Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1861 Page 5
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NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. Withdrawal ot Rebel TrooPa from the Lower >tomao. Gen. Bsaurcgard Ordered maud of the Southern Coab '? Official Announcement of (lie Retire ment of Cleu. Scott. Iddress of the Swedish Minister and the President's Reply, ftcM &c., &c. OUR vrisimaTOft despatches. \V \ - INIITUN, Nov. 8, 1801. DBAVTBEU AllD DBTAII.ED TO T1IK COMMAND OF TIIE KKB..1.S ON T11E MH'TllKKN COAST. The retort that Qenrrul Deauregard had been relieved from his comtnuvi Of tb ? ti L>o!s en the Potomac hooius to bo well foi:u,;<-<t. a tetter junt received herefrom Richmond atato* that a strong efl'orthad f"r eomo days boon male on the part "f tlie people of South Carolina and Georgia to induce Jtff. l>avis to detail lie i' regard to command tho forttdcatior.s u Hull's l ay or I'ori 1 loyal, in tho ovent that the flcot hivtul 1 attempt u landiug at either of tbeso iioints. It was ro, tod thai tho request hud b>-ea grunted, aud Beaurog.t d hat some ton !ay? ?;'o gone to CharViion to watch th movements an I o| r u. ./lis of the Coot. The letter states that tlio genci al belief was that tho fleet w?s destined to ltea .furt. and a pretty largo force had tioen despatched from tho l oi' iu 0 to defend thai pjmt. AFFAIRS AMINO rill. t'MON LINES. All has boon quiet to day th j.;h ut our lino?. A reconi 'iBKauco in lorco t'toro Con. Smith's division waa yesteriay made in tho neighborhood of Vioi na_ Twotudots boyoud that plaro t robol picket g urd.s wero lorty Kt. o:.j5, behind lath they had regiments in . e-o/ vo. Tho wife <f Or. Hunter, wli? was token prisoner near Vienna Wennesday, cine within tho lines of Gon. r?| Smith's division to-day ai d ol tuined a pass to Wash ing too. Two privates belonging to a Pennsylvania re^lraont at" tached to G; n. HeititZ' Impiin vi -ion were ai-eiil n tally Shot Wednesday night (one niortnlly wounded/ by th ir own coin , wln.e on pick1 t duty near 1*? hick creek. REVIEW OF OENKUAL Ut tLI.'s DIVISION. At tinu to-day General Mondial), attended by ld*Bta1T and accompanied by the Princo de Joinville aud s ?>? ..! other notable* , re\ iewed the divi.-ion of General ; <:-u Car loe Ruell. Tho day was bright and clear, and the troo >s appeared advantageous y. The review was witnessed by ? largo asmi mbiuge of ladies unci gentlemen. * . MOVEMENTS OK Tit 2 REBUS. A reconnoltering party of j<'My rebel cuvalry y ester, day mauo their appeal auco at Hurke's Station, on the ' Orange and A oxandria Railroad, but soon retired. The rebels do not make th.iir appoitrance in loi ce west of the Ooc >-j ia.i riv-r. They have .strongly fort t ied tho ?astern shore of 'hat river AKFALKS ON TI B LOW Kit POTOMAC. The river news to day is unimportant. The Mount Washington tit took down Gen. Sickles to Indian load to join his brigade. A REBEL BATTERY AT J1JJ. MOI'I II OF POH/CK CREKK. ' A contraband uiau into Uencral ilotntzolmann'g bead quartors this morning, bring ng the intelligouce thai the rebels have cleared tho woods back of the river, and commenced building a battery at Coouu' Point, at the mouth ef I'ohick river, The channel of the I'o iniac at this point runs very near tlia Virginia shore. 11 it>, how aver, so near to Genera! Ilaintzcimann's forces, thai it can l?s vory oii3ily dultAlgod by our troops on the V irginia aide. GENERAL KOSZCKAN'd ARMY. No naws wiiuiuvci has bcr. i ecolved at t ho War De partment to day from t.enoral 14 >secrans, except tho pn.?s despatch fiom Cincinnati. It is thought strange that no details of thu engagement known u> have been in progro *? during Sttlui day , Monday aud IV sdAy hav? been for u aid ?d dlrociiy to boaiiij'. carters, and it is presumed (hat tu? reported battle did nut uatouiil io more than a livid} aklr mlsh. OFFICIAL VNNOCNURMKN* Of TH* RKTtREJdKNl' OK UKNKRAL SCOTT. The follow iug is the ollicinl announcement to the army ?f the retirement of Uenoral Scott, and the assumption of the command of the army by General McGloliun ? OKKHKAL OKDEKS ? NO. 94. W^n I 'EPA*TiitKT. adj; tart CIerrrai.'s OmOB, "I WAWiNtnotr, Nor. 1, 1801. / The following order from the President of the 1'nited State*, announcing the rutin mtut from active command of the honored veteran, Lieut. ant <ioncr?xl W infield Scott' will bo read by the army wilb profound regret: ? l"x K iTtvi Mansion, W wiiiwrox, Nov. 1, lStil. On the ilrst day oi November, A. J?. 1801, iipoii !.i? . wn ?pplicat ion to the Pi esident ?.t' the United States, Brevet i,ioutenuiii General Wmllcid Scott is ordered to be plae d, and hereby is place l, u; un the list of rotired officers or the army "t the United Sutten, without redaction In bis current "i?y, subsistence or allowances. The An: rk-au peopto will hear wiih sad.i b- an I deep emotion tiiat General Se.o'.t. has withdrawn fiom the active control of tho ami) , white thu I'rcaideut and a unnnimo s Ca binet their own and the nation's sympathy )n bis personal affliction and thoir profound sens* <f the imporUu t public services rei..l' red by bun to hi- ??? un tiyduriii). hu long and biilliant career, amone which i ?will ever I" grateSuliy dtatliif iished his faithful .motion to the con. titution, the Onion ami tho ting, when assailed by parricidal rebellion. , ABRAHAM UNtui N . The President is pleaded to direct that Major (o n ral George B. McCiellan mudo the command of the unuy of the United i.ttes. The hci.ii ipiarters of the army will bo established In the city i ?* Washington. All communications mtcmled for tho Cw uiandiug General will hereafter be addressed direct to liicr Adjutant General. The duplicate return*, orders an i other papers, heretofore sent to the Assistant Adjutant tk-n> -rat's hoadquoi tors of the army will bo dis continue By ordei of the Secretary of War. X.. THOMAS, Adjutant (Jenersl. TIIK AHMY. Hon. I. '(is n. Campbell, . Representative ir Congress from the : 'avion district, Ouio, is at thu head of aregi. gnent of Ini'iu Volunteers. rbceftion of the nks\ minister from gvn:vE* ? HIS AT>liilttS8 TO Tli\ riiiialDKNT AMI Mil. LIN COLN V i.EPLT. The new Minister Resident fl*>ra Sweden ami Norway Bdward t onnt Piper, was pre ~?Mod to tho iTo i :.-nt to day by the Secretary of St ? ' ?. jit; addressed the I'resl dent as follows: ? Mr. Prk < vnt ? The King, my tmgust sovereign Laving vouchsafed to name me as ! . i - m 1 1 i r Residon* u< or tho government <>t the Umt^nl Stules of America, 1 have thu Eonor io deliver the letters tfliicL if credli me m ar >t:u, Mr. 1'reBli.ent, in such a capiuity Tho King, m> : e relgn, having sincorely at hail Hit desire oi inn into tine I the good relations which have at ail tiincs subsiste<i be twnu his kiiix'l^ra and the American Union, has ordered mo to become near y u. Mr. l'r.<*i-;.-nt, iheortan ? of tho F.r.: tirneni of frtendt<htp whioii animate bis Majesty, and el the value ?,*'? -h his ?.v sty attach 's to cultivating and ? mooting more the rela tion so happily existing between tbe two governmcats. Up<'n my iieart , Mr. President, 1 f ball be happy if, during the period of my mission, I may he enabled to maintain and strengthen Uio bonds of i^nfect understanding \% hit ii at all tlni, a, to the profit or ini ? i.itefnid Interests, have sohappily inKed the two ."overnments, and I sliad not fail, believe mo, Mr. President, t S've my culiio zeal t< contribute tlioreto. To which the President rcplidi ? Sr: -J li ceivo with great pleas ur *? a Minister from Swe den. Thai pleasure is enhiuieed bv tbeinf rmation which preced d your arrival here, that hi' Majesty, j oin ??.%?? rei^n , had select! d you to f i lae mission upon tiie grounds of your doi ivaiiton from an ??, -tral ,-toeW i ? with the most ,;lono s era of your country's nobl-t history ,aud your own eminent, social :.nd political standing in> v, ? den. This co ntry, sir, maintains, and m ^ans to maintain, ti e rights of human nature, otHl the capacity of man for self government The InRtory of Sweden proves tb .t this is the faith of tho |aioplo of Sweden, and we know that it Is the i th and practice of their rc.