in terested lu the above good** that they will be sold, at the time and place above mentioned, unless the charge? are previous ly paid. ELY A CO, Edward sciienck, auctioneer. FINE OIL PAINTINGS. By EDWARD SCIIENCK, on Thursday, 7th Inst,, al 11 o'clock, at his sales room, No. JJ5 auil 157 Broadway, a col lection of line Oil l'alntlngs, among which :>tv many ORIGINALS, bearing the ccrtltlcates of theunlsts. Among them will lm found : ? . THE EQUESTRIENNE, by BLANCIIARD. TWO FINE PICTURES bv VAN SEVERDONCK. INTERIORS AND FIGURES by ALENE DE SENNE COURT. WINTER SCENE bv SMETS. COAST SCENE bv 8lIAEl\ LANDSCAPE AND FIGURES by ROESSELLS. Also, several line sp.-clmen* by well known artists. The paintings are bow en exhibition wl h catalogues; the ntu-n lion of those in want of line paintings Is calirrl to this sale, | M they will lie pcreniytoi ily fold without reserve. IjMiWARD PETTINGER. AUCTIONEER, 1IM l'K\IU 'j street, will sell ou Wudnesday, November ti, at 2 o'clock | I'. XI., at the LIVERY STABLE I 19 Yestrv s'ree', all the Hto k con talned therein, consisting of | Horses, Cart iages, single and double Hi rut1 s, Bells, aid | Stable Flumes in general. Sal.i positively without rest n e. I.T COLTON, AUCTIONEER.? FURNITURE, BIL r . Hard Ta'.le, Zephyr Worsted Ooods Mirrors .ire.? This <i..v (Wednesday), Nov. 6, al 10,^ o'clock, at 113 Ful ui street, u lot of Furniture in I ev Ty kind o. French i !a!e Mir rors, Zephyr Worsted Oooda, Hoods, Sontass, Parlor Suits, Dressing Bureaus, Wartlrobes. Chairs of ail kiiulK, tc,, Ac. Also one superior rosewoiid Billiard Table, Halls and t'ti"s' complete. Dealers in zephyr worsted |_o id* will iind It ti their advantage to attend this anle. Henry it. leeds, auctioneer.? assignee's Sale.? HENRY II. LEEDS n CO. wi t sellnt auction, on Tuesday, ."> h, and Wednesday, 6lli Noveinb i, at 11 o'clock, each day. In the warerooinsof Messrs. 8 'hn:l'er A Sttckow, 320 Broadway, between Prince and Broome streets, up stairs, assignee's sale of elegant fust class, to i i s hi without reserve, to close the concern ? consisting of Suits of rosewood, carved op"n work vine patterns, .? e ; r ir lorSuUi1, with other varieties, iu mualln, Ac. : Canopy and other rosewo d Etegt res; very richly carvcil Centre I'bles, brocatcl and statuary (ops; carved Extension Tnbli s, with < 'hairs to match; liciily earveil Console Table* and Glasses; Butfets, carved tn fruit and II. i. vers, heals, Ac., In r sen o >?' , black walnut and oik; carved H.ill Stan Is and Chairs to match; rosewood, black walnut nud oak richly carve I Book cases; plate glass, satin wood lined Secretaries, LH'i-iry Ta bles, Ac. Also, an elegant and complete assortmedtof Bed room Furniture, In rosewood, black wslnutanl milmiany; rosewood canopy carved Bedstead*, plain carved i n I ni hers, e \ t ra line carved Dressing Bureaus; lined satin eedar Fi en.:h plate glaa* Armolr n Glace do,, ebony Chairs, Ac.; together with a general asaortm nt not enumerated and usually to.tnd in an extensive establishment. Tney can bo examined any time previous to the sale. House furniture sale.-wm. w. shirkey, auctioneer, will dell at public auction on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the private residence No. 815 Dean street, near Fourth avenue, Brooklyn, a large and general assortment of House hold Furniture, consisting In part of oak Extension Table and Dining Ciialrs, n ai gan> Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Ac.; rosewood Bureau, mahogany Wa-distond and Bedstead, Carpet*. Oilcloth, French China snd Bohemian Vases. Ac.; also a full assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Cut Glass Ware, French China Dinner Wsre, Ac. Catalogues on day of sale. Sale will commence at 10>J A. M. precisely. Henry grf.en, auctioneer-will sell this day, nt 10}J o'clock, at th ? siore 131 Will am street, Soap, Vermicel I, Prunes, Bitters, Rum, Segals, Ac. Also a sm. ill assortment of Clothing, Shawls, Hoop Shirts, l an -y Canes, quantity of S wing Silk, Ac. J .M PORT ANT SALE OF BOOTS AND SHOES AT AUCTION ON THURSDAY NEXT. Wm. M. Hollitigshea I, Auctioneer. Wo invito the attention of buyer* to our GREAT AUCTION SALE On Thursdnv, N v. 7. at U'K o'e|o< k, which will comprise ONE THOUSAND CAPES SEASONABLE BOOTs AND shoes, Including liberal quantities of MEN'S, BOYS' AND YOUTHS' BOOTS OF THE HIGHER till \DLS, Adapted to the b<-*t rc'fi'l tr.n'.e ALEXIS BRAGG A WARHEX, 3U Warren street. J LEWIS SMITH, AUCTIONEER. . EX KN.