Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1861 Page 3
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HOUSE#, ROOMS- ?C., TO LHT. K A A PART f)P A WELL FCltNlSflED HOUSE TO I.E1 iV ten '.ninuti ?' walk from iho ferry; modern mipiu.o meum, with all the lacilltiosfor housekeeping; lo -at km very plf.ufuui. Apply at 161 York street, Jersey City. Good refe rences required. A HOUSE? RICHLY FURNISH KO, ALL MODERN , improvement, 18 rooms, will be let at alow rani, or t li> Oe taken in Board. 10!? Wc?l T.veiiiy-?econd alloc t, ,r Sixth avenue. FURNISHED HOUSE To LET-THREE STORY AND handsomely furnished, In the vicinity i f the Fifth Ave nue Hotel; contains eleven rooma besides basement and klicheu, having exleoalou lirst and second lloora; greater purl of renttaken In Boaid If agreeable, Private family prcfer red. Address A. M , Herald oilice. A NEAT, CONVENIENT TWO STORY COTTAOE, WITH aome Furniture, lour miles irotu the city, on railroad route, to let low. Rent taken in board If deairod. Apply tu J. It. WILCOX, 3U Fourth avenue. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND HK'.t. riHiui udhnuiiif to let, with modern improvements ?.nd ttae of piano; Kitchen If desired. Term* reasonable. A'ppiy for three daye at No. 1 Stanton street, corner of Bowery. A DESIRABLE TIIREE STORY HOUSE, IN F.XI'EL 1 ? nt order, containing gas . ml Oroton water ttamgbout; locution central; rent low. Inquire at 145 i'rll'oe BROOKLYN?TO LET, THE FINE THMJE STORY brotvn at<>ae House, "d70 llem$ street, owiii lnlnn bath, M<* fixture a, Ao. Rent taw. lnqutiv of 11. M. "SILVERMAN, Jffa Broadway. FORTY FURN1SMKD HOUSES TO LET, AND SIXTY unfuta h nl, most of them well aituffteo, and ike it nest house* in too >iiy. Will be refeted low. rue beat placj in tbia el y o Hent or burn rented orilm properly is at N. O. jJISHOP'S, 144 B -'?adway, store Hoar. Furnished house TO list.? a FAMILY wishino to leav- town for tke winter, will let their house until to a small family, without cniMren. The house la very fluely furnished, and carpeted throughout. \\ iih velvet and taicstry: is thoroughly cleaned, aud In perieet order. The bouse (114 West Twenty-nUli street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues), can be seen between the hour* of 11 and 2, until Saturday. F TON 18 II ED KOUSB TO LKT.-A TIIREE STORY and attic hitfh sinopHoufte to let, furnished throughout, I* finding linen ami silver, one block from the Op-ia ilousu ?ad Union square. Apply to LuL DON & CO., 270 Fourth avenue. Hotel to let, fo? a term of years.?1 the Hotel kuown as the Johnson Ilcuse, i;o Chambers ?treet, opposite the lludson River Ruiroad station and the New York and Erie Katlri.a'1 Company's ferry; is at the foot ?f Clumber* street Apply to ACKJlK, MESftALL A CO., 132 Chambers street. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED? FOR A SMALL KAMI ly; second Moor preferred; nicely furnished, with all ih? appurtenances fur housekeeping; locatiou between Hous ton and Fourteenth streets, west side. Address J. 8., Herald ellice, for three days, stating terms, which must be moderate. TO LET? FURBISHED. IN TWEXTY-FIR8T HTREET near Fifth at nue. a Parlor and one or two Bedrooms with larj;e pantries and bath room, on second tioor; will bo let to gentlemen or a small family, with privilege iu kitchen V required. For address apply at the Madlaon square Pust ?ilice. TO LET? TOR THRLE STORY BRICK COTTAGE Hooae, !0 Mansneld place, for $2(10, from now to the 1st ol Ma.v, then $6i0 per annum. The house la furnialied with Cro ton, ga? and gas fixtures, water closets, wnshtubs, hot and cold water, vault, extending from house to street, nn<!i the courtyard, Ac. Keys may be had at No. 7 llansiiehl p'.ace. Inquire of 1*AU1> GROiJT, 123 Broad at. mo LET? AT 204 FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER OF TWEN X ty-sixth street, a splendid Store and Basement; would make a flue reaiaurant. Term* very low, so that a business can be establish' d. fix) LET? THREE STALLS, IN A PRIVATE STABLE, JL with separate loft, feed lima, harness closets, water, r:.s, Ac.; or three Ilora** wil, be taken at livery prices to teed ?? much as they pleaae. Inquire at No. #9 Weat Eighteenth street, feed hlule. fro LET? THIRD STORY OF THE BUILDING IN REAR J. of 7tf Sullivan atreet, 107x22 leet, auiMble fur a light maiAifa. luring buuineaa. TO LET-NO. IS WASHINGTON PLACE, SECOND bio it from Broadway. House In guod repair; rent low tea private family. TO LET? AT NO. 458 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, the second Floor, consisting of front and kick l'arl.jni, email Kitchen, and throe Be4:<eoms, with water and i.*aa utw ?aa iixturea, washhouse, aud bathroom. Rem $14 pur month. tpo LET-PART OF A GENTEEL HOUSE. TO A SMALL J. family, or Hirnbdied with Board. Apply at 164 Weat Party-third street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. Unexceptionable reference required. r LET? THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH stoop dwelling Ilouac, 44 Ninth atreet, between Fifth *nd Sixth avenues. The house Is 2fl feet wide, tlirei- rooms 4eep, in good order and lias all the improvements. Ga.sti). lures bel'iiij; to the house. The Furniture ran be hired If 4e stred. Apply to J. R. SMITH, 16 William street. mo LET. ? A QUIET, RESPECTABLE FAMILY OF ONLY X three ndulta, wish to reut tii a gentleman a hamlsonic Boom, either furnished or unfurn e ied. Reference* given ami reiprreil. Situation lie* r Broadway and Bleeckcr street. Apply at I8< Meroer street, second do ir from Bleeeker. Also Parlor and bedroom to let ch.-ap. R -fcrunrcs required. TIM) LET-STORE AMD SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 1 No. 234 West Thirty-seventh street, near Ninth avenue. Inquire at <24 Ninth uvenue. TO LET? FOR BUSINESS, SOCIETIES, AC., SMALL SUrts, at 43 Twelfth street; also the very eligible Second Fleor, corner, at 819 Broadway, with ei^ht front wiudows; also several ltooms front inu BroHd't aV. JOHN S. KEL^O. 62 William street. TO LETM-LOWER THAN ANY HOUSE OF TIIE KIND in the city, a moderate sized four story brown atone Hmise, frescoed iu gold, in splendid order; only to a clean and flr?t class family. Inquire on the itrcml^cs, 26 Fortv Slvtl. airect, between Fifth atul sixth aionues,or of J. L. ?HAW, 82 Nassau street, from 1 t4> 3 o'clock. TO LET? LOWER THAN ANY OTHER HOUSES OF the kind in the city, two moderate biied three 8t4>ry Ho?ws; sill modern improvement*, with pas fi>uire3. In 3uir? on the premises, 176 and 193 Thirty-third street, or of . E. 811 AW , 82 NaKHuu street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. TO LET-A BEAUTIFUL LOWER PART OF HOUSE 113 Hammond street, containing all the modern improve* menu, eight rooms, basement*, parlors, extension and third floor. Inquire at the house. TO, LET? FURNISHED. A SMALL BRICK HOUSE. N?i Jiburhood r.j" d Eight Room*. Has range, heater, ~is and water. Rent $SGO per anmim. Apply to J. DAVEN OKT, Fulton avenue, orneroi Oxford street, Brooklyn. Pc TO LET-WITII POWER, THE FOURTH STOltY OF G4 ami 6fl [inane si" vt, having a good entranee in the rear from Manhattan alley, witli vault* on Dtiane street; nlso, second story "f biilMlui! 23 and .'to Centre street, corner of ?futile; also, the whole of the tliird floor and the basement ami vault on Centre ?ticet, well lighted for any mechanical purposes; also, tho fourth ih.orol 2a Heck man 'street. 25x05. with good light 1'rout, rear and sides; also, the sixrli iloor ol Noi. ay, HI and 3,'l Reekninu street. Apply to JAMES CON Vt: K'S SUNK, 2.S, 3(1 ami o2 Centre street. mo LET? THE THIRD STORY IN HOUSE 232 FOURTH X avenue. near T won ty-void street; very convenient lor k small family; rent low; bath, tus, hot and "cold water; In a very quiet aud rcgpcct&lde lu atlon. Apply to J. HOPKINS. TO LET? I.OWEB PART OF COTTAGE, IN NICE OR del , seven rooms, U'5 Eaxt Twenty -eighth street; rent low; also live rooms in house 106 East Twenty-eighth street, at $10 50; three rooms at 1 lu Third avenue. J. R. WILCOX, 313 Fourthjjvenue. TO LET? FURNISHED WITH ALL NECESSARIES for housekeeping, to a very small family only, larfcc front an! lark Parlor, with Kitchen, kltehen utensil*, Ac. No In terference. Reut $20 per month, In advance. Apply at 62 Sixth avenue. TO I-ET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE THIRD FLOOR of the three siory brick House, 112 First street. Una aud Orotou water on the premises. Only one other family iu the house. Rent $18 per month. Refurenoe required. TO LET? ENTBV IMMEDIATELY, LARGE I'OLIt STORY STORAGE STORE, No. S) Miirk"tl!eUi street. Apply to W. A CARTER, No. 52 Cortl&ndt street, noar Oreetiwioh street. TO I.ET ? DESK PRIVILEGE OR PART OF AN OFFICE" elegantly furnlsbcil, on llr>:t floor, suitable for a (jentle tleman, insurance aseucv, or very desirable for a house let ?ting broker. F. I> RICHARDSON & CO., Nos. U2 and SI Nassau street. TO LET? FURNISHED, PART OK A FIRST CLASS brown sloii" Houtv, to a small, respectable family, at a moderate rent. Apply nt 10 West Fifty-second street, be -twecn Eighth avenue and Broadway. TO LET AT FORT WASHINGTON.? A FAMILY, OOING lo Europe next week, will let, at a very moderate orioe, A large fitrni-hed House, at t ils depot, wltn tho use of an e?;.enslve Stable and Ground*. The situation i? salubrious Ml'. I tins rpasscd for beaoty on the JJu'.s.n river, and within thirty minutes' d'lve of the Central Park. For d - ?'