^pected eoverrljrn. Re l ass irod, therefore, that vre shall be found always just aud fraternal incur a* your government, and that wolhitij will be omitted en my part to make your resideure in this cap tal a^roo able to yourseli aud satidfat tory to your govi run ent. IMPOKTANT UNOFFICIAL VltffTKItS TO Et'IiOl'E.. Archbishop fltighes left Now York for Furopo or Wt-d ?eeday. Mr. Tburlow Weed was to have left by the ?teomer to-day. It is understood that they will be fol. loweil In a few day* by bishop Mcllvaiue.of Ohio, and tUo Hon. Edward Everett, of Mnssacliu'ctia. The Fimultauo ous visit of ttjpse geutloniun to Europe gi-eins to ho nwdo with the approval of the government , as they ai! have 'ecently beeu here in conauitatlon with the l'rotddvnt tad Cabinet. UtBLIOKATtOy or THE CONDITION OF REBEL STATE PRISONERS* Mayor Wel?!itu?n, of Boston, is hor? to cqmuK with tho Secretary of Stale in reference to measures fim<* lioralo the condition of the prisoners of St?u> now in con finement lit Fort Warren, and ? groat, neod of wiuWr ctathing and other necessaries. TI1K CASK or OOM*4>ri)iJii SCOTT. The Naval ( ourt of Inquu" asaombiod at the request of Oommander Scott t u> Investigate his conduct as Com mander of the Mtyslone Slate, is uo? in session. MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN NEW YORK. DEPARTURE of the second regiment LIGHT ARTILLERY. The First anu S(>coucl battalions of this regiment, which has been one imyiev' ul 1'-lm Stalen Island, for tho ' throo mouths, to..1* tl,eir 0ual duparltira lor tho seat -1 Thursday evenln^ last- Previous to their leav -ni> the men wore drawn up tn line, when ing thoirca. of ?yi prcacmea iho lieoige Uawson, H ' , f poi )r, ' a enleudid Stalta of COl >rs regiment wah " p ' ....... lmu ' ih n inn cf r ,Iwr ik?'K"ni wb06? he gift of Gov H m ](r,l/k ntliw the color* he the regiment has adopte. M) ' . lout and imtriotlc addressed them at length . ,>and withan speech. Colonel 1'almer receit'i to Captain eloijuont and touching appeal liai tliom ^ ^ Jones, wli< Immediately passed down u* ' J nco line, tho inou cheering them us tliejr pa-. v '? Wllj} '? '<?> vered heads. Al ter I tie usual in jkiciI u a , parade U men we re marched to Fort Blcbtwi*' wiure the transport Weehawken wis waning ,tl> r0." coivo tin m. After some little delay, and >? a,h ', saluUli i:ik with their friends, th Weehawkeu, about I eight o'clock, wo* loosed from tier moorings, and aj ' *u" I glided don u tlsi river tho air wu- lent w it i < I. 'ers I tho triou sol the ret lni"i. t v l?> had assembled on wharf to soe them oil, and which was returned with 44 g od will liy the bravo follows who aro going f;th t. * l.ght l'i r tlio baum r which they had but a lew hours be lure been the recipient of. Tiioy numbered about six hundred men, ami have left without any guns, but enpect, however, to get them iuim dial Iv al ter ar riving in Washington. 'I'h th i. bitullionof this ri giro tit f-wll ro< ains at Kim l'ai k for tin: p ri*?oi>l recroiiing to the mmio ieal strergth, they hope to be ul) ? to ?iv:n.; 1:1 the course of 5 wo we ks. They a e under lliu command of Adjutant Corw u. On W> -day last the re*1 ui'tit received two months' ] ay, which ha* enabled them to leave their ? lies .am ple meui s oi 8up|??: l for tl?e p e- out, and a " eicd much tothop as re of their Seoul re Subjoined is a correct list of the officers: ? Hil' nol? Je ennu i 1' linei l.i 'iitonant i'ol ne' ? ll. H. P'irtnett. First U i.or ? Jlunry i '. Horn he. S'coud Ma, or lHiu:l. Third Ma;or ? A. Bronaon. Adjutant ? Kzi a i>. Coi w in. (iuartui master ? C.o age U. Mead. Sirceui ? A. Armstrong. Asb ..-tant Surg -on Brow r (;ompi! \ a ? ( ?! tain, Thomas itaguire; First I.ienten ant, Willi. ' -i A. Berry , Second Ll -ot-naiit, Thomas Si it. Company 1, ? < aptnin..l. il. 1 i chmg. l i j uteii.uit, Michael ('Bin, second hie .te: ant, llifani 11 ovh'iI. Company i ? Ctptai.i, tieorg* II gg; H.?l I, uieniui, Rob t i. Stewart, aeoood Lie Wutat, Fcauch r Hun* phrej g. ( ouijiaiii ii ? Captain, Jotm .Tones; Fust 1 tli^rge K' d S'ootid n:,t, Cli . -t Corisiuia . Ceinji. oy K ? ' uptain, t.eorge Klin k; I'ir-l 1, t ? i. a it John s. iiutu ; .Second ^.icutenant, David I St iM-i Company 1- ? t'aptaiii, James li u-ema , first Lieu n ant, I'awBou; Second LleuUna t,li. A. i.-im. t'ooipany iJ ? : ai lam, Thi s. .i. ( I irlit l'i tenant, Hugh B. Korke ?<><?? .fid Lie .i i.ant,.l?s. S'. i.iwrenue. Ciompa y 11? i.?ptalu, ('has. 1,. .-nnth, Jr.; First l.i ? ii i..t, Win. ri. Kulesin; ike >nd Lieutenant, V. in h Waters 1 oiiiji.. y I ? aptnin, Wm. A. lie' ay; Fust Lieutenant, n; Sec >nd l.teulonent , . Company r. ? Captain, I'. I,. Joaiiu , '? irst l.iontuliaul, ? /low ii, Second la uleiiHiit, "l'i i .? ' Owni ai.y L ? Captain tieorge W. Muli.ews ; I i H Uonten mi , ; Socoml Lieiilciiunl , J, II. 8t loess. Company 1! ? Cap'.uui, K. I'. Uaisted: 1 rat Lioututta I, ; Second Lieutenant, Richmond. THE D'EPINEUIIi ZOUAVE, F1FTY-T1IIH)> REGIMENT N. Y. 8. V. This lino regiment, uomma'i.. 'ad by Col. Lionel Joherl ' d'Kpinonll, will havo a full stand of colors presented to them to-day at one o'clock, P. M., by the lad i so of N'ew York at C.imp Ixislie, wbie.h Is situated within five minutes' wait of Vanderbiil's landing, on Staten I .and. 1*is presentation was to iiave ink -n place on Wedn( - ay l.itt, but was postponed en aocoul of tho wuatbor. Ft- ai oi-4ers hai e bi-en reeeived for tho re -iinenl t/ l<!?v?f. r intiaDoils on 'i'liursiiay, the 14th i/.st., on which toy u wiil parado through the principle ire i* I ,\.nv \ the line of march will b' pr?'Vion*iy published in lh.n ,'aper THH IIIWH UKIGADR. Tho colors for the ill reo N v, Writ regiment* of this brigade will bo presently! on Thursday next, at tori o'clock, by the ladies wie-e jjift thoy are. lh. Hon. Judgo Daly, John T. i> Jin, Malcolm i ?nrpiw!i, and other popular and eloquent gentlemen, will ad!:-i-s tho soluiers on beaalf of tUo ladies, on the mcu siou. Tho Very Koverend Dr. Starrs, th i Vicar neral of N?. w York, will officiate, l!islp..d of Arrh bigliop H"){b-s, now on iu.s way to liurojie, on bo ball' of tit ? government of the United .Sun's, Tfie patriotic md venerable /.rchblshp having, Le.' ^o In 11, ivviest-d nr. Stari .s to remcsont inm at this I i.'liiy interesting c?r mouy. Tho C loud- ol the lh r*yi in i!l> n? as bus i us thoy possibly Win bo, getting tli-i. men .m l uifiurs into proper trim lor tieur liepurinro o the sett r war. Tt? brigade, we understand. la anxious ly 1 c ?? ;k ? .'. f ir in W t.hington , and tin- is no : , i I real /i t ? o:;(Kct Ui'.: .i, brlli ia:t a.i th-y ain.t.: it hive heon vol vi d i' it Hi the pu' n: Iltin i. Ct.iouel ? r luu. itutx-Ml an Imperative order, an acting i'.iga-.i r tioncral > ih" dhecling a 1 1< >? priv. ? of cors of the brigade to iepo-t 111 . tse ves .a t-.-rt Schuyler. wi.liojt laii, t --m ???*, Nov iiiber ;?>, ??. i\ o'clock \. M. Any off car fai > i >g to do to will i onmiUia ptsiucti a. Any private lail.'i^ to do will it.i ,r tho ad.litloi i' niiiitsiimfti : if hoi'..; m* >?.? 'cd ui-'in?t ,'tti % i. r"". This order ol C Hi -; Me.guor'i" applies i.' ear.v <11 private and o... r i,t the brie. , '?e, ..i' 'tier in or on I of u:.ilorr.i. Ai<. .pu- m i.nifoii' :? > tl ???' 'iiul -talT olTic ?-? ? tl?i )ii.,.i. ,n well us the lino oil cors, will bo < ?? : iiti'uishe.l by .. bla.'k hat, Willi a '.n f -atlier, the : : n i their i ?: o. live t -'KitiiiM'S- being eubroide ? ed i.- goM withit. a wreath f golden -Ifimr 'c ks on ?n em'"a!ii ground -i velvet. Th privates wi.I wvui' a hat similar to the ??n ? worn by th ? Oltleers, b t, ii>."ii ad of tl). g.eeli lou.'ur iviil inunui a green c?-i"< i llier*' will a truiio review ot the eut'.ro It i I 'tK-Tt A-h>-* o nw a . ? ?> o'eloek 1'. M. l'o.l worth's bind will lie in 'en.Iimeo. V ho wo vi till.!- f rt Will haw i" Ii.r . 1 n SOS n, 'I' II *v the nil J i-:^.ili"r. t - '?'! 1 e i i. ? . at, the !? ni quurletM i>. tin b.lpade, f,3ii Broa I way. KvrytUttiis looks Mghl for the Insh Brlgaile, and tetm of thousands heirt<> ? :i it tlwMM IDMMn ?' SUOeeM IS'1 ? I Tin or;; lit-ition havinp in ? ha.-g fie raisini/ fofel to ,,doi;r; ? ? tic Irish to ! w oil yi is now ei.m; ? u?. The fo'.swmv' '-''"''it'll eiiieofB h . o bi hi i locted ? 1 i 'lent , .1 I' '.art, V.ihsm -i, ; V'n o l'resi leiiis. Kiilroil }'? ? -si I'"" xli 'i i-a i ?'?iortnau, I'.roailv ty; T ?. nrer, Kv (?<?: . I?U I'tiltou s leit Secreury.J ha f. lt>yl". ?5 W*U slri t The wsrtt oom miiti'i K, \vlio 'jke in cl rj{e the ? us inibi-irre apecilve ? ?ruin ieH, are m a .