Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1861 Page 2
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ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. The Archbishop of Dublin Condemns the AkManus Funeral Display. Gen. Mir am on Sails from Spain for Mexico. THE COUNT DE PARIS AS AN AUTHOR, Till; KEBEL PRIVATEER I\ THE CHINA SEAS, &c., &c., &o. Our foreign fllC3 by the l'orsla contain the following news of Interest? both from K.irope and Asia? in addl. ttou to the am o ra m; published iu the IIshaui cm Wednesday mor. iug . Tlir IttcManus OlxtqiiU'i In Ireland. Alton BISHOP 01 I.I.KN" 0LOSK3 Ulj C A 1 UKlllt Al, AttAlNH: TliK KKJiAiNS ? VKET RBVHKBND DOCTOR PKATT KKt'l'SKd UU CHURCH FOB A POL1T1CO RKl.KIIOI S OKATIOM. [Dublin (Oct 24) c respondent of the london Post.] Oneseiodblo act often atones for a number of follies. In this !i(jht in st bo regarded a stop which the M ?t Revercud Dr. Cullen bus just taken iu cure. ti"n w th What is very correotly designated th< McMani* fai ce. Pooi lloMauus was a lollo a\t ??!' Mr. Smith O'Brien in tli? disastrous attempt at a rl-ing in 1848. It appears that according to a r> gramtn > irawn up by a remnant of iho Yourj lie and pa ty,to whose custody the b< u s oi McManus l ave been i> issued by their follow pa triots in California, several anti-British dnin' Dsi ra tions were avenged tc take p'aee in the prin cipal towns tbinugh which they are to bo con veyed. A grand caih-dral service, with highly Spired oral one, was included io tho arrangoinouts f>r Dublin; bntwh ui? Uu lndlgnail ? of tlio projectors When thoy learned tliat l)r. Odi n would not porinit the cathedral to h?i used for such u purpose. Knt oatios railed U> move li tn.d -putAliouB w oro ref sod ndwittance, ?nd, in di spair, ihey baso.ight liberty to hold the oxhi bition iu the largo chupol of Whitefriar street, which is under tho oont oi of I if. Spr.nt. Hero, huwover, the Btrlots met with * simitar rebuff, and father Spratt glint o door in their faros. The |kk r fellows, (lading the church closed against th?m, appeal.' i to the inauRt:i<rs of a Urge public bull ling in lli ? city foi permissi >u to hold their demonstration within IU wills; b t even lure, whore ill sorts of am .Remains find a loc itiou, room would not be given. What will the Australians say? Bx-Proldcnt Miranuui Sails from Cadiz for Mtxlio. The Madrid Journals of th?2t)ih of October announce ttiat General Mirainon, ex-Presil nt of the republic of Mexico, h id lull that for Cadiz, to embank for his Own country. (It is vory probable that tlie ex President Is already on board one of the ve^ols of the llrst divisi in of thoS. anisli flent, which nailed from Cadiz iu a low days afterwards. ? Ei>. Ukkai.ii.] Tit* Count Dc Parle un Author as WfU a? a Suliiicr. A letter from I/mdon in tbo Ind pendanre states that the catamite of tho lib ary of tho British Museum bas bee n em ii Iw1 with a nn name, that of tlio Count de Paris, as author of a work entiU.-d, " Hamas ot l.w Liban." The book, of which only two hundred c >pies havo be n Struck olf for priv?t ? friends, is said to be remarkable for IU rl.vHl.ce of Etyio. The 8niiiGnvrrninenl on TCnlletments In I lie Amvrlrnn Army, A letter from lie rue, of October -2, says: ? Several Bwies oitlrors having requested permission from the federal CV.n -il to taki service in the United States Ar my, tho applieatn ns were tak*n into consideration. The answer given was, that hitherto tbo .-wirs have never be-ui prohibited from eoVeriux that army, and tliat it was Consequently not i e-in^ary for the Council to grant per mission; that it would be contrary to tho law to form in America Swiss c >rps un ler th.iir national fla<, but that , Individually, every one niuht go whire ho thought proper. Th* Silk Trifle of France Improving. [Kiom t.alignani's Mesfemger, Oct. 24.] A letter ff"in Valence (Diune) gays: ? The silk trade 0< ntlnu "S active, though |ierh ips with rather 1'v-i busi ness doing than ten days a^?, but price# Just as llrm. Th- now* from Lyons Is good; in my sales have been made on the s, ot , ami fteah or J ra are arriving. At Mar seille* the ailk mailt i Is In a favorable position, and some large sales or fit ons olfecled. Th* Tulttrto Crop and Trade of Francs. [Fiom (ia.iguanl H Messengor, Oct. 28. | "Hie fil'V co pro nit e this 11*111 in the north of France 1* of grimily sutierkir q ml ty to that of lust year, ami tlie cutting of it h m be -n >-tleci. d uader the most favorable Ciro. 'instance*. From olbcial papeis lately published It appears that It M by Hi* law "f Hi- Wo of A|inl . H16, tliat th* pv ?rnmcnl reserve I to Uaulf Ui? monopoly of tin sala of lolNtrco, and in 1S(10 tit* rev n'>* 64,OOiJ,OOrtf. ; la 1B2U. (Ml ,500 (X Of.; in 1M7. 117, 5011, 0-tOf. ; luid I*r 1S02 It I* atim**! at 2jy,460,0*uf , *f which, after deducting 46 ,840. 0(K) foi purcaa.e , Mil 15,000,000f. for oxpeiiSM of t ho tobacc ? d?pa iiu m, ihsio wiil remain a ctoar sum lo the government Ot a (it'll 16i,OOV,OOOf. Ca'.oulating that ll ? let n era oh ain on an average twolv* par o nt., th.- emu. in ti n <?f i diacra I* Fra. c? accacionj an outlay *r about 3So.u<)0.<???f. auu'i.iJ'y. Th# law of the 3d of July, IHf'i, ha* nayuinid tlia government monopoly of tobacco t.1 IMia Aimet hail th? juaiiUly r*q.iir*d la pur #li..sed abrmd, ami U..i odw it lulf in th* fourlcea depart menu oi France in which th* plant ia allowed to b* oulti Th* Rebel Privateer in the China Water*. (From the Singapore (T- I.J, Times, August 24.] Commodore !? rnia , fl.g eiNier of th* United Slaten ?quadri.ii In China, has, wa are iaform*! , delayed th* do part re from Si ir*pv-? *f th* l'nit*4 Stut ? atnamer Hartford until io-m-wr?w. ia conac giioac* of receiving In - Mllgmoe of tb* report dram Tbanglise, which topttblMw 1 at luugih in our colmuu* lr> d ty, with regard to the fltting ??l from that |airt of a craft for privatitanng or piratical puri?vo?. Nothing would m ? e delight th* gallant Commodore than to capture ai d puai.?h s-n h a cralt before his return to Am. i h.i. But there neetnt to t>u nn rdlMMlo b* placed en th report, s?id ih-M* should bo audi a v>\ eel actually lilted o t at aay lim Uu I'll. ted States steam tunbuit Saginaw is just ika craft to pursue and capture or, the lla tford being too Urge for a. nil a purpos*. B ' Blde*. addition .1 av*aoi is en 1 1 be ch'u tared at any mi Blent by the U .it< d Stal'-s oji.ers, U' roquired for thu pro tection of Am r can ootnutai ce. The l'rivMt* ir a ml Her Owner*. [i roni U OuO-ktCable ... arrival"! tli I p-rled fl'Ung t .i Biianglme, an tie I In soa. eh To - a >'? cann t b< > iiu - a prt ?re to lie bad from - ?r that hor rep .it ftntn '.mrrica .? ng.g .a.aiiln ? i* I if h wint', w l.i ,, fir ml. e, i oi .in-. . ,e fr ?ver.thepi. lie i-a Hitu^l. .e, it i- < ?untia- nal ,ie . tale to li*r p ? w i Caution ? l.i b>- i.. oSl er in cm i. a (Kroua u t in Well, w*o it Dmtefl - ai - t. r r ct*i is c* or w it l Lulled Mat.* k.i . t ciaii, ii .m .. ??> lilt* from In., g ?mm that b; a couurct, ai ?r|. .i i fai't uu Ai.ei ( * C* iforii a I all I m . mainl of th ? Corel lam-. I t> lilted M itci ea?l aa a p jreaterd iy on ?take ama.l <1 Waid t* a m which U w?i c ?u? le '?'oi lb Ch na llui., August 24.] i .? e nt has prevailud hero slue* tho '??mier, In consequence of tho re , i i f'xlmftl* Slate* priv.itoer at i t. g nboal Sagiu.iw lias left ?*? nu> prove a canard. Sha . i blank le Iters ot? marqie ace-'t ? t the Contaderato Slales, I. liae brought such with hi 111 4 mrq i. guts ih name, size, i i .? i . ?i i.iar .1 ih" vos6*l carry - ? . . .i s could not havo b,?on . f i jk- I In q .i si on. If, how i? lei hitvc b.?. n flllinl up In . I >i fin th.