??! apply at once to TiiO.U AH J. STEWART, No. 79 Cedar ?licet. TO LET LOW? A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS OR A v ho e R ,:ond Hoor, In a t<uy desirable location. Best of ivferenc- s re-iuired. Apply at Ci'J Went Tlilrty-a.cmd ?treat, three doors from Sixth avenue. Jjf.T, IN HBOHANGB FOR BOARD? A SMALL brick House In Brooklm. completely fnrnia led; would be lei. to a, auiiill, genteel family who would board a ^entle iran ?tuA,vriie lo.- ih'.i rent, and, If agreeable, ci-ntl-me t.i b wrd the i I' i i tUei '? two friend!-. A Lire. a, R. O. It., Broad way PwldGcft. TO LET, " OR '-ALE OR RXCliAMGE ? UN SPATES 1. 1 k tolnntc*1 walk from t^uarumine ferry, n n w and eie#atit VUt. H ' :se u?d Grounds, strictly flint ilass. ?p iclou* anil pf<.f*eilleut; Will lie sold or rented ni a decided ?Li tain, f'jr.j . tlctilars apply to It. G. PIERCE, 19 Wall st :o N'AHVET GAROENERS ? 30T04A ACRES OF WELL il T. mil lu lei, live yes rV leas , 4?* miles from Ila T 1< in .r. ? > 1: ? u. ; al: >, seveini Apply I o W. V UKTTd, Bf . ',t water l'alut depot, 74 Maid?u lane, N. Y. #r>Iii; UPPftK P.'.f't OF A I!i?rsK, WJTH J.LL THE J i.iM.lern ,v ui'itts, to be l"t, etienp, t/> a respectablo j ..atiiy. In i.iir??*umeJla'.eljron tliepisnil?? l#0i,asv Thir fc . t Q|,t PER MO*TH VQ.1 A I3KICK HOUSE A>'D C ' ' " ?"> I*' Uifvklyn, v.'h a baker's oveu In; or vtmM s- II ? , vr', ? vi K or a Sirtxll f.iun'iy house near tho cllf. ? 70 T, rv. -;V-^*''i^r RlK:S"'n\SlFfi- TEN ROOMS ? '?"lie I' , , .j.VsJnWN'r- :^^ Ih Street, by Zllrd AlI Uu'. 4 **"iu*cr, .ClciuftMr?t LIILLIAUDS. |) ii.t.unii.;? tiiV. propimktOB op a billiard J) S ? i (' ur -s), ?Itiuited In cue Of tWf best locutions on I! . 1 V :v, 0" r s lo deil Ills l'lxlit, es, H? he vvi hes lo I ave i /? ' ' ty?'V '.ilars call on Mir. B*RU1ER, 233 I I'lrth street, bet* ecn 4 attu S o'clock 1". M. Billiard table for sale.? a fiicst class -evood at>4 muble top Billiard Tabl", In good c r .er; ) all . 1 a. A* , vi'. M st be solu iniint uiatciy. Aiedy .to IlENi'.Y J. Yi'LRU, <lti El -hth avenuo. ?1 'AN T "D-A Fl'LL M?Bt? BILLIARD TABLE, OF >1 i'i n t C Uentler's manufacture, will) fixtures com plete. Aiiiircts, s.a ill i loWe.t cash price, Billiard Cue, lie. yaitl TUB TVJRP. (lENTRKVILf E COPKti^ LONtV ISLAND -TROT J tin* ? Tliurs !?v, Nov. 7 at 2X o'clock. Purse and ?take $3110, l.ulf to. fei! . brill, best 3 In 6, 'n harness, dnvera to wei^h l^it pu> ,u,ls web. J. J- Joslyu na ?e# lugo m r, f T "<?! ly Hi tinf',1 |t?y, N. H. Owner nauies Rowdy. William Wteelan i^m B ?ad\ Bnvlno. BEVIiSS A CONKLIN, Proprietors. CENTREVIFxb COURSE. I.OKO ISLAND -MONDAY, Nov. IV l.i61, at 'iy% u'clock, match lor $t,lkW, half for feit, mile, and repeat, t" harness. Owner umitl i'-ay stallion Y>onii!; America, two years old, aired l>y limy Me? sri.ger, (? [jy m intiH'r'K Ab.tiallab inure Jenny Lint). J. J. B> v.ti? names black stall ' n Morgan L. Molt, two years old, sired 'jy Kihaa Allen, d.111 (Ir.t.v M ??>- niter mare T u li Not. Goo**, day and track. KEVINS A t'ONKLIN, Proprietors. T" TNION COURSE, I.. I.? TROTTING -ON THURSDAY, \J Nov. 7, ut 1 o'clock, a mateh for mile In at*; besi 3 In 5. Geo. II. Cooper namea t> g. Chowder, in a wauon; Mr. Campbell names gr. k. Major Anderson, to go as Lu pleases. A good day and truck. suaw A WUTX,Proprieton. HORSES, CARRIAGES, ?fcC. A SPLENDID ESTAULISilM ENT FOR SALE.? A (JEN tl' man who Is ab. ut !e irlng for Europe w Uhen 1.1 dis p we of a pair of clo>oly matched dark brown Carriage Horse*. long toil', Id hands .high, so ind unci kind, H v nin old, end very Stylish. A duck sorrel Stallion. long tail. Dbroo ?lock, 3 year* "Id, is^ hands high, very * y]laii and fut; warranted In evory respect. Aim Coupe, Caleehe, mado by W. ol Broth' ra; one d Ml Me, one slilile Sleigh, nnr sji(,l" anil two double li mn s*ea, Bells, Rolws, Blanket*, Ac. To any per ??? n wishing a sujierU atabUshmeut, 1111 inducement will be oU'ercd. At! ! res* bo? 1': 0 i'ost nflice. * KINK RAY MARE, SIX TEARS OLD; A ROCK A J\. way, but Utile used. un I a n*nv llatueaa, for sale low. Apply at ptivale subte, 49 Kan Thirty-third street. A DARK BAT SADDLE HORSB, WX HANDS III. III. with uit tault or, sound nn l kind, lilso well broken to I irt|f>>, and one ol the most elegant horses m the city. Sold fur waiu of use. Apply at 104 Fulton atreet, up ttalra. A GOOD CARRIAGE OR SADDLE IIORSE FOR SALE T.'geth. r with a C 11 rltwe Robe aivi Blanket. They will be aold low. Inquire at IM Prince street, lu the uTlce. riOUPE FOR SALE.? A SECOND HAND COPPE. V-t built by Lawreii 'e, for sale cheap. Apply at atalile 235 Ninth street, between First nod Seooud avenue*. IjlOR SALE? TURKU MUM TWO URF.TS, ONE 1 Close Couch, one a. t of ri.tigle Harness, #7 .'A; one Horse, 17 hands h Ub. good worker; one S .rr 1 M ire, l.'il4 hanus high, good driver; one Hay llorae, 13^ hands high, eaa trot in 4:40 to fade. One of tuo B.eta is nearly new, run $7.<U, made by Wool Brothers. The wle.ln will lx' -old cheep, Eitherone ol the horses will bo eichanred for a II '.ht wagon. Apply for two d.<;. s in Broadwuy, between Pii'ty. eighth ami Phty-ntntb streets. For rale ? a bay horse, i?^ hands iiioh; lonptad; la the liandfomesl <?iu|ie borse In tWs elty; the 1 rnp.riy of a gentletniu who has no use f. r fa tin: K'isra need i-nuiid and free Iroin laults. Itnpilre at 3a Broad k tree t, upstal. a. For sale- a very stylish team ok long tail e.l Hie Mures, l.'fj hands htiib, live year* old, and warrau'ed perfc tly sound and kind In slti^'e 0^ dottl'1" b ir n 'as. They can be seen at Lamb'* stable, Noa. 67 and iJ Mer cer atreet. For sale-a good cart horse, i? handshigh, 10 year* old ; will be s.'ht clteap, ua 'He owner lias no use for him. Inquire of GEOKOK ROSS A SOV. In Kurman street, between Jor^lcuion ami Stale streets, Brooklyn. Ii>OR SALE? THREE HORSES, KOR HARNESS OR ' ta Idle, and one bay Pony for th" sad lie ; also, a six sealed Roekaway and Double Harness, the property of a B'ntlcr.ian about to leave the city. May be seen at Me onnMN stable, Twelfth street, betweeu University place and Fifth avenue. For sale.? ^ will be sold cheap a handsome l>air of sorrel Horses, Just from the country live and seven years old, 15^ hau ls hl,th, long tails, well matched; well broke to double or slngk- hurnes-; both very supeilor saddle hoi ses: wni runted souml and kind, without fault or blemish. Apply at the stables of Messrs. C. A O. S. Carll, 31 Fulton street, Brooklyn. For sale? a valuable true bred messen. ger fnst trotting Stallion, l.'i hands high, stout built, and warranted, in every resuaot, Ui lie a superior wazon or sad tie Horse. Also a sjili-n.'ld foreign Horse for sale; prioe $40. Aj.ply at 43 ( 'In stir street. For sale-eleven horses, among them is one of the handsomest lon^ tail nays, 15 hands, ' in height, $176; also, one lmudsoine bay Pony: Is an ex cellent saddle horse, piiee $.r>j. also, one l>oti lull, $55; all Irom l.'.Ji to 16 bands lil'-jh ; all to be si en at .'ilja Perry at. 1f*OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A CANADIAN MARE ' and Coll; Mare about S y<s:r.< old. Bound and kind. Coll 6 months. 8. J. S. VO^K ,t CO., 879 Bowery, oorner Fifth st. Horses ani> stable.? a pair of HANBSOXB eurriage Horses for sale; lu tein I ays, long toils, free fi 0:11 fault, trlek or vice, near sixteen nauda; will Te S"ld for cost $710. Also, Stable to let. three stalls, lu Taeuiioth Btrnet, four doors <gtsi of Third avenue. Apply at the s'abW, or 17 Graroercy park. STABLE WANTED-TO ACCOMMODATE TWELVE horees and wugnus, with k 00 I i.ift for storage of fe kI; lo cation between Beoond and Eighth svenues. and below Tenth sire *t, W. E. RIDER, 61 Broad siroet. WANTED? A WELL BROKE AND GENTLE SADDLE Ilmse for a ! nly; must be sound and kind In harness; gray preietred. Address P., II raid office. TIT ANTED ? A YOUNG IIOKSE, 5 OR fi YEARS OLD. VT stylish, sound and kind, lorn grorery business. Apply to JOHN UOOPKE, 109 East Twenty-eighth street, near Third avenue. w [T ANTED? A KIND, GENTLE HORSE, BOUND IN T every i a. lii.iila , from live to eight year* nld; n dark gray or black preferred. Apply at 123 Ninth HI reel, from 8 to 10 A. M. and from 3 to <i I'. St. WANTED-A SECOND HAND OROCERS OR EX press Wagon ; must be in ^ood order an I of light and Btroaj build; also i II. nno and Harness. Address imme diately W. & Co., b i . \iy ) Herald oflice. T\r ANTED? CHEAP FOR CASH, A NO TOP WAGON, Tf In good order, weight not to exeet d 300 lbs. A .... ross O. E., Herald ollioc, matin;; price BO t particular*. "TIT ANTED? A LIGHT SECOND If AND SINGLE TRUCK; TV also, Horse and J lariiess. Address, staling where oali be seen, box 2,97# Post ollice. PINASCIAL. Approved bills for supplies furnished the Wur and Navy Departments wished by JOHN 11. Ml' ill! AY. No. 39 Nassau Hreet, opposite the Pout ofll'"*. Army and navv pa* and deferred and Ml puted chums on the v ivi'iisDcparimrni* collected by JOHN B. MURR VY, A' my and Navy Banker, No. S9 Nassau street, opposite the Po.t olli. e, New V... k. WANTED? $300 FOB SIX MONTHS; MORTGAGE WILL be given to secure the iiaymeut of the same. Address A. B., station G. Ann TO LOAN? ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, JjpOtJ."'Uv/ on productive Real Estate in tiii . . if . In Rums of from Sl.iKH) to $I.V*X). Apply to.IOHN F. < ON REV, iu the ollice of tho i'copio's Pile Insurance Ooiiii niy, 66 Wull street. M l L IT All Y. ATA MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OF TUE NEW J\. York Light Guard, now in the city oi Washington, held at tlie rooms of G. W. McLean, on motion, G. \\ . M -l. .in wan colled to presile, ariii Major Thomas U. Oakley t.i aet us Secretary, when the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: ? W', tho meiiih is of the New York Light Guard, now in the city of Washington, having learned with the deepest regret the death of Old. Edward Vluoent, of New Vor.;, iLclr late commandant ; there : ore, be it Re solve. 1, That we, his companions ami old associates iu arms, do deeply sympathize wuh our brother soldiers tit home in the loss we nave sustained, and with his family iu their bereavement. Resolved, That ho not on'v merited our love by omrteny and urbanity as a gentleman and bis many kindnesses as a friend, but won 0'ir admiration by his gallantry ns a soldier, and his strict ini?grlty ?* ? rnniv-bant sad government olUalal. Resolv. d, That the unmu oi Edward Vincent will ever be to us u talisman as to good deeds as men, uud braver.- as soldiers. Resolved, That a i of these resolutions be transmitted to the family of the -??- used, and the Fame lie published In the Ne.v York Herald and Time*, and that u io. v be forward ed to Capt. David D. Hurt, with the request to have the sumo placed on iiloin the Lli'it Gu ard Vrmory. GEOROU W. Me LEAN, President. Major Tnoms B. ti.iKutv, Seiaetary. Wasuikutov J). 0., Oct. 29, IHil. /?QTH REGIMENT ? THE MEMBERS OF COMPANY .T, \Ji7 Sixty-ninth 1! ^ini nit N : York State Milltai, will at tend a meeting or the couiixiny to be held at tiie armory, over Essex M.irkot, on ibis iThursdiiy ) evenliu;, Nov. 7, nt half past seven o'clock, I .r di .11 and meeting, and on evi ry Thur d.iv evening until furilici' noliee. The Command int o:.pei is eierj memijer uow la tie- ? i y to attend; a's? th< three months volunteers are invited. By order of LIUliT. JOHN COON AN, commanding. niCSTAI/UANTS. TU'JGED HARE AND ENGLISH SOLES if OR DINNER rj to-dny. Turcot Seter and Hare Soup to^lnarroiv. For s tie ? Hal t's, Pheasants, Soles, 'i uriiot, K ieilsh Mutton and Walnut, Yarmouth Bioatcis. 1 ta. T. RIC11ARD30.V. aijent. 6ti Miiidan laue, eortior of \vllllam street. Diinlop's nlo on draught. ?VTOTICE IS HEl.KBr GIVEN THAT 8PENCEU COS IM tin-ie.', to sell Ills A ie at J tree eent.i per;al.i 1,1'.. liiirrts fifteen eentsper gs'ne, rnd he still continues t i a i /e sway Ins hot Fion Lunesi at 1A Fulton -trcet. srjJNCElt. OYSTER'}.? THE BEST STEWS, THE FINEST ROASTS, tlej iaa-,*ht F. 1 ?*. and Vp. mummoth S (idle Roels uin always i.e foil i t h: LlIJBlf'S, lxl Pultou street u M the Herafd o.'tiee. N. B ? Ov I rs vpeued wH?out crauktiit, then by nvoliiu,if iiue piiM s of eheU. PIUME ROAST BEEF, PLUM PUDDING A LA SOYER, s glass hi the tin ", t Smith's c lelv Med Phils teiphw Ale, is cents; Still'*- J V. al a nl llnt'ou, Ve.ii CntbH.-i, Tender (ii?sk, Hi.llbul, Csilfislt, Uuis, 10 mii.s; S?v--"t PnUttoes, To mnioee, Pnadmgs, fieont- ; Hies, 4 conts; Cofi jn KUd J'ea, S tents. Onion iu a it, Si Li ? irty .-ti art. rnillJ GHNTLKMAW WHO LE T Sir CF.NTS AT THE JL City A e Vsu!t ?, next d'* r T rimi.ii.> 11 .11 is reijiiejl I to ie'.i for his eliwjgje. Home brewed Alj m. Ijr i i ceuti. Pure JQalnioral Whlsfrty Pun b s, ti cuts. ^ JRAiJLItOADS.-" ~~ H''DSON RIVER itAIl.IIOAl) ? TRAINS ALBANY Tioy, the North ?od Wes Jenve Chscn0or4 street at 7 and L A. M., and ii SO, fi uu 1 ID ID 1*. M. VTEW YORK, 11VRLEM AND ALBANY RAHjKOAD. IN For Albany, Tioy, NortS an I W. st. Wi .tor arrtngcmeiit. notr in nehig Monday. Nor. I, 1H1. Fill- Albwy? I9.90A. M? E-p - M il Trsfn f, <ai Tv>nt y. sVfiH R'rei-t.. slopping o? Whiiet'lrili ? anu ill?t?i.t. ns noftb to,' am Fo-ir Ce. n* j, Slid at .KindciuO.'U to ,axd Kew York p.i- ??'n^eia. For C rot on F* is? 4 P. M., freiu Tivenly sixth street depot, still |S- -it Hi! stw.l e.s II I tb pf yerkrtlin. For Wlil'e l'h!n?-ri 15 A. M., S Sd, 4, 5 au<< ? V, p. M., fr..m Tw- tit.'- 1 ,'h flreetniepot, stoppliiB at a'l M?i -n< For Wlu:e I'lp.i..? 4 Ij P. M , from White suect dejKit, ?topping st *11 Mil!* n? For Williams ridge? b',15, 11.13 A. M , ?n l 2.30,4, 5,6.41 f and 8.30 P. M., front Ti^iity-fixth sirtrsi depot, rxpplng at 1 nil htution*. . Retut n u?, will leave Albany 10. SO A. V Enprets Mel Train, fleppinn all : stations norih 1 f and nt v. ' e Plain' a. id r.t Kind' i h'jo'c, CD signnl, for New York p.. iei ^ersnely. Croton Falls 7 A. M., twi p n ; nt till stations north or Tie- ' jrtont. V.Hi'e Plains 0.10, 7.15, 10 A.M. and 4 (5 P.M., ttop'ng i #twmtwhbrirti:e 6.S0 A. M. nn.l 1 P. M.. smpplnn a* ?U sta. ! tiona dOUN BUKCHILL, Ai islaat Su^eriuiendeat. I fllAL.ES OF REAL ESTATE, A hands mi: tiikek story brown stone I>w< 1 u^, up town, to ci ban e f. rah ?u?o (w th * sbi pie. erred), in lir> okiyn, m at a f rrv. or o.>* Inf low KI4U icenth street, this city. Apply to WM. W. HEB fcl RD, No. 4 William street, upstairs. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY DROWN STONE FRONT J\. lfo se, basement end sub-cellar, with all the modern improvements, on BrnoMyu 1I? i.;h . s, 6S C iimriu street, ? p* pos.te Coloi.ade row, with >1 line \iew or New York Hay, \*ill be Hoi l very cheap and on easy terms. For further particu lar apply 10 or addr ss T. Simpson, M4 awnue D. Brooklyn heights. ?for sale very low, a finely located frame House, furnished or unfurnished, in perfect ordi r; go id lot, cauriyard, ?t ?. Two*thirds of the purchase m?>n y run remain on bond and montage. Apply to L. C. WELD* 41 WlUow street, Brooklyn. C10TTAGE HOMES.? LOTS OF LAND, Ug FEET BY J 25. f?> 1 naif, in tin* most beautiful p u t of Floraville, one t> 11 d a hull' miles above l oit l^eo, N. J., on the Palisades. Apply to J. FOOKS, on the premU s. Term* t? suit {tartm*. I71ARM FOR SALE I HEAP.? A PRODUCTIVE FARM OF thirty- -ne acres, well fenced und watered, nud in uood order, with ,od house, burn, outhuUdtnrs and plenty o' fruit, near Hempstead, twenty miles on l.u iir Island. Tru e $2 .VjO. Inquire of ii. BAKER, 603 Hudson ctreel, New York. IjlOR SALE? A PROPERTY KNOWN AS THE CROM 1 well Msnuiaeturing Companv, at Cromwell, Conn., con sisting of Factories. Foundry and Dwellings, to^ethet with all the machinery belonging thereto, containing fourteen acres ot ground includlug the runaway of si\ a res; also a grant from the Common wraith of Connecticut i??r the exclu sive use 01 water, with tnauv other valuable advantage*. Thla entire property will be sold for $15,000 and on M'>er:?l terms, or o ner nropertv in thi- city or ?umrbs will be taken in piymcn'. For tur n r information application may be made 'to DYE A CURTIS, 5Urt Sixth avenue. For haLE-or exchange FOR A COTTAGE, WITH garden, in Brooklyn "r Wilii ttnsburg. and English base mont House 011 Thirty-fifth street, near Ninth .?venue, New York, with the moderu improvements. Houses, Lots. Farms and Western I and for sale and exchange. Mouey to loun ou uucnciioberct . iiy pro. arty Bonds negotiated. FERGUSON \ SNEftrOoR, 15 Nassau street. N. Y. For sale? a four story brick house and full L.u, 347 West Twenty-sixth street, near Tenth ave nue; will be s-.l i for $5,2'X), ;.n I $1,000 ran remain on mort gage: rents for $d50 yearly. Apply to JOHN ROGERS, 75 Tenth avenue, or to II. I'. TOWNSEND, counsellor at law, 13 Chainb rs street. IjlOR SALE OR BXCHANGB-HARLEH PROPERTY ? 1 improved n;nl unimpioved, tor two 1 improved leiieumnt or other pis ?p rtv in a good neighborhood in this city. Own* ersouiy may .ddresa. with lull deicriptiou, Real Estate, box 1 ,MU Post of!. -e. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.?' THAT FINE BUSINESS ' prop, rty, No. 58 W ?t r street, being a live story Store and Lot. R ill "?'