>rwer-i .d ; .1 pro,;ri-M, 'ttiil will lose no opportun ty i.. b-'R.- it th- ia>lne rau?o in which ih- britaile is engav*.!. A1.' persons hnv . - I'-ads. to biwl are re^umtd to hand da dm iMstotMTrM surer, ill-, i.eliy. Donatioiu may i - on to any of tlr> (iliioers, or ai y member of lb' ^ il> ommittxes. TO the kmtob m tun. nr'i ami. .\t;w YoRr. .V.,v h, 1S?1 . Sift In your account of th ? preeeutatlon of col r? to the Third Irish regiment, in tl is day':; ? -u-, yuu giv- the Iriah-Atncri' iii. lanics of New York llieorojitof w rkln^ and pierenti' g two tings. To- truth is i!ie ladles pre sen led one Ua^, and tho gentlornm pn mod Die jtr-rn flag of Fri'i. w ith all the b-autifi.! . ml... ins oi -Id ',?? laud. Mil you plsaso giv- ilo, hi m -rii ??, and oblige, roapectfuliy . jours, 'i'lRW/S MORn.Y,) Committee l'.VT'K 1?. Kl l.i V, I. tor .'AM M CONROY, ) gcullemcti Thomas Wiiskj-ak, Treasurer. SEVEnIy-EIGHTH CAMiJnON I'IFLE HIGH LANDKltf. This line corps is last filiiug up its ranks. Its h a l quarters are 216 Fourth Hieut, in this city. I.ieutv .m < P. MctCelvie is tho rocrulting o;,.oi for Jersey <'ity, a...l | is. by the a tlr rityof tie- Ma r, onli.' ? in; lor tho mctit. He tins sent forward s?i. ti- o ullows from the .?State of New Jersey. TiiC corps Will COOO iMTQ for the seat of War. THE RECEPTION OF THE SEVENTY-SEVEN 1 U NEW YORK REGIMEN T. A meeting w ill bo held at the Aator llo. .' No. JO. on Monday afternoon, Nov. 11, at half past three ovl-rlt ? to m ke arra .geaients lor tho reception of tho ll n : II 'igl.ts regimetit (Soveiity s?vei t!< Ni w York .'t it - V ? le.tiu e. j). <'i . J. II. .MrKeuti , wh; eh i- e \ pei te l in arrive ,n th's city in few days, <-n its * ay ti iiic s. at >>! war. Allnsiive iii l loi mor rasi.'entit oi lim e-utity of Sarato ga, in this eity, are invited lo atteud. THE 1.1KUTENANT COLONELCY OF THE TENTH LEGION. 0. Doug's* Ureworton has been appointed by Oovoro. r Morgan lieutenant Colonel of lbs Tonth l^gum fKifty. sixth), which left for iho .-oat of war on Thursday. O ' Ion el Urewerton was formerly an < tilocr of the regular army, having been c mraissl. ne.l as a I.ientenaat '.f New York Volunteers In 1846, oh the breaking out or tho Mm can war. Whil- in the Ileal I.ioutenaul B. was uru v a l.wuleiiant in the Kin-t I'niled .Slates infantry, pervyl through the Jleiicau war, and lor lour yeais tberoalter ou the India:, fre. tiei ; < i Texas. Colonel U Is knowu to tkfl litsrnry world us th" author of ''Tb? War iD liaatai "A JUdo with Kit Carson,'' Ax. THK IRA HARRIS GUARD. A stsnd of colors will be preseiitod lo the FirM r ?gi. ment of this organisation to-day, at twelve s'oloex, by Senator Harris, ut Camp Scott. Tho Second regmient, which consists of ono thousand men, hss boon ar. opted by the State, and is now under the command of L oate nam Colonel McViear. Caiilam Thomas *>yio, of ( om pstiyl), w?b prcsentod with a Uaadbumo psir o( bilyor spun ? few d?ys siucs. J THE CADETS OF TITE OLA VERA OK IX SRTUm Thii comjujcy, numbering about sixty young men, will visit Camp Scott, htaten Island, to day. 'l'tiey will 1)4 by u'1" priuci(>al of tho institution, l'rofca or Fla<; it, nnd th* <1 r i nuustor, Major J. II. atavtns, of the United Slates Marines. THE TWENTV-TH[IliM MASSACHUSETTS RE GIME-NT. Colonel Krank E. Howe has r(V?ived ndvires thai the Twenty third #iuf*ac!ni8JUii regiment will not leave Hog ton until Monday afternoon next. They will positively bo here on Tuesday morning, when the contemplalod ro coptiun will coiuo oif. lHsnstcr on ljuke Huron. liUKVAU), Nov. 7,1861. The propeller Mendota, which salied from Chicago > '1S" t?rday afternoon, experienced unusually rough woatwor while on Luke Huron, causiug her to spring a leak, ami ob.iglng h r to put Into T;w.-,s ha l?>r for n !oo. Precious to her arrival there, for the safely of tho vcrsol and cargo 1,000 barrels ol beef, 'joo barrels of Hour, H uio hides and butter were thrown overboard. A portion of h'*r cargo oelow decks. which in wheat, i* of course in'a damaged state. She wdi not proceed any further eniil she undergo, ? necessary repairs. s he belongs to the New York Oenlral Railroad Company. Atil for l.nyal North CiiroKni lini. Wo cheerfully acot pt tho trust conferred upou us at tho meeting held last evening at Co >p r Institute, in behalf the sullering loyal inhabitants of North Carolina. ?criptions in money may be addressed to faab- J. M. MOKHLSOV, Manhattan iwult, 40 Wall alreot. grain or olutNfng to Donations lu. \V. e. DOlWiE, Jr., 21 Cliff street. ? uuu belij^ given by mail. I) 10 notice of ti <?w nations will ba duly acknowledged All subscript kc?i<r\ through tho daily pepW*. TliL JIE\y Y()i:^ ' V UEK.ILD. The Vi'?'n from tJk* Ofr?.a* Wnval K*J ntdlllon? lliiinbiiriliiif?' MC U<'k' "'oft, S. \ VVi?r Alovciuriild Ih I'url ' ?' Hi* Co ii 11 try? Tliv Rftlrf ui^nt of Lie wtcnunt livnwul Scott? The Ft-ll ntr Ji Uflcr Cam?The ttfernt Klw Moi.x? '1 latest Kli tts? .Muiiiilii Ac. Tho Wkhkly IIk K AI.D fflP tho present week will bo ready tl'is raoruln# at 1011 o'clock. .Among othor things, its col uinns will corn Tho ljuea i News roceivcd of Uiu M jv Ljuoiit.s of tho (. '"?u Mi'ilary .u '1 Naval Expedition t0 theSou.h, of tho Hon * '"dmetit at h 'naufort, S. 0. , ami nf its present position; Th '? -H Dust, t lies from Wa-U in?ton City, giving an ai ?ouut of the p. esout Situation of Ailairs ill tlio Union Camp; and of tho It '?"-'moots on tlio Upper ttii tl.ower Potomac; An Account t>t ^ ' ro?.oiita tiou of a Splendid Sword to G euorai M<"C, ?"a" ''y Councils of Philadelphia, and o t' *i?-Spee c!i?* v nado 011 lh? occasion; The I*itcst News iu i.Vgard to tbo i ,|""KruSij 0 t ho War in Missouri, Kont.icky, W '?mtcrn Virgil ? a" 1 a" prominent polnta.* the contest; IntVwwrtng |r,^ ,iK?m'0 froifl tho Kobe! States; Kui tlior I'articu'oiH of y Ur"' m> nt oi L; ? tenant General WinDold Scott, Retcrii- <* ll'? ricjut El actions la New York and other States a*. wresting Account of tho Mysterious Keilner Murder Caw ' a id much o her reading m liter of iutoiost. Tho Wkkki.y Hnuu) will also contain tlio Latest Foreign* and Lk>m?ftttc Nsws received by M ul or Te.i;;r.i;>h. Kdi? to.'iaJson Hi Prominent Topic s of tho Ti??--i, lt"!x>rls of tlie Condition of the Commercial, M muy ami Ca?tlo M.n - kctii; M.vr iu?!- a aud 3'i'iiths or Urn weuk, and a;l mat' ra of interest o tbo revling community. Single o pieH, in w ? . i , i ii* i s can ho hit at tlie olhcJ, Comer oi Kjitoo uud K.U-gaU Stl ? " IS. i I iliU Six jjUlllK. Official Drawings of Murray, Ertdy ?St Co.'e Kuntuelj "u ' 1 Wisdom i State l.ot erlen. Sbktuuky, Kxmt GtA-,a 333 ? November 8, IHCI. 65, ??.?. oi?, a.s, *, 7D, i;ii. 13, 24, 40, 51, :IS. Kk rui*v, CLa?? 5->l ? November 8, I Hoi. 20, <52, 17, ii7, 44, 71, 27, 05, 4s, C3. Circular* ?eut tree oi t- i 1 ,1 rge | V addreaaiug either to MUUIiAV, EDDY A i:u , Covington, Ky., or St, Louis, M>. Ofllffal Diuvviiig*of the Delaware State Lo?.-i les. Kith* Ou? 21? November S, ISC1. 40, 25, 20, 40, 65, 1, .",8, 411, 74, oO, 31, 29. Uu*ss 22? Novembers, lStfJ. 31, 13, 03, 9, 17, <>7, Ti , 8, t>4, 46, C!>, CO, l?0. JOHN V\A'viK'a.,KKK, (Commission.?. Prize* Cashed in all ixj(aliud Laturtm, and info'-r. i Im j.-i?vn bjr JO;>i?i'lI iJATKS, broker, 10 Wall street, upstair*, NfW Y-Jik The Tliumtvrbolt Clmr^v.? Frtmoni'n bo. ,y ^uar 1 c.uue dov n upon the We t rn r b*ls Ilk- mi mi. ? xp> ? d hv? ami ", ?i| ah nstuiiii tug to ins competitor* ?'.c l! *? churvoa maun b> IvXOX, on tint 'orner of Hroaowavr and r'ult ?n -true*. for Ills )Pifiuutbl?a Hal*, Caps, <\ce., botn mi niary and civilian, a* ti??ir cncapu-sa i? oulj cmpaia'de to . i? oxtmii mace And elegance of ttoclr stylo, th? ?i perfect iiutnh, et na ''oiy. r .mlorv, aud thai je tie a?la quoi which mark* tho pi < auUioiis o< la> loader of fashion. Dnvld'a Full Style at Gi nt liiacn'ft Hut*? Salt sroom 2 Ji% jiroadw ay, m*?ir Dtiane street. I&*)ien*r1i?'i(l'ri proverbial xurre^ In hitting the publip im to l.a . never been so triumphantly d - rmin*tf ie d ts lti the popularity of hia up. ?