Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1861 Page 5
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THE STATE ELECTIONS. Additional Returns from the City and State. The Senators and Assemblyme n Elect ed, and the Political Complexion of the Next Legislature. James Lynch Elected Sherlfl; A. Oakey Hall, District Attorney } Efenry W. Cruet, County Clerk ; Elijah F. I'urdy, Supervisor ; Ed found L. Hearne, Judge of the Marine Court, and IfloneU and Barbour, Judges of the Superior Court. The Elections in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Wisconsin. "Triumph of the Union Party In Maryland, &0.i &c., &0. We aro yet unable to giro the entire rote oC the State on the different candidates, or the exact majority thut 'ho Union State ticket has received. The voto throughout the Statu h.u been very light, and wo prodlct will bo found to bo less than two-thirds of the vote pollod one year ago. Tt?? indications aro that William W. Wrif{hV| the democratic candidate for Canal Commissioner, has ?lipped in totwoen Talmadgo and Bruco, although the ' friends of the latter still claim his election. In this city ihe returns exhibit a mixed and jumblod * up mess . and t hat but' little attention has boon paid by tho voters to the regularity of tho nominations. Contrary to general expectation , Wodd ruff and Hofltoian ,of theSuperior Court, have boon defeated, and C. L. MoneH audJ. M. Bnr bour elected in their place. This shows very plainly that It takes something besides a nomination to elect catidl. dates in Ne.v York. Hoffman and Woodruff recoived "Dearly all the nominations, but Monoll anu Barbour ap pear to havo received the votes. The republicans have socured four of the seventeen As fiemblyrneu from this cily; of tho other thirtoen. two or three wore rua oa the republican tickot, but are demo crats. The four Senator* from theclty aro democrats , but aro on tho war platform. As it will bo plainly seen by tlio table of \0te3 that nre given below , I.ynch has been elected Sheriff, Genot County Clerk and Oakly Hall District Attorney. The "Itlng" ^combination was successful on most of their county ticket, but uot quito as successful on a portion of thoir Senators and Assombl>men, although wo imagine that the publio will And before tho close of the next session that they have elected more of their men to the Senate and Assembly than is for the roal good * of theclty. Elijah F. I'urdy leads all tho candidate? for Supervisor. Blunt comes second and Kustor third in the race. Our latest returns from the Seventeenth Assembly district elect Sydney P. Ingruham, Jr. The vote - elands:? Ingraham , Mozart 1,212 Jonee, Tamuiany 1,135 Ingraham's majority 77 The friends of Mr. Jones, however, still figure him * seventy -soven ahead of Ingraham. Our returns, though still incomplete, indicate the elec tion of Edmund L. Hearne (Turn.) Judge of the Marino - Court. THE NEW JUDICIARY. The following candidates are olected Judges of the * Supreme Coas t ? Dist. 1.? Thomas W. Clorke, democrat. 2. ? J< hn A. 1/Ht , democrat. 3. ? ErMlus Cook, republican. 4.? Amaziah B. James, republican. 6. ? William J. Boden, republican. 0. ? ' harles Mason , republican. 7. ? Henry Welles, republican. 8 ? James fl. Hoyt, republican. Did 1 ? M. Honderson, U. k R. 2 ? J. C. i-'miih, U. k Rop. 3? H. C. Murphy, U. & D. 4? C. B. WoMtruff, Dem. 6? Chaa. G Cornell , Dem. 8-John.V Ilra.ilny.Dom. 7? R. B. Ccmiolly, D. & R. 8 ? H. I). Robertson , U. & R. 9 ? Henry K. I.ow, U. k D. 10 ? T. R. Wcstbrooke,U.M). 11 ? Wm II. Tohey, Itop THE NEXT STATH SENATE. Did. IT ? C. C. Montgomery, Rop. 18 ? James A. licit, Rnn. ID? Alex. H. Bailey, U. &R. 20 ? Goo. A. Harding, Hen. 21 ? R. K. Sandibrd, 0. k R. 22? Alien Mnnree, hop. 23? Henry A f} u I, , Hep. 24 ? LymauTn.j.i tn, U k R. 25? Chancy M. Abbott, Rep. 26 ? Charles J. Foluer, Rep. 2T? Charles Co< k , U. & R. 12 ? Ralph Riobardt.U. & R. 28 ? Lysandor Farrar, Union 13? Jacob J. Werner, U. &R. 29? A. Hutchinson, Uaion. 14-J. II Ramsey, fa. & R, 16? Hon. J. Wi.Urd.U. &D. 1#? Russell M. Little, U.itR. 30 ? Wilkes Aug'-ll, Rep. 31? H. W. Rogers, U. k D. 32 ? Horace C. Young, Rep. RECAPITULATIONS Elected on Union an J republican nomination. Elected on Umo:i aud democratic Domination. Elected on straight republican nomination... Elected on straight ileinocrutic noinlnation . . . Political Antecedent t. Republicans Democrats Rcpuhlir.ii: majority 14 Every Senator elected sustains the administration in prosecutiui; tlm war, the Senate will, therefore, be a unit on that qu si ion. ASSEMBLYMEN ELECTED. ALBANY COUNTY. John Vandorzoe, Dem. A. J. Cornvl!, Rep and U A. Bleeki i Dank*, Dem. _ Wm- G. Wro 1 ? l-op- '?i l U. OATTARAU :' S COPNtY. Andrew 1.. Alleu, R?p. Addison fi. R'ce. Kop. CAYCCIA COCNTY. ?William A. Haisoy, Hap. Smith Ainl? .ii y, Hop. chknav.o ox-Mr*. Daniol Dodg ?, Union. No return oijnton coistv. .Jj. Stetson, I'm. n aud Dem. orrniK-'- corNTY. J. B. Dutchr .Union andRop. Edmund Green, Rop. ERIK tOPNTV. .S. V. R. Wat. on, U. and Rop. Victor M Rice, U. -nd Rep. ikm. -John P. Case, OBNK K" ("OI'?TT. Benj. Pring'e, Union. HBRKtMt::! .in; STY. Owen Moon. V. and Hop. ?George Springer, I "'on. JEFIW &'"*$ COt' NTT. .J. M. Aek'.uy, U. and Rop. Ooo. W. II . ?cll<in,U.andD. Wm. Dewey. I'. and Dom. 1KV" CX'NTY. T. Snydo . I and Rep. M A !>:.?() N COCNTY. ?Wm. W. Brand, U. and R. Albert G. Purdy, Rep. LIV1NCSTOS COUNTY. No return? HIA'iARA (Of NTT. Benj. H. Fiotchcr, Dora. Peter A. I'orter, Union. ori.*a:-j i oujtty. Nicholas G. 1 arrow, U. 4: D. OrHK'.O COt STY. Leroy V. R. we, Union. Cornolius A. Church, Rep. ONKT!>A COl'HTY. C. M. 8choQol<l , V. and R. Ell Avery, Union Thos. P. Peri Held, U. and D. ___ Swcot, Union. Ql'KKN" C' M NTT. Isaac Cole, t a?<li>. Henry P. H'uli Dem RSSS.-l.l Kf COCNTY. ?Chas. J. 8ns ?, U. and P. David G. Ma -'n,li. and K. SARAT..UA COUNTY. JohnFultc n.U. an t P. Nath'l W. II .igliton.U. s K. mrnoi " c ocntv. John F. Davis, U. and R. JohnS Havms, l era. WAS > B COl'MTY. Eron U- Th.-mas, Union. WARiiKN CA'CNTY. Hiram McNutt, Hep. WEST' III -TV.? COCNTY. Pierre C. Tuonan, Dem. Chancey M i ? l ow,U. and R. WASII'N'.rON COUNTY. Geo. H.Tayl KjUnion andR. T. U. Nehei , Uiiion. WYOMlMC. COCSTT. Lucius Pod; , Uuiou. YATVS COCNTY. D. A. Og.len, Union and D. AI.I.aiAXY fOITNTY. Jeremiah II ?t< h,U. and R. Alvln E. Parker, Union. BROOM K COCNTY. Georgo liartlett, U. and D. CHAUTACyl'A COUJrrr. Emrl Davis, Rep. Henry C. Lake, U. and R. cttnii'ira cocjoY. Tracy Beadle, U. and Hep. COLLI M HI A COCNTY. John M. Welsh, Hup. Satn.Wilber, Un i n and Rep. CORTLAND COCNTY. Thos. Ilirry, Union and Dem. DBLAWARK COCNTY. Samno! Cordon, Union. Daniel Watorbury, Rep. KS-iRX COI NTT. Palmer E. Havens, Union. FRANKI.I.V COCNTY. A. Audi us, Ui ion und Dem. rvvrus on nit. J. H. Burr, Union nnd Rop. ORKKNB COCNTY. Jonathan B. Coirs, Dem. K1NOS COCNTY. Andrew .!. Hrovcst , U. & D. Richard J. I,tlor, t . and D. Wm. M. Thomas, U and P., James Dare, y, I cm. Chas. L. B--ii.