Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1861 Page 4
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8ALF-S OF TIK \ ti E STATIC, A NY OWN Kit OF A GOOD Hd'SK, WITH Fl LL LOT. i\ in a deniraM* neighborho >d, between Fourteenth n <1 Thirty-fourth streets, wishing for economy, to exchange for one 1 ** expet Hive, may address for one work A. C. E , Hi-laid olUco. A FARM WANTED? CONVENIENT TO NEW YORK; price not to r\ | $.\000; possesion required imme diately. Communications mutt contain full parties lars. Also, h beau' If wl brown *toue House on Mnd m.ii aventio to cx change f ?r country property. Address W A. Ure ?k Co. 3/ Park row, I BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? FOR SALE VERT LOW. A l nels 1 K'.vc I f. auic House, furnished "i* unfurnished, in perfect ord r; good lo courtyard, .V<\ Two-third* of the | purchase m m v run remain on liond and mortgage. Apply to L. C. WELD*. 41 Willow ?tu" t. Brooklyn. (11TY PROPERTY FOR DRV GOODS. -A FINK OP J portunity t><r th *? eking lOM're from business upon a real estate in ??me. Goods to go West and a largo stock preferred. Address box 706 &e\f York Post office for one I j! ARMS FOR SALE AND EXCHANGE? OF ALL VA 1 1 1 * ? i si/- h and price- ; . onwnnnt :o the * Hy by frequent trai s; pleasant, healthy locutions, mar schools, churches and good nclgbb >rh !n." } ' ?l i 1 1 \V K'K A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. I 71 ARM FOR SALE * HEAP.? A PR )DU0TIVB FARM OF ' thir iv ?ne a< r--.-, v. ? .1 !? need and watered, and in go d order, with good house, barn, outbuildings and plenty <?f f ruit, near Hempstead, twenty miles On I o i.r Tsland. Price $2,500. Inquire >d'G HA IvEk, 603 Hudson street, New York. TjlOR RALE? TO PERSONS OUT OF HEALTH. ? FOR JT dt lightful climate, see advertisement of Vineland Fanus. IjlOR SALE? TO PBR80NB 01 r OF HEALTH -FOR b a itii'ul climate, see advertisement of Vineland Farms. Ijl OR SALE? A PROPERTY KNOWN AS THE CROM well Manufacturing (Company, mi Cromwell, Conn., con sisting of Factories. Kouudry and Dwellings, together with all the machinery belonging thereto, containing fourteen acres of ground Including the runaway of six acres; also a grant from the Commonwealth of Connecticut for the exclu sive US'* of wat< r, with many other valuable advantages. This entire nropeny will be sold for $13,000 and on liberal term*, or o her property in this city or suburbs will be taken in pnymen'. Fur fur her Information application maybe maWtoDYE v ct ltT??, 808 Sixth avenue. T^OR SALE? TO ENGLISH FARMERS AND FRUIT r growers. ? Soli resembles a good part of England. See advertisement of Vineland. IP OR SALE? TO FRUIT GROWERS.? SEE ADVER ' tisemeiu of Vineland. IjlOjft SALE? THREE HORBBS, TWO BRETS, ONE Close Coach, on* set of Single Harness, $7 60; one Horse, 17 hands hi sli. good worker; one R m l Mare, 15^ bands high. p od driver; one Hay Horse, 16% hands high, o<in trot in 2 4 ? to pule. One of the B:el? is nearly new, cost $, made l>) Wood Brothers. The whole will be sold cheap. Eitherone of the horses will l>e exchanged for a light wagon. Apply tor two days in Broadwuy, between Flfty eiglith and Fifty-ninths reels. TjlOB SALE PO FEOPI.K WITH SMALL INCOMKS. I1 For coi tnge homes and small farms, see advertisement TjlORHALK-TO PEOPLE WITH SMALL INCOMES.? A1 For cotta.e homes and small lams, bee advertisement of Vineland. For ralk-on f.asy terms, a most excellent Improved farm of 130 acres, with large, first rate build ings, ail kinds ol fruit, well watered, Ac., only thirty-two in I let on L< n ' Island. Price $9,000. E A. DUNCE, No. 2 City llall place, oorner Chambers street. IIWR8ALB OR BXOHAROB? HARLBM PBOFBRTT? 1 Improved and unimproved, for good improved tenement or other roperty in a good neighborhood In this eitv. Own era only may address, with full description, Real Estate, box 1,s ju Post office. TjV>R SALE OR EXCHANOE FOR MERCHANDISE? X Six thousand dollars worth of first mortgages on eitv pro perty, all due in a short time. Apply to ISAAC A. BIGGS, 73 Nassau street. MERCHANDISE WANTED? ADAPTED TO THE country trade, in ex hang.' for 10 > acres of choice Farming Land, In Central Illinois, Jersey county. Title per fect. One-half to an equal amount of cash will be pat with it. Parties ftut* nded will address Henry, box 175 Herald office, for t ?v.. days. STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE ?A FINE Country Seat, composed of 14 acres of land, one-third woodland, situated on high grounds, commanding a line view, with a line, large, new dwelling nons*\ entirely shaded by trees; also 1 arii.e;* s house, barns, stables and fruits in abundance. Will be Bold cheap, if applied for immediately. The propei tv is three ru les from the landing. iu<iuire of MAltTl N BROl HERS t'< ? , 09 Leon ird street. Third avenue store and dwelling PROPER* ty. bes' locality ou avenue, to exchange tor Dwelling from $7,000 to $tf,0d0, in good 1 ?ca{ity, with all modern im, provements, not leas than 20 feet front; would go to Brook lyn, if within a few minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Ad dress L. B. S., box 172 Herald office. TO SELL OR RENT? AT A LOW PRICE. TWO FIRST class brown stone front Houses near Fifth avenue, Noi. 25 and 27 Forty-sixth street, with all modern improvements. Inquire on the premises or at 31 West Twenty-sixth street. VINELAND FARMS.? FOR SALE, THE BEST OF Land, r.t the new an. I thriving settlement of Vineland, only 30 miles from Philadelphia by railroad, direct to New York. Soil Is a hue clay lotm, rich and pnaluclive lor wheat, grass an 1 fruits. Divided into farms of 20 acres and up wards. at the l<*w price of from $15 to $20 per acre. One fourth ca*h, balnti. e in fouryears: also Lots ot two and a hall to hve a n-s, at from $8?) to $200 each. Fine crops can bu seen growing. T person* of small mmtai or out of busl nes> thia is a good opportunity to establish a country home snd be cert iin ol a l.vellhood. This i* tl?e right remedy for hard times. Papers nnd reports can bo had by applying to JOHN M. Moore, 191 p ari street, N w Yore. Letters Hnswere<t. Also, report of Solon Robinson, of the New York Tribune, can be obtained. Valuable country heat and farms for hale. vritl dl the buildings that are necess trj ; orchards and fruits of all kinds, new grist mill, saw mill aiid pine lumber; ?ix separate farms all attached; is situated within 6*^ hours of the city, by New York and Erie Railroad; game of all kinds; deer lake on the land; would exchange In part for rlty property; prico $l*,000l For further particulars, address D. C. Ayiv.s, Lumberland Post office, New York. &OC AAA FIRST BOKli 4KD M0S0A0B, SECi'R ed lor purchase money in land in Western Virginia, for sale at a sacrifice, or will exchange for Western land or Real Esttac or Merchandise. Address Merchant, He rald office. FOR liLLE* DIM i. STORE POE SALE? E8TABU8HED 10 TEARS, in i good I -at Ion, dot nf a g od b trinei , well stocked ; \\ ill be H>ld low, on account <>( other busbies*; goo I location for h idiyaleian or iw.-h.iii commencing business. Apply ut 200 Seventh avenue, nrar Twenty-fourth Htreet. Duv < O D8 3TCH K. WITH FIXTURES AND LEASE of Hi' r.- for >a!'-, iti a j;ood location, in one. of tb?- best huhinc.'.s avrnucM in thii cltv. The bu*in<*M ha* been es'ab li>bf>d for tw. vt* y ar Terms one-third cash, one-third wood ? i mi. two and four month*. This i?a rare chance for i rood b an So agents need appl jr. A Idr m J. M'mtgo*- *ry, H? raid ofliee, with particular*, r al uatue, Ac , and s! ?' UK win re an interview ? an be had. rum : \ B1 ri HER 8 SHOP DOT? O A K1CE JP bus;!:"-,", in the upper tart ol the city, can be bought cheap. The named Is entirely n \\ ,<x\ \ doing w. 11. In one of t.h?* ix fit 1 naitioiia thin city iitlord* T . - owner not bcin^ able ? . :? t ??*:?.! to It will #?dl at once. Call an I examine. Inquire of WM t tJi'TON, corner ol Twenty-tuird street and Fourth Nv.'ime jK)K SALE - A ? OYSTER SALOON. SO. ,;?) FIRST _J a\ "ip e, betwc n llth and 12 h stre U, d??:ng a poo.l < :nh buain?.-^; tor selling, the- owner is g-ing to Cali fornia. ? ??OR BALK LI v. K. STOCK AND FIXTC&ES OF A L lira: clas.4 Kr. ?:.? o n or hotel ch? ap. Good uriu to Mil required. f-'o I uu lei' p culiur circumstances. Applv nt Sir. ICE ACS, 7 i'hainbers sirevt. No agents need appl/. Don't jJlOE 8ALE? TH9 JTOOK and FIXTURES OF AN 1 <Md ( sta^i-h ; >e;n and Liquor Stor** on Uroudway, near Wallaek's n-'W the,ir<\ Aeadcuy *?t Music and l'alaee<!ar deiL Goad lo ise and low rent. Must b1 sold, us the owner h?s other b:i.<in??ss to attend to. Apply at 815 Ui oadway, in the segar store. ? For sale? fancy goods and toy stoke, lease Stock and Fixture*, with Dwelling: rent $.*)0. T !ili u rui ? c ? |. r n party with a small capital; reawin ?i\ .-n lor a lliii ; wtiul 1 <!