*?) t< i Fall uud Wnitei lint t..r ;j!1? j)i. n Jt fjifjeruilivt* ii?Ily to pn> $4 or a liat in when h mor: baa.uu. ul and a inwr one can be bad ut lift S'uMsa.i H.n-ei, lor i-i 50. Waiiu Mffmo I'mlrishirts, 50 Cents* >!OOJ)Y'K Siiir t Manu'iti tory, Jo- Bi <a?i\vay, OveiruUU. Ov?rcoaiie-Sicw and S|>lt-n i|K1 afiw.?r(n?f nt. lor men, l oyg, youths and children, m Da It Jiaii, >i , 66 and 66 b 'a o.i street. lind'.r^ lia I mora Is nntl Cloth Ilnftoei B<-? T-vA'. F.ut'l ?r.n, It J i V !h?e-' and Ch.ldren's Uoo.s and Mb off* , ot a *.yl? , ,hmI )? i<;es, n MJj.i.K : d ro.'S, ."kS7 Cana! Hireet. Winter Roah! \\ nMr[?rKif Boots! \ LAiU.K rT<n:K <).? vViMKit BOOTS AT I. .*ms HKi'OKS A SON S, So-.i. Uroi :'.w uyt rnn. r oi Howard street. Photoe;ra|;!i AHudih? V full Assortment* For ?>ile J<) FIIKKV\N*. KVMK vV CO., ImiJorter^, No. lii Maiden lane. ('artes tie \isilf? Album l'lioto^ra^s? f-'J per doz"U, I ktftlft.My exeeut ? .. Extra lai ; e l'siotoj^ u|.u?, 41. Klaitetll (in.l'Vy 1(7 A Pnre Toljaccw.? Yfllow UnitU Tolinc 09, ? Qood Win'* Pari" YMtow Bank I'oltaeco, free I'rotnail i:;i ijurlt ? ? . for - iii- ' : 1 1 ? i -Tiii i' <!??)> i a . ' it wb(>) )*wt!f.' by I.. GOUl.A,rJN HSO'iflliK '.JUy Water fttruct. Or. l |)lioitt'i rili tna y V. ill Miitofe tin* ir..w? ? ami l)iit>t)t iinntns t rom IiaV'UoaI 1 ' <e Uvi nr". HO'! ftiiWi. 1 1 ! i > , s[H-. nil' nr I'll ? Ik \in> inii: Iij'i. Price $ I. S""l 1 11.5 Frai. i,il(i a' 3ST Koorth st.i'pt, whert lit. I I'll AM can ii , ?? n nally loittaitud. CrittHdoro'D Hulr Dye, W ijji* and Tou lw*rK, tile bMl In th?* world, vhoieolt rotalL, tail lUe dye prlvalei> a/'|)il(^i. ?. ti -Vat^r House. lor'a liitlr Dye?l lie Ilunl in (lie tvnrM; ha "I'll'". : ',;v' " and liis>tantaDenim. " <1 aitdap. a! KiTlllEliOR H Wi>; Fa'.toi y, So U?oii etre. t. Hill's Hair T)ye? ">0 Cent*. lilurlt trr brown. Bent In uw*. Depot No. 1 Bari Uiy street, utid sold by all rtrns;i;!*U>. Trntiirs.? 'lartli >1. Co.'i Ilaiilrol Cure IVntMM, ntoo MlHUry Hhonlder Brace and Abdominal Sup* loiter rombiifii? a- itiiflor article. Iso. 2 Vcaey at., A-t'-or Hi.i m , op po*lt? the i burcij. TrutM'it. Aixlomi im I Supporter!,, Sd ; petuovv Han'd:i<(e?, Shouldt-r llr. Ijih. QLUVKK it TUOUS'B, No. ? Ani) ,.uol, undei Baminn'R. 173 Trrmont Strei t, BOSTON. \V> are 'Vf 11, b ?t h in town 1'id i I, and bear good awonnti of our IrloD'tnat K?>ib?ry nod ^nlfrn. SI A. R. Ht>u*rkt cpen, Sa v? jour Moixy? I'm' Pyle'a O. K. Soap ibe mwt ? !f? -t'vifaud dealruble Soap now in use. 8o.d by ^tolisw erorj ? here. Barry's Trirojlllri on* is tins BikI and fhi a.ifiil >rtlMn for drewtng, boft?i'Jf)lng, curling, slekntng, - rvinit and r- nw'u? ?h? hair. Ladies, try it. bold by all drugKli-l*. Mrs, S A. AJlra'n M'orld't Hulr Hi? rer and Hail Di^w^inc, I '. e no CqtinU !<>r, iinv-oiny i * ' ' ? ^ i'f l.air; t h.?y lie' er laii t" rctot.* mhI tv.'il it t- uu natural color. To ?? pri-p^ra 11 have h la) ..mi sa e I t i-!t y ii. tin* i uited hlaief. and ?r.' th, s ? x ' rtei i'i En. 'land arn! oli ; m a< jouotrb ?. Dt|i ,t Ui i. rwnwl'.'b Mreet, and l?r r. ilu by all drii|?KO>ui. 4 lironi'' Ithrumallun Cutt'l l?y Dr. To bt?-' Veacltan Liniment. K> ref la certain. Never l'alis. Oof oenw. M* rrltd. !' MAr>,f\ ? ' n Weunt-S' ay evening. November 0, at tin ru? idont" of l it'vbiido'B paronls, .lei?- t'ity. J., by the \wv. I H. Dnnn, Mr. W.i.iuh l/i w.jon, oi ..lbany,N. V.. to M?hv IacHA, tldtlt Hlf'ttlW ot iTllttttl P. Markov, i.s i . ,of 'lu; f?rtu r place. Ki.x s Ei ? mt k?ii. ? it t. Johi.'s ch'Tcli, onTliur day morning N'i i inbjr 7, by tlie iit't. W.liiam f . Mor^au, 1<. D.(Mr. SuMtrw. <i*kh Kun,-?iitv to Mm Srn ? i. , tlie c.'iost da of S. P. tHickney . both of lUu- city Mi Kt m?? teK' ? < m Tliur-day , November 7, at tfco reHidenco of tlie bride - parents, by ih" Hev. M Hai lot], McKi sa to Anjh* A , youngest da .ghter of J ?me? Stoptiens, all of this city. Wis walt. ? R?>?k. ? on Jiaturday, Novembor 2, by ili? H?v. G. Alexander 1'ellz, Mr. Jtt-Ki'i! I' Wi-ivau., o( WoSt Troy t'. ll.^ki JiHKPBiNK i'. Konk, ol ibis city. W*an::v; ? llii.t.K-i ? 'n '/.ion church, Dobb's Ferry, on ^hiirsilav . November 7, by the Rev. .1. H. Williams , laeti , l uiuit Jomm WaknivK, oi tbu Fifty M*vooth regimuut, to j-Kjrxi* D. Uillkr, formerly of IIuhsod. Died. At.RXA.siirK ? At Fjtat New Vmk, oti Thursday, Novem ber 7. IiAVSta only daughter or IVilliatn and fcillza botb Alexatidor, aged 11 years, 1 nn nib and 10 day*. Tlnvii latives MM M ar.' invit' d to attend tb ? fn nnr?l*bi* (Saturday) a.te.tioon, ai ore o'c'.o k, from tho residencu of tho family, Flatbush avenue, M New York. 11*11)*.* ? On 'ibur.silay, Novemtmr 7, John Basuk* (#o lored) , agod 26 years. tlil [(tends are respectfully toTlteU to Mtead Uu fnneral, this day (Riturday) at twelve o'olock M. , from h? ale iom iouce, i" hauruim street. Bannudn, W. t. , paper* phwsocupy. IUxtvn ? On Friday, November H, after ? Ion#: illness, lUKioir, a native of county Watorford, Ireland, aged 86 ye-irs. 'Ilia liiouds and relatives if the family m o respectfully Iavlta4 to attend tlio funeral, from h;s late residmco, 88 Hooaevelt street, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. Ukown. ? Huddeuly, oil Irtdayovouing, November 7 . tho Bov. '"?** ea vwb. The Ui&e 01 me funeral ? llj be announced hopiaftor, which will tako placo from Ins late residence, No. 168 Dm str?ot. Uykm ? On Friday, November 8, after a long illness, M/ nitw livuNK, iu iho 80 ill \ ear of b s ago. Tho relatives aod friends of the family, alao those of his gou-iu law, 1'atrick, and of In* m-phews, An t o.v, Edward J. and Andrew 1,. liyrnu, are rea|>eelfully invited to attend tlm funeral, from bis late residence, No. 1^3 East Twenty-Seventh street, on feunduf nltoruouu, at two o'clock. < As-ii'T. ? On Friday, November 8, Rm krt Casmuv ,RKed 70 yoara. ill U n' ids and uc niaiutancea, and tlu\?e of bis sons,. Dutiuis iiud HarUett, are respectfully requeued to attend loo 1'i.inml, which will take place from his lat ? residuiioe, No. 2P? rustavi nue, on Sunday altoruoon, at ok1 o'clock, without fort her invitation. ( (kim.? i in ilium uj, November 7, Itiii K. Co in, ago d 67yo?i 5 and 7 months. The relatives and i rionds of the family ?ro Invited lo attciio tho funeral, this (Sut .rday) afternoon, ai ono o'Ol"ck, ironi the Methodist Kplscopai church, Hedfurd struct . Iuiao.n ? On Friday, November 8, of consumption, after a toii< aud wvei e sicknet*, Mioiukl. l)itU'N,of lilusson, pm ii,..or lionu tune, lr> land. Hi;, t'nei. and relatives ar? rosiioctfully Invited 10 at tend the fuuoral, ul his iato rosiduuie, U1V Uutlor sin e! , Bwi t, Brooklyn, on Sunday a:i. inoou, at hall i .a. two o'clock. Alhai.j and Troy papers please copy. Doim. Ti. ? On TlniiMiay , Niiv ember 7, at the roMdence of her brother, No. ls5 in and nireot Mi': Aiiirr I oHMtr*, toiooi iu m,c" .uty ijftlw y, IreUuu, aged !W yoam. Bet f ' I ink* and ac.pia.utances are re-p cti illy invited to lutend the luheial, Una (Saturday) aiteinoou, itl ouo I' a i . ? On V'riilay, November 8, aftor a short uiil Hi'vere iiliii ss, I'.nKKK l- ay, Uio Hi the jurtah or Mi UX.ruum, oouutj U attnwttth, LtiUiut, igod 69 ytin, lijti r<*i 11 iv?h ami Cnouilrt arc ie.<iwctlully inv ile<t to ;ilt udiii uiit r.i., will mlt |..a u on . uiiu.iy oiler ,V>u, at iiall-jia> . lio o'c. nek, from Ins lata red. deuce, iu frU.HlUtil btlOct, UlHWl Hi) b'llbl Mill aVDtlUU.' Fn.M'ATWt ? i "1 Hi .iv .?>?, Nov. tuber 7, Iaihh i. 11km I'.y Kit/ I'M uu K , tuo mil) ?' u of l'alnck hiiiI Charlotte I' lUpatricll, it^otl o yearn, 0 mouths and 2 lia)' g . ilie in> uil3 oi Hi' l. in y am rim|H?ctlully tnvitoil to utt itiil the itinera/, tins ( atunfiiy) afwiu< on, at two unlock, from hm lulo reiduu ce,.\o. 1/4 Went t weutiotii Htll'Ut Im.anauan. ? At l'lii! uleipbla, on Woiliicwlay, November 6, at liU loaideucu, No. liio .No; 111 tuxtll Blieul, Major hi liK'tT Kl-iNAi<Ah, u<i>il ;>4 yearn. Fciiora soi VRvs uucl 1 torment will tako place at St. Aug stiuo'acb ret llnih^phla, tin* (iXiiMljf) Bktft* , ..l lei! o cli. i k. ii L.usl (1;?iuUu) |.;ijH.'r? Will (> e.iso Ci ; y. uUikm. ? iu Hi' ?i.yn,ou Thursday, November 7, of tli tueria, U. Ann t ilai alitor ol Wtniani O. aud (J. A. Ill boi l , ill, il ti J i'ar>i, 11 months auil 21 days. 'I no iricmis oi tno l.i m.y are iuvitou to .aumd the fuiie ,r.clii No. iWl full or ecu p.aoi), tins (aatuida) ) alte; i, ii, at two o'clock. 11 a; .as.? nit 1'Uiii inliiy, November 7, Makt, wife l'!ci> ilonran,a native ol' tha pa tsh of tommy, c i.n.j I-*., k , i eialnl. ll< ;? roma i.h wiii laktiii to Calvary Cemete y for In oriin nt, 1 1 oin No. iOi. 1-. hi Klevonth eli'oet, thus (:Salur a.iv uueri.onn, at t?o nana. L ?OU hi .1) , November B.Sosam Kiua, tin- bn love ' riill.i i.'i W. II. ami ?\ C. Jamuioii, a^od II J O ir.i , J idol' 1 1.3 and VA days. ilioiou lal wnl Uko p.aoefroln the residua o i:t h r

