Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1861 Page 6
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^8lTl'ATIO\S? M AHTliU-. ^MU l ~?ii NUR8IS.-AN Ev I'ERIENCED I'llOTH 'T \N V El? i'?!' ?.i,r.s .? siii.aii >i aa 11 utk ?? unm r ali.ii< ? the tare ol a la y from its bl , : t willing iumI Obliging; c.i ii do till kinds ul' family aewlug; >>r would wait On a laity: no obje* lions t<> travel, i;.hi Iw uru fur ItiroO iays hi 623 ill ave. , t e.ween S2d and 3.1 1 sla. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOI'.NG OIRL, TO DO .A. ihainb i iv. r. an. I help to I > '-are of rl. alr n; no ub Jeeil-oi Ik tin g i.eial li .u?r? ji.ui a a mill urtvale i amity, ?ood oily rei.-i Call ai Mr l.iat e tnployerv JO li?-?t 2Sili at , botweeu 4 1 it uuJ Lexington ava. * voi .NO iiKUMAN i \ i?v w ants a si it > tion ah j\- toiO ? maiil. hue thoroughly uiidertdandt lialr dress ing, Wi I ill : ry nil I ii_:, an. I would nil objtot to lake iaie 01 oue chikl. Address W 2., Herald oUice. A LADY GOING TO EUROPE WT8BM TO FIND 81 tti.Klunx r three Protein int girl~-?iok, launder**, eh.iml'C'ni i d and seauialrrsa or waitreaa; if ml recommend ?t o ,s itii .i. i '.hi ' i' - en for two days at \Jt) Macdongal at., ?motel uoorfrmn till at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN PRO tcsiaiii (.lit, as nurse and aca> isttvua; can cut and (It ObildreM'sanil ladies dresseaiin l .ill kl; d< of aewina. Bt si of ,i. retciciue iiinnlieT last place. t all at I at 7th av., HU ? i , i r ? goof, A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTARLE lomu' girl, a? lautidri ss or would have no objection lo da chimb l o. h and ar*iat In wishing and li oiling. Tn? be?t ol ohy relcreuce nveu. ('*11 for two day* at lb# East a. 1m?i A LADY, GIVING UP HOUSE KEEPING, WISHES TO obtain a altuation lor a nloe, good girl, w bo haa lived ? kii lo r a long iliii.-, as ? o ik, ? r and Ironer or chamber maid. Jkr. Call at liUO West .2d at, where she cii be fen. A 8 NIRSE.-AN EXPERIENCED PERSON WANTS A an. ni n as nurse; und' rsiunda the care ol a baby fc'iii lla birth ; la willing und obliging; can ilo all kind* of faa.lly aewin ?; would w.iit on a lad> ; no objection to travel. Wan be acen tor two dni ?> at lol Eu-t 23d at., b?(Wo?n 2.1 and td uvea., tnlrd Hour, 1. out rouiu. Livid live J cars in licr last ttUae. AKAITHKUL WOMAN \ IV ANTS A SITUATION AS laundreaa; abc ihorouchly ludciatauiia b. r busln'-ss, ami do np nut iiiuallns and !? tench liming. Ilaa the best of ?Hv irlci'i'iiM from her lat* piiiijloyi-r. Aj ply for two daya M iflti 9tli ai., near the corner ol U l av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general housework In a private family. Cll.i r>-f" raii"1 from liur last place. Call for two days at 2'J Mvil a?e at. ii \ COMPETENT DRESSMAKER. WHO UNDERSTANDS j\ all kin. * of tamlly *i wing, liavlug a Urover A Baker kwu; m icblne, would tilali lo oblulu em|iloymeut In a gen 'l^uiun's a olly liy tin- montli, or Would take a iximlorlitble .lotion m acaiuKiiisa lot the ivluter; liaa good ciijr r"fe /? i.i ... a'oiilo I avc no objection to to a ehort dlaiam ? in the juui.uj. Apply lor two d.iya at (i34 Huilson at., rear Uouae, ?won i No. 7. A .-ITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO iV ian, aa cook; la an excellent lauudreaa; no objec tion to to a abort diataiic i in the eountiy; the b. at of eliy raicieli.c. (Jail lor two days nt liii Ea t lllh at., betiveeu ?ra. A and B. top lloor, b.. . room. A SITUATION WaNT,;D-BY a rkspeotable young woman, as goou WRahor and liouer in a private ffciuily , la an excellent ouker; the beat of < iiy reference. Qiii lie auen at lit Weal 2oth at., near 7th av., brat lloor, W?k room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general bouse work; la a good bilker; haa no Irlenda; villi go for moderate wagea. Call lor two days at ilt'i West Itih at . , uear Vth av. IN AMERICAN GIRU FllOM NEW ENGLAND, Jl. wl hcs a altuatlon aa hamberinalil a:Kl waltresa or aa ?tumberniald and ui do ?e>vlng. A|>|>ly for twodayaat 36S ?<Kuv , between !Ud and 23o sis , tbiixl lloor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSI'ECTABLE tilKL, aa pla.n . ook, washer aud Ironer, or to do cliamberwork waiting; 1},' }'raia> ilv icfenucc from laat place. Can areu lor two uajs at Ju flicks si., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YpUNG CURL, OF GOOD DISPO ainou, neai and tidy iu h r habli*, ivlabea a aitunlion aa tarw and seainalress. is kind and obil 1 g aud v< ry fond of chlldn n : ha the best < liy relerence. Call lor two day a at 4U Weal l.vli a'.., over tli MN, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK ; jHL nlll do rhamb?rwork and line ivaainng aud Iroulng; ?eat oily rel erence. l?all al I'M Jay st., BriKiklvu. A SITUATION W.V.ViKD-UY A RESPECTABLE PRO il tvsum girl, w bo ia a good plain oook, wa~brr ft nil Winer, or wouiil do ( nernl hous work in a small pnviy. c ?kmilv ; ha* good city reference from her last place. Can ue r?n For two days at M Vf - at SUth at., (irst lloor, front room. A GERMAN GIRL WANTS A .SITUATION IN A PRl vate lanilljr, to do gi ti lal ho line work; good reference ?aabeglieu. Can be been si I'i'J Vaiick at., In the grocery fre. AUUY IS DEolROUa TO OBTAIN A SITUATION lor a girl ui ill inliuiiii Aid and nurse, or us cli.iinber Bald and Halipesr. ?be uuderatiinda the car>' of cbllili 'tl. lue higheat of rovotuinRDdatlout can be obtained at her pre sent < inpioyer'a. Call a. 138 Weat JJ tb at. A NICE ENOLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO no genera; ho . .eivork in a am. ill family; she :a a good plain conk and cxcc. lent w isher and ironer, and ba* tivo years' ml oruin-e f rotu ber last place. Apply al 2/6 Mulberry St., nnar Hoiision. A YOUNO WOM\N WANTS A SITUATION AS OOoK, and Ironer, or ..? ' limin e. m ml and w.iliresi in a aloe lam lis . g .. d city reieteacc troui ber liat place. Call for two <la. >. a; 8 Amlt^ at. A N EASTERN LADY, OF NEAT, QUIET AND ltETIR ?fx lng manuei'fc, la dcslrona ol procuring the position o! fcoua k rner ore inpauiou In aome lamliy ol wealth. I'ueit ?ept.ouable reii rcneca given and reonlied. None but hoi or. abV p.irtlea need apply. Call for Mtsa Fuller, at 1U1 East Mtb aL A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD Washer and Ironer and co ul plain cook, or if v.lil.i,,: lo 4o bouaeivork; good city refer lice. Call for two daya at l'.'O West 27 ih at., near Bib av., iirst lloor, over the store. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, TO -/V cook, wash and Iron, who peileetly undeisuinda her baaliKBs. B< at city relerence irom ber last place. Cull for two day al 21J West Ititu s( , between 7th and 8tb avs. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, to cook, lvasb an I inn, or to do chauiocrwcrk. Cily reference. Cull at 112 st l'.Hh at. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD /? p.un cook una e&oeileut waaber and Ironer; would u? Sous it oik in it mnull private family; is willing and obliging; Bo objection lo g> lu the country; three years' city rele rence. Call for two da) s at 31 Jlat it., between ti'.U iiud 7ib ?Tenuei. "a lSlZai'IH TA iTLkT.I!{L wants a situation DO JjL housework; city reference given. Apply for two da>s at ItM Ui an^. M., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? BT AN ORPHAN GIRL, Fit' leets yearn oM, to do plain tewing him mind cbtldrtn, ?i do lli|tit cbinnbwtviii'k. Wuget n t so in .cli au diject a-- .i E)d ho up. Cliy reterence. can bj teen for a week at 120 ?i kid ?t. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A j situation as cook; is willing lo us -l.-t in Wn.'hiug mi l Ironiiu; host city reference can be given. Apply ut 17T Varick m. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as conk, washer and ironer, or to do general hou-e work. in asmalliaiiiily; good city referent'* given. Can be ?eeu lor two dayt ut 79 West 38th it. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG til I! I, WISHES A SITU atlon to ilo chaniberwork and waiting, ur chamber-.1 ork tut take cere of chitdr. n ; it willing and obllglu :; li. m of city reference from her lait place. Call lor two dajs .it 1 Ji Went gtlli tt., corner of 8th nv. A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A PLACE TO 1)0 GENR rul housework, cooking and WHiihiiig and Ironing: city reference. Call al 92 West Sim ut., betwecu (itU and 7ili avs. A SITUATION' WAKTED? BY A COMPUTE NT YOUNG woman, at tfamilreax, or im lentnilrctg and chant er mald ; U willing ami obllginc ileal of city refcien e to character ami capacity. Call for two days' at 6-1 Sih nv. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOHaS, TO Uo general homework and make herself generally uee> t>L Can be ? en al l'J'J 1st nv. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU alion to do Mineral ho mework, or would do the Cooking of a small private family; liaa no abjection to go a short oia tan -e In the country; good reference given. (Jan be seen for two dayaut 126 Weal jGlh it., lint floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A tlon uaoiX'k, undiiintands brwid, pie*. bitctiU and cakes; la a good waalier and Ironer; has uo objection to do general bouse work.u a small family; has good city reference. Call for iwo days at 128 Atlantic al., Brooklyn, room No. 0. A SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE girli; one la a first rate cook, and ia willing to assist in ?be wa^hinu uud Iroiiin, ; the other as chambermaid and waitress, ,nd a Hi st class w slier and Ironer; they have the besi o? city reference. Call at ?H West iCth street, bu tweeu 7th and 8th art*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG woman; it an excellent cook, good baker, waaher and trmcr; good reference. Call at is tt ett 12. h tt., between ith Mid oth avt. k YOUNG GERMAN PROTESTANT <iIRr, WrSHES A A situation um chambermaid and walit'.n or to do th un derwork and aeniiiu'; bi st city reference U required. Call at 111 Hosier st., top iloor, front room. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER AND LADY'S MAID WaUts u utoatloa with a lady or lamlly; thoroughly understands otitliug and fitting children'* cio;hln,-, also ?family sewing uf all kinds; city referenda. Apply ui 146 tith nvt 11 -.e. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG glil, to do chamber -work, waiting, )saln sewing and ta..eoareol children or &i?Ut In housework; Is williug to make herself gcn< rally usuiul; uu objection to the country ; food refercucas. C^U lor ihree day* at 1 V> W.?t IJ'li st , be ween 7th and 8tb a vs.. In the grocery sto.-e. YOUNG OIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE and team! nets, ami lo assist iu chain oerwork; has tin ny r leience froul her last place; can be seen al No. M house in Mlh st.f, op|>'?i;c tho Taberua.le. Rl'.SPEi'T.-.ULlS GERMAN WOMAN WISHES A ?aA al H vokln *n American iaaiily. Pleate eall V, sto; riiei nre. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A QCIET, RESPECT A^tic tt B^" "6 Ca" f?r lW? " 7U AS \\ AITRI2SS. AN KXPERICMOKD FIflST CL^S J\ vt'iUrors waul! a Kitu ..uon m H i>i,s4le Ui.iily ,i i, willing and obliging, and neut and Inly id h?r habu* M<>ai y. wty ^I,e Is fully c?p.M7t. ta/e a,,^ "7? fun pi irate hour: ; she it alto wilim;'. to au ehsmb. rv'oet ^yi^W^t^^ ^ two uaya at her pretaut em A RESPECTABLE TOWN') GIRL WANTS A VlTOA tlon, it eo ik, washer and, or to do ui neial boon *\oia; bettof city n-lerence froiu lier last place. Cell tor two days s l i^dtiih av,, second lloor, front room. A YOUNG AND HEALTHY WIDOW, HAVING THE b iat of recnmineudatloui, wisaesasituallon as wet nurse Apply ..t 43r Stli tv., la the drug sure. \ SITDATIOM WANTED-BY A YOUNG WoManTas J\ ? i , m, >-n,. aid and wa.ue t, or W do housework In a email private family; rity reference. Call for two a*. tat S.'i Court tt., n ?r \vyckolf it., Brooklyn. A1 .V4TION ~WA.\- rED->Ts~~UOOD ~PI. UN COOK v . -i and Ironer; undei siauds her Inttli .-s? ih .r m u !y ' Cli "Ui , I ferti. Call lor two day, at ItJ Juuutoj fl.t vviWetb i'liUCv Au;t livitl in., jtfroykiju, A urn A'i'iovi wn vj'KD-f?mai<E9. A Bin'AiUifN \v \NT I) :IY A YC)tf^O \vu jA.r, TO j\ ?i ? i iit'i.ii ' o. i'w o ? a nwo:v.; go i eity rele lejj' ?? lV?/j?i . i at place. Cali ?*? ^ st. A SITUATION WANTED ? IiV A EKSPl-.OTABLE j\ wn i? woman, as j o> d ( lain cook. w < diet und ironer, or ? . ? tv i ' crutal And to do willing; will b" 'mind willing and o'>l^ it,, ctti* < s of l v ! t'? : . nee; w uld have no ab jection to uo a short dminin e in the want y. Call lor two d<*ys til 1'/- i th av., i* p door, trout room. A SITUATION WANTED? MY A RESPECTABLE PER, son, mh s< , 1 111 til ? ess , understands dressuiukmg and all kinds of fsstiiily s. win p < i ? ctly; uo obje? tlon 10 tin- care of growiugcuil tren or lo do li^ht ' Uuinberwork. City reference, Aj'pJv At yu East 28th hU, near Lexington av. A SITUATION W&JTTBD? BY AN BX0BLL8NT 0(111% as chutuberreiaid and waitress, or to take eareol chil dren. Understands her busbies*, and is willing and indus trious. ( !au give live yaars1 re lure nee from her last place. C<*ll or Mrs days at 1.43 West 90th st. Apr?*TKstant GIRL WtSltSft a situation as e?A?k ; viiy reierirne. Cull tor two days at 41 Prince sU, a lew doors i rum Myrtle, av., Brooklyn. AlBftPKCTlBUI woman wants a situation as child's uurse; she is a good sewer; would do cham'ucr work ; can give tli -? l?*st reo-rouce. Call for two or three days at I2i Wot Kith ^t., in tin rear. AS WET NURSK.? WANTED, BY A TO UNO MAURI ED woman, u filiation as wet nurse; Ins just Jon her own baoy; has tin* h? s, oi references. Apply at the ollioe oi J. Henry Clark, lliH East lO.h st., on Mouday, Wednesday aud Friday, front 12 o clock M. loft 1*. U. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO eoot ?>u<i assist in washing and ironing; best city rele rence; two v e ,rs in last place. Call at 176 W est 32d si. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO ch*mborw< rk aud w idling or would take care of chil dren; can ?lo plain sewu?.; a-. I understands embroidery. Beat of city relet euee. Call at 2_HJ Went 45th St., near 6th av. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tesiant German girl, as chambermaid and waitiess or to do *ewing in a r< s^eetable private Am>ri< an family. B st of city reference given. Call at 51 Sun oik at., near Grand at, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU aiinu asoook, or chambermaid and waitress; i.a^ the beet oi city relereuce from her la?t pace. Call at 21t)>? Mul berry st. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE voting girl, as nurse an 1 seamstress; has been at-cus touted to the > are of young rliiidren; or would ?lo chamber work aud sewiii^; if rei^ulied; has the b<?st of city reierence from her last employer. Call at or a<ldn ss for two ua/s 06 West 4t>th St., between Broadway and titli av. A SITUATION WANTED-ltY A HIGHLY llESPECTA ble young Eu^lisJi woman, as professed cook ; uuder siands soui?s and Ufbseru ; no oUjectiou to note! or uoardiug house; no objection to tne country; unexceptionable reie rcn< es. Can be seen until engaged at 237 Elizabeth St., near Houston. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. Xl. to d?? pi.tiu eookmu and a->ist with tne wusftin>; ai.d ironinff, or to do uem iafnouM'woi k in a small private i.imtly; gixid city reference from hi r la;t |ha?e. Call at Jffi i>t uv.t < ot ner ot E ist i?th st., i??,i Uoor, front room, f?.r two Uiys. A RESPECTABLE COLORED COOK WANTS A situation in a private f.tiiii * . Good referenc e .r?un her last employer. Apply at JJ Si. Mark's piace, for two days. A GIRL, BETWEEN FIFTEEN AND SIXTEEN YEARS old wants a sittialioti to uo chamber work and wuiunii; good reference Inun her last employer. Apply at 'SS St. Mark s place, lor two days. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS p am cook, 1 Hindi eM< or baker, or would do l.ouaew< r*; uud i stamis milking ami b ut r; the country jor'erml. Can be seen lid engaged, at l&J East 22d St., between 2d and 3d aves. A81TUAT10N WANTED? PY A RESPECTABLE gul, i-.s haiuberniaid ami laundress, or chfttabermuid atui waitress; no objection to co to the country; the ben of eity rejerene ?? given. Cnn be seen for two days at 81 West '18th st., iirst iio??r, front room. A STOUT, JIEALTIIY YO UNO (.IRL, NOT LONG IN the country, wishes a situation to ?lo genera! Iioum? work in a pri? ..te !siu.l} ; is a good plain cook and excellent washer and ironer; U wclin - and onhging. B stoi retereuce troui In r Ia-%i piaee; cmntry pr.-ierred. t an be seen for two days at IDOtith av., between tfJlli uud 30th stfi. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITIT atlon as waltn ?s; has no objection to usMst with wash iu.-; and Ironing or would do chambcrw<?rk aud waiting. Jlas uie best u. city reierec s. C in bo seen for two days at her present employer's, 16 W si l?th st. C^OOK ? A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J good cook aud good washer an 1 iron r. Can give good city relt r net s. Can be seen at 120 West 20th st., between tth and Vih a vs. CIOOK'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A WOMAN WHO ) thoroughly iinueivmnds her busiurss; ia a good baker, and w ould have uo on na t ion toasnist with the washing ami intuitu?. Can give the best of city rcier? n e if reqidrctl. Can be seen ut 62 West 2lst st., corner ?>f tit'.i ave. pOOK?8 SITUATION WANTED? BY A PROFESSED V' meal am; p: ? ry co??k, or as houMeaoeper in a not <*1. ilai good city reiercuce. Call at 2(31 t>ili av., between 10th and 17th su?M for two days. DRESSMAK1NG.-A IIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER wishes euiplov nn-nt J'v tli?? day; ben of reference given. Address a note only to 141 W est .13d st. I EMPLOYMENT WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL jJ having a Ne wing nuuMn* of her own; is a perfect opc rator, ami is wilting to ^oout to work by the week or mouth. Address S. li., itcraid oihce. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE h|xMa>de young la ly , who is competent to l'ulUl the du ties. Address Sarah, lleiahl olUc!*, for three days. nOt 8EKE1 fER .? AK AMERICAN wil.) ?W LADT, of middle a?<e, d siren a position as housekeeper, or would bo willing to engage in some respectable privat?i fami ly to make hi rs?df tea- rally uselnl; understands all kinds of sewing, bakiin;, \<-. A t> -ra anent home, with kind treat ment, of more consul, ration than salary. Best of ci y re ference given. Aj>pl> for two days at 7G2 8th av., near 6;id st. IADY'S MAID AND F \. US LY DRESSMAKERS SITU J ation wanted, bv u c??mp< tent p? r-on; umler.-t.?m!s hairdn^sing. Woui i dke to eu^-ige wit!? a !amily geln^ to Cnbt. Would co out ay the day until suited. g<kkI eity re. f.-ren rs. Apply at or address 120 We t 2Uth st., between t>th ami Tth a va. N'URSE AND SEAMSTRESS? WANTED, BY A VERY res.] person, a titration ; is fully competent t<? take euro of an Infant lr? in its birth, orbriiiTup by bottle; new* v. <' i I ; b-.-t. eit> relcrenecs ol fourteen ye.?rK*from her last place. Call on < r addn s ? M. A., 1-4 Mkh went of 6th av. VTOTICE TO MILLINERS ?A YOUNG LADY WHO HAS ha I hnnifi exj ? ri'-n -r in tin' bndnew wisJ?e;?as?t' an^n as saleswoman or cashier in a fancy dry m*? ? r mi' Iw ry sore. 4 ,'aii be Ht'< (i f. r two ''ay* r?:ify .-.t III West IGth St., from 10 A. M. tit. 5 P. M. 1)< s' of r? ferejieei given. QKRVANT I'OK FA :U)i'E.?.\ YOUNO ! K!:>.ril \YO O rn ii : i S? desirous to ; ; d jtuation as v.*ef nurse or c*iam bent. aid with a f .mi y going to Vrnnce. No wages required. In l> rc ol Martin liioihers A. Co., CO Lc ntrd st. SITUATION WANTED? AS LADY'S MAID, BY A O y otitic woman of amiable disposition nn \ much experi ence in die vmak:r . and h nu, unexccpU nable city r? fe roii' *'. fall for three days at ^78 Gth av., between 11 and 12 o'clock. QTTUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO girl, to do general homework, cook, wash and ir>?n. lias good city reference. I'.inbe fi^ n for luo days, from 9 to 3 o'clock, at 112, between U* nry and llicka at*., Brook lyn Q1TUATION WAXTED? BY A MIDDLE AC, ED GIRL, who ih a good plain cook, good waaher and ironer, and a good baker of bread ; r.?? objection to go a short distance in the country; good c.;y reference given. Call at 127 West 17th st. SITUATION WANTED? BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, IN a hotel, large boarding home or first class restaurant; understands ft 1! branches of cooking, soups, meats, pastries and fancy desert*?, and is an experienced haker. Can give the best of citv reference. Apply at 77 West 25th st.f be tween Gili and 7ih avs. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, asc?uk; is an excell"nt washer and fronar; has pood city reference from her last pi; -e. Call for two da>a at 261 West 8Sd Hi. SITUATION WA\TTLi).-A YOUNG I<rsp)-;?'TA ULri Get man girt w'shes a situation in a :unall family ; is willing to do chamberwork or general housework. Inquire at 487 4th St., room No. 8. mHE ADVERTISEH, A YOUNG, INTELLIGENT LA1)Y, X of refinement and respectability. wUhe* to obtain a slim atlon as governess, saleswoman or housekeeper: salary no object, but a permanent situation desired. Address Miss Weston, station A, Spring St., lor one week. TWO YOUN'G WOMTiN WISH SITUATIONS ? ONE TO oook, wash and iron; is an excellent baker of lue.vd; the other .vs chambermaid and waitress or to assist Ifi the wash in,; and ii oninf, eati be highly ree ornmendnd; no objertioa to tlm country. C .ii for I wo days at No. I Union court, between lllli and 12th sis., University place. rpRAVBLLtNOI A SERVANT OB 8TEWAEDB88 TO A any port, by a p*t>pe .table English yomg woman; is accustomed to travelling; is not s-mi si k, has the best of city reference. Address 51 3 I ave. fpo FAMILIES.? A YOVSO GIRL, WITH THE BEST L referral e. wun?* a situation as chamjermni 1 and to :o fine washing or would take a sit nation u? cook, either in the city or country. Call at i)13 Broadway, between 2JlI\ and 21st sts. TIT" ANTED? A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG WOMAN, u a" good plain cook and first rate washer and ironer, ami a goed baker. Has the bast of city referen *es from her last pU*e, where she h is lived nearly three years. Call at 2ii 26th St., west of 9th av., second tloor, front room. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS OOOK. m a boarding house or in a not I. She understands all kinds of cooking, and ran give good recommendation*. Ap ply at 218 new O.tual St., tir??i floor, ft out room. Can be eeou two days. (JTAKTBII? A SITUATION AS LADY*8 MA >? IND VV seamstress. UnderNtauds halrdr -s dny and dress m ik ing. Would have no abject i at to wait ou growing uprhil dren or to assist with the Ught chatnberwork. Han ,.0od ?ty reference from ber list employers. Can be te? it for two days st 415 3d are., between 34Kb and Slst sts. WANTEI>"~A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE it young woman, to do up stairs work and take care of children ; cai; do embroidery or any kind of plain sew n f, or is willing to do housework lor a small family; bus no ofoj ?c tli ?n to uo s sbort dittunee in the country Call for two days at III Madison st., third story, rear building. X\rANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE } J yauag woman, ss cook in a respectable private latnily : cau give good reference from her last place, wuere she ilvcd nine years. Can be Seen for two du>s at No. 3 Broadway, third lloor. WANTED? BY A YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL. A SITU yy stloo to mind children; Is also willing to make herself ? -nrrHlly useful; b si of reference giveu. Call at Co2 Green w i h st. WANTED-A situation, by A YOt'NQ CJ^RMAM il c x ? i ham In- 1 ,?iM, ian Ji> p'.nln ?>?* l?g a?><l l?i;? Hi. ehftrgt ol cbillrnt, > a.i at M Emit Broadway, in the .tore, TITAHf! D a -in ATIOK, BT A VOt'HO WOMAN, TO i * U1' ii.* nt 1 ?? r ? irk it titl u i tti.g ' >r tn >1' car c oi ch.lurrD. A|'|>.jf - r |??. > ! mplny i>, M I.-x u?iou sv. "11 r am kd-a ? ; n-A ribs, uy V v<>cn<5 whsia:;, as >> . rn ! ? .,| . f ,| Il I -talrlH all kind* of t<( It ? ,, v, ,?[!>? |. -I' il tlie ' nunii > as child's nur*A; I w . ?? . ? [n<i ih?iiv|M,ipa( tev-u-s b' ' ?? - l!?!? V. . 1 1 1 . V ..t I.) > >?! 91j|t *l? elwocuJUi av. uud Ur'iaU?aj, in,m lu y'tiucji. SITUATIONS WAVrKD? FMWAt.V' . WANTED? A SITUATION^ BY A EJfaPEt it lit alo, an lady's maid or aeainitreaa; ^niera a > ting a ml uttlng ladies' Uuit children's unue^re.othea; good r. furenee from la.-.t tlace. Can In; k en lop two days, lrom 10 to 2 o'clock, at 44 4ih av., between bill arid lHh sta. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A RITt \ lion aa chambermaid or ttuindr 39 or t<?do general housework In a private ;<Uy reference given. Impiire at 201 East 16th hl, bctwueu avv,uues A ami lit top Uour, front room, ior two days. WET NUKSE.? A YOU^O HEALTHY MARRIED Wo man wishes a bat?jrto wot nurse ai her own residence, her own bavin , died a i? w days since, aged eight day*: b? at of refereuct* given. AppJy ut 42 Jackson St., room No. S. WET SUR8B8 SITUATION WANTED ? MY A YOUNG, healthy respectable woman, with good city reference; has no objection to travel. Apply at No. 4 Went 3Jd ?t. \y anted? a situation, by a a.vj tF }ohu# Kill, lady's uiaid; isautniit excellent hair dresser, a goial aeam*tr> *s, and can cut and lit ladies' dress a. Can give the moat umiuulitled reference an to charm- 1 : and capability, from the most respectable families in the i?y. Apnlyat the oftao of Dr. W. Burns, Mo. tf Hudson place, will st, betweoo 9 h and loth ava. WANTED- A SIT l ATI ON, BY AN AMKJ'.lrW V'TN'i girl, to do light chamber work, waitinuaud sewing; la willing to make herself generally useful. Heleiciuelt re quired. Wages $1 per month. Apply lor two days at 113 Hudson at., in the more. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNQ (JlRL. TO take care of children and do plain hewing, or cuunii | berwork and waiting; baa live years' reference from he last place. Call at 104 9th St., opposite the Bible lion**, si ootid lfoor. WANTED? A SITUATION, AH CHAMBERMAID AND waities*, by a yo uug girl: haa good city reference. Can b.* ae?'U until engaged at iilO St. Mark's place, 8th M., second tioor, back room. WANTED? BY A BB07BCTABLI PKKM N, A 8ITUA lion it s launder mm; thoroughly understands ner bueiucas in all ita brum hen; has umiualiiliMl reference from her pre sent aituation. Apply at 6So Broadway WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOM IV, a baby to wet or dry uurbc. Call at 236 We at loth between 7'h and Hth av#. TITANTED? A BABY TO NURSE, BY A HEALTHY ? ? utarrleil woman, with ?? breast o 2 milk on ? week <iM, ut her own realdeuce, 343 1st av. E. CAVANAOIi. WANTED-A situation 17 a RUTCUMCOOKj would a isi&t in the warning and lronin ; it r? tpiired; has goo 1 reference l'rom her la*t plan;. Call ut 104 UtU at., opposite the Bible House, second llnor/ WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN OiRL, A SITUATION to do the general housework of o anta U fatnliy, or ?