*?? tanar loru city lot. Apply on tbc pre Mklaoe, I 2 t) Broidwifi N.i. Ijloit SALE? \ KEOAR STORE, SITUATED IN ONE ill the mo?i n , i nted pari* ol the Bowery, near to the Ijew U nvery rii'tfUie; leaaa for three ycir*.' Apply at 78 Bowery, in the xlore. ClrJ.l\ f 1}Y AND LIQVOR STORE FOR SALE? ON \M I nil A fine Store Jn a good businesa pat t of the at* -iu . with Horse, Wai;nii, P \tnrn?. .v<\ Miiwt h* wild I rl . v"iv low Immedlatel) to JOHN FKTTRETC1I, fio I airti av m ue. * ?\JACllIXKItV >H SALE STEAM ENC.INES AND 1?1 Hoil. in, iut> :..rv aiul jiorU' lo, four tn tit ty lior?c p.iwr; II n'tuit Knijiiina ant ,i l.irn.- ?iiiantliv of T'M! K ? . SIn'tinjt i'i 11 1 ' y > ati'i Ueltitn , t%tp;n-r Still, an-l S'afMi um I'uii, Su-ani linuii"-- Wo.->iiwoi'!i ,v NorcroaH' I'lainitiK Mnrhtne*, An. Ap| i> t i P. CASSIDY, No?. 4 an t 0 Bn.l^c Hti'tM't, II ro. .Idyti, il<- ili r <d .ill kiinl* of machinery. PATENT FOR SAI.E OB &XCHANOB, Of AN EX J tn in. ly vri'.ii.', 1<- invention. Tin- article is aimiilr, cheap, of great eoonony ami m eiletl in every family. A sure lor tuneforau intirpri.Kt; man. 8UI TH? IOK a WOOD, 82 Ifaaiaa itreet. milK.sioCIC \ N i ) KIXTUKE.S UK A (JIIOCEUY AND 1 1,1'pmi' sture neatly lilted up, foraa'.o cheap. No. 175 Jvist Sevi-uteciith .-.iruct. rpt) PKINTEKrt.? FOR SALE CIIEA1", ONE O!-' C \M1' I licl k M ??! I ii ; ? l-ylind'-r i'ica.j.?; I in uae but a *li< rt Mftad. Bold to make Ap; ly at . 7 Park row, room So. ?SFood yard ;"i! bale Ink op the oldest \\ ami I -eat imjin-iiiit in the ,i dolni; a larse anil a 111 ? !?? ? .. : i i ti'lri ly lor vt* t ./etl.or with IIuiwa \V i. mis, C i ?, II. inn ?a, Steam Eni Ine, Roller, Splitter and Mn'jtl. i t."i-i- a . foreairy.n: nr. a large trade. Lirjie M'.ck ot j o.vk wood on ban T,ie only reason for k< l . . ii I. tii.' 'i.: iwiier li"lnB < m ascd In olli 'r hi.?(neHS < air i "? "1 1 1 ? i'h. Apply on the preml?e?. West Pour t . lir.ti. Mi' r of Tcniii av 'nue. I, d siralilc lialf oaali ? U b uk :i ae bul nice may remain. II L' till LAIIEY. C'l nno T~ $S.rbo WANTED? FOR ONE-UALK OB ? 1 Ml .? t t-ri?tln u new Sin c S ore. Also for fc ^ 1 ill . ? mi Port)' i.:l ? i. stn-i't, near Slith ?v mi 1 !>? >? Hotiaeln Bro '? ???.; , ntjp |9QOiet|lllfld i '?i A i P. (' \.,or..iU at 3l't Pine street, room M . S, I. ? en I! aid 3 o'clock. DEITUTRYi iETTFTOfAL UONlt Pli.i.lN>> FOR DBOAYED JX ne b? ?itim-iii-d aofl and .n n ? no pain. Aching teeth ? ?' 1 1 ? ' t ? ? 1 M' ' ? llcil a Till pr' ? . 1 1 1 i iv I ii ,* i im'< >y < n r J. PK l|t< IN i?. Ro una H.7.1 itr . dw . ?; c ^??vcu ' "'I'. I. N. Ii. ? Hi ware of liiu wortlil sh ,tu 'a l to ii h ui a i op, r.itors, ASrmOIAL TEETll .-ONLY $-t FOR IiKAl DPI I. j\ mr-i-t ii i..l aeu on pure - ilver; in line id unit j latitia, $ii. Smitle Teeth, $1. Teetli idled and extracted w I. hunt tne leasi pain. Sujierlor Bone Piling only Mk'. All ?- rk warranted. Oillco 138 Sixth avenue: t no removal.) Dr. LL'tlli:i{, 'Denti?U \ RT1PICIAL TEETH -DRS DURKIM AND P.OCS SKAl) cootinn to extract teeth in HV'neennili, with tit ill ? ii;i teat pa n Te oh In,., rie 1 . wr suiinpa. No extra < iiai g. .or temporal y >? la, or extraction m ! i i ? arlilieial teeth are Tn. rted. D. *. DURKIM A ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal t e t, one d or from Laorcna, \ SI II AVE I1ADTHRPE TEETll EXTRACTED WITH in fneliiu iiiy t. i'i whatever, by Dr J .IAYVILLERS, ..Mtl an-. ? ' ???i. I ei'iiully in- rt tlilaa. a rec.mmenda l i loan . iti. rl ? - ?i ? " ' . MLltPIP. , N . J M.n' -,1 1 xet. HOf7SS!0, nor?!!X. <?C., TO liRT, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET OR FOR SALE? at Rye. West CI es'.er county; a pleasantly situated tv\ <> story lit lie am! basement House, with about four acres of land, 'gnrdeu, orchard, stable, barn, carriage house, Ac. Kent until May $75. Apply at No. 5 Ludlow plaoe. A PART OF A WELL FURNISHED 1IOU8K TO LET? J\ t-n mlnuUs' walk Irom the ferry; modern improve ments, witli all the facilities for houbek'epinft; local to u very 1 1 ..*ant. Apply at 151 York street, Jersey City. Good refe rences required. 4 FINE BASEMENT TO T ET -IN A BEAUTIFUL JV brown stone house; water, cas, Ac. ; two large Rooms, three licdio'uns and two Pantrbs; rent cheap to a small family; hou o has a good umo-i cellar, cemen.ed a,*d brlck ud. Apply ah 4M West Thirty -It ft h stroet. A II ANDSOMK THREE STORY DROWN STOVE l>?vtl n ?, iu an Improving loc ition uptown, w <t side, W"Uld ? e exchange I for a house In Brooklyn (with stab If preferr d), orforom* below K ghtventh street. New York. WM. W. HEiJIiKKD, N j. 4 W il.iaiu street, up stairs. TjU'RNISllED HOUSE TO I ET ? A FAMILY WL^HING r to I ? i v i town for the winter, will let their In u ? until May, to a small family, wit .out children. The hour Is very hn? ly furnished, mi 1 ?? *:?) ? ted throughout w Ith velvet ana tapestry: ir. thoroughly (leaned, and in perfeet order. The hou-e (114 Wcht Twenty- t tth *tr? t 1, between Seventh and Eighth avenues), cun be seen between the hours of 11 and 2, until Saturday. TjlURMSHED HOUSE TO LET ? A THREE STORY AND L1 attic high si oo u House, furoishc 1 throughout, to l"t, In cluding linen .ind sliver; one block from the Opera House a: i I nlon square. Apply to LOUDON A CO., 27fF Fourth avenue. 17IURNISHED ROOMS.? TO LET, A SUIT OF HAND I1 s unelv furnished Kootus, suitable f ?r a small family. Inquire at 1&6 Tenth str ct, between Tnird and Fourth avenues. House to let? on broadway, near the fifth Avenue Hotel, contain lug 80 room . twobathi fine entrance; admirably arranged for a boarding or a club house. Carpets and Oilcloihs for sale. Addr-s K., Madison st|uare Font olUee. IOFT8 AND OFFICES TO LET? IN NO. M MAIDEN J lane, wl ii good lights; possession immediately. Apply to U. J. SMITH. 24 Liberty street. OLD STAND LAGER BEER SALOON? A TWO STORY and bus "incut House and Garden, Sixty-*eventh street and Fourth avenue; also Lots to lease. Apply to .1. AMORY, Sixty-sixth street and Madison avenue. lt? lit low. PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET? FURNISHED OR unfurnished, Ran and l ath, separately or together, suit i ble for a club of gentlemen, business purposes, or housekeep ing. Inquire at 90 Third avenue. PARTIALLY FURNISHED, ON TENTH STREET, THE second fio >r; two li. rge I'urlors and Bedroom, with closets, bath, gas, Ac.; nice kitchen, containing ? \cry eotive nience ; house is occupied bv a private family; location un exceptionable; rent to suit tnc times. Applv a t'blM liroad way. I'EET A KM iilT. OTORE TO LET AND FIXTURES FOR SALtf CHEAP, O on the corner of Third avenue and Sixtieth street. In quire at No. 9 Delancey street, or on the premises. TO LET-FURNISHED, IN TWENTY FIRST STREET near Fifth avenue, a Parlor and one or two Bedrooms with large pantries and bath room, on se end floor; w til bu let to gentlemen or a small family, with privilege in kitchen if required. For address apply at the Madison square Post office. mO LET-NO. 68 WEST BALTIC STREET, BROOKLYN, X a full three story House, having every modern Conve nience an I in superior order: will be let low 10 a yiod tenant. Apply toil. STEVENSON, 2lrt Court street, Brook lyn. * rpo LET.? UNUSUAL ADVANTAGES OFFERED TO RE L sncctahle paitl'S. ? The two Houses Nos. -o7 and 259 West Twtnty-thlrd street; also No. I IS and 170 Went Twenty fourth street. Apply to P. HARM* >NY'S NEPHEWS & CO., 81 Greenwich street, or to A. LhAMAN, 217 West Twenty third street. rpo LET? THE THREE STORY BRICK COTTAGE X II >use, It) Mansfield place, for $200, from now to the 1st oi May, the u $550 per annum. The house Is furnished with Crt ton, gas ami gas fixtures, w ater closets, washtubs, hot and cola water, vault, extending from house to street, under . e ?t?i the courtyard, ac. Keys may be h id at No. 7 Mansfield p ace. Inquire of PAUL GROUT, 123 Broad st. TO LET? AT 204 FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER OF TVVEN ty- sixth street, a splendid Store and Basement; would make a line restaurant. Terms very low, so that a business can be established. TO LET? THE LOWER PART OF A GOOD SECOND class House, with uli the modern Improvements, high stoop ami in a very respectable neighborhood. 1.18 West Thirty-seventh street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Kent very low. rpo LET-THREE STALLS, IN A PRIVATE STABLE. J. with separate 1 ift, food bins, harness closets, water, gas, Ac.; or thre ? Horses will be taken at livery prices. t?