-IfE AUCTION SALE OF SUPERIOR CABINET FURNITURE. On Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13 and 11, at 1 o'clo k each day. at the wareroom* of the late drtn of I. N. Doe A Co., 96 and 98 Easi Houston street, two floois east .1 th" Bowery. J. BOYcE will sell, a* above, one of the largest nr.. I l est ai-Bortmi nts of Rosewood, .Mahogany, Walnut and ' >a . Fur nttn.'e ever offered nt aucllnn in thlscity, all of vr!ii h wiil be warranted in every particular. The si k Is now ready lor examination. PA RT I C UI. AP.S1I E R E A I TER. TOHN K. OAKLEY A CO. WILL SELL AT AUCTION. ?J Weiliiesi ay, Nov. 6, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at the com. r of Gold and Na(*au street, Brooklyn, new and secondhand Furniture, Carpets, Window ShaJes, wall Pap r. Stoves, Faints, Oils, Ac., tlio balance of stock of a dealer dUconln nlng business. JOHN F. DAVI8, AUCTIONEER? S00 CASES BOOTS, Shoes and Brogans nt auction, on Thursday, November 7. nt 10J< o'clock, at the st re of J. 8. Leverett A Co., No. lfl Coruandt street, cotnprisina a luge nnortment of fresh Cit|- ami Eastern made hoods f ir < Ity and country Vrade. PAWNBROKER S SALE ?THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), at lUti o'tl?K'k, BELLA INtJRAHAM ?ill sell, without ro^erve, in their auction rooms iifi New Bowery, luu lots of valuable Wearing Appare' and other GimkIs; i>1?o, a tine line or Watches, Jewelry, Ac. By order of STANTON A CO., licensci' pawnbrokers, W New Cannl s.reet. PAWNBROKERS SALE? B. LEVY, JAUCTIONEER, 22 Catharine street, will sell, this (lav, a' lo)f o'clock. Hilk snd o her Dresses 160 Quilts, 200 Shawls, Quilted f?i;lr|s, Shiits Chcimrte*. Clonk*, men's tu I boys' Clothing, Watctic^-, Jewelry, Ac. By order m II. UAU^LII', gALER AT AI'CTIOIV. y A J. HOOAItT, AUCTION EKRS-THI8 /MY \T O. 11 o'cKxk. Ill becoud street, opposite tli" M>tho?ist church, in the village of Mount Vernon, Household Furni ture, So fail, Tu'i l-*s. Chairs, \Vai?l.?i Carpets, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding, Kitchen Kuruit<?re, ,Ve O A J. BOO ART, ATCTIONKRR^ ? THUK8*\Y NO lO? vember 7, at It) o'clock, hi 185 West Forty-eighth atre. t, near Eighth avenue, geuted House! :oid Furniture, eonsist imjof mahoganv Solas, 'iV'r-a-Tetrs. i*?? rloa'. Kit ay ?nd Jia k i ii;4 Chairs, ma io;.?ny Card Table, Win-low Curtains, M tsfc Stand, Carpets, Hat Rtaud, Dlnfug ami Tea Table?*, inahoga ny Krrm h and Cottage Bedstearos, Cribs, superior in ?rMe top Dressing Bureaus, Washstwnds, Lookiag Glasa, China Pinner und Tea beta. Crockery und (liana war , Kitchen Fur* tii lure, ?kc O HERMAN, AUCTIONEER, WTLL RELL Till K3 O. day, Nov. 7, HWl, at !<^ A M , at 831 Fifth street, a lar^e assortment of t-ooking a id oih?*r Stoves, Tin and En amelled Ware. House Furnishing Cuods, ao. lXulers and others arc Invited to attend. MV8ICAU AVnrvn MAN WOULD LI KB TO TKKR MUSIC less <:ia of a teacher residiug in the neighborhood of ilia Fifth Avenue lioul (a lady prefei red). Term* to If) nu io rate. Address \N iiHaw Koblnaon, Fil th Avenue Hotel. TOIBTII, POND A CO.? M7 BROADWAY, NEW 1 ' JP nave one hundred new Pianofortes to lei, at low prhe*. #tnd will allow the rent If purchased. Sheet Music, Musical Works, Qui1 rs, Violins, Brass instrument# and all kinds of EusJeal (Jooda at low prices. INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANOFORTE? BY \ i IDT I it 70 Moy| street, corner of Bergen, Brooklyn. L. I. Terms n o ic fate. Particular attention given to be^innem and youtif p -rtVrmers. Reference* given It' desired. IV PRIMA DONNA ELMA VALENTIN I PARAVALU, J well known professor o! singing and thepiuno, Leache# by private lessons and also In classes, combined to stilt every purse, hi h*r private residence, *>*7 Broadway, Hear Amity street, third story, over the store of Mr. Hathaway, where she ? m be seen" every day from 11 till 4 o'? 1 ok. I MUTE A BRADIMIHY'S N'EW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Buss Patent Insulated Full Frame Grand and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street, What everybody says must be true; everybody says they are the best, therefore tney must be the ^>t. MDSIO S188ION8 AND USE OF PIANO.? A LADY, se\ ??ral years a teacher of music In thin city, w shes a lurnishid K <otn in a private family, where instructions to two pupils will be considered suilicient lor the rent and part board. Address Music, As tor place Post oUice. MISS LI //.IK PARKE II, HAVING ACCEPTED EN vrag--imn s which prevent her going to Europe ai pre sent, is open lor ? ti^agcmenu to slug in oritorlo or concert. Vtiy so or j era *ns desirin >i her services will please ad d MKs Parki r, box I), Brooklyn Pod ofllce, N. Y. MK.Ti. k7 MAtJKA'fU. l'P ?} KSS(Mt OF THE PIANO forte, attet d? pupils in New York and Brooklyn. Terms niod? rate. Address or apply at CI West Baltic street, b 'tween Clinton and Henry, Brooklyn. MUHICAI ORGAN 1ST.? AN~01uIaN 1ST, OF iv N ? ) \N N ability, wishes an engagement us organist and director of choir, either in a Catholic or Prott slant church, ?