-. d c ln*uts of a . ciici . Itein.; Hi Uk t me of rt, uu.r tho British tug, t' e | u: t of the Lin led statu* <i.,n:iw. i !' y i' esg, 10.) si that tti ? ilHruptton of the ",-vi iho-a. ralADiitou* cha . <* irs are *o c lebrated. Ih* .? ep-r at -hanghao was a poll eary ? we be. eve ha earned the .i nn. if* in California. It in, that mail in ?? i . (Iheealebrated lilibuster), 4 lU* so am r Hurpr ise troin i i.M'cu (f >r H-uiie years In oom ?ope a id lately of tho t.'oti test) , Nova, oqulpp*il hor from the .?i-u ltansi ai d luo iid to cruise oil' this i .|.?t Vh* steamer .-^aguiaiv hurrnxl up h. nl ii.gei.i ? t> in g in.ide kuown, aud we hi ? .1. i a;>t'ire her. ir* e-?u i hara. ier and Iris a large pum of iraiie ui tl.a no. ' servioe. He Wiukui and ia a sailor by profession; r Awi. ? Ki"i?-?iwn. l.yn. b ia a N -r li- tier. We fancy the affair will end In Cmf Tli cralt is l?o stna:l and a suilabie c: *w can rdly be had in tint*. ?'? haird ih, I tw" of tho Saginaw's odlc* s resigned u -n earn g tiie . ti,ect of li r trip, but aubsoquently wnh raw Ui*.r ri-algnatiOiM. ANO'I HtH Oi 1111 TBIBUNVB FABRIC' A TIO.N8 BltANDliD. Iia<.-/ aRTKMs Ca-BV'H I>lVlSll>!*# ) Wa-ll Nl.TOir, Nov. 2, 1881. J To not KntTOB or th* N i r-osai. llai'i iiucaH: ? m* OKI KR TO COLO MCI. II A 1 EH. ?Brigadier linn a r.i.*y i.-ir.i tins morning sent a ?aaa.'. M Mr W.-i.b, from who*.' house Col. Bukar's luiia a ? i ?' ? 11, at Ik (ho i|.l not deliver up iheordor five* t" ...I. el I.;. (Jonei .. ' cross the I'oto iu?. u. -r v> ? ?? Ht.-iijs, as 11 v.'as toboembodi d In ? a. r? ?! it is wait known here that Colonel r. ? ? :? a., u, l.i? haul, after ha hid nil It i *ai i ? 'I arid no tt.b .1 this i* my doath war r ? ? ? ' i . , \ ) V J'Wir. Having *?? ii the abe. k ? itrai t in your pat>er of this t i. ug, l-i ig l ie r i.. i.e al - . a- ('a -iy dirocts me to say II *i th* wb' .* of th- above extraei ij orroueou* ? a com |. . e fabticateai, as never %w the order spoken of. i i had ll in his lianda, d O'-ver pen* a^.y nu" Bige of ?t>* ab v* p ir|?.rt to I . . . V ? ' ? 1 r mi' r fully, ; or obedt*ul Mr vast, 111 N k V W tililTtl, Assistant A<\Jiitanl (j*niiral. Piille* Int< lllfience. CN i*?* or Likbl ? F.t t'tioM Tkoi mi s ? Dr. Abljah In ? m 1 wrl n '< > ma none lny, whs taken Into c isto ly ; ? . . . in ."i ? ?? th. I?i l>* giby ? g ml t o|fM ar. I n er llama of idl'.-t iet I" c* Court. charged w,th libel. nu t ?| ?*r ll Chirli S.lait c . i lat* for Sute lb'-c in .uint -?t? f..rtb thi' !nc ain a -..| t,( a a nam ? :g:i |n; apbical aketrh t ? v.drarola' M ' ri t* I. in gi e ' the a lie n I N tv Yn m * d to r, Mr. Tka ??ralaa mf !>?? WmMm** '**" ___ **r> MU *JU*UT*>:/>> mmm ***?? ? ?W r?riian?-4 womam at ri?'T m rri>.-iu? n> ?a a*a*a?. Iff m il a tie Img-un *??*, * *.? J Till* M re ?#, el a f-ry ??fly tl?e * "treat Una pual b. u?i k?<*M -*? th" W e#. ng?aa I'brMMf, ?aa <1 Vv-ie I ? ? * irr * iwataiaai at Ito t m* ?"? Din- IV I- oael. litre*., k and W?*I ao d ?? ?, aa4 a r ii* deraM naia r|f llo ga> ii aaai t f*l t? Tb? fl e .a b lievi-4 u> have ? 'i f aaunt tii a a irt 41 - # l'<# Iihb Ih ? fu" ?<?<?, which w?? ' ?aied >u lb- e-i'V uu >r I '?* art litiua winch |>. frt? n I ?.?- cm, ire of ll.<* mi Nilitiri <1 llv n> ? Tit ? ruum* ef the itome. e w< fb ?? ity we -<? in h * a Mill n ? ?iar turn 1 . emi ii>? Mr* niodnal . ad< la Urn! a louni <<t> lb* U" r ?!??*?. TU? n> ? of thoSUta a wn* ?.ih eatoke ak? ?t t a. aa ? r al t. r mi nubt, ami th .omler riu|?ra>r dm a**" u! triii rt?a> ha I be If lima t? hmijr u?i ik ir ? Hi ua and cs *; e, eatiuev r< thin* t> it tb cMfcMW th- jr h?d ? 11 la til. l> 1 I.I11K I tl I.i:? Ik If ? l?e t?r? ?h 11. tfce S ard, and ?"? n tha alarm two ma ???? ?' '? * ?' in in, 11 U'hliia a. U n. th ? dui? a?'ve ?l t>, Ii St a ) lor l oraatml Hbrl?. with Un ?? opt ?? "f t ? collium which the,. Ii rrk? Ijr (mi mi to l>*n tlie b a frig %"lllifc( Thu W'?t 1., "ii an i? la* were ??* uj?i tha g'l.'U nl, ai d ran tlinugh th* h- am .ai g at ka tnm ilea, audab >ut llua tuiui the oaa ?aa awlil 10 tha exi eme. All of the alck and wounded able to 1 aa wrap|??.l the bedc.othii g arou . I th ai and escaped from th? b lulmg, and the shrieks m thoae unable u? do ?? *? e tor I) |H ercillg, ?nd th i'!a I lha In arl? of all *ln? board th 111 The clltioui |Wfi ill, Ike utucura of bo la i:t I im o ? thi> llolu?|><il 1*11 |*?li(-a w re all abte in n? 1 lUn wcako , Mtcal- . v, t>'. hml to t?i Ukfii up lio I y an I broi ght thi 'lugli tit* *111 k<' U>1 Hiim , to a ,4m >? id ty. M>me were ei.vtcd to tha 1 Itjr Hull, amoa t<' th . acbooi houiie i u Juilkj.iiry ~(u<rn laua|>iiai fur * iua time }?8t) , aurne to tha (urinur i|turtora U ? 1 n'a iwi terjr.aoine to Did 'IVtaltjr >b rrb,oo Ki.ih atnet.auu luany to pi Ivate r- sulutictti id I ho 11 -itflih , liaiml. t w bvliHTOd by the oificara ol tha liiatit lion that a.l ih | * tiouts wero reacued. Aa aufl wo naa, nam 1 M* il ? Fay, who w m aeut to thu hiOrnury wim tune Bin ?? by tho Cotuiniatiii'Bai' of Public Uutldltiga, Iua Iwaa ui t-i<g, but h i* s.uuu bi tu loutid. Tlio alarm ai no .line beaimc general through the city, anl nii.iy i? living with In two or liirt? aiuaiaa knew uotliing of thu tiro until Huh uioruii g. oua ouur antl more .ifli" thu Uia wiui diacovervd a singe alu. in boll vvm runif, mil it w.ia at Imui an li?ur afla thai Im fure any flrn i-aglnri urilvo l. tly that tuna th? a iditiou and tl " oasieru |>ortion ol the 111a. .1 building w. 10 uv? loped in Uaiuvs. The lire now made uvinnderabla h it 1 wuy, and at si.i o'ciock thia niorniug nothing r uiaued Of the Washington Inili marjr but a in .h? of bt'?c?i i.e 1 walis and smoking limba.s, w.tli the aut: Uuo ? u.> I tl? west wii.g, wairh is comirnratively uuiiuure... Iho ?a.U ' I thv' uaduion have mvirly ail faiivu. und tho front w ill ol' tho east wing is c. auked 80 b.i ily that it will bav to bo taki.u down. l'r. U lute, tlie principal, lost all bia poraoual file it, and it id staled that ihu books and papora 01 tba In * t tion have be?n destroyed. 'l'haas-Utaut aurgeoua (i? i tot b liooh-y aiid 1 oonij ) aLso Kbi nearly all Ihi u cl ?.n . aa did iho ?i ward (Mr. iiiiij, ward uiasiar (Mr. lMvia>, aim otl?r oilioeia. Tho Hem .si have been burning Home time before it wag diSCnV' ,ed. Soou liter thu dialer Superio. gave th ? alai m a tioidi u h nt into the room where the dam ? ha 1 buisl out, wuh two bi.cketB ol water, but the dooi being 1 1' ,-ed on him, anil the smoke Siiilocaling, he Inai hiK pre- ni.e- of mind, and did not apply th? water Jmil CiOLRly, when b> the pro^resa of the lire might have bjru t nip. For aoiue rca.oj thu water which id con- eyed through th.' Iniildiug iu piped w*a uot uaed. Our citheeiiB wore ai-tlve in aii.Titiiig relief to the in mates ol thi iastitutlun, and hot cotloeaad other rtsto ralives wi re at ouce on baud. Tho laniea haveh'teuuu retuiiulig in their olio i is 10 sccuro ihu wehare and coiu fori. > f tho patidntB, and no lack ru bed clothing and oih. r no 'ossaricit h is been suil'ured to exist. The touncil t.'liamhor of thu City Hail coutains some twenty or thirty of the 1 atieata, ami many more at 0 in tha rooms on tiio ground II- -or of the wi st, wii.g ot the City Halt. A host uf kind hearted ladies were pnieeui tendering their services this morning, and the otiii 013 of tli j building havo shown groat Madness. 