> teen as niu'h as they pit ase. Inquire at No. 9*J West Eighteenth street, feed store. TO LET? THE FOUR HTORY ENGLISH. BASEMENT House, 89 West Twenty-sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; has all modern Improvements; rent very low until May 1. Inquire of HENRY II. M OB A NO E, lo7 Br > ad way. TO LET? FURNISHED, AS THE HOUSE IS AT PRE scnt, 324 West Twenty-second street. It can be seen from 10 10 4 o'clock, aud lo a private family who ar ?? resjvons.ble, terms wul be veiy favorably low. Inquire on tl.o premises, 01 at my residence. F. NICIIOLLS, 91 West. Thirteenth st. rpo LET-THIRD STORY OF THE BUILDING IN REAR 1. of 76 Sullivan street, 107x22 feet, suitable tor a light manufacturing business. rpo LET? NO. 15 WASHINGTON PLACE, SECOND X block from Broadway. House iu good repair; rent low toaprl\ate family. TO LET? AN ELEGANT EX TENSION ROOM, WITH board for a gentleman aud w ife; hall room for a single gentleman; house first class, 24 West 2lst street, near Fifth avenue; pleasant parties will find refined an I good society. References exchanged. rpo LET? lIOU>E NO. H rorTAOKT'I^LCE. BETWEEN X Bleeeker snd II Misten streot?; convenient to husmcsfi and Sixth avenue cars, and plea Jan t location; rent $.a*.i<i per year. Can be seen from II to 3, or a ldivss W. II . Taluott. box .1,254 New York Post olliee. IV) LET? IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY BRICK . housson Canton avenue, one do., a little out of the elty near city railroad? w 1! rent part or whole of Utter very low. Apply to G. A. SMITH, 2 >7 Broadway, corner of Fulton street. New York. rpo LET-THE ELIGIBLY SITUATED AND ELEGANT i X four story brown stone IIou.v, 22J West Hi : ty- ourth j street. The lowest lent in the city lor the let.s \ accommoda tion*. style, Ac. Apply on the premises, 01 as per nlll. TO LET? THE LARGE THREE STORY AND FINISH I I) an i? brick House, No #) White street; uis* mI n .1 en immediately. Apply to C. ROLMAGE, No. 5 Park )>lace. rpo LET-ON BROADWAY, NEAR CANAL STREET, | L all the sec- >n. | Floor, four Rooms, for b'tslness or hotts* - I keeping; would make ;l good stand for a dressmaker or mil liner. Apply to SMITH, 175 Broadway. T> LBT OR FOR SALE- A FINE SALOON, ON"m55t favorable terms. A compei-nt person can avail him self of a ^ood business with little money. Location good. Address Siloon, l-lera'd oSUce. Q7 TI LL MAY. ? FI V E BRIC K I I ll SES, TE N l'J M ) M S 1 V I ' ' e-.i !i. in \ order. Eighteouth street, b\ Hilrd ; avenue, Brookl>n. it ). BROW N, T l.-d rv. nu ?. by S. ven 1 t-enth street, ? i El.ivlNG BENEDICT, No. 1 Court street. All the Greenwood cars. | IIOI SES, ROOMS, &C., WANTKD. A HOUSE, FURNLSHKD COMPLETELY, WANTED? J\. ity a responsible \> r y. Addr *<, with terms and do siiptlonof premises, H., Gox 770 P'"t o,lil?.? \\^ANTEI>--A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN A OOOD ?? neighborhood o until May 1, ? : ? : tin* rati" t $1,20 ? \ .i i l.*n a v?i:'c and one child. Address II ? s - , h,.\ nii INi*: olllce. TENANTED? IX THIS CITY, OR IN BROOKLYN, BY A ? f MMUit-mnn hiiu ii.-?w : ? ? . u . ? * i 1 1st ?. May, nn cl.-^anily furnished 11 ous**. Addre^sE. It., t *x 17u H< raid offiw. \Vr ANTE D? A LARGE ROOM, OR ROOM AND BED f T room, furnished with everything necc*siry tor I on--,., keeping except bed lnu;, ftiicln .1 in : Has, iti a private house. Terms not i > cx.-eed per month. Audress O. W. Marriott, 41 Eighth avenue. W ANTED-!!Y A OENTLKMAN, A FURNISHED ?? Room, in tin vicinity of Union square, In a quiet house, with privileges and no boarders. Tho terms must be modi-rite. Addreiis box 3,181 Pout olllce. urAxn;i)- a furnished ok unfi rnishkd ? T IIoum', in a fjoo I location, by a small responsible party, just returned from Europe; house must be iir*t class, con tain all the modern Improvements, and the rent iu accord ance with the times. Apply at 820 Broadway. KAtlKSIONS. CI HEAP EXCURSION TO CAM I*S ON HTATEN ISLAND. J Fare six cents by Staten Inland ferry, foot of Whitehall street, between the Mattery and South ferry. Boats leave evciy hour l'rom 6 A. M. to 7 l\ M. On line Sundays every hail uour to I P. M. MEDICAL. IK IMPORTANT WORK. -A GUIDE FOR THE MA It l\ tied, ?>r those contemplating P. The afflicted, debilitated or di^aned should not m*tr> or adopt any treatment till they have it | Mined themselves of the truth, only lound in Dr. LARMONT S Paris, Lunlui and New York Medlenl Adviser and Maritime (iuit.e Csah edition). Mslled for $ 1 b> RICH ARDSON, No. I Yrv? jr street, and ROSS A TO U SKY. 121 Nassau sticet. The bin !' r cur"* all such affections, recent or ol I'Uitf S' indum, expe lltiaisly and rrlvaudy, an ?or years past, at 047 Hr- a lway, up stairs, from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. V FFEl TIONS C APSED P.Y MERCURY AND CERTAIN ? \ diseas s are speedily cun d 1 y Dr. WARD, 1-' Lalght tr.-ft. The doctor is ;t? ??? i: -? ;? nl .?? t ^.?i?in?'". \ PERFECT C i. IS i, MIAN 1T.P.D? A RVDP'AL l\ cure i- a!wav- e r-cte i, by DR. WARD. 12 I. i ,ii? -< r ?, t Cures be?idea in hail' the usual time and at b iff t'; ? % ?? # DR R. COBBETT, MEMBER OF THE NEW YORK I !itvei>Jty ( M-*diCHl College.) and College * . St;r.v-oii'?, lio:idon, ? a:: lie consulted wit li the most hotiorab! ? . ?nti ?'ti sp? diseas* ?*, at his olllce, 20 Centre street, mar Ch.i n bers street. N. il.? 8ee Dr. C. 'a diplomas in hisoUi ??. Prlvai ?. entrance at No. 6 City Hall place. DR. COOPER No. 14 DP ASK STREET, MAY BE CON suited on all di-r isci at a . ? 'am l ature. T? . enty.-i at \ears exclusively d? ? !-? \ to t'.c e eornplainu enable lurn to warrant a cure in all * a.- s. The victims o: ur pLt'ri cou'i den eln medieal preuuifcrs < an call, with a cutrlnty of b 'ingra lleally cured or n ? p ?y. DR. HUNTER Has FOR THIRTY YEARS CONFrNED his attention to d ? ? h -.s o a certain class, in which h*? treated no b'SS th in ,V),0?Ji) < a ???-, without an instance of failure, llis great remedy, D.\ Hunter's R al Drop, cures eer dn dbeases when r?vi.;. r treatment and all other reme dies tail; cures without dieting < r restriction in the ba'dts of the | atieiit; cures with <\v .the disgusting arid sk-kenlnjc ef 1rc of all other icmedies; cure* in new esses In less than six hours. It toots out the poisonous taint the blood ts sure to. sorb unless the remedy U use J. It in 81 vial, and catt le t h-< obtained ;;*?nuliie anywhere than at th*? old of';, c. No. 3 i?i\ 1 Ion street. Bock for nothing that treats of the effects of rly abuse. Dr. Ralph, offices i.w crosby street, cop. it- r of lloston. Hours, 11 to 2 and ti till 9 P. M. Dr. ward is treating all diskxsks of M3 mabs with unri a ied stjecesa Somethin for every j 1 * ? ? y ? \.i* ra iienef '.<? r Ot'i? <? li L i g it str -' t. |>Ri ?FKSSOR RESTKLL, 162 CHAMBERS SI RKET, CAN I be c? i - " lt??d, a - naua), or by letter to box 2, AJ'J. lioston ollice, No. 6 Harn>on avenue *. CKKK THK TRL'K PHYSICIAN ? DR. WARD, NO. 12 i i". lit str? ?<, has -ore innumeratde ra?es and will | ?l-ee ,;ve \uu re-tord health. Precast unite not, but i call u,i;. TIIB TURP. pENTREVILLE COURSE, LONG ISLAND -MONDAY, \J Nov. 11, 1861, ftt 2), o'clock, match lor $I,00i), half for feit, mile aud re-peat, t< ? harne s. J. C. II II names gray ? ttlllon Yniiiin America, two years old, aired by Gray Me* aenger, dam by Murte use's Alnlallah rn ire Jenny Li ad. J J. B vms name* black stall! n Moigan L. Mott, two yearn old, aired by Ethan Allen, dam Gray M"-s< n er marc T u h Not. GuO I day and truck. BEVINo x CONKL1N, Propi u UK*. pHOTREVHl?,B COURSE, LONG ISf.AND? TROT \ J lln^ ?Thorn 'av. Nov. 7. at 2>a o'ol ck. PurM* and sialic $&X), half forfeit, mile heats, bunt 3 in 6, in harm ks, drivers to weigh 190 j ounda each. J J. Joslyn na res 1 : ? in ir, formally Bunnell Bay, N. If. Owner name* Rowtly. William Whculan uam s Laih Bevln*. BEVIN8 A CON KLIN, Proprietors. "CUSHION PLEASURE O ROUND ASSOOIATION. X1 Fashion C?ur?e. Wednaalay, Novmbi r t>, at Jo'eio , a inutfb lor $200, mile heats, beat tltree in five, to wa ? ns. George Bond nam* a s. g Speed the Plough, John Mer - n names a. g. Union Ponv. Ploy or p?y, Admltian c 50 catiUu Joseph iko< heron, mu . r. UNION COURSE. L. I. ? TROTT1 NO.? A STAKE OF $l*>dea h will open lor the following horses, inde heats, b ntliin 5, two or m r- to make a race? 10. Widow M l' a to a wagon, cairytug 173 pounds, snd the fol'owing hoi -. to go in harness ? 1. g. What In It? bik. g?. Gen. Iftitbr, b! m. Bonny side, h. g. Frank Temp o. To < log* on Wcdn? s 'l/ evening, November 0, at 8 oYloak, atSn-w * house, No. G Bowory. To come oil' on Tuesday, N vt mi) r 12. It ?w?> start the winner taken two-thirls of the g ?? money, and if three mart it guns to the second beat horse. 811 AW A WHITE, Proprietors.^ UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTH NO.? ON THURSDAY, Nov. 7, at I o'clock, a mateh for $.'00, mil*- I a . ' ? ' 3 m ft Geo. 11. Cooper names l>. g. t nowtb r, to a wa?ii ?, Mr. Campbell names gr. g. Major Au lerson, to ti * pleases. A good day and track. SHAW A WIlfTE Proprietor*. HORSES, CAIIHIAGKS, &C. A FINE BAY MARK, SIX YEAR* o D; A HOC way, but little lined, an 1 a new 11. u ne for sale low. Apply at private stable, 40 East Thirty-thud sheet. A DARK BAY SADDLE HOK E, l.v, HANDS HI III. wi n< mi fault < r blemish, sound an I I ind, . lao \\ ?l br. ilven t" harness, and one of the loos' ? legart hoi -, s in the cit.v. Sold for want of uae. Apply at lOi r ulton street, up h a on. A STYLISH DAPPLE RROWN TRAINED SADDLE 2Y llcii ae, hands high, perfectly sound ami kind, for sale cheap, a. n owner h > nowise to, him. Can be seen at Montague's, TwentjMilrd atr eft and Sixth avenue. Ahorse, wago* and harness wanted to wlni*..? A person thoroughly a<*iuainted with lioraea would i ?k ? one and carnage for the winter, or 1 mger, for a very fltnall suirt, eouaplering tha Use of hire nearly equiva lent to the keeping. Ad.lreaa Yorker, II* raid ollice. OOARD- FOR lloUSKS, IN WESTCtfl5STER CO! NTY, J > at j>0 i r montU: will i>e w??U fed with cut hay and feed. !