>r km or f^anist solely. Is intimately acot.a'tited with the Catholic ser vico. Address H., cure of H. Lrben, 172 Centre street, New York. \V A NTED TO PIT BC1I ASE? T\V O OOOD NSW PIANO H fortes, or those that have been in use but a very short time ? very cneap for caah. Address Hamilton, Johnson A Fanellv, 23 Ann street. Ci 1 PIANOFORTE FOR $2A). ? ONE OF CHICKEK 'PTtJU in^s best Plation, cost $450 seven months ago; ia 7l? octave, grandest a'yle of rosewood case, tlnlshed t'a"k s.itno as front, four round corners, elegantly ornamented iron frame, sliding defk, overstrung irnss, Cover, Stool, Ac. Ap ply iminediatelv at 127 Twenty-ilrst fctieet, near Third ave nue. Prlee $2*0 DRY noons. _ > Attention i* imvitkd to oitb DESIRtBI.E STOCK ok five EMBROIDERIES AND LACE UOODS, RIBBONS, KLOWKRS AND RUCHES, HOSIERY. GLOVES AND UNDER WEAR, In *11 colors an J Flics for the present keaaon. W?) dozen I.lncn Handkerchiefs. wiling cheap. 700 dozen latilles' Coraetx. $1 ii pair. ISO dozen I .a lies' Hoop Sliiru, Sh. to 6(. Auction lot of Veils, 7.i ecu's, worth $1 it. 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Wc offer at retail a lame uu<t attractive stock of CLOTH AND BEAVER CLOAKS, at extremely low prices. The stork comprises all the Istest and moat fashionable stylos, manufactured rxpreasly for tho

Broadway retail trade. E. S. MILLS A CO, 413 Broadway, near Canal street. Wholesale stock as usual at 342 and 344 Broadway. LOAKS, C LOAKS, CI, OAKS. RICH VELVET CLOAKS. SUPERFINE BEAVER CLOAKS. RICHLY TRIMMED. MAGNIFICENT CLOTn CLOAKS, HEAVY LION SKIN CLOAKS, WATERPROOF CLOAKS TRAVELLING CLOAKS, PROMENADE CLOAKS, LADIES' CLOAKS, MISSEa' CLOAKS, CHILDREN'S CLOAKS. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, At $5, $'!, 97. At 59. at (III, si $12, at nil prices. At W. K. PEYTON'S EXCELSIOR (DAK HOUSE, 274 Bowery, near Illusion street. | jKESfc OOODS. IRISH POPLINS, PARIS REPS, MERINOS, DK LAINES, WOOL PLAIDS, OTTOMAN VELOURS. 4e? Including several largo lots JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION. L' lll) 4 TAYLOR, 401 to ?07 BROADWAY. ZM.t'>2'>l GRAND STREET, 47 and 49CATHAKINE STREET. j^SHIONABLE CLOAKS AN i > SHAWLS. l'ULL ASSORTMENT OF PARIS DESIGNS NOW READY. 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Rich Parisian shawls Posltlvel, the In.': week. GREATEST SACRIFICE EVER KNOWN 6.9 Broadway. -tyom at hosiery AND UNDER OARMENT8. Largest stack In the city, cheap. LORD A TAYLOR, 4'il to 407 Br ad way, 2.V> to 201 Grand street. 47 and 4 ) Catharine street. TIT ANTED? TO PURCHASE FOR (ASH, A SMALL IT Ut'k of dry goods; they null be cheap. AJdre.?s box 167 Herald office, HOTELS. MRS. COFFIN, HAVING TAKEN TUB HOTEL ST James, cor lie, Of Fourteenth stiiot an I Koonh live, nue, and had It thoroughly renovated, Is prepared lo rc. eeive guest* < n favorable terms. A KcMaurtwu it attached to th* hotel. Also Table d'Hute. "IITHITNEY HOUSE. BROADWAY, CORNER OF TT Twelith street ? Suits and simile Rooms are now ailer ? I at this si ci.did er.uMishir.ent ?ton?hsl their for.. *i a ?%, U 11. UJiNNB'tl', i*r?i fiWvt, TWO DAYS LATER mi .EUROPi ARRIVAL OF THE PERSIA AND BORUSSIA. The American War a Leading Public Question in Great Britain. The Cabinet, lawyers and Trailers Acknowledge tiiut the Blockade MuM lie Rejected. The Now Humanitarian Policy of England. Tlie Commander of the Sumter Said to Have Personated a Captain of the Royal Navy in New York. Terms of the Treaty Against Mexico Agreed on by the Allies. The Frcnch Fleet About to Sail for the Gulf, and Spain Determined on a Land Invasion. Revolutionary Agitation in Italy Poland and Hungary. Death of Sir James Graham, Bart., M. P. V??A#VVV* 'Vvwwvw OUR PARIS CORRESPONDENCE. THE COTTON AND COBN MARKETS, tfi| sc., fcti Tlio Cunard mall s lean whip Tors-ia, Captain Judkinat which Milud from Liverpool at noun on the 26th, and from Queenstown on tlio 27th ult., arrived hero at half past ten A. M. yestorday, briugliu; the mails, poMengars, aud ?62,676 in spocio. Tlio news by tlio Porgia I* two days later than that brought by the Jura to t'athor Polat, and given in tho Hkkai.p yesterday morning. Tlie following Is the Portia '? SPECIE LIST. Taylor Bros ?1 ,000 Francis Bros ?1 ,200 Ilnxhara & Parson*. 4,103 A. Co.... 40,000 II. Tuppor & Son. . . 1.000 Ilam. II. Salmon. . .. t>00 Nosmltli Jc Si ns. . .. 1, 777 Williams i Oulou. ... 10,000 T. Thompson 4fi0 - W.C.PIckersglllAiCo. 600 Total ?60,820 Tlio B<>rutwia, from Southampton on the 23d ult. , alao arrived at this port yesterday morning. Tho Bortwsia hag tho following SPECIE 1. 1ST. Schuchardt & Gobhard ?.1,000 L. Von Hoffmann & Co 10,600 Wakeman, Dimi.u & Co M2 15 Bchrend Ac ?%. 