paiouis, No. U 41 if . irool, tliis (aat.irU.iy ) inoniiug, at ton o'clock, without 1'ui'iliur notice. Ii iiTk? uu lui-i.-iuy iiiori.uiK, November 7, Cai'iikmhk l.orr, uaufc titer ol C ilieriuc and tiio Into Ale.iaudiT I> t. lu. ii> fricn Is and acj uiutanccs of iho family aro re 'I. J f i iiy iti vile I to at t tid the funeral, from Ijor mo ruati.i iiuo, No. 60 Suliivau street, on Sunday aitoi. sn-a. i.?p\ a iwo n clock. iu?.nvi vtiE. ? At Flatbush, on Friday morning, Novum .U..IUTI 'IN V. MAKTkMSl , in tliC aiitll ) 111 of Ills .i?U. !?(?< ft j.j-y 'lids aud i:M . co -i ot too family uui re i|jn ijrii iivlted to .iitciid the lunoraJ, on Alotifuy altor ?pootiu.ij . " <? o ciook, from ins ialo residence , w illiout li.-o.i.iU t>? lion. luilli ir iuv*. u I rid.iy, November 8, of phroniiis, Jasu ll'M-KLi.. ? t, No. lfi ,/ulon ? |iia?o, of sta iiiorU, Couu. K. M .h . I 'mcuiiiutt p?,K.T8 pl< us) coj.y. I Mi.. mi. <i i uwl riiluj , .V.v ;ubur 8, ailor u Hburt and Al.ttm, ? t.n k if K. HUBeur, tlio beloved da'. Ktl tor of paw. 1 Illness, Ma. '1 year*, y months aud - day.-. hllza Morton, ..&eil . alives of tbo tainlly ai'i rrsu otivoly i hu fi muds and rei 'uu ral, Inm lUi; iv.-.idoiro o: h- r invnud lo ancnd t'lM . iWi iuy -seventh street, between m.tnor, No. o.'5 s. ?mi 'iiues l'iW (saturoayj alter noon, 'Jeutti and l.lcv -ni u a?. at bill-pant ouo o'uK'Cfc. ,\(iV t k '? 'b? resMenc^of hi* u K!?y. ? (Jo Thursday, . ""ty, ?\. V., John laiboi , loiuit Vernon,. W?a ... OaKiaii , a^. I., UO yea. < ? in.' l'" * ?r !|b< 't'no relativi H and li "J . vttu.. ti> n oli, r in-law, Mrs. \W?"*.r,, T/f6'*" ^ k% -rk, atl nd tlio fnnei a. . from, .he 6 J!* H,|< r"jCd ' *"?? Mo .1,1 t ornon, Uii> 'Silu<-<tkf ) ma r,?|U'.,at> 4*-'*''u ? ' ''""a. la-.ia^cs will be ia waiting; ?* ti<* ?J*P'"t, ?? J?oarri\?i or tou tf:30 Now llavcu uain fa ?>'-!M,venth Sl! oct. U'Njui.? i <>u Thurxday, I *u ivmhar , of conn. Ttlon, 1'AiKtifU O'Nua., 1U lint mil i our of. liw>, Tlio frioiiiia aio luvited > a,U'?d J-L * It "oral, tins ( ai ;) tlaj ) aiiimwji, at one i Jrlookj from W '"'u ut'i c?, 0 ZJ H i'inon ilrei't. iii.oiin pi|ior? juaaso oopy. IVKr.uti.R.?lu Hobokon, on rtwrrfrt'ljr, Kiitmnt ,t '< Cakiiij.vji, daughter of Ferdinand J. and PiViA i'fotlorie, a^mi o yoa. s, 10 months '>ad it day*. Tin > relative* mi I Irion la > fllio 'ainlly. t re rc^nial '''> wlili'iut further not e ?, to attend tin '"uncial, in St. y&.k * chui eh, Hobok n. u:i Sunday attenjoou. at one n'otoii ! r:i'i K. ? o<i i inn e.iny , N?>vuiiil?i>r 5, Vuiu*iun l'i/8'i.n, in the 60th j :r u!' his ii?e. JIib rutativ fiud it- -tsare roBpeetlutlyiinvlte 1 to (it teiiu ill ? fju- al, from his late rcai'louto, 1'oi t oi Kight? si'.tli Ktrew, rJ: I river, this (Satuiday; afternoon, ai two i i i L ? On Friday, Nayewbor 8, or.ciaiumptiou Aitaw 1!. i'U' I.. ai:<.'d JA y ur . The .niiin s and frlendf are reap. ctfuMy Inyiie ' to attend tt.o funeral, from tlio residi nr.,' of lit brnthor, .Air,;, i I e i. Fifty fc fhth sireot , tietw ? -ii 1- ir?i ai .1 SjoouiI uv a?U<-.? "II SuUd?> '?H> rnoon at otic o'clock, villi ul 1 mo ther Ilot. CI'. Koinvwiv. ? On Irii. j, N'V'mber 8, of ri' at and ty j i" '\ r,( ,jd; n J' i n i'.o. .sv x .ig'? 2 ; .rsand Til I'riaudK a <i f'.it '?" * ?.li ? umily, and : li? a iik" !? '??rili' ir !1 .h.-u jCwv ?"?' i W"V >?nt ??at-.-h, ?in' i. .? ctii liy invitad ? f.tmid tii? fuMral , from the rvi ?:> of In.-' i?tV r in ' uv, ? n .i . -ft \V. .Smith, So. 1,4 ..(.in . li ft, .. ?. 'idjjr u i'i ui1.. at two ovh.?.-Ii. So iifciii w iguiis ? " > i. May 1. 1 s'?ul ii' ',> ? trn Am-n. Staw. ? In i. ' XI; r. on l iuii.j , Novoin'.i t 8, to*, tvti; d .o'nliU'i of I?!w<s Vf. and .Sarah ti ajnau, igrd 1 y. a vini 17 invii 1 ? ;ids of II - i.inii.y ; > ' f i ! I v to a; tend the funeral, from Ux .? ? idem** of bei ?? 1,4 I- uilMi .H Oa .t. , <IU tlll'.f.l I 1 . -oil. Ht l \M j VI . ;. ck. M\ i \.r. ? o:i Friday, N'\ 'ib-rt>, ARn kw <i!" N 1 11. find Inn K. Knci ir , ?<?>? I I ! month* u;, '. w d iyt,. j i!i .. ii !s and ik i ii> ; r of the iani.iyai J ri> -li.i'lf.. _v i ? .1 t" ?tl< ill.' flic I l' . froi'l l ! ? rcKi denco <K tita parent*, in NinUi stroet , aoai Fifth avcaue I Mi, til, iSiii ,-day) alum"! nltv. ii i ^ >.vii>!. ? <m Wedn?!?ta> '?v'-iniif, Noven or ? . M . K/m J tii, ox A: lormaii of tho h i^htli w . i'. ngoi' (in y. at . i and 4 monilig. Vil ? rtiul and tri. tid .i.,' n i?r'i*,.( \ nit H i' M .ii | ' tend t. ? funeral, froca hia MewlitaN, So. "IT Cbonip ; , J. i, Htrnat, this (SaliliOuy) aJtenn'Mi, .it t.?n i^rlock, I ! without :Xtr t *ior noui Smini v: ? mi lii'aj mnrRinx. November #, rinniK' j Jjn Mil', oldest awi, of l. i! .it. .Mm r'n. ..?.K. | I'll - fri? nil* of '!n fa', d., .ii. i iittinl'ers of Kaystoun ; ; i.d<- . K. ul.'/ A. M , ar?! liivited I i at! -mi II;" fnni'ial, fniii Ii, ..mi - ? ? n>'" ?.? in ^no'tay aflnr liooo at hall ji.vit oni? o'do. k. \ :.i v. ? In .. .uklMi, 01 - t_v, Xotcmlwr ". 'if ten i. ' vt r. !)? m \ II iwkm, eldtsi da't^hler uf Alfred ind J l.'/a Viney, a, I 0 ycarn. i Htjifi ue.e interred ir. Orofnwn). rvinciar;. "b;7s PPING K E V/ s~ a i.vAaac io* nt.w foiifi?THis dai. I SIN RIM*. (i .v.l | HOON TOS. II i n am 4 ??!/ 1 ncB wataii '. 13'^ l'ot-tuf New York. Novvii.tttr k. istil. (Xt'AHl i> 6teao''. iid> C'i (Br), ilctiiiiitaa, Q-irent . no a?nl tiv. erj Ool ? i i !? . I t-'i'..!. : i Vi '. 1. lift. H tlnn.piou n.i, Ilavrr? Nt'w Vork ui ! 1:' i' !? ? ? -iitm.'o. ,s i(, i'i, , i Unci ? , fi'ii ! rantiwo ? 't V I'oolov H in i .i' oi . liivt-riiuol? Nt maltli A Sons t-hip.i. r 1 1. i'r. M.iiiii hh, I,on lou ? M .1 .V I'm onii. f i| J i. K> t dr.". Uf ?, London? I'. ? Mm r til * vV'ii v .-Ii j ' ' ? 1 ' J: 1 yi-i', Bi 'i o ? h ) A 1. 1 ?- ii . i . tii|. >iaiKd:.ii - liniriy, y?:i:eua.ov?B .oi urtl'ii,-# ni. j 8oo A I'.J. Milp Mifi't'iol J*?i lc-t. Ci IlkVK? C Hi ' ill .t Co. S5\ |. .? It * :)?tir. ,11". II- -I . Ml - kr I IV lull, sh ', s i ti i (l . . Dumiid, I'ort m Frtrue? O L l-vtil*. i.a Maryl.? r i. M<>ore. I.lvnp ol. liiirk Arei.c llfrtt (Br . Ilt-j.jK-!!, ' ? rk for orucrit? J.. kn n A N"IU 11.111 , llU'l ilr), ni'-lllliHll U 0 e'lklo'.VIl I i Ol ii.|K? ? i y . ? ? .v ''in i. H.i ' t a 'H- Stia el o-rt C , ,;;-ll?t?v Jt.won*<\>. I;.,i ii \ .ii Sam", Oook, MaraaUle ? M- ire a Henry. I(.i? :ry- o 1' He,, ui' i r (Br), W.itiiiigton Liai >u? Tiu.i * S.i.Itb. I. aim, Miyt!. M* *.".\idi'" ? Bit*. 1 . \ ./ai lie, Hft r*, It' no ir ? Mm 'i?|l .1 Unn.-aa. llrl Wtlai.t-.toii Oh-), Mart ?ra, Ola??taw -D H Doivolf. it: i.; Htirrli l Ualli" k, Klo", J'lira ami ? n itrk- Itnrdftt A 'ii'ti. Kit; I'nrtci I'iata iBrrnr, Il.caUnunn, I'ort au l'lt I? C F 4 II l) Si: III"'. t. hriir Iri llliiti. Wi k?, Atpinwnl;? 11 K Small. ,s.|ii- i - 1 Ute ? Brown, (teui.ii.ii k -J L.'nyi aft. K li-O 14 Dim n, Wilkon, Matmr/ai? ' Tr ijllio A Bu' ifll. fii-hr I ideei t4i (lir), Uiv sm,, Halifax? I) H 'Jew olf. Sc' r K i/IO't Oi, Bowi ri*. Itiiluinore ? W T Rayiaond. S dir l lynway. Divin, italtii iori'? L Kenny. N:l.r S .V Sinidi, L iguuiii, Haiuuioie? Mei : ill A Abbott. S'-'.ir N 'I Leonard, l.ciiviit, H.iltlmore ? Mio i r. Si hi- Jameatowu, lAtourett'-- , i.ocust I'liiii t--lj U H ui Ibn I A Co. N' r Hattie Leon, (,'idliiii, }'t r! 1 n ? M liter. Selir t'orvo. Uolbroofc. lt:n W S Brown .% Co, n.jlirj S U 'Ok wood. SndUi, Cai.i.l' n? Muiiet. S(l,r t'lirolme, 8biMi, ISalein? \V S Bni'AU A Co. tkhr John A lit*. lliUlctt, Hyannii? Master. . K<dir MinCity, Michae!*. Nnwbnryport? Mauler. Si'hr Atignata. Katon, Boston? Matter. fii br T .a Mean, . Fall River? Master. '^ctir S P liodwtn, llobbi", Ssainrma? R Sandford. Kdir 1' Day ion, Clock, lalip ? Mnater. Kisop W J.i Maiu-fim, , 'fami'on? M??i. r. Sloop Charles, I'alnier, M,m? L uidon? HS Kackctt. Steamer Beveily. Fierce, Phllajielphia. ARH1VU). gleannhiprhettveikc, CroweP, rortland. with mdie and fsistojar*. Vj ii U Ciotnwell A t.'j. Ship (Ire, it Western, Fttrher, Liverpool Oct 8, with mdae and V4 pa * n/;ura, to 0 11 >Sar?ha)| ?l Co. Oct 17, la- M Ion 2o .^i, pHr<MMl ( art of tin* deck of a vesat*'. about 25 feet square, with small hatch near the renins pab^d blue, with rombinya and ventilator of same color, two lai <f?cleatoi near the hatch, apparenwv but a abort time in the wa.'er; 4th inat, lat <1 (?o. Ion Ovi 12, signalized uteamship City of Baltimore, hence for Que<-n?