</ do chambei'wof k and waaliing; la competent, wiilim< and obliuiiiii, and haa good reference. Can be seen for two daya at 2ti0 Eaat IHth St. WANl'ED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT <1IRL, a aituutiou iu du I ohm'w ??rlt in a miiuiiI private family ; no ub ,e ti n u> ^o a short diaianc tn the country; wa?;e rot so much an object aa a c m ortalde borne; beat tlijr ivlc rence. Call t? r two daya at 357 W? ?.t 10th *t. WANTED? BY A YOUNU ENHUS'll WOMAN (A PRO tetftifit), ft situation a? wail reus or chambermaid and to assi i with tAsiutf care of childi n. Can give fiivt ela city re.e e oea. Atldreaa J C., < a e ul Mr. Darnels, 2U6\Vc 3bth si,, between &<i and 9(h ava. TITANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO W OMAN, A if aituation Ha?bamf>.uiai<i or to do general hoasework. Apply ior three daya at 401 31 av., third Hour, bai k. ?ANTED-SITIAT10NS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE Eugl^h women; one as laundiv*s; undeiatan is it in all ita branches; <an give three y -.tia vl.y rcUtvu t: It in her last place; thi otln^r ua iir^t cbiaa conk and i?uk? r; un derstamia all kinds nt deaserta. Can br. seen tor two at 123 Went 2/ih at., between 7th and 8th ava. 11/ ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABf.E f f .voting woman, aa enanilM'rm.Ud aud w.ti is neat and ildy in her iialnts. Beat city reference. Call at 416 Dth av., between 3(i(li and 37th sta., top llo<>r, front room, WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITl'A tlon ut do li^ht hou.n- work or Ut take eau a b.? ?v tlie best *?f reference can be Ktvcn. V ill for two do$s e.t 31 J Hicks at., near Aunty at., South Bvookl^n, iu the groceiy attire. 1ITANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, BY A vf young girl; ui? n b' a <-n at tliehotiseo. her euiplo> ?*r where she li is lived aeve.n years, ti?i^ ?la.y iroin lUto Au'e/Oc-k, lis Moiitugitv at., corner C?inton at., linoktyu. WANTED? BY A LADY, A SITUATION A> IIOrsK keeper In a i.rst i lasa fain II v ?>r hotel; will taae the entire chai'KO oi cutting and making the family cl dhia. ; also the tare of servauta. Oooi reicrcnce tiven. Address A. E. W., at aUitlon A. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation in a re*p? c table private family, f? do i?ou ? ? work; is a g?*od p!alu cook, au ex- client lutWer' ot bread and biscuit, an e*eel!?'iit washer and ironer. Can give (;oodcity rcfeieu- e. Call for two days at 79 Tlliary si., Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION IN AN ENOLISIl FAMILY* by i respectable Ucrman girl, to do ironer*;! house worn* Best ol reference. Call at 10J 32 i ^t., In the store. WANTED? A SITUATION, HY A FRENCH WOMAN, to take ( are o i chlldt en, <iood reference irom be r last place. Apply at 114 Bleecker *t. WANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE HCimU IMiOTi-S tunijflrl, t'? do St in nou>-?n. rk in a Hraull h in Jy. Call for two daya at lt>4 Smith St., between WyoLoif and s? a'r ren, Brooklyn. \\TANTI.D-HY A RESPECT A RLE YOUNG WOMAN, \Y a hii.iauon, In < i y <.-r country, as wet mir**; )i t dwii child, a Hue healthy oy, she will le ive with i friend: h :n a flue breast ??? tnlik; i lit* neat ??t* retercnce. Apply ai 320 4/ih it., between 10 h and \ 1th avs. AY WANTKD-A KiTCATION, BY A YOIWO GIUL. A'' Tt numc end h amstn ?; van cut an.! : t , n 1 ? h - dren's dresKi's; j.- ? ?o? ! my rererenc?. Call for two days at 'Ml 12.1 hv,| com r of 2~2d fit., livU Hour, front re on. \\rET NCIiSE.?A LADY OK RESPECTAHIUTY ? f wotil.l tnke h child to ntir at fi**r ow i r? Kideaee. Call for three day* at 360 7 til a v., n iho utUk depot. rANTKD? BY A YOINO AMKTXICXS Wo A/V.V. \VV > a* ? ? nu ! r i t ?d tin* Oerm a language, a .? t si ? ? t ? uo chamh.-rtrork, fti.iiri M?win?; n:id t-ik'y cur o.'u; Mi > U well icco m ud"d by her pre-e jt , ;n>/|oye ?, an i run be neon during this w -t 1: ut2iK? Uenry Kt., H. .lyn. TITANTHD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOf'NU WOMAN, A H ft'tuatl'iu a4 chambermaid nn I waiter. llu* ivierenc.j from lo r 1 ibt place. Call at ltit/Euht 23d sit., third sluor. tuuili e..?t corner. \yANTED? A SITUATION, BY AN" ENGLI HI YOUKQ it woman, aH housekeeper, ? :am*t'.eN8, nm e or cham bermaid. J I.-i >: the hi -*t. of eiiy re'?renc\ Can b ?A ?*u f..r i!uy*>:.! 07 Mucdougil street, top il?H/r, back room. In quire oi Mvh. Alter, \\T ANTED? 11 Y A ? i ! II! .. A S'.TI'ATION TO COOK, }\ wash andiron In a small private family: is ag ?i baker; is will in,; and obliging. II <* t ? . ? l? t <?! city reio r?M *??'. Can be s?-n for two uay* ai 468 3d a v., entrance on 3-1 (1? ft., second door, WANTMO? BY A YOCNU WO^IAN. A FlTl* ATL TO do general houacwork; is a K.od cu)k, washer and Irun'T, faith ul and trustworthy. Inquire at her present employer 111 Forsyth st. WANTED? BY AN AMEBIC AN WOMAN, A SITT.A tioii do general hon?ework Inn small family; no ob jQetlons to tlie country. r-?ll at 4?7>a' Wi at is.h ?t. X\T A N TED? A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, f? as si-amMUhS and li;lit i:ha?nber?vork. or chamlMT wmkfl' ! assist \sit'? washing and ironing; city reference. Call at 2lM)3d avenue, in the eroekery store, lor two ?la. k. \\TANTKD-BY a YOl'NO WOMAN, A FEW FAMII.IES ?f to sew Tor by the day or week; understands operating on Whreler A Wllson'r* sewing machine; \& a goo;] dress* m.ker; can cut and lit children** clothes; or would take a sit \atl >n In a private family iu ehnmbennaidand setunstresM' satisfactory reference can bf> given. Call at or address 027 IltnU iii siieet, near West 10th. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE youny girls; one as a iir?t rate cook, washer and Iroti er, the other as cltamb 'rmaid and wnitrcs*. Tne l?esi ?>i try referenee# given. Call nt Fulu>n av., between Clinton av. and Hamilton st., Brooklyn, over the drn# store. "ITT ANTE U? A .SITI'ATrON', AS COOK, KY A RKSPECT Vt niiln (icnuaii l*r?t"8Unl wnniMii: innl< i -um.'* Iht bml ni?? in all (ut I: rum lie^ ; lh>- Uu-t 01' cliy ivjcre.n ?<>. Cull for two I'avH, if noi eu^Hgcd before, ut 632 Uroome Rt., corner of Sullivan. 7" ANTED? BY A YOL'ffU WOMAN, A SITUATION TO r ilo b"?si'Worlt 111 n li'.piMsUkbla liinuly; would !>?! wllliint to uinka lii"i'?olf Kem-i'u'.ly u?ful; uuoxreiitlons ble refeieuci' frum Unit <-in}>foyiT. Iu'inlrn hi 5vJ Culumbii ft!., ni'Mr HaiiiIUou av., ttfookl> u, in loo slon*. "fir ANTED? BT A H1QULY REBPBOTABltB SCOTCH II K"'l, * ntluaUon M nur.r .in 1 souiunucni o.- oli.inlir m.lid uiul k ainstii>>i<; no obji ijiaa lo travel; h-is trav< lU'll before; 1? not lUbln t? got br*t city ret'cri*ii''0 u* lo chaiMcter and cjipiibtUty. Call nl or addives for two daystfltS lJr?al?ay, 2.^t Bt. "MTANTBD? BY A TOUNO WOUAK, A SiTUAl'ION iW II M'M'luilreM, in a rPR|K'0taWo lainily ; iindc. iinuOM di'i awiiukliitf, all kiu l? of iiumly ?? \tlii|{aiia embroidery; n ii go?l shut m:\ki.r; tan cut und nt < hi)- rrfii's <.!< >t }???-, <,r would do cbiuiiberwirk und wing, or uund rliUdien and ?ew, or iiiak'" licrsi'ir generally m< Till if required; ? <t .-n y reierence. Can be ai-en at 17frKuat ?ui.i at., Li i Uu jI', frout room, between lutauJ tJ ?<?., lo?- iwo d<ya. Wasted? hy a sm.vut, active Yorso woman, a aitiiatifii an chauibei'maul and waitress or ah cham bermaid and beamstr ?*?; no onjection to with ilifl wn tii I nc; heat uity rcfero?ice. Can l>c aee? fur two d,.j? ui 81 Weit fath at. "11T ANTED? BY A YOl'X. ? O.VAN. A SU TaTIOS TH V I do tiie ueial bo'i-cu'iiik oi a plain prjva:e laiiuiy ; itn der-itiuiilH uooKing, w.i. iiin^ anil ironiiif ; U i M ii.iter of breaJ; reierenee j.ivn; ??>.? t Ii m? pr : ri-e.i i ilii^b uayeB. Call at V'cn' 1, i U i?t>, rear, I etweea 6tl? nut '.lib nrs. WANTED? BY A KKSPK' I A1J1-K lIAKIIIi:. WOMAN? ? l a -y to wet iiurse; will be properly Win a eai?<f. Call at 5*15 la. av,, sec-'ild ilnot*, back roo,. i. WANTED-A SIT t ATI ON, BY A 1U-SI EC CAlil-E GIKU to do gen. rai 1. mvivor!' or c.i.uii , rw> l'i., 'I'vtliln. und iro.iiu?, w <. i. moderate. Call far two da. a at UiS We?t I7tb at., in ibe rear. Ur ANTED? A SITUATION as COOK; was THE BEST ol rclarcucc. A,.,'ly at lier pi c?eii'. BUijiloy. r'a m Went Mtb at. WAMTBD-A IKViTIOK Xi CHAMBERMAID AN? .'am areaa or lo kw *4 iu v%aa]iiag aad iiouuig. Appiy at preaeut cmptoycr'a, 06 Wvni 2i?tli at. rfi ENOU ADVER'ngEHENTl ON' DUMANDE? t'NK H.MMK KHANCAl.-E, QUI PEUT B'ltyner une pente enfant, dan* une inuiilie lesldttnt a Boat' U. S atiri i, r de 1 a .i beureaau li'U Weal lilmat., near blil AT., New Toik. ON DEMANDS? DE SUITE UN VAI.ET DE 1'IhD blei. au eourunt re a"n servica Euvoter s.n adreaae M. M. M., box Herald ' i ... [TNE DEMOISEEEE FKANCAtSE, COUTURIEKE DE ' ? i eiat, duaiie navaiil' l a li journee dam de? mat rgeoisea. S'adreaaer an 2ft Y? lute at., second iloor. rTNE KIELE FSAXCA1SB, AYANT LBS HABITUDE! U dii j' tyt, ileaite ?? pnuer cou m iVrniue dc i liambre <ui lonrpreu ieso.D d'tiuen ?nt. Eli" oeut nuimlr I- ? n.ell B in'i ruiaieuc; a, S'aarnsner cbc< M. Laplace, IV HonurJ KiCLiesiOSIS. /"1BEAP BXCPESION TO CAMPS ON STATEN 181 AND. t / , ai e r x cei.u by ?- * en 1- i.u r ?: y, i nt . I ' i: I atreri, en ,.e Ju er> nn-l mj.i n leiry, ;l . u .u.,j ; e\eiy Uour from 0 A. M. to 7 i". -d. 0u Lue ??uuunja e?cry , In J Ituur kit t, H. J SITUATIONS WASTKD-MALFS.^ A N I XrRi'lIi ;c]tu rtOL'llt.K ENTKY BOOKKEEPER, A with g iinrii , , ?!?,? ? t # ants a -1 : H ithm vould ai> ?opt k m aratootlary. Addr tb L. 0., Herald ofllce. As COAOBttiX AM) 0*0011.? WANTED, a 8ITOA tioo by a , ? . 1 1 n?i hi n, v ho lb nvnghly luidentfaJiclH li;e care of U >!*???? a" d ???? ? ?' I * h ? ah drvt?v; v.w t'd ho w lit us l#%w? k' Ui*self gt.Ni?r?lly usmul, ai.A w n-km n ; ar di n if ivniirad; h t - i.< years in Manm< ud*?i"n ? jY' iii !i-t niaco; j ,??k I city lYlcronco it rt^ulicd. Audrey U, f'., box Iti lilTuiti "lift CO. 4 YOUNG MAN WANTS A STT' ATIOV IN A STORE;

