Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1861 Page 7
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^ BALKS AT AUCTIOtT. A ?*? B. CIIAPMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS.? FAINT Xl.? lng*. htuiuary, Bronzes, Pianoforte, at public auction, this day (Taur?da>), at 2 o'clock, at the ? leguiit mansion or Samuel Clark, Ehu., G# West Tweuty-sKth airuet, near Sixth ^veuue. The ca alogu* eompriaing' the largest uud richest assortment ol Household Furniture. Ac., offered at auction **?1* season; >oild carve*! nwwood Drawing Room Hint*, I 10 wie and U.c Curtain*. Bronte and Ormolu Oaandeltere, .Jron/e Clark, Bookcase BtaKcrra. Briw?ela Carpem, Sevrea ?kd Dreadt-n China Uiniiiutn'', i> k Sideboard, Et'enaion *?b|. , Uou bee, Ariiicui.lra, solid silverware, BhellU'ld Tahiti Cutlery, rut and enslaved Giaaaw^re, roaeu.iod and maho gany Oil Bur mis, Wurdrol ?? . C ? 1 1 1 1 ii I < i*, Boiuteada, pure Ha r J)lum< a~<?, niaukeia, Oileluib, suli- Carpet*. lu (rain Car|wU, Sola*, llo kt ra, Clmlra and Mirror*. Alan a large umtoruiii-tii ol Bj-setntul and Kitchen Furniture. Sale ?cumni' lacing at 2 n clock thif afternoon. A M. B CHAPMAN A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. At MA'INIKK K\T lloUSBH'l I) Kl l.NlliT.E, FAIN'TINUH, STATUARY, IIKONZIJS a.ND WORKS or A!(T, To be iwreinptiii il. ? Id a' au tloa. Thin da < Tlmr d?v), Nov 7, Atthe private rea It iim ol lir. O ft lis .10, 48 Wcat Sixteenth meet, betw.- II KH'lb und hi.ili 11 v uuea. Bale ooumieiuiui: hi II o'' lark The property ol a family lein Irm ihe ciiy. Catalogue* con'! el-lnt lie r"-lit a sMirtment of Houaebold Vuriiiiine, Au., i> en d ut nil ti 11 1 i- neat) 11 Tbe Furni ture was ml 111 d o Older by ctly lu.,kei>, and i? of the brat ideacriptlon. I'uinltw h i. hi the hoove on the morning of ??le. 4>i ocUve ru?-w oil I'luuof ite, Dr.m iu. It o 1181111a, Etu fierea, Bookcase, Mtrrora, Ijic*-''' lutna, Vatea. Oil I'aiul 'Inge, Sia'uiiry. Velvet itid Hruc l > a-iieia, Extension Ta ?blea, U'llleu, China, Glim* und 81 vrw.ire: Table Cuilery, ?Wardrobe-., Ila 1 ?n I K ri ? v W it- ??, Bwlateatla, C0111 /Oiodia, Waaliatanila, tillcl tli, Stair Ca-'I'le. A". Alt-oalarue -Maori nient <11 Ha, meut and Kitchen Km niture. Sale pom ttlve at II oY o k. Ad caii.kins acctionfrr. . SKIONl H i- sai.k of MAtlN ! ' 1 EST MO S' ||..|,n FTRNITURE. aiCH FIM-: II . I. OK ?'l Kit ?M> MANTEL V JURORS HI ERB1 \ t'iUVl.'i 1 '? " Wi>0?? r'ANOFROTE, SI LVF 1 t'L ATE ?C., , P ire 11 a ? -1 1 over ? .l>00. On Thurailav, \.>vm'H-r 7, ni H'Jf oV Ioekpreclnely, All tin- 101 l?*rt anilei -il i'lirnliurr, I' n ?, stntunrv nnd ?WoiKMnfArt - wood ItrawtiK "in I' ?, eletiClli even i^ctave I't.i - of.o- e, M '-orw. Velvet O. tp Ve,, eont I tied In the resldeit'e N \ ?lfl Went K -tr'" tlieet, btttwei n ?lnhlh mi I Mull' nee-u-a. T' e am :'te< < realla the ?|<eeliU iMttrullon of thf pubHo to '114 ?. 11. ;? ,-t^ the lameat nnd ?ieheat t-Unem r H , ? ,;.||?I I K'iru mre o!fereii 11 ? anc <tlon Hi luxe. ti i i. Tlte '"n r 1 1 rt wsa ,i'i nui le forthe preaent ?own'r. nnd Is I11 u<v . 1 rd -r. T*-<\ is ole will be pcremp ?torlli ?ndab">i 'ei ut r- e nrtAW'lNU KOOM FUBMITRE -eoneintH nt ,i- i- wo d Kl, ,? . , ptde tnpa and 'Frem l. plate d.t r- and h.i,-k: 1-dy'h Wo -k TuM- Inhild with 'Slot tier " ii< roi" wtKiti Cent:-- T.-M , fatt nrv mnrhle top: fill! HtM't f DruH ln^ R?w?mi P :n '?Mro? Tcti?-A *tet?? ?*? fas. 1 two T?- e fi'?n ir.i'l 1 lit ova' hnck ?CbnirM. ra? v< r .-?wo r a )???*. a ?d covorcd in tlir^o co lor fl FKt'ii '? < * f 'he o??st "\fvn?ivM itcscripti -n; tuo <?oi>P(i' 'P ' - , n' '? vW: h ' a ? ! torfoN" ^h<?i! ? H:o<"uie La? ?? <' ,r Kr-nrh |?'at? !M? r aii'JI Mantel Mirror*, 'With rich ?' a ; suf? r!? f^-vr-'s and DrijniVii Oh'na "Vae^H, ric!-^ o ,? \ ? Parian marMo Statuettes o; i* r R :i. <?ons art :s*1 r <? < ? |?. < N Ight ami Morninp. Pm ?dora, Pain,!'. ' t1 r r- , Vn^ic. ('pinailcr*, .<?'" ; ant ",uo lava "Vanes. rro;. I, 1 n?"im T tl Point-e i ; ebony Card Tai?le, Velvet Om pi- ? T'i?k!>l? Fass Chairs, bronze Cock, Ttin* onr "ic - 1 ' ' iiMnirs, by Rondeau. Tnman, I!un ?Wuk'o' , C le, ? f ? d i nil t';er ? in nent artist*. M V i ? V t T* t ' ? CP OCTWK PT NNOFOTiTB, ?Carved legn ;'?m! a rontv' rorncrs. PniKlicl all round, inlaid with p? ? ' ? - I I ?? arl ke-. M.cost Muaie H.vlc, Tp^ewood Steo). ?' It* bro?*a'le; en>broldcred Cloth ?Cover, Koolrs rvi *?' e 'ta'l ro^eu od Ilat^tand, Oilcloth, ?"Stair Oa?T *t * ??!???. ^een*-.| gtorv ? ITicb'y carved <dfofte\voo<l Bi'd- L'oHh XIV.; Hureaua and (' <m tnode> to " ?? t, ^v io' --s l?iHss:ng hjhI Toilet T?bli??, ^Shavltic >im ! P i:ril Couch Arm Ohairs, C'lrtaini. ^Shade?, Tor: if e I! " - ttr aaep. Hods nnd Hedding, deeo ?ratcl China To1 e? sv ??, Mirror". Dinlri'! Room Furniture of ?verv V nd, T?a Self S'lv<?rware, ivory Table Cutlery, Dining Ta^le, .<.r. V ? i H?ponem?nf. O vetmen In at^ndanoe to cart, i?a''k or ?hipgo)d.' o- p'tr- hii-ep*. J. MER('HANT, Assignee. J^UCTION NOTICE. IMPO'TAnt HALE OF FHENOIf AND A V K RIO AN PAPER HANGINGS. Tbe subv*-i?>er havtni determined to retire from bimlnesa legato inform h h rHi?nd< and the >r *dp in general that he ^rlll ofTcrnt nttbllc au ?''ironwh M ssir*. II. H. LEEDS 4ft CO.. auctbmcer?- n l elork A. M , on WEDNESDAY. Nov. IS. At bin *'< r*\ KVl HPjTaDWAY, Pnp CASH. H'm --ntiie stock of fine FRENCII and AMKKKTAN ?*\PER IIANOIXOS, <Jon*t?tlnp f>t *h? far e?: and b"**t assorted stock that h?? #rer beer, ntlere.'l In fiiq r-arket. The attention of the tra'le ?itpnttlei.'a' " !n-ii4?'t ?' Is sale, as every let put up will be peremptorl.'v ? Id for CASH. S. W POWEN. ?*{ Broadway. N. R.? \'iv iv?rtr desirous of eni??^injj 'n a business long KMtabllnhed ?ud favoraMv loi-nted, eat\ make most adran 'taaeous an*a ni?mt :: i j. |or tn the ?ale forthe purchase of fthls entire 4. ck a n! tlxturea. Auction nottc'-larcje sale ok elecjant Houa* K ? d Y urnilure.? Bar^aina for housekee|?er?* and dealers. Al! tho *Want Hoosehc?ld Furniture of a private 'family, l'?avinr t ? Uv, will be wild at public auction, at their reabteri'*! ?<; E >s? Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue, at l"t^ o'clock precisely, eon--lsnn5: of a splendid <?even octave p|.*ttofoi 'e, Stoo'. and Cover; two solid r" -ew??od Parlor ft sits' < overed >n French satin, eritnson and maro<jn, ??nd ?<refu a- ' ! na-avl; ro?ewood Centre and Pier Tablea. To ' C' al - ? ?! I o m' ps, two rosewood Etegcrca, with inii , i ' n i. i -ri* L u e Cnrtains, Pulntings, China Vases, Par! uv *r- )* , |e ? eh gant rosewood and maho |ftny Cuaint er I 'r ? u- Redan wds, Bureaus, Washstanda, *flne Hair M ? . It "'a arid H"dilinjr, Chaira, RiwkerB, Tabb s, (%'rrn ? ? . C.locka, Mirroia, two Sofa Beds, 8h des, ^ i 1 ' * . lExiens on Taide. Chtua, Crwkcry, 'Glass and Eur' ; t* a ? Stoves, Bruas?ds, Tapestry and In .grain Carp? !s .. ? > ca^h In bauka'nle money. All the goods m tic emov d ? wen h'-^o'T houra after the '?ale. ERNEST K'?TH, Auctioneer. ALBEKT I! Nlcot.AY. AUCTIONEER, ? w 1 h-iratlny, N vernier 7, at 12U o'clock, ?*t the stork fc.jie-,' mto *-o. f?'J wiillatu street, a good variety of City, Ins ura a Hnnk Stock-s Bonds, and other bgou rltiea air' 'ah . ? i I . -?'ineu a. For full particulars see World, Con. in -??? .1 v .v -rii*er and Ev-ning Poat. Cata logues can b ? ? I -k ne aiicarootn. Next regular aale on Monday, N" ?? r 11. Albert a! i. r 1. .\ rcnoN ebr? all the ele gout H < n. I T .-niture ??f Dr James Burton, at 'his privat- 4 i i Twenty-seventh street, be tween L'wmg'o an- ? ? i h sv-nu.-s, will bo sold at public auction thinn* at I. ?i "-k. to ih* liigheat bidder, with out reserve, e u.etaj of B Tt.p-stry and Ingrain Carpets, twoMJil' ??* .<Mt Parlor 80119, rosewood seven ocuve riH,,'.i?r - ft id Cover, Daioaik *ad Lin Otuv tains, Vas< k. Krt n i -*? % .nirrora. rosewood, mahogany aud 'black Parlor. Itodro^M and l>tmng Kooin Furniture, ?Glas*, China a>. l S Iver ware, OiWo.Us, ,fce. Sale positive. AM. MERWI.N, At.i/il^NEEll. ? BY BA.WS, y :!iW IX a CO., Irving Buildings, fi04 nd 6U6 Broadway. Friday ev^m/, N -Tr*orH, si o clock, fine modern Oil Paint ' ? 