17 Stamford Manufacturing Company 460 Total ?33,073 I RDM IIAMRI'RU. Marcus & Hiltzor &Co $15,756 August Belmont 4.004) Kuauth, Nacliod ti Kuhne 001 Total $'20,367 PKI>M II AV RI*. Simes , Chase & Co 7 ,500 Tho Uorussia has thirty-flva cabin passengers, one hun dred and twenty-thrco in tUo steerage, a full cargo, ?33.272 and $27,256 in specie. In consequence of the death of the Infanta Donna Ma rin, the opening of tho Spanish Cortes bail been adjourned until the 8th of November. The Popo had sent a message of cindolonco to tho Queon on the l<?s of her daughter. Tho student Douslos, who lately attempted to assassi nate Uio Queon of Greoce, had made an unsuccessful ef fort t > escapo from prison. Four persons had been ar reste.:. Tho date of adairR in Japan was still unsatisfactory. The !aN st despatches of tho 2fith of October, report- ? General Lambert has loft Warsaw. Tho Mar<]uis Wallo poNki has tendered his resignation. It is st.itod that General AbramouiUch has been appointed Military Gover nor of Poland. Tho statement of a Gorman paper that tho government, of Geneva had requested that tho 3wiss federal troops should be sent to that cantonment Is unfounded. Tho i; )v- i.mont of Geneva had, liowevor, called out the mill t .n t f tho Canton for extraordinary night duty. A letter lii in Calcutta, of the 15lh of Soi tomliT says . ? 0 ir onee great Amcr'cau trade !s reduced to two ships load In/ for Boston an I New York. Thoir cargoes are prir.rij aliy saltpetre. Our ii irbor is crow ' d with ships, ai d u groat many of tbetu Americans, and, us a largo in mb?r are on th ? way, I fear that shipowners must look for low freights for some time. 1 .otters from China to the Monilcur d--. VArnue of Paris, confirm the news of tho successes gained over the rebels by tho troops. Tho insurgents havo lieon drlvon bin k nto the Western Provinces adjoining Thibet. The population or these , e\asparated by the acts o^ cruelty committed by tho rebels, havo taken part with tl c Imperialists, and havo assisted in causing the siogo </ Aching King, tho chief town of tho province of So Tchonan, to be raised. Generel Mon-ICunn, tho chief of the rebel army , has been killrd. Two French mission, arics, of the mission of Secliouan, succeeded in pelting into Thibet, and hi pe to bo al>!o to rcach Lalisa, the ca pital of the co'.intry. They speak tbo language of Thibet fluently, which will cnablo them to furnish valuable in' foi mation on the geogi apby and religion of that curious country. At the date of the 7th of August Tlen-tsin was |icrfoi;tly tranquil; ccmmcrco was developing itself in that city, and tho Tartars, who possess magniflrent flocks of shoep, appear desirous of making it the prin cipal entrepot for their wool. Tl o Paris correspondent of tho Livorpool Mercury , writing on the 25th ultimo, sends tho following bit of gossip from tho Tuilories: ? The Princess Anna Murat has bacome a wonderful fa - vorit" at court, and completely eclipses the poor little Princess Clotildc, w ho ha a great deal of good sense and M mncb good feeling, but lacks the animal spirits that animate the gralidda ightor of yueon Caroline, ami which renders her au acquisition to the Empress, who delights in the coiup ir.y of anybody that laughs heartily ;and whatever objections the Emperor might make to any lady of honor being guHty of such an indiserotlon In his wife's pr.-sence, he cannot make any to an Imperial Princess indulging in th ? inirth proe ending from a robust frame ami tho pi nsant ago <f twenty. Whiio tho Princess Anna hunts in broikneck Style, and datzles tho Imperial guests with hi-rbi i i.aut eyes, toctli, and br> wn and rod complexion, tho Pr.lio -H Cloti do leads a very quiet llfo at tho Palais lloyal, or drives out in au equally quiet v ay to Vlilegonl*. She ha greatly improved in her looks slnco the trunsat lun tic trip, and does not spend so mueh timo as formerly ii. he; i ratory. An anecdote is t' id of tho Princess which boars out tho roputatien for good feeling that even tho scandal loving larisiai.s aro disposed to allow bor. It appears that this la-ly has given express directions to lio. ? ? i clary to let her .-co all ljtters addressed to her by applicants for her bounty. lh ? Paris correspondent of tho London Herald, writing en tho 23 1 ult., says:? An event has tuk n place in the musical world which should nut be passe I unnoticed iu the rec ird of facts and Opinions from this capital ? tho debut of i young Amori c.'iii artiste, Mile. FilippU A noble oontialto voice, a sty! ' remarkable for its brio and pathos, porfect vocal ization anil powers as an actress, only to be compered to those of Malibran and Mm.'. Viardot, are the rocom mentations of Mile. Flllppl to tho favor of the public. He | a t was that of the gipsy in "Trovatore.'' hor suc c 'ss \\ ss immense. The lndi i and China mails arrived at Marseilles on tho 2..ili . .1: . :no, and were to loavc by a spocial train, at Ave e'ek ck P. M. , for sbipmunt to England. Our Parlt Correspondence. Paris, Oct. 25,1861. F.n^lind A/raid of a Recognition <f the lld/el Con/a 1-. ? acy ? Xapnleon't Southern Policy maybe a French Trap I tti'l for Her ? 