!? pei *0,1 i pi ? -perry, worth nbout L $10,' is wanted for the n! o.e. Api iy at Water street, to the owner, from S to 4 1*. M. . ??y day. IJ10B SALE OR EXCHANGE.? THREE HUNDRED AND ; t went \ net e.< <>( Land, in Iowa, free from inctnn' rs inl and title clear, toruboM lit'ty acrea in th>* State oi N w .!? r sev within tortv miles of S" w Yorf*. Apply to G. BAJDDE LEY, A^etit, 2^0 1? roadway, New York, room' 6. T7IOR SALE OR EXOHANGB? A LOT ON WEST FOl Ji J? teetith stte-t, liafect west of Sixth avt nue, L?r a 1. r e or four story hU h stoop House, location between Fourteenth and Tliirty-?* ieii hstn e sand Fourth and Seventh avenues. Apply to M ARK LEVY, 23 Liberty street. IjlOR SALE OR EXCHAN(3E? FOR LOW 1MUCKH . Ilousfs, with little or no mortgage, in NewYoik or Brooklyn, g mkI Brandy. In bond. Address for three days, with particulars, M. J., Herald ollice. IjlOR SALS OR EXCHANGE -FOR ANY MRROIIANTA b. K'? ?d? etiitabie for the Western trade, a valnabUt Farm, free from incuuibrnnce, locut d in N.*w York, with uil the crops, stock, io?d.?, Acr., ,tc. F It. Rlt HAKliSON tV OO., 82and Ht Nassau stwt. Ml-: KC HAN DISE WASTE D? AD V I'TE I ) TO Tl I II oountry trade, in ex ?h inge fir 10J acres of ele iee Farmlus L-?nd, In Central llUnoui, Jersey count v. Title p.r ieet. One-half to an equal amount of crash will be put with it. Furies in! nded will address Henry, box 175 Herald otllce, for two days. Notice ?wanted, to exchange about i,aoo u if s of splendid i?and in Wiwi-n in, at low prices for Dry Goods, Hoots and Sh **s, (/lotiiin^, Ac., ?Ve. A/^iodop |><>rt unity lor parties wisjiin^ to close up tb !r imslntMs here. Address i^ovrttrey, Herald o.dee. STATION ISLAND PROPERTY FOR RALE.? A FIVE Couutry Heal, e.omp 'ised of 14 acit s of lan 1, one-third wo'Mllaiid, sittiaiU*d on hl.h grouuds. co irnandin^ a fire vie w, w.!h a fine, lar<e, new dwelling nous ?, entirelv shaded l.y tre< >; also larn-e.-V bouse, haros sta' -s and ^runs in abundance. Will i?e sold cheap, i: applied U?r imtnedbUely. 'I lie property is threr md.'s IVom tin- landing. Jn iaire of MA RTiN RUO'CHER 3 A CO., G'J leonftftl sti Mi THAKE NOTICE? I WILL RKT*L MY HOUSE AND LOT, A t?? itu{ a four storv- store and basement, witu iiHMiern im provements. ai'iuated in the b? st business 1 ?estion en Sec ?i?<i f venue. If 1 *mu t;et a customer immediately i will se 1 at an incredible sacrtuec, as I want the men y und must havu It. Any pt?rson applying can make l?y the on- ration. Addres- Sa? ri 1 e, box 140 Herald olli e. This is nohiim-uig. Wrkc lor an interview stonc ?. TXT ILL EXCHANGE? A HOUSE AND LOT IN TWEN Tf tv-first reef, be:w?-en Tiiird and Fourth av- men, Rr<a>ki> n (on the route to Greenwood? fate hvecenis), for a small fsnn or plaee in (he coumr}'. Muslim u dry, healthy lo at ion, n>?t more than forty miles f.v.m Die eitv n>r far irosn a depot. Would be willing to pay a ' mall uoierunee in oinh, in ease the ptaee should be w? rtli M y be aid * to arrsugt* with parties selling to reside in the house. Address S, Sutton. tk> Last Thirty-lira* street, lor fuli particulars. ANTED? A FARM, WITHIN FIFTY MILES OF NEW York, in exchange for good paying tenement property it) ?.nd street. New York city; a farm wl h : t ok ami crops prcferre !. l'rice from $4 WH) lo $0,600. Address A. bo . 11- Herald olllee. WANTED TO EXCHANGE? A FIRST RATE RROWN stone front lions'*, d? sintbjy locausl, in Brooklyn, for a Count i v llenidcr.c near N w York, with iifty acres of l.?nd. Addr< s< T., box 2,5 10 Po?toiTlce. W FOIl HAMS. A pork store fob sale? located on sixth uvtMHi e; iloi'H a goo i ! iesn, and will la* -old at a low l>ri v. ?? iT.:l very hut: Bakeries for sale thai ate I* at ed on t!i?? 1< ndi.ijf avenuen in *;? > ? ?.i h?isin"ss platen. Applyat M I rCUELL'ti Business Agency, 77 Cedar wtrcct, near BroaU way, ALAP.r.E AND WRMi LOCATED GROCERY STORE will l?e Mild hi a *acriuce, on aeeor.n* u. il( health of t'.ie owner. Tli* rent in Ui k? n o?u in groceries. For particulars apply at the coal yard. 7* Lod .w street. V BARBER'S SHOP FOR Art Tilt fHTT irtTPTTTTiT FIT te.l un, in a first <li?s hotel ou Broadway ; will l?e s.ild r I' M]', as in ? own# r Iih* another business. Apply at No. 043 Broadway, St. tj rni . In i i U*l. / lONKKCTlONERS AND CAKE BAKE US.? A LARiSE \J whit?' sugar ryruiiifl f??r sale very <-l.eap, wM li !b6? in he* high, handsomely limshe I, made ot gain dra^ond v, Uh * mail ny i how ? ?se. i n ul ? al 87 filth b ret t, ne ar First avenue, uccond floor, room No. 2. DUr? STORE FOR GALE? ESTABLISHED 10 YEARS, in u r"; i location, doing a r. >od buaifiesp, well stocked; w ill l?e Fold low, on account of other busine:-*; good location lor a physician or p is >n eomuien' intf business. Apply at 200 Hereuth nvi'iiuc, n?ar Twenty -fourth street. DllVCr STORE FOR SALE? VERY LOW, A3 TJIE owner e..n not attend to it. Apply at 1WI Monroe street Drug stoke for bale.? now doing a busi- ; ne-? of $ tea day, well stocked and titled up, sliuated i in a good and resectable location. Addiet* Dru&;i*, Herald j oilloe. : Dry goods stock, with fixtures and lease or S lor. -for nale, in ? good l->eatton, in one of the best l>u?dn?'r?H avemuss in ihfc city. The business ha* been <'Btab 11 -died l'or twelve y? ar?. IVrms. on?*-thirrt cash, one-third ? o ?d p i|kt at two and four months Thin i* a rare elninoe f?r a u" " I busine.' H man. Xj a ents need apply. Address J. Wunlroinery, Herald ofiioe, with partlculur*,' real name, Ac., and staling where a a interview run be hal. Ill OR SALE? FANCY OOODS AND TOY STORE, LEASE, 1 Mo- k and Fixture*, with Dwelling; reuift*/:). Ti:is is a rare eJinnc* f >r a party vtth a small c ipitul ; reason jrivt.u fur Mlin ; would cxe.hanfc'p l'or a city lot. Apply on the pre mise?, l,2l'J Broadway, N. Y. 1JV)R SALE? A SE42AR STORE, SITUATED IN ONE ? of the most 1 r-.*.j ?*#?!? wd pans of the Bowery, u#*ar u> t ho New Bowery Th? iir? ; lease lor three years. Apply at 76 Bow cry, in the store. F >R &ALB-THE WELL KNOWN RESTAURANT AND uin n .. viln -in, ? ualed at Hie Jersey City terry, in tide the gates; ivi;! hoso'd ?t a baiiain. For terms apply on the pronisen, fo it o Conrtlan it utroet. FORSALE-AN OIL REFINERY, IN* FINE ORDER. Can firn Mil DOh.iir^ of oil p*r w#*e'fC. >luy be h t on TiViM'able tnrniN, a? *he ]r iijir;en?r desires to go abroad. Apply ftnrnedia e'y to W. \V. FOWLER, U Wall street. T^OtR WALE.? A FC'ST CLASH RESTAUR A N T AND L Oyster ^ iloon, neatly t'.'t^d up. on ou?* of the i>f.??t bind ness oorniMv. d'?wn tov vu. !"??-?? $l,'iU0; will be k ;hi for $jUQ ca .li : Ilrgt rate place i'or a German. Apply ai 115 John st. 1710 ft SALE.? A PHOTOGRAPH!#* C1ALLERY FOR ' ho tii the upper part ??t Broadway; splendidly lo cated. Addrc-sXX, Herald oill- e. "JIIOR KALI! ? A ROWLING. OYSTER AND LAGER I1 Beer S ?ii'Ou, locate ! in tao in si; al part of the err; d n - fn . r 1 5 1 ? fs. Sati jtorj re a ho us ? . :n i ir Selling. Apply to A. NEhiDH AUD'f. ftjCatuiine street. TOOR S MS AT A BAROAIN? THVT OLD ESTADLISTT l" e I and wvil known ite.-v'aur >ut W ? Br<?-idw^ f'- t -j fa-do. y leAKous lor tootling. Ai>ply is S. J. HiO'JAN.S, en the pi* mises. T7IOR 8AL1 OREXCHANOE? ALLTfTR NETS, SRINE I. I ' i > m<ls, fens, I'oles, B hi:?, is utties, Ae . . t. a id ell the app raten iH^n?;ng to an ctt nsire sad succe:'siul liMteiyon Stater, Island. 1 . D. RIOHAllilHOfC A CO., Sinnd ^4 Nsssan street. Z? -It SAL!'. OR Willi RXCUANtiE-A SLOW B I" sere mi'.'jr making Butdnevr*, ilno^y lso-.ited : e^iaVllfh I in I860. A grain* eppwir unity fsr #mn is sio|? iiiiiiiedhtt'.df into a good p tyin ' basins . Ill heallk eomprtls owner to no. I. f. 1>. iU'JHAKUS jN & CO., oi ?n(J 81 at. FRTTTT a XI) CON fBOWONBRT 8TORB? JCO. Si BAST Ini'd'tu RMoel, : rai' HnMiivruy, for s:t!t cl.r.An ton cam CHfitoiii' r. (lootl Mt'i'i i, cH.'k ana Ki*tur :?. T? n .n widi u Uttki Tii'MiBjf ihU U * rare i.1nu re. A|^>ly <>? Uie pr.'! miM?. ft'' Er:v AXT) UQUOK RTOR:' fOK SALT?.? MOST \J" l : Mi . week. Api<ljr at iOj Ch t ry siroet. IMI'lKTANT TO HATRnitBSSBR'l ? TOH S'.I.E ATA srvfct Mw<flce four <:hilr?, c..f ? $30 cadi ; one I'oIp, f.i-i; i' ip C*s ? anil !?t .>f Aim Otialr*, Ac. Apply In il<e urate ell* m.i ?., ZM l'.ureli umuh-', OTOV?>: AVD (J AS VIXTITHRS !'OH 8ALR-ONE r.AH'fT: O am! isoli'ini stove, nearly ucw, with lone pl'M-; il.-o, sevi rati Hi ?ln Pen'l -n'., ?i!lt.ble for * |> iblio kail. Appt> (tt oJ V * s ? u .tio.H, coruer oi LILi'ily, i ootn No. 1. OTIIK STOCK AM) FIXTUKK3 <)C A NT, K f (lltO. MtV JL mt J I.ti|uor bi' r? for ?al ? ckeap. 07 \Ve? Twcn'hnh n't. oi ; two inc'. room.; real H45 a TWjU a ram rli seldom ottered. TJO fr'.VTCii MAKERS AVI) JEWELERS -P0R SA^-E. A ?!????' <??? I'' a I'leiu rtlv .Ituif.-t pouiitry to t if> t.t try (iv? i for ! >.v)n~; terms eaty A ? ply l^ twrco J >r- T 12 a nl 2 at iLo Belmont Hotel, or r lare.* a. it , JboftUn Pest < aiu*. Omn T" W0-? AN ENTERPRISING AND CAPABLE | lUU ir-.e'tlnlf <le ir ? ?n In:- r. rt In i p ij Iik b-t-.ii ?>', , oi if. .l*tfn a .?? ul "ItoriMon; c?io faral'h <ufi.o,!; j