4 . cbah? collection, ohlelly by Ame rican art ists of ?!???-.. y Th /.ciuccs me all richly framed . and are now ??n ^ . ??i"!i ? i t-Le salesrooms. Auction not.. >; ?d. douohty, auctioneer, will t-elt ? h \*- i May), at l(ty{ o'clock, nt the salesroom 8 > Na a * * ,e teral assortment of second band Hut- i'r id i ,i .!vn ? amlly temoved for conve nience <>? ?ai ?, ^edham s patent Sofa Bed stead, maiova. " \V i) Bedsteads. Mattresses, Kitchen /n 1 t>a ? i ir "U ;re, Carj?ets, Oilcloths, Parlor Suits, Tanir U ' n ,, v. *- s and*. Mirrrs, Cutlery, Glaaa '?Ware, Cruckfn . :? . . .-s T.itcn-lon Dining Tables, Ac., Ac. Also. bIa s m ? Ma- bio* of various patterns. A UCTION NOTICE.? C. M. LEVY, AUCTIONEER, Xi 1 a mg ieas' . . .?? t ne m?r 2 t Canal street, u oar Broad wa /, lor th i purpo e of c .rrru^ on the Amnion and Com - mission Busineii-i in all is b anchi a. and g? v inu his personal -attention to a .ci m a d p;.%ate ?ales, woul i respectfully solic.t tlie pin uui ' i,f h' ? fri ndsanl the public, pledging !felms**If to use his s. ? ndcavors to i^lve satisfaction and a good account o s I s ?.ll ;o may entrust goods to him. oalrscadi. il as ; nateiy, and liberal advances made when ie julie 1. Auction notice -will be sold, this day, at l? >a oYlo ,m ti i'lhii street, a iart;e assortment of every d- .-.cription oi' S ovns, I natid Bumnelled Ware; House Furnishin i,o na ? ? ev. rv 'bseriptt-oi. Sale p isitive, with out reserve. 8. HERMANN, an tioneer. On Tuesday, at 10K nMoeK ti e wm<ie oi the Furniture contained in the Shakspen Hotel. Auction notice.? b win fia ws furniture ex prcKi and J* cKiri- #* < Ulnn-nt, 118 West Eleventh Btrct, b' tween t i \ . n d Sixth avenues. Household Fitrnl ture boxe and h4itpped to 1! p v ts of the world. Covered wagons for remoMJi^ Kurnutii e into tlie country. Furniture stored. Auction notice? ezra hjdlow, jr., will fell i. is a it li o* lock, at )>U salesrooms, 02 Liberty f#treet. In tw" u i ?*< ?a .iwav and Nr.^s-iU street, new and sc ? cond h ind Ro w.iys. Top Buggies, road Wagons, depot and Jsf'B > W ? o ,tc. Auction sale continued.? this day, at im o k. t i ? i.U'i ;.j street, near Br?mdway, one ei? . Jantl'l-ho, of \> .. (one and I nlsh; three r -a -wood arlor S i s, *vo* -? and mahogany Hedroora Suits. Hoek ers, L^o..i' : <1 .hs s, n a o;.?nyaud maple Cha ti, faoies, Brussels and f . ? ? i? C.n n ov. ; nd everything t .ai belongs to a llrst clash h' -uae. S .Ie positive. Auction hale op machinery and brass worKS ? On : ir . at 11 oYlo. k, Jit 11 Furmsn street, Brooklyn PEKD ^ CuLE a ni one rs? Five L- 'hes for brass.vojk, s'1 ?'iinx and ,'utl-vs; eight Vices, I'.ei.f h;?s and Tools, Klasks, b :tss ; nuc s P.uniVi is' Work, Ac., Ac. Auction sale ro close advances, this day, aiiO.'ioc ?k, by ISAAC D. AAK0N, No. 6i Nassau street.? i j* h? ?id Fi? rn it i*?, Fancy Uoods, lino Gold and .Silver Wit N Jewelry, r>egars, Mcetschauin and Brier Wood Pip? s without i"i?erve. for cash. A UCTI0 \ i: OP CARPETS, OILCLOTHS, AO? J\ A M. i 1 i %L\;t, A. tio-ee-, Z\ Bowery, w.ll il ? an Friday, N ?v -, at !'?>? o'clo.^, a lar .e lot ol It- s-t U, Velvet iin i I: am Car - is, Kn,?, Oilcloths and Ma tin g. Alfoal.Hof lioiisehoiu Furniiure. BPOWNE x M -Hi)LS. AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL, Frid . Nov. 8, at one o^lok. in fron* of sile-roons Mf). %'y N.v shu b 'roet. ispendid sorrel M re. 15 h.mds, s.. jrear>, per c ly so ,n 1, kind n\ ? . ?enti * in alt harne <m, a fine saddle hear.-, v 1 ? sty i di an ? a.i ii 'd in : .15; 1ms Im en rid den by a lady an nnun r. A ?>>, a v vy : nc bay Hor^e, bands, 8 ye:. rs old; h;.s imtce 1 i.i - *'?; p- ri ?? t::, miuuU, k nd 'and g? nile in ill harn'-ss, and s? a roads ?-r Is uuinpialled ,-lt .la very seld .in we ? Her ?nrh v n.tble 1ioih??s. Ij -utlenien <n want of sn. h eaonoi do > ? i;er i u attend ih'.r, s >i'", as l y will be sol i wi.ii. *ut res : \ ?. I. o\*:. t having no further use foi them. A1h4v, ,i .hp Mor-rm I iy lf >i>e. Mack points, l tail, l;v.4 bands. sl\ years old, wi.l trot in tbr- ? tnin -it ?; wnrranted noie\ kind and nt'/: in . ? 11 h:irne?>s TU .wn< r diSf. ?? s oi him o.,!v on ureounf f uli goiu;: to the >, ar. lie! Is a . ry valiu i beast and u t ne t;- ..ti ?n of anv mi tlem ?u "in want. A so, a n vr IMm i n, 11 . a "-ay, Pol*, S.i.ft, Toj and no top Wagons. A ?:! >? Cm h.?,c, llaruetsS, Ac. VIRTl !?: OF AN li\E. i TiON~-i WILL ?PLL AT aution, on Friday, N .. 8, a' lu1^ t 'clts.K, at 17 N r-li "VN i am si.. ! , ? !iuV \s rtlnut i ; i <>r, nodi >. ?ny I e k. Stove and Pipe, Ta- b-s, Chrtiis, ? 'io. I<, CIm C. . ?*, .4 . t f \V?n? ?. Br. n .. .H and ? ti ;i, ,ve. I1EN liY WEST, Cunsutble. (^ON8T\BLL > SALE 01*' LlOUoRS SE'iABS, ^C.? J \ M. C ?I8T.yLAR. V.i -tu-u vi. 2. '* w r., will sell on I . 1 1 ;e , N >v ft, at 10,'a O'c'o- k, a lo o i? ' . (! n, Ku:i.. \\ iii^ki y, t'ha.Mja ne, iti Kx S > ij and LJ ca?? s Our-, oa. Sola on a /count id former j u c. ??? r-. T( M IU'LBS? 10,^0 HYACINTHS. IOOOOTULP/3 ,0- / .\,ir -*f i.s, .%0, d t ?? k Llli.cs, < ;o\v i I . p r .H, , dun . . ir; H ) ? n {l p^Vate et . r f ? ?; r ? ) St i.e. |- , d . . or iu luts, bv I'. M C it* IV ?j jAM'a. \ M ..11 ;.\v. ,.l v il JXEIiR, Cvp f' ''' iKiv.'i. Kollon nmt.loh 1- a. I li .? a . i .i |. - .1 D IT: MT1 I. <? ov i i r. . a, ,;t ,? HAN , * MA i ,V <* i ? . . , , ; 0 ' ? I ? m. . 7 ? ' i a 1 ? 8- mdaid La i>. r h. rurincrjai * 4ais to-u iutt >\v. WALES AT ACCflv''*; EDWARD 8CIIENCK, AUCTIONEER. _ FINE OIL PAIM1NUS. , .. Uy EDWAliP St HKN. K this a? 7'h ln??.< V o -lurk, at In. r .on., No. 1S& and 157 Hr adwuy, * lection or line Oil Palntlugs, among which ?r? mavjr ORIUlNALs , liOitr.ML' (lie certl.lcatus ol the ar ista. Auiuuf Ih' in will '>? foun I : ? THE Eiri.STItlKN.NK, by BLANCH A PD. TWO I INK PICTURES b\ VAN SEVJ iinONCK. IM'ERIuKS AND FIUUKES by ALENfc. HE SENNE COL'RY, WINTER SCENE bv SVETS. COAST SCENE by 811 A El'. _ LANDSCAPE AND FIUURE* by RORSSEI.L8 Alui.m ti-ial Lut* sp -clmera by well knn.> 11 aitiats. Tho palntn -jm itre now t n exhibition wl h catal":ucs; the atten tion or tlm a- in want of hue palm in,' i? ? ail d to this aale, as tin:., ,% ill be peremptorily a lil w ithout ivservo. EDWAKD SCIIENCK. AUCTIONEER. SECOND IIAN1) FURNITURE. MOIlTtiAtJK SALE. Bv EDWARD SCIIENCK. on F-id ? >, Nov. 8, at bin sal room*, 155 ami 157 Bin adway, nt lll)i o'clock A. M. , a la-go assurim- in of Household Ku nillurc, t'arjietA, Ac. (remi'Vt-d fni convenience of aula), consbtlng m l>?*rt or roacwood Par lor Sulla, rosewood, walnut and inulin^uny (Centre Tubiu, Etc^eies, French nlate Pi.r an : lluiiu-1 .Mirrors, velvet, Brna ae'a, three |>ly anu ingrain Carpets, r -rw.ind mid mahogany So r.-iary ami Library Bookcasea, oil. d walnut uiitl enamelled Ui'driHtiu Suits. Dressing Bureaus, French Bedsteads, Ward, rol es, Waal, stands, Commodes. Shaving Stands, llair Mat*, Feather Bt-dt, Bolati r-i, Pillow t, Paillasses, To ,ct Sets. Oat Chandeliers, Loun.i a, Sofa Bed, uak a d walnut Ell- unit in Tubl a, m;iho;any Soi'aa, Chairs, Rakers, Bullets, Dining Chaira. uold ban 1 Wind -w Shadi a, I'looi Cloth, M. n tel Vases, walnut lliitracka. Hull Cliaira, China, (l as -ware, Ac. Most of tli ' above ins bean In u ? 01, 1, a ? 