<:i< i i , box I ,'i> lli iald <>ll!oe. 14M)R SALE? A GENTLEMAN WILL SELL HIS leatlii r t? ? p Wagon, in line condition ; al?o, a single iiar ne-*M, by on?* ol the best makers, used but a l'ew times. Price ot b< th $125. Address S E., lis Hflyald oHlce. IjlOR SALE? A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY MARES, 1 betw een six and a. veil years old; also, a close R Ka* way and Harness. Apply at Mr. Mead's stable, U) Waits street. T.1UR 8 ALE ? A BAY HORSE, I6>* HANDS HIGH; 1; long tail; is the handsomest conj?c horav* in this eity; tlo* j r ?perty ? f a gentleman who lias no uae l? r him; gnaiantccd sound and freo from faults. Inquire at 35 Broad street, upstairs. TpOR SALE? A RAY MARE, LIGHT TOP WAGON I1 and Harness; the Mare Is years old, 15 hands high; will be Hold, sep;.r iteor together, very low lor cash, <?r would take coal or groceries In trade. Inquire at No. 1 Tenth ave nue, corner of Twelfth street. Houses, carriages, sleighs, harness, bells, itr. ? a I true st >ck of family Carrlsg a, Bugg er gro eei's' and business Wagons, second hand Wagons, Sleighs. 50 II rwes, ,tc., selling ol!' cheap, at 10 Nevina street and 1 &i Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. QLKIGH AND BEL L8 WANTED? A SUROH, WITH lO two scats, to carry four persona. Tbe pii -e must be low. Address II., Commercial Advertiaer ofllee, with lowest price. \fERMONT HOUSES FOR SALE ?A SPLENDID SPAN of b'aek Blackhaw k Mares, 5 and 6 years old, l.V? hands high, an 1 sound and kind, full sisters; good roadsters an I line saddle animals; for style and action cannot be surpass ed. Also several good single Horse-*. Can be seen at Wash ington ii ,;1 81 Mm, 1,061 and 1,95S Third avenue, Harlem. \\T ANTED? A HANDSOME OKAY HOB8B. TO MATCH ? T one; must be 15*^ bands high and trot m three minutes or less. Apply at Montagues stables CO and OS Wast Twenty -third i treet, TKTAVTED? A SADDLE HOBSE FOR AM OFFICER TT of rivalry, about 1ft hands high, good style, well miisrled, wetl trained and sound In all iesp"<*f.K; must stand the thorough examination of a eomnetent judge; bltck color preferred. A 1 dress War, box 11U lfer.ild otllce. WANTED A WELL BROKE AND GKNTLE SADDLE Horse tor a lady; must be sound ami kind in harness; gray preferred. Address P., H *ra!d ofllce. T HE WAR, A FEW RESPECTABLE YOUNG MEN WILL BE A (! cpted t ? i??arn the u<e of the new weapon. Early ap nileatlou should be made at the headquarters Gen. Barry s Rocket Battali'>n. 455 Broome street. A GOOD COT, A (iOOD LOI'NGE AND A (iOOD Chair, all in one piece, size when folded 4 by 6 square and two feet long. C.imn cm st, army trunks, camp stools, Ac. (it RLE Y A BRADY. 412 Broadway. /10RPS OF INSTRUCTION. -A NEW MILITARY \J corps, similar in plan to tin? New York ( Hawkins') Zou aves, is org tul/od, and meet on Monday, WedneadavH and Friday evenings of eaeh week, at ro ?m N?>. 8. Men e?*r House, and Invite the young men of New York to joPn with th'tvn. 1'artle.s desiilng information will apply at rooms on those evenings, between and 8 o'clock, us the drills commoucc at 8 exactly. RAND PRESENTATION OF COI.ORS TO THIRD I 7 Irish I ogiment. - Tho steamboat GEN IRTHUR will c ?nvr y passengers to David's Island on the day of the pre sentation, leaving her pit r. foot of ivck s.lp, ate. even o'clock, Thursday, Novemher 7. l*areea h \v*y '25c. There will be a presentation or color* to tiie Six y tirst regiment, Col. Spencer VV. Cane, corn man iitii?, at I'anin Harris, Ststen Island, on Wednesday, the 6th inst., at3 P. M. The leaves pier No. '2 North river every hour. Suites will be iu readiness to convey visiters from" th<* beat to the ramp. rpWKLFTH RKGIMKXT, N. Y. S. M.. COMPANY O, 1 (lap?. Wrn. Kowier. ? Thin < ompauv, rcorganxing for the w ft!-, is fa.-' tilling tip. Non-commissioned oiir-i* and a team s cr wanted. Apply at tho recruiting station, i?U*> Pearl str?et, or at Palace Garden. rilllK Hl'TLERSHIP OK A REGIMENT, ALREADY A full and at tie- seat of war, may bo purebred by ad m essing Sutlership, Herald otlice. TTNUEp STATES ARMY.? MEN WANTED, TO KILL I J up First livftaiion Twelfth l'm:e,! ShU'-s Infantry; head juaro'is at Fort' H, N. V. AU<? in:ei;ig nit nr*n for non-C'Uitnlsjdonrd otflcers. Apply at 79 Chatham street, to t'anain A. DALLAS, I'n'i .'d Suit, 's Army. fTNITED STATES MUSTERING OFFIt E.? OFFICERS 1 1 < ' Yolunteei f ah mid havo wr.l ten authority from their Coloivds lo recruit, >n evidence t > the timed States Muster lug Olivers for transj or.ation or settlement or acceunts. This written authority should also be endorsed by the United States mustering and dldmrsin.: otllcer. No account will be p?id or transportation given, unless the above rule i- conformed to. CA IBLB BODIED MEN WANTEDVTO OO IMME V/ d.atelv ??> Washington, to jo n the THIRD HKt \ I M 1?N f EXi KL*HOR 1UUGADE, t'oionei a ki.son T vyi.ok. The above number of men are wanted to complete a new company forming by lif.i t. pexxock, tX 0 Hro id *v av. The recruits will be uniformed ?ef >rc leaving the city. Pay anil rations c >mmence on signing the roll. $li*> BOUNTY will be #i> n to every man who is honorably discharged. Support for families guaranteed. I ffA APLE BODIED MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY? lov to proved f ) Washington, to join the Thirty -sixth regiment, .N. V S. V., Col. C, II. Innes. JAMES GltANT, Lieutenant commanding, recruiting station, J401 Canal sti-cet. ASTROLOGY. \ ST0NISH1N0.? MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH -il. daughter, has a gift of foresight; tells how soon and often you will marry, and all you wish to know, even your very thought*, or up pay; lucky charms free: her equal is not to be found; her magic image is now In rull operation. 184 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 25 cents. Gentle men not admitted. Madame bay, moseybnth avenue, nkab iwen ty seventh street, surprises all who visit her. Tne Kick, troubled and unlucky should test her powers. She tells your very thoughts, lucky Mimbets, losse*. Ladles, '25 cents; gentlemen, 50 cents. Ml? COLCHESTER, THE GREAT TEST MEDICAL AND business medium, can be consulted on any aJairs t f life at liis rooms, 371 fourth street, or by letter. Pnv.ite seance, Thur.-d ly evening. \T It. -WHO HAS NOT II K \H'? ( >K THE CELKRIiA ?LN ? ted Mme. PRlCWSTKR, who has been consulted by thousands in this and other cSti? s with entire satis action? She feels confident that she ban no equal. Sh" tells tin name of future wife or husband, an 1 ih t of her visiter. If you wi-h truth give her a rail, at 1.S8 Thirteenth street, be* ow Second avenue. Ladies K) cents; gntlem-n $1. 1 >EAD THIS.? A PHRENOLOGIST VXD ASTROLOGIST JV that beats the world, and ^.'?.ot^) reward lor any one wboa?n? i ,-ii' ;?) iil-JUUO Tiii; '.vV,o '? ac*?vuow ledge;! to 1 oeiv !?dy Tp tmsTTty' wno {ruHifu^y giv, .. information concerning loss -s, law dts, Journeys, ^'?"ut fr:~nd^, lore, cour' Mp, marri g *, health, "wealth, and who will r^elaim drunk' n and unliiuliful husVands. MissW ?s the only per r.on in this city who lots the genuine Komnn an?l Arabian t.;lNmans for love, good In k and all b i^ir.esM affairs, and are guarantees f< r life. I'e'ay not to con-init this naturally fi n d and be.uttiful .voting lady. Lucky numbers given. Ii"My respectable city rete.ences tan be seen at her n si* tioii e, lui Sixth avenue. rnjIE GREATEST WONDER IS THE WOULD 18 THE I y in and a. campli-he l Mad-ime llYitON', i i nn Pari-, I who cm be consulted with the stri : -st contidencc on all a'.valrsoi life; rest- a ?< <!runk? ti -m l unfaithful husbands: I has a secret to mak ? nbelov-d >v your's ideal .and i briags to v ther those long sep i rated. * Ladies cents. Itesi* j di u -? 9') Third avenue, a" v- Tw?-!ftii s*r. ft. I r. sTi.uivan sntiiKi.- riii: oxi.v Tia K .Viktki> I '??) and wondertul lady Mr . II Kol.MM, In tins city. I who ran be eonsu'tcd with the ?dri?:i-t eoi.flderice on all I alfairs of life, embracing la.v \ r ur'ship, Mitr. age, Sick* in as, Inte; pa.-n, ? S ? ? tior. ?, I . \ ? v .its, Husltu s% ir vei ling, At.-< ru Friends, Property, .v. She has also a ecret lo I make vou l?? lo\e 1 yo-ir h^'v I " and brings together I those long '?fpara'e I. K -me.mber her i silence, 43 Sullivan str.-c'. QM Hi >;.? ? ?. -1/-*^ BOWFRY, NEAR BROOME STREET.? MADAME 1UU WIDGKP. l'ialr\ oyiur. and gd ted bpanish la ly; un veils the master I ot futurity, love, marriage, absent friends, sickness; prescrib a medi? lii. s for *11 diseases; tells lucky numbers, property lost or stolen, Ac. 1IUURIW. Biluakds -1'ok sai.i;, a &n,K.vr>in stock <>r m-w md ?econJ band for i73, #U*0, ?IU, $L'n, fl'.'j iilid $2.',0; cvi rvrhtr,^ ? < >t>. ti < >> ti I?t. OrdtT. by mat! attended to ujr W. II. U1MFF1TII, 146 Kulton miT.t. SMALL BILLIARD TABLE \V AN TKI).? A PAIiTY DK siren to pur> hii.H-- a ?iu:i)t ISil . i..r?l TuMe i-hM ip 1 >r casb. Any one liftvinu ? ([ood labia, vrlt:i llturrt mpMa and