-r.ict. V. k R. Samuol Maddox, Rep. Edgar McMnlk-n, U. anil R. MONRORCOl NTY. Geo. E. llo?J nigal, U. & R. I*wis C. Gillifrt , Dem. Benj. R. W -lls, If. an 1 R. NKW YORK. John Cullahan, Democrat. Daniel Leain y , I'ornocrat. Goorgu Lontrol, I democrat. Wm. .I.e. Keunoy, 1 em. James W. Biuh,U. andR. Wm. J. C'o -y, Democrat. H nry J. Raymond, U. & R. Wm. G. Oh a iy. Democrat. Alexander Mcleod. U.andR. Diniel M. 0 Hi i;u, D -in. Nob 1 1 A. Childs,U. and D. Andrew Smith, Democrat. Alexander Ward, Democrat. Royal Phelps. ' an I ix-m. David S. 0> : !injtton,U. 4tD. Dennis McGib ?, Rep. Sydney P. Ingraluuii, Jr., D. ONTARIO COUNTY. Olyssos Warner, l'. and D. Edwin 0. Siillin in. Hop OSWBUO COCNTY. Elias Ro t, Rop. Willard Johnson, U. and D. Don A King, l!ep. ONONPACA 000 NTT. F. A. I.yman, Union. Thos. 0. Aivord, U. and D. R. Nolson Gero, l!ep. RICHMOND COCNTT. Smith Ely, U. and R. ROCKLAND COCNTY. ? Harrlng, Dem. st. i.awrkm k oorirrr. Elias P. Towusley, Rep. James Reddington, Rep. Calvin T. Hurlourt, Hop. CLSTRK COCNTY. Henry Winan, U. and D.1 George T. Pierce, U. and R. Beuj. Turner, U. aud R. ERIE COUNTY. Bbkfaj.0, Nov. 6, 1881. Erlo county is in doubt. A portion or each ticket Is probably e! c?. T!v> result on Senator Is iloubtful? Rogers (p. r 1 : is suppose 1 to be clectod. Three peo ple's Assfuldyiavn ? re elccUd. VOTE FOR SECRETARY OP STATE. Wcurdt Ballard, J m 220 ;ioa 736 981 013 1 ,069 8 1,634 9 2,72# 10 1,281 11 (one dist. missing) 978 1 2 1.20T 1 3 1,581 1 4 1,491 15 (oh ilist. mining) 1,857 2,811 17 (one ilist. missing) 2,790 2,728 l'J (one (lift, missing) 1,881 20 (four Mists. missing)... . l,?06 21 (lour dials. missing),... 1,791 22 (one (list, rainsing) 1,855 Total 23,S&1 Twonty districts to be heard from. 18,914 VOTE FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL. Daniel S. IHckimon. M B. Champlain. Wardt, 1/mV.n. iMm. 1 838 533 3 221 89 3 308 109 4 880 618 A 998 415 0 930 1,283 7 1,068 905 8 1,708 706 9 2,(!99 1,061 1 0 1,267 601 1 1 1,140 946 13 1,139 1,206 1 3 1,648 728 1 4 1,684 484 1 5 1,609 217 18 2,742 651 1 7 2,825 1,605 18 2,070 ?41 10 1,008 1,019 2 0 1,933 1,320 2 1 1,835 701 2 2 1,878 917 Total 33,753 10,941 Twenty-throe districts to bo hoard from. VOTE FOR CANAL COMMISSIONER. (to fill vacancy.) B. F. Bruce. F. A. TUltnadge. IT. IV. WrigM. Wardi. 1 i a 4 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 3 1 4 16 Hijiubliran. 252 145 05 110 378 119 447 650 1,268 498 422 497 491 304 618 16 1,056 945 704 644 077 (35 841 Union. 102 ? 128 196 .108 131 621 709 1,014 3W 312 519 617 450 783 909 933 1 .099 OSO r-fto 852 784 Total 11,610 12,127 Twenty ?four districts to be heard from. 25.596 Wardt. 1 2 8 4 DISTRICT ATTORNEY. J/all. 644 146 200 <183 625 6 070 7 917 8 1,123 9 1,542 1 0 945 1 1 1,28* 1 2 675 1 3 943 1 4 1,049 1 5 852 10 1,404 1 7 1,576 1 8 1,118 1 9 S19 2 0 1.087 2 1 1 015 2 2 1,479 YVaLilnry. LoM/rencr. 399 70 104 704 654 1,419 1.115 837 1 118 039 1,951 1,119 875 674 323 608 1 .550 1,226 794 Sl4 924 992 245 114 219 301 120 605 670 1.108 402 623 501 606 418 9^0 1,212 1,408 1,382 627 912 1,201 716 Total 21,382 19,809 14,333 BaU'g plurality 1,947 Tbroc districts ycl to bo heard from. Wards 1 COUNTY CLERK. Gen el, Haxie. fl'Jfl 478 2 108 ISA 3 257 164 4 1,155 33!) 6 825 724 6 1,7:', 2 859 7 1,755 1,097 8 1,415 1,159 9 1,596 2,200 1 0 1,'<06 037 1 1 2,740 1,144 1 2 1 444 747 1 3 1,249 988 1 4 1,623 555 W 61!) 1,4 ><2 10 1,265 1,830 1 7 2,457 2,n?0 1 8 1.880 1,871 1 9 1,491 948 2 0 2.054 1, ?."!!) 2 1 1.335 1,860 2 2 1,806 1,374 Total 31,146 24,691 Tbroc districts to hear from. VOTE J. W. Br own. J. Ward). Republican. 181 159 134 253 465 135 678 878 1 ,681 540 423 077 225 192 1,126 10 1,529 1 7 1,010 1 8 1,227 1!) 101 2 0 1 ,:t'7 2 1 755 2 2 1,16ft Total .15,221 18,002 Lynch's plurality. . . . 9,777 Ward. 1.... VOTK FOR SUPERVISOR. Blunt. 194 2 140 3 15!) 4 211 5 558 6 172 7 8SH 8 951 9 1,913 1 0 685 1 1 927 1 2 011 1 3 7;o 1 4 470 1 5 1 .075 10 1,007 1 7 1.57? 1 8 1.659 1!) 960 2 0 1,175 2 1 ? 22 1,147 Total 17,752 Purdij. 015 190 111 604 4!)4 " 1,318 1,0'J.t <04 875 801 1,315 1,70!) 786 607 508 745 1.554 1 ISO 1,547 1,807 1,054 19,473 0,326 . 2,841 Kurler. 348 49 333 605 418 761 727 7rt0 CSC 502 1,459 270 759 907 200 580 1,693 744 681 1,172 975 14,213 Twenty-first ward and tho Ninth district of the Ninth ward to hear fri ra. ELECTIONS IN OTHER STATES. The Maryland State Election. IUmimob::, Nnv. 6, 1801. Genornl Pit this morning issued in instruction to the judges to allow no man to vote who took part or bor# arms ia tli(< April riot, or who ref'.scs when challenged to lake an oath of fidelity to tho government. The election returns in this city Indicate that Augustus W. Bradford, the Union candidate for Coventor, and tho wbolo Union ticket has from 10,000 to 15,000 majority. Paltimorr, Nov. 6? Evening. Tho election in Ihe city passed off without any dis turbance. Ovor two hundred arrests wero made of par ties charged with treasonable conduct. Muny, however, were subsequently discharged. Tho whole vote in the city reached about 20,000. Washington county, it Is estimated, gives 2,000 ma* jority for Bradford. Il'irlfi'id county gives a large Union majority. Fredoi it k county also. Tho Union majority in ths Ptate will bo very large. Elkton, Cecil county , gives a Union majority of 1,000. Bradford's (Union) majorityhas not yet been ascertain ed, but will nut fall short of 15,0o0. 1'uini? kick, Nov. 0? Noon. The oleotion Is pr-.r?edini; very <|ulotljr. is no I disturbance, uu l no arm . 1 military noar the polls. Tho j Union tick?i u thus Ur o.s hundred aksful ia l'i q;Iq- | rick county. Genoral Edward Shrlver, rnlon, is Morto^ Commissioner of Public Works for Alleghany, Washington . Kredorick, Carroll, Baltimore itiul Harford counties. The following Union candidates for tho Legislature aro undoubtedly eloctod. ? Senator, Graison Eicbolbcr^er; Honso delegates, Thomas Hammond, James M. (Vale, Hiram B.ihrinau, Joshua Biggs, Thomas Jolmson and Henry R. llarria. The Massachnsetta Sta<4 Election. Bojitos, Nov. 8, 1801. The republican State ticket is olected by .12,000 majority. Both branches of the Legislature nro largely republican. The MfW Jersey State Election. Nkwahk, N. J., Nov. 6, 1361. Tho Stato of New Jorsey has gone as follow*: ? Senate ? Ten democrats, ten independent democrats and ton republicans. House ? There is probably a small Union majority. Morris county ? 750 domocrutic majority. Hunterdon county ? 900 democratic majority. Bergen county is'democraiic. Middloaox county ? 000 democratic majority. Essex county ? 1,400 democratic majority. I'assaic county ? 