jeri.'> -ft win t ? .imlgltfurtvard a.i<! ie^ vritl bo ? null -J. Oeu. litlAgcucj", C3Kmmu (treck I FOU SALE. nnn ~ A BU#f*KS* F?'R SALE WORTH JPO.UvU. ha\ In yi -idiug $3.0uU to $icUO yearly. la s jf, sure, w i?tc?I and seveiai vears estaMlsdnd. Ai sits? fa lory information given at theollUe of the 4x?> Uuie. corner of Eleventh street and Sixth avenue. Ill health cause of " 1 _ __ AS nnn TO $10,000.? FOR SALE, A PORTION QF A ?In*#." " "* " Patent tor 'h i b?st double threa I F uullv Sew ing Ma hiue in the United States. Patent hi curt d in France and lie giu in also. Address U. 8., box ICS Herald oilice. BOARDING AM) IsODGlNG, A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WO I LD LET A HAND xV somely furnished Room on the second floor, with Bonrd, ?. to a sin ?lf geutletunn or ? gentleman and hiawife. The ! room coti tains hot and cold water and gas. bath room adjoin- ! In#. Also an entry room on the third floor. Apply at 281 j Lexington avenue. References required. A HANDSOME SI IT ANI) ALSO A DOUBLE AND SIN gie Room to dispute of, In the first class house, 114 Se coud .? von tie, coiner Seventh an c< t; diuuer at t?ix. Call at house or address box 8,883 Post oMice. A N UNUSUALLY PLEASANT, LAROE FRONT ROOM, J\ with oi wiihont Bedroom communicating, also a nice lied room, with first class Hoard. 11 mse nico and prlva.e. Reference* exchanged. Apply at 19 University place, corner ot Ninth street. A PLEASANT SUIT OF ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR, handsomely furnished, to let to a party of gentlemen or u small family. House contains tiie modern improve ments. Apply at 20 West Eleventh street, near Broadway. \OBNTLBMAN AND WTFB, OR ONB OR TWO SIN el.- gentlemen, m ly be accommodated with very pica-ant Iiooms at 42 West Fifteenth si reet. L ocution nleasant and convenient to cars and stages. Refer noes required. Af THE LARGE FI RST CLASS DOUBLE HOUBS NOt 127 BU-veker str-ou west ol ami mar Broadway, la a really first cla*s family Hoarding Home, with Rooms unsnr pjsscd m size and comfort, in sui.aor smgle; tiio eh? pest place In the city lor thf style and quality oi \n hat is oifered. AN B at 1 FI BNI8HBD BOOM TO LBT TO A ceN ; ainan, III all i itly pr?\ate lamily, m a pieahant l<->a lion, near Bromtwny and 1-ourth avenue. No. 40 East Nine teenth street. A French fwiily, living is hood style, U\. wouid aeeoinni"date a family oi a lulls, or a party of siuglf* (gentlemen, with furnished Rooms and a Urst claaa French table; terms very reia ?ua le. Apply at "No. 10 West Thirteenth stm t, iieai Fifth avenue. A raw VBBY PLEASANT ROOKS TOaUSY? PUB* ./V nished or unfurnished, with or without Board, in a piivut ? fa. ily ; ^as, bath, Ac. 171 West Twcuty- sixth street, near ht'bth avenue. AT 31 CLINTON PLACE, BETWEEN UNIVKUSiTY J\. patcc and Bro dwa?' ? A namtsoiuely furnished suit of Rooms to I t, with Board; alto uesiiable single Rooms for ?-*mletm:n. A' TUd NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF B v i iv ay.? A smt of front Rooms, with B?ard, eon n. >;<?; J?a! uv ? B ilrooms ami oath room. Also single K oiiih. B- i "? ivi'iti noes given and re?pilied. 4 FBW BELE( T BOARD! US CAN OBTAIN DESIRA J.V i i< U in ii , to a hn?t class House, having ;; 11 tne mo. lot u la jir vcuicut- , where ? v? rv attruUon will be paid to tlielr coml'orl, by apj ly uj, at liis \V< st Twenty-Ill tli street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL KENT THEIR ROOMS, 1 1 1 ui n shed, wi ll Board, in a mo icru lioua" pU;asaiitiy ltfiite I, to a desti aide party. Nom otln rs x\ 1. 1 b-* received. Hcier- n ?? s e.vca iiir;<' I. A, p > at2JU r'ourtu avenue. AT 71 BAST TWBNTY-THXBD 8TBBKT UANDBOMB A ly furii:shed l'i ? nt Koouin, on liie second l?oor, maybe hud wii !i Board; also, sinule ito mis for gcutlemen. Loca tion vvitli.n one block ot M.idisou i'ark. AT 203 TENTH STitEET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? To let, with B >ard, a m r> d suable Second Flo-jr, to gether or scparuU ly. AF0KN!S111:D SECOND STORY FRONT AND BAfK Ko in t ; # U*t, to^.'tiK r o.- separately, wttli Boaru, at 121 East Tnlrty-fo.?rth atr% et. No other hoar .er? taken, l^wa tiou i ?l a nan t. T. i Uis nioderaUf. Good references ^iven and iNMfum d. AT NO. 51 E VST SIXTEENTH STREET. N I. A K UNION s>piaic, Apaclot.s Rooms to let, wi.h Board, eounected or riiixlf. Apbivate fahilt will let a iiandsombsuit oi Rooms, fus ?ts fit or no:, to ?<? nti. inen, with p. rual Board 11 *:? sired. A o a Kin le Roooi. K?*lereuces ex cUan, ill. Appi) m. &> Ninth street, near FI th avenue. A PARI, OR AND BKDUOOSI? f>N TIIK SECOND llo ?r, h.iodsomejy furnt-u d,\o I t, with firtl or ptriial Bo ird, >u a private l:o , with id. tin modern improvements. ftl West T\venty <>ut:i street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOME PARLOR on tlrjt floor, haviug hot and c?4d water, In let, with Board, to a tfpnib until and wl.e or irln^ie g 'ntansen. Al.->o f ront Parlor ou a<*coiid Koor, with Bedroom on .bird floor. Apply at 12J Lexington avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO (R THREE single L,entl"inen can find an exoUJ'-nt eh<iioe of weti furnished liooms, with B> aid ami every oouve.iliiice, at IM4 Fourth street, opposite Washington square. Terms mode rate. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN liE PLEASANTLY J\ ac ommodated with Imndsomei.v furnnlied Rooms and uooii B<;aru foe the Indy only. ilous<* rej.l t'-wth loob in impr v. tu nts. A) I home privilege < auoorded. Apply ut 05 West Fliteenth sir. ? t. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDHOOV, ON THE H? i' ud floor, aho a Koom ?>n laird iimr, to let, x% lth ii i.iid L desired, in a privaU* . :unilj leaidm^ at No. 21 West Twenty -seeotiu street, near H?th avenue. A SUIT OK NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, with partial B>ard if deaired, to on-* or .wo gentlemen, in a pleasant location. Reieren en exehatiged. Apply at Ul Wcai ill wn'.Ii a?r< ei, betw< en una Sixth avenuea. AH ?' M 1. ROOM WANTED- 1 V \ RESPECTABLE iiiii/j w u Mrietiy private l.nnily, in tlw \uiuily or Hnu t;on and Yandam streets. licit r?n < K excii.<ng>d. Address box W Me< iisnlca' and Tr ull's' 10 change, 31 . me street, A HANDSOMELY FURNISH LI) ROOM ON SECOND liot.r, bath ri.otn mi Joining; a?*o newly lurnlrhed single K".'iiis t') )??!, with- Mil B mitI, t? *,? lit it iu<'h. Id Fourth ?ue iiui'. near Ninth Ktreet, one block from Broadway. .4 DRESSMAKER, WHO WORKS oil'. WANTS J.X. B . tri in a genu el private familj., who wo lid take her HcrvJf.-B in payment tor same. J*:> l V? n < h j,iv ii ami re ?pii:ei, Audresa lor two day* L. aJ., Uuion spiarc Font olli e. ADELIGUTFUL SUIT OF BOOMS? PARLO R FR )NT. hir?h wails and mirrors, in brown stone home, No. J , l.-JO Broadway, hy Ma!is<in s<p arc. I'li'u uvenim. ail ; jnat a.?ove the Filth Avenue liotcl, With U ard; laudly sma.l, u niw niod'-i .?t< , and permanency de.sire.l. AT 22 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN Filth and Sixth avenues, lar^e hi.n^ uuely mr ii h d Rooms, with Bedrooms on t> ? omiaud thud tioora; also sin gle Koofn* ' or t'entlemeu. AL1 modern improvements. Itc i'ereuccs exciiau^ed. A GOOD HOME WANTED? IS A WIDOW'S FAMILY preferred, i-.r a ti t.e buy three or io n years oi ugc, where lie wilt have tin* comforts ol' a home and the Oesi of care 1 1 ken. l*ri? ? to suit tip times. A . . 1 1 ?? ss lor three days, sutinn t r?n*, Are., ilutiee, box l'ju Herald oin? e. A HANDSOMELY Fl KNISIIT.D FRONT PARLOR, Lit*, e pan r. s an 1 li->t and c 11 w .tor, .o let, w i h Board, t- a gem en n an . wi.e. Ala ? o e ..i.e mi l ? re a 1 Rulq, tuiiab'.e for single rte.?tl Jnuin.e t lu6 East Fouite n h ^ 1 1 ? ?? r . oppo 1 e the A a,:einj ol ilui-. A PARTY of GENTLEMEN CAN HE ACCOM MOD AT ?>; with a line U.T'-r Suit of U ioiiim on the m>.:o?id Uoor; al ;; a Kindle Jt join, ;it 14 Ninth tttr- vt; convciiloiit to eain >nd Bfa^cd. iiouwo iirKt chtHi and contain* every improve ment. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR ONE OR TWO SIS geutitonen can obt tin a very ple.wsani front R?K>in on the solid lloor oil he honee loca^ d at 15) E.uit Ei^ht* teen Hi mr.;et, between Heoond and Tlili'd avemtCK. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM T > LET, WITH BOARD, XL toii^-uih'uian and wile or two h.iikI ? ^enticmen, in a br-'wn HUjno House, wtib modern liuprotem :111a, eaey of ac cess. Inquire at Went Twenty -*? ond hiroet. A FEW RESPECTABLE MEN CAN BE ACCOMMO J\ dat"d with Board at f 'J jwr w.?ek at 3l7 Third avouue, between Tw* nty-?iith and Twmry Pev nf h streetn. A LADY WISHES TO RENT A LARGE FRONT ROOM, furniehed, on second Uoor, to one or two gentlemen, at jkt week. LocatioiK (iraiid street, n?ar CUuton. Ad dress Urs. L. M., Heiald AT 4(J UNION SO (TARE, EA.ST SIDE? FURNISHED or unnirniKht' l Koo.hh, witn or witiiout tuii or parUai liond, n;.'