M.^rp'n n*i>'i>iouili?ui preierrcd, may udttreaa bui Uv Lie | ruM uuioe. ?QARPwro ^oi^jycb A8JIAI.I, Pltl V ATE KA?IIL,Y,\VOL'I'I;i l*KT A HAND. ?omely fin .ashed Room on th*. Mcon? ? Vi w*lh Hoard, to h sliulo gentleman ? r a gentici. ,u!i tt{jd his wife, The room contains hot and cold wuht and ^ "Htn room adjoin, in^. Also an in try room ou the thin* "oor' Apply at iWl Lexington avenue. R^fercn. en required. 4 T I,12.H AND 1,12^ BUOADWAY-JLlNDfik >MK SI IT OK J.\. Ro >ms, with private table or ubV u hoiei "'so Rooms l? rgetiffemeu, with Board, between Twenty -tifiha, Twenty. slxtTi ait *ets, near Fifth Avenue Hon I, A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET? WITH BOIMW. o i or two Rooms, handsomely furnished, on neb. 'n,l tioor, to a desirable partv, at a moderate rate; locution deslv ** bio. Apply ai ?M5 \\ eat Tuirty-liititstreet, between Eighth a us.' Ninth avcuues. HANDSOME Hl'IT AND AT.SO A DOUBLE ANH KIN gl?;14iii>tu 10 la lliB lim llu.3 limine, 111 6? 1 , IV. 'lint, cufnir 8 v. nth alieqt; itloner at tU. Cilll ut um' or luidri'H.t box 3, .'US 1'hki office N trNtJHI! AT.T.Y PI,RASANT, ?ARf!K FRONT K()6m, L With or williouL Jil clnmiu riiniinuiil.'utlug, uifco u in o ilroom, with Hi hi I'lii.i.i lloHid. 11 isii inc.. uiul private. ?>??? "whanged. Ajiply ut 19 Unlventity place, comer A a: PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY, LIVING AT NO. 1H lift i ? st nue, would accomi e with line Rooms and p?od ii< ani u few persons of row i Mutability, who can furnish good rule re in e. 'Fliero i* a fln?* Baaeu.ent in the hoiue suit able low a physician, Dinner at G o'clock. A PLE \SANT SUIT OP ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR, J\ handsoim-ly furnished, to let to a | arty of gentlemen or a small family. House contains tho modern Improve ments. A pply at JO Went Eleventh airuvt, near Broadway. A PARLOR AND ONE. TWO OH TJIREE BEDROOMS, T> nds >nnTy furnished, with be.-. I .of Boarding. Accom in laiims to hit to one l-uully in a private dwelling near J'uii ty-nt cond street, between Broadway and Pi. Ui avenue. Address ho* 4,ljH Post ofll.e. A SUIT or TWO <<it THEEB R00M8 OM SECOND I V lloor, an. I 11.11 Room on third lloor, to let. wiih Board, ai No. art Went Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. References required. A T THE LARGE FIRST CLASH DOUBLE HOUSE NO. JV 127 Bicker *treei .west ol ami near Broadway, in a really lirst elit ? faintly Boarding House, with Room*- asur p- n?-d in hi/ and comfort, n suiia or dingle; tho oh? .|)?*at place in the city for the atyio and quality of wliat is olftned. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM ON SECOND lloor. hath room adjoining; uUo newly i'nrnihiieU hin?le iw..?in-? to lot, without Board, to ^ont!cm?'i?. i l "Fourth ave nue, near Ninth street, one block from iiroadwuy. ' A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A GEN, in a stri tiy nrlvato l.imily, in a plcaKant ioca .1011, m ar U roadway and fourth avenue. No. iG Liaai Nine t< nth Street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT No. ft LUDLOW j'la* , would let a handsomely furnished front Room, on h. ''iiii i ih??r, to a Konth man and wife or single gentlemen, wkh or without Board; the house has all the muderu im prov'omentn; refen nc? s e*< iiangcd. AN ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR| COMPLETELY AND Jx. handsomely furninhed, to l;t, with Hoard (private tablo if required), in the lirst class house .'?2 K ?st Fourteenth si root, betw ean Fifth avenue aad Univi roily i?. ..???, in vi w < f Union fiqaaie. A A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT OR hack Kyomi to 1? t, with pood Roaril, !u the very ?l?'slr. able house it)0 West Eleventh street, m ar Sixth avenue. No better location, no liner twoms to be had: tamily small. Ite ferenrcs given and required. A FEW VERY PLEASANT ROOMS TO LET, FlTR JV nUhed or unfurnished, with or without Board, in a pii vnte family ; gas, bath, Ac. ; eonvenient to most of earn and Slav* in the eity. Apply ut 65 Tweuty -fourth street, near Loxingtou and Fourth avenues. A FRENCH FAMILY, LI VINO IN OOOD STYLE, would accommodate a family ol a iuits, or a party of single gentlemen, with furnished Rooms and a lirst d iss French table; terms very reasonable. Apply at No. 10 West Thirteenth street, near Fil th avenue. A FEW VERY PLEASANT Rooms TO LET? FIR nished or uufurnisheii, with or without Board, in a p.ivHte lainily; *:as, bath, Ac. 171 West iwenty- sixth street, uear Eighth avenue. At :ii CLINTON PLACE, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Broad wa, . ? A nautisomeiy furnished suit of Kooma to let, with Board; also desirable single Rooms for gentlemen. AT 120 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF B. oadway.? A suit of front Rooms, with Board, con* slating of Parlor, two Bedrooms ami Dath room. Also single R .oms. Best of references given and required. A FEW SELECT BOARDERS CAN OBTAIN DKSIRA ble Rooms, in a first class House, having ail the modern improvements, where every attention will be juiid to their comloit, by applying at 123 west Twenty-fifth street. AOESTLKMAN AND WIFE OR TWO ftlNLOLE OEM tlcmencan obtain Board, with hi:iidst>me,y furnisuod K?>oins, iu a small family; locatiou dcsirade. Apply ai 6& Montague street, Brcokiyn. AT i:w MADISON AVENUE.? A GENTLEMAN AND wife seeking a home In a lirst class piKat - house, eun hml a Suit of Rooms, on second tioor, v%Hh nuaiu, as above. Also a Room for a siugle gentleman. oi rctie reuco ^lveu and rcquiretl. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL RENT THEIR ROOMS, furn shed, with Bos rd, in a modern house ptuanamiy located, to a desirable party. None others will b^ reccive i. References exchanged. A| ply at 2711 Fourth aveuue. A SMALL, STRICTLY PEIYATB FAMILY, RESIDING in a first class house, between Eighili an i Sixteenth streets, and Fourth and Sixth avenues, would let an ele* gantly furnished Parlor ami Bedroom, ou second lloor tioni, with all modern imorovements, to one or two gentle man, with full or pirtial Board. In the house im a flue Bil liard Table. For particulars apply to Mr. TRACY, at Messrs. S hencks, 155 and 157 Broadway. Apartments -an* elegant sriT OF rooms to let, with private tabic ouly, ?t ol Fifth avenue, nlao one or two single Rooms for genuemcn, witu Breukiaat if de al! ei. A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, IN A SMALL private family, at 170 West Thirty-lout th n.roit. II >uae has tne modern improvements R exchanged. Terms moderate. A YOU NO MAN WISHES HIS MEALS (DINNER IN J\ the middle of the day), within ten minutes' walk of Fifth Avenue Hotel. A id ess lor two days, stating terms, Clus. H. Jones, Fifth Avenue Ilot jl. AN ELDERLY WIDOW W1SHBS TO LET A FRONT Room and Bedroom, fuiiii.siie l for, or hoard If desired. Being an ex pel io need nurse, woiitd take a laoy who would require nursing. Apply attii'i Wdfci Twenty - fourth street, between Eh.hth an 1 N.n ii avenues. A FURNISHED PARLOR AM) BEDROOM, ON THE second iloor, ui o a Room on third II >or, to h t, vt ita Board i: ??!, in a p.ivaie family re>i ling at No. 21 Wc?t Twenty-second sin ci, ne.-ir 1 I in avenue. 4 PLEASANT HALL ROOM To 11E XT?TO A GEN JY. tlem ;u, i n a private iamily; house llnaciis*. at M Pike street. A LADV, HAVING A FLW FIR4T CLASS HOARDERS, J.V would uo'.omuiodate a geiithmiau p/o'iiAhor uf tin? pia noforte; IfSMin.s would he tak n in pari payment lor Board. Apply ai *01 East street. IT 71 EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET I ! a M>s? ? M I ? iV ly lurmalied front Rooms, on the second i.oor, nia> oe had wuh Board; also, Mii^le Rooms for g ntleiii-u. Locu tion with: u one hlo.'k of .Madison l ark. \T 5a TWELFTH STREET, WEnT OK FIFTH AVE jfV nue? Nicely furnished Rooms can lie obtained. t ronton second iloor; also one or two Rooms suit able for gen. lemon ; house with modern improvement*. Uo.eivticea exchanged. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, 1IAVINO A SPARE J\ K? < in, would 1 ?t it t'? one or two ingle gentlemen. In quire at 111 East Eighteenth street, nnar irvinjj place. i YC RNISHBDFR >NT ROOM WITH ?''.