1 ho Mayor ol fered to do whatuvor mighi bein cessary in the way of relief. Judiciary S'piaro prencfftg a sad sight this morning, with the sinokii.g ruins of the building and the broken furniture scattered over the lot. Most of tho furuitu.e was destroyed by lire, .is U10 enorgi 3 of evorybody were directed almost exclusively to securing tho sately of the patients. Tlie want of an ofllc.iont lire dopartment fully de mousirated lust night, an. 1 we have to acknowledge the 1 hiininl.itiiig fart that the lire would not have been nearly so destructive 11 thei e had a snllloii'ntsupply of h. s. to bring water to the burning building. As we go to press Ihu patients from the City Hall, church, &n. , are b"ing cou\oyed in ambulances to the other a: my husptuls in this vicinity. Foreign Theatricals. It is rumored that Mr. Charles Mathowg is about to fol low in thu footsteps of bis father, and come out In a rauoologuo entertainment. A piece called "Lea Parents Tcrilblee" has been ac oapted ut the (Moon. At tliu Ambigu a Urania entitled "Uu Daisor Mot tei" Is In preparation. The Pyne and Harrison troujto aro performing an Fng liah version of the "Noons do Jeauotte" at l>rury "lue olTors which Mr. linger has received from tho mana ger s of tlio St. Petersburg theatre havo been thu means of ?kuuniug for him a most advantageous engagement nt tho Opera Comi<iue. He is given 3,000.'. a mouth, even if h does not slug a Moto there, provided that tin abntac s frem singing elsewhere; fl.OCOi. a mouth if ho performs mx times lu the course of tho month, aud 3,000.'. in ad dition for eaih performance that is not stipulated in tho agreemoat. Alfred Wlgan and his wife have taken the St. Jamos th. utie, I.ondon. Anew star actress, Mr*. .lanes Rodgors, has mado a most successful debut ut Sadler's Veils, in the part Of Julie de Mortimer, in Hulwer's play of "Kiclx-ll'ii." Ih i Ii>ndon Sutfiay lima kivc* her high praise. " S'h -s elegantly built," 11 Fays, "her attractions a u oi.sidor abls; her attiriides and g.-stun s are romavlc tbJv rra I ? , ? . her sym|<athits are strong; her voice ts musical ? w i managed; site acts with intclligaiica and core; she uijows th power of well measured emotion into her utt<- '.. ce*, and site reads with discrimination, tt?'^ an I tiois i id eloquence. Mr*. Rodgera c mplutoly woo tlio f ivor of a crowded house. The vari?u? points t.f tlvi part a: ew ?.lined were -oizsi m on with a frosbnvss tiud earn 'st nesa of appreciation which fully dc-uotiftrated hor c1 It ire and her power. She was caPcd bot'u ? > to ? curtain tvvic . Lb at tlii termit.ation of the play was uproar iouMlr checred." SumiAY Awskmksts. ? Miss J. Gongetih.'im, tlio we'j knowa nctrosa, has given tho patrons of .lu;,!ay t it eat : ca!.s rather a remarkable rebuke, by refusing to play at a San Franci'co th atro on Stm.lay nights. She pul - li*bes a card, in which *ho says: ? 1 would rather lie, as I am, deprived of myungige mint ? which was avortutin;; seven hundred and s vi.ty one dollavk a ni .'ht (gross receipts!) ? tlian to act in vlo a lion of the law and my own convictions of ri?ht. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wedniwdat, Nov. 6?6 P. M. Tho public min-l is kept in snob suspense in re gard to tl e naval expedition, and the movements of our armies, that business is impeded and gene ral dulnc a prevails. News of any kind would lead to i.tTeased activity. The money market is quite inactive; call loans range from 6 to 7 per cent, and very first class paper rcIIs at about the same rates, in foreign exchange nothing has yet been done for the next packet. The market closed firmly. Stocks continue steady, the market being in sus pense. Buyers are waiting for news from the tleet and from the arrny; the bears are doing tho same. Privato advices from Washington justify the ex pectation that hostilities will shortly commence on the Potomac; a battle is hourly expcctcd in Mis souri; our armies are moving in Kentucky; pending all which movements stock speculators naturally show a tendency to preserve a masterly inactivity. If we arc beaten in a battle a decline of one a two per cent may probably be expected If we are successful, either on the Potomac or in Missouri, our sanguine operators will probably conclude that the war is over,?und will rush in to buy. A similar rc.sult would probably follow the announcement of the occupation of Bull's Bay Island and Beaufort, South Carolina, by the expeditionary force. Mcanwhilo the European advices are decidedly more cheerful in regard to public feeling in Europe on the subject of our war. Lord John Russell's letter to Mr. llayman settles the question of foreign interference with the block ade. Some of the bankers write that if we win one victory United States sixes w ,1 be wanted in Europe at a premium. At the Stock Board to-day there was not much change in prices. Pacific Mail sold at par? an advance of 2 per cent, it is still ten per ceut below where it stood when the present arrangement with Vandorbilt was con summated, and when it was earning 15 per cent less per annum than it is. Burlington and Qnincy rose 1 per cent, with a general inquiry for the cash Hto> k. Erie preferred rose l/t, and Michigan South ern yK. The Inst month shows enruings equal to $276, :t.>2, against $273,722 same month last year. In the other railway shares there was no material change. Governments were firmer than last evening. It reern* that some of the bear* ye.-'ci'iy cfitil liveii ?(> get possess'' n of some I' n.t' 1 States 'iMf, and ti.i w than on the market, iu tl.c hope oi treat ;:;i a p mi. . lhe result hardly Ja?ti,1ed their expi ctatlons; but speculators who cannot make money without trying to ii\jure the pub le crrd t at the present crisis will meet w tfc little sympathy when their schemes fail. At tfce clone to day tl.o mnrket was steady, the fol lowing bring the lust quotations:? United States 6's, registered, 1 , 93% a 5)4; do. O's, coupon, Ism, ?.J \ a 94; do. 6 'a, 1874, 84% a 85; In d ana 6'a, 78 a 70; Virginia 6'a, 46% a 47%; l iiiWK?< e 6's, 42 a 42%; North Carolina 6's, 59 a V?%; M sanuri 6's, 43% a 43%; Pacific Mail, 9!) a W?%: New York Central, 78% a 78%; Erie, 32% a do. prefer rt d, 67 a57%; Hudson River, 3!)% a <0; llarl> m, 12*4 a 13; do. preferred, 32% a 32%; It- * Iibz. 36% a 36%; Michigan Central, 40% a 49%; M slngan Southern and Northern Indiana, 19 a I do. guaranteed, 39% a 39%; Panama, 118 a 1 Illinois Central, 62% a 62%; Galena and C im'sko, ?"% a ?. % Cleveland and Toledo, 36% a 3 ,:(h> ago and Uock Island, 62% a 52%; Chica go. burl ngion and Quiucy, 65 a 66%; Milwaukee a id I'rairie du Chien, 20% a 21; Illinois Central bonds, 7'?. 8* a *8%; Delaware and Hudson Canal, hi a *4; IVi imylvania Coal, 76% a 78. The ?iork of the Chicago, Burlington and Qufncy llailroa t appear* to be acquiring popularity ; it In* ri*ei mr or live per cent within a few days. T its ear ? ?? of 1 he three lines which constitute this ro i .-re, last year, $2,064,535. The surplus, liter | s\ ? ut of expenses and the interest on the debt, ? "? plied to advances to the Peoria and Oquawi.* toad, which the Chicago, Burlington and ?Juin< y w II probably acquire as it acquired the N i to rn Cross road. By suspending divi dend* dm i g the yeara 1869 and, i860, and paym* only Ave per cent last winter, the directors have placed themselves in aiiunu* <l < trong position. They will shortly own ? In ' o in it** long, excellently situated, and earn ,< ? ??-. tsiO.OOU annually, which will only stand In utiout >37,000 a mile; their stock will *i..i n ????m 14,600,000, and their bonds at f5.500.tso. In t-.'i7, the year after the formation of the Cli.c.i. >, Burlngton and Quiticy paid 15 p r eeut in dividends; the friends of the property *e> m to think it not unreasonable to ex pect 12, or at least 10, per cent regularly, after the mortgage on the Galesburg and Burliugton road has been foreelosed. Mr. Cisco reimbursed the banks half a million to day, and i .ii . d upon them for ten per cent ou ac count of the seeoi.d lilty million loan. Mr. Chase states that I he popular subscription to the 7.30 loan amounts to a million a day. The following was the busiuet-a of the Sub-Treasury to-day:? Ue>'tii|>ls $1,637,140 f.'t ? For cii'Uxr.s l4;;.tnots. for Treasury 119,607 T .