7 he Orh ant Commiui^nert Aid the L'nitm C The Emperor E>*n May Change His Ojjiniont in Onsequence ? The Popular Cpheuximji in Europe ? Ac tivity of the Ccmfederati Commistio veri, dc. The English Cabinet is decidedly advene to any Intor I foreneo in the American troubles. i F u...c bit 3 falixl in U?r attetu; t to tir^o England into s : united roe. gnltlon of the Pavls government, and Franco i ii> annoyed and augry at her failure, 'l'lio tone of Urn J 1^'inli 11 prot-s abundantly proves that tho British govern j ^-iont will not interfere. Hie Post, Timet and other Jour I o*H havo over betrayed and btlll botray animosity toifcrfv "'on> uri' '">< In favor of any recognition of the reb.V. effect Would bo, tUoy foresee, to augment tlio ex*rtion? doterminotion oi thn North, und render the blocfcnde iw*. 0 '^IU1 ever strenuous, "We have not the powor, perlia,*, 10 prevent this," say the t/>nd< n journals, and they aN1 r??lil ? F/aneo, however, would havo been pleased1 to /traw I'ngland Into her way of thinking upon the subjort; but IN* has failed, and now France will havo to romntn (ftlicf- ami look on, letting tho parties directly concerned it out. This is a disappointment here, but it will have to be borne. K would have been a grand thhtyr t > have, con jointly with England, dictated tornw to t&ftt proud re - piibltn, to have shown fe I ho world that empires and kl ftd na nr. m prevail nver A m in.-ti ttntlonf. 'i if moral effect would have been QiiorUfl'U, and certain parties In Franoo would have become d #ouracod; but, alasl Pirflde Albion would not listen to tho advi -o of her ally, and, |ierforce, tho grand plan must bo abandoned until the Oonfatoratai ?.? iin a great Ttotory, which done, K. am;.- will at once, and with ?mpretstn -ill, recognlso tlio Bouth as a fat' iv' mpli. J/'t of hope that nn such victory will he achieved, and that no occasion bo offered the enemies of our glorious Vtilon to prononnr ? against it. Tho enrolment of ti e Orleans princes In flenoral Mc Chilian's staff, contlnu< s to a -tt-i?e a groat po. tion of the French public Tho J loaivt/ /Is 1> 'a - ? t h < ri-cogulze I Orleans organ In France ? hns veered round now, and where I.. fore tt deemed the struggle one that innst termi nate In favor of the South, it at present avers that th" "glorious ropubllo" will yet put down its enemies and triumph over all obstacles. The soml-olllolal proJs e >m m >nts bitterly upon the change, and srioerlnglv observes, that it is "the hiviie; two ad litional A i-ls de Camn that will save the Union." Tho (hilltioal effect of tho adhesion of the Comte d t'nris and tho llnko de Chartros to tho Northern causa will be great in Kurojio. 1 l> lieve that It will cause tho Fmneror Napoleon to act d life rent ly towards tho I.lnoolr administration. Ho will desire to be considered u friend Instead of a I' m;, and will charge his policy perhaps. Should ho becomo overtly tho friend of the rebels, he will but havo been hastened in coming to a decision be all along fav? ro i, and thus tho North will have mcurreil no ill results from tho onrolm -nt ofthe Princes. It is better to know wliothor you havo a friend or an enemy than to remain In ignorance. Tim winter wi 1 bo a bad one for Furope. Crops have fallen short, the people aro discontented, Poland aud Hun gary, ss well as Italy, aro agitated and uneasy, while Russia, Austria aud Germany are distracted by oohtliutlng policli s. Franco Is in a worse state than is generally sup poaed. Tho clerical party, assailed on all sides by tho authorities, has risen en matte, and a feeling of ins enrity consequently prevails In all classes. The manufacturing towns aro frightened at the prospect of an absolute cessation of orders, of consequent want among tho working classes and disorders llko y to arise In the oat Hi'. Tlio high price of bread, the diminished number of foreigners, and tho scarcity of employment for many |>ersons who work at the ornamental trades, is ci" sing a serious uneasiness. In spito, however, of de crease of trade and of money the governments go on speudiug millions fortifying smi arming. It la reported that Fra&oe has advised Italy to get her fores ready for any eventuality by March next, as at that period Franco will withdraw from Rome. 1 his re. I*irt is unfounded. France will not, dare not, withdraw from Rome. Tlio Southern Commissioners li"re are actively working among tho press people Iu favor of their cause. I must say that they show a zeal worthy of a better cause. Paris, Oct. 25, 1H01. A French Editor OonverUi Into a Sound Union Man? 1'rinc, SapJetm and the Emperor on A nvrican A (fiiirt A Dixrtion to the ?r?