1 M tv laat aud la almost ucw. To be posltlfeh *1,1-1 to ?ailat> a iiiort 0m A. T. GARDINER M >1 "i^agee. GEOROE COOK AUCTIONEER ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNlTUIlE REMOVED FOR CONVENIENCE OF HALE. This day. u: Ml B;Otdway, ai II 01 lock, oi.e ol toe hir eat anl tiir a' atiMikk of I n 111I1 nr ? ollcie I ihl* season, consisting ol Parlor, Library, Diuing-Rooni an 1 Chambc su taoi va rious and tl.uini ilesiga*. r a wood I'arit r 8?it< tar cs. Li brary and Secret .ry lloiAcasi-s, li tenia ea, Ai'inoir-a-Ulaca ?t.iublo door W t rtfro'a a, Sideboards, Euensloa Dining Titbiea, Chaira. Lounges, Hall Stands, Centre and fancy T. l a, very cl cant aatiuwoid Chamber nuit, price f ?.o CutiiloKui'S ut ita:c. which Is wi II wm -thy the notice of buyers, aa it la laidtivc all . ibu gotids lira llr-t class. GEOROE IIO .KIIOOK, AUOTIO.NEER-WILL SELL tlilsdiiy.Ni nibcr7,at lo}? A. M., at lit Tbomps m all! et, neur li uslon, all the ten It" I Forulturo of Hie above house ? niatnst ny Parlor Sulia, nutinle top Tables, Pier Ulastes, Li e an 1 Damask Curl tins, C ml *, Velvet, Brua se t ami lurfiali: C.ii |m ts; n ar le top an I enamelled Chaiu bi r Suits, n it Sulla, Ilair Mattlfatten. Keaiher Be a. French Pillows, llcduini', Cro. k ry an fllasswa. Plaied Ware; also a enteral asaoriiiiam of D.ulug Room ana Kit ben Fi.riii.itrt. Dealers Invited. UENRY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.? II. II. l^EOS * CO. will sell. 011 FRIDAY, NOVUM TIER S, At 11 n'c'oek, at the salesroom, 'U Nassau atreet. Assignee's sale of line Jewelry, 1>I monda, Watches a d Pll vrware, to be -oat wltiio it reserve, bv order of Klohard Dennis, assi >ne< , consisting of Cluster Di aim aids. E irrlnca, HiikicI es. Enamelled Watches, I . . I a I 1 with <11 ninnils; solid Gold Chains, Ohiitelalnea, Fob Cbalna, Scarf Pins, Sliver Ki.iv. s. Forks an I Spoona. Almi a i'ii .t'y brilliant Diamond Cross, valued at (SflO: a Bmoeh containing a solitaire emerald, weighs 12 carats, aur routined bv 15 line large brllllaiiis. The alsive is of the Quest quality, and expressly Imported for a Broadway house. Henry ii. leeds, auctioneer.? henry h LEKDs a C<?.. ? i.i sell at a .c ion, on Tliiirsduy, Nov. 7, at I0)f o'elo"k, at the salesroom. ?1 Nassau street, an as aortmeut Engr ivings, Fancy Soaps and Powders, Fancy Oooda, Bo iks, *e. To be sold without reserve. Henry d. miner, auctioneer? sai.eskoom .17 Nassau strce . opposite the Post otllcc.? M I NER ,k SO.MERVILLE will sell lit auction on Fiiilay, Noveniber 8. at ID>i o el. c?, ai their salearoo n, 37 Nassau atiwet, general aswxtmeiit of Household Furniture, removed for conve nlenee of sale, ooualstlng of Velvet anil In .rain Carpets, Mn liogany B ' Istesds, Bureaus, Woslisiamls and Chairs, Ilair Mattresses. Pillows, Hulrocksand Hall Chairs, French Plate Pier Mlrrora. Jte. Also the balance of a furniture uianuiae iiirer'H stuck, without reserve, consist ug of Malingaiiy and Black Walnut Tete-a-tetea, Cnnttv, Side au l S.ifa Ta l?s, Dlniiu; Rooinaud Library Ch lira, Mahogany ami lllai k Wal. nnl liatMaml-, M .ho ;ai:y Chairs, jtc. At twelve o'clock, a Kiiscwood Seven O tavc Piano, In fine order, ni tde by Firth, Pond A Co., cosi $.1i>0. ami is of aunerlor tone and finish. Also an elegant Bar, In complete order, together * Ith Mar Fixtures, Brandies, Whiskeys, Segara, Wlucs, Ac. bold to cliiae a tun i nt. Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer. VOItTlJAUE SALE household furniture, carpets, oilcloths AC., AC., On FRIDAY, Nov. M, at 10}< o'clock. At the Salearooma No. 5>j I'lnn au-eet, ConiUUng of Velv'ft, Brusaels and other Carpets; Stair Carpets, Matting, Oilcloths, Parlor ami Chamber Furniture, Hal Stand, Wardrobe, Bookcare, Bullets, Chairs, Tables, to. Terms cash. Catalogues at sale. By order of LAWRENCE P. DAVIS, Attorney for Mortgagee. House furniture sale? wm. w. hiiiri.ey, auctioneer, will all at public auell ?>> on Thursday, Nov. 7, at ihe private ro : It nce No. SIS De.m street, m-ar Fourth avenue, Brooklyn a large and general assortment of Ilouse holtl Furniture, couslsung in part of oak Extension Table anil Dining Ciiairs, uai gnnv Tillies, Chairs, Sofas, Ac. ; roMtwood Waihstand anil Bedstead, Carjiets, Oilcloth, French Cnhia and Hohoinlan Vases, Ac.; also a full as -o:,( ini"i t of Kit lien Fnrnlture, Cut Olass Ware, French China D nnrr Ware, Ac. Catalogues on day ol'aale. Sain will commenca at 10>{ A. M. precisely. IMPORTANT SALE OF PAPHR HANGINGS AT AUCTION. Th? largest nn 1 b?st assorted stoek of FRENCH >ND AMERICAN PAPER HANOINGS Ever off red t . i' twin in tin- market, will be sold, FOR OASIl, at (if r . No Ml BROADWAY, on WEDNESDAY, NO > EMBER 13, 1861, Al lOo'elo -k A jt. Thtf attention of the trade la particularly Invited to thin sale. ? ' ? N. B.? Any party desirous of engaging In a business long establ sued Mi l avor.i"ly 1> -ated, ran make must advan tage da arian -in -ut* prior to the sale for the purchase of thi? en ite fciH-i ami tixturee. J LEWIS .- MITH, AUCTIONEER. EXTENSIVE AUt TION SALE OF SI PKRIOR CABINET FURNITURE. On Tn ??utay an;' W ilnesday, November 12 and IS, at lfl)? ?-i l? ' iicli day. at the warar.>oma of the late Hrin of J. M. I)i> - Co. 9ri unci <Jt> East IlouiUia street, two doors east of the Biw ry. J. HOYCB will sell, as above, one of the largest and best assortm. nt*. of Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut and Oak Fur nlliii'e e*ero . rod at auction In thlseUy, all of which will fce warranted in every jwrticular. Tho stock la now ready for examination. PARTICULARS HEKBAFTER. JOHN H. SUBLET, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS d iy, at 2 <>'' li? k, at 444 Canal Mrrot, a large quantity of Furniture, Car|s-ts, S'if..s, 8 'fa Beds. Centre, Dining and other Tables, inaho.-any Hoe!- lug and other Chairs, En amelled Full*, Pier. B .r, Mantel and other Glasses, Parlor S lits in haircloth, niaiiognny anil other Bureau*, Wa-h bUmls. mahoc.inv, biack other Bedsteads, Ward rohes, Ilat rack*, Te'^-a-tetes, Brussels, Three-ply una oilier Carpet*, OIUHotli, II iir and mhi t M., Feather lie-in. B'.l inn. Blanket", C ?nifoiter-, Co dting Stoves, Kitchen and K irth'n Wart-. To he ?old wll hoot reserve. JOHN F. DAVIS, AUCTION EER.-800 CASES BOOTS, Shoes and Bmgaus at auction, on Thursday, November 7, at 10>J o'clock, at tho H ire Of J. 8. Leverett A Co., No. 18 Cortfandt street, comprising a large assortment of fresh city ami Eastern made hoods for elty and country trade. JOSEPH HEOEMAN. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, At 10>i o'clock, A. M., at the Central Salesrooms, WlUough by, e rner ol Pearl street, Brooklyn. Household 'Ftirnituri ? Coinpriglug a general assortment of mahogany nn i tvalnnt lie. '.steads, S das, Arm atrl Par lor Chairs, nun i.le top i re^-lug Bureaus, plain do., Wash 8 tan ds. Centre TaM maln^iny and hhk Extension Tables, cane s -at Ciiali s, slag. Harness, Carp t ?, Oilcloths, Ac. MJ. KENDALL, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL THIS . day, at two o'clock, at 833 Hudson street, l.UOJllis mineral tool paint I i l arrels, one i,i.od Spring C.irt, one secondhand ElacKstnl.h a B Hows, a lot of Store Fixtures, and a quantity ol" Furuiture, Carpets, Chamber Suits, Ac. MORTGAGE SALE.? BT VIUTL'E OF A CHATTEL tnorUnge, I will sell, on Frulay, November 8, at l'iy% o'clock, at I 7 North William sue i, a^c imanilty of cii.p.y Barrels, Bottles snd Hones, Sh ivli.g, Segar Boxes. Gin, Ruin. Brandy and Wines. Casts, Glass I) ? r*. ,vc. HENRY WEST, Attorney for Mortgagee. PAWNBROKER'S S A LB.? BELL ,t INGRAHAM. AUC tioneers, 2ti New Bowery, w il s II to-moi row O'nua,. I, tOUots, ounsisungof 'JO Feather B ds, 48 Bol-trs, 12D Pil low*, 150 white and . olor d Blankets, Qultts utul t'orn lo: ti rs, 4 ) pioei-s of Ingrain md other Cai i??tln?, Oilcloth, Carpet llipi, Leather Trunks, ,ve., Ac. Dealers, boarding house keepers and the pubitr please iitteud. By order of FRIDENBERU, liei nso.i pawnbroker, > ".t Bast Broadway. I>AWNBROKER'S 8ALB.? THIS PAY JOHN MOBTI MSlt will s> il, a; l.i Ji is: Brond'T iy, a lar^o ussor nu nt of extra line goods, consisting of Silk n Mei no Dr? sses, llroche and vvoohen Shawls, Utidi r,; irnn n a ot a l kin Blankets, Uullts and Sli.'iia: gent's O- ran! Fnek Coats, Pants and Vests; Watches, Jewelry end hi rware, und a variety of other gooiis. By order of Jonas Soiomou, 113 Orand street. i.- ? TJAWMBB08EB9 SALB.? W. N. LEWIS WtLL SB&L X this il:.y, at 25 Chatham SI ree' . a lnv assoitmi'nt of Men and Women's C 'tninu, K"ti nn its, guilts. Hi mk is, It ots, Sinu s, ite., Ac., to conm.eiK ? it 1U o'ehs k. B> order of J. B. A J. Siniiisiin. CJ A J. BOO Wtr, AUCTION V. HR^.? TIH'R"- DAY. NO 0? vemiier 7, ?t 10 o'clock, at 186 West I o i -??Ign u sir- t near Eighth aven ii', g -nt el lloe^ho Furn.. . O'iMst lng of nia;.ogany 8ofas, Te:e-...Tete_s, I'ari t, ; ititl Hoik* inn Chat i s, ma o^.ttiy t'srd Table, A indoa . sins Masio Si and, Carpuis. Hut S:aiid L>.n ig and iVft T.i I , . tail i.;n ny Fren' li and 0.4t.?e I eil.