<own and Liverpool. fchip B*nj Adam* ('baae, Liverpool, Sept 22, w.Vh mdao and 60 i h s? nger*. to Tsnseott A Co. Fred, of (Jar tnany. c?? bin passenger, died on board. Oct ID, lat 44, b>u 4ft, saw ship KlJen Austin, hcuce for Liverpool. Had W i?aiea most of the passage. Sl? p St Jann-a lof Thomaaton), Colley, Liverpool, 35da.v?? Willi salt, to J W tiiwell A Co. Ship Londm, llurlbut, London, I?le of Wight Oct It, with in. 'a and 16 passengers, to Grinnell, Minturo <t Co. Offthff Heiiiy lel.nnU had u midden Kale from S, and blew away 3 close r ? <?/Vd topsails In reaching clear ofXhe land. Ship Glad Tilling#, Nelson, U :/t*?ow, day*, in ballast, to Wm Nelfton A Sons. Out 31, lat 42 'it), Ion U* W, a poke bark I'athlinder, I ound E; same day and lat, Ion 56 10, Port brig lioperairi*, II hence for Oporto; same time, saw a Br ship, painted bla k with narrow >?dluw airipe, at -aTing N W. with 1 of hails; 2d ln*t, lai 41 48, Ion 02 i6, aj tke bark Avoli, from Bombay tor Huston; name day, lat 41 40, Ion 63 13, whip Senator, from Liverpool foi New York. Si; p Ma* aula) (of Baltimore), lingers, Rotterdam, Hrpt 2t>. Helv et : 0th, in ballast, to Theobald II u Her. 3dinst,lai40 Os, Ion 7o fc>. | aaaed the wreck of a hcrm brig with foremast standing, jibbooin and maimi-aet gone ???' no one on board; aaiue time pat.M il a number of bales of bay which looked very ftvhh. hhlpK't -tern State, Nickersou, Kotterd&m, 41 days, Ui bal last, to llr< It, Son X Co. Bark Staieamau (Br, of Plymouth), Coyth, Liverpool, 3d davs, with salt, to Tlioa Richardson A Co. Bark Kar telle, Cob , tilom eater, Oct 3, In ballast, to Win Nelson A Sons, Hark Droning Victoria (Nor), Kaha, Newport, 63 days, with Coal, to order. Batk Adelaide Prendergast (of Baltimore), Lanfare, Rio Janeiro, S? pi 2. , in ballast, to Handle, Jones A KuJgc. Sailed in <? tn) a > \M' h Kehr Kao Field, tor New York. Oct 4, lat 14 s, lun spoko bark A ma /.on, from Kio Janeiro for Ualti more. I'i ?i Volant (Tlr, of Halifax), Allen, Yabaco. PK, Oct 23, iq a; Ac, to .? Hunter A Co. 8d Inat. tat 84 80, Ion 78, had ? ):nle from KsK to *>E, dumg which hhipp?ti a sea that carried aw ay deckhouae and wheel, and had 4 feet of water in he hold was obliged to start 72 hhds molasses on deok to l.^htcn the v f'M'l. Sear Horn e (ol Hilton), Staples, Llngan, CB, 10 days, with c> a I, to nu'^u r. Sehr \) b > naire fBr), Bradahaw, Cornwallis, 13 days, with potatoi ?, to \t It 1 >ewoll. S In Allan ce, Ireland, Philadelphia, 2 days. S hr John Jones, Cori-on, Philadeli hia, 2 days. S m Marv Taylor. Wilson. Great Harbor, 2days. S l.r J A Patrons, .aw, Mojiih lt v* r. S< hr S .i an i'ayh-r, l>uk*\ 1'ort K1 zabeth, 2 days. in* A li Partridge. Bun , Kli/abcthport. S >ir Doiivof. Moniil, iill ?? iKtfiport. Scar 1'. A r carina, H unki r , Kli/aneihport for Wintvrport. S' *! r S' > Wrijjbt. S? antan, Klt'/abethnoi t for Fall Uiver. hclii'Cliii.s ti Itulae, Mcilar. Kli/alietlipo#t for Provideucc. in ,1 ; ni'la, (Jeer, Kli. a eiliport for Myattc. Si In- Orand Xsiand, Lunt, Newbur< port, 3 uays. Sclir iiuna-, i'hn uey, New Bfdloni, 3 i:a)h. Schr lb >o, ne, t'hatiib. riaiu, New London, 3 days, for Eli za'neihpurl, Scln 1. i>aniela. Smith, Hartford. hi In XV it fse \? inb, lia?'o|?, All any. Si hr S..s: n i, .'ayne, .Jayne, Aif<any. Schr llio (jiamte, Allen. Albany Sn r s Lockw oo.i, Tr? ill, Ston> point for Camden, Del. S-t op I.e.oJer , D iv 1m, Ir'Uzaheinpoi i lot Somerset. Sl??o|' (' <o. Norcutt, I ti.a ? thport for Taunton. SI op Belie, llariold, f r Hit n Cove. Slo >p Mil prifa-. Wits n. Kli/ahe.hport lor West Farms. Sio p ili'iij.ih, Samoeln, New Haven t p .la i a, (*l?ri t . , Alhuli . Ht'-umet Whildon (U 8 transport), Col maty Locust Point, in l a Ja.4. ?' ? r 1 :mn?l, CJbristopher, Baltimore. S' an rr !>?':. were. ?'?enn. Pb'Vv'flphta. fcitearnei Sai an. Jones, Pnllaiielnhia. .M* . ?i i '.i . i. -w; . VaiM-ia ? , i.madolpllUL Si \ ?. can, Morrison, Pinladelphia. S .iilii v x li li?. Mian, Clark, New Bedford. Si* aitier Petrel, Young, Providence. Kt.ivnsi v - Hark m h_r, iri.ii, ime Ort 31 for Cork, hav ii ? i i - 1, i H7? !??? 70 30, tl?? Into from mid h ui huiwarUaiitme, spare t*par*, It&rjie** <;?aka and l'.\ I . Lulllr; || ONOtlblH ilbout cit ck WIlS. .I'll HV\ Hy , hjilli It 1 1 < I lost tut))*' ami spring aleak, and had puiiip* constantly at work ov"i lut LI us ucar^o ol nsUhO and grain, and will have to Ship Lt'WlM Walsh, from Leila*! Me. SAIIJtfh 7H1 ? tfhJpe Enoch Train, and Florence Nightingale, Lon don; Himnuh i. l>r ) ? Kutteidutu; barks Juhn Kj it>, Qurmis town; (>* sha, ltav/.i brigH lLtveliak iiJr), Darthi^mnt; Ath in, A", i all, Lady n.aniuan (in ), Ja^im-l; l'i ,n< ena Li \ ...iiu;, i'l-i tiuiifb t Nick vrbou, uud A ii Terry, il ? ; i , , I ? . i Lotvo, Nas&au. WiuU at suusnt \V\S\V, very light. M Ut ellatteout* The fttenmaltfp (IrcatBaMern was not advert! Red by her agent* at Idrerpoo! when the Persia sailed (Ocl27). ^Hir Uoka K*phi:??s, of Boston, which was employed as a !>??., m ih' great fleet, has been ioaiat Boguc Inlet, NO. (S? <? !?? v. . columns.) 1> auk <!fc.?N Wakhkn, Sparrow, at Huston from Havana, re y ,rt 21 la-;, l.u .*> V), l<>ii <7 iH, nad a heavy K*?e lr*m? JSK to hSli, in w Licit hhe spdtNuiis .aid Skipped laige quantities ?f I water. *}n t"?t lota uU 11 Andcisuti, of Norv\a>, a^ed '-2, sea- I man, died on board. I Brio Isaac (-akvku, of and fVoin Sraiaport for Washington wuh liuv, vs as dismasted off (lay ll uj in u,e caie of 2d inst. On i*ie tiih Miie v>ss boarded i?y a ut.ui.'h crew from (Jiwatliam. l.ui w .;.t"d j;o assisiaiate, us atte had r.^ed juryinasts and w<ii* ?i''crtnp for Vineyard Mound. Bun; Wih'ioi.r, from St Martins for Boston, -before report ed wrecked ul M Johns, i'ii, was bold ah Mir my for $61, and the carg ? *M f 1 Smik h'io (of Harrington), Chandler, from Lepreau, NB, witn lumbii, for Boston, s;;ii?d Jrom Harrington on ?Satur ?in.) 'Ufl, and iu ud??ut il nM on Sunday, when u) >ut 2J miles SSSV of Mntimcus ftock, while i>in^ to u.ider a c?e?c r. e ?ui maiiJ>,D). ?i. h strii'-k by a heavj sea \s hich carried away ooth ma- n, and made a completi wreck o) tne vessel, staving in tu?? fioiiso, currying aw av deck h?ad, rb,?lxig and everything niov '?.i !?* ' n, and the mate (Mr Charles Sweeney, oj lail^H ?? ? una on ; se/'iuan were sw<-pi overboard. 'ih?* male ?n** 1?. mi, bin the i'ramen regained th* vesaeh Th? lky?ain I ? -n w Um <m| u?em*el?*?H on the. quarter >rlier<- they re* Ann . intiJ .^u uua) t. i*m, wneutti* ^alo modulated, and on loameu ' d away tuo wreck, and-iiy iuv aid oi a tjjMire Moiida/eiw >t?iuip of the foremast, eudiavored to miike jth, K*t on the . 'ofay evt-ning, at l? o'clock, was tak?*jj ?.if in, .am on to. f A/.diewa, NB), W i>*< n, from Halna? 1 y Hi- bidir <?erm (oi ? rortljuid on Wtst 'leauay. Cant 0 tor Boston, ii n . am f-d ^ '?? Monday, bu( t'lfy betti r ufi. >>??'; ?f >k n tw? ve- dor.. 1 l"t" !*?rt, ho Vv4? oWJiJ' d to w'liin^ o nii,j? rui? to tow ? * crew had been wiOioltl abandon hi M ? .'mh. . aa ile a-?'- ?vcre taken olf, with te sri?7 0'n,,v - He :,j ^ t 'lU'n m * i<r Wlili 'i u.Hri r??f . ihf (Ji t'rli I lWUld*, *nU ? f i tc'l-o'tUu.! * b 1 15 1.1 ' ' P k'w" ' \ t?:<* l>. iml't ?t ,n hV ? L iri i MK ;? .. 1 Muaul KUUiug i" <iu\. rw" ?.o^ .'Ubsired ai . tlie Uloii>:i:ati*9 Lir.nji i ' olhce. , . . oin Bangor for Hoik j (ot VwkKpinl), front*, ii?i? tan sunui ? ?u? iu'vi 1' ' ' !w ui>' r, bunt, ut J'orilHntl <*tii Long wharf. r> ."-'alur h T oy c-MnniK in ? c liialou -tt '? ??' <*' \h:-r* U"u ^ ?, had hut I unit TK. (nrt J J Joni h), if >la<hinw)J**% 'on with '<?'? h'(ivi- , Villi i Oil J runird ?W ay l?y Hn nwblpCoii 'mlfci, . .x I- h M Smi T:*. ' ''J , from Alb/wjy ?* unci forN *?? ml < , V. , ?' M.H lui '' ' V ' ' 'i -JMI III- ' ,.y ti A'OtT ? V f L ? r 1 1*'-' i.ivir lli'l.-or"; Kiv. . in ?j v, v ?? VV!' ' fi-*1'' K ' i> ii ' /itrhoavd dow -iw wcntii ? +n i" -> til i tl '' K* ' Vl' ' 1 ?>' ; iA : <?:?? ' * i ' ' 1 > . ? ? ? s t ? i .'i, ? -in i." -r aint Kiiue ixi -t.wJjfiA; ? , . , .) ??H i) .4* . . V> b.; #? i* j ? - Hit Oil u.?- ? 'n.ifiT I. j I,. I'l *y M ? u r, !.? .sp-w i" c t\>: ? % U'o.!, I 1 \ o Mr A lttliiN** ^;uituvKf!t. The to <1 t-aTKu ( ? o fui / Jnt | \'Af.9Ki\M* 'i <>n2? T!i?