* I'i?vm> iiU, i ut I ding red'med 0 ct. notes. 8,242,:i3> 2. 1*0 6,791,267 96 The exclmtigus at the Bank Clearing House this morning w< re $17,653,525 62, and the balances $1,242,481 41. Canai. Toixs? iNcaiAra $680,043 66. l or fourth ? <k iii October, isrti $218,107 00 Kor fourth we>k in t>ctober, i860 162.160 64 Innr ass $66,056 6.'i Kor mi'Ot!' t'f O t bor, 1HRI $77X,fi:i0 2't Kor nmutli of i Hsiobur, i860 560, 390 77 $218 245 40 Krein Ms* 1 I <61, t Oct. 81, 1861 $3 27:1,846 ::5 Kroai April V , 1 ilO, t ? Del. 31, i860 2.693.602 6J Increase $880,043 66 The reee pts for the fourth week of October, 1*01, exceed those of any week since the opera tion of the canals $3,950 09. The receipts to October 31, 1861, exceed those for the i-.uue time in 1847 $75,438 35. I'h'! amounts at the several depositories, subject ?. > tlie i'.i i t of the Treasurer of the United States, on th 2Mh oi October, were as follows: ? ftutyect II', tlrjwmit Draft* jraum. In dnifl. I'remi.ry . ., W-.wlfi, ?l 1*2,573 2X0,4*4 1.102,110 .Troa re i , ,l i : Id 64-1 .u 3 2,507,888 As r i N. v rk -1 KW7 ,2:13 0 .623,609 ? r.?. Trtit u-r, fin i 1.. ,lo3,5S0 489.783 613,760 ss. Irs ... i ? i ??(.., I '111.800 1,072,011 2U0,T08 A.-a. Tr. a* i?r. S. Vrr 4J1.02T 1,003,431 ? tialtimo e, M ?>" i. ... 01.017 12.689 73,42-< BuBilo.N'ew \\..k 1 ..'ii '2 821 4n1 I i ciiiuhH, Ohk? 610,616 403,600 200,017 Ixsiwvill", kollt ky ... ::5T ? 357 i'lltsb ,r(?, I'etin ? * l.M# 1,400 136 Chicago, Hllfwi* . 57 ili2 1,208 5fl,iSv? ! M oil, MIcM^.i ' 15.142 7 ,805 7^46 Palls of St. Vr i\,Wisc-n. ? ooo ? 6,000 Omalia Clty.Nei ? i... 3.sOI 8,32S 2T< t>lytu| la City, W ishin I'D 516 ? ?!t. Oaiuha City (Uil'iiore).. . 0,210 ? 9,210 Baltimore ? 20 Cinriuaati (Sherlo' k). . .. 1.118 _ W 1,022 l>iU|svili? (HaUleiii.iU). . . 2,e40 * 609 1,747 Total $13,23U44 10,535,461 4,062,474 Overdrafts Assistant Irons nr.Nnw V'?k. . . .f 1 ,6_'6,-60 ovorilrullti Aimi.-Uuit Tre.mmtiT , : an 622, 40M 20 Uverdral us ilopi etlorjr at 1'altim >ro. Total .$3,248,891 Awny Ofllco Cnilinl .i Mist of Cuiteii .-ontsa ' Mmtof Uuitud Mat.-.,. Total In Stetet i\uw Vr, Itrancb, Charlotte, N. C liiani h, Jlalitonejj.i. ?. ?. Branch, Now Ori 'iu Axs'tTresix'r, N. Orltui X.'. I"l!v (Sawyer) Klchnuiud, Va N'. , Va Ti mlngion, X. C.... , .-?vaniiab, (ia M bile, Ala Nashville. Twin Galveston, Texas UttleRock, Ark Tallahassee, Ha $702,167 re li . nary Cittirul. $8,863 2.3S9 1,' .(',2 7.17 1.161 3 458 -iil 1.000 11 R05 67!) 90,!I.T6 T' >tal $710,003 90,0-16 62^ Grand total $14,860,216 10,888,397 M82.708 Total balance to tho credit . f tbu Treasurer. $ti,4?2, 70'! :?s Total unavailable 1 ,530,234 27 Available balance Tlio IrniBfei Bordered Wi re as follows: ? To TnMiS ry United States, WmbiiiKton.. To Assist ml 'l'r .isuror, I'hl advipliik, Pa.. . To Assistant Trcawuer, Sail Kram isco.Cal. To IiepoSitory at ( Inciimutl, Ohio To Depository at Chicago, IU >4,952,474 SI .. $1,000,000 6o0,000 600,000 ftlKUHK) 600,0*10 Total From Assistant Treasurer, New York, N. V . Kroui Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pa. $1,506 ,000 $10000 TW8,'81,C0lip 1 <M>0 lT-6's, 71, reg 16000 Tr.'all|>c n't s 10(10 Hi coupb<ls,'79 8000 Indiana 5's. . . 2iOOO Tonn 6's, 'iH). 2000 N < 'ftrnlina 6 s 16000 Missouri 6 s. . 2000 Brooklyn c tv 1 .'(500 MiobS2m no d 3000 111 C m URb a. 1250 U'.*W2 m lifts 2000 <;al<ct h.2 nibs 50 uhs PacMSSjCo.,-60 50 do slO 50 do la do 1 Ui do opg 10 Am Gxch Rank . . 4fi 5 Y Oatrul KR.. 150 <!? 100 de 150 do 400 Mrio Kit 100 <!? 2M do 130 Eric Kit prefd i 1 {tid Itlvcr lilt 154 do . .. . 50 do 100 do 10 Harlem Kit... 60 do .[>30 ? fCiO .1)15 94 )i S4'i loos ?1>; 79 42 60 43 If IM.'i 60 \ HS 42 OA 91) !i?V 100 00 Y% 99 \ *o >5 79* 79 73T< 79 82 ^ 32 V, 32 57 H 40 89? 12 X 13 x'lianffit, Wr.ll.M4 l *V, KOV. 6, ISfil 100 .-lis I< jad'g RR.KI :? 100 Hich Cod KR. .sit 4 4 56 do..,.. 4. loo do *<"?" * I'M do fcO -IS 250 do b'M 4i 100 do 4! 100 III Cen l it cup. 50 ilo 128 Mich So .VN IhKR 100 do 300 do 60 (lo 60 Mich So 4c I |j B. 14 do TlCKOolfci hi Kit 7 Gal & Chi RK ... aoo ao 100 do *60 150 iio ..'.0 200 ($??? k Tol KK.. 400 do 30 2"K) .U. 200 do ?30 100 Cbl k K I KK ... 150 do 50 do HlO 176 Clil, Ilor .V Qj KK. 100 do 50 do 200 Mil .V IT duCliKK 60 Ulti4Miau>IRU.. (1< ?v. ? 10 19' 19' 10 8.i' SO* 97 69 J 60 1 6S' 6. 36 S no i :!u? ?s 62 62 52' 65 65^ Wlf 21 HO 8KCOND $0000 C S6's,'81,C0iip 94 10000 I's 6 B, '81,reg l;3?i 7000 l' s 5 s, '74, coup 84\' 5C00 U S6 ?, *02.... 06 ? 10000llicoupb,'77.li30 82 1000 Tonti 0 ?, '00. . . 42 700<.i Virubua O n. .. . 47 6000 Mo O'l 1)30 43)< 5COO do 4.1 6000 do 43 y 10006 do b20 4;' '4 4000 Oallfornla 7'a.. 81 ^

1: 000 K ? l;R3mb,'83 89 10O0 111 Coat KK bds 88 60 Rlis An -Bi K* !'uk SI M l' icillo Mail SS ' o i>9 SON York Cent RR. 73 5 550 300 lOo Pi 75 '.00 do. iio ie Pit. .1 1 do. ? ElO .1) a l),0 ??'i BOAIin. 120 sl?s Pxlc RR 100 do 100 do 160 100 r.rl<* P.K |ir?t. rrrd 26 Mich Central UK . 100 de 100 do 60 Hudson River KK 50 do 100 Hnrli in RH prof. 60 M . h SoA N'l|(s.b30 10 I'unama RR 2o0 lil Cent RK *crip. 50 do *t>0 100 do 60 Hore.Col.vnnKft lOOClevo A; Tole loHR 300 d> 50 Chi h KklRil..b30 50 do C01 do .. It J < hi, Bur Q RR.. 32 *< 32', 82 X '1\ 4i-H 4 <"< 49 S 40 89JC 83 V 3m 'J IIS 02 H 6 1 62?< 97 H 36 88 62 H 62 '< l.i NKW YOltK CATTLE nAUKGl'i Wkdnimjat, Not. 0, 1861. RECEIPTS. The receipt! of all sto?.k at the different yards duriuS tlio wuuk , as computed with those or last week, have bean an follows I'""'4- B'exrt. Coit'i Vrnli. S. <? L. Xvrint. All rtou's, Nov. 0....8,t64 32 340 3.:ft 13 380 Do. iiu-t week 6,2*4 22 300 7(?0 1B.VW Browning's, Nov. 8... MO (J 23 4 ?41 ? Do. la^l wot-k 260 18 24 O.i.Hfl ? Ch mberhu > , Nov. 8. 63 20 132 3.4U7 Do. Ion: WtiVtC 73 33 OH 6. If, 6 0'Bilen'S, Nov. 6.... 43 36 63 2.<>?6 ? lx>. la?' weok 71 29 60 8.016 ? Bergen, Nov. 6 60 ? ? Do. last wouk 074 ? ? _ PRICK). The prices current at the diirorent yards to-day for al1 kinds of stock were about as follows 1UCKT CATTU. 1'rlrae quality per 100 lbs $8 76 a 0 26 Hi Hi do. do 26 a 8 76 Ordinary to good do 7 60 a 8 Oo common do 7 oo a 1 60 Inferior do 6 00 a 7 00 MILCH COWS. crime quality per head $60 a 66 Klrst do. do 46 a 60 Ordinary to good do 38 a 45 i <>ium?n do 30 a 36 Inferior do 26 u 30 VEIL CALVES. 'iime quality per lb 6, Sc. s 6c. first do. do 6c. a 6. Sc. (Jul mar y to good do 4 Sc. a 6e. Common do 4)?c. s *S Inferior do 4c. a 4', SIIKKP AMD LAMUS. ' 'rime quality per lietu $6 06 a 6 o* Kcst quality do 4 00 a 4 6o Ordinary to good do 3 60 a 4 tx Common do. 3 00 a 3 60 Interior do 2 60 u 3 00 swum. Corn fed per lb 3T?c. a 4S?'. till fed do a>4C. a 3,V BEEP OATTLB. The "flat, stale and uupmUiable" businoss Iran sac toil it Bull's Head last week had the ellvct to frighten ofl some of the more tltuid dealers; and, as a consequence, the supply ou sale in "the several yards was more In ac cordauce with the legitimate requirement.-, of the "I'rater ulty" In this city and its subui ban surroundings ? Ur<K)klyn, Williamsburg, Jersey City, Astoria, llobo ken, he. Of course prices were hl^hor; but they wore In no wine exorbitant, and afforded onl, a fair romuueration. But some of the butch-rg who rank as second or third rate compluiued >f the high prices, though tho llist class butcliors, wh x 1 o dlllicnity in selling ut a fair prolit, tnadi liitle or 110 objuolinu to (be alvanced pretentions o. holders, though it t< <ik tln-m somewhat by surprise. Tli muket was much baiter, and the lango nf prices wk \ot so wiilo, a kiii u indication that the number of poo cattle is i-malier, Ihe rung) w..s fiom 6Sc. to 8S<-'. ? <c:, with cotupar lively few sales at the extreme rati llie bick of the sales were al about 8c. Tho oflerings ull ild inel ilmg a few smnl lots of State cuttlo, whirl could not llu-1 pmchaj e u last week. MtLC'll COW8. There is no niierai ? >11 in .h ? m 11 ket lo chronic!