-toajs, C.l ?, ? i o iu.iri.le top Dressing But eaiis, Washstn. ds. lo in. t.iass, i lilna Di liner and Tea Sets, Croekery and Glassware, .C . nen Fur niture, Ac. V? .% J. 1 1 0 1 i A 1 .T. AU CTI ON E ER >. ? TH 1 P.SDAY, NOV. 0. 7, at 12 o'clo. k y... ?t N i. Cj.i Sixth iV"u ?. . ? r Twenly t M-nt'i srvt- If u hold Furniture, ;? w.j , t l'arlor S.uts, M r i.-s, Brtii els and l i,rani Ciiip-ts, mar ,e top C iiiire Tallies m " my R ick' is, I'.niir i h lr*. Cotn.^e Sulis, Matt esses, i> U-, and B .ding. Wi low Curtains, Waslistand: , C o k-m'.v an I lilts rai*e, C .oi.lo^ Stove, Kitch en Kurnil are, Ac. N. B ? A deposit will oe required Irom all piin h.s -is. Q A. I. BOt 1 A irp. AUCTIONEERS^-PfllDAV, NOV. 8 at lO,1^ o'clock, at the auction 1'kiti.s, .Si lNorihWil H un sir ? 11 n'eltold Furniture, i-"-,. is ,n ol So!. is. T.nd' s, t'hair., V Ivet. Hrn-s Is, Ttiree-j lj' and Ingialu Car ue'.s, O.ilotln. extra l.:?- .M.irns. ot.e luaLoi.ny Piano, 11. u i' ads, 11 ils n nd Bedding, Kiti i. n .'un.ltur , and also one Wilder Fire-pr 'o' Sate. Sat ird y .Sovetn er at Hid auction rooms, Ilora r, Wag' i.s, nd single Harness Q HERMAN, Vl'tTIONEER. WILL f'1'1,1, ON TIH'RS i\ day, No*. /, Is.:; I, ai U^.v. M , at !'.:ll Fifth i, a 1. rge s s ii tnient ol c mking and utla r stoves, 'i'in and En a :'"ll' d Ware, lln.tse Furnl.suing (ioo.i-, .ic. Dealers and Othei i a' e invite I to attend. s HEBlFF'd SALE.? WINKS. 'LI AM lii. lt.S \ FAlIlCi.'ILII. An tioneers, WJU leii this (lay, (Thnrnl tJ ), N ? . 7. ft clock, at their lesroota, 113 Nas -an sti. t 6 ; c..isf s ass ri"d 1 .i .ore ? . JOHN KET.LV, Sheriff. I C'UEIUFF'H SALE.? CAlt III AG AC I o CHAMBERS Jfc I'Alilt llilaD, A. CriONEEBS, s lisreotn lis .? isw. s r et. I V :l pell th's bvtTi d..y N vemixr 7, lit 11 o'clock, nt 1 l'? E is', i'wcnti 'O'... in m I'vft, in us- >. >>. . nt of C i.i. ;.'s, 11 ?? i s, LI i.tV.v'- t ? ?' ?' i v.'ltii a mt i berof so toil.: h.uid Wa.ons, Can la^e.- , Lutii' er. I .1 >:i.N KELLY, sherlB. ,klS si U Unsold. An elegant seven <kta V? bosbwood furlc lor sail- at a sacrl m , richly usrvcd legs mil case, round riirncrs, all iron dned ivi h s? tin wood, m'. r strung L.ia nil ihe i 'nicm iinprovrirteHtf; made to order lor ill.- |.r> ? lit owner y .1 v makers; fully i;u<* k-ed lor i.rer yen*, in o?" bat ?rvru mouths; cost f '4X1 mil I no) 1 1 for S '30. liichUn (tool *nd cov. r Also aiiperli Drswut ? K <>ni -..ill, i m-i for f 140. Inquire at Mi .'II \V.,i i.i .. jf. i ill ? rM i. BMW Sixth avenue. A LFllKD K. TulLMIN. PROFESSOR OK THE HARP Jx an J I'l.-im, I e ... I' a..* Institute.> ami, ....ving i i .u 'Hi I* 'I lil'n In New M t..- happy In alien U]>i I ? .11 1 1 ell r.''ii e, or a' J. i. Hon . ??'h 1 1 hi i> War room , i\v Bro*., way, where . omiuuuic..llous may be addressed. A LAST, RATING A PEW FIRST 0LA88 BOARDBBS, w.> I ic om i. if ." 1 -tiiAii pi. .lessor of tin- pla noforte | lesions wc.iil. I oe t. ken In pan payment tor Hoard. Appi> .it :ui E ist Trt'eiry i.i -.i street FIHTH, POND ,t CO.? 'oil BROADWAY, NBW YORK, have one hundr. I new I'lunal ortei to 1c:. at low price*, an t will r.llo.v tli? r lit ll pureliuM il. Sheet M.isl , Musical Works, Ouiiure, Violin*, Brass instruments and all kiuda of E isiral Goods at low prices. I A 1'HJMA DONNA ELIZA VALENTIN! PARAVALLI, J wall kn iwn profi-saor ol sinking ami the piano, te c h. s by private lessons au.l also III el. is- ?*. combined to mill every pur*o, ai her private residence, GS7 Broadway, near Ainliy Kti eel, third ilory, over tho sl..reof Mr. Hathaway, wlere she e*a be aeon overy day from U till 4 o'ult^ik, TIOHTE A BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNG J Ban Patent Insulate. I Full Frame Orand and Square Pianoforte*, 4-'l Broome s reci. What everybody says must be irne;evervlHidy aaya they aio the beat, therefore tliey must be the best. I AURA KEENE'S T1IE VTRE ? THOMAS BAKER'S J new Wnlti.? Just published, "The I. una K. ene Walt*," for the piano, price 35 cents The Sunday Tunc - in speaking of It Buys ?"A vi r> .'harming musical feature is 'Ti e Laura Ki .'iie Wain.' I' ban al.cady taken its pla. o aa the faauion able winter parlor wait/.*' HORACE WATERS, 481 Broadway. MUSIC LESSONS AND USE OK PIANO? A LADY, several years a teuchei of music in this city, wishes n furnished lt snn In a private family, wher?! Instructions to two pupils will be considered eulllctent for the rent and part board. Address Music, Aslor place Post otlice. Mil. J. R. MAC, RATH, PROFESSOR OK THE PIANO lorte, atleuiia pupils In New York and Brooklyn. Terms moderate. Address or apply at til West Baltic street, between Cliutou and Henry, Brooklyn. Ml'SIO.? INSTRUCTION ON TIIE PIANO, WITH PRI vllege of practice, per month. Pupils attended at tb Ir residences at jtiJ o?i Quarter, lmiuire at 247 West Se venteenth street, lie ir yih aveuue. PIANOS, MELODEONS, HARMONIUMS, KIRST CLASS for sale, to let, or sold on Instalments, on rMsonahin terms. Peloubet* Harmoniums, one, two or three bank* of keys, (ISA to S400. Cottage Plains, fully warranted, G)? auil 7 octaves, $1 M to $240. J. M. PKI.TON, 841 and 843 Broadway, New Yurk. SINGING AND PIANO LESSONS GIVEN AT THE pupil s residence, by J. Niino, late conductor of ihe Italian Opera In Hin na Apply at Brouslng's music store, 7>H Broadway, or at US East Twenty-second street. 2?J PIANOS, ALL NEW, FOR LESS THAN COST, AT 0 the i u auu factory, 75 East Twenty-second sir ei, u. ar Le.Nln-t.ui avenue. New 7 octave for $150, and warrauted for three years. INSTRUCTION. A CARD.? THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVB NEW pill l.s dally this wk lor Instruction in PeiimaiiKl.lp, Bookkeeping am! A rlLtiinetlc, at greatly reduced charges. Prt Tate liistii: tmn at all hours. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, No.J Fourth avenue. Academy of bookkeeping, arithmetic, writ I UK, *e., H62 Broadway, for fifteen years in succenlul operation. Students are received day and evening, and lilted lor tiie counting room or active business upon Cie most favo r? ile terms. W. J. RENVILLE. A LI. FOR $10? PENMANSHIP AND ARITHMETIC, three m> nths, iii b ss. uis each, or double entry ltook k'.eplug Lessons unlimited, $10. La lles iIhv and evening Wr.tlBg Le sons $2, 20 less > us. A. PAINE'S Mercantile Co. I g.-s, 62 Bowery, New York, and 23J i''ultou street, Brooklyn. A FRENCH LADY DESIRES TO EXCHANOE WITH a l- s-ons of French fur lessons of bullish. Ad dress II. S., II. raid offlne. Best sustained boardino seminary in tub Stale. SI 1U per year. Brick buildings for ladles and gentlemen. Ablest teachers in all departments. Winter term, Doc. S. Address Bev. Joseph E. King, Kort Edward Institute, M, Y., on the Saratoga anil W blteliall Railroad. Ill BENCH AND OERMAN LAN0UA0ES-BY AN EX 1 perlenced P.irisl in tea her, either at bis own residence or that of pupils. Flity cents an hour, or twelve checks for $5. Address J. Barrier, 286 Fourth street, Washington square. French teacher, of experience, would Uve lessons in Kreneh for 20 cents an hour. Has two or three hours a day to dispose of. Best accommodations for a lady or private family. Please address, with your direc tion, Madame Di scard, station A, Spring street Post olllce, for three days. IESSONS IN FRENCH GIVEN AT THE HOME OF J the pupil lor 20 cents an hour, by a competent teacher, or Board lor three hours' application. Address J.Gerard, station E, Post ollice. Teacher.? a youno lady without a home ?inu inrown upon tier own resources, wisliee to give In SuucUoll to two children lu the early branches of an English education; wlil lake Ihe who e charge ol them if desllvd A social, happy h Hue will be sought alter; salary a secondary conaldera li.-n. Call on or address Miss A B., 32 East Twen ty-ninth street, for one week. TO ANY WISIIINO INSTRUCTION IN ENGLISH, CLAS SICS, Mathematics or French (spoken), by an experienced graili.ate. of Vale College. Ad In ss Ralph D is ton, No. 9 Car rol p ace, Bleeekcr street, or call at 12 or G o'clock P. M. TIT ANTEI>? A GERMAN TEACHER. TO INSTRUCT TV the children ot a private family, residing q short dis tance from New York, In the German language, as well as all other ordinary branches of Kn^li -b education. A married man, and one who can lmpa.i Insti uctlons on the piano, w.iulu be pre erred, and a steady situation with a fair fuiary. Address 11., Herald otllce. DANCING ACADKDIIKS. ADODWOKTirS DANCING ACADEMIES, ^ ? ? Nr>. 