/Y will co anything required of liim. 11 . ; It ?? I ?*Kt ol i*c? r'-mtntMnW-tl' uu from hit iaat euiiJoytr. Call at or address No. 5C\?iuella a. Business wanted? by an active, wtelmokxt v mi man, as -aie-mau or portar, oi atauv'U.iu, wl t ro h?' < an uiako hlot*?lt ly usMul; any wa^ ? iieo.puM to. a ^,ood eimajreinent ; will come on triai. Adiirras J. L ., bux '2\ J lI'Taid uUioe. for three. I >?. BAR TKNDER8 SITUATION' WANTED? BY A VOl'VO man; umlemtan'K op? U'iii or rcfaroinorf I ? fin hi-, last pl.^- ?*. Call 1. 1 1 1 }? 4th It., it) f ii" rear. ClOAOllMAN'S SITI ATION WANTED? HY A MAN OK J many >?mv c perl u u la r ?mo H .u chif>* iu i iil ; illi<tei'<U tin* ? alv Hi> 1 ir <ua^euH i\? h n > * thoroughly; In a > r ? i farmer, an 1 ran V? lazily lerotni.' ml d l*i inai.y.v urs y s ?me of ' ;li? lend'n. itw r hah.H A?b'r ??*.* 'or two day* A. if., earn of 1 f . B, I'lmlj)*', 1. 1 Ua6 ]ii?.a i\vay. CIOLORJ D COACHMAN.- WANTED. A SIT CATION AS' ) co* c<unan, iiy a mil u oi ???lor; I um-h his pa u on ?>' - count of hi ? ?m?it>|m) rt h ijoin^; ? ,i * r?*f >'r,< , v t >jy present employer ' Ad<1r?*?u J. S., at .M Luwib n *, >.,>tdl aad harocMo loader, 79 Jtfleeck. r bt, OITl'ATloN WANTED ? IN A 1'RIVATK FAMILY, A8 O c?K?k or valet, in lira c> or to travel to any part of the fclobo. A<l .r?'hh or ca!i on b rati* U i , rravv, Jl Iii#|ienar l HI. rpllE ADVERTISER, INTENDING TO WINTER HIS I. h irfc.e? in tb?j country, in ,i? -^ir?*im of a k?? n.xi i- ?n. tor hta coach mail, wh??in he will rnuiiuiii od very highly. Apply at 25 Beuv- r 8t. TST ANTB0? SI f r ATIONB, BY A M N AND JUS *Y v ife. in u boai olnic li< >u h?? o ?? hoe I; the ? .?man an cook or to do gouo in no.i. ??*.? ? \ , il.c man un \,a.i r iuvl irv, r. ??!* v I i i.: k li* .*? r.tlly ttn? ??!; no oIk 'll"a to ro anvwlir #?. tio deli^ lto'ii os. t'riH tor t ,*o uh* 'i en Mr. II J Jc 7 t?t av., 'w ?.v"cn 10. li nn I !7ui , N' v? Vw. K, or at20?S i' siilht , nivirCon- Art), i TV'viNlED? HY A YOC.NO PJfi'SICiAN, STRAITENED ? * by Hie tlna h. a hituation la a ti,' h , w Jnnt ? < i ry en? m-.-U ti. ke i liiio until bo ?. I' U-* witibjaiu; command a h.^h r o o. A !?*>?. < ' ' ? k, hi ?t K. WiNTFD A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A ni r i. <l ina.i, w'- o ? l or ?u. ' . ? a ' . lo.s l- i i nes.-; is a v> -I <? r; n ii'j ' mi Jii; bl ; eiiy I" leren e. Call unfli uiitfsicft in t!ir? %eoa*iy u;oi<? )n tue n ?rtlii astccr ncr ot' 3i t st. an ! uu av. KIBXiP IV * " TX ? ? PBEAIIISi American, enqmsh, ihibh, sootcu, obrman an l - rired rvai. >("l ,;?ty rei'oreiu-es. ?? in now b?: him, frno <r , a' No 7 Elt .enili .-<f r- < ?. le . i Br? achvay. 8ev??ral ^ni.< aio now wanted lor ex> ?'!U:nt s i'l aliwiM. Arcndance ok noon servants uem>y at tue oM e a' i hi i ill -ffto*'*, i:ts ftl vtfnth Ktreft, corner oi ? : ? h . v?nue; nent, ?,;,vabhif ? ivil women ? (trntiHU, KogHs'h, ir b j.ud ?>???>" h; moUetaic wugun osuit the times. iir?. Fioyo In atu;n4aace. Aqkbhan COOK, A COL< a( D < )K a ?' BUT K\' pcr- :i?m v. I nuifr', la'1. y'- i nab 4, ? ! u tin ^ with ot i.or e >mpe.tent anrt ?i s.rK,?'" " can now be oixaCicd on application io C7UAKLEH HOOK K v 1, At Ael-eni.-tu's Kai ployrnenl liiMtitnte, (>v Bruauway, cornci Jlou.s???n st. H. WlIiLSAOO. WANT 26 GIRLS TO MAKE 1*1* J, lir.e ''ioth and vnUct i-loi^k ?; to inooo bavo rxp? r em r in ttie<<" foods th^ i.^bc.-t w.^es will bo given. Apt ly at 'M i Broadway, up -lairs. TjMIEK TO r%!l'lXiYEK-i? OOMI'ETENT, HONEST AND I rtaiabi*; h?>lp of ail kint.s, with nn? xcrp .i?nuliU' (.its reto r< neo--, ? n ! e 1 ad, freo ?! by < aibn:- at tii* 'Union ErnployiiK nt J. fiit .l-?, HiO B. . adway. OrtterM by mail at tended to promptly. \JTKSE WANTRD ? AMERICAN tr- SCOTCH; ONE Xi who Ik f\[i rl^n'Til Hiri .u:i Lake < imrre ol' au Infant, alid run (oitie wuil recommended. None othem need ui i ly at KB i'A' ilic oi., Brooklyn. Operator wanted.-a rritsr cr.Ass operator w.-.ntrd on Wheeler x Wllu n * Sewing >; blue. N mo tu v. I .iji|ily except wh.i h i.c b. u :u> ? <1 in ntlieli lngon iinecloti, ? ! ?*?-. Call at No, 7 L'l lloiv place, Houston si., 1 eiwvcn Sulllv to an i Mi edougal cm. "\STAMED ? GIRLS TO PAi 'K TOBACCO; THOSE AC l? i Untomcd to p.u klu," i referred. Aj ply ut Iftl? anil WH Water st. WANTED?, A COIXJRKD WOMAN, TO COOK, WASH ?.V mill irmi ; ?-li" unlet tiuderst uii her bus tv <? ami I; v. e good ren r< me. W..;; ? tumli ;:i' ? Apply -II \l "'ft 34t!i ? t. AS HOUSEKEEPER WqrjOBfiof eilueattui, r -nnpiw ut an I mini' ui'-sicil anilUy preferred. Address u. K. II , box I U Herald o!)ie?. A OOOD COOK, WHO iiud'T^t .1..1# I. 'i' h 'Sn ' ? i thorotulnv; ? i make ull kiiv .1 of |'H* ry. mid lo'lun ?n<xl reic. men luu..r. :f? tu h r <h.iru<:ir ami cupuctiK *. No u ? els,; i, el at Jt tUury si., Brooklyn, VXTAJTBSM *.v UO MV?MOt t i : FULLY COMPE Ti tent lor all lu r l :ii.v : n i < ilmvioi. -in in (lie niMh. in:; none out'r r.c> <1 mil. A uviu.. 2 o'clock, hi lid M i iH- >n ive-.iuc, no. y - :a ? I. Wanted? tor r, housework*. at .12 YV llrhl-v itr.'et, P,ro '.yii, ? ti.-.-.- ?}?;<! 'in,' rlrl, wi'li 100 I oitj refe; eir ?; immt "i: a ^ 10 I [1!.. nuik, w.i tor aid tioiier. YV/'ANTKI)? A FIR-.T CI AS.S WAITRESS; ONE WILI. TT lily In ,iv U: Willi r .. i'iu and iroiuti,;; cil;. ret'l-u. '' n 1 ilreu. A.'i-iy a; li'2 \V < -t ?.!. U' ANTED? A SM Mil', IVY <i IRL. TO Do OENEIi/.L |:. I sewwk: tn. is! be* -;.io l i.a-dier ami lnnier .. .,.1 c.i| a' le ol' doing I'.'iai. uioitn , s*' u n on,', ul I" :o pr i'lhcc i;ou l reirruiivrs, may Ajiplj bi 1 4J.L ? .. u ?r Loxin^ t ui ai\ a\,tanti-:d? coon cr.OAK h?.n;'3. Ai'Pi.y to r. Tf 0?(''i*hHW r?7 (ii-.iiw nil .? 1 1 M. AN 1 1.11 ? ri ? 11 cil ma :ilu<i i ji n ; ir. 1 1 'ANt l'U? OPERATORS ?. 8INOER>8 KWW1 JO MA W i'.Iiiiil'H, to work 0>. ilwk . A|.J>J? nt U.K. H ?? o I; X Co.'n, 111 Chamber* .si., \i|i ^l Ura \Vtantkd-opkp. \ i o its, i wm:m .macjij.v;.s, ai " 11 citato:, ii'il 10 111..*' ;c ri <? kiii'T; uNo olh1 I'm' Oi'tn fi- A Biiki i'b. IMl'.l) Ik TAVLOK, <!>?.? . f !.. n nvr CUr> -'If. \\r A N TE D ? T > V E.NTV-KiVli t l.O.lC MAKKUS. COOD il liaini* ?1<1 gut goud 11 1.' ?; 1 Iv u : . j 1 : ? ? tin- t. W R. ROBERTS, i? Roir?ry. "WTANTEU? 1 WAITER (HKLS I.V A SAI?O.V, AT 408 V I <). k ul Hi., cor 'IK1.' ClllltlHI. romon a? cod*. Airi.y Iroro ?? till :i P. M. ut 2SH 4th at. Vir ANTED? \ FIRST '"LA- ?> Dl-'IiS-.*! AlCEIi ; AS AM E " rU ui pv.-fcrn d. .V ? r >w ? C-.ufw lion ?ry amlM.iki'iy, 81 Moiit^oi.w'iy ut., City. TirAlTlU'^S WANTED.? A WOMAN KNOWING" THO 11 roiuhly Iter buaioiiiH, wlib ho v to ri a i \v -> $7. WASTED? A Wbl' Kl USE. APPUY, WITH OOOD 11 WiNMn, X M 81H U(h M. WANTED? A COLORED WOMAN, Ah COOK IN~A rcblniinint, Aiij lyatNo. 2v Exchange place, Jcmry City. jrr?\ or 01 r old hand< can nxo work on OVJ aklrta. FROST k CO., 41 Broadway. THE TRADES. A PRINTER WANTED?' WHO I ' N DE RSTA N Drf ALL tu am ui * of th? bu.-lno."!!, anil Is wiil(n? to make liiiu M-ir ns in! in nrij u. l Artiueut. Ad.liv-*, with rcfercuoe. Publisl.L'r, bos Poatuai New York. /10AL OIL.? WAN IE 0, A (SITUATION, BY A MAN OK \J rxpcii.inii- l:i illi.ll'.liiiK potrol' iiiii or roal oila, cl'her with or wliliii'U xnpi-ihi'uii'il Rtiwuo. A1M1 pmi John II unp ?0x1, Qrand attwl 1'sm MtM, Brooklyn, E. D., New York. IBXPBRIEXl ED fancy SAT TRIMMERS WANTBD? U At Biglow'i bat and rur store, 153 Fultoti at., Brooklytt. UANi'S WANTED? TO MAKE FLANNEL SACK^, llmd. Apply to J. Lit. (L> Lispniaril at., one door from Brnfcdwn> . IlTnoCRAl HIC PRINTER WASTE D-A THOROl'flH" J ly coitiiifU nt. 11,1111, to no to South Aiuci hm. Uo?i4 Wage* glvi'ii. Apply hi liJ lS' kiiian et., corner of Oold. 1JHOTOORAFHER AND AMBROTTPI8T? WAMTBD, A niiinl'i'i one opi i aior, t take cliarKi* ot mourn nlc^ntly lil!,,d up: h ucli ' ii In ?HH.