#. Tin 'temand continues moderate, and prices remain without noticeable change. O ir quotatiots lib 'Ve represent the current pricon al the vario'.n mc its. VEAL CA K8. Tiie marl-et has l? en rather more buoyant this week owing to the mo- le ate sui-ply of beef cattle, und with . steady fair 1 - main! I 1 price* have in al. cises been rea ized. 'I ho best oiforn ts mel wiih raid) sale at our out ?<ldo quotations, and ilie ordinary to good gr ides wen freely placed at the resjtectve prices q nHed above. Ver; low sold at the inside rac s. PI1KKI" ANI) LAMBS. Tho very heavy receipts during the past few weoks J. not app : r to have ex -rted a wry unfavorable tulluwic on the market, am) all go >d grades o-ml >: i.e to Had rea j <alo a prices showing very little va i itioii. Cnnsidei in; all thing-1, tin* market is better than iisr.a', .ma aoldcrs niu.ifest m ch in all their in -im l ions. Tiie following sales, lu lots, at 1 Icimb illn's present the ma ket at tho other yar s asclea iy as ma) b -. Tho ran;o of p. Ic b may have been almlo w.-lur at lit ether yards, but the geaera: sales we eat ub"Ul tb ? am I'ales. The sales in lots wero as follow-*: ? 3j site -p ami ?nubs at $fi. 65 do. al *5. 26 do. at $1 ;:5, 105 do ut j ' i80 do. Ill $3 75, 675 d . al <3 60 .61 do. at 53 31 S IC 1! . al ?3 25, 21!) ? !". at |8 1 ; U . ??',0 at $S 12^,40 4l ?? *1. 230 do. at $2 87; a, 384 do. at $2 U2S, 237 do u i 2 60. riWINK continue in p'enti", I stt-py: but, with a fairdoman i, they s.-ll nboiil a ?'!!?! 1- thi-y strive at pi ices within th 1 ange of 3 So a 4 -, a ec. ACnTJLATIOK. Tlic tola' ri-cuii't "t a Block at all tho yards, in eluding liergeu, o 'h ? -ok and last week were as fol lows ti a. Co lit. Vt'ilt. Sheey <f- Sain Allarton's.... ?fil. 32 310 335 13,380 Browning's l-'ti 6 23 4.241 Chamberlln j ?S 26 132 3.4J7 O'Brien's a 36 63 2,iii6 Bergeu 50 ? ? ? Total DM) 64S 10,f69 13,380 Total last week ... 6,164 102 482 18,60 / CITY lull >iKnCIAIi UHPORT. Wcdmmhay, Nov. 0 ? 6 P. M. Astik?.? The ii. i kot was slcudy, with small sales </ built sort.- -a K' :;1 f S'miai - Tons. ? J- lour ? The market was flrra anil in good ilnniHiiil, wl.lle pile.'- were without change of moment. The wit k umbrae- 1 about 20,000 bills., closing within the rangoof llio following quotations: ? Superfine ^t ite $5 50 a 6 82 Kxtra Man1, good to choice 5 70 a 61? bup-: tUii) VfesiO'li 0 50 a 6 62 t'orotu n to choice W. ?;erli extra 6 70 a 6 7i> tlx tin an .via. . . 6 70 a (5 7 Mixed t i st-aigLt Sei he.n 6 25 it 64;'i Striiiy . . 10 .-Mr i b ?0 a 7 25 Choice xli ii fann.y ati I bakers' brands. ... 7 25 a S "i I'.ye (1 i ir 8 00 a 4 25 Com niea . Jersey and Iruiidywine 2bi a 3 2o ? Canadian il'ii.r was llrm, with sales of 60'J a 700 bbls., closing within the range of the abo<-* figures. Southern ' Hour ?a- suinly, with a fair export demand. Hie sales iml>race>l ubo ,t 600 bb'.H. , ut unchanged prices. Itye Hoar was steady at qiouition* with sales of about 2<<0 bbls. Oirn inn U was in fair reqw ?t at qui t&tioi.s f t- Jo. seyau.1 Hi-.nuy wine, with sales ot 225 ti'o Wheat w is Irreg ,lar. goo, shipping lots were ibottt 1 per bushel hi^li r, \v i n 1 ? for other i; a 'es |> i.- ?? Aore uttthang "d . the siles anile a e l nbout ."> (JO0 Icudi ? is at $1 50 a $i 62 for uli ice Keni , y wliUe <1 37}, a $1 50 for f ill' to cliuce white ( ian, 24 a #1 25 l-.r t aaadael ib.$l 41 a$t 4.? it),- white Midi i:;au, $1 as a ?1 40 for white tdn i ?1 ."1 for re ! tat i, $l U6foramhoi Mich g in a ;.| Kuutu<;kv,$122a$l 21 I'm Ui.waukci c b iti-i $1 24 a ?1 25 or amber do , $1 21 a SI 23 fur Pai i? j sji-iii ?1 21 tor Oidiamy to prim th igo spring. l orn wa ? ill"! ii, wuho the supply wn< mod jatC: .lie sal s euib a t ale mi t 125 O'JO Ih.-Ii'-Ih, at 01.' :. fur 'insoiiu'l, 02- a 02 ,0. for the ea-t-.vard an! e*i<,rt, while j ane lots ot ; >ri:no Western mixed sold M iir tli? clone at 03c. lta ley and rye were in fair de mand at steady prices. Oats we: o selling at 40o. a 41c. for .State, tlio market w.w luru of Canadian, while the supply of W, -tern was 6>)KIKK. ? Tl.o market was steady, wlii'o sales wore moderate. A sale ot 700 bai,d llm, nut of best quality, was mado at 15 l3o. Omul. ? 'Vim market w s (I 'm, with sales of about 2 <aO bales to spinners aii.l t ; e .-illation at 24 ?? a 21 l4c. for mi hliiug uplands, at wbl. i i \ - mirket . I. Kod flrimy. KiiKanits. ? There w is rather m r - tone in the rate<, with inn re oil rig, e*|. vial y f-r Liv-rp, ', for which poitabii.t 1H4,(KHI bwhois w re ?i./aged .Hid. a 121. f r in n tnd wl a In bit k bi^s, wiih llo-ir ul :?<. fil. ud n ?:ifi I. gaged at 12 1. i 12 t i. Ill bu.k and b?g<, with Hoar at ds. ?iid elioi?<lu al I" ToHirre JO m<i a 40 n?iO busliKls wli nt wer? en. a ivl^at 2 2c. t and Il Kir at (tie. Id llreiiwn UK) ca. es I ii cco were eu g.ig. d al 25s. . I'm" markot was !e-s bn f ood, and the pi e? w-Te ell :wul iioml al. M u'kei .d were .it?iil/, with sues a?. { T 02', lor No. 1 . n ? le Id at $7 75, Hid $i 02'j for No. 2. win! ?5 75 was deimaled. I iefcl, d li e rin ; w*-e active . with a s il 1 .0J0 bbl*. this H'l'k St 1 2 50 a vi 26. Mnoke hei i lug w; re .ncbaaged, while pi le"* W re steady. I'ui ii.? 'UUins were inner: iun? la; s w >ro selli. g it 75, okl i". a t2 ni, ?ni lirni! h it 56a$j 61, wi h su'iek '.h s wook of feme 3,000 a 4 000 Nixes. Bora. ? - b"n- Maaf m w ?n ? n'm iid hi nod ,i?. maiid, wlitl" <-omin?n n aide ? uii . .1 wore .w ninal. ? v* 100 ? l.iii ImI?i were rei oried or nx,<ott al 13c. a IS Sta ll' Inta prune a, * w r ?>ld at 22c. a 2Jc. l\l<i'f?i nlin ???! la i ti?" denial! 1 at full p ic I. A I'm ill I' i Muifa bneghnO- a #1 M , ft tOi'. for low and Ineiliuin 'ladei. Iiuiv,- I^e in rk,'l ? ?* pin t. II <k braie is Si etch idg were Ml. able at $24 a six metis \ far b isin. s* ? is ?!? ;.g in Amen, m p.g al $17 for 2, ai.d -xtra ,.:id pr.nie No. 2 al $17 60 a $ls60, iWliverable at fcJi/.a lie'hi^rt. Iji o. ? The market w.ij artha and prU-ea we.eflrmer. (%L.? 4 llai-ba w- r? mvte froely ,t 30 a $0 26, each, w.tli a )o- <4 ~pii'sh al tt\ 1J', i $<l I l.imH w ie in moleraie rope-t, with aalea.rf eomtann Rr ckUnri at 60> . and lump at $1 H tj"??.? ?? "? ie 2io hhd?. msenar.ut* at 24c., and 30 hh ?? I'o. tu K? e al 3de N^vai ?4T"k?- ? Sjeritt turpentine was le-a?y and lower prices |,nl - say $142 b l with ut > <ke ?. hol lers demand?H] $1 44 a $1 60. l-a ea of 1 ,500 bbls. i milieu r' sin *e-e made at about *4 7 i, and 6ij0 do. at *4 76. On*. ? Uin**.! nil was decl'Veljr l.ijtbT. with a good firman I from Ilia trada sale* were t?a ? it 7iHi a 72 lt'' > ai,,1 prima r ny , in ??k? ai d b?ri..s, at 7n. . a 7ec .Willi Mies Ili a wevk "f 1'i.lSK) galloiii. r ? ' il o tit.g ststo bi. la of mi eamerts ia tbe Vew l>lfoi l ?n.r? i fur the week otidi, k lb* 4th Inatant. ?re f W tin ii MH S ./ij,,f. , ? .^"eriu maiiq .? a , 1 without ? In p'H'e. Klnoe our laat .TH bbla hara l?*n aold si $1 20 l?'r g .il"? for man ufacturmg. Tb?- mark.t for a- In I, r? mains Witts >ut charge s.nce oar U?l. In st ?? for th< w eek ettibrars 2 flOO tibia., in l?'C" >, as follows .1 TuO | bb't. at 45c, 600 bbla at a pme n H transpi. ed. Inn bb?< dark, at 48c , an 1 200 bbla. *> th .s.atsv t gs : a We n-ar ii farther Inquiry ft- both stw ia and whale Wh leb nr? Nothing ' igstlun i'k? lB, : v. _ ,k_lhe market waa heavy and Ml ??