* T.nvnwn'l Jone* t 9 NYor*. ? ti],, - von by Cu.<-Au i'..v>rnmi nt .mAjtIJ, i sW, a. ??:> * bj 1 1. at j; ? >r? jji -it, y.-jU . u v a. rntf ..iid ? ? louk wai, lor $Cr0tJ0, baa b ?' n n To U* > i f.<( - ri til* <1 /i'oiii ik Irw (lnvHH|i? ? |(l! i n xy rv - j ii'. v ? i' * in-! 1 a. " l <*4i,Jias j) I ,4 >i > | j ?, 4,'iiViO. S .' m" lonsar* ? t ll'-'" thai iwrjcal atW? t%aa *><&?) . . f,< ? , HU<\ tK?t tlili it 1 lll> ? to I ? t ut I, Mf;|. !:)?-.,( ? ? ' i uwvvtru merit. ll,er nauic '.u u, n d.i ^ >i v.. s U - . Ml A Joyce will is. a fmv <la>K "ay the k>?Vo? a ?<< A- . <? n In .f y/r '1, f???to/ J|o Mis'riTl, liX, I'i ? I M. 1 li C* ? ?'? r?\Vt*l A Co. I*iie Willi; .wti"t 2<.t/ lt*U? Ion#, /? <*?"? 1' k, 30 i?x ? > and IH (cot hc.,C '1 ; ? ? ' nr hu> i.Ynifttitution, 3QfJ9 tons rvy *tfr, is iarna* n> ' It .. iiicc dock, J'?j" the f'uvytMt- ot n . , .vins' lu- r rh '? ? ?? of cm.|.;hji\ '} .im; \ - ri. ~ ft rig ih'o r^f K William*, from Nr w Yorl, L\*, H?)n, for <???'*-?. i ? m no }???. i * I ruin. i?ho ba<! u im rg i J M) puiiuir n* ruin tiiifl *laveM, 1 \olice to MuriiYur*.. li ? hereby given il. ? ?)?'? V ibrynt-d .s-inrnl r#i<*btveA**l ... o,u\ ?? fr on ' 'lit ? oil ho ... .V I'^u, on C " U h iiiht I ? ?r ?*. uii'l l ho Kol'ef Lo^htv* ? *1 will tie itum.l. 'J H 1I?'S ? eebr i ?vith u r- <3 1-aJI .if. r :a<ith?a<f? bull pawtwl red, and "Holier ' In white tetters, m each. Hid' . hh * w ?hi?w '-very ) fr<?n ? ?uiu?e^ to -onrtse, one .ji iritui ?! ?iOr. \\ ! -H t'o VlOf, a 'I S l ll .1.1 fhtV'RK I 1h r**t > -I shi- will be ) ? iof?# 'l, nf iv i ;i i ii f will givei*. }Jy *?t i 1 r i ' : th- I .i^htJi.- v.? J5 I N li' >M.i. I'll.-? !. to ij 4lOUfiC lu ? ii lijst. Mo- ? Nov r, ia?f . VII'III t OV<r? AM f?pr D7M ' KUOTS. I j. .AM KY In T. Of f |i p I HiHTJN" S? > W A!l|!lXr.TOM, Oct iL, L461 j Of i : mi*' ! )i' j?i ' ??'.?'<1 at liitn otUeo thai 'Ue 1>|'J?U 1 ' .? ?? th?! )>?* I'! i li lo\H, M Ibo ;7J |.f| ;?.ij - ? 1 1. 'i?* i '? im ?. oeoo (?liutfi; ttif former ii?!t .i.ulbt' io ?*i i h? a mite fo the ??v?utU. 'i r" i?M ;'di< 'V, k, a t i . ?? afi^l Oalion it, now lit k .?? I f..*1 ' ? ' M?>r, \.??h 4 - howutuwe. n liui si ?i i. h.-v. Mark, \S V, :> : \ ? ant e*trem? of IV ? ???'?? ? . mu ! . a. i'ai? lo i x?lii t. N.NW, V. > ; t* v , . . . r, ]' iimn hill a nl ? ! ih Uini ? ? ? " 'U? ? ? ?? ? . i ? r ; ? ' n?!-"r?and Fort, N l4 E i tn , . ? a!t. ? . ? ! r iiuh'o man J mil a i ? : t h ? ? f :i?i r . - - ? . . /?. ?v m w :i mxta#* and ue.-vly on w - 1 ? iitf -in: ??: K> P? a. F. ' ? ? > t"'? ? . ? o ci ft iat\ >?r ?t at 1'4 miU** K\V !'r : i" ''"i. Irt- . I ^ w?;h M-n ri 1 ?? mill a liilU i i .?. ?* 1 J. ! "-.a 'ii.- jou-rr aa?l a ou ? o ? ?*: i?'g ?V . .* ?S : Si ili-l'-nV Sva VI. '' OS' h? . - ? ? ?? r I ? U.iu n. ! low ii, W - , i 1-f ? ' i .?'i r i i tiM i" in P??rtNm?'Uth barUir -an w i ?? ' . ? ;? v ' >???!. r i ? i oi'il, N 1 y W W. ? a <*i <? ,il ? i . in i?. ii.; Fort t?i iinnVnii j? i?? li?* no . ' ' ai. y h , v\ arncr iiiUt ' VV l? S V. I 5 *> ii' j '?? ? i.?l ou H'itU KyUe cbufeb, i?H 1/ : k .,XW S ' Mi'?. nYMli' TH S4 f ll. * ti.rati' s ' ? Win'-t' ? ' \Ma Bnora. AiH). * ? U iui#*r Rio';'.1, i ts been WU*t-> i ii. a? 4 i i? .v, uiaravi V?> ti; ll r ?? l.?<' bu< y4;o;m ni'? :? il i. i . n ' tl? *<r- 1 i ?n nl ? i ????, iti nor liOMSi, anil tb# t? If . on - oitio" ' ? ? ? NW - ? , ? i .-il .. v., i*. nt ? uhr^ms WAt??r. \% i n 13 lir h .jfc. v iMiuey.i w nil iivrt ? nbl t.* .^lc of Wc*l i ? liipi , ?n j V, . P uifcs ? <\ -lu. n ^w? ?n Aur i of \\ . ii i-av, i,:i? (' 1 E Jj. N . anil Mo ult I- . ' ui!?f ???; .a j;? lli e *iiti - u tai'' oai racks on Drtke'i iHStvmi, W !.k S. St' >/'i. v, r nit'!-. ? rr : ami w ? \e? tu 6 * ntVi)ma> with >?> V f ' l>?y ' ? > HVr .11 I ui tlo ho*.' kih f? In \\'-v 11' ? p. a:.., N by W ,l, ; hail of ih? eoa at gimnl houact* at i'aw ian<i st-eii opi*n ot point, W by v, . , | t ; , not ll ol Mil' ?r h A>rt*a t r? ? t<mchiiM th?" rib of MaiJ.n 1'oint coua/^ uard bosaea, L l?y S V* f.tb t>v. v, r? i, li^? in tbr??e fatbn; ii, a ith \.he north end of t . ???:!.} ''?it- .aril b*. '.?*??* t< f . ,<a ii'tddlnirf i'olnt, ? i,v s > . ?:? ' tin- nun- i-y of UiU's fnvtotr juitl r<poo wefciwaril of the liin k In, and c.v r the i?*at enUoftne oonntiuc bo ofw**a? Hoe quarry , N ??y VN , *nd Umobfiihk hi ('/??'ini'l i Int ??? * tbe end o; t.o* g m ou Mottienoae Point, NW by W W ... . , Mao. tlii^t the wbite bttoy of the \?i i ha< ^cn ?hlftcd,and now I irk *n 2tl feet v? a"1", v If h ih? M. buoy h of th iu Un* with Mount Battefi c? ;iM<?;ai ' :la? hfiijr, fcSfc; the Camera on toe II - * on witb th? ?uu-beaat atig'e of t*.? l Una :>mi r: u' c, >'L' 1 N. and M u i' Eige-runibe rum on yriih the ??v.iihruilejuroneoi the ??i"t ott ii >rtbeweat eod of W)rake'?Iiiand, W - ?#**?*? r,ii. u- ??*. tory r.Uimm /f^nmena toen?i of Weal lloo ttniil ^ mark a tu?- cb iuuri ? U-. ?' i ti.e Wiatei and Asia. { .. l'?'unui(? *<<' ' 'i- \ ridtion at I'ortatuotb, 21 50? ai. l at I* ymoutb, 22 V> W "i "xV6! Uy ord'.r of the JLi 'l ' ' ' ' ? * Hoard. J THUisMTOX A JENKINS, Secretary. Spoken, Ac. Bark Perl, Thi p'.rur. 1 lew U?miia for Pwllwd, No* i, Qtjr Umm! H U uiilci, ? Foreign Porta. ... i T"0* II? In port ?lii|wB Armar, Hnwyfir, vi jL m"'- '? d***; Hporlaman, Tliampoon, au<i ?"* ? i NUr King, Kolduo ; Urn.u 1',^'iif. u' ' Kl w.T"'- 1 K A Mllllkon; a ? i ' . r '' J V Nlckuli, Nick. In, uud llubron WUbiim, it". brlM A A v ? ? ry >i ?ti Iwir.t , ti-? I. irk All. n un, I MhitA J. nea,; Khn Nt41it. Uuiii. JuhttHun, .u.l VV iUiaui Hiimar. Bakrr, dl?'. ; KmtunJ Meml Imparl un' Oaijuo, Mot 14? in pun ahl|>a i:?r?Uua Tuik.'r, Conmdon. for Kn&rdVi * " ' ' Andru., tor Ju to luai Cauumah, Oct 2rf? Iu |)Ort ivhr Mury E Thomson, fur WVurk ??m? di<y. * Mi*C4T, S -J.' I I? Arrlmrk M 'Mtillan, Halm vU Z?n (III. ?r (wIh-ii- all.- a rr Auk M and aid 2<i . >, N * * i i'i'T, <h ( 24 ? I n p. ri liriii" M Uod, load mili Irua fur Cur.ltmmi , Aurale, liavla, for MitUiut wvg wind. Uio Janeiro, Sept 27? In port bark Holland, White, for N *w York next day. Sid 27th, ?chr Kito Field, Hobb.nn, N.-w York. Kto (itUNM, A ??k S<V? In port brig* Wat-r Idly, TNtoa, from (iii' I ?apposed lor N York, Idi? bone aah: VP if Ha/avd, Milk- r, from Cadiz, uitcj achra Nalhl Doano, If. ill, f r?>??. L ?? bun. do;. Mary (Jreftnian, (Jreenfah, \<ig bono null, auppo*ad for New York. American Porta* BOSTON. Nov 7 -^rr ;???. r. t.* it V. n ? n, Sparrow, II vvnna; ?fltrh H?lle ?Br), Vurry, Oonaiviia; Ma<k tn**>-ur, Mo or*. Eli /. itietlipori. H' I >w (tint re) ahipOld 1 jt?aiiniou, from Liver pool; mill a buik reported Iho Avola, from Smyrna; Br brig June, J r</m . Suutal for a Inn k and a C 1<1 buik Va? l?*uv, l>n\vf?, Cape T wn, COII; brig* Orizava, Femlleio?, I'htladelpk.n ; Main Small, Uaskoll, do; acnra Oliv? Hrauch. Kitf*, AutCay, *; KU Whellen, Neal; .1 0 Hah. oek, lUb eonk; Abigail Haley, Haley; Sarah A Boloe, lioice; M H Ma honey, Koairr, and lain, Cndworth, I'hiiadelphJa; J C Hon yon, nathea, C eater, i n Sid ship. MuMaubtisetla; b.*rka Val* tt.i, ('/.ir ria, uud Hay Stale. Ii A l/l'l MOHK, N??v 6?Arr brig A 11 Patterson. Knight, lla vatuv; M'Urs *1 M Nevtnii, ll-iwklmr, I'remto, llavvkitu; Stntaa uiiiu, Molt, and VVInti- l? i? un, Oouley, NYork. C'-lii .srhrsSeJk UuM. Ilo.vl.ui'i ; A It VV<fiinore, Ho .rrt, and Lydfa Ann, Wea ver, N Yorl. ; John Crock ; ord, Smith, ?)?? vu Niiniieolte Htver, Shi b rkrt Warren, l*??ierM?n, Natal, Sylph, J ouch, liohtou; k' (< U 1 'la, SliankH. Trinidad. HANOOJv, N??v 0 \rr brig llarnpd< ii, Nlekersoo, Tnrka Islande. St l hri^a Lanzande, Ilarrunun, Klo Janeiro; S F Smith, Smith, buemm Ayn-n; M A Ucrrera, KiLiaan, IU v?n?. UANVEKH, Nov 2 ? Arrsehr Marietta, Uray, NYork. KUl? Alti ??WN, N?v 5? ' ri HchrJanet) 1'altorsou, Hand, iloHloii tor I'mla h'lphia. KALL H1VKH, N??v 1? HI I ?chr? Or.w W WeHterly, I*ar kcr, Ell/. h? ihpori: Sea Hud, Ohat>c, NYork. NEW Hi.DrOKL). Nov 6? Arr M!hr U .lohn. D\vl?, Ell zab<'thport. M<1 7th, wchta ramhea. Clark, rh la>icl[<hia; Ari idii?', H ?' in: on, and N. itid Jhdle, Uitlier, NYuik. N KW I'Oli T, Nov ii, I'M Arr brt . S.iiah \\ oosiar, l ord, Huih lor N\ atduu^iou, l)C;? lira to .mi n u*n. Hoop?r? I'hila di lphia lor Aux'?"t?j Vuletta, Akaim, Ntiitlvan fur Sandy Hook; l loii II. Hnll, linn?;tir lor NYoik; h-aWell i7 H kor, Yarmouth for Nx?rk; Flora, 1 1 ill. I'rovinceiown for do; M iiit), H?ti .1' K, Old lor do; N ilii S .t?, Hamilton, 1'roviticeL wn lor do; S ranuo , Ualhuw ? y, WiN<an?vft tor do; S?