-e?sl ul i |xiimi1ou fo.- two }'ii. A ;ilio->? O.-o, W. Cuatii rum, Hpringucld, UliiKib-. o 1 IO E V A K E R 3 ATTENTION. ? ?> S HI > E W A K E liS C> wnntO'l l.i.ine Hali'ly, to woik 0.1 army ghoea, ut 43JDi y at. W.i?8.i $7 U) p^r wvek. Al-^oyiils from L.' to 1(1 yunii> of a:;e wauled. rpAILORS WAN1ED? AT THE AMERICAN KXI KE8.S J Bul.iliiie, 00 iiu.N iu Btier , to make lulanu j ovei'- uuts. The besi prlc?'? and uti-ady w ork. rilO BREWERS.? AN EXPERIENCED BREWETl WOl I.D A Ui'.r a sltiir.Mi u an aucb, w hen he could i-mploy k me c?i'tlal wnh liia mmiti-a. A'ldrrM ltrnwi-r lL ralil oliioe. \\'ANTED-A BITt'ATION, AS WATCHMAKER. 1IY A 11 youriK who understands his inirto ami Itookkc p lrii! th ?>roU(j!il'\ l! '?l of uown town refi-rences ylyeu. A t dp ?8 bn? liiG llorald oilli*. \\7" ANTED ? A YOUNO MAN, EfClllTEEN OR NIN;> \\ t.'i n y. ar o: ; to Kmrn a nii' :liauir.ii hirln.'s., In will -h in^tr tu'iis will liu kLom and wauea ucordln^ to (kill and li iproveiuent. Address C. 8., li quid ollice. w at 15 YV" ANTED ? A F/UST CLASS JOURNEYMAN CONFEC >1 titiii . r, to w'i n g.iud w.? '?< ii nd m'aiiy riiii loyni; nt two silt. hri H, at itiu si., up alain, iniiuodiati l;. 1 A OOOD OOOFBR8 TF ANTED.? APPLY IN THE 1 U ooop ir'a shop, betwern Jonl mon and Slate (is., in Knrmun at. ; koine to work on new work. The bigbcul wa^ea paid. 1 HI in 'fULOR jlr A.\ri:ii -f (Tmaiie "military J.UUU ovcreoau. Th.- hi : in?t prion paid, at Uirfu Iiciraer Bros., lOUaudjnl Broadway. 1AAA SHOEMAKERS WANTED? ON ARMY BOOTS 1 1 lyJ an I shoi'.i; Xjj.sho. ni.ikuis <m ladies h,!h!, . ' an I cii.l.l. cu's shoes; hljiiicst prices paid. Apply at K .iial.i *, 27 Dey ?t FlRSITl'RE. All kinds op furniture, oilcloths, "bed . ding, Stoves, Cil lery. M me 1'.'*, Frathcr li w i)oiu,ht au I thi h I'.heat puce ptio for iho name, at 444 Caiuil airei t near Var.CK. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED I I'RNITURB liu $-1, in ?11 color?, of w*rrati<cd nanufaon ie; al?o S'.ll 1 r.h"-tt t ('hamber n. plain and 1 ni'.:??i)t ,1. t H. F, FARRIN'OTON'S, SdftCaual strtfft, oppi-^.te W ouster. La tablialivd in lSM. "f 71 (lit SA E-A SPLENDID 8U1T OF OFFICE F'.'UNI* ]' turo, ?I1 oal;, twi-nly fHnU C .'.c.: u ??*? \i ill li-- ? ;?? a M, or ? d t'w?' Joeithftiiu * '. Apk'ij ^ ruvw No, 11. HKLP \VANTKD--MALKfl. > o r n Ts~KiTi Tee male or^femalk, will be i I i? ot in- fi, !>y aeuding AMamp for onr circular, taut our PrUo l'au%u?,e CONTAINS MORE ARTICLES, ?? a better nuallty.nnd 81LI-S Mo RE RAPIDLY than anv other in the market. For your benefit we enume rate each uiV lo in th ? packa;e:? Nix Mie*ta eommenlal ct)i" ? aper. mv -h**< ??* l.dt'.b' bote, six sheets ladies' billet I Kiev, or.#' a-euinnodatlon y*Mi.i older, two tine steel i*ns, ???? tine t> i) il, our ? whe^t blolttijir pit per, one fine engraviug (6*10) O G. a ? at M> Clellau, six white envelopes, with patfi oii - I'h ou (<?? { , rr in colors, fix ladles' white envelopes in bftautlfui coloi ?. nil ImfTenvt seventy-five valuable re eve*. In addiiion to these articles wo give with each pack er a SUPERB PIECE OF JEWELRY, of a ricner quaiitv than anvthine in the mar' et. and Wfii&TH DOl'HLK THE 1 RICE paid for th f whol.% consisting of the fob wing artWes:? ) Jrowhc* loc.*<cef?s sleeve buttons, rlnns nr.* .??!*, gents' p n*?, Ac. Ii the contents of one of m?r packaers wpm purchased #?1*ewii?*r<! tii y would cost at Irani 91. Agents can make from $0 to $10 4 day. * RIOXABDS k CO, 103 Nassau jitreelU A CENTS CAN MAKE ftt PER DAY? M \LE OR FE J male, selling Lloyd' a great at?-e 1 plate> Map :uiJ Ua;itber of t he tiftemi Southern S;atea; Jive feet so : re. Worth $10; price only 50 cent*. Lloyd a <100,000 ?te? i Topographical Map o'f Virginia, five r#?et wmjii''. Thin i* the only map used b% ijtuieral Scott; worth $20, price $1. Lloyd s oilictal nieei plate Map of Missouri; wor?u 5, "J, pilre Xbv.raiB. Lloyu'* $j Railroad Map of America, S.OO.OU) copies of which havo airo>dy been sold; price 20 c?uts. A?"uIh aup; lie i at liali tu? re all prices, and map* warrant ed. Map* Ht'iU by mail any win* re for two oetits postage. J. V. LLOYD, American Map PuointhC, ii road way, EVIDENCE OK tTTTT CORRECTNESS or LLOYD'S MAPS. Djci'ak rifKiTT or Static, ) WASUlNUTofc, D. C., Nov. 2, 1801. 5 J. T Lloto, Pnbll her:? Sin? Pleu? ? fur? r?l Immediately by mail, directed to the 8' t c ary ?? St.u# ? ?pit?a ot Laoyd h Topo r.iphlcal Map of Vlr^lria, I.I \ ? ? Idiu^ry Ma aiidOa/*:Ui ? 1 of he Sontin i n .Stai' ?, Lloy. 4 >i? ial Map of Misa mii, and Ll< vd h Ameri * an liadroa.i M,?j Seno jour ' l 1 40 G? o. HaUer, Diabur?> iiitf Clerk. \lNi> nd me'iMfulara of uii new niapayou suuy is:aU0. Re^pcciti y > o; -?. J. c. DI^KBV, L brarlan, State Department. (From the N? \v York lierald, Nov 2, ISrtl.] Wehnvi? io; i?.- !.? Mi;? <opy of Ll?>'t - j?rciit Military Map of "S' .i W tr in Virginia.1* Tnia U the beat aud only o." i .i inari *0 c.\Lst< nc.<\ ic m-u irom actual hurveys by order t!??' Ev? '"t li i > bcaou; nil) i rlntcd fi?.n ? at -i-l pl-ites, mil colored .v lb r-r?'?t p^ rfei:lion ? i ait, and the on;y' usf'i in il>.' } 'l.umtr ^ 0: "?ir can?j -at^ns in Virginia by our 1 ? u...- 1 im i-Cl i lae publiblitf ia J. T. Lioyd, No. ivrt H?v :.,a: . A I) A CJENTS WANT! ? -TO SELL PRIZE STATIONERY -/V. an I j'urtiait 1' Eve li all othci'K; ron:aUi pir trails of t?*ii i;> oera)-, i i .. u iien \ and j^l'taof j w irv. V\'.- li ive b? v. \a?t ou Ka.eable Ki taij i- ?r 23 ct ntn. Amenta eanu? * i i- nia .? money. Send hi amp lor circular, lASKlaH, 'i ? '? BceXmau at, OENTH GIVE I' UK INTRo0LrOTrON OK THE STORM Jtoiie.itor preti-reiice over >ill other ?anva.-M.-.* aroca f? f* ? ; s.*| erior pi o?,:s are realised, and be n{ Ui? ic pus ?i. u . >d a )i cMiii iinh a reudy : everywhere. F im( le .>< ? 1 1 by m #*i for A) ? ? n?. For iuilucement addre^ li ?b>wi : 1. ? 6A S'a iu atrcet, Y. AOKN iS WANTED -TO SE L A NEWLY PATENTED a: <icie. Pi iri 01 ? of ? n o ^y, wi h a caah ? ap!t.i: of ? can io;i m* lr -f 5 to *1:5 jwr oa>. App'y t<. A. iiKOOD WOfJTIl, la the reading i?jom, Howard Hotel, Kr >aoway. A BOY VV ANTI D- . HOLT 15, TO RT N ERRANDS. V.'a^? ? ? J per wee1. lti?|iilre hi X\ D-'peyater ?t., up aianr, ia the j duer'a -h -o, J'r# m V to 12 A. M. A DRY rKiODS CLERK WANTED? NO. 419 SIXTH avenue. /'YA&IH&K VVANTJ D-IN AN OFFICE BUSINESS: \J must lio . 'oai a the. oitcllnjcnt, ctierg<'ti and ot good address, and* lave from $HiK)to $yM caah with wh i? li to r?*. anme aiioi'ier dcj? rt.m nt of baalueoH. Addre^a Fiuancial Dcpaitmcnt. ib iiile oil?c.?*, tua CJ T-.RK WANTED? AT 1(W) NINTH A\XN 1 : E ; one who ur.d'crtanoa the bttalness. hrfeiprnw r** qMf.-!. D. Z. Out ES. IpOUR STOl ? BOYS WANT! D? TO ATTEND bTANDS; ' $3 per n't. ; giveu;$i e . 1ty riMmb#?d. ? J , T. LLOYD, 161 Broadway. I WANT FOUR ENTERPRISING BUSIMBSS MEH, wi'h li.tiit if I yi.-aoe.fl eaeh, to introlnee t ;:?<? trade auo have, aou- ? eoiitr* 1 of lay cm1 1) ^ti'd article In the following S ulen;? New V" \ ?.n rfeirt, (*hio and fndl.ini. Tho no ii will be ld>ei*aily h alt with, .d can $1,000 In lotu / 'fUlifc. LEADHEATEU, 10? Fulton atreot. \\J ANTED? TWENTY ACTIVE AGENTS IN NEW TOPX }} lite, u in t'.t. .Klyn, four in Jem*y City, and uite a ?v?-rv e otm> in the. &'***', ?o ^ell an article ounud in ever* f.c.i fly. T';i- Is no hunoci/. An a-tlve man tin make from $ fc to $!0 per d iy. Apply to L. M. Roi!lns, 177 ' 'an il at., from 10 A M. to 2 AM. TVTAlTKUi? WANTED ? AT THE SMITHSONIAN ? 1 llonac. None n? ed apply except ibow v ho underettaiid the Apply irom lo A. M. to I P. M WAM'ilD-A Vol NT. MAN XO LIVE TV THE COUN V V r r% to la'.- cc.rc of (\;o Low* and n /? .\v; on?? willlnt to n;a!. himself r.nefr.i a? moderat ? i'or the winter e a Mj.p.y i\t the factory, South 7kh fct., Lear Jersey av.f Jer sey Coy, WANTED? rOR A GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY IN THE >T country, a man im! wife (colored pr?*r?n?d); the m. n a? wa'-t't, and wit a- \ood cook; 1110 -t b ? coioi>etent i*hj tk'rf, ami ?v d' re orumondeu. Wages $30 per nion-h. Apply early at 'M* 4>t ii av. \y - Nl'ED? A SMART ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, AOOUS IT tinned to eanvaHsinij. A good aa'a .v gu ir?nued, or a | er een.a^o on s .le^, whi h will be laig *. Ayply at 6.9 13i-?adway. Vl?AN'TKD? AT THE CORNER OF BROADWAY AND 1 _M;0 ?i;, two boys to joara tue f/aint* o?" i idia iU. None c\> i.t tho- \v 10 c.a?!eiH and the busiiieHH need apply. ? *'TED? A FIR^T CLASS CANVASSER, OF ENER . a' !??,???* ati I ? .cr.aniiic hahts, to ohi.dn Riitis rip aod fidv ? fO' i.i.*ntt? < n a (Mn'maneutarrangeuieut. Ad t Pfiv.r.l, M- r \'d oMico. W \\'AN'IEI>.? A YOUNG MAN'; ONE HAVING A SMALL ? m s .1 i .1 [ ? ' m at command, can hear oj' n jM is/int situa tion. with .? i :? t*y . Korp.trtic ilar* ad I e s H. W. A., box l.">? i'l t , amount *t command, with real uurnc UUO CeSld?'U"?. VN rEl?