000 republican majority. Union couuty ? A small republican majority. No State ticket was run? merely county elections. Tkkntos, N. J., Nov. 0, 1801. Tho State has gone democratic. Tho returns uro not yot all in, but sufllciont to make it certain that tho demo' crats will havo a majority in both branches of tho Lcgis 'ature. Tho House is composed of 00 members aud the Senate 21. Tho footings at this time are: ? Senate, 11 do. mocrats , 10 republicans. House , 30 democrats , 23 repub licans and ono Union. The State Election Ik Wisconsin. Mii.wai'ksk, Nov. 6, 1801. The Stato election passed oil quiotly. The city of Mil waukee and county give 3, 800 democratic majority. Th? returns from tho State so far Imlicato the election of L. II Rarvey (republican) for Governor by a largo majority. It Is thought that the whole republican Stato ticket is elected. City Polities. PEOPLE'S UNION (SYRACUSE) CONVENTION? C. 00n KKKY Ol'NTUKK NOMINATED FOR MAYOR. Tlio regular mooting of tho abovo Convention was held at the Ooopor Institute last evening. After tho transaction of somo unimportant business, on motion of Henry Snydor C. Godfry Guntlior, Esq., was named by acclamation as tlio candidate oi the Conven tion Tor the Mayoralty at the.ensuing election. Tho Convention then adjourned to tho call of tho Ex ecutive Couimittoo. The Affray at Halifax on Board the Shooting Sinr. Hauka*, N. S., Nov. 6, 1801. Tlio particulars of tho roc nt ail ay on board the Shoot ing Star are as follows: ? Two policemen wont aboard to servo a writ for a small amount, when they were at tacked by the crow. Ono of tho |>olicomcn was killed aud the olhor wounded. The crow afterward cut the cablo end mado sail, but being pursued by a stoamer ran bur aground. All hands aud two women wcro captured on board of a schoonor bound to Gloucester. An Inquest will be hold on tho body of thu policeman. Tho captain's name is lam, and is of Gloucester; that of tho murderer is Burdoil, of Now York. NE JYS FROM THE LOWER POTOMAC. OUR NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE. Unitkd States Stkamkr Yankkk, 1 0^ India* IIkad, Potomac lUver, Oct. 30, 1 801 . J What the Itetiel Jiatteriei are Doing ? Arriral of the Dawn ? A Loyal Baltimore Skijyper ? J he Truth Respecting the Rcb' l Datteries ? How They are Situated, and Their Ex tent ? Where the Page it Lying, ifr. , <fc. For llie last two or three days, save a harmless shot now ami thcu from the r?l>cl batteries at Shipping Point and vicinity , everything haa been quiet on the rivor bo low Washington. Nothing has transpired worthy of a telegraphic despatch, and thero has been very little moving to and fro on the part of the flotilla. The Dawn eimo down from Washington this morning, and is now anchored near t.s. Tlio rebel steamer Gcorgo Page has removed bo far up Quantico creek she is no ioiigor discernible from tho river. I(?r commander seems to suspect there is a r?d in piuklo for her whenever sho shall please to make her ?ppMTMKM, and t bereft re ho wisely prefers remain ing snugly ensconced in the creek. To-day the master of a Baltimore schooner, acc 'm> punled by t hroo other men, came oh hoard the Yankee, and asked Captain Eastman's opinion in respect to the likelihood ot hm passing Quantico creek without being molested by the Page, adding that ho did not care a li^ for the batteries, as he drew very little water, and could kocp well in to the Maryland chore, lie said he lird Commodoro Craven's pel niissi. n to go down, if ho would venture. Ho was anxious to get down, so as to bo in Bal timore in time for the ensuing election for Governor, and he meant to hoist that flag (printing to the new ensign, nearly as large as his mainsail, then flying at his peak) when the Union candidate is elected. Captain Ivstman gave the hoiKst man reason sufficient to allay all appro honsion in respect to tlio Page, and ho wont on board his own vessel rejoicing, and declaring ho would make the at tempt al ter d irk, adding that, sooner than lot the ephooner fall into the hands of tlio rebels, he would set liar on tire with his own hands, and make his way to Baltimore by laud, in time to cost his vote for the I'nion candidate. What is the matter with the Washington correspondent ofonoof your city journals V This gentleman, with cha racteristic courtesy, says : ? " The's story that tho rebel batteries extond twenty miles along the Puto mac is ' a lie well told.' " Ho then dogmatically adds: ? " Tho fact is, that tho batteries extend only flve miles, and are not so formidable that they cannot bo silenccd." I shall not imitate the style of the correspondent, or I might easily retort by saying that his lie, at the commencement of his very next paragraph, that the rebel stcsraor Page lias been obliged to tako refuge in Occoquan creek, does not even possess tho redeeming merit of being well told. The dif ference between tho corresi>ondoiit of the Herald and your contemporary is simply this, that tho former has had a close and intimate acquaintance with these batteries from the time of their erection, semo of these at Aqtna creek dating from May last, while the latter has always kept at a sale distance ? seme fifty miles or so from them. If the man thinks they are so very harmless, why docs he not come and lock at them, hear them speak, and report \\ hat they say. The batteries, as far as they are known to exist, and without counting such os in. y re main masked, now begin at Opossum's N'e>e, tliet In e ex tending f r miles, to Chapawmisio creek. Below this there is a gap of eight miles to Aquia creek , where, as is woll known, another line of batteries begins, extending to

Potomac crook, a distance of si* and three quarter miles. From Potomac creek to Mathias Point is a distance of HI teen miles, In a straight line, or, following t!.e curve of the shore, seventeen miles. From tho former place, marly to tho latter, is a chain of earthworks, but no guns are believed to bo mounted. These distances wero pricked t fl with tho divideis on Phelps' chart this morning, and have not been guessed at With regard to the batteries, I repeat, 1 have seen them, end moro than once came near feeling them to seine purpose. Hie man knrws nothing about them b it what no has been told, or what lie imagims ? shall I a id, in vent.-.? Taking the batten's as extending from Op< s suni's Noso to Potomac cteck, with a probable gap be tween, for which I msdo allowance in previous communi cations, n lino of batteries of nearly twenty miles is clearly made out: and this without taking into account the works between Potomac creek and Math las Point, or calculating on the ptrong probability of masked batteries between Ojunsum's Nose anil Freestone Point, in the op posite directum. One who is sofrco with the use of the vile word "Jlo" ought to bo careful to speak the truth himself. But the ink with which ho charged the IIkrai.d correspondent with thi3 vice is absolutely not dry before the said man tells the glut ing untruth of stating that the Page is in Oc coquan crook ? that is, opposite Indian Head, where tho flagship and the principal division of the flotilla are lying. A grave charge this against Commodore Craven and the olllccrs under him. The Page, os I lmvo already stated. Is In Quantico creek, tinder tlio protection of the batteries thero, and not In O oxptan creek, nir.o and a half miles further up, where there are no batteries, and within easy reach of suvoral armed vi scl including the Commodore's ship. Hut perhaps this is another "lie well told.'' Your correspondent, who is on tin spot , andean sco for himself, knows nothing about the m titer, but a gentleman all the way at W.ts'.i ington is competent to correct him. The faet is, the man has got himself entangled among the two i hort.s of a dilemma. Klthcr ho exorri- s his Inventive faculties ? for what purpose, sinister or praiseworthy , may be left to his own conscience ? or ho Is entirely I ;noranl of tho subject ho writes upon ? the geography of the river, tho names of places, fcc. If he escape the latter horn, ho must plead guilty to deliberately villifying the Commo dore and Li? officers, in aceia ing them of permitting an armed rebel vessel to pass their superior force. If, on tho other hand , he dodges this, then