204 Fi Mil avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth at., New York. No. 137 Mont. a 4 tic turret, Brooklyn. CLASHES ? l'lesdays and Fridays frn Brooklyn. CLASSES? Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Circulars for terms, Ac., may be hud al either academy. BALLET MASTER Dl'MAKS DANCING ACADEMY 2*7 Ho wry. Lessons $1 per month, Mondays, Tbure ? a ? h. Wr !n< -Mays and Hatur 'ays, at. 4 o'clock, for children and ladies. Tuesdays and Friday*, $2. Private lessous fifty cents. MlTcif ARRUAUD'S PRIVATE DANCING CLASS AT Mrs. Bloer*', No. 66 West Eleventh street, near Fith avenue, u now op -n for the r? eeptlon of pupils, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon ori Tuesdays and Fridays. A new class is forming for Wednesday and Saturday. Circulars for tonus as above. _ mifilillVEllY, &c. Black velvet bonnets, in great variety, and every wt'ier color of velvet; Feathers Flowers, Rib bons. A'V, now si lling at a great reduction in price, al MRS. W,M. SIMMONS', tftf Broadway. BINN8? M ILLI N E 1 I V? LA R (i Ii S' F AND'cTTiEAP" ' EST"! N the world. ? Wl-v H un at great bargains; Bl-iek Velvet lioni cts Sl.k '? n i ? i. .it *i?. worth Mourning B<?nnet-., Children' ::iw L. 'iiNNS Millinery, litil Broad vta), uphUirs, c M ? iop? .lit.,44 JIoteL FURS, FURS.- , "TKS, IF Y ?U WANT YOUR FURS altered or r- | i* ? u'lv a al pt ? n;?t!' ? by practical furriers, take 1 ?? ut . t 'Y? 7 liiyhth >* venue, between Twetry *iv?? id Twen "-ncviMiih ft' re ts it" num ber up Mtair*. A '.K^i l.t o! ladica1 ami child<? n's Furs, cheap. .? ;ive us a ? tl. FlMtiAN. J^EADER OF KA 11 IONS. WHO GOT THE i EDAL S-; Mill 1 \K V OPENINGf IIKiOISU, Of' Si n t ii avenue. Sixth avenue prices &! Broadway, $5 Sixth Jtvenu* prices ' ' Brad \ ay, 6 Si >.th a\ent.e prices .{?*?? Bro.dway, 10 Sixth aveutte pru eg .... 7 00, ii roadway, 15 Show rooms 120 Sixth rvve.t between N n li and Tenth streets. J. HIGUINS, Manager. Millinery ANi7T>T^5ss" goods? ji st re< hived ir u the late auction s. ;? s, at a great reduction. Wl.<?! ? an I retail buteis will :u.d it to their advantage to call at O. W. ISAACK'S*, 71 Franklin stroet, two doors west o. Broadway. Milliner \t a kte d. - v 1 a i > v < > f" talent or Tn tluenoc, with casii or st ck, may become partner in a *. .l?>ta lished busin s ia an unsurpassed location. Ad dress A. Stuieecan, I niou square i'o-t olflce, stating particu lar, references and time iT luw rvi w. MEDICAL. Afflicted restored? ionorance exposed Fallac'* ft nnmitsked.? Dr. LARMONT'S Paris, London and New York MedlfoU Adviser \ -d Marriage fjulde in forms the dchili'ated and dis.?ast in< aiding those v\ h? are Ignorant oi ihe cause ol their ill health, and who have been d s;ip]Miinte?l in thr u* phvse ians, ol the rnf>t certain and e nv nlent mod- of cure." Mall -I for SI by RICHARDSON. No. I Wsey street; DEXTER .* CO., 113 Nassau street; and DEW ITT, 13 Frankfort street; or the author, 647 Broadway, up stair.-*. PERFKCr CCi?K Is OCAllA NTKED ? A RADICAL isahva;. h ? !le -ted by Dr. WARD, 12 insight street, slues, n the UhUai time ;>u 1 ut half the Ap< D Dk. r. cobbktt, mem bur op the nmy tore l." n . i t-.... 1 - -v an . '' ? ..f Surg'-M, IvoniUm, mn 'i ? cmi.-oilto i >?nn tin' 1. 1* >st tun ..)>)>? I'nn : . im ?|>'c.?l ill . .1 !> - -? uiii :?? Oi itr? i i.ift, n-?r ('it 'n lie.Miirc t. ,V H ? s. . I if. ( , k uyiunM. In bin ufflt*. i'r:v?M f.ii'uii . -it N .m'.ii I ?... 1 p.! U. RA I.I'll, OFKl('i:S 1:'.| C!:OSUY STREET, COR Lt-r of 11 ^ ii. Hours. 11 i % ainl ? till 9 i*. M. Dr. iiuster has for niiurv vkai;.< conktkeo his Mit ihi' H tu ii .< it ? cTiii ii ' i t-#, in wrhlch im iri'an a im i - .1 tu > , 1." .. , wiili.. 1 m Iniilaiicn of 1 nil I.'. Ili? km' I- : 1 >r. !: i' 15 i! Dr.p, c:res cci'.uln ilUe.ifp- wli- n r. r .. . ut iml ell o:l.?? rt-iiic ales full; gurt ?? tViUinm otr..nj i.r rc-'rlctlon iu th" lia^lis of thf I ? "in; ' "ir tin. Mil keatii" of* t<c - nl all uii.ei .-itit-ii n- - ; 1 tc in i?'?' ,m>. ? j in if - Uinn fii Ii mm. Ii itn, . . thi: ; S't UK i.ilnt tiic o. I m mire tu* Rni I) r- < .? II Ii f 1 n vl lit ta li ; it ? 11. -.v ? tnau at th. <.lil oCi <? No. Si1' I Uhi -'!? t. Bo k luriiiiilitng ti.ui n .i.iof Ibeolfi t? o! >'.ii i. ab.. -?*. J)'1 w ?;i> h 'i. latin , all di eases o in-.i .t ?- ctalia' *' his Great w t? r ? ! . i. . i ,a .?ti t. I Dj.'? kN BR I um'.v.f: ?.x I ? i.y . v.. t- ? . . i' on ollli'e. So. 8 liurri-oi. tivcu. ?. - - - u i. GOODS. AT CUSHMAN A BROOKS' .?u. .. NEW 9TOBB.

V"*' or Twenty-ebb li mm i, i o?n a Xrfuen To ??!?, $i a <J well worth 92 25. 1,*U i.iziUh I Lltirn Nai kln *1 !2>; ; well w mil $1 SO. 1 ouu ,i.i/.eu Union T.iwci-, (1 u?i,-u; worth lit. |*? doz n ladles' Cotton II. dev. 10c. and lflc. dftidozen uiiaane Cottou r'l.ncr H ma. &W dvitsn gems' k?, sooted qualities. Tlii rt'll"" " Oh '??? In every variety. Laillwr Kid Ulovoa, at . ; none better. Uutlor vc-iMaud Druwr , f,,r La, lie, gents and children. Ribbon* In rr?ry v.irletv mi i p i a French tWera and Rn h. ?. ..aod style*. Lu-tioa and imwr Straw Hutu, 2a. U, 6?. Embroldcr'cs ar.J L*--e Utails, jmt received from auc tion, which we shaliael! at .r '-una. Linen Uandkeruhlrfa, the oh upcrt lot In thla city. I'lf" *ni ilea, the very b aT v. ? paper. Teeth lii italic**, .i ? , 4c . &e. h< . . nil aider price. Buunti and Dt'csaiiig C./uibs, i -., tc.ii tvorlli lb, Ho.>|> Skirts, 2s. 61. j Otis Corauis, $k a- pair P,ip.r I' H. the bent, He ; pr Htm;, S?. Auction lot t umbric Oollan; IS-., well worth to M. Alien. hi lot (ollai 4a., oM pel, e 7a. Auivou lot Veils, 20c. to #1, way under regular price. Ant tl hi lot Balmoral 8 u, IH, 24, old iwiue ?3. Auction lot Lace tin. in*, Edging, ,ic., cheap. Ladies visiting our store , Hu Pun 1 1 axe desirable goads chea?. 463 Sixth avenue, comer ol Twenty-elghth street CU.MlNlAN' A BROOKS. AT BONALDStlN A M HAKliS' CORNER OP SIXTH a\ eniie tui-1 Nineim-nth airei-t, Wle* will tlnd a choice aksnrtiuri.t ot Hosiery, Undergarmenta, Ribbons, Honiara, Mm id--. Mutlh-rs, Cloth U loves, beat. lea our uaual flue aa<?ort inent i>1 amall wares, io. Uooda from auction every day. AT MRS. GAYNOR'8? OREAT B ABO AIMS ARE NOW nit'. -red. Hume of the boat ahapca ami quality, aliglllly am bid, for *! und $1 2d. Jumi received, those celebrated I'sris made OotitUlc Cor.v's; regular price* $5 and $G, now $3 a nd $4. Al>o the Purls woven K. Werrely Corset, and now styles in French Skiru. Ail sold at pauio prices. 643 Broadway, no&r Union s>|iiare. QONTINUATION OF T1IE GREAT t'LOSlNO SAUB Ol' the stock of BOWARD LAMBERT A CO., No. 447 Broadway. FRESH REDUCTIONS Are constantly being in prl -es to Injure the Mle of the eutiie atock prior to the lit of December. SPECIAL ATTENTION la Invltad to the stock ol EMBROIDERIES, SHAWLS ASl7 CLOAKS, 61I.KS AND OTHER 1HU:S3 GOODS, la which will be found kome very choioa styles, at exceedingly low prices. ALSO FOR SALE CHEAP A large lot of Store i-'intures, cousiatlng of Counters, Shelving, Herring's Safe, Ac. QLOAKS, CLOAKS. We offer at retail a lar?e an l nttrnellve stock of CLOTH AND HEAVER OLOAKS, at extremely low prices The atock cmupi laea all the latest and most fashionable aiylea, inanulucturcd expreaaly for the Broadway retail trade. E. S. MILLS A CO, 41.1 Broadway, near Canal street Wholesale stock as usual at 342 and 344 Hroadwaj. FRBNCII AND ENOLI8H DRESS GOODS. Just landing Iroui eteameis Persia and City of New York, ISO CASES PLAIN PRINTED AND B ROCHE U EPS. K OASES EMKROIDEKED itEI'S, Choice dealgus. ALSO Novelties In CHINTZ PRINTED ME HI NOES, KOI'LARD DELAINES, MOl' SS E I I N E I) E I .A I N ES, TELOUR OTTOMANS, EI INGUNES, Aft, At popular prices. A T. STEWART A CO. ICH PARIS SILKS. A LARGE VARIETY OF CIIOICB FALL STYLES~N()W READY. ALSO, LOwTkTcED SILKS, From auction, Including many desirable styles In plain and fancy. LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway. 25A to 26l Grand street. 