|et ei ' e e I rt?J a 4ia> b' ? al $li a 115 tof n. and$:i62't 74f.r p: .? P^f , ? <*?? ?. of -JOB a ",?0bb!? ."oel'id of titra f.? .. .? m s? ,t ? f .r ,sr i old ai V2 ?n I *4 prm. ai ?> . *>a $ u h...,a ? re i-i. ? '> ? >* ?' 1 1? ' . bacon ku u> n>, w. i * 4 #0 mm. ? a u ai s 6\e. Cut me.tta were Imic'ive, with small sale* at |..| ahonldere. I^rd w.i* Id fair requMt, with aaio* of 800 lib ? at 8\c. a 9'^c. Hutier mi In good demand, with iwli'* o tfood t" p'lmo and choice State at X7o. a ltfo. ; common wtfi dull and nominal, and Ohio at 13c. a IV fbrc'.oi W-st-c. p v ilio- co wmh In !alrd? m.U 'l, with calMi of Si to a 6c. n 7?., and Ohio at ftc. a 6c. haw. ? Timothy and voi ??? q .)??? and prices un clnn el. tv.r t ? nmoe , \v i li free Nales in Boston, at t'i 10 a $1 16, chtflh i r e Sites wern niaile at (6 0i0l) iks sold lor Hi wo k) nt $2 05 a $1! '-0 , now Uel I al $2 26. Kim g ii.i d ?"<* ai $1 Il7'? u ?1 70. Scniam were steady, v>i h . n'es of loo a 200 hh is. ('nlias at stoa y i rice j :;'jl Imx1 s vvc o ?< j i ? I lit full price*. Incl'nt' d In ? )?<? I.. we <? :t0 it UTfo. Tlicsalea aluo i nil. raced 3.0IX) btt ,* M.uiila and 1,670 do. China on private tm Mid. Wiobuy. ? Thn market wan firm with sale* at 21c. T>>aauco._ kenttn ky .a in trimd wiuent and prices very flrm. It. other B' ct* little doing for want of stock. The aalea wern 443 Mids. Kenti < ky at 10><c. a 14c., and 217 ? aae* recdleaf at 7>?c. a 14c. _ ? VBBSOSAIi. A KINK HEALTHY MAI.K IN KANT. THRKE WEEKS Old, oi lull coin pick lonf bin i eyea i.nd cuod p ircuUiae, will be given for adoption in any leapt table family, who will ra f for It aa their im?. Arrangemeiila * 111 bo made to afford a p. riect guarantee. Addrexa Dr. K. Murrie, Herald office. j ^ B.-KBIDAY MOKNINO, 10 A. M.. SANE PLACE. BOH ?I DO WISH Til \T YOU AND LITTLE ONE would Oome up, U la m> lonely without yuu. MAOUIE I NKOKM ATION WANTED? f)K THE WHERABOUT8 OK L John Dull, from the lain if Mm, ooppcramlth and tin ai d iron woiker bj trade. Any ttuinge will I e Kratefully re lived J hie mother, Ell/abelu Dull, Haei amcnlo City, OaL INFORMATION WANTKD? OH WILLIE O. BAIllD, i who i. ft hia home on the IMih of Oi tuber and haa not re turned; he la 1*0 j ar? old, n thus* oi lne age, lUrk hair und dark eyea. and lnl-lll?ent looking; hn wor? a Hubl brown front isalm re i n *? t. ark ilran raaaimera panta, blic i-loih ap, matl< inimir* loriu; white rue', ainall I luc enotie.l , altorr sua' cottou wKkn: he annietimea retire Iho I'M o ?, tiii'? ci in uein In ^ wi'h ' I'iiu i ?rih i n- firmament on hlRh," .\i , .i -it :-te oil r Suing t e 1'ie.ldenta u h; me. An* Inlrm itl.m r pet ; in will thank' ully received i u> parent* m I.M Wi-et Tweiuy.iifih atrert. and thu-e taking a:iy trnu de in the caae will be liberally re warded. Information wanted-ok w. k j. damon, who ?T'*'d uoni hia home. No U ha<i Biltle a'leet, Bi noli, tyn, on TiteedHV* uioriilag. Hid .o ak fruck eoat and ve?l, layjtuiitH >i n r, falae h ?ir, la ah.<al 6 feet tf incline In height n i titf yeara Did. f OSKPH SII ARKOD WOODS, AN ENULMI M AN, AR *1 r'ved iu Atner atnlXtO Ilia frh mix In Kti< and ? ? i lokaowwl n> he la, aad If tl ad uliere any el hia fa lilt I / HI In fi hi ii.l A .tireaa Caarn m i.uwarda, coiinaelior, 'to l'lne stri ct. Ne\, V".k. Joii.v- i Hon si:k TOII TO?DAV AT FODI P, M. aeioe ,'lair. D ni't . Kiippilnt r.n* igaln. JOHN. rBKT Ills n0MB-0N HATWDAT, ??T1I VIiTIXO, J J mica 1) il-y. a Imy 12 )n a old; lii Inn brown punt ?, iila< r. jai kt'l nud lotvnci ui. . ,1 A- y I. on ol him inl! lie it er liy rcwu, d -d bv hl> pareuta, at 107 hands eireet, B.ooklyn. AyfR. DOKI.I, OB MACK AT, WHO AllKIVKD IN THE iTl itWiinor Itremen, u r- I u * I to . all al th" l o sulVe, 17 Dioa lway, w... re I.' a ll learn e unetUlug to uia a U antv?c. i) r ? Y(>' hs bkokivkd. am Mount to say it IV. >111 n . V i II mi I t letter evp .tln n al ntatlon li, I.Jj'.1 IV '? . ?> , u a .v i Thirty -ecund end i'airty-tulrd stiecta. AdirexU. J. HI awai.vver. 'PIIK YOINU LADY WHO HIIOUK HANDS WITH ME L by mis n im" iveiiue aia;e on Tin y er.- d i|{, i ioiit il* n eloek. can n-ud lier a|iolo^y Inr the error to Fred, sUtinn C I' ???t inllee. rpfTE TEKSON WHO HKNT ONE HMxL'i HOOK TO A I. ihorty ati eet will confer a favor by eeudin t e mate. Sainn B'llistM. UEO.'iUE. WILL JOHN Mf!. i IT, WHO ADt'KitTI -BD IN TUB Herald, .' l. l:t, for the rea. len e of Aire Wltlard, al drtna her box J dt l'oJt uiilcc. Uia ad* ?rttai inent ?u not Keen in tintii to answer. WII.I. THE ilBNTI.EM \N WHO RBtlRITBD A IIA4I1, iy written note Ivt errnlng, lu H uni'i itre a ohil,' i ie 1...I iv add rent n< a n? U Ml-tJ. II. W. I', itaii >11 D, -m . . la ill-al l the n it" *>i wrote un P-r ? i h em tan KM si:,, Icu'iiUn.eahn will not iind?r*iand it. J. II. WILL MISS I' ASK T , WHO MKT UEOKUK At Ma^gte a, III itn.lal i, pliuiae aeud liei addn a in J. K. Imk If. II raid o Of ;TII 8 1'BKKT.? MEET MK S\Tl,Tlll>tY KVKNINll, _j > name tune and place, "alone." My fri n ?? ? I >e out of town. WILL. SrKCUL MITICK9. 4 PAIR ? FOR TUB BENEFIT OK THE ORPHANS J\. Home ?iii J AsUuhi e tii ?? Pr 'l*'* an E| l^eop*. Obiui'h ?il; h- Id it in liiMilutton . K?o.\-n ot.t * i i, corner of Li4?.; 14* ii tvenne ?, oti I'm mU)', \\ .Mill- * *y una Tnuisday, ' li?' lyiii. &uh and -l*.t of . . ivi'in' t i. / 1 ASH \VT! L II B l* A II# Foil I0?m> OR IV^) REAMS \J o Phmt, K -kI. qu.iii?y? ?!/<? d the N. *r Y??ia ller-ll, At prices em i nt. In pit-re nt i . . I ? ? flicv Fjl A M ? T IR MEMBERS OK JorPA LODUI NO. M, ? o- F. A. M., are n.iii,. ? o . hi ii* r ftiNmii, ihti tfhu da.) at. run it, in li?ir-|<.m * w ? uh<h k, v ?ru r of 0?mrt mi i Jep.iemou Htr.M im, | ;r<?- .U ly n, f ?r the purp of att -n .iu?i lit* i? a d . f i ur>*iU?r. M iiihiti of the t t mem iy mo also invi oMl m .rend Kl ii \ Ul > S.I A UP, Secretary. HO DOB'S REPORTER AND AMKll.CAN H\SU NOTE Safe Guard, th on!1 pr to ?? o , gtin?4 cm; ? ?i f? r.rrs M*d fraudulent h nln. IS* ry bi^n m n slm li h.4\e them heiore he Is Vi iniu/ed. 8 nt e. , i . wli re Otllce 111 Fill on street. 10 good jainvasscrs maiiN; ^kmI ? in ^ IO. O. P.? THE R. W. OR WD LODGE OF FO'Tll ? New YmA, will !.old its r jj i ar 1 i ?? a H?.iiit, in im room, corner oi 0-a:ul nttl C ? ? ?*, on Tn> r sd:?y evening, Novcm1 er 7. at 7,^ ? elo . 5' r l?*r, JOHN J. DAV 1 lis, Oiu'iU Secretary. VTOTD'R. ? A LI, PERSON* ARB CAUTIONED AGAINST jLi iNiviiu or uek"tUllng the ioilowing 7 3 l'J !>?*:* cent Vrea ?U4-y Notes; o ^ -<U e.nli, vl/.: ? N ?. l..">.\to h* order of H. Will inn. No. ll IKM, to ti?e order of J. Liv uuston. No. i!,-').', : ti ro.vl- ro: A. R W.nstead. A'iSS, the foi. wl.e.% of H? e tell X >. O I'-T). v.i. I l,'J26, in blink. Alao, tic following, of ^a* t acit . ? Nil. 37. INS, No. .17, HO, No 37,192, N.:*7,ISt*, No. :ir,rjl. N i, H7.1?:i, In blank. Then i ne having been obtained hj ill, nnd their pay ment be in;: stopped. COMJATB A HOFFMAN. 47 VTall street, New York, Nov. 2, 1361. NTSW YORK AND HARLKM RAILROAD company. T reason. r*s (ni ce, comer ol K. tir h avenue anu Twcutj Mi.Nt.?i Hire* t. New Yo?k, 0..i ?her26, ISbl. Inter* at Conp<m.s oi tne Mrat Mori:;?ige Bonds of 1B??7 will be paid on and alter November 1, at the Tro:o?*.ivr'sofLoe. Xf. H EMR1 -() I, irr.s .r-r. OFFICE OP THE PACIFIC WAIL STEAMSHIP COM pa.!V.? N.'w York, Oi'foher \ ? i. o ia hereby given thai the Annua! 7r.ii*etioii for Nine III rectors of the J'a ej .(? M.iil S eunvsiiip t* mip'jiiiy for the cn-nl'.)^ year will be fce.d tiie oHIca o: the i nnj.anv, .>S 1,11- elf on Wednen * 'rvy, N'?vemi,er I t, hitvvien the hour*; of U M. and 2 P. .Vf. I'i.e : .ana er book, will ho closed on fiatiin! y, November 2. at ^ I'. M., and will ho reopened ' ! -av, X ?ventb r 11. tit 10 A.M. NT. Secretary. r; ii .