- -IX) I II STOUT UuY:i ACCUSTOMED TO . and ilri..:::g tivii, lpp!y between the hours of y \ 1- cJo. k A. M., at 133 M i i" at., rear building, fourth \V\ ?l\r\NTJilv-A HOY, IN AN OYSTER SALOON, WHO \t tin-'.- -:s ? ? >.-ii ']>& and rooking oysters, A steady >.tti m I m - ft rtd. A i ply" at '1 2 Elm at. A D \ V'.ENTS W ANTE D, TO CANVASS THE ??') - ' i'M-l ? ' ? r u c il. ub e now book, about curl o Pics ?u i '.ma! ? m?- "i ty living in .V w York. Commission <?? t ??n?* h..u. A; j:\v to M. Gaunt*, 4.) Walker st., top Hour, C;^ t'As'.iAi, uNi.v nr:t;.i:jju:i).? a and O'J . ?'? ic'dlng av'i 1 \ la'ely o;h r d to the public, alio'd m ('re it i * ? ? ? > i ; i n - } . I 'er.- <ns not possessed of the above :i ? . n- ; apply. Address or cull on Visoellus ?k Co., lir> \\ ft- , a^n t't. QKUi ?WANTED, A SMART YOU NO MAN, TO OPEN *p A *J v" ? ait ollr-i in H i !'a '??, N. Y , and take the exclusive v. n ?? a^en. v . r a'ioi L! wdsffreat Military Maps, which soil like Ui ? v.'ii, i $10 ? Is .*s n !! i i -nt capital. To a yoe.iig man w ho will 1*1*1" ov Jnsti u -lions $2.'M n. r w.vk may" no made. AImo, a ens to r ? to Albany, N. Y.; Milwaukee, Wi^'oslo; Connect ami, Htlsburg, Detroit, liuli -u -ipolla, . ? 1 II ieh< -a* tu\ N. Y., a. id i' very otiiir State. Call at LLOYD'S, No. 101 Uro ;d ?vay. & S Ail ?HELP WANTED. A GOOD MAN, WITH ?p'l v v. tliis .i 'i. can obtain a suj . rior .? 1 uatioa In .i c* ?>nni js ion Mui ? ?, with $1.5 a week salary and security lor nion y? or in i\ p ui\haa.? an interest lu the business. Apply for two days at a3*? Broadway, room i'S. Ct&iUi - WANTED, AN ENTERPIUSfNG MAN, TO tptJvMJ. go to California and t iAe. the exclusive ageu y lot' ail oi Lloyd's K.n'*kt Military A fottuoe cj*n be made p thesi* maj?s m California. ()v?.r 3,0)0, 0? copla* of one o. toy map* have been sold in tin* St*?.t? ; it-.- ^ iy. Also, a man to go to Ila\anu. J. T. LLOVD, 1C* ]ir?/udway. COAIi 1>ED AND WHITE ASH COAL.? IT HE RED ASH J i> (Pi-.t h Or- 'i lid), Lu? u>'. Mountain and L* hi^h, of i!;?^ lir^t ipiUliti 'M, at the lotvot mark"t }?; !< ? : rom yard. F.tiy cut:* I??*r lo t !?? - fj-, i tn joats. Also Liverpool On 1 and Can ti-1. II 1 . N IS Y KEE\ E, coracr Cauai ;>u 1 Centre liiid corner .Jane : n t West 8tie?ts. ?\X7 YuMING VA LLEY COAL $1 W-THE BEST STOVE Jf and ran^ecoil no?v u osc; burn a l"r?*?? without wa*W; weight wan anted. L>YD u CO., 32i Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty. seventh street. As ASTROLOGT. STt )NISHINO.? MADAME MORilO W . SB V BN T 1 1 _ daughter, ha* a ?ii i of foresight; tells how koou and .?tteti von will marry, aialaU yon wi-h to know, even your vrry tnotu'iis, or or.iy; lueky charms frc*?: her etpial la not b ? found; hi r'matrfc image Is now in full operation. 1*4 Lndl - ?' , below Houston, l'rlue 25 cents, Ueutle meu not admitted. A BONA FI Di? ASTRO LOU I ST, THAT EVERY ONE ran depend on, is Madame W 1LSON, who tells the o ?>. i ? t 0; j our as a< o ;\n you enter her ro<?ni. Mad?ioo WtU n'is the Rtvair: t a trnloglst that ever was known. She will invok' liie no\r ?{ ?. h-r wonderful science, and tell all theevM t.of yo. r w'wle llf '. Her prediction* an* so true that th v surpi i ? i-\ **ey one tliat consult ; her. Some ltdi *s m.?y get a n il ? tin?id, i/ioutjh they ne-d not fear, u-r she practices nothing Inn. what '* r w onable to philosophers, AH should conault this m st winder, ul snd mysterious lady. Her a<\. ice has to-vet* been known to Inil, and twenty thou* a:\i\-.i doiiara reward to any one who can e^ual her in the ue ve mi e. ?.? lame Wii**Oi? is fu pos .cs-Uun of the brated mOKiC ?'h.;ri . <, which are ever eertaiu in their t M'-d. Ti '(if may Hie* '.<v nli^d a wonderful worn in. 18i Ai'eu s'i> t?i, b * .e. n Hotinion an4 8tantf?n, over the bakery. Fee for ladies and tmutl. men, 5t) c 'nta. V CLAIRVOYANT W.HO HAS NO EQUAL.? LADIBS *v!io are siok, in trouble or nntt?riuno' ?, ean coits iit her with the, striv e- 1 -urn ' denn\ Sh* wai a?iti to cure the most at?m avated c,tses of r'n aiina.iMu in a t-'w days. If you wisa *n finfaln e u i? ' t i vornta'ion on all events, on 11 and a<*e Mrs MILT )N", N v 1st Tt'averley n'aee. corner Weet Tenth street, from 'J o < ?? ^ A M . unttl 8 P, H (1LAl!tVOYANCE.? MRS. ALRVW, TE T MEDtU.Nf J m- 'ielne and ul if r\ oy *nt, wh u 4 s achieved so nmeli celebrity In Bos on and o le i* ci1 ??, can be oonaulteU K 17 1 v..i - ? . ? fi ibo 'J a. M. till 8 M, VfAJKkMB Ray, j '> s#ivrM i a . meai; tv:: n 1VL ty-wventh sTeet, snrpmes all wh ? h'r. T o sick, fronl^e I atof uulueky sbotiid to ?t h"i l owers. S...J tei :? v a e y ii:?u>;uw, lu< ky nuin jxsis, iiiMios. Ladies, 25 cent*; ,t!"men, 6?J ceius. UEAD llllS. ? A PHRENOLOGIST AND ASTKOLOcHST that heats th*\\or V ;m ! 0 tewnrd for any *ro who can e?ju ?} Miss W I ' LINUTON, who is nckn iwlcdge l to be Uie o'.h i t iy in this , ? who truthfully *(ivc? information i encernlnf lo-s s lowsniln, journeys, nbie.ut f> lends, love, courtship, niAii. k>\ o i\ iu, weikh, and wh? vriii reclaim drunken und unl.d'.hfu! mi*! ands. MisaW. Is the only per son In this el>y who lots the fenuine Roman and Arabian tilismans lor love, -ood Inck and all bnainesa afTatn, and ?re guarantees for life. Pe'ay roo to consult thia naturally fif ed snd beautiful young la-ty. Lu -ky numbers given. iiRhlv ri*sj^vtable coy rv..eicu\.va can bo se??n at her resi dence, 10! hiith avenue. TUIE GREATEST WONDER IN THE WORLD IS THE yonn^* an i e?;npM Ited Madame HYUON, irom PsrH. who ?? .n ue nonsuited with the. strictest conOuenco on ail s/lairs of life; res t ?rO't tirunken and unfaithful l.usbands; bsaaa ? it rioted by four tri s Id at , ?<n i bri to ethT IhoM'i ium;se;triiat* t. L i.iles 'tt cents, lies! d? n a U0 TeJrd avenue, abnte TweL'th street 1 0 fC BOWERY, NEAR BROOME STREET? M^DAMB JLD'J VV Ji;(;i;it, t ,'irvo.,ant and ;.tted Spanish l.i- -!y ; un veil t. e ion i < oi lot ut-ty, io f, m rri.i*,'". a' sent i'r?;u?d?, | sf. k j>i-. v i m iir'.licii- t for alldtscasebi tells lucky ttaiubci h; propei i / ^us; ur stolen, i IfllPFLtOi 1).V 1 . N < ? E I ; S FOP. El U< tj'ii. 1 fcv omrf of lUe t:e>Tct|iiy of Slut#, ail I. : . ? i ?? i sui-it. id i?,ulrcd to pro-tiro p..mport> before i.'>i.-g oil bouid ilru *loauu r. JIIIIJ a. DALE. A nt. STEAM WEEKLY BETW1T.N NEW YOHK AND LIVER" 1'uOL, I andin an J embarking in nt Qticeuttowt), fre'an t. 'l'l.e Ltv i pooL New York and Philadelphia SieaiuklriiCoiu piny iii:i ud UetpaterrMg ineir full powered Civile bum Iron ?leain?hl]>? an follow*:? " t;l.vh..uvV Saturday, November 9 < li'Y OK NEW YUUH Knicrdny, Novemlur 16 EiJINhU KU twtur ov, Novunber 2> And every Saturday t noon. f otn ' ler 14 North river. jmtkn or n imoe: I li st Cabin $7 ft I Steerage ?*> " io i/?n ion 60 I "to London 55 " to Pari* 88 I " to furl* 88 " to Hamburg... ;-> I " to Hamburg ... 35 Pafmu Ki i* ulao forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Am ?erp, Ac., ateuuully low ri^es. , l'erwiic. willing to brlnu out, their friend* can buy ticket? b> re nt the loltowiii;:"n in New York: ? From Livcniool or tjueenstown, ur-t ci-ln, i"6, $85 ami $lui; ateeragu Horn 1. erpool, $40; from Vnei nMown, $30. Th< be aie , inert, liave tuperlor ucooinmodaiiona for pnsaen . i il l l arry ejiperlimrtit Burgeon*, Ikey arn built i? . ati i-tight iron ieciioiw, uad lime patent ure annlhllatorw on board. _ I'm- fiiriher Information apply in Liverpool tnWII.LIAJC INM A N, ait nt, 22 Water at reel; In Glasgow :olVM. I N M A N. No f> Si . Enoch souare ; it, tju enntown tot!. AW. i>. SKY Mtll' It x CO. ; In London to Kl VI-.S a M At'EY, CI Kiny Wil liam timet; In I'm 'ft to Jl'LES DECOUE. No. 5 Place del* Bom .- e , in i'liila elplila to Joli.v G. DALE. Ill Walnu* utreel; or aMlie C' mpany'* oijioes. ? .. , JOHN O. DALE, A'-'Out, IS Broadway, New York. jyoil SOUTHAMPTON AND I1AVRB, On SATURDAY. November?, The United Suites Mall So timet AltAGO, T>. Linen Commander, Will sail, from pier No. 37 North river, loot of Bench "trcet, oil l>*l'. nluy, November 41, at noon. Tli iu au. niier, unsurpassed tor safety and comfort, haa doolie iiu'b rdi i k, cuelo-ied by watertight compart ments, wLTleh, lie.-Mn other reaulta, tcml in til* event of uol liali.n c r tlrimdlnv. to keep ihe pumpalrae towork.und ??? cure the afety ol iv sei mi l piMtenter*. Fur freight or p;.r p:i e apply to Gk'o. Il'\CKKNZfe I ?*Sen,*> No. 7 Broadway. The steamer FULTON will nail December 7. QTFAM 10 TIAMB ntO, HAVRE, LONDON AND O S iithainploii. The Hamburg Amerlc i.i 'aekot Company'* iron slcinnNhip 'ul,l',-r>l.\, 1;. Trautmitu. * > mmiin'ier, earryiim ihe I'niU'a S a'' ? mull, will leave lr mi pier No. 21 Nor,b river, foot of 1'UllOll itlCi'l, SATl'ltDAY. N vemlwr IB, nt noon, for H.imbui'u, via ^utbampU n, taking tiaesen^er* for 11a* ire, London, Soiul.unip ou mi i Miimburg. Flrat c: bin, J1U0; *eeond cabin, $11.1: steerage, $35. The uti'.imei - ol' tiiia line will n ave every alternate Satur il.iv, ejinylna tho i'ntleii Suitei. mail. Tli" rli- in r SAXON1A will wie. e H the BORl'S^IA, OI? November 30. C. B. ItlCHAKDS A BOAS, 1'>1 Bri'itd'.vay. ro LoxnnNorcirr, atAHoow and liver -Toe % n re.'