47 and 49 Catharine street. Rn. MACY SELLS LADIES' DOLLAR KID GLOVES ? for t!S cents, at 2iM nn l "OS Sl%th avenue, two dooni be low Fourteenth street. No connection with any other store In the city. R SOLOMON * HART, 388 BROADWAY, Are offering to whole ?ale mr,) *nall bnver*, for cash nrnl short lint.' at extremely low pic* their Mock of CURTAIN OOOI)S, Fl 'llNITVllE COVERINGS, UPllOLSTEltY MATERIALS of ev< ry d-*c Iptlon, GOLD AND PAINTED WINDOW SHADES, AND FRENCH AND AMERICAN PAPER HANGINGS, DKCORATIVE AND PLAIN Their stock of the Above good* la the largest In t bis market, ami contain* a great many line* boil :hl at auction and Irom l*nltrupl ?toek?, at price* lower than coat of Imjxu-taUoa, which they are able to offer at great bargains. M1SCEL LA VJBOUS. A COMPARISON OF PRICES Will cor vliice all that we are now offering the CHEAPEST GOODS Id ourlhic enn be found In New York. RBADI RHADII READ!!! White French China l>lmier Plate*, the do/.cn $1 50 White: French Chin i jireakfaM Plate*, thu dozen 1 25 While French China Tea Plate*, the dozen 90 W hit*' French China Covered Dishes, each 7ft While Kren h China High Fruit II isKet*, each 7 ft White French China Tea Set*. 4t piece* S 76 White French China Dinner Sets, 176 place* 29 00 Gold Band French China Tea Set*, 44 piece* 6 00 Gold and Colored French China T a .>"1*. it piece* 6 (Hi Oold Band rrench Cllll.a Dinner Sain, piece* 42 00 FANCY FRENCH CHINA DINNER SETS at 950 and upward*, and all at about one-half the usual price. Cut Ola** GoMet*. down 91 CO Cut GUI'* Decanter*, the pair 1 WJ Colon d Bohemian Glass Fin hi 'r Bowl*, thu dozen I ?0 Silver Plated Tea Sets, alx piece* 1% 00 Silver Plated C *ter<, six cut bottie* t HI Silver Plated < 'ake Haskct?.V*< h 4 80 Silver l'iated Teaaumns, ilia dozen 1 25 Sliver Plated Tablespoons, the dozen 8 50 Silver Plated Tahl- F .rk*. the do/. n ? 75 SILVER PLATE I* ICE PtTOHERS, largest size. best quality of 95 plate, handsomely engraved, 9"> % > 95 $:>. $ i 95 95 ALSO A COMPLETE SSHOUTMKNT OF IRON STONE CHINA, OF TUB Manufacture of John M iddoc.k A Son, Staffordahh-e, Eng land, decidedly the best goods of their cias* imported Into New York. Iron Stone China Dinner I'l.. teg, thc'doy.en 95 Iron Stone Chin* Sonp PJal *, tlie dozen !>?> Iron Stone China Break l ust Plate*, the dozen 83 Iron Stone China Tea Sets, 44 pieeea $2 7a Iron Stone China Toilet Sola. 11 piece* 2 10 Iron Stone China Dlnn?r S"t*, Iii2 piece* Id 01 Ivory handled Jliuner Knives, th* ilo/.en 4 5i 1 .'ory handled Tea Knives, the dozen 4 00 LIKEWISE the most complete assortment of OAS FIXTURES In America, embracing complete net* >>f Chandelier*, Ao., for merlca, embracing complete net* of PUBLIC BUILDINGS, STORES, DW] DWELLINGS, Ac., Ac. An examination of the hi . le* enumerated it ove is RESPECTI'l LLY SOLICITED. The pub lc may rest a-? ' 'I that our price* are FULLY H PER CENT below customary rutin. W. J. F. DAII.EY ft CO., No. tUl BROADWAY. I, W AYS B1'Y YOUR BOOTS AND SHOES AT CON . NER'ti, 377 Bowery, next to Fifth street. its' pi ime calf-stltched l.o ds iX> " double iolcj Boot* 4 (kl " " C 'tigr- as Gaiters 2."'l " " double wiled Balmoral* 2 75 " Ion .:-legged grained Water Boots 2 75 pegged IS otc, from 81 24 to 3 00 llci-, inissi *', boys' and -h II lien's Wear at vcr> low prices. N. B. ? Charitablo societies supplied at low figure*. A G1BEATEHT NOVELTY OF THE AGE? RHODES' HELP T Adj ?;liw Qloth' ? W ringer . v. r n m anything f.n J e\ erv th'nn, . roll! a lat ?? coll irtoa m -i sj.ri ad. I'n :e 84 50aiid 96 50. The iruile supplied on liberal i.-rm*. Acei.ti wanted. L. M. ROLLINS, 1 ,7 Canal siroet. A!*o for sal ; it VJ 1 Br ad ray. HOUSEKEEPER'S LOOS HBRB.-TBB PRICE LIST andlo atlonof the depots of the peoples Prorision Co:upany will appear on the eighth pn;o of next Sunday's Herald. See li and save money. Hydraulic pkess.-an y pbrson haying for sale a Hydio.Hta'.io Pre** of not pow-r^inin thlrtv tons, and if provided with pump* will lie preferred, r.lll please addre*s, with and price, 11. B., lieral l oil: oe. ?INDIGO BLUE DYEING.~,IN). (iADSBY ft SONS, J. In uuo Biue Dycrn tin I Fimsliers of cloth -, oimlmeres, Ao., 1U Feller lane, third street n)>ov? Ar.h, PhilauelpUia. \T ool dyed. IARD OIL OF TIIE BEST QUALITY, WHOLESALE J and retail, ai the Lard oil Factory, 7# and TO Sullivan it. MME. }l 'DINK S.? DRE SSUAKINO, at 115 EIGHTH street. In the it *t nud ni.?i fa.-bioiiable style*. cd d.iig. Eti-nlti ; and Mournl.i^ Ln * made it iv.iu oil rates. Marble mantels hkkat reduction in price'.. ? Those wisnln, to buy Mante s very cheap s oi l '?.l at A. Kl ABLll d m ?rt!e yarn, ll.'l E .si Eg'.it' cnth street, n-arTi. rd svnu . New York. Or hi* i ri.m the oouiury ex t,ui?,*.i with d>' <':li. APT HA BENZOLE? SUBSTITUTE Kill TURPEN tlu.) ? !."? ceii' s per . u;..u. f..i s...le in .piant tle* to njit, by ClIESEalUOUUtI .V Wf I EATON, 120 Maiden lane. iE FiXTT l: lis OF A JEWEL ,.s. ,i, tin r es, Vc. Price must Llry Store, IL rai l oUiOe, .'taiiii^ N iin CLINTON PLACE. 38 00 1 EAFNESS AND M PAIRED SIGHT CURED BY THE JSTKKRIAli INIIALATOR. Oli-orvo' -Dr. VON MG-Cll/.lSKEn, Ooi'Ut and AnrUt, |ia. 'i "i i,v ilhi-' '.ce to ?'i t.linion ;? ice, hi t. u Uulvor? alt) pie ? * ? i I Broadway. \>. ATOHES A MJ JBWiLRY. 1 A M o N D JEW ELI Y FOR SAi E A 4' A S A< I : i I- 1 ' E? ! ' A I'otv d la It < t. le. li id I. ' Ill ? t y ? M. . i i I'.. 'A. I'l.l . : die hi ? l>i i, 512 .i, IV. I ...I- i...y lioiu '.I Liu lu A. H. aml2 uu 3P. Ji. W..e'y AMTBK*n5!VT8. ^ Lauua keenes theatre. to-.niuH r A .l> BVEUY N Kill THIS WEEK GREAT IHKEE ACT _ UNION BURLESQUE TUX HWK SONS, 8E\ KM .HONS, SEVEN 0RVBN SONS, SEVEN SONS, SK. KN SONS, SEVEN 8oNd, SEVEN IXJNS, Si^VJiN SONS, SEVEN SONS, seven SONS, SEVEN BUNS. Which ban bean rccencrt (turin# Hi - pa<t HrlY-BiX MliliTS ? til ENTHUSIASTIC A W AI'STR, During whlrh i" r II li - on ?i'? - d l>? inward* of EIGHTY- T'lUEE TIM) sAND PEOPLE, By whom ii i* iii:l . tii '1 v iirviii>ui|i i.,i ibn KINESl S. ECTACI ."Alt E VTlt AVAUANZA Ever |>r<> ? !u |n v .filling ImlUanl apix ?iuu? of Plotuivsi|iie ? e erv, Novel I'lh'i Is, Boauil ill tableaui, Bvqili f inu?l<V Miliii ? . v "? Uitlona, March-*. drill*, l/alon s.ingat Union eentlmentj^ and a cait embrad" vir- ?tn>n Hi of Hip follow lug POPULAR NAM f.? Ml*? LAI'RA KE'.NK, M -. ? >. H. AMEN, Mlaa 8AR\ STEVEN&. Mi- LOTTIE HOUGH, Mil. I'll ANFRAU, NMiv M Mil E, Mikh IONR BURKE, Mlnv Al'.il S T A, Mm. DILLON. Mum FRANCES. Mr*. MARLOWE, Mi-. ROUERTSON, Mr J. O. MI RNETT, Mr. II V. 1) M.Y, Mr LEVICK. Mr C. PETERS, Mr. MARLOWE, Mr DILLON, Mr. J II sr.iHIURT, Mr. C. BURNETT. THE OVERTURE AND INCIDENTAL M' SIO By THOMAS BAKER. AI?o A MEDLEY ? TUNK * FOR TIIE MILLION, ?erloiia and comic ? (utt oil ? km iik "Tim Sailor Hoy," with Imi tation of Jem Bag*' fain io? CWriounl Solo and uther novel effect*, and hi* new an I pwlar LAI'RA KEENE WALTZ. Doort open at <)}*. mmiii. oec at 7>?. Dreaa Circle *eat* may be *ecured ten day a In advance. w INTER GARDEN. LAST NIlIll I'S last mouth LAST NIOIITS LA.-iT NIGIIT.S LAST NIGHTS Mr. I. 8. CLARKE. Mr. J. 8. CLARKE. Mr. J. 8. CLARKE. Mr. J. 8. CLARKE. ,Tn UKSD A Y, November 7, L'ihi "luht but one. FRIDAY, November 8, P i-<itlvi ly laat night, C? t* which dale *eau mav now i? aeeured. THIS EVBNINO BOURCIOAI'l.T S OCTOROON-, HOURCIC AI'I.T'H DITTO ItOON; HOUHCICAITI.T 8 OCTOROON; BOUECICAl LT'8 OCTOROON} on, OR, LIFE IN LOUISIANA, LIKE IN LOUISIANA, LIKE IN LOUISIANA. WITn ITS UNIFORMITY OK EXCELLENCE. A i L THE PLANTATION. Act 2. TIIE M''UDES. Act S. THE SLAVE SALE. Act 4. THE LYNCH LAW TRIAL. Act 5. AN INDIAN S REVENUE. KRIDAY, FAREWELL BENEFIT AND POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE OF MR. J. 8. CLARKE. Friday? Laat nlglit of the OCTOROON, and only Uma of TOODLE8. Bowery theatre. ?; Leasee and Manager STICKNKY'S CHEAT NATIONAL CIRCUS. First nlk'ht of LKS FUKRES l)E LVVANTB. OVERPOWERING ATTRACTION, Being tne only Circu* Company now performing Id the United State*, ALL THE EQUESTRIAN TALENT IN THE COUNTRY, la concentrated ai till, utabllabni nt. Thursday ??veiilnii, No* 7, will be uivwnlod a magnificent ... DISPLAY OP IIOUSESuNSIIIP. MILITARY KNTItKK, by ihn lir^t rider* of the age. STARTLING ACKIAL FKATtf, By Les Frent l)e Lavante and W. F. Smith. Elegant (JytiiMaMti. ii, Porch. Tableaux, Jkc. Afternoon iH'rturmuiH-ea ou Sutarday and Weilnehdajr. DANTERBDBT MU8I0 IIALL, 685 BROADWAY.? w ' DORA. DAW HON, on ?j>, DOR A DAW HON. K o Doha Dawron, a g DOICA DAWKON, C! ? D >lt.A DAWKON. t5 t DOHA DAWltON, t ?" Tim '???). Im u it'll W 2 DOL'BJiK VOICED STNORR, *9 2 DOUBLE VOICED SINU! It. B 5 DOUBLE VOICED KlNUliK, H O IN DIJ KITS I V DI'lOTg IN DUETTS gTIIB flKEAT I'ANTOMINB, ? MAHlC I. A I SIEL, j3 MAfJIO LAUKEL, H 2 M.