ho stain; s himself as ono incompetent to write on tho aflairs of the Lower Potomac, ami nil his reports in future of whatever trans pires on this river mist be regarded as untrue. Let him this so bH horn, tin J impale himself thereon at lit-; leisuro Retirement of Nadamc Gilsi from t he Stage. Mai'aipe Grisi is now giving a series of farewell per fo;niau<:cs in tho English provinces. Before taking her fln il |eavo of the Lou 'ou public she wrote tho following letter:? Having aide my I ist appearance In linden, I have de termined to l ring my prote-slonal career to a cli se by a finul visit to the principal towns of Great Hrit.iin a:id Ire land. In so doing, 1 believe I am acting consistently i>nd endeavoring to show how deeply I have treasured tho welc uno that for many years has boon fn lavishly be stowed upon me in this country. There Is something In expressibly affecting to mo in nddrc-sing the word "faro well" to au English audience; lor that farewell is an a J lee. ? and forever ? to the land of my adoption as an artist; to the land in which have been centied ail my hopes, in which have been realised my brightest wishes. It Is a farewell to a carcer which, by unexampled gene rosity and unparalleled kindness, hits far surpassed my expectations ami exceeded my deserts. To say adiou, therefore, to this country, Inspires me with tho deopest regret. Th&t this rjegret is sh uod by the English public I veuioro to believe, for to think otherwise would bo to do violence to a support that has novor failed mo ? to a partiality on who b 1 liavo had but too often to depend, it i.; this c disciouancstf that mitl<;at< s the pain Insopara l>. f in such n ocui-i n, an I that will always b- a Bvii i e. i-i l ioasuvo to 1110 i'i t.;y retirement, enhancing the i' m mleam e oj Hi f0 couuth .-a act "flavor to' wdikli the tho :in is who havo be towed them will have the Usui Ifvlt grnlUudq j\ Vl^UA Uiiltei. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IK NEW YORK. KIFTf -EIGHTH NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS? THi'IB DEPARTURE TO-MORROW. Tills flno corns, ut prououl stationed at Turtio Hay Park, fhlly equipped with tho KiiHold rlflo, mid 900 strong, will 'cove camp this morning, ?t oleven o'clock, for tho beat of war. It is rather remarkable that this Is tho only re. giment which cloea not embraco within Its ranks English, Irish or Scotch, but Is composed or men who have fought | and aro tho descendants of those who have taken ]>art Iu | tho European continental war?. [Thin cm bo easily per coivod by reading over tho list of oflkoi s.] Tlio Fifty eighth Is m:do tip of Italians, Germans, roles, French, Panes nnd ? what no other regiment can boaet of tlmt has loft for tho seat of war ? Russians form a strong part ?f tho corps. Strictly speuking It is n 1 Contlnontiil European regiment. The Colonel ami Adjutant havo seen acilve service on the con- | tineut of Europe, and many of the corps, which is a safe guarantee that their discipline is of a very superior kind. When tho Adjutant was ? taking in ae lvo part In tho Kansas struggle, so ably dil | ho discharge h * duties I hut the invading army i ffcred a > reward of ooO for tlio head of tho gallant tioidior and Senator. An incident worthy of relating Is, that both Colonel and Adjutant ure married to two gi\ak<T ludics, which tostlflos their warmth in tho o.iuso of freedom, that Christian sect being strongly opposed to war and its ravages. Tho Colonel hails from Washington City, ami Ihs Adjutant enmo all tho way from Iowa City, in tho Stato of Iowa, whore ho was practising law very nuccess fully. The ragiiuout, as a whole, cannot be surpassed by any other cor|w. Tlio men aro flno, soldierly looking fel lows and woil disciplined, and tlioy 1'nel no droad in "moetlng freedom'B roe again." A Hi'lundid regimental band is attachod to the corps, and wiH accompany it to tho seat of war. Tlioy leave T'trtio Hay I'ark tli's morn ing at eleven o'clock. Following is a II.- ? of officers, which lus not yet appeared iu any print of this oily Field ? ColoHol, W. Krsyzanowski; Lioutcnaul Colonel, ? : Major, F. Gellmann. SUff? Adjutant, ( has. W. I. -ouherdt; Surgeon, Pr. Han sel; Assistant Surgeon, Dr. Muecke; Chaplain, Frodorick A. Heriberger; Quartermaster, Abraham Nussboum. " tfcn-C-ommimoned Sergeant Major, Louis Die trich; Quartormaster Sergeant, Jnlius Ambo; Commis sary Sergeant, Charles Worms; Hospital Steward, Foodoro Loesch. Line dfHivrt ? Company A ? Captain , Wm. Henkel : First I.ieiitniiaiit , ; Seconii Lieutenant, Christian Miller. Company If ? Captain, I'oter Kohurger; First I.i#\it<, August Furs tor; Second, Cliarlos Koch. Company C ? Captain, Frederick Broun; First Lloutenant, Wm. Oalm ; Second, 11 -rmann Wohlfcrt. C mpanv O ? Captain, Frederic k Hermann; First Lieu tenant , Julius lloisc.her; Second, Honry Kern. Oum; any E ? Captain, Ilormanii ilaocht; First Lieu tenant , ? ? Bohrer ; Second , Iran Beutel. Gumjxiny F ? Captain. Edw. Steiuel; l-'irst Lioutenant, Ernest Kurlbeum: Second, August Kraeuckler. Company G ? Cu| t iln, Gottfried Mass; First Lieutenaut, Wm. Xppernyel'.er; Second, Pnniol l'i'oll. Company II ? Captain, M. l'ubst; First Lieutenant ,Chas. Pock; Sccond, C. Meyer. Onmpany 1 ? Ca| tain, (I. Roman; First Li >u tenant, Cesar Wurtemb rg; Second, L. Mnuset. Company K ? Captain, M. Fsenbaux; First Lieutenant, A. Btt-sli; Second, W. Koeli. THE FIFTY-THIRD REGIMENT, D'EriNEUIL ZOUAVES. The presentation of a flag to this admirable regiment was to have taken place yesterday, but on account of the had slate of the weather was postponed until the llrs' flue day. The camp presented, boforo the rain fell, as gay nnd martial an appearance as could be depicted, every inter val brtween tho tents being lined with a dimblo row of llr trees, transplanted for the purpose within the space of twenty six hours, arches and festoons of flowers and evergreens, spanning and interlacing the streets, which in so:ne ii.stnnces bo:otliemost curious names. For instance, rue Side lam lam, a name which recalled reminiscences of Algeria; rue Soll'orlno, which at once made the thoughts return to the glorious Holds of the lato Italian rampulgn. One arch was inscribed with tho following noble words;? "If our country calls tho rest aro ready;" another, "Union forever." Four broken Corinthian columns, with finely wrovght pedestals, wreathed with flowers, huge urns, of classic shape, represented an Ita lian ruin. A fine stand or altar was raised in the fore ground for tho performance of the ceremony, 'liie prl' st in his robos awaited the commencement of th" proem-dings. Tho mon drawn up in line, with a boautiful band playing popular oporatie airs, banners flaunting in the breeze, and numbers of well dressed ladles ami gentlemen who had come for the purpose of witnessing the Interesting ceremony, presented a scene which once b 'held could never bo forgotten. But the tin- . merciful rain Just at tint point came down with a fury mi, ft terrible, nnd tho order was given to the mon to dis perse and seek the shelter of their tents, which was at once complied with, and with a hearty cheer they made a rush for their sboJKr. Jho distinguished ofllccr who h.'is given his name to tho regiment, and to whose unwearied exertions its success