< May Relieve Franc rf If, me 'JroulUt ? Danger to SwiUcrlxrul?An ImMndml Pub Itther- ? Marthal McMtihon's Appearance ill Prussia Th' Ciy Very T>u1l, ifc , <ft;. The Cimsti'ulimn l, under the auspices of its now editor, culls the attention of its readors tills morning to tho change which lias come over tho spirit of tho Journal des DHU* since tho C'onito do Paris aud tho Due do Chartros have enrolled themselves as voluntoerg In tho army of t':e foderals. "Look on this picture and look on that,1' It says, as it spreads out two columns ? tho one dated Poptembor 2-t, and tho other October 21? on Amorioan affairs. " A month ago tho government of Washington was simply repenting the blunder of Ooorge tho Third. It is now, with a powortul arm and determined will, en forcing tho Indisputable rights of freedom and the sacred laws of popular govornrnuiit." Now why should the Connlitvtinvnrt ? whe so opinions on every subject have boxed tho compass, who only recently. In the matter of tho Anglo-French treaty, " Jumped Jim Crow," to tlio great amusement of all Its contempora ries?take this special opportunity of drilling the Del* Ut ? I am afraid the answer can only bo such as corroborates what I hinted in my last as tho consequence of Napoleon's visit to the United States? namely, that France is only tro ready to acknowledge the rebel States whenever a decent opportunity is afforded. To prevent the onus of this policy falling on tho shoul ders of the Prince a pretended coolncss has boon Indus ti iously circulated between him and his lui|ierial cousin, and it hus been said that on his return ho received no in vitation to repair to Compelgne. And nothing, in fact, is more likely to be true. What did his Hlghnoss wunt with au invitation? He went to America on tho business of tho State, and very naturally cn hiR return would re pair to his chief to give an account of his mission. To my certain knowledge ho did not stay ono hour in Paris I before he was in the train to Compelgne. 1 It is to be devoutly hoped that f.'od and your own right arms will before long defend tho right, and that, under tho auspices of Mct'loIIan, not only will | the disaster of Dull run be effared, b-it such a blow and great discouragement given soon to the r. bel hordo as will put a stoji to the solflsh spirit which is now actuatli g tho Krorch government To force the blockade and aelcnowlodgo the South is now tho watchword throughout all the public . dices Napo.oon cam it in from < ompi. gne two days aai o;i purpose to preside at a Cabinet Council on the s iV-ct and you may de|iond upon it that uniess you obtain such a signal victory as will shut up tha mouths of trimmers all oyer the world tho year 1801 will not close without this Interference of !? ranee. 1 speak that which I do The truth is, affairs are too much agitated just now for I ranee to stand on punctilio, (iigantic efforts h ive b en made to get. in suflicient foreign corn to pr ivi ut anv fur ]T'S'' l>r,'a(3, a complaint is heard iu ail the mannfaeturlng districts rega-dlng the supply of c.,t!on w inu?t be met. Ln?I<r invor of tlio AuKk>-Fri*n< h treaty the majiofacturers have palmed off moth of their '1 stoi'k as Kngllsli goods, and now they only want the material to set fresh hands f. work and sec if, with th i small protection they still retain, they ea:. not com n io Z T";'3 'hat?"''.n,f>' 'tnharr^god Ifv, f her bark, fitock. W<?rkmcn aro b?'KiijninK to murmur, and the government , w ith all its demolitions and reconstructs s cannot convert all the labor of th i coin tiy into bunding labor, and thus it begins to turn Its gaze steadily to the Southern States. Tho Due de Mala koff, irom Algeria, writes sanguine accounts of the ca pabint ui colony in cotton pnnlurtion; but time is noci ssary, and in tho meanwhile tho working iionu. 'at Ion of Franco i < not to be triflod with. I b -Hove that peis nnlly all Napoleon's sympathies aro with vou- but were tho South the foul flond himself, and his alliance would strengthen his pfisition, the Kinperyr w'ould take him to h is arms forthwith. There i.s evidently much mischief in tho wind in con tinental politics. The whole laud is in a state of absolute rermeuUitios. Not an hour run the future be depended upon. The state of Warsaw forebodes such an outbreak as will give tlio Eni|iOror of Russia employment for many a day to come. In St. Potorsburg rebellion is ready to break the shell: and whoever reckons on the a d of tho CiSir in any foreign relation, all will, I ween, rockon with out Ins host. From Hungary a crash may he oxpected any moment indeed, if rqiorts aro to bo believed, it has already com' menced. In the moiti while the government orcans in franco are making the most of the priest Passaglia's iuim phlet on the Italian question, showing how, from the verv U mjile, a voice i.s crying war, wnr on l'io Nono's pros I" cts. The King of the Belgians, too. finds he cannot itet on despite tho marriage of his son and heir with an Au? trian Archduchos-? with iut acknowl idglng the kingdom ot ltaiy. Vrliile, as a gectio persuader to bis Maieatv ?. repni t prevails that ono of tho Prlucesse,; of NaNwu's KTnrof0Ho,landWCJUl0 rrinC? ?f the son of tho Of age and toler ? ibly good looking. By this marriage onco more would the NajKdeon blood work its way to the throw) of Hoi aud, and tho Ho is- of leorx.ld. Which for tho last Uiirty years, has enjoyed tin- Dutch - nrn.'