< VD 10 LAllliEL, a ^ MAUiO LAL'KiiL. w 2 T*-nUht flr*tkm?'iii-auceof 2 O 8ILAB BALDWIN. SILAS BALDWIN, 9 H SILAS BALDWIN, Ml, <8 BALDWIN, B r* TIIK CELEBRATED JIUULKK. !* TWO LI VI NO WHALES AT .TONUS- WOODS, EAST rlri'r?n<i duty-liftli .tract. AIiuimIou 29 eouta. Oull ?Iron under ten, IS cent*. WANTED-AT CANTERBURY MI78IO HALL, LADIES l ot: TIIK BALLET, NKOKU DELINEATORS. AND FIRST CLASS VcXJAI.ISTS. Apply m llic itugo ilnor before 12 o'tWk, morning. 'ANTED? FOR BUOKLEY'8 SERENADERS, A BASS ?In.<!r, ii violinist, Mil ? cornet play t. Apply to K. Bnrklry, 215 Mulberry at., between 2 ami 3 P. M. Nona bat ooinprteut imiHiuiHUN uced apply. STKAJIUOATS. IBOY.? 8TKAMEK UI{ rv.lay atrent ev.-ry ilny, IVrtli Am boy, lrutUfi,, ? IhihIIiii:*. Returning I' arm l'onh Am >nv in 7 I'. M. QTKAMKIt LONO ISLAND LEAVER .JAMES' SLIP k? e?ery Jay (Sunday, nxi-rpt. di, ?t 2 4 > P. M., lor North Kurt, nuikliiK the liitonii'illuie landing; running, Icavra ?rilip on at 5 M A. M. K.tre front Oil' :i Cove, 2) ccuta; from Siui'la' Pnint ami Urral X vk, In tenia. Kroulit I'rutn Glen Oove, San:.' l'olut au 1 Ureal N.xk at hulf thu UMial rata* w IJ10R PERTH AMBOY.? STKAMBK GEO. LAW X.KATES pier tool of Barclay street every day, Sundays excepted, "t 2.W P. M. for Perth Amboy, making the intermediate COPARTWBRgHlP NOTICES. A STEADY BUSINESS MAN, WITH SOME CAPITAL! is wanted In a U^hl manufacturing bu?in"r? that wiP yield large profits. No rink un 1 competition. Address Ed' mo nd Jones, Post office. VTOTICE.? TIIR COPARTNERSHIP BETWEJ 1 HILIP i 1 Hwv k and Martin Daab, of the linn of Star* ? Kvab, is this day dissolved. The business will be continued at the name place, corner of Washington and Vesey streets, by MARTlN DAAB. PARTNERS WANTED? O It WOULD SELL A WHOLE Produce Business. long arid permanently es a'dlsii ed. with a lar^.e number of ca?h customnrs, t)i?* trade of which will be shown by the books to yicM a p">tlt of about $1<)0 per wt?ekf and ?*an be e*w*ilv doubled with adtiltion of eaidtal; well located, >;ood st-ar. j ?w rent, and sto.-k on hand ul f ii fhli, ready .-ale, and riot large. An opening almoin un equalled. N ? ug -nts. Address, with real nami% Produce, Herald oflkse* PARTNER WANTED? WITH $2.(>X) o:>$3,0.)0 IN CASH X in a staple Mant...u taring with a large demand, and that pays a pro:itof nearly Jf>Jp r <?. nt. Address, with real name. Manufacturer, bo* 137 il .aid uflice. T > A RTN K RS H I P. ?THE AD / K RT f S E U A FIRST RATE 1 business man, would like io put s ane eapital ami his un divided attention into an eatln ; mIooi*. '???iiie?:tionery, butter, cheese and ey^ store, or something ot tlie km I, well ts Uibll.-!i?: 1 and doing a good busin.'VK. None need answ r un less reliable iu every rcspecL Adurcss lt ilable, Herald rnO BREWERS.? WANTED TO PURCHASE, THE X the whole or a part iuU ns in a Brewery cafmble of browing about fk I'ty !>arr s per day. Par i s having t!ie same to dispose of at a I'.di pn -e : ui m e . with a puivti.iser b> addressing C.*S. II., box.'J/JUt Post o bee, N. Y. 7" ANTED? A PARTNER. WITH A CASH CAPITAlZ in the retail Uio ? l y business aaout to i>e onene< W one oi the best corners . nl avenues in in? city. tli? most resectable pai tic* u*cd i.pply at 01 West Thirtieth street, before 11 oclo aL dil 7 rt ?WANTED, AN ACTITE MAN, TO TAKE V I I fulleliarg nspar nerof the * d e tablhhed Tea ai.d Butter Store, in Hleeek?*r str? ? r, w.,1 U has done a cash trade of &25 to $1) a day for thro ? y .< ? M Lease of the whole House at $4UQ a year. Four good Rooms tor a family. Will take part cjish. Apply on the premises, 234 Bleecker street, uear Oarmlne. $QAA ? AN EKTBRPRfSINO MAN. WITH THIS OUvi amount of cash e:in see a r9 one-half Interest in a go??d p tying legitime e business, t ? it admits oi no risk. Apply to or addrcsu, cnlosing stamp, J. CUM k Co., No. 'M Canal street. Q 0 h ~V A N A youno man as ' partner with this amount (or lessj to open a Real hs tat?- and Agency Olli > or Rome manufftrutrlng business, <?r would h tve no obj -ei iuu i > connect himself with sorae ro sis'etable one Alrea ' ' established, where the money would bo refjuired in extet?dlu? the 'nme, and not io be jaiid a? a bo nus or for good will. A Idres# i^eo, il r.?ld olHce. Q1 / \ I W | ()T^ $-(/i0 -v GE^ffLBMAN of' GOOD 1 ?pl?vv;'/ busine-s <pi til atior.v an I add' cw quaii.ied la I sr.per.utcn I a btislnews, di a s a j> It ion win re lie can safe ly and protifibly this amount, Aduross A. B., oox 1,96 i'o,t office. ?1 AAA ?A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD BUSTNEAS Jpl iV/'M;. habits an 'I ex'enstve coa:? y a ? ju 'intau e, ha-, ii. { the above capita' . de-li ta conn* ci hi iv "if with aa e-vibl.shed hou-'e in the <'>i!.nir".uii oountry produce busin - . Ad h < s ii. C. U , 1 !? '. aid o.u ? . TO 1) ? AN F. Ti*l It P K I SIN < J MAN le.irn of a. i excellent c. an cither as p ?rtu r of b/o.k o.? (latter p> d 'r" !'* full* f-alar? ; security for money undoubted. A drcas L. ward l-\, Herald otllee. Si n/\A T( > li 1 N K : WA X rEDL TO manul v ui" an article -?r ?,sm lisheu sa:6 nnd demand, secured bv o rent, and vn Mm,' c\tr?an l> largo pro tits: or will merge . ' . a ? ??;?? nv. A ?**;'??' ' ? ? bOUTHW iOD, M > i-s-a ? i* et. A ro]i JV resp' MATRLHOMAL. FOREIGN AND K I ?i \ ?( N ?: CP \ TLEM AN. OK r-v-peetable family, o. *o s, a et a-- ocj . o .me of Mat; lady with a view '?? ' ?"? ? She mast b'i weil ?a i atid, a:n have the >am ? >n ... money for greater hap pile?.- s. Ad-! ros P. U., bo % -' ? ? -Uoihe. i ilrAN;Ti;i?-l;Y \ VO '. i '? ?>' All i as' YilA'lii ... elatcra i neeua^f V, 1. 1%.. tnlvn sauaia I'uu odice. amcshmekti, WALLACE'S, """-r1" ^ ui.i.iLaiLiL^-?r> EOBBril" WFRKri84W?T.i,?'' Thirteenth afreet. ?s? sp.L??.S? wasi ATTEST THE aUANU^U,:"^'^'1 WW $8 Bisl fe WXI MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN' SCKNli'V^ MAJESTIC MlM NT.VI N SCENERY* CHARMINO M <IC ' CilAK.M I Nil sic' COSTUMES, co.sru.MKs, (From di-.iwui^H by Carl Hang,) Ana A DM I II ABLE ACTIN'O - .. . admirablk A. tin,; K|Jff? " MOUNTAINS. KINO 2 MOUNTAINS. KINO $ MOUNTAINS. KINO g M'H'NT \tS(L JJ ja ? mountains. ki.vo . noi'.n iAfn*. K1NU o MOUNTAINS. KINO ? MOUV1AIN*. KINO or tiiu MOT STAINS. MR LESTER WALLACE, MR Rl>A KM. MH. Oil \RI,E8 MSIIER. Ml( \ < ?l '.Ml. MK REYNOLDS. MR FI.OYD. M.:k IIoEV. MRS. VERNON. MIS.S llhNRly I'EIS. KINO Or TIIK MOI N TAINS. EJXM SE T,1K mountains. KINiI T"E MOUNTAINS, n w i .V and Par on I, Ailcenlti; Private Boxes. Ml Orchestra null*, #1 ; family Circle, tiO'nti. New bowery tiieare. Sole Proprietor*. Ml- rs. O. L. Fox and J. W. ' ? - THURSDAY. NOV 7. I HI. Clurlei Uayler'a Or m Nat onal N,iull<?l D.umaof IIATTEKAS INI.KT; Or, OUR NAVAL VICTOfclBS. The mualeal BurletU of WI1Y DON'T SHE MARRYT NATZ TIEOK Mr O L MIT LISBTTB , (wi-h | *??:*> .MU? FANNY HERIUnS And the UiheruLm Drum ? t?r k'ADDY THE riTER. B ARNUM'S AMERICAN Ml'SKUM. ?a ONE WEEK MORE OF THE L! VINO III I'l OI'OT VMtTS, THE LIVINO L 1 Pi Ol'i T V I US, TIIE LIVINO llll'l OI'OTAM. S, The erenteat \v. tider of tin- hiiiiii 'I Kin.: hm. THE OIIEAT BEHEMOTH OF TIIE SCRIPTURES TIIK LIKE OF WHICH IS NUT UPON TIIE EAI'Ttl. Atvordltiy to both Siur-tl ami pr-dane hialory, S e Job, . il Tlil-. woiiderlul amphibian* animal line been vtalbd bf over half n million of people al ilie Mn.enni, every onett wIhiiii <!?' lai i linn 'o lm, alone. WORTH DOI'BLE TIIE PRICE OF ADMISSION. Wlio, then, will lall of sic i.; linn dnniiK lint imuiirl of his abort au?v f Re nr?i er, Ik ia the only one ol L specie.