is due, is a very soldierly looking man, seemingly about thirty-five ycnr.s of Ago. A na live of France, he entered the sorvico while quite young, and in that admirable school for tho attainment of military knowledge nnd experience he passed seventeen years of his life. At the breaking out of tho rebellion ho hastened to offer hi* services to th" government, propos ing to raise a regiment of Zouaves, on the model of those which have won sucli renown i:i tho French army, and received anthorlty to do so. The Filly-third regiment Is tho result of hi* labors, and the Colonel has the satis faction not only of finding himself at the head of n splen did regiment, but of knowing himself beloved nnd ho nored by all his officers and men, who have the utmost esteem for him as a man, whilo they feci all eonfl.teno" ill his ability to command them. Ho may well be proud of tha enthusiastic admiiation and affection with which his re giment regard him. I?d by him Into tho field, under such auspices, th- Fif ty-third regiment cannot fall to show itself worthy of the city of New York. COLORS FOR THE IRISH BRIGADE. On tho departure of the sixty ninth regiment (Colonel Robert Nugent) , each regiment of the Irish Rft?'nde will bo presented with a stand of colors by tho ladies of tho city of Now Voi k. Tho presentation will take p'aeo at tho residence of Archbishop Hughes, and in the absence of Grace, will bo mai!o by tho very Rev. I)r. Starrs. Toe New York pilots and friends of the Third Irish repi irv nt lire noi"E to Pr' af,nt 'hem with n regimental Rug to day. Oj one side of it i? tho New York coat of arm.', with the words, " Vuburntv* turn viclui," and en the othor an Irish wolf dog, with tho words"M'i(? rt aud x." The llatr is on exhibition at the corner of Broadway uud Puano street. THE SIXTY NlNTn VOLtVTBF.RS TO LEAVE ON MONDAY NKXT. srxcut. no. 475. GSMIRM. HKADQIVRTKRH, SMI T. OF NrW YORK, ) Apjctajh Gfnkkai.'s Offick, Aliia.w, Nov. fi. J Tho Sixty ninth reclment Now York St;ito Volunteers, Colonel Ni:g?nt commanding. will proceed lo Washing tonon Monday next, tho llth instant, and report for duty with his c.imm.'tnd to tho Gonoral- in-Chief. Co! >ticl Nugent will raise timely requisitions tub made for arm*, uniforms and all other supplies necessary, in clndtng transportation and subsistence on tho routo, ai.d have rull and comp'oto mi ster roll-; properly corliflod to by llio mustering ofllcors, Died In this department on or before the dny of departure. Field aud lino officers, who I hav.- not pnaacjl Ihelr e\ mlimtions, will appear before the Examining Boaril without delay. \ list of such as ciia'l Till so to appear will be forwarded to Washington, ai.d ihoir romnr : ii ns withheld until they shall have then passed ihoir examination. Crlealler General Yates is charged wiih tho execution of the <!ctn:'? of th si ord r. By order of thnComman '.or -In Chief. THOMAS HII-LHOl'SE, Adjutant General. GENERAL WOOL'S liODY GUARD. Tho organization above referred to is ono of tho be-d disciplined and most efficient corp3 In tho service, and Is composod of nono but picked men. It was the first troop of cavalry iha< left, this State for the s at of war. M<>re linn four months have Bow ola| - 1 sinco tht y took th" ir departur" from this city for Format Monroe, where they have .? ? Inee boon stationed. Under their able and oxp *ri vi ced ofi'.i.ara tho ram soon attained s-ch a profici ?:.c\ in their driil, aud so comported thenmoiveH like thorough sc id lor - . that tho veteran General Wool sajv lit. to appoint them to act as his body guard. They accompany th ? Go neral whenever ho visits any of th* dltleront encamp ments n w stationed a'. Old roint, aud tho men seam to bo proud of th1 position which his been nssl-oed th m. A few we is ago General Wool despatched Lieutenant S. A. Me'lick to this city for tho ptirpOM of recruiting an additional hundred men lo i!!l up the squadron, and- owing to tho Indefatigable exertions <>f this efflrer, there are wai ling now but a few moro men to coinpieto ti.o requisite number. The re cruiting office i* at 424 Broadway. Sergeant Lee, who came on so this city with I.leutenant Melllck, returned last week from tho interior of the Ptato with twenty men, after an ubser.c" oi but a low days. With this accession of om hundred men to their ranks, we havo no doubt but that th" "Wool Body Guard" will present a fluo appearance, and create quite a furor when iiext they appear on | a . de. THE WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' RELIEF FUND OF THE SIXTY-NINTH REGIMENT. The widows and orphsns of deceased members of the Sixty-ninth reginr.'nl, and such of its tnembors as have been disabled during the late campaign, aie requested to meet the Relief Conimltteo tomorrow morning at tea o'clcck. it the Arsenal IB White rtrcrt. It U nocessary for applicants to have ill ? proper los '.imohiV.s. THE LIEUTENANT COLONELCY OF THE FIRST BEUlMENT, SICKLES RRIGADE. In a recent Issue of tho IIk'iau> It was stated that rapt. Ifolt, of tho Nineteenth regiment, of New York, had been appointed' t. i. -nt Colonel of the First regiment, Pickles I rigado. it uh mid havo ro-ul that Ma . r J. K?;b>rt Farnham, who went out with the reglm 'nt in (ho position of Major, had received that appointment. SEIZURE OF TREASONABLE LETTERS. (from the Cleveland I esder, Nov. 4.j On Saturday, Called Hates Inspector Ives observed, among a c ruber of t: .i ks going South, ona having French characters upon it, with the letters M. !?'. M? on tho outside. Uadctahe I it , and upon exami; alien lound it to contain a ureal number of 1 tiers and documents ad dressed to newspapers i d i romiuent persons In N#w Or I ???ns, moat of whe h woro in a larga bag, tha rest in a \ dressing gown. The owner i: M. V. Maury, aiwlotivoof J Ucntcu.uit Maury, forwrly of tho Wa-hii ;;toti Observa tory, now holding a prt mhv.t ? en maud ii tho reb 'l 1 j a my. Th ro is no doubt buth' ha just returned from j Fruu , aid ihat tin o ilocuak'nu ooii'ain vaJuablo info - ! matlon tor th* trad is. Ti.o nutter will bo fait her in I I yett PrlT.c* Cunliul In all LfRallti'i) liotttrlct and information given lor JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 19 Wul! street, up stairs, N. v. I Movement* of Gen. Hcott. No visitors were admitted"1 to Ocu. Scott's room yester day. A 1* r i/o numbor called on Jum, but woro Informed "lat tho Gcimrnl w:is rather worse iJian usual, and could oot rocolvo i? .? ? i ? - ? v were (ien. Morris, Major T. J. Leslie, Hamilton Fish, Schuyler Hamilton, Col. !?. B. Pogtlpy amlChas. A. Clinton. Nothing dolluite is yet deckled upon ia relation to tho military turnout which is expected to take place oU Sa turday next. A Vikw or St. Lou*, Caiso, Mrorms, Ere.? A bird's oyo or panoramic viow imp of St. Louts, Cai- j ro, Memphis ami couutry adjacent, by Mr. Smith, bMjuat | boon published by J. C. & K-v Smith, 71 Nassau street. Tho bird's t>yu ylowr mann?r of laying Vwforo tho public a clear and tracoablo ntup of States so largely Identified with tho war for tho Puion, mid upon wbnse surface some of its most docislvo bailie-" must be fought, is a great artistic improvement, and lis production at this tim" must lead to the publication <>f oilier panoramic views of other States likoly to bo Ih theatre of tho war. The cities, towns, strategical and mineral points are well poiutcd out. Tho map present:" much useful information without troubls in looking after it ? a great desideratum at this time. Bank of Albany Dividend, Ai.iiany, Nov. 0, 1861. A dividend of forty six and a half per cent is declared on nil demands allowed against tho llanlc of Albany, pay able to morrow at tho Exchange Rank. Markets. lk'mto, Not. (1,1901. Flour quiet. Wheat closed Arm: sains 'JO, 000 ImfbcLs at $1 04. Co-n lower: sale* 16.000 bushels at 890. a 4'>e. closing at limido llguro. Freights firm. Import*? 