<> B i TO LET u\. to single senib m *n or a gentleman and wife, wt;h or wit:. o il Board, in a small private lamily; house fur nished, has hath, tas, *k* ami neatly k'pt; trial mode rate. Apply at i- > Flith street, n. ar fe >n 1 avenue. Board,? to let, with board, a front room and Hid room connected, en the second llo??r, in :i mo dern brown stone house, and a veiy lino location; No. 5 Murray Ilill.Parks, between Thir y-.ourth ami Thirty-iUth street*. Reference given and required. Board-on Brooklyn heights, mav be ob tained by applying at Jki Will *w street, for a g^ntlem m an I wife or si? gl- gentlemen. Idioms pleasant; house has bath, ike.; location very desirable? convenient to cither Wall or Fulton ferry; dinm r at KiM'orunces ex/hangi d. BOARD-AT CI j on A LEMON street, three min ut?-R from Wall street lorry, can he obtained t.y a ?entle man an 1 wife, or two single gentlemen; 1 ?? ation unsur pissed tin Brooklyn Heights, with a respectable private fami ly. Terms $4 each per week. Table first rate. BOARD.~GF.NTI.EMKN AND THE I R WIVES OR SIN file gentlemen can obtain neatly furnished Rooms with ' II >ur<i, at No. 5 West Washington place. Tin* location is wry pleasant, being directly opposite the Washington Parade Grauud. Board.? a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with Board and the com orts of a home, where there are but few other boarders, by applying at 567 Broome street. BOARD.? GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES or SIN j 1 * gentlemen ran bo accommodated with Parlor a id large Boom on the S' floor, and Parlor and Be Iroom on I third floor, at. 178 West F mrteenth street. References given ami required. Terms moderate. Dinner at 0. Board.? v gentleman and wife, or single gontb men, eau b^ accommodated with pleasant Rooms ! and KO -i Board, In a modern house; water and bath ; loeauon convenient r d de>l abl *. B st of reference given. Dinner a' six. Apply at 163 Eif. Eighteenth street. Board.? a gentleman and wife, and several single gentlemen, e .n o'Hain veiy d< arable furnished apartments on the second an I third floors, with Board, in an agreeable family. Apply at 26 West Twenty-seventh btreet, a few doors from Broadway. Board ?a finely fi rn;*hed suit of rooms, *l'ua<" l on s eomi and third t'oors, in a private boose, located in Fifth avenue, near Mndi<nn park, will be let, with board I ii'', to ? highly resectable iamily. Addrct-s S., Union square Po.?t office. BOAKD.? TO LET, WITH BOARD. TO A GENTLEMAN a id wife, a M:" front R ?otn an I Bedroom, con neetirg, furnished rr unfurnished ; also Hall Rooms, to single gentle men. It Merenc a ? \c hamred. Apply at 121 West Forty-sc cund street, near BroaM\%ay. Board.? a parlor and bedroom on >Ei'ond ll?? .r to let, with Board, sui ah!e lor a gentl and wife; U?ea* b?n very pl-AKaiit, .?nd convenient tosta^? > ind ears, where t!i '.?mf"? tq of i, home can b * enjoyed. Apply at IIS West Tv>i tifv-ihird sir- ef. j T|OARD. ? TWO GENTLEMEN WILL FIND GOOD .li Board and nice Kot.tns, at moderate terms, with a s.wall family, where uo other Luai d jrs will be taken, at Ojl Wash j ington street. Board.?* obntlbxah and wife, hatiwo iheirown furmmr?, e.n bo accomm >. aie I with Buard | nil plnoDt Koou a ?t II, l? Forayth itrt'o;. Cull for Hie w BOA HI) IN WEST T'lVKNTY -SECOND STREET.? A !*iiih il family will i.-i ,i h.i!i.t. tin"W furn I'ttrlor mi>l t? 1 llPdnKMn., with Board, to i-cr.i ii. uf uuXiiiMuil re ?l p '.'illItT; uent'iftivn p)" :? rrpd. p.-forrn ?> w givon un<l r^quirtfd. Dinner utnu. Apply ut ItttWeat Twrntv. second ?treet, or mli'.ri ?' h ardinji, l>o< 3,181 Font nlU e. Board wanted-foh a gentleman and his w.'li Ctni'ir.! Ii' Ilwm? (In n , rlv:i'.* f.'iml'v v.n'f r - d;, ? !?!. in ? mu lli iiia. I -r wliloh tn i?t luorilb w iii bo |*id. Add re m i^Uiio {J, liiiuit.e, ban 173 Uviald oUtvO. . BOAUDIKO AND LODGIifG, Board wanted-b* a uentlem^M^and wipe; answers not responded to unlaw matin* accommoda tions Bii'l prli e, which must be reasonable. Ad iiess S. c. A., Herald olilce. BOAKD WANTFD-FOR TWO SINGLE OENTLEMEN. in a llr fit cUa.-, private family, where the comforts ?l a home can be had; locution must bo central and unex'ep. Unliable. Fc.r sy id accommodations a fair pi i ??? will be paid. Apply at S20 llniadwuy. P.irtli a wishing tlrst class bo inter* should tend lists if terms, Ac. L VIoL, Proprietor. Boarding.? fuii n is hed or unfurnished room* to lot, wit li or without Hoard, at 2t34 Truth street, be tween First avenue and avenue A, < >11 the moat reasonable terms. Families breaking up houoekccping would do well to , J F>ARDIN0? JUST OPENED, A LARGE HoWtR, MB iiiiat Ninth street, Ijetween BVoadwa> and Fourth avo Ulio, Bedrooms and i'uHors adjolniu/ lor I ami es; also, ?mgle Ki<fin?i with fraii*. ior jroiiUeintn. Dinuer at i and 8 o'clo'ik. Kcierenn s {XbMngfL "DOARDING ?A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE SOUTHERN 1J lailv, without children, o?-ciJijying tUo Urge lirut clua* bouse No. 47 West Twenty-ninth street, will let Suits of ftumi, unfurnished, with full or partial Hoard. BROOKLYN.? FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION F()R twogeutleuien, or a gentluman and wile, iu a modern house, having hot and cola water la nil the bedrooms, ba tit loom, Ac. Limner ut six o'clock, and termn moderate. An ply at IDS Ollntoi street. BROOKGTN.-l'LEASANT FRONT ROOMS, Olf THE second door, can bo obtained with Board, by n family or single gentlemen In n private family, at 133 Clinton street, betwec u Amity and Congress street -. References re quired. Brooklyn. -a lady from new York, having taken a llrst class house, will acoonnnodaie families an I single Dtlemen on reasonable terms. Apply at 15 Mm ro- piacc, between Pierrcpout and Clark streets, and Wall and Fulton fori i, a. Brooklyn? w clinton street; two large pleasant Uu ins on ihe is uiul Hour, suitable tor a gentleman a All wife, or single gentlemen, may be had with board. Dinner it a. x. Brooklyn hoard.? pleasantly furnish rip double uid single it' onia to let, witli Hoard; u com fill ts hl ? houae; <u desirable, and within thr " mir. I' a walk oi Soath or Wall street feiry. Apply al 30 Garden street, Brooklyn.' Board in Brooklyn ? a gentleman and wife noil two or three bingln inn:, mi-n can be aocummo dalrl w. lb pleasant i: > 'tni and hoard at 4) Nassau direct, b" tween Adams and Washington streets, t'?e minutes' walk from tho 1 err lea, on mo lerato terms. Bath, gas aud ail mo dern improvement. Dlum r at (J o'clock. Board in Brooklyn ? two large, well fur. mailed Rooms to let, with B uird. Gentlemen wishing to room together can have the comforts ol a home in a i ,vu sunt, social family at reasonable terms. Dinner at 0. Ap ply at H7 Suite street Board in hrooklyn-ibi clinton street, be tween Degraw aud Harrison.? One or two nleely fur nished Rooms, with Rood Board, are offered ii] a mo lento t rms; house lirst class aud oouvunient to ferries. Refe rences exel anged. Board in Brooklyn.? a parlor, on second tloor, front, with B ilroom connecting, fun. ?hed, may b" had. with Board, at 73 State street, near ferries. Accom modations ilrst class. All conveniences in house. Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn.? one or two gentlemen or a gentleman aud wife cm obtain superior Board and Rooms in a small private family, at S3 Stale street; house has fmth, Ac. ; is within live minutes' walk of South aud Wail street ferries. Dinner at G)? o'clock. Board in erooklvnT? a large and small ICoom, on third floor, may be engaged, with Board, iu u private family, at '2M lionrv street. Board in Brooklyn? 46 sands street, near Adams. A family can obtain a suit of Rooms, furnish ed or unfurnished, on very moderate terms. Parties wish ing Boar, i will Una excellent ac.ouimodaiious for the winter at low prices. Board in Brooklyn? a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen ran be accommodated with furnished or unfurnished Rooms, lu an American family, at ftti State street, not llvo minutes' walk f rom either South or \\ all street ferry; bouse has the modern improve ments; dlii'-erattf o'elok. Board in Brooklyn wanted.? a lady, of very quiet habits, would like a Room, with B ; r I, in a small private family where th"ro arc no other boar l< i a, or with a lone lady preferred. Price must be moderate, and pal l in advance. Address Boarding, box 144 Herald oillce, suiting location, price, Ac. Board wanted in Brooklyn? for a gentle man and wife; good accommodations indispensable. Address, *1 iting terms and location, Moncta, box 1225 Biook lyn Bos' aflkt. Board on Brooklyn heights, no. 6i hicks st: el, throe minutes' walk lmm Fulton ferry. ? Rooms furnished or unfurnished, suitable for (gentlemen aud their ? ivca ur single gentlemen; l ouse contains the modern im provements. IflRONT AND BACK ROOMS? FOR GENTLEMEN AND 1 wives or single gentlemen, iu brown stone house, 111 West Fourteenth street; house 1ms every convenience and pleasantly located; dinner at 6 o'clock; terms moderate. IjlOR GENTLEMEN ONLY ? VERY NEATLY FURNISH : ed Rooms, possessing all the comforts of a home, mav be had in the private house 99 Prince street, west of Broao way. 1 jll/KNISHED ROOMS TO LET-AT 703 BROADWAY, ' between Eighth and Ninth streets. A large Parlor on first Uoor and Rooms on second floor lo let to ge n tie men: tne house has modern improvements and is in a pleasant loca tion. Terms moderate. G1 ENTLEMEN DESIRING A COMFORTABLE HOMB, J with ? priva e family, ran obtain pleasa nt. well fur nished Rooms 0,1 moderate terms. Apply at 47 East Twen ty-third stre? t. References exchanged. Gentlemen or families desiring to make arrangements for the winlcr, will find pbwsant Rooms with first fas- Hoard, at 110 and 113 Fast Fourteenth street, n?