?n very moderate i#r:n.?, e ut-tbi" tor j-'.?rticH seek ing eouiiort, economy ari l permanoney, in a lirat clasj* lo calily. A A SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS ON THE SECOND xjl Uoor, Uiu' tUer w.Ui uevcral Htnall R'?om ?, to Iwt, mvn 15 our 1, at <7 Fifteenth Htr*' t. Private fi d.; if desired. N rNFt'RNISM ED ROOM AND BLDROOM WANTED lor a genfSrrn in und lady, with h >u I lor the lady. I* ire aud ga^. Will b ? j'- rmaneat. J'ay in advance. T-n s inn.- ' bo moder.iM*. Ad.lreas C., Uulnu tq l ire I'oat olUee, s; t hi.: full particitiais. A T20CI.I.NK).N PLACE, EKilU'H STREET? TO LET, A J.X, I u'-'ii-n.-.l l?a il ?" -i on the : ? ottd lt?> a-, v. . h or with out JJ'j:*. i\l ; s.Iho .i furn ' hed I'l -nt Roo: i and ou the third tJeo.-, *.o a gt-ntlefiiati who would nol ?bjec4 riamnn^ with ano;h r. Board? a few single oentlemi;n can re aeromiiio.laC'd witii il ? .rd and u ,om oris <>? u. l< >,?< , v ii re tU r at .) but lew other hoaider. , i>y apply!*;; at Hi\'Oin ? ntl'e.'t. Board.? a finely furnished suit of rooms, Mutate '? on s ond a ;J tiiir?i -o i^, in ? private it * t?", loi-utcd In Fii'th av- huh, u ar >?a<ii on p .rk, v. ui be l- t, -vita boar is ii, 'r, to *i highly rospeeta^jle lamiiy. Ad In mi S., Union ^jnare 1'O't oltice. Board.? to let, with boarix to a gbntleman aud wife, a line front Room Mia R^rooin, ootui ? u lurns-ibfd or unfurnUhed; nti^o Had U Kimi, to Kindle gonU ? men. R^.'erenees c* .ba?.,ed. Apply at \2l We.?t Forcy-ac ootid street, near Broadway. Board.? a gentleman and wife, ai? several sing'e j;enU men, - an out i'n very d? oirai/i^ t'orniaiie 1 ajiaitm' nti o i the H^^on I and third Moors, with ileard, in an agreeiiblojumiiy. Apply at 2d West A'WtfOty-acfciiUi street, a i'ov door? irota Broadway. flOARD.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR SINGLE I J ^.n'lcmen oau be a jcommod ued witn Board at MJ iia?t Broaa vay. Board.? a small family of two adults will let to a gentleman and wife or a small I hi ly of regular habits U > miM, In suit, or separately, by calling at 1 *>j iii*.t Thirty-third street. Board.? wanted, a parlor and bedroom, with Board, lor a gentlcmau and wife. A 1m a terms aud ioeatlon, bi?x 2,053 p.wt oil! POARD? CENTTiEMEN AND THEIR WIVES 0!t SIN i ) i-l i;"ntlem *n i ?n l"? asciuamodaic I vi.h Parlor a'ni laige Room on the sacond Uoor, ank; Farloi . \ Ho I room on thud door, it 17.S We i Fourteenth itieet. I: toicuces given and l equired. Terms naoderate. Dinner at (5. Board.? mi mulberry stk:; :r. n::\r grand. Good accommodation^ or s e J yo 1 ^ men, wl'ii B.Mr!,at^d per wceit; ao ? n .. . a * -roii U- ? a n. u and wife or two r;on'l< * / i, %'i JOARD AT NO. 25 STf i'VES VNT, O'NTINf AVfON OF Astor iua<-e.? Furnts; ! . r ! at . * l\ a! ho tw ? ,'en'l^m I t f ,rt b e .'< ? rus. wh -re Hi" < ? niort-. o. ].?>. " ' . ? St e uu ol* tae ncv; u ba ? ment ho < ? ? of Tii.rd Avenue. }> BOAUDINO AND LODGING. BOARD.-ONE OR TWO HINGLB qentlbmbwcam i) .U! mmodalctl with gnml Hiiartl ami pleaituut Buoui* on r an u.blu lcrm?, Inquire at I3t> Henry at, B(l \RI> CAN BE HAD KOR A MAN AND WIFE, WITH t>?ii ironl oouucciing Kuouia ou (lie his- mil atory. flio mi'l ,aa Included, for $12 60, t.? be |>?ld weekly, at 44 Weal Twenty-eighth envoi. between Broadway ami SuiU iniufc Board in west twenty-second htreet.-a ?mall family will li>t a handantneljr fnrnUheil Parlor ami two Brnlro ins, with Board, to perm n I Of undoubted re al e 'lability ; pm lumen preferred. Krf'ereiiccii given and required. Dinner at an. Apply at 119 Went Tweuty-xeoond ?treet, or mldr. as Hoarding, box 3,l8i 1'iwi oiU. o, Board wanted-fob a widow iadv-, a fi r milled P.irlor and Bedroom, with Ore up. I >:?* and ? nil Buird, to an unobtrusive family, for which $2a per month will be paid. Addreee 1*. (I., Ueruld oilier. Board wanted? in Brooklyn, for a oentle man, wife and child, near My i tie arenue, MfMI WHahlnuion avenim mid Adelplil air i'l. Ti rina not to ex wed $40 a inonlb. Addreaa C. E. A., 122 VAnderblit avenue. Board wantkd-by a youno I.ADY in a very reeimetablc and airiitly privato family. Boarding houae kiiepera need not answer. Tint bent re, ereiioea given and nqulnd. AddrcM V. M., I tat Ion D, Poatoilico. Board wantf.d.-two youno men, strangers in ilih wiekrd lily, wiah to aeoure a pleasant, happy houie for the winter <ir life, In a kmiiII unlet family. Ad dle*., aMtlng terma (which must bo moderate) and lull par ticular., Batch elder, box 170 Herald oilice. Board wantbd-for a qbntlemaw and wife, eaat ol Broadway and below HUtecnili aireet. Private family or where there are few boarder. tirelerred. Dinner at liuif |<oat 12. Addr< II., Htatlon D, I'o at otlice, staling terms, which mil (it bu moderate. Board wanted? for two sikolb gentlemen, ill a lirat cbiaa private family, whore ilm comfort* of n homo can lie had; location n^ust lie e'liteal and unextx-ptlon able. For rikh) aoeommodali >m a lair prloe will i?- pmd App'v at KM) Broad ? ay. i'ai Llca wuhiug Ural clam boarders should Beud lists, term I, Ac. BoardTno? BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH AVE um s ?A gentleman ana wife may obtain desirable Rooms, cither s<n 1 ? or in units, with s ij>ertor accommoda tion*, in a a 'lee: I mm- ion. on moderate t rin<, by applying at the llrsteUuM house t/j VVeat Thirty aevouth street. BOARDfNO .? FITRNIS1IKD AND UN FIT FINISHED Kooms on second and third thai, a to let, with Board, 10 uenllcmen or gentlemen and their wives, af p.'lces to suit. A|?| ly at 4 <*'J F lurth street, two blot ks from Broadway. BOARDING.? A FAMILY DESIRING A RE *0ND Kl.M?r, with Board, Ju & very deniable location on Six tenh street, lie r Dr. Tyn j's ? hnivh, also a few sluice g?n*Iemen can obtain K"<uos and Board by addressing Mrs. E. W. S., Union spiaiv lVst olll e. BO AUDI NO.? DR. PALMER, 60 AMITY STREET, CAN .if ouimodstc three or ;o.?r persons who wish to be cured w ithout medicine. See advertising 11 1 in Tribune. BOAR! UNO. TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD. a suit 01' Rooms on lirst floor; also Hoard; breakfast ami t u tor two or three gentlemen ; terms $ l 60 per week ; horn e h ?* all the modi rn improvements; location central and unsur passed. Al-o a Physician's Oilice. Inquire at 136 East Eigh th ent li Ktre? t. L> ROOK LYN ?FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION FOR y two gmitJom-'ii, or a i??iiilt'man and wtiv, in a modern house, having hot au<l cold water in nil the bcdi'tHnns, bith room, Ar. lnnner at six o'clock, and terms mode, rats. Ap ply at 14A4 Clinton street. Brooklyn.? a second story front room, w?*ll furnished, suitable for a gentleman and wile vr two gentlemen, can be had at <52 K muwii street. Brooklyn board ? a double room, well fi r ni>lied, to let, with nr?t ei.iss ltoar?l, on iensonabA4! terms; aiao, a single Uoojii. Lo -at ion uusnrj aHsed, end within ttree minutes ol Stmth or Wall street ferry. 30 Oat deu street. Board in rrooklyn.? two laijoe, well fur. ntshe.d Rooms to let, with lliuird. 0> ntlemen wJtdiiug to room togethrrcati have the eoinforts of a home in a plea sant, mcihT family at roasonable terms. Dinucr at (i. Ap ply nt K7 State street. Board in Brooklyn? ie clinton street.? a front Parlor. wRh Bedroom atta h d ; a. ou front Boom for a ?iut;l?4 ^entiemau. l>inner at one o'clock. "OOARD IN ILCOOKLYN? ONE PLEASANT FRONT i> Kir mi, f ?4t ii railed or unfuru .-h d; also t vvu hall Rooms, l.i t!i > h'?use of u Mnail family ; ba'h lu the houn*. Apply at <7 Clinton street, one door from Livingston. Terms 111 u de rate. Board in Brooklyn.? one family or two oti three Fltii;le Keiitlemen mil iutve choice of rooms with li. nit!, 1.1 'Jiff Htau< street, four doors from Court, about five imncti a' walk irotn the Wall and AMuntic ferries, eonva nl?'!u to e.irs: family agreeable. H icre rices exchanged. Tet ins to suit the times. Board in Brooklyn.? one or two gentlemen or a gentleman end wife ??in obtain superior Board end li?? >ms in a small private family, at Hi State street; l.ous.? has li. . * Ik, itc. ; in within live iuiiiui-s* walk oi South and Wall street ferries. Dinner at o'clock. Board in Brooklyn ? married or sinole okn tieiiom desiring ph'us <nt Rooms where the boarders are lew, and where ?*v< ry e? miort can !???. set-uied at a very mo derate rate, may be at coinmodati d by ciiltni; at 47 Co'ie ad street, live or u*n mtnntes 1 lo.n Wal! street or Fulton ferry, Board in Brooklyn.? tiireic or four nicely fnrnibhed Rooms, on see??nd and thlrJ r.oors, may t-e bad, with I' oard, in a modern boufe Uieated on one of the piens intent streets in the city. Apply at liM Clinton a reet, corner of state. r?O.MU! IN BROOKLYN.? A FEW SINGLE GENTLE J ) in* n or a j'.n m and wife can l.avo a comfortable l?? ?iuv in a iii'Ht class house, with liai and cold water In a'.l the rco'itH, i a h, k'*", Ac. The locality i* d s!reblc, b? ii g within thr ?? no mile c. walk ut th ? South * ferry. Dinner at half-past t?. A| ply at 91 Congrt u street. Board in Brooklyn, 2.v* cunton street, ?two or tlii' .' very pleasant Jt? *<>.