-ii : i- m-'AU was n another 1 1 i ? > . .y ; .nnd the Africa's hovv, .ind on h ? ji. v. ? ? ? u !.? ? . i, , Y trd, wild in now moored in ?? .. . .v ,.i. !i i co lni a a ' tts' lu !t eylliidei H\ ? i ?-?' sir- : ? r- feci . 1 , no ftfty i -h ?? I n.!, r, r, ... Ke- (;'i 11 1 ? ?. '.< ? '1 . * ii!t two in iin-'. "ii 'i. Mr. If 'fill Ml v\ 0 fee ?- 1..1I -fioix oeWeil's pufOllt Hui*fu> 1 I UrII O.V> AND < .. ?l VN.n '! i ntn.h U ua. n\ V \ S M.-'i ?t .pi lie dmenl, and auo s of ;? ' ?? disabled tin 'lli f, the :a ? ? if .: '? ?? re ptesf.-u t ? nvet . U ? ' ? ? ; V ..11 W tilt! street, ai 10 o I. ? ? M ? . ?????.? K . > N- M fh y ure part' uiar . re . ; ? ? ? ?? : ? ? vrlt. len testimonial*. 8iuie-ti f Ur 1. . t t. :' re. ajvetive romp ml-- , o. i ? .1 ? , ? \ m.o .vn an 1 resp'.v t.ib! ? cifl/en o ? . v All . .1 attend on Friday, th" 1 t in>. . '. ?. ? . 1 ' . 1 jir^'id' -i with proper credential Mi v . A K ! r^.sNn : . . f lauit r. K;>N I>- SIXTY POLITIC !?. 2VKNTM NT 1 < f Mr 'LUJ held at tlie.r r > on*. SO 1 : ? rv ?.? ' 1 f.ntrs Hhv Tpnnu?. Nov. 7, at oV-io k. J ,.ec- ap|?ol:it e l to e .nv ias the. Fourth A IdorniAiiic 1 * in .avor of Mr. Fren Mechan are re'pie .1 <1 1-1 ?? . -u i. It.- order. *;ilARLL.S JORDAN, President. Patrick Tiouk, S'?cret?ry. V LARGE MEETING WAS HELD LAST ETEN1NO la tnc Co ?per Institute. O 1 m >t n, the Chairman was a ii.i(ir:a> d to appoiut ii comrnUtee 01 live i i elccilou ?!lurict. irrespective of party, u> meet at an early lay to 110 ni M..t?- the various dlstri-t aid iv?i?* 1 o )i ? r.M. Coion d JOHN vYAf BRIIOLISE, President, Dr. John Wkavkr. Secrettry. DRMO'KAIir RBPCiU I CAN ti I' N'Biv \ L roM MITTBH, Ti-w u mv Hail. ? 1 Ttte in miv> rs are requcat'-,d to attend a n?? eUn*; of the Com t ill it -e this (Tnursday) evening at hatf iM>at se^en o t ;o It. By or.ier. A. H. UoLi.iifH, # BLIJAII F. PURDY, Chairman. John ? i aiu>y, i UBMoC.nvTIC RRPITBLTC AN GENERAL COMMIT, tee. ? A regular m int'il/ m< et'iitf ?f ih ? above Coinmitt iee will be held at Mozart U .li, this (Thursday) eventntL a 71^ o'clock. JollN > Ov'IIRANB, Cnairnian. GBOUGB O. UBNBT, Y iee t'hairman. H ''SirJV,71 } Smtc tariM. DBNTI9T.RY. AKTIKICIAI. BOSK KIMJMi KOR l.Ki ' \YKl) 1 1 rlh? i.11. 1 1.4 ??: I an I no A"!iin : l"i 111 ? 1 t.i.-r. I- .111 b. i lie ! m.i prt^crvrd I. v r...*, J PKABSON J U K.h>.ii . HromhT;iT, one .1 >r ...vf? S"" .i;. . nf mri'i ?. N. II ? tiuwai^ of ihe *rnriM? s? im ?? UOB ?"/ el..-. i> i?|?iT il >r?. Ar.TIKtClAL TBETIL? ONLV $fi FOB BEAUTIFUL nn *..<?v.nii.>l ?-?h on |> ,r. Kilvcr; on aail |>1 1 Bi, %2'< Shulr T o h, 51. 'I'. '.ih .tUod e ..tract, d . i i i : ? . il tin* lrn?i |?ln. K.iP'ir.or Bon? Filint; only fiOf All worn warranU'd. On.oo 13s distil av.-niie; (noveiiioval.) Dr. LPTHBB, DwitMU. ? i llAVB HAD ntBEB TEETH EXTRACTED WITH V\ -it tfi- .o> j- .1 i ?'li?i.>vcr. I jr l'r J.JAY \'I I.LEKS, it I.'.. ... ..ii i . "?'..|, I li.?*. i oily in*.-!! tliie a? a recoiuiuonda* lion !? ail.ulicrlnn tro. to. iliacSio, J. MLlirilY, No. 9 Mnllerry ?tr?ot. ATH'NAl. DKVTAL OAI.I.EBY? SIXTH AVENUE, . o i- Ttr.n j ?.? -.Mid ee ? In nt, n o-it I.'p'1 K v ?* pr* in i itt>. Ouaranu* d dr- . ?? ;|. inintry. War fn .. S vr of .. il., * robiftr. Sib; pacnt vol O'ul" t-' ; ?o|.t, }2b. ?lo<lrier n $1 hll.n ' ! ? th.soM, $1. Dll MAN SON, DentlnU TII I OAllKFtM 1 Y F1M.ED-AT SIXTH AVE 1 nut wuk iinloll. lOrUvauU .-v .i. AiiIik iiI teeth SI l , n . ? * h ...... i r a 8Uih avenue, near Tw?n'jrlir?t ? r'.t lit f rs i-i:??Ti;r.NT:t "r by tsie aid of I" ... , . , , w. ? ?. i s,m of 'f'ecib s- .nj.wli,. a. a.. ii;_,uun SUN. N THIB WAR. ?'fBW RESPECTABLE YOUNO MSN WILL BR AO J\_ <*. ''"d to learn the use of the new weapon. Early ap g leal Ion Uti-l. "? "JM* al ">? headquarters Gen. Barry'* ocket BatuIIoW; ?5 Broome street. '?*-? - AQOOD COT, A GOOD LOUNQB AND A OOOD Chair, all in one piece, the wbea foi led 4 by" I eiiunre and two feet long. Camp cheat, army tn.uks, camp atoola, Ac. Gl'RLEY A BRADY, 412 Broadway. A MILITARY SADDLE. BRIDLE AND OTHER AR. tu l- a, almost new, lor >-al? clival). Apply at F. W. DKNECKE'B, No. 1 Writ strret. AN interest in the sutlership of a regimen* already full may be procured by the advuuee of a por tion of t he necessary (units. For particular) addresa J. O. E.. bol S.443 Posi ouIcb, appointing an early Interview. pOEPB OP INSTRUCTION.? A NEW MILITARY \J corpa, alinllar in plan to the New York (Hawkins') Zou aves Is organiiod, anil meet on Monday, Weilnradivaani Fildiiy eviuiiig* of eucli week, at rami No. 8. Men e>-r House, and Invite tin- young men of New York to joiu wlili thrill, Partlus desiring Informatiou will apply at tlie rooms ou lhosa evenings, between 7,'i and 8 o'clock, aa the drills cooimeucfl at 8 exactly. /CERTIFIED CLAIMS AGAINST THE WAR AND NAVT \ J D payments omhed by BLANCHARU & CO., Mo. M William street, basement. CI RAND PRESENTATION OP COLORS TO THIRD T Irish regiment.?' The steamboat OhN. ARTHUR will oi.r.vt y passengers to David's Island on ihe d.iy of the pre Mutation, leaving her pier, toot of Peck slip, at eleven o'clook, Thui ?day, November 7. Pare each way 25c. General military and naval agency-wash liigton and New York. ? We will proaectlte claim* against government for Pens:. ns, Hountv , Auears of Pay, Indemnity, Ac. Apply to ISAM > EL V. NiLE.->, Washin*. too, a C .or to CHARLES C. LEEDS, III Nasaau atreri. New York. IMPORTANT TO ARMY AND NAVY CONTRACTORS.? Dessleuted Potatoes, 2A.U00 pounds, for sale at BLOOMEB A MACBETH H. 24 and 26 P. ok slip. Lieutenancy wanted? by a youno man that ban passed the Military B.ard 01 Examination, who would pay $75 for the same when lie would roeetve his tlrel imy trom tlie government. Address M. B. H., WW Broadway, In the acgar store, staling where an interview can be bad. New inventions for the army.? parties having new and useful Invent, on- for the arm. or navy cm liavo them brought directly to tie- he a 'a of de| arunentd snd test d at government oxpenae, without red t. or un ueeeasary delay, by addressing a uoie to box 9$2 Poat oOlce, New York. ONE HUNDRED GOOD MEN WANTED IMMEDIATB ly.locienpl te a few cowpanlea of ,the Fll yarst inut ile nt, N. V. V., Col. Eilward Ferrero, now encamped ut Aa na|s.!la, Maryland. M"u enlisting in the ai>i>v.: reglmeut k. In b i unt.oriued and sent to Aiiuspolis on Mouday, tlie 11th Inst,, In iih.rge of Lieut, L. O. Goodrilge, Ooniiauy H. Vo nuteers lor this rudiment will rece.ri $100 buumyand kand warrant Headquarters 56 Lib 'rty s;r*et, New York. RECEPTION OF THE TENTH LEGION. -SONS Of Orange . n I Sulliv in will i undezvnu* at the Armory of tlie Seventh regiment, Toiipkius' Market. Processli n wilt move at Iti o'tio.k A. M. Presentation address by J. O. Dimniiek, E?ii? at 12 o'clock M., at tti? Everett llouso, Union square. Badges will be provide I at tlie Armory. A B. EAGER, Jr., Marshal. Recruits wanted-fok a first class regi ne tu. Any |>?isou having 2.'i men will be p d.l $75 and position ut a ser^e mt. Apply ut 228 Third avenue, between j ana 7 o'clock P. M. TO OFFICERS.? FOR SALE, A SPLENDID ENGLISH Revolver, In OMo, complete with every Improvement quit' new; Draii, Harding A Co., makers. Address Re volver, Herald oiliee. VTIO ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS -TIFFANY A CO., Ut 1 and 5.V2 Bro id way, h ?ve in store, and arc receiving by ever) t-ainer, Swords, "w? rrauted to cut wrought Iron," fro ii Solin^en, l'ass ints. C p Ornaments and other Eat l>ri iderles from Pari*. Gold Epaulettes and Navy L ices, Ac., f> in Ijondou. Order* bv mail promptly ulled.and gooda ior w .nied to all parts of tho loyal States. TO ARMY CONTRACTORS.? THE ADVERTISER HAS facilities for p. curing contr.n tn fur any artieles wanted by the iiniiy or navy, ou the ill isl lavo. aide tei ma, and wiui o .t circuiufiH u'lon. Persons desiring contracts will avaid delay, .te., by a nirestnng a note, stating appropriate particu lars. lo box .462 New Y ir't Post oillee. UNITED STATES ARMY.? MEN WANTED, TO FILL up First Hiiia'inii Twelith United States lufantryi head pi.nteii at Fort Hamilton, N. Y. Also inteiUgmt men lor non commission' d oilioers. Apply at 79 Chatham street, to Captain A. J. I) A 1 J. AS, United status Army UNITED STATES MUS7EKHG OFFICE.