.; 8'.c?i.i?Mi Company'* ftr.-t iliaa f. 1! jMivered, Clv<!?- ?.uilt ulea-nev AN'll.o SAXON, Captain :>nrp'?K, lainyi'ig the Canuli.ili and t'lllU-d Ktatra iiiaii*. >"il k .11 from nnxt >;in: ray, Novembers, ltalea of assume Ir-illi Ne i Yori' ? Flr>: cia-a, ?<K?>nii?g to ac .'omino U itlon, $7U anu $S.'i; n . \..; >v loiinil *<th tiood provlnlon*. f ill Orill'.eaieh Iw e lot br nsiri: o > . iieswneerH i rom all Ihe priueipal town* in (Jreaf I . ri ' In Kiel tieianil. at very loir rales. For pa*?age applv ?? 2: Hi-jo ?.n , New York. SABLE ,k SE AH I.E. General Agent*. The north gf.kman lloyd s steamship ? via. Von K commaniler. oarrvlug the l*n dl Slalea mall, will rail front |iier 30 North elver, toot of Uham bcrsdreet. on SATURDAY li < ? in e . at 12 o'clock Mn run BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Uklnapasiicnpera n? I/ONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREME1T, ai Die folhiwing rates ? For the Ural cabin, &I?KI. iceonil ixbiu, (tk); steerage, $35. For Irel^bt or paaaa; ej>i Ijr " CJTEAH n pool.? OEUtlcHM A CO., W Broad (treet. K LIVERi'OOI..? THE tl.IPI'EK ?UII' INVINCI ltTJ-:, November 8; S .MDI.M4, 12Ui : W K B8TE It, 16th. i-..r pa?ii.H:e from or to L.verp. ol, oi am' is on the Royal Ifaink of Jrrlauid. appl- at 'lie ode o m THOMPSON'S lllack stall' line, -7.V i'uailfcti'is't. FOR LIVEI." POOL. ? THE FAST SArMNO CLIPPER Hhlp IN\ ;N 'i BLB, Oapt in 11 pbBi*. Bill MilThurs* day. K'iv. 7. F p, k ...?<? apply oil i oard, or at he olliee on pier No. 6 North liver. E. COLLIN. rpOR LIVERPOOL. ? T.VPSCt 'TTtl IJWE SAlLo ON r Saturday. Nov. 9. ? To" favo ii<> rvtrl e ship t NDER VVKITER, i \ 1 ; at piei H i I', is: river. For paasaee In aecond ivibiu, at low r,'"s. or dintie on England or Ireland, apply t* TAPSOOTT A CO., e? rKmtU atroet. l/OR LIVEHPOol,.? OIJ> ni-ACK STAR LINE THIS F pw k* t ?bip tv iM I'kOMI E, lyiie' al oier 14 East river, !?. Nov. 9; the NOKI ii AM EV.ICA, Na-. U. Poi passage of d a i* on Ireland. A-'., uppiy to WiL-IAMS A OUK)N,40 fniian ?tiedt. Blai:k ball line of packets kok Liverpool.? I'll" oil, per hi. 14 Manhattan *MU November 8; lb* FlDELIAaallH 14lh. pa-?atf* ? p >' y o? board, foot of HeoWiimn street, East river, or 10 JACOB WILSON, 101 sou tii ctreo:. XL7NE FOR LONDON.? SAILS NOVEMBER 14 TUB ?? Jl kni.tvu packet mi p A ?!l. K1C EA( : I E. lyinit at (iht lu Ka?i rivr. Kur p.jH?.i?f la K>?nJ rabitt. nt lo\? r m k, ur :or dat I* on any j?art of Euglttud or lieLand, tipplj to TAP8CUTT A CO., NiSnfune .. * t'STRALIA ? KANGAROO IJNR.?Th. extreme nut and .'V out - ltpjM?r SNO'iVft^lMLL, J. H. Plllltiiihiiui, Jr., lut "of l.'nifil States Navy, tmnm.<n ,er; ilie ahi.rpe t, last* m mi. I |* sttlvelv tlr*t xiitp ,m' Melbourne tPto. U l'nr Height or nihil. |i i'~ii::r unlv, appiy mi by.ird, pier lu ISast river, o* to M Alt. (.Kit, LOUD A </i EREAU. 1UB Wall ?L l.ord A Oil., eonw/jiices at Melbourne. AUSTitALIA PIONEER LINE-CARRYING TUB United SoUe* mail*. ? 1 The A1 ?vr?r..e clipper nhia IIAIMtV iiLl' p I', ll'itin.m, c.iinmit inter. 2.0)0 ton < e.ipaeity. Is tio? i.ip'diy loading at pier It lias river, lor Met'Hmrue, and li..s u.te on* for Urn nml ?<v"od eitbla paa. enO'iD, nil on deck. The a ?ommodatlons O r Kccouil cliisg Ihk.pii. ' IS arc uri-uups- d !<>r coin, rt, li>;lit and vemila i ii in Por freight or ptwaune apply to 11. W. CAM fc. HON, M H? aver ittrcet, QTEAMSHrr KAftNAK FOR NASSAU AND H AVANA. O Wituied, a berth for the voyage ot Nov. 11. Apply utOB Stcadr street Immediately. llfANTED? A BERTH IN THE STEAMER KAUNAS. \\ n.r ib? voyage o. the 11 < It Inau, v. h r'i will In* paid lut liberally, Cull at 1'LSA.Vf illtOS. A Co. ' .S, No. 3 Bowling. Given. CLOTHISO. A BETTER CHANCE 8T?LL ? LaDIKS AND OENTLE* X\ men, u great tl nnuid lor tin' Wei s n n arket. Wanted, a large (Jimntliv of tuft offClotliitig; also fnrult uro. Careen and Jewelry. 1 guaraut ?>' to pay in- highest prbe by tailing 0.1 or ait I reusing M. Abraham*, 233 Seventh avenue, betweeo Tueniy-liftii untl Twrnty-siitlj streets. Ladles punctually attended to by Mrs. A. A (3 HEAT DEMAND FOE CLOTH! NG.-LADI P.S AND Jv g nil men ; any ? -?i o 1 01" nl'ig, I'nr.ittiire and Carpi'!*, will rtvi'lv.' t' bl <ln'.<t prl.*t? ty calling mi or ad* ilreaxlng O. MISIJ, 30-j 8*vi u Ii avenue, h-.w -en Twi ntj* ninth and Thirtieth streets, l adle- aa?n led by Mrs. Mi-h. A LARUE AMOUNT.?# 12,0X1 WORTH OP CAST OKI? Clothing C.irpe'H. Jowe t . Ac.. ,M?:e I, I or the supply o! Western market*. ? Ltdn'* una 9M?Mtt<'n may be |.?? jsI? tlve to in c We tbi* utmost value /* r t at at iy aiiii^ mi or iid? B. II., 79 S.ith Waver ley place. La* die* uUcnd?d by Wrs. K. ii. \T 451 1'KAftL STKKKT? A LARGE QUA NT1TY OP /\ iMSt of! ciotuiiig Wttii ij* i, to t il "p oi*ilt?rs irom the \v"?- t. Kiist raio prlo??H wjil t* girrtu .n i oa*?h paiu in cur* r? <\t int-n^y. A<Ulrc.?n <>.? ?n 11 t/U J. AiO^ONbt, 4^1 I'tarJ jtt;\ "i, uaxt blodi. to i'Uat'.a'ii. Attention, lad tKs akd okntlewen.? if you vviiiii to ^ct Hie roil val :e i\>r yoor Cast Ofl' Clothing 1.' ijpets, Kurtkiutrf* #i?1 Jow^lry, the Imai you cr.n Uo is to Bono a noto to F. llAHItls. 1"4> .?invonth armoc; thfT? you may he convinopd you v. i !I with to your n?? isfaetion. For Silk I)r< KK**, fnjjo j?S t < for C<>nt , front S I to $J0j lor PautH, from $1 t<' %>>. 1'lcume don't l??rg t. Iftii ^I'voulb avenue, near Iwnity-LiHt struct. Ladies attended by Mra, Hauls. Attention.? labile avd gextlemrn, tf you wish to necm r?? tlw lull v?lue for your e.iat ott' t.'!othfng| Can^ ta, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to l>e humbug .e<3 Vy 1 fi 1m* prjec orterera, (he b >t you tan do fs to t?< nd a note* to B. MINTZ. 1S7 Sixth aven e, where you will b<? ?ore to ro# celve fiO p' r cent more than from any other dealer. La-liet attended by Mrs Wintz. 137 hixtli avenue, between i'eutto and Kteveuih streets. ArrrrsHER price paid for cast off clothing, . Carinas, Furniture. Ladies and geiiflomen, ii' you wish to sroure the b?*t price for > our el .the-, the bout way yon <-a* do is to call on or send a note to M. KUis, W Seventh avenue, betwsen Blxteenth and Suvcnteenth eireeta. Ladies attend* ed by Mrs. Ellis. A BETTER CHANCE THAN EVER POR LATHES AN3 gentlemen to obtain tin hl^bi'st prit:t: lor their C im t ? it Cloihiu<. I K'-THn'r' 'u < sy lite foil iwing pi i ? Por SilM Drri-'i'K, from >lt) to f4"; rrotn ft to %&> for Ooat.i; trohiii to $7 for Pant*; aho Can > ' " Pm nltnre and Jnwolry. PI as* rn I on or addr"k* ) ANIiAI.T, IMttttvenih uv.inti!', betweea Twenli ilt and Twen'j- :,ist ?' reeta. Ladles attfnded bf Mia. AtihaR. \ GREAT DEMAND ! OR CLOTHING. ? I.ADTES AVD jit geiitlanteit t > ? ? ? . ? . .? e?at off tibrtU ng, P'iriiit'tii', Car* jut* and JfivBlry, will . iv. ilt r ln^;.r?t prko b; i Uitig o? or a<ldri'i>i.lng a. 1IAK1U.,, &y.. avenue. La.l a at. looked by Hit. Hat us. AT THE .\r.W St AND, 293 THIRD AVENUE, LADIES and a i" tho full value fur tltfirt "t o? Clothing, by callln^on ora...reMina C. Jacobs. 21WThlrit nv.'iiu", b- twren T nty-tliif1 an 1 Twenly-fotirtb sti^cta. Latin ? attended by Mian K. J.ico'i*. A T THE OLD STAND, A lil SEVENTH AVENUE. EZEKIEL? gn anter* to p?y th e f .i;o\vtii* prii-cn for ladles' and geutl? loetiV.oat oil W ?rin?' An a.e!: ? Prom |.a to $4U for Silk D. from i.> 10 $JJ forOo*'*. from 1>I 60 to $7 for Pantfc Alio, Cnrp-u, Ptirniture, Jewelry, Ac. A note by po?l puiictttall) attomled t.< by I.., ? 134 fift-erlh rivtDU* Ijadlea attend?d to by Mi ?. E. ATTENTION.? I WANT A LARGE LOT OF OAST OPF C iOtnii.if to ?end out We*t. I aiiii - and gimllitnicn. th. fnlintvlitg price* aro t'tn n d? For ? il?c <!r ? */"> from fit to $115, iorc.nt* ,i -:u ' to H >, and i anta frotn i ?!*? Furniture, C.-trottla, U ?? ?! 'i, .I??elry, ie l'|. a?e add *, A. Dncaa, 218 Seventh tven e, b tw i n nrih and Twenty -til cli straeta. I. h iwr-. u.tily atiended by Mis. I> ?\rOUTHS' AND CIItLDREN'8 CLOTHING.? ANT 1 wholesale house hariuK on hand n atnckol V lull"*' and CbiltUen'?Clotl?ln?ntay an Opportunity to uir ,j?e of It for tiaalt by addi- m.n. C. W. 11., bot 113 II -raid offl ?. " SFORTLm ^ DOG POR RALE.? A PL'RB RRSD ITALIAN GRaHI ll i'ind, * bea.ifnl creature, thoroughly dom.Mtl' at d, Apnly to R. 11. ALLAIRE, at Siinonson'K ship yard, Gieeo. po ut, adjoining Tenth ?u-eet f rry. ]V10R SALE? TWO BBAtTITFUL, CllAHTB AND Bt3 ? g.nit It lian Gfeyhouud*. fan ? * -n on prnmlio# at Mi*. UoltMAN S, L. ;hty- i ?lr -ei, .. at i nunav. w /?ANTED? A FUW PIK -T KATE LONG BIlEEu ? nailaa; n no' but the ver> in nr.- t quired. Addtt L. It., box 142 Herald olllel>. AV ANTED TO EXCTIANCE -"Oil >.N ITALIAN 11IKV Bound, a beaullitil P ad open U t*^, with bine ViA i fjine. Vu>t t^t. AdurcM Cu tiki, it, s an, box lu. ii.raW vilicn

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