*ar the A ademyoi Music. Referouc *s exchanged. Ci ENTLEMEN DESIRING A COMFORTABLE HOME, 3T with a private family, can obtain pleasant, w ill fur nish 1 Rooms, on m d-rate terms. Apply at 17 Eai' Twenty third stre. t. It exchanged. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS ON TWENTY sixth street, near 11 ro idway.? Parties wisning superior accommodations with < r without B<*trd, can procure our list iu ftli se of :.Ue -ity free ul charge Priors to suit the times. Apply at S20 Br a I way. PEKT A KNIGHT. Handsomely furnished rooms, with hoard. in a fir i < us* liuuve, occupied by a pm?" excellent location. Apply a* IAS West '1 weiity M t!o,?rs, with kitchen, eellar and yard, fl his -s new, i.rsf els# four story, br? wn ttonc. Meals furnished* Whole Parlor Floor an 1 Basement f?r physician's oillee. A I SON* FKANCA1S, 713 AND 720 bROVDWAY ? Kn-at elans sni rt and single Uo nns, ni ely furnished, for iXs i.ul si.t^le gentlemen, at one-half of their former rates. VJ" I ('ELY FURNISHED ROOMS, TO LET, IN SUITS OR snigiy, on second an l fourth floors. ? th or without Mill B'?m>. in excellent location, at No. West Twenty tecoud bU t. Dinner a*, six. Prl\a'.c table if de.* i. ed. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN. ? A FEW SINGLE X gentlemen or families can find large, p easant uaiur i ished Rooms, on second lloor, wi h foil 15 ?ard, at iiJI Slate street, n >ar Iloyt. Ev? rv convenience of gas, bath, Ac. De sirable location. Term* moderate. "I >E.VI) THIS? TO GENTLEMEN AND FAMILIES.? AN JLV a?r. house it ,V> West 7weuly-?l^hth street A l a k. Pa- lorand Tea ilo. on, also a small Room, to let, with or without Board, well ?:<t ipied for com* nrt and r speclabihtv. fine lo alify, rear Broadway and Sixth avenue. Terms f rom $ i to p' -t w? k. References exchanged. Call tot three days. RESPECTABLE MECHANICS Oil OTTIFRS SEEKING Hoard, at $3 to $4 per week, with enough to nut and sjt.s:ac i? n gi; ari:i:te? d, call nt -N3 Elizabeth street, l'our doiti's f i o:v B.< t k??r, where nl.e Rooms and a really coin lortaide home will be found. KOOMS, WITH B >ARD, FOR SINGLE GENTLEMEN i or gentlemen and wives. The house contains all th ? iaipivA ein m a ?d ,s in a een'ral locatio i. IloniM om forts at reasonable prices. Convenient to cars and stages. No. 37 East Eleventh street. i houvc-, ocenpied by a f inal! family, iu an iy at 128 West '1 well ty -fifth street. AISON MEUBLEE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY eighth street. ? Rooms, elegantly furnished, or whole rani. Ho M KOOMS TO LET TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN.? ONE OR two Room* In a -it- cUss house, oeenpied by a small private family, furnished and very desirably located Tor busi ness gentlemen. App!> at No. 7 Bond street, n?ar Broadway. Refercnecs .-xel a:tged. TTERY PLEASANT ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR, ? may be had. w i th Board, at No. 51 West Seventeenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. QO 9 r; CHEAPEST BOARD IN NEW YORK-NICE Rooms, with good Bond, $2 23 to $3 a week an t upwards. Ladies ami families suited lo;v; nice parlo; s with piano, atltt Lisj en ard s.r?er, near Broadway ana Canal street; also watchman all Highland lodgings very cheap. 8 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, THREE DOORS FROM Broadway? An elegantly furnished trout Parlor to rent to one or two ?;? ntlemen o.ily, on moderate terms, with par tial Board if desired. "I A EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET ? BY THE AID OF J." I re. ent improvements wo can make n bcitcr set of Teeth iur $28 than we have usually ch ir?# 1 $100 for. J. SMITH DoDGE k 8021. 1 e BOND STREET.? A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET. ON J.O the secon 1, luird and fourth floors, with or w ithout Hoard. QC BAST TWELFTH STREET.? LADIES AND <;EN ill) ttene n desiring Homd tor the Winter, will imd good Rooms and acomino fat onsat the above desirable liou-e and l ?-'ati?"ii, being a lew doors west of Broadway. References exchanged. 7 BANK STREET ?ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, 37 rush 37 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET.? A SUIT OF Rooms on second floor can b ? obialne I, with or with JO WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ?0 and Sixth avenues. ? A private family occupying a i.rst class hoa^e, containing all modern Improvements, will let a few handsomely furnished Rooms in suits, or binble, to gen tlemen, with beakfast if required. | Q CLINTON PLACE, EIGHTH STREET, WEST OF tO Broadway. ? To let. with Board, toother or se^ arately, the Second Floor, consisting of three Rooms, all well fur nished. Also, one single Room; bath and gas. JO WHS f FORTY-FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH tO and Sixth avenues ? A large well furnished front Room, with a bedj ooin and two spacious closets adjoining, will be let, with Br> aklast and Tea, to one or two gentlemen who wish to pay liberally, but not extravagantly, for first class private accommodate n . No other hoardei a ill be taken. nn EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET? ONE OR TWO r)f) handsome suits oi Rooms, with Board, to let, to fami lies or single gentlemen. House flrit class. Terms very moderate and references Liven a id required. Cars and stages at hand. Also one * Ingle Room. EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, THIRD DOOR ?JU from Union squsre, o ?? autlful lar^ Room, with | small ro m adjoining, to le'? h Board, tv> a gentleman and lady or single gentlemen ; h use nr>t class; dime r at six; re fere noes exchanged. "i} FAST FOURTEENTH STREET. ? HANDS'^TE I mj suits of Rooms, wi h or w 'a... priva u# Aiso siuglo Rjooas lor guulU}UWU. JBOARDINO ^IKD^'ODOIJIG. 7Q SPRING OTKEET, THREE DooRa' 'ROM BROAD I ?/ wuy. ? To let, huudaom ly furnished ^'ooma. to alugU gentlemen, lit war pilres. Tho location la nes' r u" 'he I r.i cjuai- hotels ami plart* of amusement. ltuadiug J'? "" Too. Inquire of ANSON IHM SE. .. ^ Q'J ORSSNI STREET, AlsoVE SPK1N0? AL8K t/O IlouMS.-Jfli gantly lurnitiliod suits of Rooms, with g*\ Croton water nu'I e.i-ry oor>vuiii>tico for housekeeping eco nomically; particularly suite'! for, re?.< -ctablc fauitllra. iort. 1 A A EAST TWENTY-FIRS f 8TIIEET.? YOtJNQ GEN J ' ' X ll.tnen or fnmllu?, can Have handsome K ?ima with g > 11 >ard. Terms to suit the lira**. Dinner at an. Rule r.uici a each wigeil. 1 "I A M AUDOUGAL SUHEEl? ItJCTIMOND HOUSE IS _LJ 1/ not* o|>< :i?d ?au privaiulfamily Hotel, for tiie rewp Hon of hlMfjk gemwinea, or am .ill famllo ?? tire! of lioardiug. Parties deslr<*i? i f liomefceemng can Hud ettry ctmTonieuco at Ike above eatiu Unlr.ut nt. i o i, nv pi.ace, between hasii.-<< mn J ? a square and Sixth avenue. ? A g?- utleman ae 1 nil wife, or Miu.l ? g<?ntl?m*'n, ran have a < h > 1 t of I. an ic^inely i or, at a very m< eratt prlot i faini y ptWate; iv!'? rmn-.i ev hatig'-d. Dinner utO o'clock. 1 4 ? TWELFTH STIi Ti KT, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? Lttu Front Room* on the second and third ltoors; Hoard for i wo, iii' In <iu^ gas ami lire, $10 to $i0 50 per week; oi 4'urniahed Ifc oiu foi jenU*:nen $5 per week, h)4udinff gal and lire. "I r(* I'RINCB 8TRE1 I -AT. CLAIR HOUW<? BLB luU gautly furnished Kooims, with Bedrooms attached, with all the convenient for housekeeping complete, in cluding gati and Croton water, to let to respectable familiee or HingiH gentlemen. 10 1 BAST TBNTH STRBBT, TWO AND A HALF Lvtt blocks from Broadway,? A party ol two or three gentlemen can obtain a hanusoino Parlor on first or second floor, m-atly furnished, with or without Br*-akfu*? and T< a, at moderate prices. Also two small Rooms, with gas, bath, heat and good attendance. FIKTIZ AVENUE.? KLBt J ANT APARTMENTS, with private table only, to let? for the season. 