6,000 bb'.s. tlour. 14,000 bushels wheat, and 94,000 bushels corn. Exports ? 6,000 bbls. Hour, 270,000 bushels wheat, 112,000 bushels corn, and 7,000 bushels barley. OnW, Nov. 0?0 1" M. Flour unchanged. Wheat a shade lower: sales 1.1.600 bushels No. 3 Chicago spring at $1 00}^. Corn quiet. Barley scarce and no sales, l'eas firm: salrs 3,000 bushels Canada at 64c. Canal freights unchanged ? Flour, 6Uc. a COc; wheat, 20o. to New York. Boats scarce. A licet, carrying over ("00,000 bushels grain, Is now alloat on this lake, and will arrive at the llrst favorable wind. Into imports? 271 libls. flour, 3J,000 bushels wheat, 7,2'>0 bushels corn. 8,700 bushels barloy. Canal exports ? 0,600 bbls. Hour, 24 ,000 bushols wheat, 7,300 bushols barley, Mn bushels rye. Cnifjiuo, Nov. 0. 1861 . Flour flrtn and inactive. Whoat has advanced '4'c. a )?<?.: (M'lc. a t'Oc. for No. 1, 04>;c. n 65c. for No. *2 in store. Corn h is advanced >?c.: mixed, in storo, 21c. Oats nominal at 14>ic. Receipt** ? 0,K00 bbls. flour, 141,000 bushels wheat, anil 00,000 bushels corn. Shipments? 116,000 bushels whoat, and 184,000 bushels corn. Freights nominal: 16c. on com and 16c. on whoat to Buffalo. Exchange llrm and unchangod. Official Drawing* oflhc Delaware Slate Lotteries. Extra Class 17? November?, 1861. 55, 19, 4, 1, 13, 00, 29, 03, 50, 69, 47, 11, 5G, 77, 8. Class 18 ? November 6, 1861. 41, 70, 40, 24, 56, 7S. 33, 12, 55, 69, 25, 14. JOHN WW ALKER, I Commissioners. Offlelal Drawing* of Murray, Eddy ?Xc Co.'s Kentucky snd Missouri State Lotteries. Kkstucky, Kit Uk ill. ass 679? November 6, 1861. 71, 25, 72. 60, 63, 20, 42, 2S, 8,53, 44, 7, 59. Kentucky, Class 680? November 6, 1861 67, 17, 39, 51, 78, 57, 52, 33, 42, 5, 26, 55, 64. " " " ' ' y addressing either to fltltAY, EDDY A CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, Me. Popular Sagacity Has Discovered that no sueh Soft lists eun be had elsewhere an the sii| erb fabrics manufactured hy KSl'ENSCJIEID, No. 118 Nassau street. r.ndle*1 Ilulmoiul Cutters? At CaiitrcH's, 813 Broadway, between Eleventh and Ttvelfth streets, lor only two dollars and a half. Where 1* Bull's UuyT WHEItE IS PORT ROYALT Pee Lloyd's Oreat Steel Plate MilltBry Map of tlie Southern Ststes, xhowiiiK the whole coast surveys. Price only 80 cents? only reliable map out. The evidence:? DKrAiiTMiiKT or State. ) Washington, Nov 2, 1861. I J. T. Li.OVO, b't Brosdway :? Sin? Send Iniinedistely by mail to the Secretary of Slate topics of your great military uiap of tho Southern States. Respectfully, J. C. DFB1Y, . State Librarian. Photograph Album*? A. fall Assortment. For sale by FREEMAN, RYElt A CO., importers, No. 13 J Maiden lane. - ? ?* I Dr. Valium's Electuary Will remove the many complaints arising from habitual Cos iiveiies*, and an all infallible spocitic for Pile* it is unequal 1 it. Price $1. Sold at 115 Kraiiklln street, and at 387 Fourth street, where Or. IIPHAM can lie pioleasionally consulted. Crist micro's Hnlr Dye, Wig* and Ton pees, the best In the world, wholesale) and retail, and the dye privately r lied. Nn. 6 A?lor House, A Pure Tolinrco.? Yellow Bank Tobac CO.? Goodwin's Pure Yellow Dank Tobacco, free from all'lna purities, l or sale by all tobacco and segar dealers, and at wholesale by E. GOODWIN It BROTIIKB, 209 Water street. Bntclielor's Hair Dye? The Beat In the world; harmless, reliable and instantaneous. Sold and ap plied at BATl ' 1 1 KL( IK'S W I Factory, 10 Bond street. Barry's Trlcopherous' Ih tlie Best, and cheapest article for dressing, beautifying, curling, cleaning, preserving and restoring the hair. Ladies, try It. Hold by ull druggists. Trn??ei.? Dlarili <b Co.'t Radical Cure Trusses, also Military Shoulder Brace anil Abdominal Sup porter combined? a superior article. No. 2Vesey si , Astor House, opposite the church. Mr*. 8. A. Allen's World's Ilalr Re storer and Hair Dressing, have no equals for restoring, dreading and beautifying the hair; they never fall to restore and lioi't it to its color. 'I'lieae prepar itlon.; have :h Ian i s' >,a!c of any In the United Stales, and are the ?nly oni s e?|H>rted to England and other foreign countries. Depot l'. t) Urecnwlcb street, a d for sale by all druggists. Sensible Women? Those who Fse Pyle's O. K. Soup.itnu pound ?f which will outwear two of uny other. Married* Arthur ? Sciiklpf. ? On Monday, November 4, by Uov J. W. Hifl a I, Mr. Heikt Art :cr , of New Orleans, l a., to Mis Chkl-tina Scmiif, of Now Yoik. Han rj. ? Rohissoh. ? till Wednesday, November fi, by tbe It ;v. Frederick G. Clark, .1. W. Harris to Kxma , eldest datiL'Mor of H. W. Koblnson, Esq., all of this city. ,li issTO.v ? SmtBVE. ? On Sunday oveniiit;, November 3, by Ibe 1>\\ A. I.. Brico, .!? .-urn 11. JonxwoN to Eli/aiucth, youngest dau^htdr of Isu^c throve, t'si., nil of Hobokcu, N. J. MM:owE!.i^? Ppakc. ? In London, at St. Martin's la the Fields, on Monday morning, October 21, F. M. M'Ih>wku>, Ksq., of New York, to Miss S. Jokphimk, oldest daughter of ( harlcs I'. H| ang, I'sq. ,of Pittsburg, I'a. Siaw ? Ebkf . . ? iii Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening. Novembor 6, by tbo Rev. Thomas Wilkes, Buiikut Simw, of New York, to lUKUBiiii, da igUtor of tbo late William Kbrey, of Brooklyn. DJttl. Ackfrmajt ? On Wednesday, November 0, Mrs. Lucf A. A''!;krmaw, widow of tLe lato J: bn Ackorm m, in tbo i3d year of lior a ,o. Ill relatives and friends arc respectfully invited to at tend ih i ?iinorul, from t lie rc.sidenco of her brother, Chas. If. Rogers, corner of Carlton and Wlllouybby avenues, Brooklyn, on Frid iy afternoon, at two o'clock. Ayhk>\ ? On Wedms 'ay morning, November 6, or dis ease of tbo heart, ?t the residence of lior son, John P. Moore, Sirs, l.n r AvHts, in the 81st year of her ago. Tli" friends and relatives < t the family nro reqtiosted to attend the funoi at, without furthor invitation, this (Thurs day) aftorno' ii, nt two o'clock, from St. Bartholomew s ch:rch, corner ef Lafayette piaue and Great Jon ? s street. Ti.o remains will be taken to Greenwood for Interment, Burkk. ? tin Wednesday, November ii.aftornv. i y > li .rt illness, Mis Mary Hcrkx, a native of tbo town or Klphin, com. ty Roscommon, Ireland. Her friends, nn I thou- of lior husband, Francis Ilurko, are respectfully requested to attend tbo funeral, from No. 524 Sixth avenue, ibis (Thursday) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. S in Francisco papers please copy. Cam;kx. ? On Tuus ay morning, November fi, of con sumption, PAMf.r. Casiiex, In the 2Stli yeur ol bis age. 