-OFFICERS oi V. dunle -is should have written authority from thelf Colon.-!* lo rin mil, evidi tice to the United Sutes Mustri^ In. Ollkers for ti n importation or settlement of aecouut*. Thia uiituu authoruy should also be endorsed by the U tilted M >>"? must, rim, anil disbursing ollleer. No ac.iiunt will lie paid or transportation given, unleaa the a >ove ruli' U eonformed to. WANTED? ENGINEER SOLDIERS, COMPRISING iiieelmuli a Hint Intelligent laborer*, for *iipper? aud n> i uer* of the regular army; ih? mm must be ii b 1 1* bodied, uoi ovrr 5J yeiu ? of a;*, able to rend and write, and under* Ki.iitd tli>- four ground rule* or arithmetic; term of enlist ment, throe year*; pay, from J13 to $.14, depending on rank aiiaiued by m?ru and ?<>! ucrly conduct ; al*o rations, fuel, uu.utera, clothing, medical attendance, atid the usual bounty. Ai lily daily at No & Bowling Ureen, third door, between tf A. VI aud 12 M. U. A GILMORE. Caiitaln of Euglnoers, L nlted Stale* Arm/. WANTEL >? A FIRST LIEUTENANT, WITH TWENTY ii, eu. In a regiment now In camp, In thin elty, and near lyr 'n.yi >: the war. No omralidatlon. Also a teamster. Apply .>t 1U2 Klin atrect, near Canal. W rANTr.l>? TO PILL A COMPANY IN A GOOD REUI mailt, twenty able bo.!i- ?l men, for which *o0 wilt bo paid. A hlrtst W. II. (>., 174 Eighth avenue. WANTLD-A I'AUTY. WITH CAPITAL, TO TAKE AW an liifp -t will a Sailer. Address immediately C. D. K.ftui, Herald olHee. 'ANTED- A POSITION AS SECOND LIEUTENANT IN . . an aoerpted infantry re;iiiieu., for which n caub bouus win i<> pa d. 1'lejM) address immediately Lieutenant, box Ut Hrald olBco. Zi\ able bodied men wanted-to oo immb k)\J dimly to Washington. to Jo n ttie THIRD REGIMEN 1' EXCELSIOR BRIGADE, Colonel N KI.10N Tati.or. Th* above number of men are wanted to complete a new company lor win,; by LIEI'T. l'ENNOCK, C<V liitj.idv ay. The recruits will be uniformed lie/ore leaving the city. Fa? and rationsc.. in we nee ?n minimi tlm rolL iPH BOUNTY will be given to every man wno ta uunorably discharged. Support 1 1 r families .:u iwniwi 1 ri\ ABLE BODIED MEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY? J.?/U to proce.l to Washington, to jolu ibe Thirty-sixth regiment, N. Y 8. V., Cid. C. H. Inn?*. JAMES GRANT, Lieutenant commanding, recruiting ttailon, 201 Canal street. IjOST a.yd kovnd. A SAILBOAT PICKED UI' IN JERSEY.? THE OWNER c hi have it by paving cxiicum*. Apply at the tin.? House, L'.ng ilix-k, Jersey Cl y. Lost? out ok a r roadway stack, Friday evening, Iwtween 6 MP,! 7 o'clock, a Green Velvet Bag. containing artlclee ,( ladles' dr. ?s and t.'tlot. The liuderwill he mutably rewarded by leaving it at St East Tlilrtloth street or 7" Broad street, up slalrs. IOST? SINCE AUOt'HT LAST. AT THE GIRARD J II .u or the Highlands, New Jersey, a part of a L'imp. A suitable reward given It lelt wlih U. "Davis, 79 Franklin IOST? A LETTER. MAILED IN BOSTON, OCT. 25, TO J A. M ehel, New Yorlc, onntmning 529 in bill* and our note lor $2t*i, die Novemi er It, and endorsed by L. Slocum. Said loiter not L.a\ lug re. .died i.? destination, parties are li< re by .ri'ioiied Dot to negotiate - ild note, payment having been stopped. kr.vke >t HILL, mDummm. IOST.? LEFT IN A TWENTY Til !KD STREET STACK J i >terday morning, ab..iu iu o'clock, corn, r of ilr.adway ainiW II street, a l?ag conuiiilag one iiundred aad eighty u .il.ii i lit silver. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leavln ; c s.une with C. M Northrup, 18 Wall Htreet, room I i~ IRE BADt!K NO. 2t. THE FINDER WILL I J ... i arded by leavln ( the aarne a the Truck House, coiii-'i orty-aluili ?tr -et hi. 1 1 ington avenue. l .) sr? ; BOWERY SAYINMS hank BOOK, NO. 122.381, I J r 1 1 Umier will plixise seu.l ' idor cover, to M. G., bn? i i/ 1L raid olllce, I i ST? OK T0B8UAY MOKNIN'G, BBT1TBBM TUB lj IUi.wvelt ?i.e. f^iryau l Pi- t slip, a il .id Itrea^lplA, ?iuia male Ukeneai, in It. Whoever haafinind tha sune aud will bring it to No. H>1 Pearl atreet, brut Moor, up MtilrS, ivill 1m h JUiNonr'ly reward' .1 l'? >r their tronbl ?? Tost?on the evening ok noybmbek^ comino J from the c in ner of Bank und liivemvl h streets, thro. Hu laon to Clarka n ?tre"t and SUtih a ? enu.% a . le k of J It) on the Buteheri*1 and Drovra' M ink of the t It v of New York, drawn by John W. Meraereau in f.irnr of W. E. Lviiua. By lea v I ii; the check at No. S Sl?l!i avenue, for P. NI..H. he finder will be pild for hl? tiouhle und reeelva the thank* of the owner. Payment of the cue. k ma been atupped at the bank. STOLEN OR STRAYED? FRO ! iiJlC PREMISES of Patrick Swen'-y. Tlilrty.eln'.ith <tr. t, bntw. en First and Seeoud avenue*, a white Sow Plj. Reward, two dollar*. REMARDU, Cll RBWABD.? LOST, LAST WEEK, IV ONE tlK TII8 ?pi. Third avenue car*, a green ink l inlireila. fbe ab*v? rew.ird will be jmIiI and '.lie thank* of the owner given. Ap ply at N SUM Twenty-el;hih atieet. CO REWARD.? INKoltM A ROB WANTBD, or BABAH ?P?J Rlelly, born in the town of Cllfden. . uniyGnl ...y, Ii-liiirt. Has been in Amnrlnt ten year* H'ns aeen at the Alitor llnuao laat w.-k looking after a letter, and ?ont to the Postomee and got IL Her aisior, Julia Ill.iliy, live* at 1M Navy atrect, Brooklyn. $E BBWARD.? LOST, YESTERDAY ATTBRNOOV, lit ') going through Greenwich avenue to Btahth a> nun, a Gold Chain aud I^x-ket. The 'luder will receive the above reward by leaving them .tt 102 Si*th avenue. O 1 A RBWABD.? LOST, A CBNTRB BOABO, ANVt 'PXU twenty-live feet long, painted lead color S ni P"r* ion returning ilie same to the ?alp yard, fool .>f K i*t For r tli.rd street, will receive the aboie reward, or will beml ably rewarded for any Information. <5 1 ft rkw a ru ? Lost. on tiTesday VIOBT, MV IJiU iiiHt., In Thirty-fourth street, golii; from h- .. , nih to the Ninth avenue, or in a Ninth a??ituf, a Cnaln Hook, with gold watch key, seal and ring (nurttiine emi.b in <), nd a piece of telegraph ca' !?*. The aoove reward will ne p.ild ut the finder (being more than ihe vnme ? f the arti. l.'t., they being prized an a gilt) by returning lh? name to 3d Plat* street, up stAlrs. fit OH REWARD ? STOLEN PROM THE STABLE <>f IJliU N lllll, Peughkeepale, on Prl iay uoro.n_. ..b at one o'clock, a blaok Horae. Ill teon hands nigh, swil 'i tail, wiii a senr on the npavln Joint, about ten year* oil; n. w Hrldlo and old Saddle. N. IliLU ion reward.? lost, this morning in Woino tj>? iv" from the Railroad dopot In the village i>r Jam.< a tc the corner of Con it and Rem*n slreeta, In the of Brooklyn, by war of I1'" H. klyn tlentml and J.unalc* ". . . road, :\ roll of Bunk Billa and 0 Coin, ag huowi ?WO in t n (i*llarnotes of the Williams irsh City II ? ik, .. <. ,0 U. S f i pn oiry Note, ? m- *5 noie, one $.! nole; t lie tv. i'?jno of bank not ecollects.l, and one fli uol.i com u* Lnoer will receive the above reward on the r mo wilb t'.e sob*i -iliei at his roaldtn. e in the. till , , J.,.,,,, , ^ " of the Brooklyn Fire ln>'tiati .? C ???, la ?"???? STEPHEN L SI'AI'i.i: <jj.) -r Will be paid, and no qurstio ^ O-j'y for the deli, -i i-v "f a . , v's , ,, ? [ Cinu . . * i iiImiiiN . :? 1 'h ? v noon. The walcii 1? hig'.Uy pi ued as j, gif >v ui.

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