? 3 u', [ lflK,'.WI" ,mvo lo look 10 't* 0w"- The King of the Belgians, whose career has bton, in Its way, almost f"r'-"it"i:s as tli.n of the Emperor ,.f the French, will prebabj) be consistent with his fortune to th ? last. With Holland i n one side and Franco on tho other, each having n sp c la! Interest in helping themselves; each, too bavin" personal reasons for contemplating the reigning morian h w .tti an e\ il eye? for U he not an Orleanist. auddi es lie not ? it wbero erst the Dutchman sat? Ho nei d not exnect )P(^JeU l;"'t| BDd bequeath his diadem, on a bed of Mr Grandguillot has withdrawn from I ho editorship of tlio t'rn* ituhomiel, and another reigns in his stead. I his U in consequence of the article about Geneva, which rianco w ishes to famiiiarizo the popular iniud to the an nexation i>f. The Canton of tieneva already feels that tho wolf is prowling About the and is crying aloinl Witna.arm Thn r -suit Is that lh-> semi oitlc'al journal is checkod by a change of e ditorship. Hut tiio usual policy has boon played out and the govemm nt Usatis liod. The 1- rent h mind now knows, on seml-oilicLal au thority . that tieneva cannot take care of hers- If; that rrencn citizens are Insulted; that life and proiiertr are Inseeure, and that tho proper remedy for such a state of thinns is to annex tho State to Franc >. And when tho fitting time comes, the annexation will dul* occur. * M. l>ontu, of the Palais Rojsl, who is tho publisher var ae<lt>nce ol js.litical pamphlets, has put forth a Suiriie.1 , protest against the measures threatened bv tho govern ment . la whn h he di^s not scruple to say that anv further interference with the hberty ,'f the press win be t.? n mount to shutting It up .together. .am.rryos.vTlu | a sasploum prevails that this language of thereat pul i iisa.r io s-.iJ to be bUj^est-jiJ by tue governmeut v.-ho threatens him with totorfuronrte. M. I)mtn, io fi ( ' knows too min h Many of tho Lnrtiure* w I m b have bci :i loriQAlly disavowed In the Culutnus uf thu MoniUur mte: o l-oHU Jitlc tlu-y vvero si |pi #ed to bit ? publica tion* l>y authority. Tin >g ruin i t Unils Huh i(8 only rusoarao Willi the present re tritnum mi Journals, an I though oc nsiuiially a pniii|tMt muy brink louse and wear the girl) of the govoi nuient Ihery without being entitled to do to, it wiil never rto to quarrel with tint machinery ou Uils account. It hm? already done the State some nervier, and those are not iliti : i'or coating < !Y a f.ii t liTu I servant. Alt M 0>?tit<i*a prut. st means, there fore, Is Mir ply all Intimation to tlio poip world with out, that wfcntovor Iho cour t na tion It may ohoo.?o t. put on thin pamphlet or that, tli) only result o( int.- ? ri: ^ , wiih him would bo a total withdrawal of snob iuforma I tloo as Is at preset obtained. JV> T laney we shall by ir i o morn f a iy restrictions ?n iho pami hlet system [ The mafnillcont ap;aiurnt oe the Ouko of Mattel :i l as nn v ai K< in , be k fi* hawHj been Imb agree*! : I t < I r neb tli in to the I', na-inn mind. Such cur. . ires, - ? b livnrii1*, sucli plale, such loilois. n;eh l.n>: ?<*.? who but the loprcsoutative of laC'r:ml Nation uuo I,: Omml Al?ii i;v,Mi ooiild i.o tlio like Napoleon well knows i!io t li.on. i' r of tin1 |MO|d? be governs. Food I'or tTwir l>?'l . a and food lor Ibeir Inexhaustible vimity are tlio iw? prime requisites before which no ooosliinrall nn must l.o s Herod to halt. A very general luipre mou prevails lluit tho king of I ruxsia has been made k i o, to the great mortlllciH.ii n i f d. His Ma1' y'B speech c.onee nlng bin Pivlwi ri.lit to the crown ? ailuk imI ho hliHrjily in Kni'land ? i* d ilondod by all the oflicial Journals in France. fn fad it w by no means ImiKWgihlu - iih|?toiiiiii I i at the K'mperor himself, whenever It pleases him to have llin snrr*, may take a b al from hli I 'russlan bro ther's book, una maintain ibat tho vx joiuli h ing in raot t?x Uci, h? own crown will bo the free gil t of Cod. The protracted autumn uiid the entire absence ol Ameri ca: n keep I'ar i.- ny r? ti uli usually dosol ted at this tiino of iho year Tlnre are sympionis ?f the abatement of r mts, if otio may juci,y from ilio nuiiiNu orapitrtmenlf ou b ind. American places of commerce pi jseM a ?r.d speo tuole? lltorally nothiiix doing, THE AMERICAN REBELLION. Tl" Rfl?*l Commander of ih. u Hnlla from IVtw York a.1 ? ^ Ou UOVHI Navy-.Ano.Ue, ^Uc^V.'o ? XT.' UtrktU;>-Th?) Hup .JSi " l. ,i V . ' Rt '-'verpool m the sit amor ^ i"? ? and br^dly asH. rts that they ar,( fni. v ,ct?rH ' The Manchester Guardian gives prominence u- a com. iniintcatlnn, ,n whlch it ;lg?.rt,? [hjt ? ssas:^ 1 1110 fisks =?