-* e.'er In A ineria, .initio' ili'll nlly of o t.ilnnic i!ien_ makca il almost eerniiu thul In* ia the la-' that ever w. J ba here. He I* to be seen at ,i l hour*. day anil evening, and every haif-ho ir ia exl.ivted, boili In ami o il ?i tho waiar, and ileK'Tibi-il by a eonip tent e t irer Alao lo lie men, he LIVINO ELEPII \N'I TURTLE. over 1.UU0 y-nr- oi l, and web limit over &KI Iba ; the WHAT IS ITf ALHIN* FAMILY, SEA LION, MAMMOTH BEAR SAMSON, lit near a million other ci rlo?ni< * THE ORE AT DRAMA, TIIE ANOEL OF MlllNiOHT, Hal been received with mi Ii unbounded e- preaalona.of ap> probation, I* *o universalis almned, thai It will be CONTINUED EVERY AFTERNOON ANU EV I.NINO thia we. k, al Sand 7 K o eh* k. It la eon. . .led that tbla ia tit* BEST DRAM A EVER PR >DUt BD AT THE MUSEU*, and thousand* a ill embrace Una oppoitunity lo wliiiea* IL Admlxaion to all, ?5 ceil la. Children under ten, 15ceuU. B BY ANT'S MINSTRELS. Mechanic*' II ill, t/J Broadway, above Orand Mrftei, Mondav, November 4, mid ev i v niitlit durum the we" DAN BRYANT, NEIL BltY ANT, ECU. HORN, S. 0. CAMPBELL, T. LESLIE, U. S. POWLML W. L. UOBBS, J II SAVORL J. OAKATAONjL N. W. OOULD, J. MORRISON, J. W HILTON. T. J. PEEL, JAPANESE T'MMT, T ElTINOk THE EXCELSIOR TR UI'E OF THE WOULD, In a brilliant variety of aoua*, dance*, burle*n>.e*, Jkc. "The Raw Reeruili," " (;arle Ue Vlalie." " Lonl Lovel," "Tin-pan onlon," " D..t'? Wuat'ade Matter," "Chaw Raant Beef," " The Ilia. It Wi ard." Doora open at 6>? o'clock; curtain riaea at 1% o'cttfdfc, Tlckota 2S ointa. HOOLEY'S MINSTRELS (LATE OP NIULO'S Sa loon), Stnyveaant ll.ill, 65!) Kroaitwar, oppoalle Bond atreet. MONDAY EVEN1NO. NO\ . i, AND EVERY NIOHT. THE STAR TROUPE STILL TRIUMPHANT. TREMENDOUS SUCCESS OF THE NEW FEATURBB, BAR1IARY ALLEN? SALLY, COMB UP! THE BARBER-OUS POLITICIANS. TIIE DILAPIDATED MUSICIANS. The Vocal Qnartetle In new Son^a, Dueta an I Oboruaaea Doora open at fi >4 ; lo commence at 7\. TluKela lift ocnta. UNCEASINO WONDERS. At the Pariaiau Cabinet of Wonder* and Anatomy, MB Broad way, next door to Ball, Black A Co., New York. J Ml added to tlita large auperb ami world lamed cotleclioa, a fierl'eet freak of nature, a monster i hil l with two lieadi, fixir e^a and three arm*. In conjunetlon with tbla Intel eating aijjht there are w onder* of an uimiii |i; v?able and thrllUa( nature. At one glance la iceii 1,70 j nari? of the humau bodn The inatlliillon baa been prououiieej by the many ihouiaaH who crowd to It daily to have a truly in iral ti ndcucy. Leeiurea da lyou Inlereitlnc, acientlllu and pa thologlMl aubjeeta. Open fornenllemen only from 10 A M. till 10 P. IL A ImlMdon 26 acuta. WINTER OARDBN. _ EXTR 'i \ S'NOUNOEJIBHT. FAREWELL. Itl.S iCI''IT FAREWELL BENEFIT or MR. J. S. CLAKKB. MR. J. S. CLARKE. FRIDAY FRIDAY FR1DAV EVENING, NOVEMBER 8, 1M1. POSITIVELY LAST NIGHT Or MR. J. 8. CLARKE, and of Buur !? a ilt'i gioat dram*. THE O I'OKOO . 'Dili IHl'ti >l{Di IN, To which, In eorapIlaucM w till many r quest*, will b? added, for umi night only, Mr, J. S s peculiarly origins C ys4 highly comic conception and reu niuu o( T OODLES, TOODLKH, Is tho drams of that name, con-tlt'uing an I M >1 BNSE COM B I S aTION. IMMENSE COMBINATION. Box book now open. Notics.? The curtain will rise at or" lsMy, and this im usually attractive entertainment .vol terminate before H. Seouro your seats. .' PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OP NEW YORK.? (Twentieth season? I>*)!-<iJ.) Tbu public rehearsal (No. .1] pr oparat >ry to the first (ionodrf of the soason wilt take plaoe at Irvlug Hall, on Saturday morning, November!!. in ltfoVloei; EXTRA TICKETS FIFTY CENTS EACH. n>e first Concert will lake piuoe at IRVING 11 VLL, On Saturday ere n lag, Nov mber 'J, at 8 o'clock, on which o? ciuiim will fx! perfoi-roed li Ihoren * Symphony, N ' '. 8, ta C minor; Berlioz's Overtnte ' Le General Carnival," and*. Wagner's Overture to "Rlen/.i," under the dir.:. t:on of SaH Bergmanu. The following distinguished artists will also appear:? MISS ABBY FAY, SOPRANO. UK S. B. MILLS, PIANO. For subs'rlptions apply a? the music stores of ScarfnnbaM A Luis, 7 i''J Broadway; C. Hreu lug, 701 Broadway, an during the rahcarital at Irving 1 1 ??II. DOOllS OPEN AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. Subscribe) ? ? re requested to obtain their extra tickets at th'i above music store* bclore six o clo k on thedayoftha concert. By order. J. fi. BBISHEIM, Secretary. C CRYSTAL PALACE CONCERT HALL, J GER..1AN VOLES GARDEN, 43, 45 BOWERY. 45. 44 (J HAND ENTERTAINMENT EVE It Y EVENING. FOUR nOl' KS OK GOOD PERFORMANCE, for the cheap t price of a Iml.-si in in tue city. 0 CENTS. RESERVED SEATS, 12 CENTS. 60HNT8. e ;gai.ement OF MONS. AND MAD. DE LAVE. OF MONS. AND MAI). DE LAVE. To appear evory night this week. MOSS. DE LAVE, the great wonder of the present age, to lh? only rival to BLONDIN. BLONDIN. BLONDIN. Having been advertised to appear at annthei c*tiibUgh. incut, the public are caullonud that be will positively appoar at the 45 BOWERY. VOLKS GARDEN, 45 BOW&BT. Opposite the old Bowery Theatre. TO-NIGHT. tonight. U It AND ASCENSION ON THE TIGHT ROPE, BV MONS. DB LAVE. On which occaaiou he will carry his iady, MAD. DE LAVE, ON HIS HACK. Broadway music hall. 4tUan,l4S5 BROADWAY. 4?and< GUAND CONSOLIDATION OF NOVELTIES. Carlo's great comic p;uitoinlmu of THE APB OF BORNEO, THE APB OF BORNEO, THE APE OF BOltNEO, Every evening thl* wtek And Snturday afternoon at 2% o'd THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS. THIt BROADWAY MINSTRELS, THE BROADWAY MINSTRELS, In an en'lre new programme of songs, glee*, choruses, Ac. Patil Brlllunsnew ballet, entitled LA PRIMA DONNA. LA PRIMA DONNA. LA PRIMA DONN A. LA Pit! MA DONNA. THE GREAT CARLO TROl PB, THE GREAT CARLO TROl'PB, THE GREAT CARLO TROUPE, In their wonderful gymnast c performance#. GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, On Saturday afternoon, No*. 9, a! 1\i o'clo-k. HOUERT W. BlITLEil, S<,le Leue?. Mons. LA THORN K, Sutge Manager. MISS LIZZIE PARKER, HAVING ACCEPTED EM> gae^m n i whlob prevent hnr going to Europe at pre *' ii t, la op. ti lor eng.t : .nunta to alng in oratorio or c<inc?r^ Any ?o . "ti. H or perxona desiring hot- services will i e.ue ad dress Miss Parker, box D, Brooklyn Post office, N. Y. C1APTAIN WILLIAMS' ) SOUTH SEA WHALING VOVAGB, Hope > 'h'tpel, 72o Broad.vk , Every evening .it q iai'ler to night o'clock. We.liie.s.u?y an I Satur.luy afternoons at 3 o'clock. THE CONTINENTAL OLD KOLKS WILL SINO We. lues ./ ? V"nli?, Nov. 6, al Bethany Baptist church, Fifiy-ill'tli ?i..c -r ????? Letiti,' on av.,N. V.; Thursday evening, ii r. 7, ai M ?. ? nla Hal, M siri .s?niaj Friday evenhig. > v. S, at V. .on Hall, A-tor.a, L. I. O'.VI-is HELL RINGERS, AT HOPB CHAPbCtJO D 1 1 road vay ?Toe A Leg anlans, VdOviUta ami Sw i* B(4I Rlitstert, every "\eiiing. A l.nUsI .n 2.< t*ut?; chll lren 13 cut*. < : mm no. s t Tii. M ulu?e Saturday aiicruooii at ! u'"!o. It. ColUren to matinee 13 cents. MR. II BENJAMINS THIRD M1SCELLANEOL8 lie . .ling ? Tnu last of the present course wi 1 be glvi? t us even ng, at ? o'clock, In the Home Chapel, No. 23 East Twenty- moth street. Ti k?ts 115 c?uts. rplIK OPERA.? ALL BILLS UNSETTLED FOR THE L s a-j <n* .if lAaJ and '61, coudn'-ted by Ul. man A St a K > 'i, on. at be Hent, under a sealed envelope, to J. Gosche, JrS East Twelfth -tre t. fir ANTBD- GOOD LADY SINULRS, DANCERS, NB II gio I '.r:or ni-r* and o. lie: taloni, to go to Detroit, Mi hi lian. Apple o .1 Ai Oil HELLER, at French's Hotel, from * to a 0 doufc f. M. TITANTl D x LADY V00AM8T, DANC8R9 AND NE ?!n> p-rf.n in- . s t' r Hit ' ' ^ * N .'i mi .1 UOWert Hall 173 ( am 'i :????*. Cill b?tw? n h) and I thl* day* _____ W'antbd im.m::l?i vtkLY-tiiri:e good sinouiu \> mi,. , , o |. u . ?iii*. Al . ya ?ii< Otk ii\.,ii 'i JotU *t., btttiTofeu tUo hours ol 10 fcail 2 u clwl, Iw two Ouva.

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