*? *, mi t h ?* second tloor, with every convenience, to l"t, wuli B > .rd. Hou?c first da*.. un?t terms moderate. Helen n- en exchanged. POABU ON BROOKLYN HEIG? . Vrt? :<)R GENTLE Ji men. A pleasant front Room, I 34 Willow street* tide umr n<-eonr an ^ny. one door fr in Coin in a sir-et. three mi *iti . i ct' wa!:. rom Fulton or Will street ferry. Modern lm; r ?v< men * in tue ho. ine. YJROOKLYN HEIGHTS. ? TWO VERY LARGE REAIT J> ufut ??<-< ond story Hooiuh, large pantile.,, A--., at 24.1 Hicks m n et. near the ferric*; faith, g*is, fnrnac, Ate. Dln n rat 6 o\ Ink. References exchanged. TTHtONT AND BACK ROOMS? FOR GENTi.EMEN AND I wives or Mingle gentlemen, in brown . t? ji* ? boiihc, 111 \V< .t I'onrte n liMieel; hoa* lias every convenience and plea?antjy lo- a'ed; dinner at G o'cJook; terms moderate. j T/1URNISTIED HO IMS? WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, JL' lor Kindle gentlemen or a man and wife, or a few young holies would be take.* very cheap to Board, at 13 Renwlck at. t?> U RN IS ' I E D ROOM WITHOUT BOARD.? A PRIVATE X' laindy having more room than they need, wish to fat on*-, or a suit oi roonoi, newly aul lunds unely furnished, on t!i second iloor, with bath room adjoining; house lirst clas?; location very pleasant in Twenty-third street, south aide, be tweeu Eighth end N.nth avenues. A 'drchs, with refer entv'?, M. M., box 2,137 New York Post olttc**. JU'RWSIIED ROOMS TO LET? AT BROADWAY, between Eighth an 1 Ninth streets. A large Parlor on tirst floor ami Jtoo nR on sacond floor to lot to ge. ntlenv u: tho house haa modern Improvements and is in a plea ant 1 -ca 1 1* 'it. Terms moderate. Ill URN I SUED ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, OB * wi'h every convenience for hotihekeeping; terms, with Board, from $2 50 to i-l i**r week; also to I t Apartments in a genteel hsu-e ; rent lr >in $5 to $10 per monlh. Inquire at h7lJ Eighth a vi nue. CI ENTLEMEN DESIRING A COMFORTABLE HOME, X with e private family, can obtain pleasant, well lur ni h?vi Uoonv-, on mo lerate term?. Apply at 47 East Tweti ty-thlrd street. Re: crew's exchanged. (GENTLEMEN DESIRING A COMFORTABLE HOME, T with a private family, can obtain pleasant, well fur n! ilie.l Rooms. on m d ra'e terms. Apply at 47 East Twenty third frtreet. R ?Terences *-x h inged. /GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND SING LE GENTLEMEN vT can obtain pleasant R >oms, with Board, at 116 West Fourteenth street. Family small. ANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, ir. a iirst ' lass hou.' e, own pi?d by a small family, in an excellent location. Apply at 128 West 1 weuty-fit th street. Handsome rooms to let? f c rnished or un furnisho I. t'or ei n;le gentlemen * ?r a gentleman and wife, with or without Board, at ?!5 East Twenty-second struct, u? ..r Lexington u venue. Reference required. Handsomely furnisiikj) rooms on thirty ninth Ktret t , near F >tiri h :iv??n?:o.? J'.irties looking for rtrst cl a?.? H'fomin idatlons, with or wi bout Boar I, can pro cure our list free of charge in i i sections of the city, at pritv* to suit the tunc*. Apply at tiio C! v K .anl Agency, fau Broadway. 1'i^Ef 'c KNIUIIT. Handsomely furnisiifd apartven ts to let? iu a pr.vate family, to single geiit!"men or feentle.incn and their wives, ut 2'J Filth avenue. References exchanged MM SON MEUBLEE 70 AS') 72 WEST THIRTY rt.ntli street. ? Rooms, ele^autlv furni^licd, or wh -ie l!oors, vv It it kltc!,':n, **i;l ai atid >ard. il >ua s vv, lirstiioss, lotirslory. In >wti wtone. M-nU fttrtiished. Whole Paiior r'loor and Bimeim m for physteian s*oili:o. VflCELY FURNISHED ROOMS, TO LET, IN SUITS OR ii singly, c:t hi c -nd and fourt!i floors, with t#r with - it t nil P. / iid; in e\ceil?-nt location, at No &v> West Tweuty ?.e<ond street. Dinner al six. Private table If desired. "VTICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? TO GENTLE i.1 nien. iu a respe-idble private family; terms mode nue to soft tli tirn i. Apply f?t 4-J West VV. s os ;t ?n p sm?, feurili ho its ? i rom Sixth avenue; convenient to ca:s and sUi ; e. ?NE FRONT FURNISHED ROOM TO LliT? 8BOOXD story; to one person only, at Sixth avenue. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITS OR WITHOCf HOARD? In a French private family, at 2.iTeatti street, between Filth and S.xth avenue's. II O RE: PECTABLE MECHANICS OR OTHERS SF EKING Hoard, at $3 to ^>4 per \-. eck, with enough to oat and ? *.t isiac !-?n guuiAMei:d. vail at Eii/?h ,u street, fe'ir do is lio n Blee- ker, where nl?;e Ro?tus ami a really com fortable homo nlil !;c ion nil. Rooms, with board, for single gentlemen or gentler. en ?n I wives. Tlie house -on tains aW the iniprtvem nisattd is in ac.-ntrrv' I'K-at'.oti. Home* oral oris at rets* m. 'i le pru.-ea. tJoiiveniuat to car* and stages. No. 37 East Eleventh street. rno LET? A ROOM, WITH ONE OR TWO BEDROOMS, A to a small family; also, two steady young m??, or a mm ..nd wife, or two y ? n -* girN, i-au be s< . > ut a?4uie I with Board, at 2i7 West Kony-tnlrd street. WANTED? BOARD AND A NICELY FOR Nf SHED if R ' ?m, by a geniletn.iti snd lnuy. In a quiet boarding hons^ or pi ivate lainiiv, A<ner.eiu or foreign, n siding near Broadway and Bleecker street, Adiire**, staiisn; pirticalars, E. R., Herald oibce. WANTED? BOARD FOR A LADY, WITH DAUGHTER, \V eg- I fourteen; seeon I or tlnr-l story r- o n, facing s oith; I nntion bet v. r? F ?r.r' > n'!i ami Twenty*fout ta s r eti and Fourlh an-l Sixth av enues, Ternis $l'l |s?r >vc 'k. I'.- erences exchangee. Address A. B. C., bvix 196 Herald oQice. i; , t\rANfED-IN THE HOUSE OF A PRIVATE STRICT Ij ) fa*uilv or vldov; lady, In a reij?c. t , .. i,'* . Ubor I 1, betvvr -en Nlnt in t Twenty i.fth streets aPi., ?r and 15 ? arooin. Im iitshed, with bnth at a h^d. lor a newly mar ; ?' con. .c, who d^sir? hotn c ? ;fo t an 1 erv .t^'.t ?o eat to ?m. stiii'vail 1 fu> aae < p Uibit d; Irlls ' a t w kly i ii' i . n m exc'ia i a. A Mi with 1 > c't t 4 p f ni. nth : ? r the winter, itulu I ;n ' c ?al and lunette, hot Herald vaiee. 4 HOARDING AHO LOOOIH6. WANTLD-BOARD, IN A PRIVATE KAWI^Y, FOR A lady anil maid, tn the country, within 8 'miles of the city; largo Hooiui and n pleasant situation indispensable. Address O. P. D., box 2, 2311 I'usl olllce, New Yuri, slating fim ?flT ANTED? A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTA ? T tilllly, having good furniture for four rooini, with una Plimpton Secretary Bedstead, wP-hes board for the use of It. Address fur two day* Mrs. 1'., Union square Puat ollke. Re ferences linlinpfl (UQ n/r CHEAPEST HOARD IN NEW YORK-NICK Boouia, with good Hoard, $2 2.1 to $3 a week and upward*. latilleaaod families suited low ; nice parlor* Willi piano, at iri Llspenard street, near Broad way and Canal street; also watchman all night and lodgings very cheap. O WEST TW E NTY-FO I ' HTII STREET, OPPOSITE THE O Fifth Avenue Hotel? Three MUgle Rooms to let for gen Union; dinner at It. <3>0 ? BOAKDINW AT MO OR AND STREET. A GEN O* '? tleuian and liia wife and three or four young men, ran have good Board and eoinioi talile Room*, Willi raa alii bathroom; also, a few young ladles. Call and sea for your* self. Til AVENUE, NEAR MADISON SQUARE? VEBY DE slrnlile Rooma, with Board, aru olt'ercd by a private ai 417 Fourth avenue; also, a lar,;e R epllon Room, wllli ainall Room adjoining, suitable for a family or physi cian. Dinner In the middle ol the day. 9 1 UNIVERSITY PIiACR, CORNER OF NINTH A't aire, t.? Elegantly minified Apartments, en suite, Willi full Hoard, or pil au: If preferred, to let. AUO, Tory desirable single Rooms. Home furnished with all the moileni linjirovi mcnl*. It-;. roneea required. on (:,'INTDN PLACE, NEWl BBOADWAV-A PLE AS CII' ant suit dI llo uus io let, on second lioor, separately or togetlier; also, rooms for alu^lc gentlemen; references re quired. Dinner at kIi. 'JK EAST TWELFTH S I'REET.? LADIES AND GEN ti 'iiii-u denn ing Board fur the winter, will., lind good Ho. mill and occomuuidut.oua at the above house ami location, being a tew doors weal of Broadway. Relerenoee exchanged. 41 TENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH XL avenues. ? \eiv flesi a a- Rooma, lu auila or single, Willi Board, can lie obtain I for v*' 1 t.i**neu ami 'h Ir wlvca or silicic gentlemen ; the l.o is" contains all ihe modern Im provements. Dinner at tt o'clock. j ?