'ibo friends of the family, ai.d of his brother, Jobo C. Cut-lien, and the active a..d oxempt members of Mari< n I n glne orirnpany , No. 9, are respectfully invited to attend tiio funeral, this (Thursday) nfternoon, at half.past ono o'clock, fmin bis late i ciu'cnce, >.o. 153 Crosby atroct. Philadelphia papers < I aso copy. Panhx.". ? In Br> oklyn, ? 'it Tuesday evening, November 6, J. Wkslbt, only son of M. 11. aud Ircuo H. lianiuls, ago 1 18 years. Tb" friends of tho f. mily are invited to attend the fn neral.from the residence of hi* father, 380 Atlantic direct, Bioo!<lyn, on fc'riiiay aiiernixm, at two o'clock. !:? eton pa; ers please copy. KnOsTIsom ? ?t li s resi'lor.e# in Itudx-n street, on Wednesd iy, Novembor 0, o. constimplion, Awtomo Ai.o yr Fngstkom, of Ewixlcn, aj,od 3S> years, 6 month:] ai.d 2 days. Tbuf.inural will tike plaoe this (Thurs lay) aftornoon, at twoo'oii ok, when the f. lends of tbo family are iuvited to n 1 1 r.d the remains to Greenwood. Haw:, lie;:, t ? ( >n Tuesday , November 6, J auks J. I1a wx ti"S"r, aged fts year s and 9 months. Tbo frlotuls of the family are Invited to attend tbo funeral, this ( I'll i r.- lay) morning, at eleven o'clock, from bis lata residence , No. 'ifl Hester street. Kwnf.ksuc*. ? < .ii Tuesday, November 4, George Was a 1XOTOH, younge."t Eon of Frederick and Can line A. Kiu nersley, aged 2 yeai s, 8 monili? in u I ? days. lhi relatives and friends of u'y are invited to at tend the fonorai. from the re i-! ins parents, No. 88 Ks st Twenty-fifth street, this 'Thirf ay) afternoon, at two o'clock, Without further i:i\ Hat n. 1,a I'm rk.itn. ? Iu Ji rsoy City, oa Wodnes day , Novem ber 6, M.iuv I. ifiSA, dai gh'Oi of Jisei h B. aud tho into I Mary Ia f iur> tie. ?Bin relative mid friends of the family are invited to attend be i rd, on Friday afterroon, ai ouo o'clock, fr in t!. res t- nee i>T h ?r fntber, Joseph U. I n Toart .ia, No. 35 t;r.m 1 strtv t, vltUctit further Invitation. Lxo? ? nn Tu .- lay, November r>, t. Lovki,, s> n of tbo lat- t harles and Maria I.y. u, ,t m ve irg. i"h j funeral will i ike place from No. j Bowery, this (Ttiurf lay) mornUig, at eleven o'clock, Maiy ? At n.-outun, N. J., on Sunday, NotfcmbW 3, KigsiAi B. Ma;t, ejedil v^ari). MciOorrt.? On WodnoMday morning, ^>vombt*r 6,Owiiw, only child of Hu^h and Mary M^orry, agi.^ I yoar . .J? wiallvf? aud friotidi of tho family aro jvipftotfillljr invited to alt cud tUo lunoral, thif (Thursday ] ttftnniooD-. si^mh Hirudin? - Ou Wednesday, November 0. John II.- ??n or James and Mary McKurnan, age i 2 ymrft, 7 months ? days. lh* friends of tlio family arn rnspeotfully requested to? attend the funoral, thin (Thursday) afternoon. at ou? o clock, from tho residence of hia parents, No. 141 u.|Bn? street, without furflror Invitation O'Coskklj.? On Wednesday, November 8, Cathaiun* O'Iwnnkm., aged 42 years. 'II in relatives unil friend* of tlio family urn respectfully in v I tod to attend tlio funeral, from her Into residence No. 49 Oliver St reft , on Friday aft two o'clock, without further Invitation. I'm*.? On Tuemlay, November 5, (Ik men M I'ikk, in his 44t!i year. Ilia friends, those of Ills family and also members of Union U>dge A. 1'. A. No. 13, are rosiMJctfully Umtod to atti'iid the funeral, tlii* (Thurs lay) uflomoon, at one o'clock precisely, from his luto residence, 100 Went Twou ty-llflh street . Koiikkt. ? On Wednesday, November 8, IIknry ('ii.?ri.m Ahkl, sou of 1'. 11. Abul and Kmllio Roberl , m the 3d year of Ins age. The friends and relatives of the family are resp"CtfuMy Invited to attend the funeral, fr< ni the residence ol hi* parents, No ;I7 Wooslcr street, llrts (Thursday) after noon, at one o'cleck. Sixirr. ? On Tuesday, November 5, Jkhsik J. Sfjorr, aged 4 years, '2 months and 7 days, daughter of tho late James W. ticutt, printer, formerly of the IIkkalu oilico. B.dfutt, Ireland, papers please copy. Hmikx ? (>11 Wednesday, November 6, Kluin Sausm, aged 34 yenis. Her friends and those of the family are requested to at teud the funoral, from her lute residence, No, 1S3 avenu* I), this (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'clock, without fur ther invitation. Mmomun. ? '>n Saturday. November 2, William SiMOW son, aged &0 years, 1 mouth und '47 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend tho funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at twe o'clock, from his late resideuce, No. 145 Twenty flftfc street. Smith. ? On Wednesday, November 7, Miranda, daugh ter of John and Mary Smith, aged 'J years and 6 mouth*. The funeral will tak-i place, from the r^'si lonco ul her parents, No. 153 Elizabeth street, on Friday. Svi.livaw. ? On Wednesday, November 8, of consump tion, Catiikhiks Sullivan, in the 26tll year of lier age. The friends of tho family are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, on Friday afternoon, at one o'clock, from her luto residence, Kighty-llfth street, between Fourth aud Fifth avenues. Swmrmm.? hi Brooklyn, 011 Tuesday, Novembor 5, of consumption, Samcel, son of Samuel Sweelsor, aged 31 years. The relatives of the family ?ro respectfully invited to attend tl.e funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from thu residence of his father, No. 112 First placo, South Brooklyn. Van Bhackls.? At Keyport, N. J., of malignant soarlet fever, on Friday, October 4, Gkoiioik Anna, uged 7 years. On Monday , Octobor 7, Ocoikim Franklin, aged 3 years. On Saturday. November 2, Sarah Auoa. aged 4 years an* ?? months, children uf Ueorgo P. and Murgarot Vaa Brackle Walk sit In Bordeaux, France, on Wednesday , October 16, of consumption, Ai>a Chapman Wai kkk, wife of George C. Walker, of Chicago, III., agod 24 years. llur remains havo been etibaliued, aud will be brought to America lor interment. Wkkxm?. ? On Tuesday, November 6, Mart Whsims, the wire of John Weekes, after a short illness, aged 36 years, The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend (ho funeral, from her lato residence, No. 170 Fifth avenue, this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'clock. niSCKLLJINBOVS. AT BVERDELL'S-WEDDINO CARDS.? THE8ECBLB. . brnled engraved Cards sold only at 302 Broadway, cor* him of Doann street T $1 U .?DOUBLE HOLE W MM l'ROOF BOOTS, A* JONES', 1U und 12 Ann alreet. A COOU NTS ANT) CLAIMS COLLECTED, OR N? L charge. O. '?. HOUSE, Counsellor at Law, 10 Wallet. ALL WOOL CARPETS, SO CENTS PER YARD; RR US sols Carpels, 75 to !H) ceil Is; Throe-ply Carpels, 85 cenla{ Oilcloth, 31 toBOeents; Driven, ftO centa per yard: Mats. Malting, Shades, Sl?ir Carpets, Ac., at low prices, at HIRAM ANDERSON'S, 99 Bowery. BlUDOEWATER PAINT. -TESTED ELEVEN YEARS. water anil lire proof, alllca and Iron, indestructible. Do, pot , No. 74 Maiden lane. W. W. HETTS, General Agent. BARTLETT A CO., THE NEEDLE MAN UKACTU HERS for all Sewing Ma limes, wholesale and retail, <12 ant 473 Biueilway, N. Y. CORNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS, ENLARGED Joints, and all diseases of the Feet cured without pmla or fnconvcnicucc to the patient, by Dr- ZAC11 ARIK, Surgeon Chiropodist, 7tid Broadway. Refers to phyetclaus and sur geons of this city, /"iTf A RTIlkUSE? ^VIIITE, YELLOW AND GREEK* V ; JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union square and Four" leenth street. , ? . * *?_ , j , ._**? i 'i ? ?