194 206 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? A SUIT OK furnished RAo>a, to let, with Board, for a geiiije man atid family; also Rooms to let, with Board! for s.ugle gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. O"! ry ELM STREET? JACKSON HOUSE.? THE MOST ? . IV comlortabiy ami conveniently furnished Apartments lu tlie elty to meet the wan la of small families, with evfry requisite furntture, clean lincu, cooking range aud ni'iiiaUa. gas and Croton watur. OO A FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER OF TWENTY Ouu iiith street.? Mrs. A nold has two plouaant Rooms to let, either a-patately or together, with firstclass Board; pri vate table If required, Au u three alnglu Rooiiih. Rufcreucen Nquired. 7 rCQ BROADWAY.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, TO itJ*J lamlllt'* a'ld gentiemen, very <b slrable and allow nrleee. Refer to John Lloyd A Son-., 13 Naisau street and D. M. Adams, 01 and 63 Pine street. COT' \ TRY "BOARI>r COUNTRY BOARD WANTED ? FOR A GENTLEMAN and hU wife, thioinjh the winter, ea*y aoteaa to the city j termn inutit be moderate, room* and f;ire coin'o/Lahle, ac. Addreaa box til 1 l'ost otlice, with full debcriptlou au 1 refe rence. niiLINEllY, ifcO. ITU ISS, FURS.? LADIES, IF Yi)U WANT YOUR FURS altered or repaired (urefully and promptly, by practical furrtern, take them to the manufactory, 3i7 Eighth avenue, between T\yeut> alrth mid Twenty -seventh Hire -m. Keinein ber up stalra. A nice assortment of ladles' au I children's Furs, eUcap. Please to give us a call. F1NIOAN. Great reduction in rich parm millinery in coiiH?i|iience of the present depression In bus, n as.? Mrs. DAVIDSON. I2!k Bleeeaer street, no.v oilers ln-r Urge and elegant assortment of I'arli Winter Millinery at prices greatly redu cd to suit the tim is. 125 Bleecker street, west at Broadway. t,""1 _..M READER OF FASHIONS. WHO GOT THE MEDAL THE LAST MILLINERY OPENINGS < IIIUUINS, Of Sixth avenue. 00 TO TnE LEAIjER OF FASHIONS roit tour BONNETS. Sixth avenue prl'-os $2 SO, Broadway, $5 Sixth avenus prices 3 SO, Broadway, 6 Sixth avem.e prices 5 51), Broadway, 10 Sixth avenue prices 7 00. Broadway, li Show rooms 126 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tonth atreoti. J. HHIOINS, Manager. Millinery and dress ooods?just received from the late auction Bales, at a great reduction. Wholesale and retail bujers will llnd It to their advantage to call at (i. W. ISAACK'S, 71 Franklin street, two doors west of Broadway. A CLOTHING. T THE OLD STAND, 134 SEVENTH AVENUE, EZBKIELS gmrnniees In pny th e following prices for ladies' and gentle men's easi oil" Wearing Apparel: ? From $H to $10 for Silk Dresses. from $3 to fio for Costs, from $1 SO to f7 for Pant*. Also, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, 4c. A note by poat punctually attended to by ?., 154 Seventh arenne. Ladies attended to by Mrs. E. ABETTER CHANCE STILL.? LADIES AND OENTLE men, a great for the Western market. Wanted, a Unto quantity of earn off Clothing; also Furniture, Carpot* and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay the highest price bv railing on or addressing M. Abrahams, {SS Seventh avenue, between Twenty-fifth ant Twenty-Sixth streets. Ladies punctually attended to by Mrs. A. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.? LADIE8 AND gentlemen having any :ast o:f Cloth Ins, Furniture and Carpets, will receive the highest price* by calling mi ?r ad d reusing C. MISH, 303 Seventh avenue, between Twi nty. ninth and Thirtieth streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. M inh. ALAUGE AMOUNT.? $12,000 WORTH OF CAST OFF Cloibiiig, Carpets. Jetve.iy, ic.. wanted, for the supply of Western markets. ? Ladles an 1 gentlemen may be posi tive to ree lt'? the utmost value lor tliem by i ailing on or ad dressing E. H., 7tf Sixth avenue, nuar Waveriey place. La dies attended by Mrs. E. It. A GOOD ADVICE TAKEN CAN NEVER FAIL. ? LA illes and gentlemen, if you are satisfied byobtelnng the full value lor your cant oil Wearing Apparel. CarjcU. Jewelrv, Ac., send nt once to the I'alifornian and Western aireuey'ntiire of II. HAUKIS, 3M Bowery, opposite Great Jbni's street. There you will b ? fairly dealt with, an,l not humbugged, an p:a tised by others. Ladles attended by Mrs. Harris, ,"?>3 How ry. T 481 PEARL STREET? A LARUE QUANTITY OF cast off clothing wan Ml, to till up orders Irom the Ui .it. First rate prices will b.t given n I cash paid in cur rent mi nay. Addre-s or rail on J. MOitONEY, 431 Pearl street, ne.u block to Chat' a n. A Attention, ladies and gentlemen.? if you wish to ^et the full value for your Cast Off Ckdhing, i ; ret?, Furniture and .Jewlrv, the best you cvin do U to H'-mI !t note to F. HARRIS, 1*6 Seventh avenue; there you may be entivitieed yon will b?* deult with to your !*atUfnct:<>n. Per S; lk, Dresses, from $S to $30; for Coat*, from $1 to $10; for l'ants, from $1 to $*?. Please don't forget, 156 Seventh avenue, uearTwenU-first street. Ladies attended by Mrs. Harris. Attention.? ladies and gentlemen, if you wi?h to secure tin- 1 .11 value for your oust oir Clothing. Uarj)1 ts, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to be humbug;ed 1yfal-o priee otl'*rers, the beht you ean do Is to s< n 1 a noto to B. MINTZ, 147 Ss.\t!i avenue, where you will he suie to re c-'iv? 50 jw r cent more tlian fiout any other dealer. I.alits attended by iVfrs. Mint*. 137 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and E.cventh streets. A HIGHER PRICE PAID FOR CAST OFF CLOTHING, Carpets, Furniture. Ladles and gentlemen, if you wish to aeeutv the be.-.t price for your clothes the best way you ?iau do is to call ou or send a no'.e to M. Ellis, 93 Seventh avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets. Ladies attend ed by Mrs. Ellis. BETTER CHANCE THAN EVER FOR LADIES AND gentlemen to obtain tho highest price for their Cast OiT CI jthin^. I guarantee to nay the following prices:? For Silk Dresses, from $10 to $ii>; from $3 to $20 for Coats; from $2 to $7 for Pants; also Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry. Please ra'l on or address J. AN HALT, 152 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twentyiirst streets. Ladies attended by Mrs. Anhalt. Attention.? I want a large lot of cast off Clothing to Fend out West. Ladies nn I gentlemen, tho following prices are guaranteed? For silk from ^10 to $35. lor coats Irom to $2-), and pants from $2 to $/; uUo Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Jewelry. ?*c. Please sddres? A. Ducas 218 Seventh avenue, betwi en Twenty -fourth and Twenty -hi th streets. Ladles personally attended by Mrs. D A 4 GKKAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.? LADIES AND A. gentlemen having any east oil Clothing, Furniture, Car p. is nuii Jewelry, will receive tho highest priie bv calling on ur nil Iressing A. HARRIS, 5M8 Third avenue. Iridic* at t n led by Mrs. Harris. * T THE NEW STAND, 293 THIRD AVENUE, LADIES JY and gents can secure the full value lor their cist off Clothing, by railing on or addressing C. .1 rti'ubs. 293 Third avenue, between Twejity- third and Twi nty-fourth streets. Ladles attended by Miss P. Jaeobs. It A ll< llO ADS. _______ HI'DSON RIVER RAILROAD ? TRAINS FOR ALBANY. Troy, the North and Went, leave Chambers street at 7 and 11 A. It., and 3:30, 0 ana 10:1ft 1*. M. \TEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. XI For Albany, Troy, North and West. Winter arrangement, commencing Monday, Nov. 4. 1*61. For Alhiriy? 10 3?J A. M., Express Mail Train from Tweuiy sixth street depot. slopping nt White Pliili s and all station* north to Chatham Four Corners, and at Kinderliook to laud New York passengers. for C rot on Kalis? 4 P. M., from 1 wenty-slith street depot, St .lining at nil stations north "of Yorkvtlle. Fur White Plains? 8.15 A. M., 2.30, 4, 0 and 6.43 P. M., from Twent' ? I Mh street <|e|>ot, stopping at all stations. For White Halo*? 6.15 P. M., irom White street depot, stopping at all statlo ns. For Williams .ridge ? P 15, 11.15 A. M., and 2.30, 4, 5 6.15 and 8.30 P. M., lioin Twenty-sixth street depot, stopping at all stations. Returning, will leave Albany 10.30 A. M., Express Mull Truin, sto| pin? nt ail stations north of and at White Pluins, and at Kmderhook, on signal, for New York passengers only. Croton Falls 7 A. M., stopping at all stations north of Tre mont. White Plains 6.10, 7.15, 10 A.M. and 4.45 P.M., stopping at nil stations. Wllllanisbridge 5.30 A. M. and I P. M , stopplni: at all sta lions. JOHN BlIRCHILL, Asdstant hujierinlendent. SPORTING. A SCHOONI R YACUT JV. Fi r sale; sixt'-en tons, neatly fitted np; vliging snd sails mil news will be sold cheap to a e,\sh customer. Inquire of IIENHY U AHHiT, f ot oi' Fifth street, Ea-t river I1RANCIS BUTLER, NO. 8 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL TUB cbolee Breeds tor stock hihI sale. Butler's Infallible Mens.' Cure mi l l'iea E :'."rmltiati r, 5) cents per bottle. Jl.ui r'8 "Ilr ??einii^, TraliiiuJ Dnrases, Ae,, of i.i ?i. Uoj;? boarded, trtuuvJ, *0. UvdicUi|M* (Vf <U1 (^ifeMWi