> WEST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH 1 O and Sixth avenues.? A private family occupying a lirat claa- house, containing all mo lorn Improvement', will let a few ban tsomeiy furnished Rooms in suits, or siUrle, to gen tlemen, with bcakfust If required. A J UNION SQUARE. -SLITS OF ROOMS TO LET, T'l Willi Board, to families; also, a few .d ;,;l'' Itooma fot gentle men. WEST TWENTY FOURTH STKEET. BETWEEN T"*) Fifth iuuI Sixth avenues. ? Pui I .r, wJin Bedroom at Lu hed, on sncond floor, front, handsomely furnished, can be had on reasonable terms ; house first cla?s. r. f THIRD At' E.N UE, BETWEEN TENTH AND ?)'! Eleventh s'reets.? Neatly fur lUl.e I Apartment*. in ? auiall iiruate faiml.', with or with' ill Board; house has gas, hilt, Ac. A lso, a ndl Hall lti liontn < beep, SPRING STREET. THREE DO0BS FROM BROAD . . way.? To let, lnndsoiii. Iv 1 urniahr I Ko mis, io simile gentlemen, at war nil e-. Tlie l.mul on la near ail tbe lirsl class lioieln and places of amusement. Reading roim free, Ioqnlreof AMBON HOI SE. 7(1 1AST FOURTH EST II STREET -LARGE AND I ?* small Room* to li t, with or without Board, to geutlu men a id families; dinner at 6% o'clock; references ex changed; terms moderaie. (11 CLINTON PLACE (EIGHTH STREET). NEAR i ' 1 Filth avenue. ? Finn Itniuiit, en suite m singly, mux n?w lie obtained, with or without lirat clans board. Refe enccs given and required. (l?J GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING? ALSTON I/O Howe ? Elegantly lurnlx cd nelt > of Ro ms.wiihgas, Crouni w.iter an I ever) cmv nienee for li mi-It .-eplug eco nomically: par licularly suited lor small, reaj eta ale families. Be tit lo? . (J7 ST MARK'S PLACK.-GE.VTIXMEN AND TIlEtR f't v. Ives or siin.1i- gentlemen can l<e iiueeoiiMiioileted with I.- aid h ii. I pleasant Rooms, eoutainiug modern Improve men!*, at from to 44 |a-r w e.dt. n A MACDOUGAL BTREET. -RICHMOND HOOBE IR .1 1 yJ now oiioncd as a pnv iie family H"t 1. for the n'cep tion of < Ingle gentlemen, or small lam.ltoa tired of ii.iftrrtiug. l'at In*-, de.Mi'oua ol hou.sekei.'|iliig can Had cvciy uonvcnleuce at the ft Kmc establishment. CHRYSl'IE STREET? ONE DOOR ABOVB Broome. Furnished Room* to li t, with or without 79 127 L?ua I'd. lit EIGHTH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYBTTB I." t / 1'Lm.t. ? l-Niniinhnd U.khiwj lf*t, U> i' utiomca or p*nftoin<*n ;nul Ihelrwivon, wi*lt or nilfiioiit Huiri). ? lo.*4?t!oii. 'IVruiM uU'. VUiforviKu h psclmngcil. 1 C\f\ PRINCE STREET? ST. CLATR IIOi.'SE ? ELE 1?m) gnuily furnlNlM'U Room*, w.ih K?-?!r<?iUnH Mit;voh?dv with all ilw! CMkveniiiiiout for kou#*ck?":p>a;; <:oinplf?U?, in clutllr* ao?I Croion water, to let to Uliln families or g?*Q( leiuon. 1 7|; DLESOKEB STREET, SIX BTjOCU WEST OF J I v) Broadway.? A hotiH", with all tbe modern Im rr )vcTi? 'nu?. r? t. Rooum, with ? i* client B??ard, from !?'? io $6 p r week. Alreak(a?t from 0 t<* 6\ dinuor ut un?' (> 210 EIjM RTRKET~-JACKSON HOITM5.? THE MOST ciMiiiortatxy and conveniently furnlsm d Apartment* in tin city, to meet the wants of Muali families, with every re?im*lte furniture, clean liucn, cooking range mid utensils, guiud Croton wtUir. QQA FOURTH AY F.N IE. CORKER OF TW KNTY OOU fifth street.? Mrs. Arnold has t\*o pieusnnt Kooins to let, rither s -parately or together, with UrM class Hoard; pt i va'e tabic if required. AUo tliive single Rooms. KcUivmcl ruiintred. 6.4 Q BROADWAY, PLANTER'S HOTEL.?- PERRONS I O wishing perinan nt or tian?ient H iard will find eli ?.mly fiirnl Med Rooms and ffood table an ab> ve, n t very reasonable priri'0. liou>c first class; local* >n uumrpa^-ed. D iumr at (i o'ebx k. 71 Q BROADWAY 720 I I O Ifanilsinvly furnished ltm/ms, for families and sin gle gentlemen. to let with Board. 7 rx O HKOATWAY.? FURNISHED ROOM?* TO LET, TO l n)'J families and ** ntleinen, very o 1 ruble and Hi lowr prices Rcier to John I J ?yd A Sons, 15 Navwtti street and I). If. Adams, 81 and Pine street. COUNTRY BOARD. Board on statln island.? good hoard cam be obtained for the winter In c.\ ii.mire tor groceries and re itdv insdi' ? lothiii#. For jMrticuLirs address Uoard I?a dian^e, Port Richmond, Staten Inland. LECTURES. J>EV, WM. If. M1LBUKN, TITX2 BIJNO l'KEA<'VIER.? t At the request of many who de*.ro to In ar "what a blind nmn saw in i ".upland," ha* consented to r?'|n'at it. at Clinton Hall, on Wcumaday evening, November 13, l&il. Doors open at 7 o'clock; to commence at 7\. Tilcts 25 cents. To be had at 8ib?d's, 12 Wall street; Horace Waters 303 Broadway, and at the door 011 the evening of the lecture ? - O F K I1r ^7^ ' AT 111 GRANT) RTREET, THREE DOORS WEST O? Broadway? M<>ney advanced on Watches, Diamour Jcwelrv. Plate, Dry Gnu is and personal properly of eve? description, or bought and sold, by JOSiii'll A. JACKSON* v auctioneer and broker. AT Go NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. 2? A. HONIO MAN cootinees to |>sy the highest p?ioe tor Diamonds, W 'itches, Jewerlry, Ac., and makes omsu advances on the same, on liberal terms. All business cotuidentlal. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET? MONEY LIBERALLY a lmnced to any amount on diamonds, wntehes, jewel ry. pianos, se#ars, diy fouds,*c. N. B.? Pawnbrokers* tickets bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Bleeoker street, up stairs. A T NO. 0 CHAMBERS STREET? MONEY TO LOAN TO JY any amount ou Diamonds, Watch- s ./? \v. liy, Ac., by the *.vell Known and old csUibli*'aed ISAAC, Broker and Com mit.- 1 n Merchant, No. U Caambcrs street. N. B. ? No bust* wss trmHweted on Salunlay. + T 1BERAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, li W itches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for ''??? a 'he highest | rice. Persons having old Gold ? ? Silver to sell can no*. t'.o I) f er than call on LOUIS ANltlCH, 723 Broadway, under the New York Hotel. OA N OFFICE.? MONEY LENT TO ANY AMOUNT* J en gold and silver Watches, For sal" at cost, 1 nre* d ? la <1 gold and silver Watches, no' Id Stiver Ti a Set, Ac.., bj A. AIK)LPHUS, 429 IVau l street, corner ui Chambers street. I mi, In miuiH tu milt, on Watch. H, D :mionda und other p. t?)u:4i property, or bought for, unJ the liighcal price paid. Bunincnn strictly co:ilirlonli<il. L. JA0U15S, lir.ilch V)' Itr-oadway. CjOn T0 advakck. iiy henry iiyman, ?aa y wW.t'lyl/ Hrat i'.viy, rtKtai No. *1, on W.ilcbfH, Dl^ m. ri.ln i 11 t iDHrrhii inline or i-vcir dcxoiipUun, from $lu knd upwards. Mcrchanta In WMiit ui inoucy will do well to call. HiiHin<.?~ ntni.tly coutldcntlul. IIOU.->KS, AC., WAITBOb A HOUSE, FORMI8HED COMPLETELY. WANTED? By ii rmtpon.lble p iriy. A Mr.* , witli turin* aud cle ?arlpUoo or premUe*, K, 601 TIJ M ofl ? Akmalii hoi s:; with a i.ittm: land wa.steu Oii lite onuklrinot Brooklyn, on n ,w ?. with thi- pr.vl. I'?<;c ol purcliHiie; prlo-; ?'i I r-nl mil ;l lie low. AddieM 1'iirnir, L'.x 2.<J6i'o4t oiiico, X. Y., *utm^ . ull pmtlmUri. UOITS? WANTUD? BY A VKRT RV \r,r. FAMILY; A ar ditiiu (lied tttroa or r*.? ?t'?ry, in a > I .1 . iifijrh. b'li-'io-xl. lor which a lair rent will bu jitid. Addii** J. It. 1'., box ii'j I'oat olljce. WANTKO.-ANY PER60M HA VINO A sttAIX, NEAT Hew, wltii moi'-rn linprbteincnM, "won Pourtl, and Ei.;hUi niniiiri and Tw.-Utll nod T. lr eih ttrrrl*, v\ ill llnd A g'*d t<M.nt by nddri* ln<{ M. L., Wuditon n.pinre Po?i 0)U"'. not t? ?xoe?l WANTHD? APARTMENTS FOR A FVMfLY OF TWO P t'obh, in a iicut hoiiiK<, with mi a ; ? r.tble family. Two itavniH, or two Room* t.ud BelMom w ill answer. lt? rrronoc* Mokancw. A4dr?-?? A. B. How , II rnUl ollice, thin WM*. Wantkd-by a small quiet FAMILY, THREE OB four It loins, below K niriwiitb itr-iet; rent mod- rate. A''<i ? R. J. C., Broadway, in the ntore. . TITANTBD-IN A REAPEOTABLE NEIOHBORHOOD. T I threw farnlnbn 1 Uoo'im, wltli coiirjnlencen for i ooK. int;. Toimi muat be ruuiionuMc. Addre^a Scott, Herald oilTce. WANTBD-FOR A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A tin. ttary hi^h atoop houao; uiu.t conialn all tl.? modera linproi-em^ntj, gia wat-r, flxtnrea, Jtc, and nuiHt bs In perfect order. Plejae give deaoplpUon of tl ? hottae, ataiirg alte, lowest root, 4c., and addrcaa Box S.CJI N 'W Y.rlc t'oal o li'ie. TVTANTRD-A LOFT OR SUIT OF ROOMS, IN OR i ' lie ir Ui? city, privilege of uowit l"r ? light tnauo. fact m ii g badnesa. Addreaa K, II., Herald oiliw. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A IIOUS2, IS COMPLSTB ? f or.t r, fnrnaee an I nil m n?rn Irnpror 'menu: r- ut l.ol U> I'Xce. " per yeur; pi eii-i re I on the west .id ?. A ldr-aa for two days S ran ton, Herald Ilco, H*tln< lo. .Ion. \r*Mi;i)-t n km im'>m. wuri . u von iV vnil ikm for bona . ..eeplng, by > nmn an 1 wl!'e; v ici nity of Wo.tI llotiBton'ct pru.eired; 21 Ij $.' AddriM J. 8. T , Herat 1 oflli'e. \\.'.SN i'ED TO RENT OR PUROffVSE? A BABO&Of M i. j n iA) t.m?, lor the iuU lumuer ?.rad.?. O. P. 11, U.;iaid uOive.

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