^'2 ofm^ur^X^atd1 l:"10'"" Cftlli"K f-r ^''"l-tioo cottou in AlK? ri.i. ' not>ur<igo tho producllou of T1IK HKION of kino COTTON at an END |>i'om tho Loijdoa Times Oct vj i " Amoncan cotton U actually out < / th jidl for them* went* ami thet f ix , ?' l the nio Competition is tree to ail.anll^Th' i^w'ill ?SSSSS^SvF^ and, if this can bo ncorfmp'isiuS ^d will Tr '"u^ i HON. CHARI.F.8 fit'MNKK ON St'lilPTntB, CLASSICS AND rrv _ .u . , AnOMTIONI M. fr theV?H? |" n t''"t ^"vcrnmont organ), Oct. 2fl I Wnreeste^thit r l nt i!?:'ub!|';an Ooti ve^ |V? ? c^nationof^ ? riilll .111) nnif LiL u?u4 " ? rte?rou8 HCOOPUUCC of <4tho K Jit 1|\ no Of kingH theory than any Dionarchv liati out ;? '"n ji'T"? more a"d fioptu*" * SisF""?"*" wass." sszss tezvi:,l>;'" "r rually io of tho r tn or L,bbV",l;t,V ffrowlB? mor* a",, more out ei.od^nre ir ^ "r'li? 'ry compromises of everyday Mr iiv ?i J opinion cf tho North gravely is aa a')HnturL|kwar^'Hl^1 "'V1''''? like lv io L mL? . a." "cal"st Heaven, there Is not n\*r rt * ,cjl ro?ni tor terms or parley with tho <>ua L ,n diet not $rtm Ui vre ?ni hfluiuTa^h^ H!" T" POUKr WhicK " *%*??? ,7 , againd n*u turn oirutUultil in urnf mw #... ! hoi,, who are the aulAnrt of the "rebtllvm Tb*t thoS? ?lio have made themselves parties to a comnart i.m. H? ladiro 'hei'it fr"m tlmt compaet, wo would not acknowi 5SS:r ^!y by oiie'4 ?wn North td&ruthXrctSt?X7wSJ?7',;rid^*h* Now1 'Vh^'iiiTs in !UI 0,1 behalf of the North* tho iTttiff^H c? ecntury of dominion over tho whole of (? . ?11 1 . ''-v lts continual succei-s in iu olection ?? .r'H puwor or none of t v, , . aii ,,r /tnnit.. rfr ^ -A me. man naiunahtu. Then In lenen ''.IITors from "ho V rn " r> ;",'r'S""ls " thnt South &v&^x^sg!?sia oftsn Hut He feel sure that when hoTails ba^ bettor Judgment wo'iuTa^ himto'^ln'thTpamlloli Mi .Sumner really mean that hit n, uemnuvt lut " ??>""- ! auction In tcace a ukit J Z's n L, against the S>.uth* Jhit U ? m,nat,?n s::iszx;zs";^ !.? b'i'oJing wounds of war shall be stanch, td. but ne points out towards this end no other m ?am th in war to the knife with '?rebellion- and ?r the m'.im ml"1 ?f tho H,ave*-. w' are afraid, th.rtfm-e, that Mr Si.miu.r ha/ 'Mac nolhinq toexf l iir, away the blonil'hiriJu Ixmjiuujf. which u m contrary bt tht humani/v a rut n ?<?>?,? by which hit firmer carerr ^T^rkfd Im'i war can ellect all this transformations T^oSdnd of if. trar'3"Jrra th? i? Procter jjSs.sii'jr.K it ssssvsx'sjg Bsasss sssa sHSr sarz .e.rcareuinM'ierati-ns of right wider also on both m :? s ldm to d,seTru 0f *"llCr "?"^'WUI -Ariuit 1 1IR ARISTOCKATS, AR Ht'MANITARIANS, OREAD TUB CAPTLKK OFKXW UW.KAN8. [From the T/indon IferaUl ( I )erhy organ), Oct. 25.1 We have 'aUiy li ;ard much less th in usual of tha gtaad invasion "f tbo |-outh wh ch b is been so ! promised? now from Washington, n .w <?-. the line or the Mi.-MSs.ppi. Wo have beard a great deal more or tbo "enormous pro pa a1 ions making to surround tho Confederal, s by land Jng rorces at various i>oiut? ou their coast, and march ins lb-Jin step by step luto the interior, siibdtiing tho Uulf Stites, and liomrning In on their flanks and rear tha armies or Beaurcgaid and McCuilocb. Of course the greater part or this is inere bravado. Hut it u a fact thai " 7171 I" r>l^ai at mriout points the ajiloit nf Caj ? /lateral, ami it U crtain that Xe? Orleans ha, bem v.arhd out at the mntl ,WrfaJ!| mint of attar*, if not quit.) s > aecepsible as th ris-kv islauds off the coast of North Carolina. Sucr- ss in sue^ an aiiempt wou!d redeem the d.sgrnceef Bu.l run 2o far at least, as the government and tho people of the North arc concerned It would silence the fierce and continual murmurs again?t the Incapacity and Inactivity , ormer.and retrieve tho fame <.r tlio l itter rrom the im pututlon of cowardice atnl military inaptitude. of -V-io OrUun, wubt U, UJe arf ron. Hinwd, o trrril.t* muf?rtune to all pariie* ami ineve,-v i mint wrideo'f thnWK;f?hgr^liifyi,0r, ",r> '"O'nentthe wounded f('?. thn North, delicbt the fanaticism of theaboll ' V"' ,",(l ruv've the sinking spirits of the a: my. It ? , i -l i -2 p,'CU V. <" thf rommmial fih-ur, and Oinilictir* rivalry of A? York. Hut it toM V fa , *T '* corn. yu<?C' ? uAicfc u?u!J revolt humanity, m ucehnrrr oil! onufrmaiion into the X.rthcm people or, yrafly, andaroote a rirtcvt revu.non uf feeUing mm in the AfewknglaniiStatet. For tho first eiiccf or a total defeat of the Confederate s at thai point, followed by the landing of a federal tore?, mid the occupation or the greatest city in the South, would be to light the /lames of lerviln ijuur^riim rxartly where the conihu/ratwn would be m vt fi-ighlfttl, and the means of exlinguishin( It most want ing. The moot rerkles* of the abolitionists, If he be not ut. t?iiy lost t? every cuuaiilerativo hut thojis of (t^wticiiuj. s