*r iph, All ii, 1*1 moiitli for do; A J D>er. Ko^aie, Jonea iHtril'oroo, Chert ?w, Harding, l'rovid' no for do. 7ih? Arr -* ? r i-; . clue h .NiWjer. il ihkell, IJuuan, OB, for NYork, larat I i< Sn ?w, Aehoin, an i Fion'net?, J mea?>u, Vtnulhavcn u?r Suit n I land; eloou Tawtemo, Kay, Nan It; kct lot N \ <?rk 8i l m m a Zo??, 1'etfer (ironi l'i ovi li?n?-e), NYork ; li. oalur Oakia, Uakea, and Caboi, Tdlot (*roiu do#, NYork rOHTLANP, Nov 6?Arr Brazilian ahlp Acoriana. S iata Kit. i, Kio J uieiro; M-hra (I trmonia, Muloney, I'hilanelphia; Ellon M?it>m in, ll.uiuiton, a.) , T H ili^l^man, l'rinv<\ Now York; CaiUai .n ? W?l? Ox, .M Fa.lden, L u>er lor NYork. Old ? In h S b SinbolUB, Tuompaon, WuBiuugiou, DC (or Ha iu vioro). I'UoTlPKNl'E, Nov 7?Arr Bt?amer Oapray, K? imay, New York;Kt'hr OUarg? r, M ih n, H?ui?u?uu rilu H?i?rH IkuUoIIa T?hhhj?h?>ii. 1 ?? ?rd n , Hnla-tHi-ii a; h K Dunton, 8hono?u, N York; Ami h i^aitar, frVh , .uiOmz l ?vhU?, llarv??y; IS;, at* ??rti lielle, Tur KaituWt Mitchell, Hamilton; Connecticut, t'ratt, a. Mi \\ \\ lit aiuarit, iio Ai'ltcij, 3iYork; slooyii T lunu la t ton, HawkhiM; Cmn merer. Tyl-r; Ornament, Turner ; liar vc>?i? Curvvtii; Julia Ann, Luna, Davia, ami Mar/ HruHh, Yoi-n NYork. I'AWTUCKKl, .Nov 7 ? *?lil nchra George Washington, ?i>, I'lui H)?'|jih4a; Mary A. <u, Uryant, au<t El loo Bsnx'N, 14 rip s, KYork. Hoi K. .A is t\ N?i\ u?Arr ncltr* Jnitlah Acborn, Morrill' NYori, II ? ? \v.? tl? \ Iruruiiatu, dn lor ifangor (??&?! slii). ?>A Li'.M, N*>v O? .V r hi hr \N Hr?>wjt. I'lnhxlf-iphia far l' 'i. ? ??< h. r Tboi*?aa J. ueaon, k<iui>, NYi.rk via MarMHi mI utl (UonoeMct . jllJSC U LU1 IfiUUS. ^jUiEAT Cl,UbiNO OUT rtAUi CLOTJIJNO. The ontfr- ? Slocks or two of the LAKUE-ST WHOLKSAf.K ESTABLISHMENTS lu tlit my, compelled by the war ? To suppend 1miitn<?ML are now T>c<nf offered at retaJl throuffc TUE BOWEKY t LuTlllNO COMPANY, 104 iK?yry. In calling th?? attention of the public to thin great *ale, we be^ lea vu to Rtate that It Is one <?! Urn moM important erer brought before that large ? iash in the community who fov yea ru have btuu seeking aa vMttb)hhin?*ri( where ki obtain a noon kiibstanti \l akth.'lk or (3 1A>TH 1 NO KOK A LITTLE MONEY. All good# sold hy c in are wurrauted to be junt an ?ente<f. We will allow the nrlillege of exchanging f w?tuw t hrcc days) any garment which, ujiou eiamlnmion at homet iloes not meet the entire approval of th?' purchaser In either n.atcihi), ttlylr or fit; or, If tin* arrangement in notsufllcientij liberal, we will r? fund the money. Our terms o. s ? I me otr 'b for cawh and WE CIIAKANTLH A JiETTKK ARTICLE OF CLOTHING (for the price) tbun can be fotn-d elsewhere. In these ww timoit, wh'*n the old fa?tliiint*d d liar in worth at Utast oue hundred and titty cents, we ur?- nappy lo b? abbs to respond t<> this c:>hm?tk>n oi money by the public, and offer them ike advantage ot Fifty per ceut oiT the cwttom iry Wholesale Prices of Good* *ol<t by the Establishments. Call, then, satisfy yoursilve*. and by liberal patronage en count M us to extend to you future un ater inducements at TUL BOA'EKY < LOTHlNd CUMI'AN V h SALESROOM, 111* BoW' i v, >?"!??? Oi-Mii'i ilrm-t. It. M. CRANE. Ku|?rintendABt. T BVEIlJJKLli'N? WEHPIN3 CA lll)S ? THESE CELE lir.n -1 piiKtiivnd C?ril?h..lJ "nly Kt 3U2 Broadway, cor ner of Duan? atreet. ?i :? HI) ( H "itT.K hOLK W ATER PROOF BOOTS, At A ? ? 10 and 13 Ann mrent: l*1>w ? ' '??SS OP SUPERIOR QUA1JTT, AUfl r A.VXJ >AT II.- ~-1 and for ?al? by ai rca?o;jiibl<- Icrfiii-, rnntin?a>-?u. " M"n BKCKEIi HIUiTllHffll, Bl ??- . A 2nA;Vn". 4Mi'Vm,M s WINE AND AI-MAM/fr" ?/), m', Pal>l'?? <" - ???n'ng, at tha eomfr a! n a n Broadway T'.e r ? adurT. .m-ited tu be Col. H M -(i ILL, Maft?**r Tr^r:';7T 2 ' 225 ?BBJ Lv: MAVI KACTI UERa &m&SSS^JEm^St u"a BITKINES* ? OATS FROM TO *|i) -OVKRSAPKS ?? <"" *'?'! Enau.m . tin ? ?h |? 7 W r n " r iImi"*1 H"l(1 " "b P'OHI. AU made ?bivj'l, t umotn worx aa ??u??w ' L.tKKE, M i William atrMt. I/HiK NM,K-A DAIRY OK GK\TN FARM. CONTAIN'. I1 lii'; J i i arrcH, four rtiii* ?? from h depot on the Erl?* Kail. r<>;?d; t <> Iiv riling 1 J > ?>;;??, ?>ih burnt mp.K, weil watered and ii <ti? in able property. Will l>e sold cheap, Afldreaa J. C., box 244 Herald dIIu'O. / IllOCKItlES AM) FLOUR FOR THK MILLION. IjT < h aprrti atort* lii the- vv'-i <1. (I mm|h deUvei ?'d free. Tlios. R. AGKKW, N-. 2<'<) Gp-enww'h M. an. 1 &J Murray at., New York. if "ATI'S U.Ii 1JA1.8 \ M 1 1 h t i hum In if m?.:' p r, J irtrm*: clIho scrofula, erf Khen. 'ilt rlitium, pimples Wlot'-hi?*, nicer*, ?nd fever >?pdas. * . r>t ? ?? a ? t <U >.< ' ?!' the blood, mercurial '.s debility, u\?t a.iu kidmya, incipient cmihump u'i n I: t'ttA mi -t f.*r,,?jii.y ;r'?d bv thin ?cr? ?? | ?nrl-ier. t on .v II K BALSAM] i I tv . of <-a?ea HYATT1: ii'.u" du?- irtc-, iii it u ill moat ct nuinlir cure ho renrir < v m-dlclne, if uk?*n in ar anynv?tt v din rii- iLs. li ( !<#???. not contain a par i la c.-wiMfv w '?*!' aliord.t* i i??ua mineral. 1'rincipul depot, of ui?T-?n*y ??r .i??y \ 246 ?? rand atrcrr. ? II KNKY U WMN^' fflS wrf v'-fto(ivT T''? "/"mhkbt, w A'^ ? ?WV\ u. r.,OU) RroK* I'l . Luiaij, Aluv ?? M lvr< rst.1 und Hltf B!nrtP\ '?"? j ook ? " rr.'fc map'ok rir* JWDtwkrn states L . OOK kT THE MAI* <V *. ; :,(?< K \T TUB .VAI' f?* V1ROIMAI Llvf'l X M;i; <? . re the ont} i.mrf ???><?? f ?.?!?? il. Thf > in i*.u? ?kIicu?i mirivyi mta j. ttVIDEM'K OK THE 00 ttK.ECTiN?88 or MXiVDS MA3P8. J.?n-4 urMMjrr.or ; WASHINGTON, D: C , NoV. 2, i'JJJ, f | J. T n, PixWiihrr;-? I ownl irouicdia ?? y try mail, direct *d to th*** ^'?rf ? \ StaU- of L1>>viJ'h TApngn)pM<.7<l Map ?,[ Virginia," I ?-yU M Mfiiiuvy 5t j? s?n . lia.rt^-tT >1 thr rfouthcrc . Lin;. i h Official Map ac M <?*??.. url. and lA?iyu 4 Am- H ..a Urn) wad Send y?i-r W)l t (Jvor.u K i/'tti?-r. Ombor- g C' < fc. ALmm 5(jn<i in* circulars ol all n?'\v reap* you uuxy 5 .M.W. cifnlky yours. J. (J.UfcliB V, Librarian, iftal* lAifmrtm^nt, [ F kmu thf? K -w York licr^ld, Nov !8l>l . J We avr n a Kd?? wry of 1*1 v ! s j;r. . t Military Mnp f ??f <>l Warin Vira.nia. ' Th.a is thr b?**t and ouiy J? al ri?5ip it. ?* % int '.'ih'-tj ;j it ui Uja] mirvvyn by order ?*l the Exocu ivH. U u? br.tutt! ' ly printed lY'.trn ate*. plnt?*a . n<l wittrvti with m^xt p< rt'M iior. ? f *?t. an** thr ouly i/.p.jj ? used n the piafi'.ii g *>f our c.tiai>nii$ I ri *iivii)ia tty o>" ornur.Ln U t in-Uliii i . Tilt* publisher u T Lioyii, .No. Ifo H roadway. / 1 AW \M? MJ.K'-IlNw - ! .*' \ KAN1 ! ? : IJ II, u 11 .uw uti'l ? ? ife "nf I un?l-riaJrv or no )r / i'r?*, (J . Z < 'utittjh lSur, i(> K, . ? <?: ! R' . . SSt \N SHBEI) A.M> f-HI KT IKIJJlS A - . ?IN V 111 M VN .V SONS; t?i-a * ?" r ' ? r>-r TflOSC'.S fATESt AJl*y TK?NK AND POBTABUI iiciij leml cvmbini i, noruerof ?u?? ?i. ?n?? Ur.?.iwi??. ; I. IN TQM PLACE. 38 S' 38 1 ? DEAKNJiSn AN j I.Mi'AIilEO SJ.:>U' I'l ISO BV T!iK /CTliEKIAL IXHAtATOB. J Ob??rvi?t~t?r. VON M08UU/ISKE R, U-iriist ?n<l A iil?t J 111..- I " u.iv ?. I ?? SSOUiilou plxc, UjlMv.en C. ulvef */fv place atM U runaway. I COAlI f I ?K1> AN ' WMU-: A'-il COAU? I'UHK KKD AHH ' I t I !?<" L hli h. n( t!i. ,11.1 qiuiilll'*-, in lonml i.< t i?n ? . i b, . i,/, , . , | , inn ; roin Al^, i Uir -i a.i ( Canne Hfc.'.KY HKt ? ? ??rnrr < ' . out .u, tiff, nr. 1 . ? .cr .i.?. Jiiij ?ll If. itrv'oitisa VALLEY i OA t." +1 it- /UK , r SIIIVK. IT ami vii: cimi now In u?r: . un i f> ?? 1. 1 rt.nt v.u?t weight w irrant. I. U)VD A < O., < i2- Kiguih ?vcnup,oom?r of Tw< mj mrae". wXtchb a Arwo jkwei.iiv. Diamond jewkuiy kok kalk at a dAi uiKK E A few artH'.lfj ran he had upou < irly aitplin lion t<, U. VV. dtauioiiil broker, &lil ilruaawav OBW'o hours only :roin 9 till ll?A. M. anil 2 t il 3 1*. V. Meucf to loan. WINES A\U U^tORS. HA.MMER -* ( EI.EHRATED FRESH BREWE'i t'UAM liiUm- Air un JrftUKht, at No. SS6 Broj,v> <? i m r ? T. Thirwv mh alroct. A. R. TBOIF TOO LA I R roi CJUJUvicATWII. fl'AKEN-YEriTK.'nAV AV f.RNOON, FBOX THE OC 1 t>K?n deak. In lie front office of ibf Am?nraii TW", r. p.i Cnmpany, a Fwketbuok. coau laln^ ?mr ?<i-i i r?of no TaUi? to any person i-iarpt the AwDer The party liadlut It 1? ii quMtcu tu riwa it ta U? Ttietnok Otoe. \

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