**' P6Tt SAT,fi-A flAIRY OR GRAIN FARM. CONTAIN in? 143 acres, four inllea from a depot on the Erie Rail road; two Dwelling Houses, out buildings, well watered apA a desirable propei ty. Will be sold cheap. Address J. Q t box 144 llerald odlce. , GROCERIES AND FLOUR FOR THE MILLION. Cheapest store la the world. Ooods deliveied ire*. TIIOS. R. AC1NEW, Nog. 260 Greenwich st. and tJ9 Murray st., New York. MENDUM S BRANCH ITALIAN WAREHOUSE? K AO simile of his family Wine anil Ale Vaults, corner Broad* way and C.'dur street, will be opened in a lew days at th? corner of Twelfth street and Broadway, an easy distance from Wallace's new theatre. Ready made cloth ino at cost.? must iie solo. Beautiful Buslnefs Coats from $8 to $10, Pilot Orel* . outs j>*S, Wliliney Over, oats $10 to $12, Castor Dearer $1$, Esquimaux $18, Inverness C'oaks $10. Call and sue, CLARKE, 114 William street. STRONG'S PATENT ARMY TRUNK AND P0RTABL8 Bedstead combined, corner of Warren at. and Broadway. 38 TO HATTERS. ? $3,000 TO EXCHANGE.? ANY PER Hon having a Hat and Cat) Store, with stock from ftl, 00# to $2,500, within 75 miles of New York, wishing to eichaogo for a desirable two and a half story Dwelling, having on flrat tloor two parlors, dining room, kitchen and two pantries; oa second lloor sitting room, three bedrooms and bath room an4 two | antrl"s, gas and water throughout; the third floor ha* a large hall, three bedrooms and pantry. Lot 130x25 feot. nice yard in front, good well of water, flood cistern, COM house, wood house and every modern convenience. Fruit ana ornament*] trees, peach, pinm and chenr iriw. two gr ip ? arbors, r.ispbcrslos, currants and gooseberries . Loca. lion In one of the plcasautest streets in a city of 20,000 In habitants, 40 minutes from New York. Can nave an oppor. tunlty by oaying a soiali part cash ; balance on long and ea nf I i ma. All com. nunicall ina confidential. Address for twa Week* Halter, 1 !? r.dd office. CLINTON PLACE, 3i DEAFNESS AND IMPAIRED SIGHT CURED BY THE iETHERIAL INIIALATOR. Observe!? l)r. VON MOSCHZISKEB, Oculist and AurUt, lias remove I his oll'.ce to 38 Clinton place, between Uuulver rity place an ! Broadway. MOO i, a m; 14)11 CLASSIFICATION. ~~ PEOPLE'S SYRACUSE UNION CESERAL COMMIT ten and Noujiii itlng Convention for the city and county of Nmv York, met at their rooms, pursuant to adjournment, I hi evening? Andrew Lewis, baft., Vice President, acting a* Chairman, anil lion. Conrad Swa< kiiamer and Asa B. (iard nek, E i]., as Secret irii; ? to take till') consideration the no tolnsli n of a candidate lot Mayor. Il was deemed advlsabUs to deXei action in the matter, and the Convention adto*rne4 to meet next Tuesday evcnlug, l!.c 12th Instant, at tin Irbcadi -jfarters, 0' 1 Broadway, N. Y. A ddresses were made con gmtilJ.itlng Missis. (Jccet, Hall, Purdy, Woodruff, Cornell, Connelly, L' utrell and oilier candidate* of the party who have bied clecti d. ' n - T-. TU) Tlifc ELDCToKS OF THE TWELFTH ALDER manic di.tiui? J' -? Fki.low -ciTiitKNs? At a mceilnj of tlie taxpayer* of thla (lift trict , Independent of party, held at Union Hall, on Mon day evening, October 21, in the proceedings of which meeting di'lt ^ iti s from the "Mechanics ' nnd Laborers' As sociation of lao Eleventh Ward" were invited lo, nnd did I iiiitij'.it", the undersigned tvere appointed u lomiultleo to select a e Hidi'late to bv supported by us and thuuc whom i- , resent, el lui* cnsuin;< charter election, for the ofllco of of the dl. tii' l. The committee met for the purposa on Wednesday e .enlni;, th ? Cih Inst, and organized by elect* in? Dr. J. M. S.nei-, C ainnan, ami Mr. S. w. Siniler, Hecre t. ry. After a I ;i and careful consideration of the mertta of several gentlemen who w ere known to be candidates, the corninltt' e, altli mi inlmi'y, imreed u,(iu FUANC'IH I. A. IJ<M?LE, inn present luemnbciit. We therefore present Mr; 11. ole to the prop.-rty owners nnd mechanics and lihorcrs of tl.c dialricl, sol.eltlin for him their stiR/ages, because. In th* 1 o'lrse he has pursued a- a member of the Common Council, it is clearly shown that lie |n fully competent to serve hia constituents und protect tlielr interests, and bec ause we be lieve that bt'iiellui rnual l"i 'f no1 greater than Ihose already secured to the 'Istt let by bis ex rtions, will accrue lo na by retaining him in the position of our representative ? John Atlrldge, 2-'",V. Ird s?. K Iwd. J. Oo-ifrey. 264 8th st. Win. If. !!. Ulovc r, 2/331 st. ,'01 |-h K.ehle, Is5 3d sl. John D.iiid on, 3l3Thlrd st. Jonathan .-i. Joyce, ,1'l0 3d st. Robert J. Law, 3'W Thir l St. Ollbert Tnompson, 808 3d St. John O. Altridge, Ml Ith St. James M issing, d68 4th St. Ch irles S. White. !;594th St. John R. Pratt, l?I 4th st. L wis O'Brien, .'63 Fifth st Wn?hinjton L. Tvson, MtHK. Jacob S hiejider, 2163d st John \V. French, 223 fllh st J. A. McAnllffe, 121 i.v. I>. John Sex. 336 Houston st II. Wanncinsehcr, 2WSd st I. V. D -wing, 640 Fourth st. IN ler L-'inon, 3fl'? Kl tinis st. Mi- )"..el Low, 19H E. 11th st f John Powers 277 Sev 11I1 -t. 'i. H. Gardner, 293 7ih st . James Li'.il", 215 Sev nth st. Jimes II. Colter, MO 7th St. . John Roth, 23 av t i e n. Frefk. H". Loew, 2.11 7lh sfc John A. Ki'llen I .in v. I> Joan We, idling, 45 av. B. \ J. S. I iiderhlll, 4V. Tenth ?L II. V. Fi eeman, 121 av D J Wm Himpsou, SIX T. nili st. Joseph Watigler, 346 10th st " Ml -had Teacher, I7j a v. A. A1 rah- m Slbim, 263 b. IStlv R. Celd?inlth, 330 Honsinn John I la'i In. 38S Houston. t Jo.ciih Ennlen, 52 avenue C. Itedolpli \V iinan, 50 av. O. j '1 How 'id, 121 av. c Aii er, Snarls, lloaveaue C. Jc'S" M. hands, 177 av. C. J Sear.cs, 1U6 avenue C. Joseph I.ei tt, 12o av. C. J mi U Ciieesemun. av. C. Henry \ nn.ine. lua av. t". William Dunpby Prcs) lent M -.ouues' and Lnboror*' Aa> socMtlon ol Eleveulh warck Patrick Hogan Vice President do. do. do. Samuel W. Sniiier. .Dele. at ' fr . m d* do. do. M. SANDS, Chairman. Ps*cet W., Secretary. STH ALDERMAWC DISTRICTe-AT A MSB1INO 09 the I'liion (hlzena ol tnu El^u'li Alderuianic district, held at L ndlicim'. Hotel, Ko. 113 0 ran d street, on Wednes day even ng, Nov. 6, the m e.ii g U iq^ tailed to order, Mr. Jnines D. F 11 nil moved that M r. \V m. Tl . Tracy be chairman of tins meeting, which is uni. iiinonsiy a iopliMl. and oa motion Mr. John Christian waseUct-d A-creury. Nr. Jauiea Mi ltcrrcu oU'crcd the follow ing n s .dutu-n, w hich was adopt * Resoh od, T'lat nil p-'sons p- cnt f:\vornble to the eleciim Of Pi UrJlilcliell. a> AlJ. i::i..n . '.Ha El.-.hth Aldermanio district, sign their u?iuc* to tbi uil, p.ed#ing tbotnseliea lo that end. .. Wherei.pon five hundred and '.wi nty-fuur cttliens or san* dlstrii i e.nne I. : wa; d .nd sign - t' roll. Mr. James Mo Berlin th. ? ni " "d tint Mr 1' -rMit hell be an.l , h? i ia i llU1, lua; .,1 1'.s candidate fo.- AMc.-tcan of the Eighth Al.l. mi.. d;. lib. t, un.l we. hereby severally pledge oar In tl.. en. e lo S, cm.) iio ale i an; A n ?Ion ?u unaiilnious. I> adopted. A coutmtttqa was appooited to watt oa Mr. >:i lie I ..f 1 U I! Iiiiluat in, which they did. V er. in "Oi Mr Mil '.Mi .v " 'red be . .re ihe ineellng and, iu an .1. .? L'u o i m, h . i ;i o l the not. o nation. radi rned to meet at Clinton Oar. den. Woa. lib' and IKOhlol ? iltT *or' -v/ ?)*(*' ' >C* I" ' '*"v ? > i/UtkU i Jouii'OuuijriAi', Stjcrtury,

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